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CNN Runs UNHINGED Show Claiming Trump Will Form Shadow Government, Another Says The US Is Decoupling


Guest claimed Trump was committing sedition in his efforts to challenge the election and find an electoral college victory.In another segment the CEO of Axios said that he fears America is decoupling and there will be "two Americas" as people flee to echo chambers that support their worldview.The hilarious paradox is that CNN proves these claims by being the unhinged network pushes fake news to the masses. As Democrats reel over a crushing defeat and Republicans are furious over investigated claims surrounding the election it seems everyone is getting fed up with the system.

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As ratings for Fox NEWS continues. There precipitous decline, viewers flocked the likes of one American NEWS and NEWS Max and in the meantime, mainstream let's, like CNN and the Atlantic, say these poor people. They prefer fantasy to reality. They are trapped in this delusional world of crazy, fake news and they just want sweet, sweet comforting lies. They can't handle the truth. That is Tucker Karlsson, a bold claim coming from the likes of CNN and the Atlantic in such because well CNN, right now is running a segment that says. Donald Trump will form a shadow government as
several penniless decide whether or not Trump has truly committed such dish and against the United States and what he might do. Next, that's right, one of their guests, actually went on to say that from would form a shadow government out of moral logo and if that's not a crazed, delusional state, I dont know it is mine. Do we went through years of Russia, conspiracy, trash for the likes of the New York Times CNN and Amazon BC? So please forgive me if I am not all that concerned about people going in watching news acts. We also have another segment, however, this one, a bit more serious from CNN. The ceo of Axiom says that he believes, or he fears a decoupling in America is going to happen. Is it
a long time. This idea that there are two America's has been figurative. Some people watch conservative media, some people watching a leftist progressive or mainstream media yeah kind of the same thing, but this was just kind of figurative because we're all Americans. Now we reached this point with the election, and I talked about this quite a bit. What happens when the right says Trump One and you stole it, and we know what the left has. No, he didn't and both sides think they're guy is the winner. I'm not going to claim that Donald Trump is going to form a shadow government and I'm not even entirely convinced. Donald Trump is gonna launch Trump TV like many allies are claiming, but I do think it's fair to say that the two worlds have fractured beyond recognition, and it's something I mentioned just after the election. There's no more bridge is no more overlap. These people don't live in the same realities anymore. In one world their cause
The Russia collusion narrative is real and it really happened. I'm not exaggerating you go on twitter and people say that these are journalists. Mind you with blue check marks and everything saying we all know. The russian collusion think actually happened and Trot got away with it. Are you excuse me? I thought we all agreed. Nothing was found and maybe truck above obstructed justice, but they could process because he was still the president. We all agreed right, big, nothing, Burger Rachel Matt. I was almost crying. Some people claimed she was apparently none of them ever happened and we are currently headed towards a and are now some kind of broken and disgust HOPI, an american state where there are two realities. And what do you think that leads us to? Can we unify? We can't Joe Biden tweeted it's time to unify, to come together and end the demonization? Oh, please, from the guy you launched a campaign of the very fine,
people hoax from the guy, who won't say the words, Anti thought or denounced the black lives matter rioters you think anyone's going to unite with you from the political Party, that for four years screamed the top of their lungs banging on the walls. Refusing to accept that Trump one. You think Trump supporters want to unite with you and I'm sorry they don't, and the problem is progressives and left us don't want to either Joe Biden is not a return to normal see. He is the absolute state of decay of our system. The fact that people sad I like Trump or- a trump resulting in someone as ineffectual and pathetic, as Joe Biden just shows, the fracturing is here: nobody wants to unite
that that the narrative split has it has happened, and it's only getting worse yet, why mentioned Tucker Karlsson dropping in the ratings, because the trunk supporters people on the right are not going to back down, and then I wanna hear none of it. Now I get flak from lot Harcourt Trump supporters from part as well. I'm not tell it like it is, and maybe I'm wrong. That's fine, but the point is the tribes are split more than ever Joe, but it is not a return to normal see Joe Biden is the sign that no one cares anymore. They don't the fact that they would vote for Joe Biden with all of the failures of the inability to speak. The no campaign in no one, even showing up shows that many people would rather have a fake candidate than Donald Trump. And what does that mean for the rest of us well see an ancestral
for my shadow government and then everyone just goes collectively insane- or I guess you can put it in one way- is that if you are on the right tribe there, all the crazy launch and left tribe there, all the crazy ones- and I got to say I think reality has more of a conservative bias these days and that's why so many liberals switched for Donald Trump and many of the poor but who are saying they don't want to unify? They don't want to work with Trump supporters. These people have trumped arrangement syndrome and their extremely low information individuals and I'm in a back that up with sources and show you right now, but first, let's actually read what happened and will slow down in the ranting before we get started had over two TIM cast outcomes, lush donate. If you would like to support my work, there are many wage and give it the best thing you can do share this video. If you think I do a good job and you wanna help support my gentle sharing really is the best thing. I know Oh that at a certain point you know, depending on what the truth, as people are going to support me or oppose me, I say something stupid when I say you're lying TIM you're wrong in their demand that I say what they they want me to say
I'm going to say what I want to say, and sometimes you probably won't like it. If you think it's a good that people are not getting a bubble opinion or you think, I'm doing a good job and please consider sharing but also hit that, like button that subscribe button notification about, let's read the story from news busters, they say CNN Crazed, Brindley claims Trump will form a shadow government. With rush limber. Oh really, really! That's interesting essay on Saturday morning, Sienna newsroom, CO host Victor Blackwell, unguessed host, a moral Walker collaborated with presidential historian, Douglas Brinkley and political and New York Times National Security cut corps. Bonnet David S, anger to push insane conspiracy theories about. President Trump Walker suggested that trumpets committing sedition and Brinkley crazily declared that France will create a kind of second shadow government out of moral logger with rush limber
You may now. Donald Trump has referred to Morrow Logo as though Winter Whitehouse, so perhaps as winter is coming. Walker began the segment by accusing trump of trying to overturn the electoral college. How ironic coming from CNN, which join the Democrats in twenty sixteen by declaring that the electoral colleges quote democracies ugliest anachronism and proposed at the? U S eradicate it to end a Trump administration. The electoral college must be back in fashion with leftists now that it produced results faith. to them. To be fair, though Biden, one the popular vote by a large margin and at their climbing the saying we want to talk to about so what forget? The electoral college right, but no Amish, Menopause Roca can say that the electoral college is not America's is an anachronism. It's actually a very brilliant system because we are a union of states not a top down single federalist government. Although many people want to be that way, and the narrative is shifted his such today,
people believe we're not a republic anymore, but some kind of direct democracy, which is weird because we're not. It is vitally important to prevent this country from falling apart. It is extremely important that we have an electoral college, but I digress. They say this that Brinkley to go on one of his typically deranged rents about tromp, in which he called Trump eighteen pot, dictator and claimed front, will hold a counter inaugural. Will he now? You then reveals just how much it hates tromp by continuing have Brinkley on just this year. Brinkley has made a series of psychotic statements about the president, including gloating about truck contracting covert. Comparing him to the founder of the American Nazi Party claiming that is, tax returns will put him in prison and tabling him. An abomination. Blackwell enjoyed Brinkley crazy claim about it, counter inaugural. As you stated that would be. on brand for trumped to have. I gotta go outside. Ok, maybe I would not be surprised if
Prompt literally did have some kind of counter inauguration event of some sort, and I did think about this. I wouldn't call it a shadow government, but what? If Trump just carries on as the leader of a movement and that's it and he said, as my support is going to work with me and working to enact things in we're gonna do things as a movement. I would call it a shadow government, but maybe, and what, if law enforcement people who just support Trump more than they support Joe Biden. What would happen if Trump says? I tell you this? I'm going to leave the White House, I'm going to go to MAR a Lago, but if you believe in me- and you want me to to to help lead this country- that I only ask that you follow me
Thousands of people say us what happens if people in the military say? Yes, what happens if people law enforcement say? Yes, I am not entirely convinced on the what's going to happen, but I say it that way, because I wouldn't be surprised if Trump did say the Trump Movement, the motto movement isn't over, but again, shadow government is a bold claim that now it implies operating in its semi secret with powerful officials were unduly once maybe, but I really doubt it they spear ears. Look here's the quote
wrinkly chimed in on the sedition question, with perhaps his most demented rant yet in which he bizarrely alleged that trouble for my shadow government with rush limber mind, you quote, I think that Europe is going to put it to the very very limit, but in the end he has to recognise that he's lost his is simply trying to keep his followers. He has them he's convince them over. Seventy percent of above the Republicans that it was a fraudulent election when, in fact it was one of the most well run elections in. U S, history knots, there's this guy Parlez on a red at all. If I disagree, that is almost no fraud, all most no fraud. I love it or irregularities whatsoever. I think he is he's going to try.
probably go after Joe Biden and twenty twenty four and or have down junior and an avant involved he's going to create a kind of second shadow government out of moral logo. He practically lives next door to rush limber. My friends can I just point out the delightful absurdity of him saying almost no fraud CNN has finally admitted there's fraud. Just not that much. I guess saying almost no fraud means some fraud happened. Okay, if your bar for the like most well run election in history, is that some,
fraud happened. We got a problem because there should be almost there. There should be mostly no fraud. That ammunition literally be no fraud at all I mean I guess I can accept that. Sometimes fraud happens in there's no way to be perfect, but I love that he said almost no fraud. You don't I love about this when their questioning, whether or not trumpets committing sedition. They talk about how he's not allowing the transition process or whatever Sanger, told her, that the one that trust is not conducting sedition yet saying my own view is not that it's not sedition yet because the President s Doug, pointed out has worked within the courts. So far he's tried this political manoeuvre that doesn't work now. If we get to the point where the electors were selected by the states for that
Congress Congress is supposed to validate that on January six. If he still would not at that point concede allow the transition to happen, do all the usual things. No one would do after it's. Over than that. I think you could engage that or I guess, if Trump form the shadow government well, unfortunately, for these crazy crackpots Trump actually did allow the transition process too again. Many people said that was a nail in the coffin. The final, because allowing the transition process to begin means well what you gonna do: reverse the transition process. Take back the money. Trot supporters are saying that in this process, violence can have to report a bunch of things and that could actually help em out because as potential reporting of conflict of interest and that Trump is in a weaker position, but he still has the means, the power and the opportunity to actually swing a come
and when this, although I think that I got to be honest, it's like a lottery tickets. Chance right now and that's just my opinion, but listen. You know I've been wrong a lot, and so I'm not going to pretend to be able to predict the future on this one. In my personal opinion, I'm thinking Jobe got it, but, as a part of me, that's like no man, trumps trumps pulled it off before, and I will see how things play out. I'm going to sit back and wait until they officially conform with the signature of the stamp and electoral votes. That Joe Biden has the President Elect I'm gonna say I don't know it's safer position, bow and people get to beg your crazy Joe Biden. Clearly one I don't know, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna set, won't listen the main reason according to the trunk camp and from supporters as to why he allowed the transition process to begin here, we go gives a chief, no pressure from Trump, but the left threatened family staff
and Patsy Government service administrator. Emily Murphy said that while she didn't receive pressure from the White House to begin transition proceedings for Joe Biden, she did indoor several threats from the left. Murphy revealed the harassment and a Monday letter to bite a notifying in that he will be allowed to start the presidential transition process because of recent developments involving legal challenges and certification of election was She emphasised that her decisions following the election have been completely independent of political pressure from Trump quote: to be clear: I did not receive any direction to delay my determination, Murphy sat amid the torrent of criticism that has been ah her from the left. I did, however, received threats on mine. Phone and by male directed at my safety, my family, my staff and even my pets in an effort to coerce me into making this determination prematurely, and I think she did. I do I understand that I just told you what I think the lottery tickets chance now that tramples some some kind of you know turn around. He pulled it off.
