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Democrats Accused Of Exploiting Campaign Staff, Hypocrisy Over Low And Even NO Pay For Staff

2019-07-27 | 🔗

Democrats Accused Of Exploiting Campaign Staff, Hypocrisy Over Low And Even NO Pay For Staff. The latest in the democratic party's labor disputes is Elizabeth Warren who is accused of exploiting low level staff into working for free. We also have another story about how Democrats are using deceptive accounting techniques to appear richer on paper and delaying pay to campaign staff in order to do it. Lastly, Bernie Sanders is accused of firing three staff members for legal organizing practices.The take away is clear, Democrats from centrist moderate, to far left are seen as hypocrites for trying to look good while exploiting or underpaying their staff.As a moderate what do we do? DO we ignore this because "orange man bad?" or do we speak up and demand a better party? If Warren and Sanders are in on the take then what do we really have? Who do we vote for?It seems that from labor to social justice these politicians simply seek to maximize their returns by saying what they think people want to hear. But when it comes time to take action they are exposed as hypocrites.

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The Democrats are the ones that claim to fight for the working class for labour our union's, but now we have multiple sites. Symbols that are kind of highlighting hypocrisy within the ranks of the Democrats. It's not Just the story. I have pulled up right now for those that are listening. It says Warren fellowship. Applicants campaign programme was a quote great scam. Apparently, two men who accepted the twenty twenty candidates Volunteer fellowship programme described the poor as for entry as deceptive and at times exploitative. We so have another story, and these are both from the dead Billy, which is a fairly left, leaning outlet. This one says twenty twenty candidates delayed paying staff to look richer on paper, there were several campaigns that use the accounting trick, but it was Amy overcharge operation. It stood out the most then, of course you may be fun
following the Bernie Sanders scandal where he is accused of. Not only did he not pay staffers fifteen dollars an hour which he promises and and cat a campaigns for federally when people complain they weren't being paid enough. He said just work less hours, which is effectively get the same job and in a shorter amount of time, which doesn't alleviate the problems that these people are facing, that there were struggling to pay, rent and buy food, but here's the uptake. Their Bernie Sanders now, according to an hour adapted copy of a charge of federal labour complaint, their claiming his campaign fired at least three staffers for their involvement organizing and then just for the sake of you know Talking about these issues, we also have this report from back in may Kemal Harris's campaign was paying women less than men, which a bit hypocritical. Now we know that store is a little bit all, but I do want to have reached rehash these stories and will start with Elizabeth
or in simply to point out. I you know it brings me no pleasure to point. Doubt that these individuals, who claimed a champion workers, rights and labour unions, are in fact being hypocritical. It's just it just what it is This information is extremely important to voters as we're going into twenty twenty lesson. Donald Trump is gone. To be the nominees we know what Trump is due. We know what he's about he's quite literally doing it. Ok, so you don't It made to tell you what CNN and MSNBC will tell you. Twenty four seven comes to what's happening with the Democrats. I think it's very important. We we see them action, speak louder than words. We should highlight what they do instead of what they claim for instance, Bernie Sanders campaigning federally for a fifteen dollar minimum wage, but he won't pay, its own staff. That actions speak.
Other than words. So, let's get started with the Elizabeth WAR and storing up before we do at over the TIM Casta com slashed on it. If you'd like to support my work, is a paper Lottchen Crypto option a physical address but of course the best Then you can do just share this video. You took the ranks independent political commentary, and we also get monetize every so often so, if you like it just share it, that's the best you can do or support through TIM cast our complex donut but less revenues. The daily beast Reports- Elizabeth Warren, has built much of her political career as a champion of workers and consumers against the deceptive, exploitative practices of corporations and employers, but as she never It's the latest chapter of that career arc run for the democratic nomination for the presidency. The Massachusetts cried faces. Criticism from several of her own supporters who set the law
was tier of our campaign. Structured, doesn't match the image she projects to early converts to warn described the process for entry into her campaigns, volunteer fellowship programme as deceptive and at times exploitative and interviews the daily beast. They said they were pushed toward us paid positions, overpaid ones, misled over the availability of financial assistance and asked to sign highly restrictive non disclosure agreements that worker advocacy groups concede or irregular. Both applicants are verified their accounts with emails. And text messages from the worn campaign. The complaints from those offered unpaid fellowships could raise new questions for Warren as she seeks to put our lengthy history of advocating for consumer and worker rights at the centre of a rising campaign. What was told me was very different than than it actually was said. Jonathan Nancy, a right rising senior at certain Hall University. Who was offered a volunteer fellow
it position on warrants campaign. It was kind of a great scam of getting people to shop and work in the capacity of volunteer, but to function as a paid. In turn, in the amount of work that they're doing, he said like other Democrats running for the White House warns campaign offers paid internships, but, unlike many others, the campaign also offers volunteer. Fellow now what they go on to say in the story. Is that essentially here's the corner? Where the quote the they always communicated. It was always fellow. Flash intern like they were synonymous their application kind of took advantage of people who are really eager to get the experience now say this? The story basically talks about how young people really want to get into political campaigning, and this was their opportunity it. Something we see we ve seen a lot. Businesses explore
the eagerness of people to get them to work for free vice was notorious for having unpaid and unpaid entrance when they started. Because there's it happens, people come, they love what you're doing and say I just want to be involved and what they want to be there. They want to be a part of it and are willing to do it for free, but here the thing, the point of capitalism is that when someone does something of value, no matter how they feel about it, you give them money. The point is when we do good for our community, we get an exchange of value for that now. For sure there are a lot of free market. You know advocates who would say people should build a work for free if they want to- and I can agree to an extent, but the issue is when you offer to the same job, because you know you need to pay for it and then just cross your finger, someone so eager that work for free, that's taking advantage of those who don't know better. I disagree. I understand there, a lot of people might agree with the free market aspect of that. But in the end, it's not about what I think are you think
the fact Elizabeth WAR and is supposed to be opposed to, that is about the fact that Bernie Syn there's an Koala Harris and any global. Our other Democrats who are supposed to be support, the idea of a minimum wage, the idea that you don't get someone to work for you for free, I agree with that ideal. I think people should get compensated for their work and you can exploit the goodwill of young people. So I'm on the left in this issue. Looking at hypocrites who are not doing that war taking it, did. You have those who they got. I gotta say Elizabeth, worn doing a great job of being a ruthless corporatist in, splitting. The eagerness of these young people, but look, let's gluts, wrap up this story because look the point is, I think, what you end up is the bubble draw. The story will make their point. The point was made they end by saying just under a get the daily. These contacted warrants campaign to detail multiple specific complaints from applicants off offered volunteer fellowship positions. It appears
more decided the campaigns most of your members could use rallying on July, twenty fourth hosted a call featuring campaign manager, Roger LAW Law, to thank interns and fellows in a programme for the call an outpouring of praise surface on social media. Without a dozen people, leading their gratitude for the candidates outrage. How convenient when the daily beast, not Conservative source reaches opera comment, saying exploiting the lowest. They hope a rallying to say. Oh you're doing so. Well, you know why men, it is called the e behavior you give em big hug and say we love you and then you hope they don't speak out against you well We can see the next up day, I'm not gonna get to agenda the Bernie Sanders story because look I've gone through a lot, but the update here is the first. Arrest, they say an anonymous unfair labour practice charge against Bernie Sanders. His campaign alleges
at least three staffers were fired from the team for their involvement in organizing and labour activities according to a reductive copy of the charge obtained by Bloomberg LAW, the Orange, which has filed with the nl or be by a former campaign employing July. Twenty second also alleges that the campaign violated a collective bargaining agreement with the unionized workers by making staffers work additional days and failing to provide. Commensurate days off when the individual ask the campaign to abide by the terms of the collective bargaining agreements, management retaliated. The charge alleges Campaign management retaliated against me when I organised the bargaining unit and send an email requesting compliance with the agreement. The person wrote the charge the identity of the individual. My father charge has not been made public by the charge list Sanders Campaign Office in Iowa Damone, as the employers address the I'll Arby's Indianapolis office is investigating the allegations Sanders Camp,
but said: that's leadership from Senator Sanders on down respects the rights of all its employees to see the standards on down respects the rights of all its employees to speak collectively and bargain about their terms and conditions of employment and its people. What's the mission of the ETA lobby to enforce worker and rights. Now, here's the thing, no matter what really for perhaps this is just someone who got in the Brady campaign wants to take him down and smear him, and it took a big conspiracy. I don't think so: okay, clearly not but hey, let's entertain the thought that someone just trying to get Bernie Sanders. It doesn't matter. The pr backlash will be immense. Money is supposed to be the union guy and here is being accused of retaliating his campaign, I'm using his name. You know just as a turn of phrase where I mean as his campaign. His employs the buck stops with him so whether not buried anything wrong, he is gonna. Take flack for this. What outside?
