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Democrats Are Losing The Immigration Debate As Trump Escalates Deportations

2019-07-22 | 🔗

Democrats Are Losing The Immigration Debate As Trump Escalates Deportations. A Liberal think tank has warned that Democrats are losing the war on media messaging by appearing soft on enforcement.More importantly the Democrats seem to be at odds with their own party even 4 years ago under Obama. By undermining Obama's positions Democrats not only look weak but hypocritical.While much of this is fueled far the far left encroaching on the Democratic party it can mostly be attributed to a lack of real charisma and leadership on the Democratic side.Meanwhile Trump is rapidly escalating deportation and restricting new asylum claims. However there is still risk to Trump as his rhetoric on the "the squad," or Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan omars group, has gotten too hot for the "moral market" watchers who may turn on Trump come 2020.

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A top democratic think tank is warning the Democratic Party that they are losing the messaging war on immigration with Trump, and I think it's fair to point out that over the past several years, the left, the media, the Democrats have repeatedly relied on Ray racist, racist, racist over and over again they've pushed back on Trump's plan for the wall. They've claimed it was immoral. They claimed the crisis and manufactured and in the end, what happened they caved. They did well. Trump definitely walked back his wall plans for sure, so he caved to the Democrats eventually agreed to give in and help fund border security and humanitarian aid, because guess what there's a real crisis on the border- and we got a couple of stories to back this up. The first thing I want to do is take a look at this article from the daily beast. Top democratic, think tank warns party you're, losing immigration messaging war trump, and I want to stress, while we've all seen the narrative over and over again about the manufactured crisis, take a look. Story we had. I did go over the story of the day order,
agents used, tear gas does not nearly fifty undocumented migrants who stormed Rio Grande Bridge. So, yes, there absolutely is a crisis at the border, and this is one of the reasons for the Democrats are losing another video I went over in my view. Yesterday I talked about how the Republicans have raised nearly double the Democrats. So don't take this as uh. This shouldn't be taken as partisan. It should be taken as some an obvious that needs to be addressed by the Democrats if they plan to stand a chance in twenty twenty. Now, in talking about politics, it's important to point out that Trump's messaging could still be bad for him. He lost a lot of ground or to to the Republicans did in twenty eighteen. In the mid terms- and this is a group called moral market- watchers at another store- have pulled up talking about how there is a base of voters that are well. They are concerned with the
Connie they may be concerned. Less and more concerned about morality and truck might lose some of these people, so his old will start with the story and we'll move forward before we get started, make sure you got over to TIM, cast dot com, slash and if you want to support my work as a Paypal option of Crypto option and a physical address, but of course the best thing you can do just share this video Youtube the ranks independent political commentary. So I rely on you to help us spread to you know that the videos around, if you think there were people listening to. Let's get to the first story. The Democratic Party's decision to seed the rule of law creates the false dichotomy of America as either a nation of immigrants or nation of laws. A new report argues the daily beast reports faced with combatting the Trump administration's hard line. Immigration agenda in the arena of public opinion. Democrats have largely pointed to reports of horrific detention conditions spiking in custody deaths of
undocumented immigrants and President Donald Trump's, increasingly brazen attempts to undermine the legal immigration system hoping to counter the White House is border message by emphasizing that such policies and tactics don't reflect America's immigration tradition, but a new report from an influential liberal think tank provide The daily beast posits at the party's decision to cede the rule of law ground to Republicans creates the false dichotomy of America. As either nation of immigrants or nation of laws making. The party s candidates appear soft on enforcement and potentially weakening future attempts for humanitarian, focused immigration, reform I'll stop here and make an important point. I believe the Democrats are losing the messaging war they're losing the debate, but it's not just about the rule of law. It's about the fact that Obama pushed the rhetoric. We are a nation of laws, his words, it's about the fact that Obama created
He's cages that are now holding children and in his family's Obama, was called Deporter. In chief, I heard that from Jorge Ramos when I worked at the Univision ABC Joint venture fusion. That was those are his words and who knows better than Univision Anchor Jorge Ramos. He said, Obama was deporting what three million people what happens then, when the Democrats tried to distance themselves from this rhetoric and act like they have nothing to do with it or they act like Trump's plans, It's all trump you're, making yourselves look bad. You look like hypocrites for two terms: Obama pushed these policies and stew. Farm and where are we now trump is actually little bit softer a little bit Some areas that Obama was and what do we get the demo? It's claiming it's all immoral. So what are they telling? Longtime democrat voters, they're saying
everything you supported when you voted for. Obama was wrong. You were wrong and you shouldn't have done it. So what should they have done? How can you expect to have clear mess? on what we should or shouldn't be doing when you're basically throw in your own party under the bus Obama, was elected twice many of these people voted for Obama then went to vote for Trump. When you then tell those people. They were wrong for doing so. What do you think they're going to do? Come twenty? Twenty? It's got it to me. It's it's talking ignorance, they're they're, trying to take a moral high ground, but it's just the wrong battle, and can I also stress the horror of war that conditions are partly due to the fact. The Democrats cal
obstructing funding for humanitarian aid. What do you think is going to happen? You can't sabotage the plan and then complain. Things are bad while this may work for some people, they'll. Believe you a lot of people in Middle America are moderates. There's going to be like what are you talking about man Obama built these places? I voted for Obama. I wasn't wrong to do so. You are just pushing away your own base by doing this, and now it's not surprising to me to see a liberal think tank, a liberal, think tank, saying Democrats, you are losing this fight and then you can look at Trump strategy and I got to hand it to him propping up a little more cause Cortez who still refuse to support humanitarian aid. They look like extremists, they look. Nuts Nancy Pelosi is a thirty six point six ag approval rating and she's caved and said: ok, we're going to provide this funding. The New York Times said guys, you gotta do this in an editorial
far left Democrats still resist so Trump says, you know what that's the game plan and it's going to work for him absolutely well in Omar's approval rating in swing states what nine percent he knows, what he's doing he's making them look like they've turned their backs on where Obama was for two you, you can assume all day and night, but American are stupid and there are a lot of stupid people, but you know I'll. Take this the old saying from George Karl as a joke, he said think about how stupid the average person is now re up, not not think about. Half of them are stupider than that and it's But you can also, then realize half of 'em are smarter than that. It's a funny joke, but the truth is are a lot of undecided voters who are not morons. They voted for Obama for a reason, and many of these people voted for Trump for a reason, and if you, if you treat them like they're
it's they're going to say, I'm not going to vote for either of you. The moderates that I talked to ok, I know a lot of people. They don't like Trump and will get into the story next, but they are not going to vote for the Democrats because the Democrats are treating them like children, dare I say it look to the Democratic Party right now, the twenty twenty Democrats and tell Who is the charismatic leader doesn't exist, whether you love him or hate him? Obama was strong and charismatic. He would furrow his brow and say no absolute. Really not. This is what needs to be, and that was leadership and it's why he one twice he was a strong individual. Again you don't gotta like the guy to recognize that he knew what he was doing and he had that power. His voice and you can say the same thing, a trunk. I would I like in terms of attitude Obama way better, but but you have to it at a recognized this as much as I don't like Trump attitude. I know why it works. There is strength in his voice.
