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Criminal Probe Into Biden Family CONFIRMED, COVER UP May be The BIGGEST Media Scandal In US History


Criminal Probe Into Biden Family CONFIRMED, COVER UP May be The BIGGEST Media Scandal In US History. Joe Biden's Brother and Son are under Federal Criminal investigations for illicit business dealings with China.According to former Biden associate Tony Bobulinski, the Biden family is compromised but it gets worse.The media and Big Tech did everything in their power to suppress the story and protect the Democrats and their Candidate. Meanwhile lies and smears about Trump and Russian disinformation spread around the mainstream media.We are now faced with a shocking realityThe media is lying to cover up crimes and Joe Biden is corrupted and compromised by China.

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Joe Biden, Son Hunter Biden has now confirmed that he is under federal investigation and while he says this has something to do with tax issues were finally getting reporting from the mainstream media. That, in fact, This has something to do with pain. money laundering and illicit business dealings with China. My friends, this may be the biggest media scandal in: U S history. When a story broke about Hunter buttons, potential wrong doing and the fact Joe Biden himself may have been in on the take the media said it was russian. This information Pr said it's not news and we won't waste time with distractions. They lied to us covered up the truth and, in my opinion too
help Joe Biden get elected to install an individual who is corrupt and compromised. Commend him Tony Bobby Linsky, hoarded abiden family came forward and said the burdens are compromised. We saw the story, but big tech and big media did everything they could to suppress it. Following the election, a Paul was conducted of american citizens and found a large portion did not know that Hunter Biden was potentially under investigation or that he had been involved in illicit business dealings with China. They learned of this from the questions in the pole and said: had they known, they would not have voted
for Joe Biden or a small portion, but large enough that Joe Biden likely would not have one now, it's just one pull. Maybe it's not true, but in my opinion, I think of the american people had real journalism, informing them that Joe Biden, the big guy, was getting a cut of illicit business dealings. They probably would not have voted for him. The media wanted this man in power and congratulations while Donald Trump assigning historic peace agreements today between Morocco and Israel, we look for the prospect of a corrupt individual who is compromised by China. Now, of course, is important. This investigation is proof Positive there corrupted or compromised by China, but just the other day about a day or so ago, a video went viral of a Chinese professor named De Jong Sheng, who bragged that now that Trump is out they will be
able to sway? U S, policy, that before Trump, that old friends helping them manipulate? U S! Policy! He goes on to mention that Donald Trump was talking about Hunter bindings, business dealings and he says Hunter buying became very wealthy, but who do you think helped him do it and the audience laugh? and he says got it. This is the biggest media scandal of my lifetime. At least you another story of Glenn Greenwood, Glenn Green. It is, in my opinion, one of the most consequential journalists of our generation he's the one who published the Anna leaks. He was forced to resign from the news organization he founded, because they refused to report on these stories about Hunter Biden and corrupt
and now we are learning a month after the election wagon was right and many of these outlets were right, but they were being protected and the media would not be honest with the american people. My friends journalism is dead. What has replaced it is a corrupt, propagandistic establishment to serve the elites. That's it the D accuracy that we claim to have that men in the left claim. We have cannot be served so long as the american people have no idea what's really happening years of of claim. of russian disinformation accusations against Trump. Now it turns out, it's the buttons and it was media was doing everything in their power to protect them. I don't stop right there. so this many people in the car
pants are probably already saying. Can we know the media scrap? We know they do this yet, but now we have possibly the biggest confirmation that the the press in this country have been doing everything in their power to hurt the american people to empower the corrupt at the highest levels of government. Let's read story before we do at over the cast outcomes lashed donate? If you'd like to support my work there, many wage and give, but the best can do- is share this video. Let people now what's happening. The news organisations in this country. They do not serve the people, they are into us every single day, and this is the worst I have ever seen it
and I can only imagine it's going to get worse from here. You don't forget to also subscribe to the like, but neither dedication Bell and the three but I'll tell you what I have this story pulled up from the Washington Post Hunter biting confirms. He is under federal investigation. They say: federal prosecutors had been investigating Hunter Biden. President Elect Joe Biden son to determine if he failed report. Income from China related business deals according to people from me with the matter, a political the explosive problem that is likely to challenge the Justice Department and the incoming administration. I am sick to my stomach at the level of depravity and corruption from these media outlets. Who have the gall to tell me it is politically explosive. Now, when we
new this months ago and they shut the story down to protect one of the most criminally complicit and corrupt families in this country. For decades, for nearly fifty years, the by in family was enriching themselves off of Joe Biden Name and public service. If you can call it that his brother made millions of dollars building, Iraq. When Joe Biden conveniently got into office and began overseeing Iraq, guess who's brother got a lucrative contracts. Guess who
flew their son to China for these investigations. The investigation into Joe Biden son includes Joe Biden, who used air force to to fly his son to China and the media covered it up protected this family, and now we are told we are going to sit back and just wait until this crooked, despotic family takes authority in this country. That's what they're telling us disgusting, I'm not going to read the story from the Washington Post, because politico just up the ante, the Justice Department interests,
Hunter Biden covered more than taxes. Federal prosecutors also have investigated for in ties possible money laundering. You know what to say to you: politico, you are disgusting, you are corrupt and you are the worst example of everything wrong with this media December. Ninth, two thousand and twenty federal prosecutors also investigated for in ties and possible money laundering. I'd like to bring you back in time, What toper nineteenth from Natasha Bertrand Hunter Biden story is russian DIS info dozens of former Intel officials say more than fifty four intelligent official signed a letter casting doubt on the providence of a new, your post story on the former vice president son. They spit in our faces. They lie to us and they laugh all the way down and now, as Donald Trump fights as hard as possible to read
paying the presidency, and he should they are telling us that it is a foregone conclusion that Donald Trump has lost, and you know what they're doing you see now that we're a month out from the election and their comparable in saying that he's lost their laughing their spitting on us with news like this. This they didn't need to cover. They could have just maintain the lie, but they want you to know they want you to know they are worse
sitting in your face. Remember that story we told you is fake news, guess what it was real. The whole time go yourself, because we don't care about you. That's what they're telling us political reports. The federal investigation into Joe Biden, Son Hunter, has been more expensive in a statement from Hunter Biden indicates, according to a person with first hand, knowledge of the investigation on Wednesday Hunter Biden said he had been contacted by the tax investigation by the US attorney's office in Delaware. In addition to Delaware, the securities fraud unit in the southern district of New York also scrutinized Hunter about his finances. According to the person with direct knowledge of the investigation, the person said that, as of early
here. Investigators in Delaware in Washington were also probing potential money laundering and hunter buttons. Foreign ties. The person spoken the condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss the matter publicly. In addition to the programme, two hundred Biden federal authorities in the western district of Pennsylvania are conducting a criminal investigation of a hospital business. In which Joe Biden, brother, James, was involved, federal officials have asked questions about James, vital role in the business according to a second person with direct knowledge of that investigation, whose remains ongoing. I've never been this sickened and angry is Joe Biden compromised. Yes, what would a what? What what would a father not due to protect their son? His only living son now or his brother, who both
enrich themselves with his help. This is a crime family. Now they are not the most a grievous offenders of crime families. The left is saying all the burdens are masterminds, but people say that Biden is is two bumbling and stupid biting his old and hapless, but certainly in is certainly in his fifty year he used his name and connections to enrich his family. In an email that was published from Hunter buttons laptop. We Learn that there was a ten percent cut from a chinese equity deal for the big guy. We learn from a man named Tony Bobby Linsky, who worked with this families and included in these emails. That Joe Biden was the big guy, and he said this is from radio dot.
