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Democratic Staffer Sentenced To Four Years In Prison For Doxxing Republicans

2019-06-20 | 🔗

Democratic Staffer Sentenced To Four Years In Prison For Doxxing Republicans. An Ex Democratic aide was sentenced to 4 years in prison after pleading guilty in April. The Democrat had hacked into Senate computer systems to steal and publish the private information of five Republicans.He did this in part due to the response Republicans had toward defending Brett Kavanaugh. This person mayb have been financially motivated or ideologically motivated.These actions show how dramatic escalation has been over the past few years with even the judge in the case saying the country is polarized quite severely. Chuck Todd called out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and was immediately slammed by the far left social justice activists online. As we see far left rhetoric seep into the mainstream and displace true liberals there is a concern that escalation will soon reach a tipping point.

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You know, I talk a lot about escalation, about the tactics about the perception about a potential for coming civil conflict of some sort, remote necessarily what that would look like, but we have this Laurie today from political, a former age to it Mechanics auditor has just been sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty to five different felonies. Apparently this aid and the computer systems and then released private information on five Republicans because of their response to the Brett Cavanaugh Hearings, so think about where we're at now. You have said, but he who believes the fake news they smeared Brett Cabinet with a bunch of stuff. It's just not true or even if it was thirty years ago uncorroborated. We have no no way to act upon it that's no one knows going on and several people we Canton and this person. Breaks into a computer system and release, as the private information of Republicans committing five felonies and pleading guilty to me that a terrifying escalation in the tactics and the perception whether or not recovered
covenant anything wrong. This person truly believes the other is evil and as we, people like Kosovo as escalate their rhetoric now it reaches National level conversation where their repeatedly single language of war interesting leads. This leads me to finally on article five pulled up in the southern poverty lost, that accuses conservatives of doing quite literally with the southern poverty poverty law, doing so in this video we're gonna start with looking at what happened with this aid. Why they committed this crime, why they target Republican But I will talk about what I see as a continued escalation. When it comes to any kind of conflict, you need to have demons monsters on one side and if either factional or views the other truly as a monster. That is irredeemable. That's when you get to the point of no return, spurs I want to break the law in this way and release private information, and one of the people affected was rand. Paul was physically attacked. You understand this is work scary. We see people vocs like Charles Maza call for milkshakes
sure it's low level now, but there truly has to be a break. This idea at the other is the demon before we escalate into something truly dangerous. So, let's get started from the first story from political acts, Hassan aid sentenced to four years for D Boxing senators of Homer ADA Senator Maggie Maggie Hassan was understood or years in prison, Wednesday, four hacking Senate computers and releasing personal information online about five republican senators out of anger, spurred by their roles in the confirmation hearings for Justice, Brett Cavanaugh? U S. District court Judge Thomas Hogan to the sentence for Jackson, Cassio? Twenty seven was needed to done. They signal that criminal harassment, driven by political motives, would be punished severely. In an era marked by extreme political polarisation, and this is why I felt like this was a good entry into the updates. Neoclassical cause you. What has thing, because the judge said quote
we have a society that, at that has become a very vicious, it's very concerned to the court and unfortunate, but you played into that. I hope that the thing stress years that we're looking at you're my stories, a five felonies after admitting to be admitting that, after being fired from last year from his work as assists Admin for Hassan Staff, he repeatedly used colleagues keys to enter the office, install key logging equipment that stole work and purse emails and downloaded a massive trove of data from Saint systems. We are at the point now Will we see low level stuff we ve seen milkshakes, we seem street violence. But now what are we seeing? Felonies criminal hacking and publishing of private data government system as an individual who felt they were morally justified, not just to go after the Republicans, but to break into government Senate systems due to use key loggers. But in fact more than the Republicans right, then somebody was willing to to break
pack into the? U S, government! You see why this is so disconcerting Cassio. Also it pledge that, after growing angry about the GEO peace handling of the Supreme Court nomination, he released hole, addresses and phone numbers of Senator Linsey Gram or an hatch, Michael and likely on Wikipedia after initial press coverage of adopting Costco released information about majority leader Mitch, Mcconnell and Senator Rand Paul. We have this photo here, Rand Paul says he gave a victim impact statement and then it cost him to fear for his family. Yes, when people publish your address and look you got to recognize, these politicians probably have Sirius purity details, because they get death threats that you have shown publisher address in the past few weeks. I don't, I don't bring this kind of stuff up. You know You don't hear this from me very often, but I get these threats a lot. I do in the past few weeks if escalated, particularly following what happened with box, had problems in Carlos Maza. What you see the people on the left, is there Ranten Rave, though, by article after article. You know that different, a bunch of articles about how F
play, the song this doctor wrote a story about journalist. Can I get a default? They received threats. I don't do that, but I get the exact same thing. They don't care anyway. It's all about playing the victim They they view the other, as this is an evil entity and an hour, stress here is paradoxical in a sentence ironic. It is that I'm talking about this group of people In the same way that talk about me- and therein lies the great problem that I can even recognize. I see a group of people. It's not. A very large group has a small fringe faction, but they are doing things that are deplorable detestable and I don't know what can be done to stop them just going to be who committed five felonies over his personal morality. When you see that what do you do, they say the exact same thing about us and so no matter what happens when we want to point this out these into the same narrative we'll get it at storing. Second, those. What's let's move on and get more to this? What's going on with ramble Cassio said he'd, he received a victim impact statement only from Paul whose at the event caused him to fear for him and
family. It was a rather vicious offence. Oaken said that was totally unjustified We need to send a message out there. We need to have some deterrent and community understanding shortly before this. This was handed down, Kafkaesque stood at a courtroom, lectern and apologized. I take full and complete responsibility for my actions. I am embarrassed and ashamed for what I did. Cosmo said that had been struggling with substance, abuse and mental health issues and that the judges, earlier this year to let him enter a treatment programme was pivotal. I firmly believed that its. I believe that it saved my life. He said This kind reminds me of the dark night, the Batman Movie, where they taught about how the Joker praise on people who are mentally unstable and the recent important, like the reason I think of this- is that
you're not going to see for the most part, regular run of the mill Middle Americans engaging in this kind of behaviour. It really is going to be those who are truly unwell, who's who spark the the whig night. The flames of another conflict were saying. There are a lot of people. I mean you argue, but on twitter you ve seen it they're unwell and their extra aim and their positions, but because they play the victim people on the left will give them sympathy. Sympathy they don't deserve so real, but more out to carry on took to talk about the sympathy for tribes Prosecutors had sought a fifty seven months sentence, while lawyers for Cassio asked rate to your prison term organs and costs his actions, put senators their families and others at risk. You exposed them. People may want to harm them in our polarized society. Even the judge can recognise that we're in this dangerous space. prosecutor Demi an arms had Kafka's actions amounted to the largest data breach in Senate history. These are delayed
right and malicious crimes of the defendant engaged in onset, accusing Pasco of months long deliberately planned meticulously ex executed crimes free and his two minutes amateur. Port Pasco said that he'd been struggling with substance abuse and when we, then, why do they repeat at the store in Wales? Move, I'm sorry it political repeated that the probation officer, indicated he's lucky. He wasn't dead. The judge said defence attorney brow installers stress that Kafka had changed his life dramatically since the rest of last October and cooperate with investigators leading them to hidden evidence like computer equipment. He stashed in an oven. So I think we get the point that the point that I want to make and talk about the story is a lot more than I want. I want to get into that. I think, is extremely important in terms of tribal defence, an escalation, one thing that I thought was truly respectable. Was MSNBC Chalk Todd he's our funding,
every single cause. Your Cortez is concentration. Camp comparison distracts from migrants plight, he called her out said she was wrong and expressly criticised words and phrases she used like saying never again, which is a direct call to world war to Germany. We know what it means and she said it but now she's trying to act like she didn't in the story from music. They say and we see news is okay, so I believes and be seen as other was on Amazon busy, but NBC noses meet. The press. Moderator truck Todd has taken flack on social media over a segment criticising RAP Alexandria cause your Cortez. He took issue with a Aussies use of the term. Concentration camps describe detention centres at America, southern border, good on him, you don't own acute bring into being a democratic on the left, but he is perceived that way. ox about how people don't want to call her out. People are so entrenched in tribalism, that, instead of saying, hey, you're wrong, don't do this. They just find some ridiculous way to defend her,
they they say. Oh no. She wasn't really talking about this, for some people say over the council have existed from in the Bower wars and you want to refer to all these past instances, but no that's not what the phrase is referred to in today's nomenclature. The connotation is specific. we know what it means. I know I talked about this quite quite a bit, but I I want to stress this because you see you see someone like Chuck Todd, standing up and pushing back against her, but I'll tell you what happens right on meat, the press. They say, oh cause, your Cortez. This comparison to ice detentions. Abstentions at to concentration camps did border changes a tremendous disservice. She said she didn't. You use those words lightly, chucked onset, while neither did I Chuck Todd said that makes no sense in one breath he got up. I believe that if, as quote, that makes no sense in on breath. Choctaws arms, like somebody else, Todd faced a backlash on twitter over the segment, and this is the point I wanted to get to that. Even though we have mainstream principled in
It does on the left side. We got a chill out on. This is not ok to say this people refuse and they will come after you, and this is why people fall in line with their tribe and if you truly believe there are these, these concentration camps and the border. And what do you think is going to happen? What are you the next thing is we ve seen somebody break into Senate systems and publish private home, beat like the home addresses of senators, putting them in fear for their lives. We, seen and ask call for about fifteen violence, and now we see ash Annul level democrat rhetoric of cause your court as saying this, is u something what you know concentration camps? Never again, you will get people whore unwell, as I stressed organ stop up and say, you're right. There really really do believe they are in this world war, two era they're not they are just stuck in aimed at an internet bubble of extremism, and they don't realize it. Of course
oh cause. Yogurt has then comes out and lies about what she was trying to say an straight up. It was alive, oh casual, has said. Never again, she did we. Know what that means from the daily. Why are they say? Oh Kazakhstan, was angered by Todd, calling her out and responded him on Twitter, saying well Chuck tied the fact that you slipped in OZ called the odd that the double and word from world war, two, when I never said that is pretty unfortunate, almost as fortunate as the fact that you spent this whole time without discussing day, just freezers, dog pounds missing children and human rights abuses that uphold use of this term and they go say that it's alive, oh cause- your court has intervened. Yo specifically said quote: never again, there is a direct reference, a direct reference. We know what she's doing, and so I think the that the big issue here, as I mentioned earlier tribalism right, you have people who
refuse to back down refused to concede ever getting anything wrong and because of that and because its tribal, we are entering dangerous territory in terms of escalating. On foot, so I am now going to throw it over to the southern Poverty LAW centre because they bring up really interesting points in this. This article from them where they say that the radical right is blaming the left, they have a section called preparing for civil war. They say what makes the myth of the violent left, so address is that it not only create a common enemy for those from the main stream to the extreme right, but also justifies violence against those perceived enemies. providing a cover of self defence. It should be put plainly with a radical right wants, is violence yet so here's the important thing that that paragraph right there should be enough. They talk about this, a series of Youtube videos talking about potential for for civil conflict of which has made several, of which this is one, and this is that the fear I
of his that everyone feels as though there, the fire truck the southern poverty loss under claims to be the fire truck to put out the fires of extremism. But in fact these statements telling people on the left the radical right wants. One thing: violence is quite literally a fire truck spraying fire when they talk about the proud boys and patriot, presently upon the right saying as a potential threats of war, they are doing literally the exact same thing. I don't know what the solution, as maybe it's pointing out the paradox, pointing out the irony that, quite literally you I'll put it this way. I think this may be the best way to deal with this, their absolute elements on the fringe, who are extremely dangerous and have used excessive. You know extreme force to end life and it ended in its and it's terrifying, but then you absolutely of low level blunt force attacks from the left right so com.
