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Democrats Are Now OPENLY CHEATING And Don't Care, Leftist Democrats TOO WEAK To Actually Stand Up


Democrats Are Now OPENLY CHEATING And Don't Care, Leftist Democrats TOO WEAK To Actually Stand Up. DNC members are now on record plotting rule changes to stop Bernie Sanders from being able to win the democratic nomination.While most of us know that the DNC was cheating in 2016 what they are doing now is the most brazen and overt cheating they have done yet.The Democratic National Committee is changing the rules for debate requirements to billionaire Mike Bloomberg can enter the race without having to qualify. In the past Andrew Yang, Tulsi Gabbard, Tom Steyer, and Cory Booker have all called for rule changes to support a more diverse debate but the DNC said no.Now that Mike Bloomberg needs help though, they come running. And more interestingly is how Bloomberg recently donated over a million dollars to the Democratic establishment and then all of a sudden they let him debate.Far Left democrats have failed to actually stand up for themselves for the most part with Bernie Sanders being relentlessly smeared in the media and cheated by the establishment. If they can't defend themselves why would I stand up for them?Republicans did not want Trump to win but conceded when it became clear he was the choice the American voters. Now the RNC is seeing record numbers and massive success.It seems clear that the Democrats will regret these ethical violations as this is going to backfire miserably against them

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Most of us who are paying attention, know that the Democrats did Bernie Sanders in twenty. Sixteen is not an issue of whether or not you like him, but we all get it. There is a lot of things have behind the scenes to give help Clinton control, they were feeding her questions in advance. They were in her to win and eventually, but the knee and endorse her thousand, I was a major mistake. It backfired, but we'll get to all that because now the big story The Dnc is once again cheating and I've talked about them, cheating all the time. But now the cheating is so blatant and overt. I was actually shocked that they had the gall to do this to stories coming up showing the Democratic National Committee is overtly cheating, first, a store from politico Dnc members discuss rules change to stop sanders at the convention, the top, reveal rising anxiety over there senators momentum on the eve of voting. Now you may say TIM, whether or not they are
the roast a private organisation. They can do it, they want and they have actually done anything at fine I'll. Stop you there because now we see this story. Democratic party set to include Michael Bloomberg, in debates with change to qualifying requirements. Bravo Dnc. You know what men I was thinking about how blatantly an overt this cheating is right now, and I was thinking about the impatient of battle. But I thought to myself: you know if they are willing to cheat. And they are so desperate. They will choose to such an extreme degree. Why would They cheat in other ways say: smearing Donald Trump, with a foe, impeachment and scandal after scandal. I believe when you look at surface, it looks like Democrats could be incompetent. I think no, I think everything thing establishment Democrats have been doing has been cheating the whole time.
Think about Ukraine gate the whistle blower all of these stories, and it just sounds like desperate attempts to wind power nets. Creepy you look at what Democrats did with witnesses for Republicans they denied the republican witnesses in the house. Then, when that, when the Democrats in the Senate, who don't have power demanded witnesses, they cried, follow and accuse the g, p of subverting democracy. Other nonsense, their cheating there, being held to the same standards that they claim based. You know that this Republicans should be held to they deny witnesses but then cry following Republicans. Do the same, yet that's called you know a tit for tat right. The Democrats don't care about what's fair or the principle, and I mean the real establishment democrat types now throw shade right at Bernie Sanders for not standing up for himself has been getting torn to shreds unused Where is coming at Hillary Clinton, smearing the guy again Rashid its labour?
only boot celery and now she's apologizing, I'm sorry man, if you're not strong enough to stand up for yourself. Why would you expect me to stand by you? I'm really close to saying you know what I'm done with all of them forever. Now. Admittedly, luck. People I, like our tall, see Andrew Yang for the most part they were the ones cheated. Think about this, the democratic path he's going to change the rules for a white male billionaire, but they wouldn't for the Asian for of color or for Corey Booker, a person of color. We see other games played, they act like their woken, they care, but they don't their cheating. Let me stop ranting. The first story about how they're going to be sidelined. Bernie sanders- and let me stress for the umpteenth time, Bernie Sanders deserves this. He couldn't stand up for himself. To save his own campaign or career and twenty sixteen nor today, so he does deserve my support. Why? I gotta stand by someone who can't stand up themselves. I'm sorry
have to choose someone else like Dulcy or Yang, but before we get started, may create overheating. Asked outcomes. Life donate if you'd like to support my work, their several We gave the best thing you can do share this video. I hope that we can break some echo chambers by experts, more people to these ideas. Maybe they'll want to hear him, but either I guess you that often talk about is. Like a really see the Youtube algorithm that their stopping my channel from being recommended to anybody. Now you know what there's no obligation for Youtube to promote me. Fine. I accept that there are private business right, but if you share my video that is ten times or more much more powerful than you did, the recommendation ever could be word of mouth is the most powerful way to help my channel grow. So I appreciate it if you would share the video, but let's read the first story Let me just make one more point. I can absolutely criticized the weakness of sanders while recognising they are cheating him now, if people like Bernie and think he should be the nominee, and the Democrats should should accept. That
Bernie should be the nominee, I'm not going to vote for him. But if people want to you, don't have to agree with me I can certainly see the Democrats are cheaters trying to keep out. Bernie Sanders, Dulcy Gabert Andrew Yang and others scored Booker to pray, a billionaire of all people and here's the kicker blooming a few months ago gave several hundred thousand dollars to the Dnc O. Lo and behold, the game is rigged. You see Donald Trump wasn't supposed to win Donald Trump wasn't supposed me the harmony of the Republicans, but the Republicans didn't cheat publicans conceded when tromp took the nomination and they ve unified behind them. For better or worse, not the Democrats, they are cling to power in desperation like Bilbo bag and trying to snatch that ring back from Frodo outweighed the story: political reports, a small group, democratic National Committee members has privately begun. Gauging support for planned a potentially weaken Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign and head off a brokered convention.
In conversations on the sidelines of a Dnc Executive committee meeting and in telephone calls and TAT in recent days about ahead Dozen members have discussed the possibility of a policy reversal when sure that so called super delegates can vote on the first ballot at the parties national convention, such a move would incur is the influence of Dnc members, members of Congress and other top party officials who now wait until the second ballot too their say. If the convention is contested quote do believe we should reopen the rules I hear from others as one Dnc member said in a text message last week to William Owen. Dnc member from see who does not support reopening the rules. Owen, who d I would invite the member said the member added in a text that it would be a it would be hard them. We could force a meeting or on the floor sounds like this person is the one who, like this information, proponents of change acknowledge it is all but
not to get enough support to move past his initial conversations. But the talks reveal the extent of axed that many establishment democrats feeling on the eve of the I will call sand. This is surging and Joe Biden has meant. And his leader nationally. Well not for long Bernie is taking over, but at least three other candidates are widely seen as viable cluster raises the spectre of a convention requiring a second ballot. Is There's wins the I will caucuses on Monday and continue to momentum is possible. He could arrive at mention with the most delegate's, but without enough to win the nomination on the first ballot. It is also possible that he and others with Warren a fellow progressive could arise I bet it convention in second and third place, but with more delegate's combined than the front runner. If, on the second ballot, super delegates order their support to someone else tipping the scales. Many moderate Democrats fear the upheaval that would cause could weaken the eventual nominee
conversations about a potential rules change picked up as Sanders ascended in the primary, but that, but they have not gained traction to this point with the Dnc. So it's fair to say that won't go anywhere, but also think it's extremely important point out there still trying to cling onto that ring of power. They won't. It up, so they will cheat if they have to, they will change the rules, so Bernie can't win. Bernie is not my candidate was to a certain rain twenty sixteen. I lost a lot of faith them based on a lot of pandering, he's done and the things you said since then: a split flopping, that's fine! If you still like Bernie more power, yeah, I'm not saying don't vote form. I am saying, however, you expect me to participate in your primary your voting process, that's rigged, the entire time, not gonna happen, and you it's funny. I'm one of these people desperately trying to not vote Trump unambiguous for the most part on tromp. I don't think he's the end of the world. I think he's got bad character, as I often
that the economy is doing right, I can recognise that, but I'm looking for something else. I think a Yang trumped debate would greatly benefit this country because they both talk about similar issues affecting the working Class and America. The Dnc cheats they have to hang out of a debate all but they'll change the rules for Bloomberg. So this is where I get really angry, sheet and smear tall, see they and smear Yang. The established media cheats and smears both of them and you My support you come to me you, me in the eyes and say, vote blue, no matter who nice try you'd prop up the billionaire who sent you who gave you a back several months ago, and I see the slime emerging from your eyes. Not gonna happen Democratic Party set to increase. Michael Bloomberg in debates with changes to qualifying requirements but when Andrew Yang ask not for a change to the rules but for more pulling, they said no
when tolls he said, lower the requirements, let more people the stage they said. No, when Corey Booker complained about a lack diversity. They said no, but LO and behold The billionaire steps up dumps a couple hundred grand in their pockets, and they say you know what maybe this this makes sense with the other games played its a two tier system, the haves and the have nots. Now. Bernie is surging and may very well when and I'll tell you this as much as shooting with Bloomberg. I excited to say in all likelihood it will backfire in their faces, and I look forward to making a video titled Democrats cheating backfires in there is because Michael Bloomberg is a more moderate mainstream candidate. That means when it comes the primary he's, gonna take votes from Joe Biden Bernie Sanders is taking the lead, so you know what you deserve. Bernie he's not my candidate by certainly think he deserves to win because they ve cheated every step of
now in. My personal opinion is seventy: eight year old Socialist, who had a heart attack, can't when the presidency not trying to be mean that just reality, but it doesn't mean he shouldn't be the nominee. If that's what the people have chosen, so you can shoot all day and night and you get what you deserve. Every thing establishment Democrats have done so far has just backfired in their faces. Horribly important as empowered Trump and the more Hilary tries to smear Bernie and Elsie, the more powerful they become you are losing. You should have done with our pub, can party did and accept the change tat, one the nomination and they said fine and people change their tune to recognise what the american people really wanted. Democratic party won't do it, but they'll get there come up and soon because this will backfire. What's the story from market watch, they say the democratic government that the democratic parties governing body said Friday that its presidential contenders won't have to attract a set number of donors in order to qualify for the February Nineteenth Debate, Nevada in a move that helps billionaire
go Bloomberg. Who is self funding? Is campaign quote to qualify for the Nevada debate stage, candidates may qualify either by one meeting a delicate threshold or to meeting appalling threshold. The Dnc set in a statement for previous primary debates, Whitehouse hopefuls, had to get both a particular number of donors and reaches set level of port in national or early state poles. Those requirements have kept bloomer The former mayor of N Y see from taking part in debates since yes, funding is presidential campaign and not accepting donations under the new requirement. Politicians can qualified by getting one pledged, delegate from the US voting and I will Caucasus or the New Hampshire primary or they can make the aid by scorning ten percent support in for poles, their national or single state or twelve percent in two single state pulse. Bloomberg- has scored a ten percent international poles conducted in January as well as gonna. And twelve into
