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Crazed Man PLOWS Van Into Republican Voter Tent In Florida, Civil War 2 Closer To Becoming Reality


Man PLOWS Van Into Republican Voter Tent In Florida, Civil War 2 Closer To Becoming Reality

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Yesterday a van ploughed into a republican voter registration tent in Florida, the ascent it's got out of the vehicles- are filming flick, flipped off the victims. Fortune known was hit and then fled law enforcement. Is there not entirely sure this was a ethically motivated attack, but I think that's kind of silly. I think we can make a safe assumption that it was At the same time, there was a massive anti for protest in Portland, go figure, it happens. All the time Now. What are the top trends? United States is anti for terrorists. I think the price subject of a civil war is a real one, not the only one. I may have and one of the earlier voices saying be warned it's possible and, of course, many people. History, media, worse things like TIM's being silly bill more. And came out and said it was good and down his rhetoric, because the price picked up a civil war is real and while we haven't seen a whole lot of high level street clashes, I think the reality as we have gotten substantially closer. If you look
What's going on Donald Trump, the firing of the people in in Washington, sidelined and the women brothers. It seems like we are entering ever closer to and irreconcilable future, I just the video about the civil war I solve. More to learn and read and of course one source is never perfect, but I can see parallels between the government, changing rules, changing ideologies and the feeling, at one side is either not being represented or being oppressed. In some capacity you have J Carvel, the democratic strategist, saying that eighteen percent- The population is electing fifty to two hundred and fifty two senators, Mars, the electoral colleges guaranteeing you know their public and victory in the game is rigged in their favour to a certain degree. There is some truth about the imbalance in a republic. The Democrats and people like MAR think they're talking about a direction, mark receive, but it doesn't matter whether their right or wrong or what should or should not be what I am talking about is the prospect of a civil war.
Because two sides refuse to see the other and and don't blame I it's impossible thing to to solve. After I have to admit you have people who gave a standing ovation to Alexander Vindelin. You have others would think was insubordinate defying the president there's no reconciling that difference. Some people just hate trumped so much. They view him as a desperate and a tyrant. Not personally, I think that's insane their acting like that they're saying on Twitter read the heads on a pike phase a dictatorship. You couldn't me trump reassigned, some people from the White House and you're, acting like he's literally taking out his opponents. I think they ve gone what does it matter, whether their sane or not? What matters is that they are in stark opposition to what the government does then you also have Virginia for those happened to paying attention what's going on Virginias, actually where the scariest things in this country as the democratic Control state now with with the latest election, has begun view
very intense and sweeping gun reform you have sanctuary, counties, popping up all too reminiscent of what was going. Not a seriously read up on the first civil war and I think we're getting dangerously close. Gone issues may be one of, but it could just be ideology. You have a president that one side views as a literal dictator can ever be stopped. Another side who sees him as being obstructed by either You know petrol, children, the left to our soil losers or a deep state whatever it is now three the story come back to us and I want to point to bear the lead. I know you came here for mainstream from Cairo, seven Van plows, Publican, voter registration tax, narrowly missing volunteers, Jacksonville Florida, the Jacksonville Sheriff's office is reporting and drove through the Republican Party of Duvall Counties Tent around three forty five p m. While vote two were registering voters: the Republican Party of Duvall County
six volunteers at the current invalid shopping center and older Brown Van driven white man. In his early twenties approach, the tent official said he then draw right through the table antenna with his van the driver, then stopped got out of the van. Took a video, the scene flipped off the victims and fled. As of now, the driver has not been identified Investigator sad that intelligence, detectives we'll be look, this has an aggravated assault case. As several people. I've been seriously hurt. They do not with the motivation of the driver was political in nature as the end negation was- is just starting. We are outright, by the senseless act of violence towards our great volunteers, said: Duvall GEO, P, chairman Dean Black. Republican Party of divorce, will not be intimidated by these cowards and we will. Be silenced. I call on everyone Publican and our great city to stand up get involved
and show these radicals that we will not be intimidated from exercising our constitutional rights? The Republican Party of Devolve county postmen face where there are plans to redouble its efforts to register voters and I'll. Tell you what This guy was truly doing it because he hated Republicans. He's made a huge mistake, because now regular people who probably aren't register are getting up and saying I'm going to end its things like this that embolden and empower the Republicans and Trump. But what do you think's going when Trump does landslide this November? Assuming it us? I know we all expect him to what hubris is, what cost Hillary Clinton the election? think if we actually see moderates and independence overwhelmingly side, with the Republicans and give trumpet major landslide these anti for types and these pair, no eight delusional individuals like these anti for people, who literally think the world is ending, think they really do look you look at what guided to bargain Ios years, saying actually think the one is ending. Do you think they're gonna sit around
and just say: well, the world is ending Trump one more and more people our joining the fascists and I'll do nothing there already violent. Would you think, comes next, the issue for me, is that you know when I talk to a lot of people about this and I have in the past. They say ten civil war will never happen because what you are talking, but as low level skirmishes between like rival political factions or whatever and the U S It is too strong. It will never allow it is. It is Donald Trump firing people is the? U S, government investigating itself. Yes, that's the scary thing that are people in the? U S: government who have been plotting, who have been committing crimes, and I am not entirely confident the U S. Government can unify now it's written as well as of right. Now it mostly its The political feuds within D c r, r troublesome but met Tybee, renowned journalists, pretty lefty guy proof, pretty lefties ITALY,
wrote about how we're getting dangerously close to the cap, counting heads face of a civil war and has seen it, and I think, he's right now. Don't have as much experience as he does with international conflict when it comes to civil war? The point he made was that it doesn't matter if the that the federal government is able to stop street violence. Like Yes, what matters is that when Donald Trump is being opposed by people working in and the intelligence community, we she is. These are the people Father Whistleblower complaint, accusing them of raw Doing now is actually not true. We saw the partisan impeachment in which was accused of no crimes, You see Nancy policy shredding up his speech, there's no real attempt at reconciliation. So here's what the potential is. Some one within the executive branch defies the president to car. Zoom out from near the White House towards the DC. You know local police and its involve the same time p.
To the officer or the sheriff, or the captain or the chief and instruct them arrest that men. That's what scary, who does local law enforcement side with? In most instances, it will probably be the president, but it's really about who gets their first and who the targeted as what met Ivy Tybee was writing about counting heads when Donald Trump starts, looking to whose loyal to him and he starts, removing those who are disloyal and genocide starts panicking there. Now, using Donald Trump of committing a crime for re assigning Benjamin Brothers and Gordon Somnolent and theirs A real, simple way to talk about this. We ve had people say I've seen comets. Why was Alexander vendor means brother, also reassigned, and I think it's actually really really simple and obvious reason, but it doesn't really matter what matters is that that perspective will be weaponry, right now. Many people know laughter saying Trump is retaliating against family
he is trying to show you that if you defy him, you will be removed? Oh please, you serve the pleasure, the president right. They don't care, I don't see it that way. Entire patient process was. You know at least to begin arguing that trunk was superb. Stu operate as to what a low level staffer, I'm gonna, see had to say not true at all. The present, as the executive is, is the leader of the executive branch of the commander in chief just be some low level, and I see adviser says here that you should say: does it mean it has two, but they think the president does have to take a look at the impeachment Congress. Sad Trump obstructed Congress Trump did not. Tromp has executive privilege, it's called checks and balances. The supreme Court should resolve the dispute. It's how the country was formed. But the Democrats don't care, they view themselves as having the right to proceed the executive branch, that's not how it works, there's no,
reconciliation is no resolution because, right now the left a saying, Trop got away with it and there's nothing can stop it The rhetoric is escalating. The panic is is getting worse. Then we see more things like this. So I'll tell you what I'm not super concerned for what it means that a man in a and ran through a tent, I'm very worried about the people who are doing these things you neither the voter registration people and concern for their health and safety is one moment scarce people, we don't know when or what the catalyst will be. But I'll tell you this. It's not a fringe position to be concerned about the escalation towards a civil war, and I am or you you really should read about what style. The civil war here and in Spain, because there are a lot of common themes and it really does feel like were marching in that direction. Bill MA One, the most popular and mainstream personalities in politics said the same thing.
On more than one occasion we are getting dangerously close, and I really do think so, but I think it can be stopped. You know Bill MAR call D, Steve been an evil the other night, I'm not adding Steve Ban and said? Look what they're doing the Bernie Look, what they're doing the Trump look at the media? You need to learn from this at the end of it Oh Margaret, I wish we had someone as evil as you, and while there is some air of civility in that, like it's kind of joking alot of people really do feel it as as evil. I assure you There is no convincing many trump supporters that Adam Schiff was acting nobly to go after the president. The way he did and personally I don't he was. I think it was a partisan attended, seizing power, but it doesn't matter what we think. What matters is that there are millions of people who think that the only thing. You know trot the only person trying to stop the evil. Tyrant is Adam chef. They have they have this perspective.
A strategy that literally makes no sense? They think that Nancy Pelosi wrapping up at speech was a good thing. It doesn't matter what actually happens it matters. They think it worked, even though it doesn't from my perspective, not being like my policy, wise, I'm a bit of a moderate mourn. The populist side should also like Trump. Our Bernie are preferable to the elites, but I look at you know tromp as being the president as this how elections go, the left doesn't see it that way. They won't change their minds, everything they here is Orange man, bad one of the most terrifying functions are or- or I should say. Regulations and whatever is happening, is how the media is making everything worse on purpose now get mad at me for saying that you know tropical as it is allowed to do these things calm down, it's not that bad they'll say right. Being for the things that I say, but let me make one thing very, very clear: I am actually desperately trying to whole
things together and the reality is trump. Is the president and he's not really doing anything. That's. Worse than many other presidents, there's a lot of things. The executive branch needs to be pulled back on. I can absolutely respect that but what I'm seeing from the left from Democrats is its chaotic, its destructive. The party itself is being torn apart. You have the moderates at war with the progressives, accusing each other of cheating at a certain point. It might not have anything to do with Donald Trump, as I stated a couple days ago in Twenty twenty one! When people are riding in the streets, it's not necessarily going to be because Donald Trump was re elected. It's going to be because Bernie Sanders was cheated for a second time, The civil war is not so much about left and right, but a collapse of political cohesion. I think one of things we might
after watching this video on the civil war. Is that Donald Trump winds and he wins by a lot? I could be wrong about this and not try to make a high protection. I'm just tell you based on what we have right now: here's what I think Donald Trump winds he wins by a lot. Moderate voters flocked to Trump, as the Democrats fall into chaos, both a been accused of hiring shadow ink Tobin steal the election precinct captains. Our reporting, the results are wrong with it. What would the idea p Dnc reporting. It's wrong doesn't reflect the actual votes. Dare I say It seems like at least from their perspective, from the perspective of these individuals. The Democrats establishment are cheating once again. So what do you think happens when, once again, Bernie Sanders doesn't get the nomination? I think a lot of people going to see the chaos in Iowa fears of of this repeating itself in Nevada, maybe even New Hampshire, R, r bubbling over right now.