He tells people off now. You can sit here and complain all day and night that Trump's a bigot he's mean he's hateful he's boorish, etc. I've called him any of these things, but in the end, what do you think Americans want? Do they want a feeble president who's going to be moral or do they want? one whose strong it may be a little rough on they just crude crass offensive what they? What but, but but strong right, so think about what happens when you put someone like PETE Booty, judge mexican jungle versus Trump. Now I can criticize Trump all night for being crude and crass I'll. Tell you this in my opinion, and I could be wrong. It's my opinion. I'd be willing to bet. There are a lot of Americans Look, I get it. Trump is kind of a nasty dude, but we kind of need that if we're going to win these international debates, these fights these trade agreements, we need someone going to tell you to go screw yourself and they're not going to they're not going to put on mittens to deal with. You are going to be tough and you can hear it in Trump's
Yes, when he mocks, you know he he he imitated body slamming reporter. I think that's, that's bad! That's a bad thing to do. I like the bomb up in terms of rhetoric, but you got to recognize that people see what Trump was doing that and I think as much as I don't like it. That person is strong and he's gonna fight he's gonna win, so this was up so back to the main point. Democrats, when it comes to immigration, are two steps behind Trump: they they prayed about manufactured crisis. For how long and now it's going to bite them in the because Americans look, you can criticize the dumb ones, but the smart ones exist and there are a lot of them and they vote and they don't like being treated like morons. Let's read a little bit more, I got a lot of stores to go with. This might be a long video they say in doing so right, Tom Joe, it's vice prez, vice president of immigration policy at the center for american progress. Supporters of main immigration policy have seated powerful rhetorical ground to immigrate. Immigration restriction, ists, who
happy to masquerade as the sole defenders of America as a nation of laws we love it more. Well, you know, I think I think we got the point of this. When I got a lot of stories I want to get through. The point: is our our we've got to straighten out our immigration laws? Trump said at a campaign rally in North Carolina last Tuesday. You know in a very short of time. If the Democrats would give us a few votes, we could solve the immigration problem. It would be so great. I I want to add it's not just about a nation of laws. Are immigrants it's about the back to the Democrats, look completely on not reasonable. They've turned their back on where Obama was, and it's obvious we've seen the Yes, our Obama and Trump is saying we should a couple votes, this problem be solved and they won't do it and that's why Trump said fine make this make the face: the Democrats, okay, I see Cortez because she is the one who's been the most extreme, but I will warn I will absolutely worn at Trump voters, because I do have. I I've got a couple of stories on a pull up,
The Democrats, dangerous immigration game from real, clear politics, and while of course the criticism still fall the Democrats. There is some. There are some information very important to trump in this regard. In this story they talk about how the Democrats agreed to give government healthcare to illegal immigrants. It's a really bad idea. Rcp notes Trump is correct that taxpayer funded health insurance for the undocumented is not a popular position. In a recent CNN poll, fifty nine percent oppose the proposal, but promise zone handling of immigration and asylum seekers is slightly more unpopular. The same poll found sixty two percent disapprove of the way migrants attempting to cross the US border are being treated by the US government, while sixty percent approve of allowing refugees from. American countries to seek asylum in the in a June two thousand and eighteen
also similarly found that sixty seven percent disapprove of Trump's policy toward immigrants were detained at the US border, and there I think significant increase in the number of young children who have been separated from their parents. Trump's handling of immigration may be what's the end of that right. What's the quote end of that race, so all stress trump is not invincible and there's a potential pie. Eric victory in Trump strategy. I believe Trump is trying to bet on damage in the Democrats more than himself, but I want to make sure I do have some more conflicting information I'll try to do the back and forth, and this story from the hill. Just today,
Trump struggles to win over voters reaping economic boom, and this is the contrast to what I pointed out earlier- that there are people who don't care that Trump is maybe crew. Crecer boorish. This story talks about moral market watchers. These are people who are probably comfortable enough that the economy, the that the good economy doesn't mean that much to them and they're concerned about what Trump is doing and how he sounds internationally. If Trump loses these people any lost, I believe, but he lost to them. By about twenty percentage points they may mention in the story. Let me see a five here. We go. They say, worryingly, for Republicans and trump himself. Those voters broke for democratic congressional candidates by twenty percentage points in the twenty eighteen at mid term elections. The voters are suburban affluence, type of person, who's, probably doing okay, but is very troubled by the press.
Behavior and everything they see from him from time to time. So it's hard to know if Trump's on the right track, but I do believe in the end the incumbent advantage in the economy are going to win. I believe you're more likely to see people who don't care that Trump may be a moral if it their lives will be better, their children will have a future and the country is safe. So while we can absolutely point out, the moral market watchers there is some information on want absolutely highlight, as it pertains to the debate on immigration in this story from last month. Gallup notes one in three want immigration levels decreased: ask their preference for USA immigration levels. Thirty seven percent of American say it should be kept at its present level. While more say it should be, decreased thirty. Five percent of that increased twenty seven percent, the percentage wanting emigres. Reduced is higher than the average thirty percent holding this view in Gallup's to prior surveys and Jan
two thousand and nineteen and two thousand and eighteen. However, in the past, many more Americans have called for a reduction than do so now, including forty one percent in June of twenty fourteen during the Obama years. Fifty eight percent in two thousand and one after nine hundred and eleven and a record sixty five percent in the mid 90s during a surge of illegal immigration in California. They say in recent years there's been an uptick in the percentage who want immigration to the US increased before two thousand and twelve, the percentage never reach. Twenty percent, but it has been above that mark looting a record thirty percent in January. So here's what I want to stress right now. We can see one of three want immigration decreased. They will likely side with Trump, regardless of whether or not Trump is a moral. Or meaning, we can then see that a certain amount around a third also believe it should be kept at its present level. In fact, the biggest I'm the biggest group at thirty seven percent. I imagine many of these will probably don't care too much okay, so if there, if there, if I think it's for the present level.
I'd. Imagine they are the middle of the road voters, but that also may lean towards them not liking. What trump is doing, but in the end only twenty seven percent want the number increased. The bigger number in that debate, then, is decreasing. It so take remove the and let's take a look at the people who want more migrants versus those who want less those who want less definitely outnumber, which means, in my opinion, when it comes to the vote, Trump has a bigger advantage in being hard an immigration than if you were to be softap on it or encourage it, because three thousand five hundred and twenty seven the data is there. There are a couple of thanks things. I absolutely need to point out, because we do have a big update here. The Trump administration will let ice officials deport certain immigrants much faster. This is a big news, and so that's the other half of the story. Here. Democrats may losing the immigration debate is going to have a big impact in my opinion, because immigration is one of the top issues for voters, but once again, Trump is doing a great job of keeping the
if off of immigration by focusing on L had all mark and because your ties and as a new policy coming in that's going to allow trump to deport illegal immigrants without a hearing. So it's an expedited deportation. Process. Let's read a little bit of this from Buzzfeed. They say the Trump administration will dramatically expand the ability of immigration authorities to rapidly deport certain immigrants according to a federal notice posted Monday. Administration announced on the federal register that it plans to expand, expedited removal, quick deportations to those who cannot prove they have been in the country continuously. For two years the new measure will apply to the entire country the process will allow immigration officers to arrest and deport undocumented immigrants without a hearing in front of an immigration judge the current policy allows officials to use expedited removal within one hundred miles of the border and Tord individuals who have been in the country for two weeks in practical terms, it
is ice officers more power to determine who could be deported quickly presently officers typically arrest individuals and place them into deportation proceedings. These include a hearing before an immigration judge, a process that can take years and Trump has basically said enough. He is a effectively ended asylum for central american migrants. Where was the media on the left on that one? They got distracted by Trump playing his game, and now we can see trump once again is rapidly escalating deportations with no end insight, trumpet Trump's going hard and there's nothing stopping and, as I showed you, the data from Gallup, the majority of these two factions, whether they want to increase or decrease or on Trump's side. Now we can say to be fair: those who won
right levels kept the weight right right at at the place they are would mean trouble on the wrong side of this because he's deporting people, but I think when it's it's hard to parse that data, because you could argue at record levels of illegal immigration, Trump is doing what they want and keeping levels where they are in which, face the overwhelming majority, would be supporting the president. Now I want to point out two conflicting bits of information that I find kind of it's kind of funny. Well, not really I think that's. The last point I want make in this in this segment with the story from the epoch times, illegal it's coming to you us for surgery. The says he says border. For agents along the southern border have taken. One thousand sick or injured illegal immigrants to hospitals. Since January, according to Kevin Mcaleenan, Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security agents have spent two hundred and fifty thousand hours the equivalent of twenty eight years at hospitals with six sick, individual
We are being faced with a younger and sicker population this year than we've ever seen at the border before was it a lot of communicable diseases? Disease? a lot of severe illnesses. In some cases we've had in It's surgery required for congenital defects, they actually came the border to have surgery. Now. This is interesting. When you have Democrats, saying they'll provide health care. When you have the Democrat and we can't allow these people to die on C b, p r, I says: watch they have no choice but to treat them at taxpayer, cost your dear then gonna people saying screw it come to the US, get the treatment and then get deported it's better than dying right. I can't blame if this is the policies put in place right now. I can't blame people for trying to survive and doing whatever they have to to survive But, interestingly, we can see the story from VOX immigrants are skipping reproductive health care because they're afraid of being being deported. So there's a bit
inversion in a sense that the people who are here and want to live here don't want to go to the doctor because they'll get deported and the people who don't live here coming in for free healthcare, clearly. We have some serious problems in the immigration debate and all of this to wrap it up night. A nice in nicely with about is why I believe at least we can say the Democrats are losing the immigration debate. Everything is chaotic right now record. Immigration. We've got people storming the borders, tear gas border. Being assaulted by these people. So there's a real crisis and the Democrats have tripped up every step of the way now. Will that mean Trump will win in two thousand and twenty, perhaps my personal opinion. Yes, the Democrats are not on message. What do they really offering american voters campaigning in Mexico, healthcare for illegal immigrants? That is not
Thank you are giving to Americans so they're. Definitely going to win the woke bunch on Twitter, congradulations, eight percent of the country, corn and tribes. That's not gonna get you elected, I will, Trump supporters and trump as well, though his hard line rhetoric on on the squad may be a pirate victor, as I stated before sure he puts them front center and they do look nuts but he's betting. They look more nuts than he does so. In the end, I don't know I think, we'll find american voters at least most of them. I got my opinion. Don't care about morality for the most part they don't sheriff is bad. They care. If he gets the job done, they don't care. If he's mean they don't care, if he's racist or bigoted, I believe in the end most american. Simply like can my kids eat food? Will I be able to afford
college. Will I save? For retirement? Is there a job for me and they're not worried about Trump being called the Orange man, bad rhetoric they? Don't they don't care they're, not paying attention to the news every day you know I go outside I'm at the airport, so I'm in Dallas right Now- and I don't see one and wearing political clothing or anything. There were no blue hats, no red hats, nope nope, nope in cats, nothing 'cause in the end, people are just trying to get by and they care very little about the day to day politics and a good example of this is the view ship on you too? How many views again is be a couple hundred thousand is pretty good? I'm really. I'm really grateful. I think, like it's, it's been a whirlwind over the past year increasing my viewership ten fold, you guys rock, but let's, let's be real here, me, getting half a million views on a video, that's great, but come on man. We know If you make a video game channel you're going to get way more views, we know there are people
to do. Videos about pop culture get way more views. Politics is not on the in the hearts and minds of the american people. Sometimes it is and it's a constant information where to recruit people for one side or the other Now I can't say I'm I I do I'm just I just talk about it. My pains man, I've always been someone who cares about worldly events and worldly issues. So here I am talking about them again today, but but we know you know I could make a game of Thrones Channel where I just you know. Well I game of thrones over, but you know I can talk about New Marvel movies man, I'd love to make a comic book and video game channel. I get way more views It is. I just talked we had two thousand three hundred and twenty two minutes I talked nonstop all day can talk forever. Imagine if I talked about something people actually cared about. So in the end, the point I'm trying to make with that is that Americans don't care. They don't care. There question is why can't I get a job? Why can't I pay off my student loans? Whi can't my kids
college. Why can't I save for retirement? Do you do? Are they going to go on? You know VOX dot com every day and just shriek about Orangemen bad. Some of them well most want most going to be. Like all yeah. I don't care about that. I talk to my friends. May we play video games, I'm like a junior by what's going on with this border stuff on. I have no idea man, but I'll. Tell you what they can tell me every thing about the latest. You know a patch for destiny, two, they can tell me every thing there is to know about. You know the upcoming Bethesda Video Games and they can't tell me anything about what's happening in politics. So not everybody. There's and I actually think it's not a popular for the most part issue to talk about so in the end does Trump really care, probably not, because people are going to take place in the economy, I'll leave it there. Next time it will be coming up, Youtube, dot, com, TIM cast news and I will see do all of them. Over the past week or so Bernie Sanders has been getting slammed after news reports came out showing he did.
