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Democrat Base COLLAPSING As More Quit The Party Over BLM Leftist Riots, Small Towns Join Republicans


Democrats have become so obsessed with the Twitter universe they forgot real people exist and are tired of the chaos.Democrats embrace of Far Leftist BLM rioters has backfired over and over and now we see more and more often small town Sheriffs, Mayors, and Council members are defecting and joining the Republican party.#WalkAway is real and many of us are tired of the insanity from the far leftists that the Democrats permit.Trump has taken a hard stance and is making moves to shut down the spread of their ideology while Democrats just negotiate and allow it to spread.

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How many stories have you heard about twenty sixteen Trump voters or former upon against now deciding now to go and vote for Joe Biden or support the Democrats. I'll be honest, I've heard a couple not personally, though its typically just you know, media buys or the Democrats putting on a message. It doesn't seem to be a consistent theme. We do, however, see the walk away campaign, which is encouraging people to leave the left and we're seeing men. People leave the Democratic Party and join Republican Party and accordingly, actually house voter registry, friends among Republicans, are up closing the gap between Republicans and Democrats, not because of new voters, but because Democrats are quitting the party. In joining the Republican Party, now we all heard about Jeff Van drew one of the high profile instances of a democrat quitting and becoming a report. Looking and there have been many stories about small, or town jurisdictions, and county officials who have been switching from Democrat to Republican
and often these stories good they get overlooked, and I think the reason is videos Mine, often focus on national level politics, but I couldn't help, but no Thus, there seems to be a grass roots trend when I look at the link data registration data from axioms. I had to wonder bout, local officials and sure enough stories are popping up about sheriffs sheriff Depart. Hence council men in small towns in county officials. All switching from Democrat to Republican now hard to know. If this is just because we're focused on it may be, the Democrats aren't pop up. The LE sizing. The fact that Republicans are joining them, but I don't think that's trimming they tried to Indian see they ran all of these tests.
Mon eels from never tramper old people who, like I voted for job, and I regret it, but I dont believe Trump grit is a real thing for the cot Trump Grat, like regret and tramping God. Damn that's what I know a lot of people who voted for tromp in twenty sixteen, some of them. Some of them are unhappy with Trump but still committed to voting for him. That's about them. The closest I've seen that phenomenon of people like quitting from I've not seen anybody quit you know that the Trump train or anything like that, but I tell you this many people that I know personally, who voted for Hilary or Ernie back and twenty sixteen have switched for Donald Trump. That says to me that anecdotally, I see this opening and then in the news we see more and more stories about this happening. But what does this mean when the poles consistently? Joe Biden. It's like What the media is saying is totally detached from reality, not first and foremost the poles are insanely broken. I swear goals
the r c p average for tromp and it's like tromp plus for trot minus sixteen tromp, plus two trump minus eight numb like one who are they pull that they're pulling the just so wild and out of touch known as idea who's going to win out of me wonders consider we ve seen the media, actually try and support job I mean come on. There are virtually supported a guy they cheated for for fur Hillary Clinton. Last time, I wonder how much This is lies desperately trying to convince us Trump can't win all over again, but we can see it every step of the way I'm going to take you to undertake you. Two Indiana, some small town jurisdictions where individuals have jumped ship and guess what they're saying basically sounds like their Dave. Reuben note, no joke there like leaving the left are. I'm sorry to I didn't leave the left. The left left me. The democratic party has gone too far left. It sounds just like, everything we have heard from so many different people. They lie.
About Donald Trump. It's not true. The media is frustrating and people dont trust them anymore. The democratic party is negotiating with and embracing. Oh, like these, these violent far left extremists. We see we see the videos of them going around. The internet is a thing, but for some reason they think we just don't truth be told. There are a lot of people who just watch mainstream news and are still trapped in that bubble, but the rest of What kind of graduated to doing our own research watching on were now saying: hey, wait, a minute, something's, not right, and then people getting set up, because sooner or later, the far left narrative breaks into the mainstream like defend the police. And what are you thinking? Europe is gonna, say when he hears that has no way man. I, like my job and I like getting paid. I wanna go vote for their a publican from now on right, that's that is happening all sure enough. We have another Paul coming out from CBS showing that people when it comes to covet trust trump
or then they trust the press, and this is an ongoing theme. People do not trust the media anymore. Considering the poles, I'm, I think Trump is gonna win, but that's probably why we're seeing this weird, you know a vote by mail yes go stuff happening. The weird scandals, a weird story about a truck dumping, a bunch of mail at the back of a parking lot or something yet creepy stuff going on. It seems like the dumb Crops are playing dirty games because they know they're, gonna lose and the media trying to defend them. Let's wait. Somebody stories before we get started had over two TIM cast outcomes: lashed done it. If you'd like
I support my work theres many ways you can. You can support me his appeal box, if you'd like to send me stuff the best thing you could do share this video. I do not have a large marketing department like these big networks. Do I just have word of mouth, so you think I'm doing a really good job and you think people should hear what I have to say. Sharing this videos. The best thing you can do, but dont forget to like subscribe, hit the notification Bell and that's read this story: Sheriff Dave wedding pledges allegiance to Republican Party rips Democrats on a out now. Let me clarify a couple of things. You may be asking yourself, you may be asking meet him: why does it matter of a small town sheriff is quitting? The democratic party should certainly this one guy doesn't have a big influence on the party nationally, which need to understand is that if the bottom of the party breaks out there that there's nothing supporting the higher level politician I dont think we're going to see a successful federal level Democrat if the, if the grassroots level keeps getting ripped out, you see what I mean
there's a jurisdiction in Minnesota that CNN. Actually they went down the ground surprise or I'm I'm surprised you actually do this and they talk to people and found they were voting for Democrats locally. But for voting for tromp for president, and that's that, let me says everything if you have a local politician who is speaking to your cause in your issues: they'll support you, but at the top they were supporting Donald Trump. That means tromp was getting support from Democrats, something about what happens in the inverse. If you start getting all of the regular people across the country, not particularly impact will the national level, but they leave the party. Then the Democrats are gonna.
Our losing key figures in getting senators and Congress people elected you see what I mean: they're, not gonna, have that same support the knock and have the interest, and you need sheriffs. You need people on your side when you start losing the grass roots will then the whole plant is being ripped up. So, let's Reed Evans, Ville, Indiana Vander, Burger County Sheriff Dave Wedding, officially declared himself or a publican on Thursday and accused his former party of endorsing flag burning, failing to acknowledge God and not supporting police elected twice. As a democratic candidate wedding spoke to a large gathering of republican officials and activists on the front line of American Patriot Group Accompany led by Major GEO, P donor, Steve Chancellor wedding, is constitutionally limited to two terms as sheriff. His final term ends twenty twenty two. He made no mention of future political plans in a speech in an interview after.
Speech. He said he's keeping options open, but has no specific intention, this time, wedding after being praised by Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch. As a dedicated lawmen who exemplifies republican principles and values, began his speech by noticing the massive? U S, flag, flapping in the breeze above and Democrats want to burn that thing. Every day, wedding said, I can't tolerate that burning our flag, the symbol of our kind three, the greatest country in the world here here, good sir? I completely agree now. Might my awash intake completely? I can tolerate flag learning flag burning the bird the american flag, symbolizes the freedom. It represents personally I don't like it, but I like the freedom that represents, so I get it so long as it's controlled and safe, and I like the idea of people starting fires in the middle of the street. That's problematic and cops will put it out if they do that, I would never be deferred
no. What I want to be friends with someone who probably enthusiastically would have seemed a little extreme for me, but I recognise the right to express yourself in such a way but anyway interesting to hear from a democratic air of saying no way no way what then recognised his parish past or in the crowd, the left wing. You can't say God they can't say God in the pledge of allegiance, was wrong. With that, it's ridiculous. I sit and watch and say: how can I even be a part of idiots like that he went on I'm tired of seeing fire setting our streets, I'm tired of people, define God our our police, our government and everything we stand for you hard working people that have worked. From the time your young until now to be successful individuals and they want to get on you for being successful. I don't believe in that I believe most my republican friends, are hard working individuals that believe in our country- and I believe in our country and Evans bill. India, wedding, praised mayor, Lloyd, went standing behind him as well as chair
or who wedding said, support in his campaigns for his campaigns, for share of, despite being a democratic candidate, wedding, the civil unrest in major. U S, cities and he said DE funding least always seem to be a theme theme of a left wing liberals? He said they can't say God they can't member that gaff. I meant remember Gaffer Joe Biden said you know we're all created by go Oh the thing, the thing we say a bunch People said he does name rubber. The word God he can't even remember hold on, he said: go you know why he he wanted to say God, but he knew the Democratic Party would not entertain that at all they'll be put off by it. So he said you know. Rock equally undergo. You know the thing we say. No, I dont say it s right. You can't now the Dnc did say on regarding the pledge when they opened up every night, but there were a couple caucuses where they omitted that.