Eric to the use of death by a thousand cuts verses. One single act that net you know is is particularly in extreme. They both exist. There's threats from both, but have the few and far between on the right and the many many on the left, the left as a collective, each individual is weaker, but together they are creating serious problems on the fringe right. We have these problems so so my perspective is that, on that super concerned, with the fringe element of a right, there are so few of them. If we have a decent security apparatus and law enforcement, we can catch these people and stop them, and we often do we look for these. You no more. You know extreme actors on the left. However, we have growing rhetoric from digital media. We have growing rhetoric from individuals, activists and celebrities to start com. These acts to throw milkshakes. It starts with milkshakes, but then you end up with someone breaking into Senate systems. It wasn't a Republican who did that when you have these
a level of skirmishes and low level acts on the left, but over and over and over again that is going to escalate things dramatically and were and much more quickly than these fringe almonds on the right. I look at the story Muslim Poverty LAW centre and I feel like they're just so. As mentioned in the video did before this on my second channel that they live in all in an alternate reality. Why absolutely you could criticise the fringe elements of the right up for you, saying they live in and often a reality, absolutely there's just not that many of them and they don't really do anything. The few that do exist are dangerous. Absolutely we rely on law enforcement. Stop this. The low level stuff is also terrifying. In its volume, bright Bart for awhile maintained a list of all of the instances of of harassment and an assault on Trump supporters.
Since our since transported campaigning, and I think it last count like a like six. Seven months ago there was over eight hundred, which means what like two per day, or maybe one one put one to one and a half per day. If we want to go back further, I dont know exactly what is our keeping track self we're twenty. Sixteen, then, then we're looking at an almost one per day. That's a lot that's a lot of little stuff. How many major since it is of no value, can be seen from the fringe right without a couple we did and the particularly more dangerous. So I think this absolutely you know a reason to two track, those those groups and make sure none of that stuff you know happens, but that's true for anyone, that's true for any crime. I don't care why your motivated took time to end someone's life. We want to stop you from doing. It is a matter of its political as a matter of its veto to Guy to who just get out Regina Governor something we try and stop these, but you also religious acts there. Not political
as magic was, as you got, the extreme left right and then from the heavens above, because you can't really define what the religious stuff is. We want to stop all of it for sure, and so the left falls back on their sang a how we can point to these one particular moment in time that were really bad but because the individual actions of of the you know the left aren't as newsworthy there's more of them. There are also very bad. Two things commute can meet the same time. They don't get the same coverage. You know. I asked my friends do you know about the by Gluck Basher in Berkeley? They say: no, do you know about the guy in Portland, with with a club with the Bernie support? They don't you know about in Boston when they dragged the went across the. and China, with the flag away from an old lady was being dragged about. They don't know about this there that there's a bunch of other events that are a bit more you want to talk about, but I don't want to go out. I want to get too hard core and in that kind of conversation, especially because I think we're deviating from the original point.
So I want to highlight this, but let's get back to the main story and kind of wrap this up, so that is not the main story will read the final conclusion here from politico on on the the aid Cassio who is now going to prison, they say asked about new charges, so I guess we're talking about something else here, others more well,. let's re this less and less less little bit prosecutor, say that Kafka also threatened to release health information on senators children and appeared to engage extortion, effort by declaring in one post on Paul's, Wiki Wikipedia page, send us bitcoins, a spokesman for my fur Hassan Erin Jacobs, praise law enforcement for investigating and profit getting Pasco senator Assad is very grateful. The capital police and the? U S, attorney's office, for their work, to brings individual to justice for the crimes committed asked about the new charges against the forest Davis Jacobs Edison appreciates the work of capital police and U S attorney's office
in pursuing justice in this case, so I guess there's a lot more. It saw it looks with our farming to is that the forced Davis's keys were Peter Liese under the office, others potentials of something else. There too. I want to get into all that. That's why I kind of stopped half way, but but dumb. Without making this video too long The point I want to I want to end with an and just leave you with. Is that if a so long as people, view each other as monsters that creates the conditions for true civil conflict along as people only focus on one group that creates the conditions for civil conflict, understand why their people on the right to work in some of the left, but the left tends to go after run of the mill conservatives. I understand why the left is concerned with the fringe elements of the right. They extremely dangerous. Both can be true at the same time, and when you have an honest discussion about how we deal with it. But in the end, what really scares me?
There is no mainstream media apparatus for the fringe right. There isn't they ve been pushed aside and they are considered just gone, but on the left, you have a cause. Your Cortez in Congress pushing this Eric. They are truly in the main stream. Even right now the Democrats want to pass border funding and the far left is obstructing this. This is what worries me. This is why my politics lie where they lie. We make sure no matter what your eye the algae is, it is not acceptable. Don lemon goes on tv and says talking about trumpet. Start, a small eyes and become something more dangerous and extreme fringe far right, but the same is true for the left. The problem is, the left is tolerating the insanity ok, you're Cortez should be shunned and called up as Chuck Tom did, but, of course, for tribal reasons. They push back on Chuck Todd, though, that the few you know one of
The few principled individuals is going to tell Cortez. No. You cannot say these things. Of course. There's people like me, of course, as you tubers, but Choctaws on the main stream news and he's pushing back and comfort, that's going to disincentives anyone else who would dare challenge the tribe and that's why? I think These elements of the left are getting dangerous their growing, but it is what it is. I leave it there. I think you get the point on below will keep the conversation going. Stick around more videos to come on. My second channel youtube dot com slashed him cast new study at six p m for look. I guess this is this is the first ones oh you're, not gonna, five more, whenever put them back trying it out, and I will see you won't next time. There is a very real possibility this year to channel will be shut down at some point and potentially soon, big, my main channel, which is Youtube Dotcom slashed him cast that it's not this you're on TIM Cas News, I think you know, because you to put the name TIM Chasms people get confused
yes, there is a different channel. My main shell, with more subscribers and people, don't know that you do calm slashed him gas subscribed there. If you haven't, there's a burial possibility that sharing deleted, since the fox had pocket so actually. Well. Before this we have seen channels being purged Losing modernization being kicked out of the partner programme entirely mean we can no longer make as period and some channels being outright deleted. Recently, the channel black pigeon speaks just deleted. Gentlemen, good standing admitted I am not familiar with black pigeon other than seeing a logo, sometimes on Youtube, so I wasn't really familiar with what was going on, but community outcry Channel got restored and now, but better understand, and because, in the wake people's kind of report what's happened. So my standing? Is that people say that, like pigeon is kind of just like a conservative, I'm not really shot. I want a minnow falsely label somebody, but this is a channel.
