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China Thinks America Is COLLAPSING, A New Poll Shows Most Americans AGREE As Trump Impeached Again


China Thinks The US Is COLLAPSING And A New Poll Shows Most Americans AGREE. In China mass demand for a 30 year old book predicting the collapse of America highlights the view of Chinese intellectuals the US is collapsingĀ But it isn't just in China. A new poll in the US shows 4 out of 5 people believe the US is "falling apart" as conflict and chaos erupts in the federal government.Democrats demand expulsion of Republicans. Trump supporters demand Trump fight to stay in office. Democrats claim Trump is corrupt, Republicans claim Biden is corrupt. One side may be right but both are ready for civil warThe divide in this country is so pronounced that it seems nothing can bring leftist and the right together. Even now we have Democrats and Republicans talking about "peaceful divorce" of the union or a second civil war

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On January Fifth, Damon, link or rolling up add for the weak titled. Are we witnessing the fall of the United States? Little did he know one day later, many trump supporters would storm the? U S capital right now. According to a pole, almost every single Democrat wants Donald Trump impeached and convicted, and almost every single trump supporter actually wants him to stay. President for former years I mean it's obvious. The people who support and wonder, Mr President, that you, but unlike him when I am gone and trumps gotta be gone, Joe Biden will be president, but in this pole they also found that four in five people polled in his country believe the United States is falling apart. I thought that Paul was interesting because it comes recently because we saw this opt out from the weak and there are many other think pieces talking about signs that the? U S is in decline. You know the famous statement, the famous idea that
empires only last two hundred and fifty years or so on, average May or may not be true, but it's what people often say it's not being brought up across social media as people point out, the United States is just about two hundred and forty four years old, meaning in only a Few years will be, at the average point, a failure for an empire. Some people have pushed back saying America's, not an empire, so it's not gonna collapse, but a kind of is I mean we are stretched. Then we have military bases all over the world. We are where spending money and we are printing money faster than we can spend it in this past year. In the past nine months, we ve print about sixty six percent of all. U s dollars my print that I mean typed into a computer but created where now hearing that Joe Biden wants to increase spending by another two trillion dollars unprecedented spending at a time of extreme political turmoil, violence in the streets think pieces
coming up in the mainstream media about the fall of United States. Maybe it's just pessimism perhaps, but you know which country right now actually believes they are witnessing the the end of the United States, China, a new story cut up from Bloomberg, talks about how people in China are flocking to by a third, the year old book that predicted the decline of the? U s. We also have China's efforts to dismantling, destroy the: U S and now potential threats of war. All of this is happening right now. How the new cycle is inundated with Trump in policy and impeachment in Macao. and there's so much more. That's happening, I read the story about, might palm PEO not wanting to meet with China and threats of war in people in China, believing that their witnessing the end of the United States and this pull that just came out, and I thought to myself: maybe it's true that we're really collapsing
and I ve talked about it before, but maybe it's not just about being it's it's not about being pessimistic. It can be optimist, it that's fine, but when I see all of this political turmoil right now over Donald Trump and I think about what's going on the international stage, as I've said several times, this is the worst possible time for internal strife in the. U S, as China is imposing its will on the south, China see that there is a persistent threatening Hong Kong and Taiwan, pressing on against it up against India, others real threats to the global stage with China is doing in China's becoming desperate as well trying to import grains because those trade war and their lacking resources and their currently in diplomatic conflict with Australia. The threat from China is very real
Now I'm worried about something called lucidity strap, as which states, as one power starts to rise and overcome the dominant power war becomes inevitable. There's only a few instances where didn't happen, but maybe one thing that would prevent at this time is that the? U S will herr itself, apart from within. Let me read you some of these stories and tell you what's going on, and I want to out the more important news about China why they think we're falling apart. and I want to show you things that are happening- that I think absolutely at least provide evidence and was absolutely prohibited, but at least provide evidence, Don Lemon on CNN recently came out and said. Every single person who supported tromp is on the side of the clan. It's that kind of rhetoric that says to me: there's no mending the divide- and maybe the people in China are correct about what's happening. It could be by their own hand, before we get started for whatever it's worth had over two TIM cast dot com to become a member
all my work on facing serious threats of censorship and restriction always have, but now it's real facebook recently restricted my page at a segment about about it. Earlier in ITALY, in the pot Castro's listening, I need to build a core base of members who really do believe in my work and want to support Let me by being a member, we will give you access to members. Only content will boat were to increase the amount of work, we're doing we're, gonna do live Events at our studio, where you will be invited on a first comfort, first basis, which means probably really hard to get tickets. But look if we end up with several thousand pang members, then it's not like winning the lottery, it's just like buying a ticket, and you might actually build to get here coming out are studios with our guests and watch the live, show in real time so becoming a but the most important thing you can do, especially considering every that's going on, not that super confident and
what's going to be happening in the future, considering four and five said the: u dot? S is falling apart and this is from the hill. That's freaking me out. If you like, my content, subscribe hit the notification bell. That, like body and again vote him casta com and become a member- and let me just stress if I really was one hundred percent per cent, convinced we were doomed. I wouldn't be asking for your support. I'd probably just turn off the cameras and then start building a bunker or something, but I'm not prepping. Around the world. I just think what we can expect to see now is the back under the bulk of was I mean, while the United States rose up really high and we had our peak now we're coming down the other end. So for the time being things will probably be probably be chaotic, it will be, you know getting worse, but it's not going to be like you going to wake up tomorrow, starving to death. I think it's just going to be. beginning of the dark times for too long. We in this country have been living in a golden age, has been beautiful, growing up without a care in the world. I mean we ve, haven't we.
You know we had certain serious terror attacks on our soil, but for the most part, Americans are spoiled fat and happy they ve been. becoming increasingly enraged at each other. As tribalism tears everyone apart because of social media, but it's because we have no purpose, there's nothing for us to do. We ve conquered the elements. We have too much food, we're all mostly overweight and were not happy how good things how things are, even though, without better than ever, here's a story from the hill. They say approximately four and five american say they believe, the? U S is falling apart. According to a new axioms, Ipsos Pole released one week after the deadly protract right at the US capital. The pole, which included interviews with more than one thousand adults from Monday to Wednesday, found that most respondents either strongly or somewhat again with the statement. America is falling apart. At the same time, a similar proportion of those surveyed indicated their proud to be an American. The pole, which reported a margin of error about four point. Six percentage points,
was released. The same day, the house voted along by partisan lines to impeach President Trump for his role in the capital riot. They gonna say while there is overwhelming support for trumps removal among liberals and moderate Democrats with each at ninety two percent. Ninety four percent of those who are in a fight as the President supporters is agreed and sixty six percent of traditional Republicans oppose the move among transporters. Ninety one percent back the president's consent, continued challenge of election results. We are six days away from Donald Trump, no long. being president and ninety. One percent of supporters still want him to fight to stay in the presidency. I'm not saying it's right or wrong. I'm saying the tribal lie. It's our solidified, so call me pessimistic Gimme a tumor whatever or black pilgrimage to call it. I think it's real ism, I'm not making up these statutes coming from the hill.
