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Democrats FAIL To Notice Polls Make NO SENSE, Trump Crushing Early Vote In Major Battleground States


Democrats FAIL To Notice Polls Make NO SENSE, Trump Crushing Early Vote In Major Battleground States. Polls show weird numbers in states like Montana where Trump is down 13 points from 2016.Current polls show that Texas is the closest race in the nation in terms of Trump's lead but early voting data suggests that he is going to crush it there.Could it be that the polls are substantially worse now than in 2016?One thing Democrats and the Joe Biden campaign have missed is that Republicans and Trump have been registering new voters like crazy suggesting a larger turnout than the polls are tracking.Or perhaps voter habits and COVID altered the landscape to such a degree no one really knows what will happen.

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I'm gonna make a prediction right now, based on the information before me, this prediction may be absolutely incorrect. Many p may agree made us agree and after the elections one might say see. Tim was wrong, but based on the information I have in front of me, I will say the poles are wrong and their way wrong, much more wrong. Then they weren't twenty. Sixteen, the fork, masters are wrong and I believe right now, based on what I'm seeing Tromp is going to win not by a whole lot, but perhaps a narrow victory. Now already Democrats are fighting to change rules in key battleground states. Donald Trump is suing back to stop some of these changes, and so there's a lot of fighting going on and I dont know what the result of these legal battles will be and how this will affect the election. It may be that the poles are actually very wrong, but Democrats
get some rule changes that result in a Joe Biden Win, or it could be that the poles are right, but Donald when some legal victories and hence it becoming president. There are a lot of scenarios to factor in but right now the electoral map is very weird and that comes from the Washington Post is the forecasters. Pollsters, I believe, are missing a who voter block trumps newly registered voters. I dont think their accounting for this, and many people are trying to take notice. Hey wait a minute if He's poles are based of assumptions about how the Democratic Democratic Republican Party have typically handled things Then maybe you're missing the fact that Republicans have been particularly active in this elections, When was the last time you saw a right wing protest. you might actually say. Well, I mean technically, thereby massive tromp rallies,
blue lives matter rallies across the country, yes, and in my long career, but a decade actually maybe it made us really that long covering civil unrest. I now ever see the right get out and get active. The right isn't known for holding rallies stay in voter registration drives or things like that, but they are now and now we're seeing in many key battle. Republicans are closing the gap in voter registration, particularly in and so they know where it's like two to one. If the pollsters aren't factoring this in the poles are off and their predictions are often only ask it, have you ever thought how weird it is that the forecasters, are giving Biden better odds. Then Vegas that I mean bedding eyes engender Like if you go to some of these bedding websites, they dont give Trump that good have a chance to win the give trouble on forty percent. Yet when you look at five thirty, eight there, like thirteen percent,
maybe it's because the betting odds are based off of more anecdotal, an emotional decision making power. people acting? What is the news showing us? What are we seeing in terms of hollowing mask sales, as opposed to we called a thousand people and try to figure out what made the most sense knocking the poles are wrong. The Democrats are underwriting trumps secret weapon, which is not the shy trump voter, its voter registration. They didn't see this coming, how I think I think they're wrong. I think they're wrong, but I gotta be fair. I do think that the shy trump voter, the secret trump voter, plays a serious role in this, and this election cycles. Secret trot voter in fact will be newly registered individuals, not people scared to speak up Melanie promise that I will trot voters. Many of them are scared to speak up. I can tell you this right. Now there are people,
close to me and my life, who have fled from lifelong Democrat to Republican for a variety of reasons, notably antsy policy and the riots, and they are terrified to speak out about this, and there are people in my life for typically a political morgan about for binding, but seeing people. I know say straight up, not not a Democrat anymore. I think there's going be a wave of secret Trot voters who Never tell anyone, and thus the poles are wrong and trouble when, but me, show you the data that have to back this up before we get started had over two TIM cast outcome: slash, don't it if you'd like to support my work, there are many ways can give there's a p o box of owners and Mister But the best thing you can do is share this video, maybe informative to pee. or on either side of the I'll do excellent took too maybe give them perspective on what may happen come election night if you are a Democrat and you're following this, mainstream media, you're, probably being fed bad information,
bad poles and I'm going to show you the research and, if you're, a Republican, You probably want to know that you are not on a path to crushing defeat, not to be fair. Most trump supporters are very confident, they're gonna win, but to be fair demo, rats are also very confident. Gonna win as well. We won't know for sure- and let me just say, I can show you this data, which, in my opinion, shows why Trop is going to win, bought and I'll show you some of the things that may result in Trump losing the rule. Changes. They're gonna, be counting bout well after election day, so anyway digress. If you think I do a good job and you think this information is important. Please share this video and also hit the like button. Subscribe notification Bell: let's go into the story from the Washington Post, the electoral map is very weird right. Now is South Carolina really closer than Michigan the reason why I M showing you this story is because the poles are
really confusing many people when there are like how is it that Trump is doing like South Carolina is a closer race than Michigan, as these things are very strange, could it be that the poles are wrong or it could be? The poles are right, I suppose, but either way people are confused at this up. From the Washington Post, Philip bump rights, you'll, be unsurprising to learn that, according to a pole, released Friday within your times, that Trump is leading in Montana. You might be surprised that a learned the margin of trumps elite is only seven points which, if that margin were too hold until election day would represent a thirteen point swing away from Trump relative to his twenty. Sixteen support. I gotta stop right there. Do you expect me to believe that what way that Montana is swinging Biden by thirteen points, think about it for two seconds,
use your rational mind. If I tell you this, it is entirely possible trump. the worst Canada we ve ever seen and thus Montana might turn blue or ok. I mean a seven point. Leads dull suggests that Trump winds Montana, but a thirteen point swing towards the Democrats is Trump really there. Bad, I'm sorry, I don't believe it no amount of negative press would convince me that trumpets loot has lost by third has lost thirteen point and in Montana, as a more and more I that's as narrow race as the poultry pulsars, measured in both Michigan and Wisconsin States, Trump One, tiny margins for years ago, in Michigan the times, Interpol had Biden up eight points, and was content. He was up ten you're trying to tell me that in a rust belt, sweet state, the races as close as Montana Tom. Sorry man, I just don't buy it. I think
This is strong evidence that the poles are completely out of whack and I I know who the Democrats are appalling, Botsey, that's the conspiracy theory from the Trump supporters is that the media lying to? to try to demoralized trump supporters and convince them not to vote and are not that's true about, say this. There's no real metric there too, to judge on whether or not things will be different in terms of the. Illustration. Some say that Hillary Clinton voters didn't come out because they were convinced she was going to win, and thus this I'm around when there actually scared trouble when they'll come on voting trouble be crushed. Maybe or maybe it's true Do that truck voters word demoralized by bad poles, thinking, they'd, never went in some didn't go out and vote. Maybe that's true as well, so it seems like a moot point. Let us take a look at the data you want to say this is one pull of course by now, you're likely savvy enough to know that it's generally more useful
consider pulling averages than individual poles. We took the most recent averages in each state as compiled by five. Thirty eight and ordered the states by current. pulling margin. The results are striking. The clothes race in the averages is Texas. Are you out of your mind Look I'll tell you this may be the world has gone knots and everything's. Changing and Trump has changed the face of this country and taxes for the first time in forty four years. There's will swing Democrat. Maybe they ve been talking about. For a long time I mean TED crews, better rug thousand close race. I just I'm gonna bet on the simple solution: I mean taxes gonna go red already in early voting, we can look at target early from target smart. Publicans have a strong lead of about twelve point four points in terms of in early voting and absentee Democrats.
predicted to lead in early voting but again in Texas. Early voting favours republicans Why would I believe a pole telling me Texas in play? Listen, maybe things have changed dramatically, or maybe the poles are completely broken. You know why viewer ship habits have changed. Media habits have changed. Are the pollsters accurately tracking how people consume information? Who is likely to vote? Do they even know who will likely voter is at this point maybe not looking at look. This is kind of hilarious to see that all you want, the closer race than me again or or our oral high or even I think, that's absurd. He says the state that's closest at the moment is Texas. If Joe Biden wins Texas it's over, but it doesn't get less we're Georgia, Iowa, Anne and I'll hire, which trump one in twenty. Sixteen by five. Ninety eight pointers.