come former Biden Associate, tells Tucker Karlsson that Joe Biden is compromised by China. Tony Bobby Linsky, a former business associates, have Hunter Biden, explains Tucker Karlsson, the questionable business dealings between the bite in China and Russia quote. I think Joe Biden and the bite in family are compromised, said Bobby Linsky, a man who work directly with the Biden, family and experts, his outrage, you see Bobby Linsky, told the Biden family not to take a five million dollar interest free forgivable loan, which I would describe as a gift and when he found out he only found out they did when the emails we're leaked and that caused him to come forward sang. I told them not to do this and they went by my back to enrich themselves Joe Biden, Sun and brother are being investigated for crimes financial,
I'm so the media knew about this. They lied about this and they covered it up because they don't care about you. They care about enriching the establishment and the cathedral. James Rosen tweeted, Justice Apartment official confirms, and twenty nineteen, the F b I opened up a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden and his associates focus on allegations of money laundering and then are a means open and active to day. What will happen if Joe Biden is inaugurated. Joe Biden will likely get rid of the investigation. We need a special prosecutor. Now and unsurprisingly, Tom Cotton has called for a special council to investigate Hunter Biden. They say: cotton alleged, a Fox news interview that Hunter Biden appears to be the subject of a far
aging investigation and cited allegations of securities fraud, money laundering and crooked hospital deal with Jim Biden, Joe Buttons brother quote. These investigations span multiple jurisdictions and if Joe Biden becomes president than all of those prosecutors are in line to be fired next month, if there were ever circumstances that created a conflict of interest and called for a special council. I think those circumstances are present here. The bite in family has been trading and Joe Biden Public Office for fifty years. Do we really think that will change if Joe Biden becomes president the highest office highest office in the land patent made his comments a day after Hutton under Biden disclose the? U S, attorney's office in Delaware is investigating tax affairs quote. I take this matter very seriously, but I am confident that a professional objective. Review of these matters will demonstrate that I handled my affairs legally and appropriately, including with the benefit of professional tax advisers. But is it really just about what's legal,
there's a lot of things that you could argue, our legal that we probably wouldn't want our politicians to be doing how about trading securities off of classified covert, information or learning about what's going on with covert and then all of a sudden Europe. Third party advisers make a bunch of beneficial trades where you make a ton of money off of the coming pandemic? Yes, not illegal, but we don't like that. It's happening Joe Biden Uses his influence to enrich himself and his family and that's it. There are legit text messages that we ve seen from Hunter Biden and they very much info Kate, Joe the emails themselves and Tony Bobby Linsky. But my friends, this is not just about the Biden family about how the media has sold us out. You know it's really crazy. Donald Trump call them the only the people for so long and for a long time. I just said it's a bit hyperbolic and and and not a big.
Fan of calling. You know all of these people, but trumps and another fake news, not the good journalists are the real journalists perhaps. But what do you do when politico employs some one like say: Natasha, Bertrand, Hurrah. this story, that it was russian disinformation protecting the Biden family while they commit crimes or while their presumably committing crimes. I'll put it that way, one avoid litigation. What you do Glenn Green Wild resigned. This was one of the most significant hip historical moments. In my opinion,. many people may not be familiar with land or domestic care that much about him or Glenn may disagree, because I'm calling him more than most consequential journalists of our generation. But it's true, I don't think it's just an opinion this is a man who publish some of the biggest revelations and I'm not the biggest fan of Gun Reynaud. I respect him for a lot of reasons, but I've my criticisms of him as well. I think
He could have done better with the USA revelations and their lot of there's a lot of concerns about you know: House, only he rolled them out and the money he took to launch the intercept, but he left the intern except a news organization that wasn't going to let him cover this story. Glenn rights on his now sub stack. This is substantial, doesn't familiar is where individuals can publish their own articles and people pay subscription. It's kind of like a written. hatred kind of platform, Glenn says with news of Hunter buttons. Criminal probe recall the media outlets at peddled. The russian disinformation lie the now validated facts about Hunter. Are cisely, those the? U S, media, in tandem with Silicon Valley and the intelligence community suppressed based on lies. He shows from politico Natasha Bertrand article. He shows this story, dozens of former intelligence, fishes sign a letter warning hunter button, so I could be this info. Here's one from NPR public editor
Why haven't you seen any stories from NPR about the new posts under Biden story? Quote? We don't want to waste our time, on stories that are not really stories, and we don't want to wait. The listeners and readers time on stories, there's just pure distractions, Glenn rights. the revelation that Hunter Biden is being criminally investigated for his business sector, he's in China came on Monday from the investigative target himself and he predictably and self serving Lee depicted it depicted it s, just a narrow, problematic tax affairs by the? U S, attorney for Delaware, as I wrote last night that by itself would be significant enough. The documents published in the weeks before the election by the new your post contained ample information about exactly the manner matter yet were widely repressed by a union of mainstreaming.
That what's the intelligence, community and Silicon Valley based on propaganda and lies, but new reporting suggests the investigation has been far broader. I have to stop and ask this question: why are they now admitting it? Why is the war? Kington Post. Why is political now saying straight up? Yep, it's happening because they hate you. They hate you I know it's a ball thing to say, and I am not one to usually engage in that kind of rhetoric, but think about it. They don't need to there's no obligation for these zealots too now come out and smear Joe Biden after helping him they're doing it because they want you to know how much they disrespect you, how long Oh they care about you and how funny they find it that they screwed with our elections and your life. That's that's the at that.
