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Democrats Are Walking Right Into Trump's TRAP, NYT Implies Trump WANTS The Impeachment Fight

2019-09-24 | 🔗

Democrats Are Walking Right Into Trump's TRAP, NYT Implies Trump WANTS The Impeachment Fight. More and More Democrats are calling for impeachment of Donald Trump following the Ukraine scandal. But the NYT Asks Does Trump WANT To Be Impeached?It's not that he wants to be impeached but that he wants the fight. It keeps Democrats off balance, stops them from campaigning on popular issues, and the scandal will cause a massive backfire against Joe Biden.Trump in all likelihood will not be impeached and would win the fight and in the event he does it would rally his base and give him an excuse for any policy problem.While we have seen the far left and the "resistance" continually demand impeachment, what is new are the moderate democrats now getting on board. This will put a huge divide between them and their voters as many moderate representatives come from areas Trump won in 2016.What happens when Democrats rally for impeachment but then Trump drops the Ukraine transcript and its a big ol nothing burger?It will be Russia 2.0 and leftists are already on thin ice having failed that play.

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Donald Trump wants to be impeached. It sounds pretty absurd on the surface, but the New York Times is actually asking. If Donald Trump wants to be impeached, it may be a trap and the Democrats are walking right into it. The theory goes that basically much like the Cavanaugh affect An impeachment fight would embolden Trump would empower him. The conservative base would rally around this idea saying stop. This is absurd, but, more importantly, the most important thing is that independent voters do not want impeachment. They don't an according to one story from NPR: they never really did. They just want to know that the economy will improve their health care will improve their lives will be made better. They want to talk about immigration if Trump can get. The Democrats focused on impeachment and the Democrats won't be campaigning on core issues, but, more importantly, right now, with all of these Democrats coming out.
And talking about the need for impeachment or, as Buzzfeed NEWS puts it, Nancy Pelosi's impeachment dam is breaking. We don't even know what Trump said on that phone call to Ukraine. So this is where everything is stemming from all this. These calls for impeachment are ramping up because of this scandal involving Ukraine which, which I'm very sick up, but here's the thing what happens when all of these Democrats start coming up demanding impeachment over you cry, and then once everyone's all riled up and once they're just about to pull the trigger Trump drops the transcript, and we learn nothing burger Russia to point out but regardless, let's say this a real scandal. There may have done something wrong, but after years of rush Russia. Russia do you think middle Americans, you know working class people, independent voters want to hear more of this now now they don't they're sick of it. It's the party that cried Russia, the boy who cried Wolf. Well, let's
start with this story from the New York Times. That asks. Does Donald Trump want to be impeached four reasons the president might welcome articles of impeachment and again to clarify it's not that he wants to be impeached and that he wants the impeachment fight, because it makes the Democrats look nuts to embrace an unpopular position and ignore their actual talking. What what Americans actually want before we get started at over ten cast dot com, slash donate! If you would like to support my work as a Paypal option of crypto option of physical address, but of course is the best thing you can do is share this video. You've heard me saying: a million times Youtube D ranks independent little political commentary. I've recently learned, I actually think they're up ranking my chance So that's good news. I guess, but they still do give major advantage to corporate channels. In the end, Fox NEWS in an MSNBC are skyrocketing channels like mine, aren't doing as well as they used to. So, if you do like it share the video wherever, but let's read this is by Ross, do thought I probably pounds in that wrong
when it comes to determining when it makes sense to impeach a president. Congressional Democrats are working with two hundred words in the constitution: three significant historical precedents, the fervor of impeachment advocates the anxieties of swing, state members of Congress and all the polling data that a modern political party can buy. None of this unfortunate tells them what to do when the president in question. Actually wants them to impeach him. That Donald Trump actually wants to be impeached is an argument that Ben Domenech, the publisher of the Federal Federalist, has been making for some time that the president isn't I'm pulling backward toward impeachment, but is actually eager for the fight, and this is the main point is a trap. Okay on I don't know if it's actually trap, it feels like Democrats are walking into a trap trump and the Ukraine thing. We don't know what is in
and the phone call we don't know who this supposed whistleblower is. Apparently it's not even a whistleblower. Just imagine what's going to happen, the president wants the fight, so he coaxes them end of this year. The Ford 4D chess theory. They get all riled up actually plus he steps up and says: let's do it and then truck goes here's a transcript and it says nothing boy will they look silly? Perhaps perhaps Trump in the end and enter the ministration of strategist learned how bad Russia Gate was for the media on the left- and I said, let's make a mini Russia get let's, let's prove it looks and let's. Let's hit this one so hard in the head with a hammer that there will be no doubt in anyone's mind that they've lost it. If that transcript comes out, and there is nothing in it, the Democrats are going to look insane they say in his email newsletter Monday morning, Domenech cited the LA few days of Ukraine related agitation as vindication, arguing that
circus atmosphere of congressional hearings, scenes of Joe Biden talking about corruption instead of healthcare or the economy. And wavering house Democrats getting forced into an impeachment vote by vote by their angry colleagues, and constituents are all exactly what Trump wants for my own part I think once is probably an overstatement, since it implies a strategic purpose ape and intention and a stable mental state, none of which could be assumed when analyzing the president of the United States, but let's go this far with domination, into escapes unscathed from investigation into his campaign's collusion with a foreign government, and then the day after Robert Muller's testimony is on the phone at jawboning a foreign government to help out his presidential campaign. Does that president seemed like a man. Who's particularly worried about being impeached was terribly concerned with avoiding having Michaels filed a Senate trial, the works, I would say not and why might
be so unconcerned, maybe, as impeachment advocates insist, he just thinks Democrats are too gutless to defend the constitution too weak to oppose his lawlessness. It's also possible. He goes on to say, and yes, I'm going to assume his rationality, having just warn against that that he might see for upsides to his impeachment forgets to his presidency and perhaps as his post presidency, but an impeachment and if any to I'll might bring so the first thing he says, I'm going to go through the points quickly put out a lot more. I want to talk about. He says that the Democrats impeach him. They will be doing something unpopular instead of something popular. This is what I have been saying since the impeachment question was raised in D. Pendants, don't want this, let's jump over the story I covered earlier on my second channel. Some Democrats warn against moving left.
I want these guys in these working Class union Democrats want they want to talk about the economy. They want to know why their power plant is being shut down. Why they're losing their jobs? Why are you talking about impeaching the press they voted for Trump is gonna win, for so many like it, I believe, has the potential to win is likely to win for so much more than just what the Democrats are doing, These guys in this story voted for Trump they're doing it because I think it will make their lives better. The Democrats are now actively campaigning against their own party members, but it's tough. What do I mean they're, running against Trump shouldn't they be advocating for what these guys are talking about, bringing back your job security. Borders getting better health care and protecting the second amendment, as
the of these men are concerned about. No thanks. They fall back on impeach. The present, which is widely unpopular. Second trump, is happy to pick his over abuse of power against the soft corruption of his foes. He says this aspect of Trump ISM at the president's critics find particularly infuriating the way he attacks his rivals. For being Krups want creatures, while being so much more nakedly compromised himself, what what getting getting out of that? There is a concern of the double standard. Why had? Why is it that so many people in the media and the Democrat side go on skate? Yes, Trump wants this fight. He wants to prove there's a double standard. Take a look at credit tune. Burke. I plan to name all the time sixteen year old, criticize her and they go after you, they will say: stop attacking a child. How dare you but the Covington KIDS, who quite literally, did nothing and we're not public figures were ripped to shreds in the media. This kind of fight is good for trump and good for his base. Let's go and see it
appoint an impeachment battle would give Trump a last chance to solidify his hold the souls and reputations of his possible republican successors. He says to understand, I mean Jonathan. The explanation of why so few republican elected officials are likely to break with Trump, no matter how nixonian his straits become saying. One of the reasons Republicans were able to pressure Nixon to resign was that they knew Nixon cared about the institution of the Republican Party. Another reason is that they knew Nixon would go away and would keep quiet in a self imposed exile after his presidency, he wasn't going to spend wonder years, taking shots at Wiggins, Goldwater and forward on Twitter fifteen times a day night of those assumptions are operable with drop. I don't. I don't care too much about getting into that argument, because it's kind of outside of my you know what I what in talking about. I got a ton of things. Lined up is probably going to be a long video, but what's this what's his last point, his last point, which brings us to the last reason, Trump might kind of like to be impeached
because the circus is part of the politics that he fundamentally enjoys sure sure, but I want to talk about the political nature of as I've already mentioned. Ok, the Ukraine thing is not definitive. We have no idea what's going to happen, but he's now roping Pelosi Pelosi has resisted this. Okay, Buzzfeed NEWS says as the story of what is Trump's interactions with Ukraine continues to unravel. Moderate Democrats and impeachment holdouts are changing their tune and that's what shocked me in this store that I mentioned from AP these guys moderate Democrat there in areas where moderate Democrats won and now model Democrats are being pulled into the unpopular impeachment fight pudding. These union guys at odds with their with their federal representatives and in their districts. Think about it.