Actively are the next three closest states. What's more Biden leads in the first two notice, where in Slovenia, Michigan in Wisconsin Land in twenty sixteen trump. Narrow winds and those three states earned him. The presidency now Biden leads by at least six points in each Arizona is closer than any of those three states. Alaska is closer. Stop yourself, one Paul change, and I would consider it what showing me all of these States- Trump one by vice by Russia. Respectable amounts have just fly two magically and Texas of all places is going blue and ominous say: are you not? I just don't believe anymore. Forgive me if I don't believe you maybe you're right. Maybe that the data is it is. It is true. The simple solution is the pollsters made mistakes? by a pointer to last time around, and those mistakes have only gotten worse when they failed last time they
probably say we have to make some changes to figure out what we got wrong and they ve only broken everything. If you, if you're predictions were completely broken last time around you're probably need a couple go. not a couple goes at it in order to figure out what you got wrong about aid us is it really funny up article that came out of Colombia? I dont have a pulled up chicken. Someone send it to me They mention that in five thirty eight pulling statistics, their forecasts, there's there there's a model that have where Trump wins. California. They include that in their modeling. As to why Trump Michael, what win or lose? Ok, I'm sorry, that's ridiculous! Trump is not going to win
California. I know a lot of people are by saying TIM. California is gonna known trumps, not when in California California will be. Blue Illinois will be blue now to be fair and the five thirty eight billion a website there interactive. They don't give you an option to make California read, but apparently they included that because they wanted to have a wide margin of error, but anyway, the point is: how could it be that all of these states that should be read, are really close, then seem to make sense. It was an essay we highlighted particularly odd stretch of margins. South Carolina closer than Michigan. Michigan is closer than Montana. Nebraska is key. So the Minnesota. What is happening here? We must of course note that pulling a bit over over a week before twenty sixteen showed tromp trailing in key states by fairly wide more since all of those states that are narrower than Arizona our than about three points, you gonna say we made a tool,
allowing readers to see how errors in the polls underestimated, number of trump voters would turn up would affect the national results. Important point at the moment, if the poor, I was in every state, were wrong in the exact same ways: they weren't twenty. Sixteen Biden, still wins the presidency with over three hundred electoral votes. If the poles are off to the same degree as point sixteen, but in the other direction Biden Margin is far bigger. Please he padding yourselves in the back thinking that you're going to win, and let me show you this map, they say if the pole shift is the same. As twenty sixteen than Joe Biden will win. The president's with three hundred and fifty seven electoral votes to trumps? One hundred and eighty one, oh, no, if the poles are underestimating too, degree it's over that suggests all over. Doesn't it let me do the math, for you see they gotta slighter bar I love how they only say it could go and bite in favour are sure. If we go into our verse of toys
sixteen Joe Biden wines with four hundred and seven votes, but how about we do this? How? But we say there is an underestimate arrest, trumpets underestimated by just seven point: five points: that's a big at a big pole air to mind you, but let's say the poles underestimate tromp by seven point: five points. If the poles reflect the pattern above Donald Trump would be re elected with two hundred. Ninety five electoral votes to Joe Biden to wonder, and forty three Seven point: five is the bare minimum. They say in pulling in appalling shift that would result in a trumpery election. We get theoretic, go higher and say they underestimate trump. By ten point two then Trot wins three hundred and twenty one electoral votes. I'd like to bring you now to a story. Trafalgar chief pollster predicts Trump victory. poles, predominantly missing the hidden vote, as many of you
maybe aware Trafalgar, group predicted Trump trumps, went well sort of Trafalgar groups pulling and twenty sixteen show trumped, leading in key battleground states, including Pennsylvania and Michigan, when almost all other pollsters had trump trailing. Hillary Clinton tromp ended up winning both of those states in Wisconsin becoming the first GEO P preferential nominee to do so. In decades I see the present winning with a minimum of high to seventies and possibly going up significantly higher based just how big the undercurrent is a highly said, referring to electoral college votes, a candidate needs to wonder and seventy electoral votes to in the White House what we notice that these pulls up only missing the hidden from vote. There is a clear feed conservatives and people that are there of that, that are for the press, they are not interested in sharing their opinions readily these people are more hesitant to participate, participate in poles
so you're not compensating for. If you're not compensating for this you're not going to get honest answers, they may say TIM, that's just one guys opinion, but these are things. I've already show you, and I want to highlight it now, because I'm I'm gonna counter what I'm going to show you, what it, what I just say, Washington, post the under estimate trump by seven point. Five percent, then not fool than that's. It trump wins right. According to cloud research, several phds who did a bunch of us, we ve got lucky one
three four Phds, an M ass have done research where they found ten point one percent of Trump voters, Trop supporters said they were likely to be untruthful. Unfound surveys double the number of Biden supporters which at five point one, perhaps they negate each other. So let's put this wait, let's say in these poles: there is a ten point swing in favour of Donald Trump. Ten percent of the people polled say they would rather vote ah forbidden when they really would want about four trump. Well, then, that's well, above seven. Isn't it to be fair? I guess for some reason, half of Biden supporters would claim they're gonna vote for trot for some reason, but I didn't seem to make sense to me, but it could be in which case trump,
just shy of that victory, so maybe Trump does loose, but I gotta to be honest, I think it's bigger than that, and I think Trafalgar is right. That part is just my personal opinion. The rest is my analysis, which also could be absolutely wrong. The poles could be spot on, Trop might get crushed. I don't know for sure, but I kind of feel like there are their secret Trot voters. This research seems to suggest it and even if Trump only get seven percent seven point five, he still wins, but this is not that the absolute secret weapon I been talking about, it doesn't matter in Malta. In the end, it doesn't matter if there are secret trump voters or The reality is tromp sees reason for Hope in voter sign ups that poles may miss my friends. The poles aren't wrong because of sea but trot voters who are lying. Let me show you this. First. We have this from five thirty eight, by
This favoured win eighty seven in one hundred shore, five thirty eight also wrote trumped supporters are shy but call Poles could still be missing some of them. They gonna say it's a theory that won't die. It goes something like this for some some unknown, admit of President Trump support is too shy to admit they back and usually offers an explanation for why trumps pull numbers work better and twenty sixteen or why they are not better. Now the idea, hinges on Trop being such a controversial candidate. That's socially desirable to say is important and as such, there is a lot of hidden trump support not captured by the Poles, only their scant evidence of this. In fact, there is some evidence against the shy trump theory: Nate Silver FIR Thirty eight once tweeted biting supporters are the shy ones. They are not running around with flags parades and screaming, go go Biden, in which case the real silent majority is the Democrats? Ok, maybe he's.
Right, maybe there are no shy trump voters, maybe that's true, I mean Research says there is on other pollster says there is and five thirty eight says there isn't. So we ultimately you decide, but here's the real issue registrations if the pulsars are thinking it's the same game is twenty. Sixteen, they are wrong now. I know many of them may say that we their stand. There will be shifts in the dynamics of this election cycle, but can they accurately predict them Bloomberg? Reports? President Trump in his campaign have cited increase. Republican voter registrations as a sign. He still has a viable path for re election, despite public poll showing him at it for a loss as of this week across eight battleground states. Republicans stirred about one hundred and seventy nine thousand more voters than Democrats since twenty sixteen, including big net gains in two states that could decide the election Florida in Pennsylvania.
After the twenty sixteen election, famously decided about. Eighty eight thousand votes in free, Miss was midwestern states. The margin could prove significant on election night Joe Biden holds a leader roughly eight points on on average in national poles, but Trump and is now consider voter registration in one of the indications that public opinion surveys are once again failing to fully capture the president's support. What Trump has called a silent majority and what some pollsters call shy? Trump voters. These are not shy. Trump voters this guy sit in his house. Normal isn't vote, haven't care all that much so knocked on his door for once and said hey. Let's have a conversation How would you like to register to vote and the guy said? Okay, this is wrong. applicants holding voter registration, DR saying go register and targeting key areas that will result in more republicans. Registering than Democrats We also have party affiliation changing many people who
on they were Democrat now say their independent, some say their republicans walk, The way is a serious issue if the posters are calling up suburban Chicago. That is historically democrat and sang the you know the MID Forty suburban housewife with kids were about to go to college or whatever or your are or graduating high school is typically. You know. Our Democrat voter and they collar and ask Her- and she says, oh Democrat for sure, and they use that as the basis for everything around them in these key areas. It probably get things wrong. they're going to be underestimated, people they're gonna be estimating those look there under. I spent in those who are scared of the riots there under estimate. Elsewhere, scared of council culture and their under estimating the new registration Also there underestimating probably the black voter in to afford this, I think the poles are wrong. I gotta be honest. Maybe it's just wishful thinking for real gonna be funny, come you know a month after eleven,
no one ever whenever they decide and Joe winds and then people are like look what TIM thought he was wrong. Sure I'm making my case based on incomplete information. Here's what I have before me. I have a view that I think the poles are wrong, but, to be honest, it would be historically inept. These organizations organisations would be displaying historic ineptitude if it turned out. These poles were broken to this degree stream your things have happened and we're looking at a dramatic shift in what all. In all of our expectations, I mean tv the worship is actually up a crazy right. Europe across the board, cuts We don't know how this affecting everything covert may soon so we change the game. The pollsters could not predict it. So you won't tell me why the Poles might what momentary whether pulls might be wrong. They failed to predict covert. They have why'd you how come it impacts anybody, and maybe there are now a lot of Democrats who knew The economy was good, but hated trumpet are now like. I just want it back because trot
approval writing on the economy is very, very high, but let me some stuff. Let me show you it might not be about anything having to do with pulse in Pennsylvania. Supreme Court says: ballots can't be rejected, based on signature comparisons, the court ruling back. a policy issued by the State election office earlier this year. That means if a melon ballot comes in and they look at and say that signature does not match that signature you're good that mean someone could take a ballot forgit and you're good. They can't rejected based on signature comparisons. They have just ended. The Democrats did in a little of it. Let me reiterate: they ruled Friday. the ruling is a defeat for president trumps campaign and Republicans who challenge the decision by Pennsylvania's election officials arguing that efforts to match. chairs on belts on voter Those were necessary to prevent fraud. There is at the window
so we'll trumps, voter registration, a fair play, move be enough to democratic removing voter integrity. Maybe not maybe it won't be enough, and maybe that's why, in the end I may win Pennsylvania, but take a look at the hill. Pennsylvania says: half of requested. Melon boats have already been cast. What this says to me is that perhaps we are not going to see as bigger his as as historical voter turnout has many people expect gallop said gallop gallop, research enthusiasm for this election is normal. That was surprising to me and with this man of early voting turn out. It looks like it's gotta be historic or it could just be early voter turn out. Like put this way, Traditionally people go out and vote on election day right. You don't you think, one day off work. It's kind of easy you know when you're going about sixty six five million Democrats go and vote most
on the same day, many early many by male now with covert they're, saying, go vote early, the same, sixty five million go and vote, but many of them vote early. That's it. Ok, then, members may be the same, in which case that is seriously bad news for Democrats have requested. Melon bout have already been cast. That's a lot of ballots. I mean they're they're talking about a hundred million a year. The country I so we're looking at more than half of Pennsylvania, actual votes as of right. Now that actually looks kind of add four Republicans, because early voter in and absentee of voter returns outnumber Republicans Balikh forty points. But the point in trying to make is that Democrats need massive. Voter turn in order to win it may actually not be massive. Another thing is how many dumb rats are actually not for top this time around seriously. Last
I'm around, but nine million Obama voters voted for Donald Trump. Perhaps there are people who are indeed and then left leaning, Democrat leaning have decided to vote for Donald Trump. Just because their voting in larger numbers does not mean the democratic to win and I'll. Tell you why I think Pennsylvania's going Trump, because all let me show you this over on Google, take a look and I change my vote search term and on October twenty fourth, it peaked to one hundred with Pennsylvania being the fourth, the fourth highest search interested sub region. I wonder what could Joe Biden have said that would make people of Albania search this though maybe people and Pennsylvania searched, exhausting tromp, said Shore but Joe, but said. He was going to end the oil industry and, of course, I pretty sure people in pencil,
they want to change their vote. It's because they don't want to vote for Joe Biden, because he's gonna take their jobs away. Let me say this: we can all make predictions every day and I'm gonna. I think, chop is gonna win as of right now, but man it's hard to know for sure you thought seems to be turning out. We don't know for sure we don't so by all means. You know in a month or two take this video and say how look timid protection. It got a wrong. Of course. I did you know, here's. What I see, here's, what I think is going to happen, the information before me. I am but one person looking through it. The whole at all of this information- and I can't see everything- that's my assessment, perhaps my bias- I will be voting for troops. Of course I want him to win. Consider that as well and then come on. November, tenth we'll figure out whose suing who and then come January twentieth. We probably still won't even a war. Our president is so I guess we'll just hang out and see what happens.
