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Democrats Are Set TO LOSE Georgia Runoff Despite Trump Supporter Anger At Republican Elites


Democrats Are Set TO LOSE Georgia Runoff Despite Trump Supporter Anger At Republican Elites. Polls currently show a neck and neck race that could go either way but with the polls historical failure it seems that they will likely underestimate Republican turn out once again.But there is a wild card factorTrump challenging the electionMany Trump supporters feel betrayed by the Republican party and others will be traveling on January 5th to DC to support Trump.If Trump supporters are the secret weapon for Republicans and they don't turn out than maybe the polls are on point this time around and the GOP will actually lose the senate to Democrats giving them control of all 3 branches of government, assuming they pack the Supreme CourtTrump calls for MASSIVE Rally In DC On January 6thPeople are SNAPPING, Refuse to abide by COVID Lockdown

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Many have Donald Trump. Most ardent supporters have been calling on trumped supporters not to vote Republican in the George our run off, and I warned you got this big protest, happening on January. Sixth, and if people in Georgia who support the press, decide to leave on the fifth to go to DC to support the president. They likely will not be around to vote on the fifth there's a possibility. Many trump supporters, many tromp voters aren't there to vote in the Georgia run off elections, and thus Democrats will take the narrow, the tiny Senate majority. With a fifty fifty split and common interest breaks, the Thai Democrats take control of everything, packed the ports boom. Democrat super majority across the board, all three branches of government entirely possible and because Trump isn't on the ticket,
fear. People are going to go out and vote because, as I have mentioned time and time again in twenty eighteen, many Democrats were able to take back congressional districts that trump One, because Trump wasn't on the ticket and trot supporters didn't show up the trump Porter base is not the GEO p, and we see this in Fox. News is ratings which are now in the gutter and Tucker Karlsson is losing to Rachel Meadow ever since Fox NEWS didn't go to bat for trying to win this election. Tromp supporters have flocked to the likes of new MAX, which then our kind of upset with but now they're going to one American NEWS Fox is now losing massive numbers in their ratings, but despite all of this, despite the power of the Trump support base The Republicans are still set to actually win in Georgia surprisingly polls, show a narrow led for at least one of the Republicans. There's two republic there's two seats, so you ve got one one race
Democrats a little bit above one Republicans, a little bit above, isn't quite makes That's because basically one election on January fifth, but I think we're seeing couple things the polls show Republicans and are in the lead, and the Poles were his or equally wrong, last time underestimated, Republicans by far forty seven points nationwide. Yet that's insane! Those are here. store ugly bad margins for the pollsters. If that's all, thing to go off of Republicans are going to win in Georgia and I think something else needs to be said. tromp supporters may not be happy with mutual conall and I've I dont think they're going to shop is support him as party leader in the Senate, but I do think Trump porters are being led by a cause, the constitution, and they do recognise that having the Republicans have, some control is better than nothing and thus their likely tax. They turn out and vote for Republicans. My bigger question is: if many republicans are pulled, and they say they will be voting republic,
what happens if many of them go and leave on January fifth early morning to make it to DC? On the sixth look, if you're gonna beat that Big Tromp rally, a big trump proto, the day. The electoral vote, as it is, is being counted on. You're not gonna, be in Georgia, not how many people are planning on showing up NBC, but I imagine a lot of people might just be. I pack your car worth supporting tromp, not the Republicans, Mitch Mcconnell and several other Republicans have absolutely turned their backs on from they used got what they wanted and now that it looks like tromp is on the way out there like, but by we got nothing for you. Trumped supporters make up ninety plus per cent of the Republican Party, but I think you ve got a lot of Republicans who are just saying we get it. We don't like em, but it's better than the Democrats, but we'll see Frank Lunch, the fame, poles or says what Trump is doing. You know calling for this rally is this massive protests in DC
challenging the result of the election could cost the Republicans their Senate majority come January. Fifth, there's a lot at play right now. Certainly there are a lot of trump supporters, in my opinion, believe a lot of crazy things, and I just don't get it man, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I live in the crazy reality world, but I tell you this. I read left and right wing sources and there are a lot of trump supporters that are just like look. We recognise there are a lot of problems this election, but trot just not winning this fight, but then you ve got people like Linwood, who are saying just you know some pretty crazy stuff and you're here, and you know tat. Staunch supporters start saying some pretty Christ, he stuff, so we gotta look into this causes, as this is where things get spicy, trying to figure out. What's going on and you ve got the mainstreaming the left saying it's over trumps done. Nothing's going happen, and I'm like my friends, we are far from normal right now. I have no one dear what what's going on. You know, because we in terms of like making a prediction, how can
you won't make an acre prediction when we have not been in normal for four years or longer I mean and listen the fake impeachment. Then you get this pandemic. We, I've, been in normal for some time. So how do you even know? What is posts to be normal, rolling. The aliens are real trump, is right and come January. Sick, The election is overturned whatever. I don't think so, but it's hard to its hard to predict. It really really is so I'll just tell you what's going on and what the official mainstream media saying why the GEO peers, the wind but and then we'll talk about transporters before we get started had over two cast outcomes lush donate. If you'd like support my work. There are many wage and a gotta p, o box or semi some stuff. Some big news we're about to launch an official propriety a website for my show and the TIM cast iron podcast we're gonna run off. Members only section with with exclusive content from our guests and others? that's it's coming soon stay tuned for that it will be at TIM, cast outcome and don't forget, share
this video. If you really do like, like my work, it's the most powerful thing. If everybody watch this video hit that share button posted on Facebook. Then I would be beating Sir and in the ratings- and I think as much as you might be Let of me rhinos, there's a lot of people who don't let me watch then CNN. Okay, now I'm sorry, I'm taking that I'm definitely better than CNN. a lot of ways. I am certainly not perfect and they get some things right, not use them as a source. But let's be real here. Don't you like subscribe at the notification bell? What's read the fur the mainstream media Franklin's. What's he saying President Trump is jeopardizing their power, working parties chances of keeping both Senate seats from Georgia by trying to overturn the election results. Atop GEO, P, aligned pulse claims. Frank once said that its possible income, but senators Kelly LAW, Florin, David Purdue, could lose their January fifth run if elections, because try
calling into question the integrity of the vote could depress GEO P turn up. I agree. I absolutely agree- and I have said that before, but looking at the polls, I based on the historic failure rate, looks like it's gonna be a landslide for Republicans, looks like ok, I'm not saying it is. I already know the lab is gonna pull back slip out of context when the Republicans lucid, like look I've been the one saying that I think the Democrats are gonna win. I do but looking at the polls, I think that the math least like the main stream narrative is, or public and victor about three more. They say loftier and produce who are running against democratic challengers, Reverend Raphael, Warnock and John also, respectively. The two races are critical to their people in keeping their Senate majority, if they both lose Democrats, would have fifties that it sees with vice press, Select Kamel Harris serving as a tie breaking vote Georgia's to run of races, dolphin November after Purdue, unlawful or fail to get more than fifty some of on election day early vote.
As already started four January fifth election, its power the boy. You not, I mentioned earlier many transport as major back up and leave on the fifth had DC many of them. People may have voted early about this. There was a map, a breakdown of like what the vote would look like. They elect the president, bout. If people, if only certain demographics, voted, one of whom was early out and if only you can, if you We count the early vote. It was like ninety percent Democrat in person an election day was like ninety percent Republican. That's interesting Republicans vote in person. I think what Europe is doing may actually cost the Republicans election. I think it's fair. You know what what fragmented saying, but I think he's missing the bigger point in that lotta people from Georgia not too far away from DC. I imagine, is probably in over half a day's drive that stopping for food and what not and you make it to DC. That means people gonna, be there in person, they gonna say tromp on Sunday, tweeted that he put
and to travel to Georgia to appeared and election rally on behalf of the two GEO P incumbents. On behalf of the two great son, there is. I will be going to Georgia on Monday night January forth, to have a big and wonderful rally, so important for our country that they win According to lunch, however, it could be too little too late, given the president's public campaign. That is so doubts about the integrity of the vote in the minds of tens of millions of supporters nationwide. I'm afraid- and I believe those two Republicans may well lose on the fifth of January, because of what the President is doing right now, once told House Howard Kurtz of the Fox NEWS Programme media buzz on Sunday, the media is helping him and this should not be happening that deal That election should be waged separately from the ugliness. It's happening here in Washington. since losing the election? Joe Biden. You know tromp has been saying widespread fraud, etc, etc, and the big concern now is that we have already seen people asking like Rhonda Mcdaniel the Yoke of the GNP, why I vote if its rigged and that their hard
text to give a good answer, and that's that's the truth. They say. Well, you know we need everyone to turn out. I'm sorry man, if you're going to go around saying the system is broken, the system is rigged. If Trump is going to go after Brian Camp and say something's up here and Trump supporters, don't believe in it. Why would they go vote? That is the fun part. Is the fun part? Is he Everything I'm saying is showing that there is a split here, I'm not giving you a definitive answer. I want you to come up with your own opinion on everything. I'm saying polls show you knock, it would come if we combine the fairies, the posters which underestimated Republican turn out with the current numbers. It looks like Republicans are going to win, but you're still a good reason to believe that these people aren't going to come out and vote at all. so I dont know how it turns out, but trust me you're gonna get whatever faction, taking whichever statement to make the claim that I was wrong in my prediction: here's the point: five! Thirty. It says Georgia's regular Senate election.