The point I made in my earlier video is that you've got places like Minnesota and places like this Beaver County Pennsylvania, where registered Democrats voted for Trump nationally, but are likely to support moderate Democrats quickly because their moderate, what happens now when those same representatives are calling for the impeachment of the president of these guys, like it forcing moderate Democrats into between a rock and a hard place, support a moderate Democrat, oh no, they want to impeach the president. You supported Trump is playing to this divide. I want to stress not saying it's on purpose or 4d chess, though many will. It may just be a happy accident that Trump exploits, but I gotta say to act like it's an accident, I am at analogy I gave is that you would have to believe that Trump randomly slipping on banana peels and then pulling off perfect backflips instead of falling down. If all of these weird things are at and it's Trump is making the best of it and it keeps working in which case he's probably just playing a better hand. I don't think it's a good
and conspiracy. I don't think it's forty chess, I think when it comes to the fight, the Democrats, just don't have it, so we sing, more and more Democrats now, so this is a story from NBC News. One hundred and fifty five five House Democrats, including independent Justin Justin Amash, are now calling for impeachment. While this is not the not the majority of all of Congress, it is the majority of House Democrats nearly two slash three of the two hundred and thirty five member caucus and the fact, that is roping in the moderates is what really really surprises me. Well, of course, troubles respond check this out, but uses Democrats of another witch hunt as talk of impeachment grows quote I think it's a ridiculous witch hunt leading in the polls. The only way they can stop me is impeachment of the president said Tuesday. Why would trump say this I would not say the only way to stop me impeachment that would likely encourage impeachment right well check this out. I want to show you
tweets from this. This guy on Twitter is verified. I'm not super familiar to me as I think he is a writer, but he said it. I don't know how I'm Peter will play out politically, but Trump pressuring. Ukraine's president to investigate the bidens is worthy of impeachment and he admitted to doing it along with Giuliani. If Trump really did pause aid money leading up to that phone call, I'd, say: impeach okay, I'm showing you this to point out this, visual is in favor of impeachment. If the story is legit Jordan then went on tweet. This thread, which I think is actually really really fascinating. He said you'd have to think that Trump wants to be impeached. He is practically begging. Democrats to do. It is comments about pressuring you can't Ukraine's president to investigate the bidens and little two, the twenty twenty polls- you can see why Trump is happy to throw the hail Mary here. Trump is currently losing all two thousand and twenty candidates, but he's getting trounced by Biden if Trump getting impeached knocks out Biden, it gives him a better
in twenty twenty against someone else special if the Senate doesn't remove him, which they won't barring. Something insane are the death sentence said it is not going to remove Trump. If, there's. One thing we know about trump if that he likes to run it's chaos, forest persecution, complex if Trump gets in peached? He now has something to run against if he is not impeached, he will be running on his record, which is currently not helping him in the polls. Last there a there are a lot of warning signs for the economy that have been piling up in no small part. Due to his trade war, try has been trying to pin any downturn on the FED and the FED, but if he is impeached he was green. The economy was damaged by uncertainty from his impeachment. That is a fascinating. That's a fascinating point. I I actually kind of agree with that. It's a brilliant strategy, there's a risk of an economic down down down. There is a risk of an
namik downturn. At least we've been hearing it. I don't know if it's true or not, but everybody certainly been trying to play that why it's probably the only thing that knocks out front these Democrat Union guys don't want to rock the boat, in fact, is a really funny story right now we're quarter in Iowa, talking to Joe Biden, said, make your case. The economy is great. Are you vote to ten points for trump? Why should they vote for you and Biden says that's their choice. She says make make your case, and he said: I'm not going to so if the economy is fine, why would anyone vote in any other direction now If the economy goes down, then people might demand change and the Democrats can cannot campaign on that. But in the event of an impeachment trump can say they have these stabilize the economy and there's your proof and Maybe try me one truck got elected that the stock market went up. I mean what wild for a while, but now it's it's just up up up. So if it does go down, he can easily point to these facts and say it's their fault and that's something you can campaign on.
Join us on I'm not saying being impeached, will end up being a positive for Trump, but I am saying but if he is seeing the same polls that we are all saying, he needs to find a way to get biting out and have something to run against in two thousand and twenty. So if you're Trump, what do you have to lose? there are some really funny tweets. I don't know if I have them pulled up though, but my tweet basically exemplifying everything I said so far is Dems are spinning their wheels over over impeachment instead of campaigning on issues care about. I don't even know what what is in the Ukraine transcript. Let's move on this guy did make that point already. Michael Tracy, said announcing his support for impeachment. Tonio Delgado of New York said the president instructed his administration. Withhold military aid that Ukraine needed to fend off russian aggression. Note the hawkish prep It's a continuation of the molar saga by another name, and I highlight this because it plays into what I treated Russia gate.
Two only this time Trump just came out and admitted to it I mean Trump said yeah. We had a phone call and all the Democrats jumped on boy. I want to show you what you see now Ok, first, let me show you all all all this right, Chris Murphy Us Senator from Connecticut. I release the following. I've been calling on the house to begin impeachment against President Trump next. I believe constitutional duty and the duty of the Us Congress to move forward impeachment Kamala Harris it's time to impeach Elizabeth Warren, it's time to impeach. What do you think you see, then, when you search Democrats, let's say you're out, you're an independent voter, let's say you're one of these guys middle MID moderate. You know working class, your power plants being shut down. You want to know what your jobs going. You are a union democrat. You do a Google search for Democrats. What do you think you see I'll show you when I do a Google search for Democrats, I see impeachment impeachment impeachment. Ok, are they talking about important?
choose. Well, let's, let's search the news tab and see, what's up news, impeachment impeachment impeachment impeachment impeachment impeachment you get. Where is the news about the economy? What about the wealth text Bernie Sanders and those with one of a wealth tax proposal where's that gone they're, not too talking to Americans who will vote they're, not talking to the Americans, who they need to vote for them, they're talking to I don't even know who they're talking to I'm sorry they're talking to each other, because it's now popular even among well? Actually, I think it may be slightly majority popular among Democrats. It's not pop you among the majority, though so, if you're trying to tell the american people that you want to bring something to the table. Well, you've, just congratulations! The entire Your entire conversation when you search for Democrats and click news is nothing but impeachment Bernie Sanders opposing well text right is details are coming out. Eight percent over a bit.
And uh some? Like that? I don't. I don't think it makes sense, but are we talking about it? No we're talking about the fact that Donald Trump may want the impeachment fight, and I think I think I've just laid it out for you. When you look at everything the Democrats are set. We don't hear about policy it's an and Bernie Sanders Wealth tax, they're talking about rich people are probably circumvent it and it may not make much sense, but where is where is it? Where is this focus. Where is the new cycle? What it was my video yesterday, Ukraine scandal, the video before that Ukraine scandal and I've expressed in both of those. I do not want to talk about this. It seems like like a political, political gamesmanship. It's it's trump, trying to Something it's Biden trying to do something and now guess what
scandal is bringing by in back into this look at this from the daily beast, Ukraine likely to re open probe of Hunter Biden from Congradulations Democrats you jumped on this. You walked right into a trap. I I I I I begrudgingly call a trap because I don't want to play the game like Trump is doing it on purpose but come on man. News is dominated with this. It's not even popular to check on this NPR story. They say aw, that's it's! What was read. They say more Democrats than ever a majority now favor open opening formal proceedings to remove President Trump from office or join the or it's just over the weekend after reports, suggesting Trump pressured and ally to support a certain line of attack on Joe Biden, but the fever for impeachment has yet to be felt by much of the public at large pulling over the first three months of Trump's tenure. Has occasionally shown his approval. Ratings fall measurably as it after a while. I got to avoid talking about certain things. Let's get over, that they say.
That when it comes to actual impeachment. It's just it's it's one around forty percent. Here they say this other Paul, including those did not reference. The mother report found some our friend impeachment proceedings still well under forty percent. Some pull even showed support, rising through the forties or even touching fifty percent. That's in the wake of the the mother report, but you have to be crazy if you think Americans enjoy this well, I can't member which it was a bill bars up. Somebody testified and like the ratings were a small Americans just over this. They were in it. Where would they were never in favor of this? But I guess in the end, it's no surprise that Qemali, Harris and Elizabeth Warren are are calling for. Impeachment is a really funny tweets. Someone said Elizabeth Warren has everything to gain by highlighting the scandal and calling for impeachment, because if information comes out, that's bad for Trump. It will likely have blowback on Joe Biden and that puts Elizabeth Warren ahead and gives her the chance to win
but as as Josh Jordan stated, Trump might not want to run against you as Bill Maher stated bill. Maher said this: do I want Joe Biden? Be president? Not really, but is only one who beats Trump in Ohio Trump can knock out buying. With the scandal and Congradulations Democrats, you just play yourselves: they're walking we're trapped. I'm gonna, I'm usually do I'll wrap it up. Here you get the point. I'm going to cover this story on at six. Spmyoutube Youtube dot com, Slash TIM cast news will go through this one and we'll go through like the wealth tax. Well, actually talk about some policy and see what's going on, but I'll rap it up there. You get the point, I don't want to act like you know, it's it's hard to know what Trump is doing on purpose and what is an accident, but I'll, say it. These accidents tend to work out for him quite a bit. Maybe I'm wrong. Okay, I think I I'm wrong often is, but I'm just listen, What is a calm down? 'cause I've been I'm just a dude on the internet. Reading these stories and telling you what I think there you go. That's all it is. Maybe I'm wrong.