But let me not to think of the comments and I ll leave it there. Next segments come about by six p m over at Youtube COM. Slashed him cast news. It is my in channel, and I will I'm sorry. It is not my is a different channel and I will see you all then I gotta admit this. One made me laugh, Pierce Morgan. He is not a trop supporting stir much conservative by any means had his c and an appearance cancelled, because he criticised is the media for not talking about the bite and laptops scandal and surprise prize whose show was it why it was Brian stuff? their of reliable sources very reliable. Indeed, when they cancel people because they get criticise now, ok, ok, I got a slow down. We don't know exactly why Pierce Morgan was cancelled, but Pierce Morgan is outraged. They had been pursuing in four weeks to get him
come on and talk about his book and as soon as he says, you guys are hyper partisan and you aid to cover this they went, but by you can't come on the show anymore. That's it you get. When you watch CNN grindstone, there is not a journalist. Is political commentator. His show is not about reliable sources, it's about ECHO chamber sources and I'll. Tell you what in criticized me all day and night. There seems to be this partisan media thing happening. I don't wanna tell you but I'm I'm trying to bring on many left and personalities only problem is they don't want to do it? You know that airport guest we want to bring on people like there's Morgan, I mean To be honest, he's agreeing, I agree with him about the media being partisan, but I'm more than happy to entertain anybody who despises trump to cover the sham. We'll talk about it, you don't get that in an on CNN. You get the same regurgitating garbage. I tell you this: that's why we want weeks not just this
the story, but will read it. You, may you may remember, pierce from that interview with Alex Jones, where Alex Jones is like seventeen, seventy six will rise or whatever. Ok so appears. Morgan. My understanding is not particularly pro trump right he's mad, but check this out. It's the audience. Furious lip Rolls demand CNN fire Obama, adviser Van Jones for saying Tromp doesn't get credit for the good things he has done for the black community. How dare Van Jones give Trump credit, because Trump has done good things for the black community fire him. They said Think about that think about what CNN is. Why would they cancel Pierce Morgan because Ryan Sculptors show is an echo chamber and his writings are based upon just soothing the egos of those who scrawny. Am I a trump? least here in my shows I can be critical. We're not gonna get die hard, Margo flag waving with my content,
and so I oughta peoples that, while I disagree with some of these things, but I respect you know you're you're integrity say this. I think it's So the astounding that I would he considered right simply because the Democrats have lost their minds that to me as knots and I'm curious as to what happens when this all ends assuming it dies? I guess, like if, if Joe Biden loses and the Democrats face a reckoning where they realize the american people really do not like whatever it is, their doing do liberals like me become left again. I have no idea what to tie us. Liberals are now right wing, no joke. So when they say furious, liberals demand nah, nah, nah, nah nah. Who are wrong. Liberals are supporting Trump right now, progressives and tribal list. Resistance types are not liberals, I'm a social liberal. I love when people are like you, I tweeted something to someone on twitter and some responded that something a liberal went.
what do you mean you're? Not a liberal. You guys hate portals when talking about the progressive hate. Liberals. Liberals have become right wing So now liberals and conservatives who don't agree and allow of policy issues. Agree on this country have banded together. How weird is that the media has made this fringe lunatic faction, the left congratulations. America, your left wing, is now much of psychopaths. Well, here is the story. Peers, Morgan, getting cancelled from CNN because seen in his trash there, here's Morgan a slice of the daily mail Morgan Slam CNN for cancelling his interview, the network after he said they and other american news outlets were being biased for not covering a story about a laptop, allegedly belonging to wander Biden during an appearance on Fox France, on Friday morning, Morgan was played, clips of joy lest including CNN, Jake Tapir dismissed the allegations as fault false. You know. I love Fox NEWS. Had him on. Instead, I remember you know,
Tal see Gabert when she was running and the main. The main reason that I was just adamant about till was that her print simple position, was ending foreign intervention and a lot of other things, and I completely agree with you. I was more on both gun control for a while, but after all the rights and stuff absolutely not, and there are things I don't agree with her on she. Would she I've I've? I'm pretty sure she was against nuclear power, had lots of progressive policies, but I'm like man major in the national guard. Position? We're gonna end these wars and, unlike I'll, take it and guess what the only networks that really gave her a fair chance. Nearly network was Fox news and now they're putting up Here's Morgan's I'll, tell you this. They like they used to say Fox there is for news, its fake news, blah blah whatever. Actually, you know bill we're Brett bear my think. Martha Maccallum
that is internet. They do pretty good job for the Daily NEWS on Fox, like that brought the damning. You know they do a good job that the the pundits now you can you can you can talk about the Pandit, not letting them. that's all you this man there's no point watching CNN, because I know they do this, and this is what I call I refer to us. CNN challenge may for me, talk about it turn on CNN at any point on Fox NEWS of any points you talkin about, switch to CNN, and you will find that if news is talking about storms, weather patterns, disasters, conflict, crisis, CNN will be talking about Donald Trump, and that Are they can't have someone like Pierce Morgan on because he might splash cold water in the face of these people? You know they might wake up like well, wait. Peers, Morgan is criticised
in the buttons. The only way they keep voters for Biden is keeping them in the dark right you're, not so that their like mushrooms, that's out. That's our CNN treats there, but their viewers like mushrooms it keep in the dark and feed M human waste. Anyway, They say internally. The daily mail editor at large beers Morgan said journalists in the. U S were being hyper partisan for failing to report on the on or investigate the story. Hours later, Morgan confirmed that his promoting a here as far new book- wake up on CNN, reliable sources which was set to err on Sunday would no longer occur. Last time I but on the show I appeal I wrote a series of negative tromp columns. You told the daily mail. They were prepared to take me when I was negative, but not so much when I would be slightly more positive.
added that he believes most media outlets- have likely not investigated the story, because if they do it could lead to revelations that would cause the Democrats to lose the presidential election, perhaps well Pierce Morgan. I never thought I'd be saying that beers Morgan coming out and saying what we all know did you know that the company That on CNN was a huge contributor to pillory but its campaign about complaints campaigns we would argue, understand us when you say like a corporation donates to Joe Biden, no, whatever usual what's happening is that their individuals who worker that company hoard donating you know sort amount to the individual or it could be that the people run. Company are donating money to super packs. So not the camp. in, but basically the campaign, I am not a fan of other stuff works. Ramp, Pierce, Morgan, tweeted. After this interview aired my book
promoting appearance on CNN, reliable sources. This Sunday, which they had pursued in me for weeks to do, was abruptly cancelled. That's right there. It is Morgan told daily mother, Combat CNN spend at least a month asking him to appear on the show. He said he they weird feeling his appearance might be cancelled, but you still very surprised by the move. Maybe they were worried, I wouldn't bash trump as they want it, and that's what my book itself all about illiberal liberals who want to cancel anybody who doesn't suit their agenda. Morgan said: producers at sea and also told him that he was cancelled because they were partly were were able to book. Someone else woe. The executive editor of the Associated Press. I made the point that doesn't matter if your protest or anti trump A major newspaper has published serious allegations, none of which have been denied by job nor Hunter Biden. Bravo, peers, Morgan, why I'm loveliness? They deserve to be investigated liberal skewed media seems to have taken a view that if they invest
it is the Democrats may lose the election, that's a political calculation, not a journalistic calculation. If a story like that breaks, they ve got to investigate here here. The laptop in question, which contains damning emails and compromising photos, damning emails, and this at twice again of Joe Biden. Son, were vital to the New York posed by President Donald Trump Personal, turning very gently. What was that we need all this? Then we get the point. Many reports have question of let it he of the story, because the emails have not been independently verified, but Morgan said this is simply due to parties in politics the fact there not investigating a hyper, partisan approach by the EU. media. He said he also argue that many more news outlets would be covering the story if the laptop was reported to belong to Donald Trump Junior than Hunter button. If you were to substitute Biden name for Donald Trump June,
the very liberal skewed media would be all over it like a rash standing. Ovation. Did Sir he's right he's right and I'm glad he sang it, but we all know it. So what is what changes? Apparently nothing. That's the problem, maybe I'll trouble win and will finally get some kind of wake up. Call about tat. This man, CNN, is not news. If you know people who only ever watch CNN, please consider sharing this video with them. We are ten he's out from election day with more than fifty million votes already cast in my friends, let me tell you, youth. Voter turnout in many states has skyrocketed. Now it's early voter turnout. That's the important thing! A lot of people try to say like look the young people are turning out while the cup, but these numbers five six times what it was in twenty. Sixteen we were for early vote. We don't have the full vote yet that's how he thus voter turnout supposed to be historic, they're saying based on early vote, it's possible it's not.
Yeah it's interesting is that gallop released opposing voter enthusiasm is normal totally normal, not not special that I was crazy to me voter enthusiasm now. What about everybody for Donald Trump? Oh yeah, that's good! For short, like people really enthusiastic, but from a historical historical perspective gallop said: I thought it was gonna, be a typical voter turnout year, in which case we may be seeing massive early voter turnout simply because as Democrats pushed for it and when voting? It may turn out to be quite typical, and if it does Trump is going, win now, I'm not gonna get into full trumps, because I got a bunch of other stories for you later than that stuff. I want to keep this one focus on. The media could check this out when, when Vent Van Jones is not the first time, he said something good or fair about Donald Trump, but this is exactly the
problem at CNN, has furious liberals demand, CNN fire Obama, adviser Van Jones for saying Tromp doesn't get credit for the good things he has done for the black community. This is a problem that everybody faces. A meteorite now and The problem is the system not say this. If CNN has on peers Morgan or allows people like Van Jones to say good things about Trump, they will lose worse, and they should lose viewers. They need to lose. These viewers and left he's go to MSNBC or anywhere else, but it's the fact that these companies, like CNN, and these people, like Brien's Delta, only have on their circle of jerks. If you don't mean to talk about how Orange man is bad, that makes boy, get wrapped up in this human centipede vortex where their eating their own refugees? I know sorry about little progress, the country to make, as if Brian
Delta has on somebody who says Donald Trump as bad because he's corrupt. One of you know the people watch that show here that in a wild, I'll drop is correct. Then they come on the show and say you know, he's extremely corrupt. Then someone is extremely corrupt and gave it tell us I keep getting crazier in crazier, crazier, Italian, CNN Msnbc are probably some of the worst problems we face in this country, and I really mean it Fox NEWS, yeah to a certain degree, but they're, not as badmouth I'll tell you what how I view these things right so so Van Jones wants to give Trump credit for what reason for the further. By commending the audience, revolts, here's what I see there is a massive journalism apparatus. I should even call it journalism at this point. All of these news outlets walk in lock, step with the Democratic Party because their pandering for tribalism votes. There is a tiny, actual resistance,
channels like mine. I do not make content specifically because I want trumped away or are you know, Republicans are good for earth and I are actually really don't like Republicans at all. I don't agree with much their policies and so left, and in this country means almost nothing at this point is basically a tribal identifier. I guess What I see as you have all of these news outlets lying all the time just lying all day every day- and I tell you this there is an endless amount of content in terms of criticising the media's, duplicitous, deception and manipulation, and so what bothers me if you ve been following MIKE rear and the things I've talked about with you know in these videos and how I got stuck. doing these videos. It was strong media criticism in a light.
