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Democrats Are LOSING Impeachment Fight, OPPOSITION To Impeachment SPIKING, Schiff Seems Angry

2019-11-20 | 🔗

Democrats Are LOSING Impeachment Fight, OPPOSITION To Impeachment SPIKING, Schiff Seems Angry. The latest from Politico and Morning consult shows that general opposition to the Trump impeachment inquiry is up 3 points, support is down 2 points.But the big hammer is that among independent voters opposition for impeachment is up TEN POINTS, a major failure for Democrats. Not only that but ratings are collapsing. Democrats are struggling to maintain the attention of Americans as that grow tired and angry over the nonsense and political bickering.No matter what happens the media and Democrats insist everything is bad for Trump but the most we can muster is that it seems slightly more likely Trump was looking to tackle corruption in Ukraine but still the only fact so far is that Trump wanted an investigation.Democrats are desperately trying to prove Quid pro Quo but quid pro quo is NOT impeachable. Democrats need to prove it was intended to dig up dirt on Biden. Instead they are asking about "quid pro quo"Democrats are mishandling this and it will result in a major loss of independent voters in the end. Democrats have only Adam Schiff to blame. Certainly Nancy pelosi and Nadler should take some responsibility for this failure but Schiff is leading the charge and the failure is on his watch.

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Today, Gordon Sandland is testifying before Congress and ungoing impeachment inquiry and I'll tell you what I I really don't care Thesame thing over and over and over agains that the same pup finds my the same people and nothings really advancing it's apolitical fight. However Interestingly Gordon Sonland does appear to have flipped now claiming quid Proquo and trying to seemingly protect himself while he played this game of ye. Maybe there was something going on. The problem is the testimony Yester from Morrison an vulgar kind of contradicts all of this. So I'll you. What if you, to the staunchest, have trump supporters. They will say nothing here, nothing to see here and I think, to a certain degree. That's fair. The demo Ats are gon a claim. Oh everythings there's prove its proof. Listen the end of the day. It's a political fight as a matter. What's true, the only fact we know is
asked for an investigation. Every one seems to agree on that Trump release. The transcript now did he don't dig up durtind bite and don't really see evidence for that. Did he do it to weed o corruption Stly, don't see a whole lot of evidence of that either. The fact remains, it is mostly just an opinion fight which, mater to day's viddio? It is dragging the Democrats down. It was a terrible strategy and I think the only reason they did it is because they desperately need to shore up their base. H latest pole from politico and the morning consul shows that opposition by independence to the impetient inquiry has jumped ten points and over support has two points, general opposition is up. Three points and most people by small degree believe the Democrats are mishandling. What's going on, here's rounded to day do to day letme. Take you through some of the state up and will talk about why? Ultimately, I think this is a shot in the foot for Democrats that this is bad.
Them, but I really don't see any other strategy. Thay could make an implement, writes. Sor does make sense, we'll tell you what I'm tired of it. I really don't care and I am begrudgingly talking about it to day, we'll see what happens going forward. If I continue to care, but I'll tell you what no one else cares about it. The ratings are continuing to, ropped down more than one million from its first day, and that was last week. I can only imagine now He cares about this and I will tell you what yesterday was a twelve hour hearing man and you know what I'd listen to all of it. Please pray for me. I listened to all of it and I'm still listening to it now. So, let's not talk too much about the knitty greedy waste of time were the same things had oven, overgain and talk about how this will impact. Twenty twenty wo star with ill, but before we do, as for usual, over Timcaste come slashed on it. If you want to support my work, listen, I listened
twelve hours of testimony yesterday I I listened to last week, and let me assure you there's nothing here if you, if you respect and support me sitting here with this insanity, then not timkastack lashed on it, or just share this vidio if for some reason, you're still tuned in to what's going on with impeachment. I respect you, I I appreciate it. Thank you for watching Hata, you Gan be out by showing this fidio, but I ill admit it. I mean look on talking about in Pietricks. I think it is important, but it is mind numbing and even my views are to My views on my second Gentel were talk about Colturestoff, doing great main stream. Big breaking nose, roof not so Why I do things important? However? I will conceide, I think, I'm probably goin to just drop it. Letme. Tell you something Kay: I am one of these independents. My opposition has also jumped, and I think what a point now, where they have cried Wolf incessantly nounced up- and I can't I can't tell you what the point of this is any more
you ve got several people saying you know their date. They wanted to hear about the investigations because it just proves that Ukraine was turning a new leaf and not gonna, be corrupt and even sombelene, who is apparently flipped on top of sayings, essentially that, but make trying to make it seem like not that's. A quid pro quo is just nothing. So, let's talk about what happens? People like me, and probably people like you, are saying enough now. I know tromp supporters are mad. It happened in the past. Play spots. Are you what men? First of all, look at this opposition by independence to the house is ongoing. Impeachment inquiry jumped ten percentage points in the last week. This mirrors, what we saw the Hill Harris Haresax in on the seventh. Both
for the initial public hearing. The same thing happened now being reflected. This is from the seventeenth of fifteenth, the seventeenth. After the initial hearings, people watched it and said who enough and the Democrats are mishandling this. They say the pole showed forty. Seven per cent of independence opposed the inquiry, Commart thirty seven per cent last week. Meanwhile, support for the inquiry by independence fell seven points to forty percent solps of Bis, a difference here. The independedt voters who were supporting this have dropped off, but the anment of voters who are opposing it has jumped a lot either way its Baad NEWS across the board for Democrats, because you need to win the middale, I can say it a million times, but people in the Ove, a choice between left and right. People on the far left in the far right can only choose that one direction. The Democrats of Republicans so's, the ocrats lose moderates. The Republicans opened up the door to gaining those votes. It is a huge blunder.
Support for the inquiry. Among all respondents, fell two points to forty eight per cent, while position rose to three points to forty five per cents. Ot, this an important point. There is still more support than opposition that Sthat's very important and could be bad for Trump, but many of these people will not vote so that what Democrats need to do if they to make sure that those who do support the inquiry are Devot, sorry, I doubt you can. This are the latest. Poles comes the house launchd a second week of public testimony with Coroletanat, Colonel Alexander Vindman and Jennifer Williams, an aid de vice President pence appearing in the morning. The pole showed that forty percent of respondents support the house impeaching President Trump compared a forty four per cent to oppose it. While forty seven per cent back the Senate, removing the president from office that's huge, but on an
happiness? It was Alok going on yer Suc Hak it out. Not only that, but the wraitings are down, and its is the more important thing because where Democrats are playing here is an attempt to generate negative press. It's actually been reported hat one of their strategies as to those to saturate the market, with Vidios that a Yenoth content with New Sigmentsthat the president looked bat right now we have seen Anonymus and be see playing all of these silly games where they sang here's. The new Tacgline game over game over all their sang first, it was the walls are closing in that the beging the end. You know bombshell and now game over. That's they're, saying sorry, just because you have one person today. Sang quid pro quo doesn't prove anything. Quid pro quo is not impeach about Joe Biden. Did a quid pro quo Joe Bighdt and said if you want this military Egd Ar Fy the prosecure. The question is: was it done for legitimate reasons? So far, every one including Sandlin, who, as Flippt on Trop, has agreed Tromp, was concerned about corruption?
so. His brings me to another little Simon here, up Apar this pole ase on what you know do you approve or disapprove of the way House Democrats are handling the current impeachment inquiry into President Trump and just by a couple points between somewhat and strongly. I believe it's by ah by Bu three or four: they disapprove of the way that Democrats are handling this. So I'll tell you what tromp is right. In the wake of this news, Donald Tromp came out and said it will never work Conf Donal trunk blasts, impeachment hearings as poles show independent voters are scouring or souring on Democrat lead, take down of the Gio peep Trump turns to slash and burn tweating about impeachment hearings. He predicts the process. Will back Fion Democrats Newpole shows forty seven per cent of innipended voters oppose it up. Ten points from just a week ago. Is the second poll showing these results.
President blasts, Nancy, Plozis, ineffective and controlled by socialist Congressom, an intent on removing him from office. Now, why would they launch the impatent inquiry? There are several differ reasons. I've talked the negative press attempts there's also a yo sang, unites the party that their fractured and that's a fact. There are multiple different democrats. There was really interesting data that was recently published, showing what the different parties would be in this country. If people could vote on Cour issues- and there were five- were two conservative parties, a nationalist and a traditional party there was a social Justice party that was just social justice. There was a labor party and a socialist party, so these are the different factions apparently, but you can see that among Democrats, I'm sorry among Republicans additional issues, as well as nationalist issues over a lap swimmingly in I'll. Tell you if you, if you go to a transupporter whose number one priority as border security, they'll, probably tell you their traditional in many ways too, not all of them, but a lot of em
Look at the Socialists, th labor and the are a social justice. They do not overlep. They are feuting labor, tens dropper like Morocco Bama, so in the end, theyre fractured right? That's the main pat Whil Ti Et at Wil Woltan will make of the main take away Hereis Heres is an important bit of data from Justa. I believe it's for yesterday and Piar, a pole shows Amer in's overwhelmingly say impeachment. Hearings won't change their minds, Thi's an empir Pebias news, our merestbull. They say sixty five persento I can say they can't imagine any information or circumstances during the Impeachwid inquiry where they might change mines about their position on impeachment. Thirty per cent say yes, it's possible here is the very, very important point. First, nobody cares writings are down. I don't even want to be talking about it. I am tired of this dominating the news I did a long along this morning on Hong Kong and Chinaca, it's very very important and I might switch and just cover that from now on, because this is Thot sense, o Cain. We all know it. It's the same thing being repeated the same.