of what actually limit. Let me let me highlight one more issue, because I have just reiterate this point from early. Bernie Sanders campaign announced it will cut homewards to pay staffers fifteen dollar minimum wage. Now for a prompting mockery. This room Fox NEWS not fundamentally clarify what happened here Bernie was bank thirty six care year just for the context, because it may not know that's the equivalent and seventeen an hour for someone working forty hours a week. Unfortunately, this working sixty hours a week, they said I'm struggling to feed myself. People are quitting the real issue. Was not fifteen dollars an hour. The real issue was the just work making enough money they needed more, regardless of how many hours they worked. Bernie response and by saying you know they work forty hours. So there's I will not make more money there still struggling to pay themselves, but I guess Bernie Freedom an extra day then go work aside job at war, Mortimer, Walmart or Mcdonald something's at the plan. The point is Bernie, wanted it to look like on paper. He was paying them,
fifteen dollars an hour or a living wage, even though they were complaining. Thirty six key a year. Wasn't it the fifteen dollars an hour equivalent is not the issue which brings me to the next story and why I wanted to highlight this issue: twenty twenty candidates dil. Aid, paying staff to look richer on pay. I kid you're, not the daily beast reports again. The Democrats prioritized looking good instead of getting there You have to know end if I work for these campaigns eyebrow for no one. If I work on your campaign, because I believe in you and you try if I work on your campaign, because I believe in you- and you tried stiff me because you want to look good, you know I will be filing that complaint same as that other guy. But let's read this or another sit there. Singling out Amy Club, which are once again from Amy, Amy, MOT Culture is the centrist. Moderate damages. She gets no special favours hear from me. She looks terrible in this and then you have the more left leaning the further left Bernie Sanders
Elizabeth Warren, come on man. You know you'd think Actually, let me say this: these stories to be blown out of proportion. Our major that's clear. It may be just one person, complain about variant of how many staff members it's two people complain about Kemal out of how many staff members, but this is what you get you or the like. Liberal Democrats: you are campaigning for them. You will look bad. It's is bad news for them wait a little bit, but this next door and I still have one more story to go through four months: Amy Clover jars campaign made regular payments to staff inventors with varying daily expenditures that never acceded three and thirty five thousand, but an April first, the campaign spending exploded. They say the campaign spent an average of fifty five thousand per day, but an April first, it hits six hundred twenty four thousand in one day, including a three hundred thousand dollar payments to campaigns to the campaigns. Digital,
They say that massive optic, an expenses, was likely due to the fact that April one marked the beginning of the new fund raising quarter by putting off payments. Until then, which I was able to put the best possible spin on our presidential campaigns financial position during the previous three months. If those expenses had come a day earlier, globetrotters cash in hand figure would have been roughly six point: three five million. Instead, The campaign was able to claim roughly seven million in reserves, a sum that placed her among the better position? Democrats in the presidential race, the orange He has raised more than double the Democrats in the past two months. They have forty three million cash on hand. Democrats have nine Republicans, have no debt. The Democrats have five million in debt they're playing tricks to look good on paper, and that means there they ve made rather appear to be doing the right thing than actually doing it
that's quite literally what Bernie Sanders did when he cut hours. He just wanted to look like on paper. The people are getting what I want instead of saying I will pay you more money. Look, I'm not saying Bernie asked to pay them more money. I'm just saying: if you're gonna campaign about a living wage and you're still comes, you one says we're not getting. One will then pay them more money. Bernie welcome to business. The same is true for actually I'd say well, the business of any club which our but she seems to know what she's doing with a clever trick. They say daily, beast review of Campaign financed records indicates that the delay, expensive strategy has continued through the just completed cycle and has involved payments to campaigns efforts as well call which argues campaign did not respond. To multiple request for comment is one of at least four democratic presidential candidates, who appear to have skipped staff pay day at the end of June, putting off that pay period until the beginning of the following month and hence transferring the expense to the next quarters. Bounce
It's I gotta say: isn't that a legal that sounds illegal. You can't withhold people's pay in wait. For this reason I don't know against the law, but man does this stuff frustrate me? Can I eggs? I ain't you my frustration at the Democrats. Let me just say it for the million time I don't care about Republicans because they ve always been Republicans. They have always done this. I look to them and I say I get it. Your Republicans, you believe in cutting taxes for big corporations. Many many many of them don't think that the governments Lucian cap and trade is goes off climate change. They were they they they pushed back on a lot of more left, leaning policies and that's fine. I disagree, but we can get along. Ok, you're, that's not my fight, because I'm not trying to convince anybody not to like what I should say, I'm not trying to convince Republicans not be Republicans because there are publicans. The point is when I look at the democrats- and I think how do we get sound policy?
How do we do we get? You know some kind of our tax incentive programme for environmental ISM incentives and grants into renewable energy Brok Obama's groups. A lender, complicated story I get is appointed in that I didn't like Obama because of his force, but foreign policy, but I tell you what man? All of these stories made me really really miss that man he was strong and he actually try to do things though he get it in a hard time doing it. It was a very successful but hey. I can appreciate at least the effort now. What we get a yo sees insane green new deal, which is God knows what? According to Turkey must have an attempt to change the economy. It was several pages of socialism in an anti terrorism, no real solution to the climate crisis, I'm looking for real environmental policy. Then you have the claiming to represent labour and talking about solutions to raise the standard of living, which I absolutely want and I believe the governor play a role in that being complete hypocrites
Bernie Sanders has let me down in many ways a little born. I've never been a big fan of hers. I will praiser endlessly on our honour calling out big tech. One hundred percent praise words do, but now Does this unpaid positions? Why do you have those at all? Look I get it being for labour being for cooperative markets and taking care of people to make sure they they live comfortably. It is extremely difficult. Ok, I understand that a business wants to maximize its revenue, its reserves and its profits when it comes to a campaign- Bernie wants to win. He needs to win but what are you willing to sacrifice to do it? That's the problem. This is why cheaters when now they'll tell you, you just have one. That's not true. Cheers only listen to get caught. Bernie Sanders Elizabeth, worn Amy Club, which are there cheating. Let me just over the next weeks. We get the point: ok Kemal heiress,
this is this? Is it this story, isn't necessarily fits what I want to say necessarily say: she's cheating, but to an extent she is she's she's talking about some kind of new plan to eliminate the gender pay gap, but it's in your own campaign. Ok now I understand Under pay gap is widely a myth. There's some certain there that its very, very tiny, like three to five percent may be seven months, not this huge number many people believe its due to the fact that women are negotiate. That's not the point. I want to highlight how you you have Kamali Harris said got it and the gender pay gap will start with Clean Europe. Groom. What's what did your Petersen clean your room before changing the world buckle, but then you ve got outside of that site. That's less hypocritical and more just and ignorant what Amy Clover jars doing, what Bernie Sanders is doing and what was with Warren is doing to me are people who are willing to cheat to get ahead. That's it. You cannot advocate for defending labour rights and then,
Just don't open eschew those values when it comes to your own campaign for personal benefit. Here's I'm trying to say burning gate as much power as much money as possible to win Amy. Does Warren? Does so they're going to flood the numbers in enclosures several of the campaigns it looks like Bernie is going to also flood the numbers to make. It seem like he's doing the right thing. So as ideology is consistent, it's not elsbeth. He's gonna offer unpaid positions to manipulate those who are the most excited about our campaign. How awful is there and that's the most offensive thing to Me- Elizabeth Warren, telling those who truly believe in her that oh, but you know you gotta- be unpaid. That is dirty pay them on and you know what you maybe this you may you may be at a disadvantage when the ends don't justify the means, and that to me is the worst part about the Democrats right now. I believed in Burundi and twenty sixteen and then what once they agents at a bunch of nonsense about why people can be. There was like to be poor. He started
he endorsed tellers. That was bad. I do not want nobody likes Hilary, I mean I guess some people do obviously, but like a lot of people, then and Bernie. Let me down a lot of ways. Ok, he's now embracing just like fake politics he's either He's telling the party line, and now is that this is the most greatest thing. I've ever seen him do this meant this manipulation to make it look like he's paying as people fifteen dollars on paper. Was this a so who do we have? Who do we have on the democratic side? Who was actually principled? Who was actually? I believe, is genuine. There's only two people- and you know who I think most people are Tal see Gabert assuming Google for interfering in at meddling in the election meddling in the election mind you she was, the most searched for candidate after the first debates they shut down her ETA count. Why is that? You know what it is. I d to say, but cheaters do win. Tal see, seems to be principle to step down from the decency to support Burundian twenty. Sixteen she's she's defended free speech and big taxis, anti war, and what does she?
