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Conservatives STOMP On Thin Blue Line Flag As Police Violate Constitution, Cops LOSING All Support


Conservatives STOMP On Thin Blue Line Flag As Police Violate Constitution, Cops LOSING All Support. Trump supporters and conservatives were fed up with police officers who attacked them as they rallied.Democrats and far leftists have defended or denied antifa for a long time. Progressives have even called to defund the police. But it is always the right waving the flag defending copsNow as police enforce unconstitutional edict even Trump supporters have had enough.

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In a stunning turn of events, conservatives tromp supporters, who brought a thin blue line. flag to rally in support of the police through it to the ground and stamped all over in the mud. Before throwing the tarnished flag into the street in front of cops as He drove by many of these people were yelling things like f the blue and ass. The police, and I was really shocked to hear a conservative, a person, I believe, maybe a proud boy, yelling Ethel Police conservatives shocked at the police actually protected and defended anti fa. when these individuals aren't riding, aren't smashing any property and have never done so. For the most part, there was an instant where proud boys burned a black lives matter. Anna though they allege that it was actually the left that tore the banner down. They just destroyed it, but for the most part, Prob boys, patriot, prayer and the right,
don't: go around smashing up businesses and don't generally create a problem for local businesses and local order. These endeavour, jewels right wing and conservative being confronted by the police? In this way First time was shocking to many of them and now other saying many of the things we ve heard from the left. The police is our losing what little support they had left and boy? Is this a mistake- There is no longer an argument that cops are just trying to keep us safe and have to deal with. Unruly crowds when Anti foes going around destroying small businesses. I, of course, criticized Anti for for doing so, but the proud boys and the right wing individuals that are marching, aren't destroying any businesses. So why The police firing pepper balls at them. Why are they protecting anti fa hard to say other than their just doing their job as it was and they don't care if they're following unconstitutional laws or not Ellison? I have not
I have no problem being critical of police when they fire impact rounds or munitions at peaceful protestors, and it happened. I also have no criticism for police when they is crowd control measures against violent riots, the problem ices, when anyone, either left or right, is being attacked or d or dispersed by cops when they did not do anything now, there's a lot a nuance here: if anti has a history of around smashing things and the police. Move. Then it's hard to know who's being honest with you did Anti Fucked, Brian initiate some kind of conflict to the police, dispersed them. when it comes to the right. You're, not gonna, win that argument. Conservatives do not protest for them. Also, and when they do, they certainly don't go round smashing things. But here we are on a red for you. This through but there's so much more to this story. Long time, conservatives talking about the enforcement of psychotic locked downs, not just in the? U S as relevant of the rebel and
Canada posted a video of canadian police go someone's home, because they had six people in it because the neighbors rapid on them and they have actually arrested one of these guys. One of the people at this house was dragged out of them people screaming, and this long time, conservative and long time, defender of the police, actually put out a tweet saying that he will not be supporting police any longer out? Oh, oh! I don't but worthwhile or reduce exact tweet. Now we're hearing from republican rat Louis Homeward that with a judge's ruling He has no standing to sue so that the election results will be changed. He says the ruling is effectively saying. The only thing can but it should do, is go out and be as violent as anti fa or black lives matter. Now, you can see where this is where all headed. Recently we heard the mayor of Portland condemn Anti, for by name will anti for not going anywhere they're going to continue their rights and their violence. But now,
These governments and these police have made sure they have no support whatsoever and, beyond that, they made sure that conservatives will actually seek to define them as they enforce unconstitutional edict, police will have no support, as calls for them to be funded, occur and the police will have no support January. Sixth, when right wing and The jewels and left wing individuals shall what we have already seen that those are the Bootblue boys shaking hands of anti fa is possible now that anti far realises the opportunity with anger we conservatives who are pointing the finger at the police. The opportunity to say: ok, you guys dear thing and then swoop and take advantage could the same besides what about the right? Who now says you know what we're not going to bother aunt. If I let them do their thing, the cops are on our side. The right has turned on the police and I think we can expect things to get particularly spicy we go through all this news for you. That would show you what's going on with report.
Concerning maybe it's time to get his violent at say that people are being effectively told ticket violet and I'll. Show you what these individuals, these right wing individuals did with this flak crazy stuff before, we get started had over the TIM cast out com slashed donate if you'd like support my work there, many wage, given that a p o box. If you want to send me some stop at the back so you can do- is share this video boy this once more port than ever to The police lose the support of right wing endeavour, Those conservatives is one of them. Was shocking. Turns of events. I have seen these past several years and is the biggest indicator that we are headed towards some kind of internal conflict calamity catastrophe. The establishment elites have almost no the port. At this point, Nancy Policies Home gets vandalized. Nobody on the right is defending much more I know any more. For the most part, there is now reports that a bunch of sense
these are planning on rising up and objecting to the electoral count vote to define which Mcconnell, because they say he's a poor leader who would not back the president? It's all breakin apart is gonna, get well spicy, but over gets alike subscribe hit. That notification by. Let me show you this thread from Ford Fisher, a journalist who tweets yesterday following approach: Trump Anti Lockdown Protests and Salem organ right, police fired sting balls at conservatives and proud boys who refuse to step back while trying to confront counter protesters. In fact, in this video there's one guy who says this guy fired at me, as I was backing up amazing, that's something we hear from the left all the time. Now. Listen! There's
difference between anti fascists. You know antiviral Monica antiviral YO there at rotten rioters, and the police are firing at the crowd because they're not backing up and then they get mad at they work they were fired upon, but these groups will they riot. Conservatives cops had no reason to any of this. The cops could just moved forward and out of an end of it, but they are firing at these people This crazy Ford says in the moments before the sting ball incident. Portions of the right wing crowd, including proud boys, came across a group of counter protesters identified as anti fa. Again chanting F, Antigua before police stepped in between Box on the right guy, particularly agitated. As two of the Bee Elam counterpart, This is made their way around the police line, one with a paintball gone and one with a firearm. What the f is going on asked one remove this man right now: you're cops, Didn't: listen police charged at the right wingers as a fight seemingly broke out in the distance officers, deployed, tear gas and at least one flag.