their national surveys this month, according to the real clear politics tracker quote, we are three: that voters could soon have the chance to see MIKE Blue Berger on the debate stage here his vision for the country and see what he is the strongest candidate to defeat Donald Trump and bring our country together, said Bloomberg campaign manager, Kevin Cheeky in a statement. Meanwhile Bernie Sanders supporters and political commentator. No meekly cons suggested in Tweet Friday that people should voice outrage. A Dnc Chairman Tom, as over the debate rules, changed the other bill. Now our democratic presidential contender Tom's dire setting a statement. Changing the rules now to accommodate. Might Bloomberg and not changing them has to ensure a more diverse debate. Stage is just plain wrong and I agree with style. I D. We agree without styrene Bloomberg have dumped tons of money to enter the race in the fur. Place to a certain degree. I can respect that they ve earned that position within reason. They built companies, they made money and they can wield that as they see fit. I do I personally find it
tasteful, and I would never vote for someone like Bloomberg or stay or for that reason, but I respect the ability they have personally I'd prefer it if Bloomberg, couldn't dump two hundred million dollars into his campaign and then just flood. The Airways what nonsense I'll, also jokingly! I've also jokingly, pointed out he's not given any that money to Digital, which means I'm getting up. I'm kidding by the way what I would not appreciate Bloomberg fun many of my programming, but its Youtube automated. So it is what it is. I am actually getting by the way, not I should say a bit more agnostic on this. Look I get it. Bloomberg, has the ability, so I'm not gonna vote form, and I want tell you that's exact why so, maybe you saw one of his adds plane from where my videos are some like that, but at least you to hear me say I am not going to support someone who does this? Not Donald Trump didn't spend nearly as much money is mostly other candidates. Earned a lot of his press, I'm still critical of Donald Trump, but this is
all other level traumatic alone out to find his campaign. As far as I understand, this is them using their personal cash and flooding the airwaves just to win, and then here's the big kicker check it out. Without delay daily Collar, says Dnc rule change or make it easier for seven figure: Dnc donor Bloomberg to qualify. Here's the big kicker decencies filings show that Bloomberg contributed more than one point: one million dollars late internet team to the party and a joint fund raising committee. The Dnc operates too ought to the party and of of As a committee, the records show that Bloomberg made three donations of a hundred six thousand five hundred dollars to the itself and another eight hundred thousand to the democratic Grassroots Victory Fund wait fund, raising Committee for the Dnc and state democratic parties, and there it is quid pro quo. Let's see outrage from the establishment resistance types, the other not gonna, say it a lot.
Point out, I'm really frustrated by, like you know, people like David Pachmann all of them. The centrist Democrats now stop they ve stolen our good name there. The stab meant a lead us here in the populist area range from left to right. You ve, got trumps right wing populists, Barneys left wing populists and the very few politically homeless, populous types, but we're all other Anti, a latest and authoritarian these people, like Bloomberg, their authoritarian blue. Word straight up said, is a viral pluck worries like we should tax the poor, otherwise they'll by things that are bad for them? What's no Bloomberg, try Taxi is ethical. Swarming dried, taxing soda because he thought Americans are in fact dude. You can't tell people are not allowed to eat things or drink things or place a punitive tax on there on that product to change their behaviour. That's creepy authoritarianism! Please!
them what they are now I have rag and the establishment I have heavily- and I think it's fair one hundred percent Oh I'm sorry, but I'm saying again, Bernie Sanders is being cheated and deserves that seat. But you know what. To a certain degree I will say: Sanders is deserving all of the flag and the cheating he's getting, because you won't stand up for himself and he's at every opportunity. They told you doesn't deserve a why Dulcea stood on principle She stepped down from the Dnc, because the unity to endure Bernie Sanders and they hate her for it and they tried to drawing. Therefore, now she's suing Hillary Clinton, who apparently refuses to be served. I'm hearing letter this on others, The new times is re. Hillary Clinton, slams Bernie Sanders for not working to unite, Democrats and twenty. Sixteen. There is no winning they will concede, they will not give you ground, stop playing their game. What Bernie won't do it? He apologized Joe Biden, isn't corrupt, I'm. So sorry.
Ok in a pot guess interview on Friday. Clinton also described the Caucasus and I were Missus Sanders leads into poles as undemocratic their cheating they cheated and they will cheat again and Bernie can't save him his own, his own skin. In twenty sixteen Bernie Sanders hard fight for Hillary Clinton. That pay up. Bernie did it did it? Aren't you the respect for the establishment you're so desperately trying to receive no they're still coming after you, tromp learned that lesson. Tromp knew well trumps, also pretty arrogant and thinks he's. You know he knows better, so he just rejected everybody in the house. He takes that microphone. He sees it and that's why you one Bernie doesn't have the strength, so you ll, get Bernie Needs is a mere image to drop in a lot of ways than they ve never similarities. But what you think it's gonna look. When Bernie debating Tromp. That's why the democratic system
went is cheating so hard while too bad. The people deserve to hear debate between Bernie and tromp. If that's what the Democrat the voters really want, I have no faith in the system. Now I ll tell you what really makes me angry Rashid. It's a lame basically apologized, because in an event they say you know, don't burn help, don't don't boo, Hillary Clinton and related to live said. No. I will- and I was like for once Rashid slave and I stand in complete agreement. Absolutely boo Heller. Clinton and authoritarian warmonger who cheats the Dnc. Steals the democratic process. There is no doubt radical action in this country- is the keeps cheating cheating eating cheating over and over and over again. So I should have. I have faith that system. Why shouldn't I boo Hillary Clinton or any one of these crony establishment? Democrats, even though, No, I'm not a fan of barium. Look, I gotta be honest. I don't even know
one of our union, the primary anymore. Maybe I should, but the whole system is so corrupt. I dont know if it deserves my vote of confidence. I've always felt that the best thing you can do is not vote, because it sends a message of no confidence. I feel like, if I participate in their system alleging, there's a chance that it might work. I dont believe it will. They ve cheated Yang, already they're gonna Cheatham again. Why should I bother participating in their broken system where I know they're cheating, think about this way? Let ceasing to table with some friends you're playing monopoly. You catch your friend, repeatedly stealing money from the bank. Are you gonna keep playing? It would be like. I know, I'm not gonna win, I'm. Why Seeing them cheat, they won't stop. So what's the point, I'm gonna walk away and go go to do my own thing. It doesn't mean all vote for any the Republicans. It just means they don't deserve that number on their democratic voter role, because their cheaters- and I think at this point enough- is Enough- receives labour. You should not have said this. I respect you foregoing Hillary Clinton. I do
respect you for dancing around impeachment fine but calling out Trump all day and night. I got no problem with you want to call on the names and the book heads America free speech, fine I'll disagree. I don't think he's that bad. I think Hillary Clinton sway worse. So I'm like hey. If you blew express yourself, don't apologize, She did sort of. He said in this instance. I love my disappointment with Secretary Clinton later comments about Sanders and its supporters get the best of me. You all my sisters and service on stage and our movement deserve better, yet better than Clinton. They deserve someone like you actually boot Clinton get these crony types out outside this can disagree with so much Rashid on Omar, the squad stand for what is law
is there playing by the rules and honesty representing what they believe, I'm cool with. It will argue, will debate. I think a yo sees more obsessed with celebrity fine and I think that some bad ideas and I question some of their moral character. Yes, I do but will but look at the establishment. Look at what the Democrat like that, that that the establishment, Dnc types are doing there are even care about them Thus there are even care to try and convince you. Listen if Bernie comes out whisper, sweet nothing's into your ears at least he's giving you the benefit of lying to your face. Ok, I feel a little Irish, but the wealth tax makes no sense. I'm sorry, if Bernie, really Every sang I can respect that then I just think he's wrong and that's fine, that's what we do in this country. We debate Sometimes people who wrong when, but we actually have that the discussion, what the with establishment Dnc does. They hide behind the scenes and severe the entire process, so you never mattered in the first place. You know what man I'll tell you this
see an end to ban on how history will remember impeachment Trump one for all of their stupid games. They have lost every step of the way, so I look forward to democratic cheating, backfires, I'm gonna make a thumbnail for that video and I'm going to mounted on my wall just waiting for the day I get to make the video it says the Democrats cheated and at backfired. I'm just waiting for because here is going to happen. Like I mentioned, Bloomberg will split the moderate votes, giving Bernie the win. Congratulations, that's what have to look forward to and while all that is going on, the currency close out best ever non presidential year with record numbers for December. Well, you know what I think the Republicans are ineffective and
week why I'm sick and tired of hearing the scandals. I am sick and tired of Russia. Gay Ukraine get whatever nonsense impatient or otherwise. You see how they treat their own party right. You see how Hillary Clinton treats her own party right, where the Republicans to stop the insanity went targets them. They don't do it. They should have called witnesses. You know why, because they should have called Hunter Biden and so and so be it bring them out. If Trump did wrong, so be it, but if you dont think Trump did, then I look forward to hear from the people who can explain what Hunter Biden was doing or how about Voldemort eyes. I call them in another name: the whistle, blower and Adam shifts staff they could of that. It wants you so now,
They ve given in a humorous demand and come ones. They will have. The final vote probably acquitting trumps I'll. Tell you this. The Republicans deserve their record numbers. They deserve to win on impeachment and they deserve to win on Russia Gate, but barely it's about time. They stood up because I dont care is not about policy its about your willingness to call out the cheaters horse averting our system. At the same time, they claim its trump was doing I dont care from pillar. Isn't I can see you doing it. So how about all the Bernie supporters get behind Republicans launching an investigation of the establishment Democrats, who are locking out your candidate if the if the progressive left could just get off the Orange man bad trumped arrangement syndrome. They might actually get to see an investigation of the cronies horse stopping Sanders. I wish that would happen. Figure will slowly
there you get the point. The next time is coming up at Youtube: com slashed him cast news starting at six p m. Thanks rang out- and I will see you all then. The infamous Carlos Maza has just launched his own independent Youtube Channel, which many people find hypocritical, because here fourteen rag on Google and Youtube and said all these things, but he did give us recently and in his video explains that basically, in his mind he says no other game in town he's basically correct he's go, go Youtube or evil. I keys basically correct. He says that they do damage to democracy, We are once again calls mothers correct, and he says that for that I'm being he will use the plan he might as well flooded with leftist propaganda and as far Ideology goes that day's actual act, the correct on that too, I mean listen think his reasoning is totally sound, but I do think that you too,
Many will not stand for this. I am not talking about you to politics. I'm talking about every Youtube or that was freaking out- historical channels wording purged, because he started and add polyps against even crowded. But let me say one important thing: first, in an interview he just did. It is now, as far as I can tell confirmed, Carlos Maza, got fired from vocs because of the fight he started, what Stephen crowded, basically the blow. Back was so bad on the rest of boxes properties. They said we So when you Show- and he says as much I also want to add. I wish you the very best absolutely which caused loss at the very best luck you may not like the guy, I think, is absolutely right for This isn't, but I'm glad he's on Youtube and I'm looking forward to seeing what he produces one hundred percent. I want to hear what the people are the have to say, and more importantly, I think with him on the plan warm seeing how he is going to get affected by the things He's done will help
opened his eyes and he will butter and understand- and more importantly, he has friends- and I ices in media and a lot of people following so I'm looking for him: better understanding. How Youtube will actually screw him over and all these circumstances and perhaps, if in the feed. Sure he says hey. This is actually a problem this hurting me and hurting my friends. You might actually see the other side coming, a little bit more personally, however, I dont like petty games I almost any one to this video, but I think the news is actually just two important because he basically said This is why I got fired from vocs no fan of vocs on my end, and I think to an extent well, you look, I guess, we'll throw the Ets private company. They can do what they want argument, but at any rate I dont like playing stupid. You two verses. You too, games. I really do hope. He's success on the platform, because as much as I may disagree with with Carlos and disagree with a content he's done and how He used his platform at vocs to hurt the youth.
