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Democrats Caught Facilitating Immigration Fraud, Coaching Migrants To Lie To CBP Report Says

2019-07-06 | 🔗

Democrats Caught Facilitating Immigration Fraud, Coaching Migrants To Lie To CBP Report Says. According to the Washington Examiner, Democrat Veronica Escobar sent aides to Mexico to teach asylum seekers how to bypass immigration laws by lying about medical conditions or by claiming they can't speak Spanish.The rhetoric and action from Democrats supporting non-citizens seems to be reaching critical mass as two 2020 Democratic hopefulls have carried out campaigning in Mexico. With Beto O'Rourke meeting migrants in Mexico and Cory Booker actually accompanying migrants who had previously been removed under the Migrant Protection Protocols back into the US.Democrats seem to be in a bubble on immigration and much of the boom in right wing populism around the world is the result of a fear of out of control immigration.In a shocking twist to the story however, CNN's Fareed Zakaria came out in agreement with Donald Trump saying he is right and people are abusing and gaming out asylum system.This news just reinforces that Democrats are chasing an increasingly extreme far left social justice policy which will end in complete open border. From offering illegal immigrants healthcare, decriminalizing illegal border crossings, to stating they won't deport illegal immigrants it seems Democrats are out of touch with conservatives, republicans, and even the majority of America.

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From the Washington Examiner Democratic, Congresswoman, secretly sending staff into Mexico to coach asylum seekers the other day couple days ago, Cory Booker went into Mexico to aid illegal immigrants entering the country. Strangely, we keep hearing these people referred to as asylum seekers they're, not in almost every circumstance. The people being referred to in these stories have already been removed from the United States and our in to bypass the laws, thus illegal immigration, there are silence acres that are coming to the US com. They make their case and many instances now they're being told to remain in Mexico in an attempt to bypass this, many people are trying to re, enter the US and changed their story. In this instance, up according to Dc Examiner, a democratic congressman is coaching them on what they need to do to not have to stay in Mexico telling them to claim they don't on
stand. Spanish, that's one of the rules we also Cory. Booker was a beta roar campaigning in in not in Mexico, we've seen sanctuary cities in general, we've seen Democrats as of last year. What earning illegal immigrants of pending ice rates we've seen a judge accuse now indicted or letting illegal immigrants go from a courthouse secretly to avoid ice. It's really really weird story. I can't quite put my finger on it. Democrats are actively eating non citizens who do they represent, and why are they doing this? But beyond this one story, I want to talk about something else in Maine where many african migrants are being sent. We see- story of a single mother being given a tent by the city, yet illegal Emma birds are being given facilities. It's a very, very strange circumstance when you have California giving healthcare voting too, give healthcare to illegal immigrants while they have a homeless problem, look
I get it. We can act like the homeless of LA in the illegal immigrants. Are both humans deserving of human rights, but don't we have a triage system of who should be helped first, I can't say I understand why is happening of course, you'll see many people on the right say that Democrats are actively aiding foreign citizens for the purpose of getting new voters. I can't really put an argument against that. Other than look. I don't know why Democrats are actively eh. Non citizens? Why would someone want to elect someone who won't represent them is beyond me, but let's start, this story and before we do have timcast dot com. Slash done it if you'd like to support my work, there's a Paypal option of Crypto option a physical address, but of course the best thing you could do share this video because Youtube won't suggest them anymore. I rely on you to suggest these videos to your friends and family on social media. If you think people should listen to my content, I appreciate it. Free The examiner. A democratic congresswoman is staff to Mexico's northern border town of cod
hard for us to find migrants, return from El Paso Tech, this, under the remain in Mexico policy, then coaching them to pretend they cannot speak Spanish to exploit a loophole, letting them return to the US so no DC examiner. These are not asylum seekers when they go from claiming asylum being told. Wait and then trying to commit fraud to re enter the US. That is legal immigration right. I think that's a fair point to be the same can be said for what Cory Booker did the people that Cory Booker brought in had already been deported, now, there's very, very important context. We need to mention when talking about asylum seekers, I'll briefly mention it now CNN's for it's. A Korea makes surprising comments about Trump's remarks on a side It pains me to say this: he is right. People are abusing the asylum system. This is more
evidence of that, and lo and behold, Democrats are facilitating the fraud. Let's redone. The national Border Patrol Council's El Paso chapter chapter and several Cbp personnel told the Washington Examiner AIDS to Rapid Veronica Escobar, who took over two thousand and twenty democratic, as I look at it, but Rourke's district and the local Catholic Diocese have interviewed thousands of migrants in Juarez over the past few weeks to find cases where Department of Homeland Security officials may have wrongly returned people. They cite what we believe is happening is Veronica. Escobar's office is going to basically second gas and obstruct work already done by the border patrol said, one senior official, who shared evidence at the Washington examiner from K with with you, haven't shared evidence with the Washington examiner from concerned to see the managers and rank and file members. Those documents have been held to protect identities.
Under the bilateral Mpp Migration Protection protocol protocols or remain in Mexico policy. Anyone returned must be fluent in Spanish because they may have to reside in Mexico for up to five years. Until a US federal judge decides their asylum claim. A democratic politicians, AIDS re escorting people back to the port are telling off This is the central american individual with them cannot speak spanish despite their having communicated communicated in it days earlier. Cbp said what we're hearing from management is that they're attempting Turn people on the story was changed in Mexico. What are person who, on should spanish before and now doesn't understand where a person who didn't have any health issues before now has health issues. If they don't speak Spanish, what are they speaking English? What's their first language? Maybe it's Escobar's team has sought interviews with six thousand people who are charged last month according to one Cbp official.
The union, learn from intelligence unit within within Cdp that those doing interviews are wearing recording devices during the interviews to tape, conversations and possibly listen back later, they went through an interviewed everybody. Cherry picked them brought them back and now are using them as taglines they're going over there and manual featuring a lot of these issues said the union official all free border officials worried the interviews might be used to suggest the border patrol is wrongfully. Turning away a large number of asylum seekers, we had finally found a happy medium 'cause. We always get crapped on when it comes to immigration, law and then there are finding loopholes to bring them back. So it sounds to me. It could be wrong that these people come claim. Asylum speak Spanish are told to wait in Mexico after these interviews come back. They secretly record the interview with the person claims
can't speak Spanish and then, when the c p is like now, we know this person does they're trying to use as evidence to claims. He is doing something wrong when in reality, at least according to C b p en at since I believe evidence I believe it provided to the DC examiner. They say seeing an official who shared evidence with the examiner. It sounds like Democrats, at least this one Democrat is actively assisting in immigration fraud and trying to paint C p as the bad guys mark H, Metcalf, a former FED off federal immigration judge during the Bush administration said, the involvement of Escobar's office was likely more of a stunt than a genuine threat to the integrity of the process. She trying to obviously say these people have been wrongly denied their claims and they're waiting when they shouldn't be. However, he said a criminal case would exist if Escobar were found to be complicit an effort to perpetrate a fraud which would to include it knowingly, injecting false statements during
interviews followed conversations and documents presented to US officials, they gonna, say ADA. Get security. Official aware of the situation said, Democrats, nonprofit organizations and two thousand and twenty hopefuls are furious at these. Migrants are not permitted to await their coordinates in the US where they have the opportunity to disappear and slip into the interior never to be seen again by opposing a system that assists migrants and speeds. Wait times these individuals exposing a because it looks more like a cover story for their political motivations, any effort to subvert and obstruct federal law enforcement operations should receive a full review D. A the official sat in one incident and Escovar aid and diocese official walked a male migrant over the bridge in June and asked for him to be admitted into the US, because they had found, he had cognitive disabilities Officers took the boy and turn the case over to border patrol, where an agent found a constituent, infirm
and privacy release form with the Us House of send a seal on it. Inside this Seventeen year olds file, two official said the paper would have to have been put in this file. While he was interviewed in Mexico and was not supposed to have been left there, because it would reveal to border patrol that a member of Congress or their staff was meeting with my in Mexico. The boy has since returned to Mexico, because the medical condition was not diagnosed by a medical professional, but by an aide of the congresswoman. Management saw that form. I was like what is this and reached out our international liaison unit and I'll? You said yes, Veronica Escobar and several other politicians are in Mexico. Trying to defeat the Mpp program. Officials only discussed one port of entry in El Paso, but said they knew of three other in It's where Escobar's AIDS had walked back a remain in Mexico program recipient in another confirmed,
