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Democrat SLAMMED By Protests As Impeachment Support COLLAPSES, Majority Now OPPOSE Impeachment

2019-12-16 | 🔗

Democrat SLAMMED By Protests As Impeachment Support COLLAPSES, Majority Now OPPOSE Impeachment. earlier today Elissa Slotkin, a moderate democrat from Michigan, announced she will be voting to impeach Donald Trump.Her announcement was met with boos, jeering, and protests holding signs that said "impeach slotkin."As of today the national average polling shows the majority of Americans now oppose the impeachment and removal of Donald Trump. The polls we saw all last month showed that Independent voters had switched to opposing impeachment but now as Democrats also join in opposition national averages show support is collapsing fast.This may be the biggest mistake Democrats ever make as they are sacrificing their House majority for an impeachment that is guaranteed to fail. Mitch McConnell has already stated he is working with Trump and the White house and even Alan Dershowitz says there are no grounds to impeach trump. Dershowitz is a Hillary Clinton supporter, endorsed her in 2008, and has consistently oppose Trump's policies but even he has come out saying there is no constitutional grounds for impeachment.

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Earlier today, moderate democratic basis, lock and held a town hall meeting to announcer support for impeaching Donald Trump? Now many people were curious as to how the moderates would be voting, and we have seen several come out in favour of impeaching Donald Trump slow. Kids announcement was met with loud booze jeering, someone called her a liar and a group of protesters in the back held up sign, saying impeach slot can keep Trump Finally, I was shocked to see so far a few of the moderate Democrats support impeachment. Considering it is now officially nationwide on favourable in the aggregate. Let me repeat, that the average of all poles in the country has just flipped in favour of Donald Trump. Trump has already won he's at an explosive past month. We rather use anti eighth, a phase one China, China, trade, deal, there's paid family leave, there's the NBA
is sweeping through these victories appointing nearly a hundred and eighty judges. He is winning the economy, is doing really well record market numbers record low unemployment. Yet the Democrats are wrapped up in impeachment. Now most of you know this I've done about it, but let me start by showing you the data and then I want to come back to a few of these moderate Democrats and I can't go through all thirty one, but I want to show you why this is the biggest mistake the Democrats are making and it seems the Democratic Party is sacrificing their victories foreign impeachment. That is guaranteed fail, makes no sense. Some of these moderate democrat districts are historically republican districts, so
It does show one of trumps biggest weaknesses that its base didn't come out in the mid terms, which means bad news. Twenty twenty two, but we'll see what happens, will see what happens then. I believe what I'm about to show you. What it is is evidence to to support and twenty Republicans are owing to sweep now mind you. I was wrong in twenty eighteen, but there is information. So, let's get started with this pole before we die go to guess I can't slashed on it. If you'd like to support my work, there sat there. Several ways you can give many of you may be aware that a law I missed three days for the first time in three years I was forced to have worked. My throat was was her. Let me tell you when I don't make a video. My income is nothing, that's it
so the people who are donating. You know monthly. That really really does out, because I know that, even if I am unable to work for a few days to sickness or illness, I'm not going to become destitute. That's that's the whole point for this. You know backup system, but the best you can do share this video. I know I know it's hard to break echo chambers that people are going to refuse to watch it. That's fine but You know if, if, if one person can not necessarily change their mind, I'm not saying I am never the person to say you have to like or not like Trump, I sort of sure you are aware of, what's going on and sharing the video helps that take a look at this data from nuclear power now I mentioned the other day that we saw the the the equilibrium. I suppose the first time at support and opposition of impeachment were equal. We can now see that, finally, with the latest pulse opposition to the impeachment and removal of trump
flipped in trumps favor to me the says he one that the Democrats needed to keep a negative narrative about the president and show how the Country was united in removing him and now they're, not they're, not for the longest time. It's gone back and forth support opposition of have gone back and forth, but we do have a lot more information about what's going on now and I want to. I want to make sure I don't make a speed of soup lots of money into the Democrats. But let me show you a few things. This is an article from the hill today Trump feels like he's having a good month despite impeachment. Well, I don't need to read through all this, but they mention the. U S
see that even Nancy Pelosi praised now she sang they helped fix it, make a lot better, doesn't matter its trumps trade deal you one that one there you go glad to see the Democrats finally step up after about a year you're in a few months pushing that through and if they did help more more power to a great Nancy pull. You know a lot of I'll. Tell you this man. If this was the message from the democratic the whole time we are going to improve? U S embassy or I take what trumped dead, we're gonna Ex something's I'd be like why? That's that's really also, that's that's a great thing to campaign on and then their campaign could be. We are going to do a little bit better then trot that's. Why should what you know a man if the Democrats whole campaign was trumps, not that bad will be a little bit better. They would be much much better off than they then, where they are today with protests erupting at their time. Our meetings anyway, Trump gets this phase, one trade deal with China, so this phenomenal. They say it's a phenomenal deal. Trump says which is going to be great news.
And my understanding is there's been, there's been a positive reaction, the markets maybe that'll change, they also say Trump. I'm sorry, the house's passed a defence policy bill, the NBA the nest. Defence Authorization ACT, giving Trump his space force and paid paternal leave for workers. We have a series of victories for Trump. It's not just policy wise. Ok, we can say Trump is winning and in getting pushing forward his agenda politically in the public sphere. Trump just took the lead. He just took the impeachment narrative away. Can you imagine what the response from the media and the Democrats would be to a record economy several victories and tromp becoming now winning and impeachment. Let me now, let me now shock and upset you I'm sorry. It here is an article from NBC yesterday, trumps campaigning on the roaring economy. Here's how Democrats plan to
Stop him the president's points to strong numbers on several fronts, but is rife for the White House painted different picture. Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, hold on of campaigning on a roaring economy which it is Democrats want to stop him. Well, I'm not the one stop shop, no matter what but come on me like Dude Nobody wants to hear that your you're going to make the economy worse or that if economy is doing really well, you want to stop the present now. I know what they're really talking about. Let's be honest, there saying the Democrats are trying to counter his narrative on the economy. I'm sorry you ve lost that fight. It is insane to me at the Democrats. Don't see what's happening all around them, like I said
If they just run a campaign slogan sang trumps, not that bad will be a little bit better. You got a good shot of getting some people to vote for you, but they don't they simply say. No. No. The economy is not that good and to try and painted different narrative. They say we're gonna impeach him. That's we're gonna. Do protests erupt. What is going on if they're losing their months, you don't I want to show you later on. I gotta get somewhat some other stories here. I am in a show you how the Democrats are sacrificing the majority for a guaranteed defeat. What is wrong with their leadership? What what? What? How do you get a Democrat saying? Well, the Senate is controlled by the Republicans. The metric conall said he's walking in locks up with our,
looking defence with with trumps Whitehouse Council we're not gonna win. Let's guarantee that we lose the house majority. How does that make sense? They ve lost their minds. I'm sorry check this out America's interest in impeachment fades. This is a graph from axioms showing political engagement, Ansari Social Media engagement on the Each one story and its collapsed from nearly a thousand engagements to six hundred. Even so, want to thirty five to forty percent drop in people carrying. Let's not spend too much time on this check. This out centre republicans have already made up their minds and impeachment. We all knew this with the impeachment process. Concluding in the House Senate Republicans have made it clear. Trump will be removed from office during assent trial. Every I knew this was going to happen now. The left is claiming that Mitch, Mcconnell and and Republicans violating their oath, for you know because they're not going to be. You know him our or whatever. If you want to argue that they should sit back,
and here the evidence more than what we have already heard. They ve got two articles of impeachment, one of which is apparently already, then you know what will be removed due to a supreme court ruling. Take us out Alan Dershowitz famous Hilary Clay Anne and Joe Biden supporter Alan Dershowitz says Supreme Court ruling. Paul's rug out from under article of of impeachment It's a very intelligent article, you're gonna, be a fan of islands, What's he's he's recently said he would enthusiastically vote for Biden, but what he says it's very simple Congress is claiming Trump obstructed Congress. By rejecting these subpoenas trumps argument is that he executive privilege this information and he's under no obligation to turn it over without judicial review, and I saw- right, it sounds like he's right. I mean we have three branches of government. If there is a dispute
tween the legislative ranch and executive ranch the Supreme Court ways in. Why didn't the Democrats take their complaints to the Supreme Court? Well, perhaps because Supreme Court has already been stacked and transfer look man, it is winning winning winning people like to mock truck, as you said, you'd be tired of winning. He keeps winning. It is not even about whether it's right or wrong on that site, like you know it meant- and people conflate me, saying choppers winning with me supporting what he's done now, they appointed one judge whose an apparently got no experience in a court room like never find the brief- I don't know anything about it, but I was reading this and I was laughing I'm laughing because it so it's the absurdity of trumps victories. It's that absurd, listen, Donald Trump is winning so much and the left hates to hear it. They do they hate to hear it. He is winning so much. He actually got a judge appointed with
