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COVID Panic And Leftist Defectors Could Mean THE END For Pelosi, GOP Could WIN House Speakership


COVID Panic And Leftist Defectors Could Mean THE END For Pelosi, GOP Could WIN House Speakership. Pelosi is on thin ice already facing a populist revolt from the left, with COVID fears some Democrats may not be able to vote and she could lose.Republicans of course are already facing their own internal struggle as the GOP turns on Trump.Trump Rejects COVID Relief BillDancing TikTok Nurses have Gone TOO FAR

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Fears surrounding covert. Nineteen are back firing on Democrats in a pretty bad way, mostly for Nancy Pelosi. I don't want a baton like it's only dammit rights that are worried about told I think most people have some reasonable concerns about it, but it is statistically true, at least from gallop poles. regrets our way more fearful now what's happening. Is that Republicans one a bunch of seats in the house giving the Democrats a very Greece, slim majority? Nancy policy would like to be speaker of the house again, but you got some problems see. Some individuals have tested positive for covert, and there are fears that when it comes time to vote enough Democrats will be out sick if covered and Nancy Pelosi won't get the votes she needs. But it's more then just covered there is actually a lot going on. Republican victories are creating a very dangerous situation for or Nancy blowsy and establishment. Democrats because progressives don't like Nancy Policy and they have been given.
Some very strong leverage against her. Anyway, you cut it. Things are looking really bad for policy. Now I want to tell you this. I gotta normalcy bias there's an hour I was an optimism bias, just normalcy. The Democrats are gonna lie, not behind Pelosi. She's gonna get the votes, but things are precarious and there is up possibility that, with a minority house representation, the Republicans get the speaker of the House for Kevin Mccarthy, because, as I mentioned, is a lot of fears around covert nineteen. Now the crazy thing about this. This is the detriment that this problem of the Democrats, own making Democrats are the ones who have been screaming about the fears of covert it's been. The Democrats governor is dynamic, shutting everything down and its typically the Democrats that our terrified of this nonsense terrified to be disrespectful, but they literally are the Gallup poll. I just cited shows that only five percent of Democrats feel safe to go out get back into the workforce. Republicans
overwhelmingly are like, let's get on with it. I think Typically you'll see among moderate and Republicans our concern about covered, but realisation that locking everything down just didn't work, and you have to accept that when we were we're, gonna have to get back to work. Otherwise, everything's gonna fall apart. So long as democrats keep pushing nonsense. Go policy. You will hear stories about their nonsensical policies back firing on them. You wanna whip everybody up into this. Z in this sphere over this virus, don't be surprised at backfires on you. It is not just about these Democrats saying I'm sick. I can't come in its about what would happen to them if, even if They aren't sick. They still came into vote with undemocratic gotta, be accurate everybody else can Republicans are going to take over basically because because realise this, even though the Democrats have a slim majority, not people calling in sick or of being unable to attend votes could help the Republicans nicer.
I was there is some way they can remote. They could remote leave out. There's been some talk about this and I know exactly where apathy official story is covered. Nineteen could complicate policies path. The speaker next year, ad. this two new house members are declining to day. They'll back Pelosi for Speaker Nancy policy may reap what what she has sown with constantly playing these games. The progress as our angry about a lot of things, but I'll this right. Now, this stimulus package is supposed to go through. The Democrats are blaming Republicans for it, but here's the problem for Democrats, see through the games, they knew unanimous consent would never work and they waste our time now. People like said okay. If everybody wants two thousand dollars unanimous consent without dealing with the pork in the bill, this bloated garbage bill. It gives our money away when we are most desperate. It's not gonna work, I think alike.
Out of people are gonna, get sick and tired of political games, and you add cove into the town and into the mix Policy very well may lose speaker of the house, so this could get a little weird crazy bullets, let's read the news and see what's going on before we get started out over the TIM cast outcomes, lash donated As for my work than many waging give gotta p o box, if you want to send some stop at the best, you can do- is share this video. If you like the work that I'm doing and think this information is important, I got a lot more talk about then, just this too. Because the problems that were seen in congress- it's you know, I've been For a long time saying its civil war among Democrats, I think the focus should be on close you right now, because she is in the majority Party in the house. She is speaker and it's not Mitch, Mcdonald's gonna lose. You know, leader party leader, in an instant majority, whilst of course they lose in Georgia. Russia plays out, but that that the conflict within the polluter, party establishment that the established with political parties it is affecting both parties. Republicans are short of time. reach other apart as much as Democrats had been.
This is gonna, be you know, interesting conversation wash and call companies, but interesting segments. Italy's rethink its good police share. This target alike subscribe identification about three The first story and see, what's going on with Nancy Pelosi, potentially losing speaker about the hell reports. As speaker, Nancy Policy seeks to support to keep the Galifron other term. Her allies are keeping a close watch on a potential wild card that could come Kate her path next month covered nineteen policy is already facing a much slimmer majority. The next Congress after Democrats were clobbered at the polls in November, meaning she could afford far fewer democratic defections the fifteen who opposed or two years ago she might actually lose this. While and law makers must be present on the house floor to cast their vote for speaker precluding the option for members to vote remotely as many have done throughout the pandemic. So they can't do at this time. The combination of factors
the chance that Democrats could face a dilemma on January. Third, in which policy locks up democratic support to remain speaker but correct virus concerns, illnesses contains or otherwise prevent a sufficient number of them from being in the capital to log their votes, a failure of policy to secure support from half the voting members would be at the very well. What would, at the very least, throw the process? the chaos in the democratic nightmare scenario the math could tilt so far in the Republicans favour that it yields a g o peace speaker. That would be absolutely in credible and another credit, because I support the Republicans
a lot of problems. The publican establishment, but just think of the absurdity, Republicans maintain control of the Senate. Joe Biden President, the House is a Democrat majority, but with a republican speaker, wow thou be knots quote, let's just say: theoretically, we had six or eight people out with covert and the Republicans have none. They probably could elect Kevin Mccarthy said Rep John. I must add a Democrat referring to the house GNP. Leader law makers were reminded of their vulnerability. This week, when five members of the house tested positive, recovered nineteen, bring the toad. Number of infected lawmakers to at least thirty five since the pandemic. Roughly a year ago without mind policy supporters say it's an outbreak over the holidays, not democratic, detractors that post, does the single greatest threat to policies otherwise expected speakership victory next month, we're in healthcare crisis right, no one can get sick. That's the x factor
said one Democrat Pelosi ally who spoke anonymously to discuss a sensitive topic. We need everyone to be healthy. That's the big vehicles, I'll, tell you what what's airport! begin to get sick. So what do the minority party anyway? They're? Not gonna cabinet parties, not gonna, be the speaker. It's the problem arises. If Democrats get sick now have both get sick than the point as mood but combined potential covert illness with defectors, of which there were fifty in last time around adding two more. You know how newcomers were already saying. They won't support policy. Things are starting to look pretty bad for policy. The press progressives are gaining substantial leverage and many progressive, notably A door have been demanding a floor vote on Medicare for all which they could do, but they won't why then money. These progressive war in Congress are a step. Fishermen shells who are just too to maintain their careers, so they're playing ball while pretending to care about you the same as True for Republicans many there's Republicans voted. No,