What are we shall republican Senator David produce running for reelection against democratic, on offer generosity in a regular They scheduled election. So this is, I guess I, these bees poles, We regularly scheduled it's a run off Saddam they're trying to say we can see here for right. Now, as of December. Twenty eight Purdue is up by point one UK and worn Rockies beating Loffler by just about one percent, but we saw four percent failure from these posters. Four hundred and twenty seven Penn state. It was so if I was going to make that bet. I bet on the Republicans. However, Imagine this! You pulled people, you get you get some! You know sixty year old woman on the phone and you say who will you be support being in this election. If you're the choice to choose between you know a war, or Lothar. and the woman says all lawful are without a doubt, and they say: ok, Warnock is up by one point. We then say these poles were starkly wrong big enough,
because the poles were under estimating Republican turn out, and then we can say admiral. Points to La Florence. She winds right now hold on weapons. They asked these people on this pole and they say yes, all support the republican bottom gonna be Sienna Sex or I don't trust the election system or I think it's rigged and they don't go in vote. This is one of the biggest problems with trumps push about the fraud and and and many others for the Republicans now say this: I don't care the Republicans, most part and I'll. Tell you why we I've I've been saying this for, You know quite a bit over the past week or so. What are the Republicans doing the house, fire and the come with a bucket of water and may splash they go well. We tried, but they don't do anything. What Trop supporters are asking for is is definitive right. use way to put it as Democrats lock down their states, so you have the left saying shut it all down, and then you have, press of saying give everybody checks. The right is saying open it all back up for it.
the vulnerable, where mass social distances within very degrees, there's argument, some people on the run, obviously don't wanna wear masks, but the general ideas, take the general precautions but bring back the industry's so that the economy doesn't collapse and people have food and access and and and supplies and could be their kids will Republicans advocate for no serious question. The Democrats have locked things down, The Democrats in congress- and you know our bickering amongst themselves about getting people more money on the right. The trump orders and conservatives are saying open up the economy in their protesting for it, but the Republicans are now That's a lined with their voter base no market overturned. The Democrats are but at least the Democrats rely low information voters have a bunch of people shrugging in saying. Ok, I guess on the right. You have people saying we can't do this anymore, and the Republican say don't worry here is our plan will go to Congress. We won't argue on behalf of reopen economies and will offer
a small bucket of water for the american people widening burns down. It makes no sense, sorry, the Republicans aren't advocating, for you do not advocating for Republicans, certainly not advocating for me, then waiting for anybody. As far as I can tell Trump is now. Trump is far from perfect, but trot populist, so trumps as everybody two thousand dollars in the left last, like you know, trop as is, is demanding more money. The Republicans aren't giving it up. Yes, that's normal. The Republicans were beholden to front for a long time now that they they see their chance to get rid of him Mitch. Mcdonald's, going around saying, don't object. Nobody support the President git him out and dont give anybody anything I'd I'd, be saying something different. If Mcconnell was like, where did their economy to reopen? I wanted to make sure people have the ability to work in this country and we protect. The elderly is not doing that. Do not arguing that there are proposing that he's. Just saying I'll. Do nothing I'll block everything, let it burn and no true
you lose? Who is he actually represented and its highest? Who was Nancy Pelosi representing for that matter? You ve got many progressive, not all the progressives on the democrat side are actually representing anyone either. YO see, seems to be just as prominent clap back politician? Who, says things that people want here for the next generation, but does nothing that's why you're the left right now, demanding a medicare for all floor vote using leverage that they have against policy and its end and they're not doing it. There's a few in a maying Democrats who might actually challenge the system, but I wouldn't be surprised if they fall Bernie Sanders was leading the charge, but he was too weak to stand up to them. To the machine trot led the charge of the public. it's on the right and pushed everybody around took over and then told everyone a shut up. What you know it the republic we are happy to see him go now, he's going to point out in the cold, We can see the likes of, say, Emerson
Emerson says, produce up two points and LA floors up two points: Fantastic Emerson was wrong and k that Biden up point by point: five percent, I'm sorry, I I've percent. Ok, maybe that wasn't completely wrong at the end of everything but state by state. Most of these poles were actually off by forty seven percent oh, oh, oh, Papa back on that one baby Emerson was a random choice and it wasn't the right choice. The point, as we can see across the board, there was a major swing for Biden nationally, but we all, but we actually sought the state level. Many of the poles were absolutely incorrect. Right now we can say yeah Joe Biden did when as we as as as we see now in a lot of people, I don't believe it, and there are some some questions, but I'll tell right now, at state level we were looking at some historic failures. I mean across the board, What you gotta understand right now about these these poles right here. First of all, it's fair to say, General Elect
can nationals- probably you know, I'm sorry- these are top battleground yeah. This is this. Is this it was. It was off Joe Biden won by a think. Forty two, thousand votes across a handful of states, I will you be. If you look like an Michigan, there's a few. If you look at the top battleground whereof trump, if you, if you look at several, He battle rounds where, if Trump one than he who won the election. It's like forty two thousand, the same is true for true though in twenty sixteen he won by, like seventy seven thousand votes. So it's not spectacular necessarily, but the pole have been wrong they're wrong in twenty sixteen. They are wrong and twenty eighteen and they were wrong and twenty twenty and they always tend to favour I'm in a variety of ways. So I think my assessment. Based on what we're seeing from the polls, the GEO P is set to win, I'm I'm saying they're going to win and, as I mentioned, are already, I knows me, people more in the demo.
That's going to win the rebellion heart. It was wrong again. It's like did if you're gonna take my tepid half answers as like a definitive prediction: Yaller crazy! Ok! am. I notoriously the fence sit or for a reason. I can give you a few thoughts. A lot of people like. If they want to come out and say they will win bang the gavel and say it's done, I've been on a few things, but there's an unseen Here are some reasons why the probably will win and that's what people set tend to think. But Franklin's makes a good point and is a good possibility. Trump does not when I'm sorry the Republicans, thou win because Trump is not on the ticket and it's a very, very important point. But let me tell you, while we can look at the polls like Let them out. I will show you the true power, the true power of Donald Trump Base, Tuesday December twenty second scorecard the Chris Cuomo, our number one in the demo Chris Cuomo! What's are you kidding me? Look at this quote,
who got five hundred and sixty nine thousand viewers on his show I get more than that wow Chris well number one unseen and but by CNN Tucker Karlsson got. four hundred and thirty, five thousand, that's crazy! Dudes! I get more than that. I'm just some use who were in his room complaining on the internet about his feelings. Well, thank you. Your who watches no seriously this is this is crazy stuff! You look at it's your manner. She got four hundred. Ninety five thousand in the key dental key demo means twenty five to fifty four at most of the people who watch me- and I get a lot more than that- I it's just a lot more than that which is really Roma remarkable, not to be fair, to be fair. I about myself. But when you look at the cross an across the board, he gets three point. One four million are on a right: well, the older crowd is watching their outside the key demo, their old,
then fifty four and they definitely crush me when you include people over fifty four, probably because younger people are more likely to watch Youtube made it the time we're all in our fifties, I'll beginning numbers like this on Youtube? Hopefully more, more that because a kind of bad. If I spend twenty years doing this, and I can't break couple million there, there was so I I reduce the amount of your ship than the amount of segments I do every day, but I was good about what is going on. One point: neurons: don't get three million per day, yeah things like three I broke a hundred twenty million views in one month. Much leftist were free. now claiming my viewership was too high. Now a threat or whatever The point on bringing up while mentioning this took her then as now losing to Rachel Motto in of your ship. Now he's there there still both beating Cuomo but almost beating them in the key demo. That's crazy! Even Anderson Cooper is, being Karlsson. Cnn is beating Fox NEWS. That's the power of the trunk base.
