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Democrat Media Outlets PANIC Realizing Without Trump They Will COLLAPSE, Mainstream Media IS OVER


Democrat Media Outlets PANIC Realizing Without Trump They Will COLLAPSE, Mainstream Media IS OVER. The Trump bump renewed these organizations and if he truly does leave on January 20th there will be nothing left to milk.The Democrat media outlets like CNN and MSNBC are already panicking over the post Trump era and even Jeff Zucker of CNN is weighing quitting as they all have realized the Trump gravy train is over.Stories of Trump forming a shadow government or refusing to leave are popping up all over the place as outlets are desperate to retain some kind of fear based message about the orange man

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And twenty a teen Donald Trump signed an executive order on foreign interference in our elections and Trump supporters are crossing their fingers hopeful that something is going to come out and within forty five days after an election, a report will be issued and then some action could be taken within forty five days after that seems too the whole lot of wishful thinking too big of Liliana. I do a lot of people, don't want to see Trump leave office and I really like the guy. I think fighting is awful and I agree. I just don't see this play the way they think it well and ever since I've read this executive order, I have not seen what Trump could actually do with it in the event that he loses, but there was some kind of foreign interference, but things again spicy. There is good news and there's badness Catherine Heritage of CBS says director of national intelligence. Ratcliff confirms China Election Interference, but not you
China in this tweet. She appeared on C B. S saying that there were reports, do not deny Ratcliff has told CBS News. There was for an election interference by China, IRAN and Russia in November of this year more to come. Maybe this is the Good NEWS that Trump supporters me trouble enact this executive order. He will say we found the interference. We found the manipulation, it was China and- dare I say, my friends, there's, not fraud. You see you Jabez said. If you claimed two things one there is widespread fraud or air and to change the outcome. They will remove your content, but what you call it when the manipulation of our election came from a foreign adversary. That's not fraud, that's interference, I guess manipulation, but not fraud. So I wonder if you can say these two things that there was widespread manipulation by China and it changed
some of the election, perhaps up a market a mess around now and we'll just keep it will leave it there, but here's the bad news is also more goodness alone. The entire community assessment delayed amid dispute. Or whether China sought to influence at twenty one election you see now. What were hearing is that shrimps secret plan to use this executive order to try and retain control. What regret retain control of the White House was thwarted by deep state adversaries in the national intelligence agencies? Blocking Ratcliff from actually being being able to issue is report in a timely manner, so Trump could take action and that's where at right now, while DNA Ratcliff is saying this born interference, they have not put out their report and it may not actually come out until January that here's, where things kind of don't make sense, I mean I don't see why that matters. People are saying it's not going to come out in the forty five days at nine
Do. Therefore, it's too late. The electoral colleges already voted and their their votes provided Joe Biden with a majority. So why would it matter if it came out now or it came out in early January? In fact, maybe if you want to do is keep like conspiratorial games, you say it's all part of trumps. Forty, just you see there actually waiting till just before the electoral vote count to drop this information so that people will object to the votes. Maybe I just really don't think so. drop out a path, the victory. I think you would have gone through the courts. It would have happened much sooner and the longer this goes on the less likely. It is that, if you like, extremely unlikely that tramples anything off. I mean I was even talking Alex Jones, who made that come and he was out he's a rallying for Trump saying, stop the steel and he was like. Texas was really the last best effort to overturn this and now we're talking about a super reduced,
It was Hell Mary, if anything, yeah, maybe a point zero one percent chance, but a lot of people. You gotta pay attention, what's going, others foreign interference, because it's not just what's happening with the Ratcliff. What if I were to tell you that, while there is a dispute among the intelligence agencies as to whether or not there was manipulations of our election, and that Donald Trump is not going to go to invoke this. What have I also told you, the mainstream media is adamant. We have just been hit by the largest wide scale, widespread hack in our history. My friends, I give you from the New York Times just currently. Trendy on Twitter, I was the homeland security adviser to Trump we're being hacked the man. Two of these national security breach is hard to overstate may say that this half, the solar wins hack may have been going on for six months and the fact that everything all these different agencies now, of course, many people might actually be saying, but ten
luck there. They they hack them the military and and and the Treasury in commerce and all these departments. That's not my other vote happens. Ok, what about dominion voting machines? What about the demon? in voting machines. They deliver this tweet. This is going around from the trump from from many Trump supporters of code monkeys. You said to me: in voting systems, uses solar, wins products and is still not power. Down was dominion voting systems a target was dominion. Voting systems hacked those questions, not statements on the dominion voting website You can see for their file. Sharing. There is the solar wins: Logo, that's legit. Now dominion has removed that from the website and they say they ve- never use the orion software from solar ones, which was the target of the hack. That's fantastic glad to hear it. Now, let's get some investigators to go down dominion and actually check. That's it.
Care, what they say. This is circumstantial evidence that solar wins worldwide was being used in some capacity on dominion, and maybe this specific tools set that was compromised was not used by dominion. That's wonderful! It's amazing! We'd love, some hard confirmation, we'd love dominion to submit their their files or for a friends analysis on their machines to make sure they weren't victims, I don't see why that's controversial. That's the crazy thing to me when we say like we want. An investigation make everyone feel bad and they say no, unlike what you, why would you block the investigation seriously no one's gonna leak. Any proprietary information like that not not to mention, I think, dominion if you're gonna. If you're gonna be enough, our election systems there's probably got to be some like, oh source programme on his machine I'll, tell you what you gonna do. Electronic population than all
the machines should be electronically, displaying everything with cameras on them in real time. So I really can just watch as the count goes in battery abundant unit and the problem is yet to come to the internet. So I think the best thing is probably just no paper ballots. but this is leading to what the daily dot says, how the soul, when's hack begin the new focus of election fraud conspiracies. Listen, the media likes to play this game where they come out. They say,
People are just saying. You know, there's this, that this, what a conspiracy theory bro, you can't just say something is a conspiracy theory with no investigation RON is asking questions. Not making assessments, he said. Was the system targeted was a target? Was a system hacked? Those are very important questions considering we are being told this is the magnitude of this national screen bridges hard overstate? Ok, then, let's not overstate it. Let's get to work and go through every thing. With a fine tooth com, including the dominion. Bring systems and I'll tell you that if you bout, if you dont, you refuse then what's to stop Trump from invoking as executive order or declaring an emergency and sang here's. An image of demand.
Voting systems using solar whence here's the New York Times saying this is a massive. You know where the biggest cybersecurity bridges ever regular people are gonna. Be like that's enough for me. That's it. That's legitimacy. Trump needs that you need to investigate this now and and and and quash it if it's not true, you can't just put at an article on saying, but they denied it. So we're done now. We don't take me. Words for it. We say: ok, that's great! Thank you for your cooperation. Can we get a forensic analysis on your machine? or machines or servers same thing with the voting machines. When when travelling as allies and Trump supporters that companies out where the jobs supporters? like we want investigation. We want an analysis on these machines. The correct answer is only ok. That's it. Why saying? No, why block this? Why block any of it? That's crazy! It's because what we're really dealing with is not the truth.