A lot of people are happy with the economy and a lot of people are going to vote for Trump, and I have already heard some of the rhetoric bubbling up. You know they're, saying I was told that I need to understand everything. Troubles with economy reflects perfectly World war to Germany best. Securing borders he's all nationalism. These building up military he's, bolstering the economy getting people, really really excited and rally behind him, and then those people flocked to vote for him as the democratic collapses. You then see the Republican Party under Donald Trump become a super majority. Maybe even seventy or eighty million votes. There's nobody wants either by nor Bernie. Whatever happens, you'll end up with tens of millions of people who feel oppressed like their voice, doesn't matter there already blaming electoral college saying the system is corrupt and its rigged against them. When you, then these people do I'll, show you what they do
because here is the next story: Andy no tweet out this video video requests. By Anti for writer, Shane Burly Show the mob harassing assaulting and pepper sprang local citizen, journalist, Brandon Brown Brown was attacked and robbed by Anti Fa Antiphon militants for recording than them in Olympia in December. Right now, antidote terrorists is a top trend on twitter, because a lot of people are pointing out that these roving bands of black, clad individuals beat people and robbed them, and you can see it right they don't smell. I did Andy now, but a lot of people champion anti especially in the media. They have repeatedly tried to run cover for them. I dont know if that will bolster their ranks. But here's what I kind of feel like might happen. The media cheered for Antiphon over and over again and lied. They claimed that vast, Shiva in Boston, an indian man, ok,
And his and in support of holding up sign, saying black lives matter too. They claim that was a Nazi rally, I'm not exaggerating, that was in Boston. Forty thousand people sharp to protest These kinds of media lies championing anti far and their extreme tactics will result in a large group of young people, absolutely believing that anti via the good guys fighting the fishes tax system they really think there are nazi rallies happening all around them. There aren't they. Happens when you completely marginalized a large portion of progressive voters, the ones actually defend and route for anti for an excuse. Their bad behaviour. When Donald Trump winds over the moderates- and I believe you likely will again it's just my thoughts based on current events- ok, if you watch this a month from now, things very, very different basin will worsen with a van ploughing through a republican voter registration tent. It seems to me
many of these progressive voters and upon the left will view the system is corrupt. They already do. The democratic establishment would rather give trumpet Do then allow Bernie Sanders ever the possibility of revolution. Bernie there's calls it the revolution as the saying goes, those that make Peaceful revolution impossible make violent revenue an inevitable. And that's what I mean. For that. Many of these people actually live by, I'm not saying they're gonna win, but I'm saying We will start seeing an escalation of political violence to a degree you are not prepared for, and you would be terrified by not an awful, actually see a real civil or by watching these historical videos was kind of eye opening, one of that one of the key factor now I saw when I want when I was learning about the spanish civil war and the American Civil war was a feeling well
was this phenomenon where you had two distinct ideological factions that were constantly doing a tit for tat back and forth over? What's fair were definitely seeing it absolutely, especially with second amendment you, Why I mean look at Donald Trump right now and the impeachment and scandals there is not there what's happening in Washington has little to do with policy. What's happening right now has nothing to do with policy, and I'm probably a really great example of that which brings me to my greatest fear. We are in it. I said the several years ago. They might write and fifty two hundred years, because hindsight is twenty twenty The second american civil war began art. Will you know September seventeenth, twenty Levin Occupy Wall Street. I don't know We might not realise that were in it, because history is condensed when we read about it. We see you know on this date. This thing,
and then they say on this date. This thing happened to be a six month gap in between, but I think, based on the fact that the fight in Washington and in politics has almost nothing to do with policy where we have opened the door, we argue We were the roller. Coaster has already a text and we are heading down, or perhaps I should say we are climbing to the top the role Poster is moving and there's no getting off this ride. Let me bring that dont. Let me explain this if the issue or policy based choice to an extent it is, but if it for the most part, was if they said. I do not like that. You want to tax cut these things. You know our Europe what tax cuts in these areas? We need more public funding, we'd have a discussion about it, see I tend to be in favour of social programmes. I do think it's fair to concede in some areas. To those I disagree with what I believe in compromise. You know to live peacefully, and I also think that government programmes can become bloated and crop in need to be cleaned out. I'm so often
What I actually do like his ideas. I actually I'm concerned about some of the policies of Donald Trump pertaining to foreign policy as well as, The ever increasing that, plus the things were saying from the fad, can be a little worrying. No one's talking all those things for the most part. The conversations being had our whether or not Trump is an evil dictator or he's? Not unequal dictator he's the God up here God, Emperor of United States. That says to me the battle as nothing, nothing to do The way the country is being run. It has to do with how much each side hates each other that's why someone will plough a car through a tent. They don't care what you believe they don't care, what Your policy ideas are they care about their tribe winning and that's when we get to appoint. We can't come back from my policy positions. Lean left in many ways. In fact, I'd be grudgingly. Em up the second amendment begrudgingly and I've talked about this. I used to actually talk about how I think there's compromising gun control,
We should have certain, you know, regulations and rules, and then people pointed out. The constitution is for everybody and it was a good argument. It really was, and so I said, ok, I agree. The first step is amending the constitution Are we not going to happen especially on two way, but I can accept that I dont rule the world, so I can be so. Really upset, I you know I'd buy, shrug, and I say I'm not the most powerful man now. Ideas and the government was created to keep a balance. I like my first amendment third fourth basic seven days and I respect the second in many ways. So that's what my position felt we have to. We have to have some kind of guiding principles Cuba's unified- and if that means I lose some battles and when some others I'm I'm actually happy. I respect that. We're not having his conversations anymore now, certainly you know Virginia could be a catalyst in that is policy based, but for the most part, the anger that will rise up people to find themselves in this It has nothing to do with policy it has to do with whether, on the other side is virtuous or evil on one.
They say anti farther great defenders of freedom that run articles about it. Ought now you many people on twitter and social media saying Anti far. Our as terrorists who beat and oppressed people, Donald Trump is the Orange man or is the got emperor, he's either a criminal committing crimes over and over and over and over again or he's the Saviour of America fighting the deep state on others extreme position without that's the point certainly there are some people grumble and say all you know. I don't like out trumpeted this thing and certainly there now conservatives as aid, you know trumps policy on here's where they worked out well Still many Americans talking about policy arguments, but many b becoming disillusioned with the system as a whole. Believing that there is no chance to succeed. There is no way, for their ideas to be heard and that's where it starts to get dangerous, and I think this is why you can see the perspective Furthermore, in Bolivia, civil wars is possible, nay likely, when he told steed, that in one you're evil and to the game is rigged against us
and thence. I civil wars possible. He's right not because started by one side or the other now that he's predicting that, but that many people in the press of left seed Democrats, sort of cheating them taking away their possum guilty of having their voice heard, and no alternative to the evil of Donald Trump. What are they do? They plough car through a registration tent, they scream violent threats, they attack people in the street and that's just to begun when this starts to reach. The level of the federal government is when the roller coaster hit that apex and there and we start going downhill, faster and faster, with no end in sight, Like I said, Matthew be mentioned, the counting heads face, but the better depiction is. Is this limit? Let let me just wrap this up right now you have low to your violence of the past few years and an escalation towards street combat. I warned that
Yes, I'm a war. Dont know if it's gonna be absolute likely. Maybe something happens, there's always new variables and I people say over and over and over again TIM it'll never happened because the federal government won't allow it. Donald Trump is firing people We ve seen the text between page and struck. We ve seen that the fake Pfizer reports, but that the fault phony Pfizer, warrants You think this government is unified in the executive branch to actually go after these people. They are not now bill bars Some rules, Durham, is investigation, but what do you think happens when the left says those people, our trump cronies, who are evil and they are corrupt, just the same as Trump, and they view every action as the encroachment of fascist? There are people in the government who agree with them. Perhaps why Donald Trump fired some of them? I don't know what can happen, and I know the answer But when it comes out it comes out of this. We ve seen the street
violence. Many shrugged off. I wasn't looking at an escalation of street violence. People were so our no small minded when it came to these issues. There thinking the proud boys resentful, meaningless, they're, just fringe factions fighting I wasn't concern that we would see a million proud boys fighting a million anti, not at all. I was concerned this ideology, ideological, split infecting our institutions. Now we have Vindelin, we have the impeachment. It was totally political, no crimes committed, they just want to get rid of trumped by any means necessary and tromp resisted, whose right depends on where you're standing for me under the present has a right to do a lot of things and think he's been essentially worse than many other presidents aside from his behaviour, because when it comes to foreign policy I'll be as critical as I am of him, as well as of as of Obama and a lot of ways drawn strikes, for instance, but I'm not supply
as the president does this and I don't think the solution is to burn it to the ground. But when you have what maybe ten million progressives demand their voice be heard, but also believe in saying things that we would never agree with. There's no solution does not negotiate with anti fa there's no telling them why they are wrong and they will say the same to you and when that point comes to government, that's when we start counting heads. That's when people make that demand arrest this man, the firing of Indian, should be very. Very terrifying for all of you not because he should or should not have been fired. But the fact that we are at this point he testified against Trump there now accusing trump of retaliating against a witness. I think there's a big difference between on an important employee and retire. The Asian against a witness. They say that his brother should not have been fired for the simple reason: is there family members who share secrets and talk, and there is a potential conflict of interests there. So maybe
we are signing them was appropriate, doesn't matter them literally doesn't matter. There will be no end to the claims that tromp is evil or broken the law. It will never stop on social media. We can't even say a certain name of the person involved, but are cans are investigating they're gonna call these people as witnesses most likely and now the Democrats are claiming Trump has one because of the cronies and the Senate elected by eighteen percent. Population and is now using this power to seek political dirt on all of its democratic rivals, Mcconnell Z, excellently and Linsey, Graham R, digging up in papers reaching out to these federal brat, these executive branches to dig up dirt on political rivals and damage. Their campaigns so the Republicans can guarantee their victory when only eighteen percent elected them in the first place as bill more said, the game is rigged. Another publicans are cheating, they say. Do you think this ends with them sitting on their hand, saying it's fine, we give up. Its and will wait again or do you think when we hear what project very tossed released
with Bernie Sanders campaign. Staffer, saying nightmarish things about putting Republicans in camps. Do you think we finally reached that point soon? We can't tell hindsight: is twenty Twond, I wish I could predict the future. Sometimes I look back and think just it was so obvious. This would happen. Why couldn't we see it because they are just too many branching forks in front of us? We don't know which path will end up going down, but I think the recipe is here. I think the ingredients are here and I think we ve opened the door. We got non this ride and we ve gone up My final thought: the fight in Washington has nothing to do with policy at once. It says Trump is evil once it says, he's the saviour. That should be enough for the rest of you to understand what I'm trying to say There is no arguing whether someone is not evil or or or is you can argue it
