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COVID Relief Is A SCAM, $10M For Pakistani Gender Programs?! Democrats AND Republicans EXTRACTING US

COVID Relief Is A SCAM, $10M For Pakistani Gender Programs?! Democrats AND Republicans EXTRACTING US

Pence Meeting With GOP Objectors Signals Electoral Vote REVOLT January 6th, Trump Says Its NOT OVER

Gingrich WILL NOT Recognize Biden As President, Establishment Politics Is COLLAPSING And War Is Next

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Ladies and gentlemen, the american people made the demand they yelled in their collective voice. We want a relief package and Congress in there ever honorable fashion, two sets of the american people we humbly obliged and we stood tall and salute the flag and they passed the relief package to help Americans with important things like ten million dollars for pakistani gender programs, I'm not kidding. This is Paige one thousand four hundred and ninety four of the five thousand five hundred and ninety three page spending bill in it, they did include nine hundred billion dollars in relief for the american people. In it we get to see things like five hundred million dollars for Israel. I believe so hundred million dollars for Sudan and ten billion dollars for pakistani gender programmes. I'd like to give a round of applause to Congress for passing this
my friends in this video. I would like to give a special but of criticism to the Democrats, but also some Republicans The Democrats overwhelmingly supported this bill. I think only two out of the entire Congress to members of the house said no and in the Senate I think every Democrat said: yes, replied, Ok, I think mustard up was a decent handful of maize. I think like forty or fifty in house and then six or so and actually more than anything goes a total like sixty. So people often ask me to him why always ragged on Democrats. Well, let me tell you the way described it demo, rats wolves say something like: let's burned the house and not let a man, you know the light a match and then their problems go well. Well, just just the kitchen just just burn down the kitchen and that's it yet you see Elizondo cause you protect tweeted, something in this approach, but if a policy saw many give special criticism to AOL, C and Josh
we, but I will also be fair and defend them to cheer me up a Yossi tweets, this Why Congress needs time to actually read this package before voting on it? Members of Congress have not read this bill. It's over five thousand pages arrive at two p m today and we are told to expect a vote on it in two hours. This isn't governance its hostage taking. You know what Alexandria Gaza, but, as you are rights net that clap bet, you tell you tell him it's not right. It's hostage taking women and what's this What do we got? We got vote details here. Why? Let scroll down good all and why fourteen and hold on a minute, I believe, that's cause your Cortez his name right. There is under the screen with a yea next to it. You'll see tweets about it. She
voted for it. If you were really concern that someone handed you a fifty five hundred page bill and said you gonna vote on it, I believe no, no, it's called having a spine, but they dont have any. You know what man. Let me tell you, my friends. I get contracts all the time and I of people saying like we'd love to do a deal with you weren't send you about standard contract, we totally normal and I read through the whole thing, and I say no and their life, but this is normal. I dont care you don't get to have this leverage for me, you want to send me a contract. I once got a contract from a big agency one of the biggest years ago, and it was like this thick of pages and they were like. Don't worried totally standard, just sign these five pages and we're good to go and then you'll be read by when the biggest agencies in the world, and you will be a star baby and I said yeah, that's great. How am I supposed to afford a lawyer to go through
all this and there are like Otto worry about it. Just sign and I set up again. I brought the trash. I walked away from one of the big talent agencies because I said you give me something legitimate. You give me something I can read and sign off on, otherwise are threatened. Garbage. I added. I had another really big agency regional in the past year. We're gonna make you the biggest podcast baby. They sent me a contract. I said no, if you expect me to waste my time reading over here, trash, because you can't give me a legitimate bill know if they took its nine hundred billion dollars for four covered relief. It's two points total with foreign aid and a bunch of other nonsense. If they took a bill, one page nine hundred billion dollars appropriate to the american people, twenty seven hundred dollars per person, then- and that would be everybody liked babies to done, and then people have a ton of money and then have money to go and instead they give us this relief package, the bunch of other nonsense in it too?
a further nine hundred billion is for cock, a covert relieves. Others. Like me, no business small business granted PPP, but there's also like Smithsonian replace certain beginning but chunk of money. The bigger issue is not just the covert stimulus package which I do them is a problem with its the total two point: three trillion dollar government spending, but now you see Twitter is trying to stop this narrative on on twitter right now. What's happening politics last night, they said U S. Congress passes nine hundred billion dollar covert nineteen stimulus package as part of a two point: three trillion dollar government spending bill. What they're trying to say to everybody is all of these. Things are single like gender programmes, that's not the covert. we ve package, that's the omnibus spending bill. Cover relief was just attached to it as Glenn Greenwell points out as Yea Rosenberg points out. Five hundred million dollars to Israel is not technically part of the covert bill, but a separate bill passed with foreign aid. Still the same.
I'm Congress had they can't afford more than six hundred dollars in a one time. Payment to Americans are no forget. I just write an agency, but I'm not leaving Josh Holly hanging. Josh Holly says it will vote yes uncovered relief for one reason, and one reason only: it contains direct assistance to working families. That assistance is not nearly enough fraction of what it should be, but it is something and for millions of working families, its help desperately needed. That is this fine looseness of political class. A yo see and Josh Holly can be like. Oh hurrah, vice, say on Twitter. The bell is bad, but I will support it. That just means that next time this garbage happens. They all support it. It's not just about the waste of money. You wanna give five hundred million dollars to Israel. I totally get it, but I'm sorry, my men, as the saying goes beyond an airplane. You must secure your own auction mass before securing the mask of those sitting next to you and as our country is falling into despair and economic collapse and starvation and panic and fear Ike
not fathom who, in their right mind, would be like. Well, the fact that the work that we have the federal d to GDP ratio at a hundred and twenty eight percent, the deficit of sky rocking skyrocketing, thirty, five percent of all? U S dollars in circulation were printed this year I got an idea: let's send millions of dollars to Pakistan for gender programmes, ground of applause Congress, round of applause, Josh, Holly and a yo see you can come out against it, and I tell you this. I respect your for it because all these other people will vote yes on this yeah. Those are the true spineless individuals who are just going to collect a paycheck sure I don't care what Senate. Yes, I didn't read, it doesn't matter to me at least Joshua, did speak up against it. At least ABC did speak up against it, and a Yossi was specifically referring to this. The covert nineteen stimulus bill would make illegal streaming a felony white. What's you see what the
you here, you see how they tell they do this twitter is trying to tell us. Twitter is trying to say there. There manipulators just trying to keep you happy, ignoring the corruption in the extraction of the working class in this country, I want you to ignore, what's really going on, they attached the covert relief bill to the omnibus spending package, so they could jam garbage like pakistani gender programmes in it and you wouldn't say anything about it, and people like Josh, Holly and Elsie would built, but I have to say yes to it. Otherwise the working families won't get six hundred dollars. I get it working families needed six hundred dollars, but how could it be that we are watching the government club us over the back of the head for a year so that we can work they region to our wallets? They ripped the cash out of it. They
shuffle through the money, take a hundred bucks give eighty dollars to some random persons. I hears twenty four you and we're supposed to say. Thank you so much for giving me twenty dollars. The democratic governors destroyed the economy and now they're extract. The value of the working class, this money that is being printed. It is deluding the value there. Is that that the gene BP is it? It will at least have the federal debt to GDP ratio hundred twenty eight percent. The working class are losing property they're losing access they're losing their jobs their losing buying, power. At the same time, the government is saying, while America is on its knees, begging, we're gonna, take your money and give it to somebody else, I'm all actually for foreign aid. One hundred I am a staunch America, only America first or anything like that.