Several people noted underground was added, unlike the fifties, for some you know, could cause of the cold war of like that, the point as they did the media Mediately ran out unclaimed tromp was lying, we pointed it out, but that actually happened our reaction things. I want to show you, so I want to show you the facts. Here's axioms, they say Trump. One pencil Are you North Carolina floored errs Arizona. I want one sixteen, while a block the border. Thracian gap between Democrats and Republicans has narrowed in some of these key states according to Trump victory and axioms reviews of those state records. There's the facts A lot of it has to do with voters, switching parties or dropping out of the electorate, not necessarily a surge of new voters registering as Republicans
our indicating new Trump voters according to Dave, was chairman of the cook political report. There is actually a straight up saying people are switching parties now. This is regular voters, not just elected officials, but of course I got. Some elected officials check this out from Chicago Tribune, Hobart mayors, switches, political parties, Snedecker now, a republican August, thirteenth, amazing pen and guess what he said. The left has gone too far left the damage sir, and on our embracing this. This far left ideology he's right. I feel the same way. You know all of these people stood up and announced they would switch to the Republican Party. Well before I set out for tromp, I dont consider myself to be a republican, nor conservative, nor what I ever want to register as any political party, but I'll definitely vote for Trump I particularly dont, like the current sleight of republican politicians. There's a small handful like ran Paul's cool met, Gates's cool, again Crenshaw, pretty cool Josh Ali landfill. I could name more
more than I can further for the Democrats. To be completely honest, I don't you know, I could name any Democrats. I'd say something like policy but she's leaving. I guess so. I guess we're looking at a new wave of Republicans who believe in and in what used to be or what liberals used to believe in, but the left has gone knots deep on the police will now you're losing small town mayors Hobart is, is a small town in Indiana. It's it's like Chicago Metro, so it would be hearing. Well, I there's no point using an analogy friendly. The city could, if don't live there? What's the point of saying a city? Don't live in any way the issue as you ve got from the small towns. The democratic party is losing their core they're losing any foothold in these in these small town places importantly, the iron range had six cities there. Mayors endorse Donald Trump. What that says to me is that the heart and soul of this country, that the heartland that you know the bulk of
this country, the small town, individuals, the hard working individuals they see that threats have gone knots and this is it's actually very telling urban centres do not represent the majority of this country, but these big urban centres where most of the rioting occurs that where there were that, where the pilot genes are our feckless and allowing it to happen. They embraced this far left absurd ideology. I'll tell you what you go to these small towns. You'll find people do not believe in any of that, and you know how you can just eat really understand. That's the case, because there, putting the Democratic Party, they look up at the national level and say what is the Democratic Party doing federally negotiating with extremists who are burning our flag in the streets. That is that. That is something I think we can tolerate, but not accept you. Don't I mean what I mean by that is
If I'm going to be putting together a group of individuals for any kind of task or objective, I dont want craze these who go round burning the flag and screaming. I'm sorry, now, there's some circumstances. I guess, if you're a libertarian in you're, like I'm an abortive like if I want- and I understand your point of view in that regard- I'm all about media freedom in liberty. So I can respect that, but I don't want these anti America types right. They don't either. So the small town Democrats should assure that the third relieving took out a money. Even done look at us. Here's another story reply. Working Party attracts another lake County elected official. Only a week later, there's this. Guy Apparently this aid, Lowell Town Council, president Microscopy twice elected The Democrat on Monday announced his decision to change parties. I mean here it is man, listen. These are just individual story and when I look at the data, we can see what axiom says that Republicans are closing the gap because their attracting more people
you know from the Democratic Party it may be marginal. It may not be the biggest thing ever, but when you combine this with everything we ve seen its just grains of and being added to that heap. Remember all those c span callers kept calling in sing. I'm quoting the Democrats. They ve gone knots. Look at what happening in Minneapolis their disbanding the police. What regular person wants to live without cops, even when the wing extremists? Ok, you say that video the other day where they got where the guy for important those of Malta and then some do get he's running in his his feet are on fire? The cops come to help him and they let the cops. Do it, what happens when violence breaks out and these farmers can attack the go quickly? Call the police. Everybody wants police to be there. It is great to have a neutral arbiter who can come and enforce the law
now they're, not perfect and there's problem. Sometimes you call cops but think about how great it is giving a dispute with someone like it's like you got some one to call who can sort of reference situation and stop those who are breaking the law. It doesn't always work out perfectly, but what does now? The far left is just going nuts and small towns are saying. No thanks not, I think, the media's full of it to be completely honest, and what I mean by that is. There are elements within and mainstream media that are just in the bag for Joe Biden. The Democrats are gonna lie so would have. At the same, so I dont know, I don't believe these poles. I know it's hard to understand. YO, Yo Sub, sometimes opposed look good and I'm just sick of it. I see I see this poor came out where, apparently Joe Biden has now complaining that he's he's down in Michigan asking for money fund raising and that'll motivate people it will, but I'm just like dude you can find a pull for anything. Almost all of
Poles say that Joe Biden is winning in Michigan and Biden comes out on her. If I wonder, if I have the tweet pulled up and I dont Joe Biden comes out, these like we're down in Michigan Quick, give us money, you're dude, all the Poles have you are that the media's got like got your back come on, but one Paul comes out new used to fund raise well, you know what it's smart good for him. We see stories like it's over an hour to this out. This is, from the ALA, Bam up political report. I dont know what this is. Many of these papers are small town papers, Butler County Circuit, clerks switches to Republican Party, Oh surprise, surprise, I mean it's Alabama, though, so what you expect is another one. Louisiana sheriffs stand with Donald Trump in first Presidential endorsement in their history? Will I see and what else we got from the Salisbury Post, Dj Martin, we didn't leave the party. It left us here here, good sir, absolutely
even we even earlier this year and last year when I was a poor actively supporting as Democrats enthusiastically like whew, Yang and Elsie, and they would happen, I think tolls he's done a really good job growth, all our policies, but I could see that she was trying as hard as possible to you know, pull the left and the right to hold them to stop them from splitting, often going in other directions, shed policy positions- I didn't agree with, but she was more than willing to talk to Republicans and try and be some kind of bridge, and we desperately He did that and of course the Democratic Party wouldn't have any of that, so they just you, know burned that bridge right up Yang. On the other hand, just went straight to CNN, I just what went right in law, with endorsing a lot of these tribal less than ever. Think that now is like ok, whatever man there there there's there's. No, I'm not I'm! You know that. Funny. They say that I'm actively supporting tromp or whatever, and suchlike that long to vote for there's a of is about him that I would never support. I don't like the way he speaks in the things he said in the past, but I do believe
we don't gotta. We don't got what we already have an option this time, and I mean it. I mean you look at Joe bite. Negotiating with these extremists and I'm dislike? Ok, you finally got me off the fence. Normally I was saying this. I will never vote for the lesser of two evils. To be honest, I think Trump has done enough good too, where I'm like Dougall vote for the guy. The left, on the other hand, has gone so insane and we can see it over and over its import. What I'm showing you from like the Salisbury Post and these local papers is showing you that, outside of the political beltway this this bubble world, where these journalist live in. Like actually Joe Biden has favoured by most people now go talk to people. They are times that they want a. What are they find people like. Why is my city burning down? And why would the Democrats do anything about it? Then you look at these these, these cities need small towns, the sheriffs equating the council met. Equating I did a story about a state level politician in Pennsylvania hook up this is this is like earlier in the year quit the Democrats, what went in Japan,
and the Caucasus, with Republicans there are tons of other stories were a bunch of city, councilman switched parties. I keep seeing these things now. Normally, when see these stories, I'm not like you know all HU a video talking about the sheriff, because the sheriff is so important of the world market. Local news and local affairs, but it got to a point where I'm seeing like can you saw the video the walk away campaign they got attacked by black lives matter. And I see all these stories and unlike maybe it's time, we are highlighting how regular people in this country feel obviously You want to not everywhere, but I tell you man when you hear that, same thing over and over again how many times in the past month now look what's happening. I don't know if you ve been following the news, but Currently now you name the important voting block Trump has has won over and a quote comes out where trumpet, spared them in a really dumb way, like apparently cocoa and is now saying that Trump disparaged Mexicans or something it's like calling them stupid, shot. Dude. We get it there.
We were less than two months out now or whatever we're about yet the lesson two months out now form the election he's doing really well among Latinos and really well among the black community, and now, all of a sudden, you name the group trunk military. That's done! He calls these dislike the group. Down because zone supporters dumb. I dont care, I dont believe you media accounts. I'm a aren't, even aren't even a syllable. The poles showing trumped doing well. I have no idea what's gonna happen, but I can see. This is really amazing. He I to say let us back in nineteen. Eighty four and I was running for congress I ran into older people explained why they could not support me sing. I didn't leave the Democratic Party it left me. Even in those days the Democratic Party, stud many conservatives were loyal. Adherents they had grown up in the times in the Democratic Party was more conservative than the other party. Some of those older Democrats were slow to give up their heritage and break away from the group. In which they grow up
But the support in the Democratic Party for school, desegregation, voting rights, civil rights, equal treatment in the workplace and expanding the role of government in providing public resources to meet the needs of the poor and underserved communities were viewed with scepticism by one soil Democrats. Yet because the Democrats used to be the party of well, I guess racism to say the least anyway, given the gist of it back and nineteen. Eighty four people saying the same thing. Ah, what happened back then? Well, not nineteen, eighty four, but ah we actual actually, nor was it did he for what we had the wit Reagan handed of winning a massive sweep. I think about those eighty eight, I could be wrong. Nothing. Eighty it was was which aims to be a bush anywhere, its pulled up. I should remember these things considering I literally covered it just a couple days ago, but I've got too much to show you go below long second gotta move on Why I'm leaving the Democratic Party from the Tribune chronicle? This is from April twelfth, while
and know we have something really interesting here. Black voters grow frustrate with democratic Party is a really interesting story. Because it's another Indiana source and they say that black voters actually view the Democrats as racists look at us, but like so many black people, wills grew up in a home, it supports and votes Democrats. She still vote for. I'm a grass for the most part, though she also has a strong criticism of the party at both a local and national level. Saying I feel like for so long. The democratic party has just kind of banked on the fact that we are not Republicans kind of thing and that's just getting really old. This Kind of discontent appears to be more common and lessons appointment has been a rallying point. I dont know about Levison, or you know what the local politic political issue, as I just thought. The general idea was interesting. They're going to mention that they dont this poster doesn't see that their to be moving away. But this is an interesting quite right here. Moving over the Democrats, him in most black people believe the Democratic Party is largely racist joy.