Did nothing wrong. Monetize in good standing financed, just Youtube, said: Perch, Stephen Crowd or said front during the fox at apocalypse that we are facing a new apocalypse, that Youtube is gonna, start purging channels and they are but a year ago We saw a wave of mass demonization with that meant, was full channels were switched from the green light the icon, meaning all adds to the yellow icon. Only some ads. You still make money when you are demonetized right, so we have to draw this distinction when I make video. I make six videos per day five on this channel and one on my other channel, which is you know it is labelled TIM poems unlabelled TIM gasped. I don't ask me: it is on the right side of the shame of equipment, Anglesey that there's much but a gentle, but I faced a mask where they turned the green icons to yellow icons, so you'll go from Youtube. You end up making eighty per
Eighty percent less than you normally would because now you only get like beer commercials people were willing to advertise on edgy content. I don't know how the system figures out, what Kyoto should be monetize, but this was What people are called more saying was demonic, Now I owe you know someone so got demonetized and when they, I say that we are referring to Youtube just going through like an every single one of your videos was now considered to edgy, but you could some money when you were demonetized in this capacity. You could still make money through you to read you to read as the subscription service or echo premium night, so you'll still make a little bit of money. However, now We're seeing is channels are being outright removed from the partner programme this really worrisome, you know what were launching are on a new on expanding into a new company. I've got now
or channels, but to activate the fourth channel, which was which is gonna be involving on I'm in the van by the way for seven realized yeah weapon it up. running Sore or word. Ninety nine point: nine percent done I'm really concerned that a distance, its disconcerting. I should say that Youtube is doing this review process, so I have this article. That brings up some interesting points, and I should probably go through this to talk about what's going on, but that there is a lot to talk about it. Also, this man If you may not know this, but a year ago, you tube started at some point started doing a manual review of all of these different channels. They were stripping people from the partner programme but they were smaller channels, and so a lot of people did really noticed her care. Some people would tweet and say you know it's not fair. I've got you. Eight thousand subscribers I've meet the threshold. Why was my general move in the partner programme? And I would say, oh you know, will review. I just let us know were now at the point:
where channels with millions, Stephen crowd of, for instance, are removed from the partner programme. He'll be ok. He can sell his own ads his on sponsors, we're also now seeing mid level channels, I don't I don't know how you describe the size of my channels. This general has four hundred thirty case. Ups, my main jealous five hundred and twenty but meet me, yeah, I'm not small. You know. I've been working, alot there's been growing, but these channels are now getting purged. I think there's a very real problem. But this could be one of them. I think my ancient might be ok, because I was what will our leave it there? I want again to too much nitty gritty of back end up like that, but suffice it to say This is essentially the apocalypse where they're gonna be purging a ton of channels, and I think the reason for it is is discussed, the very well in this video, which will really this from tablet magazine the coming gentrification of Youtube David. Our
grace, moderating Youtube won't get rid of all the extremist content, just the stuff that doesn't make money. So you break up some really good points. Most recently that new and will come on I'll, we'll talk more, he writes Marshall Mcluhan was wrong. The moderation is the message that it, is the message one gets from reading the New York Times story about the phenomenon of youth, radicalization, of which there isn't really one. The peace chronicles. Our Youtube sent a young man down a rabbit hole of increasingly extremist right wing videos, all the better for you to which kept him clicking all the worse for society and the end on the critical. Note that the man has successfully climbed. out of a right when you to read at all only to jump into a left wing you to rebel. Yes, that's because social media raw pushes people to follow in the far them for voices do really really poorly. Admittedly, maybe that's why you tube me- and I am, I think, my main job might be. Ok, I don't think they know, this general. If they were view it am, I just get knocked out. They ve already too
It is one of my videos over what what what is presumably illegal complaint from Pinterest, which is terrifying, Ryan, fears around such radicalization, have led many to insist that Youtube should go beyond its current current policy of only removing extreme content that crosses hard lines of malicious, resonant hate speech in child endangerment. Felix salmon in axioms argues for peace, suppose based moderation, which would allow for ad hoc and non presidential, take downs whenever it decides that up the killer, video is causing significant harm wont. Let me rephrase that he's arguing for, or arbitrary enforcement meaning you'll have one. personally, as I think you are harmful, that's called bias. We need free expression and free speech, but that that's it look. I know Felix somewhat and surprise that people working in media have the opinion that there should be moral arbiters, determining what you should or should be allowed to. Here. That's terrifying. However, he goes on
day granting Youtube such wide latitude to police content would fail to address the underlying problem No matter how much you tube cracks down, it will still consider Hannity Tucker Karlsson and even Steve Ban to be uncensored herbal, authoritative sources, because, like it or not society considers them to be authoritative sources. What many are asking Youtube amounts to. Please remove some of your harmful content, but only the unimportant stuff, but, lest we forget Youtube as a profit maximizing cooperate, not an organ of representative democracy or the public trust in so far as you in response to public concerns about its get caught content. The company will be guided not by the political conscience of its critics. but rather by desire to limit liability while protecting its bottom line period, this explains exactly what we ve seen smaller channels, getting purged, bigger channels being kind of left alone crowded,
The subject of a massive you know media campaign, so that there was really no. It was bad people they can after him, but crowd are also shows exactly what they're saying does make sense what what what David is saying, is a spot on because, according to you, too crowded brook no rules Prouder gave several examples like Trevor Noah, making offensive racist stereotypes, You have done Oliver and give Samantha be all using whore. You know tat. mobile insult and slurs. And if, if what crowded It was against the rules that have to ban everyone else too, but you tube still took his partner program. You looking to Morrow the Porter Programme, which shows it doesn't matter. Even if you don't break the rules you tube, to limit its lively and will cause you harm, even though removing therefore, the partner programme did nothing to satiate the thirst of the outrage mob. So this is where things can happen:
Youtube for the longest time as Wanna be Netflix. I know this for a fact, because I know people at google- and you too, who told me straight up years ago. Our biggest competition is not. and that's true in a certain way. In the early days of Youtube, vice was Thank you, no, tens of millions of years why there was no way to watch a digital documentary, Netflix launched its did. You arm and all of a sudden, you had premium content, you could watch online and you tube saw that pain VI, video started, doing substantially less well, anyway, less views averaging down the hundreds of thousands to the low millions as opposed to the ten or twelve they were getting before some even got twenty you zoom in twenty or twenty six million. There was a doc I did for vice. I got five or six, which was great, but this is the era that Netflix was starting to take over and then all of a sudden we saw the video view is going down. It helped vice that they launched by
news and I'll send you had big pr pushes for this content that existed on the internet, but you two has been frying to make Youtube. Netflix here's my things going to happen. I think the partner programme is going to be stripped down to probably only a few thousand channels. I dont know what channel but I do know, I'm probably not going to be one of them. My channels rank around thirty to thirty eight thousand of the top channels in terms of subscribers in terms of video views, I really have no idea. Social blade doesn't track monthly views, but I'm getting around thirty three million views per month as well as of the past thirty days spent ass. It is better than I ve ever done. So that may be good for something I don't know, but I know that you tube wants. I mean, look what works on Youtube verses. What Youtube do lots to work, a very, very different things. Initially I was making videos that we're edited and you'd actually
minimal right now my faces cropped and you see the screen, and I just this is this- is the thing that works for for you to its the same with Let's play videos or for those that are familiar, those let's play videos basically someone's face in the corner, while the video games plain, I am essentially doing, thing very, very similar in that you see the new story, and then you see me talking in the corner. This works for Youtube, but this isn't John Oliver, This isn't the daily show we have in our house at a desk and Youtube wants content like that. Not content like this, but this is the content. People want sore experiencing an artificial gentrification. Thank you tube is going to say. Let's make everything more like tv, I think the reason See channels like black pigeon speaks get deleted is because he show his face is a cartoon avatar and a lot of successful, Article commentary channels hide their identities on purpose because of fear of retaliation, but that is not. Premium or mainstream these channels, cartoon. Avatars are not going to be on tv. The regular people in America
our it is assumed this is outside of the matron. They want to bring things back to the way they used to be. They want that at the desk host we're doing that a bit with others, admittedly Mitt, possibly to our detriment, but that there's a reason. Why were you know why I'm differentiating between different channels now, I'm in the van and the goal is to do more on the ground. Real conversation interview things man on the street kind of stuff, because different formats, I'm trying to physically protect my ability to keep doing the work. I want to do but I think what we ve seen with you now, all of these channels. Getting demonetized is that there is an escalating review process where the snowball wronged on they'll faster and faster results in channels just getting snapped just getting removed. I think the only reason you ll see a challenge. Black pigeon speaks restored as because of community outcry, but there are a lot of channels that we're smaller, that nobody cried out for, because there are small and that's exactly what this tablet articles basically said: He says that took her Karlsson inanity if it,
you do the same content as them. In the same way, you will probably get demonetized, I could do not cover Karlsson called Brien's Delta have seen an a eunuch. I really don't think you know if you like, that that would get demonetized outright, but I'm on Fox NEWS. I mean actual save his fox news. Tucker sober demonetized too, because of the political comments made about immigrants. That's a different issue, the point, as you too, determines what they think isn't advertiser safe, regardless of what the advertiser actually saying advertiser say, we don't want to be uncontroversial content, but controversial is changing every day because of the outrage mom. So I think Youtube as decided just to get rid of everybody, but here's the thing there There is there's always some pros and cons for people on Youtube. If this channel as demonetized that's you know that revenue from this my main channel, that it's significant portion of my income, I'll, be ok, but if this
oh, you know I I I don't know if I could continue the workload that I'm doing now if this channel was removed from the point of progress on like that, it's possible I probably shift to a different style of content and try and figure something else out. I think you took knows this. I think you doesn't like this content, so I have no. I really have no idea. I really don't so. Instead of sort of continuing this round. I may have just dropped a point, but I gonna a bit more because they talk about the New York Times, peace and they make a really important point about the main streams shield, verses, Youtube's willingness just wipe. You ask us out. So he makes reference to a video. He was watching an artificial intelligence and how we got recommended David Ike, the conspiracy theorist. He said, ironically the New York Times, boosted Ike's profile last year, while interviewing author Alice Walker, Walker, about one of my xbox saying that it is books. There is a whole of existence on this planet and several others to think about the times defended the peace Saying that Walker was worthy of interviewing he's as its dismaying,
dismaying dislikes ignorance and bigotry promoted anywhere and yet an old Liberal society requires that we have the civic right to express that he had a civic right to express himself. The question is: what responsibilities to platforms. Youtube, Anthony or times have to limit his exposure. Unlike the time Youtube as a softer method of moderation and monitor this video of the craters cat profit from them? You too will not place ads on videos or pay their craters for videos, adult meet a considerably higher bar of safe and offensive content, such very are also penalised in rankings and not recommended right wing loud mouse. Even crowd are subject of much controversy. Last week has been demonetized arrangement booted from the partner programme entirely that Ike a video has not possibly because I could not talk about lizards or Jews in it The point I want to make is what's dangerous about what Europe is doing. Is that the main stream is being The hell out of Youtube and you tubers and then hosting the exact same people they complain about.