Forta million times it's boring, and it's not doing anything for anybody took us out Democrats. Twenty five per cent might change their mind. Republicans twenty four might change their mineyd among Independencs. Thirty, nine per cent might change their minds. Ah, can you imagine any information or circumstances Durn Y Impegient inquiry or you might change your mind? Thirty nine per cent of independent said yes, and they did change their mind to now opposing the impecument and qurecongratulations. You actually had independence in support of the removal of the president and the Rategy by Democrats has resulted in them opposing it. So when I show you that Paul sang most people by a small percentage point believe a I'm across mishandling it. The proof is in the pudding. You lost the moderates. You are helping Donald
but I can only imagine that their their game plan is of those who are Democrats and who won't have their mind changed their hoping. That group will be a brought to the pulse they're, hoping that with enough negative press, they will shock these people into getting out the vote. They're bedding on massive voter turn out now the other day. I want to go through just a little bit of what we saw and will start with this sweat here. A lot of ambrebsen covers Congress for time said: Shiff seems to be getting angry right now, sod eight twenty seven p m last night he's, remained very calm for out the hearings, as was expected, but can detect the slightest hint of annoyance. You know why I think he was annoyed because Lastyet yesterday we saw the Timony of Morrison and vulgar whois eventually defended the present. I may not tell you what, for those that are interested and what's going on, could you tune things out what we have so far, based on even Sandlin as
s I testi Byn right now and as it is allotted to Justill happen, but it sounds like the big complaint is that Donald Tromp believed conspiracy theories, that vulgar said the stories were fake and we were trying to convince the President Yu Crane turned leaf. You can't impeach the president for being a moron. You can't impeach the president for believing conspiracy theories. The fact is, the president has a right to set policy and if he says I believe, they're corrupt well, too, bed Apparently, what they are hoping is that through Rody Juliani, they could convince tromp that Eucrane has turned a new leaf and what they're talking about now with quid pro quo? Yes, there was quick Proquo that Donald Trup wasn't convinced you crane turned an new leaf and that, although he didn't want anything from them specifically, he felt that if they didn't believe, if, if they didn't want to announce, Thery were getto be invest
Ncorruption he didn't believe they were serious. All this is predicated on the assumption that either trunk one a dirt unbidin, which is a stretchind, that's no evidence to prove that its intent or tromp wanted to investigate corruption, and the best I can come up with is if the fact is Trump Oneed investigation, that'sat everything else, throw it out. Can you impeach and convict on that? In my opinion? No, but it is a political fight and there is a lot of support. Forty seven per cent for removing the president. I I believe, based on the evidence, what were looking at is Donald Trump, probably believed fake news or exaggerated claims. He was getting it second hand for a telephone with and that still ever man, that's not illegal, and if tromp felt that there was corruption and said, listen, here's whatit comes down to if you crane, is actually serious about weeding out corruption. Won't they announce it won't. They say
Hy were doing this, won't they gon and tell people because I'll tell you what moneyed a you know: YO walk the walk money talks B, s walks. If they're not willing to tell the world, we to do this. While would I believe they will that's the essential argument we gotn so far from impeachment, so ell you why motion will probably disapprove of Democrats, because the Democrats who hate tromp are public, going? No, no stop, who yeu're making him look right. Having this ill testify, but I will assure you the Woke Twineradi and journalists for some reason keep putting out MIS Informa nsaying came over a bomb shell and I'm just shocked by it. Listen men, there's no proof Trump wanted to widowt corruption, and I don't care, there's no proof. You want TA dirt unbitin either, and I don't care in the end. We have nothing o K. You want a claim trumpets as great heroes at the fight Pter Neuqrane. I don't believe you, I really just don't think tromp cared forthe most part. I think the Democrats have found a thread and they're pulling as hard as possible and there's nothing there trump on an investigation, probably din,
too much. You know I was talking to some people and I said, listen man. Do you think that over the past several months literally, the only thing tromp has done was talk about Ukraine? What about every other country? On this point? I'm sure he's had numerous meetings about Brazil or or IRAN, im uswent to war, but for some reason people believed Trump was obsesed. Now IL tell youhat, I think Heappeni The president sitting there twiddling his thumbs. You know, while some one talks to him about em some curty issue that he's not soparinterested Hin and then some one pulled up full. Seven of fifty three ances now about Youcrine and Trump goes, I heard from Lani they were corrupt on or Alna, which we wi Should'T, be given them money. If they's Goot a stealar right, you e, if if they wanted, if prove it to me, Banyway. What's what's the next foller an knows it Ike? my assumption about this is that all of these things, like you understand these people, testifying these these these witnesses and experts on you,
in do you think tromp only has a cabinet that deals ith you or do you think all of his staff white out staff, national security, personal de with a ton of other countries as well. So you you have to Tate an intoconsideration that the president, probably t fifty different, folders and said Irno Juliani said there corrupt, you, you figure it out, may get get them to say like. Could you commit in some way? What's the next one gut a bit a couple seconds and Tor What most these people never even talk with the president that steps bets amazing. Let's do this. Erst like o went. I show you a couple. More stories is willing quickly up the left tell you that you know Vind men was right hero. No, the Neer Post runs up at saying he condemned himself, because I got tell you my opinion and an just take my opinion for what it is you can you? Can you now find
opinion, its one. I looked at the sky as somebody who is mad that he wasn't more ah prestigous. I guess he corrected. I think it was known as when some one called them Mister VIN, Menisa's, test, lieutenant colonel, so I dod I get it. Ye got an ego or I respect Likea can respect your eagle formne Cally which one be called right? U I'll owe you someone's title if they ask, but he was complaining rantly about not ging in Godu, a trip to Yeucrane and then his boss Morse and testified that they questioned his judgment. So it's like the stude was just Soff and it appears this guy may have been the person who leaked the whistle blower. So here Vidn in Suboard at Stafford who's upset. That is not getting the the respect he deserves. Call me lieutenant colonel en goling and were inranting to his friend. Who then goes in your rihes? A whistled whistled low report that was wrong nout a context, so the Lucous Jump straight egg is otherwise. You knot own aways to much time.
This is from to Gordon Gordon Ambassador to you. Eu just flick Don Shrump, nothing happened. You know what man, there there there is. I believe it is fair to saye this of the best interview. Democrats have gotten so far. San Lin said Yastaquid Proquo, but tat the Oblem were seen now in the political space is the discussion over what constitutes victory. In my opinion, we got to look at this from like legal standards. I understand some political fight Sandland did not say that Trump wanted dirt unbitem, I'm sorry I', just an Apen, several journalists have posted, have written. That he's confirmed that tromp. As a quid pro quo. An investigation in tabiding what sandland has said over and over so far to day, not Bidon Berisma, not Byden Berisma. Yet
ournalists, are still saying Byden, because apparently Therebias look men. Let me wrap it up for you. While this was good for Democrats because he said yes, there was a quick proquo. Every one knew it. If you crane one of the aid they had to announce this investigation, the problem is What are we getting to its core? I think this actually could undermine democrats. Let me stress it does give Democrats a win in many aleas, but you must consider quid pro quo is not illegal
Joe Biden has done it. Oh bombers done it, it's normal. The issue, as was the quid pro quo for political campaigns or to weed out corruption either. One of those will be your opinion, so in the end it will be political. What do the american people believe? I think the Democrats are hoping that they're going to convince people that it was really about digging up dirt on Bitin. I just don't see any evidence that the problem is. The Democrats are not digging at whether or not trumps intent was dirt they're doing at whether or not quid pro quo happened. So I've seen conservatives trump supporter sang. It was a mistake to tempt to over there Ervatavsoleum for the White House to fight over Quid Proco. I disagree. Quien Proquo is not a crime, it is not impeachable. Let the Democrats win that fightn. You go. Oh drat, you want on quick prokquo and then once it finally
MS to the trial, the Democrats, Murasay will be proved quite Procoe Eve. One could abite. Congratulations! That's on impeachable and about no bood Bhut. It was about Campaignter, ah sor you didn't spend any of the time during the impeachment hearnings proving trumps intent to dig up Dernan Yo Bidon. Perhaps there's some statement from Trop saying Iam going to lose to Bidhin, nothing never been brought up. Perhaps there was a document that shows biting, has goen a bee trump and tromp was concerned about it, never have id. Did the Democrats ask any of these people has Trump ever expressed concern to you that binding was going to beat him in twenty twenty, no all their. During this, ing about Borismo, Bydon and Qui Procho. Congratulations, no substance! No proof that tromp wanted dirt on Biton. So in the end, my conclusion is Tromp wanted an investigation. I don't why the assumption, based on what were hearing from this staff is that there were concerns that you crane, would siphon away
tax bare dollars to oligarchs. That's the best case scenario. If democrats want to disprove that narrative, they have to ask at any point, did tromp express fear that he would lose to Joe Biden. Did he say this could be an attempt to help him When did he say if you Crine announces this, they might give me a leg up in twenty. Twenty did anything ever happen like that? No, No one has asked a single question about intent in the end. This is a waste of time and I'm sorry you've watched this much of it. Sily, but I I would be remissed if I didn't point out that it's true Gordon Sonland flipped and his providing contradictory testimony. First, we have this sweat four or from Pences Chief Astea. Rkshort Ambassador Gordonsonland was never alone with Vice President Pence on this Eptember first trip to Poland. This alleged discussion recalled by Ambassador Somlone, never happened, I don't keei it it. A
Matter, so much what sondland said what this petains to just the fact is that Sondlone flipped. Ow. His testimony seemingly doesn't make sense and it's even being contradicted by pence's chief of staff. We also cal point this out in on er, fourteenth Yu S. Envoys Sonland did not link bite in probe to aid. You crime, Minister, I thought Sandlind confirmed Quic Proquo, he said it, he did. He said there were Everyone knew at hold on, but some one seek that you crane isters sent itdid't happen, you know what man I I think I' just I just bot had enough. I think we know this is a waste of time. The Democrats aren't Investigatin ig of substance, and so this is just dragging them down to where their losing independence. Independent voters oppose what they are doing now or more so I should say they still have some. But in the end, the boats, you needn't, I think Adam Cheff. I think Nancy Plussy. Thar they're, not co, ordinating you're the visit they don't knowt their Strategiis