with no experience what it's mine, it's mine, blowing level of victory for the President and I'm again not saying I agree with. I think that's a bad thing. I think it is bad that there are political appointments from people notes we are. Funding is bad, but I recognise Trump is getting what he wants every step of the way and if you think anything like I'm sorry man, I gotta go back to this poem up there. It is finally happened, we knew impeachment was gonna, be unpopular. We knew it was going to put all of these Democrats at risk. The Democrats, you won the house, you one districts that were historically republican. It was an amazing upset and what did you do you're you're, throwing it all away on an unpopular action trouble. The most popular present is actually one of most unpopular presents according to the aggregate pulling most will won't trust it because things in this country are going
who well so this article from Dershowitz basically outlines that that argument, essentially that this up core have to weigh in on whether or not there are real claim of obstruction of of Congress, and let me get this tossed out immediately when it goes on to trial. Just Robert is gonna, be leading, it might say. Would you would you know and there's no merit, checks and balances? You gotta dispute. You taken Supreme Court, you think it's a federal courts, any court at least a court, a lawyer, one person didn't do that they said tromp refuses. Therefore we have it as the Supreme Authority to impeach em over this. No Congress does not have that authority Congress can subpoena Congress can impeach. But if they have a dispute checks and balances, he gonna say that has already been a ruling that the court's need to nearly so basic always has really interesting. He says they,
and ass a thoroughly ruled on these few cases. I wanna get to the nitty gritty cause, I'm not illegal. It's a lot of information, the gist of it is the Supreme Court or the federal courts apparent yes, the Supreme Court decision to review three cases in which lower courts ruled against tromp provide support for constitutional arguments in the investigation. Essentially they didn't rule necessarily on these cases yet, but they did say we need to review them. That he's claiming sets a precedent or not now look illegal president, but shows that if the, if Congress wanted Trump to have these people testify or wanted to challenge his challenge, the courts would have review in which case they have a leg to stand on now, let's get into outlets moving into the first Mcconnell and why not council agree to coordinate impeachment trial plans must be nervous. I made this point already, but I show the source, it's all their source, everything
Mitch. Mcconnell is in line with tromp. They look at the evidence. Alan Dershowitz Famous Democrat says same thing. It's there's nothing here, there's no crimes. What you do and now we have this focus group. These Obama, trope voters are just trump voters now, as from today is for Maxie else. How much? How much needs you know what I mean. I'm sorry, I'm I'm a little speechless now, because I've made so many videos about impeachment backfiring, elect seven imputed, backfires again Peter backfires. Again, Democrats support trot trump wins how many videos? Why make what like trumpets, winning trumpets, winning and its? I'm going to me when I see these progressive commentator new tubers trying act like Trop has not winning its dude he's taken? impeachment narrative here that the peacekeepers getting majors major positive, pulling now in swing states. The Democrats were in full
I'm in the poles are now under water. In these swing states they have lit everything up. So, as it happens, today allows us lock in sheep, Fox news recently and I'm not sure how much about what she's announced she will vote for impeachment. And that's what I showed you in the beginning, protesters holding of silencing impeach slacken, which really incredible to me, is when I, looked at their voting histories in their districts. It's very clear tromp is going to wipe the floor with these moderate Democrats. I believe lesson and twenty team I thought trumps base was. Was was lit up, let it come out corner than your times. Trump voters did not come out in twenty teen. That's why the Democrats, one the house and trumps
he said if, if you don't get, is working together at the democratic and they'll impeach me here they are, there was their plan the whole time. This is trumps Achilles heel. His base loves him. They don't care for these old crony republican types. They don't they don't care, they cannot trump wins so twenty. Sixteen they vote they vote Trump. They check are across the board, then the Republicans when in twenty eighteen they don't show up its. It said, but around the show you not not if that essential for every district, but I've got a few districts pulled up, and I will show you this: what's? U else we got in this pool before we before we get into hard numbers, there was. MSNBC interviewer at unless us, let us Lichens district. I believe it was out of town Hall and this she asked MSNBC asks a voter. He says I think it's I think Congress is wasting their time and our time the seals the deal I will not vote for now. Someone did comic. You got a standing ovation. This, I believe, was
very early in the morning or last night and entirely sure Obviously this is early in the morning today so yes, someone safeguard, standing ovation, shadows, protests. I think it's fair to point that out this reply as well, because it is, it is divisive Ok, it's not like everyone is pro Trump, not the reality. Is it split, but this shows and I'm gonna show the numbers there making mistakes they're making me look. Let me show you this. First, we have here a letter, slackens district, you see here. The vote. Turnout MIKE Bishop was the Republican in twenty eighteen and he lost by just about thirteen thousand let's go back in time, though twenty sixteen election, when Donald Trump was on the ticket in twenty. Sixteen MIKE Bishop got two hundred and five thousand votes and the Democrat got a hundred and forty three thousand remember those numbers. Let's go back twenty eighteen,
And twenty eighteen slot can got a hundred and seventy two thousand, which is more than the Democrats got, but MIKE Bishop only got a hundred and fifty nine. Now it's probably true that some moderates flipped against Trump and that contributed to a slackens gains. If that's the case, let's go back. That two hundred thousand two hundred thousand vote number- and it looks like they have- is a really good chance that Bishop or whoever runs in twenty and twenty twenty well reclaim the see. If it's true that some of these democratic voters our former Republicans or independence, to switch to the democrat side than it looks like it's a neck and neck race. However, I think we are actually seeing as the New York Times said. Well, you for some are not. They said. Trot trumps base didn't show up in strong enough numbers to win for these congressional candidates. I think it's fair to say if MIKE Bishop only needs thirteen thousand and he's shy forty thousand from trumps election.
Think he's gonna get it. Even if you want to give twenty seven thousand above all of those votes to slacken, I think he is going to see a big sir. In those die hard trump voters, but again, I stress entirely possible that Mara voter soured on tromp democratic voters got. You know, riled up and came out to vote. Trump has ignited a democratic base and we are expecting a large turn up, but wait. There's more based on these numbers. Might not my belief from this
from us is not slacken. Is that when trumps name is on the ticket, people are gonna check our across the board and we're gonna see the Republican take back this district, but this is a close district check. This out, Kendra Horn, casual horn, Moderate Democrat, who was the first Democrat to win since night teen. Seventy five nineteen, seventy five of the citizen district in Oklahoma think it's fair to say, tromp riled of the Democrats and is based in turn up a support him, that's one of his weaknesses but think about Kendra Whore. Now, coming out in opposition to Trump assuming she does, I don't know where she that officially yet but she's one of these votes, Well moderate Democrats, if, if she comes out and say she's gonna pizza president in a district that is voted republican since nineteen, seventy five, I don't think you're gonna make it. And you know what listen it's hard to know for sure the poles fluctuate everybody thinks they know, but Once again, let me show you this is
Sandra horns, voter turnout for twenty eighteen. She won her district by only about three thousand five hundred or so votes. It was LOS. What do you think will happen when trumps base turns up excited and bigger than ever? That's right. I cover this many times the New York Times upshot polls show trumps this is bigger today than when he got elected, Louis Steve Russell got a hundred seventeen k and lost bomb to a hundred and twenty one came: let's go back twenty sixteen when the Republican, Steve Russell got a hundred and sixty thousand that's that truck bump and the Democratic got a hundred and three was still the numbers were relatively comparable. But when we look now at Steve Russell, he was shy. Forty or so thousand votes
similar numbers. They reclaimed these votes, men, it there taken aback, and now here's the big one MAX rose, Staten Island, he came out in support of impeachment. People are angry. Tromp supporters are angry. Now anti drug people are happy about it. Now it's interesting here is that this a blue district man? This is set out in this New York. We can see in twenty eighteen MAX rose one with a hundred one, thousands compared one on one thousand compared to Daniel I'm Donovan, who got eighty nine thousand souls around tenor, eleven thousand votes in twenty sixteen, however, the Republican got a hundred and thirty four thousand votes compared to the Democrats. Seventy eight anti trust people were fired up and voted in the mid term and Fortunately trumps base. It didn't turn out. So that's your chile seal, but I'll tell you this man near post. Has this story. They say
was, is Staten Island itself. Brooklyn district gave Trump a ten percentage points edge. Over Clinton rose one on a pledge to oppose policies, hyper parson leadership, but set on Friday. You will follow her vote. You will follow our and vote for both both articles. I'm sorry man, I feel like that is a betrayal of your constituency. Tromp, is as plus ten in this district. They voted you end because you said you were gonna, bring bounds to the force, to use as a silly analogy, and instead you know you're. Not you not analogy. I really love it's like. There's a bunch of voters who are sick and tired of the hyper, partisan nonsense and just want things to get done. It's the one rings, though I describe it before, bear with me. I think it's funny. And every single Lord, the rings. You know it's on a zeal door cuts the finger off a sovereign now
on ring represents the Orange man scandal political strategy, how the Democrats are obsessed with targeting trumps character, targeting scandals and investigations. Instead of just legislating. What has the house doing there, they ve literally just been focused on. Can we get rid of tromp by making him your tongue? I'm being, then the moderate voters lead these Democrats to the fires of Mount doom and sad get rid of it. Get rid of it, cast it into the that's it. This is MAX rose, said he was going to cast that in the fire and what did he do as soon as they brought him the core? He looked smiled and said no and he's, voting in line with policy. You look at it.