when I, when I started looking at it, as I saw that studied, I said how many people truly believe. This is a true they're saying and I find the story from the weak. Are we witnessing the fall of the United States from Damon Links on January fifth, one day before what happened? I wonder what this man is. Thinking now he's probably written about it. Now his perspective is very aunt. I trump he's critical of Trump Trump is corrupt and all of these things listen, I'm not going to sit here and tell you who is right or wrong. I often do, and you know which side of the line I typically fall on, but just think about what people are thinking think about what other people might do and then from that, the decision about what you should do. What I'm saying is so long as transporters are claiming Joe Biden has compromised and he's corrupt and so long as the you know that so long as from
What does that so long as Anti Trump people are saying, tromp is crooked, compromised realise that both sides believe basically the same things are accusing the other of spreading. fake news and are now at the point where they don't like the police in the establishment and well wherein the urge of some very serious conflict. I think we're already in it civil war territory, Trump supporters, literally storms, the capital building, call it whatever you want, because a dimension, the president lost a free and fair two months ago, the housework rules counted body still insisting as fraud We saw this happen. Another country. We would conclude that the man who for the next two weeks occupies a nation's heist office is mentally unfit aspiring, tyrant
when this is combined with the events cute up to unfold in Congress on Wednesday, when at least a dozen senators, and as many as hunter and forty of the House of representatives are prepared to objective the congressional certification of Joe Biden as the winter. We are left with a vision of a country in which a large portion of one of its two major parties is prepared to countenance and unconstitutional and anti democratic power grab give me, but in the Democrats do this for the four years of Trump what's happening now is completely predictable completely. We saw what they did to trumpet this investigation. We saw the lies in the smears. We saw that the wasted money and the desperate attempts to accuse Trump of secretly working for the Soviet KGB. I'm not even kidding about that part that that was on MSNBC. Why would they float that idea? It's not starting now and to be honest, it didn't start with Donald Trump. Trump is a symptom of the cause of, but we can see the lines the Fisher has become so intense. The sides are separated and will not mend. I talk you
many people years ago now three years ago just pick twenty and eighteen man. I was talking to conservatives and I said I'm worried about a civil war I was talking to former for so I had to tell my friends of mine, formerly what, when I let me really fix that phrase. I was talking to friends of mine that work for vice. I was formerly employee of so former coworkers, and I warn them. This was coming it then it believe me, I didn't say it should. I said when you see that cracks in the ground and a split. What do you think is going to happen? Should I just assume at some point wrong to come together hog and then build a bridge across this divide? I dont the hatred is too pronounced. It's it's just getting worse. Every day. I mean a yo, see the thinks. She's been saying. The fact that I have to criticise or for saying,
It is just another sign of the division between me and her hurt, hurt, hurt her position on the ground and the other side. They'll complain about Matt Gaetz and him propping up Trump's delusions or whatever vine, I'm not going to look. You guys know that I actually think Joe Biden is crooked and where I fall on this and all of my content, but right now the point I'm trying to get across his that doesn't matter in the bigger picture. It does not get me wrong. Ok, what I'm trying to say is if we're look at what may be the collapse of the US whether we wanted to or not. I think it's a terrible thing, considering kind of very serious threat, and we need to come together to prevent that. Just look at how people feel about each other and where we are from ITALY Go which brings me to the story from Bloomberg from just yesterday, a two thousand five hundred dollars book on: U Dot S decline is suddenly a must read in China.
They saved or chaos in engulf the? U S? Capital last week, some chinese intellectuals found themselves searching for copies of an out of print book to make sense of events. America against America forecast the: U S decline due to domestic conflicts. More than thirty years ago, among the things driving demand was the author, one hunting, the communist parties number five leader and top political theorist. Three chinese president's some copies have served to more than sixteen thousand six hundred and twenty one, two thousand five hundred dollars on Kung fuzzy, an online marketplace, takes that's more than three thousand times its original asking price and ninety ninety one when Japan was more widely seen as America's biggest economic rival. The interest in the book is the result of a renewed does To understand a: U S, that is in the midst of a civil cold war, said one when executive dean,
Redman University in Chung Yang Institute for Financial studies, China's doubts about the- U S will certainly increase in light of recent events, the Capitol Hill. From oil is being read in Beijing. Has the most powerful sign yet that's a cycle. measures in the U S, are behind increasingly erratic foreign policy shifts. That's feeding, chinese apprehension about reaching agreements on trade or other politically charged disputes with President Elect Joe Biden, Houris, seen us and private browsing your name. A wrong. Ours is a is an academic and journalist, and he wrote recently about Europe breaking away from it. american entanglements and interests and I want to pay- I don't have a war that has meant that the general idea, I think, is there that Europe needs to separate itself from the. U S, progress reasons now, in my opinion, I get what people would feel this web either in China or or Europe, the? U S is completely unstable.
We have legitimate personalities talking about some secession. We had John Podesta top Dammit. One of the top Democrats in a war games scenario published by the Boston Globe was added waiting for the West Coast to secede from the union now hearing people to say, peaceful divorce a surprise. Other countries are saying: maybe we should back away from the? U S, not surprised me, the China feels this way. I think China has been one of the key facilitators of the conflict ticket this NASA scientist plead guilty to lying about. China ties us from Reuters. Senior NASA scientist pleaded guilty on Wednesday to lying about its ties to a programme that encourages researchers to develop our relationship with China in exchange for grants.
the d o J sat on Wednesday mayor May, up on sixty six up, Pacifica California entered his plea before you S. District judge, Kevin Kastler, Manhattan prosecutor, said may upon them, may upon participated in the thousand towns programme, the chinese government programme to recruit people familiar with foreign technology and intellectual property and held professorships at the University of China and South Korea and Japan. He concealed his work from NASA and U S office of govern ethics and falsely told investigators and October twenty seventh. He was not a member. He lied. China has been recruiting people in America, they ve been stealing intellectual property, stealing research and subverting our internal politics. I believe that this is fifty fourth and fifth general no warfare, China's doing a really great job of destabilize in this country. So it's no surprise There are now saying the U S is in decline and its collapse, and this was a story that really freaked me out from a couple days ago. You s says MIKE Pompey A won't.
but I won after chinese state media warns. Such a trip may trigger a war. Is that it now? U S? Interests will not meet in Taiwan. U S! Officials, because they're scared of China yup. So where does that bring this country to its knees? I want, is in serious danger region. There is a large protest in Taiwan in support of Donald Trump. Why well Joe Biden? Foreign transition team include some individuals who have praised the growth economic growth of China, and defended them in some very serious international incidents. Many people now leave it in the event that China seeks to reclaim Taiwan storming its beaches. Joe Biden will do nothing to prevent it and that Joe Biden presidency will be weak and allow China to finally grow expand and
Dominic global politics, pushing the United States under China. Well before anyone expected, it would happen now. Some believe that Joe Biden himself has actually compromised Tony Bobby Linsky family confronted the bite and said he was the violence did fly to China, Joe Biden and his son on AIR force to government property for a private equity deal for Hunter button. That says people freaked out and it contributes to the absolute conflict South China morning, post says spokeswoman, tweets that Europe tour will be as final as secretary of State and says China's nervous panel, diplomacy is unwarranted and dangerous global times common, There is a Beijing's response would be overwhelming if pump pale visited island after lifting restrictions on official contacts Ottawa more, I want peace, I want com, but China is an authoritarian dictatorship with concentration camps. So what do we do? Does the United States just
roll over and accept their role in our and in our conflict like the internal conflict were facing. Do we should accept that they ve been subverting our academic institutions with a thousand talent programme can we even do anything about it? At this point, I don't know you know when we show this from the american conservative we note was come the last stage of empire is now from July. Eighth, twenty twenty they said over the holiday weaken the. U S turned two hundred and forty four years old time flies, but is this old for a nation donations have lifespans like organisms. Aren't ideas principles immortal its natural to speak of our nation is something that will contain. Indefinitely long beyond our mortal existence, but a crucial distinction must be made. America was a nation in one thousand, seven hundred and seventy six today she's an empire there for one could ask, do empires, have life
Fortunately, the british Army officer and scholar, Sir John Glove pondered this question in a short essay piled fate of empires and search for survival. He wasn't it. A contemporary of tea Lawrence and another british soldiers. Scholar pop a soldier, scholar, popularly remembered as Lawrence of Arabia, Club, commanded, Trans, Jordan's Arab League, From from nineteen. Thirty, nine hundred nineteen, fifty six and inquisitive humble mine, is experiences and interest in history. Led him to recognize patterns in the rise and fall of empires. His studies reveal that, like organisms, empires flow through stages of creation, growth, maturity decline and death glove tracked each these phases and found remarkable similarities between empires as diverse as the Roman Empire and Republic, the Ottomans and the Persian Empire Independent of race. Create institutions or geography. The estimated Average life span of dozens of empires of last three millennia about two hundred and fifty years.
