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Democrat Demands Prosecution Over Jokes, The Left Has Gone Full Authoritarian

2019-07-03 | 🔗

Democrat Demands Prosecution Over Jokes, The Left Has Gone Full Authoritarian. A Democrat recently said that anyone making fun of congresswoman should be prosecuted and that they will 'shut them down.'This is just another statement in a long line of authoritarian demands made by far left Democrats. From AOC saying she's the boss and youre in the cheap seats, Velazquez saying "youre right to be afraid of us" or Elizabeth Warren calling big tech to censor people we are seeing Democrats make ever more authoritarian demands.The Far left has adopted 'social justice' as a shield to gain power. In the end they seem to only care about themselves and not principles. They aren't actually fighting for social justice, they are fighting for personal gain.The Situation with Andy Ngo is the best example. They rush to defend what happened to him and few on the left condemn it. Even mainstream journalists are excusing what happened and some even encourage it.

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Donald Trump is bringing in a bunch of tanks. For the fourth of july- and everybody is asking me to him, are you gonna go down to DC to see the tanks? No, I'm not. I think it's silly and I think people are right to criticise. A strong for having a bunch of tanks and easy to stroke as ego, but I said We do not believe that putting on a bunch of gender budgeting he's on display of some kind of authoritarian nightmare. We ve got some people action equating it to Tiananmen Square. Please it's decker. We should. As far as I'm concerned, that's knots I'll tell you is disconcerting to me. There have been many democrats have made statements that actually or authoritarian such as this woman, Frederico Wilson, who said p. all should be prosecuted for making fun of members of Congress Malleson. You have heard me say this. Time and time again, if you watch my channel that one of the greatest things about Amerika is that I can walk up to anyone. Politician
Elinor or otherwise and say a few. You can't that there's this limits. I can't run up somebody in their face or anything but now I can look to you know: I'm not gonna get arrested, a man can be prosecuted for telling this woman she uniform for swearing. Look, I'm not gonna swear at around Salter cause. You know, a person I am, but Are we not in America we are allowed to tell politicians, Whatever we want for the most part like you can't threatened them more insight bonds. She does bring up the point trying to make us. I can make five you all. I want and theirs nothing you can do about it. That's why this country's great, but it's not. Just brought a regal wilson. Thereupon, other people, calling for censorship, and I can I covered this recently when Elizabeth Elizabeth Warren said that tech companies would be taking down lies because their racist is because someone's it has a conversation you dont like them. You can take them down stairs order. Do, let's take a look at various instances where we have seen the freakish authoritarianism.
emerging on the left and I've got a bunch of stories. Forty before we get started had over two TIM Cast, our complex done it. If you'd like to support my work. There's a month in a nation, optional crypto option a physical address, but of course the best thing you can do share this video Youtube, no longer suggests my videos in the same way as everyone else on Youtube. It's true for all political channels. If you think that. that's good. I asked you to share it to suggest it to other people through the news. From the daily Wires Ryan Saavedra Democratic, Rep, Frederick, Wilson Letter congressional delegation to inspect and immigration detention facility on Tuesday and following her She said that people who are making fun of members of Congress on line should be prosecuted shoe. She really did seriously: it's like come on man she's. Ok, they went inside around one point is a quote: they weren't they went. They went inside IRAN, one p m, with the purpose of investigating the conditions that that that migrant children are living in Serbia.
I am your pardon joining Wilson was fellow self forded Rep Don. I shall Lala Rapid Benny Thomson, Brenda Lawrence, Yvette Clark, Catherine Clark, Jean Louis and meddling deem hairs. I quote. Those people who are online making fun of members of Congress are a disgrace and there. No need for anyone to think that is unacceptable. Wilson said during a press conference we are going to shut them down and work with whoever, it is to shut them down and they should be prosecuted. First, let's go over the weird. Well, wait: wait! There's! No! we need it for anyone to think that is unacceptable right. That's it! That's! That's! A double negative She sang it is acceptable, but you know what she was trying to say because you go I would say we are going to shut them down. Look, I got it that can be You don't think I could take. It literally you mean like we're going to rise up to the challenge. It could mean we're gonna be louder than them, but when she goes-
so they should be prosecuted. We know what she actually means. She is saying, as a government actor who is being ridiculed, she wants to shut down the speech and for an aunt Shaw, arrest, people prosecute them for insulting or for making fun of her. Sorry, that's not the way it works. Now this is just one small story right, she's gonna say you can't threat members of Congress she's right in that regard, but is wrong and regard you can prosecute somebody for being mean to you This is the direction things have been going for a long time. Ok, the regressive left type individuals I've been saying things like you know: people say I'm crazy, stupid on the internet. Yet well, that's too bad, but what happens Twitter Facebook Youtube fashion? Craig policy saying no being mean to people on the internet, Noah from a personal ethics and philosophical perspective. I agree: don't be mean to people like I can be made sometimes also someone stupid or insane, but, but rarely you guys, like- I'm not even willing to tell her off in an sweater because I'd, that's that's not. Why am, although
certainly respect the right of individuals to do that. It was met if its. It is. What makes this country great. We have the right to challenge those in power right, plain and simple, but we have this move and where people are burning, free speech, signs, they're, saying bigotry and hate speech, a cat like they don't want, you being mean on the internet was crazy, is, and here's work it's interesting they are made on the internet. They say mean things and it's ok, they say speeches violence, but throwing milkshakes isn't we know the game. You can see the game there playing it's, not all of the Democrats, but it's too many of them. You know you know I am personally a fan of Andrea. Until she gabert and now I'm actually a bit of a fan of marrying Williamson, because I think she's, just like this fund hippy lady and it's kind of fun to hear talk of next year tweets. You know you get What's up but Yang and Gabert have been pretty pretty consistent on free speech, and you know I can respect that on four
Finally, there are too many Democrats who are not consistent and are just playing for tribal reasons. Let's take a look at some of the other terrifying authoritarian instances. We ve seen so far Elizabeth Warren, so It is within the power and obligation of tech companies to stop these vile lies that in their tracks this is with war in saying that social media companies, tech companies should be ok, but let's break down what is it really mean to stop the vial? eyes was not necessarily sang to ban speech. She is right, I'm not gonna. Take her statements. Litter because how do you stop words and attracts you can't, but figuratively watch saying essentially is tat. Companies are obligated to shut down speech plain and simple, but it I did do a video on this and I have money
stories I wanna go through in terms of the authoritarian left in this story. When will come back to speech issues we will in this story is, in our opinion, peace from sedate Kampala, the cop reiterate its promise to take executive action on guns of Congress. Won't look you another demand, guns, fines buy meat by all means. But what are we looking at we're? Looking at a congresswoman saying, we're gonna prosecutors mean speech willing we'll get Elizabeth, worn, saying the tech companies should stop this speech. So there's two authority It calls for action in different ways from the government from the private sector, how come Allah Harrison, that if you get elected she will take executive action on guns, something the present doesn't have the authority to do once again This is an authoritarian stance of trying to impose their well on others. Listen if they're going to take the position that they are allowed to do it and other people aren't and they want to use like push their will on you. Basically not always that authoritarian, but it's like you're, not even consider
stand and what Europe your for terrorism is. So that shows what you're really on about is personal power. If they said hate speech should be banned and I will ban it They banned the left and the right. Well, ok! Well, there authoritarian, but these are consistent Well, we're seeing here is not nothing to do with with with actual principle, but What I see is I want power, that's what they're saying when they do this, but don't worry. I got a lot more in this story. We saw a while ago February, O eight finger April. Nineteen democratic congresswoman threatens black republican teenager quote your eight. To be afraid of us, naturally, this woman got. Have you push back? This was RAP Medea Wolesi was she told sieges Pearson I'm not the woman sitting next to a yo to her and I and millions like us are the future of this country and you are right to be afraid of us, but you
learn my name. What does that mean for the future of this country shoot? This is a hispanic woman telling a black young black conservative? There are the future and he should be. right it. Does it sound racist citizens is another good. Sample of kind of the hypocrisy they talk about intersection reality. They talk about marginalized groups, but we ve all seen it right. They physically that they attacked Andy. No did they care about it? Saturday, of course they didn't. These are actually we are seeing the mask slip where they are full on authoritarian and what's really crazy to me, I've got a couple, more stores ought to go through in terms of speech and then the rhetoric. But then I want to show you how came to Andy. No, Finally, another authority, but want to go through it. They they they they have lied. They have spread lies there trying to justify violence. Let's move on oh cause, Yo Cortez hit back at our critics. With quote, I am
a boss over the green new deal. Once again, we can see how she really feels there. Often people we have been trying to solve the environmental crisis for a long time. Many organizations. In fact, I will tell you this. I was one of them. I worked for two different environmental organizations nonprofit to raise awareness and help solve these problems. She is not the only one trying to do this, but that's what she said that I am the boss. So what's the actual court they have. She says: I just introduced the green new deal two weeks ago and its critical conversation. Why? Because no one else has even tried some people like always unrealistic. Oh it's vague it as an address this minute thing and, unlike you, Are you do it because you were not cause you're, not until you do, I'm the boss? How about that so itself? So let it limit. Let me back: we ve seen them, say silent speech.
