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Democrats And Biden Are So UNHINGED And Broken That Even Obama SLAMMED Biden As Unfit For Office


Throughout the 2020 campaign Joe Biden has been a gaffe prone nightmare and even Barack Obama has repeatedly roasted him.In one instance Obama said Joe Biden was going to eff things up and that he "didn't have it"Meanwhile the only thing Democrats can do is hide because they have no real leadership and offer the American people nothing other than Trump is bad.Republicans are having a field day roasting Democrats over their inability to do any real campaigning.

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The walk away. Phenomenon in this country has become rather prominent over the past year, or so with many people who use We liberals are on the left expressing that they were leaving and there going about Trump or they were just leaving the left. The Democrats are completely fractured Joe Biden. Campaign is an unmitigated and unhinge disaster he's hiding reporters he's hiding in the basement and Chris walls so far New said it was the Darndest thing the Democrats are actually sending out any one from the campaign to do any press out of the convention and its completely unpressed. Ended Harris's, unlike Joe Biden, can't speak properly and now the biggest nail in the coffin or port from from Fox NEWS from political either that Barack Obama himself has been dragging Joe Biden as, Well, he's. Basically saying Biden is unfit for office. In fact, in one quotas are don't underestimate Jos ability to F things up. Some people have pointed to Brok Obama's, indeed
Horsemen have Hillary Clinton where he basically said Hilary got it and its endorse. Joe Biden is basically he's gonna bring in people to help him. We saw that quick from CNN. That said, calmly Harris is perfect for Biden. If and when he decides to step aside buttons referred to himself they transition candidate, some have reported, and I've got to tell you. It really feels like the Democrats for one have no unity, as evidenced by the form, president ripping into his own vice president, but that the parties completely fractured may have no goals for twenty twenty I don't even know what Joe Buttons policies are, because he flipped flop so often, it denies being in favour of defining the police but says yes, absolute We went asked if you would support the core tenet of defining the police re, allocating funding from police to somewhere else. And, of course, we're seeing the unhinged conspiracies from the left, which I've talked about quite a bit, and we have to hoping information. Nobody himself goes around saying. Mail in voting is great. It's fine, well zone,
the porters our screaming, that the mail in voting is being. You know that the post offices is being attacked. There's a conspiracy People are stealing mailboxes, I'm sorry, I gotta stop right here. Men, the left has become inundated with in fighting on hand, french theories and a lack of leadership Obama. Possibly the most prominent Democrat today, who is basically out of the limelight, won't even give real support to bite in behind the scenes. Ok, fine he'll come out. And he'll do is press events and also yeah yeah yeah bite in great behind the scenes. We know the truth. These people are fighting with each other Oh buttons, flit flopping on issues so rapidly people are pointing out that under Obama. Obama was called the reporter and chief, but Joe Biden was a part of administration and now Joe Biden split flop completely on border controls and deportation. No, I'm sorry. The Democrats seem to have nothing that
makes sense under Donald Trump. Yes, policies, you can see what he wants to do, whether you agree with them or not. For some reason. People seem to think Joe Biden is on track to win. I'm sorry, man, we just saw Kamel Harrison and Stephen CALL Barrister, and he asked her. He said you basically called out Biden with some pretty heavy. You know hammers a talking about race. Racial issues common. Here has just started laughing incessantly gave no real answer. I'm sorry, man. When Obama comes up and says Joe Biden doesn't have it I'm gonna go hadn't, say Obama's, probably right now that I'm a big fan of the guy but actually read what he has to say and see. What's going on before we get started head over to it. Cast outcome, slash donut if you'd like to support my work, theres many wage and giving it p o box, but the best thing you can do subscribe to this channel. Many people who watch aren't actually subscribe. Just look though the video and there they read subscribe button given little click or a tap and you'll be more
likely to get my videos every day at four p m. When I put them up, don't forget the like button: the notification bone. If you really want to help share this video so more p- Well can learn about what's going on, if you think I do a good job, and I read this first story from Fox NEWS and then we'll start digging into the weird out. Others put it this way. I dont think there actually campaigning. I think they're planning on losing an ominous show. Why Fox reports, tensions, linger between Biden and Obama camps throughout twenty twenty primary campaign report? Don't under arrest, to make Jos ability to F things up. One Democrat who spoke to the former president recalled him saying they say, despite the best friend bond Joe Biden, touts with form President Obama tensions have lingered between the two statesmen over their vastly different governing styles. According to a political report, To start, a number of anonymously sourced quotes from Obama leaked out throughout the twin throughout the twenty twenty biting campaign, where the former president allegedly express doubts,
it's about his former running mates, fitness for often offer office Donna for to make Jos ability to have things up. One Democrat who spoke to the former present recalled him saying: when lamenting his own. This diminishing relationship with the current democratic electorate, particularly in Iowa Obama, reportedly told one twenty twenty candidate and you know who really doesn't have it Joe Biden. I think that's a very, very important statement that people need to here. Do you like Barack Obama, many people do they found it to be? They found him to be charismatic, the champion of the people. I certainly don't agree with those things, but if you liked Barack Obama, he straight up said Joe Biden doesn't have it. I mean I guess right now, what's really happening as the whole. Aim, is to vote against trunk. So that's all they want the focus to be, and that's probably why Joe Biden, Kamel Harris aren't taking press questions and our basically hiding in the basement. Common areas, like mentioned when Uncle Baron owes a disaster jobs
it goes on the air? It is a disaster, I think Barack Obama's right. He doesn't have it. Some by an AIDS, pointed out when Obama's endorsement of binding and twenty twenty finally did arrive, it didn't have nearly the energy of endorsement of Hillary Clinton in twenty sixteen quote, I dont think there's ever when someone so qualified to hold this office Obama set of Clinton and twenty. Sixteen in an endorsement video, I believe you, has all the all of the qualities we need and a president right now, and I know he will surround himself with good people. Obama said inviting endorsement video. I found that last line to be particular the interesting he will surround himself with good people it similar to what we been hearing over and over again take a look at this tweet from CNN. It says Joe Biden made the pick that maximized his That's is continuing to make the race a straight referendum on Trump. I'll also selecting someone who Russia may suggests being ready to steppin if and when
Biden decides to step aside. When has it ever been the goal of the american people to elect a president who might step aside? Now we elect a president to Lee. Not to be, like maybe I'll give it to my vp, but this narrative, has been well, it's been perpetual hid quite a bit, but we then here something similar like this from Iraq. Obama he's got all the qualities we need, and I know will surround himself with good people. Well, I guess so. I guess it's fine, maybe we're reading too much into it, but the work going to see it look as grains of sand making a heap. How many statements do we have to hear about Joe Biden, people around him for if and when he that's a side or to lead this nation before we realize if the present, the former president doesn't have it and that other people are gonna, be around him. It's not a particularly good endorsement of the men. They gonna, say and while some senior Democrats credited biting ties to Obama for his strong relationship with black voters, Biden has emphasised that he earned
their votes on his own. He told aids after a cell here is a primary. When Obama hadn't lifted a finger to help them going back twenty six When glossed over Biden for Clinton, when expressed interest in a presidential run, Obama AIDS tried to frame the president's snob as an act of compassion. Biden grieving. The loss of his son, bow in twenty fifteen, would not be mentally equipped to handle a campaign, but now numerous administration veterans, including loyalist to both and bite and remember it differently. Obama had begun embracing Clinton as a possible successor. Years before Biden lost his son, while the vice then it was laying the groundwork for his own campaign. The political report, Red Obama, then suddenly, weighing and against bite and against Biden himself recalled in promise me dad his twenty seventeen book. I also believe he had concluded that Hillary Clinton was almost certain to be the nominee which was good by him, but many credit there.
France's leadership style for any perceive tension? Biden loyalists in some Republicans, found the formal scholars it's been Obama had a hard time connecting with those in Congress quote negotiated with President Obama was all about the fact that he felt that he knew the world better than you said: Eric Canter, the Republican House Majority leader from twenty eleven to twenty fourteen, and he felt tat he had thought about it How much did he had figured it all out and no matter what conclusion you had come to with the same set of facts. His way was right by and he said understood that you're gonna have to agree to disagree about some things. A former republican leadership described Obama style as men splaining. Basically meanwhile Obama's can't reportedly rolled their eyes at the plane, spoken Gath Prone Biden you could certainly see technocratic. I rolling at times had Jen Saki, the former White House Communications, director, Whitehouse AIDS, reportedly mocked Biden, frequent slip, ups and lack of discipline. Next to almost
clerical Obama, they would sneer at how Biden like an elderly, uncle at Thanksgiving would launch into anecdotes every one in the room had heard before Joe Biden being roasted by the former president. There is no leadership. There is no democratic party. I know I'm being a bit. You know it's an exaggeration, but the point I'm trying to make us democratic parties split beyond all recognition. Joe Biden was the best they could muster up and commonly Harris was the best VP they could get and that will not unify anybody in the party. The only thing Democrats have right now, one thing Donald Trump, I've heard this means several times, and I find it delirious ask a Democrat. Tell me why you're supporting Biden without saying the words Donald Trump and many people cannot do. It of course, there are some reasons too many people, one of them The Conall Harris is the most progressive VP candidate ever and that but in his malleable, and will give into the debate.
