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CNN Warns Of "Bloodshed" If Trump Follow Through With Retaking Antifastan Also Known As "The CHAZ."


CNN Has tried to play it both ways arguing that there are no antifa militants but that also there could be bloodshed if Trump follows through on his threat to reclaim the area.Democrats in the state have rebuffed Trump and told him off meanwhile lawlessness has taken hold and the police have been shut out of their own precinct building.While Antifastan mostly seems to be peaceful and its basically a bunch of hippie dancing there have been some alarming issues dealing with the armed groups policing the area and potentially extorting locals.#Antifa#Democrats#Trump

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The other day. Donald Trump threaten to take back what is being called Antigua stand if you're not familiar with what that is, that's just a nickname. Many people on the right have given it, but it's kind of funny in reality, the Left wing activists and some extremists call it the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. It takes its it's a small space in Seattle. The story for those are unfamiliar is that some anti for types were fighting with police police ultimately evacuated and abandoned the police you think essentially surrendering to these far left extremists. Well, they took up. They took over the space dubbed the Chaz it, Amazon and than many other activists came in now, it's been mostly peaceful, but in reality there are people there. Or who are arm too, are running the the borders of the zone checking ids checking for weapons. Many of these people are socially the group colleague John Brown Gun Club, if you're not familiar with this, group there, a leftist pro gone
activists, group or extremist you're. What I wanna call em, maybe maybe not fair to calm extremists, but they are on the fringe of politics. They have been assessed. With a guy who in Tacoma, which is in the Seattle area, he went and attacked and ice facility. Last year will get into a more of that later, but the big story right now is the sheer absurdity of how this is being covered. The media, notably CNN while trying to call it peaceful, then warned of the potential for bloodshed. Should Donald Trump try to move and to take the zone? Ok, not necessarily Donald Trump, but said you gotta understand a lot of these people. Are armed and if law enforcement tries to take this place back, there is a potential for violence. Let me start just by saying shot up, see, and come on. None of these John Brown Gun club people gonna shoot a cop. That's ridiculous! Ok! Yes, they are. Armed extremists- you there on the far left a fringe of polish we're, gonna column,
their legally allowed to bear these weapons there legally led to walk around, and that can complain about that, but they are doing some illegal things so being people at your border and demanding ideas or frisking them have reported. That's illegal people how to freely move to the city. We ve also reports in the police that some of the local businesses and residents are being shaken down there being extorted. These groups want cash. For the most part. What's going on in Seattle is a bunch of hippies doing their hippy dance, watching, movies listening to music, and I don't think it's all there, worrisome for the most part. Now there are few. There are some concerns that this could go one of two ways: it can either just fizzle out and pick me up the belt that the little kids
Eve. Kids playing rebels in revolutionaries eventually get bored and go home or, as we do headway because we do have these extremists factions involved, their influence could expand, they could take more territory and these could pop up across the country where their barring police from entering so whether knots anybody actually comes in UK you do have some considerations to make in terms of wealth get worse or will it disappear? Donald Trump says he wants to set them straight. That's what he's saying right now says all straighten out Seattle. I'm not I'm not convinced right now. That's the right thing to do, but also thank you can't just allow the police department to be overrun. The police are trying to come back and then letting him in, and there is a legitimate conflict here but let's be real. We are not dealing with a real autonomous country. We are dealing with a horde. You know on an army of communists trying to take over the country, it's a bunch of dumb kids playing rebels and revolutionary
and actually mean that, with a little bit of respect for what they're doing there, he's fully assembling for the most people. There have assembled peacefully what needs to be stopped as the lawlessness shutting down the police precinct running the barricades. That's over the line and that's why there needs to be some real legal considerations into what to do next. The mayor's refusing do anything trumps is going to come in but it really is the lowest of low tier in terms of problems, and trunk could probably make it worse if he does come in one thing. That won't happen, though I do not believe there will be bloodshed. I think it's it is a possibility of it, but CNN right now, let's get to the to the meeting potatoes year. Cnn is running too contradictory narratives one from their media reported Oliver Darcy, whose straight lies and says: there's no anti for militants here and at another. What the aired with Anderson Cooper, where a guy says well, they are arms of law enforcement comes there could be bloodshed. I think both of these are absurd
but hey welcome to nineteen. Eighty four, I guess we're CNN runs contradictory narratives. At the same time, here's a story from a daily collar CNN Porter calls Chaz Peaceful says you have to worry about the potential for bloodshed. You gotta love it, don't you so you can't get real news. Can you before we get started? had over two TIM guest outcome, Slash donut! If you'd like to support my work, theres many ways you can give. In fact there is a p o box where you can send whatever he'd like to send if you'd like to send it, but the best thing you can do share this. Why well CNN is propped up by you to buy kid. You not. They get beneficial algorithmic treatment, you're more. I got to see their videos giving them hundreds of millions of use every month when they produce garbage like this? If you think I do better job? Well, I don't have the big marketing I should have seen. Nancy can help out by just share the video, because it does help my channel now, if you just want to watch it, the like button subscribe button. The notification bell: and let's read the story from the daily collar they report
reporter was on the streets in Seattle, Capitol Hill Autonomous own Chaz, speaking about how peaceful it was Thursday. You have to worry about the potential for bloodshed. He reported seconds later speaking about if protesters had to be removed by Force CNN. What are you, I was in fact there is going to be federal officers or federal law enforcement come to this area. It is not going to be a pretty situation short of some. Of major concession they're not going to leave voluntarily he continued. The rapporteur said that food is being served, The contents are present and people are camping up. He also report that using played and some washed movies, calling Chaz sort of a contradictory situation, on the one hand began with force, but right now it's peaceful. Yes, it's called seizing territory, Tucker Karlsson. The statement about it, and it really was hilarious because he facetiously does refer to it as a new country that exists on this planet. But he points out the hilarious hypocrisy of his act,
First of all, they conquered land. They seized the land from people who already live there. Okay, so our colonial, I guess there colonists there are also using guns, even oh they're, simultaneously arguing about police in their guns, their literally the signs and cowards hide behind their guns. There also said border walls and running check points to keep out undesirables, they also have their own internal police who have been accused of assaulting people. Yes, congratulations. You ve invented. Para a parallel society. Doing the exact same things, you complained about a new that reveals it reveals they don't really want change. They just want the power if they're going to create, the exact same institutions that already exist then clearly they just want the power of those institutions they dont want changed. That's why you can't allow them to take power because they are corrupt individuals themselves, a Threed more. The rapporteur pointed out that Washington is an open, carry state and added. No doubt some of these points,
This is our armed, so you have to worry about the potential for bloodshed, the potential for violence, in the case that law enforcement does try and remove activists by Far course. I must say for the millionth time. That is an absurd, absurd statement. I mean, I guess it is fair to point out but come on man. He should have followed up with listen the likelihood that any of these people who are armed are going to turn their weapons on cops is ridiculous. Okay to be fair, however, cops have been ambushed in recent times, so it's not like it can't happen. It can. I just think it's very very, unlike okay, but maybe make maybe I don't know. Maybe it is fair to point out that was LAS Vegas with Oakland with St Louis was Chicago with the shootouts. The cops are going to be on edge, but I don't think these particular people are going to engage in that behavior. That being said, I have two two big fears. If if
the police, do move in and them or the military comes in our trump comes in. He could potentially make this growing and expand Occupy Wall Street. In my opinion, only became relevant because officer Tony Bologna actually is aunt Anthony Bologna name. Telecom Tony Bologna walked up to a few women who we're just standing on a street corner for no reason and sprayed him in the face of pepper spray must have been about a rage, I guess, but that video, viral and ignited Occupy Wall Street across this country. If tromp does, and in military or federal officers or anything, you could potentially see this I've been in many other cities. So perhaps it's not the appropriate thing to do. On the other hand, there is a fear that you ask, surely do have armed groups here, and we have seen violence against cops. If there is reluctance to actually go in
least this properly, because they are acting unlawfully. It could spread knowing they have. The pr support and the advantage due to the conflict happened across this country and the ability to weapon eyes any negative press that comes out of them being attacked by federal law enforcement. They may seek to expand that could potentially be dangerous. I'm not gonna pretend to know what the right answer is or what no tromp shooter shouldn't do. But Trump is straight up, saying right now, I'll straightened, Seattle out Trump threatens to take on the cop free on Amazon himself says he won't let the city be occupied, by anarchists and criticizes response from pathetic mayor who said it was a block party. You know what it mostly as a block party what you do
have some lawlessness that needs to straighten out. The cops have apparently tried to re enter the precinct they ve been able to some people have gone into the precinct, an apparently damaged and destroyed things, and ultimately the protesters are keeping the police out. This is a step too far its setting a dangerous precedent. If something is done about it, maybe Maybe Donald Trump is talking about straightening them out, not by clearing out yet on Amazon, but simply allowing the barricades. You know allowing people to freely move in and out and allowing the police to go back to their precinct. Are turn into law, nor, let them have their block party, let em serve them, ice cream and order there, pizzas and plant there. Little flowers in the park seems like they're having a good time but deal with the access, though out of step of the line. Do not let them push on it. Hopefully, if anything happen, it will not be a dramatic escalation which result in this getting way way. Worse, but I bring you now- through the sheer and glorious absurdity, that is CNN, why they just told us that armed,
individuals here would resist if the police came in. There is a real potential for bloodshed, but you can turn no further. Then to Oliver Darcy to see that CNN is a trash media organization. If you ve been getting your news from right wing media, you probably think armed militant anti for activists have seized a section of Seattle, but the mayor's office tells me city officials have not interacted with armed anti for militants at the sight wheelchair Merlin with the appropriate response. This is you and to picture of Mr Rogers, putting on a clown mask. First of all, let me breakdown. Oliver Darcy is manipulating you. He says first, if you when getting your news from right wing media, you probably think you know, militant anti activists have sees a section. He didn't say it didn't happen He then says the mayor tells me they have not interacted with these groups. Those statements don't contradict each other.
Is using a framing technique to make. It seem like that proves the the that that the former is false notes, There are absolutely armed anti for groups there, as CNN themselves have reported. Ok, ok, maybe they're, not saying it's. It's just not anti fa! Oh ok! the armed groups are there, but they're not anti for their. That fixes everything. No, it doesn't here's the official report, from professional liar Oliver Darcy, who said right wing media, says aunt militants have seized part of Seattle, local authorities say otherwise. No, they don't local parties did not assert whether or not there was anti bought or otherwise they did say that was taken that the space was taken. They called it a block party and their armed people but they are associated with anti far and it's funny when when we talk about Anti by they say, and it was not even the thing it's not even a real group and then, when you actually get Anti VA filleted groups, they go, but antifreeze not really their own
we also now anti fraud. Is a group? Yes, the John Brown Gun club. Is there there's a viral video where you hear the woman announced The John Brown Gun Club is here for our security there on our side. So, yes, maybe it's fair to say there is potential for bloodshed, but come on com, the rhetoric down body. First of all, this headlong is false. Locals did not say otherwise that never happened right wing media is correct to say they have seized part of Seattle. That is part of the problem. He says, claims that bans. Milton Anti members are roving, the saddle streets appear to be grossly exaggerated and right wing media, in fact, according but the Seattle Mayors Office seriously. Haven't seen any evidence to indicate armed members event of our even on the ground city of Anne S, e lies again: listen city officials have not interact. With armed Anti VA militants at the site, but will continue to be on site to monitor the situation closely. It does that payment say they don't exist now, it's as they haven't interacted with them. They just that.
