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Democrats Are LYING About Trump's Taxes, Push INSANE Theory That He's A National Security Threat


Media falsely claimed that Trump only paid 750$ in 2016 and 2017In reality the New York Time's revealed Trump overpaid by millions, $1M in 2016 and 4.2M in 2017The reality is that Trump, through deductions and losses, was only liable for $750.Following the news Democrats and leftists pounced. Nancy Pelosi claims there is a national security issue over Trump's debt and media claimed the same.NYT however noted that Trump easily can afford to sell assets to cover any debts he has yet still the lies persist. Joe Biden is already pushing out the lie that Trump only paid $750 and of course anti trump people are rolling with it ignoring the bulk of the story.

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The New York Times has released and exposed say on Donald Trump taxes, and what have we learned? Nothing took to be complete. I mean we ve learned very little. Of course, the story is being manipulated, false framing is emerging and the narrative we're hearing now, is that Donald Trump only paid seven hundred and fifty dollars and twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen- and that's just not true I can't believe the New York Times lead with that paragraph. Then Iran admitted Donald Trump actually paid. A combined five point two million dollars his tax liability with seven hundred and fifty dollars sure we can break down what this means in terms of taxes, because most people don't understand our cooperation work doesn't mean Donald Trump as innocent, maybe he's using some tax loopholes in writing off bs. In order to say himself money, but it's all, presumably legal.
So if they got an issue, they should look to themselves because they're the ones many these Democrats, who have been in office for no fifty years go by. Where you at you're, the one who is asunder for how many decades became vice president. Maybe you or Pelosi or any one of these other politicians who have changed the law. They didn't another medic Donald Trump. For his taxes. Look I'm no fan of wealth inequality. I've talked about it quite a bit, but this is getting absurd. Speaker policy says trumps. Taxes reveal national security, as you all know, Thou bigger, was responding to New York Times, reporting that tromp has more than three hundred million dollars in loans coming do within the next few years, and Trump trumpets a billionaire and tromp has assets. He can see and top is also donating a salary. This seems like poorly at well. It's strategically timed manipulative, falsely framed news now
Donald Trump himself has issued a statement, calling it fake news in saying he's paid way more in taxes, and then your time is wrong and if you actually read the New York Times reporting you realize yeah, they falsely framed the story. Trump did not pay seven. Fifty in total. Seven fifty is what he owed and their manipulating people and its working. But really working on tromp supporters that people are getting at about this are the predictable people they already hate tromp there already mad and they're, going up incomes the narrative or the like Trump supporters. Just keep believing trumps infallible. When does no wrong, got his cruelty base, I'm saying every single tromp supporter Gay Troms got this die hard that sure absolutely does believe. Trop is infallible, but then you ve got people like me. I've never been a big fan of the guy outside of his personality is a funny guys entertainer. I like what he's doing peace in the Middle EAST. I went about foreign partly because over the riots and because I'm sick and tired,
Democrats I did to terrorism and their pandering they're not doing anything. I don't even think the far left in the progressive one about for Democrats either, but I recognise Trump is not perfect and I recognize a lot of its power problems and when you look at the moderate personnel is online there until you the exact same thing. So, let's take a look. What's really going on and I'll show you how stupidly absurd all of this has become before we get started. Our had already TIM guest outcomes, lush donate, if you would like it what my work? There are many ways you can give there's a p o box. If you would like to send me things, but the best thing you can do share this video. Why? Well I'm going to debunk the seven hunter? fifty dollars thing right away for all of you and if you think that something people should know, please consider sharing this video look. If I'm going to ever compete with mainstream media, then it's up to you. If you think I should word of mouth, is the most important way
It helped my channel grow in the most powerful thing you can do as it is just share this video, but never get to like subscribe. The notification bell. I want to read what speaker policy set trumps taxes, I want to show you what Bloomberg said policy saying is a national there. There is a national security issue. Bloomberg publishing this peace drops. Taxes, Joe is a national. Security threat seriously start up stuff. Just stop it's so absurd. Ok, but the first thing to do is debunk the lie Kay. The lie. Take a look at the story from New York Times they say the times obtained Donald Trump tax information extending over more than two decades revealing struggling properties, vast write, offs, an audit battle and hundreds of millions in debt coming. Do didn't Donald Trump say that he couldn't releases is tax returns because he was being audited. Apparently, disputing one of his returns or something that effect. I honestly don't care about Donald Trump.
Access, I don't, and most Americans, probably don't either the people are getting at about this are just looking for something to be mad at at least in my opinion. I think there are probably some honest people who are legitimately bringing up real concerns and Donald Trump deserves be criticized: billionaires who use loopholes to avoid paying taxes, criticise them in this instance, however, Is it true that Donald Trump only paid seven? Fifty one hears it? They said Donald Trump. Seven hundred and fifty thousand federal income taxes the year he won the presidency in its first year. White House, he paid another seven hundred and fifty he paid. No, he paid no income taxes at all. In ten of the previous fifteen years. Largely because he reported losing much more money than he made as the president. Wages are re election campaign that Also, he is in danger of losing his finances are under stress, beset by losses and hundreds of millions of dollars in debt. Men do that. He has personally guaranteed. Also hanging over him is a decade long audit battle with the
I address over the legitimacy of a seventy two point nine million dollar tax refund that he claimed and received after declaring huge losses and adverse ruling, could cost him more than one hundred million dollars the store from their times. Exonerated trump look I'll. Just I'll, just pull it right up Russia, they say. Nor do they reveal any previously unreported connections to Russia so now, Oh all of the Russia Gate, conspiracy, nuts, who thought he was hiding? Is russian assets not there, but how about this I just type in a good all little four point, two- and here I have to show you here, they say as he settled and the oval office. His tax bill soon return to form his potential taxable income and twenty. Sixteen and twenty seventeen included twenty four point: eight million Our in profits from sources related to a celebrity status and fifty six point, four million for the loans he did not repay the dreaded alternative, minimum tax
would let his business losses erase only some of his liability each time he requested an extension to file is ten forty and each time he made the required payment to the IRS. For income taxes, he might owe one million dollars for two thousand and sixteen and four point two million for two thousand and seventeen. Let me read that for you again, he made the request payments to the IRS for income taxes. He might owe a million in twenty. Sixteen four point: two: in twenty seventeen: why did they open the story saying he only paid seven hundred and fifty he did not Donald, over paid, what his actual liabilities work. Let me break down for you. They say, but virtually all of that liability was washed away when he eventually filed and most of the payments were rolled forward to cover potential taxes in future years unit. That means means that Donald Trump paid five point to me:
million, not fifteen hundred, and that when it turned out as liability, was only seven fifty, he told the IRS to hold the payment for future debts or for future liabilities. So what did Trump literally pay? Five point: two million in these two years. What did he? Oh, seven, fifty Donald Trump overpaid on his taxes and according to the New York Times, he is owed money. Now you don't have a discussion about whether or not his his liabilities are legitimate. That's an entirely different question. Some people are questioning whether or not he should have written off. I think like seventy thousand dollars in haircuts. Listen if you ve got. Problem with the tax code. It should be changed and you can look at Donald Trump and say he's asleep business parson who uses tax loopholes to save money. What business doesn't think about it? Ok, I have an accountant for my business. There have been thereof absolutely been issues where I've
told, there's potential deductions here for your business and I don't want to push it. Just just do the normal thing. Many people who run businesses will tell their their accountants or agent or block or whatever they use to find all of the deductions possible. You remember when you found your taxes you see those ads on tv for, like you know, Hewett whatever Jackson, he went and h our block and turbo tax, and they say we can find you more deductions. You take them. Ok, There is an issue I see from you know, philosophical standpoint, that Donald Trump is super rich wrought in foreign fifty million dollars or whatever, but that losing cloning losses of about four forty, seven, what that means. Even though he made all that money. He actually lost like five hundred million dollars, so is total losses were like forty seven because the revenue offsets this. So what does this mean Donald Trump, maybe using loopholes? It appears to
illegal. He appears to be in a dispute over seventy two point: nine million dollars. You want to complain about I'm all ears, I'm lucky. I defend the guy fees using loopholes or whatever. If it's not illegal, though What do you want me to complain about now? Here's the passport nanny policy comes out and says it's a national. Security issue. I hear you if Trump owes for honey. Million dollars and he's the president. Those debtors have to question whether not they're gonna. U know call the that on a sitting president, which they probably would just do a lot of its probably automated. What does that mean for Trump? What, if you can't pay at the Donald Trump Civilian AIR, even in New York Times, mentions all the way at the bottom of the story he has tons of assets. He can. Fell off the stories pretty long. They say MR trumps still as assets to sell, but doing so could take its own toll, both financial and to Mr Thompson dire to always be seen as a winner. The Trump family said last year
that was considering selling the Washington hotel, but not because it was losing money in MR trumps telling any difficulty in its finances has been caused by the sacrifices he made forest current job quote. They say Trump, getting rich off our nation. He said at a rally in Minneapolis last October, quote I lose billions being president and I dont care it's nice to be right. I guess, but I lose billions. That's true. Donald Trump is loose money as president and he's down eating his salary. Now I've been partly critical of that move, but not not running a salary is awesome right, but a lot of trouble, It also say drops donating a salary is doing the right thing and I'm like yeah. But how much is the country spending on him travelling around and playing golf and stuff? I am not criticising the guy for the most part, but a Ford, talk about. Have donating a salary yeah a lot of his living expenses.