Districts, and I think it's fair to say that that that than in in presidential election cycles, people care, but the president- they don't care about these. These these NEO Congress and stuff less likely to turn up big mistake. If trumps base came out in full force in twenty eighteen, this would not be happening. The wall would be ten times back, but you know what troms not perfect. Trumps was far from private. As far as I'm concerned, what I mean is Trump is not he's winning. It's not without some losses, it's not without resistance, and this with the Democrats are bringing all in all. We take a look at all. This data is shocking Trump victory across the board constantly. This may be its biggest month of his presidency. With you essence, yea with China, trade deal paid family leaves, its force record economy. I mean we solve economic numbers. What Jim Kramer of CS? Cnbc say the best numbers of our lives. This is
a golden month, especially for Donald Trump for America. Now you can do Bree with Trump, because I'm not saying what makes this clear simply because trumpets winning I'm agree with what he's doing that judge thing is, in my opinion, it's hilarious. It's like man, the Democrats have lost so miserably Trump card is appointing people and all men, but its idea of the world. It is not the end of the war We as a country have stood strong for hundreds of years. We ve been through a lot worse, a literal civil war. Everybody needs a calm down a little bit, and I say this: if a Democrat stop screaming fire and you know what went when they look at Trump and started- sank like here's, what we can do better than when it's ok, it's gotta be calm. When you panic things go south, you can't formulate a good plan and if they just chilled out thought about the american people were asking for
they probably be doing a lot better. Instead, I picture it like this. Tromp is leading a horde of supporters on horseback with spears and red Magua caps and instead of the Democrats forming. Airlines and sang you now stand strong their running on circle. Screeching you're, not you're, not gonna win. You know you got it. You're, not you're, not you're, not take some. You now, you're gonna cost some harm the opposing faction, but you will lose we are seeing it frustrating, I say well, but I leave their ground nuts segments coming up at six p m at Youtube COM slashed him cast news. It is a different channel policy. Walden. One, the most shocking developments in the whole impeachment debacle is Democrat. Jeff Van drew flipping to the Republican Party, not for the most part. It's only been reported that he's gonna do that. I think he may have denied it, but we now have. I guess you got confirmation. Five of his employees have resigned.
And they ve said he siding with the a president who is using office for political gain over all other stuff. Those never proven, and I tell you what it is- the stupidest thing the Democrats could do. I have much respect for Jeff Andrew for doing this. I am sad that he's doing it at an and perhaps you know these employees may feel. Similarly, they relate to statement. Let me tell you something: ok. First, the Democrats, are calling him a trader and a rat did you know that Jeff Andrews District hasn't voted in a Democrat since nineteen? Ninety four, let's go through the important facts here: here's new jerseys sex district. In twenty a Jeff Andrew one, by in six or seven percentage points. Six or seven percentage points back twenty, sixteen fourteen twelve, it was Frank land the entire way, all the way back to nineteen. Ninety two so wrong as ninety two one
the last time, a Democrat one wasn't ninety. Ninety two, this seat has been held by a Republican up until Lobby Ando. I guess you don't run again. South Grossman run Jeff Andrew one I'll tell you what this is that this is as such of virtue it South Jersey is tromp country, as some people have sublimity some, it's not the trump highest of Trump country. It is, you know, moderate. I live just outside of Jeff Andrews District and I talk to my neighbors and guess what first of all many are? actually conservative trump supporters. Some of them are tacit liberals, meaning that it really file the news all that much they just kind of vote Democrat. If they vote then not really active, I have met no hard leftists progressive none. I know they exist and I think they don't but I live here. I go to the mall. Ok, I go to the restaurants. I go. I go to the bars. I have not met one a yo, see type
person. I have not met one person who likes her, not that I go awry. People are saying things like. Oh, I can't centre. Nobody cares. So we have a bunch of moderate, It's a very moderate place. Granted I'm in a blue district right. I'm I'm! I'm like a petition has been blue for a long time. I'm just next I'm an NGO, I'm new jerseys first, I think so. Jeff Andrew represents the second. The Democrats are mad that Jeff Andrew Waltz, impeachment, so they're calling him a trader and a rat, even though impeachment is guaranteed to fail. Think about that shares. We're gonna. Do I want to show you the storm of the resignation but the before before we get into this and talk about, I have no respect for those who resigned none. You know. I check this out Jeff Andrews for Congress, his campaign website. His issues would make many Republicans recoil in terror. I am exaggerating, but
listen, he's got. You know that the civil rights thing is, I mean was here. He says I will strongly to. Civil rights, everybody, including the Indiana, regardless, race, religion, collar gender identity or orientation. Jeff Andrew is in favour of policies. Based around a gender identity, I'm a moderate, even I am. I question that Jeff Andrew on that issue is a little bit left of me, I'm actually, admittedly, in favour of identity I'm gender identity laws so long as their done thoughtfully incorrectly, and I think there being implemented poorly. But it's a blanket statement. So I'm not going to speak to exactly what he sang on that, but that is a very democrat statement equal. Pay for women, not something republican would say, immigration com. Massive immigration reformed help people get in yet not something you know it is moderate. He's got a lot of moderate transporters. Students at Yale Category, but look at this net neutrality. Here's a hard core advocate for net neutrality. He is a Democrat and he's
voting to stop offshore drilling in New Jersey. The dude is literally a Democrat, now, here's, the goodness, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. There. There's always you know when God close the door opened. The window, the bad, is: is that Jeff, Andrew leaving the Democratic Party means that they can only ship to the left? Ok, with a moderate like him, in the Democrats saying no to impeachment the Democrats are constrained, but they were going to ply marry him and he a constraint, but they were going to ply marry him and he would be guaranteed to lose because a demo District, overwhelmingly support impeachment. I think it's like sixty to seventy percent, but the Democrats aren't the majority for the most part for them. I would say, it's fair to sate. Technically they want twenty two
it's all given that what this place it's, what a Republican for more than twenty years now they that they typically have voted for Democrats in the present presidential elections, a moderate district but he's here's a guy who's, taking a temperature check of his district and sang look man, we're back where I come from didn't want. This look man we're out where I come from, they dont want this, not tell you what I don't live in his district, I'm in all seriousness, I think I'm like a mile and a half or two miles actually thought I wasn't his district could, I think he represents actually one of the I think actually represents, half of the town. I live in like something ridiculous like that right, some almond bluer area, but I tell you what men I think he was right look I live here. You know domain and you know my thoughts on the whole matter. Unlike dude trumps got up a wave of victories this past week. It's been, it's been just absolutely epoch for the president in terms of getting we're getting when he wants, and I think
I guess you know these views. Democrats, you don't let me show you what they say and explain to you. Why is it they said letter addressed to Alison Murphy, vampires, chief of staff. The AIDS wrote that the politicians latest move does not allow the values we brought to this job and we join the office. What values, what values have anything to do? With being a Democrat, I dont care about Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians Green Party, your values are your family, Is your values? Are not the de stamped on your chest and that's what I see y see this move. If Jeff Andrew still believes in everything he campaigned on, why would you resign because they are the day they are there? You know what Jeff Andrew without the trader, Jeff Andrew was standing up standing up for what is always believed, and then you have my, so we'll see he was this to be a republican, better reporting. Ok, he will likely
is a primary challenge of an actual Republican you might lose. I am not convinced a far left pro impeachment Democrat is gonna win. This district is possible, because you got it you understand. A lot of people will claim it hard core truck country. It's not, but it does mean that action. Ok, when I tell you when I go out me people, I've more conservatives out here, but they're, not hard core. Are you know: they're they're, they're, they're, they're they're, not the most heels, dug in Trump supporters. There like regular people who don't pay attention too much, who want to see the job get done and they happened to say you know they like Trump, that's about it. So is it leans that way?
