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Democrats Are Destroying Our Election On PURPOSE, Leftists Sending Out BUNK Mail In Voter Forms


Democrats Are Destroying Our Election On PURPOSE, Leftists Sending Out BUNK Mail In Voter Forms. A group focused on marginalized people sent out bunk voter information.Marco Rubio warns election night will be chaotic but his proposed solutions are too little too late. We have seen nothing but mail in voter chaos yet Democrats are still adamant about pursing this broken system.Now a leftist group is sending out voter applications that appear to be incorrect and misleading which will only result in more chaos. Already 21% of mail in ballots in NYC were disqualified for no fault of the voter. Think about how it will be all over the USBased on the fact we know these systems are broken I can only surmise its all on purpose.

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A couple days ago, Senator Marco Rubio published an up ad on medium sang Americans should expect election chaos and he is absolutely correct. This November, we aren't going to have an election night and everybody's already acknowledged it. If you follow my content, you ve probably heard me talk about a quite a bit because mail, about will be coming in after election night. Bell still have to count them; We have also seen several jurisdictions with voter fraud. Several people have been indicted on voter fraud charges and we are going to see. Massive amounts of votes be disqualified. We saw in New York with eighty four thousand disqualified votes or Patterson New Jersey, where around one deeper sent or so of mail in boats are just voided and people are starting to complain because there be disenfranchised. What we now have more stories coming out, showing this is going to get crazier group sends hundreds of thought potentially misleading ballot applications. The mail contain legitimate ballot applications, but appear to be from
government source and lo and behold they left wing group sending out what appears to be weird bogus voter applications or or ballot applications. Why is this happening look, I gotta say it men. It would appear that the Democrats are doing this on purpose. It's a part of their strategy to completely up and and disrupt the election. I wonder if the Democrats expect to lose, and because of this, They are just trying to push forward some kind of election system that they know can't work. So at least they'll be undisputed and Unclaimed Donald Trump didn't really win, now. I know some people are going to say TAT Joe Biden leading the double digits. Why should they expect to lose? Well, let me just point out: there was a study from University of Illinois. I believe with and pain. Urbana that found the belt way politico bubble. Journalists following each other is worse than it was in twenty. Sixteen, the poles could be wrong. There's a lot of reasons to suggest
tromp good, when in fact more than half of voters expect Trump to win. I wonder of Democrats, arts acting trump to win in their strategy is not actually to win. That's why they ve chosen Joe Biden. Their strategy has tried to do to deal legitimize the president's victory. Let me Let me simplify this. We know for a fact from all of these different articles, that mail in ballots on facing serious problems left wing organizations and sending out confusing and misleading applications. Democrats can t you to insist. We must carry on with this Donald Trump. On the other hand, a saying mallet. You know we should we'll be doing mail in voting. It's gotta be inaccurate and fraudulent. So you ve got the Republicans or saying hey. We can't do this, pointing out the problems of this meanwhile Democrats are encouraging more no matter how many problems pile up. They deny any this exists and so do their allies in media. But that brings me to Joe Biden
You know I'm looking at all of this and, unlike Joe Biden, not a viable candidate, nobody things here, Joe Rogan simply called the guy mentally com. promised making voters uncomfortable and Jos completely right Marco Rubio should need to be telling Americans expect election chaos, Margo, Ruby, should be saying. We need to push back on this narrative being put forward by Democrats resulting in this. Let me put it again: listen I propose begins, are saying she allowed on the mail and voting, because it's broken and Democrats are pushing for whilst Democrats doing this on purpose. But it brings me back once again to Joe Biden, who is hiding in the basement. That's interesting. They got a candidate. Who is speaking, only does it's ridiculous. gaffes its racism, but he's hiding and now media mentions of Biden are dropping out. It seems like they're not actually setting up to win. I did a very, the segment a little while ago, talking about bite and not even actually campaigning have you noticed this they're not going to
where the door there not doing a whole lot at all to try and help by when, in fact they are hiding the man meanwhile advocating for a broken system. Why well. The only thing I can say is, like I said, I think their goal to just tryin deal legitimize the election all altogether, but will see how that pay. doubtless actually read what Marco Robia has to say, and I gotta show you this these these, these weird mail ballots that are coming out. It reeks of voter fraud. Now I want to go as far as to say that the vote or fraud has already begun. But this looks fishy looks like people are already starting to play dirty games before it gets darted had over its him guest outcome slashed donate. If you'd like to support my work, there many ways and gave, but the best thing you can do look just below little video and there they bought that says, subscribe and give that button. A good tat, both nigher subscribe to the channel, and you will you'll be more likely to receive content from me on Youtube,
every day at four p m. If you really like my videos, hit the like button, it did not station Bell and share this so that more people can you also, you can have share. The word spread the word of the videos I want to show you forfeit MA. go Robia has to say, because his ward, it is very important. Election night is going to be chaotic and we're not going to know who won and I fear that this will lead to more street violence which have all of which we have already seen- and I also want to point out activists are already planned for election night chaos. They are preparing for what they call a siege on the White House for fifty days while its read the story. In order to that a second Marco rights. Four years ago, the United States government failed to respond for solely to russian attempts to sow discord in and influence our elections. The previous inspirations: paralysis, left, Americans, blindsided by Russia's meddling. I gotta agree with a mare. This happened on Obama's watch, let's be clear: Margo says. Maskos overriding goal was and remains to another
was and remains to undermine. Our democracy and cast doubt on the legitimacy of our elections and drive deep society the visions in America. Unfortunately, they appear to have been successful, As far too many Americans still question the outcome of the twenty sixteen presidential election. Yes, Marco, but please can you point out. It is mostly the Democrats pushing that narrative as we look for two November for this year. Various adversaries are now seeking to so discord and we must be better prepared to defend ourselves. We now with certainty that Russia, China, other nations are actively exploiting our domestic policy division, our domestic political divisions and looking for Opportunities to undermine confidence in our elections. Given our nations current challenges, a perfect storm of a global pandemic, locked downs, subsequent Can I make turmoil and social unrest. These efforts could be like throwing imagine an oil slick, but it gets worse Local election officials in critical swing states like Pennsylvania, which saw a cent
seventeen fold increase in mail in bout sports June. Primary are warning that absent change there is no way anybody can responsibly. Call the presidential race in November, we cannot escape the pandemic induced reality of increased mail in voting Logistical challenges associated with it will be difficult for some states, resolve the next couple of months. Now, I'm sorry they won't be able to Margo goes on This will almost certainly lead to confusion on certainty and perhaps chaos on election night. In fact, we'd be wise to expect it. Imagine election night result showing one candidate on top and a critical swings. Take the lead fewer than a hundred thousand votes and the state as one million Balin bouts, yet to be counted now. Imagine that potentially occurring across the country after all in fifteen states, official cannot even begin counting, melon bouts until election date, a process that could take days or weeks state
may also be dealing with influx of provisional ballots, which are frequently flashpoints in tightly contested elections. Americans would be on edge, even under the best of circumstances, but these are not the best of circumstances. Margo goes out a point out about interfere some porn elections, but I just want to mention you know that these these three, these few points from him. He says there are few steps we can take. We must clearly signalled to foreign adversaries at meddling. In our elections we met with a commensurately harsh response. Shore I get a second we could. We should give states the flexibility to provide local election officials additional time to come. each and every vote by moving the federal, safe harbour deadline for states from December eighth, two January. First now this I disagree with his as third the federal government should continue to provide funding and expertise to states, especially those that do not have established or efficient mail in bout systems in place. Funding to support enhanced health and safety measures may also be necessary
now listen. I highlighted this post for Marco Rubio because I agree with them on the expectation of absolute chaos. But what is poor going out with these three steps- show us that by Democrats pushing for melon Bell- Above all else, we are I'll being set up to fail, and there is nothing we can do to change this market is talking about a pipe dream. We cannot realistically implement these changes, get this funding and make it work, even if he thinks we can do with weak. We can, you know, have steps we can take, we have no nowhere near the amount of time to actually implemented and he's talking about. funding the deadline. You can't do it. It will be absolute chaos and that's what we can accept, So I have to wonder why it is that Democrats continued to insist upon doing this margo- is offering us a band aid on a bullet wound. It will not be sufficient, it won't and
it'll only reward those who have sought to create this broken system. We are hearing now about these weird bout speaking sent out from this enter for voter information. They did. They say later the nonprofit called the voter participation centre that seeks to empower eligible voters that they focus on unmarried women, people of color and young voters. But the organizations have repeatedly sent voters incorrect information this week, hundreds of thousands of whereas in Virginia, had incorrect election office. Russia's on their pre paid return envelopes. What do you think? That's gonna! Do these people get these filling out there in a sentiment and then you go the wrong place. Mail in voting is broken, stop advocating for it. I just get it man, we're gonna, see the crane yes election, I mean, in my life for sure check this out. White House siege, tactical briefing Start September. Seventeenth, add busters, famous
for calling for Occupy Wall Street. Maybe you didn't notice they're, the ones who said go out knock your are, Hang on the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street go out and for fifty- as they are saying. They want you to lay siege to the White House and sustained. They want to They see the wires and sustain it for fifty days. It is the hashtag Whitehouse Siege for fifty days from September. Seventeenth do November. Third, they want mass groups around the White House. I don't know exactly what will happen, but I think the Democrats are betting on Trump winning That's what you know. I see all of this and I think that's the only plan. They have no, they will lose. Their hope. Is that when they do?