But that doesn't mean as an automatic home and in the Republican Party which she said. And even allow conversations about racism, for example, to move forward because their stuck on debating whether racism is even real. I find it interesting. You know why there was post by someone about how in New York the black community instead saying there either voting for Trump or not voting with the GNP is doing nothing to reach out to them. That's crazy to me, you can see it right, here they are tired of the Democratic Party. Now, of course, we have people like Billy Pram Pay and Kimberly Classic, who are run it more blackened. As running for Congress, who are saying straight up, let's, let's, let's go in these communities its talk about why we need some political competition. That's my my phrase, not theirs, but I think it's a good move as smart move has, even if they dont when they still win. In this sense, it is strategically victory. You ve got people who are saying we ve been under served for too long. The Democrats aren't helping us out well
The GEO P needs to do something like that european. It's a comment and actually addressed these issues by laughing. Now, because I know what's coming next, look at this omission: jump down to the most important part of this pole, trust for information about the virus, national registered voters. In March forty six percent of people trusted Trump and only forty five trusted the media name. That's somethin, but take a look at this now. Forty percent trust trump. Thirty, five percent trust the media. More importantly, the CDC is now down to fifty four percent and your governor is now down to fifty five from sixty nine people, don't trust any of this anymore. So I got no idea. What's going, but I'll tell you this William, here comes out Trump as naughty words and all that stuff about buying it. I'm not. I don't believe it
I don't believe the media. I think this actually accurately represents my view. Everything think about it, a swipe thirty five, some of the time, I do trust the medium. I think it's a fair number. I look at these sources. I fact check them and I'm critic I'm very sceptical of sources. I can't that, but about a third of the time the information seem good. So long as I can read it now, Donald Trump, but forty percent of the time that actually make sense. I know I've never been fan of the guy about four tonight, so I trust trump. I really do more than I trust the press for sure. But look trunk came out there today saying I never called John Mccain a loser. He did so trumped. Does these things become on soda literally every other politician and president and whenever so I don't care if you'd have trumps being trump I'd I'd, I don't I'm gonna fact check. I'm gonna verify. And if it doesn't matter, I don't like I'll say it doesn't I do like all definitely say it and he's done some things that I've, like so I'll, take her for what it is
the CDC. I actually think this number represents, like the likelihood for me to actually to do it. It would you not to believe, what's being sent out to be fair, though your governor no way zero percent, I dont trust my gun. I live in New Jersey at all. I think the deuce lying there isn't. I highlight this, though, Does it show you the media? Nobody trusts anymore are, and that means people are starting to find out for themselves which really going on. Do all of these smear pieces that are coming out. I just don't buy if I don't want to leave with one very important thing: Donald Trump at forty percent. Take a look at this video from Joe Biden saying be a page air mask is literally not wearing a mask wise, giving a speech an electron. This says something either Joe Biden giving a speech to a room full of people where he looks around and talks to them and he's a hypocrite for not wearing a mask
or there's nobody in the room. It's a fake speech. I dont care for that now I understand the Orange Sea had people, Walker, the podium and talk or they talk to the camera. This is just plastic and I'll tell you what Donald Trump is authentic lies and all so see how this plays out. But I'll tell you this right now. The Democrats and the media are working together in many ways. I wanted a media. I mean their allies at major news corporations that keep saying peaceful protests that down play what's happening or or just overtly collude with the with the campaign like we song twenty. Sixteen, I don't care for it saw em out. I didn't, I didn't leave the party they left me. I've been sitting here begging for help because I have family in some of these areas affected by the right. I have friends in areas affected by the rights and the Democrats just spit my face saying it's a mess. Shut your mouth, but Donald Trump walk on which I order. We're gonna, send
The best everybody agrees, we're gonna, shut down. These violent riders allows like thanks man, these guys just home it s off a manager said, but look. This is not, as these are lot of small stories, it's really hard to map which actually happening, but I believe, based on what we keep seeing over and over again from small towns to the highest levels. People are leaving the Democratic Party and that just seems to be a real phenomenon, but will see how things play up cause. This male in voting thing is bust. I'll tell you that I leave their necks ignorance coming up at six p m, over at Youtube outcomes. Lash TIM cast news thanks for hang it up, and I will see you all. Then this is a tough story to cover. I couldn't decide if I go over this and the reason for it? Is it's hard to corroborate the story from the gateway, pundit, Cassandra, fair banks, militant leftist attempts to kill conservative activist after memorial for trumped supporter murdered by Portland Anti FUCK. Now I can't independent,
the verify this there's video of a proud boy. Who's got a neck brace being attended to buy emergency medical services it's safe to say what we do know this man, I seriously injured now, according to the proud boys, they were at a vigil for Erin Danielson, the man killed in Portland, as we now know, thanks to Cctv, footage or images that were released by the in the arrest warrant. This guy, Michael Rhino and anti for black lives matter, extremist stalked to tromp supporters before killing one, then, with a proud boys say they were holding a vigil and while they were somebody Kate was, was filming them taking pictures of them and they ask this person to leave. I guess they believe it was a militant leftist on this person gotten the vehicle gotten their vehicle to leave, which is a truck they hit. Man who rolled over the vehicle fell on his head and was bleeding from his ears. They say it was an attempt to kill him now. The challenge here, as we should be very, very careful. We as it is,
preliminary reporting most of the sources that we have are members of the proud boys as an early possible. The guy was just like that. Regular dude, who had seen the proud boys on the news and was panicking or something like that. Perhaps it's not entirely clear to me that it would. You know have images of the person we don't. We do a video of the person who was injured, but for all I know this guy got hit by a car. It's not the same as what we saw in Portland or you can actually see the far left his stewed fired the shots. It's not the same as what happens cauldron where we see him being attacked and then running and then trying to defend himself since we only have the word of money, proud boys who happened to be there, so I'll look into this and try and figure out and try to some independent verification, but for now I would just say: take with the grain of salt and the main reason I think it's important to cover this- is that the main
The media will not mean a big tech companies there, not I'm sorry, big media companies, digital digital media companies, they're not gonna, be covering this, the other dead at a segment where I looked at the anti defamation Leagues HEAT map which tracks hate extremism, you know and another stuff like that they have included not one far left incident in their report. Not one, but we clearly have several that's why they it's important cover this keeping in mind the bias of those involved. So. What what? What will leave it there? I ve got more to talk about their. There are, obviously they were riots. Last night, a man of the far left has begun, throwing molotov cocktails and in Detroit a judge has ruled the police can no longer use crowd country
measures, so this is gonna get worse. I'm sorry, man, it's just the reality. Now again is not. I trust Cassandra Fairbanks I've known for a long time and I believe she does her homework to verify. Watch what you know. What happened is true, but the time being this with a proud boys have said- and I think it's worth noting, but again greatest outlets reading it. We put it reports a member of the proud boy, is hospitalized severe injuries from being hit by a car after attending a memorial by Erin, J, Daniel set for orangeade angles, and the president's Trump supporter was murdered by Anti VON Portland, also stress There actually were images in this article. I can't show them on Youtube so often that I apologize proud boys leader, Enrique Terrio told to go upon it, but the victim is bleeding from his brain damage. His left temporal lobe has occurred
and is suffering from amnesia and cannot remember the incident. The proud boys are pro Trump male social group that frequently stance against black lives matter and anti for militants which made them. I hated target of the left there. A western chauvinist fraternity, I think, is the easiest way to describe them to go upon. It has been asked only took too, it has been asked to only at If I d victim by his first name. Shame at this time, following denizens Memorial in Vancouver Washington, a group of proud boys, went to a bar downtown down the street. According to Toro, he said that a man who appeal to be a member of Anti VA, began, taking photos and recordings and of the people inside that says to me. If it is not, there really was a guy who's, taking pictures and filming them. Yeah he's probably in some way associated with it with anti far or at least can be opposing things online. However, to a hammer, everything
looks like a nail. So unless we have photos or videos of with this guy is, I am not too enthused about just believing all of this to be true. That's I'm just sorry. That's just the case, I do know based on the video a man was seriously injured. I do believe it's it's likely. This could be the far left, but look again. The main reason I want to address stories like this is that things like that need to be said and and and people need to be calm down. Lest we get some kind of escalation. A man who witnessed the incident Rex Fergus, the gateway pundit. The man started, walking around the bar and recording us putting his phone in our faces. Supposedly for docks ass. He was doing that one of our guys. Confronted him and said hey get out of here. We don't want you filming us, is a private establishment and we're not in public. The man continued to try to pick fights with people at the bar in the bar at the time until security finally kicked him out of the bar, as the man was kicked out of a bar. There were several proudly
In the parking lot, smoking cigarettes and just arriving from the memorial Service, Fergus explained the man had also become combative with them, so Shane pulled his phone out and sort of filling them back once the guy started his vehicle up and started to drive off. He hit show Shane tried to get out of the way, and the guy random over Fergus said that Danes body went up on the roof of the truck and hit his head on the concrete when he fell immediately. He was unconscious after he hit em the driver of the truck gassed it. And left the parking lot, leaving. Shame on the ground bleeding from leading to the ears quote We immediately ran over and start doing everything we can to stabilize him. He was not conscious, but he was breathing blue. Was pouring out of his ears and his nose. His eyes were completely bloodshot. Luckily assert happen to be at the bar and help them get control the situation until paramedics arrived, the photos Jane took helped the police attentive them.
Who has now been arrested, tardy hotels, gateway pundit, but he was arrested, but we have not yet been able to confirm the drivers name. They have several videos showing the CPR being performed. I've are some kind of stabilizing, first aid being performed Nazi pr. Sorry, first, aid ANA on the men Shane, whose It is a dangerous in the man. A go find me has been launched so far. They have raised about two thousand dollars of a ten thousand dollar goal, saying he was hidden in a parking lot in Vancouver, after leaving a celebration of a life of a friend, the truck then flood. The scene dimension is injuries the report goes on to say many have speculated that right did not act alone. Portland police were searching for another suspect from the shooting at arrest and arrest and arrested him on Saturday night interesting in a press release the Portland police. Thank the public for helping to identify him in an interview with vice news and the hours prior.
Being shot and killed. Rhino said that quote, I see a civil war right around the corner now to point something out. Vice news ran an interview with this ban who is essentially confessing to murder the other name journalist Ford Fisher, had his facebook account deactivated and he is a journalist who covers these. These MA movies these riots, these this circumstance, These incidents Facebook bans him and we can see how big tack will sensor. Sir, news outlets while allowing others too just do their thing. There's gonna, be a serious issue, moving forward for people on the right, and it's wonder this is why Father it was important to cover this simply because the main three media often will just run a pro antifraud narrative and that's unhealthy for all of us, While I will be skeptical of what the proud boys are
I because, as far as I know, it could just be some crazy guy and he was feeling out drunk leaving a bar and they assumed he was. But if say, you know, Cassandra Rights, militant left. Unless you show a photo and video this guy, I'm not going, I'm not gonna buy it. So that needs to be said. It also needs to be said that you're not gonna, find the story on local news outlets for the most part, you're not gonna, find at National news, and another point needs to be made as the officer who was shot. Las Vegas in paralyzed, shaming, Colonnas gets no national coverage yet Jacob Blake. Who was there trying to arrest on a felony warrant for assaulting a woman He raises two million dollars and its national coverage when he starts speaking from his hospital, but you see the disparity here. That's why I'd like to at least highlight what they're saying happened while still being sceptical, skeptical and saying we need some independent of our now. Of course. Last night there was still more riding in Portland and you know tweets graphic anti.