Does it is hard to recognise, gloves general pattern of imperial progression in american story. The good news for conservatives is at the american empire as it currently stands is coming to an end. The bad news is yet to be written. What will become of the empire as disintegrates, and how will it affect the seed nation, perhaps as glove intended? We can learn from history and avoid the worst possible fates. There's some pushed back on this idea because they're not talking about the the age of nations, their empires just today why I should say their nations that exist today that were part of empires that continue to thrive and exist, and many of the relics of the empire still exist and you can go to Rome. Rome still has tremendous power, but- not pirated a long time ago, but the UK still has tremendous power weigh less than they did at the height of the british Empire, the? U S will exist as a nation, perhaps but many the p
will live in these places the states will likely processed. The question is: how long has America been an empire, not a nation? If empires last two hundred the years. How long do nations last and wended America become an empire? That's more of the optimistic view. It may not be collapse, it may just be turmoil or it may lead to the violent throws death throes of an aging umpire. Perhaps what we're looking at is, but you know I was reading a daily beast article. That said this is the failed. It was a failed conspiracy for I believe, was called a guy named Kathleen the Catalan conspiracy and is at Rome before Caesar. There was an attempt once Caesar saw this came into power it. He realized the corruption in the Senate and then you he crossed the Rubicon. I dont think Trump is Caesar. I certainly don't think he's Hitler as MIKE sort of it said he. Occurred ashen, but
What, if there's someone else watching right now seeing what's going on and we do get the rise of some individual? Who decides to be the emperor to cross the Rubicon, a strong man, not Joe Biden? Maybe Joe Biden is so we that he leads us to the arms of a strong men personality who reforms this great nation, the republic into the first global empire. I'm kidding star wars limit get the point. Maybe we're not really collapsing. Maybe we are China seems to think so, and there are threats of war and there have been for some time American seem to agree were falling apart, and this narrative is kind of scary, because governments are built in confidence. If four hundred and twenty five Americans believe this country is collapsing and
Losing confidence in the government and the government doesn't exist at an abstract concept that exists in the minds of the people. If people don't feel confident in their currency and their jobs, why would they want the currency or the job right now? Most of law, enforcement and military. My opinion fallen line, not because of a sense of duty. Although many do having motioning to job and are probably watching the suffering and homelessness evictions that the inability to make money when the average person in the lockdown thinking. I dont want to be like that, but The money supply is just massively expanded. Take a look. This chart, the am one money stock. It is now what a seventy percent increase remodel seven. Sixty six to seventy percent increase in nine months from almost a year and almost a year now from the beginning of February seventeen we saw them ass, a spike in the M one money supply. Some people think I'm one is all that relevant. It doesn't correlate properly because there's other Dennis Empty and I'm three, but am one
is the actual like liquid money of this country not seen anything like this before this mass mass printing of money combine that with the lock down. And what can you really go? Do I don't know about you guys from the middle? Nowhere and I've set down with my friends and we ve talked about Wanna go, do something. What can we do know where to go can go to a bar? Can we can sort of got to eat many places in that's still kind of ok, no malls really. For the most part, the lock downs are getting worse. We want a milliner aware, but don't need money to go to the middle of nowhere. So nobody really spent anything. If you dont need the money to buy things. Why do you need the job Let me show you some things that lead me to believe that we are facing collapse. First, we have the story from vice the scientist, who predicted twenty twenties political unrest on what comes next. They say, and twenty twelve vice publish, not
piled? Twenty twelve is bs. Twenty twenty is one will really be in trouble. They looked at the arab spring and then this researcher said based on certain metrics. It looks like twenty slash. Twenty will be extreme political unrest. Don't think you outright said the US would collapse, but the idea was still there. Data existed that made it predictable. We see this Don lemon Trump voters are on the side of Klansman Nazis in the Capitol riders Dan Crenshaw calls remarks truly vile, vile, but incredibly, predictable, agree with with Don Lemon disappears Don lemon. The fact is, he's telling us right now. The divided will never never be mended. Never like I showed you in the beginning, tromp supporters. Ninety one percent want him to continue its efforts to stay as president
and down lemon said if you're, not with us, you are against us. Message was heard loud and clear. Olympic swimmer, Fleet Keller charge taking part in breach of capital building an olympic swimmer, a prestigious title, a goose Medalist Disney five Time Olympic Swimming Medalist has been charged in the right. This is not some slack Jawed Yokul Please from the Simpsons. It's not some random. You know across wearing knock. It is an olympic medalist competed on behalf of these United
Bates and want a metal five times he's charged. That's crazy! What about this? To virginian police officers charged in connection with a capital riot people from Virginia actual law enforcement, storming the building? Now, how about the craziest capital, cop, allegedly war, Muggah hat and directed Pro trot mob around the building? He and a second officer who posed for a self he allegedly with a writer, have been suspended at least ten being investigate after assault on capital and their reports that one cup was actually arrested. What happens when you have a capital police officer Imago at supporting the people starving the capital? The lines have been drawn with all that money being printed with the ideological divide going so so so so becoming so obvious.
but even police officers are engaging in the writing at the capital. Why would they give up now? I repeatedly Martini called for peace, because you do not want to experience a collapse. I have seen it as a visitor to some countries and it was a privilege that I that I, as an American, could escape as many people couldn't in Egypt in their gunned. People down and the military came in just got rid of the dissidents because it was destabilize the nation. You do not want the violence, but the collapse is real, and these people in China are correct. Then I fear for what's to come for the people of this country, and I hope people have been taking precautions to the best of their abilities, and I hope we get through these next Can these next six days seven days peacefully and calmly, but it's it's about more than all of us, Joe Biden, proposing to try we in dollars of extra spending at a time of the deaf,
skyrocketing and the debt is at an all time high and that and the debt to GDP ratio is, is a hundred thirty percent political classes in the streets, people fighting each other in and calling for violence I I move that the middle of nowhere a while back, I built a van, a bug out van- that's just a bit barbie to be completely honest, it it's a recreational vehicle. It's all really is I built it because you never know, and it was I believed, the eighteen, when I was on the chart, what was it twenty eighteen o was a twenty nineteen I care member. It's been so long while, since I was on the Joe Rogan experienced talking about censorship and what it will lead to think. I was early twenty nineteen rent and the other the episode. I said, I'm building a ban, because if you keep doing what you are doing on Twitter with the censorship, it will result in violence and chaos, and you know.
Maybe even civil war, the people laughed, they rely on so funny TIM, so crazy. What a crazy weirdo, how funny since then I ve gained millions of subscribers. My channels grew too, I believe the biggest political com. Terry over a hundred twenty million views over a few months and I think people were listening and the funny thing is it's not it's It seems to be mostly run of the mill, regular individuals, the staunchest of transporters, have routinely criticised me then especially do now, because I say peace and persuasion and and and resource is the key to winning a victory these days, but many more You dont want here it's I get these emails and their scary. Let me show you the funniest, truly nightmarish, sign of the dark times are common Macaulay Coke and throw support behind calls to have Trump Trump Cameo edited out of home alone to suicide.
