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Democrat Threatens To Vote Trump 2020 Fearing Far Left Policies

2019-08-20 | 🔗

Democrat Threatens To Vote Trump 2020 Fearing Far Left Policies. In an Op-ed for the Courier Journal a man who says, in no uncertain terms, that Trump is a very bad man expresses his willingness to vote Trump 2020 due to the radical left and the far left push by Democrats.2020 Democrats have increasingly embraced far left policy ideas that most Americans believe are bad. Moderates routinely express frustration with the ever expanding far left within the Democratic Party ranks.It seems that data supports the op-ed's general idea too. Moderates believe the democrats have gone to far left and it seems plausible then that others on the democrat side will vote republican come 2020.In response to the wave of news however we see a strong push by top Democrats to move back to the center. Unfortunately for them, progressives won't get behind a moderate and it seems that 2020 will be Bernie or Bust times twenty

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The Epstein mystery continues two days before Jeffrey Epstein die, he signed a new will and was apparently worth five hundred and seventy seven million dollars. Fox news says suicide, and this is likely going to be the official phrasing of most outlets, since the medical examiner has ruled it to be a suicide. But I must stress: extenze. Lawyers are not satisfied with the conclusions of the medical examiner, in fact, another store how the other day, apparently they're, alleging up a potential cover up murder plot. I don't know how plausible is from a website called hot new hip hop, which is certified by news guard, makes things very confusing and hard to to to dig through. I wanna go through a couple really interesting aspects of the on going. Conspiracy first will read a little bit about as well, and then you guys can determine for yourself if this means anything, I'm just going to give you the latest update, but
the real mystery is the Photoshop for photographs of Lane Maxwell. I I name they appear to be fake, but if somebody made a fake photo so that people think she's here when she's not but there's also there's one main reason. I really wanted to dive back into this because you realize just how awful the news is. Did no one vet the photographs before publishing this and I've got all the media going hey wait a minute. This photo is fake right. Why and why make a really bad photo shop? You know it could have been that news organizations were duped, somebody knew they could make a photo, send it and they paid and there we go, but I also have this from Snopes Snopes photo going around, comparing the ears and nose of Epstein and and they're trying to explain it, and it's really interesting how they try to explain it, because it's actually
kind of a weirdly long article to explain simple changes in facial features, so it almost seems like the explanation, they're giving is kind of too big, but will go through this. I'm not a conspiracy. Theorist foster the people, the band apparently tweeted. This thing out. Ok, it's going mainstream. Nobody thing This guy really killed himself. Of course, some people dumping hyperbolic, but I'm going to throw it back to that tweet from Chris Ray Gun, where he's like, I called in and the first in the drivers, as as you know, they killed that guy in that jail as I finally unity. So let's read this, but before we get started head over to TIM, cast dot com, slash donate if you'd like to support my work as a Paypal option, a crypto option, a physical address or just your this video to help overcome the d ranking that Youtube designs. Like all of these videos. They make our demonetized for the first twenty four hours and then a day later. After all, the views are gone. That's when they re monetized. So it's like there, you go man, that's how you tube. Doesn't let's read
it's a disgrace to finance ear. Jeffrey Epstein will was filed in the Us Virgin Islands, It showed that he signed it on August eighth, two days before investigators said he hanged himself in his New York city. Jail cell now could be that someone had just tried to kill him. That's I mean we, don't we don't know if it was a suicide attempt before, and so he was like I better update my will 'cause. He know it's coming or it could be. He knew he was going to end his life. All I saw one story. I don't read the, but something like Alan Dershowitz thinks that I've seen just didn't couldn't face the prospect of of life in prison. Especially after I I know this isn't. This is one of my initial theories that you know he killed himself because he he's used to all this luxury hundreds of mine dollars and now he's apparently in some rat infested horrible jail like the jail he was in was just like disgusting. The food was terrible and he's probably you know imagine this imagine what,
as you eat every day and then all of a sudden there's a snap. You can't leave a box and you're being fad. Trashy gross mold, crap food you'd be like this is unbearable. So I'm not saying you know, that's really the reason. I think it's it's and it's it's. You know we should it's possible, but I really do think. We've entered Occam's razor territory of murder right the freedom is, it was worth five hundred and seventy seven million dollars, eighteen million more than previously stated in court papers when he tried to land bail. You made money the sixty six year old, put all of his holdings in a trust referred to. As the nineteen. Fifty three trust in court papers named the year was born. There were no details on the trust beneficiaries, so that's the that's. The first update we'll we'll we'll move on from Ex I'm not super concerned a you get you signed a will. I don't know if that means,
but we did see the story. The other up for the past couple days where, on the defense team always quote, the defense team fully intends to conduct its own independent and complete investigation into the circumstances and because of MR obscene staff, including, if necessary, legal action to view the pivotal videos if they exist and they shot of the error. Every approximate to MR obscene cell during the time period leading to his death right, because if someone went into his cell you'd see them, you might not see up to himself we'll see what's going on your your cell, but let's get into the more important thing. People think Gilrain Maxwell was photoshopped in those in and out photos. Here's all their evidence. So we have this tweet. Let's do it. Let's do it. They have I'm not going to I'm not going through all this necessarily, they say. Oh, this is interesting.
Rising. The conspiracy theorists immediately began to NIT pick every aspect of the photos and it, as is now common practice. When dealing with anything surrounding I've. Seen in the aftermath, in the aftermath of his death, a photo of I've seen on a gurney was even cited as proof by conspiracy. Theorists at the offender had been replaced by a body double almost all of the theories surrounding Maxwell saga. Hardly evidence of anything while many pointed to the fact that two cups on the table, others noted that it's common for one customer to order a drink and a milkshake it in and out accept daily dot. Did you know that there were two trays of food and one was kind of obscured and put on the bench, and there were two cell phones on the table: do your jobs, journalists? Don't publish these photos simply because someone said it's true figure out. If it's true and guess what now we have this from inside addition
you want to know why conspiracy theorists are talking about this, because the Washington Post said breaks in the neck more common with strangulation. You're, not you can't blame people for being like ok, that sounds weird. That's the wash post, then they are. But these photos all the conspirators inside addition checks out. Apparently the photos were taken on the 11th, at least according to this video. This is the ad it says best new er, and that what they're highly I'm not going to play the video this, but I want to show these photos check it out. First, this photograph of her sitting at the table. Facing the other direction smiling with her dog. You can see. The dog is with another photo that looks like, but her back is strangely photo. There's a weird there's a weird manipulation: binders like Instagram reality going to read it and they they have the photos where, like
The women will photo shop there, but to be bigger and it bends the wall behind them. You can see it now. I can't maybe I can well I'm not going to do it. I don't know in this photo right there's drinks and she's there with her glasses and there's the ad behind her. It says good boys there's another ad behind her and says good boys, the ad agency claimed. It was never there and later on that people want their journalists and the ad wasn't there. So there's a joke going around. It's actually quite funny where someone said Seth, Rogan kill Jeffrey up steam to promote his new video ha ha. It's a good joke talked his know. His new movie. This thing looks on the bench. There's a tray of food there's a phone. There is a what what appears to be a phone. Maybe she has a phone or tablet. Maybe she ordered two trays of food, or maybe there were two people there, Occam's razor with what Occam's razor
sure would suggest. The simple solution is two phones, two trays, two drinks, two people. Thank you daily dot, but sometimes people have milkshakes in a drink. Yeah they do please attention to people or to trace a two burgers into fries. So I thought why don't I let you make are moving on from here. They highlight good boys and he says this appears to have been photo shopped in the imagery. Is, the ad is never been there. You want to know why they did it. Here's the funny thing is a lot of people will say why even put the good boys add in there. You know why, because this photo potentially was taken a really long time ago, and so, whatever add used to be there,
What what like they were concerned because it may maybe was an ad, for I don't know avengers and game or something because it's taken months ago, and so this photo there like. How do we then make this look like something? That's new? Maybe it was not not a month ago, but maybe it was like early July because the core that agents in the in the store the other day it was since, like I think July, twenty eighth was an ad for a hospital, so maybe the photo was taken just before they could also look at this is a billboard behind them right and I don't he shows the billboard later on in those photos the shock alone, but it and let's see I'm jumping for after all, try to keep talking about. So where is the guy sitting down come on anyway? I was given, but anyway the point is there's more than just this ad, and this is the ad. They actually show the point of photoshopping it and is so that if the photo actually was taken a month or two ago, they put that there to make it seem like it's new right as a friend of mine, said it's kind of like a kidnap victim
holding up a newspaper. So you know it's a new photo now. Interestingly, the inside edition people there's a wave of line going down her back they brought in a forensic expert who, apparently I guess he might work in like criminal justice in some capacity. Dimensions in one of the photos. There is a weird wavy line going down her back. That doesn't seem to make sense as if she was photoshopped into the image or something was photoshopped out, but the photo seems to the manipulated. Now it could be that the photo shop was falsely manipulated to change nothing, but just make it look weird to throw people off. I honestly don't know but check this next bit of the conspiracy out. Snopes says: while this theory is largely been confined to the fringes, it did receive some mainstream attention at the band foster. The people, for instance, shared the fall message with their nearly one million followers on twitter. He said
I find it strange that have been chastised by reporters from NBC and other news outlets. For my opinion, everything you guys have been reporting has been conjecture. If you want to be considered a respected authority of truth, do a better job and you highlights photo now I'll go to the photo in a in a better photo, although the photo in a better image of the you know between everything. But it looks like the facial features of the man seen in the photo and I've seen are very different. He says our foster, the people famous band. There is no question. The government is behind the apps team because for uh research attorney General Bill BAR and his father's ties with Jeffrey Epstein Barr helped broker the West Palm Beach deal that kept Epstein away from a life sentence in federal prison, vomit emoji. Have you seen photos of the body? It's ugly, obviously not him.
