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Chicago Police Call For Federal Intervention In Leftist Riots, Slam Kim Foxx For RELEASING Looters


Black Lives Matter riots have been spreading and persistent across the country and local prosecutors have failed to stop the far left.While Democratic politicians issue stand down orders looters and rioters run rampant. Chicago Police are fed up and have asked for a federal intervention to finally deal with the problem.They have slammed Democrat Kim Foxx over her policy of "presumption of dismissal" where she says protest related arrests will be dismissed.Something we have seen across the country is that only Trump is willing to actually arrest and deal with these far left looters and riots. While Democrats literally bend the knee for Black Lives Matter, BLM organizers assert their right to loot property and riot across the country. Now republicans are calling on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to denounce these far left rioters.

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Last night was night. Seventy six of the ongoing riots in Portland Oregon, and I want you to really think about that seventy six knights of rioting. How was it possible, you'd think vice pull attrition. Eventually, there would be no rioters. Let them in the cops go out, there's a riot. They arrest people, events, sure enough. The peoples, up writing once they go to jail right and therein lies. The big problem. Riots have been sweeping across the country since they start at the end of May, they peaked in June and they ve still been going on, notably in Portland. Did you know that there was a right Richmond Virginia recently made stream news, isn't really covering the fact that there are riots across the country now Chicago recently saw mass rioting and looting and was pretty serious and we can see it. Actually what the problem is right here with Chicago the recurring theme for all of these rights, particularly with Portland, is the inability or the lack of will to actually price.
A secure any of these people. We ve seen it in New York. They released a ton of protesters, insight rocket, we're not gonna. We're gonna dismissed the charges against them, because it was a protest in Fort Worth, people were charged with rioting, actually had their charges dismissed and now The fraternity of police in Chicago is calling for a federal investigation against Kim Fox, because she is, she is now instituting. What's Are they presumption of dismissal or something that affect? Basically, if people are arrested in a protest, we're gonna cut him loose. We saw this recently announced in power This stuff is insanity in Portland. They literally said you could assault an officer and they will still consider dismissing the charges because of the heat of the protest moment, wended peaceable humbly what went when do we start tolerating an escalation of
events in the heat of the moment. Never if a cop is going to make an arrest and people attack the cop they attacked the cup. The first amendment says peaceably: assemble, not You know a down the line between violence and in the heat of the moment. So if someone went to crime it'd, be arrested right, while the police, or or arresting them in Chicago. There is concern, there's that, because of another event at set to take place this weekend and because Kim Fox will not prosecute these people, this will encourage more looting, more riding, and I think it's fair to say you may be familiar with Kim Fox refuse stories. She was the prosecutor who let Jesse smell, let go which created a huge controversy. Why seem to me that there is at least enough evidence to go to a trial, but she let the guy walk on felony charges is also an ongoing investigation from the Chicago Tribune of a journalistic investigation about how she is
dismissing more felony charges substantially more than her predecessor, it's because many of these left, leaning DA's, are not tough on crime. There, particularly soft on crime, now make them a tiresome. I myself am a freedom over security individual. I believe freedom is more important and I believe it is fair to say it is better that one hundred guilty persons escape. Then one innocent person suffer, and that was Benjamin Franklin and he was taking black stones formulation to the next level, which said only ten people write. The idea was the state cannot suppress. Innocent individuals are really really got approve it, but I dont believe what working across the country is a fair assessment on you know up
bring freedom over security. Absolutely not if the police have video of someone attacking an officer in writing. Surely that's enough if people are live streaming themselves looting? Surely that's enough Welcome Fox ass. She doesn't think that the wishes handling things will encourage looting. I really think it well I've talked to locals, I family in the area and they believe the losers and writers, no longer fear the police. So now, when it what's happening well, in New York, they released a man accused of trying to cut the brake lines of an Nypd. Then and the only reason this man is now in jail is because the feds swooped- and it seems that only trumped D just in the federal government are willing to actually arrest these people and stop them from engaging in this violence, which is why it seems now of turning of police is asking for a federal intervention. Isn't that wrath her amazing whatever? That means an intervention will see how that plays out
So, as I want to show you what we're seeing with these that are to turn these is happening in other places. Will we'll get to the news and I'll start here with NBC five Chicago before we get started had over two TIM cast out? Come slash done it if you'd like to support my work, but the best thing you can do is actually subscribe to this general about half the people who watch aren't even subscribed. I gotta do is right below this videos. Laura buttons has subscribed, give it a tap bone, are you going to see more of my videos in your feed more frequently if you're really want to help out. You can hit the like button. The notification balance here, the videos or more people can hear about it, lets read the news from NBC. Five F, o p president pens letter to U S attorney blasting can Fox asks for federal intervention they say that Chicago's fraternal order of police penned a letter to U S
turning John Lush Wednesday calling on federal officials to intervene if Cook County States attorney Kim Fox declines to move forward prosecutions for individuals accused of looting or other criminal activity. During the recent unrest in the city, the letter written by F, O p lodge, President John Catana Captains, DORA will be delivered to losses office Thursday. The entropy says the letter criticise us, for this decision to institute a presumption, of dismissal for charges related to looting and alleged that We subscribed to an arbitrary theory at the offenders, we're protesters and somehow had the right to commit crimes. Due to the unfortunate death of George Floyd in Minnesota, quote, our members did not arrest peaceful. Testers our members arrested violent looters and criminals who took advantage of a situation. A letter read its time. The states attorney of Cook County to do her job. If she refuses the United
States attorney's office to step in they say, is an error there. Your office has the power and expertise to prosecute these cases and we beseech you to step in and stand for law and order, as Chicago police officers do each and every day the commons harking back to a policy that Fox said was put in place in late June, which would incur bridge prosecutors to use a presumption of dismissal for reviewing missed Peters related to disorderly conduct, public demonstration and unlawful gathering charges according to the on times, even in cases with more serious charges, prosecutors were encouraged to decline, a unless body, worn police, camera or dash camera footage was available Fox disputed. The idea at our offices. Decisions on prosecutions encourage looters to once again strike over the weekend. Her office has been under scrutiny from various outlets after a Chicago tribute. Analysis found that felony cases involving charges of murder and other offences at a high
your rate at a high rate that are predecessor found that other saying yes, she's her office has been under scrutiny from various Alice. After announced found a phoney cases involving charged with murder, another offences, were dismissed at a higher right. I think they're missing some words. Their kittens are, was not done criticising foxes office lasting reported plans of a Saturday protest that could take place on Chicago's Dan Ryan Expressway as an act of terrorism. We have also learned that there is a major power. It has scheduled for this week and on the down Ryan Expressway, which will two more civil unrest and violence. The express ways should provide federal jurisdiction as it will impede interstate commerce and, to be quite frank, to block and interstate highway, is an act of terrorism. Cottons are as letter was also sent to President Donald Trump, an attorney general the embargo, a protest
you will for noon. Saturday with multiple organizations are participate. According to a facebook post, marchers intend to enter the Dan Rhine, expressway you're forty seven store and will march along the roadway, is unclear at this time. How many protesters will participate in any demonstration? The more than two thousand individuals have indicated they are interested in participating. Well, I'm not necessarily convinced that it's going to be a full two thousand, but I Do you think it's fair to say that amid the chaos looters and writers will take advantage, I'm not sure. I agree that blocking an innocent highway is terrorism, and I think the c p d have been very gung ho I'm intergroup in Chicago, and I got my criticisms of the Sea PD men. But at this point I ll tell you what I thought when people right. I will tell them they do and right now, as much as I can agree with certain charges being dismissed and the general idea of criminal justice reform,
If you keep releasing people who break the law- and you know they break the law, they ll keep breaking the law and the riots will not stop. We're now hear that people are set to Lee Chicago over this there fleeing in LOS Angeles in New York, it's like it's all on purpose. Is people have lost their minds? I can't tell you what they think about a country that take a look at the store from the Tribune Kim Fox drops more felony cases as Cook County state attorney than her predecessor. Tribune analysis shows when you have heightened unrest and a dramatic escalation, and you are releasing people in higher numbers. I'm sorry, you're, not gonna, give you the benefits it out. I really don't think so, especially when the police are saying we arrested looters and there being let go? But you know what I'll tell you. What is another reason why I won't take him foxes word for it. In this interview, with W B Easy, which is a Chicago NPR new source, they say
Winning has come through revolts, a black lives matter Active on why she supports looting. I cover this a couple days ago. They absolutely feel it is their right to loot What is your take on the police shooting an angle? What in subsequent looting downtown she says a lot of people are attacking our pages there, like. Oh, you support the looters, and yet we do one hundred percent, that's reparations and, like, however, people choose to protest, especially especially if it was definitively definitely in line with what happened with the shooting which would be powered powerful to see people reacting without organizers, just being like we're angry, and so we're going to do we're going to take back the power I feel like these stores is Macy's these duties as PNC Bank. There for us, the city puts way more money in investment and spending time in protecting these spaces and making sure they exist. Yet our people are constantly being pushed out of the city. Unemployment is incredibly high, like we are in an incredible situation and the fact that anybody give
and ass about these businesses over what's happening in the city right now and the pain that people are are in and the suffering that has taken place. I don't care, I will support the looters till the end of the day, if that's what they need to do in order to eat and that's what you ve got to do. Eat asked when she was What do you say to people who argue looting undermines black lives matters message. I think those people are forgetting that the way that history has ever worked, the way that history has worked. The way that we ve we ve ever gotten wins has has never been through peaceful protest alone, and I will say this with quotes peaceful protests when he has come to revolts. Winning has come through by its winning has come through constant, constant work. The only people that can undermine our movement are the police are oppressors and then us, when we die, believe in the people where fighting with, if we are constantly trying to tell each other exactly the right way to do it as opposed to finding ways to support each other and their collective. When that is undermining, I d undermine my movement. She goes on to talk about how
it's not really looting, because the businesses have looted them. Let me try some guy shut to a gucci with a gun and shot into the window several times. China Breakin. That Gucci is not in your neighborhood. That Gucci is doing nothing to you and I'll. Tell you why they protect businesses, because those stores, first of all, bring in revenue which help support even It was in your area but, more importantly, the stores don't break the law. The stores are literally just sing. I mean some sort, I break the law for sure, but, like these stores are literally just sitting there, so when people get violent, cops intervene, I grew up on the south side of Chicago Cops come down and intervene there to the same as they would anywhere else. It is a lie. The cops aren't there to keep the peace, the problem as you have a lot of nefarious actors and a lot of conflict.