We ve seen them say I was executive action. We should call on the government and the private sector to silence speech. Now we can see the ego and the narcissism o cause, it has really believe she's. The only one trying she's, not major gains, have been trying in fact The eighth fallacy, audio and one of the largest labour units in the world came on sad. We have been working on these issues for decades, because we are people who work. These jobs, of course, want to solve these problems but not only that you think she's the only one doing it she's as I'm the boss, that is kind of a terrifying delusion, because she doesn't know where people are working on this, she assume she has the right to be in charge. that's another layer of the authoritarianism bullets. What will carry on your here's? Another one, This work, as Rapporteur, has now denigrate to those who, challenger by saying
We are in charge and you're just shouting from the cheap seats. Now I've highlighted this and people claimed. I lied for bringing us up. No cosmic has literally said you're in the cheap seats and we're in charge. It's now about class. She can claim to fight for them marginalized groups can claim to fight for the poor, but when it comes down to it as you're in the cheap seats and we're in charge, they want, they have expressed their desire to silence our speech to contact companies. The government they ve called on. You know using executive authority to impose their will and they're, telling us we're in gipsies. Now I find truly alarming is outside of just the Democrats. It's how the left in the media has defended and encouraged the violence, this story from human of Twitter elites celebrate brutal aunt if, on anti no human animal,
pack on journalist Anna was met with glee by twitters elite Blue Checkmark Brigade, who expressed their support for their militant left us now. This I want to highlight not only the support for over two violent authoritarianism, but the complete hypocrisy again to reiterate its not about principle. They are not coming out here to say we should defend these people are coming to say I want power. Here is an example, show climbers. My understanding works with the human rights campaign of which I have funds raised for the past. They fight for algae BT rights, yes, TIM Pool has fund raised one of the top fund raising of the time for the human rights campaigner. Fighting for algae B team I did that now, I'm shocked to see someone justifying a brutal assault on a gay men on and it is, she said that any new in town additionally provokes people on the left to drivers, content being it. Sudan, video by an taken by an actual journalist, is the greatest thing they could have happened to his career. You know it. I know it
does it we all know it? Yes, and you know who I see the brain hemorrhage so so out of all these instances and I'll say this- you wanna talk about alleged cases right. So I mentioned mentioned this in a conversation with David Pachmann and David said, he believes the regressive left types are their edged cases, meaning there there rare instances they happen all the time. I think it's fair to point out that, to a certain degree it is rare, but it's the most prominent. Ok, sir, Not every Democrat is endorsing this know. Many are calling out CNN called it out of all people claim to fundamental for the past, but that there are a lot of Democrats. Even Erics wall. Well condemn this Jake Tapir, condemned it Andrew Yang, condemned it. So yes, regular Democrats, even if they are starting to pushed to the far left, will still call this out. Here is the problem the influencers of left those the most followers. Yes, there's not there's not that many people have as many farmers as they do, but it's because they're on top this
an individual. These are multiple individuals who are advocating extreme violence and their verified leftwing individuals who are leading the charge. We can look to the grass roots efforts of Democrats and see that for the most part they want regular things. They want to improve health care. But when you look at whose linen conversation look no further than the democratic debates, they endorsed, they they endorsed healthcare for illegal immigrants. they go into port illegal immigrants. So here we can see. It is not regular Democrats who are concerned about immigration who are leading the pack. It is these voices whore, encouraging authoritarianism and running defence for it, the most The whole areas thing is when you can see the overt dis information campaigns being led now also, thus listen. There are fringe right wing groups that engage in this information campaigns. they're, not in media. They don't work for vocs they're, not working for Buzzfeed. They don't work for massive prominent institutions there.
Symbols are being flown by corporate brands, they don't appear and MSNBC the fringe rightwing. What right wing groups were condemned wholeheartedly Most conservatives, one on the left genuine to endorse this Charlotte climber of the human rights campaigner may stream, a private organisation or cause you're Cortez. These Koala Harris. These are politicians pushing stuff and, of course, as we know that that the table magazine and the New York Times, outed far left Democrats who are prominent, mainstream and supported, anti Semites Linda sorcerer than others Mr Myanmar, listen man, I dont like bigotry and hate and hate speech and people being mean, but I'm not getting that from say. Human events are their mean conservative. Certainly there are human events. Friends
Thence is a more well thought out. Conservative approach taught you know talking about their that things they support. I disagree with a with most of the conservative positions accept for liberty, because Americans believin Liberty, you can be liberal, believe in liberty. Unfortunately, who is leading the charge so back to the sweet or check I clicked it all right and talk about. Look Robbie self is a recent at her said: trolls have been too this doctored fake screenshot of an article. I supposedly wrote my actual article made no such claims and included a vastly different headline. If this is the evolved from a fake news, its mildly terrifying. I have asked Twitter to take action. They took his article, where he said aunt. If a mob viciously assaults, journalist Andy know and they added it, took a screenshot, not reads: Andy NO hires pro boys to poet. Antiphon attack him at a rally. This Grange
there's not going around and guess what we see once again, the main stream left. Here. We have the story from from Kennedy National Observer, not that I'm not gonna aggregate than your times, but Carolyn or rights, and article arguing, it's all a disinformation campaign to make annual look that's actually not true, there are certainly people, whore, exaggerating who are taking things further than you know what we can confirm, that's fair, but has not miss Info the Portland Police, said in a statement that one of their officers witnessed someone putting something like quit are consistent with dry cement. They sought in a cup. this is an actual statement, a journalist, I woman, one that I actually she's merely in the past, but you gotta statement where the police said they saw what looks like quick, concrete in in a cup, so they put the tweet out they should it couldn't result in chemical burns. It was the right thing to do.
Andy know doesn't believe that what he was hit with had adequate drying cemented it. He said that excellent, but many people were concerned. That's what had happened because the police had said that information. Do you think the police are lying. There call this information campaign, ok, What you think is conspiracy now seriously they're getting to the point Conspiracy theories were there. arguing the Portland police put out Miss, information and then I would not listen. Maybe not information saying they saw it happen, then it's likely the case. I dont think the police are conspiring against Anti for that's absurd, certainly not the police like Anti fault, but the Portland Police, probably potter statement, because that's what they saw and now we can see this articles saying it's an attempt to smear antifraud as violent or you joking. It was anti fa who got violent. They get violent all the time, but here we are so will pull up a little bit. More is the statement from Donald Trump Junior. The media was complicit in a brutal assault on an innocent conservative journalist, and you know it
engage in any violent activities. He just as opinions they dont like, and it's really scary. How a lot of the lot of the answer, like a lot of the response we see, is what did you think was going to happen when your posed us? I could you not one guy from New York Times wrote: he should have known this- would happen so much as it is anti for violent and defend them, because I should have known better is animal. Not really, violence, a disinformation campaign nor that matters. The main point, but I wanna get across this video- is that we have seen an increase in the democratic side of authoritarianism, defence of it and lies to protect. So I do a quick sweep and I'm an end with one more segment that I think is actually kind of funny. What did we see so far? in saying we should prosecute those who make fun of Congress. People. Someone say that big tat comes our obligated to remove via a lot of things, He thinks our lies. Ok to government address common government, a private sector, Kemal Harris threatening to use executive action to to get through what she wants. We can see a Democrat cause. I'm saying
fear us without causing or tat saying I'm the boss and you're on the cheap seats that it comes to the physical violence, and we can see the media defending it. This isn't it doesn't exist on the mainstream right, the way it does in the left, I think all of the former extremists, crazy people by all means lock him up for a way to give him a violent ones, were more threatening communities or engaging a hate crimes like physical violence against people lock up. If you commit a crime, go to jail, These people are in Congress. You can argue Steve King sure, but they stripped them of all committees, make the. Could the Republicans again but you didn't want him when other Democrat What about illness are what I've heard cause your protesting at the woman's March, which
put on by known anti Semites. It's all main stream and I'll tell you where it ends. Nike triggered Joe Scarborough tweets, epic vent against woke Democrats, Joe Scarborough, went on a tirade because the Democrats have gone off the rails. Absolutely in my opinion- and you know what do I have this? I don't have a story pulled up, but there is a New York Times such you now another graph showing our publicans going alone to the right the left going just off the rails, and here we can see it? He says democratic in its now support universal health care for illegal immigrants, making illegal crossing make it making illegally crossing America's borders legal and return a return to forced bus He wanted a huge tirade saying the Woke Democrats essentially are going to cost the Democrats. Twenty twenty trumps gonna win. and now we see mayor, Willie Brown, saying no Democrat can when not even Kemal airs it's over Trump One and a true.
