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Democratic Candidate SHOCKED To Find "The Left Lies And Is Mean" After Wave Of Hit Pieces And Smears

2019-09-06 | 🔗

Democratic Candidate SHOCKED To Find The Left Lies And Is Mean After Wave Of Hit Pieces And Smears. For all her faults and criticisms Marianne Williamson didn't deserve the mass ridicule, lies, and smears she received from the media and the left. Unfortunately Marianne had to learn the hard way.Many people don't pay attention to news and end up reading lies and fake news on a daily basis. Because they aren't politically active they don't know it's happening. But once you enter the political world you can't escape it.Recently Marianne Williamson said in an interview that she was surprised to find the left was so mean and she thought the right were the liars, saying“I know this sounds naïve, I didn’t think the left was so mean. I didn’t think the left lied like this. I thought the right did that, I thought we were better.”The left has become a clique and the media bias has become palpable. Trump supporters know it and now hopefully leftists who backed Marianne know it.The establishment media and far left ideologues are mean and they will try to stop you by any means necessary, even lying.While Trump supporters are used to it by now, its interesting to see a 2020 democrat dealing with this and calling it out.

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If you don't really follow news, if you don't really do any invest getting for yourself, you probably believe in saying nonsense. You probably believe things that aren't real you'll believe things about Trump that never happened because the media, just they play this game telephone with each other. They circle around, sharing the same stories and repeating them over and over again without facts, and they live in a bubble separated for most people. The best example of this, the best you know image is the Dave Chappelle Special, which have highlighted several times in the past week, where the critics I think, right now out of like ten reviews, is a thirty percent critic score, but out of twenty thousand audience reviews it's ninety nine percent, the media has become a weird bubble, but it's also a left wing bubble. It is this weird leftist ideology. Well now we have a two thousand and twenty presidential democratic candidate learning full well the power of the media and what happens to you when you go up against the establishment? Marianne Williamson?
This is a bit of a cookie character, I will admit, but she seems very nice and I think she's, a warming presents on that debate stage. I don't think she's made it this time. I don't know it's going to be in it, but she was talking about the power of love, an pushing back and rejecting the negativity in politics. I can absolute respect that I do think she said things that are interesting and weird. In the past, many of her tweets were highlighted, but the media has become this weird. You know left wing, biased click of the popular kids who aren't too smart or a bit vapid and spread lies about people because they think they're just cooler than you Marian Williams, Headset Marianne Williamson says it herself, liberals are mean and they lie quote. I thought the right did that welcome to the party. This is one of the biggest points of the culture war, people who don't know because they don't care and they do pay attention and they blame everyone on the right and then guess what, when you challenge this, when you call out the media, they call you right wing.
Well, I don't think they're going to be able to call Marian Williams Williamson right wing, but what they do is smear her as a crazy hippie crystal conspiracy, theorist, it's very, very unfair. You know look criticize unfair. You know for her with her for criticizing for the things she said, but they play this game right where they talk about crystals at first someone just made a joke, saying she's like a hippie crystal lady, you know show people who wear crystals toe like control energy. I don't I don't know how it works, but she doesn't she's, actually not literally a crystal person but because of the joke, it runs wild and then, in an interview, someone asks her about it and she says I don't own any crystals. You see. Other joke runs wild. They did this something to Sarah Palin. It was Tina Fey on Saturday Night LIVE said. I can see Russia from my house, but Sarah Palin never said that. However, because as many of these people who don't pay attention on the left, don't they can't separate fact from fiction really believe Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her house when what she really said was from the western
most point of Alaska, you can actually visibly see Russia, so there are much they actually deal with Russia going through the Bering Strait and things like that they actually have to have those relationships. That's actually a very apt statement. Instead, the media makes it a joke. People on the left, don't pay attention and don't read, believe it's true and now poor Marion Williamson, who again I will have no problem, saying she's choose cookie a bit but she's getting beaten down by these smears and she had to learn the hard way, get this story and we'll talk about the bias in the media in this weird clicking this and how it's impacting even a democratic presidential candidate. Before we get started head over to TIM, cast dot com, slash donate to support my work. There is a papal option of crypto option a physical address, but the best thing you can do share this video. Why well we're talking about media bias? Again, Youtube is absolutely biased and they prop up mainstream channels and D. Derank independent little commentary like this so because we're gonna be
talking about someone who is a democratic candidate calling out the left. You know people won't be happy about it, but can I stress this point when I say I hold, you know mostly left center left policy. They say TIM's line, he's secretly conservative. Well, when Marion Williamson says the same thing. Can you please stop? This is a perfect example of how the left is trying to excise everyone they can, for whatever reason to create the sphere of ideological purity great. When you get rid of people like Marian Williamson, I don't think there's a left anymore. Let's read it from Fox NEWS: Longshot democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson suggested in a new interview that she was surprised, find liberals are so mean and even lie lashing out at the party's treatment of her spirituality tennis campaign. Williamson sat down with New Yorker editor David Remnick for a wide ranging podcast conversation
which he also denied being an anti vax. She was asked about her plan to take on President Trump with kindness and the politics of love, as well as the reception her campaign has gotten. I know this sounds naive Williams and sat. I didn't think the left was so mean I didn't think the left to live like this. I thought the right did they. I thought we were better Williams and said the haters in this country have been collectivized for political purpose and added that liberal New York Times columnist, look Nicholas Kristof would have been her ideal secretary of state before he condemned her candidacy. But then I read that he can't stand me so he probably wouldn't want to work for me, but why can't he stander? Is it because she's actually a bad person? I think Mary Williams is actually a really nice and lovely person. I absolutely respect her calls for a love and kindness and her and she's refused time and time again to attack make personal attacks on other candidates. That is extremely respectable tremendously respectable, but they tear her down anyway. Why people love being angry? They love
being angry, there's even an ounce of anger in me presenting this I am angry that they would go after a woman who's trying to advocate for kindness. Look, you can point out to a long shot can, but they lie about so much claiming she's an anti vax are now. I can't speak to the vaccination. Stuff Williams had also told the new Yorker that she is not an anti vax are and admitted that vaccination say of lives. Saying a sloppy comment resulted in her being labeled as Anti vax are, which put a target on are for social media mockery. I said that they were draconian. I said that they were orwellian. She said I would not say that now it was a sloppy comment that a presidential candidate should not have said at one point. During the be willing interview, Williamson oddly said that Trump's facial features have changed over the years but declined to elaborate. I don't care about Trump's facial features, but I'll make a point about the vaccination stuff, pointing out that people calling for go
for men to manage a medication as draconian Orwellian is a factual statement. I believe vaccinations are incredible and they've done amazing things and I believe, they're extremely important, and I hope you are all getting your kids vaccinated. A lot of the a lot of the talk about you know, anti backs or stuff is based in Miss in for Russian, and it's unfortunate. I also think the government should be mandating. Look it's a nuanced issue, but government mandated medication, Teraph Izmi, it is recone Ian. She was not wrong, but they call or an anti vax are because of that they do this to everybody and they used public shame to get you to backpedal and then diff and authoritarian policies like like mandatory medication. That's that's I'm sorry. I find that creepy. I really really do. However, you know in my personal opinion, I don't get into that stuff. I think we should you know: kids should have to be vaccinated if they want to go to public schools. I see no problem with that, because you don't have to home. Schooling is an option. An private schooling is an option. So if the public votes that
need to be vaccinated go to school, I see no problem with that. However, I don't know exactly what our comments were about, but I would certainly say if you're gonna mandate, medication, that's weird, so I don't, I think, in the end, what they do is they take anything they can to try to destroy. You and she's really felt the brunt of this. It's actually said they say that the spiritual author turned presidential hopeful has called for a department of yes, I think it's silly. She talked she tweeted. This millions of us seeing Dorian turn away from land is not a wacky idea. She said in an hour delete a tweet. It's a creative use of the power of the mind two minutes. Prayer visualized visual visual is a meditation for those in the way of the storm. Yeah sure I lied to you that the twenty the post that Williams and promptly accused him of trying to debunk counter or MIS characterized anything. I do it's no surprise. They do the exact same thing. The trunk trump is a Republican, so they just say oh trump, just trying to come after the press. No, the real
buddy is the media is biased. Take a look at this story from November of two thousand and eighteen. It was the Arizona State University question four hundred sixty two financial journalists around the country. Now I understand the financial they followed up with eighteen, additional interviews, the journalist work for the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Washington, Post, eight p and a number of other newspapers and what they find, what they found surprised. But what what I found surprised them you even the supposedly hard nosed financial reporters were overwhelmingly liberal. Four hundred sixty two percent for six. Do people surveyed seventeen point six percent called themselves very liberal. While forty point four percent describe themselves as somewhat liberal, when you add it up. Fifty eight point four seven percent admitted to being left of center along with that another thirty seven.