The looting and riding in Chicago was due to a guy who fired a weapon at cops and is facing attempted murder charges. He got shot, not injured, he's still alive facing charges and for that they riot and try to break into store that literally breakin stores and then claimants their right to do so. All of this is back firing to an absurd degree. Chicago looting leaves residents, feeling unsafe, ready to leave. City property management. Company tells mayor he's right is absolutely right and I have the wonder of its intentional and I really do mean it. Like we saw in New York City build a blog site, is gonna, buy these empty buildings. There was a stir or in the daily mail about moving day. In New York, people of these moving companies were overwhelmed, trying to move people out of their apartments. Why?
it's it's the middle of a month I assume, or at the beginning of the month, people are now saying: I'm not gonna live here and taken off moving companies are sending people out. I've talked to friends in LOS Angeles, who tell me they see it's worse than its ever been with the homeless camps everywhere and garbage in the streets. It is falling apart, and I know people who are fleeing several people recently announced you may have heard Blair White Personality on Youtube and out should be leaving LOS Angeles. Joe Rogan is going to do is building a new studio. These big cities are falling apart and note. The common thread is that I hear from people even liberals. The Democrats have failed the city, I know I know, a lot of people are right or our right away. Gonna be like here: it is its biased, took to point the Democrats, it really is man. Look they tell you. Anti FA is a myth jerry. There said that they lie to our faces and say: there's no riots, they're all rights, we watched them, we suffered because of them our best.
Since our gone because of them- and they tell you, it doesn't exist, you ve gotta make em own up to it. Wouldn't let me show you this angle: would residents push back on black lives matter protesters from outside neighbourhood following officer involved, shooting August twelve, that's right black lives matter. Protesters came into the neighborhood, they showed up and say get out according to gallop. Eighty one percent of black Americans want the police to spend the same amount of time in their communities or even more so it sixty one percent that fields. It's a good amount, twenty percent say bring on more. Yet we keep hearing this narrative about defending the police. No regular Americans die like the rights regular meccans. Don't like any of this. They look at a story Chicago PD launches, looting, video site to idea. Offenders, as with the police, are doing policed launched a new looting and civil unrest. Videos website, with surveillance, footage from Sundays mayhem, they're asking for help
Armenia ones. They launched a website with surveillance, footage and the cops are asking the community to snitch on the offenders. This was an attack on our city, Chicago chief of Detectives, Brendan Dena Hand set at a briefing Wednesday. We really need everyone's help to identify these offenders, so we can arrest in charge them. Camera footage is only available when our officers of detectives and identify the individual's caught on camera committing the crime. We need everyone's helped to do this. I'm not a big fan of sitting on your neighbors Don't like that idea. If the police have evidence and they catch somebody, I think you know so be it. I think within reach, he's. If you have evidence of someone committing a crime by all means, we need to bring these offenders to justice, so I'm one hundred percent opposed to this, but I am, I gotta admit very cautious when I see surveillance state stuff like we got a bunch of videos everybody rat these people out. We We are to be really really careful here, but as a bigger problem, whether my in matters are not there.
Doesn't matter. You know why I hate to say it's a pity. I appreciate that you are trying to enforce the law. You can do whatever you want, but the d a will not prosecute There you go, I mean maybe she'll prosecute. Some people could shall have to what so what you get it the arrest them and then she caught some loose. That's the way it's gonna be on, I just I'm, I'm sorry. Until we gets federal intervention, apps now, that's what we're here over the political side of things make Joe Biden Uncommonly Harris own the black lives matter, chaos from the Washington examiner, and I agree that actually agree. There was a story, maybe have seen it if you were to Anti fund outcome They would redirect you to Joe Biden website. Conall Harrison Joe Biden have expressed support for black lives matter. Joe Biden is express support for the general idea around what do funding the police is heeded. Sales are the exact words.
I want them to denounce it at the briefing reporter I believe should already region is her name asked the present. I believe she she asked about anti for dot com redirecting to Joe Buttons website and asked if Joe Biden and Kamel Harris should denounce. You know these groups and these articles that pop up say: why should they have to? I think they should. I do because a lot of these these people wore out this this, for the people talks about their actually out for black lives matter. If these people in Chicago for blacklist matter will straight up say looting is our right. Now, the d I says: we're gonna have a presumption of dismissal, the in Chicago really like eight hundred people that were arrested in protest against the cops and we did not arrest peaceful protesters. Now there was a while ago, mind you, The cops now are saying in this in this recent looting incident is more peaceful protesters, their criminals, prosecute and then he'd federal intervention, because not getting done, I'm sorry, it's Democrats do it
and, like I said many of your buildable, lousy o is gonna, buy these cities and makes it sound intentional? It really does. I got more stores through that. We actually to go through an olive shows up downtown Louisville Business sues city over eighty five thousand dollars and riot damages J. Wid shop claims a stand. The down an order from the mayor's office stopped police from protecting their business during early protein as the mayor of Louisville is a Democrat. They said. Downtown businesses follow loss it against the city, saying it suffered thousands damage damages during early protest of about a tailor case. The owner of video workshop shop located in south fourth street, claim the lawsuit.
That a stand down. Order from Mayor Gregg Fisher stopped Louisville police officers from protecting her business. It took a lot of time and money to get where it was and it was destroyed and a matter of days and when so so. Why would they why? Why would there be a stand on order? Why would why would why would they tell them to do this to meets its shocking? It's it's at this point predictable, and I don't know what else you can add other. Then it feels like its intentional. At the very least, it is Democrat, run cities that are doing this. Have we had any problems in San Diego? That's Roma Republicans check out this story for charge an overnight Richmond riot that left several buildings damaged courthouse closed again Thursday. I didn't even know that there were riots in Richmond in the past few days and I'm somebody who reads the news we re incessantly. I write my job. I revenues nonstop, and I didn't I did I just I'm funding about finding out about this right now. I also
I also shocked to find that there were last week, widespread blue lives matter and walk away protest or on this country, not to beg, but it, but enough of them and moderately law mutton big enough. Where was the mainstream national coverage about this. Nowhere not take responsibility for that. I should have absolutely, but on top of the game, when I went out point we covering these riots. Well, I'm here now do my best right. The story just just came out. It was less than eight forty two that four people have been charged because there was a riot at least are calling it a riot. I appreciate that you know and busy twelve it's happening the contract, pretty sure you will find that there are riots and an unlawful assembly. Have you no lesser what rights to lesser degrees, I would say everywhere in it, in a peace from Michael Tracy journalist,
He trot he drove around the country and he found it. They were cities. No one ever talked about that experienced very serious. Writing. I don't understand why why they won't let the police do their job, why their standing down? Why they're pulling back and why they won't prosecute these individuals? I'll tell you they're calling for federal intervention in Chicago. Well, there you go. I don't blame him. What I think would happen if Joe Biden was president do you think Joe Biden would agree and say: ok we'll send in the feds. I doubt I really don't. I think Donald Trump is waiting for it. I think Donald Trump says you give me the word and I will deploy De Hs top you on your streets. It's happening everywhere. Take a look at this.
We have from organ live. Molt, Normous, County DA's office won't prosecute many arrested, important protest. I know you're probably see me how this many times, but I need to put in the context for this, for the segment look at US prosecutors will scrutinise the cases of protesters accused of resisting arrest or assaulting a public safety officer and consider the chaos of a protesting environment protesting environments. Aren't chaotic riots are. This is why they keep saying protest. Protest protest instead of riot. They are trying to change our understanding of the language, protests. When you go out your raise your face, you wave assign- and you say, rabble, rabble rabble riot. You see I shall burn things: an attack people there is not supposed to be a chaotic environment in a protest. It's supposed to be an orderly assembly. For the most part, not people can engage in similar, so It may be that some CAS Irish, like that's fine, but we're not talk
about someone sitting down and linking arms in a street than in getting walked away. We're time, people running st smashing things for seventy six nights. And an and now we're seeing last night was basically worse than we ve seen in a long time they were turned to them. RO courthouse, even if there's no feds out and it took the state police, the took sheriffs county that that the Mould Noma Sheriff police and it took local police to deal with these writers, who are gonna, get arrested and are going to cut loose instantly because their shred of saying you could assault an officer. They probably won't charge you now neighbours are unhappy as demonstrations move east in residential Portland, that's right! They're coming the people's homes, it was only a matter of time and I'm tired of saying it. You know cause. I think it's obvious to most of you that it will continue so long as something is done about it, but the Democratic means DA's or whatever the cities.
There's one. These people go there. There are literally just letting these people go, it's only go to escalate and it's gonna get bad New York, city, teen and critical condition after being set on fire. While Man- that's me, as is its, we ve, seen an escalation of that's in least lethal crime. Robberies. These cities really are collapsing. I don't blame Trump for any of this. The it's that it's the governors, it's it's it's it's covered I'll blame. I don't blame the governor of New York or the mayor's or tromp for the existence of covert and welcomes the economy. It's the governors that did this they're, the ones arresting Jim owners they're, the ones that are revoking the licence of businesses and Anne and threatening people who try to run their business and the cities are completely falling apart, their marching with the extremists, their raising their fist with with them so
the writing them painting their slogans in the street. In defiance of the law. These people have executive. These people have executed their own. You know personal desires over the rest of the people with no democratic process. This is a thorough terrorism. These these these governors, these mayors are despotic is it has become it really is the serbian and everyday gets worse. Were now they're sang, chaotic protest environments. You ve gotta pay attention to how they change the language that's why? I always say riot: that's why, whenever this a protest I stay no riot because they want you to think about the right to protest. And have an image in your head of people, smashing and burning things, how to say: well, it is their right huh! That's what they're saying in Portland, that's what they're saying in Chicago. So people are fleeing these cities.