Yes, is Epstein's on a private plane to somewhere in the Middle EAST, getting prepped for plastic surgery right now, Watts foster the people. What wow foster the people with Trump derangement Syndrome and going hard in the conspiracies chill out buddy chill out, like your music you've got a lot of really good music. I'm not saying you're wrong. I really do agree with the first statement. It is a lot of conjecture from these reporters and they shouldn't be acting like they know for sure, but for you to come out and be like Bill BAR Dodd body. Double well. Well. Well, well, well, well, here's the thing: here's the photo that was posted the the official photo of Aston, and I can tell from his I don't know, but I we we got. We got a call that, as it is- and this is a live you can see, the nose is straight and the ear has this wave and the body has a very different here and a very different knows. I won't linger on this photo because
you know you still get mad at me, but they go on to say that, like there's a lot of reasons why there could be different, the photos were taken like a decade apart and also one photos of a dead guy and your body does go through changes when you die. However, I don't know if your nose, curves overtime Maybe they say several reasons: according to FARC, functional anatomy, research, researchers, analysis, Richardson, does all measurements are significantly affected by age, nasal, nasal valium area and liner distance increase, in other words, they found that knows get bigger over time yet, but it but it, but do they Kerr of maybe another consistent findings, the nasal tip angle, okay, the angle create created along the bridge of the nose around the tip of the vertical space about the upper that do, creases mean those tends to droop with age. Several reasons have been adduced for the growth ears and nose.
And he knows, is sag with age. Thanks ball to a loss of elasticity in the skin and the effects of gravity, your love drew a phenomenon that can be accentuated by heavy earrings More controversial has been suggested that, because, unlike bone cartilage continues to grow and ears are made of cartilage, they may also account for the phenomenon, but the evidence is sketchy, and some researchers argue that cartilage is only being replaced and does not account for the growth and ear size. Ok, I have no idea. Nor do I care but I will say if you've got a dig that deep. All I can really say is this. This argument is not going to convince anybody. Ok, you're not going to be able to explain complex science and stuff to the average person so foster the people need to yeah. We need to go way way back. Ok, you can't just start talking about cover ups. We need to go way back, there's a lot of weird stuff,
The photos seem to be fake. In some capacity. I don't know his lawyers don't believe it. He signed his will two days prior, so it sounded like he knew he wouldn't be alive for much longer and it's probably because he'd almost died in at the end of July. It's also tried to kill him there. I don't know, but I will stress on the left and the right both agree, someone someone shut this guy up when a dude in an uber says to Chris Ray Gun. They killed that guy in that jail. Everybody thinks so now. Look just because everybody thinks I mean everybody's right. Everybody could be wrong a lot of I'm going to do. I'm going to do a trick here. Ok, a lot of people today believe that at some point people believed the earth was flat. That's not true that is so uh. Typically, people like to say things like this: people used to believe the earth was flat and they were wrong. Perhaps these people are wrong today, but actually no one ever believed the earth was flat. My understanding as I've researched this is that as long
as we've understood the concept of a of living on some kind of plane. We had seafair and the seafair is saw the horizon and because of that made an assumption about the shape of the thing that we are on and then it was eratosthenes did a measurement using shadows, an found. The earth is round and I think doesn't like to be see. So there was never the Smith, but the point is today: people believe that at some point people thought the earth is flat. They don't they're wrong just because everybody believes he was killed, doesn't mean they're right. They could be wrong too. Let's go back calm down. Let's not talk,
body doubles in middle eastern plastic surgery. These photos are probably just throw the sent off. Maybe I have no idea it could have been someone just trying to scam these outlets for money, hey here's a photo of Glenn Maxwell photoshopped to make it look real, they buy it. So apparently, I think I could be wrong, but apparently someone sold the photos so well I'll. Leave it there. All of this stuff saying. I'm not going to tell you what to think you know, I'm just going to watch it out. Well, I guess it technically time. I guess I'm technically telling you what to think but I'll say I'll say this. I won't tell you what to conclude, but I will tell everyone to chill look at the evidence. Lay it out in front of you and then work from there. That's all we should do instead of tweeting about Bob. Next segment will be at one hundred pm stick around. I will see you all there. It will be on this channel before Nya has a ton of serious problems, notably homelessness, which may be the cause of many other smaller.
In this story we learn about a California salon owner claiming the homelessness crisis is forcing her to relocate it for fifteen years, because she has grown sick of cleaning up syringes, urine and feces from outside her promise as every day now. She is not in LOS Angeles or San Francisco in Sacramento and she posted photos so we'll go through this. I will. I will talk a bit about you know the the issue here, but here's the thing a lot of people talk about California and say the problem with feces everywhere, I'm sorry. This is gross conversation, but you know California's got serious issues I used to live in LA. In fact, I was in a way not that long ago, and I watched almost person get out of this really really tiny crappy tent an do their business just right there in the middle of downtown LOS Angelus one and two and that's that's the problem. That's highlighted about the human waste comes from
homelessness, but the homelessness that we see in LA isn't entirely. So I should say there is a correlation here between that and mass shootings hear me out some mental health problem. It is so I I I don't like it when people say like is about happened in the mental health crisis. It's like yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. I get it look there. There are things we can talk about because solving the problem of feces, we put a Porta potty somewhere right. It doesn't solve the homelessness problem, but at least leave it's one aspect, or perhaps the smart decision is to figure out what's causing the mental illness and back and figure out how we can actually accommodate these people better. There's a problem. You help the homeless people, you solve a ton of problems, no more drugs original stuff. But how do you do it honestly? I don't know,
but I like to look down to the root and figure out where it's all coming from. I will add this to. California has a lot of very liberal policy, and I'm not I'll tell you this man look when I was younger. I moved to Seattle and when I went there broke with only like a handful of change. I was told by some lefty squatter types that I can remember how that was, but they were like just go to the Department of Human services and they'll. Give you an ebt card like a food, cart whatever and I was like nah man. I can't do that like that's, not me, like. I don't grow up like that. I I don't like taking food cars in there like not you can't you can't be like without food source. For so I I went there talk to him and I said I don't think like that. It's for me doesn't make sense. I'm not young. I can get
job somewhere, I just moved here and they were like no, no like it's not about you being homeless or starving. It's about you moved here. You need a job you're, a young person here, here's a card, it's like eighty bucks a month and you have food now- is like oh cool, here's the thing I know a lot of people who did not work and they would do these things. They would go to a different food bank every day and get food at every day. There's a diff! back a different part of Seattle and they would stock up. They were also going to show US stores Philip shopping carts and walk out the front door. Ducks here's, your skill and so what I, what I found is. If they can, they will now look there's what we need to address when talking about the problem. Okay, I got to read this story with three minutes and, and I'm I'm, I'm I'm the railing here I'll just all, and this one point say the reason I brought it up is because when you create the possibility You create the existence right. If you build it, they will come. You provide a bunch of resources to those who truly need. It don't be surprised when people come to California to exploit it. So let's read the story,
they say: hair salon owner in California, says she will be forced to move her business. Do the problems of homeless people, sleep, outsider shop, Elizabeth Novak who owns, hair salon in downtown Sacramento posted a video on Twitter on Friday describing how she often finds people camping in tents across our front door. She told how the vagrancy crisis gripping the state is affecting longstanding business owners and their shop has been broken into and she has even been attacked, Novak who has run her salon for fifteen years, said in her social media message that she often has to clean up urine feces and needles left by rough sleepers on her doorstep. She posted photos. Look at this. Someone kicked her door and broke into the salon, trash the place and there's trash all of the ground
address addressing her concerns directly to be governor, Gavin Newsom. She said in a heartfelt pleas for action. I want to know what are you going to do for us? Californians I've had a business in downtown Sacramento for fifteen years, a successful business. I now have to leave my place of business. I have to close my shop. I just want to tell you what happens when I when I get to work, I have to clean up the poop and the p off my doorstep. I have to clean up the syringes after politely. Ask the people who I care for I care for these people that are homeless, to move their tents out of the way of my of the door to my business. I have to fight off people who push their way into my shop, who are home and on drugs, because you won't arrest them for drug offenses. I have to apologize to my clients as to why they can't get into my door because they're someone a sleep there and they're not getting the help they need. You know California has like a a democratic majority. Los Angeles has a demo
