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Democrats Are Pretending To Be Republicans To CHEAT In The GA Runoff, This Is Political WAR


From fake twitter videos telling republicans not to vote to billboards claiming to have been let down by Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue and not to vote Democrats are trying to trick republicans into giving up.But the fight is actually getting spicy as now Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are being accused of being Democrats trying to sabotage the Georgia Runoff after contradicting Trump and telling people not to vote for the GOP.The Senate Majority boils down to Jon Ossoff, Raphael Warnock, Kelly Loeffler, And David Perdue

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the show on all podcast platforms. Again TIM cast, I arel that being said onto the show, the fate of the republic hangs in the balance, something both Democrats and Republicans believe. Right now the Georgia Senate run off two seats available and if the Democrats, when they will take control of the lower and upper chambers of Congress and expected to take the presidency with Joe Biden, that would mean that can ran through all of the policies they want. Some pretty bold once they'd, probably pack, the Supreme Court, giving them control of every branch of government. Naturally, the Democrats are saying now is our chance and they are leading the charge and plain dirty games. I dont cannot Republicans that's some dirty games of their own, but Republicans can only hold their ground. Donald Trump recently put out of forty six minutes, video laying out how he should have this election and its statistically impossible things that Joe Biden pulled off
calling on Scotus to overturn this to a name him the victor. Perhaps this won't be enough. It's beyond along a longshot beyond all long shots, so the best thing Republicans can do is hold their ground in the Senate to create a stabilizing period where no one really gets what they want, meaning. If republicans want to prevent the Democrats from taking everything and ramming through their policy, they must win, which means all the stops are coming out. This will be ground zero for the culture war in the next several months, and of course, as I said, there are dirty games afoot. Oh, let me start with the Republicans. Well I shouldn't say the Republicans, but at least one Republican who is caught on camp I actually they applauded this big themselves telling people to move to Georgia registered about their in vote, because that important Now many are saying this is illegal and this is
something we saw Democrats actually talking about doing just a week or so ago. Democrats were urging other Democrats to move to Georgia Register, so they could vote in the Senate run off without at least one report in saying the same thing. I'm not gonna pretend like this. One republican guy is a high profile. Prominent figures figure it's just one local lawyers and I'm gonna move to Georgia. But we urge Andrew Yang now he's prominent and he was gonna, move down there. He didn't say: He was going to vote. Yes, there's gonna help and that's what he's doing, but there were other prominent verified high profile Democrat saying, move to Georgia, Now we're seeing the games get Alot dirtier George
just sees Hollywood figures posing as Republicans mockingly urging conservatives ought to vote. We also have billboards popping up from a liberal and Leftists political action Committee telling people Donald Trump didn't live inside the GEO Peat and deliver for trot, so dont deliver for the Republicans not deliver for the joking, but these people, but of his billboards, are not Republicans you see. The left is pretending to be republican, telling people that they should not vote or they should write in Donald Trump. Now this is sabotaged, but you know it's really crazy. The Trump war room trumps campaign, Twitter account tweeted that Linwood one of the lawyers fighting on behalf of the trunk campaign, has made several donations and was consistently a Democrat Linwood
now urging american urging people in Georgia not to vote Republic it because the elections rigged anyway, a rift is emerging and the Republicans are saying stop. What are you doing now People are calling out Linwood an Sidney power for urging people not to vote in Georgia. Saying there actually democrats a rift is forming in Malta. and this could be really bad news for the Republicans, but it's all about political, warm and that's. It says its political war and people are going to do everything from law. You go to illegal. This is the name of the game, and this is what we are seeing. We're seeing Democrats play one of the dirtiest tricks. I have ever seen lying and pretending to be Republicans to trick Republicans into not voting hard core voter suppression. Well, we got a lot to go through. I said it all. So, let's just get started and see what this trick is before we do get started ever make sure you subscribe to youtube dot com slashed TIM cast. I
RO. It is my podcast yo. We do. We shall live Monday through fraud at eight p m, with different guess, where we go over the news of the day with different people of different perspectives subscribe to channel, because we're gonna be really ramping things up, and you probably what would enjoy it. We have different guess, like I said it will be fun. It also don't forget to like subscribe invocation Bell. Let's revenue, fox reports. Georgia sees Hollywood figures, posing as Republicans mockingly, urging conservatives not to vote. They say Republicans, editor, David, Purdue and Kelly. Lawful will both face off against data opponents in special runoff elections on January fifth, after no candidate, earned a plurality of votes in November, produces running against. John also and Lothar is running against Reverend Rafale Warnock the races, will determine the control of the Senate, and Democrats must win both or risk having their agenda reigned, and this is good news.
for a public and they d only to win one seat, but it's one race, essentially one race. The Democrats are gearing up for this specific race, so it happened at different times. It is happening at the same time which means it may as well be one race. It made what just be one because people are about democratic and about Republican, an interesting Lee. Whether or not you trust him. The polls show bad news, but that's what's your Democrats are doing quote let's keep Trump in Washington to keep an eye on that crook bite it in democratic cronies. Let's send him to the Senate in Georgia, Netflix producer, Jake Rossman. What on twitter? Why king dead actor, Daniel Newman, has treated dozens of times, urging conservative to write in Trump vote Trump for Georgia and run off all my republicans. Let stand with Trump, don't abandon him,
Newman Rotten won, t make sure you right in his name, Trump on run off election ballot, the tweet featured a clip of fake ballot with the Senate candidates, names crossed out and Frumps written in right in Congo, West. If you really hate Democrats in him and urges or boycott runoff elections altogether, to stand united by didn't she in one. Video share to Twitter Newman takes on southern draw. Listen I like Kelly, lawful or just fine, but the truth is she's a girl. She can't be a senator. He claimed Brian Guest, who started the number of Netflix and can be quickly shows, showed a clip of himself acting as a baseball player in urging Georgians to vote from for Senator here's, a fake baseball player wanting you to vote for Donald Trump for Senator for Georgia. Sixteen former Georgia's european leaders did penny letter warning that conservative voters might think their votes, don't matter after frog claims quote, We have watched with increasing concern, as the debate surrounding the state electoral system has made some within our cut
Party consider whether voting in the coming runoff election matters without every vote cast for Trump and all our republican candidates. Another third also being Castnia Centre run us. The trajectory of our state and nation will be irreparably altered and and you were a fifth Georgia secretary of State Brian reference, Burger Republican who supported the president, has pushed back against the claims of widespread fraud. As we understand now, you may be saying you may be saying these urges jokes, their jobs on twitter, yeah, yeah yeah. We really gonna fact check jokes. Sometimes you do have to now. If it was just like the Babylon be or the I do think it's silly when you fact check that you need only say Babylon. Bs satire site pay attention,
but what we are seeing now are high profile, verified twitter accounts and people don't know who they are so perhaps putting a satire label might make sense. Unfortunately, twitters not gonna do that and this naturally convince people, but you know what far be it from me to save me. We can't make jokes, ok. Well, let's talk about the more serious and twisted political campaign. Democratic pack, billboards pushed Trump supporters to sit out of Georgia and run a vote. The billboard say: Purdue Lovelorn didn't deliver for Trump, don't deliver for them. They say really. American pack, a group that has run adds referring to lovelorn Purdue as enemies of Georgia said. It is already placed nine billboards in Georgia. The billboard say the billboards, eight Purdue Lothar didn't deliver trumped up, deliver for them. Trot supporters in Georgia are saying that, because David Purdue and Kelly lawfully could deliver a victory forged in Georgia for Trump Magua supporters should not deliver
three for them in the run up election. We agree really, I can pass it on a message on democratic fundraising platform act, Blue, here's, a tweet, Purdue unlawful or got rich Georgians got sick, and we get three thousand retreats on this we're blanket in Georgia with our billboards. remind Georgians, among other things, that their senators got, which, while Georgian suffered, what they're doing with these billboards that say, lovelorn produce didn't deliver for Trump is, as many people have criticised, pretend to be Republicans, principled, individual saying we are not the party of the Republicans where the party of trumpet, if they won't deliver for us, we won't deliver for them there
actual arguments from people saying that the Republicans should have pressured Brien Camp and reference burger to overturn a selection or to do hard, Senator verification which he has not done, in which case they have started. Saying, don't vote for the Republicans boycott the Senate race unless they support Donald Trump and that's a huge mistake and the Democrats are gloating ensuring fort and they're playing into it tricking people, a nip violating them into not voting. They say the pact plans to put up twenty or more billboards in rural Georgia counties if it reaches its one hundred thousand dollar fundraising goal the message at it as of Tuesday night. campaign had raised a total of about thirty four thousand dollars. The billboard campaign launched an interpreter.