Of the far left, but I think, choosing com. La Harris has soured the any chances with getting the far left on board because they call her cup mala a desk, a despotic authoritarian who locked p pull up past their sentences in a whole. Bunch of other things have been reported. Let's take a look at the complete and utter unhinged tactics of what is turning out to be one of the weirdest political campaigns in history, the damn thing. I've ever seen Chris Wallace on Biden campaign, not putting any surrogates on Sunday shows before convention. Something is wrong with the Democratic Party. I'm sorry, you cannot convince me to vote for you simply by saying look at him. I've looked at Trump, I've seen what he said. What have you got for me? Nothing Donald Trump has offered up lawn order, he's offered to both
I mean to secure our borders and to do right by America. He's also offered up some things that people are critical of, and that's fine, but he's really made offers. I hear what he sang the Democrats are offering nothing. Then I mean it quite literally. Nothing. Look at us. Chris Wallace hosted Fox NEWS Sunday and author of countdown nineteen. Forty five spoke with the fox, Israel's guy Benson, about the upcoming Dnc convention. Wallace spoke to why, campaign is campaign, isn't putting any campaign surrogates on any of the Sunday shows us weekend before the Dnc Convention saying so I've been doing Sunday shows with conventions. I started on meat. The press nineteen eighty eight have been doing it on and off for what? What is that? Thirty two
earth and it always happens at the Sunday before the convention. The campaign puts out top officials to preview the convention and to say this is what we're gonna try to get accomplished. So you know we put counting all we put counting all week on. You know having a top official from the Biden campaign, the campaign manager, the top poster the chief strategist, to talk about what they're going to talk about during this next week. They are not putting anybody out and at first I thought. Well, maybe it's because its Fox news in their boycotting us no they're, not pudding. Anybody out, on any of the Sunday shows point I dont understand. What's going on here is the day and this thing I've ever seen that you wouldn't that you would know your basically giving a camp pain and, as I say it's a traditional thing- we're gonna do it for the Republicans a week from Sunday. What are you trying to accomplish this week and they the Biden campaign and that the bombing campaign isn't
putting anybody out, and this is just a peace with the vice president, not doing really any serious interviews, not answering any question since the roll out I dont know I dont, you know you can try you can try and I can understand and has worked pretty well and he continues to lead with what I'll call the basement strategy I don't think you can hide from now until election day. I just don't think it's possible. I agree. It's not possible, but think about our scary. This is we all know what Joe Biden Kamel hairs. Wanna do I mean what, if their power less. These are two like men, star wars, something they haven't even Khan and talked about it here. Clinton came out and debate with tromp about the merits of war and conflict and that, at least in Syria, and one of the problems with Russia, Joe Buttons hiding. You expect me to blindly vote for Joe Biden. Because I don't like Trump, never gonna happen. The best you'd get out of me I wouldn't vote by. Why would I lend my support to to Joe Biden? No, I see what Donald Trump
he's doing outside this right. Now we ve got problems. Donald Trump has offered solutions. What do you expect of me I have no choice in the matter because you won't say anything: you want to hide your basement. Fine go! Do it, but you I gotta be honest. I would want to support someone for the Obama administration anyway, let alone commonly Harris Well Bill. More has actually point out he's concerned that Joe Biden is not comfortably ahead. He's not. I think the media is covering up for them check this out Biden, staffers rush, the press out of the room before Joe Biden can answer any genes and in this video there is commonly Harrison Biden and sure enough. The staff recite everybody go everybody leave. You know why every single time I mean at this point either of them do press its miserable its unhinge. It's broken its really weird They criticise tribe. I tell you what men, someone recently asked trumpet a press briefing about this report, this this up ad from news,
That common Le Harris is not a real citizen and trumpets response was I just heard about today. Don't really know anything about it. I hear the guys are really smart guy, and that was it Media runs the narrative tromp pushes racist, birth or conspiracy. No, he didn't. He said nothing about it. You know strove to start about. It knows about it. Media. It everything their power to make sure that Joe Biden campaign works. Why is that? Why is media now Fox news? Obviously not Chris Wallace's confused about sending him anybody out, where's all the other outlets to come out and say Joe by and what are you doing now? They complete his sentences for him Joe Biden was Dotterine stammer, as that of quoting all the items in OZ and broken words. They give you the complete sentence, I guess in their minds it's easier to just give you that that the idea that bind was trying to convey- but I think it's unfair. If Biden says you no formal from blah blah, for, I think you are right down the line,
perish in the quote and say you did I'd what he said, but no that they so listen. If by says something and the reporter interprets what they think he was trying to say. We don't know a job, I naturally satin. They could be getting it wrong. While tell you what men it brings me now to the weird fractured conspiracy world of the left in the Democrats seems to make no sense. Take a look at this job, and said voting by mail is safe and secure and don't take my word for it taken the president who just requested his mail in both for the floor to primary issues that you mean the absentee valley, male in universal mail in voting? Is one send out belts to everyone. Absentee ballots are when you request one, but that brings me now to the far left conspiracies that just persist in media and for some reason they dont debunk. This person said If these picks are real, are we watching male mailboxes being picked up off Street in Oregon and New York. Are. We want
king voters, oppression in broad daylight right in front of our eyes in my life, I've never seen trucks. Falling, mailboxes away, plus its happening in many places before the election. This is what they're saying You ve got Joe Biden, saying it safe and secure and people responded to say no to not their stealing mailboxes their writings. Stories like this. U S. P S confirms removal of public mailboxes from Oregon cities. Yes, they did confirm it, but did any of these outlets like democracy, now care too finish the sentence as to why they were being removed. I love this there being removed because their being ripped iced this to me is actually incredible. Take a look at the story followed. About removing mailboxes goes viral, that use peace as its replacing old ones. Was that its- and this is k- eighteen wickedest Portland Oregon is someone taking mailbox from around Portland are the other day. I said my understanding was that removing mailboxes because they were mostly empty and the male care
had to go around and do massive rounds to mailbox that nothing in them and by centralizing mailboxes. It was lowering the cost of operating for the post office, something good I did read that a new source, but it turns out there saying they're, just replacing them taking over this is someone taking mailbox- were important social media poster during a show someone putting: U S, PS boxes, unto a truck gain traction online, so K eighteen, look into it and found the post office is the one removing the boxes to replace them because they're old, I swear, I swear. What is happening? This is made that you ve got to meet. You got these left wing publications. They are put out these nearest genially Curtis high profile, leftists they say spokesperson, said they take, and down for mailboxes in Portland and more than two dozen in Eugene. They plan to remove more bow box Mailbox Run Portland in the coming weeks there replacing them, because their old is that it's so actual load
journalists did some digging and found out. That's all that's happening. I'm tellin you, men is completely unhinged I'll. Tell you what is freaky to me. Why would Joe Biden be telling everybody that mail in voting is safe, everyone go do it at a time when people are freaking out about mailboxes you'd, think he'd, bring up hey, people are concerned about what's going on with the? U S p s, if not having proper funding. To do that. You know due to covet economics, the people arts ascending male anymore, so their facing a massive budget shortfall notices ignore it Walter you it's interesting. This tweet from Jonathan lay the p a department of state filing today says mailed ballots should be counted if they are received by Friday after election Day and our postmark, by election day? Have no postmark or have illegible. Postmarks only reject them if they are postmarked after election day. What so? What do you mean to tell me if you want to vote and its power?
the election day, you need only physically bring it and drop it. Often the mailbox, the polling stations, political elements through that through the post office or whatever, is that what they're saying? I don't think you can do that? I think that's! That's gonna be illegal or something right there going to be counting mail in ballots that have no postmark that arrived after election that ok, what have we heard off from all of these leftists with all these unhinge conspiracies that Donald Trump would likely went on election day and then over the coming weeks, they would find more votes, Democrats proving Joe Biden, one and Trump would cry fraud. I mean it sounds like they're making fraud really easy, and why is it that fact He says there is no reason: Americans can't vote in person in November infectious disease exe. Says: it'll be safe to cast out in person if voters follow social, distancing guidelines. So what's the problem I dont know, all I know is Joe Biden, his hiding in his basement. Kamel Harris has no idea.
She's talking about she's, actually relatively far left? I know the far left doesn't think so, but compared to regular Americans, she is Biden, can't speak straight there, both hiding Obama himself is dragging Joe Biden I'm sorry, man! We are looking at one of the weirdest campaigns I have ever seen in my life, and I don't I don't not explain it. I mean with with with what, with Romney with carry with Bush I've been through several elections. I mean as a kid during Clinton stops it really pay attention all that stuff. But, as I was growing up, I started watching. I remember watching you know a bushel Gore when it was real young. Just like I had no idea what are really meant, but everything went off. You know not perfectly, but even with Gore and Bush, it wasn't this crazy. They both work
painting unless there's something I miss, because I'm not old enough to remember this- is they weaknesses. Weirdest election I've ever witnessed, maybe they're other weird. Once things entirely possible, we may be looking at a massive Donald Trump Landslide. I do not believe the Poles Bill MAR says he doesn't think biting his comfortably ahead, what he means by, as you know, at some some points and twenty sixteen Hillary Clinton was ahead of of true of tromp from whereby it is even better than Biden. Trumps though one so perhaps, I think the poles are all broken and wrong. I don't think you can have everything I'm showing you over the past weeks and days and now this story, with even Obama, sang Biden basically unfit and think that people are going to rush out to vote for the guy. Maybe people hate Donald Trump that much I do not believe it, especially after the mass riots, take a look at this for her Obama, speechwriter Fabio hilarious. Some media outlets calling Harris a moderate. He says it was
There is too much is being called in and in covered a moderate like Joe Buttons on a fellow, moderate or centrist. She support something extremely close to Medicare for all which Bernie Sanders acknowledged in his statement supporting her she's for that a new deal. She has one of the most liberal records in the: U S Senate. Well, there you go quote if you want to call commentators record in the Senate and our policies that you supporting now centrist or moderate great. If that's, where the open window has moved and congratulations to all the progressive activist, because you have a thing: move: the ass out of that window. That's boarding the Green new deal and basically met care for all is now moderate and centrist, fantastic I'll, take it, but it's not true the absolutely, not true the Democrats or off the rails. As far as I'm concerned- and let me show you this- I was- I was surprised to see it. I said, while cold bear a litter, rated commonly Harris her. And sir is complete garbage. She basically admitting she doesn't actually believe what you said and debates like
it's normal to lie on stage to win support. This is weird to me. I'm sorry. Maybe it's me, I say: Trop come out and truck just talks when Trot talks, you basically can predict what he's gonna say, because you know how it feels and he says what he really believes. I don't know commentators Beliefs Colbert, brings up that he sheep that continent basically sad Joe Biden was raises, not not literally, she said I dont think you are racist, Joe, but you did these things. I think it's funny way to frame things like, I don't think you're ISIS Joe, but yes, you mentioned a lot of policies from Joe Biden when Colbert asks her. She just starts laughing and then she goes. It was a debate. It was a debate and just laughs incessantly. I thought to myself. This is not what I mean was a debate. What does that mean? You? Did you not believe the things you were saying? You are just trying to knock down a pegre too, to win public support. People are supporting it because of what they think you we are talking about, but now she had no real answer and I was
prize to see that call bear himself got her. Maybe he didn't think it was gonna go this poorly, but boy did it ever and I'll. Tell you what this interview reminded me of Hillary Clinton, she loved to ignore answers and just start laughing and it's off putting don't like it, you imagine I've not seen other candidates look. Joe Biden gets mad. He gets ass about his dementia testing. Us come on. Man look come on Donald Trump discuss. What excuse me who but Kamel about Hilary they just are laughing who told them. This is what you do, who told them. Americans like it. When set of answering questions, you just are laughing. I don't know it's the weirdest thing I've ever seen, because there's nothing to do with with which under this like a learned behaviour, theirs, Certainly many female politicians who don't behave, the weather Hilary uncommonly did. I find the whole thing, absolutely unhinged, fractured and downright confusing, but
I'll give it to Obama, not that I'm a big fan of the guy, but if he says Biden is unfit Brok I'll take your word for it. Great I'll, leave their next segments coming up at Youtube COM slashed him CAS new, starting at six p m. Thank sprang up and I'll see you ought to be completely honest. I am not convinced that anybody knows how many knights of riding have already happened in Portland, because people keep giving different numbers, I'm seeing only seven, seventy six. Seventy eight! Seventy nine eighty hard to know for sure, but I think we're at night. Seventy seven, I dont know how import this took the numbers, but it's getting worse and that's that's the real issue here last night in Portland They marched the residential neighborhoods unimpeded. I kid you not this. Is it the state police have retreated from the city. That's the deal will not prosecute these criminals, even if they assault officers and now anti for black lives matter riders. It is marching around as Andy
describes marauding. I love that word. And I was like- I am not entirely sure marauding as this is the right word. I looked up. I guess it actually makes sense, but we'll talk, owing to the I got to show you the story? First, Seattle, Blue lives matter protesters demand white people give up their homes, they marched through as a general neighbourhoods and they demanded white people, give up their homes where the police while the police are being defended. What's going on in Portland, can't they stop the writers from through the neighbour. It's o, because the district attorney is a far left militant. As far as our make that assumption, based on who we associate with and thus extremist morality, police there here and these cities voted for it. Now they're gonna fly, and then leave behind this wake of destruction. You either voted for it or you didn't vote an ice. I assume a lot of people who didn't vote will leave. I also believe as a lot of people.