Without a strong leader of the Democratic Party, this is what you get. I imagine that you've got poloci Schumor and you've gots a chef and their. Going over what move should be made and Shiff finally pushed them towards impeachment and nedler, and in the end there is no charismatically or to unite. The party. Obama has tried and failed, but Donlah that stop thee, ve left from saying basely the same thing. I am Radley Balko two observations witnesses Republicans wanted were incredibly damning to Trunmk. This would matter only if the Republicans were susceptible to being persuaded by facts or reality. They aren't so they'll claim vindication anyway, now Lison, I will leave you with one very, very important point, I don't know if I'm in a bubble and you're in a bubble and they're in bubbles whose right wears objective reality. Honestly, it's hard to know for sure when someone tweats that these these tuitnesses vulgar and Morson were damming the trump when they actually defended him. A
that my said whow, this is bad for Democrats and I got tell you man, even according to magazine shif, was getting angry and presumable. He was Getg. Gry, because they kept rejecting the Democrat promise and like an hour and half Ouse Lust Eno his guides defend the president inadvertently. I they insulted him to an extent that that was a cubly and conspiracy theoris. He was wrong. But nothing illegal or impeachable, so shift got mad. Yet still. They say Republicans, don't believe the facts Radley. I think you've done some great work on now, he's written about police and securities, a security apparatus Uns Sofo, that's been very great, but let me just tell you one thing: I don't know whose rider was wrong. I understand the point your making. I just made the same point, but the end of the day. The independents now oppose the impeachment inquiry after the first week of fearings. So if you believe
that if the Republicans wore trapped in a parallel reality, I'd have to look to the poles and show you that, whether or not there right or wrong- maybe youre right, maybe the kapies wer persuaded by facts. But I'll tell you what you are now in the minority, o K and I'd. Actually no notted a back. Am, I think, an interticipor opposition. Most people subuct by two portenged points. People support removal, verses opposing it. But when I want what I should say is the people in the middle who haven't made up their minds: the independent voters, the Republicans over one Port trunp. The pole shows it. The Democrats overwhelming a pope overwhelmingly opposed trump. Your side is your side and you can rag on their poo republicans all you want, but I will tell you this Republicans might appeal to besuaded by facts: fine ake, a point independence. The people are trying to convince disagree with you and they are now oppose. What you are doing in the end, I can only say it seems like this- is falling into the Republican, a republican victory,
for all Gordon sign. When testified many things that will benefit the Democrats. It was a great wind for them. In many ways, but in the end so far, the ratings are down, people don't really care and the independence oppose impeachment. This will likely play out very well for Trump and twenty twenty, but it is not over. We have yet to collect the data, and the hearings are currently happening as a record. This video so keep that in mind as we move forward, although its entirely possible. I just stop talking about impeachment man. It is there was at their limit. Let me tell you There was a day. I remember where everything was great. I I was feeling you know great. I was energized, I was passionate and then something happened and I can't rember what Thit story was, but all of a sudden like some one took a Slighte chammer to my chest, and it was just like I snapped this is this is insane it's Russia Gate too Electriboot, electric Ano Bullet Bugalow with the same thing over and over again, but I saw it reflected in Vieworship and Engagement and Tivou Rege
whatever hit me hit every one else, all the same, and I'm confident that you know what the past few vidues I've done on impeachment they've done rather poorly relative to a things Werea Yenow a while ago. I think people have Oly just said. I'm tired of this enough. So if you've manage to watch this fi yo all what it the end, you have my profound respect, because I I can't I can't barely stand sitting here listening to this and for you to sit here and listen to me every dance impressive. So you have my eternal gratitude. If you do thing, I could do a good job. Please consider shine the video, but I will rapid up their next segment will be at six p m you to the coms lashed gased news. Did you notice yesterday? Do the viatl about aliens actually did pretty well, not the greatest bit of ever done in terms of like interest, but it feels good to talk about something of this insanity. I will see you all six piama, you two baccomslashed him CASS News and thank you again for water. Now, Ork city is exporting homeless, people to other states and abandoning them should
ago, is running solitary confinement for children in great schools when they are naughty and was jealous os, seeing the resurgence of mediaeval diseases. Welcome my friends to the night to stow beyond a day's episode. I have for you even more shilling story. Try Ese agents. We believe we don't know for sure, but assailants entered the epoch times in Hong Kong. A paper that HA's been pretty poppy obey they thay give him pretty sitive coverage to the Hong Kong resistance protests. Lizie sails showed up and torch torched the printing press. Further Hae famited the ipota, S is associated, I believe, with the found gong movement is thisome controversyr on that I suppose, but for the most part they are very fairly credible outlet they get a very similar rating from the Newsguard writing Agency to Sianan. I knows not saying a lot but sin on Dhat come is very different from you know: Za Brin Stout Ar Don Munan and the fact is, I'm not saying that, because I know Lhot F people are be
an ain's awful a sont o go thing on her, but in terms of howthe tha, the main stream on an issiue political people view it if ourtimes is considered on paor with with sea anens, which is a good thing in perception. Ot IER y believe it Boctimes subs Billy Butter Vansianon, but they did get criticism because they don't hate the president ufg. There was some concern that they didn't include negative information about Trom, so it Sud. Suffice it to say the epoch Times was a a fairly good job in lot of ways, and I think it. The coverage they do is relatively similar to mine. Like you know, the Orange man is not that bat, or ever one Cun of freaking out so heres that here's the Nightmardistelpyou story wo get a few for one, arson and Hong Kong masked men set fire to the epoch Times in Hong Kong print Shop staff managed to put the fire, but only after affecting significant damage, c c p involvement is suspected, given h, K, epoch times, truthful and transport
however, to the Hong Kong protests? I think it's fair to say we all have a pretty good idea. What's happening in Hong Kong Freedom, loving protestors, who are not perfect, who have done things. I've heavily criticized right: they they ve, they ve been people, they vandalized stuff there. They are far from perfect, but this group of people fighting for free speech and resisting the Communist Party of China. I absolutely will condemn the violence against chavilians, the targing of individuals who they think woul. They suspect my you know communist or something is wrongo, but thoes are all bad things. We wuldl crticize Andy before Blust be lets, be real eisting the Communist Party of China's influence into your country into Yourope. I guess what agas you call it your saverey JM, I'm I apologize a not understanding. What is special economics on whatever resisting the Communist Party of China is legitimate complain,
but the orange man is somewhat legitimate but not walking around bashing progressive Zarvelli, look anti whal goes around beating random people. I'm sorry Thate is nothing to do with resisting faschism this that N protest is, is, is substantially more legitimate, though again can be criticized. Will you now have suspect an envolvement from the Communist chinese Party, coming in, and I got the same end as pidios this. This feels crazy. I think OM. I want to play it entirely, bus when I show you flas oter watching the this is a big fire. It damaged so Mynderstanding's. The printing press is not a is not owned by the epoch times. It's like the the by times sions them. I could be wrong. Here's that I Mert to stop Y a part for Onte. Look. We all know that the chinese government is Goin o go in. Trying destroy the free press. Right guess guess who else wants to destroy the free press? Would you be surprised if I told you that n b Enews smears, epocha
and the Wall Street Journal says its attack on the epoch. Times line with bajings propaganda, demonizing Falangong, Ther Enby see news put on a ridiculous smeer and I was surprised to see that Ipar Times got a strike from Newsguard over the fact that they're not negative about trem trom, enough seriously news guard. I do not think they're perfect. I use them because the check on my bias, but that they said something of the effect that, because the Epar time regularly covers trumpet and neutral to positive way. There they're not showing the difference an opinion like their not admitting THA other confliting opinion with noses like Willin. We will wo t hold on Donald Trump goes to you. The Mall of America gives a speech, and I sat down Mtination of the Mullo Marn gave a speech. Many people were excited bet's just deck day. You go where me do apparently ause, they didn't say, and there were also protestors. There were rated bad fort nowt ye by times is pretty good therebiased, that's fine everybody as the prorspective, but they are far from the worst, and I do think there wire a
er, vhan sianone, but NBC News came after them and was weird and I think the reason is IP times will tell truth about Toneld Trump pie me not as such as, like you know, there's some weird going on in terms of the nightmare destopia were currently in and it's mind, bloing with all the impeachment stuff which I am so sick and tired of, and I all of you dings are down my friends and family are like no one cares any more dear Nomach. I know I know I'll Eveno Femmin to do if Ayon a later but there's something crazy in that yesterday that the testimony of a temorson and a Volker was completely undermined. Everything the Democrat said, but but I'm notking to get fully judge Whon a as when AY What do I see from all of these people on untwitter? This is damming for Trump. Everything all is the worst day for Trumpetom, like what we'e talking about these two people testified. Everything was above war. What's go,
on they're trying to control the narrative. There are a lot of people who don't know, work Hereand, just say what they think will pander to the shrine instead of looking at the facts objectively. Epoch times is a problem in that case because again, while stress their far from perfect dumping, anybody's perfect by all means just because I'm I'm giving them praise for doing a pretty good job, as it mean they ve, always n everything right! You incraticized, then that's fine! But now we can see well uck make rprize to anybody that China's gon to go torch AR printing press right, but envy see news Pulle. This offices in August and now for the more nightmarish story. The real story here royyers come, lately, changes article and Hong Kong protestors and issues no correction, this to is the scarioust thing and where I think we'd have a serious conversation of the nightmadostopia were in listen, all
These things happening in these other cities that I mentioned New York Exporting Halmost people the collapse of their Rhepublican for structure. He has lot of bad things happening, and I only mention one of these things cause I's, making a point about how there's am pretty bad stuff, Appin, im and Cago operates torture facilities, LOS Angeles, has a drug homeless problem. Seviances was coverdin, feaces e would Al Hem problems, royders issuing no correction and changing a story to remove the fact that the Chinese Communist Party was threatening the protest of the prodeses with blithe ammunition. That's what they did. I have to wonder why I think I can tell you why these companies want money from China. So me a question at what point is this treason- and I mean this seriously- providing aid to an enemy the night states? Now I ia God start here and say: is China a direct enemy of Tu S? The answer is no notley.