The Bayside get troms back or we're out, they were gone. And now we're seeing CNN at CNN and MSNBC are beating Fox NEWS. That's amazing! So you want to play games. I play this. Do you Think these people are now going to turn out for loss, learn Purdue, it's a good, isn't to suggest they're not going to win just because the poles are saying it doesn't mean those people will actually turn out to vote. So we'll see, we tell you what's happening in the Trump base world. I want to show you some tweets from Linwood. Now I gotta say I think these tweets from one would have gone so far off the rails out even uneven ought to say like this. Do this dude it's easier! DR and his truck, and you just gone way. We have to deepen. He sang like where there's a lot of tweets to go through. Ok, he's just putting up a lot of theories and thought. And ideas in our at that, I don't agree with he's my good friend,
Governor Brian companies, cohort and crime do not want to hear from me what someone be so kind of right provide brine and brown. With this truth, the point as he's gotta, out of tweets that are saying you know certain people arrested that you know trotted invoke the insurrection ACT but he's getting thousands eight thousand hundred retweet, five thousand two hundred twenty thousand X on these posts, because people believe him mentions John Roberts Chief John selling stock, you know just you know, o and and and being on certain flight logs. If you know what I mean accusing rob bits of being like deep state, not stop it's it's it's out there. It is maybe he's right. Maybe it's all True, like I said, I don't know it's normal anymore, normal sees out the window these past. Several years, but I certainly it's kind of its, certainly off the rails. Well, Chamberlain, tweets! I was everyone falling for this crap. We have a tweet from code Monkey see what I've got. Eventually cited similar things he said he'd, as we all know, that might pants has come
the authority to save the republic on January sex imitates, decides Action is a leader on January. Sex than VP pants will surely be the twenty twenty four presidential front runner and will have huge support to keep Amerika great. Twenty four will is a part: when it trump supporting lawyers, because a lot of flak from the more staunch Trump supporter faction because is pointing how it? How are people falling for this stuff? Whatever your opinion is on the eve of the hard core tromp supporting right the Sydney pie all supporters of Linwood supporters. You and criticise them an insult them, but their prominent their powerful and people believe them I certainly think it's just look bait I'd. Look my pen, Anthony problem. Linwood has been clear for some time in transport than mad at me about it, because I said I think they're hurting trump chances are actually getting a legitimate victory because their due, he legitimizing his appearance coming out. This. You know these statements about arresting people coming out with it.
conspiracies, including Hugo Chavez. Another case, I believe, was justice. Mess Linwood file the suit about dominion, the crack in lawsuits all war just knocked out. I understand out of these were for procedural regions reasons, but a lot of these are just provable speculation. In theory. How is a court supposed to rule on these things, and so I tell you this shore, maybe you ve got. The evidence may be right. I'm not saying that I have not seen it I'd like to see it. I have seen evidence of fraud bill bar set. There was fraud, I'd like to see that you know litigated and in a court of law to make a living. determination, we're out there and I don't have, will ever get better because the courts are knocking Trump suits out on procedural region reasons, but I'm talking about the dominion stuff. I've not seen evidence. None and I'd even read a bunch of these exult wiki leaks things and I've. I've looked into this. I just don't see it now. As it happens, you got regular people, men, regular people who try to win who want their economy to reopen. Republicans aren't fighting for them, but then they here
this, these crazy stories, Acta is sometimes a crazy stories. Are the true stories you take a look at the history of the Gulf of Tonkin incident. You can now look up, Wikipedia and there like. It is now believe that the? U S faked the whole thing to force us into war in Vietnam sometime, the crazy stories turned out to be true when you go to a regular person and they just Get CNN and Fox NEWS and look Tucker Cross so gets three million people. You can see that supporters who left but Tucker still gets three point about three point: two million people you go to these people and you say things and people like well Chamberlain are gonna say how are you falling for this crap not that sums anybody's right or wrong? Certainly I believe so. now. Reclaims require extraordinary evidence which have yet to see in terms of the dominion stuff into these brandy is bigger grandiose, deep state, conspiracy theories, but if you want regular people to support the president and call for his victory, call for him say: invoke the insurrection ACT or, for my pants takes a MAC
on the second you ve got to convince them of a legitimate and reasonable approach, but you might think you're right, but if you go to them and say Hugo's of as and his cohorts created this system back and twenty thirteen you now he goes not London's Deborah the system persists, they're gonna be like did what I got no idea: you're talkin about You come up with a more reasonable stories and bits of evidence, things like format, Brainerd of the voter integrity project, where I've actually corroborated his evidence. Then I can say like ok, this needs to go in court for sure definitely needs to be in court unfortunate. I think that actually barred Brainerd testifying in some instances, which is crazy. That's the legitimate approach in my pain Linwood and Sydney Powell coming out with these crazier stories, I think, will hurt Trump in the long run, you may want to believe it. You may even have evidence in you and you you believe it to be true, and you ve seen it that's what I'm saying I'm saying regular people if you ve gone so far that you can't bridge that gap, you need to approach people on something sounds
reasonable, hey you're, that guy's gonna database of double voters. That's crazy! Right! That's potential evidence should that be in court. Well, I we'll talk some liberals in this a year of course get it in court. You got that that you? U S, p s guy, who blew the whistle project Berytus. I say get him under oath and I got criticized by far leftists how stupid is that one of the duke was lying, and I'm under oath was at so hard. That's reasonable, though you gotta, regular person, sale, a. U S. Ps postal worker blew the whistle shouldn't. We get him in court. testifying under oath. I think a regional persons gonna say yes, yes, absolutely and that's where you start. Unfortunately, we're in a time where well it's too early, it's too late or there's no injury, which is which is crazy, and that's why Bank alot of tromp supporters are turning to the crazier stories, because, if you're not gonna get your day in court and there is no system by which you refute some of these claims, then people have
a reason to ignore them, inclined and and believe them to be false. If the system reject the voice of the people refuses to hear it. Then they'll just keep going since the problem I brought up a long time ago what I said we need this stuff to go to court. We me these, these claims as bits of evidence to be in court on the merits. You know why, if you dont people will say why. I do I care about you, you don't look and to me anyway, and when people feel like they, no voice, they'll, go and find it somewhere else. The court's need to hear but the states in the people have to say rejecting the access loss. It was a mistake. The Supreme Court should have taken it up, ruled on the merits and they may have may have well just sad look. We rode on this. We ve seen The merits- and we disagree Texas, sorry by, but they didn't, they did actually go through the merits of the case. They just
no standing have a nice day. Taxes has no right to talk about the other states elections have those a mistake. I think I was a big. I mean I guess you can argue that would open the door for other suits and the future whatever, but taking. The case is not that big deal in my opinion, especially when you had. I think it was Thomas and Alito Supreme Court justices who believed that original jurisdiction, There is an obligation to the Supreme Court to take up any suit between states. Citing original jurisdiction doesn't mean they'll Chile rule in their favour, but think about this way, whether There's an argument about the law and like legal standing, the appropriate response would have been for the Supreme Court were listening to you. We ve heard your complaints. We ve seen the report's we're gonna go through them in court and if we can't prove them, prove them we're gonna, throw it out. But what happened they just said, shut your mouth and get out well bore gonna, say if I don't get a chance to
beat up. If you and even listen to me, then why would I bother with you? I think tromp supporters can accept going to court fighting their case and they have in their case, thrown up. I do not all of Em Tom, but a lot of them enough of them. But when you take all of these people- and you just tell me get out- they will take a look, a Fox news, for instance, so I tell you this base. If I ignore, all of that This is what our leave you, with the Republicans, need to control the Senate. Otherwise, Democrats take everything and probably pack the courts. If Republicans lose that's what we will get and I think, a lot of regular republican voters will vote for. The Republicans I think the poles were all wrong. What's going to school, when favour other publicans, and my personal normalcy, biases they're gonna win, but I do you think, there's fair arguments as to why there not so I'll put it. This way, a lot of people like to say to pool loving, here's, I think, will happen, but hey so could this? Yes, because I dont have a strong protection for you. The left like support.