But it really does seem. Like Democrats are walking into a trap. Trump said he might release these transcripts. They walk right in and say impeach. If he drops this and there's nothing in it. They're going to look insane Stick around I'm covering this story. Next, six hundred pm Youtube dot com. Slash cast news. I will see you all, then I think I've been I've been pronouncing her name wrong. It's Greta Tunsberg. I apologize I'm really bad pronouncing names as you, if you've been following my content for the past few weeks, there have been a lot of international names in the news from Ukraine to Sweden, I'm just terrible at it, but anyway I address that's just silliness them the story this morning. The US top trend will not top trend, but one of the top trends is that Michael Knowles called Greta, Tunsberg Mentali Ill, an Fox news apologized for this, and I thought I think everybody needs to simmer down a little bit simmer down a little bit. First gratitude Berg is, and I mean no disrespect when I say this is according to her Wikipedia page suffering from some
mental illness is she's actually addressed this. I think one of the big problems first is that Michael Knowles used mentally ill. It perceive ugly as a negative to try and discredit her and that's not for the most part fair. So the first thing to say is: she has asked burgers. People with Aspergers are absolutely entitled to debate conversation. It is not a mental illness is my understanding developmental disorder and he does lump that and when this guy gets outraged. But there is a lot of criticism to go around. I must stress. The first thing I want to dress is the big controversy. Michael Knowles, probably shouldn't use mental unless, as an attempt to argue against Greta, if you want to argue against Greta argue against better and there's very, very easy ways to do it. So so, yes, I will, I will be tepidly call of Michael knows use of this term, but at the same time I'm going to recognize. You know he's not wrong. Ok over a Pedia page, she has oh
td. She has depression. She has selective mutism and ask for is a separate thing, but you but see He is a mental illness that the mutism may come from mass burgers and she talked about being depressed and lethargic. So he wasn't wrong. So I think everybody could stand a chill little bit. Fox news, in my opinion, should not be a apologizing because they're playing that game. That's the point of using Greta why these nonprofits want her to be the face is because it is a shield, a political shield, so that this is the trap. This is what Michael Knowles just walked. Right into so, while I can, I can say he should have done it. He can point out that she's, a young inexperienced, you know girl, she said teen. She doesn't know anything about any of this and argue you if you want to argue Greta talk about how she sixteen and has no idea what she's talking about that's fair but the fault of the strap of calling a mentally ill. You play the game exactly as they wanted it.
And you can see it in the video, because this other guy goes. How dare you she's a child Oh you know what man time all right now on the other side? How dare you? Okay? First of all, I found a quite hilarious that in Greta statement of the UN she actually called out the people use in children like I can have exactly what you said but I actually find it really really funny, as if she's not completely oblivious to the fact that they are using these kids and l clap for it. Like yes, that's right, I was like all these people are play feet. Greta Greta is not attacking the Right absolutely not, and a couple articles came out saying that she was Klay criticizing the Green new deal so she's, she's talking about climate change, I think I think she fundamentally, understands what's going on and he's he's very ignorant, I mean that what I'm I mean, no disrespect. Okay, I can be critical of her for her ideas. I it was silly and wrong to use them.
Wellness thing because you just you put your and they had a ad hominem boat- were now you've thought? That's that don't listen. They want Greta up onstage just for this. Now the go. How do you everyday at and that's a good idea, but you know what I'm gonna actually site or or paraphrase a raft. What Greta herself said? How dare you using children for for, for your hope, for you for your to solve your problems, essentially that's the gist of what she's saying now: she's very critical of capitalism and infinite economic but she says a lot of things I think are absolutely fine. I just don't like the idea that these the the the the laughter that press consistently use children who don't understand anything as a shield and really no but but but I will mention this- what you're witnessing with right off with with some of the parkland cats? Not often, I think, they're they're couple partly can
really cool Cameron, Kasky and shove, and as I I think both really really cool and and good faith and honest individuals who you know there, you go David Hogg. On the other hand, I feel is like duplicitous and he's out for personal gain. So what you see with some of these kids from parkland with Greta is a big ask or to a big ask you put a kid out there to say a bunch of bombastic things, the hollow and their sensational. And then, when you say, okay, okay, calm down children, we're not going do destroy the entire economy, we're just going to do a little bit. It sounds more reason, that's the big ask it's a common common tactic using Chill friend is politically expedient. How there are you, attack a child. Oh shut up, get on my face, I'm not gonna! Listen to that now, I won't be like don't don't call her mentally ill and act like that. So reason she can have an argument say I'll, say it like this. I respect
that Greta, you know, is standing up for what she believes in that she's. Taking this boat and doing all these things, I believe, is ineffective. I believe that she, Emily doesn't understand, what's happening in the world and case in point. Let's, let's argue the actual issue here: okay, it's kids versus the world, in a landmark new climate lawsuit on Monday, great Tune Bergen fifteen other young people thought they potentially world changing lawsuit. I gotta stop you there. Ok, they filed a lawsuit against a bunch of countries. What were those trees. It will compel Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany and Turkey. The five countries named in the suit to work with other nation to forge, binding emissions reduction targets, a sharp change from the aren't international efforts that have so far basically rearrange the deck chairs on the titanic or whatever? This is all wrong. I shouldn't be. We are in Burg, said addressing the General Assembly assembly shaking with rage. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. You have stole my dreams, my childhood, with your empty words. We will not let you get away with this
right here. Right now is where we draw the line: ok, let's digitally criticize Greta for her ideas and for her activism, and you know I think, I've sufficiently criticized to the best two to the extent that is deserving. You know calling calling her mental in all that. First, I'm sorry, I disagree. I don't think when stone your dreams, I think you're living your dreams again, I'm trying to say this with with, with with with respect I'm not trying to be the main yeah. I think I I try to back from environmental activists, as I have been in the past myself, an environmental activist. Here's the thing, though at sixteen years old, I could have only dreamed that I would be welcomed on the UN staged to express my ideas and talk about the things that I thought were very important, and I know it's cliche and I heard it all the time when I was younger that you think you know everything you're, an idealist out a realist and I
nah man, you just you're old and you're out of touch, and then I got Aldrin was like about that. Sixteen year old to me, I get it. I used to write in crock, anarcho songs on my guitar. I was super far left anarcho skateboarding singing baby, I'm an anarchist all that stuff and then I kind of grew up. And realize that you know everybody has a right. Ever has a perspective and things change, so so so when it only to that point Greta man you're living the dream, dude, I'm jealous okay, I wish when I was sixteen, I got to meet former presidents. I wish that I to go up on the on stage and talk about all of these things that I thought were were problematic like war, but man I could only have. I can only if, if I could go back in time, okay, when I was sixteen and get to go up on stage and talk about the wars in the Middle EAST and all of these problems that would have felt like a dream to me. An absolute dreaming walking on the streets, yelling being one thousand six hundred and seventeen years old, angry about what the US is doing overseas, and I know
is talking about it and now you have you know she's saying I should be back in school outside of the ocean. I'm sorry man! I think you can't you know it's hard to know how you would feel, but but imagine if she was in school and side of the ocean, not welcome to you're not being given this opportunity yeah, it would be her dream to come and do so I I got to push back on that, but I also want to stress what comes down to it for this lawsuit, okay and what what God is doing? We can see that you fundamentally misunderstand the problem. Take a look at the story. It's very simple! This is from today, okay, this is from I believe, nine hours ago on CNN new Coal power plant quietly springing up in China on a trade, with the US. China is sliding on its and vital promises for cleaner energy. Please use
our position to go after what that the biggest countries that are pumping out carbon emissions. Okay now, first, I actually have no problem with this lawsuit at all. I lean tepid Lee towards. I actually think it's a good thing. I have absolutely no problem with countries incentivizing getting closer. You know getting renewable energies all of that stuff. Okay, if we can, if we in revolution, I see energy market energy is everything. Okay, that's at the root of everything we produce on our Connie comes energy. Go back in time all the way. Second time humans were consumed, every waking minute of the day, because human labor was required for survival. Something incredible happened, humans, tame, the wild beast and by using animal energy it increased production and output by significant degree,
and now, instead of humans carrying things, they could have beasts of burden, carry things that harnessing that animal power saved humans time eventually It's got to the point where we could comfortably sit around staring at the stars and start theorizing and thinking our life wasn't consumed with survival. That's energy! overtime, time or energy went from you know like human energy, which was like humans, eating food to animals, eating food, and then we I had to burn things and actually pull Argenta thinking to fire. We want to win the energy race, you know it's. It's stop, there's always going to be new ways to fight into energy and get a better return on any investment. Nuclear energy apparently has one of the highest next to like petroleum and fossil fuels. So uh, side of the environmental argument. I'm looking at this from a human development, a circumstance right that if we can get like look at iron man, in iron man, okay, the first movie great movie, Tony
dark, didn't necessarily invent a weapon Obadiah Stane the bad guy he says, went while trying to rid the world of weapons. You gave it its greatest one yet and and I wasn't talking about the iron man suit- he was talking about the arc reactor. I know it's fiction. I like the movie, I'm sorry, but the arc reactor in Iron man, a tremendous source of power that enabled them to power the iron man suit, and- that's why? In the second movie you add, Justin Hammer needed Vanko to uh- maybe maybe maybe a bit esoteric, everybody, but basically the second movie is: Industrialist brings on a russian dude who can create the arc reactor. The point is enerji. Is everything? Ok, I'm being a bit hyperbolic, not everything, but if we can improve, if we can do awesome, so yeah absolutely get on that energy race? So look if
talking about climate change and carbon stuff. I think that the happy medium is talking about the energy are you using a new forms of energy in advancing a developing human life and and college the stars and all that stuff? Now I get it Greta, I believe, going to come meanest and I'm not saying that hyperbolically or like facetiously like she was seen wagon Antifa T shirt that she said. Like I guess you apologize for it, but I guess it's your dad's, Don't know a whole lot about it, but she talks about this fat. She she Creek DR criticizes the world for their. You know: infinite economic growth. You know mentality. I just got a point. It's true like we can't have infinite economic growth.