Writers from Malta cocktail in the direction of police in Southeast Portland. It lands next of people, setting one on fire. I obviously cannot play the video is Youtube. Many people are making music remixes like playing the song Footloose, because the guy's legs burst into flames when it gets hit by the Molotov, and he can't put them out his even whips issue. Off. People are scraping, the police run over and try and put the fire out and I'm sorry it's gonna get worse before gets better, because these people are nuts they are throwing Allah tabs. Now they ve been throwing at police stations, it's getting worse. I remember when I was in Ukraine the end. You know they had not started using my laptop's, but that's what it very quickly to the point where you have this video, where they're piloting dozens of maltose at eight pcs just ignore
its instantly, the escalation is a real thing. The longest time. I never thought we'd see that point in the: U S where they would try to murder or permanently main scar police officers. With a molotov does you you, you get that stuff on the fire you're gonna be seriously injured, yet here we are anti for throwing Maldives now, of course, its backfired on them and then up injuring one of their own guys was probably now got pretty serious burns on his legs and he's gonna be struggling for weeks. Over this potentially for the rest was life depends on how severe the burns got. People don't get Men were burn injuries there. There, no joke you give pours in your skin releases oil. You don't have that your skiing its dry, it's hard. These people are literally playing with fire report and police issued a statement, fire bombs, rocks and mortars thrown at officers during riots. You know what
We know we know. Donald Trump has Don potentially the smartest thing I'd. Imagine it several times by allowing the feds to deputize the state police. So hopefully this slowly puts an end to all. This I've been seeing more and more mainstream journalists who have left bias, say things like. What's the point of this, what what are they even protesting for, they want to abolish the police. That's it the broadcasting for, but on journalists, saying I don't even know their messages I We knew what their message was there another message, its insurrection: they ve never had a message. The poor when right started because of the Chaz. Basically, it wasn't about George Floyd. They were trying to take over parts of the city and since then it's been nothing but chaos. And then for some reason they attacked a federal court house. We have no idea why they did that. There was no goal. There was no mission, but we can see men with what happened. I mean you got it. You got Europe. We got a point that the depravity of these individuals,
but one of their deeds? This guy, Michael Renal, one of their members, executed a trump support straight upset. He did it lied about its set, claiming it was self defense. We can see the videos we can see him stalking the trumps working with divining. Everybody anybody he was hunting. These people down, I may be a little low hyperbolic. He was walking. He ducks around a corner, put his hand on his weapon and then, as soon as they pass him he stocks behind him. Then he flanks on the front of on, and then Baker yells date, around any goes bang and he shoots him twice: Bang Bang and these people came out and protested for the murderer for the murderer, Joe Buttons passport, a change that narrative, I'm telling you it's only gonna get worse. I'm not saying to be a pessimist, I'm saying it because I'm a realist, I produce. You now to the latest development judge, bans Detroit police from using batons gas chokehold on protesters for nobody tonnes, dude leaped up. While I get it, ok
chokehold, maybe gas is less lethal, it's meant to make people disperse its effective, can use it. Ok, fine, at least not in these patents case ponds either. What are they supposed to do? These people are going to come out and they are going to riot with impunity. They are not being charged, they are being cut loose and now the police are having their hands tied behind their backs. Well, there. It is Thanks Detroit Troy, what's gonna happen. Now is the right that's. Gonna get worse, you know it worthy was pathetic. Joe Biden desperate attempt to change the new cycle to Ojo Donald Trump. You know we called he called soldiers nurse yeah and we see all the never tramper people saying things like this week's gonna be crazy. Tweeting, these things out. Apparently it was a targeted it. It was face it was staged, it was. It was collusion between the media and the Democrats. The story was patently absurd. Donald TUSK,
who are the good guys and world war want, we were, what's it stupid, stupid questions, not possible. Tromp was asking legitimate questions, maybe trumps out, I'm curious as to why we ended up with you know aligning with these certain groups in world WAR, one IDA, Grit conversations Michael Mouse about it and, of course, they'll frame it in a very manipulative way to make it may trump look bad, but I believe the stories fake, I don't believe any president at any point. Even like Donald Trump is not that stupid. Even if he really did question it he's going to be, I think, are all always. Soldiers are down the losers. That's ridiculous! The goal was to get the new cycle off the riots. Well, I'll, tell you what you couldn't only About it, because the people who are riding Wilma, are not that they have no intention of stopping you. Dont control them stop lying to people. The Democrats said the only circumstance in which there is no violence of Joe Biden wins and a landslide. Oh, please, you kidding me. They could not stop the riots if their lives
pending on it and their careers do, and they still can't do anything about it Joe, but it is panicking if he could stop the riots he would. He can't Donald Trump actually did some things but their stopping him. He trump troubles repeatedly offered federal assistance. They would accept it. The national guard finally came into our canosa, bolster their numbers, but now look it's happening in Detroit from the others are from its bright free press. They say a federal judge, late Friday, temporarily ban Detroit Police from using baton, shields gas, rubber bullets, chokehold or sound cannons against blacklist protesters. U S strict court judge lorry Michaelson partially granted a temporary restraining order. Detroit will breathe sought when it suits the city of it short on Monday, alleging that police were using excessive force to stop them from exercising their free speech rights. The order will be in effect for at least fourteen days and forbids police from using force without probable cause it's a win, but the fight continues said Jack Schulz now right away. I am disappointed with a fellow
judge I wonder, who appointed that judge was the Trump judge whatever more importantly, however, no one is making the left file these lawsuits. No one is making them go out and riot and protest and beat people and throw molotov cocktails. No one is making them do that hurting Joe Biden and I find that hilarious now Trump is trying to stop it these democratic maritime governors won't let em it's almost like. They want trump to win, no they're, so inapt and they hate trumps so much there like no I'd, rather my city burned to the ground before accept your help. They hate the men that much that crazy. Why it trump scottish problems? I, like. I tell the story. Sometimes a guy met, an airport said he would invite Trump to his house. For dinner, but hey trumps, effective right makes me no fixed. The economy may have been great and, unlike at an interesting way, to put it, you don't have to like the guy to say I'll, accept federal law enforcement. What what? Why do you do
the problem with the National guard they're the ones we're gonna, come in its because troops at it. I tell you men what it meant to be called the Hydroxyl clerk when effect that trumps gonna, like I've taught Rosemary I am struck, will read the news and he'll say something like that year. This thing they're talking about these, these these these rabbits at the zoo, very, very cute. Bits and an almost a million article saying rabbits are disgusting. Disfigured monsters and Trump is a lunatic and ensure that they have to oppose everything he does drops, as Ex media says minus x and that's insane and that's the pot of fat and that's the problem. Now you have these people going out and they ve been a riot and the cops are gonna retreat. They're gonna have to stand down there, not equipped. We saw this Seattle. When a judge said something similar, the police were like. We cannot risk our safety because we are ill equipped to deal with riots.
Have you seen what's happened to some of these cops, shaming Colonnas, a cop in LAS Vegas who went out took to patrol the riots in the protests, was shot and paralyzed and now they would tie the cops hands behind their backs after over a hunt four days of riding truly a site you behind now in this instance, is a federal judge that stupid. I can't believe there actually doing this, but I'll tell you what no one is making these people riot. So a judge can say yes, cops shouldn't be gassing. Detaining people were peacefully protesting, but it's gonna turn into a riot and no one's gonna make them. Do it they're going to choose to do it and then Troms gonna get angry, just gonna point new judges and he's gonna deputize law enforcement. He's gonna send in federal law enforcement will see how things play out. I believe that if Joe Biden gets elected, they'll keep rising, they're gonna be angry and they know he's week as we do need to consider
Joe Biden presidency, Joe Biden asked, does anybody I was probably wasn't really him speechwriters whenever One really believe at the violence will stop if Donald Trump as elected, something like that. Ah yes, I do. I do believe that is you right now we're we're in an election cycle or the Democrats are refusing to accept this help. That's their fault, not trumps fall now what happens? If you have weak Democrats and you put in a week president, then you get trampled all over. They want to claim that Joe Biden will stop this, but let me make it clear for you. The far left doesn't like Joe Biden. They're, not gonna, be ok, Joe, that you one now we're all done. We're gonna go home now, they're gonna be like paranoiac Joe Biden, even worse than tromp, because Joe Biden has been a government for like forty seven years and author, the famous and you don't identities, cried the decline of the nineties that,
put a lot of people in jail and people like him for it, so they my protest more. If Joe Biden had the ability to end the violence, he would have done so because its hurting their poles, if the Democrats had the ability to end the violence that we have done so because its hurting their poles and we all see it almost every journal. His pointing out that Joe Biden was, the defensive countering, but he had not yet nothing to say about this. They can't do anything. The mayor's can't the governors can't, because you know they will offend black lives matter. It will hurt their vote, so their desperate and panicking hoping Joe Biden can be separate from them saying I condemn the violence, but he never said black lives matter? He never says anti fuck and guess what the dude, who killed the Trump supporter had the big old black lives matter fist on his neck, That's right! So are they going to say it course not. They need the votes. Donald Trump condemned white supremacy in NEO Nazis. He said condemned totally more than one time what about what about the damage
and this is the point out and bring up- you ought to know how you are on the right side of history. Conservatives have been speaking up against this for a long time. Of course they would. You know they oppose the left as liberals, moderates and and liberals are joining the ranks. You know why, because if you re liberal, if you're a moderate centrist or conservative, we all have no problem, sang white supremacy is bad. What white supremacist extremists are evil. We should stop them. The F b. I should investigate, prevent their crimes. Guess what else anti fa are extremists who are killing and hurting people and destroying lives, and they must be stopped when you talk to these lefties and I do they won't say it. They won't. They won't say they'll, say things like. Of course, I condemn extremism, say Antigua what
I mean you know, I condemn all extremism, say Antigua. I think all extremism is bad. Ok, it's funny I'll, tell you what men I'm. Not I'm not gonna apply play these games. The Republicans play. If someone came to me and told me, can you say black lives matter? Yes, I can one hundred percent black lives matter. They So lately do- and I respect the initial idea behind why their protest and if the police kill one innocent person. I want an inquiry. I want justice. I can respect that. What they are doing. Now, however, is extremism. So, while I can tell you the general idea, the phrase itself- yes absolutely, I will then say one hundred percent. Thank you now now that I said that, can you condemn the extremists with me? I can condemn the extremists, praise the peaceful protests, which is funny those tweet, I tweeted about this where a guy was like ninety three percent of the protests have been peaceful, saw
Are you that your narrative is crumbling? What narrative wondered? How do I have to know? people. I tell you this. I praise the piecemeal approach. All the time. I've specifically France, when they lay on the ground with their hands behind their backs. That was awesome. I'm specifically highlighting the fact that, like thirty five people are dead, does that does the does the fact that ninety three percent of protests being p to absolve the murderers. It's amazing. No, while he was a serial killer, but ninety nine point nine percent of people he met. He spared. Therefore he was a over a peaceful serial killer, shot up dude, look, I'm not gonna blame peaceful protests from the actions of extremists. I'm gonna blame the extremists who are out on the ground, committing extremist acts and when peaceful people stay there to shield them. They no longer become peaceful people to become accomplices. What I've seen the protests where they march around, I think it's fantastic
I disagree with a lot of their messaging. Most of these people just believe in place, accountability, and that I love what I saw some. The problem is because they refused to condemn the extremists. They call it a diversity of tactics. You must respect diversity of taxes, taxes which is a far less dog whistle, forget violent and will protect you it's insane because of this. You will now report you have some people are getting hurt and the public is getting fed up and Joe Biden if he gets a like that, I'm telling you man, these people won't stop. They'll be emboldened, because now there's a week federal government, they have said this: they tweeted they are telling you revolution nothing less and their flight out saying it is easier to overthrow a feeble old white man and it is a fascist. They believe Trump is hard to get rid of. That's why they're fighting as hard as they are with Joe Biden, they will subvert and they will destroy and nothing will stop them. The Democrats have been completely ineffective.
