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CNN Runs Segment Saying Trump COULD STILL WIN, Democrats Oblivious As Trump On Track For EC Victory


Fareed Zakaria laid out how Trump could win if enough states are disputed and no candidate gets to 270 Electoral college votes.While Democrats are gloating that Trump is losing his lawsuits the EC path to victory moves forward. Republicans in many states have publicly stated they are disputing the results and this is enough to pull votes from joe Biden.So long as there are questions over election results this Trump is on trackĀ It doesnt mean he will win, it doesnt mean his chances are anywhere near goodBut he is still on track.

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Back in September CNN, rent a segment by four reads: a courier talking about how Donald Trump could lose the vote, but remain in power actually get a second term even if he loses the general election. This is called the contingent election and it happens when they can't get a candidate to two. Seventy votes or votes are contested and nobody is determined to be the winner. It then falls to house delegations to vote for the president, but each state gets one vote and there are more republican states than Democrats States, so Donald Trump could Truly still win this. Now. This segment is from September its base that an article from July, but it's going viral now as people started to realize hey, wait a minute. It see whose like this is actually starting to happen. We have p, a state legislature saying the power to appoint electors, is theirs and do too wide
fraud irregularities. They want to take the power back and declare that the p a state election is in dispute. Now that won't give trump votes, but it could take votes away from Joe Biden, create in a disputed electoral college vote then come January six, we don't have a winner, Donald Trump becomes president or you remains president. I guess not. I said I'm not saying it's going to happen, but I will tell you. Democrats are so obsessed with Donald Trump League challenges has lawsuits at their, not pay attention to what really going on, and that's why I think a segment like this is really important are two things I want to hit in this segment clarifying and breaking down exactly what's going on with the Trump contingent election victory and that its entirely still possible and we are actually on track. For it to occur. It doesn't mean it will happen. There are so many obstacles in the way for top to pull this off but think about it. They had these hearings pennant. That will that
the hearing in Pennsylvania, where they discussed fraud. You had some pretty serious allegations and some pretty respectable individuals veterans. Even now, there's neither did the same thing in Arizona and other states that is not fair many of the republican state legislatures to say we dispute the results. Thus we will not cast electoral votes and then Donald Trump went, but nothing to point out is there We are strange anomalies in this election and I got a huge list of them from a spectator. So let this video stand for all of the people who don't know these things. If you have a friend or otherwise who doesn't know that First Joe Biden is not President elect, he was not elected by the electoral colleges he's just the projected winner based on the current media assessment? That's it if you know somebody who doesn't know any of this and you want to show them you and explain to them why it may be
long shot. It may be a lottery tickets chance it maybe astronomical, but Donald Trump could still be president and these people are going to get a cold awakening if it happens, a rude awakening if it happens, share this, but I'm you're, going to be breaking down from the spectator reasons why the twenty twenty presidential election is deeply puzzling if only com it's fine tabulation suspicious, put me down as a crank and they go through a huge list of all of the weird goings on and I'm gonna break it down and even debunk some of the false claims. So you can share. This will put it this way before we get started, make sure you subscribe to Youtube outcome, slashed cast our role as well. It's another channel, don't leave this channel, just open a new tab and do it. We do a podcast Monday to Friday, live at eight p m, and maybe you ve missed it. I didn't know major check it out, subscribing to channel, and if you really want to support this channel, sharing the he was one of the best things you can do but, like I said, I'm gonna break down Frida Korea. Talking about how the constitution will allow trunk to win- and you should share this with you-
in family, because I am sure many of you who have Democrat friends are saying you're, so damn trump can when it's over and when you try to explain, them it's not over. They say oh you're, crazy. Well, let me break it down, citing the Washington Post and CNN. For you, you males, people saying there's no evidence of voter fraud. Let me give you a list and even debunk some claims from the right, because there are os claims coming from the right, but I want to show you there actually is irregular ready anomaly, and these things need to be addressed, but regardless of what you think, it may be evidence enough for Republicans to say we call the election in dispute and therefore Joe Biden does not win once get started with the freedom to Korea segment. Now he was kind enough to to turn his segment from CNN into this Washington Post up ad. Allow him to
like all of us. Trump could stay in power, even if he does it. When the election, the constitution allows it by Friedrich area. They say by declining to commit to a peaceful transfer of power. President Trump has agitated many who fear he will refuse to leave office, even if he loses the November elections and may even resort to violence. Not that's a bit.
the terrifying reality is that there are also several mechanisms that our legal and constitutional that could enable truck to stay in office without actually running about the system of electing the president is complicated because it was not designed to be directly democratic. The constitution calls for states to choose the presidential electors who, in turn, gather to vote for the President overtime states, have passed laws and ensure their states. Popular vote for the presidency will determine the electors, but those are laws, not a constitutional obligation. I point this out in an earlier segment for those working in the pot guest you'll hear this later. If it comes down to elector electoral votes going, federal government, the federal government recognizes the state legislator appointing electors, not anyone else, it's possible that secretaries of state or governors send their own
light of electors, but that just get the job done for Donald Trump are disputed election. They don't need trop to win the boats. They need them to be he disputed and Republicans need only say I dispute. For that to happen. It is the only thing standing in the way right now of Donald Trump and victory. Based on what for it's a Korea saying is whether or not the Republicans will choose to do it. It's really that simple, it is but almost by some cold water on whether or not this is gonna happen or not. Just just wait. He says now entered the scenario during election. Weak trump is leading on a member third, but democratic nominee. Joe Biden gains ground in the days following Republicans file objections to tens of thousands of melon ballots Democrats file counter suits, taking account of the confusion, legislatures decide to choose the electors themself. This is why it's going viral. What you just read per perfectly explains it it's exactly
what's happening so first Donald Trump was leaning on election night of the next days. As male in votes came, then they set out switching for Joe Biden, Republicans filed objection, saying how did all of these boats that came in where ninety plus per cent for Joe Biden that makes no sense or ninety eight percent? How come these ballots were properly filled out, challenging tens of thousands. In fact, hundreds of thousands of Democrats file counter suits to a certain extent. They ve done this. Taking account of the confusion. I just I just decided choose the electors themself, which is absolutely happening right now in Pennsylvania. My friends Senator Doug Mass We are now saying there is mounting evidence at the p. A presidential election was compromised. If this is the case under article two section, one point: two of the: U S constitution, the state legislature has the sole already to direct the manner of selecting delegates to go to college is power. Was
the state legislature for the purpose of safeguarding the appointment of our president, specifically contemplating corruption and ensuring that the people are not disenfranchised were corrupt election process. Therefore, we are introducing a resolution to exercise our obligation and authority to appoint Del It's too the Electoral College possess state senator. We also saw that the House of Representatives in Pennsylvania has issued a as posted a memorandum on a resolution that they will that will be submitted soon. I know it's right, we're we're not quite demonstrated. Yet again. I'm gonna splash cold water on this, but the train is moving down the track. What the point of trying to say is I'm gonna, show you some stuff after I read through this breaking down. Why? I think we are not at that point where I would be confident. Trump is going to win, but I do think there is one thing to guarantee Trump victory. The Republicans
state legislatures in three states. Only need to just say I object. That's it no joke. That's it dispute the results they can. They can create whenever fight they want, they can get sued, whatever the Supreme Court of theirs. They can say a few, it doesn't matter, they can just object. That's read more Fraid, said: here's the worry of the nine swing states. Eight have republican legislatures If one or more decide that balloting is chaotic and marred by irregularities, they could send what they regard as the legitimate sleight of electors, which would be republican Democrats may objective file lawsuits in some of those states democratic governor. Or secretaries of state could send their own slave electors to Washington. That would add to the confusion, but that might well be part of the republican plan. When Congress convenes on January six to tally the electors votes, there would be challenges to the to the legitimacy of some electors. Congressional Republicans would agree that disputed states,
could not be counted. That would ensure that neither candidate would get two hundred seventy votes at that point. The constitution directs the House of Representatives vote to determine the presidential election, but it does so with each state casting a single vote. If the current numbers hold, there would be twenty six state delegations that a republican and twenty three with one tied twenty three democratic with one time, so this outcome would be to re elect Trump Trump does not need to do anything other than accept this outcome, which is constitutional.