What what are you saying he's just making things up? Ok, let me break down for you the lies I bring you now to this glorious photo of just two random people who have to be standing in the in the chairs autonomous mining, their own business whore in no way anti for our weight. What's that it's the John Brown Gun Club, they are armed, they have rifles, they have walkie talkie, he's they have. They have side arms and you can this man has a hat. That's as ftp. I'm not gonna pretend to know what he's trying to say, but I can tell you have tp typical, typically means f the police. Now this group is the John Brown Gun club. Yes, if you search for John Brown Gun Club, you get redirected to read, revolt which they say is an anti fascist, anti racist, anti capitalist. And although I want to make are we draw the distinction between Anti fascism in general and anti via a member of the John Brown Gun club I believe, as a couple years ago, maybe maybe not even
ago showed up to an ice facility with fire bombs and weapons and attacked it and lost his life he left a letter saying he was anti thought and he was a member of a John Brown Gun club. You also have this guy. Another dude in body armor with a weapon they reported. Been guarding the barricades and keeping out people they deem to be undesirable. So why is CNN, trying to downplay it's not like. It's not happening. It's simple because Donald, says it is so what Oliver I see does is deceives you by pretending. It's ok, there's no right there's no anti for militants there. Or militants. They are for laughed but they're, not anti for oh, ok, I've. Anyone who opposed Anti fascism was anti, but I thought the heroic soldiers on D day storming images of Normandy were anti not now.
Oh now, you need that special emblem on that flag to prove their an organization. You not spare me dude, it's so obvious what Oliver Darcy is doing here. He is lying to cover up for the fact that, yes, far left extremists are armed and there occupying the space mind you there? legally allowed to be armed. I have no problem with that at all. None whatsoever. When I have a problem with Is them intimidating, locals and individuals and not letting them enter? There has been reporting of that I'm not gonna. I haven't seen it myself, but that's, apparently what people are saying and there have been key, calls for more armed people to show up now there is a group of people a guy named rabbis who may have been displaced as a recent, but there's videos of him and apparently group is armed, they ve called themselves new police and they physically assaulted people. There's, videos of it goes off other video of a guy who is accused of theft being surrounded while they yell at him. What did you do in someone's gotta baseball bat it has had in? Do anything? Congratulate
turns on your new lawless space. You ve conquered land, ok, colonizers border walls. You built the wall and you're using guns to protect it. You have just created around society, but four Darcy will lie to you about. What's really going on. Why, like I said, Donald Trump want to clear this up Tromp has threatened space he's. It is his ease, he's trade back and forth with that, with the governor Inslee and with the mayor of Seattle, CNN exists, or at least Oliver Darcy, just to oppose the president, but let me show you what let me show you some right. First of all, I want to prove to you that this is the John Brown Gun club to be completely fair, so that you can see. I am not making this up. Ok, let me play display this clip. I am out scrapped as it coming from the other
you guys what he had a screen shot of this and then they start clapping and sharing the John Brown Gun Club is here for your security. They are on our side. Versailles is the side that wants to abolish the police and the attached court systems. I'm not exaggerating! That's from the list, one of the list of demands that was published for the most part They all these different less seem to agree. They want to abolish the police. However, they have armed militants who oppose the police and who are therefore their security and they clap and cheer, for it is their potential for bloodshed I roll my eyes and say yes but come on and it looked. I got to be fair, like you. No comment below do any of you really believe these people are going to take up arms against cops if a bunch of cops out of marching. In the John Gun club is going to walk away and they're going to walk in and take the space. That's that's all the world
There was a video earlier of the police going the precinct and no one stop them. They walked right in no one stop them. There were no guns. There were no rats, there were note there was no formation and the cops when in check the building and then walked out and said we want to take the building back in the protesters are like now, you can do in these are linking arms and stuff the reality. Is these people occupy a very fringe space? It does not represent the country, according to a b c new, sixty four percent of Americans oppose defined the police movement and their key goals, but it gets better than this. Take a look at this this this is admissible, maybe from pew ass. For you guys, I'm sorry, you got interposed you of the groups. Most supportive of defending police is people with a postgraduate degree and self described liberals in full, it looks like the only group of people with a plurality of support for defending the police. Our self described liberals across the board
every single age group opposes defining the police, even under thirty. Forty two percent opposes to funding the place that to me as shock, because when I was under what how when I was twenty or like nineteen twenty, I was, I was a moron out of a gap down wooed of on the police. Young people are just all about stuff, you know I mean, but no even they oppose it Now, if you look at the sixty five plus crowd, they overwhelmingly opposed it, but every group, no college pre and post graduates opposed to the police conservatives oppose moderates, oppose liberals support black people and white people oppose GEO P opposed Democrats oppose all Americans oppose, there's only twenty seven percent support for this. So, who are these people and what are they want? Look man.
I really do see this just as a street festival. It's fair to point out. There are some bad apples there that need to be dealt with and they're not dealing with them. I think it would be a bad idea for Trump to move in. Let baby have his bottle Ok, look! I was down there during Occupy Wall Street and it was a bunch of kids hang on drums and they had no idea was really going on now, suggestive it after about just shy of two months, just just about two months. They came in the police and cleared everybody out and it was considered that raged, but they did it and they did it under the guise of annotation. That was their argument because it couldn't legally action. You know, remove everybody, but there were a bunch of problems there, man, it was getting Ross. It was getting really really really gross, but they also didn't have armed. Guards and barricades now we're seeing something different. It's been ten years this this creepy ideology is expanding its getting worse and that this process has nothing to do with with George
Floyd and of the media at their George Floyd protesters, but I really don't think that's fair at all there, not the followed extremists who are using blue lives matter as a shield to inject there fringe ideology across corporate Amerika and into our culture into our institutions, if you have a real conversation about police brutality, especially minority communities, on one hundred percent into it. Michael Bloomberg himself of New York City admitted to tar bidding interracial minorities, that's not ok! The government. The state should not be allowed to do these things totally agree, but what they are offering up something totally different. Polishing. The police is not about ending the police departments, as we can clearly see with antifreeze stand as its jokingly referred to, they ve said they are the police, that's their mission. So when you, when you have this this this culture right now we're far left, extremists are being defined
by CNN because they hate trot this much. I can only imagine we are on track for things to become worse. I do not believe that any but I should be going in and crushing this, but maybe What they need is for a contingent of police to go in and March and push alot of a way to get the precinct back and then what have their autonomous own, but keep the police department there. One of the biggest problems facing the zone is the extortion. That's been up implied by the police. Maybe it's not true. But it's hard to know for sure. I think the residents will need to speak up if they are opposed to. What's going on. According to this group It looks like most of them probably are, however, self described. Liberals support defining the police. And I'm pretty sure that an Capitol Hill in Seattle, their mostly progressives well beyond a wealth of the left of liberals, but also true they're. Probably a lot of people in there who are too scared to speak out because they know if they do not
Could they have their physical property destroyed, cause, there's no police? They know that people could posts, are information on line and then the hoard will come for them in other areas of their life as well. They are being beaten in December, So how do we solve this problem? I honestly do not no more and say, as let's everybody just calm down, I think this may grow to a larger problem. I think it's silly foresee and to threaten you know or or to warn of potential bloodshed, everybody chill out everybody chill out. Ok, please! Please, please chill out, but keep an eye on. It and I will be following news on the glory of antipasto and to see what happens in the coming days and weeks. My bad is that in the coming months, or so, people will get bored and they will leave. However, I do think there is a very, very, very strong probability that they are putting our call for mobile, show up and I'm willing to bet all of the people. I knew from occupy a new Yorker happen on a plane right now and flying the Seattle to be a part of this. That could be a good thing if regular
Little in a low liberals show up. They will displaced the militants. We ve already got reports that regular liberals have yelled at the gun, toting leftists and ask them to stop or to leave their still there. That's why we're here to still there, but maybe that'll, get deluded and become a dance festival. And that's the best we can hope for, but only to their stick around the neck segments coming up at six p m at Youtube COM slashed him cast news. It is a different channel and I'll see you all them if the something that celebrities are truly good at itself flagellations, and you may have seen this video going around. That is probably one of the most cringe inducing videos. I have ever seen the Celebs are added again Sarah Paulson Kherson Bell Erin Paul and other white celebrities are slammed fort tone. Deaf I'd take response, Melody Piazza video. That smacks of white guilt, the old guard, the old world, it doesn't work anymore, the selection
BP, I say, is not endearing to anyone. Remember when they all saying imagine and every one collectively cringed, no one likes it, but I'll tell you what it is. One thing libraries are truly good at it. Uniting both left and right, because, right now and the right are marking and belittling be cringes guard edge ever put out by celebrities where all of it is. Just so annoying. No one cares No one believes you shut up. It's stupid, No one on the right believes you actually care about this and the people who the left think you're. Just pandering. You don't actually care about this either. That's it! That's a celebrity game. For a long time, this fake reality. They ve tried. Creating, has been it's been dying off. People are choosing to watch Youtube. Videos and check out social media were then get him a more authentic view of the world as they describe it. This is anything, but this is the opposite.
Maybe this would have worth twenty years ago, but now they're doing is really annoying. Things are cellphone videos or the like. I take responsibility for my wife public's, yet well known by it, but I'll tell you. I think there may something more important here. Ok about celebrities! where are the story and and and make fun of the absurdity of this but there's been a series of tweets interest that that I find interesting Coleman Hughes, you may be familiar with common. He They had a host of conversation, the common podcast. I believe you used to write for but I am not entirely sure I've and I've had among my older podcast before he said in the past two weeks I've been inundated with messages and stories, literally hundreds from people who are worried about the direction we are headed and as a society. I read his money. I can, but unfortunately I can't always respond. Please accept my apologies. Zoom. On the same it's concerning We then see this tweet from MIKE Nina Nina privatizing name wrong something similar is happening to me and I d
even have a very big following its extremely difficult? keep up with it all hey guys, assign there's a tipping point afoot and that many peoples, Private conversations are completely different to their public ones and there it is James Lindsey chimes in with the breakdown I'm having the same experience. I can't even hope to keep up with my messages. So much people reject critical theory revolution and wanted to stop. So so so many people now, I must admit, I do believe that when you see this, kingly tone, deaf cringe inducing vomit, inducing celebrity trash. I'm sure there are many people are watching this unjust, cringing so hard their faces in pain. This thing, I almost three watch how offline french inducing. It was really bad Maybe it is true that in price conversations, they are people saying what is happening to my country. What is going on this insanity
We saw something happened in the UK, something in December. Where the? aft faced one of the worst defeats in a hundred years and they did not see this coming. They actually thought that that that concern that would get a slight majority relative to the parties, but wouldn't be strong enough to actually carry parliament. What happened the most crushing defeat the left has ever experienced in Wisconsin and in Caliph when you're, with special elections. Recently, and they were five third, it was saying we may see evidence of a blue wave if, if in California, they can take California, twenty five in Wisconsin their competitive. That's it! The blue wave is a common and what happened a rushing and ridden dick Iulus defeat for the left may be true, but there is an attack on our minds. I would say you see all of his poles arguing that Trump is down in the double digits.
