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Democrat Ilhan Omar DENOUNCED Over Anti-Semitic Tweets AGAIN

2019-02-11 | 🔗

Democrat Ilhan Omar DENOUNCED Over Anti-Semitic Tweets AGAIN. Omar tweeted "it's all about the benjamins baby" which was seem as an anti-semitic reference to jews being greedy or using money to control politics.While it is important to point out that regardless of being a democrat or republican you can criticize Israel without being an anti semite, it is odd how often the new progressive, far left Democrats use certain tropes to make points.The new far leftist and progressive Rashida Tlaib have been accused of using stereotypes and offensive tropes in the past which leads people to believe that maybe it isn't on accident.

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Controversial freshmen, Congresswoman, Delano BAR is once again in the news for offensive tweets this time. Many people are saying that stay She's posted on line are anti semitic. In fact, she retreated a man who is criticising her for being asymmetric, saying she may as well just call them hook. No. now many people said maybe she just doesn't read these tweets or know. What's going on, and perhaps that's where you may remember, In the coming to an incident, she actually twitted a defence of a hate group known as the hebrew Israel life's before shortly deleting it. This time, though, she's got the IRA Democrats, Republicans and jewish advocacy groups and Democrats are calling on Nancy Pelosi to denounce her anti semitic tweets. In fact, this is the first time she's been accused of Anti Semitism straight Let's take a look at exactly what's going on, I feel on Omar and what people are saying and why they are so angry, but before we get STAR
Make sure you follow me on mines at minds, dotcom slashed him task, because what can be building up a digital newsroom for our channel sub verse and, if not, to support these videos simply share them and help spread of the message. The first tweet in question posted just the other day at seven p m from Illinois MAR she said it's all about the banjo His baby, many people were immediately offended because it would seem like she's implying that jewish people are either only interested in money or
using money to control politics, part of an anti semitic conspiracy or just an anti semitic stereotype infect magic was of the Williamson Stute responded by saying you promised during elections, not to support a boycott of Israel after you one you supported a boycott to you, said Israel S hypnotized the world and later apologized. Now you ve casually done it again. With this tweet I don't know, maybe you're just a raving anti semite Donna YE shall Lala a Democrat from Florida tweeted. There is no place in our country for anti semitic comments. I condemn them. Whatever the source to suggest members of Congress are bought off to support Israel is offensive and wrong. The comet was highlighted in store by the watch unopposed, where they say. Jewish house Democrats urge policy to denounce Ilan Omar for hateful troops in tweets to jewish House Democrats alarmed by what they view as anti semitic comments from new muslim colleagues are urging speaker, Nancy Policy and our top lieutenants
to denounce the divisive rhetoric and take action to stop it. Reps Josh got Eimer of New Jersey and Alain Luria Virginia are gathering signatures on a letter asking policy House Majority leader, steady, H, warrior and other senior democrats to confront freshmen wraps ya, know more of Minnesota and rushing to sleep of Michigan by reiterating our rejection of anti Semitism and our continued support for the state of Israel. They said as jewish members of Congress. We are deeply alarmed by recent rhetoric from certain members within our caucus, including just last night, that is disparaged us and called into question our loyalty to our nation. The letter reads according to address view by the Washington Post. We urge you to join us in calling on.
Member of our caucus to unite against Anti Semitism and hateful troops and stereotypes. While the letter does not name Omar and plead its intention couldn't be clear. In fact, jewish lawmakers in recent weeks have huddled privately to discuss what they should do about their new colleagues who openly criticised Israel, and I've made insensitive comments about Jews and jewish Americans. The last straw came Sunday night when Omar suggested in a tweet that House Minority leader, Kevin Mccarthy, only supported Israel for campaign donations. When people asked what Omar meant by Mccarthy's motives, being all the Benjamin's she treated APEC, referring to the american Israel Public Affairs Committee, an influential pro Israel lobbying group that has spent millions sending lawmakers on visits to the jewish nation over the years
as they mentioned it's not just Democrats. We have this story from the hill g, O p leader, urges Democrats to call out Anti semitic, tropes house, minority leader, Kevin Mccarthy on Sunday called on democratic leaders to speak out against anti semitic language. After rub, Ellen Omar sparked backlash with a tweet suggesting that a pro Israel lobbying group was buying off lawmakers. Anti semitic troops have no place in the halls of Congress. Mccarthy tweeted. It is dangerous for democrat leadership to stay silent on this reckless language. There are public and added that one of his greatest honours is leading new members on a bipartisan trip to Israel, and, while it is surprising, see both Democrats and Republicans uniting over this issue, it's not surprising. We see a jewish advocacy group calling on a marked with
poligized for statements, a J C or the American Jewish Committee, tweeted Ilan and suggesting that a jewish organization is buying off american politicians is both demonstrably false and stunningly anti semitic. American politicians are pro Israel, because Americans are apologize. A J C included a screenshot of a tweet from Omar, where she responded to a question about who she thinks his pang american politicians to be pro Israel by saying, APEC tweet was in reference to the major pro Israel lobbying group. The story was actually made much worse, because you little more retweeted someone who is criticising her, because I guess she didn't read the tweet, which is something she's done in the past, Jaska hourly tweeted congressmen. Do you not realise what you are saying here, or do you not care any links to the Wikipedia Entry for stereotypes of Jews? He continues. The congresswoman has retreated