Need someone to oppose them. One hundred per cent Joe Biden is negotiating with them. Ok, so maybe maybe that's the point. The violence will not? Because I'm want to give them everything they want. That's not for me will see how things splat. I hope this dude, who got hit is ok and all keep looking to the store to see. If I can find verification, they're saying that guy got arrested, it sounds like it's legit story so, but again take this offer the greatest salt. Until we have hard confirmation that leave it there next segment come. It is coming up at one p m and this channel thanks, rang out now see while next time as the riots continue, the negative press keeps bubbling up and it makes Joe Biden look bad because Most of you probably know by now his campaign supported the rioters. Conall heiress actually solicited funding to bail out the rioters and well they look bad
of course the media is doing everything in their power to try and change the cycle coming out with all these crazy quotes from Donald Trump. Where he's like saying a bunch of raises things os, please it's all fake news and try to distract from this the other day when there was an event, a walk away campaign. An event in Dallas Texas and it was violently attacked by a black lives matter mob? Now, I'm not surprised this happens. The violence is a symmetrical. The trumps supporters in Portland were walking on the street, we're not instigating with anybody and the anti far crack killer, shot and killed the guy and then lied, and vice news ran. His narrative and these big tech companies allow it. But what about our written snow. You can't say a good. What about him at all, history. Media is coming to the defence of these people, desperate to stop Donald Trump. Why? Because their deranged? This is derangement so that
this this group of a walk away, individuals like Brandon struck, you may be familiar with, they were attacked, then there's some guy agitating getting up in the crowd. Security guard said: If we back away got up terms, are pushing the guy put his fist in his neck. Security guard then start attacking him. Now the police detained a security guard, but I dont believe he was arrested. As the campaign group, the walk away campaign group was going to tell the police difficult was going on. They got tat by a far left black lives matter mob. The violence being started is targeted, conservatives, I saw I see these posts on twitter in their funding. I responded to a couple of them. One of them said that so to write. Conservatives are more worried about the far left, and so they are not paying attention to the far right and centre left liberals are more concerned with the far right and both sides
are wondering why the other side doesn't care more about what they think and that's just not true. This is this like ok, listen! This is what people have a colony conservative for a long time, because I'm telling you the truth about this. A lot of moderates politically homeless and centrists. People are like. I can't our stand, whose better or worse the left says the exact same thing on saying now, but their objectively wrong, and I know they say that too would allow me to say about it. Let me tell you this bread and struck, who went and and and how the campaign about did not attack anybody. He held a rally saying Walk away, wooingly wave little american flags? He got attacked the Maldives being for important. It is not true supporters going out in doing this. It is a hundred knights of the far left doing this, where is the far right where, where am I was to be scared as aid as a mixed race person at the far right is coming to get me. Oh, they say naughty words on the internet. I dont care they're, not in my Greece, there not throwing Malta.
Cocktails cops, they are not do I don't care about that. I know that if I put on them before I don't say anything, I parliament event that this Darrell Davis headlines speaker the guy famous, for at a in the clan, not a single far right person said anything to me at all. The far left threaten to burn the theatre down, So this this is a lie that there are people who aren't paying attention, who are the enlightened centrists and it's funny they try and claim that of me now, tell you that I am rather centrist. I lean slightly left, but I'll tell you the truth. I'm actually looking to the written into what's going on and its obvious if you're a trump supporter- and you event where you peacefully waiver little flag: they will attack you and the media is desperate. Spread. A new. A new report was put out, it's hilarious, mind you were there like I've mention it briefly, These three per cent of all of the black lives matter. Events were peaceful protests and
all of a sudden. They all come out nor, like saying things like the sorry it was all peaceful. You know the says to me and it explains everything. Ninety three percent of the black lives matter. Events were peaceful protests rate. I dont care I am not criticising peaceful protest, I've been praising them criticising this this is happening. Stop they don't care. You know why The left is basically saying when they do this media campaign. There is an acceptable amount of riots and death for their cause. Not for me the gravel instituted, that's stupid, trope or the far left is like. We just want to give everybody health care and the FAO Rights like we want to kill people and centrists or like G, which ones worse as if anybody ever said that these people are are off their rocker. They believe
while this fake news and insanity about the far right. Ok, I will clarify this one more time. First and foremost for extremists are bad gather awful. Of course they are, and so are the far left extremists, which one has institutional power. Oh they'll, scream Donald Trump is actually a fascist that proves it accept. Trumped condemned, NEO Nazis in white supremacist Joe Biden won't even say anti far black lives matter, ok, get not get into a tv, I'm gonna angrier omit. Let me read you the store and tell you what happened and then I'll show you this this data they put it. It's actually really funding, it doesn't prove it. I think, approves it: it was their insane and their violent from post break be mob, violently attacks trump supporters in Dallas, a walk away. Rescue America Rally in Dallas to highlight the violence and hypocrisy of the left was violently disrupted on Saturday after leftist counter protesters. They're not counter protesters Brandon struck was not protest,
I wouldn't call what you did producing I'll call it having a rally. A bunch of people waving little flags and talking about whether or not the Democrats is it's ok into their protest. The Democrats, I guess, but when a group of people show to attack those just in a park peacefully, I wouldn't column counter protesters, I'd call them extremists, violence, individuals or a violent mob. They attacked Yvette security and attendees, prompting Dallas to Dallas police, to detain a security guard who grappled with a black lives there activists now. This is an interesting thing. Is that he's clarification I've watched at video? There's a do the ball horn and he's yelling at a born very close to people. You could argue that was an assault getting a bull horn, really close someone. It's like you, you can't marching with a boar and screaming people's Faces security guard does, I believe, make physical kind of the guy pushing him back to security spoke the due to the escalating responses. Guy puts his fist to the neck of the security guard and secured
guard swaying, starts hitting em, I blame on. I'm sorry, man, the fault lies the guy who walked up to their group and instigated, always been this way. I want when, when the battle of Berkeley, the second one I was there and you but maybe maybe a third round. I think there was ever a bunch of them when you at all these trump supporters standing around talking and the police put up a barricade. Antiviral walked in trampled the barricade and gotten people's faces and start start so people there. There were people who are far right, we're there who ran over and just like black right into the face of cement if a guy, but they wait until they are attacked and, if not attacked, then nothing happens, but those like that the people who governs our fights are few and far between Red and struck is not going out and starting any kind of violence he's just a conservative guy saying I don't like. I want the Democrats anymore in the detect for it
They say the black lives matter, mob, also chased out attendees and through bottles at them and smashed the phone. A walk away. Employee Brennan struck founder of walk away report that, after going to the police station to find out what was going on, he and his group or chased and threatened by Belgium activists who are also there that there's a video of it. It's gone viral tens of thousands of retreats. Did you see what happened Brandon at the orange see the homophobic attack by black lives at our it's it's it's shocking to anybody with principle. Back in the day. Remember hearing these stories from the left about these horrifying attacks on people just because of who they love? And I said that is appalling. We are a country of of liberty, life liberty, the pursuit of happiness you go. Do you think now they have rights, meaning you wanna go in your home and love somebody. Do it man, I'm happy for you, I'm glad you're happy, let's all be happy together and
Do my thing: you'll do your thing and then you know there you go now what's happening. The left is actually attacking and screaming homophobic slurs at him, and where was the left condemn it. They have become insane moral, authoritarian and, dare I say they themselves- are homophobic and racist and sexist. What's really what's really annoying. Is it feels like you, ve kind of got dislike, dark, link scenario? If ever plainly, the Classic Zelda Games, where you for link the main character, fights of evil version of himself, that's what I really feel like right now. Someone like Brandon struck is going having a peaceful rally with a bunch of hyssop supporters this waving little flags and sang whew, you know, go, go trump or whatever they get attacked, while there being attacked the
you ve all side is saying, but we're just defending ourselves. They attacked us and the media goes. Oh, that's right. The evil right, wingers, attack these leftwingers and then ever stop and think well, but wait a minute. Why are the left wingers at the right wing rally hum interesting? Isn't it Red and struck tweeted. This was the most terrifying moment of my life. My team and I went to the police to check on detained security agent. Thirty to forty black lives better, again throwing bottles at us in chasing us. They stole my employees, smashed it. We had to run for forty five blocks. All Dallas new stations were their speaking at the Post colonial struck said when I got there next generation action network we're doing a press conference, but there were thirty or forty of them. Eric Albert with W F a ABC eight asked if we wanted to go live- and I said yes, I do at that moment, they all crowd
around us and someone got between me and the camera, and I told my group and not to talk to them and then I said, let's just go and started chasing us. They turn throwing bottles let us I am not exaggerating when I say we thought they were, we were going to be killed and they told us they were going to kill us. Eric Alvarez posted footage to Twitter that he obtained from next generation action network, saying violence, but it's out, yadda yadda the event was hosted by the walk away campaign and struck who earned his reputation. As a former liberal who turned conservative found the democratic Democrat parties descent into radical, leftism, who is ready to walk away from the radical left today, struck, asked the crowd during the event, many of whom carried american flags as it would know what I'm saying the waving their flags are mine in their own business. Struck verbally, condemned, Anti fought and others responsible for the writing and looting that has taken over the streets of several major cities. We are here to let you like that. You know that you're summer of rage,
come to an end. Dallas morning, news which saw fit to highlight the group's largely white mask free demographic reported that its attendees praise struck for his nonviolent approach to protest Others shared their dismay over the anti police riots, which were sparked following the death of George Florida Minneapolis. They want you to believe or a bunch of racist and homophobic extra struck the crowd, but I'm looking I'm looking out and seeing black faces here, I'm seeing hispanic faces here struck was supported by author David Harris Junior black conservative author should make him a shell and conservative transgender Youtube and Post Mono contributor Blair, White White, twenty six called the upcoming election between Trump and bite in the most consequential election of my lifetime, stating that it was a fight between white guilt or equality between your coney and locked down or freedom. A lot of people are confused about whose become the more tolerant accepting side said white. It's this. Yet Blair,
a white Trans woman put on a mug, haven't, got physically attacked and allay, but is that surprising to anybody? I suppose, if you only watch CNN, where you can hear them, over and over again there is no war in bossing, say, don't mind the violent people burning things to the ground, then maybe you would no, these things but I'll tell you what the narrative that the analogy is very simple, you're walking down the road and there's a bar on your left then, a bar on your right and the barn. Your left is screaming and smashing things an insulting you in telling you to get on your knees and the bar on the right is a bunch of guys with red Red caps waving flag. American yoke of over your body. I got your beer and you're like all beer like beer. I come over here and share a beer with us and you're like that sounds good, am and then, on the other side, the left their screaming. Now see and big it at you in your life are not all that's about, but