If they were willing to lie and suppress this information before the election, they have no obligation to come out and wagon waving our faces and brag about how its real now the elections over they actually say politically. Explosive will certainly play a role with Joe Biden becoming president. They want you to know It is a serious scandal, but Joe Biden Gonna become president anyway, it's almost like they want this country to explode in. Rage. Now, I'm not going to read everything Glenn Rights, because this is his subject where he actually charges, but I want to raise. One important part and I've had to act. You remove pictures of the emails because its battle to show them, that's that that's the pressure and the suppression media is doing on this information. Glenn right
the pre election article. I wrote and was blocked from publishing by the intercept, which precipitated my departure from the outlet extensively discussed these documents, revelations regarding the attempts by Hunter and by Hunter and buttons, whether Jim to exploit the former vice presidents influence in China to generate profit for the button family. Among other things, the censored article described the Biden, families, pursuit of business opportunities in China referenced quote proposal. Four lucrative business deals in China that traded on his influence and his father discuss the possible discussed the possibility suggested by the emails that Hunter along with Joe, but his mother, Jim, were planning on, including the former vice president in at least one deal in China and argued these documents raised. The critical question of quote whether bite
ever knew about business proposals in Ukraine or China being pursued by a son and brother in which Biden was proposed participant all of these vital facts and questions. Not hunters activity in China were largely suppressed from the voting population. by the bulk of the? U S: media working in tandem with Silicon Valley, which simply prevented the story from being discussed and shared and key platforms and the intelligence community. How was this accomplished largely through outright propaganda? A blatant two pronged lie, but these materials should be ignored because they constitute Russian disinformation. There has never been any evidence that Russia played any role whatsoever in these materials. The New York Times acknowledge no concrete evidence has emerged. The laptop contains russian disinformation and the paper said even the FBI has quote acknowledged that it had not found any russian disinformation and laptop. This newly disclosed criminal probe obviously constitutes
restoring evidence of their authenticity, as was the confirmation of the time from several participants in the emails that they were genuine critically, not even the bite and denied the materials from a laptop we're authentic. As the times voted last night and a story about the criminal investigation into Hunter, the Biden team has rejected some of the claims made in it. In the New York Post articles but is not disputed the authenticity of the laptop files upon which they were based When the letter used by these media outlets to peddle the quote russian disinformation line from known liars. former see I and other intelligence community leaders who claimed at the Hunter laptop story has all the class. Your marks of a Russian in of russian information admitted we do not have evidence of russian involvement. We must, in my view,
We can launch a special council investigation immediately. There is currently a lawsuit going through docketed for the Supreme Court. We have not yet seen as a time of recordings video if they're going to pick it up and take the case. Seventeen states have issued a statement of support for the lawsuit. Now several more states have filed a motion to intervene. This is the next up. Many people said that seventeen states had joined taxes as lawsuit they haven't they filed. What's call aid. I think it's called a Micaiah, Curious Korea, curious. I components properly it basically saying friend of the court that we're in agreement that we support this claim. The latest development is that many of these states have officially file to intervene, meaning they are asking permission to be plaintiffs in the lawsuit, and this is
I think we should all be sitting here crossing our fingers and hoping that Donald Trump succeeds. The media tricked us, and maybe let us to make sure that someone crooked, like Joe Biden, could Joe Biden will use that office to destroy the investigations, to cover things up, and maybe that's why he was so desperate to win. and maybe that's. Why is a very, very old man? He's decided to be president? Why I would someone so old want this job and a job as very devastating. Why I would Nancy Policy put for the twenty fifth amendment to remove him and the event is on incapable. That was clearly because Joe Biden is likely incapable. Joe Biden in my opinion is taking this job because he knows Donald Trump was digging into things. Go back in time. Let's go back in time to the famous Ukraine phone call. Donald Trump said: there's a video of Joe Biden bragging about getting a prosecutor fired. There are concerns that Joe Biden got
the prosecutor fired in Ukraine to protect his son, who is potentially about to be sucked into an investigation based on the fact that he was a board member for a company called charisma which was under active investigation. In fact, dozens of active investigations, Joe Biden in my opinion, went to Ukraine and got a prosecutor fired to protect his son Trump called, and he said I would like you to look into this. They impeached Trump over it desperately attempting to protect the burdens, Joe Biden they said Europe is trying to dig up dunams political rival, but Joe Biden wasn't even running for president. At the time. All of a sudden and Joe Biden says I'm gonna run any steps up. Even though is a quote from from Brok Obama sang Joe. You don't need to do this, so let me ask you Joe Biden wasn't running trumped started digging into the criminal activities of the Biden. Family, Joe Biden, decides to run and all of a sudden it was off. You know it was. It was off the table. Trot,
was no longer allowed to investigate the criminal activities of a corrupt crooked individual, like Joe Biden and the crooked individuals and his family. That was the cover and the media opt special interest at these news outlets helped these people need to be fired immediately, but it's not going to happen. We need a special
Council and maybe we'll get it because Tom continents calling for it by want to briefly highlight the story. This from media research centre, pointing out that in a pole they found thirteen percent of voters didn't know about two hundred Biden and Jos corruption. Four point: six of buttons total vote, sad that had they known, I'm sorry, thirteen percent of binding social vote, the upside four point, six percent of bite in total vote and thirteen percent of all voters, so that if they knew the facts, they would have not voted for vote before a former. Vice president, Joe Biden, the media is actively protecting a criminal family. I'm not pretending that the violence are. The smartest criminal family, but they criminals. I dont know what we could do. They expect us to just sit here and smile as a known criminal family now would be entering the White House. The left will ignore it. Many of these progressives will ignore them
care they think the orange man is bad and many of them can't tell you why, because the media, like they protected these people- and this is what we're facing now The stories about Hunter are true and worse than we new media lied and hid. The truth, to help and solid compromised crony into the White House. That was me, retreating, this tweet from October twenty. Second, we had weeks before the election. They could have warned us, they could have told the people I tried many many independent news outlets tried and the left covered it up. evidence of a money laundering probe. Two hundred button was apparent in the markings of a series of documents made public but went largely unnoticed is leading up to the November elections. They didn't. They were suppressed unnoticed, that they claim rolling stone October twenty first, Vial baseless conspiracy theories are spreading, let Hunter Biden and despite pledges to come
Misinformation in the lead up to the election, social media sites, art stopping them amazing news, busters, put together a compilation of all the people saying the story: was russian disinformation we now know that we are facing a very serious threat, a compromised president. Hu. Let me just tell you this may say this, perhaps Jos, not in on it. What would Joe Biden do to protect his son. Is that why he's running for office? Is that what you ran for office? Is that why you ve never been told you didn't have to do this? He did. Is it why other Democrats dropped out, because maybe there's other Democrats involved and they pressured these other candidates to just put their weight behind Joe Biden, I'm wondering about vast conspiracy, I'm talking about someone who's in the Joe Biden, family, calling Buddha Judge and convincing them the drop out, maybe
could be, there were complicit, maybe they aren't, maybe they're biting just add. Gonna drop out we're in trouble. You know we ve got this lawsuit coming. Civil war was trending on Twitter the now seditious. Seventeen is trending they're saying these reports look in states that are challenging the results. Are our seditious? You tell me: do we sit back and just say the corrupt criminal families? and the criminal enterprise. That is mainstream news, helped him and we do nothing or do we sue and we fight back in the courts to make sure this cannot happen. I don't have to tell you we're in serious trouble. We are in very, very serious trouble I can only look at this news right here as trump signs. His fourth historic peace agreement between Israel and Arabic Nations
potentially bring about peace in the Middle EAST were learning that a crooked corrupt family is going to take the presidency I'll leave it there next time it's coming up tonight at eight p, DOT M live Youtube, dot com asked him cast. I r we're talking a lot about voter fraud with hard evidence. Stick around and I'll see you all them. Yesterday, in my main segment, I talked about a woman but Democratic Michigan who threatened to supporters calling on her soldiers to quote: make them pay, and you know, eyebrow How I've been saying? I am very worried about a potential for civil war for some time and there are many people say interesting, will see what happens. There are many people, who are polishing their guns say I've been ready for this longer than you been alive dim, and there are many people who are living you're, absolutely crazy.