And travel costs are being covered by the government. Now I get it see trumps illogical, play golf. He is, and I dont care when he does, they love complaining, trampling all began, I didn't care. Would Bush? Did it didn't care? When Obama did it dont care when Trump? Does it? Ok, I care about whether they get the job done on the kind of guy who, like If you work for me, I dont care when you come in and when you leave so long as what you need to do is being done. It's that simple. So, if Thou Trump wanted it, that's fine. So look up put it this way. The secret service is not troops fault, he need security, he's the president. They do this and that's them that that's a big part of those costs, but that the main Wait here is Donald Trump is giving away his salary. If he was. They concern about having money for his debts, I'm sure he would not be doing that and if trumps debts are actually a national security threat, I mean well and what not that do, not even
because it can literally just sell things and then have money to pay those debts off. They say, but Trot wants to be seen as a winner. Will that speculative you'll know what trumps one to be seen ass. He strode up saying to people is losing money. If Trop were a cell of a bunch of assets and then come to come to its supporters and said to the american people. I lived a life in luxury with golden toilets as a billionaire sitting atop the ivory tower and I sold that and lost money, because this is what I wanted to do. This was more important. They'll cheer form left gonna say he's trying to enrich himself off the presidency. He's a national look. You ve, gotta, give me one: definitive reason why you're upset but Donald Trump is president. Ok, Well now I didn't get me a bunch reasons are much of reasons, a point of saying one trying to bring up as their complain about US taxes for no legitimate reason. None is, is trumpet loser. Is he a winter? I don't I don't care, I really don't. I dont know what to think about. All this taxes stuff goes on
the busy worrying about whether not rioters are gonna burn down. My house, you see how this works and that's it happening right now. The story may be big, I think I'll go away, but take it this Nancy policy. This is the gist of it. They say how speaker Anti policy on Monday called report that Trump owes more than three million dollars and loans, and now, National security issue and argued it raises questions but whether foreign nations or individuals could have leverage over the president. He owes Yos threatened million and he's a millionaire, and he can Sal a couple buildings and pay off, I'm not stress and about it. Man, I'm not now has a couple important things. I want to show you first, this story is not new okay. This is very clearly in October. Surprise. Type thing from the New York Times and they're, saying they're gonna have more to release shore is anyone whose voting for trump care about this in twenty sixteen trumped up and said that he was paying off politician
four favours are something that effect. I make big donations to them because they do me favours the system is broken. Elect me. I know outworks I'll change it so so chop talks about how not paying taxes makes him a smart businessmen. He said it and the New York Times wrote this Donald Trump Tax records show he could have avoided taxes for nearly two decades. The times found October Her first, twenty. Sixteen, it's the same playbook now, there's a lot to lose a lot of ponder here. First, here's the fake news being gobbled up, Tromp paid, no taxes, tromp paid seven. Fifty in twenty sixteen YO national security, Tromp, eight seven hundred videos is this: none of its true, ok, Trump issued a statement. On the record from Tromp Attorney Alan Garden, the New York Times story is riddled with gross inaccuracies. Over the past decade, the president has paid tens of millions of dollars in personal taxes to the federal government, While we tried to explain this to the times they refused to listen and rejected our repeated request that
they show us any of the documentation they purport to be relying on to substantiate their claims? Of course, I can't help but question the timing of this story. Obviously This is just part of the times ongoing smear campaign in the run up to the election, John Roberts treated this Donald Trump, followed up by saying the fake media just like election time. Twenty sixteen is bringing up my taxes and all sorts of other nonsense with illegally obtained information and only bad intent. I paid me millions of thousand taxes, but was entitled, like everyone else, did appreciation and tax credits. Also, if you look at the extraordinary ass its own by me, which the fake news hasn't I am extremely under leverage. I have very little debt compared to the value of assets. Much This information is already on file, but I have long said that it release financial statements. From the time I announced I was going to run for president showing all properties, assets and that's. It is a very impressive state,
and also shows that the only president on record to give up my nearly four hundred thousand dollar plus years plus presidential salary there now claiming he's in massive debt and all his other nonsense They are claiming that Donald Trump is a national security threat, but it's just garbled fake news. It's not going to convince anybody. Donald Trump knows this is how the system works and there is definitely rules for rich people that apply to poor people, I get it, I'm not gonna blame Donald Trump our laws are broken, I'm going to say: ok, Congress fix them, I'm not gonna. Look you Joe Biden has no grounds for yelling at tromp about something triumphantly been in government for through four got just about for years now, three and a half years Joe Biden, forty seven! Ok, how about you do something about this? Ok, how about you actually change the laws we want to show you something really really crazy.
From five thirty, eight they say Biden is favoured to win. The election is Donald Trump going to lose because of reports about his tax return. Well, even arrest. Musin has Donald down a little bit. Five. Thirty eight shows us the election tracker up to thirty three minutes ago from the time of according this, and we can the all of these scenarios for Biden where he's going to win, I believe he's got twenty harry, I'm sorry, eight! Sixteen M, I do my math is terrible. And then to Donald Trump. No, seventeen, sorry and Donald Trump has five years. Are they say the latest news on Sunday, the New York Times published an investigation into President's trumps tax returns, disclosing there business empire look to be in dire straits and that it only eight, seven hundred and fifty dollars in federal income tax and twenty. Sixteen, it's annoying. Seventeen Trop dismissed the Times report, as fake news would allow me to say this is crazy.
When I pull up all these stories, I suppose we tracking the election and their pumping out fake news. Maybe people are falling for the lies or maybe it's the media class, its falling for the lies. Maybe people can easily go to the story from the New York Times and see that straight up, say: tromp paid for peace. Two million and twenty seventeen, so It is the lie. Come from that truck, didn't pay the only paid seven, fifty his tax liability I guess people dont understand how this works. That's why if only we see them call for the wealth tax. It's one of the big proposed from Bernie Sanders the progressives. They say they want to hard tax. They want to tax on your hard assets, things that you can't think what it what how'd you out of that makes sense, so they argue property tax right. If you wanna home, you pay a percentage basin, the value of that home yeah. That can be tough for a lot of people. You could buy a big house and then, if you lose your job and
no income and can't pay the property tax you could lose the house, so other trying to do is apply the same principle but to wealth. This won't work at all, because wealth is very different from just a piece of property, Jeff bases friendly. Worth one hundred and sixty billion dollars, but is yearly ink is like a million dollars if they want to put a one percent while tax they want him to pay, hundreds of millions when only makes a million, it's not possible. Ah, but why I just say that your house, they would take it from you right. That's what they're really saying and the other problem. Will we see with the wealth? acts of many the progressives in terms of how they wanted just tax assets that are hard attacks. Is it ultimately just extracts the value from these wealthy individuals and the You have no wealthy individuals. So the point there is, you can't use a wealth tat. To find anything long long term. You can bet you if you want
pass a law saying rich people aren't allowed our actual fine. I guess I'm not a big fan of wealth inequality. I think that when you we are extremely wealthy individuals who can live off of hundreds of millions of dollars, but then call depreciation in losses and basically living like a king and not having very high tax liability. I'm not a fan of that, I'm not I'm not blaming basis or trump I'll. Just say I blame the system. It's hard to know exactly how to fix it. But when you have this massive disparity between very wealthy individuals and very very poor people, you risk creating oligarchy You risk creating another San Francisco where you have extremely well, individuals running some of the most profitable companies in the world and homeless people everywhere. The problem is remarkably complicated, but the other big problem is peasant revolt, and I try to be me. I mean that in the in the literal sense the poor people will
not stand for a massive disparity between the haves and have nots, whether its jealousy, whether its greed, whatever your stance on the matter as is irrelevant, I'm not disparaging the wealthy and about disparaging the poor. I'm saying that, eventually you will get income disparity. You have rich people who can and influenced politics too much poorer people saying it's not right and there'll be a revolt college Elsie call it greed doesn't matter, it will happen. It happens, is not a guarantee right, but it, but it can happen if we want to stabilize our country? I think I personally am in favour of higher taxes on the wealthy. The only problem I have there is just giving the government he doesn't solve any problems. So taxes might not be the answer. I also don't think any of these lucky's understand how wealth work, because our I see this mean go around where they're like how about we? How about whenever you make
dollar over nine hundred and eighty million. It gets tax at a hundred percent. You get a plaque, that's has congratulations. You one capitalism and then it's over and unlike Jeff Basis, doesn't have that cash. Ok, it's hard assets, trump hard assets, there's depreciation! Ok, you lose value in a property you're right it off. Ok, because not worth as much anymore. These neurons even understand liquid assets and hard at this hour and cash. They don't get how it works. So what I find interesting with five there, is there running with the false narrative that Trump only paid seven hundred and fifty the reality trump paid millions more than he owed should he have owed more perhaps, but those aren't the facts, that's just the false framing to manipulate the circumstances. If we look at Donald Trump's taxes and we take them on face value, we can't accuse Trump of committing crime,
unless you have evidence that he committed a crime. If tromp is writing things off, there are legal to write off then tromp does not owe more than seven hundred and fifty dollars good for him. He lost a bunch of money. I'm not going to go to a farmer who made a hundred grand but spend two hundred and fifty and be like. No, better, give me more money, but I don't have it I'm in debt now and then well, while you're not paying taxes but you're running a form you made: a hundred grand got appeared access even abbot, sometimes of expenses, fear business. You write them off as an excuse for Trump or any other, extremely well wealthy person for flooding. There tat, and using loopholes, but I can't make that assumption. I can just sit here and be like well. I think I don't know who cares what I think and I don't care what most of these people think show me the proof you can question some of these things. Fine, that's job. For the Irish do an audit, apparently there auditing him. Now it's been going on for a decade, a net
What are we to say the dude's losing money he's the president, but their pushing this to claim because of this trump will lose now, I'm not buying it. Maybe I'll tell you this though there is linsey. Gram is down, he needs money, you look a desperate and I'm poles are coming out. Saying he's down two points. Well, you know what I like Linsey grim on, that two enthuse about what happens in the Democrats. Take over the sun it, but that's the fault of the rhinos Kay, the Republicans, aim, only you wanna sit around in your hands, get nothing done. Why would anyone support you can read? actions by Europe and guess what may be a democratic Democrat will get in. Then maybe someone will actually run on a populist ticket and they ll win for now. I don't know for sure, but I gotta warn all of you. It's starting to look a bit like it's not guarantee that Trump wins. This may actually start skewing towards the Democrats, but I'm not here. I am not bringing up this this pole. To make that claim. I'm just saying be wary.