You know what it was really interesting to see. Lindsey Graham say this, I think it was during the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. He said: y'all want power, and God I hope you never get it and it's so crazy, because men, I do not like Lindsey, Graham, I never did I never liked unease Republicans, but I'll tell you. A weird thing has happened where liberal TIM Pool the mixed race you know pro social justice individuals now fought found that the left has shown all of these signs of authoritarian violence and the restriction of speech and threats and eager egotism and arson find me. I dont see myself voting for Republican. I really don't, but I'll tell you this, The Democrats have lost me for sure I will support tools. He gathered because she's fought she's a push back against censorship. She said identity, politics is divisive, she's defended free speech and
main policy, but it is anti war and that actually, under that unifies conservatives and liberals anti war. So I can respect her, but not by all. I see them cheating, I dont see them giving our chance. So what are we left with authoritarian, leftists or violent, are slowly Europe becoming more prominent in Congress who are due to terrorism- and that's that's worrisome and it's only getting worse final thought on the matter here we are, with a politician, sang prosecute those who make fun of us You may think it's just one, so we saying one silly thing, but you know what it desensitize us it's grains of sand in a heap if this kind of rhetoric per cent We will come to a poor people say so why there look it's just listen! You shouldn't make fun of politicians. Were they say now you frame of freedom of speech has been framed from consequence they say, but the private platform. Now we moved on from there to government, gives me bourbon
Now we ve moved on to actual politicians. Not only saying big Tec is obligated term of these people, but they should be prosecuted. Where do you think this goes next? Also say it? I said all time anything because next, where do you think will be in the next year or two tromp is going to win? How do you think they will react? They're gonna go nuts, they start fires, they torched a limo. They were throwing bricks, it was. It was insanity. Last, an adolescent migration. What do you think's but haven't want trump ones again. I just see this getting worse. Every everyday I'll leave it there stick around next segment, albeit Youtube COM, slashed him CAS news during its six the emphasis, the pot guess the order is different, but I will have another someone coming up shortly. The pot gas will be of everyday six. Thirty p m and again TIM cast icons flashed on it. If you want to support my work or just share them, We want you to share the video. Where were you can? If you think it was a watch it they sprang up? I will see you almanac story. Well, as I pay
directed yesterday the move made by Arizona to penalize Nike over their decision to pull the Betsy Ross. You has resulted in a blue state trying to pick up the slack and provide some incentives for Nike now who are not familiar with, going on it's kind of been an ongoing story and I thought it was fake at first strike us I swear to God, so you re actually gets here. The headline cigarette governor after Nike cancels american theme shoe. They represent the best of armor. In value. So here's what happens Nike is gonna put out. Betsy Ross flag Shoe for the fourth of July column. Caper Nick calls complaining so Nike pulls the shoe because its offensive to Oh seven people on the internet, that's insane to me! Look if you're offended by the american flag, then maybe I will tell you man, like you're the urinate, a fringe minority of people, most people.
America, like the overwhelming majority, either just like yet cool american flag, whatever or or like the full. It's actually few people war that upset and they want the flagpole well Maggie pulls the shoe so Another question was how long until they go broke right, get what go broke and sure enough took but half a day, Arizona tsar governor made the announcement that he was going to be stripping financial incentives for Nike to build a plant in Arizona eyes. I thought this was a bad idea. The whole thing was a and I do not pull the shoe, but you know what the market decide. So, as you, the governments, an intern make it does I make an american flag shoe? What's their decision rights Arizona government intervening as a weird thing. I don't think it's a violation of the first amendment because they don't have to be giving incentives to big corporations has been a lot of complaints about this but the problem is like clockwork. I know, what's gonna happen soon, Governor is now saying will give you incentives Nike, because of it
They don't like the american flag, either you're a funny thing. California, they got it, they gonna human waste problem. They ve got typhus, protect us, there's a fear of a Abu Bonnac. leg, but sure Nike, not one to sell american flags represents the best knight, the massive. You know a corporation though allegiance to the: U S I ve been accused. I want again the whole thing something accused of hiring child labour to make their shoes for Nicholls. So it's like I'm being hyperbolic by the way I don't get sued by Nike all allegations. as it were out there doing now. Apparently they done better, but still, why would end one act like they're, a bastion of like good will and social justice there. Not. There are massive, faceless corporation. That makes me crappy shoes of Nike make some goods used, but most their shoes are like garbage, mall shoes, you wanna good parachutes, amok and I'm not gonna. Do I'm askin
border. So I know all about shoes and I've got a bunch of shoes at a really good, but will leave it there. Let's see, what's gonna California, on Tuesday night after Nike is cancelled and american flag theme shoe triggering Arizona governor Doug Duty to withdraw financial incentives, offer Nyc California. When our Gavin Newsome tweeted, that Nike was doing the right thing and represented the best of our american values is actually gets really. Funny trust me So after dock dues, you sad negative decision, we made hours yadda, yadda governess, some tea with us. In short, a night night we're just a quick jaunt over the border. Thank you for doing the right thing. see A is open for business and welcomes those that represent the best of our american values. Do you know who doesn't represent the best of american values, Barack Obama, because This is an image. I'm ok, I didn't put Google search. I said, Brok Obama inauguration, because I'm pretty sure this is a common thing for her, for you, ve got three different innovations of the american flag
and lo and behold there is the Betsy Ross original thirteen colonies like so I guess Brok, Obama doesn't represent american values, the actual first black american president who had this flying behind them because Brok, like men, you know, I say this: All of this insanity, like the weird, far left side, twitter body nonsense. These proportions are doing, really makes you miss Obama. I love my biggest great. With Obama was his foreign policy and the same is true. For Trump Obama was exe we worse on foreign policy than tromp, was in a lot of ways right so domestically to me it's kind of like. Oh I get it. Then we can argue about certain policies. What you're not gonna so Obama was really tough on immigration to call them the porter and chief and here's Obama flying the Botsey Ross like what happened to the Party of Barack Obama. They elected him twice another claiming this flag flying behind him is is is racist and it was the right thing to do. Do not
of it on their shoes. To me, that is completely absurd and insane they say nuisance comment or just a quick, John The border was a response to deuces decision to withdraw financial incentives for night. We are, we know that I'm not gonna reducing statement. He basically window In detail about how it's like Anti American took you didn't like the flag than again. You know we won't give them incentives you get it. What are we do? Have a lot of comments now from a bunch people again to say so. It reads after trumpet medical and banned. U S, embassies from flying the rainbow pride flag outside the embassies on the official flag, both the american flag, Newsome respond. By flying the rainbow pride flag along with the? U S flag and the state of California flag over the state capital in Sacramento from June seventh after the end of June, not is actually an interesting. It's actually really interesting, right, Nike all of June, whereas our problem flying the pride flag and then come July there.