grenade and made a single arrest of a right wing or towards the end of his clip just tell them where Anti fought and they'll give us well. They'll take they'll service S upper though it yeah the conservative angry that one of his Francis being arrested, police continue to push towards push forward against the right using sting balls and tear gas, no more backing the blue one yelled at them, ass, the blue. Originally this sweatshirt reading back there who PD acts with a thin blue line was brought in support of officers by the right by the end of a rallying sailor Morgan, they were trying to burn it. As the police dispersed. The right wingers took turns stepping on the thin blue line flag. They originally brought to support the cops. You have been declared to be treasonous. Only one punishment for treason, F, the blue in an amazing look at us in this clip. You can see the man take that that the tarnished flag from the ground and just throw it into
Three, as cops drive by what little support police actually had is fading. Many of you may be familiar with Michael Malice, he's bound, IRL Pike S several times to pray, smart duties, a funny guy on Twitter. He trolls alot people fall for it, on my shown Europa cast. He said that he believes all These are criminals and he's tweeted as much now, Michael believe is what I want to ascribe has critical beliefs? So you can check out the arrow podcast he's been in several times, but basically said the unconstitutional and unlawful enforcement actions taken by police or the unconstitutional unlawful decrees, by he's governors are letters to Santa without men and women with badges to enforce them. Today he tweets it's happening cue, the wrong Paul Meme, as as relevant a prominent tromp support on conservative tweets. I'm sorry this video is the tipping point for me for forty eight years I have
pro police almost fanatically. So I cannot say that anymore. I know there are still good cops out there somewhere, my friends, but as the violent enforce the locked down I no longer support them as Russia is. going this video. Says there were six people in a house and get not Canada on neighbour. Snatched police went in stop o style assaulting citizens so yeah. Every lockdown politician who made this on Cyprus World and then tries to sneak away to Florida, Hawaii a few inches Finally, he does go on to say I will not take up rage against the cops, because then it will I end up dead, so I will focus my rage their bosses, lockdown politicians, especially the cheaters like crazy alert and Joe Hargraves. Maybe I'm impotent
maybe they're immune to consequence, we'll see he goes on to say you can join me, I'm not a fan. It's the police, their oath breakers now in Canada, I dont believe they swear enough to the constitution. So what made the United States so great? A constitution The guarantee that our rights are bestowed upon us by our creator and not granted to us by a government and police officers for the most part swear an oath to uphold the constitution. They do I've heard of several I'm from police and police families, but actually looked up. Yes, they do swear, not the constitution. These officers are incomplete, violation of the constitution now they're they're question, about reasonable limitations and Supreme Court opinion on what constitutes violating the constitution. but I will assure you, the lock down edicts are not statutory law and defy the first amendment period
now. There are many people for a long time of sad doesn't matter. The second element has always been infringed. It says shall not be a fringe and their tongues of laws infringing upon it. But it is true that the constitution is. We have a supreme court. The Supreme Court says here are the rules and mutations, your interpretation of infringed versus the Supreme Courts, and then we follow the Supreme Court. But it is undeniable. When you have people trying to go to church and we have a right to peaceably, assemble and worship and the police say no, that's when things get crazy January. Sixth, the proud boys will be NBC Incognito, they say the hell reports. The proud boys will attend the Washington DC rallies for Trump on January six incognito with leaders of the groups it will dress in all black to mimic the attire of anti fascist groups encounter protesters. Could it be that is anti for fights with cops.
and conservatives no longer care to support them and us these police seemingly defend a broken system, a system that conservatives feel is broken and I would argue, as actually broke in short, is it possible that you just get one mass of and he thought even if some of them actually are proud boys, they don't care there Our intention is to disrupt and they're going to be standing side by side without diva. Perhaps how will aunt for know who is who, so when the fighting breaks out with cops. I can only imagine it's one group verses, one group not to now read Lui GO marked the Republican. He said this ruling as his loss it was, it was rejected, is assent, Julie telling people they have to be as violent as Belgium or anti fa. Is it possible that's, why we see the proud boys decided to do something like this. Here's a story- and this ties in two what's happening with this ongoing legal action and the objections linear Times reports federal
such dismisses election lawsuit against pants. President trumps can National allies had hoped to give the vice president the power to reject electoral votes that were cast for Joseph, our by junior. They say, judge, Jeremy DE colonel of the Eastern Decorative Texas ruled that republican lawmakers led by Rep Louie. Governor of Texas lacked the proper standing to sue Mr Pence in the matter. The lawsuit channel. The more than century old law that governs the electoral college process in an attempt to X Band and otherwise ceremonial rolled into one with the power to reject electoral votes that were cast for Mr Barton. as the presiding officer of the Senate. Mr pants has the rest on of opening and telling envelopes sent from each state and announced their election results when Congress meat January six to certify Mr Binds victory Mr Gaubert on
on with his colleagues and electors in Arizona had hoped, the lawsuit filed on Sunday could force MR pants to take on an expanded role, opening the vice president up to pressure to invalidate the election results, but Judge Colonel who was appointed by MR too, dashed those hopes on Friday, but Mr Gaubert said in an interview with news max that is, lawyers would appeal. His decision came a day after the Justice Department asked him asked him to reject the lawsuit department, also argued, that Mr Gama did not have standing to sue MR pants over performing the duties as too I end by the act but maintain that he should see Congress which had passed the original law. Perhaps that's the answer, and now we see Louis Homewards response not as a tool from Aaron Rupaul Erin, often pulls things out of contacts and he's pretty in a tortoise for it, but he tweets Lui Gomer unused MAX quote, but if the bottom line is the court is saying quote we're not going to touch us, you have no remedy, basically, in effect, the ruling would be that you got
go to the streets and be as violent as anti fought and be. Elam. Gomer says that if Congress doesn't overturn trumps election law school, It will mean the end of our republic, the end of the experiment in self government. Maybe but my pants himself has already rejected this from CNN pants asks judge to reject Gomer lawsuit, asking the VP to interfere in the electoral college. Count. Sorry you're not going beginning what you think you're going to be getting. My pants is not going to stand up and defy the system, Donald Trump and my You will not be winning any constitutional process to be. President now, as many
state attorneys, general start ramping up criminal probes into Trump. I have to wonder if Donald Trump is going to choose to fight or surrender if Trump does just eventually give up hill, I believe it's possible. He will be arrested the state level. Now, in the past there were concerns as to whether it would be a risk of the federal level so clarified. I really don't see Joe Biden going for company capacity. The same is trumpeted go after Hilary, but at the state level you have zealots, they hate. Tromp is our deep blue states. They may very well go after him they're trying to if Trump leaves office, I believe they will likely go after we'll trop say? I've got nothing to lose and fight, or will he just give up their reports? The secret service gonna be adding detail to the presidential d adding individuals agents because of fears that Some of these agents are loyal to tromp, but many have said. This is not true. There's no significant
changes or they may change like us all the time and it's all just height, but I'll tell you might pants is an establishment. Guy he's always been ok rather quiet, he's Indiana Governor is establishment guy Trump one supposed to win, but he did and for several years the esteem most men elites were quite upset by it. I want to point out something to all of you build back better. It's the slogan of the great reset been it's been pushed by many in Europe job. It has a build back better, not Gov. Apparently, why is a european slogan for their plan? being used by an american incoming President well, because maybe go modest, correct the experiment and self governed, just come to an end, I mean very smart. full of said that were endangered were in dire straits. We had ah peak prosperity on the IRA, podcasting made familiar and he's a Phd doctor
and he was telling us that are our planet's being depleted resources are being run dry and these elites who have caused the problem Swat to extract more but need to make sure that we stop lungs, in short, it seems like they want to be able to fly around the world and do whatever they want and if we a resource is the only way they can do, it is if they stop us from using it, so they can have what's left at the general idea, but I think it's fair to point out that there is something wrong: if everything has been happening on this planet for quite some time in terms of rapid and expansive growth, it seemed- and now I believe- in freedom and I think, is a very serious challenge when it comes to how you deal with You know individuals, their ability to live, have families and grow and expand, and if it really was true, the planet was in trouble.
as they say in a variety of ways, not just resource depletion but climate change, US ocean acidification, etc. Then you'd think these people would be the first to put their money where their mouth is better. Not these are the elites who claim that we have to all pitching Rawlins together and then in every possible way. They lie cheat and steal. What did we see uncovered lockdown? We see Newsome got to eat Whittemore, getting our heritage Pelosi, getting her hair Don Loris Lightfoot, getting her hair done. Andrew Cuomo build a blog, YO enforcing unconstitutional edict Rawlins. This aim, but we're not they clearly aren't they can do whatever they want, and then we can look at the climate change from the individuals have been the staunchest advocates for doing something about climate ancient. What do they do? Fly around on private jets and by beach front property. the ocean levels are going to be rising. Who would want beachfront property at seems to make? No,
That's and therein lies the brake. Entrust I'd like to believe that we can all come together to help save this planet. I think it's it's visible. In certain way, in certain areas where you can see that humans have caused expansive expanding damage to the planet, a variety of ways, but if the elites who are saying will define their own rules and restrictions and orders. Why would anyone believe them? Worse still is the main point of this video: the fact that there are police who break the constitution with a smile on their face and laugh? Is that put the boot on your there's a variety of reasons they do it. I think the main reason is simply I can see the other side, they can see what it's like for people who have no jobs, whose businesses have been destroyed and I think themselves I can choose to be the person with no money whose desperate or
can choose to be essentially immune to get a paycheck and to be above the law to boot, stop and be individuals who have been destroyed by this and just not care and that's why we see it all over the world. I should say throughout history, most notably We saw with fascist and a totalitarian in the past hundred years. Much gonna play to world war to Germany You look at Communist China and you look at Russia there for individuals who are in the guard in the army and they say better better you than me and now we're here. It wasn't supposed to be this way. Why are we? The car detention that guarantees our rights. The only problem is these police officers will ab. solutely stomp all over you to stomp all over you. If it means they stay safe and it's creepy and it's scary, and it gets even scare I like to show you this assembly bill aid for one sex with a war.
