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Conservatives Are Winning The Red Hen / Sarah Sanders Battle

2018-06-25 | 🔗
Conservatives and Liberals are battling online over the Red Hen restaurant and whether or not it was right to kick our Sarah Sanders. But at least by one metric the right is winning, the Yelp rating for the restaurant is declining rapidly due to fake reviews by people who support Trump.Even with the left counter brigrading the average ratings continues to declineSUPPORT JOURNALISM. Become a patron athttp://www.patreon.com/Timcast

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Just a few days ago, we saw the story break about Sarah. How could be Sanders being kicked out of the room and in Lexington Virginia, because she worked for Donald Trump, at least that's what she's tweed out since and there has been a lot of back and forth between left and right over whether or not the business should have done this Seemingly, paradoxically, you have just recently court ruling about the bakery in Colorado? Wear them I didn't want to make a case for a gay wedding and people per se and see the conservatives are all hypocrites, vague man when their kicked out of an institution, but then they get mad when it beggars forced to beg a cake and it's a very complicated situation. The rhetoric is flying left and right like is it, but guess what there is at least one quantifiable magic to say in this fight? It seems like the conservatives,
before we get started had over two patriarch comforts lashed him cast to help support my work. This is my full time job and without your support, I can't do it. So if you do like my videos, you do my underground reporting and want to see more of it. Please consider going to patron dot com and becoming a patron for whatever amount you feel comfortable. First, let's quickly go over the story from CNN. Why serious Anders was asked to leave a restaurant, seventy Wilkins the owner of the right hand, restaurant who had asked press secretary Sanders too. I ve told the media on Saturday that she is not a huge fan confrontation, adding I have a business and I want the business to thrive As Wilkinson rightly noted. This feels like I went in our democracy when people have to make uncomfortable actions and decisions to uphold their morals. Wilkinson further explained her approach to handle installation. She first spoke with their employees, who disagree with Sanders defence of trumps discretion,
a ban on transgender Americans who want to serve in the military and her recent defence of trumps on american family separation policy in once she then asked centres to step outside the patio and explained the restaurant. Certain standards- and I feel it has to hold such as honesty and compassion and cooperation. Clearly Sanders doesn't come. I wish that standard now. This is an hour bad okay. This is not seen as official reporting on the matter. I'm just trying to show you the perspective on what happened and who is coming from according to CNN, but Donald Trump recently intervene this story from USA today, Donald Trump attacks, restaurant that kicked out Sarah Sanders, they said Present Donald Trump defended press secretary, serious Andrews on Monday by attacking the Virginia restaurant that asked Whitehouse spokeswoman to leave the premises trump tweeted, the red hot restaurant. Focused more on cleaning its filthy, canopies doors and windows badly needs a paying job right then refusing to serve a fine person. Like Sarah Huckabee Sanders, I always had a rule. If it
front is dirty on the outside. It is dirty on the inside. Now there is a quantum, I have all metric to say that the right is winning in this fight and I'll get to that by one point out. Isn't it great that our political will ring is over, where someone its food and, unlike last year, He bore bashing each other in the streets. I would much rather see people complaining about a restaurant Lexington than street battles, but it is wrong dickie and entirely absurd that in this country, as what it comes down to some work the white, our Strasbourg, but a restaurant gets kicked out and now we're seeing mudslinging like crazy. Is this the battle that everyone wants to engage? And I guess so because we are seeing aspirin gaining of the red hair. Restaurant on yellow- and this is the metric. The right is winning. This fight now explain why Annie I'll read, has one and a half stars out of five with fourteen thousand eight hundred you won reviews. Clearly, the river use are not real. I said about it,
This business is being monitored by help support team for content related to media reports. When we, programme. We see this active cleanup alert. Talks about the business mate waves in news, which means that people come of the patient Their views on the news and not the restaurant has as a result. Your posts page may be removed as part of our clean up process. Beginning setter agent, twenty third twenty eighteen, but you should feel free to post your thoughts about the recent media coverage for this business. Unyoked talk at any time. The first two posts are a perfect example of the fight between the left and the right, and why the right as winning, because we can see five stars the food we experience in the workers are good here. Obviously, Sarah Zander like to eat your enough to come here. Sorry, not sorry. This is probably vague review from someone who doesn't like the trumpet ministration, giving five stars just below from the twenty fifth one star review- and this is
actual review. It looks like, however, I have to say this is still probably a fake review, but they do tat. But their actual experience. So, let's move down one. This post immediately calls out low. Iq. You liberal comments about the red hand, standing up for what's right and There are clearly here from the news story, giving it one star. So here's what's happening. The left and the right are. This pay however, it seems like the right is winning because their currently at one and a half stars when I first choice doubt their rating other day. It was at two stars, so it is going. Down in the two stars is it's not even their original rating when we go to Tripadvisor, we This is actually a four and a half on five circles, whatever that means, and it does say that they ve blocked publishing to this page, not protected from meeting reports, long story short the left and the right are fighting on this yelp page
the score is going down, meaning more people on the right care about this or our voting on it. Then people on the left and Charlie Kirk You did something interesting that I wanted to address. He said the rat. The hen restaurant on Yelp has thirteen thousand seven hundred negative reviews than average rating of two stars would be assured if another, one hundred thousand reviews be added. This is the market at work. Dont, for someone to serve another person. But if you refuse, you must accept the consequences and I think he's technic I'll be right, but I do disagree. This is not really the market this is politicking accorded the market. Tripadvisor shows that people actually like there food and yeah. They engaged in politics and other reaping the political market, places retribution against them. So they will receive negative reviews now why? I think the right, is winning, this fight comes from something someone pointed out to me initially, I said I think bill actually swing the other direction that, even though, is on the right are attacking them. The left will probably go there now and give the money, but someone pointed out