Ewe know there are men, you know a antagonist, an opponent in ingio politics, but for THA Fort for it as far as LE legally were not at war and there not an enemy of ours. But there is a question at what point do we say when roiders decides to protect the Chinese Communest Party for cash that their acting against the interests, of the Unite states, people they are not informing us. Listen, you know you want. You want you ant to complain about the horrors of China and the concentration camps there running gay, absolutely that's in China. I think we had a gridzling about Aimald and don't wnat to do. Right ND, mind. You am a very anti war person, but I'll tell you what man when it comes to liberating people from organ harvesting concentration camps. I think that's a justifiable cause, though a much Sur war is the right answer. Um Jer saying like if you ere a tell me, we should go drum Yemen, because Saudi repays that Saudi Arabia pays the bells, I'm a bill I got in and not a hold on. We do want to risk World WAR three
we want to makes them cash selling YE toe missiles and bombs Ano the country. Who has had a conflict of another region over, you know, access to resources, However, when China operating a concentrated concentration camps at harvest organs, there's a video loading Hong Kong protests onto trains, I think we ve got bigger questions that need to be answered and a real debate needs that needs to happen. But I'll tell you what men, China's powerful, the very powerful known because more powerful. I don't know what the solution is. An annthing anybody wants wore, but I I will ask legitimately: where is that line? Do we sit back and let them keep doing this, but more worryingly, is the That Roiters, for whatever reason I don't know, I don't know, Wy Orders- did this change the line and removes one of the most damning things to two date. The throa threatening the protesters with live anmusgitive is out gaily, Calle RE ports,
royders changed an article about the Hong Kong protests Monday. First highlatting allegations, the police were threatening protests progessors with live bullets and later omitting any make mention of that news The original article is headlined. Hong Kong police threatened to use live bullets as stand off with protesters esculates. According to an archived version published a over seventeenth, the article described the ongoing and esculating violence of the months of Hongcong protest, noting in the first paragraph that police were esculating threats against riders, quote Hong Kong police threatened on money to fire alive bullets. If riders did not stop using Leeful aid believe weapons in the latest flare up in the anti government protests that have convulsed the chinese Rold Sate for five months now I got to be fair Lookaye. The problem was some of the protesters were firing flaming arrows of the poly
and the Plase race was sang. These are the potential for lefal violence as well as patralbombs. Therefore we will respond in kind. I think esculations inevitable and I added in its worrying and I'm not saying that the Purcesses AR innocent. Of course. Not you know at what points do you escalate from you know, throwing rocks to firing Flami, I uter, no man, it 's complicated when your dealing with a country, that's got a million plus people in are organ harvesting concentration camps. If that's the case just report, the news, why remove that? I don't know I really don't. I think it may have to do with roiters having an international group of journalists and theyre scared that they will be restricted in China. Access is everything, There was apparently some australian guide. Who was a a politician on the Strugcle Thot. So fact chack me on this one, but he said something TOT Tof Gueno, China, Ye E insulted e PE criticized them over lot of the stuff. So May said he can't come OLS Se apologize that he says no way, I'm not an apologize
China is growing out of control. The things thare done: n the Wall AR becoming nightmarish the things they're doing in Hong Kong or are what nightmares are made of. So I can. I can joke about New York's homeless problem, which is distred Chicago's children, solitary confinement, really Sturbing, LOS Angeles as Drug Homewess and Phesus crisis. Also, very, very disturbing Bi'Ll tell you what man organ harvesting concentration camps takes that cake so ye we ike. I can. I can jogingly complain I mean, have Jo Guide Tis a serious promimse in the Yuas we deal with. I can't you know egast the Sman is so bad that we can't folks OM this Rew problems. Fine and the Red is so bad were no can a deal with organ harvesting concentration camps. That to me is mind blowing and that's why I'm leading to day with this big story, It's actually really scary to me that a company, a news agency, would say instead of informing the american people, you know wet we're Headqury wriders, as had quartered in a time square of taunts and Riter's building. Instead of informing american people as on. What's going on, we
the China, their money, look with the Antlookos Enviate like Akamer Birdthe, the be a gumnot fan of Embie, but look how fast they bend China for that sweet, sweet one! That's China is doing Somethathlg. You know what man allf these es. They want to claim that they're all about social justice or whatever known on Ananoe. Now man, you are o talk about, beat Askd boy cutting Israel Heina is operating organ harvesting concentration camps, something something its
and I don't know what the answer is cause. I don't know if there's a strong enough, you know, I don't know if war would would be. The answer maybe may bet may be an deffernally Jup in the Guenes. One may be hard to plum as he sanctions I got, TA say it: men, it's a trompes go es, is s is trying to you now take Chun a to task. He really is an I'll tell you this. I don't know if what he's going to do is Izit, but what hi's doing we'll work if it's right or wrong this lot of a a subsidies now being paid to farmers because of via the trade worn of DIS is a lot of NE negatives. But I'll tell you what when tromp Saidie Crhina had to be taken on, he was right and how what the problem is. If you had a problem with that- and I don't look- I I'd luck, I can talk
the Saudi Arabia stuff in disagree with trumpet a lot of things when it comes to trade with China, man, I'm not gonna, I dont know right or wrong. I have no idea, I can point out some criticisms, but I really just don't know so I'll. Tell you what, if you're somebody who hates the president doesn't like Trump, you should have focused on the growing threat of China a long time ago, and you didn't and in fact o bomber. Hillary Clinton wanted to give them. R with the t, peepy e, you guess you see what's happening with this country n, their growing out of control and something needs to be done about it. So these people were screeching at the man is bad. Unlikelissin men like most presidents, they have problems. Obama had a ton of problems, WS, be prosked, more whistle blowers, who licked a journalists than all other presidents combined Donald Trump in my opinion, has taken some foreign possy actions that I really disagree with a
Think there really are a leadership issues that part the president should not between your impeachment inquiry right dour, your impeachment hearing, the white Housestident should not be posting his things that this is exactly what gets Trumpany's problems and opened the door of the Democrats to waste time. So Trump is deserving of some of that Eunote, a criz of them meat he's responsil for some of Tus. I may think about it. If Trump just had one of his people make that phone call about investigating Boresma in the bidonce we wouldn't be in this mess, but tromp was a guide was as I'm going to do it. I know it's best and look. I get it. That's what that's why lot of people like him? I could understand that and I think in some ways there are good at their good things about having someone was willing to take charge. Actually, as I'm talking about China but it, but in the end you know, I think that for me I will say something needs to be done about this. At least Trump is doing something I don't know if it's right or wrong, because I am not an expert in those areas and I've heard criticism and and and praise
SA. What Trump was doing. So what wil le me to say about it? All I can tell you is Hamen for the longest time our leader sat by while this Proble grew like a dangerous but ye. I want to call it. I got to be careful, but what the words I say, but it is getting worse and at a certain point we see what they are doing to their people. We see media companies bending over backwards. They were am sad the article was up did in Monday. Now we like a different post with no paragraph as same as original. That line. Now is a Hong Kong University, a daring escape wuth fears of bloodshed. They there's there's nothing on this article that mentions anything on an update or a correction. It just says Noember seventeenth a day ago. Look at that! Look! You pecy Thor! You ore, ol, look at the your aul top Hong Kong police threatened use, live bullets as stand: Ofh Thi, Proces Ascal, live vots. Doesn't it does even appear in the article at all any more? I can't tell you what it is: SOM wriders might say o no, no, we were teenly she
that you are all of our stories to completely different stories, may best the case now an idea, but I will tell you mhen, you are to talk about impeachment. You are blind and you are wasting time The things that Gonnale Trump are doing are nowhere near as bad as wich. China's do int just the other day, a f peep out a story about a hundred thousand children into emigration attention and then they said they were going to Delahte it because it turns out. Oh, that was Obama's number the Leadet, you Munit Ual correction. This is news. Tha! U N said this: leave it up change it to Obama nope. The orange man is bad heavens, People coming to our country, knowing, though they will be detained or returned to Mexco, and they still choose to do it. There theyre saying that's the worst thing in the world Ao c Gos an Amazon be siences, as these are concentration cats. Excuse me, are you paying Attengiont to I know right now. I am disgusted by this. No, it is, it is mind blowngd to me that, like I'll tell you what man, the worst thing at the president is that he he is brash
a an an arrogant and everybody knows that about Trump and he's got a potty mouth an and maybe an say what a comes o policy you can debate it. He says bad words and he's a mean guy, an he any any, and he does things the way he wants to do. As is that really the worst thing at the President, oh they'll, say but wore what the concentration campts him. You mean the one's little Bamma belt that had more kids in them than trumped et look again at man. It's bad, I agree come on. You weren't here for a bomb or one of our most doing this, and then, when I try and bring up you go that's what about his notes, not what about as its you being duplicitous. It's me pointing out that you're a hypocrite and a liar, and instead of talking about these problems like when I was talking about him, Bommeers when I made Figis, but the Endy a which is still on my main ganley, can read about the a emf about prosecuting whistle blowers. You said nothing you clapped and sheered us, as your president, did all of these things and other trunk does things that are in line. Withwth path presence have done, Ye'Re Squeechy, the top of your lungs, for I don't care if you want a Progesed, the president, but come on man I'll get IA
happening in China. St is damned near nightmarished Istopia, and I mean that literally I can joke about the U S, but this is US, and now I'm worried sing en B Se News and roiders, seemingly getting in line with the Communist Party of China. So you know what I'll say: Ti'Ve no problem and if, in ten years, China takes off the world because these people are screeching about orange men and they do not. Stop the encroaching insanity of the Chinese Communist Party when they're paying off the Emb A when they're paying off the yogan companies and their ND there seeping in to every APEC of this world. They will become a dominant power they will take over and the what fine? Maybe the communist, will string me up and I will say it now: something needs to be done about this. They are their harvesting organs. You can see these camps from space O K. Meanwhile, you're sitting their sang, but we man is the second coming of Hitler shut up. Just stop o carry YO
n. This is this isis that thereis there. There are real problems in this world and we are facing it down o k you complain about Donald Tronp, saying, ah, o Venemy of the people, the press. Ah poor babies, you got insulted, people who we believe may be associated at least in favour of the Communest Pait of Trhonna, just torched, a printing press, and you know what it comes. Aft, a few months after and B C news joined the smear fast against a news outlet because they, because they have some people who believe so Arnat Eve, a religious group that that Spart of the company men I'll, tell you what I think we're doomed. I really do because thing's got stop China, they are there powerful and they are paying people off and it's and it's very easy. China goes to these Enbyeig eyes and says: don't ansault us, we got money for you and what do they do? That's a Hayman
leave China alone due and be Abros. I don't. I can member your names, but you are literally defending a country that is harvesting the organs of people based on their religion. Lake them in concentration camps. We know where you would be in Worldwar to to all those people claim that Trump is is pure evil, UN in concentration camps. I know where you would be in Worldwar to as well. You wouldn't be dealing with the actual problem, you'd be ignoring it, you'd be complaining about some dumb domestic, a Meanwhile overseas in a mass of conjry, the billion people their gaining power. They are putting Pressur on the South China Sea there in Ading, the territory of others, other sovereign nations. They are locking up their own people in re education camps where they Alsos happened to be like he got Extkid me. I can just take it. Ye and then you have the nerve to call us right, wing, fascist or whatever nice trydude, nice dry,