price of female migrant was brought back to the port after claiming to have been raped in Juarez, the union official. Set the onslaught of interviews suggest federal resources are being MIS. Spent resources are NG diverted into a foreign country in an attempt to reverse already decided legal action, meaning these people were found admissible under a new program, and they must remain in Mexico they're trying to subvert that listen, don't take my word for it for read. Is the car yeah the store from the third from the daily wire for rates a car? Yes said it pains me to say this, but Trump is right. I don't know what, where you can see. And on this when CNN says Trump is right. Try, Poop is literally mocked as the orange men bad network. We now have the New York Times calling for Congress, give Trump the money. He wants the Democrats stepping up and saying fine. We will give the Terry aid package and even CNN, caving and saying Trump is right, dealing with
his remarks on asylum and what did Trump say about asylum that many people exploiting this system and didn't return to the court hearings once they were left in the US well, let's see what freeze a was specifically talking about all, reference asylum abuse. But let's get to the quote the car in this segment by noting that he is not a fan of Trump pains me to say this, but he is right at the Us S. A crisis, swiss asylum system Democrats might hope that the out of control that you southern border undermines Trump's image among his base. As a tough guy who can tackle immigration, they should be careful. It actually could work to the president's advantage. Two thousand and fourteen the flow of asylum seekers into the. If you guys it has skyrocketed. Last, immigration courts received. One hundred and sixty two thousand claims a two hundred and forty percent increase from twenty fourteen the result is a staggering backlog, with more than three hundred
I was asylum asylum cases pending and the average immigration case has been put. For more than seven hundred days. It's also at the rules surrounding asylum are vague, lacks and being game. This is incredible to hear from CNN seriously The initial step for many asylum seekers is to convince officers that they have a credible fear of persecution in their home countries and about seventy five percent, with the criteria some applicants for asylum have suspiciously similar stories using identical phrases. Man, you simply use the system to enter the US and then MEL. Into the shadows or gain a work permit, while their application is pending the car No, that asylum is supposed to be for a very small number of people in extreme circumstances and have the definition is because very loose over time, and that is a major factor that is contributing to the number of people flooding the US border. The criteria for asylum needs to be rewritten and substantially tightened. The number
of and officials dealing with asylum must be massively expanded. People should not be a to use asylum claims as a way to work in America. There needs to a much greater cooperation with the home countries of these applicants, rather than insults, threats and aid freezes, which is a criticism of criticism of Trump. If, let's continue to spiral downward and America, southern border seems out of control, Trump stuff rhetoric and hardline stance will become increasingly attractive to the public. Keep in mind that the rise of populism in the western world is almost everywhere tides to fears of growing out of control, immigration. Well, listen! I can't whether Trump is right or wrong. I can tell you what Trump is saying was what the Democrats are saying and what both are doing, but I can point, the sheer absurdity of sitting here to tell you that Faried Zakaria now agrees with Trump's stance. Asylum is being abused,
people suspiciously, have the same story and our game in the system. And then, when we see the DC examiner saying straight up, that they have seen evidence a democratic congresswoman is helping these people commit immigration fraud. I'm curious, There will be a criminal case here, but it sounds like it's irrefutable at this point. I do not believe Democrats have the best intentions of the american people at least most of them. There are a few that I think are doing well that principle Not all perfect. I can say the same for many republicans but all can really say after this is you know what we've seen it played out time and time again, Trump was not wrong. You don't have to like the man I certainly don't, and neither does Faried Zakaria it is, not some kind of virtue signal to say this. Many people are, like oh TIM, simply saying he doesn't like Trump to signal to the left. No, by no means I think Trump is crude and crass and's.
Set time and time again represents the worst of american culture as it pertains to the government. The New York Times Release and out bad showing that since two thousand and twelve, the Republican Party has tilted slightly to the left. That includes trump, but that doesn't mean you have to like the man. He has some very aggressive stances on some policy His foreign policy is nearly as bad as Obama's. I've actually been called Palmer's been worse at this point, and Trump does deserve praise for pulling back on IRAN and for all his meetings with North Korea. But the point is simple: you don't have to like the man and you don't have to be a supporter of his to recognize he's been right. I do not believe anyone. Should truly be an overt supporter of someone unless they really do agree with everything they're doing okay, so I wouldn't have a supporter of of most politicians. It is rare that I get behind somebody, but I think at this point, when
you can see that even for read, Zaccaria CNN is willing to acknowledge. Trump was correct on the issue. Take a principled stance, stop screaming orange in Badan recognize he was right from the get go and something needs to be done about this Cory. Booker, escorted, illegal immigrants back into this country, people who had been removed under the migrant protection protocols, a legal action. It is a law that allows the government to do this. It is just a policy under an existing law. Cory Booker brought them back in, but let's move on because I want to get to the the to the to the crazy points story I'm not going to read through it in its entire t, main single mother facing eviction has been offered a tent and camping gear by the city. Now I believe this woman is in banger and a lot of what we're seeing in terms of african migration is is in Portland. I don't want to act like it's a one for one. It's very easy to conflate issues
policies may be different in Bangor than they are in Portland, but I want to stress the existing problems our country faces. We have a homeless crisis period. I can't tell you how many activists, I've heard, say things like how can we have so much empty homes in so many homeless people? I agree, I think, that challenge and that you can't just put someone who's mentally unwell or without the means to support the maintenance of a home in a home, but I do think we can pass some kind of comprehensive homelessness or housing reform package. Unfortunately, even in LOS Angeles with a democratic supermajority, they were on able to do this. If California can't be those who we look up to from the Democrats in order you know in in in in in an effort to get things done, if we can't look to the Democrats, who claim to be fighting for this to solve the problem? Who do we look to? And there are lots,
I guess the problem we're seeing here: democratic congresspeople, AOC, giving advice on how to skirt ice and immigration enforcement a year ago. Oakland. Ok, I believe, is the Oakland mayor, helping a warning people that ice raids were coming. A judge in Massachusetts, indicted for helping and uh escape ice enforcement Democrats actively campaigning in Mexico like Beto, O'Rourke and Cory Booker escorting the migrants. Italy back in and now we have a story from the examiner at a democratic Congress, is assisting in immigration. Fraud gun that, from the examiner who's claim to have seen evidence. How can we have a homeless crisis? How can we tell this woman we're going to give her a tent to sleep in meanwhile, we have Democrats actively sit actively assisting in illegal immigration. Read the car. You said it their gaming. This system, a lot of people are it's. Asylum is meant for a small amount of people. It is, and I believe,
We have a moral obligation to protect those who truly are fearful of their life, even if they bypass Mexico. I can certainly complain. If you're fleeing Honduras and you're in Mexico, you're safe, but I still recognize. Perhaps it may be dangerous and we can help these people, but guess what Real asylum seekers are few and far between many of these people but exploiting the system, as for Read Zaccaria has said, don't take my word for it: CNN Orange Men, bad network, as many people have mocked them. Set it. How can we see this story here? This is what shocks me comment seriously. A main single mother faces eviction. She gets a ten in LOS Angelus, Portland Seattle. There are homeless camps popping up around the country. Why is California offering to pay for universal health for illegal immigrants? Meanwhile, they have a severe homeless crisis they haven't been able to solve. I truly don't understand what the intentions are now
I do want to make sure I stress some other information, because my intention never is you know to just put things in black and white, the woman from the stories surfing and we have seen that Portland area residents are lining up to host migrants from Africa. So I don't want to claim that she's in the tent now she's sleeping on someone's couch, but that's the best they could do for her, but we do have Afrique migrants being given facilities and food and shelter. Meanwhile, our own citizens, single mothers, do not have this luxury. There's a few other stories that I wanted to highlight in reference to what LA is doing in response to the homeless crisis, we have this story: LA property owners, shelter residents, try to block settlement that, let's homeless, people keep their skid row below things it seems like over and over again Chicago New York, LOS Angelus we genuinely have people who claim to want to help those in need. They actually don't. If you
We wanted to solve our problems if you really cared about those who are in need, wouldn't you walk outside your own building and give a hand to the person sleeping in the streets? Why is it that they are so willing to signal to people who aren't citizens of this country there. So we link to assist in fraud there so willing to actively campaign in Mexico and eight illegal immigration back to this country? How is that? What they, when it most of the actual bills to allow the homeless even keep their property. They block this. There's no way out of this lack of affordable housing contributes to LOS Angeles homeless crisis. Why couldn't the Democrats solve the problem? And why are so many Democrats blocking citizenship question? Why are they blocking voter id? Why are they assisting illegal immigration? I can't really say I guess a lot of Republicans will have their opinions, though, but let's wrap this up.