I want to claim to be moderate. That means there are thirteen liberals for everyone. Conservative, whatever happened to ideological diversity, they ask the results, are clear in this story from this is Columbia, Columbia, journalism, review September, twelve, two thousand and eighteen there is parts of a new night foundation. Gallup poll released Tuesday won't come as a huge surprise to most surprised most journalists, trust in media is dead own again. We can talk about all the reasons. Trust in media is down, but it becomes exemplified when even adult swim a few days ago publishes this comic. Now I highlighted this comic in my story. About Dave, I believe, was about Dave Chappelle, but this is very, very important for those that didn't see it. Those are listening. Let me describe it to you. You have a bunch of people point.
It was one person point of this guy. Oh my god, it's coming. We have to hide. They say the next panel, quick in here as they run into a cave, and what are they running from a gigantic concrete, the truth in the sky? And why are they running from it? What might they be doing? What might these people be in the cave that someone says hoof at least in here we can safely work on our journalism with lies. Lies lies spray painted on the wall, with someone being filmed as they a picture of a unicorn's allies on it, adult swim, millenial, adult millennial, adult swim. Did this comic out and boy was the left angry? But this is the perfect sample. Is Marianne Williamson a crystal loving, hippie lunatic? You can call it whatever you want, but the crystal things was made up: she's, not a crystal lady was a joke, run wild and they and and out the author of this comic, the the person who drew it sat at a lot of what we see today could easily be factored by. The public
trust is down here's the problem. Marianne Williamson learned this the hard way, but I wonder if her supporters are not gonna learn this too, and at what point? Do we push back and say media is being dominated by freaky weirdos and their minute billing manipulating the left into believing insane weird things and people don't like it guess what liberals are mean they do lie. But I think liberals is the wrong word. It's it's. This new left liberals have been excised from the left. We have the story which came out yesterday evening, the Washington Post's lost summer, and this is I'm Stephanie Grisham and Hogan Gidley and of course there were some mainstream reporters saying: oh harrumph, why are trump appointees slamming the press? Why are they using taxpayer funded money to spend time writing about the problems of the media because the media doesn't do its job anymore? And it's not a conservative opinion, Marion Williamson's calling out of the left saying they lie? Okay, I know she's,
saying journalism, but we know we know about the bias okay, but at the very least her coming out and saying this should be a wake up. Call people say TIM: why do rag on the left so much? Why is Marian Williamson doing it? She's a democratic candidate you'd think she thought it was conservatives. She said it. I thought the right did this welcome to the other side of the flames. Ok, it doesn't matter what your political leaning is. It matters that you speak up, stand up and try and fight for what you believe in merry once and believes in reparations. I disagree with me like most of our policy positions, but I don't think it's fair to lie about what she believes in. I think we should represent her fairly and let people decide for themselves and because he stood up, they tried to destroy her. It's a game. It's this new, the popular kids in high school laughing, pointing the finger thinking they're, so smart and they're not. This is really interesting. It talks about fake news from the Washington Post. They say it's been a lost summer for the Washington Post from Memorial Day to
Labor Day, the post has some pretty embarrassing moments. Weather was incorrect. Only stating that presidents do not deliver remarks on the fourth of July, ignoring speeches by Reagan, Kennedy and Obama, or being called out for shoddy political motivated fact. Checking the posts lost summer culminated with a fateful day in August when it was for issue, fifteen corrections to a single article, yeah, it's the left, the look, I'm I'm not. I'm not saying this to act like a conservative in the right, don't make mistakes. I'm saying this as somebody who is on the left for their whole life witnessing all of these problems, and today, I'm not so eyes to see someone like Marian Williams and saying the exact same thing now look does that that she's got some other stuff going on controversial health remarks. She was tweeting, some journalists, mom direct messaging, this person, but here's another example of how mean how mean these people are. Apparently Marian. Williamson knows Molly Jong fast smother. Something like that.
I don't know, and the arms are saying you know your daughter is mean or whatever. So what do you do? Molly John fast publishes the dm's. She says Merry Williams and do and my mom to complain about me and I have receipts also, my mom's phone doesn't do screen shots or something anyway. The point is: why would you publish someone the PM's it just proves Marion right, they are mean they're very, very mean. So, let's, let's, let's re little bit more about the Washington Post's complete failures as the summer came to a close, the post out to report the president summer accomplishments, but reporting is not what the post does. Two of its writers published an opinion article they claimed was news, but that instead pushed their own personal political now, but if that President Trump had a last summer of squandered opportunities and few accomplishments, they say the truth is Trump racked up. Many well documented victories that directly benefited the american people at home and abroad. When the post asked the White House, the White House probably provided
a detailed list of administrations. Twenty six most important successes of the summer, all of those twenty six accomplishments the post chose to publish just for which it buried under a lot up. Under eleven paragraphs of editorialized critique, a state media bias comes in two forms: it plays a role in deciding what news is and is not. What is? It is and is not covered, and also when deciding how that news is covered. In this instance, the post reporters are guilty of both. It is obvious that they had their own predetermined, pre written narrative and they simply discarded information. They could have challenged that this is not only a disservice to readers, but also an offensive agree just a front to true news news journalism, there's more, I I think we can leave it there. There was some other stuff. I thought was really really interesting. They talk about. You know the rat infested stuff, let's, let's actually I'll, read this paragraph in the media jumped on the bandwagon to rip Trump for calling Baltimore rat infested, but the media
never apologize. When a video surfaced of Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh, making the exact same complaint when the president called out the comments and media posts from Rep Alexander because of what has on a Presley, Ellen all markets, labor, the press dismissed the Democrats bigotry as a near in the open to dialogue about jewish influence in the world. There was also a summer's worth of major outlets openly questioning trump sanity, but the hourly gap. Hi Joe Biden are part of what humanizes him we get it. We know exactly how the game is played and I think for the rest of us, seeing even a democratic candidate call. This out, it's been refreshing to see tulsi, Gabbert and Andrew Yang question media bias, Tulsi Gabbard more so she's, even suing Google, but maybe at a certain point of the bubble, has to burst the way I've described it.
The past is that there used to be. You know two sides, the left and the right, and the left is in this spiral where everyone is playing a game of telephone with these extreme stories and because of that, the narrative about what's going on is getting crazier and crazier. It came to a point in my opinion, made. Maybe I'm wrong when MSNBC host said Trump was talking about exterminating Latinos, which is an egregious lie, and it's just downright nuts, but this game of telephone calls it is in is: is it's just insane people for two thing about like Trump rounding up citizens of the country and deported? I was like what are you talking about? Nothing has happened, calm down, but here's the thing. Moderates and conservatives are free from this. They've stepped through the flames and the media is spinning faster and faster and desperation as their ratings dropped. A CNN just recently did this town
climate change and they were last in the ratings. People would rather watch MSNBC and Fox NEWS on a regular night. Then all of the presidential candidates what's happening is these media companies are so desperate. They're are ramping up the rhetoric, spinning faster and faster and as the cycle spins faster and faster it ejects people they get thrown from it right. A point now where Mary in Williamson the cookie left wing no democratic candidate, was just throw from it, and now she is outside of the fire. Looking at laughed spinning like and pure insanity and she's going, that's not there they're lying about me. Well, don't fear me been we're all still. You know we're all here now decided that flame, the flame reference, I believe, is Andrew Breitbart's. When you said you know, many people on the left are scared to walk through because they feel on the other side, it's like you're social outcast, but once you do you realize life is better. It's free! It's normal! You don't have to be a conservative. You can be a moderately,
you could even be a socialist and as long as you call out the lies, people don't care. It reminds me of the story. I was in Berkeley and I saw a guy wearing a mask with the sickle and hammer flag. Was a communist flag mask and was wearing communist shirt, so I asked him: how do you well, you know what you're a communist you? How do you feel about the authoritarian regimes and he said I reject them. Communism shouldn't be that way, and I was like yeah it's too bad. They all tend it being that way and he's like right, but you know he's still rejected. I was like okay. Well, what about Antifa? You know they're showing up. Many of them are communists, they're getting violent and he said that's wrong. They shouldn't be doing that and I was like wait. What really I was like you're, a masked communist handing out literature in Berkeley and he was like yeah and he was absolutely wrong for the violence. I shook his hand. I don't care if you're communist dude, if you did now, is vital to the Thor Terrenos on. We can have a conversation about your political beliefs, and I I just
this too, you know are there is such thing as libertarian communism or not communism and people on the right, don't seem to understand they're like no, it's not possible, but listen. Ten people living on a farm there you go, they they just they just work in a support each other. It works really really well on a small scale. So yeah you get people advocating that, unfortunately, I think as to scale it up to beyond. Maybe like forty people. It doesn't work anymore, but there is small scale tribal and uncle communism at the root. So the point is I don't care what you believe. Marianne Williamson, I don't care if you actually do have crystals. I think it's it's important that we fairly represent, who you are and what you believe and then people get to choose if that's something they agree with. I do believe you said things that I completely disagree with, but I respect you trying to be civil. Look at look at what Hillary Clinton said. You know we'll be civil once we win Marion Williams and stepped up.