they will have something to use to claim tromp as illegitimate. I wonder about Russia Gate right. Why is it that we had years of this bunk investigation against the president? In my opinion, it stopped Trump from firing. Many people not the only reason for sure, but I certainly think there that a lot of people in the EU in the previous administration, certainly wanted this rush investigation, certainly people the intelligence agencies at served under Obama or were appointed given their jobs under the Obama administration. You want to lose their jobs and troubles gonna fire a lot of people all of a sudden how convenient you get this Russia get investigation based on all of these ridiculous, false pretences, and there is at least one thing it you know, I can't goes far to say exactly what happened, but it is convenient to say the least that, because of its investigation, made it very difficult for trappist to actually start firing this people and allowed them to jam up here,
presidency and, as some have suggested, actually sabotage. The incoming administration is the whole there. Obama gate. When you stories like this from NBC News, one in five melon belts rejected in botched, and why see primary New York City exe added mail in voting but rejected eighty four thousand ballots in June. I highlight this and I want to tie it to the previous story. The group voter registration group, what is called the centre for voter information, is focused on married women, people of color and young voters and at sending false information. It's it's a progressive group. So why would. They send false information to this group of people. This is going make it so that when tromp wins, they're gonna say look at the people who got disenfranchised they'll be able to look at these eighty four thousand rejected ballots and say it was mostly first time voters, people of color marginalize communities whose we could have potentially change the outcome of the election, but they were disenfranchised, no blame Republicans for it and
It will use that to deal legitimize or sabotage trumps. Second term. That's the desperation I see. Now the post office is broken. Look at us who s postal service chief, warns of dire finances, adopts manager, hiring freeze, the head of the EU, postal service on Friday, so the agency face- a dire financial position even as it possibly, slightly narrow third quarter loss as package demand sword during the Krona virus pandemic because of the corona virus. Business itself is down across port, and naturally that means the postal service, as you know, is gonna, be losing money. Look at us, you, postal service loses two point- two billion dollars in three months, amid pandemic slow down but postman. Mr General Vows Agency will be ready for election mail in November. Well, I really don't think I think he is wrong, but I think about all the pieces in play and what do we have be fair. I think we can say with absolute certainty that, yes, the Democrats are completely in
The reason I say that's what we can guarantees, look at the narrative around anti fuck how they supported and he found the riots for quite some time and wants it backfired on them. Now, all of a sudden, there started back away and we're seeing the media, many left to say. Oh actually, anti FA is bad. That says to me their willing to embrace popular. positions, if only they know what they are. But I take a look at the lockdown, the key a smell in voting on the problems, and it looks like at any point. They could say we're not gonna do that it doesn't work, but they choose to, and you have all of these grains of sand now making a heap which is, in my opinion, the Democrats oh, that the plans there putting forward are broken. Then they don't care again, perhaps because their strategy is too high. Joe Biden has not a viable candidate. Who's been called mentally compromise by People like Joe Rogan- and I think everybody recognizes the duties and all their even the far left, mocks him all day, because
they know he's not legitimate candidate. So why, with the Democrats, choose Joe Biden, who is just an old, broken man, he doesn't have a VP he's missing his deadlines. He can't debate the. And she is being pushed back now Joe, but it's not gonna, be in Milwaukee its failure after failure, after failure. Ok, fine to be fair, I think I can first and foremost, the old the thing we know for sure, as Democrats are failing every step of the way, but at a certain point doesn't it feel like they want this? They have warmed to the strategy, as the media claimed of hiding Joe Biden. She's got Joe Biden out of the press. When he's in the press, he can't speak properly and he says things that are overtly racist. You ve got broken primary. You got broken primaries, broken mail in voting. The Democrats continue to advocate for this. I have to wonder I do take a look at the story from right. Back
acts? Study conservative media's Joe Biden related social media traffic in decline very interesting? An axiom calls this deep Fang, they say axioms new, look twenty attention: tracker right wing media defined social media. interactions with Biden stories on right wing media are going down the three biggest, and he Joe Biden, storylines and right wing media of the last year, have either fizzled. or getting less online traction than they used to this demand. has rendered a formidable media ecosystem, less effective and boosting president Trump as we, move into the heart of the twenty twenty campaign. The data show was that for articles published about Biden since last fall by Fox NEWS, bright bark, daily wire, daily collar and western Journal articles about Biden spent on Mental Acuity Hunter Biden and Burma and tar reads: accusations have generated the most interactions, but in recent months the interest has dissipated, engagement on pieces, about Biden, mental sharpness,
in March and then even higher in June, but has decreased since then chatter about him thereby ensuring on the board of ukrainian Gas company. Burma has been declining interactions about our delegations also in decline. They say online other storylines, that right wing publishers have feasted on in the past. where new morsels of information reinvigorated new cycles. There I've been no new revelations in the Erasmus story, yadda yadda! We get the point they say, the bottom line, the trend underscores trumps struggle to effectively attack, Biden and them ammunition to turn the focus on his opponent, potent rather than responds to the pandemic. They are hiding the Joe Biden, so you cannot see him and it is working. The media has nothing to talk about, so they don't have a care perhaps the reason they haven't chosen, a VP is to prevent the news from latching onto any of this Want anyone have an opportunity to smear
Joe Biden, the way Hillary Clinton got smeared in the last election and that's why many people think Joe Biden may actually be swapped out and that's why he hasn't chosen Av Pete, the Democrats, entire staff, Energy is chaos and uncertainty. Now look, maybe it's a bit reaching the claim. They want. The election that cast of male voting but based on what we ve seen with Ukraine, gate impeachment and scandal after scandal, and a failure to actually legislate at sounds like to me. This makes the most sense is the simple solution. Over politico they say the media's biggest favour to Joe Biden was to ignore him. Having already pummelled him decades ago, reporters elected to chase fresher targets. Will they wake up, is actually in the White House. No, of course they won't, because we ve seen the trends under Barack Obama. My prediction, if Joe Biden winds- which I really don't think so at this point, the news would fizzle out and so the far left, because they be marginalized,
what you want to talk about it. The Democrats tried to weapon eyes the far left, their advantage. Black lives matter did see a lot of support following you know the George Floyd Incident, but because of the riots things have back down and now Democrats. are starting to back away from this. Narrative though they are, Oh right, is it to call out the far left for what it is Joe, but it'll be trampled all over he is a? I guess, a puppet candidate you're, not a real candidate, is actually running. Which is why I feel like they ve been planning to lose for quite some time. I said storing the primary that didn't think Joe Biden was actually running for office, I thought it was just a gag. He wasn't doing events I mean he wasn't speaking properly. He was loose, in the primary. He wasn't spending that much money. He wasn't fund, raising any money, so, unlike the skies clearly
running a question why it is they wanted him to be the nominee? Some people are predicting now that the Democrats actually won't choose him at the Dnc. There will be a revolt in fact already progressives our slamming the door and see for refusing to adopt more progressive healthcare proposals. As part of their manifesto, so they think come the end of the month. It won't be. Joe Biden That's another reason why Joe Biden isn't actually going to be there. Everybody is predicting some swap out who's gonna be Hillary Clinton, Rematch Donald Trump, maybe the that's why they want the uncertainty. Hillary Clinton going to come in and get her turn. Finally, but think about it. Joe Biden hasn't announced a VP he's, he's gonna, be too months backed up, I believe, are about a month behind from one. The agency was perfect, placing the bp was possibly announced, there's no debates, votes,
we're already being cast a no debates have been had between the two presidential contenders. Maybe it's because it will not be Joe Biden and chaos and uncertainties of the Democrats are hoping for. Joe Biden announced he won't be going to Milwaukee an exception donation virtually unless of course, he's not going to be getting the nomination. And he doesn't have a VP yet because he won't be choosing a vp at the very. At the very least, what it sounds like is that whether or not they swap out Joe Biden he's not going to be running he's not he's not dead, getting is not campaigning you're not doing anything. So we get in the end on election night is Donald Trump and that's it. So why did the Democrats think they were going to lose and just need a cudgel for the next four years to claim trumpets, corrupt he's not Real president, are they hoping for some kind of civil unrest or breakdown? Is another
those mentioned in you know where my previous segments, what this war games, the Democrats dead where John Podesta of the Hilary camp said. The Democrats would not allow Joe Biden to concede if he loses, and they would actually advocate for the West Coast to secede from the United States. Are they just hoping for complete and utter chaos? And that's why I've been hiding Joe Biden? That's why the post office, you know they ve been pushing for melon voting, the post offices, unprepared and that's why they're pushing broken fake Male in votes. I don't know man I'll, tell you what thou the far left is planning their seats in the White House. So there's gonna be street level violence. The war games predicted that, and you know it really feels like every day, we're getting more grains of sand added to the heat, which makes it really hard to break down properly ever today, this a new story talking about how mail in voting has broken the election is broken.
and we're gonna see more and more of this now the far left is planning fifty days of ST action for the White House, and I think we're going to see it because I think the Democrats want it. I don't know man Is it unprecedented? Or is it just me because I'm thirty before haven't seen that many elections? I know a lot of people have told me in the past I've see I've seen a lot of common, saying TIM, it's just an election year. Calm down. Is this normal fifty days of far left out and for the White House, I think they're trying to put trumpeted difficult position where fifty days before the election, they will claim he's using military police, the com, a fascist and then, when it comes to the vote, no one will know exactly who were you know what happened? who won? I can't tell you man, I'm just going to sit back here and do the same thing. I do. I guess you know it's it's a it's a rough day. To put it simply, because the more I see of these stories about mail in voting the less. I can actually give you a clear picture of. What's going on the post office, says there under funded. The left is
arguing that is part of a truck conspiracy to actually hinder the post office. To be mail in voting in its trump who wants mail in voting chaos, but mail in voting is already chaotic and we ve seen the star. we're going back. You know a decade now, also eight years than your times. What are we supposed to do about it? I can't give you the answers, but leave it there: next time, it's coming up at six p m over at Youtube dot com, timcast him CAS news. Thanks, rang out now see you all them. seventy two for those of you that were wondering the amount Of knights of writing. You would need to get regular people to finally say enough. Anti fraud is bad I want to hear it. It was seventy two knights of riding with daily coverage of ever a single moment well now, we ve had to my to residential neighborhoods for several days in a row. The Democrats who have shut up about they're, stupid myth cause Portland, is, is descending ended, its I'd, say descending into chaos
but it's been cast for quite some time, and now the Big NEWS tease spring has banned Anti just straight. Anti VA banned the word. The symbols boom gone now. That's crazy and anti five courses complaining accused t spring of being a fascist company. Let me die some. I now. If you can see below these videos that I do, but I have tea spring March, because T sprang sinks with Youtube. This is a big deal I actually got notification that an old satirical sure I made had been banned because it was mocking antiphon I laughed the Baltic has had on. I wasn't. saw the short anymore was it. It was a gag, you know making fun of anti about and they just it's gone and I again I don't care, but this is big news, because For the longest time anti has been able to fund raise, do you know they get right money through selling marks through these companies, but I think that hearing TED crews had about ants.
if a violence and Andy no speaking up, it's finally forced them to recognise whoop, see we can't just sit back and allow this The Democrats made a serious, serious mistake: men. This with You know people like that. I think the Democrats are completely completely inept and that the best example would be the fact that they did died, deflected or even supported. These far left extremist, his black lives matter writers, and I after wonder. You know how much they lost in terms of support because they would not call this out they are starting to see bigger corporation set straight up. So here's ears, ears from Roma T Spring, they say teeth, tease bring us. Actually. Let me show you the first week anti for international said: tease bring just shut down our t, shirt fundraiser? Why? Because our short,
contains the word antifraud. Yes, fundraiser, guess what Anti fought engages in terrorist activities, so tease bring, was probably like. We cannot provide material so port to these individuals. Bill bars investigating. I wonder if they got a letter from the government saying just so. You know wears a teaspoon said T spring is not a fascist company. Due to the recent increase of violent at anti for content, we have removed all anti fell related listings until we are able to view, the intent behind the designs reviewing this contact, will take some time. So we appreciate your understanding. There was a reporter from team. Oh, who reached out and said I'd like to get a comment. As you know, team is literally a communist magazine and I'm not even joking how teen vogue went from being celebrity gossip to stir.