but I was making grandiose predictions that cut that don't come true and that's never been the case. So you can't have I love it. People can joke that on the milk toast fence, said, I don't give a definitive answer, but then ass they can take anything. Contacts to Clement, making actual predictions. I would lean towards if a thousand people probability sixty percent republicans when this, even though in the past I said, I think, they'll lose. I think the democratic and when I look at these poles, I look at what they're saying I think now, if, if the poles are this close and the poles were. You know particularly wrong across the board in different. You know battleground states. I think that when there is good reason to believe they were and if I had, if I had to put down money, I probably in you know I'll put way I would not, but on this, because I just don't know, but I lean towards Republicans, are probably gonna win at work that right now and I could be wrong. Here's I'll just leave with you listen to what I had to say take my opinion. tell me I'm wrong comment and-
Based on what I'm shown you you can give me your opinion on what you think is actually gonna happen and then, on January, fifth, will find out only with their next time. This common up tonight Youtube COM, forts lashed him cast IRA live at eight p m, as we always do Monday through fraud. It makes you check it. If you have an already go to Youtube COM, forts liked him cast iron out and subscribe, and I will see You tonight live at eight p m. Thanks, sprang out, and I will see you then Donald Trump has made the call be in washing ten Bc January. Six, don't miss it information to follow. He says of course, January six is the day. A joint session of Congress will count the votes to determine who the next president, we'll be and my friends this is either the end of the term presidency or the beginning of the true trump era. Tromp supporters firmly believe Donald Trump did when it was still,
and thus they are going to descend upon DC with tense and food, and they are going to occupy Alex Joe, in spite of the statement saying that ten million people will show up. Well, I don't think million people are gonna show up. I do think, there's gonna be a decent amount of people. I do and as of right now, I can say I fully intend on being there intend on being there's a lot difference from saying that I will be their mind you, but the issue is technical capabilities, so I will tell you this. I am book to be in January on the six to do TIM cast iron alive from DC and the goal is to have various people who attended the protests come up and and will do enemies of them and considering that the amount of people it might show up, we might be one of the only people with it with a stream happening in the vicinity, so I should be interesting. We worship recently purchase a new equipment so that we can very easily do the live, show remotely and that's my intent now. Do I
it's going to be a revolution or that counter revolution unaware no, I think a lot of people will be there. I think it'll be one of the biggest events we ve ever seen. I think it will. I mean maybe a million people, but that's probably look last month, they did a big rally and, like a couple hundred thousand people showed up. That was big. This might be bigger it might not be. I really dont know, but the reason why I would say I know maybe a million, but that's probably that that that's probably not just you know, I don't know man. I don't want to expect, but I do think with a lot of people, like this is trumps last, who run and the last chance to defend the Trump admission nation and try and do something. I think a lot of We are going to show up over the Donald not when they are saying January six. Twenty twenty one is the new fourth of July seventeen. Seventy six bring tents, food food water and whatever you need to stay till we take our country back. It is easier to found what we still have then try and rebuild
whatever is left after bite and the country off blue state governors are trying to bankrupt everything they can so they're chinese TCP masters can come in and bite on the cheap. Then the tray, this will collect large commissions, think Cuomo Newsome. These people are trade, recent and must be stopped, be forever be prepared to stay and not leave. This is a war. This is war of sorts and not something over in a few hours, so they don't go as far as sites literal war Alex Jones has called for peaceful protest when we may very well see something unprecedented, but you know I'll, tell you! I have, I normalcy bias right. I think we all do and I also have well what's limit normalcy by Us- and the basically means is nobody- thinks things like this- what happened, but I tell you my friends: I have seen these things happen in real life and you wouldn't believe some of it- and I reference Egypt quite quite a bit- we're talkin stuff, but I was in Egypt, as in Ukraine, as in Venezuela. Egypt's by the best example, because that's where actual
watched the revolution happen and it was several thousand people talk, we're square and we I was gonna happen, because it was just people jumping up and down laser pointers and then all and we got. We got word that a bunch of new stations had been raided, no joke that freaked me up I'm in the Hilton in their like the resting journalists, and I jeez. So I went. The lobby- and I saw some journalist, asked on what's going on and they were like these are. guys. They were like none and don't worry about it. There are resting Muslim Brotherhood, their pro muslim brotherhood, journalists and news reports now is really interesting than that the military decided that point to take over, because the protests in you stability was putting the country at risk, so they did they removed. I believe it was more sea, and that was all due to a few thousand people dancing in the street arena not all come now completely because he also had Nasser sitting. for the Muslim Brotherhood was all you're not doing there camp and they were in their camping out, but the multimedia decision. We have these two factions there.
there are increasing their protest, they won't stop. It's been over a year, and so they decide. intervene, not don't think anything like that could happen in the? U S right now, but that's normalcy, I use a lot of people are probably feeling similarly like nothing's going to happen, but but what, if ten million people we do show up I'll, tell you this theirs, he's gonna believe right now that Donald Trump is done, and you know it- We did this and I hope everybody understands like my tweets aren't like the most serious thing. I said the under the Trump Aurettes eyes on I that, because Mitch Mcconnell thank Donald Trump Donald Trump sign the omnibus bill and what he did was he read and a bunch of things that need to be removed. So, let's what was I wear this? But the plan trying to make us right now, based on official political actions, it looks like trumps. Power is gone. It's gone Mitch Mcconnell the establishment, Nancy Policy there are like. Thank you trump you're finished.
drunk out oceans. Eleven demand that the things they set up the way there You know that the way they did mail and voting on stuff up- but I say but and we'll talk about this: this this omnibus spending thing in an trumps abilities in his power really going out this, but I'll say this right now you know, Tromp is faced with this ridiculous spending bill. Two point three truly whatever he called on Congress to give the american people more money from six hundred two thousand, I'm sure if you are where they wouldn't do it, but will the Democrats thousand Omni, I'm sorry unanimous consent. You know amendment and the Republicans rejected it, because the bloated garb it's like pakistani gender studies is still in the bill. Trump signed it tromp, signed it and Mitch. Mcconnell said thank you, but trot redline, stuff I'll. Tell you what trumpet sang Congress promises that they'll river
it was section two thirty and I gave them a red lines. You know document that they should review, and you know the Democrats said shove it we're not gonna. Do it too bad thanks for signing Bob, I yet trumps power, but what happens if ten million people shop in Washington DC on the six, Now, that's where things get crazy, because if tromp really does have prominent and popular support to that scale, dropped us might be like the people have spoken, more importantly thing that worries me. The most is what if someone People show up. Congress can't hold a joint session. What if Congress is bar that the police is set up Barrett aids and motorcades to allow Congress to even didn't. I tell you what happens if, Is this the I'm just just hear me up so yesterday did the story about Nancy Policy. And on whether or not she is going to be elected speaker of the house. Are you ready for the most important bit gonna stress right now. I dont think I need
this will happen. I think there's gonna be a the big event on January sexism up bunch, a prominent people there were to do our lives, show from right now or in the heart of DC and bring peace lawn and various activists and talked about. You know various issues and things like that will see we're we're booked by internet issues might make it impossible. So we might just try and get some people from the event to come up. You know, after you guys that maybe I'll stick around. Let me tell you, I hope you ready for this. it's already been said that Nancy policy could lose her speakership, because Democrats may have covered and may be forced not to be able to vote now. This is happening this vote on January. Sixth, they have to vote new rules for remote voting on January thirds of that is likely. Gonna put a stop to all that. I could have done
trot, but my understanding is the first thing they have to do is vote first, speaker of the house. They can't vote for new rules, but they are of utmost bigger. That's what if, for some reason, January. Sixth, there is an insufficient amount of Democrats to give the Republicans a tiny majority majority. I think the swing is only like ten votes right now or like eleven. Boats, so what happened If some Democrats, we already many people right, has recovered can't show up. I mean that the chances that we see an objection rep applicants in the Senate and in the house are going to object. What happens if they have Jack and then for some reason, there's just ten are alive, twelve or whatever Democrats who who are unavailable rabbits. If some Democrats just abstain, think they would write. The point is
you have to understand, as they say, it'll never happen and trunk can't do it the difference between Tromp being president right now and Joe Biden being President, you can talk about seven million You can talk about three o six electoral vote to trumps to thirty. Two and I'll. Tell you this as much as I don't think it happen, the reality is it's like eleven House votes, that's it if well up I'll. Tell you that it's not just that! There's a couple: votes, because much Mcconnell and about your Republicans are probably gonna reject this, but in terms of the so majorities as why things can happen, but in terms of the actual majorities you We have in the house like eleven votes and if those but for some reason are sick or unable to vote and they don't ever my voting, there's a chance. The object, stands in the house and the sun it. I really don't think it will happen. Why? Because Republicans in the establishment have already turned on tromp okay. So this is a tweet. I showed you the other day from Adam Kensington.
