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Defunding Police BACKFIRED, AOC SLAMMED As Activists DEMAND Police Be Reinstated As Crime SKYROCKETS


NYC Is seeing a wave of crime worse than they have seen in a very long time.As far left activists continue their demands that police be defunded or abolished crime is skyrocketing across the country. Activists in NYC are demanding that the city reinstate the anti crime unit to prevent the wave of harm being caused.AOC on the other hand is blaming the wave of crime on people who need bread or food which has nothing to do at all with the loss of life. Ocasio Cortez is getting ripped for being tone deaf and not even knowing what is happening in her own community.The defund the police and abolish the police experiment has already failed and its time Democrats back away and started supporting police more. Even though there are issues we can still have reform.#Democrats#AOC#Republicans 

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Earlier today. I tweeted that if cities want to defend or abolish the police who might stand in their way. Let him do it and if cry skyrockets and they come to regret it. Then they can come out and say it or if they get there. Utopian? It works out. Why would I stand in their way in Portland? They have dropped charges on tons of these rioters over and over again over the past several years. It's what the people of this city want when the grand jury is convened, to indict these felony arsonists, one person in particular. They said no so who am I to tell them what they showed or shouldn't do. If the city, if they if they will it, then so be it. No police however, seem that the experiment may already be coming to an end. You probably know this because you clicked on this video New York, is already seeing activists and community leaders rise up and say on north the police,
reform is bad. It's making crime worse. We begin to stop all this amid a pretty all this amid a pretty devastating backdrop, weak the N Y, see shooting sore three hundred and fifty eight sent over last year. Data shows in this was from almost a month ago, and here we are in the wake of continued gun violence, prominent members of the black community. Are calling on the end. Why pity to bring back their anti crime unit? Well, wait. A minute I thought, the Anti crime unit were the ones doing stop in frisk. The activists said that was extremely rights. Maybe I'm wrong. I thought that the Anti crime unit was doing. The ball was prevent the crime by stopping young men searching them for drugs are their contraband. Well, since they We have signed this unit. There has been a dramatic increase in crime and other community speaking up there saying enough,
interestingly. We also learned from this just how out of Touch O Casio Cortez is because she stated publicly. One of the reasons for the rising crime is that people can't afford their rent, maybe they're hungry. She says wasn't explain why shootings are skyrocketing. Interestingly, either story pulled up because it was published last night Committee The activists are speaking up saying we need the police, but you might notice for, that are watching this video up with the top. It says, community leaders call for change after six people shot in one hour in Brooklyn? Why, in the midst of my in preparation for this segment. A new story popped up, breaking news, CBS more community leaders are speaking out saying we need our police, so I'll walk back about a bit of what I said at the beginning. If the activists come out and say to fund the police know, you absolutely should
not- and I am grateful that there are members of the community or speaking up, sang, stop it enough. We need our police, we do. Now when it comes to police, enforcing unconstitutional edict for mayor build a blog. You know that's not acceptable and, to a certain extent, neither a stop in frisk, but I will refer to the people who live in these areas. Perhaps the great experiment will not be carried out and the police will be reinstated from this Anti crime unit. Perhaps El Ray give this give them a p their budget backward. See you, but certainly now we have two factions emerging. Fund, the police and fun please, I guess what's really story and see. What's going on in New York will see what a Yossi has to say and she is being torn apart for claiming that gun violence is due to people wanting bread. I guess It shows how really out of touch she is. She does not represent a New York before
It started, however, had over the TIM cast outcomes lashed on it. If you'd like to support my work, this money, which can give but the best thing you can do, is actually well say this sun subscribe to this channel. I notice that a lot of people, probably the overwhelming majority, don't actually subscriber when you do you're telling you to the channel- is actually good. The engagement so also like you can share, The video but subscribing really does happen. Plus. If you subscribe, your more I could see videos from me in the future. So if you like the content, then please consider subscribing bluff revenues. Cbs says in the wake of continued gun violence Prominent members of the black community call on and why pity, to bring back the Anti crime unit. They say another tragic weaken of gun violence, including the death of a one year old to men.
Most of the black community, called on the end white pity to bring back the recently disbanded anti crime. Yet help get guns off the street. It was a dramatic moment. Brooklyn borough, President Eric Adams holding up a pair of baby shoes Monday after a one year old became the latest victim of gun violence caught in the crossfire at a family barbecue just hours before babies are not supposed to be wearing these in a coffin. Adam said many hate. Here do I, like it- is it's difficult sometimes to read these stories on imagining a family enjoying a burger brought a beer with their friends there, one year old boy, Phoebe and for some reason, some callous egotist Michael, a moral person, fires a gun and takes the life of this one year. Old child is absolutely disgusting.
And so we could have conversations about freedom, security, but come on man. How do we stop this violence? I'm not gonna plan to have all the answers, but I can tell you this just reassigning disbanding six hundred unit anti crime. It is not the solution. Dramatic reversals like this. For all, we know- and I think it's fair to say if the nypd- if, if build a blog, you didn't react The way he did to the demands of these rioters. This baby girl might still be alive. I believe it was. A girl could be wrong to read more atoms. Were caught became the second member of the african american community to call me and to stop the violence by re, instituting the anti crime unit. Undercover cops whose job was to get guns off the street. The unit was disbanded during the anti cop protests that shook City, I think that'll, a total elimination is something we need to re evaluate, said atoms right now, back
guys are saying? If you don't see a blue and white, you can do whatever you want. Community activist Tony Herbert agrees, the guns keep going and now we have a one year old and the blood is on the hands of the mayor and the state legislature said Herbert build the Plaza DE cried the shootings This is not anything we can allow in our city is heartbreaking. It is heartbreaking for so many reasons and begins at the fact They are just so many guns out there, and that is a New York tragedy, but the mayor did not propose any solutions to adding the violence. This as shootings for the weak went up two hundred and seventy seven percent since last year the number of terms is up two hundred and fifty three percent. Since last year, John Jay College, professor Joe G, a clone a former cop so the city has been eroding the ability of the cops to get guns off the streets for years. The latest, the disbanding of Anti crime unit
The gun police are no longer out. There said Jack Loan, the criminals are opportunists. You know that well As I was preparing this segment. As I mentioned a breaking new segment, Community leaders call for change after six people shot in one hour in Brooklyn. This story drops take a look at this New York City gun violence, continued Monday with six people shot in just one hour. The spike in violence is prompting more calls for action from community leaders, so much pain is being caused, so much fear because of this state of shootings. We have find a way to beat it, and we do that by bringing police and community together in common cause. That's what's always worked. Merit mayor, buildup, Lazo said during Tuesdays press briefing we ve got to think of this ass human beings. We gotta think of this as people New Yorkers committed to the same thing. We need safety for our people, we need peace in our common
these variables. Buildup lazo, however, unfortunately seems to be a bit distracted. You see just the other day. I guess somebody splashed some paint onto the black lives matter street painting in front of tromp tower. And he said you know we ve. We fix this already, I'm glad. I am glad that this is what you're you're spending your time doing: Marabella blogs YO, because you are certainly the people of New York are very concerned about the health and I'll being of a painting you I'll be real man. You ve been having serious problems in the city for a long time. It's why many people left now to us. Next and I will say it's a very difficult thing to maintain a massive city, I'm sure, but you had the jewish. Community under attack and what may rebelled? laws. Yo do he just add insult to injury started targeting their prayer services to the covered pandemic welding, a lot, are, I believe me well: did a park shut? Absolutely absurd. For him to come out. Now you think I'm gonna buy it. Now I don't buy it. I don't think he cares. He's too busy trot
when pr battles and paint the street and actually deal with. What's going on mere build? The plaza is overseeing the one of the worst tragedies in modern history, New York City, the most devastated by covert and whose fault that builded de now you're seeing a massive surgeon gun violence whose fault is that Bill De Blasio's? It is his fault across the board. Niece, these screeching protesters demanding the defending of the police. They also deserve some blame, but it came down to the directive of this jurisdiction. But a billion dollars from the Nypd at a time when crime was going up- and this is what you get a child is lost their life. Well, I'm glad to see the community is standing up and sang bring back. These cops meet our cops. They did, but I thought there all these problems, men. What about? What about the
institutional racism and all that stuff. I don't know seems like the people who live there? Members of the black community are saying no. We need the police. I want be very careful, but I bring up these stories. Man, because they're they're they're sad and their tragic stories, but I bring an asset to the New York Post grandmother of fate. Shot and Y see baby has message for idiots responsible, the grandmother of the one year old, Brooklyn boy, I'm sorry, I was a boy- was on a girl killed in a hail of bullets at a barbecue men in anguish. Please, one to end the scourge of gun violence and ensure the idiots responsible can never hurt anyone else. I feel for you. I really do by just don't think it's gonna stop this way you do need the police nukes got lots of problems, I'm actually in favour of police reform. I am, but perhaps we need to go about it much more slowly. These a holes need to stop. Shooting children, stop shooting innocent bystanders. Samantha Garner told the post at her Bedford, Stuyvesant home.