Bring to the left and the right about what the New York State Senate is proposing. This is not law, it has not been passed. It is assembly bill. A for one sex and I'm reading this too, from an why Senate dot Gov, I am not making this up I M showing you and actual assembly bill that is currently in committee. It is a long way to go before becomes law. We can see last bill status, it was introduced, it is in committee, it has not gone on the floor calendar and has not passed the Senate and end the assembly and has not been delivered the governor to the governor and has not been signed vetoed by the governor, the spill is a four one, six relating to the removal of cases, contacts and carriers of communicable diseases or potentially dangerous to public health. To put it simply, this bill is proposing the ability of New York State
to detain individuals who may or may not be dangerous to public health may be that's it. They say I believe they have changed on the language, but may be only refer. You section one, the public what is amended by adding a new section. Two two hours to read as follows: section to want to o eight remove Oh and detention of cases, contacts and carriers who are her or may be a danger to public health. Other orders were on the provisions of the second shall be utilised in the event that the governor declares a state, health emergency due to an epidemic or any commute. what disease may be dear. That means you might not be a threat now, but will read, you will be perhaps you're an individual who are no went to a party and didn't wear a mask. Well, we don't know,
You have the virus, but you may be a threat. You must be removed, amazing, they say to upon Germany by clear and convincing evidence, the health of others is or may be endangered by a case contact or carrier contact. Do you get it now Or suspected case contact or carrier of a connection, disease that, in the opinion of the governor, after consultation with the commissioner, may pose an eminent and significant threat to the public health resulting in severe morbidity, morbidity or high mortality, the governor. Or his or her delicate, a delegate, including it up, but not limited to the commissioner or the heads of local health departments, may order the removal and or detention of such a person or a group of such persons. By issuing a single order identifying such persons thereby name or by a reasonably specific description of the individuals or grouping detained such person or group of persons
shall be detained in a medical facility or other appropriate facility or premises designated by governor or his or her dealt delegate and complying with subdivision five of this section, a person or group remove or detained by order of the gun. or his or her delicate pursuant to subdivision too of the section shall be detained for such a period and that's it. Manner. As a department may direct in accordance with the section, an indeterminate amount of time. You may come into contact with someone that determines. You may be a danger, we don't know, but we do have evidence that you're masterless at a large party with other people. Therefore they have their there, trying to pass a law to allow them to remove. You have even been hacked paying attention to what's been going on New York wants the authority to remove people who may be threats to public health and guess what many a stab
but leftist will say, but we have to stop the pandemic. We do but at what cost?. Michael Malice set. As I mentioned, there is no law too, deprave these individuals is police officers won't enforce what happens when the police are told that you are a contagious carrier that must be removed. Do you think they'll question it? Do you think they'll say you know we better as protectors individuals, constitutional rights or is this not the perfect? reason to remove undesirables. The question I have for you and everyone who care for left or right. The question I have is When you rent one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, when you watch v for vendetta or brave new world or Fahrenheit, four hundred and fifty one did you think that one day you would wake up and the news would just announce the authoritarian dictatorship was here and oh no now we must fight back no course not. Of course, there would be large propaganda campaigns and, of course, there would be next
and in this case there actually as an emergency call very serious lotta people have died from it. But this certainly not the answer: locking down innocent people's businesses and destroying them over a year is not the answer. I know him and earlier on there is. There are serious problems occurring on this planet, but do we trust the despot who would seek powers fatality Erin powers to remove you on flimsy evidence. Do you trust those people now I dont this is not the sir and this house scary things are going to be getting now. As I stated, this is just a committee, it hasn't gone anywhere and very well may fall but the only way we stop things like this is by calling them out and catching them early. I warn you, conservatives those live in upstate, New York and who live in western New York Northwestern New York? So if this passes totally met, time before someone who doesn't like you, a politician, says
that guy yeah he's sick, go arrest them and then you'll see it we're dangerously close. My friends Chris Hon Let's see who is, as you know, viral tweet. Twenty five thousand retreats the aggressive, progressive, Ray your house as seen on tv. He said any member of the House of Representatives that votes against accepting the elect the results from their home state, the very same process that elected them? should not be seated in a one hundred seventeenth Congress, seditious GEO. He Archie, if you agree, where do we go from here when you have New York violating peoples constitutional rights, as confirmed by Supreme Court opinion on what they ve done. Setting up checkpoints and destroying people's businesses alter slow, the spread, say the authoritarian, desperate, the boot liquors on the left Where do we go when the laughed says don't seat the House of Representatives? That are you,
but in their constitutional authority under article two of the constitution to challenge the election, results may say: don't see them. I say fine Perhaps the peaceful divorce is the only way out of this. If New York, I in Illinois are so scared the virus by all means. Let these states have their locked and it is in but upon you to get out, while you can after hearing what New York is proposing, if you choose to stay and they do come and detain you whose fault is it? I mean it some might say to him. I can't move. I can't afford it. I didn't life, was easy, a lot of you item you're lucky your your well off. I was homeless several times in my life. and I saw, chose to leave and I slept outside on numerous occasions or lived in a car briefly. I chose to get out and find a better path and it isn't easy, and I know I was young, I did have a family, but if you are sitting there in New York right now and you are watching
they are proposing and seeing what's going on- and you say, I'm just gonna- stick around ok. Not to use an old cliche, but there are a lot of people in Germany in world war, two who saw the signs and got out while they could. I don't know where you got this point. The whole planet is locked up, but it's. at least you can get away from places like New York, California, where the lockdown have become psychotic leader and where there are now proposing to detain you if you may be a threat due to contact, think about it that bill being prepared. It could mean that a male man came to your house and dropped off a box that mail man got sick. So we detain you because you might get sick too, don't give them an unreal constitutional reason. Dogan no reason at all to do this, but it can happen soon. What do you do? I don't think Donald Trump is going to be able to win
because not just Donald Trump? It's the whole machine he's funny against and I dont believe he has the support of the power to do so. But I'll tell you why? you see european leaders all saying, build back better over and over again and then Joe Biden steps up and repeats them and you get a dot gov using a european slogan for the reset. What other plan is you have to one what's really going on in this country- maybe it's too late. I don't know for sure. I don't know what people are gonna do. But I know that the right is pushing back on police and the system is at risk, since I'm probably only broken but leave it there. Next augments, coming up tomorrow at ten, a m over at Youtube dot com, forts lashed him cast news thanks for hanging out everybody, I guess we'll just see what happens in four days. Adios. I'm pretty sure there were many trump supporters who thought when push comes to shove, police
officers would stand for their oath to the constitution and defend the constitutional rights of the sitting, a great many of these individuals are not getting a rude awakening as trot supporters and anti lockdown protesters marched in several states and the police attacked them I'll. Tell you one of the craziest things so photo of a guy. What appears to be throwing back some kind of tear gas or smoke bomb of some sorts, and it's a right wing dude? I didn't expect to see this anytime soon. It's typically what you from the left when they fight cops, but now that trumped supporters and many right wing and visuals war opposing the lock downs are coming out in saying you don't have a right to do this to governors their learning. The cops don't care. Now. I've heard from some people that many of these many of the good cops have, What is actually true, there's been a mass exodus from various police forces, cops who don't want to enforce these laws d
