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Democrats Civil War Just Went From Crazy To Insane, They Had To Call The Cops On Bernie Supporters


Democrats Civil War Just Went From Crazy To Insane, They Had To Call The Cops On Bernie Supporters. Bernie supporters and a progressive candidate for the Democratic party have been protesting outside Democrats homes resulting in several instance of police being called.Showing up to someone's house is a huge step over the line but Bernie's supporters seem totally fine with it.The far left activists were showing up late at night to intimidate Democratic party officials and justified it as their right to protest.Around the same time a journalist had his private information released by Bernie supporters for revealing that Bernie's staff had been insulting other democratic candidates on twitter resulting in the user being fired from Bernie Sander's campaign.Republicans are sitting back and watching with glee and popcorn as the Democrats actively sabotage their own party in their war against the far left. I can only imagine that after all of this the only winner of the infighting will be Donald Trump.

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The Democratic Party, has been in civil war for years now, ever since Bernie Sanders had the nomination stolen from in twenty sixteen, and we then chaos than about a carcass people called the police, its s, then, with media smears against Bernie, brows and Bernie Sanders himself, recently being being claimed. Its been claimed that Russia was backing up Bernie Sanders to disrupt the american election now the civil war has gone from bad to worse, too ugly, because apparently Democrats have been calling the police on Bernie Sanders supporters, and, if not just that first, we saw project very toss suppose the insane rhetoric of the Bernie Sanders campaign, which, for some reason no one in the media, called out, but many Bernie. Ports are the lock down their accounts. We then learn that Bernie Sanders staffer was disparaging, other candidates actually got fired and now not instead of this, the reporter exposed the Bernie Sanders supporter is getting harassed and docks, because the Bernie
These people are at war with the media with a democratic establishment and it is getting so bad there literally calling the police on Bernie Sanders Supporters recently, Bernie Sanders one than about a cautious in a landslide good for him good for you bury in response to of media personalities, wig doubt and acted like the sky was falling Tippit up for the most part on MSNBC. It now seems like they're all starting to bend the knee because bird me Sanders is winning. But let me tell you some: it's getting ugly, I literally of historic, pulled from political that says, cops repeatedly called on Bernie backers there, late night, bowl horn per tat a public officials. Homes come as Sanders. Opponents are increasingly calling out his supporters behaviour. We all know about the the Bernie Brows smear and I think it's fair to point out the journalists in the establishment, cronies or upset someone said mean words join you never get over it, but we know this fight is ongoing and make a prediction.
Made it before, but I'll I'll. Stepping up, they're gonna steal the nomination from Bernie again and there will be riots in Milwaukee at the Democratic national convention. Listen there are already showing up to politicians, homes and bull horning at night the police are being called. What do you think happens when the establishment, robs the hammerless Anders Camp and says not today, Bernie yeah, it's gonna get knots. This civil war in the Democratic Party is going to turn into a literal street conflict. So, let's Rita, what's going on, I really want again to this journalist getting docks. This is not spot we're in a way about the police being called first before we get started had over two TIM cast outcome: slashed donut. If you'd like to support my work, their several ways, and give, but the best you can do is share this video. I do not think endearing myself with any Bernie Sanders supporter by do supporters. By doing this, video, but hey, we can at least try to get people outside of their echo chamber by you know. If you share my video, it might
but also many of you around thirty percent. Don't actually subscribe, that's the actual number! So, if you do like this content, you wanna get more had to subscribe. Button click. The little bell icon Youtube is slowly not recommending my content and they're. Doing you notes is shenanigans of. Is shenanigans are afoot to heart political commentaries. Have you do like this content makes you subscribe, Well, let's read the story from politico about why the police have been called on Bernie Supporters airport the night before the nomadic Caucasus chairman of the state's Democratic Party, called police after several supporters. Bernie Sanders gathered outside his home at eleven p M, with a bull horn to issue a warning about the next days election seriously. Who thinks that appropriate? That's insane, but we ve heard what Bernie Sanders supporters think in the project Berytus Expos eight. They were actually saying it's time to re, educate conservatives. What do you think they're gonna? Do
Liberals they come for. You first stood quote. I want assurances that there isn't going to be any shenanigans going on tomorrow. The democratic party does not control what happens. Maria Estrada a self discuss, burner from LOS Angeles, said, into the bull horn. According to a facebook live video. She streamed torpor on honour personal page, sheep Heatedly said she didn't want to see a repeat of the twenty sixteen election which she insinuated was rigged against Sanders at least three other times. In recent days. Estrato. Let a group of Sandra supporters who gathered late at late at night outside the homes of democratic party officials in California, lawmakers including those of Secretary of State Alex, Medea and State Democratic Party Chairman Rusty Hicks police were called at least twice. Don't you remember what happened Tucker Karlsson, they shouted to his house protest if our baggage on his door, he said they cracked the door they claim is exaggerating. Tucker sent his wife was hiding the clause because these people were hanging on the door. They apparently did go to the door.
It would happen. I wasn't there but who, in their right mind shows up to the home of a private individual. Look I get. These are public figures, but when our home back off the civility is breaking down, this is going to get absolutely bonkers. Mark my words they say protesting, our right? Well, they called the police or not, is irrelevant Estrada along time. Progressive activists told politico in a facebook message, Estrato waged Surprisingly competitive primary against California Assembly, Speaker Anthony Rending, twenty eighteen losing fifty four to forty six percent, and it challenging it again in twenty twenty Estrada is not employed by the centres campaign and said none of the fellow protesters war either. Listen. I absolutely respect the idea of public protest and she is right she can show up and she can bull horn,
but guess what my prediction is that people are not going to want to vote for you because you are nuts, but here that's really crazy about this woman showing up the middle. The night Democrats House houses she's actually running in the primary she's trying to get into office. These are the people taking over the Democratic Party William Mccurdy than about a party share in a member state assembly, confronted straw, and other Santa supporters outside his home. Nearly an hour after their ride arrived. He told them they crossed, Align, Estrada shot back if Annie BS happens tomorrow. The only person who cross the line is you Mccurdy called the police to report the disturbance but Estrada and the others were gone by the time you authorities arrived, and the matter was closed accord to the North, LAS Vegas Police Department, Mccurdy declines. To comment for this sorry but a source who is close to maturity and familiar with what happened so that he handle the situation with restraint. William didn't want the story out there before or after the Caucasus, because he takes his role very
seriously overseeing a party when election and knows how much this needed to be viewed as a fair profit process for every candidate after twenty six dean. They are in chaos. The dude literate couldn't say these people shut up to my house with bull horns, because he was worried that if then his candidate, why or the establishment Democrat one. They would cry fallen say he interfered. He interfere to swing the boat, so there was nothing can other than just keep his mouth shut? And let these lunatics run rampant? The incident three others in recent days come at a time. When Democrats and rival campaigns, say sandy Supporters are engaged in harassment and bullying both online and in person. His opponents have increasingly highlighted examples. And argue that Sanders has allowed a toxic culture to fester. Among his fancy he has period grow a spine Bernie the conduct could conduct could complicate Sanders efforts to unite the party, as is established himself,
as the front, wonderful elimination sanders has said that people who engage in threatening or bowling behaviour are not welcome in his movement, his and allies have taken offence to the term Bernie Brows, calling it a smear of his the diverse supporters. You know what I would have called it a smear even up and up into a few months ago, but I think we now can see it's getting back it's getting worse and Bernie is doing nothing to stop at the best example was project where toss James, O Keefe, undercover videos of his supporters. Talking about gulags, revocation camps. You know islet insurrection type things he should have stood up and said you are all fired. I will not stand for this. He didn't the campaigns which don't let anyone know the only reason I'm calling the stuff out it right would actually they're not even calling it not not right now, they're, not even calling it out its political reporting on it. So Bernie doesn't care. He knows that he has picked up the insane, far left gutter trash of extremism and he's trying to use it to win that to me as freaky engross. If you can't win over the heart
mines of regular people, don't use the violent lunatics Sanders campaign, condemned the protesters, reviewing video footage of the incidents I spoke to soon, but good, and for this the conduct is completely unacceptable. Jeff Weaver saunders long time, aid and senior adviser set in a statement. No Who behaves like this is part of our movement. People support this campaign, do so by ITALY, mobilizing other voters to come to the poles. We have zero tolerance for these activities and condemn in the strongest terms, but that is your base. They said the same thing about Trop and his supporters and when his truck when it when Trump supporters got out of line, which is not a common occurrence, you call him out. It is a common occurrence for the far left lunatics to go out and do this kind of stuff they should. They showed up the talkers house, tromp supporters, didn't shelter, Rachel, Madhouse House, bang on her door in the face of message. Estrada defended her approach, we want justice and we want accountability and if I have to to deem Logan's home Rusty, Hicks, home or anyone else who claims to represent my community when it actually works, well
they don't. They should expect that the people will demand answers, what nine p m with a bull horn. That is not a reasonable approach to accountability. That's fear and intimidation and around nine p m the night after the incident Estrada and several other Santa supporters went to the allay home of California. Secretary of State Alex Medea, but he s office overseas, California, elections, including the democratic primary on Tuesday, Alex Petty Perdita. We don't want a repeat of twenty six seen remember: twenty sixteen, when you preemptively endorsed corporate candidates, were funding you in your close allies, an unidentified man, into a ball horn outside, but he s home. We want an actual fair election. I don't believe you do your showing up to people's homes and screaming at them, but about. I think it is the point I don't want a rate. That is because they basically say the exact same thing. Over and over again, these people kept going other people's homes and screaming into people's. You know, and the cops have been called
several times. I want to show you that they have taken some action against this, but this problem inside Barneys campaigning a severe, but I want to make sure the focus is clear. I am not super concern about accusations being levied against Bernie Sanders campaign because smears are probable. I certainly think the protests are shown to be built up showing up at people's homes. Late night is is pure lunacy, but I do know Establishment has been smearing Bernie. I wish the Bernie supporters are spoken up a long time ago. What we're really see seeing here and what I really want to drive home is that the chaos and civil war within the party is going to result in the higher party being burned to the ground and they know it take a look at the story and I'll jump ahead. Bernie staffer mocked warns, looks and PETE sexuality on his private your account will. Apparently the sky was, I believe, a sky was fired, they say during them. The most recent presidential primary in Vegas Bernie Sanders suggested that critiques of some of his most antagonistic online supporters are largely unfounded and