It's a shame. I want to show you something something positive down this route and and this video to two to end this video on an officer saved a man in a wheelchair, stuck on a tray on train tracks. Her body can video shows the rescue we vote. We will we have. Of course. We of course have reasons to criticise police for sure I do I'm not a big fan of the Sea PD broke out. I will I will defend what is right. You know at the family right you don't we don't see this enough stories like this. A man was stuck on train tracks and officer, rushed in and pulled him out, saving his life. We used to get stories like this, but it's a puppet view. The problem is cop. Saving people is considered routine. They say that you know if, if that cop does their job well, they deserve congratulations, because this literally their job. No, I think, if you're being inundated with negative information with with smears and hit pieces and actual you know, literal police,
but tell me your opinion skews negative and it may not be representative of the entire police. You know where of all police right, so we have stories like this and I think we need these every so often to counteract this negative view of what cops are and what they do. Cops also save people's lives. You see the video, the cop rushing in saving the baby's life and rush into the hospital. Now we have another one supporter. Remember that Things are nuanced, but when you get someone telling you that it's all one way or the other, if, if you ve got to take it all with the grain of salt, even from me, especially from me, if you think I'm pushing to hard one direction than you by all means you Google, it you fact jacket. You call me up. I hope everyone will do the same for everyone else, but I think people are very try ballistic I'll leave it there we'll see if a federal intervention actually happens. Next augments coming up at six p m over
at Youtube COM slashed him cast news. Thanks rang it up now see you then. Yes, of course, I woke up to hear the news about riots in Portland we're on now night. Seventy six and no one be high they returned to the Justice Centre and the federal Court House actually have the tweet just right here from the Portland. Is where they said. You know those the federal House Building and the Justice Centre not now here, that's funny. They, he tried claiming in the media and the leftist pundit saying they drag claiming that the violence was caused by the feds. Are the feds withdrawn and you probably heard me call em out several times. The violence never stopped, the feds never withdrew and once again they universal. So let me be fair the violence outside the federal court House simmered a little bit, there was still violently begin, beat up fires being set, but federal mediators, police work coming out now. Actually engaging with the riders, the writers actually going to rest.
And shall neighborhoods harassing locals and riding out their walkin around, oh horns screaming like no just no sleep for people, and because of that it was technically the truth. The best kind of the truth when they said that it was peaceful outside the courthouse? Ok, fine, peaceful in the sense that fire then people getting beaten up is is, is peaceful, only Is there not being arrested sure whatever well they're back there at the courthouse again we're back to where things were boy for the de I just came in you see a night thirty nine of the riots one day just finally said. Okay, you weren't have some extra. You know police officers coming in top quell the violence. Here's what I love about this, though You know I could come here and I could say to you all as another. I add that they threw rocks and stuff, but we What but, as I'm reading this article from Kale Ion sex coin, I know this something sociologist to protestors?
What are you demanding yeah? I, nobody knows noted and that's actually a more interesting article. In my opinion they say many as the night. Events continue. Many wonder what protesters hope to gain many after Americans are wondering why certain people are still out protesters on our behalf when Even we are saying what are you demanding said: doctors, doktor, surely Jackson a professor of black studies at Portland State University, We asked for a certain things. We are getting those things and what we do. Really like to to do is say those things being implemented, but there- these concern. The intention is being drawn away from the movement Doktor, Rand, Lastly, a sociologist and chair of yours in coalition against hate, told COIN six news that since rural officers left. It appears protest. Have been largely policing themselves, putting fires started by others and quell violent behaviour But where do we go from here? You see. That is a lie. I think they're saying it, because their goal is to pay
began dies and when you have actual members of the of the black community and the W C P, what who have been speaking out against these black, lives matter. Riots you'll need some The idea logs cannot be like. Well, there, mostly peaceful. I love it shows up. How can we quite literally, have this article from just the other day at three. Fifty four p m saying there, mostly peaceful when we have seventy six knights of riots. Ok, seventy six knights of rights. That means yesterday. When this guy was claiming it's now, mostly peaceful. They literally just had a riot the night before the police declared it and it's a riot. Not you know what men Portland is in the gutter, because they're gonna release people even if they, even even if these people assault, an officer. There is a good chance. They will be released. Okay, we should probably rate a bit about the riots from last night, but I want to highlight this game
anti for website cited and conservative media attack on Biden is linked to wait for it. Russia, I don't care about that, but those are familiar. Antifraud, dot com was redirecting to Joe Biden website or something like that and their claiming it was linked to Russia because those registered in Russia or something and switch to Panama. I dont care, what's interesting, however, is that the media acts like Joe Biden and Harris shouldn't denounce antifraud, because that was the question that was asked Joe Joe Biden, you know, should Joe Biden the Democratic Party commentators should they publicly denounce the anti fought as it mastic Terrorist Organisation, Youse says it's not clear why she thought it right. It raised that question, though, since there is no evidence that by the campaign has anything to do with anti virus, or vice versa. Instead, the phenomenon cited by round had a clear link to Russia. Ok, ok, Zol, dumb, listen, melanoma, County DA's office won't prosecute many arrested in Portland and they mention
there are even going to latest prosecutors will scrutinise the cases of protesters accused resisting arrest or assaulting public safety officer and consider the chaos of the environment. Yea, I'm worried about the right, but here's the gist of what I wanna get two before we even everything right. Many on the left many, these pundits have been lying, nonstop saying it's all been peaceful since the feds left, and that take good reason why Joe Biden should denounce Anti thought, but, more importantly, he should because it's not really anti thought, The people that are going out and an rioting are black lives matter. That's what they're yelling there's a! where there are in front of a building in their screaming, went to burn your building down and then they yell black lives matter. So, yes, that's why people are Sunday antifraud by the way now, I've conservative seem to think they say like not all of them: anti fraud, Is the military wing of the Democratic Party nosedive? What look? Let's be clear man, the far left us, they hate Joe Biden and they hate Kamel Harris
I'm all ears and Biden have absolutely been adopting radical, more progressive policies. But yes, some some are very radical relative to wear the. U S has been, but they're not far left enough some of the things they do. Our far left, especially from a conservative perspective but to the actual far left Joe Biden is, is not nearly enough, neither is commonly Harris, so they don't like him, and I want to vote for me. No one support him, but there are a lot of people who make it seem like you know. Antivirus is no part. The democratic party late. They absolutely don't. Like you know Joe Biden. However, they were they. They believe they could use Joe Biden as speedily. He would sway on issues. Probably only problem for them now is commonly Harris won't. So here's the most important part, the issue about denouncing anti fa, has to do more with black lives matter, because Joe Biden does the debt credit party does support this top down organization, and let me tell you when the looting happened in Chicago widespread windows, being smash, just stuff being stalled,
Gunshots people shooting at cops security, Gorgets shot putting critical condition when all that went down the next day. The official black line This matter chapter came out and said they didn't care about the looting they wanted looters released and that looting was reparations. That was black lives matter. So my question: would be more and more aptly here's. I would ask of the president, or by I would say to two Biden, We just saw widespread looting throughout Chicago vandalism. Instruction people were shooting guns. Amid skirting, I was shot in putting critical condition thirteen or nineteen, depending on your source officers, were seriously injured. The next day black line matter Chicago came out in absolute support of these looters, demanding their release and said looting is their right looting as reparations after seeing something like this. Would you still support the black lives matter movement, and will you condemn what black eyes matter? Chica
oh said. That would be my question: will our question ever be asked? I really doubt it causes. Much. As I can respect, you know, look. The journalists who actually asked questions at the press briefings of the president. I got no problem with I'll means ask away the grants. Anders not a fan of softball questions. I mind you, I wrote my eyes at so you know what you know. If oh, I am going to lobby softball trumped to give him a chance to make this point, not a big fan, but for what it's not the big deal so balls. They happen. We know the biases. The bigger issue for me is, anyone actually say what I just said. Otherwise, you just see this night. Seventy six riot tear gas arrest in downtown Portland. I think as much as I dont really cared a basically the sex. The same things over and over again- and I am sure most of you are probably all right. We should still at least get understanding of a little bit happened with the riots and then
there is actually a bit more cause. I wanna talk to you about this. Took us out this work, it's more serious, Bend Oregon activists block ice. Us, prompting federal agents response the protests and ours as to unmarked ice bosses, were blocked by protesters. Ok, they're, not protesters there. There, extremists, insurrectionists whatever this is, ice taking away. You know, I guess you What will get into specific, like that? I don't want to. I don't want to assert you know crimes committed by visual without proper context, but the fact is ice is trying to transport. People within the legal system and now worsening direct obstruction of train of of ice of you know: transportation of illegal immigrants. What we see in Portland is chaos in riding in its negatively, impacting local residents, it's important to call these call these things out. You know they show up and they write in front of the federal Court House and they cause all this damaging destruction and then
is interfering with law enforcement, but it's mostly at night now there actually getting emboldened and their standing in front of these vehicles are blocking I'm so their literally obstructing justice. I mean just as in the legal sense while so anyway, look oh I'll John, the rat, let's reed, and see a little bit of what happened, because I did show you, the Portland Police, our straight up, saying there outside the chorus and other stuff. Here is the news whether we can trust it and I'll make sure to fact check in real time. They say. Port police, declared a riot late Wednesday night after hundreds of demonstrators- turn to downtown Portland after more than a week in which the biggest events were held in other parts of the city, as many as three hundred people had, gathered in Chapman and Loans Dale Square Park by about nine thirty p m within an hour within an hour and a half a right was declared after fires were set. Near the federal Court House and items like fire it works and rocks were thundered officers, but and police, say one officers hand was severely hurt and several others offered minor injuries. Multiple arrests were made by the Knights and
more information on this arrest is forthcoming. Policing. Members of the group began launching fireworks the fence surrounding the court house by ten thirty pm, while some, individuals through an unknown foreign substance at the front door of the p p b central precinct. So it looks like this is a man. This may have been the worst night of riding we ve seen yet extreme acts, severe injure of an officer on his hand. There there there there attacking the federal court House, as well as the seat of the Justice Centre and a Portland precinct, the central precinct. They say despite the fireworks, the gathering remained largely quite until about eleven p m. When a couple of small fires were lit near the federal court, us a fake pig had and Trot flag were set a blaze in the middle of Southwest Third Avenue, more fireworks and other objects were thrown. Over the fence surrounding the courthouse. Meanwhile, private vehicles blocks traffic from entering the protest area. Less than half an hour later, police warned the crew,
Howard over a speaker that kind of activity was occurring near the courthouse and needed to stop boiling police declared the gathering an unlawful assembly, one thousand one hundred and thirty p dot m caution that those who failed to leave would be subject to the use of tear gas crowd, control agents or other impact weapons. They said it was a riot just minutes before midnight. Despite the right declaration, protesters began, moving toward the justice Centre and some through fireworks and eggs at officers. Large numbers of Oregon state Police troopers Montana a county, sheriff's office deputies and Portland Police officers then took to the streets to disperse the crowds making arrests deploying tear gas as they moved coin. Six news witnessed authorities, pepper sprite, at least one person Please say around twelve forty five, a m about a hundred people remained and we're moving back to the Justice Centre, those protesters you kidding coin. It is clearly a raw, At this point, the riders continue to throw items, while officers dispersed the crowd once again, some members, the
then move near the central precinct where one person was arrested after vandalized police car, the vast majority the demonstration of the demonstrators had dispersed by two thirty, a m, the vast majority of the riot. Let me tell you, I was so important. Have the feds involved and it's this store have highlighted before. Ok, that's why This is why I believe we need I'm sorry. Man at this point I feel tromp has more than enough. You know too Avenue I supposed to say you lied. It was not the day just causing this, because without federal law enforcement you have Portland police Organ state police and Mould Noma County sheriffs, desperately trying to stop right at multiple law enforcement, buildings or, oh, you know the court building didn't, stop and I'll. Tell you what when they say straight up, prosecutors will screw nice, the cases of protesters accused of resisting arrest or assaulting a public safety officer, and consider quote the k
ass, a protesting environment, a special effort? your gas or other leslie. The munitions have been deployed against community members mass the district attorney's office tat in a news release, to put it mildly, if a writer is out setting fires and attacking, at an officer says it's time to arrest them and the end. The far left tries to pull off what they call a d arrest where they actually start grabbing and pulling and hitting the cops. Oh, you know what it's just the chaos of protesting environment and they're gonna release these people. They have straight up, said: Melanoma County DA's office won't prosecute many arrested in Portland protests, and so they frame it. I'm sorry man the rights of an ongoing. You know what happened in New York. Some dude is accused. I say that take it seriously and as until proven guilty of trying to cut the brake lines of an end, my PD vehicle he got arrested the courts in New York, cut him loose
almost immediately my understanding with with with no bail or bond that's New York for you, the feds swooped in immediately and detained him and now he's facing federal charges to see the importance of the federal government and it's what scares me about a Joe Biden presidency, Donald Trump. In its called pact. I've round stance, orbits, see Bp Ice federal product, productive services. To bolster U S, marshals, there were the ones defending the federal courthouse, I dont like the conflict, but I'm not stupid enough to blame the feds for being attacked simply because federal officers have better gear and right control munitions. Does it make it their fault? They are being attacked if Anti fought. The far left of black lives matter simply stopped setting fires in attacking the building. None of this sort of it happening right. Well, they came back without them.
