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Chicago protesters were Wrong, Black man Shot and Killed WAS Armed

2018-07-16 | 🔗
Protesters in Chicago accused police of lying and once again taking the life of an innocent unarmed black man. After releasing body cam footage the evidence became clear that Harith Augusts was armed and in the video appears to reach for his waist prompting officers to fire. Even with the evidence activists are doubling down calling for the resignation of the Superintendent. While the black man killed is a tragedy the protesters were wrong to claim he was unarmed.

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Recently we saw protests erupt in Chicago after police killed. A black man that they said appeared to have a gun activists were insistent that this man was unarmed and once again we have a story about a lion police force that killed an innocent, unarmed, black man, people say it was just a holster. It was really a gun. Others said he was just trying to show his id to the police, but the police released the body cam footage and it we can see that he did have a concealed weapon and at one point it does look like he's reaching for his. But despite this activists are doubling down saying, there's no audio in the video, so we don't really know what happened it seems like many of these big protests around individuals who are in questionable circumstances or actually committing crimes. So just exactly what is it that activists are saying. Why are they doubling down and will this lead to
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They are demanding answers after the fatal shooting of a black man by police prompted violent confrontations in the Illinois City the whole. Our system is guilty as hell dozens chanted on Saturday, just hours after police shot and thirty seven year old, a Augustus in the South Shore Neighborhood of Chicago police patrol chief, Fred Waller told reporters late on Saturday that, across this was shot after police officers on foot, try to question him because the bowl around his waist band suggests that he was armed. Augustus became combative and eventually broke free from the officers. Waller said they thought he appeared to be reaching for his weapon, which he did have a weapon on him, and the officers tragically shot him. While they're told reporters adding that police recovered a semi automatic, protests erupted after the shooting. We can see police hitting people with batons protests
Moving through the streets, as reported by CNN, actually reported that police rushed protesters who had been throwing bottles. As it says, he was also pushed to the ground by police. Printer properties, Chicago police confirmed that at least four people were arrested in several officers were injured by rocks and bottles. Police also say their squad. Cars were damaged. The protest started shortly after police shot and killed a man on the city's south side protesters want accountability now website. This man was dead while he was on on and they saw unarmed black and again chocolate milk fanthams cause? He had a holster. They wouldn't even gun in the holster right was reaction. When you saw that rifle cover people, I give one of the bullets 'cause. They ain't got no name on. Naturally activists are saying that the police were being brutal, that they were beating people. One reporter said that his phone was knocked out of his hands and he was pushed to the ground, but acknowledged people were throwing rocks and bottles at police
now, I'm not here to say that one side is more justified than the other, but it is clear that the active swear at least in the wrong as it pertains to the story, because it turns out this and actually was armed following the protests police released, the body cam footage showing exactly what happened. The video starts by showing several officers approaching a man. He appears to reach for his wallet and then it looks he is opening his wallet actually showing something when a female officer tries to grab him. The man in really resist spins around, and then you can see right here. He does have a gun, he runs for it and begins gripping his right. Side where we just saw the gun and that, officers, draw their weapons and apparently shot and killed this man, the narrative being pushed by the protesters was incorrect. This man was armed. He did half his hand on his hip and officers only seconds to react now as to why the officers were stopping and questioning. Him is an entirely different debate. Here are. The man was armed was carrying a concealed weapon and the police try
to question it at ten. Am he ran to put his hand on the set and was shot and killed, because police felt like he was going to pull his gun on them? According Chicago Sun Times Johnson said a Sunday afternoon, press conference that Augustus had a firearm owners, identification card, a Foid card, but no concealed carry permit. On EAST seventy one thought otherwise when they spoke to reporters earlier in the day. The response after the right has been fairly obvious for those that are following the story people more aligned with the left are doubling down saying that the police shouldn't be when people anyway, why would they even stopping him and saying that the police, it's actually kind of sketchy. All those on the right are saying: what do you expect to happen when someone is armed and the police tried to stop? You David Harris Junior, said a man in Chicago yesterday resisting arrest, reaching concealed gun gets shot and killed by police. I don't care what color he is, if you have put his hands up, he'd still be alive today, but since he's black there's riots in the streets,