he's guy seem like they're gonna. Give me free beer, that's typically how it goes and everybody seems to know it as long as you're paying attention the right. Even the far left claims that the far right does was called love bombing where they praise you and tell you how great York they do. I mean it's not it's. It's not complicated me We, the left, should realise this: they don't, they cancel their own. They are just an insane paranoid delusional violent mob, not the entirety of the left obvious. I'm talking about anti FA can talk about black lives matter. Yeah, on talk about black lines that are now they'll. Tell you over these studies that it is over well mainly peaceful. You see. Ninety three per cent of all demonstrations character to the movement were peaceful demonstrators not engaged in violence or destructive activity carried out of the defined violence. I thought speech was violence. That insanely mean words. Are they don't you see the narrative changes, so
do if you say a naughty word, thus a violence. Now when they put you in the face, I ll say self Defense adds a game, but here's my love. They try to make. It seem like everything's, peaceful and nobody's by it did all they ve done is actually prove lot of violence like wow and in mostly democrat cities, this amazing take a look at us. They same peaceful protests were reported and over two thousand four hundred distinct locations or on the country. Violent demonstrations, meanwhile, have been limited to fewer than wondering twenty locations under ten percent of the areas that experienced peaceful protests
and many urban areas like Portland, for example, which has seen sustained unrest, violent demonstrations are largely confined to specific blocks rather than dispersed throughout the city. You see how they play this game. Ok, who ever said that a right had to be the entirety of the city? One was that ever the case occupy Wall Street was one small city block Ferguson was once was one block, was floors it but stretched down about a half mile, or so they weren't they weren't. Necessarily writing throughout all of Saint Louis Baltimore, also confined for the most part. Now there have been instances where people went out. Just alluded everything, but it wasn't like a group right. So in Baltimore, for instance, you we were driving around and wheat see a couple. People smash your window, jump in and steal stuff. That
just opportunism that wasn't an organised group attacking anybody. They were looting stores because he knew the police were overwhelmed. This narrative their creating right now because their desperate they can't control the far left. No, no one can it is the one ring they think they can wield its power and it is turning them into ring raves. It will not work so as it happens in their desperation to be tromp. They support the movement now they're, creating fake narratives well, actually of those that were violent, it was only confined into a small space, yes and so was talk, Rear square in Egypt at the revolution stop saying stupid things are the media's, nor will they know what they're doing you can ferment revolution with a small group of people outside the White House. A coup is not widespread throughout country, it is extremely dangerous to violent insurgents, attacking city centres and take a look at this map is what I love there. Like
here are the riots in Orange, and here the protests in blue. I wonder wagons zoom in here make a little bigger. This is this: is it this this graphic? It's hilarious, because you can see. What do you mean- you might notice some commonalities with the orange dots, why they're, all in major urban centres, run by Democrats. Not all of it. San, for instance, has some, but it is a little but smaller. Interestingly, Santiago mayors are a publican all of the peaceful look at all the little peaceful once. What do you notice about the peaceful black lives matter? Protests blotches? Why they're all over the rural parts of the country? Amazing, there, still centralized anymore urban areas of another were of the rural areas. So let me, let me try refer rephrase is properly Phoenix,
Denver LOS Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Chicago New York, you'd get the drift Saint Louis. It is the major urban centres, many of which are controlled by Democrats where the bulk of riding is taking place and out in the middle of nowhere in more real all areas, it's just regular- all blue eyed, all friends, that a bunch of protests, all peaceful, I'm not sure? I actually believe them that its peaceful and most people are no longer trusting of each of the press I'm willing to bet a lot of these peaceful protests that than the narrative is based upon the media lying. So there lies the The other problem we ve seen it over and over again, they ve said peaceful protest, fifty million times so, if they're going to site CNN right here September. First CNN, are they considering two thousand four hundred locations to be peaceful because the media has refused to call them what they are violent, mobs or riots
there. It is now now we can truly see why they kept saying peaceful or their next move. They side, peaceful bees a peaceful, there's, no riots, don't say anything, then. Finally, they make they take all of the reports of peaceful protests, peaceful rioting, mostly peaceful protests and say nothing. It's all fine something's they couldn't ignore. We know buildings were burnt down, but all they have done is proven at black lives matter is violent and destructive. Amazing! Isn't it this map right here, something the anti defamation we could not do shows that the far left black lives matter engaged in over two hundred and twenty. Undeniable acts of violent riding two hundred and twenty, and I'm supposed to accept that number and the thirty five people dead. From the front from the riots and therein suing and end the aftermath.
Now, I'm sorry, man, I'm not okay. With that number, there should be no riots and there should be no dead. There is no acceptable number, but the whole game. Here they don't want you talking about Joe Biden. They don't want you to realise that the Democrats have actively support. All of this no job, one of my favorite graphics, you're, gonna, love this one. Let me see if I can find a graphic here always is great, is grey he's a gift for you all number of demonstrations associate with black lives matter by demonstration type in Washington, state demonstration type. The blue is protest and they yet the Orange yellow is riots will, as we can see. Thank you for pointing this out during the period of chop activity. It was all peaceful, no violent riots during the chop, known, no VI
oh our whole. While I mean I think, like five people died out, it doesn't count as a riot because the cops didn't try and stop him see how goes in this map this chart graph, their straight up, saying, riots and protests and because the police back down, even though the shop was destroying things, even though they spray painted the hall. Up which he account is probably destruction and several people are dead. They say peaceful protest, that's the name of the game when the police back down the media covers it up, and then we get whenever this garbage ACE, AC, Ellie Data, a act, data. Whenever this is the propaganda they're using two trying claim, the far left is in,
actually engaging any violence, they don't put anywhere in the chop activity the deaths in that's funny. I want you to think about that and now will go back up to the original map. They won't show you where the murders are. So why should? I believe any of these are peaceful. All you ve done and on the surface is proven. The far left engages in widespread violence, not seen by the far right. Please please tell me how many violent far right rallies have there been resulting in destruction and riots. I'm sorry is the answer, one or two: yes, it is, and its two hundred and twenty four black lives matter Germany, people this year were killed by white supremacist according to the ideal five, according to the anti defamation, Leagues heat Map Tracker five people have been killed by far right white supremacists
how many people have been killed as a result of the far left extremism shaping this country about thirty, I believe I think thirty is the safe number, because if we want included What happened in and can OSHA and the guy in in Numb the guy in Portland to hunted the transport? Tell him that's more the aftermath in the riots themselves, there's fifteen confirmed hard confirmations of deaths from the rioting and then there's about fifteen or sixteen more. That are peripheral, but the reason I say this is because There is another not saying thirty. One outright com try to be untrue. To be fair, ok, I'm trying to say: ok, you have asserted fifteen that five people have been killed by white supremacist. Fifteen people are dead because
If your riots now there's many more dead because the riots and you still have some targeted murders like the guy in Portland, but that won't make the list, will it peaceful, they say, don't forget it they're lying there trying to save Joe Biden. But let's talk about Joe Biden, the next Eichmann that'll be over at Youtube outcomes. Lashed him cast. It is a different channel from this one. Thanks Frank: it up and I was you all, then we ve got the final ratings for the NBA and the ratings are down, and now we know why, thanks to a Harris Paul- and we were all right, Donald Trump was right. Nobody ants politics when they're trying to escape from reality where they were
shown- and we want to watch sports whenever good time basketballs, not my jam like watching, skate videos. My instagram is basically nothing but skate videos. I dont need eternal, escape video and then see a bunch. We will talk about no black lives matter or something that's what sports are supposed to be for who did have an effect. We will get to that in a second vote. Interesting year. Thirty, eight percent of sports fans say NBA used to pay the goal as the reason they are watching less now, of course, you may say that's only thirty, eight percent, but it is in fact the plurality. The next biggest number was twenty eight percent due to know fans makes it really boring, and I gotta admit that's true and I am sure the players feel it too there's no hype, there's no booing theirs. Cheering it's boring besides, I'm not gonna wait. I watched skateboarding, you know really have cheering audience for escape when his wife, someone do a trick or whenever, but I guess was left read this and will see. What's up from the Harris Pole, they say thirty percent.
Sports fans, say NBA is to political as the reason they are watching less basque. I'll fans are souring on the NBA support of teams and players, brain politics onto the court tossing and assist to President Donald Trump in his attacks on the league. People are tired of watching the highly political nba. Basketball ratings are, way down and they won't be coming back. I hope football and baseball are watching and learning because a say, thing will be happening to them. Stand tall for our We and our flag trumped waited to his eighty six million followers. Yesterday, my main channel segment over at Youtube, accomplished and guest. I talked about how small towns are in their politicians flip from democratic Republican, and I think what we I should have absolutely emphasised here is that the Democratic Party in these, these basketball players and the media are taking their cues from twitter
Oh joke a tiny, tiny fraction, like one percent of the population on Twitter, these active progressives- and then the invasion? Ok, let's do this, but that's not you would it make no sense Her alienating thirty with it thirty nine percent, while or let's let's readers your alienating these people for what? Because someone posted a hot take on Twitter well enjoy being broke. A new Harris Pole backs trumps critique of the enemy with thirty nine percent of sports fan saying they are watching far fewer games and the chief reason why politics the long time pulling agency surveyed nearly two thousand people over the weekend and gave people ten options to choose from? on why they're watching less basketball quote the league has become too political. Was the clear choice for the decline with thirty? Eight percent of respondents quote boring without fans catch. Twenty eight percent of about, while the NBA Association with China Cause nineteen percent of sports fans to turn the
I'll Popopo wow that I did not expect. I knew the get. What go book thing, but this is such a massive victory for Donald Trump, China, I had nineteen percent, while man that's a good reason. I gotta admit They say. Another nod to a league trump tabled a political organisation. Last week after players boycotted games responds to a police shooting in within Canosa. And be a ratings are in fact down overall through the first round of the playoffs compared with last year. But it's hardly and apples apple comparison. Summer tv viewer ship typically lag springtime watching when the plants are normally aired, CS. The overall numbers are skewed by the need to air games during the day to accommodate a play of counter that has been condensed because of the pandemic. Ratings are up over last year's play off for the games, that of Erin Prime Time and I'll tell you what do I think, a big factor here as well.
Because we still got large percentages among the bat jamming all of these games in onto like non prime time schedules is boring. The players are probably board there not doing their best. Who wants to watch this right so so they did that they done to themselves, but look all in all. It reflects poorly and Democrats they're. The ones who are locking everything down there, the one supporting absurdity- Americans do not like this. We don't want China so with our business, and we don't want politics in our sports, they say, while the data shows the leagues political leanings will undoubtedly cause some not to watch. The NBA is balancing the issue of racial justice, supporting its players and completing a successful finished. The season said John Garage Emma the Harris Pole yelled. The basketball bubble has kept. The league immune from cases have covered covert infection, but not immune from the impact upon the impact politics can have on ratings and public sentiment.
