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Democrats Fall For TRAP As Smears Against Amy Coney Barrett BACKFIRE, Its The Kavanaugh Effect AGAIN


After the insane smears and attacks on Brett Kavanaugh we saw "the Kavanaugh Effect" which was a major boost to Republicans and Trump.Democrats are warning that any attacks on Amy Coney Barrett's family or religion could backfire and sure enough that's exactly what people are doing.Republicans are probably counting on a redux of Kavanaugh as this hearing will happen just before the election and if Democrats go on the offensive and disrespect such an accomplished woman it may backfire BAD.Voters may flock to Vote Donald Trump and leave Joe Biden in the dust.

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Donald Trump has selected Amy Coney bear it to replace Ruth Beta Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. This would give the Supreme Court a six to three conservative majority for a generation. Naturally, Democrats and leftist are freaking out as to what this might mean many Democrats are warning. However, you gotta each shill on this, because we all saw what happened with bright Cavanaugh Meares lies An insane accusations resulted in something called the Cavanaugh effect. It riled up Republicans and many moderates to support. Republicans and Donald Trump, because most people thought what they were doing to breath. Cavenaugh was insane, unfortunately, Democrats can't control themselves. They have no unified position. So, of course, it was only a matter of time before they fell right into the trap of what trap was this
many people were speculating as to whether or not Trump would actually nominate someone or even if you did what the Republicans would actually confirm. Someone there were fears, nominating and confirming a scope, as this close to talk to an election would backfire on the Republicans, many others said no. No, if they don't nominates, someone and confirm them. Democrats are going to be riled up and they're gonna run full speed to the ballot box and vote for Democrats, as it turns out there's something else here. It's going the other direction in all likelihood, regular Americans are gonna, run full speed to vote for Trump and Republicans why the Cavanaugh affect the Democrats and left us couldn't help but fall right into the trap that was set. Democrats were warning, do not talk about Amy Coney Berets, adopt
did children, they couldn't help themselves, they said, do not target her on her religion. People in this country are christian and there are many people who are catholic. They could not help themselves and now Amy Coney Bear is being smeared at its racist and insane and, of course, Republicans are cheering for a reduction of the Cavanaugh act, so the bad kind of already happening and Democrats. No it whether this will translate into real enthusiasm among Republicans or encourage middle of the middle of the road voters. Devote our trump is yet to be seen, walked away to the election, but aren't even know on decided voters anymore, so much how much it matters I'll. Tell you this at least if they can form a new Supreme Court justice. It will take the wind out of the sails of Democrats because they already lost the battle. But look people are fired up somewhere
port suggest, there's like five percent of the population that can be swung, left or right. So the battle rages on who will win it may turn out that nominating Amy Coney Barrett, who seems like a very lovely woman, is going to backfire on Joe Biden. Well, not really, I would say the technocrats are going to walk into the trap and end up. Hurting Biden by coming out is the smears that will backfire, because people are going to go and vote because they're sick of the insanity, so let me actually break it down for you. I have a couple stores before we get started head over to TIM cast dot com. If you'd like to support my work as many ways, you can give that a PO box, the best thing you can do share this video republicans are probably happy to hear this, but let it be a warning to Democrats if you're on the left. Now I don't
of a big marketing bite or anything like that. Just word of mouth. If you share this video of every every person to watch the shared, I would be bigger than all of these mainstream media companies overnight, and I think it's actually working because my views are doing really. Well, you guys rock. That really is the best way support the channel plus. If you think this information is important, it's probably really important for Democrats and Republicans. So please consider sharing, but don't forget to like subscribe hit the notification Bell and, let's see exactly what happened, Democrats feel boxed in on strategy for forbearance. Confirmation, fight from axioms they say. Democrats privately fear that going too hard on Judge Amy Coney bear it in her confirmation, hearings could wind up back firing. If senators are perceived as being nasty to an accomplished woman driving the news,
history after noon? Nbc posted a video of bear it outside her house and south end. Any Anna Indiana loading for of her seven children, too, of the seven adopted from Haiti and another with down's syndrome into her hand see many then then driving them all to her air force, ride to Washington, good luck, Democrats era, public untreated between the lines Ecgtheow says, Senate Democrats recognise the danger, a top democratic strategists, Two hundred and twenty three pitfalls. Liberals miss handling this by boycotting or treating her with this respect, Senator Dianne Feinstein top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee screwing it up. Looking someone looking like a religious bigot, one more fear on Barrett the adoption thing, the strategist added
boy that some liberals, tweeted slurs about adopting yesterday and we're slap down a top Senate. Democratic AIDS at the party has a three part plan for avoiding these traps: Healthcare, Healthcare, healthcare- it's not gonna work already found the traps, it's not about the democratic party. Necessarily it's about the lack of leadership and it's about the Democrats, not condemning the extremists lanes. Eighty million times the extremists on the right get booted out and shoved the side marginalized, and they say we do not want you hear the Democrats won't do it. They won't say black lives matter, they won't say Antigua and they won't call out big because they don't call these extremists on twitter. These follow along there's, nothing. They can do to avoid these traps and guess what they fell into every single one of the show you, but first three, more healthcare. They say that's the Democrats, playbook focus attacks and questioning on bare
views on health care, including affordable care act and reproductive rights, argue that she'd help take away coverage and protection during a pandemic. This is a lie and I can prove it give the spotlight to Senator Comma Harris. Stick to issues in labour rights. Democrats also feel boxed in the calendar and the realities of the Senate, Senator Sherry Chair, Linsey, Graham outlined for days of hearings, beginning October twelve, to sixteen flawed, the nomination. Twenty four of the forty two Supreme Court justices who have had hearings were done within sixteen days, Graham said, Graham talking to judge Janine, pure on Fox NEWS, said he plans to send the nomination to the full Senate by October twenty six. That means the vote will most likely be held the week before election day, perfect timing to royal up all of the moderates and Republicans and get
I'm too Gov out when this naturally go sideways and what seems to be a lovely and accomplished, and brilliant women, Amy Coney, Bert, is ridiculous, smears and attacks. The Democrats best play would be two straight up. Respect Amy Coney bear it. I do not believe that we have to do it based on their past history and want to what I am about to show you as a Democrat. I know there's little they can do to stop any of that Senate Majority leader much Mcconnell has the votes we could slow it down. Perhaps out whereas maybe days, the mouse ad Dic Durban of Illinois, the second ranking Democrat, but we can't stop the outcome. What we should do is addressed this now, respectfully one hundred percent correct it's too bad the demo basis, pressuring senators to go as far as boycotting the confirmation hearing. If they do this
they were they're gonna lose, but there won't be there there, but there won't be much of that. The top aid told me that would just speed up the hearing process and give Republicans a free platform to promote, bear without scrutiny. When Graham was asked on Fox about the possibility of Democrats, boycotting the hearing chairman, chuckled and said well, it make em quicker. Some Democrats on the committee may refuse the traditional courtesy calls with bare it. However, the more things Democrats do. They confer legitimacy The process, a leading, progressive operative, said the less patient progressives will become with them. I am, I am going to now show you what the left believes. I am I'm going to show you exactly how they walked right into the trap I was. I was deeply troubled by the, things that I see from this individual Abraham acts candy
whose slammed Barrett saying white colonizers adopted blacks to use them as props. These people are overt racists. This man wrote a book that is, for a long period of time. Out of its currently is the number one book on. I believe human rights on Amazon a top selling book on the Euro, today by sellers less which, just by hard numbers and an end, a best seller overall, on Amazon, this guy straight up says the solution to past discrimination is present discrimination, no ha ha ha ha. We got rid of that. We made it. We made an illegal in public accommodation to discriminate against people. This guy is calling for more
and his insulting and attacking a good woman calling her essentially a racist. He says these very, very offensive things only brother can read, but it was one of the traps Democrat said not to fall into. Do not talk about her adopted kids, but there's no unity. You see you ve got left wing extremists with psychotic racist ideology and they are not behold into the Democrats party, nor do they like the Democrats for the most part, but the Democrats have embraced black lives. And this ideology, and now it reflects upon them. So guess what you can have top ranking Democrats begging pleading, but you can't control this movement These weird, I was with crazy racist beliefs. Here's a me offset rights me a W W, what of the website is author, historic and Director of Boston University Centre for Anti Racist Research Ebro Ex Kennedy had something
to say on racism following Amy Coney bear its appearance of their children at the sky. This nomination event held on Saturday of OZ to temporary sex candy wrote that white people who adopt black children may be racist and thus joined Democrats I've. Just who are commenting on Judge Amy Coney Berets, adopted haitian son and daughter, candy wrote some white colonizers adopted black children they civilized these savage children in their superior ways of white people, while using them as props in their lifelong pictures of denial, while cutting biological parents of these children out of the picture of humanity he continued and whether this Spare it or not, is not the point. It is a belief too many White people have, if they have, if they have or adopt a child of color than they can't be racist. Added I'm challenging the idea that white parents or kids of color are inherently not racist and the Botz completely change. What I'm saying to white parents, white parents of kids of color are inherently racist
these will. These live and fake Botz are good at their propaganda. Let's not argue with them there is such an insane layer, their wow. He really cake that on their Botz, the people war sang. I shouldn't have said that, because its racist are all fake, they're, all Botz, it's all propaganda wow. Imagine that Amy, Coney Barrett, living up to the ideals of religion. And being smeared for adopting some kids based on their race, and then this guy calls the critics Botz like robots, like not real people. This is all part of some kind of gang stocking paranoid delusion where these people think everyone's racist, fascist, sir rywhere and everyone they talk do must be bought because there only once living in the real world. But this is exactly at this.