Actually it moderately internationalist internationalist, not staunch nationalist, but I recognise the sheer absurdity of being in an airplane as Do you know you? The cabin depressurizes everyone's gasping for area like quick, let's put the auction mask on that person. No, you put it on yourself to make sure you can breathe and don't pass out and then start helping others, because if everybody just look around- and I would ask that all pass out talk about the sheer absurdity- of a pathetic and feckless political class. Now ABC, says it and governance its hostage taking she's right. She is because it's happening as the american people and Desperation are begging? Police. Anything trumpet October said get me a bill, twelve hundred dollar stimulus and I will sign it and they didn't do it, and I blame Republicans as much. I blame Democrats welcome Europe, like I said,
Josh. All he comes out, like you know, is a really bad bill. He says: you're comes of corporate governance. Giveaways, remember negotiator said we couldn't give working people a single penny, more posturing, posturing, I dont believe Jolly. I'm sorry, I don't care. I normally like the guy. I've seen him fight against big decks, how big tech censorship, but he comes out and says this is so bad for the working people. Of that I am I'm so angry as I'm voting yes on this. Could you imagine if our politician had spines man as why I would never want to be in government. Never dumb marijuana me, but I'm not say this. If you were me and I was sitting, Amber and there like how many vote? Yes on this I'd be alike? Can I vote no twice? Can I can I, like crumple up paper, the paper and like slammed on the ground and say harmful, like shake my fist, because no isn't enough, let me give a shot up sums, some special people. Now we look over at Gov Track Congress. You can see there were six republicans in this.
I voted against this, but every Democrat and the independents voted yes on this. When you look at the house is actually really interesting. Republicans we have fiftieth. We have fifty Republicans voting. No seventeen robot Republicans ought not voting at all. Only two Democrats, only two Democrats, but no one libertarian voted no and that's so what's his face- a camera, the guy's name, whenever let me give a shadow readier notable votes. There were two dammit that's who said no to this and they have my my respect totally gabert. Of course said no, and, as most of you know on the big fan of tools he gabert, especially in these past couple of weeks. She has really been heading out of the park. I'm not gonna pretend that she's perfect imo A big fan of Rand Paul unlocked and he's perfect either, but so my favorite politicians, but now this. What may surprise many of you, Rashid its allay voted. No, I dont know why she voted no, and that could be you know because she wanted more
her money and stimulus or something. But I don't. I don't care voting no on. This was the right thing, look earlier in the year. I said vote yes on the stimulus package and we will come back and If you look at it realize you made many mistakes, but that was that a desperate time very desperate we watching videos, we're all work and we all agreed to work together, slow the spread fifteen days twenty one days, forty five days now, what you see early on it made sense because we all agreed if we lock everything down for low but will slow the spread to stop the hospitals from being overwhelmed. That was the point. We need to make sure the spread of the virus was limited and then they locked us down forever her time. It's gonna be two years now at the time as a new strain. Now the telling, we're not sure of the actual, be effective, neither saying that the new strain spreads and show no no schools never gonna end, and so now we have the boat bill with a bunch of garbage just jammed up into it and at a time when they told us
We can only afford to give you six hundred dollars, they're giving half a billion to Israel and foreign aid. they're giving ten million dollars to pakistani gender programmes and my favorite part of this of this bill. This was a Ford Fisher treated this out in the bill I came over, which page son. They are going to legalise depictions of smokey the bare smoking. I guess yeah. I guess it's illegal. So apparently They sell art of smoky the bear. You know only you can prevent forest fires smoky the bare smoking, but you can't buy em in the. U S, congratulations! That's! What you're politicians got you? You know what happens when the American P for bagging, they looked around and said. Alright I'll give you some of your own money back, but I get to have the patience of smokey the bear, smoking and white fine, whatever I'm going to give a bunch of your money to that guy over there, vine, whatever alright I'll, give
another bugs your money to that guy over there for gender programmes- and there are like please, please fine- What people don't realize about all this is that the two point three trillion dollars, that's being spent in making the deficit that expanding the deficit. Expanding the debt is your money you they took it from you, they're batting against you they're borrowing against your, income tax in your labour and then their throwing you back a tiny piece and sang have added an you're supposed to be happy. You do not want to see I want to see more Rand Paul's. I want to see more these look at this. I tell you, you exactly why I rag and Democrats all the time. Look at the list of people who voted no just right here. You have a bunch of other publicans who voted no or abstained, but we ve got people like just and mash. That's his name ass, the libertarian guy
he voted. No rob good, sir. Never been the biggest fan of him. Origin live, but I respect them tremendously and I want to give them a legitimate round of applause. For saying no to this, I look at Jim Jordan. I look it's Thomas Massey. These are people that I often say that doing all right, they're! Ok, guys! Not now, I don't know whom many of these people are, but you can see the usual years- are the ones saying no, of course, my good friend and Paul on that. Actually further grandpa under saying I'm a big fan of ran Paul. I've never actually met the guy butts exactly it, people like ran pulse ending up and saying no just like his dad good IRAN Paul doctor, no Roy. On Paul famous for just saying? No to all of this government spending and trash I'll tell you what they're doing to us right now in our most desperate time. All of these people are jamming in nonsense. Like this the verge sweeping new copyright measures poised to pass in spending bill. Twitter will tell you
they're, stupid little viral trend, thing that it's not the covert relief bill that something different it's just they voted on. At the same time, enhancing would this have passed. Would gender programme money past? If they he's Democrats and Republicans warrant being screamed at by p about how they needed stimulus package, job Polly said The only reason is voting for this is because it provides direct assistance to working families if it wasn't for the six hundred dollars? Would he have said no. He shows that no either way, but you didn't, he supported it and ran Paul lit up the floor. Fox news reports, Senator Rand Paul, addressed the Senate Senate Monday afternoon, as his colleagues prepared to vote for nine hundred billion dollar corona virus relief, packaged and told us how Republicans? Who back
the stimulus. There are no better than Democrats. They criticise to align themselves with socialism to so called conservatives who are quick to identify the socialism of Democrats. If you vote for this spending monstrosity, you are no better. The house past the relief package and lawmakers tacked on a one point. Four a trillion dollar catch all spending bell prior to the Christmas holiday eyes, so good. They did at a time when they thought no one will be paying attention. They did at a time when people were most desperate and instead of coming out and saying we are taking one point, four trillion of your money to give to who knows what and who knows where they said. We are voting to give you six hundred dollars as if thou be enough to do anything for the average working family, Sure they say quote, ran Paul. I believe if free money was the answer, if money really did grow on trees, wanna give more free money. Why I've given up all the time? Why stop at six hundred thousand person one two thousand and two thousand? Maybe these new free money Europe
against a joint everybody, gets a guaranteed income caucus. One at twenty thousand algae for everybody, wanted thirty thousand dollars. If we can print money with impunity, why not do it technically quite simple if you're printing money, but producing nothing of value and them, they becomes worthless. Ah, it's actually a really really simple fit simple equation right now, people aren't working there, not producing they're, not making stuff and they're not servicing. So you, like you, know, waiters and waitresses The fact that the service industry so nobody's exchanging money and the money you do get is good for only some things basic as it is and paying a rent, and maybe things like that, if you can't do all that much with it well, why would somebody want it? So I think about internationally the demand for? U S dollars. I guess you can still by oil with its
but still has its value? But my friends, what we are seeing is the hostage the hostage situation, as Elsie said, and rightly so, of the extraction of the wealth of the working class. What limit wealth actually have to the elites to foreign interests? rich people in foreign countries and they are doing it while you are on your knees, begging for help and in your most desperate they have taken it from you to gift. Somebody else ran policy He absolutely as Emma and my friends, you know I pull the gender programme. Thing because people are pointing it out. You can just open up the bill and press control find and type in things, that absurd or ridiculous, and you will find the absurd in the ridiculous. Does it make sense? for ten million dollars of this to be going to gender programmes in Pakistan, The american people are saying what a third or more of their businesses completely destroyed. No the Hence there is no. It doesn't and I'm sorry even