but when all of this is said and done, when the turmoil dies down and people forget the red hot exists, those negative reviews will stay, obviously, not all of them, but many well, because many of them are disguised as actual reviews, in which case what can Europe do purge the entire page or leave up some of the bad reviews. But of course The controversy doesn't end. Their CNN compares restaurant, Picking up Sarah Sanders private family dinner to bakery refusing Joe Biden campaign photo officers from the gateway pundit. The story brings up Andrew Kosinski wait? He says I'm doing a search of entertainment, conservatives who celebrated Virginia bakery who refuse to serve in an hour condemning read him for not serving. Sarah could be Sanders and having a one hundred percent success rate so far in this instance. You really see the true colours of Andrew Kosinski. This is heavily biased, tweet on his part, because when you actually break down the two situations, you realize they're, not same, and this is what they get we appointed is getting it. Yes, there was a bakery that-
refuse to service Joe Biden bite. It was right, political campaign stop not Joe by walking into trying to order a big there very different areas, it shows a tweet from Jason rents. Who said this is a CNN reporter too dumb and lazy. To be honest, so I shall the bakery in question was asked to host a campaign stuff but now seen and believes businesses should be forced to house campaign visits, which is also rather buys another direction, but it is correct Joe by and wanted to have a campaign event and photo up at a bakery and the beggar for political reasons said he wouldn't do it so Biden simply went to another event, it was actually someone from Joe Biden team asking in advance. Can we do a campaign? Stop here? The beggar said no. I disagree with your politics. They moved on down the street, ended their event dramatically different. From serious Anders going to a restaurant sitting down trying to even being kicked out but backed my main point about the potential market, ramifications
The left, my actually when, in the long run the bakery in question that refuse the campaigns of I am cells out of freedom. Cookies are Radford, businessman's decision not to host and unscheduled campaign event with Vice President Obama. On Wednesday has sparked a new story. That's gone viral and to a surge in business. Just call him Chris, the Baker Christmas, Maria, had just open the bakery come and get it Wednesday morning. When he received a visit from binds advance team asking if you'd help the vice president for a media event on the way to a scheduled speech at Virginia Tuck, Mick Politely decline of indifference in politics and binding instead went up the street to the river street. Grew instead, this baker sold out after he politely declined the advice, esteems, request to host a campaign event is very different from what they are centres was doing. Now I will point out. The people were servicing. This bakery were seemingly conservative because it seems like the positive response he got was from people who didn't like Joe Biden, in which case
if there are more negative Jaap reviews on the Red Homepage and a beggar who rejected binding sold out it is possible at the right is able to mobilise better than the left. Ultimately, though, I think when comes to these kinds of stories. There's one old adage that proves true the left can't mean, for whatever reason I don't know why it seems like people who are hooked into the that tend to lean conservative or at least liberal carrying a centrist just not far left not hard core resistance. Now, here's my opinion. I think businesses should not be able to turn people away for political reasons, the same as they should be overturned people away for their race, gender, national. Origin and alien slightly in favour of this is a very tough position, because it is scary thing that government can force you to provide a service, but I feel like if your hosting a business, if you're, if you're running a service and participating
public, paying taxes. You shouldn't mail to remove people because of how you feel about them. It does get a bit nuanced. When we talk about the cake and the floor as to denied services to a gay wedding, because you're asking for cost, position of service, in which case someone has to go all way into something above and beyond bites. It's still I still lean in favour of just serve people, because when we Look at what's going on with red hen. It actually scares me to think we might come to a point where you many triangle, restaurant, and they have some of the door asking you who you voted for. All that will serve to do is to. I'd us more and that can only lead to a really bad place. Now I don't know exactly. Why but in Washington DC they do protect political affiliation, which I find very interesting according to the door, see office of human rights. There protected traits includes number twelve political, ITALY.
Belonging to or supporting a political party and below that number. Seventeen source of income applies to housing. Public accommodation and education, institutions origination of a person's finances if someone's, You work for trot. If that would have in DC. It is not allowed. It is legal if they say you support certain policies, your part of his political organisation. They also can't do that. Maybe that's a protection. We need nationwide, and I know a lot of people are saying that you should let the market handle it, but I am concerned that all that will serve to do is push our tribes further and further away from each other. We already seen, businesses deny trumps supporters. Conservatives we're the start a man who was marked and ridicule they cheesecake factory for wearing a mock at last thing we need is for people to be rated in the streets for our society to further breakdown and for more political problems to arise, because it's just going to make the problem worse. Every single time we hear a story, it makes the problem.
Worse. So you know what about everybody has grown up and says: look man if you're gonna sell Chicken, salad and whatever is the right hand, cells just serve the people who ask for it if you're, making cakes Beggar Kate when someone asks for it is a complex situation, is not black and white. There's no one here, but I'm just hoping we can maintain the fabric of our society and not tear apart because look we all live here. We have to get along with four out and make sure we get along and the last thing we need is to divide into tribes and an attack each other. But let me know if you think of the commons below keep a conversation going. How do you feel about this? I think there's gonna be, a lot of people who believe that seriously I should have been served and a lot of people say: hey man, let the business do what they want. So I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter colleague below will keep the conversation gone. You can find we on Twitter item cast stay tuned videos, everyday, four, p m. Thank you also much watching one last night on my second channel Youtube com slashed him cast news. I'm going to periodically
cloning strings of different stories individually and you can go, my channel and check it out, because there are some up now. It's doing really well so, hopefully monetize that channel- and I can use it to help expand what I do, but anyway phaser watching, see you tomorrow.
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