No american flags, it's like what we, what what what we do and what is so silencing the thing about the pride flag is that, everyone was claiming MIKE pants said they can't with a fly, anywhere now he's had literally, we can't fly the pride flag under the american flag because I think you literally can't like that flying the flag, I got an embassy mean something different from flying the flag in United States, but There are so many people in a country that are just fervent farming at the mouth cycle paths on twitter. I don't understand what a flag is supposed to represent. So when you're an embassy in your flying the flag, you're saying this, is you know this space? It you know hazards legions to deny states. So if you're in say, like I don't know, Korea and you see the american flag somewhere there literally means something for it, for the embassies, at least till find the flying the pride flag would be. I don't I don't know. That's like our. Are the international treaty work on it, but there was no rule against putting it up. They could put on the flagpole when the american flag was
exerts we're, gonna bent out of shape about it. They say: Newsome takes nuisance. Take that He represents. The best of american values, stands in stark opposition to such centres, TED Crews of Texas and Josh Holly of Missouri, who blasted Nike on Twitter crews, rope good thing Nike only wants to sell sneakers to people who wait the american flag, which is less than eight percent of the population. Man, it's really wind blowing, because I tell you what I find your average democratic liberal, Look. They sell american flags at Walmart. Ok, it's like radio Americans left right up down whatever religious, a you know, a secular whenever they sell little american flags everywhere. You gotta get me so little. Many conflicts because people buy because regular people like they waved the flag for joy, comin up, guess what, when you buy fireworks, there's american flags all over the boxes of fireworks. get your literally celebrating the fourth join this country to recognise independence, of which the Betsy Ross flag represents
Now we're in this weird world, where I you know, it's really insane about this whole stories. Is common caper net got the shoe pulled you don't. I think, though I'll say this too. I think it's possible. It's a pr stunt. I really do column can't be so look. It makes common cabinet lebed. Nike looks a little bed, but there are like what we got complains in old. We do. here's the thing these shoes. Apparently some of them are sold for like two thousand dollars now, because it can be rare collectors items so happens now is at this point. See Ross. Shoe is gonna, be a rare, limited vision at controversial, high value shoe and can be met. If I got so I'll, tell you what you wanna talk about dry sand effect? All that's really happened is that you have now got an extreme one of the most valuable Nike shoes will be issue with the american flag on it. So it's not start doing anything for content
A key just looks bad luck. I really dont care what what given this will? California to say, because his state is in disarray, I mean look, they ve gone through a massive drought. There's this crisis in this a lot of stuff gown of the drought. Now the farmers are fact other economies affected you ve got human waste in the streets, you gonna massive homeless crisis. The super majority of Democrats can solve the problem and they're gonna. and then they're gonna come out and be like no american flags, great you're, a sanctuary state who just voted to give illegal immigrants healthcare. And you ve, got a homeless problem. Listen not even an argument about whether or not you should be prioritizing what whether or not you should be prioritizing Americans, verses, illegal immigrants said that our side. I think it's kind of an obvious. Our most Americans like hey. If we pay taxes, we get benefits first right, but would put that asylum is an issue of the elite. Immigrants who are coming to California are choosing to come here and homeless. Peoples
sleeping in the streets in their own waste are in need of help now, but what of California do what they couldn't pass laws? couldn't pass a bill for housing the homeless, but what California sure could do was guaranteed than anybody else who comes gonna get after that to me is completely insane. I could be getting the new of the bill wrong. So still, forgive me, but the general you know like reporting has been. They will provide a certain group. Like I think, of a certain age. Of illegal immigrants, access to to healthcare to govern after that just basically saying more people should come. There are sanctuary state they're, not gonna, cooperate with federal law enforcement, and then they're going to eat a California is just such an all. I'm glad I left you know I was not enjoying that place. It really is. I don't know Let's wait! What about the shoes? I this super long, Josh, Holly twitted Do you think's America? The America thinks american flag is symbol of oppression. What planet are you want, Nike Glad
the allows Chinese Communist Party to tell what to what products to sell while building its business around sweatshop labour Nike is Anti american, pure and simple. Now gives a symbol of everything wrong. corporate economy and take advantage of our laws, but send jobs overseas for sweatshop wages partner with repressive regimes aggressively avoid paying any? U S, taxes: and then tell Americans are shut up and by their stuff. He says: Nike should apologise to working for denigrating the flag. They should apology. Estimates missourians, who lost loved ones, defending the flag and they should restart production and of the Betsy rush. You the facility and Saint Charles now they shouldn't they shouldn't. Do anything I'll? Tell you what the governments be interfering in the stupid decisions of a stupid company I didn't want to stop the american flag. You will then so be it. I didn't like Nike anyway and I'll. Tell you why it's because of the accusation-
Holly already made there and act like that. Your comments, I american, fine, whatever, but their company that's been, has a history, or at least has been accused of sweatshop labour, out sourcing jobs so whether you're, a nationalist who loves America or Euro left you liked the exploitation of marginalized people around the world. There is no real. For you to be supporting, like you, but I'll. Tell you what Nike cells, mall shoes and regular people want their mall shoes, but I'll tell you this Nike regular people like the american flag to this is gonna. Do like I can't you know what men here's the thing They didn't they did the big camping with calm caper neck and then immediately brand recognition went down across the board. I covered it. You know in a couple videos, but their stock still recovered and went up. I think it's because I did well in spite of what they ve done, their brand here's, the thing: Nike cells, mall shoes,
the suit shoes sell because average people dont care this by shoes. That means Nike is probably gonna got. Their stock value will go up regardless they'll make cells regardless, but immediately following the paper and add campaign brand record fashion among all demographics went down like I could you not? There were numerous research companies sang most people that there was a with a negative reaction to the campaign. They still made money because Nike is a bit. company and then not to sell the shoe and regular people. Please don't care too much one way or the other, but they probably would have done better. Had they not done this, I don't know this will be. You know the next big move against Nike AIR whenever in terms of like actually will. This be the one where they lose money. I really doubt it. I'm not gonna buy them, but I wouldn't buy them anyway. I actually prefer smut buying are usually where fans which I dont think are much better than Nike for the most part, but there still
earn some capacity, but I do like buying smaller american brand shoes and I'm not gonna three names out, but it escaped border theirs. It there's a couple brands that comes to mind that are made in the U S and are really good shoes, and I think look man whether whether Europe and America for nationals, like I said or a left wing, you know anti exploitation by a man can make products plain and simple. It's really baffling to me when we see all these people, you know complain like you know the ipod argument or got the Iphone argument that these people on the left talk about oppression and and and racism in other stuff, and it's like dude, you know, what's going on a fox, can right now you don't need to buy their product, you can buy Samsung, it's not perfect, but there are, I believe there are american made phones. Personally, I don't care. I dont like Iphone like I used to use it. now I use Android, but I'm not gonna be this person walked round complaining about foreign made products are or, like you know, oppression by the American Imperial by American Imperialism and then go out and buy the products at supporting. That makes
of sense I get it. There's the stupid comic, whether like we live in a society or whatever it's like, I'm very intelligent did listen man you can simultaneously argue, like sure, fine highlight the problems of these systems, but but but also you know, can we point out? You contribute to those systems right, Nike, not a good company. I leave their stick around next. I meant to come at one p m, and I will see you all them. Ok, you're Cortez doesnt seem to know where to far is shocking. You will understand that you can walk things back if you're wrong, so Evans is, she says something ridiculous and refuses to apologize for it and that in many instances actually incorporates into or into our platform, take a look at what the Green New deal right. She puts out this ridiculous ethic you that claims they want that. it can't get rid of farting cows and airplanes fast enough and then she says, oh, that was a mistake that the vacuum. about providing economic security too, though
Unwilling to work, it was a mistake that wasn't supposed to go out and set of acknowledging that it was her plan data PETE for it, and so now there saying it was an intern who made an error. It's not her fault right. So let's just clarify this He said it was a mistake. Fine, but it's her mistake, not the intern or whenever Oh she's made nonsensical statements about the border facilities saying that their concentration camps. What does she do? She wasn't a tour and and says all of these awful things are happening and that an seedy plays a role. Agency. Very few p I want to see, see BP or ice dissolved, cause your guitar does and she double down she campaign
on abolishing ice. So what happens when the Democrats want to approve a bill which would provide health like like images in aid to the border or cause your quarters says? No, whether Democrats agreed to fund the government, along with the Republicans o cause you Cortez voted. No and surprisingly. Oxygen for tests has voted in agreement with trumps positions Inadvertently more than like half of the Democrats in the house. Now we have down Crenshaw, say elsie- is getting bolder with her lies about border crisis. Refuses to offer illegal immigration fix. So let's just make one thing clear if the Democrats had said okay to the funding or wilkins wanted at the mainstream media actually said they deserved. We wouldn't be seeing this crisis
this is a manufacturer crisis in the sense that AOL Sea and the far left Democrats who refuse to fund the border bill have manufactured the crisis and now they're campaigning on it. Let's see what data to say from Fox NEWS, o cause, your court has hasn't told the truth about our visit to abort invention facility and refuses to help alleviate the crisis according to dance Cruncher Republican from Texas Crenshaw. What then went a step further claiming ok, Tat is one of several Democrats who want to see open borders during a Tuesday appearance on the story. It sad to see she's getting bolder with her lies on this. He claimed now she is saying that border patrol age harassed, her and forest migrants to drink out of toilets. This is insane this is not true. There is now one else corroborating these kinds of reports think about what happens when Trump says I'm in is a drop claimed without evidence.