But legitimacy, a fight from the main stream establishment and me organizations to maintain an image and evidence that comes out but may not even be definitive, could still show you no reasonable doubt. I suppose like like this, this image from Dominion Voting systems website. If you want to tell me As the seat you loved me, and we do not use solar wind is just will not breached. Well, I have doubts about that statement because it's on your website. Ok now, would you like to explain what you were using and then would you to prove it by perhaps showing us. You know a forensic image of your machines maybe allows a month ago in check. No one's gonna leave your private information and let that there's no reason to block this. More importantly, I think should be a criminal investigation
not not the dominion or anybody anything criminal. I'm saying we need subpoena power to go in and investigate this stuff, whilst others us jump over to what's going on with the dna right. So this is where it interesting many people thought this was the report that was going to basically give Trump his secret weapon, but its being blocked by the deep sea, Fox NEWS reports, the twenty twenty intelligence community assessment focus on foreign election influence will be delayed. Fox news has learned Dispute among senior intelligence analysed over whether China sought to influence the election. This afternoon the dna was now if I'd buy career intelligence officials that the intelligent, community will not meet the December eighteen deadline set by executive order and Congress to submit the icy classified assessment on foreign threats to the twenty: twenty: U S, election Amanda, shot shots assistant, dna for strategic Communication said misstatements Fox. Is. The icy has received relevant reporting since the election and the number of agencies have not finished coordinating on the product.
The dna is committed to providing this report to our customers expeditiously customers. The report was expected be released by Friday but sources. Familiar told Fox news that there is a dispute within the intelligence community over what should be included in the twenty twenty icy. Eight sources told Fox news. The number of senior intelligence analysed are adamant that China sought to influence the twenty twenty presidential action, while a number of others are downplaying China's activities surrounding the election and how much you wanna bet, there's partisan lines between that the ones who are saying. No, no, no, not China. We don't care at these are probably somewhat providing people and the people saying yes, China, probably somewhat programme and I'm not saying that there there their assessment is motivated by their there. You know political tribe, but that their political tried may be motivated by their assessment, if you are reading all the stuff- and you see that China Don't you know you see this evidence of China is a wow troubles right. All of us are now you're propaganda grew trump.
If you're reading, as I know about this, as it makes sense, not trap, is wrong. You're, probably gonna be with Biden so correlation causation rent. They say some analysts claim that China's efforts were minimal or only plans that old, ultimately were not acted upon. while others are arguing, there is ample raw evidence about China's intentions and actions. Bloomberg first report of a dispute. One asked where director of National Intelligence, John Rackliff stands. A senior intelligent, official told Fox NEWS. That quote all that Rackliff wants is for the intelligence to be rough it accurately and honestly, with regard to China and everything else and intelligence,
So with experience and analytic disputes told Fox NEWS, I quote proper analytic trade craft which stipulate that when there are competing views like this, that both views should be captured in the report. Former acting DNA Richard Grenelle seem to echo that sentiment on Wednesday tweeting that Ratcliff, his quote, standing up for career analysed to want their views to be accurately reflected, in other words, fighting to keep intelligence from being politicized in October, Ratcliff, an FBI Rackliff and after Director Christopher RE, warned that Russia and IRAN, where tempting to influence the twenty twenty election Rackliff at the time said. The intelligence community discovered interference from IRAN, saying it was designed to incite social unrest and damage president Trump. These actions are desperate attempts by desperate adversaries. Reckless said at the time noting that intimidating emails were set the Democrats and battleground its such as Florida, Arizona and Pennsylvania appear to be aimed at an end.
but getting them into voting for president Trump? The emails falsely purported to be from the proud boys and warn that we will come after you if the recipients didn't vote to re elect Trump. China was not mentioned During that briefing, so here's what they were saying early on, you add the dna you had high ranking officials say Russia and IRAN. We went through the whole Russia thing short fine. We get a consensus that Russia's trying to interfere and that they did well, then I think Trump needs to invoke some kind of Nationals National Security executive order or something like that right, because, as the story from the New York Times, this is from Thomas PETE bosses who writes at the worst possible time when the? U S, is at its most vulnerable during a presidential transition and a devastating public health crisis, the networks of federal government and much of corporate Amerika are,
compromised by a foreign nation. We need to understand the scale and significance of what is happening last week. This cybersecurity farm fire, I said, had been hacked and that its clients, which include the U S, government, had been placed at risk, this week, we learned that solar wins a publicly traded company that provides softer tens of thousands of government and corporate customers was also hacked the iter hackers gained access to solar wind software before updates of that software or made available to its customers unsuspecting customers than downloaded a corrupted version of that software, which included a hidden back door that gave hackers access to the victim's network, does what is called the supply chain hack. The pathway to the target networks relies on access to a supplier. Supply chain attacks require significant resources. And sometimes years to execute their almost always the product of a nation state evidence in the solar wind attack points to the russian intelligence Agency, known as the Suv are, whose trade craft is among the most advanced in the world
according to solar, wins Assisi filings the mail. The malware was on the software from March two June wow. The number of organizations that download the corrupted update could be as many as eighteen thousand, which includes most federal government, unclassified networks and more than four hundred and twenty five fortune, five hundred companies. The magnitude of this ongoing attack is hard to overstate. The Russians have access to it considerable number of important and sensitive networks for six to nine months. The russian sphere will surely have use its access to further exploit and gain, and, Minister, control of the networks. It considered priority targets for those targets, the hackers. What will have long ago moved past their entry point covered their tracks and gained what experts call persistent access, meaning the ability to infiltrate uncontrolled networks in a way that is hard to detect or remove. Let me just break down, for I put simple: the door was left open sky,
Basically, people alive, the software and they're waiting for an update guy knock on the door and he says YO its Fedex. They opened the door. I shouldn't drag that item this livery Man says hey. I got a package people over the door assuming its yet delivery men take the package and that, as they turn around, do puts a ruler in the door to Germany. they walk away, not realise the doors not been propped open, but that door can't be propped open forever. Eventually, somebody notices They finally noticed what eight months later, ten months later, wow, yeah, eight, eight or nine months later well once ago, was propped open. That person walked away, they go inside and they walk over to a couple of the rooms and they unlock all. The
Those now you gotta figure out which windows are unlocked, but you got a massive building with a hundred floors and all these different doors and windows, and you others, transport to other buildings manual to track down every single hull and, worse still, they got it just open all the windows he went down in a couple of the basement and dug some halls covered him up. I gotta find those, that's basically what happened so when they told us for four years that Russia, that all of this stuff, ok well Donald Trump past. signed an executive order to deal with things like this because of russian interference. I look our intelligence agencies that it over and over again even rack living people trapped, put in our saying. Yes, we see Russia doing stuff. Ok, well, now being told that we don't even know the magnitude of this because they have got they ve gained persistent access, that's crazy and they that, we will not get where economic extremely difficult to get rid of that now that you wonder
and they use the sallow and software. I throw it back to this daily dot article. The dominion voting systems did use let them so we pull up this this archive. They did you solar ones here. Is here the meat, here's the way back machine. This is done, in voting dot com. The sub domain is devious file share And we can see solar wins as listed on the debate. in voting website. Ok, Dominion says? That's not true! That's that's! Wonderful! That's that's excellent economy makes me feel a little bit better I'd love to, but if they came out and said it was true, I'd be like more freaking out right, The dominion says not on adult worried or not true, good good got great great. That's that's fantastic dominion! Thank you. So much for conformity to us,