This is only a baby one you're all that didn't even get a chance to start his life. They are talking about black lives matter, but black lives don't matter because black people are trying to kill the black people, it needs to stop. She added. I hope they catch the idiots and put them under the jail cell. Those are my words on renewal. What from people actually impacted by this, the community that is now coming out saying enough. We need safety, for our people will be the Plaza says about believe it take a look at this clergy and community, Herbert called out the mayor, Tuesday warning citing more police reforms will jeopardize the safe the of residence reform. May I am in favour of reforms. What you're saying no eight on the third EU, we spent a lot of time saying black lives matter too,
king about what we need to do to actually listened to the people were being negatively impact it, while I'm definitely listening and if you are coming out speaking up and saying that police reforms are going to make things worse. I hear you, then do what you think is right advocate for what you think is right. Because certainly the actions taken as of recent did not help. I defer to those who live in these communities. I the anguish Polly of this of this poor grandmother, who was, She is slamming black lives matter for not caring about them. Funny. When people mentioned this stuff, you know intercity cry black, unlike violence, they get is they think they get. Smeared slammed insulted, sang it all we care it's a red herring. You're lying, I'm not saying it don't take my word for it. I defer to these communities. What is a Yossi saying? Oh Cassio, Cortez,
in the wake of this violence comes out with one of the most tone. Deaf responses for someone who spoke represented his community she's, dishonest, callous answer to an y, see surging street violence for the Post editorial board. Rep Alex, Embryo Causa Cortez reaction to the search of violence in the city she represents is dishonest cows and naive quote: do we think this has to do with the fact that there's record unemployment and United States right now the progressive set in a town hall Thursday? Maybe this has to do with the fact that people aren't paying their rent and are scared to pay their rent, and so they go out and then he defeat. Their child, and you don't have any money? So you maybe have to their put in a position they feel like. They either need to shoplift some bread or go hungry. That night shoplifting is now what is plaguing New York City right now, and she knows it Petty larceny is our down seven point: eight percent for the year so far, murders are up twenty three percent from shooting victims up. Seventy point: four percent: these are not
Robberies by desperate people, their gang, related drug related gun related when a man is shut, the drive, by clutching the hand of a six year old, daughter and across walk. It is not about going Hungary callous July Fourth We can alone. Ten were killed almost everyone in african american mail for this increase and bloodshed. A yo, see, blames the Nypd, keep in mind this, you can try and it's happening right now is with a sigh. Billion dollar, New York City Police Department budget. We have dubbed more and more and more into the Nypd. It is not prevented this optic in crime. How dare oak ah ziobro. Tat say that in the face of actual clergy leaders residents grandmothers of victims frying out for help these I don't know they dont care, but I tell you tribalism is an illness? itself or cause you? Cortez is more committed to the cause,
Then she is to the cries of the people of her own city. I lived in Europe for a long time and I left because I could see how bad it was getting now. Look at the workplace in the world crime. Isn't there bad in New York City, but it is skyrocketing now and it must be called out. For a yo see in all these other activists to come out and say no defined. The police is the most privileged it'll latest thing. I have ever heard these people don't realize people like a Yossi just what's truly happening on the street where they live. There's a lot of there's a lot of reasons why crime, probably skyrockets a negative, tend to be the export to know directly. Why and that's why what I would say, as I defer to those who live there, But what is a yo see doing she's deferring to the privileged activists who come from safe neighborhoods who don't need police or they have their police?
but they're, very safe, upscale neighborhoods that are experiencing gang, related drug related crime or or mass violence. They come from less dense areas where they feel safe and they don't think that they need police to be there for them. They don't even think that it then the right to defend themselves. Oh, who needs a firearm who needs the cops? I get it. You come from a safe, privileged area, but how could you then come to the Bronx come to these neighborhoods, where chemist crimes skyrocketing and just ignore the pleas of the people You know what I can't SAM surprised. A sea has been rather tone deaf, the entire time she's been in politics. How could be hits back at a Those seas astonishing take on right, sing and Y crime absurdity must be called out former
it's a governor Michael, could be called a yo, see color comments on Europe's New York City. Chromatic astonishing is a big difference, think shoplifting and cold blooded murder and for her not to know the difference is frankly astonishing. How could be a foxes contribute told America's newsroom on Monday we also Come on Andrew Cuomo dismisses EO, sees claims about and why she crime uptake and rent struggles. It is factually impossible now. This is interesting. I wonder what the governor has to say, considering he's actually mean a fairly anti trust, I wonder if we should actually defend the police on this one governor Connally. Monday disputed EO cease theory that right struggles could be could be to blame for the recent crime wave, calling the suggestion factually impossible saying it is, actually impossible at somebody committed crimes that they could pay their rent. The governor said noting that the recent crime of tickets founded by shootings. Another VON defences- hey, you know what bravo good
sir. I got my I got my criticisms of common for sure special recovered, but thank you for calling out a Yossi and calling it like. It is The governor also argued AOL reasoning is sound because he has signed exit give orders on legislation, specifically the tenant, safe, Harbour act. Ensuring new Yorkers, can't be kicked out of their homes for not being able to pay rent during the pandemic. If it can't pay rent, you cannot be effective right now, as the cause of the crime wave. He said, there's a number of contributing factors, there's no one factor. Maybe you should speak up Cuomo and say it's because a six hundred office, or unit was disbanded the anti crime unit, and maybe you should now defend those who live in a community who are saying please bring them back. That would be particularly important. But what do we see instead P B, a president fumes after suspect, seen on video putting Nypd officer in Headlong, is not charged.
This is what you get in New York City. It's what I warned you about happening in Portland I'll again, somebody bragged about committing arson in Portland the brag about it. They were arrested at the scene and a grand, Harry said. No, we will not indict ran juries, do not prove guilt, Gunnar reasonable doubt its probable cause. Should this person face charges, the community in Portland says no. The people in this city say no so they get right back out and they go and do it again now we're gonna see something similar New York. You had a man attack a police officer, Have you seen the videos of the past several months or you are, you know you're so, where, like people we'll be throwing water balloons and splashing causeth waters are what we are with water
in water guns and stuff like that, and the cops do nothing. They laugh about it. Yeah the activism has weakened the police, they ve been standing back, they ve been they ve, been abused, demoralized, there's no clear answer: politics has dominant whether they can do their jobs, and you have a video of somebody putting a cop and bad luck and they will not charge this person? Why they're scared of the mob? I'm I'm! I'm glad activists for these neighborhoods are speaking up and sang enough. I'm glad I am But at a certain point man, I gotta tell you if these people won't charge these criminals. If the people of these neighborhoods support to funding the police then why should I say otherwise now leave it to me a yo see wants to give you some fake excuse fun. There are people in these innocent anywhere as there are speaking out, I'm glad it's gonna be up to you of
live there to stand up for what you believe in so that to the people who are doing it. Bravo, other people are resisting, but crime is skyrocketing in something needs to be done to save these kids. I don't have all the answers. I don't but I'll tell you what there's one thing that typically guarantees the police are strengthened. The crime is shut down fast and it's when you target that that the politicians themselves take a look at this story. Allays first black district attorney, slams black lives matter for targeting her after her husband, pulled a gun on protesters at their home and says defending the police would lead to lawlessness there you go, they shouted to the d, a S house and she was like no we're not defending the police yeah there. You go big mistake activists. When the protesters shoved the homes of the politicians themselves? Oh, there comes the iron fist. Take a look at the chance, the cap, the little autonomous own in Seattle Mayor Jenny
Organ of Seattle. Let this go on and people died and she did not care. We may have a number of love. She said, as bullets went flying but then is champions. These charges daddy's made a big mistake. They actually shut up to our house and with that she said you cross me and I crush you and the police swept in and wipe out the chess. These people could about anything. They want so long as they pledged their field to these politicians know so do you think happens when they show up to the D S house her husband Paul's again, and she says no act. I'll. Tell you what it's really really fun. I can show you the images of this guy Poland weapon, but what's happening in Saint Louis When these lawyers drew their weapons stood. You know in defiance of this mob, therefore, hissing potential indictment of the rumour? They said potential indictment here you have the days
husband herself there there's that help himself, that the days family pulling a weapon. Well, I imagine they'll come back, but who is going to prosecute the d, a special prosecutor? I really doubt it you know we get. When there's no cops? It's not so much to say lawlessness but yeah a bit of it there's funny posts that goes around talking about shopping carts, I believe, is ethically claims from God Danzig the singer, something the shopping. Cart ultimate symbol of whether or not we need police because there's no benefit to you. Returning shopping cart to the cart corral, but it simply expected that you just do the right thing and take a few seconds to do it. It's not difficult to extremely easy there's no outside There's no downside and what happens when you go to the supermarket the Walmart target, what you see their shopping carts everywhere and therein lies the unfortunate reality of war I personally am not a big Al Libertarian me with the libertarian party or and ongoing
apple, is stored. Ever I see a lot of people talk about not needing police, not all of them, but so many of them- and I disagree- I think you need the police. I really think you do. I think reform is fine to ask where I think it's it's needed, but perhaps the grand experiment has already failed. The DA's angstrom nope not happening here, I'm as skyrocketing to a ridiculous degree in New York City and them Where is too distracted to make sure he's got a painting in front of Trump's building, so we can win some pr battles. Meanwhile, the people of New York are crying and begging for other. What are they get? Nothing empty platitudes statements from activist and disdain and ignorance callousness from their reps, like Ocasio, four tests, it sad men but I'll, tell you what so long as these the the rioters so long. They are the ones who win and are given preferential treatment. It's only going to get worse. Man. Because you're not gonna, be dealing with a court with with a surgeon, martyrs and shootings.
We deal with a surge in riots. You're gonna, be deal with a surge of a surgeon people fleeing these? These did these areas. It's already happening in New York. I did a search over one zero, so real estate website, and I found that in the past month seven thousand six hundred new properties, what up for sale, but in the past ninety days there were only twelve thousand. What does that mean That means you know I'm doing. The math is not perfect. Math but three months ago there are about two thousand, you know five hundred or so two thousand three hundred or so individuals who want to sell their property month later, but the same number in one month it nearly tripled because of the chaos of New York City, the tax base will erode everything will get worse and you can thank Abkhazia. Quotas in the activists in the room
It is for doing it. You can thank Mayor Bell. The blog YO for working with you know to ever extent they stripped the unwise pity of their anti crime unit and then, to be honest, you can really think that the activists who are saying please give our police back their jobs. Please bring them back to fight this crime. Those people actually deserve your respect, and you can actually thank them for trying to fight for you it's going to get worse. Unfortunately, I really do think it will. New York is not gonna pull out of this tailspin anytime soon. So without being said, its import that people start speaking up I'll, leave it there next segment, Coming up at six p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast news. Thanks, rang out, then I will see you all. Then I have a prediction that I am fairly sure is going to come true, but first some context. During untouched Karlsson tonight, Mark Mcclosky dad the rumor is he and his wife will be indicted shortly, you're not familiar through Mark Mcclosky,
who's, the guy in Saint Louis, who defended his home with a rifle when the black this matter. Riders entered the private community and in the process broke down his gait. He says they threatened his life. Then he Wife came out with guns, yet a rifle. She had a handgun. She was pointing at the crowd. Well recently, the police executed a search warrant of his house and they seized his rifle and he said something rather interesting on the tiger, calls on textiles and show that he be basically defended these police officer saying No, they don't. They seem like. I didn't want to be there and they were doing their jobs when they seized his weapon. Many people of point now that seizing his rifle in the circumstances unconstitutional. He was on his own property is a castle doctrine state. These people entered a private community and he says they threatened him and well I believe it but we're Gaza, whether now, I believe, a more don't innocent until proven guilty. Why did the police come in and sees this weapon? What did he do? We can
see the video he's on his own property with his own weapon, defending his own property. What did he do, what it did his rifle and he basically defining them? So here's my prediction: my prediction is He will absolutely be indicted and the police show up and arrest him. He will still, and the police, and so well, basically, every one else thou say: well, you know these God for just do in their jobs. Oh, I am so sick of it. I am, I am done with it. Ok, we'll go! What's going on Portland. Ok, these ongoing rides and we get to the next I'm wondering why the police are completely unable to lie. Earn, and I just come the exact same things over and over again there's an old internet trope. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing. Over and over again, I am expecting a different outcome. Why Is anyone at this point defending the police officers who are carrying out what?