No exactly. What's gonna happen. If trump lose resorting to elect him, thought troubles, gonna win its like did I'm lay off the fence on that one. But other said. Not that I care Frank once famous pollster says: Monmouth is an a plus rated MR and now have a national raised within their three point: five margin of error, among likely voters not only that he says a three point: margin of error for each candidate individually becomes approximately a six point margin of error for the difference between the two words as me: It means that we don't know. What's gonna happen, it could be Trump or by none of this matters. Do trumps base. Doesn't care about taxes, suburban housewives, probably don't care about taxes, the top twenty percent probably agree with Trump on his taxes. So I have no idea how this will play up. National security threat. Absurd Donald Trump
Loopholes. Probably me a fan, no, obviously not, but it's not illegal. What do we do about it change the system. Goes to two senators Congress, whatever? If I could do that, don't expect me to be mad about it now, they're gonna come on, say, shoot. You know, trumps terms, ends will never admit that he's done wrong and blah blah blah. It's like yes, some of em. I guess I like the guy's entertainer. I like the Middle eastern peace deals, but the inverse is true as well. There absolutely are a bunch of transporters who will never admit, fall under any circumstances when tromp said, if you burn the flag, you get a year in jail, I said no way get out of here it's stupid, but I don't think I've actually gonna happen through I believe, and the right to freedom of expression. So long as your flag, mind you, but then you have the inverse. I could point out that Trump overpaid by millions and they'll still find a way to claim he didn't pay at all. They they its framing. That's all it really is, in my opinion,
it's just people desperately trying to lichens drum up. Some reason why you should hate truck to the game. I say what I'm concerned with on that: list of the top one hundred things in my life and when I need for my government trumps taxes is not even on the list and you know I gotta be honest. Russia is, and it's very low, because Russia is a threat, but all this Russia itself is just nonsense. What men to meet our own family security. Food, probably water and air, are up their first trumps. Taxes wait the bottom so when you have riots running rampaging through that through the country, I gotta think about my safety first and if the Democrats will not get on top of this and shut down these rights, then don't expect me to support this. It's your fault. You support this and I'm scared that children, emboldened people. If you get elected and ass just me, maybe I'm crazy, maybe I'm wrong q. All the people saying tombs, aggrieved or defending Trump Did you read the story? I dont care trying be honest, for once, I ll, leave it there. Next time
coming up at six p m over at Youtube outcomes. Lashed him cast news is a different channel and I will see what last night too major breaking stories, which I find very strange fray Sunday evening. Donald Trump tax returns, not, formally released, but the New York Times rewrote Laurie, they already wrote in October of twenty sixteen boring, I dont care the big breaking news come from project Berytus. They dropped video evidence shows a man in his car saying these all of these envelopes absentee ballots with other people, including a Minneapolis councilman. I believe, I believe, will read this negative, accurate saying he looked at them. They were blank. Very toss has uncovered, according to their release, a massive voter fraud scheme where people are going around and taking ballots from people absentee boats that are not
old out and getting paid to fill them out, and these people are supporters of ill hand. Omar. I gotta be very, very careful about how explain this, but suffice to say Donald Trump Demur and you was attorneys launch. An investigation in we'll in Omar following report. Her supporters, illegally harvested belts in Minnesota. We ve got two big stories right now: Donald Trump tax returns. You want to know why I don't care, because he didn't do anything illegal now. Maybe there could be an investigation, maybe it was a moral dont care in twenty fifty nine. Sixteen Donald Trump brag about her to pay taxes only morons wood and they they complain about us bankruptcy as bankruptcy makes me. Smart, protect my business as he brags about this stuff. Now Trump is disputing. The tax returns but why would I care I'm sorry man listen. I may be I think the system is broke if Donald Trump is able to live this lavishly, but my claim
losses on some of these businesses. He effectively pays like no taxes will trump is denying that sure, but I don't care men last night important. They were right. Its normally. This is my morning riot update forty over the past four or five months. That's been the case, but now we have something bigger coming and I usually like too, leave the big political stories for four, but this is too important what project Berytus has uncovered and there is more to come How do I know? Well, you know look the debates are tomorrow. I can only imagine that very toss has got a lot more to release, but that's just my speculation. What's not my speculation from a walkie journal, Sentinel Wisconsin Liberal Group, tells attorney general. They believe they were targeted by undercover group project Berytus September sixteenth. Just a couple weeks ago. More is coming. That's all. I can add that that's the best assumption I can make
you can send it back so normally releases a few things I need and that you know the kind of like you know, draw it out for a little bit to make sure they get the big impact in the media. Well, I don't care about. I gotta go. I don't care about Donald trumps. Taxes is stories old. They published this story and twenty sixteen August Donald Trump tax records show we could have avoided taxes for nearly two decades. The times found, and there too, October it while they say the published in October. First, twenty sixteen here, it's as October, second up top, which get the point New York Times tried doing their October surprise and guess what nobody cared you know up. Maybe some people care needs. For me, still one is a supposed have an impact on the election right now, I'm sorry. We can complain about trumps trumps taxes, but very asses uncut has uncovered what looks like luxuriate and serious, crimes the concern now is that there are people in the somali community who are being pressured into giving up their votes for cash and they either have to do
or they need the cash or they do it either way, it's totally illegal. What's happening. Let me read you the story, the daily mail report. Donald Trump demands! U S. Attorneys launch an investigation into ill had Omar following report. Her supporters illegally harvested belts in Minnesota. President Trump took a twitter just after midnight on Monday and demanded demanded that the Justice Department investigate Democratic House RAP Alien Omar of Minnesota. For alleged ballot harvesting- this is totally illegal. The president tweeted, the morning hope at the. U S Ernie in Minnesota? Has this and other of her money misdeeds under serious review. If not, why not? We when Minnesota, because of her and law enforcement, save meant save Minneapolis an iron o range yeah, maybe you'll win Trump, I mean. Maybe this will help you win but like like the sentiment among people, buy
if they're straight cheating? How do you beat that? I don't know man, I don't know how you beat that sort so lesson here we go baby November. Third, Donald Trump gets a narrow victory in Minnesota Mail and bouts art popping up trump points to this and says nope not gonna, buy it, lawsuits emerge and not an analog. It's it's interesting Nancy. She said that this may kick back to the house for the first time. Like a hundred and thirty or hundred forty years, what what happens is there's no determination on the president and their electoral colleges is bunk. The house delegations will vote what if they drag this out until after, like I think, it's a January, seven there's something early January. They dragged out until after the house gets taken over by Democrats. So the house delegations. I should say right now. My understanding
According to a Newsweek article that I was reading, house delegations are dominated by Republicans. If the Democrats gain a foothold even more so in strengthen their majority in the house. Then they draw the election until it can go to. Delegations. Then they can override the results of the election? What if that happens, speculation- and I really don't know trot was reacting on Monday to an unconfirmed internet report from conservative provocative. You see other media plays. It is daily mail to James O Keefe of Product Berytus Climate, supporters of Omar, where illegally harvesting ballots. I mean He showed us a video of Athens and there are people on camera being like yup. That's exactly what happened! Even one apparently a politicians and he's seen it according to O Keefe many up. This resin, ok, this is weirdly worded my wife. I rather like according to O Keefe Minneapolis resident Lebanon, I'm illegally country, what we wait
are there not saying James or keep wasn't Minneapolis they're saying, according to a case of many apple S, resident Leben Mohammed illegally collected some three hundred bout. From primarily somali immigrants to help his brother city counts, men, Jamal Osman on Twitter, Mohammed claimed O Keefe doctor the video and at the voice heard on the project. Their task is not his as he claimed. I do not believe that for a second- very toss- has been sued and they ve one eyed, I dont believe us ever lost. I lost it. I could be wrong what this, but they ve been sued, revenant defamation of one every step of the way. I do. I believe James O Keefe inverted GO after the establishment and they don't like it, and the media pops out and start smearing him like crazy. Like this, there call you may provocateur what is James, O Keefe done. That has been provocative tour of provocative or pro, o king like doing a news report is not provocative. I mean I you can argue, it is
so we're gonna call. I don't know any one of these writers, Rhine, stouter, internet provocateur, because he tweets is, is Oliver Darcy of Siena provocateur? Their media report is now have their opinions, but come on. You can call him because he journalists, you can call James that you can call me that that seems to be the place that look the way things are going, but provocateur yeah. Although resort for democratic congressmen, known collectively as the squad and who care about this one last week, trouble gone when, after all mark in an election rallying, Pennsylvania suggesting to the? U S is inter country, she's telling us how to run a country? How did you do Are you came from Trump said of the Somali born Democrat? Who is a? U S, citizen? How was your car trade doing the present added Omar hit back at trumps comments, calling as rallies cult like. Firstly, this is my country, and I am a member of I wish that impeached you, the menace of Minnesota lawmaker tweeted. Secondly, I blood civil war when I was eight an eight year old doesn't want a country,
Though you run a country like one o stubborn. I dont care it so dumb, troubleshooting too out. I don't like trumpeted tweets up like that and care for Eleanor tweeting stuff, like that. It's so stupid I want to know what's going on with our country, I wanna know what's going on with these votes? Well, I have a tweet here from David Steinberg Start work, is a use that Pga media and while he wasn't, became media he's got a bunch of stories on eleven Omar in England, in in Minnesota and he treated to read our trump. I can confirm this that, early this year, the F B, I was told at an Inn person meeting that Omar ran massive vote buying operations in twenty sixteen and twenty eighteen, this
for he was, has circulated for years congrats to project our task for getting the first solid evidence. You wanna know what I love this dude, claiming that a core of what was it worth on Twitter Mohammed claimed O Keefe doctored the video. These people don't understand the game. The Think James O Keefe is stupid. Have you not learned your lesson by now? Everything they do is tactful and strategic. He knows what he's doing and it's like you, you. See this play out time and time again and they just don't get it. Do you wanna noted is James. O Keefe doesn't release everything at once. Have you noticed that in many The stories he's done, there's like part. One part, two part three, no way too weak a publisher other week. You know why, because people bury them selves, here's the guy on that wasn't my voice. That was doctored. The next thing you know James or giving a positive video, the guy pointing the cat. He turns a camera themselves. These are my words. I'm talking right now, this videos
I'm just. Can you get the point he's like all know the videos doktor didn't happen. Do you you, you better? Keep your mouth shut. You dig in your own grave, but sure fine, it is only a matter of time before some on another release comes out. Like I said, miss out on the another group is from a couple weeks ago thinks that they were targeted by project vartos, yeah. Well, you're. Probably work, and this says to me was content Minnesota not the same place. I get it, but very tough probably has more, to release and there could be connections here in the story from the local Milwaukee journal. Sentinel, they say half a dozen Libya, groups in Wisconsin say they were deceived by a long time. Member of the conservative group veritable this summer in an apparent attempt to get damaging footage of Democrats in Belgrade in a battleground state, black leaders, organizing for communities votes as de la Frontera and others on Friday, ask Democrat Democratic Attorney General Josh call to investigate the matter. According to a letter, the group provided to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel call
has not said what he will do. Project very us for years has misrepresented itself. I love how the media goes after undercover journalism. To get an inside look at how democratic campaigns and liberal groups operate Wisconsin and around the country. It secretly recorded videos have hurt some entities, but some of the groups claims about improprieties have fizzled when independently investigated. I'm I'm not entirely familiar with what that means. I have seen a ton of things are budget, very task that I think I gotta be honest- are like Nero get. It is whatever like, Verity says as uncovered more recently like individuals who legit Minos voted illegally. Ok, you know, like those one guy, what a twice and they got him and the guy got trouble and that's that that's cool, it's, not a national. You know grand slam like this story is a much on a drag berytus for.