Fourth destroyed in the media, suspended by Google Andrew Yang. How does MIKE caught off according to numerous clips, those who are playing fair, are getting destroyed by the corrupt establishment and Bernie two meters? Another part of that so as war and so is clear, which are so is Harris and that's an that's and that's where I see whether the Democrats. So let me reiterate my point about Republicans. What am I going to do? And I gotta go to Republican and be like you should actually consider you, no universal basic income or some kind of solution. Automation like Andrew Yang is have a conversation about how we solve this problem. We should consider we should consider. We're thinking, proposals to make sure that you know people don't lie whose access to resources simply because their job has become obsolete. Whatever form that takes ok, those conversations can happen, but what about the basic stuff? On the left side, progressive taxes, environmentalism, I'm not gonna, get what I want out of a Republican there. There
different side of spectrum for my politics, so there's literally no one from an politically homeless. That's what many people have said, and that of the Democrats frustrate me to know end because they're supposed to be the ones who are on this site, but instead there chasing after woke twitter, being manipulated. By Donald Trump and then pulling this insanity where they don't put, there money where their mouth is, at the very least, are lying. So rant on this one for a long time, but that's just how I feel I feel like most of my life, I have been used, betrayed and and manipulated by Democrats. Look I voted for. Obama, the first time he seemed like something new in something different. I was very young. I did vote from I can time because I felt like I was taken advantage of many people than say TIM walk away? No, you don't understand my policy. It. Don't change, because the Democrats are overrun with with sycophantic liars and manipulators, there's no republican for me. I don't I don't agree.
With republican policies for the most part. Of course, we believe and most here's what was it. Of course. I agree with most things again, crying The great example Nan crunch on, I will probably agree a lot of things, but on the key issues that divide the liberals in the end there is concerned it is, I dont the poetry I guess that in Amerika we mostly agree on these issues. The Democrats have gone so far off the rails. I bet we said this as someone who is slightly to turn to the left centre left I'm unclear so now the Republicans on many issues It is because the left, as even believe in free speech anymore, because there are pushing racist policies they have been for a while. More importantly, I'm all about labour. I I've I've. I've. Petitions, Vienna Larvae and on more than one occasion, and I believe in collective bargaining rights. I think unions are corrupt, corrupted right now and we need some kind of overall, but I do believe in the people rising up a challenge. The power I am anti authoritarian and the Democrats seem to be
in complete disarray, and you know what I might be willing to bet progressives and men in the far left completely agree, but I think they're they're willing to do it and I'm not so I don't know what you get. I get a cordial conversation Glenn back as unashamedly great conversation. We disagree on fundamental issues, but we're normal people talking. Where is that now? Who do I talked to the left and the democratic party? Look that's why I'm gonna support tools he gabert or and or Andrea. That's why? Those are my comments. I believe that their actually real People who really do care and want to have a conversation tells he's got on Jonah couple times: she's gonna Fox NEWS there willing across the line and say we can work together, and that is the most important thing and I look I'm not exaggerating they go to tools policy page- and it's like eighty percent on board with Andrew Yang its huge what this makes me so angry man that the top to your Democrats, the ones that are being called the front runners being exposed for hypocrisy, ran over
I'm gonna under I can make this video five hours long, but I ll leave it there. Could you get the point? Meanwhile, I have a whole bunch of other stuff Tell about how Trump is just manipulating everybody Trump look. I, though, the way I grew up it's like a sane, rational person. It's like I get it. People voted for tromp, it's at the end of the world. South Park made a joke about it. Where you know, Obama win and then everyone's running around, like riding happy and the other side is hiding in a cave, terrified, yeah, great, the stuff happens all the time so Trump wins. Unlike I again here we go. Orangemen bet I did vote for the guy, I cannot vote for the guy, but I understand that people dead, I'm not crazy, you know and so long story short as tromp is winning he's absolutely winning every single day is winning. People get mad at me for constantly being a normal democrats for being losers. Ok I'll give credit to warn for a big deck policies. I gave credit to YO see when she called out big tech. If they're doing things that are important, I will give them.
Right. It, I'm not gonna, go on twitter and be like Dan Crenshaw, doesn't understand nominal wage out at. Why actually kind of agree with them? A lot of that, but I just agree on. Is it civic policy or the technological advancement and that's why I lean towards gangs solution, not necessarily a big fan of you, be, I think it's complicated, but Yang is asking the right questions we can just say. You know closed borders, raise the tariffs it's worked at has, but I'm thinking, I'm thinking more Ford facing so not that Trump has been wrong. The duties Donny economies great, but I'm concerned about what happens when this truck drivers automated and we get more of the same. What can trump do then? Andrea is having a conversation again. You got a bunch of other possible. I think we re rational, it's not just the one. I'm not gonna go to the less to make a three hour. Video, but be really does have a lot. The point is tromp is winning, and it's because of this is because the Democrats have no charisma, no strength behind their voice and they keep
doing this is that the media is going up into shreds completely rip them to shreds you. Don't you see the bad press about Trump card on care, and neither is the space you can call trope all the names and in the book, and they were at its base, is like we get it. You make Trump Berry warned they can't survive that and the media is going to tear them apart because they want the salacious. They want the juicy. What the clicks rant overwhelming stop. Now Next time it will be at six p m on Youtube COM slashed him cast news. My other channel thanks, rang out I'll, see you all than. Before he had started on this video, I need to make a huge announcement. There has been wall to wall coverage of breaking story. Every at work. As covering this, what must be important? I'm hearing that the Orange man is bad, and certainly that must be big news for
we wall to wall coverage on every network, seemingly nonstop again getting. But you get the point you would think it must be the most pressing issue ever for them to never stop talking about Donald Trump. I went to escape park recently and I was talking to some kids and they said they don't care anymore. He's alive. Geller. Liberals right not like crazy, far left woke whatever it's like. Regular people voted for Obama or Bernier. Whenever granted, there were younger civilian vote for Obama, but they're like Bernie, borders and they were saying that they just turned out. The same thing every single day, and now we actually have CNN to prove it, and some other sources sticks out tv view we're for Mahler hearings falls flat. That's right, even though they brought in
on thirteen million viewers across six major networks? Brains were down why this was the Mahler hearing. The Kohen hearing did better you'd think this one would do better than that. No, it's been gradually decline. For one simple reason: Orange Man, bad, is boring nonsense. There was a report, apparently that brine stouter, who wrote article his ratings, are down fifty percent since the start of this year. While you will hear a lot of people, say ha ha, that's proof. I also point out there could be ratings. Situations into the summer. I mean in the winter everyone stuck inside, so there you have called out now. Really nice outcome among the beach. So consider that, but I will say My ratings are up that could just be due to doing work and my growing my business CNN is not growing so their rating. Our down I'm going to say, listen talk about something else, please There was also a story recently that apparently people at Fox when they share
don't worry I'll put a far sighted people CNN when they Our story they'll put a fox emerging next to it, because they're trying to figure out what foxes covering that they are not so they can get ratings. Let me let me explain something: on my main channel people. Look at it. And immediately say. Ah, dimple is right wing. Why? Because Templeton about things that conservatives also talk about. Well, because I'm a moderate and moderates According to the data showed and having a couple days ago. Moderates conservatives have a balanced news: diet. Conservatives lean towards reading conservative news, moderates lean towards reading Liberal NEWS, but still have a healthy balance between the two different biases liberals just read only the left, like predominantly friends abandoning as all be like whoa. This imminent Omar stories huge it's on politically downhill it's on CNN, it's on networks, and so I will make YO about that they don't people know, say. Ah only conservatives talk about
ass, the other issues as a moderate. My perspective is probably moderate and therefore the left never see a moderate or conservative or some and can are far right. That must be the rule. But but I will add, I think Vietnam is recognising the not speaking to Americans anymore outlets, actually look at the ratings here before you get before adopting the ratings. However, it's him cast accomplished on it. If you want to support my work, is a paper lottchen equipped option a physical address, you get it Youtube Misty ranking us their propping up CNN Fox NEWS, MSNBC, the big corporate players, so airline word of mouth, if you guys think this video good, please share it. So here's, while our do this, is on Pre Straightfor, the stores I very long you dont need. You know what, let's, let's Let's see his assessment says the more hearings were undeniably important, unworthy of televising mothers. Affirmations about trumps possum obstruction of justice and Russia's ongoing meddling led than the nightly NEWS and Thursdays newspapers, so the testimony had the effect of amplifying the probes findings for national audience.