certification is already happened to key states in the strategy was two blocks: ratification, so Yonah in reverse, out of it Maybe I guess, because now they could do audits or something is possible, but the electoral colleges are devoted. Yet Joe Biden does not get to just say I am there or give me power. If the USA says we're in a weight and electoral college ratification, then that's fine by me. So, in the end, I think the reason she ended up doing this was probably because, for the most part because of threats, but also because I think Trump is Right- rising he's you know he's easily in ground in this battle, but we'll see things play out, we will in the end, whatever ends up happening. I think we are headed towards some kind of civil war Oh it's funny, because people are like none. The elections overturn where's your civil war talk. Where did it go? I was talking about in the IRA podcast. I dont know what modern civil war will look like, but please
when CNN says that tromp is going to form a shadow government. There is your factions. Ok, I'm not making these things up out of thin air when the axiom C o says on CNN quote I've I legitimately fear now that we are going to have a decoupling, not just like to America's in quota. in Marks, but your literally going to have to America's where half the country gives up on a lot of the work that we do and even start to create its own social media and communication ecosystem. That is much more sort of safe and soothing because its people who share their views and that's dangerous. What do you think happens when Everyone leaves the parlour and they're getting there. Own echo chamber communication and everyone on Twitter is getting their own echo chamber communication and you have seventy three million
well on one side, politically active and engage saying, go Trump, let's be real here in terms of the voters. Joe Biden does not have politically active people, he doesn't the Democrats consistently target low information. Voters, I'm sorry it's just true! That's why they go after youth. Voters trump goes after more politically active people and that's why Trump often speaks about things and I there s so tariff way like when you went in an interview inside blacklist matters a marxist organization, and if I'm wrong, I lose an election. Most people won't know what that means. When Donald Trump has anti for most people, don't know what that means. When the Republicans and Trump talk about big tech censorship, most regular people aren't on Twitter. Donald Trump has consistently gone after thought: leaders individual
took it inspire and rally crowds and the left has gone after low information people who passively hear news from their friends, it's not absolute. The Democrats certainly have tens of millions of people who are very active in engaged and Donald Trump certainly as tens of millions of people horse who are heavily active and engaged, but Trump probably has slightly more people who are more engaged and the Democrats do and the Democrats have way more people. That's why Joe Biden other Popular about who are just actively not engaged at all and have no idea. What's going on, when you talk to a Trump supporter, you can ask him a question and they may not get the answer right completely, but you can see they have a general understanding because they have looked into a little bit. When I talk to my
friends, they say Trump is a fascist. We have to stop him, he's destroying democracy. To give me generic responses and can't tell me a whole lot, both sides have people who can't tell you a whole lot, but the Democrats go after used motors for a reason when they talk about unity. Let me show you this going to be that the fracture is here: it's not going to stop. It's never going to come back together. I don't know what to do that. Save some kind of alien invasion, Joe Biden tweeted. The election is over it's time to put aside the partisanship in the rhetoric designed to demonize one another we have to come together. Are you serious? That's not going to happen for years. Donald Trump was insulted. He they try to impeach him. They they they choose them of working with the Russians of being a traitor.
States what an insult a man who runs for president, because you love this country. They call them a trader, helping our enemies, subvert our country and even implying on MSNBC. That truck may have been a russian asset since the eightys, which would have made him a soviet asset, mind you, as if the Russians have taken over the United States. These people are insane after everything Anti focused on burning down this country. They want tromp supporters and conservatives and moderates to come together and hold hands, I don't like the idea that were breaking apart. I would like to see some kind of I wouldn't call compromise. I would like See some kind of coming to? their of sorts and simmering down of sorts. The problem is- and I have said it before- I'm not gonna compromise on these. With with these people's ideas they tried repealing the civil rights law out of the California constitution and their excuse. Well, other states don't have the civil rights provision in their constitution. So it's fine
What other states should at what point would you compromise with people who want racial segregation? Not every single one of them do, but that's a key component of high profile, progressive Democrats policies right now, Joe Biden talk about his transition. Racial equity an equity. What are they doing? Industry in his training programmes for critical rice theory, there segregating people based on race. What degree of segregation would you compromises meet? The answer is: none zero because my family, there is no opportunity, there's no world in which we can exist in two different spaces. These people want to break bet, break us up based on race in its horrifying. There won't be unity, and you know what they are. The same thing from the daily beast Biden can ask, but I'm not going to look for common ground with Kyle written houses. Supporters from
Ernest Owens Earnest, who probably doesn't actually know what happened in Canosa and just things that cow Rittenhouse, is a deranged. You know murderer whenever he says he's been calling. Americans to unite as a means of saving the celebration it that means playing nice with White suppressed. is to want to kill me I'll pass. What what's yours, these people truly live in a deranged paranoid reality. CNN says trumped GonNA, former shadow government, and they claim that coward, supporters want to kill you, that's just not true at all the people, in connection with pushing a flaming dumpster towards a gas station. I had the rope. Orders who were on the ground on my podcast and one of enriching Mcguinness was that I took his shirt off to run aid or the guy's got shot, and they all said no way they watched. What really, how then, and what happened was extremist we're trying to block a gas station, maybe not intentionally, but they are pushing a flaming dumpster into a gas station which probably good of reopening blowing up
it gets likely, and then one cow renounced put the fire out. You can see in a video him or was putting fires out, we'll no one's he's running with the fire extinguisher, he got attacked and then he ran, and Putting to the New York Times some one else fired first and then Kyle turned around to defend himself. It's not a good situation. I dont like that Kyle was there. I dont like that. He bought the gun and brought it out and and this happened, but what do you think happens in conflict? to pretend, like this care to some kind of supervillain evil, far right streamers. When he's literally just some kid who went out because riders were burning things down, that's not this guy doesn't want to find common ground with Collaret NASA supporters. I bet if you took Coronado story and took out the court like he doesn't gave us at a general overview like if you said pay. A bunch of people are pushing a flaming dumps are no gas station. Some dude runs up and try to put the fire out, so they attack on someone fires a gun, so he defends himself in shooting at these people
Who do you think the bad guy in their back? All people were chasing him in China, burn a gas station down, that's right, and then it almost call written out and there and about wait a minute you tricked me. I don't believe it They live in a paranoid world where they watch the likes of CNN. They read news at isn't telling them the truth, and then they not believing this insane stuff which results in result in them. Believing crazy things like tromp is committing sedition are gonna former shadow government and just absolutely not the case well after the election. What's next for Anti far from Andy know any basically just lays out one of the most important things here. Listen antifraud did not that they do not like Joe Biden. These followed fishermen. Do not like Joe Biden. Some of them probably voted form, but now they're gonna revolt against him and many of them have said it is easier to overthrow a feeble old man like bite, and then it is a fascist like Donald Trump, and that was their goal to weaken the United States and its leadership.
And that's why I say I think we are truly headed toward something disastrous: the people who voted for Donald Trump, our people, who are extremely active, patriotic love America and want a strong leader like Trump that people who for Joe Biden don't care about this country. I am speaking in general and in general general terms, my dear trumps catalogue of supporters of popular pay attention, but there's a core group of India, Jewels were very actively supporting Joe Biden because they hate Donald Trump and they didn't care. It was settle, forbidden anyone but Trump they don't care. If we have a strong government or not, they don't want that. Just want trump. So the anti trust people in this case appear to be on the verge of winning are the people who love this country. Want to see it defended going to just sit back as these. These governors destroy the economy, as Joe Biden says You know what does under the scientists and the lock downs and then straight up asked her home. Advising Biden says six week: national lockdown, I dont see tromp supporters. Just sitting. Back
and saying sure fine, whatever that's worrisome, I'm John, only concern as to what happens next, I dont think it'll be a shadow governed. But maybe you know what one way to put: maybe that's the way their framing it, but would Donald Trump led a movement what these people resist and protest? Perhaps what do you think happens when you have two different media ecosystems, both the leaving believing completely different things and both accusing each other of being superveillance? figurative, ok, just regular villains, like Joe Biden Stall, the election. The Democrats are stealing everything and when they say that Donald Trump is gonna former shadow government, that is a fascist, he's going to go away. Well, then, it seems that conflict is coming. Doesn't it I'm not saying I wanted to, and I hope it doesn't, and maybe it won't? but we are not in the main storm. Yet people realise this. They think the media called of her Biden. Everything's die
it's over Biden, one Niver One's gonna go back home and say: are better luck next time? I really don't think so. Look at it. It's ridiculous, a shadow government, but I dont think Trump is going to concede. I don't think you he's not down and under no circumstances he's going stay there or we're gonna have a very, very lit Lamed accession, to say the least, but what trump does after the fact, I think will be interesting. I dont know what he'll do, but I dont think you just going to leave and I can tell you this anti far- won't either they from city Journal burnt down act missed in Seattle want to abolish police president courts. Do you think they're just going to stop writing now that Joe Biden is present, know Joe Biden going to do it? The Democrats have done and ignore the riding and try and compromise with the extremists and give them what they want, while they continue to rise, at an otherwise break stuff. Hurt people do think Trump supporter
sit down and accept the lock downs while Anti, because on rights- probably not, maybe I'll just see what we saw, what these airports as people travel for Thanksgiving, where people just ignore the guideline saying we don't care anymore, we're gonna travel, the lock downs, apparently, didn't work, or at least you know when we see the democratic governor sang gotta locked out than we catch them outside with their families are doing their hair. Whenever the. Why would anyone believe? That's? Why What anyone believe that there is actually something to worry about if our leaders aren't even worried and are breaking their own rules in which what really might end up happening. Is that people just say a few and do their thing. What worries me my final thoughts on this is that the lock downs are going to ignite the tromp support and the conservatives in Huntington be just the other day. They d Trump supporters were defined curfew protesting by several hundred, maybe even a thousand people mantelish yours large crowd, saying no
beloved they're gonna keep demanding what they ve always been demanding and many of these people are gonna be angry, because our locked up, because locked down to the lockdown, is going to result in rage and read, going to result in conflict and people and look for symbols to attack that they think represents that suffering. When these leftist come out, the right wing individuals are gonna, say it's because of you. Joe Biden, lockdown electors, gonna, say the fascists or back not going away and then things is really light up with Joe Biden. Has president that he's out president, yet we effectively have no leader, I mean that's the reality. He is weak, he can early speak and will effectively have no leader exactly when out for once and then I do think. Decoupling is coming, not a shadow govern, but that that that link segment. Talking about c and unjust shows that these people are deranged and think Trump is the poorest of evil. Is gonna go nuts
but the taxi owes CEO made an important point. In fact, in that second, he talked about the failures of themselves of the media, how they could not understand what these conservatives thought they underestimated. Republicans they really missed it, but he points out. There will be a decoupling to different America's and I believe he is our hopes correct and then you have the anger build up and then eventually what people fight I leave it there. Excitement is coming up over at Youtube COM slashed him cast news. It is a different channel from this. One thing sprang up and I will see you all them. My Friends. Reality is completely broken and theirs One thing: you need to know to understand that this is true beyond any real,
Noble doubt: mainstream media is defending Fox NEWS way with what's ok, first of all, out of our by Sanctum Fox NEWS is mainstream media. It's just the conservative version. Ok, ok, fine! But the point is there's like one conservative mainstream channel, its Fox and Fox is attacked relentlessly, but something funny happened. Newsweek published an article defending Fox NEWS and leaving the ratings aren't going down, they are Fox NEWS, is ratings are going down and it's bad and CNN is even pointed this out that Fox news viewers are fleeing to new whose max and alliance, but mostly news max finesse, could be because NEWS Max has said: they're not going to call the race for Joe Biden just yet, even though its looking more more like Donald Trump is losing this fight, I mean look to be fair as it stands. He is
A lot of trump supporters are saying that he wants to get discuss and pure. Perhaps a lot of people think Amy, Coney, Barrack, right, Cavanaugh, Clarence, Thomas Alito are going to help tromp make us claims. Trop says the big lawsuit is coming. Ok, you know me But I tell you this man, Rudy Giuliani, said as soon as we get a fair ruling, it'll change, everything which means Is federal law suits into state law suits? Of course they want to win. It is bad that they're getting dismissed and boot it out, but they could make the Supreme Court and things could change. Literally. That's how the Supreme Court works you file and the old, and it goes up and up and up, and eventually you get your final decision. So maybe that will happen. It's entirely possible, maybe a longshot, maybe not Maybe many of these federal judges are previous appointed by previous administrations and they don't like trump and maybe Trop has allies on the Supreme Court. That's playing politics, but maybe it'll happen, or maybe any Colbert Brett Cavanaugh.