I would say, is unconstitutional orders from the lockdown till now there has been an endless out of complaints about the police going out excellent things that they're not legally allowed to do, and they do it anyway. How many sheriffs did we hear from say in Virginia or on the countries that they would not enforce. On constitutional law. Wait a SEC, go viral on CNN. A couple days ago, where sheer So that is not to be the mass police that he refuses to enforce these rules, because, while their basically not constitutional and people, defend those cops- and I respect that, but when it comes to these big cities for some reason online, a judge people keep people, keep defending the police when they do the same things over and over again, and they expect a different outcome in Portland you. All of these riders, get arrested, charged felony charges and what happens the people, the grand jury, the residents? Portland say no to the police and let them go so. What you doing
Why are you going out and arresting people if the people told you to stop doing it period, they dont? Why you there, nobody likes you. Why would anyone defend someone doing something? Nobody likes? I just don't understand. If the people of Portal what mass violence in their streets? Maybe it's about time you actually let them have it we'll get that story next. Would you know really bothers me? Is this segment they're gonna indict this guy come on? man? He didn't, do anything for the most part, but their say if there were an indictment, we'll see if they actually do, but not at this point in time. Convinced we're going to see a way, but people saying well. I don't blame the police they're just doing their jobs, yeah. Okay, if the police were violating the constitution, then that we wouldn't have to be dealing with this. If every cop said I refuse to enforce, I view unconstitutional. I refused to just do my job. We wouldn't have to deal with this, but no stead, people say well, you know it is unconstitutional, but I'm gonna do it anyway with us
smile on their face over in this this, at this Jim, not too far from New Jersey MM, International news was made when police from other cities came in because New Jersey called them in and they vital the constitutional rights of people who wanted to go to a gem. Why? Because they dont care, I'm not here, to defend these but with a smile on your face, Radiometer violet connotation dig a constitution, take a dull bride all over it. Yet we still see It is well, you know the police, they seemed like you know what man now shut up. These guys came and if they did something wrong say, They did something wrong. Roma spine check this out, I know it's kind of funny me saying that the dude literally one it is probably with a rifle, because you don't want people to burn down is built. But when he says, if it wasn't, for you know me defending myself, I could be standing atop, the smouldering rubble of my home, then how about you condemn the enforcers who are violating your rights, a Threed. This store, and then I ll talk about Portland, Missouri,
and who guarded home with rifle reveals that rumor is he, as his wife will be indicted shortly as a last week. A thorn is executed, a search warrant, Mcclosky Home in connection with the June twenty Eightth Incident, Mark Mcclosky, told Hostaqua com The officers were almost apologetic when they serve the warrant. Oh I'm, so sorry I have to violate your rights. Please forgive me they didn't want to have to be there. They were doing their job. Patty wanted to take a picture to document. And she asked if they wouldn't mind facing away from the camera so that people wouldn't get mad at them. Their faces were shown on tv. How put back pathetic? You know what the left wins either that there the taking ground you know either getting wherever they want, because they'll take a picture of your face class and all over the internet will destroy your life. They'll call your boss, they'll call your mom post pictures of your mother and they will threaten you and nothing ever gets done about it. They will show
What for forty five days in a row, important smashing things burning things and they will show your face to everyone. They are ruthless and hey. You know what my respects now I don't agree with them. The violence is wrong, but you gotta admit At least they have spying, that's really really funny to because their kind like whiny babies, I don't understand, The system actually works. I'll. Tell you what you need. I really really dont like more than anything anything I'll. Tell you this the show. I hate more than any other tv show was married with children. You familiar with Mary with Chile, yeah? I was out of the nineties late. Eighty one of the most popular shows the time, but it was loser is about a guy who's whose I was miserable, who hated everything was always complaining and I but why would I want to watch a show with this guy? So I can feel better because I'm better than him that's disgusting, I want to watch, shows rum inspired by heroes who stand up in the face.
Varsity in saying no, you move, and what do we get here? I know you're you're your violating our rights officers, but I don't want to cause you any undue distress. So so thanks, I'm sorry, man anti! goes out there. Every night violating rights of other people. They need to be stopped that I get, but the problem is in places like Portland, when it comes to a and during I've got the story I'll show you, the people of Portland tell the price cares. We will not indict you got one guy arrest them only arson who admitted to his friends. He did it and the grand jury said no amen that solidarity, maybe Police should say if you dont want them arrested, we won't arrest them. Stop defending the people who refuse to do what needs to be done.
Standing up for themselves filing lawsuits and challenging those would violate their rights. No in this instance, when they say you know they didn't want to have to be there, so we made sure not to show who they were when they are violating our rights. Yet no accountability, but fine I get it. I get what you want to do it because You dont want to cause that harm. Well, then, what about when they come to your house and sees your property when you think you didn't do anything wrong drop to your knees? mcclosky, I'm sure it's a whole lot of fun. When you put up that's, from your lawyers, and you supported blacklist better and always have that helped didn't it. This is not going to help you and it's not gonna help. Anybody, when you don't say, I don't care who you are if you like, the long, you violate my rights. I want you held accountable, but this is not what we get in Portland. When they smash windows in bash, the feds that there's a guy got back now the hammer. What do we get? The left refuses to call them out they stand by it. The senators the governors, the mayor's, they just
turn a blind eye and say that their feds not ass. We don't care and then, when Trump actually will even trunk when the This federal officers marshals actually tried to do. While the civil unrest and strike back. What happens they stand up in a scream. Tromp hasn't an occupying army in Nepal, and this is why the left keeps gaining ground. They won't back down, they will shriek, they will y know complain, not look. It is akin to a temper tantrum, but at least a temper tantrum is the willingness to stand up, isn't it they, unfortunately, are stuck between a circuit attorney Kim Garner that wants to prosecute us and their own belief. That? We did nothing wrong. Excuse me, the police, believe you did nothing wrong. Oh There has just great the cops, walk up and go you didn't They think wrong somewhere, violate your rights with a smile on our face. Bravo Mcclosky is you know people thought you had a swine
when I saw that followed it, hey man good on them for standing up for themselves for defending themselves. Now I gotta admit I dont know if the way he went about it is there I think that do doesn't necessarily not handle the weapon that he had, but there's going, happening and you know what? What? What what should I expect from any of these people? Any of the cops the cops? Listen in Portland. I bring us up because I'm going for forty five days, but even in Saint Louis, in Chicago in New York in Fort worth they keep letting the rioters go, they will let them go and guess it's gonna happen. They'll come for them, a clause, guess who will then get on their knees and say, as am I am I Boeing enough and labelling enough. Thank you. Thank you state for four arresting me. An releasing the rioters who destroyed our cities. Thank you owe me you're not to show your face when you violet my rights, and you admit what is this their own belief that we did nothing wrong amazing, those cops they got spines either. None of these people do in the June,
Thirty, instant Mcclosky said they were startled shortly before dinner time, when three to five people enter the gated community where they live, and I didn't shoot anybody. I just held my ground protecting my house and I'm sitting here on television to night instead of dead or putting out the smouldering embers of my home. If you just retreated into your house, it probably would be burned to the ground. As you just said, cars hold mcclosky, but is that our society should function? I mean someone in authority in the state of Missouri becoming to your aid right about now. Yet you know they don't, because these people won't stand up for themselves if you're gonna keep releasing p as if the media is going to function. The way they do saying peaceful protesters burn, down a police precinct when you ve got all. These stories about arson and violence and right and it's a peaceful protestors in Portland is ill. The police fired upon peaceful protestors who were throwing back, tear gas rocks and bottles at the cops
Then why should I expect anything from anybody else? You know I I be willing. Stand up and call this out and I'll do it right now. The mcclosky is, in my opinion, are, as it's amazing, it's amazing, the mcclosky. These are all as close as you can get to city me, no people act police standing up to the mob and the violence is closed. You can get and then once they realize how bad it is, they apologised for the police who the enforcers of the mob. Let's be must be real about this. You wanna, get your many trigger. You I'll, tell you right now when the mob comes to your property and and and enters private property breaks down a gate. Threatens you and then the police show up to defend them and takes your gone and you're being front with indictment, and you protect the cops I climbed matter mural in front of Trump tower. This is what you can expect more of
you and you're like well, you know, let's just accept it. Wonderful, take a look at this bandol dumps red paint on black lives matter, mural in front of Trump tower. This is what you can expect more of I'm going to move to the store quickly, but it's simple of bandol Of vandalism will hold on a minute. I seem to recall up a people in Portland lobbying rocks and bottles and and bashing feds with hammers, and that was a peaceful protest. I seem to recall in Minneapolis, MSNBC anger, standing in front of a burning building, a police praising him said well, but it is peaceful. I seem to recall from the BBC ninety seven officers injured and mostly peaceful protest, but one guy,
shows up splashes some paint vandalism, how dairy, what about the statues being torn down peaceful protesters toward on a statue every single time- and this is what you can expect so now I don't expect. I don't expect things to be balanced. I don't expect there to be fairness or equality, because one side is screaming as loud as they can and the cops are our going. Ok, babies well. Well, it will enforce the law, for you will really. Issue from jail. Is the state not just the cops? What it will release. You were so sorry here we go more dynamic he d Elect open to dropping charges against demonstrators June eighteen, twenty yeah The guy actually ram the platform. If you'll, let me I'm gonna, make sure all these criminal riders get released and they do and they did because the next Are we end up with? Is that over in Portland? I'm sorry? This is an older story. We actually.