For the most part, I mean we we might develop. We might you know: we've changed attention economy, which is no longer producing physical objects, but entirely possible. We can have an economic growth because we're selling golf balls on mobile games so consider this the at one point it. What is problematic if you are thinking we would grow indefinitely because growth requires product, you know creation and consumption now: people aren't having kids are global. Birth rates, declining Anna, big portion of the economy is digital. This digital products aren't creating things so we're not creating waste from it. However, that server farms, energy. It still consumes so there still is an output. So you know we'll figure something out if we can get to completely renewable energies, or you know, for dissenters or server farms or whatever they were we're looking at infinite economic growth, because it's do a digital landscape, so, oh anyway, so
here's. What I wanted to highlight China. China is producing a ton of carbon emissions, so is India. Why are they talk king about us. The US and many other countries have been continually working to solve this problem. In fact, the perfect example is that brought her up at the UN to talk about it. So we are not the problem, it is not end of the world because of what we are doing- okay, we are doing bad things absolutely, but we are trying very very hard. There are a lot of people in this country who don't believe it's a problem. Ok, I think that's a problem, but I don't think the answer is to just wave around like you know you signs and people more Ranzan idiots. I think the issue is to compromise and say: listen if you think the world and then twelve years, I'm sorry you're wrong. I've covered this story over on sub verse. We've talked about it's not true, but there is still a problem of human pollution and I believe yes, we've got to do
something about greenhouse gases? We don't want to be frogs boiling in a pot and we don't want to be like east solely talks to our environment. We need to talk about these things. Can we talk about dead zones and fishery collapse and pollution in the ocean? all of the ocean is ocean acidification. If people aren't interested in the conversation about the environment, then we need to fill about what they're interested in and come solution that moves us forward in any way possible, standing on stage and I think about how we stole your dreams or whatever, even though the US is doing a lot, and we have huge as of Ngos and in America, we are very much environmentalists, not everybody, but I I'm I'm. I find it a bit offensive because not only are you insulting a country that is trying very hard and won't shut up about the problem, come on plus he's been talking nonstop but you're, also addressing what the other countries are doing. But, more importantly, you are hurting the argument. Okay,.
Conservatives are latching onto this they're calling her mentally ill. There they're they're arguing about her and not the issue. It's simple! I wish we had. Somebody could go up on stage and say Anybody who doesn't believe in climate change, okay, what do you want? What would work for us to move forward with some policy proposal that will benefit what you're looking for and what we're? Looking for? It's that simple and it's funny to me that so many people were unwilling to vote on. The green new deal is if they truly believe the world is going to face a reversible damage in twelve years. You'd think they'd say just vote for it. You think they'd say we'll take anything we can get instead, they're putting a hard, not That's what I understand it's the worst negotiating tactic ever you get these Democrats saying we have to do this or nothing, and it's like well what I mean white. Why nothing? Why not from highs if the world's going to end in you know a couple decades or whatever, or you think that within twelve years as a
reversible damage. Wouldn't you willing to accept any comp guys at all, here's the big problem, the green new deal is trash. If they came out and said, here's our green new deal, we want to do a massive government investment into infrastructure, reconstruction, energy efficiency, efficiency projects for public building buildings, and we to invest into renewable technologies, be via grants and at a private and public grants. I'd be like that sounds fantastic, I'm concerned about the deficit, is really high and there's a lot of concerns about budget constraints. So let's talk about what we can get out of that arrangement. A tons of people work temporary jobs, but sure you know hate we have new energy investments which could result in better energy Rick returns on energy investment, new technologies. We could be developing advancing a lot of ways. That would probably be very beneficial. And that Obama kind of screwed up. I don't know what happened to much of that.
I I mean I I I I did you know back in back than what was happening us following it, but it's been a while. You know. Basically, they tried investing in this big solar thing that failed. The solution is okay, but if you've got two factions and one saying it's not happening in one saying it is or you've got one thing: it's not man made then you're not going to solve the problem by crying on stage and insulting the country. That's actually trying to solve it. We may not be perfect. You may not have everyone in this country on board, but this does the opposite for for someone like me when I see these these appeals to emotion and appeals to majority or authority, I get really be angry and I'm sure there are many people who feel the same way. I don't let that angered guide my opinions and the research I do, but if some up onstage crying and saying: won't you think of the children. You know that I'm out, I'm out it's even insulting and degrading and it hurts the argument and it hurts our ability to move forward, you want to pander to the emotionally weak in the we'll go. Do it somewhere else. You have a conversation
but actually solving our problems. You don't do it this way because it pisses people off for me. I have tracked enough of this to beacon, in about it. I think there something we can do. I think conversations like this are beneficial, because people who might not normally here solution or compromise, or something and now here it through through actual conversation, but this is the vision this is the vice of, and it is the opposite of what they it will do. So you know I I whatever I'm I'm I'm I'm. This is along the I'm a stop now final point, Michael Mols was directly referencing great gratitude, bergs actual mental illnesses. Fox news is probably not going to him on the show. Again you fall into the trap, don't fall into the trip. I don't I don't have any ill will towards Greta? Actually, I'm very impressed with her being so young and and and her traveling across the ocean. It is what dreams are made of. That's the final point say when she goes up and says you've taken my dreams from me. I'm I'm offended by that. I grew up on the Southside
Chicago. I was homeless several times I I sat in an empty parks. Looking up at the sky. Wishing that I could have just a tiny bit, of the support she's had for everything, she's wanted to talk about. So now once your dreams from you, your dreams are being fulfilled, you are an internationally famous and renowned activist with tons of respect the haters come. You know, ignore haters. You know no matter who you are, what you're fighting for, ignore the haters. Do your thing we will argue with you. I will tell you why. I think what you're doing is wrong, but I do have tremendous respect for anybody willing to get up and do something about it. There is there is the issue of Greta being incorrect on a lot of these issues and cause problems, and I will argue against that, but I will not argue against her. I will not insult her. That is wrong. That is trap being set and that's why they use kids, so so all my ill will towards those who are manipulating everyone using children. I find deeply offensive
but when you come out and start insulting the kids, that's the trap there setting for you. So don't do that. It's not Greta's fault, it's none of this is hers and shouldn't be insulting her I, I don't want to act like Michael Knowles. Direct intent was to be dismissive or insulting, but I think whatever he called you know mentally ill child. Well, that's what you did. Okay, so for one everybody needs to calm down he's, not he's essentially correct on what he said. Don't fall into that trap, though. Okay, let's talk about the idea, the ideas are easy to go up against and that's the conversation we should be. Having concern lives. Moderates, whoever actual environmentalists, have a rational conversation should be pushing back on the easy to dismiss ideas like going after countries that are not China. I can't believe this story from C n N's from today. You do you think we live in a sit com. I know yep it's a bit so absurd.