are the investigators will be there? You know, what can you do tomorrow at nine, a m to to grab a forensic image of Oliver your machines and will probably need to confiscate some of the servers to make sure they weren't compromised? But but thank you for your statement. I don't care what he says. Ok, it may me a little bit more comfortable known, he didn't say: yes, we used you use solar wins, but just coming out and being like, don't worry, it's fine, nah. No, it isn't, but I'll tell you what there's no political willpower at all. I don't know you don't look christmases around the corner, that's gonna be in Nice little little day off adjust snow. It was a big old nor Easter Blizzard slammed in the EAST coast and the other day we all ran outside and through some old skateboard exodus. Now untried, random down the hill and fallen down, it was fun as some things you can do. To get your mind off the things
the law. All of this is going down. This may be some one of those consequential periods in american history. We have a presidential election that is currently in dispute. I know the electoral college cast their votes. The votes were for Joe Biden in the majority. over two seventy, but there still gotta be the January six vote count. That's when we officially determine the President elect. I think it's very clearly jobs. As I've been saying over and over again, but did but trumpet still disputing this, and you get some four million trump supporters who are not backing down. There is still dispute over. What's going on and its leading to cast clashes and vines in the streets, and things like that. So that's that serious we have this pandemic, this health crisis and this massive lockdown just destroyed our me so presidential election in dispute, shuddered and destroyed economy, and why pity arresting people for serving on food. You hear about this. Some some cops put on plain clothes. but an ordered food and and arrested the guy when he served them I'll, tell ya crazy things again and now we have
what may be the most substantive consequential hack history of our government. I know it's not the eye, it's easy to say when we haven't had cyber infrastructure. You know you tell the past couple of decades, but you know what I mean like it's still significant. Our systems have been infiltrated to an extreme degree, and then we have this solar wins appearing on the dominion website. This is probably one of the craziest periods of american history, and I tell you I think, we're resilient. I think we can survive. I think we'll get by we'll figure it out, but I think we're gonna seeks substantive changes to this country, because of you saw that that that that video that, to that call it that the astrology woman on Twitter, who was I bite it has the seventh. You know how to access who's going to win the presidential and stuff she said. There's going to be a fundamental change,
to the to the nature of ruler ship in this country, not that I actually think she's right, but I do think it's kind of funny about what's going on so maybe as Jupiter and Saturn, are set to align December twenty first and then the souls this crazy. We just had a meteor shower all these celestial events then crazy days. Indeed, maybe something does happen, maybe troops I'm not leaving that's what they're apparently reporting now that Papa said: he's not going to leave. What are they going to do? If Trump has loyalists to agree with him? Imagine there is there's police who disagree with Trump or there's people in the White House who believe in Trump and will not look. If Trump puts Trump supporters Kiki Loyalists
in key positions. Trump will say I refused to leave and they'll say we agree, legitimacy, confidence and do you think down the chain, the lower? linking national guards, man or police officers are going to do anything now. If the people at the highest positions say outright, it is so then the lower tier people just fallen line and we ve seen that has been proven to us. So I tell you this: when Governor Cuomo spits in your face and laughs and then instructs the police to arrest you for it and they do because their outbreak, Where's over in New York City arresting small business owners for serving food. What do you think happens when Donald Trump says to them? A rest? Joe Biden. Do think they're gonna be like now oh they're gonna be like I don't know. Man like I was just told by the President. I got arrested guy.
We'll see who has the political willpower. I don't think that's going to happen, but I'm telling you where in the probably won't look you can't look at all of this. I just think nothing is going to happen. Maybe but I dont I'm not saying what is going to happen is gonna, be Donald Trump staying in office, but something is gonna break. Maybe it will be dropped. A saying Look at this. You know, dominion use, solar, wind, solar ones was hacked its Russia and China Ratcliff. As saying that, and maybe it's all trump needs, and maybe he can enact, presents a directive, fifty one which is an old executive order, and maybe the American People will fall in line now. The resistance types, the door Democrats they claim to be the resistance, but there met the. They are the massive multinational corporations. Funny right there scream and they'll spit now, but I think across the country you will have many more. with Terry members being like the president, gave me an order period. That's it does matter. It won't we'll see
tromp essay. I am it's been reported that trapping you won't leave, but a lotta tromp supports our is gonna, come on trumps gonna leave at so ridiculous. I'm I'm not entirely convinced. There was a period I thought that would be silly, but then I saw that these these attorney general attorney general. This means many different states. I'm sorry, not not attorney general, the addition to turn these are threatening trump with criminal prosecution imprisonment. So if Trump has no choice because it if he leaves office I'll try to arrest him, congratulations you have made. The choice forum will take place on a lift, The next item is coming up at one p m on this channel. Thanks rang out- and I will see you all- then report lookin politicians should be very concerned about what their party will look like if there is no Donald Trump leading the charge with the run off coming in Georgia, pretty soon, in fact, voting I believe, is already happening and no trump on the ticket. I am not entirely convinced the Republicans are gonna win, more importantly, with Mitch Mcconnell
Abandoning trump and calling Republicans not to support him on January six for the electoral college vote count, I'm pretty sure or there's gonna, be a ton of Trump supporters say then I won't support you either, but there is one other grew well kind of two other groups that are in sheer panic over what the future will hold without Donald why we have the media, of course, CNN and Amazon BC fret over posed Trump future, says the New York Times and the never Trump Republicans of the Lincoln Project or not like well. You know to be completely honest, like we're actually Anti Republican DO, which makes no sense, because apparently the Lincoln Project was form to say we are principle Republicans who just think Donald Trump is bad with Europe. What we can restore the Republican Party now that they think Trump is on the way out, and most people do. For obvious reasons, there are starting to panic about what they are actually going to do so, the Lincoln Project, which is based on
and being the party of Abraham Lincoln. The Republican Party now is the Pro Democrat Lincoln Project, which Lincoln literally fought a war against the Democrats and soundly defeated them, but ok make a normalization called the Lincoln Project that helps the Democrats. Fine shore, whatever It's no secret that before Donald Trump, the media was seriously face. They are on the verge of collapse, the words of the Former ceo of ICE Jane Psmith, what was once the hottest properties when he said you will see a blood bath in digital media and it wasn't just digital whose Where I mean CNN, even downsized their studio, there were buy outs. Many organizations have seen lay offs mergers. Sale after sale acquisition companies just outright collapsing, but the one thing that really held them altogether. It was orange
and bad? Oh you ate, it hurts to see him go these poor media companies can have nothing to write about and they know it and that's the big question many are asking what next well, there has been talk about. Potential trump is maybe they'll right about Trump supporters and where they go. Next, maybe they'll tropical forests a shadow government, that's the best they could muster up right now, and you know I be honest. I wanted to make this segment about the Donald Trump Shadow government, but it's just too stupid listen Donald Trump may stay and do something I don't know, but I'm not going to say you're an entertain these stories that claim Donald Trump. It's gonna refused to leave the White House, that's what they're claiming or that you know he's gonna fall some kind of shadow government. You know it's just crazy to me. Maybe he well, ok, fine. What am I I can't make these predictions shore
I tell you, the media is doing everything in its power to can like to try and draw up some kind of shock content. Maybe things are just more boring than that? Maybe there really will be some kind of civil war. I don't know, but I can tell you this: the media wants it more than ever. If it bleeds, it leads. If anything will spark chaos, conflict and contempt for among people for our fellow man, it's going to be the mainstream media, making sure that no matter what happens there is always something bad life is always awful. May not funny. I'm gonna do the same. Calling out the media for what the media does, is me in the media. Doing essentially the same thing, isn't gonna stupid as a lot of problems, but I do still think that I'm doing much better of a job than they are because at least calling out the absurdities is the best I can do now to be fair. I do talk about the potential for some kind of
civil conflict or war. Whatever quite a bit- and maybe I can only say, what's my honest opinion, but I can tell you the mainstream media is laying it on ass, thick ass, possible and telling you to your face that without tromp therein panic about and they never tromp personal can project are pretending they ever actually cared about any of this. It's a rift. Look before all of this happened before tromp before Calvin. As you know, earlier in the year, I did a segment for them. Guess airport guess we're talking about Sonic that had shock and birds of prey and movies and cultural issues. So I'll tell you this. If trump leaves, I don't care whose if, as I'm gonna be talking about what's going on, but they dont know what they're gonna talk about because there collapsing already. Maybe it's market share issue but sure, let's dive into the latest Craig, he conspiracies of the media concern.