Clarence Thomas Alito Roberts now have clarity of thought and they'll say you know these previous rooms are all wrong. Donald Trump is the true winner, I'm not entirely convinced, but there is another really big lawsuit coming with those file. Recently it is seeking to get mail in voting deemed unconstitutional in Pennsylvania as a violation of the pants. the violation of the Pennsylvania constitution that could have a serious in fact on the Pennsylvania results, but at this point it is, is, is beyond down to the wire and the fact that tromp has opened up transition to Joe Biden says to me: it's not looking good, but you know what it's plane as day that I know. If I come out, I say these things. The people over the Donald Start, posting means about me, saying it, I'm a cocker, whatever a bald cock and all that stuff, because I'm not gonna blow. Really follow just saying Trump, is winning because
would be lying if that was the case right now. People are going to Tucker Karlsson. His writings have gone down. Fox news rings gone down and right and also even rush Limbaugh, is criticising trumps legal team for for coming out these bold and grandiose assertions and not having the evidence to back it up. As certain point you ve gotta run nice when people are taking you for a ride and I'm not talking about tromp, I think Trump really wants to win, and there a lot people saying no trumps just trying to milk donations out of it, the porters and eyes we put three million down on Wisconsin. Now think Trump is doing everything in its power to win by any means necessary, which is why I won't count em out, although I'll say to you, I've been saying at the entire It is in all likelihood, Joe Biden Presidency and that's kind of malaria sent this guy one, that's crazy, but there is a possibility if, if, if Trump was making claims them
was made at a cheese. I'd like there's no possibility. That's true. If tromp ASEAN is a constitutional trick, shot method to two still when in the presidency and he's got a bunch of lawsuits going through the courts, Well, you still have right now. Does it there's a lawsuit entering in Pennsylvania, which could see Ellen valets, be deemed unconstitutional. Who knows what happened and theirs governor, saying he's not going accept the result of this pending litigation. That means Arizona seems to be polite. Possible trump could block certification there and as much as the left one say it's over Trump concede not there. Yet, ok, listen! Maybe this laws in Pennsylvania will work may be trouble making the Supreme Court. While I certainly think the odds are getting slimmer and slimmer and slimmer, and it was already bad form to begin with. I'm not that I'm not come back on them out. Ok. What have you been? It? Is I'm not going to bed money that Donald Trump is going to win, even though the odds are like that? It's a value that right.
I'm just saying that it's a greater than zero percent chance Trump could figure something out and we ve seen him defy the odds before and just based on how things have gone. This year and how crazy twenty sixteen was. I just saying you know you better go by your lottery tickets, but I digress. Let's talk about Fox NEWS, their ratings are collapsing and there are a lot of people that don't like Fox NEWS for one simple reason: Fox NEWS lies in that really funny: that's the left has been saying over and over again and conservatives are watching it saying no foxes actually doing a better job. Truth be told going back several years. Fox news has been doing a better job. Brett bears wonderful, for instance, I think we have a kind of bad actually, and you know as much. I think one Williams doesn't red enough news. I appreciate the five has him on so you can have,
clash of perspectives, even though these are kind of the only democratic guy, but Fox NEWS used to give us a fair Shea, Emmy Tucker Karlsson, told us about the Covington KIDS properly told us about how written us properly, because it's happening now. I turn on Fox NEWS: and you gets. You gets up my John Robert Saying, there's no effort. so voter fraught- and I said well, that's just an outright lie. I'm not saying Trump has proven that he lost the election to devote a fraud and that's was to be the only distinction that exists in mainstream written in the mainstream news universe. Either Vodafone exists, therefore, tromp was defeated, unjustly or a vodafone doesn't exist at all. So Fox NEWS has John Robert saying that note, though, voter fraud will one when's. If you're tromp supporter, you have literally seen the sworn affidavits and there's a ton of them, you ve seen the method
anomalies and you'll see what the voter integrity fund has produced. You're gonna say: do Fox, there's a lot of evidence, there's that there's a ton and and some of its even hard data like voter Integrity fund, how you gonna come on, say: there's none! That's that's bs! That's why I think most tromp supporters probably went to news MAX now what what you're going to hear from the likes of Brian stouter and the Atlantic is that you know trumps base lives, paranoid, fake world reality or as some like that, and they made their their desperately looking to cling to some narrative that Trump really one those people exist. There, like trump screaming to you know Trump really want, as election was stolen, is all in all its and as long as a lot of transport, as I believe that, but I think most people probably went to news macro. Just like Fox NEWS, isn't telling me the truth:
so I turned and respects the other day and I was actually impressed. I do think they go. Where were the top for Donald Trump, some of their personalities, but it wasn't it for the most part, wasn't fake news, fake react. Watch on Fox news. Why were they telling me there's no evidence? Why won't John Robert say the trunk campaign is filing suits on constant the constitutionality of of some of the?
these ballots their challenging many of these boats. They are not alleging fraud. However, the trunk campaigners publicly stated outside of the courts that there was widespread fought fraud, though their lawsuits haven't asserted that for the most part, and while there is certainly evidence of fraud, meeting signs are indications that fraud may have occurred. We don't have an investigation or hard evidence determining whether or not it was wise but enough to alter the election. That's reality, that's the reality and, like I always say, we should be investigating, but yields creepy. Is that we're not that freaks me out the fact that we ve got sworn affidavits being just disregard? one of the trash these people have signed, signed these documents, independent penalty of perjury, the matter. Apparently no one's going to investigate nobody cares. The machine doesn't like tromp in the machine- just wants to keep on churning and they found their way to move forward so that whether its build or anybody else. They dont care they're not going to to overturn this, and we
already heard from many people even call robes and they're. Not gonna. Do not gonna change this. It's not gonna happen and I think that's exe dreamily likely, I've said so every step of the way for this I've gotten a bunch of people Sanctum is about cock, whose YO giving into a binding presidency- hey man, look I am just. Somebody was telling you that the information we have my thoughts on it. I'm not instructing people to do anything. It's possible trump winced, a fact, and we ve got lawsuits pending and not in the IRA park. If we have a big show, so are you get ready for this? Eight p m life, we ve got a warrant to be sitting down with they yeah, a plaintive in one of the key suit was going. It's gonna be big. There is some hope and will see our place out. Sometimes people cancel take a look at this, though from Newsweek Factual Our Fox news is daytime ratings collapsing as Trump claims.