He was an outlier on the left to step up and says we need to be civil now we need kindness and respect and refused to personally attack people. So I got I got a standing ovation for that because, even if I don't agree with you politically, the fact that you're willing to be kind and respectful is exactly what we need. It's like Daryl Davis. Ok, you guys know he is he's the dude who deradicalize clan members. Why? Because he listened to them, he gave them the respect they asked for and they listened back and that's why? I think it's important, but you know what just like they smear her. They smeared us. They claim that we're all the bad people on everyone's wrong and evil and they mock and belittle her when she had good intentions. She was a little wrong. It's important to be nice and I can say the same thing to like the Anti asked you to the committee on you too, and I have you know out at the events we just did in Philly, Sargon And- and I want a panel called admitting. You were wrong and start on mentioned that he used to be mean. He said he wasn't always me started out very nice and eventually became mean, but then realized. It was wrong and I applaud that absolutely
when you I I look. I I understand I've been mean. I've been angry, the past two. I think it's fine. If people you know get emotional periodically, but not if you build your entire, you know culture around and that's what she's facing now. So you know honestly, I feel, like I've talked about some of this. It's just so much. We all understand it already, but it it really does mean a lot to see Mary and come out and say this. I thought it was the right. She said, no, the left their mean and they lie well, congratulations. You know you've used up to the fire, and I mean that since it's a good thing and you can see them for for who they are and what they're doing and we need to stop them because they're being destructive to our community. So this is really great news. Okay, it's really great news, because if you can get people like Tulsi, Gabbard, Andri, Yang, Merion, Williamson, to start seeing the facade and seeing what this weird biased, far left ideology. These weird people are doing these bullies. Organ
better off the sooner we get rid of this weird bully outrage lie nonsense from the media, the sooner we can fix things until then, though, Marion now you I understand why people voted for Trump. Now you I understand why they won't listen to you know they don't believe the media at all trump can say whatever he wants people to say. I don't care the media. Just lies all the time and she says it's. The left, yep. Stick around next time it will be coming up at Youtube, dot com, Slash TIM cast news at six hundred pm, and I will see you all there. Multiple massive antitrust probes are about to hit Google and Facebook next week. The story from day email is a dozens of state attorney, attorneys general set to begin their antitrust investigation into Google and Facebook next week. Adding to the scrutiny of the tech giants are already facing a federal in a federal probe, and this also comes just after Youtube had to pay
one hundred and seventy million dollar penalty for collecting private information on children in violation of the law. Can you say I'm really confused how all of this is happening all around us and we keep stories talking about how nothing's really going on? We have leaked emails. We know that Google and Facebook and twitter these big tech companies are biased, they're playing dangerous games and we know then get in what's called behavioral behavioral manipulation. Ok, there are companies that you can hire program your apps to manipulate people, that's what they all do, and we know it now faces it's announcing. They're gonna be doing dating. You know when I first heard about the Facebook dating thing I was like well, that's creepy, but then actually thought about this. You know it's actually kind of cool, because imagine this right have, you noticed, have you ever notice
advertisement on Facebook for something you were talking about this phenomenon? It's it's! It's very common everybody and has experienced this and people think it's because Facebook is listening to what you say. That's not true. Facebook knows so much about you. Where you go. What you do they know when you poop, I'm not exaggerating they do. It was a story about it. They can predict it. They know when you eat, they know all of this. So they can predict perfectly what you will end up talking about. That's the power of a I and it's rather creepy. I once went to WAL Mart and I walk past a bunch of tv is that were on sale and I pointed to ok, that's interesting. When I got home I saw an ad for basically that exact same thing from Walmart and I left it's not be ' 'cause. They were spying on me, its beak ' 'cause. They know I went to Walmart because because they're tracking my phone and based on my back my behavioral profile, they said you probably would like a tv. They knew that I would be in the electronics I'll nothing about this
as creepy as it is. Could you imagine if Facebook found the perfect person for like the perfect people dipped a couple like? Could you imagine, if also was like date, this person trust us? We know so much about you. You guys will get along it's greatly, but actually sounds kind of nice just like not have to worry about filling out stupid questions. Facebook just knows, although I think about the future and that's really really nightmarish. So perhaps we need an anti trust investigation into these companies. It's about time it's happening while the federal government may be doing we're now, seeing all of these state level attorneys are going after them. Good big tech is a is a nightmare yeah I we're living in in the in the post up like we're living in the in the futuristic nightmare dystopia. It was just you know. All these books in the past lately predicted what was going to have and you combine arm to get a little bit, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four a little bit of Fahrenheit four hundred and fifty one little bit of brave new world. You know you get 'em all together and we get a little bit of everything.
While these these authors could see one aspect, they couldn't see the whole picture. Well, let's read what's happening with Google and Facebook before we get started head over to timcast dot com, slash time, if you would like to support my work, there's a Paypal option of Crypto option a physical address, but the best thing you can do is share this video, because I am here pointing the finger at on biting the hand that feeds me why? Yes, this video is posted on Youtube and I just criticize them over collecting children's private data, and now I'm going to agree that they should be they should face an antitrust probe. I have to imagine. Google is not going to like that. You know I made of we're talking about Facebook antitrust and it got confirmed. Demonetized broke no rules, no close at all, there's literally no guideline or rule or advertising restriction about talking about tech polisy. Yet they struck it down.
They want to make sure you don't profit off of calling out there be yes, well, google it to bag it too creepy and Facebook and Google together extremely creepy. You know, would be the end of the world if Facebook and Google Merged- I just be, I'm not going to live in the woods. A three the story says dozens of state attorneys general are set to launch separate, anti trust investigations into Facebook and Google as early as next week, which will add to the scrutiny the tech tech giants are already facing from a federal probe sounds good to me. The Google investigation is expected to be announced on Monday outside the Us Supreme Court and will be spearheaded by republican tech attorney General KEN Paxton Sources told the Wall Street Journal. Meanwhile, Democrat New York attorney General Letitia James,
be leading an overlapping group of attorneys attorneys general. In a probe of Facebook, we got unity, we got Democrats, we got Republicans point the finger at big tech and saying, let's shut him down. Well, I don't want let's say I'm not a little hyperbolic. Let's read on attorneys general reportedly attorneys general attorneys General will reportedly be looking at the possible harm to consumers from impact on digital advertising, as well as in vested getting concerns over Facebook's control of personal data. Google has said that it was cooperating with the state officials, but Facebook has not commented so so say. The probes by the attorneys general, which have been speculated for several weeks, could be expanded to include other tech giants. Yes, please. I would like to see that very much
the tech giants among the richest and most powerful companies in the world are facing increasing antitrust scrutiny from Congress Federal agencies and now the state's attorney's general. Why is it that we wait until they've become too powerful and already have disrupted much of our way of life before actually doing anything about it? Maybe it's because I'll tell you what it is that I'll tell you why Google and Facebook plate smart and side with the Woke left. By agreeing with the people who typically call for regulation and antitrust they've staved off this battle, conservatives are torn tween. Those who are angry of the censorship and they'll say, but we shouldn't regulate a private business. Then you have the left that typically wants to. They say we should regulate these big companies. Big corporations are bad. Ah, but the corporation, you know favor their ideology and they say it's just a private business. What you know what I think I think many people on the left know full well. There is a
case against conservatives and to an extent, moderates and even some liberals, but mostly to the right. I think they know the bias exists and that's why they keep saying, but it's a private company, because if they really cared, if they didn't think there was a bias, they wouldn't be defending it as a private company. The fact that they offer up any defense at all means they understand the benefit benefit. They're receiving, could think about this. If you came right now and said, this big little giant is doing something wrong, they'd be like shut him down. We don't care. Why shut him down and a bunch of left wingers were like? Well, it's a private business. No now now Bernie Sanders called for the arrest and prosecution of oil exacts. Okay. I think I don't think it's even the the only one people wouldn't break the law. Okay, you're, going too far for me, see I'm a moderate. I'm kinda like let's pass new laws and and and and and work our way towards. You know more more carbon neutrality in renewable technology stuff slowly,
but we don't go in just arrest people because of the legal business they were running had a negative impact. That makes no sense, but this is a point: why defend any big corporations at all? Why would the left defend Facebook? After all of the bad things face? Okay done! Why would people on the line and say I want to everybody because you've got you know, Tulsi Gabbard and you've got some prince. Will people you know. Elizabeth Warren is calling them out so so that, but there are leftist defending facebook. Didn't facebook sell private data came gentle, helping Trump get elected. Why would you defend them as, but with private business? It makes no sense. I can only imagine the reason is they know who they reap the benefits of the bias and so sitting there thinking. Oh man, this is a really good they're banning people we don't like, but it's a private company, no dude! Sorry, you betray your principle to the last minute. Surely you must be benefiting. They say.