Billina I got started with Occupy Wall Street. I was on the ground. I live stream and have a good old time film in conflict and crisis, and a certain point I joined vice and vice was over we launched vice news. I was there. I was there founding member first person basic As far as I know, they had no intention of law. Until I came in pitch them and a week we created this thing. It was fantastic but start to become more corporate, more deaths, for it to pander and a lot of issues lighted up leaving. I went worked ABC News, joint venture with innovation called fusion, and now, when they said we are going to lie, basically it so they told me. I was told that I looked to white to participate in there and there you know presidential forms and things like that, and that was right. testing was too bad for me, and I start saying like what is going on. Why is this media company no longer interested in reporting news, because when I got there, they we're not gonna, be partisan, and so that's I got angry. I try to break my contract less than
just over a year into an have tried breaking my contract and they want to actually paid me more and then finally, Contra my contract ended and I left and I am particularly anger, without the media, as manipulating people may have always kind of been. But this is worse, as it's never been it's just it's getting worse and worse. Every day, I'll tell you my motivations and what I see my videos are often targeting the mainstream media praising someone like Pucker Karlsson, for instance, but criticising someone like brains dealt or why Tucker Karlsson is a counter narrative, my content is a counter narrative because the media is lying and not telling you it's actually going on if we were good a fair shake from the likes of the New York Times and ABC Cbs Nbc, etc. Then I wouldn't have to criticise them all the time and I would be more likely to point criticisms at Fox NEWS or any up any other channel, but say this. The left like to talk about one american news right or bright part
and I say there, fake news in there and their creating a rabbit, hole and blah blah, but they're, not the fake news coming from the mainstream media- that's kind of like this, the main stream news CNN were doing their jobs and everything was fine, I'd, absolutely defend them. I'd, say they're doing a great job there, not they cancelled p Morgan, because he was criticising news outlets for not covering Hunter buttons laptop there clearly, not doing a good job. Why would I dedicate I time too small conservative websites and the entire journalism apparatus has become corrupt. Can I criticise the likes of bright Barton Fox NEWS? She, or but its nowhere near the magnitude of of danger that work. From a mainstream media as lying all day every day. Think about this. are you going to turn on Fox NEWS and hear great things about Joe Biden.
Actually, yes, sometimes you will seriously just the other day. They as someone from some Democrat campaign defending Joe Biden and Democrat position, but their pundits there mostly gonna frame things beneficial to Trump, not completely, that's why they fox news. Isn't nearly that bad? If you go to bright bark dotcom, are you gonna get a bunch of here's? Why Joe Buttons ACT, we got no you're gonna get Joe Biden is bad and it becomes a my channel Are you going to see that as well? No, you are not likely going to see a video dedicated to why tromp is evil or corrupt, or why Joe Biden his great. Why? First of all, it is extremely difficult to just pile on to the corrupt narrative. What, oh, I mean, look, there's a lot thanks to criticise trump over, but the way I view from the way I view Trump and and his business practices in the thinks he's done as some of it absolutely worthy of criticism, and so I try to make sure I do point these things out in an unfair, but it's kind of like you're. Looking at.
Little tiny little tiny shark in the water and you're like that thing might be a problem and then there's the entire up. The democrat establishment infrastructure, a great white. Do I care that bright bark is not going to criticise Trump for them. sport. Ah me here I mean I think they should but Am I more worried that NBC, CBS, CNN etc are lying to tens of millions to hundreds of millions of people substantially, worse. You cannot compare the viewer ship of bright bar or me too, the likes of CNN I'll. Tell you what motivates me but a big trump, never been imago wearing whatever I didn't vote, twenty six I am voting now for a variety of reasons: most have you no foreign policy rights, etc and I'm not gonna potential I want to be the most excited person about doing it. But in the Democrats have gone knots, what I see is a corrupt establishment that needs to be
called out and challenged, and so I will do that. My personal politics, I'm an end pendant who leans left and many people like me have are there going to be voting for Donald Trump? Why? Because I don't think Republicans are evil. That makes me right because the left has gone nuts, but I'll tell you what's going to happen in the next cycle or whatever and the shift flips back or whatever, but maybe Republicans when everything in the Democrats are out, then- It will start to change. I guess I'll start cover. Content where I'm like. This is not true but that's not true and the right will be upset about it. Perhaps because I want to call it out where it needs to be called out. Now came up my opinion. Right now the left has insane. Cnn is not even trying to hide it anymore. Their cancelling people, who would dare say a positive ward of Trump. I could sit down with with brine stouter and he can talk.
Bout lies coming out of right wing media. Whenever I can say you know, gimme some examples for sure. Oh yeah definite, we should criticise, I'm a guy, you betcha, we can talk about prompts resorts and and and putting people up now government out using you know, government contracts, military staying at his resort, and things like that knife criticise those by all means to the conversation but the mainstream media in this country overwhelmingly is deceptive and is lying to us alive hearings at first how they lie about me because they don't like it. Their power challenged, but I'll I'm. I'm I'm not gonna. Keep us one more rapid up lessen the general point. Is these companies want to make money so when their audience says? How dare you you praise Trump CNN sees it and they say: ok, stop praising Trump don't have anyone on who would dare criticise the machine and are chasing after an audience. That is corruption that needs to be called out outside us.
I think I'm worthy of criticism for having candidates almost exclusively critical of Democrats sure ok bring it up on one person. You know if you ve got to You ve got left wing individuals who are almost exclusively critical of Republicans. That's great there one person if you go on Youtube and you can find cow, Linsky Aunt, em Pool and Jimmy Door and Stephen prouder. We can point our criticisms of the Democrats periodic your publicans periodically, some with a focus, particularly in one direction more so than others. But you are going to a platform that give you a mixed bag when you go mainstream media. Will you get they walk in lockstep with a democratic party? That's the problem we face is a country people to break out of that. I tell you. What would be better off with out would much prefer. That all of the viewers, every single one of them, was following Kyle Kalinowski. That's it Imagine if NBC Abc, CNN and all all of their viewers laughed and calculate ski who is a progressive all.
so this himself getting five hundred million views per month. I would much prefer that to the established mainstream media Kyle is progressive, but he's honest, that's the thing by all means, go and watch the presses on Youtube, and you can also watch the moderates. The independence the conservatives have shown a column. People who point left people point right, you don't get that with mainstream media. I would rather progressive view toolbars get all of the views, not all of them. Some of them are bad, but particularly you know. Com is a pretty good job any any. I see he tweets things that are fairly honest. He give credit to quit credit to trumpet. thanks think needs to be defended rightwing individuals, but he is a progressive and I respect that. You take a look at mainstream media. They will we even have on peers Morgan has he dared criticise them? The system is broken, happy Saturday, everybody I'll leave it there. Next time, that's coming up at one p, dot M on this channel, and I will see you all then. If there was any group of people to stupid
We realise that when you demand censorship, you get censored, it must be the main stream live because now we have the infamous Sasha Baron Cohen, outraged that Facebook is censoring his article after he asked for it. The could you not the man tweeted Facebook. I criticise you for not blocking false, involve out covert now A guy is blocking my article because the photo has false info about Covin instead of just I use the money you made during covered to hire more humans to moderate. In fact check these people are just so dumb the money you made during covered- you mean whenever, ones. Revenue went down, I'm not sure face because one of these Big box Store- Is that saw a stock price surge because there are there The only ones allowed to be open
but I'm sure such Baron Collen lacks the ability, is Google because his computer must be broken. Certainly it's not because he's just too stupid, I don't like being mean brought say what maybe familiar with. What's going on with bore at such a barren coins, character, and Rudy Giuliani why it is? social baron carbon, who is putting out fake news to manipulate the election. That's right, Are you emerged, Rudy Giuliani, appearing to take off microphone and took his shirt in and they used x and editing technique, and I can I can break down for you and multiple angles to make it seem like Rudy Giuliani, was trying to do something inappropriate with a young woman bore at that, jumps out in night. I guess: drag yelling my fifteen years Daughter is too old for you. Take me. Instead, I gotta be honest. Listen I got no problem with planking somebody. I think Rudy Giuliani got sort of prank, but they don't really get.
If they actually got someone to say something DOM more offensive in shock them I'd be into it. This is just Rudy, Giuliani, doing an interview and then tucking his shirt and, more importantly, what's the controversy here and two adults we're in a room and even if it was really Giuliani trying to hook up with this check, pay more power to an old guys, still got, and there's nothing really here, but now saw sharing common is putting out fake news and he's pushing into it It's it's fake news, met to smear and discredit, Rudy Giuliani, I'm not think alike, guy, we're gonna believe any says, but social bearing colonies dropping this just before an election, and I think the name of his film is like the trial of Chicago seven. He is actively calling for people to campaign and vote against Donald Trump. I have no problem if the man says I dont like trot, please vote, but- and I respect that in fact, but what he's doing is manure
relating people with lies to trick them into voting, then calling for censorship of those he doesn't like and then complaining, because he actually got censored. It takes a special kind of stupid. I remember or it will not allow. Our younger man is a long time ago was like fifteen years ago, or some now rose really long term goal, and it was funny, but the original. Or at my understanding and iron, and maybe I'm just missed, remembering kind of just screwed around with regular people he would go around and he would pretend to be this foreigner and do weird things and the joke was a was was mostly about people didn't understand, foreign customs and cultures. So trying to be respectful to this guy would often find themselves and compromising positions. Now what saw sharing common is doing is trying to.
put out smears, lies and fake news in an effort to trick people into voting for Joe Biden or to discredit insult or just you don't make truck supporters and trumps allies look bad. I hate that I despise fake whose and manipulation- and I am glad Facebook is censoring social baron Cohen at least emotionally deep down. I actually think you should hear is argument. But when I say I'm glad about it, what I mean is he is getting his commitments here, called for censorship and then faced the brunt of his own, so the brunt, the blade he swung his back and looked around and whack them in the face and so I gotta be honest, yet feels good right. Ultimately, I oppose censorship. I think it's a bad thing. I think you should read this article to understand where he's coming from, I think it shows He is a moral authoritarian, his duplicitous, they thinks he's better than you.