super majority and I read the story in the New York Times. Even with a democratic supermajority, they could not solve the problem. They couldn't pass a bill to alleviate the homelessness. You know what I don't know if there is a one solution and homelessness, because the causes of homelessness arm is there's, there's a multi faceted. There's many from things that would that you know there are some people who are saying hard workers to lose their job and go broke, and there are some people who refused to work and are lazy, but there are a lot of people who are just mentally ill and can't hold work, and that's the most of what I've seen and I've worked in the in this number and and and nonprofit area for with homeless people. California, all tracks the homeless. For an obvious reason, the weather is really nice. Now here's the thing to your does have more. As my understanding York has more homeless, people, Statewide and Chicago has are serious amount of homeless people. Los Angeles doesn't have the LOS Angeles is a city might have more than any other city. I could be wrong, but a lot of
people go to LA specifically because super nice weather, not only does it attract, you know, homeless people who are just incapable of working, it attracts ideological homeless people out there. So there there are people who want to live on the beach and they do it for ideological reasons, and you know I can understand that because the the there's a four it's a far cry from the homeless dude with dreadlocks, want to play volleyball on the beach. And you know be homeless. These are people who are not causing these kinds of problems. The problems we're seeing here is a mental health crisis, and so the I want to bring this up as when I see these these, these mass tragedies. I wonder why no one is taking mental health seriously enough. The debate never talk. It's about the homeless crisis. That's the national story is never. California is undergoing a massive homelessness crisis, which is resulting in massive problems and
This woman has to shut her business down because of the problems in front of the store, because someone kicked her door in. Let me give a little bit of pushback real quick though you know, demographics change It may be that fifteen years ago she was in a better area than she is now. I kinda like, like I'm, I'm offering the possibility, and I think it's true you know you. Could live in one and it's really nice and it starts falling apart. This repair, no revenue, the city, doesn't care about it, but she did say she's in down town Sacramento. So you can imagine the city would do it could to solve this problem downtown in their city, but I'll tell you in LOS Angeles downtown. La late is fairly neglected relative. I shouldn't say that, but I'll tell you this when I go to LA the people I know from Skateboard first to celebrities and musicians. They don't go anywhere near downtown aelay, they just avoid it. They go to Santa Monica Venice. They go to the Palisades and places
like that. They want to be by the water. They don't go anywhere near the downtown area, so you so you end up with a downtown area. That's pretty bad! Now I don't know what Sacramento is like, but I can tell you this one What's going on. This is just another story in a list of stories about an ever increasing problem that California isn't dealing with so look. This woman slammed democratic governors. Liberal ideology is not working and criticize. Before sitting in his million dollar home and not having to look at what we have to look at she added in the video. I talk police officers. They told me to contact you, they want to do something and they can't you change the laws. So I want you to know I want to know what you're going to do for us. The ones that are unhappy you want to make us sanctuary state. You want to make it comfortable for everybody, except for the people that work hard and have.
Right their hardest to get along in life, and now we have to change that because of your laws. Here's the way. I see it with good reason. There Democrats, who say we need the social policy. Corruption starts problems, erupt and instead of salt, those problems, they just address the emotional, but we, you know we're we're helping. You know. Listen, they say eight feet, you know, teach teach a man to fish, I'm sorry for you to manifest you'd be in for a day to to manifest. You know, you know, you know this and get pricing if we just give everything away you create people who lack, resilience and can't survive on their own and we're only as strong as our weakest link my political view.
These policy issues is that we need a nuanced balanced view of how to lift these people up and set them on a path towards self reliance. I I I I don't think stripping. The programs is the answer, but I do think you know the web described before. Okay and I, I guess I'll, just wrap up on this idea. We had a problem can't you know what we went with with a growing problem in our society and so we decided we should apply. We should create some kind of benefit to make sure people who, through no fault of their own end up homeless or not in dire need, can be protected. We put a bandage over that wound and then we walked away and the wound started to fester. The bandage started to grow mold, and you know he said. Oh, that looks gross, let's put a bandage over it, and so now there's a band on top of a band aid. At a certain point, you put someone in a program you
from something they need. You tear it off, you clean it and you send them on their way. So I know there are a lot of programs that actually do this an I agree to a certain extent, I don't want to act like the simple solution is always the correct one right and what I mean by that is, it might make sense to say: oh someone lost their job, give them benefits to get on their feet, while some people might just choose to stand the benefits it's easier. Well, they don't last forever. You say: ok, but then they're just back out on the street. It didn't solve the problem, just giving them the resource. There are some places that have mandatory work programs, you get benefits, but you have to get class on how to get a job. Some people are then going to say the class is easier than the job. Why get a job time limits? Maybe? But I just perhaps the solution to the homelessness problem starts with mental Health and
straight to reforming our our social safety net system. The answer may be isn't to give people a guaranteed resource, but to like, maybe I don't I don't know the solution is but I'll tell you this. When you give people the the the the option they take it and some people will exploit it. We don't want to throw everything away because people really do get helped by the system. I've been helped by it. I I and I agree with that. I've been there. I've lost a job and I've received unemployment. That's when I was away yet again decade ago, and it's and it saved me from being. You know I've been almost by the at any rate, but at least in this instance, it allowed me to continue. I found another job. Eventually I make things work and, and things start to improve, so I recognize system being fantastic. But how do we protect it from corruption. Does the system work as it does today? Well I'll point to what's going on in California and say not not pointing to individual policy, but something isn't working? Maybe we need to walk backwards,
and then walk forward, or maybe it's a left turn or right turn. What I'm trying to say is the solution might not be just add more programs, the solution might be. Maybe the programs have in place aren't working and we should get rid of them and replace them. I believe we can have government programs to solve these problems. Absolutely. I don't think there's going to be a market incentive necessarily for humanely dealing with those who are in trouble. It's possible. The nonprofit sector could take care of it and they do, but I think it really just requires a sit down strategy. Meeting to look for the root problem? Do the research and then make some changes I'll tell you this right now, whatever their policies? Are I'm not going to go as far as she didn't say, it's their liberal ideology. I think, to a certain extent, it's fine. I hold similar views, but I will recognize the problem and I will absolutely I hear this woman. I say you're right. This needs to be solved, Personally, I think there is a solution that lies within a more left, leaning policy, but I recognize this: wasn't it so, let's sit down and figure it out. Apparently they don't want to do it because, like I meant
even with a supermajority in LOS Angeles, they can't get it done. I don't tell you, rich people will go off to the Alice AIDS in and Santa Monica, and they won't see these things will say. I don't care now granted that the Democrats were in the city. You have to live in the city, I'm assuming, but the point is: does the top their ivory towers and say math doesn't bother me Ollie, north. All of my car pick. You know pick me up in the garage downstairs and I'll never have to deal with a homeless person. Well, the problem exists. I something has to be done and whatever it is you've done in the past. It didn't work. So how about we figured out right before we actually start seeing bubonic plague return, which is a legitimate fear anyway, stick around next video will be coming up at four hundred pm on Youtube dot com. Slash time cast, is a different channel. I will see you, then: how do you take a study produced by a Harvard Phd researcher? Psychologist?
turn it into a conspiracy theory. You'd. Think a Harvard researcher Phd Study would be good for something until Trump tweets about it. Then Everyone is going to say it's just a conspiracy, Thierry wow. Well will stress Donald Trump tweeted about this study about Google manipulating votes and he got it wrong, but it's like he got the gist of it. He got some of the details. Incorrect, but the general idea is there and the idea is kind of gone through game of telephone. But the funny thing is this: Guy Doctor Robert Epstein Harvard, HD is being slammed and smeared and he's a huge Hillary supporter. I'm not joking. Look at this photo. He posted it's like he's with Hillary Clinton and Guy is being smeared. Look at this. He talks about how he's being smeared in the media, because Hillary Clinton right about him, but I'll get to that.