You see every media institution every company for seemingly no reason propping up garbage like this, that everyone seems to hate, the viral video going around. Where some do complaining about how we get is a black man, his it turns on. You know YE sports and they make agreed some message about diversity. Inclusion look, men think average in this country, is all about freedom, freedom of expression, the constitution, that's what our roots are we ve been seeing a dog, a dogmatic zealous ideology, slowly creeping in adheres, Think we see happening these people, these celebrities Roy, really have no idea what's going on and so they see the woke crowd on twitter screech at the top of their lungs, and they say we should do appear safer. These people, congratulations. You made a video for one percent of the population. Two percent are active on twitter and about one point, one or sell per cent of that are actually woke and an end to that
extent. Many of them are even particularly active. Welcome. It might just be passively woke. So what are you doing you making a video for life point four. Percent of the population- that's what I think is happening. I wonder. Why it is that so many main stream corporations have decided to you whose social media trends as their barometer for public opinion instead of actual size, terrific pulling in this country where you'll find The overwhelming majority does not want to defend the police. Ninety percent According to one point, I believe actually, We ve got morning council showing eighty four percent, you don't showing ninety percent want the level of police to remain the same. In fact a decent amount about thirty, a third want, more police. So why are all of these companies acting now, like you see a protest on tv and that must prove the entire TK. Country wants this they see a video. We get a couple thousand people
in the streets and attack an inner city of ten plus million? And they say that's everybody. So what happens. You may see a lot more tweets like this, from Coleman from MIKE and from Excellency outrage you again, games lenses to a threat, but I also want to warn you. I dont see what, but they're saying I really really dont not now to be fair. I've had summoned fractions where people are like my Lord, what is happening to this country, I've also conversation that people are like you just don't get it. I thought I know a lot of people. Look I to say the least I have friends who are woke and live in LOS Angeles, and I've talked to them about. What's going on their response, it's on four you know that there are right as riding and loot writers and looting, but that's just too bad, because weird doing the good thing and we are the best
and when I say aren't you worry about banning books banning movies, like literally what the Nazis were doing and the responses. That's ridiculous that you would compared to those people. Some things are just full of hate. It's the opposite of what the Nazis were doing. They dont understand principle, They better understand open mindedness, I guess they think they're, morally justified if somebody I know who's, not super, put like very, politically active, just passively involving all the stuff, I have also seen a way of people being activated on signal signal. As an activist predominantly activists out I mean anybody can use it. It's an app where you can you it's encrypted end and communications. So I know of journalist. I know a lot of conservatives who use it, but typically the people who advocate for it are at other activists. There followed activists, my Phone has been inundated with modifications. Whenever someone I know signs up its, so in cell, has just joined signal? These people are conservatives. That means there being activated in the other direction. I think what we are actually seeing and
and with all due respect to common MIKE and James. I think they are in a bubble. It may be true. They may be on the right side. It may be that in power, but conversations around the country people are saying make this stop me. Be they will use the secret ballot. I've heard stories that older people will on the phone say that their voting for Biden, because there Sir aired CNN or some other company. Well docks them like they have done in the past, and so they have to lie. But when it comes to the secret ballot, we're gonna go in and they're gonna stamp Trump trawl, barely one less time. Look trump. What a lot of twelve votes, but some states whose by only a few thousand so if you think he's got in the bag, don't buy it. I really really don't. I did a video I think it was last week or we can have a go whereas someone I knew a life long die hard Democrat marching in cried events, and all that said, only way. This ends is if Trump and the Republicans take everything blah blah blah.
But just the conversation was. The left has gone insane water they doing. Why is this happening? Why are the Democrats doing these things? Yeah I came from someone who was just your average Normie Democrat that I've that I've known in chicago- and I have other friends who feel that way so is entirely Well, what we're seeing from you James from from Might with Israel. I gotta tell you man, I got a lot of other normie friends that say the opposite. That really does feel to me. Look I try to go to other Donna not when and see what they are talking about, and I go to and he thought an anarchist Sabra and Communist Albert's see what they are talking about And I got a mainstream democratic Republican, sub markets and other forms, and I follow these twitter account to see what their already talking about the one say, is at least everyone's an agreement that these people are just awful just so off. I'm not doing anything to help anybody but really does seem like the divide is stream in this country, and I am not entirely convinced that
one side or the other is what a month I am convinced that the Anti Astrid W types are completely dominant with that being said, I and I'll to James Lindsays thread, you may be further them he's one of the purveyors of these Social Squared hoax, where he, along with Helen Pluck, recent publication created fake act, articles one of them Could you not? They took a section from mine, Comf Hitler's book and changed the product, the proper buzz, it's too feminist buzzwords an apparent. I think it gotta separate, I'm not entirely sure about published, but I know it was ok huge deal, I got accepted or something so with death be that a whit with with that understand, my I want to read a bit of what he sang so again. His first tweet was an having the same experience in reference to people saying that they're scared. I can't even hope too but with my messages, so many people reject this critical theory revolution and wanted to stop. So so so many if you, think, you're alone and not wanting critical, woke theory take over you're, not I'm getting it
one thousand messages a day every day and almost all all of them are scared of it, fighting back having success, etc. You're not alone, and I got your backs one hundred percent sample. He says, update success. The Angelo, is being pushed at the university where she works, but privately not many people are buying it. Even Some black colleagues have told her it's garbage there is hope sample. Thank you. Games I've been using your definitions and tweets to show my friend how dangerous, critical rice theory is, I work at a major tech company and I felt stifled for years, but even of my Co. Workers are starting to get tired of it. Keep up the good fight, No, no! No! No! No! This is not hope inducing for me that private people are saying I agree with you now. I'm gonna go hide in power in the corner. That does not convinced me that this will change or go away in fact me Well, I'm being able to be rather pessimistic on this. It actually shows me that there are too many people
More unwilling to just yell shot thought up at these people is. But he comes up to me and says stupid trash ominous, say ya. That sounds pretty dumb. Where are you getting this? You don't I say to my Friends are Sokolow front of mine and they said but I understand all the good things were doing and we're finally make the world a better place, and I said interesting that sounds awesome. I'm glad you're doing good things and I hope it works out for you can you answer the questions for me. The first question I have as do not the unarmed black people have been killed by police in the past year. You the answer was no, I said: ok, I don't I don't. I don't know the answer either I've I've heard it was nine mentality that stress people are saying, but I figured this person certainly must be an expert and they don't know they just don't know, So you have all of these people who are clueless mindless doting along and just agreeing with the mob. At least there. One of the celebrities that I can agree with and then there's an something simply because in private people are
spring saying. I dont like this. That things will change. No your secret ballot won't be enough. Donald Trump like the first time. Did that change. No, it only got worse. The Republicans controlled the house. What do they do with it? Nothing. So what do you think's gonna happen, you think that come November, these people who are all silently talk of these things, are in a march in the voting movements stamp that our across the board and that will fix things. I really really do not believe it. You ve We have already seen Joe Biden say that Trump is going to cheat and at the March him out with the military. Do you really think that voting is gonna? Make a difference in this country are today what makes a difference in this country when you at your? company, and someone comes you and says we're doing this new thing. If its paper down- and you say no- I dont want to be- involved in this and they can say. Well, then you can quit. Yes, I can, but by go find Somebody else you can do the job. Let them have it look. I did it man, I quitted job, because I was like I'm not gonna. Do that I am now. They wanted me to lie. I was told space likely to side with the audience? And I said what does that mean
Well, our audience is mostly progressive and young. So that's who are producing content for- and I was like so. Are you saying that there is a if there's a factual news story, but it could be a fat to our audience. We won't report it and I was told I think, that's fair and I said no dice. I want to report on thanks. I'm gonna report report on things and they ultimately evident. I get there would let me leave, they would bring my contract, but I've actually ended up. Leaving I'll tell you what I'll tell you what man there's gonna be a bunch of silent people sitting in their homes, reading books and then began yeah. I agree with you too. Pool, I agree with you James Linsey, and then they speak up nothing, none of it. People are women talk because they lose their jobs. Recently we learned that A lefty social scientist. Shared a study from a black professor saying that riots or debt mantle to their cause? This person got fired.
They still apologized pathetic, absolutely pathetic vis, why it keeps happening not because of who you vote for not because of how people feel privately, because most of these people. These liberals, who are sending messages to James ones in common use, refuse to stand up for themselves so far does any of these woke. Moron celebrities can tell real life. The stupidity, their sing on the streets, I'll tell you what not talking about the protesters when I say them together, riding in eluding the protest. I like I like the people who go gotten protesting for for the cause. They will even be at an hour, oppose, the lockdown or in support of black lives matter. I think no matter, what the causes. If your peaceful protests, Esther or engaging in some light civil disobedience totally downport. That's then you know that that that's a thing about the funny- with the Chaz in Seattle? I'm saying trot say that you know going to come in and take it back and all the staff, and I'm just like why it? Let us look
Then there are people there who complain. Ok, fine, the people there are complaining. You should follow. I've heard somebody message message to us on the three superpower podcast either day. That's some, workers have been attacked down there. Ok, you know, Sir, things got to be done about that delicate situation. It is, but the cops are on. Lying traps that he might go in there. It's hard to know That threshold is for a bunch of p while sitting down and having a little block party at an act. Well, armed take over of the streets where people are being attacked in and you know or whatever so anyway. But the point is, These celebrities see the stupidity of the streets, the defence of rioting, the anti science rhetoric, the protests in stem- and they assume everybody must like it. So what do they do? They make it ash garbage Pierre say that is the most cringe inducing thing. You ever see a lot of people see this in their influenced by it. The reason that these people are doing this, like I said, is because it all they see
think about what that does to the average normie who was uninitiated. They say this must be what a socially acceptable I better get line, companies than fire people out of fear and the more They do the more it will gain ground. It doesn't matter what you, if you have the majority. If the majority is unwilling to actually stand up and speak for its I'll. Tell you this they liked to say things like silent, is consent. Will that is profound least stupid. It certainly is not what it is. Abstaining from the vote and that's what thereby and guess what it works for them. It does make come out, may tell you if you agree with us and you dont speak up Europe. What is it? What is the saying? It's not enough to be. To not be racist. You must be anti racist, they're, putting out calls people to go to war figuratively that when you hear a conversation that is offensive or bigoted, you must speak Ben challenge. The racism- and
what's happening. The other side on the other side, they're saying, live and let live go. Do you think you're gonna? Do anything? That's fair! That's where I grew up there. No obligation free to speak up, but let me tell you straight up, as I've said several times in the past few days. If you dont speak up, you are abstaining from the vote and these people are vote. These cringe inducing celebrities who are self. Legislating on their stupid. Cellphone videos are voting They are very influential and although many people are marking them. I assure you, there's gonna, be some people who are swayed and just say, tell me what to say and I'll say it and if that's the way we think they see them. Congratulations. They will then choose to support it. I understand, is a big challenge for the untie best J, W type, the civil libertarian type the conservatives and that you do we have the same cultural influence and power that many these institutions have. But would you to understand as first I
I get it. The media is wholly infiltrated by lunatics. I worked there and it's one of the reasons I quit. I don't have any to do with the belies literacy. But let me just how, you having worked at a company that for four Disney from twenty four to twenty. Sixteen, the only thing a card about was money, that's it and beak, and so here's another patenting. We add a series of content that was woke far far left for us of and it did not work at all. It had one success with one particular kind of a subject matter and they said that works, let's roll with it, so they did from then on they started producing a bunch of woke content that failed miserably every step of the way. Someone then produced an Anti s J, W bit of content that went viral hit like the top. I've read it like number, nine all made hundreds of got, hundreds, as its views, and it does
hold their subscribers, which is not necessarily all that much, but it did get them a lot of subscribers and then they were found. For that with a very important conversation. Conversely, and was typically. Thus, we Evan I stayed millions of dollars into wildness. I under and this one video is doing really really well and all other cottages failing. But we did have that one woke video that did really well too. So what should we do stay the course they said the consultants were convinced that they could get moms to share content by triggering woke outrage because angry women share the most on and on I'm not kidding I'm having a true. That's what they told me, and so that's what they do and that's what they want and so they did and the only reason they did it was because it made. Because they wanted to make money. The reality was, it didn't make money, this company completely collapsed late, everybody off, and then doesn't even exist anymore hundred of millions of dollars nearly a billion. I think in summer,
No, it's experiment that failed this what's mind numbing to me, you can see the failure, but the problem is, Even when you combine a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars as long the only people who are speaking up are these these lunatics. That's all you're ever gonna see companies are care to be on the wrong side and if the only see. That's willing to speak up is the woke left. Then I'll stay on the side of the woke laughed and that will keep creating more woke, leftists That's why we are seeing the culture revolution accelerate not many people on the right are scared but I'll be cancelled. You know, I've had people from that have known from from Chicago saying to me. I wish I could speak up like you, but I'm worried. I lose my job and on why I literally left my job for this reason. I I would rather sleep in a cardboard box, then vanity and not speak my mind. So I'll tell you what I mean I'm not enthusiastic. Ok, I do. I It is heartwarming to hear that perhaps most people
really do believe in freedom, liberty, free expression and dont like what's happening this country that I like, maybe it's true. We are really alone and there and then People who are ready to stand side by side with you should the moment arise with the roman law. Moment won't arise so long as the Woke lunatics are willing to get. You fired from your job, and you are sky of that they'll win they have terror on their side, and people are terrorised by this and that's why I they are winning. So if you think come November marking down Donald Trump, is gonna change? Anything! I'm sorry! I do not believe you are correct, A lot of a lot of people that I spoke with the campaign trail and twenty fifteen younger people said their voting for trot because he wasn't Pc Maybe that slowed things down for that. But let me tell you it's worse than its ever been in the past. Few months things are getting better. We all dead, we're like, while the krona virus should stop that, didn't it now, it's back with a vengeance and its extreme So much so that you can't even question right.