fair, proposing that some of the worst might actually be Russians. They gonna talk, about this individual, what he was doing and it up really was this Bernie Brow Guy, as they ve explained, well so they say the centres campaign confirmed Maura. This address campaigners confirmed has been fired. So I believe that is the man who did it he's been. Let go but yeah Ben Moral was his name, but take a look at the story from the New York Times. Democratic leaders willing to risk party damage, to stop Bernie Sanders interviews with dozens of democratic party officials floating. Ninety three super delegate's found overwhelming opposition to handing mister enters the nomination. If he fell short of majority of delegates, let me just stress that, for you, the democratic leaders know full well that their in trouble their party, being hurt, but they are willing to sacrifice their party to stop Bernie he's the front runner
now he's underwater in Florida because of his insane comments about Cuba, but that, but he's he's very equally going to. When I mean he's he's the front runner, the predict production models right now say it's likely going to a contested convention, but the Democrats, Self Super Delegate's included, will absolutely barn into the ground to stop Bernie I think the Democratic Party can recover from of another election. They ve stolen in twenty. Sixteen, they stole the nomination from Bernie. This resulted in chaos and they're gonna tried again their desperate. I can understand why
after that store. We just saw about Burmese. People are doing their homes, what they know what they they know. What will happen if they lose control? Trumps, gonna win, I dont think any of their establishment. Candidates can actually be trump because trumpet something else they ve never seen before. I don't think Bernie can do it either, but I do think Bernie ticket will hurt them in house elections, meaning the Republicans are gonna easily sweep authorities to take. The best thing Democrats can do is try and stop burning and that's the fight, their literally calling the police on these people, but we can see just how insane things are really getting a daily beast. Reporter was docks after publishing a story about Bernie Sanders campaign, staffers harassing tweets, I get it man you wanna call a Bernie brows smear you're free to do so, but come on man showing up the people's houses doc, seeing them
Scott Bixby, a national report of the daily beast published an article, exposing a staff or on Bernie Sanders campaign for using degrading language, but other candidates on a private twitter account Bixby was subjected to online harassment himself. Original field director in Michigan Ben more. I tweeted a bunch of things. We know this guy, they say he was soon fired after Bixby story was published on Monday. According to the campaign communications director MIKE Kafka, All the beast. We are running multi racial, a multiracial, multigenerational campaign of justice, where does where disgusting behaviour and ugly personal attacks by our staff will not be tolerated. Not true. Let me just say: project veritable. Let's ride on some prominent Santer supporters spoke out to defend the campaigns decision to fire Maura. But now we can see this
Scott Bixby tweeted fans of Bernie Sanders are now crafting fake, tweets from me and hopes of drawing the IRA of a south korean boy ban that I've never heard of. You then said this is Superfund. Scott Bixby should literally be catapulted off the planet. One twitter user wrote another argument on other argued that the daily basis in the tank for the establishment, Democrats and therefore fund Billy, biased against Sanders and others on the left who doesn't know others on the left. Others accused bixby of being personally biased against centres and its policies. I think he is, I think the daily beast is in the back of the democratic establishment. But what are you going to do? The fight is on, and this is nasty and am glad to say, I'm not party to it. I'm sitting back, watch and saying you guys, each other. Ok. But here's. What I think is really funny Nancy Policy says: she's she'd, be comfortable with Anders on the top of the ticket. Well, here's the thing
Bernie Sanders supporters are many of them. Are fine people. You know some of them are good people, but you know to quote Trump: there are. A lot of crazy is doing a lot of crazy things there. Being called out, and they are the reason why this fight is getting so ugly, their showing up to homes their screaming and policy is just saying what she needs to say so that in the end it looks like everything stable and the Democratic Party when, in reality, they're all in sheer panic, while sea and in the store dimensions, humor are saying, look we're united were fine, that's not the case The New York Times shows that they are freaking out. This is Nancy, Plaza love. This mean this is fine. That's right! It's all coming down around your house's Brenda and your own party leaders and super delegates are saying just as much and you literally have democratic party members called the cops and centre supporters. Michael Bloomberg. Apparently there there is, is pay accused of paying people to cheer for him at all
can debate shears for Kennedy considered suspiciously loud, given his performance and people were booing Bernie when it was criticised billion years. That's the accusation, I'm not gonna say it's true. I must say this. The Democrats of soldier soul to billionaire Michael Bloomberg in a desperate bed to stop Bernie Sanders. The party is being burned to the ground. There's fought, there's gonna be fighting in the streets. I swear India at the door, the last the unseen twenty. Sixteen there are massive protests people trying to break into the into the convention. What do you think's going to happen now when many of those protestors, delegates for Bernie Endeavour to be in the convention. I'm gonna say it. I would not be surprised if, at the Dnc Convention, uproar chaos papers flying through the air, maybe upon her to those flying a marketing. Some of these people are not their showing up to people's homes, they're getting violent in the streets, antifraud, etc. We know what they're going to do that talked about it and campaign videos. What do you think happens this big convention? When is a sorry Bernie? You got one
thousand nine hundred ninety delegates. You were one away from winning we're gonna put to the super delegates and they come in and say Might Bloomberg. What do you think the Barney supporters, owing to do? We see how they behave now with bull horns? What do you think they're gonna do in that moment, surrounded with to these two groups in full on civil war, the protests in Milwaukee will be historic. There will be riots, smashed windows, and I start I hope all of you will live in the walk. You run a business there borne up your windows before the Dnc gets an among I'm not kidding. I mean that seriously they were protesting. I think I can report that Dnc was in twenty sixteen, but yeah. It was crazy and I was out there they will try to jump. The fences are uneasy. Nothing because people are unified around Trump Bloomberg is by his way in, but there may be something changing. We all saw that Chris Haze are not untarnished Chris
who is the guy. It's Chris Matthew. Sorry Chris Matthews had to issue an apology to the Sanders campaign and congratulate him after he freaked out over the Nevada win We now see that Mps MSNBC benches contributor, whose your Bernie Sanders, staffers I'll, tell you what it looks like the establishment is on the verge of collapse. The democratic leaders like closing humour on the on the verge of of tyrant they're just to old Bernie Sanders, Edison sergeant campaigner, slowly taking over for better or for worse, and he is now the front runner Amazon BC, knowing who butters their bread said. Look man, Bernie number one we better, not bad mouth and because our audience is getting upset. So now I must b c has benched. Can one contributor forced Chris Matthews to apologize this MSNBC urge to fire Chris Matthews for refusal to believe women,
the reason the stories interesting another will all do a longer segment on it, probably for six p m, but they are calling on Matthews to be fire from Amazon and they sent me see for daring to oppose. The establishment, is losing the civil war and there there on the way out now exactly what happened, but I will end with this pole: Biden RE takes lead in Florida, it's possible though they are losing in some and in some areas they may Paula had and others Bernie Sanders made a bunch of insane comments that hurt him severely in Florida in South Carolina, where he justified three times defending cuban AIR quote literacy programmes, I say airport because they were like re education, authoritarian programmes. If you don't, I mean burning, defended
and his hurting in the polls because of it some production models and some forecasts. The saying, if Biden does well in Florida in South Carolina than he is going to easily. You know jump up and elegant count with Super Tuesday around the corner will see what happens. I think so soft airlines before supporters. They then Super Tuesday, but don't count Biden out. Yet that's what they're saying me personally, I've countered by not a long time ago, the real and I'm sure there's enough to claim the Biden is gonna win Its- that Bernie is being hurt by comments he made. I think it's fair to say that Bernie represents urban elites. Snooty, you know educated college, you know, liberals and progressives. I should deliver progressive and far leftists, who believe in using violence to get what they want. They believe in using intimidation tactics to go. They want, instead of playing the game Samson what everyone else this I will just shopped your house and will bowl horn and harass you into bending than he went on to say. I think, though, when I do because-
As I said before, no one is concerned about in a liberal lists, like free speech, advocates young the twitter headquarters with Crow Barton Malta's. So they don't do anything they ban. You didn't care, we can do about it, but anti, but does show up so they bend the need to these p, Bernie MSNBC has already got rid of one contributor there already urgent, chronic Chris Matthews fired. We know how the games I'd, they will show up and they will protest you into submission. They will riot until you bend Vinnie Trump supporters. Don't do that! Conservatives don't do that, but the left does and moderates don't who is gonna, win I'll, tell you what the intimidation is. Gonna work, how many people you think are Nassar our them themselves? Credit Party, Otto one of my house just tell me what to say and leave me alone. I'm willing to bet that so we get but rapid up there it saw another ongoing tail in the saga of the weird internal civil war cops repeatedly called on Bernie backers. Well, there you have it,
neat Bernie Brows, Bernie supporters. I dont know you're gonna, excuse us one. I get it. You know free speech protests. I agree. She is right These people have a right to sharpen born. However, you can argue that late at night, disorderly com, certain things you have is a line. There really really is, and while I do respect their right to protest, I think there is a civility line and you're gonna cross it. They might win because of it. I disagree with it, but it will work. I think it will only their stick around Mexicans coming up at six p m you to become slashed him cast news. It is every channel and I will see you all them. In what may be one of the biggest cases of election interference, read it dot com as effectively shutting down view largest trumped supporter form on the internet and in fact, one of the most influential Communities on the internet period, not exaggerating, I'm talking about, subject called the Donald, it's a place where tromp supporters gather she
means and stories and they have been feuding with Red it administration, with the red it administrators for a really long time it was announced the other day, and this has been an ongoing things, will try and bring it down for you, administrators of red. It have room Several of the moderators, the people who actually run the sub, brought it and are going to be repealed, sing them with administration, approved individuals because their claiming the other people that were removed warrant doing their jobs effectively. This is complete. Bs do not trust any of the red at ministers and let me just stop slow down. I know a lot of people might not be super. Familiar but it works, but it is one I most popular websites in the world. We are now seeing one of the most influential groups. Community on the internet period being shot down through nefarious means they're not outright banning Madonna, but first I did something called quarantine, so imagine