The kind of insanity that regular Americans are going to be like nope. I don't want to support that. Ok, and if you, if you as the Democrats, won't denounced this- and you active We provide resources to these people and they do well then you're. A part of the problem if this is the main reason why I don't want to vote for these people and Donald Trump moved to ban critical race theory, which is exactly what this is. I be honest, I think it's entirely likely that this video MIKE flagged and an end at de ranked demonetized because of what this man said, we'll have to report on. It he's a best selling author right now, one of the thought leaders of this far left movement commenting on any Coney Barrett exactly the way the Democrats warned not to do, and you know who agrees with him who agrees with Ex candy is Richard Spencer, probably the most prominent white nationalist in the world. Now Ike
say this for Richard Spencer he's overt. He has up front any as honest with his views. He's not he's not pretending. Not be racist or not. You know believe these things straight up saying now wrong. He responded to even Ex Ante sang straight up, not wrong Now, if you won't have a discussion with rigid Spencer about his particular views, you can do that. I think, there's a lot of a lot the media likes to just use buzzwords describe people. I particularly don't agree with with Spencer or even extending, but I can tell you this. I met Richard Spencer at the Orange see and I asked, what he believed to explain what his whole thing was about, and he said it- I d terrorism and he likes you. He actually said to me very similar to black lives matter, but white instead of black. It's no surprise that he would then support erects candy, and we can look at this
whether you agree with or disagree with, Spencer or candies view on these kids. You have this view from candy in many of these anti racist, where they dont view themselves as not racist, they think it's bad to be not racist, anti right, just what does that mean? We would actually means racist, but they're, talking about different outcomes. The problem with this there is such a thing as benevolent racism. They know this there's negative and there's benevolent negative racism is when you assume negative things and you treat people poorly because of their race. Benevolent races is, when you assume positive things or treat them better based on their race he's our concepts that exist Ebro Ex Candy is a right, test? He just believes in a system where he can benefit the people he likes and by creating equity, as he sees it. Its anti racist but they still use the exact same methods and they agree with us in exact same system. That's why
We saw the University of Michigan. They created like an up a white only virtual event. They call it non p, o c, but that literally just means white only and then they d panic and take it down. Now I can talk all day and night about leftist identity, terrorism, an intersection equity of which I am not a fan or Adena, terrorism as a whole and that a fan of it and what I'm glad Donald Trump is banned in critical race theory, but the next trap. The Democrats fell into religion prop my respect and Bravo to Vocs not come Veo Ex progressive site for debunking. This lie. The false link between Amy Coney bear it and the Handmaids tail explained they say on Saturday. President Trump chose Amy Coney bear this. We know where it is a device Catholic. She has written before about her belief that Catholicism should affect the judges. Jurisprudence and Democrats discussed her views widely when she was nominated, the federal bench and twenty seventeen in a moment that has begun,
infamous on the right. Senator Diane Feinstein declared that the dogma lives loudly within you during bear its hearing. A phrase some conservatives took to be an attack on Berets Catholicism Bear. It is part of a small catholic group, known as the people of praise and that's where her religious affiliations get especially touchy. Some liberals argue bear membership in this group, which teaches that husbands, the heads of families and of authority over wives, signals She will hand down religiously motivated conservative opinions, if confirmed the Supreme Court, particularly when it was to women's reproductive freedom and the rights of the queer community. Meanwhile, conservatives reply that bear is a high powered federal. Judge who is also married. So she can't be all that oppressed by her husband and that liberal critiques of the way Berets religion affect her Judas hurt. Her judicial obligations are nothing more than anti catholic prejudice at work. I gotta say it's a really
interesting point that the left is putting on pushing these means of the handmaids tail, but the means are about men, whose literally gotta be sitting on the highest court in the country of a court of nine people that will have authority over hundreds of millions of people. I do not believe she will be oppressive. Anything shall be the oppressor. I guess that's probably how they're looking at it, but it's kind of ridiculous that Amy Coney bear it Woman would be sitting those Supreme Court being like women shouldn't have rights, even though she's there with other women. I really really don't think so. Now, early on, I read in the actual article Democrats, fear she's gonna overturn all these things. That's probably not true. Why? Well it means Coney bear it believes, and I wouldn't let me just say this morning at the language correctly. They say her scholarship focuses on constitutional law, original ism, statutory interpretation, and story decisiveness. This basically means it
is a judicial principle that it means let the decision stand in all likelihood, as it has been explained to me, Amy Coney bear it will likely defer to past precedent. Not over. It. So the argument from the Democrats, such he's gonna, do all these things, probably not true, but back to the religion. Thing other kind, a bunk that this work. It's funny. They say one of the weirder ways Debate has played out since bear. It was first discussed as a potential Supreme Court nominee is the fight over whether or not people of praise this group she belongs to is also why one of the inspiration for the Handmaids tail in Margaret at woods. Nineteen eighty five to still be a novel fertile women are for to live as child bearing slaves called handmaids. The group isn't an established inspiration for the book, but the store he has developed legs anyway. The inaccurate link between the people of praise and Atwood store
perpetuated by a series of confusing coincidences and uneven fact, checking first emerged and Newsweek article and was later picked up by writers. Both articles have since been corrected, but the right was furious. Both the Washington examiner called it a smear that just won't die Fox NEWS noted. Several other outlets have mentioned, bear it and the handmaids tail in the same story to be absolutely clear, people of praise is not, an inspiration for the handmaids tail and the group is not practice slavery or any other kind of this doping practices. Atwood wrote about international but the argument over whether or not the two are connected reflects the deeply contentious atmosphere in which bear its nomination to the Supreme Court occurs and the immense symbolic wait. The handmaids tail carries an american popular culture. Stop please stop Ray in books, fiction and believing it's real life. How many times-
If we are going to another, not think it's real, but how many times have we heard there like Donald Trump is Voldemort Red another book, there's more books than Harry Potter. That's the joke! Right millennials, like the sake Donald Trump, is, is Voldemort and another Sang Ruth Better Ginsburg was our Dumbledore just stop the handmaids tail? Isn't real? It's a disturbing movie. We don't go on top of the hunger games. When cities like Ella in New York on to abolish the electoral college right because that's what it would be like big wealthy capital cities out voting in controlling the poorer middle american places, we don't scream it'll, be the hunger games if they get rid of electoral college. No, it's because these people don't know any previous. It's it's it's just not reality and K. It was fake news and these are the mistakes they made, attacking her kids and attacking her faith and lying and regular people in this country. Believe it or not, our Christian. Some of them are not you know, very, very devout or orthodox, but Sir,