Last night, civil war was trending on twitter. You know why, as of right now, there are eighteen states raising objections to this election, essentially demanding that Donald Trump be named the victor. It may be more than that, because I've heard people say nineteen I can't verify one at one of these states and I've seen some people suggest that one of the states, I think Iowa not sure, wasn't actually getting on board but lily. Slow down for a second Texas, Father lawsuit and they are saying that for states as I believe it was constant, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia Violet
it had the electors clause of the constitution, meaning state legislatures, have total of forty on how elections are run and electors are appointed. But in these states the rules of the elections were changed against the will of the legislators. Who actually means instances complained about this and we're overruled by their courts. The constitution does not allow for that. So taxes sues. While yesterday I mentioned when we see this woman calling for violence sang the Trump where's better, you know be prepared or or you'll be worn when applying around, and this increasing calls for violence. But you have at the time five states filing suit, or I should say there filing leave. They say they want permission from the Supreme Court to file a complaint. The states have started lining up against each other. We had five states suing for
four states. While I produced that segment and then several hours later, the total number became seventeen. Seventeen And a lot of I've got a friends who are not american war, saying like what is going on seventeen states now, eighteen, why? Because Arizona, joint what you see before you is in Amity Curio. I browsing that wrong, probably, but it is essentially a statement of support for the Texas US, so Limoges raises in the Supreme Court of United States State of Texas versus the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, state of Georgia State of Michigan and said it was content on motion for leave to file bill of complaint. Texas is filing for leave. Sixteen other states have supported this. An Arizona is now involved, but let me just limit limitless
make sure you have the numbers right, so I'm gonna go down and I want to show you the states that have supported this and ah well now we have rush limbo, saying that many red states are moving towards secession, yeah additional council. We have Alabama Nebraska, Arkansas, North Dakota, Florida O glow, Indiana, North South Carolina, Kansas SALT, the Coda Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi. You talk Montana and the state of West Virginia. So we have sixteen plus Texas, and now we have a result, a mark, which says our office has received many inquiries about the Texas versus Pennsylvania, lawsuit, father, the: U S, Supreme Court, YO, Yo Supreme Court and whether Arizona will participate here is my statement and our legal filing
Arizona attorney General says today. We Father brief for the: U S: Supreme Court in taxes be Pennsylvania. It's important that everyone has faith in the system and the results of the election. The rule of law is about consistency and certainty. I believe Arizona wasn't named this lawsuit, because our office successfully prevented many of the same troubling and last minute changes to our states election integrity, lol, Our legal filing ensures Arizona interests are protected, and I look forward to the Supreme Court addressing these national election concerns. Now, there's no guarantee the Supreme Court will actually take up the case but for those it haven't been long story. The gist is this and allow me to tell you you wanna talk about trumps lawsuits. You want to make one of em you make fun of the crack in lawsuits. Good by all means. I don't care Sidney. Powell, in my opinion, was was, is bad for trumps actual chances, because the claim
she's brought forward are also far fetched. I'm not saying that there are absolutely impossible, but he is accused of voting machine system and international interests of subverting lottchen flipping votes very, very difficult to prove in a court of law and would require an extensive investigation. The suit we're seeing now from Texas that could actually flip the results and make Donald Trump. The president for another four years argue that these states had no right to change the rules. Now many on the left have argued. Taxes has no standing, there's no injury, always at the name of the game. It is in Pennsylvania when Republican sued over mail in voting.
they are the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, said you're too late. Sorry! Well, that's weird, because many pointed out that the Republicans could not sue. If they did not sustain injury, in fact, meaning there has to be some damage that your suing for that can be resolved in some way, so in Pennsylvania, the loss it was brought by several publicans saying that mail in voting was unconstitutional. The lower courts agreed and put an injunction in place on certification and then rule that they'll, probably one of the merits this minute to the States Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, who said no now, although republican legislature in pencil mania did an actually pass at seventy seven which create noakes, whose melon voting the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court, the governor, the secular state, changed the rules around mail in voting without permission from the state legislature, so essentially that's how they violated the electors clause and its more
just that, because many these states had executive authority, just mandate, melon vote, or other rule changes against the will of the legislature. Here's why these states actually do have stand or actually limit. Let me read that thought up. You need to be injured to sue, so people are mad that the Republicans couldn't have suit early because of no injury, and they can't soon now because too late the sounds. they're just trying to jam the system up to prevent Republican from actually challenging what is unconstitutional, but when it comes to Texas Texas, as they do have standing, why they don't care about the president of the presidential election they care about the vice presidential election. The vice president breaks the tie in the Senate. The Senate represents state interests. House of representatives,
represents the people's interests Texas is facing a Syria is facing damage if these four states that our Democrat changed the rules to help a democrat vice president that will impact they republican senators of Texas, in which case taxes needs to sue now, and the left is already saying: there's no injury, there's no injury. So what should Texas wait until they inaugurate Joe Biden, then sue? There's? No, overturning at that point a print court might not take up the case later today. We're supposed to hear response from these four states and things could get a bit spicy. We'll Donald Trump has called on TED crews to argue the Texas election lawsuit. If it does reach the Supreme Court- and I believed, had crews- probably will but there's a bigger picture here. You may have heard about all the stuff we covered it. Last night developments are ongoing. What do I say to someone what what we have done all done? You know what man.
Yesterday I said states were lining up against each other and it could just- and here I don't know three years ago, I said, while it looks like work, were honey dangerously towards civil war a year later, with a street clashes and proud boys and anti far and violence. I said it looks like we're getting dangerously close to a civil war and people saying no. No, no, not, as I mentioned, many people are set their part in their guns and just let me know when, because they're ready to defend their homes, but I didn't say it was guaranteed, say, is absolutely happened. I just keep saying these things that indicate right. Will the money will I wonder if these people who laughed are laughing now that eighteen states are demanding, essentially Donald Trump made president. What the lawsuit says from Texas is that the elections of these states
are irrelevant because the rules were changed, the constitution was violated and their state legislatures should appoint their own electors. If they do, it is very likely they will appoint trump electors or maybe even abstain, and if they do Epstein than Joe Biden doesn't get to seventy, and if he doesn't, there is a contingent election warehouse delegates has delegations vote one state each take its one vote. Donald Trump wins there's more Republicans, states and Democrat. That seems entirely possible and also seems like. If that does happen, there will be a school book are right. You ve already got transporters calling for martial law. You ve already got hard lockdown, widespread writing This year we have seen extreme violence between left and right. We have seen riding in the streets right now and autonomous zone has been set up in Portland, where these anti fought in Portland have set a booby traps for police and are armed and have kicked the cops out autonomous zones Irma
police are being defunded and eighteen states just stepped up and said. Joe Biden should not be president now that it's eight specifically but come on. That's basically what they're saying and what happens if you bite it is like President, it all gets so much worse, now. I think I'm too do a bigger story on this later, but we're not learning Hunter Biden. Joe Biden son is under criminal investigation, potentially involving money laundering in his business dealings with China and who facilitated those dealings, Joe Biden, the man they say is supposed to be president. He flew his son and heir. Forced to China to get million of dollars and and and negotiate a billion dollar equity deal, which is now under criminal investigation over not maybe not balanced.