The Justice Department said in July that it was opening a broad investigation of major digital technology firms focusing on whether they engage in anticompetitive practices. The investigation is believed to be a Google Amazon and Facebook and potentially apple good separately. Will trade Commission, which also enforces antitrust law, is also probing Amazon and Facebook to determine if they abused their massive market power in retail and social media respectively? Of course, they do go to go to Facebook right now, go to Facebook right now. Well, don't close the video you gotta keep watching, but to open a new tab, send a message to one of your friends type in M, I n D S, dot come just that mine's DOT com Pepin in and see what happens you will you, your jaw will probably drop. You want to talk about anti competitive anything. I think I think
hello right minds need to send a letter to the FTC and say you want to talk about anti competitive behavior on Facebook's part. Again, I will stress, try and post a comment now in my on a mobile. It's a little different from the moment asking out. Sometimes it goes through, but open up a browser go to one, your friends or try posting this try posting a status. Am I and d s dot, c, o M and tell me what happens? I'm I I'm pretty sure I'm going to see a ton of people. The comments going. Oh my god whole leave your sleep and for those that can't do it. Now that we've we walk a little basket of an opportunity. I'll tell you what happens they block it? That's right! Facebook blocks any attempt to post a link to mines, dot com. You have to do an auto capture to prove you're, not a bot tell that's, not anticompetitive behavior. You know why mines for those that don't know is a social network that aims to be decentralized and
it comes to when it comes to like policy enforcement, they've, jury system, you break the rules, the people who run don't decide whether or not you should be banned, and I don't think you can get, but I think they put you in. I cannot say for work category if you, if you engage in like offensive speech or something they put a tag on it, it's filtered, but you can. Anyone can still see it if I just clicked not safe for work, but if you do get some kind of like restriction, I've been called a restriction because kind of just like if the tab, but if you do get any kind of night of action because of your speech, it's all. You can appeal to a jury of users who decide whether or not it was offensive and should be. You know removed or not so bill who runs mine says it's about just upholding the first amendment. If it's against the law or whatever, then the jury decides if it should be removed and then it is, and that's a really smart thing, because Jordan Peterson has talked about you know with his new social platform, saying something like they'll:
take it down with a court order. That's a bad idea like imagine. If someone Doxes, you would be like, please take it down, it'll be like send me the court order. No, no do this, my private information right or if someone actually breaks the lawn and starts inciting violence, you probably should just take it down. Yeah things are clear line, but that's why mines makes sense, because the users decide there's. No, there's no authority is a democratic process, but that's why it's so funny. This is why they need to come after Facebook. When you try to share a link to a competitor. Facebook impedes you and a lot of people don't notice and a lot of times I'll, try to post and just they don't see the block, because you can a you know, it comes up and you've got to click a button and that it approved the use of, but the it if they don't do that for other for other websites. Clearly, Facebook is taking action against a competitor that that that's enough right. Why can't I share a
I? Will company, because they're anti competitive and by controlling what people can see they restrict you from going somewhere else? Could you imagine if an order by cheese burger at Burger king at a walk, thru, Mcdonald's, first and a Donald says where you going and you're like I'm working all you know what we're closed. You can't come in sorry. That would be insane we. We would allow that. Admittedly, the knowledge isn't perfect. The general idea that was that Facebook is the dominant social network. If they're going to block rivals like how will I mention, if you called him on the phone and said what phone company do that give rise, and you should definitely not you- should switch over to put the line goes dead? Wouldn't that insane, because our communications tools? This is the problem of monopolies. This is why Facebook is becoming dangerous. They don't want you using rival services and there being supported by a media that will say me or anybody who dare oppose the tack oligopoly, which is uh so really insane. You look at
smears that came out about what we were doing with you know the minds of and in Philadelphia you look at you know. Mines had like four profiles that were like extra their extremist groups and they barely posted. So vice runs this whole piece. Smearing everything about mines and much like we took those accounts down like we. We complaining about Twitter has like a hundred times worse because for some reason there are these people in I'm a left in media who love the establishment and love the tech giant's and defend them too thin. I don't I don't get it, I don't. Even I mean you know what maybe it's because they're for Terence and they love serving their tech masters or maybe that's a conspiratorial. Maybe these companies can protect our behavior so well. They've created an ecosystem that supports people who hold these views than their articles get shared more. They get hired more that this is that this is the true nightmare dystopia of big tack, and why we need this. Okay, look. Look, look look at this way. One of the correct prerequisites now forget
hired is having a following. They may not say that, okay and and and certainly people with no following, can get jobs, but a lot of companies wanna know how many followers you have with the higher you why they want those articles to get shared and make money nothing about this way. Facebook twitter Youtube, whoever they can prop up. People recommend them who are favorable to their view of the world. All a sudden. Now you have all these people with thirty thousand followers on twitter who are writing for their companies saying you know, anyone who compete with Facebook is bad. Facebook is our Lord and Savior. It's a private company can do it at once and you're thinking self. Why are all these people supporting Facebook Mark Sucker Burg's a creep and it could just be the bias within the system supports those who defend the system that is creepy. I'm not saying it's that bad right
now, I'm not saying that someone is facing a Google was like who loves the establishment tech oligopoly, give them followers. I'm not saying that I'm saying that's where we could be headed. May I mean not that are to be happening. It's not someone! I want to live, you know, so so I'm going to wrap this up. So you get it. We know the news there. We go otherwise I'll just rant about all these stupid tech companies, but I will end by saying this: that's I say in almost every video. Please share this video. You know why do you think Google wants me preaching about why they should be broken up and whether bed and I'll admit if you tube and Google, these companies are broken up? I stand to lose a lot. My whole business is predicated upon the fact that Youtube is losing money but supports creators because it's beneficial to them. Well, I don't care I draw there see everything I have just be: swept up and wiped away by Anti Trust, shutting down big tech, because it's better for the world than to sit here and benefit off of it and that's why I'm a problem for Google and that's why they do you rank my content or at least partly? Why?
Because I'm not one of these people is gonna, sit back and say: well, you tube can do whatever it wants to private company. No, I'm gonna do the opposite, I'm gonna say oh yeah. I make a career for you to one hundred percent people watch my videos on Youtube absolutely and I think it's a nightmarish problem for a society the way they operate there d ranking partly because of that. So when you share this video, you create an interesting problem. They can't outright delete. You have broken no rules but sure their allies in media have been frying and eventually it will say we must get rid of the pipeline and yeah. I'm on the chopping block, we'll see what happens, but for the time being, taken D rank me all day and night. What they can't stop you from sharing the link. It would be way too much for Facebook, Google and twitter toe outright back a link to a video, that's critical of them and that's the best. We can do right now, so I'll leave it there stick around next time. It will be coming up at one p, DOT M on the
channel. I will see you all next time. Every so often I talk about survival and preparation. I don't mean like prepping for the end of the world, but the idea of some kind of survival preparation has a negative connotation. People are made fun of for talking about emergency supplies and emergency food and a hurricane hits. Take a look at this headline from the daily mail. People are shooting each other for food and water Bahamas. Hurricane Dorian, after will be staggering. Without I'm still missing at as bodies pile up and militias are formed to stop looting. What would you do if a disaster struck? Your area? Do you live in a big urban center, while you're in serious trouble the government FEMA they may come in to provide some relief, but it's not perfect and depending on the scale of the disaster, you may be in serious trouble. The Bahamas is not like New York City,
but people are still shooting each other for food and water and militias are still forming and that's why I think it's so damn funny that preppers are mocked and ridiculed. Now I get it. You know when you turn on the tv and you watch these proper shows they do make these people you know, seem knots. They got all. This is big. You know bomb shelter, full of chef, boy, R, Dee Ravioli other canned goods. Well, I don't. Even I don't even think I don't even think that stuff lasts long enough anyway. The point is, you know I I talked about this. Do you have a mark can see water that can last you a couple weeks. Do you have emergency food that can last you and your family a couple weeks, I'm not telling you to prepare for the end of the world. I'm telling you hurricane happen every single year, but let's talk about the actual potential for political violence, I mean it's there will we get to a point where people will be shooting each other food water? Not politically? Ok, and that's the thing when we talk about you needed to take care of yourself, get a generator, get solar, get whatever you need. It's not because of the war
old is going to end up going apocalypse. It's because sometimes it floods, it actually once a lot, especially if you live by water. So what happens if you are without food? Well, this is a a really terrifying example of what can happen to urban centers. In the event of a may, your storm hurricane hit New York only a few years ago, I believe, was a category one when it hit and there's a lot of flooding out there. I believe this shut down the power for a few weeks. What I but I'm pretty sure that was the hurricane. I was down there when the power was out and there were people guarding. The bodegas will corner stores with like two by fours and then lines coming out the door, and they said that the the the refrigerated goods they're good for about a day, if that- and they were like- hey whatever's in There- is going to go bad, quick, so buy it now and every time you open it, it loses what little cool with left in that fridge. So for the most part you were going in and everything was like. I don't know man, it was nuts. It was nuts to experience that
this is what's truly scary. About a real disaster is one of the reasons why I don't want to live in a city 'cause, I'm not after experiencing what I experienced in New York, I'm like wow man, New York could get hit with a hurricane who knows when living in a city doesn't seem fun when you, when you see stories about militias forming after after a hurricane, I mean it's sad, read the story and and and I will stress you know to all the talk- all the people who who are grieving. You know my condolences. I know it's not much to say thoughts and prayers, but we we hope for the best- and this is what's really scary, but if there's anything that can be could consider a positive. This should be a warning to people to not sit around and think you know touch her to have an optimism bias. This is what prevents people from taking care of themselves. They believe that it can't happen to them. Well, I understand the Bahamas.