because there's nothing. To literally argue, it's it's a subjective, moral question, based on either ten years of lies, or ten years of truth, If the media told you all of his insane nonsense- and we know a lot of, it was fake news. The intercept, for instance, has an article about thirty different times. The media put out an information accusing tromp and had to retract it a day or no matter how many times these stories come out. The lie travel halfway around the world before the truth straps on his boots. That could be true for any faction, but all that matters is paranoid fracturing in reality, exists, tromp, is either and eat, mafia also can't be removed. You ve got people saying Trump might not leave this their warning it, but meddler thinks a joke, as Real Donald percent you'll, never leave what you think they're going to do in Trump winds again. Maybe it all just blows over. Maybe we faced more trying times in the past, maybe I'm overreacting. I don't I'll check out some of these
war. Videos and you'll see the parallels, and if, if history has taught us anything, is that those who forget it are doomed to repeat it and those? Yes, we will learn from the past in order to avoid these things while lived there. I'll leave you with one final thought: a man just drove a van through a voter registration, tent, jumped out filming, flicked, flipped em off and fled. I think its common in what form we're the digital era could be very different. We, the international community that could be more involved. We have major corporations, but it seems like Facebook might be taken a sight of trump. So what happens then, when Trump winds and unifies most of America against egg ever increasingly radical faction? I gotta do one more. I know I keep saying one more but think about this
If anti fraud is just a fringe of wackos and Trump does landslide heavily and when a bunch of moderates and are choosing law enforcement to go after these violent terrorists. Some people have said that one and terrorist. Another is another man's freedom fighter. If you watch STAR Trek, for instance, Data asks Picard about it. I know- maybe many you don't care about. Star trek brings up a point about how many rebellion network rebellious factions have used these tactics to two great victory. What happens when trumps law enforcement goes out? We shouting heavy handed videos and propaganda. People become convinced that Trump is doing wrong and anti values that to recruit and expand and destabilize everything I'll leave it there Stick around excitements coming up at one p m on this channel I'll, see you all them at this point. I can only assume that Nancy Pelosi absolutely regrets her decision to tear up Donald Trump State of the union speech, because it is back
the miserable e against the Democrats right now, there's a huge fight going on, because Donald Trump posted a video of the areas highlights in his speech and Nancy Plus. You then tearing up the speech pollution herself tried to force Facebook and or to take down the video and so many allies in the media. For the Democrats they failed twitter and Facebook said absolutely not you did this the stories actually kind of sad for the democratically lot of other things that have happened, and I mentioned he's gonna think it bears repeating Democrats calling she's been saying there quitting the party to Democrats in Congress. Confronting Pelosi saying it was the wrong thing to do, but the big story is the fact that they have lost the fight with media, but I want to highlight something here: I don't they want to go through this, that that the sequence of events and the backfiring of policy, I want to mention something else. Did you know that
policy, actually pre ripped the pages. She didn't planet well in advance like a week before, but she did prepare to rip the pay just before she even knew what was interesting speech naturally met people are now calling rot, saying she's lying when she said she tore it up because it was of lies. She didn't even know what was in it, presumably, but I want to show you something right now: All of these people on the left are calling for Facebook and Twitter to ban what they call misleading content. Yet they do the exact same thing. It shows a something very important. All of these calls for banning eight speech generals had literally nothing to do with principle. It had to do with their political power, and I leave. I can show you a perfect example. You may have seen that tweets that photo of Donald Trump going viral with his orange face ominous show you exact. The media is trying to manipulate you and your perception of
while simultaneously claiming that Trump is doing it diplomacy when in fact, Trop posted a campaign. Add it was a highlight real. They were. They were making an example of what she was. Tearing up. They call that fake. Meanwhile, the media literally manipulates you and I got the proof writer, but first, let's get started with. What's Non between policy, her clash with Facebook and twitter over a video posted by Donald Trump than you are these reports. The video was added to appear as, if speaker now see policy were robbing a copy of president tribe state of the union address. Why, he honoured at Tuskegee, airman and military families. That is not true. Anybody who saw the video knows that they showed see ripping up the speech over and over and over again, that's just called a campaign. Add they are making a point. But they're trying to make it seem like this- was only
Don T show the one instance now the way the video worked wise tromp would say something that would show policy, but the speech tromp would say something gun. Plus you read the speech some people don't think she was ripping up the speech over and over again ass if she was given multiple copies of it. But that's the first thing the New York Times is doing to manipulate narrative What's the story before we diving had over its him cast out slashed on it. If you'd like to support my work as a pay, pal option Crypto option a physical address, but of course the best thing you can do share this video, not that I think we could probably succeed in breaking echo at this point, but at the very least, Sharon's video does help my channel grow so side of donations. You know that's the best you can do. I suppose otherwise just feel free not do anything in matters that much. But there is a part of me that hopes some people who have not heard or seen. This will actually entertain the idea of watching it, though it might not change their mind at rest
they'll know what some of us think about what happened and what is currently going on. Let's read the story from your times. They report Facebook and Twitter have rejected a request by speaker, Nancy Pillow, to remove a video posed by President Trump that was added to make it here ass though she were robbing a copy of a state of union address as the Tuskegee airmen and other guests full stop, and I say it again: no, it wasn't. They say: edit it to make it appear. No, it was added to accent. Two to show what it was, tearing up, because the White House made that point after plus he taught the speech the widest waded. She taught that the airlines She taught the service members, families, etc. They made a video showing that not definitively like not trying to trick to thinking the timeline was out of order. But this new, your time stories, pretty not such rate. The decision highlighted the tension between critics who want social media platforms to crack down on the spread of information
others who argued political speech should be given wide latitude, even if its deceptive or false accept this. Wasn't deceptive or false The debate is accelerated and twenty twenty presidential campaign as Democrats income, We have demanded that Facebook and other tech companies take tougher action. The figures on the right of fought back our units. Police and could muzzle conservative viewpoints into that Ellie, politicize environment came the video posted by Mr Trump, Who is twitter account on Thursday notice? Are they say, Mr Trump, instead of like President tromp or something the roughly five minute clip shows Pelosi repeatedly, ripping his speech between knit bits of him paying tribute to the airline Charles Maggie, as well as other ass, he had invited to the Senate state of the union, including Miller, families, including military families, in fact Miss Pelosi, ripped a copy of it, tromp speech immediately. After is addressed to Congress on Tuesday repeatedly ripping it up. Trying to imply that trot thought you was gonna
all the wool over someone's eyes into making them believe she had a stack of copies of speech that she was just going through one at a time. Nobody thinks that network and everybody knows what happened even Democrats either congressmen who confronted, aren't, told her, it was wrong. It's called the campaign at calm down, so here's the state of the union timeline they show various clips, then they show and she actually made the tear. You know what I mean to say it. Perhaps the reality is the readers of any times are smart enough to know what the video was posed to be or what it is I, for me, as somebody who grew up on the internet, I understand what an added is. I've also seen many campaign adds that do things like this, I I think perhaps than your times really does feel at the people who live in your times, art smart enough to recognise that, so they have to actually draw out the timeline to explain it to you drew Hamel, MRS Peel, he's deputy chief of staff on Friday demanded the video be removed, the America people know at the has
no qualms about lying to them, but it's a shame He Twitter and Facebook source Facebook sources of news from sources of news for millions do the same. The latest phase videos. Bigger policy is delivered Lee designed to mislead and lie to the american people and every day that these platforms refuse take it down is another reminder: They care more about the shareholders, interests and the public's interest. He wrote. Both companies rejected the request. I want. I want to point this out. The Democrats, Nancy Pillows our direct legal lobbying, a social media company, to remove protected political speech not protected as in first a man not necessarily as an on those corporate platforms, but we're learning now these companies are saying no, it's a real video. Welcome to politics sees me Andy Stone a facebook, so Spain responding to Mr Hamel on twitter writing. Sorry, are you suggesting the present
didn't make those remarks and the speaker didn't ripped the speech Mr Amble shot back at Mr Stone. Writing what planet are you living on? This is deceptively altered. Take it down you see the standard of what is deceptively altered keeps getting. Wider and wider were now in the territory where the Washington Post took a campaign at from at least a fanatic. I believe it was only at least how much Europe and it showed an unknown. I'm sorry, I think, a maiden Donald Trump. It showed a graphic children, image of policy or some other Democrat, and it was extra rise like like an artistic rent or rendering and they said it was a manipulated photo. Ah, yes, we ve all seen these commercials before the standard is getting crazy? They never cared about protecting elections. They just want to win, and now at a point where a regular old campaign it showing you policy dead is considered to be misleading or deceptive on Saturday Mistress,
Mr Stone, it said the veto did not violate facebooks pie. Was a manipulated media policy states in part at Facebook. Remove videos that have been edited or synthesized in ways that aren't apparent to an average person and wood. Equally mislead. Someone into thinking that are subject to the video said words that they did not actually say it in the case of the video possible, Mr Trump, the and the reason I was making the point about the fact that the things feature This video actually happened is because that's a key element of our policy on content. Like this, Mr Stone wrote a twitter spokeswoman, Lindsey, Elam wrote uncertainty that, beginning on March, fifth, the company would start applying labels that red manipulated media. On heavily edited videos? Like MR trumps, I gotta stop right here. This is the most annoying thing in the world. Twitter keeps bending over backwards whenever these people that arms, our social media companies bend over backwards for this ban. Faith insane argument: how crazy is it that, in order to try and win
plus you shouldn't have started in the first place. There demanding these videos be taken down. Sorry, that's just not how things work, but it has work that way in the past. Youtube has put my channel and many other channels on a blacklist, I googling my channel guess what it doesn't come up and the same is for many other people, and we don't really know why? We also learned that the algorithm funnels people who my videos to Fox NEWS which seems No sense concerning my opinions are actually to the left of many people on Fox NEWS. Why would you to do this because whenever the media establishments and the Democrats demand they jump. They say how high, why would twitter potent? manipulated media on this are on and on and on a tweaking. The president is completely insane and its Ivan the right phrasing manipulated. You mean it's just an ad. Well, here's the thing I want to show you a few things. Aren't I got the backfiring and I do have an example of other media is lying to you. First, as I explained
already the framing of the stories tromp was trying to deceive people make it appear like she was ripping this at the wrong time. Oh please stop, but let us out the New York Post, Nancy Pelosi, Pre ripped pages of trumps state of the union speech. Video shows not just that. Take a look. This are lessening the new posts has posted this photo where they when they zoo men and they circled marks on the page before tromp even spoke. She had already pre rip. Just so. Is it fair to say she pre planned the whole thing, not necessarily but fair to say that before tromp finished she was planning standing up and tearing those pages apart, in fact in the video which the New York Post has, you can actually see Nancy Pelosi grab the pages bring them to overlap and actually tear them and can see the tear when she puts them back so I'll stop is when you put it back