Small stories or small earth stories, but the idea that I am not entirely familiar with. What's fizzled when independently investigate that's an opinion, what does fizzled mean? What is your? What is your opinion? Patrick Marley? Now you see the point as everything they do is an attempt to protect the establishment did news, weak report on what's going on with ill hand Omar and these boats and these videos know what project veritable is claiming about eleven Omar and illegal ballot harvesting. Are they gonna tell us exactly what's on video kind of there's some quotes? I can respect that. Just today we got three hundred for Jamal Osman moments in the video. I have three thousand my car right now. What straight up and meeting the committing a crime numbers don't lie? You can see. My car is full. All
He's here are absentee bouts. Look all these are four Jamal Osman Mohammed can be seen showing white envelopes on his cars dashboard and video from July. First later, in the where does video habits as money is the king and in this world and a campaign, is driven by money. My favorite part about all this is is when they mention that Mohammed claimed O Keefe doctor the video that his Voice on the video is not his is so Is that you in handling a bunch of absentee ballots on video that still illegal dude. You can't do that. Was this ain't. The video I found out these belts in dumps, what do I do with them? Yeah, I'm sorry. I don't buy it, but what see from off from Newsweek. They go on to say: well, they re going to smear project, very toss you now they. Let me just limited, read this for you. They say the group has targeted, mainly liberal groups, wisting operations, it's right, because the Washington Post, Google, Facebook, Pinterest labour
groups. Oh, what's that when you use when you claim that very tough only targets, liberal groups, what your showing is that youth. Mainstream establishment corporations and big tech. Our liberal that I want to admit it, I guess but James or keep us not after major journalism, organizations. Are those liberal groups, so explain to me what liberal gives it on after these individuals committing crimes? I dont think you realize what this means when they say this, let me frame it for you and a couple of ways: the group which has targeted, mainly liberal groups. A sting operations could imply that James O Keefe is biased and he just hates the liberals and he's going after them, or it could imply that when he's look for crimes and impropriety, their mainly liberal groups. You get the point, be careful how you play with words news. We can train smear people, They want to mention what this guy's doing behind, it may seem showing white envelopes on cars, dashboard and video from July. First later in the Erika,
Video Mohammed's has money, is the king in this world and a campaign is driven by money and anonymous? recent identified as a form of many up, Minneapolis Police work or told veritable that almost campaign deputy director You say gaining was coordinating ballot harvesting from elderly people, Charles Horn towers a housing complex in the city before or the Minnesota primary on August. Eighth interesting did they do a universal melon ballot. The same person planed that women and young people were paid for their bouts during the primary. The cash for about accusation is unsubstantiated at this time. What does that mean unsubstantiated? What does that mean? You ve got people saying they ve done it. You ve got videos, then with the ballots, please James, O Keefe. I hope you are holding out on us because it is going to Greece, oh glorious when very task drops whatever else they have hoping they.
Do, and all of these articles are like ups about that this about. Britain is not illegal in Minnesota, however, addicted district court mistake denied or a public and motionless They a temporary injunction against the law, that made it a legal for anyone to help more than three people vote very toss. Here we go here. We go project where it has a history of dubious claims and doktor videos, and there it is don't believe the news, because James O Keefe had to pay a hundred thousand dollars to a former, a acorn employees who didn't consent to be film and claim decoy The police ever disguised, o Keefe, asked how he could make under age. Prostitution. Look like a legitimate business. I believe that was a settlement and not entirely sure, but I will point out that I believe a John Stewart from the daily show highlighted that acorn expos AY and praised James O Keefe. What happened to that?
that's when we that that's what I like, the mainstream media and these personalities, who were liberal, actually we're legit John Stewart had no problem being like look at this guy he's doing real journalism, swear you and it's like. Bravo. John Stewart recognise that James O Keefe was doing good at what you say about it. When we get now that we get some breaking news, it could up, and- Election result and major lawsuits, but that smear the guy who got the footage? Why to me, that's ridiculous. They say there was There was instant scepticism of his latest claims, in an analysed just guy whose men, who,
cover. The organisation pointed the timing of the release quote while you're telling me that project vartos just happened to release a project right after the New York Times, releasing bombshell ha. What are the odds? How is that scepticism that James O Keefe timed this and waited right until the New York Times bombshell? While I would even call video times bombshell, because they are times wrote a story, they wrote twenty, sixteen, it's not relevant and I don't care you dont mammals and when you get someone like Donald Trump got up agent being like I'm rich, I cheat the system. I know how it works. I bought politicians and everyone shares. What, then, is like that's? Why should vote for me? I know how the system works, oh yeah trump. How is that supposed to offend these people and make them not one vote for him. If you think that this story about trumps taxes-
is going to swing the election. I got. I got two words for you: he won in twenty. Sixteen he won, they may be saying: get Trump's base doesn't care, but regular Americans might know they don't look a look. Some of them might for sure some of them might, but it wasn't enough to cost him. The election then they're, trying the exact same, Did you now the only thing they're doing? Is there like? Well people really eight Hillary Clinton? Maybe if we do literally the same thing that people hated but Joe Biden instead people will vote for him, maybe at very well, maybe the only problem. What we're seeing here is cheating, so no one's gonna believe the result of the election. What are you gonna do I hope you are. I hope you do what you gotta do to keep yourself safe because it may come and go November.
May happen Trump may when in a landslide and nothing really happens any winds and then we carry on like normal or it may turn out there, trump winds and election night in a landslide and then slowly over time. More melon in are popping in and more videos of this start popping up at me, Billy dispute, several states! Why wouldn't trump sue Ray single state that drops off a ton of mail and balanced And therein lies the real problem. The supreme Court could intervene. They may not necessarily side with Trump. If the electoral college fails, then what going happen if people saying all but the popular votes as Biden. Therefore, we must just yoga with binding I'm going to say, will but we're not the electoral college than all of these. Our members, they they end up, we know about, sworn in and then it goes the house with a majority democrat delegation who says Joe Biden
and there will be furious uproar, it's kind of like what happened with Gourbi Bush. You know back in two thousand and people were done about it. I dont know where we're going now, but I think it's you know that it has got us our smearing James, o Keefe like crazy but went wont. Let me show you this This is really crazy. This is the trending tab or the United States on Twitter. We can see tromp tax returns with five hundred thousand tweets, we can scroll down, tramples on a billionaire blah blah project, fair, tossed trending with Ill there are two hundred and seventy two thousand. So it's got traction. It's legit, trending project, Berytus, legit, trending, now truck tax returns is going up problem because of journalists and probably because you got a lot of very vocal left us to use twitter. But what do regular Americans think?
our regular Americans gonna, be outraged that Donald Trump hires on account into does his taxes for him. Do you realize that right, like they're all coming out in saying, like truck, then pay taxes? I've got an accountant, you know, and my count experimenting, I our own, a white guy, you're, United Dry trust economy. Doing I'm incorrectly, that's literally how businesses work so Donald Trump runs out billion dollar empire. A multi billion dollar empire and so he hires, probably ridiculous. Number of accounts is by got massive accounting firms and they do as taxes for him. So I am not entirely sure terms what to feel about this, especially when people are throwing me to Malta. Captain shooting them, and then we get actual video that look there's a guy with a bunch of envelopes claiming their absentee ballots. That's that's evidence its definitive, definitive proof. No, we need more, but its evidence. So what next? How much you want? A bat James, O Keefe publishes something even more damning. All of these people have their foot
their mouths, and then you know than that, and then they immediately to start doubling down and saying: oh, don't know, he's lying gives. O Keefe is crazy, Balboa block. That are how much evidence he puts up. Well that this the debates coming up in a day tomorrow, Kennedy, Fun and Donald Trump will probably bring this up. I'll say one more thing: I trumps. Tax returns is just a thing to break down how stupid all of this is. Don't trumps taxes. He a portly only paid like seven hundred dollars in the past ten years and a couple years, and then it's probably having to do with some kind like filing requirement. It's, because his businesses are losing money and his tax returns. Probably shouted he's losing money. Everybody knew he was losing money. Has network is tanking as he's peace, peace president now they'll, try and climates, because you know Trump Trump Raffer Present cause. He was failing up
like I don't know, I don't think so. I need to get a certain point. You're, like I'm a billionaire like what do you do jump on to be president now that is not running his companies starting to do bad? Am I supposed to be surprised by that or I love is when I tweeted that, like you know, I'll trumps talked about this before I think, but nothing specifically and the reason heeded pay taxes because, as businesses are failing in their like the word, you defend trip through more tomb and, unlike I just set its businesses are failing. How is that defending the guy? These people are tribal lists. They want to believe the narrative that Donald Trump discuss. I'm Donald Trump and no reason other than being a jerk? I'm not paying taxes does with how it works. Trop rode off like four forty million dollars losses and I'm sorry it was forty four trillion dollar revenue and like fifty million dollars loss, meaning he lost like five hundred million dollars to an end now
got some people's and keep us be the worst business man ever he felt a businessman is. Is president he's running these companies? I dont care. Stop the people shooting cops deal with the vote of fraud, but Rod doesn't exist. How many stories, if I had to read about this stupid bs, where the primary about our broken Democrats are destroying the integrity of our elections, and you want me to go vote for that get out of here, I'm so over this, let's see what where does has to offer in the upcoming veto? some excited, and they usually have more, will see what happens only with their necks segments coming up at work p m on this channel. Thank sprang up, and I will see you all. Then it is natural result of the past several elections that Donald Trump we'll get to replace Ruth Bade. Her Ginsburg and the left is freaking out outrage Donald Trump would do his job and nominate Amy Coney bear it. Who is a catholic conservative and outraged that senators who won the elections would vote to confirm this?