giving money to Israel and other countries. in foreign aid and defence spending doesn't make sense, I'm sorry it doesn't, but that's what you we continue to get so long as you have politicians who will just vote yes, so he made one thing clear Only very, very, very clear, listless TED crew said no MIKE Lee RON, Johnson, Marcia, Blackburn Rick, Scott and Rand Paul all said no, On this are an innocent it on this bill, Josh Ali. behaved and so long as you have politicians who are more interested in collecting a paycheck these all these people voted. Yes, there followed it and they don't care. They're, like what's the bill, I not going to eat it whenever you think about how insane that is true, but if you live in a house and everybody pool their money to pay rent and then one day one wanted. Romania's like. I propose that I get to take this money and and go to big Johns Pizza have a pizza party for myself and then I
favour and another a majority. A fine, whatever is a great and then you're, like brute, do do no? No, what you doing my money, so here's a hundred bucks be happy to provide. I gave you two hundred bucks. we're getting and then eventually get evicted eventually can't pay your bills. I'm impressed. I really really am the fact that this is this This is the system we have where eighty two to six. They vote supporters in the Senate and three hundred and fifty nine to fifty three announced they vote to support it, nobody knows what's in it other than weird nonsense garbage, but so long as they can pretend that they were forced to do it then their safe, and that my friends is Josh, Holly and so long as they can pretend it wasn't, therefore, that you didn't have time: it's not her fault, then Eo Sea can vote. Yes, she can complain about it and then vote
Polly can complain about it and then vote. Yes, I guess complaining about it's better than just saying nothing in voting. Yes, but you don't. We need we Moran Paul's, we Tal see Gaubert's and yes, even now, just an amount. and Rashid like we. Politicians are gonna, be like. If I can't read it, I won't support it, but but Bravo America. I hope you're happy getting back six hundred dollars of the money they took from. You and that won't change, because this is the system we have. Our politicians, don't care at all. We ve got a handful ah handful that are saying I reject. I refuse most, I'm just don't care, they found it and they shall not like whatever just does do everyone on care and that's what we vote for well right now, trending on Twitter. I not not a big trend, though, is a vote him all out
would be nice molly if their necks, augments coming up at one p m on this channel. Thank sprang up, and I wish you all then, on the night of December twenty first, twenty twenty Donald Trump facing potentially the end of his presidency, held secret meeting. At least fifteen members of the house joined in discussing a plan to object to the electoral results and I want them come January six. The day a joint session of Congress is held to count the electoral votes. Only this night, something was different. Not only was it an ape hundred year cycle of Jupiter and Saturn aligning created the Christmas star. but one man at this meeting truly held substantial power and that man was MIKE Pence. Ok I'll drop a bit. It does found a bit crazy orbit enticing and maybe something will come of it will see. But yes, Donald Trump held a meeting with many member
of Congress talking about objecting to the results of the election. The electoral votes happened on the fourteenth JANET. Six is when the vote will happen, but as the media reporting that Donald Trump met with these people they're leaving out the most important man in the room MIKE pants. That's the point I was trying to make you see on January. Six might pants is the one who actually counts. The votes he's going all them up and say I count here by this and will see who wins. I think it's kind of crazy that the incumbent vice president actual he gets to count the vote to determine whether or not he can power. You know either there's a lot of incentive for someone like my pants to actually fight on his own behalf, and perhaps he will trump can't do much, but he is sir the fighting and, while we're seeing many house member say they will challenge this and boy or there a lot. We still need some senators while its past
all that ran Paul and Kelly Lawful or will be the centres to join and created that objection willed it even matter if there's no legal grounds to actually challenge these votes. As most of you know, Donald Trump in his campaign have been filing a series of lawsuits, not as many as the left will tell you, though I trump lost fifty lawsuits. Ok, those or other people, Trop has certainly filed many lawsuits, but not nearly as many as the media claims and is actually and successful one or two times or so, but even with these lawsuits. They ve been rejected mostly on procedural grounds, so by what Lee he'll standing will they have to actually overturn the result of the elect in or give my pants legal justified. For saying I throw out, say, Pennsylvania. Well, I can't tell exactly what their reasoning will be, but I can tell you Trump campaign
files, long shot Supreme Court challenge to bite in Pennsylvania. When you see when I saw this, I can't tell you definitively what the goal is, but a kind. I want to put the peace together. Why would Donald Trump file a long shot? Scottish challenge for Pennsylvania? Perhaps that's what this meeting is all about? a strategy meeting with other Republicans Trump supporting Republicans on what they need to actually file a challenge, and just the day before this meeting triumphal get another legal challenge, but maybe this one won't be heard That's the point. I know a lot of people say stupid to argue that losing is winning and Trump supporter seem to think that losing is the best path forward. It's not what are arguing in some of these meetings or or one of the arguments, for the objections is that the Supreme Court has refused to hear their case and because of that they want the american people to hear the case and that's what they're going to do in January sex. Maybe that's the point.
And I don't know for sure, but I can tell you one thing outside of all of this: is that Mitch Mcconnell, certainly not in on it. Here's opposing Donald Trump and that's because The republican party is an establishment. Political apparatus. Trump is fighting against it, so we will see if he can muster the courage, strength and the political willpower among his supporters to make that difference and actually find a way to win, Well, it's read the story and see exactly what the meeting was. But before I do, let me just entice you with some baby information MIKE Pence, actually said recently at a turning point. Usa conference we're going to keep fighting to overturn the election saying he actually was saying we're gonna we're, not gonna, stop fighting until every illegal balance out every legal ballot. Isn't there still fighting? Maybe my Pants was just trying to rat real up the crowd, or maybe my pants is actually the guy who's going be in that joint session who says no Donald Trump One, but let's revenues before we get started had over
TIM cast outcomes, lush, don't it if you like support my work there, many waging give got a p o box. When I send me some stuff, but the best thing can do is share this video really does up and other marketing department like CNN. Fox news that if you think I do a good job seriously, sharing is huge if everything, person who watched every one of my videos we're just this one shared it right when they started watching it just take the I'll put it on whenever platform. I didn't. Then see in an overnight. If you think I'm more the of that you the kind of his good than please consider supporting gentle, otherwise, just like subscribers- station Bell unless Reed. What's up with this meeting and then what's up with my pencil statements about fighting to change the results. Fox news reports, President Trump Monday, huddled of members of Congress to discuss plans to objective present, Elect Joe Biden, electoral College, win and force a debate on allegations of voter fraud. Representative Elect Marjorie Taylor, green. from Georgia attended the White House Meeting and said there is growing support for GEO P lawmakers from the house and send it to show
the election results when a joint session of Congress Interim convenes on January sixth to certify the results about was three thousand and sixty two two hundred and thirty two and by his favor we will be raising objections to the electoral college votes for Joe Biden for multiple states, old Fox NEWS Green said: the White House Meeting include Trump Vice president pants. There does trumps legal team and about fifteen house members, including GEO P, raps Jim Jordan of Ohio, Andy Bigs of Arizona, MOPE works of Alabama Matt Gates a floor Lily governor of Texas Congressional rules requiring house member and senator too I'm alternately challenge a state's electoral slight when they jointly convened, January six green senators are on board, though she declined to name them publicly quote some people just haven't totally gone. yet, but we're going to have a lot of people on board, and we definitely have senator screen told Fox news This is going to be historic and the amount of evidence is overwhelming.