wanna be in these places and are not getting support from the government. So what do you end up with? Let me ask you something: if you have police officers Mackay during the George Floyd Riots, their screaming defined the police in your face. So these cops quit and say: I've got no support. No We want your fine we're gone. If you have unconstitutional edict and you have officer saying I'm not going to enforce that they say. Well, then you can quit. Ok, fine! I quit. Who do you think is left the people say. I don't care about any of the constitution, that people who say I don't care. If people like me or not, Gimme, that sweet page I'm sure they're lotta cops birthing themselves. I can see the other side. The people have lost their jobs. I can see those marching in the streets because their businesses have been shut down and their desperate and I'll be damned if I'll be one of them gimme the money. So I put down the boot: that's what they're doing is
I don't care about. You don't care about your rights and he has really funny to because the left is not treating me like the right with a start and realized police or bad or whatever, and it's like Brown, I've rag, doll, police, many times camp. I just don't think all cops are bad. That's a stupid statement. We can talk about institutions of policing, they have corruption problems, we can talk about gap, cops getting away with things, because people are scared to go against them to a snitch on them as it were, but for the most part I've met good cops. I've been saved by good cops, I've been helped by them. I've had reasonable cops, pole be over before- and you say you like outside this man, I've had bad cops, pull me. I've got to pull me over because of people and not just the way. Life is not a fan for the most part. I think we need police reform, and now more than ever, I think we are in serious trouble. Here's a story from the daily mail mug of fans clash with cops in protest across the country
as tromp planes. Georgia, one offs, are illegal and valid because of the unkind voting process now we'll get to Georgia. Mission of this in a minute, the most important thing. I think you ought to see as these tromp supporters coming out demand that everything get reopen, that their their business to be allowed to come back and many jurisdictions that actually one court cases. I think in Texas, the governor or the state government is sick, upping Austin, from locking down a wire these cities locking down anyway. we ve seen in New York, for instance, that transmission rates from restaurants is like one percent, and then you of in hall, I believe and hope has actually been higher so the argument is, when you have Big Box stores like target in Walmart and their open, and everyone has to go. oh two way, centralized store your increasing transmission. Are you nuts? The support that I brought up? Many people
but have actually, if you allow a mom and pop boutique shop to be open. When someone says I need to go by flowers, they interact with what three or four people. But what happens if somebody to buy flowers and you ve closed all the small businesses down now everyone's going to Walmart and the person needs flowers is by but it is a guy. Was by milk. That's just going to increase transmission centralizing. This makes no sense. As forty two I love the out of context clips that you ve If the people fly around, you know that that the Baltic quotes from out of context play in that insulting doctors and nurses. As for celebrating the arrival of the vaccine, which is just one hundred percent false, I'm criticized doctors and nurses who are dancing when people are crying, as their loved ones die I didn't dancing at a funeral bright eyed. I digress. My criticism for anti FA is that they burning down There were smashing small. Business says they these rioters
an unnecessarily and people, but the rioters at Minneapolis destroyed the dream. Are of a local fire fighter and I say if you can around smashing up small businesses, you're the bad guy. In Seattle. They smashed up like a local electronic store and through all of the products in the middle, the street. What would you do going man is not a court of justice on massive corporation. It some do try to live a life and run a small business broker fairly the torch to goods and illustrate. Now I tell you this: it's not just anti fa that has put the boot on the neck of the small business owner of the regular innocent working class person just trying to survive. It's the cops the daily mail says: mug of fans have taken to the streets in organ in California to show their support for trump and to protest. Lockdown orders put in place under the covered nineteen pandemic hundreds anti lockdown protesters were seen in sailor Morgan on Thursday afternoon, many of whom were waving trump flags as they urged officials to reopen businesses
the least declared the event unlawful and dispersed protesters with impact munitions and Flash Bang grenades after the group refused to leave downtown, I will say this for the Trump supporters, the same as I did for Anti, but on the left when they show up in Portland, holding hands and singing Combine whatever that's awesome. I actually support that. One hundred percent and I have always supported that. The idea that you have a right to peacefully assemble peaceably assembly for the constitution is true incorrect and the police should not be able to fire tear gas and rubber bullets. What I've rat you simply because our standing around now problem arises when people in that product throwing bricks and molotov water bottles and beans and cans of tuna and stuff. Like that, I don't know their actual Thornton again, I think there are three that approach are therefore beans, though now you ve got violence popping up the problem. Well, the car
need to stop at the person is using the crowd as a human shield and the leftist protesters warrant, stopping them. So listen if you're in a large group in someone throws a brick and you don't stop them, then the police have to stop them. And they're gonna pushed through you to get to this person because you may be accidently or inadvertently protecting them but unites USA with George Floyd protests, stockbroker started good bunch, people shop and go to on some bridge, I think, is important and they all just laid down but their hands behind their back, and I said awesome to exactly what this country's about. I understand is country was founded on violence. revolution, but nonviolent civil disobedience and this day and age is one of the most effective tools for bringing about change and that's a fact. You can be disruptive, you, get their studies showing that we ve talked about it that when you generate attention through now the violence of disobedience people support you. They say they hurt anybody. They came out. This adheres our cause that the press corps,
Was it you hear about its on twitter? Then you, though, ok when someone hearthstone bricks and molotov and and your and explosives like they were doing important people stop supporting you. They say there are A king, they're burning things are blowing things up. So when the cops come in to stop them will then people support the police. What happens now when it's the police were destroying everything? That's interesting. They say several protests became angered by the move by that moving to the about being declared unlawful, more pictured facing off with officers Clayton Riot Year, others launched their own smoke, grenades and several people were arrested according to local police. Meanwhile other protesters assembled outside the gates, mansion of Governor Kate Brown, claiming that that's lockdown orders were a violation. Of their liberties. That's a fact to the south and passing into California. Mogg offence show their support for Trump, as it continues to cry foul about the results of the presidential election. So I'll tell you what really fascinating tromp supporters coming with their own smoke bombs tromp support
where's in Oregon that none of that now, I think genocide that wasn't our fault. That was in infiltrators because one of the people at the pro Trump is a rally was like women. Trump flags than blue line flies very mean a right wing. Somebody bears a bare Mayst police and I've heard people say that, wasn't conservatives and unlike row? That's exactly what antithesis. So if you got a problem with someone are Nathan cops at your rally. Then you need to stop that person and help the cops arrest him. Just like I said you had a video on a dc from back in the George Floyd Rights, so mad you got her to bash in the ground with a hammer to pull up bricks and the protesters grab them and ro him to the police. The cops actually make sure to arrest the right guy and release those who got absently caught up in it see that is cool the cops one attacking people. The cops took away the dude, whose breaking every just smashing things and the protests
continued their protest, and I agree with the ideology of many these protesters, but most most of their ideology that weird moral authoritarian welcome, but I certainly agree with their right to protest and non violence. Over disobedience. Now you wanna talk about clashes, cops specifically, and there is an interesting philosophical conundrum its One thing: if you destroy property, it's one thing for destroying public streets that belongs to all of us will contribute to that. So you can have it You cannot claim to be advocating for a commune or community and then destroy what we the community actually paid for, but what happens when police are legitimate legitimately surprise
people's rights will. Then you get a very serious problem. Oath breakers cops who are not upholding the constitution? In fact they are trampling all over it. I don't know what you do at that point. I still don't think I'm not an. I think violence is not correct I'd, but I believe that when work- but there is a long there is a line- I was talking with Wash the IRA podcast, you know there's a month or two ago and he's a lefty guy. He voted for Biden. He's is a personal, prominent I believe, he's a libertarian socialist? Yes, it's a thing, and It was basically saying there isn't there of course, they're instances where political violence is justified, saying you know, world war to Germany. F groups rose up against the establishment, the Nazis and things like that unease correct one percent we would have. We would have, in other words that were there was resistance. There isn't a movie valkyrie ass cool people are trying to fight back at a certain point. You must protect, while put it this way. Law legality doesn't mean.