When was doing editing people out the censorship bureaus we're moving people, that's creepy, stuff man enough the like the guy but come on. He existed. So what do we get it? This is we end up history being erased, street names are being changed. People are storming the capital I don't care which side your on its just here is a matter. If think you're, right or wrong. Maybe you think you're right, that's fine! I'm just saying whatever is happening is happening. Take a look at the external perspective, that of China. Though the people who are rushing to the stored or are online to try and by this book I believe the? U S is collapsing interesting. I hope you're all safe com help you all spend some time in love ones. Have a nice bite to eat go out, find a place to get some of the delicious food
which again but also recognise that many people are already destitute because in the lock downs, so there it is. If you want to you that the political decline is just normal political strife and that its not the worse than ever, That's fine, but the locked in the money printing is completely unprecedented. Completely I'll people out of it out we survive, I will become together and on I'm not sure we will it's not pessimism. It's just realism that, I feel I guess you could say. Maybe this pessimistic, but foreign five Americans think we're falling apart. Oliver. Their necks second will be to night at eight p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast. I r L, where we will discuss more this expound upon these ideas and probably laughed a little bit more so again check it out, check out Youtube outcomes, liked him guest Irish, subscribe now become a member of our team cast outcome and we will see you at eight p. M live thanks, rang out.
Donald Trump has now been impeached for a second time, and why does it matter? What's it going to do, I suppose if it actually makes it to conviction in the Senate, while this is their attempt to stop Donald Trump from being able to run again in twenty twenty four and that is really dirt? politics they only brought one article against drop in. It was incitement of insurrection and that's the play if trot gets convicted for insurrection or incitement of insurrection then the argument as he can't run again, because the Fourteenth amendment section three, I believe, says that anyone was levied. Insurrection are sedition or whatever against the. U S can't hold public office, that's their plan or Republicans are pretty mad about it. State republican parties blast members of GNP who voted to impeach Tromp was about ten. I believe it was ten members of the GNP voted to impeached
Donald Trump and now we're hearing Marjorie Taylor Green says she will introduce impeachment articles against Joe Biden, I'm up playing this game on that I'm I'm so over this back and forth, but I get it I get it there that there the device I'd in this country is so in saying that we actually have prominent personalities asking about what they call a peaceful divorce or secession me that seems kind of crazy, considering the threat posed by China, but maybe it's exactly what China needs and wants the? U S to rip itself apart I don't see a way out of this. I really don't. Let me think about it: Donald Trump wins the presidency, He was a fairly moderates candidate. He was considered to be like a nineties Democrat, he pulled the Republican Party slightly to the left on account of issues.
And anybody who tells you otherwise is not being honest- even vocs dot com wrote, I believers and twenty sixteen that tromp was moderate. Well here we go. They can't let the other side when, by no means, and that means they will use the impeachment process and cross their fingers for conviction to prevent dropped from even from even being able to run again. You know a lot of people have talked about term limits and I've had some good conversations on nod to guess. Tyrrell podcast check it out by the way. Where's people said. If you want someone in office, you should be able to have them in office, and then you know the term limits one s early solve that problem. It will take away good politicians and, unlike what,
of more bad career politicians who get elected by some party or the general ideas. If the american people say we want this person, it shouldn't matter, you know ultimately, but I guess there have to be some limits. The Democrat seek to exploit the constitutional process to make sure they never have to worry about coming up against Trump. Instead of actually running against him, which is insane, I guess they realize they got lucky this time around and they won't be able constantly pull this off, because the country probably will rip itself apart battle. Think it matters and in the fact that we're seeing Marjorie Taylor Green you, no sanctions can introduce and periodicals and against by chose the countries being ripped apart, no longer will anybody just sit by and be like I'm going to live under the rules of the views of the other side, and the reason is, the ideological divide has become too pronounced to stream.
When you ve got the cultural and social issues that the left and the right don't agree on reaching this point, then you'll get people saying secession because they don't want you look. There are people who want to fight for control of deceit and then impose their will on the part of the country. There are people who want to fight for control of DC to stop others from putting their well over the rest of the kind. and then there are people who say how about you just leave me alone. My favorite thing about all of this is how the left says: the red States will be third world countries without blue cities, and I dont think a single trump supporter cares. I really don't know you're talking about people who, for the most part, live in rural areas anyway, you're talking about people who have already had their job,
stripped and taken away from them anyway, you're talking about small town, America with factories left and went to when overseas yeah. Maybe now because of your policies, the free trade agreements, which also included established republicans of yesteryear, maybe because of that they'll there there that these these states will turn into a third world country, I don't think they care. I dont think I wanna be left alone, have their freedom and do what they have to do to survive and and willing to accept that personal responsibility. I think the left probably realises how much weaker they will be without the middle american cannon fodder to load up into their war. Machine machine are people from cities in summer. Soon joined the military, of course about saying onto sang. It would dramatically reduce their capabilities for warfare. So the probably not too happy about that, but look when Donald Trump get elected they claimed he cheated, they claimed it was Russia. They were convinced it were adamant. They knew for
Fact, Pulitzer Prize winning stories were coming out and I'm just I'm so over it. I've seen the that some evidence of the fraud, it's never been proven in a court but here we go. We now gonna play a game for a couple years where these, people leading that fight are gonna, bring cases in charges and investigations. I would say yes, I would say yes, but the reason I'm going to say well of the regional say, probably won't work. The same way is that the left clearly controls cultural institution The media has institutional power, and that means that the mainstream media will dictate exactly what happens and white happens, and anybody's, as otherwise the crackpot conspiracy theories needs be banned from social media, which is what they're doing when Donald Trump one the Russia Gate Narrative, which was psychotic like literally insane. You had to do good and MSNBC being like Donald Trump, maybe an asset of the russian since the eighties,
never mind that was during the eighties. Russia was part of the Soviet Union. They still believe tromp was a hold over of the soviet KGB. Great that was allowed. That was always allowed. Then they won Pulitzer prizes for it and in all turned out to be psychotic garbage insane nonsense. Well, what happens now anybody who dares to about voter fraud gets purged, you're gone, you are removed and that's it Sometimes I won't tell you why they'll just take down your channel and say you know, peers ears, the Ito years gone, and others have been threatened, like I think, bluebells, Cumuli Media Westwood, one podcast told their house that if you say the election was stolen, they will suffer you from the company immediately so think about what that means. For instance,
No power- and it was amazing here- is that the communist radio stuff this is conservative- I mean they have that they have been Shapiro he's. That's what he's like one of the biggest pod casts in the world, I believe, is number one in politics. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they consider like near times politics, but one of the global top podcasting news politics an just all time and they're telling him what he can again. site no mind you Ben Shapiro has never been a you know far. You know fringe conspiracy, the election was don't gonna. Guy he's pretty much a run of the mill traditional conservative. So that's probably know big issue for him but think about what Rachel mad. I was allowed to get away with this. I caught a thing she ought to say or Jonathan shaped. The guy who claimed tromp was part of the Soviet Union or whenever a method, a spy asset for the KGB, the Soviet KGB. That's Chris Hazel Show look what they're allowed to get away with, even to this day justifying the Pulitzer Prize as they won.
I'm sick of this I gotta be completely honest. Our will revisit a second cause. You know, Linsey Gram is now saying like what's gonna happen, we gotta go back and forth is impeaching everybody nonstop, yes, brow. Don't you get it took about these spineless? you know. I don't know the answers. I have all the answers, but I can tell you that this does not lead anywhere. What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to now just start reading the same thing and being lie here. We go this time. They think it was that if it was this this past week longer than week has been the same story on repeat over and over and over again, and I'm just not interested in over the past week, and I mention this before I did have to as many segments an anomaly did he's not just look at the new cycle, Annamite for one thing, people need to calm down. The other thing is keep saying the same things every day. The same thing These news organisations are becoming desperate their terrified about what happens after tromp they'll have nothing to write about.