Typically, but his chinese business dealings and more broadly, this man would be president. No, I think this is much bigger than just some states complain about process. I think we are already in a cold civil war. We ve been for a long time, and I think that this may just be fifth generational, civil war, meaning its propaganda war that eventually could go hot, but for now the best way to win is due propaganda, and that's why the media did not cover the fact that Joe Biden son was under investing Asian and lied about it, but I got all save that for later. Let's keep us to what's going on with the states and the potential for civil wars Tarzan, as I noted Arizona has at their filing. They ve published a statement in support on amicus brief in support of Texas and the the a Mickey a meek I curie, I a meagre
I'm gonna, pronounce its latin August is up the plural, which have all these states supporting the the the challenge Supreme Court might not take it Supreme Court might say no, but we're not doing this. I was talking to well Chamberlain rise on the Europa. Guess he's a lawyer to transport, and he said he doesn't see it happening. He doesn't the Supreme Court's gonna wanna, be a what we call the court of first impression on our lawyer, but the ideas, the Supreme Court of Appeals court. They want the trial to go through the fact finding and everything, and then they can rule they can't do that right now what we can do hold a trial- it's very very murky, to say to say the least, but I responded to the time when was being reported there, eight states or so supporting this house like what happens if eight states say Joe Biden should be President analysed, Cream court says we're not even like we're not going to hear what you have to say. These states are going to revolt. I mean people are gonna, be livid and well said. That's actually a good point to think about that
because the concern as if a Supreme Court takes this up, could they open the floodgates to a civil war. I think the opposite is true. I think of the Supreme Court takes us up. Here's the arguments and then issued a ruling that kind of coms everybody down were better off. If the Supreme Court says we're not gonna, hear what you have to say: they can do it, then the constitution doesn't matter and these states are going to be lifted and Trump supporters are gonna. Snap brings me to rush Limbaugh says: conservative states are tending towards secession from the. U s now he's warned against it, but I think he's wrong about. It is the point I made was financial Ok, I think secession horrifying and this country needs to remain strong and union must stand all that good stuff I dont, I'm not necessarily shore. There will be secession, but maybe how many people
on the left and right have said. There should be a peaceful divorce in this country. A lot we ve had people say on the left when they did the it was the voter transition prior to sunlight that they said that have Joe Biden loses. The West Coast should secede from the union. I'm not kidding this report by the Boston Globe than your times and many other outlets. It was John Podesta of the Democratic Party, the Dnc high ranking official, who said it is better West Coast CC than Donald Trump, one organ Washington, California, we ve for many people on the right track. Supporter sang the best way out of this is just to separate the blue states from the red states because things are getting too hot and the disagreements are two entrenched. Here's what Russia Limber said:
conservative radio House rush Limbaugh suggested that some american states could soon break away from the U S and declare independence speaking honest programme, the rustling rush Limbaugh show on Wednesday Limbaugh claim that quote, there cannot be a peaceful existence between liberal and conservative America, which he said. increasingly different cultures. Some states are tending towards us As a result, he said, adding that there was sizeable and growing sentiment for declaring independence from the? U S in those which have a majority of conservative or right wing voters. This is absolutely correct. I don't I don't operational involves encouraging and I think he has, I think, he's saying no, it's a bad thing, but yes, the sentiment is there. We have already heard about the putsch with a state of Jefferson they want. They want right. There are new state because all too often Oregon, because Portland in an Eugene are blue or the russian state is red. Why should the p we live in the red areas, be subjected to the laws and whims city dwellers. The easy example is
control laws. It makes absolutely no sense to ban guns across the country like Joe Biden has called, for it makes absolutely no transfer beta Beto to say yes, hack, yes, we're gonna, take your guns. What do you about? People live in the middle of? Nowhere need weapons defend themselves, cause, there's no cops You know, I have a lot of liberal front, you just don't get it and they would have blanket national laws, which means, if you're the middle of nowhere. What happens if thirty to fifty feral hog from your property, they became a meme or the left mocked these people's faith, Pharaoh hogs we're talking about not realizing. It's actually a very serious problem and people need weapons to defend themselves from wild animals who might attack their homes, their families. But, more importantly, I live. in many rural areas in my life I've actually had when I was in Florida. Someone broke into my property and there's there's no cops when thirty forty miles when you do thirty, four o clock I'll call, you
sheriff, hopefully he'll be here in an hour to know you defend yourself, it's the best. You can do that. Sweden, on the talk show under made the remarks in response to a question from his shows official programme observer about whether Republicans could ever win major national gender without taking back blue cities. Limber said that the party had already won many elections about doing so in the past. Before discussing whether conservatives could dominate the culture quote, I actually think that we're trending towards it I shouldn't I see more and more people asking what in the world do we have in common with people who live in, say New York? What is there that makes us believe that there is enough
There are two even have a chance of winning New York, especially for talking about votes. You want to suggest a liberal and conservative political cultures have become much more separated and that things cannot go on this way. Although noting that he was undecided on whether entire states should break away quote, there cannot be a peaceful coexistence of two completely different theories of life. There is of government theories of how we manage our affairs. We can't be in this dire conflict without something giving something along the way. Responding to John Dene, eight Limbaugh comments, John Dene, who served as White House counsel for the? U s you as President Richard Nixon question: how red republican states would progress economically? They left the union quote, rush limbo and addresses the quorum. John John Dene, quoting Rush Linda. I actually think that were turning toward
session he's. Ok, so John Dene says if the red States is seated, there would be a third world nation. Is the blue states that keep the red states financially afloat? Generally blue states pay more taxes and they receive in federal benefits. Yes and much of the food comes from red states in fought from farms. However, California is a large producer of food, but it's the red areas that produce the food in California. We are talking about very soon. consequences by all means. You can say that you're, the technological advancement hob and the and the and the UK worn taxes, but that's mostly about you living off of the bottle it. You know what upper this way The cities are the bourgeois elites. For the most part, not everybody who lives, there is boots elite, but the cost of living is very high and someone works at Mcdonald's is gonna, have make more money than someone who Mcdonald's in say in rural I, or something like that, these city can only function because the rural parts of the country provide the base,
provide food and resources? I mean they're not doing fracturing in New York, city or Philadelphia, they're doing it in western Pennsylvania in much more rural areas, so perhaps Pennsylvania would be rather blowed swing state of blue this time around, but on a much I'm convinced it s go state by state. But certainly Pennsylvania as an eco state could provide natural gas and resources to the EAST coast, but then not what would happen if there were no more republican voters now be very simple actually, is Pennsylvania. If there was a secession and Pennsylvania which produces a ton of natural gas from the frank fields started, and I guess shale oil is our scope and I say