But up standing for Karl Marx, I have no idea, but they are recently teen vogue, published an article article calling for the abolish meant the abolition of private property. I am not hitting it's the weirdest thing to see these institutions completely infiltrated and taken over by these far left extremists, but I want to point something out, but the the point of this segment showing you tease, bring, I'm not going to show you a statement from the Portland play cessation but I want I want you to understand. Is that I think we are seeing now a critical mass of regular people saying enough to many people but I could keep my head down and say nothing and they wouldn't come to my house and guess what anti virus organizing over the past several nights in various residential neighborhoods? Oh you're Sleepy Little Sabra basque people marching to the straighten going about Europe. You know going all over your property and causing problems in some instances van
and the lies in people's homes and attack physically attacked fucking a woman at our home, a exaggerated to show your photo, and I want to read to you with the Portland places. It police Association says I tweeted, I wonder how many votes trump just got from the video of black lives matter. Riders attacking an old woman and splashing her in the face with paint in this image. There is a man, yelling at an old lady. This is not image of violence, mind you'd, just a frame of a guide getting in the face of the earth lady. However, there was violence around this incident. They were trying to splash patentable and they splashed or in the eyes and she's like trying to wipe the payment of rise. Little old lady men, I saw that video like I really angry. You know why, where are the capable young people who care for your man or woman to stand up and find your community. Why did it fall upon, little old, lady and those tools old Ladys to actually be the ones to do,
spend their community. You know what men not super confident in the future, because too many people are saying: hey man, I'm going to do my thing, I'm not going to stick my neck out. Well, guess what little old lady did so I'll tell you one thing: perhaps there is a bit of it's a bit fortuitous for Donald Trump that image. I tell you what man this image speaks. More. Within a thousand words. You know this is this: while humming Older people are going to see that how many regular people, how many just regular bore gonna, to see this and say Oh my this has gone too far. Joe Biden can't handle at TED Wheeler can't handle it. Kate Brown can't handle it. The Democrats have failed, the cities are crumbling. You know a man. This is crazy. I talk about the
the December thirteenth. When a nineteen, that's that that was the election results. I believe that I believe, is a day in the UK, where the conservatives swept a ridiculous one hundred years victory like the best victimised numbers they ve seen in nearly a hundred years, and I thought about all the things that were happening in this country is not undermined. We still have a what we're saw several months out about three just under three months out. I thought about all this: things are happening that could possibly make it real worse for Trump, and I thought to myself that you know trumps on track to lose. I see this view the others, little old, lady being attacked by black lives matter and listen. This is not high. Pop hyperbole does not exaggeration. These people are showing up are flying flags that say black lives matter there, spray painting black lives matter. This is how far they ve.
on in their extremism. I'm listen when you get. What you gotta understand about Anti Va Anti falls a specific group of people with like Anti Capitalist and Marxism thing. At this you know their ideologies communist and that does overlap with black lives matter. However, there are, there are certain people who only would protest racism, their joining the ranks. So this is, black lives matter. I see this stuff now and I see the escalation in now. I really am starting to think with a video of you know someone going to a residential home in the guy screaming get off my property, while that guy's gonna go republican straight ticket men, the police had to apply legitimize last night, because were using L rads in residential neighborhoods. You know, don't L Radice till the long range acoustic device its use to make announcements. These things are impressive man. I was, and I think, as a dozen Anaheim or long beach or something and I'm like a block away from the police vehicle, they blast the.
A red, it's a speaker. Basically they say you know, there's an. Awful assembly, you must disperse it sounded like they were standing next to me, saying it that's how powerful this thing is. They also do this thing where chirps and makes its really annoying high pitched. You know chirping sound and its used as a right control weapon to make everybody no cover their ears and rod disperse cause. It hurts areas can cause serious injury. They had to use the l red in a residential neighborhood, because the far left is going there on purpose. Let me tell you in the far left black lives matter, we'll go to residential neighborhoods because they want to put the police it up in a position where they can use certain weapons. Their goal is to stop the police from being able to fight back with tear gas with rubber bullets or with the read because they might they're gonna gas residential homes. The gas will go when people get upset about it. That's what the black lives matter. People want they're, trying to you residencies as essentially
human shields, its call, let's eyebrow, it's called: isn't there a term for a far left tactic, a conflict tactic to make it so that no matter what the police do they look bad you let the anti for people because our people marched to the neighbourhood the resident get mad. Why are these people marching through my homework, to do anything about it? Because if they used here as the people, get back. How dare you use tear gas near my home? There's no answer, that's what black lives matter wants when they come to these neighborhoods check out this from this- is from Might Schmidt, Onsartin Just two might Schmidt. Sorry. This is from the poor from Darrell Turner Pro under the Portland precision to migrant and had wheeler the last two nights we have seen premeditated attempts by riders to burn down the EAST precinct, which is connected to residential parliament's occupied by general members of the public, the people
and on writing. Violence. Arson and assault are not peaceful protesters. They are criminals who come prepared with helmets masked shields. Fake press passes raw. Mortars, fireworks and other handheld weapons. They were not peace, Bali using words or signs to protest or an actual reforms. Racial equity or police reform They were wielding weapons met to destroy property and harm people. Here are some eggs samples of the weapons care by writers last night, including a loaded hand gun. My favorite was this: the yacht, the cow traps, the rebar cal, drops our former colleague drops. They are designed there its metal twist in such a way so that when it falls it leaves a spike you can fly for them on the ground and they'll role and land in such a way that there's always a spike pointed up twice in them, As two days they write. These writers have accomplished their mission, chaos and destruction. That is because the other people
is bureaus operational direction from the place, commissioner and City Council is to let the violence escalate almost to the point of no return and only and can the police Bureau intervene. That is insane policed, have the latitude to prevent crime, not watch it happen and only intervene after the fact and here's the hammer. It does not stop there, although the The bureau has made twenty one arrests in those two days. I have no doubt that those arrest we'll get away with their crimes without any consequence or accountability from the district attorney's office. because they voted for it. They they vote for these people, and this is what you get there you go mad Portland hours. You know, I think it's funny. You ve heard me because you for other people, say to the Portland Riot. only contained the federal court ass. Well, here you go baby there shut a residential neighborhoods man. This look at this one, others outside his tea spring. We had from Andy. No,
police, dispersed Andover writers and saw these Portland. They ran unto people's property to hide from cops one homeowner, goes out and tells them to get out. Yet he was screaming at him. Get off my property. Yes, I am that's not gonna, be enough they'll target. You did that other lady there's some lady was wearing a dumb armband so that they go onto a property. They physically attacked her. They came back to her, How can they spray Paden, vandalized or home? They came back to her house. She hears it happens, Anti will come to a residential neighbourhood and they'll go on your property and they hide and will cause problems and damage it, and if you can mountain say: hey you get out of here. What are you doing you little rapscallion they'll say who do you think you are telling us what to do we'll be back and they come back. They do last time and this guy runs the risk of them. Coming back now is well, you need police brought, but you know a man if you have a DA's off
that keeps releasing. All of these me terrorists back onto the streets at there, that's the place Eleven, so I don't know maybe defends property, man, Australia, as police. Commissioner district attorney, your primary jobs are public safety, not politics. You are fake. Do not bother asking the many many officers who have been injured by rocks bottles and mortars hold them with the sole into to injure, do not bother asking. Many female and black officers who Heaven, Rachel slurs or threats of rate and threats of their threats to their personal and family safe, Neither of you seems to care much about the officers. Of course you don't. Instead, These two elderly women about their experiences last night, the first armed They were a walker, a fire extinguisher and a whole. may be a lamp post or tried to put out a fire last night in front of EAST precinct in return
She endured harassment and assault from the writers and he post several videos. He or she is trying to put out the fire and they they they got. They got very physical with these old. Ladies, not to the point where they're punch you in the face or anything like that, but they splashed paint in the face of woman. the second armed only with our words was physically assaulted by writers who, through paint honor put hands on her and yelled in her face. Neither of the two innocent members of public will get justice. None other writers who engage in criminal acts against these. Two women will be held accountable. Why me Neither of you will do anything about it too. Mayor TED, Wheeler, our police. Commissioner, you are telling the police bureau what can and cannot do to me. came the peace, whatever operational direction you are giving. The police bureau is not working. Our city is filled with violence. It is reckless For you to handcuff the police bureau telling our officers to intervene only after violence has occurred, but not taken up reaction to prevent violence before it happens, step up and do your job, let the poor.