if at all and there and their angry in their claiming hypocrisy. But listen. The Democrats can't help but fall into these traps. Yesterday, at my main segment at to Youtube com slashed him cast, I talked about how the strategy and the Democrats was backfiring and they can't help themselves the story. I have a couple stories for you. Look at this one here are the people with large platforms have warned of violence if the GEO P replaced. Ruth Better Ginsburg, I am going to say, Donald Trump- is either this bumbling buffoon who keeps slipping on banana appeals or he knows exactly what he's doing and why he's doing it? We heard there was another potential nominee. This was a cuban american woman. And Amy Coney Bear. It ultimately got the nomination and will likely be confirmed a week before the election. Now I want you to think long and hard about what Amy Coney Bear. It represents an what Donald Trump is desperately trying
to win a war which voting demographic, has you ve been very concerned about and what their saying right now. I just these people are our so dumb Amy corny bear. It is like a suburban housewife, a religious mother, she's, a accomplished woman and when I listen when you see or leaving her home with their family and smiling at his photographs. Donald Trump knows he has chosen someone who may serve as an avatar for any of these suburban housewives. He has desperately been trying to convince to vote for em now also have fear, from these suburbs about riots and violence. Donald Trump, I'm sorry, I'm I'm going to say, we all know he want denominate Amy Coney bear it for a Supreme court, but this is slipping on a appeal. Ok, maybe not, maybe he just understands the law so well. He knows how to push their buttons. Think it's fair to say he does think about it. He's gonna put this woman,
Who was an accomplished mother, successful woman, a regular mom, I'm then I say regular mom, because that's what I am I think she member may represent to a lot of people. She has kids, you gotta go to church Trump wants that vote, he's gonna put her. In these hearings. Why are they having hearings? I thought there was talk about how they were just skip over the hearings and go through it quicker. Well, there's gonna be hearings. Maybe this both me. Whatever think about what happens in the Democrat Start, insulting her face start insulting. Her kids that is going to be an avatar for the suburban housewife feeling why're you attacking this woman. She shut she shuddering glass ceilings, actual suburban housewives? Not these weirdo far left us like regular. People saying. I see myself in her as a regular American, how many people will see that and see the Cavanaugh affect get completely played again, or I m afraid I can say that butter,
How many people are watches happen and then we will experience the Cavanaugh affect again, but the story is some special because the other thing, the suburbs are worried about violence and they can't help themselves. So now here's what you're getting tromp nominates this person any country that's gonna, be going to these hearings. The next couple of weeks, just a few weeks before the election, urinary Cavanaugh effect, and you are going to have threats of violence. Let me show you the story, but only collar says following the death of justice. Ruth bait organ the board, with only weeks, left before the twenty election, some activists and people with high profiles have called for action to resist present Donald Trump potential selection, some even threatened violence and their doubling down stuck up the kids, and these are anti for types. These are like resistance, Democrat personalities, trumps nomination of the court is Judge Amy, Coney Barrett, who was alright
faced smears for her catholic faith, including by Denmark, Democratic California, Sunday Diane Feinstein, who said quote the conclude one draws is at the dogma lives loudly within you, which is of concern. Presidents domination now requires a vote from the Senate quote. We are shutting this country down if trumpet Mcconnell, try to ram through an appointment before the election by women and american playwright and screenwriters hat on Twitter September. Eighteenth, his tweet received. More nineteen thousand railways now hold on hold on what does it mean to shut the country down? They, they dont want a budget, that's kind of nebulous but You can always count on girl, good, all Reza Ozland, either human brain or to threaten violence against people. Former scene and employ Reza Ozland, twice threatened to burn the entire effing thing down after Ginsburg died. Should the GEO P try to replace or Iceland did not respond to
quest from the daily collar to elaborate on what he meant what he meant by the tweets its letter. All they ve been setting. Fires, ok out, an ovum means literally, I don't know what he means. It's just look at this. He keeps over our dead bodies. Literally ok. He said it literally residence. Then a few days, I tweeted that have GEO be try to ram s notice there before the election we burn the effing thing down and since the death threats and bright Bart headlines about my tweet have now stopped. Let me just say that GEO be try to jam scottish through. We burn the effing thing down over our dead bodies. Literally, these people are knots. Absolutely insane. You know what the Republicans did when when Obama wanted merit Garland, they went off from far too. I refuse to to confirm your appointment as it that would debt that what where was the burnt? Where was the riots Normie phone? So I want you to think about the suburbs,
I want you to think about who trump needs to win over and who will see this and God she is if a lady alone dude- and you got your crazy, listen, I'm seeing these means fly around where they're like Amy Coney, bear it. It's gonna rear the constitution and like erase all this precedent and that gay marriage will be repealed ok well, first, let me say: I'm not psychic, maybe she will do those things. Maybe these things may happen. I don't know, but based on her her field of practice, I dont think that to be the case in other trying to take a lot of reports of contact it's just weird. She seems to be an original lest any attacks to us. I guess like like Scully up, I'm not big on a supreme court. I'm not I'm not up! You know a hard core political and go to stuff. Like many people are my general understand, though, is she tries to interpret the constitution as it was written? Not as we interpret the language today
in which case I guess they're freaking out under the assumed that she's going to like erased president, I'm not worried about that. Okay, it's funny how they talk about ROE V Wade, but they don't talk about loving v. Virginia? That was when interracial marriage and Miss agitate admit was made legal and education laws were basically found. Unconstitutional did not talk about that. You talk about gay marriage. Why? I think it's because these are buzz issues of the day. You know it's it's it's a relevant enough to our history in our minds that actually think we'd go back in time. I'm not really worried about that. We just had a separate two Supreme Court rulings. I think or like I've been several were even gorstkin. Cavenaugh have been against I'll drop. These people need a chill out, and there even saying that, based on Coney bear its record she's. Actually not even the most conservative person she would be like the third most conservative on the car. I think the third most conservative, so this even a guarantee she's going to be hard core conservative
she may actually go moderate on some of these issues, but they cannot themselves they're, gonna, they're, gonna call for violence, they're gonna get violent they're going to insult them into religion, the going to insult or kids. That's what they're doing, and this, in my opinion, is exact, We what trump needs he needed, something to light up the suburbs. He needs the rights to be inflamed and he needs people to attack what could be a representation of the suburban. How wife? I'm not saying anything about necessarily is what to do someone who holds like if you were to look at a picture of her bearing light in our Sunday clothes or whatever, with their kids she's gonna come off with your you know, she's gonna come off like a steady, typical, suburban woman. I think that's what trumpets point you gotta understand Oh- and I mean this with all due respect- the american people, their vapid and shallow. I did this that this little bit on on the IRA Pike S talking about
our conservative sundry more attractive and liberals tend to be less attractive and on the left got so angry and then they agreed with me was the weird thing ever it's true: it's it's a privilege and they were pointing out that people vote for who they find to be attractive. Well, there you go. And people are attractive, tenderly, more individualist, yeah sure there you go so what happens when people look at us edge of any Coney Barrett see you're, getting attacked and raided, insulted for our kids and for faith. It's going to feel like they are being attacked. The media doesn't understand. Trump, they don't understand the people, who vote for Donald Trump, I remember back and with twenty sixteen, where there were like Donald Trump had a well done steak with catch up one, a loser. They were making fun of trot because he got this like thirty day. Dry age state grow out, unannounced networks, and it was opposed in Israel.
Fancy me all it's get like medium rare. You, you known below Darla Cadet on on an eat it just as is or whatever it is. They put on plastic trump ordered well done and slapped catch up all over it and they attacked him for it. You know what that was, and why Trump did that, because poor people in this country. Don't eat fancy stakes, medium, rare with fancy spices. They eat. Garbage gutter sticks for a buck. They could throw because it tastes like garbage and is probably lot with parasites and they slot catch up on it. It tastes better so when they started making fun of tromp for eating a well done state with catch up, how any metal. American people were sitting there, eating their well Don t bone or re by with, with with catch up looking up at the tv screen. Looking down in saying, hey, what's wrong, that's why you make fun of me. They were making fun of Trump for doing things. They accuse poor people of doing because their snooty
leaders who will declare violence and they will literally get violet. They will cheer for the violence and they will insult you if your poor and Trump want a lot of these p I remember seeing that video I talked about it where this guy was crying me he's is factory had closed down was his run out of money. He was going to fail to pay for us, kids, school and then Trump elected. The factories came back. And then he said he got hired again and now he saving again and is feeding his kids and you like in tears, is a crazy videos is years and years ago here we're going out more canadian, political science, professor at Macfarlane of the University of Waterloo, tweeted, burn Congress down before letting Tromp tried to appoint anyone to Scotus you're. Even american dude mind your own business. You know, I think it's really funny how Canadians lie to have a say in american politics, and I don't care if, as the left or the right wing Canadians, we had lotta Canadians on the right who who are like praising tromp and I'm just like. I find that weird, but far
and I guess Canada, as America Junior so sure, do your thing, Laura Bassett, set in a tweet that appears to have been deleted that if Mcconnell JAM someone through which he will there will be rights, this one actually think is unfair. I those ones unfair, Laura Bassett, didn't say there should be Why should there will be rights? I would tweet exactly the same thing Mcconnell JAM, someone through which he well there will be riots. I dont think there should be rights. I think the left will go nuts, so I think she's good of the Washington Post. Be careful with this stuff men, I've seen things where, like a journalist or tweet, something and they'll assume the journalist was like encouraging or calling for there was a journalist who treated so a quote from like some politician, I quote treated it and then what sort of attacking the journalists- and I hope I apologize- I didn't realize people- but to do that because you were just Putting the article like I do the same thing you ve gotta, be careful now sure
maybe this individual is on the left, but you didn't say there should be riots said there will be riots, riots, here's brains, Walter just another normal night over on Tucker Karlsson. The banner says the left friends violence over court, not an ancient Brian, the do does We were not to use. Google come on man, Brian, do better than that, but not that it matters for all, I know is probably intentional. He knows people are tweeting. These things expand, who you follow good, sir, and use Google search to fact check these things when people claim it if talker says the leftist threatening violence, why dont you google it to see if it's true or not, here's the best part, so there's gonna be a bunch of violence. Right sure sure short and that's gonna help tromp went over suburban votes and the attack on this seemingly Amy Coney Bear. It seems, like a lovely woman. Engage you seems like fine, respectable, an accomplished. I this is the craziest thing about what the left does.
I don't know anything about her I see my arm about all assume things I guess the same is true, for any of these far less progressive. I donated to like I'll. I personally don't do progressive primary candidates against Democrats. I could you not its public right.
Fact because I thought I'd like to seem like good people. I probably really does agree with them, but I hate the establishment. I hate them. Ok and has very few things I absolutely hate. I can't stand the foe, progressive establishment types, I'm not gonna, say their names, but they pretend to be progressive and actually support Joe button. The establishment unite. Do I dont mind and actually like these, these progressives? Even former Bernie people who hate Joe Biden won't vote for him. I don't care if you're far left. I can disagree with you. Don't support the violence and call it the establishment, we're good Jimmy door. Awesome dude. We probably disagree in a lot of things, probably up a lot of things, but I think Jimmy's great. I think I think what are my buys, probably much more popular.
The verses establishment. I care about the people and what is good for the people. What is right for the people- and I am not a fan of the far left- I'm not a lot of these people are also have also adopted the far left at an italian insanity and which is why I really do oppose them. I want to show you this just took I'll, give you quit. Contacts are taught with his yesterday. Democrats feel boxed in on strategy for bear confirmation fight. They mention one more fear on Barrett the adoption thing gotta avoid that, us. Please don't they also mentioned dont go after her lit her religion. All they had to do all they do is just say: Amy Coney bears a federal judge. She may be inexperienced How about we ask about that? We say: do you believed I placed around the courts? Is twelve. Seventeen do you believe yet you have sufficient experience to be a Supreme court justice, and this is not to denigrate Europe.