Community in general and again not politics. I'm talking about people who make like race car, and video game videos. I do think corporate media s actually worse. I think corporate media special interests. They will lie, cheat steal news, a part that machine I'd, much rather see him as another independent leftist greater on Youtube, for which we could debate. Of course, and if you debated Cosmo's on Youtube, he would get rope. To the network of evil or whatever they call it. Let's do this jump over this article from Vocs and I've got several points I want to make before read this Julie Alexander over the Verge Rights Carl's. Malta is back on Youtube and ready to fight Malta leaving vocs to pursue being a full time Youtube creator and they don't really talk about how he damaged what thousands, tens, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of personal lives. Have nothing do politics. That is personal spat with Stephen prouder overcrowded naughty words result and some people losing their jobs areas
that in some archival institutions losing access to our cable, historical footage, I'm not exaggerate. That'll happen. They try to deflect blame here is the first point to make and I want to show you the spot where he says. Basically, here's what I got fired he's has cancelled but mean the same thing. When a leftist youtube or starts a channel or starts doing well their allies in media at these large and powerful mainstream corporations right puff pieces to promote their channels and boost their supply of their subscriber counts. They ve got two men, of them, they get these long articles praising them and because it's all positive, it allows them to use that as a source on Wikipedia say all of these really great things about, and while simultaneously they write fake news about me and other creators so that it can go into the Wikipedia record Insane nonsense. They actively try to hurt me well, who disagree the leftist narrative bashfully liberals is what.
Conservatives don't believe they ve always hated the conservatives, but they think liberal stand in their way because we are on the left, but stopping them from fomenting a revolution, so they really really dont. Like us. People like Maza we'll work at vocs. He'll say all these things that are entirely destructive to Youtube and the common He works for me, thing. Is removal and the verge, which is a vocs dotcom property? Will then promote his channel after he's gone. What is happening is when you look at the outrage campaigns which, for some reason, work because Silicon Valley Venture Capital back these media companies. You can, that might channels. I no longer get recommended straight up recommendations are down ninety five percent, and then you ll at these leftist. You tubers why dont want colleagues, I'm happy personal people in a and recommendations are down a little bit, but still maintain himself. So a better example is the better we describe it might channel almost
exclusively redirect to Fox NEWS why I've had a lot of level conversations with Youtube. In that and I've asked when you want Tucker Carlsson, and he talks about immigration and all these issues he gives you a hard conservative perspective. When you watch me, I'm actually to the left of talker, I'm a moderate. So why does it make sense? to send my viewers to Fox NEWS, are you too to make them here are more conservative perspective if they're interested in a more moderate perspective, but better yet Why are you sending Jimmy Doors, Bernie Sanders, supporting followers to Fox NEWS as well, and that's what they're doing and its result of campaigns from people like Malta. Now again, I'm not any personal swipes at crawls. I'm actually, I think, is videos actually not too bad. I don't think it was too good. I'm not trying to you know. I thank you his first video, and I really do mean when I say I hope he does well, but I know this. I know that the Youtube communities not gonna stand for this.
Cause way too much damage. He hurt way too many people, it didn't seem to care, and now he comes this platform expecting to use. Even though I understand it is basically the only game in town. I think he made good points on that. I just you're gonna, see all of us. Vetoes brigade and they're gonna put him off the platform. Well, maybe he'll, just stay on it, regardless of all the download scenes of getting, but I can't imagine like listen talking about conservatives, I'm not talking about local commentary, I'm litter talking about like a gaming Youtube channels that saw the revenue decline and the fans those channels in those minecraft channels and they're gonna be like this is a dude that tried to hurt all of us in the people we love has not into politics. Let's wait story, though just a little bit because admittedly the verges giving him a puff peace and promoting its channel. His channels are particularly, right now are anything but because, because of you know what Carlos did with his platform at vocs is a particularly news relevant, but the most important thing, what we all speculated
Carlos Maza was fired from vocs because of the fight he started with Stephen crowd. He now confirms this I will of Maza himself confirms this. Now I will, I will try and clarified. I do want to avoid being a bit hyperbolic. I say Ozma started the fight with crowded because, while crowd or can bombastic or condescending or even mean ok, someone spawning to you. When you make a. U the video is not starting a fight with you. It's a political argument. Now argue that carry use naughty words and all that stuff, but look I looked at a bunch of Moses videos. He calls himself these names so if you're trying to light into the into the framework he's created he's, with that. I'm gonna call myself this and then, if you respond that way then going to be like. Oh no look. These calling me names. Personally, I wouldn't say things are even crowd or said: he's Aw comedians as offensive things, there is a line and it's difficult to know where it is, but it certainly not banning crowd her and
you know you want. You can have a discussion about how we do back and forth whatever is fine, but I think everything happened was of a ridiculous net negative for literally everybody, and the person who initiated the conflict who went after fertilizers and launch the campaign and would not relent was calls Maza. My speculation was that calls Mouser got fired, this because he started the fight in or out escalated tunics extreme degree, but because he would not stop when I saw every tweet he was putting out that was like crowded, crowded, crowded trotter. You too crowded prouder I can only imagine the higher up said vocs we're like dude shill, calm down, stop talking, but this you're becoming obsessed. He wouldn't do it. So eventually they were like enough. Well, apparently, what's happened. Is that the blow back, the people, the other vocs videos and just down voting to oblivion, had a serious impact on their network and they said you're done we're getting rid of you. So guess what cancel culture worked and calls Maza got cancer
That's actually what he says so the rights, he's back on Youtube and ready to fight. Zog is video. If you watch, is very similar contra points where he has these multiple characters, but it's really funny that he literally you literally says centrists are basically fascists, it's the weirdest thing, but he does. But you don't pay your opinions. Your opinion so, let's all up. What's let's go to throw down? Actually me just start. Let me let me just read: ok, here's a club, you did situation. It happened over the summer before it happened. I think I one video about Youtube? I wasn't interested Maza says it just now to become inevitable the talk of the platform as it existed, because an f with my ability to do my job. Now you too is one of the biggest threats. It's how a huge chunk of the public gets their news threats. I'll tell you the reality: people choose, they want to see, there's no algorithmic nightmare and he just doesn't like the fact that his eye is our substantially less popular he says. Are they want to say? Is that it?