is being re, establish peace on our streets and support the bureau and its officers. When they do so now. I am sick of this. I am sick of the copse yeah. You heard me I'm sick of the police, not the good cops or try to do their job, I'm sick of the police who are asking for peace. Mission and watching this injustice listen, saying the cops should go out and start cracking sculpture is like that. I'm saying the police should just make arrests when they think they have too don't ask TED Wheeler for permission. You have to defend the people, your oath, is to the constitution, not to a politician. You don't need him to say let these people go. If you see a violent criminal being violent, the cops you got us Are these people, man, otherwise we're gonna, see little old Ladys getting hurts? Look, I get it. Man you got cops were scared. Losing their jobs
who are trying to act within what they think are the proper confines the law, but your oath is not to these people. Making reelection re election TED Wheeler, wants you to back down and leave your look. These anti, but people trying to burn down a police department with people inside of it and TED Wheeler, can come out and say, attempted murder. All he wants what, if he's telling you not to protect yourself because he wants to get reelected? No, you have to do something aren't, although men market appendant I like to be, but I tell you what I as a line for me when these people, pack a little old lady, you better believe I'd walk in there and I I put up a fight. If you were, if you are a cop, I can't imagine standing by and watching this happen as they block the exits to a playstation, to try and burn it down. Why TED Wheeler? The police, commissioner, is telling you
to make arrests not to stop violent criminals. I am telling you man, the dude is doing because he wants to get reelected. He is personally trying to avoid spots ability and he doesn't want anything to come and make em. Look bad I'll, tell you what's worse cops, getting injured, getting maimed being blinded being a little old lady is getting injured. Now this is bad for tat. We The deuce, a moron he's not Abby surprise, it gets reelected, but it's the same with the cops in New York when they paint black lives matter and the cut on this, in violation of the law. This is all come out bell. The plaza broke, the law stole taxpayer, only to pay a political slogan and the cops come out and protect it. Do not help these people with their re election campaigns you it's an saying to me, anti for coming
of their own volition. Donald Trump is not making this happen. They try and claim that trope is just trying to enforce the law. We could win reelection, oh shut up, he's not making these people do this spots you? What TED Wheeler and the de releasing these people that the debt relief in these criminals and terrorists and the mayor saying don't arrest him to the cops that is purely political. Tad wheeler does not want videos of the police on his watch. Making arrests of these violent people cause he's scared. He scared that no hurt his chance reelection to detach Tourney Schmidt. You run a platform of police accountable. Which was a thinly veiled threat to indict officers. What about indicting rioters, who loot burn destroying assault? You see it's all. About that reelection baby, their position there this dear ran on. Was the police or the bad guys, not the rioters, so we certainly cannot have that.
Place, doing their job, I'm so sick of this man. You don't we need in this country. We need police officers who swore now to uphold the constitution and stand fat constitution. Goodbye but who will die? Who will say straight up? You cannot force me to do something illegal and I'll. Tell you this man I have to wonder what the legality of the mayor telling up to allow these little old ladys to be attacked. What's the legality of that they are cops across the country had no two on constitutional order, orders straight up, whether its to benefit someone's campaign or to enforce something against the people that would violate the law and to those man. You guys are heroes. That's the police, policing! We need in this country, cops all gonna stand up and say I am here for the betterment of my community for for the people of this country and for all people to make sure we can live safely and peacefully that people can.
other peaceably, but to too much we see in these big cities. Everything is about politics and I get it. Men, politics, the name of the game, a moray this for your before key branding stuff. Here does. I am disgusted that our city has come to this if it is acceptable to four riders to commit acts of violence against community members to try to burn down occupied buildings, and if this conduct is allowed to continue, then Portland is lost. Our communities demand accountability, it includes you tubing accountable to the public, allow our police officers to do the job. I swore an oath to do to stop crime and the fear of crime, use the criminal justice system to hold criminals accountable for their crimes and actual consequences. Let the police chief, his command staff, the rank and file officers do their jobs and protecting the cities from the writers who are bent on destroying our city burning police, precincts and assaulting officers or anyone else, gets in their way. Portland had enough here here, Darrow, look man, I've
I understand I sympathise with the officers who are saying you know we ve got the highest. Look at the politicians hung us where we can or can't do, but its it. I'm sorry, man. I dont think TED Wheeler has a right to supersede the will or the rights of the people. He does not. I understand he's a representative and the people voted for the stuff. Well, you get what you Therefore, I want to say this man's all the all the cops out there. I have seen bad cops in New Jersey, arresting business owners. I think the cops in New York defending that the blacklist matter mural. I think those are bad cops. I absolutely do defending a far left politicians, political ambitions in and taking taxpayer dollars to do so in New York City. I find that does lasting- and I think these cops need to stand up for what's right and say this is a violation of the rights of the people of the city, wire art. Tax dollars going to someone's re election campaign? They say the same thing about Donald trump them.
I'll. Tell you what I'm not gonna get to say. Ok, fine, ok make. That argument, then also the same thing to TED Wheeler. It's all about his re election to this other to the two attorney Schmidt get their nay. I know TED Wheeler might Schmidt. Stop defending the cops need to stop just doing what these these these politicians want for reelection, but I get it. Man look at supposed to function. This way right. We did some apply. Accountability and I'll. Tell you what right now the police are being our following: the orders of their commissioner and the days releasing these people. Maybe that is the right thing. I'll be honest, because now that the people are going to see what you get when you vote for this stuff, you want politicians like TED Wheeler, to tell the cops not to make a rests. Well, you got it. You want build a blog you to spend your taxpayer dollars on a political message to every single Republican in New York City. There you go, you got it to every disaffected liberal who doesn't think the city should be spending money on political campaigning or who doesn't like the blog. You congratulations. You ve
I voted for this. The very least you sat by needed nothing. I think we need more and are now what's a good word for it: conscientious objectors among the police to make sure the police need to recognise when you stand down or stand next to these people. You have made that choice. I tell you what you got. You got difficult legalities in terms of what you can't account in this regard. But fine we just saw that women from MSNBC quit. She wrote this big thing. I was really amazing about how she thought. Msnbc was well. She likened to a cancer You know she issue was quoting somebody else, but she goes on to explain it as a cancer. She stood up. She walked out. A lot of crops have been Quentin. You know I I can't imagine being in a position where, You are doing a job where your hands are tied behind your back, your simultaneous
We demonized and everything you're doing is benefiting the people whose spit in your face. That's why I can't understand it, I'm so angry for me, I believe and personal responsibility. So if you're, if you're one of these cops in New York, standing next to a black lives matter, mural paid for with stolen taxpayer money. We know this now, because Bill De Blasio did not go through any permitting process or legal channel to get black lives matter, painted on fifth avenue in front of Trump tower. He did it illegally, so I can only tax dollars for political campaign message that, obviously Republicans don't like they want blue lives matter what they want by the twenty slash twenty. This is all about his politics and his re election and these police officers- the choice that they will defend a criminal action. I'm sorry, man, that's on you! It is your responsibility, nobody's that nobody else is if the war, Mom's want to come out and link arms to defend terrorism than they are aid,
an abiding that and if the police want to come out and aid, the reelection efforts, a stealing money from the public for political ambitions. They are as well I'm sorry, man, you you'll, get an excuse from meets the banality of evil to stand by and allow anti foot to attack old, Ladys cops man, you gotta stand up. It's your choice. I get it man, I'm not gonna Penta notice like to be in these positions, but at a certain point you know you need to see an individual act of heroism, an individual action of defiance, otherwise corrupt politicians like in Portland and New York will keep getting away with it. I leave their next time, coming up at one p m on this gentle and I will see you all them the mcclosky. Aga continues this time with some Good NEWS, Republicans
are demanding a d o J investigation of the rope prosecutor who charged the couple who pointed guns at protesters. If you're not familiar story, it's quite simple: at the peak of the black lives matter riots, a large group entered private property. The mcclosky came out with guns to defend their property really the gist of the news. Now the protesters are riders or whatever you want to call this group, as they did under private property, that it break. The gate argued that they were peacefully broadcasting- and this was it go and all that other nonsense them, I ask you argue they were being threatened and accord the Police- in fact it would seem There- was one, an armed individual another person wearing a bullet resistant, best? But there is a lot to go through here, because in the past week we ve learned some pretty crazy new information. This rogue prosecutor, it would seem, is trying to fry the mcclosky is now a couple weeks ago. We learned you see him
photo of partition mcclosky with a handgun. They turn that in and when the crime lab got it. It didn't work so the prosecutor says reassemble it and make it work, Then they sat upon RE assembly. It turns out it can fire It was clean and readily right what ya available due to fire or two reduce lethal force or whatever it they're trying to claim back up and, however, mcclosky say? The firing pen was put in backwards because it was being used at the proper and it was actually able to be used. There's more good news because, as it seems, the prosecutor is trying to frame this couple. The police are Ruth, using to sign off on bogus claims check this out Saint Louis prosecute detective Mcclosky case quote: I suggest you quickly reassess this evidence. Are we get it baby? morality. Government is year. That's what I warned you about. It's getting worse. This is one of the most
important legal battles. We will see according to get Ernie General in Missouri, the Mcclosky had every right to defend their property, Missouri, They very strong castle doctrine, state, meaning the clause He had no right to retreat in some I'm sorry no duty to retreat in some states you actually to flee your property. and only when you can't flee are you ought to defend yourself well, Missouri like that in fact occur. Turning to the agent, he says you can actually use lethal force to prevent someone from entering your property. So technically they could have they if usually perforce on these people for simply end during the gated community, one argument being that coming, into that street was akin to being in their living room. Now that may be a bit extreme and the mcclosky didn't shoot anybody but they were standing on their property sang, get back and get away. Yet there still being charged, and it seems that the d A is trying every in her power to frame this family and its nightmarish I'll, tell you why tonight
I will talk about the latest update with the D O in Austin, an armed blacklist matter. Guy approach to vehicle with the rifle and on the grip, some people side, it was low ready. Some people said he didn't actually have it ready. Some people said he did eventually aim the weapon we got shot me got killed and the far left me friends. This man is a martyr, a game. Aren't you around the street with a rifle he's on their side, he's good these people on their own property, who did not seek anything out people come on their property, apparently armed and now they're the bad guys. Now. The prosecutor, the force of government, is true I had to come after the is literally coming after these people with bogus charges. First I'll say this shame on the police who actually came and enforced these these bogus charges- I am, I think, at the end of the day, it comes down to the individual officers. You made the choice: care. What anyone told you to do. If your friends told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it? No
your boss tells you to do something: it's illegal, don't do it. Why should cops be any different from anybody else? You were coming, Donalds. If your boss said hey, you know spitten that guy's drink. Would you do it no you what I'm some People might at a fearless in their job. I guess, but I believe these officers should say: look I'm not doing it. It's illegal, but I'll tell you good news here, the detective was like I'm not sign that led a directive initially refused to sign documents. Prosecutors wrote about the case, but I guess eventually did sign some doc so I'll tell you what men. I'm saying this Good news layered on some bad news. It seems like the police, or at least trying to resist, but we know we can see the DA's manipulating evidence on time. reassembling, the gun to make it seem like it was capable of firing. They have no evidence to prove that they received the gun, it couldn't fire, so they altered the evidence that to me is insane. Well, that's the gist of the story.