you can actually see she did tear the pages before Trump finished his speech. It was. It was a horrible idea, and she's reaping what she has sown but let me show you some of the backfire. This is or from the new American actually cover this actually first found out about this for the actual c span. Clip Pelosi stunt backfires an Reed dams call C span, trumps, gallops rating rise in the phone calls, with a seat with with c span many callers straight up said that they will never vote democratic and you may have seen my video on it surprisingly got a ton of views so I dont want in a surly rehash everything, but for those that may have missed it, I'll just give you a quick quote. One color said I why My present, it gave a speech on everything great that's happening in our country, but get now EU policy and the others who were dressed in I might add, just sitting over there, never standing, never clapping for anything that might be good for the country. I dont understand it. I used to be a dumb
crap, I am an end. I am no longer a Democrat. Another man say was a damning for some seven years. On other points, I'm sorry former! Why adviser Sebastian worker tweeted. A few highlights one out. Aged woman sat her whole family has abandoned the party. I am a democratic, but no longer well, I vote Democrat. I think its outright, just ass. They sat there when all these good things happening to our country and how much we love our country and they looked like they hated our country and closely the whole time you sitting up there with the disgusting look on her face its outrageous. I will never about Democrat again and I'm sick of it and my whole family feels the same way. The next thing that happened to Democrats confronted Nancy Policy over her ripping of Donald Trump Speech telling speaker. It was disrespectful and inappropriate. Congratulations! Nancy! You have gotten exactly what you asked for. It was a horrible
the plan, and I think it was a fit of rage. I dont think she planned at long in advance. I think she was just angry and said. Ah, I'm gonna make Trump look bad, try to see if she could read, but she could and then tore it up and now everyone's mad about it. The fact their desperately going to social media companies. Demanding that they will be removed to me is proof that they absolutely whereby the decision and the backfire here at least aside from the fact Democrats are mad about cutting the party is that Donald Trump has been able to weapon eyes the disrespect and the lack of decorum too advantage, so I want to show you other media manipulates. You, because I think I made my point with the article itself. Autonomy Three their conclusion: here: they and and the article by saying facebooks decision. Not term of the video came after an honour to request by MRS plus he's office and took on a video on Thursday that was doktor, make it appear ass though she were swallowing tied, pods, jokes aren't loud now, either the video which are still Posted on Twitter on Saturday was apparently
aid by manipulating twenty Eightth, video of Miss Pelosi, sampling, chocolates on the lake showest, even Colbert Facebook said yo violated a policy against showing people eating tied pods, which it created into the eighteen after videos spread social media encouraging people to bite down on the brightly coloured laundry detergent pack Did anyone really believe that Nancy Policy was eating tied pods? I'd have to say probably not a couple? Maybe, but those people are probably unwell. You now can't even make jokes. I remember going back to the early twenty tonnes. When we saw the auto tune, the news and they would show politicians singing and often mishmash quotes. Sorry that's all now not allowed, but its manipulated media for politics or an election. That's that's nets knots! Here's the best example of the lack of principle when it comes to the demands made on social media companies, the contract.
See over journalist Sheriff Sarah Jong joining the New York Times explained, says vocs. Let me just explain to what it was for years. The left and the Democrats demanded that social media companies take down or ban certain content. Well, they did. But what happened when Sarah Jong made the same violations when she posted racist content for years? They did nothing. They gave her a job than your times. There was no principle. Nancy Pelosi doesn't care that tromp. Is you know that that that Trump just doesn't care about the manipulation? She cares that it makes her look bad, that's it. They do the exact same thing. They all do it. That brings me now to the great manipulation I saw the other day and it's one of the easiest examples to show you how the media is tricking you into making you think false things by the press.
And this, in my opinion, is manipulation of the political system, but guess what the media can do it and it's hard to actually fight against. I bring you now to this hilarious story from Buzzfeed NEWS. The photographer who took that unflattering photo of tromp said it wasn't photoshopped, I wanna go back in time. Try sixteen debate. I bring this up a lot because its import Donald Trump said: Hillary Clinton, acid washed, her server and I It was NBC, who fact checked him and made a little girl That said, false Hillary Clinton did not use a corrosive chemical on her server. Now that is insane as if anyone thought that's what tromp actually meant, but take a look at this. The funny thing about the story is that apparently daughter, Tromp claimed the photo was photoshopped. That's the stuff we're going around the story says this was vote. Shops, obviously Donald Trump Blast photographer for edited image
showing him with an unflattering fake ten line, but still boasts. The hare looks good. You see the media, is now pushing a narrative that is lying because embarrassed about how silly he looked. I talked about this. The other my second chance on the point I made then was that Democrat seem to be obsessed with the most trivial nonsense that are focusing on like health care or some, then they created a number one? U S trend dealing at the fact that trumps, not an orange face. Here's the point. The first thing that happened was that Donald Trump or I'm sorry, this this photo went viral. The photo is clear He manipulated through its called saturation. In fact, the photographer admitted it when Trot said
photoshopped. He didn't literally mean that someone booted up Adobe, Photoshop and entered this. You know image into it and started editing it. Photoshop is a colloquial verb, meaning manipulated and the photographer admitted to it. But what they do now is take the president completely out of context so that you can't tell what he's actually talking about. So you think he's just a sensitive liar I'll. Tell you what the present actually doing here is the actual tweet Donald Trump said more fake news. This was photoshopped, obviously, but the window strong and their looks good. Anything to demean the photo he was showing is black and white. I clearly manipulated The contrast between the ten lines and the threats of skin is clearly accentuated by the manipulation first tromp was talking with a black.
White photo that's what quoted we then see. Buzzfeed show a different photo one. He didn't mention we ve see Buzzfeed, say the photographer who took on. Muttering photos that it wasn't photoshopped and then later on. They say that it was actual He added with some sort of some some with some software thoughts read the story says a photo of Donald Trump walking. Itself. One of the White House is being shared widely and cheaply after a twig from the account photo. Whitehouse went viral. The photo editor shows the presence here blowing in the wind, with questionable color lines on his face its unclear this contrast. The coloring is a ten line or result of poor make up blundering, regardless the photo. Immediate reactions on twitter. Some even wanted to the photo is real and or is doktor did anyway, the press- responded on Saturday at run lunchtime declaring the picture was photoshopped and their looks good. What photographer William Moon, who social media presence in it is a trap supporter told Buzzfeed nuisance.
I was not photoshopped but tat. He quote used the apples Mark phones photo app to adjust the color of the picture and there it is Photoshop as we all know, basically just referred to the manipulation of an image but they're gonna run a story, and many others do as well saying No, no you know Trump is its photoshopped, but it's not and then later, admitting, but it was collar manipulated, so the photos manipulated when you look at the actual photos like this one. As feed actually did a decent job of showing you the real context, and so I think, it's to a certain extent fair that the title I dont, like the title, doesn't give you the wider context of what's going on sometimes hard to do so. I can concede that point. Sometimes I'm guilty of that too, I'll try to be overly harsh Buzzfeed then does show you in the real photo. You can and see the tan line on trumps face, but it's not bright orange. The photo was clearly manipulated. Yet when you
look at most media on the left they make. It seem like tromp is freaking out or that he's lying That was the narrative. I saw that basically Trump highlighted the clearly manipulated image and men, many websites then showed this image instead, which isn't manipulated even see. His ten lines they even say depending on natural lighting angles. In camera, the orange pigmentation on transfers appears more subtle and then more matic in some photos, which brings me back to this, photo the photos that were clearly saturated, meaning they wanted to highlight colors. So it made tromp look worse I do this a lot. These are subtle, manipulations, they're, not they designed to deceive you in the sense that their tricky into believing something about a policy their designs to undermine any kind of value prestige or charisma president might have they want you to think he's lying to you and says it was photoshopped. It clearly was based on the colloquial understand. The word means he
did and manipulated the image so that it made tromp look bad, but what we get. Is a media that wool twist? What tromp is actually saying to make him? Look that we get a media? that will, on tv increase in all Thank you for the present, what even more orange so that he look silly to undermine him. Maybe it's more clicks. I don't know, maybe they just hate the guy. But that brings me back to what's going on
the New York Times in their story about manipulated media. They miss framework. Tromp was trying to do. We know what tromp and I believe it was turning point that made that video they were trying to highlight what was being torn up in that speech. They then try making. It seem, like trumpets, trying to trick you. The media did that on an article talking about how tromp like it's it's entirely paramount paradoxical, they say trumpets, tricking you, but their tricking, you and Trump wasn't so the games played. So all in all, I follows a good wrap up of how TAT speech was a huge mistake for policy, and that's why I thought it was the bigger the bigger issue to confront outside it, just the media, but
early in their attempt to video pull down. They must be panicle panicking about how bad they all look when their own party is confronting the speaker and and- and these reports say extremely rare for freshmen congressmen to do that, but yeah Pelosi got confronted. People are saying this was wrong, but we know they don't really care. We know. That's the point, that's the point. In highlighting them. Yes I'll leave it there we'll see how things turn out, but with Buddha Judge in boots and a rally in New Hampshire and the party and and and sham bowls and huge mess up like this from policies, Democrats cutting the party. I don't know what you want me to say so. Well, we'll see what happens seconds coming up at six p m at Youtube: com slashed him cast news. It is different gentle and I will see you all there. It's only a matter of time before the progressive Bernie there's base, starts turning on cause your Cortez and, to a certain extent, Bernie Sanders. But a week ago,
YO, see said Democrats must Allie behind the nominee, no matter who it is saying those boat blue, no matter who never gonna happen. The factions are split to an absurd degree. Socialists will vote for capital lesson. Capitalists won't first vote first. Socialists. These people are not the same party there Democrat in name only but I also see as at least trying to say just stop tromp right. Here's the problem at a recent event, PETE Buddha Judge, actually called for unity, saying we need to come together and defeat Trump and you at the response from the crowd, was booing and chanting Wall Street PETE. These people are not Democrats and in in the traditional sense, they are progressives who have wildly different politics from people to judge they do not like look. If you look at Biden, Buddha, Judge Club, which are the moderate democrat types, the old crony establishment types,
They share almost nothing with Bernie Sanders who want free college while I'm sorry not for taxpayers. College taxpayer funded healthcare that the problem with this system is that your essentially monopolizing all the power at once, but I digress do think. Any of these people will will turn their core ideology. Of course they won't. We saw the I talked about it Andrew Yang. Forty two percent of his supporters will not support the Democrat, and then you can see from Bernie Toddler candidates. It's like ten, if it maybe even thirty percent, when you include the people say, maybe they won't Bernie Sanders Base is not democratic. Ok, he's an independent he's, a socialist now has attracted a lot of progressive Democrats, but in the end I dont think his people are gonna want to vote for these corporate types because they're looking for a revolution and if they can't get to the system will get the somewhere else. In the end vote, blue, no matter who is just it's just sad, its tired and it's not. It has no meaning.