But he's or your skills, or your judgment, Isabel question and arm. I personally think it's a fair question. I'm not gonna play me stupid games, but the risk the Democrats have right now is that their going after an accomplished woman. How many women in the suburbs are to see this and say let her succeed, let her get it and give her a chance. Especially if she's a conservative. Now here's where things got spicy and this this stuff is so insane It actually runs. I run the risk of getting look. My video yesterday got de rang. And demonetized immediately and that is to be ass. They did it to my video before about Kamel Harris too, but I requested a review. They upheld it and then reached out to Google specifically, and they sad were overturning it because I'm talking about mainstream american politics, ok, Boston, universe, did he professor is urged
to resign for calling Amy Coney bear a white colonizers who is using her two adopted haitian children, s props. They couldn't event alone. They are obsessed their violent, and this is what you get. You have a duty to resign step down, but you know what he's not. This dude is a best selling author. Bravo from ex candy he can insult this woman for her children and her sister and stuff like that, and it is, I don't care he called her. A racist white colonise are apparently let us Abbas, and you too, private professor who said present TRAP Supreme Court nominee, was a racist white colonise or for adopting two black children from Haiti and using them as props, while cutting the biological parents have. The picture is being urged to resign. The controversial charge was left levelled at Judge Amy Coney bearing on Saturday by IRAN Ex candy. A professor of his green and director and founder of Bottom University Centre for Anti racist research. You hold on hold, didn't like
a bunch of celebrities adopt african kids and haitian kids to help tat like give him a better life, This is so it. So it's all just these people are not man, I'm characterises. If you then, poverty and someone says I'm gonna, bring you here and give you a better life. I respect it yet they would attack her, for it did guy could not write a book or issue a statement about you know like Angelina Jolie in Brad Pitt. Didn't they do the same thing I don't know or care. I know People want to talk about it, make it an issue, doesn't matter to me at all: it's it's it's shockingly minded numbing to see that the illegitimacy of their attacks their meaningless, but the threats of threats of violence are real So I wonder what is going to do in the suburbs, and I wonder if this, is exactly what tromp was betting on. I
I'm gonna go to skip over the comments you made but show you some of the photos. I wonder if this was part the plan, I dont, think they planned on Ruth, Better Ginsburg passing, but I'd be willing to bet they planned for the event. In the event that she did, I mean she's, very old I'd, be willing to bet that got way more plans for some of these other justices. Who Also, very rare old wondered eighty two you can see this for that is a baronet about Catholic has seven children, five biological and two adopted her. This child also has down syndrome. Why would they attack this family? Take a look at this family and I want. I want you to think about this. I really do and then go on Facebook and look at the photos from other families. What that the reason why I say I think she will serve as an avatar representation of the suburban housewife, is because these the photos, I see all over the place for this from the Chicago suburbs, from people. I grew up with their
their Wang NICE closed. Their smiling, the kids are all happy and it looks like a normal family smile on their face, but they're calling her a cult they're, calling her a hand made or hand maiden there are threatening violence over her. Do you think's going to happen when she sits down for those hearings, the smile on her face and says? Thank you all so much with the utmost respect I you know I am. I am here to answer your questions and I really appreciate the opportunity and they scowl and go so when they join occult. When did you colonise blah blah blah? The democratic leadership may be smarter than many activists, and that's that that's. The important factor the Cavenaugh fact maybe on the minds of democrats- and they may avoid this, but I'm not confident they will, because they have continually failed. And in this impatient was a failure. It all backfired, every scandal, backfired So, even though they have said they have to be careful, what's happening, their threatening violence, this dude,
Iceland must be a trump supporter sees a secret trump support whose, like sitting as computer crime with me, they had on going like. I must be the this symbol that they oppose took a rally Americans for Trump, like that. It's like The more Reza says these crazy things, the more regular people one of four tromp was David from who said that an fond black lives matter, writers were secretly try supporters or they must be because our we're doing is helping Trump. Well, then rises law must be secretly sitting that Malta had on being like I'm gonna make antifraud, look bad ha ha. You know this will help trump propaganda. I'm kidding, I think the deeds just nuts but listen. I understand the Democrats are worried and they don't want people attacking our counterparts, kids or her religion or threatening vital but they can't control these people so based on everything we ve seen with Cavanaugh, do you think they'll hold their tongues na they're gonna? Go not let me look at their twitter feed
and there is going to be like a sea during the finger snapping like oh spicy, you get us, you know cholera contest and they're gonna bag of a year, and then back so when did you join the key when the high five each other and regular Americans gonna be like she's. Just a Catholic do she's just some lady with a family and she's a job and she's accomplish things I'm going to go round burning things down in order to be like a move or for the regular people who just want to live their lives. Man I'll tell you what I talk about. Donald Trump tax returns, all crazy. Like I don't know. What do you want me to say about trumps, TAT, returns. Man we know billionaires, do this, I know Trop. Does it tromp brag about doing it? They claim that Trump owes all this money as a security threat, but trumps giving up his salary. It just doesn't make any sense, Will you not does make sense when I see Reza Ozland say over our dead bodies, literally weren't, a barn everything down on white guy serious, because I ve been doing it, they couldn't help themselves men. Well, it's only
the time for the violence erupts, I suppose so enjoy its enjoy the peace. The storm is, a ruin will see how things play up believe their necks islands. I went up at four p m over at Youtube. Dotcom, Slash TIM cast. It is a different channel and I will see you all then the story had gone viral trumps. Ex campaign manager, Brad PAR scale, barricaded himself inside his home, was threatening to harm himself. Had a loaded gun, his wife screaming runs outside bruise on her arm, saying I think my husband just killed himself police show up. You are to cut out finally had on the situation, and I am not entirely sure I believe any of that. That's weird, then: it's kind of creepy story, because the videos been released and where's the video show red par scale walking out of his house. It is shorts very calmly and slowly in the cops I come over here. Chill bride. Moscow puts a beer down he's like dude nothing happened at inducing and the cops run up and
so what I remember the ground beneath just like wobble these days, good guys, hands up. I'm not doing anything. I don't do anything and their yelling down the ground and then make they call them in there. I gotta get up bodies site confused. The funny thing about this is that people are now like tweeting things like woe is as with the cops do when someone's having like a mental health issues like yeah, but I think the left the people who are criticising the shotgun service is one of the biggest problems that we have. It comes to politics, native Brad PAR scale was having this like episode or whatever, which I don't. I don't see any evidence right now will read the story. Then the police need to be very careful how they deal with him. The duke was calmly talking to cop clearly not a threat. I mean he's Brad PAR scale, fry a common he's at peace, probably totally blue lives matter. They had no reason to tackle the guy, but they pick of slander of the ground
it's kind of crazy, it's red little, but I got some video. What will go through this from the daily mail? red came out of his office in cocked his handgun moment, bruised wife of extra campaign manager, Brad Partial fleas, their home and but keen and tells cops, he's armed and hit her. Before Swat officer slam into the ground. Now I don't I, don't I don't see it the I mean, maybe in the video is her talking. The cops not read the wife of Donald Trump demoted campaign, boss, Brad PAR scale, fled screening into the street, just her bikini before telling a passer by. I think my husband just killed himself police raced to par skills, Fort Lauderdale Florida homes at Sunday afternoon after the good Samaritan, bundled Candice par scale into her car and downtime, when one as many as twenty police, cars and boats swarm the waterfront property. After that, the distraught wife told cops, she heard a revolver being caught and allowed boom after her foot
When four year old husband began ranting and raving Candice, forty one then buried her head in the strangers lap and sobbed uncontrollably until officers revealed he was still alive and asked for a cell number, so they could begin negotiations. Police dispatch records reveal marksmen could see into the two point four million dollar property where par scale was was sitting shortly on the floor with his dog drinking beer and talking to himself. If on arms, I work s room, the witness who asked not to be now. For fear of reprisals told daily. Now that calm, she also noticed evidence of bruising unkindest his upper arms, further reports and police body camera footage made public on me they confirmed cases have revealed injuries, two officers and told them she suffered them in an altercation with their husband of four years, adding that he hits her. That's true, not cool. Innocent until proven guilty, but if she has the bruises, then so be it do you to get arrested for it? The cat
Maxine ended without tragedy about an hour and a half later when par scale was dramatically tat, filled by a swat officer after he ignored five demands to get on the ground. He was involuntarily committed to a hospital by Fort Lauderdale police, so there's, do just standing there drinking a beer and they throw him on the ground. There's video, theirs wife, okay, so we can see- and I thought as well a block the president in July you is replacing parcel. Ok, I'm a separate years social or will go to the video. When I first the story. My assumption was that Brad PAR scale was losing because it got fired. My trunk. The media were saying you know he was this. He was like the go to do for Donald Trump until I think it was the Tulsa rally They announced that tromp had one million rsvp to this big rally. They had this huge out door, we offer overflow and then only like six or seven thousand people showed up troops. There was a lot more city estimates had like six or seven thousand. It wasn't at many people.