Trunk clearly understands this chain of events. He has been casting doubt on male in boats for months, insisting that the results must be the ones that reflect the italian election night. He said this week that without melon belts, there would be no worries about a transfer of power, because that would simply be a continuation of his rule. He has also acknowledged that at a certain point it goes to Congress for the scenario play out. State republican parties have to put their desire to win above concerns that all voices are heard. Unfortunately, recent history suggests that most will readily make this trade for AIDS. A courier predicted this in September, don't take my word for it. Take his word for it. I am not saying Donald Trump willed win, but for reads a courier basin. Everything
happened now. It sounds like he is correctly predicting what will happen and if he is correct that Republicans would choose to win above all else, then Donald Trump will become president again for another term. I am not saying it's going to happen. In fact, I am not entirely convinced we're at a point where I can say confidently. Its eight trumps got a good shot of it. I'm just saying well for red is right. Based on my research. I have looked at several of you, several dozen articles and statutes, and it seems gas far be it from me to claim that for red or some of these other, writers are incorrect, Trump see. To have known this was the route they would go and now it seems like he is on track to succeed, point being look at it. This way. Imagine is a train wreck? Imagine on that track our twists and turns, and looped loops and barrels and and and and fallen trees just because the train
moving down the track does not mean it will successfully make it passed all of the obstacles, so I dont know what will happen, but I do know that each every day that passes the more that I see the more I'm starting to think for reads, Korea and the other and we see the co founder of MSNBC, I believe was who wrote this article. They were correct. And I remember I marked it- I said- was crazy. People are nuts and people said it was resistance lunacy. But here we go. It seems like we're moving that direction for reads. As many state republican parties have been actively attempting to suppress votes. Just a few example in Texas, in twenty Levin taxes pass a law requiring govern I d for voting and allowed gun licences but not student ideas. Ok, that's ridiculous! Ok, he's! Isn't twenty seventeen Junior pass a law blocking voter registration of minor typos? Also, I think it's ridiculous declining that's voters oppression to have voter integrity, nice try for it. He was gonna, say american democracy is getting warped because the republic,
Party. Believes its path to power lies not in getting a majority of the votes, but through other means, I must stop you're right there. You set it free, You said it: we are not a direct democracy and we never have been the cause, detention allows this. There are multiple paths towards winning the presidency. This is a part of our country, just because you grew up with traditions and formalities doesn't mean pompous doing anything illegal, wrong or immoral. It is literally in the constitution that Trump can do this. There called safeguards. Safeguards The reason this is allowed and the reason a congress, someone Risk can challenge. Electoral vote is because we are not a direct democracy and we want to prevent someone from stealing an election. Now limits You may be thinking to yourself that this is just Donald Trump, stealing the election, but let me tell you
The conservatives are saying the exact same thing now, maybe you're right, maybe you're not write. The point is the constitution? Has these provisions to prevent someone from fraudulently winning? action. I am now going to show you that there is actually evidence that there was some kind. irregularity or discrepancy. It doesn't mean its absolute, it doesn't mean that it cost truck the election, but it does exist and the problem is the Democrats did not take this seriously and because they didn't take it seriously it now gives the Republicans at the ability to say oh well, too many irregularities that went on investigated. Imagine if in Pennsylvania, when Trump fathers lawsuits
regrets immediately said anything. You want anything at all. Let's, let's make sure the salt uncleanly they didn't, they blocked it. They blocked observers. They did block observers, not that them. The media, keep saying that observers were in the building, that's correct, they were, but the true goal of an observer is to look at the ballot. You may remember the Bush. We Gore incident where people were holding up about and staring at them and arguing over the hang Chad's. Now we have people fifty feet away and the judges said well as long as you're in the building it doesn't it in you. You might think fine, but I'm sorry ready, People are popular then say: what's what's the point of an absurd,
every citizen, a building doing nothing which creates uncertainty. Let me show you this reasons why the twenty twenty presidential election is deeply puzzling. This is the reason that Trump may actually, when and it's the fault of the Democrats from spectator, they say to say out loud. You find the results of the twenty twenty presidential election odd is to invite derision. You must be a crank or a conspiracy. Theorist mark me down as a crank. Then I am pollster and I find this election. would be deeply puzzling. I also think the truck campaign is still well within its rights to contest the tribulations. Something very strange happened in America's democracy in the early hours of Wednesday November forth and the days that followed its reasonable for a lot of Americans to want to find out exactly what first consider some facts. President tromp received more votes than any previous in
companies seeking reelection, he got a Levin million more votes than in twenty. Sixteen, the third largest rise and support ever foreign incumbent. By way of comparison, President Obama was comfortably reelected and twenty twelve with three point: five million fewer votes than twenty than than he one into doesn't eight trumps about increased so much because, according to exit polls, he performed far better with many key demographic groups. Ninety five percent of Republicans voted form. Catholics also also support drop in higher numbers. He did extraordinarily well with rural male working class whites. He earned the highest share of all minority votes for Republican, since nineteen sixty trump grew his support among black voters by fifty percent over twenty sixteen nationally Joe Biden, Black support fell well below ninety percent, the level below which democratic presidential candidates usually lose
Tromp increases share of national hispanic vote by two thirds to more than four and ten with sixty percent or less of the national hispanic vote. It is our rhythmically impossible for a democratic presence send it to win Florida, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico Bellwether states, one further and Trump's direction in twenty sixteen Florida, Ohio and Iowa each defied America's media poles with huge win for Trump, since one thousand eight hundred and fifty two only Richard Nixon has lost the electoral college after winning this tree. I'm at one thousand nine hundred and sixty defeat to John F Kennedy is still subject of great suspicion. Midwestern states, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin all the way in the same direction as Ohio and Iowa their regional peers. Ohio. Likewise swings of Florida. Current tallies show that outside a few cities, the rust belt swung in transit action, yet Biden leads in Michigan Pennsylvania. I was content because of an apparent avalanche of black vote and destroyed in Detroit Philadelphia, and the walk
widens winning Margin- was derived almost entirely from such voters in these cities, as coincidentally his blackfoot spite only in exactly locations necessary to secure victory. He did not receive comparable levels of support. Among comparable demographic groups incomparable state which is highly unusual for the presidential victor. To put it simply, Joe Biden got resounding minorities port in swings, state urban centres and nowhere else possible. The Democrats just knew, though, the states they needed to win and that's where they focused their outreach. But it's an anomaly: that's about it. We are told that Biden one more votes nationally than any presidential candidate in history, but you want a record low of seventeen
percent of counties. He only one five hundred and twenty four counties, as opposed to the eight hundred and seventy three Obama, one into doesn't eight yet bite in some out did Obama in total boats victorious presidential candidates, especially challengers, usually have down ballot coattails bite and did not the Republicans held this and a joiner red wave in a house where they gained a large number of seats, while winning all twenty seven tossing contests trumps party did not lose a single. Eight legislature and actually made. Into the state level. Stop right! Now. I can hear the Democrat saying: how does it make sense that, you're going to accept the result of election when our publicans one, but not Joe Biden, because the concern being brought up by Republicans is that there are many votes. These aren't sworn affidavits, where only Joe Biden was chosen. A vote was submitted. It was for Joe Biden and no one else there. It's called underwear
and peoples at how it is that happen that Joe Biden gets tens of thousands of votes for him, but no one else, simple solution, people, hate, Donald Trump, voted for Biden and didn't care about anything else, but I don't think that's entirely makes sense to be completely honest, because most of the democratic outreach is going to be literally for all demo rats? Certainly the Democrats would want to win. This raises suspicions around about votes that many people and sworn affidavit said. Were they looked machine printed? They looked like they had different ink. The signature is all the same, and there is currently litigation going on in many different counties. Saying just this, and if we don't have time to investigate what do we do not dispute the results, they want to say on other anomaly, is found in the comparison between the poles and non pulling metrics. The latter include party registration trends, the candidates respective primary votes, candidate, enthusiasm, social me followings broadcast and digital media ratings online searches, the number of especial
small donors in the number of individuals, betting on each candidate, despite poor recent performances, media and academic poles have an impressive eighty percent wreck. predicting the winner during the modern era, but when the Poles air non pulling metrics, do not the latter have a one hundred percent record every non pulling metric forecast trumps reelection for trumped to lose this election. The mainstream poles needed to be correct, which they were furthermore, for trumped to lose, not only did one or more of these metrics have to be wrong for the first time ever, but every single one had to be wrong and, at the very same time, not an impossible outcome, but extremely unlikely. Nonetheless, let me just put simply Joe Biden did not campaign, I'm not being hyperbolic. Ok, he was running a campaign, but in terms of any colloquial
their standing. He wasn't campaigning. He was calling a lid every single day, one time for a week. That means no press events. He was barely appearing on tv. He did not have any ground support. So there was no ground campaigning. No one was going a knocking on doors. Yet some a man who was mostly calling a lid not doing interviews and not sending up volunteers beat Barack Obama's popular vote total. I voted for Morocco in two thousand and eight sixty nine million votes. It was historic. I didn't vote for him a second time around. I'm one of those people he lost Joe Biden beat that after not campaigning, I find that very strange. They say, eight eight atypical voting patterns, married with MRS by pulling a non pulling metrics, should give observers pause for thought adding to the misty. He is a cascade of information about the bizarre,
and are in which so many boats were accumulated and counted the following ten. Peculiarities also lack compelling explanations, one late, an election night with trumped comfortably ahead. Many swings tapes states stopped, counting ballots, most cases. Observers were removed from the counting facilities counting generally continue without without observers. I am from there were many of these stories and sworn affidavits. This appears to be true incorrect based on allegations, they did say we're gonna, stop counting, will pick it up later. The Democrats in the left have said they had to count absentee bouts. Afterward doesn't explain why they stop counting and booted observers two statistically abnormal vote counts where the where the new normal, when counting resumed, they were used large and size, hundreds of thousands and at an unusual We high ninety percent above bite into tromp ratio. Very weird, late arriving belts were counted in Pennsylvania, twenty three thousand absentee that ballots have impossible postal return dates and another
eighty six thousand have such extraordinary return dates. They re serious questions somewhere requested and return on the exact same day for the failure to match signatures on male and balance, the destruction of mail and ballot envelopes, which must contain signatures. Five historically low ballot, absentee bout rejection rates despite the massive expansion of mail and voting, such as by a narrow margin. That as political analysts, Robert Barnes observes, if the states simply imposed the same absentee ballot rejection rate as recent cycles, then Trump wins the election, six missing boats in Delaware, County Pennsylvania, fifty thousand votes, more than forty seven usb cards are missing. If you can't audit them, I say get rid of him: seven non resident voters, Matt Voters, met Brainerd voter Integrity Project, it makes that twenty thousand thuringians twelve people who no longer met residency requirements cast about in Georgia. Buttons margin is twelve thousand six hundred and seventy, and that Brainerd has an actual list of names and addresses hard data he's lit. It is currently going to litigation
eight over votes, Pennsylvania, mailed at one point, eight million ballots, but two point: five million bout were returned coming to stop here fact check not true going back to a story from October nineteenth twenty twenty Pennsylvania, Melon Bout requested two point: eight million, including seven. hundred thousand jobs voters. This is a misconception I see flying around it's just not true nine serious chain of custody breakdowns in. Residential addresses record numbers of dead people, voting ballots in pristine condition without creases, that is They had not been male than envelopes, as required by law. These are from sweet. or an affidavits? Witness testimony is evidence period we bring witnesses ought in murder trials its evidence period and ten statistical anomalies in in Georgia, Biden, overtook, overtook Trump, with eighty nine percent of the votes counted for the next fifty
three batches of votes, counted Biden led trumped by the same exact, fifty point, o five to forty nine point: nine five percent margin and every single batch. It is particularly perplexing that all statistical anomalies and tabulation abnormalities were invited to favour one of the cause was simple human error or nefarious activity or a combination. Clearly something peculiar happened if you think that only weirdos have legitimate concerns about these findings and claims made the weirdness lie in you. I agree I do, but I am not convinced trumpets going to win sorry. He might he's on track, but he's got many obstacles. I showed you this tweet earlier from Senator Doug Mastery ANA saying that they are going to me making this move well, it is good news. The problem is so far. There are only twenty six people in the house and only eight senators on board. Let me show you the hard numbers and the pencil
and your house of representatives, there's two hundred and three cornered: three individuals: twenty six, not merely enough in the Pennsylvania Senate. There are fifty. Now the Republicans do control this. They absolutely can make these moves, but so far they dont have total support and trump needs three states to do it. Here's a point: are we on track for this to happen for the millionth time? Yes, and many transport is gonna. Tell you see, he's winning, perhaps but trot could have been winning in the actual election trunk could have been winning an actual court cases, the fact He is now on the last thread and his tracked victory is winning doesn't mean things are going well for him in one case recounting was content county demanded by trump increases by its margin and men in the left are laughing at Trop and mocking him. I am not convinced that these recounts
and these lawsuits or anything other than a distraction. So let me put it this way here. So we have on paper. Trump is fighting tooth and nail. A full salvo across the board in every possible way. The losing most of them. He is still on track for the contingent election victory and it is possible he pulls off. I now that being said, my personal opinion is if Trump One, the court's he'd, be happy. He did, but I do think I think they're going for this victory. They ve been going for this victory. That was their backup plan and I trip- has, I think he believes- is gonna win, but I gotta say men to see Trump overcome all these obstacles. That would be, I don't know impressive, impressive, to say the least, but its constitutional, So let me know what your friends think send it to your democratic friends or parents. whatever in because a pine conceives. Otherwise I leave it there. Next it's coming up at six p m over at Youtube outcome. Slash TIM Care
news. It is determined channel thanks, rang out, and I will see you all them. It's getting harder and harder to track exactly. What's going on with all of these lawsuits in the Post election league, battle, but last night, at eleven p M, we got serious breaking news. Republicans scored a massive victory with their lawsuit to find activities evident p a melon voting unconstitutional. Not only did the judge say that their previous rulings putting an injunction on certification was appropriately ordered. They said it seems that the petitioners, the GEO P Republicans filing suit have a legitimate claim and will likely win on the merits when they say mail. in voting in Pennsylvania violated the constitution? This is downright crazy, because the defendants on this case are there are the Pennsylvania republican Legislature, Secretary
state and I believe the governor and there being sued by other Republicans. So it's all very weird, but. This is happening when we are also hearing just the other day that a state senator in pencil, they said, they're going to file a joint resolution which I have. I have the preliminary right right up, arguing that they should get the power back to appoint electors Joe. This means it's. A very strange kind of freaky means the Republicans in Pennsylvania, they passed a law. It's called act. Seventy seven that expanded mail in voting. In fact they began the process.