I got, I got to say it's. The joke is: if Trump came out in favor of oxygen, liberals would hold their breath. Ok trump could say if Trump came out in favor, fancy fonts that they're great. All of a sudden. You see everyone abandoned it. They'd, be like: oh that's, Trump's thing. I kid you not if you can't even site I'll, be a poorly Harvard researcher without the media slamming it is a conspiracy theory. What do you do? Listen I work in news and journalism and politics I'm trying to figure out the truth. I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to take the word the Phd guy over some random people on a blog, ok, some digital news website. If he says this is I found I'll, be like oh well. You know, I trust the expert look at. This is the anti science left as far as I'm concerned. Look there's reason to criticize articles that criticize his research is conducted for years and I've got some evidence to back up his claim at least circumstantially. The left absolutely deny science when it's convenient and then claim that conservatives deny science over climate change, while there,
certainly many people who don't agree with the scientific community. Climate change. They are not special, they do the exact same thing. I can't stand all I'll. Tell you what I think climate change is a serious problem and I side with the scientific community. You know why they are the searchers in the experts. So if Doctor Robert Epstein comes out and says, I'm an expert phd, here's what I found I'll say, I can't really refute that. Can I know or what no matter what I can't refute. It he's the expert, the true authority. Let read this story and see exactly what they're doing to this poor guy. You know I feel so. Bad is a Hillary supporter, but Trump cited his research I'll be at poorly and there you go to the wolves to the walls with you and your phd worthless. Ok, before we get started head over to TIM, com, slash donate if you'd like to support my work as a Paypal option, a crypto option, a physical address but of course share
this video. You know, I often say it's 'cause of the ranking, but now I'm kind of like let's break the bubble. You know I'm sure many of you have friends on Facebook who who don't agree with you. If you share the video I know a lot of them will be like I'm not going to watch this temples far right below yeah, whatever man, but I don't know if you like it, you know if it's something you can do, it really does help. So, let's read Politico says Hillary. Cleansings Trump over new voter conspiracy theory. They say Hillary Clinton, swatted back at President Donald Trump's attempts to spread another conspiracy related to her popular vote, victory in the twenty sixteen presidential election. This time claiming it was due to search engine
election. The truck goes on to say that it was. You know, Google manipulated from two point: six million to sixteen million votes for Hillary Clinton, the twenty sixteen election, two years thing as I, as far as I have I know, I've seen didn't say they did like they were actively manipulating it. He thinks my okay, I I could be in this wrong. I I I I it's very, very contentious right now, Robert SP will come out with a statement. You know tomorrow. I believe, but I think what you're saying is that the bias of Google is doing this, not a willful manipulation, but, let's rate we'll see, I say, while trying did not cite the source of his claim, it came minutes after I, segment on Fox Business network referred to congressional testimony in July from Behavioral Psychologist, Robert Epstein, in testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee,
I've seen claimed that, based on his research, biased search results generated by Google Search, algorithm likely impacted undecided voters in a way that gave at least two point six million votes to Hillary Clinton. Now you can argue that the Google manipulation Trump didn't say it was willful, but manipulating kind of implies that so we're getting into semantics here Epson appears open, citing a study based on a collection of 10S of
thousands of search engine results collected in the right to twenty sixteen election. The study analyzed a relatively small sample size, the result of ninety five different voters, just twenty one of whom he says were undecided. He based the results on a phenomenon he calls search. Engine manipulation affect. Google, has denied abstains claims. Well, of course, they're doing something wrong. That is the important thing. I'm sorry politico. You have absolutely no grounds to challenge a Harvard Phd as to why or how is conducting a study. They say. I've seen also claimed it can rational testimony that big tech, if left unchecked, could be able to ship as many as fifteen million votes for a particular candidate and the twenty twenty election trump appear to have knowledge that number higher it is. Monday or Trump heard it from somebody who said you hear about this in the game of telephone plays on. I don't expect Trump to be sitting there, citing things like Wikipedia, but so you know I mean he does have responsibility with a big following for sure they go in and just add that Bill Clinton then rags on the guy. For some reason, but let's, let's check this out Doctor Robert Epstein,
Is Hillary Clinton whom I have strongly supported for many years, told blatant lies about me today. As a result, I have been subjected to widespread condemnation by mainstream media, I'm going to fight this stay tuned tomorrow for my first ever twitter storm. Now I will stress Doctor Robert Epstein seems like a principled individual and he has my respect, he's willing to testify to Republicans about the benefit the Democrats receive, even when he is a supporter of Hillary Clinton any strongly so in and he's in videos Bill Maher praise and had on his show, and now they have thrown this guy to the wolves, because his findings, the facts, might support trump. Oh no reality is so hard. Sometimes well tell you this, I'm not an expert. I can't tell you his research is good or bad. I can only tell
do that. Has a phd from harvard- and he says I believe psychologist seems like a pretty smart guy. You notice the d in the r and appeared in front of his name. That is a title you get when it means you're. Yes, likely, smarter, certain areas, or you know more, I should say smart, but you know a lot more about specific things that other people now there are certainly people with Ph Ds who are dumb. I get it, but the point is: do you have grounds to refute this? Do you have proof or anything to say this is a conspiracy theory. It's not a conspiracy theory, there's no claim of a conspiracy. The claim is just inadvertent bias due to weighted algorithms. That's on a conspiracy. That's some. Some people made a thing and it's partly doing another thing. But of course conspiracy, theory is is the it is it's the go to right. That's that's! That's what they want to say because it's just it it. It discredits you. It makes this guy look bad and he's just
it's a researcher, it's not his fault. Trump cited it, oh man, but I got some data for you. So here's the thing. I made a video about this yes, I did his research, Maybe I got it wrong. I don't know, but my interpretation is that there's more data to back up his claim the story about Doctor Robert Epstein goes back. I think I found something like twenty or maybe two thousand and eleven weather like he says this is probably going to happen. He researching this and says it looks like it's happening and then years ago, by years ago, by we've been talking about it for nearly a decade, this guys not just making it up check this out. Audit, Google, heavily favors CNN, an left media and mass shooting coverage. Now here's the important bit I think mass shooting coverage is particularly political. A lot of these stories are like gun control and things like that of these, it's only only the word trump gets right wing coverage. All sides doesn't analysis an found, heavy favoritism
chords, the left now you may say, but what does that even mean? How do you quantify who's left and who is right? It's actually really simple, see the thing is all sides uses a multi, partisan, balanced patented system for measuring bias, and we can take a look left lean left center lean right. I can click these to determine why hi that source. So, let's choose left it's a left bias right. I will click left and when we find a left bias, is the most liberal media bias right on the political spectrum. Some of these sources may be considered a left wing news source with a left media bias rating are most likely to show favor for government services, federal laws to protect consumers in the environment, federal laws, protecting equal rights, taxes on the wealthy
regulation of corporations keep up pro choice, decreasing military spending. I believe the role of government is to provide for its people to and suffering and contribute to a human park. Prosperity. Look, I'm not! I'm! I'm not gonna read through everything. One of these get the point. They use a system that tracks any kind language that promotes these ideas and excuse the coverage in a certain direction. It is not about a personal opinion. It is about these core tenets of a particular group and we can go down and look at right and we can see that decreasing government you get personal responsibility. Freedom of speech and freedom of speech is is is right. Is that crazy? That's not to me man boy. Do I feel bad how it? How did the right on the freedom of speech what it liberals? What are you doing? Oh heavens, it's a right wing issue. Now. Are you nuts, so the left is going full authoritarian? Look, I trust all sides. I don't think the determining what's right or left based on what they think
right or left is, I think, they're looking at sources that use these particular core values and they're, seeing that the shift they have a mixed and they have a center of mixes intra. They say when does all sides give a source mixed media if the source system for aggregating content that is openly and transparently designed to show multiple perspectives and the content comes from sources that are left center and right, we signed a mixture. Ok, we get it. Here's the point in their findings. There is the Google search query for this breaking news story, two of them an at all, leans over fifty percent left. The left is based on the ideology. So what do you think is going to happen when people only see news in this way without an ability to learn and see other sources, they're going to be left in the dust and they're going to be forced in a certain direction? So what happens? Is people like me who seek out two sides or
for different. You know it's not necessarily two sides because there's like the progressive view, the moderate view, there's a conservative there's the far right, whatever this libertarian. The point is, I seek out multiple views. I go to. Annika subreddits? I go to far right subreddits I see what people are talking about. Almost a far right stuff band is is banned anyway, but I try to look around so I'm I break this bubble by reading as much as possible. Can service have no choice to break that bubble because they get slammed with us. That means regular people who don't know better are having left wing sources jam down their throats and they don't realize they're being manipulated. So is doctor I've seen right or wrong. I can't tell you, but I can't say evidence suggests he's right. So, unfortunately, for you, doctor you're a conspiracy theorists, congratulations! You have been thrown to the wolves. I look forward to Doctor Epstein's response and, depending on what happens, I'll follow up stick around a couple more segments in a few minutes, and I will see you all there
in my four hundred pm segment. I talk about conservative media, expanding growing, gaining new viewership. All that stuff right, and I saw these tweets from John Levine's reporter from the New York Post and that's why I thought the story, so I wanted to a bigger segment because he highlights nothing really important, which is why I want to show his tweets. He said: here's a quote: the astonishing traffic growthoffoxnews dot com, digital arm of the most watched, cable news network, it's traffic doubled since two thousand and fifteen is now at more than one hundred million unique visitors per month. You make you make your that means. Listen when, when you watch a video of mine, that's a unique view. I have one unique view when you watch two videos of mine. I have one unique view when you watch five videos of mine, I have one unique view that quite literally means one hundred million
unique people. That's insane here's the thing it's a story from CJ are about the expansion of conservative media, which will read, but John Levine added, contacts, and that's why I want to make sure I give him credit for this, for the tweets show there's another story from CNN arms from the daily beast, where CNN is chasing after Fox NEWS, guess what Fox NEWS has become more moderate, they really have they've brought. Some are they. They have Donna Brazile. Now they've done a a a show with Bernie Sanders, a town hall Trump has been criticizing them for what were they doing? Fox knows: there's a lot of moderates were being pushed out by the far left and have an opportunity to be the. To new source. Cnn knows this, and so C n N is realizing if they don't shape up and and get back on track. They're out, but Fox NEWS may have may have already taken all of your viewers. Admittedly I don't watch either than it was for the most part anymore, but it-