are either way. This country is still majority christian and while many of you people may be passively they're, probably not going to like hearing these things, because its insulting we don't like people, have a right took two to practice. Their religion. And now we can see what the final third mistake will be. The Cavenaugh affect Republicans relish a redirect. This one has not yet occurred, but I'd be willing to bet it will and what is it well in about two or three weeks when they have hearings and they start attacking and insulting and denigrating Amy Coney bear it. It will riled people up and they will get angry, What they did to read. Cavanaugh was horrifying. Might my own you not to explain a horrifying? It was to watch this, the man merely in tears being accused of he's in saying things that could not possibly have happened like you're the first. Thank you
nation is that you set a party thirty years ago, a party, this woman didn't remember no witnesses corroborated, and they smeared em and accuse them of all this up with was yearbooks. That's insane in the guy had already been vetted. We became a federal judge anyway. They then started claiming but he was at parties where we're moving drugged and men. What line up out of doors to abuse, I'm an absolutely psychotic, not real, who would believe this stuff, but they did this made regular Americans angry now, look the tribal as laughed and the Democrats just don't care, they just hate Trump and then I'm gonna give him anything. So they they naturally when, along with it for regular people, were just like do dollar crazy. How much you wanna bet they'll following the exact same trap now to be fair: ok, these Democrats, at least the elected politicians, probably will have some kind of unity. The issue we are seeing right now is the Delay Democrat, the regular people and the left as extremists. No matter how much the Democrats might say,
please don't do this they're going to do in any way mean Joe Biden like stop riding the violence is bad and there like really go riot anyway and its helping Donald Trump, some some resistance members do. Airports for resistance have argued and if I may as Well- be wearing Trop stickers and Trump hats, because what they do when they go. And black lives matter is support trump by writing. Well, it's really simple. Actually all you need is a handful of Democrats or Joe Biden to say the extremists flying the flags of black lives matter. I condemn toe. See you sell, rewarded, that's very carefully because Joe Biden pies want to say black lives matter you know is, is extremists that price you know, may not be but you could say something like listen. There are extremely
flying black lives matter flags. These people should be condemned totally and they should be told to stop and the good people and those who support the real movement should stop them. He could even just say that he won't do it. So what you get you gonna see the cabin off. Maybe you're gonna see them attack and but little and smear this woman. Think it'll be nearly as bad as what they did to breath. Cavanaugh, because that was wow. What it's already going there calling her a colonizers implying she's racist for adopting these kids. All camps are expected in self. Abrams says what I'm industry is just because she adopted gets doesn't mean she's, not racist, that still kind of messed up to say dude. She seems like a fine human being Ruth Better Ginsburg was a fine human being In fact, I look to all the Supreme Court justices, their regular Americans, I mean there's nine of I'm so there there. You know in a privileged and honoured position that I
and but what I see someone you know like like the late, Scalia or or Kennedy or Roberts these other, these. These other judges Ginsburg their opinions like I know people come to feel that way. I know people who feel like you know cabin. I know, people who feel like Gore, second up people, village, Roberts and people who feel like Coney Barrett, because these people live in this country. So It's not even so much about. Are they liberal the conservative, it's who do they represent and to represent us, and Coney Blair represents a lot of Americans, Christians and the small. Or amount, but yet still Catholics so sure fine have run the court is she's going to defy the constitution doesn't seem like it seems like shall be, a brilliant justice and she worked Scully S. Can servers are naturally very happy about this. I think the left needs to stop having panic attacks and temper tantrums every time they face some little itty bitty setback, because, for the most part this country has kept skewing towards the left figure
a weird. That is that the left has been gaining an and making making gains and winning on on somebody their issues endlessly and they're. Just crying- and Greening the whole time, what, whenever there's a bump on the road shell dude? Look it's possible that with any Coney bear it, they do overturn pass decision I dont think that would be the case based on what they you know what they say about any kind of aunt Connie bear its focus on story, decisiveness, model lawyer. Maybe I'm wrong about that. Maybe this we're conservatives come in and I guess overturn everything I just don't see that being the case, that would be extreme there's precedent is there are there are set standards in these rulings and I think, his justices are intelligent and rational people, and they recognise that some things might age they may say. Well, that's unconstitutional. So So maybe maybe- but you know what all I can say- is this as I stated a moment ago, when I see any Coney bear it. I just see an American and I'm
and might disagree with her her religious views. I definitely disagree with the religious views for sure, but I want her to live in peace and I respect her for accomplishments, and so so they're gonna end up making a cry about it. The same is true for with better Ginsburg talk about a trend set her one slash, eight someone who shattered the glass ceiling. I mean amazing woman. Strong to you can't deny it. You can disagree with the things she voted out of the way, the things you believe, but don't don't tell me that as she battled cancer over and over again- and she fought through it- don't tell me she was not strong. She became a Supreme Court justice stronger than most Americans. My respect, but even if I disagree with both of them, I recognise them, chickens, and so all that really comes down to is vote, vote vote, go out and vote. Stop complaining, stop pretending to be.
Green these young people going on Twitter and Facebook being like go trump you're here, whacker, whatever they don't go vote you see that cringe Tik Tok, where it's like this this, this young girl and guide, the like hey trunk, you're so dollars out wrapping, unlike do go, vote you're, not helping though you lost in twenty. Sixteen ok, the Senate majority are strengthened and twenty eighty go and vote, but this is true for conservatives don't get complacent. You may be winning now go and vote. That's all that matters. Stop smearing people stop insulting them. You disagree go vote. Not that simple will see how things play out MA. I wish the best for any Coney bear it s actually like a lovely human being, an admirable and respectable and intelligent human being as well, and I she. I hope she serves this country and the court well and my respect. My absolute respect and admiration to the worth better Ginsberg and respect to her family because I believe she did serve this country for a long period of time. Can't we just be like
regular people, recognising that in this country there are some people believe some things and some people who believe other things are we going to argue about it? I can still respect the service. I can criticized the decisions. I can criticise, John Mccain from million and one reasons man what that guy. But I am not going to drag him in death. I understand he was trying to say, this country. I get it whatever. I'm a centrist, I'll leave it there here comes all that. All the other hate from everyone say you're wrong B. I got so many deaths when I was like my respected John Mccain. You know for a service, as was I disagree with them like us, everybody that guy, but I'm just trying to be civil. I dont want people to get angry at each other. I want them to just take it to the ballot box. Have that vote how we move forward in this country I'll leave it there. Next time it's coming up at six p dot m over at Youtube, dot, com, Timcast news: it is a different channel and I will see you all yesterday. We saw the proud boys rally in Portland, and this is the event that I had been warning. About, and I have some good news, my my concern for them.