But maybe the viewers, but it may be, that viewers could tell it was a re run of sorts during the day ones they cable news ratings were roughly double their usual levels, showing Mueller was definitely a draw, but ratings have been higher for other major events in the past year. Like the tense hearing about Brett cabinets, combination is prim court. Yes, something new, I mean even bright Cavanaugh Isn't it is, in a sense, an orange men, bad story, so those up Hollywood reporter actually breaks down what what you know the actual decline in waiting six out so that they mention you know they drove thirteen million viewers. They dont make an assessment, saying it's bad luck see in London, but but they do kind of pointed out check it out. They say the thirteen million viewers fall short of some other recent televised hearings, former Donald, lawyer Michael, come in, for instance, through about sixteen million viewers when testified before Congress, James Cook
these twelve seventeen appearance before Congress. Nineteen point five million and bright cabin on average, twenty million Fox news lead. The field wednesdays coverage of an average of just over three million viewers for the hearings. Msnbc two point: four one ABC two point: one to NBC about do CBS about two and see it on one point: five: CNN of CO, hours in last place. Why am I not surprised? You know I do, I feel bad for CNN because it seems like they're they're trying not to be. You know. Super far left They are anyway because the other it's an addiction, ok orange bad man. Media is an addiction, here's one let me colonies ice criminologists. I love doing us, there's an ice cream shop with thirty one sweet and delicious flavors, and you ve got just whatever com abc whatever one two, three four five six m people come in and the shop owner notices super special flavors,
Nineteen cells, more than the other flavors, so he says you know what let's get rid of four of the flavors and add more of super flavour. Seventeen. Now. The ratings now is sales for ice cream. We're going up even more is excited one by one Actually that's getting rid of all data flavors until eventually the ice cream shop has one flavour, but all sudden now people are coming in anymore. The ratings Going down a sales are going down. The reason is, while yes, there were a lot of people that really liked that flavour, you ve become a one trick pony People are saying me, you know I do like that special flavour them even have chocolate. I mean we are there U turn on CNN you're going to find out something about some big story and covering it they're just ignore them. We're going like Orangemen bad, will orange indeed bad, but how bad on a scale of one to ten, how bad is Orangemen while past ten
clearly Orangemen. Is that bad? I agree while the problem with Orange man is lost, I turn now to our conservative analysed and they bring in a conservative it also goes. I have been a lifelong conservative, but Orange man is indeed and that's all it is that's all it is check it out. Don't take my word for it. How about this story from Fox Business, CNN, Anti Trump stance is hurting ratings Barney They right it's getting really bad it soon and viewers are fleeing in droves. I'm a founder of that network and not happy this spring. Siemens ratings fell off a cliff they're, getting fewer than half of yours who tune into Fox news at prime time at eight to eleven it less than a third during this waiting period. The Mulder report came out former vice President Joe Biden geared up his presidential campaign, a dozen democratic
ass their candidacy, that's CNN, democratic turf. So why the ratings plunged it is as old as an honour. Those new story, well CNN, is hate. President trumped twenty four seven went lily, correct you, Mr Mr Barney. It was it a store. You see it is the orange men, bad network? Ok, you call hate present truck twenty Fourth avenue. They say America's not buying it. I have tv monitors in my studio and I checked out what their covering it's so predictable. Every news of a dispute to show contempt for the present we get it. The orange man is bad pull on something else. No! No, no, no actually I'll put on something else: That's exactly what's happening, and even this guy steward foreign Use, as you well know, we The founder of the network is not happy. You look at what Brian Shelter and Oliver Darcy Cover, and it's all men, just such predictable, snooty ivory tower, where so much smarter than you do You are so out of touch with the american people. I can't even I can even begin to explain you.
Are chasing the drug? You are replaced. In your ice cream with one flavour and we ve had enough. We know exactly What you're gonna sell every single day and were over it dude, if, if CNN, just one day random. We was like we're gonna do a special on exploring the galaxy, I'm sure the ratings Adieu butter like available King news thing about, like sir and or some scientists stuff people might be like. Oh that's, real just they might bring back regular people who are looking for information, but also entertainment. Ok, I reckon I that's a component and unfortunate their component, their chasing after that result in the orange men, bad, incessant commentary. It's an addiction, ok, the first few shots sweet, Orangemen, bad drug felt good, and now it's killing you and you need to stop unit is, are we getting yourself off of orange man. Bed Stuart variety. Says the same thing. We can all see it, but you are locked shivering going through withdrawals, but
who are slowly dying off because of it it's time to get off the orange man, bad drug. He says Vanessa, in primetime, its downright insulting at ten o clock. Don lemon goes out of his way to be personally nasty about our president. His ratings have fun and off a cliff. It wasn't always like this CNN went on the air June first, nineteen eighty, I there, and so was my colleague Lou Dobbs back then we play it straight. We covered the news But in the mid nineties that our change direction CNN because The Clinton NEWS Network Bill Clinton could do no wrong, but the time point sixteen presidential election role around the entire now was gung HO for Hitler that, even where time water is one of our biggest contributor contributors, she could do no wrong and when she lost it was almost comical check it out on Youtube their election. Night anchors went into mourning apoplectic with grief. The hate trump coverage began in earnest, don't expect anything
CNN assigned most of its eight Trump people do contracts. And the other twenty twenty election and in the debate at the end of this month, guess who was one of the moderators Don Lemon, the man who has questioned the president's sanity and called him a racist? The guy. You also asked whether or not a black hole could swallow an airplane not making that up. I mean this don lemon once asked. Could a black we'll have swallowed the missing malaysian airline, ok, CNN, ok, she's a g. I thought journalist asked the question. Well done. Lemon, isn't he's an identity area. He said as much himself. The bottom line here and it's this CNN, along with establishment, media, and much of the Democratic Party has been overwhelmed with pure hatred of president Trump. It's a self inflicted wound How many times I said they don't seem to care, not at all. We can see it. It's like its predictable I will stress I dont, like making hard predictions person
May I think trumps gonna win twenty twenty body might lose. He really really. Might you know it's it's, it would be silly to be arrogant. And assume you know, what's going to happen, I'm sure there's a lot of trouble earth who are so confident he's gonna win, but don't don't look, don't don't ever forget what Hillary Clinton thought. Everyone thought the same thing. Could be that our voters, just it turns out they thought they could lose those people definitely gonna. Turn Twenty slash twenty, so just got a real battle out of them. Even with all the advantages he's holding it's going to be it's going to be interesting, I would be surprised if Trump becomes one president. I will also say this though in them- economic forecasts miles. Fortress he's on track to win. We ve got. Orange pseudo nations. Double the Democrats with no doubt we ve got just the incumbent advantage and you ve at the insanity coming from democratic debates. That really does make a lot of people think Trump will win, not the triple I've talked to who aren't in the no donated in politics. Think you can, but then a really know about all of these things that are happening. You know
fuck some random people about the park and also like, I don't think I'll win, and unlike what about that's the economies that record you no record highs employers are losing out to know that cars are not watching No, they don't care that paying attention. I am I right these things are gonna play a role in getting Trumpery elected, but I want to point out what just one one we're as as a highlight I might do a bigger story on this. Cnn recently had to while animals have fired, but a scene and follow up who praised the murder of some Israelis single, often war things. This has just been report yesterday. It was resigned in disgrace. I can't show what he said, but there isn't a highlight the story and and when will pull away from my do bigger you want it, but it is. It is some harsh language is that not only is CNN becoming the Orange man band like will they argue that there, the Orange man bad network, even so Maybe that's the attitude. They want and hiring people who are overt anti Semites. It's it's kind of shocking to me. Why did they ve this guy, or maybe they did
maybe they're so blind with hatred, for what this president is trumpets, praise Israel, he's he's talked about moving, the embassy he's very, much in favour of Israel? Maybe CNN just thought they could get away with it. Maybe that's the attitude there cultivating, maybe that's the attitude they want, but but the public pressure was too much the guy had to resign. So you know what listen I turned out. The more testimony to. Play, I turned it on periodically and I just turned it off. I just turned it off: it was. It was just bad. It was bad bad, bad across the board. I am sick and tired of and I am sure most of yours. Well, it's every day on every cable network, the front you know, Let them opening monologue for every light night. Shall we get it? The orange man is bad. Can we move on I'm so tired of it? I would I would much rather what she and a documentary on the making of our no glass that sounds interesting. How is glass made
and we watch how it's made instead of watching CNN Cnn could quite literally cover big could do a new story about us. A special new grass being laid out in a small. Lieutenant I want to be more interested in that than watching Orangemen better. Could you not watching grass grow because think about they could say well, this particular strain or have you call it breed of grass aeronauts gold are no people with a phrase beat that that the terminally species has a bluish tend to it and then the and then it's quite larger than you'll sort of finer red, unlike other interesting at an earlier that right. You could quite literally just film grass and talk to me tell me what the grass is and I'd be interested We, like you, know, there's something I didn't know what the most interesting thing in the world lodging grass grown. In fact I could you not. I mean the sincerely CNN could run special showing paint dry and explain to me how they layered the paint in the press.
Our undoing the basics of how you paint a wall, and that would be more interesting than hearing once again at the Orange man is bad watching paint dry I'm an ambulance, Julie Guy. I know very little about how paint painters made and how it's done an avenger showed that talked about it. I'd be like I'm learning something new as opposed them telling me for the millions. I'm the orange man is Ben Ali there. If you get the point. The ground. Next time it will be at one p m on this channel, and I will see you owe them. Ah the saga of the anti men spreading chair, no other issue. Really it's my favorite issue in the nonsense of the culture wars, man spreading a completely made up problem that it's a real example of the fake outrage does anyone really care that dude spread their legs when they sit in extreme extremely rare circumstances? I'm sure that people air as much about that as they.