It was the craziest thing to me when I was going through stories an I said, Fox NEWS really has story. Right and CNN. Doesn't it was a weird moment because you know look Fox NEWS has always been a very biased, a lot of issues and they've done a lot better. The proof is in the pudding, men Trump, criticizing them they're, not as bad as they used to be and CNN as we'll see in and sees that. It's also a through this. Let's read about the growth of conservative media, which I I think it's due to moderates being beaten over the head over and over again by this ridiculous rhetoric from the far left and we'll see. What's going on with CNN before we before we get started head over to TIM, cast dot com, slash donate. If you'd like to support my work, there is a Paypal option, a crypto option, a physical address, but the best thing you can do just share this video. Let's break some echo chambers wide open, share this video, your friends, partly because I get d ranked in the sharing, helps overcome that. But I like the idea better, that when you share this you're, exposing people who might not see this news to these id
Yes, I think I'm kind of a fair dude. I'm not I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I'm not I'm trying to be mean right. So you know I I, whatever you know some people hate me, no matter what yeah yeah it's it's just life, a three they say Donald Trump is a media president. He makes policies. Based on the words of certain journalists riles his supporters and opposition. Others boosts a few who show their fealty to him and measures his success in printouts of a web stories. His aides bring him his tenure, as president has been marked, perhaps unsurprisingly, by turmoil and change in the conservative news organizations that are most closely linked to him, including closings, merge, there's launches and significant spikes and dips in traffic. An analysis of these sites based on web traffic figures available through Comscore, reveals what a certain portion of America is reading, as it approaches a pivotal election. The short answer, much more right wing web tabloid ism. So you know you know what I see doing really well with sites like the daily call in the daily wire and there's sort of
and his guard, but they're they're, they're they're tablets right is, is it fair? You know it. Maybe it's the wrong, maybe in the wrong thing, but they're very much so like commentary and and alesis on existing news. You know news is easy to come by. It's easy to see effect dog does backflip eleven and we're like I well, I don't know what happened, what you get, what you then get from these other websites is a conversation around the dog in the back flip, there's, good and bad. To that the left is absolutely producing. You know digital sites like this. The right is, unfortunately, mainstream news did the same and guess what, without the actual facts, nobody wants to watch. So when CNN tries to become awoke blog, it doesn't work. You joined the distance CNN. We don't care we're not going to watch it. It's not legitimate. Let's read they say there are currently about fifteen to twenty conservative websites, which
at least one million unique visitors per month. Some are vulnerable right wing, reliable as like National Review, the Washington Times or Newsmax. Others like info wars, the gateway, pundit big, like politics and bright part, mind far fringes of the right. I will stress this is surprising to me that Breitbart is now certified by new this card. I kid you not look, I'm not saying news guard knows better than anyone else. It's a check on my bias. Let them determine what's a good source and I'll play within the lines to avoid the accusations, I'm favoring a certain site, so I typically do not use bright Bart but bright parts not certified by news guard, so good good for them. Ob News Guard says that they've they've improve their editorial standards, a two corrections as a couple things are lacking in, but for the most part good to go and that that's a prize me. They want to call it French on the far right now, unfortunately, there are more mainstream than you realize, at least today they say the
significant change in conservative media happens in Fox NEWS, which I read earlier over a hundred million unique viewers. The Fox corporation website also generates ten times the audience of any other conservative news website offering original content. Let that fact sink in for a moment. Imagine all serve it. If websites are the great plains now faced W annual, see the rocky mountains rising from the plains and chatting so high into the sky that PETE that that speaks are fringed with snow even on a hot summer day, those mountains are foxnews dot com and in this landscape, no right wing website comes close to rivalling the size of its audience. The website is distinct from the cable channel, like other mass of IL sites on both sides of Spectrum Foxnews dot com will literally will cover literally anything that it considers people might read, including politics, sports, business and entertainment with various eye catching headlines and stories on its own homepage. Pervs underground layer is just one recent example. At first glance, the site feels more like a frisky.
More than a right wing megaphone, but the site certainly leans to the right and its robust opinion section reverberates each day with a meaty selection of mostly mostly conservative, voices, tackling the issues and controversies of the day. Foxnews dot com is very, very different from the the tv channel they're, actually rather balanced, and a lot of ways. They say every month, through July this year, Foster's icon has posted a year over year traffic and is from nine to twenty percent. What's more, it's monthly unique visitors have consistently exceeded the traffic coming to the New York Times and the Washington Post only CNN, which clocks in at more than a hundred twenty me, a million unique visitors a month for much of twenty nineteen routinely suppressed, surpasses Fox news. While I did not know that that is huge, so that will probably reflect on my earlier. I will amend my earlier statement as to why CNN is trying to chase after Fox NEWS in that Fox NEWS is catching up
Thank CNN sees that as a competitor and says, let's make sure we can track the stories they do you because I don't want to lose an audience in a statement. Fox news, digital editor in chief Porter Berry, credited the traffic growth to a focus on audience and willingness to cover whatever is interesting in the world, from breaking news and opinion to human interest stories and trending entertainment coverage, a general news outlet, but I will stress in order to grow, you need to have people come from somewhere and I think the far left contributes to this I also want to add that. Well, actually it now we'll stop and we'll go to the c n n thing, otherwise I'll never get to it. So so here we go our CNN tells digital staff take some cues from Fox NEWS now the story is from over a month ago, but I think it's relevant in the context they say Fox NEWS is already beat. CNN on TV now to ensure the conservative news network. Doesn't start winning online and there it is,
and wants to make sure its employees know what stories Fox NEWS is writing about. That's that's what we needed to hear. So here's what I think all right. Fox news has been doing the Fox nation push. I don't know if you've watched recently Tucker Carlson has tons of commercials for Fox nation. You know it's really fascinating about this did you did you notice what I do at the beginning of all my videos? I don't have a break for a sponsor. I just tell you to support me directly. Tucker Carlson is now doing that on his show, while activists are targeting him and getting a sponsor's pulled out. So talk a response by saying just joined Fox nation. We are moving to a subscriber model media Fox NEWS is headed there with Fox nation, they're they're pushing hard and that and then you got Fox news growing over a hundred million unique visitors per
wow. That means a lot of overlap between CNN's audience and Fox NEWS. I'm certainly one of them. You know I look at scene and articles for sure and Fox NEWS. Let's read a little bit more here, they say: Other conservative websites have successfully grown their audiences in the first half of this year, including the Washington Times and red state according to Comscore Data, but none matched the performance of the Washington examiner, which earlier this year became the highest traffic to conservative website outside of Fox NEWS. I will stress this: I didn't use to ever go to those sites the times the examiner and red state, never, but recently, with a lot of the stories that have been coming out that have been fake news from left and mainstream sources. I've started because I need to look at two sources now
that probably contributes to the growth in viewership. Fox news can be growing because of a push for Fox nation and because of a push to go online for sure, but I think I have to state of my final point. I try to keep the same as short as you know, I think it really is that moderates are feeling you know like the Democrats have left us behind. My main segment talked about how a guy would rather vote for Trump who he thought was racist if it meant he wasn't. Gonna get in Saint Paul he'd rather have the bad Orange man the way he sees it. Then someone saying open borders. So what do you think happens? Then? When you see news media defending the open border stuff, you go to Fox news. You go to Washington, Examiner conservative me. He is going to skyrocket, it's going to continue and CNN knows it and that's why CNN is trying to play the game and track what Fox is doing. They know they're on the way out, they're still they're still top, it looks like, but they know that you know the close race. I got one more segment coming up for you in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all. There
and many of the segments I've produced over the past several months. I've noted some data, notably the hidden tribes data that shows progressive activists in this country, the progressive wing of politics is overwhelmingly white and typically make more than one hundred thousand dollars a year or is more likely to, and they have college degrees, and I saw this story in the New York Post and I said, confirmation bias. This goes right into that Little box. I've seen the data and we talked about it. Antifa tends to be overwhelmingly white progressives are all typically. Why and then we see the story luxury belief. These are the latest status symbol for rich Americans. This article makes a very, very fascinating point Wealthy and safe leftists, who are white, have no problem, pretending to be this virtuous figure because it won't hurt them bill. Maher case in point not look bill
bars called out. The woke left, much respect, but Bill Maher says bring on the recession because it won't affect him because he'll be fine, he doesn't care about poor people, man, it's a weird position to be in, I swear. The woke left has in effect the populist left and now you've got Bernie Sanders, espousing woken S and that's why I'm out and then you've got well. If that's the war, it's no! It's the war in the left between the moderates and the left and you've got these progressive white people don't care when, when they enact these policies it hurts poor people, they don't care three before you start, however, go to guess dot com. Slash done it. If you'd like to support my work as a paid,
spell option in crypto option physical edges, but of course the best thing you can do share the article you've heard me say a million times probably, but will break some echo chambers. We share the video and it helps me overcome the deranking from Youtube. So, let's just jump right into it. A former classmate from Yale recently told me. Monogamy is kind of outdated and not good for society, so I asked her what her background it is, and if she planned to marry you, she said she comes from an affluent family and works at a well known technology company. Yes, she personally tends to have a monogamist marriage, but quickly added that marriage shouldn't have to be for everyone. She was raised by traditional family. She planned on having a traditional family, but she maintained that traditional families are old fashioned and society should evolve beyond them. What could explain this in the past upper class Americans used to display their social status of luxury goods today they do it with luxury beliefs, people care uh
about social status. In fact, research indicates that respect and admiration from our peers are even more important than money for our sense of well being feel pressure to display our status in new ways. This is why fashionable clothing always changes, but as trendy clothes and other products become more accessible, more accessible and affordable. There is increasingly less status attached to luxury goods. Actually, there's a there's. A few other really good points to me. I'm interject here you know I've heard that a hundred years ago being fat was considered attractive because it meant you didn't have to work and it it meant like for the a mentor wealthy well off, and you know, high status, because only the poor people had to work today. It's inverted now that wealth is because wide spread for the most part, a lot of people don't have to work and a lot of people. Don't how about how about this? I'm, actually I'm sure you guys know somebody who probably is like, sits behind a desk all day, just talking about their feelings and they do it.