What was that anti vote show up? They fight each other, people would get hurt and things could potentially escalate, but the actual terrifying moment where a black lives matter organizer was it was arrested on attempted murder. Charges actually happen in California, didn't have been important, in fact, the most of what I can see in Portland as you had some arguments, but the police kept everybody separated from by a decent ways away there some instances where some journalists got hassled by some right wing groups. There are ministers where journals got hassled by anti left wing groups seem like Portland, for the most part was not that big, YO, so I gotta say it seems like the proud boys took a victory on that. One I had been running for some time that it was going to be. It was gonna, ask the violence and then the meat,
I was going to say all the right. All they're gonna blame everything on the right, even though they ignore a hundred plus days of anti fa, all that writing and violence from Anti one black lives matter and, of course, the proud boys one this one from a pr standpoint. You see there What was the point of the hypocrisy as soon as they announced they were coming state of emergency. They announced that can use tear gas again. Why the proud boys, but they two hundred plus night of Knights of raw, it and it still going on. Now and get this in Seattle, where antifraud blacklist writers around smashing everything up? There's video going viral. If these people like doing dough What's in the street cars, there's no cops cops are preoccupied and there's a really scary store of its related, but it from allay where someone broke into a police station and tried to kill a cop. So I dont that that one doesn't sound like its political, What can something? What's going on in California? We start would have what's happening now. A lot of people are shocked by this and their share
so all stress that point. We don't know the motivation was as eyes normally say unless we have evidence. But this is a really. Every story, a black lives, organize our ploughed her car into a crowd of Trop supporters in California, injuring too for. She was arrested and charged with attempted murder. Now I can already hear the people screaming TIM. Why don't you? her talk about when these, when these right wingers crashed aircars, ok, well, I do, but the problem is most of what we see when it comes to a left wing, writer or protester. Getting you know, hit by a car. All of these stories have been well look for work You got to beer, the people dancing on the highway in our without that was in Seattle, dancing on the highway at night and some do when on the high we wouldn't both do, but the police shouldn't. Let people dance on the highway. How stupid do you have to be and then
who people got hit and was shocking and it was sad and was tragic and I wish they didn't get hurt. But these things happen. The guy driving a car was not politically motivated. Then you're. These other stories, like in Hollywood, where the car slowly moved through the crowd they chase after an attack the vehicle not politically motivated. These people are not Just regular people like I have no idea. What's going on dude bumbling down the highway is all of a sudden, a roadblock anything won't swerves. There's people dancing in the street and, of course they try to play this game. We're like you with the light, the premise that it wasn't a regular people. This story attempted murder, black lives matter, organizer ploughed her car to up into a group of Trump supporters in California, injury, to one guy. You can see as is ankle, is visibly broken dangling and they were standing in a parking lot. They weren't stay in the street now listen, you got all these trumps. Order surrounding a vehicle. I dont know exactly. Why sought
can't races, airily, you know, criticise any intend to get on with their intent was. Comes to the writers. We know what they're intend as we watch them. Swarm vehicles are banging on them, and this is You see a choppy video where the vehicle just plows through people in a parking lot and then pulls out industry, get that the individual gets arrested immediately, not transport where's the chase over the vehicle and someone smashed out the window, and they should not have done that. You know I get it. It's like a mob mentality thing, but listen
they're gonna show that video say they were being attacked. She was being attacked. You see this is that the way they cheat or regular person is driving on the street and eight this are attacking the vehicle in Provo. You talk, I get shot and they represent rises. I see look, it's a right wing tactic. That's with daily, be said, right wing tactic. All is it black lives matter, organizer uses right wing tactic, so ridiculous, so don't give them the propaganda they want. Now. I dont know why she dropped white. Why there were around in the parking lot. They may have just been an apart parking lot. Cheering I don't know I will, they are people, don't swarm cars even in a parking lot. The story from the daily mail, a black lives matter, organizer, has been arrested for video, shows, are driving a car into a crowd of Trump supporters in southern caliph injuring to driver Tatiana Turner. Forty of long beach was arrested and charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon following the into on Saturday in the city of your butt,
Linda about thirty miles, South EAST of downtown allay the gas unfolded, is about two hundred and fifty people gathered some with a group called caravan for justice supporting black lives and others to stage a nearby counter protest. Supporting President Donald Trump Federal Records show that turn her father trademark application for caravan for Justice in July, and I go fuck me campaign name, sir. As the group's founder police confirm that Turner is believed to be a member of the caravan for justice. While sounds like she started it. It was around three p M police say when a car in the parking lot the your Belinda Public Library at one, eight one, eight one impure highway accelerated into the road and struck at least, to individuals we, this video. After the fact they are there, they chased out of you, call someone through something into the back. You can see some people on the ground, here's the ears of the video, forgetting arrest. You can see someone smashed or windshield and smashed up the back window. I do not believe that happened until after
she had already run through people say federal could show that she is a requirement for justice. Oh my god, I want start screaming on video as the white niece, An versa accelerates into the crowd. Knocking the demonstrators, pavement and speeding away furious crowd. Members chased the car hitting it with flagpoles, both in seconds police intervened, taking the female driver into custody, the two injured, p. A man and a woman were taken to a hospital with non life threatening injuries said carry Braun spokesmen for Orange County Sheriff Department. Ok, so I'll tell you this, this is horrifying, ok, but the alternative. What I was worried about Bi, regional, relic, relatively unkind of relieved, when it's also kind of messed up that I will we sought. So here's what I'm saying I was really worry that in Portland it was gonna, be I mean people were to be dead. Let me show you what they're saying in Portland check this out rest in peace J. This city
He kills fascists and proud boys and a single and hammer there are people celebrating the execution of our trump supporter, celebrating it, and so, when you see things like that- and you know what these people want to do and what their happy with. I was really really worried and I feel like we got off light with a car injury. A couple people with non life threatening injuries, but we shouldn't think that way. We should not let the extremism be normalized, this is shocking and insane we're not talking about a right. A person driving on the street and countering giant mob and then being attacked by that mob and fleeing or driving through the mob. We're talking about Trump supporters and a parking lot and a black lives matter, organizer ploughing through them attempted murder. Charges that to me is scary. But the scary part about it is that we are. We are entering normalization territory. I mean this is not
then, like a leading story, this should be huge, our neighbour you. May remember: we have with NPR they show this image of a car hitting a black lives matter rider and then it said, like increasing tactic where people you know our ploughing into protesters and the issue, some kind of correction or whenever, because the image they picked actually depicted, woman who was physically assaulted by these people and then panicked and tried fleeing once again. Black lives matter are the aggressors, they're, the ones attacking the regular people in their cars they're, the ones who are targeted, chums important onawandah over. Oh, I know what happened and Charles, but I think we all remember that it happened and that guy deserves no excuses. But that's not what's happening right now,
so they call a right wing technical things, hilarious. They gonna say the incident occurred as members of the black lots of black lives matter demonstrated against police brutality. This year we get it there not, but they're, not protesting police brutality. Man spare me, I don't want to hear these excuses. I dont know what they're protesting, but there are certainly not protesting whatever they claim to be. As a counter protesters crossed us. The six lane imperial highway and confronted the blacklist protesters Authority said the protesters also confronted each other in the parking lot of the Belinda Public Library, no excuses for anyone, none if black lives, better is holding their rally and about a trump supporters want to walk over there. You started it, that's what anti fraud does instigate the violence and instigate the fight, don't give them that because they are the ones who are typically starting. The fights gonna tell you this, I don't care. Who is doing it. You can have your rally, but if you want to go and confront people
and then a fight breaks out, don't be surprised. What happens next as no excuse you, someone ramming their car, throw group of transport in a parking lot. However, they gonna say a white Sudan, went through the crowd in the parking lot or the exit of the parking lot worse. It we're what a white sedan came when copy editor guys people chased. The car as it try to drive away and was eventually stopped and was surrounded by police. The register reported is, it was not known how fast the car was going to back, Winchell had been broken out and then at a flagpole setting out of it the front when she was smashed. The register reported I'm not all about this, I'm not a. We got it. We have as an official statement. I got a red from Elsie Sheriff, I'm not I'm, not. I'm not gonna. Give anybody defend. Anybody who wants to go and engage in a conflict and dont go smashing up windows,
again blacklist matter, organizer seems to be the aggressor as far as I can tell from the evidence. Maybe it's not the case, but don't hit. People with your car and a political conflict are right and if you ve got regular people in a parking lot, let them Lee so I don't know why these people are surrounding this vehicle, but to be fair, Ya'Ll should leave, however, like I said they were in a parking lot target doctor what happened? I'm China, I'm trying to make sure I have all the facts right, but another left is gonna, start saying that they pay this dirty game where there are like. Why won't You criticise, you know the other side and psych, while they were in a parking lot at a library. It's it's not regular people and you guys are choosing to engage in this political conflict. You should I mean, like a black lives matter, whose is to bring their car over there or there's an active political conflict, and they choose to drive through people that is part of their active. Active political conflict when a regular person has no idea. What's going on two different story: So the policy sheriff says protesters in Europe,
no resulted in to arrest and injuries to multiple people and a vehicle driving into a crowd strike in causing major injury to people. The driver arrested for attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. The report that the release says protests today, resulted in two and injuries to multiple individuals on September. Seventeenth, your. County Sheriff departed, became aware of a protest planned in the city of Europe, Linda for today, at two p m by a group called caravan for justice shortly after a counter protesters plan. For the same time, deputies were present at the beginning of the protests to protect the constitutional rights of all individuals and to protect the life. Property just after the beginning of the protest, it is estimated that approximately one hundred and fifty individuals total approximately thirty, three minutes after the protests begin, we began to sink. Receive. Reports of physical altercations occur occurring between the two protest groups,