and that's why it's extremely important to you read what he has to say. So you get a better understanding of, Why he's lying to everybody right now about really Giuliani, because he doesn't think you're smart enough to vote on what your actual interests are, and so he wants to trick people he thinks he is. He thinks are stupid, so hears it up, Sacha Baron Cohen your own article, get censored by your own blade and so be it will here's what he wrote, I'm not going to read too much into it. I'm going to I'm going to break down and show you the hypocrisy of like Cullen, he says we must save democracy from conspiracies, and this was the article that was censored on Facebook because he called for it talk about stupid. He says A few times in my career, I have genuinely feared, for my life in Arkansas poses an ultimate fighter, each match and challenged. Anyone in the audience. Take me on when my fake ex boyfriend volunteer
engaged in some heavy, putting triggering a near riot the crowd, including some recently pearl prisoners, prisoners with swastika tattoos erupted I'm a fallback slurs and start hurling metal chairs at us. Had I not ducked into a trap door and not an escape tunnel. I think the crowd would have beaten me senseless. I think shore I mean I personally think it's wrong when someone goes into an area where they no violence as possible, because there are bad people there and then try and trigger that violence. That's why I criticised the proud boys foregoing to Portland and that's why I think such a barren cullen is just as bad moments like that are frightening. Today, though, I'm truly terrified for the survival of democracy itself. He says a year ago I spoke out publicly for the first time in my own voice, because I here that our pluralistic democracy are at risk of being destroyed by flood of hate, lies and conspiracies spewed by demagogues and spread by social media. Since then, this toxic brewers exploded into the open and was just weeks until the election,
these conspiracies threatened to kill democracy, as we know it for most of my crib and reluctant taking public stance on the issues of the day, I thought more comfortable in character or in a man Kinney. Yes, a lot of my comedies uncomfortably be up you best, but when it works, satire can be can be. The power can be humble, can humble the powerful and expose the ills of society as Abbe Hoffman, who up lay the nineteen sixty eight protests against the Vietnam WAR during the democratic convention in Chicago liked to say sacred cows make the tastiest hamburger by getting people to reveal what they re I believe I have at times expose the ignorance, bigotry and conspiratorial delusions that often look just below the surface of our modern lies lives. The reason I read this to you it's important to hear the hypocrite and his own words.
conspiracies lies and demigods, and then he comes out and pumps out this fake, Rudy Giuliani garbage. So who are you criticizing? Have you ever looked in a mirror? Think about it? You called zero dollars and four cents censorship and then you got censored. Oh no, but not me, I said well too bad. You got what you wanted, I'm glad you did, I'm happy you get what you fought so hard for, You say what people are pushing, lies and conspiracies, and then you put out manipulated video to make Rudy Giuliani. Look bad, you are do you you are you are. This is either, in my opinion, extreme ignorance. Or evil? Does he know that he's projecting
does he know what he's really doing to the fabric of our society and does he enjoy it? Probably he thinks he's better than you. He thinks you're smarter than you, and even though he is he's the exact problem that he claims to be fighting he's actually just making all of it worse. Look at a story from daily Mail Trot supporter makes a white power symbol behind the president during his the rally in Florida yes, it was a guy, giving ok hand gesture, and that was it. You want to talk about, lies and smears and deception and conspiracies how about this one peddled by May. stream news outlets, including the daily mail. How about calling out the media and the lies they put out every single day Are there crazy, loons on social media that pump out crazy, conspiracies? Yes, has Donald Trump amplified
crazy, conspiracies. You betcha recently retweeted something about you'll a team, six being secretly taken out or whatever and the guy literally killed us. I've been line was, like, I know, like elder, listen, sometimes conspiracies our true, that's and that's why. I think it's for a lot of people easy to believe but outcomes razor. If you want to go on more these stories, show me the evidence I'll drop, didn't put out the evidence. You just retweeted this story, fine, whatever I prefer to err on the simple solution, right outcomes, razor would suggest and although there have been things in history that have been proven conspiracies, I think it's problematic when anybody joy on these ridiculous conspiracies left right up down whatever the White Power hand, gesture, which doesn't mean anything Donald Trump likes to make the ok sign when he talks so tromp supporters. Gimme, ok, sign as like us. symbol of supporting trump and then forty ended, hope.
The media like the hawks, because it benefited domino, may trop supporters look bad and they rolled with it, and the like of Social Bearing Cohen and others are engaged in the exact same thing he claims to be funny against. Have you noticed the projection from the left? The right is not perfect But I'll tell you what, when I can sit down with a trump supporter, and they will admit to me the faults of Donald Trump and then say exam. They wide as they lean towards Joe Biden? I can respect that when there are people who say Trump is per backed and scream Magua and refused to admit, transparent anything wrong. I dont because any sane. Rational person can look at things and say I'll come on nobody's perfect. I don't like the idea that Trump is Ways right or Trump is always wrong about how you this the people who believe Tromp is always right are few and far between and they are not in mainstream media, but the multi. Billion, dollar, multinational corporations and so
I birdies light Cohen are repeatedly pumping out, duplicitous, lies and hypocrisy, and they have made massive institutional power, they are the great manipulators. And he has the nerve to complain about this. Maybe what is really doing is projecting you see. It was the Democrats that actually took money from the rush. and it was the Democrats that actually had some nefarious ties with Ukraine. It was the Democrats that work trying to sabotage Donald Trump campaign as he was being inaugurated as he as it was entering the presidency and they accuse Trump, republicans of doing all of those things. Of course you can credit. Eyes. The wing nuts on social media for having you know crazy conspiracy, opinions, but that's just the wing nuts, that's just the crazy people. What am I supposed to do about the massive corporations and because of this
they will say, I'm biased. Should I criticised the small fringe outlets with crazy ideas. Sure, should I dedicate entire segments to these small channels? Why would I their irrelevant? More importantly, you ve it's! It's like you. Ve got a bunch of these small outlets that are gaining prominence That is a bit more conspiratorial and their gaining prominence, because no one trusts the media anymore. Why? Because if you saw sharing culling because you are the one who put out the complete bs on Rudy Giuliani as he was tucking. His shirt and it's very obvious he's talking- is Sheridan and then lied rolled with the lie and tried to use that for political power. You see, you are a celebrity, you,
our very wealthy and you are lying to people and too many it's obvious. How is it that we ended up with many people who are liberal voting for Donald Trump? How did you get giant rotten, punk rock legend who voted for Clinton and twenty sixteen a switch for Trump, its partly things like this earlier today, she one had who you may be familiar with: tweeted where's, our disaffected conservative, to agree with everything we say and some people responded. We need a leftist TIM pool, something like that. And so my response was. Have you not realised that there is no great movement from right to left? In fact, every thing these people do be it the anti for black lives matter
general Progressives Resistance Democrats and their celebrity cronies that these people are pushing regular people away. How do you get an independent explaining individual who worked for vice to announce now in twenty twenty that he be voting for Donald Trump. I'll tell you you keep doing things like this. If only Sasha Baron Cohen was honest about it, if only he actually poked fun at both the Democrats in there seconds. I encourage you all to actually go to like see Jonathan Pie, I don't love, you started a comedy: charming, carve a kind of slaughtering shutting down and and and and Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan. I went to his show a couple years ago. I think it was a couple years ago, maybe a year and a half ago, and he poked fun. It Democrats and Republicans It was fantastic. He knew how to say nobody's perfect and I think that's why someone
it will really like has shown its. Why is the biggest progress in the world partly regular guy and he's like softly summit, Yaller crazy? He kill rag on tromp all day, a rag on Joe Biden all day to point out what we all think that, even if you dont like Donald Trump Joe Biden, ain't, always it and that's just what we we ve all been seeing. We ve all been thinking. It's honesty, I'll tell you what makes me angry every day I go on twitter and there's the what's what's happening section right there and its some ridiculously pro Joe Biden lie. snobs reveals that Joe Biden won't raise your taxes. Joe Biden said he's gonna he's gotta removed I'll trumps tax cuts. That means everybody's taxes go up, but of course all you get fifty cent saying that he is gonna pay sixty two percent taxes, because under Joe Biden Plan, when you combine all of the existing taxes, it puts dear you're, you're, effective tax rate effective to around sixty two and what we get
Java Joe Joe Biden will not raise your taxes. Sixty two percent and its allies says fact checker, and it's not true think about this way. When you see a story, Joe Biden will end the truck tax cuts, but promises to only raise taxes on those who make more than four hundred thousand dollars a year. If your, a moron you're like, but if the tax cuts go away, what I taxes go up and then the meat Yes, I shot up you moron. We call you a fly overstate for a reason and I'm dislike dude chill out what you can see, what these journalists really think. Maybe that's one of the biggest problems your twitter has exposed how these people really feel. We call him fly over for a reason, because these people there just now smart enough to understand? What's going on around a motel you? What I'm? What the next night, when I'm working on for forests? Can we about like the election and poles and votes in early bautzen on stuff? And I was
watching this video from five thirty eight frozen, unfamiliar five, thirty, eight Nate silver. They do predictions in forecasting and they said Donald Trump has only a thirteen in hundred chance of winning in our simulations. That's what came up in it This guy is like take a look at our new interactive and he says it's really really hard to know who wins on election night, because some states have are not going to give the results on election night, no really Pennsylvania, Ohio and was constant and met should again- and I was like way wait- you mean the states Trump needs to win win. The presidency are the states that changed their rules in our minds me of you watch family guy and they have this. There was an episode along time has really old, where this british dude buys the bar in co Hog where they live, and then, like a cup a couple days later, it burns
ground and the insurance sky is like. You know that the place burns down and Lois Griffin says so you mean sky took out. He bought the place, took at an insurance policies, Billy, covering fire damage and then a day later, the play burn down. Don't you find that strange and insurers, Guy goes actually know. It happens. All the time- and that was the joke- it happens all the time not being able to connect the dots when it can. I could ask for you, don't you all find it a little strange that the states that gave Trump the win in twenty? Sixteen that warrants post a flip Republican are the ones where they ve changed the rules so that they won't be counting the votes on election day Oh curiosity could go a long way, but these journalists dont have any of this they're just like we