It's a job like how crazy is that in today's day and age, someone literally gets to make a living sitting at a desk talking at a camera in the funny, but no but seriously. I understand that you know people respect and and like what I have to say whether they disagree with it. But it is funny that we've come to a point in our society where we are not lifting heavy rocks were not forming we're, not fighting, and so now people are becoming overweight. As I said on a tractor now, it's like you, you need to work to be attractive, you to earn something, and perhaps you know that's you know I I don't know why it is. But it's it's an it's. A things changed right. What makes something higher status changes and for a long time people buy cars and clothes, and now it's all about their opinions, but in the end the people with money are gonna, be fine. Let's, let's continue, they say the upper classes have found a clever
solution to this problem: luxury beliefs. These are ideas and opinions that can first status on the rich at very little cost, while taking a toll on the lower class. One example of luxury belief is that all family structures are equal. This is not true. Evidence is clear that families with two married parents are the most beneficial for young children. And yet affluent educated people raised by two married parents are more likely than others to believe. Monogamy is outdated. Marriage is a sham or that all families are the same. Isn't that hilarious? They reap the benefits. They have the resources, they can go wherever they want and they point the finger at the poor person and say it's your fault. You know it's really crazy that they were claiming. Serena Williams is oppressed. You, member all that stuff they're like oh, it's because she's, a woman or whatever it's like. Are you kidding me dude? Isn't she worked like tens of millions of dollars? She has more power in in in you know in she makes she generates more societal power.
An hour then, like everybody, on the ninety nine point, nine percent people on the planet. So now and that's what I don't like about these luxury beliefs, they act like you know you can be a multi millionaire and you are lesser: it's not just a positive thing. It's not like they're, only trying to say all we're here to help you they're, also denigrating. You like that. That's that's my experience. Like all you poor, you poor, Timpul, your your mix there, for you know you're less or in some way all let me hold your hand and the other half is ninety two white, so you know you know I've I've ranted about this. Let's, let's, let's, let's move on, they said relaxed attitude about marriage trickle down to the working class and the poor in the 1960s marriage rates between upper class and lower class Americans were nearly identical, but during this time, won't Americans loosened social norms expressing skepticism about marriage and monogamy. This luxury belief contributed to the erosion of the family. Today, the marriage
Rights of African Americans are nearly the same as they were in the 1960s, but working class people are far less likely to get married. Furthermore, out of wedlock, birthrates more than ten times higher than they were in one thousand nine hundred and sixty most among the poor and working class, affluent people seldom have kids out of wedlock, but are more the more likely than others to express the luxury belief that doing so is of no consequence. Isn't it funny that they come and they tell us what we should and shouldn't do the rich, wealthy people dictating to the working class, and that is why Donald Trump is your per? Isn't whether you like it or not, he is there's a funny meme. It says: States States where Donald Trump is your president and every state is red. Listen. You can't be right. The working class people in this country, mostly white. You can't tell the poor people it's their fault. You can't blame men, it's their fault. Eventually they say I've had enough.
Yes and Trump gets elected they've set on their on in you know, in their ivory tower protected from all of this. Well, everything has fallen the chaos below them, not that bad. You know, life is still pretty good for most people, but you know you, but I just read it for three more. They say another luxury believes that religion is a rational or harmful. Members of the upper class are most likely to be atheist or non religious, but they have the resources and access to thrive without the unifying social edifice of religion that one I'll push back on. I am not concerned about that. I do believe that community is important and religion offers that, but I am I am atheist. I grew up poor and atheist. I mean I was catholic for the first few years, but it mean much to me I wanted to. I want to talk about immigration. Isn't immigration, one of the most like a luxury belief. This idea that we could have unfettered mass migration.
And the poor people pay the price. You know, there's a video of the job fair after ice rated, those chicken factories or whatever they were. They interviewed people going to job, fair Americans, white and black and said why you taking the job and they said I needed to work and it pays well. They would have hired Americans who wanted the work One guy said faster doesn't pay enough. I need a better job, American, so yeah. Another luxury belief, this one's great white privilege, is the luxury belief that took me the longest to understand, because I grew up around poor whites. Yeah me too, and others I was a mixed with neighborhood. Often members of the upper class claim that racial disparity stem from inherent advantages held by whites at Asian Americans are more educated, have higher earnings and live longer than whites. Affluent whites are the most enthusiastic about the idea of white privilege, yet they are the least likely to occur any costs from promoting that belief. Rather they raise
their social standing by talking about their privilege, in other words, upper class whites gain status by talking about their high stat. When laws are enacted to combat white privilege, it won't be the privileged whites who are harmed. Poor whites will bear the brunt and when Bill Maher says, we need a recession because Trump is bad. It won't be Bill Maher who faces the problems. It won't be bill, Maher's friends, it won't be his family. It won't be the sort of celebrities who work around him. It will be everyone else, and I mean it literally everyone, because a recession in the US will impact the world. What did what disgusting and and and just egotistical narcissistic belief and Bill Maher's, not the worst. I will be very critical in over the recession. Stuff, no problem. I praise him for what he the price, like that. The calling of the wellness, but I gotta say man, talk about an affluent position. Trump is so bad. Let everyone else burn. Are you kidding me? He ought this the out as written by God and Rob,
I understand he ends by saying because, like with diamond rings or designer clothes of old upper class people down a luxury belief to separate themselves in the lower class, these beliefs in turn produce real, tangible consequences for disadvantaged people. Further widen- and if I'd just as fashionable clothing will soon be outdated, so will today fashionable beliefs in the future expect the upper class to defesne even more values, including ones they hold dear in their quest to gain top dog status. I thought this is a really really interesting up, but it's a really great breakdown of you know this idea and how how where it comes from and I I I I I would call a fact and opinion, but it's but it, but it is interesting interest because the data shows it is the rich white people who hold these views I'll leave it there thanks for hanging out next, tomorrow at one thousand, am podcast at six hundred and thirty pm. I will see you all next time. I don't normally like to open the segments with opinion pieces, but this story here from the courier journal maybe one of the most interest,
Op Eds, I've seen in a long time now, of course, is bit of Conf. Bias here, it's a moderate Democrat saying that they may actually switch to Trump because of the far left push the stories. Titled. No one votes to be despised. Democrats message may swing my to Trump. Interestingly, the actual url shows the title may have been different democrats raise. This is a message may swing my vote, which got me thinking about why someone would or wouldn't vote for trump if they were a Democrat, as it turns out this person's fairly, never trumper, as as far as Democrats go and actually criticizes trump for not condemning those who in Charlottesville incorrectly and that's what I found most interesting about it. This person actually believes some of the worst things about Trump and still says they would rather vote for Trump because of these policies. I kid you not this. It sounds like
somebody who thinks all of the worst things about trump racist. Whatever still thinks policy is more important, so here's what I wanna do. I want to read a little bit of this op Ed and I want to go through what's currently going on with the Democrats, because it's, according to other stories, opinion analysis, an news as well as polls, the Democrats. No, they have no strong candidate and they're actually extremely worried. They will lose to trump. I mean case in point Joe Biden. He criticized by his own wife and Barack Obama won't in horses, former VP. All of this spells bad news, and I've got way more than just that. Let's start with the story, though, before we do head over to TIM, cast dot com
donate. If you'd like to support my work, there is a Paypal option to crypto option in the physical edges, but of course I always say this. The best thing you can do is just share this video. I mean you can subscribe like comment below, but my channel as well as many others get deranked. So that means we still appear, but we are facing major competition from corporate channels like CNN, who are being propped up being given an artificial advantage. So if you do like this, just share it or you don't have to let's read this- is from Michael Smith that opinion contributor. He says I am not supporter, but if the alternative to him next year, but if the alternate alternative to him in next year's election is open borders in the green new deal, I may become a trump voter. It's mission without an electoral difference, but hear me out the press has earned a lot of the racial heat that comes his way. His reluctance to condemn the White now journalists in Charlottesville, two thousand and seventeen was inexcusable. He questioned
rock Obama citizenship. Even after the man produced a birth certificate. His feuds with kneeling fell players and other black celebrities serve no purpose, except to stir the pot all list is long and ugly. It would speak for itself if Trump's opponents would let it I'm going to stop right now. This man believes all of the worst things imagine about imaginable about Trump. Now. Some of these things are warranted. However, I want to stress here is a quote from Donald Trump following Charlottesville quote: I'm not talking about the NEO Nazis and white nationalists because they should be condemned Totaly in the same conference, where I said very fine people Now you can criticize him all day for whatever, whatever he was saying. The point is, he said he condemned them totally going to interpret it differently you're allowed to, but I'm just going to give you the quote, so this guy clearly maybe doesn't believe it was legit or doesn't know it exists, and that's why I found this truly interesting. Here's someone who really believes the worst thing about Trump possible that he refuses.