including at least one individual, who was pepper, spread by another protesters. At that time, the crab grew to approximately two hundred and fifty protesters due to the physical altercations and reports of individuals within the crowd. Having weapons and unlawful assembly was declared and dispersal order was issued, one man, and Jason men Crusoe forty six of Anaheim was arrested for failure to obey dispersal order and approximately three p m after several dispersal orders a vehicle. The parking lot of your Belinda Public Library struck at least to individuals. The driver, I believe, to be part of caravan for justice can too to leave the parking lot, I was detained a short distance away from the incident. The two people struck, a man and a woman believed to be at the protests. Were transported to a nearby hospital with major injuries, but are expected to survive the driver to Tatyana Turner. Forty of long Beach was arrested, she'll be booked into the Orange County jail for attempted, and has sought with a deadly weapon and then in and the investigation is ongoing. The Orange County Sheriff Department, Mutual aid and mutual agencies across Orange County responded in me,
ITALY to assist we'd like to thank the outside agencies, who responded by four four thirty beyond the credit despair, and all road to the city where reopen. Now I want to show you this proof from the Saddle police department protesters have found their way through the city causing death. Midge along. The way group is now at Broadway and pine, avoid the area of possible people in the group have now set fire at eleven and pine dispersal order has been issued to the crowd at eleven street pine due to public safety concerns crowd as also begun, throwing bottles. I think you get it we're facing ongoing riots, they don't seem to be stopping and it tends to be the left that are the aggressors, but this paves the way for something else entirely whatever this is coal Miller Is a journalist with Como NEWS reporting just another Saturday night outside the space needle the silver
The eight is loud there, but it was a hundred and fifty people now out of their cars, watching people took over an intersection and began just peeling out and doing doughnuts in their cars. He says the dude have fresh titles, he's absolutely slaying them, while throwing flame from his exhaust, the crowd cheered loudly once he finally stopped a few near misses between the Mustang and shabby truck just now, given that police are tied up with protestors, I'm guessing. This is a low priority no sign of cops over the course of the last half hour. Normally, we do our lives shots from the balcony, not tonight it's been closed when our, since this kicked off a new,
we're Camaro it now getting it on the action uptake Ergo, the driver of the Red Mustang just hit multiple people, and at least one car it's back. Bumper is hanging off. People are now jumping on another car, while here's the moment the Mustang hit those people like I catch on you too, you know people complain there like tumult, pulled the twitter. Whenever plays a view, I can't you too will delete it. So at least you can see something right have apologies man, it's been a little over an hour, now no cops in sight. So for now, there's close there's a dose of nineties german engineering? Another person was just at this time. The driver of the red comparing this is crazy. This is what's happening in this rates of Seattle. This is lawlessness. You see The rioters and the protesters are basically stripping Risa that this is what you get when you define police. Forgive me forget: me for being a liberal and not a staunch libertarian
or far leftist who wants to defend the police. You know I talk to conservatives, they say not. We need cop shot, a writ right writ regular liberals. Yemeni cops libertarians are not so much. The left is defined the police while they want power for sorry man. Look it what's going on. This is what you get when the rioters take over your city. It's not it's not even about yet. We focus on too much. We focused too much on the fact there going around smashing thing The real issue is at their straining police resources and then these people are allowed to basically do whatever they want their own can stop them. There's no cops in sight. Nobody cares and now people are being hit. And that's the real issue: you know that stories. We got the story from off from allow me to come back to this one and see what happened but you're sort from allay an officer was pistol, whipped and and shot at gotta raise one. I guess, because someone broke into the police department, not
now this has anything to do with anything. People are sharing at their shocked bite. It is shocking. It could be part of this anti cop sentiment that define the pole. He's narratives going far and wide. I'm sure it contributes. People are really met at cops. We don't know for sure, and I don't over that if it has anything to do with a police resources being strange, but I can say you know when you see things This in Seattle, you have to just assume gay, but it may not be correct, but you assume, if this is, if he's right having across the country than police resources are being consumed. So when you hear about this increase, the increase in shootings and violence. That's taking place big cities like New York and Minneapolis. Could it be that you won't stop rioting, so police are dealing with that instead of dealing with all of the other crime are put it. This way, rioting is a.
Crime. I when people go on riot every single day, that is a massive and dramatic escalation of the crime. The police have to be dealing with on a daily basis. You then defend the police so there's lots of them unless resources to actually deal with this and then cried in general is just way up. Petty crime, larceny things like that may be down short of what we are seeing is that this crime to me is on or with the riots. It is essentially the same thing: it's just reckless endangerment, wanton destruction spinning around hitting people crashing their cars and the people you're on smashing things are doing it for any real reason either so he's called
a second after that person was hit. Another committee under the ring in the midst of the donut spinning the driver popped at least one rear tire. This is crazy. Here we go and here comes sandal pitied. The white Camaro has a flat someone bought at a jack to swap the wheel out, and now a white truck is doing doughnuts. What an evening it's been pit crew working to change that tire tandem, doughnuts, continue police, blaring, sirens, they're, not able to get anywhere remotely close the action, because there are cars literally park down broad all the way to Dennys is crazy. Look at this here's the click of a second spectator collision. I can't show it Let us now begins in the very slow moving very congested, very rare, heavy caravan out here. I sincerely hope that no one was seriously hurt. Thanks are following along is as and when I shouldn't have to say it. I will. This was not related to any protests happening in Seattle. These sideshows going. Go down once or twice a month, at least during
the summer months, sure and light. He said earlier on, the police are occupied with the riots and the protesters which we can see going around smashing things up last night you take this and, as a natural conclusion, I think. A lot of these people want to say on. Oh it's not the protests, ok, listen, there's a funded amount of cops is funded out of time and cars, and so do so surprised me the police, weren't able to come down and shut the door It I've seen videos like this before, so I'm not going pen like it's a new thing, but when the riots happen when the clashes happen when people are ramming cars and the people there. Get police resources combined with defined the police, and it's just general lawlessness. I'm not a fan. I like things to be chill about you. What last night seeing what happened with a proud boys and no dramatic escalation since the shooting
Actually, I'm feeling a bit more hopeful that things won't be too crazy moving forward, especially with the election, because there was every opportunity for these groups to go insane and they didn't and and Good. Now, look I get. I don't expect the proud boys do, because there there that there is a hierarchy, innocence and their tactical right. If the proud boys give, you know, give instructions to all their members, don't do this, don't do that. They won't Some might some right wing groups. You know individual. My show up someone along with them in an active for Anti five, no control there just when you smashing things. So the boys are aware of this, and they they try to make sure to de escalate things. It was we'll incident immediately when I was in Boston was two: there was bat and clubs there was a right wing groups. A right wing groups. Have you know given given the best.
As to journalists or lives dreamers, and then you'll see Enrique Taddeo. The chairman of the proud boys telling him to knock it off, and then people chill immediately. When I was in Boston, there was two factions. There was anti far with bats and clubs there was a right wing groups we shields and the three percent two out there were holding back the right wing group in that some special, the left wing group armed with clubs. That's we're just standing there, agent for a fight, and some of them walked over and the three percent are kept the right wing groups back. Why? Because They want to make sure they're following the rules and not starting the fights, and even with that you I don't care what you what their ideology sure fine they're, not starting the fight for the most part, it looks I can you about your Belinda they actually crossed over to confront the protesters that makes me livid. I can't stand it with that. One
if it does it, and I don't wanna hear than anybody else is doing it either because of a few. The exact same way you cross over and you start to fight, don't expect and people are fighting back as an anti fraud does. But that's why it's important you dont have reckless random groups. That's why it's important that there is some kind of authority, and I think I may be an ETA authoritarian, but I still understand the basics of authority and it can be simple example right ever they exploit explained with within we guitar in Prague voice how he might be YO guys chill. Don't do that will say: ok, because they respect afford and loyalty big and walk away wherever they want. They can do whatever they want. They just respect him when he says don't do this anti but doesn't do have for anybody. There respect any authority.
So they destroy things in it makes them look bad or because they are bad, because there's no way to control what they're doing- and therein lies the problem. We shouldn't have any clashes in the street, but what was on one side? You have trump supporters waving little american flags and, for the most part, a tendency to be under control and on the left, for the most part, a tendency to be out of control and that's why it's very easy, and is it too much talk about the right wing extremist? I would when you see him at I've, had several videos on the arrest of these white we're right wing extremists, aren't, you might say right wing. So that you mean laissez faire capitalist traditionalist, I don't know but rate supremacist and whenever I e the guy's getting arrested in the military and several videos on these guys. It's just a problem for the left and that their once committing the violence almost all of the time. Well, there you go. I hope these people got hit are ok, we'll see what happens in this woman. I ll leave it there. Next segments coming up at one. Yeah, I'm on this channel thanks so much for hang out, and I will see you all then, for a brief period, the riots in Portland STAR
and no one really knew why some speculated that anti far was going around setting wild fires. A wildly unsubstantiated claim, though do know there were arsonists. We do know that one of the guys who got arrested was a black lives matter activist. There's no evidence and anti volor blacklist matter was going round in doing so. Why did they start? Well? I speculate, That is because Oregon State police have been brought in we're deputized by the feds. So if they arrested someone that person wouldn't be charge at the state level federal power, Securus would come in. We then saw this outcry. This was called the Portland General Defence Committee or something said that the FBI is going to people's homes and they're getting charged with things that are similar to their state charges. Well, the rights came back interesting Lee, though, when the rights reemerged, they went to an ice facility.