who said no evidence nothing, but your temper temperament, crazy conspiracy embarrassing, how would the Republicans win in the Senate when you have other Republicans who large or doing things like us now read Kensington, is a house of representatives here in the house he's not in the Senate. That's the point or even if the Democrats you know lose a handful of outside. You still have republican representatives who are going to block trump and that's it trumps control over the party, his fractured. That's I'm sorry, that's just the truth. Now, if trot has- million people and indeed he might just be like I got two weeks left, let's roll and then do some crazy, maybe maybe nobody could even get to the capital buildings, because too many people are there. I highly doubt this additives are asleep in the chamber, but maybe they'll I'm early because they know no one's gonna, be there too late at night. It's it's interesting. You'd think that the rallying protests will be. Called for like January Fifth, that way people are there. Occupying
see for a day or two or whatever, but anyway digress what, if so many people or are there at like five, a m on the six that they can make cars through I'll, tell you I'm not I'm not convinced gonna happen but I am convinced it's gonna, be a fairly large of I do because I know a lot, people who aren't super political who don't travel, who are saying things like I'm gonna go You know I started hearing from people who are like internet armchair activists they post for tromp and stuff, but they're just you know sitting unlike the at last or Chicago some, and then Bilbil sang like I bought my ticket already know my while I give you get this dude off his couch. That's kind of approach: that's why I said you know what? Let's, let's see if we can find a do I Arel from do you I think we can. We that's a milk. I got it right. Next to me, we're booked were ready to go with the run some tests. We,
send out, as is normal, five production, scouting crew, to go and test internet connection stuff, and it might be a really really awful quality stream, but we'll have a stream and the less and will be able to feel like we ve gotta we got a good location is no be spicy, but it will Major tried to be impossible. I got look, maybe either it's gonna be hard to get into DC, maybe get stuck in DC. I it might be are the internet might be good. Not so we ve got a lot to do, but I'm I'm I'm planning on being there but limit limit. Let me do this all the talk about trumps power and where we're at right now, and why I think we're we're face in the under the Trump Erin. I think Trump knows it. Take a look at this which Mcconnell thanks Trop for signing the Krona virus relief bill. He said I the president's decision to get billions of dollars of crucial, covered nineteen relief out the door and into the hand, But the other american families I'm glad the America people will receive as much needed assistance as our name continues battling this pandemic. My full statement, six hundred bucks.
that's, not gonna do anything, but that the teams going around our like six hundred dollars is just enough to build a guillotine. You know at home depot it's, it's not gonna. Do anything Trump signed this. That's really we'll drop issued a statement. Let me show you what Trump said he said ass President of United States is my responsibility to protect the people of our country. from the economic devastation and hardship that was caused by the China virus. I noticed and that many small businesses have been forced to close the result of harsh actions by Democrat Run states. Many people are back to work, but my job not done until everyone is back to work fortunately, as a result of my work with Congress in passing the Cares act earlier this year we avoided another great depression under my life, shit product warp, speed has seen it has been a tremendous success. My administration and I develop vaccine. Many years ahead of the wildest expectations and we are discussing these vaccines and other soon coming to millions of people as President I have told conquer
then I want far less wasteful spending and more money going to the american people in the form of two thousand. Now, checks per adult and six hundred per child as president, I am demanding many worse risk rescission under the impoundments Control ACT of nineteen. Seventy four the act provides that quote whenever the president determines that all or part of any budget authority will not be required to carry out the full objectives or scope of programmes for which it has provided, or that such budget authority should be rescinded for fiscal policy or other reasons, income, in termination of authorized project or activities for four which budget authority has been provided. The prison shall transmit to both houses of Congress, a special message describing amount to be reserved the relevant accounts reasons for the decisions and the economic effects of the rescission. I Wilson, on the omnibus uncovered package. The strong message that makes clear to Congress that wasteful items need to be removed. I will send back to Congress, a red line, diversion item by item, accompanied by the
formal research and request to Congress, insisting that its funds be removed from the bill. I am signing this bill to restore unemployment benefits. Stop evictions, provide rental assistance. Add money for he return our airline workers back to work ads. statutory, more money for vaccine distribution and much more on Monday, the house will vote to Greece payments to individuals from six hundred to two thousand, therefore family Afore received five thousand two hundred dollars. Additionally, Congress has promised at section two thirty, which so unfairly benefits big tech at the expense of the american people will be reviewed, and there be terminated or substantially reformed. Likewise, the house and send it have agreed focus strongly on the very substantial voter fraud which took place in the November third Presidential election The Senate will start the process for about that increases jack to two thousand repeal section, two, thirty and it's an investigation into voter fraud, big tat must not get protection. Put the productions of section two. Thirty voter fraud must be fair.
much more money is coming. I will never give up my fight for the american people. While I appreciate the effort how Democrats say they'll flat out, ignore Trump suggested at its two corona virus relief go there, you go there. It is true signed the bill. And to me, that's the ultimate sign that it's done again. Ten million people showing up in Washington, DC and Trot. I'd say you know what now or never screw it and he might make some kind of major move. I just I really dont believe it makes Mcconnell the put republic, establishment. The Democrats there all saying thank you for signing the bell. Tromp Bob. I we're not gonna, do anything. You say everything is asked for likely will not happen. So that's it. I think this is the Trump era. Officially, wrapping up, I think Trump new,
that there was nothing he could do now. Listen over at the Donald got when these are. These are die hard, tromp supporters and for good reason, they're not going to bow out. I could say the same many people were used to back down. For you know four Hilary back in the twenty sixteen. Whenever now that are the same, people, no longer me wrong, but over the down that when their goal is to port the president's, so they can't allow people, the common there and say it's over. It's done. They need people to support the president to try and fight tooth and nail to make sure he wins, which is just at this point impossible unless try take some drastic military action. I think again, I think again I did a segment on the insurrection act, you know just before Christmas and one of them Visions of the insurrection ACT is that the president may send in military or federal national guard in the event that people's com, the traditional rights are being deprived and they are I'll know they are. There was a story about, and illegal bar happening New Jersey was a rave two hundred p,
our boat it out, some people were arrested and I think. Well, I understand this restrictions on alcohol sales. You can weaken arguing about that sure, but people of a first amendment right to assemble. You can't stop that, no matter what the first amendment provides no exceptions for pandemics. It just does not, and so yes Trump does have that power. I don't think you'll use it. I really don't. We a Republican toward defying Trump he's not going to get the votes he needs in January sex. I think there will be objections. I know for a fact, does the new wave of tromp populist. Republicans are absolutely saying: they're going to object and we ve got and full of senators. The hell reports, five gnp, senators to watch and next month's electoral college fight, they say: Remo Brooks Hunting, Pherson Republican to take part in is guaranteed to fail. Effort to Without the election result in January, sex
there were a handful of people, they say Tommy to Brazil. Kelly law floor ran Paul Josh, Holly TED crews. Maybe maybe these people do object, but I'd say this: I think if they do the hills Kong it guaranteed to fail. I think the idea is they'll go The objection now have their debate, deliberation tromp will lose and they'll say we fought for you and that's it and then I'll tell you what happens next. Now this is just a normalcy by us, but is certainly a pessimism, biased, not an optimism bias so for there are familiar. Optimism buys where people think only the good thing is going to happen and its part of the normal see buys. It can't happen here. Everything's gonna stay normal, not tell you, the pessimism bias. This two point: three omnibus spending package is not out of the ordinary. it's not. We always give insane money for insane things. I made the joke on Twitter. I said I was terrified when I learned that the
Pepe children in Pakistan would be losing their gender programmes, but then, when I saw that I'll drop signed the omnibus package. I knew I could rest easy that although Americans are about based massive, which, in the sacrifice, is work that to make sure that pakistani youth, no, what Zion sermons yeah that's what's on your money is going to its norm? omnibus spending to this degree as normal, and it really makes me wonder about what you're wasting money on and boy does it make me swing far the left you ought to know why think about how life functions right now I wonder Donald Trump in twenty nineteen, with the best economy ever and we were pumping money into psychotic garbage like gender. Programmes in Pakistan. Could you imagine if, in this great economy, we spend that money here, wow makes you think
now listen economy was doing really well, things are expanding, but we ve got rumbling infrastructure. Have we been fixed? The pipes in lint yet amazing trump could have been like well. Imagine of truck cannot may that I want in the only by spending all that much that's going to these gender programmes or whatever, to be diverted the flint to provide clean drinking water to that to those people, because the american people who pay taxes should be the ones reaping the benefits I haven't left off time. I talk about. oh, we pool our resources together and that we help everybody I'm down. Ok, you know The existing resources being pulled out, some I'm not unless oh right wing or laissez faire capless. Really like that. I love it when these. When these you know smear outlets, trying smear me, but it really makes no sense. I'm fairly left the economic policy for sure.