Want to pay his staff a fifteen dollars minimum wage, even though he supports one nationally and continues to argue for it the whole scenario is ii, described it as a fire truck on fire right 'cause, the fire truck supposed to put the fire out not burst into flames of all of the people. Do not want to pay a living wage to their staff, as their staff requested. You'd never expect Bernie Sanders right. Well, I guess you kind of good but here's the update, because I have talked about the store a couple times now. The socialist party, believes of great Britain is slamming Bernie Sanders saying he is not. In fact a socialist is but a capitalist, reformist and well, I don't think they said capital capitalist. They did comma reformist but it was also really funny, as I have this other story from May, where The world socialist website calls Bernie Sanders. Nationalist and they actually do call him a capitalist. So what we'll do is will dig take the story, but we've
we've got a statement from the New York Post Editorial Board. Because look you can't be someone claims to be an avowed socialist. Who demands this. This base rate of fifteen dollars an hour and then won't get it, and I want to stress to the the the update the other day for those that missed it. Bernie Sanders did two things. He complained that is, staff went to the press upset about this and you shouldn't do that? That's how Liberation organization supposed to work he also said he's going to cut hours instead of paying people what they deserve. So it complicated because you pay them a salary? It's not like he's just cutting hours down, but essentially he would use it. It's it's a into avoiding paying overtime by cutting peoples hours. How very capitalist of burning Perhaps the Socialist Party is correct to say that actually is a reformist, but you gotta. I gotta show you what the Socialist Party of Great Britain says, because they don't even know socialism is now before we get started head over to TIM,
dot com, slash donate. If you'd like to support my work, it's a Paypal option in Crypto option physical address, but of course the best thing you can do. Just share this video because you was the right, independent political commentary, there propping up the big corporate channels, so I rely on you what in what you've been seeing is a tweet from Steven Miller. He says, I won't millionaire Bernie Sanders who owns three homes. Instead of cutting hours pay his staff a living wage people are starving. While I search I don't believe people are literally starving. There are people on apparently in these leaked messages saying that they're struggling to feed themselves because they're only getting there working sixty hours a week for 36K a year, instead of increasing their wage twos. I believe they wanted forty six thousand eight hundred Bernice, it's just stop working those hours, somebody, just working hours, but here it's interesting and then it brings up last time. These imply
These are going to find. I you know, I I've got a stress. How hypocritical it is. I I I I didn't want to go there, but I'm gonna have to when those hours need to be worked. You can just stop doing whatever it is they're doing right. So, if someone's working sixty hours a week that mean they're doing something that has to be done? You can't just say: don't do it? What happens he makes them work. Double time right. So now those forty hours, you gotta, make sure you get all of the work done in those forty hours or else. How do you think is staff are going to feel now when they're not getting the salary increase? They need. They still can't feed themselves, because the problem isn't that you know it's so complicated
if thirty six case and have to pay rent for yourself working less hours, won't change that I got to say I am sure I am. I am rather disgusted by Bernie here, but let's, let's re with the Socialist Party psychology Brenda's, they said a Bernese. Just a left wing reformist, a reformist is very different to a socialist reformists: keep on futilely, trying to make capitalism a bit less ghastly for victims of victims. I was unaware, reformists: don't have a priority of ending and replacing outdated misery causing capitalism socialist do now here: cuz. I respond to this statement from the Socialist Party. Socialism means all of us collectively owning the industry's natural resources, etc. When this happens the socialist society will all oh own, all goods and services being provided by workers, a society that already
actively owns all goods and services is one where money is no longer needed, not true, but let's three on, as you don't have goodbye. What's already yours, I didn't realize it was that simple after a clear media reestablishes socialism people will be working voluntarily to produce what's required and everyone will have free access to what they need as this is a class free society with no top down control decisions will be made democratically at local, regional and even global levels. Mirus. Once this clearly must be written by, like some seventeen year old is never investigated supply chain. What take take a computer, for instance the computer, with the tv on using break it down to its components, strip and and and quantify the labor done and go all the way back to where those components come from and you completely debunk the sheer idiocy of this utopianist dream. That is not socialist. What their arguing
four. Is a post scarcity, utopia driven by replicator like technology from STAR Trek? I love STAR Trek by the way in the STAR Trek Universe. They have what's called the replicator, it turns energy into matter, so you can say computer. I want a chicken dinner and they can just fabricate chicken for you. Yes, once we have replicator technology, your socialist utopia will be pop. Mind you that the Federation STAR Trek, I really hate this. They. I was your people saying that the federation and stuff- communist or socialist! It's not! Ok, there's a military hierarchy and there's no service. It is a Emerald society that follows liberal, democratic tenants and it is a spot post scarcity future. So here's the problem, I I I argued with the Socialist Party of Great Britain once and I I I I I actually I think I should say we had a conversation and here's what I said:
in your future. Would I be able to say, build my own car in my garage and they said why, of course, you could. Why? Wouldn't you be allowed to freely the thing? Is I don't want you to build your own cars and sell them. You can do whatever you want with your own private personal, I'm sorry, not private personal property. They draw a distinction between private property and personal property and that personal property, something an individual owns, but I guess you can't own a building. I have no idea, I guess I don't know how you quantify. How big an object is that you know whatever but was interesting was I said, ok what if I need a new part? Where do I get it? They said why you walk on down to the factory and just telling you need it'll, give it to you, I'm like, oh wow. Why don't we just do that now oh it's simple. There are not enough parts to go to every single person who wants them, so we use a universal trade, medium known as currency money to Lee symbolize the value of our labor
and that's why the minimum wage increase argument is so, I guess my opinion kind of weak. It doesn't change value of an hour. I think the only is so so you know is. This is all tied together with immigration with wages and that's why I feel like these people are never going to get their utopia decided they want, because they literally don't understand basic economics, okay, okay, because a Cortez who thinks that what you say, twenty one trillion dollar accounting error- that was a that was gonna pay for healthcare. They they really don't get it. Let let let me break down the supply chain for you to know that there are people who have to, like you know, mind soul, for and, like that. Okay, you need all of these. Now, don't you not only did the components? Okay, you need. The metals, the rare earth metals that are extremely expensive because while they are rather abundant there in low concentrations, I was reading a lot about this, I'm like if there's so much of it. Why can't we Ok! Well, so my understanding, I could be wrong, but I was talking to someone, I would say is an expert on this and they said
kind of just rely on China to mine rare earth and buy it from them, but so far, electronics use them? You know, speaker is, I believe, for the most part use neodymium magnets, which I believe your name. Ma'am is a rare earth. The point is extremely expensive materials. They have to be sourced, refined, there's, not only labor that goes into getting the materials refining the materials, the technological advancement, development, application of the materials. The supply chain is massive. And the only reason that we can get products so cheap relative to what they are and what they need is because of mass production, if you're looking to get that, they think you you okay on. Let me ask you this. I ask this too many of my like left wing like far left friends. And it's something I asked people to occupy Wall Street, would you be willing to? I don't know, you know, go to a mind, sulfur or something like that
I watch this documentary about people in the third world in a thermal country who they stuff rags in their mouths and their teeth fall out. No, they don't want to do that. I don't. I don't like the idea that we have these like horrible living conditions for a lot of people, and I hope technology and save us from this, and like help these people, I also recognize we have tremendous wealth and wealth means as Americans You can literally get a job in New York City for VOX or Buzzfeed writing about Brad Pitt's junk and get paid 50k a year. How about that? These people are arguing for socialism. I'll tell What man you want to go to a globalist socialist society by all means, as long as you recognize, you'll never have an Iphone again. You'll never have a laptop again you're going to be going to be shoveling, garbage and crap in the streets because you live in an ivory. Our that is New York. Specifically these people, here's they say some other benefits far shorter working week all because, apparently just because now your socialist you're going to work anymore, it literally