again, I tried simplified us. Imagine you just sad a facebook page or a twitter account or just a high profile platform with hundreds of thousands of followers, but what? What? What but of a site that was reaching six million plus visitors people were not subscribe. It was getting tons of traffic there. Being sent means they are being sent alternative. You know stories things that might defend the president. When turn on CNN Fox and we're not so much Fox news, but sometimes Chauncey. ABC, NBC, etc. The mainstream media there are going to present present you with complete bs, often be us about Trumpet administration. It's one of the most challenging things with trying to cover news days. There was a story from the intercept that I love covering. This is good green waltz outlet? He is a progressive leftist and it was like it's called like the top twenty blunders of Russia Gate And they have ten honourable mentions, meaning thirty stories about Trump,
mainstream press that went out and a day later were retracted or corrected. How many people shared the true information at this happens all the time. So if you are trump supporting you're trying to find a way what's really going on, people go to the doubt now, of course, without is absolutely biased for the president. So I'm not gonna pretend like you're gonna, get the clearest of pictures you're going to get the defensive trump, but I will tell you if you're gonna go read some anti Trump news, go, read some Trump protract news and then go go. You know, watch or read some ambivalent Trump news and you'll get a healthier picture. What's really going on the people who have provided the biggest defence for the President, as well as produced the majority of means in this. In this political cycle, not I'm not kidding is one. The most influential communities on in that period has been effectively shut down when they administrators for right. It removed the moderators from this form. It basically means they can't keep up with, what's being posted,
all of a sudden you'll get was called a brigade leftists. You know, com, socialist anarchists, whatever antiphon will then in its art, posting rule breaking content and no one? can do anything about it, thus justifying the strainers. The sea Yoda go well, look at all RO breaking content. The funny thing about this. I'm not gonna blow your mind right now. You we are trying to keep this explanation as generalist as possible for those it don't get read it. But if I were to tell you that Donald Trump supporters were threatening police officers, what would you think now most of you are probably laughing? Why would blue lives matter. Conservative people of all people be threatening police. That's ridiculous! That's what anti for! Does we ve literally seen videos the right it administrators put what's called a quarantine on this community because they were accused of threatening police? That has to be the most rid.
Equality thing I've ever heard. I don't I don't know who is affected by it, but it's clearly and obvious. An excuse to shut down the largest Donald Trump support form. I must stop right now. So what I usually site, I don't care, if you like, the president or not, is not supposed to be a defence of the present calm down your young people are weird where, like you're Goethe Tomb to funding the president, the gun on talk about social media censorship, and I'm talking about some of a group of people that are trying to present information counter to the incorrect mainstream media in defence of what they view as correct. If you let this happen, They will come for you and yes read. It has actually gone after some left wing forms, but surprisingly, not merely enough and not nearly as influential as the Donald. So it's happening Donald Trump, the Donald the sub brought it has been one of the most influential mean creators and propaganda machines to help Donald Trump and look you can get.
About me, calling a propaganda, but listen. It's information designed to push a political slant or a politician or idea so definitely puts them old. It's not always bad, especially about something you think is a good thing, but it's definitely a place where people produce means in support of one political leading Show you this. This is from two thousand and eighteen what you need their stand. How significant what's happening right now, as this is not an issue of tromp, it is not at issue. On. It is an issue of the most agreed just act of censorship. We have seen yet. This is where internet means come from to read it and fortune committees are especially good at spreading and weapons rising them June. Eleventh twenty eighteen. They specifically point out that it is the Donald and fortunes pull that that produce. Push the means saying one community stands out as being the most active over. All the Donald is the most active one. When it
two posting means in general. It is also celebrate where most racism and politicized means are posted? Now take that first part with the grain of salt, because we don't know, I'm sorry, I know argument any at, but we don't what they mean by racism. I gotta be honest: what of work where they really talking about whether they they mention that these communities to relatively small communities stand out as being particularly effective, spreading means we find that Paul substantially influences the meme echoes system by posting, a large number of means, while the Donald is the most efficient community in pushing means to both french and mainstream web communities, a lot of the means you ve seen with Pat Bay in the variations of below frog dude originated with other fortune or with with the d and the thing about fortune, is dealt they'll put it on the politically incorrect sublet it arms. Are the book not separate the politically incorrect form, but fortune
always been influential for whatever reason the people on Fourchan seem to be in the forefront of internet veracity, alot em I'll. Almost all means of the overwhelming majority of means even going before or Donald Trump we're coming from Fourchan and everybody knew it. It then made its way to read it and then move forward We can then see how it kind of whittled down politically into Paul and into the Donald will now we're here right. It has effectively shut it down by removing tons of people and doing something else read it announced it now may suspend users for simply up voting a policy breaking post read its new rules, go beyond banning used for the content they post veil now ban users for supporting it within about. Let me explain this: trying simplify it. This is, I feel, gets kind difficult. This is place where means originate and their very, very beneficial to the president and his administration. Facebook has already taken down high profile. Tromp supporters like POG supply,
and Molly Annapolis, Lore, lunar out Jones, etc. I am not telling you too, like any of these people or to like Donald Trump. I'm telling you that major tech farms are take Hang on ethical, amoral, heavy handed censorship positions for seemingly know what what well for unjustified. I should say that its unjustified they're doing it for political game and it's gonna work it's going to work because they have been for a long time at war with read it and they are angry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry I gotta go about read, it has been at war with the community. The ceo has been at war with the right it users and it's going to serious impact, they know it and that's why they're taking moves now from its eyes em. I said last year, if you thought it was bad now, wait till you see twenty twenty, it's going to get really bad,
over at the Donald DOT win. This is the Donalds backup, I suppose they have announced they ve put the original subsided into restricted mode. So again, I'm trying to avoid this being to us. Oh terek, but say we ve timber temporarily, put the suburbs and restricted mode this Is it only moderators and a few other approved members are able to post after removing them? nobody ever moderators and causing a lot of drama. It goes without saying. We cannot keep that community properly. Moderate moderated, which was their plan when remains open and will be, will be receiving our full attention. So here's what happens wont. Let me go. Let me take you back in time and prove to you. This has been in works for a very long time. First, if you go to the Donald you see this quote that they include the quote its cut off on my screen, but already too, this is from the ceo of right. It I'm confident that read it could sway elections. We wouldn't do
course- and I dont know how many times we could get away with it, but if we really wanted to I'm sure could have swayed at least this election. This once from the ceo of read it and let me bring you to this- are Wikipedia entry. Did you know that the sea of one of the largest social media websites went into the internal code of the site and started changing the text of people's comments. That's how serious this The subway receive additional coverage on November twenty four twenty six when often see admitted to- the Donald users comments that were critical of him now, weaker Peters, bonds to harassment, but oh police people saying mean what me things about you, and you know it is not harassment if their common, your house, sure that's messed up if their threatening you, of course, that's illegal. No, that's not what happened. They were insulting Spaz, that's as username Spaz, the CEO so we actually went in and said,
hey everyone yep, I messed with the f. You spaz comments replacing Spaz with the Donald model for about an hour. It's been a long week, you're trying to unwind pizza get stuff as much as we try maintain a good relationship with you all a deal with you all. It does get old being called a certain name: As early as the ceo, I shouldn't play such games and it's all been fixed now community team is because is pretty pissed me, as at so most assuredly won't do this again and then he writes a few spaz. Do you think that this petty whiny petulant little child just stopped? There listen. I need to explain to have serious this as first over on Facebook, there is a guy, Who works with CIA, and you can't say his name, and if you do, they will go into the code and they
remove whatever you said, without warning. Without notice, I've made several post gone. If you thought it was bad last year or the year before, wait, you ain't seen nothing. Yet they are trying everything in their power now Youtube. Has my channel blacklisted this channel? If you, Google, search it guess what welcome up search for Temple, Youtube, Nuthin search for TIM Cas News, nuthin live a new channel because their actively trying to say ass, independent media, even from milk toast fat sitters like me, what they want is a media that will always Ben Venetian will always be critical of whoever they saying be critical towards that include Bernie Sanders, because I hate him too, but we'll see how things fall, because this may be there last stand read. It is now going to ban people for simply up voting card of that breaks. The rules, if you're supposed to know
What that is you see the sea all right, it didn't just stop. He realized he was a moron and that publicly going into the code to change things like that, people could see you doing and notice it happened. Well, that's so obvious. So they ve done other things. They ve changed the rules. They ve singled out the Donald Community, specifically restricting access to their posts, ultimately ending up in what is called a quarantine. This means that regular people on red, it can't see, think from the Donald I'll tell you why this is so annoying to me. Our slash politics, it's the letter are a slash into politics at the directory for the political forum on read it it as around five or six million people who subscribe to it. Because over time, when you sign up for your default get subscribe to general politics, what do you think happens when you go to the general politics page,
Do you think you see? Are you gonna see anything? That's questioning, Democrats or talking about Trump know it is. Almost exclusively tromp bad Bernie. Good- and therein lies the big problem. Our slash politics is: inversion of the Donald they're, the same thing: the differences, the Red it administration, props up this politics sub, brought it at its filled with activist websites. Talking about news. You dont go to our slash politics, the general it's for everybody to have civil discussion on all political matters, yet Some reason it is a myth. Image of the Donald. In fact, several right users have even posted this when others are brought, it called unpopular opinion turns out. It's actually is a popular and people are sick and tired. You go to read it, I'm so annoyed by this values. Websites like common dreams, truth out. These are progressive activists sites, not news website.