Well, maybe it's time you all start, looking not get it. You know I'm a at what what I do on this channel is bring you the top. Why, today on my channels, is I try to bring you the big Story and then provide political commentary, my opinion and some contexts, in fact checking to all of that when the new cycle is dominated by just two people scheme the top of their lungs. Then I have no idea. You know, what's the point, I'm not going to I'm not going to come here every day just be like in today's segments. Here we go now they're going to impeach Joe Biden. I get it man, I'm no fan of Joe Biden, were supported Trop for a variety of reasons in it that nearly near the end of twenty twenty it took? It took trump that long for me to finally be like looking. It was the encroachment of left. It was critical race theory, it was, Joe Biden Insane policy proposals. It was the french fringe insanity of the riots. I mean I'd, say this. The catalyst When we really was the riots knows no joke,
When I saw what was going on when that, when the rights got near my home, when my family was and I was like we cannot have a Joe Biden presidency because he is going to wolden these people, not that is actually doing that could have a job with them now the kind of angry and therein lies the problem they ve promised them things. You must have meet with black lives matter. Organizers never did I believe he never did. He was MR you know the progressive thought. They're gonna get these key positions, that's not happening, and so I can only see they're going to be increasingly angry, but there's something something interesting that Joe Biden talking about this national security debate tear act and now the left is starting to wake up to a wait a minute. So all we all say: that's ok! maybe I'm wrong will see, is Joe Biden Gonna, try and from some red meat just hold my bay or seeking to cry the truncheon over their skulls. While he does the same the Trump supporters and anti populist who dare pose the establishment, I suppose, will see. Let me read a little bit about Marjorie Taylor.
Green explained you what's going on, they say it over the hill, newly elected Rep Marjorie Taylor. Wednesday said she plans on filing articles of impeachment against President Elect Joe Biden on his first full day in office next week during appearance on news MAX Wednesday evening Green, a vocal supporter of Trump, so that she is running on introducing a measure to impeach buying on January twenty. First, one day after his inauguration quote, I would like to announce on behalf of the american people. We have to make sure our leaders are held accountable. We cannot have a president of United States who is willing to abuse the power of the office of the presidency and be easily bought off by foreign governments. Foreign chinese energy, but he's ukrainian energy companies. So on January twenty first I will be following articles of impeachment Joe Biden: greater, not specify what the articles might charge Biden. Well, I mean she just brought up China and Ukraine, so I think we have a gun.
lady but Green in the interview cited and argument advanced by several trump allies in the final months of his re election campaign that, while Vice President Biden threatened with old alone to Ukraine, if then prosecutor General Victor Shokhin was not replaced. That's a fact that literally happened, Joe Biden bragged about it, it's kind of crazy that they ve tried, Gaslight everyone into saying: it's not true. It didn't happen when there is a video of Joe Biden, I believe, is at the council on council on foreign relations, meaning and he's like. I told them you're not getting a billion dollars if prosecutors not fired, and what am I live in six hours and you not get the money, and if you can't do that had talked to the President well son of a b, he got fired. Congratulations. He was just bragging about tit for tat. Go like the president that that they see this
said when tromp was talking to Ukraine, that you know that he threatened to withhold aid or whatever Biden literally, did that, and I said the president and the unit is only Congress who can appropriate aid than Biden. Did that so sure fine impeach, the guy for it not getting. I mean what what he did was wrong and he did it in his capacity, as vice president of the previous administration. He can still be impeached for that sort of young people as being president, but the China stuff is also damning. So here's what we get we are going to get an attempt by of each side every step of the way we had over the past four years of the Democrats, and we must remove from Germany Times they tried to impeach Trump. How many times I introduced articles,
preachment. It was like several occasions he's been impeach twice, but I think they introduce like five or six times articles to impeach drop. The only issue was that at First Republicans controlled the house, so it never worked trumped sad and twenty eighteen at the Democrats take the house. They will impeach me and he was right. The first thing they did the first thing they did when they finally had the house was impeachment. So you know it's gonna happen. I can predict it come twenty twenty two. Republicans, take thy thousand. Then they impeach Joe Biden and then maybe we'll see. I mean that there will be a convention in the Senate because you need sixty seven senders and it's not gonna happen. I have no idea what how we get through this. You know I really was very, very close to just calling it for today and I am actually heavily
focusing now on the TIM cast Iron L Podcast- something that's just I don't know, getting up every day and seeing the staff, especially right now is just just its is literally the worst I get. The people are angry. I get to the Democrats were angry Yet the Republicans are angry and there's some serious questions about what we ve seen where, if you know, potentials for fraud and Joe Biden legacy as vice president, they accuse tromp of doing a lot of corrupt things and when it, when you set back and you out you try and ask yourself which side is right. You'll hear the same arguments from both sides as it turns out, the mainstream media tends to be lying about a whole lot and exaggerating everything. That is that Trump did and then you'll see that they tried impeaching tromp of like they got ready for impeachment they're playing it before he, even Elected guess what now or before even got an office now, they're saying the same thing about Joe Biden and what am I
supposed to say: that's, that's appropriate. I mean honestly. I hope that this country flourishes and does better Joe Biden as President, it's amazing to me that we went through four years of tromp where they are claiming that it was a fascist and that we are about whence away from total dictatorship and nazi them. And now Joe Biden is the herald of communism, and I'm just like that. You know: look it's not just that anyone's right or wrong is to say that this escalation is getting higher and higher and more It grows the more sways uncontrollably until it falls apart. Maybe a better example looks a jenga tower at this country and one by one we have pulled. Blocks until its struggling to stay afloat. It's very top heavy on the verge of collapse, Can we really do another four years of this country, where we accuse the president of the
being the herald of some kind of authoritarian nightmare, whose corrupt and selling out this this nation. I don't think so, but I gotta tell you this look where I fall on the issues that I think the accusation against Biden are more based. In reality I mean we ve got the stories we ve got the Bobby landscape. We ve got Biden on camera, the worse than we have about tromp. Is that he's trump? I mean that's it. The things they were complaining about Trump early on was that he was bombastic and offensive and and and and said nasty things, but a lot of those based on fake news. My cod are saying the same thing right now. The left is saying the Fake news, conspiracy, ecosystem, here's what I see in all of us. I believe it is a waste of time for us to go the route. The Democrats went because for
on. Not only the Democrats fail miserably in their attacks on tromp attempts to remove him at his finishing out his term. Not only do they fail, but they also controlled the cultural institutions, How are Republican supposed to be at anywhere near as effective as Democrats were, even though they warrant for the most part, they were able to jam trumped up block his term, but how Republican supposed above against that when they have no cultural institutions undergoing band left and right can only gets worse, which is why I keep saying, strategy. Persuasion, resourcefulness, the key to winning this political battle is creating things is building. Things is persuading people's inspiring people. It is generating resource it is going home and figure out ways to make money. I get it. It's really really hard right. Now, that's look! That's that's the way you win having access to resources and if you spend your time, focus on this there meant there. There tricking you
into the wrong and on under the wrong battlefield. You need to be accumulating resources making money, so a building things. And making a podcast or making videos or or making art something to inspire young people comedy is one of the best ways to to change people's minds. It's funny. It makes people feel as part of something that happened what they want to cheer. They want a laugh. They want to feel included. That's the way you persuade people now by all means, You know their legal challenges, I'm not saying stand in the way. I don't know if it was course not Joe Biden did something wrong by all means. Marjorie Taylor Greene can introduce her, but I'm just looking at this, like I'm just to back for second, a watch what's going on and an answer. What I see and then the left and the right are adamant that their correct, but I'll tell you this during Ferguson, I remember other than the rioters had started, leaving and the police were sweeping the street in driving down saying, dispersed disperse, and I looked around this cry
How did I realize everyone? There was a journalist, so I decide you know what I'm going to cross the street until I cross street by myself. But Jessica is me and let me in a camera guy, And I looked across the street, what did I see the only people left that We are standing in the way of the copse. Was the media? The pole it's worse were yelling disperse and the journalists were walking slowly back with their cameras, and I started laughing eyes of the camera film that that's so stupid and then the police actually went media. We are talking to you, you must disperse, but these journalists don't care they're vultures. that's why I don't like this. That's why I don't like the idea of just spending a week talking about the exact same things over and over and over again, and that's why, if Tom Oh you know, or even later today, I might just just focus on the IRA podcast, because we can have conversations we get stories about Ufos talk about, but the new cycle right now