That CNN can be reporting this right. Now, I'm done, I'm done I'll. You guys are the next segment youtube dot com on this channel. One hundred pm- I will see you all there other things I've mentioned quite a bit in the segments that I've done pertaining to politics- is that Donald Trump was able to attract moderate DEM. Kratz and even some staunch Democrats into voting for him. I mean in reality it's kind of obvious. If you want to win, you have to get center. Both extremes are vying for everybody in the middle. If Trump is going to speak to them at better than the Democrats will well, then Trump wins It seems like Democrats haven't gotten the memo. We have this story from the Associated Press quote way too extreme. Some Democrats were turn against moving left yeah, but it's the Working Class Union Democrats, it's actual labor, no seriously the craziest thing to me, even exemplified in the story by the Associated Press, is that urban Democrat
it's who do not represent labor in this country. They tend to be progressive, well off, etc, etc, college degrees they're, the ones who are very, very hard core Democrat right now progressive all that stuff. But these guys working Class Union Labor Democrats voted for Trump last time of overtime. Again this time don't have twitter accounts and will be voting Democrat that that that's the most important thing. So you see these democrats they're embracing twitter. There are there. Are there as Bill Maher said you, stand up to twitter and ignore the mob, but the media is wrapped up in it. So an interesting thing starts to emerge. The Democrats in the media stab Lish and are pandering to a tiny, tiny subsection of the Democrats, while the rest are being left behind and ignored, and don't quite understand why they're, not in the conversation they're not on Twitter. They don't know what you're talking about they. Don't
why all they know is their jobs have gone away and Trump is talking about it. If the Democrats won't don't be surprised when you see Working Class Union, Democrats registered Democrats. That's the big thing. There were registered Democrats voting Trump like the store. We saw from CNN that in minutes, what democratic stronghold has flipped for Trump at the national level, but still vote Democrat locally Twitter Twitter is destroying the democratic party I'll just I'll just say it, I'm being a bit hyperbolic. I get it through the story. The AP reports, the Democrats of Beaver County Pennsylvania, crowded onto the step of a local courthouse. Dozens of union men protesting a looming power plant closure that would put their livelihoods at risk. The crowd, was overwhelmingly white and male and few had college degrees left unsaid, at least from the podium or broader concerns about the National Democratic Party
many believe no longer represents them. Welcome to the club quote, cracks are becoming way too extreme. John age is a forty two year old high school graduate who has worked at the nearby Beaver Valley Power Station for almost his entire adult life said before last week's event began. He said voted for Trump last time and he's going to vote for Trump again a few days earlier, tens of thousands of Democrats crowded into a Manhattan Park cheering Elizabeth Warren's call calls for Medicare for all a crackdown on gun, violence and the end of the fossil fuel industry. The crowd was ethnically diverse, heavily female and highly educated people like forty one year old Kelly. How of Brooklyn was a master's degree and worked at an ivy legal university not far away. I want the bold ideas have said praising the leftward shift. Offer parties politics I
want to be around people who feel the same way that was annoying will ignore the chime from my windows update, nonsense. Here's the thing people in cities are embracing. This woke far left progressive, bold, ideas: okay, okay, I get it we don't seem to realize is that people in the rural parts of this country are the ones who are producing everything, the digital economy, sure yeah, it's big cities, but I think that's going to start going away. There's absolutely no reason to have a news organization, headquartered in New York City, why the internet is great. Now you can work anywhere. You can go to the middle of nowhere by a really she property build your own. It's way cheaper! It's got the internet infrastructure. I kid you not central PA has amazing internet infrastructure to get about. So so why would anybody want to do that? I think this is bad news for progressive and for Democrats as media begins collapsing because
well for one thing: they're spending too much on New York property. I kid you not MIKE dot com at their office, in the World Trade Center in Freedom Tower seriously. Why would you do that? You could open, you could go upstate. Or this good internet save a ton of money while they're going out of business, I think we're to be dramatic shift, but surprising to me that when you look at the middle of the country, what you see mostly white men, at least in this story who are working at power plants actually producing, electricity, you need their farmers. There, manufacturers their job, we're going away, and this is really really bad news for this country. Trump comes out and speaks to them and what happens the media mocks and belittles them? They they belittle the poor working class in these areas, not realizing they are registered. Democrats check this out the
dueling scenes illustrate the high stakes debate playing out among Democrats just over four months before the party begins to select its next presidential nominee, while the parties coastal cheats demand bold liberal policies, working class vote in the Midwest are warning Presley what candidates to move to the middle or risk giving Donald Trump another four years in the White House, he's gonna get it. For this reason. A highly educated urban Democrats may be the most vocal, particularly on twitter, but it is the working class in places like Beaver County who may ultimately decide Trump's fate none of the dozen or so union workers interviewed at a protest late last week had twitter accounts none. They have no idea. You're talking about or why none had four years to college degrees and fewer, Committed to voting Democrat in two thousand and twenty, although most were registered as such.
And there it is registered Union Democrats who voted for Trump, who are going to vote for Trump again, who don't have twitter accounts. So you have to wonder why they are pandering to the twitter crowd, this tiny minority of individuals that will not get you the vote. I guess people seem to think that it's that woke minority on Twitter, who will be democratic, primary voters in this. Only true so we'll see the massive one hundred and eighty from whoever ends up winning, but I kind of doubt it. Maybe someone like Cory, Booker or Kamala Harris might pandora politically as much as best they can and then, when it comes time, election time, they'll walk This thing back, but this is the era of digital media of social media and the internet is forever. It was really easy couple decades ago for some like Elizabeth Warren to go in pander go to a small crowd, but we're going to Polish private healthcare get you all government healthcare where it worked, then, when she on the debate stage can say something completely different. Today's day and age, you're going to see all the fact check
he was popping up on twitter and the media, but not going to survive. You're going to see people like these, these union Democrats, who are going to be they came here and promise they fix our jobs, then go up on stay age and say something completely different and they're going. See those videos are going to be like wait. What does the videos will be forever. Daniel Keener a seventy two year old Democrat who retired after more than two decades at the nearby power plant said. His party has moved way too far left Every one of them wants to take my gun said keener, mentioning the handgun clip to his left pocket. He said he's committed to Trump in two thousand and twenty, but he'll like We maintain his democratic registration because he's a union man and his family, is a long history. With the party look at this a Democrat Union. Guy who's got a gun and is angry at the conversation. How much more obvious could it be? They are?
The Democrats are setting themselves on fire policy wise and you know they're doing outside of policy they're. Getting on this ridiculous impeachment. Try and that's that that's gonna, be my next becoming a before. I think the Democrats are walking into a trap as a pertains to impeachment and Ukraine all stuff. But what we'll talk about the policy right now Democrats when they do campaign on like the second amendment, they offend union middle class. You know Working Class union guys who are dumber party members when they talk about all these far left things on immigration and healthcare. They are offending and pushing away their own. Base, their own voters stand up to twitter. They say Republic suffered sweeping losses in the twenty eighteen midterm elections in part, because Trump's, turbulent leadership, style and divisive policies have alienated women sure, but I think the bigger. She was Trump's base. Are Democrats like this? You can see it. I shouldn't say Trump space, but Trump has strong democrat support. We are seeing it,
So what happens? Is these people come out for their local representatives? Who are moderates and, as we know, I've cited this before moderates, one big, the far left did not into the economist or something like set Monday. Nine progressives far left ran only seven one and it was urban areas. Sort of you know for the most part, thinking of the squad was very urban. You look at rural areas who won. Moderates. Moderates moderates moderates. One Democrats voting for Trump get him in office. How is this not obvious to them? So I'll tell you what! If They don't pay attention to this. You know it's going to happen. Well, Trump is going to win. The Democrats are going to flounder. And I don't see how they'll recover, because the NASH level level they're more concerned about woke digital media than what their own party members think.
They say, but he won the presidency in twenty. Sixteen, on the backs of working class men and Pennsylvania, Michigan Westconsin states that hadn't backed a Republican in almost two decades they say: Beaver County, a region just outside Pittsburgh sent along the Ohio border, is one of fourteen counties in Pennsylvania that Trump Kerr in twenty. Sixteen, where Democrats had a registration advantage, there were more than fifty nine thousand registered Democrats and forty thousand registered Republicans in the county that year, but try ultimately carried Beaver County by almost sixteen thousand votes according to data compiled by the Associated Press. That means forty thousand registered Republicans, maybe not all of them voted for Trump, the the the majority Democrat. That means many of them voted for Trump. If he cared about sixteen thousand votes, that is a huge swing for democratic voters to support Donald Trump. That's it's just so obvious to me. I don't know I I it's it's. It's seems like everything plays on repeat. We hear the story
it's over and over again I come out video saying basically the same things: the same stories, I'm about to do another video talking about the Democrat going to screw everything up. I try to go for impeachment. Didn't I do that, but on the what is wrong with these people, I just don't understand, did the right hours for our simulated universe, get bored and just click repeat How many times do we have to hear? Is I'm I'm, I'm I'm joking, but let's be serious. How many times with your stories about working Class Americans, Union Democrats voting for Trump complaining about the far left and they say I'm conservative I'll, tell you what I was down there to occupy Wall Street. Okay, that's where I got started with everything. I've talked to a a lot of people. I understand what they're saying and I they're saying it. I'm right here with labor the actual working class in this country. Not the upscale
the college, educated people making one hundred thousand dollars a year who live in New York and what bold, progressive ideas who have no idea what's going on in middle middle of the country and where their food even comes from to better understand, what's happening, and I see people like this working class Americans wondering why their jobs are going away, wondering why Democrats are coming after and punishing them and insulting them, and I'm like yeah. I agree I'm not going to to the fringe minority with wacky ideas, I'm trying to figure out what Americans are really looking at, and this is what I see see that's the same story plays out over and over again they why Democrats lost at least five hundred and seventy three such counties, including municipal it across five New England states. According to AP data for the thirty one states that track party affiliation, the trend was particularly acute across Michigan and Wisconsin. Although depressed minority turnout in major cities help Trump Win, Democrats quietly conceded that white working class of
