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Democrats Embracing The Far Left is Backfiring

2018-10-06 | 🔗

Democrats Embracing The Far Left is Backfiring as the far left keeps taking actions that results in Republicans making gains.As more people on the left eschew Liberals for Leftists we can see the Republicans making gains in the polls. Most Americans support general social justice and feminism, but authoritarian tactics causes moderates to move to the right.Even if you support certain ideals embracing the far left means you will lose the support you need to get you ideas into politics.

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A couple days ago. Somebody posted on Facebook how they are coach demand, Wang, Amoga, hat and started swearing at this person. I asked: why would you do this? They claimed shaming people works and by screaming at a supporter they're, going to convince them not to support trump. I said no, it won't you're going to make them dig in there also and seek validation from those who do support trump. The best way to change people's minds is to be a friend to that person, so they are receptive to new ideas, not to insult them and attack them, but they disagreed and the thread devolved into calling me a Nazi, and that's where we are a feel like the left is its own worst enemy, because they keep doing things that hurt self's with the Brett Kavanaugh hearing? We've got people calling for mobilization and riots if he is confirmed, but we know for a fact that riots make people vote. Conservative I have the data to
back that up. We even saw riots all throughout the country leading up to the twenty sixteen election. I'm not saying that's the reason Trump got elected, but I bet it absolutely did contribute. We also have data from NPR showing that the Cavenaugh Ford hearing rows the GOP base and took away the Democrats advantage in the mid term elections. If they keep engaging in this behavior they're going to hurt them more and more and it's possible. The Republicans will just maintain control. Remember everyone's talking about how progressives were taking on the Democratic Party. Well, now we have data show that these progressives did terribly that's backfiring on the Democrats. So today, let's take a look at much of the data, not all of it as to how the left has been hurting itself before I get started. Please enter a patrie on dot com. Slash TIM help support my work, patrons backbone of the content. I create you like these videos and you like the video make on my second channel. Please go to patrison dot com, Slash Comcast, to help support my
the nation, ran this story yesterday. If Cavanagh is confirmed, we need to mobilize like never before his record indicates that, woodstone, while movements against poverty, militarism and racism for generations- and they highlight this photo of people protesting Supreme injustice. It says demonstrators protest against Brett Kavanaugh's, nomination to the Supreme Court in Washington DC October. Fourth, two thousand and eighteen. The story concludes by saying: we must fight this nomination in every way we can. We must voice our moral descent if Cavanagh is seated despite the dangers, presents. Then we must mobilize like never before this year and again in twenty twenty to vote out extremists who threaten our rights abolitionist didn't relent after the Dred Scott decision. The end of reconstruction didn't mean an end to the fight against racism, this calling for mobilization, highlighting protests. They do say you should vote and to be fair, that's a good thing about what they're saying, but they also say to voice their dissent in any way they can in every way they can by.
It's necessary and a diversity of tactics are threads that are common among the far left when people get violent and smashed windows start press attack people. Many organizers on the left say, respect the diversity of tactics. It's something. I've heard time and time again as I've been on the ground in these protests, and all this does is justified violence that strengthens the right yet, for whatever reason they keep saying it's. Ok, they allow it to happen. They won't call out the violence. Bernie stand. Noam Chomsky and Chris Hedges have all called out that violence. New York magazine ran this story in twenty fifteen news He shows riots make America conservative they high. This edge from Baltimore Md April 28th, two thousand and fifteen. I was there. It was violent. This image is an accurate depiction of what it was like on the ground.