What I want to talk about is the potential for a deal J investigation, because this is the newest uptake republican com, men demand investigation of rope prosecutor who charged couple who pointed guns at protestors. glad to see Republicans finally doing something, but I'll tell you what asked for an investigation or demanding it. In my opinion, not enough, we need a legit investigation and this is what the feds are for. In my opinion, you gotta shot this down these people are on their own property, defending it from extremists. They should not be in the prison or even having their weapons? Confiscated are being jammed up in any way over this, but let me remind you why I bring up the dude in Austin. This is an attack on normal people. If the government gets away, if the state the Missouri gets away with criminalizing people who you know are on. There property, we're not seeking out any conflict if they criminalize this I'm telling you men there already coming to homes in Portland
gone to residential neighborhoods, now three or four nights actually know like a week over the past week, every night, the going your residential neighborhoods, their vandals MRS harms their confronting homeowners. We cannot, allow governments to target people who are minding their own business. That's when it gets really bad the morality, policing, the Murat Morality government, a thread, the star National Review says republican members. Congress on Thursday demanded that the Justice Department investigate Rogue prosecutors, including the prosecutor, leading the case against the Saint Louis couple, who pointed guns at protesters outside their house last month. Criminals should live in fear of prosecution, not innocent Americans defending themselves their families property write, a letter to attorney general, William BAR from seventeen republican congressmen, led by representative Jody Harrington of Texas, the prosecuting attorneys actions appear to be driven more by an
and I'd gone, not anti crime agenda in June twentieth Incident that was called on video mark aperture Mcclosky, pointed guns at protesters outside ass The crowd entered a private gated community on their way to Saint Louis Mayor lightly, lighter croutons residents to demand her resignation, the couple both personal injury lawyers stood outside their home in Portland Place, isn't it on how this all works out. They live at Portland Place of all of the locations that could have been named something we get the weird Portland assault and lit in actual Portland, Oregon and now Portland plays in Missouri. Are the activists just do there's like the word Portland? Whenever you know the gist, There were, there were no trespassing signs that private property signs they came anyway. The couple was charged with us employees of a weapon by Louis Circuit. Turning him Gardner. we urge you and the Department of Justice to investigate Miss gardeners, actions and the actions of every rogue prosecutor who fails to uphold the rule of law and secure the
rights of our citizens. The law makers. Origin, their letter to the attorney general here here. Bravo, I just read you the letter in the previous segment from the ppm in Portland upon please Sosius, saying that we arrest the criminals, but You know. We have no reason to believe that these these criminals will actually face some kind of penalty. The dish attorney will release them and they will face no penalty for the crimes they have committed, a paraphrasing without suggested it Hopefully the d J goes above and beyond and starts looking at New York and in Fort worth places that we're releasing these extremists. Now in New York, it was low level protest offence, fine, but there also lie looking down charges I'll tell you what men you will get. No good will from me on this issue. the lockdown churches and lockdown sporting events in Europe. That then you can't to be releasing people violating your own lockdown orders, because there supporting your cause, the deal J to get involved,
hopefully this latter result in that. The purpose of a letter is to stop robed prosecutors, who are trampling the constitutional rights of city, and ensure other local prosecutors do not copycat gardener and key a more pervasive problem with this because of political, politically motivated local elected leaders who want to advance out of their personal or political agenda Clinton, said in an interview with national review. Bravo, I agreement- and I say it again at a certain point: it comes down to the inn. Visual police officers and the individual. Prosecutors anybody working with these people who make the choice. Will you ve, late, the law to support the ambitions of a politician, I'll, tell you what men when it comes time for a reckoning and we start purging the corrupt cronies and government. You will be fired or the police departments and you will lose everything I absolutely believe
anybody who chooses to violate the constitution to violate the rights should face some kind of penalty, some kind of reckoning and for the police that includes you too. If you're a cop and you sign up false documents, you arrest people, you charge people, and you know the charges are bunk, while I think than you gotta be held responsible, because that was your choice. There was a case back to occupy Wall Street, where I was filming and I happened to film a photographer standing on the sidewalk. He got her, stood and they filed false charges? The officer lied under oath lie. Aid under oath to the court and guess what not It was done to that cop. That's a bad cop, that's called corruption, that's called an officer, not caring about the constitution, civil rights and standing up for the people and nothing happened and I'll be saltier.
that for out forever. Basically, because I don't like the idea of people by breaking the law there being no justice now, because the other way around eight it, I should say not that it goes either way, but that it does it matter to what extent in what capacity, you as an enforcer of the law, are breaking the law, be it somebody spotty prosecuting came gardener should be fired, impeached whatever and potentially criminally charged for corruption for trying to fraudulent or two to alter evidence. Us read more quote: let's nip in the bud and now have a pervasive chain reaction, which could create more fear on the part of launching a law abiding citizens, attacks of Republican, our continued, which would cause it would also emboldened the bad guys, the criminals and the thugs that have hijacked peaceful protests with a singular focus and that's true so chaos in our communities and fear and
parts of our fellow Americans airing added that one way to hold prosecutors accountable would be to defend them. And another might be professional sanctions within the Saint BAR association. I don't want to get ahead, the investigation. Let's face, it looks like an egregious abuse of power. by someone who clearly has a history of anti gun policies in politics. Harrington added that way What is very what while he is very sensitive to the federal government intervening in state and local matters, the car. additional rights of citizens being trampled by those who are supposed to enforce the law and secure those rights at a state and local level as a matter of federal jurisdiction, we ve seen what happens in these cities where local, it has tolerate this. Whatever you tolerate You will get more of. We need to make sure than federal jurisdiction. that we send a message to law abiding citizens that your government has your back into, was of securing those fundamental rights. I am not just going to be criticising the D. I absolutely will be criticising the police.
Let me read you the storage area. What's goin on this is from a week ago the law it Saint Louis Polyte, attractive investigating mcclosky case refuse Mr sign at least two versions of court documents. Prosecutors drafted according to review of those documents obtained by five on your side now, for that, Bravo, the individual's need to be held, trouble. If they come to you and say sign this evidence- and you know it- a real dont. Do it it's your choice, pull up police contended at least one person in the crowd was armed, another was wearing a bullet resistant vets after analyzing videos taken June to taken from June twenty Eightth. When the couple confronted the protesters, the cases attracted national attention since photos and videos went well not one went public. This well, no critics. Nearly all Republicans have said circuit attorney, Kim Gardner should not charge market budget.
sure Mcclosky, because the States Castle doctrine and stand your ground laws, allow them to defend their property against perceived threats. The documents obtained by five on your side, including put an email gardeners assistant circuit attorney, Chris simply sent to delete investment. in the case sergeant, Curtis, Bergdorf, Hinkley, emailed police, the day before Closkey were served with the search warrant, stating it needed We happen now at this point. Everything points to these. weapons being real and loaded, but no one has asked or confirmed he wrote come trial EL say they were waving around a be begun and an air rifle Hinkley also wrote to Bergdorf Commander Major Angelica Coots. Our office is saving enquiries from the public and press about a warrant application and potential charges. We thus far said the matter remains under investigation, I'd really like, to avoid pointing to a police follow request as the hold up by control the messaging. If this goes on any longer, please see
but you can do to help us along again. I'm asking for priority on the firearms issue, the search war allowed officers to seize the guns. The mcclosky used during the encounter the rifle mark Mcclosky use was intact when it arrived at the crime lab. The pistol that mutton Patricia used was not accorded documents obtained by five on your side, legally ordered the crime lab to disassemble and reassemble Pusher, Patricia Mcclosky Gun and signed a court stating it was quote capable of lethal use. The time she pointed at protesters, yes, using a twisted understanding the concept it Technic, Lee was, I mean you'd have to disassemble and reassemble it as far as we can tell, but it was capable yeah sure, because what you could throw it at their face, Mcclosky attorney Joe Schwartz, said british Mcclosky Gun was not functional because it was once used to profit a trial. The mcclosky are both attorneys. He said Partners. Interpretation of the law is wrong. It's a lie,
interpretation of the statute and the law, requires a weapon to be operable at the time of the offence. A spokesman for Gardner a Democrat said she could not comment depending case Hinkley also wrote the document. The Lee detective did sign known as the probable cause statement are here pengelly also wrote the document that objective did sign known the probable cause statement. I don't know trying to say, but it went through at least two revisions after birth, rough outline. Fourteen concerns he had about the document, five on your side I learned this while so, on those concerns. Hinkley characterize the protests as p its full all. I love it peaceful and organised Hinkley, wrote them posses was armed, they simply automatic handgun Bergdorf wrote. The phrase should read what appears to be Hinkley calm, mcclosky he's got an assault. Rifled Bergdorf called the word assault. They profit yonder term wives, amazing and assault. Doesn't me with, I think it means Hinkley.
The protesters pass through an open gate now, not true Hank line technically through someone opened it hang Hinkley wrote that Mark Mcclosky is and was visibly loaded with an ammunition. Clapped Bergdorf wrote that he would have to verify that detail because it wasn't mentioned in his report. Hinkley wrote both victims identified by their initials, feared that the defendant might fire her weapon border front. The term angrily was subjective, didn't like it, Hinkley wrote it's a fact and an element of the offence. The police are rob over the cops for resisting and pushing back on, and on the court's here because all a lot of times the cops just like share whatever you say, five on your side also obtain, they voicemail Hinkley left burger after he wrote his response to both objections? He states Curtis, you need to call me back I would along emails you to trying to ask a bunch of questions about whatever it is. You use, Dad some was expletive now
how we need to straighten this out, because I'm about done with this crap call me back since the couple was urged. Bergdorf investigation is continued, accorded the documents he noted and follow up reports that at least one of the protesters was aren't. A handgun and another was wearing a bullet resistant vast with the words human shield on it some of the phrases he was able to decipher from the footage collected by prosecutors loaded, you own, a business. Your business has gone. We coming back baby, you ain't the only acts, whatever the gun they coming back to your house. threats and other life from video Bergdorf wrote a man, was heard saying I was in front, so I was the one who opened the gate. The gate was broken after they pulled a gun. So what law? What law did we break? We keep guns there, but not for show, though, not to look a certain way, but for use if they would have shot.