Heads, making arrests. These people will continue to just be released and everything will go crazy. So that's it! The trumps DE was right to be down there. They were in a defensive position They were arresting people and the media smeared, and lied about everything that was happening and it and that's a big risk for Trump they're gonna, try and play that top secret police notice. Where the stories about the secret police attacking peaceful protesters, nowhere to be found so right now, all of these different departments are our banding. Together the train shut down what is becoming more widespread, more violent, he's riots and they're getting released even when they assault officers and that's why, and it hilarious. When we have these these, you know many african Americans wondering why there are protesting. While the rioting and they're doing it for no real reason, and it only just it makes the left look really bad. That's the point
Plumb, and that's why I said Biden needs to denounce this to be fair, but inside specifically that the violent people should be found and arrested and prosecuted falls under the law and an eye, and I give him the respect for saying that he deserves for saying that I dont, like the man, I think, he's crooked things, establishment but credit where credit is due based on individual actions, it becomes out and says you know these people should be arrested, I'll, say good good. It sets an example for everyone else to call this out. Now. Here's work it's worse, and this is why I get you If you ve got to take a hard stand against these people, bend Oregon activists block ice bus, prompting federal agents response ices, a federal agencies. These people are indeed
old and and boy are they going to get a reckoning with a swift boot? The federal federal law enforcement agencies you do not mess around with. They are very different in my understanding that the prosecution right, like the successful conviction right for a federal prosecutions, is like ninety nine percent. Like someone Dickie Leslie High number, if you interfere with the feds, they ve got you ok and they ve been, and I've seen activist organizations like actual nonprofits that do you not find civil disobedience, worn protesters activists about the dangers of engaging in federal protest? like even in Washington DC. You want to do something: overtly illegal in DC, you will get in trouble. We did see at the inauguration of trot back and twenty seventeen about two hundred fifty so far left right.
As setting fires, breaking winos matching things most of them got away with it. They did this. The feds tried getting them on conspiracy charges because they all wear black in the act in concert and in it It didn't fly out, it's really really hard to prove and I can respect the legal system for you now saying we cannot, prove it simply because someone was wearing. You know all black that they did do anything illegal. We can't criminalize simply because somebody was there with this outfit on an end. It is unfortunate, however, were starting to see some jurisdictions role with gang affiliation enforcement. So their considering, if you're part of an organization- and you go out You were the same close your again and now you're facing life for real, no joke this. Where becomes important, make the distinction it Not anti for anti fraud is a loose. You know on a loose group of knots
a bunch of individual cells groups from various parts of the country, the individual groups themselves. You can call again- and I think that's that's relatively fair. I'm not sure how I feel about these, like these laws of of of you know, escalation and intent where their basically, like it's already a crime, but it's more of a crime, because you did something in a certain way. I think laws aren't the worst of it. So if you start a group- and you call it like- you know that the happy City anti far whatever and you have an emblem and you take concerted action and you engage in certain activities. It's it's it's gang related, especially if your attacking shaking people down so check it out in Louisville, Kentucky they're going business to business there, threatening businesses in demanding cash and they did it and one business. I know so they smashed a flower pot and said we are going to defame. You were going to block your business. We're gonna, effectively shut you down. Unless you give us what we want and they wanted one
point five percent of net revenue sales donated, or they had two by certain products from black owned businesses sounds like literal gangster racketeering like from back in the day and that, as must the echo mafia tactics. This is when Gang laws probably come into play, so black lives matter is a national. Top down organization with individual chapters and most of them have like. They recognise the national black lives matter, Movement organization, which takes in money. It takes donations. It goes through act Blue, which is another thing in and of itself they loot they defend the looting they get violent. It's about time. The feds actually came in. Sorry treating this like what it is it it's a racket. I mean think about it. They say thing like look they're going around their smashing, opened they're. Getting violent No real demand there not saying here is the change we want. Many of them are calling for funding the police, but many like a hundred twenty nine or something departments have already
slowly defended. So what I see right now is: let's be, let's be, let's be completely completely objective about this. What is at this point blank this matter. It is a national organization with various groups that marched through the streets in their name with defence from their chapters. In fact, some of these all these events with the far left bought violence have been organised specifically by black lives matter. They have made demands for cash. They they they request cash. Whether you can call request that tack and target businesses. They get violent. Seventy six nights. This sounds to me like straight up high level, mafia stuff and their political, so some people would call it terror. I looked back to how the old gangster stuff you know was in Chicago, not a big history. History Buffon Chicago's gangster history like that, but politics plays a role you pressure politicians to defend you. Do not
ass laws. That would hurt you to support you to advocate for money to go to your organisation. They say to non profit, they taken cash, then they have street level, groups in their name, smashed up windows, but guess what? If you put black lives matter, flyers in your window will leave you alone and that's the name of the game. This is something beyond just a gang or a mob. It's gotta an ideological bent to its fanaticism, zealotry and we're gonna keep seeing it so anyway, the gist of it. When I get it. I don't know how many look I you know I can wake up every day and say arise again in Portland at this point is just safe to assume. Portland is a riot.
When I saw the thing about you know the Democrats denouncing Antigua and yes, they absolutely should well they now. But what about denouncing black lives matter? I believe they should as well, and I mean it because it's not it's not what most people think it is and there's a lot of victims of the violent crime coming from these groups only to their next segment is coming up at one p m on this channel. Thanks rang it up, and I will see you all of them die Old Trump has just helped coordinate an epic historic middle eastern peace. Deal between the union an Arab Emirates and Israel, and it puts some constraints on. I believe both countries- I'm not gonna- pretend to be a big expert on these issues, but I do have the story. I do have a statement from Donald Trump, the air, the United Arab Emirates. And Israel and United States have issued a joint statement. Donald Trump has said this anomaly: don't don't do like heart breaking news stories like this, but I think it extremely important. We're gonna wait there
am. I want to be absolutely fair. I've got some anti war left, leaning, pundits and their opinions on this. Obviously there not particularly positive. They say that these countries already had a tacit. Violence as it is, and we'll talk about it, this really means, but I want to show you this way, this tweet from Donald Trump Joint statement of the United States, the state of Israel and the United Arab Emirates. I want also pay I doubt you note for fall view. I really want to talk about war in the Middle EAST following week. I want to get to this news. I just I just be completely honest. I think these are some of the most important issues that we could be discussing. I know that for the most part, I talk a lot about the culture war and you know anti phone black lives matter and stuff. I think this is this: just dropped in the past. You know half hour so from the time of recording this, and this is this is substantial, and this is real. History is not some some political during left right, whatever we're gonna see a little bit of this, but but this is seriously Donald Trump has done something truly
amazing. So the first time he's had tremendous victories. We're gonna get political on this one as a pretence, United States, but first the news. President Donald J try This is their statement. Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and Sheikh Mohammed been, as I add crown, prince of Abu Dhabi and deputies. Commander of the United Arab Emirates spoke today an agreed. A full normalization of relations between Israel and the United. Arab Emirates, the historic diplomatic break. There will advance peace in the Middle EAST region and is a testament to the bold diplomacy and vision of the three leaders and the courage of the United Arab Emirates and Israel to chart a new path that will unlock the great potential in the region. All three countries countries face many common challenges and we'll mutually benefit from today's historic achievement. Dialogue. Since from Israel and United
Arab Emirates will meet in the coming weeks to sign bilateral agreements regarding investment, tourism, direct flight security, telecommunications technology, energy, healthcare, culture, the environment, the establishment of reciprocal embassies and other areas of mutual benefit. Opening direct eyes between two of the Middle EAST. Most dynamic societies and advanced economies will transform the region by sparring economic growth, enhancing technological innovation and forging closer people to people relations as a result of this diplomatic breakthrough at and at the request of President Trump, with the support of the United Arab Emirates. Israel will suspend declaring sovereignty over areas outlined in the president's vision for peace and focus its efforts now on expanding ties with other countries. In the arab and muslim world, the United States, Israel and the