It's in you know the hurricane area on hurricanes happen. So you know these things hit. They do it's unfortunate, but it's curling up and going along the EAST Coast right now and even outside of hurricanes. Think about earthquakes. Think about, I don't know any kind of disaster. There was an algal bloom in one of the Great lakes a few years ago, and people can drink water and then all of like within forty miles, all bottled water was gone. Go we have you go get the water now and have a couple weeks worth for your family. In the event, this happens you're not going to be getting into a fight daily mail reports. The death toll from devastating hurricane Dorian will be staggering, with thousand still missing. Officials have warned amid reports. Looters are trying to shoot
people in the scramble for food and water, and, and you know what man I almost don't blame people when you're starving you'll do whatever it takes. You know, so I I I I I wish I did get to that point. But there are people who are it's the water that comes first, okay, you can go a long time without food without water, you're gonna see true desperation. You're gonna see the fear in people's. I yes and they're gonna, say I'm sorry as they raise that gun and take whatever you have up to. Seventy thousand are in need of life saving assistance, while great a Baco is said to be virtually uninhabitable with bodies piled up and witnesses say there is a smell of death across parts of the island. Well, the official death toll
stands at thirty. The number is expected to rise a day and hundreds of body bags have been ordered. A massive international relief effort was ramped up today, as survivors revealed horrifying details of the aftermath of the one hundred and eighty five mile mile per hour category five storm, one of them, Alicia Cook, broke down in tears as she revealed, everything is gone. People are starting to panic, pillaging looting, trying to show people for food and water. It's just no way everyone's got. It's just no way everyone's going to get out no homes, no banks, no gas stations, no hardware stores everything is gone. She added desperate attempts are being made to evacuate people to the capitol in Nassau, but efforts have been complicated by flooded runways at Grand Bahama International Airport, addressing fears the death toll from,
as after will climb Health Minister Duane Sands warned. Let me say that I believe the number will be staggering. Some local some locals call the government's initial official death toll a tragic under estimate. You smell the decomposing bodies, as you walk thru Marsh Harbour, said Sandra Sweeting, thirty, seven in an interview, amid the wreckage on great Abaco, it's everywhere. There are a lot of people who are going to make our who aren't aren't going to make it off this island. Look at this photo for those that are listening. You can't see it, but it's just complete obliteration. This storm was huge hundred eighty five miles an hour category. Five and people have an optimism bias. They just truly believe these things can't happen to them. I'm not telling you to panic, but that's the last thing, I'm saying: don't panic, don't panic just be ready to protect your family and for
now look I get it Bahamas there in the path of these hurricanes. So this damages is way worse than you know. People landlocked, United States would experience, but the optimism buys will get your man, you never know what could happen. The absolute were worst case scenario where the preppers lose their minds like building a faraday cage, because a solar flare will hit right. That's you know cool now we know what could happen, but the reality is drought, earthquake, flash flood common things.
You know I I grew up in Chicago and we had periodic floods in some areas and people were shocked like I can't believe the water got that I've never seen it like that. Well, it happens so you've got a you've, you've, you've, you've, you've got a plan. You know, I wonder if people would would if, if we would do better as a country, if we made little kids play chess just for one reason to make people think about what comes next, you know you might not realize something as possible, you put it off and say who cares and then something happens and you didn't plan for it. Some of these photos are a tray check, but this one, but it was just complete and total obliteration. So we can see here that people are bringing in boxes. It's as a man carries box outside a looted supermarket in Bahamas. I work part time in a funeral home. I know
what death smells like said: Anthony Thompson, twenty seven there must be hundreds. Hundreds extra security has been deployed with witnesses, seeing residents breaking into liquor stores and supermarkets carrying off goods in bags or filling their vehicles. Local militias have been formed to clamp down on the widespread looting, malicious forming. It's just like complete to sign a break down where the police, where the police force, and is this thing thing about militias people. You know on the laughter they talk about. Second, at the second amendment stuff, they act like a militia is controlled by the government. No, it's just a bunch of people banding together with weapons. That's the point, at least in my then you have a second amendment. It's not always about foreign invaders or government tyranny. It could be that after a major disaster, the people need to secure their home from outside threats, even domestic, and so what do they do? They start guarding stores to protect
a resource is right, they're going to say ah, evacuation efforts are underway and a few one hundred people set at the partly flooded Leonard M Thompson Airport on Abaco Island Thursday, as small planes picked up the most vulnerable survivors, including the sick and the elderly. Evacuation was slow and there was frustration for some who said they had no, where to go after the category five hurricane splintered whole neighborhoods. They told us that the babies, the part of people and the elderly people were supposed to be first preference said, look at Thompson a twenty three year old bartender, but many were still waiting. We have more photos just complete and total just obliteration of of of of neighborhoods. All of these photos, despite hardship and uncertainty, those at the airport were mostly calm. The bahamian Health Ministry said helicopters and boats were on the way to help people in affected areas. The officials warned of delays because of severe flooding and limited access. They wanna talk about the official death toll. It looks like we have humanitarian
and disaster relief. Teams from Britain are delivering aid to the island of great Abaco in the Bahamas on Friday said number six, so that's that's amazing. You know just definitely these are. These are the heroes that we need. I don't know I'll say, but you know, but on these dudes showing up bringing supplies, excellent work, great great Britain and American Airlines is flying in supplies. This is you know for all the rat. You know for all we hear about the problems of capitalism. They only ever talk about business as usual. Oh yeah, during the day you have to work to go, buy food and some people don't get it, but when disaster strikes we take care of each other. We spare no expense. Well, I shouldn't say no expense, but American airlines
set. It flew a Boeing, seven. Thirty, seven from Miami to NASA top of fourteen thousand pounds of relief supplies. The airline is also giving frequent flyer points to customers who donate at least twenty five dollars to the Red Cross. These companies they eat the cost. Okay, like I, I get it the big corporations. They have problems but hey you know people step up. You know in in times of true true disaster. We see truly amazing things their stories about, like a truck tribes in Africa, donating sheep or house to New York after nine eleven like really crazy stuff. I think I've America doesn't need it. You know I mean, but people really do step up. I know it's probably not enough right now, because I don't know if anything will be enough, that the amount of manpower they need
more than we could probably get there a if it is what it is. You know I don't know why talk about preparation and like taking care planning ahead, I'm not talking about anything these people, the wrong. You know, I'm I'm sure many of them prepared, but we're talking about complete and total destruction like this from hurricane. I don't think, there's anything they could have done. You know it just it gets that bad with people bringing out guns and shooting each other. It gets bad. Are you ready for the event of any kind of disaster there? Could it could just be prolonged rain in your area could be something really simple and is a flood and then all of a sudden, the roads are shut down. The power could go out, you never know you never know so, so I think you guys get the point. I don't need to go through just you know, literally everything, because they really do. We have a lot of a lot of stuff, but I'll end by saying you know to the rescue efforts to the royal Navy, to the british relief to American airlines to all those that are doing everything they can to help it's truly epic, and these are the times where you have. I don't know at least some hope for humanity,
and maybe maybe humans just need a great storm or an alien invasion. So we can finally come together. So we can only see people setting aside, you know petty squabbles and doing what they need to do to protect each other Anne. My heart goes out to those who are who are hit by this look at this. They have this for those that are less thing, it's a sliding image where you can see before and after ah great Abaco, and it's just complete and total destruction. I wonder how you know. I hope Puerto Rico saw this. You know what last year and uh yeah it's just it's. It's really sad, so you know I hope people can can make it through. I hope, speak yeah. I don't know I'll say I think we should just all remember that you're you're happy family three meals per day, all that goodness it can be washed away in a moment in your and you you could never expected the storm. This is natural disasters. There are natural part of living on earth. We can't control the weather, at least for now, but until then you'd be.