austrian why Malta is moving to Youtube if he d tests the company so much you took remains one of the few. Forms for user, generate content and a video on demand format that allows craters. Monetize their work and reach a man. Of audience! Many popular you two have publicly spoken about being willing to leave you too for alternative platform. Was an alternative and Julia. I believe, got comments from you on this exact same issue, which I think is a good point to make. Is why Lucky you and argue someone's opinions, absolutely I'd. I do not believe that you know house Maza is worthy of insult or derision because it to an extent because of its opinions. I think, as opinions are worthy of criticism and debate. I think if you want to be derisive over what he did to you too, but an entirely different story, though I'm someone who tries to avoid that again. I would stress, I really do sincerely mean that I hope he does well on the platform. I think a robust debate between various ideas is a good thing and I thank him getting a real perspective as to what you tube does to his ideas will be good. That being said, because of his allies in media, its negatively impact,
those who don't hold left his views, so it could be a net detriment, military none. He says I think, that I have to use this platform because there's no one else to go, not entirely true. Ok, there's there! There are many other platforms, but I mean have you any use Youtube Youtube as is managed by bad people and its evil in ways that well don't recognize. The company truly does not give a f about the damage it does. Timbuktu, democracy, yeah For me, my perspective is the damage you helped cause that that that's the damage you up cause towards democracy He says I'm kicking and screaming working with the company in that way, but it's only because there's absolutely nowhere else to go. I mean that's just absolutely not true. There's video, there's big shoot, there's mines as a bunch of other platforms you can use. You can upload your videos to fight book or twitter the reality as Maza wants to make money. That's why he uses you to. Let me be honest. I use Youtube because I'm running a business. But I'm not a socialist. I am unabashedly capitalist knowing that Youtube with all of its faults,
the best course to sustaining my business growing, an audience and making money. I'd prefer competition. I'd like to see it emerged for the time being. I have no problem saying that hey guess what you two makes money now: Maza claims to be ideologically driven and hates the platform, but in the end its because it's the ass this way for him to get paid. If he was truly, you know wanting to use patriotic or other platforms. He could upload to anything else. A lot. Progressives, an annual leftist use minds, for instance, and big, should certainly available. They say monetary modernization isn't simple on Youtube. Those certain subjects that aren't considered advertiser friendly may not be able to run ads and creators have accused. Two of suppressing views for videos that deal with sensitive subject. Matters Youtube executives have denied these allegations in the past. I think extremely likely. Maza will be hard. You across the board. Listen he in in his introductory video. He says: he's proud. Anti! Va! Ok,
That's not monetize obliged not! I know for a fact. Criticising them is I'm on supporting them, certainly won't be too. I really doubt I think he put out. Ideas are really really really sensitive. They say expect too much money, but they gone, he's gonna use patria. Like many other people. I, if I, if I thought that was the case, you know shore. I don't think so, though I think he wants to manoeuvre revenue. So let's go let's get to the point where he got fired. Here's a quote: not because I want to be another crowded on you too, but I think I'm better at my job independent. I do think you tube is part of the future political commentary and political debate. There is good and bad to that That means someone like me could survive viable on Youtube. It also me That complete a hats but with no research and who are. Debated by pure ideology, can also do well on. You too, I mean to say: is that it the ideology. Is that a reference to yourself because mosses and by ideology I mean he makes a video where he said
Centrists are basically fascists or bootleggers enemies, how could you be a centrist, anti fascist and they go, and it makes a point like he actually thinks that, like you know, there's a whole other quadrant of the political compass so I absolutely driven by ideology and most people to accept are now here we go. Here's the juicy bets Maza feels being independent offers, a more trust from viewers as well. He says he was stated during the crowd or controversy in part, because much of the criticism we received was from p who considered him a cog in the NBC Universal universal machine. Well, how convenient and BC, Universal gotten substantial damage to one of the major competitors Youtube when he was making these videos. And unsurprisingly, when he started causing damage to them, which you then explains they cut him loose He says there is no organizational are or at a total overlap between the two companies NBC in Box. Peoples are crowded independent pundit Mamma says, but he felt they
the sea past Vocs or NBC Universal? When looking criticism over Europe's policies. That's because you are funded and promote it? By a massive two hundred million dollar investment crowd, had to build a bit channel overtime without that help from major networks I dont know of crowd are brought in investment, but he did gradually Budapest Channel for a very, very long period of time. You, on the other hand, were given them a phone by a mega corporation. So, yes, you were cod. Their machine alter living like it, though, and here's where it gets good strike through his Joe, was officially cancelled in July twenty nineteen vocs dot com to end the show, citing a lack of editorial support. Maza says he added that strike. There was becoming what too much of a logistical and resource investment plus blow back again, strike through was beginning to hit other parts of the team. Every VOX Dotcom producer, not quote quote every. Ex dotcom com producer. Not just me was getting there months section wrecked and a lot of blood
in General says Maza a situation. Escalated Maza felt like he put vocs outcome in a tricky position. He said media critic and my job is to protect the media, its heart do that, while working with Corp with corporate media company, dependent, has always been a dream to criticise, that you like go beyond Fox the far right. Ideally, to be a media, great credit without being panel. Caused by your employer. So that's the goal it felt safe and smarter to go independent. I I absolutely applaud this and I mean this sincerely those Maza and the entrepreneurial spirit about why you be your own boss. You will always be account Well, there's somebody else, someone who will pay you for some reason. No, when I was younger, I said you know, I don't want would it be my own boss and my dad said to me: who's gonna pay your bills, who's gonna, give you money. I might Moreover, my customers and is actually the customer, tells you to do something and you don't do it guess what you don't get paid? Congratulations. There is always someone you'll be accountable to. It is different being your own boss, though
Finally, on Youtube. I can make the content I want now. Let's take a look back at what he said, they say, strike through, was officially cancelled in July of nineteen. They decided and the show, citing lack of editorial support, ok it's fair to say they just one of the key all his show that I, like a million views per video, that the left really loved because about its moral support, I'm not. I would be surprised if they couldn't afford to do it. Then he says they were getting go back as the situation escalated. Maza felt like he put vocs in a tricky position, is clear as day I'm gonna give you my personal opinion based on what he said. He did say: ok, no one certain terms, because of you the escalation. The situation was escalating. All of these other vocs properties we're getting blow back to me. That sounds like the real reason why he was terminated there there that's why they cannot
show listen too much of a logistical and resource investment. What does that mean? In my opinion, the damage done to the Vocs Dotcom Youtube, javelin properties because of the blow back was costing too much money. He was obsessed. He was with relentless on twitter and he's basically said, at least in part, he's confirmed the blockade on strike based peace. Ok, he didn't come out and say they fired me because of crowds. Our major that's I would be. As far as I can, he did say. However, it was at a total support, plus the blow back was beginning to hit other parts of the team. Narratives Maza couldn't let the fight go. It was bad for vocs dot com it was bad for you tube, and why would you tube do a continued deal with vocs which apparently, they ve done? If he's actively trashing the platform causing Youtube serious harm. Think about it. Simply it wasn't just that
back to vocs. Although powerless Malta has confirmed that it was that Youtube was taking hits across the board. Vis oh gain greater celebrities, podcast literally every body lost money. Historical archives were shut down you to what, Full panic mode, in my opinion, because spineless and terrified when they shouldn't be. They have tremendous leverage and it was because of one man, Carlos Maza. That brings my final point. Listen there is data published by a researcher, Denmark like lead, which, and you can see Everyone has taken algorithmic algorithm Youtube is now promoting Fox NEWS, MSNBC over most puzzle commentary, the left us do philosophy and talk about issues like socialism are fine, but people who use political party references are, having all of their audience. Members pushed to Fox NEWS and MSNBC major podcast have been have and major huge hats, even news organisations, and it's all because of one man.
Upset over the naughty words from one of his critics now, of course, virginals other outlets will say: prouder was harassing him very light, definition of the phrase seven crowd or use naughty words. He was potentially mean spirited. If that's what you're interpretation but grow up, if you think it was bad, then wait till you see what happens and other. If you're coming to the platform, you caused serious damage to wait. See what happens when the people who have lost their entire careers because of you see you now trying to use that platform on your own personally, I'd like to see do well, I mean for literally everybody. If your ideas deserve to succeed, so be it. But I will absolutely diamond criticise his underhanded tactics and I think he deserves harsh criticism for what he's done. I do not
petty games, so I'm not gonna, say you know, I'm not an insult em now. I think I think it's fair that he wants to enter the bet. You know the fray and do is going to do, but don't be surprised when people start talking about what you ve done, criticise you for doing and make videos like this over it. I am probably not you know, I'm you know, I'm not one of these people who finds a you too, video from someone like you know, Rubin or H, bomber guy, and unlike look how dumb they aren't. I don't. I don't do that. I hate that think is absolutely silly. How many people take videos for me and then based the whole world on. What some dude is basement thinks when he talks on Youtube, I get it we're all gaining in lights. Joe Rogan had a serious impact on the election of the new cycle is the just in the world's okay. So the difference between me and calls Malta and you know Contra points David Pack, man or Stephen crowd- crowd arrest is as particularly influential. He is so if you're working for a major corporation
VOX. I think it's absolutely fair to criticise the major corporation. It's the idea of punching operate you'll. Really play a game going after silly little, you I did a video criticising Rogan when he had Jack Dorsey on and that's because your opens the biggest in the world, but even when I do that, I try not to be our now mean about it for the most part, so for the time being I know that doing this. Video will probably result in a lot of people. Being you know mad, please don't direct. Your ire too, is to his channel. Please I'm doing that stuff. I can't stand that the only reason I wanted to the stories, because Carlos is extremely influential, even if his Chin Small right now get a massive impact on the world, whether you want to admit it or not, and I think it was for the negative. I think he hurt democracy very much, so you're not gonna, see me make videos about tiny little. You took creators or people who are even you know,
it's crazy to me that that there could be somebody who has a similar sized channel to me. I'm not gonna make a criticism. Video going after him. I've done one or two things like that in the past on just totally over it almost got things are important talk about high profile, personalities and politicians thing their impact in the world? There may be I'm talk of you tubers like this Carlos Maza coming, you don't and property but I really really can't stand how petty people can be on Youtube when they just love. The embassy style like there's one creator. Loves to like screen, grab my videos and then just make stupid commentary. And it makes money. I'm not gonna play that game. I want to talk specifically about what Cross Malta did. The impact of his fight with care and I really doom mean it. When I say I wish nothing but the best for everybody. I am I It is if your ideas got enough, then so be it but of Carlos model. Starts doing what he did at vocs and tries damaging people's livelihoods with deceit and misinformation, or to fight that I'll, absolutely criticise the guy, and it's not because it on you
but because he literally as a personality with influence, was impacted the world. I think it's fair to criticise anybody so I'll leave There is much lotta people, gotta get angry there like stop defending about an early, not men, you gotta, be careful, you gotta be tactful. You have to approach Europe, your conflicts with poise and did and integrity, and I very much look forward to challenging his ideas. One name when they met went what, when its merit it, but I do not like derision and brigades and insulting. I think, that's pathetic. Alright, let us see Parliament has to say: let's see I was up, in strange now that he's on Youtube. But I think it's fair to point out you gotta, be like me, you do you. Ok, I just perverse civility prefer civility, because I'm that enlightened centrist on time, but I'd prefer me. No people, not brigades and insulting, However? However, it doesn't matter what I think about the boss of you or anybody else. So I think the Youtube community is gonna be furious, that he is now trying to
Artie Channel because he wants to make money? If he didn't want to make money, he go on channel on any other platform, because there are their video hosting platforms? I mean video vimium, obviously, but there smaller video hosting platforms you could easily go to and there's a lot is wont to. He wants to use these two platform to make money after he just ruin the careers of many many people. I don't think the Youtube community would stand for that that's just me of that undermine mound business. I'm not gonna talk the guy beyond. You know this issue, but I did think it was extremely Orton when we heard the blow back to vocs was so bad that he felt it contributed to his cancellation and leave it there. Next segments coming up at one p m on the channel, thanks rang out- and I will see you all them far less, protesters and anti fascist stormed into grand central station and protest it, which is fine, but then so vandalized public property, which is not fine, and I find it particularly funny their demanding that the empty,
The metro system in New York be free when its literally a publicly funded system and what would you think gonna happen, people already paying taxes to support it, but they don't want fair at all, because Portugal cannot use it and the primaries protest is that people have been arrested for turnstile jumping because it can afford the two thousands, eighty five cents, the response from aunt. If I was to open the emergency exits chain them open, poor glue into the machines, damaging public property, because you know you know what I find so so funny about this is look. I get it if it was. Privately owned and you wanted a nationalize it. I disagree, but this is literally publicly owned it. It's like everybody uses the penalties for skipping out on. It is because we are all pitching into support this system. Oh heavens, TIM Pool the liberal, capitalist reformer. But before we read the story- and I No, you all the vandalism and stupidity I'll say a couple of eggs. First prepare it is like a viral click going around where the cops arrested
one guy and he yells. Like my dad works for the court. Oh go fig here, yes, yell to daddy, No I'm sorry. If you commit a crime break the law you get arrested and while I fully respect the right to protest, all shout out some criticism towards Rudy Giuliani. He said this was that the city to reform any and and the image you posted was just general uproarious protest. Not I am totally one hundred percent in favour. Of people getting signs and protesting expressing their first of rights. Fully recognised as someone who work for on profits. Sometimes you get arrested doing this civil. Civilians result in arrest, because we have laws if the broken you get arrested, but through that process We ve actually reform a lot of things, so I think, is also fair. People get arrested when they obstruct public transit, but I respect the protest. I don't respect the vandalism, but what you see on the screen is one of the funniest things. I've ever seen, I love it so Andy no tweets fascist
Just fascist, far left protesters yell in unison, at a hashtag, Anti fought and the very I refer- is none other than Luke Road Cow ski. We are change whose like based Equally, an anarchist he's like I don't want to He is like a total and Arkell capitalist, but he is likely- Rotarian far always bomb centre right soup. Anti government to a ridiculous degree beyond libertarian and calling him a fascist about the people you're gonna surround scream at you pick, the weird dude who wants to live in Mexico spending bitcoins, like sorry, man, there's a bunch of like an echo communists in countless all living down there and they pick out this guy. Let me tell you some: what will jump as to the actual story here on the daily mail. Let me give you some advice: Luke, if you ever find yourself that a protest and a bunch of people start chanting, fascist statue, here's what you don't do!