the New York Times had boosted David Ike's profile. The New York Times puts these people on the news and they think they have the right to do it, and then they run a front page story. smearing Youtube and you too bends than he argued you'll. Let me go The matrix. Our autonomy is a forty minute video, but the other main point to point out. I was gonna meet before is that there is a potential pause. For those who survive if you're a veto. If you make it I'll, tell you this, I think one of the real is, that Youtube is purging. Wanna channels is because it was a big mistake of Youtube to open the partner programme to everybody. Initially, if you're on Youtube you could get, harder programme as a select. You know inviting invite only that allows you to make money and they did have only select people and it made sense because they value they knew a kind of content you made. Then they decide what anybody can do it well.
Then you end up with really wacko videos. Getting ads on a man has got got mad, but it did something else. It meant that the supply of ad space became a mere infinite the demand for airspace will never never reach the supply how many videos are uploaded every day, every minute, how many minutes of content, while there's not that many advertised? What happened was the cost of ads were driven down to a penny per view? I can do that zero dollars and one cents, so you can put five dollars and get a hundred views that's pretty good for your average advertiser, especially regarding my location, there's just too much content. What you're guaranteed the view so supplied meant What you is doing now is likely going to drive up, see pm's for the craters that make it through the perch if you survive, you'll, probably see or add revenues skyrocket, which is good news for premium creators, and I think this falls back into the idea of gentrification. I think they ve plan this. They view manifestation as privileged right. They want premium com.
and it's not going to happen if people are getting one cent per view and their shipyards are trash and anybody can be in the partner programme. Presumably if market, with the amount of views, I get if they got rid of you, no fifty mill in channels on the partner programme, which they already did basically like eighty percent last year. Something then there's no power is for advertising to spend two by. If there's only a thousand channels. Of which I would never make the cut. Then sepia arms are going to do magically skyrocket, as everyone starts competing for access to add space. There will still be cheap. Add, though, still be, you know, penny adds, but for the most part, your average, There will make way way more money, which presents the opportunity for way way more premium content. This is the coming gentrification of Youtube. also why? I believe that channels are arbitrarily being purged, they need to cut the supply down so that man. The debate will stay the same, but they can artificially caught supply, to drive up prices and provide
more resources towards their better craters, their premium craters, who can make money, and I think this is happening there. Some other things. I can't really talk about that. I think lend more evidence to this. But I am for privacy raisins. I'm gonna avoid this, but let me just say: there's some behind the scenes scenes things I know about that. Make me feel you tube is doing hard audits on channels like I'm talking about a literal, handful people in Silicon Valley, sitting down going through people's videos at at a high level, and not you know when they do these reviewers and the algorithmic stuff they have like. oh level outsource jobs about I'm saying right now, I believe that their based on some conversations- I've had a night at our table, Google that there's internal, we'll staff and a high level that our manually going through channels, it's not gonna, be a blanket sweep, because if they just snap their fingers and purged and in literally data photos of all of you to people would shriek and outrage.
But every day another channel is stripped every day, another channels, band and they're doing LOL channels every so often to avoid pr outrage. Why was black pigeon speaks restored because the outrage became too much bad pr, so they had to back peddling call it an accident, our only railways, anything is came back. They ve monitor. other channels and they're trying to avoid mass public outrage. So I you know what. Youtube, has created a system that built an economy and can be devastating to a lot of people. You know I've built a career on you too by the past two years, I'll be fine, no matter what If my channel got deleted overnight, I would seriously seriously be fine. It's not like, I don't have other job offers, but I probably wouldn't work in media. If that's the case, this is like the extent of what my willingness to work and media at this point. I don't want to go and work on these companies. So if you two cut it out, then
probably it I there's, there's other jobs in certain areas that I have been offered an pallaby, what happens, but you tube. it's hard to say. Does you do have a right to remove from the partner programme? They do I dont think Harmonization is, is a right, as it is a privilege. I so long as they recommend you, then Oh, if you like your content, you can find ways to monetize, but admittedly, Youtube's automated system from indignation is massively powerful and effective. If you tube structure outweigh the male sort, recommending more of their premium content craters, they want to be Netflix. Look at this way, final phocas along video, you to try doing originals and some of them worked, Youtube tried paying you tubers two makes a serious right. They gave money to people like, I think pretty, by got something in other game theory guys got stuff and trying to make premium shows they want to compete with Netflix. I think they realised. However, this
artificial attempt wasn't working, there are some Youtube originals that were smash its cobra. I even watch seconds and but COBRA. I foresee that was really really good. The funny thing is COBRA kind, never be made on Youtube by independent graters, because they would just broke all the rules if he D monetize be strictly in other big controversy round it. So, by getting their corporation behind it, everybody was ok with it. So it's gonna be an interesting problem, but I think Youtube's learned artificially trying to pay. You know Petra pay you to us to make a new show didn't work. You need organic growth. You need that. Development over time to figure out what works. So I think what they're gonna do is they're gonna purge everybody end you know what I want. I want a rehash, Jose ideas, long story short, I think I think it's very very possible this channel will get, you have become, the chopping block will see what happens. But the purge is upon us and our notice, around. I follow doing so. Sick around next we will come at one p m again, I'm in the then spent the four
tonight in it as a trial run, I'm not the wilderness. Anything I'm actually are still technically at home but I wanted to see how the unity airflow would be, how the lighting would be, and this is actually be a trial run before we take it on the road. So I, make sure I can actually do. The videos has actually been some some some issues, but for the most part, things working and yes to around next, we will be at one p m and I will see you all there Yesterday I reported on the democratic you turn to finally provide funding for border security, got an update. it's more just so the in depth version of what's going on Democrats but thought it'd be really important to look at because from the hill House. Democrats are oh two finalizing border aid bill as Democrats on Wednesday said they will move forward next week with funding legislation that addressed
is the surge of migrants at the southern border, democratic lawmakers say they are close to an agreement which has been stalled for weeks in response to the Trump administrations request for four point: five billion dollars in emergency funds. Dwelt agencies handle the influx of migrants arriving at the. U S, Mexico border border stop now. I want to give you just of it, but now somewhat why this is so important is not just about finally border security being taken care of its about how wrong, because your court has as its about how wrong NAD, Loretta, and all of these people that jumped on the bandwagon to defend or cause you Cortez is rhetoric about concentration camps. We didn't you can eat your words, because Democrats are finally recognising. They have to do something about this planet simple. It also shows us that they live in some kind of ethical, fantasy land. Look there there fantasy lands for various different tribes and people who are flat Arthur's. They live in a weird work, and then they believe ridiculous things. They are people who live.
then crazy, conspiracy, nonsense, words about reptiles, and you know holes in Antarctica whatever, but there is an objective reality which we can look to the best of our abilities. Well, as a grotesque goes on the internet and says something nonsensical and then everyone piles on because they're all about tribalism. You can recognize this group of people They don't live in reality. There are regular Democrats, regular conservatives, they live in reality. There are absolutely french people on the right, but there are a lot of people on the left and I was right it really There's a thread on a social justice, read it where they were talking about how conservatives live in an alternate reality, and then they want to talk about weird conspiracy theories and on what, if you think conservatives are, the people believe we're conspiracy theories. You live in an alternate reality, and it's actually, this really interesting inversion where they look at the border and they see World WAR to Germany. The devil That's like the actual, like regular old, like most Democrats are now
pitch relating in saying, ok, fine, there's a problem will deal with it, but they still look here I'm gonna make and one that will remove the story of casual Cortez, clearly doesn't live in objective reality, she's going to double down on her comments and she has, after being called out by been shocked. I she's double down that over the next cycle, though I got a bigger story, come up in terms of politics but sure, even after all, this they are people who live in a weird social media, Wally World of some sort, where it's like everything skittles in rainbows and then outside is the fringe outright coming to get you and that's just not reality. Selective Democrats are doing. They say the developments came as the Senate Appropriations Committee advanced bipartisan legislation, Wednesday in response to the administrations request. That measure is expected to hit the Senate floor next week. As democrats say, they intend to advance their own bill next week before lawmakers leave town afore the Independence Day Recess Rep need allowing a Democrat from New York had of the House Appropriations Committee
said she and her colleagues have concerns with the Senate bill as currently written, where continuing to work diligently to ff analyze legislation to address the humanitarian crisis, the crisis at the southern border, with a view to bringing a house built the floor next week, democratic aid said there are concerns regarding protections for migrant children and the inclusion of Defence department funding in the Senate bill. As your would provide a hundred and forty five million dollars to the Army Marine Corps AIR Force and are in actual guard for their involvement in the border response, including medical assistance and mobile surveillance, and see what's wrong with that. Please explain it now, is in the process of ploughing through its annual spending bills for fiscal, twenty twenty, which starts October first irreparable things have been hammering Democrats for weeks of inaction on the president's emergency request. They org The money is needed by early July to ensure the Office of refugee resettlement. A division of the Department of Health in human services doesn't fall short on foot.