the omnibus spending build did so knowing it would pass anyway, and they can just pretend like. Oh geez, oh no look! I voted. Nobody really care. It should have been resolved now for this garbage, but it gets through anyway, and nobody read it either at nuts they gonna save. Some of those fears are being assuaged with the roll out of the covert nineteen vex into protecting. Can continuity of government House lawmakers. Now the opportunity to receive a vaccination in the capital from the attending physician policy and Senate Majority leader Mcconnell were among the first to get their shots on Friday, quote as the vaccine is being distributed. We must all continue, mask wearing social distancing and other signs by steps to save lives and crushed the virus. Pelosi tweeted alongside a photo forgetting the vaccine, people are criticised
ABC forgetting the shot before a bunch of other people and their criticising Republicans. For downplaying the virus, then getting the vaccine. Ok, if you want to. If you want to claim that and criticise Republicans for downplaying this, then this is absolutely a covert panic backfire. On Democrats, Republicans gonna get the vaccine, they seem. You got no problem criticising about silken the vaccine and I don't think the hypocrisy works. All that much is idea. Look you can say it's not that big of a deal and so do the vaccine. You might not be worried that the flu get to wipe out the planet and you'll still get a flu shot. That's just not an argument. It's the Democrats that are overwhelmingly pushing this sphere, that I've used it to try and when this election, so I tell you this throughout the entire past year, They have been using covered to change election rules because they wanted Trump Toulouse lose, and you know what it looks like. It worked. A lot of peace
We are concerned about about a lot of irregularity error in frog. Now I'll tell you this because we're I've I've got a bit more segment about Republicans Bill BAR said there was fraud, you wanna privet beyond reasonable doubt and said, and change the outcome we get to a court, get beyond that procedural hurdles which have held Trump back, but I tell you this man. I've said it before they oceans, eleven trump. While you're all look in one direction. They ve been planning. this for a long time, they knew Covet freight people out. They knew that an opportunity and I'll. Tell you why, when they see No mail in voting was because people were scared. Now, in Pennsylvania they passed mail in voting in October of twenty nineteen well before anyone knew anything about covered. That's when act. Seventy seven got past and they created the no excuse mail in voting system. The Democrats were, adding this for some time when covert happened, they exploit it to expedite their plans. That's my opinion. Shore. but there are already planning mail and voting for some time, and so they wanna make voting easier. Well, using the fear of covert is backfire
because now you're going to have people who are gonna be like I don't know, I'm sick. I can't I can't go. I can't shop, I can't vote, and maybe it's a perfect excuse for some politicians who don't like Pelosi to avoid the blame. This work at spiced took it up. If a politician doesn't doesnt vote for policy, there might be a backlash if Kevin Mccarthy GEO P Become speaker s tremendous or for the Republicans, people are gonna, get mad at any Democrat who been support policy now, naturally, I think the people who support progressives who vote for progress has probably dont want policy to be speaker of the house, but these people, some of them, are careers. So you know fifteen voted against her, but think about this. There, Bay Mare there may be some moderate down again who hate policy and will just be like I'm sick. I can't come in and is the perfect excuse because their constituents, Democrat voters are worried about Covin and that's a perfect opportunity for people who don't like policy to knock down a peg too to make her. She doesn't get the speakership now, I'm not convey
It's an actual plausible scenario, because so many these Democrats, don't like Mccarthy, you no more, and so they probably want to show up. But if there's any inkling that they have covered. They may have no choice but to sit this one out because their constituents would freak out less offer a publican did it. I don't know you know to what extent is largely play out honestly. I think Palacio probably still win, but we do have the potential for more progressive defectors, which could mean Wilkins when this one they gonna say many house lawmakers, told the hell they been able to stay healthy all year by sheltering in place in avoiding the capital, completely emergency rules pushed through by Democrats and may have allowed lawmakers to vote remotely or by proxy that That's meant elderly members. Those battling Canton, other illnesses are those caring for small children have not needed to fly back to Washington each week, four votes in December, eighteen, for example. Nearly ninety Democrats voted by proxy, but the proxy voting
rule expires with the new Congress requiring lawmakers to be in the capital in person if they want to participate. In the January third floor vote for speaker, the house will adopt a new rules package governing the one hundred seventeenth Congress, just after the speaker vote, no man that makes physical attendance tantamount to Pelosi. Success, since Democrats are on track to a razor, thin majority, two hundred and twenty two seats and at least three moderate members, the carcass, are already on record, saying they don't intend to vote for policy. That's Conor, Lamb, Jared Golden analyse a slot can complex math, several Democrat of ongoing health concerns unrelated to covet. Now that's got at that's a bombing or hope everybody sing healthy, a handful of covered case. On top of that, some fear could sink policies, prospects well, there's more. There's the internal civil war check this out to House newcomers
Klein to say. If they'll back policy for speaker, Corey, Bush and Jamal Bowman were guarded in their remarks, they say recollect Corey, Bush and Wrap Elect Jamal Bowman, both elected under questioning on CNN State of union quote. I want to make sure that voices of the people of Saint Louis are heard and we have what we need, and so you will see find out then said, Bush who defeated Rep, William, Lacy Clay, Junior, energetic in August before winning easily in November. Dana bash then turned to Beaumont, who ousted long time, Ratan Elliot Angle in the States democratic primary in July, Bowman was no more forthcoming. You will find out when my voters, tallied and again organizing with a community to figure out what's best. He said policy the only woman service before the house will be seeking her fourth two year term, into position democratic a small overall majority having lost at least ten seats in November election and I'm Democrats, including Louisiana Cedar Richmond, will be less
at some point for positions in the Biden administration. Many people are leaving. This could be very, very bad news for people, and you know what I'm not gonna shoot a tier over it. I really dont care. The majority of list majority wants Pelosi out. As speaker. Most Democrats support the speaker staying on for a fourth term in charge, the House political the ports, a new political morning, consult poll shows most Democrats think she should keep the gavel. But a majority of voters how Pelosi staying on as speaker, only thirty one percent, and of all voters. Think policy should be elected as speaker when the new Congress begins, while fifty six percent think she should not self and invite Democrats say the first woman how speaker should stay on by a twenty port point margin. Fifty three to thirty three, the amount, of Democrats who are sick of policy is substantial enough that the
looking at them together means most people do not want Nancy policy, and I am right there and I'll tell you this. I said before I defended closely in the past because I thought oh see was was playing silly games, I'm not a big fan of agency. I think she's a careerists, but I think there are some good people on the democrat side. Just maybe maybe they're wrong or ignorant or you know. Look. I think I think till Gabert is pretty good. where she to lay has my respect for voting no on the omnibus spending bill and problem because of the amount of money going towards a families I think the real reason about Noah's because of all the boat and pork and knew the nonsense its debts jammed into it. We need a bill for them, bull and not to be giving away our money to time when, when our most desperate, but there there there's a hand of Democrats have done some good things are worthy of getting some credit here. Pelosi exploited our good.