We're probably voting for Republicans, but just couldn't muster up enough to actually get a Republican to defeat these crazy. You know extremists and now the city's become a wasteland too many p LA complacent, and they need to pay attention to what's going on. Otherwise they will come to your house next. How many times have I told you, the Danish up to your house? I didn't. I didn't predict this that they would go to residential neighbours and demand people give up their homes, but I can many assumptions about. What's what is the next step in going to residential neighborhoods beating up residence and demanding their homes does not give any police to help you and a lot of these states not not particularly washed and an organ, but many states. They make it very difficult for you to own a firearm to defend yourself. So what happens when you're police are defended because we're seeing
police be defined that across the board and then the morality police show up and there's no district attorney to do anything about it and they take whatever they want that. I think. Well, I think we're gonna start seeing some more stuff like this has read the story, and then I know what look we'll get into Portland Seattle. Black lives matter protesters demand white people give up their homes. They were chanting. Give up your house give people back their homes. What are you going to do about it? Open up? Your wallets give em back their homes. You make an argument, I suppose, about land. You know a native Americans, but at that's a another argument and not one. I particularly find a compelling in any capacity because what we are doing we are, we gonna, go to every single european nation and try and calculate who live there before anyone else. That's ridiculous people outhouses! That's that's about it! Rina! There they live there, but about it's not about which was right or wrong? It's about them, taking power in your posts as a group of black lives matter, pro
clusters in Seattle marched through a residential neighbour this week, demanding that white residents give up their homes. Dramatic video shows foot to the Wednesday demonstration positive twitter shows a crowd of dozens chanting our lives matter before an unidentified man projects his eyes toward near by white residence saying there living in a historically black section of the city, as another woman in the crowd yells it they should give up their homes. The click shows You know that before your white, a came here. This was all black people demand says: do you know people like you came here and basically bought all the land from from the black people for less than it was worth kick them out. So you could live here. Do you know that the main continues? Because if you don't know you, and do not do something about it. Ok, so to correction there talking about gentrification, it's uh. It's sensible, if somebody cells their property, they got paid for it, it's ridiculous, the old The thing we can actually see from everything they demanded is really just demanding communism. I think think about it. Pay gap why
that some people get paid more for one job than and then than another job. So if you want everyone, get paid a flat salary forever job remember what it is they do. That makes no sense what about this well, but the what is actually worth more, it's worth more now because repairs and gentrification, are we supposed to make it so that every property costs the exact same and also I take? issue with that the kind of racial asking, racial lissom from groups like this that are so in this neighborhood? Was this race thereof or return it at an ado. Does America man were melting pot? Remember another minute: then arises the residents to open their wallet, as the man could use to yell at the identified residents off camera. So how do you plan to fix a demand continues as a general fire, because you are part of that process a woman with a megaphone than urges the residents to give up their house. The forty shows give black people back their homes, you're sitting there comfortably comfortable as F as if they dont they didn't help general
by this neighborhood I used to live in this neighbourhood, and my family was pushed out and you're sitting up they're, having a good time with your other white friends. A second clay. Purportedly shows black lives. Demonstrators and anti for calling for white people to get the F out, as others, crowd call for reparations, give us our S back yet another apparently shot in the aftermath of protest, also shows demonstrators threatening a business. I clarify clarified a keepsake protest or a demonstrator right now. This story. Burning and destroying everything, but I still don't think you're protest or if your threatening people based on race and demanding their property. So we whatever menu, call what have you want they would threaten. A business owner will actually called the cops to report that a window I've been shattered. His business you're being racist, you're being racist protestors I was the identified white business owner check. Your privilege check your private privilege if you try and call them because a smash, your property you're a racist. Now, how insane is this
This was never your neighborhood. The man's ran continues. This was never your neighborhood, the mask, white man than refuses to identifies business before being threatened as he walks away. The click chose, yeah we'll make sure to support you. They continue hey look. We don't know how we ain't seen ass, we dont know ass. You better hope you don't find out, though, that's not a threat as a promise. What are the protesters was then taken into custody It was a second man who yeah about that. That's a promise when the protesters are then taken into Stay for alleged vandalism as other blacklist. Better demonstrators yelled obscenities at cops what it shows Seattle, police, chief, common best step down this week effective September. Second, second, ok, limit limits. Autism I've been watching videos, man, I'm sure most of you have I the videos at New York, people standing but randomly in the street there. There are these. The these cities are becoming the wild west of political zealotry fanaticism in New York, There is a video like random people, just walking through random streets and when a car tries driving through the blue
It's our screaming Adam back up. Not for any real reason just because they have that power, because nothing. Anyone will do to stop them. It's gonna happen everywhere, but you know that they, as the bridges in Chicago again, I could you not if you familiar Chicago raising the Bridges shuts down access to a large portion and it's very difficult to get back into the downtown area. Does this he's got a river that goes through downtown. All the bridges get lifted up went now. Nobody can cross, except for like one key area for emergency vehicles and general traffic to try to restrict the flow into the downtown. Area. They restricted access. The riding in the looting and none of them will ask Trump for help because they have too much pride. I guess Take a look at this Kalen from scribe, says hundreds of anti for militants are marching through a residential North Portland neighbourhood taken to the streets and asked the police? neither sweet from Andy. No, he says a Portland resident caught up in the
If a protest says he was beat up. His head is bloody: full disclosure, Andy tweeted, video of the incident and the man has blood on his face. Youtube is not alone. Graphic images, they don't want, I'm showing specifically because people have kids who want to watch. You know, kids, who said, I would love to. Let you know and show you what's going on. There are people who have told me in the past to blur, and there you know, graphic images. They don't want him showing specifically because people have kids who want to watch. You know kids, who sit with them and they and their listen, and I think that this, but I'll just tell you this I'm just doing my best to make sure you know it's happening, and if you want to see all the videos follow, Andy! No, on Twitter, that's at em are a He why NGO Andy is one of the best sources for covering what's going on and he has the full video, but you ve, heard at a local resident was bloodied up, and here we go police, replete, repeatedly block North Portland March advance on protesters Friday, while that sort of true let me let some corrections are normally do for organ live there. Not protestors
their rioters extremists. Yes, the police did March on them, but in many instances the far left black lives matter. Three mists were marching around destroying things with impunity and it's not an exaggeration and he no tweets Mirage anti for black block in Seattle. Smashup outside of Seattle. Yes, oh ok, writers have turned parts of noise, Portland into a war zone. Here it takes a group of serves to make an arrest of an anti for militant. The person tries to steal a baton on from police. Meanwhile, anti for legal observers get us in also. They can bail him out so correction. I missed out I confused Seattle with with Portland on from preacher, Twitter Mandy, so the police are still enjoy Jim with these riders in various parts of Portland. In Seattle, however, where the police have just been defended and the and the police chief, I stepped down marauding anti for black block in Seattle, smash up property as they.