When women put their bags on chairs, it's quite simple. Actually, when I walk on a train and see it will move the bag to cherish acre, is it ok? I sit here or for guys lugs, Brad I'll, just begbie. Would you mind? That's it it's an issue for some reason: taxpayers money is going to advertisements in New York, city and other places, to tell me not to men, spread as a very simple reason why men spread their legs when they set the most obvious. One is biology, it's it's! It's the physical form of the man downstairs with actual some lesser known stuff having to do with that. The queue angle, the hip ratio and then natural way and in which legs rest for men has somewhat less to do with men, Melton Man's junk and the muscles? rupture so the tightness of muscles, I was reading something about a while ago. I wanna get an excellent our point, this out right you're. Here you see what from pluralist,
news house tries feminist students, anti man spreading chair nearly gets his balls crushed nearly seems like you did. I dont think this woman who made this ever actually spent two seconds to think about what was actually going on, because the videos actually quite quite funny. I try to be polite. The sky news host sits down in the anti man spreading chair and then actually says, he's he's like trying to adjust himself and he's in pain is invisible pain. When you watch this video, ok, you, watch it. I've got another store. I want to follow up on because the outrageous getting hilarious anyway, the woman, then says something. The effect of I don't want you to be in pain. Then why did you make a crappy chair meant to cause men to be in pain? Is like what the extreme lack of empathy and they stream narcissism required to make some like a phenomenon like man spreading truly drilling holes. My mind:
and it says something about- I guess millennials to an extent, Obviously, the dreary and our engineers, who also are all like men spreading, is bad, but here's the thing have any of these people ever actually stop to think about. Why amendments it that way? No, they immediately say it's the patriarchy when the funniest things on Twitter recently was when that, when that frat guy at at at at the club is aggressively trying to pressure you into hooking up he's not trying to reinforce the patriot It's so insane, isn't it how you have saying, men are clearly only submit way because they want power. What guy thinks that way, guys just brought his legs got John and his eye. All man, that's it! That's that's a comparable way to set. So what do you think happens that when this guy sits in the chair, he's invisible pain, cry king, his junk and actually says I don't want you to be in paying all my did you just I realize men can't comfortably sit that way. For that. For the most part, I want to add
before moving on to the next story, about about the outrage. I've, seen guys. I tweeted opposing mothers on Facebook years ago and a bunch of as a meal is our saying I have no problem sitting that way and unlike great, you got tiny, tiny balls dude. Like I o k, I get it you're telling us that you have tiny junk. I mean. Maybe that makes sense when you look at all of these frail if eminent may, male feminists shore, or small and frail? And you have no confidence in. You have tiny junk that says something. Maybe right am I try to be a dick. They may say? Maybe these guys have really low testosterone? Did you ever see? There's a thing from Buzzfeed about the Tri guys and they are their testosterone levels checked and it was ridiculously low. I Wouldn'T- He surprised if these, if eminent men again not no arms, I mean that in the literal sense, on disrespectful, since they are a feminist, had Lotus tossed her own and tiny junk.
And thus they have no problem seeing their like dainty feels like it. It's not comfortable. I can't do it, I mean, if I add two, I couldn't you know what this guy's clearly in pain, but here's a funny thing met. I love the man spreading thing because of the sheer absurdity of it. We have a story from the daily dot which is talking about sexist means. Ok, first Take a look at this one. Has she ever seen a real chair before apart from the sexism? Can we talk about how As I see the Annette The swear I'm leaving it these chairs are in their design itself way too. More back rest, sharp corners and non ergonomic seat and, as is dank meetings, cases is like a big sublet it it's funny, here's one, oh crowded, meme women using an entire chair for their purse, is worse than man. Spreading change my mind about this one, What the sentiment toast of is at an end here, but a zero, but I do it
point from the outset that I pointed out in the last video when the guy in in this in the segment sits in the woman's chair where she put a would block, were junk, is supposed to go. The guide us actually quite comfy are another other guys. It's cosy this guy's, comfy, because this will naturally makes the guy man spread. It's like she's might you know I wish this is. This is a really good thing wasn. A really good example of modern day intersection reality. This woman clearly put no thought into what she was doing. You didn't investigate the reason why men and women at the way they do and then she design chairs, not with any real expertise or understanding how chairs are made. She literally just put, would legs on a thing and bubbles on it. So it's hard to move your legs. She didn't think at all about what she was doing now. Look is it only explain why this is a really really great thing for you to see when you look
these chairs, any sane and normal human can go. That's ridiculous. We can see the absurdity in the chair what about something less obvious like passing a law on some complicated issue. Most people wouldn't able to see the tangible results guy when they as laws saying that you know like right now. You ve got some crazy thing going on where a trans woman is has filed. Like fifteen or sixteen human rights, complaints against female waxing, loans for not wanting to wax the male privates at this individual. That is where things are getting. To shear absurdity. It's hard to see the impact of that law as climate of mistrust one thousand nine hundred and sixty four civil rights act. One thousand nine hundred and sixty four protects on the basis of sex, which means at any point that thing about these could be doing the same thing. New laws that are giving trans woman. The ability to find these complaints where these porter opposed the point as the law, then the books were for decades
it's only now: people are seeing the true tangible results of decades long policy, the thing about these Nicholas Chairs, is that she created them based, This intersections idea. That makes no sense and has no basis. In reality, part of a delusional state people are living in and then you see the results, something that makes. No sense at all and any sane person going to say that's a bad chair for one that the back rest isn't even a back rest. You can't lean on the back rest. The chairs are too long sharp corners, yeah, that's gonna somebody and a non economic. She literally just took a plank of wood. It's like the worst Eric had ever seen it shows us that these people believe fake things that are real like over the tide. Pod thing nobody was being tied pods until the media are lying, the media through. So media is creating a persistent delusional state I might make a longer but
about, I'm actually work, our former, maybe I'll, do it primer into what's happening over the past decade to create this, but this is such an excellent example of the sheer insanity that is today's modern culture. Work no thought went into this shouldn't plan should research she literally looking shall smog like. I took pieces of wood and shape them in a way that doesn't work. Congratulations you have done. It was. The best part is how it acts lay turns into an outrage article. The daily lives of worse. A chair designed to solve man spreading began the subject of sexist means. Yes, because it's it's it we're not. I am not criticising her for trying to stop well. Actually, I'm I'm not look, there's so much wrong with what she did man's right. Effect problem. Look at this. They have a guy there's, no one sitting here, no one sitting behind them and their upset that is spreading his legs and putting his bag down its clearly fake Here they say anyone who has ever shared seated public space with men is probably encountered man spreading the action which,
and ignored. It was, as is written by women, of course, put by women who ignore unspoken courtesies and exceed their allotted space by rudely spreading their legs, thereby taking up more. Then one seat or invading the personal space of those sitting? Next to them, it has become so common? They became a word in the export dictionary, no, not common. It's just ridiculous cycle paths like yourself keep about them and it doesn't exist and no one real he cares about. I can't believe, New York City actually put up ads for this. Could the answer to man spreading be knocked to teach men better behavior but too fast I share that makes the spreading of man's legs more difficult. Ok, I will we make terrorism exit, so women can put their bags on chairs because that happen more, in my opinion, they gonna say. In addition, she also created a female version of chair which encourage. As women to take up more space socially. Really solving the problem, she's just making the problem worse, because
I don't know people really do. I guess everybody would just sit in the woman's dear the idea behind the project was to challenge the way both men and women think opening a dialogue and the process. Sure I'm going to say say one thing actually save us all a bit more means that probably are here's chain. Might everywhere- I go- I see this useless thing. It Spiderman guys girl, Who made a chair to stop man spreading, read it now, guy, it's funny gets all dank means being vulnerable, not like trump supporters. Here's one someone just shows the guy sitting at the other way with his legs through the, but that the backs of but there are lessening the the back of the chairs, don't go up at all It's like, I am even only when get what she was trying to accomplish with this modern problems, require modern solutions and guess what their upset that she is being made on of welcome to the internet, have a good day. Next video we had four p m on the main channel. I will see you then
Ex MSNBC host shreds MSNBC over feverish russian conspiracy theories, and I would point out before we get stuck? her name is Crystal ball. I'm sorry, like her name, is crystal ball. That's gotta mean something right. I'm not Can I go the low rate of one of the higher up? She is speaking prophecy. Ok, I have a couple wrote low road. I get it and with a boy I will read the story, but Russians Americans, don't care about Russians are getting a little bit, but for the most part it's not like it's. I consider depressing issue is kind of, like aside thought, what we're really seeing here is the internet many of the media to survive in the Trump era, their desperate for attention. Tromp knows it. He plays. I'm like a fiddle, and Russia is the last thing americans care about. It is the last thing, but it's almost the last thing they care about. I've got pull data. So let's criticized the media. Let's see what Crystal Ball ass, to say.