News weak, defending Fox NEWS, I've seen too much, I kept. You know what I don't believe it they say. The claim Fox news daytime ratings have completely collapsed weekend, daytime even worse, very sad to watch this happen, but they forgot what made them successful. What got them there? They forgot the golden Goose, the biggest difference between the twenty sixteen election and twenty. Twenty was Fox NEWS: Tromp tweeted November, twelve, twenty twenty? I will today Trot retweeted Randy Quaid, who was saying like the same thing, and it was just so weird anyway that the facts plummet show that the ruling false it's not surprisingly, foxes ratings would drop during speeches by the democratic winners, but having the highest rate of fox and friends ever and the network. Finishing number one for the seventeen consecutive quarter in daytime suggests they're. Not
lapsing? Why is news weak defending fox news? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you November twentieth score score. A scoreboard, Fox NEWS, wins total prime time viewers, MSNBC wins. Total day viewers, CNN winds, adults, twenty five to fifty four. What what we hope for news wins total primetime viewers. What are they MSNBC wins daytime? What's the claim from Donald Trump, their daytime ratings have collapsed. Ok! Well, I don't it's. I dont have wonder, wondered different days. Different ratings, which hangs out on Friday, caboodle had a hundred and seventy seven thousand in there in the ratings in the twenty five to tough the authority for demographic, a hundred and seventy seven Jake Tapir had four hundred and seventy six beating out both a Fox NEWS and MSNBC,
but Wallace on MSNBC had three hundred and thirty. Eight thousand in the key demo commando got one point: three: six million at four p m Jake Tapir got to You got two point four, so all in all MSNBC be out everybody Hemison, de beaten Daytime dick daytime running. While I assuming their they lump in, but let me jumped to Monday November. Second, so look monies and fridays are very different. I understand this, but the point was I want to show just before the election You got a lot of people really hyped up there really eager. They want to know it's about to happen, and then you have after the election, where people are still for the most part trying to see what's going on, but kind of moving on Cavuto at four p dot m at five hundred and ninety in the key demo. I'm not here to clay
Monday in front of the same or that pre and post election identical I'm going to show you the comparable between seen in an Amazon BC, Wallace three forty comparable Jake Tapir for eighty four comparable kavimba. Five: ninety not comparable, ok, look Jake Tapir had four seventy six. While three thirty, eight on November twentieth, about the same as they did and of our second, but computer has tanked in the ratings. The five had four or two to butters, five, twelve on Monday the five had, it forty nine so still doing well as they move into evening ratings. Ok up, the point is fox noses. Ratings are absolutely down until November. Second Tucker Karlsson. At six point, three million to haze is two point: six Did he had five point? Nine tomatoes, three points of analysis. Prime time, we're getting you know, we're getting out of the daytime claim. Take a look at this if we go to
Rachel mapped out and hazel ratings are pretty much. The same. Karlsson inanity have dropped by around. Three million viewers, so Newsweek White Y Y, you put now defence of false foxes is ratings, are fine. There I'm fine they're, not aware they said daytime to be fair. The point is there absolutely tanking people are leaving Fox news. You know I gotta say it is kind of funny to watch. Took us out. Tucker Karlsson claims. Twenty election was rigged against tromp in plain view, as he bemoans untrustworthy electronic voting systems and accuses dams, inspiring with media and big Tec to swing race, invite in favour. You know, I I I don't trust Tucker all that much anymore. To be completely honest, I thought he was
It was the best guy on tv in terms of opinion about it's, not a big fan ahead of you, but I don't trust Tucker anymore. You know why. First, I've never be. I've never subscribed to the theories put forth by Sidney Powell, and I made some comments about that on twitter and got ratio by people saying how Jerry you term. Sorry, if you gotta, if you're gonna, come on, claim dominion, hacking and Venezuelan almost off, like you got it, you gotta come out with evidence on that stuff, not the only one rush, Limbaugh saying the same thing. Ok, so look if I'm ahead a russian about common spare me, but it but tumblr com an honest show said he reached out to Sydney Powell asked for evidence and cheaper than did None Sidney said she did present evidence a sworn affidavit as well as offering up a mathematical export to explain the data and mathematical anomalies. That is evidence why it took her say it didn't exist orchard and prevent any. I believe Sidney Pablo, probably did send him that stuff, because they ve talked about
before? Why? Wouldn't she and I've seen some of these affidavits I've seen many of the other David's? Certainly she could back here some evidence. I believe it's very likely. Just a simple solution: Then the simple solution as to why Tucker said this, as some people have have claimed, maybe Tucker was a little salty. She wouldn't come on his show. He want we're on the show to talk about these claims. He wanted to get the scoop on the evidence in when he couldn't get anything when it couldn't get her on the show he said, while she wouldn't give, we would have given our full hour. I don't trust him. because after this and he saw a mass exodus and it's not getting up getting your flag from Trump supporters. He immediately does this bit. Where he's like. We do think there was problems we do. We do. We think this please, and I was doing the segment where he's like that was rigged. No, I agree with you. Don't leave, that's how it feels like you know,
We had on the IRA podcast some lefties. We have some people they're, not staunch conservatives. We have some libertarians and died. I get some thumbs down, but for the most part, look I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to do my thing, I'm going to tell you what I can, what what what what I can prove, I'm going to tell you what I can't prove I'm my Bae. My decisions off of what I think to be probabilities, so right now. What I say is like Donald Trump has a chance to win is extremely low in the single digit in Bali, the extremely low single digits, the very, very low single digits. If anything, but it exists, so am I think it's it's it's it's stupid cannot be like. I know for a fact- and I've definitely come out in the past, saying I know for a fact: yeah, I'm not perfect, but if they're gonna come out and make these large grandiose key aims about venezuelan Smart Matic and its subsidiary and dominion by its absurdity area. That is, we are connections, it might be true, conspiracies exists. I mean I can spirit
the only difference between a conspiracy and running a business? Is? Are you breaking the law? So yeah can speak? MRS exist like which ought to set about conspiracy. Theory. Is that, like a bunch of do, get together and conspire unlike selling drugs to conspiracy, it's a criminal criminal conspiracy. When people started this, ass- they get together, have meetings and discuss how they're gonna run the business so long as its legal. It's not a conspiracy. You get out that works. That means people have meetings and say things like we want to do, So when the election and it's on the up and up well, then you just having a planning meeting, but if you do that, while also saying here's, what we're gonna do and it's gonna be illegal- will now you're engaging in a criminal conspiracy. These things can happen. I just don't think it's necessary. I think the bay issue here is actually what Tucker Karlsson said. I said for quite some time: they changed the rules. The with male in voting- and so it ended up happening- is that they gave themselves a month plus to go around
and knocking on doors, tell people to vote and we even had the quartering Jeremy. Emily was on the IRA podcast last night, and he was talking about how someone went to his house that they got sent absentee bows than ever. Rested because apparently only need a name and a birthday to get it. I think that is the the principal path by which Democrats actually won this and got millions more votes and its Probably why probably why many of these things were just for Biden. I think what we saw was probably ballot harvesting and that's the that that the I guess that's the simple, the simple answer now. I think those impropriety I think there was fraud is a widespread. Honestly, I don't know, but let me show you this is a daily mail, not entirely sure. I trust it when they talk about election stuff, Julie, and he says he exaggerated little bit when he said there
or more votes than citizens in Detroit after Trump made the claim part of his failed bed to overturn election defeat Donald Trump tweeted in Detroit there are far more votes than people. Nothing can be done to cure. giant scam. I win Michigan Giuliani said I am exaggerating a bit. He immediately admitted to host Lou Dobbs, but all you have to do is look at statistical data and you can see the fraud was rampant and out of control. The city of Detroit probably has had more voters and its citizens. The president's personal lawyer, spear and election told Fox business on Monday, probably, I am exaggerating about ok how much and do we just blindly trust everything there saying and I am not go with Russia Limbaugh on this one they it's funny, because these lefties are like
you're, just millennial, rational, embody, ok, sure, whatever on care, russet wrought rush, I've, I've heard rush, say some crazy stuff, but I've heard him say some regular stuff a need and really listener slumber, but rush rush, limber slams trumps, legal team making wild accusations of Democrat, lad, global conspiracy to steal election without offering us right of evidence during much hyped press conference. led by Rudy Giuliani, alongside Attorney Sidney Power that the legal team made wild claims. The press conference on Thursday claims the Democrats had stolen the election in an alleged global plot with Cuba. Whale and China, which use dominion, voting machines to change trump votes to bite in one's Monday during his,
media show limbos laid into the team for holding a much higher press conference with nothing to back them up. You know a man, I just think there are a lot of people who want to fight to the bitter end, and I absolutely respect that I think should I think Trump should not concede under any circumstances, because that's the game they ve been playing, the whole I think that the Democrats I've been saying for quite some time that they have cheated and what I mean by that is. They change the rules, last minute to favour themselves the easiest way to explain it. They made the they rigged the game in such a way. That would benefit them. In fact, I had shown Porno who's running for Congress and I believe they ve called the race for Conall Lamb, so he Prism,
projected not doing, but he said the Democrats are doing these things because they think it's going to help them when and they are right. It's really simple. First and foremost, there is tons of evidence of fraud. That's a fact. I dont know if its widespread enough to actually have impacted the The total result resolve the rice. There are strange mathematical anomalies and there are questions that must be answered like when when they say these big dumps came in for Joe Biden at four a m the mainstream eating. The left says we all knew that was going to happen, they were complaining about it. If you make us count absentee ballots, the last minute we're gonna dump all the results at once, and people are going to say it's not yeah, but why are they? Ninety eight percent? For Joe Biden? That's not the case it supposed to be like seventy percent for Joe Biden, but they are all for Joe Biden. The theory among the right is that their
present than an algorithm, a system in place where they knew how many votes they needed and when they realise tromp was winning by massive margins. To start, crying cannot votes like crazy, which skewed the results, to put it mildly. If two per cent of the one hundred and forty eight thousand bouts wherefore tromp Trump, that means they expected Trump to be lose to be weigh less votes and they had to print that money to overcome. So they were expecting. Seventy thirty, I'm not saying that's true, I'm saying that's the general theory come from right. I can say this families must be answered for, and anybody who says we should investigate is probably trying to pull a fast when oars lying to you. We look at the bottom of these questions. And no matter how long it takes. I believe the Republicans should they will retain. The Senate should absent lately, launch a special investigation and go after every single one
how bout you aren't. You know what you wanna one we did for Russia Gate and that was kind of nothing but now we actually have sworn statements from regular people all across the country and its probably a really good idea for us to make sure our election systems are secure anyway. In the end, everything- he's gonna be changing rather dramatically right. Now we went through four years of the truck bump media psychosis. It can't last forever it won't last forever and it seemed extremely likely at it, and it always has that it's gonna be a Joe Biden presidency. Joe Biden now got build back better, not Gov. I think it's called. What do you think's going to happen to the media with no trump. I am I'm looking forward to this. I really am what Many of you need to understand is that almost that the through line of all of my content has always been ragging on the meat
the reason why Democrats get roped up, and that is because the media is the Democrats propaganda arm for the most part, I'm aware of what I mean is like these big media outlets are just lying endlessly for demo. brats. So when I complain about the media over and over again, I then it's the Democrats have gone. Saying too, it's kind of like interlaced. What's gonna happen now I will probably keep do when exactly as I am doing, because, while Joe Biden such blown up kids in the Middle EAST and the media have lying about covering up, I'm gonna keep calling them out I'll. Tell you what's gonna be funny, though, mainstream media will have nothing to talk about so they're, not talking about on Mickey Mouse or whatever the hottest celebrity friends and gossip and their ratings are going to plummet. We already talked to of the founders of Box quit go off on their own, but I'll tell you the funny thing: how much do you want to bet
now. My channel is gonna start seeing moderate conservatives and progressives watching. You know why, because now they all hate Biden and that's probably what I'm going to be ragging on, because Joe Biden was a warmonger, Vp Crooked, crony corporate politician and the left voted a men and he's gonna be awful and the media is gonna lie to defend them. So when we yet more conflict in the Middle EAST and more of the of the garbage that that Joe Biden is going to produce an lockdown fresh theirs can it be a lot of people who don't like him, and it's not just gonna, be conservatives this time it's gonna be progressives as well. I ll leave it there next coming up at one p m on this channel. Thanks rang out- and I will see you all them- pence
Albania has officially certified the results of the twenty twenty election, and now it would seem that any remaining possibility that Donald Trump could win through an electoral trick shot. It's the odds are now astronomical. I would put it at like winning the lottery. Take people do win the lottery, This point you I've said time and time again from the beginning, it really did seem like we are heading towards a Joe Biden victory and a lot of transporters didn't like that. I was saying that well, Pennsylvania certified Donald Trump PATH, the victory through
certification wrought, was to stop certification to prevent Joe Biden from getting to do under and seventy votes. It actually still is entirely possible you, but you could theoretically have tromp trying go after hard. Blue states or even you know, states that lean heavily blue trying Jamak stratification there, but it just seems entirely unlikely. The advantage truck had with the swing states was that if the votes were close enough, where you can make an argument like a hundred thousand votes here should be Counter Because of this unconstitutional reason, you could slip up to a hundred thousand votes, so Trump being down by, like eighty k in Pennsylvania, meant that if he said you know a hundred six six hundred eighty, thousand are bad. You could flip the state, but if you auto place like New Jersey words like two to one Democrat that judges are gonna, be even if you win the suit, you will not change the results of this election. Therefore, they're gonna ignore it. So this is it I'm action
surprise. I realized Pennsylvania was going to certify the suit. We had a ton of news about Michigan and you're standing based on some. people involved in current litigation is that this was just ran through relatively quickly well, at least in response to the fact that there are still lawsuits pending and there still litigation moving forward which could change the outcome. Salt put it this way, will trump win. In my opinion, no, I just think it is overwhelming overwhelming that trumps path. Victory in this regard is extremely slim being said, extremely slim does not mean zero and I think it's fair to point out. There are a lot of people saying Hilary can fill win. Here's how and it's like did we're at that point. Where I'll put it this way, I won't try to make sure he pushes for hours. If he's got any evidence of his loss, it's come out. I'm I'm ready and waiting you, but as of right now this was the big play block Michigan, block pencil.