and about Donald Trump Refusal to leave office and the coming trump shadow government. Before we get started evident, however, it didn't guest outcomes lashed donate if you'd like sport, my work there many ways and give an appeal botulism some stuff, but the best thing you can do. Here this video, if you think I do a good job, it's rational and reasonable, and you appreciate me calling out the media and the never trump drifters. Then please consider sharing this video because it really does help support the channel and don't forget to subscribe, hit the like button that Notification Bell here's the story from the New York Times ratings have hit new highs, but executives and journalists at both networks, unanimity, CNN and Msnbc- are uneasy about the Euro, had they say CNN and MSNBC thrived, the trump years reaching new heights and ratings and revenue, while devoting countless prime time ours too, criticising the widest antagonist. Their viewers just could not quit now. Faced with a trump less future topics.
It is the rival cable networks have summoned star anchors and producers in private messages in recent weeks, seeking answers to a pressing question. What's next, people at both networks know that viewers a board? President Trump may no longer need their nightly therapy sessions with Rachel match our down lemon and President Elect Joe Biden seems unlikely to generate the twenty four seven grist of drama scandal that resurrected cable news take. From a dying medium to a focal point of modern politics. So even as I see it, and smashed a forty year view worship record last month and and be seen notched its highest ratings since its founding in nineteen. Ninety six journalists and executives at the network say they are uneasy about the year ahead. What happens asked one MSNBC on our personality? When you don't need us, we,
need you. In the first place, you were just lying and spewing bile and vile garbage in our faces, and a lot of people were just addicted to the outrage. Look I fully understand. It's probably a little bit goes both ways. It is tell you one thing, though my criticism often been with the establishment politicians of which they are still in control and them stream. Media May We are all just dogs chasing cars, and we wouldn't know what to do. If we ever actually caught one may be there, you just sit back and say arrow and that these Norbert NEWS organisations are gonna. Do they got nothing left to complain about? Congratulations, you chase the Orange man out. You gonna go after Joe Biden now aren't autumn. It might make you look like hypocrites. Maybe what they'll do from now on.
he's just make the Republicans even more of the bad guys and they ve already been doing for quite some time. Perhaps they dont need trump they'll, just say the remnants of Trump ISM and squeeze every last drop. They can like this story. What do we got here? Donald Trump reportedly told staff he won't leave the White House he won't leave the White House, they say, yeah tromp was telling people is refusing to leave because we're not quite at January twentieth. Yet where Trump is supposed to vacate well and we're gonna January six. Yet, but I'll tell you what really really grinds my gears? They keep saying it's over it's over. It's over Trump lost everybody it's over it's over because they want you to click it. They want the people who did the media to be click, it be like gay. We want Trump lost again, Trump lost again and They come out with these same articles. Transport leave trump won't leave pick one. Is it over his trouble leaving or you gonna keep
screaming and vomiting in our faces. I just can't stand it now. I'll tell you have real problems. We have governors who are violating the constitution like Cuomo talk about a despot that guy's knots, we're very serious problems. We actually have a problem with the economy right now we have people losing their job, jobs and losing their homes are being evicted, and it's because of these democratic despatch, Tromp was not. The dictator they claimed was so while they screamed as low as possible in our ears Orange man, bad. It was the Democrats destroying the economy and what we get well. Listen my wrist act to Josh Holly and two Bernie Sanders for coming together on some kind of stimulus plan or package will see if it actually happens right, but why is it that it was the Republican who had to come to?
Democrat, to propose a solution. The Democrats wanted when it was democratic governors who destroyed the economy in the first place. We got things to complain about. It certainly is not Donald Trump. That's how you my favorite part in all of this, my favorite part, is never trump movement splinters as its villain heads for the exit, my friend, what my friends, what did you
think the never Trump Lincoln Project was gonna do once they were making all this money, but then trumps certainly could be president forever, I mean, even if he did when reelection it's only for more years right, where's a politico says. Is there a market for an anti trop Republican Party now said one prominent member of the Anti trumped Lincoln Project, I would say no so guess what there now claiming their now claiming their anti republican. So how is it the Lincoln Project, the Republicans of the Party of Lincoln Political reports, the defeat of Donald Trump might have been in the easy part for never tromp Republican next up, taking on the more elusive, talkative trump ISM, all fantastic with their boogie man gone from office. More than a dozen leaders of an ever Trump movement said, Anne interviews that they see there,
work is far from over. Once Joe Biden has sworn in on January twentieth. They want to keep the heat on Republicans, who serve as Trump foot soldiers and to provide cover for those who reject far out can spare who reject far conspiracy theories attacks on democracy, ok, so you're telling Trump is going to refuse to leave you're telling me his foot. Soldiers will remain. These people are just desperate for money. That's it they're lying dear faces. Now, of course, you have diehard trump supporters who keep saying trumpet to win. I personally do not agree. Having Joe Biden will be the president- and I think one thing is true, like with many other democratic, accidents, the mainstream media will just fall back and give Joe Biden a clear one way to do it every wants. Now I don't know how long by an elastic, ultimately will see a commonly Harris presidency. The far left didn't like it when I said that was kind of a bomber that we'd get our first female president through procedure. Instead of you know,
actual though they were like. How dare you would you mean how dear me, maybe I was over the target when I said that, maybe that's what's actually going to end up happening and it's not far fetched to think, but with all due respect to Joe Biden, much drag him for his age and with all due contempt for his corruption, on much on a ragged him for being old, but come on the do it's pretty old, I think, is reasonable to say he's, probably not going to last a full term and I'm not trying to be mean about it, he's just seventy eight. His actual, I believe that past standard life, life's average life expectancy now to be varies, a rich guy. You can afford all the best Hell Healthcare. So you know will see how long he last either way com layers and we do a lot of work, but here's the best parts read. Thus they say more than a dozen leaders than ever Trump movements at an interviews and see their work from far from over. But how? How did do is another story. After beating time
by creating up a permission structure for some GNP voters to back Biden. The task now, they said, is to turn back republicans embrace of authoritarianism and transform their party in the process. I'll tell you what there actually doing the Lincoln Project as an excuse for people to claim their conservatives but support authoritarianism, door pub, Can you haven't been the one shutting everything down and destroying people's lives while going in getting fancy haircuts and celebrating in parting and going to restaurants? Why that is in fact the Democrats, the Republicans have been at actually not very authoritarian, in fact, they're doing almost nothing its anti fa. The far left that goes around smashing things up in setting autonomous zones, its democratic governors, who are the ones passing declaring these edict so org
right, make these orders and it's the police in these cities who just blindly follow and say, whatever you say, boss, whether it's a law or not, oath, breakers and morons. I have no sympathy for these people. These up. These cops yet they're going to claim it's the Republican. The whole time I'll. Tell you what they're really saying they're saying they're coming for libertarianism: that's it be it left or right. Now people like to claim that anti far left libertarian- that is not true, left libertarians- do not use violence to get their way. That's not liberty. That's authority! Beating people to assert your authority over them to force them to do what you want. Liberty is through free trade, free markets through cooperation and understanding and agreements contracts, etc. That's what they're met about the trunk basis, not authoritarian, in fact there quite libertarian Donald Trump wants to end the war that, like that and
That's what Trump says. He's gonna veto the defensible as big a few middle finger to the establishment and they rally against him, Democrats and Republicans alike. It is the authoritarian structure that is fighting back and trying to win now than ever trappers admit. The task is daunting. Their vastly outnumbered in a party die, but it by Trump, even after his defeat, they say the reality is: is there a market for an anti trot republican party? Now tat sort Stevens, I would say no just keep The coalition that elected button together will be a challenge, and of itself said Evan Macmillan, who mounted a conservative third party presidential bitten twenty sixteen moving forward. The movement has to quote, more Republicans onto our side of this fight. What is that even mean? You have most youtube? You have the republican leadership for the most part. I guess The minority leader in the House can Mccarthy saw a cited. The Texas lawsuit sided with the taxes, lawsuit supported trunks.