to enact a constitutional amendment to the Pennsylvania constitution. In order to do so, but abruptly stopped that process the law was then passed, then either not got signed off on by the governor. That says to me at least, and I think anybody any reasonable person they knew the law they were passing was unconstitutional. That's why they stopped, because there are like it's gonna, take too long, and if they want to do an amendment it had to appear on the ballot, meaning there would be no melon bouts this time it would be for next time, so they likely, in my opinion what they did was they stopped the constitutional amendment process, knowing if we want mail in votes, now. We have to do it now and bypass the constitution. Will judge said no. Here's work. It's crazy in twenty. Sixteen Pennsylvania certified their results in the presidential elections on December, twelve, like just before the that there were support. The electoral college was supposed to vote
What of it before today are this in this election they seemingly just rushed through. While there was ongoing litigation. I think that kind of well- let's just say the job, the judges mildly perturbed. by the idea that they were in the middle of litigating a case that was filed days before and then the governor, Russia's through certification and says we start a fight, the lost it is pointless and the judge at non on and on others, two things here. First, they only claimed to have certified the president and vice premier- elections, nothing else but judge, says I'm not even sure you can certify in piecemeal. You do the whole thing. You can't just run out and say you did it. More importantly, they said: there's no association, there's no official process by which the actually did this meaning they said they did. They went over everything, but where is the actual certified official stamp document done? I dont know the full. He doesn't how.
They get that point with judges. I dont see it. Therefore, we stop you now and I believe I could be wrong will read through this. I believe they're even saying you cannot appoint electors so long as junk injunction stance while they this injunction got issued, I believe, as on the twenty fifth- and there was an emergency appeal that overturned the injunction and now judge, has none, I'm gonna know I was. I was right in my my initial assessment. Most people are having trouble tracking this because there's like fifty did its back and forth nonstop trying to figure out what's going on here is where it's. Where we stand, Pennsylvania State Judge upholds, halted,
vacation finds likelihood. Mail in ballot procedures violate p a constitution. This crazy, the Republicans pass an unconstitutional law. They now want to sue to git, can or an I'm sorry not to file a resolution to take back control to appoint their own electors, citing widespread voter irregularities, but there being sued because they passed an unconstitutional law that made melon boating voting happen and that actually, if they lose ok, ok, let us out of this is crazy. There's differ republicans here. all the same thing. The state legislature Republicans pass an unconstitutional law there being sued now by other Republicans, and you can do that as unconstitutional judged as you like you're gonna win on the merits: yup, that's legit! Ok, that means the state legislature that pass them constitutional law can now cite the fact. The law was unconstitutional and say what
see. We made a big mistake election over. We give the electoral votes Donald Trump, think about our broken. That is that's crazy. Right! That's going to result in mass rights. If that happens, we don't know what's gonna happen yet, but the latest update is absolutely not check this out a Pennsylvania State Court judge, has issued a preliminary injunction preventing Pennsylvania from taking any further steps to perfect it stratification of election, including, but not limited, to appointment of electors and transmission of necessary paper work to the electoral college. Pending further court hearings and rulings, the ruling uphold an injunction from earlier in the week and decision.
Again because of the findings made in the opinion release tonight. The case has been somewhat under the radar because it doesn't involve claims of fraud. It appears to be a pretty straight legal argument: does not the federal court case that has received a lot of press attention and in which the third socket Circuit Court of appeal appeals denied relief? The issue in this case is whether legislative expansion of absentee balloting too broad mail in balloting, violated the Pennsylvania constitution. It's not clear what relief would be. The petitioners seek to preclude the secretary of state from transmitting the search, certification or otherwise perfecting the electoral college selections. Earlier in the week, Judge Patricia Mccullough issued attempt a temporary halt to the ratification process, and that now is an appeal to the p, a supreme court. The judge issued this opinion to extend the
pending further hearings and to set forth the basis for the injunction which could be relevant to the appeal quote. As this courts November, twenty fifth order of an emergency preliminary injunction has been appealed to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. This opinion shall set forth the basis for said order and shall also satisfy the requirements of rule nineteen, twenty five of the Pennsylvania rules of a pellet procedure. Here's the judges, description of the claim in petition, but if it is alleged that the act of October thirty first when electing number seventy seven exe, many seven, which added and amended various absentee and mail in voting provisions to the Pennsylvania election code is unconstitutional and void, Ebby initial because it purportedly contravene the requirements Pennsylvania constitution. Petitioners allege that article seven section, fourteen of the Pennsylvania Constitution, provides to exclusive mechanisms by which a qualified elector may cast his or her vote in elections, one
by submitting his or her vote in for pre op persona at the polling place on election day in two by submitting an absentee ballot, but only if the qualified qualified voter satisfies the conditions precedent to meet the requirements of one of the four limit exclusive, limited exclusive circumstance under which Anti voting is authorized under the Pennsylvania constitution, but if it is alleged the mail in voting in the form implemented through Ex Ante seven is an attempt by the legislature to fundamentally overhauled. Pennsylvania, voting system and permit universal, no
excuse mail in voting absent any constitutional authority, but it enters argue that, in order to amend the constitution, mandatory procedural requirements must be strictly followed, specifically pursuant to article eleven section. One, a proposed constitutional amendment must be approved by a majority vote of the members of both the House and the Senate. In two consecutive legislative sessions than the proposed amendment must be published for three months ahead of the next general election in two newspapers and each county and final it must be submitted to the qualified electors as a ballot question in the next general election and approved by a majority of those voting, the amendment. According to petitioners, the legislature did not follow the necessary procedures for amending the constitution before enacting act. Seventy seven which creating new category of mail in voting. Therefore, the mail
bout scheme under activities have an is unconstitutional on its face and must be struck down. Petitioner seek, Inter Alia, a declaration and or injunction that prohibits respondents from certifying the general election results, which include melon boats that are permitted unease on state wide basis and are allegedly improper because act. Seventy seven is unconstitutional long story, short they needed to publish this amendment in two newspapers in each county. That's crazy! Meanwhile, talk about strict but prefer procedures, but it had to appear on the general election. They can't change the rules before the election happens. People have to vote to change the rules. That's incredible and right there. The judge says it seems like they're gonna win this one. This is huge. It has nothing to do with Donald Trump. If you want. This is something important. You to check out Sean poor. Now I had among IRA Podcast Sean partner,
is one of the people whose is running for as our public and for Congress in Pennsylvania, and this may have a huge impact on his rice was interesting. What little I married moment will all relevant more. They say the judge found, among other things, the plaintiffs were likely to prevail on their p, a constitutional claims and that the matter was not moot. Even though Pierre had certified quote their results There were more steps to be taken. The judge expressed grave concern as to what a remedy would be if she were to rule the mail in bed, Unconstitutional. So even if she were for the petitioners on the merits, it's not clear that would change the result, but judge concluded for all the reasons above the court respectfully submit. The emergency preliminary injunction was properly issued and should be upheld, pending an expedited emergency evidentiary at evidentiary hearing
This is not a final ruling on the merits. It's meant to prevent Pennsylvania from taking more steps until the court. Finally rules, given other p, a Supreme Court has ruled previously in such matters expanding procedures. Beyond what even the legislator adopted, I don't see how the survives the P Supreme Court Niagara that from there, the next stop as the: U S Supreme Court, where we know John Robertson, the three liberal justices well defer to the States Supreme Court, but the court is now six to three. So a Roberts defection would result would not result in a four four deadlock. If the five conservative justices voted together, there we go. What's really amazing about this. This lawsuit is that they note that that the judge, no that might Kelly who's running is actually putting himself at risk because he one so that that, let me let me show you that the list of names and breaks down for you, the
herbal might Kelly Sean Parnell, Thomas, a Frank, Nazi, Cusic, Derek Magee, Robin Solder, Michael Kincaid and Wanda Logan might Kelly one if this lawsuit actually stops or nullifies or void the election, he doesn't win and the judge says he's facing irreparable harm to his career by filing this motion a lot of people. proclaim that Sean Porno, who is projected to lose but not yet certified, is only doing this because it would help him win. It give another chance sure maybe, but it isn't explain my Kelly who's going to lose if he wins this lawsuit, or maybe the lawsuits relief like they say ok. This was on constitute an unconstitutional. What we're gonna do is we're. Gonna will certify this time and will change it later. That would be shocking. That would be horrifying, for it means for this country, based on what the judge has already said, we are faced
a very serious crisis in this country I mean we have been for quite some time now. The leftist hyper focused on trumped losing his appeals. I've been saying over and over again that I believe trumps law suits are buying time. It's a distraction. The left is jumping up and down dancing, ensuring trumps losing troops losing is so dumb you know what they're not doing donating to a legal defence to stop Trump. The ACL you put out a tweet saying: we need to raise money to start trumps lawsuit, the one trump is losing. Meanwhile, what's going on at the other side, we have this lawsuit, which may actually, which so far, has blocked the transmission of certification to electoral college, meaning certification and happened yet or they can say it happened, but they can't do anything right now with it. They can't appoint electors. It's been blocked now legal insurrection says Pierre Supreme Court's previously ruled in favour of legislations other likely going up
they're likely going to rule in favor of the Democrats on this one, but they will probably then move the Supreme Court. The challenges, the Supreme Court, as they note is going to say it's a state issue. So why should we take this up? But it was a four hundred and twenty four deadlock before now get any Connie. Baron are likely to say the p. A supreme court is violating the constitution of its own state and, and this election does not just affect the people of Pennsylvania, it affects the people of the entire country, so the pencil so that their constitution and their rules must be upheld more power. We have this house co sponsorship memoranda, they say immediate future. We will be introducing the following resolution: a resolution declaring the result of state why