in morally correct and that's where the challenge comes in. If people are actually commit, if he's cops are committing crimes and violent constitution. What do you do now? There's there there's an answer. I can give you. I know a lot of people want me to have that answer. I don't what I am saying is historic. Historically, we can look back and but sometimes violence happens, and the civil war was an instance where I think most people agree most people that what Abraham Lincoln did was good. As even those I mean it's, a tough call, isn't it Abraham? can buy. He shut down newspapers. Yet no authority. Do you arrested people put in prison for years without charge or trial. and Abraham Lincoln. It was the essentially the initiator of the conflict. Now you can argue, story and another story, but the general ideas, the union troops at Fort Sumter refused to leave. Even though these states? Are they proceeded from the union so fighting broke out. I guess can argue that you knows it was decided that label,
South Carolina that initiated the conflict with the union soldiers digressed you yes, it was Abraham Lincoln, who was stopping all of the constitution, and we look at them like a good thing, maybe an hundred years from now you look back at the constitution being trampled all over today and say was the right thing ever: will just clap and cheer for it depending on who wins, Abraham Lincoln, spat on it essentially, but for a good cause right to prevent the breakup of union- and there are some interesting conversations and writings about what was right. What was wrong but stuff call it is, and I would say I fear, what's to come next year there were six around the corner. I certainly don't believe Trump is gonna win. That's just me and said in a million times, but Trop supporters not a different picture. I dont know what to expect, but I've talked people who are adamant. That Trump is AB.
absolutely going to win- and I said maybe, but not in any constitutional way- and therein lies the issue. Many people on the right have pointed out: Abraham Lincoln violated the constitution to do what was right reserve the union and other sang truck should do the same thing. Look in these states in places like New York, the constitution. mud and I'm not saying that because I'm trying to disparage, I think it's a fantastic document, and I think this country, the United States, tremendous job of interpreting it an programmed trying to progress in certain ways, and we ve not, we ve been perfect. We don't break pretty great job to amendments in there. You not have changed things made things better, but now we're coming to this. right, where you have states that are acting in complete defiance of the Constitution New York, California, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc. While less Ohio, but many these other states and they ve been ruled against several times
the Supreme Court believes even ruled against them and some capacities, but little care they just keep doing it will there's the argument: is it better because weren't a pen, that to preserve the safety of the union, these leaders come together and defy the constituent same is Abraham Lincoln S way, run windows, our publican or the more important that Trump stand up defiantly and install restore the rights granted to us under the concept. Ocean therein lies the big problem is always going to be in an ideological split in the civil war. clearly. Slavery was a big issue that played idea whether states had a right to control their own laws or there was a federal government that could supersede that slavery was the principal issue Now you have the pandemic and the question is: do you trust the government? Is the serious the serious problem we're facing these transporters who are going out clearly do not why it's not their fault Anthony found? She was
let flopping over and over again and I'm not trying to disparage the guy. I think he's just been wrong a lot, but that's ok to a certain degree, because we learn things as time goes on. The problem is that factory has admitted now in more than one occasion: It was long he said in it. What interview the reason they worked telling people to buy mass was because they want to make sure they could get the masks. First, the healthcare workers we get. The masks first make sense, Healthcare workers, the ones who need them asks more than a regular. You know somebody who would like say works at home and then it want to get up the album to get bought up, but you just told me not to trust you because you're probably lying He then said you know, I heard immunity number sixty seven, seventy percent- actually it's much higher, I don't think people could could could handle hearing it and now I think, they're ready. He said something that affect. He also said it's time to do with your old. So now, you're people saying this dude been lying. What else is even lying about and they're going out there protesting? There's a story,
I went out of the public in fact at me, but like sixty percent of of medical workers in Ohio are refusing to get the vaccine. What they hear in the media, what they trust and dont trust. So what what would you think is going to happen next? You can argue that there's a couple days, you can argue we're facing a panel and I mean worst were in it, and hospitals are getting overwhelming. People are dying, left and right. That's not in dispute there a lot people who say: oh, but their co morbidity is, you know, they're really do something else known another dying of covert- and I made this very clear on the IRA show, which is which is hilarious, because the young Turks than a segment where they lied- and it's like the best they could do, is just pretend I said things I didn't say I tweeted while ninety four economists, Vienna. Ninety four percent of covert does had Como abilities, as I said, and that a lot of peoples, saying oh, because they really died from acts now the where do I describe it is
Look if someone's like that there are. A lot of people were very said. I renal failure, for instance, like those people probably going to make it, but they get covert and die in this aid to cover death, right. I understand that that's really the fine. You know it makes me wonder about come on man, and there have been instances where people have died and motorcycle accidents and they had covered so marked. Nuno died with covert or whatever, but come morbidity means they died from covert exacerbated by, and we know most people who are dying have come orbit. It is it's hilarious that that's supposed to like the young. Turks will try and twist that to me the claim that I was down plainer. It wasn't happening now, my point It's always been as protect the vulnerable allow people to open their businesses and work because it doesn't make sense. Through the lives of regular people because other people are vulnerable. It does it make sense. We should double our efforts protecting the elderly and those of commodities. The majority of those who die and then we should allow regular working class people to get back to work. Wear masks socially distance.
And then we'll have a balance between protecting the mean obviate the transit, the trance. resources like food and water. You have, I say, the economy, the lock the hope of the economy, is just Walmart, I'm: U Campsite is Wall Street it's really amazing- I still don't know what economy means means household management. It means. How do I get food to you, so people are not to be effected, gonna lose their homes, their angry, their protesting and the cops are beaten him down. You want some really fascinating. I give you are good friends, the Donald that, when this supposed thirteen hours ago, they say for those of you aren't aware. Patriot, prayer and proud boys had a planned march, anti for showed up and the cops shut up to protect anti fa and end the march antivirus instigating with paintball guns and the cops are protecting anti fa and attack That's police are not on our side. Do not cook top gun
says: police literally, defining antiphon firing gas on patriots, letting out of a point guns the patriots and won't do anything thing to stop it, but they will start shoving and pushing the patriot and that's one person says oath breakers, get what they deserve. Their oath breakers there absolutely oath breakers now ass with Georgia thing. Donald Trump tweeted at the election in Georgia was illegal and invalid. I am sorry that the run of election coming up- and you know that Let me show you this fiery. Patrick burns. Tweet tromp said before, even discuss on Friday evening, he'll always airplane drop, says before even discussing the mass of corruption which took place in the twenty election, which gives us far more votes a necessary to win. It must be noted, the state slight. Yours we're not in any way responsible for the massive changes made to the voting process, rules and regulate.