Did legal challenge by the trunk campaign, which is alleged that voter fraud affecting the election results in Georgia and other states. The claims have been dismissed by election officials have sparked calls among some trump supporters for a boycott of the Georgia run. A vote trump personally urged his supporters to turn out in Georgia tweeting last week that a boycott would play right into the hands of the of some very sick people. The outcome of Georgia to send it run off races will determine which political party controls the upper chamber of Congress. With winds in both races Democrats, would secure a fifty fifty tie with Vice President Elect commonly Harris serving as a tie, breaker Senator Kelly LAW. or is running against Rafale Warner, a pastor and prominent civil rights activist, while Purdue is running against democratic chowne challenger? John awesome, I think things are gonna get particularly spicy check this out
Georgia group, founded by Stacy Abrams under investigation for seeking out of state and dead voters group was previously chaired by democratic Senate candidate Raphael. Warnock political bore, baby, the stops I've been pulled out and they are going to do everything they can to win, pretend to be a republican and complain about Trump. You betcha put up billboards doing just that. Oh definitely seeking to register out of stating that voters well that's an active investigation, it would seem they say: raffle George, Georgia's economic state, Brad Reference but rest launch investigations into several groups, including one founded by former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams, for seeking to aggressively register in eligible out of state or deceased voters before the states January fists and are one of elections wrath
Berger for weeks, is issued warnings against efforts to register individuals who are in eligible to vote quote. I have they should clear warnings several times to groups and individuals working to undermine the integrity of elections in Georgia through false and fraudulent registrations. Rabbits burgers Edna statement, Wednesday. The security of Georgia's elections is of the utmost importance. Well, where are we right now with what's happening in Georgia? My friends, I give you at Morrissey, tweets, either survey. Usa, sampling is way off or Linwood and Sydney Powell are having a big impact on the run off. Republicans appear to be too fucking their way into losses in Georgia, Gulp G, I run a poll shows off up fifty two, forty eight Warnock forty two to forty five and we have from political poles the same Paul. We can see the hard numbers Warnock plus seven ossify plus two. Well, that's bad news in it.
you know what we gotta historical margin of error of seven points, so I am not buying it. I think they're gonna get this won't get there they're all getting this one wrong. The pause are completely worthless, and so the Only thing we really have is political warfare, I'm not saying hot, warm saint political war, meaning if you thought the traditional dirty political games, were bad wait until you see what is going to happen in Georgia George, He's gonna have like thirty million residents increase in the next month, as people are driving full speed, This is ground: zero, forty political, the political, warm and the culture war. As I mentioned, the poles are meaningless but check it out. Florida attorney under investigation for registering devoting Georgia encouraging others to do the same. From WS be Tv Atlanta, a floor attorneys at the centre of a new state investigation.
after elections. Officials say he recently attempted to register to vote in Georgia and instructed other Florida Republicans on how to do it. Bill. Price is seen in a now deleted. Facebook live video speaking to the Bay County, GNP members in Florida on November. Seventh, it was about half an hour after the election was called for the Joe Biden Kamel Harris ticket gentle to investigative reporter Nicole car courted than merely our long video Tuesday afternoon, shortly before it was deleted, price begins by sharing his legal expertise of the crowd, filling them the law suits, challenging the president. Presidential race are likely to fail I'd love to tell you. There are legal, avenues for success in the courts, but as a realist As a lawyer myself, I know that that's just not going to happen. He said instead price encourage the crowd. To work towards a billion man march. The state capitol sharpened,
land on election day and move. If they can do it quote, we absolutely have to hold the Senate and we have to start fighting back and we have to do what ever it and if that means changing your address for the next two months, so be it I'm doing that I'm moving Georgia and I'm gonna fight, and I want you to fight all with me that is illegal and I criticized Democrats for this. thing- and you bet I will criticise a Republican for doing the same thing granted to earlier on its one guy sang, it he's not particularly high profile but I'll. Tell you what it still matters the other day. Show you a video Donald Trump tweeted from some low level. political action type into political action, many activists offering of cash rewards and a wrathful for those who proved they voted just be
it's one, random guy doesn't mean it is insignificant. It's absolutely significant. We cannot tolerate this kind of insane interference and election manipulation. Now tell you what scary the Democrats either go to do the same thing they're talking about doing same thing, and do you think they won't? Of course they will and they are more willing and able to do it then Republicans are and that my friends is political warfare. Many these Democrats, don't have kids Many single unmet, you know unmarried child, the swollen Democrats, meaning and others. Dig at women in any class. It I'm saying that they are free to just hop in a car, take some time off, maybe another job anyway, because covert drive on down to Georgia and declare a new residency, what we got to lose, especially when people are facing mass eviction. Tons of people are looking to say you know what why don't? I just move to Georgia now this guy says for the next two months. So be it? What, if
people just say: I already lost my house: I've lost my job, I'm just gonna moving your genuine live. There is war things very spicy, Georgia is going to have so many new residents. It's going to be absolutely remarkable. Now, there's a mentioning questions arising about Sidney Powell and Linwood. Take a look at this from the daily beast trumpets lawyers tell Georgia, Republicans, don't vote in the Senate, runoff Linwood how the rally on Wednesday and Sad- let's just say it- it wasn't what national Republicans wanted to hear now this from, will well some of the daily beast. He doesn't have a really good track record with good and honest reporting, but I can tell you: Linwood did this and the left has taken notice at the significance of this article from the daily collar or right wing. Outwit trump allies go after former Democrat Con artists, Linwood and Sydney Pall over Georgia Senate runoff comments. Now things again, spicy,
really collar reports on number of President Donald Trump closest allies have turned on accused con artists, Linwood and Sydney Powell, following comments they made Wednesday at a stop. The steel rally in Georgia attorneys Wood and Powell, both former Democrats styled the as a rally in support of trumps attempts to overturn the rest so the other general election, where they accuse Georgia's republican governor brine camp of working for China and called on all Republicans to withhold votes for incumbents under Kelly, lawful and David Purdue in the upcoming, send it run off because it would be another rigged election lovelorn Purdue face off against. We're gonna candidates, Reverend Raffle Warnock. So we know that Democrats will eliminate the GEO peace and a majority of both. If, if they win, both parties will hold fifty seats in commerce will be the typewriter quote: this, isn't about blindly supporting political party, it's about defending our God, given constitutional liberties for
power hungry, left wing radicals who would happily attempt to rewrite the constitution. If, given total control of government Andy's Arabian CO, founder of save the USA Senate Pack told the daily collar on Thursday no power Titian owns your vote, but unilateral disarmament only emboldens and rewards the very people who spent the last four years resisting sabotaging and literally impeaching. This president quote: if you care, protecting trumps amazing accomplishments and want to stop democrats retrieving their achieving their decades long end game of permanently transforming this country than we believe its vital to hope. the line and stand with President Trump in support of senators Purdue unlawful. On January fifth, he added trot campaign spokesmen timber talk twitted Thursday morning that it's imperative that Georgians send Purdue unlawful or back to the Senate and elect other republican
however. This is what we are now seeing from the Trump WAR room. Let me remind you, trouble and verified, they say, highlighting real Donald Trump promises, kept fighting the fake news and managed by team tromp. Twenty twenty campaign with one point: two million followers they tweeted records. Linwood has for decades voted for donated Democrats, including Barack Obama and David produced Monday. Fourteen opponent story from bright bark, Georgia, Bates attorney Linwood, is getting lots of attention for urging supporters of Trump to break with the president and not vote for the republican senators. Naturally p