And then these people- and he still saying he's going to vote for the guy wow Policy- extremely important to people I'm being, somewhat facetiously. Of course it is a little bit more. He says they haven't. Instead, they traffic in hysteria and hyperbole, particularly their response to El Paso. Texas Democrats, fell over themselves to implicate the president's rhetoric and policies. Rep Ocasio Cortez, pronounce Trump directly responsible. Imagine having never met the man at all that the El Paso, a perpetrator, the freshman congressman, looked into his heart and determined that he wouldn't have killed. If not for Trump. Is it Wonder the president's defenders reacted not not that they had to look far from material thirteen hours after the Texas event, a self described anti borders. Leftist and Elizabeth Warren supporter killed nine
people in Dayton, Ohio? You can guess how many Democrats acknowledged parallels between their own rhetoric, some of which was echoed by the Dayton Shooter and the rhetoric they blamed for a pet. Are they blamed for El Paso? Its current trajectory gives the Democratic Party to problems in twenty twenty. First, the agenda a spending spree like no country, has ever attempted supposedly financed by a handful of wealthy taxpayers. What could go wrong? Second, the message to voters for decades progressives have denounced America as hopelessly butter gate. Retrograde and racist, naturally they're talking about everyone except themselves, the insult them until they join our side strategy has gained, devote he's since the mass events. Well, no fewer than five presidential candidates have called Trump a white supremacist. Their fellow progressives are shedding their reluctance to say the same of his
supporters. Now I don't want to read through literally everything, but he says that you know. Basically, if that's all, they have he's actually going to vote for Trump. That's the point of the Op Ed. I don't want to just read the whole thing to you, but I want to look at a few things and now, as I did point out Trump condemned so much. Let's clear, take a look at this This is a poll that was that was published on seven hundred and thirty one by the hill, nearly half of independence say democratic party leans too far left I've highlighted several times, but it's extremely relevant here. So forgive me if you've seen it already, but it is important for the context. What is forty eight percent of independent voters believe the Democratic Party is swinging too far left, while only thirty three percent think the Republican Party is leaning too far to the right case in point that Op Ed, a man saying he'd rather vote for Trump. If they're going to the far left now take a look at this. This story is remarkable softly,
calls of support. Mark this year's democratic primary. They say pollsters say one of the most striking characteristics of this cycles. Democratic presidential primary is the relatively softap support for top tier candidates, even after an intense focus on the race by the national media, It's almost certainly reflects the parties desperation to find a candidate who can defeat Donald Trump. After its faith of efforts, faithful were shocked by Democrat Hillary Clintons loss in two thousand, and sixteen said pollsters and other experts interviewed by the hill quote the fear of putting up the wrong person is palpable said: Jeremy Rosner, a veteran democratic pollster. It comes up in every focus group and every conversation I have with Democrats, it's top of mind and intense, and it's behind a lot of the fluidity in the race voters, or at least a large number of them have yet to fall in love with a single candidate. They are instead shuffle
things through the candidate's comparing their possible strengths and weaknesses against Trump and refusing to be pinned down to a single person, you're not seeing the ground swell behind any one candidate said democratic, pollster, Crest, Affinis there. A segment that thinks a centrist or a moderate, is best to be Trump? Hey I'm one of 'em, others think you need someone from the left to rally the base. One slash three segment has no idea: now they gonna talk about Joe Biden and how many people believe he is the best to win. I believe that's actually the case will get to the stats, though because check this out in another poll that was published around the same time. Thirty percent of Democrats in new polls, a few or none of twenty two hopefuls share their values. To me, that is mind. Blowing one slash three of Democrats do not see their values represented on the debate stage, mind blowing, who do they vote for? Why is it because they're far left or is because their model,
I'd have to imagine moderate, because those debates were pushed far left and they're going to give noncitizens healthcare and open borders. That's why Michael Smith criticize Them- or that was the criticism. If it's open there's a green new deal, he says he might vote for Trump. Now take a look at this. Who do you think it was mostly experiencing a disconnect on the Democratic Party, moderate voters, because the other polls show the same thing. The democratic party is too far left and then so what so? What is this? They say: eighteen percent to the G o P, as some Republicans believe that I'm we are too far left. So this is. What's huge to me that democratic voters, one slash three of them- are fractional three little bit of this. They say a new poll found that thirty percent of democratic and democratic leaning, independent voters right here, say
few or none of the twenty. Twenty presidential hopeful share their values in a Harris X, Hill Harris Expo released Tuesday. Four percent of democratic voters said that none of the more than two doesn't contenders running for the parties. Twenty nomination share their values. Six percent of them said that all of the candidates share their values. The poll found that there small difference in men and women. Voters are not going to. We can see that one they said seventy percent of the voting block said that almost or some of the twenty twenty democratic contenders do share their positions here. Voters were more likely to say that two thousand and twenty Democrats have the same values as they do with seventy five percent of those surveyed between the ages of eighteen thirty four saying that at least some of the twenty twenty Democrats share the same views as them now will say this. We get it. I would be in that. Seventy five percent- I'm not I'm thirty three, and I do believe there are a few that share at least some of
values. I think Tulsi Gabbert shares a decent amount more than most and the ones that are important, but Elizabeth Warren calling out big tech. That's a sharing of my value so who wasn't that saw what they had to say and didn't feel anything for any of these candidates, regardless of what I think. Maybe it's not moderates? Maybe it is the far left. Maybe it's all communist. I have no idea. The point is: that's the democratic base, that's thirty percent of Democrats who do not see their candidate up there. Well, if they don't get that support, they're, not going to be Trump now, let's move on and talk about where we're currently going for one. I want to highlight this Democrats back off once fervent embrace of Medicare for all the reason I highlight this and will jump to the polls next, but I want to show that is. As for one Joe Biden is leading and Joe Biden is the centrist. You know moderate type whose whose actually recently said republicans are good people he wants to show. We can work across the aisle, the fact that they're abandoning me
Medicare for all or they're moving from it shows there really is softap support. They really don't know who's going to win, and it could be anybody at this point. Nothing it's Joe Biden, but guess what Joe Biden's got a gas problem check this out. We can see that bite and according to the real politics average, is around twenty nine percent and we can see Elizabeth Warren second place. Fifteen point: eight no he's got almost double what she has in the polls. I it's possible that Biden collapses for a lot of reasons, but for the time being the party is focused on him and here's. The danger of where the Democrats are at the divide between the far left in the moderate Democrats will destroy them in the future. Think about it. If they endorse Biden's policies, if they say no Medicare for all, we got to be centrist and then biting loses the only option there going after. That is to switch to somebody who's more far left I mean the next two people Warren and Sanders. If the party messages centrist policy
and then bite and drops out or or loses or or loses favor with that with the electorate, then Bernie pops up the deal just turn around wait. We changed our mind again you're going to sour voters, because the message will keep changing, but here's where it gets really bad for biting check this out, bite and allies float scaling back. Events to limit gaffes Biden has had so many gaps, and you know I mean this with all due respect for the man who is, I believe, seventy seven or he's up there. I'm not surprise. This is an old dude. You know we all get old. I do not fault him anyway for this, but I will recognize that a certain point. Those who have carried the torch for Decades- need to pass it on. That's just how life is, and I'm not saying biting shouldn't run out like that, but at a certain point perhaps you have to
I don't know who else there is. You know I might vote for, but I seriously might have seriously much. I don't know I don't know because in the end, I'll probably only end up voting for someone like TLC, but I say might if Biden clarifies a lot of moderate policies and the the one thing that really drives me towards concerning him is a return to normalcy for the Democratic Party to a to to basically say to the growing far left. This is not what we need right now. It will send a powerful message, but I admit I kind of probably won't, let's be real, but I but I entertain the idea, we'll see what happens you know I I say this because I don't want to pretend like I wouldn't consider, and I want to pretend like I'm going to definitely do it. I there's there's a the conversation to be had and then there's time to develop, but I think
by and win would which would send a message to the far left that no, you are not the future of this party. You are, you, are you are bracing ridiculous ideologies, non theistic religions and pushing policy that is not popular, hey. I could be wrong. You know Biden's an old guy. The younger people in the race are more far left. So perhaps if the torch is handed down, the Democrats go for or left at least that's the trend. We are seeing now that violence at a ton of gaffes- and I guess they're saying they should they want to reduce. I heard something like it's about. They don't want having later in the day day events you know they need to have them. You know morning and then having rest at night or something like that or that's what people are saying. I could be wrong about that, but check this out. You know I started. I started researching this segment with this piece. Actually, Harry Reid of Horse Medicare for all and decriminalising border crossings are bad ideas.