Quickly got crushed. You see the feds are playing around and the feds are operating under Bill BAR and Donald Trump right now, Portland Police are being deputized as, U S marshals, which means those writers running around in Portland, who are now trying to avoid federal facilities and adjust smashing up local businesses will be facing the same prospect. Might Schmidt, I think, is I am as the DNA in Portland. He doesn't want to charge people does well. You know, I don't have that Israel, let him go in and they go out right again and again and it doesn't stop. So I don't know exactly why they stopped when those fires were happening. It is kind of strange, but before that we had Oregon state police coming in and making these arrests. When the rights came back into the federal facility, snatched up federal, Chow just riders, then went local now the local cops or get that deputy position, and I suspect these people are going to be running scared, but we can
the wait and see we have the story earlier. I had to focus on the breaking news of that woman who crashed into the Trump supporters. I give it seriously injuring some transporters. Another not in critical if anything, they're gonna survive it like broken bones. I think we're seeing the story from the Daily Mail Nypd clash with black lives matter, protest standing among diners in Manhattan as sea. Old descends into chaos and Portland erupts on the fourth night of Brianna Taylor, unrest across the: U S oak, Come on Brianna Taylor, unrest, the unrest never stopped gay with a brief low in Portland, but that doesn't mean all of the right just seized. It was still ongoing in many other places, some other people's some people are speculating the reason the Portland Right were slowing down is because these loans we're going to other places like they're, going to be in DC and seventeen, that old thing got cancelled and guess what they were supposed
Do the siege on the White House, the white I see driver got cancelled. Why they straight up said because of trump they were scared of Trump. So I tell you, as we enter this election, who am I going to be voting for the riots? don't seem to be stopping well. The only evidence I have that's. The only thing I can see is that Trump and Europe organs, are willing to shut them down and Democrats are not. The only reason we ever see anything happen to these people is because the feds move in, and so these people decided not to go to Washington DC for their fifty days of unrest. Good. Guess I mean look if you and engage in non violent protests. That's fine, and then we had add buster is the organisation that was those rallying for this change from the wider siege to what would it, what do they call it? The nonviolent in propositional jazz because they realized what it meant. If you're going to see
it beseech the White House. I think there were scared, a federal charges, but we ve got more news as well. Governor Rhonda Santas has just rolled out a new bill that has a ton of very serious chow, just for people who engage in this kind of behaviour, and I don't agree with a lot of it actually think I disagree with most of it, and so will go through that breakdown. What we have here in this segment, that the coming penalties and the way we stop these extremists, because I want to show you something else too. From New York Times you see, there was a guy during the Louisville protest for granted sailor who started shooting wildly and he shot two cops he got charged with want in India. German, that's it for shooting wildly. He could have killed people. Well, that's it does, and it wasn't trying to we'll just firing a gun randomly at tops
during a protest against cops. I I think I can see this guy's intent. The reason I bring this up is because the off one of the officers, the only charge and the brand Taylor case against one of the officers had to do with want and endangerment because he was firing wildly into the into the building and he hit the neighbor's house nearly hitting somebody they freaked out over that inside. It's not enough. The charges are due week, he's only being charged for the for the shots he missed. They said yet this guy who went out- and this was worse waving a gun shooting at wildly hitting two cops wanted endangerment. Man to me. That's that's incredible. Our I want to highlight something here in the store for daily mail and I'm not gonna get into two into the on this story, Nypd clash with black lives, better, test our standing among diners in Manhattan? Sad events descends into chaos and portly robs the reason. Why is did how many times do you need
to come and say we got it. Riots happened, cops came in people start, fighting cops got arrested, and this is another story where black lives matter protestors currently standing among diners, I guess they're trying to play it safe, and that means whether they are actually harassing the diners maybe maybe they were standing there in talking to them, and you know it is not at the point where you called harassment or anything, but the cops moved in this keeps happening. Ok, it keeps happening and something needs be done about it. Multiple arrests made in downtown Portland Unlawful Assembly, this what I was basically saying before, when they went to the ice facility, like our rounded up quick when they go out and protest just at the local level, they get release Now we have something well, We have a solution. Portland police deputized is federal officers ahead of protests. This is from Cavy, a L Eugene Oregon. They say members of the port and police bureaus rapid response. Team were deputies,
just federal marshals on Saturday morning, ahead of a planned rally by the proud boy group and expected counter protest. Interestingly, this happened before the proud boys even showed up quote. I want violet individuals thinking about the enhanced penalties they may face if they harm a pause, when Police Bureau officer and it likely not going to come from any the problems- are right. Wingers deputizing the police Messrs will allow federal prosecutors to charge allegations of assault on a federal officer to anyone who attacks a deputized, Portland Police Bureau officer, state police said Poland officers, have been serving on the front lines of nightly protest for months sustaining injuries. And encountering unspeakable. Violence have been said if send them in harm's way this weekend and my authority I'm going to ensure they have all the reductions, protections and authority. Given us be trooper seat. Organ state police have already been deputized. Well, it's only fair that the local cops get better. Well, I will say I could be
alarming- to hear this, and the reason is we're gonna, give more power to the federal government. We're gonna make more laws in that can be kind of a bad thing. If it's already illegal, we just need a d to do their job. If the problem is that the d, a what to do their job and the cops are doing their job. Then we need to move in maybe billboard the oh dear something and get rid of this day, who is not enforcing the law shore that this may be the only solution, a monastery A fan of seeing the federal government gain more power and authority, but I will say a very clear her way to deal with this they posted to Facebook. At a m this morning, members of Portland Police Bill, rapid response team were deputies, this federal marshals. This will allow federal prosecutors to charge allegations of assault on a federal officer to anyone who attacks a deputized port Laplace beer officer. We then see the cloak as they, along with the organ state police, were also sworn as federal officers,
it will enable any persons who commit violent acts towards our law enforcement officers to be charged federally. The organs state police in Portland Police will continue to make arrests they charges those cases and that are then reviewed by the? U S, attorney's office and federal prosecutors will determine if any cases warrant federal charges. I want violent individuals thinking about the enhanced penalties they may face if they harm a Portland Police Bureau officer, it's not even about what that the penalties. They face or enhanced penalties. It's about the fact that no one's getting any penalties they're just being allowed to ramp around and do whatever they want for a hundred plus days. At a certain point, it has to stop at an end right and if this is the only way to do it, then so be it now, Governor Rhonda Sand over in Florida has is, as his own solution governor to Santas unveils new bill to crack.
Out on riots. Penalised cities for defending police disincentives bill is a priori before the twenty twenty legislative season I dont know if I agree with the stuff, but you must listen the challenges that we are between a rock and a hard place, where violent criminals are going around doing whatever they want with impunity met you you, ve, got a major corporate, since mainstream media supporting these people. How do we deal with it? You ve got district attorney's that were funded by George Soros. That's a fact reported by the New York Times are not charging these people and their letting them, though, then they go out and commit more crimes. So, what's what what's the NGO here they're? Just it's more extremism
was that the point of view of bringing on these dossiers who won't prosecute people, look man, I'm all about criminal justice reform, but this ain't it it's not the way we're gonna get it done. These people are violent criminals that these are the ones you want to be in jail, the ones you don't want, Joe, the ones who are sitting on a street corner smoking a blunt or like Heaven of forty we want. We want criminal justice reform in reference to Non VI violent offences, but they ve done the inverse. Now we still have people going to present going to jail because of some nonviolent drug offences. I purse They don't care about so long as like not selling it two kids or something I mean. There's some restrictions right and we have the violent criminals romping around and going free. This is its backwards. They're not doing what the supposed to be doing. I will say There was a story about Kim Fox in Chicago she's, the lady who let Jesse's Mallette GO and she's been the o at a much lower rate. She's been prosecuted, much lower rate than a predecessor, a large portion of that was nonviolent drug offence
I'm actually ok with that actually kind of like that. So up with respect, I'm glad that's happening, but you cannot take that and say that's good enough now will at all these other people know no stop slow down. You can do it right, you can say this guy. What was he doing? He was he had pot or something I don't care about. This guy was thrown bricks. It cops that guy should be arrested and you should be in jail when convicted, go to jail them your face trial, but check out this law. I want to show you this up this. This new law thus proposed Miranda. Santos they say in Winter Haven, alongside several law enforcement leaders around the state, the House, Baker and the Senate. President descent us said the bill aims to crack down on riots and anti for types. We have zero tolerance for violence, zero talents for disorder and zero tolerance for looting descendants at the centre set, and I- and I agree with that in terms of zero tonnes under the bill called the combatting violence disorder and looting and law enforcement Protection ACT. It'd be a third degree
felony when seven or more people are in an assembly and cause damage to property or property or injury. You know I don't necessarily even disagree with My question is, though, if it's already illegal, why do you need more laws right? I do the concern that we just keep stacking laws on top of laws and our where does it and where does it if its illegal just prosecute these people? But I guess the goal here as if you ve got a group of seven people on one person throws break your rest. The seven people it is emptying penalty applies to anyone who is obstructing traffic. Unlimited protest that I disagree with the bill states that any driver who it's a person who is obstructing traffic during a disorderly assembly will not be lost. Well for injury or death, if fleeing from the safety of em up that, I definitely agree with call calling it the boldest and most comprehensive piece of legislation like this.