that's why I think he knows this. Let's get to imagine a Jeff Andrew Dingy blindly be like you know what I'm just gonna side would drop on this one. No, he probably got a telephone calls and he probably talked a lot of people and they probably said: listen men impeachment a waste of time. It is not what we want. We just want you to get the job done and do what you campaigned on and he said. Ok, I out. This is a guy who you know decided randomly just to be like I'm gonna deflect from the Democrats. For no reason now he knows it's gonna district. He knows that for twenty twenty five or twenty six years that they look at our republic in every sense of the way and then he finally gets in and the Democrats are willing to give that seed up for a symbolic victory. We got ever want to support and pay because you don't, we will primary you and that's the problem with the system. Prime marrying works. You have
to fall in line with whatever the party wants. Otherwise they will primary you. You can run so with water. Is options switch to republican budget, but I tell you this: he one last time they are up I'll. Tell you what I think you can win, because less I'm not a much more familiar I've. Only I've only been Dounia about a year and a half on not super familiar with them, but what we have here so so this is Frank Lobby Ando, I'm not superfluous, with frank low beyond those positions. I call upon you know whenever, but he's republican right, kissing, Jeff Andrew didn't win because he was a Democrat, maybe maybe that may because you got a bunch of democratic that I'm just gonna come out for Democrats. I tell you this south Grossman hundred and ten thousand votes. David call got a hundred ten thousand votes. South Grossman was the republican and twenty eighteen and David CALL was the Democrat and twenty six Frank Lobby Ando got a hundred and seventy
six thousand votes in twenty. Sixteen. You know what that means Trot bump. Well, in twenty twelve, he also got a hundred and sixty six thousand, but here's the here's, the import. Take away Jeff Andrew is not going to win a few votes repeats the present. No, I regard. Of right or wrong regard for primary or not in twenty twenty Trop supporters will be out in droves. Here's what happened in twenty eighteen- and this is a new times article this is amazing stuff. They found that trumped supporters did not vote in the terms for the most part, shocking. Isn't it tromp supporters like Trump? care about anything else. That's a blanket statement. I mean. Obviously, the majority of Trump supporters are focused on line of issues, but many of them went out for Trump and when they did, they checked are across the board come twenty eighteen Trump wasn't on the ballot. They come out in care, most people, don't it seems, and so so you can see
when Frank Lobby Ando gets his biggest turn out, it is presidential alike, nearest and sense. I think it's true for everybody, so we can see that, based on twenty fourteen look at a big bought for Democrats, a seriously big bumper Democrats, I tell you this. Here's a warning, serious warning for a public and in twenty eight team on Non present, a mid term election, South Grossman or public, and got a hundred ten thousand in twenty fourteen non presidential election, Frank lobby and about a hundred and four thousand. But the Democrat was consistently be getting fifty sixty all wiggling, I'm going back all the way now presidential election years, this object or bump, but check this out. Jeff Andrew a hundred and twenty five k in an end in a mid term election that should be worrying to every single Republican. Ok, now I think Jeff Andrew knows he won't went into
it wanted because, because of trot voters coming on full force, but this is the biggest weakness that tromp in his base. Has they ve up under the party? They have gotten rid of a lot of establishment cronies many retirements, but they can offer midterms. So first point this out going back to ninety ninety two. That was the last time a Democrat. Why Frank lobby Ando ran and he at newgate thousands of votes, but next year movie and magazine on another two years later- an excellent because you only got fifty six thousand and low beyond our one. With a hundred and two thousand every year there was an election, there was a big bomb for both sides and the fact is people tone, vote new elections right, so I'm gonna make sure it's very, very clear to you in twenty fourteen Frank lobby under one with a hundred and four thousand votes,
Twenty. Eight in South Grossman got six thousand more votes than low beyond our data, the last off cycle election and he lost to Jeff Andrew. I think and I say this to a lot of people are working in the UK and the Sang Boris Johnson's victory spells you no danger for the damage for the Democrats. If they got you far, left Zoltan happen. Tell you: this is also entirely possible. Its inverted seriously. Jeremy Carbon in the UK was deeply unpopular. People really hectic the guy and a lot of people in this country do not like Trump, whether you, whether you want to take this pause. I look at the aggregates has Moreover, ratings at like forty six, forty five better than its neverbend, between like forty three and forty six, West Music, asthma high. I think when it be a kind of a low but higher, but there are a lot of people who are going to come out and vote simply for the sake of pushing back against Trump that we are going to see record turn out, I believe, and according to Moody's. If
see maximum voter turnout. Trump loses by only a few electoral votes, but I will stop now and say this lobby Ando in twenty. Sixteen got a hundred and seventy six thousand votes. You know why trump supporters in twenty twenty those same trump supporters come out and Jeff then There was running as a republican and he gets a hundred semi six thousand and the other democratic. It's a hundred twenty five Vander whence he wins, reelection Republican, that's the game! That's the place, I'm not saying Jeff Andrea was doing it because of you know he wants to win over. You know, keep his crew. When I look at its policy positions is moderate, do and I have a lot of respect for as it for the things he he stands for, not that I agree with a lot of it, but that he's trying to be in balanced individual? You now to say like listen you now we can fall someone
in the compromise and not be extremists on either side. I have tremendous respect for that. I want to be really it's gonna. You know what man twenty Twenty is going to be a roller coaster. It is going to be sheer insanity, but looking at the numbers of twenty two, MRS Twenty six, it's hard to know exactly what can happen we're going to see a massive turnout of people voting against Trump. That's it! It's become a cultural phenomenon. You gotta vote against truck. That's a lot of people who don't cared about also now one of ups gonna hatred, Well, that number go up. I don't know because again, Jeff Andrew got to two to two and a half times more votes than bill. Hughes, Junior, didn't twenty fourteen in a previous off cycle election
So it's hard to know exactly what will happen. Twenty eighteen that may have been the resistance and it may not get any bigger than that. This might be it. Twenty eighteen may have been all those people who hated Trump coming out to say we are voting Democrat because Tromp is bad and that's all can muster on not to defeat a Republican in an off cycle. Election off, you know, offer the presidential cycle, but I don't know how to overcome twenty twenty. When you look at the numbers, because even in twenty sixteen David CALL got a hundred ten k and low beyond over two hundred and seventy six k, I think of Jeff andrew- republican, and I think you well, you know, what's gonna happen, a lot of people are saying the Republicans will primary Jeff, Andrew or well. First of all, if he stays the Democrat and he refuses support impeachment they're they're they're gonna, set on fire there, they're they're gonna, kick him up there. You know what they're burning all bound stupid, move, Jeff Andrew
he's defended, he is he's resisted impeachment and that's gonna give a lot of favours with moderates, who might vote Republican, who might like Trump, because you'll find a lot of these middle. The road people voted for Obama in the same district. But not a jump Andrews which are the Republicans. I think that the smart play for the Republicans is not to primary him. To make a point to say: we are going to stand by you for defending us. So I ll leave it. There stick around excitements coming up at one p m on this channel and It also happens. Twenty twenty. Conservatives in the UK scored a decisive when, in this past election bourse Johnson is the prime minister. Everybody was shocked now hearing the economy is already doing really. While and I to show you this, but here's what we're so first see three days ago
where the economic consequences of Boris Johnson's election, when a conservative majority equals breaks it and substantial repercussions for the nations finances. Oh heavens, three little bit we'll wait a little bit and I will talk about the United States, our economy, twenty six, to borrow a keynesian phrase soon we will all discover the economic consequences of Bourse Johnson now. Majority and a mandate to carry out the opaque terms of the conservative manifesto. What will the next five years and more have in store for our economy and our standard of living suggested boldly stated a few weeks ago? The benefits of bricks? It were self evident, if there also on quantified. The first thing to say is that we don't really know not helpful, I suppose, but there so many unknown therefrom, known? Unknowns, yadda, yadda, yadda? Ok, I'm not going to read too much what this guy has a say, not trying to be disrespectful. Anything here is really funny about this, though
remember what happened back in twenty? Sixteen everyone saying. Although the market it's going to collapse or the economy is going to do so bad, the first thing we saw. Was the market actually started. Speaking as soon as Donald Trump got elected. Now it's been up and down and I'll admit when Donald Trump tweets uncertainty creates chaos. That's a fact. Sometimes he tweeted goes up. Sometimes a twitter goes down. You can't predicted the guy's gonna say what the real He is initially what we see is economies, it's not so much about whether or not you know conservatives will do a better job. It's about certainty, its people, saying I'll, be less obstruction. A plan will happen, and that means you will likely benefit if you invest now. I take you back after looking at this to the all the year of twenty. Sixteen, where Mr Kurt, I can Walt tweeted in preparation for a completely
unpredictable Trump presidency. I sold all my stocks in my kids education accounts today. I urge you to do the same, quite possibly the worst advice anybody could have given you know like twenty eight thousand in the end. Was it now Jones or whatever? I'm not a big Cyprus and don't call me up. I got it wrong. Maybe what the point is record market levels record economy, low unemployment, it's not just that the certainty drove the markets up proving Kurt. I can hold very wrong, but it's that trumps policies- However, whatever is done, it's worked economies doing really really well. Why rock the boat she heard I can while also treated I hate to say this, but against my invest by my investment, recommendation. I sold all stocks and went all cash months ago, Guph so brutal, so sad
now he later one on a claim he invested in foreign markets, emerging markets and made twenty two percent fantastic. I'm glad to see that you you are now claiming you did, invest just not states, because if you did, I think some people are saying. Therefore, when cases of like thirty percent up, so you ve lost money and the reason I like this is because, of course they would tell you dont vote for them The economy will collapse. Who then the world is coming? Let me show you a few bets, a few bits of data why what's this in bright red plastered huge on the screen UK stock market in biggest one day rally since twenty sixteen amid Boris bouts? Yes, we have the Trump bump, and now we have the Boris bounce. Why would seem the UK stock market is spiking, but don't but wait
there's more, oh I've got more for your first reading, but it s footsie. One hundred has served by a hundred ninety points. The biggest one day jumping over three years, Uk P show economy struggling in December. So there's some bad stuff, but that's that's! That's it. Less related to wake up to the election of three little bit, So this is mostly forty. Three fifty jumps by fifty billion pounds boom. Fifty billion pounds had been added to the value of Britain's big companies as the city continues to celebrate. Boris Johnson's election victory, the footman uttered in acts of top bluechip companies has just closed a hundred and sixty five points higher at seventy five nineteen, which they form untie that lives its value around forty two point six billion and is the biggest points rally since the aftermath of the brakes vote in twenty. Sixteen. Yes, after the bracted vote, stocks went up, they would still have you say the economy.