But much Mcconnell was certainly saying. Don't support trump on January sex can we recruit never trumpery to run for what democratic policies? A former has TIM Miller, a former spokesmen person for Jab Bush and the leading, never tramper, oh great, that guy's just oozing charisma, they gonna basically mention their anti republican and that's just admit it, but you know what I don't care about: the Republicans either I don't care about any of his cronies. Take offense, it's all absolute garbage, but I'll tell you they like to talk about a trump shadow government Trump refusing to leave. You know, to be honest, maybe there's something to it: Trump, certainly not giving up right. We have a story from just the news. Oh backing down, Trop lawyer, Jenna Alice, says election stolen from President Trump. She described the as an egregious error. That must be remedied. So perhaps, when CNN produces there
on the hinged ramblings, claiming that Donald Trump is telling people he will refuse to leave. Maybe there be Ganis I don't know ultimately, are not entirely sure what to make of all of this I know the media's desperate to push that narrative. I note the same I am that the left is claiming Trump won't leave their claiming its fearmongering to say that he won't leave and there's no real consensus as to what is actually going to happen, and there is a journalist. Actually risks Michael Tracy, who says in an article four or unheard enter Trump, America's first shadow president. Maybe that's what might happen. Donald Trump will launch. Some kind of movement maybe he'll, refused to leave. Maybe he'll go to Morrow Logo to the Winter White House then claim to be the actual president's refuse to back down and people will actually follow. and maybe that's how we actually get some kind of civil war or conflict. I don't know, I guess
see the Antifa lining up behind bite in any kind of conflict, but maybe they hated Donald Trump and many of many of these far left activists voted for Joe Biden and prompt him up. and it's really funny to hear someone like Jimmy Door call. I forget what he called Jimmy's Gimme, the left. You buddy call Joe Biden what demented old man and a cop Kamel Harris. You know so good at him for calling it out. so its people are Jimmy. Where I see there's probably a lot, left us, you aren't going to line up behind Joe Biden, maybe job common Harris will be the most hated administration we ve ever seen. Does that mean the media and the grief? There's are gonna go after them, they can't it would violate what their brand is romance wrong. Maybe the can maybe it's too it's too much of a blanket statement had account. Maybe these news out it might just be like. While I can't believe it look at Hunter bite and look, what he's doing, which is what they're kind of doing now, Donald Trump isn't gonna back down, and maybe that's true and maybe
prompt and trump as will persist, and maybe the establishment machine would actually like it. I mean they're gonna need a bogeyman right, they want their bogeyman, but they want. their power? That's why we see stories like this from the Chicago, sometimes get ready for Don. trumps shadow government. Other Republicans, in a fear of the wrath of Trump supporters, will obstruct Joe Biden at every turn as its happening right now, but the stories from almost a month ago. Would they stand by the same statements CNN set it acts. Yo said there will be a decoupling, and I do think it's fair to say that we are in serious trouble that we are on the verge of some kind of major conflict, and I think it's funny to I'll point this out that Michael Tracey and I respect the guy things. A good journalist has repeatedly missed the idea of any kind of civil war or conflict, saying that these people are just pushing this idea. It's fearmongering, but if you
I call if you're gonna write a story where you say America's first shadow president. The election may be over, but the political influence former commander in chief is not, I think, your actual the arguing what I and many others, We have been arguing trumps, not just going to walk away and trot supporters will not accept this it for unheard. He writes in his first you paragraphs essentially that your college has voted for Joe Biden, a mockery threatening says, but what he does say quote, which far from over however, is the political influence of Trump. No one can say with total certainty. What he'll do when he eventually leaves office? No one can even say exactly on what terms he's going to leave, but in just over a month now We may face a scenario that would be a first and modern. U S, history and aggrieved former president making a competing, claimed the presidency and refusing in perpetuity to acknowledge the reality of his defeat. In other words, a shadow president, trumps lack of compunction
about doing something like this would seem to solidify his position. As the most thorough going post exception was president's at least world war. Two that is, is entirely unmoved by the kind of bipartisan american exceptionalism dogma that had previously bound together the elite. U S political class across party lines it! It's the Ah, my which holds that, in short, the: U S, possesses a singular uniqueness that sets it apart and all of world history, often blended, together with notions of christian Providence. Describes the very foundations of the. U S, constitutional order with a kind of divine import. meet, let me slow down and kind of bring this altogether together, get to the point the media needs Trump and needs the bogeyman, but what if they don't have that bogeyman well then the media will start to lose influence and Andy com. End of singular cohesive message that we have remaining will start to break down as
The internet in social media became more and more prominent. The establishment elites have desperately trying to control it. They weren't really paying attention to what was happening on line several years ago, and we ended up getting a Donald Trump Presidency, they panicked another banning people left and right and it will get what we're going to come to the point: where only verified individuals will actually have the right to speak. We saw it on some websites already I'll keep it family friendly, not mention what those websites do, but they got rid of all non verified content, we're moving towards that on Youtube. That's their desperate bid to control things, but what happens Donald Trump doesn't go away and its supporters remain on places like rumble a video hosting site or library. Our minds, dot com, what happens when they communicate on parlour and we get two distinct media ecosystems without
from actually in the presidency, is any one on the left actually gonna care about what some old man is doing. It is Gulf Resort, probably not, but his supporters will be listening to him. They'll be listening to him and I'll be following money. These politicians maybe That will be enough to ignite some kind of conflict where will actually see a balancing of the mainstay of different mainstream media apparatus apparatus I, whatever the word here's, I'm trying to say the media's collapse in the grief. Those are losing power because they don't have the bogeyman They are going to lose much of their influence, but trumped supporting networks will stay where they are, which means they'll kind of even out as to the message they're getting out, who is listening and who is supporting which side its exact do what you need for some kind of elevating conflict. I dont think necessarily that trouble
be a shadow president. But honestly I don't know, I do think it would be. A part of me wants to believe that Trump is just going to say goodbye and leave when he gets out of office, but I don't think Trump just going to leave out right and what, if they do, try to arrest him I saw a post, you know a couple weeks ago. They said that twenty three percent twenty three point, six percent of all: U S dollars were printed this year, Our more posts are going rather saying it's actually up to thirty five percent. This is bringing about serious concern and fears of hyperinflation. So you know what rich people are doing their buying up pretty their buying gold, their buying Bitcoin Bitcoin. Now, and it's all time, high, like twenty three thousand dollars, People who are supposed to be in the now are acting like some bad stuff about to happen. So what happens? the mainstream media loses its bogeyman, loses and loses influence can maintain a cohesive. Now we have over the left and the resistance starts to break down.