Then they would have been put down while Bergdorf wrote a man was saying this is then that police recognising there was a real threat here. The only thing Bergdorf wrote from what he could hear from a clock is included. Petition mcclosky shouting go ass. She pointed her gotta demonstrators they mention than previous coverage. We also avenue assault. So this is the gist of the store out. I want to point out here is, as we come to the last little Tad bit prosecutors are trying to frame these people, and what I mean by frame is that very simply they are falsely framing the incident to make it seem like they did something wrong. The protesters were violent. They were screaming threats. You could hear the threats we come back, we have guns will put them down. You could hear that the cops. knowledge that the cop still came and seized the weapon, but Bravo to the officers for for doing what they can to uphold the law in this regard, the if, if if this goes unchecked
what we ve seen in Portland. What we ve seen in Missouri will expand across this country mcclosky, certainly fighting back. They are trying to get garter disqualified from her case well implemented attorney for market, which, in particular, Closkey files motion to disquiet. Fi gardener her office from pursuing the case, so we will see how this plays out, but men, this d, J investigation, we need it bill bar where counting on you to do the right thing and make sure but these politically ambitious prosecutors mayors will not be allowed to live, the end steal their way through this they're lying. I want a point one thing to you see in this photo this man's holding a boom like a lot of it will take this photo and they believe this and holding weapon he's not he's holding a microphone for a camera. You and see british appointing the weapon at him. Let me just make one thing very clear: the left is arguing, she's threatening them out with a camera, the right many people on the right man manipulated
the left. Many on the right are saying that this guy's holding a weapon all that matters is whether or not Patricia Mcclosky New or or whether or not she thought she was being threatened. This guy's point Something which looks like it's got a barrel. She might have seen that and thought it was a weapon not knowing what it was makes. You can expect ever everybody note. A boom, MIKE is, did you feel threatened? I'd argue. This photo proves that Mcclosky did in fact feel threatened and that's why they are brandishing weapons. It does I'm sorry, that's why they tell you to be careful when you're waving things around even a cell phone around cops. Now I don't like the idea of cops killing people off, our cameras, but we ve got a complicated circumstance and it seems a law is on the side of Mcclosky. New York, Marabella Plaza was breaking the law, stealing taxpayer funds for his re election campaign. Ted Wheeler stood with the rioters in Portland for his re election campaign, Then you had a Kate Brown, the governor in Portland, defending the protesters, the aged, defend
I'm sorry the rioters defending the riders because they were, ought to get re elected him garner I'm sorry, I believe, that's your name right that you know Kim Garner. Whatever the prosecutor here, gardener is politically ambitious, and is trying to use this to bolster her career and defend the extremists, but they're all ideologues good in the car for standing up in refusing to sign the documents, even after getting cost out by the by the? By the day I gotta tell you, met its kind, crazy here, the story. Typically, the police and the days office work together. I mean ass, my understanding aren't you ever watched a law and order whatever I'm not saying it's exactly how it goes its tv, but the dna and police coordinate because the police investigate the day prosecutes to see this break is really really interesting. Do the right thing, the deal Jason investigate should shut down these corrupt politicians. One hundred Thank God I will. I will remind you of one thing, the one thing I
Dad earlier, learn this video, the one important point one. it was the far left us with the rifle in Austin. He was a martyr to these people when he was armed when they try to defend their property and did not seek out confrontation, they call for their heads, you see other double standard works rules for thee, but not for me. They will be marching with guns they will, justify everything they do and they will use every twisted ward of a law on every connection. They have to punish you. The motor minding your own business on a afternoon sunny day or I may be- was cloudy. Whatever they'll come to your house, do not let them stop it we need Bill Barr. Do the right thing come in we'll see how it plays out. Next time is coming up at four p dot m over at Timcast net, and I will see you there. You know I'm supposed to be working here. Reading the news and researching fact checking- and I see these twitter
as every so often where people start arguing about political issues and of course I've got my opinion. So I saw this twitter thrive, weighing Carlin Boorish Anko and one had talking housing and working jobs and at a time, and so I tweeted about my experience, how I feel about work. The american dream, socialism and left- and I think, Let's have a conversation about what it means to achieve the american dream work hard in this country. Could I think too many people on the left are absolutely entitled and I do not understand what the real world is, because they have been pampered. Essentially, look people today in poverty have problems. I am all for figure out ways to improve the standard of living for everybody, including you know. even middle class people upper class people- let's make life better for everybody now unless concerned about upper class. People are more concerned people in poverty, but I saw a man hard work, you gotta! Do it end of story theirs?
oh excuse for not doing hard work and to many people now don't realize that, even though they may be considered poor today they lie if such better lives than people who came before us and of course there bonds. I see in these threads are so, of course, we're doing better. Does it mean we accept how bad things are now know? It means that you think it's bad now, but back then they kill to be where you are, and it means is my favorite part. In a hundred years, Now we're gonna be sitting Irving. A conversation and there's gonna be some lefty being like its absurd, that someone has to work to jobs in order to afford interplanetary travel. The government should be subsidizing. Interplanetary travel. You get the point we have amazing technologies today, air conditioning refrigerators, poor people have these things. These were luxury items for only the ultra Wealthy a long time ago. What that means is poor. People today are rich relative to where we used to be
we're comparing poor people in poverty. Today to the too rich people today that can make sense and will always exist. That way. Let me show you this thread and all and I'll talk explain to you what's going on because the gist of this, as I work nonstop, all the time period no days off ever like right? early only, but I have to go and have some kind of element or something which is rare to go. There exercise almost every day as well. Some people don't want to do any work and we really come to a point where we are spoiled the idea of having two jobs just to survive. What is that really mean? I think the far left has a weird view of things. Let me let me say this thread. A teen vogue writer said: abolish landlords and response Carlin Bore Sancho, said, or you do to save for a down payment and go buy your own house. If you dont want to rent it's not hard. F, HIV
islands for first time how homeowners make it doable for anyone willing to save that's how I bought my home. I acted like an adult. and now I dont have a landlord, Schumann had responds this. Literally thee. Just buy a house mean you cannot be serious. I gotta stop right there because you you You can actually really easily relatively easily, I should say really easily. I should say it's accessible through a fake J for people yeah to just by a home. If you have money to put a down payment, you knock off first and last months, rent! Then you ve got money for buying house. You do. I'm not gonna, protect every body, do it, so maybe you can make fun of the just buy a house mean, but I think is another mistake of the Farmers when they operate under the assumption. That's really difficult to do and it sounds acts like a naive young person thing to say acts, especially when you have access to the internet Look I get it not. Everyone can buy a house, but there are government programmes through the F H, eight, which is a government pro
and to make it more accessible and easier for lower income people to buy homes, and then dont have a landlord in response. To this a bunch of people jumping and start saying things like you stole the landlord it's the bank. Now you don't, the bank can stop me from play. Music? It too, I am on my own house and on the back yard, do whatever I want. I can walk yeah a dog to ask questions. I owe money to the bank, they dont control. My house Carlin says I'm serious it was round about it was. It was rounded, two months between when I decided I want to buy a home, and when I bought my home I literally decided to go by a home, and then I did. She was research, once I know it's possible. I can do it we know about. Seventy eight percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Renting is the only option for most people know it's not process I was not making a lot of money when I managed to say for the down payment required for an effect, a loan which is significantly less than what is normally required. Shoe says: paycheck to pay check means no extra money to save
Carlin said then get another job or start a business. aside, also, in addition to my full time job and that was Why did it? No one is a victim of this world you and you are not- helping anyone by telling them they are sure and had says you think it's nor All that someone should have to work to job to support themselves. You don't think we should may be fixed that it absolutely normal for someone to have to work to jobs, to support themselves, end of story period, undone, ok back before he had luxury in technology and air conditioning fridge writers, people work from Sun of the sun down today. People who try to be sustainable work from Sun up to Sundown go live. on a farm, are real form and contribute and see just how much work asked to be done. If you want to survive, during out. You buy Wall Street, they grow. Did some land to some the activists. I know people who went go live on that farm. They immediately fled to the farm. They were there.
a couple weeks and realise just how much work goes into surviving and just how little you actually get from this. You had to work sixteen hours a day every day, no day off just to have, a bare minimum now I see no electricity, there growing your own food food tending the crops just to survive, could guess what, when winter comes, if you're not prevent, you don't make it So, yes, it is normal actually for human beings to have to work in fact, early humans had MEL nourishment because they are constantly struggle, but guess what things got better today? What does it mean that you need to work to jobs to survive? Here? Is my response. People with two jobs work less Then I do we trying to find some kind of minimum life standard, I'm all for finding ways to improve the lives of people in poverty, but it important to understand that people in poverty today live better than ninety nine percent of people. One hundred years ago, the point being
that there will never be a time when p but will be satisfied where they are and the solution as it does is it to say. I should not have to work because you will always have to work. Think about it. This way people say no, Yet you have to understand. If you want a job today, you need a cell phone and internet. You can get softened and very, very cheap Actually there like twenty dollar Android phones and really cheap plans, but you're right. You do need the money to buy those, though services, it's gonna, be really difficult to fund in a modern society. If you dont have a cell phone a hundred, years from now you're going to need a global tron which plugs and your brain so can instantly communicate with the bank and with your manager to know when you gotta be at work in what you gotta do and your job It will be something ridiculously tedious and you will have a job and you'll be complaining.