Country to Santa said. There will also be enhanced penalties for people who throw objects or assault law enforcement officers during assemblies. I agree with this ok, You are involved in a violent or disorderly assembly and you harm somebody. If you throw a brick and had a police officer you're going to jail, you wanna talk about Demilitarize in the police. It simple people need to stop throwing bricks and shooting at them. We we asked cops to do this job, because population densities expanding its becoming harder and harder for. To recognise our own neighbours, and that is a serious series challenge. I don't know answers. I can't tell you: maybe people should stop living in big cities. I dont novel you need to us or how you get through it, but allow these countries that don't ever problem like China. Will there authoritarian you know they will drag you out of your moments and you too, like work camp for for a lot of crazy reasons like having the wrong beliefs. We don't do that. The Eu S we believe in individual freedom and em
It is particularly difficult and people have a right to peaceably assemble. You now have a massive group of people that are saying more just peacefully protesting, so the cops come out to make sure that they stay peaceful and that's fine, and then we have these stories from the New York Times about a dude shooting two cops and what does it gets? charged with want and endangerment nah, nah nah nah, if you're out at a protest. Okay, if Europe were well I'll, tell you this at least there under charging him go so private convicted. You overcharge people get were released if you're to protest. Specifically calling out cops and saying a c a b, and these are firing wildly at them and you hit two but I'm gonna say attempted murder, but you know what they're not doing it. I guess I'll. Take it probably better than the under charge. In that case benevolent, let me show you the sawdust pdf combating v.
I once disorder and looting and law enforcement law Enforcement Protection ACT, new criminal offences to combat riding looting and violence, put prohibition and violent or disorderly assembly assemblies third degree, olenin when several more persons are involved in an assembly and cause damage to property or injury turn to other persons. Well, you know I don't know if we need more laws for this, because we go around smashing up things already illegal, but now they could probably get the accomplices, prohibition and obstructing roadways third degree felony to obstruct traffic during unprompted protest, demonstration or violent or disorderly assembly driver is not liable for injury or death caused. If fleeing for safety from a mob. I get it. I do but listen. Nonviolent. Civil disobedience is a good thing. It is the boundary by which, like where we find it acceptable. Okay, if you make peaceful,
Lucian impossible. You make violent revolution inevitable and I don't even have found on I'm not saying that the literal sense, like revolution, undersigned general reform. If people feel that they have no outlet for reaches of grievances to even pressure the system in any way things get bad now get more violent if a bunch hippies want to link arms and sing a song in the middle of a road, I think that is acceptable. I think they should be arrested for obstructing roadway, but not a third ray felony when we see nonviolence over disobedience, we accept its crossing the line and those people get arrested, and then they taken away and the road is cleared. I understand is a big problem here, though, for one We are seeing waves of people blocking street and then beating on cars. That's why I'm here The second part drivers not liable if they flee, I get it. I do. But now we're seeing with population density is very
easy with social media, to rally a group of lunatics to block roadways and that's trading serious problems. I dont believe a third degree. Felony is appropriate a felony charge, a serious study, you that committed a felony can't order weapon anymore. You can't you in- and I think that most, but you can't vote you can't leave the country to many other places like as a serious thing to say because some happy to be protest or want to sing a song in the street. So I think important thing here is keeping things proportional. Maybe it just needs to say no class a misdemeanor. I don't know how they are they how they judge in Florida. I know it like Illinois, build class, a misdemeanor which can be up to twenty five hundred dollar. Fine, all right man You want to engage in this. That's that more than a year in jail into misdemeanor, so you know you'll get that felony charge on your life, so I just three by much, I'm nothing at all the answers just that. I think we, but we gotta be careful about this. Prohibition on destroying or toppling monument secondary, felony totally agree with absolutely prohibition on harassment,
public accommodations, first degree, misdemeanor, full participant in a violent or disorder assembly to harass or intended a person at a public accommodation, totally agree. Rico liability attached to anyone who organise is or funds a violent or disorderly assembly, one hundred percent one hundred percent. These people know what they're doing their putting money, in it they're bringing you halls with shields and have flags waiting a flag up a beat you at the pole. Yes, and I don't care if your left or right Increased penalties, a mandatory minimum jail sentence for striking law enforcement officers included the projectile mandatory minimums are wrong. In my opinion, I think it's already illegal to hit a cop will arrest them in charge him for that. But I do not like mandatory minimums at all. I think it's terrible
idea a fence, enhancements orphans and sends enhancements for one throwing an object of violent or disorderly assembly, the structures, civilian, our law enforcement officer, assault battery of a law in force in office during a violent or disorderly assembly and three participation in a violent or disorderly assembly by an individual from another step from other state. All right, I can get that. Listen, I dont, like mandatory minimums at all. I think the judge is the judge for the reason I fought for a reason and the judge gonna look through the details and back. Ok, I understand there trying to Boyd though the trying to avoid lefty activists, judges being like. Well, you only through one break up at a slap on the rest. Now going to be like no six months, I dont like mandatory minimums men, I dont I think, it's very important, that our legal system understands individuality right that there there stories. I I remember on, I briefly took a criminal justice. Worse when I was like eighteen like for a month. We learned,
we want a story about this. Kid was an. He was like music, nineteen in alcohol problem and he new that is next door. Neighbours were out of town, they were asked to watch the house, they had the bad keys. The kid did not have keys so the kid when the house and he opened the door. He went to the fredericks into they had beer. He said all the beer and the police were doing that. We are passing by knowing this families tongues. Smaller towns saw the light when it went around. The back. You know saw the kid and their arrested him because he opened the beer it was. I believe it was a burglary which is a mandatory minimum and apparently the judge was like. I am not sending like this kid, who stole a beer to prison for years on a felony charge for this, and there are like no mandatory minimum. Now that was a story told me like sixteen years ago, so I could be mixing up the details.
But there's things like that. The judge needs to be the one you know to determine the sentence or a jury. R o haven't works. I don't like the idea that you say no matter what you got the sentence now Rico that I like these people are organised there in groups get now here's work. It's kind of weird no defined the police permitted prohibits state grants aid to any local government. Slash is the budget of law enforcement services. Welcome on like we have a slash lawn, forcing budget. Sometimes you know it lets. Let's say we it's really really so What state is a cop driving around in like a humvee or something, and then we're like hey the budget further or as my by example, bullets ape like weak wiki. We keep giving cops this particular particular tool. Women, a budget and we're like hey. This tool is kind of becoming obsolete. Let's slash the boy
in this area and reallocate funds up up. You slashed the budget. I know I know it's probably more specific than that, but I think there are legitimate times when you will cut a police departments. Budget like If the population is shrinking, people are moving out of the city organ into real allocate funds to other us was especially specific areas. I'm not saying defined the police the way they are I'm saying, there's probably legitimate reasons to reduce police funding defined the police is a political slogans about how you just don't like the institution. There's no they're not directly, targeting anything like what. If there are like this this, on four, like you know, night vision, goggles and night equipment is completely useless. To us, let's say: let's say they give up jurisdiction in some capacity for someone you know to the d a or specifically to state police. Now they ve got a budget, they don't need that can easily be reallocated. I guess you can call me I can't find whatever is a victim compensation waves, sovereign immunity to allow a victim of a crime related to avoid
the or disorderly assembly to sue local government for damages, or the local government, is grossly negligent and protecting persons and property. Here here, one hundred percent, I agree- government employment benefits terminate state benefits and makes anyone ineligible for employment by state local government if convicted of participating, violent or disorderly assembly where how about that one man I mean I understand. I understand. That's, that's! That's! That's bold! That's bull! That might there might be a first I'm an issue right there that are challenged and could give us out of this. You know shut down. Oh here's, the last one bail, no bear no bond or bail until first appearance in court. If charge the crime related to participate and a violent or disorderly assembly, rebuttal, presumption against bond or bail after first appearance. Man is tough I don't like an increase in authority in this capacity. I dont think that we can keep people locked up before we ve proven them guilty of a crime unless, of course,
there's probably cause and their violent and that it's not so simple. I dont mind a violent assembly if their charge the violent crime. Yes What, if someone's at a disorderly event, I seen people get arrested, who did not commit crimes? In fact we're gonna have to journalists and daily collar on the IRA podcast. Hopefully I had announcing guess I'll I'll keep it to leave their who did not come at any crimes, barking charged like imagine if they got locked up and could get out for a week or two if it. If there was a veto, you get all these people arrested, they gotta go of it to see they gotta go see the judge. I could take a long time now that there is still an argument that they make it locked up for a couple days, but the judge is gonna, be the one who says these guys journalists you know ought writ release.