All are starting to question whether or not Linwood actually supports the president and the movement of the cause. I'll tell you what's fascinating, we know for a fact that there are democrats pretending to be Republicans for the express purpose of flipping the election, convincing Republicans not to support the report. The republican party, I mean that's, that's that's insane. If the democratic control of the Senate and the presidency, they will pack the supreme Courts Euclid outside a Supreme court, they'll, probably add four justices and then create a seven to six liberal majority. Now they don't need for, because Roberts essentially is siding with the left on. Basically, every issue, but is what's come to my friends like I said political war, so the question is is Linwood in on this game. Is he actually a Democrat, pretending to be a republican and an all, but all that he may be a storm
tromp supporter, and any may say I don't care about the Republicans. When I tell you I don't either I dont care for the Republican Party, I don't care for the Republicans and I voted for trial I thought he was better than Joe Biden- never been a fan of Republicans and they're, probably a lot of people who are not fans Republicans either and which case they're, probably going to say I'm not going to vote for these. Trumps not commit the ticket. Let me warn all of you what will happen if they actually take control, as I said, they build a pass almost wherever they want and they can pack the Supreme Court and control all three branches of government, and that's why it is in it that we have some kind of balance, meaning having the Senate stay in the hands of Republicans is actually it's a pretty good outcome. You'll have a Joe Biden presidency, which I think is gonna be extremely awful, but you'll have Republicans to kind of push back. They're gonna do whatever they can anything they can to win? And that's why begrudgingly, I say: ok, I guess the Republicans probably should when this one, but what about Sidney power? That's another question
Sidney Powell and Linwood oppose Trump push Georgians not to vote in Senate run off. This is really interesting because, when Tucker Karlsson question Sidney Power, he got torn apart, and now the ratings for Fox NEWS are tanking, because people followed Linwood and Sydney power. Sidney power may actually be hurting Donald Trump in the Republicans, which is truly credit check it up bright, bought reports, power who was not a failure with trump legal team, told a crowd of supporters. I think I would encourage all Georgians to make it known that you will not vote at all until your vote a secure, and I mean that regardless of party pals remarks in an opposite into Trump, who has encouraged Georgians to vote for Lothar. What's fascinating here as if you're, a trump supporter you want to go, vote because Trump asked you to do it, but there are many trump supporters who seem to be against Donald Trump. You know asking you saying, go and do this,
surely we live in very very strange times. I must say in response to Tucker Karlsson questioning the evidence that some people claim to have Fox news is writings have absolutely tanked media reports. CNN topples Fox NEWS in demo for highest raided month and network history. Fox news beats in in total viewers four November. That's not bad for foxen despite this means CNN one, the key demo that the twenty or that we're twenty five to fifty four, I think, is the number twenty five to fifty four demo. That's the important demographic for advertisers. Now Fox NEWS: this means there still winning with older individuals younger people who didn't believe it who didn't like FF. news questioning Sidney Power, Tucker Karlsson, our Sidney Powell or Linwood or other pro tromp individuals have blocked the likes of news max and though I am an element. That is a good thing, because you know they're not
talk about these conservative outlets rising in the ranks. Cnn did but they're not gonna break these ratings numbers, but what learn from this is that, while Fox NEWS, maybe the highest rated, you know channel enable history, cable news, history, Tucker, causing specifically, you can see just how so all that that audience really is relative to the mainstream networks, because we need compare CBS Nbc, ABC Msnbc Cnn. There is Way more people who watch that stuff then watch Fox NEWS and us, OX news loses audience to these other networks. They're, not gonna, they're, not gonna, break these records for much longer. So I think this ultimately brings us to a point where the Magua coalition that marked the Mugabe's is being split ass. The weirdest thing it really is. I can't tell you who should be supporting, but I will say if you're a trump supporter. Certainly, you want to go vote in Georgia right. You don't want to listen to Linwood or sitting
power well bright, bark is even getting attacked right now. Several outlets are attacking bright Bart, saying no, the election was stolen. You must defend Sidney Powell and Linwood, even as they through the republican majority into question into jeopardy. So I bring you back now to that pole. I don't. Health is poles legit? In fact I'd say it's probably not, but either way. I guess it still. Just a warning sign for people, because the Democrats are leading in both races b, the incumbents, and if the Democrats are willing to break all the rules to get whatever they want, then do you think the Republicans can really win the Republicans, our fight each other using these lawyers who jumps at Sidney Powell on his legal team at one point and now they're contradicting Trump. The Trump base is going to be fractured, so what'll happen. These poles could be right because Trump supporters are going to vote for Trump. Maybe none of this matters, but I'll tell you this without Donald Trump on that ticket,
I'll be there, applicants can win. Tromp was the rallying force. It was the mug party, not the Republican Party, Chinese, Republicans, one because Trump was on the ticket. and they came up for Trump eleven million new votes, which is why it's very strange Joe Biden ended up winning but lit the Democrats lost everything else. Certainly people are questioning how that could possibly have happened. I think the bigger rest Republicans is at like we saw in the mid terms without Donald trump on the ticket. People are not gonna be motivated, devote Republicans are not going to He motivated to vote, and that could be reality could also be really simple. It could be that there are many Republicans who don't like Trump traditional Republicans who voted for the republican candidates down. but and also voted for Joe Biden, because they are establishment, mainstream, normie, conservative types,
and they say I want normalcy, so Joe Biden, but the Republicans. Why? Because the Democrats have gone far left the squad, so they say traditional Republicans, Joe Biden. That could be the answer to that's the case. Maybe the Republicans clean sweep maintain control and we have stability for the next several years. However, I think if the Democrats, when this than the powder kegs gonna go off, and it's gonna get also spicy, because I don't think you're about to sit back. I dont think conservatives tromp support is going to sit back and watch as the Democrats ran through destroy the constitution and and the norms of this country? I mean they're good. Password insane gun control measures the lock down, the intense they will each vessel right, the working class, and I don't think
regular Americans will just sit by and stand forth? I think they'll snapped the best thing right now is our Republicans when the Senate, and not for their policies for the most part, just to balance out what the left in the right have been feuding over polarization is intense. The Republicans can hold the Senate, then I think we re another two to four years of culture, war fighting but moderate stability. We ve already seen chaos, violence and riding in the streets as the lock down get more and more intense and conservatives begin rising up. What do you think is going to happen if the Democrats win? everything and begin beating down the working class, regular Americans, conservatives, even liberals and patriots, well, they're going to rise up, they are going to snap and I wouldn't be surprised,
you see leftists pot, left, left wing populists and right wing populists marching together, not because they agree on policy, but because they disagree with the crony corporate establishment. I think the Democrats will try to give the left as much red meat as possible, but I don't think it'll be enough because they hate they didn't like Biden, they ve never liked Biden. So naturally, I think we're just headed towards clashes, or maybe there won't be a civil war. What will really get is a populist revolt. The establishment elites will be run out of town. figuratively and then we'll get a bunch of leftist progressives winning and a bunch of right wing. Populist twinning and the real debate will shift into different versions of populism, so long as we stop they transfer of wealth in the extraction of of the working class resources. I
the Republicans and leftist agree on that. I think they disagree on how to get there that'll be. The future debate will see. I leave it. There next segments gotta be up at six p m o but you tube dot com. Slash TIM cast, I r L, so if you haven't checked out the new podcast Yo Go watch May we got, we got really serious last night with labour. You talk about war and Obama tonight at eight p m. We will be live over at Youtube, calm slashed him cast iron I'll check it out. Thank sprang out, and I will see you all them. recently we heard that a bar owner in Staten Island was defying the corona virus locked down in New York and pull this came and actually arrested the man. What was crazy about it is that these guys, on the boundary of the different Orange Zone and Red zone, whenever so only a block or to away there, are restaurants functioning complete.