hence of any joined the northeast. They would be voted out immediately. The industry would be ended, so you want to see the red state would be third world countries, so the blue state. You know why, if there's no republican opposition, then that if a democratic had their way, franking would be banned overnight and we would absolutely lose energy independence. Tb producer J, some us of a boat up, responded, quote twitting, Lombards remarks that I mean I know one person trending toward secession. I don't owe that supposed to mean. he's. There came after a reptile, Biederman Republican announced his plans to introduce the Texas Independence Referendum ACT, which he said, allows a state to reassert its status as an independent nation. Now, taxes is suing. Do do think that it's not possible. It can happen here. My friends welcome to Esquire magazine The Republican Party is now a seditious organization. Is authoritarian, yahoos believer the scream will ride to their rescue and disenfranchisement,
of people whom they don't believe should be allowed about anyway, seditious we're there. Seventeen Dates: eighteen states there now saying it's sedition. Ok, congratulations are at the point where some kind of civil war might break out, but I tell you this These people don't realize when they say disenfranchise millions of people that the view from the right is that seventy four million people were disenfranchised by four states violating the constitution: Do we disenfranchise the mean out at ten? of millions between these states who voted order disenfranchise seventy impending four million, because those states violated the constitution framing is everything selective everything taxes, a saying. Why should all of our votes not count because you changed the rules to win in your elections? That's not fair to us is unfair to our representation and nullifies our votes, because you you guys violated the constitution to out the Democrats win, and they say
many things which has happened, ballot curing, for instance. Eighteen states feel this way. So I don't know if there's going to be a peaceful break apart or do we want to call it? But when the official narrative when the mainstream opinion is that the Republican Party is engaging in sedition. That eighteen states are saying we reject Joe Biden as President and when news breaks that Hunter Bite, I'm not even assignment exaggeration justice departments, interests and Hunger Biden covered more than taxes. simple money laundering over his business dealings with China. Do you think that republican states are going to sit back when a chinese professor bragged, that they ve compromised the inn coming president, and then the and at his family is is, is is compromised amidst the fact. No note noted it of its effect hunter buttons under investigation for more than taxes, possible, money laundering for specifically with China, Joe
bite and flew Hunter, but an air force to to China to negotiate some of these deals. Joe Biden is compromised. What would happen if he became president? I dont think they're Publican states will stand for it, so I think that civil war is increasingly likely, but, as I said before, I can't read the efficacy to future may be at all ends here. Or maybe let me just say- maybe each and every time I have set it feels like we're inching towards civil war. Guess what's happened, we ve only got closer every step of the way. If I told you two years ago, in twenty twenty eighteen states would file a suit or or we will, we have a lawsuit, supported by seven, a loss it from Texas or by seventy in other states, saying that Joe Biden should not the president after he one. Would you believe me? We all our people just say: oh no! That will never happen if Joe Biden wins this
it's gonna, say fine, we're in a move on. I think that people grow We underestimate the tension. Between the warring factions in this country. But let me just stress that, one more time, two years ago, when we are watching his bow to the street, and we had news article sang civil wars. Potential was was, it was what was where possible and they while these leftists laughing and markings hangs over warn of our civil war will never happen now. Civil war trending on twitter? It was trending last night, it still trending right now, I'll be it not tat. It was a top drawer, and yesterday it was like number, seven, eight, ten states, maybe nineteen. If I told you that two years ago you'd have been like now way. Eighteen states would not line up rejecting the federal election demanding that the results be overturned or challenge. Don't ever. When it. Where do we go from here? Do you think of the Supreme Court has now these eighteen states, although I shot geez. I guess we'll just have to accept a compromise.
I need a president. I don't think so. I've already heard what people have to say and things are about to get hot deliver their next segments. Coming up at one p m on this channel, I may get deeper into the hut. Her Biden scandal because a lot of news to go over we got stuff about the vaccine is correct: Stop ah leave it. There stick around a one p m. I will be back on this channel and I will see you all them major. Breaking NEWS Donald Trump has announced a nother historic peace agreement this time between Israel and Morocco, the fourth arabic nation to recognise Israel's existence and formalised normalize relations and the fifth historic peace agreement. Donald Trump has secured past several months. This is tremendous, and while this story is breaking, another story has been breaking all morning and since yesterday, actually Hunter Biden is confirmed to be under criminal investigation.
pertaining to money laundering and his chinese business deals, and the scandal isn't just that. The incoming president elect as the media would have. It is compromised and helped facilitate his sons, potentially illegal business dealings, the media covered it all up. Many people said that if they knew about the scandal, they would not have voted for this man. So now me now, we must contend with the fact that, as Donald Trump is said to be on, the way out will see how these this loss of the taxes and other states, we have a president who has secured historic peace agreements in North Africa and the Middle EAST, arabic nation then Israel, some of the most important peace agreements in the history of this planet? We have this president, who has had to be on the way out and a corrupt hapless old crony who helped Son facilitate potentially illegal business dealings at the very least.
Chinese. Prominent figures like the video we saw, if you don't shine bragging that he's compromised. If the media actually covered this, why you might have peace in the Middle EAST, but I assure you have Joe Biden becomes. and by all accounts. That's where we're headed we'll have nothing but more war. Now I'm not gonna get into all that, because we have breaking news to cover and I'm gonna tell you about what's going on with Israel and Morocco and for many of you, foreign policy might not be your forte, but this is history in the making the API reports. Israel and Morocco have agreed to normalize relations President AL trumps at Thursday, marking the fourth arab israeli agreement in four months. As part of the deal announced near the end of trumps term. The United States will recognise Morocco claim over the disputed western Sahara region, so we can will go down. A second trot said Israel and Morocco would restore diplomatic and other relations include the immediate reopening
of liaison officers in TEL Aviv and robot and the eventual oh, of embassies. Eventual opening up of embassies- U S! Officials said there would be joint overflight rights for airlines. The white outside from Morocco, King Mohammed, the six, had agreed Iraq would resume diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel and expand economic and cultural cooperation to advance regional stability quote another historic breakthrough. Today are too great friends, Israel and the Kingdom of Morocco have agreed to full diplomatic relations, a massive breakthrough for peace. in the Middle EAST, the? U S will recognise Morocco claim over Western Sahara, the former spanish territory in North Africa where a long running dispute has confounded international negotiators for decades Trump noted that Morocco had been the first country to recognise the United States as an independent nation just a year after the? U S declared its independence from Britain in seventeen seventy six. It is thus fitting we reckon
as their sovereignty over the western Sahara. Trumps at the deal is the result of talks conducted by the President senior adviser, son in LAW, Jared Kirshner and its chief internet turn on the go she ate her avi Berkowitz. This is significant step forward for the people of Israel and Morocco. It further enhances Israel security while creating opportunities for Morocco and Israel to deepen their economic ties and improve the lives of their people. Cushion said Morocco is the fourth arab nation to nice Israel, as the Trump administration, seeks to expand a diplomatic framework that began over summer with an agreement between the jewish state and the United Arab Emirates. brain and Sudan have followed suit Straighten officials have also been trying to bring Saudi Arabia and other groupings that would be insane and massive Saudi Arabia, Israel. While we need to understand about these peace agreement that money, these arabic nations did not recognize the existence of Israel and other do and important.