electoral context in the twenty general action to be in dispute is also weird in it. Ok, so let's try and saw this one down the p, a Supreme Court's, probably going to block this this this injunction and trying to the Missouri Fine, but it'll be rushed to the Supreme Court, where I think they might actually win now, because Amy Colony Berets on the Supreme Court, in which case p, I may just be blocked and bite and will lose twenty electoral votes. I do not believe there is grounds here to say Trump one. I dont if their arguing that the election was unkind, traditional. Then there's no electors to be cast. Sorry. Now what the House of Representatives and the Senate want to do in a joint resolution. They want to reclaim the power to appoint elector, so maybe they appoint Trump. I don't think that's the appropriate political player don't try to win if they truly want Trump to win that what they did. What they need to do is say we can't send electors because it was unconstitutional, then
goes to the electoral College and, if Trot can get to other states to do something similar, maybe maybe not that we get a contingent election and trump wins. But let me go back to that. Previous plans make him at the left right now. If you go right, you got What are their laughing and gloating about? How Trump is so dumb and he's losing about how crazy crackpot conspiracies are popping up and and these you know on lawsuits, and that's it they're dancing and cheering about making trumpets is getting his enemy is to prematurely celebrate and dance their running in the wrong direction. I'm not saying tromp was gonna win. I still don't I don't like they're, so many hurdles here up in this way. It Trump is like your ear, played a game or the person's running, and you got a constantly jump and dodge things. That's basically, what we are going on. Donald Trump is trying to do a like
Super difficult videogame speed run right now, with with just tens of thousands of obstacles in its path and getting through is possible, in my opinion, is very unlikely, but I'll tell you as each and every day when I'm like. Ah, you know they're doing so bad. I look at the stuff and, unlike while they are actually making, you know, victory Is there getting victories in the areas they need to right now there are two big victories for Trump: the fact that this exists this this memorandum. That will be that that those they will introduce. It's ok we'll see if they do the fact that the p aid all legislature is going to try to appoint electors and the fact that this lawsuit might actually void Pennsylvania and has nothing to do with Donald Trump the left. It doesn't get it there not paying attention, they don't realize, what's happening all around them, I go on read it and I see all these stories where it's like Trump loses appeal and
all laughing in the comments and how many times has Trump lost now. Meanwhile, there's the stealth campaign not for I say stealth in the sense that, like it's, not do not pay attention, it's not from the trunk campaign and its ploughing ahead and might actually void Pennsylvania and there, ignoring the electoral college play you we're starting to see the shift for along I am: there were laughing and loading saying Biden, one submit. First, they laugh at you. I was at first they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then you went right. So first, they were like no. No, no Joe Biden want it's over. Stop stop Joe Biden one. how they're saying you know neither laughing Trump so dont drugs, obviously losing is over again will not have any an angry actually set us really flock, but that flow. We're ordinary people in Genk, you give young Turks screaming trumpets, trying to steal the election is gonna happen. Things like that and yeah trumpets ploughing ahead so it may seem astronomical that tromp actually succeeds, but he's gay
in ground in every place. He needs to gain ground. That's the best way. To put it so, while it may be astronomical that Trump wins gonna lotteries take a chance. He's actually succeeding, and so on here it's like now. How do you scribe it's like watching someone? You you're, you think it's not gonna lose it. You know it reminds me of. It reminds me of election night. Twenty. Sixteen, where everyone said trot he's, gonna lose will never win and in the New York Times meter slowly started flipping. It was like ninety nine percent Hilary benn like sixty percent Hilary than fifty fifty then sixty percent Trump everybody's. Our sweating, like wait, what's really happening, but it's just being drawn out over a month or two will soon go because not understand JANET. Ray. Sixth, is when Congress counts, the actual votes and objections can be raised. This is crazy, even if all the states certified
the Republicans in the house can raise hunt a hundred two hundred plus individual objection on a bunch of different grounds and jam up the process and then force it to go to a contingent election. There's a lot of ways. Trump can jam this up and Should we take the wind, but let me show you something so I'm going to read all of us. They say you know. The Pennsylvania I can cut requires all melon both to be received by eight o clock pm of a block. There's one really important part of us out. They say whereas in twenty sixteen Pennsylvania's general election results were certified in December twelve, twenty, sixteen and twenty. Fourth, we twenty the secretary, the Commonwealth, unilateral utilised. Really and prematurely certified results of the November third election regarding presidential electors, despite ongoing litigation, where is the Pennsylvania House of Representatives has a duty to ensure that no citizen of the Commonwealth is disenfranchised to insist that all elections are conducted according to law and a satisfy the general public that every illegal vote is counted accurately there for
is resolved. The Pennsylvania has orbit representative representatives recognizes substantial irregularities and propriety. associate with male and balloting pre canvassing and canvassing during November third disapproves of the infringement of on a general somebody's authority pursuant to the? U S, constitution, to regulate elections and three disapproves of, and disagrees with, secondary the commonwealth, premature certification of the result of a member third election regarding presidential electors and declares the selection of presidential electors and other state. What electric contact results in this commonwealth is in dispute and urges the secretary, the Commonwealth and the governor to withdraw or vacate the certification of presidential electors and to delay certification of results in other state wide electoral contests voted on in a twenty twenty.
Voted on at the twenty twenty general election and urges the? U S, Congress to declare the selection of presidential electors in this commonwealth to be in dispute there very filing that soon here's what a lot of people are saying as it pertains to the Supreme Court The left his sang, it doesn't matter the p, I suppose, The court has already ruled. So that's that's done the? U S. Constitution doesn't say that this imports of states can overrule the legislature. It says the legit later allows for the regular controls regulate regulation of elections. If they weren't aloud to the federal government can say we don't accept these results because they weren't done and according to the legislature as per the. U S federal constitution, others have have highlighted a court case, a Supreme court ruling. That said all laws that try to subvert the constitution are void. I don't know if that's true or that precedent will stand, but basically the ideas, the the state legislatures, appoint the electors, no matter what laws they ve passed. If they say no, here's what we're doing
the. U S. Government won't recognize electors appointed by someone other than the letter legislature. To put it simply, I don't know I'm not a lawyer, not a judge. This is the argument that saying from a lot of trump supporters in nineteen thirty, eight, the p a legislature gave the power to appoint electors to the Secretary of state There are now saying that power is ours. The secretary of State may say the governor may say: no we're not going to prove this. But what do you think happens when that when the federal government sees what's happening, they're gonna say according to our agreement, not you as we only negotiate with the legislature, so you sell works. Imagine it this way. I have a deal with. They are corn farm and they say, we're gonna weren't. You know we only negotiate with you on sale price. I to my body, not gonna. U can deal with it and they do for us. Time, and in one day I say, I'm gonna go talk to the corn guy and I'm under by corn. For myself, the guy at the foreign factors it back, look
I don't know who your boy is. He was just common opinion, the stuff up. If you tell me this is the deal, that's the deal, end of story and you can cut out it's a long story. Short the Supreme Court might say we don't care what agreements you had. We only take electors from a legislature, in which case I think they're likely to block I dont think they're likely to give it a trump. I think I'll just say it in dispute and a story, and it is in dispute and didn't story. It will see we'll Seattle. This right here could already be enough. Imagine the governor appoints electors. Imagine if it goes to December. Fourteen and they vote and then- and there are no note by one but then on January, sixth, one when the Congress had a joint session to count the electoral boats and then Republicans raises. in saying. Pennsylvania has disputed these votes and that's not in question they straight up disputed it. We can't accept these. Tromp just needs to more states to do the same thing. It's a longshot, it's difficult! It's possible, don't worry, I don't
air about trumps lawsuits. These are silly, they ve been silly the whole time. I've been looking at it like. What are they doing? This is the play their supposed to be hearings on fraud in two other major swing states. I think this is the play and I think it probably always was for reads Corey of seeing pointed this out. Msnbc, a co founder of MSNBC pointed this out as well, and I've been warning about Trump's electoral college play for quite some time contingent election, the state legislatures block, certification or the transmission of electoral votes, and there we go. I can't tell you the odds man. I can't predict that stuff, but I'm telling you, you might think you ve won, and this is this. This is the story of the tourists in the home and the Democrats are sitting there. Danton celebrate good times all that stuff and they're, not paying attention to trunk slow, we pulling ahead and they're just too busy partying there lie, a thing as Rudy Giuliani dances around. As I look at me, look at
hey, I'm Giuliani in their like what are termed Giuliani, isn't trumps, walking right past them, I'm not saying tromp was gonna win far from it, I'm just saying he is pushing forward and he is gaining ground. Ya'll best pay attention over there next ailments coming up at one p m on this channel. Thanks rang it out, and I will see you all them. Recently in Europe, riots have been erupting and massive protests breaking out. over the draconian, lock down and insane rules being imposed on people due to the corona virus pandemic. In the it states. However, we have a special gift laden upon us by our found fathers and my friends, it is called the constitution and because of this document, it is increasingly difficult for these deaths bits to lock us in our homes, which is why this news, actually kind of funny, lockdown and allay alike,
he asks it's. Ten million residents to stay home for three weeks, but churches and protests are exempt is asking them to stay home. Now a lot of people are going to do it sure fine, I guess what you do have a fundamental and constitutionally protected right to gather. As you see fit and too worship as you see fit. You know the funniest thing. What first feminist inner then say that you can protest, it says you can peaceably assemble. It doesn't say why me and my friends want peaceably assemble for a party where we all get drunk and eat pizza yup constitutionally protected. Now I don't drink and no I'm not having a party were I'm gonna drink or a pizza.