because your quarters is claiming without evidence that people were being forced to drink of pilots. To me, this sounds like a ridiculous conspiracy. Theory I'll, tell you what it really sounds like, though, to me it sounds like a cause. Yogurt has made ridiculous claims about concentration camps. He did a ton of heat for it, and now she needs to prove everyone wrong. Instead of just admit she was wrong and it's fine and we can move on? She refuses and it's getting dangerous. We have record numbers of migrants poor across the board and what did she do? Obstruct obstruct and now put this nonsense. Look for another one! I do want to rent. I talk about this a lot, so we would encourage I d say. First, they do show. a tweet from Abkhazia Cortez. She said I can't understand, how disturbing it was that c b b officers were openly disrespectful of the congressional tour understate. How disturbing was I'm sorry? Ok, oh Gaza, but as in this country, even if you are working for the government
You are not you, you cannot command respect if a c b. officer wants to laugh in your present to bed. I could you not o cows or was claiming that they were laughing in front of her her words, see BP, said that some guy was like mine, is computer dusk and showed one of his front. They laughed and she got mad about. It sounds like she, corroborated that sounds like some deeds were at work made us of some sort and she got really angry and is now demanding accountability, because Heaven forbid someone laughs while their at work. He said if officers our comfortable violating agreements in front of their own management and superiors and superiors that tells us the agency has lost all control of their own officers, violating agreements what agreements. Yet yet. She is using to try and make her case that we shouldn't have any enforcement and that we should have open borders is really dishonest behaviour from a member of Congress, and I honestly can't believe it
let's talk a little bit about, so that a lot of people are saying open borders. The Democrats, like the elected ones I've never openly said open borders, but what their proposing would result in us in a permanent underclass that would be living under enough at the whim of those who can deposit but deport them whenever they want. You'll have a Democrat debates where Joe Biden said, we should focus on two points thing. You know illegal immigrants, don't break the rules. You know cause your Cortez actually less unto the DE essay, the democratic socialism, Erica of what she is a card carrying number. They protest borders literally holding up signs, saying no borders So what can I sumo? Gaza has once well when she says abolish ice when she doesn't
for any solutions, it seems to me like a cause over tat, is the one manufacturing the crisis. If you dont fund the border facilities they degrade, she then highlights the poor conditions as evidence of wrong. Doing it's her fault literally, but you know it's gonna, be a bunch of people, the tribal left who just say. While she was right, it is bad put two and two together, if she agreed, along with everyone else in wanting to send her message. That's what she said. Then we wouldn't be here really really really concerned. Despite its disconcerting about DA, what's happened on the border, there were supporting the other day that border facility a border patrol agent. our arming themselves over a fear of a riot potential rights in Texas when you have record numbers of migrants pouring into the country over a hundred thousand hundred forty four thousand in the past month, it nearly four hundred thousand this year. What these,
it happens. We can't put them all in these facilities. There overcrowded there being shipped over other places, unclean Portland main eventually there I'm just going to be a massive amount of people in a cramped detention facility. Cortez gonna complain about it. A right will break out, and and you're going to have the right sayings deport these people on the left, saying don't when the Democrats offer Healthcare government healthcare to illegal immigrants and said they won't deport them. Imagine what happens illegal immigrants come to this country for free healthcare. They work crappy jobs under the table because they're, not full citizens, They won't be deported. That's an underclass! Let's wait and see what I can try to say, Crenshaw added that he believed your colleague over TAT is not being forthright on the facts about illegal immigration and the influx of asylum seekers. He says, people like ABC are operating off of a false premise and its deliberately designed to misinform the american people for political ends. I completely agree
first, there was no crisis at all. Then it was, new factory crisis, then it was a crisis, can completely credit by Trump. Then there were concentration camps, then people are World war, two Germans open their way. Turning to democratic lawmaker, Turning to democratic lawmakers writ large crimes are sadly does not see much interest and engaging with Republicans to fix the crisis. What they're really doing is, trying to stand on their moral high horse and sling arrows at everybody else, while not offering a solution. They fought. tooth and nail against the four point: five million dollars, but its embrasures billion dollars, and humanitarian aid. The president needed that d just needed. He added Abkhazia quotas and wrap walking Castro, who recorded video from inside facility that lawmakers visited should offered how's people who were detained and set of lamenting conditions at the border. Castro puts out this video abc talks about these things ceiling.
I dont see them offering up any space in their own homes, they're, not offering our solution. What they really want is no enforcement. I imagine will get to a point where you will have riotous facilities. I can blame the migrants necessarily for one in a riot. If there's no food, if, if the waters not working properly and therein horrifying conditions, I can pass the blame a bit, because many of these people are economic migrants coming here. Thinking, they're gonna get it you no chance at a free job and free access to the United States and healthcare. All these things that have been promised by Democrats, California, s pride, it has just passed a bill. I don't have it signed into law, yet saying that they'll give illegal immigrants healthcare. So no wonder they keep coming and they're coming and record numbers, but then they end up in these facilities. They get met the conditions and we're facing potential rights, but what do you think happens when a right breaks out the armed guards will defend themselves? Some one will get hurt the left will
in response, then you're going to have people escaping in the facilities that are happened in southern and in southern Mexico. Us, like a thousand thirteen hundred people, escape the facility and flood. What do you think happens? They went at what, when it comes to the? U S, we are critical mass, they flee and you have a massive influx of unaccountable people. People warrant vaccinated some people who are bad like there are criminals and drug dealers he migrants? Where do they go? You're then gonna see a bunch of people dying in the wilderness, from exhaustion from exposure from dehydration etc, and that when you see the laughed blame nor publicans and Republicans blame the left, but I can only one real thing from the beginning, Tromp said we need border security. Well, we did we did six months ago and the Democrats said no Elsie said
So you know what to read. Are my point and we'll wrap this up? Dan Crenshaw is right about a lot of things. You know it comes down to a pinion. Do you trust Ocasio Cortez? I certainly don't I think for her. It's about ego, it's about being right, it's not gaining followers. She has no idea what she's talking about and she's riling herself up, and she's she's she's radicalizing herself. She says something that makes no sense whatever one calls are out to get angry and then doubles down, and she has been on a fervent tirade about insane conspiracy. Nonsense There is no evidence to suggest that anybody was forced to drink from a toilet. In fact, it could just be a miscommunication, because the water fountains and towards the same thing maybe she's right. Ok, when the solution is obvious, give the government the money they're asking for, but you obstructed that- and here we are today, it's no one's fault, but the Democrats for resisting and obstructing and now they're complaining, it's kind of nightmares. When you realize what they're doing it's a complete manipulation
Please manipulation. I don't think the Republicans have all the right answers on a lot of issues, but trumpet you know pulled back in terms of it. Then the war with IRAN, hopefully were still there will see what happens he cross into the DMZ great moments. There has been some pretty good foreign policy decisions so far, domestic policy well in terms of the economy, hey, not that we thought we were talking about a bunch of other issues. There can be arguments made when we're talking about past foreign policy actions that are there me, some arguments made whether publicans from the beginning said crisis, and I said ok Democrats what you're solution they offered none. Where are we now full blown critical mass detention centres degrading over? You know just filled beyond capacity, and the Democrats are now using this problem as political fuel economy,
They were unified, we wouldn't be here anyway I'll leave it there. You know, take it from down crimes. I don't take it from me, but I'm not surprised were kind of an agreement on the issue of the common sense perspective than that. Even after the main stream. You no more established corporate Democrats agreed for the bill. Cortez still said no shit, you want to send a message. Ok, great message received loud and clear around the necks of cyclical becoming up at four p m on my main channel, and I will see you all. Surely this next as a follow up on the main video I did for my main channel. If you haven't seen it check it out, Youtube account slashed him cast Joe, Scarborough govern an epic rant against woke Democrats, because you love you guys watch my show. You know what my opinion is. The book Democrats are destroying any chance for Anti democratic with Saint Policy and actually be the Republicans be dull from which is why a very critical of them it's like their own the plan so far as Donald Trump always is Orangemen bad, so just go.