There was Sudan. They were in an active war with Israel ended by Donald Trump. They gonna say the president reaffirm his support for Morocco, serious, credible and realistic autonomy proposal, as the only base as for a just and lasting solution to the dispute over the western Sahara territory and as such, the president recognised moroccan sovereignty over the wet the entire western Sahara territory. The right I said, I'm looking to pretend to be an expert on relations between Morocco and Western Sahara, but it is my interesting and a cursory reading. Eighty percent already can told by Morocco. Tromp is just now saying we recognize this. They go to say all these countries geographically far removed from the israeli palestinian conflict, making it easier to strike deals with Israel and the U S for their own particular interests Morocco has close ties with Saudi Arabia, which has given it tacit support to the normalization. Process with Israel, even at a time when piecemeal it with the Palestinians is at a standstill. Morocco, a country
centuries of jewish history has long been rumours. To be ready to establish ties with Israel before Israel. establishment of nineteen. Forty eight Morocco is home to a large jewish population, many of whose ancestors migrate to North Africa from Spain and Portugal during the spanish inquisition today, hundreds of thousands of his reign The Jews trace their lineage to Morocco, making it one of the country's largest sectors of israeli society, a small community of June is estimated at several thousand people continues to in Morocco just think about this. There are people in Israel who have their their family ancestral history to Morocco, and now relations are normalized, it's probably another it was impossible. But now they're gonna be ok go to Morocco. They're going to be able to go to their visit, their ancestral homes- and I think that's that's this profound and it's amazing. But more importantly, we can talk about culture, tradition, matters to people in terms of their lineage, but this means less war. Now, of course, they're saying
Morocco is not one of the periphery countries around Israel involved in this conflict, but it's about knocking over the small dominoes, which eventually knock over the big dominoes. You ever see that that scientific experiment there was a spare demonstration. We were little tiny, little tiny piece of stone or break, and then box over increasingly larger and larger stones. The exponential increase when one Knox over the other. What Trump is doing, I believe we are. track for peace in the Middle EAST and that something people of joked about that. We never thought we would see and we're even closer. Now I want to talk about. What's going out was a terrible, that's read more, they say Morocco has for years, had informal tie eyes with Israel may establish low level diplomatic relations and the eighteen ninety falling Israel's interim peace accords with the Palestinians, but those ties to spend it after the outbreak of the second palestinian uprising in two thousand. Since then, the informal ties have continued and an estimated five
Thousand Israelis travelled to Morocco each year on trips to learn about their jewish community and retrace their family has not that it's impossible, but now a lot easier use: u DOT S backing from Rocko's western Sahara claimed as long been a rumor but unconfirmed bargaining chip. In talk about diplomatic ties, Morocco had claimed the vast desert areas in southern provinces, since one thousand nine hundred and seventy five and the Polisario front based in southern Algeria, wants its independence or recent dust up with the Polisario brought the you back into the headlines, so we have this story from axioms, giving us greater detail phenomena out to stop right here and just look many may not be like I mentioned that you may not be particularly in certain foreign policy, but this is something that I paid close attention to you because you're a lot of people who talk about the international community to talk about the refugee crisis. Let me tell you what Trump is doing right now. What Trump has accomplished is a key component in ending the refugee crisis. So if you are someone who thinks that you has an obligation,
refugees. I got one want one more for you, helping them where their homes are where their families are from. Now, I'm not saying refugees coming from Morocco, but a lot of the conflict we have seen in the Middle EAST especially pertains to Israel, because there are certain countries that want to destroy Israel. Tromp bring about these peace agreements is a step towards ending the conflict and the war. That's created the European refugee crisis. That's created the! U S. Refugee crisis is not perfect. Trump is not perfect, but if you think UK you, if you care about, what's going on with these political issues, this is the most effective thing I think Trump can do. Many. The left have complained that the right is callous towards the plight of these Fiji's. Let me tell you some people who live in Europe who are concerned about mass migration have every right to be concerned about it and you ve gotta, have proper checks and balances.
Make sure that if you're bringing in refugees are doing so you're doing it in a way, that's not putting the refugees at risk, but let's rewind Why? Why are there so many refugees flooding into Turkey and an into Europe through the Eastern Mediterranean Route, because of what Barack Obama did in Syria arming rebel groups which eventually lead to the rise of ISIS, decide It lies in the country, destroying cities like Aleppo, forcing millions to flee? Then what did it work? They go Now there was there was always a question about the refugees and why they were choosing to go to Europe and set of places say like Lebanon. Well, it's because european countryside offering not benefits and very liberal policies that was just better for them, but actually interviewed refugee from Syria, who said it's actually problematic because they have
promises of of homes and and access to total public resources, but they dont properly split it up. They don't speak the language, its much harder for them to get work. All of these problems are related to each other, very, very a large portion of Donald Trumps, campaigning of the say the muslim ban. Things like this were the result of Barack Obama and joy, W Bush is foreign policy which created chaos and cause people in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria to flee among other countries and territories. Again, Morocco is not. Syria, Morocco is not is. Is Israel? It's not Iraq but, like I said, trumpets, knocking on the small dominoes which is leading to the larger that are going to fall. Think about it. This way, we'd love to see. More nations in the Middle EAST recognize the existence of Israel while one all of the smaller ones. Do then there's more pressure on the larger nations to do this. My friends, peace in the middle
Middle EAST is something we absolutely disrupt need to strive for. Now. You may have heard me just mention the product of Barack Obama's foreign policy. I'd like to ask you all a question as to who was vice President when that foreign policy is being implemented and who oversaw? U S, action in Iraq, Joe Biden, that's right. When the refugee crisis was exploding, it was Joe Biden overseeing Iraq. I went to Europe. I went to these refugee camps. I talk to some of these people want summit met. Many of them came from Iraq because the devastation nigh blame first and for George, W Bush and the mainstream media because they lied.
Now you know exactly what it is they want and why they don't like Donald Trump, because Donald Trump has been pulling our troops out or at least trying to being lied to an obstructed by the establishment. Politicians, Donald Trump has not started new wars. The first president- and I think, for decades in fact he's bringing about, Peace in the Middle EAST come to me complain about everything else, he's done, and I will say so what, and I mean it. Let me, let me tell you something: normalized relations with Israel. Now there's many people complaining about the western Sahara issue. Ok, ok, but let me tell you something: you don't get to come to me and talk about all of the things the american people that the left says. But what about our social issues? What about the policies trouble bring about first and foremost,
the country likes the policies trample bring about. So if you want to have some kind of education between the two factions and what they re, principally care about by all means whether discussion, but if you come to tell me and say the one thing we're guaranteed but Trump will do right by the countries that were the most negatively impacted due to american foreign policy then I'm gonna be like I'm I'm sorry, I don't care about your negotiations here. I am someone who cares about foreign policy. I care about the international humanitarian crisis that has been affecting North Africa, the Middle EAST and Europe for years now, as a result of George W Bush, followed by Barack Obama. See was Brok Obama, who got us entangled in Libya and Syria that wasn't George W Bush Georgia with Job George W got us enough.