We as if there is no covets totally normal. You can go and sit down inside, but this guy's bar shut down well he's had enough. People need to work he's at it with. We have nothing left to lose, were on the verge of collapse and he doesn't know they can save his bar this point. So we open it up said free food, free drinks, just don't it. If it can, and cops came in violation of the constitution, the Supreme LAW, this land and arrested the men. They violated his constitutional right to peaceably, assemble and, as some would argue, the fourteen the moment to be equal. But the law, because just two blocks away, as I mentioned, people are living their lives like normal. Now hundreds of people in Staten Island came out and protested, and it's not just this story. That's getting a lot of attention
a man in Michigan opening his restaurant. He walks up. Does this that a news report going on what a likeness this restaurant staying open the guy walks up behind the camera? Conceit, it's crazy real time, and he says you talked about this on the owner people. You need to stand up and say no the government printed trillions of dollars and they gave it all the special interest groups, their donors and the massive multinational corporations. This is the largest transfer of wealth. In U S, history, and so long as this money is going to massive multinational corporations, is being stripped away from the american people. Believe me, I M going to show you a statistic right now that he's gonna make you well, let's Say a drop, a load in your pants right now, so I hope you're ready. What is happening with everything we are seeing is that small businesses the businesses that are life blood of this country, the mud
that circulates in our communities and make sure that we survive is being extracted. Go into the likes of Amazon, big multinational corporations. Many of these companies higher foreign workers, not american citizens. Our wealth is being extracted not just from us to the wealthy, but from us to foreign com. trees, Dylan Radegund brought it up. Never Dylan Dylan Radegund MSNBC, though I believe it was like twenty twelve or twenty thirteen, wait. This country is being extracted in many ways, but also mentioned through trade. It's happening now and it's being accelerated it's almost as if they are angry, that Donald Trump bolster the? U S, economy, to the extent that he did and their trying not to beat the U S back down and give our money away. You ready for that for the staff that has gonna make you make your jaw drop. I hope
all are ready for this number. Twenty three point: six percent of all: U S dollars were created in the last year. Think about that. Nearly one fourth of the money of the United States was printed in one year. This means for rapid inflation. Well, there's a good news for those it hold massive debt. I guess, because Robin Flesh and means the debt becomes worthless. but this means that your money becomes worthless. Your savings becomes worthless and therein lies the serious problem here. Retirement accounts worthless the that the people who are, saved and are just trying to get by in a budget. I am sorry that the bad news is here. They are locking everything down. It is getting worse and now they're telling us that we had the worst day ever with covert. That's the new breaking news from CNN the! U S is reported its
both grown up. I was just in a single day over two thousand eight hundred. Therefore, we must luck every thing down worse than we have ever seen in March when the lockdown came, most people sent ok, you know fifteen days as though the spread about that they said it's gotta be about a month and a half tweaks and people like ok, we'll do it. You know. Well, what we'll do it now? It's it's! It's it's going on all at what ten months? Ninety nine months, or so it was March when it went down this business owner in Michigan, said when they printed these trillions of dollars. If they gave him twenty thousand dollars and said use this money to keep your else machines. You know that the machine churn and pay your bells bear taxes whatever and just don't come any set out of. the wines that aren't discipline- let's let us biasing play out- they didn't they cut everybody. A stimulus check, lotta people were kind of happy with the time being now what there.
Doing is just printing money for the millionaires and a billion years. I know it's really funny seeing this guy this portage restaurant owner. He says he feels abandoned by the government, yeah well you're in Michigan body. I'm governor, but he goes on talk about these big corporations don't ask me how this money- and I said he sounds Bernie Sanders. At least Bernie Sanders used to sound until he joined the ranks of the crony establishment. Democrats, I want to read you really. for about. What's going on these massive protests and Staten Island because wow rather these guys, but let me just point out: I have the story from Newsweek: every mayor, governor, accused of breaking cover restrictions and why this is a or from Newsweek, giving us a list of the politicians who violated covered lockdown and guess what they are. All Democrats, every single one and I tell you this is why I am always ragging on Democrats, not because I just don't like the left or whatever I actually am fairly left,
You know I tweeted earlier I said men. I am really close to two screaming workers of the world unite watching what they are doing to these people to the working class in this country. I dont think communism is the answer far from it, but I would love to actually see left and right for the fourth for not being why ok, we don't agree on economic policy at all, but we can certainly agree that massive multi national billion dollar corporations are extracting our wealth and destroying this country, and that's been that has been assisted narrative since occupy Wall Street when left and the right actually agreed on this, but the leftist are taking over and the right got ejected and then many the right sorry making fun of them saying either all commies I'll tell you what men, I believe in a mixed economy right I like capitalism, I like a free market- and I like the idea yeah of I do actually like government.
We had a conversation about it last night of the podcast, I said it provides for the common defence. You just need to weed out the corruption limited government for sure, but I think government and mixed economy can work fairly well. The problem is right. Now we have a fractured system. Establishment crooked elites have probably at some point said you know what there's too much corruption. So the whole system is burning down. Let's wrap it up extract all of the value we can and then by a what golden bitcoins that when the dollar blows up your left, holding a worthless empty bag, just like the big black garbage bag full of venezuelan dollars. I had when I was in Venezuela no joke when we went to Venezuela when I would diminish whether with vice we mean the vice reporters. We'd have big garbage bag full of venezuelan money because it was worthless. You would need a massive step to get like a loaf of bread. For some reason, people still wanted at that point it back it's more.