There are so many more important things to do. The former Senate Majority leader said former Democrat, saying these are bad ideas and So the reason you know I I saw this and I said wow. I wonder if there are other Democrats. Other Democrats who you know you know former powerful positions, saying things like we can't do this and it seems, like there is vice news. You know vice is not it hit hop a fan of the MA. Or it's or the right there kind of far left and
here they are showing a more moderate stance. We can't have these. Let's go back to that first opinion piece: a guy who thinks Trump is the worst thing possible who doesn't know Trump denounced the people in Charlottesville. He thinks he really just let it go. Man he's listen. The reason I highlight this to a great degree. If there is someone who thinks Trump is literally like the worst possible thing it could be, but the policy is more important. Think about all the other people who feel similarly, who would rather believe that they have a racist president with good policy, then vote for someone they think Is it raises a bad policy, not a lot, I'm not playing the game of he is or isn't I'm saying they perceive it that way they see Trump and they believe this about him and they'd still rather vote for the guy I chose see. The Democrats have royally screwed something up, but I
A few other stories we can, we can go through because this one really really struck me. Do Democrats need a backup plan from rollcall dot com. Hayden stumbles continue. A certain former first lady might be well positioned to step in you know. I really do think Michelle Obama could win. I do and it's not because of policy, or anything like that. I mean people for for for what it's worth the bombing years. People felt good about it, at least on the left. So I'm not I'm not talking about, can service look. People voted for Trump also voted for Obama. I think Michelle Obama could win back the center here's the problem she's. Definitely a better can
and all of the Democrats combined- probably Michelle obama- let's be real she's she's, she's charismatic. She is you know she she's got a well crafted image of profession, alley and it's it's the former first lady, very, very popular one, most popular democratic presidents. I think he is the most popular former democratic democratic president. I mean we're we're coming office presidency, but you're gonna see a lot she's just stronger than they are and that and it's that simple she's, strong, she's tall and she's got the weight of Obama right she's got that that you know she is. She is an Obama. Joe Biden is old and gasping. Here's. The thing, though I believe Michelle Obama could rally some former Auburn Obama voters who voted for Trump back to the democratic side. I don't think the progressive will get behind a moderate. That's the problem. Moderates have have it's. Just this fear that I've spoken to people and they say I was recently speaking a couple of people who are fairly moderate and they said if we don't pick someone like Bernie the progressives will not back our candidate and will lose, and I said
well then you're getting a candidate, you don't want so who's. Worse Trump Bernie and they're, like you know Trump, you know to at least this conversation. They felt Trump was bad because of his character and Bernie is bad because this policy and they're like well, I guess we'd rather have Bernie and I'm like. Well, there you go, you have no choice because the progressives are strong, arming you and then I I one of the one of the most talking to they. They said I'm out. I don't think I will you know so so there it is, and I really look at I really mean this. Like you look at that Op Ed and I thought it was striking, take a look at this. This is I think even Michelle Obama would not necessarily win while I showed the other day while the majority absolutely still is either moderate or conservative. On the democrat side, the progressives are growing by the time we get two thousand and twenty, the progressive wing of the Democrats may have taken over, and then someone like Michelle might not be able to win. But you know what.
I don't you know I. I can't make a a strong prediction like that I've shown this graph time and time again you know most of the party wants moderate policies, so maybe that's what they really do need, and I look obviously it's reflected in the the the strong polling of someone like job Hayden, he's reminiscent of the Obama era and he's more moderate. You know I tweeted this out This stuff, going on with receipts, Laban, Israel and Palestine, is exactly what trump needs and wants yep they're playing his game, and it's like I say this all the time you know time and time again we see Trump pulling puppet strings and you can make fun of 'em all day night. I that's fine. I certainly don't care you know, but I'll tell you. This trump calls out the squad he tweets about it. Israel bans them. Everyone says wow Trump. How could you Trump wants them center stage? You know why, because the more famous they get the more this progressive side grows.
The more. The moderates in the conservatives feel they have no choice but to vote for him not just saying that the polls show it. Moderates are more moderates believe the left is too far. Left then believe. The right is too far right. That means advantage Trump and while there are still people who are moderate and scared of Trump, more people are concerned about the left. So Trump says you know what let's make the stories about the far left rise to the top and he is pushing it out. He is calling them out. He is giving them the press trump got. What five billion dollars in free press, And the twenty sixteen cycle, he knows what the press wants and they are eating up all the orange man bad stories, an propping up the far left candidates that Americans don't like. So what happens when you see Harry Reid, Harry Reid. Things are bad ideas when you see
guy actually saying he'd rather vote for his considering voting for Trump in the far left policies. You see that Trump knows exactly what he's doing more or people the Democrats. I want moderate policy, so we make sure Everything we see is far left. I mean I'll admit it is big right. They were getting big before Trump, I'm not acting like we're all stuck in Trump's Trump Chess game, no Trump's just exploiting what already has been happening. It's basically a fire started and got people. People like me, like spraying, the hose being like ha. Admittedly, videos criticizing them and and and and it's probably the same thing- it probably still just give them props and prop them up. It's in the long run, poly bad, I guess, but Trump is sending their. You know, fanning it like Let it come- and I hear this from Trump supporters who sang good. Let him meet themselves, well, not good for me, and, admittedly, not good for the country. Ok, we need a rational, reasonable right. We need someone, who's, moderate who's, going to be like you, we need border security, but we do need health care too.
Let's have a conversation right. I think everybody would agree with that. Instead, we get, we get people trying to shutdown event, it's based around having a conversation with those who disagree with. If you look at the reference I made if you're talking about this the other day, our event is being your targeted back to this. So the moderates, one have a conversation and the conservatives know it. And the consumers are totally cool with it and that's why it's really easy to say: hey, conservative come have a conversation, but the far left is at war with us, the moderates, and so they want to tear us down. They can't let us talk, it's so weird. How they call moderate democrat types, far right, it's insanity but check out this one last segment, I'm going to save to blow your mind. You know what I think I'll do the full segment on this in the next segment at six hundred pm, conservative media has grown under Trump. I wonder why that is well I'll. Tell you why
it's are being shut out and so they're, increasingly rejecting the far left in St Ste, a news outlets, at least that's my perspective. I have found myself just confused when I re some of these stories from Like Newsweek, I'm like what is. This is not true. I made a video about it where Newsweek would a story about a fake quote from a CASA Cortez, which came from a tweet from the Daily Beast, which misconstrued a story from the from the daily beast and all of that turn into a fakes, or four sources, and I was like wow. This is nuts. So then I find myself looking for a healthier media die and this means more views for the conservative side. It absolutely does. I don't want to be fed nonsense.
So, as someone who reads the news in fact, checks when I fact check these sources, the New York Times hiring far left people. I'm like this is not so yeah. It's not just me. There are a lot of people who voted for Obama, who are now trump supporters. There are a lot of people who voted for Bernie, who are now trump supporters, and the same is true for Occupy Wall Street. Do you think they're going to be reading the verge or buzzfeed? No, they voted for Trump. They don't want to hear you rag on the guy that they got behind and now they're being called racist they're going to give the middle finger conservative meeting today I was going to save this for another segment coming up at some point after six, but stick around the next second will be six hundred Pm Youtube dot com. Slash TIM cast news thanks for hanging out I'll rap it up one more one, more time: ok, ugh! I would rather have someone he views is a racist if it means not having far left policy.
Now you know, take it with a grain. I don't want to misconstrue what he's saying, but it seems like he really does believe the worst things about Trump. Maybe it doesn't really believe Trump's racist. He thinks their messaging. No, no! Actually, I'm sorry he does. He says it less would speak for itself for what Trump has done, but he'd rather have that wow I'll see you guys in the next segment.
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