Well, let's read the story from the Washington examiner about what exactly went down with Buddha Judge getting booed. They report Supporters of Bernie Sanders booed and shouted over PETE Buddha Judge, Evans, twenty democratic White House, a hopeful to swing at their candidate Buddha, judge thirty eight during his address at these storied knew him New Hampshire, Democratic Party, Mcintyre shocking one hundred club event, ventured into a revised section of his stump speech debuted last week in Iowa, in which he does, Vermont Senator seventy eight forest call for evolution, but the form mayor of self and any others. Rhetoric earned jeers of Wall Street PETE. Those in the Socialists section of Manchester southern New Hampshire University arena who gay the more centre left contender a frosty reception from the start. Supporters of the mayor counted countered with we need PETE Newport em up. Apparently there saying the Buddha judge is surging. I find the whole thing preposterous
seriously. I seriously have to admit how are you gonna go to New Hampshire, which is burning Sanders territory. I mean he's a senator from Vermont right. He taught us support from New Hampshire, but brooded judges. Surging So I'm I'm hearing this now from some twitter account and I haven't been to independently verifies or take it with great assault, but apparently in the EU will caucus They are acknowledging now hundreds of errors in math, thus proving the election is not sound but saying for the sake of the elections, integrity. We must not change the results. We will wait, I gotta get. We are saying kind of, but if they ve proven the election was bunk. How are you defending the end, I would even election when you're claiming booty judge won through bad mouth. We saw all of these precinct captains for the dance come out and say the numbers are wrong. So of course the Poles will come out
hang Buddha judges in the lead and then the crowds will actually bow him now. Now I get it, they were still chanting. We need people supporting, but a judge, the bigger picture. Is that Bernie Sanders own base is refusing ok, they're they're jeering Buddha judged, the same time a yo see who is who is campaigning for four sanders? is saying we need to get back behind, whoever we can. Yeah should under lesson and twenty. Sixteen I know I did. I was furious when burn Sanders took all that sweet juicy, Green Lula, turned around and sad vote. Hilary wow talk about a punch in the got everything he's campaigning on his fallen apart.
You know I used to think Bernie Sanders on was up was an honest guy to a certain extent, I kind of feel like he still is, but I've lost faith in that, for the most part, you'll get as immigration policy. It's a one, eighty two where it was back when he was running and twenty fifteen and sixteen he's now talking about what amounts to various open borders type policies. The reason I say open borders type policies is that he didn't pestle is not calling for legislation. That literally says dissolve the border they're doing one step at a time. They're saying decriminalize border crossings, they're they're, saying moratorium on deportations, and now you have that new way forward ACT that basically as you report, people hammock report, I'm not getting that if someone's deported they have to pay to bring them back to the United States, even if the game illegally in the first place literally makes no sense, but
any sanders used to be openly opposed, heavily opposed, open borders. What happened Bernie, like any other politician, is a politician. Surprise, surprise he's lying like the rest of them and I give no free pass to anybody Trump or otherwise it's what they do. I think Donald Trump doesn't have to lie, though, when it comes to trot talking about the economy, Emily asian. He just as that's what I'm gonna do, because people polled they cared about it. So it goes fort. Bernie Sanders is dealing with a fractured party that, bowing one side, that's that, going to rally like neither sides, gonna defined each other come election time. So does he do here as for the lowest common denominator, when it came to Bernie Sanders Platform of government, funded college and government funded funded. How, care. He knew the moderate base whenever get behind it. So, in order to rally as many activists voices possible, he engaged with the Woke intersection eighty base, Thus Bernie Sanders says well the people who are more,
interested in socialism are the open borders types sure enough. Bernie Sanders position, flip flopped, just like that pathetic. The worst thing of all, I must say, though, was the endorsement of Hillary Clinton. If you thought this guy was brought the revolution, and you still do I gotta bridge to Solomon, Bert, sanders. You might praise him, you might like the guy but come on, spare me the dude endorsed Hilary. And he had no reason to do that. He got this money he's revolution is here and now what happened? While he, like you know, predict pride ass, predict that he didn't when the Dnc cheated. I get Why would you turn around and endorse Hillary Clinton? It's I belong to me that this guy has routinely been beaten down and insulted in smeared every step of the way, and he never puts up a fight, he's got some add running on unrighted I've seen as it all the time where
like the corporate media on the establishment of coming for us Bernie just call out here Clinton. She's now smeared youth forum, times and you can't say anything back Rashid. It's like, for instance, who I believe supports burn, I'm not sure Boot the Clinton and later apologized. For now, that's bending the knee as much as anyone does. You know who may or may not want to admit the Democratic Party is absolutely controlled by Hillary Clinton. Well, she has tremendous influence within it. The fact that Bernie in divorced. Her should show you that he's not standing unprincipled integrity. He stands on politics, that's it, but we got a defeat, Donald Trump. What do you do in Trump agreed on a ton of stuff pertaining to immigration policy and trade policy? Even Donald Trump? Apparently this leaked audiotape said he was worried if, if Clinton chose Bernie as are VP because burning message was trade and Donald Trump, his message was trade
well if they could get something you know guaranteed or felt a little safer with burning and Heller you, maybe people who done it not Trump did have a tremendous victory and twenty sixteen, but he did when some states by very thin margins, Trump knew it, and if you think, tromp was playing the game right, then you must agree. He was right to be sorry about Bernice Trade Platform, where's Bernie Sanders now embracing woe leftist ideology, because that is best path to the primary out. You know what Dude Dulcy Gabert has taken smear ever smear have to for standing on principle and no she's, not perfect and no she's, not always right, but you gotta admit at least she's. She does what he actually thinks is right, regardless of what irony also think, I thought you what about it? No one impeachment. Instead, she voted present rejecting both. I absolutely respect that she doesn't agree with my position that improvements have been shot down.
But she also doesn't agree with their position and says: I'm not gonna play a game with either of you, and I say you know what I think it's fair. I don't. I don't. I think you know at least used I am but as I thought so much about tolls, he as a viable candid, it's about principle, integrity of which Bernie Sanders has not like every other policies They will say what they need to say to be elected and you know it so as PETE Buddha Judge and so it so it's uh. It's all politicians. Let's wait a little bit more from the story. There's a booty judge also took a job at former vice President Joe Biden after the pair spent the day, changing blows in the campaign trail Delos former senator for thirty six years deliver the first acted Saturday morning by releasing a digital, add painting, booty judges, a small town mayor I mean he is a small town mayor. Some are asking what Buddha Judge Does some are asking? What business does the mayor of Self Band have seeking the highest office of the land? Buddha judge indirectly responded. He added
Americans in small rural towns in industrial communities and yes in pockets of Arkell, he's biggest cities are tired of being reduced to a punch line, Washington, politicians and ready for someone take their voice to the american capital. Buddha judge fresh off a better spected finishing. I was Monday Caucasus, after essentially was Anders, is now a front runner for the new. Hampshire's primary this Tuesday. I dont believe it but sure, let's hit let's hit on this at you, I see it. It's actually kind of yes, it places like very serious and sombre music words like Joe Biden work, though bomb on the storing America Annie. I just like things. I don't know the exact policies are talking about, but they're like working improve the lives of fifty five million manufacturing units workers in this country, and then it changes some like hokey music wars like turpitude. It's like people to judge revitalize the roads by lowering them with bricks. Like says, I'm in great about Biden like working to end You know I would middle
turn wars or whatever and constitute a judge and a goes Buddha judge, helped fire fighters to get a cat down from a tree. Here's the thing I saw it I saw but people saying that the ad smart almost trompe, and I think Scott Adam said it and like we'll Chamberlain saying- and I disagree- I humbly disagree: good sirs, I believe It was a serious miscalculation and it was exam. In line with the crony nonsense, establishment, look, we know the president and the vice I didn't have very serious jobs. We know that they, the things they implement the policies. The plans will affect all of Amerika and its fair to say that people to join us in have that that national or international experience, but think about how they trivialize the problems of small in a small town, America, these regions. Country where booty judge lives, he's winning the rebel vote. He won the rural vote in. I that's how we beat Zander Centres, one urban vote, looted, judge one
more rural precincts, that's how we ended up squeaking passed with point one percent, Joe Biden thinks he's gonna mock, small town, America and they're gonna be happy. That I humbly disagree, you know I think it was got out. Wrong. I apologize we're Robin you into this, but and well what's it. This is what trumpeted right in twenty. Sixteen he approach to these people. He spoke to them and said I'm here for you, these small towns are indicates their losing their jobs. The urban centres are growing and becoming you know it's becoming harder to live in these places. When the reasons I left but Trump went to small town America, he talk to these people and sat I'm here for you, and these people have voices too. That's why it's important. We have a republic and not a democracy. Now, of course, Democrats complaints, a reg system, but Heaven forbid the overwhelming majority of the land in this country is not represented properly and the rest
as they are presented, is represented properly. So for me personally, what I saw from Biden when he attacked Buddha judges. Small town mayor, was a grave miscalculation. How many people live in a small town and how many of those peoples greatest problem was their crumbling infrastructure? How many people have in a town of you know ten? Twenty thousand people And some of those people joined the city Council sharp to meetings and said we must fix our sidewalks, it's important to people not everyone is concerned about the war in the Middle EAST. Not everyone is concerned about these national we'll policies because they don't. They can't see them. But I say this: most people are dealing with problems in their local communities. Now? Bernie Sanders represents the urban elite. He really does. He represents the eight percent of Americans in what we call the progressive activists base. They their overwhelmingly white? They tend to make more than a hug
thousand noisier their college educated. That is how Hillary Clinton lost booty. They display a smart. I think he has I gotta say I think a lot of cheating going on necessarily believe that he is or should be, the nominee, but I think he's playing a smarter than the rest of them. Going back to what I just said. He one those rural areas right I want. I want you to think about and reflect upon your daily life and the east that a fact you I know most of us are very online people, so the problems we see tend to be very national level. But if you talk to your parents, we talk to your neighbors, there's, probably concern about some local policy and how it affects you and PETE. Judge dealt with those policies which means he's more relate too small town. America he's gonna, keep winning these places and now a although back. I was surprised and almost refuse to believe that Bernie could fall back in terms of support in New Hampshire burn.