People, s toilet paper, there, printing money and they are going to print more there's a massive stimulus package coming and this is not a solution. It is the opposite of one well. Outside of the more technical aspects and in others, the money market stuff, what we're seeing as something tremendously important aside from this Michigan restaurant owner, who said people need to do to be basically said workers the world rise up or are you did say that ok at workers rise up? That's deference. Different workers of the world unite is literally from the communist manifesto, but it was like regular people you to stand up to this its tyranny as a quarter float around this says tyranny is when something is illegal for the citizenry but legal for the government. Many people are falsely attributing that data.
This Jefferson is actually from rapidly Balko. Why? I'm pretty sure like very antitrust it still a good quote. Nonetheless, the government can do what they want. The Democrats are violating the covered lockdown and they won't see since this started mayor lorry Life, what Gretchen, Whittemore Nancy Policy get their hair done because they have to go on tv rules for thee, but not for me. Now you got Newsome going to eat what twice you got. These democrat lawmakers gonna be
patient one guy apparently was like everybody stay home. I was in carbo because it is illegal for you, but not for them and who will stop them because, right now, in these big cities, you have the oath breakers the cops, who swore note the constitution and likes of Nypd. Someone can for someone from yesterday that they do swear on the constitution, but they don't actually care they're oath breakers. They would go and destroy your rights and they would shut down your business in your right to assemble while protecting the corrupt boy. Are we all start? No sound a lot like antifraud these days in there right now. I think those people are not because they are actually attacking the working class people and threatening them, and that therein lies the serious problem. If we all came out and said that these these politician
are stealing from the people and our corrupt, and we have no issue with regular working class people than what were there. We go. We can disagree and economic policy. We can sort that out after we ve solved this problem. Here's the news, hundreds of protesters, shop in support of Staten Island bar owner who refused to follow Orange Zone rules chopper to flew over what looked like a block party and grant city, but instead was a large pro hundreds of people, stood shoulder to shoulder with american flags and political signs demonstrating in front of New York City, sheriffs, ah sheriff officers who were guarding the door of MAX Public House which is owned by Keith MCA Mac. Alarming Heaven Smith mixed in with a group of supporters voicing his concerns of. Why he believes the enforcement is wrong, quote, there's people doing heroin indefinitely on the subway and I think that spreads the virus a lot more than some people having a drink and Staten Island.
some chattered and demanded change in an area that is one of the highest covered. Nineteen infection rates in the city, some more face coverings, while others did not. When asked for a response Two people who say that type of behaviour is contributing to why businesses in restaurants have to close one protests responded at a certain point, like the people on the left like to say our body, our choice. People said there were no arrests and no summonses were issued on Wednesday night I see Bs Two's Natalie Doug Dredge reported earlier officers were guarding the barn door all day, making sure people did not try to eat and drink inside. We have a first amendment right to peaceably assemble. For any reason we choose. The founding fathers knows who drafted the constitution is actually anti federalist about the bill of rights. Put an didn't say you can peaceably assemble for the purpose of they said you have a right to peaceably assemble period
found a peaceably assembled to discuss the lace pokemon cards that I'm allowed to do it. That is the Supreme LAW of the land, and that's why I say these cops are oath breakers because they they care more about getting money for themselves. While you suffer. That's is something truly truly despicable. Look I I, I respect police absolutely do and I dont want on the left side. You find the place. I don't like I'm a lot of these. These mainstream progressive types, I think, are fake their influencers there there than the veil, the masked too, to basically pretend like the left, has a voice in politics. What what I see is these police off? source these specific ones. Here, these the sheriffs they're getting paid you're, not your suffering, they don't care, I don't care about the constitution. There are many departments across the country that do not have said we wanted
forced us in Bravo to them. I remember doing Occupy Walter, there's really funny story and you are a young town, Ohio, the police and the fire department were protesting in the occupied protests together, and so the city realized something we don't gotta give the people what they want. We just gotta give the cops, what they want and guess what they negotiate with the police department. The cops got everything they wanted and the cops turn around us on arresting everybody else. Those are oath breakers. Those are bad people, there's a lot of em there's a lot of people that would sell you out to suck do we how they community do. We recognise the rights of others in these big cities for the most part I I think so. But young sounds not a particularly big city, another smallest place in the world, but that there was a truly remarkable
that made me laugh and now we see these guys, but they don't care. You know it's really interesting. When occupy Wall Street protesters walk up to a cop and scream whose side are you on the cop sees that cop sees some hippy dippy leftists in they don't know them in a relate to them and they don't care so in certain circumstances, I've seen ridiculous leftist screaming stupid things at cops. There's a big difference between you know a cop saying worthwhile closing a park and shutting down a business there's there. There are certain circumstances where there are unlawful assemblies, because, if recognise, there's nuance in peaceably us up peaceably assemble the nuances, or I should put rephrase this when people be into not peaceably assemble is when you are not engaging in a first amendment right so seeing like people running through the streets, knocking things over and smashing things than blaming
cops and whose side are you on like? Well, not yours, but would you think those cops are looking at right now there are looking at the people their supposed that they probably would go and hang out with later there look at the people who were actually defending them for the longest time, another cops are all gonna start losing support. I think in the long run. All of this still just benefits the far left. I really do. You're gonna get regular people screaming at the cops. Now. You're gonna see conservatives chanting whose side are you on that that might strike at the heart it officers, because this is the last Let us support they had so I'll. Tell you what in small towns in Spain many suburbs He got good cops in my area. The cops are fantastic: they don't do. This kind of stuff actually help out they act, we are there to help people in big cities like New York. They ship in outside cops to break the constitution with a smile on their face, and this is what you get people. are going to start rising up check this out this guy
We really gotta watch this video from West West Michigan Portage restaurant owners, as he feels abandoned by the government government's nails it he does I don't know what Bernie Sanders deal. As you know, he's he's he's side of Joe Biden, the crony corporatist, maybe on purpose, maybe by to realise our maybe maybe by Bernie realized get Biden in and then the left will revolt against binding, but so will the Trump supporters. Maybe that was his real goal. Authoritarianism is the problem. If the left and the right, the people who believe in economic power, realism allowing confer more control to the workers and less to the massive to the elites in the multinational corporations. You can start there, and that is a good thing now, where you end up as a different story on the right. They say free market live and let live on the left. They say: cooperative control and centralized Dino Authority. That's a problem. I like the idea of left libertarianism yeah. It is
to see me up, but it doesn't scale. Ok, like that. I mentioned before tomorrow, hippies on a farm sharing their watermelon or whatever rightly take the girl plant and are all sitting on, but it isn't, it isn't scale up at a certain point who need a simple way to exchange value. Well, as these, these people in government do whatever they want violate the law rules for thee, but not for me, while extracting the well of the people. That is not what we want, and that is a serious problem so to the leftists. You have to understand why the Trump supporters aren't and trust you when you say tax, the rich or things like that, because your Is it really saying take money from the elites and give it to the elites? Doesn't change anything. We are looking at right now, a lucrative merger between the corporation and the state, is essentially fascism releases. Benito Mussolini called out. Now it's not right