first, represent their most significant challenge in twenty twenty wake. Up just start talking sense start talking about what Americans actually want, but you know what I'm going. And it by saying this, it doesn't matter. The progressive wing of Democratic Party are so far away from the from the union Working Class Democratic Party actual labor. There is no bridging that divide if they come out. And say: Trump's tariffs make sense. I'm not saying that I'm saying if the Democrats come out in agreement with Trump on tariffs, which many people like if they come out and say, We gotta bring manufacturing back if they come out saying all of these things about border security. People are going say: oh no, it's the left, smear and slander. They'll say
boring all Biden and things like that. The moderates might begrudgingly get behind progressives, but not these guys, not these guys. They're voting for Trump and they've said it, and and that's why Trump one he won specifically because of working class Democrats who are still democrats- and this is a really good point about why the the Democrats to the house, they took the house because these people at the local level, voted in moderate Democrats, but when it, on to the national level I local, isn't like their local representative to the federal government when it comes to the more national level stuff like senators and presidents who won republic instead, because the Democrats have gone too far left- and I can say it fifty million times and I'll say it fifty million times more- and I I'll be sitting here. I very much believe I will sitting. I probably sitting actually we're opening office, so things are going great, but I will be sitting in my new office and I
will be saying, Donald Trump, one, twenty twenty. If you can't speak to your base, you will lose, but the Democratic Party is split in half, so I just don't see a path forward. I just don't. I don't see it I guess they're trying will see what happens. Stick around we're going to talking about the impeachment insanity coming up at four hundred pm Youtube dot com, Slash TIM cast: it is a different channel. I will see you all there thanks for hanging out sick around following up on the video for my main channel that this is all part of Trump's big plan. We learnt Ukraine is likely to reopen the probe of the Hunter Biden. Firm sources say from the daily beast. President Lenski, he came to office vowing to fight corruption, and it looks like he'll open a lot of cases shut by shady prosecutors, but the focus is on Ukraine at not the. So, let's make one thing clear: I don't believe it was huh here bite and specifically was the company and it was more more importantly, the oligarch who owned the company. That's my understanding, but now
this is all very much likely to blowback on Democrats, but you know what this is civil war on the left, at least in the US in the Democrat Party. They want this. I invite you to this tweet from Josh, Jordan, which I find quite amusing. Elizabeth Warren watching Democrats Inch clue to impeaching Trump, knowing that Hayden is going to get hit in the process and there it is, and there's Jon Lovitz smiling. As the curtain goes back. Yep Elizabeth Warren has called for impeachment so is everybody else and my understand. There's a lot of rumors circulating at the time of filming it's a little early. I record a few hours before publishing I hate doing it like this, but sometimes I have to have a lot of work. I have to do later in the day that you don't see to my understanding is that we're going to see policy on board were going to see Biden on board, and this is what we're getting there going to be. Open this, and the political news is bad, but let's, let's get to the crux of what's actually happening with the Biden firm. The daily beast reports
They are. They say that they've learned an influential member of Ukraine's parliament from one of the countries prosecute Is an from a center combating corruption in Ukraine? The government here is likely to pursue. The case is that Donald Trump urged President Vladimir Zelinski in a controversial phone all last July, but not the way Trump intends and uh necessarily to the detriment of Trump challenger at Joe Biden, the investigation and POS prosecutions if they happen, would take place in the con text of a new law signed by Zelinski just before his departure for the United, nation's General Assembly in New York, where he is expected to meet face to face a truck for the first time they say in Kiev. There are widespread hopes. The reforms will help Salen ski a former comedian, who played a corruption. Fighting president on television deliver on his campaign press. His his campaign, president to clean up promise to clean up Ukraine for real
prosecutors is supposed to reopen investigations of past cases and answer questions about the corruption in Post revolutionary Ukraine over the last five years very much that time investigations were launched great against various powerful oligarchs, then quietly shut down when it was widely assumed. The prosecutors were paid off as a it's been hard to know if the investigations were justified or merely launched for purposes of extortion quote trying ultimately to reset the prosecutor General's office in Ukraine to speed up the reform, Carol. Timoshenko Tymoshenko, deputy head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, told the daily beast on Tuesday and uh, the new law. All ukrainian prosecutors will go through a process of re certification. The number of prosecutors will be cut down from fifteen thousand to ten thousand tobacco set said he could not comment. Specific cases and could not say more about Salen agenda for the meeting with President Trump on Wednesday? They go on to say that,
I can't pronounce names as give me it's a ukrainian name. I'm going to my best Valentyn knowledge Now, if I got it a former head of Ukraine's domestic intelligence agency, I remember view Ukraine's parliament says he expects the corruption case of the Breeze mud gas company to two cases. Or open and dropped by very sprockets over the years to be revisited Hunter Biden, the son of that vice. President Joe Biden was a board member. Joe Biden is now Trump's leading opponent in the twenty twenty US presidential election and both Trump and his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, have been working to find dirt on Biden in Ukraine. That is not news. That is an opinion that is conjecture, and this is problem. I have a lot of these outlets, injecting their opinion. Okay, what is what is there evidence that they're trying to find dirt on Biden, perhaps
It's just Giuliani questioning why the case was dropped in the first place or why did Biden get this guy fired? This is the biggest problem with this scandal is there's no real evidence by. Anything wrong. A lot of people are saying, but what about the video where he says he did this? The issue is it's a conflict of interest, maybe not illegal. However, I believe the conflict interest warrants are on and occasion which case you'll see Giuliani doing this, but now they're, accusing trump of tried with old money and threatening you crying to demand action- and this is just he said- she said at this point- is complicated. How do we we don't corruption? One of the big check out one of these questions in this is you know, they're, saying truck shouldn't have pressured Ukraine to investigating political corruption. So what? If some is running for office at any point or ever did you can never investigate them? Look should see what Trump said to to Ukraine. We should see if there's a quid pro quo,
figure out what's going on, and the same should be said for buying welcome to the game. But you know what a lot of people think Trump is doing this on purpose. It's hard to know for sure, but I have to imagine with every dropping his lawyers went through with Russia Gate they. They. They have a bit of a strategy here. It is possible to just bumbling buffoons after the left seems to think. But here we go. The case is being reopened regardless of what happens or how Trump wants it to happen. It is going to hurt Biden here. I am talking about it. They say now leave a chanko said country will be best served by pursuing investigation related to the alleged Barraza multimillion dollar. Corruption deals not because of Trump's pressure, but because Ukraine wants to know the truth about its own corruption, whether the founder of berries, Ma Ukraine, tax mister of natural resources, Mikola's alchevsky from twenty twelve two thousand and ten to twenty. Twelve had paid to see, wash the earlier investigations into the way he acquired gas licenses and exclude.
Interview the daily beast, Nally Bychenko, said Ukraine's. Parliament is planning to hold hearings about the various corrupt schemes, now leave a check. Oh, who was a member of the opposition fatherland party, serves in parliamentary group in a parliamentary group focused on us, Ukraine. Relations copy editor, guys I am going to support, is Glinskys initiatives to have new investor actions by a new team at the law enforcement agency this this would include inquiries into the actions of previous prosecutor general's you, relax and Victor Show, Viktor, I am convinced it's a lynskey will say in New York, but these are our domestic investigations, we're going to figure come out on our round. Yet, however, we'd be happy to cooperate with the FBI. That's the other thing too there going after Trump for something that Ukraine was planning on. Doing I don't want, I don't say I know a lot about salen ski, but I admittedly I know a decent amount about Ukraine in the sense that I do not like you. You there's very few countries. I can tell you about in terms of politics, but I was actually on the ground in a key
at the start of what became the ousting of. I believe Yanukovich. Well, I'll leave it there, but but but I'm I'm stressing the point. Ukraine is not a problem of corruption for a long time. Okay, there's there's, there's an economic problem as an oligarch problem. The other doctor super wealthy there's a massive massive wealth inequality, despair, between the poor and the rich, and this makes it very very hard for anyone to ever get anywhere in terms of there's? No Ukraine dream. I guess right in America, there's upward mobility. Ukraine is not so much like that. That's my understanding could be wrong. Forgive me for Ukrainian, but the point I'm trying to make is these reforms are coming because the ukrainian people have wanted them. They recently ousted their president. They've been demanding change its coming, so now Trump is talking to them. I think this is a good reason I believe and again we don't know that this is truck trap. Listen if you crane was planning on doing this. If they're even saying Trump did pressure them, it could turn out that the call with Trump was you could
rain, saying they wanted to move forward. Imagine this imagine the complete inversion of the narrative. All the democratic Democrats coming out demanding impeachment and it turns out Ukraine was talking to Trump about how they wanted to do this and Trump was like sure, the narrative now that Trump pressured him to do it, but they are saying they were going to do it already. Where is the scandal Joe Biden, I guess now, I'm not saying job. I did anything wrong. It's entirely possible that I think there's a lot of hype, herb, there's a lot of attempts when Joe Biden claimed he got this guy fire. That's proof he was helping us on it's not in a quart of law. You're not going to fly that ok, they can show a conflict event. He should not have been working on this if it's some was on the board. However, I mean I I you know it doesn't prove wrongdoing, but it does warrant an investigation. They say prosecutor, Sir deep garbage Chuck investigated the founder of birds company. Isn't it already? I want to keep reading these names for three months in twenty. Sixteen until
prosecutor general at Sunco made the decision to drop the probe first Lysenko took the case. From the investigators and closed it down illegally. Gorbachev told the daily beast on Tuesday there would not have been any question about pursuing such cases today, if that's encoded not interfere the investigations, I hope that, with the change of management at the process General's office, there will be no illegal. Interference is in this case, as well as many other probes will be investigated strictly in accordance with the law is a really important point at the end, the last prosecutor that got fired that video by dinner, talking about he's talking about a guy who illegally shut down the pro. This is really important, at least according the story. It's a complicated story of which I am An expert. It sounds like the past prosecuted Biden got fired, illegally ended the probe in the first place, so it may just be that Biden may have been actually hurting a son.