I s is mind Blong to me to see people on the left, effending, the police in Hong Kong defunding, the Communest Party of China. There is no grounds for this period. We know what they're doing so. You know what man I can open this vidy with a funny joke about the nightmare destelpia, but who's going to do anything about this. I mestly don't know I really don't tromp, I guess is Trump. You know is his plan perfect. I don' not. May I'll tell you what, if you don't like what he's doing then the worst than you can say that trumpes doing it wrong least, he's doing something all right Nithinus. I think a really big issue. For me. You know Coingin twenty twentyiers, who ing to stand up to China and I'll tell you what this problem cannot be ignored any longer I'll leave there Stickar Ond nexacments coming up at one PIM Oin this channel, and I will see wall there. A democratic state senator has announced he is leaving the Democratic Party because they are moving too far to the laugh. Now Fox NEWS refers to it. As the increasingly liberal party- and I take issue with that, because I fi view myself as
liberal and the Democratic Party is anything, but they are continually Emb in far left identitarian socialist. Sees that is not liberal, I Berty liberal is kind of based in liberty. Not always the words changed. The point, as far left does not mean Laurel UST. Take back that word, but let's ha go the story- and I want a high light something after this as well. Abamma warn't you're going too far left and they refuse to listen. So I tell you what, as these younger gressives and far left start getting more and more media play because their allies in media prought them up. They are going to fracture and destroy the Democratic Party. It's not going to be this
I I imagine that the young, Turks and Aosias are the people all other people are imagining this future, where they run the Democratic Party, not an Anonem. No, you will destroy it and then call p. Youno you'll have something else, but here's the big. The big challenge I see in this country is worked for the most part, two partie system. It's not perfect. As a lot of problems, we could implement Renk Choycs voting or a multi Partiyes the point, as for the time being, what they're going to do and my opinion will insure a republican presidency for several iterations, the consevel GEN. Sto come Mayniii mean generations of presidency. Not you know, like human generations I mean, like will probably o our Publican come twenty twenty five probab laughed that too
because the Democrats are split and half southern likely not going to build a pull together, and here is just more proof. What's the story from Fox NEWS, they say a democratic states under a pencil Vienna who represents a district that flips to Trump and twenty sixteen said he plans to become an independent and caucus with the Republicans, because he's tired of purist politicians and felt a disconnect with the increasingly liberal party quote as an independent. I will continue to put people above politics said: Senator John, you to check represents Pennsylvania's fourteenth, sent a torial district in the northeastern part of the state. I will continue to support democratic ideas as well as republican ideas when it is they serve the greater good and help government work for people rather than the narrow interests of partisan purest. Now I will make very important distinction. I believe it was OM. Hurt me if I'm wrong in the commons, just in a mash left the Republican Party Becomein independent at at the bat
Vel, and that's significant too an we've we've known for a while that with tromp a lot of republicans are retiring. Here is the thing, though, when it comes the Democrats there's an internal civil war. When it comes the Republicans they ave people leaving. This is just another instance of some one leaving, but you combine this with Nancy Plosy budding heads with a o c, with Obama warning everybody with a gallop pole showing the split between the progressives and the Conservant IND Moderate Democrats. And what will we see with Republicans that for the most part they are rallying behind tromp tremendous support? Some people are leaving, I guess that's to be expected when you see this change in Ou Publican Party. On the democrat side, however, they haven't that that that the establishment refuses to let go they are holding on Ferdyar Lfe, and because of that, the left is gaining more ground. You will start seeing people to fact what you also see
a loss right. So when people like a match or whoever leave their public and party, they can be replaced. Someone else will come in and vote because Republicans do like Donald Trump. This is different. The Democrats are fighting over programme more moderate the moderates. I Hak sang moderate becauses, more LUT, the crony establishment types dho, not they're, not they're nokon, to stop they're atchyon. To give up they were. Sisted Burney Sanders and are refusing to let the fall left take over. Niat, minority leader Jacosus at Democrats were extremely disappointed by Eugheck's decision to turn away from their big tent values. Eujec responded and the Democrats Tent is shrinking every day the Republicans will likely have a twenty nine twenty one majority next year with you to check and a January special election in a solidly republican district. This is unique to jacks at I'm an independent I'm going to be fiercely independent. I have been independent by nature. Now it's going to be by party.
Check, one reelection to a third term and twenty team and the district without any challengers. He set his stances on issues, won't change and will continue to support some of the democratic Governor Tom. Whilst policies Democrats, picked up six seats in estate in twent, eighteen causing the party to look at potentially getting the majority for the first time in all thirty years you to chack will be up for reelection in twenty Twentyo and now it seems like that will not be the case. So what do you think? The throw said? Listen, you know this. Is it's not going well right, you ve, gotta. Stop is what you think the responsible. Well. Let me show this story from the guardian. First democratic candidates reject Obama's warning of going too far. Left I'm not tearing down the system Burnes Anders says in response to former president's message. You are you wat. We know it is the left that is jumped off a cliff, not the right, not the mutter
so I'm sitting here listening to Republicansis, Ine Democrats and ever Gratch ES jumped off cliff and the media went right. After and now we can see it not I again II wo, I will make yer Ats absolute clear. You did have some Republicans retire, some some anger, but Ut Wut look o this way. With the republican side. You have Appeas by that net of the data shows us most. People agree on their values and some people fall off and leave with a democracy of a flat space fractured in the middle. You have two different pyramids with people jumping over a Bing like the modrts Amailic, I'm not so that means the Democrat support has been a shrink, while republicans do lose. Some people from you know tha from the fringes they thougt. They will just be replaced by more people who support the president. The Democrats don't have a unafine figure, not even o Bama could bring the Democrats together and that the Npoint, nothing unifies Democrats there in a state of civil war and they completely disagree, and
ill. Tell you this as somebody who has always been on the Democrat side YA, I'm proof of that dude! You look at Tulsy, Gabbard and whoe supports her. A ton of people who are burning our bust support, Pulsey Gabbert, that of the Dedit, is amazing people who voted for Bernie Sanders or who primaried in the depth for the Democrats and then Flipd for Trump. I know people who straight up id for trunk and now want to support Tulsie Gabberd, because the to a lot of these people they said Trump was better than Hilary O Bama steps. Saying listen, o kay! We need to bring things together in their response. To her o Bama you and what your talking about a Bama does. However, it doesn't matter because they don't like a bomm either they call Obama right wing Bhe. Left, does not see themselves in Morocco, Burma and that just shows exactly what I'm saying. So what do we get? A yo see. Democrats are not added to far left says. Oh Kazakhstan, we are bringing the party. Oh, I want to be the poverty of the new deal.
Says: the progressive congressmen from New York, the Party of the Civilrites ACT, the one that electrified this nation and fights for all people. But let me assure you, listen progress for the sake of progress doesn't seem to make sense. O k, progress in its truest definition makes absolute sense. We want to advance it JI. We Aunht Tor Pradexible rights. We in to make sure we are thinking I had and planning for our future. That's not what they're talking about what they're doing is Ther in things that we've already accomplished, like the nineteen sixty fourth of a rightack which grants a ton of protections and they're just sit like instead of saying. What's the next thing, we can do to make things better, they're saying take that thing from the past and and beat it over Thad with a hammer except you know, Gi Gleksters turn the knob to eleven. Listen. We have civil rights, we pass that lowt of fight has been won for the most part, not perfect, there can be some advancements and changes raises them a still a big problem, but the law is the law and the culture meets a change Oquet, what there
nabout the new deal. Again. We did a Newt deal for a reason. It gave it a great depression. We had more we are not in the same place. You are looking to the Pait because you are regressives. You are reactionaries se, here's the problem. They like to claim that people like me are reactionary and their argument is that we're resisting the chance you're, not changing things you're, trying to make things the way they were a hundred years ago, o Cay the nudial not be what we need to day. Jacking of the middle wage may not be what we need DTO day. That's not progress. Technology is changing a culture is very different and the international stage looks very different. Your archaic plans based off a hundred years ago, are reactionary. There sang Wha we be like we were a hundred years ago. Why can't we be still fighting for civil rights, even though we won that fight? get it. There are some areas that we can fight for, but listen. The fight for civil rights was very specific. Laws were past,
Those laws exist. Now you just want o Tao Iding the same thing that was already done using the same language but for different groups, then ane of the scrips are already protected. Now the add new language like the equal, writes amendment, but that thou would actually take rights way. People are reactionaries they're trying to bring us back in time there ignoring technological development there you know what man. This is the part that this right here is the perfect example. I want to be the party of the group of the new. Deal again, Letle look I'll spare no punches for the make Amere great again, but at least make America great again is a nebulous phrase that says we're going to make America great, not by old standards. It is naturally e speccifyingything and could mean something difference. N totwo to different people, because what is it really manything it just make being great could be base on Technolog
development, our current state culture it could, it could mean a lot of reasons to be great today requires a different path, so certainly the left has criticised the right saying to try to bring us back in time. None in the note you assume that, but quite literally we are seeing now a democrat defecting. I want to state senator and fairly sky of measures to make. I live in a failure area, but now you have, you can see it plain this day. I want to be the party of the new deal again The nudial may or may not have made sense to pin on whom you ask, they might tell you, it was a success or a failure, but the left religion was a great of great success and I think most people Cin to do o K. Does that mean we need the exact same plan today? No. Does that mean we should look to the past and see that that what what they did to try and solve our problems, they absolutely not. Could Imagine if somebody said something like INA dissolve. You know I Ingthe the Atlantic Ocean. We should build wooden, frigates and carrivals. Look what
used to do. I want to be the Party of Fernindand Magellan again what but no whats. We we devote different solutions. We advanced achnology, the new deal might make sencs it may just because it's in all that hers that mean o what Wor tab. I'm saying there. Looking the past they're romanticizing the way things were and their trying to rewind and I'll give you another really great example: e YO see. Did this artpiece with witha a Miss Tere was Ike a pain, Ting and Ot the pictures of her and she was like in fifty years fifty year, old, o Cazio Cortes, is teaching a group of young diverse people of er to be in Congress and she lets Ite Knowever. She actually says in this artpiece that they will start replanting trees with the help of native elders because of their expertes ocamly points on thing out. You should watch it. You should it's something that to that effect, this is reactionary. It is romanticizing the
UST O K. We had shot a shamans shamenic elders who are doing rain dances. That doesn't mean it worked. Is me an n better, you know knows better biochemical engineers, people who can splice and crispur and genetic advancements and plant and an we had. People like Norman Borlocg, who ed artifical selection to increase crop yields, no trying to get Shammanian olders to teach thee Thee Ly Poor, Iknoa, a syptaclogicaly advanced culture. How to do things right is reactionary The word reactionary, doesn't mean like your ractines, something it's reference to. I believe, France, where you revolutionaries wanted Di D'? You know, remove the monarchy, and you had the right which reacted to that. That's whert. It comes from so they try to claim that the people telling them as snot
this a reactionary because we're rejecting change. But this isn't change their quite literally trying to do what we did a hundred years ago and stand the exact same path. Now we need progress. I'll, tell you what I'll tell you what progress? I just watch the video from this guy I've scalled Ype sorry is a great channel? He was talking, but a new, solid state battery and I don't know how all this fity was, but he sad, there's development that possibly we could have higher, yield denser and safer salshage batteries that could get a Testla car a seven hundred mile per charge. You know raiting right, that's amazing! Imagine you charge one time. He drive seven hundred miles, that's batter Nalogy. That's progress when you have atomation computers, an and new dial. Does it make sense? This is why I I've complained about how the left just keeps ANG Minhim a wage over and over and over again. Maybe that made sense fifty years ago, but does it make sense to day when it's cheaper to install a computer?