You know ultra nationalism so sure the left would classified that way. But right now it doesn't matter. If you tax, the rich they'll, probably say sure fine, because the rich just locked you down and is: oh, don't worry, we'll give you a stimulus, but the only place you can spend is wall. Martin, Anne and Amazon give that money right back to the massive multi national, billion dollar corporations so right now, what we need is the populace, the left or the right to say what we agree on the elites destroying people's lives bad thing, the only problem now I guess the divide here is that you oh, I can see regular workers chow enjoying the authoritarian, Andrew, Conan and fascist stick locked downs, the left, a grace, the lock down their tweeting things like these protesters are going to kill us, no joke their people. Tweeting about these protests in is that nothing there,
kill us. What were you doing when you're drinking champagne out celebrate Joe Biden victory? That's the problem. These people say they oppose fascism, but they are celebrating the lucrative merger between corporation and state and boy is a common for us. Twenty three point: six percent of all you as the house is created in both last year that is so then ass. Let s look at this massive spike and they say they. Dont worry the feds, as inflation is too low and the b a lesson Inflation is only one point. Four percent, maybe we might, so you see deflation because there's nothing you that nothing can spend money on, there's no way to earn its nobody's got it. That means
means money will be ever more concentrated in the hands of the ultra wealthy and thou just have control forever. It's it's it's a system. It happens. Every ten years, if you pay attention the stock market does really really well, then, is a massive sell off the wealthy cell really high the market, tanks, poor people, panic and start panic selling and the rich by it all back up for pennies on the dollar, expanding their control. I'm not saying it's a grand conspiracy, I'm saying it's the system as the dominoes fall,
Now the exploitation is real, but let me read this up with a very fine Lobo as to why I detest the Democrats. Can you name a Republican that locked down their state and then flaunted the rules? I can point out Christie NOME, who didn't locked down and the people through her a parade. She seems pretty red every mayor, governor, accused of breaking cover restrictions, Austin Mayor, Steve other. Why he's a Democrat Denver mayor, Michael HIM, Hancock Uncle is surprising and others I regret gather knew some yes Muriel Bouser of Dc Medici, mayor San Jose Mayors, SAM Lombardo, I'll go mayor, lorry Lightfoot, Governor Andrew Cuomo that and there you go and there's a lot more. The stories about these, these these Democrats, who, like one on vacation odd, they don't care, they don't care about you. And their treating this as though it's no big deal.
Maybe it is, I don't know, but they did their lead, by example. I suppose, in which case, if you're gonna tell me that we are facing the worst possible lockdown, ever L, a county supervisor dines at restaurant hours after voting to ban outdoor dining, Bravo goods, What's that allay residents are ordered to stay in their homes. Oh at what point of people explode, the Georgia Senate run off is coming, and I believe this has bought us some time if this didn't happen, and it was confirmed November, third or seventh or whatever, that Republicans would control the Senate or that democratic controls. The explosion would have happened, but this may make things worse, because maybe people would have gotten their rage out or whatever immediately noughts being drawn out.
the krona virus stuff is getting worse and worse. As time goes on, the lockdown are getting worse. I mean the abuse of a locked and getting worse and worse at a certain point, people are going to explode and I think I think we're under the heading in Action because you're eventually going to see that I wouldn't call Trump supporters- I mean they are, but if trump leaves in our the twentieth, and then we got this year. Runoff Democrats control everything, lock everything down, industry everyone's lives, it's just going to be a people of all types protesting. And what's gonna happen. The right wing individuals were very. Very critical of anti fa are not going to say a damn thing when Anti far is protesting at the mayor's house, but the governors House they're gonna, be idea. Well at this point, that's the breaking point:
I don't know what we need are now. I think we need to end the lock towns protect the vulnerable, get the vaccine out and put an end to this disaster problem. However, the wealth transfer has already occurred. The money has already been printed. There's there you go the rich get richer. And the poor get poor and where's Bernie Sanders campaigning on behalf of the machine, where's rage against the mission, Oh I'm, sorry. They are now known as rage on behalf of the machine. Congratulations to the wealthy elites and the new new millionaire Bernie Sanders for supporting the system. That is destroying everything. Bravo good, sir! I leave their necks segments coming up at one p m on this channel. Thanks thank sprang up and I will see. Well then they say that the definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, and if that is the case, it's more of a colloquial internet definition than many.
Police is the definition of insanity, car jacking up five hundred and thirty seven. Sent amid Minneapolis City Council plans to further defined the police force. I'd sure like to give a round of applause to people who have learned nothing see initially. Minneapolis was like Vd Fund. The police place right with George Floyd Incident happened there and the City Council voted to, literally, disband their cops and then crimes, skyrocketed, local started. Freaking out and the City Council and backwards it. Ok, ok, ok, we will take this back. We gotta do it. We got we gotta stop against up now. I guess that they ve had time to cool down the local constituents. Here we go again now. My friends here I am saying to funding the police is very down, while just previously run a segment where I said, the cops and Staten Island are oath arms art, yes, that out their oath breakers. You can simultaneous
We hold these positions saying there are cops that what we need. First of all, we need police reform. We need police officers who stand by. their oath to the constitution and we don't want to defend police departments want to improve them. So my position is this: I would like to provide more funding to police departments you get. I know putting me at odds with the likes of you no ill hand. Omar YO, see, Obama recently cannot rag them and that's the other partners for bringing it into. I want to see more funding for cops. I them to be incentivize to say. Actually I have to make sure I'm doing the right being in upholding my oath to the constitution. The problem is any amount of money and they're gonna say: listen in these two, nine times food is, Are there no food, unlike we see in many countries, military and law enforcement in, say Venezuela will say, listen. The government provides for me and gives me food, so I'm gonna, do what they say, even if it means a few, that's a problem
and that's what we're seeing in Staten Island. You cannot have lawlessness, that's the issue, so in Minneapolis, carjack kings are up five hundred and thirty. Seven percent kind of a large number, so we need law enforcement in Staten Island. The cops are violating the constitution. We need law enforcement or who watches the watchman. That's why I'm in favour of reform, I don't think departments are perfect. I think they're a product of this system therein and there are a lot of bad cops, a lot about saying I'm not saying Balsam, saying too many too many more willing to come in and say I dont know you, I don't care, I will violate your rights in that I understand I many of these locked us are saying defined the police. They don't like police who are not being held accountable. I completely agree, But the solution, is not defending this ban
nor abolishing the police. That is ridiculous and when you look at the cops are doing it. Staten Island other abusing beat this this bar owner and and the people of this of of Staten Island. These people, Are destroying the economy in this city, whether to funding the police? It is also doing the same thing. I know something The solutions are hard. What we probably need- a stronger civilian oversight committees, to say in your actions, you are found to have violated the constitutional rights of individuals, you're fired because you gotta make these people think. First of all, we had about a culture around. Actually, acting people's constitutional rights and shutting down someone's bar is not enforcing the law because there's no loss. I can't do this. This is just an executive edict from some executive position. So what we need to say, as listen first uphold your oath, the constitution. More importantly, if you dont care