Proposing this rant and I imagine it a little bit, but I want to go through it in more detail. and I want to show you some of the biggest up started me about what's happening with the Nikes tuition. So if those that aren't familiar Nike was going to do an american flag shoot for the fourth of July, they pulled it because Colin Kaepernick comply this sets off Joe Scarborough and it sets off a bunch of other people to say very, very done things. So, let's get into it before you get started. Had some guest accomplished on it. You can awaken spot by workers, pay pal option of gripped option a physical address but, of course, Just share the video, if you like it, because you do no longer suggests my content. A story reads: I must be seized morning, Joe housed Joe Scarborough says he broke every rule he made for himself on twitter today by hosting a six tweet venting in which he besieged woke Democrats too. refrain from blowing themselves up politically and re electing Donald Trump. What set him off
Betsy Ross and Nike, apparently his first post of the morning this in a week when he he and Color Michael Brzezinski are away from the show was quote the Betsy Ross. flag is now a symbol of white nationalism in slavery, not defiance against a distant monarchy, really Nike P see. Madness is accelerating just in time for twenty twenty Trop feeds on your reflexive weakness, great job, everybody then you can see the actual tweets blow, but just in case Scarborough I was with his pledge to delete well transcribed them here. Verbatim democratic candidates now support one. Universal health care for illegal immigrants to making Elite crossing America's borders. Legal and three are returned to forced bussing. Do you also now support the banning of the Betsy Ross flag from public places? Hashtag woke nation and quote: let me disabuse woke Democrats of the notion that expect them to adjust their beliefs and strategies to suit former Republicans. But I do
them to refrain from blowing themselves, are politically and reelected Trump from their continued, but you'll be oh and lose another election, a trump that you should have one and start by continuing to fight those who want him beaten just as badly he said I started going the White House and working around presidents and prime ministers at an early age, I led a coup to drive Gingrich out as speaker, my thirties, and but time around leaders. I greatly respected Trop, never raided with those leaders. Thrilled not even close stop setting yourself on fire just be Trump. I don't ride. Tigers fear, not I dont get eaten. Then he goes on to say enough. Hunting I have broken rule I made for myself on Twitter. I am now going to delete. these tweets over the past hour and tell those who I've gone back and forth with now. We all want to vote Trump out of office next year. Everything else is a distraction. Hashtag be trump speaking, distractions ride, tigers.
And so we can see, links to the wall, Street Journal story or the Betsy Ross flag was removed. Now they Charles tweeds and I think that's just the story, but here's the thing: it's not just about Joe our getting angry its by the fact that Democrats don't live in reality, anymore I do not want to be a deck, but I don't see how you can. you can claim otherwise. They really believe Twitter is real life. It's not twitter is like a tiny sub section of fringe activists who have great gained prominence through being outrage. all the time. So what is better or work doing check others tweet from Ben Jacobs, beta on the Nike Betsy Ross flag. Controversy quote. I think it's really improve and take into account the impression that kind of symbol would have for many of our fellow Americans respect the decision Nike made and grateful for the conversation that is provoking ceiling. you're not to say Beethoven. I noted that quote the version of the flu.
that was used on Nike shoes in question has biased Tom Extremists white national groups been appropriated. No, oh my god. No, you pay will have lost your minds. You know what man this is not true it. Some ridiculous article memorable, which, which nonsense woke far left outlet, wrote it where they claimed, like one white nationalist guy, was flying the flag. Therefore it is a white national symbol. No please you! You have lost your goddamn minds. Look at his photo. It's broken almost inauguration. There is the flag. These people are absolutely and I want a Joe Rogan Podcast and I defended conservatives right to free speech and you know I really felt like I was standing on principle There will be a lot of democratic people on the left. People line, more like why you two funding conservatives him. Now it happened. It's not you know. Listen. Conservatives have a right of free speech. The platforms are biased. I acknowledge that these
My cracks are chasing after awoke nonsense, narrative because these platforms won't police the cycle paths on the left. This is what you get an answer. I'm a critical. I almost believe that Jack Dorsey is so Adele Trump support. because everything is doing is making sure the path is being paved by allowing these these lunatics on the left to say whatever they want. Listen, you bad! The conservatives you shouldn't do that their free speech, but that leaves only clean, cut, presentable. Conservatives when you dont download. After this the insanity breeds into the might. You know it infects the minds of democratic, then say this kind of nonsense, so whether european pot guess I defended the free speech and what happens afterwards. I get hit up by some professional state borders who are like Yo Tim? So cool to see on the german pod cast love your content and that's crazy to me. I'm thinkin like what wait, what scape borders tend to be lefty progressive hippies? Why are they owe? Is it that scapegoat
love freedom is it is that why I'm a very freedom oriented individual? And I could you not- I go to escape the other day. I mean I mean, poor people more, like oh man, you're temple of surprise, GIF or knew. I was an attorney Now, in this group of people, they all kind of agreed. The Democrats are losing their minds their and our Hence my this stretch of the means you you'd be hard, pressed in my opinion, to find a large group of republican skateboards. They exist. Of course they do their conservatives gay borders. Let's get borders tend to be illegal hippies. You know lefty left, leaning, I want to escape our guy got threatened by a bunch of annual type skateboard as- and I thought that was probably what can happen, but the reason I bring us up is that the people, I really thought would be on the line. At aligned with the Democrats, art the people watch my content and of being very similar to me politically, not really republican kind of on the left and the end there looking at the same thing. So what I call this out? Listen, no
It is not a white nationalist symbol is the american flag for first of all, that is holy this. If it is the flag, It is a symbol of a of fighting back against a decent monarchy. That was oppressing people. It is, it is a symbol of opposing oppression. and now we can see just how insane the Democrats I've gotten their there there acting like these weird. On twitter war? Saying weird things? Look this this! I could you not. I want a punch, the cameras, how angry I got When beta Orourke said at this version of the flag was being used by White Nationalist just like you, people are literally insane, they don't work. This sheer idiocy and ignorance has made me anger angrier than I've been in a long time how insane you have to be to believe this psychosis is at an end. The Democrats are being dragged down, so the root of this really it's really Double the social media networks are allowing the psychopath say wherever they want, but you know what they're allowed to say: it's their free speech. While this is them crashing and burning,
They are lighting themselves on fire, as as just opera said, the Woke Democrats are ensuring the Democrats never again man. I I have no idea. What's gonna happen after twenty twenty twenty four, because look we're right now the path is pay for tromp trumps. Gonna win. I can't I can't imagine you can have you don't work come out and say the american flag is assumed is use by white nationalists. Are you nuts? I have you lost your mind? What do you think Americans are anything to go to vote like all these people are crazy, giving healthcare to illegal immigrants american flag, symbol of white nationalism. Sorry, I'm not going to vote for that. So what you think happens. Trump wins. I can't imagine what could happen in twenty twenty four. You know. I can't see the Democrats pulling any kind of recovery. Unless you know it's possible that all of the workforce of Democrats destroy their careers and then we
and twenty twenty four and we get more moderates again, but I don't know I really dont. Maybe the Democrats do wake up up up far left base. Listen tromp lit up portion of the cut portions of this country that hadn't voted before it's possible. The Democrats do the same thing that are trying to do. I beta losing strategy because a lot of Republicans reluctantly vote for Trump there. Like he's moved me, you know, to a different areas. Like Reagan Democrats, we want to call it final vote for him. Anyway, they have a lot of conservatives, warlike Oakdale over Trump. Then you have moderates who vote for trouble. So the point as people in the far right will reluctantly vote tromp moderates more reluctantly vote for tromp, but what you give the devil that's. Moderates are going to vote for you, you're gonna get the far left and the left chemical and then what about the moderates burden of offer trump you lose. So what happens from twenty? Twenty four? they don't work actually believe as insanity when you get jobs Garber of Amazon we see come about saying you, you ve lost the plot. I'm sorry you have, I know, is a former republic and I get it