Are you getting anymore without getting fired, maybe the acceleration will result in a total collapse, maybe the more they fire people for perceived transgressions that aren't really that bad will result in people find really standing up and saying something, but at what point this critical mass occur, we You are willing to stand up and say I do not agree with this and it's time to stop so long. Most of the people. I look there all night. To Jean call men and James and MIKE, but are they speaking out publicly. Are they going out with sign, sang and the madness ratified that they're, not the only one? test. We see our for critical race theory far left anti terrorism, intersection Amity and so on. Long, as that remains the case right, eaten it you're gonna, keep losing major corporations race, course. Allocation will keep going to them so long as they are the only ones voting in public spaces. I'm not saying protests is the right thing. Maybe just getting on social media and talking about stuff, and I think its also free,
the point out: people will get banned, you'll get banned from social media. It happens all the time these companies are biased, that's what they want to do, but listen. If you work for a company and you bend the knee and say I'll, just keep my mouth shut. Men don't be surprised when you lose another surprise. If you wake up one day to find a world your children can't live, and because you gave up your ideals, freedom isn't free. You have to speak up and stand up for what we're leaving their doing it. The backlogs matter. Activists are absolutely certain of Singapore. They believe in and to the peaceful protestors Yet they have my respect that you know what their winning in this front, Scott Adams, recently tweeted the protests worked and he's right. They stood up for what they wanted, and people bent me, and that's it so long as noted that the right isn't willing to to stand up for what they believe and speak out and stand up, and their jobs in their livelihood. Will then don't be surprised when you lose. I don't know is happen.
Maybe trump winning will change things. But ultimately you wonder what I've heard from people. I get messages from people too. It's a mixed bag. My friend. Some of my friends are our flipping and ridiculous ways, and that does give me a kind of hope when they say that there are So lately gonna, be you know, voting Republican across the board, not that I agree with Republicans, but that they rejected all of this in its and edit and its potentially a wake up call for people that the left is going insane. But also from people who are just rolling along saying up, sounds good to meet you our stand, I'm gonna to go for it. I have also heard from people who tell me they are our lifelong Republicans and they believe, even if Donald Trump winds another term it's already too late. The end is nigh for forest. Of a libertarianism for the constitution and I've seen people tweet where they say. Don't breasted, you know, don't pretend, like you don't know this ends with it. With the burning of the constitution, I wouldn't be surprised, look at New York City and fort worth.
They have straight up sad. If you support their cause, you will not be charged with a crime rioters in full. Worth, were released in New York City. They I'm sorry writers in Fort worth other charges, dropped and protests tourists who got arrested for love offences were released. Meanwhile, churches are still on lockdown, that is ideological preference under the law, inequality under the law- and I think you'll know what comes after that. So long as there's only one side at the table and maybe because they ve been cheating, sure fine, but I'm not you know a man. I've stuck my neck out for fighting and stuff, and many others have as well, and it's not enough for people just to sit back. And say yeah, I'm gonna watch this. Maybe I'll do something you I don't know, I'm not saying go protest, I'm not saying we should vote for, but I'm really saying if you're at work and so
one comes in and says we are launching a new initiative. That does is weird creepy thing that violates e g o, which has an eel violation of equal employment of violation, and you go. How keep my mouth shut then you don't deserve it. You don't deserve the freely like you, you ve got a stand up for yourself. I have seen. So many people violate the equal employment afterwards called. There was a call d, employment? Opportunity commission doesn't like that stands whereby, basically, you can't post job preference, what do we see all the time, but that the founder, read it said. I want my position replaced by a person who is black ok? I know that's an official job, but hiring Preferences are illegal and these people keep doing it and are getting away with it and nothing is happening. So what do you think's can happen if this keeps going on. Eventually, there won't be equal employment. Eventually, there won't be equal rights under the law. These people are taking it away and very few are springing up about it. But what else can I Maybe it's harder than that. I know people affair
ways they dont want to risk their families and stuff, and there you go these young people, guess what they have. No families, that's why they don't care, they have nothing to lose. They can speak up and their worst case scenario is theirs you know, living in an cubicle apartment, tat, other people and that's life already, and then The real working people who have kids, you say, but I can't risk my kids will congratulations. You will leave I'm a worse off world where they have no freedoms and muscle, willing to say I disagree earlier. There. Otherwise all ran forever on that next islands when up at one p m on this channel and I'll see you all them. Yesterday we learned that STAR Box was actually banning their employees from wearing anything in support of black lives matter, and I think it is fair the obvious to everybody that that would not last long, the Woke mob came for them. Boycott backlash and now Starbucks has bent the knee Starbucks. Will allow bodies that brings us to wear black lies
at accessories after social media black backlash. The funny thing is there not it's going to allow it there. Actually, I want to make the shirts themselves there you go hey, that's the power of the Woke outrage mob, something that moderate and conservatives dont wheeled over this power is don't ask me why I think it has to do with media bias, but have a bigger question and all of this right as we watch Starbucks now cave and start actually promoted, as they say, The company will make two hundred fifty thousand tuna hundred thousand shirts with a design and its black lives matter and no justice, no peace available to workers, not only have they been forced, walk back what they ve swung super far into the direction, we're seeing all of these different companies now embrace this protest movement and for the most part, look I don't I got no issue with the protests. Actually like the protests. I like peaceful protest, regardless of if you want to oppose the lock down. If you wanna support black lives matter, I do have a problem.
With the underlying hidden ideology of intersection, amity and identity terrorism. So that, I think, is an issue what I think comes next all of these companies bending over backwards to weed out these problems. But, more importantly, is the fake. If the emergence of fake prob comes the accusations of racism when they're really isn't any and we're that's it you're gonna get. And the inquisition. We are seeing now people on the left even supporting this getting banned, because someone accuses them. That's when things get really creepy, but one thing I did notice when it comes to Starbucks right where Wherewith Starbucks founded Seattle, I think it was what the pipe place market and they spread around they have a bunch of all these other companies, tech companies that all inhabit big cities founded by lefty tech companies. Why is it that the big cities have all the racism why's that it's the police. In the big cities that are racist. Why is it that the claims of peace Police brutality are always in a big city and wise that these big legacy companies other one
having accused of racism. I think it's the left, a serious racism problem but to make sense. You know, I think, about all of these lefties or going around saying. You know all these People are racist this because they surround themselves with ready, cysts it's worth it. That's all work and can explain it outside of the Starbuck issue, Starbucks issue have Disney, saying, splash, mountain must be updated and though we ve got media read, it is finally facing its legacy of racism. What's about this one refinery refinery, load refinery. Twenty nine is reeling from claims of racism. Refinery. Twenty nine is some like lefty feminist publication, so They tell me that all of these leftist institutions were secretly racist apparently so are right, then. Well, let's get started first, I will talk about the boycott. Of course, there had to be some kind of campaign going after Starbucks Coffee giant gets slammed for telling workers not to wear black lives matter gear. So, as it happens,
box, like many other corporate giants across the world last week, entered the black lives matter, conversation on social media by proclaiming its support for the movement and laying it out in a tweet some of the measures the coffee giant is taken into its part. They said black lives matter. We are committed to being part of it at the same time, according to an internal memo obtained by Busby NEWS, Starbucks prohibited its workers, from wearing accessories or clothing, mentioning be a lamb, citing its dress code policy that targets anything to do with politics or religion. Despite the backlash from employees, a spokesperson enforced Starbucks, told Buzzfeed. The rule will stay in place because its necessary to create a safe and welcoming environment, never. Nevertheless, boycott Starbucks emerged as a top trending twitter topic on Thursday G, who saw that coming and I ve got all these people. Do this the star Ex logo is taken from the black Goddess Yamaha black history. You didn't in school. I am not entirely convinced, that's real, to be honest, marked I stated this is glorious. Starbucks
internal memo banning employs from wearing any black lives matter, shirts or pens because it violates their policy, gets advocating for political, religious or personal issue. Meanwhile, what's the report that nearly every employee interviewed for its story pointed out. That start allowed workers to wear accessory, supporting marriage, equality and yea. I talked about that the other day, but let's get to the date, because that's what I want to know about what is Starbucks do another. There have been many well CNBC reports. Starbucks said: Friday at the chain would allow workers to wear attire and excessive he's highlighting the black lives matter. Movement, reversing its prior stance, after social media users called for boycott of the company Buzzfeed first report on Wednesday. Yet we know this now our box will be doing the same for black lives matter. The chain will make two hundred and fifty thousand shirts with a design that includes black lives matter.