In the end. What do I see your? I see two big, nothing burgers. Why absolutely hate the story? So let me try make it clear. The I I didn't make it clear enough in the in the first week I made, I think, a whole lot of nothing will come out of this. It's gonna hurt by then the impeachment will hurt Trump in certain ways, but it's gonna be worse for a bite and then it's going to be for Trump, especially Trump ends up winning on this one Biden is getting undue scrutiny. It's going to cost of the polls. Is it going to happen whether anyone did anything wrong or not leave it. There, though, stick around next next segment, gonna be talking about wealth taxes and how they make no sense, and I'm really frustrated hearing the fake news and we've got to about some logistics, stick around next time coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly- maybe I'm just stupid. That button say it. Tim pool is really really dumb leftists angry people who had me take that one with you pull it out of context. Tim pool is maybe just stupid. Ok, maybe I'm just
stupid. I don't understand why Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren think a wealth tax will work because it won't unless their plan is to just I've destroyed the economy. I have no idea what they think they're going to accomplish with a wealth tax. Let me explain: the idea is not to tax your income, it's to tax, your income based on what you own kind of like a property tax, but this doesn't make sense, if you own assets and don't have cash, so I get it if you own a house, and you can't pay your property taxes, they put a lien on your house, you could lose your house, you gotta pay, are taxes, ok, that I understand, though, it's basically like paying rent to the town for towns infrastructure, but how would you pay millions of dollars in cash on assets when your salary is one million dollars like you're rich? I get it. People seem to think that Jeff Basos who's worth what you know like hundreds of billions are whatever is worth one hundred million. You seem to think that is spendable cash. No, it SAM's.
Stock dramatic fluctuations in that stock. Could you value that stock okay on hold on? Let's actually read the New York Times story Democrats want to tax the rich here's, how those plans would work or not our. You know what? No okay, okay, what what's referred among democratic presidential candidates? It's the rallying cry of the moment tax, the rich we get. We get it Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren. Let's, let's go! Let's go to the chase, creating a wealth tax. Now the New York Times loves, showing this graphic here over and over again in this beast, how many people would pay relatively few apparently equally distributed among blue people, white people in red people wear. That means I'm getting would reduce inequality almost certainly it would. How much money? Would it raise for the government a lot? What is a lot is one hundred bucks. A lot is one thousand bucks. A lot, not good answer with the rich find ways to avoid or evade this tax, probably yeah. It's called crypto currency, I guess, but yeah, of course, is not going to work. They say
in January, Miss Warren took a bold new approach by proposing to tax wealth, not just income and impose a two percent tax on assets above fifty million or the top. Seventy thousand families in by wealth, in a nation of nearly three hundred and thirty million people someone with a hundred million dollars in assets would pay one million dollars a year fortune, over one billion would be subject to an additional one per surcharge. This is not one hundred million dollars in cash. This one million dollars in assets. Imagine who own a hundred million dollars in one building skyscraper Let's say your salary is fifty thousand dollars a year. Your business pays that tax on businesses are renting out the building, there's this cost etc that you have to pay one million dollars in cash, even if you don't have the cash. You see why this doesn't make sense that Axa kinda how property taxes work would be aimed at a group that controls a growing portion of the nation's wealth
the four hundred richest Americans own three point five percent of the countries assets. We understand that I got it. I got the idea Well, people don't seem to realize: is there going wait a minute, so you're saying you have one hundred million dollars? You won't pay one million dollars a year that totally makes sense. No, you're, paying one hundred million dollars in liquid cash assets against the now. The liquid assets, which fluctuate in value. Now some people might say it's. It's not that big a deal because they're rich right, listen if people are only making a million dollars a year and you're basically saying you cannot legally have that much property because you won't be able to afford owning the wealth. What there thing is that owning things in general will be taxed against to a very, very absurd great. Let me show you an example of how this doesn't make sense. This story from quartz is really annoying it's really really annoying. This is how they frame the arguments to manipulate.
I am. I am no fan of wealth inequality. I have talked about this before I have talked about increasing taxes and taxing appropriately and reappropriating taxes, and I believe wealth inequality is a huge detriment to society, because it creates jealousy and breaks down social cohesion we get you crane, is not an example of what we should strive for: Jeff Basil united Salary was in two thousand and seventeen. It was eighty one thousand eight hundred and forty dollars still not spice by. However, he is eighty million shares of Amazon Worth one hundred and sixty five billion at the time. This article is from October of last year check this out. Basil's wealth has surged in the past year, along with Amazon's share yadda yadda presuming his wealth creation continues at a similar pace. Basis will quote, make
the annual salary of one of Amazon's newly minted fifteen dollar an hour employs every eleven point: five seconds: okay, listen. They are comparing overall net worth too hard at liquid cash. I get it pays. Us is right, but the problem is here's what they would say. Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders one hundred and sixty five billion dollars dollars. Pesos you've got to pay. What is it one percent? I don't know percentages, but in Bernie's plans. Eight percent is that per year. Ok, eight percent, so we're talking about 14th You know that's a thirteen billion dollars a year. You would have to spend base so this is only bringing in a salary of eighty one k now in terms of his hard liquid income for the year. With capital gains, and otherwise it's closer to one point: seven million dollars. However, he would have to pay fourteen, billion because his company is worth money now hold on hold on here. If I start a company okay,
I saw I saw I I sell stocks and the company is worth a whole. One hundred thousand dollars, and I own you know. Eighty percent great I've got eighty thousand dollars, I'm not going to say anything what happens if overnight overnight, like in a very short amount of time, in a year the stock of the company becomes worth A hundred billion dollars now worth eighty billion, but I haven't brought in necessarily liquid cash to cover the six hundred or so billion dollars. I have to pay at the end of the year. It doesn't make sense taxing it. Is it's absurd man, it's so Tom. Mrs Warrens proposal would not bring in two point six trillion dollars over ten years like they claim it would say it's according to Mister, says and Zucman. Now again, I could just be done.
Hum TIM Pauser Moron is an economist. Don't take my word for this, but I have these questions. If Jeff Bezo's is forced to liquidate stuck in order to cover the cost of the wealth tax, that would cause a change in the price of the stock. Let's say the company, one hundred and sixty five billion. If Jeff Bezo starts dumping stock to pay his taxes, then he's going to pay Capital gains tax on that money. It will be even more taxes than than than you know. This is then he's predicting that he could expect ought to pay on the wealth you have to pay income tax, but that that's going to cause a massive supply of available stock. You understand a supply and demand works. That supply it goes higher? The demand goes down because the demand for the purchasing gets gobbled up really really quickly and it drives the
I'm not gonna, get into a pharmacy. Now stocks work, but when it is explained people put in, sell and buy orders. Okay- and there are things called like you could be- the bill walls, so, let's say basis, announces I've. Gotta pay. Fourteen billion dollars in taxes. So I'm going to be liquefying fourteen billion dollars in assets. The price drops- oh, oh, no, now Jeff Bezo's is only worth fourteen billion dollars because announcing a massive flooding of the stock has resulted in the stock crashing on fortunate now, basis only has to pay around a billion dollars so he says I still have to sell the stock off floods the market, it wouldn't work just necessary like that, and it's not a sell out works. What happen is he would put the cell orders and all the I orders would evaporate and the price would go down until the next available cell was met, meaning he was going to sell off. Billions of worth of shares. I don't know if there's enough people to actually buy that because the liquid, assets have to exist. Let me
stress you wouldn't need for ten billion dollars in available liquid assets to buy. There has be demand of fourteen billion dollars in liquid assets against the stock to actually allow basis to pay the tax in the first place. Why are people so dumb lesson that could be about me right I'll, say it for the millionth time. I just plain: don't understand how you think this makes sense. If pays us they. They don't understand that Basil's he's worth a billion is worth a hundred sixty five billion. He doesn't have that in cash to pay the government. So next next question is the government going to seize the stocks So let's say like I can't do it. I literally don't have the cash okay so put a lien against those stocks can't pay that we're going to seize the stocks? If the government did that the company would tank, government now seizing the property of of a market value of
that's not going to work, the price would drop. Now again, I could be wrong. I really get annoyed how they try and compare Jeff Bass houses net worth two to cash income. That's not how it works. His net worth is not liquid and he couldn't sell all of that. If he wanted to, it doesn't work that way.