And you go to some other lofty forms and they literally threatened cops and they break the rules and read it does nothing about it. The sea all right. It is personally angry at the use of that Donald Sabra, hee, hee was so upset. He went into the code and started changing it and got caught and say
Ok, ok! I won't do it again. So do you think that's where they stopped? Of course not, they ve been trying to get rid of Trump supporters for a really long time. They were mad that every Clinton lost but think about where we go in the future. Twitter, actively bands tons of conservatives absolutely moderates and concern, especially anybody pushes back on the on the establishment because it does affect Anti war left us too, because the conservatives make about a much larger faction, you'll receive way more trump supporters and conservatives being banned than like progressive anti war people, the progressive anti war people on Twitter are distinct from you know. Your your standard, progressive intersection of Lord Democrat soak a case in point, Glenn Green. Whilst the intercept
He was very, very critical of Russia Gate while still being critical of trumps, hang establishment lying and, of course he was right because now there weapon eyes in the same smears against Bernie Sanders. So again, I don't care who you like, or you dont like one trump is the other side of that coin, so you basically of and that within the Democratic Party, the establishment and the progressive and then on the right. You have trump because the truck bases substantially larger, they are more likely to be impacted, especially considering Trump is gonna win and Bernie would probably lose, and the establishment is trying to shut out Bernie, so there they are screwing with Bernie. They are manipulating in certain ways, but they're not to worry too much. They can take that other translations of the convention is very different. When you have a faction twice as large, now they're going nuts here's, what I think I think these people are ideologues. They think they're, Sir, better than you. They think they're better than you. They don't want unnatural flow of means or opinions, and they
want anybody to use a system they built in a way that they don't like it results in Youtube, suppressing my content, which they do and they gotta be very careful about it. Here's what I have said before, if you like my content, don't be surprised if one day it's gone, but they know better than to outright ban. Someone like me, you see I'm the milk toast Fenster unless someone like Stephen Trotter and then after crowded credit is much more conservative. I mean he's literally conservative, I'm not an he's much more pro trump, I'm not an and they sat and they ve tried messing with him, but they are to be careful because if they go in and just you know, say snapped the rope writer and the bridge goes fallen than all the conservatives fall in the pit everyone's gonna freak out and can be a major scandal. So here's what they do. Actually, let me tell you a story. I'm sorry, I'm a gibbet anecdote as if this were my favorite stories about the increasing incremental association of manipulation. When Ebay first started the webs
was yellow one day the decided, yellow is harsh on the eyes, so we're gonna change it to white, make the background white every one complains they get inundated with male sang. The website is ugly change. It back is not the site I'm used to I'm confused and so there to change it back every day after that they slowly incremented one shade at it I'm very very slowly. Until about a year later, the whole site was white and no one said anything. They did it grants
clearly every single day slightly changing it. Now is a big lesson for people on the internet. Right now read it knew they needed to ban the Donald, but if they shut it down, then everyone's gonna freak out its major news that the accusations of censorship politicians will start calling them in what they're doing now is trying to fly passed through public and politicians, and it's gonna work mostly from my opinion, because republicans are morons that the politicians mind you, the voters or the voters. You no vote on what I think is right. The problem, however, is you end up with a bunch of these politicians who I'll give some credit met gates? Ah, Holly and crews have done a pretty good job of calling this out, but there's only so much they can do and there's only so much that's been done, it still happening it'll get worse and they will lose because of it- and I have said this before that there are public and politicians are too stupid to realise how this will be the end of their careers.
Be though, when twenty twenty we'll see, I think they're. Well, that's what is happening so long game. So here's can happen if they cannot right now banned the damages. Booby hammer wiped out you'd, see a bunch of republican, stand up and say: oh Jorge humph. What is this they'd call people in four Senate hearings, they'd make demands and these companies be forced to backpedal. They do it slowly. They seed fake posts, as if from supporter is gonna threaten cops. That's insane, they're, not even good at they're trying to claim their doing. It's our arms. I what they are actually doing like dude. You could just like it here it's here. If it happens, there's another saw brought it called our slashed. Tromp amounts were familiar that is much smaller and already leftists are coming in and post
racist things now, you're gonna get the right. It added means being like. Oh no look at what you're users are doing, and it's like due to a web before on its part of your website. You should be policing this, so here's it happens. A couple posts pop up that said stupid things, the right it had been say up there. It is now we have to quarantine you. This means no one on the site will actively see the Donald than they did something else, you have to verify your account. An email address that made it even harder for regular people to access. The Donald Then they said, if you up about a basic function of the site, something We dimly policy bragging will suspend you as a threat and now taking the moderators away, one step at a time they are wiping out trump communities and drops of borders because they don't want trumped up in the first place, and this is the power they control and they're gonna use it because they're doing it slowly. I think you're in a sea that your politicians, the ones you voted for transport.
Sir publicans are too stupid to do anything about it. I get it. I gotTa Holly gates, crews have done a good job, but nothing's going to happen. Nothing will happen look, how many? How many hearings have been had? How many complaints have been made? We ve known about the price one for so long and it just keeps getting worse, can go to actual forms on right. It. Where are you actually see them. Every single day, talk about breaking the law, hurting police, committing crimes and read. It does not care, and some of these four around half the size of the doll? But, for some reason, is just its is the people's support, Donald Trump. And for some reason there trying to claim that people support our trump or going after cops. It sounds moronic, but maybe that's the point there wanting it either their morons, which may be the case or their flaunting it I'll tell you what, though I have said it before, and I say it again in a wrap up on this. These are public and politicians are never going to solve this. The left is going to paradox equally claim. The corporations are too powerful, but corporation.
In this case can do whatever they want, what right it's a private black romanian ban, whoever they want, even if it results in the manipulation of an election and though I'm doing it too Barney next, because it's been happening every step of the way is why look man I've set it since the beginning? If you do not stop them, when they go for the conservatives, it will be Bernie Next, guess what's happened, all ready. They ve been doing the Russia smears against Bernie and if you think it's bad now wait until than that, but the Dnc, the Democratic National Convention comes up. They are going to start tearing Bernie to shreds, Who friends, I say and you're gonna sit back and laugh because you know like Trump supporters and then it'll come for you because look trumps, a populist and so was burning. The establishment will not be stopped because not no one's gonna do anything about it because Trump supporters are getting banned. The Democrats, you know even the progressive ones- are laughing ha, ha ha
how they say you up until the comes for you, then you're gonna sure wish you came to the front of the conservatism. Tromp supporters, hey, look man! If you think Bernie can be Trump. You should absolutely be defending tromp supporters and Donald Trump on these forums, because if you doubt then who's gonna, be there there to defend you when they commissar banning your content. This is one of the biggest moves we have seen yet in election interference and the culture war, and if You think it's bad now, just give it a few months. Primary season is over, but was c mere. I will tell you this. I think the democratic establishment would rather have Trump than Bernie Socio plays out. I will. I will end by saying one final thing the ceo of run. It was caught and admitted to maneuver.