don't look at them and yell, I'm not a fascist, because they don't Oh, who you are what you do you turn around and joined them and start yelling, fascist too, because these people don't know Hu there yelling at you see I- at an event. Columbia University in New York, and some guy saw me filming. Nobody knew who I was, and he TIM Pool is a fascist on like that and a bunch of peoples looking around trying to figure out whose TIM Pool so you did. I do I look around two I was like where they were they talking about, certainly not me and they couldn't figure it out and they eventually pointed to the wrong person, and some guy gets in the face of this. Burne was he's the problem or something and the guys, like we're, gonna, say what's happening and then finally you're gonna, know him and like points to me, and I still tried playing it down with than some other people, recognize me and they started yelling at me. It was really because some chick went up to the school trade and started making up raising lies about me, like literally off of red, saying,
I was unknown provocateur. Who was you now secretly, thumbing p, ball in sending information to violent groups and like. Just totally made up and when when I say made up totally like you, argue issues being hyperbolic or exaggeration extreme degree to try and make it seem like us about person, because I'm a journalist, but she did know who I was social standing. There are confused and no one else knew who I was so they eventually just didn't care either when one per and start to chant everyone just looks wherever they point and chance, and nobody knew I was so actually had my press card, because this was I it was like shortly after I left a b c and I had multiple Prescott and I just showed you, minister, like I'm so sorry. I have no idea what they're talking about I'm just a journalist and there are like, don't about it. You're cool these people or nuts. Ok, they're just angry people have no, I do the talking about, and that brings me to the protest of the empty air. You want to complain about the empty ay and the problems facing. Take it
point to a cause, your Cortez, who caused the city, massive amounts of tax revenue by protests against Amazon, and that money would have gone to fund the train system. More Fortunately, I dont understand other than a poor glue ensue these turnstile or complain of the cost one. It's literally publicly funded you as the public. Already taxpayer funding this and already struggling to, maintain it as it is. If anything they need to increase the key the problem is that they make it too expensive. Then people can't use it there. It goes down there in a tight spot. They need more money. The empty is failing. Thank you. I see for taking those jobs way there not getting its making it free Well just make it ceased to exist. If you don't you understand that the daily mail report, masked anti cop protesters, storm Grand Central during rush hour and vandalized subway stations across New York in Math, demonstration against two dollar: seventy five cent fares and police on trains. They say roughly five hundred prose
has convened at Grand Central on Friday night holding signs that red car? out of emptier to simplify it's not worth human life, that's true so there's a concern that I think this direct has to do with someone actually getting, and I don't think anybody died in New York city. But so here we go here. We go, they say earlier this month, new year's attorney General Latisha James launch an investigation into whether the and why PD was targeted community of color in fair evasion. Let me just tell you right now: sometimes, yes, one hundred percent, there are costs that are racist. They should be called out when they do that. More importantly, however, they target high crime areas. Poverty breeds crime. So if you have historically impoverished communities, the least will police there because they are poor and result in crime. The problem I have with these people as their surface level activists they don't think about the real cause. So they do things like this, but
the same problem with them with a tree was on the other side who are racist, who think it's not? Poverty is literally rice. It's not it's poverty, pure it. I know, because I grew up in a mixed area with white people who work I had to. I wonder I got to see people of all races and besides. The left I also got experience, police abuse and brutality, and what? How does that make sense? Why guess tat quickly, I minority, but I had friends who were white hoof but who dealt with police abuse. It doesn't matter. Ok, poverty doesn't know, will wash its aid for the most part. It's not your race or gender. It's about whether or not you live in a nice enough plays with fancy enough home and you have the means to defend yourself in court. That's the sad reality: let's read, they say New York police have made multiple arrest a grand central terminal, as droves of protesters took to the station to speak out against increased cop presence for the city subway system. Besides the act, the grand central protesters also vandalized station walls across the city, and
machines where commuters need to swipe their train carts access terminals. Pro turned styles protestors also put up locks on station doors, allowing multiple people access to train platforms without having to pay the factors. Every five fair, various actions too. On Friday during the evening rush show you some of the photos that have been published because they're really really groups. In fact our public anyone say them. Let's just say that once took took some refugees from other humans and applied them quite liberally to vehicles of the Nypd. If you get my drift reconsider a bunch of photos, I gotta go back the Holocaust. How hilarious it is when I saw that video of liquid cowskin, like basically an end guest and their surrounding him screaming fascist, which is the literal opposite of what they actually believes. It was just like watching a clown show. It was just that funny. They say some fourteen hundred police were despatched stations across the bureau's, as a well too, as as a way to quality. To CBS New York reports, there have been no report.