A democratic congresswoman secretly sending staff into Mexico to coach asylum seekers. Their stories are changing their claiming not to speak. Spanish documents are emerging and amateur says they viewed evidence that staff from the democratic congresswoman are essentially assisting in immigration fraud, and I don't say that lightly Go on to say that if there is evidence that she is committing crowd, a fraud, a criminal case would exist. If you were found to be complicit. Therein lies the issue: was it her or was it her staff well DC? Examiner has taken the framing and they claim to have seen evidence they're saying straight up. It was the democratic congresswoman who is doing this will see if any criminal charges emerged, but people are certainly calling for charges against Cory. Booker for doing the exact same thing, so I'll
s, one last time the woman that were on that Booker Booker, a company back in this country, had already been removed legally under the migrants protection Protocol and he brought them back and providing a high profile press and political kind of protection I don't know to say all I can really end by saying is: it seems, like the Democrats are more interested in campaigning on the behalf of noncitizens than actual citizens. Stick around it's about a thunderstorm. I will see you in the next segment at at Youtube. Dot com, Slash TIM cast news starting at six hundred pm last night, while many of you slept another earthquake hit. California- and I believe this is the third earthquake- to hit southern California prompting more fears of the big one for the longest time people have said the big one is overdue. The big one is the San Andreas Fault, where people believe an earthquake is common. That could be over seven point, eight last night
about, I believe, nine hours ago, a seven point, one magnitude aftershock just hit southern California. What that means is that the six point four- and I believe, five point four that we had just seen are now for shocks to the actual earthquake of seven point. One. My understanding is the way it works. I think MIKE over this, the bigger shock quake is the main quake. That's not it at least that's how they classify mean about all earthquakes so, there's four shocks and aftershocks. What happened was we saw a six, I believe, a six point, four and then, shortly after a five point four. So everyone said the six point. Four earthquake was a big quake. While it lasted a long time. A five point: four had never that that's just an aftershock a seven point one just hit and at last
did something like forty seconds and it started fires it because a lot of problems now here's the thing there may be another one coming. And that's the articles actually have pulled up. So here's what I'm going to do the other day. We saw this story from NBC, powerful southern California earthquake triggers fears of the big one. It remains difficult to predict when a monster quake could hit. Models, indicate a small chance that one of at least out one of at least a seven point. Eight magnitude could occur in the next thirty years and I think it for a long time We just a seven point. One we've just had the quakes in a short amount of time. The big one might be coming, California might be in serious trouble. And it's no laughing matter. I mean California's it's a time of serious problems. Minus and now is there declaring a state of urgency requesting federal funds, because there was a lot of damage. I don't believe anyone was hurt, thank heavens,
but it seems like something bad might be about to happen. I remember being in California and so thing up. It was Fukushima happened when I was in LA and people started fleeing because they worried, the radiation was going to go to the water and the air in it. California- and thing that some of it may have, but only the lighter like iodine because, like the Mox plutonium and stuff too heavy, I'm not going to get all the radiation stuff, but essentially every store had pulled out of potassium iodide, which is what you take to protect your thyroid from radiation, because you were panicking. I can only imagine what's going to be happening now in California, following three earthquakes, one reaching seven point one now. I don't think it's really important to stress in terms of earthquakes I'm not I'm not a seismologist, but what I do know is that the way the Richter scale is an exponential increase of six point. Four.
Seven point. One is actually like much much like a okay. It's not normalize right, like a five point, five to five point, one, it's not the same as a seven to a seven point, one right, so the bigger the bigger the number gets, the more massive the earthquake is: it's it's an exponential increase. So I don't, I don't know the math and tell you how big the seven point. One is, I guess, we'll do before we go any further head over to TIM, cast dot com, slash down. If you want to support my work as a Paypal option, a crypto option, a physical address and the best thing you can do just share the video because he doesn't suggest my yeah. This anymore, as are as many other chance I'll tell you this. I have data, they suggest CNN. What you want, okay, I'm not getting. I can actually pull the date up. Maybe another video, but basically. What we're seeing now is potential fears following these earthquakes that there is going to be the seven point. Eight magnitude earthquake, what's in
Check about this story here from NBC News is that this story was yesterday, okay and now we're here they had fears the big one, coming. They want an article about it and sure enough. Last night boom a seven point. One hits so, let's see what the This news is, on the seven point, one the guardian. Now, writing this California braced for more after seven point one magnitude, aftershock, powerful, powerful tremor struck a high, twenty five miles north of LOS Angeles communities already assessing damage from fourth of July quake. Listen just the stress of four read this article. This story said there are fears of the big one. Following the six point, four and aftershock. We now have the same article talking about the seven point, one. I'm not saying I know what's going to happen or why but I'll tell you what it really does feel like. There might be a bit
you're quite coming really soon. If the pattern holds consistent but well read the guardian. Rights emergency officials in southern California is high. Desert, are braced for strong, potentially dangerous aftershocks from a major earthquake that damaged buildings, ruptured gas lines and sparked numerous fires near it's remote, epicenter, the magnitude seven point: one tremor rocked the Mojabi Desert town of Ridgecrest in your death Valley National Park, as darkness, fell on Friday jolting the area with eight time is more force than a six point. Four quake that struck the same area: thirty four hours earlier. So there's your math. That's the point. I'm try to make six point. Four seven point: one is actually an eight times increase in in the power Cal the governor Gavin Newsom, requested federal assistance and placed the state of emergency services on its highest alert. We have significant reports of fires structure.
Fires, mostly as a result of gas leaks or gas line breaks. Yes, director Mark Ghilarducci told a late night news conference. The quake also caused water main breaks and knocked out power and communications to parts of parts of Ridgecrest, a city of about twenty seven thousand about a hundred twenty file. Five miles north of LOS Angeles no fatalities or serious injuries. Injuries were reported from either quake police said. But you said the full extent of damage would not be known before daybreak on Saturday. This is a very a large earthquake and we also know there's going to be a series of aftershocks as a result of the main quake. He said, adding his agency faced a challenge getting needed resources to the isolated quakes. On this not going to be something that's going to be over right away. So it's also possible again based on what I said earlier, that this isn't the main quake and it's important to point out. I don't know. Look I don't want to I'm not the expert here. So don't take take my word and take any action.
All I can tell you is what I think and what I've read it's possible more quakes. Come write an article in the day that sad earthquakes trigger more earthquakes that the likelihood of a bigger earthquake goes up when another earthquake happens. We've just seen six point, four five point, four, seven point: one seven point: one is eight times bigger than six point: four. We get any better than that things are going really bad, so the big one is supposed to be bigger than seven point eight, which I can only imagine it's going to be substantially more massive. So are they going to talk about? You know yeah some, some some people got hit. Chandeliers were checking right Humphrey of the LOS Angeles Fire Department, told Knx, am radio more than one thousand firefighters were mobilized. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. The press box at your stadium, large for several seconds and fans in the upper deck, appear to be moving toward the exit. I think we I see from this as all of us will real nuts we have some kind. I would be surprised,
right now, people are rushing to Walmart Water is getting sold out like crazy. I said the pair of quake for the most powerful to strike the regents in since one thousand nine hundred and ninety four, when the six point seven. Ninety two Northridge quake hit the heavily populated San Fran San Fernando Valley, the event cost fifty seven deaths and billions and dollars of damages from collapsed buildings and destroyed freeways. That's terrifying. This is the first magnitude six earthquake in In years it's the longest interval we've ever had. We know the last twenty years was abnormal. We should expect more earthquakes than we've been having certainly chances are we're going to have more earthquakes in the next five years than we've had in the last five years in the last five years, so more calming than they've. Seen so here's a photo, you can see all the books not on the shelves. Let's talk about the big one, that's why I pulled out this Wikipedia article just because I want to point out some time line con
text and what can be expected. First, it's not going to be like a nine point, five or some ridiculously massive earthquake, just wipes out California. It's actually expected to be a seven point. Right, which still will be massive. Ok, what will be asked when I was a kid there's like a nine point, two in Alaska, something to remember it could be wrong, but there's a Wikipedia article for the San Andreas Fault and they have a section called the big one It says a study published in the two thousand six in the journal. Nature found at the same address fault, has reached a sufficient stress level for earthquake of magnitude, greater than seven point on the on the on the scale, so that made it that may have been the big one we there you go, it may be all over, I think not and the import for people to prepare, because things can get really bad. I wouldn't be surprised if highways are going to be jammed up with people fleeing the state while they still can. Who knows? I've never gonna happen, they're going to say that
the: U S geological survey, most recent forecast known as you you serve three released in November. Twenty thirteen estimated that an earthquake of magnitude, six point, seven or greater a curse about everyone, a once, every six points your statewide. The same report also estimated there's a seven percent probability that an earthquake of magnitude, eight or greater occur in the next thirty years, somewhere along the San Andreas fault. A different usgs study into this Nate tried to assess the physical, social and economic consequences of a major earthquake. The study predicted that amount is seven point. Eight earthquake among along the southern San Andreas fault could cause about one thousand eight hundred deaths and two hundred and thirteen
billion dollars in damage. So we can see here is the earthquakes in California, along the San Andreas Fault, eighteen, five thousand seven hundred and nineteen in eighteen. Fifty seven, it was a seven point: nine, that's huge one thousand nine hundred and six was a seven point. Eight also huge one thousand nine hundred and fifty seven was five point: seven, eighty one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine. We saw a six point, nine and then four. We saw six if they're, estimating probability of seven percent- and this is old information of an eight or greater we've. Also got warnings that there could be more earthquakes coming, maybe just after shocks that are smaller, maybe bigger ones. I can only really say take care yourself, man, if you're in California, take care of yourself, don't don't take chances of your safety there's only one of you, you know our it's. It's that they've been wildfires, there's been devastation in in a in natural disasters has been flooding in Houston
all of these things I want to stress your belongings. You know it sucks to be out alone, without the things you've built up in the things you own to protect your family and keep your family afloat, but your life is always more important, a lot of people. You know they don't want to give up their backpacks with on a plane that they say leave your bags. Leave your bags seriously. Leave your bags there's only one of you. There is no value to your life and I'm not saying you're valueless, I'm saying, there's literally no amount of money that could replace you out of all All of the stars in the universe, out of every formation of every chemical and every molecule, every compound and every life form there is, but one of you it cannot be replaced. Your life is the at, not the u your person, so I want to stress I don't I don't want anyone to panic. You know I don't say, but when I woke up, my phone was lit with all these are occasions of people being like dude, seven point one in California. This is significant and it's scary. Actually, that's the that's the that's. What is really cool check out this photo is the San Andreas fault.