that your luxury yacht is merely as big as the Astro yachts. The interstellar colonists. Have. The point I'm saying is right now to complain that you have to work to jobs. Tavern. For greater air conditioning, a cell phone access to the internet. You have acts, as to the summation of human knowledge as a poor person in this country. We are doing trim Scarcely well for ourselves- and you don't have to work to Jobs- If you choose to only work one, then maybe you won't be living in that yeah? Maybe I don't want a yacht, maybe as one healthcare, ok, Dentistry today, you can't afford it. I would like to figure out a way to help you I'm actually left leaning in this you in this regard, and I am all for using certain programmes to raise standards of living. I like unemployment. I think these things can work if they are implemented properly, but only if you have a group of people who are willing to do the work now, a person today, a poor person has better
medical care. Then Rockefeller did then than the big oil barons at a hundred years ago, because society has improved and has improved for everyone, even poor people, which means relative to what you are being given. You have to do less and less work overtime. think about this way, a person who worked full time all day every day did not have access. To this amazing medical care. We had no matter how hard they work, they ve never get it. People did I want that sit. There better standard for themselves and they work really really hard to get close to it. But what's happening is you have people who look to the wealthy and say I want that. I deserve that. Ok, I'd like you to be able to get it but realise that means working to jobs. yet it's I don't know why it so hard to understand. You can sit back and do not thing and be a fat homeless person
I'm not trying to be mean. America has overweight, homeless people homeless as a problem, ok that we gotta solve some people work full time just built to afford an apartment. I know it's bill, a struggle, poverty still exists, and there are still lack of access to resources over time. Things will improve. So here's what I want to hear it. Here's my main point here why that I work more than somebody who works to jobs. I do I have no days off and I work sixteen hours a week. I certainly don't have to what's the difference between me and somebody Who does it want to do that, but demands they have a certain standard of living? Why can't you were Sixteen, our days all day, every day, with no days off to that's my choice right, I think people deserve days off. I like the idea of a forty our work week. I think people should build a balance there, their personal and and and work lives all that stuff, but also recognized that if you want something you have to work for it and you don't you, you are entitled to
Nothing. So I don't. I don't know how to explain this other than look. There's a lotta news, love thing for me to cover. I saw twitter thought I got it decided to it. Press it. So here's my response to the threat as it is right now. Yes, people should work to jobs if they want to buy a house. Why is that surprising to anybody? Why should someone be given a house? What entitles you to a house? Someone has to build the how someone ass to sell the house? Someone has to maintain the house and guess what you might have to actually work in order to generate the resources we need to buy that house. dealing with people who have no experience in the real world like, I think what it thinks it greatly benefited me throughout all through through with things like this, is that I've been homeless? Yes, what? When you're homeless, you don't even get to sleep, I'm not kidding you don't get to sleep. I've gone from living in a car, and I've spent a few days sleeping on benches in parks, not an exaggeration and guess what, when you're sleeping
ancient park. There is no time off at all, because when you're sleeping you're sleeping with one eye open the whole time wake up every twenty minutes, because you need to take care of you to protect yourself. That's life in the real world, but we ve created this bubble where people are like, I shouldn't have to work all day. Imagine living in the wilderness! Imagine you you know everything taken for granted by people. So let me read this up because I keep me segments relatively short. My ultimate point is you do as much work as you need to get what you want, but now everybody will live access. Someone responded, TIM were, I think, said: you're what's considered a specialty field, you know you working one job and getting paid more. What people are asking is that they can work one job and to afford to survive not go homeless as on outworks, then I'll never be how it works. Life is a treadmill if you just if you just walk you don't move forward. If you stand still but you move backwards in order to get a had. You have to run the reason I'm where I am and successful is because I've been running at full
Sprint non stop for a decade. You don't have to do that like, you bet, recognise if you're stuck where you are. You have to work more and guess what you might be all the way at the back of that treadmill conveyor belt whatever that means you have a lot of running to do to catch up with the middle class in this country. Is it fair, of course it's not life isn't fair, but you might have to work hard and you can't yelled with people in front of you. Hey come back here and help me run forward. Some people might do it, I'm all about that, but the end of day it's your responsibility and guess what yes working to jobs. If you work to jobs, if you work sixteen hours a day, I work more than two jobs. I worked sixteen hours a day all day, every single day, with no days off. If you do that for a long enough time, you will be successful, maybe not a successful as me or other people. But you'll be more successful than people unwilling to work. That's a fact: I ll leave it there
fun conversation. I know, there's no real opportunity for a bottle from Jew or firm, Carlin or whatever, but I want to make a statement about it. I got a couple more segments come up in a few minutes- and I will see you all shortly- you too ban coming in three to hopefully I dont get banned doing this segment, but I have to it's the news and I know it doesn't want to hear it in favour, does want to hear and people can mad. But here it is and why see? Councilmen Paul Boulogne credits, Hydroxyl Chloric, when for covert nineteen recovery. Dare I say a Democrat has stood up and thanked Hydroxyl clerk when four for saving his life when he had Colvin. Maybe is wrong because listen, I'm not here to blow smoke, makin a complete that that whatever idiom an allergy. Look, I'm not here to lie to you and just in favour: one side, the democratic saying this it's interesting, but will also show you this story more than
one hundred Americans have died after taking Hydroxyl clerk when for covert. Despite Donald Trump insisting people had nothing to lose by trying the unproven drug there a lot of people far smaller than me. That say it can really help. It is not a cure. That's import can't help I defer to the doctors, but one of the reasons alot of videos are getting band is because their claiming it is secure when it isn't now there's a doktor at Yale whose, as it can help- and I think we should listen to them- and the problem. Is we have two extremes on this and I do not mean Many people believe two extremes, but the media keeps trying to argue that Trump is calling it a cure. That's not fair! Many people who are calling out these fake news stories are pointing out how they falsely frame things and try and over hype what it is. Hydroxyl work. We can actually do the important thing here. The daily mail says they died after taking it, they don't say they died because they took it, which means well yeah. It's not guaranteed, there's a chart showing that it could help in Sir
ways, but you really gotta. I want a major is very clear. The reason of highlighting the story is because it is literally the news and a democratic sang it democratic, saying I think it's Its relatively important to highlight a voice like this councilmen to bring this up, but I do think, first and foremost, a foreign move move forward. You just gotta talk to adapt their don't take advice from me don't take advice from anybody on you to bore the president himself. The president can give its opinion I think it's insane. They banned him, your arms are they stayed. They deleted the tweet from his campaign in itself, but I think really, no matter what any these people say, whatever you here just go to your doctor and ask for their advice and follow their treatment because they are the ones who know what's best for you. You might find like this guy, the doktor actually proscribed. Let us read the story. propose, says a democratic New York City councilman, says Hydrochloric when saved his life after a are fatal run in with covered nineteen in March Paul alone, who represents northeast queens, took
drug along with a standard, flew z pack and came back from the bridge Almost immediately I couldn't breathe very weak, couldn't get out of bed my doctor prescribed at my pharmacy had it took it that day within two or three days I was able to breathe alone, told the post within a week. I was back on my feet, though alone went public with the power with his krona virus diagnosis in April, First Twitter post, saying he was experiencing mild symptoms, his actual condition. Considerably more severe Malone's in it Prognosis was particularly grim he also suffers from sorrowing doses, an auto immune disease that attacks his lungs. We were in panic mode. When I went down because I didn't have a lot of immune response. He said I needed some stay alive, Hydroxyl clerk when work. For me he said This really is reminiscent of a Democrat, and I believe it was Michigan who experienced the exact same thing. One thing you really need to consider is that we could be seeing outlier cases and anecdotes are
data. Now there is data, there are studies and there are some smart people like Harvey Rush of Yale and epidemiologist. Who said this could be helping to solve the problem. If we stop demonizing it now, I defer to them, but you gotta be really careful about this stuff. Just because you see one or two stories does not mean its working, it could be possible effect. It could just be the fact that he took these in it and do anything in it and any ended up just doing well in getting better on his own. That's the important point- and I shall highlight this just to make the reference look, I'm not a doktor and you gotta be careful about the political politicization. The politicizing of these kinds of stories. People are gonna. Want you to believe, because trumps Edit Trump is right people and want to believe because Trump set it Trump is wrong. The reality is smart people Harvey Rush of
EL nappy me I'll just has recommended it sang it could help at the important factor right there. I defer to the experts. Ok, I think found she is, is just following the press on this one. Unfortunately, he TAT is it. and then see to just say wherever the press as two days later and the UN and its very diverse put it in a b, and when you have you know he was wrong in the past. So what would you do? I don't know what a Threed more walloons Bro Peter, a former city council, met in a current civil court. Judge in Queens also became a convert after his brothers illness I guess all those doctors who are prescribing in our right this drug, is already on the market and the patent is up, so it's cheap, a new drug won't be so big money does not want this drug to be always follow the money Peter of alone said in a may, twelve facebook post sharing a link. To an end while you studied cutting the drug it saved. My life Pablo said in his comments. I dropped a clerk one a malaria medication which has been on the market since nineteen. Fifty five came back into this
like this year as a potential pandemic miracle. Now I'm not going to repeat this because I do not believe this is accurate. President Trump. the new posed to saying it came back on the market as a miracle cure, and I suppose the good way of framing it- it is not that's. A very, very important to say, cannot help people according to these stories. Yes, ok, according to Harvey Irish, yes And, according to Paul alone, his brother, yes taken all consideration, you talk to your doktor aright No one I believe is is is that none of these studies are actually think. It's your mind. You quote our airports as President Trump as frequently touted the drug and eat took it himself for a time to help ward off the virus and has been criticized for it. surprised at how many people are taking it, especially the frontline workers before you catch it. The front lied workers, many. Many are taking, it trot, said Anne and that's action
they true that is true. The druggist proven controversial in June. These the food and Drug administration decline Hydroxyl clerk when unlikely to be effective in treating covered. Nineteen scientific studies drugs advocacy have been mixed paw. Of alone, however, remains grateful for the president's advocacy at that time. There was only fear and panic. He offered hope and a possible treatment when There was none with my Sarka doses, Sarka houses and then my covered symptoms. It basically saved me, for that, my family will always be thankful. He said. Look, I'm not gonna pretend to be his. I just have all the answers. I can only show you this story and its important because it counters this media narrative that that it's completely dangerous and wrong. When I think you you ve got this narrative I think the narrative. It is not complete right. I think the I'd. What would the media's pushing forward as is fractured, unbroken right now, people are saying: why is it that found she was wrong?
so much well you're watching science in real time they say signs in real time means that there's gotta be scrutiny that the publications will not be correct and it takes time to get these things right. That is absolutely true, but you can't just stop there and say found. She was wrong about masks, therefore, he's right about them now he could still be wrong. What that means is when a bunch of doctors hold a press conference and Facebook Youtube, Twit whenever take down a news organisations, videos what happened. You are suppressing. The goal of science, which now Oh you have doctors saying it could be right, it could be wrong. The point is: why should you to decide. This is where the science stops. They shouldn't anatomy is Harry, because we ve already seen activists get scientific studies pulled
and now we're seeing news organisations get silenced for filming a republican congressman's press conference. I could you not ass. It happened. A group of doctors came out and there is one word they use that resulted in the video being taken down and that word was cure. Hydrochloric hydroxyl clerk, one is not, and I do think it's fair to call that out- but I think taking down news organization, videos and either terminating the speech of these individuals over saying this is wrong. I think what you can do is maybe just say we don't want any extreme positions taken on whether it is or isn't the problem is there: only the media, social media is only taken a position on one stance that it isn't. Ok will hold on don't get extreme Harvey Rash Yale says it can help. Ok, if that's the case, defer to the doctor this stand with science? On this one I'll see, Aouda responds this video be funny. I'm saying deferred of doctors establish signs. Is that too much that the reality?