and even a rubber. You know what I went to will it: where was ous like an airport and hnos a restation and they have a frozen yogerk with a topping stand, bending machine and as a robut man inside you press a button and he goes and he grabs it and he makes the apull the ice cream lever and then he sprinkles on it, unlike they've just turned an ice cream shop into a single machine. So this is why what they're proposing is all reaction? they're sang stop, don't change a's. I like Andry. S, Enry ENG said no to the middle wage. He salt. We got talk a bout technology breaking Gogood is it asserly makes us? Does anybody want use Bengn? Why that's a really great point, even even when it comes down to the things we popt pot, propose in the past like those monopoly laws again something like Gougal, he makes a great point. Maybe ve may be old solution isn't the solution. They do eed a new solution for a change for at IC. Now
is shaping our society ways. We never could imagined. Could you imagine Usat similar nality? If some said the solution to this problem is technology from two hundred years ago? Is policy from two hundred ago. No, when she says this to me, I'm like you realize there are lot of really really bad ideas back. Then we don't want to go back to the way things were now. Of course, I will stress it is important. We take the good ideas of yester year and maintained them to day and that's a fair argument. The problem What she sang is that the new deal made sens space on the technowledgy we had to day. It might not make sense. So so, while there are great ideas like
no english common law protecting the innocent we've preserve those for thousands of years. Well, not perfectly the have gotten really good at it, at least better than we've be in a long time. There certainly are good ideas from the past we keep. This is, in my opinion, thinking that past technology and policy could be applied to to day they want to bring us back in time. I'm sorry! We can't do that. The cats out of the bag, social media has rapidly changed everything. So you can't just bands speech now sorry those laws won't work been there done that we're in a different world to day we ned to think about problem with solutions the problems of the day with the available technology and the state of our policy, this is not yet so I'll. Tell you what their reactionaries who want to bring us back in time, so don't be surprised when the Democrats starts and but by and this guy's gonna caucus. Now, if Republicans congratulations, this is what you get when you don't
Listen, I guess they 'Lgot Halleve. It there's tick around excitements. Coming up at four p m. You do not comslishe him cast all man more impeachment news. I think this might be the end I oud. I might just stop talking period about impeachment, we'll see what happens I'll, see you all then major breaking bomb, shell reports are emerging from inter facts. You crane alledging that well I got to careful about how I say this, but it seems I'm just read for you. Sixteen point million dollars received by Hunter Biden, the son of former Yu Usvice, vice President Joe Biden as payment from Boris was stolen from ukrainian citizens. Member of parliament, Andre Durcatch, has said Derhad said it a press confert that the key of based interfacts you Crain's agency tha. November fourteenth the prosecutor General's office announced a new suspicion to the owner of Barisma former Ecal minister Macolazatchevsky Woe wo Woola slow down. The lot got to know first
terfact is a Russian owned webside, but this story is good, not attraction, because naturally it lends to the idea that tromp really did need to be investigating the bidance and you crie. Now first. If the prosecutor General's office is releasing, New file, a an you document, a Sspecia men of your to call it making his implications then were done. It needs to be looked into there's more here CAS. Apparently these Mps are calling on Donald Trump and Voldamirs Alinsky. The present of yukrine to investigate seven point, four billio others may say this is a suspicions of illegal immigration of seven point: four billion by the family of Ex President Viktor Gonna coverage through the american Investment Fund, Franklin Templeton investments which they send us ties to the? U S Democratic Party, what what? What woke first Inter facts is a russian news website.
As far as I know, I believe it to be the case I reached out to a trusted source and asked them. What is the vpity to this, because these are huge bomb. Shell accusations and I was told that Andrea Dercotch s? A pro Russia MA was is a pro Russia and PE, essentially that his sympathies are more to the russian side of youngoing conflict. So take it all with a grain of Sault, don't give it too much weight until these documents come out. That is the most important I can tell you right now: there's may be a lot of people saying it exonerates the present its proof positive. It is good for the president. Yes, but not until the documents are puble. I will also stress John Solomon's reporting has tracked much of these similar reports and it's been dismissed outright by the US media. Understand there absolutely is a conflict between? U S and russian interests as it pertains to Eucraine Russia moved into Crimea, claiming it was referendum. There's a lot of complic
shus here. So yes, Russia has interests and absolute luye depriendises in Fub, but none of that matters all that matters is whether or not the prosecutor in you Krineit issue this because, as we know, Joe Bitan intervened specifically to get rid of the bad ones and they've claimed over and overgand o his impeachment inquiries. These hearings, Zalensky is on the level. Boke Ann mores Han have said Zalenski's a good dew trump didn't trust em. So I got a conundrum here. If this is true and the prosecutor is saying this- that it stand. To reason. The new prosecut in the administration is on a level and Bumpl's right. Thiy should be Investig Ad Noit say The prosecutor general is not on the level, and this is fate. News then was right to investigate why Wouth the Proscior General make false accusations against Hunter Bydon and of potentially the Democrats t's, also fair to Sayble Don a lot of these accusations
from Andrea Derkotch an I'm not familir with who he is so again. We need to figure out Whath o ver these documents, but again if it comes down to a filing by the prosecutor, the only outcome is that you crane, must investigate pyrion let's read em, they say Durk Kake said at a Prescot weread at the Pegio document once again confirms the data I had previously published on Boresma and international corruption, a corners according to a suspicion, notice, Biden and partners received their sixteen point, five in dollars for their services to off Foretheir services to Burisma Bydon received funds not due to the successful activity of Berezmat or for brilliant business decisions or recommendations. This is the money ukrainian citizens. The funds were of ned by criminal means that's what they say in the pigio Derkach said said the new suspicion noticed to Zalchevsky was received by him from investigative journalists. You need to take it all with a grain of salt.