And smaller networks, emerge and remain in place. Different factions, different tribes and a recipe for total chaos, a loss of confidence in the establishment government and the fact that both progressives and Trump supporters alike hate Joe Biden Uncommonly Harris the Progressive may hate Donald Trump more than they hate Joe Biden. But, let's be everybody hates Joe Biden except the crony establishment- and that is not enough of a coalition to remain in power, and we can talk about what TK Institutes, a legitimate government and official documents whatever, but really it's just about it's real, just about confidence, as I've said over and over and over again, and let me show you what breaks that confidence from just the news can start the Senate pencil any flagrantly violated laws ahead of presidential election, apparently Rand. Paul said a dozen states or to does
states changed the rules about going to the legislature, calling them she's out were those votes into question as well. In Arizona Republicans in a Senate have issued subpoenas to Maricopa County for ballot. an election equipment. The challenges are over and the confidence is is, is what is important. The media knows that there on the verge of collapse- and I can't afford to to stay afloat. The country is being done. It basically straight down. The middle tromp supporters- don't trust him mainstream media and for good reason and the laugh. Doesn't trust conservative media, because there told by the mainstream, mediates fake news so what s happening the drifters are losing power the media in turn, is losing power. Trump supporters are growing alternative networks and ways to communicate and things to share power. There may be an echo chamber, but twitter is an echo chamber on the other side of the very least on twitter. Both factions make their own echo chambers. Now it's worse on the left, because conservatives due note the leftist thinking for the most
part. But what happens when you see evidence come out of Nevada Arizona? Georgia was content, Pennsylvania and the left. As there is no evidence you can talk about trumpeted, NATO government! You could talk about the fearmongering, whatever you want, but its regular people. It's not. The trump is a movement that just the buggy man for the left In the end, all that matters is who will believe who, the media is gonna collapse. I think they're panicking for good reason, but something else will happen lose may be. A lot of the New York Times may lose a lot of influence, but anti for style websites. Progressive news, that's swell emerging there stead or maybe I'm wrong? Maybe the New York Times will just have to embrace further far left policies and in a desperate effort to keep people in engaging interacting with them. The claim Republicans or the authoritarian Trump ISM is the problem.
but think about what Trump Trump ISM is. What working class families asking for better trade agreements boring the far left is talking about banning private health insurance outright they're talking about having a mandate for who you can have on the and on the board certain companies there trying to repeal civil rights Long California, they want complete overhauls to the system. They think all cops are bad and while I have certainly been on a cop rant from big cities, not all cops are bad. That's absurd they want way more extreme positions, The mainstream media is entertaining them in a desperate bid to maintain some revenue and relevance, so they will give the far left exactly what they want and the right we'll go to right wing outlets and talk to you know to websites like parlor for their communications and that will cause the decoupling of this
dream, so call it. What you wanna tell me I'm wrong whatever first things. First, it's funny to watch the media panic. What comes next honestly, I can't say: I'm not a psychic but I'll leave their next segments coming up tonight. Live Youtube com, slashed him cast iron I'll check out the show he talking out of talking about a bunch of other news stories. Maybe go more in depth on many these stories and again you too got com slashed him, I r l and that will be live at eight p m. Thanks, rang it out and I will see you all them so The vaccine is made its way to various cities and states. We ve seen a bunch of p r video. I was showing a box being delivered by you, PS fat acts and people clapping and delivery people carrying the boxes down the hall, the doctors and opening it up and telling everybody we got vaccine baby, then they started sitting people down to give them the vaccine. And something weird happens in one of these videos in a story from
Katy S some Zan NBC affiliate, they say questions raised over vaccine injection at you I'm see event you M C says nurse received second shot to eliminate doubt over vaccination. Let me give the gist of the your video shows a doktor or nurse administering what they say is a vaccine, but the syringe is already depressed. There's nothing in it. They pop the cap off of a syringe that is clearly not got the vaccine. Stick the need on the dunes arm and then the dew clearly realises there's nothing in it and pulls out hopes. I think, there's a really simple solution to this video is it had put them vaccine in it at that simple? So I don't know if these vaccines God. I dont think they're coming pre loaded in shot. Sometimes they do went on when I got a vaccine, I think so I could be wrong. I went, I mentioned
for. I got several shots when I was travelling around working for vice and I'm pretty. the guy, like open to package. There was a vaccine in a syringe, but also think he might. actually had little vile, somewhat entirely sure, maybe maybe- simple solution, is this the do they had the needle and was supposed to take the cap off. You know, put it in and pull some of the university to measure at whatever you didn't. Do it either way you use These stories like this, it's not confidence building and when I tweeted the video I'm gonna play the video for you. Can you can see cause? It is kind of weird up other play right now that this news report, where explaining people actually caught. This is a good thing by the way, the stories great when I first saw this view on posted it. I had some Democrat Guide, be like you're, so anti vaccine Cham. Why are you so anti vaccine? Listen. I want you to watch as they are now describe to you,
Aren't you wouldn't let me posit. Let me let me ok, so you see the syringes going into this nurses arm, but when it's going in right now you can see, there's there's nothing are the plungers already depressed. Ok, like I said, simple solution to this right. Here's the bigger picture on a get through I've. A bunch of stories I think the mainstream media. This news that's our trying to freak us out about the vaccine. I mean it's look, you have these, these, these pr events or whatever we don't need them. It's the weirdest thing to me. We have flew shots every year you tell people, there's a flu shot have that we don't air, but the media keeps putting. All these stories first, we have this one. Well, they they they did a p r event. I got to tell everybody: looked at them scene and then they used an empty syringe. People are gonna, be like what is this, so I had this Democrat Guy sales Anti vacuum like what about anything, I'm criticising Anti MAX at all and he's like you're casting vaccines and a negative
like the dude literally did not receive a vaccine, I'm casting the pr event in a negative light, because this is making people doubt whether or not they should get the vaccine, and I want to show you something I M going to argue against this. Let me first say on the IRA podcast I said: listen, PETE, listless, listen, folks, friends, people, nothing! I dont see, and I don't see a likelihood of really bad things happening with us Axing life is just infinitely more boring. Then that is a lot of people are concerned about. You know some like side effects, witnesses and a full access bells palsy. In things like this, these are exceeded. Really rare, but when I first said was when they got the vaccine out, I'm not worried about it. Listen! First of all on thirty four, I'm a dude, I'm not getting the vaccine. You know why they're not gonna. Let me get pits as the first and most important thing. You know, you're not eligible you can get it.