Of the ever pulled up, they actually drop the charges on fifty nine people involved in the writing. The clashes one person was charged with felony arson. Felony arson. Apparently there are messages where he bragged about doing it and then was caught at the location of the fire. And the grand jury said no to returning an indictment and an indictment So when I see these videos of Portland cops arresting people. I am infuriated for one reason. First, if the people of Portland have said over, and over again we will not indict stop arresting them. Let vote let let Antiphon the far left do their thing now. Look, if the federal, if the federal marshal but I'm gonna, put the federal court not as different jurisdiction that I get, but for the Portland policed, even bother showing up for these swat new jobs, riot cop to show up with tear gas with
about whatever it is. It's just mind its mind. Numbing, it is nonsensical. The people are routinely told you You will drop the charges. The dna said: okay, cops, let them do their thing: neither do I see it is the only way this changes is when the people who wake up seating, untie, what's goin on every night for the past forty five days or whatever the far left shows up and they take a figurative dumb, all over the streets. There romping about graffiti in throwing bricks and the cop show up and they mop at all. Not they like they pick it up, put their hands animal, why the people have told you strip, they don't want them and died in the DE ice. He's gonna drop the charges and then the charges got dropped on fifty nine to these people, including nine felony charges. So Why are you going out spineless? You know it its remarks,
to me, but I don't think you know, I don't think I put this. The price of freedom is high and if you're not willing to pay at well, then you won't have it. Ok, freedom is not free. In fact, it is extremely expense. If, when you look at the authoritarian countries like China- and you see, how they suppress and oppress their people. It gives them a strong advice. Judge over us. In terms of global conflict and were at risk, if we do not defend these freedoms, we will fall into authoritarianism, because it's just so easy. Well, instead of actually standing up, we just keep slapping duct tape on things. You're gonna think would happen if the cops backed away and stopped arresting these people, then all of a sudden, the community would realise just why it's a problem and they might ask,
that you stop these people, and at that point you can say no, because your dna is going to drop the charges against them, so we're not going to waste our time. A rest should not be punishment in an event selves. Is a huge problem we have in this country. The police are like well, sort of, like all the rest, em all they'll, get released by tonight and go back out tomorrow, but at least I'll stop them now. That is ridiculous, knock it off cape hears. It happens that the the riders come out smash everything up. The cops show up clean up. And then by six, a m, those residents of boiling to drive down a clean street looking for their fresh copper morning, Joe so they can go about their lives, oblivious swallow destruction and damage and the cost to everyone else will happen if the cops did not interfere and let these people do their thing, actually a couple things for one maybe there's no conflict. If there's no one to have conflict with, and maybe the riders do nothing, maybe the forestry
it'll just stand there like we would we fight? That's it. That's a good possibility, hey! Maybe that makes sense de escalation. Maybe they show up and they go round smashing buildings and businesses and starting fires on the internet as well as we have already seen the grand jury, which is the residents of this jurisdiction, want these people to go to jail. No, no! I I understand they brag burning down buildings, no Let them go. Ok. Donor estimates, it's that simple and then maybe the alternative. Is these people wake up one day their car ready to go drive down the local coffee spot, which there is no longer a coffee. What, when anne- and there is no longer coffees by Y, got burned down, then thereby highway. While how come my car we spot was burned down. What you didn't want to indict. The arsonists tone Look at us. What are we supposed to do? not every night. Just arrest. People hasn't got a long time ago, and I I
It was with a friend and we got hit by a cab. The guy was trying to cut us off and that the taxi driver slammed inside of the car, and we talk to the cops and the cop said you know, the damage in what you told us. You know it's does seem like this guy. You know hit you, and so he tried lying the cops claiming we had him and the cops work buying it merely than some other evidence of something like some witnesses. I guess, and so they wanted us to it- to come in and give a statement, and we were just like look man, it's already a big enough hassle that we got hit. The last thing I wanna do is is honestly, I feel bad deal with with with going in making these statements, and that was
about fourteen or so years ago. So you know maybe we should have, because it is part of the problem that guy probably get in trouble at all. He had ass. He lied about it. He tried Firefox, please port timing. We had him and in the end, what we get nothing will because we don't do anything. I may that's on me, but that was a long time ago to be fair and maybe that's the big problem. The cops will just keep playing game, the money will keep getting wasted. Everything is falling apart, but what really really bothers me is that it's been happening for years and what do you get from? The other side will be given the conservatives. Will the cops didn't really want to be there? I don't care dude, I don't care what they wanted to do if they violate the constitution and they violate your rights and they know they're doing it. They are evil. Let me explain: that's called the banality of evil, it's their willingness to carry out unlawful and unconstitutional acts that they themselves know are wrong, but they just have to do their job. Why? Well it's more port. To me, then I get my paycheck
have a family. Don't you understand? I will police officer was a family, I'm not, risk my job for you, even if it means violating your constitutional rights. In this instance, the second amendment expose and probably the fifth due process. That's the problem. Too many people saying I will not defend what's right, because I don't want to take the risk wherever men. You know what this stuff in Portland has been going on for ever Portland, Diego up serious charges against protesters. Twenty sixteen, they say what more than a hundred protests, have been arrested in the city since Trump was elected, they keep doing this. It will not stop there. It will keep happy so long as you keep saying the same things over and over again didn't you do know. What am I I'm sorry, I'm just I am under no oh pessimistic little pessimistic.
There were a wave of blue lives matter protests. I can respect that. I can respect the people standing up for themselves and it's about time. Ok, people need to stand up gotten protest and show that they are but Americans who resist the violence, the riding in the looting and believe in our police officers. The problem I have is I have done a lot of defending of the police, because I feel like the attacks against them are way over the top. It's one thing to say: police reform. It's one thing to condemn on unconstitutional actions or lack of accountability. Some of the things they abolish them outright, especially when crime is skyrocketing. But you know what we see back: the blue wages. We see blue lives matter. There is a lot of outrage when, during covered, these cops across the country were enforcing unconstitutional edict.
With a smile on their face. They lost a lot of good well from the people. Now there is certainly a lot of sheriffs and smaller town cops. Who did the right thing over any bigger cities places like Saint Louis? They will will fully gleefully break the law. I am exaggerating when I mean and then went went when it comes time to hold me accountable. Essay cover your face is so that no nobody knows who you are when you violated the constitution and that's how you lose your rights. What do you think the founding fathers would have said? shortly after the ratification of the bill of rights, a low All law enforcement officers showed up to the home. One of their citizens in you know New York whenever and demands, the fire arm of the people and the people say. Ok within the founding fathers would say when they see this like dude. The second member was put therefore, reason. Now I get it listen they're investigating
There's gonna be a crime or charge whatever. So there is an argument you made about. Yes, they can take your guns if you, if you are a criminal, you're, being charged the crime, but there lies the big problem. Is it a crime to be on your own property within a castle doctrine state defending your own property when a group of three under two five and a people enters private property and threatens you, I think any reasonable person is going to say it's not unreasonable to come out and say get off my property. So why would these cops do this? Where are the place? We're gonna be like nope that you get fired, yeah, ok, woman, you get fired. You know a man. This is the problem with everything you ve got people who absolutely just want to protect themselves at all costs and care about nothing and no one else. They don't care about America,
care about the constitution, they don't care about civil liberties of civil rights. They care about their forty thousand dollar. Thirty thousand all your salary that their save up to that bark lounger for their big white screen tv. So you can sit back crack appearance out. I want to think about work in the meantime, the enforced this bs. I have no sympathy for sympathy from Mcclosky and criticise them before the powder statement saying they they supported black lives matter and in this photo we can see with the officers taking the rifle. The windows are boarded up a real threat, private security, anyone protect them a clock is you know why they were worried about being dragged into the politics of the issue, but eventually It's not a thing to sit there with a smile on your face as your right to self defence is taken from you. And this photo. We can see with the officers taking the rifle. The windows are boarded up a real threat. Private security, anyone protective mcclosky! You know why they were about being dragged into the politics of the issue. But events
They found some people were willing to help them secure their home and the police came and took away their right to self defence. Spineless pathetic call them out hold them accountable. The problem I see, while we can complain about the politics in the whining nature of the austrian lobbies in the far left, their extremely aggressive, their extremely violent and its working for them. They care not four principles. They care not for fairness, they care about as they get power. Meanwhile, this is what the right does. All those poor officers were violated all right, I feel so bad for them. We want to make sure there space pathetic. They slighted you and that's it. You do I'm over a man. Next items coming up at one p m on this channel- and I will see well then one by one. The far left goes door to door. Kicking the door in. And during the homes of individuals and destroying their lives.
While everyone else in their houses down the street, say if I just keep quiet they'll pass my house over and I wonder why anyone would think that is certainly of the far left. His owing to every door targeting every group. They will come for you, but for some I hear it over and over again. If I just personally stay quiet, they leave me alone and they never and that's the lesson being learned now by liberal elites. Mary Weiss. She kind of an intellectual dark web type. She really popularized the idea. I dark web dark web. She was a right New York Times and according to now resignation letter because she's quit she was brought onto basically give a voice to the people of the New York Times kind of was ignoring you see, they missed twenty sixteen and they didn't understand why it was that Donald
was able to win when every one was screaming in their ears. That tromp was the worst of the worst so. Apparently they bring in very wise and they say why don't you go and talk to some of these people and find them well very wise actually gave a lot of space to Political moderates not necessarily a whole lot of conservatives. What she was. Still kind of pushing back on the weakness she has. Since resigned citing an a liberal environment and now, oh I can say the liberal elites are getting there their taste of council culture Missy. Couple weeks ago a letter was written there, it's now known as the UN. Miss Harpers Letter where several very famous high profile, liberals- and I do mean liberal in the actual colloquial colloquial you essence, not leftist social liberals. These people signed a letter saying that discourse was being sacrificed: the name of activism that council culture
bad ideas, must flourish and guess what they actually started? Cancelling people on that list targeting them threatening them, bullying them harassing them, and it worked. You know it's fun. About the culture was a few things I want to bring about a region. The story on a show, some tweets and talk about the severity of what this is. First, they came for conservatives, they were harassing, they were threatening, they were banning them and many people.
Oh god, but most of these liberal elites didn't they said, always a private platform. Well, you know what here we are they're going to eventually ban me for sure. I just got word that Damn Dixon, Independent Youtube or wife Mench mentioned several times- has been permanently banned from Youtube. I don't know exactly the full details, but the purge is upon us. It's been upon us and it's been a slow role that can go out right and ban everybody, but there will come a point where I will be completely removed as well, and that's why I've been so adamant about speaking up against this ill liberalism, the authoritarianism it's coming. It came for the New York Times and now they have begun, they become the perch ripe at large papers. The take over is here when conservatives we're getting band? I said I m a conservative, but I learned from history and I will speak up to the best of my ability. I will go
on high profile shows, and I will call this out and for it I myself was called the conservative. I'm not maybe in some ways, but mostly unite I've taken so many political tests. I recently took a few political party test and I am a left, leaning, independent many news outlets actually get that right. Unfortunately, many results are being purge and taken over by the far left, the liberal elites. These people they danced and they sang as the conservatives got purge saying well, it will stop somewhere. Won't it, of course, it'll stop somewhere else. What John Oliver said about statues being torn down when drop said hey they too. Or down jack. You know they must it a tear down, Stonewall, Jackson, who's next Jefferson, Washington and John Oliver laughed. Obviously it stops somewhere and then they tore down Jefferson. Then Washington then grant HANS Christian Hag and finally
We presume it was the far left, but someone tore down Frederick Douglass escaped slave, who spoke up for liberty, truly remarkable how far we ve come Niven screaming for years and for it I've been smear, but I dont care. I will stand up for what's right, all these people very wise included could have been screaming a lot louder for a lot longer, but they didn't because more private platform now not trying to drag, bury, I think she's actor them a good job of giving a voice to many of these people challenging the far left, but Dave Reuben at some criticism. He mentioned that he wanted her to publish the far left was a threat that was causing these these problems, and apparently she didn't do it I'll show you his tweet in a second. I respond.