Tweet Joshua's eights said I am one of those American Jews who opposes the occupation, laments Israel's anti democratic shift and doesn't regard the country s especially central to my jewish identity And I know exactly what the congresswoman meant she might as well. Call us hook nosed, and you can see here. Ilan or more actually retweeted. This yeah sure early said. Did she not read the full tweet for looks like she didn't she undid the retweet, even Chelsea, didn't chimed in Bosnia, Ongar, Sargon tweeted. Please learn how to talk about Jews in a non anti semitic way. Sincerely. American Jews and Clinton responded coasts. It has an American. We should expect all elected officials, regardless of party and all public figures, to not traffic and anti Semitism, but what may be the most alarming is e lawns response that it was exe.
I, this from CNN Yolanda Mars, has its exciting her controversial views and Israel are sparking debate. They say, oh more of Minnesota is defending her controversial views on Israel as they come under scrutiny in Washington telling CNN that it is not surprising her positions are generating attention and that she finds an exciting to be sparking debate. It's not surprising. I think it is actually exciting, because we are finally able to have conversations that we weren't really willing to a martyred scene and on Tuesday it is really important for us to get a different lens about what peace in the region could look like, and the kind of difficult conversations we need to have about allies there. A few things that do need to be pointed out for one year, an criticized Israel without being an anti semite. You don't have to be pro Israel if your jewish and I think it's fair to say that a lot of what you want Omar and wish you to leave our critical of is Israel's political actions. There governmental actions. However, I think when you see how she's frame things repeatedly as well as well
leave its fair to say that they at least do have some negative stereotypes: ideas about jewish people as backyard sat on twitter, you can talk about these issues in a non anti semitic way. Now a lot of people have criticised the criticism saying simply because their making references about the israeli government doesn't mean their anti Semites, but that's a bit unfair to because people often talk about the cultural sensitivities of other areas of other regions. Donald Trump recently was criticised for capitalism. The world trail in one of these tweets when he was talking about Elizabeth Warren, because people felt like he is referencing the trail of tears. So if you're going to be concerned about the cultural sensitivities, other nations, based on the capitalization of one word. I think it's also fair to point out that many people are going to be offended when you tweet things about only wanting money or having control over governments, because you just want them or the instance of Russia to leave who in senior
It is in a sense that jewish people have dual loyalties. This is part of an anti semitic conspiracy theory that jewish people care more about Israel in the country there actually from. We can see in the story from here. It's? U s. Jewish groups strike back. At wishing to leave, tell us more about dual loyalty. Jewish groups denounced a tweet by the palestinian American Democratic Congresswoman, in which she bash senator supporting Andy Bs Legislations. They forgot which country they represent. So, ultimately, I do think people try to find whatever victim would they can. I don't think we should leave was trying to plan and semitic trope. I think she was making a point about supporting the foreign ally more than your own country, which are publicans have done, which anti war Democrats have done, and activists have done. You are allowed to be critical of other countries without being assumed to be an anti semite, but there is the question how many grains of sand make a heap if not promote?
praise. It means, as you slowly at grains of sand to a small pile at what point does it become a pile as at one grain? Is it too, and the recent opening up its analogy to how many times does Ilan Omar or resolutely need to accidentally infer something that may be an anti semitic trope? But I also want to point out the rise of anti Semitism in the women's March, the women's March, had millions of women marching in DC and across the country has been embroiled in a scandal, because the women at the highest levels believed and anti semitic conspiracy theories in this report by the New York Times and tablet magazine. So it's not hard. Are we to believe if progressives like Alexandria or Cortez are willing to stand alongside known anti Semites that other progressive congressmen will probably also hold these views?
And then, when you see them repeatedly making statements which are being considered by many as Anti semitic, I'm gonna have to lean towards, I think they probably hold these views again. I do think people stretch they stretch things out. They try to find victimization where they can and it's probably not always ep. But at a certain point I think you need a certain point. You're gonna see you ve got a heap of sand they ve set things over and over again that they ve made false statements. I mean a lot Omar defended a known hate group. The Washington Post ends by acknowledging the anti semitic tweet, dug up from airlines, past sang Oh Mamma has found herself responding to Anti Semitism accusations before last month. She acknowledged that she unknowingly use an element of trope after I, twenty twelve tweet surfaced in what she said. Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see.
evil doings of Israel, Omar had initially said she did understand why american Jews would be offended by that statement, which critics argued evoked ugly knotty conspiracies about jewish people's powers to hypnotize the world. She then backtracked and apologize after a New York Times. Commerce explained her why Jews could find an offensive. And she later expressed regret, while on the daily show Trevor Noah saying she had to take a deep breath and understand where people are coming from and what point they were trying to make Omar made no apology Sunday night, but she did accept an invitation from Clinton, one of her critics to talk about Anti Semitism and that's essentially the point I'm making about grains of sand when you couldn't tweet from twenty to wild, where she calls is real evil. A lot of people are going to assume that all of these different statements use make our pointing in one direction and not just at Israel, put at jewish people in general, but I do think it spared a point out. People will try to find victimised. Patient, where there is not much thing comments, but I will give the conversation going. You can follow
fines at minds, outcome, flashed and guest makers eighteen, new videos, everyday at four p m and more videos coming up on my second channel futures got comes lashed him pass news at six p m next rang out I will see you next time.
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