Any up block. George, our Nevada, whereas on our some like that and then you ve got the constitutional trick shot but don't seem to have worked out that way. Some people are saying on the right that certifications are meaningless. If they can present evidence of fraud, they can decertify or things like that. That's why and you know what men I wouldn't put a pastoral over on the hard Troxell but her side. There saying Trop still got this executive order on his side, where its base e basically laid out twenty eighteen wayside of theirs for an election interference. There can be some pretty serious interventions, not trump supporters are holding out. That truck will pull a last.
that Trump card, perhaps using this executive order to find a way to actually win the executive order, says that no later than forty five days after an election, it has certainly not been forty five days. So there still is time left for trumped up theoretically Paul some executive order. Maneuver, I just don't think it's likely did I mean look if you want to just believe trumpet still going to win by all means, you're free to do so I haven't been on that boat since you know the first week after the seventh and a lot, and I got a flag for it and while that's just the way it is directed by Wall Street that might be occupied. People love me and then a bunch of now hate me because I've been telling the truth about what's going on with Donald Trump in this is that this is the truth. The odds against Trump now are Astrand my God just it, I just don't see it's out. So what's lets me the story from in your time. They say Slovenia certifies its election results, making binding victory. Official state of Pennsylvania certified its elect.
results on Tuesday as Governor Tom Wolf, signed off on the slight of twenty electors and solidified President Elect Joe Biden victory in the state where he was born when the most hotly contested prizes of the election. The move in Pennsylvania Estate, MR by one, by more than eighty thousand votes, follows the certification of the result in Michigan on Monday and George on Friday, all three were states that President Trump one in twenty sixteen and Mr Batten flit with multiple battleground states that, MR by one now having certified their results, the flailing efforts by Mr Trump and his allies to subvert the election and overturn the votes of millions of Americans. Is nearing its end and we just interjected therewith that ridiculously framed paragraph trumps and as allies flailing attempt at flailing effort to subvert the election trumps legal challenges to the election seem to be nearing their end. That's news reporting if I were to say trumps efforts to stop the sea
go and prevent fraudulent votes from stealing the election. That would be right framing if I would say, a flailing effort by Trump and his allies to subvert the election that would be left framing if I were to say the effort by Donald Trump his allies to challenge the results, citing of citing voter fraud, seem to be coming to an end. I am not going to assert what is or isn't we we haven't paid when anything or disprove anything. We asked what did trot. What what what's happened so far, Donald Trump five legal chain challenges saying that there were improper guidelines were not followed and properly that some Bathsheba disqualified. So it's really just about trumps legal efforts.
To challenge the results, are nearing internet or auto challenge that that the the tallies the tribulations as they stand. They say in pencil there s the New York Times for you by the way in Pennsylvania, the Trump campaign republican allies had tried to halt the certification for weeks through a flurry of litigation. Yet was constantly rebuffed by judges who found the effort lacked any evidence of fraud. You see come on king, do your jobs is way hate media, the trunk campaign. Lawsuits did not cite fraud and the leftist sir, like look trumps even saying: there's no fraud in these cases and then the New York Times says the efforts lacked evidence of fraud. What are you talking about New York Times? Did you even read the complaints?
the most powerful principle complaint in the truck campaign was it. They didn't have observers that their observers were removed in Pennsylvania and in Michigan that was there there their complaint that this effectively invalidated votes. A state court in Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth Court said that the election code does not specify the distance by which someone can observe. I think that was extremely worrying legalizing of what the law is supposed to do. Well, it doesn't say out: you gotta be so you can be fifty feet away. No, an observer, any regional percent, say you're supposed to be sitting there saying that is provided, that is for tromp. Ok, I see what you're doing there. Those votes make sense. If you got someone is six feet away. They're gonna break this once whereby and let me see, I can't see how to bad that's ridiculous near times I just I can't stand the media anymore. You were when you When you read the stuff, you notice the ridiculous framing
even saying that it should be right, biased, I'm saying just stop pumping in your propaganda is it. The campaign had mostly most recently asked the federal Third circuit appeals. Court of appeals took two blocks are vacation event. Albania, but some legal experts have argued that of Pennsylvania. Officially certified its results before the court made a decision. The case would be considered moot and it now will be, can trump even go to the Supreme Court, challenging certain calling for an injunction on certification. No, that's it tough, the file, a new case, maybe Trump wanted to Maybe they wanted to follow your case. I'll tell you this. You know it really does feel like the trunk campaign. Is buying time for something may be there Oh no, look. If trot really thought he was gonna lose that's. Why he's trying to when? He definitely is
Tromp really thought he was gonna lose. He would just start running through a whole bunch of crazy executive orders. He wouldn't be trying this hard and spending as much. He is, but then I see these suits and a are they buying time for something because they got some suits or I'm just like. You went to court over this. What's what's the issue- and I thought maybe their buying time to judge keep trump in the race by any means necessary up until some date for some reason, maybe December a safe harbour. Both the certifications coming Anna just feels like look Unless there's some secret move. I don't know about, and maybe that's true dancing likely and I also say I really doubt- there's some secret maneuver, because this stuff just never really happens. You know it's a sin. Outcomes razor would suggest. Trump is fine. tooth and nail to win this and he's not and is not? I say, dollar wolf in announcing
ratification, praise the election workers in a state who had faced harsh criticism and harassment as the president continued his effort to subvert the election subvert the election cheese man. Yes, you want to argue that left perspective. New York Times is whether near times is trash. They just don't tell you what literally happened. They tell you. what they want you to think so it be like look. I'm I mean it's there in front of you. Ok, Donald Trump, Father legal challenge. That's it that's all that happened and it looks like he's losing his legal challenge. That's it! That's all that happened quote. I want to thank the election officials who have administrative, fair and reelection during of during an incredibly challenging time in our commonwealth and countries history. Mr Wolf said in his statement on Twitter. Our election workers have been under constant attack and they have performed admirably honourably model. County to prosper, not Pennsylvania, certified their results on Monday, amid some scattered efforts by local Republicans to halt the process in
get it county, the second largest county in the state and home to Pittsburgh. The board voted to two one: to certify the results with SAM to Marco. The loan republican member voting again Mr Marco sat his vote was an attempt to spur action and the state capital to make change that changes to the states, voting laws. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported in Lucerne County, which Mr Trump one by more than fourteen thousand votes, the board certified the result in a three two to vote again democratic members of the board voting to certify the two Republicans voting against the state had been specifically targeted by Giuliani former mayor of New York who repeated they say, baseless allegations of widespread fraud shortly after the election, Mr Giuliani, delivering now infamous news conference at four seasons. Total landscaping in North Eastern Philadelphia falsely declaring the city's election had been marred by fraud and obstruction. Numerous judges would later reject those claims in court. I do not believe that is true. The New York Times just doesn't
do their job anymore. This seems to be written by someone who is like hanging out in the coffee room like an unlike the snack Romania Times where he overheard people talking about this. The lawsuits they filed we're about impropriety, not about fraud, so the I'll tell you. This Giuliani has been saying quite a bit. There's fraud, City Powell certainly saying this there's fraud, but then are arguing fraud in court according to a source that Bright Bart spoke with they they distance them so or the issue today, Thanks I'll be more specific Giuliani engender Alice on trumps legal team issued a statement saying that be power, was working on her own, and I was drunk campaign according to bright Barton, whether you believe their source or not, they said was because the truck campaign felt like things Sidney Power saying we're outside of the scope of what they could prove in court, in which case when you claim all this fraud- and you don't think you have the evidence or can prevent court, don't be surprised when they don't try to actually presented in court
importantly, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and you're not going to be able to investigate, find evidence in two and a half weeks. That's the crazy thing about this is that we ve seen smoke we all have actually seen fire. Ok, we have evidence, we have sworn affidavits. Is it widespread enough to actually cost structural damage the election? We need an investigation. So at this point I would just like to give a round of applause
to the FBI for quickly and decisively investigating bubble, Wallace's, pull rope and garage and doing literally nothing to investigate sworn statements from multiple people alleging similar things. That's called evidence and corroboration thanks FBI. That's what they do ha now come on. We live in a plutocracy eyes, edge government for the rich by the rich and not the working class people. You can understand why they did not like Donald Trump. My favorite thing is all of like that. The early twentysomethings were like I'm gonna, go vote for Joe Biden, because I have no idea what the past you know. Ten years were alike, notably the first half with Obama and with Joe Biden and just like the absolute fresh things administration had done, but I look forward to seeing what these you know. Like socialists, youthful lefties, say about you know the drone bombing
and the military excursions, and things like that. That's gonna be fun in it. I wonder how many of these, like you know, late twenties progressives are gonna start following contact now. That's our that. I continue my right non violent in the Obama administration for the horrible things they ve been doing and have done yeah all the progressive now going to be like you know what TIM's not that bad in his reign on by now. Well, here we go which states have certified so far. This is the thing. Actual vote, tally for President and Donald Trump is still leading. This is a matter that ok took it up. We know what the states have concluded there now going through this ratification process. Joe Biden is projected to have three under and six electoral votes. So far. Eighty five electoral votes have been certified for Joe Biden, but not a single. Those vote has yet to be cast so we'll see,
You know a man I'm seeing these like these forum Post, where their alike trumps, executive order and the secret evidence in the crack in and also its coming, it's coming don't give up. Ok, listen. I understand why there's by the diehard transported saying this you literally half to when we're talking about Marine a boost, ing and trying to keep people engaged in active, you need morale element. This way we got a political battlefield. Ok and the left. The Democrats are marching Ford and they have routed the right. Well, the right needs to hold ranks so they're saying keep keep moving, keep marching, dont back down basically what they're trying to do. If someone like me comes along and I'm sitting there and I got like a strong, I'm off my feet up on my. Are these guys down lost they're gonna be like shut your mouth, it's bad for moral. So I get it just don't expect to be overcome to my channel
and get a trump cheerleader channel. It was never going to be that it's not that now and it will never be. I like tromp, I think, he's better than Joe Biden. I voted form and I voted for the other Republicans in my district and in my state. But it's because you are the left has got absolutely insane the damage