Do really bad. Oh no heavens, dont vote for them. There's not just this I'll. Come back to this! We'll talk about stock market. Predictions take a look at this. This is from daily for acts effects sterling the british currency source to fresh twenty nineteen high. In reaction to conservative, when I warn you all. This is mostly about certainty. Ok, when people say oh, no, no, no, don't vote for them. The economy will do bad, ignoring them I'm a modern economic visor, so you know there's pie, alot of people organs item you wrong. You dont get it find by all means, but I'll tell you
it seems like whenever there is a certain action like whenever an action that that breaks up the fight and says this is what will happen. Things do really well now. What I think is benefiting the UK is a conservative majority. Like a serious majority you that means it means taking snapped their fingers tunnel, a dime if something's going back and that they can just do it. It's almost like their neighbour, clear path to implementing their plans and their strategies, which is going to be great for investors when they're trying to figure out a grow. These companies less. So when you have these these these mixed majorities or like a slight majority. You'll get the last saying now in obstructing their economy hurts and a lot of people are concerned. In the: U S, the Democrats, we're gonna, try and obstructing harm the economy so that Trump, wouldn't when I'm not going to sitting and pretend as a conspiracy among Democrats at heart, the economy. I will say, though, that the U S trade agreement been between Canada. Mexico was sittin on that desk. For over a year
now Pelosi claims it was. You know she was. We were negotiating we're, making it better. Fine, fine, fine, whatever man, the point as it sat around for a year. All we hear about his impeachment, so maybe they're not trying to hurt the economy. There, sir, not trying to help in the? U S. Emptier is a great deal according to basically everybody tromp soup, happy with it. Even Nancy plus you said it was. It was better than NAFTA, while doing even banks for negotiating that. I guess you know it's funny as they claim Trump as a failed business man they say. Oh he's he's have five or six bankruptcies, and my company companies is guys like six hundred companies since the mentality. You don't get your money. You many times failed in my life, but I've had some.
The attempts at like launching thanks the big difference, the guaranteeing factor as to what make someone succeed is not race, gender identity, silver spoon. None of that it's grit, perseverance. The people's accede are the people who don't give up. Yet they look at Donald Trump and they say six of US companies went bankrupt. First of all bankruptcy protections. Our business move, often to save a business not like it's fail. Him shudder: the businesses, some of any dead, I'm saying bankruptcy, is different from shuddering in abolishing the company. He also has what like five hundred plus companies there like Trump takes without a businesslike. So so, what's so of carers and an, I think, it's funny that I don't know how many companies are things like five hundred something whatever and like six, Europe's seas. So is his it's like a one point, one percent failure right: that's pretty good
so now we can see that the british pound spiking it's bad news for us Americans. You know why, because we got a great conversion right when we went over to the UK. We want go on vacation, go to the UK, amend their economy was in the gutter. You could go there and exchange money, merely one the one. Well, unfortunately, the conservatives one so now ass american tourists have dealt the fact. That's gonna be a little bit more expensive to go to Britain. They say spite over two percent in reaction to the Uk Exit Pole, which projects are larger than expected majority for the conservative party of three hundred sixty eight seats as such a majority of this size will pave the way for smooth, but for a smooth bricks. It process with worth shouts and able to pass this deal through. Parliament with ease and take the UK out of EU at the end of January. So there you go there there even kind of saying it. This is certainty in this majority right, which means that if you're gonna investment accompany you know that their pupils,
upper this way. If Boris as I want to do, acts than you can say, I will but Unex, but of course, as I wanna do acts and then the Labour Party says no we're gonna. Do I'm going to fight you the whole way your like? I don't know if you can get it done so now they ve got certainty. This is good news you know what man when it comes to light the stock market actually want. Let me read a little bit more before they say near. Every share on the footsie rose today with the banking sector up three percent industrial socks up two point: seven consumer nonsensical forms of two point: five. I believe that, with this majority, you will likely see the british economy start doing extremely extremely well. I also believe Rex it will do
really really really well for the british economy. Let it let me let me explain some that globular understand the bigger the range front economy, the worse it can be for this challenge is here it think about small towns in the West's the. U S, dollar can enter. You know, let's call it a buffoon. Will you Even if there are those that are familiar to turn buffer, let's say: is it there's Bhutto Illinois our town of a thousand. Does I ten thousand people? The? U S? Dollar that they make in both who can be spent and some other town in Chicago that means, if that town has a million dollars circulating, but people keep spending money outside the town and the town starts. Losing its pool of money and eventually, if there's no money in the town, the town evaporates, so the town needs to pull in money from somewhere else a lot of places used tourism for this. Here's, how things can happen? If you keep on economy,
tunnel. So a lot of cities have use local currencies, there's the very famous Ithaca hours. I think those are like defunct now, mature, basically its money that can't leave. Let's say you're a plumber, you live and in both you and you are going to fix someone's kitchen sink. If they give U S dollars, you can then go spend that on a store hundred miles away and those values are outside of the economy, now not being traded, no longer facilitating any value, but if you only have a local currency, I can't leave We will always be in that town and us, along, as everyone has confidence in it, that someone will accept it. You can't even as well that's why I think it was smart for the UK not to take the euro, keep their own currency within their with great Britain, but I think breaks it will of the UK to start expanding more businesses and relying more internally and externally there are benefits. Do you know wider international trade is of travel ease of expansion for bigger businesses to grow in all stuff, but I think for
The United. I think when you look at how Trop as head the economy and the? U S, there's a lot of reasons table like to look at why it's done well, notably, why we decided to renegotiate NAFTA because, U S money was going to Mexico and one other countries same thing. What were much wealth most Canada next What we thought with China with how China was doing away with the? U S. It was also really bad. So now you ve got better Billy, everybody agreeing trumps. Trade deals are better and we to do more to make sure? U S dollars for our offices. Are our cycling through american citizens, hands and not foreign countries, otherwise the Mai Black goes down. It's it's really complicated. I'm not an economist! I already nominated hundred emails from people who think they're, economists at so annoying, but whatever fine, the point is to combat elected economy, did well Boris Johnson Conservative Party winds, Prime Minister Johnson. The economy starts doing well that certainty. I think their policies will be streamlined. I think you're gonna see a lot of girls.
New guy I'll, leave it there? I'm not here to say that I think conservatives have the better plan period. I just think without opposition naked enact, their plan to see rose whatever the ground. Next, I've just come up at four p m at Youtube COM slashed him cast. It has a different channel and I will see you all their. I couldn't believe the headline. What I saw it purely pie, quits Youtube sang is too tired to go on. Well, I didn't believe it, but you know I thought maybe it's true many period pies super rich I've. Sue me Sabre rattling really responsible but gather guided, makes a lot of money. Maybe he just said enough is enough cited move on what turns out its fake news, So when I first saw the story, I thought that seems weird. I need to dig into this, as I normally do with most things found the video the other day where its literate
the last fifteen seconds of beauty, pies video, and he goes. I want to give you guys a heads up, I'm gonna be taking a little break from Youtube at the beginning of next year, just a little break and just want to let you know in advance, I'm tired knows it low break, or that mean two weeks a month. Two months is not quitting thinking to break our frontiers, vacation, not a big deal, but I tweeted about this citing beauty, pie and now people actually quit Twitter and he made a video call I hate Twitter took us out his big pretty by like twenty million followers. I hate Twitter is an amazing veal. You should go watch it. He talks about philosophy and boy. That's all you man. If there's one thing that our generation is lacking, millennials, actually everybody everybody's lacking philosophy. Please read a book learn about Aristotle and dumb. If we do, we must talk about their other people to read, I know, but the video basically talks about virtue signal
and why do you buy hates twitter? So let me let me do this. Let me let me pull up this year post millennial, and I want you to think this video. I wanna talk to you about preoccupies view on. You know why twitter is awful. The virtue signally is awful by what Twitter as well I got me a trust cause. You know all this always me Alex are claiming people quitting Youtube, and this is a good thing. I think he brings us up how it's like they're, just making things up for the desperate need to get those clicks and its hyper speed. It's like that. There are dead right, so the postman all road it up. They said you do. Personality beauty pie has a pair, Deactivated is twitter, account say stating that he doesn't like the constant posturing that goes on there. And that's what annoys me without social media is the virtue signalling gets rewarded and he would be correct. He says. It's not always easy to tell what is genuine online and contrasts. Gates and centuries of people being rewarded for their actual accomplishments verses house.