Territory right. I still don't believe in a surly, but I think a good argument is New Hampshire and Vermont. I may surprise of booty, judge pulls Fort in Vermont beyond us, but New Hampshire, for at least these are not overwhelmingly urban areas. These are small town states there that that the Elections are small, there very spread out their cities aren't very big, and so these people- probably right at the Buddha judges experience, resonates with them Biden did this campaign add which, in my opinion, was actually good. Foreboded judge mocking the small time. Spirits of so many Americans is what Hillary Clinton did to lose. She said we're gonna, get rid of certain jobs, call jobs that sent shock waves through the energy sector. People who work in small towns that are already indicated there are some small I've been I've been looking at, you know exploring you know, I'm trying to find a place where you could potentially open up a property for really cheap for studio production stuff that doesn't need to be in a big city. I really like the idea of
rising small towns- and I don't want a researcher, somebody's towns and guess what in many small towns. Malls and like a few thousand people in rural areas, it was the collapse of the energy industry that caused them harm. So when people like Hillary Clinton, say we're gonna get rid of coal mining jobs thinking it would it didn't matter because has very few as it is, but when you Hey that and you talk about climate change, the Ways Tom's dire does and many other people, the small town, working class and yes, Democrats are scared. We're already losing jobs. If these energy sector jobs go away, we lose our town, our economy dries up. So these these elites have made a grave tat. A mistake I saw em, maybe I'm I'm I'm misunderstanding what you know Scott or well we're saying this out, but you talk about a populist versus the latest message and Joe.
But an hit the nail on the head with being the snooty elite est mean person I'll keep. My language tempered Buddha judge comes from a small town working with regular Americans on issues. They feel that affect them every single day, revitalizing amid western rush about town, is going to win over people in the rust belt and they don't get it. I think back to Michael, more and twenty sixteen when he said that you know
these jobs works drafted and of offer Donald Trump with a bit will be the biggest a few ever ever given because they they legislated away all these jobs in these plants. Now you get small town rush about mayor who revitalized his town and says. I know you in the Midwest I'm here, for you don't give me that Trump one, some of these Roswell States, barely by a small fraction, so Buddha Judge, represent something truly powerful. The rural, the rural working class Democrats, who don't like trumps attitude, salt, say this. In the end it doesn't matter. I think that I think that something powerful that could be of extract Republicans in booty judge, especially ass. He rises in the ranks, be it through, cheating or otherwise, but unfortunately for him it won't matter when the Sanders sacked refuses to get behind him and they blew him their literally booing him we'll see what happened Stick around Mexicans coming up at four p m at Youtube COM slashed him cast, and I will see you all their earlier.
Day. I did a segment talking about the potential for civil war. One of the things I talked was that when it comes to Donald Trump reelection, you will see moderate voters jumped to the republic inside out of fear of the woke, far left and the frailty the Democrats. Party, they can't run their own elections properly there booing each other Bernie won't stay opera himself Now we're seeing another rather interesting story which suggests this alliance. Might actually be bolstered by while action four leftists. The issue then becomes when you have a massive coalition behind Trump and a small faction of radicals and extremists. Those Nicholson. Extremists can ferment fallen conflict Chile use propaganda and the response, government to rally more people to their side. It's hard to know it. Exactly how it will play out, but you don't need a surly, a fifty fifty split for there to be a certain kind of civil war. There can be mass civil unrest, the story,
from the Washington Post concern lives, find unlikely ally in fighting and gender rights rather feminists. First of all, I love other framing. This hiding transgender rights, as if that's what my conservatives are actually looking for certainly not how conservatives would frame what they're doing, nor were the radical feminists. But if you add moderates radical feminist and conservatives guess what you have the for welcoming majority of the american public. Density on this issue, so naturally they have to frame it this way. But I do want focusing solely on the potential force of a war. Is highlighting this because we are seeing unlikely allies, certainly the war intersection all far left types, are upset about it, but it's bad for them now some might say this spells their doom. Because the majority of Americans are uniting against whatever it, whatever fringe ideology, the says, but it actually suggests to me that these extreme
so go around committing extreme asked. Acts will actually just get emboldened by the fact that the right Brad. Friends are joining the conservatives and then draw parallels to world war. Two just like I was saying it's actually one of the existing ones examples of on equally allies teaming up with conservatives to win on whatever ground they can offer the story the Washington Post. Well, I don't want to say reports per purple She introduced herself to a roomful of conservative lawmakers as of a sexual woman along. Political, progressive and the law Well, they radical feminist organization, listening to Natasha Chart through a Skype call well more a dozen South Dakota State Representatives, most of them republican. Considering a bill to criminalize medical treatments for transgender children quote
doctors, shouldn't help, kids take out their sadness and anger on the only bodies we can ever had. She said in her testimony to South Dakota House State, Ferris Committee on January. Twenty. Second, please vote yes to four did the sterilization of these young people. The women's liberation front. Part of a long running strain of feminism that rejects the existence of transgender identity, these fringe activists or advancement in France into rights will come at the expense of women's rights and threatening safety and sanctity of women only spaces they say women are defined, not by their I gender identity, but by thereby ology and by half survived girlhood. The truth is always closer to the middle, this sentence leaning a little bit more towards these radical feminists eye on, stand the argument about why your identity is rooted in your biology. Here's, what you gotta do go to a room. An office tell everyone to line up from tallest shortest and guess what you see. Women are
Firstly, on the short side, men took mostly in the tall side, because men tend to be taller. It's just averages nuts. Universities are always gonna, be there with an absolute it's a tendency and that means that many women who grew up in a world biological and women who are smaller and weaker then more than while that around half of of the country have half of the population, and that's gonna have a very That's gonna, grandma very different perspective. So I understand that argument while, but let's let's ride me stream progressives, have long shunned the organization calling it at its discriminatory right wing group disguised as feminist but the woman's liberation front, also known as Wolf, has found increasingly influential platform by teaming up with conservatives who disagree with their support of abortion rights, and the productive sovereignty of women. Wolf leaders have become frequent guests on Tucker Karlsson tonight and
a heritage found it and at Heritage Foundation events. The group received it. Fifteen thousand dollar grand from the alliance defending freedom to help fund. A legal fight against you, administration over transgender bathroom policies and also fallen Atticus Brief and one of the most consequential supreme court cases of the year. Arguing that sex based discrimination, protections in the workplace should not apply to transgender people. Now Wolf is even helping shape legislation in places like South Dakota, which last month became the first date to advance a wave of state bills. Nationwide banning Ethical interventions for Transgender youth car dance, keep a Wolf board. Member from the district plan to travel to South Dakota on Monday to fight in favour of the bill and Senate Committee hearing now my personal appeal, as someone who leaned slightly left even on social issues, is that with these bills are a bit in my opinion, too sweeping
the ones I comes out before were they said that anyone under the age of eighteen and there's a big difference between someone telling a privy, Besson, child their Trans teutonic Since then, they are or not letting these kids developed pass puberty, and there were the reason why it is so important is that distance rates can be. From anywhere from sixty five to ninety four percent, depending on which studies studies you read, and that happens after Nobody, which means you ve, got a seven Eight year old. I honour stand the legislation, it actually kind of makes sense basin. The studies, if ever sixteen seventeen year old, it kind of doesn't because these are people who are not desisted and The study. Studies also show that people who do transition- oh well mainly accept the new identity that they they maintain, that identity they do not desist. It's. The youth were concerned about My opinion on all of this is you the way you want to leave you, don't you want to do so long as you're an informed consenting adults now
understand that someone who is potentially fourteen to seventeen is not leave. In adult. But that's where I think it's important have certain certain leeway in the loft. Instance. We have these laws. That say you know like an eighteen year old. Can't anybody about the age of eighteen. I can't be anais adult relationship. Someone under eighteen will, that makes to a certain degree, but what a boar about seventeen and eighteen year old? What about a nineteen seventeen year old? We want an eighteen year old in a sixteen year old. I mean I get it when I was at age, you really don't late, a lotta people warlike, if you're eighteen with a sixteen year old but there's a big difference right like it if you're eighteen and give a seventeen will govern. We call these new but the leeway in these laws need special provisions. Romeo Juliet provisions, meaning we're not going to accuse you of being a predator, because your girlfriend, literally in the same great in high school, are several support so you turned eighteen before she, debt write and that's worth thinking
since we talk about these issues. If someone is seventeen years old and their adamant, they want this treatment. It makes sense If someone is seven years old, I think that is where things start to get money One thing I mentioned the last: I went I get on this week, why do people angry and is that not every medical, procedure we deem to be medically necessary at the time has persisted into today. We have actually banned many medical. Seizures as being well inhumane, even though of a may, have been marginally effective and maybe helped some people. We still get rid of a lot of these things. It's about the risk and that that, though, the Wolf Organisation makes an interesting point that, the only body we have and sometimes, I think very often these kids are sterilised. The bigger play, though, that I want to get to it. As we read the segment up, more about the the alliance between
I'm innocent conservatives, which I find absolutely fascinating, because these are the old school feminists, not the intersection. All types in both then by the Trump administration and a conservative majority and Supreme Court republican politicians across the country have transgender issues, equally, those affecting Trans children, eighteen, a key target for twenty twenty none, it's not being emboldened. It's about knowing the majority of Americans do not agree with what most of these people are doing when you have read Nicole feminists, many of them socialists joining with likes of Ben Shapiro, I'm not kidding to do. It agreement on why they oppose these things. I gotta tell you gotta Coalition in opposition, and it means a problem since no they're going. To brought their base by tackling important issues. You better pay attention, they say and short and chart- and The radical feminists are helping to bolster their message created. The perception of by partisan support, any polarizing social debate, creating the perception I mean that's,
literal bipartisan support. Sorry, real tobacco MAR director of the women's rights project at the american Civil Civil Liberties Union, called the partnership, a false alliance that sea To divide the algae Bt Q community, as well as progress, Well, I'm sorry to say the radical family, have chosen to do this of their own volition. They have legitimate proponent of view that you could argue saying there there their view makes anyone else's illegitimate. I'm saying they have an argument you ve got addressed that argument. They have. Allies will help them push forward and we see it all the time in politics it because in Europe, where many of his progressive say the parliament, the parliament, the Multi Party, parliamentary systems are better. You often see good, swarming coalitions to pass legislation and make sense, in this instance, there's feminist group servant of group they align on certain issues there advancing it. They disagree in a lot of other things. More importantly,
alright, the segment up a strategy be short. What I wanted. What what want to highlight with this is what I mean it's it's you get it ok when feminism conservatives unite. This should be a warning. Red flashing lights to these radical out another. But to the intersection of left and the Democratic Party, You are losing large portions of your own base to conservatives because the issues you adopting our fringe, yet Warren soldiers on us worn, pushes these insane issues, I wouldn't It's because I think, is an example of what's gonna happen after the election in November. I'm willing to bet you will absolutely see rat we'll feminists waving trump flags, and that is something to behold. Trump lacks I'm not kidding gale. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit right because trumps me his statement about women and feminist, unlike him, but I think
are willing to as Bill Mars. I'd take it from the mouth of a werewolf. I think that's what he said if it means getting what they need done done and the Republicans and tromp are fighting for what they are fighting for two if they were, to protect what they perceive as threats to their rights. The only person offering that up is Donald Trump will soon. Sit around excitements coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. Jordan Petersen is not doing so well and I gotta met on pretty word, for the guy, I think, is a cool dude. I wish him the best wishes family. The best out we were covers the latest up is that he's in Russia trying to undergo a rapid detox servers. Do they wouldn't do here? It's my understanding. I could be wrong. Botz he's try to get off bends, those which I know very little about. Apparently it had to you with a food allergy got proscribed this he then went on in some all beef die. I don't owe a lot, but I'm not super I am not here to criticise the decisions of individuals when they have look. I think the
we have died a strange. I wouldn't do it. In fact, I only I typically don't eat beef. For a lot of reasons, but the real reason may I just met can make me sick, but I do these really like exotic jerky things that have beef and lamb at that, has to be fine for me by typically charges, do fashion. Everybody has their preferences, which Petersen is being ridiculed and insulted by the way left their insulting em, and it is its downright terrifying. What these people think and what they want and Heaven forbid they ever get any power I have no problem criticising Petersen for certain things. I don't I don't agree with, but he's been. Nothing civil and cordial for the most part literally to everybody. I just hate him How much I want to raise The story from the post millennial, social. This lunatic celebrate? Jordan Petersen struggles lets me is terrifying, look. I just had a segment talking about rush Limbaugh is lung cancer and how never been a big fan of the guy not really followed and beyond.