makes no sense. Where does that argument even come from going to work? More, don't go live in a farm grow. Some corn see how you like it. Estimated to be around ten hours on average. Yes, because magically nobody has to work anymore. People will have maximum freedom to work in jobs. They actually want to do yes, but let me ask you this: how many people would want to be a rock our how many people are actually good at writing. Music. Therein lies the major problem of this utopian. This vision. That makes no sense. I can't tell you how many friends of mine would love to be a you know. A pro golfer or pro skateboarder he's not good enough told meritocracy got earned the right to do it. You got to practice and dedicate yourself, and sometimes people just won't have the talent, because you know the to play a role. So what happens? Then? We create a society where everyone just plays guitar. There was a poll I saw where they they they asked
people in the UK and the US what they wanted to be in the kids and they all want to be bloggers. They want to be on Youtube. Oh great, we need more of that you're watching my channel. They go. I say, no worries about money, bills, debts, mortgages, rent, etc. Yes, except for when we run out of fuel, because when you don't, when there's no cost to it, people just do stupid things with it. Think about this, you know, I met this guy in LA once, and he said the lottery is proof that poor people should be I don't necessarily agree with him, but it's it's interesting point that he says and it would That was less than look at all these is that people want to learn where they do. They buy golden statues of themselves and that's why they are poor. You have all this money, you could invest it. You could start a business you could even just to put in the bank and just sit on it. Do they do they? dumb things now I did read up on this later, and people are doing way with lottery winnings, are hiring financial consultants and are learning from the past, but the point
is making is what happens when you just give a poor person immediate access to exorbitant wealth. They do ridiculous things with it. I know, Somebody who wants one to six figure settlement from being hit by a car and what do they do? They bought a brand new like thirty thousand dollars car for no reason didn't need it crashed it bought another one, didn't care and then ran it. Ragged they didn't understand. Money was finite. Resources were finite. These people seem to think Food is just infinitely abundant and there's an evil villain with a top hat, saying, let's make sure poor people can't eat right now I swear. I that's why I said this is probably read by some seventeen year old because when I was seventeen, I was going like it's so screwed up that we have all of these houses that are empty and all these homeless people it makes no sense. Capitalism is wrong. Just put the homeless people in the houses and it wasn't until I was older. I realized something has to maintain that house. Somebody has to fix the plumbing. Somebody has to be responsible.
For that house? Otherwise, you will end up hurting the homeless person. I think there are some. There are still some kind of compromise there in that we can create shelters for homeless people, but it's such a shame. Eight eight, eight, immature, infantile idea that you can just take an empty house and put a homeless person and it okay, great in the house, falls apart. The plumbing breaks somebody has to maintain the house, and you can't assume that, just because a person is homeless, they know how to do that. That's the problem with the socialist types, and you know how I got to jump over this editorial Sanders feels the union burned over minimum wage facets that I don't. I don't want to ignore the story. From yesterday. All last night, the Editorial Board for the New York Post publishes this slamming Bernie Sanders, because once again you know let's try something too, I'm not an economist, but I
back in two thousand and sixteen still as someone who was a fan of Bernie Anan. Let me stress a fan of him in the sense that I felt he was genuine and he said no open borders. Border security said free trade agreements are hurting America and he was a lifelong politician who fought for civil rights Not I'm not. I've never been a far left. Individual lot of people say it simply because I supported Bernie. I was all for social, that's not true! There's just who do you pick Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders, so I was like we gotta get burning. Now he's let me down now I moved on to see I like to see better a lot of stuff but let's read a little bit about the near post, has to say 'cause. I think it's funny to highlight this circumstance. He finds self and they say Bernie Sanders of all people- has union trouble and it to show how nasty organized labor can be there, socialist senator made history by agreeing that his page two thousand and twenty presidential campaign workers would be wrapped by a union united food and commercial workers, local four hundred with all earning at
eighteen dollars an hour, but now the union compliance all employees are getting less worse. Someone leaked the whole dispute to the Washington Post. Worse yet Sanders spots, could be a violation of US labor law all on its own, and there is dropping the hammer. They say inscribe centers on the fact that field organizer is the lowest level workers often put in sixty hours a week, but the cape paid only forty since our flat salary, it drops the average minimum pay to less than thirteen an hour. So we we were. We were all this, but I want I want to see what they say who began soon after the March deal that unionized the campaign. She cares first offer in mid. It was to boost pay, but the union rejected that because it would have oblige these workers to pay more for their help I don't want to rehash all this. I want to make sure that I want to see if they mention anything about violation of labor. I guess not.
So Bernie that they're going to highlight that Bernie slammed the the organizers for going to the media, which is just you know, I don't even want to explain that's beyond hypocrisy like it's one thing Bernie. If you don't want to pay it's another thing, when you get mad, that they are fighting back against. You You are the millionaire in power. Isn't it funny? I see the caustic comment. Put them on the verge of deleting federal labor law by interfering with or retaliating against, employee. Is exercise of their rights. The campaign response now, that's it's all gone public is to restrict the field workers from putting in. And forty hours a week. If it then bring On more unpaid volunteers, pick up the slack, that's a different union grievance. I gotta say men final thought on this, because I'm I won't rant on that. The I I do find it funny that there ought they're calling Bernie so a nationalist capitalist in this article which and it's not the first time to but listen
The left is going to say: Bernie is, is trying to make sure people are working forty hours and that's a socialist thing to guarantee that the weekend in the forty hour work week. Listen that doesn't matter if Bernie's staff are struggling to feed themselves and he refuses to pay them more and instead response by cutting hours he's a hypocrite I'll leave it there stick around next time. It will be at one hundred pm. You may notice I'm somewhere if I'm in Dallas right now, you'll find out. Why soon and next time, at one hundred pm thanks for hanging out, I will see you all in the next story. When another race hoax recently, you may remember Covington where the kid was standing on the staircase smiling at a native American and the media went nuts, and I remember the you smile at hoax. Now we have another one. If you haven't been following I'll, give you a quick recap, this woman, Erica Thomas claimed that will actually let me read you this tweet, because this is very important for the story is NBC News. Tweeted yesterday, at five hundred and nineteen
Eastern, a black, a Georgia state lawmakers at a white men cursed at her in front of her young daughter and told her to go back to where she came from, because he thought she had too many items in the express checkout line at a grocery store. Let me just throw it to the Red headed, libertarian wow. Despite this carefully word headline at your still wrong for those that are familiar with the store. Let me just tell you what really happened. She did a prestige, okay, she put others live stream where she made this claim to the guy called her a lazy so beat so I go back where you came from George ECHO. It because viral press conference. Dude actually shows up and says not true. You made it up and then in another statement shortly. She says. Well, I don't want to say he actually did say that she walked the whole thing back once this guy came forward and I think it has to do with the fact the man in question
mentions their security surveillance footage of what happened, kind of backing up his story. It would seem that whether you want to say she lied or whatever fine she's change. Her story. The story is a hoax. The question is: why is NBC News putting out a headline that is completely fake? Yesterday I made of think about this. What like yesterday morning or the day before we know the story is not true, we know she made it up, it was a hoax and why is it at the media keeps falling for these hoaxes? We have two big problems here for one I do not believe it is Donald Trump as in flaming racial tensions. I believe. Well, I don't have it this way. I do believe he does to a certain extent, but he is not the primary culprit. In fact, I believe Trump is a symptom of what the media has been doing in every every capacity, one of the biggest things that that kit that helps Trump win. What's your
pushing back on political correctness. I've shown you the charts over and over again it's a journal. I believe journalists that Goldberg shows you all these images of how, in twenty ten diversity Seventy whiteness prejudice, you know all of these things hockey stick. The media is berating us beating us over the head with this rhetoric with this narrative, and now we can see this tweet. You know why this tweets so important that I'm highlighting You may think. Well, TIM, it's just one thing: I don't know: no, no, no! No! No! No, they didn't get it wrong. Nbc news knows full well that she is walking back. This claim check this out. Let me pull up the actual story, so here's what you get when you click it bearing in Mind NBC, put this tweet up yesterday, and we can see that it was updated last night.