There are literally days away from running out of money to have the funding they need to take care of these young children with serious health health issues set House Minority with Steve squeeze. House majority leader, seven. What study warrior said Democrats don't want to leave here without humanitarian resources to handle what is humanitarian crisis at the border? He's a Democrats might want to move forward with their bill Republicans can't get on board also now the Republicans who can go on board sure, there's a crisis and we need to deal with it and we want to deal with it or your said, while after all this time, Tromp requested, I believe was four point: five billion a little while ago, The Democrats have repeatedly obstructed so good on them for finally now stepping up, but it's kind of funny, when you see them say trot made the problem worse, but we're gonna give Trapani anyway and now you're going back to that point about the alternate reality. I think there's a trickle down effect from the enact like the the inability to solve problems from all power
visions that trickled down to those who live in weird worlds. When you have an influx of migrants and then you? U position, you take a lot of these. I grant and refugees and just you know, placed them in a small town, you know all about, so all of a sudden have a small communities in rapid change and a bunch of people than ever met forced on their community. There are understand this. I I certainly believe that we are humans. We can all learn to get along, but I'm not surprised there their shock their committee has changed rapidly and that trickled down due to the inability of the problem to more of the fringe right positions. Alright, what I'm gonna call it on the left, however, the Democrats dont give trumpet. He asks for resulting in children. Getting sick and dying does rather tragic and unfortunate, and then what happens? Cause Yokota says: oh, my God, trumps a fascist and their operating concentration camps on the border it well. The only reason the conditions are bad is because the Democrats didn't provide the funding that requested, and so here we are in this position. Now, where you have the vote, though the wackos on Twitter,
recycling this insane rhetoric all because the Democrats didn't want to go and bore a trump in the first place. Look you don't have the hour not to put the problem is, but I'll tell you what they can blame for compromise. Worse, that doesn't make sense, because now they're gonna give him the money he's asking for. We thought he made it worse. Why would you give him more money? I think that the I think Orson here is the sad truth that if a Democrat stepped up in the first place, we wouldn't be facing this problem by I'd I'd. I made almost points Yes, let us read on and um you see, whereas so far. Gb lawmakers have been have been shown. A draft text for the bill Democrats intend to put on the floor next week. According to a democratic aid, a major in point in the house, stems from the progressive wing of the Democratic Party and we go where Lama there's. Our concern at the bill could end up Funding administrations, deportation policies. What would this is apt, lulli insane to me innocent, echoing talking about the Progressive Twitter, Roddy Fringe left us to live in an in my magical reality. They made up appropriate measures trying to
I saw us watch those concerns by ensuring the funding it can't be used beyond the purposes of humanitarian aid. we should provide the humanitarian assistance necessary to change the can, along the border, particularly as it relates to immigrant children look what the children domain about a circumstance. But you can't just keep throwing money at the problem, and this is the big problems that's always have when it comes to government programmes here explained at the end frequent listener to my my videos. Govern programmes can work right. It makes when the government steps up and says we're gonna put abandoned on this wound. You need something to help the womb he'll, but what happens a week later today, peel the bandit off clean the wound in applying new bandage or say it's yield and we're gonna go. No. They slap another band bandit.
the festering wound and they keep doing it with our problem. Kids are getting sick and dying. People are getting sick whereof, we dont have the resources at these facilities. Ok, conditions are bad. How about you give trumped the money asked for for these facilities than your times agrees right on again, not coming from out my had it coming from major publications, get a total boards. No, it won't do it now. What happens you end up with a progressive saying? You know what we don't want to deport people we just want humanitarian aid. Great just gonna happen. Then people will still be incentivize to come. Ok and I get in Amerika, great but basically, what you're saying is? If you come, we will provide you with clean, safe accommodation, so their flying from Africa. Could you not the Congo to Angola to Brazil? and then travelling up their Brazil through Mexico, Central America and then come into our border, because you have rhetoric like this, you need to have both. We provide aid.
We're here now and figure out what to do to make sure that they are not in squalor and dangerous conditions, but we must distance and devise that people from here, so you do need to send people back if they're trying to enter the country illegally. Of course, the Democrats only they want they want their taken. They want you to well tell you what's gonna happen and I think most of you watch and probably get this if the Democrats provide funding For humanitarian aid, without the ability to enforce the border or deport people who are here illegally I'll tell you what more people will come more people will expect that handout, and it will only make the problem worse, teach a man to fish or feed a man, a fish right, as the saying goes, if you're just saying free stuff at the border, you know we'll take care of you, it won't be perfect, but he's not. you might get to America, then why? Why wouldn't they come? The problem we have now is the Democrats need to figure out a work of Republicans. Do disincentive eyes this behavior. You know Trump wants to build a wall
I think the walls a rudimentary solution to the problem. Short people won't be able to get past the wall, but they'll go other ways and there eventually be while breaches and while it you know, we ve in borders built in Europe in other places. Yes, they ve worked. I think we need a comprehensive package here. We need policy, we need border security, we need law enforcement and we need humanitarian aid. All of these things have to come together. We can't you The one- and I gotta admit, though it sounds like what we're seeing now, is the Democrats and Republicans for the most part of a bipartisan bill that could do both, but it's the far left Democrats that are not obstruct because they don't want border enforcement welcome to you no politics in twenty nineteen, like I mention the begin, these people live in some alternate reality where they dont think of other ramifications for their actions. Should the? U S, taxpayer, be funding the human
tearing aid for these people. The answer is a resounding yes, but it's very simple: you can't stop their plenty simple. I think we should help people. I do. I think we have a problem. I partially blamed the Democrats because they ve ignored this and they refused abundant. We can't leave people living in these horrifying conditions at the not concentration camps, its absurd, their temporary detention facilities. Yes, parents are being separate from the kids. I think that's detestable, but I do know else. You do when people are being held when you do when you what we know for a fact had been reported in the press, that there are people who have children who aren't there's? What do you? Do you want to stop traffickers great? We cannot assume the kids blowing the parents it's complicated, but please Can we do something? You know that this is the problem. With these far left Democrat types right, the position from passing the border is akin to a bit more bold, its similar, but more, I want to say to predict and at its worst it's more expensive and at a step up from the Democrats, were into into doesn't seven or eight
Democrats say we want to build a barbarian trump says. I want a big beautiful, thirty four, I wanted a concrete and then he capitulate you know he gives in and says ok will do a ball advance. Fine, it's a very similar positions. Democrats, ten years ago, but where the progressives going you wanna act like Tromp is going far right, he's going crazy, he's talking eastward unlike Bill Clinton, did man deporting immigrants, Obama called him. The porter and chief you also Braun talks, while the Republicans going up deepened and unlike dude, I gotta say men securing our borders the majority american position and its only the progressive Democrats were obstructing ok. I wanna make this video super along. The point is you heard me: And about where right right Now- and it seems like the main issue, as you know, if the if come too Twenty a lot of these far left types get reelected in the Congress coming up in the night, planets and elections. If we keep saying this far left wave, it's gonna get bad. They don't you. understand how economics working to make sense. There, socialists, not all of them, but there were no court. Has the democratic socialist. They seem to think that a command economy can control the flow of a value in it.