is a scared, pathetic desperate media organism. That knows they are about to have nothing left. It's like that, in Ferguson once the rioters were gone and that nothing to film they just found the cops that was it, and there was nothing going on, but they wanted those photos and to sell something right kind of crazy. On other than to have no united mention in the past is fire fighters wishing fire. It's it's something I was told by some firefighters. It's an idea that you know your job is firefighter is to save people and to put out fires. But what happens when there's? No, buyers and it's been a week or whatever you don't do anything of actual. You start crossing bears angle while there's a fire today, so I can got there, do my job and that's kind of horrifying and that something they realise these vultures, don't they are just going to keep scratching scraping the bottom of the barrel as wood chips start flying out, because there is nothing left to scrape, and so that means
everybody get back to what you are talking about before this new cycle was insane, and you know, look there's there, some commentators, who have kind of been off the radar for the past week or or couple weeks or months, some of our new channels, and I don't blame him. I really don't, because what it wants I am going to do about going to another videos, and I like, oh you know, impeach Biden, know maybe I'll talk about cultural politics again and go back. You know. The longest time. The trailer for my main channel TIM Cast was talking about the generations and our generation having no responsibility. The general idea was you the left in the right. The left has the both of you know. Factions have no purpose. So the left created their purpose. They they became activists and social justice warriors, so they could fight their great fight because you're not like that line from fight club, we have no great war, What we know we Altos tells we're gonna, be astronauts and now a really that's, not true rock stars and stripes, and that's why
think a lot of millennials are GEN, general millennials and millennials engineers are experiencing. There is no great war, there is no greatness and that's life you're not going to be the most famous you're, not going to be a rock star. There's not going to be the great war, but they want it. They want purpose. They want, meaning that one adventure, so left, finds it by social justice fighting and screaming and getting us those victories and the right not really conservatives as not conservative Iraq amidst tribal argument that the tribal right faction, which actually is economically left in many ways found
through video games and they found it through in ocean. Well, initially, they didn't have purpose, but I found it in combating the weakness, and so you ended up with a culture. Were that's why Jordan Petersen was effective in that was the purpose of my might my channel trailer for, like two or three years to point out that, when Jordan Petersen would say, find the heaviest thing you can carry and carry it that gave purpose to people. we need purpose. The purpose can't be whenever this is. It needs to be generating creating new culture. Our culture has been stagnant for too long. We are we listening to the same Christmas, music watching the same movies, and now you have a culture war between people who want to just tear it all down and people who don't make culture there there listen, it's curious, you can
Stop the destruction you know in some analogies when the left comments, as we want to destroy the culture and rebuild and change things. I think the solution is if they want to take. You know character, like iron man and iron man, a young black woman, which they did. I don't care, I personally, don't I like iron man. but I remain, a really really old character. I love the marble and see you stuff, I'm not too thrilled with where things are gonna had a right now, we'll see One division seems kind of weird, but maybe I'll check it out. Mendel it's all right. I think people are over hyping it. It comes out of this if the best they can do is take. The old things and just change them into woke stuff. Then you need to make new stuff like a jack, the sobic he made agent Oso. It's it's hilarious and the left like mocked like that they're trying to make fun of em like not realize
it's a literally and over the top Meno caricature of himself as a special agent. It's funny entertaining it's a comic book make stuff make things if you're upset about all of us have it's going on then needed to challenge it by being a prominent inspirational voice and doing cool things so that young people watch what you're doing in the day when I grow up. I wanna be like that. I imagine this as the daily work as the daily wire makes movies now they have run high fight. It looks really good actually really well produced, which a surprising for conservative outlets, because they have not done a great job in the past. It's always been you no kind of low quality. So much where the good imagine this fifteen years there's some You know a ten year old kid three years old today and there, like you, know where you want to go to school and he's like well, I really want to get into film. It is I'm I would love to work for daily wire films, a conservative company, young person growing up seeing is movies and sang. I
really want to work for the daily wire. When that be something that's how you do it right now, I can it just focused on the now and not the future. Then there won't be conservatives and I think that's very much why the left has been so effective or the past several generations. They focus on children in schools and they're doing it now. So there you go school choices, big, that's a good political fight, but ultimately I think you need to make content for its that's, not extremely political, just new superheroes, new powers, new adventures, new heroes, journey, new inspirational content, new movies and just normalcy. Does the most important thing you don't make a movie where the main characters, like God rights, are important and we must protect life and God, at all costs that, as well as on the nose. What you want to do is just make good, entertainment and then people will want to be a part of your culture, because it's fun if you be prettier over the top
the left has always done this in their content. For the most part, the right can do it suddenly, which is why it's interesting, when you see run hide fights trailer it that a trailer opens with this young woman You know her dad is teaching or how to fire again things like that. It's not preachers and over the top, it's just content and how create culture and worldview, and that's the fight that needs to be happening right now. The stuff happening in the impeachment. I dont think it goes anywhere thing it's a is. Is it isn't a dead end? I get it, but We go in that direction. Them actually just are fighting each other and that's argument what's happening so in the end, I think everybody to draw pictures make our Make movies make music make podcast and make more content. I get it, though,
you have a challenge with censorship. Well, that's the other piece of the puzzle. Build things. Look at gab amazing. They ve built there on infrastructure. They they imprinted they they ve Archive, Donald trumps, entire twitter account. Do that started you wanna funds overdue, figured how to start a DNS I just draw figured out a start, a web hosting company. Then you can provide servers to the likes of cabinet or platforms and stop the banning. That's the fight, the culture. You need to build, build infrastructure, start companies. I know it's not easy but leave their necks. Augments come up. Maybe at one p m will see, and I may go talk about ufos or something because I don't care. Look I dont care about view count. I never did I care about what I think, what I think is important and I'm gonna make videos like that that that I always care about will see our place up. You not care a lot about politics, it's always been my thing, but right, Now, I'm not gonna sit here and say the same thing over and over again impeachment impeachment preachment. So there you go next,
We are one p dot m on this channel. Thanks rang out, I will see you all then. I'd like to give a special shout out to everybody who keeps saying ten you're, never going anywhere they're, not gonna ban you you're do tepid, I mean come on. My opinions are nowhere near pronounced essay, Stephen crowded Carlsson and so many keep saying it'll, never happen! Then it did. Facebook has booted me out of their modernization programme for the simple fact that I covered, what happened on January. Six now is waiting to see why I had been restricted, why it had modification or move on Facebook, and they didn't give me a real reason. It doesn't say anything other than violations of community standards, of which there are none, and so I did Digging I've reached out to Facebook will see what happens and it turns out there the video I made telling people what was happening during the right on the capital was removed. There was no calls to violence. In fact,
denunciation of it there was no nudity or profanity or anything like that. It just didn't matter. Facebook is panicking because now they're being attacked by the media way to start the New York Times, how Facebook incubated the insurrection right wing influencers embraced extremist views and Facebook rewarded them. That's right! There's no difference between covering a story and support
I suppose where the animals involved and that's been a view of the left for some time now that the media coming after Facebook in their panicking I'm hearing reports that many pages have been purged. We recently heard that wrong Paul himself, the patron saint of Libertarianism had his access, restrict removed entirely, can even post now. For my page, I can still post. I just can't monetize, because it's like the only thing they ve ever claimed. I've done wrong, but there are other problems with Facebook and there are other problems of social media that are being addressed, and actually I am glad to see that Facebook is being called out as the actual platform used by people to organise when they went to the capital. Big of a big narrative right now in the banning of parlor is that people were organizing posting threats, but part of points out parlour
doesn't have any way to actually organize anything. It's just micro blogging. Will they got banned because people try to make those claims facebook, on the other hand, had groups has yellow pages where people are posting and commenting and planning, and that's what happened now? I don't because of this. A lot of people are going to bed. I don't think Facebook singled me out, that's what it cuz. It doesn't really make sense. I think Facebook is just in full on panic mode and removing everybody. So I'll tell you what, if you want to support my work Considering bans are going to be ramping up, I mean listen,