Trump and the NBA Star players, but at odds since he took office and twenty seventeen. It you're tradition for teams that, when championships too, as the White House, but the golden state warriors who one. The twenty seventeen NBA finals followed the lead of their star. Stephen curry, and refuse to visit Trump quickly withdrew the invitation after the slight Lebron James has called Trump a bum and Trump targeted James Elles. For time, M Vp appeared on CNN discussing the opening of a charter school the responses on why people are watching fewer games tilted based on party affiliation. Not presently fifty seven percent of Republicans chose to political and thirty six percent selected China as reasons they watch fewer games, the corresponding thick. Because among Democrats were twenty two and eight percent democrats don't care about China, but the politics they s really interesting. Twenty two percent, a Democrat said to political Harris also found the NBA is more partisan than any other sport. Only thirty, four percent of
applicant say they actively follow the NBA compared with forty percent of Democrats. The gap of fourteen points is the largest for any of any sport for comparison. Fifty four percent of Democrats actively follow the NFL versus fifty one percent of Republicans. I can't say I'm surprised by any of these findings I can, and I bet you can't either now. I wonder if they mention that the Republicans don't followed. Nba committed Democrats. I wonder that has something to do with the racial demographics for fan basis. You know some people, pointing out that the NBA is going to turn their arenas into voting stations and they thought this was an attempt to shore up the black about. I dont know if that's true or not, and it sounds kind of right, assist. You know I mean like to assume like that with a half, that's what that's, what they're as you know whatever, but I'm
I do wonder, but if you check the demographic, would that be a big factor, but take a look at this. We have the final numbers. Twenty seven percent down. Well, there it is get woke, go broke confirmed. I saw something interesting. I think it was from Ben Shapiro I have often talked about this. I mean this is this? Is this? Is it for me? Look I don't. I don't wanna watch basketball. I meant I might watch it passively, like at a sports bar in some wings. Sums are eating some saucy nags cause. I prefer the saucy nags over the bone bone in wings or just regular wings. I guess you get. The reference is a funny references to check it out. Google, it anyway. The point is, I don't actually pay attention and stuff, but I do like playing cards Games Board Games. I like skateboarding, like playing music, and I dont like politics injected into these things. I saw something from bench appear: someone mentioned. What are you trying to escape from by watching sports and then Ben, I think it was benchmark, could be wrong linked to the d on Vietnam Ology. I believe the correct word that the
route of the word sport and its literally means escaping from responsibility. It was quite literally a reference to people done with work and sang. Let's think about something else. I don't know the first sport was, but I can tell you this: be it gaming e sports, whatever I dont think people want this and that's why I do not think it started with gaming because of the gaming industry, and it has a lot to do with what you could write about early on in in east sports. There's not a whole ought to write about gaming. So these click bait blogs needed to pump out content to get traffic well, you can only a review a game so many times you can. I talk about someone so much when a small industries a budding industry, so they decided to look for political controversy. They then started injecting
You know once you start writing these articles, then its are putting pressure on these companies, son, injecting politics into the games and guess what get well go broke. People aren't having it. Some video games have done an ok job, but it goes for it. It carries on from there. I tell you this man I warned of this, I'm not kidding. I said two years ago, maybe just wait until they bring this stuff to your main stream. Major league sports. It will be hilarious, but I'm not without stopping here. Do you think it ends with this? nah. You'd be wrong. I tell you: are it's going I'd be willing to bet if, if Joe Biden wins and our culture shifts in this direction, which I dont think assemblies, I think trumps gonna win but will see our place up. If we keep going in this direction, it's only a matter of time before protesters show up and the rules are changed and the league has to
a certain amount female, no job, they're gonna, be like you can't have people over a certain height under a certain height, and you have to have this. Many Europeans have a certain People who are female and non binary and they're gonna say because I've actually talk people about this. If the rule Most of all of these sports are arbitrary in the sense that we made them up. We could change them, whose to stop the NBA from saying all teams must be half female and no dumping allowed. Why not? We can just make the rule, haven't we get would have dribbling. Have you seen the South Park episode sarcastic all, let's cut like this. They keep changing the rules because they can and the game essential becomes not nonsensical and stupid because everyone's overly sensitive about their kids getting hurt or something. I would not be surprised if, in you know, fifteen years basketball is you have a racial quota, a gender cos. Shut up dumping and dribbling are banned and its basically people running around a court and are three,
bring the ball it'll, be like court rugby or something well, here's the thing you can't jumped to how you can vote. You are gonna, come photographs or order this have rotating teams of random people than you have nothing a route for why not, though, if they do this in video games and movies. Why wouldn't they do in sports and then you'll really see get well go brought Molly there. Next segment is coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly: TED Crew whose referencing this article from Town Hall, why Trump doesn't just send in the troops from Kurt Schlechter endorse does the idea quote, the feds should focus an alarming middle class S, J, W and the dedicated Marxist Cadre and use Rico conspiracy and other federal charges to take them out and lock them up we'll take them out, maybe a little strong, because you know they're going to they're gonna get offended, be like all other threatening you take them down. You know arrest them just being more specific, but he took
This is actually pretty awesome that I see it. You know TED Cruz, endorsed and he's also talked about the six thousand and nineteen project so way to go TED I dont know if we necessarily agree because it know enough about Rico conspiracy, but if the feds can stop these people and arrest them, then I say: do it so I've been so I've been praising Trump for having the feds deputize state, police and organ, because there you go now all these charge it will be federal level, but you gotta understand a lot of these people in these key cities are coordinating these things and travelling across state lines, particularly between Portland in Seattle. In that case, you have federal charges come in baby, but had crows up. Another quote when little Ashley from the suburbs realises that she's looking at five years in federal prison instead of heading back to evergreen state, to finish her bolivian thirteenth century trans dance, degree. The lawyer, daddy, buys her will her to sing like a canary about our commie pals. Well,
there's a reason I bring it up because, a real story, it's it! It's not like early identical, but it is like in spirit wealthy and college student, twenty is among eight arrested for causing a hundred grand worth of damage to. Businesses in Manhattan during Be Elam Rampage, Clara Kramer, twenty, a wealthy college didn't oh yeah love to see. I don't ya! Well, she's gonna get locked up now! Think sugar, some kind of slap on the rascals Hurt cheat comes for a while, the family- and you know you got money, you get power that can hire a good lawyer and then we'll see others plays out, but I say locker up. I don't think you should go to prison for four years and I think that their sanctions facing my four years in prison. I think that's a little bit much for these dumb, kids but amen. They need some time to learn. You know what it is like to turn to look think they need some time for rehabilitation, because there clearly unhinged that's what that's that
Where, to put it, they say, a wealthy college student is among the eight people arrested on writing charges. Hacker participants in a black lives matter protest when Rampage Clara Kramer, twenty was among those rested after the vandalism spray on Friday in the flat iron district, where demonstrators were protesting, the death of Daniel Prude all were charged with right. And somewhere additionally charged with weapons and burglary tool opposition, but opposition Kramer declined to comment on the charges souvenir post when reached by phone at our family second home in Connecticut, saying no not right now, I don't want to talk about it at our families. Second home tear down this is, capitalism is bad. She yells from her vacation property in Connecticut, get out of here a man these I get these people. I tell you what. Revolutionary Abolitionist movement. Protesters geared up in black block to take over. And why see streets carrying death to America and free all prisoners, banners? My friend do you know
HU. The first target will be when the justice system collapses. You you're a rich arson, they hate you. They will go to or house. They will take your things and you never know I want to know what happens next of the eight arrested five for man and to or women too, of the arrests are from out of state, including one from Portland Oregon, Portland Oregon see it all comes full circles why you know what he's, while awaited TED crews? Conspiracy Rico all that stuff? Yes, TED. I don't know what you can do, the a senator from taxes, but maybe you could do something I don't know Trump should do something, though, because people from Portland are coming to me. Work and inciting violence. Now this this is dumb woman, she's gonna go to prison
I mean I don't know, shall actually go to present a day is cutting everybody Lucy, no, we'll see Kramer of an undergraduate at Rice University. Her father is a psychiatrist who teaches at Columbia, University of Psychiatry and her mother is an architect at a prestigious men and firm, the family and twenty sixteen purchasing One point: eight million dollar apartment on the Upper EAST side and also owns a home with four fireplaces in Connecticut, we'll bravo to her family, I wonder how her rich parents feel about their daughter. How would they feel if they graffiti their town house, one law enforcement source told opposed this girl should be the poster child for white privilege growing up on the Upper EAST side and another home in Connecticut. This is the height of hypocrisy. You know what I tell you this. I know a decent amount of far left progressive individuals, females, pro anti fa, violent rioters and their rich. I know pie like three or four, and I think it's kind of hilarious,
they dont understand hard work. They ve had everything handed them, so all of this makes sense there sitting there in there you know a loft up on your honor knows the Upper EAST side the West side Ex very expensive area, the celebrities are living. There are thinking themselves I've. Always he's gotten. What ever I wanted. Why can't we just do that for every one, not realising your rich. Do you know what you mean the thing about these. These people I mean what I say. I know some. These people not hurt specifically, but I know these wealthy- you know of Upper EAST side, New Yorkers, these young women, and it's like I tell them, as I'm sitting atop the seventieth floor of like the Trump tower whenever autonomy for that as fifty four and unlike we're talking about this stuff and talk about let this a few things. I laugh and I would say something like do your rich like what would like why? are you? Why are you acting like? You know anything about the working class struggle and they buy
I am not rich. You do not understand, and unlike we're on the fifty a floor of the Trump building theirs, I'd look across the street ass, the? U win! What you mean: you're, not rich. My parents are and you live in this building with with like door, door, people and celebrities and who have money in your bank account that you did not work for what might happen by a yacht or something no, but you have a luxury. Car is what this is ears thing. Listen these young people think because I can't buy a mega yacht, not really rich. I just get ten thousand dollars a month from daddy put into my expense account I can buy the shoes that I need, but the shoes are normal. I'm only making a hundred and twenty from my dad and doing no work but middle class median in New York City is a hundred forty thousand. Therefore I can actually or on the kitten you think. I'm exaggerating they. Actually, they actually believe a lot of these things. My parents pay my rent from. I might my Williamsburg.