To it, but I have to tell you I I am too I've been talking about taken the van down by the river ass. If it was a joke right, I don't love you caught my earlier segment where I talked about the mcclosky peace is the people and Saint Louis were defending their homes with weapons when that, when the black eyes matter, fanatics came to them I've progress if fanatic, because there's been a wave of violence and murders, and I dont think it's fair to say, protest at this point, not every single person, one hears or believes in biogas matters a fanatic You know, certainly when they march around breaking down gates and stuff like that in threatening people. You can argue it's it's fanaticism. While these people, had police officers shop to their house and sees this man more closely to see his rifle. The the wife Patricia said she want to take a picture of it happening, but the cops should turn around so that no one harasses them and there it is. This is what the left means when they say boot liquor. It means the. Already shows up the cops, the cops, no There are violating their rights and the people who live,
They are just say: well, you know they're just following orders, not following the law on just following orders: there's no There's there's no one to stand up against this tyranny, suppression, authoritarianism and it's been escalating. I look to my left for the liberals and what do they say, but my private platform- and I said: do you not realise they'll come for you? Next, we must stop the cliff from the, and that includes the right because they're the ones standing on the edge of the cliff and if they keep tearing down this edge. It'll eventually come for the rest of you and they said it'll stop somewhere and it didn't. It certainly didn't, Matthew, Iglesias the co founder of Vocs tweeted, but he had a commitment to not speak on twitter about contentious issues anymore. Why has he signed the Harpers letter, the famous letter condemning council culture
and one by one. These people just bend their knees and they say. Maybe if I keep my head down, they won't come for me. You must really funny I am probably say fifty million times and even people who why these videos just don't get it. I have a family, I'm gonna keep my family safe by. Not speaking up. I understand your word for your family. I understand you d want to stand up, cause you're scared about what will happen. They're going to come for you. They will take your job away. They will strip you of your resources, and you know what you're doing by sitting down and saying nothing. Imagine it this way, you're at your house, in the suburbs where you live, and you see down the street a group of people going door to door stripping away the rights and resources from every house one by one, without skipping a beat without skipping
House, and even though you can see they're going to every single door, you say, but if I just steak, why it maybe they'll skip my house. They want now the liberals are learning at the hard way as they start to get caught, and sold harassed, mocked, belittled and they lose their jobs. These the people who said while their only going after conservatives amazing because as there are still many conservative. He said. If I keep my head down, they won't come for me, but they still came for everyone. The funny thing is, many of the people have been cancer, posted a video online. You see you don't are these stories because high profile people getting cancel losing their jobs. These people will we notice, but regular people who have been cancelled by the tens of thousands who can't find work because of accusations. You'll, never hear their stories and it's been happening as I've heard their stores when I've met some of these people upon events of I've done speaking. Events and I've met people,
who say: I've lost my job. I was banned from social media. What do I do? Nobody knows? What do I talk to that? Just the way it is. They ve been purging, they will continue, they won't stop and they won't skip you, sir I'll, tell you what happens when a joke about going down. Are the river in my van we're getting a work spending I plan to keep on speaking up, I plan to keep defending freedom until they finally ban me. I but there's a reason why I've decided to get away from the city's mostly having to do with the escalation of violence and the refusal of these of these cities actually do anything about it. The police are being defended their backing down. It's probably not a good idea to be in the city at any. At this point, the other problem, though, is what do I see when I to my right. I looked to my left. I now see panic. Liberals signing a letter saying stop cancelling stop counselling, you're too close to us
to my right after they begin cancelling people. We have now seen the next wave riots, violence, vandalism and when they shop to the House and Mcclosky, is and at an adult, tell you what went down these people show up. They they they enter private property, they break down the gate and the police arrest. Nobody, they do nothing. So Ro protesters go to the highway in Seattle for four twenty days dancing on a highway. Not a single person arrested. They can break the law with impunity and here's the best part after they enter your private property like the mcclosky. They broke down the gate, the Mcclosky dared defend themselves themselves, the police shut up for them. Now the police, apparently did want to be there as it. They said, the police still did what the what they were told to do. Acting on behalf of the mob them.
I said it was wrong that the d, a sad do, as I say in the cops at yes MA, am Now we don't wanna. Do I, but of course, will just do what the mob demands. Where do you think this goes if no one stands up, no gets worse and I ll go to court. They'll continue going door to door until they come to yours and they will not skip you. Maybe it's time you speak up. May it's too late, I don't know, but if the police are willing to do what the mob wants- and they are, then, where do we end up? Well, we end up with morality, policing, which is what we are seeing. And it won't be the mob that shows up to your house to strip you of your rights in Saint Louis. It was the police themselves, and I said this would happen, and many peoples I'd never know, oh, we well know is what I will Coronel worn it again them
or these activists these fanatics take cultural institutions like the New York Times, the more they begin to dictate public policy, the more they get. It public office, the more likely it is. The police will gladly gleefully VI I like your rights to secure their own personal paycheck. They will not skip your house and guess what one day you will find the mob outside your home, just like the mcclosky and I'll be screaming things that are not true and you'll see but these are wise. These are lie. I didn't say anything I kept my head down, but it won't be the protesters who actually break your Dorin, notably the police. The police will show up and they'll say you ve been accused, but these are lies. I never said anything. I don't care. I was ordered by the DE to arrest you and strip you of your rights and you know what I see when I looked at my right, the conservatives going while
not gonna blame the police for doing what the mob wants them to do, you know them just following orders: keep that keep saying it out, but keeps you warm as your being walked down the bootleg, maybe a little extreme, but what if It's gonna happen: I've been warning about what happens in the New York Times falls. Many people may be just don't realize it. This is the great lady, the paper of record one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful newspaper in the world, rivalled only by probably the Wall Street Journal. Maybe a few other papers get clothes, but this is the New York Times with very wise to depart you're due to what she calls illiberal environment harassment bullying. There is very little laugh at this paper that there is something I love the inability for anyone to ever learn you see in this.
Glory in the resignation letter from very wise. We learned that there are many people at the New York Times who complained to her privately about the new Mccarthyism. That's coming, but they won't speak up themselves. You know why, if I just keep my head down veil leave me alone, but they don't they. Do they attack each other? I mean Obama called it a circular firing squad. What do you think happens when these p, we'll take over, they were beating each other and you know posted a video from Portland a couple days ago. That was the absence of police anti. If I start for getting themselves, so even the people who think if I carry a torch,
I'll, be on their side. Now, they'll still come for you to, they won't stop it is. It is just a chaotic, destructive force with nothing standing in its way, not even Donald Trump, certainly not the Republicans, and certainly not apparently any conservative, because as they get purged as they gets removed and fired, and now they've come for liberals still. I hear it from so many, I'm not going to say anything. I want to be safe. I have a lot to show you a lot that it has been a long ran up, but I want to show you some tweets variety says very wise resigned from the New York Times, citing illiberal environment quote. Twitter is not on the mast head of New York Times, but twitter has become an ultimate editor. Why said, the statement posting a personal site, Tuesday stories- are chosen and told them away to satisfy the narrowest of audiences rather than to allow a curious public to read.
But the world and then draw their own conclusions. I was always taught that journalists were charged with writing the first raft of history. Now history itself is one more ephemeral thing moulded to fit. The needs of a predetermined narrative. Now I wanna make sure I said, is a makes clear. I'm torn between whether or not I am glad that very wise, quit or sad that she did, because with her leaving, the New York Times is truly fallen, but maybe it's important. She stood up for herself because with this resignation it was a true condemnation of the New York Times is credibility and maybe that's something important we need. I said it before I quit. I tried to quit when I worked for fusion when they wanted me to lie than ABC News Company and ultimately more content expired. I said Bob, I maybe that's what she needs to do to leave. Maybe it isn't that there needs to be a wake up, call to people and maybe the rest of those liberals who are scared of this Mccarthyism me to all stand up at the exact same time
And walk up, but they're scared, they think they'll be safe and I am sure many of you do as well. You won't be a you, won't be an endless, and I'm not talking about any physical violence on talking about you. On day. Waking up questioning what happened to that country. You once knew and loved when you have the right to speak and make jokes and fire up the girl with your bodies and have a beer. What happened that country? I don't know! Well, nobody defended it because, even in the instance, let's say you when the lottery and they do pass over your house. For one reason, just you, what do you think will be left of the smouldering ruins that you will be able to enjoy? Do you think standing a top, a pile of rubble will be worth keeping your mouth shut. What's going to happen is going to be cultural and it is cultural they'll. Take away your right to speak, then take a mayor take away your right to work unless you adhere to certain fringe idea. Allergies and one day you will wake up and say I kept my mouth shut. I was good was
die. Say I mean why do we care your cancelled? Your job is gone and your access to resources gone with it. That's the end result. It doesn't need to be a big blue. The battle or anything like that. It's not going to be necessarily they helped your house and punch you in the face. It's gonna, be You saying well, I kept my mouth shut. I said nothing so I'll, be ok and then your phone rings were letting you go. You ve been fired because someone's accuse you of something naughty and you can't do anything about it I'll say, but what it where it? What do I do? Well, we can't do anything now, maybe it's possible after everyone's cancelled. You know they say once everyone's cancelled, no one will be, or maybe what about heard immunity to cancellation, not of everyone's too scared. The cultural institutions are dominated by these lunatics, and so long as everyone just stay quiet, they'll, just keep running amok I'll show you this first tweet. This is from Dave, Reuben interest.