you know. These dates just decided to change all the rules last minute and won't be giving us the resultant election. Take it's like, so you don't happens without those states they are going call it for Joe Biden on Election day and then, when Trot, tries, fighting results there tromp lost and refuses to it. the results of the election get it trumps. Gonna win a bunch of states, Joe Biden, gonna, win, Bennett went about if states, of course, in California, Illinois New York. Fine, however, because he won't have the results from these rust about states. It will look like Joe Biden, one the forecast. well then say: there's no way. Tromp pulls ahead in the rust about states because pulling shows this Therefore, we think it's safe to say Joe Biden is definitely one. This then they're going to say Trump needs to accept the results he's lost before the results are called in. That's my prediction at least now, I'm getting off on a tangent,
is what we see. I should this be ragging on board at and saw sharing common because it's all of them, but you ice. I see this this perfect storm, do who puts out unhinged conspiracies and lies to gain power such as using on lies and conspiracies to gain power and subjugate. Others is, of course, nothing new. What do you think it is you're doing we can see it man, we know you're doing it. Unfortunately, as George Carlin said, think about us stupid, the average person is now realize half homer stupider than that. I don't think the average person is stupid. In fact, I think a person is smart. I think people are stupid. I think the average person is not required,
to know everything, and I think the average person doesn't understand a lot of the news- cuz not their job. If your job is to be a school teacher or a doctor or a plumber you're not reading the news all day, every day like I am, and thus there are many people who don't revenues, who just trust what their seeing and are being fed lies. The likes of social baron, Cohen and and mainstream media, while truck tries to cut through that, he calls on the enemy enemy the people because of fake news and then what we get. did you guys watch my earlier segment from this morning? Cnn cancelled peers Morgan because he criticised the press for not covering the hunter button laptops The media in this country is manipulating every single person and when you get a bunch of people who don't know the facts, and it's an end are not required to read the news all day every day, but we're getting that point you might have to what are they? What what are these regular people see? They see a wave of
news Orange man is bad orange man is cheating, Trump supporters are dumb and they dont investigate further, because well they got jobs right. They under believing the stuff, then but leaving the lies of social baron culling who get is up ad published in time where he projects on to you that which she is actually doing and they vote forbidden against their own interests. Not thou Trump isn't perfect than I can say that eight hundred thousand times all day every day, but a booming economy is in your interests. Under Joe Biden has entangled in foreign in excursions and and war and then asked all that war off Donald Trump. They built the cages, then they blamed Trump for it. They let our economies stagnate and an Obama. Had the nerve to say you can't bring the GDP back up to four percent is not possible, I think works and you did a magic bond and then trumped. Did it it trumpets elected,
I think we will see booming prosperity. Continuation of the golden age that we ve lived in fur for some time now and in it, and it is a golden age think about the prosperity and wealth and how good these times have been and how they have created. Unfortunately, some bad times if Donald Trump wins, it is good times ahead. If jobs in wines is interesting. Actually, I'm not entirely convinced will be bad times immediately, but I believe it will be bad times eventually, if Donald Trump wins here, get rid of the racism, the critical race theory he will end. foreign wars and he will give the american people much of what they ask for economy, we booming for everyone. If Joe Biden winds, he will carry out the world Police, foreign policy of his previous administration, things will prob. Get worse. The economy will probably stagnate, he'll blame covered for it or from an what will happen is one of two things. If people get
ran off realising they ve been sold. Another bag of lies the recoil in twenty twenty four will be historic, bound beyond historic or maybe the Democrats will keep people placate, adjusted so that they can slowly erode our manufacturing base? Take our jobs away and watch the middle class crumble and then no one will be angry in a fast enough everything about it. You see if they slowly give away our jobs seller manufacturing. There won't be enough power within the people to finance another Donald Trump only that but Donald Trump billionaire himself and in a lot of pressure, celebrity press power. Imagine somebody doesn't have that and can't break through. There will never be another Donald Trump unless Trump winds, and perhaps I should say there will never be a populist unless Donald Trump once, and that includes the left and that's why I can't believe the progressive-
are on board of Biden because of Biden wins. They will lock the doors and never allow a Bernie Sanders to get an ever because he made life so miserable for them, but anyway, You really want to talk about Poland, because I wanna give many air, but I'm sick and out of the elites, the ivory towers, telling us what to think and then calling. ass. The morons! It's not us that stupid did every but he is ignorant in their own right. There are many things individuals doubt know, but a person is smart. A person can tell you think you ve, never known, but a person doesn't know everything and you such a barren Cohen, are a duplicitous hypocrite. Who are pumping out lies in this information and then complaining about it, calling for active censorship and then complaining about it? and, as we can see now see now gotten your karmic justice karmic. Next excitements is coming up at four p m over at Youtube calm slashed him cast my main channel check it out to different channels on this.
One, and I will see you then. If there is one thing that we can be certain of this November third, is that We will be completely uncertain of what is going on and there is a real fear that these mass protests that are being planned may break out into violence, and I think that extremely likely now I know I know it's another video of temporal talk and civil war. They like it when I talk about civil war, but I'm not making it up. Buzzfeed news brings you the story. The scary statistic predicts growing: U S political violence, whatever happens on elect They too, researchers claim that a single number they call the political stress indicator, can worn when societies are at risk of erupting into violence. Its biking in the? U s just like it did before, thus civil war great neighbour
engine that won. The researchers refers to the american Civil war as the first civil war. Great. I don't look at me buzz. Let's talk about it. Let's see what they're going on about many Americans are cling to the idea that if Joe Biden wins, the presidential election com can return to a nation riven by protests and rattled by President Donald Trump authoritarian rhetoric love projecting number, not so fast caution to academics, who claim they have devised a measure of political instability. That shows that she will still be a powder keg that is waiting to blow, even if A Biden Landslide means that tromp has little choice but to step aside quote: The tendency is to blame trump, but I dont really agree with that. Peter Tartan and evolutionary aunt Paul just at the University of Connecticut who studies the forces that DR political instability told Buzzfeed NEWS. Trop is really not the deep structural cause. Thank you.
I've been saying this for a long time. Whatever has been going on in this country has been going on long before Donald Trump They say it may be wealth inequality. I dont completely disagrees, But the reasons why I'm for a progressive tax possible the second, let me read Most dangerous elements in the next argue, turgid and George Mason, firstly sociologist Jack. Goldstone is the corrosive effect of inequality, honest on society, they believe every model that explains how inequality escalates and leads to political instability. Worsened by elites to monopolize economic gains, narrow the path, social mobility and resist taxation. Inequality ends up undermining state institutions while fomenting distrust and resentment, and I agree I agree that wealth inequality does. It this leftist idea of privilege. I do not believe, hits the nail on the head at all. I think, MRS entirely, what I think happens is that you ve got ultra wealthy elites who basically dictate policy because they are the people
who can provide the resources for someone's reelection, not completely, but I tell you this The best thing about it is that the left is on. side of the massive multi national billion dollar corporations Sub alarm Why am I gonna? Do assume that Joe Biden victory would do anything to solve this problem? I think Donald Trump is the better, but in this case, did he not. Trump is only lightly tapped on the idea of wealth inequality. Buddy mentioned it was a problem, Donald Trump himself, being a billionaire, but not one of these big corporate cronies, fleets, at least as far as I guess reality dictates. Tromp has his issues trump as a billion there, but he's not mark Zuckerberg and he's not a big oil tankers like that regard less. I think it is fair to say that a matter who wins there will be mass civil unrest. However, I just thinking Finally going to be worse, so that's just me right. That's real! Building on Goldstone work
shown that revolutions tend to follow periods of population, growth and urbanization. Church has developed a statistic, call the political stress indicator or p s. I incorporates measures of wage stagnation, national debt, competition between elites, distrust in government urbanization and the aged. The age structure of the population church and raised warning signs of a coming storm a decade ago, predicting that instability would peak in the years around twenty twenty in the United States We have stagnating or declining real wages, a growing gap between rich and poor overproduction of young graduates with advanced agrees and exploding public. That he wrote in a letter to the journal nature. Historically, such data, the have served as leading indicators of looming political instability and on disagree, and I don't
Tromp is doing everything to solve these problems. I mean Trump is racking massive national debt. He is, of course, before covered helping with unemployment and America was doing better. That's why I think trumps the better, but then Joe Biden, but I don't think I don't think that's a solution of this problem. There is a serious problem with inequality outside us in favour of college loan forgiveness, because I think we ve got a massive population of people who feel trapped and there The solution is communism viral you go school, you learn about all this communism's off. You might not care of any graduate. You can't get a job and turn off. Your only opportunity is some cretan, crummy or crappie or whatever a low paying job your degree. If you can't pay it off sure, we can argue that these people made these choices, would get young people who are told to do it by our society and now there's another stuck. My opinion is that we should we should forgive interest rates. People should pay back
principle of what they owe, but no more racking up more and more debt, just pay back what you spent and will call square. Otherwise you get a bunch of people who feel like no matter what they do. They can't get out of this whole, so they had violent. He wasn't to say today with the nation in turmoil. Churches protection seems, remarkably president. We live in a pandemic, Hell Scape that is disproportionately harmed black and brown Americans and though, living in poverty. We have widespread civil unrest over racial injustice and we are heard toward an election in which trumpet stoking unfounded fears of voter fraud, thanks Buzz Wade has a veto. That went viral of some dude, like changing someone's vote and the camera quickly pans away. don't even care what the voters brought argument: I'm hearing from people that they don't know where their on balance are or they're getting a whole bunch. It's you know, troops as fraud. He shouldn't its impropriety, its error, that's what it's all about, so sure Trump is stoking the flames and refusing to come.