Until these documents are public, and this investigat of Jour to they are. We need to see the documents? We need confirmation from the prosecutor so track. This again fact check me. The main reason I wanted to do this, I meant, is because I'll be honest with you. I did not want to read interacts, but I've seen some high profile, people sharing the story, and I believe this is very, very important. Text. The last thing you want to do is find yourself caught up in political, this information. I believe it is probable that this will come out from the pigio, which but were not where no near confirmation. I have been wrong many times in the past o k, take it with a grain of salt, but I do think it's important to tract this Interfacts
snot. Ah just because their russion Hus am Mene the recredible. They do news and there the other this, the ukrainean arm of them, and they bit that's fine right. Well, we need to figure out is now what Weat weed Mut we go towards the investigation. So again, I wantot make your ustress for the millions time. It's important read this ind when ye to dig further there's a lot of people. Rer tell you it's true and it may be grain of salt. We need more verification according to the investigations are chosen, was directly involved and the withdrawal of funds by the article which family they laundered the funds have yet to come, which, through three companies in Latvia as report in October ninth year, cuts made public official correspondence between the National Anti Corruption Bureau of Ukraine and the Eu Sembassy according to a a point o which First Eppi Nabo Drector Gizo Uglava there, his assistant, Paulina, Chitish Chis, provide US embassy with information that affected the course of events in ucrine. And U S accordingo him Chis received
received an order from: U S: employee Hannah Yeah million over to provide information on the case of Ex ecology, minister and whereas my group owner Michaela such schemes such as key review, the amount of money that was transferred to the presentatives of Barisma Group, including Hunter Bidton, a corner, the dock, about sixteen point. Five million dollars was transferred in favour of Hunter Bidon, Alexander Kuaznuski, Allan Apter and Debon Archer. According to Cotch Ex Prosecutor, General Victor Shokin repeatedly contacted Navo director Ardemn Sytnic in the framework of criminal proceedings involving brisma, but constantly received formal replies. The activities of Chokin o Cornendorkach irritated Joe Bodon during his fifth visit to Kiavin two years on December seventh or eigh twenty fifteen. The visit was devoted to the issue. Moving shoken as prosecutor general and the affairs of such Zatowski and Bresma. The instrument issued. For pressure was the one billion dollar credit guarantee that the United States should have provided you
Bydin himself acknowledged the pressure in a speech to the Ues Form Relations Council in January, twenty eighteen on November, Eleventh Stirk sat on his veil blog that Hadf of the specialized anti Cruption Broskitar's office, Naezser Colo De Nitski, Lodge investigation into his allegations that the Knabu had provided information to the EST embassy in ucrine? He also noted that from May to dozen fourteen until October, twenty fifteen bure as much transferred four point- eight one, seven million dollars to Rosemont and the latter transferred eight hundredd sevent on thousand two Hunter Iden Durkhach according to a source may be pro Russia, so take it into consideration. Yes, ushions. Do want to undermine our efforts in Yew Crine, just because the Democrats are overplaying their hand and screeching Russian on stop. Does it mean there isn't a risk Yere there is so so again, but, however, we to break this down
if this is true, this may be one of the most damning implications we have heard so far. It might not be true, but if it is We have a story now of Joe Bidon intervening in a criminal inves ation into Berisma, which is now Beieng investated again, but to they're, saying and that Hunter Byge vesubstantially more money than previously thought. Sixteen point: five and a lot of money for nearly five mille tor Rosmonsenneca, listen if the United States is giving a billion dollars to eucrine, and it's true that Ukrainian Craine stalas are being siphened back to the Bidans and Joe Bidon intervened and said you will not. Money. Unless you do. As I say, this sounds particularly bad, particularly bad, but I'm I'm sorry. I have to do it again. We are far from having confirmation on this. This should be the point at which people in that I'd states, including real journalists, are digging, but I want to bring about more important point moving on from here, just a
video, Gordon sidelined, flipped! That's what we're here today and the impeachment inquiry this any flipped. Even though, is providing nothing he's contradicting himself. We ve learned some very important things for one. According to someone's testimony, Donald Trump was asked. What do you want from Ukraine and Trump said? Nuff, I want nothing. I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. I want them. I want tells a lens you to do the right thing. I want him to do what he ran on that should be it game over right game over the question is even after Sandman testify to that fact. Why would come out now into? There was quid pro quo. I saw this tweet from our member. Fannas an BC. Ah the beat with ARI Erring Onouussemi's. He said within a matter of days, Trump admen witnesses are seeing the stark choices between Roger Stone, obstruct convicted Friday and now facing serious present time, Juliani resist and facing a major esti and my probe Gord an silent co operate and reveal who ordered you to do what I'd like to point out the important take away from the Stweet and tae
orifying implication. Ary is making Roger Stone, wasn't convicted over anything to do with Russia collusion for the most part whatyou. What what he sang has nothing to do. Imy trump was exonerated right. Well, no CAE, the argue asn't, but Trump was cleared. He didn't eat an eat, it no rong. He did not collude with Russia Riger Stone still at the prison. That's Weir Julianna resist and face a major Esti, an my proble. What is the esti and my probe have to do with you crane nothing. What are here is insinuating- is that they are all than the government that will jam you up. They will find a reason unless you give them what they want. That's what e's implicating this whole thing thinks all of it. I can't tell you it's happening, but we do have made your conflicts of interest and I think, based on the media reports around Hunter going back to twenty fourteen that the dozen or so I pulled up on twitter and post the other day every single time they said: corruption, corruption, corruption, Hunter by
s undermining the? U S! Nobody looked into it man have to lean towards, at the very least its time to investigate the bidence otherwiseu. Look at this terrifying potential reality what that, if you're innocent of wrong doing, but you don't do what these intelligence agencies want, they will find a way to put you in prison. Welcome to your free world, Hump I got a couple more of Vidios coming up in a few minutes sick around. I will see shortly another major breaking story: we've had a ton going on to the fbialia seeking an interview with Thes C, I a whistle lower. It appeared, that the name may become public soon. Who knows reports the F be. I recently sought to question the Sie whistle blower, who folloed a complaint over President Trunps July. Twenty Fiftyu prane call a move that came after a vigorous internal debate within the bureau or how to respond to some of the issues raised,
complaints, elegations and whether they needed to be more thoroughly investigated according to sources. Far, my with the matter and Affe, I a In the Washington field, Office N October, reached out to one of the law. Presenting the whistle blower and asked to question Yea analyst, who trigger the congressional inquiry into the president's conduct, one of the sources said When no interview has yet to be schedule, it is unclear what the intended scope of the interview would be or one of the whistle blowers lawyer. It up was whether the whistle blower's lawyers will agree to it. Margshats The lawyers for the whistle blower said he and his CO council would have no comment and af the ice. Folk's person also declined to come in this does not sound for the most part like the ef pi eye is trying to dig into what the sea I was Awormay Ofe then wrong, but it seems like the Efbi I might be investigating into WA
president did something wrong now, it's it's! It's strange, boull tell you what with Russia Gate and Muller, I do not believe the Efp eyes acting in the interests of the elected president. It sounds like they heard of a complaint and they wanted to dig up dirt. Om being a little hiprobolathar Bhut, I sounds like the Ff B. Ee was looking to a President may have dome the request from the F comes in a sensitive moment. Er Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee are making repeated efforts to out the whistle blower in order to suggest he may have had political modivations hostile to the president. When he filed his August twelfth complaint with the intelligence committees can Anthe inspector general now het, he did and Kae we no for the most part lest e it lent it. Let me something what people don't seem to understand out political bius is they think people are acted?
lebiased, as though some one LUT like Ther. Imagining that this individual is sit in there going like I hate the president. I must find a reason to destroy him. Ne ha ha ha ha. No, I mean that may be the case, but in all actuality the political bias is subtle, meaning. This individual is known to be a Register Democrat who worked for Obama, who was probably being fed information from politically biousd sources. And he's watching. I must n't be see all day and if that's the case, he doesn't know whawhat's going on his actions are based on incomplete information due to his being in a bubble. We can see that these dis, impletethe impetient hearing so far have revealed. That's Vindeman and Williams knew nothing
about the ukrainian scandal. They didn't know anything. You know it's really annoying when subordinates think they know more and the people running the ship. Could you imagine if you're piloting a boat you're on plain you're flying that plain and you art doing a back to the lift and then all of a sudden, some guy Stew Stuart. You know a steward, a flight attendant says: why are we turning? What we're ass was returning and he runs insights complaining in demanding the pilot be removed as we shouldn't be turning this way. I don't understand, we never do this and thererisino was turning was because there was potential day storm. I had something they had to move these people don't know anything about what's going on and they are causing undue strife to our country and massive partisan divide because they think they know better than the pilot. Now, in reality, it sounds like the
it might be wrong a a vulgar and Morse and testified the President S believing Fanke news sure was war it risk of crashing because of the turn no well, the pilot ET's the Jews. So Feastes clouds ends, as it was a extonicate to not trust as Hing was not im turning anyway SOE. What, Three more, they say any investigation by the F p AE into the issues raised in Vissiblor complaint has the potential to introduce new wild card into the debate over whether to impeach the president over his ucrane dealings in late September, the Justist Department confirmed that Brian Benchkowski, the assistant attorney general, in charge of the Juste's Dapartments criminal division and in a pointee of Trump reviewed the whistle blowers detail complainto the previous month and determined there was no violation of campaign finance laws by the president when he asked you Crannyon Presiedent Volugner's Lensky to open up an investigation into the gas company that had once paid Hunter Bidon, the son of Omer former Vice Presindent, Jo Bidin, to serve on its Bord they
you Yahoo for getting this right? We have heard over and over and over again from the media, trying to claim that Trump wanted an investigation and the violence no bar. As my big difference because now bears the store. I just covered the other breaking news. It seems like There may be good reason to investigate Berisma as a result, carry Coopack chief of public affairs, so the justice dapartment determined that no far action was Warrenton. Yet here we are ha habout that, but that decision, a juste epart Alsaid was limited. Only to the question of potential campaign of Financelove Vilay and not to any other issues raised in the whistle blower complaint. It was a ery, narrow Issuef. The official said some official. Nthe Efpy eye, which received its own copy of the whistle blowers complaint and Earlys Atember chafed at a justice department, move that they believed aimed at shutting down any inquiry at all, especially into potential counter intelligence issues raised by the allegations.
According to a former senior yuis, intelligent official who has discussed the matter with current Effy. I counter intelligence agents, There were guys who wanted to run with it said the former senior official people were pissed off others in the efpy eye? Were weary and didn't want to touch the Whistlebl or complate with a ten foot poll because of the Russia Investigation said a this former senior official Ethea Unter intelligence officials were particularly concerned about the claims detail in the Mistef Bloru's complaint at the President's Lawy Rudy Giuliani and to it may have been manipulated by russian interests, said the former senior official the two associates in question. Are I Gore Fermin and Lev Parnes, both of whom were recently indicted by federal prosecutors for a legibly conspiring, the funnal money into use? Alects there were guise within the intelligence community who boly This is another russian attempt, the former Oficial sed. He both think Juliani is being led down a the primrose path. No, let me stop you there do. You know
What the Russians are probably trying to do in order to divide and and unharmed Unite States PAN. To the Democrats. If anything, the whistle blower's complaint, is it his information think about attack factors? What is easier, to actually compromise Rudy Juliani or to cotcompromise the Democrats who are desperate for anything they can use to tear apart the executive branch. They there ad, a trump losing they are the vulnerability Tromp's base has rallied behind him. I, the Democrats, won't stop. So what you think happenes that Ther three years of rush Poton's, probably laughing going look out n nuts, they go, let's throwm a bone and see what happens, and it takes only a whisper, a Whis through? Perhaps I don't know, ukrainian lieutenant colonel who was offered defence minister position from Youkrane who had mened Twot on three occasions? Who then gets angry
Nghosthas spread some rumors which result in exactly what the Democrats want. Listen man, I don't know anything about Venman. I do think it's very strange yhould be offered the deposition of t be ahead of of it, the defence minister for you but he seemed like somebody who had undermined the president as apparently talked to youkrine about the president. Is it possible that there are n, fair interests that would so discord in our country to Russia will year, of course, do the Democrats over asked to make what that was absolutely it turns out of after three years. It was nonsense. In fact, guess what the rush in disinformation was: the steel dassier? How about that? So if you want to talk Iong M about whose manipulated by the Russians. It's the Democrats, not Trum. What's but where hat worlds we have, they say one question likely to be raised by the Effy Ezed inquiry. Is why
hero is still interested in talking to the whistle blower given at the house has since taken testimony from others who have far more direct knowledge of the White House's interactions on you, Grancious. Perhaps. Perhaps because the whistle blower started an impeachment inquiry which may damage or even destroy the fabric of this country, and maybe that was russian Dissintor, Maybe the useful aid is the whistle blower may we to know WH. This person is because they may be seeking to so discord in this country. The rush this information started the Muller Investigation and it was not revealed by it. That that the steel dossier was fate news with fate new Vake information by Russians. Here we are, they say largely overlooked in the impeachment dirate. So far as that Sie the S EA analyst, whose complaint was forwarded to the FBI specifically raised his concerns in the contucts of an Intelligente trect.