A road split, I saw a picture of a road split like it. So. You know I don't know man, here's what I hate when it comes to doomsday scenarios and actually have a really funny doomsday things from VOX Vox is saying at the end is near. We got seven hundred and sixty years left and is coming here's what's really scary about any disaster. If you know there's a stigma that if you come out and say people prepare, they make fun of you than mock you they all, please nothing's, going to happen and then, when it doesn't, they feel justified. But what happens when it does? I do don't know what's going to happen here. All I know is an earthquake did happen. I hope everyone safe and I hope people can take care of themselves I also know people LOS Angeles felt that since they significantly felt it- and if this is a for shock to a bigger quake, that's going to be seriously bad news for a lot of people. If they're predicting eight point- oh seven, chance I say, don't take any chances. So look, I'm sure people are.
Going to Walmart rushing to stores to buy what they can. It's probably a good idea to stock up, I said, Before I will say it again: people have first aid kits, it makes sense to all of us. We have bandages, we have band aids. How often do you use them almost? Never. I got a first aid kit. I use it for the first time like three months ago. I have I've, had it for a couple of two years for the first time I used it because I accidentally stepped on my computer case. I was billed as taking it apart and I cut my foot on my dad. I need a band aid now, so I had to go in the first aid kit, I'm like man. This is the first time in like two years, I've actually had to get a bandage. Yes born on or something have an ended on it, but what about water about food? It's really funny, because you know tv has given us this negative into a impression of propers their mocked and ridiculed when a lot of actually kind of rational people, they're not saying the end, isn't either not waving signs in the air and marching down the highway trying to war with big scraggly beards, but just people who are
revival, lists who know how to start a fire and they've got a couple of weeks of food. This is what's crazy to me that we know now disasters happen. We know we are staring down the barrel of a massive earthquake in California. We've been warned about it over and over again an earthquake just hit. Let this beer, reminder to all of you. It is not the realm of fantasy to believe a massive earthquake. Can cause significant damage to California and you could get hurt so no don't create a volt, don't stock up with like three years supply of baked beans, but how some non perishable food have some water stored specifically in case of disaster. Listen It was a point a few years ago, there's an algal bloom in in in, I think, like superior camera, when the great lakes, where Ohio is Ma'Am, I'm my geography's terrible bottled water around the around the the the shoreline of those the lake was like completely sold out.
Because the water had become toxic. You couldn't drink it, so people rush to the stores to buy bottled water. I believe FEMA had to come in with emergency water supplies, and this is why it's kind of shocking to me that people don't have a couple cases of water or like like a fifty gallon. You know drum of emergency water to drink in the event the water supply It's cut off. Let me ask you this outside of your water faucet. Where could you go right now to drink, fresh water seriously? Think about this for a second? No, I don't think we're facing the apocalypse. I'm not saying it's an increased likelihood that your water stops working, but if the stores were closed, if your, if your water faucet stopped working, where is your water coming from I, I would be willing to bet like ninety. Eight percent of people no I'd be willing to bet a lot of people in rural areas know full well 'cause. I lived on uh lived in rural areas with with with with pumps with, we were getting groundwater. We knew where the water came from and we were independent of any like main water grid for a city, but
play what man. The last thing you want to experience is being a major when the water gets shut off. Somehow, if a major quake hits LA and it disrupts the flow of water, things will get ugly fast. I don't know how the government will contain it without sending an emergency water tanks to try and supply, but you got thirteen one million people, unlike the LA county area. If this quick does it it and you don't have water bottled water will be gone, you're not going to live longer than you know. What is it like? Five or six days without water people will start fighting over water. It's going to get ugly, so I don't, I'm not gonna. Tell you what you should or shouldn't do, I'm not on anybody get a proper here's, the point. If you could have a bandaid and you never use it, why? Wouldn't you have some spare water and food? That's crazy to me. You know I want to unlock. It was the hierarchy of needs? Food comes first, water comes for her just so. Why have a band aid when, when the likelihood is that I guess this crazy me. We're so safe and comfortable in our cities, because we have
in the water won't go out that people don't have emergency older people, emergency generators and it's really scary image. The power goes out in California for a sustained amount of time. Even a couple weeks, diabetics need refrigerators for their insulin without power. Those people are in serious trouble, so you Maybe some people have emergency generators and I thought is on its real, really convinced that got the band built its own independent. You know power source got solar power on it. I think the power go out twice in the past couple months, one of my it at home back when I was in Jersey and once up in Connecticut because of a storm And I was like the first time I was like damn. I wish I had the van second time I was like. I got the van having that independent. Power allowed me to keep working and doing my thing. But
I you know I don't. I want to rant on, like doomsday scenarios, look you've seen it last night, while we slept seven point, one hit, California, a lot of people were awake. I mean it was like like ten pm or like nine or ten pm, people were awake when the quake hit, so don't take it for granted. Absolutely not. You know there are times throughout the day throughout the year, you'll have no problem buying like five cases of water, none whatsoever. I could go to the store right now in in Connecticut and probably by thirty cases, of bottled water and, like thirty gallons of water, no problem, I walk in just public, our people back and it's got like water, but when it happens an earthquake, a power outage a hurricane, then you won't be able to buy the water. That's when everyone will rush out at the last minute. I'll tell you what if everybody talks the same for crop precautions they took with like a first aid kit with food and water. You want to have the major mass panic necessarily
when something big actually happens. So all I really want to say is the responsibility for your own survival lies with you, and no one else don't be one of these people who panics the last minute runs the store and then fights with someone over a can of baked beans, because there's no more food, the roads, you know. If a major earthquake break dot happens, the roads are going to be could be, could be shut down, foods that have a different look. This is a difficult time getting food. Into the city. Now there is a stand out. Was it the San Pedro port? I can't yeah. This is a massive met. Were the biggest part of the country in in a southern California so also come into the water ways, but just keep that in mind, I'm not going to you know I could rant on survival and stuff for a long time. I'll tell you this one, a of advice for all of you, and I hope you really to take this seriously one. You download the summation of Wikipedia Pedia onto your phones. I can you not it's only like seven gigabytes Wikipedia is not perfect, but there is a lot of
information that be very, very important, like you might be able to look up a picture of a mushroom or something and hey that's poisonous. More importantly, though, download a couple survival guides into your phones. Just like your first aid kit. You will likely never you but I'll. Tell you what outside of being can earned about potential disaster. How cool would it be if you just happen to be on a hike with your buddies and friends and you're like oh, I have this app is going to make a fire and you can make a fire in a really cool way, using like string in a stick. So this things about it. More importantly, though, download a survival guide and your phone today, Young probably never have to use it, but I I I hope- and I believe by doing so, you will increase the likelihood, your survival in any dangerous incident or master a major disaster by a significant percentage. By having that on your. It's really funny because people say: oh, you know when the big solar flare heads or something you won't need a phone, not true, absolutely not true If some major disaster happens, there's no electricity and no cell phones, your cell phone,
still ridiculously powerful. Don't underestimate it, it's a calculator that can help you more importantly, though, Wika Pedia and survival guides. I have like two or three different survival guides, and the really comprehensive is really amazing. There's like, like, I don't know like ten or fifteen different ways to make fire and collect water. There's like a cool thing about like using leaves to collect, condensation and funnel it down into like a make shift like leaf bowl, really cool stuff, I mean I I I like the idea of like hunting. I like the channel like engine technology. I love this stuff so beyond that. I think it's just cool to to know how to like manipulate the environment, to get what you need out of it. Like literally pulling water from the air using leaves pretty cool stuff anyway, earthquake
cap and there's a lot of thanks for hanging out. I hope you're, all I hope, you're all safe. I hope this is the end of it. You know thoughts and prayers in California. Nobody got injured, so I think we're good, but look the big one is gonna. Come okay! Well, look at the same address spot right here there. What it's gonna! It's gonna happen! Okay, so just don't! I I just want you guys to be safe. Thanks ran out. I will see that in the next segment at one pm, on this channel. Starbucks kicked out some police officers because customers did not feel safe around them. I got to say this is the result of an of people being inundated with property, on social media for like ten years or longer, there are there people who have realized police brutality, causes rage and rage, causes clicks and makes money there, our websites that have raked in millions of dollars simply by POE. Saying nothing but police brutality, videos and many left wing.