It's it's to me. It's insane, just Basil's may be worth a hundred sixty five billion dollars, but if you try to look what local file, all of that he'd be worth half that if you could but listen in order to liquefy this, there has to be someone holding cash willing to buy it. Here's the question: are there enough people right now with buy orders into Amazon to actually give Jeff Basil's billions of dollars in liquid cash? To then give to the government I'd? I I'd I'd actually think the answer is probably no all of these plans that I hear they never account for the fact that prices change Bernie Sanders in twenty sixteen said he wanted to do a capital gains tax to pay for free college. I said okay, how will that tax increase and rest? affect trade value. Your daughter people might say it's not worth it to invest in this market, because the taxes just went up so they spend less and when they do it
the last tax revenue. It's like talking children, but you know what I'll say for the third time in a wrap this up. I don't know- maybe I just don't know- maybe I'm just confused none of the contest, but I will stress: if you can't explain it to me, then we have a you want me to support this. You better explain how you can tax the wealth of an individual when they don't have the liquid cash to pay for it, because you're going to see stocks that doesn't make sense, I got house this: does houses exist, you could take someone's house, I'm not a fan of that either, but whatever I'll leave it there stick around next segment is coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. I don't frequently use Right part. However, they've recently been certified by Third Party NEWS Rating Agency NEWS guarded, not perfect, but good enough, and I'm not I'm not here to say that news guard is smarter or better than anyone else, but I use them on purpose for political reasons and ethical reasons. Breitbart. You said a bad writing. It's been improved, just putting it out there, because I want read the story now before.
I'm saying that, because you're going to get a bunch of people going like how could you read Breitbart? Well: well, hey man, hey look third party certification. You can't argue with that. What's the story from a video. A free society cannot wow social media giants, to silence free speech, Donald Trump speaking at the United Nations. He said, or the story it was Story- says President Donald Trump used part of his speech before the United Nations, Tuesday to warn of the growing accumulation of power by big tech companies. Now Donald Trump has spoken about a lot of things at and summit. He talked about globalists you know and and globalism and trade in China, but he does talk about the power that they have to control. We see what we can say it and what we can see and turn what we end up. Thinking about certain issues. Look, it's no surprise. It's! It's if you follow my car that you know this is a seriously alarming issue to me. I have war time and time again. First tell
Come for the conservatives, the people out of line with the rules then they'll come for. Anyone who challenges the establishment. Recently, the left was facing censorship because they were trying to call out the working families, your progressive organization, a political party for supporting those with Warren, but on twitter for some reason their tweets would, and I'll say this. You know I stand in supporting in solidarity with those who are demanding answers on why this happened, but I'm also a bit. I don't know frustrated that I've been saying over and over again, please look at what's in the conservatives and they poo, poo and say nothing's happening. Let him go and then here it is hitting the left in one of the present stronger statements on social media bias, yet Trump argue that Social media censorship is incompatible with a free society. He also drew attention to the the trend of censorship, canceling and blacklisting in general. We must always be skeptical of those who want conformity and control said the president.
Even in free nations, we see alarming signs and new challenges to Libbert Liberty, a small number of social media platforms are acquiring immense power over what we can see and over what we're allowed to say, and I'm flabbergasted by the journalists, support boarding, the international call for censorship. I kid you not includes twitter and Youtube. I think Facebook as well mean with international entities and talking about how Charlie censoring their platform in the US it's disgusting. You want to talk about it on world government and international cooperation. I don't care, don't talk about stripping away the civil because of human beings and the fundamental right to express themselves. We've got a big problem I understand the argument, Trump is bring about globalism or whatever I get it. I get it. I do. One of the big argument is that the international community has no reason to protect our constitutional rights, and if we say
it to international courts. Our courts become lesser and no, that's not a good thing So long as our constitution is an we as us, citizens have our rights protected, I'm a bit happy, but I do think these rights are fundamental to human beings, and that includes everyone in the world. A permanent political class is openly openly disdainful, dismissive and defiant of the will of people. A faceless bureaucracy operates in secret and weekends. Democratic rule, media and academic institutions push flat out. Assaults on our histories, traditions and values. Show me the line he's not wrong. Media and academic institutions. Now, of course, you're He left saying that's not true college another hold on not every media outlet, here's Breit Bart, not every academic institution. Again they try to play absolutism when he didn't apply it in United States. My administration has made clear to social media companies that we will uphold the right of free speech. A free society can
not allow social media giants to silence the voices of the people and a free people must never ever be unless it in the cause of silencing coercing, canceling or blacklisting their own name, that is a powerful message to the foreign countries that do this. I was in Turkey when they shut down social media. It was. It was amazing. We were watching things change, so that way. This hacker guy with Us- and he was looking at like DNA yeah, my name servers and being like it's gonna, go down here and, as you can see, the change right now check it out. Five minutes later boom Twitter was gone. So, yes, it's not just a social media companies. It's these are for tearing regimes, but now you have twitter agreeing with many of them and censoring at their behest Trump statement, put some at odds with globalist political leaders who want social media platforms to engage in more censorship, not less at a summit dubbed the Christchurch for action. Earlier this year the leaders of France, Germany,
Britain and New Zealand demanded social media platforms, clamp down on bond extremism and Trump said no ' president Trump's White House publicly refused to co sign the call for action. You know why. Now he was criticized, for this is fascinating. 'cause. He can't legally do it. The first amendment would not allow the press to sign an international agreement, silencing the speech of US citizens. More importantly, the Supreme Court has ruled as much the government cannot restrict access to so social media, but he was criticized, they said. Trump is suppose, bring the extremists. We can't legally do it. They complain about abuses of power. Fine, let's talk about it, but this is that one of them this is Trump conceding. He doesn't have the power to make this statement bright. Bart goes on to say: sensor discrimination on the basis of political viewpoint, have become widespread across big tech platforms as bright Martin is revealed earlier this year. Facebook maintains a list of figures in commentators that it considers potential hate agents and
Google owned Youtube has deliberately reordered. Excuse me, three, it search results response to ideological complaints from left wing journalists. This is a fact. Even the president's son Donald Trump Junior has been affected by big Tex censorship. In February Facebook owned Instagram deleted a post from Don Junior about notorious hate, crime, hoax or just a instagram claimed. Their removal was an error more recently Don junior or that is a name and that of the president were not appearing in Instagram search suggestions, Instagram's explanation, another error, it's quite interesting to me. The errors are the error errors almost only go in one direction. We saw this m. Auto search. Mistake happen against around Daniel is there name Rhonda Mcdaniel, the Rnc woman, there a lot of conservatives that weren't appearing, but this is kind of strange
the President of the United States when you search form doesn't appear. I got to say it's a very, very weird, but the the important take away from all this is that Donald Trump. At the? U end, the present United States directly called out tax censorship. And you know what he did not do and I'm going to I'm going to throw a little bit of shade. President Trump skips Un Climate summit. Well, I get it he's playing to his base. I think most Americans do- care about this issue. I really really think that's the case and and and and it bums me out. I think it would have been much more presidential for him to actually attend, but this is a powerful message to his supporters and people who are sick and tired of the environmental activist. You know debate the climate change strike stuff that Trump isn't going to play to their to their women's. I would have preferred to see an actual engage this because, as you know, I am very much so on. By side of the argument, though I think a calm, rational conversation needs to happen.
I can answer was necessarily said, blame him, but I don't think you would have seen that calm, rational debate on the side of the plate was base anyway, but they say this is from and one our The United States will not be represented. A major UN climate summit leaders from the four nations opal present plans to combat climate change at the climate action summit. The Secretary General says: only countries with new specific and bold plans may speak. I get it. Here's the problem. Here's a frustrates me. I would love to see the president engage with this. But look at what happened in DC. It shut down DC, which frustrated me here. I am somebody like hey I'd like to see some action I'd like to see something done to help the climate, not here to play these silly games about. You, know China and and and arguments one against, ignore it. Okay, and I'm not going to argue with anyone in the right. Any conservative about weather, not climate change is real. I think it's a waste of time. It's political base of
All we have to do is say agree to disagree, but what can we do to move for? That's what I want to hear what we had that the Trump supporters went out clean up your trash in California. And I'm like hey man. I really appreciate that. That's fantastic! That's a great move, whether it's a pr stunt! Otherwise, we then saw the shut down. Do you see people twerking and throwing confetti in the air littering the place, caring plastic, water bottles and I'm like you're? Not so I can understand why someone like Trump doesn't feel they're acting in good faith. I I guess I'm politically homeless, because I, as I mentioned what I would prefer to do is just say: oh okay, don't agree with me. Okay, disagree with me. I respect that. What can we do? What like? Where? Where can we meet somewhere? That's going to be good for everybody; That's how we get that we get a guy twerking in the street. We get a dumpster being set on fire. We get people your roads being shut down by people who don't actually care, they don't actually care if they did, they would be taking those individual actions themselves. A lot of people care, I'm sure a lot of people who are there actually cared, but this is what we get. We get. The politics we deserve.
If you're going to have people twerking and dancing in the street, don't be surprised in the President backs away and I'm not playing this game. When you get people like Greta, you know who the kid Anan they're using political posturing to proper protector from criticism, don't be surprised if the President says I'm not going that game? It's you can't win. You can't win which people were more rational and you could get the present to begrudgingly. Free to sit down and talk about it, but when you have the We saw in DC, they think they're like we're, not playing nice. No you're shy. Turn down, the conversation is what you're doing I'm not going to keep this whatever I'm done I'll see you guys tomorrow at one thousand, am podcast at six hundred and thirty pm. There's two big stories here. I'm I'm I'm glad Trump is talking about censorship. I'm I'm bummed out that he's not going to it. He skipped over the climate summit, but I'm also bombed out and how the left is representing themselves in the debate. Anyway,
all the people we almost over here and I'm gonna go. I make, I think, I'm a grill, I just it's nice out, we're gonna grow some chicken, some barbecue sauce on it I'll see you guys tomorrow.
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