And no justice, no peace available to workers and its company own cafes in the United States and Canada. The company said that it began planning to provide shirts for employees last week, EL. The shirts arrive employees can wear pins or shirts just to show support in early June, as protesters fell the streets and in U S, cities in small towns to call attention to that death of George Floyd and others store. Where there's a Starbucks joined the flu of other corporation supporting black lives matter. It pledged one million dollars to organisations that promote racial equity and more income to save and just communities after Buzzfeed reported the change policy, consumers on social media began calling for boycott of the chain and that that we know. I don't know you guys have ever seen the betting Jerry's flavour, it's like social justice flavour. Or something- and I got I gotta be honest man. I don't care if they call what her flavour- they want whatever name they want if they made a cookie dough,
thing called like you know social justice and feminism, and I, like cookie, died. I absolutely enjoy myself. Some could get ice cream. Be honest though, I bought some of that social justice flavour and it is some of the worst ice cream I've ever had because they have red, pepper, red, blue cayenne, cayenne, pepper our knees. I I get it if people like spicy chocolate, some people do but I'll tell you what it's very unfair an ice cream because you randomly get massive bursts of extreme spice and I'm not I'm not. I don't. I don't know thinking with where they try. Into like make a flavor that would doc, you randomly with like a shocking. You know like out of the blue eyes and you're eating ice criminal, Bohme you're like honest awful because of the protests, do like you, set their money let's your coffee in, and also what Wheeler Bang on the windows calling your racist. I guess I don't. I don't know what the point of of putting spice in that ice cream was, but it's kind of a side issue, but also to talk about a sign of this
we're seeing these institutions now bending over backwards to not just the protest to something more than this. Listen black line This matter. You look at some of the higher profile activists interventionist before, like during my cousin, who have I've shouted out. He has a video going around hung up police reforms. That is a popular position. He is speaking to the hearts and minds of the american people, but issues they care about, and we all agree on for the most part overwhelmingly. I think it's like accorded the Cato. Instead, seventy nine percent believe we should have some kind of police reforms. I agree with it. I think so I think in both directions to better protect police, like like body cameras, can and must provide some other issues, but also to make sure that it is a combination of things we want to put policing in situations where there are always going to be attacked and sultans up like that, and we also want to make sure that people are made safe in the event that there is some kind of bad cop. Some people are going around
but the idea of removing traffic policing General policing duties and having a specific traffic division that's only. I saw that if I'm kind of interesting some there's much of tweets from high profile people saying remove traffic police from trafficking altogether and enforce it in other ways. Think about this, I thought this is actually might be a good idea. We don't want people driving like reckless morons right, but I wish I would I would urge. I would argue that have most people's interaction with police would be negative because think about it. Typically your interacts with police are gonna, be you driving in getting pulled over and going? Oh. No now I'm gonna get a ticket, and then just have a negative view of cops. I should it s, not fair Sultan, that not everybody would feel that way. But maybe we make sure that when it comes to the actual police, who patrolling legitimately trying to keep us safe that we don't can fly
routine fines, and you know that the management of low tier annoying petty crime, with the actual saving efforts of cops have to rush into dangerous situations facing you know, sir. Leslie serious lethal risk. I think about firefighters right. There is about people like fire there is because they show up when bad things happen and that's all they do. But if you, if you made firefighters giving tickets. Nobody would be happy to see them and so on Now the police do a lot of things, and maybe that's maybe it's an answer to a right maybe that's a legitimate reforming enough anyway, the point I'm trying to make Us- because I want to talk about that. The racism stuff is that this illegitimate in relation to be had around police police brutality issues around police reform. Most people are interested in But when I see black lives matter in that regard, I'm totally ok with it. The protesters who go out
lay down and put their hands by their back and stuff in their sang. Like hey, people lost their lives. Unlike here here they did, they shouldn't have George Floyd was killed. It's disgusting people have brought up tony temper, and disgusting too right, let's, let's get some some press attention on it unless Make it a racist you, let's make it up the the states. Couldn't be allowed to kill you issue, ok and others. Gotta, be some responsibility on state actors to prevent death. Ok. That being said, there is also a more dangerous contingent to this and it's the culture revolution. People who are going well beyond the scope of just I to have better cops and our weird racial policies and critical rice theory and identity terrorism that is getting well above and beyond. Just talking about police reform, which brings me now to the fury overt splash mountain, I think, about splash mountain I've never been Disneyworld Arabas places that it here's they say Disney fans.
Are hoping. One of the most popular rise will get a redo, splash mountain a ride. Spider. The film song of the south is a major attraction of both Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California. Song of the Although the nineteen forty six film considered by many to be the studios most racist, sized forts stereotypes of black people and its apparent nostalgic view of the Anti Annabel himself. The film is best known for the song, jeopardy, do not rule out another. Several petitions have popped up recently seen and report. Calling for senior reports calling for need to remove all mention of the movie from the ride, while the right Storyline is not an exact depiction of the movie. It features characters, including rare rabbit, rare fox and rare bear fancy even offered a solution to rethink the ride, one phantom twitter to showcase his concepts for the princess and the frogs ain't, no you're. The problem I have with this is If you want to make an ideological change. Why inject
another ideological change, on top of it, all your What to do is create less, listen, that's the problem! I have this. I can. An absolutely be like here here. These protests met and, if you guys aren't off, you guys saw the Dave Chapelle segment. He did we rags on. I can't it's islands and Lord Ingram and talked about issues like restored and stuff, like that? and I hear a man, I like Dave Shipbuilding, smart dude, I dont completely agree with everything you saying but, unlike I understand what he sang specific when he says police brutality. Unlike I got your brother, I'm listening. Ok, let's figure out how we can solve these problems. This has nothing to do with that and from what gave Chapelle. Does these opportunists are seeking to purge culturally relevant items and and themes and inject their own cultural themes? On top of it? Not I don't like that idea. Ok, you got a problem with the movie right. We talk about the problem will be, and we don't do it again, going in just changing all these things and claiming everything is racism must be changed. Is them exe,
splitting the good will. Once again. I have brought this up time and time again that when ever, we say you know what you're right. These people come in to exploit good goodwill for their freaky culture revolution. Far left socialist garbage. I dont think if you go to Dave Chapelle and you ask him about Brianna Taylor and you. Ask him about black lives matter. I don't think he's gonna bring up and at any point anything having too who, with socialism the far left anti far or we, culture, revolution issues? That's not what he's talking about! So you are outside this man, I believe there's gotta, be responsible in lobbies, blacklist matter activists to call this stuff out the problem. Is they like it, a lot of em and while there are legitimate grievances brought up by on any looked like us, better, specifically started out of the death of you know unarmed or innocent black people at the hands of police or otherwise. Like I mean, like you know, various instances note
try on Martin. I think that's what it actually started now we can argue about the circumstances related to that at a lot of people. But you know what I want to walk back out to walk away from Ellison Man, people shouldn't. I want people to die. You know I I I It's sad when I feel there is or about the lunar getting shot in in Saint Louis and people are like serves that looter right now suffer I'm like yeah, I get it man, I or I regret the fact that that was the case? I'm angry with the person who try to bring again for sure I wish they didn't die. I wish that wasn't the case and I always think of other solutions for less lethal deterrence and things like that. Sad reality is in many circumstances. The answer is no. I I recognise that sometimes people lose their lives. I don't want it to be that way. I dont, so I'm download total to listen. Some conversations, and you know it. You gotta, find unfortunate. I find I find it unfortunate that we have to have his argument about these race Race
we shall achieve is to actually get some changes to be made when it comes to policing. In response to what happened to George Floyd Alot of people start China, video of tony temper, you may have seen at its base, equally the same thing. The cops are Lang enemies as I can't breathe, they're laughing and then he dies and its whore and you don't bombed about I'm that it it that that was ignored because the meat isn't care about it and own. He then went George Floyd. Do we actually have on vacation about what the police are doing and when the need to be held accountable. But you know what I'm not I'm I'm bomb that it took that to make it happen. What I'm glad the conversation is happening right? I'm not gonna pretend that you know this way we have somehow refer to as the scaling problem, and you may be met may have heard me talk about it before the more cops you have the more likelihood for people encounters and mistakes, you'll see. The police Union in New York, sad three hundred and seventy five million interactions, almost all of them overwhelmingly positive, he's, probably right
but we gotta make sure that we are not focusing on the fact that were scaling up. And then having a lower tolerance for a failure rate and where we have to make sure that you know we actually are seeing a pattern arise. Thing very serious and dangerous. Ultimately, though, if we can have a conversation that result in less people losing their lives, I'm down for And I think you know when I see when I see the George Floyd thing that that video makes me angry man. It makes me really really and so I am glad that these guys are being charged. I think now the danger is the zealous. Hanging over their using it for their own ideological game has nothing to do with police brutality. What What is worse, splash mountain have Avenue politically. What does what is Starbucks have to do with police brutality? Not, I think it's all stupid, but you know I say
When I see that video of George Floyd and then people come back into yellow what about tony temp, I go, you are one hundred percent right call it all out. I get that some people feel like their not being catered too, because the narrative only sparks up one has to do with black lives, but like hey man. Now is your chance to actually say I agree here are some issues I am concerned about, and I think you will agree that any reforms, but actually solve both of the problems. I don't like the idea. If tribalism getting in the way of acts of actual solutions. I don't like the idea, ideologues are exploiting all of this for their weird freaky ideological reasons, we're seeing major, charges in media. Let us read: it is. Finally, basing its legacy of racism oh shut up. You know a man as soon the stuff went down the freaky weirdos, who happened to be socialist and communist. Took advantage of this. Tell me please what
The seizing six blocks of Seattle? Capitol hill area have anything to do with this? It doesn't they argue, but we're going but of police? No you're not you're in fighting right now dumping, soil on cardboard and getting armed leftist a guard, your barricades, you ve, recreated everything's in your funding, and these people are just exploiting our good will like they always do? I watch that Dave Chapelle, special man and unlike aright, listen I see a lot of people disagree with Dave. I see I see a lot People have criticisms of Dave himself, absolutely ward at one hundred percent, but he's got some feeling that need to be talked about. He seeing some problems that need to be talked about any actually. Warned of like kind of warned of a race why it's really weird, but he mentioned Chris Doner, said the and the do other people, and, unlike brow, I re what you're saying loud and clear. The violence will be robbed if these things are taken care of, and there are racial issues surrounding it that enough itself, I think, warrants
conversation, but now what are we talking about we're talking about firing, editors from the New York Times? We're talking about read it true. It being racist, we're talking about refinery, twenty nine, a feminist website. Can I get rid of its high ranking staff. No, that is culture, revolution, an ideological purge that is exploiting our goodwill when we all see the Video of George Floyd and even conservatives like rush Limbaugh Sean headed our saying that is monstrous. These lunatics Spark up and say now is our chance. Now is our chance to exploit That's because no one will dare oppose us and they fly The banner of the activists who are seeking justice for George Floyd take advantage of this It is not an opinion that is unique to me. It was actually a black lives matter activist who put a video complaining that when they that they wanted to deal with these issues. These lunatic lefties started taking over and I've.