The lighting internal website code to change what people were saying to put it in non ready terms. Imagine if you tweeted, I happen to like chocolate, ice cream and Jack Dorsey went in and changed what you said to. I hate chocolate, ice cream and then all was unprepared yelling at you and complaining that's what the ceo dead. He used his power. He abused his power and do you think he stopped there now you're nuts and if the end, if he's doing it here, don't you realize their probably don't get across the entire website. So if you're an anarchist, your borrowing supporter commie, don't be surprised. If he's doing the same thing to you guys- and you won't speak up about it than you find never mind you deserve it. I'll stop! Now, stick around next seconds coming up at one p m on this channel, and I will see you all there, so we ve already seen videos of people fighting in supermarkets shelves being stripped bear in ITALY where the virus outbreak is getting worse. Towns are being quarantine, and now here in United States,
Furthermore, CDC saying it's going to get severe. Donald Trump is certainly taking the kind of opposite approach. It'll be fine and I'll blow over. Markets are getting hit bad way, How does the pricing me, I think, you're crazy to panic cell, but people are doing it, so They happen this kind of ours penetrate the market. Smart investors going to scoop up the debt and they're gonna, make a ton of money off, yes, I'm not trying to be a deck or you know how to downplay the severity of this. But it's gonna happen. I'm I'm not I'm not! I'm not gonna Sonya. They batches me so now in the United States trot, was definitely saying. Things are calm. The cdc sang assuming that we have this what the CDC confirms. First unknown origin corona virus in northern California resident who hasn't recently travelled abroad or been exposed to an infected patient, four Donald Trump insisted. The risk to Americans is very low yeah. It's gonna get bad sorry trumpets wrong on this one. I can
we stand by the government. Why Trump administration would would want downplay this its Harding markets? They dont want panic, I get it, but let's just be real. Is this the end of the world, probably not, but it will get bad it. Maybe it make it worse than we have experienced and our have time- I don't know for sure, but I have some charged to show you comparing corner virus to other outbreaks, but for those of you that that came to this arrest to other outbreaks? But for those of you that that came to this video, you came for specific reason won't Woolworth's shelves stripped of paracetamol and toilet paper just hours after Morrison issued Corona Virus pandemic warning. This is probably why tromp didn't go full speed like hey the end is not because this is what you can back. Look at these shelves for some reason tone, me why, in ITALY and in Sidney Australia. People are leaving the pasta behind. I guess don't take a lot of water Tipp to deposit edible, so people don't buy it
but you can still see a lot of it has been taken. The shelves are being stripped bear on what are you right now we got a lot of crazy news. I it's getting worse, it's gonna get worse to block supplies are already being bought in droves. I'd check this out. This is a graph. The outbreak and I'm gonna go back and we'll talk about the CDC, but I want to make sure I get you through the straight details, so we can understand Severity of this before we start reading about why the Sanford's go or the northern California in Julie so serious on day. Forty one is from this video. A forty one of the crown of ours outbreak, this is when they stop tracking. At this animation, look at the blue line for those that are watched, frozen for further listen I'll spling we're comparing virus Sars. Swine flu Allah and mergers and krona virus skyrocketed substantially higher than the rest. Now you want to know why this is so terrifying, swine, flu is way way down so that they take. Although these outbreaks
from the from days euro and track the expansion of the disease, the virus or or disease general, and we can see corner virus grown was growing. Substantially faster than swine flu. Now down You can see this and as clear as day to twelve. You can see where no longer tracking krona virus, because it hasn't been that many days look we're swine flu is twelve point: three million fifteen point, two million by two hundred twelve days with seventy three. Seventy three thousand four hundred deaths and two point: five percent mortality rate. Now nihilism, swine Flu was growing substantially slower than corona virus with it. Mortality rate around twenty or so twenty to twenty five percent quota, Iris is four to six times as deadly, and it was growing, so naturally faster. So I dont know exactly if the krona viruses, gonna gotta control, but if you thought Swann,
Louis bad with fifteen million infected and seventy three thousand dead multiply that number by six for your three per se in a worst case scenario, we're looking at three plus thousand It even says date data twelve, since operate power. The virus is low fertility rate of under one percent meant that fewer than three thousand people died, and that means when we, if we look, Bolas. Well, this these are diseases, Sars Mars and a bowler barely even got the date. They they dont go up So what we're seeing is the krona? Viruses may be growing absolutely faster than we saw swine flu with a much worse mortality rate. So going back to the loss of supplies and again your quarantine break. We contracts anymore. Do something I don't typically do but needs to be done. This is prepare with TIM Dotcom. First, I will be completely honest and open all of the videos I do about kroner virus r d monitor
The means, when I do this, I know full well. It is not going to let me anything for for my career, my business, we're not making money Youtube, strikes these videos down immediately in terms of no ads whatsoever. This is, if you, if you go to prepare with them to now come, there are. There is emergency food supplies. What they know that cute little picture of me is not funny. You can get emergency food supply. The reason I'm telling you this. I don't normally do these a mouse only in extreme circumstances, I've done a dozen or so it is in the corner virus. I've, or is it only second time of ever mention this? I did mention in the pot cast the other night, but that was more because of the breaking news around what's happening so I mean this in all sincerity. If you want opts for the chance and you really are looking force on emergency food supplies. It is a great way to be prepared to go to prepare with timber com, I want to be honest with you guys and I'll say it again. I'm I'm only doing this because I really, I really do mean it. I got an email someone saying that they took my advice ox yoke.
Weeks ago, I was saying: go out there and get supplies, you know, don't overreact, don't buy up bill the bunker, but take it seriously. And now the area therein is being locked down and have food, so this could happen to lose Another reason why I M showing you this: they issued an update. This is again prepare with him dot com. They sell supply, but they're saying demand is over one hundred times normal volume, potentially causing a five delay in more or more rare cases. So there there's in their confidence and get these out two days, but demand is up one hundred times due to the krona virus. Look at these photos, please man, take it seriously These shops are being stripped, bear aright people are running in their buying things up Scott Morrison Australia said hey Pandemic and people random stores. So it's probably good for all of us that Europe is downplaying. This, of course, is political opponents are weapon. I've met against him out about Sal
Other then. I think the smartest thing you can do is get get ready not so much about whether or not everyone the world is going to die. Rogan at his army apocalypse, swine flu was bad. This looks like it may be way way worse in terms of mortality rate and growth. We can't track it and now the big main story. We don't know how this person in California got the krona viruses. That means It means I probably tons of people who at it, and we don't know in their spreading it right now and it's gonna reach thousands of people at probably infected thousands of people. Look at it. This way. The people, it tested have severe more severe cases and that's only around twenty percent of people who actually catch the virus. Eighty percent as mild most of these people probably go pay attention, so we're looking at the reported cases that we know of its probably disproportionately showing hospitalizations, which means, if we're looking at you know fifty percent of the actual people not going to the doktor it substantially higher,
here, then, were actually seen and that's why this happens. Cdc confirms first unknown origin krona virus case in northern California. This person didn't travel abroad, and so they think this is an example of community spread. So that means it's there it's in caliph. Fortunately, when the smartest thing San Francisco dead, with declared a state of emergency before these reports came end, but now we can see it may be too late. At least they did it a little bit early. I hope you consider that When you listen to me- and I say by some food men by some food water daily mail reports, the four. Case of kroner virus where the origin of the disease is unknown, has been confirmed, in the. U S. Officials revealed Wednesday, the CDC confirmed person, a resident in northern California, had not recently returned from a foreign country and had not been in contact with another confirmed case. The pace is being treated at you, see Davis, medical Center in Sacramento, where tests for the virus came back positive. The new suggest that fears that is it
the disease spreading locally in the. U S could now be a reality, while present trunk continue to tell the public that the risk to Americans as low triumphantly right, it probably is love, but just because low doesn't mean you are invincible, trumpet out the press conference Wednesday night at the. U S was very ready to tackle the disease and he also headed a vice president, like pens, the task of leading the nations response to the disease. Now, of course, we're seeing trumps political opponents. Weapon ice is against
it's a mistake. In my opinion, looking we're dealing with a crisis, the last thing we should be doing is politicking off it, but of course these people can't resist. So I detest all of these politicians can't you just shut up for five minutes, so we can figure out. What's going on, can't you lend support and have complaining. Nonstop neuron complain about them. Complaining enough money! The? U S is taken extreme precautions, precautions to ensure that anyone travelling back from China's been quarantine and or to limit the spread of the spread of the disease. Now only if we listened to Tom Cotton Republican from Alabama only Wilson and when he said we got up, you know stop these. These. These certain we're ban certain travel because of the disease. We could listened, but the news of the first case, where patient has no known connecting to travel or other known cases now raises concern over how the disease could spread across Amerika Questions are also being asked over. The CDC handling of the latest case after an email from medical under officials to employees revealed that the CDC took four days to test the patient for the deadly disease. Despite request from staff at the center
the leaked memo also suggested Medic Medical Center staff I've been on necessarily put at risk. After some have now been told you, I went to isolation and watch for symptoms. A statement from CDC confirmed the first possible instance of community spread in the: U S this time. The patient's exposure is unknown is possible. This could be an instance of community spread of covert nineteen, which could be the first time this has happened in the. U S community community spread means spread of an illness for which the source of the infection is unknown. This see, did not rule out. The patient may have been in contact with an infected individual who is yet to be diagnosed or linked to the individual. It's also possible, however. But the patient may have been exposed to a return traveller who was infected. We don't know, but we know it spreading matches up. We have this map Yokota virus. In the: U S, Kinda
total six. Sixty. U S cases, we ve got some in Canada. In ITALY, they had a few isolated cases and they thought it was an epoch of it And they thought it wasn't a big of a deal and now it's skyrocketing. Apparently the number has jumped dramatically from like two hundred and eighty two like four hundred and fifty and you that means, if you're looking for fifty the numbers. Actually, four thousand, it's gonna keep jumping because you're only as people start showing symptoms. So, while they're saying right now, eighty one thousand people have it probably eight hundred I don't know I could be wrong. I want over hype a number, but it's definitely a lot higher. If we, if we go off the numbers from ITALY, they say eighty one thousand and if we're looking at an additional, you know seventy eighty percent
you're that we haven't tracked, then we're looking at a hundred forty two hundred fifty thousand people infected around the world. That says to me that you know if you're, not if you're looking at this thinking. Oh it's no big deal is ten people in California, this one in Texas, no, that's the one they know about, and now in California, we don't even know how this person got sick, which brings me to. I can only say it for the fish since billion fiftieth fifty billionth time. If the governments are over reacting and you're not you're doing some wrong, you know they're, not gonna, be completely honest zone, avoid panic but when they know something and they go nuts stands to reason. It's worse than this they're letting on japanese Prime Minister obey asks all schools to close over corona virus. Japan's entire school system from elementary too high schools will be asked to clothes from March Second, until their upcoming spring spring break late in the month to help contain the corona.