The story highlights that when they were non violent protests, public opinion on civil rights sky rocketed straight up, however, when they were violent protests and arrests, public opinion on Social Control Sky rocketed. Is it a shock to anyone that getting violent? Would scare people would make them want to vote for law and order candidates and when the left doesn't call this out, is it surprising to anyone that people are going to I don't want to be aligned with the people who are violent from the independent December. Twenty seventeen Noam Chomsky, Anti Fall is a gift to the far right, and, U S state question renowned academics as Anti fascist movement has initiated the use of force in ways that are completely unacceptable. Chomsky said anti fall is very far from a structured or session, it is largely a collection of people disturbed about the ugly and ominous forces that have broken into the public arena with particular venom. Since Trump removes the cork from the bottle. The eighty nine year old says,
associated with a loose and you've are fringe groups that have initiated the, the force in ways that are completely unacceptable and are a welcome gift to the far right and the repressive forces of the state, while also providing some justification for the absurd claim that Antifa is compareable to the far right forces. Unlike repression of the left, typically tolerate. Repression of the right unless it's great concern and sometimes support for the targets, as they claim the high moral ground of defending basic civil rights. That's quite apart from the opportunity, cost the failure to use the opportunity to expose their doctrines and actions and the threat they pose to civilized existence. Noam Chomsky heavily critical of the right, but he points out that the violence used by Anti fun and the violence taller
about. The left is only helping them and I completely agree that people ask me TIM: why are you calling out Antifa so often, why do you make videos condemning Antifa? Well, I made a joke. The other day on Twitter that have Brett Kavanaugh was not confirmed. People would go out in the streets. Conservatives wearing masks and starting fires in destroying property and that's the joke, because everyone knows conservatives won't do that sure there are some extremists. One guy was recently arrested for threatening republican saying. If they didn't vote for Brett Kavanaugh, they would pay with their lives. He apparently said that he wants Democrats to be afraid to do what they are doing right now and weak. Republicans that do not vote for him need to pay with their lives. Yes, these things happen. We know that there's it's on the right. There's violence on the left, but you never see typically far right, individuals can serve it right wingers. Putting on masks going around destroying property and starting fires, that's what Antifa does that's what the left does and so
long as they aren't willing to call it out and stop the violence. They are supporting a conservative candidates in the midterms. In fact, Bernie Sanders had to tell his supporters to knock off the violence. I was on the ground I have seen Bernie Sanders supporters beat and attack old people. Chris Hedges has repeatedly called out anti fun. He said how Anti premieres the all right. In the past, he referred to black black protesters as the cancer of our my Wall Street, which leads me to wonder. Where are the regular, moderate and sane people on the left to call this out? Obviously, Bernie Sanders, Noam Chomsky and Chris Hedges are all there. But they're heavily criticized for saying this news his media organizations they run defense for anti fog for the most part, not always why all they're doing is helping the Republicans. So then people get mad at me and say ten when you call them out your punching left, you're you're. Damn right, I am because those people are damaging core values of mine and the only uh,
people willing to call them out for their violence tend to be people on the right. It's so weird look. We can all call out that extremist guy who threaten senators if they don't vote for Kavanaugh. Of course, and we should all be able to call out violence in the streets. Why not? But I'm not going stop. Let's talk about the progressive wave according to the economist, far left Candice did poorly in the democratic primaries. The majority of democratic socialists, lossed two candidates approved by the party I keep hearing, from people. On the left saying that the Democrats have to go farther left, that's what people want. They say: Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez as an example, but You only one by a few one thousand votes. I think she had something like fifteen thousand votes in the district of seven hundred thousand people. In fact, in Cortez is District, Cynthia Nixon lossed to Cuomo by thirty percentage points. According to the economist data from third way, a center left think tank show that candidates endorsed by
progressive groups, our revolution and Justice Democrats one their primaries, no more than thirty seven percent of the time most of those victories came in places. Republicans are almost certain to win. On the other hand candidates belonging to the moderate New Democrat coalition or those endorsed by the party establishment, one hundred and seventy one of their seventy eight primaries Jim Kessler of third way as that voters were looking for fresh faces, not necessarily for liberal ones, and we can see a quarter of this graphic here that, since the 80s Republicans have stayed pretty much in the same place, moving only a little bit to the right, but on the left they have drifted matically to the left, Ocasio Cortez has numerous gaffes. She does not have the experience in my opinion, to be the face of this new movement as she travels around endorsing candidates, but then makes these mistakes on national television, it only makes everyone look bad and you know what we're not going to end here either. Let's talk about the Democrats, call for the Cavenaugh Ford hearing that didn't
alt, either a story that I covered a few days ago, amid Kavanaugh Confirmation Battle, democratic enthusiasm, edge evaporates. The result of the hearings, at least in the short run, is the republican base. Was awakened notedly Mirren golf director of the Marist Institute for public opinion which conducted the poll and while five hundred and thirty eight does show according to their delux statistics. The Democrats, as of today have a seventy one point. Eight percent chance of taking the house in the Midterms Republicans only have twenty eight point. Two, let's see what happened. After the cabinet hearings. The hearings took place on September 27th on the 27th five hundred and thirty eight was giving the Republicans a twenty three point: five percent chance. Following the hearings. It went down a little bit and then shot up to now. Twenty eight percent. It is up nearly five percentage points