Why is to make sure you have water? You know safe safely, stored somewhere, he'd be wise to have some food stored somewhere, because you never know and it's and it's not it's not only that I mean, depending on where you live. It's probably that this may be one of the better arguments for the second amendment, and I mean that seriously when people start looting with guns and stealing the resources from the vulnerable. It's not about whether or not you're scared of the government, and that's like a straw, man argument. The left says over the government's scud missiles. Not gonna, listen man make me an earthquake and it can be you and your family and there could be bears. I don't know I yeah I made some guns are going to deal with the bear, but there could be wild and
after a major disaster, you might be reliant on yourself and you need to defend yourself and so it's important to have that that capability, you never know when someone's going to catch up with guns in the loop, your local food or in a repository whatever, but I'll leave it there. So I think you guys get the point. You know again I'll give a special thanks out to everybody doing disaster relief. These are these are amazing pictures the people coming into living water. It's really awesome stick around next and it will be coming up at four p m on the main channel, youtube dot com, Slash TIM cast and I will see you all then they've gone and done it in Toronto. The opening of a chick fil a was protest it by these individuals. They look very strange, and I know Canada, but I want to stress these images- will guarantee Donald Trump, a two thousand and twenty victory. I don't know mean literally these photos, I don't mean it will be the only after I'm just saying man, people really like chick fil a now. I made a video talk
about this when they tried to shut down. I think it was like KFC or whatever. I remember university they're trying to shut down the move, to expand the chick fil a and just to give you like a reaction. The context for read the story is you can't convince someone to vote based on politics for the most part you go to your neighbor, I just go, do it and say hey? Did you know that I don't know there's like drone strikes in Yemen. He's going to be like. I have no idea, I don't care well, you can't convince them like if I went to people start talking about antiwar regime change, stuff and like campaigning for Talasi. They'd, probably be like don't know, doesn't affect me not interested so sad reality, but I'll tell you what the smartest thing a Republican could do right now to guarantee their election in a local jurisdiction, is to secretly funnel money to left wing groups and organized
protests of chick fil. A I'm not actually saying do it, but I mean this seriously. Man think about what would happen if your neighbor, who doesn't care about politics cruises up to that chick a one day, really want that chicken sandwich and there's five people. Looking like this linking their arms saying, you know, hey you big it. An yelling at the driver is going to be like what I just wanted to get lunch. I just want to waffle, fries and chicken sandwich and that that will make people be like. I don't know about anything, but you don't take away my chick fil a so now they protesting in Toronto, and I actually have this uh. This twitter thread from Harry Khachatryan. I'm probably pronouncing your name wrong, but we've got photos and you actually went inside it's funny, but will read this story first and try and figure out what's going on and
by their protest ng and why they dress this way. Listen men, I believe, in freedom. You want to dress up like a clown, walking down the street juggling bananas. I don't care it's the moment. You start throwing the bananas at people. I have a problem with what you're doing so by all means come out here in protest, chick fil, a apparently people were still able to get in and there is a huge line of people who wanted a chicken sandwich. Let's read this Toronto Ctv NEWS protesters have crashed the grand opening of a chick fil, a restaurant in Toronto on Friday and shamed customers who are purchasing food from the new store, the american food chain, which opened a new store at Young and Bloor streets. A few minutes ahead of schedule this morning is being slammed by protesters. Sports ties to Anti LGBT groups, the CEO of Chick Fil Dan, Cathy, has previous. He said he believes in the biblical debt biblical definition of a family unit and has donated mill
since to charities with a history of discrimination. I actually don't know if that's true, my understanding is that was actually a long time ago and it was one small donation, but I could be wrong. I got allergies. Forgive me, members of the five hundred and nineteen, a city organization that is dedicated to advocacy for the inclusion of the Lgbtq Community joined Liberation Tio outside the chick fil. A store in protest. Shame, shame, shame, shame one protester yelled at a customer leaving the store this morning, and you know that summer is thinking. They're thinking, I, like my chicken sandwich more than care about whether or not you are shaming me. I don't care about your opinion. Dude. I don't even know you but I'll. Tell you this, though chick fil, a soft fil, a sauce is delicious, ever get chick fil a sauce. It's I don't know what it is. It's like a sweet may or barbecue. I don't know if this is good. Has given millions of dollars to an anti Lgbtq two s organization, including known hate groups and proponents of conversion therapy, and continues to do so? Every year the five hundred and nineteen said
many US, cities, campuses and retail outlets have refused to allow chick fil a to locate within their spaces and or have been vocal opponents of the corporations. Hateful values, Toronto and the rest of Canada needs to be next in line. Actually there are lawsuits are a big controversy because in the US you can't discriminate based on religion and, let's be honest, the restaurant itself isn't doing anything all the restaurant. Does it sell chicken? You got a problem, their employees protest that, but I will stress one other point when you come out and tell people something about LGBT Que, TU es they're gonna be like wait, I'm sorry what I you spell a word. What more do you spell this is this: is this just doesn't resonate with regular people, man, so what what they see when they show up to see people dressed and we are closed. My allergies are really bad. If you people dress- and we are closed talking about something you don't understand and the same clock off they they they printed some
lines for this, not in our city, united against hate. What are you people doing? Man? Could you imagine there's there's a mean where it's like imagine. Reading a history book and fifty in fifty is a history book. It says that the LGBT Q, LGBT communities biggest flaw was a chicken shop. It's not there's other things to protest, but this is what they're doing and I'll tell you what this is part of. You know. I've talked about no purpose. People have no purpose they're bored, so they need a so. They target chick fil, a fil, a you, the ceo with the business, not the employees, not the store at the store. Angelical christian leader, Charles Mcvety, has planned an event for Saturday outside the are saying Christians will not be driven out of our city. Oh, this is so hilarious. It's coming and showing up from churches to defend a chicken shop. Corporate chicken chain
make that is urging people who are marching in the twentieth annual Jesus in the city parade on Saturday to stop by the chick fillet store to pray for freedom and security. He expects thousands of people will pray outside the store and if phone interview with Ctv NEWS, Toronto Mcvety, it's Mcvety said he finds today's protest. Upsetting. I find it silly and it's good news for conservatives. It's upsetting that people want to stop a business simply because it adheres to christian values. This is only about chicken, it should only be about chicken, it should not happen in Canada. If you just want to get chicken, you shouldn't be shamed. I agree completely. We have sympathy for the gay community, we love gay community, but we would never commend anyone for shouting people down this schoolyard bullying tactics and we are against bullying. Hungry summers were aligned as early as six hundred and thirty am on Friday, ahead of the stores official opening- and this is the warning
I give you now to the left, your pro testing something most people want and like this is not is not the hill to die on. This will guarantee you did in the US. Trump will get reelected. I tell you what you could shut down the community center. You could shut down. You know, immigration, you could build a wall cages, I guarantee you, you go to your neighbors house to talk about kids in cages and going like this. I just don't know but block that door to that chick fil. A and they're going to be like on my sandwich, and you will. You will see the ire of regular people. They say where excited to see many guests already in line this morning. In anticipation of opening our doors, a spokeswoman told Ctv NEWS Toronto, their their opinions and want all torontonians to know their welcome at chick fil, a young and bleuer are folk is on offering a welcoming and respectful environment for our guests and team members, and we encourage people to give us a try. The Toronto chick Fil, a location
spotlight earlier this week after video surfaced online, appear to show a mouse inside the restaurant. Well, is it for real in a statement, Toronto, public health associate director of healthy environments, Sylvanus also that is Thompson, confirm investigators, visited the building but determined that the premises were in compliance with all pest control and other requirements for food premises are regulation, which included in more detail to focus on pest control. Given the nature of the complaint was regarding a mouse on the premises, there was no evidence of current or past pest concerns to substantiate the complaint. Could it be? They were lying to try and get the place shut down, because that's what they do, because they are insane.
The promises were in compliance with all past control and the requirements for the fruit of food promises. Regulation Thompson said well treachery. It could chat tree in sorry. I can't pronounce your name. Apparently was I don't know if he was there. I think he was there. He said there was a quote: a big protest organized the first chick fillet that just opened in Toronto. Today, the line up to get inside for lunch has more p. Well then, the entire protest craft we have an image, fill a bus and go huh. That's very clever, he says quote. So what are you doing on this work day? Oh nothing! Much just going a protest fried chicken. Are they the way to get inside the chick fil a is a solid hour, great job from the protest crowd and Blawg Thio hyping up free publicity for them f y. I there is no christian group counter protest here. These people waiting in line to get lunch and people claiming a chicken sandwich terrorizes their existence. He says there are gay protesters shouting eat at K, F, K, F C. At the same time, vegan protesters shouting meat is murder, well they
and says: if South Park planned this whole thing out: Chick fil, a protest leader. Capitalism has shrouded our sacred heart's. Oh of course, there are also Comey's. I have made it inside and to my shocking astonished, bewildering surprise. They do not arrest and lock up gay people in here very friendly staff, and then he ends by saying thanks with a picture of a bag. So the other day I made a video about the biggest mistake the left could make. I talked about look man, it's the point. I've made the entire video. If you go after things, regular people care about, they will vote against you and Chick fil. A is just a chicken shop. It's a very, very popular one, with lines out the door. Now I said I wasn't gonna go there, but I did I went there and I got. I got me a milkshake because someone recommended it and it was a pretty darn good milk check. In fact they put a cherry on top. You go to Mcdonald's and burger king. You don't get a cherry on top with whipped cream. It was good. The line was ridiculously long. It took me a little while to get, but this is something people enjoy.