Hans Douglas Mario's at Bury Weiss, leaving and mighty after constant bullying by colleagues. A devastating resignation letter are should bear after yes, twitter is not the Massa than your times, but has become its ultimate editor Dave said the New York Times just lost its last non woke public person, while this will be cheered, is a victory. They just finalizes the death of the paper itself. I kept warning bury that the real threat was the far left in that I d w peace and begged her. To put it in she didn't, and here we are with her resignation. It's worth noting Dave says: that, because, even last week, with the Harpers letter, the last few liberals post order, sixty six still focus on the scary conservatives in from while their own burn down. Cities demolish institutions and put out the last flicker of liberalism
and where are any of these liberal writers, while their cowering. Now they were never strong enough to fight back to begin with us other powering at least they they they levied some defence. You know very wise, cheek. She came out this right resignation, letter condemning the paper and liberalism, and I can respect that. Many people signed this Harpers letter Jake a rallying spent on a tear, but maybe it's too late. Maybe it's not too late. Maybe this is actually the opening salvo of liberals finally pushing back conservatives then join in the frame. Maybe the ones who have already been cancelled, maybe that's the problem, because these liberals wouldn't stand up for free speech. They wouldn't listen and heed the words of people like NOME Chomsky, they now have no allies left in the public debate. You turn on any program. You,
any brand and they're all saying the same thing off with their had, not literally but they're all chanting. The same mantra will show you a few more tweets from Jordan. Chateau Jordan is with four policy at eyes. It a journalist formerly with you today. I guess stories written for them in the examiner he said very Weiss, rarely published Trump supporters, which you know our half the USA during her tenure, Trump supporters were large medical and a deal a generalised by her cohort, so they say she is some kind of right wing or is laughable this on Going battle is hard left versus centre. Left Weiss is only a member of the never Trump club and subscribes to the stock in two thousand three foreign policy. Ideas of that group, of course disavowing trump. Four, and over did nothing to stop her from being targeted by the hard left. Shoe be a learning moment for respectable right types So to say she provided an open forum. Is it really true every once in a while? I trump supporters snuck in but and Whiting
Op Ed space on the right has since two thousand and sixteen in a place for attempting to attack Potus using conservative credentials same goes with Bezos, Post, of course and white. He would never ever higher Trump supporter because of paper is an info up and they would not risk. Possibility of losing support to the other side, Weiss was hired to bring more subsidy or times to crack the door open a little bit, but not too much nothing to do with free press. You report you, so you absolutely do. But, Also, let me just tell you when you so the seeds come harvest. You will be left with what you have laid in your yard, in your farm on your land
but what happens when you do nothing? You will still have a choice of either reaping or doing nothing, but I assure you if you leave your your fields and do nothing, things will grow and it will be chaotic and I'll be destructive and you won't have food, so I asked This we can talk about people reaping what they have some all the time, and that implies that people like, though these elite liberal elites, like Matthew, Iglesias were laying the seeds of their own destruction and come harvest time. They realized this. They could not eat but there are many other people who say. Look there's this field out our ongoing to ignore it and ensure enough when it comes time for harvest where they find a bunch of disgusting, weeds, garbage trash and there's nothing, they can do for the other.
Did it can do with it and eventually that over growth comes for their home and destroys it as well, they could have cut it back. They could have stopped it as it was taking over their field. It's a blight poisoning, the crop that you need to survive, and you know what people do they burn it, but many people are sitting around saying De Morbihan, you no hold on it's, not gonna reach my field I'll, be! Ok. Let me know how that works out for you there banning you, tubers, left and right eventually, they'll ban me. So I'm making plans. I guess, but you know a man if no one else will stand up man or not. What you would expect of meat is ice
We ever any day about this non. Stop me for the most part- and I am going to be doing more to speak, to speak more to speak louder, to reach more people to put to provide jobs to those who may have been cancelled, who want to speak up and speak out against this, so I'll keep doing what I have to do in his idea. Logical battle! If you want to sit back and just stay safe as it were, I assure you won't be. But don't attract. I would also stand up for you after your longer after you, ve lost your job. I mean long gone in the figurative sense, but hey who knows what will happen? I lived there next signal becoming up at four p m at Youtube com. A slash TIM Cast or TIM cast dot net is a different channel. Gotta TIM cast a magic it up and I will see you all- then the top trending new story of the day- very wise Resigns from the New York Times amid and illiberal culture of bullying. We got more big NEWS, Andrew Sullivan, a very prominent writer, is leaving New York Mag and you know what these stories are very important
That's not what I'm leading with I'm leaving with get your race being ever so astute saying Anyone mildly conservative on Twitter is labelled as Hitler. He said people are entrenched in their points of view, but it's not just He said anybody who mildly left suddenly becomes trotzky. Everything is being amplified to an extreme degree, and this is hyper polarizing thing. So when there conversations about civil unrest, extreme violence, is why we are being polarized by this media and is a video that you should really watch from sea. Jp Gray called. I believe it's called this video will make you angry. That explains. What's happening, you have two different groups who actually have way more than just too, but they start talking about
other group in this group. So basically, the left all just complains about the right, and the right complains that the left this very little cross over ever now. The reality is conservative. Journalists do follow leftwing journalist, Trump supporters do follow the left in the argue with them, but doesn't go. The other way, though, tends to ignore the right. So I repeat your vase: does we have a good pilot left and right and what happened to us, good, all, centrists. I think a lot of people try to play this balancing act game where they're like to be fair. You have the left and the right as well. I ll hold on the right is paying attention not complete, like no one hundred percent, but I would say, like Many conservatives do follow leftwing journalists and left in personalities. The left certainly doesn't. Allow is actively trying to get cancer. Is banned and the reason why I bring a very wise and ensure Sullivan is because the left is trying to get them cancelled too. I guess swell
three the story and see what Ricky Jervis had to say read your voice called the lack of on line discourse in what he sees as the new fascists on social media. The often controversial comedian and creator of the office appeared on talk radio for a recent interview about the shows, nineteenth anniversary burn the discussion, the house to ask your base if he thinks the beloved sitcom would have been made today to which he knows that times have changed and there's a lot more to worry about when making comedy, then there was two decades ago: There is this new, weird sort of fascism, of people thinking they know what you can say and what you can't say, and it's really it's it's a really weird. Then that there is this new trendy myth that the people who want free speech, why but to say awful things, all the time which just isn't true, he explained it protects everyone here, ear record your vase good, sir. He added the two catastrophic problems. The term hate speech is one. What constitutes hate speech
every one disagrees, there's no consensus on what hate speech as to who decides, and there The real rub, because, obviously the people who think they want to close down free speech because bad are the fascists. It's really weird. It's it's a really weird mixed up. Idea that these people hide behind a shield of goodness. Later in the interview you re said it's often hard to please anyone on both the left and the right online, because no discourse to be with people entrenched in their respective points of view. I must stop right there, and I believe this is true when I tweet something: ok, Donald Trump pardoned Rogers, What did I say all of the major headlines tomorrow quote Trump is corrupt commute sentence of close personal friend, the left, make the assumption that I was calling trump corrupt. No, they need the assumption that I was mad. Add anybody would call him corrupt conservatives just agreed the meat.
There would probably run the headline that was about it. You can look up my twitter into their sponsors. Someone said to me, then pray tell us TIM. What should the headline have been too much? I responded. Did I started the reason I pointed out, because they're saying will we expect you to defend Rogers Stone and into assignment on Roger Stone? Was I'm pretty sure I do I do so many segment sometimes forget. No, I'm not to play games about what truck shouldn't, I shouldn't be doing a lot of conservative defended trump and of over this action. I didn't do that, so they assume anything I say must be against them. So funniest thing I've tweeted things that have flown in. Face of certain conservative ideals and I've been ratio in the past, but the ratios I typically receive from the right on Twitter. Are like stern disagreement and often derision, but not the worst.
World more like. You can't possibly be that dumped him come on. Don't you know about X Y and see what do I get? My left eye get pictures of my family. I get through I get weird mockery and means no real arguments. Just insults nonsense. So I've found that, no matter what I post, I could agree with eleven group. The right. If I agree with the left and an issue, I made a post, I talk him systemic Grayson. What I get a conversation with conservatives, why difficult was that a wire, Let us agree- and I don't think so- cemeteries and while glad to hear your opinion, I respect the bank it. What is the left to ignore? It may ignore it, but then they want it, so this is what I what we're out what their I bring this up, because I am not going to play this fake. Well, there are the left in there that no known on analysing men, it is
actually more likely, though, not absolute, that if you tweet something a conservative will argue with you, and it is true that if you in that same to melt, laughed will attack you insult you derived you scream. Are you post out of context, means and attempt to own you or one up you? It's just nonsense. Conservatives do it too, but the tendency, on the conservative side, your more likely to get a real conversation on the left side, your more likely to get derision and attacks on Sweden's social media amplifies everything if mildly left wing on Twitter, you're, suddenly Trotzky. If your model chickens, but if you're hitler- and if your centrist, Look at both arguments, you're a coward, and they both hate. You that's just not true. That is absolutely not true. I often call myself the milk toast fence. At least I think it's funny it's it's almost
term of endearment. I did a video a long time ago, and one of the top comments was that TIM Pool is a milk toast vent center, but it wasn't made in such a way to attack me or insult me. It was meant to be like poking fun at me, give me a little job in the ribs, because I am often a milk toast fence centre. Why thinkers of lately people of a magazine a bit too aggressive and pessimistic, but sure they're, like even TIM's, off the fence, buying guns to a well yeah yeah yeah we get. It was a man, the eighty w, the politically home was the Vienna Dave Rubens. Some of his top guests are ranging from slightly left or right, and bring him out because the intellectual dark, whereby this is very centrist and moderate, moderate people- they are not going to call the conservatives, don't talk
many of US cat, while some of them do, but for the most part I have. I have people on the right. Commenting sometimes it's mean but like whatever the left sends me threats. They try to shut me down. To try to get me band veiled lie all the time conservatives have conversation so now when you're in the center. I'm sorry this Centre is mostly aligned. Right now, with conservative I may I may left leaning independent according to pure researches study I am a centre left libertarian. According to the ideal labs thing, I know I'm standing- and I disagree with rookie on this when I get the point trying to make, but now it's be real people. I think people are like we need to unify come together, so the left wants to hear you been critical of the I'd somebody message me tomb. I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Why won't you quit