I'm trying to say we're, gonna, get more and more stories like this and the or the media, suppresses it. The more you're going to hyper polarize people's reactions though I either believe it's totally bunk or it's totally true and both are bad. Hopefully my video will stand because the point as some people claim to be to be helped by it, but I believe It is too far to say it's a cure and then, when you end up with people getting their videos taken down by this, the other p, can assume it is, and big farmer is trying to jam everybody up, so they can market some patented product that three grand which apparently at will, verses. This euro public domain treatment treatments, probably a better word potential treatment, and there are studies showing it can help. Let's put it that way: let's not get people's hopes up. Some people will not do well, you know taken to get to I mean take a look at this people who are on it. A hundred Americans have died, they say them away,
Key Journal, Sentinel Review data from the FDA database of side effect of the drug in the first six months, two hundred and ninety three Americans died after taking Hydroxyl Clark when compared to seventy five such deaths and twenty nineteen, it could be that people with coded aren't always benefited from this. I don't know it could be this contributed. I really dont know the point: is it's ok to have uncertainty, its not ok for big to silence anybody who dare bring it up. I'll go wherever men. Hollywood there is way, is gonna get hooked, I suppose, but drastic running out one more video coming up for a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly- the organisation that help launch Occupy Wall Street, has announced a new occupation but they're calling at the White House Whitehouse Siege They are saying that on September, seventeenth, twenty twenty, the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street they descend on the White House for fifty days and they're gonna shut it down.
I wonder what they mean by siege. Hopefully they keep at nonviolent. Somebody respond on Twitter, saying nonviolent is the only way and they said apps on that someone said it must be non violent and someone else and they respond. the only way. I believe so. Hopefully that's the case and good good, peaceful protests. Shore. But another group is also planning something called shut down Dc Accord to their twitter account. They have it set a date or location, but the plans are being made. Let's see exactly what add. Busters is calling for in the next couple and the next month, or so they say all right. You activists, all right all you activists, it's been nine years since we set up the political earthquake of Occupy Wall Street, laying siege to end. Why Caesar Cati Park and inspiring found of similar protests around the world, the occupied
Adversary arrives at ever seventeen twenty twenty and it may be the perfect day to trigger another big on other global big bang moment, a massive collective action of the sweetest kind of, obedience the. Why hardly needs were our recitation, because for these nine years the shadows of shadows of only grown longer in a coup already has soared. Not a single Wall Street CEO spent the night in jail for his wrong to designate financial meltdown. My I mean you had eight there's of Obama, so shore politicians in corporate criminals continue to savage the public trust with impunity and all the while howling void of a president. His seat It's too many to name sits ugly, atop, a corona death toll that may surprise two hundred thousand Americans by Christmas, it's time again for dramatic, decisive action, which is why a temper seventeen in the original and enduring spirit of occupy. We and ten
thousands of our fellow citizens, will stream into Lafayette Square. In Washington D C, we will lay siege to the White House and we will sustain it for exactly fifty fifty days. This is the but how siege? Ok, you know my problem is with the far left. They ve taken no victories no wines with Donald Trump. They can't can accept it their holy and it is based on the government being bad. Even when Donald Trump does things they like one of the big issues, Many people have Occupy Wall Street was anger over free trade agreements in the on tethered or on unaccountable illegal immigration. That's right While many of these people that it occupied wherefore Amnesty they didn't like the free trade it open borders, policies that are being enacted by the likes of the cocoa brothers. So on comes Bernie Sanders as no t, p, p and they'll go yeah, burning and Bernie says open. Borders is a cult brothers proposal and they go yea Bernie and then down
Trump comes round says no teepee, it's bad China, no, no NAFTA, open borders bad and they go boom trump. So what does that mean? How do you who tromp saying the same things as Bernie. In fact the media back and twenty fifteen. Sixteen tried to pull that out that Bernie and Tromp had a lot of similar policies because they were populist who are fighting for the american people. Well, Bernie Sanders sold out the working class switched. All is positive, Patients took a million box and now he goes resides in multiple homes. Now trumps network has dropped considerably. He donates his is his sallies presidential salary, but he's brought about an end to the Tpp, an end to NAFTA, unsecured our orders. So where are these people to be like yea? We liked these things from made some mistakes. Hiring John Bolton was a huge mistake, Willie fired that guy and that guy just proved to be a serious mistake. Thou chop is now trying to withdraw our troops from from Afghanistan and two things that I've always cared about Non. Like hey, ok, dial trumps doing this his thing
Are we end up getting you get a far left there? Does his sins are too great to bear. They blame him for covered because it is fake, add busters, fake law, eyes, where wit, where are you now to take victory for the things are done from, has actually brought about? Instead, you see to so what Joe Biden can get back in all the protests. These people during the Obama administration and you want to restore the Obama administration. Now you are liars hypocrites, you're, full of its vote, no the bankers, got prosecuted, blah blah blah. Yes, in two thousand eight Barack Obama won the election into. Doesn't ninety assumed office and two doesn't eleven. You kicked off Occupy Wall Street during Obama. Congratulations. I appreciate a right now. You're mad but nobody's face justice over o eight. So what what's your goal? Resist Donald up and get Joe Biden elected, so you can bring back the people. You are protesting, your liars not
Europe has done more for what you ve asked for then Barack Obama ever did and job I didn't is the Obama administration. I see, though they are hoping Joe Biden bags and give them whatever they want, which is more absurd. Followup policy, I suppose, is at it that, you'll sacrifice the games, you got there tromp and eventual gains you might get and risks. store the establishment for what, as it makes sense to me. Why would you want to bring back the guy? No matter what you think you might get from bring back the guy who's gonna turn around and be literally edge. It's because they're, all they want to do is make money. In my opinion, it's all a gain, their drifting, not outside what man I love it when they call Republicans Drifters because republic our unabashed capitalists who seek to make money yaller this possibly the socialists, who eschew such things and want to form organizations of cooperation, but instead use manipulate people into going in doing these things that can generate press for yourselves and some magazines or something they
The siege only works if it sustained, we witnessed the multiplying power of strategic occupation, Nine years ago. You dig in hold your ground and the tension. Accumulates amplifies goes global. Fifty days September, seventeenth turnover the third. Let us once again summoned the sweet revolutionary nonviolence that was our calling card into Cati Park of all four men. You wanna non violent protest here here with my blessing. I love it. I really mean it sincerely, not non vial. You know civil disobedience is an american pastime. It's how we make this country. It is a part of who we are ass. A part of that Spirit. I'm sorry, though, as much as I'm all warp peaceful protest. I think you guys are just lying. I think it's just fake, then an actual aren't they what what what they actually wants because respecting risks. or Joe Biden makes literally no sense White House, siege, will electrify the? U S election season and stop their draw
wind from me to be a lamb extinction. Rebellion and protest against trumps lethal bungling of quota virus will inspire lakes. Inspire a global movement of systemic change, a global spring in the fall, a cultural here. towards a new world order. What's our right What is our one demand? We want to collapse with you brainstorm tactics with you spark a revolution with you. Need your voice of wisdom and expertise to pull off a radically democratic tone shift and our politics. If you'd like to either contribute or just drop us, Align, here's our email or submit your ideas of the form below. First, let's get our tactics in order, then, let's screw screw up. courage, stuff, our backpacks with the tools of nonviolent revolution and had to laugh at square with the UN, with with intelligence, to match our spirits, spirits starting September. Seventeenth I'll, tell you what here's, how I'll put it if you're gonna
Mountain protest come out in protest to demand of the Trump administration. I suppose that that the problem my sea with all of this is that as much as I've never been a big fan of trumps, you know, presidency, as a comedian, entertainer and tv guide, all itself, yeah yeah he's hilarious right. I see him being infinitely better than Joe Biden, who is the Obama administration? Who is the crony establishments? At the very least you can say Donald Trump. Here are the things we demand a view because Trump is likely to win, I mean most will think you. Well. Maybe you won't, but you know people thank you. He will trample absolutely play populist and offer up real solutions to the demands of people who requested of him within reason. When you come in and demand a full communist government. That's obvious, I can happen, but you wanna talk about health care and stuff and he's going say. Jor I mean trumps talking about it with executive orders has not really
being done. Although the left, for some reason, attacks the guy when Trump says things they like this, it does not make sense to me, but it's not just add, busters Hashtag, shut down DC is also planning for action. This fall, they say we're getting ready for an election melt down this fall. Are you they're gone mention a bunch of stuff it'll. Give you any real didn't give any real. Specific stays complain about Donald Trump and they talk about their preparation. They say there and follow up. You know so, there's a form year they mentioned on twitter they dont, have any hard plans. They started make plans now, but I highlight this: just show you it's more than one things fair to say we are going to see a massive react. of some sort of massive action of some sort in D c and trot better, this one right, because one of things are gonna try and do as bait. The president to make em look bad, but I'll tell you what this may be. One of the big mistakes. The far left will be making of the year of the election of the decade. The writing in Portland did not work now they ve stressed.
For an over again peaceful, peaceful, peaceful nonviolent. They said nonviolent nonviolent: ok, now? I'm sorry, man they'll, be exploiters. Agitators, they're, gonna, come and what's gonna happen is in the months in the fifty days. Looking for an election, you are, you are going to scare the scare, the american people to know end with these mass protests and I once which well invariably occur. Why did the police started or not doesn't matter? The american people are gonna say I dont want this in my neighborhood. I don't want this in my country there already screaming at people, you do this and you will create fodder for Donald Trump, so you know what maybe I wrong. Maybe they know it and maybe that they really want. Maybe they know Joe Biden is the crony establishment and they know they can play the bogeyman to help Donald Trump get reelected sure I guess, but I really don't think so. I think, they're just inept and they're lying in their drifting and in the end. What can happen is about
we're going to show up there an act, a fool trump's going to clear it out with the police and the american people are going to say good. We need a press who uphold law and order and shut down the insanity anyway, we'll see others plays out thanks right now. Hanging out everybody. I will see you all tomorrow at ten, a m on this channel elsie and accent.
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