United Arab Emirates are confident that additional diplomatic breakthroughs with other nations are possible and will work together to achieve this goal. The United Arab Emirates and Israel will emerge Immediately expanded accelerate cooperation regarding the treatment of and the development of, a vaccine in for the corona virus working together. These efforts will help save Muslim, jewish and christian lives throughout the region The normalization of relations and PETE peaceful diplomacy will bring together. Two of America's most reliable and capable regional partners, Israel and the United Arab Emirates, will join with the United States to launch a strategic agenda for the Middle EAST and expand diplomatic trade, and purity cooperation along with the- U S, Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Share a similar outlook regarding regarding the threats and opportunities in the region as it is a shared commitment to promoting stability through diplomatic engagement, increased economic integration and closer security coordination. Today's agree,
that will lead to better to better lives for the people of United Arab Israel and the region, the United States and Israel recall with gratitude the appearance of the United Arab Emirates. At the White House, reception held on January twenty twenty twenty and which President Trot presented his vision for peace and express their appreciation for United Arab Emirates related support of statements. The parties will continue their efforts in this regard to achieve a just, comprehensive and enduring resolution to the israeli palestinian conflict as set forth in the vision for peace, All Muslims who come in peace may visit and pray at the Alex on Mosque and Jerusalem's other wholly sites should remain open for peaceful worshippers of all faiths Prime Minister Netanyahu and Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bins ahead of our
of our young, express deep appreciation to President Trump for his dedication to peace in the region and to the pragmatic and unique approach he has taken to achieve it. This is an absolutely this is remarkable there's this is. Absolutely absolutely remarkable, of course, as noted in the statement that the ep it's our already a regional supporter or to student whatsoever to Grief of United States. What tromp has done has created a truck this administration I want, I want to be absolutely fair on this. I do not think tromp has these soul. Credit risk should receive the Sakharov. Obviously, there Many many people involved in this, but I know already weakened start seeing the media deny the work. He did. They say straight up and in the end, in the latter it was trumps vision. He brought them together and it is our strong credit for this. But so
Oh, do these other leaders. Now Benjamin Netanyahu and Sheep Mohammed been as I had, I hope, I'm I'm I'm getting an incorrectly. They all came together and they ve done something truly historic, incredible, an epic, please, you know, but let us let's take this vote. It is, but I do want to take a look at why people feels is important. I read you to the letter we have the story here with trumps help is and the United Arab Emirates, reach historic deal to normalize relations, that's the important factor here now formalizing relations. I want to show you some of what I believe to be. What look, let me show you some tweets. First, I'm here, fighting, Nate Silver we're gonna, get political on this. It's not the first time tromp has been involved in something pertaining to middle eastern peace and conflict where he deserves credit
and this was our last year. Donald Trump took action to basically defeat ISIS, ok, Nate, silver response. It really it's it. It's really amazing how many lives can't even permit tromp do have one good day. Nobody will remember the stuff by to say, after U S, forces kill, perhaps the world's most wanted terrorist. So you probably remember when this happened in its true, even in the comments there still ragging on Donald Trump, I'm highlighting this first and when and because rather dive into the politics of what track of what Europe has helped accomplish along with the leaders of these countries. Let let it be applied, it needs to be absolutely clear. It's it's really. The strength of two nations to normalize relations have direct flights and trade and commerce is gonna, be an incredible day. It will be ill be about in the history books, it was under trumps watch with his assistance, and I think it's important to give him credit for this. There are some people who disagree and I want to. I will fairly and my
I will do my best to failure our present, how they view this, because we will absolutely see people not give Trump a good day. Omar Buddoor says nothing historical. This, they ve been secret allies for a while. Now you merely brought the alliance to the surface. Normalization with dictatorial governments is easy, Real normal is eight with the people of the region will require ending Israel's oppression of Palestinians. I disagree with this. I think, bringing the alliance to the surface is one of the first You must do to normalize relations between people and I think it is unfair to Lamb, Israel. In this way when they came to the table negotiate isn't easy, you don't always get what you want. Yes.
Boris saying he doesn't agree with Israel is doing in their bad. I personally feel I think, to be fair. Yes, he's got a pointy really does, but please man. This is such an important step towards getting something done, and you might not think it's all that great and you might think it's not good enough. But it's at least something good normalized relation to these two countries is the first step towards normalizing relations with the people think about it. If citizens of the Emirates can travel to Israel to Jerusalem and worship in peace. The direct flights, if is if, if Israelis, can go visit the Emirates people will start meeting each other they'll start talking. This is why we praise diversity in this country or white. It's why we're supposed to which must recognise that people of different now face and cultures can live together peacefully and by meeting each other and understand each other better. We can help stop the fighting. The first step towards doing us is opening up the borders
and I don't mean open borders. I'm saying with flights with economics with trade, people are gonna start making money then restart being happy, and from this I'll tell you what's gonna happen, the people of Israel will be glad to see that commerce is booming and their living better lives. The same will be true for the Emirates and that's why I think it is historic when you get something like this in the public, wit wit, this announcement, then you tell the world peace is possible. You tell the people, we want peace. It is possible- and I see this all the time- there's cartoons there's one famous car, a political cartoon, where it shows a podium within israeli flag on on the right side of podium with an iranian flag and the two politicians have both parties are screaming at each other, but at the bottom of the pile Two hands are reaching out offering each other flowers and it was supposed to signify that the people don't want the war. The people don't want the conflict. The government that do it and taking that for what it is, I think it's fair to recognise. Perhaps they were
Grit allies, in the sense that they were working with the U S, but they have publicly stated it to the world. That's important and, yes, I think trunk deserve credit, Rania Keeluk, commenting on this she said it might be official now, but it's been true for a long time at least another honest about it wow to american products He states who are not so secretly allied are now officially allied. Actually think this is a fair assessment. Is I don't think Ronnie as being too hard issues is actually pointing out there still some good here. I think it's fair, absolutely hundreds and to point out that I'm assuming Ronnie as when it were correct in this I don't ever want to prevent like I have all the facts pulled up I'll, take your word for it and they is fair to say you ve got these two partners, the Eu S who are at odds with each other and Trump use then said: you'll need to come together, the absolute to be fair. I want to show you some conservative points on this, we'll Chamberlain, for instance, as in two thousand to
The United Arab Emirates was supporting the Palestinians and Arafat during the second intifada. Today, the? U eighty and Israel completely normalized relations, historic achievement for Netanyahu Trump and the? U n e crown. The prince- I dont, know if it's true, but I've heard some say that they can even recognise Israel. Many these countries don't allow you, listen, I'm out I could speak specifically for the Emirates. I've been there, but when I I've been to Israel, I've been to TEL Aviv, and before I went I was warned. If you have an israeli stamp, you can't go to a bunch of other countries. They dont recognised exists. And they will bar you from entry. If you have that stamp is really complicating where what a lot of people do is they get duplicate, passports or Israel actually Stamper passport? They give you a cop art. So that's up our Adamo. You know what people do to make its work, but this is a serious issue the norm, position. Now I mean this is this is absolutely tremendous, so
I have this August tweet from Benny, because I gotta admit we're about to play some politics on this. One Benny quota, Buddy, Buddy Johnson, says Trump so which is easier dealing with the Democrats or dealing with the Middle EAST. I'll tell ya, I think them least, is more reasonable. Obviously, tromp is being sillies, making a joke, but it's a half joke. That's the point and that's why I showed you the tweet from nature silver from back in October, the liberals. They can't give Trump one good day. I have no problem doing this, I'm an I'm on a tell you what men, I think that this this this is not a moment where I believe, dragging tromp to feign. Somehow an impartial impartiality is appropriate. Absolutely not there. There are real things too to criticism about that. Won't I won't. I won't be doing that are to be saying straight up. These are the kind of things I'm happy about. I hope all of your optimum.
Look here. I can respect the opinions of all modern run its. Why I follow them. I absolutely do respect their views. I think Omar is very, I think, is a good. Do I disagree with them are not a lot of issues, but I think he makes fair points. And I disagree irony as well. I think I think they re there. You know, I'm I'm glad to hear their opinions and I think it's important item to be fair, my opinion on this, however, is there there's a lot of things that I've tracked and covered pertaining to some middle eastern stuff? I dont think I know as much as they do for for short, and so perhaps it's because as a lot of things, I don't know I'm very supportive of this, but I'm happy I'm happy to see its happening. We have this tweet here from Dove Height heightened he says historic deal and it's not under progressives that peace between Israel and its arab neighbours is being achieved. But because of the bold vision and leadership of President Trump, it's a major breakthrough and we hope it will lead to normalization with the rest of the arab world Dove is, he is a former.