since many made hastily before the election and therefore the whole state election is not legal or constitutional. Additionally, the Georgia consent, decrees unconstitutional and the state twenty twenty presidential election is therefore both both illegal and valid, and that would include the two current senatorial elections. Now the reason why these correct is correct in once in one point that the changes were not able to legislature now, as to whether you want to make a fraud argument that set something else. Ok on a lot of people are sure, but I'm not bring it up. I think we dimension the constitutional process state legislatures set the terms if that is the Supreme Court of these states and the governors changed the rules. Ok, that's not what our federal constitution permits gets electoral Electric Clause ACT section to order it, but he brings up the next. The current senator elections are in valid. Well, the current runoff elections are happening because of the actual election
So if there is an invalidate to the present election, it could in a potentially invalidate your initial senatorial actions are not necessarily thing So because you can argue to federal level, there's rules and regulations are the state legislature can determine terminal elections, but the state itself determines you know their senators, so that's different, even if they invalidate the existing presidential election at a constitutional level for the federal government. I dont think would change the role the state level change, the rules, the state level for who actually one. So in that capacity, I think tromp is arguably incorrect. But there are, but I was saying we're trying to clarify once it was correct, was that the constitution says state bikers decide this loss. It's going on now, because state legislatures have to have not changed the rules, but governors and courts did. There is an actual excellent can't constitutional legal challenge. There now what's combine these things. Patrick burn The former ceo of overstock, I believe, and a very prominent
individual was tweeting, some really crazy things, honest, I dont believe he's at what airlines learn what I learned this morning from a federally certified forensic document examiner about certain ballots in certain counties in a certain state. They're going to Lynch every politician involved in the skin, starting with a certain governing governor and secretary of State, they Patty crack the governor every He has to go through lorries for release. Sorry, I can only drop you appetizers, I don't buy it. I don't believe it. No, I don't I'm not a managed interested. Listen, I don't. I don't know what you're talkin about act, but I just keep here and all this crazy about. What's really gonna happen, I dont think at a constitutional or legal love level, judiciary Well, there's going to be changes that help trump. I do think possibly there. Some issues that may arise with Trump supporters marching through the streets? That's the important point to consider this, maybe I'll You don't look tackle a bit more about later. The secret service
making changes to the presidential detail, because their concerned secret service members are currently aligned with Trump there's two theirs to train of thought on this. One is why is going on. Why are they concern that these these members are aligned with Tromp is trying to stage a coup or something and other people say This is totally normal. It happens all the time and these reports, like from the Washington Post, originated. This are just trying to freak you out. We will see on January. Sixth, too. Awakening for tromp supporters to see what happens when you fight for your rights and the police show up, they'll defend the state and many people I mean, people have in Canada for some time, including black eyes, met an anti fought the issue. As you the right to destroy someone's business. If you want a protest, the police, fine, defending places insane when you talk about. How many unarmed individuals were killed by cops, its relatively low according the Washington Post blacklist matter and the Wall Street Journal, and so often
What I have said is police reform. Yes, police, accountability. Yes, all cops are not bad and the funding of police is stupid. If anything, we'd more funding for training in New York city cops we're trying to shoot at some guy in they shot bystander because they are poorly trained, but I don't get it. I leave their necks segments coming up at one. yeah. I'm on this channel thanks rang out- and I will see you all then, the mayor of Portland It has finally come out against anti for calling them out by name saying that they are facing violence from Anti fa and anarchist extremists, the mayor of Portland merited Wheeler says that his attempts at DE escalation have been met with resistance by these groups. It has been seven months how long now longer as Anti fa. Another followed extremists have wreaked havoc on the Portland area, and you know what TED Wheeler did nothing. In fact he actually joined them.
As they were, throwing explosives at the federal building, but now, all of a sudden now he has issues The usefulness of Anti far has expired. They didn't want dropped to when they wanted to her. They look at all the rights that are happening under Donald Trump Presidency. Now is the name of the game, assume no responsibility, defend Anti VON, say trumps. The fascist. Congratulations! Anti far! Here's what you get! They stab you in the back figuratively. They used you get what they want, and now here you are left holding an empty bag having supported a criminal establishment elite. That will not do anything for you at all. Do I love the fake progressives, the fake left that would defend Nancy Policy and Joe Biden and insult people like Jimmy Door? It's so pathetic, isn't it you can really tell who actually cares what the people and who is act,
really just drifting, the word they love to you so much now. What I find truly fastening. The story is that he actually came out and said anti fa. That's surprising! I can only Imagine this will result in more riots. They didn't stop the rights the first time they kept happening. The district attorney kept cutting these people lose. So what may change now ff finally, now the local d, I may say we are working with the mayor to end this violent. These violent clashes, maybe now they'll start prosecuting anti, and then these people will start showing up in prison, but I want to say something: you know what I don't care anymore. Actually, at this point
I'm actually and anti for side on this one. You know why, if the mayor of Portland and the d want to cut them loose and tell them, they can do whatever they want, and people voted for the mayor after that to come back now against the will of the people and to defy Anti VA whom he support in the past. Well, that is just, let me just say, the deepest circle of hell. The deepest circle of hell is reserved for betrayers and mutineers as Jack Sparrow, it's. Actually. It is those who are disloyal. Look if you live in New York. If you live in Portland in Seattle and you defend Antigua and you voted for politicians to defend it Well that's your city far be it from me. tell you how to live. As you know, I was thinking right. I live in Philadelphia, without the area, and that's where the reasons I was really concerned about Anti VON the riots in the violence, and I left- and
like very shortly after I did riots broke out in Philly, the National Guard got called it allows. I've got a good thing. I live in that area anymore. I was on the other side, river and the Jersey side- and I thought it safe here, because no one's got across the bridge and then they did. That got me work. You know I'm seeing all this violence and castles other cities. Thinking myself, why won't they stop this, but in Philadelphia what'd you get a bunch of local men like meta between the ages of twenty five, and you know fifty came out to defend a statue of critical I'm just from Antigua, so you don't. The city did the city sad well because of the statue, where you know it's dangerous working to remove it and they did and their removed it against the wishes of the community supporting Antigua Anti for crossed over the bridge riding with other leftist group. Black last matter- and I said you know a man sought safe to be here, but I'm in the middle of aware now, I'm in the middle of nowhere- and I thought to myself well, there's a couple things for one: the people who were stuck there who can
just up and move cancel their homes they need. Someone advocate for that is, I'm sure they're like what's going on, but guess what. In these places. These democratic politicians there winning their elections. If people vote for this, then, who am I to tell them they shouldn't be allowed to have it right? I was thinking you know. I want to be left alone. I want. I want to get up he's a land where I can have on with my friends. We can make our videos begin scale, we're not gonna worry about your lockdown, your you know, you're resources. I want to be self sufficient, more environmentally friendly, so where it was well, you know we're building things that are gonna help create a sustainable living situation, semi off the grid. Stuff solar power. I'm super excited for this to be responsible for myself and say you not. Finally, and I want to be in your city, you're cities are destroyed, Did they suck up resources their extremely expensive that the cities for the most part are the problem? When we talk about police brutality, when we talk about environmentalism all of these causes, the left talks about
the cities that are the problem. Will I should say more so I mean I think everyone contributes in certain ways. So if I leave and an even before I did in Alex I've I voted in. I was still in Jersey for the most part before voting the. If, if, if people there want to vote for these Democrats, ok, I respect that I do I dont want it so I'll leave. I voted for what I wanted. I didn't win. Well, I consider scream and say you should all change for me or I can say I voted I made my events I was there for some time I didn't when those comments you can stay and keep fighting and respectable two or you can say maybe should go somewhere where at least there's more like minded people. So when we see Antiphon the chasm of violence, how dare you TED Wheeler? How dare you defend anti fraud? for months, and then these people invested in burning down businesses in your town and now you're
turn around and figuratively nice him in the back. I gotta say: figure leads you to. Let me read the story. Doesn't on being a bit facetious. Obviously the riots, the catholic Church and are a bad thing, but if you vote for it, why should imagine if you live in an area and they voted for no gun control at all? No just literally dude everyone. There are many places that are like that. What how would you feel if a bunch we would like these people are crazy? We should come in, intend in the police and shut down. They should not be not be I'd. Do it you'd be like out of here. You don't live here. Ok! Well, I think the riots are hardened awful and I think people are suffering because of em, but I you know, if you vote for it, why should I argue you shouldn't? Have the right to choose to allow black, clad, lunatics running round smashing up your your lives. Now their vote is being trampled on by this despot TED Wheeler. How dare you. Anyway. What's reads: it was gonna, there's more news too. Obviously, Nancy Plazas Houses Van, the lie. So your report, you so Democrats, organ life, says port
and may your TED Wheeler on Friday promised a tougher responds to people who commit violence and vandalism in a press conference organized under two successive days of people, damaging property and clashing with police downtown is that we need more accountability. and we need to hold people responsible for their criminal conduct. What you ve done it last year right now. He wanted to hurt Donald Trump as most of them. Let me show you a little bit what he said. We have tweet from Andy now and he says in his new year's pressure. Portland mayor TED Wheeler admits that its efforts to de escalate and compromises antiphon have failed to yield results. He condemned the violent extremists movement by name and calls for more to be done. My data faith efforts a de escalation have been met with ongoing violence and even scorn from radical, Antigua and anarchists well. Well, what ted you're, making a mistake, your body, everybody knows anti fuss, a myth. I mean Nobbler set it remember the deputy.