So I came out and said: it's probably gonna be fine. People are of reacting in this is look. People are gonna, go get the flag at the foot of the time. We don't see stories like this. It doesn't happen, but there can be side effects its effect and any, and you really should understand you know there are side of ex now. So I sent a first. I did issue a correction. That, because the in the UK they said that their, only allowing the vaccine to be administered if resuscitation, ram measures are readily available, because two nurses had an Anna Phylactery reaction now alleged to bees or of sea or food allergies? You understand what that means. If those are not familiar, it mean Your face, swells up your eyes swell shot and your throat can close. So people carry around at B pen, auto injectors, it's up enough friend. It's an adrenaline Anna, So when these people in the UK were getting the vaccine, some of them went into an added at went to
told an electric shock when an animal like reaction, they jammed yet be pan or whatever, and then these people recovered apparently some of the individuals who did have an analog and if like direction, are saying they're going to get the shot again for the second douse you see, this is the kind of stuff How did we get from the mainstream media that is making people freak out? So don't come too? he and blame me when its mainstream news stories, pointing these things out, as I ve shown you in this video. They did this look at this. Syringe than anything in it doing. Let me show you some is of historic, because this one was big. We have this one USA today fact check a false post on social media claims covert. Nineteen vaccine causes infertility in women. Ok, I guess- is no real getting around any of this you're gonna have competing we're the views and so long as people are allowed to share information, they're gonna believe whatever they want. Let me just make one thing clear, I really really really doubt that the covered
Nineteen vaccine is some grand conspiracy to make people infernal. That's the show utopia, I jokingly have brought brought it up in the past. Here's how things are gonna play up. First, there have been people who developed bells palsy after getting the vaccine now in the UK they said they didn't find. I think that's why I'm sorry I know it was. It was a trial, I think was it in the US. They didn't consider it to be significant, because the rate at which people got Bell's palsy, It's not different from the normal rate. You'd see you know in public or ever the problem with that is that things cause Bell policy. That's what they're not bells policy. So if those unfamiliar you're, half your face gets paralyzing nerve gets pinched and it can last up to a few months. Typically, peoples are to feel better in a few days, but it can less a little wilds of people's like faces. Drooping
I like that they're saying, but it, but it's not any different than the natural like. You know us statistics on people getting bells policy. The issue, as there is still the correlation, I'm not all that worried about it for one simple reason: first and foremost, Yes, I think we're gonna start seeing mandatory vaccinations in certain institutions like in the medical industry. I think they're telling people they have to get the vaccine. Ok, This is likely only going to cover a small percentage of various industries. So I am I
I am rather pro vaccine for sure. I think people need have the choice. I don't like the idea of businesses being like. If you ever been vaccinate, you can't come here have even been vaccinate. You can't go on these planes and if you get you know like like this, do you got the shot on tv and there was nothing in it. They say that they gave him another shot. Imagine if we didn't call that out and this democratic guy was like you're, making people very shortly. Aren T Rex. If I, if we said nothing at all, I want to bring up this, they would go around. Thinking is vaccinated gaze. Not What was ultimately, I think it should be a choice. The government cannot force medication on people and is probably going to be a nightmarish and estonian corporate pressure that I'm really worried about small. Businesses are being shuddered and corporate chains or popping up that's a fact. and we're seeing you would like to Amazon and Walmart doing really really well. As the Covid nineteen down destroy small businesses. Okay, the problem arises when Walmart says you have to have the vaccine to shop there. Well, if the government destroyed the small
businesses that serve our communities and replaced it with major corporations and now they but let Us- and unless we have some kind of medication, you see that their as an aside step to making something mandatory. That's a problem. I think the vaccines gonna be, for the most part, fine for people. Personally, I have allergies. Actually I have quite a few they're, not all severe. I have will I have won, but for the most part I don't know. Maybe that's just me. I think it's got a normal. I dont really encounter this in a day to day basis, but there are certain things I can't eat is normal for a lot of people, so I will not be able to get the vaccine. That's it and a story for me. I guess most be but if you are between the ages of, I think it's like thirteen or not, even I think of if you're under the age of seventy you're, never going to see unless you work in the medical field, we may start, seeing that the corporate thing pop up- and I don't like what social limit limit limit. Let me point out to the house. I want to read this infertility thing to you:
but I want to show you this other story here from Politico Alaska reports. Adverse reaction from visor excellent health worker, the patient experience and Anna elastic reaction, and was taken too emergency room and a full act aggressions our normal from accidents, and this is the important thing about informing people on the actual risks this. Why? I can't stand that, there's the stupidity in and the whole vaccine debate, if I were to tell you that there are risks and size the to getting a. I get accused of being anti backs. This guy's yelling at me on Twitter, this democratic guy, because the U K national health service. The just issued a warning that if you have allergies, dont get the vaccine, and I do so. I was like wow- that's probably really important. If we want to save lives and they get mad you're either everybody should just go
just demand they get shot up with the vaccine, and then you also have you no anti facts, individuals. Why can't we have a regular conversation about this? There are side effects it shouldn't be mandatory. How simple is that some people get rushed to the emergency room, so please don't get mad at me when political rights, a story about one person going into having an animal active reaction. Why is it that for years we can have people say things like? I came over what was there some celebrity lady and she said not in any way anti backs. Just think people should have a choice as to whether or not that know the good vaccinated and they called her Nancy Baxter and now politicos like one person had an allergic reaction. I I know people of allergic reactions to really weird things. If you want to get the vaccine, I believe it should be a choice and to an extent
If private businesses want to to mandate it. Well, that's a private business to an extent if they shut down everything in the only thing available to us is like a big box door. Then I dont think they should be allowed to restrict access in conversation about this, with partly with Hunter Avalon who's, the Youtube or on the Europa. Cast and are a mixture of this made it to the show whatever. But I wish we were talking about whether or not we should businesses should be mandated to serve customers, and my point was: if the government shuts down every supermarket and not every but most of them or specialty stores and the only place you can go for things you need is Walmart, then I dont think they have a right to restrict access to anybody within within reason. Of course, like. Obviously, if someone is, you know to dump on the floor or something
sure about means get them out, but for a vaccine I don't think so. Of course, they'll argue a medical or you're gonna get people sick and all that stuff. I don't like it and are that's that's that that I think is the actual problem are facing the perfect storm of these circumstances are, but let me tell you something else and will go back to the fertility thinks that net one really needs to be addressed. Then goop DA he appeared. I think it was MSNBC. He treated this. I get my vaccine tomorrow and I am grateful to the scientists to labor to make this day happen after the second dose. When you one days later, I will continue masking, distancing and avoiding travel until doc. Graphology says otherwise. Stay vigilant, ignore the noise normal, ignore the noise normalcy is add. This dude goes on tv and says: probably one of the stupidest things. I think anyone could have even said you know what, but maybe I'm wrong, maybe he's just being honest. He said something to the effect of even if you get the vaccine, you can still get Covin. You can still.