But you get the point. There are many places where they are trying to use certain language to make people think you're being mandated to stay home and they can actually do it and there have been governors who have tried to do it and the courts usually get involved and say you can't the biggest setback too many these draconian authoritarian governors and mayors or whatever is the constitution. So I am eternally grateful that we have one, but we do have another uptake outside of this. This lockdown for ten million residents. We get a fact check over here today. A cover story Johns Hopkins University, ran a story saying that they were exaggerating, cope with death and, in fact, reed do sing the number of heart disease, deaths and county
them as covert deaths. Potentially that story got deleted, and now we have this weird fact check, as is really fun, it exactly say, covert. Nineteen, that's not overblown Johns Hopkins student Paper not censored, and then they actually get a quote from the people who wrote it sang we got set insert our story is sound. Our research, is sound. That's right, Johns Hopkins University ran a study where a researcher compared the amount of gas from previous years due to this year and found that the only difference, because the average us have stayed the same, is at heart. Disease deaths are down and covert deaths are
when this is simple explanation for I mention this in disseminating yesterday. Just so that we're clear, if someone has heart disease and they might die in six weeks, covered- might kill them in a few days. So it becomes a covert death, not a heart disease death. But you get the point what they argue as even if that's the case they bring this up, then we are not seeing a substantial increase in the number of people dying. We are seeing people die sooner, but these are many people who are facing death anyway, like they were on the annual and store. So, let's see what's going on, in LOS Angeles, in LOS Angeles, with a locked out of ten million people and then I'll read you the quote from these people because look, I think the other story with the confidence be exaggerated, more important, but I want to show you what they're doing in the name of what appears to be faulty research. Ah, well, let's written daily mail says L, a county announced a new state. You home order Friday as Corona by
cases surge out of control and nations, most populous county banning most gatherings, but stopping short of a full shut down on retail stores and other non essential businesses. The three week order takes effect Monday, and advisers residents to stay home as much as possible and to wear a face covering when they go out. It bans people from gathering with others who aren't in their households whether publicly or privately. However, exceptions are made for church services and protests, which are constitutionally protected rights. The county department of Public Health centres statement. Bravo good founding fathers, my friends. How about Ya'Ll go worship whatever you want. My friends have decided to worship, SAM Atoms and Stella Artois or whatever
I don't know, there's a good beers, I don't really drink beer. I've got some like ip stuff for the guests home brewer, whatever their call that small batch whatever it is, the hipsters are drinking anyway. The point is, I disagree with that statement. Churches and protest in its as peaceably assemble period, peaceably assemble and say why it says you can do it anyway. It came as the county of ten million residents confirmed. Twenty four new debts and four thousand five hundred what, if we knew confirmed cases of covert nineteen, the county had set a threshold for issuing to stay home water, in average of four thousand five hundred cases a day over five day period, but hadn't expected to reach that level until next month. However, the five day average of new cases reported Friday was four thousand seven hundred
fifty one quote. We know we are asking a lot from so many who have been sacrificing for months on end, acting with collective urgency. Right now is essential if we want to put a stop to this surge. No, I think what they're trying to do is extract wealth from the poor to give to the rich. It is the greatest transfer of wealth and everything there doing guarantees that even a massive stimulus devalues the currency that listen. If you have millions of dollars and they devalue your currency, you you're fine. You can still keep investing power tracks power. That's why I've often talked about why I am in favour of a progressive tax system with larger brackets. However, the problem there is, while we want to constrain an imbalance of power, I dont want to give more power to the government because it defeats the purpose. So therein lies the greater challenge which eyes why I'm typically just a centrist. You know mixed economy. I guess anyway, the point is if they show a stimulus, it devalues the money because
you're not putting up to put it this way. Printing money in exchange for nothing with no value, basically just devalues currency, and so that means people have savings in people. War broke are going to be losing out on their labour and resources to people who are not producing anything, and I get it most people. You know a lot of people, I should say most a lot of people have lost their jobs and are on the verge of eviction and are suffering, but this means that if you're, wealthier, probably gonna be fine in fact when these people are desperate and poor, you buy up their properties and they get evicted. You take their buildings. All that stuff now needed a vaccine. There in the government's gonna pay. For that just means we all pay for out of the labor pool. Once again, all of that is owing to go to big pharmaceutical companies. Lingering Elsie S gonna make a fat fat stack right and then, when people are broken, have no jobs and everything's shut down. The money goes to target Walmart, etc. The stores that are loves to open they say indoor retail businesses was busy.
says which make much of their profits during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday. Seasons are allowed to remain open, but with just twenty percent of capacity, including nails, laws and other personal care services. Restaurants, in that anti already were recently barred from in person dining. They can still offer pick up delivery and take out services. Beaches, trails and parks will remain open with safety requirements. The order which runs to December two it is more modest than an estate white closure. Order issued by governor gave a Newsome in MID March that order closed schools and most businesses and severely restricted movement, except for essential workers or its perform essential chores such as buying groceries or picking up medications daily case numbers of California are going up yachting, Alison, ok,. We're hearing about all the stuff. Where hearing of the lock downs I M going to show you the definitive fact check from led stories and envied stories, my friends is actually just partisan garbage. Like
If someone wrote an article saying you know, Donald Trump didn't lose. The election led stores had died at shortly. Donald Trump did lows the election and then you'd be alike. Will the election in what capacity like the electoral code It voted yet has really funny story. Candice Owens, just treated us out. She said that she made a tweet saying: Joe Biden has literally and legally not President elect and she got fat checked on Facebook, so she got lost is involved and then was polluted. Fact I believe, retracted sang ok, ok, it's true Joe Biden is not legally, or literally President Elect, does no funding. If you're a lawyer involves airline, but anyway, the as I M, showing you lead stories, because they got a statement from the thought. The people who wrote this article saying Kova deaths are overblown. The ring I'm showing you the stories in this order is look at the lock downs, ten million people stay in your home, rather not say
you have to because there have that power? Thank you constitution, but they're trying to, and they did it before Joe Biden says we are going to be facing a very dark winter, which has all the conspiracy minded. People can allow. Freaking out because of operation Dark Winter, which was a simulated biotech just funny by the way, I'm not saying the related, I'm just ain't portraits of words your button, but the point is all of this is being done in the name of a virus that, according to John Hopkins Research, is not increasing the number of deaths per year. It is causing problems. You don't want to get this. I got no problem wearing a mask. That being said, this is coming from John Hopkins and they deleted Let us not censored. That's not the statement that they received. So what's really funny about something like lead stories. They say fact check covert. Nineteen does not overblown Johns Hopkins, didn't paper not censored, but when they actually got a comment from the authors, they said it was censored and the deaths are overblown. So how is that a fact check? It's not they just
I want you to be desperately quivering in your boots at a disease where ninety nine point nine percent survive. That's that you know what manner Don playing games. This is this. Is it true. The lethality of covert nineteen is being overblown by government mortality data and was at Johns Hopkins University Student Paper censored when it posted a story, but their claim. No, that is not true. There's no evidence that official covered nineteen death tallies have hidden some other cause of unexpected destined twenty twenty. The students papers retracted article contained inaccuracies that should been caught during the editing process: errors that lead to online sharing of misinformation. According to the Johns Hopkins NEWS Letter, managing editors, aversion to the story can stir
we found on line and the newsletter staff kept a pdf version. Eradicating censorship concerns. They actually placed a fact check on the source. I used to start the story. It's not the bee dot come there's still a website called the Babylon be its they. They write satirical, no news, its comedy bet. It's not real news. Those of another website called it not the be first for news stories that our true what you'd think we're satire in it. They said John Hopkins published in recall, sang covert. It's no big deal than deleted it. You can read the story for yourself all factually correct and lead stories put a fact check on it, because this is not a legitimate fashioning organisation. It's just partisan propaganda. So when you see the story from not the b, which was completely true, just saying here's what they said they put effect check label on it to make you think. It's not true. They ve done to me before its fake news. They say the claim about it being exaggerated aversion us. Where can we found the claims about it
Exaggerate was found in an article archived here, publish November twenty second by Johns Hopkins by the Johns Hopkins Newsletter, entitled a closer look at the. U S, deaths due to Cuban. They say they did they mentioned when I mentioned earlier on that heart disease deaths were not where we're going down. well covered was going up. Thus they believe they are replaced it. This is false and amiss statement of of death certificate data according to the CDC and other medical experts, including John Hopkins, which keeps an updated count of kroner virus cases uncovered nineteen deaths, the Johns Hopkins Corner Virus research, a resource under reported number twenty seventh that two hundred and sixty four thousand two hundred forty one does have been report in the: U S, due to the due to two due to the disease for its part cities he reported a little more than two hours earlier to the opportunity that whatever the paper initially posted a tweet about the retraction, which was done late and of our twenty six and drew quick accusations of censorship, they say
though, making clear the need for further research. The article was being used, support, false and dangerous, and accuracy is about the impact of a pandemic. We regret this article may have contributed to the spread of misinformation covered nineteen. They say, as for user, just fills claim of some breach of academic and press freedoms. the papers to managing editors, Marvin Gutierrez, an aerial, Assure wrote to lead story said they had not been censored. The article in question was retracted. Ass night as it was being used to spread misinformed misinformation or the pandemic. We have preserved the because a pdf and posted and editors note with full clarification about our decision highlighting the inaccuracy of the story. We were not censored but decided to retract the article based on the reasons outlined in the editors note. They say we decide on November twenty six to retract the art of us up, While we get it misinformation, Brian Study should not be used exclusively and understanding impact of covert nineteen, but should be taken in context with the countless other data published by Hopkins.