Flickr, he said no, no, that's a myth, there's no anti for violence and he was not even a group of people. It's just an idea. What is tat tat will just making stuff in response. It will be necessary to use additional tools and to push the limits of the tool, we already have pushed the limits of the tools we already have now. What does that mean? What are the tools you already have, and would it be pushing the limits. I'll tell you this I got my issues of Antiphon have complained about. then right, because they destroyed businesses of regular people, they seized land and that you know in the autonomous own the people where there are like you, we don't like this and they go around attacking people. Its I've seen more I share more than my fair share of anti being psychotic and hurting innocent people going up to regular private citizens and Supporting establishment mega corporations how amazing, as that and where
It where's that that they want to argue agents provocateurs. Also nonsense. I tell you this anti, for if you won't come out and stop those would attack old people and defend corporations you're, the bad guys. I love what they say. They say if you have one thousand three hundred good cops but- and you have twelve cops- were bad and playing crimes, but those one thousand three hundred cops won't call out the 12th at cops, and you have one thousand three hundred twelve bad cops that the joke one three one two is code for Asia, be all cops are bad. They use a different word for the b, but you get the point. Ok, if you have a hundred anti fascists who are fighting against fascism, and you have ten that are violently beating innocent people and burning down innocent people's property in their homes and their and their businesses than you have an
and those one hundred fascist, anti fascists- won't stop them. Then you have a hundred and ten bad anti fascists or, I should just say pseudo fascists. I know nationalist find whatever, but they may well be be to tell Darien despot Wheeler said he will organise a meeting with local and state law enforcement as soon as next week to determine how best to respond to anarchist violence in the city. He called for the state legislature, pass a law and its upcoming regular session to increase penalties for people who repeatedly vandalized property. The mayor also said: Portland might need legislature, legislators to change state laws to allow increased city surveillance. Although I provided no specifics, when pressed for details, new city, commissioner mingle maps, joined Wheeler and law enforcement officials at the press conference and said they marked both the beginning of a new year in a new chapter in Portland history. We are the ones who get to write. This chapters had maps who noted the last year has been marked by pulling up. My
by police violence, as well as the highest number of shootings in the city that he could remember. Let's make the story about recovery must make the story about peace. After months of nightly, protest against police violence in Portland Protests had died. Down during the winter, many of those demonstrations were large and peaceful, be peaceful. Many, not most many You see what they're saying there is not funny many. We had a hundred and thirty thirty days and many of them. What is money? Five, six, ten! No, not most! That's right most protesters leaving before smaller groups clashed with police. Oh so even once there saying we're peaceful, still, add clashes with police brow, on that writing organ life maps. Who is the third black man in the Portland City, council and city history banked, peaceful protestors in
that I literally could not would not be here at this podium. If people had not protest for racial justice throughout history, he distinguished those demonstrators from vandals sweeping through Portland neighborhoods. Oh congratulations black lives matter. The police are on your side now: Antiphon you're, the bad ones, Wheeler sought to put the focus on This is harmed by the vandalism and cast the people who gathered downtown extremists. Sir, Inga cause destruction and violence, rather than promote changed. How about that? That's exactly what We ve all been saying for some time and the the reason in my opinion, didn't do anything was because tromp said it was bad, so they said no trouble, you're bad working to defend the extremists, but you'll love. It. Because they want to say Wheeler sought to put the focus on businesses huh. harmed by the vandalism and cast them as extremists signals destruction. He described the crowds in recent days as violent anti fought and Anna
arrests and said they were rampaging through downtown, causing tens of thousands of dollars of damage a taxpayer in private properties, including damaging bit. Struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic. What a duplicitous scumbag! That's why I'm saying for a ham have joking! You know what I know I'm on anti facade on this one. They were given guarantees and promises by this man and he's turning its back on them after everything they ve done for you destroying small businesses, so that you can sit there and laugh as you watch the suffering in your own city, How dare you turn your back on your own goons squad, police chief, chop, Laval and won't Noma County sheriff MIKE Rees made similar characterizations, I'm sick of it? I am absolutely sick of it. How disgusting are these people that they sat back and they watched antifraud burn buildings to the ground, smash their windows like their property on fire, and he said no trump is the bad one? That's right! Well I tell you this.
Do you think anti fascist gonna stop and go away and be like? Ah gee, I'm sorry there, Mr Wheeler, we didn't mean to cause all these problems for you. We thought we were fighting fascism now, we'll leave. No no they're gonna get angry. Now, they're gonna be angrier, but there's a difference. Now that the duplicitous scumbags, like TED Wheeler, who a lie to your face spit on the constitution and punch you in the gut now that they ve secured their position in the orange man is gone, and now they're gonna turn around and say the boot comes for the rest of you, she's the you see that the scumbag area of these people. Now, I'll be honest with you, don't get me wrong anti, but needs to be stopped. But what at this point I tell you the whole, the maybe a throw the baby out with the bathwater on this one. If we- known for some time that anti file was causing all this destruction and violence and the people vote for it.