She was obsessed with Trump and she was screeching the top of her lungs and she could not shut up about it. All these moderate Democrats ran under under the notion that they would be supporting kitchen table, issues and twenty eighteen and I believe it was thirty one one taking back republican districts that trump at one and the Republicans at one flipping Democrat and then what we see Nancy policies, obsession with impeaching trop a waste of our in everyone's time, and it did nothing except. We saw Democrats defect, joy Van drew a Democrat immoderate switched parties and he election just goes to show you. The progressives are saying them that all of the swing district Democrats, who support Medicare for all, ended up winning, but I don't think it's cotton dry. Is that because Jeff Andrew
on, and that made a huge statement. They didn't think he was gonna win because he's a strong enough Republican, nobody showed principle mattered. Nancy policy is, is off her rocker. She brought the Democrats, she took a Democrat majority and she rushed it with her psychotic obsession with the Orange imagine if she actually came forward and said we are not playing these games and then which Mcconnell, who has been blocking. Basically everything the house has been passing, it's been just jammed up the whole time. Then she could have had an actual argument against him, but all their public and have been doing is obstruction by tell you. This is not just Democrats, my friends, let me let me let me first to be fair to the Republicans and then I ll talk about the Republicans and their problems take us out GNP. Lawmaker attacks Pelosi for pushing two thousand dollar stimulus checks demanded by Trump there's that they're trying to play this game. Many people, the media Trump demanded a two thousand stimulus and the law makers are attacking policy for it. Tromp said
cut the pork, the nonsense garbage like ten million for packs any gender programmes and give the money to the american people? The Democrats offered up an amendment that all it did was increased payments and then said there, you go unanimous consent and the Republicans were in between a rock and a hard place. Policy was just yanking arching. She knew they could not support it because at the Republicans had fine just increase on other to find out what it was another one point: eight trillion dollars or whatever our, whereas I will point five trillion more somewhere dickens amount of money stacked on top of the already massive two point, three trillion dollar bill and they would have been attacked by their constituents for the obscene amount of spanish expenditures and because tromp said cut, the float Pelosi was playing a virtue signal game and wasting our time, and progress
gives called her out for it. So my respect, those who did they said what we need is a substantive reforms, this bill to get rid of the garbage and get the american people money. Not a stupid game played by Pelosi. Knots There are other republican wraps who sang. Basically, this Pelosi stuffed bill with pork, hindering their support for two thousand dollar checks. Tromp set it Republican said fine, not all of em ran Paul was speaking out against this, but Trot had get the american people money, not tell you. I'm not a fan of massive trillion dollar spending packages that that that just extract the value of the american people and give it away what if we in this crisis, the Democrats made it by shutting everything down and going against the science. We were all okay with fifteen days, while the spread, but now they ve gone kind of knots, the economies, in in ruins, and many of the blue states in big cities where they say seventy
one percent of the voters voted for you know Joe Biden. They produce the economy through our great your democratic leadership destroyed. All that. So forgive me if I don't care when you bring about step, but they they made this problem and now there suffering the results of it, it's their own fault. You you! If you want a clean bill, then you need to get rid of the blood because american people need the money. So here's my point, I don't like are trillions, train of dollars in our own value, but if the money is going straight to the american people to keep economy. You know moving a little bit for the time being. At least the people are boring and their own buying power. That means it's and I heard them in the long run, but people need relief now you can get twenty seven hundred but per person. The nine hundred billion spent each individual, but they're not doing that. Now, I'm not gonna sit here, pretend that Republicans are perfect in their science. I will defend publicans, because fifty six voted no on the omnibus bill. In only two Democrats voted no, so it
you have some Republicans whether was legitimate or not saying no to this garbage policy is virtue signalling wasting our time and causing these problems by not producing a clean bill, but ok, ok, show don't shall come out with it with a clean bill. I will save. Republicans will step up if they get rid of all the omnibus bloated garbage will see. I'm not convinced, I think, republican or Democrat. You know that the dates it's all spineless. Let me say this republican congressmen, Adam Cleansing, says trumpets trying to burn the. U S and storing Attemper tantrum with his fraud claims, because you can't handle losing the election. Here's a tweet trumped treated this the justified when an FBI have done nothing about the twenty twenty presidential election, voter fraud, the biggest Cameron consistory, despite overwhelming evidence, they should be ashamed. History will remember. Never
about see everyone NBC on January. Sex tourism is their evidence of voter fraud. The answer is: oh yeah. There's a lot and bill bar set: it is it widespread, while some of the evidence suggests it is what degree, though, did it change the outcome of the elections or flip anything? We honestly don't have conclusive evidence. I know tromp supporters say definitively all the time they think you know it's there. It's there. I think we have a lot. I think it needs to be You know adjudicated in a planet in a court of law and when you see it laid out, there have been many documents, and I think they're shocking The problem is much of this evidence is certain. stanch all evidence, that's the challenge, so presented tromp can't get passports. He drove issues in these courts and that's the real challenge, but Bill Barsad. It he's others fraud, but to the state not seen it on a scale that would have changed the outcome. What we need,
how is a legitimate inquiry? What trump supports have rightly pointed out is that, instead of looking into the evidence, took two now and do the hard full scale investigation Democrats are trying to run out the clock that is fair in Maricopa County there was a a subpoena, their subpoenas issued for the voting machines into a forensic analysis. That's what you need to find definitive proof and it was blocked that that the county voter elections border on our side will see you in court running out the clock. So we will know- and it's weird I would appreciate some investigate an investigatory transparency. Here's what Republican Adam Kinsey here said, my God, trying to burn the plays down on the way out, because you can't handle losing no evidence, nothing, but your temper, tantrum and crazy, conspiracies embarrassing talk about this guideline look. He says all this talk about January, six from ripped from Donald Trump and other congressional, There is simply explained they will rise.
his money and gain followers by blaming everyone else, knowing full well, they can't do anything. It sad and an utter scan research. Or our GEO Pete. Now you get out of here, I'm not gonna play games the dude, whose outright law Saying, there's no way this due to Republican truly believes, there's no ever because I am not a Republican. I do not like the Republican Party. I voted for Trump and there's a big difference. I did what Republican but its but for a variety of issues and I probably won't in the future. I voted Democrat last time I voted. I'm an independent voter most will recognise that, but whatever I cannot believe, This guy has not even Google searched it. I can't believe that he knows as much. He does about January six in which of saying- and he ever looked into it because either he's telling us right now either. He is completely incompetent and incapable of reading the news or line.
I'm gonna go inside the guy's, probably lying it's a virtue signal. He is signalling to people that he is not part of that hard courtroom base. That that the lines are being drawn between the establishment, crony politicians who are like, I will say what ever I have to say to get elected and those with principle- you can look at I believe her name is Lauren Barbara. Maybe I'm going your your name wrong. Lauren Beaufort, there's a the wave of Trop supporting populist Republicans and they are calling to abject on January sex I'm not saying it's only agree with what they think or they believed, but you can see they are very willing to put up themselves on their principles on the line and stand up for they believe this guy, saying something hoping that when all is said and done, he's batting trumps, gonna lose and he's gonna say see: I was, I was on the side of the establishment. Yeah go for body. maybe this establishment will win shore fine, but let me tell you some. If you think the republican pop You survives that tromp. I'm sorry, I think, you're wrong. Let me show you:
This story why these Fox NEWS loyalists have changed the channel to news max. Why I seem to work, how many news story saying that Tucker Karlsson broke all time: cable tv news, record ratings history, ratings records. Five. point like three million viewers purpose, the highest I've ever seen: cable tv now, there's more is bigger population, but you'd think with cord cutting going on people going digital and watching channels like mine, they wouldn't be watching cable, but mandate, Tucker really pull it off and then something happened. Fox news play the established. Game and their ratings tanked another losing to see happen, impacts and busy, and that is brutal, but people flocked news max and one american news. Their ratings have gone through news max doing really well now, a lot of support of upset with news macro manoeuvres max for the way they ve taken things. But I'll tell you what this shows. It shows that the party is supporting Donald Trump. Not you! The republican Establish
comment is infer a rude awakening and I dont think they're gonna win in Georgia. I could be wrong. I thought tromp was gonna, win, ok, we'll see how things play out, but you know Joe Biden what they may Theo hee hee. one for all intents and purposes, and that we get the official vote counts. Can we can have a discussion about you know all the evidence and anomalies and everything? That's it's it's it's the salt, so look I'll I leave it at that. You get the point. I don't know them to be right about Georgia, ok, but I think without Trump and this betrayal, from the GEO P this that there they are now kicking Trump in the back in the bud. Sang were done with you. We don't need you More but they're wrong, so many that many manage Republicans in the house realised that and they signed the universe. Texas lost her. They signed on saying they would support Donald Trump Walter you this these, these Republicans their define trump and insulting him there, air didn't lose, there's a reason why we saw a new wave of tromp supporting republican populist, who did when pry marrying their opponents. There's a reason. Why reply
again the didn't lose a single how seat they picked up many seats, tromp coming out and sang two thousand thousand american people defying the GEO P, who initially, why an offer that sum of money clearly shows something. It shows that Donald Trump was not the same as the Republican Party, the Republican Party doesn't like Trump and their trial. to wash their hands of him, but ninety plus percent, on average Republicans support Donald Trump, so keep playing this game and the GNP is going to crash. So I tell you this. I note I took his victim upload anything that's relevant because look I've already done videos about tromp, you know losing or whatever and then Republicans gaining making victories across the board, which have been good. Republicans right Now the game is policies to lose. The next big election is for speaker of the house. Could we happening on January? Third, I believe before the recall another on the run offs in Georgia. Now three other run off in Georgia is the next big play. Will Nancy policy be speaker? Fifth?