any any brings that up, but he's not wrong. The Democrats have just gone absolutely insane You know I can make a million one videos on this, but there it there. It has made Rourke sang the flag. Stick around more segments accommodate coming up in a few minutes. I will see you shortly Cnn has actually covered the Andy, no incident a deal, send them, I'm really I'm actually kind of impressed. I think they can have a better job. It does kind of sucker at the point where we're surprise see it on reports on a journalist being attacked by extremists, but I'm glad it's happening, I'm not gonna rag on them for doing the right thing. Liven up add here that actually calls for on asking Anti thought- that's interesting that scene and runs this. I also have some updates on the lawsuit. and our compiling information on on who lawyer is going to sue so there's a big question been circulating, maybe a question but a call to action. People have been saying,
it's time to enforce anti masking laws in New York. You can't wear a mask in a group of three or more ticket anti masker masquerading laws on like that. A lot of people have argued is unconstitutional. Well at this point I dont know if a solution is, but maybe they should be allowed to wear masks the problem, don't wear masks, but the problem is not gotten start the fights proud boys go around set, you know, waving their little flags and marching through the streets and annual shows up invites them. You can disagree with a problem. all day and night, but there they are starting their own events, whether or not on me the right answer- I'm not sure, but let's take a look at this up at and that will jump over summit. I'm a lawsuit before we get started at over its him cast our com slashed on it. If you'd like to support my work as a pay, PAL Optional Crypto option a physical address but of course The best thing you can do is just share this video. You to know suggests my content in the way they use do because I guess- news and parties anymore, telling everybody, but if you let me content, please share it top spread the news from CNN
We need to pay attention to the attack on Andy no spot on. I completely agree and about damn time they got the end in the story. They write. Nothing quite exemplifies tolerance like the video of mask young people, hurling objects, screeching profundities, young conservative journalist. The viral images are sickening Andy, no, a photojournalist, and at the online magazine Colette, who has made a cottage Three of exposing instances of manufactured hate crimes was viciously assaulted, while covering an annual rally held as a counter protest to a right wing rally up to a rally of right wing groups, including the Prob boys. Important org, they're going to explain what anti fires I get it. We know an the video shows mass protests circling now punching in hitting on and dousing him with a milkshake, then following it as he fleas one hurled at something at his back. Too often we are seeing at a yacht
regularly, regular and potentially lethal violence by mass protest or assailants is too often excused and condoned. My twitter warriors this was: it must not be our new normal simply bearing a name that says your opposed to evil like anti fascist should not in Europe to your unprovoked, violence and unconstitutional attempts to block others free speech rights. Everyone right and left must condemn and literally unmask. This behaviour not glorified for political ends. Woe and would give you a little us here. Cnn up at I agree on mask the behaviour left or right called the violence and defend free speech spot Never thought I'd be sit near, saying, good job CNN, but here we are, and you know what respect where it is earned credit where it is due. He says No also made several post what let's move on the Danube asking stuff. He does add that, according to police, there was a debate. They said that that some objects were laced with a substance similar to quit drying cement.
and so conservative journalists received this received has, in the view of these radical professors quote just as arts he's. Actually I wanna get to the to the anti masking sub, specifically all well just read it elsewhere. It is no secret that in the post, Ferguson, arrow of policing, money and law enforcement are worried about the being accused of provoking protesters, even those who break the law. In plain view of uniform police former FBI director, James call me describe the phenomenon as the Ferguson effect. A viral video or viral but in fact we exist in a structured civil society where lawful protests are considered. One of foundations of our nation, but some organizers ignore current laws and the the get go by failing to comply with the requirements to obtain a permit. The right to gather in protest is not, absolute under the constitution, the Supreme Court is found. We all have the right to pollute, peaceably, assemble provided a permit is secured in advance,
and all local laws, are followed. That mandate when and where the protests may take place. Too often protestors all stripes ignore these laws choosing to mobilise via online appeals without involving government officials in their plans, or they defy the terms of their permit. When a protest get out of hand once more for many of the current crop of young protesters like some of them, important attacking an unarmed journalist whose views they bore a sum. A noble and carries with it the breathtaking exhilaration of anonymity, courtesy of a face scarf or mask much. People are one so adored to get away with saying and doing things that might arguably draw charges of incitement to write. So here we go. Let's talk and the anti masking laws? The american laws are nothing new in eighteen, forty five state law was was a response to a dispute between land owners intent farmers who work their land New York.
did he later grappled with this law during the twenty eleven occupy watery clash with protesters, some masked who took over a public park at least five occupy protest were cited for violating the law. Then, according to Joe Coastguard, rally writing in New York magazine. There is no question masks afford anonymity, So since political protests might turn into confrontations with police or counter protesters, why should we not strictly forbid their usage in these instances? certain. Restrictions should not be considered unconstitutional impinging on free speech. One resident example: I think we can all be we can all get behind in ninety. Ninety, the Georgia Supreme Court reinstated a nineteen. Fifty fifty one state ban on the clans hood wearing during a gem. Era to be sure and if it is not a movement or them alignment or the malignant order of the clan, but we need to recognise. The principle is the same. When particular groups are predisposed to violence, we have an obligation to strip them other anonymity.
And for those who claim their mask must be viewed as constitutionally protected free speech, recall the lake journalist and social commentator NET Hunt off who aptly described this affliction as free speech for me, but not for the well sir. he says. So we, if we demand our all right and NEO Nazis gather sands face covering than that edict should apply to counter protesters like Anti as well to consider anything. Less would be unconstitutional. Also keep in mind that mast and shields provocateurs and protect them from identification and subsequent prosecution for criminal acts like the assault on Andy no on masking these miscreants, I'm asking these Miss France better position society to hold them to account. Or in the immortal words of early Twentyth century Supreme Court Associate Justice, Louie Brandy, sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants,
interesting argument, maybe will come back to the rest, but that's basically the point. I want to highlight first CNN, while calling for action against Anti FA, that's pretty impressed. cuz. I didn't expect it to happen, but here we have only refresh this opposed from harming K, Dylan who is represent. Mr Andy, now with an update, she says, support MR any no real searching and suing individual one criminals who planned, supported and executed, phony assaults, government actors who exacerbated exacerbated, enabled assaults and three blue check Mark Elk, Defamer assault journalists, deniers we'll take substantial resources if you are a crypto, Bitcoin holder and want to contribute, please DM or approach at law firm and I can provide. Provide wallet details. Otherwise there is an online fundraiser for Andy here, which we should open up and look at we're off to a good start with as the marathon, not us,
Brent. One can also sent a check to my law firm, noting that this is for the benefit of MR any those legal fund until we placed in trust for his legal cases, so so so far well we're out any no lawsuit visual fundraiser last time I checked, as is close to one hundred and ninety thousand dollars. Now I'll stresses again, I said another videos that may sound like a lot of money. It is but Andy is suffering from a head injury which may result in recurring recurring injury or chronic fatigue and other things that are in a cross required require long term medical care hundred nine. You might not be enough. Additionally, however, I dont know how much they're trying to raise for their legal fund, but they have reached sixteen percent of their goal. I will say beyond on masking anti fa. There is something that is is way better in my opinion
arguing. The governments are right to demand. People is, and I dont know if the governess right tell you can't we're mass right. I understand it and specific circumstance. But I'll tell you: what does what does what what you know what language do? People speak better than English? The language of money go for their resources. Also, can do just that. I'm not saying it's the right thing to do otherwise, but I will say this: if you wanna talk about effectiveness in and stopping would end was doing whose funding milkshakes. What organizations are collecting the funds, a lawsuit context Why was this and also take those resources away? Further the lawsuit can can target the government in terms of protecting free speech in force in the police to actually do their jobs where more Fortunately, it will go after the individuals who think they have a right to do this and can get away with it without being caught. So it's twofold The masks are protecting their without the masks, it's easier to sue them, but law.