Arch around the city. People watch in disbelief, no police. I dont know you nice, I mention this. Are there I don't love marauding is the correct term, so I looked it up. I and I know it marauding means, but I was like that. Is this apt? Well, maraud it things to Rome in search of things to steal or people to attack war parties cross the river to maraud. Ok, it similar to plunder, but to become only I don't know if there I guess you can argue their plundering. I dont think for the most part there actually stealing in Seattle. They smashed up the windows outside of businesses and then took all of the merchandise through the middle, the street and torched it so That's something else. It's literally the dark, not yours! You, the dark night. Do you know Batman Movie, there's at sea Michael Kane is talking to christian bail work. You know Alfred saga to Bruce and he said you know the Joker is a different kind of villain ripe. He tells a story about
how these gems were being stolen? Not that and it one day the guy finds a kid playing with us. This ruby, and it turns out the guy was stealing M was doing it just because he thought it was good. Sport hidden actually care, for the for the value of of of the items and that's basically what's happening in Portland as a viral tweet going around from one of extremists and I don't think it, Actually I don't. I don't think that between is necessarily indicative of like a leader position. I like that, like the points as a random person, but what they did say is a strategy in Portland is too, where the police down through attrition, because they can keep coming out night after night It costs them relatively little. The city is spending insane amounts of money and resources to try and stop the riots. So does the writers need only show up with their mean a black hoodies in sunglasses masks. The I can eventually, where down the police and they'll, when normally that, be true, because the district attorney would actually do something about it
fortunately for everybody else, the district attorney is actually presumably on the side of these people. I don't want, have the tweet actually up. Not from any note I tweeted about it. I don't think I have it Basically, he mentions that the new deal Hey who says they're not gonna, prosecuting Antigua recently went on a radio programme. Do an interview with far left extremists talks. About re imagining community policing, and this is what they mean a morning a morning guys. I know I know you watch this video, so you ve probably heard enough, but but take this seriously share. If you want help support the chair Are you? Can you can share this? You can subscribe, you can fly, but my main channel at TIM cast out net, but I'm telling you people need to know that is only a matter of time before they follow through on their threats and they make people give up their homes. They will come to your house,
they will throw you out and they will laugh about it and there won't be any police to do anything about it. I ve heard these stories of people by homes and then they'll like gonna work trip for the weekend, come back. There's someone living there and like broke in international place. And the police are like. We can as a civil dispute. You are personally as I have always lived here in the chapel back, we can affect them, and then you like they broke in that Libya. There there criminals stories like this happen and its particularly bad for people who on vacation squatters will come and be there for a few weeks old. Like not, we ve been here for a long time there trying to evict us and the cop say civil dispute. We can't get involved What happens when black lives matter? Extremists shopped your front door? Kick it in walk in your house and our banging pot said pads and screaming, and there's like a hundred of them- and they grew Abu and they throw you out and that's it. They lock your doors. Woody things can happen because going to show up and do anything about it. They might be
the leading towards. I don't think so. I really don't think so. I mean just think about the circumstance right. If these people in Seattle or Portland, went to a random house and kicked the door ajar romping about in the house, they be gone before the cops ever shut up for what, thing, but what are the cops going to do? I was seriously: what could they do? Other gonna surround the house and they get out maybe, but the prosecutors won't arrest anybody. What I'm sorry? What prosecute to be fair. The Moldova county D said unless its deliberate property damage. What if it's, the one person kicks adorn runs away and other people just go in thousands it down refused to leave their talking about taking people's homes. I dont know how the police will be able to accommodate getting these people out. Without everything being destroyed, especially when state police already said we out. I don't think the Portland place are gonna, be able to stand up for much longer, and this is what will happen when there's no cops if they define the police or disband the like
Linda Minneapolis, and there I am. I know a lot of people dont like hearing that the pessimism whatever, but I'm telling you men their marching through neighborhoods saying these things. The next step is after the plea to disbanded they take them. It is look like they're gonna kick the Doorn Magnus was mine, and what could anyone really do to stop it not to be fair? in Oregon, we ve Yuki. I believe it's an open carry state, I think so you can ever look. You can bear arms, at least in your home, for sure some aids are not Castle Doctrine state Summer parcel partial castle doctrine. I think you know you you're, not if you wanna stay in these cities. However, a lot of people have no choice. You can't just sell your home, your equity tied up in it. It's all you have or your underwater in your mortgage is whatever alot of people might have happened. They may be trip, some people might be renting and they don't have the money for a deposit. You know, or or last month or whatever, to move to a new
property, let alone to get in a vehicle, actually drive somewhere. So they have no choice but to stay, and those who are brings me to the last that the last bit portion of the silent what's gonna happen. On November. I know a lot of this may seem pessimistic, but I will give you the that that the optimism right now at least well- it's not have several dozen from our for everybody. To this point, I think so I do think Donald Trump is looking at a potential landslide. I'm not exaggerating there there's been periods, past, where I was like Trump going to landslides for these reasons, and then there was some negative things that happened on my wow that start to look bad for Trump. Actually now, I'm
I'm starting to be more convinced that Trump is on track for a landslide, notably he's going after New York. Trump wants to be the first president since Reagan to win New York and he might even try to get California. People are fleeing these places and that's bad, but what about the people left behind their panicked? Do they think the democratic to do anything to help them? I don't believe so. Donald Trump will trumped sent the feds out Portland and the feds did their job, It was the Democrats in the state who told the back off so trumpeted ad in the state police retreated from the city sang. We can't do this amazing. Their local politicians have failed them and the fat Ro government is their only choice. I think this is the biggest mistake of the left and I wonder if this is why Joe Biden behind You may have seen a tweet. I treated this out Chris Wallace of Fox NEWS. Said he has shocked. The Biden campaign has said
doubt no one to talk about their plans just before the dance. It's never happened before, or at least in a really long time, because tv to exist at one point, but he's he's never seen it before, but it's not campaigning. I think Kamel and by be throw I can if they know they are going to get steam rolled in the election. And we may see a forty nine state landslide, maybe a fifty state, land and I'll be amazing. I much out that has ever happened before my time is running- or I guess technically George Washington, but Thou Wert fifty states, but You know total state landslide, just because everybody was like, aren't you do it right? I don't know exactly what we'll see part of me- is still worried that the Democrats will win, because I don't trust the system and I think the establishment plays dirty games, but all of the stuff it's forcing people who have no choice noteworthy to stay, to consider their real options. Its activating this, this
I went and sleeping majority people who normally don't get political, because I don't have to now have no choice but to stand up and do something and the first and most important thing they can do is vote. The very least. Maybe it won't be Donald Trump landslides. Maybe it will be tat. We, of the mayor of Portland. It might be the governor, Kate Brown, it might be the AG everybody just gets wiped out in that in the next elections. These states turn red at local levels. Donald Trump, it's gonna, try when new york- and I gotta say I think you can do it. I really do I dont believe. Pulse, barely Bill MAR was saying something similar. That Biden has not comfortably ahead, and these people, in my opinion, like like Filmore its unfortunate that he won't actually pay attention. I feel like people like him, our semi retire they're just you know they may come on the show- and I say: what's my script cannot read it and if
No more actually knew was going on and I had a conversation about it. He'd probably begrudgingly support tromp, I mean it. That's why several conversation with somebody about what's going on in these places, Let me ask a simple question to the people like Bill MAR the whole doubts you ve seen now. Seventy seven days of riots on night thirty nine when the broken the courthouse trump bolstered federal law enforcement to protect the building there was no unidentified storm troopers at badges on, The van was unmarked, but police use mark vehicles. They disdained to people for questioning. There were released. A judge role. This was not widespread, a widespread practice. Isn't what would you would you? Would you complaining about to the to the agent? Well, they asked the feds to leave so the feds dead and the chaos got worse. So
Why Filmore should any regular, rational American trapped in these citys? We can't afford to leave, lost their jobs or terrified support. A Democrat who failed them. Supporting the ongoing riots, TED Wheeler came out and stood with them. He didn't even to their demands, but it had he's told them he got gassed while they were front explosives. Benny back inside the declared a ride. Half an hour later, Kate Brown has repeatedly demeaned and and and called out Trump. They are pan. Bring to the extremists while the residents suffer so for all the problems with trampling all things like about em you get about Europe. To give me a good reason, why should support the people? Who won't stop that the crazies versus the guy? Who will tell you what arguing about trumps policies in demeanor? In my opinion, is it's a luxury? It is a luxury because survival comes first and right now, there's extra
as marching through neighborhoods vandalism, property marauding, beating people unmoor multiple occasions now and Trump. Is the only one who said he will enforce the law. All they need do is ask, but they won't. They say no get out. So we can argue that Troms gotta potty mouth you can argue that he's got bad policies is a lot of things I wouldn't want to vote for a publican for is a lot of a lot of you know classical wedge issues from the past decade that I wouldn't want to support. But right now all of those things are luxuries. The one thing we're dealing with that needs to be addressed is survival, if they're, going to come to your neighbour and burn things down and you have the option and then that's your immediate concern and you have the option of some Democrat who's not doing anything about it and our Looking to saying I will end this. Just the words and we will send not law enforcement to arrest these terrorists. I know one voting for because we can
Have a real discussion about policy and progress in this country, and people are running around smashing, destroying things and ass. It can keep happening and I'll tell you what happens next tomorrow to wake up like a saying- and I want to be, like all look at its night, you know seventy eight of the riots and guess what I got worse. I know there's a lot of people who don't like the constant negative stream of information. It's really what news becomes and that's. Why try to say that that the optimism here is that maybe this alighted and it's like a light at the end of the tunnel, especially for our trump supporter, if you're not a trump supporter, it's at hey man, it's better than nothing right and that's I think a lot of people are gonna begrudgingly vote for Donald Trump that there have been some people who asked me like. Why would you say begrudgingly TIM and make it simple, because I'm being forced to do it? It's not a choice where I'm like. Look at this list of policies from the present their Greece are great. There's a few things I absolutely criminal justice reform was great free
federal student loan interest was great Afghanistan. These are things I'm really I'm happy about, and trumps got multiple issues that he's he's done, that I'm happy about and he's dramatically improved his behaviour in the past several years. So you know what it's big Jeanne, because their forcing me to do it, but, as I have always said, trumpets bet he's not that bad news, not their bed. In fact, he's case gaze good on many things. I've said that before I say it again, I have no trouble saying it. You you, people gotta realized. I dont see. I don't see the world the way you do ok and pm. There's a lot of people are hard courtroom. Supporters, warlike. Why won't TIM just say you know it's great numb like this now I feel it's not what I see but outside this trump has dramatically improved theirs, but that the Afghan assigned withdrawal is a lot of things. I think our I've, our Francesca integrated economy. So you know what at this point it's about survival.