Alabama, Senator Elect Tommy to Brazil has raised the possibility of challenging the electoral college, but GEO Peace and leaders have discouraged it said it majority Wit John Food from South Carolina said he hoped to prevail, won't do it because the election has. and over and over time to move on, I don't think it's good for the country soon told reporters last week. Tromp, however, is rattling his base to fight for him, and I gotta tell you my friends Trump: does it have to do all that much? We saw that the key, relief bill. They called it the omnibus spending package, two point three trillion dollars of good all american taxpayer money at a time when we are at our most desperate and dropping to our knees as our businesses burned down around us, figurative late and literally in some cases- and we say please do something to help us nuff- it has never been more.
And at the people in Congress do not represent the people this that the senators do not represent the will of the states when they vote to give ten million dollars for pakistani gender programmes, and you only get six hundred dollars of your own money, they take it from you and they are giving it out in foreign aid at a time when we are desperate economy, isn't, is facing dire straits and represent us, and so I assure you, people will be angry and looking for something to change was about to happen Maybe Joe Biden will be that here everyone thinks on the left is up. They think I doubt it it's the only people who are opposes, in fact people like Jim Jordan. He vote no on this and met gates voted. No, I'm pretty sure mega also voted no in this. There are very few politician
so actually stood up and said. This bill is ridiculous. You and your wealth and your families that wealth in your future are being extracted, and it's been that way for a long time, Trump called to a turning point. Usa event, where he insisted he wanted a landslide and encourage the Justice Department and members of Congress to step up and support him quote. We are fighting really for the country, because this allows Can we won the selection and a landslide trumps out? It's all documented. The problem is, we need a party that is going to fight and we some great congressmen and women that are doing it and we have other some great fighter but we want to send a landslide. They know it and we need backing from, like the Justice Department and other people have to finally step Tromp has repeatedly allege that he be Biden this. We all understand and additional meaning that the Electoral College Biden, one the popular vote by seven million votes, Whitehouse Chief of staff Mark meadows, confirmed a trump met with the law makers in the oval office, and they were preparing to fight back against mounting evidence of fraud, meadows
waited? On January six, the House and Senate convene jointly in the House chamber pants, would co preside over the session in his capacity as president of the Senate alongside House, alongside how Speaker Nancy Pelosi, pensive term doesn't expire until January twentieth. If there Does the House and Senate member appealing slights estates sleight of electors? The joint sensitive com? is dissolved, and the White and the House and Senate meet separately for two hours to debate a contested states, electoral vote. Each body than votes whether to accept or reject the states, slate of electoral votes than the House and Senate reconvening. In the joint session, my friends I do not see any way that you're gonna get the likes of like Mc Caskey or whenever these these centrist republican types or moderate publican types they're not going to vote for this. will the Republicans actually have the majority to pull this off. I don't think so. So my understand
is that Purdue won't be their lawful or might be there because of the way the George election works are not entirely sure. I don't think I'm able to put off you wouldn't need the republican our answer, their public and Senate to say I will we have. We have confirmed the objection and that then you would need the Democratic House too. I guess also confirm the objections. It's just. It's not gonna happen now, possibly because we saw the republic in electoral candidates who did not get voted in. They held procedural votes in the event they actually in other results, are overturned summit, ass. He maybe my pants argues well. The state legislatures approved these. The governors approve these, which ones do I count as ex we precedents that he just as neither and maybe maybe but probably not something will happen. They say our states slate of electoral electoral votes is only tossed if both the House and Senate vote to do so. With Democrats controlling the House and Senate
majority leader Mitch, Mcconnell acknowledging buttons when it seems unlikely there would be enough votes to reject any state certification, green said she intends to object and, during floored of eight debate, protect present evidence of voter fraud. She points, Why does adviser Peter Navarro new Report on election irregularities she's at the most Porn part, the meeting was basically to make sure that everything that we use accurate, not just a rumour here and there but act- we'll real evidence of voter fraud. It has to be correct. Trump was in great spirits and he was grateful for the members who will be fighting for him in I he deserves his day in court, but he's definite going to have his day in Congress. She said the people truly believe that they re elected President Trump Green added and and, as members of the house, we are doing what the people want. I think she has
I think you ve got a bunch of mindless droned, like establishment republicans, who are kind of just doing nothing but short. Now, whether or not pants would actually intervene himself, I'm not entirely can minced, he is fighting for his own self preservation, which makes things all the it all the more interesting in several states. I believe seven, the republic in electoral candidates cast procedural votes where they are in the event, the results are changed. Our votes are duly recorded and can be presented to Congress. In fact they ve. According to Stephen Miller. They intend to send those too. Congress? That doesn't mean it's gonna matter does mean there. If it there, certainly not official, but if the state legislatures say they are, they are at least couldn't constitution. Might pence could at least argue well up? The state legislature said these are the votes the governor certified these votes? What do I do? My pants might choose not to count them triggering a canoe.