It's now a good, probably police, brutality story with you to get your money, but in reality these stories are actually relatively rare, and the likelihood that some cop is going to attack you or going to Starbucks is insane even if there was a hired. Even if it was true that most police officers were bad people would brutalize you they're not going to attack you randomly in a Starbucks, but this is, I feel, like it's domino's falling over when we talk about what's happening with these cops. We can just take a look and go back in time and see. What's what's happened, Starbucks to install safe needle disposal boxes after employees sign a petition? Why would that be happening? Starbucks needs safe needle deposits, oh because anybody can just use Starbucks now because of racism. Here's what happens! You know when you look back at where this all started. It seems kind of obvious something like this would happen. It starts with two young black men being
asked to leave because they had made a purchase. People on the left then say it's all about racism, while many others say it. Look you if you didn't buy anything, you got to go now these young. I think the story was been a while that other people didn't pay either. Why were they being? singled out there actually waiting for someone to meet them there, so it is rather silly they got removed because of this, and because of left wing cries of bigotry star. It's changed its policy and says you know what, from now on, you don't need to make a purchase to hang out in Starbucks what ends up happening. We saw a bunch of stories about Starbucks being you know now, just littered with trash homeless, people were coming in the bathrooms that couldn't keep him out. The bathrooms were being shot down. There was a big outcry over you know a wave of Starbucks putting up out of order signs because the
after we had become so filthy they can clean them as homeless people and mentally, and while people were doing gross things in them, and people were probably shooting up and that's not look people probably shooting up. It's why Starbucks employees wanted safe disposal boxes for needles, and now here we are, I gotta say If you're someone who's shooting up heroin in a Starbucks, you probably would not feel safe with police there if you're breaking the law. Now I don't know why people didn't feel safe around cops. I think it's silly some circumstances, some circumstances uncomfortable around police. A lot of people are, but I didn't like not Starbucks is so weird. So it's really the story say before we get started head over to TIM, cast, dot com, slash and, if you'd like to support my work, there is a Paypal option, agree option and a physical address, but of course, just share this video because you took doesn't suggest my videos anymore for the most
Art, so I rely on you guys to share it if you think it's worth being listened to. So, let's, let's start from Fox NEWS police officers in Tempe Arizona say they were asked to leave a Starbucks on the fourth of July, because a customer complained they did not feel safe with the cops present. According to reports, five officers were drinking coffee. It's at the Starbucks. Look mission prior to their shift beginning when a barista ask them to move out of the complaining customers line of sight or else leave the Tempe Officers Association wrote in a series of twitter messages. Rob Ferraro, president of the police Union, told Fox ten of
index that such treatment of police officers seems to be happening more often these days it's become accepted to not trust or to see the police and think we're not here to serve you and again. It goes back to we take a great pride of the level of customer service we provide to citizens and to be looked at as feeling unsafe. When you have law enforcement around, you is somewhat perplexing to me. Not to me Al Jizerou, plus Buzzfeed, VOX many left wing outlets, as well as fake news outlets have pumped out relent like relentlessly police brutality, videos, well, some of it, I think, is justified to call out police brutality. We've gotten to a point where market saturation right business is trying to make money, produce, content to make police look bad, and then you end up with stories like this. If somebody on Facebook only sees police brutality, content they're not going to feel safe around police,
let's get to actual like bigger picture here. Why would five Customers be removed because one customer complained. Could I then complain that, like a group of men dress, don't make me feel unsafe and then Starbucks will remove them. Why wouldn't that one person just leave? This is where things tend to be going with outrage, culture, one person gets upset and demands the world change around them and Starbucks says you got it. What if the police said that person makes us feel and all of us feel unsafe, get rid of them, which Starbucks then go to that one person said you need to leave. I don't think I don't think so. Let's read on. They say the police Union also posted a series of twitter messages about the incidents. This treatment of public safety workers could not be more disheartening
while the barista was polite. Making such a request at all was offensive. Unfortunately, such such treatment has become all too common in twenty nineteen. Excuse me, the union said it did not blame the Starbucks Corporate Office, adding it looked forward to working collaboratively with them on this important dialogue. Earlier Friday, the union did a parody of the Starbucks logo and the words dump Starbucks and the image of a hand dumping the contents of a Starbucks coffee, saying, don't appreciate, Starbucks asking our Tempe cops to leave your establishment on the fourth of July. Several of those cops are veterans who fought for this country, zero respect. They say a Starbucks, spokeswoman spokesman, told the Arizona Republic. The company was still gathering details about what happened. We have a deep respect for the Tempe police and their service. In the community spokesman, Reggie Borgeous told the newspaper we've reached out to the Tempe Police Department and Tempe officers Association to better understand what
happened and apologized. We want everyone in our stores to feel welcomed, and the incident described is not indicative of what we want any of our customers to feel in our stores. They say neither the barista nor the customer who allegedly complained ratified Starbucks would not say whether the barista would be disciplined in connection with the case in twenty eighteen incident at a Starbucks shop in Philadelphia made headlines when two black men who are waiting for a business colleague inside the shop, were arrested for trespassing, the Philadelphia Police, commissioner, later apologized to the man and Starbucks closed some eight thousand locations for part of a business day to a business day to conduct racial bias, training. So here's the thing this is not about Starbucks. I don't care if a Starbucks stock, if a single Starbucks, as we don't want an individual or group of people in our stores. There are private business right. The bigger issue is that we are see
being a massive ideological split. The left tends not to like cops. The right tends to like cops the right wealth. I, the blue lives matter sign on the left, will fly the black lives matter sign. When you ask an average person left they'll, probably tell you there's a problem with police brutality, whether or not it's actually true, and it's also kind of an opinion. Whether or not police brutality is a critical problem, or just more of I, I a small, but you know and edge case problem. Here's the thing there are instances of police brutality, we've seen many videos. I believe that any cop who breaks the law should be held accountable. I believe there is a problem with communities refusing to police police themselves be at the left, or be at the police. There have been many stories about, cops have broken the law and their colleagues defend. The man refused to quote cross the Blue, the thin blue line. They won't snitch. Another cops We see, we see on the police side, don't cross the thin blue line or something to that effect and
on the left we see snitches get stitches. This is not unique to police, but police do hold a disproportionate out of power in the public. Therefore, I think it's important. If you are a cop, you have to be held to a higher standard than the average per, but that doesn't mean I'm going to you know, falsely so here or a malign a police officer simply for being a cop. If a cop is seen doing something wrong, they should be held accountable, plain and simple, because if we can't look to the police as examples of how we should behave, we should behave its citizens and who do we look towards. But what what is more just concerned about the story to me is that we are entering a world where look. I've talked about civil conflict, civil war, fine. This is another example of what can lead to these problems. The people on the left.
Businesses saying cop bad bad cop get rid of them, even if they didn't do anything wrong, even if they're good people who abide by the rules and would actually call out the bad actors, it doesn't matter, they're all being thrown aside. If you can't trust the police, who do you trust? More importantly, if one side views them as good people who? on the committee and once I do use them as bad people, then you what you have the makings of an ideological rift which is going to result in massive conflict, and it all goes back to the first domino, no obvious. We can go back to the two guys who got arrested, but I can probably go back further than that. You can say hey. This is You know the two guys getting arrested starts with this starts with that you can keep going back in time and trying to figure out. How do we get to this point? That's why I say to me: it all feels so
obvious like we knew this was going to happen. Starbucks gets, you know criticized heavily for being racist. Now you have people who say all cops are racist right. They have a cap, they say a bunch of offensive things and now Starbucks employees are saying you know it just get rid of the police, REME or this idea where a cop could get like a free, hot dog. It's always sunny in Philadelphia made fun of this joke when it was dead, and Charlie out from here at the show. They basically pretend to be cops and keep getting free. Hot dogs, because a trope for a long time was the cops, are welcome to hot dog stand and hot dog. I would be like hey for you guys on the house and the cops will be like thanks buddy, because cops work and officer friendly, but something started to change in our national conversation around police and then it really took off when did so media realized they could make money off of police brutality. Some websites cracking like Alexa top five hundred global websites. I don't know the exact
so take with a grain of salt, but some seriously high traffic for websites just by posting police brutality. That's going to make people in saying that and it's the same. Look you want to talk about these, these online forums where people post about races, messages and how they're being radicalized? Yes, yes, and let's talk about how they are being radicalized in the other direction against police. When Facebook, when people are just sharing this content and people, make money off it, I'm looking at you box, I'm looking do Aljazeera, plus leftist organizations that made money off of these videos. It may be that one in a million cops does I don't. The actual number is, but now we're seeing people just accusing you know smearing police and it's not going to be a good thing. It's going to result in riots, it's going to result in protests and it's going to result in animosity in the community. Now these cops are upset. How do you think they feel it's not a good thing and will only ask you to leave it there stick around next time. It will be coming up at four pm at U two dot com, so
TIM cast and I will see you soon. The Federalist is running a story. Why Netflix struggle with talk shows is proof of format is dying and it talks, because end of about Chelsea Handler and our show that it that they did some weird things that but here's the real promise of this video so we'll look at the story will be another story. I've believe. Americans are sick and tired of orange man, bad and so I was talking to some people recently about the media, and these were a political people. I was out of the park and they were hang like man, I'm just so sick of everything. I watch the news anymore I have had. Conversation more than once. I wonder if you watching this video have had a similar conversation with someone. I was talking to someone back in the neighborhood in Philly, and they said you know
Oh, I used to watch the news all the time, but now it's just nothing but Trump Trump Trump Trump bad, oh, my god! I get it and it gets boring after awhile sure they get. The fervent crazy anti trump people to watch. All day, but the regular person is like man, I I'm out here and essentially what they've done is they've created a drug that only some people like actually the drug for themselves. They become addicted to it. Look at Rachel Maddow her rating skyrocketed. They went up a lot with the rush to stuff what happens when Russia Gate falls apart, her audience is addicted and if she backs away. She's already lost the court. You know like the regular people. She can only cater to those crazy people. Chelsea handler is very, as far as I know, Anti Trump Chelsea Chelsea Handler, went to therapy after Trump's election. So maybe she's, not the most. I'm not here to talk about her in our opinions, but just the point out.