The Democrats are not going to protect us as these rights get worse and worse and worse. So I think the optimism here is that people can be forced of upward Donald Trump, and that means there may be an opportunity to end the chaos will set well I'll, see ya tomorrow again for my morning updates, but I will have another segment coming up at one p m on this channel and you can also go to TIM cast dot net for my main channel it'll be at four p m. Thank sprang up now. See you all at one p m good vision. The end of California, as we know it, maybe not only our people flee The state many of these cities, not only we deal with a massive economic crisis and a violation of human rights from allays Mayor Garcia, you said he's going to shut off your utilities, if you piece we assemble. He said if you had a party which get the point you can assign before reason you want: the constitution he's gonna via your rights. Look man. I want to
with with everybody who still who still in California, but look at this story. California orders rolling blackouts from the two one hundred and fifty thousand homes and businesses as heatwave grips the state with temperatures hitting one hundred and twelve degrees and crowds flocking to beaches. I'm sorry this could be people dying at a certain point. You've just got to get out of these cities. I mean the riots our bad enough, but the policy mismanagement bad enough New York city also facing massive you're on a map, exodus. Half a million plus people leaving moving companies are booked up completely. I wonder where it is: everybody is going but according to the US have gate now. Sanford's This goes experiencing a at historic exodus from the city, I was in vain seas or or are just skyrocketing, but the thing that scared me the most and we can talk about the horrible policies of color cornea, notably their new wealth tax proposal which, owing to train
as somebody who left within the past ten years, I could you not you living here forty nine years ago, you leave they're gonna, try and file taxes against you. What do you do? you gonna, send California State Police to New York, that's ridiculous, but it shows you how desperate Davy and to me the shows the state is in dire straits. What will this mean moving forward for the elections? I can't tell, but I can tell you rolling blackouts for those that live there now in this heat, people could die here's a story from daily mail. California orders rolling blackouts say: California, utility companies are rolling on a massive black out across the state that could impact some two hundred and fifty thousand homes and businesses, in an effort to curb, Alex a city shortages as more people. They home during the pandemic grid managers last implemented such a power cotton, two thousand one when the state was suffering from an electric crisis. Unlike Friday,
the California Independent system operator, declared a stage three emergency Bloomberg reports right, that is an estate still took to the beach on Friday, however, enjoying the blazing he. This is good news, I'm gone, They're not gonna, go arrest all of these beach gowers, because, if their rolling, if this is of Pasadena facing a rolling black out or people need to get out of the heat and go to the beach could be one way to save them. You know stank. Staying in the water at least a little bit CBS angels reported south Sabena has gone dark after Cal. I also declared a state wide stage. Three electrical emergency plans, thing, rolling power outages, absolutely crazy. They say this comes as residents are forced to spend more time at home during the pandemic and are used. There s a units more while thing they need to San Walking Valley is have blazing temperatures of a hundred and twelve degrees, Fahrenheit LOS Angeles, as is expected to reach nine
six degrees. So, ok, not the valley is gonna get Ben or our one of the values, as many as two three thousand homes and businesses served by pacific gas in electrical could be impacted by the outage accorded the company. They noted that counterparts. Another the state were being directed to take similar actions, the ISAF Chronicle reports. We can see a bunch of photos in the San, Diego and Southern Orange County areas, sombre energies, Sir and gas and logic utility sad one. Our role tearing shut off will be widespread across its territory. The cat before you I saw is working closely with California utilities and neighbour, power systems to manage strain on the grid and to restore the power grid to full capacity. The agency set in a fragile state the national, whether surface forecast and extensive heatwave starting this weekend and lasting until late late next week, excessive heat war- things have been issued for much of California for Friday, anther Wednesday, solar generators
the state will also be impact. It is cloud cover from Tropic Storm Ellida is expected to crimp output. Talk about a perfect storm of just yikes men for a lot of reason I and many others have been warning. You guys got to get out of the big cities. Burps aren't necessarily the right answer and for a lot of people who aren't familiar allay is basically just one big urban sprawl, but it's not a centralized city like Chicago or New York. Its actual a bunch of smaller cities and allay proper is relatively small. So when peoples, LOS Angeles are typically referring to the county, of LOS Angeles will law the county of LOS Angeles, which is massive. So I don't know you do what you gotta do men, but we're seeing people actually heed. This warning. The twenty twenty San Francisco exodus is real and historic report. Just take a look at this real estate inventory change from February to July, twenty twenty, whilst Angelus the exodus is legit. Ok, we're seeing,
inventory is increasing, which means people don't live there, The houses are available, We see this in a and San Francisco. Interestingly in Boston in Miami in Seattle and Washington there is, it still is relatively low, but there's one thing you can see for everything except my Miami in Boston Vacant the real inventory, is starting to decrease in LOS Angeles. It absolutely is decreasing. San Francisco on near one hundred percent increase in available in an inventory in availabilities cm. Was going up, Washington is going up, people are fleeing cities. That is a fact and I'll tell you, It is absolutely, in my opinion, do do democratic mismanagement. I've have a conversation with a friend of mine and allay, and they said these Democrat Cities- man what's going on and unlike dude
been obvious for a while. Now right I mean I just covered the riots in Portland. With this this, the state police, pulling out, I mean, look and that should be the most obvious, take a look what's Goin on Chicago that they raise the bridges rich the Virginia there were rights there. Did you know that a lot of people to know that New York put sick p? in in nursing homes and that's where a good portion of the deaths came from. This is beyond mismanaged. This is in luck, one I've been I'm gonna harping on for a bit is that I think the problem is due to the fact of the matter. Stream media only entertains the left wing narrative than ever actually about conversation out. What's going on and social media platforms will? and people who actually challenge the prevailing narrative and thus the only thing we'll get from politicians as if the left wants it, we're pandering, election. So we will give them this insanity and there is no plan. There's no real plan. The cities are in free, fall, rumbling and people are dipping out
The big story about this one, Joe Rogan, leaving LOS Angeles for freedom Texas signals coming exodus from liberal cities: boy did they call it chucked of or Rogan, isn't just griping His comments are fundamentally a political critique of California. Is one party governor by the increasingly far left- oh yeah, absolutely Joe, really bad news for your body check it out. California, wealth tax could become first its kind in U S under new proposal. Talk about horrifying management. There basically trying to implement a point, four percent. Wealth tax on anybody who lived in California for the past ten years? Even if you leave job you're, leaving ally, Miss too late,
they're gonna try to impose this tax on uniting. I gotta I gotta say I don't know how you can pull that off: retroactive tax enforcement, we're other state troopers gonna, but show up the Texas in trying Hunt Joe down because he's leaving Take a look at this and I will talk about the exodus from off from allay with Joe, a group of state lawmakers on Thursday proposed a first, in the nation state wealth tax that could hit about thirty thousand four hundred and four California residents and raise an estimated seven point: five billion for the general fund. The tax rate would be zero point. Four percent of net worth exclude directly held real estate that thirty million dollars for singing enjoying fighters and fifteen we infer married filing separately. Most of you are probably familiar with the idea of a wealth tax on net worth. Let me tell you what this means. It means that, if you receive it painting from your grandpa dies and it turns out it s an old painting worth you know, a million bucks, a well packs would mean they were
charge. You soap point four percent, not necessarily that much a couple thousand dollars. They would charge you this this money that you don't have simply because the painting is worth something but what have yet what it would if you'll have the cash right. What what they're really saying with with the basic idea of wealth tax, is that your stocks your metals, your hard assets, your car, for instance, you're. All of these things are your wealth and they're. Gonna tax everything and they like in it to a property tax. Now I think, there's a generally fair assessment in how you know in the idea, but that doesn't make sense, right: property taxes, essentially you're connected all these utilities and you're paying for the community. Some people have a problem with it, get your years actually paying rent to the city. But if you own something- and it back, is more valuable. All of a sudden, you have to pay more money on it. Okay, listen! I think they're exploding real estate, specifically because you already play me already paid massive property taxes.
But the general idea of what they are doing is substantially more insane than anything we ve heard yet with one in Bernie. Sanders have have ranted about their wealth tax proposals which, in my pen make no sense, because if you have an asset, it doesn't mean you can actually pay for it, and so what s happening is so a Jeff basis, for instance, does not have liquid assets in the hundreds of billions of dollars that they would claim. If he's ever lived in California than a comfort point, four percent of is not worth. Isn't it cash. I think I think that the news estimates that he may be he may be have in liquid assets. None not necessarily cash between five and fifteen million dollars, which would be like it, it would literally be impossible from to pay for things what they do. Do they see is his stock in the company that would destroy the company outright everybody would sell instantly and the kind of stock would become worthless
the idea makes literally no sense but add on top that California will try and hunt you down ten years after the fact, that's amazing, they're, saying California is facing a big budget deficit because of the health and crisis brought on by the corona virus, and we cannot simply rely on a steady measures. To close, it said, Rob Bunda. A Democrat from Oakland led off of eighty two o eight. We must cancel a revenue generation. The state is horribly, mismanaged it's clean I've seen rolling blackouts are sweeping through some cities. People are talking about homeless, everywhere, garbage piling up everywhere, people are being evicted. I think what scary about that mass exodus limit limit limited some. They call this the exodus, I think the increase in inventory may be due to people in forced out of their arms. I understand that many areas have implemented a moratorium on evictions. Does it mean people are leaving because their being forced to do so is where things get scary? California is not going to cannot sustain this.
There there. Their goal now is trying tax people who left the state. That is terrifying desperation. You understand that this could lead to some very, very dramatic and dangerous consequences. Think about it. How will California enforce taxing Joe Rogan, for instance? What's it it pass limit limitless? Let me relevant more. They say he admitted that the union sponsored bill will not be heard before the legislature before the legislature adjourns August, thirty first, but it can be reintroduced one day of an Ex Andy on other accession Monti said. You would like to see a wealth tax passed in addition to the millionaires tax proposed in a bill introducing late July a b one too Five three would add: surcharges of one percent to incomes, joint or single, between roughly one million and two million three percent, an income between two million five million and three point: five and income greater than five million bringing the topic.
Sixteen point. Eight California's top right today. At thirteen point, three percent is already the Ah yes in the nation, what Cuomo say about New York, God forbid, if the rich leave desperately begging them to come back and California's answer is less increase our state income tax to sixteen point eight percent and a well tax on hard assets for anybody who lived in the past ten years, let's see what happens Joe Rogan moves to Texas. He setting up a new studio, he's, making a ridiculous sum of money from Spotify. He begins paying taxes to the state of Texas California says actually Joe Rogan hours, us those taxes. Europeans has no. I don't. I Don't live there and you're not gonna pass a law after I've already left this, It says otherwise, let's see if California tries to send in state law,
enforcement or a warrant, would Texas honour a warrant from California. Would the FBI that's means is, is is insane I can't imagine it be, constitutional, that some other jurisdiction can impose attacks in a different state. Would Texas stand for that and how would this conflict be resolved? Would California deploy there law enforcement attacks us to go Africa Rogan for tax evasion, even though he doesn't live there I think the answer is yes, I really do their facing a massive budget shortfall. They have rolling blackouts their becoming desperate. They need money. They need resources. They need to generate revenue and I think they'll do it it we're talking about survival. I dont see them just backing down. That is what maybe, maybe they won't even pass his mind do. For short, they say this real estate would be exempt from the well tax because already subject to property tax at a higher rate, its far easier to call for a state,
wealth tax. Then it is to actually design and enforceable. One said Jerry and Wall Jack a vice president with a tax foundation, a thing maybe that's why no state has imposed one. Some New York legislators are floating the idea, but Governor Cuomo has poured cold water on the ocean rightly concerned that it would lead to an exodus of high net worth individuals from the state implementing and wealth tax. The state level would be extremely complex with. Questions of how to value a liquid assets and whether residents out of state wealth, including their investment holdings, can be text he added. I need to ask that is actually effective. At taxing wealth, however, would be equally effective at driving wealth out of the state and that's the point. They are destroying everything and people are fleeing, and it's funny to see that you know Joe Rogan. I use Joe because he's biggest partner in the world and people are pointing out, he's he's moving potent instrument photos new studio they,
day, the Hollywood seeing used to be fellow Europeans free spirits who spoke their minds: for liberals, dominate the world of entertainment, but non liberals at least those who had already made it out or who pays a certain level of more courage, could ended, speak out. The era of free speech has come to a close. He goes on to say What exactly did Joe Rogan say that signaled his big move from LOS Angeles to Texas during a podcast conversation with guest, Joe Desena Rogan, said I'm out of here I'm going to I'm going to, Texas. I wanna go somewhere in the centre of the country somewhere it's easier to try both places and somewhere, where you have a little bit more freedom while Rogan complain about allays infamous traffic and population density. He also started the areas, economic despair and they homelessness price Well, that's accelerated radically of the last six seven ten years, Rogan isn't just griping. His comments are fundamentally a political critique of California. Is one party governance by the increasingly far left? Yes, one hundred percent correct.