Team defections like we saw last time around and the answer is no and it might become because you maybe not living maybe the Republicans oaken enough, but the possible with covert and the fears that they were pushing while it may just backfire on policy there, though, once we have repeatedly called for special rules, I could be wrong. Spent how about the Republicans rejected the remote voting thing to matter they they want to use this to cause fear, and now it's gonna backfire on the menu You re put yourself. Ultimately, I think establishment is, is about to get a rude awakening. Nancy policy. It presents the establishment she does and so does Joe Biden and right now the Republican Party establishment is in for a rude awakening in Georgia. The democratic establish it is a road for awakening two days before January. Third, when Nancy Pelosi may actually lose speaker, but look I'm not gonna have Mccarthy is some like bastion of populism or anything were
the parties are currently facing a populist revolt has been going on for some time we'll see out plays out. I live there. Next. I commence coming up tomorrow at ten, a m over at Youtube com. Slash TIM cast news, which is my other channel. That's right now everybody- and I will see you all then, tomorrow the deadline has passed and Donald Trump did not sign the cove at nineteen relief bill exactly what happens next, but many people are saying that unemployment benefits are going to end and many p are now going to be left, holding an empty bag. Six hundred dollars was better than nothing. They say well Trot said he would not sign this unless the payments were increase to two thousand dollars and the pork was removed. Pork, for example. ten million dollars and pakistani gender programmes, which I can't understand why, right now, that's what we're proposing but short.
What trump really refused to sign was the omnibus spending package and is a really important argument about the ineffectiveness. The absurdity of Congress right now you ve got all of these. look people trying to launder their money for their pet projects, and so on? A lot of it is legitimate, don't me wrong at an omnibus spanning back. It's not all pakistani gender programmes, but why why ten million dollars and then we also hear people say things like five hundred million to Israel and things of that nature and their actual. arguments for some of this foreign aid, particularly with Israel. We want them to have a a strong military to protect themselves, but at a certain point, as our boat is sinking, we can't be throwing life rafts to other people saying. You know here: you'll need this eventually and we don't know, we think, and you know get organised look. I think
the virus is broken. I think the Democrats have been playing dirty games and now the american people suffer, for it say what the real problem is its that the look Democrats rely on low information voters at a fact, one simple point: to prove it: they tried to get sixty, the advocate for sixteen year olds to vote come on no one in their right mind is going to argue that a sixteen year old, a high information about- and I certainly there are some sixteen year old, who are very savvy, but they just started working for the first time. You know a regular job unless they were for a family business, but the idea that sixteen year old is gonna, make sound. Fist all decisions when it comes to spending money. Sorry, just not true. The Democrats know that their voters have no idea how this works no idea how there being sold out and how their wealth and their value is being stripped away from them. But not get me wrong. Republicans voted for this thing too, because Republican
are basically the same thing. It's the unit party. Then you have Trump now. A lot of people are criticising Trump over this, because trumps budget proposal a lot like the omnibus spending bell, at least in terms of some the foreign aid that Trump himself criticized, but maybe trot proposed a budget and then maybe he said we can't spend this money. I don't care by all means criticise the guide. The point is we ve got a serious problem right now and the right thing is not to sign the bill, at least in my opinion- and I think critics say tim- you live in a giant mansion. What are you not the struggles of regular people they should they. They need this six hundred dollars well, Adobe, honest sort of bad point, I am certainly not desperate and starving, and I absolutely need to recognise that, but I'm worried about what happens when democratic governors, mayors are the ones who strike the economy in the first place and then tell you I am going to
steel, the money out of your pocket and give you a little bit back and you should thank me for it, and their voters are so blind. Autism is working not all of them, but many of them that they say yeah. It's the Republicans fault. This is happening. You don't get to destroy the economy against the science, because we are you somewhere. The top World Health Organisation, Doktor, sank, lockdown can be avoided and should only be a last resort and then people argue will what is a last resort? Do we do it now? Do we do it later? If we can avoid the lockdown, we should because it's gonna keep happening the lockdown clearly to stop the Vienna. The fact that the first It took me alone, and it came back and many people say what, because we eased restrictions. Okay, well, then, listen if hurt him these are going work. If locking down, isn't gonna work, then what do you propose? we lock our doors and then wither away and starve to death. I suppose that's it, what their demanding many of these people,
or saying that the Republicans and tromp suggest shot sign onto this is their demanding readily and of our dollars be stolen from our pockets, given away not all of it, but much of it to foreign countries. Much of it, too ridiculous programmes to to certain well, certain institutions where people already have hunter of millions of dollars stored. I wanna get two specific, but there are some prominent institutions that people, have pointed out our sitting on coffers of like six hundred million and then demur- ending massive relief, a lot of them which will go to their other executive boards and things like that. It's ridiculous of the two point: three trillion: only a couple hundred billion good american people so listen. I don't. The right answer is ok, because I know that people who are saying I don't care about any of that steel, anything. You want from me so long as I can pay my right now, but then what you're savings is gone. You're your wages,
are effectively being lowered by this I'd. Try to explain to you know took to some friends of mine. They state that there is talk about how we need to end ray salaries, everybody we fifty now a wage and my great when you print money like crazy, like they're, doing now, and then give a bunch of that away, your devaluing the currency, effectively lowering the wage, the working class and giving your buying power away to other people. It is a massive extraction. Wealth from the american people. I tell you man these these, these these democrat friends of mine there so obsessed there like. Will you no regular people? Don't have wealth? Unlike brow, I am not saying their wealth e wealth, I'm just talking about the things they own in general, your car, your small business, you might have a small business value. Didn't you know, maybe it may be able hotdog stand and the Torah
hot dog shop, the total value of the business estimated like a hundred k, that's destroyed the value that taken away. You lose your building in New York when people can't can't pay the bills anymore, that they forced to it, took to leave and vague. The offices and their other buildings and the city laughs build obliges like now going to buy it up for pennies and the dollar. That's what they're doing they are stealing from you and then dangling a tiny portion of that back in your face. Less than ten percent of the money they are taking will go to you now Some people might argue we do. We have to do the foreign aid or the foreign aid is really a small percentage of the omnibus spending bill and almost like, I don't care dont, the american people come first, I get it I get. Some of this spending is for critical programmes and infrastructure and things I gotta get and the defence bill, which was like seven hundred and four ethic, goes like seven hundred forty million wasn't even nearly as big as a stimulus. We need national defence authorization. Things like that. There's a lot of arguments we can make politically, but the question
Do we watch the whole system burn down around us because worse are effectively being held hostage by Democrats, not republic, see. The number one trend when I started ominous was republicans dont care. While I think It's true for a lot of them. Absolutely specially. Once voted yes on the the omnibus spending package we are at our lowest moment, this country has been brought to its knees. Now. There's people saying that China is on track to overtake the? U S much faster than than previously thought, because the lockdown have completely deaf the made in our country in our economy and China isn't doing the same, so we're just falling and that's maybe it's a back up I for America whatever, but we are just falling to our demise and what we do. We suppose Jesse Your wither away and collapse is not Republicans who have shut everything down. Some of it is mostly the Democrats,
and then, when you were at your worst, the police came and shut down your business and allowed Hollywood like that viral video to set up their own business. They allowed people to go out. Dancing cheer for Joe Biden, but you can't run your business. Then they come out and say it's the Republicans, faulty or your your destitute, and these people just don't know, or they don't care the Republicans, our bad yeah ballade of em. Fifth, six voted no on the omnibus spending bill and they get attacked for it. The left I see they don't care about. You but maybe they were saying I dont want them. Stealing money from your pocket trot came out and said: get rid of the pork get us two thousand dollars to the american people and you the Democrats, did Nancy policy. Instead of offering a clean bill offered up an amendment, to smack Republicans in the face with a virtue signal stunt she knew would fail and now democratic voters blame Republic YO. You need to realize Republicans for the most.