they are announcing. They wanna digitally, remove Donald Trump from home alone to an apparently MC caully colchians in on it. Like you saying it's good good thing: no, no, it isn't erasing. People in history is a bad thing. So listen, it is likely going to hit me again. I think it struck a stricken from modernization on Facebook because I did anything wrong. They're just per, Jeanne Wrong think there's no real violation of the guidelines. They just said this guy talked about it, he covered it. We can't have it get rid of it. On Instagram people are getting band uncensored for sharing photos, tromp speaking for sharing news sites like clips of what happened, Facebook is freaking out, so I got swept up. Let me tell you: the Facebook is a broken system entirely, one of the worst and most useless platforms that exists right now. It's kind of crazy because there, the big right. My manifestation of Facebook never worked anyway. I didn't get any money, for
posting videos in the first place, so there was never really an incentive for me to use the platform. I just passively posted there, considering they ve taken this action against me. I requested of user, refusing I've broken, no rules, milk, toasts fence, entertain pool, and they said we hope care. I'm right, ok! Well, no, I won't use the platform which I'm sure they're happy about, but this breakdown doesn't led to good places right now, as twitter purged. Seventy thousand. People they claim were either cuban on or Q, and on adjacent or related. The left said they perch Nazis. Anybody banned by Twitter as a Nazi, so twitter band leftists are left us not is apparently so that's the narrative pushing not use facebook market opposed what anymore so make sure. If you want to support my work, you go to TIM, cast dot com and become a member. I am going to do my best, you create a stand alone website where you can get the podcasting guess I'll, podcast and member
there's, only exclusive content and come to our events. I've been playing with sometime should have got it up a lot. A lot sooner, but that that the ban hammer is coming and it's coming everyone, even people like me, so many at its remarkable the conservatives message me saying I'm wrong and I had to be supporting tromp and all other stuff, and I dont and I get flack from the left and the right, mostly the left, to be completely honest, but I'm gonna get banned. It's going to be only CNN all the way down, while I'm insane and might fall apart, but it's gonna be venture capitalist supported, mainstream media. So if you want to support my work, TIM cast outcome become of them, I know I know people have email, saying, there's some issues with the site we just launched it on Monday, so are still working through the bugs and that what we were saying email for members so that you can, if you having issues, will help it to get you all through this and that's why we haven't yet put up members only content. It will be up soon with our podcast guests. For,
not from you know our studio as well as any potential just behind the scenes. Content and coverage TIM cast out come look. I mean it. I I'll tell you. I've said many times if I get banned I'll, probably just take my van down by the river and I mean What am I supposed to do? Fight this massive stalinist? regime. It's it's it's not so easy. I am doing everything it can to preserve freedom, liberty, the accounts national values, individual rights and everything and a lot of people, oh, I think, need to realize strategy involves winning people over in being persuasive and pushing back and building culture. So it's been a big focus of what I've been working on now. If I do get banned, I will not be able if I've ever got banned from all the big social platforms, I won't be able to maintain the TIM guess I'll show. I could probably keep doing this show. This shows lower cost
and that's why I'm trying to set up TIM cast out com and encourage everybody to donate? Let me just stress there are some podcast is and they tend to be left us and the leftists give money, and that means there insulated. They don't care about getting band, they don't care about the things they post. They know that if they got banned, that it is a what they got, fifty that there are some people who have thirty to fifty thousand people giving ten bucks a month. They are set for life and they say whatever they want swallow make sure I don't have to worry about gang, sent censored that we can post members only content that is uncensored. As you know, that's gonna have all the squares and be more or less family friendly and us worry about getting ban and the only way we do. That is, if a large portion of those who, like my content, support my work, decide to become a member. I'm not saying you have to, greatly appreciated. I'm trying to build that Walter insulate. My
Ability to produce from the ban hammer that is invariably going to start hitting everyone now. I think I don't know of Youtube will ban me, but they might that's They might facebooks reaction in my opinion, has more to do with the fact the New York Times is coming after them and they knew it, and this is what you get the New York Times now saying Facebook Intubated, the the insurrection, much more interesting, Cheryl Sandberg of Facebook is actually denying that the organisation took place on Facebook when it did. Look there. They ve tried saying over and over again that Youtube is a rabbit whole and that your watch, one video, then also your watching tons and tons of videos and that's actually not true. It's been disproven Youtube was an echo chamber there. Echo chambers of varying ideas and opinions, but they dont radicalized. You view just like what was it that the radical theory does make sense, because the ideas that one day arbitrarily you get fat, a video that's
and opposes immigration and is far right. So you click it and then also your inundated with a content. No people search for it and then you tube keeps you in an echo chamber. That's a problem, but on Youtube you can't directly share its all. It's all fuelled by Youtube's algorithm on Facebook shares are done by people, and that means on Facebook. You can make contents and share it and your guaranteed instant access to other people's pages and platforms, because the shares do work. Facebook has been the problem. The reason these big tat these these news organisations work calling Facebook for a long time is because it was where they got their traffic. They didn't want to call the machine that was making a money. You probably said the same thing about me and you, but I looked at the actual data, there's numerous studies that try and claim as a rabbit hole but then even understand what I need a pop politics is, and they claimed that like shoe on head, who is basically a socialist, was far right in one of the latest studies actual break
channels and recommendations shows it's not it's not true on Youtube. It's just not. There are people who, like conspiracies, who watch nothing. What conspiracies, but that's ECHO chamber problems and it is a problem and it needs to be called out. Facebook is a radical position. Engine people will post. this particularly videos they'll get shared rapidly and that everyone sees it and they go crazy, that's happening now. Let me bring you too well, while the more shocking stories in all of this- and I gotta tell you men more and more, I feel like I'm an anti social media, proponent or something needs to change in the system. Patch dot com reports, trolls, wrongly accused, retired, firefighter of capital, right, murder, retired, Chicago firefighter David. Could
into volley was grocery shopping and celebrating his wife's birthday in Chicago. During the capital insurrection, they say the retired travel firefighter from Mount Greenwood, whom social media trolls called a terrorist and accused of fatally wielding a fireworks to any state which are that kill the cop as a mob of Trump supporters used on the capital was grocery shopping. Patches learned Twitter exploded with unsubstantiated claims, Tuesday that Quanta Volley, who retired from it from the fire department. Twenty sixteen of the thirty two years was the bearded extinguisher man, he wasn't true. It wasn't true, but Twitter Ban Donald Trump instead and they and they said that his statements were dangerous. Inciting violence. Twitter is applied, I this principle of of waited power, moderation, the idea being that if you're famous your speech is curtailed Trump is it has a lot of followers. Therefore, what he says has a lower thrush, lower tolerance of deviation. So trunk could say something like I think people should March
and they ll say. Well. You know what that's too close to calling for violence, whereas a small individual one of these people on Twitter can say this guy. Is you know this this person? Is this name go? Do your thing literally saying it, though this twitter do your thing: what happened the next morning, Quanta Volley made a trip Tom Depot, a separate proclaimed paperwork were quarter. He says he has receipts receipts to prove his whereabouts and they provided the FBI. I got a phone call from a friend is that you should see what their twittering about you. So Woman from British Columbia showed the surveillance picture of the guy wearing the safety stocking cap and a beard like I've had and file footage. While I was protest in the city and appropriately scoring the fires and the fires in its exam and said this is the guy and the ball started rolling everybody started saying here: is the guy? The unconfirmed reports quickly spread soon social me,
YO filled with details about Quanta, volleys personal life, including appearance at a walk to support, see PD rally about Green. What an August to support his namesake, Sun and Inglewood District Police officer, who still is at home by Tuesday night he's getting angry phone calls from people saying he's aim is effing murderer. He belongs in jail tv news cruiser outside of his home. Chicago cargo police dispatched patrol car to keep watch over night. They were saying, oh, but look his kid is a cop. This proves it on Facebook. I have had false flags by a fake news organization. Called led stories. Led stories is a small publication that is hyper partisan. They are leftist, and what they do is they seek out people they dont like politically and falsely apply labels to their content, claiming its fake news. They ve done to me directly twice and indirectly, once one
the post I made was about Epstein being on Bill Clinton's plain and in the ledger, and then what they did was they applied a false label to it and then claim that it was not true when in fact it was completely true and everybody knows it, my reference was actually their own source, it was falsely applied. I didn't host that tweet, though so I tweeted it, and then someone screen shouted and put it on Facebook. I bet story where I talked about the republican electors slate, where experts Let me say in the video that this is an official slight and potentially meaningless. They applied a fake news label to it. This caused problems on my page, Facebook, then DE ranks. It may then applied the fake news label to another piece of content. Where I sat Republicans claim theirs.