Seen it happen before I've talked about how they ve done this over the past decade and will continue to do it. There's a group among a name them project Berytus has been, has been digging into them. They claim to be an anti fa group, but there actually revolutionary communists. Projects. Look I'm up everybody! Every week we ve seen these people protests their creepy, weird jack boot, authoritarian and they wear uniforms and they actually do marches and goose stepping, and then they exploit the anger of the people to make weird far left ideology gains. I tell you this right now, man, you can deal with police brutality in a capitalist system, I mean I mean to be completely honest. This country has been capitalist forever and we ve actually made tons of reforms, granted new civil rights to new groups and expanded and everything the best of the best of our ability and its
only better. I know this coming from my family that dealt with real civil rights issues. Going back to the nineteen sixties. It was literally illegal for people of different races to cohabit. Let alone get married, so when they finally had loving Virginia all of a sudden, the changes came, and this is a good thing through the law through reform through the constitution, we made this country even better better than it was before now what's happening, people who are communists who have no idea what they're doing our explore. Doing this and try to argue that capitalism is the problem. Capitalism has nothing to do. This or that argue, does all but think about now now shut up. Ok, the police! sorry state run institution funded by this by the taxpayer. Ok, if you that argument about the cops are we want to defend them? Congratulations. You may arise after that, private police. It that's the argument, so be it.
But you can't have the same ideas galling, that it's a problem of capitalism and American Empire and imperialism is have nothing to do with it. I'm sorry, man, I see when, when they re Moccasined, comes out and says police reforms. That makes sense no chokehold things like that. I'm like I hear you are right and then you get these ideologues that come out an attack him for it and, worse still, they use. I can't stand the stuff men went, went when you see people like to recommend say like no chokehold. They then use that as a front to argue why their weird far left. You know, equality of outcomes. Socialists type nonsense, is warranted, they say all were asked for, is that cops, don't strangle us and your like. I agree with that, but I don't agree with is you then, going to every company and shaking them down and demanding they make all these ridiculous cultural changes and ban movies and ban playing cards. That's what's happening, so listen the the
the big problem we have in the end, you give them an inch. They take fifty miles, let's rat this back up with Starbucks, Sir bucks, made the mistake of defying the mob, but you know what I guess: what will you know? They tried they tried and now in that of just putting up our little message saying we support you, they're they're, not having a print a bunch of tee shirts and now they're gonna actually give you know what men the it's. It's it's, the exploitation of goodwill. That's what I can't stand. I absolutely cannot and it. If someone comes to me and says, agents of the state are oppressing them. I'm gonna be like let's, talk about it down like that. You know, I mean and what I said when the George Floyd thing initially happened was, I understand the re stuff completely. There are a lot of people who bring up. You know. Other people like Tony too For instance, all we got to say we can bring everyone together. We can make this change. If we say it's a voice, violation of the fifth amendment, first and foremost, the violation of due process rights, the government state actors,
Ending someone's life before they were presumed guilty of anything in the cops should have the right to do this, and why not talk about a life of the life or death situation, we're talking about callous callousness and reckless disregard. If, after that, you have a conversation about race relations as well, totally down totally down, but I think we have to figure out what a lowest common denominator is. That brings us together and if the fact that we, as american citizens have constitutional rights that must be guaranteed and all these circumstances regardless of race violate the fifth. Probably. The fourth first Second, a moment and lobbies instances I mean: take a look at stoppin frisk, severely, the second amendment. If you're a second amendment absent, That's for sure, so I We think we have a lot of overlap where we can come together and agree on a lot of things, but I dont like is that idea vehicles. Zealots are using this for their advantaged to push forward. Weird socialistic endeavours are, no man is the best I can do.
Sit around next segments coming up at TIM cast dot net at four p m to different channel and I'll see you owe them. This story likely comes as no surprise to anybody who has been paying attention to what is far leftist have been doing the entire past ten years, members of African Mary Can council are booed, as they tell protesters in the Elles Autonomous own, that they have hijacked the black lives matter, movement by pushing other causes like higher taxes for Amazon, yes, Thank you. Yes, I was literally just talking about this earlier this morning that you have legitimate grave, there's more real community. That wants to be heard, and I'm totally down now that conversation, but the Call me weirdos, who want to come in, and tax corporations have nothing to do with what black lives matter was all about. It's about time.
We actually started saying something about this now, of course, here's the story there booing them why this should show you that their right they're telling them to their faces. You ve hijacked the movement and they get booed for it proof that they were right. If the african American counts is going to tell you what for you, you blew them. You are clearly not for black lives matter. Are you re the story? The daily mail reports to black feel a two black female members of Saddles african American Community Advisory Council were booed on Thursday, as they told protesters inside the Chaz that they have hijacked the black lives matter. Movement protesters descended on the six blocks on zone in Seattle. Earlier this week to declared an autonomous zone, it took over the police precinct, sending the few perhaps your main their fleeing this. We all know this aid photos of armed guards at checkpoints- I've it. If, if you haven't, if you're not promote the context, ear had opened a tin castle, dot net, I put a video at four p m. That goes with the latest developments on.
The chance, but read more as you. Over the last few days, people inside the zone have likened more to a peaceful street party or the protesters dine on vague pizza. Watch civil rights, documentaries and listen seminars and musical performances, among the many still stands at a pop up is one that is collecting signatures on three petitions. One is to define the setup Seattle, police Department, The other two are to slap Amazon with more taxes, and too call on Mayor Jenny darken, who supports the freeze out to resign now Some say the original message of outrage over the police, the pull over the brutal police killings of George Floyd has been lost on Thursday, members of the african American Community Advisory Council, which is part of the police. Part of the police department, went to the zone, to plead with protesters, to speak to them and come to a peaceful resolution. The thing is We have hijacked this. You have taken the meaning away. Victoria Beach was part. The council feel that the crowd
she and another black woman who had told protesters they needed to talk with the police department. We're booed later Beach told Como is how are we going to be heard if that's happening? How are we going to come to people and talk. Surprise, surprise, as the overwhelmingly white group of people, these activists who have taken this place, shouted down. Ok, that's a bit hard, but they booed down actual black people who wanted to have their voices heard. I can relate one hundred per cent to exactly what this is give em idea how many times I try talking to these far left activists and what do they do they shot me down? They shut me up, they tell me I'm not allowed to be heard. First and foremost, I wouldn't begin to speak on behalf of the black community or these individual women, but certainly if you're gonna, report to support them in their lives. You would listen. What they had to say. No, it's a bunch of upper class, privileged progressive white people from the suburbs who think they have a right to speak on behalf of everyone else. You know
day is: I believe it is the anniversary of loving Virginia you that is, that is the day, the Supreme Court. Old, that interracial marriage and cohabitation would now be legal. Three years after the Civil Rights ACT, nineteen sixty four it, Finally, they said: ok, now you can live together. These people have no idea what you're talking about they have now Why do you have anything to do civil rights and they act like they? Do I like to do I like to hear what they have to say? I'd like elicited Dave, Chapelle, and also to make sure that, if we Truly talk about equality and living together. I'm gonna listen to what white people have to say as well. I think this is why I am probably the kind of person I am in. My politics are probably where they are: because I can understand a lot of the grievances having to do with the civil rights movement. I grew up learning, hearing these stories and learn about how good I really had it, because we've done away with these policies- and I also have family that is white. So what do I say
I see how bad it can be for relic. For, for everybody really and on many of these policies, just don't make sense, it doesn't make sense to punish white people who are also poor and it makes sense to actually have civil rights. What civil rights legislation these people, don't actually care. They don't want to hear for minorities. They want to pretend they want to claim that they are representing the poor aggrieved minority, so they can gain power. But when I speak up, what do I get disdain and derision, and when these women do it the same exact thing, so I don't look at any of the stuff. This is what I have said. Over and over and you're gonna like like America, Europe, no, I like America, because I grew up in a world where race wasn't pretext for anything having to do with policy which, to a certain extent right. We have private sector racism, awful. I don't like it, but we have laws that protect against discrimination, and these are the people that there are leading the charge to create racial lized policy. Take a look at Harvard banning
people who are asian or us, I'm sorry setting a higher standard simply based on the way you look. I don't like it. I want to be a part of it. You did I want, I want there to be a shared experience base on the bar on being American and the Ellie as there are a lot of problems in this country, not everybody, is being treated equal privately. Now the government has law. The restrictions- and I assure you there are still problems- are still probably racist people war within the government. I think its fairly obvious, but guess what wounds take time to heal we passed these laws only. What now notice, let just at less than sixty years ago we ve actually couldn't is lost. That means,
There are many many many people alive today that we're alive before we had the civil rights legislation to me, that is, mine blogs. I grew up in this world. I grew up in a place in the south in Chicago with people of all different backgrounds. I've experienced racism from every different race, and I realise that you know what sometimes people are bad people, but guess what we are working towards something better and for a long time things are getting better. Now I have to contend with the fact that the left that who are supposed to be the people fighting for the good of fighting the good fight have adopted this week. Racial pretext for law and policy, and they are now actively making everything worse. They say: look at all these things in all this racism. I hear you men. The solution is to racial lies policy. It's too just let wounds he'll through reform. It means to be active about. It is well to speak up about it. We're gonna call the bad stuff when we see it, but it takes time men. What are they doing now? They're prodding at the wound, their ripping
the bandage and they're making all of it worse and this story to me strikes at it. You know I I I I recognize what they're doing I empathize. I know that feeling. How are you gonna claimed? He black lives matter and then literally boo down to women who are telling you what they think and how they feel, and the same goes for Kanda Sullens, I'm not a big fan of her, but guess what I'm not gonna. Pretending our experiences. She recently had a major viral video, like fifty million views on Facebook, whenever Dave, Chapelle RAG donor you'll, you know what I'm not gonna tell behave Chapelle what to do either. I'm gonna listen what that is. Day and say I hear you. I think I'm a lot of an opinion too. I like Dish Bell, not a big fan of Canada ones, but I respect both of their right to have their opinion and I wanna hear them and better understand them. This is the perfect example of how you end up with woke, progressive, privileged elites who claim
They represent the poor minorities, but sure enough as soon as those poor minority say. Okay. Well, then, listen to me because you're wrong, where they get they can shout it down like an absolutely shut it down. I was reading somewhere that set some someone said that the reason Kenneth Collins is so popular among conservatives is that she speaks to this, that this feeling that white people have where they're scared to speak up and they and and and they don't feel represented. It's basically true to a certain extent that there are many things white people aren't allowed to talk about when they have opinions, because they're scared they'll lose their jobs recently that that there's a viral story going around from some academic from Berkeley who publishes this letter scared, they'll lose their job in this person, apparently is black, so Candice Owens essentially becomes a voice for how many of these people feel because they're not racists. They just feel that they can even talk about these things critic. And give their opinion without having their lives destroyed. So Kansas Owens essentially becomes like an avatar for them,