I don't care about. You and Democrats, don't care about you and that's about it. What Nancy Policy did what he called for unanimous consent, meaning everybody needs to say I or yea to support it and anybody who objects stops it. So she offered up an amendment to increase payments to two thousand dollars per person with nothing to get rid of the pork and low. So naturally, Republicans we're like novel we're going to vote for that. You're nuts, you wanna increase the bill from two point: three brilliant you attack on another like one point: four trillion dollars, that's insane and then
Republican said now they went up. Oh no, the Republicans are blocking us. These people are cycle paths, they don't care about. You don't care about what you need it is democratic governors are destroyed the economy in many of these states and now that you're suffering there saying don't look at us, we are doing everything we can yeah to strip the buying power out of our savings accounts, offer up a pittance to the american people and then, when Trot comes out and says, get more money and get rid of his blood. They don't they do a virtue signal, they know, will fail single, o, o Neill. Neither Republicans are so bad. You know why I think they're all bad for the most part, but I tell you this our two Democrats who voted no on the omnibus bill and there are fifty six Republicans who voted. No, so that shows you wear my biased comes from the omnibus, It was a mistake, I'll tell you what we should do right now when people are suffering and desperate. You got to pay three trillion dollars. I tell you what's very simple, a good amount of money,
need to go to general spending. Ok is omnibus bills of things. Go to legitimate programmes, the foreign aid right now now you ve got to secure your own oxygen mass before securing the mask of others. Now there we can have a debate over providing military aid. Other countries that I get five hundred million to Israel is a lot of money, a lot of money, but are their concern, is about destabilization and potential for rising conflict. If we, if we don't meet these obligations, brats, perhaps ten million dollars for gender studies in Pakistan, no excuse and it's a lot of other things like that to another fifteen million for democracy promise. I'm sorry man, I don't know what you think you're doing, but if this country has been brought to its knees and his face in widespread mass eviction and twelve million people becoming destitute than we can't just start giving money away to other people.
America has to come first. Otherwise America won't be around to help anybody- and you know it's funny. When I say America first, I am actually not a staunch nationalist, as many of you know. I do think this a good argument for some foreign aid right now, but some of this stuff makes literally no sense, none at all. Here's a story from from from Cairo, seven, two key federal unemployment programmes expired early Sunday as Trumpery used to sign a nine hundred billion dollar aid package. The president, Do you to resist signed? The measure argue that Congress need doing freeze the size of relief check from six to two thousand, the expanded unemployment, benefits in the relief package affected. More than twelve million Americans Trump also criticise the one point. Forty Leon dollar government funding bill that was attached to the core but relief. I just like you see how they do this trump rejected the covert aid package. He rejected the whole thing, and maybe that was the right call. Are we going to just live under the boot of damage?
forever or are we going to stand up and say? No? This is the problem. The Democrats are the one who shot down the economies in major key states affecting massive swap the pot elation of this country. There are still doing it and their argument. They have do in New York City, people who own restaurants are arguing. It's against the science. Don't take it from me. The actual bid, This is in New York. Our saying the contribution to covet infection rate is like one point, four percent: it's it's mine why are they being shut down and other other pro Aquino? Other areas of the economy which have higher infection rates are being ignored because Cuomo and oblige you don't care for one. I think they're, spineless cowards, who don't take responsibility. The other is, I just think, they're they're happy to do it because their budgets met many of these they were already failing. Another an excuse to be like the federal government
to bail us out and there there you don't eat other doing it's like you got little kid and he's like. I want ice cream, and the Mama's like you can't have ice cream was I'll hold my breath and now the kids turning but when the mounds iconography ice cream and the kids like you're, hurting yourself and they're doing it because they want to extract from you is the fault of the red states that did locked down with economies are doing all right that New York did and that they should pay the bill, for New York when new. It goes against the science. What about when Cuomo put sick people into nursing homes? New York was the hardest. It is the fault of these p They then come out and blame the Republicans for everything, I'm sick of it. It's trash, they say early Sunday Trot retreated. A video item complying with the covert nineteen relief bill. You want a rag on trot for his budget proposal by all means. Do so, but when he comes out and says no to this, then you can call
come out and say: ok, fine, trumpet what you wanted will cut it all out right now, because they want the same trash. I tell you This has never got and it's going to keep happening, they're going to keep attracting value bitcoins at what twenty seven thousand dollars right now a month ago, was it like fifteen it it is almost doubled, and I tell you I'm in there's a lot of reasons why we're seeing Bitcoin go up? People are flocking out of the? U S dollar. Because of this, the only option any one sees is the mass printing of mine. What you gotta their stand about. The money is that it is the it is the oil for the engine, not the fuel a lot of people understand the special left. They think the money is the fuel know it lubricate. The machine allows the machine to turn the fuel is the individual who works and they're not right. Now
that the economy is still mostly shot down and they're, making it worse there shutting down more, it will only get worse. New York has been completely destroyed. Ok, maybe a little hyperbolic completely destroyed it's funny. When I see these uppity well to do left us coral walking round newer, like everything's. Fine people are eating food and they ignore, like Central Brooklyn, the lower east side in places like that we're things aren't going so well, and it is a ghost town and people are being evicted like crazy, and the mayor says now is our chance to buy up the property it's almost like, like Robocop or some movie, where the the evil politician did. You know hires a bunch of veto, local hood. Comes to destroy properties of the value tanks and they can buy it up at a cheap price. It's like an old eighties, how bad bad it is, but they're gonna keep doing it knots. They want the problems. It was Democrats who destroyed the economy. Trumps response is from the left. Imagine this Donald.
Tromp criticising and attacking Democrats from the left, and they laughed about it, but Trump wrong and its uncertainty from the left its more from a populist standpoint, but it certainly not from the right. If you're talking about the right from a in a free market position, Donald Trump is saying: get rid of the pork and if you do, you can easily reduce the cost of the spending bill and you can increase money. Regular people get probably the right move, because otherwise you much people become homeless but may be. The real right move should be for people who are facing mass eviction and small businesses. They need to just open, but it's crazy to think how how terrified people in these cities are my friends
We are faced with an even more serious problem than just covered. We face the problem of alternate worldviews, alternate realities, and it's not just about Trump. It's important. They like to say that you ve got the pro trump cold and you got the anti Trump Orangemen bad. Whatever none of the listen, There are people in cities, look outside this cause. You know I love close enough to a city, I'm kind of in the middle of a lump, I'm pretty much in the middle of nowhere upward that way, but I'm not like her our rural, we know new hours away civilization, cross subsidies close enough? I, people wearing masks, while writing bikes through the woods like what are you doing there's no one around you, you're not gonna, get or give anything. If I ride past you to say, Second yoga, where Mass, when you're writing your bike in the woods, I'm not talking about like a wooded area in the suburbs of talking about, like I'm in the mountains, and I see people and unlike DAS, crazy most people don't do that. but in cities. These people are era fide unite.