Actually scroll down and at a certain point she says I don't want to say he said: go back to your country, I'll, go or go back to where you came from, but he was making. Those types of references is what I remember. So what what? What? What we see here NBC berries the lead. Now you might claim okay. This is fair when it the story out on the twenty eighth. They didn't know she walk it back. Okay, so the really bad at their jobs at the very least within the media, is trash at what they do. How is it that, with Covington with small lot and now, with with this store ever comics, our twitter random people people are doing better jobs than news outlets. Surely, at some point we can point this out right now. Look you get a lot of people
on the truck side, truck Bay, saying enemy of the people, fake news, etcetera at the very least pure and complete incompetence. That's the bare minimum, but I'm going to actually call this the ferry, yes, twenty, malicious and the reason why I look at the headline of this article. If you want to argue that they put this out and they didn't know she corrected it, they updated the story. Okay, the other, the story yesterday at good afternoon. The last time this was edited was at one thousand two hundred and sixteen pm yesterday, where in the story she said I don't want to claim. He did this and then what do we see this tweet at five hundred and nineteen pm yesterday, meaning even though they knew she walked the story back they put this tweet out. They did it on purpose they're, trying to inflame racial tensions for traffic. They are dying, decaying ratings are collapsing, and this is what they
turn to trying to make sure everyone hates each other as much as possible. Look. We can claim Covington was just a silly mistake by incompetent and net journalists. One of the biggest problems is that they only follow each other. As a certain phrase. I want to use to refer group people sitting in a circle providing stimulation to each if I'm gonna avoid, because the last time I did someone mention that kids in the car, when they're playing the audio so I'll, try and refrain from some more adults terminology, but this is what they do. These people are either sitting. I I look. I've been at these these tables that it's like in an You got to Williams Burg in Brooklyn and they're sitting at this picnic benches all drinking, and they just talk about the same thing over and over again, but, and so you can then point to them and say they are trapped in a bubble and they're awful at what they like journalism died a long time ago, and now we can see it's been replaced by this parasitic vampiric
just malicious. I don't know desperation. They are. Besides, trying to suck the last little bit of money, they can get out of the media and you can see it and how they frame things like this, straight up, knowing knowing at twelve at one thousand two hundred and sixteen p dot m one thousand two hundred and sixteen p dot m that she said he didn't say it. They keep the title as if he did and they tweet out as if he did, and then they blame Trump for all of the bigotry of all of that for all the racism, and now we get yesterday, I brought this up Cory. Booker said Trump is worse than a racist, Well, where do you go when you beat the President over the head repeatedly, being a racist for years and now we're here today. Would you would you would have left? Do you have nowhere to go? Look what's worse than races that have a word for it to the to say yeah, we can see what the media does now. Here's what I want to stress. I have this poll, this data, that's a decently new
make it to check us out. I I really want to take a look at this is important. They say figure one. This figure displays levels of anti black and anti hispanic prejudice, for five hundred and thirty, seven white Americans surveyed repeatedly between two thousand and eight and two thousand and eighteen there's, an interesting data. We can see hear something strange happens I'm from two thousand and nine to twenty thirteen prejudice across the board is going down. Now we can also point out Republicans are seen as being more prejudice against racial minorities than Democrats. However, around two thousand and twelve there's a spike across all demographics. What could that have been an it ends at the beginning of twenty seventeen prejudice drops dramatically. Is it true that Trump
is making people more racist. I think you can say for the most part. No now, interestingly, data for Hispanics isn't really visible, but we can the same spike. It does shoot up. We don't know what happened before this, but this is the Obama era and I think that's interesting data we can pull out of this 'cause. I do think the media is playing a role in. Why we're seeing this massive drop across the board. We can see that, among Republicans, anti hispanic prejudice has been going down. It's going down less Now, with Trump and with Democrats, it's dropped dramatically. There's some data. We saw that shows that white liberals are the only racial and political demographic with an out group bias, meaning there are less likely to trust themselves, which is why we see what Obama calls the circular firing squad. What's interest, here as for one something happened during Obama's years, where everybody got
a bit more. I guess racist. I don't know if this is the right word, because hispanic isn't necessarily racist but yeah, and now it's gone down dramatically. Why could that be? I think it has to do with one simple thing: the media now. Look we see what's going on with the media, trying to inflame these tensions, but what this kind of rhetoric does. In my opinion, it's meant to pit everyone against Trump. So then, you have Democrats wanting to be opposed to Trump being told over and over again that he's a big is a racist opposing him and that's why we can see the biggest drop off as truck begins to call out illegal immigrants and talk about you know Mexico and things like that. We can see that it actually, while still going down for a Publicans stays level. This is the result of the media. I question, then, what happened during Obama's years, where it went up was that Obama's actions- I dare say, Obama was
All the deporter in chief, he was called Obama. He targeted the Middle EAST nonwhites. He targeted illegal immigrants who, for the most part, nonwhite and race, animosity, went up or prejudice prejudice, I should say. I believe this is all the media, the media. Well, they didn't necessarily of Obama, but they definitely loved him way more than Trump. So what happens. Then, when Obama is blown up kids in the Middle EAST, what happens then, when Obama is deporting people, while the yeah? It takes the inverted narrative. Isn't it funny that during Obama's ears, even though we deported more people killed, people, people became more white people or more prejudicial and then it, is they leave now that Trump's in office they become less even republicans in the end. What I think we see is a manipulative media and, as we know, the trends in media started hitting around two thousand and ten, where they start talking about all this identity
and stuff? Because of this, the media in, in my opinion, I should say what we're seeing there is a desperate media trying to pander to make money. So there trying to be. You know there are a lot. Aligned with the Democrats. There are posts, Republicans an that causes the inverted swing, but there's one. Poor thing I want to highlight before we before we end this segment 'cause. I think you know like. I was just I'm just frustrated with me all the time Analysts claims moderate, real Americans. Drinking coffee are mythical unicorns. You know it's frustrating to me. I can see the media lies. I we can see full full stop that NBC knew the story, wasn't true and led the fake tweet anyway,. Then you get CNN and this is uh someone's your CNN props up a guy saying there are no centrist moderates and that's what they do to me. I certain
don't exist, I'm not allowed to be a centrist or moderate yeah. Twenty percent of voters identify as moderate. Please. Thank you very much. However, credits to I believe it's a c cup who then says? No, they really do exist. You just do. Know them? The problem is: how often does CNN have on someone like me to push back against their Bs Oliver Darcy? Brian Stelter. They rent all day, night about Infowars and they take the far left narrative, and they know me they've known me for a long time for years and they could very easily have me, come on and present real data and real sources to push back on a lot of their claims and they don't. They have on the same rhetoric over and over again and they have on people claiming there are no moderates. Congratulations, media! The only choice is to go far left and watch the Democratic Party burned to the ground. I don't know what your plan is, but it seems to be working. If that's the case, I can't
and they actually want to help have a robust. You know political debate in this country because it's not just CNN its NBC and I believe the New York Times the same thing why they want to prop up the fake news, instead of actually challenging that that the fake narrative and providing the truth beats me, but it's not gonna work out for the long run so anyway, I there's an inverted reap repercussions, on this, but I want to stress this point. You know and that's not enough. You're Saralee took to go on a. I don't know out to make a full segment about this, but look since Trump been elected prejudice has gone down. Okay, I I I I don't think you can supply name, that's fueling actually weirdly enough. That went when Trump got elected. Democrats prejudice against Hispanics actually briefly went which I don't understand, but look, don't don't look. However, you want to extrapolate this data and figure out what it means. That's just my opinion. Ok, I think,