Outbreak, Prime minister, should obey sat on Thursday. Japan is going to shut down every single school in their country, they're, asking them to over the fears of his voice so trunk and comments everything's. Fine again, I get it, but do you think Japan is overreacting or under acting honestly, don't know. I also don't care there interesting phenomenon when it comes to convict crisis, and you know, group mentality always tell people ok I'll give you of a physical railroad example. I was I experienced. I was in Venezuela and there was a group of protesters in eleven intersection in one direction from them was a group of National Guard and they were armed. I told my crew, we going to walk from in the direction from the National Guard to wear the protesters and then turn left. We want to be at an angle from them because of the National Guard run to runs towards the people we want to be in between or part of, either group will shut off. The gravest students are
screaming and running full speed away from where the National Guard was so. I yelled run to the left so they're going straight. We turn left and run the other direction. The point in trying to make us when you see people like like the issue so obvious errors that shut on all our schools, that's akin to watching the group of scream and run in a certain direction. Take notice, something is happening and it's gonna be bad, but it could be wrong and don't run with them run in a direction that keeps you safe. The port of trying to make us when we see all of these countries- and all these governments react as though there being charged at via you know, someone very dangerous then we should recognise. There is a strong likelihood, their running from something on purpose, something that really really bad as it may, we should do the same things. It means we ve noticed that people are freak out and we don't want to be a party to their freak out. We want to remain calm and solve our problem in the inn in an anti
joint way. I think when you see how in a rush has closed its borders I've. I think Russia calls its borders to to China. We ve seen IRAN, we ve seen p, in IRAN dying we're seeing an explosion of cases in South Korea, and I would you this graph already a shocking chart showing that on day, forty one, the spike was substance from kroner virus. Swine flu is substantially higher than where swine flu ended up, it's gonna get real bad men. I do so. I hope you're all seriously paying attention right now in a thief in ITALY, its I jumped to foreign and forty seven, just the other day was around two hundred
you're. So I covered that here we are day later boom much higher. But let me tell you some: if you think that we are to be fine, America won't get hit than I'm sorry you're wrong. You know if you, if you want a truck trust trump when he says, don't worry about it, fine, but you better still take care of yourself Fox thirteen Tampa Bay reports, flight attendant diagnosis, crop grown a virus after flights in and out of LOS Angeles. There's a flight attendant, flew out of Ella and was later die, knows of having krona virus. It's a two week, innovation period, they San average, with an extra in some cases. Twenty seven days she was in a lay in an airport, no less and that's it. People fly around the world. It get that point of Irish can stay on services from the nine days, so all shared the do. Without being symptomatic that knowing cough touch the railing, someone else touch the railing. Now that person spreading it
and there you go. We don't know how some of these people are getting these diseases, and this was it was a week or so ago. We saw three cases I believe in Asia they couldn't trace, and that was the first indication we knew quarantine was shattered, We can trial, we want, we can slow things down, but the fact remains. As you know, every day we see it it's getting worse and its spreading around, and it's probably already in your town, you might, you might think, there's no reported cases probably their men, and I am, I know, a lot of people on Twitter or saying. Oh, it's only two percent mortality. You wanted you want. You want to buy a lot of time with a two percent chance you die now, I'm not interested in that I mentioned and take care myself. So I hope you to our wrap. This up by saying just look me in the stores are being raided. I will just cover all of the updates. As the story changes in emerge. As you can follow me, I've been basically One p m krona virus update as big it and crazier, but I will
with one more shout out to prepare with TIM dot com. These guy eyes have emergency food supplies. I mean sincerely. When I say I rarely ever do this, but I really do think that, and you know not only well used it supports my channel when you, when you are, when you buy from them but I really do think you need to consider something like this. I I've got water and I've got food available, and this is a great way you can pick it up their experiencing delays in shipping. And this is the big news I really want to get across. You guys at shocking to me a hundred times normal volume The people who are in the now are already going for the supplies dont be last in line because when Trump finally comes out and says Quarantine and America's broken, we ve lost control. You're gonna see every store every shelf rated and you know it's gonna be left for. You. You're unveiled put pick from one of these fine boxes of dry past
noodles, hey man, I love pasta, but is that really what you want to be eating? If you have to I'm she'll, be fine doing it, but if you go out now take care of yourself. If you order from prepare him to come, then you might be eating some nice fettuccine, Alfredo with some chicken and beans and rice and having a real meal when it when things really to get better locking things down, and I think they will, I think, we're in a start seeing checkpoint set up. I think we're gonna see school closures, because the c d C has said so already. It's not a fringe opinion sought a conspiracy theory, the CDC, sad business and schools will be severely disrupted. I hope your listening, stick around nine seconds. Coming up at four p m youtube com slashed him casts different channel, and I will see you all their Republicans in South Carolina announced operation chaos the plan because the states it open primary go vote in the democratic primary for
Bernie Sanders, who they view as being the weakest candidate, and no. This is a mistake. First of all, war, Ok, we're what we should read this first I want to say if you vote for Bernie and then Bernie Winds. I'm gonna laugh at you and when a laugh, don't don't don't like hubris block you, but let's read because I actually made. Maybe maybe it's the right move, I mean, I think it's dirty you now let the people decide and dump trying play games, but theoretically it could work. There being a Bernie Sanders is so weak in the national election. That of Bernie Winds, democratic nomination. He will end up losing doll. Droplets read the story from pluralist actually reported by Reuters, Publicans unveil operation, chaos plan to sabotage democratic primary with flood of Bernie votes. I do not believe you will see Bernie Sanders supporters crying about this. One is a republican act.
In South Carolina urging party voters to do the seemingly unthinkable support Bernie sent. Bid for the White House in the States democratic primary on Saturday, the unused effort is aimed at exposing with the activists, see as flaws in the southern states, open primary system and at boosting the candidate with the candidate. Many Republicans view as the easiest rival for President Donald Trump to beat a note Saunders enter Saturday contest as the front runner for the democratic nomination. The old by winds in New Hampshire and develop in a near tie for first in Iowa, but the vote or an independent who calls himself a democratic socialist, now faces a tough challenge from Joe Biden. The former vice president is bolstered. A strong support from african Americans who comprise a Our share of South Carolina Democratic Electorate now will also point out, as many of you probably aware, Bernie Sanders recently praised Cuba, China. I do not think that's. Gonna go over well with many people, more probably in South South Carolina now,
I think I don't know. There's a large population of cuban exiles or relatives or friends of but its proximity to Florida, I'd be willing to bet pilot plays a role. Bernie is fair into well. If the Republicans do cannot vote for Bernie, you might actually be biden- and this is a huge well actually, according to their plan, makes sense, but I think it might be, Huge mistake and hear me up a three limit: more I'll, tell you why they say Bernie. As a socialist and the most egregious of all the candidates. He is also the weakest against Trump said. Presley. Slut starts a team party activists and one of the organizers behind and interference effort, dubbed operation chaos. The Sanders campaign did not respond to requests for common Democrats and Republicans previously have threatened to interfere with the other parties. Primary process in South Carolina and elsewhere generally without success in Iowa. However, Republicans boasted they clogged I'm credit party telephone lines exists providing embarrassing delays in reporting caucus results state Democratic Party
and Robertson called the republican efforts. Nonsense is if the party leaders backed greater democratic primary numbers. Not due to republican gamesmanship, but because voters are fed up the immoral anti christian person occupying the White House. Voter burn out has been met across the board so far. I dont think South Carolina is going to be an exception. I also think Bernie say I'm sorry I'll I'll settle Biden is gonna win job and has been leading the poles, and all these dates is now want a single states. The national front. Runner spare me it's not true, but I could be wrong. South Carolina is different states. It will see what happens South Carolina voters do not register by part and are allowed to vote in either parties contest after the State Republican Party cancelled its primary this year out of deference to trump activists. Long angered by Democrats, allegedly participating in local republican votes, saw an opportunity for pay back start said he has been inundated
emails tax and social media messages from republicans eager to join the effort on Tuesday he held a news conference Greenville South Carolina to announce the plan to vote sanders after some internal routes. Angling over which cannot support Charan Martin A freelance editor and pet sitter and spartan bargain is leading a similar effort. She has coin trump to twenty nine and a nod to the primary date likes thoughts. She wants the state to change to a closed primary system. CS delivering a victory for Sanders as the best way to antagonize a democratic party that includes, who are reluctant to embrace candidacies with no party registration figures. It will be difficult to measure the impact of the Republican, organizing efforts and they will take credit for it if Bernie Winds, considering the poles a public policy, pulling survey release on Monday, found a fair number of Trump supporters plan to vote in a democratic primary but the survey said they there. This was their dispersed. Among several candidates meant they would not be a factor.
State republican chairman drew Miss MC kissing said his organization had not endorse the activists efforts. Nor is it called for the moment to stop saying I'm not sure exactly how much this will move the needle. I do know that I'm the fund watching the democratic circus and that Bernie as a socialist would provide the ultimate contrast between the two parties. Now here's the thing. First, let me say you: if you're planning on doing this, you will deserve it if Bernie Beats trumpet November. Personally, I don't think he well, so I get it. But if you go out and play games, are I'm talkin about underhand games, voting in the democratic primary process to upset their nominating process than you and if you lose, you would have deserved it it'll. It will be a wonder. Wonderful, come up its to those who think
and undermine the process by plane these games, if they actually lose technically to the person who actually voted for, but I am also to tell you you're wrong: it's not the game. You wanna play ok, too bad strategy. First, I completely disagree. I think you should not be voting unless you are planning to participate in the democratic, primary and vote for the Democrats, in the long run. Otherwise it's just underhanded be us and it will be weapon ized against you to undermine trumps message. If your tromp supporting you do this claim you cheated they're gonna say see what a supporters did they cheated, and you know what, if you don't so be it? That's that's what you want to do. So I urge everybody to play fair. I guess I get it other people cheat well. You can't do that, but let me tell you some: it's a bad idea right now of the five thirty prediction This big jump just happened and makes silver. I gases upset because now the as a one in two chance, no one
wins the nomination. This is good for trot supporters. Listen! The democratic party is an absolute chaos and because of the chaos, they can't get their message straight. There, too, busy fighting each other. If you vote for Bernie Sanders to try and pull some, you know so manipulation of the election to try and do not hurt the Democratic Party, and any does when the nomination, then the party will unify around Barney much better than they would if they fought all the way to the end. You see what I'm saying you're right now, Bernie has fallen from around forty four percent, chance likelihood of being in Germany to thirty one with a one in two to fifty one percent chance. No one wins if Bernie doesn't get at least one thousand nine hundred and ninety one delegates the super delegates
Ben and everyone just votes. I think as they choose. This will result in someone like Biden, Bloomberg WAR in order to judge not burning, and you know what that will mean the Bernie or bust people will go. And the Democratic Party will lose them, listen you're wrong, you're, crazy, the Bernie Sanders voters or the one saying we will not support the democratic party. If it turns out that you stop Bernie if Bernie doesn't get the nomination all of his voters walk away. If you help You get the nomination, his supporters stay and vote. You see, why would you do it doesn't make sense? They are on the verge of chaos there in chaos. Absolute guess, but again I want to stress: don't do this stuff man seriously may I point out here that I think it so diamond so silly and our analysis. If they do this, the people in South Carolina and go and interfere in the democratic nominating process, then I hope Bernie wins. I do ok, I don't mean that I'm just being
bit facetious, but there there there is so much dirty underhanded politicking. I told you I've told you before when Trump one I laughed, you know why, because Dnc cheated Bernie out of his when so watching Hilary lose was glorious. I love seeing justice served now I get it. This is just South Carolina, but don't play these games, don't do what they do stand above and it's not it's not the way to go about it. You're also going to undermine your own message and give them an opportunity to claim that you cheated and it's not fair if Bernie ends up winning democratic establishment is gonna, use these stores and say see. It was Republicans propping up Bernie to hurt the Democratic Party and the entry, and try and use that to deal agenda is the fact that their just insane. Let em fight what am sorted out for themselves,
now. No one is gonna win good. No one is better than some one. If you oppose what they're doing, because they have no party unity. If you go out you do this, its actual gonna bring the party together. Look, I don't know what's going to happen in November, but I'm I think tromp is gonna landslide and I think it's fair to point out, people think so even Democrats, it's probably one of the reasons why the production models are so wonky and no Subject there what's gonna happen, I will also say we are learning right now from these production models is at the poles are all wrong. Joe Biden was the front runner in the production model because of poles, then Bernie actually won and Biden tanked, This means that you might be said in saying you know. What's gonna happen, you know trumps gonna win Bernie might actually win. If you let hubris blind you, you will lose and you will get no sympathy from me, because Hillary Clinton did the same thing.