For we get started, Matrix Overton cast outcomes, lash, don't it if you would like to support my work, there is a pay pal, optional, crypto option a physical address, but, of course, just share this if you like it, because you tube SD ranked and about a commentary and what this means now Subscriber views are like basically gone. Everybody even David pavements, been complaining about this, and I mean look David, and I do portal commentary kind of disagree- or share the video. If you really want help- and I am the only reason- I go into the extended plug years- because we're critics or of a moderate. The point is both like across the spectrum you too is trying to stop our channels from growing. That's what it means when they're not suggesting as any the views we get from people who aren't subscribers way down to you can do two things. You can subscribe, or share the video. If you really want to help- and I'm the only reason- I'm going to the extended plug years because we're criticising the median this video- let's, let's see what she s a crystal ball- the daily wire
ports XML Msnbc hose Crystal Ball slammed her former network on Thursday for promoting feverish russian conspiracy theories, comparing the far left to inform wars and saying they are not journalism, comparing them too. In all wars. Lesson a lot of people like in force wanna be welcome. Us Msnbc, I'm not here to to pass, will actually help us judgment info wars, stones has said some crazy, stop playing simple, but here's the difficult thing I, as a kind of like a moderate, not big and to enforce, can criticise else. John you're talking about self towers is controlled people's minds and international aliens. But here's the thing, those converse patients are found to have when you're likes it like. I don't smoke, but, like you know, you said your friends, your board EAST, like man, would have like aliens it's a fun conversation. It can do no harm. Now, it's Jones is done things worth criticising. But I must be sea is, is- is full of forward many to worse or more ok for years their pushing Russia Gate, insanity, conspiracy,
That stuff is based in reality and can lead They drive people and saying I'll. Tell you what what am I concerned with a pan full of people who watch Alex Jones would think international aliens are controlling our minds, not really because they're going off to area fifty one to put on Phrygia little Hats- what you're scaring scary when Rachel metal several into a frenzy claiming that Trump works for Russia, then- they go nuts and then actually affects policy. That is crazy. More importantly, I should point out well what will continue with the criticisms, but are the most important problem to american voters? Well, non economic problems: are the majority run eighty five, percent, but guess what situation with Russia is an is a little tourists all starts and we need the star symbol means less than point point. Five percent of people said it was the most pressing issues. So now can we drop it.
Your catering to the fringe. Wackos MSNBC make it stop. They won't. But you know what Crystal Ball is right ball Who made the remarks while co hosting the hills rising, launched the attacks against or form I work for special Council Robert Mothers, disastrous testimony on Wednesday. In of Congress, I can no longer avoid pondering a question which honestly gives me no joy to ponder just how much damage I must NBC in particular done to the left crystal. You are incredible. Thank you so much. Thank you so much now. This critique is not meant to be personal to the anchors and commentators there, many of whom I know some of whom are actually crows. Close friends. Worked in an five years, but nearly all of whom got swept up in the ratings voebel. That was feverish russian conspiracy theories. I dare to say some talent did drink more.
We believe the russian conspiracy waters than others, Rachel mapped out. You ve got some explaining to do Rachel. Now you ve got some explaining the crystal ball. I am now your biggest van ok, that was amazing and I've. I respected equally gonna call this. Did the insanity please Ball noted the MSNBC ruined any potentially damaging information that came out of the hearing, because quote for money Amazon busy, built segments after segments show after show on building anticipate anticipation for a big reveal when we would the true depths of the trumps, fealty and direct, spiritually with both of which there was none in some of them are fevered speculation. Primetime shows actually invited Jonathan Shade onto ladders, wild theory that tromp had act really been a russian asset since nineteen, eighty, seven hundred and Jade starts out, as announced by acknowledging that tromp a Multi DEC
long russian ass. It is probably not true, but it might be characters like conspiracy, gadfly, Louise Mench were invited on managed through Your account often reported things like the notion that Steve Ben was getting the death penalty for espionage. They had this person Msnbc must be seriously not journalism is in wars. Conspiracy, theory. You know what you, unlike Rachel, motto: fine, but I hope you can see through that the lead, the fervent insanity and I say the same- about saving but of stones, but here's the difference. I was in Sweden couple years ago, you know typhoid restaurant. We were in Uppsala, let alone, and I we were in a sort of taller. Certainly I think ok, we're gonna View, I think we're yet we weren't. So I tell you, I think I heard Alex Jones ranting in the background as I'm eating typhoid and I was confused why, in this strange restaurant in the middle of in a small town in Sweden, at my hearing Alex
ranting and then I heard it. Some young man started laughing. I heard three distinct that's her wait a minute. I get up I'll turn around and I look there. We're watching, Alex Jones videos where you like ribs history, often rents. Ah there on by very bra scientists, raw and they were laughing about it. The important thing is that I bring us up is that a lot of people found Jones to be like doubly. W E. They knew a lot of what he was saying was crazy, but it's funny to watch. Do some people believe that they do I shall matters viewers believe this stuff and they're sitting in their rooms terrify going all who the Russians they ve come for us, it is not funny were recommended without Jones did a lot of times kind of us, funny now in force as a whole is different. Rain criticise them further for their bias for their politics and will not have don't seem to understand, and the left loves this, as you can take the crazy
France of Alex Jones and then try and paint all of enforced the exact same way. But here's the thing Paul Joseph Watson is so dramatically different from what Alex Jones? It's? Ok, they dont care, and I said. The same thing from US embassy MSNBC is dramatically different from what Rachel Matt I was, but the look at the pump try to make a lot of people watched Rachel Meadow and she made them genuinely crazy and that's dangerous. I they might have. Ok, that's that's! That's it! That's the end of that, but I want to make a point crystal ball. That was amazing. I'm I'm I'm so please to hear this analysis. They just someone, really being honest. I appreciate but while I mentioned no one cares about Russia. There's one more important bit that needs to be brought up from CNN is a dangerous media mastermind. That is not my opinion. That is CNN political analysts, Julian Zella, Sir, let me just say that again see
Reporting tromp is a dangerous media mastermind. Do you get it everything tromp has ever done has been about playing up to public relations press. He knows how to make himself famous. He knows what people want to hear. He got elected president, yet again tv, chauffeur, Fraga, how many seasons he's got his name on buildings around the world, he's care in movies. It's really burning someone said before Trump ran for president people wanted to be tromp. He was a symbol of the american dream, even though he was like you, you came for wealthy family. We get our all day and night about look. I think. Tromp knows how to run a business here. A criticism saying over Europe at all these bankruptcies. How many businesses that IRAN hundreds hit a handful of bankruptcies, don't care bankruptcy. The tactic used by business people to protect their assets, tromp took a million bucks, hey, he got investment and it turned into a bill
Some people argue we couldn't better just put in the ESA. Ninety five hundred I dont care. The point is the guy. Clearly knows what he's doing you know you ve got to EAST Timor take a guy in the world or maybe he isn't going on purpose maybe he has steak with catch up on purpose. Let me tell you about media and emulation trouble to some fancy restaurant and got this really fancy stay dry age stake. Well done. With catch up and the media attacked and Trump I'm going to say it. He knew it. He knew. You know, why when the media came out inside slamming the president saying I can't believe you eat this. This fact fancy expensive thick with catch up. Well done. He was he was trying to get the media to advertise for him. Here's a simple truth: people in Middle America who are poor and trying to find a better future, are not having fancy well done for
in Europe. There are having t bones: are revised from the grocery store for a buck. It's a crappy piece of meat, so you could well done slept catch up on its Trump one of them. Media to make themselves the enemy and what is upset over and over again I mean enemy the people, the fake news item of the people and then when they make fun of him for eating a well done steak with catch up middle Americans. Go I ain't steak with catch up. Well done what we would mean he wanted them to say. Ah Trump is a matter that people and we are that we are the enemies where the bad guys to do it. Trump knows what he's doing. I love that example. Trust me when I was going Opensource, I Chicago you know we had. We got stakes from from a jewel jewels. Moscow, if you guys know that Skyland area, They were not fancy states, they were cheap because we were not wealthy. We were poor ash and we cook him through now, of course, my tat, what I was with him through my dead, like Decode, the stakes right, but for the most part I as young persons.