And might be the officers getting injured in the protests, leaving and central protesters tried to continue. Our action at near by Brian Park, but police prevented the majority from entering the station. There we can see somebody signs, police and trains still one hundred activists managed to get access to the station at six avenue, sixth Avenue and West forty second street and set up a green smoke bomb. The massive grew then made its way self along Broadway, indicating they would be ending at duration, Plaza embeds Bedford, Stuyvesant in Brooklyn Protest Group DE colonise. This play had taken a twitter on Tuesday to share a warning about their protests. The streets are ours, the trains are up our our hours. The walls are ours. The moment is ours. They sat in a video Will you and your crew build an F ass up for ftp? Three, on J. Thirty one is a mother s in movement we
More transit is a right. Listen, transit, isn't a private corporation. Ok, if they don't take fares, who Well pay the people who maintain the system, build and repair the tracks and control the trains. Now perhaps look at to appoint Are we automate everything and those who lose their jobs? I guess, and then we can the doors, but the problem is the transit system is falling apart. These people don't think about it. There, man that liberal reformers can't actually get the job done fast enough. The solution is not destroy the train system in response is falling apart. We actually need more money to fix it, and fortunately, thanks so counterpart has attacks. Renewed tax revenue, came Carlos, as I'm really are proud of this city, public transportation should be free and cop should not be patrolling our trains and buses. Well. Interesting last time I was in a lamp pretty sure they use honour system for the train system. I think Dc. Does
what places to the honor system. So what happens is And I may have changed in LOS Angeles: I've been there, I ve lived in a long time is walk in there. There are turns Thoust, but there's no way this free just walk past it, you buy a ticket, put your pocket and then, when you'll get off the train sometimes there'll be cops waiting and they want you to show their ticket. There's a bunch of Is that people trick the cops they'll do things like they'll get one of those charged cards and then just irony it, acts it only swipe it or something what some people would do as they would put twenty bucks on those tap cards and then, when they left the train, the cop would ask you to scan it to see if you actually used it and if it should you. Didn't they say something like look there's money on it. I must have just missed not like right it when I tapped it, I'm sorry in the cops we'll let you go but often times they catch people they take it down, they arrest them and so on, and people get off the train or this how it used to be, and one person would go scout like look up the stairs to the cops. Are there and then signal to their bodies would jump on the train to get in
another train station where they can get off where there are no cops anyway. I think, I don't know how allay supports up like us Ellis treads them is very, very different. I think the New York has like forty something train lines. The daily mail says just moments for the protests took place and why pity chief of Department Terence Moment Mayan shared the station had been vandalized and that police weren't spinning protests this morning of individuals, vandalized subway stations. He said we, the same individuals will tend to disrupt the evening commute in the subway by in disorder and Danes and commuters, and he may attempt even attempt physically assault our officers. It will not be tolerated a woman recently found the tracks and lost her legs. I think we need our people running around vandalized. Spray painting the last New York needs lives. Earning is a tiny tiny for action of individuals who demand free stuff, disrupt life for everyone else and the people who are working now I get it. It is a challenge when you can't afford to take
train and you want to find a way to find a job it. It is rough, it is what you're not entitled to any of this. Ok, it's not a right. You can't make a let you you can't make tangible, Jack's produced by other people and their labour right, because then how give it to literally everyone. If you have like you, I think, like I talk about health care being a human right. Ok, full stop! If you need a doctor, save your life, and everyone has a right to that doctor. How is it possible that doctor can help everyone even you have ten thousand doctors, you'll still have more non doctors. How Those doctors literally service every one and save their lives. It can't be done so you want access to certain things as a right when we discuss about it, but the idea that all health care is a right is just absurd. Health care,
as much as I want to make sure I'm willing to sacrifice to save your or anyone else's life. We start to recognise, reaches our fine. It so you take a look at even public systems. Transit is a right, but you still have to contribute to that system to keep it alive. They can't tell you you're not allowed to use the transit system because of certain characteristics about you, but you still got a pay, because once driving that train someone's working that station that if the funniest thing about this protest is their literally protesting a public service all right, and my understanding is that new recommended the cities have reduced fair options, for people can't afford it. Unfortunately, everyone's guy Pitcher unites help you Papa this way. Imagine you have a creek bought that that there's a creek behind your property and it's it's not it's! It's it's not comfortable to cross, because you'll get wet its wide enough. It's ten feet: nobody's him jump it. So you decide you will build a small
bridge that bridge can hold of several peoples white and allows you and your family across you built it. You paid forty dollars stuff. All of a sudden people find the convenience of your bridge and start going on your property and crossing over it. So now the bridge facing wear and tear, but they say, but so what the bridges already here- and you say yes, but with everyone walking on it. Slowly starting to fall apart. I have to fix it. They won't once the bridge finally collapses. They say up no more bridge and they stopped coming, and now you have no bridge should you have a right to secure what you made let's say you and all of the people in your neighborhood put the built the bridge together and every day you pitch and a little bit to make sure that bridges there and then other people not from your community fund. Convenience of bread and start using demanding it be free because it exists and the bridge collapses, and then they stopped coming because not convenient anymore. You can't let people steal from the public. These anti for protest and far left aren't talking about protecting the poor there
talking about stealing from the public. It's funny. It's paradoxical. It should be free. Why, for you, while we pay for it, we this together and we're even being nice to you when you don't pay taxes to only pitching to seventy five. If you can't do it, I'm sorry but We let everyone come on. There would be no train for everybody. Have you considered getting a bike? You can get cheap bikes uneasy either, and I feel for people who are poor and can't afford. It absolutely do, and I think the police should probably not to be as heavy handed as they ve been that's fine, unfair to say, but instead they come in and destroy property, they threaten people, they insult them, and then they complain there. The victims. Sorry, I mentioned game like this, so let's just wrap up and see what what what what eventually happened, we'll get. The final thoughts at us poverty is not a crime, make the empty a free, listen, nothing! Stopping you from walking across the free, brick bridges in New York. When I lived in Brooklyn, I would purposefully.
I'd my bike or even walk several miles to Manhattan because it was, it was good for me was healthy, I'd get early black, I really need to walk so I'm gonna walk across the bridge and I was like a to two or three I'll walk and it would take me a little while, but if it's felt good get exercise didn't need to get on the EL train. I could just walk so he won't talk about people you want to talk about. You know what should be shouldn't be free, the Manhattan Bridge, the Williamsburg Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge. They are all free. But if you want a magical machine to Harry you from one point or another, the labour has to be paid for so guess what the bridges exist and even though its taxpayers repairing them, they still let you use it for free.
Isn't this system great you're standing on the shoulders of giants with roads beneath your feet that you don't have to pay for? Congratulations, you shouldn't get the trains for free, the streets are available to you, and so the bridges and maybe you'll just have to walk I'll leave it there sit around Mexicans coming up at four p m at you to death comes lashed him cast, as my main channel is indifferent channel, and I will see you all there. A case of a crazy lady or severe trump derangement syndrome. We don't know for sure, but what recently stormed through the barricades moral logo and secrets. This apparently were shooting to kill. Fortunately, I thing she survived. Unfortunately, she went nuts into the attack the first place, but look at a social media and found traditional resistance. Type means its hardest definitively. In any case like this, whether there was a real motive, they're saying it's, not terrorism related. I gotta say, though, when you have somebody who even a little bit
posting about. They, don't like the President's saying not my president in posting, the women's march and stuff and then of all the places they decide to ram their car through its moral logo Irene We do lean towards severe tromp derangement syndrome, lessen the secret service. Were shooting to kill. That's how serious this was now before we pass judgement. You you all. I think it's fair to say I should read the story in I've. Given you my opinion, the daily mail reports opera singer who rammed through moral security, blockade and narrowly escaped secret service. Bullets refuses to appear in court as Neighbours, recall other bizarre episodes and say she snapped. Look at this picture. For those that are listening, she's doing the Peter struck soon face where you, like you, tell your Ford and then look up, and then you make us an evil. Grin and Christine body, for it is also a form of her doing it. I don't off their political context, but the point is you see this weird face emerge
Typically, people associate it with some kind of like Mal intent, not trying to just blame overlooking a certain way. I'm just saying she's, given creepy look at our mug shot. They say the Connecticut opera singer who was arrested for police involved. Shooting at Marilla goes security check points has refused to appear in court. Hannah Romeo thirty was charged to counts, of aggravated assault on a police officer in Palm Beach Florida. After the incident on friday- and they also faced, federal charges, Rome held had been scheduled to appear court on Saturday morning, but the hearing was abruptly cancelled and scheduled for Monday wow sources say she really say that she refused to appear Palm Beach sheriff Rick Brad, ah said: the incident was not a terror thing and that role Roma held was obviously impaired somehow ass, she ran walk AIDS and then fled as the secret service open fire shooting to kill now burst from Rome. Helds hometown of middle town Connecticut have come forward to describe her
story of bizarre behaviour, saying they feared sums, like this would happen. So let me just one which stop. Maybe it's all coincidence me we should just posted some anti trump stuff because people tend to, maybe she was just impaired, because some people are appeared and then you decided of all places a driver car through MAR A perhaps, but coincidence either. Ok, fine, fair may be, I think this woman was trumped deranged. I think he was. I think she was clearly arranged in general? You know, but I think troublesome motivation. Let's radon, they say one day we start hearing yells and she was just acting really out of character, and I guess just snapped neighbour, Cathy Russell w sb TV. There were day when she had off days. Let's put it that way. I see go out and I would worry if she would be ok. However, Russo said she never imagined at Rome held would be involved. Something is shocking, is the car. Protection of the secret service, it's not that I knew you said Romeo own home, the lights were
but nobody answer the door. The CBS affiliate reported Roma held is a talented professional opera singer who has performed in Europe as well as it as well as cod Gee Hall in New York. It's clear whether Roma knew that she was a urging moral logo as she wildly fled. A state trooper who had initially sought to question her about why she was dancing atop over Suv, upscale hotel, your buyer, however, is applied made her discussed with tromp apparent on Facebook, where one of her post included, assign reading, not my president, the post from today after trumps inauguration shows the women's March in DC and a crowd of people wearing pink hats. You know the kind them Talkin about One protests or sign reads: not my president and love trumps. Eight months later don't wanna, seventeen Ronald also that an image to Facebook appearing to mock trump by showing an image of a cut of cartoon character, Donald Duck morphing into the president, a lot of people post those things. Maybe it's nothing Maybe it's just that she was acting, not
snapped when the cops are chasing hour. She just so happened but more logo also barely possible. She was really freaking out about something entirely. Maybe maybe wasn't dropped arrangement syndrome, but maybe just doesn't like tromp until something else: Drover MAD and and she decided to go to Morrow Logo. I don't I don't know I don't know I can only speculate, but this does happen. Ok, they were, they were shooting at her trying to well enter. Life should also treated pro Bernie stuff. Not that I think that, as you know, could necessarily be anti trump, but perhaps is a video from now this politics they say Rome held is right sir, to vote as a Democrat and Middleton Connecticut Public Records show from twenty two team presidential primaries. She expressed her so what for Sanders with a post praising the Vermont Democrats, pro abortion positions using the hashtag feel the barn. Let me just stop and say pro choice of slots avoid the overly biased language according to our instrument, Instagram account Rome held was in palm beach where performance on January, twenty Eightth fresh off appeal,
This is in LOS Angeles in Santiago what what was this is I'm twenty eight I mean is that the peak of like the impeachment stops a lot of news happening. Perhaps it just got to her on alone, as the according to our instrument interim account. She was there. Ok police that she has no criminal history. They can identify either in Florida or Homestead of Connecticut. They say the inn, on Friday, unfolded after a floor to state trooper, responded reports of a white woman acting irrationally and dancing on the top of a car in the park lot of a motel near moral logo to arrive at the parking lot. RO mailed police say was impaired, got off the top of her car and into her black Suv authorities. They approached her ass. She sat inside the suv, but she would not responding to tap in the window were smashed through the window glass when they saw her rifling through her Glove Box, Ronald sped off and lead police in a high sea pursuit at times driving on the wrong side of the road at speeds nearing seventy miles an hour, a bunch of photos here
scroll through this aim. She crash, though, to securing checkpoints before authorities caught up to an open fire according to police, Ro was speeding toward a third when shares deputies secret service agents fired numerous rounds at her car. She kept driving to get us believe she picked up. A female relative before authorities located are causing a license plate reader, that's knots. She got away as cops record to a studio? Six motel was palm beach. She ran from Iraq. Outside a nearby motel and was tackled by a troop or so it sounds like she actually crash doom a logo and kept going. So perhaps it's just a coincidence, although she rendered although the London Suv was drawn up, while she was riding, was riddled with bullet holes. It appears Rome was completely unscathed, video of a shows are being taken into custody in good condition, with no apparent injuries. The checkpoint that Ronald crashed through a series of concrete berries and armed officers is blocks away
actual resorts: oh, ok, ok, economic, stop! Perhaps it sounds like it's not really trumped up. Judgment Syndrome cushioning anywhere near the actual resort sheriff brought by the secret service. Did fires is crazy, sheriff Bradshaw at Rome held, wasn't even remotely close to getting into the inner perimeter of the resort in Palm Beach Roma. This currently be hell without bail at the Palm Beach County jail. It was not immediately clear if you had an attorney to speak on her behalf. Tromp was not admiral. I got the time but arrived the resort with First Lady Maloney Trump a few hours later at seven, twenty seven on Friday, president trouble Why for export to spend some time? At the weekend there yadda yadda, o the Superbowl its rights in Miami tomorrow January Festus, our His family left the club falling into a vacation, a flawed, a man who had been dishonorably discharge from the Marines force, for for sex offences. You did good demonetized me was arrested after he got past to check points by false, identifying himself as part of the president's helicopter crew.