size. The Republicans I do. I've called them ineffective and do nothing politicians all the time, but for the most part, when you have Democrats engaging in overtly corrupt behaviour, the impeachment fake nonsense, Ukraine, fake nonsense, Russia, gate fake nonsense won't get recurrent criticising we're the Republicans doing saying: stop, stop don't do it. You're not a whole lot They can criticise them for doing nothing which are typically do, but we do what we want. What am I supposed to complain about for the most part? I've I went what I've talked about Mitch, Mcconnell blocking bills, all the time saying it's not fair, to criticise Democrats outright, if Mcconnell won't allow any of the bills to make it to the Senate floor. But what am I going? its politics man, I don't care, it's ok, The court about criminals in New York, stealing bread when are not their shooting people. So, yes, Democrats, you wanna, pretend like other shoe supposed to drop, it doesn't mean it is a former golden globes housed explained that there were. There are indeed caveats to free speech that he agrees with
Just libel lost our notes that he fears a world where people are our told not to say certain fish. Because someone might be offended what's not in place and which should never be in place at all. Is you mustn't, say something that someone somewhere might find offensive, because some somewhere might find anything offensive, I have always said just because you're offended doesn't mean you are right and it doesn't and an end. What took regulations are offended. He added office is good because it makes you think it makes you come up with an argument and that's and what what's happened recently that I'm offended has replaced and argument is rent by saying it's up to everyone decide what they feel is morally good. So you ve just got to do your thing sleep at night and know you, during a decent job at work and stuff. I respect Ricky think is great, but I gotta say men. The threat is the left. Liberal elites are now feeling the pressure
now you know about very wise, but here's, Andrew Sullivan into Sullivan's, been conservative. I'm pretty sure he's a good guy. I could be wrong, I'm not! I don't orbiting about him. He said this will be my last week it near magazine. I am sad because the editors I work for there are among the finest in the country, and I am immensely grateful for them for vastly improve in my work, I'm all A proud of the assassin columns I wrote at New York Mag, some of which will be publishing a collection of my writing scheduled for next year. I have no be with my colleagues many I admire, and our friends. The underlying reason for the split are pretty self evident and I'll be discussing the broader questions involved in my last column, this Friday, I've been preparing
This eventuality in the column will continue elsewhere c on Friday, when I'll details and exciting news, apparently the area at New York Mag sad that they don't think he fit the vision of what they wanted in terms of criticism of the laugh blah blah blah. Yet we get where it's going. Ok, it's not the conservatives, it's not the right! Now! It's true that Ban Shapiro. He dominates Facebook and Fox NEWS dominates on Facebook, but the luck, the area of of acceptable opinion on the right is becoming increasingly narrow and now it's starting an charenton negatively impact liberals and liberal elites, which is why we see the top training story. Writers, TAT, the right very wise, has resigned from New York Times because it will get worse. The cliffs are eroding so as much as Ricky wants to call him out. I respect it, but
It's the last man, I'm sorry it just as liberals they're trying to stand up now either it's too late. I got a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly. It will come for the government, it will come for the police. It will hit every institution, welcome my friends to our brave new world CDC employees call out agencies, toxic culture of rain, bill aggressions, oh, but it gets better. You see, along with this calling out of toxic racial aggressions may say the offers makes is it is a paper. The authors makes up seven demands for action, including diversify Senor leadership, addressing racism in the CDC culture and publicly d, airing racism, a public health crisis, in the? U S, because that's but the centre for Disease Control and prevention should be doing declaring racism, a public health crisis man. The south starts at
I believe it will get substantially worse. I this conversation is not an IRA podcast, otherwise catch it over at Youtube COM, slashed him guest IRA Monday, through fraud at eight p m. We do it I've and what I said was this will end with the destruction of the declaration of independence and the constitution. And what they're going to say is that the constitution It was created by racist white slave owners to protect them, slave accuracy. That's what the New York Times said they, zestfully rewrite history in this way, which it seems like their succeeding, especially as the indoctrinate kids, it will only a matter of time before they start burning? The constitution before someone goes into the national archives and no one stops then, and they pull the stuff out and destroy it, and then any copy of the concert will be destroyed if people have digital copies and mail
and they'll Common Melbourne on destroy those tools. Are you not a big it? Are you why supporting white supremacist literature? Maybe you won't into that point- seems kind of extreme but outside this man? What have we seen? What have we seen in Saint Louis when the mcclosky to defend themselves. Did the police common arrest, those who had trespass on private property know what are they, it will dancing on the highway in Seattle, the police, common arrest them no, but the police did show up to look I ask you to take away their gun. That's right, the cops be enforcers for the mob. You think I'm joking read history. I love it when people say I'll, just my head down the sea he d C, a governmental institutions now, as a group people demanding they declare a public health crisis, racism what's it's. It's nebulous ephemeral. How do you actually track down the scourge? Well, I've. Already,
redefine, what racism is so what comes next, they tell you. Everything you do as racism and they're gonna tell you can do it and they will curtail your at your freedoms or speech your rights. They will say: gown ownership is racist. Ah, that's right. They'll come for everything. They'll say due process is racist. They ve already done. This may have claimed that due process should not be upheld in colleges. All of these things have been happening. I'm not I'm not saying it's. A grand conspiracy in the dominoes are falling over and nothing is stopping the lunatics from gaining this ground now, maybe with the recent culture collapse things like the New York Times very Weiss, Andrew Sullivan, the liberal elites. Finally, getting some comments there may be. Some push back in the far left may be curtailed. I'm a convent
You see the dominoes have started falling down these big brands of already embraced this stuff boy. Would they look dumb if it turned out, they were wrong. What happens if, after the you know very wise departs from earlier times, there is a cultural reckoning and people abandon these big publications and Donald Trump? winds in an epoch, historical landslide. What are all these companies gonna do when they realise? Not only were they wrong, but they are the fringe of the fringe. And no one likes what they have to say yet alive on their face is also the scope possibilities are not wrong and our culture has really changed. Just that much statues are destroyed and torn down and nobody is arrested. They hunt down vandals who drive over black lives matter, murals, not just one, but a couple. So here you go the CDC now governmental agency. They say more than twelve hundred current employees, the CDC,
have signed a letter calling for the federal agency to address ongoing and recurring acts of racism and discrimination against black employees? In the letter addressed to see, see director robber, Redfield and Day June thirtieth, the others put their call for change in the country, except the krona virus, pandemics, disproportionate impact on black people. You know innocent until you what twelve hundred people current employs signed a letter. I wonder how many employees actually about say this? Do you believe that every one thousand two hundred people agree with all of this? I'm willing to bet that they don't to federal agency, had imagined they have a lot of employees at our on different Nunez political step, up different areas of the political spectrum, its eyes em you, then I see regular people keeping their head down. So someone walks up to you and says: will you sign this latter denouncing racism and they go oh yeah, you know for sure I'll sign it, and then they do
keeping my head down, so they don't come for me. I have a family yeah. I know I know you have a family. I hear you, I feel for you. I sympathise I empathize. I want you to meet, build a figure. Kids, I don't Now, if the people who signed this letter all agree or don't agree in some doing some, don't I do now, I can only assume they all agree, but I'm worried because there are a lot of people and I've heard the story they ve been on twitter. They ve been in the news where someone in an office will say they want to do a message about denouncing racism and the people in the office just say: okay, I better keep my down to protect. My guess is going to be really fun If you leave for your children, are gonna be again it world, I'm I'm excited for them to have no civil. It's no speech note due process. Maybe one of them, you no one. There twenties. It turns out that their father there Mother were moderates. Heaven forbid, red, bury Weiss member.
I who eyes a race car driver is dad said the word in the eighties before he was born, so he lost a sponsor. I dont think out of anybody really understands what happens in history. I think that just don't they just don't it's called this so the father. The phrase exists for a reason you want to leave, our future for your children, stand up and start speaking out don't sign these letters make Hunter letter saying it is not the position of the centre. For disease control to make assertions about politics. Racism we deal with virology or other things too actually visit as easy wants is pretty cold. Like me, you know educational museum, like type installations, so with the organisations with federal agencies like this now embracing I'll, tell you what can happen. Your child will grow up. Congratulations! You fed them. I am very proud of you unhappy. You are able to do it. I mean it sincerely
and they'll be about twenty or twenty, you know them in their early twenties and one of the welcome morality, police, we walk out their truncheon. And they'll, say Mr Smith,. It says here. No, my little futuristic tablet device. My phone at your father, had once posted spicy mean when they were teenager, can't have that? but I'm sorry I didn't mean it does my dad. I didn't say anything and the Van pulls up may throw the throw your kid in and you can get spend less written that You know the rest of their lives in the gulags. I know exaggerating purpose I don't really know how bad it will get and I'm only using our historical references to make real predictions about what would be what life would be like in the future, but I think that employee answer, is: if we look at the current trend with, what's going on, then you're gonna end up with me,
all that cheer your children will grow up and failed, be on high rubble. They'll be second class citizens. They can't get jobs, they'll be restricted, the can't buy things and they'll be impoverished. This is where things get true. Crazy when they say the authors make seven demands publicly. Declaring racism, a public health crisis in the? U S! What's that openness thing I've ever heard stupidest. What does it mean? What do you do? You gotta make a vaccine for racism I'll. Tell you what's gonna happen, you can make everybody where a gigantic you era, he's gonna, where these gigantic square for, like it'll, be framed green suits are green Youtube. You pulled over your head. No You can see how tall you are. No one can You want your raises and everyone useless a voice changed. So you all talk like robots, allow citizen, I'm here to work. Otherwise, you'll have big. Train bias and racism right. Are you solve People having negative opinions about other people. You can't do is ridiculous,
the CDC has stumbled in its attempts to address a disproportionate impact of covert black Americans at other communities, although data are incomplete. Seventeen people in the U S are at least two times more likely than white people die from covered and three times more likely to get sick. So how is that racism? Whatever men failing- to address racism role and causing health problems? The author say is it. The reason why we have witnessed little progress in reducing many of these disparities in the? U S. Over the past fifty years Jones who the easy and twenty fourteen says she feels courage to see black employs, organizing to effect change. My first on a letter I was feeling a resin I know this is no exaggeration. Ok, ok, no other gallon. I've seen I've read the history and I am I'm just tired. I am tired. I will not, I will not stop saying it. You must speak out
and reject this. You know at the outset. Let me also also comes next Nick Cannon says people are a little less closer to animals. The true savages acting out of a deficiency so the only way they can act is evil one. Does he get cancelled? He won't you fat. You had to Sean Jackson, posting Anti semitic, conspiracy theories. You have Chelsea handler propping up Farrakhan, you know a man, I'm gonna, keep fighting. I'm gonna keep speaking out, calling us out demanding an end to the racism amount demanding an end to the liars and receivers and demanding people stand up. First, the liberty, civil rights, the consent of the governed. You must speak up, I'll, get done it until it. Ben me, which I imagine will probably be soon because November elections are coming up. They can't have people like me. Can they will see our plays out, but I'll tell you what men there will come a certain point,