You got a very serious problem unless the people were like no trust us as soon as trumps guy We know that TED Wheeler we'll do the right thing. So you ve got this duplicitous snake of a politician, they're all bad every one of them and they deserve it. So what are you this? You know part of me: I'm essay I'll sit back and watch as anti for panic now: oh no! Our institutional support is fading. Yeah! Ok will forgive me if I don't seem to care all that much in internal honesty, but man do. I just really did test people like TED Wheeler talk about the worst kind of politician. Who would let you suffer for his political gain men? These people are criminals of Europe, fewer. If your ask me now, these cops are coming out. There said the same thing: they ve been saying how wicked? How could you work for this man? You know what people have no principles, no integrity and would probably punch their own mother in the foot
if someone offer them enough money, that's what I see wife when at work. That's that's what I see when I look at these people, like TED Wheeler, that guy would probably punches Mama gotten push on the stairs. If you offer manoeuvre cash, that's the kind of person you elect and you get, and you know what he ain't the only one. He also got Nancy policy. As I love the story, Antsy Pelosi, Samson home vandalized with graffiti severed pigs head I say, love nonsense. I think it's good novices. Screwed up and people should not do this, but do this this I'm really funny. Things had been pointed out, notably that for some reason I movies you can see this graffiti right this. This photo. It's really small. If we can make a bigger, ok, there you go over there, take a look at us. you can see on the right, but the spray paint doesn't go onto the brick, but somewhat that a lot of people are pointing this out being what like like. What is this? You know, There is therefore a circle with an a but for some reason the spur paint line stops right in front of the brick. What what is it with you?
this started. They hate tape, it off lots of people are joking, but oh now, but You do that. That's impressive! Give scraping you're spray, and then just stop at the brick. Ok sure, fine. I guess they want to make sure that we get a brick spray painted whatever the new year brought. disturbing discovery to Nancy. This house or the Friday morning event scraping has about a severed. Pigs had in front of a garage. The rent, the graffiti says, cancel rent and we want everything well says to Kay cancel run. We want everything neighbour, say: while they understand the frustration over politics on Capitol Hill, and they say this type of vandalism doesn't help resolve anything. I dont think This is a useful way to go about it. It's a terrible star this new year when we're hoping for less anger and hatred, and we had to deal with for last year said odd, recalled Karlsson, a neighbour for speaker policy. Why should I care if anti fraud?
as targeting Nancy Pelosi. Democrats don't seem to have a bad word for these people. Nobbler said it's a myth. Jerry is this a myth to shore? I'm just gonna go with what you're never said. This is not ill, it's not really happening, and who are these people to come out now? Complaining? Oh no we're being attacked by Anti fa. Your weapon screaming about this all year. Ah, but now you see Nancy Pelosi Naylor they don't care about you. They don't care about your suffering. They care about their opportunity to tricks stupid people into voting for them in this is the curse of this country, low information voters voting for things I dont understand, manipulate by psychopath despot like the likes of policy in that learn, Joe Biden, forty seven years, Joe Biden corrupted this country and so but out with a smile on his face, lying left and right and now you got twenty
something you're all to art, smart enough to understand the legacy of Biden just going, but the orange men is bad because the tv told me so congratulations you figured it out. Trump is bad Amanda voting for these people, who are substantially worse trumps, got his problems, so I've never been a Muggah hat wearing Trump flag waving. Trop supporter, I voted form simply because he was pushing back on a lot of this psychotic stuff with the Democrats and, more importantly, as I stated time, time again. My vote for Donald Trump was not because I think he's a great man whose plead and not crop and during the swamp. On the contrary, I said over and over again he's a all rampaging through the ivory tower and ominous. It back put my feet up and say whatever, then of his term or before the election tromp was trying to get our troops are Afghanistan, and I like that tromp was favor, choice. I like that too, and Trump signed an executive order, getting rid of critical race theory in certain cases,
in the federal government, and I said you know what I'll take what I could get and I'll let the bull rampage through the ivory tower, then these twenty something progressive types are making these Youtube videos where they're like. While I don't know anything about Joe Biden, because I was a little kid when he was in when he was in the presidency, what about their anyway because establishment, you always know, what's best that it. That's that's the issue you think trumpet Mcconnell have always been friends. I've said repeatedly I've never liked Mcconnell Orleans, Graham I've called Lindsey Gram duplicitous several times. So where is the principle of any of these people there is none. But I love it. I love it. I love you. I love. I love when now the progressives pull clips out of context from me and its because they have to It's the only thing that can really do right. So, like the late This is you know. I criticised the nurses who are dancing on the graves of the debt of the covert dead and so on, as well as you you're in a hospital house both are being overwhelmed? People are crying there's a photo of a doctor,
hugging, an old man and these nurses are like: let's do a choreograph DM three teen yeah you're you're dancing, while p all around. You are suffering in total misery, and so that's my criticism, nothing against the vaccine MA. In fact, ivory repeatedly said this is Trump success, good. If you want to get a go, get it you know wonderful, tat out, listen, dear doktor, you know get accurately what best real. So what do they do? The left, young Turks specifically make a segment law, eyeing or trial. You know I'll be careful, misleading, P, the less taught my pains actually are because they can't actually criticise what I'm saying because they know I'm right. They know it right when I say there are videos Youtube of people watching the dancing and there are like what are they doing? Why are they doing this and are in their complaining about it? And that's what I highlighted the don't show you that though they show you a tweet You know why I say: while most people come morbidity and then a climate are right, wing talking point K, right wing.
As most of you know, I'm actually I actually find Medicare for all preferable to free market private healthcare yeah. you going to say about that, that's right wing I'll, say it right now of a limit limit, Montalembert break it down for you. I think we need base level care for Everyone in this country and it will be expensive and we need to find it find a way to reform it. I'm not entirely confident it's possible, but I think tat, see Gabert has a really good position on it. We get basic level care with private insurance, like most countries, do progressive delay that they want to ban private insurance, but no one does its extreme position. I think it would be great if you broke your arm. If you got the flu, you go. The doktor who taken care of their could be way times, but at least we have people dying in the street. I mean I am in favour of these things. I am in favour of any social programmes. I just think what to clean them up clear out the blog where the corruption is a hard thing to do, but I'm a right wing or apparently they say why, because our
point out on principle: the lies the smears and the manipulation from the fake progressives at the young. Turks You know who you know: who's a real progressive and a real left. Us is Jimmy door. Jimmy door was actually fighting for principle and fighting for Medicare Fall, even though he he wants to ban private health insurance. I don't it's a good idea. I think you did a healthy balance and we get where the corruption, but you know, who's a fake, progressive, William Turks, they make a fake videos, they lie, and this is what you see when you have these people in politics. You have now She Pelosi now learn as other scum. These other scumbags getting put it in Nancy. lousy is going to be speaker of a house speaker of the house again, because the purpose of the fake progressives, the likes of the young Turks pretend like, but we have to stop the Republicans at least tromp stood up for what he believed him an edge Mitchell, I'll haters guts. I don't like the established about Republicans. I think
diagram and and Mitch Mcconnell are awful and they ve been and what do they do other than obstruct send over and over again. Why don't you take account? Nation or that of me saying which colonel just obstructing everything for the Democrats O doesn't fit your narrative because it comes to issues of principle. These people have none, you know, does Jimmy Door does he's a good dude. I respect that guy, we're, probably disagreements gristle crystal ball and Cock Linsky, both really good people as well that those the progressive who actually have principle who would argue intelligently for their cause. I disagree with them a lot of positions, but not completely the problem. I As these people keep getting into power, I dont care for Mitch Mcconnell getting into power, and I don't care if he were tat at this point. I don't care if he retains Senate Majority leader position. If I personally think it is. then I'll tell you this, but the Republicans used Trump and would not get behind them for anything. So you know what you report you. So all of you, TED, Wheeler Mcconnell. I don't care how you get, what
the report. You saw what put it that way: a leader, their necks, aigrettes, coming up at four p m over at Youtube outcome: Ford slashed him cast. It is a different channel if you type that in you will be pleasantly surprised, go to that channel youtube dot com, watched him cast subscribe, and I will see you there at four p m. Thanks for hanging out.
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