To a peaceful transition of power. These people are such Why meetings we ve gone through how many years the Russia Gate, bunk bs spare me there stood. I do think we are headed towards massive DR and they keep saying civil war but come on in August church and gave himself a pat on the back forest. Active ability within analysis showing a significant rise in political demonstrations and violent riots over the last ten years, but he and Goldstone fear that much worse is to come What are the civil war build up? I like how it's just some arbitrary number that we can't decipher and they say: look it's getting bad here. Do it's actually worse than numb before the first civil war? He says. I love it when Goldstone talks about America's darkest days. He provocatively calls it the first civil war. He fears we may be on way to a second one, with a twenty twenty. election serving as a potential fire starter event. Am I wrong? I love how
about a lot of these leftists. Don't google anything and there like gamble, gates time, about civil war, how worthwhile smart is that the best you could come up with dude come on. You can at least make fun of my appearance when we have Buzzfeed NEWS saying these things. Isn't that you guys like it and don't you like a buzz we'd? Ok, maybe they don't whatever fine is a golden S in Croatia was a verdict in conflict in another nineteen. Eighty four shortly after the U S is millet use, military's ill, fated efforts to support you and intervention in Somalia, which led to the downfall of two black hawk helicopters and the gruesome spectacle of a dead you, a soldier being dragged the streets. Goldstone was tapped by the CIA Cia to help lead
state failure taskforce. This group of academic social scientists was asked what, if I found that predict when a nation is likely to spiral into chaos, the initial report published in any five and then, if I'd three risk factors that seem to predict whether a state would fail within the next two years in about two thirds of cases: high infant mortality, low openness to international trade. A level of and level of democracy. On the last measure, partial democracies were more vulnerable to collapse and fully democratic states or autocratic regimes limits. I sum
One of the reasons I am in favour of a progressive tax tax policy and high brackets for the higher income earners is to prevent instability. I think it's fair and obvious that if you have oligarchy six people kind of revolt, imagine this let's sit and we do have a product of a progressive tax policy. By the way it's exactly how our country functions. There isn't Republicans that have said they want a flat tax. I disagree with that thing about this way. Look, it's look at San Francisco. They have poop littered through their streets, Nancy policy. its winning, and there is no change in sight. What is a regular person going to do all right now? People are fleeing San Francisco. I know many of my friends who live there have left a long time ago. I mean on time it like this past year. What do you think happens if voting changes? Nothing and people are upset that you ve got billionaires while their walking through poop laden streets at a certain point. Things D stay
Lies people feel like there's, no, that there's no chance to to close that gap and these endeavours Was a tremendous power get away with everything while doing nothing was. It looks like we're at right now now tromp was a reaction. Partly to this trump is a symptom of the growing instability I remember when it like, I think, occupy Wall Street may be the start of this. We make. We may talk culture, one or stuff, but really take a look at Occupy Wall Street. When people were upset about Wall Street bailouts, you had the financial collapse. You had all these banks getting bailed out. What about regular people? I tell you this. You wanna talk about student loan debt forgiveness. I am not in favour of forgiving entirety of their debt. I just can't get rid of the interest rates, pay back what you, what you out and we're square some people have said you want to bail, the big banks and his energy companies whenever. But you won't bout, regular people, I don't want to buy
now about either I dont about the big banks, let em collapse for all I care with the economy would collapse to yeah. Well, I'm not to start a fire which sticks. Ok, so I don't care. I know. I know a lot of people will suffer, think economy, tanks and that's why It shows that evil. I suppose you could call it bailing out the big banks. Ok, we got a bunch of young people laden with that that are freaking out. Many of them are going in writing that all of em ass soon loan that, but we gotta figure out this problem in in. Stability is heading our way. Tromp is a symptom. People were trot tired of the crony elites who would never do anything for anyone and they felt they had no voice. So they turn to a strong men sat up resolve the problem, but things are just continue to stabilize. I think Trump actually held it off for a while. Could you imagine if Hillary Clinton won? I think this place would be way worse off. I really do mean it like we would crumble. I don't know that man, I think violence has come
I don't think anyone can stop it. I don't know I'm not saying that everyone's at risk. I just think the instability is heading our way. So whatever There's a lot more to break down here. I programme enough. Tonker, I keep segments short got a couple. More segments coming up stick around and I will bring. you some more on this in the coming segment. I don't oh how this will impact the election, but I have to assume this is going to benefit Republicans or, at the very least force dammit. Rats to move closer to the second amendment than they currently are. first time: buyers, fuel pandemic, related surge in gun sales. Please. CNN spare us, I'm sure the riots had something to do with it. What they tell us in this- and I gotta say most of us know that is happening, but you it's really amazing. They break down the data.
You know who the fuck, who the gun buyers are first time buyers, but I do know where they are there in blue areas and who they are black Americans and women. These p, oh now are probably not going to be too happy when they hear that Joe Biden Gonna take your guns away. I just spend all this money on these guns, and now you want to take him from me. No, but I will tell you this. I find it particularly funny that you have Democrats and cities that wanted to fund police going up buying guns. Please tell me those people will be voting republic in a three. The story from CNN. It's been an unprecedented year for firearms, for the firearms industry. which has seen a steady pandemic, related surge and sales undiscovered nineteen lockdown began in March, yes, and then the riots gun retailers and industry analysed, say it's normal for Americans to stock up on firearms and ammo during an election year too many
This is the endless say. The surge is motivated by fears that a democratic president might expand restrictions on gun ownership. but this year sales spike is different because being driven by a rise in furs, time gun buyers, especially among African Americans and women, about forty percent of guns. in the first four months of the year were made by first time, buyers, far, higher than the annual average of twenty four percent over the past two decades, according to the next shooting sports Foundation, A trade association, the tracks, gun sales and analysed Industry trends, gun. Sales among black Americans are up. Fifty eight percent there September, according to the analysis, F, MARC Otte, Mark Oliver, the foundations director of public Affairs so. The rise in black on ownership is unprecedented. We
never seen a year over year increase that large and african Americans gun pyres. Although I told seen in business, it is the largest demographic increase we ve seen. People that are buying guns today took a whole lot. Less look a whole lot less like me, and a whole lot more like the rest of America added Oliver, who is white, gun, merchants and advocacy. I have noticed the trend as well. Maybe it's not a good thing that everybody is stocking up on guns in the sense that violence may be about to unfold, but maybe it is actually a good thing. These people are gonna, be open up to an entirely new world. They didn't previously understand. Hey, I actually fired again is at all. It is maybe then they'll, hear this rhetoric from these politicians and these activists and say that doesn't really jive with what I know about guns I reminded of Darrell Davis. You may be familiar
he's this legendary dude, who s all life, who d radicalized over two hundred clansmen? How, by just talking to him, there's really that simple because then these people, sorry to hear this rhetoric and they'd be like that. Doesn't describe Darrell Devils cool, and then also they realized, maybe unbelieving the wrong things. Think about this. When these people go to them Brad rally needed someone like Beethoven, I'm gonna to take your guns away and they're gonna be like boots, isn't about why? Why are you doing me we're supposed to be for this? There are to be like we own guns. Now we don't like that anymore. So that's because there that there being any due to a new world that I meet gone owners, they're, gonna, gun ranges, they're, gonna, go and try, and by gone and black wait a minute. It's not so easy is it bears this out Jefferson. Vice president of the National African American Gun Association and advocacy.
Groups has. His organization has seen a major jump in membership that began around March when the covered nineteen lockdown begin before the pandemic. Jefferson says his organization, which promote responsible gun ownership and training for black Americans had about thirty thousand members nationwide, since that about five thousand new members have joined. People are worried about people stealing from other people breaking in homes. Jefferson told CNN that, On top of the civil unrest that you ve seen this summer, the Damn strains and some of the riots that you ve seen. Thank you. Jefferson said. Fears of violence by white, supremacist and police have also been a major concern for US members, especially following you know. Much of the black lives matter related protest incidents that that that the things that sparked the protests, it just seems, we ve had a lot more high profile incidents where white supremacist have caused harm to black people.
Have we I don't actually think we have is a greater awareness of it and concern for it, and people wanted to protect themselves and their families against it. New gun owner Luther Tom. The forty one of Cardinal Georgia says he joined in an age of a during the spring, not long after purchasing, is first firearm, that the divorced father of five says both pending related crime and arborous killing, wait heavy on his mind, motivating him to obtain it. concealed, carry license and buy his first gun since then he purchased for additional firearms and persuaded his Ex wife to get her own to get around handgun and license to carry a concealed firearm. I have a family to protect Thompson, told CNN business. You have people out there for it, not to the point where life doesn't mean anything to them. It's getting bad out there. You have no choice but to protect yourself. Thank you good, sir, and I agree there are people who have gone to other people's homes and threatened them in and gotten violent with them
And don't we all just want to feel safe? I mean that's great Thomson said fears of post election civil unrest have also compelled him to stock up on gun. As well as ammunition, which has been out of in many stores across the country. I've, seen social media posts, saying if President Trump isn't re elected, we're going to start a war, he said you just don't know how people are going to react. I don't think we are going to see people arching through the streets, but some people have said we should expect things like the troubles in Ireland. My favorite thing about leftist twitter is you don't know how to Google search anything or why they gotta be so dumb member. The coyote thing during the debates Trump said: coyotes are bringing immigrants, children and ever was like Both can't carry babies. You think coatings are like picking up them by their jaws and like carrying bit Kayo. These aren't that did it's a reference to smugglers amid a post where I was being silly on purpose, but I love
twitter. For this week there was some video I saw where someone tat, you know they, spray paid, stolen land are like a statue, and then I said how long How long is too long before starts getting weird when you demand back stolen land? Like I'm part irish, would it be weird if I started demand back Northern Ireland and in all these leftists are like Do you not know about like Northern Ireland in like Belfast in the peace wall, and I'm just like you morons, could it have been more obvious? as I literally produce like a twenty minute, video from Belfast filming the bonfires, I went to the peace wall, but these people are ignorant and arrogant, and it's the ignorant arrogance, really scares me so now I'll bring us together, Europe pointer really dumb people who are going down by an guns, and I went to a gunshot to pick up my first gun
And I asked the guy he was excited to be sound out all his weapons and ammo and he was like gets Gregg. Business is good, but you gotta lotta, dumb people who are I ain't gonna send out, like that's a good point and is a lot of these people. Don't know how to use them they're not going to get instruction or training. So I'll tell you. That's definitely do that, but I bring up the twitter thing because a lot of dumb people don't even use Google, you think they're going to look up how to use a gun. These people I'm worried about him, but the other thing is that I think we are going to see violence kind of like the troubles. So, if you're not familiar with the peace swan, I'm not some expert on Northern Ireland eyes went therefore a couple days. the peace wall like it's a wall that separates the factions that were fighting on one side, is a bunch of you know like. Military end like pro Israel on Riverside, it's like Pro Palestine and pro communism, or whatever and like some of these things. Make no sense like why in Ireland at a time when Israel, Palestine, tribalism, the
he'll issue in the real conflict was rooted in the other, my tribe, good, your tribe, bad, and that's where we are like think about cause your Cortez. She is the herald of the new progressive tribe, but What does she done other than just you know, snapper fingers in the face of some Republicans like seriously not a whole lot. she caused harm to New York City chasing out tens of thousands of jobs and billions in revenue then she goes on twitter and she has posts. Hot takes insulting people, that's what she dies Bravo, I guess you get a lot of followers for it. That, in my opinion, is the perfect example of what we can get people cheering for saying. I love you bay and whatever ants like putting She doing anything for you. Has she helped? You know she's done something. Like a respect. You know getting together with like TED crews, on like lobbying issues and stuff, like that, that's for sure, but most of our time
just spent being an overt partisan rally. Her base and trump does the same thing now. Trumps supporters who, like that he rallies, is based, Annie and him I see an ABC rallies her base and they mock trump I'll. Tell you what you might think you're right. I don't care if you think your you think you're wrong or whatever you think, I'm wrong. Ok, the point is the tribes are here: people are getting met, each other for being the other. It's not even about what someone is bringing to the table. I can look at Imo Trumpet blockade. These things are good peace in the Middle EAST which, on our troops, are like that. They won't even say that those black Orangemen bad they'll scream the matter. What trumped does is wrong. Chris haze from MSNBC criticise, trumps peace deal trump, This is that the war with Sudan in Israel and literally ended a war and he's like, while its end, go on transactional because they have to hate. So I see this done stuff and I don't see a break in the
vibes. It just seems like people are going to be dumb and now they're going to be dumb in armed. I don't know, I'm glad people in responsibility and buying their weapons, but I am this is showing people going to instructor so that it can respect. I ought to take it a very seriously because I'm worried about violence, and if people have tons of guns, we saw what happened in Canosa man, it's just violence. You know I'm a blaming Rittenhouse. I think it was defending himself, but just more violence after some, like that. I just see an escalation of the next and the next chaos in the next rider. Whenever, but are no man she plays out, leave it there. I got one course I meant coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. Many of you may have once been fans of vice and vice media and based on the title of this video, you came in you're. Looking at it, you understand what you're talking about vice is dying or dad I mean the bigger
I think it's a skin suit, being worn by weird woke plastic people who don't We know what made vice cool and entertaining. We have a story from airmail amounts were familiar for. This but this this guy, William D, come and talk to vice employees and executives about what happened. The company and Oh, it's basically crumbled. Vice at one point was worth five point: seven billion dollars. You may remember back in the day those those amazing videos, I mean, do you remember it you, the video of when I went to Ukraine and I did on the I think it was very straightforward: did you see this we didn't like Egypt or whatever, I actually field produced a documentary about these people who travelled from North Korea through always the DMZ in South Korea knows amazing. I didn't go to North Korea. Just produce a dark, it got millions of you I want to New Zealand, I interviewed Kim dot com, we had fun, exciting adventures and it was edgy. It was a fake.