conversation with some people were in New York and talking, local businesses, and how they should just open everything up the businesses are saying. No one will show up there too. Scared Democrats really really really figured out how to put the boot on someone's neck. I want to show you a couple things. The UK he's been hit with the worst recession in three hundred years as country grappled with mutated covered ninety, Restrained, it's never gonna end. So what do we do? Do we just laid down our swords, dropped to our knees and say we surrender or do we recognise life comes with risks and we can't just give up and stop. People are gonna, lose their homes and everything will be destroyed. I guess that's what we're goin there's nothing. I can do about it when people are terrifying. I want to show you. This is a tweet. This video right here, this person tweeted? This is for the cove idiots that try to sound smart by constantly bringing up the survival rate as an excuse to be selfish in it. You have a woman,
Who is a nurse appears when a mask- and she says something like this: it's got one point two million views and she goes. I will explain something to everybody who use survival rate as an excuse. If I told you a thousand, even millions upon millions of skittles and that seventeen million three hundred and ninety one thousand two hundred and seventy of those skittles could get, would make you sick and give you a lingering how the facts and that three hundred and twenty thousand of them would kill you what you still eat a skittles, the stupidest argument ever made, and they do it all the time I'm so sick of it. my family and protecting myself is not eating. Candy. Please is a big difference, a point. One percent risk point one. Now that's significant compared to many other things I mean a lot of people have died its nightmarish, but my friends this is this is a serious problem for US
first of all, to compare whether or not I get to live in my home and pay my rent or my mortgage or for my business my employees, you know on on the job and delay people off the idea that I've had to shut my business down is equivalent to eating candy is stupid. I tell you what what if I told you you are starving. Starving and you have you weren't. You were struggling to figure out what you were going to eat and what you were going frank, and I said I have many Many bottles of water, three hundred and three three million bottles of water, and you, my friend, our dehydrated, you have to drink water. You have no choice, is not candy, it's not! You decided go by a bag of candy does as water. You need it now. I'm sorry, one in a thousand of these bottles will kill you well, I think you'd probably be alike. I'm gonna die anyway. I it's better than nothing
while a good amount of them will actually make you sick. Ah. Well, what where my choices do, I just lay down and do nothing or do I drink nasty water. Think about it. This way, I'll give you a better exam, because you might as well be thinking like man a lot of dirty water? Ok, tell you what, if you, in the middle of the woods, and and there was nothing to drink and you found a pool of water, you would drink it. You were in the desert wandering around desperate and you found a pool of murky water. You would drink it and you'd say I might get sick, but it's better than alternative. Now, what they're saying is what, if the government just takes your evaluate and get you know, give you know and then borrows against your tie. What his ears is a better analogy using what they're doing the cover relief bill? Imagine you're the desert and there is a pool of water. That's clean and everybody's looking at its angle
What do we do and the Congress comes and says we're gonna take eighty percent of this water and went to give it to them. people in that city over there and you can get a little bit you're gonna, be I brought this desire water. We need this not now we're gonna give it away. and then trunk comes as no I'm not allow you to give that waterway right now and then the Democrats go it's the Republicans fall you're, not getting any water. I suppose if people are on the verge of doesn't need water, some is better than none but to be held here. stage. Like this is crazy, you know I gotta add too, I'm really sick of this skittles thing, because it's been used by a bunch of identity, Arians forever, and I'm not talking about leftism time left and right. They say like if you know, if that, what what are the feminists do, if you add a bowl of skittles, that represents men and one percent of them was bad. Would you eat the Skittles psych dude? You talk about human beings gift
interact with in your life. What do you do? Take one in a hundred people, unlike lock about that's a stupid thing ever is people are nuts but tell you the bigger problem we face. My friends. and it's only our effort towards the scaling problem. They probably me better name like something law or something, but the idea is- as the scale as vat as are way as volume increases, the tolerance for failure decreases, and this is a problem. People, I used to die at way higher rates way back in the day than they do now, Now we have a survival rate of ninety nine point. Ninety nine percent of the people who have died there mostly over the age of seventy, with co morbidity. So that is not the general population. So if you really want it
skittles thing we could be saying like if you were to eat food and point zero, one percent or one in what ten thousand chance that you actually you know, get sick or or die. The scaling problem is serious. It is when you look at a hundred people, there's an illness and one person. dies, that's one percent. Most people are gonna, be only one person died. I mean it's it's horrifying. It said it wasn't died, but it was one person. Things are ok. What are you a hundred thousand people and a thousand people die well, then everyone start seeing this. The all these stories of death not stop. Answer panicking and freaking out rooms have threatened thirty million people in three hundred fringe of thirty thousand die. All of us It's all over the news, videos of people in the hospital interbedded, your and they did over and over and over again with ease with these with these images, but the percentage has not changed, as vice
volume increases in a system of tolerance for failure decreases. People will not accept it. There lies a big problem because of the population is gonna, keep increasing an hour. appearing more more stories and tell you this, it goes, the same way the vaccine and I'll leave out. Ok I'll give you this final point: if you of a vaccine given to a hundred people in one person get sick people. My I about dead, that's freaky by our eye. They get worried, but none nine percent people most people were fine. Like goes only one person chill here. One story: it's not about percentage! It's about what you here and what scares you hear that a man at an allergic reaction to the vaccine, but everyone else in the trial was fine and about as one guy happens when you have you know: million people get the vaccine, and then you have once again, one percent. Now the stories are everywhere about the danger of the vaccine. You see people and video sang, I can't believe it. There's one video environment, woman about those policy and she's like she's freaking out cheese. I
and another to be mean like she's, she's, panic or face. You can see it and I get it, but this is the scaling problem as well. Oh you mean a system increases tolerance for failure decreases as more. People receive iphones. The tolerance for broken iphones goes down as more people gets The tolerance for death goes down. You see the point. Its information people are are forgetting freaked out by this and as this problem, tests there will be criminals and government exploiting it. So look. I know Many of you may be desperate, need this money, so maybe Tromp should just sign it, but my fear that and this is a luxury that I have is that you are all being held. hostage I mean we all are my business is is to an extent isolated from all of this to an extent but people gotta, realise too, when that when the The lockdown first started. They shut down businesses. My business took like a seventy percent hit and put me in the right.
for I for about a month, and this is because everything I do it depended upon add rates at rates are mostly driven by small businesses, advertising their restaurants and their stores, and things like that, when you can go shop and where they shut down people by adds, when the best tis go. Everyone goes around it, so I may You know like on the Titanic and I beg maybe you like sitting on like one of the higher decks on trying to be callous or break, but the ship thinking is bad for everybody, and so maybe you just do the package give away trillions of arms are dollars and then the people get a pittance. Or maybe we hold out and we make demands of Congress I'll either Mexicans coming up at one p m thanks out, and I will see you all. I wish you all then, on this show. My friends. I am so absolutely sick of sea,
Dancing nurse videos on Tik Tok and I've already seen a whole lot. It's been a year and they keep doing you'd think there but have learned, but I guess this is a really good example of so oh media reinforcement and EL the illusion of support? If you ban all of the negative speech and all that's left- is positive speech, you will be driven insane right now there are certain individuals who proud videos that have been critical of the vaccine, those videos of all been deleted. They are people, but I'd videos cheering and dancing, and you know booking down hospitals and those videos are promoted. So guess what you get more of less criticism: less accountability, more or nonsensical time wasting- and it makes everybody go nuts- I have a story from Ellie nurse the pulse of nursing. I don't know what daily nurse is, but they
and should, and they show videos of all the doctors during the gory grab dance and now in a good that China, courage, everybody to go, get dead, vaccine and sure fine, but come on. You mean to tell me that when all these hospitals are overloaded, they pose these pictures of life that there's, like one viral photo of a nurse whether mask off and eat it lines in her face and she looks like you know, messed up, because she's working long shifts wearing this PPP there, sir. hospitals suppose that are definitely hotspots that are, that are being completely inundated and most hospitals are not, and it's really frustrating because I see these videos as one does like a bunch of viral videos, of a guy going to hospitals and nothing's going on the problem we have here is that you don't have an honest media. You don't you dont, have honest representatives You dont! Ok, now I'm going to start by by really getting into talking about dancing nurses by not a pop up, probably a lot of you a more serious conversation from the New York Times, how