Now, if you want to have honour and integrity and stand up for what you believe in and if you think Trop is the right choice, then you should stand by that and play the game fair. But if you think you need a sneaky edge to when you must not really be confident. President at all, I wish everybody would show up on the stuff. I do not find Funny entertaining, I think its gross, but I guess we'll see because no matter what happens the probably claim it's true, so I ll leave it. There stick around about two more segments coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly more MC rats are quitting the Democratic Party at an official level. Most of you are probably familiar with the walk away campaign, which has seen presumably tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people quit the Democratic Party, often joining the Republican Party, and we ve seen people like Jeff Andrew switch at the now. At the federal level from democratic Republican there have also been saw. I think it was a new Mexico. I could be wrong and Philadelphia. Us state rap switch to the independent Party from Democratic Caucus with Republic
because, as we all know, the left has gone insane, we now the story. Red state. It's a new data city as eight elected state officials, announced party switch and join the GEO P, six of which word Democrats, Do you see this phenomenon happening the direction? No, you had just and mash yeah. That was a bad move. He went the wrong direction because the walk away is happening from the left to the right. As I often have said politics in this country flows in one direction. If you take a picture of the Trump supporter They'll accuse you of being a trump supporter. Whatever transporter take a picture with a far leftist or communist waving a communist flag, they would accuse the commune of being a Trump supporter, it isn't, it doesn't flow in that direction and that we can see it. What's the story They say W L B T reports that the Mississippi Republican Party welcomed eight new members into their fold last week, six of whom had been Democrats and to independence each of these
Officials were elected in the most recent election cycle of men. There burning down and they can't get their heads straight to save their own party. Mrs Republican Party chairman, Lucien, Psmith suspects, they won't be the last he told W L b t we have had a relief less focus on switching conservative Democrats over to the Republican Party, they recognize increasingly that there is only one party that represents the conservative values of our state and that is the Republican Party newly elected governor, take Reeves Republican, told her. Borders. We innocent area, this country, where you can choose to member of the party led by Donald J Trump or you can choose to be member of the Socialist Democratic Party led by Bernie Sanders the Mississippi River, working party is the party that is building success for Mississippi by grounding government and the principles of liberty. These men and women on the front lines of local government understand understand that and no a brighter future cannot be achieved by less freedom and more
from it. I am pleased to welcome them to the Mississippi the EMS Geo, P and look forward to their, you'd service to their fellow recipients. When you look at the progress we have made for my financial standpoint, when you look at the fact that we are in the best fiscal shape we have ever been in our state, it is because of conservative principles that have been enacted in our state house. We also note the government that governs closest to the people governs best where the Democratic Party is increasingly adopting a negative view of wealth, whereas the republican It is maintaining a conservative or a positive view of wealth when I meet. What I mean by that is burning campaign has been all about. We should take from them and distribute, but nothing about creating the problem with that is when you're talking about paying taxes for healthcare. Where does the money come from after you ve taken at all?
whereas trumpets talk about creating jobs but the bigger issue, I see your advice it is happening. Is that Democrats Republicans used to be very similar? They disagreed on a few key issues like you know, pro choice life. Now it's literally capitalism versus socialism and guess what most Democrats are capitalist but as Bernie Sanders keeps gaining ground, they say if other hands up and say I'm done up. If the Democratic Party goes full socialist, which their heading towards you are going to see. A mass exodus of Democrats to the Republican Party, I think we're going to see seventy five million votes for tromp in November, I mean- maybe not I don't know, I don't have it with the numbers. Are don't get my word for it? I was wrong in twenty eighteen, but it really does feel like it. Tromp is gonna landslide and it's hard to see any other outcome. If we keep having Democrats leave the party line,
actually elected representatives. Then why should I assume at the ground level, people are going to vote against them? Jeff Andrew Democrats switched and then Trump endorse them are these people out of their minds as they. According to your politics, all Statewide offices are currently held by the Republicans, and there is Also, a majority in the House and the Senate, the GEO Peace Sweep and state what offices last year and the approval writing for Donald Trump opened. The door opens the door to this noted mill, Saps Department of government and politics. Chair Doktor Nathan greater he added they have a plausible arguments to make. With these elected officials that your constituents are already aligning with us the voting pattern, in your districts, are moving in our direction? You should join the team to Matt Sullivan thirteen Circuit court. Mr De Tournay noted their conservatives conservative Democrats all across this data. Happy, and there was once upon a time when the conservative Democrats controlled this state it's a new day.
City, and I believe the Republican Party is growing and there's a listen in the Republican Party for people. Like me, why was this guy epidemic That's crazy is what you someone, who switched they say, so they say, met Sullivan District attorney for the Thirteenth Circuit court. The eight officials include so yes, this is one of the guys who switched on working to read through all of them, but we have six. Former Democrats. They say frankly, I think we'll see a lot more of this, especially if Bernie wins. The democratic presidential nomination wishes, more and more likely by the day, there are many concerns. Native and moderate Democrats who won't want to be so it with a party led by a socialist. I just did a segment where you have people in South Carolina sang Republicans, should vote for Bernie Sanders. I think strategically. It makes sense, but I think the issue for the most part as an issue of honor integrity. But all I shall add this. I dont want to rehash segment. I will say if republicans went out and voted for Bernie and Bernie actually won the novel
nation and we are seeing more people jumped ship because they don't want to be associate with socialist Party. That is not about whether Trump winds or not it's about burnt tainting the voter like tainting the Democratic Party, so regular vote? just steer clear of it, autocrat, dont vote or vote Republican and the Republicans win ground across the country at state and local levels, not just the presidency. But I will end by saying: keep your integrity, your integrity and keep your honor afraid more. There has to be a good number of registered Democrats. Who are disgusted by their parties daily assault on President Trump after the russian collusion hoax, the ukrainian phone call scam, which led to the president's impeach and the resurrection of the Russia hoax. Some of them will stand. And say enough, hey man, look I'm right here with you. I think that they have tried scandal after scandal, because they have nothing to actually talk about. Here's what's important when it comes to November the economy. It is really really good another
I must add the word there's some words. I can't say on Youtube. So, what's happening in China and spreading around the world now has markets in a tizzy, but I think the still might be good for the President, because it's as if a disaster, economy and people are gonna, be scared and say just vote for tromp again, don't rock the boat. But I will tell you that, as the Democrats keep gaining ground breaking people out and then offering up nothing in the end in the house. You see why these switches keep happening. Donald Trump one, but the Democrats keep strict screaming scandal and the reason they do is because most people just don't care about what's happening. When the economy is good, regular people they go bowling, they gotta cheesecake factor They enjoy themselves. Do not super concerned about everything, because life is good. They got what they need, so the eurocrats need something to shock them scandal after scandal after scandal, and it turns out to always be bunk when you do that
You end up burning down your own party, I'll, tell you what, if they stuck the principal rejected the far left. These people have no reason to leave the party they would just say, will do better next time, but the party is doing two things at once: screeching lot insane scandals, no one cares about and they're all an and offering up nothing of substance to anybody as to. Why should vote Democrat, and so people are looking at a national level and it's gonna fact state level, politicians and local politicians. They say many will find it too difficult to defend the parties. Sharp left turn wants another point to most Americans: don't support open borders, Medicare for all and late term abortion and may find it tough to vote for candidates who do they have
says, have become unmistakable. What used to be a grey area between Democratic Republic in ideology is now daylight and socialism made may just be a bridge too far. Project ferreted released a video thither day where a journalist said he was a socialist because one of healthcare, but that's not socialism. The problem is what the problem for these Democrats and a lot and a lot of these you know people who are supporting Bernie. They don't realize what she was I'm really is burning in the past, has advocated for seizing the means of production. That will what does that mean? How does it scale? there are eleven answer. I've asked them at what point does something become the means of production right now and I'm in my basement, I got a camera pointed at my face. I use this to produce things. Should I have a right to own. That means of. This meant I gotta camera, pointed at my face. I use this to produce things, should I have a right to own that means of, You know you should not have a right to own a camera, it should be public property Everyone should have a right to do what you do not want to live in,
through our Terran system. So you won't see me voting for people who advocate for these things. Bernie has not directly come out and had seized the means of production and his presidential campaign, but he has talked about taking twenty percent of stock or equity from a company to be used, as you know, from four to give bonuses to that the workers as the first step. That's the point of democratic socialism. They want you to walk your way into the mouse trap that of throwing the trap at your face. They want you to walk into the pit trap and they learn to convince you in Lahti to do it. It's the difference between jabbing you, with the support of the pointy, stick and coaxing YO to walking forward until he found to a pit and get jabbed pointy stick but a lot of people who are voting for burning in talking about these progressive values. Dont know, It is actually about socialist, promoting full on socialism and there being told that democratic socialism is Denmark. When Denmark as a market economy. You get the point,