We talk about a series of other things, I'm going to get to the nitty gritty details because it seems like it's not trumped arrangements. And run it seems like she was all deranged whatever it is. She was doing it. You never got close to the to the veto tomorrow, logo, but reason why so scared? Because Trop derangement syndrome is real and I'm I'm I'm not joking there they called Trump anxiety to soar. And we have story recently where a dude girlfriend were watching impeachment and she apparently was boring. You want to change it, so we started strangling her acute trumped arrangement syndrome is a serious thing. That being said, I think this is not. That case is possible. It is based on what we have read through, though it's probably not seems like this is another case of a crazy lady, and I mean it, you know, look maybe try. Derangement syndrome adds to it. But let me make a more important point if you have some, unlike her, is crazy it's extremely dangerous to fill their minds with Trump. Is the enemy rhetoric like a crazy
Person might go out and hurt themselves or others. We want to prevent that we want blame them if their crazy have no idea what they're doing but dont give them oh, a paranoid delusion and I think, that's ones- just things you might be seen now. Some people may driven to crazy acts because of truck derangement syndrome, but there may people were already arranged like this woman, who could be driven to particular, acts against the president, his family, because of the constant media barrage. Now. I know many activists who, absolutely are being driven to absurdity their people. I know who think most insane things. Sad, really kind of freaks me out people like Rachel Matt I'll go nuts on tv and they literally make people in saying for one the story. Was it may not be the case, but it still bears repeating shouldn't fill my the minds of ever anyone with complete insane paranoid delusions, because what one of these days. These stories will turn out to be legitimate and really dangerous, and then, who knows what
if they're stick around excitements coming up in a few minutes- and I will see you all shortly. Well, well, well, Mister Mark Zuckerberg, declares Facebook is going to stand up for free expression and allow people to pay what they want. The ceo what's, the new move will pass off a lot of people. You wanna know my theory. Mark Zuckerberg doesn't care about four weeks. Can he cares about who's, gonna win and back when the left was putting pressure, campaigns on them and the media was as well Zuckerberg said, will do what establishment wants bad mile, yet up a less and Laura looms in parts of Watson and Alex Jones and now he's saying. Well, you know what Maybe we should just let him do it, and you know why think he sang it. I think it's become clear to anyone who's going to win and whose add side you don't want to be on now would be Donald Trump Facebook Ban, some of the most prominent trump supporters
and now that trumpet still on track to when I think soccer Birgus hedging is bets, he's kind of funny, not just my opinion, a b that realized it was bad for business to be overly sensorial, because people started leaving Facebook, maybe he realized if you take away what makes the plan fun and exciting nobody's gonna, be No one wants to ban that platform. One of the big mistakes you too it was banning conspiracy content. You know why not anybody who watched it believes all the insane nonsense. For the same reason, we watch ancient aliens, it's fun to think the world can be magical or that other things you know in the war that we don't. We don't know of yet exist. Yes, some people fall, for it is unfortunate, but let people post they want. So we can hear things and be entertained Zuckerberg apparently learned the lesson the hard way, and if it comes to the Republicans, when he again trumps final term, We're gonna see some legislation to seriously will write. You eight, these social media companies, and you know that doesn't want that.
Especially with Elizabeth, worn coming out saying, should regulate em they're. All of a sudden changes to wait. Wait, wait! No, no protect the people who support dropped because the Democrats are coming for me I don't trust mark Zuckerberg anyway, you can say what every wants level. Let me know when you reinstate the accounts of those individuals like my low loran and pollen, otherwise, otherwise I don't think you're being serious. Oh, you can change your two now and leave everyone. You ve Band Ban, but if you are serious, you would unbend them yeah he's not gonna. Do it we'll see The daily mail says, Mark Zuckerberg has declared it this book is going to stand up for free expression, in spite of the fact that it will pick up a lot of people. The controversial ceo, thirty five May, the claimed during a fiery appearance, the silicon Slopes tech summit in Utah on Friday. Full stop, though I was surprised, to realize. Mark Zuckerberg is like a year and a half older than me seriously. Now I feel less accomplish now. Now, I'm pretty happy with what I'm doing, but he's a billionaire. I should do better. Anyway.
Sakharov told the audience at Facebook had previously tried to resist moves that would be branded as who offensive says he now believes he is being asked to partake an excessive censorship. Asked too you literally did, and still do increasingly, it is called a sense or a lot of different kinds of content. That makes me really uncomfortable. Why Did every single one of us fighting for legit, free expression say if you bandwidth they will not stop demanding more get banned and you let her We can't ban everything. Can you hop over to you to wear the once? either of of content has whittled down to a basically at a low tier. You know bargain. Inversion of Netflix. I hopped over Youtube search. Kind of shocking that all of the original Youtube content in the and the lower quality. But personal style is gone. They don't come Michael anymore, general anymore. Probably for that reason you do a search where you get
bunch of mainstream media and high profile plastic e family friendly garbage. You that's crazy to me, so I watch podcast and a watch shows, and they tell me my podcast can't be monetize, because I talked about current events. Are you now every day on the tv, every single American here's what these events it is not taboo, but you Cuba's so scared and their boots learn a strip modification and going to ban people for talking about. I could you not news. Yeah, ok, Youtube ballsy with Facebook ends up doing. Admittedly, I do post my videos to Facebook to but Universe face was not a great platform, three more, as are the Facebook founder went under, bemoan it kind of feels like list of things that you're not allowed to say socially keeps growing, keeps on growing, and I'm not really. Ok with that. Thank you. Finally, look man, I'm not ready to take Mark Zuckerberg. Word, for it, but at least he saying it and I do try to give people a benefit benefited out, so instead of of attacking him or insulting them for doing I think, are saying there. I think I'm gonna. Let him do it.
I must see what he has to offer and if it does the right thing it protects expression. Well, then you know everybody deserve a second chance right. So, let's see what you got Mart declared this new approach for expression. This is the new approach for expression and I think it's going to pick up a lot of people Frankly, the old approach was passing off a lot of people to so. Let's try something different. Yes, as you ban people and they ve been more people actually have banned everyone from their platform. I pointed this out. How can a social media platform exist when their literally banning the thing that makes the social platform work Twitter purged at one of the most interesting people? Well, congratulations. You made your platform crazier and much more boring supper has been in the hot seat in recent months for refusing to ban political ads from Facebook. Despite the fact fellow social media giant twitter declare that they would stop sharing political advertisements a girl also stated that Facebook will not factual political adds, resulting in a highly
publicized showdown on Capitol Hill with Alexandria cause. You Cortez, meanwhile, Zuckerberg defiant appearance, the Utah texts on it came after Facebook, appointed Wall Street expectations of fourth quarter growth. Earlier this week. The result prevail on Wednesday, Ray concerns at facebooks days of astronomical growth were firmly in the rear view, mirror and shit of the world's biggest such another dropped, seven point two percent and extended trading and what could bring back content to Facebook Wall reinstating those you band previously that'll bring the numbers back up bring Those audiences you ve, chased away or that'll bring numbers up. Maybe you shouldn't have chain away in the first place, and if you did, if you didn't do that, if you're stock would have fallen facebook, port, its lowest ever revenue growth for the fourth quarter at twenty five percent also say look at a certain point: facial exaggerates the market. How much money you can you? Can they really really make you can't keep going wherever there is a plan so that everyone will will reach simply on the basic factors
Only so many people spending money in the world on Facebook, sarks nano making their own currency or something elsewhere. On Wednesday, the company pledged better protections for food. Books, users after the social media, and agreed to pay five hundred a five hundred and fifty million dollars settlement Wednesday over a law. Through that claimed it illegally. Did millions of users biometric data without their consent. Facebook did not admit wrong doing in agreeing to the settlement, which requires court approval Zuckerberg, as promised Facebook users, privacy, upbraids. In light of the outcome of the suit as the founder see. To address the ongoing privacy concerns that have dogged the social media company. Well, there's one more story On the other side- and I find it quite hilarious- he's wrong facebook. Back at George Soros after billionaire the social media giant has a special relationship with tromp. No, he doesn't. He banned a bunch of trumps, most prominent supporters, He certainly negotiating with conservatives and other you know. Can Europe personalities in the trouble
restoration and, I believe, the President himself but sure I guess technical. You could call it a special relationship, but in reality sucker relationship is only with himself. Ok, what do I think he's motivated by benefiting his company, that's it now. George Soros is mad because Mark Zuckerberg, as flip in the script and now siding with the Trump narrative defending the free expression and the left is outraged. So LO and behold, George source of all people is going to. Excuse me bemoaned Zuckerberg. They say the liberal philanthropists. Made. The competent and up ad publishing near times on Friday morning argue that Facebook would help trumpet reelected twenty twenty on Friday afternoon, Facebook denied delegations saying that they are false, while respect MR sources right to voice its opinion. He's wrong. A spokesperson for Facebook set in the statement the notion that we are aligned with any one political figure or party runs counter to our values and the facts. We continue making.