Movement, and I have keys to my fancy: loft, overlooking the U N Building, but I'm broke no you're, not its. I did they. They order. Out every day they get whenever they want. This is not surprising to me at all. I bet she thinks she's poor actual hasn't elect. Will my parents are like exploiting the working class or I'm broke no you're, not Did you live in the Youtube? You live in the Upper EAST side and in any of house in Connecticut, while No, I'm not going to put it on her out or know what she believes by things stories hilarious while tell you what? Where do you live, Connecticut or New York, because you can live in Connecticut, Natur Facial address what you cross state lines to commit a crime Friday's demonstration was organised by groups calling themselves the new african Black Panther Party and the revolutionary Abolitionist Movement police say that demonstrators started out fully square where they let trash cans on fire and scrawled graffiti, including the word abolition. You know
I wanna get to brutal man. I've been some of these countries where you got no police. Let me just tell you about what life would be like for someone like her. You know the world is not safe and the world is particularly not safe for young white, wealthy females who venture off into faraway lands with no security, no police, and we see this all the time now. There's there there there there is a decent argument, I would say in the dangers
of world without security and police. There was a story about some women went hiking in Morocco. Well, they lost their lives, to put it bluntly, nor mildly, to say the least. One I've done this hustled environment training staff when I've consulting security experts, a typically tell you men. Well me, you just die because that's what's what used to you? Have your in the way we'll take your stuff women. On the other hand, women get to live as property when there's no police and nothing to stop this and you go to these countries. You know in certain areas of the Middle EAST, North Africa. If you become property, I so that their questions about which, what is worse, being enslaved or being killed- I don't know, I think, that's gonna. Some people would, rather, you know, die on their feet and live on their knees. Some people had probably just struggle to sir, but would would prefer to survive even of a meant they work, captured and used by
men in these places. I know I'm I maybe I'm getting a little to brutal, but it's gotta be said. This young woman would not want. She does not understand what she's advocating for when she calls for abolition, they're calling for abolition of police mind you shouldn't get it that the people are gonna, ransack her homes and brought him to the ground there and take everything she has and then she'll bad things will happen. I'll put it that way, that things will happen. We live in a bubble and- and I said it before- but a lot of the progressive policies- we have only exist because we ve cured our space and we are safe and that's a good thing, but these people are going. So are going too far smashing destroying things taking away that security people are gonna call for a harsher, it's gonna, it's gonna result in a right wing surge, probably areas, and they will not like living in this and in that country.
You know, I think it's silly. They always mention the handmaids tail as if that's what would happen it? No, it wouldn't be like that, but it wouldn't cartel a lot of their freedoms and their rights. If civil order breaks down women's rights will be set back rights for so many groups. We sat back and they're doing everything in our power to make sure that happens, the more violent they get. The more people will call for a right wing government. And a police state and authoritarianism. I guess it's a lesson she probably whenever lurks. I don't think we're heading. I don't think I d get that dark, but maybe we'll see what happens we will see and then maybe they'll truly understand for the time being, she's facing prison. Only four years. They say so maybe she'll get a dose of reality when she spend some time in the slammer. I got one more second coming up for you in a few minutes to go around, and I will see you all shortly. I really don't
care for all the George Soros talk that goes around on the right, because there are many wealthy people who fund many things. We often don't talk about. I mean you, ve got the murderers, I think Peter TEAL Fund some stuff. Finally, does big Tucker whenever you ve got the coke others we get it and there are many other people on the left home style. My Bloomberg, there are lots of rich people that fund lots of things that I dont like it's. Really, it's really irksome to me that everyone's life, but what about George Soros and unlike what about Mackenzie Basis and what? What what about the Mercer come on man, rich people do this? That's why I dont like money politics and on how you solve that problem. But I don't care what political wing there are part of. I just don't like the idea that individuals have that much and who influence over our society? However, there's something I do find interesting. You see, I remember hearing all these stories a while ago,
about how George Soros was donating too many campaigns of district attorney's get allowing these far left it or to turning to win their races. Now, when we sing, while the editorial Board than your post says literally, this growing number of district attorney's are out to undermine the law straight up, calling out George Soros blouse. Well. Normally, I don't care to bring up one individual who funds things because everybody does I'm going to redo the story, mostly because in that crazy people were complaining, he's going to get these far left district attorneys in and it happened, and then it did not really a conspiracy theory. I don't know if you could call it a conspiracy, but it's happening when your post says one reason for the surging. Often violence and US cities is the rise of a house of progressive prosecutors who actually tilt against law and order. The trend is most
bearing in places known for their kooky left wing politics like Portland and San Francisco, but extreme left us have also taken over as district attorney's in cities like Chicago in Boston. Many o big thanks for their elections to funding from far left fat cats. George Soros in Portland, violent protests have dragged on for months. Thanks to the idiot. Give me your TED Wheeler, who let hoodlums drive them out of his own condo, but also tumult Noma County De Might Schmidt, who dropped charges against hundreds of people arrested for offences like interfering with cops, disorderly conduct, criminal, trespass and rioting Schmidt also made it harder to prosecute assaults on cops that to me the craziest thing in Contra, County California, outside San Francisco De Egg, Diana Beckon will now consider looters needs when weighing criminal charges at politico she and for other black female DA's from Chicago Boston, say
Louis and Durham, actually slam the very criminal justice system. They were elected to enforce, ludicrously, claiming it was constructed to control black people and people of color and that its now doing, just that the Bay Cities DNA and shall is Cesares Boden, the Son of Brinks Robbery, cop killers, who was raised by radical, whether underground leaders, bill acres and burning Doorn. Wait what really, while he too has adopted rules making horror to prosecute suspects it is just the dissolution of the U S than theirs oh justice and letting criminals go there there? It's it's not right right, you know restored just as it's nothing like that. It's just decent its destabilization, its chaos, Chicago State attorney, came Fox, who vowed to cut the jail population, dropped thirty five percent more fairly cases than her predecessor over three years, including that of racial hoax. Her justice Mallette now hold on, because I am a fair individual.
I must point out a large portion of that were nonviolent drug offences. I actually agree with that. Now, in a sense, look I don't know if it's up to the d to say it is a crime. I will not pursue it if its a cry. Maybe you should it's not you because I think this way she's dropping cases against people for non drunk but nonviolent drug offences that our crimes idle? like that. I like the idea that people who are like arrested for pot, don't go to jail or whatever, because I think it's dumb and I think Trump should pardon the boat, the bulk of these people after a review to make sure it wasn't a plea, but yes pod should be legal. A lot of things should be legal. I am, I am reticent, I'm a reluctant to say. That we should legalise all drugs, I'm not that libertarian by get pretty close to it, because I think rehabilitation and health care is a much better solution and I think people can do it
yeah on their round, but there are limits anyway. The point is what I dont like about what what she did is that if it's illegal to like smasher window, should she be like I'm not going to prosecute those crimes ever again? Well, those are victim, You know that those crimes have victims and if she's gonna be releasing a lot of people on nine bout, nonviolent drug offences, I get it, but she is not the legislature. A law is set by by people we elect. Not me we'll occur, but it's not her job to decide what the law is. It's her job to prosecute people who break the law, so she is now the king, who can just decide who gets punished and who doesn't kind of as the dossier. But I believe she should charge you know go after people when they break the law they do and we need to have reform and all these laws. They say. Fortunately Gotham City- I haven't gotten quite as reckless yet, but the threat is real. Last year, queens came this close to electing democratic, socialist Tiffany Gabon, who vowed not to prosecute low
oh crimes and forced Melinda cats. To shift that way to Manhattan D, a sigh Vance stopped prosecuting fair beaters back way back into the Seventeen Brooklands Erreth Gonzalez embraces pre trial, diversion shielding folks nabbed for minor offences from prosecution and diverting even some gun suffer it's from criminal punishment. Now there is an interesting to a argument right. There he's not gonna he's gonna divert some gun suspects if you're a too as a staunch two way absolutist. How do you feel about that? Again? I defer to if it's the law don't break it. Unlike with Portland this that the crackpot killer, who killed the Trump supporter he should have been held on these illegal gun charges, though I, though, I think we should focus on the gun issue. The issue is more so he's a murderer so charged with murder will focus on that. There is an interesting argument about should have even been arrested in the first place:
Two I says we can bear arms and you gotta recognise too. If it says you can, you will see things like this. Do going out with guns- and you will see things like instead of having made the Trump supporter would have defended himself with a firearm, more people may have gotten hurt and it may have just been a mutual shoot out or something, but it interesting about the guns off in New York on Tuesday Bronx De Darcy Clarke said she moved to drop, disorderly conduct and curfew, charges against three hundred protesters at a June. Fourth rally. Meanwhile, riding looting. Arson and physical attacks have plague the city's cities for months. Murders in natural areas are up sharply July was Chicago's most violent month in twenty eight years, New York, too It seems stunning. Spikes and homicides. Voters often focus on big races for President Governor Congress, but DA's are critical to public safety. If voters don't elect prosecutors will enforce the law count on it.
Chaos to keep rising, and this is why I highlighted in my main segment how important it is when we see local politicians and local office switching from democratic Republican. It's because of this. Well, you know what your report you, so these people. In the seas keep voting for it. Maybe they'll learn their lesson now, but I really don't believe so guess. Who's gonna run against them that I blame the Republicans, for this should be a republican Super majority time, or at least the next election should be the Republicans: have every every opportunity to go to to go to New York and win now some of sending workers and play some of argued. California? Is I really doubt that New York, maybe because New York City has been decimated by the bye, ineffectual governor and mayor, and that's being
nice inapt, insane and malicious, maybe maybe more apt. So what are people gonna? Do a vote for the exact same thing maybe surprising to me, but maybe they will and that's the problem. I think many of them were just keep doing it and it looked Nancy policy. The lady can barely talk. She slurs, everything she says and I am not trying to be a jest or whatever, but come on man. She ate to quote Joe Biden and then drag Joe Biden. Come on man. These people are too old for this office, but they just keep getting reelected. So I'll tell you what can happen in New York in San Francisco in Seattle, in Portland people, it's gonna be like Democrat you're not going to care. Unless there is some kind of ideological shift, hard core that sweeps this nation and finally snaps people to attention, stop
Just blindly voting Democrat I'll tell you what man, one of the things that is helping that is contributing to the potential for civil war, is that Republicans and Democrats alike abandoned areas where they feel they can't win. Then what happens? Is these areas become entrenched super majorities that will never change and they ll fall apart and get angry in the fighting. Each other Republicans need to start going into these areas. Republicans need to start campaigning in these blue air. Guess Kimberly Classic, is doing it she's in Baltimore, she's, she's she's, a Republican she's conservative, if she wins it'll, be huge there in many. These jurisdictions there's nothing to even vote for, like that, the Republican who ran against Abkhazia quartet. Apparently they even have a website, then even do anything out start seeing people actually stand up
blue areas and say I'm an alternative to this madness, because if there isn't, then what are they vote for anyway and these days and of winning by default? Nah, I'm not gonna, go and live in these places. Because if people there don't understand the reality of what's going on and they keep doing this well, that's their choice and I respect that. It's my choice, its aid and also my choice. My decision, whether I stay or leave- and you know what I we'll leave, and I want to go out of the milliner, whereas the plan now things are moving along its actually. I don't pretty well we're very, very close to getting sat up temporary studios being built full online
yet studios can rebuild soon. So it's gotta be very, very exciting, but I'll tell you what its things like this: the riots. That's, why I'm getting out of Jersey and I'm moving to a rural area, because I'm I'm done men. I dont want to live anywhere near these lunatics, because people in these cities keep voting for it. Molly with their next segment, will be tomorrow at ten. A m thanks rang out- and I will see you all next time.
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