And why state assemblymen, the founder of Americans a forever a proud jewish a staunch supporter of Israel, this is a very strong supporter of Israel being supportive of trump. And, in his support of Israel, absolutely in favour of this this this public peace arrangement. I hope man. We could be optimistic on this one. I hope we can look at this as a positive, not a it doesn't always have to be negative. I know news is very, very often negative. I am I'm apps, I'm I'm elated. I gotta tell you, I wanna play politics, so I really really do and I'm not gonna play politics. The way you think I'm gonna play politics. I'm not here to simply blame the Democrats, like Tromp, says you knows easier with them. At least I'm here to talk to you about both parties and I'm here to give credit to Donald Trump. On what I think is important, give credit get give him credit for too much of our media is completely dominated by Orangemen. Bad trump is the worst and that's why I dont like engaging in that in that, and very
Then, when I do stories, I will be like listen. You have to understand, like here's. One critical of trumpets is not meant to be a strict praise of him this. This is because this, History is it. This is. This is an amazing. Ah time in the history of the world, and Donald Trump has been doing things that I think are good for peace from defence one. They write to block trumps troop withdrawals, Congress turns and old tactic upside down Congress. We have tried to force presence to bring troops home, but in the last three years lawmakers have repeatedly tried to make laws to do the opposite. This is from Katy by Williams, Senor, correspondent, singers, Senor National Security correspond for defence, one written on July. Fourth,
talking about how it's kind of strange Donald Trump has tried to withdraw our troops, particularly from the Middle EAST, and both parties are obstructing him. I don't like the establishment politics in this country. I dont like what we see from Middle EAST and increasingly over the past few years, I have become too appreciate. Some of things from Adam had has done as it pertains to our foreign policy. Job is far from perfect, but in the past He has sought to pull our troops back, which is what we are seeing now now we have the peace arrangement and again you know what I'm going to avoid the hard criticisms, but there have been there and there have been things trump has done for and for policies and I'm not happy with, but this is a step in the right direction. You know
that's what I was self people. If you see someone do something good, you give them credit for it when o cause YO, Cortez and Elizabeth Warren called out big tech companies for their monopolistic behaviour and surveillance and spying. I said. Thank you. Thank you for this. I disagree with you on many of these issues are very critical, but when you do something that is good and right, I will absolutely give credit where credit is due. It must be done because you want to encourage more of good behind. More good behaviour. In this case, as a bipartisan group of house lawmakers who want to stop president tromp from pulling? U S, trip from military conflicts and overseas bases are using a once unusual tactic. That has an alert. Three years become congresses, go to tool lawmakers in the Senate, and the house have
last three year sought to use. I just listen to prevent the president from pulling troops from Afghanistan, Syria, South Korea, now Germany, unless administration certifies then withdraw will not harm. U S or Alan interests. It's an unusual reversal for Congress, which historically, is far more likely. To seek to force a return of american troops, not demand. They remained deployed according to Daniel Upton, a cold at university professor who has tracked foreign policy and defence votes since the late in Seventys the overwhelming majority of votes related to the use of force or trip deployments have sought to bring troops home or constrain the president from using force. Although there are few cases Congress voted to support deployment laughed and said it was typically a friendly legislature acting symbolically to Rio. The president's foreign policy, but as lawmakers on both sides. The I'll have been increasingly concerned. And about the decision making behind trumps, withdraw efforts described by form administration,
because, as erratic impulsive outbursts driven by domestic policies, this unconventional tactic has gained popularity, he's not a strategic thinker, but some instincts that have been consistent, said John Owen, had of the university of Origin is department of politics. One of those is at the. U S has fought a lot of worthless wars in particular Iraq. I've got a stand and the second is the: u: S is being exploited by free riding allies. The problem he has is that very few in Congress agree with him. Well, you know what I agree with him. I do one hundred percent. I can't I cannot Look I understand their secret topsecret. There's reasons why we don't know why or engage in certain conflict, why we have troops in certain areas, but I will tell you this man. If they cannot justify to me, you will not get my support for these conflict. Civilians die particular in the Middle east- and it was all based on lies- was based on life and we were driven
this by mainstream media outlets that fan the flames of war that lied to us and told us, do it and trumpet sang fake news and what would bring in our troops home and, unlike wow, I hear here. Do it do it man, don't do it to it. With this peace deal in in the Middle EAST, it showing me that perhaps the real issue is the old crony establishment and those who seek to profit from war do not like what Trump is doing because outside of his troop withdrawal he's negotiating peace deals. Of course it was potentially an easy one. To give credit to Rania and an hour that the Arab Emirates and Israel are. You know we call one of your proxy states of the Eu S impure. As a more whatever you think, they're saying or their allied with the: U S in certain ways as an excellent opportunity to present to the world a real chance for peace, I'll, take it man. I will take it if its. If it's nothing, but
symbolic victory. That simple still mean something. People will will now reckon these were with the fact that governments are saying straight up. Ok, Does it really mean we're gonna, see hard changes from Israel, maybe not what we hope for but come on man, you, you, you ve, got an opportunity here to say: let's move forward in this direction, a direction towards peace, and if we can make better arrangements, if their stronger economic ties, more direct flights and people travelling back and forth, this will result in both countries doing better. By their people. So I so I tell you this. If all these people are left really do believe that diversity is a strength, then why not accept that? You no direct flights between the countries and and allowing tourism and allowing Muslims to come to Jerusalem and worship. These are things that lead us towards being more accepting of each other and and bringing about peace habits. The case there's a real potential for breakdown. You know, maybe something that happens may be in the next week the piecemeal doesn't hold. I wanna be optimistic for once,
once I almost all the news is always negative. I give credit to try for this one. I know there's a little negativity in this in this peace. I tried to avoid to the best of my abilities, but this is this is this is for tromp. This is of huge, huge, huge victory congratulations, and I will get back to complaining about the Democrats, sand and conflict here. In the domestic sighed over at TIM cast dot net at four p m. Thank you hang out again, like I said I don't normally do like breaking this just happened, but I need you. I need you to standards. This is seriously big deal seriously. Big ya ought for over ten cast out net banks for hanging. Earlier this year when they started announcing this strange you no virus was spreading at much different countries as pretty nervous, pretty worried, I thought was very important, take very very seriously and then it became a pandemic and it was very important to make sure you are prepared for potential economic disruption
I gotta admit I am not for the most part concerned about covert right now. Not that I think it's an issue I do. I think the bigger issue is that politics is getting in the way of accurate of of solving the problem itself, but outside of the politics of whether or not you are super concerned, and you and your you're worried about covered the bigger issue. Is and always has been economics and the threat to you and your family from a lack of resources. But I would really does scare me this photo right here. I'm not kidding this scares me my mean that is about a scared as you'll see may be, I suppose, unless I'm not a swarm of gigantic was started chasing but nor I look at this, and this is look when I've dealt with conflict, crisis and dangerous situations. You get a kind of fear, but it's more like an adrenaline rush alertness. I wouldn't consider. I wouldn't call it fear, necessarily something different. It's like you're alert in the moment and your your ear laser focused
spoke. What you're seeing is miles long line of cars of people who need food. People who have cars have gas and dont have food this scarce I am worried about. What's going to happen, passes election, what we will, what what what we will have access to? Who are these people who cannot afford to eat that in? fair Park in Dallas. Half the line up in this massive line, one thousand seven hundred and ten families its worrying. Some Good news and some bad news in terms of how we look at this one thousand seven hundred ten family has a lot of people not relative to how many people live in the Dallas area. So maybe it's not as bad as we think. Maybe it's just a thousand two thousand people need food, and the millions of other people are totally fine in the system will be fine
This is just a sign of things to come. My biggest fear looking at these images are looking at stories like this is that we have not yet begun to see. The true does option. I was browsing a professional camera website recently and You know, as you know, I have you ever show here. I have a studio, a bunch of cameras and be periodically need to update, upgrade and I needed gear for the van I started. Look king at options- and I notice that there are almost sold out of of everything there was There- was nothing in stock. And I started thinking myself. I've never seen it this barren it's our remind me of earlier this year we saw the shelves disrupted. I saw the stories are to think and listen when that when the shelves were first disrupted, this was mostly about people rushing to the store and buying things up before shipments got in a lot of people. More hoarding staff and toilet paper, for instance, and they were marked for it.
What we are seeing now, I think, could be similar. However, due to the economic disruption which has been ongoing for quite some time, and now this millions of Americans at risk of eviction after moratorium expired between thirty million to forty million Americans are at risk of eviction of the next several months, and I know Donald Trump is seeking to stop this. He signed executive order so will see how it euros will see what happens. But if we're looking at people are gonna be evicted because they pay their bills, whether as a moratorium or not as the people who have no money, here's what it comes down to well. There comes a point where you are trapped in a line with tens of thousands of people, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands in desperate need of food- and you know you're not going to edit. I freaked me out men. Most of you know that I've been trying to expand things. We ve been talking about getting
new building and moving and at its near impossible. Just it did the way. The ban are moving the way everything is being handled. It is near impossible to get anything done, and this is so we warned me I'm innocent. They don't only do highlighting the store. I'm in do something I dont normally do, but I think I need to check this out safe and ruddy meals, dot com, I promote it several times, allow people like to laugh at me, ha TIM's, promoting emergency food and they make means about it by all means, you can mock me it makes me all day and night man, I'm not a pervert person, but I will tell you this. I M sincere when I say I hope you consider preparing in in it to a certain extent, for yourselves in light of recent exe information. I don't know much about gold, and I know much about silver, unannounced stocks work for the most part of that kind of guy. I mostly debt with conflict and crisis. In things like this, I recently saw that gold is above two thousand dollars. I saw silver was above like me,
seven or something. I was a man. This is kind of worrying. Now we're looking at bit of forty million evictions and we're looking at Matt MILES, miles long line of food of people who need food. Such aid us safe in ready meals, you right now they're sold out of their two weeks applied, have an upgraded for weeks. Margins to supply. It is it it will be back ordered by. I think you know how long, but I'd it what you will eventually get it. I have some emergency food myself, I'm in the closet. I don't touch it. It's it's. It's stores very, very easily check it out. Do what you gotta do ignore me agree with me, whatever man, I just you know, I I I I rarely do this again again: safe unready meal, safe unready meals, dotcom legacy, description below it does support that the channel when you buy the stuff
I mean it sincerely when I say that I saw this one story in a kind of broke me out of traditional new cycle of we got the riots going on is worrying enough and we ve got, you know, still covered economic issues. I just saw this line and I thought to myself man I'm really really frustrated, because I'm trying to move right. Most of you know we wanted more shows what but, but mostly I want to get away from these cities, because I can imagine what would happen. I live in a dense, suburban area, I'm really close to fully, and I'm not excited about what happens when his evictions it there and we people standing outside the stores, begging for food, and I want to be there. I wanna be self Finally, I want to be offered a milliner where I want Now that I'm I'm safe and relatively isolated, I'm not really moving to the middle middle of nowhere. But I want. I want to know that I don't have to worry about tens of thousands of people, rushing local store and taking the windows into trying to get food. That may be good because they're Ghana, if they can't get food
Maybe maybe what would it nothing bears? Gonna happen, I'm gonna, I don't know. I really can't tell you what I can say as the economy has improved a bit. You know that the markets weigh up. That's not a good thing. It made. It means a lot of things. I mean me, although we gotta right here, there's a dip from the DOW Jones out, whatever that supposed to mean NASDAQ is up we're looking at really great numbers, but more concerned about when people get evicted if they can't live and if no it alive, if they ve nothing to eat. Why they do. Where do they go and it's gonna pour out of cities? The people who live in cities is right. You can understand it's really hard to get resources in two cities because of traffic because of narrow road because of increasing population density becoming more and more dance, at which point I won you're like when will New York be fully caught off? I saw the story. And then I saw this story. Arizona, landlord, Sue, Governor Doug do see an effort to end eviction moratorium. The Arizona, Multi Housing Association manufactured housing communal.