I I just don't understand why this is the target they choose, but whatever stick around, I gotta couple more segments coming up for you in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. Millennials aren't getting married there not having families to not buying homes and there's a lot of reasons for it. Some people point to the economy, they they were laden with debt and we can't find work and I don't think, that's actually accurate. I think that's the reason I think there's a lot of cultural reasons, but I think that I could be wrong, but at least one of the prevailing social norms is that women are attracted to status and men are attracted to physical beauty and it kind of makes sense from a rudimentary evolutionary perspective right, ah guy, just once good genetics, but a woman needs to be sure that guy will protect her. So she needs more of an emotional attachment and she needs to be sure, he's gonna be able to provide for her while she's pregnant, at least that's. What's typically, you know described,
explained right check out the story from phys dot organ do unmarried women face shortages off partners in the? U S, marriage market, they say one explanation for declines in marriage is a shortage of economically attractive men for unmarried women to marry. Indeed, a new study published the Journal of marriage and family reveals a significant scarcity of such potential male spouses. It could be that humans are biologically wired to want certain things, or it could be that society hasn't caught up to a point where couple ing will be very different from what from what it was traditionally. So I'm not gonna pretend to know whether or not it social or biological. That's not the point. The point is: if today, women are typically attracted to men who are higher status than they are, they want to marry up, got a big problem. As a story points out, young men aren't good school school. Many young men are, you know, living at home with their parents, their virgins, they are going, they aren't going to college and not even working
well. These men are undesirable, so it may be that there is a shift and that women no longer care for these things, but it is potentially one answers to why no one's getting married anymore, if guys all losers, why would anybody want to get married to them? Right? Let's read studies. Authors developed estimates of the socio demographic character, risks of unmarried women's potential spouses who resemble the husbands of otherwise compareable married women. These estimates were compared with the actual distribution of unmarried men at the national state and local levels. Women's potential husband had an average income that was about fifty eight percent higher than the act will unmarried men currently available to unmarried women. They also were thirty percent, more likely to be employed and nineteen percent more likely to have a college degree so well that there you go right but wait hold on a potential husbands relative. Oh then, the actual I see I see. I see okay freedom. The researchers
found that racial and ethnic minorities, especially black women, face serious shortages of potential marital partners as unmarried women with unmarried low or high low or high associate socioeconomic status. Women hope to marry, but current shortages of marriageable men, men with a stable job and good income, make this increasingly difficult, especially in the current gig economy of unstable, low paying service jobs said lead author, Daniel T, Lichter Phd of Cornell University. Marriage is still based on love, but it also is fundamentally and economic. It also is fundamentally an economic transaction. Any young men today have Littleton little little to bring to the marriage bargain, especially as young women's educational levels, on average now exceed their male suitors interesting, but I have a theory and it has to do with Dating APS, and it may be that Facebook may fix or exacerbate. The problem,
I believe dating APS are too are the reason why so many young men aren't working aren't going to school? Have no passion are becoming you know in cells. Let me explain to you before we d'oh head over to TIM, cast dot com, slash, don't it if you'd like to support my work, there's a papal option, a crypto in a physical address or you. The best thing you can do is share this video, especially now as I'm about to present a coup, controversial idea as to what's causing the problems in society or this particular. I called a problem, but this dramatic change, I would say it's causing a problem for young men because of the car virtual nature of this content. I might get in trouble, but I'm going to say it anyway. So if you like, what about to say, share the video or share your thoughts, I believe dating apps are causing a lot of the big problems for young men. What is a young man driven to do well and in general, have this fantasy of being a superhero superheroes exist because their saviors their protectors their providers? It makes sense when you think about a cultural, an evolutionary perspective, Maddon provide for families,
so they want to protect guard and they want to. You know, stand in the line of fire to protect. You know women and children first and all that stuff. Something interesting happened with dating apps. Think of us, let's go back, let's go back in time, one thousand and fifteen years, an eighteen year old woman starts college. She is of legal age. She is in school and she is now looking for friends, whether intentional or not people find friends there in college. While there's an eighteen year old man, he is in school as well. They both live on loans. They don't have much going for them. The man is a very little status in society. However, the only friend group available to any of these people is each other. What do you do to meet? Somebody you go to bar, so it's possible young women would go to barming an older guy, those that that happened, but uh other young women would meet other young women and other young men in their social circle in their classes, and thus friend, groups formed based on people of similar social status. So many young women would then pair up with many young men in their classes,
but then comes social media now the dating pool for everyone has expanded to be hundreds of miles wide. This means young women no longer need to meet a young guy in class that young guy is now competing with every every single dude who lives nearby. Here's the problem through three year old guy, been working for seven years, is a manager at some stupid office job. Maybe it's a really lame position, but he's making sixty thousand dollars a year he's got his own place. He's got a car, let's ramp it up a little bit thirty three years this guy. Now he owns his own home and he's actually a senior level managers making you know eight thousand and ninety thousand dollars a year. I'm just pulling these numbers out of my head. I can't swear um, so I'm just saying like I want and it's typical, but just imagine you got thirty three year old dude he
is making you know almost six figures he's got his own houses on car. He pulls up that dating app and he wants some young piece of tail. So now there's this two thousand and twenty two year old college student who's. Looking at that, twenty two year old guy, who doesn't have anything and in all likely to actually still lives with his parents- and she goes- this dudes got his own car- it's not even about whether women intentionally choose this or whether or not it's actually about status. It's actually about access thing about this way. How did this young did about this recently was like listen man. You know he's like twenty five, if I, if, if, if I said this on on Facebook, hey who wants to come skydiving with me in Iceland, a lot of people who want to go do that a young guy is much less likely to be able to offer that up so well. So
let me wrap this into this idea of you know on married young men who are not succeeding and going to school. If I do go to school and fails every step of the way to meet a woman he's like what is he striving for? Does he really think gonna make problem? Not you've now got the high density of young men who are virgins before thirty. Like it's sky rocketing, I don't think that's format. I think women are still more likely, but it's like lower and it's really simple. We can go on a dating app right. Let's, let's, let's, let's imagine you open up a dating app and a woman sees a picture of two guys. She sees me and she goes he's kind of cute. What are all swipe on him and then she did another guy he's also fairly attractive. Here's a swipe on him and now she's got two guys who likes me and this twenty five year old guy. She goes to twenty five year old, guys profile, and he says he just finished. You know he's just got a masters in a lot of debt. He lives at home with his parents and she says he seems like a cool.
I write. I don't wanna hang out of the house, his parents, but it's not even about whether she's intentionally trying to be mean they might say you might go out with him. They go out on a date to go to a bar, have a great time and then sorry, you can't go mouse. My parents are there, so they say pay, it was fun and she might still really like the guy. So let's not act like it's any like you know. Women are awful. No, she might really like the guy, but the opportunity doesn't exist resource wise. So then she gets up me or I actually, in all reality and dating apps. The guy hits up the lady. So I message like hey: let's you know: let's go for drink afterwards. We get drinks like what you want to do. Well, I own my own house, I got my own or actually I got a van. I got I got, I got a vent, you want to go off of the wilderness and the hiking for a week when you look at this way. If I can offer up somebody who is younger than me the weekend trip to stay in the mountains in my converted, recreational vehicle, which is got internet and movies, and we can pop up in the back and stare at the stars while we're playing Netflix.