Disproportionate amount devotes in Pennsylvania. I went on to say we don't have the full data doesn't matter, they falsely applied a label to it, destroying essentially my facebook page well that in combination with reporting on what happened on the six, this is the problem of current social media my content, which is using all news guard certified sources and is to the best of my ability. Factually true incorrect vartos do get something's wrong is de ranked slashed excised, but random people onto are allowed to post in insane nonsense targeting random endeavour. rules with harassment and twitter. Let them do it, they absolutely do. I have a very serious issue with twitter trying to get some content removed. They, Won't it's a very serious, it's not a direct threat, but it is a very serious threat against me and my family and they will not remove it. Won't
and therein lies the serious problem with social media and why, I think either we regulate it outright or we get rid of it. People have said it's our best hope and our biggest problem. and so I don't know how you way this bites, maybe were better off with just websites with people having websites. You know look. You can still have an independent media channel. Maybe we're better Roth with a decentralized network of people of communications, but twitter is a problem because there's no direct way to stop certain things from existing. I guess you could theoretically target the individuals, but defamation sits, cannot work and doc thing is perfectly legal. So what happens then, as because we're all on this social media platform, certain opinions and speech are targeted, say, Donald Trump and then insane threats are fine. Facebook actually incubates the insurrection according to your times, but parlor is the one who gets band. My page gets a false flag put on it because
is news changes, so I report a story saying here, so we know so far. They come back later. They falsely flag at no, because we learned later can't have old stories any more on Facebook. That's the name of the game and there's there's no way to defeat. At this point. I ll tell you. I almost feel like it lily pointless awe and that's why I'm an advocate for I advocate right. Why should say I am I am an advocate for, but I'm starting lean towards. Maybe we just heritage through thirty outright, no joke none whatsoever. Yo tromp was calling. when I said no that'll destroy social media, but the problem is, as someone correctly pointed out, it's already been destroyed for half the country. You can't even express yourself, so. If we are having this radicalization engine of Facebook, radicalizing people on the right or the left, then it's not helping anybody, and if it can't control it, then you have if we can't be fair and control what's going on, then why bother having them- and I understand that's true for you too,
Well, which is why I set up TIM cast outcome, which is why, at this point I just I can't feel like it's all. Just gonna fall apart and I'm I'm I'm I'm lookin. I must say this probably for later, but that's where people feel we're going. You know this guy is falsely accused and his life is targeted, destroyed and twitter doesn't do anything about it. Why? Well it's true! These people have a right to accuse the guy and the thing about what's happening on social media. You have a constant pitchfork mob torches and pitchforks Markham pitchforks, marching around smashing things and screaming will have a right to express their opinions. If someone said hey, I think this is the guy, if that, some of that, if this is the guy, that's all takes random people than believe it's true. They don't care about factor in ITALY.
but what's true and they roll with it. The problem now is Facebook empowers these same kind of people to go and destroy businesses on Facebook. So I dont know how we were. We resolve that problem by playing into it Jack See recently came out as without came up the statement that I can only scribe as evil really really evil. I'm I'm not. I dont use that word all that often, but I do sometimes- and I have always been very fond of. The right word is but too I believe, people in a sense is subjective, but there is something that there are things that we do fine to be universally university. Evil things that fly in the face of the human shared experience right, like killing, is wrong.
now there now there are varying degrees to what people are willing to tolerate terms of how they view killing, but the outright walking up somebody in ending their life. Every single person would be shocked by so I do believe that there are things that are evil. Jack Dorsey has routinely claimed. He wants to help people and he believes in freeze each and you want to decentralized internet. But what is really doing is spitting in your face. The reason why, I would say it's even is only so much. Can you suppress a group of people? a particular ideology while allowing threats of extreme violence and harassment and then tell everyone but we're doing our best. We have to stop from all over the problems. It sets a dangerous precedent, but we're here to do the right thing. Oh those people who have been organizing violence and destruction for a year, we're not gonna, stop them as its evil about it. Jack Dorsey is standing guard
over violent terrorist attacks, extreme terrorist extremists who have been burning down buildings and destroying things, and he doesn't care he likes it So then he comes out on Twitter and he says you know it's a very difficult thing and what is really doing is he's whitewashing. The real problem were facing that his platform is used by, extremists on the left to facilitate violence and he won't stop it and Facebook is used by both the left and the right, the extremes to facilitate violence, and they won't stop at either. So, what's the what's, the answer make them responsible for the content. If they're going to selectively police content, make them responsible for it with the New York Times, maybe getting restless research to thirty, is the right thing to do. I can't say for sure, because I don't know ultimately what will end up happening, but you know look I kept
when people it's only a matter of time before they they ban me. Facebook was the first to do it and I didn't even break any rules. It's just that partners, organ piper part as an organisation that doesn't like me, has been trying their best to get me taken down and its working. More importantly, I covered on January six, while the rights were happening, I made a video telling people what's going on and saying it was crazy. I covered the news and that was it. They took it down, you're, not a lot of talk about it. You can show photos, you can show videos, and so they took it down and they restrict my page. It's not banned, but I'm not gonna use it. It's just about this about the principal it's about the fact that I am fed up with Facebook allowing hyper partisan, far left ideological actors to shut down businesses to target the likes of wrong Paul in Prager you,
opinions, aren't allowed. So here we are, it's gonna keep getting worse, but I do feel like everything were seeing is leading ultimately to the downfall of others of this country. You know they want to impeach can trot because they don't want to be able to run again. I have to. Underwear were headed. If you look at history- and you look at the World WAR two and what happened to that too, to Hitler I a truly despicable and disgusting, unworthy. Worst human beings ever to exist on this planet. There was an attempted coup, he was imprisoned and he came back. Censorship didn't stop him. There needed to be something else, but the left can only do what the left has always done. When people don't learn from history, there doomed to repeat it so they're doing the same things that I fear will bring about something truly fascistic, and I, fear that you will actually start seeing the persecution and prosecution of groups. Like you, I mean look at New York. The jewish community is being tardy
by Cuomo and applause, and where is the left to say, stop they can only do it. They ve always done parrot themselves every single time. Something like this happens. And the people, war, smart and try and challenge and an challenging it are the first to get purged Jack Dorsey of is a bad person. I really do think so. I think he is an extremely selfish self censored, egotistical, authoritarian and I I think is in many ways worse than Mark Zuckerberg, but there are some benefits. Twitter allows some content that other platforms- Donald so I will chalk up to sort of the banality of evil. He thinks he's a good guy doing. The right thing but he's doing really awful things and is allowing extremists to commit acts of violence and get away with it. More importantly, I should say this As you probably know easier on Jack because he's a figurehead, he really doesn't control twitter at all. So in the end he's just a guy trying to call
you down. While his people are burning, everything down this country is in trouble and I will see things go. Excitements coming up at four p m over at Youtube dot com, Slash TIM Cast, my other channel check it out, and I will see you all then.
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