If you don't care about your neighbors, you care about people fun. I get its America right, you're the care about anybody, but if you violate the constitution, will then you lose your job? and there should be some kind of system in place where people. What these cops are gonna, be saying: I'm not going who do acts, because I could theoretically lose my job. That's what they're thinking when they violate people's constitutional rights, but the reality is. His tough how'd you. How do you solve for these problems? Honestly, I can't give you a perfect dancer and America to pretend to be a policy expert. I'm going to tell you. This is bad when police kill innocent people, it is bad when police kill unarmed people, but there are certain circumstances where it is justified and its socks. Ok, if a cop has reasonable fear for his life. Reasonable. I mean literal, not this, these these stories. We I mean, like actual copses, a guy that knife or some guy, if a guy region,
It was waistband and it makes a fast motion cop get scared. You can call that justified. I think there's things we can do to solve this problem but I'm not gonna ask an officer to put himself in a life or death position and that's there's the serious challenge. If we're going to ask officers to engage and put in a job where you will have conflict, they need to feel safe and secure at the same time, if I then give you that that protection and so on, stammered, we asked you to do and I understand that you may have been in a tough spot. You're not gonna, go to jail. Ok, if they have that qualified immunity or whatever, then we also must make sure they're upholding the constitution and protecting people's rights not themselves in exchange for a paycheck. It's tough. It really is I gotta admit I don't know, there's a really is a simple solution. I hear the left talk about community policing and we'll have a point. They really do
The problem is defined, the police and social workers stopped. There are other talking about their own. How guns were coming policing is like the only people who can enforce in this community live there in New York. They do these cops. They live in. that island. So they got no problem violating your rights. Why cause you're gonna go home and no one's gonna bet nine, but imagine this cop comes out. Actually you don't. Let me tell you a story I once got pulled over. I wasn't speeding told me I was, and I was confused as like I'm actually I was actually exiting cuz. It was Lakeshore Drive in Chicago, is acting up. Belmont cop pulls me over and says you were speeding and I was like I'm sorry, actually was going ten under as I was slowing down to get the exiting us. Don't care tell to a judge, and I was like what city to eat you said sign. The ticket now was like I'm am I'm going to sign that I wasn't speeding any goes sign it
or I'll arrest you I signed it credit a whole array of problems for me, and that was in my opinion, what happens when you have cops? You don't care about you. I don't know you. They don't care and its unfortunate you think about the smaller town, where everybody knows the local cops. Everybody knows the sheriff. I live in a sober, wherefore sport. We knew the cops there was a decent amount of em took as we are in a better, fairly large suburb. Why, I should say fairly large, say it's a lot of people that some small rinkitink but you still no we still know for them off over. The cops are the cops know that if they violate your rights, they're going to hear about it at church at at at at at at the roller rink, what the movie theater, wherever bigoted like? You do what you do in messing with people manage back on arms, so there's a benefit to the cops there as well, and that the cops are likely to know the people their engaging with two and be less afraid of them,
This is why community policing actually suddenly reasonable. We want to make sure our cops live in the communities where there actually policing. Now someone comes from outside the community. Good they're gonna be like get out there and there the reinforced ok, instead of ranting. Let's get to the news and see what's going on with these carjack things, because enough enough of my rents, Postcolonial says violent, carjack kings are often astronomical. Five hundred and thirty two ten percent in the city of Minneapolis this November compared to November of Tuna, while the City Council announced plans to cut another eight million dollars from the police budget are. That is just that. It's just wonderful click, click, clap, as two months have seen an eye popping more than one hundred and twenty five carjack hangs in the city. The atlas, including three in the southeast part of the city which occurred within less than in less than an hour of each other, how it started how it's going from James Linsey tweets this
many hapless council moves it upon police, establish, holistic, public safety force. Then Agora surge and violent car jacking continue here. I don't know man, since it is a difficult problem. I tell you this. During the past week there have been seventeen such incidences with the majority of them being perpetrated by teenagers according to the Washington, examiner, carjack kings, weren't even tracked, and separate crime by the City of Minneapolis, due to them previously being such a rare occurrence. However, to date in the year, twenty twenty and after going back, Wretch erect officials found that the running total of carjack things is clocking in at three hundred and seventy five or more, the numbers are staggering. It defies eyes, all civility and Annie Shreck of common human decency. Was the comment from John Elder, a spokesperson for local police elder went on dimension that sometimes it's better to give up the car keys that a fight people need to know what
Our abilities are seventy for Europe. I'm trying to duke it out with an eye to eighteen year old is not a great idea, must stop right there I'll play a game. I don't I never have, and it's not bluster it's not, but I'm not break. It does not talk. I do not bend Vinnie as in Chicago ones, back. When I was like twenty two or so, and I was in Lincoln Part further for most cargo when Now some guy who was like six foot, seven like seriously tall, do thoughts walking next to me across history. I start saying things to me like you'll, let me get some money and I was like I don't have. Any idea was like well. you don't. Let me see I'm trying to do the right thing. You Armstrong to ask to be polite, and I say I laugh and that I don't have any money and then he said I gotta knife on me. Don't make this hard on trying to do this the right way? You know what I mean and I laughed and I was like buddy you're barking up the wrong tree. I'm broke, I pulled up. My wallet, which was empty.
save my ideas, as you think, I'm stupid. I know you got money hidden your shoe and I laughed I ignored him and I kept walking. I did not stop. I did not care brow if you want to check my shoes, pull out your mother knife and use it because I'm not stop info you did, I don't play that game. You want an easy mark. Go find one, I'm not giving it to you. I will grab that and I will Why do my own hand before you get me on my knees? And then a cop came out of nowhere jumped out like this crazy, crazy story, Comstock Nowhere grabbed the guy slammed them against the fence and screamed in a space, not in my town, and I was right what's up. This is amazing and I left on my aunt care. Do it ain't gonna happen, I've, I've, I've, I've been situations, I'm not playing games. You you don't! If, if you want to believe me Take a look, the video from Boston when aunt this anti. If a guy gets my face and a swing it at me and I just stood, I leaned and I said I'm waiting. What do you got? I don't play games take a swing. I don't like the idea that people
Ben the to these lunatics Naga. I know- and I know I know people gotta be like do you- gonna get people her whole on the so there's some crazy stores. I Chicago story here when I was a kid there was a fire fighter. He's driving in his car stops at a red light. guy walks up as windows, open points, the gun at his chosen says: Gimme, the car firefighter slam, the gas down pop pop firefighter dies and stuff you know, I can't tell you what you should do. I think this is this. This spokesperson for local police is probably right Your life is more valuable than your car. For me, I'm kind of an arrogant dick had so far I would rather die on my feet. Then live on my knees are certain, so from says, I'm not stupid. I gives all my following my car whenever, but for the most part I was gonna be like Bro you want easy mark, you get it somewhere else even have to homicide. Your list of charges. If you wanna take from me at system does the way I I just me. Maybe it's become a bit nihilistic or whatever but
I don't know what's around here. I just don't like the idea that when you go on tell every Ben the knee at the slightest moment. You're gonna create more of it. You know it happens in the Middle EAST when they, when these when, when these terrorists kidnap and american they did, they get black helicopters show not with due to drop out special forces, suiting kicking their doors in and wiping them out and saving those american I actually did hostile environment training. We had a bunch of you know intern Our security, like we had british intelligence american intelligence talking about what happens and explained America sends in
troops and they want to make sure these people know you kidnap an American. The only thing you gonna get is a boot up. Your up, your but other countries. Don't do that. Other countries just pay the ransom. So what happens they keep doing it now what's happening it in in Minneapolis defined the police cops can't help give in and give up. So what do you get? Five hundred and thirty seven percent increase in car jacking because they know no cop is gonna stop on and they know you ve been told to lay down and roll over. I don't like it. I get it a seven year old, semi four year old woman's knocking the duke it out to eight in your old. I get it