Presented president investments to keep our platform safe fight for it, parents, elections around the world and combat misinformation. Yet just the other day, He sighed he's going to bring back free expression. Well we'll see what Zuckerberg actually wants to do, but I do We need these short brown, a wrap up with with something simple. I know it. It matter for me to say for the most part, but I know a lot of people talk about you. Tubers try They had a certain number. I hope its clear. Everybody when you watch my earlier videos that are always like twenty or thirty minutes. I can seriously talk for every night. I tried actually keep things down, but some people dont like that. You know I've got these stories. I dont say that the general idea in the luck immediately, Ok, so I'm I always try to make sure I open every video telling you exactly what happened The reason why I might go over details you already know is because most people don't watch these things most people who
that's probably dont know what does with worn said she would break up Facebook. So I to say all of this as I go, and it can be quite frustrating when I mix of comments from people who are saying? I have no idea what you're talking about you need to explain this pattern, genocide saying we know this already just move on. Ok, I cant do both, but whatever today If you watch and appreciate what I do. Thank you so much for watching, and I can only do what's what we're gonna do. What I do, that's it so in the spirit of stopping now and keeping these shorter I'm going to do that, but by Ok, no, I'm not I'm actually going to make this point. It is true that Youtube heavily prioritizes videos that over ten minutes it's a whole part of the whole centre. Arguments. Why I'm doing the under this video? I don't do that. I do not. But what made me be relevant and maybe like ninety nine percent of those I do, I won't be I know I'm not gonna, let you know it's like typical. I can talk forever These videos, the ones I published at six. Sixteen at six thirty- are all kept between ten and fifteen months on.
Meaning I shortened them Otherwise, if a video comes out at six and you're still, why by six of teen. Then you're not going to catch the next. The exact meant I do so it supposed to be a continuous spot while some people catch these videos in they. Don't like the fact that in that way. I don't know and they assume on keeping on it, I'm desperately trying to reach them. It is not true. I can talk forever cases. Point I'm literally doing another podcast Monday through Friday. So if you don't like, I have to say, don't watch to everyone else. Four out I got one more, coming up in a few minutes, and I will see well then, what come to the nightmare future, where a virus spreading rapidly infecting tens of thousands of people with hundreds dead. In response, the authoritarian government of China, not only a rests, the blowers work telling us the truth, but deploys joy. Drones to speak the city with unknown chemicals. We ve done it everybody we have entered the cypher.
Future and boy am I excited. I can't wait to United States deploys giant drones to police. This, reed's and make sure on an out chemicals draw crime wherever it may be. I look forward to the giant sky. At Terminator policing our streets to keep us safe, While we cower and our residences terrified that a virus will event wipe us out or whatever buggy man they decide to put forth but Tom No, actually other stories is true. Corona virus drone army deployed to spray disinfectant across China cities. This is why I am actually get to say the cooler stories I've ever seen now. I know it's nightmarish horrifying, but you gotta admit it's kind of cool right. Look like as Boy many people jokingly say they wish for a zombie apocalypse because they're so exciting. We love it. Well, hey we're getting tat no censorship nightmare to still be withdrawn? Swine round sprain chemicals on us, that's cool right! It's almost like being in the movie these life I'll be boring when we all go up in smoke. China, Japan,
an army of drones to disperse disinfectant over large cities in the late attempts to combat the spread of corona virus. I also got to say men when you crawl the threshold from Iraq. To the whistle blowers into deploy the giant drone army. Is it fairness the krona virus is a lot worse than they're telling us this is. This is whole new level of dear Lord. What is happening in China with ten of millions quarantine and their clay it's only a ten or so narrow tens of thousands, maybe ten, twenty thousand infected but their corn. Tens of millions in deploying a drone army, it sounds like the apocalypse man. They say at least two hundred and thirteen people have died from the killer disease since it was first contracted by offering it and the city of want full? Stop? That's not confirmed star. Do your research The World Health organisation has since declared the outbreak of global emergency with Brits trapped in the regions being evacuated on emergency flights. Every region across the countryside.
Cases of corona Virus and China taken to using drones. To prevent the spread of these are massive footage. Is it a social media and the coastal province provinces of Julian on Dong and Zhang shows draw. Hovering in the air as disinfectant liquid sprayed from the underside yardsticks. What is this Is that the only photo they have? So that's it, but there are other voters. Pop other follows popping up and video. Where you can see them? Spraying boy? Is this creepy as one of the objects is seen being led along the street by its operator behind also sprang a liquid under the ground. Ah man, I thought they were a tonne Skynet, like drones, being commanded remotely. If there's people, the ground using robbing a remote control. That's just like that. It's boring is watching. Casey. Nice from a log. Sorry, I know I'm king here's what gets more serious, we can. We can be funny all day and I up
administration just declared corona virus of public health emergency in the United States. Some tells me they dont want is the panic and it may be worse than ever, Is the challenge right now. As I said at the start, the other night, it's better to overreact than under reacts A lot of people were concerned that there was an under reaction to Sars and murders, and these other flues, and so it got worse and by over reacting to a simple corona virus, we could actually prevent it. Tell people it's you know make it seem worse than it is I overreacts or overact yourself You are more likely to prevent it right, makes sense its Red Buzzfeed reports, A White House taskforce announced a nation wide public health emergency over the corona virus outbreak Friday triggering mandatory quarantines. For U S citizens travelling from the epicenter of the disease in China's who may province and a presidential proclamation, asked force, also announced that President Trump would be
during foreign nationals from travelling from China from entering the. U S relatives of you have said is that you're citizens would be allowed entry. The orders will take fact on Sunday, at five p m eastern time, it really is intended to stop the spread of the virus. Cdc director Robert Redfield, sat at the window whilst briefing the now announcement, he added at the current risk of the virus for people in the. U S is low, actually viewed sound from the CDC a while ago about the go is, and now this really cool this disease is giant screen with a picture of a map us out earth. They show like virus outbreaks. It seriously looks like you know: high definition, plague incubator play that game is cool because there are given like they have a country now show us all of the diseases they ve tracked. There actually was pretty amazing, so I gotta say I got some good confidence in the CDC. I can speak for China, especially We were the story. China is begging Europe for help promote
Leah picking, peak, Chang, Zurich and pronounce? It asks you for medicine supply to battle corona virus outbreak, that's freaking me out man, the World Health Organization as emergency. They have deployed the drones and they're asking for foreign aid. Look man, China is no. You know, tiny weak country. China is arguably a global superpower with a massive economy, lots of resources and they're asking Europe for help the daily mail reports. China's Premier League King hacking has asked the European Union for medical supplies to help battle the krona virus outbreak. Comes as a number of deaths from quota virus epidemic in China rose to two hundred and fifty nine the United States and other nations announced new border. Curbs on foreigners who have been in China least spoke to the president
European Commission, Ursula Vonder, lay on land on the phone. A statement said ever play plaguing that mobile game. It's good fun, but this is kind of things go the you start. In fact, you know the impact start spreading and then borders start getting shot down and travel starts getting restricted. One of the jokes going around as that, whoever is where is playing the game better get to Greenland before they closed their support? They say revealed that is helping to buy them supplies from EU member countries through commercial channels. And we are willing to strengthen information policy and technical exchanges and to cooperate with it. National communities, including the EU police, had, according to a statement, essential province of Who bay? The center of the centre of the epidemic is under a virtual quarantine? road, sealed off, and public transport shut down elsewhere in China authorities of players. Genes on travel and business activity in a bid to contain the spread of the virus and its latest figures. China's National Health Commission said their work
thousand one hundred and two new confirmed infections and in China on Friday. Bringing the key would have total to eleven thousand seven hundred. Ninety one important fact that the rate is actually decreasing. So The initial transmission have reported a similar, The truth in they probably art, was like sixty something percent. The next day was like forty seven percent and thirty it's going down, it seems like These measures are working to curb the spread of the virus and for the most part, if you or me, average viewer a male between the ages of eighteen. Fifty four, you are probably fine. Even if you do get it, you'll get sick, it'll be bad. Now. There are some concerns about permanent damage to long. So you know what but I think I think you know many has evolved enough technologically to stop something like this fingers crossed, but don't bet on. Somebody else expect the worst hope for the best and always prepare amid growing international concern. Singapore- and you know
states announced measures on Friday to restrict entry to foreign nationals who have recently been in China, a straw We have followed suit with Prime Minister. Got Morrison saying the country will deny entry to all foreign nationals travel from mainland China from Saturday quote. We are in fact operating with bundles of caution? In these circumstances, more than told reporters and Sydney source Aliens can go about their daily lives with confidence. However Health Organisation, which this week declared the outbreak. A public health emergency of international concern, reiterated glow trade and travel restrictions were not needed, we would we would. All countries to focus on the IMF on the mitigation efforts of identifying the possible importation of cases and responding to any domestic outbreak. China who representative got in gold said it today contests airway. Already an air New Zealand set international travel bans had four I'm to suspend their direct flights to China from February. Ninth, all Ray Major: U S, airlines that on Friday they would cancel
to mainland China, nearly ten thousand I have been suspended since the outbreak of the new corona virus according to try. One day, analytics firm serum training concerns about a slowdown in economic activity in China, swear, and I will mention as well: it's not just about flying to China, about connecting in China to fly to other areas right So when I flew to Thailand, we stopped in Hong Kong. That's not ethnically mainland China they might consider it is it is it. You know it is a land, whereas might minor standing it's right there. So they're, probably a lot of that will stop at an airport somewhere travelling to say you know, Thailand or Vietnam there's going impact everybody and This is why we ve seen people on the market is kind of panic. Peoples selling off, will see what happens they are talking about doing. I shall try to flights, so I think you get the point now, as I stated previously in the last segment. I try to keep these videos short summit. To conclude this story. So, although the who has praised China's efforts to contain the virus, the- U S, based China, human rights
funders urged Beijing to ease restrictions on movement and counter discussion against residents of one and who may human rights. Must not be a casualty of the government governments work to contain the corona virus outbreak is killed nearly two hundred people and affected millions. The group said I must concern to be honest about. The virus coming where I live. I more concerned about the various resources and products through international trade that are going to either become more scarce, more expensive or potential even cease for awhile because of all of these restrictions. So that being said, I welcome that Nightmare dust, opium of giant drones flying around spraying chemicals on people- I hope it's been fun and excitement will be tomorrow at ten, a M podcast every day,
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