following the Kavanaugh hearing, so the Democrats might still win the house if you trust five hundred and thirty eight, but we can clearly see at the cabin hearings, hurt their chances. We have two different statistics showing a gain for republicans following the cabinet hearings and while five hundred and thirty eight still says that the Democrats are overwhelmingly more likely to win the Republicans gained five percentage points after the cabinet hearings, the left keeps taking actions that only hurt themselves. Does this mean everything Democrats have done has been bad. No, I'm not trying to suggest the last has only done bad things, I'm not to the left is only failing. I'm just trying to point out key points where the left has hurt themselves and it's add, for anyone who considers themselves to be on the left, if you don't like Donald Trump, you should be
calling these things out because they are hurting your chances of winning in the midterms they're hurting your chances of winning in twenty twenty. As a pointed out earlier, we saw waves of protests and riots across the country leading up to twenty. Sixteen. In my opinion, those were huge factors that played into the election of Donald Trump, and a lot of Well, I don't want to, but they don't want to admit the protests, aren't helping. There's some weird video. I watched where woman is making a weird shrieking noise in the Senate, building she's getting arrested and she starts screeching why this doesn't actually help you you may be signaling to the left that you're on their side, but the moderate people who are trying to decide whether they're going to left or right aren't going to be enticed by going to the left, if you Further left. If someone is willing to vote for Donald Trump, they are not going vote for a socialist they're going to vote moderate either way,
That means you might get a moderate Republican or you might get a moderate Democrat, but you'll never convince someone who is willing to vote for Donald Trump that they have to jump all the way to the far left, and that's probably, why we're seeing this data. These statements from the economist that these progressive justice, Democrat types aren't winning and the establishment is because people do want. Moderate choices of friend told me the other day that my posts on my facebook are antagonistic to the left and I said why, if I say F Antifa, I don't want to swear. People will get mad at me. They'll criticize me saying: oh you're punching left and that's really weird, because Bernie Chomsky and hedges have all called out the violence. And Chomsky has even gone one step further saying it's a gift to the far right. How is my opinion different from theirs? It's not. The fact is the average person on the left that people who used to be occupied Wall Street people who follow me are
sat that their militant authoritarian, leftism isn't working. And for me I can't agree with that. Behavior, I believe in free speech. I believe instability I believe in non violence. I believe that we can make a good change by communicating with each other and that's the world. We need to live in not a violent, repressive one and when I call that out, they get mad because I feel like it hurts them, but in the reality my willingness to call out the left for their nonsense for their violence for their. For Arianism is probably the only thing that will actually help them win in the future, but too many of them are consumed with hate they would much rather watch a video of someone getting bashed over the head and admit that bashing someone over the head hurts their cause. They would much rather pretend that National window will end capitalism realizing that smashing a window convinces people to side against you and I feel, like I'm crazy person 'cause I'm sitting here,
watching this nonsense? I go on on on Twitter. I have a pretty fair balance between left and right. I have conservatives who are on the defensive, saying: hey man, we don't support violence, we don't you know that guy who's who threatened Republicans there like we don't we don't support that guy either, but then on the left, yeah people actually advocating for violence, and I feel like I'm taking crazy pills, because my phone. Friends who are just your average people who aren't into politics, tell me that violence scares them and worries them and they'd rather vote, or conservative and moderates than anybody who endorse violence, because even if they disagree with the conservative at least there's going to be some stability maintained. I have friends who sit around playing video games all day. Do you think there sir, and with the new of our economy and our foreign policy, they absolutely aren't their concern is that no one's going to throw a brick through their window and when they see their favorite shop cafe they're have a shattered window when they, fires in the streets. They say I don't
what's going on, but I'm going to vote for the person whose promising to end this not for the person who's covering it up or calling for more of it. I'm filming this early, I don't know, what's going to happen with Kavanaugh, I'm pretty sure he'll be confirmed I'm pretty sure they'll be riots and I'm pretty sure that will feed into supporting Republicans in the midterm elections. And, if that happens, all of these mistakes made by the Democrats may by the left. There were there on willingness to call themselves out to clean house of this means they deserve whatever they get. It is what it is. You know. But hey for now. The data shows the Democrats might actually take the house. So maybe that's the case, maybe for all of their faults. They still will pull ahead. I don't know I'm just frustrated because it's like listen, if you have a big lead, don't screw it up. I feel, like you know, if you ever gonna read it, there's a subway called premature celebration. I just watched one. We had someone running and they put their hand.
And slow down and then someone zooms right past him yeah, you might have a lead, but it doesn't mean you should just sit there and kick your feet up and say we're going to win. No, it means you need to call out the problems. You need to point out the problems otherwise you're going to lose anyway comment below. Let me know thanks. Get the conversation going. You can follow me on twitter. Ten cast stay tuned new videos every day at four hundred pm, more videos coming up on my second channel Youtube: dot com, Slash TIM cast news at six hundred pm, thanks for hanging out and next time.
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