In fact it and you can still spread it. So you gotta, wear your mask. You can't travel is a misconception way way way. What's up is. This is a serious. Why? Why are you? Ok, then? What are we doing? Who is this guy and why they putting them on tv? Cathay, if he's right and this vaccine, according to this guy, we live in other works. I gotta say I would not be surprised. You know why Donald Trump Warp speed, so many people thought was impossible. Guess what maybe it was. Maybe this is the trial like war, desperate, we gotta lockdown people are scared, not conservatives, you know but little of the left, and so they rushed this out, and that's it simply. It's simple as that now you ve got all these different mainstream media outlets that our loving the fearmongering and this the worst thing about journalism, today's damage either tell me that everything's, ok, because it is or show me
three little store: you're gonna milk for maximum attention. Here's the story from yours it today they say the claim. The covert nineteen vaccine can cause infertility in women. an image going viral on Facebook and elsewhere and social media is lodging concerning complaint. The covert nineteen vets dean could lead to infertility in women. This comes the first doses, Pfizer Bioenergy vaccine are delivered and administered across the. U S, the issue a screen shot of what appears to be a news. Article declares the vaccine is free. male sterilization. Please don't get your news from memes, Don't trust the mainstream media. All that much I am constantly digging in but means are. Nowhere near as good, ok like you gotta, do a lot of research on the stuff. They say that Maxine contains a spike protein called sin that site and one vital for the formation of the human placenta and women. The articles nameless the rights of the vaccine works so that we form an immune response against despite protein we are also training,
female body to attacks in sight and one which could lead to infertility, foreign, unsuspected, duration, ok, okay, USA. Today this is the issue I take. Why did you write this fact check? because its shock content, because people are gonna share it and this will make sure- or more people talk about the vaccine, causing infertility, A meme going around on Facebook does not need to have a story written about it. People need to talk to their doctors, that's what we should be saying. You shouldn't be brain up every mean picture. Someone makes next thing. You know you can have your today. Do in fact does the leading
windows system. Thirty, to help solve your. You know, speed up your computer. No, it doesn't it's a prank. We need people to have critical thinking, skills, this ain't, it they say what is as insight and one in favour. Two thousand reaches of the now defunct genetics and student Cambridge discovered a gene. Resigning the human genome, blah blah blah the protein encoded by the viral Jean was produced only by cells in the placenta, an organ made only during pregnancy that exchanges, oxygen and trains from mothers to feed us that come into direct contact with the uterus. A sturdy bond between with my maternal uterine and fatal placenta cells was entirely dependent on this protein, which the researchers called. Since citing from the word since idea may sound, like structure formed from the joining of many cells later researched,
However, that humans were not the only ones, carry this anchoring protein guerrillas, chimpanzees, etc. They say it's not the same protein Pfizer, Bio and taken Madonna's covered nineteen vaccines, both use messenger RNA, a single strand of genetic code that provides manufactories manufacturing instructions, so the basically the gist of my understanding. about this vaccine is supposed to workers on reading this, isn't it programmes, muscle cells to produce spike protein and then too, Does the immune system to destroy that I dont care. I know I know, look a lot of peace Bull are posting things where their concern about the vaccine. They think the vaccines gonna call side effects. It actually does have a very high rate of potential for side effects relative to many other vaccines. I believe Anna lacks us was point. I think it was a zero point. Six, eight five percent probability, so that's like one in a hundred and sixty or so you really
make sure you don't have allergies, and this is this is all part of the guidelines that putting out. I tell you this, I think, for the most part, things are gonna be fine, I think we're dealing with serious enterprises was rushed out for sure, and I think you should have a choice if you want to get it or not, but I don't think it's the apocalypse and I'll put it this way. The internet and our access to information has really like triggered people in a certain by that we don't normally get every single story about. You know side effects from vaccinations. Can you tell me what kind of vaccine, the yellow fever, vaccines or the polio vaccine, or any these things. I think that scenes are wonderful technology that have done amazing things for us, I'm here These stories in a lot of people are pointing out that, the M aura, nay up, the vaccine is dangerous, for the that, MR reason and under slight look man, then you should choose whether or not you want to do to get vaccine and there should be certain restrictions on how we set up the rules in the future for research
access or whatever. If schools want vaccinate As part of the process, people should be allowed to home. cool, actually a lot of our private schools. It's all about choice. The problem is when they say, ok, we're gonna, make the vaccine and in order to function decided you have to have it. We gotta maintain freedom of choice but, in my opinion, the problems have here. You know I'll I'll give another. One is the liability protection? You can't rush something out, but I am, but I guess at the same time, you can't expect spect someone to want to rush things outlets they were protected. So then make your choice. you sent an don't get this fine, but I've gotten a ton of vaccines in the past, I've gone to you know many different countries. anything about these vaccines. They have just existed, they ve many of them have been around much longer than I've been alive, and so I blindly trust them. Maybe I shouldn't, but I seem to be fine. You know in an end, and I can only trust my doctor. Therein lies the big challenge when the doktor prescribed,
education, how do you know what it is? So so When you know when I went to the doctrine they say we're gonna give you this medication, I dunno too, I did some research turns out. Actually otherwise a while ago I have, some medication- that is an antibiotic that apparently cause like joint issues, is it was due to others put it this way. My friends, Libya belittle candid with you when you travel the world for years. Sometimes a doctor's want to give you anti parasitic just in case, so you know, king, the water in certain countries going to the rain forest in such or two. Venezuela, you now you come back with doktor says: let's be careful here, and there are some nations that are bad luck, if you doing sports, don't take these things like that's really got to do your research, that's on you, but don't we just trust our doctors. I do because I'm a doctor something else I can do I'll. Just put it this way. It's funny that we get video. I know a lot of people are gonna. Disagree, this video, where the like they're, just not not giving the that
dejected! Somebody talk to your doktor about it. and the last thing I want to say is I just I just pull this article up Pfizer CEO hasn't gotten a covert vaccine, yet saying he doesn't want to cotton line. I tell you man, I think these news outlets really want to undermine our faith in the vaccine and a lot of people think the vaccine isn't safe. But I'll tell you what you want to know why? I think they like doing this. They hate Donald Trump Warp. Speed was trumps initiative. It work, the vaccine came out everyone's happy about it and they were claiming the entire time it wasn't possible. So when I see a bunch of stories that are constantly pushing the who vaccine boogeyman, unlike yeah, no surprise because trumps, the one who accomplished it and now their forced to acknowledge yeah tromp was actually write about it.
Listen, there's a middle ground here. If you don't like it, if you're worried about side effects, you should not have to get it, but Donald Trump is responsible for this success with operation warp, speed, so now I see these media companies coming out putting out these stories. What would it defies? You see us not getting the vaccine? Ok. Now. I don't trust this guy. I don't believe what he saying that I dont like liability production, the sea you're not gonna, get it. You see, you see what they're doing with these stories I've, never question the stuff from my doctors before, but they keep putting these stories out. I'm can tell you they're doing it. I want you to make up your mind. You can disagree with me. Please do you're allowed to I'm not always right, I'm just trying to think rationally. I go to the doktor all the time. Ok, well, relatively, throw my life. I've been to the doctor.
and when I went to the doktor and sentimental to Egypt and Venezuela he was like. Then you need this shot ass, a great thanks doc, and then he knew the yellow fever want to think what goes near skin or early on in question. It then in Google, it I just trusted my doctor- and here I am I don't I don't know I don't know well some supposed to do. I can't live in fear that there's people always out to get me or you know, but I will say this: we ve seen Democrats themselves say: they're gonna wait, my friends if you are under a certain age, Europe Gonna get the vaccine. Anyway. There there, a a tree I system, for you, know people who get the vaccine so for the time being stay vigilant. Do your research, but please avoid harsh paranoia, be reasonable And if you have concerns our belts, pausing, an awful axis. You have every right to be because there are legit side effects and if the fight As you see, I don't want to get it. I tell you this, you know what far be it from me to jump in line he's much older than I am and he needs it more than I do so- fine I'll get it after he gets it. I'm gonna be supply, not gonna get,
because I have food allergies and if that's you will, then you know there, you go simple. As that I don't understand the stuff. I guess it's just so silly and these pr stunt have only made things worse. The video of the not really giving the guy the vaccine, it's just not only with their next coming up at the Temple Youtube Channel? You can find it by searching you too her pool or by going to Youtube outcome, Slash TIM Cast, which is a url that will bring you to that channel. Yup. Just believe me, give it a try. They sprang up and I'll see you all. There.
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