intellection I'll, tell you what I think is gonna happen. Let me just give you my prediction: before we go for now. Show you more what's goin on has my pants did say we are going to keep fighting he's. Not Oh, you know, every legal voters counted every illegal, though, does not counted. I think, come January sex there's going to be objections. they're going to stand up and they're gonna proclaim things they're going to say, look at the evidence you that's going on and then The house will vote no robot forbidden, the Senate, will vote probably forbidden and then because Republicans, the fact as well And then my pants will count the boats and Joe Biden will win and on that day, job bite and will be President elect. I can predict the future. I can't see any other variables that might occur so as of right now, based and what I am reading. That seems to be the most likely outcome. Don't take my predictions as some kind of law. I have now Why do you? Ultimately, I could just pan out to be
you know a crate exultingly turn out to be something totally crazy media could crashing dinosaurs come out in Spain dinosaurs. Who knows what could happen? You know, Joe by It could have a cardiac episode and find himself on able to be inaugurated. I have no idea but based on normalcy, Bosnia, that's happening. Might pens can claim we're gonna keep fighting. But does he really mean it? I honestly do not believe so I'll tell you why I've been saying it for the past. Several days the Democrats come out and will propose a bill to burn down our house and our public and say we object only burned down the kitchen. That's the bit. I've been here in quite a bit. The idea is that, instead of actually pulling in the direction of what their what their constituents want, all they do is pretend to oppose the Democrats, but don't actually do
anyone the way I describe it to some guy earlier was imagine the Democrats or in a car driving full speed towards the cliff to the left Mitch. Mcconnell is skiing the back of the car, but he's telling you he's actually pulling it try to make it stop. Psych bro you're just being dragged along with them, not doing anything to stop this. What are they gonna propose an alternative to everything Rights are doing. What are they gonna say? Ok will tell you what our rebuttal to the stimulus is we'll do the steamers exactly as you want it. If you include a provision for an economy to reopen tomorrow, they will because Republicans only play on democrat terms. So I'm sorry if I dont see the political willpower from the Republican Party, not tromp supporters, I think have willpower and that's who standing up for Trump. There is one last Hell, Mary effort, Trump campaign, Longshot Supreme Court, challenged buttons, Pennsylvania win, maybe there's something here. Maybe what actually happens is that the Supreme Court, finally
takes up one of these cases and says: well we're I'm gonna ruled elections out, but we will say the legislature has to issue a you know a final say then so so so Supreme Court ultimately doesn't overturn this. But then maybe they struck this the state legislature to inform the federal government who they are voting for and they want for tromp- maybe scholars and instructs all of the states to do so likelihood that a thing that happens is astronomically is is near Neil. I don't see it happening at all, but I did wonder White was that trunk filed this and I wrote my eyes when he did I've been through too much of this I've looked at so many of these stories about Donald Trump lawsuits, and I just said this look trumps campaign has found a series of suits. They ve been rejected on procedural grounds, and then you have a bunch of trump allies, Republicans file, lawsuits and ultimately it just. nothing now there is still some suits going through will see how these things play out. Some
Allow me just patently absurd, but after wonder the system is completely broken, its it's absolutely broken. when you see that covert relief bill and that omnibus spending package- and you know we are all suffering nation and they're, sending a hundred and thirty million dollars for like breastfeeding programme. There's something in ten million dollars for Pakistan, Egypt. their studies just where the money come from, what are they buying? What value You does this money have not just been extracted taken from US so now. I totally get why there are many people who are demanding that Donald Trump Win, because only gotten worse now, this meeting Tromp had was not the only a thing he's talking about you see, there was another meeting. The guardian reports, conspiracy theories law
Sidney Powell spotted at White House. Again again, that's right, my friends. The first report was that Donald Trump, was planning on appointing Sidney Powell as special counsel to investigate election fraud. That would be glorious, absolutely amazing. I want and encourage this. No, I don't agree with Sidney Powell in terms of her statements on many of the things I dont believe her accusations are on smart Madigan diminutive much of these things and I've looked into it. I know there but people who wanted to be true and believe it because they ve seen a bunch of Islamic that look. I I just don't see it, I'm sorry, but it's ok! You know why I wanted to happen. Good, I shall think would be a good thing you Sidney power would get in there and you gonna dig through the system. but, and I think it would be an improvement even if she's wrong about dominion, voting systems and fraud or whatever is irrelevant the fact that we would have someone who's
very suspicious of it digging through. It is better than what we got from the d o j already, I'm I'm surprised. You know when I see Bill BAR said you know his his quote, several weeks ago was to date we have not seen evidence that would have changed. There was a result of the election. I can respect that, but why aren't you invite stagnating. Any of this stuff could say this. I have seen personal person I've, seen and corroborated evidence of what are described as potentially illegal ballots. The reason it put it that way is that's what we might have described me. It would be evidence of fraud and I've seen it it's from met, brain or the voter integrity project that needs an investigation now the deal didn't give it to us. I think Sidney power would and I am not entirely sure what she would find, but I'll tell you. This bill
a bar recently said there is fraud in elections. It happens like every election, its unfortunate, but not to the extent that it changed the results. For me, ok, bill, no problem. I would like those people to be arrested and charged, so we just say we're taking it seriously and we're going to stop the fraud. How about that? Why is it so hard? What's what with Sidney Powell Trop might be leaving behind a well positioned asset to prevent this kind of impropriety and a you know: a pencil fraud, even if it doesn't reach some grandiose scale, it's a good thing. What's the worst thing that could happen, no people, no lover gonna, be like drops crazy issues. Inspirited, there's a special council dude. What she gonna do make recommendations for prosecutions that might get ignored but still be able to show us evidence, uncover evidence, publish evidence and help us get low, but more transparency
that actually like I do the Republican Party. Meanwhile, I think, as it is, is gonna fall apart. Donald Trump is republican Party, and I was in all talking to some people earlier and I tell you watching Mitch. Mcconnell turn his back. On tromp over and over and over again watching Mcconnell brag brag about this spending bill and, unlike you know what you are just going to get angry people who, turning their public and party, make their own and see it collapse as much as right now, we can say that the Republican Party is the Party of Trump there, still a lot of establishment, politicians and rhinos republicans. In name, only there still in positions of power and with Trump set too leaves vacate the White House in you know the next month, or so. These establishment politicians are excited and their desperate to take back control. Many of the Republicans who voted no
the ridiculous omnibus bill. Probably just did it knowing he was going to pass anyway, and they can pretend to stand up for something many of them did it because they actually stand up for something, but ultimately it won't be enough because to enough Republicans agreed with it in a Senate Only six Republicans opposed it, and these are the establishment cronies that are fighting to take control when a hunt in twenty six Republicans signed a sign signed onto this lawsuit from Texas. They, probably many of them, knew was gonna fail. and so they said I'll just say I support tromp trying to win, but these trump supporters, the ones that you need to win. They don't care about you. They don't care about the Republican Party they care about Donald Trump winning. Which brings me to the biggest question I have in all of this. I wonder I wonder if the Republicans are gonna win, in Georgia. Joel Pollack said the danger in Georgia. Is that Democrats are high?