Imagine this, and I think even tromp supporters would agree all this money there wasting imaginative tromp just said all of that money must be spent in America, pretty sure trump supporters of be like gas. When Trot announced you wanted an increase, two thousand dollars, Tromp supporters agreed with him and the left was like put hokum when Bernie proposed it its global blood, truck trumpet always in favour of the stimulus. It's the Republicans, maybe The left has realised that trumpets and our public- and I love his mean they took a Bernie Sanders tweet the about, like people losing health care and are in the United States, but nowhere else, and then they fake, put trump name and set of burning and then tromp supporters actually pushed it out and supported it. and the lovers like ha ha. I love you know. Tromp supporters actually support Bernie and it's like DA because their populists Because they're sitting there saying, if you're gonna take our money at least spend it on us where yet Bernie. It's so amazing that right now
oh the obstruction to the increased spending, but was the Republicans, but that makes sense the Republicans don't do anything. I can give credit to the Democrats for at least lighting, the fire that burns the house down, figure pitiful and no other publicans. Do they throw a ball of water on it go well. We tried that's it at least. Look. There are some politics. that, I think, are all right and their most and the republican side. Even I don't agree, with them in one of their policy stance. Is that their the Democrats? Just? U dont Has anybody standing on principle? I guess you Jeff man drew he quit became a Republican. You have told us he gap and they say she was assigned Republican at birth. The democratic party is the party of. Bowing to policy, maybe maybe something changes Maybe people say that had enough, but I'll tell you the more important thing of all of this. You know, I see with everything happening when I c p.
I'll say that Joe Biden does not their president. It's not the same as when they said this has said about trumpets. Not tromp was strong was tromp. What we came in with a bow, and he was making strong moves and there was investigations, and there was political warfare now Saying Joe Biden is not my president and I see that non. Like I hear it, I understand it and I do do not recognise Joe Biden as a capable man. What that means, as I'm not gonna cry about Joe Biden Presidency I've. Often I I've said over and over again the loud laugh about it and the left tries to claim that I'm coping mad that tromp lost, even though I am I and laughing about abide presidency have been making jokes about the paintings we have of Joe Biden like eating children and the Supporters are mad because I'm just like, I guess, rolling over accepting compartment presidency, so there's no winning ripe. But I'll tell you what I see when I look at Joe Biden he's completely incapable of being president. It looks like
There is a weakened at Barneys present. His can be sent there propped up by common Harris and you expect I too believe that he's gonna be dictating anything. Can it be controlling anything I dont Joe Biden looks to me. you look a scarecrow just propped up to? Let people think there's a president. So what happens? I don't know. I know that people are flocking. crazy to places like Idaho. Are you a Wyoming and West Virginia. I Are you mad? We ve been talking about getting bigger property and West Virginia property is, is that the prices are skyrocketing, plight, properties being so like hotcakes, I cable I was looking at an empty lot, just trees, you gotta cleared up and the price jumped by a hundred percent hundred per cent, in like a week. They must again so many offers our one jack the price up West Virginia right now. I think it's gonna have a major. because it's close enough to the east coast. You know their their parts
West Virginia, where I think you'd like you, you got big cities with only like an hour drive or some like that. You got a central was written. Your problem is nowhere, but their people by, like crazy I don't want happens on January. Six. I'm kind of war we Don T, thus only, but let me be with us one of the things has me concern about doing the show from January sexes. I think there's a possibility that some that that it happens, that that there's a happening of sorts at something happens, and then you try then DC that Monsanto fun so I booked were prepared and I think about ants like our honour, I you know, do we were make sure we can keep doing the show or do we want to be their stuff call. I think the likely a happening occurs is slim. I think you're a big big, big rally. I think tromp Alluz, but if, on the six you ve gotta hundreds of thousands of me, we must not let us it is not even ten million, just hundreds of thousands of people shot
then Congress objects, couple hours go by people are all outside yelling rabble rabble and they come out. The person runs full speed like with the Pope, wherever any hold up the sign it. It says Joe Biden as president. What do all of those people do Do they just say ah well shocks, I guess I'll go home or are these the hard core trump supporters, the people who refuse to back down as a big difference ping? Your typical conservative trump supporter transport clearly are in favour of you're trumps spending their populists they're, not as concerned as traditional conservatives about you know, spending that just example. Many conservatives have already been posting on red. It seem like well, you know, I'm gonna go home, go to sleep and just wake up and find another day trumpet Porter saying bring TAT Spring water and prepare for the long haul, very different people. If every single time supporter of which there is seventy four million. But let's say like
thirty four million. Let's say you know this only there's tens of millions at our staunch hard core trump supporters, worms no actually showed up things, get crazy for sure. I guess we'll find out in about a week I'll see you there maybe they rang out next segments coming up at one p m on this channel, and I will see you all them then in West Virginia. The second most tromp, loving state and one of the freest places country not be free us, but it's up there? They have their governor issuing edict mandates, not laws. And you'll go to businesses and they'll say due to the order, the executive. Are you must abide where a mask etc? My friends, when the guy from it is granted emergency powers. They do not give them up. They just hope you forget. You know that
This country has been in a state of emergency for decades. Most people don't know that, because they're not pay tension and the news cover these things. Right now, we are being told There's a mutant, corona virus strain popping up everywhere. More instead, just more dangerous. Maybe vaccine will work were not sure, but we think it should be fine, but this is that this is the name of the game. Of course they will be mutations Of course, there will be risk and instead, what we're going to get is a guy That continually says: give up your rights shut your mouth and do as you're too. You will continually get people like Anthony, found you who just say it's time to do what you are told and he actually said that what you might get something else you might people snapping and saying on nuff, I just don't care anymore. There's a photo going viral tweets going viral and its as flew pay
dynamic, nineteen, eighteen or nineteen nineteen, and it shows a bunch of people to feel hospital in theirs beds, everywhere and bodies, long all over the place. Then it says pandemic twenty twenty and its people doing to shuffle dance with doctors dancing on the graves of those who have died. You are gone. To snap people's brains. With this stuff, I tell you men, watching these people dance in these hospital is why one of the most infuriating things I have ever seen it. I hate that They they say. I have tepid lukewarm takes, and I am I or Millcote when but I'm usually not really angry the angry, I've ever been in a new story was when I heard that U S, government officials were lying to the american people and a trump but the troop levels in Syria so that he wouldn't be able to withdraw them. Man that got me real bad. I record. I saw it story and I was just man I was. I was angry
What makes me almost his angry but but fairly angry watching these because there's one video like two minutes lie did a second under that these choreographed dances where there clearly spending a day or two to film this stuff, a video. Two earlier the seat from earliest. Here: we're someone's film with their phones like. Why aren't they taking any patients right now and you can see them all doing little shuffle dance all the despicable disgusting people? What do you think happens when a regular person is told they can't see their dying, parent or grandparent. They can't be there for the birth of their children, but they see videos are the doctors do in their little marching, shuffle dances and you, you know, fake fake. Gun thing. They do. People are gonna snap. found she is just saying over and over again, worse, worse, worse, never get better shut up at a certain point. People are going to erupt