By their certain things. I've seen from home, I'm not a fan of, but I would never wish ill or hormone on on people aspire. Someone like Jordan Petersen who such tepid like lukewarm kind of dude. I mean that respectfully he's not a bombastic guy, isn't shriek and yell and waves eyes very calm, so really been fascinated by what makes Petersen soap. Prominent? I mean I mean this. He does these If seminars he speaks and people really seem to love this guy one thing, in the past that I feel like he gives young men this this mission. He gives them a sense of promise. Responsibility, purpose ripe. I understand that but one thing I try I find truly fascinating, is that I have several pretty lefty friends who are fans of Jordan Petersen. I am not exaggerating, and I was surprising to me, I think, What we're about to read with these people, ragging Petersen, represent a fringe psychotic faction of people that and dominate the narrative one thing:
also been surprised by is that I've had progressives and Molly Democrats actually reach out to me praising me: exaggerating about this. I like, What I mean to say is often get messages from supportive. Moderate sets its fairly typical actually but have actually, spoken with some socialist Credit socialist types who have actually hold me that they respect my opinions and my approach to everything, and I was I was profoundly grateful. I was surprised. I think there's One really important reality happening in its that or what one really does this something important happening when you see things like this while wishing harm and hate and pain on someone like Jordan Petersen, you'll notice that even progressives some people even sang. I dont want to be a part of this anymore. What is this? What I've known many people who are very active in a hard core activists and I've seen give it all up because they realize the hate, the fire
Barnes around them and how awful it really is. You don't have to choose and what you want to be like. Let's say you We do believe in awoke intersection of feminism. I got no power. Bluff solution on the authoritarian who wishes Harmon payments, farming and others, which I make the world a better place, and I found those people actually exist across the board. One of the most profound things that are happening, I interviewed a full on communist wearing, like you know, Communist Garbutt everything mask and and and all that telling that anti, but was making them look bad and said that bigger on heading people, that's like authoritarianism, and I was like while shake your hand, and I don't care what you believe it you're, not violent and oppressing others, but these people are terrifying. What's real, the Millennium Rights, Jordan, Bp Joy, and be Peterson's personal troubles, arse celebrated by its detractors after his death. Mikhail appears and opened up about the difficulties or father faced during this past year. A torrent of
wishes were released, a social media, a data engineer and social justice activist. Had this to say, do I think he deserves sympathy despite him not extending it to others. No, she said do, I think, join Petersen deserves a pass on his bigotry because his suffering now, but do I thank you. Serves dignity, despite the situation being a product of his views. Eddie profits from no but I think it is our sympathy despite him not extending at others. Also now, that's just not real, it's not reality. These are now. Dividing people and if and if you find self align with them? I want you to look in the mirror and ask yourself why you wanna be so nasty, so so just evil about what it means to be truly evil and for me you know thanks to an extent looking at how to De Andy, it's almost like hurting others for no real reason did Jordan Petersen really suffer from the product of zone views no
he was prescribed benzes and developed a physical dependency and happens to many people, many good people and theirs absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help we're social beings, we create rehab in detail for a reason, just because prescribed medication beginning to do it's an not about your character. In fact, the willingness to Do the right thing to save yourself and improve yourself shows more character than not admitting you're wrong ass for help shows that you have confidence in yourself. This person truly terrifies me those. Even if some one was a nasty person, I would still too to extend sympathy for one simple reason: I stated it before if someone does wrong, I will offer to them an opportunity to do right, otherwise, their only option is to drift in the wrong direction. Continually people got mad at me that I said you know what Joey's its famous youtube, or did that really horrible thing without video you got caught and at first I
anger, but I decided you know what I'm the guy second chance. Otherwise, what's the alternative, if people dont, given the opportunity to join back in then you know the rest of you society and in a principled like the rest of their society then the only option is to drift into the shadows, and the same is true with someone like Carlos Maza and boy: did people get mad about that too? I am not a fan of the guy, I think he's wrong. I think he's gonna nasty, but hey we'll see what happens. I'd like him to do the right thing I'd like him to to have a chance to see. What's really liked to be independent and struggle when the media is targeting you, maybe you won't even experience that, but what can I say pencils, ivy racers and you at least give a second chance may be more than that. Of course, already entropy are, you know already angry about me. Either brain of joy, salads are bringing across Maza to me and call me the stupid notice fancier who need to pick aside and point the finger and scream at someone I'll tell you this these people
absolutely, I would give them an opportunity to apologise and if they did, I would appreciate, I would say thank you, but it's the people who, who never back down these people tweet these things all the time. It's just this one moment they do this all the time and still, if they decided to change I'd, be ok. So that's what I would ask for right now, Jordan Petersen spoke his views to try and help people, and he did it's. Why is books sold so it's. Why is message resonates with people? They are doing better because of it. They wouldn't come back. Making their lives worse. So why wish pain and suffering men and anyone really when it comes to the worst of society, criminals and like the worst ones. I still would pain and suffering on them, because it and solve anything you know it's interesting I remember seeing as viral clip There was a man who I think he was like a serial killer, or something and he ended up killing a young woman?
everyone who came to speak about the pain caused, insulted him and and and called him the worst things in the world and said you are discussing vile monster and he set their stone faced until. Finally, and give up and not play this. Google search historic, some probably butchering it, but this is a general idea, a man up- and he said I forgive you- and that was the gist of it cuz. I can't hold his hatred in me and all sudden this evil this evil man broke down in tears. Crying it's it's it's crazy. I don't know why I don't know if it matters of you care. What to me it says that there there's some this world that people don't seem to realise is. Is How do solving problem of it. You have you, don't like Jordan Petersen, ok, right, let's say don't like him, the answer isn't too wish pain and suffering his family will that'll make em double down. The answer is to invite them all refer for a drink, to have a conversation and figure out where you, where you break from Munich, where you disagree, but too often
the people who would rather have that cathartic release that symbol taking down something they don't like. They never stop about who Jordan is a person? What he's trying to do and how we can he Miss characterized by his enemies or how weak It would be wrong studies wrong in the past war, the reserve tremendous respect for the guy when he was The question by Jim Jeffreys about civil rights Pearson simply said. Maybe I was wrong about that respectable absolutely, but They people don't want to extend the opportunity to do an olive branch. If someone you dont like you, don't win by in, halting and smearing them in wishing them harm this part says but wait. A second, I thought an all meet diet and toxic masculine was a key to a happy life. See he never said that he now Look. I think that all meet die at the carnivore diet. Not for me, I think it's kind of I think it's bad. And by somewhat I've read I've. I've seen People have tremendous successes with it in certain areas, but a few
where everyone see many got go, do it, but one you ever see. Anything are toxic masculinity, and wrap over this, because you know that this was can be a five hour long. You you sound just stop what, saying right. There shows exactly what's wrong with this fringe went to the left? I think this is gonna drive people away from them. I toxic masculine. He was a very specific subset and that feminists work criticize masculinity ha. Then why is that Jordan Petersen, who is trying to stop toxic masculinity, is accused of promoting it, because these people have no Suppose there simply tribalism Swanage up on the bandwagon they hate. So there are many people that I found who are progressive. Or even socialist, dare I say one that communist that was nuts? We all agree freedom. Individual liberties in up to an extent, item and seeing that sing the paradox and seeing the rage and the hatred is gonna drive many people away and its power.