Here we go again more democrats leaving the party don't be surprised. If you see more, I will leave it there stick around. I got one more Simon coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. Donald Trump has just launched the nuclear option in the immigration fight, and this actually is a bit starling. Do even me, then. Your time supports justice. Department establishes office, who d naturalised immigrants, the department, all the decision, a move to bring justice to terrorist war criminals, sex offenders and other fraudsters. But some lawyers there feared a broader crackdown. I've got very strong opinions on this Reed and make sure we get all the details right, but I'm gonna be pretty critical to an extent The first thing I'll say as if somebody defraud us Americans in America to try and get access to our benefit and citizenship. Yet they have no right to that and if we find out bottom, even if they ve been naturalised after the fact, the problem here is
fear of the slippery slope. But let's read this before I say something and I dont you that I dont understand they report the Justice Department said Wednesday. Created an official section in its immigration office to strip citizenship rights from naturalised immigrants, a move that gives more have to the Trump administrations, broad efforts to remove from the country, emigrants who have committed crimes The de naturalisation section underscores the departments commitment to bring justice to terrorist. We we rather part and that's what I wholly people who other fraudsters who illegally obtained Naturalisation Joseph H, hunt. Justice department, civil divisions, Edna statement. The de naturalisation section will further the departments efforts to pursue that pursue those who unlawfully obtained citizenship status and ensure they are held accountable for their fraudulent conduct. The move promises to further expand a practice that was once used infrequently but that the Trump Administration has increasingly turned to as parliament its immigration crackdown. Is
is the alarms among some department, lawyers who fear it natural, nation lawsuits could be used against immigrants who have not committed serious crimes. Here is the challenge. People who have committed crimes should be held accountable. We must act on the side of the presumption of innocence, but will can this be used to create net negative effects and cannot target emigrants will commit no crimes? I personally do not like the idea of taking a waste is shipped from people. The government should be allowed to do that if you become a citizen you're a citizen, however, hawking about innocent good individuals who did the right thing here is a real moral conundrum. If somebody exploits the system breaks the law, certain politicians, I might say, to bring in family members or skirt the rules that we need a process by which to say that should have never been given to you in the first place. But I really do fear that we can be stepping too far so, as I have mentioned with,
where there was another story about trumps elite border agents years even start, seeing the expects the exclamation point our popping up above my head. I am no fan of government expansion, authoritarianism I'll, be the first to criticise the far left advocating for breaking down barriers and boards. All that stuff I ll be the first to defend the rights of all of our countries. To enforce its laws, but you're gonna start seeing alarm bells raising when they're going after natural I citizens and sending elite border agents in the cities to crack down on illegal immigration. I'm not saying I am drawing a line here. I'm not saying I'm freaking out now, I'm saying I may milk toast moderate so I do get alarmed when I see tactical units being deployed to cities the last anyone should be advocating for is more police and law and an executive authority or the expansion of a police state not been there done that. We do not want that. That's war, it's worse than what we would see from authoritarian com. It well, maybe not worse than authoritarian, commune
but still really really bad. In the same vein as far as I'm concerned critics, The administrations desire to prioritize de naturalised, generalizations underscores the idea. Naturalised. Citizens have fewer rights than those born in United States and that immigrants should not assume that they cannot be deported even after they go through the naturalisation process. The new section will replace the team. I ought to know I kind of feel like we need a hard line. Depending on the severity in which somewhat what the crime of someone can were of what someone committed to get naturalisation. I think we probably shouldn't go there and we should probably just lock people up or I honestly don't know exactly how we deal with this. But I can fully recognise there is an issue with people fraudulent trying to obtain access to this country and citizenship. But this seems to me like its own way. Too far, us read more
The new section will replace the team of immigration lawyers who have been asked to focus on cases that revoke citizenship from those who have been convicted of terrorism, war crimes and human rights violations in sex offences. I can agree with that, and I can understand that if someone comes here play by the rules and then You're really commits the most egregious crimes possible that I think it's fair to say. Well, I mean even then MRS Talk is really really tough women immigration process. You can become a citizen that, once you do, you have constitutional rights and I dont think they can take away citizenship from people, even if they do this horrifying things, because what's what? What's the difference between on item on American Board individual who commits these crimes and someone who isn't what if they ve been here for ten years, I don't know how are we are out of how we do this properly and I think we're walking towards a dangerous future.
Draw a line at some point. Let's read more, the department is not announced to allay the office, but several department, officials and lawyers expected Timothy Belgian who has taken the lead in departments de naturalisation work to assume that role mister bells and helped to revoke the citizenship rights of a Yugoslavian born convicted work. HU, a from her naturalisation application. The fact that she had executed unarmed civilians during the ninety nineties balkan conflict to see that so now I like, I get it not saying these people are good and we should defend them. I'm just saying I really who are on the side of black, sounds formulation, civil liberties and the presumption of innocence, and this it gets dangerously close to two to a fear of abuse of power. I gotta say, though, the New York Times a fairly liberal paper, not very pro, from an pointing out mister bells and going after someone who committed she atrocities are they painting?
As for why this actually does make sense framing is important if they want to talk about innocent individuals, falsely accused of fraud were deported. You know in violation of their rights that would be disconcerting, but the example they give is actually a war criminal who executed unarmed civilians can't really disagree with that. We have probably tell them to get out your you, that information and you should not have citizenship rights, the Justice Department under because I will also mention if they were citizen, we probably do something worse to them. So is it that the Justice Department of Rock Obama off so pursued naturalisation, important point and a targeted people who had lot and applications and committed other crimes but natural, as have wrapped up under the trumpet ministration of the two hundred and twenty eight cases the department is filed since two thousand eight about forty percent of them were filed since twenty seventeen, according to official department numbers and over the past three years de Naturalisation case, referrals to the department have increased.
Six hundred percent Obama, was it a porter and chief. So I mean we know, trumpets cracking down from the earliest days of the Trump administration officials, including Stephen Miller, the White Ass aide, who has driven much of present trumps immigration policy, said de naturalisation could be used as part of a broad push back on immigration some Justice Department, immigration lawyers have expressed worries that D. Naturalisation could be broadly used to strip citizenship. According to two lawyers who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of retribution, they cite the fact that the department can pursue the naturalisation lawsuits against people who commit fraud as it did against for people who lie I'd about being related to become: U S, citizens well or another, that make sense. Fraud can be broadly defined and include smaller infractions like misstatements on citizenship, application, fair point, look, there's a line and unconcerned slippery.
Hope. It is fair to say that if somebody lies the application and pretended to be related to somebody in order to get citizenship, then we can say your citizenship is void because it should have never been granted in the first place. People who are here, however, who are not citizens still of constitutional right, so we gotta be careful with this, a man like you do not want to go down the dark path. When we have these elite border agents marching through cities, no waited not offend, I get it. It's a dangerous business and people are breaking the law solving these problems, while protecting freedoms is always difficult. In fact, when it comes to bail reform, for instance, I think on principle it makes the most sense. The problem is how they implemented it, and the problem now is that people over overwhelmingly disagree on worker protection. I can assert my my willow or anyone else assimilate. Let me put it this way when it comes to arming tactical enforcement de naturalisation, I will err on the side of civil rights and presumption of innocence.
I also recognise that I am not superior. Morally anybody else else, so all that you really do is voting stand by what I believe and then we take it to the two to the polling station. These are top. Is it MR toughness, Hence it in, and it always is really really hard to figure out how you do things right where you draw the line at a protest or a riot where'd? You draw the line on naturalisation and fraud and elite in tactical agents being sent a sanctuary cities the truth, as we cannot allow people to exploit our goodwill and these these fringe left us do it took in council culture and many illegal immigrants do at home. And that they can just get a path of citizenship after they come in and break the law. So I'm actually in favour of law enforcement, but like I said earlier on? I think we're on that right now is. This is a growing concern for me,
I do not want to see arm jack boot, storm troopers, marching through streets. However, I recognise the right to enforce. Our laws are laws that Wino represented by representatives. So for the time being, I'm gonna need that hard red line, and I know exactly where it is- and this is not yet in force in the law and dealing with fraud and war. Criminals makes sense to me but we're getting close toward, that line could be if they are going after people who are quest have questionably committed an offence or Meda misstatements than you'll see more protest for me as far as I'm concerned, but rest assured, if we see that popping up of these elite border agents, doing things in violation of constitutional rights and will be the first to be screaming about it. So let me put that on warning to the you know is as far as anyone else is concerned. There sutler there's so much I'm willing to accept in terms of how we expand law enforcement, and I am no no fan of an expanding state. I prefer liberty as opposed to security, one hundred percent. If that means people exploit our system and if that means that sometimes the guilty go.
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