Tree. I am also concerned that these actions pose risks to. U US national security and undermine you as government's efforts to deter and counter four intelligent interference. Injuus elections attached to the seven page complaint was a classified appendix that has since been partially released, but one of these sections and a footnote to the appendix had been blacked out by the intelligence. Committe Atrmet remained classified, and here we are still. This yea was a blower. We are not allowed to hear from. We have rampant ellegations of ukrainian interference, corruption and now the uf be. I wants to interview the saawhistle blower. Could this be the intelligence agencies turning on each other, or are they working in concert to try an dismantle the presidency? I don't know when I can't tell you
it is easy to so discord through the russian insanity and the Democrats are the ones causing it because if they back away is not trunk trumps, the one who gave the weapons to you, Krane, O Balat, was the one who dan't give the weapons. Did Russia want you claine to have weapons to fight it with no It seems like the rush. A disinformation is affecting the Democrats and that that is scary, but I'll leave it there This is, ah it's tho Rench in the spokes, ill say that will see what happens the afbi. I wants to interview the whistle blower maybe a lone happen. I I I think it would be unlikely, but we might learn. I mean we Knowa blowers for the most partwe. We believe we do, but maybe we'll learn something. Maybe something will happen. I don't. No I do have one more story coming up for you in a few minutes to around, and I will see you all shortly on other major breaking story. This time from politico documents reveal massive dark money group, both
idemocrats in twenty eighteen, a little known non prophet called the sixteen thirty fun pump. One hundred and forty million dollars into democratic and left leaning causes the green wave of campaign. Cash that boost Democrats and liberal causes in Twentyteen included an unprecedented gusher of secret money. New documents obtained by politico show the Sixteenh he fond a little known non prophet. Headcourt in Washington spent a hundred and forty one million dollars on more than AE hundred Laft leaning causes during the midterm election year, according to a new tex filing from the group, the money, ibitted to efforts ranging from fighting Suprecourt justice, bright Caveno and other Trop Judiscialnopanese two boasting ballot measures. Raising the minimum wage and changing laws on voting and redistricting and numerous states. The spending was filled, massive anonymous donations, including one gift tolling. Fifty one points, a million dollars. That's
donation was more than the group had ever raised before in an entire year. Before present, Noltrop was elected most of the group's funders, are likely to write remain a mystery, because federal law does not require social welfare group? Social welfare folk is NY to reveal onners. Let me tell you something Republicans. I have never been a fan of superpacks of the ability to funnel unlimited funds into non profits. Who can then campaign on behalf of his company of these organizations, of these individuals et Cetera an, It seems that somebody just put fifty plus a million dollars into making sure Democrats want to twenty teen. So why did they went and twenty a team? I tell you what, if you do not get it? nbe Onless. They will likely win in twenty twenty. I know it is a lot is a lot runding on twenty twenty sentirely possible. Tha takes at a landslide bace on all this matrics we've seen, but one thing you're not counting on is secret. Dark money schemes did whit, you know it it's its hilariouts. I might add that it's the left it' sit's, the young Turk, sits. The okasia
rtez I's is complaining about money in politics, but who is benefiting from it. Yup makes you wonder these people Ranan, Andat, Ino, Honterm linets of ging up the incumbents. But what do we see is Okazio Court has any different, in my opinion, a little bit I at YO think so, but for the most part now she's a celebrity driven egomaniac and she got all she does is play the game of Triversis tribe. Does she does she ever talk about the problems, the mistatious nope? She lies and she deflects and who is making sure people like her Wen, dark money. The groups, twenty eighteen fund raising surpassed any amount ever raised by a left, gleaning political on profit, according experts who pointed to the cocoa nut work and the cross roads nowert, as rare right lining groups that posted bigger yearly fund, raising totals at the height of their powers
the sixteeth and thirty funds rise last year as a sign that Democrats and allies have embraced the methods of groups they describe as dark money earlier this decod when they were under attack from the money machines built by the conservatives, including the coax, make no mistake. The parties have flicted the Moral Authoritarians Ore, the left, the dark money secret fund. Incampaigns the dirty schemes to get elected or happening on the democrat side, the affair is an underhanded tactic. Slies and smears are coming from Democrats, and this Shap proved you. If you were a demic, any point who was concerned about citizens, united and unlimited money being folled into political organizations to benefit politicians. This should show you it is flint. The coke brothers recently did bit some of vat with Thy George Sords or something, and now we can see twenty eighteen. I wonder how the Democrats won the house which ultimately led to the impeachment inquiry. Perhaps it was
massive funnling of dark money in terms of the size of dark money networks, there are only a few that have gone into view. An hundred million plus range said, Robert Mc Gwuire, the research director for the watchdog group, citizens for responsibility and ethics in Washington and an expert IND political unprofits. These kinds of totals are heard of Mc Guire added. I do think they're unheard of on the liberal side. I think that's what so striking about this ananino. Sixteen thirty fond executive director Amy Kart's, wrote that the group provides support advocates and social welfare organizations around the country, and we are pleased with the growth we had in twenty eighteen, o you're pleased. That's interesting. I thought the left was opposed to dark money and funnellyng. Unlimited funds
sixteen. Thirty fund played a role in the battle for the House of Representatives and twenty teen, a crucial contest for Democrats, trying to seize back power ever trumps rise. The election feature dozens of democratic candidates who decried the influence of money in politics on the campaign trail and, let me add, secretly benefited from one of the biggest dark money schemes we ve seen to date. The non profit operated under four does indifferent trade names and twenty team, many of which have benign sounding local titles, like Arizona United for Healthcare. Floridians where fair shake political revealed and twenty teen. A number of these linked groups were collectively spending millions of dollars to pressure republican members of Congress on their stance on healthcare taxes and the economy through tv ads and grassroots, organizing
a related organization called the hub project controlled the flow of money for this effort from sixteen thirty fond into states and districts according to apporting. By the near times this year, the group is continuing to work on campaigns that Americans care about how project spokesmen Dan Crawford said, including campaigns focus on health care taxes and the economy demand justice. The court's Focuse Group, helmed by former Hilary Clinton Presecretary Brian Falon, also ran out of sixteenth a ran out of sixteen thirty fone demand. Justice spent millions of dollars on tee the adds, as Democrats tried to prevent Brett Cavena from being confirmed a Supreme Court in Twentyiteen. More recently, the group projected a vilia
steam Bossy, Ford, accusing cabinet of assault on the side of a truck outside a washed and gala. Where Cavanaugh was speaking, you want to know where the unfounded smears of bread Cavanaugh came from. Look no further one of the largest in the dark money schemes we have ever seen, in addition to the direct spending conducted under prominent trade names. Sixteen thirty fond also distrerted more than ninety one million dollars in grance to ninety five other groups in twent. Eighteen, according to the tax filing these funds made sixteen thirty fund a major source of money for political, non profits. Pushing in array of charges on on a ray of changes state and federal law more than twenty seven million dollars F, that money went to America of votes. Another liberal nun, prophet THA described itself as the coordination hob of the progressive community on its web side. That grant by itself was nearly twice the amount America Voats had ever raised in a single year. Fourteen point: two million,
cording to federal tax records. Sixteen thirty found also druct at tens of mines of dowlars directly into state lable politics, including a ser, successful ballot measures. The group gave six point two: five million to a group urging passage of innovative ballot measure promoting automatic voter. I and as well as six million dollars to a Michigan group, pushing changes to the states redistricting process. On other two point: six five million went toward boasting a Florida constant. L amendment restoring voting rights to felons groups, pushing them on S. Arkansas, Missouri and other states received millions more more than ten million dollars flowed from the sixteen thirty fun and calloperado alone to organizing supporting Democrats in state legislative races and campaigns for Statebihte Office, while a several more focussed on expensive ballent measure campaigns. Does sound like twenty Eigh was a blue wave of outraged seberminites who were seeking to oust tromp or the
bound like the largest dark money scheme, we've seen on a liberal side ever perhaps a little bit a bolf. I don't think that just this money is enough to Ia victories, but it certainly was enough to offset incumbents and republicans competing against it. The ballent initiative process offers an important counterbounds to the failings of pars and politics, and we are proud of our support for some of the most impactful and important innitiative in the twenty eighteen cycle. Kurts the sixteen thirty fine executive director, Roten Ino, the group does disclose the amount of money of eachternation, which shows several strikingly large contributions. One downor gave the group fifty one million. Another gave twenty six millions and a third gave ten million and the whule project disclosed three of its downers in twenty seventeen Seattll venture Capitalist Nick H, a Han hour, the Union american Feta, the Union American Federation of Teachers and the Wis Foundation
founded by business, man and Enviromentalist HANS York, Wiss the huge size of sixteen thirty fond andstonations raise questions about weather it has its own independent base of donors or if wether acts as one of a actes one of part of a larger nower Seit bread, Capell campaign, finds lawyer at Echram El P, when you see a very large contribution, which is more than a third of the money raised, that raised the possibility that other groups are following money to the scrip to distribute to individual states. Is this part of a dark money at work and what is its function. There are some sign post that partly that partly shows sixteen thirty Fon's operate operators and but icial sources of funding. Sixteen thirty fond is closely tied to Arabella Atd vyi. A firm that advises donors and not profits about where to give money and was founded by former Clintont administration. Ap pointee Er Kestler Castler is the President is president and chair of sixteen thirty,
and Arabella advisers provides business and amitted administrative services to the non prophet, a cordon of Tatch filing several of the biggest doners and or organizations in democratic politics. Also have public lengths to sixteen thirty fone potential presidential candidate and Megadon or Michael Bloomburg gave two hundred fifty thousand dollars to a superpeck linked to sixteen thirty fone changed now, Twentyteen and the democratic donor group Democracy alliance, which, as dozens of members, including billionaire George Sorros, recommended last pring that down
invest several million dollars into sixteen thirty fund according to documents obtained at the time by political. So there it is. We got a lot going on and I think it's about time that people are looking into it from the Ukraine investigation to the F B. I try to talk to the whistle blower and now don't documents revealing a massive dark money group boosting Democrats. We got dirty politics and the Democrats who claim they were funny against it. I think their colours have been shown their true colours when they complain that report can reason coke money, but it actually care when they accuse Dave. Reuben I've taken cup money fiddle really care. They do literally the same thing and I hate all of it. I don't care if you saw
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