But its cargo slap catch up by mistake and my day would say you know to fancy restaurant that date, they you defend the sheriff. He did that Trump knows that people of humble means are not having fancy stags fancy, restaurants and he plays the media for a fool. For fools, and then I guess what I was gonna do a bigger, bigger segment on all this I decided not to in the and what do we have MSNBC? What insane they thought they were playing the media they weren't. Flight trump, on the other hand, gets bad press, but it works in the end stick around. I got a couple more seconds coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you shortly. An buzz feed has to admit you must credit, ties ill hand Omar even Busby, to knowledge that now they're trying to play it safe, sang defend her, but don't look away from the things she said. Ok,
that's fair, although I don't know why you would defend her when she said and done such awful things, and I got to say man of the story about immigration and all that it's getting crazy. It's been crazy. I think, at the very least avoiding like who's the guy a brother? I don't know, maybe we can get it all its of butter brother. One thing is, it seems to be easily provable, though she claimed had been reported widely under penalty of perjury. She didn't have contact with a meadow me, but I accused of being a brother like twenty eleven or something or twenty our utter these dates, but then social media Post, whether together that was deleted. That seems too easily provable? Did she couldn't perjury? Well, that's you Busby thus become interested. They, Ariel Social Rights. I believe on Omar didn't know. The things she said could be deeply offensive. I also, leave her misguided rhetoric and normalized violent anti Semitism. Well, I I think it's
do. I think a lot Omar didn't know she's been offensive. I think she knew she was being defensive. I just think she didn't realize and come back to bite or in the ass, which it did. Let us read not now. I want to point this out to The bigger picture- and I wanna get too, is Trump propping up alien, Omar right, so Buzzfeed son Lastly, as these two stories trumps, Minnesota can't stand Omar. His attacks have made her more popular than ever back. But they don't seem to get it. You know it's really funny like river psychology works really well on kids. You're me like that our strategies and tactics that the adults use to get the kids do they want tromp. He knows how to do it. Unquestionably, There are sitting you're going how hot shrub use everybody hates Omar, but we secretly lover or we openly do that's the point as a trump. Really, on it. He wants her to win tromp does not want even more to lose. He wants her to win. He is the greatest gift he could have ever asked, for. He knows
twenty seven percent of this country are moderates and he's gonna get every single one of them votes on being ever boxes to get a good amount of them. The point is, he needs are to be front centre because she's she's rife with controversy look set aside the weird brothers stuff about her and she is set a bunch of anti semitic things now, here's what I'll say because a left it really mad and on which are being fair. I call it crop dusting Anti semitism because you didn't come out just overtly say nasty things about jewish people like the sea and that an oath I'm guerrilla yeah, you may not written others, but to CNN employs right now. I've been called out for alike. I can't even repeat the things they say. But was about jewish people in World WAR to Germany, and it was not the opinion Unix. Like the sea and unemployed. Have we um resigned, will see what I was the next one. The point is: that's over
Cnn employs overtly at his semitic, I am going to say the troop ill or more was crop dusting and and and that's not- you may formulate before ones like when applying its really close the gravity and touch it. She didn't quite say things specifically. She criticized Israel looked by all means. Israel is right for criticism. Ok, the West Bank settlements. The horrifying conditions in palestine- it is a complicated scenario. It it is, and I'm not gonna wait. I cannot tell you what every single time I and everyone else, talks about it. Just I'm gonna get seven thousand email for people to a number on the matter, what I say but but to be real. Like honestly, I don't know a whole lot about Israel and Palestine. To be honest, I'm not someone who is worthy of the who is qualified to comment on what the hell's really going on.
Take my opinion, for I recognise that one can say, however, is that you have by partisan support for criticising Elephant Omar statements. Ok, you and the thunder fine, but the thing is you don't get to decide what defensive left you don't if the left, once the commission say what you got progressives like Jack and others What you said wasn't defensive now you don't get the pick. You can't go around saying that about ban offensive speech on Twitter and then you can decide what offensive oh, but we get it. It's the authoritarian play right. So I do want to point out. I think it's funny that Buzzfeed runs a pro peace simultaneously with a negative peace policy. This aim was viewed right. Some of the quote. I dont know how my comments would be offensive to jewish Americans Ellen Omar said, and in January, when asked about an old tweet of hers at said is really hypnotized the world. I believed her then and I still do today. You're knots, ok, I'm sorry dude! I appreciate you. Try to be critical.
What come on man that that the jewish people I hypnosis is an old anti semitic. Trope, it's like not are you gonna, Google, it there's pictures. All propaganda gave five criticized Israel but like how many times in a more difficult as close as possible to being anti semitic. Until someone says, I think we know what you're doing. Ok, I dont want to say dog whistle it's stupid, but she's trying to to look where she did to labor was far the some a countenance Graham, that was posting images of the israeli flag or the star of David on rats wishes it is part of the squad, their friends, Linda SAR? We tablet using your times expose and ass. I might therefore I must I think, they're friends that their associated o cause you could have spoke at the event. What do you think? How do you know? You know what Buzz it is so what's really, what really annoys me as a double standard, and all of this like their buzzfeed is. I must it is not the way
first ok, I'm Peiwoh Busby NEWS. There cut the pretty bad but they're, not the worst. They do. They do good, sometimes like they didn't. They didn't pop up, publish the names of carbon duncombe dumb. They respond inquiry. So I get ok, but here's the thing man, How can you be on the side of criticising though, unlike saga of a cod for making a joke, I could you not. You got a guy for Buzzfeed who want a critical piece about coral, Benjamin sang and offensive joke the UN and its warders huge hit peace, and they just love, do they love insulting its Miriam? What they do now get their emotional rage out their rage out Islamism elect Coral Benjamin, the loser and failed politicians like. Why did you add that we don't need that context are doing it because they want to feel that they want to go? I gotcha when in Illinois Omar says like what. How many times I like five tweets or whatever that are just close enough, almost being anti semitic, and even though the Democrats,
many people, a jewish community conservatives, everybody's gonna like yet do chill its offensive. Still get people saying. I believe she was being honest, all gay shore, I'm showing China overshoot lame? Who is who friends of hers? Because somebody did it look like innovative edge, I believe and some of our friends, were posting. These images depicting, like you suck horrible things up. About Israel and how could you not in law, I'm with what they see employees had said. The guy see and then had a guy saying good things about two german, so anyway, the point is why should, I believe, melanoma you'd, think he'd be wilfully ignorant to defend or at this point Buzzfeed rights. But this thing about anti semitic tropes when you're not familiar with them talking about the israeli, palestinian conflict is like walking into Chernobyl with no protective gear. Man, it's just so gross. You mean to tell me that
we believe on all mark who is a Muslim? Who is friends with Russia doesn't know anything about the Israel Palestine conflict? Are you can deliver this? She says not being from its. I talk about the what we say. We are not familiar with I'm talking about these. Rarely palestinian conflict, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa, I believe the bat Ellen Omar, knows more about. What's going on in the average person, how could you assume she doesn't she's talk, about it on purpose. How many people do you know, criticise Israel? Ok, the people who do ten due to know what's going on, and I ve chosen aside me: I'm not really one of those people tunnel of a lot about it. So I did be silly for me to comment but how could you have some like Omar or at the very least pretence or gets us at the very least she's putting an airline us going on and you're gonna be like well, because she didn't know what was happening outcome. Are you joking dude come she writes it's not just that. I believe that Omar didn't know these things she said could be so deeply offensive. I also believe that
Gotta rhetoric can normalized violent, Anti Semitism intend to decide when it rest of leader uses the same troops as an anti jewish bigot. It makes the ground fertile. It is for the extreme right now so themselves into other movements. I agree to a certain extent. Yes, white supremacist, former clansmen, like people they have praised eel had Omar. They have praised her for these statements. Ok, that's why it's it's absurd to think. He doesn't know what she's doing. She is repeating rhetoric that we have seen from white supremacists. It was an accident. Ok for me once shame on you for me twice. Shame on me how many times, no more to say these things for people actually stop and just like we know what she's doing man. Let me tell you something: ok, I mean although today was very critical of Democrats, but can this please be a good example their defending her? The rope applicants through Steve King under the boss, good God, you want to say stupid things, buying, criticise and condemning for it. I look
are there and I say: hey, there's some people who are doing the right thing. I disagree with them on politics, where we can have a conversation about it, as I can see their willing to get rid of these. Bigots the bat that the people who Actually, you know look I believe our constitution is clear. I believe all people are worthy of life liberty. Bit of happiness- and anybody in government who thinks otherwise based on arbitrary characteristics, is nope. It should not be given positions of power. Did the Democrats can do a lark? No they didn't did Buzzfeed Buzz. Sweetest is as warning a defence. Defence of her at the same time that there are some What criticising her while she is. Being praised by white supremacist and repeating their rhetoric so sure. Here we are looking at the Democrats having these people in their ranks. I will criticise openly and I feel like people are pretending their absolute pretending. You don't use you. You see. People like America names on this, because I do not want start drama, but there are certain when personalities who join,
Oh kingly say offensive things, and, unlike not not I'm talking about really offensive. Things like, like you know, extremely offensive means, and I'm like a dude. I know you're trying to be funny, but that the point of making us when it. Let me back up you post a meme and Busby. It's gonna claim you are secretly dog. Elena, more constructive, say it nor, like, oh, but let's give her the benefit of the doubt as well. They can start to the double standard. Look I know my politics are. I know what policies I want to be enacted, but In its plain to anybody was honest that this. This is the problem I get so pissed off from this. Man, you gonna, have given a rag on sound frightened juggling say, was a joke and, above all, what was it. It was a dog whistle and Eleanor can say it like what five times I get praised by that these, these people and their life, but for the benefit of the doubt out. Please spare me I and others I would come up for you in a few minutes the ground I'll see. You then,