but think about the reality of that. If everyone was told to fight back and resist and scream these people are gonna be like. I can't do it because I never love someone's gonna, pull out a gun, a knife or screaming my face and fight than people gonna freak out. You tell people to Ben their knee and then you create a culture that will be victims. I like it, they gonna say over five hundred people have been shot so this year, Minneapolis, which is the highest total in a decade and a half incredibly the city. Until still wants to further its DE fund, the police efforts which it has been pursuing a massively since June of this year. In the final days of November, they just announced a nut. promotion. Take away another eight million dollars in funding from the police and use the money for other ants is not just about defining the police but demoralising because when these criminals no cops are scared to go after you because of what what's going out with black lives matter,
Don't do it over, they want say what you can do about it. Do it because they now have the high moral ground I'll. Tell you what men? If it were me, I'd tell these guys shove it. I'm not plan. Don't do it, don't you gotta. Do men kick my face? whenever add at whatever charges you want, because you ve come to me, you can go to fight. You want uneasy go find it somewhere else, and you know what happens like. I said about the terror in the Middle EAST: they they avoid Americans not always, but they're like dude, I don't want a bunch of like special focuses, kicking my door and sorry take the british. Take the german guy Germany's They just pay out the ransom, I think its term. Now Spain does so it's an incentive for them. You are more likely to connect it. That's the case. Tell him you're an american elastic they wanted seal team. Six kicking your Dorin, assuming it would be them well. Barack Obama had a message to the squad defined the police, ain't helpin, peers, Morgan, chimes in He says I never bought into Saint Obama, but he's telling the gospel truth when he says
yo see and her progressive pals will get nowhere with police his hating rhetoric that just makes America even more divided yeah. Well, you know Barack Obama's right, not the biggest founded the guy. I can respect here charisma, certainly more, The communicator than many of these far left us. Sir he's he's. Right, though, define the places a bad idea. But we are entering an interesting two interesting, but a territory we're we're really close to the populist left and right marching together, I'm no joke, Seeing these people in Staten Island protesting went when this borrowing got arrested and there are cops there. You think regular working class people, tromp supporters, conservatives, patriots are going to define the police, when they watch this kind of stuff happen over and over again for a year member, those Jim owners in Jersey. Kick the door in the cops came in a rational way to bring in cops from outside the community. Maybe we need to
kind of community Jurisdiction Thing County. At least you gotta live in the town. You you are otherwise those cops. Don't have jurisdiction, something like that they knew people in the town wouldn't enforced this rule, and maybe that's the way it's posts to be bringing an outside police to enforce the law and your town. I think that's that it's it's bad, it's not good. Anyway, I digress. Conservatives are going to stop supporting police. Not completely, but in a certain way, and that's what we're already seeing now with the Staten Island Protests, and we're going to see more of this. You see working people, they got something to lose their families, they got jobs and they say I can't go out and risk my job I'll get fired. If I say it's a pork chop, I got to feed my family what happens when these people are cut loose, what happens when they have nothing left to lose? That's when things get real spicy.
you see earlier on in this year, you get a bunch of leftists, they lost their jobs and locked them and for the most part, no families, no kids, nothing to lose. So they got they rightly smash and burn, but the working class people in this- country still had a lot to lose. They were eating await their savings. They said I gotta find a way to feed my kids and if I risk everything what who's gonna provide for them. Now they ve been battered and beaten into a corner and there's nothing left now. They're saying I don't care, I got nothing left to lose and that's how you get really close to the populist right, joining these mass protests and potentially even these rights because they got their breaking point two: now Obama ever the establishment corporate. You no politician is saying you know, given the places bad while the far left is pushing back and I'll admit it kind of is, but you have to think you. You know you not. I d funding the police about it. The eyesight We need more funding and they definitely they perform so reform. First, then, more funding. We need to know the butter
culture on policing and defending the constitution individual. So liberties and rights, but I'll tell you, then the more they keep enforcing is locked downs, and maybe it's the point of the Democrats, whether doing it because they want to defend the place it destroy the police, regular working class people are going to abandon them and they're going to say. Why am I going to find you you were you arrested my buddy, because I was trying to make a living. You think you have a right to a paycheck and you can destroy our lives you're on your own buddy. You expect conservatives to come out and defend the cops who are enforcing constitutional edict. Ain't gonna happen I'll, tell you what can happen, the latter than say defined. The police, and you know we're gonna get working in Minneapolis, they're gonna say you got it. Eight million dollars strip that from the police budgets the cops. Will wanting and crime will sore, and you know what the concern If you're going to say I don't care, you know why. Conservatives don't typically live in these big cities and they tend to have guns. You want to come
carjack somebody who's strapped! That's your risk! So you know what these people. They know better than to go into a rural area, because somebody might have a gun. They know better because these, People don't play around and they know better because people in the cities are told to bend the knee their unarmed and theirs. Cops in sight. The conservatives are the last line of defence for many of these urban liberals who realized how good they had it when the conservative funding these police and making sure that they retained their their funding that they were able to keep working. Well, you know what Urban liberals, who blindly just supported these pilot these are now reaping what they have sown there get in there are stolen, there's violent crime, there shootings, there's martyrs and its nightmarish, but for the most part, the conservatives sitting on the hillside sit in the oh area hour in the far suburbs enjoying their beer for sir upset about the lockdown centre, has gone on, but safe. Many of them
message me, they say that they ve been polish in their guns, making sure there in good working order. You know lubricant frothy Workin parts and all that good stuff there ready to protect themselves in their family. The people in cities can't unarmed, no cops. It's really funny that we come to counter this point. Where its literally disarm the people, then only the cops can have gone since then disarm the police out right now. The only people who can enforce anything other criminals who have the guns if you made it illegal to have a gun and literally ever what the gun is a criminal. Even if they're, not stealing from you d, find the police, disarm the people and then what we get invaded. That's insane no crime. run work, runs rapid, our economy gets destroyed and that's it. I wonder what what what what what what the purposes
You know we made all these tremendous economic gains under Donald Trump, now, it's being all wiped out by these democratic governors and their screaming that the the republican state raw republican sites won't do this. So what we're gonna get Joe Biden wants to come in finish the job anyway. Look it's a nuanced problem: it is big city cops, their departments they're, not good, that they are not good. Ok, I can understand why we need police Think, police need funding, no doubt but they're not good, there's a lot of problems in New York City and I certainly think the left is a perfect either many desirable extra. ass to what do the exact same thing, given the opportunity. I just think we need to think about what this problem is. We need officers to uphold their own the constitution. We need better pay for officers, better incentives, but we'd, better oversight. We need hard reform. We do not leave their next item.
he's comin up at four p m on a different Youtube channel, go to your address bar typing Youtube, dot, com, Slash TIM cast and as soon as you press enter boom you'll be two different. You too gentle! You won't be on this one, no joke! No, like give it a try, subscribe and I'll see all at four.
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