The media is at play with this. When I support Obama, people become more racist when they oppose Trump and look up, people become less because the media doesn't care about. What's true, they care about money and ratings. It's a business And that's what it is. You know I don't know whatever. I don't even know this video is I'm just frustrated, but I got another segment coming up at four hundred pm: Youtube: dot com, Slash TIM Cast, Youtube, dot, com, slash time cast stick around and I will see you all there. Footage has resurfaced of the squad membership slab being thrown out of a campaign event, Donald Trump campaign event in twenty sixteen, I believe it was and, as he's being dragged out, she's yelling, you guys Crazy and people are yelling back at her. I here's what I find really funny. Here's the enlightening bit will get into. I'm seeing a lot of conservatives and even some centrists criticize what receipt to Laded saying how could a con elected official act in this way, how uncouth harrumph, I say- and I think, there's a lot of concern
those that believe showing her doing. This is bad for her, but I tell you this now. This is the kind of behavior the left. Absolutely likes. It's why she got elected think about what happened after she. We're gonna, impeach, the mother out the and you know moderates conservatives were like. Oh how oh harrumph, how could you say such a thing? How did the left respond? They absolutely love this kind of stuff okay to them, they're, seeing a principled actor standing up to the president and it's what gets her elected this video circulating is not bad for her. Okay moderates might get put off perhaps, but the left loves it it's the kind of attention she actually needs to be to come across. As an activist, Peter for the left. So, let's take a look at this story to breakdown. What's actually going on, but I do have a comment from one individual on the left and I'm going to show you how they actually feel about this now before we get started
over to TIM, cast dot com, slash donate! If you like to support my work as a Paypal option, a crypto option and a physical address, but of course the best thing you can do. Share this video, because you to buy the right independent political commentary- hey, it is what it is, but I rely on your support to keep things moving along. I also want to add this one quick thing you may have noticed everything's all different, I'm at, actually in a studio in Dallas, which I'm not going to say, I mean it's not a secret where I'm at, but but I'm at a certain Dallas production studio. So I have this big monitor in front of me and that's why things are different. But let's read the news: let's not waste time: the daily mail report, Footage surfaces of Hershey Tlaib, disrupting two thousand and sixteen Trump economic speech and yeah that S. Supporters are quote crazy as future President mock sir and clay. As the Bernie Sanders people had far more energy, I'm pretty sure she is is Bernie Sanders people they say to leave at the time A4. For Michigan State legislator was filmed
gaming and resisting both secret service and Trump's, private muscle and shouting. You guys are crazy to reporters an Trump supporters as she was ejected Trump. The republican nominee for president spoke at the Detroit Economic Club on August eighth, two thousand and sixteen, I will say the Bernie Sanders. People had far more energy and spirit he quipped after play was dragged out by Sheer Cher since the next line in his speech was we must of law and order slave would win
a congressional election two years later and become one of Washington's loudest trump antagonists. She famously vowed to impeach the mother after a few hours after taking her oath of office on Detroit on Monday, in Detroit Les pushed back against President Trump's, urging that she and three other liberal first term congresswomen should go back where they came from, I'm not going nowhere, not until I impeach this president. She said at the end of a lacy peas annual convention. I want to just stop real, quick and say: please stop referring to these women as liberals, even though they don't call themselves liberals and the on the left doesn't. Like liberals, you know it's really frustrating and this whole thing there's no liberal anymore, because for too long the left is people would call the left. They would use the phrase the left and liberal interchangeably, but the left is not liberal. Anymore. Here's the thing. Conservatives and liberals disagree with each other and can get heated disagreements, but no,
There was no conservative and liberals hitting each each hitting each other over that with with bars and punching each other in the street. That's not a thing we now literally have conservatives going to rallies being attacked by the left. Liberals, on the other hand, are basically just not involved anymore. It's it's it's a shame, but that's the point I want to bring up in this video, which I I hope it's not too late, I'll, try and play without the sound on okay, apparently, nothing happens. You can't see it. Ok, the video is not working. What we can see some of these clips, you can see she's being dragged out. You can see her yelling and she's Jumping up and down here is a video of her resisting. This is the left, not liberals, and so perhaps perhaps I dare say. Maybe this is bad for her, because the activist base is a any fraction of America, but here's the thing when it comes to winning elections. Most people don't vote. Ok, my friends who are like liberals, you know like where Barack Obama was don't really vote, they've only presidential elections. They are not really voting in
and anything else, so maybe we'll see something. I've actually had that back. These people are not going to vote for the Democrats, look man. You know. I grew up with a bunch of far left and Arco types like anarchists, skin, tight. You know, punk rock skateboarding, all that stuff and a lot of them are kind of nuts, and I got a kind of pushed me away because I felt like they don't really care about. Other people. They were just driven by anger. They were fueled by rage, and this is what you see with Antifa. They don't care for logic; they just attack people, regardless of whether or not they did anything wrong. We've seen videos of people getting attacked, who didn't do anything. There's one video of a guy swore around a Berkeley, filming and they come up in this around him- is steal his phone and hitting him. So the stuff happens. It's not just about Andy know. So the point I'm to make with this video- I often see conservatives, you know they don't seem to uh
and I guess, conservatives and even some moderate some understand this- might as well be a campaign ad for Russia to live at least as it pertains to the left where it is today. You know these people call Trump every name in the book. Look at this look. Let me just explanation: we actually just had a guy show up with weapons to an ice facility and his actions could result in the death the deaths of all of the migrants. In those buildings it was reckless, it was dangerous and what do we see from the high profile left Sean king, for instance best example. He praises it an calls for more. So what do you think they're going to see they're going to think when they see this the clapping and cheering oh yeah. It's Weimar, Germany, all over again, and we better have people like Rashida in office to push back against orange men, let's Let's, let's carry on. I I'm curious as to what daily mail actually has to say. They say she and three of
first term democratic radicals, known as the squad have made, made pestering the President job one to labels among more than a dozen hecklers during Trump speech, invited by a twenty three year old man who the economic club said, joined fraudulently just in time to purchase tickets to the private event. The fraudster pulled it off by using the name of a company that had fire him fired him. Two years earlier, a liberal group called the Michigan's peoples campaign later took credit for organizing the chaos. It's all very well planned out a chagrined Trump and at one point one activist chatted, tiny hands, tiny hands. All you've got is tiny hands at him. Another yelled racist congratulate and you've sure one your argument there. Once again, they go back to saying a liberal group, not fair, not not not fair, stop calling these people, liberals and I'll give you the best. I can give you the best bit of proof that the left is no longer liberal and leftist have infiltrated liberal squares and are absolutely just
rolling it. I'm a lifelong liberal, okay, as an Arco, far left when I was younger, and I mostly just a liberal guy now, I hacker buddies believe in the free exchange of information freedom of speech, but I have to wonder, then why the open source community is being infected by leftism, okay, there's a difference between being a center left liberal in believing in freedom and free speech and on you know: honor respect, dignity and equality and whatever it is happening now. The best example is gap. Okay, why are there people Calling for censorship- and you look actually here's the best example. There's a thing called the FED averse it's an open source, social media system. That means you can't shut people down. You can't ban him. That was the purpose. It was built by liberals and, of course, some libertarians.