Are you kidding me Alex V Hernandez, says graphic video warning, Harith Augustus holds wallet opened with apparent Foid card Two officers surrounding him, as he shows card police, tried to grab him while keeping hands on their pistols, police, shoot and kill him seconds later. Body cams It's an presser superintendent at Et Johnson, held around its release, didn't really address once his officers were filmed inflicting on both residents protesting and journalists who were documenting, see, BT's use of said violence and in response to a tweet about this free black lives matter. Milwaukee said quote: we're not trying to hide anything releases Video without audio another person said without sound. We know nothing is my, expanding. They were already firing on him, which is why he reached for his gun so did. See a gun, an use it as cause. Why were that many cops engaged to begin with? Yes, my sentiments exactly. Why do they approach him in such an aggressive manner? I don't get it well. Maybe the cops were racist, maybe
but if we go on just the facts, we can say that this man had a bulge around his waist police thought he might be armed and wanted to question him he resisted and then, when his shirt float, they saw the gun he reached for his hip. They shot and killed him. It's acknowledged that the man had a foid card, which means he had a right to have a gun, but not to conceal it, in which case he was probably going to be arrested for concealing his firearm. Now some people on the left are saying the police didn't address the issues of violence in a satisfactory manner, but, as acknowledged by even though order who says he was pushed by cops. People were throwing rocks ten bottles at police, so naturally you're likely to see an escalation in tactics from the police if the protesters are engaging in similar hear from Abc7 activists gathered at Chicago police quarters Monday morning after police released body camera video of a deadly police shooting over the weekend. Some activists want to see Chicago, police, superintendent, Eddie, Johnson resign. There are so many times we hear stories that result. In writing and protests, and it seems, like
individuals in questionable circumstances, the most well is Michael Brown. The right is insistent that he charged the police, but the left is insistent that he had his hands up and that's why people chanted hands up, don't shoot, but there are instances where black men are shot and killed, and we don't see the same response from people on the right or the left. I did an interview with an activist in Chicago where we talked about gun issues in Chicago said that, even as a young child, she had a gun because it made her feel powerful Chicago, has a serious problem with guns, and I don't know what anyone expects the solution to be people with these neighborhoods, don't trust police police know that when they go in, they are going to have a hard time of it and are on edge. Many of these people do have guns they trade, illegal guns, they go to Indiana and by guns and bring them back and there's a lot of gang violence. Chicago is called shy, rack for a reason. Or gun deaths than many other cities in this country, so
We have individuals who are illegally carrying firearms and police who are concerned about it. What do you think the solution should be? Should police just not go into these neighborhoods? Well, that would be unreasonable. We need police in neighborhoods to deal with crime, but if people aren't going to talk to them anyway, what good are they at comp? without the police, though gang crime would probably be a lot worse or maybe have the persuasion. It would actually be a lot better like there would be less crime, but I'm not sure that's a good argument, because I can't imagine I'll be the case, and then we end up with stories like these just about a year ago. I was out in that in Chicago, where I covered many, printers, and I wonder why we don't see the same protests for these murders that we see for when the police do it. In this the man was armed. He wasn't legally allowed to be caring. Sealed up in order to be concealing his weapon and the police shot and killed him because he resisted and was armed. I was apparently reaching for his gun
I wonder why we don't see the same protest over gang violence. Well, there are protests against gun violence. There are activists fighting against gang violence. It seems it's like when the police are involved, it's much higher profile and many more people come out. Suffice it to say in this instance, the activists were wrong. This man was armed and I don't know what you expect the police to do in this situation. Should they run play Anne, let them and draw his weapon and just leave Maybe that is an argument, because this doesn't seem like it's going to start shooting random people should the police Age with someone actually create a dangerous situation by drawing their weapons and firing as well in New York. Somebody had can the police shot several innocent people trying to apprehend them so maybe There is an argument for deescalation, but let me know what you think in the comments below the conversation going. You can follow me on twitter at ten, stick around new videos every day at four hundred pm. I have a video up on my second channel around six hundred and then probably a couple more. Thank you all so much for watching, and I will see you
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