Suits, can also result in discovery and other things like that, and we can find out more about who these people on what they're doing. So, that's, basically, the update CNN calling for an masking an army, a Dell and push it put it. the pressure on the fundraiser they have for ending, and you know if you wanna supporters up to you, I think it's. We should be careful about a lot, a lot of them. Probably that's been circling around about what happened, but for the most part- and you was attacked, it is not justified. The violence should be called out period. If you want to support him Parma KEDO and has the poster on twitter and you will see what CNN says or what. How far left racks to this has now we got sea on board, you ve lost the mainstream, it's just the fringe. Weirdos defending this! So stick around more seconds the com- and I will see you in a moment my understanding is that the New Republic is a leftist magazine and they have this article. The story
and he thought is arming itself against a trump crackdown. Well, leftist pro gun groups deter political violence or inflame it. Well, in my opinion, they will inflame it because listen when you have people who show with guns than other people show with guns, I'm not gonna act like the left started showing up. Guns, it was the right you a lot of people like the old keepers. I believe the three prisoners they shop to events they have guns, so redneck revolt and other groups are getting armed. Here's the thing: it's not the right! That typically starts the violence. It's the left. So now the lavish angle with guns. I think it's just going to get worse, something a little story from the new report, Before we get started you not only TIM cast out, flash don't it. If you'd like to support my work, there is a pay pal, optional, crypto option and physical address, but of course, share the video. If you think it's worth sharing because Youtube isn't suggest. My videos, like they use, do because there's been a big crackdown on politics. Let's get to the news now again to the New Republic
believers like like far, I believe as far left, so it will be interesting to see what their opinion on left wing arming is but stress. I feel like we're seeing these are that these are the precursors to some kind of civil conflict. When you have left wing groups and right wing groups that think, once I despise just another site is communist or whenever at some point, someone's going to get shot right, I mean if the guns or their violence breaks out, someone will overreact. I dont think it's going to be reigned. You no honest, you know like people who not use guns the people who come to this families who are armed, like even with our own keepers and even redneck revolt. In my experience, tend to be trained, but they know they're doing. There are not just crazy people, but of guns, but I will save. You- will eventually get some crazy. Because I want to do this too, and that person overreact. Military liberal, so notoriously loathe to take their own side in a fight, but their reticence may well be
changing an age of vigilante white nationalist terror openly. and down and supported by the incumbent president. What incumbent president shore is first term who has suggested is armed. Deportees won't stand for removal from office; increasingly the Annual luck is arguing and training in response. They are worried not only about an armed reckoning following a contested election. but also about rising violence when the paramilitaries loyal to President Donald Trump consider the tense political climate in the Pacific, north asked where Washington State Representative Match shape a doll faced christian dominion us from smokin made news. last year when his instructions on how to build a wholly army that would cause all males who refuse to submit to political law leads to the press. He in a way this? What you say, assassination or move tyrants is just not murder. He wrote the tyrant he referred to was not trump, of course, but the common see imagined running the government. Such paranoid fantasy
may be familiar to heavy consumers of Youtube and read it, but watching them. transposed onto the structures of governance is a novelty. As a result, many left us and even some liberals, are beginning to reconsider their feelings about firearms. Joining a loose, amalgamation of gun groups from John Brown Gun clubs, which take their name from the abolitionist to the pink pistols and algae beady group. liberal gun, club and Socialist Rifle Association. Some of organizations are moderate and traditionalist. Others radical and revolutionary, but all share one implicit. to normalize firearm ownership and training among liberals about their members hope such efforts will at least make Republicans think twice before attempting a massacre, so I ask you this about Republicans when the Republican done that there have been ridiculous fringe extremists, sovereign citizens and white nationalist, but Republicans are like run of the mill
Middle American fly over states who go to church on Sundays. This is the big problem. I see, with escalation. The far left is looking at the fringe right there. Looking at Republicans there looking at conservatives in saying you're, the bad guy. When you talk about far right, violent. They think conservative of the same group there not their different, just like can recognize human. That Democrats are not the same as the fall of extremists. You know If I finally democrat history is probably just some dude who, like voted for Morocco Bomb or something that's different, from Anti fought. In fact, when you look at these protests like even the protest where Anti protect- and you know you will say, people try to protect and the violence now they get attacked by anti vote because any of us crazy. But you know there you go, there's a difference. The far left doesn't see the difference. The far right does the far right. You know crazies know that,
regular Democrats on the far left there still crazy and those are tracked so try to hurt people. Here's to me here is the New Republic equating Republicans with the worst of the worst on the right and that spells danger, for applicants, because when Trump supporters want to go out and just say like hey, I've got a Republican, then the then these farmers cannot an attack them call them white, supremacist, etc. Let's radon whether that apply, twill inflamed political violence, especially in hot spots like the Pacific, northwest or deterrent, remains uncertain in April chaise spoken. When carry rallying Olympia, which rule hundreds of people, many armed with air fifteen's and shot guns about ten members of the Puget Sound John John Brown Gun Club were also their handing out flyers mocking shape and another speaker, Joey Gibson, a patriot prayer who they said attracted and embraced. I'm not gonna, that's really!
My stomach everybody said want to defend your community from people like met. Shea one flyer asked at the moment the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club, which founded less than four months ever truck tromp took office. Has around thirty active members let's firearm safety and marksmanship workshops Philip faster. Every time the club host them full, whereas undergo lengthy budding, but anyone can come too how guns work, what the parts are and how? handle them safely before we're going to the range and learning to shoot we're talking about white liberals, mostly women, who are like. Let's get this class going, the clubs founder Duke Errand. two years ago. These people would be like guns. This is terrible. That's not the reaction. Now that sounds like me, escalation The good news is that the two way proponents, hey you, get level liberals on your side: they're, not gonna, ban guns. The bad news is this leads to dramatic escalation. Hopefully it doesn't come to that, but
I think it will, because the rhetoric has been flowing in one direction. There they're calling Republicans the worst of the worst there saying Republicans may commit a massacre, that's absurd and their buying guns. If these people are really unhinged and think that, Evil demons voting for Trump and everyone's you are racist, then they're going to feel justified in doing what they do think about the rhetoric they put up by Mattshea, where he claimed that you know killing a pirate was justified. They think the same thing they just the attack on Andy? No, what do you think's going to happen when they have guns? Now it's just escalation, but, let's run they say Trot deserves most The blame for this particular object in gun sales, and there was adopted after all, omg elected it happens in March, he told bright part. I support the police, the support, the military, the sport of the bikers we're tromp eye of the tough people. It would be very bad very bad if his followers decided to place tough in those remarks, some saw not trompe.
swagger or machismo Adrian bone. Berger and Afghanistan, combat veteran right and member of the Socialist Rifle Association, told me what an incredibly thin veiled threat thinly veiled threat, not all threats these days come veiled. Former trumpet adviser Right stone has used the proud boys out here we go a group of NEO fascist men who described themselves as western chauvinists as his own price security force. Border militias have been conducting vigilante operations against suspected undocumented immigrants, but these are all different groups there, not unified, and not only that. The proud boys are pro free speech and say you can actually call that you know NEO, fascist but well. That's, let's just jump forward and closer to the Uncas work were kind of income. wrap it up. They say: Boden Burger believes it would take at least twenty years to create forced to rival the conservative militias that boast tens of thousands of members by comparison and further combined membership in the low thousands and even fewer people belong to armed leftist groups
every responsible for only a handful of attacks in recent years. In April the FBI Fbi announced it had forded a plot by a veteran who had been planning to target white nationalists in LOS Angeles, but the bomb was fake. It happened supplied by FBI agents polls show conservative remain twice as like is likely as liberals, two guns and that won't change any time soon, even if it did, it wouldn't alter the underlying problems. The climate of vigilante violence on the right has elevated rights. It has elevator racist attacks, hate crimes and terrorism. In our political culture- and this is a dangerous rhetoric- they are telling the left hey, here's guns, look at the right is doing, but they're not differ, creating an association between the crazy right wingers like the far right fringe, weirdos and regular over
publicans their viewing them as the same group. They say even veterans of leftist armies caution against forming one in America. If people want to prepare for revolution, they should become labour. Organizers, said brace. Building a former volunteer with a kurdish communist militia turned factory organizer back home in San Francisco. Regulating anyone from a gladiator school in the service of any agenda may be the sort of stress tests. Are democracy wasn't engineered to withstand I'll? Tell you what's gonna happen, you saw the rhetoric, I have explained the point, these people shop with guns,
concerning conservative shut with guns. Eventually, someone throws a bottle. Someone goes, you know some crazy left us or somebody get scared fires the weapon. Somebody draws the weapon. The conflict occurs, a crazy person could trigger the civil war by going on purpose, armed and starting the fight. It is not good for people be armed, regardless of your political faction. When you look at these events because it will get bad limit, I think I'll leave their stick around next time. It will be tomorrow at ten, thirty podcast, everyday six, thirty p m and I will see well then.
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