can't know committee is going to have accomplished, regional power of distributed system of people determining what is or is invaluable. However, a free You weren't allows a fair system of people. Just spending will spend things eventually in really dangerous You'll see the rise of monopolies and powerful oligopoly that restrict speech as happening. We need a happy medium. The socialists are wrong, but guess what we don't really have many lazo capitalists in Congress in the Senate, their mostly like moderate, right wing people and there's moderate leftwing domino, but now we have this left wing of socialist, far left types. It's going to. You know that that they, let you gonna California, they ve got a massive homeless problem. What do they do? Provide funding for health care for illegal immigrants,
it looked when you're not gonna, pass your housing bill to how's your own citizens. This was this. The promise he with the far left types. Ok, Democrats, the moderate ones, have finally come around to support. You know solving the crisis good on them. They relate to the party, but at least there here other progressives art. So you know what I'm not surprised. Stick around. I've got another video coming up. What's gonna get more The next video coming up for him on the main channel for the pod gas is probably already play, but this is going to be about kind of the escalation, intentions, rhetoric and political attacks, and things like that- and this includes converse- immigration and Elsie, so I'll, stick around Youtube COM slashed him cast at four p m Eastern, and I will see you all there. After those comments by or cause your Cortez about the camps on the border. If you know what I'm talking about, if you don T look it up, she made a bunch of nonsensical statements. I'm seeing a ton of people do friend what she said. We all are, but a lot of people who, our seeming, you know out for them to be rational, sang
their asylum seekers. They shouldn't be detained, they shouldn't be separate from their kids. Ok, listen, there's a few things that may be made clear just because someone The boy with children doesn't mean those children belonging that person. In fact, it's quite possible that those kids are being trafficked. How do you figure this out? Do we let the traffickers do their thing or do we try and stop the trafficking is a big problem where the story from Fox NEWS, hundreds of me migrant caravan members found to have you s. Criminal histories, its uprising, twenty body. What this means is people have come to this country broken the law. Been sent home and they're trying to get back in. Of course, like I mentioned, I think I did you ve got Democrats, you got the fall of Democrats who are obstructing this bipartisan bill and they don't want people to be deployed So what do you do? Let's take a look at the store and talk about the issue and the main point that I'm trying to drive home here is that just
because someone comes here doesn't mean they are an asylum seeker. They will lie to you not all of them, but certainly there are people bear their people who pretend to be seeking asylum. So that you give them access to America. Listen. You have people flying from Africa to Brazil, as mentioned in the past, in a previous, because these are not asylum because criminals have been deported, are not asylum seekers. Ok, I mean the candy for pressure on. Iran is no answer such like maybe they went home and in someone's at your criminal and then they left right point. As people are trying to defend Cortes by claiming that the thousands of hundreds of thousands of people are just here for asylum they're, not there economic migrants, okay, now I understand you want to help them. I do to. This. Is not the way There was a story in vocs: Veo acts, not fox, were they. to review some of these people who side I miss Buffalo, wild wings. I miss Playstation. That means for one they're, not asylum seekers and two. They were previously deported and want to come back because they want chicken
wings, I am not being hyperbolic that was literally published as a quote from an interview with Margaret in the caravan on Veo accident come the left wing. The liberal site is a progressive website. Ok, it's not, as are its My amendment is blown. We see stories like this. Ok, let's reduced or otherwise, I'm in a rent, like I have been before we get started, had overtook guest accomplished on it. If you'd like to support my work, because things have been pretty scary on you too, as a pay pal option, crypto option and a physical address where you can send me, things, but let's get back to the story and figure out. What's going on with these migrants Fox news rights hundreds of illegal immigrants attempting to cross the southern border as part of a mass it as part of massive migrant caravans were found. of criminal histories in the? U S. According to newly obtained Digest documents, the files were provided to the House Oversight Committee Republicans in May and included internal data, showing,
more than one thousand migrants travelling as part of caravans to the border within the past nine months. Had U S, criminal histories and hundreds of? U S, criminal convictions, ok, he's or people who are already breaking the law. So you note of this Tromp was wrong when he said there not sending their best will hold on there. sending anybody at this point. These are people who have already been kicked out trying to combat. Someone, anybody sending anybody, it's not about not sending the message about literally your criminals, not as an end. And I want to clarify: do some of the criminal histories could be? You know illegal entering the countries on like that, but I think it's fair to point out. We do know for a fact: there are people who break the law under deported and come back the files detailed one I grant caravan of nearly eight thousand individuals that started toward the border back in October and twenty in and arrived at this hour, arrived south of California by December. To me
according to you as immigration and customs enforcement. Six hundred and sixty of them had U S criminal convictions with forty convicted of assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and through he convicted of murder. In January, twenty nineteen- U S C Bp tracked another caravan left, hundreds of more than three thousand four hundred migrants Ices, homeland security investigations team identified eight hundred and sixty of those of those individuals. Had U S criminal histories, including more than twenty convicted of assault or aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, nearly thirty convicted of we'll call them me to offences to convicted of violence against law enforcement and one convicted of attempted. murder the US an ok let's, but I will make sure that we always we always talk nuance and and and the shades of gray as it were. Many of these conventions are probably just rendering the country illegally
be real and you're gonna, see the left, try and defend the migrants and refute this content by saying just that, but don't let them because we're not talking about that. If someone gets supported, of course, they're gonna try and come back in illegally because there they ve been to ports and difficult under common legally, but we're talking specifically about those who have committed actual crimes, assault, theft, etc. They get deported. For those reasons that's who we're talking about, while the numbers probably you know our more heavily those being deported, but the criminal histories being for illegal entry to the country. These people exist. So it really. It's really frustrating one When I say you, those those really funny meme our point, someone made, they said you can't call these. You know you can't refer to these camps as like world where to Germany. If people have the option just turn around a different direction, their choosing the commune they're going to these camps, but the point is much as I don't want, any anybody to be suffering at all, and I think we do need to to this problem and provide better resources,
still. It is every one immediately jumps on their not illegal immigrants and their asylum seekers. That is the rhetorical device they used to defend people who are trying to enter the country illegally. Where the Democrats of ten years ago, why did they drag their feet on getting this bill to the Republicans to actually solve this problem? Making the problem worse in my opinion, Democrats of ten years ago, had no problem. Callings out, no, it is, far right to say the union has borders, but that's what they're trying to play now and when you say hey, these are ill immigrants they say asylum seekers when you say illegal immigrants, they say immigrants, they write, the immigrants were detained right. Immigrant is somebody comes to the country. And files, their paperwork and illegal immigrant or an undocumented entrances of people who are running through the border so that no one knows what they're doing or where they're going that's different: okay, house the documents provided to house oversight. Republicans also reveal that sea BP is currently monitoring another movement of several groups, ranging in size from one thousand to four thousand.
accident state of Chiapas and their crews that that's their currently doing. This is another there's two more caravans, but not spell, why how many of those migrants are believed to have criminal records? Violent thing, that's important, I think is important. Is the caravans haven't stopped the damn rats are finally now going on board and think about how crazy it is when the first care events are common with a few thousand people. These are people who are going to put in camps. Ok, they're only put there, maybe counselor detention centres, I'm not trying to play that rhetoric rhetorical game. What do you do, whilst you do just wanna wandered through the does? You can't do that they get? Secondly, Dinah left its met again and finally, the Democrats are on board. That's good news there being obstructed by the far left. I get it, but think about this, even after everything. Trump has done even after that that the tariffs with Mexico. Even ever Democrats are coming on saying, ok, we'll put together this bill to more caravans with thousands of people. I don't know you didn't send devices behaviour right, it's bad for everyone, but the fact is it's not stopping and that's why I think it's important
talk about in a letter to digest Acting Secretary, Kevin Mc Lean and on Thursday committee ranking members, Jordan are Ohio requested further. Information about caravan members with criminal backgrounds to assist in their oversight of the crisis on the southern border and better understand the threat posed by large caravans. Jordan were requested, arrest, warrants, court documents and other materials detailing the criminal histories of the migrants and the January twenty nineteen and October twenty eighteen caravan, an update of c b is monitoring of the caravan movement in Mexican States an summaries of ice ages. I materials by July Fifth, in his letter, Jordan referred to President trumps decision in February to declare national emergency and refer to his comments that the southern border is a major entry point for criminal gang members and also narcotics threatening core national security interests. The newly revealed the ages in for me, comes amid a stunning surge across the border this this year last month, the number of migrants apprehend
southern border skyrocketed two levels not seen in over a decade with sea, BP reporting nearly one hundred and thirty three thousand arrests in May. The number surpass two hundred and forty four thousand, when counting migrants deemed inadmissible more than a thirty percent increase from the prior month and double the influx recorded the beginning of the year. The number was the highest. monthly total? In more than thirteen years official says we are in a full blown emergency acting see BP. Commissioner John centres at earlier this month in April authorities recorded a ninety nine thousand three hundred and four arrests. So all I will add this to the story. I think we can point out over and over again you know, I've made numerous videos talking about this issue, but I will stress right now, so long as we have the moderate Democrats on board Republicans, I think we're not in dire straits completely. I think that this can be turned round and I don't think the end is nigh. We'd stopped to contend with the far left Democrats there obstructing you know,
They want. They didn't want any deportations, but when you see the numbers like this, then you know it's good to know that something is happening. So I kind of feel like we're on the downturn now and things are going itself, but I wanna make one thing clear of the point of this video: we all get it. We all know there. Criminals knees caravan. in our ports before. But I am saying this because I'm sick and tired of all of the tweets all of the rhetoric and the left saying asylum seekers know they're, not their people who came here got Buffalo while things and video games, not all them their asylum seekers. For sure we want to protect the asylum seekers, we want to protect the refugees and those most vulnerable and if people just one Buffalo wild wings, That's why they're coming there displacing true asylum seekers so I'll leave the story. I leave it there's a more more to come in just a few minutes, and I will see you soon, Michael, more was one hundred percent correct and twenty six all well it's been a long time that in the new, so I'm pretty sure he was right. He said tromp was going to win
and he warned people and he's been warning them ever since, because you can see the lines being drawn, you can see trumps bases still here. You can see that people are sure of his raising what what are you guys, like? Twenty four million thousand a day Michael, more said, he's a Michael, more warns. Democrats tromp hasn't lost one inch of his fired up insane base. Well, you know the like Michael, more think he's predict ease in Europe, particularly weird situation where he used to be a voice for the white Working class. You know you did that this documentaries about unions and needs from Michigan and a lot of the people that vote for Donald Trump I need a motor for a bomb of the past. He spoke to them, their jobs were lost, manufacturing was lost and now he's just decided for tribal reasons to stay on the left. I think I'm that matters principal matters, but
Thus there is a large. You may remember this. There was a conversation it was. It was some part puddle play or something, or some kind of nominal stage presentation that Michael Morbid, where he said my doll tromp was going to win and would be the biggest a few to the establishment and knows is really really great speech. You know to a you know, talking about manufacturing jobs, tat her eyes on preachers widow. Also I watched and everyone actually cheered on saying it wasn't even a silly that he was supporting trump. He was saying this is what's going to happen. People are going to vote for him as a nephew and they're going to do it again, You know really interesting that we're saying the same things are to play out. I really do believe trouble when not just because, in my opinion, because if you know economic forecast models, historical trends, you know trumps the incumbent Trump, that economies really really well so people think he's gonna win, but we're seeing these poles. but where they're, like Biden, has beating trumpet set or etc. It's like yeah, I don't know man. We saw this
nonsense with Hillary Clinton. Why should I believe you this time? Well, guess what Michael more sang it once again- and you know it I'm gonna take your word for it. You know why, because, as I mentioned Michael more knows the white Working class, he does whether or not is going to speak up in their defence today, I don't think so, but I think he really does understand them. I think he does so daily why rights leftist propagandist, Michael more, has returned to warn Democrats about the loyalty of present trumps insane base. In response to the president's rousing campaign announcement on Tuesday night, Michael, more warned, the twenty twenty mobiles that trumps influence has not diminished among his base of supporters of anything, it's gone up. We'll talk on the second, advising that whoever takes up the sword to slay the Orange Dragon better be ready to face. Is hungry whore?
of lays this deplorable. That's gotta go and actually I watched the whole thing last night, the filmmaker treated on Wednesday. I know no one wants to waste that kind of wants to waste a kind of time, even looking at him, but not wanting to. See the enormity of the fight I had doesn't make it go away. He hasn't lost one inch of his fired up insane base. Are you ready? If Michael more genuinely thanks at Democrats only path, a victory in twenty twenty is to directly challenges base with more defamatory rhetoric about their sanity. Then he surely has learned nothing since Hillary Clinton lost four years ago, which he actually predicted would happen. Ok, so I was right at the time due to this raw spelt populist, bona fides. So what a lovely this will? Actually, I wanna make up now written statement. He said I am sorry to be the bare of bad news, but I gave it to you straight last summer.