The World Health Organisation and the CDC as assistant director for the masters and applied Economics programmes at Hopkins The end is neither a medical, professional nor disease researcher. At her talk, she herself state. More research and data are needed to understand the effects of covert nineteen brand was quoted in the article assign all of this points to no evidence at covert nineteen quitted. Any access deaths, total number of total death numbers are not above normal death numbers. This claim is incorrect and does not take into account the spike in raw death count from all causes compared to previous years. According to the CDC, there have been almost three thousand access deaths due to covet. Nineteen additionally brand presented data of totally. U S, debts in comparison to cover nineteen, the DAS, as a proportion percentage which trivialize is the repercussions of the pandemic. This evidence does not disapprove of Bavaria cover nineteen and increasing access das, as ok, ok, you're. The point here is the one I'm trying to say any dissenting opinion. Any data
any research that challenges the narrative will be retracted, taken down whether its true or not as the point, the point as they aren't even retracting when they make mistakes. The articles but why you shouldn't wear masks still exist yeah earlier this year they said not wear masks found. She said not wear, masks and retract any that stuff. But if you come on say hey week, we checked the total deaf numbers. They're, the same note not know must be attracted and that's what I've been saying time and time again for whatever reason they retract these articles. They don't allow us to talk about it. The only direct, and we can go is negative, meaning more and more people will keep freaking out will keep screaming and keep thinking the and does not even have data suggests. It may not be the case. That's not rational or reasonable. They say led stories called a university spokesperson, the
author, Jani Goo, getting her neuroscience and german majors the Baltimore Base University wrote a response on Linkedin saying today on November twenty seventh, the newsletter affair. Billy posted there reason for attracting the article stating inactive. She's an analysis? I am frustrated at the explanation and I think it is disrespectful to Doktor Brian's hard work, pudding, data together and doing an honest analysis. If her analysis, To be contradicted, then at least an equal level analysis should be done to provide more data and thus a new conclusion. Doktor Bryant and her work deserves our respect. I have received many messages asking the reason for taking the article down, and so I would like to official express my opinions here I haven't got email saying that thanks to meet people now will not be wearing masks or purchasing social distancing. They called me a covert, deny around a minimize her and then I have no idea the damage annul and the lives cost in me, writings in article I was devastated to receive accusations
But I stand my ground. The goal is never to undermine the effects of covert but to suggest a possible over exaggeration and death numbers due to the pandemic in November twenty seventh email to lead stories. Professor Briand didn't I challenge the characterisation of her findings in either the original article nor the retraction saying their decision to retract the article was their own. You any good. An ex did an excellent job, I'm assuming job at reporting, the content of the presentation. The full presentation is available at covered nineteen. Thus, look at you S, Data Youtube. I explained in the presentation where I found and downloaded the data from, so anyone can easily replicate my analysis
then going to say it's misinformation, its misinformation, even though the author says no, I'm standing my ground and even though the DE professor herself, I believe its own said you can go, look at the data yourself and compare. It is a problem and I think covert has become overtly political. Now I think we should recognise covert is a serious thing.
Ok, you know like the people or try to claim it doesn't exist. It is clearly does we ve seen legitimate problems caused by it, and I think the real issue is that many people don't know anybody affected by it, because we are not talking about. You know one in three having it we're talking about a thing like one in ten or actually I'm sorry like one in thirty. I actually know people good personal friends. People hang out every day who have family who went to the hospital recently like we are going through this like talking on the phone there in the hospital they're going through the symptoms and all that stuff, but there also have been really shoddy bits of reporting. Here's what happens? Bad reporting comes out and they say as long as it scares rebel. Then you get reporting like this, whether it's good or not, and they take it down and claimants fake news. So the only information anyone gets is the sky is falling and and does not, and then no one takes a reasonable approach to how we actually deal with this, we know the right
Health organization said locked down our last resort, so why is California doing another lockdown, it absolutely makes no sense. Ten million people look I'll, say it an hour. I just think earlier. In the year we had a serious spike of a novel virus krona virus and lead to a lot of people dying. It led the in carrying out the facts and we lock down and we slowed the spread, but they never let us that they never released. The lock down completely many states remain partially locked The varying degrees and ours is locking down again now what's happening, is we're getting a mess? of increasing cases and not death. So they say oats because therapeutics are working better. Look when research like this comes out and says that people whom you know the number of heart disease deaths are way down and cover does our way up and also were finding that flew instances of the flow of gone way down but covers gone where people are asking questions and if we don't have an opera,
you need to have real conversations about this. Then you're not going to be able to actually solve any of these problems. Let me put it simply. I believe the lockdown Zora huge mistake. I believe that we should be carrying on as normal and just protecting the vulnerable as we normally do this the covert death rate. I believe, as I double the flu, so it is pretty bad flues already really bad flew already kills a ton of people and that's why we do flew shots and it's why we ve take precautions during flew season. Covert is twice as bed, so it makes sense that we would take request It doesn't make sense that we will destroy the entire economy of our country over something like this. It's just not the way to deal with it and it doesn't after what I or or anyone else says because look. I can get banned from Youtube for talking about this stuff, and I say it every time, but it's true. You see how they do these fact checks. They dont want people to say this because they're scared they'll be held responsible. When videos like mine come out where I say things like this,
the media says see its Youtube's fault Youtube spreading this information, and that's exactly why big tax has just bandages bantam outright lesson. well you're masks, please social distance. It is Naturally, worse the double worse than the flu in terms of death rates we want to take it seriously, but to destroy the country, makes no sense. In my opinion and the World Health Organization are the ones who said it, I'm quoting them next migrants coming up at four p m, on my main channel, which you can find by typing in youtube dot com. Slash TIM cast into your address bar: it is a different channel. I understand it says TIM cast down on the player. Don't ask me why you took did that just type in Youtube com slashed him cast and you will find a new channel Thanks rang out- and I will see you all their at four p m you may have our answer to what happens in the post trump era. There won't be one at least not in the near future, because according to a story from the daily mail. Donald Trump is planning a magua campaign event during buttons
migration and he thinks the networks will keep covering him, because Democrats are boring. First and foremost, I'm not sure. I actually believe this story, because it anonymous sources and things of that nature, and also it suggests that Donald Trump doesn't plan on winning and I think he does plan on winning some not entirely convinced That Trump is going to set up or organise our planet campaign event when he's actually expecting to win. This story reads like what the left thinks is happening, whereas the right is adamant. That too, buzz going for a full on victory and Rudy Giuliani just put out an episode of his podcast where he says this is how we win the left doesn't know what the right is talking about. So this story doesn't much doesn't make much sense to people who are in the right bubble, but if you're in the left bubble you're going that Donald Trump trying to steal
Joe Biden Thunder now might be true. It sounds like something trump would do and in the event that Joe by and is on his on the big you know about to be inaugurated now that I hope now Trump does do this, but I feel, like Trump wouldn't be planning this right now I just doesn't seem like the kind of guy. Well, here's the story from the daily mail- they say Donald Trump is said to be considering holding an event during the President Elect inauguration to announce his twenty twenty four run, as boasted that he thinks the networks will continue to cover him after he leaves the White House, because Joe Biden is boring. Who can at last part is true all right, but Joe Biden is not the President elect. Sorry, that's a fact. The media keep saying it and it's kind of creepy he's not even gotten one vote from electoral college because it hasn't happened yet. So no, not President elect
I take three sources close to the president, told the daily beast: he is plotting various ways to boycott by the administration and steal his thunder when he was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States in January. I saw him out just don't believe it to the sources that Trump is considering to timing, a kickoff event forest two thousand and twenty four White House campaign clash with inauguration weak or with the ceremony itself, this could be a marked departure from protocol with the outgoing president, president, traditionally tending the incoming president inauguration as part of a peaceful transition of power. A grace, then President Barack Obama, and Vice President Biden both afforded trump and twenty seventeen. It comes Tromp took a break from his election legal battle over Thanksgiving began to play around a gulf at his club and Sterling Virginia.
Saturday, for the second year in a row, he saluted and supported a Muggah hat as he disembarked marine one at the trunk National Golf club, with his sons Eric and Don Junior and down his girlfriend Kim. Lee Gill Foil. In top down junior on Wednesday claimed he was cleared of cover nineteen in time for Thanksgiving, despite only I think he's infection the Friday before. Ok, I get it Trump celebrated Thanksgiving, then he played Gulf, will Donald Trump Stage an event as such. I do believe so.
but more to the point? The reason why I thought the story was interesting is kind of what I was alluding to early just a minute or so ago that there are two universes right now the left and the right, and they are so far from each other. It's crazy on the left they say TIM Pool is a trumpet trumpet and all of its Trump supporter followers and blah blah. And then, when you go to the Donald that win, it's a bunch of means of me calling me a bald cook so sure it is what it is. I suppose, but this look the right knows the leftist thinking the left. As note the right is thinking. The left thinks the right is evil, but the right things, the left, misguided. These are very common troops and I think the issue was that the left is defined by people who just watch mainstream media and they are low information, or at least they tend to be. There are priests
the cathedral to to cite Michael malice. Is you maybe motorcycle mouse? He calls it the cathedrals, the establishment and probably getting a wrong, but like the political and media stab which meant, and they have their preachers and their priests. They have their religion as it were and while most of the people may be low in the nation have no idea. What's going on, there are people who certainly do know. What's going on a manipulate the large masses using you know them extreme media apparatus, which is why you get so Greece like this. If, if, if you work the sea, a story from Rudy Giuliani, from Donald Trump or from any of these people who actually would come out and say something has given mind. This is free three unnamed sources close to the president. I don't buy it that people close the president are screaming that they won the election. They're not gonna, be going were planning an event, because Trump lost that to me is weird
over a Threed more, they say in another sign. He may be coming to terms with it. With his election defeat. The sources told the daily beast trumpets already planning for his come back run for the twenty twenty four Whitehouse race. They said the president is enclosed talks that visor specifics, including the timing of its launch in efforts to continue to keep the spot firmly on him and away from his democrat successor, Tromp, allegedly boasted to his aids that he is confident he will continue to stay in the public eye, and the media will continue to provide him coverage because he said button is boring and as it bring the ratings he does. His plot to draw the attention away from the inauguration Dan January twentieth would be a dramatic disregard for the process of peaceful trend of a peaceful transition to power, from one president to the next on January, twentieth outweighed seventeen when tromp was sworn in, the oval office Obama
we're in attendance with their wives and the administration tried to create a smooth transition to Trump in the lead up. That's just a bald faced lie: Obama's administration! Look at no bombers nightmare that that's not a real smile is its fake. Look at it. Look at Michelle Obama with that look on her face, I'm kidding by the way, I'm joking, but no the of the Obama administration How that meeting where they tried going after tromp as advisers, they accuse them of being you know russian agent and then jammed up his administration for a long time. People are in claiming that Brok Obama was running some kind of shadow government because he live like a mile away from the White House. Neither claiming Trump do the same thing things ain't look into good right now in the political landscape in this country. Go over to the Donald that way.