Los Angeles has tried to pass some kind of housing reform to end the homeless problem and they have failed every step of the way. Even with a democratic super majority. The mismanagement has become real like I was saying with media when the only thing you here and you're and the only thing you're allowed to say is the left wing narrative, then nothing ever changes. No one will air counter say the covert narrative and economic shutdown cause you'll get banned, you'll get silence of MARC ridiculed on the right. Of people challenging some, the narratives of, say, doctor voucher. The left will not allow it. They will ban a newt that they will come. Plain about a news organization covering a press conference of doctors and then Every social media company will ban those videos, even though the news company, from the press conference and no one will here otherwise, and thus the economic shut down will continue because the only thing any one can hear about no matter how many
times, I've said starvation is coming, total collapse is coming. The mainstream media, doesn't allow for these conversations. Some some articles have popped up but at the national level, these national borders don't bring it up. So what happens? Fifteen days to slow the spread has turned into six plus months, or around six months and now the cities are just dissolving, because we have cultural problems, absolute cultural problems, the damn Cracks in LOS Angeles face a very similar problem because there all die hard Democrats with no competition there that they make. They just keep going further and further left their policies. Their plans make no sense. It just appeases the ideas of the people who they they want to vote for them and it becomes increasingly unhinged until the holster it is now in freefall, and their only option is to try and siphoned money away from people who don't even live there anymore. I'd like to see how that plays out a state like Texas,
I can't imagine sending in their law enforcement saying yet award another state, the F B. I would have to do it. I dont think federal government's gonna arrest, someone because they taxi waited in state- I mean. Maybe they will. Maybe they'll, say: hey. You got a warrant in the state you cross state lines. I dont think California can enforce that. I really don't think so. I think a judge would throw it out or maybe California will say if you ever enter. Our state again, we have handcuffs with your name on it. The separation of the state's that's crazy would be keeping in mind its proper. Oh, is not actually being implemented, saying that's how crazy things are. Don't even think about doing some like that. Take a look at us, Manhattan apartment rents, plunge ten percent in pandemic, fuelled exodus, here's another one. Leaving New York. Why you might see higher tax bills, CNBC says, carve out a spur some people to flee large cities for second homes in different states. What may have started as a brief jaunt to a different locations.
Is looking more like a long term arrangement as the pandemic approaches its six month. This raises potential tax consequences. States are becoming desperate for revenue, which means ought at risk. They want to see they want their slice of your income. Oh yeah, baby, the wealthier gonna fly in panic, the tax base will erode cause Ivan about the wealthy. It's about the middle classes. Well, everyone's gonna spread out foreign, wide and we're gonna see states like West Virginia Montana, Idaho, Iowa, New Hampshire, smaller, more rural states. More freedom are going to see massive increase in population, and you know what it's a good thing but be warned me, look I'm about to get a new jersey. How long until New Jersey says no way. You owe us money, no matter what better try and milk and siphoned more Phil Murphy is it is. It is a tyrant. The governor Jersey, as Cuomo Nature of New Jersey, is particularly bad mind
So what are they gonna? Allow all these businesses to flee, they're gonna, try and do something I think otherwise, what happens? This is the end of many of these blue states. It is the end of many of these blue cities and we're seeing in real time. I can't imagine it with rolling blackouts now people are comfortable and people are planning on staying but I'll tell you what man some people can't move, but let me just say with the riots with the with the general unrest with a mismanagement, We have seen the access and the pandemic. We ve seen people talking but exodus. If a rolling blackout isn't enough for you to realise it will get worse. I want to tell you, but let me just add the positive the end of the story. It's a out time we had people move out and start you know bringing life into. Many of more rural areas. I've been looking at some very.
Where will area surprisingly and some good internet in the middle, the country and a lot of these, these awful jurisdictions, Mead life? They need people. I think this will ultimately make us stronger. We set relies too much in the cities, and so they say the night is always darkest before the dawn. So, while we can look at this- Cities, and we can shake our heads you didn't realize in the end, this may be a door closing at a window opening in that the failed policies of these cities which dictate at a national at international level because of population density and because the amount of Congress people centralized in these big cities. Although that's gonna start going away, I think you know we're gonna face some trouble and it's gonna look bad, but hopefully, in the long run a lot of people are gonna flit their politics in a certain Why they're gonna say no more of this broken. You know, policy for going rural areas and breathe life into these places that we're losing population, we're
the emergence of new towns, new cities, new ideas. I think it will strengthen and end the cultural stagnation that we ve seen for the longest time. Are actually fairly odd? I'm excited I am moving to a rural area, I'm really excited about it. I'm excited for the new adventure. I was in New York for a long time and it's boring. It became his big mess. Everybody wants to be there, but it became generic. Homogenized about time we saw new businesses new, music, new movies, new culture, new games, New Ideas- and this will happen when people spread out and go to separate different urban arms. I'm sorry, rural areas. That could be the light at the end of this dark tunnel. I look for two it man, but you know what the very last thing I guesses does out. That I think, is a wake up call for a lot of people that these these democratic policies have completely failed, and I think this going to dramatically change how this government is run. So I'm fairly optimistic in terms of what comes after November
Mind you, I can talk about the negativity in the riots, all these things, but look further ahead. There's a positive coming from all of this. I am going to be in a rural area, well, water man. Think about that an unsteady water, my life, while ours We found while waterway uranium in it. That's gonna crisis from from farms. But in a rural area? Very soon I'm super excited about it. I get to you no fire, Panera on the backyard skating do whatever I want have to worry about. Neighbours like that actually sounds really exciting: There are some local small towns and there is community and will be really nice to actually have neighbors. You know tat, you have a community and talk about community events, so I think this is. I think it's a good thing. I really do. New York has had to lose a couple delegates on electoral college. Votes are set to lose two reps because of the census. I think it's great it'll it'll help spread things out and it'll it'll help.
Store. A lot of you know, I guess, individuality throughout this country, sit around excitements coming up at four p m over at TIM, cast dot net and I'll see you all than ever. The bastion of great journalism? Rachel Matt out, did her duty to inform her audience of the Durham investigations. Criminal indictment because, of course, she's been so obsessed with a Russia probe in Russia Gate she D make sure everybody knew that annex FBI lawyer altered evidence in order to get a warrant against, presumably Carter, page to spark and ongoing fake invest a common to stop right there. No Rachel matter in fact, did not talk about the Russia probe for which she was so obsessed with forever Of course you didn't because Rachel Matter is like the W w e of news I mean no disrespect W w e, because everybody knows its world rustling entertainment. Rachel, mad cow is not news, she's an entertainment channel and
wants to entertain those who hate Donald Trump so went in nation comes out that for one debunks, entire narrative, sheep, grudgingly reported on the results of the mother probe, but as she now When I tell her audience that in fact, criminal wrong. Doing was discovered on this of the investigators and in fact this acts FBI. A lawyer is set to plead guilty. You know tell you what she will talk about, though salacious Rachel Madame Narrate, salacious excerpts from Michael Cohen's new book disloyal. You know I this deeply offends me because I entertained Russia Gate. I did knives skeptical of it and a lot of for a lot of really but I often would say things like listen. Everybody is an investigation. It may uncover things. Let's see what the investigation Fines, because I was willing to operate in good faith under the assumption that there was a real reason for an investigation, and then you know, I'd also talked some prominent Emma.
NBC, see personalities in person ass. A mother do really believe that you know Donald Trump was colluding. Instead, we, we really do. We think this evidence and while its fascinate, and I had some people say things like we ve seen it. You know we ve seen some autonomic wow. It was all fake news. It was all fake news generate just just used to drum up ratings, and this is the best evidence Rachel Matter could continue the Russia obsession and talk about where the probe is going on, but I would make trouble a good, so she'd, rather rather red salacious excerpts, from Michael Cohen's book. Well, guess what her ratings took a hard hit. It was all fake news check this out. MSNBC Rachel Madhouse its Durham probes guilty plea. Despite previous Russia obsession the cable, whose star has seen her ratings drops as the conclusion of the mother investigation. Despite millions, the potential of yours largely confined to their homes. Every boy,
but he's ratings are going up Rachel. Why aren't yours? You should have talked about Durham. What wouldn't, wouldn't people respect her if she said I spent a lot of time, Speck letting us the results of the more prominence it turns out. We were actually, let us straight- I would I'd- have tremendous respect for I'd I'd. Do a segment IBM. Why, Bravo good for you Rachel now. I really know, of course she wouldn't. If she does in the future. You know what I'll come back and I apologize for criticising us for not having done so so far, maybe she's waiting for a bigger or you, but I'm not going to give it the benefit of the doubt. I'm gonna go out and assume no Rachel matters not gonna cover it. She hates Trump, and this makes him look good. Fox reports MSNBC Rachel Motto was once the go to cable news house for the latest, elements on what she believed was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia now she seems to be steering clear of the latest developments that undermine the narrative she pushed for years on Friday.