Lee motivated to win the two Senate seats that will make all there radical socialist dreams possible, while Republicans struggling to find the motivation to defend a constitutional democracy in which, slowly losing faith. That's right so great point, but I make it worse for you on January sixth Alex Jones will be in, b c, and he called for ten million patriots to occupy Deasey in a peaceful demonstration, ten million. He says we'll be there where these people coming I have to imagine that many of these people will be coming from Georgia. Not all them, but is it about? Georgia is not that far from Deasey Emmy relatives, I California, how many people on January Fifth, the day of the Georgia run off we'll get in their tracks. Get in their cars pack, it up and say we're going to spend the next couple of days in DC for a big protest, and you know it is on January
That's the Georgia run off. That's when the vote gotta come another could vote early for sure, but how many of these Republicans are going to leave Georgia? On the fifth saying, I don't care about Purdue, I don't care about law, fuller. I care about Donald Trump and what is more important being in Georgia to vote for two Republicans, you don't actually care for without Trump on a ticket. Many, if you aren't gonna bothered about then, go out and the fact that many of the people who might vote because their culture warriors other politically active they'd rather be in D c, January sixes that day, Republicans are not like It just drive up at two where I am from Georgia to diesel. And overcome the day before. Maybe they'll go and vote first for sure, and me be well, then go and make their way to DC, or maybe I think will actually see a lot of Republicans sang. I don't care loft, learn Purdue, so what some trump supporters of all
he called for sacrificing the Senate so that we move, we were forced, move forward in some kind of acceleration is my suppose why but I then assume Republicans Wall will keep control of the site to give much Mcconnell power. Why would drop supporters wanna? Give Mitch Mcconnell Power right now, Donald Trump, US talking about vetoing the National Defence Authorization ACT, the bloated spending bill for other directive defence bill. Unless we get section two thirty repealed Mitch Mcconnell set it to return December. Twenty nine for potential Trump veto override vote. Mcconnell defies from Mcconnell teamed up with Democrats to defy Donald Trump. Why would trump supporters want to help him be the majority leader in the Senate? What, if anything, they're gonna be laughing as they waved by knowing produce La Florina, lose because it means
on a loses power and the Republicans we'll get some comments. You know it's funny at the currency of the Dnc in twenty? Sixteen? Where did We see the Democrats protest, not the currency, not against Republicans against Democrats. Why? Because the vehicles for power are the establishment political parties right now, Trump supporters they know that unlike Democrats and so their only option is demanding of Republicans to help them in their fight. But, like I said Republicans, don't do that the democratic proposed burning down there. general public Party than the House, Republicans US ages only burn down the kitchen. So then Republic, Let's get a specially mad, I'm sorry! Trump supporters are especially that of their public and political class. Saying you didn't defend us, so we want you gone if they're already losing the Democrats, why bother propping up those who won't fight for you and that's why I think nobody
on one hand which come any thing Trump directed email criticizes, Mcconnell, including pulling graphic sent to somehow Republicans. The argumentation was obtained by NBC News, yeah yeah yeah. Basically, tromp was saying that he how Mcconnell when the Mcconnell was actually doing poorly until tromp started, pushing you know, pushing Mcconnell out- and you know his name and giving them a bump and try to help him when probably true for all the reasons I just I just explained Trump supporters, don't care for the Republican Party, so What happens next January? Fifth, as the next most important day,. In between then we may see something Supreme Court might reject trumps. You know latest claims which see it seems extremely likely on the fifth, a joiner, wonderful happen. And we ll learn, presumably whether or not the Democrats will take control of the Senate the best they can,
master as a tie, but commonly Harris Harris's vice president would control the Senate, in which case everything I said, get so much worse. If trump supporters know that they can lose two seats in Georgia, creating a tie in the Senate, but if MIKE, hence, as vice president, they win. Why bother fighting for Purdue and lawful? Her tromp can come out and say it vote fervent, pretty low floor to keep the Senate the handler Republicans. Why that'll empower Mitch Mcconnell? How about this, you Let Georgia fall, then you go to DC on the sixth to fight for traps that when Trump wins the presidency, MIKE Pence has the tiebreaker and Republicans do control the Senate, but with a weekend Mitch Mcconnell. Doesn't that make more sense for trump supporters, not a big problem. It's not going to happen. I don't think Trump has been successfully overturn this, but I would I'd be willing to bet personally that a trump supporter would rather bet on Trump in DC than on the GOP. In
yeah. If you gave the average farm support or choice beyond the ground, cheering chanting rallying and voting for lovelorn Purdue or make your waited deasey too, Dear enchant, an occupied DC with Alex Jones and many other conserve personalities in defence of Trump. They will pick trump because it makes sense even the even if they lose Georgia. If Trump wins, they break the Thai now, if they lose Georgia, and then Joe Biden becomes President Ben Democratic control of everything. It take control everything and then they'll start stacking. The Supreme Court and they'll have every branch of government should be fun. I guess, but ultimately does any of this We have this this stuff really matter when the political establishment is in tatters and is crumbling, I don't know I think in four years it's gonna get really really really. TAT may be sooner the rate
of exchange of information is extremely rapid. These past four years have been the most dramatic escalation in the culture where we ve ever seen. States lining up. States Newt gang Saying he won't recognize Biden, I think I'll get spicy I'll leave their necks segment is coming up tonight. Eight p M live Youtube outcomes lashed him cast iron work. I have a really really big so with a great guest. Someone actually involved, I believe, involved in these lawsuits. Something really big disable seat check it out at Youtube COM, forts. Last him as I already make sure you subscribe, and I will see you then live at eight p m tonight. For the past several years there have been proud many speakers bundle commentators calling for some kind of peaceful divorce in this country. and now we have another high profile. Individual saying there are alternate reality here: something's gonna change,
the other day. I did a segment from junk. You grouse, reading, store on article from him he's the founder of the young Turks cofounder belief. And he was saying there are three different version of reality right now, the establishment, the right and left he was very critical of the populist right, of course, junkie augur well. Now we have this: Gingrich won't accept Biden. As President says, Democrats Republicans live an alternate alternative worlds, You are correct, good, sir, but it just junk is actually more correct and how he brought it up. It's not Democrats and Republicans right now on twitter. The number three trend is vote them all out vote them all out. Republicans and Democrats aunt just gone all of em. You see you ve got regular people, populists and you ve got political establishment, Republicans or the political establishment just as much as the Democrats are now as I As I showed you earlier on this morning in my other segment Republicans act
they stood up against this psychotic spent being belus omnibus bill, but my friends, I have some good news. Why? In fact the Democrats have shown us exactly how Donald Trump can still win patriots. Listen up in two moves. Trump becomes, president for form or yours, very simple. First tromp must veto the omnibus spending Bell. I not sure if he can. I think I think the way what work is that he would veto it and then they would basically vote again now the amount of people who voted yes on this is a veto, proof majority, so it might just go. I think Trump can't actually vetoes, I'm kidding by the way the poem trying to make us in this. Bill is so much garbage and blood and corruption. Basically, yet a bunch of Congress, people just crumpling up garbage and toss. Then the bucket you see, all that had to happen was for one sly trump support.
Publican to write a very simple page, Donald Trump One, the November third election, and this bill certifies him for another. For you, and then everybody on all these policies are to be like. I support them I love our. If you watch my ear, there's been a yo, see and Josh Holly Democrats and Republicans bean- like this terrible there's bill is so awful. I vote yea great, that's political willpower, but ultimately I think the bare concern is when you have both the left and the right saying, vote them all out what Nuke Gingrich's Bang is important, but he's missing something: more you see. No himself is for a longing for for a long time has been an establishment politician and all due respect to him in the likes of any other politician Somerset. we better better than others, they're in the machine there, the establishment, so when who is looking at Republicans and Democrats. I gotta say what he sank:
be worrying to you when we have street level violence, print, populous, left, a populist right, then you have three level violence between establishment and populist left, which is the cops and the protests and and the far left. Now. The other day we saw in Oregon right wing groups protesting stairs windows, got smashed about unnoted somebody, one of the right wing protesters, a patriot protest or conservative Antwerp revenue, column, pepper, sprayed the cops when you have all three factions fighting in a big circle. Well, that's worrying I had a big triangle right about that. But then you see people like New Gingrich's Democrats, Republicans alternative worlds, and that means that split has made it to the top of the establishment. When the establishment crumbles, then there's going to be a fight, can be political fight and I think, we're there now with like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. The political fight is, then a battle
over the remainder of the establishment. That's what we saw with the presidency of Donald Trump establishment became weak. The populist right took power in the populist left revolted. The establishment in panic sided with the populace left. Now. What happens at the establishment is back in control. The populist are bigger, angrier and more powerful than ever and they are going to tear things apart figuratively. That's why bring up the vote them all out. when the right and the left, our alignment against the establishment, the establishment in trouble- and I under on January six trauma porters patriots, Conservatives Alex Jones, they say Jones S. Ten million people will be indeed see on January. Ok! Well, I am also hearing from people I know who are somewhat politically active but dont really go out much saying that they are planning on being. There that to me as a sign that I think a lot of people might have
we shall now. I am not entirely convinced going to be ten million people, but look. They did didn't abandoned DC last month or whatever ad aware is decently large a couple hundred thousand people. This is it. This is trumps Our last electoral stand. I think alike, people are gonna show up. I do not see what new Gingrich has to say, and then we'll what will jump back into this omnibus bill and I'll talk about they they jammed. Into this bill a provision declaring the belarussian election fraudulent. and that's what I said. Clearly the system is completely broken and anybody who want to try to win. Could it may happen, but this is what we have The system in place is, is broken and corrupted, and you got people in Congress who are literally voting to
prove who knows what millions of dollars for pakistani gender programmes Great Gingrich says in an up ad titled, why? I will not accept Joe Biden as President former House your Gingrich rights at his unwillingness to accept the election result rises from an outrage. He says he mostly hasn't felt. Gingrich wrote that he'd been asked by a smart friend of mine. Why he couldn't accept bindings, went over President Trump quote, as I thought about it. I realized my anger and fear- were not narrowly focused on votes, Gingrich, rotten and up ad published Monday in Washington my unwillingness to relax and accept the election was was over, grew out of allow level of outrage and alienation. Unlike anything it experienced and more than sixty years, involvement in public affairs Gingrich also said the two parties, and liberals and conservatives Livin alternate alternative worlds. You have more than seventy four million voters who supported president Trump. Despite everything.