I think we're seeing it. We got some viral videos and I'll show you and they will talk about the latest, but we think about this. The other day the New York Times reported, the doktor found she was lying about the percentage we needed to obtain heard immunity. Basically, once you get to a certain level of immunity in a group of people, transmission hits too many obstacles and stop spreading if every single person is susceptible to the virus and the virus just freely spreads around and people get infected. Everybody gets sick at a certain point when a certain percentage of people are immune, the virus has trouble transmitting because too many people can't actually get the virus. That's what we're looking for now found she the world both organization. Worse, it was saying before sixty to seventy percent, they gave people hope they saw a light at the end of the tunnel. They said, don't worry the Black Sea, it's coming CNN did a dance number within Cooper whew once the vaccine,
this year, blah blah blah then that it's all back to normal people are posting means whether like once the covered endemic is finally going to above. I'm asking threaten the air like a graduated yeah. It's not gonna happen, because what is happening now is found. She comes out and says, in defiance of the World Health Organisation. Actually, seventy five to eighty five percent. Now I think people are ready to hear what I really think found. She says: what do you think happens when you give people hope and say this is what we are aiming for and then every day you beat them over the head saying, it'll, never get better. Life will always be miserable. You will not be allowed to work and shut your mouth and do, as your told, eventually people are going to say enough. That's where we're headed! Let me show you some of these. Some of these two really crazy videos. This video, I think, is truly nuts. I don't you
got this guy and I ll just show what happens he's just buying groceries. Louis he's put not gross he's from a shop and guarded there because it puts on the convey about this. Do comes up in grabs, his cart and they start fighting over his oh she's, in the cart? How insane as this and then there like you're an idiot to this guy, Just shopping is like: what's he walks up how crazy, as this, We got another really viral video, this one from a guy named Josh LE catches are more people, waking up three point: one million views, ten thousand re tweets and it is a regular looking woman in us. Davy S, it appears and they or yelling at her, and she says they ve just announced. They ve already announced asymptomatic spread, isn't a thing now. I'm not super sure about that. I did a basic fact check and there's there's nothing definitive on it. I'm sorry! you can argue, it's not true because have seen one source. I look a botched sources, nothing definitive that I can find it may or may not be. I think the
consensus. Is that it's not nearly that bad, but it's possible so I'll tell you what you take it vitally, I always tell that's. Ok, you ask you doctor, what's right for you, you do what you do actor. Advise you ve, you doctor knows better than that than the tv people than me than anybody and then the news, media or even doktor value. Your doktor can tell you how stay safe and and they ve trust them. You know that's what that's that's more way more important, but this video goes mad viral, and the crazy thing is these videos are being shared by people who hate or are insulting those who are refusing to abide by these these crazy. You know I I I should they, these excessive lockdown orders. Reason I say excessive- is that it defies the science and and weak not we now know from the likes of Anthony voucher. He acts in defiance of the old health organization. Now you know got to trust the one you know like them, though one organization, the point is
They say to me on Youtube, they'll ban me. If I defy them but Anthony found, she does it all the time and then just as whatever and then he felt she has lied now in more than one occasion, and you can argue, was for a ride. Wrong reason, but I'm night, I do not believe in this psychotic authoritarianism where you You know better than other people and you're the privileged elite who get to us, safe. What everyone else suffers, not offend you guys. Movie kinsmen or the bad guy. I'm spoiler alert pageantry of Siena by nine years. Old the bad guy basically wants. It just kill everybody of global warming. This is that this is the idea or Lear this year's had not to buy masks. What masks do stop you from spending on people it helped, but they wanted there. What what who they thought was more important medical prefer Also. I can understand that for sure to get the masks first, but are they the smart, the smart
people. Do they truly, no, what is essential and who should get masks maybe, but they view you as expendable. it's only going to get worse now are two things I want to show you Doktor John Lee. Free us from this fuel cycle of covert contagion and control systems, the daily mail talking about how the number of infection per day in the UK getting worse. What did the locked down really do? Not people bates the slow the spread did it it only worse in the long run. We are still down, we ve always been locked down. There was a minor easing of restrictions and then cases skyrocketed and that their excuse when we tried to ease thank everyone, went nuts are all the cases? What crazy you know it's worse than ever so we're just gonna, keep getting worse. The new normal. They say I wonder how much of this is fuelled by climate change, and I mean it. You got understand there are people who say in the names of their groups by It means necessary it. Ok,
Now I don't know what the real reason you know, I don't off. Let me rephrase I dont know If there are people who are actually put political agendas outside of covert above covered or if there, simply saying now is our opportunity to exploit the system to get what we want or the genuinely terrified that say this. I don't trust him out of care. When you have science saying it's not working, you gotta go. their white as people in New York, for instance, defy the science like all the rest, that's down, they say, even though it is barely contributes to cover and it destroyed it. economy and a result and starvation and death. If their goal, was to follow the science or actually believed in it. They wouldn't be doing. This was, of course, they added ulterior perhaps in New York, when they said they wanted to buy up old, abandoned property, which now includes luxury buildings in MID Midtown Manhattan. It's all evacuate. Nobody works there anymore, more up pennies and the dollar and then converted into public housing. Bravo, it's almost like one of those old eighties move is addressing the other day. Let me really: it is for you about. What's gonna these lockdown, the fur,
thing, I want to do is show you what vouchers, I the mutant corona by restrain, because if you think these pities Vince those are the viral videos of people saying no to this. If you think that's where it stops, you wrong, if vouchers keeps coming out and saying. There is no end of the tunnel. We are only in deeper and deeper into chaos. People are going to drop it, and so I will carry more undone undone. Here's what data this aid over the hill Fouch! You has a scourged outright, barring flights from the? U S, United Kingdom, sudden appearance unseen instead of the union that the? U S, officials were right to require proof of negative covered tests for anyone entering the country from Britain. Public officials are examining the new strain very intensively now including questions such as, does it make some one more ill. Is it more see, Is it more serious virus in the sense of violence? And the answer is it doesn't appear to be to be that way quote we're getting I No, at making combination of viruses to be able to directly test getting Sarah from people
We have been vaccinated and see still neutralizes this new string. This mutant strain it's coming in the UK, as well as South Africa. He added there are similar, but entirely the same type of mutation that we're seeing in South Africa, thought. You declined to answer whether was a mistake not to require negative tests from great that travellers will block. I think it's prudent and a good idea to do. some form of testing and not let somebody on the plain from the UK unless they have a documented negative covid nineteen test he added the other day. I showed a video from a nurse and she was like if I gave you millions of skills and hunt Seventeen million would make you sick and free two thousand would kill you. Would you eat the skittles? It's like the stupidest nonsensical argument because saying ninety future goes. If ninety nine point nine percent of the skills were safe, but seventeen million will kill. You think those are two different metrics by what you're making your argument, let me ask you a question, my friends of yours, desert, dehydrated and dying, and you
had only a little bit of time left and you found a pool of murky water, probably gonna get you sick. You drink it. The answer is, yes, every single person would drink it. In fact, some p Well we'll drink their own waste you're not supposed to. Apparently I don't. I don't ask me, I'm survivalist, but people would be willing to drink anything. There are people who are stranded at sea who become so thirst the investment they drink, sea, water and the salt and kills them, and there are people who know HU this and do it anyway out of desperation because they go nuts right now. Ninety nine point: nine percent chance everybody and none in point nine, nine for people under the age of seventy to survive and be fine with covered. If you worse, starving and suffocating in desperate need, would you getting sick or even a point, zero one percent chance of dying under seventy mind you if it meant making sure it place to live in it. Yes, I'm gonna tell you some.