much heard immunity is enough. Scientists initially estimated sixty to seventy percent of the population needed to acquire resistance to covet to banish it now Anthony Fouche and others are quietly shifting. That number upward is that the four this time it Anthony Fatty, has admitted to lying to us. Ok, that's the important part of this. I'm not gonna talk about dancing nurses, but I do want to get this off my chest and into I am sorry man, this videos going viral. I hate this bs. Ok, I tell one point: three million I don't know what this video is to be honest. It the it's got its being. Filmed with a really nice Cameron. Gimble gimbal makes it seem like a camera floating in this. That's good debt, the field, so it might just be some promo video, but these people are dancing and its choreographed hitherto to understand. Maybe these aren't really doc. There's a first versing. Also I've already seen more than a videos of doctors actually doing messed up stuff
like remember when the nurses worse slammed for filming themselves, dancing with a body bag, no joke, they were dancing in shuffling as they carried on. Not it's not that it's says it s, just a person in out of the person, but it just them carrying a body which is absolutely insane, but you get videos like this, and there's just something, I have to say about this. Ok, at a time when we are being told the end is Nigh Anthony found. She says or we can accomplish, heard immunity and any gives moving the goalposts. So he's lying all time when you talk thus earlier this year, don't wear masks. He was wrong and then he admitted it was all on purpose, because there were worried they wouldn't get mass for the important people. That's right! That's authoritarianism, the idea that you're too stupid individual that your rights don't matter and that we should withhold information from you
we are smarter than you now they're real consequences, and there are real problems with liberty in freedom with more liberty and freedom comes more risk and that's the choice this country made a long time ago. Those that would give up freedom for a little bit of security deserve neither and will lose both at something. We do recognise as we see these absurd videos, claiming that you know point one percent, you no likelihood of of dying so far and mostly if Europe, the age of seventy is ground. as for shutting down the entire global economy. To me is irresponsible and ridiculous, because just going to keep getting worse and while they destroy small businesses while they strip away you're right to work. And then you see videos. went viral with millions of use of choreographed, dancing from nurses you want
Oh, why people probably are losing faith or or losing you no hope it's because of things like this, you, Oh me that you're overrun, you tell me where desperate you tell me things couldn't get any worse and then you start doing. You know well chuckled danced here's. What I want to say about this, the nurses that are doing the corridor of dancing are not just taking breaks, that's the lie, they say, nurses or just you know, morale boosting their taking breaks. Things are stressful at the hospital and taken a few minutes. Do little dance. Well, that's important because it makes people feel calm, makes them feel better when their witnessing all of this death full stop. Don't even say it did you watch any of these videos? Some of them are. silly nonsense, like people just shuffling in the hallway we got one video that that's been around since May twenty. Fourth, I dont again, I want to be very careful in this video. You have someone filming uncommon,
meaning that all of these nurses, or whatever, are dancing mopping and waving their arms, and there like. Why are we waiting we're patients? Why can't we see a doctor? Why can't we get? Why can't we see a nurse o because they were sit near for couple minutes, get ready for the tick tock today the little shuffled ants k? Fine, fine. Maybe these shuffling people waving their arms Raul on break and unnecessary at a time of crisis. Fine, fine, but I have seen more than of videos of choreographed dancing. Now these people aren't good at dancing forecasts as important, if not good, at dancing, but someone at least taught them what the dance was you don't get someone on a fifteen minute break and say: ok, everybody dance we're gonna film it you say here: further the moves, so that probably takes it while no more importantly, some of these videos aren't just like a basic thirty. Second, you notebook core up very negative choreography, where they do like two steps forward. Two steps back shovel to latch onto the right way of Europe.
like you could teach someone that very quickly and based on their lack of scale. I'd imagine it was very very quickly, but some of these are more intricate than that. Some of these show that actors in multiple settings theirs in this ugly again, this video is buying a good example, because I don't know it's a music video. What the deal is, but I've seen other videos where you have nurses, when the same clause in different parts of the hospital seeming to tell me they cleared out this part of a hospital move them around and had them had them dance and civic way that takes all day, always a hospital closed, either way I look at that and I get angry. I get angry because Fouche II has been lying to us and they say it's for our own good is important. The hospitals got the ppp. The regular people didn't fine but I don't like being treated like lesser, then or disposable and I'm sure a lot of people Now, look, I'm I work a lot. I work all the time. My businesses
that's what I'm fortunate to have gotten out of these cities, but lot of other people are taken. All imagine other people are just way more or angry way? Anger, Here then I am when they see this stuff. This is this. Is the big, the big breaking new a moment. Lemming Amity some one tik Tok nurse did lose her job because she was bragging about how that the rules for wagon mass we're pointless or whatever, and then she end up getting fired. So you mean to tell me you can come out and say This is ridiculous. Nonsense, I'm not to do it. You're fired, but you can see and a day going around the house. doing various dances overrun. Here again how much criticism comes out and its fine I'd say this and I will read the fact you stuff This is because everybody probably hates it, but they found their audience and that's all that matters that's it. I'm a tie. Social media censorship works. You ve got various subcultures in groups of people. Some of these groups post really insane thing.
Racist, garbage nonsense and they have their community and twitter and social media bans that community undergone? That's it people's personal stuff then you have dancing nurses, while social media coming don't care about that. So they leave it alone and if anything they promote it. Because journalist was up, putting it then more and more people start doing it. Then you get massive waves of really in war, the annoying and insulting videos, these people dancing. Why? Why imagine? If I went to a funeral- and I are just dance and I'm gonna- take doc everybody where do core grabbed dance run for the casket they think dancing in a hospital bring a pandemic when people per thousand thrown twenty seven thousand people so we're dead. they ve shut down the economy, everybody suffering it's like going to a funeral wearing bright, colors but an onsartin who wearing your scrubbs, it's going to a funeral, all wearing funeral clothes and then doing a wave, your arms, everybody. We are clapping and cheering for nuts yeah
and we'll all that is going down. This is what we get from the likes of doktor had than he fancied the New York Times for the story. On Christmas Eve on Christmas Eve, I wonder why many of you may have noticed. I wasn't working on Christmas Eve Christmas with it after Christmas and reason for that. Well, most people aren't consuming news also the news, would fall on the on deaf ears. Just you know I actually solid you to pursue tried to upload on Christmas, and there were like ok, I'm deleting the video unopposed it back again next week as well, because you put it up and people are spending time with their families. The New York Times puts out this very, very critically, important story. on Christmas Eve, a time when most people probably will not see it in the world of pr rheumatism. It is sad that Apple always does their releases on Tuesdays. I'm not that still true, but was true for a long time. The reason is
Monday, everybody's eyes or like glazed over there, like. I can't wait for the weekend on Tuesday there back in the thick of things like guy, it's Tuesday, I'm at work. Here we go you put out on Tuesday, and internet traffic is slowly on the up, so on Sunday, traffic slowly returned Saturday's, the worst day, Sunday, etc. Turn Monday's Ok Tuesdays high wednesdays. The best you put your release On a Tuesday Wednesday hit hard you a lot of traffic lot of use. A lot of shares goes on little. Thursday goes on a lot Friday falls off Saturday starts to recover on Sunday. That's important information for Those who are wondering why news stories often come out on Fridays, Friday, nights, for instance, the worst possible day, you'll notice, big break, stories, really important stories have Addio jail, make an announcement or someone I'll do something Friday night. You have this story on Christmas Eve. This Christmas eve may be the worst possible day to put out any piece of content, because you want to put out your content the
day before a big traffic day. The day before the release of some. You know, product or movie that you're gonna piggy back off on everyone's interested in rent Christmas day. People are waking up and spending time with their families and they are not reading the news and the story drops Donald G Macneil Junior for the New York Times rights at work, point, does a country achieve heard immunity? What portions population must acquire resistance to the crown of Iris, either through infection or vaccination. In order the disease to fade away in life to return to normal. Since the start of the pandemic, the figure that money epidemiologists have offered has been sixty to seventy percent? That range still cited by the World Health Organization and is often repeated during discussions of the future course of disease. Although it is impossible to know with certainty what the limit will be until we reach it and translation stops have a good estimate is important. It gives Americans a sense of one. We can hope to breathe freely again recently.