let's have gone crazy and I think Hotel Jesus yours on airport. Yes, last Friday put it best. When I was like what you think about Republicans, they're gonna wrote they did they do anything for me. It actually care about, and, unlike that's it do, the Republicans are doing nothing they're, doing nothing good, they're, doing nothing bad the goods they do is like a slit, a tiny fraction. It's like they complain about big tack and then do nothing. But Democrats are not there doing tons of stuff, and it's all just absolutely insane. I don't know, what's going to happen now, I dont and I can say two million times, although people like to snap out of context clips where I'm like this is what would happen if acts right. This might happen. This might happen. Look I think. I've said since, since they called for by myself, it's extremely low,
It's gonna be Joe biting. The machine is powerful. When I ask, can Donald Trump, when I'm not asking, can Donald Trump find a way to to nullify vote in an Earl Donald Trump as an individual, going up against the establishment machine for all its worth, and that has more to do with the exact the machine outside the election it does with were within the election. When I say, can Donald Trump, when I'm not saying, can Donald Trump find votes, I'm saying, can Donald Trump defeat the crony corporate a which meant he pulled it? Often twenty? Sixteen and it was it was slim now's. The electoral college victory was great, but ends states you won by we like eighty thousand or so votes between several states was like point two percent in one in one
Timothy Michigan, whose it was slim Hillary Clinton, could have one that, but now people really paid Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, narrowly bested. The establishment must Jeanne the rhinos in dynamos holding hands behind our backs. Lindsey Grammar Kamel Harris fist bumping any pats on the back. That's right! Congratulations! Kamel! Harris! But now I'm gonna go on tv and claimed Donald Trump should fight tooth and nail and never give up thanks, Lindsey Gram, that's the republican establishment. They don't care about! You and other. The Democrats. Donald Trump put up a heck of a fight, but I wonder if he could defeat. than they have been throwing everything in his face and which got understand too, is that going back passed several years with Donald Trump facing Impeachment and Ukraine gate all this that you know well in Ukraine, guided pigment and Russia Gate, they were keeping him
base and trumpet still manage to do a pretty good job helping this country, but these people don't care about this country, they care about their pocket bucks. That's why they love free trade. That's why they love this vaccine. You know why you get you pass a bill where you like we're gonna expedite product, can we get operation warp speed? What does that signal to all the wealthy elites and people who work in Congress who, for some reason or millionaires by more stock, its be reported that Kelly LAW Flooring, Georgia, when covert She had her. You know adviser wherever go through a portfolio and start buying up all of these Big Box stores and whatever it's like dude. When it comes to someone like law, for they try to drag her as personally profiting and she did, but people have wealth management. The point is the rich get richer and the poor get poor and I don't care if the republic and I don't care if their Democrat, the Democrats
get money when they say we need everyone to take this vaccine and we're going to offer up a two billion dollar guaranteed contract to big pharma and then what do they do? Will they move their? They shuffle their portfolio, rounded, by into Pfizer, because they know Pfizer's gonna, put now of acceding and modernity and other companies there like well there on a proud of accessing the government's gotta, be paying for it. That's via that means. It means your tax dollars, your wealth being transferred to big pharmaceuticals, while the governors lock you down and send all of your your small business and all of your ownership is destroying it sent to the Big Box stores. The big corporate machine and you know what I feel for every hard working American who is trying to resist and push back. The political establishment doesn't care about you. They never did they want to line their pockets with gold. You see when you read she don't gotta worry about poor people stuff. You have the ability to snap your
finger and say: look I got a million shown over there. I don't care what I do that move it over. That's that that big farm accompanying bam. Somebody at me out nay, said with Joe Biden coming in part Palin tier. The data analytics tracking- and you know, as some would say, spying company- is going to get some sweet sweet government contracts. You best buy up Pelletier Stock, yeah Pelletier, big data analysis tracking, all that stuff- oh no, don't know, but it's ok there! Okay! Now it's Peter tales Company he's all right right. He was. He was in favour of the right and hated the pc stuff and you know so it so it so it's so it's all good and an under helping with covered. So someone at me up and said it's gonna skyrocket because with Joe Biden get sent he's gonna dummies contracts entities,
big, spyware companies. Are these big surveillance companies and are not binding yet stuff? That's not for me. I wanna play that game, but I know some people who did and patenting skyrocketed when Joe Biden Gets- and I tell you what you are Make mad cash when you invest in income companies like Amazon you by the Amazon Stock and Google Stock, because he said lockdown know what he really That was, I trust. The science and his adviser, roster homes had locked down where people can shop, Amazon Walmart Target, so I think Walmart private, but you you. You know what you want to invest in big pharmaceuticals and so here's what happens as the poor, the middle class, the working class see their businesses flattened their ownership, evaporate, nay struggle to get by on scraps. The people have been sitting on massive wealth.
Can easily put it into these big stores and then get all that money. I hope you're ready for the american oligopoly, because this is what's happening. We are checked the charts wealth inequality is going to be worse than any one has ever seen, and I tell you this, you wanna to know why that's a problem, wealth and equality leads to destabilization of society's. You cannot have oligarchy, especially in Amerika for at you know increasingly becoming wealthy, while the poor suffer because the left will revolt and the right will revolt- and I tell you this- we might get to a point where we see more. This Bootblue be Elam handshakes tough going on, but you might actually see chop supporters start supporting anti for no joke, I know is, I won't get out if that were the right hates aunt. If I tell you this, when they crush your small business, when they strip away everything you own and you are demanding your right to survive,
This eventually someone's going to say the enemy of my enemy is my friend and then what well antifraud thinks the government's fascists, the Trump supposing conservatives just want to get by. I I I, I think we're gonna see riots across the board also place up. Certification is here and it's looking like a Joe Biden presidency and that means stir pain and suffering, I'm sorry just does. Maybe the vaccine works tremendously and then they release the lock downs, but it's already starting to get worse. I lived there next segments coming up at four p m on a different Youtube channel. Do this goal your address bar and type in Youtube outcome. Slashed him, guest and press enter if you're still listening to this video, because you didn't do it and some of you might think,
the same channel this journalist and gives us an item guest. Ok, I have multiple channels and, for some reason, Youtube just as this one is to guess what dragon go to the address bar typing Youtube COM, slashed him cast press enter and you will see different content. I will see you there four p m thanks for hanging out many of you already know the media is not on your side. They don't exist. To tell you the truth. They just pump out propaganda and activist narratives to clarify their people who work in news, media and local news who do a good job. Use mainstream new sources all the time I just have to that these articles. I can't just pulpit article and soon. What they're saying is true, so I tried to find a bunch of different article, and if they're saying similar things, then I think ok, maybe this clause we get to the truth. Admittedly, I have to trust them very often, but without
dose of scepticism if there ever citing a pole? I look in the pool if ever citing a lawsuit. I'll look into the lawsuit like with the fake news about Donald Trump, Lawson and Pennsylvania. I actually read the suit, checked the source and see if that, giving you fake news, Well now we have another survey. According to the Washington washing in Washington, examiner Trump would one: three hundred and eleven eleven electoral college votes if media weren't, biased sexually, really simple, the media didn't report Joe Biden, scandals or his sons laptop then that crack pipe and all other stuff and when people were asked about it they said. While I would not have voted form had I known that in fact you look it doctor Naomi Wolf who tweeted out almost immediately after the election. If I had known Joe Biden was in favour of lockdown, I wouldn't devoted forum in my response is how did you not know this? Did you not look it up, unfortunately, because the media lie
and don't and lies by omission. Here's the story, the examiner says the liberal media's efforts to high Joe Biden, related scandals from voters and very good news about the Trump administration costs. The president, the election according The two new voting surveys had voters known about troubling issues, swirling around the Democrat and some of the sexes, some of their success, Is it the Trump White House, including the Middle EAST? Peace deals, job growth and energy independence and of people would have turned away from Biden to give Trump three hundred and eleven electoral votes more enough to win said the poles shared with secrets, ripping the media Brent. Basel founder of the meat media Research centre, said: had they done their jobs. Donald Trump won the election. Basel added this is not happenstance. This is not coincidence. The Democrats knew better and for a variety of reasons, media has become propagandistic riddle. Many of these people just want the Democrats to win
and I'll tell you it's really simple: there's no grand conspiracy for the most part. I say that because I don't know maybe they're raised, but we here is what I see happening. Having worked on these companies and others before what kind of article does well shot content pot, hyper, partisan content. So what do news organisations do they drift towards hyper partisan content? They then hire people who produce hyper artisan content and falsely frame stories to maximize viewer ship. This result and people, saying don't write about that the binding thing we're not gonna get any collects, so they don't an unknown hears about it. Now, admittedly, there's probably a lot of activists in propagandist, you're, probably also these companies saying don't write about that or else here is the post election survey of one thousand seven hundred and fifty Biden, voters in seven swing, states,
percent unaware about the bite, an assault allegations. Thirty four point: four percent: eight point: nine percent would have shifted away from Biden Hunter by scandal. Forty five percent were unaware. Nine point four would have shifted away Harris most leftist Senator twenty five point. Three and four point and would have shifted away. However, I think it's fair to say she's, the most liberal in the sense that she does not compromise, not that she's far left none as for trumps successes, energy independence, middle eastern peace deals, creating eleven point: one million jobs. Thirty three point: one percent economic growth operation warp speed people were not unaware. Eighty two percent were unaware of at least one of these stories: energy independence. Fifty point five percent were unaware and our credit, a grand total of about a seventeen percent shift away from bide. Not to be fair. I do think there there narrowing down the fact that there's probably overlap some of the people who didn't
how about the allegations didn't know about energy independence and its probable that you didn't know about a lot about a lot of this because you're watching CNN or something it's. I think it's fair point out trumpet of one. They say once more: the media had a partner in Twitter, which Basel said censored Trump his Pain or family members? Two hundred and sixty two times during the under the campaign bodies team was never censored. In one survey for em our sea by Maclaughlan and associates enough of buttons, voters would have switched there election had they known about us on hunters, money scandal to give Europe a victory. In that pole, four point: six percent of binding voters said they would not have selected him. Had they been aware of his sons, China, money affair in the second done by the polling company for em, our sea, seventeen percent voters would have shifted away from Biden had they known about buying scandals and trumps achievements. Look at this massive presented changes in Pennsylvania Mission
in Georgia errs on was confident about the key swing states, hypothetical trot margin. Now all of this is hypothetical, but I think it's fair to at least say we knew the game was rigged from the start. We new social media was banning high profile. Tromp personalities in the Republicans were too stupid or complicit. Since twenty eighteen, or or earlier, we ve all been talking about censorship against conservative who are the primary victims of censorship? Why? Because they want to trump to lose door, and the only reason they like me is because I am able to attract many of these.