where I and many others will not be there for you, we want If you will not stand up, why would you expect someone stand up for you? If you don't have the time, the energy this that the fortitude, the willpower to Do the hard work and take the risks to save your own life. Why she If any one else, this is escalating to one of the most it to an absurd degree. It's been off the rails for the past few months. Can you imagine what knit Canada's second I can catch is insane the things he sang. They are not unheard of. If you ve been, if even paying attention once go back in time, watch some Farrakhan see what he has to say and then you'll go. I get it now. This is what they ve been believe. They can plan and calling for for a long time. So you know what hey man, it is a free country. It is for now
If you want to do anything, I guess I can't just I guess I can make you you know I'll speak up, though I'll stand up, I'll reject stuff and I'll make sure to fight as hard as I can. You know within legal context and speech and all that stuff When they finally do decide to ban me, then I'll be gone and that's it. I don't care when one speaks up in my defines after I get banned ominous shrug my shawl and say I knew I knew, I know you know somebody. People will refuse to speak up because they think our ring and hiding in their basement is the safest way to get by never works. It doesn't but feel free to do what you want to do at least, while still can right where freedom stick around, I got one more segment for he coming up in a few minutes and I will see while shortly we all are ready for a spicy November? We are going to have a long drawn out broken election process. I won't make sense and it will be because the Democrats,
mandate, but then also blamed tromp for it. I could you not, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you to Barack Obama says everybody should be able to vote by mail and takes aim at Donald Trump claims that will lead to widespread fraud. Tromp can't say that is certainly not true. Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton says United States must be ready for the possibility that Donald Trump will not go quietly from the white ass if he loses in November and may blame, male in votes there you got, everybody is at their plan is at the game. We know trumps, gonna win, we know it, be a landslide, so demand mail in voting and then no matter What happens blamed chaos on from and say he's manipulating the chaos. You know what you know. You know mail in voting. It so easy. Disrupt and I've got over so many stories, but what I spoke to say to this they're going. We we definitely need he'd mail in Voting Donald Trump,
gonna blame mail in voting well hold on you just set. You just set the whole thing up. It's like eat. You you, you ve, created a trap, no matter what Trump does at this point you see, up so that you get what you want and a matter what he says. It's gonna be his fault I'll catch. You know what men I get it. The name of the game has been going on for ever. Let's read the first step, let's see what Obama's on about vote by male shouldn't, be a partisan issue, especially during a pandemic. The Obama said everybody should be able to request an absentee ballot and make their voice heard, and every every election no mind you The New York Times already wrote last month at New York is completely overwhelmed. Sixty five thousand plus ballots are being rejected because of the Post office in California, one hundred thousand belts we're not delivered on time and also did not get counted but sure Obama. Thanks. Ah guy. Now I missed echoes had thanks Obama here
but it's a tweet put out. I guess and that's the gist of it, but I bring up the Obama part first, because Hillary Clinton has been surprisingly active. Lightly leading to the same old, same old speculation that Hillary Clinton she's runnin. I don't know about that is Joe Biden really gonna be the guy. Maybe we got about a month until the DMZ and they're supposed to pick the VP. Our who knows can happen, I'm not convince it'll, be Hilary. I think it might be binding. You know why the Democrats aren't running a candidate they're just running against Trump. The Democrats are trying to shore up the vote through hatred. Trump supporters are actually being
but if it had more by fear a low but hatred but a lot more fear- and again, I said it before, but I am not saying be disrespectful. I'm saying Donald Trump supporters are scared about what happens to this country if he loses they're scared about their freedoms, being stripped, they're scared about the potential for the establishment, the cronies, to cheat, to lie to steal from them to destroy the economy, destroy their children's futures, that's a real fear, and that motivates people, because I can run faster scared than you can mad the Democrats are putting on anger to real people up to go out with the Democrats. Aren't scared the world's funding. I just hate Trump. Well, that's the point so anyway, back to the story, Hillary Clinton says the United States must be ready for the possibility of trouble not go quietly. Yes, just more hatred, tribe hasn't done any
what is it? What are you done? Why they sang this speaking to travel? No, on Monday nights episode of Daily Show Clinton said she could not rule out voter suppression and foreign interference in this year's about and there it is. You see Newsweek already published a story saying that Donald Trump may claim China interfered or that Bill bar will claim China interfered in Wisconsin, Michigan or Pennsylvania. Therefore, we must negate the vote or investigate. We will meet the deadlines and then Trump ends up winning,
That's it music, a saying it was written by the four by the founder of MSNBC we hold on now. Plinth and sang foreign interference might help trump there. It is there's no way to actually deal with this. The election is going to be a chaos is an understatement bedlam. I love that word by the way, but think about it. Lets say there is foreign interference, Trump and bought and we'll both point the finger of blame each other. What do we do? Who will you side with? If there is not a clean election, it will really come down to whose side are you on? Are you with Trump or are you against him if tromp loses and hasn't interference and bill bar intervenes. The left will be emboldened if Trump wins and there's interference. They'll just claim that rush hour, whoever sheeted for trumpet this is the problem
been waiting for. They planted the seeds of the past several years, so they set him up in every way possible. They say he make blame for interference for his loss. Hilary says it may be for interference, helping him when no matter which weigh it goes it they'll be trumps fault. So what is? It was the same regular presence both to do a thriller, more quote. Well, I think it's a fair point to raise as to why there are not if he loses he's going to go quietly or not, and we have to be ready for that Clinton said that trumps, repeated warnings of mass voting for If mail in boats are in widespread use in November did not stand up to scrutiny. There have many academic studies, another analyses which point out that it's just an inaccurate fraudulent claim. It's not too long. You see what you did there as is a what she said.
As there have been academic studies, which point out its inaccurate fraudulent claim. What claim not trumps, because Trump has talked about fraud? Yes, but fraud exists. A guy was discharged and plead guilty in West Virginia, and we also have for people in northern New Jersey who are facing charges. A corn was accused of voter fraud. No longer exists And if you don't it general Google search, you will find numerous stories now. You may suppose are anecdotal. It is a matter if Donald Trump says he believes there will be fraud and fraud literally does happen. That's true statement, I mean first, whilst trumps opinion. But this is what she does is item again, but the analysis said you now to said: widespread define widespread. If there's some fraud, there can be fraud and only Trump LAW, some states by few thousand votes there. Isn't there isn't that problem, all the games that are play to try and keep the vote down there, the real danger to the integrity of our election. That combined with this information and misinformation, and all the
fine shenanigans. We saw in twenty sixteen. She continued Republicans, have two prongs to their strategy to try and when the first try to prevent many people who think they won't vote for them from voting, so make the lines really long, where young people vote of African Americans vote or Hispanics or or referendum errands about oarsmen its work, try beg vote by mail as difficult as possible when, in fact that is how Donald Trump votes and everyone who knows vote by male understands that, except what what's been omitted is that when you have a smaller portion of vote of of your vote being male, then things to be fine, when literally everyone does it things get overloaded. I write a story the other day through no fault of their own. Thousands of voters, ballots were not counted because the post office made a mistake. Is that what's gonna happen, no matter what it is, they are setting it up if Trump loses and their real
he is evidence of interference. They will say see we warned you drugs, cheating. We told you what you would do this and if he does, when they'll say see, he's cheating, we told you. You would do this no matter but win or lose win or lose a cheap. She said ass. She works with democratic docket support lawsuits to make the vote available. Clinton said there may, ten, however, real danger. Ok, you know what I'm I'm I'm an irreparable. This point, I'm tired of having conversations when it comes to November. I very likely will be voting for Donald Trump. That's why I'm leaving aside definitive we'll see what happens. There is one thing that really changed in the past few months as I've been talking about the need to support the Republicans order from the first is cancelled culture, the culture war. If we do not read balanced political discourse, we are doomed. That's why we need real section, two thirty reform and only the Republicans we'll do it there's no guarantee they will. So I will begrudging
but grudgingly vote for people who and on many passages I'd. I disagree with if their willing support to thirty reform has only one reason. As far as I'm concerned, that Trump gets a major boost in my book. Look, I love the garden of euros idea. I love record. I love the idea of cherishing history and those who sacrificed those who had planted trees whose shade they knew they would never said Anne, but we get to I love respecting the past and when there is bad things the past we condemn the past, but the good things- the heroes liquid trumpets, doing Donald Trump wants to pull. Our troops are against him, he's been trying, he wants. Apologia set of Syria has been trying, but the media, the establishment. Many Republicans and Democrats have sought to block him. So I met a joke either that you see, I was jokingly. Jamming to a punk rock song is writing
tell them? Had my friends and it was the joke was that I sang we must know things like. We must end the fascist in peerless state of United States. We must end the foreign wars. We must end the regime, change, war, the wars for oil, conquest, opium. We must end the war and stop the killing of civilians about Donald Trump, and then everyone laughs, everybody laughed. That's the joke that if you were going to scream and anger about all of this I'll, tell you why they want top trump, because Trump wants to end the war as really funny. When I see the light of the far left, they should be supporting jump over this one. You know my position is right. Now Joe Biden is going to be the war guy. The
Obama was the war. Guy Clinton was the war lady, they were war, war, war, war, blown up, stuff bomb and stuff conquest. Whatever I like it, I like any of it Donald Trump right now, not a bad things, but my biggest issues have always been foreign policy, because you know that that standardized I've always felt like everything else stamp collecting. Where were you we're about budget sin resources, we're doing nation building overseas con. Let's talk about bringing our soldiers home, protecting our country and then using our resources. Maybe we deploy these same people, do nation building in our own nation and help help change the lives and this country to bring us troops on Biden. Doesn't Democrats: don't Republicans down ass anything. I say if I don't ask you why you voting for trying to say you know he recently came out and was trying to pull the troops out of Afghanistan. Joe Biden wouldn't do that is talked about the need for more troops and the Obama administration have a track record. So everything else that matter.
There's a year but but trumps racist well, you know we may be, but we ve killed way too. Many people in the Middle EAST and I think, our time it stops, and so that means form or use of trumpeting. It's done. You know at least will have stopped killing the brown people in the other parts of the world. That's all that matters to me. I mean it's a lot more than that to me, but it's a that's huge, we'll see how things play out. I don't trust Joe Biden, I think he's think he's nuts and these have to fall asleep and do nothing if Trump get our troops out of Afghanistan. While I said this before, I was asked what it would take to vote for Trump, and I said if he appointed tolls, he gathered to a security adviser position Yang to an economic, economic adviser position and pulled our troops out of the Middle EAST. So that's. Why
right now he's trying to pull out of Middle EAST the biggest one. If it does it anyway. That's that's all, even if there are limit that that stick around next. Secondly, tomorrow at ten a m on this channel- and I will see you all them.
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