And then I guess the scuttle by the rumors were that trunk are really met with par scale. Saying like you, you mess this up and then effectively fired him. Assuming that stuffs. True, then, than the narrative becomes at Brad's having a breakdown and like maybe I don't know, but in the video it doesn't seem. Any that really happened right. So you can see him. He comes out he's talking very calmly, the police as having a beer and he's just that's it now watch so here is talking and then all of a sudden very quickly you get on the ground and then it just throw them to the ground he said several times. I didn't do anything they caught him. Their armed, this to me seems seems crazy and that's why I'm you know in favour of police reform. I get it it's difficult. I don't know exists,
please how the police should respond in circumstances like this, when it's it's it's effectively swatting, I haven't seen evidence that Brad Pasco committed any crime. Or was actually gonna shit shoot himself. The cops apparently saw him sitting this dog drinking beer, not holding a gun. I guess here's what this dude August to call us as par scale. Was having a calm. Conversation with a police officer is assaulted by fire. Other police officers armed with automatic weapons. Is that a new treatment for people with mental health issues, or is it just for Trump supporters of all right? All right? It's not new now the cops do this and I wonder if you know, like many trump supporters, know that I'm assuming they do. I mean that's probably why the Republicans offered up police reform, because people know this and they know you shouldn't treat, let you know they shouldn and engages behaviour,
there's of theirs of there's a story: man. There was a black social worker who got a report of homeless guy acting sporadically and he went out to try and help him and the cops showed up and they told the guy to get on. It took me to get on the ground and the dude is like lying on the ground with his hands up and he still get shot and killed, and so look what we when, when police are dealing with tense situations, very awful things can happen. The problem, while most of us are for police reform. I think we we weak. We we agree that there is always better ways to do. Things would have it. We have to explore this and trying to figure it out by the left comes out with is yes literally mean abolish the police and that's what we police on the New York Times. That's literally a story, they wrote. Yes, we mean abolish the police. Ok, I look at this. I feel bad for bread and his family. I it's it's. It's
its troubling that you know this happened to I dont know exactly the details are, I hope if he is unwell, he gets out and hopefully he wasn't falsely accused or anything like that. We would have anything to go off of an already knows we gonna be people. Saying, oh dear, goes to chronic My muse falsely accused s eye what I'm saying what I'm saying is we don't know a whole lot about this and a lot of people the laughter gonna be like deeds losing it. Maybe maybe it's up it's a private matter and the only reason we're hearing about his because dude worked for Donald Trump and he lost his job. Well, let's hear Erika I say a police report obtain it possibly by daily mail, reveals at par scale had ten weapons inside the home, including two rifles to shot guns. Five handguns small revolver and was what does that mean to me that that's not a big deal, the witness who just happened to be passing by the Swank Home said I was the phone to a friend when I noticed this woman coming towards me with virtually nothing honest or bathing suit. She
out of the window and says I think my husband just killed himself. Oh my god. Oh my god come get my car I said and hung up on my friend had done when one she was hysterical. She was hyper ventilating. She nearly collapse, but I caught her in Poland in a vehicle she had her head in my lap and was just sobbing when she was in the car and and we're on, we won't hold. I saw Both her arms had bruises. She is just a tiny thing, She seems so sweet and distraught as the two women huddled into the vehicle cop surrounded the property. Stationing marksman with shields already obtained by daily mail, that I'm reveals Candice by now, by now, wrapped in a white towel peering over a line of police cars, as officers call husband, cell and negotiate a surrender. The police presence was huge. They were being extra protective in case he started shooting once he answered the phone, they knew he was alive. The good Samaritan said: brilliancy rose, I of it there's a police report. This is kind of an intense stand off for whatever it is their accusing them of
it didn't see him come out of the house because they it. Everyone stands so far back blows over quickly. Maybe an hour and a half or two hours. The police were very calm, very professional, the wife. Sat on a going for a while She seemed to calm down there had been. There has clearly been sums, dress for a while and she seemed just relieved- it was over. Her husband- has got a lot going on he's a mess. A Trump insider told daily know that comment. Our scale went into a tailspin after he was demoted in July and replaced by his former number two bill steppin. It was widely reported that the president lost faith in parcels after a much trumpeted campaigns says without this, what I was saying earlier, the rehash all the stuff, but after that, the campaign rallying. Also, ultimately just trying to figure out what's going on, but I put it this way because I try to keep out of this one too long. You get the point, we go what happened, and I I I We have been his wife. Can you know solve things on their own? I don't. I think it's unfortunate you get in
The tramp in the media is gonna, go nuts on you and and and and publish all of your stories and everything about you. But in the end- and I want to say other than cops should probably deal with reform- goes out on our planet should have been thrown to the ground like that, and maybe they don't need a shop with all these weapons and guns they need to shop. The smaller unit, you know, group first officers, figure out what's going on, then any changes or call in more more units depending on what they need. The challenge is, you know you could call the guy's armed is what you're gonna do. What swatting has become problem, I'm not sure there isn't easy solution, I'm I really don't know and if the cops didn't shop with weapons and what, if he was on, and what have you go crazy? So what do you do? you're, tough everybody. Everybody made it out. Ok, so I guess there's no real issue here. Right, except maybe, should have informed the ground, but our leave it. There got a couple more segments and just a few minutes stick around, and I will see you all shortly. You know what time of year is better.
Christmas send the super bowl in the world Series combined its October of an election year because all of them most absurd and insane story started bursting from the scenes from the seams and everything goes knots. Nothing makes sense, and it's only getting. Brazier is the internet becomes more more prominent. Maybe the Clinton's won't get away with it. After all, Trump retreats message: after federal prosecutor, John Dirhams probe into the FBI's rush investigation expands to look, to corruption allegations at the Clinton Foundation, This year is so dumb. Now I've been critical, the Clinton Foundation in other taking massive donations from foreign or from foreign governments, and you know, but politically connected individuals, to put it mildly. While Hillary Clinton was at the state department- and I just don't like the loopholes whatever fine. But now the Durham probe is looking to the Clinton Foundation October
I'll bring it on man, I don't away two weeks, Trump drop. What you got Durham, where you at once you some indictments. We get trumps tax returns. Apparently the last minute care about that. Would you gonna Clinton's, and then I wanna see daily mail, says Donald Trump last night retreated that maybe the Clinton's won't get away with it. After all, ever federal prosecutor, John Dirhams probe into the FBI's Russia Investigation, expanded to look into alligator into alleged corruption at the Clinton foundation. Durham, put in charge of the Russia Gate Review by attorney general. William bar has sought evidence about federal invested Investigations were on the same time which were looking into the Clinton Foundation sources, told the New York Times. Dirhams team has revealed that they are comparing the two investigations as well as looking into whether the Russia Inquiry investing. Here's broke the law. It was not clear whether terms of dirhams officials were
looking at a similar allegations, the Clinton Foundation or to what extent it would feature in the conclusions of his inquiry. Tromp last night retreated conservative. Commentator David J, Harris Junior, who shared a linked to an article about the latest developments writing, maybe the Clinton's won't get away with it. After all, who they say, John Durham left is that John Durham? It doesn't look like him that he is that that I don't think that's John Durham. Maybe it is me with an old photo entering and leaving a big bushy beer, now go to your son whenever terms approaches highly unusual sources told the times, and the inclusion of the Clinton investigation suggests that his scope is much broader than previously thought. The Russia probe into foreign election interference and the Clinton Foundation inquiry into a ledge of bribery and corruption differ substantively and have involved largely different investigators and prosecutors. It comes in and fears by trumps opponents that dirhams work is being weapon ized politically I mean you ve made a crime investigated right. Whatever it's really simple.
If there was a rush hour probing trump and an involved, members of the Obama administration and members of the Obama administration were connected the Clinton foundation. Then it would overlap. I may look if you have ten people and they are doing a bunch of things. Well, then, you know it overlaps what what what how's it. Maybe it's unusual sure I can't say I M all that surprised. However, Democrats last we called on the Justice Department Inspector general to look at whether Dirhams inquiry was impartial after one of his top lieutenants resigned reportedly over concerns. Their findings would be dropped before election day, the Clinton Foundation Probe sort of five years ago under the Obama administration and has not resulted in criminal charges to date. In a statement, the foundation said Clinton Foundation has regularly been subjected to baseless, politically motivated allegations and time after
time. Is allegations have been proven? False republicans have claimed that the FBI's top brass and the deal J under Brok Obama gave preferential treatment to the Clinton's. They accuse the organism. Organizations of two overtly political stance against Trump, while showing reluctance to investigate allegations about the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton, particularly her use of a private email server. As secretary of state, there was a clear double standard by the Department of Justice and FBI when it came to the Trump and Clinton Camp AIDS and twenty sixteen so that judiciary, Chairman Lindsey Grams at an August terms invested. Action has produced one criminal case so far against an FBI lawyer for attempting to secure a wiretapped to eavesdrop on a former trump adviser. This, maybe thirty politics, I mean look, maybe there's no real connection. I think it's fair to say that the reasonably there could be an overlap. Maybe so buddy during work on Russia. Gate was working
someone else and then made a phone call from our connects it. But I'll tell you what man oh really care. You know why its October baby What are we gonna see we're going to see everything? Isn't it doesn't mean clowns, jumping on the White House Rowing in the round bursting into flames, as we like planes airlines flying through the air like people like Swat skiing, on the back, I'm kidding we're gonna, get crazy, Donald Trump Stature This really is due as nothing they're gonna try every single thing they can to win now. I dont know if the Durham investigation is going to be politicized among, go, hadn't, say problem. We'll be you know, is there are legitimate case for a lot of these investigations? I really do think so. Maybe that's my biased alongside us, when you see how Russia Gate was complete nonsense, lunatic, just ridiculous conspiracy. You gotta wonder about why some of these things happened. Why the investigations were carrying forward.
What it is. We just got a text message released by this one FBI agent. They bought insurance. They bought liability insurance because they knew what they were doing was not legit that there were Pollyanna get sued, because malpractice. So when it, when you see some like that, stands to reason on the trade side, they probably actually housing investigation, the Firstly, you can say about tromp. Is that he's like a sleazy business guy who, like talks dirty It's not the same as that is the crony capitalism, Dino corporate establishment, people the lie, in media, you know these days. These news organisations that falsely frame things and I Those are my early, but my main channel segment. If you can see at the New York Times opening paragraph trumpeting AIDS have long overdue dollars and attacks as there is the lie because they gonna say actually paid five million, but it was only responsible for seven fifty. How was that narrative than he only paid seven? Fifty they are gonna pull every
single stop. Every single one in its gonna, be knots. We'll see out, plays out as a former FBI attorney complies with plead guilty in August of falsifying a document to justify surveillance of truck campaign adviser Carter page as part of Russia probe. It was not at the time whether Klein Psmith had flipped and was assisting Dirhams Investigation Senator Grand last week, tease the newly reported scope of dirhams investigation telling Sean Henriette on Fox NEWS to stay tuned. You think you are mad about the phones being wiped grams up, we'll talk and about ten or twelve days and we'll see if there's something else. It made about like Lindsey Grand, but I like we ve, got to say there. So maybe you you hear about this one of the story, this stuff's all very important. There are things like thirteen thirty one phones, maybe I'm gonna numbers wrong, but, like thirty phones are something that we White before being handed over. Now, that's me sounds like their tampering with evidence. Hillary Clinton smashed up profoundly hammers, wiped her computer server,
How is it that we know all of these things and these people have not been charged rules for thee, but not for me tell US country works Manhattan. Have nots. That's why I am more than happy to sit back and let trump romp around and smash up the ivory tower like a bull in a China shop. You think I'm an eminent I'm gonna want to give the can the keys back to Joe Biden he was in the previous administration like grateful for term. Let's Obama would product reelected another leftist problem. Sang the. If only about I did get reelected to be cheering for it. Hats right, while he's blown up kids in foreign countries, not these statutes. Crooked they're, all crooked trumps crooked, in some ways in different ways, but I dont think that that they travel like he's as mafiosi mobs or I don't see it, I just see the sleazy business guy. Ok, you know he's entertaining he's funny. He I think you on right by this country in a lot of ways, I think he's the man.