I told you that Donald Trump would be the republican nominee for president, and now I have even more awful depressing news for you. Donald J Tromp is going to win in November. This wretched ignorant, dangerous part time cloud and full time sociopath is going to be our next present president Trump GO hadn't say those words because you'll be saying that for the next four years, President Trump Michael, more knows what he's talking about. You really does. He may not be happy about it, but he and stands this and the point I made earlier. I think he gets Michigan Michigan went Trop, they shouldn't have, he knew it. He told them that it listen. Hillary Clinton didn't campaign in these states, because she thought she had the blue. While these states are what I was go blue, she was wrong. So what are we seeing now, Michael Moors playing into this
Dame follies. The same mistakes of twenty sixteen, the same people who voted for Trump, not all them, but also voted for Brok, Obama. Think about that there are people who voted for Brok, Obama twice, who then voted for Donald Trump. Why did this happen? I dont know, but if you then look those people in the face and call them insane insult them, do you think they'll now come back and vote for your people? I dont believe the answer is yes. I don't know it could be a. Maybe it's not yes. I don't think so. You ve got people worn out racists, you ve got people who just want a good economy. You got people who believe in hope unchanged for eight years and they chose Trump what's being offered today. Moral grandstanding, beta roared was but better work has no policies Evangel by. What's your binds policies on even doing Bernie Sanders, I believe, has on principle but he's kind of, but the need to the social justice mobs. You got tossing Yankovo
really do like, and I and I and I do hope for you know, I'd I'd, I'd, look, I'm not! I'm not gonna, be addicts and allow people. You know you might like to single out the they're gonna win, but I think their ideas need to be up on that stage and that's what I'm hoping for. I think trouble and bizarre might my my personal waits Polly Gonna go behind Yang. I don't think you be eyes perfect, I think you know the way stop talking about it. It's interesting, but I really do believe that tramping young bull, see the same problem and their approaching it in different ways, so manufacturing collapse, automation, trumps. All this is that we have to bring jobs back in this country so he and Bernie when a similar route get where the free trade agreements make sense. Trumpery negotiates NAFTA. U S! Arms. It works. I mean I don't know what or why all I know the economy is doing well, people are working again. This is good news for people, so they look at Trump and face working. That's why Trump will win, and I got to admit
I lean towards Andrew Yang because of his technological expertise and because he's really a domestic policy. You know juggernaut all of these things. His flesh eyes talked, but is it really good ideas? I really appreciate how we went on with Ben Shapiro and effort must, before his ideas challenged but yeah exactly the same problem. I think, if you're being honest, you're looking at the problem of Middle America and jobs and Yang is as well as my liking, yellow pro nuclear there's, a lot of things that you know that I appreciate abided by again, I think Trumpets Ettlingen, when Michael more is right, but Yang is approaching the manufacturing stuff from the point of automation. Right, we can't stop automation, you can't just regulate your way out of technology, so something has to be done and he approaches it from the value added tax dividend policy, like his big tech companies, are making a ridiculous amount of money. Therefore, charge of attacks on the products they so they can't escape. The vat and bench grew actually greed that if that would make sense that it is.
agreed on further and limitation, like bench appear, wanted completely either. I think bench, whereas others, no income tax, just go straight vat and an arm. What's our Andrea actually set as the he set a minimum wage makes no sense right he's out for it and our I'm sorry. He said the fifty nominal wage makes sense. I wanna be specific, he's at it and solve the problems, and I was like boom. Here's a guy was actually talk in some sense. So when you I digress, trumpets gonna win out like those are people make really really good points. People know don't bet on the poles, but on Vegas I'll tell you what the poles are meant to swing your opinion. Some one will ask the load. Question will say something like oh cause: Yogurt has recently destroy twenty five thousand jobs. Are twenty thousand jobs in New York New support her and then people will wait? What no one on sport that so they can ask loaded questions get an answer, because the poles will trick people into thinking there on the side of the wheel, the winner people will vote for the winter look at Vegas, though
trumps odds of winning even everybody else like Trump is the favourite used it so so our that's a good thing or a bad thing eloquent. It was a favorite before I think is going well, let's see what Michael more said in the past, because it again you right, he said, Never in my life, I want to be proven wrong more than I do right now. This isn't an accident, it is happening and if you believe Hillary Clinton is going to be tromp with facts and smile. Some logic than you obviously missed the past year of fifty six primaries and Caucasus, where sixteen republican candidates tried that and every kitchen sink, they could throw it trump and nothing could stop his juggernaut as of today as if, as things stand now, I believe is going to happen and in order to deal with I need you to first acknowledge it and then maybe just maybe we can find a way out of the mess. Wherein did we on arms? I'm sorry did they know, didn't they double down every site
The way the rhetoric has got more insane. Two years later, Congress sweep Farlow, you know, there's a big push in Congress. The far left. None of this is what Americans are going to vote for. You thought it was bad when people were rang and trumpet the media was lying in pushing this nonsense in the past few years has only been worse now that everyone seen Russia get for what it is. What do you think they're they're gonna say now there an essay, the media really is lying and they do that to trust in the process down down down all of this not only predicted Trump, but they ve double down every step of the way, with even Michael more who gets it still resorting to insulting trumps base as inside
Now I'll tell you the effective way to two two politic: it's to respect the opinions, it's to listen to the people, to try and understand the problems there going through and be respectful of those problems. We all have struggles in life and everyone prioritizes the issue they think affects them. The most we can't ask any more of them. I have problems with the problems I see that affect men. The day to day, I am concerned about the rise of the regressive left in the mainstream and then the oppressive tactics they use. Not. Everyone agrees. That's ok, just because I'm focused on this and I think it's a bigger deal assuming you're wrong, so the way we approach that problem is by sitting down, and you telling me before I started tracking what was going on with with a Trump campaign. I didn't actually know a lot about the loss of these jobs in Middle America, but I listen to people and I respected them and said I hear you I do. I want Wanna make your life better too. I want lifely better for everybody. The Democrats, don't do it right,
at least right now, a lot of them art, Michael Moore, comes out. Cuz, we got to be Trump, his fans are insane right. What that says is that Trump is that Michael Moore doesn't see a trump supporter as someone who could be his friend someone who could support him because they're real respond, How do I convinced Trump supporters there's another way to solve these problems? I think Andrea spot on. It are, admittedly, I'm a rational person. If what Europe is doing is working, I dont see a reason to you know: don't don't broke, don't fix well if it isn't broken right, but I still liking for a lot of reasons and I think it extends outside of the economy and an end. Even his you be I plan with, did that the vat tax, it's just one thing right. You got a bunch of different things. He stalked weapon,
ITALY, nuclear energy- and I really like you know there is a desire to support him. As I looked at as website, I saw all of these things he's gone through and it felt like he was doing a really really good job and he's a new type of person he's very much like from in terms of the thereby their able to see the big problem, which is jobs manufacturing company. The difference, though, is that Yang is not a negative individual write. You a lot of people like Trump because he's like tough any pushes back on people Yang, isn't like that Yang fits you know I see more of myself in him. A calm, rational guy who is willing to reach out, talked anybody. So I think all of you guys who watch me the many of you are transport is probably get It's easy way to explain. While I again you see I approach talking to liberals and conservatives, Yang is very much in a similar about it's about you. sitting down and respecting the other in trying to solve that problem, not perfect. Neither a strong the reason I dont, like Trump, for the most part, is for one foreign policy, of course, but that's it that's a presidential
trapped, but it's also that he's a negative guy right is positive in some ways, but he's up these negative a lot of other ways, he's mocked body slamming reporters he's mocked people. He makes one of them. He insult them. I'm not a fan of that and you can see them The content I to do to do that, so there there's more to being the president, then just you know, policy and policy and running the military forces, there's also charisma and inspiring hope inspiring ancient people, sometimes you need. You need a trump you do. Sometimes you need someone to stand up and say we're on the wrong course. You ve pattern enough and things need to change. So I absolutely can respect the things he's done that have worked on that crazy person right, I can actually respecting was right on the border and the democratic finally turned around, and that says to me I wasn't wrong to say: ok Trumps got a point here. I wasn't wrong, they want Emma Conservative for saying that, I'm sorry, the Democrats have just figured it out they resisted, but no. I was right the whole time and I was late to the party too, So what? If they're gonna want to around reminisce video? I want to say one thing: it's true
he sixteen all over again and then some Michael more predicted. It he's predicting it again if they think they're gonna walk through this one and when I just they are nothing common uniform warriors drum. I reckon ass possible. I could be wrong. I'm smart person in the world, but I really, I really do think Michael more gets that base. He understands those people in Middle America and whatever is he's doing he's not speaking to them anymore, but he still understand them and it's gonna be trumped twenty twenty. I got one more video coming up in a few months. The ground I will see you shortly to explain to you very simply my gripe. What what the problem I have with the regressive left- and it can be a can be explained very simply, nine. On the lot of issues. There's street violence stairs. You know the obvious authoritarian behavior, but is also the complete inefficiency in their plan. One of the things that bothers me, the most, my very analytical you know technical person. I grew up in computers and internet person, ice programme bid against back in the day and night.
in order that, for years I may little crappy performers and about, but I am very glad I was very active and, like the hacker community allows a kid at least my own little community. So to me, efficiency is paramount. If we have a plan, do it right? I can't stand watching people do things wrong. Look at the story. Activists want a problematic mural of George Washington destroyed. It will cost the high school six hundred thousand dollars the artist wanted to do.