The reason Netflix is struggling with their talk shows is not because the format is dying but because they keep putting the same narrative on tv. Now I don't know what I'll shows up, because I don't pay attention to her show. Nor do I watch it, but I do watch Netflix and people certainly watch talk news or news or whatever I'm getting like thirty, five million thirty. Six now so much I was doing Great Steven Carter is doing great Dave. Rubin had some pickups with with you. After the latest suggestion fiasco, Challe just a heads up to the way he structures his show on Youtube, but for the most part, over one million subs, not two chevy there's a lot of people who do This kind of political commentary and they're doing great Ben Shapiro is doing really great. I got to say: maybe the problem isn't talk, talk shows, the problem is
Netflix is trying to cater to a saturated and dying market, but let's see what they have to say over the Federalist they right. It's I that that's what's strategy to boost Chelsea ahead of its second season, involve deleting sixty six past episodes. Nobody seemed to notice, and the show was canceled take away, sixty six episodes of friends and there would be riots the New York Times call attention to the massacre this week in an article on Netflix's, talk, show problem one vice president the move as an easy way for viewers to catch up before the new episodes launched, and that makes sense the task Picking up a new show is less daunting with your episodes and each episode of a talk show can stand alone, sort of it's confirmation of a point times raised, which is that talk shows make for an awkward fit with streaming. No, they don't, but why should that be so
netflix and streaming services in general are not yet functioning as direct replacement for traditional television. We still treat the platform differently. For the option to open Netflix and tune into a regular talk show before bed exists, but people don't seem to want that full stop, not true, not true at all, and that was someone from Google a few years ago, and they said you tube Netflix is Youtube's biggest competition. Well, I'll tell you Youtube. Instead of deranking suggestions for my channel, an for Dave, Rubins Channel, another political commentary channels. Why don't you recognize that You actually have a monopoly in this space, be at left or right. There are great progressive I that are getting throttled, Kyle, Kulinski, David Pakman and with banner, not SAM Cedar. According to data. It looks like the facing the same throttling as my channel challenge others, because this is what you Youtube did. This is targeting independent political commentary and news channels. Youtube. You've got something good sure,
who's attacking Youtube, the other media companies that are competing with you tube. Perhaps you could recognize people like Youtube for this and it's work. Thing and you actually have a way to compete with Netflix Netflix can't figure out the format. Youtube does but I'll tell you this, even among many of the progressive channels that have taken a hit. They are not completely orange orange man, bad channels instance, while there's certainly not fans of trump there not nearly as fervent or crazy cow. Kulinski is a great example: he's actually complements, Sargon of a cod wow look at the mainstream media? They don't
How many hit pieces came out about about Sargon following his his UKIP campaign. It was all smears nonstop, but I'll tell you this. I went to escape this Cape Park by me and I've been going there a few times and I met some people skateboarders, not your most politically active people who expressed to me which shocked me. They just got sick and art of listening to the Orange man, bad narrative, that's all the media. Is they don't talk about anything else? It's boring and we get it and it's a conversation and over and over again the format works. You're here list sing to the working format. Ben Shapiro die The daily show and if you show on Sundays, it works and he doesn't it's like an hour. Long podcast look at the Joe Rogan podcast you're, going to tell me talk shows working Joe Rogan has one of the top hike. In the world. Setting up like reading a bunch of world news stories like the thing
I did having on Alex Jones having an you on yeah, it clearly works, but why does Joe Rogan need to go on Netflix when he's doing it? Fine on his own, the format is working. I'll. Tell you this Netflix. The problem is Chelsea handler. Why do I care what she has to say? Get somebody who's thought provoking honest and interest. We have real conversations, perhaps like Joe Rogan, then you see the show work phenomenally. Well, I threw a little bit more they say it's confirmation of a point. The times raised over there they say. Maybe the late night talk show is a habit of older generations, wrong people who don't have Netflix Anne, wouldn't watch Michelle Wolf. If they did no Michelle Wolf, is just a crazy person saying crazy things like everybody should get abortions and I'm not trying to be mean or any, but her voice was kind of shrill. Okay, again, no disrespect on a professional level for Michelle Wolf over her voice, but you like listen
You can't you need someone to be able to communicate in a way that you can. You can stomach it, listen to it, and I know it's kind of a low blow to mention her voice, but I think I'm going to have to be honest on this one. For me, it was hard to listen to war, because she's just has a very shrill voice and again not her fault necessarily, but still not good. When it comes to talk, shows she also had a segment where she made fun of berry. Weiss in every way is worthy of criticism, but she's actually got a rather middle of the how to approach a lot of stories that I absolutely respect. So what happens is regular people who want regular conversations only get or in Japan bed. We don't need it anymore. Listen! I do content, I routinely rag on Trump, but my approach is typically like. Oh man, I don't like the guy, but he's not that bad right and that's kind of a reasonable stance to take. No, it's not the end of the world, Trump's, not that bad. It reminds me of Flacco stocks. I don't know if you guys watch Fleck as he does on the like men, industry
interviews, and he did one where he asked people like Trump's, not that bad right, like he's kind of bad, but not that bad and I'm like, I can agree, that like and the reason why I would say, is not that bad. Is that there's a lot of things? I don't like that? He does. I don't necessarily trust lottery does but he's not nearly as bad as the orange man. Bad show would have you believe and they're going to give someone talk show when she has to go to therapy because Trump got elected, I'm sorry that is the wrong person for a talk show. So is mine well Wolf, Michelle Wie, got the show in my like I'm gonna, say it like my opinion, because she was extremely offensive at the White House. You know dinner whatever Prescott press event, so no they they they could make the Federalist you should get this year more like a right, leaning, Channel, Chelsea Handler and Michelle were for what well are just orange man. Bad shows we don't need any more of those. The market is saturated, we have Cole, bear we have Jim camel we have John Oliver. We have Trevor Noah. The list is an ant
The list can go on you get it all of late night. Tv is orange man, bad they're, all competing with each other. We don't need more. No, in fact, I'll tell you what, If Netflix did a gaming talk, show I better do well and around whether or not it's doing well, not is also around at the cost of production. You could probably get some young dude or woman to talk about gaming and talk with personalities and pop culture, and it would do ridiculously well. I bet you could do a talk. Show dealing with issues like I don't know: game of thrones or Westworld rolled whatever show it is people watching stranger things just came out. Even though talks on the like how many of you just watch stranger things will probably do fine to consider the cost you spend on it. What's really happening is that they're talking about pop culture and political commentary and they're bringing in people who have been traumatized by a light by election and can't grow up and speak to the adults in the room, plain and simple?
What we see in media is pandering to the children, the people who are so sensitive, they're, they're, they're, they're, frail pink little soft skin that you poke them in the. I think they can't handle the the no calluses right. You know when you work hard with your hands. Your hands get rough. When you play guitar your fingers get calloused, you become hardened to the harsh realities of life. And that means we can sit here and talk about Trump and why we don't like them, but we're not cry babies. We're not he's not that bad. I think Bill Maher does a relatively relatively decent, out for someone who has Trump derangement syndrome. He calls out the whiny babies and says grow up spot on that show works. Netflix's problem is not the streaming format and Youtube is proof. Steven Crowder is proof. You want to do well. Netflix, give Steven Steven Crowder a show, I'd be willing to bet. If Netflix gave his show to Steven Crowder, it would do phenomenally well.