Really why their breaking up a little bit. If you find her of being surrounded by these people, you know again, like I said, look in the mirror. Maybe you found yourself marching with Anti fa. I get it. That's fine circumstances. I really do get it because Madam as much as not often highlighted and I've I've tried to bring up periodically and was actually gone out and targeted. You know fringe far right or, like you know, new nazi groups. You wanna protest that I get. And actually my friends, it actually covered some of these protests against legitimate fascists the problem is. When you see these hate filled, people justs we may have their lungs. Regular rolled out like an lady in Berkeley and that's gonna stop and realize. Maybe you're on the side of the baddies, the hate, the vial vitriolic behaviour that just brings pain and suffering. You might not like Jordan Petersen, but on never win. By doing this,
and everybody on the right that goes the same for the people on the left. When you you know that the things people have set about many progressive commentators on why hey man I say the I'll say the same about someone left as I welcome the right. If you approach as an enemy and insult them. You are, ever going to actually when an argument you know, there's gotta be some space, maybe This is stupid, motels funds that are whatever I don't know look. I would Jordan Petersen, the best on. I am sad to hear this. I really was moved when I saw that video from his daughter concern for us all safety and I hope he has a recovery and warm certainly whatever happens, I hope he can find peace relax. Asian recovery with the once he cares about there you can come back to the public life is, is less important, perhaps instead of just trying to command when he's down, they could say nothing. I just hope. Maybe Jordan Pearson retires dad they want to make sure they make everyone feel pain. I don't get it
there I got one more segment coming for you in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. The results are in birds of prey. Is bombing at the box office bad, but is a comic book movie the budget wasn't super q, don't know how much they paid for marketing so they'll probably end up making some money after the international release. Spoiler alert, though gate for some reason: you're a masochistic. We want to see a terrible movie that will cause you nothing but pain and crew. Ring so hard. Your face will contort it will hurt than by means turnovers video now goes can be a lot of spoilers in this. This movie was a dumpster fire of complete trash, now it holds the title of the worst. Winning in the diesel universe, and it's actually it's written, They simple. Why now you ve been warned The spoilers, but you and Macgregor did everything in its power to make sure nobody would go see. This movie come released,
by saying but two words, so it took you and Macgregor said birds of prey was a feminist film and there was the hammer had dropped and many people said no. Thank you before the movie came up precept were released, and I checked my local theater and sure enough. None had been sold. I got idea, because this on article sign that pre sell tickets just warrant selling it any theatres cosmic book news. I think it was wet and looked at a bunch of different theatres and a bunch of different Atropos in areas and found precept that gets you weren't going. I, No, why? Because base of the marketing it's hard to know whether it's gonna be good or bad? I will admit my buddy sad that birds of prey looked like a straight to dvd film.
Really did feel like it. I have no idea their budget was. Ninety was ninety million dollars, so the movie was complete trash and I think the feminist film thing kind of gets at exactly the problem was you can make a feminist film? I think a real feminist film would be like wonder, woman, and what does that mean? Well, you have a woman as a character. Very powerful wanting to end war standard motivation for any regular human. That's generalist you want attractive. Wide audience with offence. Fanciful tail. You must stop the war, simple, save the world right. It's very simple motivation, however, in the film they had some of these moments. Where it was World WAR one and you no wonder woman is like she's a woman. So they're, like you, know wise woman and things like that and those are things that happened and we totally get it and it turns out she's powerful. So it's really really funny when they like criticise her and she was actually like. Basically demigod, we'll be all right. She fights the evil God and you
She winds and the wars and energy mix comes realisation. There. You go birds of prey DC film, the worst so far is an awful movie. I do not recommend it. The motivation of his characters is basically about how men are bad, I'm not getting Harlequin motivation. The brought the Joker look up with her and so now she's upset and needs to like find herself. Basically, some like chicks, look like eat, pray, love, but with violence. Then you have the female cup her motivation. She was up for a promotion, but it went to a man who didn't deserve it, I roll like how many people actually experienced that I'm sure there's money, but not even most Women experience that not even like a strong majority or a slight a slight majority. Can it be like a slim majority of actual experience this and then make it worse? The now that the cop, was now in charge. You shouldn't have got the promotion gives away her to a man. I
all again there was a fire seen where blackened areas getting her her hair interface, aha offers or a heritage. It's hard to know who movie was made for because it's like made for children but raided are like. I have no idea of the plan was the way described it. My team guess I'll podcast was basically like. If somebody dress, like Harlequin and then filmed a bunch of Tik Tok clips and then edited em, all together, you'd, be alike? Is this a movie somehow, but now we get to the best part. Why the movie fail. While it really was the marketing- and I do think it was because you and Macgregor called it a feminist film, because how Could someone like how good the movie fit haven't power people just know the movie was bad, there's a big problem with movies in general. They say I remember pirates of the Caribbean right member that film long time ago, great movie, I love it. They then did the next film dead man's chest. And it got a massive opening- you know weaken or whatever metadata money. They then side this pro,
was the movie is good. Now it proves the other movie is good. It proves the original pirates was a good movie dead man's chest was pretty bad. In my opinion, I hate it when I think about why this will mean that first, suicide squad did bad, so people already had a rather negative view about what is going to be. The commercials looked bad and they called it a feminist film, that immediately turned off any hard core comic book, then because, as you know, the culture war involves a tiny fraction of feminist trying to change comic books. I guess to attract a wider audience, but pissing off the core fan base Wechsler month by the product, but now we get to the good. Often I would like to take some personal credit for why this will be too bad. Because every hour after hour and was Friday, my body and I did like a thirty I've been a breakdown of everything we just absolutely found miserable in this film, and I think that video we did as like a hundred thousand
view so obviously on being a bit facetious. I don't think you everywhere in the world watch my my video. I think a lot of people probably watched it and Sadie. I'm definitely going to see this spoiler alert. It's about to get fun. Cosmic book news reports, Trop fans, should avoid birds of prey now, not really it's kind of a Oak, but yeah. Let me read as if one more reason was needed to not sea birds of prey which is currently tanking at about box office. The movie we a job at President Donald Trump, of course, spoilers follow for whatever reason, Aussi actress, Margo Robbie, who stars and is a producer on the flock along with chinese american Director, Cathy Yen and Warner Brothers explained the. Reason the villain of the movie, the gay black mask played by scottish actor. You and Macgregor hates and wants to kill. Harlequin is get this because you voted for Bernie Sanders now to be fair, it was one of the motivations. I kid you not. She says the bad
because every man in the film is evil litter. Every single man there's one I guess you could argue as an evil, but he's like a wine pathetic due to get like ten seconds screen time. The movie goes over a list of reasons. Why varies bad guys, don't like Harley, who are all after her now that you broke up with a joker and isn't under his protection, so in black mask finds out Harley is no longer under the protection of the Joker. He orders men to bring hardly to him when blast black MAC. One black mask confronts Harley She goes over a list of reasons why the black mask hates her and wants to kill with one reason being that black mask hates the fact that hardly voted for Bernie Sanders. I didn't think you could make a more cringe ii. Part of a film I mean. First of all, the film makes no sense like straight up there. Nothing that they're doing has like makes any sense at all, and I was to see many review saying the thematic coherent plot, because it doesn't literally no sense like in the movies
so they're trying to get a sandwich, and then it ends with her getting the sandwich. I guess we're supposed to be a joke. It really does feel like I'm, not exaggerate and say this someone's strong too, they're a bunch of random clips that have nothing to do with each other like There's one scene where a bomb goes through a window and and her hyena runs through the bomb. I have no idea I know it do that and then it blows up and then oh, no, my Hyena Bruce II, The film nine is baggage, goes up. Various psych wait. I got here national, various he was outside what What was the point? The bomb seen like remotest, ailing movie fitness programme to the footage, doesn't name dropped from space. But obviously insinuates that black mascot so enraged about Harley voting for Bernie Sanders that it gets to the point of the killer, so black mask must be a trump supporter. Well, I don't know about that. I think cosmic causes hypnosis stretching a little bit apparent. They gave a statement to the rap or they said it was just like and on inside joke kind of.
They're, trying to over reasons why black mask hated her. The first was that she had her vagina, not kidding. I'm dead. Serious so I guess they also made victors ass, gay and enough. He was but apparently like a bunch algae BT community, like websites, are outraged that they got representation but as like psychopath, serial killer murderers, though not happy about it. They ended up not getting like a real character forever Arnaud look man, you gotta backing oh. You know I'm going to read this. What's odd that the pre suicide Squad Movie showed Harlequin in jail, so I suppose we have to that hardly wasn't in jail. Yet when she voted for Bernie Sanders in the twenty six teen presidential primary Harlequin is it now for being political comics. As far as I know, so this all comes off a bit forced an odd worth. A mention is that morning. The movie in interviews you'll know has been accused of on his wife with birds of prey cost. Our Mary Elizabeth winced at work,
Really, that's crazy, has said mask and the movie is all about massage any and being a feminist film cringe. There's like a scene where for no reason, tells a woman like he forces that are going to table, unlike forces, gotta ripper dress off with a knife. It's just so cartoon, like it's it's alive and fair to call a cartoon villa Ask because cartoon villains are silly and chaotic sky was just motivation, less It's really annoying thing, we're Holly's like you're, not really there Lex I know you're motivation and then she basically just outlines at non like that. You really playing it. That way like instead of giving character, real motivation, explaining black mask and any capacity they literally just of go. He has what really doing. Then you guys, are you figured me out numb like you can't just tell the kittens. Could you Didn't like all movies. We're like that words like Batman, shows up in the villain, goes so you're seeking revenge against crime.
Tangible concept, because a man took out your parents when a training mission and became strong to fight for injected to fight the injustice and fight for the week, you're, so predictable, Batman kind of like ok. You, Joe literally just tell the audience with dialogue instead of just showing in showing the story. As always, we gotta movies to watch a thing right to do what Could you imagine if you go to the movies, and it was this like you're watching now, like imaginable pray was. They showed the screen, phase in the corner going so basically hard. Gwen is like it. I want it, but it's just like explain everything. I could you not. They actually do that and we, the movie now, with a face in the corner. It opens with her just telling her life story and explain. Where she is the weirdest cringes thing, because I mean what
I know what the problem is I'd. They really want to do like a female or like a disease dead pool. If they didn't make it feminist, they could have had their dead. Poor was dead pool of film and it's got admitted it really is trying to be dead poor because it started that pull doings thing. Then he goes back and explains how he became the pool They literally do the same thing as will be. The problem is the weird cringing motivations that make no sense, including I vote the bonus one hour or others up the movie flopped, yet to see it right, whatever I'm nuts as a flop, not surprised at flop again in the next year. We that comes out trying to do this will flop. Won't you make more shes m DC. Ok
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