now for a lot of reasons. I am not a fan of lessons notably, I mean she came out against flag burning and like it should be you'll, or something or maybe it was just hyperbole, but listen, I'm all about free speech for the black lives matter protesters, I'm all about hearing people out in fighting for true justice, real Justice cross the board not just for one factor, not just for one race for everybody. I truly believe inequality. That means I may not, like the opinion, have shown. Hannity but I'm I'm I'm happy to respect his right to have the opinion and I'm willing to listen and talk to the people who watches show and feel the same way. He does same thing for Canada, Sullens and, admittedly, I'm not a big fan of Abkhazia Cortez. Means either. I'm a rather moderate centre left, leaning individual, but I like the fact that we can all have these ideas. So if you're one of these people that wants to come out and shut down speech, I'm gonna have a pie. I'm with you. If you're one of these people who want to go round banning box banning movies banning art, how may have a real big problem with you and if you get actual african American counted, the want to speak,
up and have their voice heard anyone abou them down, I'm gonna have a problem with you, and the same goes for the same activist, who would shout down any other white percent or latino or asian. Not everybody has the same experience. It's the people who claimed a fight for social justice that are doing the most damage in me. Opinion, because I really do believe we have a long way to go to heal the wounds of this country and potentially make a better world and guess what that means. When you get when you, when you sit down, you can have a guy with a Muggah hat and you can have a guy wearing black lives matter shirt, so without being so I'm gonna ominous. I know I just try to turn to a rant off of you know not necessarily about the story, but I think it is odd to give a shot out to that great moment when Hank Newsome of Black lives matter stood up at that Trump rally and talked about what he felt any got cheers foreign clap. They clapped for it because in the end, the one thing that gets us through this is having an identity that is America American. I dont come from family, where I recognize any
kind of white. History of anything like that, I didn't come from a family. Does a strong korean history or anything like that or japanese for that matter, not that that was a big part of my family identity. So all I really had growing up was America. Now is it and hopefully I you know, I thought that was it. We won because we are Americans. We are the melting pot, told me in school. Now that I get older. What do I get? I got to see this. The lies the deception in the manipulation from leftist weirdos, who want attacks Amazon, who have nothing to do with which has nothing to do with actually making this place this country better for all Americans they'll argue it does it, doesn't it Economic policy disputes has nothing to do with black lives matter, at least in my opinion, I'm sure there are some people who might disagree with me. That's fine I'll! Tell you what the end of the day. If these women one speak up and have their voice heard. That's all that matters. The same goes for Dave Chapelle. The same goes for rather Simone. That guy, who apparently took over every bodies can ever have a perspective. I want to hear what you have to say. I don't think people should be shut down and I think that people goddammit,
Indians, I'm I'm I'm happy to hear a man that goes for everybody across the political spectrum. There's my rant about these people not to leave it there. I wish these women the best. I hope things work out that that the best for these but testers, and I think we can have a media that demonize is one set of people over another set of people or ideologies. We need to recognise wins. Our guide, each other. We all live together right. It's like you, can't give preferential treatment of one group, because we gotta share the space and all you gotta do is breed resentment and animosity deleted. Their necks segments coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see while shortly recently, Dave Chappelle published a video. I can't really call it stand up more of like a speech called eight hundred and forty six eight minutes and forty six seconds is a very, very powerful video and I got some thoughts on it. The first and most
the most interesting thing. Is that war? What I'm not seeing from a lot of people when they, when they highlight day chapels whole segment, is Eddie, gets dangerously close to warning of some kind of re, swore or civil war or, at the very least, extreme racial violence. In this video, he talks about the people who lost their lives and my respected edge. A pal, I think, is an awesome dude more. The most important things I think about this video segment and why Dave chapels important for what's happening right now, is that he recently put out a video special netflix where he was extremely anti pc, whose extremely offensive, and I'm glad he did it. He pushed back on these woke lunatics, who have been trying to burn our books and he gave us yet he gave this speech. I guess he did the silent, which was
a bit funny at times. It is, I think, their spouse awesome and in it he talked about black lives matter and the lives that we're lost and what these things, what what? What these things lead to, and you know what I agree almost entirely with what he was saying he was talking about taxing Amazon. He wasn't talking about engine universities when it like that he was talking about people being killed and the repercussions of that, he also then rag on Lord Ingram, Don Lemon and can a silence, and I laugh at that to you. Don't I see I see Dave Chapelle. I see somebody who probably actually speaks to people in a similar area politically to me when he did his Netflix I shall end. He did the chinese face, joke wear it the very obvious, like nineteen twenty stereotype joke, guess what I'm port asian I laughed I loved it. I did because he can make fun of me we can make fun back. He can have a good time, recognizes that some things are just jokes but I'll start, but serious issues that he felt was impacting his community that needed to be rectified,
and whether or not you agree with them or not. He bought a very, very important points. The one thing I like to bring up when it comes to any political issue is not so much is to point out that what matters is not so much. What is true, but what people think is true. Now, I'm not saying objective reality is not import, it is its paramount. We need to have the facts straight to build a solve these problems, but what you need to consider that humans react emotionally. So if you want to get to the core of what this problem is the problem in my opinion is not first and for up the problem is not, I guess, first and foremost whether or not there is an issue of police brutality targeting minority community, although to Dave Chapelle and black eyes matter, it is, I respect their position. The issue is something is creating this perception for one. It may actually be the problem of police brutality, of which I think there are some issues.
Can deal with I'm totally for police reform. It could also be that there is a media problem that is fanning the flames. At the very least, I need to sit down and better. Stand. Why it is someone like Dave or anyone from black eyes matter, would feel this way or orphaned the inverse? Why would a truck supporter feel the way they do? That's why I absolutely love sitting down with people of different political persuasions. Maybe it's true that there's a media problem, that's fanning the flames of making things. Worse was not really that bad. Maybe it's true There really is a police brutality problem if you dont address it by sitting down and asking you
really know, and the problem will only get worse. So let me put it this way. First and foremost, objective. Reality is extremely important. If it is not true that there is a police brutality problem, we got to deal with that because we had a perception problem and if it is true, there is a problem. We got to deal with that because we had a problem at the very least here's the way I see it saves your palace focused on these. These circumstances that are very real, very, very real. The quest about disproportionality. Policing is less relevant to the fact that people have been killed. Dave Chapelle sees a story like George Floyd any highlights at why, because it something that speaks to his community. We don't see a lot of conservatives highlighting Tony Temple why it speaks to their community I'll, look at both and say: hey man, I respect both positions. Neither those dude should have been killed the way they were. So, if that's the case, let's talk about how we make sure it never happens again. I think the simple solution,
guaranteeing our fifth amendment rights, the violation of due process and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I must be real, but we have never will conversation. I was making people feel this Now, that being said, I found whether many times I think what gave Chapelle highlights in the same way that so important- and I hope you ve seen this happen. Maybe you haven't cause. I know I know not everybody razor that he brings up Chrysophora gorner. He brings up a couple couple. Other people guy endow bless. You didn't bring up the guy in New York when you shut up, but let me just tell it would bring it up and then and then we will reach a little bit about what with Washington Post says in his criticisms, for you no kind of zones and dominant and his own. He brings up that if we don't deal with this, you end up with crazy deeds taken weapons and her, putting people, he brings up the sky Chris Donor. I don't remember the story, he was a black police officer. Outside the story. Dave Chapelle told it, because I want you that the poem troublemakers
understand what he sang and how we can deal with his feelings and what may lead to more violence. The sky donor alight, apparently kind of story witnessed police brutality. He reported it, he got fired. He did everything it could to get ya back. They didn't care and I truly believe there that there was a problem here. What he did, in my opinion, was the wrong thing to do, and I believe it made things worse. What this guy did was. He wrote a manifesto in it? He wrote down people, he really liked one of those people. He said he thought data was a genius David, and the story that when he was flying to allay the cops, call them and told them, we could, you know, protect you because he mentioned doing the manifesto Dave gave a rather hello
Our response is, like I read that manifesto. He likes me now. What can I do for you to protect you're right, it's funny, but this guy ended up killing people. People had nothing to do with a situation. Apparently he killed a kid a child of all these cops. Now the cops responded with hard core retaliation. Dave mentions a foreigner. People pot show up minors, the story is that he was locked in a shout of some sort and depending on who, you ask the cops may of torture the building with him in it. I don't like this story, I don't like what happened in Dallas remembered happening douse again with was with a rifle, took out a bunch of cops during a protest. It was horrifying. Let me tell you some. I lived on Myrtle in Nostrand you? May you may know, might let my buddy Adam from the TIM cast iron podcast? He lived a block, a block away from me, because we
We hung out with it in the same area. One block down was, I believe it was Tomkins and no stone, I believe maybe was the demonstrate, so maybe I'm it made us Hopkins so anyway, this guy on the street in twenty fourteen. What what? While I was there sitting in my apartment, killed two cops and he said you take one of ours. Are you take two of architecture of yours on what that was in reference to air Garner and Michael Brown Dave. Japan made a very important point in this segment that there is going to be some kind of extreme reaction from extremists and he didn't glorify just hold the stories and I think he gave an apt warning the people I thought I was truly fascinating. They was kind of end attaining this civil war type story that, if something is done about this, these things are gonna happen and people have been warning you
about it. So let me let me do my best to try and brightness down. First one of the criticisms of Dave Chapelle is that when he got wretch he moves to an overwhelmingly white suburb or whatever, and I don't think that kind of misses the point. Dave Chapelle isn't ragging on capitalism. That's what we get from these far left people, infill trading and manipulating Dave Japan is rich and he's a phoney guy. When he was asked at one of us calmly specials. What would he do have now termed got real did he sets out? A lovely goes propagate tax cuts and everybody laughs he's clearly a capitalist dude he's fine with being offensive. He's funny, I think, is awesome. There? A lot of people disagree with his assessment over the police brutality as to whether or not it's real, but I wasn't there, side and simply say here is a man of of respect whose clearly
song on the side of free speech and free expression was telling you something bad will come if this isn't dealt with in some capacity he's not threatening anybody he's just telling you there's pain or suffering. This perception exists, guess what he's right, and you know what else I see but you cannot ignore the saint their similar pay, another saying, but their similar pain among tromp supporters. I recognise that exact same thing when the factories were being steroid when jobs are being lost, and I saw that video man I can remember where I saw this video camera what it was, but it was. Like some middle class, do crying saying thank you trump, because over the past few years, with his factory closed, he was burning through his savings and he thought he was going to lose his house. His kids would go hungry and then Trump came back. The factory came back and saved his life, and I saw that pain, and I said man. People are just trying to do right, they're, trying to make sure they're there their you know they're, trying to make sure they survive at the average person.