I mention this before I owe you know, but this is this is relevant. They say that what caused the Arab spring partly was rising. Food costs, the lack of basic necessities as the cost of basic necessities get higher and higher people eventually just said: and they say I have to do to. I have to do to survive. People who are given choice between life or death choose life, and it won't matter it won't matter what obstacles are in their way. If you tell us one, they will have no life, no liberty, no pursuit of happiness, no guarantees, no rights, no constitution, they're going to x, load- and this is where we are south Korea- confirms first covered. Nineteen variant cases They are telling us every day it won't stop. It will only Worse- and we see these so people saying enough, but how soon until these people just say, I am done with it militia group plans to
occupy legislative building in Olympia when session begins. Now I tell You want to talk about big news from the olympian that I'm. A right wing militia organization is planning to enter and you, the state legislative building, when the two twenty one session begins saying: keeping the capital clothes. while the legislature works remotely, is unconstitutional the Washington three per centres, a militia whose name originates from the debunked notion that only three percent of Americans fought in the Revolutionary WAR send out an male blast this week, calling for a daily occupation of a legislative building beginning the night, four January eleven the online session, it is scheduled to begin until the building has reopened the public quote for every person that makes their way into our got gauntleted entrances. We will attempt to go right along with them inside they now reads once in. Died, we will proceed to occupy the gallery areas in each chamber, while ashen continues, while the men it shows the group will not engage in violence. Recent similar events have led to violence
an organ in December. Twenty first are members of the right wing group. Patriot, prayer smell: windows and broken and state capitol, building and Salem. Where state legislate. There's were convening for one day special session that was closed to the public money, stop right there. It wasn't close to the public only by decree they barred the public. The public has a right to be in a public building during a public hearing. How does it make sense for the public to ban the public that doesn't make sense at all Death spits are taking over telling the police to do what they want and the police they smile on their face bashing beat regular people, not all cups, I'm not stupid not a lot of cops are quitting in masse up in the Pacific Northwest and those are the heroes. I said this when I was talking to shown Parnasse IRA podcast. If you haven't subscribe, good attempt Esta come I'm sorry Youtube com, slashed him, guest IRA, John Paul, How very broke up good did.
was saying that would mean that a lot of there's a lot of good cops. That knows is wrong and are refusing to do this and said you write. Those are the heroes and I mean it the most concept I shall group right now in this country are the police. They are the gatekeeper. of constitutional rights and freedoms and of stopping tyranny. They are that there that they are the most consequential group. Unfortunately, you have good guys bad guys and cowards. Maybe it's not so fair to say cowards, but I got the better that the cow is probably form with the bad guys. The bad guys are the ones that just blindly follow orders cause. I want a paycheck, the cow, so the ones who just blindly follow orders because they're scared to speak up or do anything and the hero. Are the ones who are either sang. I refuse and walking away or just saying no do something: a lot of cops in New York, a lot of cops in Minneapolis Alot of cops and
in Portland are quitting and mass because they refuse to be the boots for that. For the group of four despotism, that's heroic, it's it's defying the system in saying now? The problem is it's probably not you're not the right answer is I tell you this. The best thing could probably do unjust arrest criminals beset set simple right, look at Plymouth type, so use outworks, statutory law, Is the law by which people get arrested and prosecuted edict from people claim to be in charge of this. That's not law. So far. Let's say you have a public building in Oregon and regular members of the public want to go in. At building and that a bunch of men with guns block the building in bar. Anyone from entering thank those people are defying the publican, defying statutory law and should probably be arrest.
Only problem is the guys who took that last time we're rang badges. You break the law on care following a badge Now I understand their certain circumstances. Workshops have certain leeway. We ask officers to go out there and put themselves at risk. I know a lot is appealing to say tat. The was dangerous job in the world then say was but there's risk. We ask him to do it. And so that means certain circumstances: it's not a criminal charge. You know what a cop a caught my accident Lee. You know, have a cop get scared and shoot somebody tragedy. Yes, sometimes blacklist endangerment, absolutely, sometimes murder, you bet and sometimes a reasonable fear of harm and a cop defends himself. I can't ask some, go out put themselves in a line of fire in a city like Chicago and then be The live. Well, you know you should know better like do you ask him to it? Yes, go in and are doing you a favor, you at least take some responsibility for your your request in this regard. The problem now is people are snapping, and that includes police.
you ve, got cops or just quitting say I won't do it anymore. People saying I'm done with this, but there are still some coffee so are cowards and criminals who are willing to say with a smile on their face. If I get paid, I will put a boot on your throat. I dont care. Those are the villains, those the bad guys without them. The edict from these Governors that violate the law. The actual statutory law are meaningless. You know I can go on, proclaim myself emperor of the planet as a make it true What if I was sudden had thousands of people armed and oppressing people at me? requests. Will then you got a problem, so does it make the emperor of the world but the big enough army? It does that's the problem, that's why we don't like authoritarianism, Yet this idea that, just because you have power is your right to do so is not true, and people will rise up to resist this I'll. Tell you what we need
need a reasonable opportunity to say there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but with people like Fouche embarks rubbing everyone's faces in it, it's it and lying I mean people are ready. explode. This militia thing is: if this crazy stuff mandatory is crazy. Doktor Fouche he's been lying, but by his I admit then he said well, you know we too want people buying masks as we need em. So you lied. signs to change. You know whatever Now he sang in our visa. Hurt him hurt in it he always. Actually you need way more people and its not likely to happen any time soon see you lied, you give people helping and rip it away and then watch em snap. They say because of cod. Ninety restrictions, the Washington legislature, will operate a hybrid session, most staff islamic there will be remote. The buildings will be accessed by
what staff in a limited number of lawmakers I've got a stress, Patrick Henry. I think those who it was give me liberty or give me death. He did it did he come out and say very famously, give me liberty or give me death unless of course, there's a a pandemic. with a ninety nine point: nine percent survival right then by all means please strip the rights away from them, born bar everything, locker breathing down cause you to Heaven forbid. People get set course not. He said he would rather die. There are people who believe in this country and that's the worrying thing we need the peaceful resolution of this and it's not coming from power, patients, who believe they have Supreme Authority to do whatever they want, but, like I said it doesn't matter desperate, gonna despot, it's the cops, it's the police, the sheriffs who need to say now, that's against a constitution. Sorry, if the people don't want to do then what you gonna do about it. I think we're Seymour videos like this. they want to see more stories like this, the olympian
ends by saying it's the first time of the good openly, announced a plan to break into the legislative building. Can't confirmed Jenkins said the protests we should consider other options to show their concern. Weren't of logic and said, and if somebody thinks that it's not constitutional for us to do this, there is a way to challenge it wishes to go to court and a certain sat constitutional That's other nation operates and that's how the Washington state of washing operates. That's that's correct, Mr Grech. Yes, problem. Is these people will pass on edict get barred by a court? then just passed a slightly altered eat at can say: go to court go to court, go to court. Every time you go to court, they just re enacted other one. The problem is the cops, not the one. But I'm not the one standing to. Finally, in saying I will have no partners the and saying look. Did I don't care? You know? If you get,
me a dollar I'll kick that dude in the face: they're mercenaries, they're, not police, they don't care about your rights. The cops that show up and bar entry of from the public to a public building in violation of the constitution are the bad guys I don't know, it's gonna happen with this in Washington, but I tell you, people are exploding and I think it as long as you can people like Voucher, you, no doctor, Burke's defied her own lockdown restrictions and advice, and when I visited a family s right rules for thee, but not for me I think it was maybe maybe maybe they may have been rapidly balko. Who said this is kind of a lofty dude that terror, is when its legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry and he's a very, like you know, he's a critic of police also of bad cops. I think most people on the left to us. You know me no attack, cops, hyper focus on the bad and then I think people on the right hyper focused on the good you gotTA
realism and their bad cops that their mercenaries forth for unconstitutional eat it, and there are good cops I There are more, I guess I guess I'll. Do this united, you can't you see one of the other good or bad. There are a lot of ignorant cops who just don't know I just follow along, and that is a serious, serious problem. And, as they say, ignorance of the laws? No excuse for breaking it? Ignorance of. constitution of our constitutional rights, is no excuse for stripping of violating them. So if a cop what he's doing? I'm sorry, that's the problem to the cops that our quitting, Standing up a defined this you have my respect. That's the heroic thing: the due to say now and then, views to serve these, these disputes will see our place up. Next segment is coming up at four p m over it. Youtube COM, forts lashed TIM cast- that is a different channel from this one plain, as I can say it, you tube dot com, forts lashed him cast type that in
It is not this channel, it is a different one. I will see you there at four p m thanks for hang it up.
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