A lot of the leaders are probably more libertarian, but liberals were on board. I I I grew up in these hacker communities. I I spent. I spent time hacker spaces, liberals people who would not vote for Donald Trump, but believe in free speech, free information and actually they they believe in this to oppose systems like executive branch yeah, its its government to make sure the people will always be free to challenge power now what's happening. Is these open source decentralized systems are trying to ban an block Gabba completely antithetical to what the open source community was about several years ago, a Lib community in which I was involved and I'm shocked to see it's an infiltration. But anyway, to the main point with this video, I can go on a rant about stop calling people liberals for a long time, but the issue is you know what I've seen? Is people shocked that Rasheeda would act this way and that she's, a
no no, no! This is exactly what they vote for is exactly what they want. These video right now, sure there's going to be people left watching this laughing and clapping and cheering saying you go where she to now here's my opinion as like a moderate liberal. This solves nothing. It is a symbol she's acting in a way Anna sense. It's a virtue signal to let the left no she's yelling at Trump, but did she get anything done this day? No all she did was bolter her bolster her brand. So I'll try to give you segments short, so I'm going to right now to this tweet from Kevin to stolen. He it's eight is an anti war progressive. I believe I'm try that. Forgive me if I miss representing your your beliefs, cabin, but he runs. I believe it's called shadowproof. Take a look at this week. First year from joy, Villa Trump supporter, what the heck this is: an elected official, acting a fool like this region to live. What is wrong with you seriously Kevin response quote acting a fool: what justice and progress achieved in the past I
has been accomplished by citizens who dared to act, a fool when Matt with a stern glare of authority, so Kevin is making. I believe that what we can see here event- maybe I'm getting it wrong, but it sounds like he's saying this is what you mean to do to win. You need to challenge authority to push back you to break the rules to an extent. That's true in a lot of ways, so you have to understand this. Isn't bad for rasheeda! That's! That's! That's! That's! That's my take away from this is good for us all leave their thing you got it now, of course, are a ton of other sources. You can look at where we can see the left likes this and hope you consider that, because much as the left, Lexus Mere Trump and mock him, go to the go to the Donald Sub Reddit and every day I kid you not. There is some left like some left wing attempt at a meme trying to insult or not the president there laughing they love it's it's like people, don't seem to understand the other side. This is what the left likes,
This is why were she to acts this way? It's why she gets elected. They like Herbie fear, it's not bad for them, it's good! So you have conservative, shocked. You really got all you got, you got you got it. You know it's hard. I guess because I'll put it this way as a center center left individual. If I went to liberals and try to have a conversation, they'd wig out and attack me, you know they don't know. What's wrong with you. For the most part, you gotta conservatives have an argument about it. So the reality is, it's to really get into both spheres, to understand why these two different groups act these ways or or like what they like, but you can see it, but just going on internet people praise the stuff on the left. This is, this is good news. So I'll leave it. There stick around a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. Sweden is a creepy place. I do not like Sweden, I spy. I mean this sincerely. You guys made
tracking the story about ASAP Rocky Kanye, West Donald Trump and the weird one of my favorite tweets of all time. I mean I don't know who originated it because it's being like picked up everybody, but they said imagine like a few years ago, telling your past self that in two thousand and nineteen Connie, W would be would call Donald Trump to devise a plan to get asap rocky out of a swedish prison and you'll be like this. You can't even make it that's too, that's too insane. That's not even that's too insane to even be a movie, and here we are asap. Rocky's been held, my a solitary confinement for a couple weeks now for getting into a fight, and it looks when you look at ASAP's instagram These dudes were harassing him. They were stock, they were like stalking and following when they went back off and it really does look like these guys started the fight, but here's the big update Sweden drops investigation into alleged victim
asap rocky roll. It now seems like rockies on the hook, for this he's refusing to plead guilty and the due to actually appears to have started the fight isn't going to get in trouble. So let just let me something out it's going around. I guess that Sweden doesn't have bail when you get arrested, you get arrested, they hold now, finish presence, we jails are like resorts there really nice, but it is kinda screwed up man. So I'm mostly want to talk about how I don't like Sweden, and I will never go back there sweet and your a terrifying place and I'll explain why, before we get started head over to TIM, cast dot com, slash donate. If you want to support my work, you know the routine there's multiple ways you can give. I rely on your support to primarily share with this video, because Youtube is doing its best to hurt independent creators, an commentary. So if you like it, please do share it. Let's read a little bit about the story, see what's going on with asap, and I will talk about the creepiness that is Sweden CNN reports
an investigation into the swedish man allegedly involved in a brawl with: U S, rapper a step rocky has been dropped. The man's lawyer, Magnus Stromberg, told CNN. On Monday Stromberg said he had received written confirmation of this from the prosecutor and while his client is relieved, this is not unexpected. He has been the have an assault, but he has not committed a crime Stromberg added slow down at your love, itch a separate he's. A lawyer talks to me on July nineteenth, following a Stockholm court's decision, to extend the rap artist attend The swiss prosecution prosecution service also confirmed to CNN the investor. Into the man has been discontinued and he is, no longer suspected of any crime. Asap Rocky was detained on July third and as preparing to start his third week behind bars, accused of assault after his alleged involvement in the incident in stock, on June thirtieth, the rapper's lawyer, slow down. You have H the says he was defending himself after being assaulted and that is client is in a
So let let let me do this real, quick, I'm not going to play the videos. We've got these two posts from a sap, okay, With millions of views each and What do you see in both of these videos? This dude right here, this guy in white, won't back off? He stalking them. In their space in a matter how many times I tell him to back off, you won't and in this video asap says, hey man, we don't want any of this guy. We don't want this guy, I'm not about to go to jail over this and what happens you see a fight break out between this guy and it looks like a sap's bodyguard, A video surfaced later. I believe I don't know where came from, but it's on TMZ and you can see- asap and crew are attacking this guy, but it really does seem to me based on the videos in the front like the first videos and what happened this guy started it with them. They were defending them,
house now. Some people have said a set deserves to be locked up, but he took it too far. I disagree what it comes down to a fight. You can't take things too far, but it's hard to judge what is too far from a small snippet of a video if this guy attacked him several times and they resisted and then finally fought back and tried to put him down not like talk to come to her to stop to to immobilize. That is defensible. Sweden, however, is a creepy not nightmarish place, but I recommend no one goes to just just just I I just I just think Sweden is awful. So so, let's talk about it's not just within,
really I do. You know what I want to Sweden and I really want to rehash some stuff. That's come up. Here's the thing. Let's let me read this quote. The swedish judicial system is completely independent and and does not take into consideration outside pressure from politicians or others. A spokesman for the swedish prosecution Authority told on CNN Sunday when I was in Sweden, I had to a centrally bug out of my hotel because there was a guy lurking in the lobby who kept giving us this think. I probably you know we were we who, who we were. It was me and Emily was pretty. The camera work and stuff. No, I didn't we don't know this. Guy is or what it was intent was, but we know what is TIM lurking around and kind of you know watching us in a creepy way. Ah, soon, as we went to leave, we noticed the immediately runs full speed up the stairs and I'm No, no, no, that's too creepy It's got anything to do with anything. I don't know what is what is what is what is was issue was, but he was. He was great, be somewhere like master that we're get out of the hotel. If they can't. You know,
it gives it like. This guy was just sitting in a lobby doing weird things. Now: here's the thing that alone to me, I don't really care people can be places. Here's the thing about sweet, it's particularly creepy the way they do with the crime. The wait like you have the police come out that look like I tell you this. I did journalist friend major publication. A major broadcast network say to me: if you go to rain, could be with with a quick mental like your port yeah, it's dangerous, I was attacked He said one guy threaten it. You know to to jam out a gun up his rear end. There was recently a photographer got attacked. I go there, They lie about what we were doing. The media lies and start sharing my phone number with each other, my phone's ringing off the hook. I get a call from someone asking me Essentially, if I'm like lying about what happened and I'm like what are you people talking about your own press, warned me this stuff would happen, and I acting like I'm, making it up. It's not. It is a weird cultish. You know what I was told
that's all bye, bye I came about only this is that it was like North Korea of the north, not that it's actually is anywhere near as oppressive, but man. The group think in that country is read, be read the creepy creepy, and then we see similar creepy behavior following what happens with Sweden. So so let me wrap up the S at rocky stock. I think I got to the point right S. S locked up is refusing to plead guilty beepers tweeting about it. You get the point I just want to read about Sweden, because I wanna make. If I wanna make something clear, I keep seeing fake news. They love the left, loves propaganda lies about my reporting, claiming that no go zones don't exist in Sweden. Arm falls.
No go zone is a colloquial term used by people in Sweden. I don't know how else to frame them. The police called these areas problem areas. It's really weird. The left takes the phrase literally to mean the place can't go there, whereas the right just refers to a high crime location. So what I did was I said in quotes, and I made it clear basically every step of the way that it's a colloquial term and Please call them problem areas. What do we see now? The left pushing lies that I claimed they existed when, in fact I did the opposite. The first thing I did was went to one of these so called areas and walked around without problems: slate dot, com, Huffington, Post report, this unmatchable TIM pool finds little crime in the so called no go, no go zones, the media had no problem.
As soon as the bad press happened. They try to smear me, claiming I lied and now now it's you know. I I tell you when you're directly involved in these situations, there is nothing creepier and scarier than having a massive media apparatus. Overt legal lie about what really happened. That's why I think Sweden is a creepy place, and man. If asap came to me before he left. I do do not go to Sweden, man, I'm telling you because this is what happens he's in video saying we don't want to be if we want to go to jail for this like come on man. Now, where is he locked up in Sala, Terry? Here's, the thing they lie about? What we did in I'll tell you exactly when it's on video, you can watch it. We went to rank you beat. We did have a camera, it's like it's. The one I'm using right now is actually the one I was using was a little bit smaller than what I'm using now is the x f105. It's not a big.