FBI lawyer, Kevin Klein Smith, was expected to plead guilty to making a false statement. In the first criminal case arising from you attorney John Dirhams Review of the investigation into links between Russia and the twenty sixteen Trump campaign, the so called or Russia, origins, investigation to source, as close to the matter, told Fox news. Klein Smith was referred for potential prosecution by the Justice Department, inspector generals off which conducted its own review of Russia Investigation specifically the end after general, accused Klein Psmith, though not by name of altering an email about Trump former Trump campaign adviser caught her page to say that pay It was not a source for another government agency. Page has said he was source for the CIA, the Justice Department role,
I'd on that assertion at it submitted a third and final renewal application and twenty seventeen to eavesdrop on page under the foreign intelligent surveillance act. However, despite MSNBC covering the expected guilty plea earlier in the day, Matthau completely avoided the subject. During your prime time show quote. The Rachel Madoff show has seen its Aiding slides is the conclusion of the Mahler investigation. Despite an unpaid- a new cycle focused on the corona virus pandemic unrest and you are cities and the twenty twenty presidential election The mad cow slide also comes as millions of potential tv viewers have been largely confined to their homes, because a virus or virus related shutdowns. Late last year. Motto similarly failed to mention the abuses of the highly controversial Pfizer application process uncovered by Justice Department Inspector General Michael E Horwitz in her exclusive sit down with
FBI loyalties, a page who earlier this year became an msnbc contributor? Bravo MSNBC! You know what I said ever the bastion of great journalism. Let me just say quite the opposite: a complete trash fire of garbage actually hiring LISA Page wow, send BC. They know no bounds matter. Isn't the only cable news personality to ignore Klein's, miss guilty plea during Primetime Siemens, Anna Cooper ignored the major news during his two hours on air. His colleague Don Lemon did the same in the ten pm's a time slot among the evening broadcast pro grams NBC Nightly NEWS also skip the F B. I controversy, while ABC World NEWS tonight and the CBS evening. News addressed it because well, you should not at say that I'm surprised actually to hear that
and be seen nightly news skipped at because NBC has been infected with far left intersection old garbage reporting. A kid you not. Of course we can see, that Rachel Madame had her priorities straight talking about Michael Codes, salacious book, because in a celebrity gossip and the political round is someone's gotta talk about it right I'd be see. News once ran fake news about me because their obsessed- well, let's see too because cause I will. I will enter Tain, so are undertaken both narratives I will undertake Russia Gate and what comes out of vague, say it was fake. So so so what does Rachel Meadow have to say about microphones book, the host of the Rachel manner shown MSNBC on Thursday red excerpts from Michael Collins. Forthcoming book on his time is trumps lawyer and fixer the book disloyal a memoir, the true story of the former personal attorney. To present knowledge. A trump is set to be released before the November election Cohen, released the forward to his book online, which describes
Jason's of deviant adult activities and about channel to Vladimir Putin on Thursday, the hashtags for urine trouble from and golden showers tromp trend it on Twitter, you're, calling delegations why I just gotta say absolutely impressed Rachel. I want. I want a clap, for you I'm so glad that you covered the p p tapes and ignored a regional investigation into government corruption. While this is a truly tat some kind of special wow. What's the opposite of integrity, shamelessness to cover the Bp Tapes Cohen. So describe receiving hundreds of death threats ever flipping on trumped that, I believe, that's that's an appropriate quote. I urge you to really consider that fact. Trump has no true friends. He has lived entire life, avoiding innovating, taking responsibility for his actions. He crushed or cheated on Oh, who stand in its way, but I know whether
mountains are buried because I was the one who buried them I was the one who most encouraged him to run for president in twenty eleven and then again in twenty fifteen, carefully orchestrating the famous trip down the escalator in Trump Tower for him to announce his candidacy, conduct Cohen, wrote now I dont believe it Michael Communism. Has been nobody who did nothing and he wants some kind of lie. Mutton credit any knows now that he is going president or what I was gonna happen. He need something something to prepare for his future and provide for himself in his once so. What can we do? Pay Orangemen bad? Why not? So here we go. He flips! You write a nasty book, he makes it
of salacious arguments Rachel Matt. I cannot resist because she's like a vulture, a parasite scraping the bones of all of the orange man. Bad narrative talk about complete and utter commentary. Garbage you know men. I have no problem praising Democrats when Democrats do wellness. It is all the time I have no problem talking about the merits of Russia Gate. What really happened and arguing for against them and highlighting programme cons. But you don't get that from Mainstream press Anderson Cooper won't talk about it. Rachel matter won't talk about all such doesn't care about Russia Gate, but she will read to you accusations from somebody who doesn't like the president. Why? Because she doesn't either and that's the only thing she's good, for I find it hilarious that pay who watch. Msnbc would come to my genuine comment: TIM's aggressor and posted on Twitter. It's like out I'll, read what she said. I criticise it. I will absolutely talk about what regimental did talk about, not criticise or for it,
I think it's fair to talk about criticisms of the present. Some people say it's a tired, shtick ten. When you criticise trauma criticism when he deserves it, and they did some people that they may There is no middle ground. They think that you're, literally for or against ever the world is black and white owes you know what I know. Not every body just loves Donald Trump, but regular people and people like me, who don't have trumped arrangement syndrome, can recognize he's not that bad and he's on a really good job. And I think it's fair to admit over the past several years is really toned down a lot of the awful rhetoric that I think really soured my you know my perception of them in the past you, press conferences, have have press conferences have been quite professional and calm, and there
desperate to smear the guy, notably the commonly Harrison he's asked about the birth of thing is, I might just by know anything about it. Thank you and they are so desperate, but Trump isn't giving it to him, and Bravo, there is tact and there is class in tromp doing better, and I absolutely respect at one hundred percent so for Rachel Meadow, to avoid being honest, just shows what she really is just a camera. The truth doesn't care about making things better. She cares about money and ratings. Well, you're waiting for that are the trash pile, because you have no Agri, Oliver, their necks, Eichmann coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly: a moron far leftist who torched an end. A cruiser while wearing a guy fox mask, is arrested just hours after taunting FBI agents by scrawling too late as apartment wall. You spoke to soon my friend, a new underestimated the power of federal law enforcement. Look man
We have seen mass surveillance, we know just how bad it is. What makes you think you're going to you're going to torch a vehicle cut, brake line to do any of this ridiculous, violent garbage and get away with it got to be fair, in New York. They ve been releasing many of these criminals in Fort Worth in Seattle in Portland. So maybe they how are you can't do anything? Not sorry man? We got these two lawyers through law, apparently supply or through molotov cocktails, and now they're gonna go to that they make they might go to prison for life. So what made you think they were too late. I got away ya know they got em. You know we're hearing now out and all and jump into this after that, after this main story, voters favour a crackdown on violent protests. Most Democrats disagree because Democrats have lost their minds there so obsessed with winning they don't
that people are literally setting vehicles on fire and merely killing others in some instances, literally killing them in the George Floyd rights we had thirty dead. Come on it's about time to end this, don't you think peaceful protests are fine. Daily mail reports in New York, men, accused of torturing and Nypd patrol car, has been held without bail after police arrive. There's apartment and found a smiley face. Spray paid under the wall, in the words too late construct
and Worker SAM Rest or twenty nine was arrested on Thursday at his work. Having left the message is queens apartment to talk, the police earlier rest are reportedly told police. He had a feeling they were coming for him. His passport was in his backpack and he admitted to the F B. I intended to flee prosecutor said look at this more on. What were you trying to accomplish by torturing a police vehicle? Not on I don't know. This photo is probably enough to get you to mad at me, but it looks like he's. Tortuga police vehicle. Listen what you accomplished by smashing the window. What are you accomplished by burning of police vehicle minor damage at taxpayers? Expense? I always would try to explain the city's far left us I'd say something like listen. If you little Starbucks, you smashed the window, what happens next and they say? Oh well, they board up the window right yeah. They go back to work right, it costs them a thousand
dollars whatever to replace the window. Yeah. Do you think Starbucks cares I'll? Tell you what happens you shop to a bank or Starbucks or Mcdonald's smash up the window, and now a minimum wage worker shut the next day and looks at the building and he looked at them. Thine, saying temporarily closed, and yet he causes manage Where's manage as sorry man there's no work today, because you know the window got smashed out. We can't open and that that that worker says but but I need the hours, I need money to pay my rent, while you can thank the extremists who announced smashing windows for no reason, because the corporate owners of Starbucks don't care now the Nypd, what you think happens, the police vehicle gets torched and
say. Ok, we need another one about it. It's it's a nuisance to the powers that be and it's a major detriment to the people of the city. I thought these people are lunatics. I say the afternoon before July, twenty on July, twenty, the avenant before, where we held on rest, I've been arrested twice before the alleged arson attack once in July, tenth for allegedly swinging a chain. At someone during a parking dispute and again on July fifteenth during an anti police brutality protests on the Brooklyn bridge. He was being watched by unwise pity on the night of the attack in the early hours of July nineteen Georgia. Until I am sorry to light, we knife the afternoon before July, twenty Eightth officers watched as he, what do a gas station at Elmhurst and filled up a red jerry can with gasoline using the self service pump? He then brought it back to his apartment, officer said he was wearing a dark Adidas hat a dark, long, sleeved top dark genes, dark, Nike, sneakers and gloves with the fingers cut off, He stayed home until eleven forty seven p m when he had a demand,
and the ride share wearing the same clothes possible, a backpack according to police at three fifty a m on July. Twenty knife surveillance, video captured, someone wearing the same clothes which police observed the wearing earlier plus a guy fox mask walking up to an end. Why pity? For fusion? In the upper West side, the vehicle is part of the corner of Columbus, Avenue and West eighty third street prosecutors claim the man in the video is resto too late there. It has assumed Ellie Face police arriving arrest. Us Elmers Department found graffiti and to look at this trash whole disgusting. It is these people are unwell. I'm sorry, I'm not trying to drag me, but who have disabilities or who are differently able this man has clear mental issues needed help. How do you help violent aggressive behaviour? I honestly don't know, I don't think the present system is going to help this man better himself or end his violent tendencies, but you can start
They see he's not functioning properly. Then it really a sad. I wish we could help all of these people, but this guy's unhinged, I know, there's a lot of p, I do believe that law and order should be punitive. Its agree, I think, should be wrote. Rehabilitative people like him should be, you know, put locked up for committing a crime I'm sorry and they should be locked up somewhere where it's not just welcome to the whole it something like. Let's sit down and figure out how to make me no better you so that you're not destroying things and then it's fine. It kind of interesting because rehabilitative justice in many ways as long as it's done properly, if it's an improper, let your basically craning re education camps and also as a fine line. You know if we're going to stop, someone has a violent criminal. We need to make sure that we follow the constitution. People get locked up committee, clear crime, their crimes,
violent violence harm you know a violent or or harm damaging property hurting people, and then we bring them somewhere where we take care of them in and help them do better and try and figure out how we can get this person back in society functioning properly, so they're not living in you know, trash squalor and then burning things to the ground. They gonna, say offices later found a backpack in the park near where they said they saw resto in the backpack was indeed a sat gloves with fingers, cut off a guy fox and ask a hammer lighter and red. Jerry can officer said the cancer of gas
prosecutors, had police pulled fingerprints from the can and match them to resto. Following restless arrest, police found a copy of the anarchists cook book a book with recipes for bombs, other explosive devices rest. I was expected to have his first court appearance conducted by telephone on Friday. A spokesperson for the payment of justice. Told heavy prosecutors asked that resto beheld without bail pending trial, claiming is a flight risk and a danger to the community as they said that the actions they allege were extraordinarily dangerous in the community and said that restless police record showed he was becoming increasingly unhinged than he was
I need a passport in they say: yes, a flight rescue, these dangerous. Well, you know what it's about time. Take us out. Voters are ready for the police to put an end to the continuing violent protests nationwide. Most also say the protest will be important to their vote in the upcoming election when asked which is closer to their own thinking. Fifty per cent of likely yes, voters say the police should crack down on the protests and- bring them to an end. A new rest Musin report are reports. National telephone, an online service finds at thirty. Eight percent disagree and believe the protein
should be allowed to continue until the protesters decide to end them. That's insane! Eleven percent are undecided. There's a sharp, partisan disagreement and on the question, though, while seventy five percent of Republicans and they plurality of unofficially voters, forty seven percent- think the police should crack down on the protests. Just thirty one percent of Democrats agree. Fifty six percent of Democrats say the protest should be permitted to continue until the protesters want to end them. Do not vote for Democrats, while we do not give these people power, they are violent and they are unhinged and the reason why they're probably saying not to stop the protests, because many of them are engaging in the protests should even call it protests. I think that may be where the confusion is and you say, protest over and over again and then show images of violent riots, Republicans think of riots when you say protest ways it peacefully
for peaceful over and over again Democrats. Think of peoples in income by on dancing, you know and giving up flowers. Is your violent riots? Ask the voter if they think the riots should be allowed to continue, and I'd be willing to bet most of them say no patient, even democrats. I hope I am wrong. I am, I hope, I'm right seven percent of all. Voters say they are concerned about the growing level of violent protests nation wide with forty three percent, so they are very concerned. Sixty two percent say the growing level of violent protest is important to their vote in the next election, including thirty five percent who say it is very. The important the survey of a thousand likely voters, ok, so we need to get an all that, but I'll tell you what men. I believe that the greatest gift, Donald Trump, is its things like this Democrats saying no, no, let them continue. Ok, here's legacy make a video. You know any one of these man in the street. Reporters could do this mega video. Ask these people. Do you think that the near the violent blacklist matter protests-
to continue and see how many people who identifies Democrat say. Yes, they should and then ask them about. Vandalism. Loading do believe, looting his reparations. I think most people would say no, but for every damn it but who says yes, you're gonna see a lot of on affiliated and Republicans. Whence I mean it's worrisome. Their marching through residential neighborhoods attacking locals, demanding their property sang white people gotta this house, as they did in Seattle. Their share up to random neighbours in Portland fighting with Paul. He's an yelling, no justice, no sleep, regular people, just wanna surviving get by man. You don't like the system. Well, that's too bad! I mean you: can you can fight to reform the system through proper channels but attacking innocent people and how you do it? Not at all looting property, destroying businesses and setting fire to police vehicles does nothing for you. They claim it does they're wrong. The scientific data shows it and they cancel the guy got fired because it pointed out guess what right
Dont work riots make people vote Republican. So maybe you know what they'll learn their lesson. I guess when Trump landslides, because the Democrats are completely incapable of dealing with any of this at least the cops able to rest. Baloney, though I got one more segment coming up for you in a few minutes, stick around and I will see you all shortly. A little boy named, Cannon hidden was executed by a twenty five year old man, a lot of People were angry, but the story was getting no mainstream news coverage. Yet we see things like the Covington KIDS get national covered from all these big newspapers. It led to a massive outcry. People were work were livid and for good reason, a lot of people felt there was a strong racial component to it. Cannon hidden was a five year old white child and the man who killed him was a twenty five year old black men. The idea being pushed by many was that if the narrative was inverted, it would be a national story.