And if you are tromp supporter- and you will see what their talk and I'll tell you this- you spend some time lurking the down about. When you will become firmly convinced, Donald Trump not only did win except they treated. You will become convinced that he is going to be declared victorious it may be true. Personally, I haven't normalcy bias, so I just looked to the way things you know are like. I just can't imagine some racy historical turn around, but it is entirely possible. That's the important factor here, the disparate universes, unfortunately, for the left. What will operate in this way? The Donald that win is hyper partisan to the most extreme degree possible, nothing there, stream ass. I'm saying you cannot love trump more than the people over the now about when that being said, they
who often get things right and they do deeper dies and investigations, but it all usually is pro trump, so that does muddy things up a bit. But if you were to follow off mainstream news and the down that when you would be the best informed there is, if you were only follow the tunnel that when you'd probably be getting a hyper, biased view, but you'd still be better informed than the average person, and if you only watch the mainstream media. Well, then you're, although information belligerent in the culture warn, you have no idea. What's really going on. You look at stories like this, and am I I'm sorry. I just Irene You don't think it's true. It does sound like trumpet. Maybe that's all. It is something that sounds like Trump You know what I see well, when I see trumps tweets when I see what that what what is legal team to talking about the rope Publicans and Pennsylvania want to flip the electorate that they want to do the calling in dispute that there is resolution on the table for the house,
and the Senate in Pennsylvania that would claim their elections in dispute. That is great news for Donald Trump and it could mean that Trump is gonna win. to be to be reasonable, however, Tromp did approve the transition, so much you'd be Trump, is you know, hedging is bats, he say: okay, we would we gotta try victory, but you know what we're gonna start. The process anyway, I'm not entirely convinced Trump is going to lose, because what does he have to lose? If Trump actually thought there was a chance he wasn't going to win. I think you would just throw his way two hundred and four like he wouldn't let Biden train. That makes no sense, you gotta understand their subtle things, Trump does and you might not get it. I'm not saying he's playing forty chest, but look this way. They, should the Giuliani agenda Alice trumps. You know, adviser and lawyer, issued a statement saying Sidney. Pablo was not on trumps legal team.
everyone then laughed and mocked Sidney Powell and then tromp pardoned Michael Flynn. A couple days later Sidney Powell is the lawyer for Michael Flynn, sometimes a levy, a lot of people. If you don't give up on the news in whatever The document. I know these names, but Sidney Power was said to be on trumps team by Trump himself. They clarified she wasn't if she was an Trump pardoned, her client and it's his lawyer. That's a huge confidence. Is the part of China make us often our moves made by Trump. That's seemingly you don't understand or they might seem innocuous and they turn out to be the actually fairly significant
in this case, pardoning Michael Flynn outside this Donald Trump has a lot to lose. If he does lose, it does because the woke leftists there, the resistance Democrats we're in political war right now is political war. Tromp has to win. They ve tried accusing living a spy. They ve I'd. Impeaching have they did they literally impeached and they are going after him with everything they haven't. I really do believe at state level. They'll, try, lock trumped up, because this is no longer about a fruitful for the past four years we have not been, with normal government and a lot of people don't want to say civil war. Anything like that, but Mother Jones called it political civil war. I think that's all right now. Tromp is going to do literally everything in its power to make sure he wins, and that means getting.
applicants to just dispute the election, so Trump can get the electoral college victory. That's it because the alternative is is worse. We may January twenty first is gonna, be a crazy day. Let me tell you that January twenty it is going to be a crazy Diana. Nineteenth man January's gonna, be crazy. I hope you're ready stick around. I got a couple more segments coming up in just a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly This is what ego, arrogance and narcissism looks like from Caitlin Collins of Sin and the crew that got president Trump to answer his first question over three weeks, proud to be a part of it. Happy thanksgiving all of these people. I find to be the test.
Double they look, I'm maybe there never was real journalism. Cause I've certainly never been involved in whatever it is. They claim is journalism, so maybe it never really existed because the major corporations whenever journalists- but I like to think that my job and what I did mostly before I started doing more. local commentary was real journalism and that's why I rejected these organizations and rejected things like this Yoda journalists. Posts into a journalist is supposed to collect and disseminate information we use or fer to it as public intelligence, there's government intelligence. You know you get classified information and public information to insert the great. You have private intelligence, which is theirs, there's firm, so name any of them, but what they do is they gather intelligence from around the world and they share it for a cost. With top. You know very.
wealthy clientele, you might have somebody who wants to invest in, say oil, so they go to these private. Tell firms a what's happening on the ground in these countries in they'll, say: here's what no one knows topsecret stuff because of people find out. It could change the circumstances and they want you know. Rich people might want to exploit circumstances. Then you have public intelligence. That's what me and my friends did and we'd inconsiderate journalism, because journalism like CNN is garbage. This was the goal. We would collect information. We would try and figure out what was true and then just let it out The idea was that if humans had proper data on what was going on, the decentralized network, that is the human mind and human society could figure out ways to solve. our problems better than any individual. Could that's what journalism supposed to be a democracy or some kind of democratic institution, Maybe your voting for representative and then journalists
Make sure that you know enough to make an informed decision. Instead, this is what we get and you know what maybe we deserve. It this is a selfie of a bunch of people. I Ass, who are the journalist, was due airports in the White House. This is their priority. Hey everybody! Let's take a selfie together, not to be fair. I wonder how many of these people knew what she was going to tweet? I guess they did. Maybe they didn't mean She was like hey guys, can self it together, and there are ok now they're getting dragged for not social distancing their indoors shore find whatever. But this is a perfect example of what journalists have become. I give you from the daily Oh I'll, reporters revenge. How CNN Whitehouse correspondent, who has repeatedly clashed with Trump, took humiliating picture of him behind tiny desk at sparked. Diaper Don means- and we have this tweet from Caitlin Collins. President by holding a video teleconference with members of the military throughout the world. He's calling,
from the diplomatic reception room. To be fair. I say them Latona, it's just a picture of Trump she's, not the one. put him at the desk, so I don't know either acting like it. She she's the one who got revenge on him. That's kind of dumb you have, as other photo from Reuters, does actually a much better photo. They got low and they took a photo, and it's still does kind of look ridiculous for let's be what's be reasonable here. Why was tromp sitting in that very low chair with his tiny desk that with a little too tall? It's just that's just weird, but I really dont care. It's not news. It's going to affect my life, nor am I at all concerned about it. It's a Collins but it was not the only one taken of the tiny dusk, but hers had the most impact This is the news they write about. Bravo Trump set at a tiny, dusk. Ok, fine Remo!
when they were like chopped salt shakers are bigger than everyone else's. This is what we have today in terms of journalism. Can you tell me tell me about what Joe Biden it his his plan is with his foreign new foreign policy, advise who's gonna, be as foreign policy adviser. What are we doing? Do we get that sure from some people, but it's not the lead story so, bravely back to My previous up, the previously when I just did where trump it was alleged, trop sad, the media will be more entertained by him. Joe Biden is boring, so they'll keep covering em in the event that Trump doesn't win the war. That sounds like something trump would say and do and a true. These are not journalists. This is on big reality. Tv show, that's keeping us all just constantly angry, for whatever reason I guess to make these companies money- and you get people like Caitlin College, whose only real job is to stir up controversy as it can. You tell me, has Caitlin com.
relate information to you. That's helped. You understand the world, some of you might say yes, but then I would argue that you probably aren't exploring the news, if you're only getting it from her. What she and Jim accosted do is reality tv, their bit players that, though the whole the whole goal is like. Can we get screen time where we fight with the president to generate ratings? You see it all the time instead of you know that that will go to ask trumpet question and, though argue with him instead of saying. Mr President, you recently announced there's gonna, be a troop which often have gonna stand. Will that be a total withdrawal or Are there going to be remaining troops in Afghanistan for in the near future? And I thank you. Yes, we will be living in a few hundred. Thank you for clarifying, Mr President. That's what journalists are supposed to do. Trunk could say I'm going to ban cookies and that everyone can freak out and a journalist say: are you banning
every kind of cookie. Are there some cookies that won't be banned? Why are you banning cookies and then tromp will say? ass were only banning Oreo cookies because it's actually not really food is made of cardboard. I'm kidding by the way like we're your cookies, forgive me, but to clarification. We don't get that when we get Jimmy Costa fights with the White House aid and they like wrestle over my profound Caitlin Collins, a salary Like look at us, we got trompe answer a question, so whites he's a guy, he doesn't have to answer. Questions are due press briefings. You didn't get it to do anything. He chose to do it. How stupid is all of this and then look? Look, look. Look at US bicycle that they show bunch of tweets, looks like he is using a fourth writers desk and borrowed the presidential seal from his golf cart. When I was leaving my job and training my replacement, I had to sit at a folding table on my replacement got my office Ella. Well, my crappy.
holding table was twice the size. I mean the deaths, actually, it's actually a tall on a while. These tweets are the hour exam. Actually what Caitlin, Collins and Jim cost and see it and are trying to do exactly what brine stouter tries to do. So long as these people, you know, of also this terrain southern credit. He dies, try to debunk things, but he often it's like a game, a tennis,
it's like bad information comes weighty, Swatch, it back with even worse information. Sometimes he does to Bonn things but doesn't clarify them, so he's factual, but not fruitful, but I don't understand how he thinks he can step up and claim at their network, is doing a good job and that they are the ones who are fact checking and giving you the honest, gosh. Darn truth. When you have this, when you have tweets like this, you know I don't take selfies Burma Instagram, like never a picture of me now. I don't. I hope I think I may have posted one, because someone had a picture of me with a guess honest. I don't think so. I think other people post it even a postchaise video, it's like I'm on imposing it worthwhile. To be honest, I have had mounted go prom trying out, but I usually film just first person because I want a film skating impose something, but I don't like posting pictures of myself. You know it is it's it's like that mean there's a meme where it says how guys take pictures answering a picture of a bike
how women and it's like the bike, but the women's faces like blocking the bike you can actually see. It reminds me of what this is there so obsessed with themselves there, the stars or there to hear them. They want to be the centre of attention news. Media has become the lowest common like than that. The lowest denominator in, like public being a public, figure. People who want to be famous realized, all they got to do is tweets stupid things, but the present and claim I'm a journalist. That's what it is. I got a protest. I see activists, I'm a journalist, you gotta go to the White House. What he's? U? Caitlin kinds? I'm a journalist they're, not journalists, none of them are now the left says Walter you're, not a journalist. I never said that what I'm doing in every single piece of content is journalism, I'm doing political and cultural commentary, which is literally what I've said over and over again.