Splattered social media, what people are praise wrote they say not what they do. He calls social media cesspool of opinion and more and not people who boast about being virtuous often reveal do be hiding the fact that they are not in that want to define what virtuous and it's very smart, some of his best com. I would say you know beauty by make silly internet mean videos and he may really smart at breakdown of like what's wrong with social me, how we get like he talks about the desires of humans, What makes someone virtue s verses, you know you know good or bad and and the problems with social media. This is primarily about the current study of greek philosophers. He brings up Aristotle to answer the question of what is virtuous virtuous habit. You can't each someone how to be good person or how to act. The right way it comes to practice. One good act doesn't make you a virtuous person not only that people on Twitter. Don't do anything, that's its armchair! Activism to an extreme degree
Is it contrasting? That is the reality of social media. He says that for many of us there exists a gap between what we perceive ourselves of being capable of and what we act we have actually achieved, and this gap great anxiety for us count, Dank Yola noticed sang p2p deleted is twitter. Dolly Have they gonna, have the Peter Bicetre Rocky relationship that we understand and its exemplified in Libya. This article right here by quits Youtube saying, is to try to go on totally, not true. He literally put out like a video yesterday and today. What is wrong with these people? You know what I mean and when I scroll down, we can see the other articles they ve read about. Pd pine is wife, Marcia People's miraculous basic, no matter what he does and I get it. It's celebrity culture, but I tell you this one: the biggest problems with twitter twitter to me is that magazine rack at Walmart? you ever look where those things and they ve got what's up top. What's a topic, National inquirer the Globe or whatever and it's like.
Aliens in like shock, celebrity content. Its literally this I mean the mere I mean that's tabloid trash. What happens when you look constant stream of tabloid trash. You need more of its right. They call Twitter the firehouse occasion up. I've ordered tat companies and what you see on Twitter is a tiny fraction of what twitter really it's. Let's say you follow five hundred people, you see their tweets to stream, but the reality is in the back and when you actually look at all tweets, it is just a firehouse. Is a wave you can't even read it there so many tweets at any given moment, because of that rapid flow of information, you need to constantly be taking up, and so what happens I describe it described it as their scraping, the bar of the barrel so hard there pulling up. Woodchips beauty, pie, quits, Youtube, saying
you gotta go now, that's a lie there, just trying to trick you into clicking the article seeing the ads and as a twitter is, but twitter doesn't reward you with ads wards you with attention and humans, like feeling accepted. They like feeling the elect feeling like their involved. You don't even like. I don't know how many of you can relate to this being in high school and feeling, like an outsider, not being more popular kids and always really want to be involved and popular click. Whether or not we understand that feeling take a look at most movies and they think they show you that outside the third third person perspective. What this is you have the in group, the popular kids everybody wants. Be a part of that coke and click. And then you have a loners outsiders who feel like losers. Twitter is a place where people can feel like their part of the popular group by virtue signalling, so impressively beauty by has deactivate, his twitter account shortly around the time you posted this video. I hate twitter. Bravo good, sir.
See I actually deleted twitter from my phone a while ago. However, I did and bring it back. I have purged all of my past. Tweets are periodically. Do that, I'm a lot historical stuff. In there I met a covered major events around the world in Egypt in Ukraine, for instance, occupy Wall Street on ice. It you know what I don't carry more get just get rid of it delete, but I keep twitter basically, because I have a new speed there I'm following journalists and outlets and as an effective tool. For that reason, now I do tweet my opinions on things and blue. People not like me when I do. I have a decent followers near the twenty million people. I have about foreign ten thousand and I seem to gain a decent amount, but you don't stop doing. I stopped Karen. I used to use twitter in a different way. I used to use twitter to interactive people and not just to talk about how powerful I was that I could tweet to a celebrity. We have a conversation. You can do that the past
After a while, I think it was like earlier this year Sorry tweeting about how I was gonna tweet last the platform is trash and stop interacting with people and that for the most part, have done. I've definitely toned things down. In terms of having conversations, I should belong to it. A thousand people now I'll have a thought, a tweet it. I walk away. I dont checked notifications. I dont engage with people, I don't care, if you like it or you hey it, I will tweet what I think, and sometimes I get ratio. Don't care I deliberately dont care how people respond to what I tweet. I'm not gonna, virtues signal and pretend, like you know, Oh I'm only gonna believe this. I think it'll get me ray to its, not just tweak what I feel like two opposite playing video games of tv on the background,
something else that I tweeted headwinds another family guy couple nights ago. I don't care, it's fun place public personal blog, but so many people they dont have within them the capacity I guess for confidence. For me, I got too much of it. Ok, you know purely by talks about the difference between like that that the gap between, what were capable of and what we want to achieve and stuff like that, I'll tell you what man I know what I want to achieve and I think I am capable of doing more than that. I have repeatedly said, like I'm ready to get my vandal go, go fishing number never united mean. So I know I can do it. I know what I want to do. It will see we'll see, I'm I'm I you know stoic pragmatic com, rational planning, but I think a lot of people have no confidence, no self esteem and no idea how to move forward their lives. So until you this is the right move. Beauty by I can respect it, you're, not a journalist right, so so for me as somebody who's in the political sphere tracking these stories, I find me particularly relevant
their entrance conversations and opinions and statements made by politicians that our are relevant. Civics verses, tabloid celebrity trash for beauty pie. He has no recently there are, but I will say as well: it's the political sphere that is infecting everything else, which seems to be one of the biggest problems this this virtuous haggling Let me tell you quit storing wrappings up. I know you came for beauty, I believe that some important I knew a journalist once had a couple thousand followers, no for regular through average journalists. Getting two thousand followers isn't too difficult because are tweeting stories of peoples are following you, but this person found that if they mocked Trump, they would get morphine worse. Now they are known in Trump circles there ridiculed and derided because they don't make good points. Person says things that are silly and nonsensical, but for that that the craziest of resistance twitter, they love it saying something like you know, if you were to tweet Donald Trump
is the worst traitor America's ever seen. He trumps Benedict Arnold and he is clearly worse than any dictator of the past hundred years. You ready at all the residents sweater being like you speak truth. The power yes now follow you and then you see those follows, follows and you'll think you'll think, while I'm doing good people like me, but guess what you're chasing yourself off a cliff take it. You know that there are some people are going to avoid naming people that I want to start flame worth stuff, but there's one visual who chased racist content. The edge you're his means got the bigger response he got from certain groups of people eventually, This person was posting means that were Really really really bad and I daresay life destroying you know. If you dont have a sense of self and a centre and principles you'll be easily led astray. When people go on twitter and see that tweeting that Trump is a trader, and you know that we don't need proof,
during my balls, other nonsense and other insane garbage that no one should ever be saying and they do they get rewarded for it to get rewarded for this insanity. They should they shouldn't be, but I tell you that the average person doesn't feel this way the average person, smile and be exe I did to meet the president? There was a photo of some doctors and nurses who meet Trump. And there's and their smiling and shaking his hand, and there also happy to meet him so this alike. Is what I say. The twitter is a huge problem: you're gonna, like the president,
seriously. Why so much psychotic eight for the man he's not that bad. I then so. I think what it thinks it separates me from. So many those other people and why respect people's move is that I recognise look man near Donald, Donald Trump, one Mackay I get it. I've lived through. Bush will see what happens. Come twenty Twond apply when again. If we, if we, if we do right, if we speak, you know well, if we, if we speak positively about you, know Trump and then talk about the things we want to do about it. We might actually when it's it's. It really is just that simple. You say this and you know what you can't you get the point, its people who want to tweet insane things to get those retracing collects. Then I really mean it and I'll tell you what about that? Journalists are told you about: they destroyed their career, they'll, never work. Reputable publication again, because all
They do is tweet insane things, but that's what we're them and it goes left and right. I've seen it happened. The right as inevitable left good on you I was gonna, get ensue, media nonsense and be asked what I'll say that for the next four that segment, somebody talking about the smear against Genk, you grow the young Turks, oh yeah, I got a good the fight. I could you not you're in a light you're like I'm in defining the guy, see you all in a few minutes. In a previous video, I asked the question of: why doesn't Jane you got the young. Turks cannot let Trump run its course like they're, so opposed to allowing truck to allowing Trump to win or making round and I can understand it for a lot of reasons, but but here's my point: the media hates the progressives, the anti establishment, to an extent that it is the anti establishment left