Of Arizona and several Rundle Housing owners file the special action on Wednesday. They say the Arizona state I'm not association is suing governor, Doug Duty in an effort to get him to throw out as well. Pretoria, non residential evictions, landlords are asked the Arizona Supreme Court to declare the eviction moratorium as unconstitutional, visited. The moratorium violates the separation of powers imposed by the States constitution and violates the constitution's contract clothes. I'm I'm torn on this one men look some landlord I believe me you can make arguments about whether or not passive land lording is acceptable and a lot of people just think it's fine people on the left but when we do not agree, there are some landlords that our hands on, and it is their job to maintain a property to invest in the property. To ensure that everything working. There are many landlords, probably the majority who live in the buildings themselves, most with all realise this they assume a landlord, is like some business, some
Where that owns fifty billion properties in I'm, obviously exaggerating, but they own a handful of properties. They want them up. That's true, but these that all these their businesses they have staff, they have onsite managers, they ve that pay for a Paris. Some people are very pass about. Higher manager make passive income, but regardless of the they make on it. If these, if people don't pay rent than everyone else involved in the building maintenance, profession, don't get paid either there'll be repairs, windows or break people won't leave, and they can't make money and will only get worse on the flip side. Would you do? Do you a victory? Buddy, you evict. All these people can't pay their bills because the economy's been shut down. And then what do you think happens? People cannot riots and either already riding, but I'm Tellin you man, we get thirty. Forty million evictions. You will see people with nothing left to lose and that's what scares me
Why I profit, and I mean it- I'm gonna order some more emergency food. You know my plan was I've never been a proper anything that might be. And was once we relocating got set up. I was gonna stock up on a not hoard, but just have like a general pantry. Mostly because look I really I'm gonna live in the middle of nowhere law. People don't get this when you live, the middle of nowhere. You do get like you know a couple week, supply of food or more because the store is actually quite a wait. A bit away like the place, we're looking at the store, it's like an hour drive or something So you might as well get everything you needs. He can make less trips not spend so much on gas. Save energy or carbon emissions, you get the point as helping to do that, but men we are we are getting covert has really it is impossible to do anything and that's been freaking me out. When I see record gun sales when I see
stores just totally sold out like electronic professional stores. Things are getting restock, I'm like. I never seen this before. Maybe it's nothing, maybe it's nothing. Maybe it something I don't know man, I just forgot, I'm just a little freaked out. I suppose I look you take care of yourself. If you get the skills, you dear thing, you're, probably ok, but you can. You can go to save and ready males of something you're into I say this each and every one of you right now download a standard survival guide to your phones. It's not prepping, it's just smart, maybe go camping. You got no instruction book on how to start a fire
Maybe your battery dies, you can't do anything. Well, I tell you, but I have an outdoor survival guide, I've a couple actually on my phone, not because I ever expect to have to be. You know, trapped in the woods and surviving you want, but the charger phone anyway. I think it's a safety precautions useful and also a first aid manual. Get these things. It knowledge is really really is power. Men, people don't realize it, but we know so much at even the layman ended Society understands the basic concepts of like. If I told you how to smelt, are something of a general idea. The sort of fire get a hollow by Iraq, put in Munich metals. In it, though, melt, and then you can make a fort, we ve with general ideas of things. We're not gonna, be prose we're going to be good amateurs, but we have general ideas are really really. It really helps us so think about that download these things only their necks islands coming up in it
the minutes- and I will see you all shortly honestly. I expected the number to be more than a third, but I can't say: I'm surprised over. A third of voters know someone who supports Trump but won't say so in public over. A third of voters know someone. So what? that mean. That means you ve got about just over thirty three percent of voters. So does It means that within that group, maybe multi People know the same person, so it's less. Maybe they more than one person, so it's more, but I tell you what it's true trumps got secret voters cause people are scared to speak up. It is kind of changing, and maybe we'll come back to this in over the numbers are actually I ll just give you that the quick you know just of things is over a third all registered voters in America, no friend or family member who privately supports President Donald Trump, but it was reluctant to say so. A total of thirty six percent of respondents set an acquaintance of theirs has kept quiet about his or her, so
For the president and additional twenty five percent, we're not sure if they know someone in a category and thirty nine posts meanwhile said they had no friends or family was secretly support. Trump, we'll see how things play out I'll come back and maybe we'll talk. About summit, but I want to show you this story is why you click the video right, a liberal for Trump interesting. Carry Psmith says I am voting for tromp, because the Democratic Party is no longer liberal, I'm if, if the vote were held today, as most of you know in I I'd probably vote for Trump I don't, but about the rest of the republicans- and this has mostly
to do with the insane intersection was on the you. You ve got people like Robin Giant De Angelo, an overt racist being like leading the charge for these people's freaky. There. There there, racist people and you ve got the riots they're lying about this tromp has done enough. Come you combine with the Democrats embracing the riots there there ridiculous positions there fracturing and unlike their not liberal, they're, not for me, it's a lot to do with the Middle EAST. I mean trunk just saw just help to coordinate a massive epic historic middle eastern peace deal I get credit. These things men, so I think there is reason to say he's bad he's ill prepared on professional, but he's not that bad. You know I mean the way they talk about em. Well, here's! What we're I want to show you what this woman essay she says, hello. My name carry and I'm. Liberal, whose voting for Donald Trump a little background I used to be so he'll justice warrior for twenty years. I was a true believers who
preach. This evil ideology fully convinced that it was the way to end racism and sexism. It at me two decades to realise it is racism. It is sexism. Bravo before the twins. Sixteen election. I went on a rabbit, hola, videos of trump supporters being assaulted by people who are supposed to be on my side, who are supposed to be liberals and progressives. I was left in tears, utterly shocked. Repulsed, because the legacy media had not told me. This was happening matter of fact. They had sold me and I had bought and I had bought without sufficient evidence, the opposite narrative. She says I still cried. The night one. Could I still believe two things I was told to believe about him without forming Mount opinion. Social justice warriors to that a lot but became really important for me to figure out why he won, because I wanted to prevent it from happening again and twenty twenty four started. Leaving my carefully cultivated echo chamber, I started he out other points of view, and I actually listening to why people voted form instead of projecting
telling them what the media had told me, where the reasons I started meeting from voters, most of whom did not fit the stereotype, I had been sold In the past four years, I watched my old ideology, social, social Justice, Marxism. What mainstream in the past few months in particular and has become culturally damage? to the point where it is being spoken by all of our major corporations by academia by entertainment, by big social by the legacy media and by the Democratic Party. My old party, social Justice, Marxism teaches us at the way to end racism and sexism is by becoming racists and success. It tells us we must treat people differently on the basis of race and sex teaches us it's impossible to be racist towards one particular race or one particular sex gee. I wonder what
could possibly go wrong with indoctrinated children to believe this source. Social justice marxist lie, look at their behaviour and see if it matches up even with their redefined words it doesn't. They tell us that we must shut up and listen to black voices, listen to women, lessen the gay people and trans people? Oh, but not that black person that woman, not that gay person or that Trans person- and there are many with you, ve got Kanda Sullens you ve got. I mean for that woman. We can once again say you ve got chant someone's but surely, economy, West Candice Owens lodged once you ve got Brennan struck, you ve got Blair White. Those are the people who who are supposed to be these marginalized people, but Their opinions are our marginalized their point of view. What matters to them? What they think is important, what protects them? You will not find out with a democratic party at at at at at at at cracks the narrative of what their sight, but let's go keep reading what carry a sign she does or that one or that one or that one. What they really mean is that we must
beak, their ideology and only their ideology, or else remained quiet. They are the first to use racist and sexist than homophobic slurs against any one brave enough to stand up to their backward police because they know it hurts. They know it hurts you I watched it. I watched the proud boys in Portland and the the far leftists and aunt, if I were screaming hard core racial slurs at a right wing, black men and they new. They know that they can do that to heart these people- and you did- I saw who is actually a white, proud boy who gave the guy a hog inside, ignore them. Don't let them hurt. You not who you are we're in this together and I I shook my head man, I'm like look at these two guys. This guy was ready to storm across the street and and and and knock out some of these racists, and he thought, and it was actually wanted a proud boys who stopped him and said: don't listen to him, no other races sketchy. When I just I shook my had become vacancies
How absurd is this the anti racist they they? They fly that flight, but they are legit racists are legit. They say it themselves. They say they are and carry a saying it right now she calls it a cancer, ideology being forced in a cold like indoctrination seminar in workplaces and our churches in our hobby groups, since I was indoctrinated into it in college twenty years ago, but is now being forced on children, public schools, as early as kindergarten, has even been pushed on babies, babies. I could you not with books like anti racist baby becoming trendy in this illiberal cultural revolution. The Democrats for all of this. They are no longer a party of liberalism, but apart if social, justice, Marxism and authoritarianism yup While I am a liberal- and I will not, I not allow these marxist totalitarians to redefine the word. The way they try to redefine so many there is thing, liberal about supporting censorship by big social or the government. Thank you. It was very
For me to be like you know, I've always been kind well lefty liberal meaning. If corporations get out of line and start oppressing the comments, we regulate Then, all of a sudden, the Democrats we're like no we're not in favour of that. Private corporations are ok and I said what what went when have. We ever been in favour of that We ve always want to real in the corporations. That doesn't matter because they're giving you power, that's the lie, and so my positions never changed, I'm I'm probably in it. You know feeling something similar to wish for many people. The left left me or what was the left? Maybe it was always the left. She says There is nothing liberal. Not supporting violence by speaking lies that conflate speech with violence in order to justify violence as a response to speech silences, not violence, words are not violence, there is nothing liberal liberal. About indoctrinated generations of children into racism and sexism and saying it's: ok, because you call it anti racism and feminism clever, but you're lying. There is nothing for you
save about pushing escalating numbers of children to medically transition or to mock and demean them if they later de transition. There is nothing progressive about wishing death on people who disagree with you and celebrating when a terrorist use of republican baseball game about grave dancing when cops both black and white. And gone down at a black lives matter rally. She says I am a liberal who is voting for tromp, because I am deeply worried about the state of our country about the erosion of cultural values like free speech, equality, the nonaggression principal reason, logic, objectivity and individualism. I am a liberal whose voting for Donald Trump has. I oppose racism and sexism, and I see that my own party, the Democratic Party, has been entirely eaten up with with racist and sexist police in mind virus that threatens to make monsters. Men and to end civilization. As we know it agree. She says I am a liberal who is voting for tromp because despite the names will be called in the friends I have lost in Toulouse. I believe he is. The person running was demonstrated the most commitment to ending war, that I agree with
the most commitment to individualism inequality, the most commitment to free speech. In short, I am a liberal who is voting for Trump, think he is the most liberal of the candidates I can choose from and let me say What about others like me, who are part of walk away and those I've been blessed to get to know nobody willingly subject themselves to social ostracism, to name calling and insults to risk of losing their job to risk losing their family safety without good reason, and that reason is the pursuit of truth. She goes on to talk a bit more. You know about some other people. I try to keep you segments short, but I'll just hey man. I think she hits the nail on the head absolutely that so many people know their risking everything and they are going to get attacked and they want a minute. I've had friends, say nasty things to me, but I'm like listen. I've? U, but have you pop pay attention, enemy, content you haven't and if you did you'd probably agree with malice issues. Let me tell you
I do not like Donald Trump as president when he showed up to that interview with Axion HBO when he showed up. Do you know to Chris, whilst he is ill prepared, even with Cayley MC enemies, help I thought I didn't realize she was there with them. I think she's fantastic, I think she's very smart and she takes you know she takes on the media. Had she's very you know propitious prepared trump less. So But I believe Trump wants to do certain things and there are certain things: I'm not a big fan of or don't care about, but there are certain important port in things like ending war, defending free speech, stopping violent crime. I support him in his hand in his endeavours. I think ultimately right now Joe Biden, Uncommonly Harris will do whatever they have due to get elected, they'll pander to extremists this woke insane cult, Donald Trump up trample, say whenever you want to say he said: black lives matter is March that if I'm wrong well, I guess I'll lose an election, and I was impressed by that. At least you I said about Bernie Sanders.