the servant of yours, but I'm actually illiberal. So you see you see, other games played, they say to impose a liberal. He gets these viewers that where we can, I said this over and over again, just just so you're aware it's not a secret. What I think Youtube is doing. I dont like Democrats, I think they're, not, I think trumps, not that bad. I don't think he's perfect or anything like that, but I think I thought the Middle EAST are look. Look at this, the mentally middle eastern peace. There was a war amazing, the job growth, economic growth. I thought those were great. Energy independence was a good thing, operation warp speed. I thought it was great. Tromp was doing some fairly good things. I thought bind was doing bad things and buttons History shows that our right begrudgingly all vote for Trump. I think what you too wants to do when they ban certain high profile creators and an Youtube, isn't the worst minuets Facebook and Twitter, but when they ban a lot of people, their hoping those p we'll stick around and watch. You know Stephen prouder and you know other right wing creators who their allowing to remain on the platform
they want to spin the wheel, push them what they want. What's considered right wing to be far right was considered centrist to be wing and they want someone like me: who's a left, leaning, independent to be considered right wing, which is now what their basically doing they like it, shifting the Overton window. That's what that that that's, how the game is being played. We know from the get go, it wasn't just social media, the Democrats change to the rules. We know this, when voting was a huge boost. They then had a month to maybe ballot harvest. We sauce several accusations of ballot harvesting. But maybe even just general outreach. That's the thing you can understand with one month with male in voting going out. They could go door to door and just say: did you fill out your vote yet fill it out were here, fill it out now mail it in and then I'm gonna harvest. They can just say: do it do it vote and they gave themselves that month to do it, and that was a way one of the principal way
They. They want everything that it was. They suppressed information they censored and Twitter. Did this people like Jack, Dorsey Man, I think Jack Dorsey. I don't guess any power mind you see of twitter. I think, for the most part, is just like a figure had just a face. In reality, the company knew what they were and they knew why they were doing it. There was a long time ago that airport slots and Alex Jones Laura, Loom, reminding us many people were banned across the board and social media and it was obvious what they were doing. High profile truck supporting personalities were purged, so look when they say that trunk lost and in some states it was. It was relatively close. The peoples- I wasn't even close, you know three o six. Now look the twenty. Sixteen raises very close Trump one, some states by thousands of votes, tens of thousands, and in this case it was relatively close. I'm not gonna, say it was extremely close, but was relatively close. We that raises where it's like you know: Obama get several million, more votes and several states cleanly
go to him and we know it's not close. Now in this case, Trot looked like he won on election night and then they went up red mirage, but we got it. We're gonna find the votes, yeah everybody you that was coming so anyway, they say a survey of voters in the key Battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan Nevada, North Carolina Pennsylvanian was content, found enough Biden, voters switching to give Trump the win in each state. The survey did not assume that those voters, leaving Biden would shift Trump showing how close the races war basically saying there are not safe, would have gay necessarily have given Trump the boost, but taking enough votes away from Biden meant Trump would have won, and I think this shows well. We got a serious problem in my main secular talked about that coupling of America actually was the ceo of axioms. Who said there would be a decoupling, and I think it's I think is right. I think there will be a decoupling. Why conservatives, no! The media is lying to them and lying to many people, the bat.
now is on four heads. Counting heads republican networks need to convince me. To join their ranks. They need people to leave, mainstream social, mainstream media and get them to join the ranks of conservative media. But it's not wouldn't I should say necessarily needs to absolutely. It will help them up with that way. There are left wing social media platforms. There's like mastodon, not particularly large, for the most part. Parlor is going exponentially and conservatives are finding their own voices in their own spaces. Here's can happen. Conservatives are still on Twitter. They just how they presence on parlor, where they can say more of what they want now. Parlor does have different rules in many ways: stricter rules if a broadcast standard, meaning you still can't put up hate speech, but you can say
Anything you on about need a lot of things. Twitter will ban you for you, no question in the election or such like that. Here's what I see happening, regular journalists, regular people and journalists will probably be on twitter, but most regular people don't use twitter it all anyway, but conservatives will use parlour and twitter, so they'll create a space where they can say. Com hang out with us check it out on Twitter. You get a left bubble, but it's still fairly. It's not it's not hard left and it is in many ways, but not nearly as partisan as parlors twitter won't become a left wing version of parlor. Twitter is going to be mixed because conservatives are still there giving Conservatives the advantage in the future that something is media companies cannot pay attention to. And maybe this will be the massive advantage. Conservatives have going to twenty two and twenty twenty four deliver their couple. More segments coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all. Surely one american
news has been temporarily suspended from Youtube and booted from the: u to partner pro I'm so they will no longer be allowed to make money on Youtube videos, Ladies and gentlemen, the attack is underway in my previous segment. I mentioned how right wing media spaces like parlor are a massive advantage to conserve as Republicans moving forward and thus, as you could have predicted there, that they are going to do everything in their power to destroy these networks and these platforms and thus saith the big tech overlords. It hath begun from an Bc Boston, Youtube on Tuesday barred one american NEWS from posting new videos, enlightenment, for one week after the right, leaning me organization uploaded a fake cure for the crowd of quote after careful review. We
Google video from away on an issue they strike on the channel for violating are covered. Nineteen misinformation policy, which prohibits content, claiming that a guaranteed cure a Youtube spokesperson, told CNBC additionally due to repeated violations of our covered nineteen misinformation policy and other channel modification policies, weaves us, under the channel from the U to partner programme and, as a result, its motivation on Youtube. It was unclear, what's typically away and video said about covered nineteen cure about a covenant, ensure that made you tube decided to suspend its channel. So, let's stop
right there and rewind where they said you to ban them for posting news after the after the meteoric is at an opposite effect cure. If you don't know what the video was, you can't say they did something right. You can say, because you tube claims they violated there, ruinous information as the organization we'll have to reapply to Youtube's partner program if it wants the ability to make money out of its existing conjured again. Why p p Youtube's partner programme is that it is what connects large Egypt channels with advertisers Youtube, said Braun, that companies will only be readmitted after they fixed the issue that lead to suspension, Tuesdays, move marks, Youtube's latest crackdown against away and and the social media giant has been criticized for allowing
an american news to spread misinformation such as false claims at Present Donald Trump One, the presidential election, nobody one the presidential election, yet Joe Biden is the projected winner and he has not yet President elect until the electors make their votes on December fourteenth. So far, Joe Biden has eighty five electoral vote. Sir fine, but not cast and I'll drop as ninety. Based on the projections, it looks like Joe Biden we'll be certified the winter and that's what I expected happened for quite some time, though Donald Trump is still an illegal battle and make you my put off but think about this. They are trying desperately to sever conservative media, but have they stopped to think at all about what will happen if you do these people are insane and which really frustrating to me is how
tom they are you listening. You too, you know I did a segment and the IRA podcast, where I talked about how my channels, where blacklisted you can Google search them and then all of a sudden my channels got remove the blacklist. Perhaps you ve likes me for some reason. Let me just say this to those at you too, who may be who might be listening there This is one of the stupidest things you could do you do not want to remove these channels from Youtube. You want to keep them on the platform so that people get, mix of information and don't drift off into these spaces. But now that's what's happening. Perhaps that's! What's a twitter and Youtube and Facebook, we're hoping would happen, and that would be really dumb. Can I tell you, what's can happen if you create a space for all of these people, to watch the news and build up a big audience, and then you snippet so that that audience drifts away? You are
creating a massive network of people who will now have no access to other information because get what guess what bit shoot exists? Mines exists. There are other platforms or one American. Those can upload videos if they're getting suspended and they probably will- and this means that audience are going there. go to a place like parlor, where people on parlor are an echo chamber on the rock gonna hear other information. You are solidifying the insanity and you are making the divide worse but far, be it from me to tell you how to do your job because for all I know you want the divide to get worse, and if that's your case, if that's the case, then good job, you're, you're doing just you're you're doing swell now I dont want things to get worse. I want things to get better. I want this country too. Together. I want us to figure out how we can get past these absurd claims and strange ideologies and survive and then work together towards a better better world and country. Unfortunately, Youtube. Does things like this? What was the fake covert nineteen
your video we dont know. Why is NBC saying they did but then later saying they have no idea what it was that an watch the video no, it was and got I gotta go. I don't owe the video is either so I'm not gonna. Take you tubes word for it only imagine a certain point in time. They ban me as well, but that is what it is. Take. A look at us. Parental advocacy group warns parlour is dangerous for minors. Why? Why is it dangerous? The advocacy group parents together action issued a public warning Friday about the alternative social media, parlor, arguing it doesn't moderate content with dangerous for minors. First of all, let me just say: there's no such thing as an alternative social network. There's just smaller social networks. and they do moderate right now there being accused of censoring hashtag and left the media's running that too. So why the fake and confusing narratives, because they're just trying to destroy parlor, that's it you're comes at an electoral, say, boots of private.
We had form you can go in any place where you want, and then your com and posts lies to get these things band. Parlor moderates have really very, however, broadcast standard mean meaning who can say a lot of things on parlor that you can say on Twitter on Twitter. You can post some pretty explicit graphic stuff for for real on parlor. You can't they say quote: parents should know that due to parlors, dangerous combination of an extremist user base and almost non existent moderation of content, hate speech in shipments to violence and is information about the election. Results are pervasive on the platform, I wonder of parlors going to sue because that's a false statement of fact. Now you can say extreme assets and opinion almost non existent moderation, that's probably in opinion too. So maybe you know, maybe
can't sue, but they say hate speech, incitement to violence, parlor, as I mentioned as a broadcast standard, meaning you there's a lot of things. You can't say so. That's just I don't! That's not true. The organization urged parents to check their children's devices to ensure they have not installed parlor, where our noting its rise in popularity since election day. If they have, the group recommends deleting their child account and the EP. They don't want your kids to be exposed to conservatives parents together. Action underscored their warning by saying that parlor does not require users to share their age or birthday when signing up. The EP does, however, require users to be at least thirteen years old and have express permission from illegal guardian. If their under eighteen, based on its user agreements, parlor brand itself as a free speech platform and has been boosted by conservative figures in the wake of election- you're kind of, but as I mentioned, these what's called a broadcast standard. So now I don't think that's incorrect and social
media giants? Facebook and twitter took action to label posts with misinformation with the election, including those from Trump casting doubt on the results and President Electro buttons, Victory parlor allowed such posts to remain unchecked. Experts have raised concerns over the potential for this information to spread and conspiracy theories to flourish due to parlors hands off approach kind of like Russia, Russia, CNN, Russia, yeah. That's ok, though, right no moderation there they say in addition to the spread of this information parents together action cited posts explicitly calling for targeted political violence and civil or in response to trumps defeat, as well as those filled with hate speech, its crucial that parents are aware of the violence, racism and extremism that exists on this platform. No child should be on parlor parents together cofounder, just in Rubens Edna statement. Meanwhile, is a video make the rounds on to it.