Where the camera down at our side an we're not holding it up and filming random people. We did point the camera towards the studios with us and ask him some questions. People, sorry masking up and yelling at US police advised us. It was a bad idea. We stopped filming. They then said you probably should leave, because you know one: we can't arrest anybody, they do something they'll start throwing stones and I said, would you follow us out? They said that would probably be a good idea and then did I called it an escort. Ok, I'm not trying to act like I had cops at my side, marching the output. You can clearly see the police behind me following us to the parking
where are car? Is they then come out and say that it was a coincidence and I followed the police, they lied. They lied about what happened and it's crazy. There's a video where the police are behind me following me. So how could the police brought that lie in then? What happens? The left tries defend the nightmarishly, fake narrative and I'll. Tell you, man, there's nothing scarier than being in Sweden. Knowing something is true publishing, video, showing it's true and then having media and the police come out and say you're a liar and then having a bunch of left wing activists just parroting? The lie even though there's video evidence- and this is why I think Sweden is a creepy place and you shouldn't go there. It wasn't just that it was when we were leaving it's like in private. The swedish people will have no problem telling you we have. We have serious problems with moroccan youth
in Upsala assaulting women, former police officer, saying yup. These kids are doing these things, these assaulted these pools and I'm like wow. They tell me this. These are people telling this and I'll publish it and the media. He's lying. Your journalist, who told me that we could be as dangerous now when want come out, you got same organizations that previously had their own journals attacks. Saying I'm lying about it, don't go to Sweden I'll leave it. There, stick around one more segment, coming up in just a couple of minutes- and I will see you shortly- it been announced that Natalie Portman will be playing so th or female Thor. I have no idea what a caller, because, as many you know in today's culture war. No matter what you do it's offensive and that's the point. The point is that you can never do anything right, so they can always wield power over. And then trying and pressure businesses to shut you down, there is a Riddick
the story right now that I didn't have enough to go on for a full segment. I kid you not some woman on Twitter, so a picture of plates plates for food from I think, Macy's but we did who can help me get these things band and then Macy's were like we're. So sorry about the place 'cause. Apparently the plates had rings where it's like it says: MOM Jeans, favorite, jeans and skinny jeans. Basically, the smaller portion makes you skinny and apparently If so, there's always going to be some kind of ridiculous out in an effort to shut something down, but it was announced that Marvel's face for we are going to have Natalie Portman, was plays Jane, Foster, playing the role of female, for which is a comic book arc, I am not super familiar with, but I have seen some super cringey panels. I could be getting this wrong, but I, like someone post something on Twitter, where there was supposed to be a fight between female, four and some other woman? But the villain says: I'm not going to fight you I'm going to let you arrest me
because now we have female representation and women shouldn't have it so hard or some like that it was light weight like wait. What so, there's been a lot of complaints about the idea of female Thor that I've seen, a lot of people are basically saying that she is the epitome of a Mary Sue, everything's handed to where she's not worthy whatever. Whatever I don't care, I really don't. I think the MC you will do fine captain Marvel was like I I what what camera I vaguely remember, giving like a four out of ten or something because like it had some points, whereas, like that's cool and then it had a lot of points where I was like rolling my eyes and like that so wack, the problem that I want trust before we can read some of the nonsense. As I've pointed out over and over again, you can make your woke characters. Well, actually let me take that back. We can have a diverse cast, ok because I would say this when it comes to making these movies.
What what is anyone expect? The mood literally only have white men leading his movies. That's ridiculous. We had four captain America and Iron man like the the first big three franchises and their white dudes, and that doesn't matter, but I will say this: you do it I'd be shocked if you thought every character would only always ever be a white dude, we see movies with non white leads and with female leads, and there fine. The problem arises when you walk up to someone and start whacking him over the head with a stick, while yelling wokeness things at them and they're like dude. Stop I get it dude like it's fine, I don't care. Ok, I get it. Man stop stop hitting me. I don't care, and that was Captain Marv. You know that you have the trailer where it's like it says her and then a hero emerges and it's like. Oh my god, dude we get it she's a lady. Nobody did anything about that. For wonder, woman, I'm not going to rant about wonder woman again I get it. I made too many videos about this, but let's read
and let me just stress, I'm excited for Thor, for I think it will be really cool to see Natalie Portman as a superhero, because I think that'll department is a really great job and she seems to be like cool character. Annihilation. That movie was cool. Creepy cool should see it. I didn't get the ending, but you know I think that department is great so, let's, let's read the story fallout from a pluralist feminists, immediately start language, policing female for reactions, don't call her that- and this is where it's funny, because the point is people are praising the decision for her to play female for the response. She's, not female. For she's Thor, but no Thor is the name of a guy. Ok, she takes the mantle of Thor again, I'm not I'm not like. I don't read the comics, here's my understanding, Okay, for is the name of the little dude like. If, if, if I gave my beanie,
to Emily. Would she be just him that makes no sense? You could even call her female till I get. The point is: why store, because store is also the name of like him as a superhero must read. They say at and in a comic con, the studio announced that Natalie Portman's character for former for love. Interest, Jane Foster, will play the goddess of thunder in the forthcoming for eleven thunder on stage at the event Portman symbolically accepted Thor's hammer, the only from Chris Hemsworth, who has played the Norse God superhero across seven Marvel movies, and I I don't add too. I wonder if that's why they didn't and four story arc and want to do one more movie, so they could pass off the brand and is a lot of money made to Natalie Portman to keep it in universe, I've always had hammer envy joke Portman, reportedly stormed off Thor two, when Director Patty Jenkins quit in protest wow that sucks I look at this. She says hammer and be she's, making a joke. She's a she's, a she's. It's it's! It's funny. Twenty right.
They also a comic on Marvel, confirmed that valkyr e, whom Thorn named the king of his call homeland as guard. Be the Marvel cinematic universe is first queer superhero in Thor Love and thunder. Now I will. I will be critical of this a little bit because yeah, that's the problem with the wokeness stuff is beating people over the head with it. You don't need to tell us this Ok, how about you make the movie and valkyr e has a queer love interest, and you know what let me stress when you want something to be normalized, you can't yell in people's faces about how it should be normal. You just do it just to make the female lead just have the queer character no need to remind us, you know with commercials and also that's what's making people really frustrated and angry, it's being whacked over that incessantly and and and lectured to let's get to the out to the tweets where this one from Lina Way through said captain.
Because black Thor's Amon, the new blade, got two Oscars double: oh seven. As a black woman and a little mermaid bout to have locks as just got real spot on. For me, I don't care. I do have a negative like this. Tension immediately from for because I had a tear in as I'm like. I get it it's cool, but I don't like the fact that we're going to only praise- and I I believe I was at Anthony Mackie- is planned cuts in America, is that it. So what is a cool dude like I'm? Not I'm, I I don't like the idea that we have to make it about his race because he's a human being who has value? That's how I grew up and that's why I can't stand it at a terrain ism. I, like I like Natalie Portman, because I think she's a good actor and I think she's made good movies and I'm looking forward to the is going going to be in it. I don't care that she's, a woman I understand what it means to certain people. Of course I've mentioned it before their people who've never seen it. You know that that
it's like to see someone in that role that represents with they are so I get it and that's why I'm not trying to be mean to lean. It's like well means to be happy, but I do. I am slightly a first people trying champion the fact that someone is it something instead of like being a human right at the end, all be all which would be like hey, I'm, a human being is doing something we can we can share for ourselves. Instead, it's all about the identity of the individual, which people can't change. Let's, let's, let's get to the yacht. The shenanigans, though, saying that female or four is sexist. However, not everyone was ready to prop pop the champagne. Many liberals, no stop saying liberals were focused on trying to shame right wing critics of Hollywood's ever increasing wokeness. This person says the owner was actually destroyed, so Jane can't become Thor mate. There is a talk.
Raccoon- and this is a multi, the multi verse just admit you hate women. It's not even about six. Here's the problem: it's not about hating women, it's just someone criticizing the idea that the retconning Universitaire tour, but let's, let's, let's move down base out one person says: hey people mad about Natalie Portman being cast as for both those that don't want a female thor on those that want a different woman cast. She has been cast as store. She was cast long ago. Jane, Foster, Jane, Foster, becomes Thor in the comics. That's how the story goes. I question whether or not there is a large group people who actually care about this by the way. Here's the best one round aww. I swear these fake comic book boys. Pretending to know marvel to get attention. Natalie Portman is playing four, not chief. Or not female Thor, not Thor woman. She is playing Thor and someone happily saying. Natalie Portman is female, for so here's the thing,
even when you are here, we go CNN. Lady Thor is here and she's ready to bring the thunder she's just called Fort, not listen. This is a hand me down character, she's Jane Foster that I'm fine with. But yes, when you pass, the moniker of Thor your character, your hand to be downing that care to write something new for these characters, give her her own unique name maker, the wielder of me only and call or like fund all wrong or something. The point is calling her for is making her lady Thor because Thor's originally a dude. You are here laying down ip p of. New IP we all just get past this and say how about. Instead of just making Captain America Black, we have Falcon B Falcon,
his own unique, strong, individual character. Who is important in the Marvel cinematic universe? Why is it that handing down something that's used to a minority characters? Who is to be praised? In fact, I think that is offensive. Of course, I'm not going to call for anything bad because in the end I'll go see the movie it's fine, but the point is: why are we not offended that, instead of giving carrot like creating new characters that can represent my parties were just saying: oh, you sure take, don't know, Captain America we're done with that. One we've had it for sixty years. You can have it now. Where's where's, like it. None of it makes sense, Someone says how I sure anyone who says female Thor or female Hawkeye and it's two ferengi from STAR Trek, notably funny because
Frank in STAR Trek were shocked that federation women were forced to wear clothes, they would say so. It was a look, let's not act like God. The outrage is that pressing, I think in the end, it's all just hyped up by actors in the culture war, but the the one thing on a point out before we wrap up is that people are getting mad, she's being called lady for or female forts like did people were bringing it up are cheering for it. Can you adjust accept the win, an be happy for once I leave it there thanks for hanging out, stick around next time. It will be tomorrow at one thousand, am the podcast everyday at six hundred and thirty pm, and I will see you all next time.
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