Up and in many ways to its wherever nobody's perfect, but Trump isn't at least on the surface, one of these crony establishment, crooked, crux chromium trucks, trump use tax loopholes to reduce its tax liabilities at the claim. Ok sure, though, like it, don't really care that much Clinton Foundation Durham, Thus, the geisha probe there looking into things were you actually have people using the power of government to enrich themselves trumps losing money. So what are they say? Wench What is more? No international security threat. Now it's I come on man. There's no right way for try to do literally anything. If he loses money as president they say well, now is a national security threat. If making money is reason retching himself by being president now is his companies. Use me are not doing so well he's losing lots of and then maybe once he leaves the office, you know, presumably in former years will see what happens. If you know come next month, maybe he'll be up and then
make it a bunch of money again, and it really is that simple, as that is its whatever, but when you combine what we see here with these stories, they got one guy. He's pretty guilty will see if there's actually gotta be in October. Surprise, you combined with other media, protects Joe Biden. Numb under the UN does not have it and if you guys saw there was an axe, those interview with Biden and there was a scene, an interview, Joe Biden, and they cower. They cower but are these people? It is pathetic when J Tapirs, I think, was happy he's talking to our Joe Biden and he's like so your husband gas and she goes nope not doing it and is like ok, I won't ask any questions: were
when you get the guy from acts. Yes, he was like you know, Joe your son Hunter and then just like how dare you my son is like well, you know I just like all you're in it when you know so so so scared where the guy doing was interviewing trump. An Ex Yossi was like no matter what trumps items at home. What took you so dumb? I can't stand the media. Do you want you want? You want to throw tough questions at Trump? Do it? I don't care if truck commits a crime, arrest them lock up the rest of em. I dont care, but these crony Democrat. Have been doing this nonstop forever and you gotta. You got that the bull which is Trump smashing everything up running through their house, he's done right by the country. Now TP was their houses. I would add that now that that was there how she got rid of that sum laughin, unlike the corrupt cronies, they're gonna get their comeuppance. Maybe nothing will come of this. I have no idea what I'm just I'm so over it. I'm ready.
I'm I'm just ready to move on and us in the night- is always talk as before the Don. I just don't understand why the progressives don't sit back and laugh about the bull rampaging through the establishments house. They they. They complain about it. It's like dude. If Biden wins they're gonna lock the doors nobody's getting an ever again. Let let what but the orange bold thrash about for that calm down. And then you can come back once we ve got rid of the crux, although there are one more segment coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly well, I know this probably bad news because it reflects poor, we on our society, but at least we can laugh about this next story. Right from good morning, America, cream of wheat says it will remove black chef from box that some consumers found offensive. Was this image of a The chef on the Committee Box former slave anything that not not that I'm aware of no was he in any way are no subjugated or
I guess wonder just how America function at the time. You know we didn't have civil rights Loring with that, but who is this guy Apparently his name was like Frank, L, white or whatever, and he was actually a chef in Chicago who died, one thousand nine hundred and thirty eight and he's to become the chef on the cream we box there are funded by that they want to get rid of them, You know who else gets offended when they see a black person on their name brand products, NEO, Nazis, white supremacists, oh they're, probably the same thing: the people getting offended and claimed to be left. That's the secret right! When you see, Like Richard Spencer, you know the most prominent white nationals, probably in the world, while maybe maiden yeah, Maybe- I mean he's, probably the most notable when you see him agreeing with someone like IRAN, ex candy you're, like Dave, agree on these things
so it's no surprise. Then, when you see people getting offended at a cream of wheat box and saying that they dont want the black stuff on it, that's messed up dude. They got rid of. Apparently there they're gonna get rid of MRS Butter words she's, not even black. Mrs Butterworth is just maple syrup, it's a women, and it just so happens that maple syrup is like a dark. Amber color can't have it Missus butter, is it really even syrup anyway? It's like where they call it tables or up it's like a mixture of different Serbs and like you, I don't know what let's not maple syrup I'll, tell you that I will I'll, love the old school commercials where there are like its extra thick compared to maple syrup shore. Here we go. Cream of wheat is the latest food brand and a growing list of consumer packaged goods to make a permanent change. What's imagery Slogan or name amid continued calls for racial equality? For years, the image of an african american chef appeared on our cream of wheat packaging. While research indicates the image may be based on an actual Chicago chef named Frank white? It remember
I and some consumers of earlier depictions, they find offensive. It's just a picture of a black toad. What is wrong with you? People you're racist, stop chef polarity whose Anna Funding or the Italians going on flipping tables, because chef boy r d has pretty low grade ravioli. No, actually I gotta admit really do like the beef chef, where these pretty get that she's Jeff. Where D ravioli is not that good, actually, a mind Jeff, where do you know it's like you know, you're, not gonna, you can't live on it by this lobby. I enjoy it. Nobody's complain about the rather Quaker Oats guy that depiction of the Quaker guys back from what, like that, seventeen hundreds, where the complaints about that there is one reason their complaining about this one because the duties black, but you
You see that's racist, you can have any one else. You want on on your product and snow beg your by MR clean, bald white dude that offensive anybody, apparently not our up. Not what you'd say about Mr Mr Clean the decision comes three months after the brand first said that it would immediately evaluates packaging and proactive, we take steps to ensure that we and our brands do not inadvertently contribute to systemic racism. Bends original MRS Butterworth and Aunt Joanna have also taken action to address Rachel stereotypes in their packaging and names beings. For foods, also that it recognises the importance of diversity and inclusion in the plenary community and started a new philanthropic philanthropic initiative by building relationships with several top coronary schools, to support aid, the development of african American and lead to necks candidates through various scholarships and other initiatives. I loved so much the better
Shorty, it's it's! It's nightmarish sounds like it's just Toby Animal, probably headed toward some kind of creepy future, but the aid that's kind of funny right needs is the sheer absurdity, you're gonna love of the ward latina x. It sounds like kleenex and it's used overwhelmingly by white people and Latinos hispanic people. Don't like the word It was something like six or seven percent know what it is and like our ok with it and the overwhelmingly like the rest of these means of spanish speaking. People Latinos are like what could you imagine talking to somebody and saying like happening, speaks vanish. If you're replacing owes or AIDS with axes like if you wanna talk. If you wanted like Petra, if female doc know its politics rob me, Petra know its products, you can't speak a language that way, so why do they say latina ex? That's like the most ridiculous thing, the problem
That word is that I am going to the ongoing the language thing, but I have to is that let Tino is male and Tina is female and so apparently gets offensive to do So are you like never got what? What about words that, like don't need to be gendered, like Spanish, has a lot of words that that our hour male or female, and there's no real reason why some people- just like me, no pointed out like honourable and with our and with aid or end with a and with acts as just you just money the language anymore? You can't speak that way. It's almost like women. Listen, you know, you know what women centres so um, you can't say women, gets a women with a why or within a defensive their place The key and women with an ax. So when and only now they're saying it's pronounced with Minx, which makes no sense because the axe before the end, so like the end should be before the axe. Fine, whatever, but I know I'm going off intention on language. I actually got more in the product department, Fred Parry,
stop selling polo shirt after it becomes associated with far right group. The clothes brand has described the issue as incredibly frustrating and condemn the far right views. You know what I dont know exists: actually where my my beliefs would overlap with. The problem is probably like free speech, and you know it supporting America. I remember I wondered about a proud boys. They asked me if I would say that the saying it's like do. You know I refused to apologize or whatever, and I said no. I was like I'll I'll apologize I don't think we're perfect, I'm not going to you know, march around and say I like America's perfect. I think we're the best in a lot of ways. I think we made mistakes
so like. If someone came to me and said Joe, your country drone strike my country and have a bunch of kids I'd, be like man, I'm really sorry they're doing that. We'd have over that. Like most Americans vote against that stuff, some people vote for we like those people for the most part we are Anti war, is a country, so I'm totally down to apologize. When my tax dollars fund a war machine, I absolutely hate, hence Donald Trump peace agreements, withdrawing troops. I like it. I dont want to be alone to be the person who goes to you not to these foreigners and be like oh yeah, I'm responsible for this. I don't wanna, be I dont want our country doing this stuff and they do anyway. I digress the proud boys bully lotta things, don't necessarily agree with them, but I'll tell you what I think you keep weren't short, you know why, because they're just wearing a shirts and now Fred barriers freaking out, because these Paulo Shirts, with the blackened gold, it's like the proud boys uniform. Basically let me take some funny how that no out an event was in Bergen
and it was like right. Wing groups showed up a Ben Shapiro was speaking. I guess I saw dude wearing a black Paula with yellow trim gold from whatever, and it wasn't affright parent and so I noticed them- and I asked the mosaic- are you the proud boys and he's like, and I was like the problems you just passing through and I was like you: did the shirt you're wearing? It's like what our boys, whereas I I don't know what that is, and I, like others like a thing going, I would like you know, anti find that their fighting getting attacked by them. I don't know to what degree reed, but, like apparently, was like I don't know when you just like, went about his book to walk through and there Why is good, is the shirt so yeah. It is now a part of the I think it's hilarious they're getting rid of this or that I'm gonna sell me more dude. The proud boys will just keep wearing the same style outfit, but how stew What is it that we live in this world where these left this claim?
to be anti racist. Well, now, I'm sorry anti racism is legit. Racism guide their liking, it just a trick. They do Anti ashes doesn't mean they oppose fascism. It just means there are or tearing wing not so dont like a different kind of authoritarian wings. An anti racism means they believe in all the tenets of racism. They just want a different outcome. It's really that simple. So when you have like the all right- and you have the editor left. They believe all the same things. Their goal is a slightly different outcome based on the same principles: right, that's about it. So anyway, you you have these clothing companies that are going to get rid of a product because someone war, it So what's how insane is it that we live in a time where, where the problems can arise, problems paper, Mcdonald, hats, start using the Mcdonald's logo. Apparently, Fred Perry is investigating how they can get them to stop doing it. Like some kind of legal action. Do you can't you can't people
can wear clothes. What are we going to these people are part of like some financial structure. It some of the stupidest efforts, have seen they say the bread has long been associate with skinheads who originally denounced fascism. All the group divide in the nineteen seventy, at a small number of its members swung to the far right. The clothes brand has spoken out against fire My views on numerous occasions after its wreath emblazoned polo shirts were used by controversial groups. The french bury shirt is a piece of british subculture. Uniform adopted by various groups of people who recognise their own values and what it stands for. The brand says we are proud of its lineage and what the Laurel wreath has presented for over sixty five years: inclusive diversity and independence. Despite its lineage, we have seen the black yellow, yellow Twin Tipp shirt is taken a new and very different meaning a north America as a result of its associate with a problem,
That association is something we must do our best to end the brand revealed it is discontinuing. The short in North America, so they'll order them from Europe. Dude thousand europe- and I saw this people Ok, I'm wearing these shirts and go out, and there was anti for ever whereas I was like look whether it whether you want accepted or not, you allowing an One of these people to assume a symbol, and then you give in they think it from you. What are you what right? Hats? That's troms, now ravens the right ok, so someone wants to make a red had. No, it could be. A sports teams are stuck in a somewhat trump out from behind now you're. Let him take your shirts away. Ok, now! Nobody to do. They were blue jeans. I'll leave us what you gonna do about tat. I love how stupid everything's big
but only with their necks segments come up tomorrow at ten a m. Thank you so much for hanging out. Then I will see you all next time.
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