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Democrats CAUGHT In Russian Bot "False Flag" Smear Campaign

2018-12-22 | 🔗

Democrats CAUGHT In Russian Bot "False Flag" Smear Campaign in the Alabama special election. A group called new Knowledge is claiming that the admitted false flag against Republicans was just a small experiment.They were responsible for a mas amount of presumably Russian bots following the Roy Moore campaign on Twitter to trick people into thinking the Russians were propping him up.National media fell for the ruse and the narrative went viral. Left wing writers mocked the Moore campaign for suggesting this was a democratic ploy to smear him. We now know it was.They can claim it was an experiment but this reeks of democratic operatives serving engaging in a political con job and may have actually swung an election.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZsxSVycCwU&index=2&list=PLxQaod7tWvYLNmno21esPdhZknpqmh0H0&t=0s

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As long as we ve had this narrative about russian interference in the. U S. Election people have correctly pointed out that most countries engage in some kind of disinformation tactic, the? U S does the same thing Russia does well. There is proof- and now there's more proof, because the New York Times recently reported that democratic operatives engaged in a false flag to create the impression that russian Botz were propping up the Roy more campaign in Alabama at the time the Roy more campaign said this was likely a ploy from Democrats, some kind of political stunt and journalists kind of mocked, the ideas. Yet no way. We know Russians do this, but in fact the New York Times and even the Washington Post are carrying the story that democratic tech operatives did in fact do this another, certainly downplaying it. But Facebook has taken action, removing them from Facebook for engaging in deceptive practices. So it would seem that Facebook peasant-
air if they want to downplayed or not they did this. So today, let's take a look at the latest news to understand just how these Democrats engaged in a false flag operation to create the appearance of russian Botz supporting Republicans, but before we get started, police had over, the TIM casts doubt come forward, slash donut you wanna support my work. There is a monthly donation option. I take crept out currency there's a physical address. I even have a shop where you can buy clothing. I've actually designed. Myself from the New York Times secret experts and an alibi must Senate race, imitated russian tactics. As Russia's online election machinations came to light. Last year a group of democratic tech experts decided to try.
Similarly deceptive tactics in the fiercely contested Alabama Senate race. According to people familiar with the effort and a report on its results, the secret project carried on Facebook and Twitter was likely to small, have a significant effect on the race in which the democratic candidate it was designed to help dumb Jones edged out the Republican Roy S more. But it was a sign that american political operatives of both parties have paid close attention to the russian methods, which some fear may come to taint elections in the United States. One participant in the Alabama, proud Jonathan Morgan is the chief executive of new knowledge, a small cyber security firm that wrote a scathing account of Russia's social media operations in the twenty sixteen election that was released this week by the Senate Intelligence Committee, an inter
A report on the Alabama effort obtained by the New York Times says explicitly that it quote experimented with many of the tactics now understood to have influenced the twenty sixteen elections and quote the project's operators, credit, Facebook page on which they posed as conservative Albanians, using it to try to divide Republicans and even to endorse a right intended to draw votes from MR more involved a scheme to link the more campaign to thousands of russian accounts that suddenly began following nor publican candidate on Twitter, a development that drew national media attention boat. We orchestrated and elaborate false flag operation that planted. The idea that the more campaign was amplified on social media by a russian bought met. The report says these tactics are not new and when I read the story, it sounds to me like the cyber security firm is actually lion or the New York Times is downplaying severity of what
It is a known fact that political operatives use what's called sock, puppetry a sock puppet is a fake social media account made to look like a real person and behave like a real person. In fact, sometimes they create elaborate back stories. These accounts look and act like regular people, but one person will control fifty persona or more or less the general ideas. One person of multiple accounts pretending to be different people so that they can make people think public opinion sways in one direction or another activist use this tactic all the time we know the. U S, government
We know Russia, does it hearing of this political operatives we're doing this? It is not an experiment. In my opinion, I have many friends who work and cyber security. I've been very, very familiar with these tactics for years for debt for over a decade. I've thought about this kind of stuff. Since I was a kid working on the internet- and I have friends who work in cyber security who know all about this- these operatives, in my opinion, it would be very, very unlikely. They dont understand the tactic. They are engaging in to call it. Spearmint would be absolutely absurd. A cyber security farm functioning today it thinking this is just an experiment. No way we ve known about these tactics since the birth of the internet, sock puppetry, isn't new. This, in my opinion, is damning evidence that they were engaging in the fairest practices on purpose and again, in my opinion, not as an experiment Mr Morgan said in an interview that the Russian bought that ruse quote does not ring a bell, adding that others had worked on the effort and had written a report here.
He saw the project as a small experiment designed to expire. Or how certain online tactics work not to affect the election. The research project was intended to help us understand how these kind of campaigns operated said. Mr Morgan, we thought it was useful to work in the context of a real election, but designed to have almost no impact on experiment, no impact. I really really really think this person is lying. Because these kind of tactics have been around forever if their operating as a cyber security firm today and they don't understand how a basic online misinformation campaign works, then they apparently D. Read the news and they are probably the worst cybersecurity farm I have ever heard of. The daily collar naturally takes a more serious approach to what they say. Democrats ran russian bought false flag operation in Alabama and media fell for it in the story they show a tweet from Dave Waigel who said,