Hands down, because Crowder does well. So here is interesting when it comes to streaming format, content you know who is really dominating. There are some progressive channels, but there are a lot of more centrist or right wing channels I don't know what it what it is. But I'll tell you this: if the young Turks are making a ton of money- and they are if David Pakman show is successful and it is Kyle Kulinski SAM Cedar, you've got left wing personalities on streaming platforms that do well. You've got my channel, you've, Crowder, you've got Dave, Rubin you've got Jordan PETE You've now got the launching of Bret, Weinstein and Jeffrey Miller. You got intellectual dark web types, doing their own youtube style. Talk, show podcast, throw in some interviews. I guarantee you, it would work the problem here. Is you have bad personalities that no one wants to watch I'll? Tell you what Netflix take the orange man bad personality? pushing aside because nobody wants to hear it anymore and
my opinion. The only reason it exists on television is because they don't know better. I bet their ratings would do. I I bet you if they replace not talk, show with someone who is more moderate. Who is like their stuff to criticize the president about, but not that bad? They would do phenomenally better way better. He should actually start capturing some of the Trump audience at that you're ready to probably go up, but what happens when they don't chase after the narrative- and I'm sorry they chase after the narrative and the ratings go down and they go. Oh, we better push harder to the far left and they keep doing it and just gets worse. Well there. It is I'll write this up stick around more segments to come in a few minutes, and I recently in Wisconsin, a large group of people stormed into a north face store and stole thirty three, ten dollars in merchandise- and this is what's referred to as a flash rob now ABC News- calls it a flash mob. But this is not necessarily a new trend, but you may have
in the story about date that the young woman turns out she's like seventeen who licked the ice cream, put it back and is facing prison there's an update on that story in that she's. I believe they're not going to pursue charging her as an adult and so she'll probably end up getting some like juvenile slap on the wrist lucky for her. I also think it's silly a friend someone twenty years in prison because they did something dumb like like ice cream. Listen, I understand the ripple effect of tampering with you know, stop at the store and how you know it costs a lot of problems. But let's stop the ME minutes tracks and stop the young people from doing dumb things, because sometimes young people do dumb things. You don't deserve twenty years in prison, because I like ice cream and put it back sorry. You've got some other videos of people like scooping ice cream and someone got guzzling mouthwash. It doesn't matter if they staged it doesn't matter if it was a hot. If it was a you know a parched afterwards they still contented product and you don't what they did or didn't that's going to be a review in a recall, plain, simple: don't do it thank,
In light of this news thought. This story- and I thought, would be interesting to talk about other trends in how people target stores. So it's not the first time we've seen a flash rabbit looks like this photo is different store that was rated ever on. I'm sorry, that's the earthquake as part of your quick I'm the reason I assume this is probably a flash rob. Is that if you're not familiar it's something I've known about since I was a kid in Chicago where people would you know, like twenty kids, the local high school to run full speed in a seven eleven yelling going now? That is a grabbing whatever they want running out. It's not a new trend, but in the in in light of what we saw it as a source. I thought to be insane thing talk about so so, let's read the story and then I'll talk about an older our way all the story about the the the prevalence of flash robbing, I think, is interesting before we do this over to TIM, cast dot com, slash down if you'd like to for my work. There's a monthly donation option through Paypal, crypto currency option and a physical address, but, of course, Youtube no longer suggest my videos
as I mentioned in the last video and many videos because of the censorship problem. So if you like my content, I need you to suggest it to your friends. I sharing it on social media because they don't anymore. For the most part, they still do a little bit but word of mouth. If, if you don't feel like it, it's worth being sure that I don't deserve it. So, let's read the news: a ten person flash mob made off with up to thirty thousand dollars worth of merchandise, from the North face store in Wisconsin this week. We have so wait. What just happened. So it's playing the video here, but that disappears. Let me close this and see if it'll play the video now it whatever can see in this image. You've got a bunch of dudes running and it just grabbing clothes and running out They say the incident occurred Monday night in pleasant, Prairie Wisconsin, when the ten men entered the store with purpose police chief, David Cemex Madonna, that's a weird out Smetana ABC News. They were gone from the store within thirty seconds. They knew exactly what
area, they were going to approach in the store which clothing items they wanted us said the incident was captured on Sir don't footage. No injuries were reported and no employees of the outdoor gear store confronted it's. Said investigators were working with other police departments where similar events have occurred. He added that similar acts of happened in the area before, but not to this level, they grab as many items as they can and they leave the store in multiple vehicles. He said if you're lucky enough to catch one of on the other ones have gotten away at that point, and that is the point to look for fresh look and see. If I get the video this video of it, then I want to play. I know if you're listening on the podcast you're not going to be able to see it, but I mean there, it is for those are listening. It's a large with men running full speed into a into the store. There's a bunch of clothing on various racks, like any department store. They grab handfuls of shirts and random clothes and run out. What's crazy about this. I don't know what going to do with fifteen
of the same shirt in different sizes, unless I guess going to sell it on Craigslist. I have no idea, but ABC is wrong. This is not a flash mob, it's a flash rob, and so I found this article from crying the museum. I don't know what crime museum is, but they talk about the concept of a flash rob all and they show an image of a flash mob. I'm not going to read this article to have a better one pulled up from twenty eleven talking about flash mobs turning criminal. I will read some of this, but I do want to I'll I'll take a little bit about my understanding of this. So I'm not just a few minutes ago about how you know kids would run into seven seven eleven, this something I've personally seen with kids in my neighborhood and that's why reference seven eleven specifically, they would all go to school at the same time, and then you have like a group of literally thirty teenagers, and they would all just pour straight into the store they would hold and they're like the like. Yelling and they would just take all the candy bars
take drinks and the stores can do anything about it. In response, many of the stores were put up signs saying only two kids are in the store at time, which literally did nothing, because the point of a flash rob is is to everybody in full speed. They don't care about your sign that they have right the law and the purposes with so many kids at once. You can't catch everybody, and even if they caught one person that one person claimed they didn't do anything and didn't know better. In fact, many of these flash robs could have just been spontaneous, like three of the kids may have been friends and into the other. Kids were and as soon as it starts, they all run an engaging the action, hey, look, man, kids, do dumb things. Well, let's not! Let's, let's read these articles from Time magazine from twenty eleven, it says
They gather in mass is organized through social media or during large events to shock and stop witnesses in their tracks, but these aren't satirical flash mobs their planned heists and they're gaining momentum in youth circles across the country, as we've just seen, the will happen. Stores and cities from Saint Paul Minnesota to LAS Vegas and Washington have been the first to exponentially. Let's, let's make a little bigger it's hard to read. I say I have been the first to experience this frightening and dangerous new trend which has developed in part because of the growing popularity of flash, mobs or large gatherings in public places, which often include unusual act. Or choreographed dances. I will say, though, as far as I know, this stuff was happening in my neighborhood back in like two thousand two, two thousand and three they say well: flash mobs are mostly peaceful and create created for purity, entertainments, flash robberies otherwise otherwise known as flash romps are just the opposite,
a flash rob occurs when a large group of young people swarm the store grab his much merchant merchandise they can. They can carry and runs off within minutes, leaving shopkeepers stunned and with thousands of dollars of losses. Just weeks ago, more than a dozen young people overtook the G Star Raw store in DC and made out with more than twenty thousand dollars worth of merchandise. Two weeks earlier in Georgetown, a group of about twenty to twenty five stormed a, shirt shop, to steal, Georgetown University gear and effectively pushed the owner out. The way I she hopelessly attempted to block the door. You know I was thinking when I was really stories, I'm like what, if you had an emergency drop down as soon as the right like the raiders, come in full speed, you hit a button and bone gates drop down like it was a bank or something- and you could put a motion sensor in so that only if the doors are clear to the gates come down there trap. Then what do they do? Then? You go in your office, lock the door when you called the police, the police. Come there you go, you got every
right. They do this for jewelry stores. I know like if somebody comes in and try to steal something the doors don't open because they just locked, maybe that's a way to solve the problem. You walk in the door, locks behind you and so as a manual. Let you out that probably wouldn't work for a large department store, but up Three on they say it: clothing stores aren't the only targets. In February Kare, eleven in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, reported numerous flash rob incidents at local convenience stores in one such occurrence. A clerk who stripped to try to stop a gang of twenty teens was physically assaulted by one of the thieves who then pushed over display as well the door. Not only are these robberies blatant acts of thievery, but to a point there almost shameless often occurring in daytime hours, with little to no regard for security cameras or fear of getting caught. Because of this flash rob have not only become fodder for you
you too and there's no point, but I've also helped authorities identified and catch some of the perks off for the most part, there's not much that store owners can do to prevent the attacks or stop one that is in progress except to keep their safety as the number one priority. As and he's got men spokesperson for the Saint Paul Police Department, health care, a lot inclination might be to try to stop it. We don't want people to do that. We want store employees to be witnessed witnesses to the shopping, not victims of assault, so the important take away from this is the you two are right and that's why I kind of thought it would be interesting to talk about. I know it's not the biggest story in the world. It's just a group of people, stealing clothes, but the issue is how young people keep taking more extreme actions to gain popularity on social media, the woman who licked the ice cream, the the the person who Gazal garbled the mouthwash, but it back the guy who spoke to you, know, ask about the ice cream, they're doing it for cloud on social media and it works.