Understand in Iraq. The machine loves the war, they love the conflict and they hate trump because of it not only has dropped, not started, wars he's ending them. He ended the Sudan war. So again, people say to me that Trump is bad. For this reason, Trump is bad. For that reason, and they tend to me tat, they tend to be first and foremost, character, issues, that I'm sorry, I don't have a bit of an impact on me for that energy policy debates about american domestic policy me I'm concerned about the kids being blown up oversees, I'm concerned about Donald Trump and his drone strikes. Now he up them hidden, start new wars, but certainly up drawn strikes, something that you don't need to be criticised for you fired missiles into Syria and then in the past few years he started making a difference, Maybe this is some kind of trick to the left would say: Trop has only pretending to care about the stuff to try and get some support to somehow steel. Election order. I don't care man, I don't want to Joe Biden presidency. Hunter Biden has compromised in turn Joe I didn't Joe Biden flew his son to China for these deals, for which he is now under criminal law
starvation. The media lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and they lied and covered up the scandal of Joe Biden, because Joe Biden is compromised right. That's my rent on this, but let's talk about little downsides. That's what this is, what they say: overt acts. Yes, they mention that Morocco is the fourth arab country to move toward normalization with Israel that literally normalizing relations are moving towards it. They say, The other side, while the normalization deals, a win for Israel and a significant achievement for Trump recognition of Turn Sahara as part of Morocco is a big shift in: U S policy and a major diplomatic achievement for Morocco tactics, his goodness reverie western Sahara is sparsely populated, disputed territory, that borders I call on the Northwest Corner of Africa. It was formerly controlled by Spain and is now claimed by Morocco. Despite international opposition. Fierce resistance from indigenous population? This is potentially bad. They say, oh I went insurgency ended a ninety nine you wanna for sixteen years, but the matter remains,
unresolved. Several weeks ago, fighting erupted again between the moroccan Army and Sarai rebels. they say the? U S is now the only western country to recognise moroccan sovereignty over western Sahara. President Elect Joe Biden we'll have to decide whether to reverse trumps decision after taking office in January. Such a move would not be easy for Biden too because it would cause the Morocco israeli normalization process to collapse, and that would be, in my opinion, substantially worse cushion are in a briefing with reporters. The Morocco agreed to resume official Contact with Israel, allow israeli airlines to use moroccan airspace and begin direct flights between the countries dinner said. Morocco in Israel would promote deeper business ties, so we understand all this. They don't say that, Morocco and Israel have had a secret relationship dating back to the sixties, etc, etc. Yes, one of the biggest Chris, doesn't, we ve seen from the Anti WAR left and the planned over trumps agreements is that you know
Bahrain and end the Emirates and Morocco. They ve all secretly been supportive of Israel as it is it's just it just a formality. It's not real its public perception that in that that changes the minds of people Donald Trump crossed into the crossed through the demilitarize zone, into North Korea, and then I got to hear all about how it was stupid. It was dangerous. Trump was giving an experts, know you they're wrong. Donald Trump, with no security entered a hostile nation, a sign of trust, an important sign of trust. Tromp saying I don't think I will be hurt. If I do this, could you imagine that I want you to imagine being told you can't go to a country? There's no diplomatic ties. You aren't you unit, you know when I went to Israel, I was told if they stamp your passport within israeli stamp
you can't go to these other countries is muslim nations because they dont view is rent. Is Israel as legitimate, so Israel give gave me a card to put my passport inside of a stamp, because Israel knows it's a detriment it it it parts people's ability, travel between his country's. Imagine being told that, and now being told that you can freely move about. There was, I think it was in the Emirates, is a viral video of a jewish wedding. This is incredible stuff. I'm I look Christianity and Judaism, have been heavily were formed over the years and they get along quite fun in the west Many are much of his It has also been as well, but not perfectly. There's still a conflict between Islam and and Judaism notable with territories pertaining to Israel and these arabic nations. I want peace man I want fighting, I don't want war and that's why I don't like Joe Biden it's why I didn't
like Barack Obama, because he promised me he would end these wars and he didn't do it trump didn't put while trumpeted promise you down the forever wars, that's for sure, but he wasn't doing in the first few years and things started to change over the past year. or so. Tromp has slowly sort of bringing about actual peace. Now look what so far as you can see here. There are disputed line and it looks like Morocco, for the most part seeks to control it. and that's what the? U S is now recognising iris, Now that there are serious problems, the indigenous population is not going to accept. This bad and I want to make sure their rights are protected. As well is tough diplomas is never easy and I hope- This does not result in more serious problems. But I am also hoping that Morocco Recognition formerly and publicly well well well pressure other countries other states to get involved in recognising real and then we can finally do away with this long standing conflict. It's really funny to me, because people often bring
Palestine and Israel resolution as one of the most difficult foreign policy or intern. National relations disputes. We have right now in this country. We now have a chance to bring it to an end, but you know the media lied to guess, involve new in the war. Tromp has been trying to withdraw. Our troops are not surprise as the media allied again to protect Joe Biden, who is crooked corrupt, and helped enriches son off of his name and office who got his brother, you know this Joe Buttons brother made millions building housing in Iraq who oversaw Iraq and helps to get these contracts. Why was other than Joe Biden from political magazines. Biden ink on an old can happen, but I I know: there's a lot of people who refuse to accept a Joe Biden presidency and its for free, these reasons and more his son is under a criminal investigation and the media covered it up and big tech covered it up why these people want war, they like war, they like conflict, they want us fighting, they dont want unity
it's funny, but they say that you know this proposal, globalists or whatever and trumpet the nationalist Tromp is doing more to bring about world peace than these people have ever done. Barack Obama is not solely responsible for, but a large contributing factor and bear as much responsibility for the rise of ISIS and Trot bears responsibility for ending ISIS, What is wrong with these people? Trunk conceal the naughty words in the world and it can be an awful person, but I will take these peace agreements. You know, look, I think, a lot of people. Don't you're, all that much about foreign policy, but this is breaking this is its history nominate cover it? I'm not gonna, ignore it. There's a bunch of other doors. I could cover that. Probably we get more traction, but please recognise how significant this is and we'll see how these losses play out. I'd love to before more years of this kind of foreign policy bringing about peace in the Middle EAST? I understand this potential for conflict in western Sahara. There's always been, though,
Morocco, recognising Israel, and vice versa, just means where that much closer to to peace. Next segments coming at my main channel youtube com. Slash TIM cast check it out. I know many people think If this is not enough, what let me stop there go to the address bar tight. then you tube com, lashed him Gaston when you present or you'll, go to a different channel where at four p m I love a video up. Thanks rang out- and I will see you all them.
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