Doesn't that sound really really awesome? It does so. It's not been an issue of like women Trump trying to be mean to a guy's at home. She might still really like the guy, but the opportunity doesn't exist. So if I can present ah much more fun experience, it's not about whether or not we're competing with each other, but in and we are, it just comes down to what's more fun, I'm gonna sky, diving in the mountains and I'm a jump out of a helicopter and then snowboard on okay, not really that's a little too extreme, but as an a as a as an older guy. I can take older. But as someone who is thirty three who has a career owns phone Zone House, you are now competing with that on the dating app women. Will we'll see that and guess what a young woman going to look to a guy who can be like? I can take you out to a fancy dinner and we can go. You know we can do whatever we want and the younger guy who doesn't have any of that. The point is in the past that it exists so bring it back to the marriage market. I think it is a factor that young men don't aren't driven,
there's nothing to strive for all the women in their area are often there's nobody. They know, there's no one there vying for you think it actually. You know, but perhaps I'm wrong, because you'd think with all this new competition from older guys they try harder, but I think it's more like a defeatist thing, it's like everything I tried build. I don't have the status and of the money. I don't the path to get there so screw. What's the point, the other issue is when it comes to available suitors. It's really just that simple! No longer are we constrained by locality, like even even the college aspect of this. I think it's it's it's just a fact that social media has made it so that older guys and the top you know one percent of men have access to all of the win and guess what no reason to commit so if
and are willing to hook up and- and you know have casual when I sense and all that- why would a dude ever need to offer up anything to them? I think it does there's a lot of things that are contributing to this, but I believe it's not just a lot a lot, a loss of like traditional gender roles. I think it's also partly that you know science technology, birth control, for instance women's liberation. If women don't want to have a family, a guy doesn't have to commit, then women are going to be on dating apps and they're, going to be picking the top one percent of guys who also don't want relationships, and thus no relationships will form at a certain point. Men and women will want the relationship, but they know anybody because, although have is there one night stands, I can't tell you is good or bad. I don't know, people are certainly having fun, not young men though, but I'll leave it there. These are just some thoughts I had and I could be completely wrong. It's not like I faxed any of this. I was just thinking about. What's the impact of like tinder on college, when a twenty year old woman can pull up an app and see every thirty year old guy and be like I
like older dudes, you know what I mean so anyway, stick around. I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes and I will see you all shortly. From the independent police were called as protesting, pupils and parents lie out of school over new gender neutral uniforms except they're, not gender neutral. You know one thing I've brought up over and over again is that feminism is destroying femininity. I have a lot of I know. I have some friends or family that you get really angry run by say. How dare you that's not true. Feminism is defending family. It is absolutely not from a traditional spectrum perspective. I'm not saying the traditional sport perspective is correct. Think about this before before I reveal what's happening over these uniforms. Think about this historic
women at work, care, givers, Social God did social work. They raised families, they had children, they raise children, men fought wars, did industrial work too dangerous jobs, hunted diet, cetera. In recent times our world has become ever increasingly safe, in which case men don't have to protect women so much anymore, because the bears are all gone for. The most part see back back back in the day way back when if a woman in the tribe died of the tribe was at risk of collapse, because if that so here's the okay we got, we got a lot of coverage if a hundred men and how to women, if all but one man dies, your society will be fine, because one man can have a child with all of the women very very in a very short amount of time. It's still risky, because you need men to do work. What women can do work to, even if there are you, know having kids or they can choose not to, but if all, but
one woman dies you can't make more people your civilization would likely collapse. This resulted in men being overbearing on women as time progressed, but we got to a point now where we're safe men don't need to protect women all the time. There's no bears I mean there are, but you know we're pretty we're pretty much safe technology has afforded freedoms to most people. From this there were still traditional gender norms, but over time what's happened is when men aren't doing female more feminine work. Man are continuing to work jobs that were traditionally masculine, but women are being encouraged, work, jobs that are masculine. Our society is not saying men go raise, kids for the most part. No, they do some, mostly not what they're mostly saying us: women go, b, c e, O's, traditionally, male male role, there's reasons for it being a ceo, is powerful and being a whole
isn't as powerful. I understand that I'm not saying it was done intentionally as they strive to tell women to work in masculine jobs they that and have less female roles and aren't encouraging men to do that. So now, let's look at the story. What ended up happening? It's not a gender neutral, uniform they're telling women they can no longer wear skirts. Skirts are feminine and pants are masculine, and what are they saying? Women must wear pants. It's really silly. If you ask me, because I think pants are better anyway, they're more comfortable, but I could be wrong. Women probably want it right right to choose. Feminism was really about equality and freedom. They would be telling women you can wear whatever you want. In fact, they would be encouraged the men to wear skirts or kilts if they want to be a little bit more masculine. Instead, the police locked out students because the students wanted the right to choose what they wore they're, not talking about gender neutral gender neutral, would be like
half skirt, half pants. It's not gender neutral. If boys traditionally wear pants and girls traditionally wear skirts you're telling all of the girls to dress like boys, and of course they didn't want to. What's reading they say. A school in EAST Sussex has been forced to lock its gates to angry pupils, and parents protesting new uniform rules in which pupils are sent home if there wearing a skirt instead of gender neutral trousers, but they're not uniform policy at Pryor. The school has seen police called in and over one hundred and fifty children and parents protesting and holding placards outside the school as a new term under way, and you know why they did it. Did they do it because feminist protest it? No, they did it because transgender students protested. I don't understand any of this makes sense before we before we jump into it, though Timcast dot, com, slash tone it. If you'd like to support my work as a Paypal option of crypto option to physical option. But of course
the best thing to do is just share this video, because I you know what I decided to go full controversial today with several controversial subjects, and here we are talking feminism and transgender rights. So, yes, I'm going to get in trouble. But whatever, let's read on hey the school, introduced the policy for all new pupils in two thousand and seventeen over worries the length of skirts and apparently in response to the concerns of a small number of transgender students. Shortly before the school holidays, the school bounced all students, regardless of whether they are new or not, must wear trousers in compliance with its gender neutral, uniform regulations. But it's not neutral. If you're making people wear pants neutral what? If what, if they told all boys they had to wear skirts from September, two thousand and nineteen, all primary student will be required to wear updated, uniform it states on the schools website on Twitter school part of message, which read too ensure a smooth start to term. We would appreciate your support and ensuring that your son and or daughter, arrives at school in the correct uniform. If student
are not wearing the correct uniform, they will be asked to return home and change into the correct uniform before entering the school now, but tell you why this is actually sexist against women. It is ignore the gender neutral stuff. They just told all girls, they have to go, buy new clothes. How is that fair? This is not gender neutral, you're telling the families of a female students. I got to spend money when the guys don't the guys, to keep one what they want. You see. That's the problem, the social just the stuff is nobody quality, it is. It is taking away the right for women to choose it is it is the most absurd thing ever and I I know I know gender critical feminists will probably all over this one. I can't blame them they're forcing families of females to to spend my they might not have because transgender students complained. I don't blame the trance that blame the transgender student necessarily, but if their goal was to make skirts against the rule wells, then what are you actually protesting for other than men's dominance?
So I read that part parents have described, schools position is pointless and silly. It is grossly unfair to have withdrawn a girls right to express themselves in a skirt said, one protesting parent in the Brighton Argus the paper which live blog. The protest also spoke to Sheila Colon, who said this school is obsessed with the length of skirts. It always has been this new uniform. This new, uniform police, uniform polices, disproportion, ok, wait what policy! I think the main policy disproportionately affects girls, as they are the ones who have to buy the new uniform, it's expensive and not fair. I agree with that. This uniform is sexist. I actually completely agree with that. So let me stress what I said. Let me reiterate, I said Femen. I was doing this. It's intersectional feminism, that's doing this regular feminists are actually very much in favor of female bodies and an actual female, so that feminism makes sense.
Other parents have also noted the policy means if you have children in their final year, they have to spend an unnecessary clothes which will only be worn a few times. Local MP, Maria Caulfield, describe schools behavior as disturbing and said it was not how we should be treating the young women of lose. It was actually a video of it. I want okay, I can't it's going all right, we're playing a video. We got a video here. There's a video and I'll just tell you. It depicts them closing the gates. It looks like they're, locking it and a bunch of young women are yelling very loudly and booing and they're angry. Look
all these young women who don't want to be forced to wear these clothes. Why? Well a few transgender students protested. This is the I think. That's one of the bigger challenges with Trans rights activists and they've actually pushed back on this, because there are a few weirdos that make the whole group look bad. I think it may have been Blair white. I could be wrong Blair. What is it Trans conservative who said it's people? You know what I'm gonna avoid naming this very outrageous trans person, but as a canadian person in Canada is very controversial and Blair's point. It's people like that that make it very difficult for Trans to be taken seriously because I'd be willing to bet trans people like almost all of them, really don't care if people are wearing skirts. In fact, I'm sure many of many trans woman wants to wear skirts. So who are these people protest? Ng, making everybody look bad. The BBC reported the school told parents in June. The decision had created more problems than we wished, but said standards of uniform had declined according to the school staff. Are spending so much time telling pupils to correct their uniform to meet the
new rules? It's detracting from time spent teaching. This is the sanity that everyone is telling you to knock off the. This is why they're are saying: don't do this is a waste of time. No one cares and because of a few was small, a small group of people, you've pissed everybody off Mr White Trump wins because Trump gives him the finger. The independent contacted the school, which confirmed it was open, despite having had to lock the gates after the sun and the Argus reported it had been closed. As a result of the protests, Sussex police said, police attended, MT field, road lose on Friday morning September. Six, where group of around one hundred adults and children were protesting, officers engage the protesters and they left the area. Shortly after there were no offense is reported. So therein lies one of the best examples of
opinion. This new intersectional feminism, actually taking away from and femininity femininity. I hate words like that femininity. I can't say it anyway. The point is: do we see intersectional feminists leading the charge demanding that men be homemakers? We actually don't. Although there have been some people have defended it, that's not what we get instead. What we get is this weird absurdity where they say pants are gender well and they're, not and then in in it. They they push these rules that only affect women. So it's not surprising that you see a feminist like Meghan, Murphy and other gender coming up: gender credit, gender, criminal, gender, critical yeah. If you asked whether they would take and criminal but critical feminists saying that these policies are taking away from actual biological females and extends beyond that into sports, I'm not gonna get in the whole sports arguments. I do try to keep the segment short, but you know that you know the argument right there now opening up female what women, only sporting brackets to buy
logical males, which is unfair anyway I'll leave it there stick around next time. It will be tomorrow at ten, a dot m podcast every day at six hundred and thirty p dot m, and I will see you all next time.
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