For the people. In the black community, like like day Chapelle mentions, they see these issues of cops, and I can understand that as our group on the south side of Chicago and then I see the people who counter that and it leaves me curious. I see I see the feelings Dave has and I think we have to figure out what's causing those feelings, whether its real, whether it's not whatever you think, doesn't matter it exists. The feelings exists. We got a deal with that. Otherwise Dave's right, you will get more donors. You will get more people like this. We can have that. The transport, my great point to no one's Hillary Clinton was not addressing their pain and their issues was speaking to them. Not how do you create? How do you find that leaders actually gonna talk to? people and say, let me see what your pain is coming from, where this problem is coming from and how you how weak we we we wee overcome this. Instead, you get people who are fighting for their cause and demonizing the other. I don't think Dave Chapelle. Does that and that's why I like the segment he did and I think there are lot
tromp supporters and probably, to a certain degree myself. I plan to this too, with with segments I do, but I think people often point the finger at the other a bit too much I'd like to see people recognise the problems without feeling like it's an attack on you. You know I've seen the arguments about black lives matter and how they say it shouldn't be perceived as an attack on conservatives or conservatives believe- and I think, there's a fair point we made there. I think all lives matter should be seen as an attack on black lives matter either. It's weird to me that people view this as like. A disk disregard their position at a bump me out about the whole situation that we saw what George Floyd so far that you had a real opportunity. You know people, but there really are interests and keeping a separate and keeping us in open torn apart,
I dunno manuscript is gonna turn to a really long rant on priority to the points that I want to make. But let me just tell you this. I hope I made a clear point to you, at least in some regard up having to do with the segment that your feelings have merit that when white people say they don't like being attacked on line and they don't think that's fair to call them all racist and say there are privileged. I completely agree, you know there are people in this country who grew up in the gutter and its unfair to blame them and put the put the point. The finger at them, I think, Dave Chapelle, says we see people in our community being killed, then it's causing pain and is going to be. You know action and I hear you men so how about this? How about we come together to the best of our abilities, my biggest criticism, and I want to make sure I can do, but I can do better in the future to focus it is not with Dave, Chapelle or black lives matter. It's with the woke lunatics with this ideology that would take his cause away from him and now
change it. That's in this is coming off. The previous I mean I just did where at the chairs in Seattle, they booed some black women who are saying your hijacking the movement. I think they are and the media is doing everything to allow them to do it. I really I feel like exploitative media, is the biggest problem we have. I know I get accused of being in its in a similar vein, but I really try not to be that. Maybe I'm not perfect but unbiased. It may be the real problem. I dunno. Maybe there's no way to solve this box.
Are you what I'm gonna? Listen, I'm your lesson to the guy in the Malta has who says: here's the problems I see and here's what I want facts. I'm willing to development is the same thing that met. Let me let me leave that you know as the main point of what I'm seeing from this I'm a big fan of Dave, Chapelle Man. I think he's fighting the good fight on free speech and free expression, and I think he see something we should pay attention to. It. Doesn't mean he's always right, but it means that the pain exists and I would say the same thing, but the tram supporters and Donald Trump and what he represents and I'm trying to my best say men, how about we all sit down the other day, have a drink and just talk about how we can live together peacefully cause guess what, when you take the people that hate each other and you sit down, it becomes really difficult for them. To maintain that, to be honest, I don't have all the answers. I don't. I wish we had a good leader who could be unify. I don't owe that could be, I'm not saying troubles and try to do that. I'm saying, maybe the media in my time. In my opinion, I think the media's the biggest problem of all to be completely honest, but I can't read on this too much longer
whatever maybe it and everything I want to say I'll leave it there. Let me know if you think about Dave's comedy special on George Floyd and and and whatever you think about it and the CEPT conversations man, that's the best. We can do right respect to alter the best of my abilities. I got one more Simon coming up in a few minutes and I will see while shortly if there is one thing that I think would be totally obvious about. What's going to happen next falling all these rights, it's that p both want security is a basic necessity for people in their lives. I remember reading about civil war and revolution when it when it was coming to the arab spring and one of the things I read, it was like there's a few things that people now If they need general health, they need food and then he'd secure. Don't member. If those that was exactly what they're saying, but they said that if you take one of those
the way you will get riots, you will get revolution, because people need those things they need to know that they have food to eat, otherwise, the panic they need to know that there are, you know their their health exists there, not in it in an enlightened bleeding out there, not sick and dying, and they d know. This can be maintained, or maybe it was shelter. I think it was shelter, food and security security means you feel safe when you don't feel safe, you start to get anxiety now. One of the biggest problems we have with the Woke crowd is that they don't feel safe, everything is a threat to them and so they're getting anxious and going nuts that is kind of a hollow revolution. In my opinion, we take a look at the story, more business fearing property damage, higher private security guards. In the wake of protest, surprise, surprise you want to abolish the police. I'll. Tell you exactly. What's gonna happen, these people are going to hire private security tenfold. Funny thing as people are joking jokingly now saying that antipasto,
and may may breed and capping Stan. You know- and I will because the captain Libertarians, the narco right, whatever have have cancer ITALY, sad private security, over police and now people are hiring private security because they don't feel like The police are going to be good at the more importantly, the left is calling for abolishing the police go ahead and do it I'll tell you what comes next this it's right here in front of your face. The rich people will have private security, guarding their cars in their tracks in their homes and the poor people will. We will be left wanting, but me that's the point when I was reading. So I don't know if that's three components war, but I think it was like food, shelter, security or whatever security with definitely one of them. If the protesters about police and now the regular people are without security, guess what revolution right is out there trying to foment? Probably they want this to happen. I guess that's how you, what men you get rid of the police hears. It happens that there's been means about this. The police are gone. P
start hiring private security. Eventually, the left we activists demand that you know that we have security for all. It's not fair, though, The rich people can have security, we all deserve it, and then they now ash, analyze, the private security, creating the police department. Congratulations, you ve, invented the police and they it's absolutely silly of these. People are claiming that you know in Seattle. They say the police printing is now property of the Seattle people. It's like it always was dude, it was never property of a foreign government or corporation is paid for by your tax dollars. You vote you can come Even now the problem is, there are too many people and no one is, is I guess there be more oversight in reform, perhaps with a better solution. There is no,
your way to effectively deal with how these police you know function when they, when eight, when they break the rules than there are in their internal affairs, there are complying. So let me tell you man look up. I gotta be honest with you in the big cities, these problems exist and its bread and and and and pushed by these democratic politicians, because it may not be a republicans- may not solve it, but I dont think that had a chance. So maybe there needs to be some kind of competition, too force these police departments to do a better job, at least, as is as far as the people see it, but have also wondered if private security actually is the appropriate response. One of the things I've heard that we could do is system for police. Imagine they're a bunch of different private security bureaus and you could provide a you know. The government gives everyone a voucher based on proportional taxes, so people who are rich pay more, but everybody gets a voucher from the government, though even poor people are granted access to security.
But you choose which department you think about your job. I think there's some real problems there and that, if your customer of it aren't. They might not want to take it you, but maybe other com, station we had about not having cops issue tickets to people now think about it. What if we at a civil guard and He then had police think about it. This way, if there's a violent crime happening, you don't call the civil guard, they don't do that The civil guard would do his hand out citations for parking violations and for speeding, and there would be a separate department from the actual police may be separated that makes them of sense because then the police only have to enter a you know dangerous circumstances, and I don't have to
enter these tedious. You know fine relate circumstances, an enemy trying to read this idea together. Let's say this: the police departments- you could have about your four or actually this point, maybe not even needed if the police only dealt with the worst of the worst case. Scenarios you'd have a lot less negative interactions and negative potential, and then people can take up the civil guard who can be easily replaced. Because these are people who are not equipped of lethal force. Somebody who's doing traffic control somebody who's do was a meter made somebody who is giving out speeding tickets, they dont need to be cops. Speeding tickets, maybe, but think about this way too. If the person doing speeding tickets can't arrest, you, then will the people in the cars be jumpy and scared? The cops gonna shoot him or rest em, no they're going to take it. That's all there and I think, if the cops positive cops will still people over
If the serving warrants and stuff anyway look out, I do know that it is the main point. I'm not gonna start theorizing about how we saw the police problem, I'm just gonna say straight up: there is. There is a story. I don't think to read too much into what the story is private. Security is on the rise all over the place, because people were too drawing buildings and people don't like it. The average person doesn't like it they're going to hire private police forces. So maybe it's a good thing. Maybe that's the competition that we need to make sure the police to but our job. Maybe it's actually the competition. We need to reduce the amount of negative police interactions, I don't necessarily know how we we solve for this, but I will tell you private you're, going to breed more private police when you move to abolish public, because there will always be some kind of police these,
well don't realize they're not going to enjoy what comes next if they do abolish the police. First of all, I think most Americans recognised the problems that will arise if they do and that's why they oppose it. But these activists, to show to the Chaz probably didn't realize the power vacuum would be filled in seconds, and it was by that do rather, who went on us. I think people ended when every one guess what now. You're gonna need some kind of security to protect you from the guy who claims to be in charge. You need money, What do we do? We do we abolish the policing, everyone, their tax money back. Think about it. This way, if you reduce tax on everybody, you our support, then you say, ok, whatever money we used to go to the police, we now you don't pay rich people will make the most in that return. They'll then use that to easily higher private security and guess what limit limber bring it down for you, the way taxes work across the country is there for the most part progressive, not always, but typically, let's say a rich person play. You knows Pang three percent and a poor person as paying you no point.
Three percent, so the right person gets back a disproportionate of tax revenue. He only needs you know a hundred bucks an hour for the security he wants and he's making way more back in those law and those saves taxes, the poor person also would need a hundred dollars an hour for adequate security, but their only getting back like a dollar or too so. The rich people will have high tiered awesome private security doing what they want. Four people will be left wanting what we can't have it man, businesses are already at your small business, is already have really low margins. I doubt that many of these businesses could afford to have legit good private security. Twenty four slash, seven, they probably can't a lot of people, I guess I'm a left, don't realize business owners who, who payment a minimum await minimum wage are not like Super wretch landlords, fat cats and taxi those of monocles. I think that's what they they assume one, the bigger problems left faces- is that they assume everything capitalistic and every hour
Our problems are all everything their seeing. They think is just a city, the city with their big businesses and their big chains, Amazon Stores and the police with their problems of police brutality. They don't realize that most of them this is our small businesses that most people run. These businesses make maybe like forty thousand dollars a year and can't afford it. Just increase the minimum wage for all of their staff members. Because then they couldn't higher, anybody could pay themselves, they don't get it. What I don't understand is that when they complain about police brutality, they're talking about their Sid, I don't understand when they talk about raising, you know, base pay for a low skilled workers that you're talking about destroying small businesses. This is the problem we have with the policy they try to enact when they tried to enact a one size fits all policy in the end. What I think Look, I'm not a big fan of private policing, I'm not an cabin that allows a fair capitalist. I don't think we would be better off with a bunch of different policing companies willing around.
I know I mentioned about your idea just an idea, but I think maybe you ve got there. Is there some other form but we need to act. Otherwise you will have private security guards and I have seen them break the law. One hundred percent there there ve been high profile people, they hire top tier private security. That strap tell cops to back off because they're her better paid and their better armed and the cops can't do anything about it. Do we want to create a larger wealth gap and two tiered system, that's what the left is advocating for. So let me, let me put it this way. The past three sites I've done have kind of followed a theme. What happens when the laughed doesn't pay attention to what their actually calling for they make everything they claim to be fighting much much worse, private. You're gonna be fine. I can't tell you because I don't know, but I think if you know maybe one of the problems is that it's just
good: maybe we ve solved so much of our problems with all the things we have left are. You know just to continually find something to be angry about, maybe when it comes to police. There will always be a margin of error right that a matter how you try to reform the cops people will lose their lives and then people will complain about it. No protest and there won't ever be a circumstance where There is no police related deaths. If that's the case that in this continent reform is gonna, destroy system when we finally got it as good as we can get it while they're gonna change it because it's gonna come and go and waves, and no but can you be, then we're really surprised that the police that that you know when the call to abolish the police, private security guards find new work,
I'll, leave it there. Next second will be tomorrow at ten. A m thanks, rang out, now see you all next time.
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