They don't get in trouble and so long as they don't get in trouble. They'll keep doing it. They mention that there is potential for this, because people go on Youtube and no then get attention. We've in crazy stories about like one dude, has girlfriend shoot him with a gun threw a brick through box. It didn't work, do died, girl got in trouble are increasingly taking dangerous actions for you to a recognition. Well, this is a that is the case like it is it this specific incident. Is it a case of that there's a potential that it was? In my opinion, this stuff can become more prevalent just like any of the other. You know viral flash incidents, viral pranks trends or whatever people are going to pretend to do things. The hoaxes, you know the pranks will be stage but then turn into real factions and then you'll probably start seeing more of this hit the media. Now this is it it's in the news, it's an a b c. We've already seen the trend several years ago. It's going to keep happening so anyway, that's the story. I got
one more story coming up for you in a few minutes, and I will see you shortly. You may have heard the story over the past several weeks, a young man was in school when he claimed there were only two genders, an got removed from class. A lot of people talked about it. They were the videos about it. I don't really talk about it much, but now I think it's worthy of talking about, because he's been expelled from school. The story from human events, student expelled after say, and there are only two genders well look. You want an argument about the open screen at gender and biological sex by all means, but expelling a student friend aging, that argument now things are getting weird but I'll tell you what I'm pretty sure yeah. This happened in schottland. Surprise. Surprise, the? U K is a weird weird place. So, let's read this story: the figure out what happened and why, before we get started head over to TIM, cast dot com, slash donate if you'd like to support my work as a Paypal option, a crypto option and
physical address, but of course, you're going to have to share this video. If you think people should hear the news, because you do certainly won't suggest my videos anymore, yeah but it has been throttling political commentary on the platform because they don't understand. What's going on fine bad for business but sure let's redone human events writes a teenage student at Mearns Academy and Aberdeen Shirts Heartland, was removed from class suspended an and later expelled after telling us feature, Sir, there are only two genders accord. Into the seventeen year old student, known only as Murray. The events unfolded at the teacher pulled up a website in front of the whole class that only gave two gender options. The teacher basically started going off on a tangent about how bad that was and how old fashioned it was Marie told a Youtube account known as I have This is when the students stated the scientific fact there only two genders. Well, there are only two biological sexes. You get an argument about. You know gender norms, fine in turn he was removed from
class later, given the reason his opinion was quote, not inclusive. However, the teacher stated his own opinion that there are more than two genders is acceptable. In contrast, after sitting outside the classroom for thirty minutes, the teacher finally came out to speak with Murray, who recorded the entire encounter you're entitled to opinion, the teacher, told Mary. If I am then, why did you kick me out of class? It's not very inclusive. We can see that Paul. Joseph Watson posted the interaction of the 14th, but I think it's, the interaction is actually a bit older than that I saw the video while ago Within a day of the video being posted, it had gone viral. The school came across the video and called Murray and his mother in for a meeting according to Murray. During the meeting the school officials made clear, he was not getting in trouble for this comment rather because he recorded the teacher, which is a direct violation of one of the schools rules. Well, I tell you what how should young people go about? Having accountability
for the teachers who are saying this, who are pushing this kind of rhetoric, if the student wants to push back against a nonscientific cultural opinion, how should they do so if they are punished for it? Recording seems like the right thing to do, but of course this sounds an awful lot like the Lindsay Shepherd incidents recording now, unfortunately, I don't think you were caught did that meeting where he got expelled. Maybe that would've been a good thing to do, but let's read on, maybe you did. I don't think so. They say that cool suspended Murray for one week and told them they would have to his phone usage Murray conceded. He I landed a school policy and because the video so viral. This is not an outlandish punishment. However, this who will also made clear in the meeting that Murray could not talk to the press if he did, they threatened harsher punishment. Men is that ridiculously authoritarian, don't tell the press, don't record the wrongdoing or you
will be punished. Multiple news outlets did end up covering the story, but Murray did not speak with any of them and do not want to. He said is being able to go back to school was important to him. The video spoke for itself. I didn't. I didn't really need to go public. This fight Murrays compliance, the school did not let the incident die out for the week long suspension, Murray says the school called his mother. The head of school and deputy head of school came to him, house after consulting higher ups in the school system, quote they actually came to my house, because I didn't want me going near the school building MAR explained. They said that they've come to a conclusion. The video is still very out there still going viral, so they wanted me to stay off for another two weeks and return at the end of the summer break. So it would die down. Maria's mother were found once more by the school requesting they come in for another meeting at the meeting Murray.
Just hold, the issue was debated amongst higher up's and the conclusion was he could not continue his education at the school. He was expelled. Well, you know what school sucks anyway isn't doing. For you, and if your teacher is gonna, is gonna. Kick you out because you claim that only two genders- maybe it shouldn't be there in the first place plain and simple. As many of you know, I am I am a high school dropout, but I do read a lot so our so we have the story update Marie expelled. I don't know when the story was from, let's see when the you tube video was published, so we can get a better idea of so this is from a. I first saw this is from I hypocrite July. First to this is a couple days, although let's read on quote in our school All's fostering good relations among different groups can be a real challenge, but our aim is to support a fair, inclusive environment. For all. A spokesperson from the Aberdeenshire Council told the independent website is, that is that that's that's the end of
it's not because the actual independent this sounds like a youngster looking for trouble said Seamus your general secretary the scottish secondary Teachers, Association Murray's. This has some of the more extreme consequences of academic to tell Tarian ISM l g B. T material is forced upon upon. Students as young as five years old in schools. Students are badgered by teachers for wearing clothing and making comments that are supportive of our President In some cases the teacher will even remove physical property such as a have to or flag from the individual academia's purpose has been reduced to little more than a doctor in a so. This is a story from the story from the independent going back to Thursday June 20th, and I believe this is more about the suspension. The update on the be expelled rather new, but what I think were.
I'm not gonna play the video. You can look the video you know if you guys want to pull it up, but there's something really interesting about the: U K and the contradiction of their inclusivity. They make reference in human events that LGBT material is forced upon students as young as five years old. Well, not necessarily incorrect. Right now, a group of Muslims have been protesting. Schools in the UK, not in Scotland, but in the UK k- maybe Scotland, it's spreading over LGBT curriculum saying they don't want their kids being taught this stuff. Who do you defend? How do you be inclusive of Muslims and of the LGBT community? Unfortunately, it didn't work, but I think the bigger conversation at play here. They claim to want inclusivity how many people are actually gender non binary. I'd I'd estimate a fraction of a percentage. It's like what ninety eight percent of are going to be cisgendered one way or the other, and
I'll, say this to I reject the term. It says gendered on a personal level, because if the argument is that people can label themselves how they want to be, then I do not yep the label. Of's is and by all means I will absolutely give myself my own gender label. Fine, you don't get to define what or who I am. I do right. That's the game we're playing. Therefore, you can't claim that people can define their own gender and then you try to define someone else is so no, I don't accept your term, LG, but an interesting, interesting thing happening. You know we we we, we see a lot of this regressive left social justice stuff, this guy, getting expelled. It's happening in western nations, what really happened in China in China right now, there's more of an outrage? Okay, so let me back up specifically bring to the little mermaid. You know, fake outrage, they've cast a black woman to play. Aerial aerial was white and red headed
in the original cartoon. Nobody in the? U S, for the most part cares like some people do most prominent personalities on the right, really don't care, I have actually expressed they don't care and if I, so now we have people pretending that other people are outraged, and I wonder why this impacts the? U and not, trying where people actually are upset China's pretty racist. Why is it in acting western nations? I think there's something that can be said for live roll ideology. There is a up. It goes around saying the paradox of tolerance, but if you tolerate intolerant ideas, Actually your society will become intolerant and they specifically refer to the far right. But this is true, for anything, liberals have a we. Penis being a liberal, is one of the most challenging positions to hold the idea that you will protect individual liberties, the right to freedom, while still defending yourself from an non
of ideology that seeks to undermine you because you've given the opportunity, authoritarians, will arise in any liberal society. If there's not a good defense of it, so that's that's the thought of unencrypted point that many progressives bring up, but I will say this: I am not a libertarian okay, you can be left libertarian right, libertarian, I'm a liberal, and I mean I believe, in individual liberty and values, and I lean towards social liberalism as opposed to classical liberal liberalism. Classical realism is a center right position. Social live some is a center left position? All that means is, I basically agree for the most part with classical liberals, but I think the government can play a bigger role in of these circumstances and I do believe that there are issues of social justice that can be rectified through policy. Very, very challenging, and this is not the way. This is not social justice
The reason I'm not a libertarian, as I believe there has to be some authority to maintain protection of civil liberties, so that means we have a government that says you have a right to do this. The government can't stop it, but the government can break up massive corporations and the government can pass laws to protect individual freedoms and liberties without that enforcement, which is what we're seeing you get a regressive left that does ridiculous things. The UK is fall victim to the failures to enforce and protect a liberal ideology, and I don't mean liberal in the sense of left like in and it's it's a lot of people understand this liberal well in the sense of freedom like Sargon of a card Carl Benjamin is probably center right at this point and he's a classical liberal, that's what liberal means it means yes, I was Liberte this liberal and libertarian libertarians are very much like no government and liberals are. Like well protected the individual, but some government. I live in this direction
I think you need a strong social contract to enforce protections. You should not allow this to happen in UK people should not be arrest speaking their mind. You need someone to protect that otherwise frames. Whacko groups like this guy is going to expel a kid person is only two genders. His look at kids are kids can say what they want plain and simple. I tell you what that got that that that seventeen year old girl who looked the ice cream is gonna, get last account like, let's punish bent over that, then this kid for simply saying: there's two genders so anyway. I don't like this video million years long. Will these segments usually short so I'll, leave us a little short and say when it comes to liberalism, Viet Center left center right, whatever. I believe we need to push back and protect the individual rights. Otherwise This is a weakness and liberalism that allows intolerant factions to grow and push authoritarianism, and now you have some kid getting expelled for simply saying: there's only two, Anders anyway. That's right not stick around. Next video will be
one thousand and thirty a dot m and this channel the podcast everyday. At six hundred and thirty p dot m on most platforms- and I will see you all there.
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