Roy Moors campaign suggests that Doug Jones and Democrat operatives are behind the surge of russian bought followers showing this image. However, we would like to point out an interesting coincidence before we were able to begin to review and take action on this matter. We were Receiving press calls first thing this Monday morning, asking our surge in russian followers. We highly doubt there are porters across the country, spend most of their free time on Sunday breaking away from church family in football to review the twitter followers of various kinds across the country. It is more likely that Doug Jones and Democrat operatives are pulling it. Political stunt on twitter and alerting their friends in the media is not surprising that they choose the favourite topic of MSNBC and the fake news outlets. The russian conspiracy Democrats can't when this election on the issues and their desperation is unfold display daily cars, as more was marked.
Twitter at the time for blaming Democrats for the fact, followers and you're fine Bourgh says: oh really, Matthew Kurtz. This seems totally normal and definitely not shockingly paranoid. Zack Ford, Roy more, doesn't know much about journalists. Does he believe Now I know it's true. Now the Washington Post downplays the severity of what happened saying. Oh, it was just a couple accounts. It wasn't anything that big, but the report itself claimed they were creating fake fake followers to make it look like Russia was supporting Roar Roy that's in the report that in the New York Times the New York Times, I feel it has been a little bit fair because they they do talk about the severity that it generally national media attention, and they do show the comments from Morgan and his company saying: oh, it's not that big deal so they're trying to be balanced, but I think the reality as this is severe and you're gonna take my word for it. Facebook has suspended the accounts of some of these people because what they did was serious from the Washington Post facebooks us
five accounts, including that of a social media researcher for misleading tactics in Alabama election. Facebook has suspended the account of Jonathan Morgan, the chief executive of a top social media research firm after reports that he and others engaged in operation to spread disinformation during this special election and Alabama last year, more and confirmed, as account suspension after Facebook, said in his statement that it had taken action against quote five accounts run by a multiple individuals for engaging in coordinated and authentic behaviour. End quote adding that its investigation is ongoing. Facebook did not provide a list of the accounting suspended and Morgan declined. Further comment faced quarter sang we take a strong stand against people, organizations that create networks accounts to mislead others about who they are or what they're doing. We removed thousands of pages groups and accounts for this kind of behaviour, as well as accounts.
That we're violating our policies on spam and coordinated and authentic behaviour during the album especial election last year. Morgan's efforts have stirred controversy because of his role at new knowledge, which has helped Senate lawmakers uncover the means in which Can I just weapon Ized, Facebook, twitter and other social media sites to spread disinformation during the twenty sixteen election and after president trumped up office the revelations also spark calls on Capitol Hill for the federal government to investigate. I have a decent amount of experience in information security. I I guess we hang out with hackers. I have grown up in the hacker community and I have to say, in my opinion, This sounds this is rather terrifying if this, man. If this organization is providing Intel on what Russia is doing, it brings all of his comments into question. If Senate lawmakers are using this information to pass judgement to to determine how they should behave, it draws everything there doing into question. Here is my appeal.
And the assumption I can make this man in his organization know exactly what they are doing, because I know fourteen year olds, who do the exact same thing? They are teenagers who do marketing for big companies with sock puppet and these kinds of tactics. This is manipulation wanna one. It is easy. It is obvious if his organization was caught acting at the behest of Democrats to smear Republicans and then providing information to senators about Russia, hence, I can only assume they were wilfully, misleading senators to try and benefit Democrats. We know full well based on the actions taken by Facebook and the report that the new times has actually seen and reported on that these people were acting to benefit Democrats now, they'll claim that it was just Experiment, but this is the perfect cover. What else could they say Oh no. We just want a better understand these tactics, techniques that are used and employed by fourteen year olds, all around the world are common tactic that most beginner.
I understand, your busted- you were caught doing this, and that means In my opinion, it sounds like they are working for the Democrats, two percent negative information on Republicans. It is a fact that political operatives on the left and the right they do these things and for the time being, it just seems like they're, the ones who got caught doing it, but make no mistake, I assure you there Republicans, who do the exact same thing, their intelligence agencies doing the exact same thing and yes, it is likely that Russia does this. In fact, if the report given senators, is actually cut. Information it's probably because they know full well how to do this and said. I will just tell us the Senate how we do it.
Everyone does very similar things. Eliminating the commons below, keep a conversation going. How do you feel about this? Does it worry you because I thought about this stuff forever and I know what happens it's interesting to see the evidence come to light, but let me know what you think will keep the conversation going. You can follow me on Twitter, at TIM, gas, stay tuned new videos every day at four p m, and I have more videos today on my second channel Youtube up. I'm slashed him cast new study at six p m. Thanks rang out, and I will see while next.
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