and they hate trumpet supporters. It's the Anti war left leg, its band, its trump supporters who get banned. So it happens. Serbia is more often than left, but the way I see it is like a man. I'm not somebody who had wanted who would enthusiastically vote for tromp, I'm not somebody who would at this point not going about for the guy did vote for last time, but I recognise that at that gay and I want to make sure it's clear. It's like commanded chill and I'm curious about the Turkey has like listen when trot targets, the press and he says they're lying. They often are so I look at tromp as the ball rampaging through the Ivory Tower Non Likes. Be it. Let the corruption go to war with the ball and then will vote, and then, when the bull leaves but for somebody else, here's what s happening. Younger is getting smeared and it is complete. Bs, ok, I've! I
no I've known. I know them for a while. I M acquaintance item one. I've run to anything, I'm an acquaintance but to show couple times so that you know at the kindest after from last time, I saw him dude yelled at me. Whatever man, you don't got, agree with and politically, and I think junk is wrong- a lot of things, but what the media is doing to him now, in your times this example right here exactly what tromp complains about you challenge the machine they come for. You love a democratic establishment and the media walk in luck, step. Vice news just hired a former White House appointee under Brok, Obama and Hillary Clinton, staffer lock step. They pretend he'll, be in alliance with new progressives, because you also don't like trunk and they were denies that against him, turns out calculate ski cargo and gives a good dude. I respect this guy here. There's a stunning New York Times, Jenny Medina claimed junk Uber said David. Do is course not a big it? This is the interview she said she was citing. They should meet
We were track and apologise on other play. The clip, but its very clearly Genk Huger tearing apart David Dukes arguments and saying no you're wrong and pushing back, and I respect his position and look, look, look with it put it secular talk, Cavalcanti says, there's other New York Times and Jenny Medina describe junk. Huger pummeling gave a Duke shameful time for me to attraction. It says, Mr Duke an interview by saying I am not what you call a racist to which Mr girl replies no, of course, not sure. I love this game. The media plays its call, the technically the truth, o genk eager set that what did he say? No, of course, not sarcastically pushing eggs when very careful with our record videos how I avoid reading quotes, because you will be to quote me someone and they
published it as though you set it because technically I mean literally, you did say those words. Let me tell you crazy story that there was an article in. I think it was the Boston Globe that referred to a Trump supporter as a white nationalist. While I message the parson inside this individual has come out against white nationalism and you have. The response was well he's a nationalist right. Yes, he's white right, yes, so he's a white and he's a nationalist and unlike Dude war, Oh there is a stark differences between someone was a nationalist who happens to be white and someone who is a white nationalist. You get the point. There are two different things they care then one hour tracked. They wanted to mislead people into believing negative things about a trump supporter, and I was like do listen. You don't wanna like Genk Yogurt, you don't gonna like the troops of border, got what come on man. Can we get some honesty in the press
So for all of the things the others have done that I disagree with. I'm gonna set those things I right now. You know all mention they ran this hit piece on Ruben, my name was in it. It was fake news and I criticized occurs eyes of fort, but for right now the important thing is the media is full of crap and Genk Huger for all of his faults you don't need to be spent on the show some Yossi Register says Genk. Huger is an opposite researchers dream where there were others it. I want to read this whole thing, but this area. Has a history that seems like an opposition researchers dream from Blog post, two thousand declaring that the genes of women are flawed, yadda, yadda, yadda yeah! I get it man, the dude satellite offensive things, but I tell you this. If gent comes out and says I'm sure I'll lock. I should say those things. Robert was much respect and he s eyes clearly put
bag ants, races to try and claim that in any way, Genk of the young Turks would would praise or defend David Duke is such a disingenuous life and I'll tell you one thing: the most important thing you know what my my biggest gripe is Why the content? I make us in the direction I make its, not because that that they say oh teams, conservative none of them, because I worked for these companies. Provides work for ABC News. Universal I've seen how these companies operate, and I do not trust these most of these journalists. There there really good people. I know organs companies. Were What, when these journalists publish these stories, they're, not writing their best they're, sending liars and activists and journalists and some of these people- and I think our good people forget the joke. The point as there are a lot of people working as media companies who are evil, I dare I They evil someone who is willing to smear Genk. You go on this way. Listen man! I've criticise the guy a lot for legitimate things for
things that he can say. Yes, that's true. When I see it know right, hey, hey you did this new got married snapped me: ok, those things happened and I criticise them over it and that's the way it should the media trash so crystal ball. Was also awesome around person from the hill tweeted. If the New York Times can lie about Genk you, who gets thirty million forty million views per month, they can lie about you they'll twist. Your words pretend not to hear your sarcasm. And make you sound like you're, saying the exact opposite of what you're saying this outrageous and they should immediately retract and apologize, and I completely agree you got a problem with Jack money for Congress use up a new target, a modest positions. You challenges, ideas and even if you want to criticise Genk for being, you know playing similar games, the media, I dont care about any that right now. I am not here to say: oh, but just did this projected that men and in the media, the media is full of
of liars and deceivers and cheaters and their biased, and if not all, of the journalists. Ok, it's not all of them curse. A crystal ball is at the hill she's, an excellent show, she's very clearly. I don't want to. I don't ascribe political belief. The people are doing this, but she comes off is kind of a progressive. You know has praised Bernie Sanders. I got a tremendous respect for that. They did its crystal and cigar, who I've Pope and pronouncing you name right. I always did you know you're wrong. They have shown rising and they had a guy on, smeared tells you Gabert as a Russian, and they both in media no. No! No! No! You can't do that. Unlike thank you. That's other shows great on the hell you check out, if you haven't, because you could actually here a progressive and a conservative and they'll talk on the near the top of their ideas and there being honest, it's so amazing to to watch, because I turn out look up and not a big fan of hand, I think he had to mom Basque and I understand, like I'm, not perfect either but Kennedy. What like
there was a second I watch from CNN and I also can't stand CNN, but what about LISA Decent point was made, where Hannity put so much emphasis into certain stories, makes them sound much much bigger than they really are, and that can make people like I mean that's, that's the game right, I'm not saying to manipulate people. I'm saying he's is he's a showman. Is an opinion guy, and so he gets shocked by something it. It translates well into I cannot reach to the audience. Who then might see once all our story, something bigger than it really is. I am always careful, try and black hole, things back and say will hold on you know. Here's happening likes it. So the example I cite is Ukraine Gate where entity is much more bold and brazen like a massive major scandal, and it's like really shocking and bombast it. I can criticise that guy granted and it was a big difference between being shocking and
ass, thick and lying or omitting information which, as you know, on CNN but anyway, the point is. That's me. I recognise people wanna watch rights halted before you want China to go for it. I try to do my thing because I'm very Freedom, Warrington person, I'm gonna, tell you, you know what you should have watch out, we should believe I'll. Tell you what I think I'll do my best to try and keep at me no tempered and and chill. If I see a big story also, you know what's that hold on weight and the rest I do. That is because, instead of reaching into the wind and lying about people. I don't like like say junk huger, for instance. No I'll just do my thing and I will stand up counter that and also to myself. You don't really fascinating. What I found I feel like one of the reasons I am often ignored, and a lot of hits is that I don't get into these wars with these people. Like I'm, not gonna, marketers at their screaming at Genk. I'm going to make a video saying what I think and nominal and leave them to their own devices. All's and said something somewhere. I respect this. He says
he thinks Rachel models really wrong, but an opinion challenge the lot ever opinion and that I agree with, but tell you what man? It's not just this story where their trotted twisted sarcasm into a littoral states There's been, there's been several things that have come up about junk huger that are like taking out of comments digging into his past, and I can't stand it. I can't I hate it deleted all my past sweets. I just absolutely detested people make mistakes, people's opinions, change, I don't care what Genk set in two thousand six and another even tromp support from him. I don't care literally to now I understand when it comes to civics. It's different celebrities in sports Genk Euchre says he believes in a certain policy like animal love or whatever, which was something that came up recently listen. I know he said it, but the way I see it for one out of context, a market, a patent in your video but more importantly,
it was ass, if someone's being silly, if someone's purposely trying to be like a shock jock, am I going to pretend that their positions are affected by this, whether its Donald Trump, whether its Hillary Clinton, whether its Genk Huger Lord George Papadopoulos, I will ask you right now: what will you do? Why should I trust you tell me and that's where we go from there, because when I was eighteen like I don't even know what I was wearing like skintight, black pants and screeching about anarchy, or something stupid like skateboarding, unlike whatever on allows doing by drinking too much beer. Am I gonna? Could you imagine if someone pulled up your eighteen year old self, stupid statements, never like look at what they were saying. It's just insane salt. Also, this man, As far as it goes with, like my past comments and videos, you might think change to european dig up one of mild, whereas a bit like while I can't believe timbale that did you know I praised YO see when she won the primary oh yeah I was like while is really great.