And the reason why I want to support and was because, although we disagree with them, he was he's been consistent. At the very least I know he's being genuine. I can say the same thing about Donald Trump. I don't agree with him and I think Bernie was was more professional, but Bernie sold us all out. He flipped and immediately Donald Trump got a lot of problems, but right now, following the riots and the economic crisis, I am angry. I'm angry the Democrats for abandoning me and now the only choice I have is Trump and I disagree with him a lot of issues, but at the very least he provides a bare minimum
of what we need in this country to literally survive free speech, liberalism. What are we gonna? Call it he's the most liberal candidate if we're gonna survive and make it through this. It's not with Joe Biden Kamel Harris and that to me a scary, because I don't want to be back into a corner, but that's how I feel and other people. I carry and Brenda struck of you know have have come to more support trump. I'm I'm not competent words in her mouth and other people are straight up said they, like the guy, I think, is entertaining and funny, but I would not pick him to be the President's asking the President need something more, but I will take what I can get, because the alternative is oblivion and that's unfortunate. It really is, and I'm not happy about it. I can laugh at trumps. Jokes. I dont have trumped arrangement syndrome, I think the guy's funny I get it
I'll take what I can get. I got one more silent coming up in a few minutes and I will see you all shortly in my past segment. Just a few minutes ago I talked about a liberal who said they were to be voting for Donald Trump and the reason was he's actually the most liberal candidate running and she was right. Her name is carry Smith. She was correct. You look at Joe Biden. Kamel Harris had not partake. In early liberal and trumpet necessarily in colloquial such as we know it, but classically areas you supports free Bacon individualism and he wants to defend the people. You know the american people's right to work and and and there's a lot of good things about him. Well, I would like to show you your future under Joe Biden, behold, your new police department on that Universities are talking about disarming their police and we'll talk about it, but I want you to see this image first. This comes from evergreen state couple years ago. We all knew what
We know it was gonna, get worse and now yeah. Well, it's getting worse. Look at this photo of these college extremists, him in a column, far left extremists wielding baseball bats, how creepy, this. Will these people actually apparently there's a video with actually hit a guy with a baseball bat? That's was gonna, be policing your streets, that's what I mean when I say morality, policing. This is what you are gonna get. Let me warn, you know what started at Evergreen made its way nationwide these weird that the expansion listen to Brett Wine sign about how he talks about this. He warned about this and yes, as soon as these people graduating started getting job. If these companies, lo and behold these insane ideas began spreading, I won't stand for it. But I'll tell you what this comes. Next, take a look at the story: Portland State will disarm campus safety
officers this fall, and what do you think comes next, a bunch of crazy, far left extremist with baseball bat walking around saying no rap music. What is that dress. That looks like cultural appropriation work with a baseball bat you're, not gonna, have accountable cops. Sorry. That will be the case. Organ live Ports, Portland State University announced Thursday. That camp is safety officers, will no longer carry guns during the troll. The move comes as Portland Meares. Eighty days of continuous protests against police violence and systemic racism, students at Portland State have lobbied to get guns removed from campus security. It was one of the issues that cause students and supporters to shut down a governing board mean a meet a meeting at the school and twenty sixteen and twenty eighteen Navy, veteran Jason Washington, was killed by a campus police officer during a male outside the cheerful tortoise, the killing of wash and who was black renewed calls to take guns away from Camp a safety Willie, Halliburton Universities, new campus safety,
told the Oregon organ life, but he will, If disarming the officers needed to be done, we can do and effective job without weapons. He said I know they're they're talented, to do their jobs without the use of weapons alone. Let me back up all second, they say eighty days of continuous protests in Portland. Eighty is that what were at everyone scheme seems to be implementing up the number. Their riots. It keeps saying protest why, when these people show up with a baseball bat smash up your house, they're gonna say up, but they were humble. They were simply protesting. That that that wasn't right is protest. It was a protest, that's what they'll say: Portland a Navy, veteran Jason washing was killed by a campus police officer. Okay, how many years have the police been armed? How many? How many interactions do the police have with people in and university and how many people have died? Maybe it's more than one, but because of this one they're going to take
guns completely away from police. You see if we're gonna make changes. We need to actually understand what the problems are and figure out. If there actually problems how many people have been saved, because these officers are armed. What, if someone plans, you know Heaven forbid unasked shooting. Well, then, you need someone who can protect you. What happens if a row being banned of far left. Extremists with baseball bats are romping about campus smashing windows and threatening people's lie. And on armed police show up they'll run away, but completely runaway I'm not saying I want to see escalation with weapons, but there's a reason why police have weapons now, entirely opposed to this. To be fair, I think the issue as certain patrol you know, officers might mean I'll, be disarmed and a sense might have there. You know not carry weapons around with them. Carry batons, taser aspect
We re but not live ammunition, and then you have a special unit dispatch when this situation calls for I'm assuming that must not be the case. Stuttering if someone did come in with a weapon you'll end up seeing other departments dispatched, but I outside of my opinion, on what we should do. There is a real concern for the security of the school and if someone is willing a dangerous up in a baseball bat, a knife Oregon, so of course the protesters, the rioters, the extremists get what they want So I think when I see this- and I saw you haven't evergreen, my prediction is simple: evergreen Was this unhinged protest where they shut things down, took over its expanded into the mainstream? It's now affecting every levels aimed at our govern. And ten percent, or more of the CDC signed a document demanding declare racism a public health crisis nationwide. That's insane and we ve seen the violence nonstop rate it is they ve taken it from the campus
the streets, so I've warned about morality, policing we seen at New York my main saying was basically about morality, policing that the dossier in Chicago is a presumption of dismissal. Won't let people go New York. Did it? Portland is doing at Fort worth that it and what happens after that when they disband the police departments? What you when they saw the police parmesan, they defend the police departments. Their community policing looks like this. So what? What? What do things can happen? What would you do if this group showed up to your house knock on the door and you opened it and they dad hey man, you're you're makin, we heard your plan hip hop, no stop or and you say, hey man, I can listen to music smash, they smasher window. What happens when they confront you in the street? like the guy, has a video or guys like walk in the park in their yelling at him, and he tells them. Basically, I thought they had it with a baseball bat. You can barely
tell what's going on its alleged? That's it happened. What happens when these people roll robbing around your neighborhood wearing all black and there's no police, what Emerson they shut? Your house may throw molotov and there's no real police because they are the police is what I ask you for what you think community policing means waving. It means they defined in disarming dishpan police. You realize somebody has to step up, and somebody wants to take a look at what these people do. The moment they could threaten they'll help help call the police and then the police. Saw her volleys, actually shop tell them in Seattle when they were literally dance, on the highway and a copper women got hit. The police were immediately there to help them. They want the police they like, when the police give them what they want. They just don't want policing to negatively impact them, they want to be the
police. They want the power, I think community policing means justice, especially in places like Minneapolis. You might actually see very religious groups going around doing that community policing and we ve actually had the rise of many groups in New York that are, you know, cold. Droll police, essentially, neighbourhood watch they're, not the same as in. You know that they can carry guns like opera anything, but they formed in response to culture, clashes and I mean literal violence. You know the jewish community has I've Frau. It's called the organization, but they have vehicles. They have, in effect an it's like a neighborhood watch for the community why they are being attacked the police for protecting them, so they create their own community group. There's there's some potential good things about community policing for sure the general idea being you know what over this Jim near me, where the
Officers actually arrested the gym owners there to bring in cops from other communities, because the local cops like I'm not going in there in arresting. I'm gonna be a pariah. Where I live off the leave. The total kick me out the continent that they'll never knew now. That will never let me in the eyes again. So when they do, they asked other people who don't ever to come into it s, a problem, it's good that local say. I am accountable to my community and I won't cross that line. That idea, I think, is fine. But think about it, that's exactly what we have the police department near me. A super close they're not going to cross the line and violate someone's constitutional rights. They're gonna be like ever go to the beach. Joint again will never saw me pizza, they're gonna, be like do you're, not you're you're you're, you're jerk, so they bring in other people. I respect that, but what we have here with these groups of people disarming police that, with these people romping about their universities, these are people who literally go to other people's neighborhoods,
right. We saw in Chicago Black lives matter under the neighbour they chased out. We sought in Fort Collins under a neighborhood, they got chased out. But in many many areas at the peak of the June riots in early June, outside groups wanted to other people's neighbourhoods and demanded obedience. They rioted they ve done and other cities. They show up randomly, don't even live there and they demand these jurisdictions, give them the right to do whatever they want. Local communities. Having it and most committees are kind of just regular people live in their lives. That's why police are supposed to be impartial and accountable
to your community. You go to your meetings, you you vote. These people won't be because there are part of a fringe cults, whatever they ve crazy here in baseball bat and the cops are releasing them. So here's the ears, the big picture police, will disarm deputies. Ok, it's common they're, going to decide their deputies, the deputies well below the practice, cells or fight back. The next thing they'll do is, if you can't defined the police, yet demoralize them until they quit and it's been happening. Cops are quitting. So what comes next for your neighborhood Minneapolis, this disadvantage, their police, Seattle, Stiff lightly, defended their police police chief, resigned and about a hundred twenty nine departments have face some kind of defending what comes next year. Community groups of baseball bats, the march
straight and tell you what is right. What is wrong, regardless of the law, the laws, what they think it is in who's, gonna, stop him, you got no police, their defended and the cops are gonna want to deal with them, they'll say aim and what he wants to do. What what? What do we do about it? So. I I I know I know we talked about this a lot, so it is what it is. I guess I'll follow the news and I'm going to stick around, so I can come up tomorrow at ten, a dot m on this channel, and I will see you next time.
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