from the american conservative how demo that's our shorting white voters for twenty twenty, a right space strategy will fail hard, because what progressives call privilege is mostly about status, wealth which most of us don't have this really bothers me, Bernie Sanders used to know this. You know and then what stated white people do not like to be poor. You joking is more white poor people than any other. Rice! Why? Because more white people in this country, like what sixty six percent, so here's, what bothers me, can we talk about the real problems that need to be solved? Class issues? Can we solve wealth inequality limit? Let me clarify
of inequality is not. I do not approach this as some like stupid. Just people should. The lobby register well means billionaire up more more power to you, but recognise one important point: when wealth inequality grows to extreme ends, you get angry outraged. Poor people who lose, who, like the it's just jealousy, runs rampant now that some of the best on a good enough reason to seize the wealth from billionaires like we hear from these far leftists that's ridiculous. What we can do is try and figure out how to improve the cracks in the system and reduce poverty insane rational ways now laissez faire capitalist will too The free market can solve for this. If we stop interfering, I believe it can to an extent, but there are some pitfalls in environmental destruction and under no self pleasure we want
consumerism will result in people just buying things. They don't need an actual their detriment. Granted. I don't believe authoritarianism is the right approach, but I do believe to a certain extent, a mixed economy works because government programmes can make a difference. You know, look, I'm not an anonymous. I don't think I have all the answers, but I do think there is some kind of Czech towards just a wealth inequality fer. A few reasons. We want to make sure that the standard of living is increased, for for all people. We want to believe what we want. We want equality of opportunity. We have a bunch of people who live in area, that's being under served with no school, no hospital, though your own. The strong as the weakest link, a strong, America with strong borders recur I urge us to make sure the weakest aspect of society is is predicted to me. That's it when it wealth inequalities about like I don't care. If you ve got, you know twenty billion dollars, if you, if you ve, ever, started accompanying it worked if an outbreak,
no I'm fine, but I work, I'm trying to say is its less about the gap and more about the bottom tier and increasing the standard of living which has been done greatly over time, but if we don't get it under control and build a culture around common goals, it can be a problem the way that we are not getting it. The Democrats are saying that race guarantees you privilege it doesn't, and I M and assure you this by going to any poured like rural white area, it's just an absurd notion and that kind of rhetoric, is going to result in white people and Mass voting Republican now what's disconcerting, is you have left costly talking with the rise of the author? I believe the all right will be gaining power and now
I find it worrisome because I believe what truly makes american our common ideas, common ideology, respect for the flag, respect for the constitution and we have a lot of people. The left, who don't respect the flag nigh personally in respecting the constitution, think you should be allowed to bring the flag. I do because burning the flag is a symbol of freedom. The flag itself represents, so I can point out as much as personally We do in fact I would never let a flag touched. The ground out make sure it's while the properly, because I believe there is. There is historical value in understanding our past, otherwise, your dear you're doomed? To repeat it? Look old symbols and carrying on the good is very, very important, and it's funny because It s based on the moral foundations. Liberals don't feel that way for the most part a lot of undue, but I guess which apply read the story before his key branding authors, but but the point front of acres as the left keeps claiming the always a problem while simultaneously bashing white people and claiming their privileged. Well, what do you think white people are gonna end up doing it's
going to create race based tribalism, which I find worrisome, because I believe that America is a great nation has made great strides in civil rights where people of all background national origins can live here peacefully. Is it perfect? It's not, but it's damn good compared to the rest of the world, but if they keep the other left is making us about race. They are going to cause people to align themselves on racial lines. Even age people look at Harvard affirmative action discriminate against Asians, assuming that someone from Vietnam, as Damosel from China, that's insane racist and it's coming from the left. Of course, there are my wing raises the problem: is they have very little power and authority at all on? The left game as playing on this there, betting on this red, because this is written by Peter Van Buren, who writes the exaggeration of white privileges, become a cornerstone of progressive ism
It's also one of the ways Democrats risk losing twenty presidential race as it leads inexorably to devaluation of voters, need to clench the electoral college, but their dissent ban the electoral college rakish can't when otherwise right the problem with it race based victim washed version of nineteen of a cup. Is that being white is enough and never has been Peter writes that he was a diplomat for twenty four years about his privilege of the job on paper. You can get but inside the State Department being white was only a start. The real criteria, was pale mail and a Yale being white. The pale part was great, but only if you were also men, women were stuck in less desirable jobs. Girls are nurses, boys are doctors. No, the prize, then the State Department has been sued over the years by its women and black diplomats, but white male got you to the door, the good job for quite the right background, preferably via an ivy, a sword. Proud graduate of the Ohio State University. My privilege only went so far. I couldn't vacant, they knew each other. Their fathers knew each other. They had money well
money. We big ten alarms, never got our class action together and so many mostly at the middle levels. Now it's interesting, because he brings up that there was a privilege. Many got nor and that women and likeable at worst suing. So this is actually a very, very astute and fair point I understand the concept of racial privilege. The problem is majority privilege, not white privilege when you single out white people and assume every single white person as wealthy, you are creating the problem you are claiming to fight, You are forcing people to align themselves based on race and you're, also her the working class we are supposed to be supporting and may give the chapel
on this one as much as I think, they're mean people they're allowed to be in an interview. One of the chapel people said most people artwork. Why would we throw the working classes of the boss because their white that makes no sense and unlike spot on I'll, ask Bernie that question? You wanna debates things and why people dolls liked to be poor, living ghettos come on very we talking about as nonsense. Burning out woken doesn't go rope. They go on the idea that white was enough was always laughable. America did not welcome our emigrant grandpas, it shunned, them into slums and paid them as little as possible for it to work for male pale and yell owners check how many Irish died digging the canals and around New Orleans Reed how MRI, Children were overworking factories for decades? The nineteen twenty four Johnson Redirect used for analogy to exclude Italians,
It was so horrendously racist that Hitler pricks. That's why men? Yes, ok- and this is actually this is essentially fairly fair. I guess because the left has pointed out than white, they call what a state of mind, because white has always been different. I think they're kind of getting to a different idea, but it's a similar vein. He points out that there were no whiteness. Italians were considered white Irish one considered white and left uses that was making a point that it's not about being white coats. Clearly, Irish, an italian people are white. It's about something else. It's one access about old money, it's about charisma and intelligence. A con man could easily get what they want. You not, I think, the only pray, but you don't and investors to privileges. There's two privileges: us that that that dwarf all privileges, the first intelligence privilege number one. If there's anything in this world that will get you. What you want is intelligence. The second is a cushion caught per.
Civilians or gumption the second privileges, those who are willing to work hard. Someone who works hard will always have more than someone who doesn't granted its relative right. Somebody works hard in the Philippines. Won't have the same as somebody who doesn't work hard in America, because Americans are privileged as wealthier. Ok, that's true, but the reality is no matter where you're from if your intention you can solve any problem and get what you want a con man, someone who under and you know what- and only that, not even that you don't even have to be that smart to understand how people function and manipulate so they talk about all this racial privilege, but also this I always tell people this could cause I've. I've I've experienced this if I walk into a store- and I talk like my friends in the south and east- like subdue was gonna Hombre skateboarding right, they're gonna be like what is this
this guy? You know I M wearing, like you like, a wife, beater and sums cargo shorts, and, unlike Sabra yeah man, I were good and stuff. You know hey man who get up they're gonna, be like I don't things jobs right for you chauvinist How do you do sir? My name's TIM I'm here for the job, so culture plays a huge issue. Assumption expectation. The point is, you can argue, at culture, its culture, resume and cultural is raising. Moreover, I don't care about that. The point is, if you're smart enough to figure out what people want you can get whatever you want from people, but anyway, the point is. I agree with a momentary. This whole thinks I try to get this. These are the same. In short, they say Democrats are trying to plan race, but why do you think people feel when their belittled based on race? as in others we're not gonna get into, but I want to make this point from the Washington Post just yesterday. Democrats struggle to figure out next move against Trop after Mahler hearing false flat. Do we dont care anymore? We care about mauler. We all care about Russia. Ok, only the weird
still. We want substance and what we're we're the Democrats doing outside of Russia, Mahler ragged on people based on race talk about, given how to illegal immigrants. I don't know what they're doing I'm not talking to me. I don't tell me to Tut Tut Tut Buzz off. I don't swear, but yeah, I'm told this lady just basically get away because I'm upset with what they are doing and they don't want my vote. They dont what you're not gonna, get it ok I'll tell you will get it. I said all time toss in young guy but another onto the nominee, I'm a delusional. I know the game is rigged, it's always been rigged. That's why I'm just sick of it. It's why many liberals are sick of it and are gone because the game was rigged. It when he sixteen the Democrats rigged it for regular republicans they play fair. Is that funny tromp wasn't supposed to win the Republicans hated him? They all rag, Dunham and Trump one. Why? Because the Republicans didn't cheat, they let the best man when and he trot he trounced. Hillary Clinton enjoy sixteen, but guess what the Democrats cheated. I do believe.
Burn, you would have one in twenty. Sixteen, I do because around twelve eighty percent of voters want to tromp his voters, not hilarious voters, which probably would have translated less than that may be only a few percentage points, but those percentage points could have spoken of swung that the National for Bernie Sanders. I believe the time has come you know he is too old. Now he's not gonna he's not gonna win, but the Republicans play fair and they won because of it, and you know they're doing now, they're playing it straight again for the most part in and they're gonna win again because of it, because the Democrats or Poland as Mahler Crap many well leave their necks Egmont tomorrow and I am potash six thirty next rang out I'll see you next time.
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