So sometimes it was silly, it was fun. The company at one point was worth five point: seven, billion dollars. It made a massive and got tons and tons of investment. Today people under its even worth. Seven hundred million Shane Smith, the guy who started all along with government innocence, irish avi, but should was the scene of the sea or for the longed for a long time is basically gone. What is vice, and why did it fall to really simple? Vice got woke and went broke and it's the perfect example of how you do Troy something and how the investors themselves have destroyed their investment, so look male talks about he's. As this would be vices moment, we have a narcissistic. I believe in the White House there's riding in this reach. The nation is the world leader in run a virus. The country is mired in a deep recession. The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poor black eyes matter move. It has ever been more potent californian organ of burning, up,
this is the moment made for vice media in all its edgy millennium, as this would be it. And yet what is most popular tv show advice about wrestling, got this amount of use, a guess, This week, vice news had a scoop that broke through Twitter, Jeff Tube, and we know that story. I can repeat it to think that just three years ago, vice new HBO brought us Ellie, Reeves mesmerizing Charlottesville documentary. He wasn't. I Most notable among employ turnover turnover, however, is Jane Psmith Vice is larger than life cofounder, who, back in the day, was known to have spent three hundred grand on a board of direct dinner at the Ballade GEO he had reported. We just want to million dollars He resigned from the day to day management of the company after the New York Times revealed in December. Twenty seventeen allegations, the sexist massaging, the side of the company's culture shocker sum of Smith's, rose, found themselves accused of harassment and racial bias after having filled vices vice with young, attractive women. By the time you left, though,
it had already pulled many of his millions out of ice and decamped to LOS Angeles where he and his wife to Mika restored ACE falling Santa Monica state that had been featured. The shoot out scene of Beverly Hills, COP Psmith sought it bought it sudden seen for twenty three million and twenty sixteen the water journal in an invite them inside to film. This is the important point I wanna get to what happened in twenty seventeen and why did vice truly die welt. The honest. The changes were coming before twenty seventeen. To be fair, I was only there for about a year and a half. I was there because, it took a long time negotiate, but I convince them to do real news on the ground reporting they wanted to do. Something where it was like documentaries from the field. They would called Vice news. I said so me on the ground to cover these things. Initially, I was go to Ireland. I believe it was island and then Turkey's guess he park protests erupted and I said, get me on a plane to night. They did. The coverage got tens of thousands of views it was. It was,
groundbreaking for them and they were really excited and sad. Let's do legit news. I tell you what the problem was. It started to get a little unfunded to be completely honest when I was There- and I want to be very more so it's one of the reasons I left and they weren't woke when I left, but they started to become woke. Because the investors wanted them too, and this comes from my conversations with former employees executives and high ranking officials, the investors- destroyed their own investment. I could you not get woke, go broke, it wasn't really vices fought so much. I mean in the annex kind of was vice used to be super edgy in and crazy and punk rock and fun, and we would perish into crazy conflict criticized for it, but we were on the ground face to face the danger telling you. This is what we saw. We words some elites
some J School graduate with a degree I was some random. Do from the south to Chicago happen on a plane and flying across the world being like YO check this out, they were ridiculed early on, saying, you're, just some random guys who show up point that some poop and say wow, look at that and they said so what people liked that it was authentic. It was the birth of this new era of authentic media kind of like what you get when you watch me Jack, talk randomly with no script and then suddenly change. It suddenly become more plastic. He, but that wasn't what finished off, because they still a good job, having fun making these documentaries and being kind of new loosen off the cuff. Something happened to twenty seventeen allegations emerged. The me to movement targeted some of the people at now
could have done is said screw you we're vice kicked, you know, kicked the garbage. Can overruns are rampant about saying now, let's get back to punk rock instead the investors as I am, I gotta, be careful. You oughta be fair. I had some conversations with some former employees, so this is based on what I know. My experience is working at the company, and that was three years before all this happened, and then what ended up happening to the company based off of what former employees have told me. What I was told by couple there were people after these allegations came out and there had been some accusations in the past vice didn't know how to handle it, but, more importantly, instead of being the edgy punk rockers that people want them to be, they decided we're gonna, do it investors want. We want a safe transition, so we can sell this company this
Airmail article makes a really interesting point. They mention that the goal of vice at some point was to sell the company to pump. Its evaluation to a really really high number and then just sell it out. Everybody gets rich, they say this story. There are rumours that Shane Smithtown and down a massive sale offer because it would not have made him a billionaire. He was a billionaire on paper and if he saw that he wouldn't gotten there- maybe that's true. I don't know, but I'll tell you what I heard. I tell you what I experienced when they got accused instead of going pencroft. they decide to go well, they thought going woke, would save their evaluation as most of you know, that's not how it works. He started to bring on more and more woke individuals and write. More and more wealth are articles specifically because, as I am told- and this may be incorrect, the woman they brought on because of chains past. You know accusations.
The women they brought. Her name is net Nancy took due back. I believe her name is pronounced, decided we are going to go feminist intersection, awoke progressive, to attract the younger audience and protect ourselves from the allegations against the former people running this company That's, not what anyone wanted. That's, not what young people wanted and so the company is now shrinking. They ve lost it that I believe about a thousand employees. Their evaluation from once a multi billion dollar venture has dropped dramatically. Why they gave the end to the insanity. How many people really want to go to vice. To see them complain about weakness. I don't think anybody does and at the same time as we are seeing vice, is hurting and we're seeing calls for Walter journalists is coming on now to to adapt to a younger audience and talk about race, my channels skyrocketing, one hundred million plus, views per month across
my channels, a hundred million, I'm grateful everybody watches My channels are now bigger than vice news, know Joe, I believe this channel actually is think about how crazy that is that they could have, to me, and I could have saved that company. I could have made them huge and now this channel actually beggar. Now it's kind of Christ Gimme, the investors came in and said because of the accusation. We need an out how about we just start giving in to the communists and say will be feminist by some feminist brands. Things like that they said. Ok, my understanding is that the investors demanded it and I think for them sport, Shane and the executives advice just wanted to make sure they got paid and didn't watch everything crumble. It was a mistake, imagine What vice would be today under my leadership, I'm gonna go hadn't say it seriously. My channels, bigger than vice, really
raising her. Now I guess when you consider their websites they claim to have like in forty million. You know views per month, which is substantially higher than mine, but that's the written stuff onto their written stuff. Maybe I'll get to that point on Youtube alone, though my channels are massive compared to what vice was I'm confident. that. If I was reporting on the ground, if I was leading the charge- and I was hiring people, it would be something way different. It would be huge successful. Probably evaluation, we're gone way up That's where the reasons that I want to be there anymore, because I knew you know in twenty thirteen. I told them to do this, but I'm doing right now, no joke! I said we have an ample opportunity to just film the opinions of our journalists just to record them and say what's happening today, alongside a vice article and an them giving you the personal and authentic breakdown. said okay, and I never really want to do it because they didn't know how to do it. I guess
instead they decided to change the company and in it and and and go after this woke ideology, buy up other woke companies higher, more woke people, thinking The same stupid idea that fusion fought young people are all progressive. Therefore we should just pander to them It did well for fusion, whose sunk between threatening two billion dollars down the toilet dawn, but that on fire and now vice, which was once once worthwhile, point? Seven billion and should have been the new time Warner is in the gutter because they got woke because they didn't want to just be regular people and now, because of it they have created a all new network of of insane people who believe in saying things you know- Do I periodically do videos about? I was only therefore for just over a year by year and a half stomach and pretend to be there long standing decades. You know oh gee, employ I wasn't
when I was the founding member of Vice news and I'm I'm proud of the things they accomplished after I left, a lot of stuff that I brought the negotiations I had made. It exist in the first place, there was not going to be in on the ground is reporting, and now you can quote this from Shane Smith, who said it no intention of doing so. I came in sight. We gotta do the six months of negotiating. To finally get to happen. and so I am bound to see that I came there inside hears what's up and they took it and they flushed it down the toilet because they wanted to go after this fringe. Leftist ideology: here's what you need to understand. Perhaps it will be true. that the audience you speak to changes. Perhaps it will be true that the more they age? What is your goal? do you change your brand to attract younger people and betray your existing audience, or do you just make content forever
Buddy Vice, decided to change their brand to go after the youth, and that was wrong and I do but if it was probably because of Nancy Due Back Dubuque over double forever name is, I believe, contributed to the failures they got rid of shame and they deserve it. Shane was accused, They said we're gonna bring in someone else has actually got me to this. Person did not around the company did not have the edge or the charisma there go. It's too bad really but I'd say this- I'm planning on some big things. As you know, we have scanner, which is absolutely still up and running. It's just the there. they should be notice about. What's going on, I don't I don't run the editorial. That's the easiest way to put it so the strategy and how the publishing happens is something is beyond me, but I'm plenty of money. the things too so we're going. expanding and growing, and I will be bigger than vice to leave it there
I'll see ya tomorrow at ten a m on this channel thanks Franco.
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