and given the election must the number could easily be significantly higher. The truth is tens of millions of Americans are deeply alienated and angry. If Mr Biden governs from the left, he will almost certainly be forced to that number will grow Thirdly- and we will win a massive election in twenty twenty two. Yes, I believe he is correct about that. Assuming all means castles and break out Joe Biden could be our Buchanan affect listen, weak politician who leads us into these civil war. Civil war too, I guess, is beginning, Let us into the first one Biden defeated Tromp, the twenty one election. They say great thanks, Elam what we now live under Iraq's. I know that they say Trump, one, the second most popular votes ever trump, one more votes than any sitting press ever gaining. What did it would have gained like twelve million votes over twenty, sixteen unprecedented that Donald Trump was able to make gain somebody
and still lose while all down ticket republicans we're winning. and shows you why people Republicans will not accept the result and will not accept Joe Biden as President Buzek Gingrich's back trumps efforts to challenge the election results and in the op add wrote he does not have any interest in pretending. Current result is legitimate or honourable calling it a final stroke of a four year establishment wing establishment media power grab. There are there there has been no evidence offered support that the results election were unfair, however, and challenges brought The truck campaign and his allies have repeatedly been rejected in court rejected, but not denied what I mean by that is not denied. Rejected on the merits on peace process. They say opening a pair of losses, the Supreme Court? That now includes three tromp nominees? Yes, but my friends: what do you think since, when seventy four million people say no, I met a joke. Yesterday, I loved
calling on twitter, and I love how DOM so many of these resistance Democrats are the establishment types. And for some reason I gotta tell you man, maybe hello information thing but leftists, it's kind of crazy to me in all put out a tweet and they'll just say the dumbest things. So here's what I tweeted, I said, I think it's obvious. Eighty million votes proves that Joe Biden was being held back by Barack Obama. Could you imagine if the ticket was Biden Obama, it would have been better than ever Barack Obama getting sixty nine million votes in two thousand, a ha. Could you imagine if Joe Biden was on that dig it? It would have been massive, and this is also evidenced by the fact that Donald Trump gained twelve million votes. Imagine if it wasn't a populist like Donald Trump, wring its job. I d, by what are clearly one in a massive lance. I dare I say Joe Biden is being held back
by Barack Obama. Another he's running on his own eighty million votes. Obviously, everybody has been begging begging and they finally got what they ve been asking for. old white career politician, and so many leftists and an establishment Democrats are like. Do you saw door? Will you really think that word like? Are you kidding me dude man? These people can't understand like You know social cues, I guess, and maybe maybe something to do with the school system. Education of our no man. That's all you is people, just don't get it anyway. Here's my point: what happens when you have now trump He won. I think, like sixty two million votes first, I'm around and help me Then one sixty five million, but our continent didn't when in the right places, Donald Trump gained about twice of million new voters. Now you can call it drops fault you can see, Biden, didn't really get eighty million. They were votes against, tromp. Another, that's fair to us
grace. I get it, but it shows you the escort. Should on both sides, is the rising tension of disparate worldviews. Nice other really funny Jesse Kelly, Thighs ISA commentator tweeted. A lot of people are talking about, wanting a civil war and there are others and how bad it will be in you know what happened barrier, son in a conference on with that and Frank once the famous pole sir responded with this you anyway to an article from the Federalist. It's time for the United States to divorce before things get dangerous by Jesse Kelly April tenth, twenty eighteen, apparently frank, you didn't read the title the article which is saying we don't want a civil war. or which is funny because Jesse Kelly literally tweeted, we don't want a civil war, but were at that point I gotta tell you it's Chris
you're crazy you every day the disparate world views. One thing I pointed out yesterday you have in California a mass exodus there's a couple days ago. There is eight hundred and forty four thousand people who have signed a petition calling for recall of California, Governor Gavin Newsome, given Newsome, is an authoritarian crackpot, but people are trying to get em recalled they need another. I think eight hundred thousand or so or seven hundred thousand signatures to trigger, special election. I think it's a good they're doing it. I'm not sure will matter. You know why it seems I'm California, is dealing with a mass exodus. People are fleeing the state in Greece, you're in greater numbers, interesting. Lee there's a net negative there's a negative net migration from Americans and a net positive migration from foreign said. which means California is becoming less american citizen and more foreign immigrant. These people who are leaving California
are the people. You need to sign that petition to get Newsome recalled what they're going to Texas, Idaho, Wyoming, etc. There get now. So what happens in two years well knew Gingrich, says: there's gonna be a massive backlash. Republicans will win, I'm not convinced them entirely, convinced red states will become rudder and blue states will become bluer, and blue states have more congressional seats because dancer population around cities, not every blue state that I ve read state. Ok, obviously, but what happens then, and all the people who are like YO, I should be allowed to own a gun what happens when those people are attacked, depressed or threatened by Joe Biden presidency. What happens when Joe Biden gets what he wants? He wants an assault, weapons ban summit it makes literally no sense. You know I've done any research on it and even doing occur every glance I can tell you. It makes no sense. I understand the general idea of wanting some kind of gun control measures that I get you'd be surprised and sample
this. Is it insanely easy to get guns? You'd think there would be some, kind of reasonable approach that Joe Biden or the Democrats bring about, but the only bring about absurdity in insanity. They they tell you certain things are banned for cosmetic reasons. It makes no sense. So I'll tell you a story, TAT story, so I recently became a gun honour this year. and I was talking to a gunshot owner about a very famous case where a woman from Pennsylvania, apparently in realise, even though she was permitted to carry weapon that she went in New Jersey, she's gonna Atlantic City, to go gamble. I would you got pulled over. She did the response thing as an irresponsible law abiding citizen and when officer came out of the window. Suchlike, let you know that I am arm. Is it ok, you're under arrest for a felony possession or whenever? Why would You do this to someone and that's why people first,
it's like New Jersey and a bunch of other states as like the evil seven. Why would you do that to somebody if you're a cop you swear and out of the constitution and some bumbling forty something you're old woman says I'm just going to the girls to gamble in Atlantic City and then, when you're, like man, you see a gun. Why would you blood, warm and put this women in prison in prison for years. That makes no sense. Why would just be like MA? Am we have along this state? You cannot have a concealed weapons. Here's one on the do, ask you back to the bridge and to go back to Pennsylvania, because you cannot bring that weapon which got to understand about Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York in New Jersey is that if you live in Philadelphia, New Jersey is basically a suburb We have no reasonable approach to politics. We have no human approach to politics and justice and law in this country and that's why
I bring us up specifically about the peaceful divorce scenario when both the populace left and the right want. All of Congress gone with a problem and they do and there's probably a bunch of bumbling non voters who don't know I don't care. What does it matter there, not active they're, the ones who are rising up the street and actually getting involved. If you abstain from the bout than I dont think you you know, you got your your non participant. I'm I'm gonna, say well, let's see what they think. None at all! You need to get here and an express yourself, but listen what happens if right now they got rid of every congressperson. That would be a start, I guess, and then we get a whole new wave of peace. in Congress and what would they do probably the same things. So we have no way to stop this train, which is about to crash into a wall which is funding things like ten million dollars for four pakistani gender programmes. Take a look this one from Town Hall, his ears, a few things that are in the bill, climate, Security Advisory Council at Sea,