You're too, whom millions of Americans look for guidance, Doktor, Anthony Falchi and Advisor Trump, and the incoming Bite Administration has begun. incrementally raising his hurt, immunity, estimate and economics early days. Voucher Tended to cite the same, sixty to seventy percent estimate that most experts did about a month ago. He began saying seventy, seventy five and television interviews. And lastly, He said: seventy five, eighty, eighty five percent and seventy five to eighty plus percent in a telephone interview the next day, Doktor felt she acknowledged he had slowly but deliberately been moving the goal posts he is doing so. He said partly based on new science and partly Anna's gut The country is finally ready to hear what he really thinks are you kidding me throughout this whole Every year we relied on you to be telling us what was going on, and you weren't telling us what you really thought. This is insane, we have no press, we have
oh legitimate information, be disseminated from the meat. Organisations in this country and the story, He comes out. Amazing, amazing Christmas eve. The day that no one is going to read it. Bravo, that's how you minimize new stores, another can always come out and say what we weren't we're lucky. We told all of you. You know exactly what the what the game was: or maybe only those who are truly involved in politics, will have read a story like this. So let me too, Oh you, why I'm doing this segment if I wanted to look up in the dictionary or encyclopedia figurative got punch. It would be these stories dancing nurses having a girl, I've been laughing and choreograph in while people are dying and Anthony
about you saying you lying to you. I mean I'm not really telling you what's going on. What did you think the government would tell you the truth, yeah? Well, let's not make that mistake. Huh. I want to tell you what's really fascinating about this they talk about how the World Health Organization says sixty to seventy percent. Still that range still cited by the World Health Organization. Well, my fur, and, as you know, I'm very cognizant of Youtube's rules, and it is very important for me that I make sure I'm abiding by Youtube's rules, because you too knows best right they know what's best for us, you masses are too dumb, so Youtube's enacted a bunch of rules to keep you safe. One of those rules is that you can't publish video that go against the World Health Organization. You too, I would like you to pay You go to what is a CNBC and ban this video from Pouchee
remove other videos from patchy who is clearly going against world health. Organization guidelines and speeding non science was at you. You won't do it, I'm not surprised, but not actually, gonna take done anything from found. It's ridiculous the rules make no sense. What we have is a ruling class elites who can say and do whatever they want. They can get their hair done. They can go to eat like Newsome, you got Lightfoot Whitman, and whose either one life, what Whittemore and policy its right I'll get in there I'll get their hair done because they have to be on tv. I'm sure there were others of the mean came from of I need a hair cut to or something like that. These people are allowed to break the rules. Doktor Burke's herself when visited her family on Thanksgiving photos
and they're like you're, the one who said we can do this just, but might my parents were depressed and not eating? What about the rest of our families? Do you think they're not depressed we're, just all the families of great mental fortitude, but your family was too weak? Well, she's, talking about early retirement now, my friends, it is rules for thee, but not mean you. Tube has rules. Doktor factual can lie. Cheat steal. Ali wants an that's aloud and you know what, after just saying that I could get this video banned from Youtube. So if this video bill up, please consider sharing it to show people. I have a story from the New York Times that says definitively doktor. Fouche III is going against the World Health Organization. They say the World Health Organization is citing, see stay to seventy percent, and it is often repeated during discussions future course a disease but found she is.
Seventy five to eighty plus per cent. He is going to be freaking people out you chewy shit. This is wrong vouchers wrong. The World Health Organization said sixty to seventy. Why do we sit back and just accept this from a guy? keeps lying. This is a story from June sixteenth, twenty twenty vouches. Why the public wasn't told to wear asks when the krona virus pandemic begin Annie straight up admits it. He straight up admits it. He also acknowledge That masks were initially not recommended to the general public, so that first responders wouldn't feel the strain of a shortage of ppp. He explained the public health experts were concerned, the pub Health community and many people were saying this were concerned that it was at a time when personal protective equipment, including and ninety five mask and the surgical Ask were in very short supply, but by early April the strategic national stockpile had been depleted. and around the same time, President Trump invoke the defence production act to have manufacturing change across the. U S: focus on making vital medical equipment such as ventilators and masks,
found. She continued to say that they want to give us monies masters possible to frontline workers and emergency personnel quote. We wanted to make sure that the people, namely the healthcare workers, we're brave enough to put themselves in a hard and harm way in harm's way to take care of peace. Who you know were infected with the krona virus and the danger of them getting infected thatching included? As for how long Americans will need to wear masks, or at least be advised to wear them, that may depend on new case numbers. Listen, I want to tell you what's goin on ok, Fao Chee initially lied about masks, He said none of the science changed. Initially, there were like don't wear, masks and relegated to wear mask. That is not true. Medical professionals always needed the masks now think about that. I remain we're back when they started in applying for the locked down when they ban travel there. you're saying you don't need a where mass, but they were wrong.
There were saying it while also sang medical professionals and professionals need masks and we are like Masks, don't do anything. Why do the doctors need them? Clearly, a do and they warrant being forthright. So, yes, it was a lie. We now know that doctor found She was doing it because he was concerned. If everybody ran out and bought PPP, there would be none for doctors. I understand that and their real consequences but maybe, instead of lying, you should have just went out and got masks and then pulled the people. The truth. More importantly, don't people deserve to know the truth? Is it the role of government to lie to everyone the government supposed to be for us? by the people, not not elite source, smarter, dictating. What we cannot can't do and that's where we
today dancing nurses, while they there there mocking us they're laughing in our faces. These people still have jobs. I know it's not enough for a lot of other might be bad, but there are a lot of hospitals that are not overly overly strained. These are people who realized you'll, see all the policy of the messages we're like the hospitals overrun. What do we do? Yes, that that's that's happening, then you'll see what you won't see Is the people saying not every hospitals overrun many of those people who get banned outright videos critical of forty will be banned. This video MIKE deleted no joke. They get rid of any contradictory information, so you can't make up your own mind because they think they're, smarter and better than you, and they want to control you. That's not what this country was founded on and it's not what made this country success full and great this country was founded on limited government, but it really. Was founded on the principles that there were as they quote, say as they set about senators better men out on us
agree with that concept, but there wasn't. I of some kind of established meritocracy or some kind of privileged access. On the nation of the will of the people and the will of the states that are the same house where they were different, we're not admit Director mock receive just because you want something. Does it me? It's yours. We are a constitutional republic with elected representatives and sometimes was going back to the start of this country, Senator were chosen by the state representatives, so it wasn't direct in it. It wasn't. Things have become more so That way. But now we have the sort of you know paradoxical system. You know it's kind of multi personality governmental, but where they claim or a democracy over and over again, but then Let's can do whatever they want, control, whatever they want and tell us what to do. Do it while lying to us it's because,
not really a democracy. Whenever were but Democrats and establishment elites rely on low information voters, they either way fighting with each other or believing stupid things. We vote for stupidly. And then they often do whatever they want launder money or they outright lie about. What's going on at a the point, I guess, there's a growing number of people who are paying attention and ours, to their stomachs, watching the is insane down and seeing nurses and getting angrier and angry about it. I wish I had a job where I didn't have to work and it just dance around. I'm sure a lot of people feel that way I mean in all honesty, I, like my job, doing what I do and I'm sure you like doing what you do, but they shut your business down. They kicked you out of your job. They won't. Let you do it. You don't eat get to film yourself dancing while working your between working at your business, but these people in hospitals who can clearly have time on their hands to practice. Choreography have no problem. Now this
I'm showing specifically, I think it's from Spain or something I think it's for America and amendment shirts we'll doctors, it might just be a music video or something what we look. We ve seen more enough of these dancing nurse videos and there, still. Some just came out recently where you know the vaccine comes out now our dancing again and they're doing choreography. That means they at least practised a little bit, what a waste of time and an insult sick of it, I'm sick of the lies and I'm sure you are as well and if their goal was really to help people They wouldn't be lying like this. They would be being honest, reasonable and rational. You can say something very very soon. But you know we're all stressed out we're here for you, I saw you know what's the best, but best we can. Instead, the tiktok videos are designed to give them followers and make them feel good and give them likes. It solves nothing and it makes people feel bad and angry like you're. Just using this. Oh, oh, oh, oh I'm going to make this point one more time and wrap it up. What they are doing to me is no different than death.
Dancing at a funeral showing up to a funeral. People are crying and then dancing around and doing a shuffled ants and waving their arms in the air while filmy it and putting it up on the internet to get likes. It's disgusting. Oliver there next, I whence come up at four p m over at Youtube: dot com. I'm sorry! You d come forward, Slash TIM cast or you can search for. Go on Youtube. It is, in fact, a different channel again type in Youtube com. Forts lashed him cast, ignore the name you will find a different. trust me I'll, see you there at four p m thanks for hanging.
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