Super excited to see the establishment Democrats getting not not a beggar too, and then, if you go back, if you go year forward, it's like ale sees stupid, not like men. Yes, because opinions change, so I'll tell you what man really bothers me about this- is that I am very critical of junk. You go for a lot of reasons, but for legitimate reasons, reasons that he can actually agree Like all. Can I see why you're mad about that? I did say that then, we can move on from there and we can determine whether or not he should get the support of the people of California, but not the the New York Times. Does it so you know what men in the end, I can't stand the media. You know why, because they're supposed to be the people,
The truth they're supposed to be the people letting us know what's going on there, not their activists, their establishment players who want to make sure Jack can't get in the office. Many of you might like that. No I dont if drank speaks, speaks in a way that he promises things. People of California want, so be it. That is the way it should be at all. The integrity of honour. It's called Euro truth. The media doesn't play this game Bosh. I should say many in the media play this game and you again, you might pointed Jenkins, say a lot of times. You there's something similar find. The point. Is a market digging his past I'm not gonna, try and mademoiselle. Oh yeah. Well, what about you pack, Congo, but none of the point is loan speak in his own words,
passed a mock. I try and merriment oh yeah. Well, what about you pack, Congo, but none of the point is let us speak in his own words. I want to see what he has a right now about. What has plans are for his. You know, congressional run. I dont care about is stupid comments about animals from twenty tanner whatever or his comments about Israel from two thousand six. I don't care, I want to know. The left in the right together right now, it's the media longing to all of us. That's it. I got one more time in coming up in a few minutes the ground. I will see you all there. Well, to endless there on a lighter note, that's a job by the way, our taxes, Democrat down on wishing Barack Obama had cancer. You may what so, first of all, it is it taxes Democrat What's it appears there are democratic socialists run and then we're going to take it think any sane, rational person would wish cancer on somebody aspire:
Leah, former president, that's insane listen man! I understood and the idea is: can we get people to feel some empathy to under and the pain of others, but this is just beyond reproach. What's read the story and now put the gutters twitter so the daily collar reports, Democratic Texas, congressional candidate Justin, lets you monsieur said. He hopes. Former president, Barack Obama gets cancer in a series of tweets posted Sunday night see attended to justify his ill wishes towards the forty. Fourth president, gets cancer, and a series of tweets posted Sunday night see attended to justify his ill wishes towards the forty. Fourth president, by calling Obama a war, criminal and sighing administrations record on deportations and immigration enforcement. He said: Yaller, Wada, want to get to this yard funding part. Yet our
five hundred plus extra judicial assassinations. I am not a big fan of the man over this. I think he's he's got his charismatic. I think you can speak well and be a celebrity and create an image of what president should be our back that. But I've there's a lot of respect domestically his willingness to compromise and try- and you know just move things forward. Even Like com, if you want a universal health guarantee, gave up on my blog Obama when it comes to foreign policy war criminal, I'm then avoid that, because not for me to decide you know Why did he definitely? You know, kill innocent people who you that we of military. Aged men call em enemy. Evidence, that's what they did via drown. You wanna hear joke: what's the difference between
a terror headquarters and a children's hospital island or modify the drum yeah. Probably gonna, get me into a product for Youtube. I M getting in trouble for that job, but it's a joke its end and allowed. We might get offended by their bologna tourism, as somebody who is extremely anti war and very critical of Obama's foreign policy and which is foreign policy I live at joking Alai speaks truth: the power it exemplifies the horrific nature of what, they do when they went first of all to speak to the economic domestic individuals in the country, who are women, economic issues, they'd be wasting our money, dropping bombs and innocent people, but to speak to the good nature of everyone in this country. Be it a secular atheist who cares about children to the staunch conservative Christian, who believes Thou shalt not kill, dropping bombs on civilians who are like twenty rolled dude who are carrying bucket of water and then saying military age? Male equals enemy combatant is nightmarish, but let's get back to the
answer thing, so he tweeted people are criticising me for wishing cancer on all. I say that Having lost a parents, do brain cancer after twelve years of fighting still not a good excuse, stewed his and getting there you just how terrible our health care system is, and I still think he deserves it or worse. What's why You ve seen how horrific it is. Why would the wish that on anybody do I wouldn't wish a paper cut on my worst, Nobody do. I wouldn't wish a paper cut on my worst enemy. Not a really do mean that man I'm too much of a hippie, lefty liberal type. Aren't I now listen, I'm very added penalty, as most of you know, and I still believe let me tell you but the cycle of hate people over this guy and Elsie. I hate him and so little looking back in and then he'll say I hate you back and the cycle continues
The only way to improve things is to break the cycle of eight. I do not believe in retribution, I believe, and rehabilitation retribution feels good man. It feel so good righteous justice, those people who cause you pain, suffering schadenfreude. Fears, amazing, doesn't it feel great intellectual problems worse and it makes people angry and it makes their brother? The story goes like this. Somebody slightly. So slight them back. There are or it's like somebody, somebody dies and then their brother. It was your fault than any other person and that person's dad's, it's your fault until the brother and then the cause as you killed my cousin and then goes and kills the debt and it is never ends and assert. You have to say you know what you did me wrong, but I forgive you that there's there's a great video should watch and embrace it my eye theirs. It there's like a serial killer. Guy was a murderer and he's here sitting in trial,
and he murdered a young woman and the Father says I forgive you and the murderous huts crying and its crew easy because this murder or dude he's like stone faced now thing. They say face than they screaming and they are you murderer. You killed these people and he just like I don't care, and then this is bumblebee. Old men walked up and says I forgive you and the murder breaks out crying and shaking I wish for all of the evil and just in the world we can break that cycle. Improve perhaps from happening again because a lot of what we see overseas, like with like a lot of this jihadi stuff, we ve seen a fact in the: U S and U S, resources, it's what what the sea area called the blow back. Our operations slight somebody they slighted us back. The cycle continues in everyone's. You know the sad reality is we have competing interests and we
be able to ever stop that cycle, because it's not always about hating somebody. It's not like. I hurt you on purpose. It could have been an accident and then they blame you for taking it. Let the Avenger movie right age of altering the Maximov twins, were negatively impact by a stark weapon, so they want revenge against tony stark motorcycles away different person when they try getting revenge. So it wasn't. My toenails, like I want to harm these people but to make the weapons so there sometimes indirect an inadvertent actions that result in people who want retribution is the problem with retribution in fact notes, fiction, K, but naval drawn the Maximov twins didn't push for retribution. It could have. It could have prevented the tragedy which affected their home country with the destruction of their city. Again, I know it's fiction, I'm making a point Joseph. Congress goes on to say your defending a war criminal who was in authority during the deportation of over three. Emigrants continue the war in Iraq and Afghanistan allowed the can
Poisoning of citizens in places like Flint and also recently bought eleven million dollar Home Marthas Vineyard and demonstrated privilege so great that it gives zero ask about. Your Obama is part of the club that is going to let you burn in climate change. So at me all you want, I said nothing directly, threatening no but you're kind of just a part of the problem. Listen, Here's, what comes down to is what he is saying about a bomb, a true while its opinion for the most part, but above all, to too much really bad stuff, and then it did by eleven million dollar mansion. So yeah, you know what men I kind of agree with a lot of these points: Obama, not someone I'm going to look up to fraud of reasons monkey recently that it needs to be said? Women would make better oh cut the pandering. Bro cut the pandering, but I say this won't happen. If just for Congress was president, would you think he would do? What do you think he would do to Obama went once someone expresses the desire to cause suffering and pained others. It worries me about what they would do when they wield power.
There's there's something I've cited, as you know several times, in the past I'll bring it back up its disarm magic to gather in kind of familiar with the game match gather this cartoon swords. The ploughshare melting down the sorts from in a war into ploughshares, so that you could farm and make peace and help people instead of hurting people. Now I'm not stupid person, I recognize it. Sometimes people got crazy, believes they want to you can do nothing about it. I understand that sometimes police have no choice, but to me no take someone out look. You don't seem to understand that they think cops are all evil. Villains does want to cause harm, no but their summit. Yes, there are some bad people on the police to fact but
well. It is a lot of a lot of cops entered dangerous situations, they take action and they destroy them for a long time, and I can respect that. I can respect the individual's while calling out the bad behaviour of others recognise their different people by tee this. The people who do enjoy suffering of others or would ever entertain that someone should suffer Last at the last person, you'd want to be in power. The people we want in power are the people who don't want to be in power and its tough because the people who want to be a power won't be they're, not gonna. Try and I can run for office going to elected the people who want power, we'll get it because they strive for it, and that means is scary as dangerous. You know that people say to me stuff, like what are you gonna run for you no office timber whenever, like junk you guys doing it now will out. I will never never never gonna happen. Norway, look man, automotive, sensitive, our reason. I don't think I'm smart enough, What should I shouldn't be in terms of law policy, and I don't think there's
there's a solution to end. You know the frustrations everybody faces. It may come to a point. You have two people and their arguing as a land dispute I've been growing crops. On this land for fifty years and other matters I ve been grace and my colleague or fifty years now to try to draw a line. Would you know you can't even us you gonna, even a slight somebody, was no easy way to do it I mean you could argue shared space, but then eventually people will fight over resources. When it comes to that point, I look what's going on a congress and boy, I can tell you. If I was, I was long positions. I would absolutely take a lot of things I just be like now, you know what happens if you cannot say someone says you hey this this this. This crop is really bad for the local population or something and you're like whoa. What we some about that and then the next and the next day the guy comes into says. If you shut down this crop, you will destroy the economy of my entire town and you will put five thousand people.
Work or what do you suppose the domain Alex? It's not easy right, so this climate activists say shut it down, ban fossil fuels. Ok, well, that will destroy the lives of so many millions of people like we with its two difficult. You know I'll tell you this. My intention would always be to do good to minimize harm, but it's almost impossible affair. How exactly you do that, but I will I will leave you with one thing, be where people like this people who would wish for the suffering of others, because when someone like this gets power you better, damn well believe it. They will wield that power to hurt other people, this guy, and this statement should disbar him from from being an office as far as I'm concerned.
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