of a bunch of people, clapping enchanting as a small child whose, like eight years old, says that their trans and while I look if parents are going away their kids as they want. You can claim all these, These are bad and talk about it. I'm not here to to judge the morality I'm just pointing out, because we get in a conversation about that stuff. I've been heavily critical, I'm just pointing out that if you ve got children on twitter and there being exposed to a bunch of extremist content, where's the complaint there. Oh these people say all day and night that Twitter harbours the same hate speech. Ok, parents together action. Please tell parents to go, delete twitter off of these phones off of these devices, long story what's going to happen and when I think everybody recognise was going to happen is that they are gonna. Do everything in their power to destroy any space where conservatives try together with one american NEWS they ban this channel. The viewers have to go somewhere and they're all,
together. They can simply just forget what they saw so now, they're going to play a game of workable chasing after these crowds. and beating them into submission. Over and over again, that's the plan then apparently faced by throwing a programme to DE radicalized, trying to figure out what content would make people de radicalized. The only problem is the far left content they ve been pumping out and support, Bring is radicalization, it's funny when you have somebody who's, you know on Facebook and they think it's the right. That's become radicalized, with rights actually pretty much where it's always been and so they as radicalized far left us are like how do we deal radicalized these right, wingers and then what ends up happening? They try and make right, wingers leftists because to them left as norm The people claim Bernie Sanders. A centrist make me laugh he's not he's called for public ownership of corporations. Ok, that's literal socialism and not the meadow care for all. A socialism argument, I'm saying literally giving the workers the control of the means of production
is. Socialism now Bernie offered up only a sea of twenty percent. Now his plan, the point as it exists, they're gonna come after parlor minds, they already have and patriot, and they already have and they're gonna, give them the extremists treatment and try and destroy them because they want control. Twitter, loves it bill of the power source, Facebook. These people are insane and there's no competition here. Eventually they will try to destroy of platforms, but these people will keep spreading ideas. You know you banning them is the wrong move, because then they have no choice but to seek out each other for quickly or you know, on alternative platforms. And I'm saying that using their language because it- because there's just platforms, they're gonna find other places to communicate only with their necks seconds coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you will shortly, but I thought that if Joe Biden got elected, everything would with rich into normal. Well, what? Why isn't everything returning to normal? Why is violent crimes surging wires?
police still being funded. Why are the covert lockdown getting worse? Ok, ok, Joe Biden, not president! Yet, but here we go but things are going to get a whole lot crazy and I hope you are prepared because oh Biden has said, is going to follow the science Trump Sadie would follow political and economic advisers and Mock Joe Biden. Said trot, pursued, Ya'Ll rewarding, involve designs. Like you so stupid, you even do anything and Joe Biden he's going to All the scientists, like Austria Homo said, lock everything down for six weeks which would decimate. Economy worse than it already is, and I love out right now- the DOW Jones is hit a record of thirty thousand. Meanwhile, people are losing their jobs, lockdown are getting worse. People are facing mass eviction. Welcome to the oligopoly the plutocracy would have you want to call it the massive transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich.
And you can thank all of the well to do NEO, liberal managerial elites and yes, there, passive leftist foe allies, who supported Joe Biden, who are bring us this glorious transfer of well Future Donald Trump resisted all of this. But you report you so, ladies and gentlemen, to give you the star of today's show Minnesota courts. Suspend criminal trials for sixty days due to covet rest assured that, as they continue, their efforts to defend the police, your criminal courts and jails will be shut down in the criminals will be released because you know covered lockdown. So what do you think happens on the criminals are being cut. those the police are being defended. Do they are decimating this country across the board and the NEO Liberal left this managerial elites voted for it, I'm saying as a combination, I no money left a stone like Joe Biden, but so many of them defended him
and so many supported him. Oh there are some essayist you tubers warlike, but Joe Biden is just what we have to do, because Donald Trump is fast. Just congratulations! You walked off the cliff like a lemming. Ok, many these progressives like the food, that criminal trials are being suspended and that violent crime is surging and innocent people are being victimize and gun down. Shore I was all about letting people live their lives and work. But you know what I guess. Many of these letters are getting it actually what they want. They want. The ultra leads to control their lives. That's literally the plan its com some in communism. You have the party elite, sword, control of a centralized economy, and then you just do what you're told like doktor out she said recently. Remember: Americans have an independent spirit, but it's time you do what you're told she
without you well until the constitution is known as long as the cottage and exists, I'm gonna go out and say no, not gonna happen in Minnesota. They say as cases of covert nineteen continue to search district courts across the state will suspend jury trials and ramp up remote hearings, effective November thirty The judicial council unanimously voted thirty November nineteenth that all new criminal jury trial should be put on hold until February first and that all court proceedings should be conducted remotely unless it is impossible to do so leftists. Let me ask you: what do you think's going to happen to these people? Do you think they're gonna be just let loose from the jails or do you think they're gonna be locked up for an extended narrative time arbitrarily because of covert lockdown, they are making an authoritarian state and it was the Joe Biden voters at supported. This Joe Biden has already
the bank stirs the lobbyists in the crony elites who supported the Iraq war on his transition team. It's coming. I can't imagine That's many were regular Americans going to support this and people are gonna, be pushed to limit and they are gone to snap. This is crazy for Also, the judiciary, we are used to doing it. Balancing analysis and we need to do that now. It seems to me, as we consider whether and how we should ramp down some of our in person court proceedings according to Minnesota Supreme Court Justice, lorry Gilda of course, on one side, the scale is our constitutional mission, our constitutional obligate. to ensure access to justice and to ensure that it is I did freely and promptly without delay that is very important. Weight on that side of the scale on the other side of the scale is our duty to protect the health and safety of our judges. What does constitution say this constitution saying the fifth amendment? You have a right to a speedy trial, unless, of course there is a pandemic, yet no it says,
You were right to bear arms to speak freely. You have a right to be free from soldiers. You know Staying in your home. That's not really been an issue for us for the most part to be free from Unnecessary search and seizure, too, are unreasonable and a fourth amendment right remained silent, speedy trial, all that good stuff nowhere in there to say unless, unless of course, we are faced with a pandemic and the health and safety is at risk, it's not in their their trampling on the constitution and their working to destroy it. So what do we do? The police aren't upholding their oath. What about national guard or any of these people upholding their oath? I honestly, I don't think so. I really dont the oath is to the constitution, not the individual's giving these edicts. But what happens when you're a cop- and they say what you do. What happens when you're a judge? Well, you know what we're not going to hold these hearings anymore. Great, well, welcome New York City they're, going to return one hundred and twenty officers to patrol Subway
in response to an alarming spate of attacks as police arrest, homeless, man. Thirty three, who pushed a victim onto the tracks in Brooklyn. it's just going to get worse man, I'm not trying to be Debbie down or pessimistic or whatever, but it's getting worse. It is, I think, so thing has to change. We we need Some kind of nonviolent civil disobedience protest, I will be- I will be reasonable and rational and say that this holiday week, people are flying the amount of people expected to travel to their family, to me to be with their families for ex giving is only down around five percent. According some sets, an I'm Pallaby infatuated flights are down, but people driving its relatively the same so for the most part
people are having their thanksgiving they're issuing these eat at unlocked on a people are basically saying: don't care we're going to do our thing. They can't control everyone, and I can't control everything they can lie about it, but I do think there's enough people who are going to blow. We follow until they finally snap- and so I mention this in previous segments, but you ve got regular hard working law abiding american citizens who are being pushed to the brink its. It really does seem like they're trying to get people to snap like they did in the first week of June, and we saw the mass George Floyd Riots. Much of that anger, resentment was redirected. Alot of these people spend speculated. We're really just angry. With the lockdown they'd been stuck in their apartments, they couldn't go out sitting there every day, almost in solitary confinement, making these ridiculous movies, whereas, like thereon zoom calls or whatever its genuinely creepy stuff, on par with black mirror there is an episode where everybody lives in a cubicle and their wall.
our screens and they have avatars over putting them in the house. It they're like the laughing Lego watching these shows its creepy stuff. Well, that's what happened? Now it's only getting worse. Criminals are being released. It's been happening across the board from jails because of covert now there, spending court. So I can only imagine some people are to be locked up for extended periods without the ability to get bail which violates the fifth amendment some people are gonna be released which violates the actual safe you have individuals and all in the name of this pandemic, which is not in the constitution Pollution says that we as individuals have rights it does. It does us anything about, specific emergency. You know pandemics and ours must respond, like I say, Patrick hundred inside you me liberty or give me death unless of course, as a pandemic, he said, give me liberty or give me death individual, some is being eroded and its
we're going to. I said if it fifty million times, but under our Joe Biden presidency you'll be bad. What have you done? to make sure that you are ready for how bad it will be. If you are someone who lives out in the middle of nowhere you're, probably fine. If someone who lives in a city, I think it's fair to say he's gonna be riots? People are going to break, they have their limit. Has already been a rise in suicides has been rise, raw rising violent crime. It see- He's like everything we are seeing is just destroying the economy. I mean think about it. You ve got riots destroying businesses defending the police increase in general street crime. Mass lockdown everything is drawing the economy and shifting wealth in ownership to the global elites. That's the way it's been goin. I was Joe Biden, the pact, the candidate of Wall Street and the managerial elites, Nigeria elites than not expected to just keep happening. Let me just say to those that voted for this man, the regular working class,
You are going to suffer from not saying it's a good thing. Now it's a bad thing. It's gonna be bad. I'm sorry should vote for this guy your wealth in ownership will be destroyed and dissolved, and you know what There are many millennia people with no families, and so they are nothing to lose. They don't care they're like I don't care. If I don't work, just give me the money, but there are people who have kids and families that are constrained and are scared to fight back and speak up a fight back figurative. We protest because they have kids in their word, but I'll get cancel. The left will come for me boy. Have they beat new down into submission perfectly council culture? Stop you from speaking up. And you wouldn't advocate for the candidate who could actually have saved you Donald Trump, now they're telling you to sit down, shut up, stay in your home. Do with your told, like Voucher, said Anne like good little obedient serfs, you ve done it. Congratulations and, under the guise of fighting fascist,
no less. Here we are, I'm shown up in the middle of nowhere. I can go outside with. Tons of land and mountains before me and theirs. Nobody around anywhere many of you Prob, they are in a similar position, but these cities are being absolutely destroyed, will see how things play out, because I think people are gonna break and it's gonna get really really bad and I've been saying for quite some time. So I hope you ve been paying attention a lot of people like to say items. He shells, those food bins. You betcha, I gotta bunch not because I think the world is going to end, but because the shelves or are being stripped clean because of covered lockdown. That happened lack of earlier in the year and, if you can,
see that you don't already happened. I don't have time in neck second, coming up tomorrow at ten, a dot m, but tonight at eight p, dot m at ten cast IRL or have a big show so stick around thanks for hanging out. I will see you all then.
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