in vases invasive species assessments, mitigation and reductions. A hundred and three three million dollars. That's amazing! Not enough people sent us a covert bill. The omnibus spending built, but I do think it's fair to call the cult covered bill because that's their justification for passing the whole thing. their worried about watery resource on the Tibetan Plateau. That's great! It looks like but a million dollars for But what is this of the tibetan issue is wonderful, wonderful, creating a! U S. India, Gandhi, King dwelt, in foundation, thirty million dollars. Assistance for tibetan refugees I m actually not to up put out by by that I mean Tibet, China yeah they got issues the point, as these aren't the way. First things, I've seen the ten million dollars for gender programmes in Pakistan certainly is absurd, but the left and the right or both upset about this. The left is upset the stimulus packages and enough, but that doesn't work for the people on the right,
The left answer is: give everyone more money. The right answer is open up the economy. If the left in the Democrats want to shut down their economies, fine, It can do it so long as you allow the red states to do what they want to do as well, and this is where the problem arises. The federal government cannot accurately represent both factions of the culture war as they break apart. That's the establishment, the polish politicians in Congress at sea establishment, so their fumbling their falling apart, desperately trying to do something and to instil doing nothing, I don't think they actually care. For the most part, only a handful of politicians actually said no to this bill. Only two Democrats were seated delayed until she gabert good for them. My respect. So what happens then? If we get where the federal government, it will go back to the populist bow front, the left and the right arguing over the what's up what the solution is. Yes, I think Jesse Kelly is correct. Unfortunately, in it's kind of scary, the laughed wants more governments, but
more government control more Governor Authority. They want everybody lockdown, I had destiny on the IRA pockets and he said when you too hard locked on a complete and total two months stop and that a stimulus package to make sure everyone gets through that and I'm ok. I understand that make sense right now we have half baked approach, because we have some partial opening, some states Robin Summer Close and doing half of of both isn't working. I guess now we did, for the most part, have a near total. Down. I don't think it's gonna work, so you know what he can advocate for that I'll advocate, reopening the economy and protecting the vulnerable. I'm I am in favour of a stimulus package on top of that we can figure it out, but there is the divide, the left and the right Why should someone in New York City who lives in a concrete q? go on stacked on top of some of a bunch of other people in a place. It smells like sour milk. Why should they dictate? What someone in West Virginia S doing? That's the problem, it doesnt work,
cities have become so insanely different from rural areas. It doesn't make sense anymore, so Joe Biden says assault, but it's bad bad of all online sales of accessories and firearm related items, and it's like well. Why does that make sense? Why does it make sense? You need? if, if you're concerned, that someone is a Indiana, can buy a gun and bring in Chicago then get security when people are common untouched in Illinois. That's your problem, not banning guns across the entire country or banning guns, were people in Indiana. That's Joe Biden wants to do so. Here's the big battle, the Democrats want this country, no matter where you warned matter who you ought to reflect their image. The Republicans wanna be left alone, which leads to an untenable situation. Republican politicians doing nothing to stop the Democrats saying this is what must be if you live in New York City, you got
ups in every corner, and you like your cops and you're. Ok with everything there doing, apparently locked isn't because they protest the cops all the time. But if you vote for this new support it and you dont want guns and fine, so be it. That's you then have these blue locations vote on behalf of red location, saying you can't have guns, makes no sense, culminating in a very famous tweet, where someone said what, if I said, you know what I want to ban assault rifle says what happens if thirty to fifty feral hogs, you know come into my property. What do I do and all of the Democrat leftist I've like yours so dumb or do you fifty hogs? What are you crazy? Fifty logs on your property, you need a gun. Yes, Pharaoh. Hogs very serious problem, their massive and they go nuts. I lived in a rural area for some time. You know it it's really arm. I don't say it. Red pill moment asserted. That was an isn't necessarily readville, but you really do get a better understanding of the political divide from its awesome. I lived in a rural area. I just do gunshots, just one of your
ask someone the middle nor right now, lived in a rural area and an annual. It's really funny city people dont get it because a freak out when they hear guy just like. Don't worry there they're on their property all around here anyway, I live in a rural area. And I was talking to locals. I remember going to try really talking to Trump supporters in Florida, Are you and you really are to understand where conservatives, coming from and why they think the things they do. Two things happen it where I live. If there was a series of home, invasions and Some guys apparently broke into someone's house here taking a shower some like that. We got over the shower, he heard a noise and so he's in his towel, and he goes down. The stairs yeah. What's up in there's two men and they look at em point a gun and boom boom to his chest and he died and everyone heard about it. It turned out these guys guess what non citizens on authorized
immigrants, illegal immigrants, whatever the pc term is whatever, and so there you go to things that people in the end the neighbours are saying you need to get a gun and protect yourself and We are concerned about illegal immigration and then people show up for a Trump rally and Trump winds in Florida. People live in big cities, don't see these things and don't hear these stories or just don't care, maybe they say the matter, if he's manner are you know non citizens illegally or legally or whatever may be, they feel like they could call the police the problem with where I lived out of flora. We didn't have police there's a sheer sheriff. Maybe you could call, and then I will be there in forty minutes. Good luck gave a gun. No, I more gunshots goin off great at least I know that where I am now. I've response Billy to myself to take care. My friends, my family and be responsible
in the city. I understand if you got cops everywhere. I live in citys to its easy to call the cops though there in a minute I live in the Philly area, so we try to break it up house cops. Were there in a minute we heard the noise call the police there are there. They found the guy, they searched him. Everything was good. Apparently there I was crazy or whatever, and they let him go somewhat- that he came back. The cop showed up a minute later, and that was easy and even the cops they are told me no get a shock, are some like our earlier it. So you have different situations and thereby differ different living situations and their becoming so it's, but at what one so much is so much more extreme. The people in the cities keep voting four things in a nation wide level that don't relate to pee all who live in rural areas and vice versa. That's what we ve always had state rights but it seems to me because of the internet. That's all going away. People are
arguing at a national level about what's happening to them locally, and so Republicans won't recognize Biden. Democrats don't recognize Trump. Where do you think this leaves us yeah? Ok, I won't say the words are left alive at their necks segments coming up over at Youtube, not come forward slashed him cast. Let me repeat that the website address: is you tube, come forward slashed him cast. I got a message from people saying, but I'm on the TIM cast gentle, I didn't say the channel was named him cast. Don't ask me why you tube? Does this just type in Utah? Comes liked him guess and have another channel ain't. You got my stuff so anyway I'll be there at four thanks running it out, and I will see you all them.
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