There was an online protest. I guess you could call it say his name and results. Then finally news outlets covering the story and it resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars being raised for cannons family. It is a whore, finally tragic story and I'm really sad to hear it but there are means popping up now from the left, which I find it absolutely confusing. Why, I would add me, one attack people. Trying to raise awareness for a little boy who was killed. It's the weirdest thing and there are means and that these mean things that are popping up comics make. Literally no sense, and it is blind to what the conservatives have actually been arguing about. I wanted to bunk a couple of these means for you and then I want to talk about Brianna Taylor The issue we have here is that there is no argument were calling for justice. Why would end?
You want a tax someone else for doing so, especially from the left the left likes to say just because we say black lives matter. Does it mean we don't think that all Ives don't matter we're just focused on this particular issue: If that were true, why would they make the same assumption about a little boy who lost his life using false arguments and strong arguments? Let's do this lets the bunk, this fake news and then I've actually got an optimistic call for unity. I want to show some interesting things and I want to talk about Justice Programme Taylor. This to me, I think, can be unifying for everybody and we could actually maybe have an understanding. Take a look at this comic And this comic there's a guy to Muggah hat? He says what about this boy who was killed where the protests for him and there's a little? Ugh, for some reason who says: did they catch the guy? Who did it? The mug a man says yes, did they arrest and charge him the mug as immediately? Is he going to do?
the monuments as forever the dog replies. So what would we need to? protest for and the man is shocked into silence because they don't actually understand what conservatives were upset about. Conservatives were upset that when a kid standing, on the stairs of Lincoln Memorial is confronted by native American, the media attacked the kid but you didn't do anything wrong and examined the Covington kid. He got ruthlessly be rated and insulted threats high profile, personalities. They wanted a punch him in the face for doing literally nothing. This was a because we're tired of the media lying to us yeah, that's what he would say, but these means I've seen them relentlessly and I'm confused. I engage in a conversation with one of you proposed to this, and I said I about protests. It was about media accountability. Why the news talk about this. They want to know what follow the kid democrat- and this is
Really good example. This Muggah guys response would be something like we would protest for the lack of media coverage for this atrocity. Lack of support for the boys Pham a lack of discussion around violence targeting different communities. We would protest because we're tired of the media lying to us yeah? That's what he would say, but the This means I've seen them relentlessly and I'm confused. I engage in a conversation with one of you proposed to this and I said I don't understand why trying to discredit the idea that people deserve justice. I thought you wanted justice for Banana Taylor and George Floyd in these other individuals who lost their lives. We do, and I said, then, why would you posted
comic that insults, those who would also be asking for justice. Wouldn't you instead say I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to cannon I'm. So I'm so absolutely sad about this story. I'm I'm here for you. Let me know what you need and let me know what you ask for in terms of justice and I humbly ask one weave weaved out with your pain, that you would help me in my quest for justice for Brianna Taylor. Why? Why why why but we disagree with each other. Why would we never need for these means to insult people who are sad about a little boy who died? Take a look at us another one. Outraged. This young white boy was killed by a black man. For no reason the media is covering it and we should all demand justice. They immediately went on us, wide manhunt found him within twenty four hours, charged him with first degree murder and denied him bail. I dont want justice,
I want blacked, I'm not going to read the last one they're. Just basically saying that these people don't actually want justice there, just trying silenced black lives matter but notice, how broken this means and how it makes There will be no sense. I mad. The media won't cover it. Yes, then the next guy says they arrested him. The response should be born, The document about him of being arrested, saying I understood, and he was arrested, I'm mad the media won't highlights worries about these atrocities, but will attack another kid like Covington or highlight hoaxes from people like us, a smaller I'm upset the media is playing dirty games. These means are fake news. There are actually trying to explain anything other than to create hard divisions between people who would probably agree for the most part, which brings me to the second half of this. I will absolutely call out and debunked these fake me
and I will absolutely highlight the case of Brianna taylor- on no knock raid from the police in plain clothes and that that the boy front of rent- a tailor, I believe, is of her boyfriend didn't know it? Was the police and fired a shot hitting where the cops in the leg, the cops fired back, killing Brenna Taylor completely innocent, accused of no wrong doing she lost Her life story is very complicated, but I personally believe there needs to be justice for Brianna Taylor. When you tell me agents of the state with no uniforms kick it kickin someone's door with guns and someone legally arm tries to defend themselves.
They charge the sky with, like attempted murder and they literally killed renewed, tell her. I'm really upset about it. But I am also look into the details and I would say this if you ask me for support in the banana Taylor case, because you want justice, I will say absolute Lee. You think I'll get behind agents of the state, killing people for more innocent now never gonna happen, but I also point out that it's not so simple is just a resting. The officers many people have posted. That's you know, arrest the officers who killed Brenna Taylor. Why look into the story? I believe she she deserves justice. And I believe the dot justice needs to go well beyond the simple simplistic idea of putting people in prison. Perhaps these police officers knowingly falsified the warrant. They receive no knock warrant, kick adorned with a story here, legal panel ways and impossible charges, obstacles in prosecuting officers and run a tailor case. Here's the challenge. When the officers kick the Jordan.
Walker, who was, I believe, her boyfriend fired a shot hitting the cops. The cops argue self defence, which killed run a tailor. So you ve got a complicated situation here. Ultimately, I believe the state is at fault. I dont know if we can fault the individual officers based on the surface lip service level. You know ISIS lit the surface level legal analysis here, but I believe we need something like Brianna LAW, an end to plain clothes, no knock warrants. What do you think the average person is gonna? Do they were right to bear on
you kick my door and unannounced, I'm gonna, assume Europe Bureau bad guy, and then you can kill someone in Response Y understand that a challenge here in that the police officers followed legal, prop proto protocol had no knock warrant and, unfortunately, were resulted in the loss of life. I dont believe this system should be permitted to continue in this way. Ultimately, the point is this: why is it easy for me to say brought a tailor story is a tragedy. It must be looked into and justice must come inside. Form. There has been some kinds of justice for sure, but I believe I look outside us right now. I understand the arguments for no knock warrants. I don't care, I don't we if we have a fourth amendment right too, to be safe from from illegal, search and seizure or unreasonable, search and seizure, and I believe an agent of the state in any capacity is wearing street clothes kicks my door and armed
you expect me to just stand there and be like it may be a burglar, but what if they say there cops? Imagine this a crazed lunatic far leftist kicks your Dorin and your alike. I just heard a noise and you grab your firearm and they yell, where the police, you go ok I'll just put my weapon down and assume this person is a good guy or could be some action. Remus lying. It could be a burglar criminal, so It wants a rob you now, knowing, I can just say, I'm a cop and they won't fight back now, I'm sorry, badges out police, on your vast identifiable? Clearly visible? And yes, they should expect homeowners that will be armed and when they kick your door in and they say police I act. I don't think there should be no, not warrant. I think they should have the knock it. The police should surround the perimeter. They should then comes your door and knock and say open up. This is the police, give it some time and then enter with armor on clearly visible police markings.
I believe justice needs to common some kind in the form of some kind of law or policy change. Now, in this article they mention there may be reckless endangerment charges, because guy got shot, they find in self defence, but they fired like twenty times and killed. Gonna tell her I'm not the legal expert on this one, and I can tell you what should or should be done. Just give you my opinion. The point is, I will tell you this, there's no reason to make meme slamming people who are mourning the loss of a little boy. You just simply say: let's have a conversation, I'm here for you. I understand your sad and I understand your. And there's no reason to like, falsely, lay like to trick. People is ridiculous and for everybody else
we absolutely are concerned about this that the police know knock warrants killing people. What are we come together and talk about what we want to accomplish, instead of making means just mock and but little each other? I think we can at least that's what I'm hoping to do here right. So I think people should pay attention to brown. Taylor case have a real conversation about it. I think people on the right should be more open to talking about you, many these issues and I think they are- and I think many people on the left should be more open to listening to what conservatives have to say about stories like Canada end and then we can make the world a better place. I'll see you tomorrow, the next and the next moment coming up at ten a m thanks, rang it up.
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