To learn about Washington's flaws. How dramatizing? Let me tell you why they're so inefficient? Let me tell you what bothers me about them now, of course, again I stress first and foremost, it's the violence and authoritarianism. Shorter short, but here's the thing Europe set over this painting about George Washington was George. You know, because George Washington, as slaves, ass, did many people back. Then the point of the painting is to show that so that people dont forget our founding fathers had flaws bad ones and as a country, we know why that was wrong. We have made great strides in the past two hundred years to expand civil liberties, to many more people, many more classes and were not done soon. It we're not perfect, but here's the activists do they say, destroy them, Europe, because it problematic. In effect, what would they do? Whitewash history and erase the past erase our Anderson
ending of what the flaws were in the first place and then insane look what happened if the fox had polyps who got banned I'll, tell you. It was journalists Lifeward Fisher, it was historians, historical archives. In the Netherlands, they don't care right. Look, I don't think it's a grand conspiracy that lives De Mr, like I want to destroy the archives near her, and this is the plan. No, it's that they're, saying that's, bigoted and mean spirited. Aren't you gonna? Take it down that painting is problematic and you're like do the painting is there is a reminder of the bad things. Guy George Washington's Red did write. The founding fathers were really smart people, the bricks, the foundation they late for this country resulted in one of the freest and most respectful nations on the planet is, above all the best in terms of like respecting group marginalized groups, because people can argue about your opinion over whose better, but
certainly as near the top. I think America's on output Americans up in a lot of ways, but sure there's arguments for other countries in a chill hippy, tiny ones. Maybe the scandinavian countries that they got they got problems come in from there. You know a magazine, a great job are laws have evolved, our constitution has been amended and we don't great things, and this is a reminder that those great things came from a dark past. I should call it a dark patents early, but there were dark things in the past and we should not forget that, because at that allows us to know today the bad things you see around you that you fight change, they'll change, progress as possible and we can make the world a better place. That's what I see from this, I say well of all the good things we have a Washington with his face on our money that that that the first present of his nation
he had bad things, he had flaws, and you that means, even with those flaws good can come change can happen throughout the story. Little bit eyes go in San Francisco is considering three options for censoring: a neural of George Washington deemed problematic, but a local activist community, putting up a current price tag, three hundred thousand painting over at six hundred thousand or hiding behind panels. Eight hundred and seventy five us: how can it costs them which make on that? Go? Pagoda home deep owned by some slack for twenty bucks, unjust nailed, the welcome on I'm getting don't do any that leave the painting. No doubt San Francisco United School District could higher quite a few teachers in lieu of executing even the cheapest of those plans, but a thirteen. we're working group asserts the mural must go it glorify slow,
Bree Genocide, colonization, manifest destiny, white supremacy, oppression and doesn't represent as F you sd values of social justice, diversity, United Unity or other means student centred. It also it's also responsible for traumatized students. According to the activists traumatized students, a painting seriously, the truth is George Washington's Highschool mural is is provocative by design it was painted. Nineteen thirty six by a russian american artist named Victor Audit off who held leftist sympathies, aren't off did not, to blindly celebrate Washington while ignoring the less savory aspects of the amount of american founding, and thus he depicted the first president working his slaves and sending them, to confiscate native american lands. It was an attack, to remind students that history is a lot messier than what their red in class and therein lies the problem. They don't seem to realise that they eat themselves this.
the leftist who said I wanna make sure everybody knows these things, and you know I agree with that. I do, as I say, outlined earlier. It is important to remember our past is not perfect. In fact, we must strive every day to defend life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness when in a damn good job of it, and that's why I've gotten my van and American, lag pillar to which a lot of people you got comments and enshrined like to money of Americans legs in your van, because I respect and appreciate when America is and has done, while still being critical of the bad things it's done in the past, because, as I stated America, even if this dazed on bad things, but when we look back at a picture of George Washington, we realise those bad things today were critical of right bombing. You know young men in foreign countries, drones were not at war with them for one those will go away. We can become better and we have an that's what it murals important and also important, because, regardless of what it says, it's a piece of our history and we should never forget our
asked, lest we are less, we be deemed to repeat it. He put. He put those ghastly gray, pioneers literally walking over the dead body of an indian, to demonstrate that the settlement of the West was an act of conquest and involve the slaughter of native Americans. Robert Journey San Francisco State University, professor told the schools, the school Districts Board of Education and eighteen. That was a very bold effort on his part to counter the kinds of textbooks that students we're seeing where they would whitewash historians aims all great skills in rainbows. Everything was wonderful. We came here, put a stake the ground and then poof America appeared. No. There was war, there was conquest turmoil, but there was trade. There was development, there was hope, faith, religion. There was bad and good, and we should always remember you know every aspect of.
History, modern activists. Culture, however, is preoccupied with an ever expanding definition of safety, which now includes emotional safety to walk past, a mirror, the topics of violence against native Americans and people of color. Even if that's what actually happened is considered trauma inducing and the purpose of education is to mitigate discomfort as it is, and you, as from Robbie solves, mentions them The theme of his book panic attack young radicals in the age of trump. Why do we have to explain the pain caused by the visual offence that we see in the building? That is supposed to be an institution of learning, asked one woman at the public meeting about the issue on Tuesday it not in a museum, it's inside a school lamented, another speaker will apparently did not understand the point of a school hours.
since all of them deserve better, and this is better. This is good great mural, other speakers, several of them native American, expressed no objection to the mural correctly, pointing out that it was depicting what actually happened and imagine this. If you are native American, you can look at that painting. You say you see what they did to my people and peoples. I do see them, I do and I received why you're angry and I'm glad we can all be reminded that the depiction of someone walking over a dead body is not a positive depiction of that person. We can absolutely recognise the good things that George wash in the founding fathers did, while showing people they did bad things too. It was different times and we ve changed. We ve changed Three, like I don't know I don't like, but you ve literally atmospheric change history, but I mean like we ve changed the course of history. We ve made things better, according to national reviews, Jameson most of the students want to keep them euro or.
Don't really care one way or another. The controversy is the work of outside busybodies. Naturally, it looks like they are going to get their way. The school board is currently deciding between three d, plans, all of which involve destroying them. Your mural or covering it up. A final decision is expected next week reports the college fix, They got his eye. He goes on to say by the way, if you're wondering, why would cost several hundred thousand dollars to get further mural here's your answer. Officials are required to conduct environmental impact reports before they take any action. Of course, this is reason so you'll, certainly here the libertarian argument, but
I think it said. I think it's really really sad, that we come to a point where one, as I mentioned earlier activists have become so damn inefficient. There. There attacking past activists like think about the work, this guy dead, to make sure people never forgot the atrocities of the past and the activists are actually destroying good left wing activism there it's completely inefficient and it's why we see the circle it circular firing squad of the left. You know it's really funny. I did a video where we show these graphs, where there was ethnic, political groups and white liberals were the o. my group pulled that have an out group bias, meaning they hate themselves. So it's really fascinating, because that's why you see the left constantly talk about white privilege, these white progressive dogma, white privilege, but also why you see this. It's also are you see them eating themselves because they don't like each other. They have an out group bias. So when I
it left us activists as something another white looked at left US activists as no you're wrong. I dont like you, I like them, and then they fight each other and then something as simple as recorded history. A depiction of the things in the past because comes offensive. I think this is really dangerous work for other reasons to whether or not its inefficient and they're just sitting there, certainly and spinning in circles and attacking each other. There also erasing history the good and the bad and, as the saying goes, those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Some people argue, and I'm saying some people. It is not what they do it on purpose, because by erasing the past they can then commit the same atrocities and get away with it. To think of thing about this, this outgrew biased they have where they dont like white people. What do you think happens, then, when you erase the atrocities of the past, when you see George Wash and stepping over about you,
but of all those things get rid of the bad history delete the archives, delete the journalists. Don't I wonder what happened? Then they can do it and no one can know. No one will be there to remember what really happened. That's what scary they'll start enacting policies from the most repressive regimes of history and people will say: oh no one would it was as ever done before number, but if you walk past mural every day and then someone says we want to impose identity or in law left or right, white or non white you'll say no way dude. I saw what happened when that was last implemented. I see it ever They are that painting and that's one of the reasons I think some of these people do want to read the stuff. I will stress really weird how, after calls mosses vocs had polyps what got purged history anyway. I ll leave it there. There you have it it sound.
Play tomorrow's gonna win. That said, thanks for hanging out sick around, I will see you all tomorrow at ten, a dot m and this channel open, podcast it'll be six hundred and thirty p dot M ten, a dot m youtube, dot com, Timcast news.
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