However, I do journalism. I would never go to the White House and argue with trot that's ridiculous. I ve never go to the white as an arduous bide, nor Brok Obama, that's ridiculous, but I do reach reach out to people for comment. I do fact checking and that's all just bosom in many of my segments. I actually do a ton of journalism collecting. It is happening, I should making sure it's all certified verifiable all that stuff. These What are segments are usually just me talking about opinions or reading an article on stuff like that, not as journalistic, but often I do so. Let me just tell you this: When I see CNN and though the rest, these white ass people taking their selfies they're not doing journalism, there really are good journalists in the widest press where they exist listen. Sometimes these press briefings- and someone will say you recently and now There was going to be. You know some troops in Syria to guard the oil. Was this because of you? No pressure from the Democrats, Republicans
and then trample say yes or say no and that's like sometimes has real questions. Cnn the New York Times it is partisan garbage. There was a pole. There was a release not too long ago. That shows that report kids like their Fox NEWS Democrats like their CNN and regular people just watch, like ABC Cbs Nbc, not that those outlets are are much better well now that there are not partisan but their way better than CNN. You seats here being run by Jove. Sucker jobs occur as a reality, tv guy. He worked with Trump. They know the game there playing. So you know what no matter what happened? trumps alive and so long as he is there not turn the cameras off their appointment is face and even when Trump, even if slash when Trump lives there,
going to follow me around and see it and will become celebrity Hollywood, gossip with Donald Trump, sorry, sorry, Florida, moral logo, gossip with Donald Trump and they're not going to cover Joe Biden taken aback. What's trump doing today, and you can have liked a juicy chalk driving that convertible live woe because they are obsessed Oliver there. I want more segment coming up in a few minutes, stick around and I will see while shortly Viral claim has been going around that one town in Michigan had seven hundred and eighty percent voter turn out. This is not entirely correct, but it's kind of correct and I want to talk about Oh yes, there were strange circumstances where voter turnout exceeded one hundred percent as you know- and there are some, Nobody else trying to do fat, media outlets started to fact, checks falsely framing things to make. It seem like this didn't happen. First, let me just say voter
turn out never exceeds one hundred percent. There are some possible reasons why it could happen. The official export in many circumstances, we ve seen in this election cycle is that people who were not previously registered registered on the same day. Thus, if you take a look at their that their registered voters a day before, compared to how many people voted it'll be higher than one huh. percent others say people change their addresses, thus altering the numbers or whatever I try to give excuses or reasons or justification whatever. However, its noted that even in peace This is like Australia with compulsory voting. You vote on line or by male that's my understanding. They still don't reach a hundred percent only around ninety two. Ninety five, in the reason for it is that some people move and some people die, and those people will
beyond voter registration roles. Even after it happens, you can force people about. You can't force dead people to vote, but I guess those accusations are floating around as well. So let me show you exactly what's going on this claim first and break it down what it actually means. It is suspect, bill, Polio investment from Florida says: according to an affidavit in the Michigan lawsuit one Michigan Precinct, township heads, Seven hundred and eighty one point. Ninety one percent turnout: how does this happen see? Exhibit fourteen page three linked to Michigan lawsuit, exhibits which include just below, and we can see city of north mistaken. Seventy one Zealand Charter Township, four hundred and sixty percent grout township, two hundred and fifteen percent mistaken to a five Detroit one, thirty, nine, so yeah it it's there. But let's pull this up and let me show you what they
actually say they say: another statistical red flag can be observed in Michigan, where even the very limited remaining public data limited remaining public data reveals six hundred and forty three precincts where voter turnout above eighty percent accord, voter turnout was above, eighty percent occur. bring the county records further. If these very limited remaining public data votes were normalize to eighty percent turnout, still fifty percent plus or minus above normal, the access votes are at least thirty, six thousand eight hundred and twelve over the maximum. That could be expected. We anticipate that precincts of access voter turn up we'll be either. The higher with complete public data. Some larger precincts in weighing county and other, are no longer publicly reporting their data. They are not saying turn out. Is there extrapolating?
Turnout was around eighty or so per cent in many of these district. What they're saying as if you actually took the full data, because we only have a little bit, you would likely see voter turnout exceeding one hundred percent. In many circumstances, will there you go so yes, basically saying we believe voter turnout exceeded this number, but we don't have the number definitively sang at the recent on bringing this opposite. The claim is going viral. It is important and the left a saying it's true, it's a projection. It's not true, and the writers Did you see? Voter turnout was over seven eighty. It is a projection, but still statistically significant for those that are questioning what went wrong
easy in this are what's going on in this election is very, very weird, but I give you the fact check. Let's break things down to better understand, what's really going on. Thank you. You I say today for informing me fact: check states don't have more than one hundred percent voter turnout in an election. I was worried for a minute. They say the claim. Several key states had more ballots cast then registered voters almost stop you're right there. That's not the claim, but let it limit. Let me read this even as
but in prepares the White House as President Elect prepared a prepares to enter the copy editor guys. The president and the internet are spreading misinformation about the election. A recent mean uses out dated data to argue fraudulent votes have undermine the integrity quote ha it just so happens that we are on track to have more votes than registered voters in every single state that could potentially wind from the election claims and image posted to Facebook. On November forth, you ve been caught dams. The meme includes a table with a number of registered voters, predicted votes and voter turnout rate from several battleground states of the state's listed Nevada, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona and Georgia. Voter turnout is above one hundred percent for all, but Georgia. The data is attributed to real, clear politics and world population review. Their factor
In the specific mean, ok, ok, all right, I wanna be reasonable. Yeah that meme is is likely not correct as far as I can tell. But the problem is people see stories like this. They see the headlines and they miss what the bigger claim is also it's always easier to go after low hanging. Fruit is in USA today. How much effect check this claim in every major swing, state or limit? Let me be careful in several major swing states. There were precincts or counties that reported or projected greater than one hundred percent turnout. For some reason, at stepping up in some important precincts in key swing, states turn out did exceed one hundred percent in Wisconsin in Michigan in Florida for instance. How do you explain those now that the virus with tweet tat? I showed you early from from earlier from proposing it's a projection,
based on the limited data they have warranted. astrogation as far as I'm concerned. Right most people are any honest per. What's a sure, why not check this out analysis? How you see apps pulling site manage to exceed one hundred percent turnout up? How did that happen? This is just once or you won their several their stories about. It happened in Michigan and and Wisconsin. I mentioned this and it makes no sense. It defies logic. If you can't explain this, don't be
surprised when the republican legislature say we are going to appoint our own electors and hears, why here's the reality, the left and right, don't care to agree. They don't the staunchest have trump supporters say Trump one period shut up, you're wrong. The left says Joe Biden is he won, shut up, you're wrong and there's no point in arguing because you you're not going to convince anybody never gonna happen. I tweeted something about the economy like the economy is doing really well and they said see. The economy is doing really well thanks to Joe Biden, unlike Trop still, president, I did not argue and twenty sixteen that the good economy was because Trump got elected, some
well did another saying the good economies. Custom pistol present its contradictory. I didn't say that I'm saying Trump is actively the president. An operation warp speed brought about this vaccine, which is giving investors confidence, and I get a response from feigned comedian. Actually things a funny guy germane, Clement sang Joe Biden, wonders or as your president or some are, is your present electors on. Like that, I don't care, I dont care, I'm not planet. I been game isn't funny that you point out these facts in this, which again I am reminded of a tweet from Chris Rate Gun. He tweeted something like there is always some you know. Trump sycophant is going to come out and just claim trumpeted something, and then to make a point about the media responded with kind of like the media, claiming Trump didn't penny taxes when he paid millions and Chris goes right on key or something like that. These people are tribal lists and it pains me to say Criss Cross right on its definitely become
I don't know if it's it's like he's. Just like a low information, need these not paying attention, he doesn't care. We never did what he really doesn't. Understand, what's going on that point, I was making was that the key was right that tribal list just want to claim their right. I don't love I've. Never you know followed him all that much us. Some of his misery is itself like that, but, unlike idea them afterwards, I like I'm not wrong, Why are you acting like I'm here to defend tromp its effect, the New York Times when a story saying Trump didn't pay as taxes and then you dropped down several paragraphs and as he did and I'm like that, so dumb or or when, when Jim Inclement tweeted me Joe Biden, your president or whenever, unlike who do you think, you're tweeting at do you think I have a mug hat somewhere secretly it and I don't care if Joe Biden wins like I said I left Trump supporters, don't like it. They mock me for sale they they posted means, and I mean that I'm not Donald that when look man, I can't control but when I can only direct me, I can't I can't control the winner,
only change the direct device sales as it goes. So if Joe Biden wins, what am I supposed to do cry about it? No I'll speak up about it and do my thing, but I'm going to laugh because yeah, okay, I guess we'll see who wins? I think it's going to be Joe Biden. Trump does have a bath because of things like this. I tell you man, we're at the point where it doesn't even matter anymore. people just want to be in their tribe. They want to believe what they believe and they don't want to have the responsibility to actually doing research. Europe Why there's first voluntary this you're there's a meme TIM pools of milk testament sitter? It's because someone commented on one of my videos a couple years ago: Sanctum pools of milk toasts Vent Centre and I thought it was hilarious, and so I kept saying it I thought it was great. You want to know why I thought it was great because I dont know everything so not going to come out and say definitively this that or otherwise I'll show,
with source and say based on this source. Here's what seems to be the case and here's what we ve heard before, but for the most part I dont come out with political opinions on like that. I don't have. You may notice this. When was the last time you saw video where I was doing so dislike to strict arguments on fiscal policy for the year, twenty twenty one in the deficit and whether or not we should have preferred choice for his wife and and Pat plant. Here I don't you don't see that stuff from me. I don't know everything I just can tell you what's going on with with you know the news is it pertains to the culture war, not necessarily the political opinion on the individuals and with our policies are in fact I've praised Biden, because here now
you wanted to take part in non violent drug offenders as had Trump should do it cause binds gonna. Do is a good thing, but the tribal is don't care and here's the point. I think the right as a tendency to be correct, because the left is low information. So, of course, when someone like me, no Chris Reagan tweets trump sycophants, and then I just make a point agreeing with the tribalism he takes issue with it. Yes, that's that low information tribalism, the right will tell you. Yes, I read: the New York Times is story. It clearly states Trump paid five point. I say it's five point: two million dollars and taxes, the left will say: truck did baby taxes. So that's what we're left with the right will say Here's the fraud, here's the strange anomalies, this is in question and the left will say na Joe Biden, one for you. No, I don't I. offer that I really dont, but whatever I'm going around on the I'm done it Saturday. Whatever We are enjoying your holiday weekend. I will see you
tomorrow at ten, a m on this channel in the next segment. Thanks for hang it up.
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