You know you're on your own were cognizance or whatever they call it. So listen. Sometimes it's good to have things like this. I would I would say on fifty fifty on this. Do just do the Rico thing seriously charge these people with conspiracy that I like their organised and they use these clever, manipulative tactics to avoid liability. I'm not I'm not I'm not down for that, but I'll read this up by saying: it's: it's not! We are not going to allow these people to control our streets, and this is the unfortunate consequence of extremist violence for over a hundred days. I warned it would happen. Blame anti thought that if you want to DE escalate and demilitarize the police? You need to come out, stop these people and then you can say there's no reason for cops of, because there has not been a brick incident in years and the cities maybe like that's a really good point. They dont need the shields to waste of money instead they're coming out and throwing brick small,
as an shooting police. That's going to result in cops, buying more safety equipment, and I don't blame them. I ll leave it there. Next segments coming up at four p m over at Youtube, not come slashed him cast as my main channel. Thanks rang out- and I will see you all, then you know why I just can't deny it part of me- is certainly grateful for the amusement that Donald Trump brings to the realm of politics before tromp politics was very boring. I remember growing up and just wishing people cared then along, Donald Trump, who says some of the most outrageous things and all of a sudden, every but he cares and unlike woe to far too far slowed down what Donald Trump knows, how to get people's attention. Trump calls for binding to take a drug test. Before upcoming presidential debate trot, said violence. Past debate performances had been record. Setting uneven, ok, I shore and then Trot said it held, take a drug test to ok
I loved it. I'm done that's it Donald Trump Megan everything funny! Ok, that open up in all seriousness, I think the reason Joe Buttons farmers are uneven, is because he's an old man, they say he sunsets, sometimes not with it. Sometimes he is and who leaves Joe Biden got upon an amazing debate performance. I don't, but I love this. This idea that Joe Buttons and Willie Wonka in us, you know, and Charlie Machado Factory argued that the original Willie Wonka wasn't movie whatever you like. You know Jean. While there comes out knees up, these are crippled and he's got a cane and It falls overgrown, somersault and stands up that. That's the joke about what binds
do you see he loved us into a false sense of security and then he'll, Papa Buns stage and they'll be perfect the best about yeah right. I guess that's why Donald Trump saying you want to take a drug task of Joe Biden does come out and he does it out of the park. He's gonna be like no way no way, but maybe that was the trick, but read this and then of course, I'm definitely to talk about from himself. I mean he's. Seventy four Fox news, as president trumps had Sunday that he demanded his democratic opponent. Joe Biden take a drug test, either directly before or after the upcoming presidential debate this week. Could you imagine there like psych? the first of a fox there's, something you gotta Chris walls and he's like America as we prepare for the first debate. We are just a few minutes behind, because Joe Biden as being in a cup then we'll have the result. But the under the showed a sea of well what's taking drugs, a trump between them
shortly before ten I am said you would all you would also agree to drug test. If Biden agrees, the president said dry, this could only explained widens uneven debate performance. He treated as I will be strong, only demanding a drug test of sleepy Joe Biden prior to or after the debate on Tuesday night. Naturally, I will agree to take one also his debate performance as have been record
setting uneven, to put it mildly only drugs- could have caused this discrepancy. The remarks come after violence. Team recently told the guardian their hoping for a repeat of his stand up high and turkey. Twenty twelve debate performance again against then vice president opponent, Paul Ryan, which helped reinvigorate President Obama's RE election campaign of time binds record since then has been marred by repeated verbal gaffes during his twenty twenty presidential campaign or yes, no Nobel curve is not about. It goes up and goes down, ok if job by, and was forty an eight years prior. Had this epoch debate, ideas, worthies one if he was a forty eight in eight years prior, he was, you know, had an epoch too, but I was forty the time it's fun. Joe Biden was like some, then years old, when he did that debate
now, I think it was sick, sixty nine and spent eight years since then, probably a walk a little bit longer than eight years. The dude is on the back end of that I'll curve, and I mean this with all due respect. I understand is getting old, but you think you're gonna perform as well as you do eight years ago they come on man. Listen, I'm thirty! Four by half year away from being thirty five- and I am nowhere near- is good at skateboarding as I was when I was like eighteen or nineteen, because you you got that youthful exuberance. Now. Ok, I get it in a knowledge is about different thing and developing skills, so sure of physical activity are fine I'll walk back a little bit come on I've. I've been, getting my whole life. I certainly don't guess what used to. I am still pretty good, but to think that, eight years, when I was a lot younger, I'm gonna I'm gonna go. Come
nor did I get it. I'm thirty format, computers, nineteen year old prose whose Joe Biden come out think eight years later, he's gotta debate to against Donald Trump, and I guess that's why Donald Trump Essay and take the drug dust quote when president. You sort of see everything that they're going to be asking and they may disagree with you, but we ve done a great job. We created greatest economy in history, Trop said in an interview with Fox Fox NEWS, as PETE Headset after nominating Amy Coney bear the Supreme Court, and now it's coming back. We closed it we saved millions and millions of lives. By doing what I did and now we're bringing back Biden has called on the Senate not to act on trumped supreme court. Nomination. Ok, wait! I dont. I did a big segment talk. About Amy Coney Berets. I don't think I to rehash this. We must talk about the drug tests and then I What I'm going to mention this real quick ass, a weird thing: they do where the story was just about Donald Trump Tweet and they could have. Actually,
gone into detail about Donald Trump May accused of taking uppers and he has been they dont. Do it, though, that you go off and you know it: ok, fine shore their under an obligation to talk about whatever you know. I think they should talk about this Salaam Anderson, haven't financing a name right said in response to Trumps tweet. All I know is that I'm thirty five years old, I'm exhausted by eleven p M and barely functional at eight a m. So the real mystery to me is how a man and his seven these can stay up almost every night until two rage tweeting get up at six and keep going for the rest of the day. I that's a good question. Now. Does Trump have magic does? Does he have magic, meme energy? Where he's just a spry old man? I gotta say this
I've heard that Donald Trump takes uppers up. I don't know, I must say that employees are drug. I'd really like that, like you, gonna prescription medication, that it has an effective EU propping up or putting him up. That's true, but I doubt whether it is or not. Donald Trump certainly is an energetic fry old man in I was watching his is, is what where was he in Virginia? I was watching. It was rally in Virginia and I was watching him come. Down the stairs seventy four years old and he looks like he's fifty I mean look. Let us let's be real, look at Donald Trump face. He looks old, but does he really look like he's? In its mid seventies? I gotta, be honest. He doesn't, I think, there's a much simpler solution here. I don't think Donald Trump is Papa Pills, I mean- maybe some people have said. I don't think so, especially If he's saying he was like a drug test, you then I think I think Donald Trump as a man of tremendous pressure,
I dont see him as somebody who goes to the gym. Every data's golf bets on with the most rigorous thing he's an overweight fellow, but why is it that he may have so much energy and be so spry? Well, it could be this. Does this? You can look at different ways, but put it this way. Donald Trump was or an into a wealthy family. He was given his lonely started a you know. You started his business, he built it became a billionaire. Might might might my congratulations to him for his long and storied life, but he hasn't gone. The same level of hardships and probably eight better. You probably lived better, and that really makes a whole lot of sense. But you know when I think about that, and I think about Joe Biden, Joe Biden too, I mean Joe Biden privilege to wealthy politician Why were you know? I guess he's a few years older than tromp, but come on man Trump literally runs lapse around Joe Biden Trot and that they re trying on the left.
Trumps brain is machetes to all the knowledge of its because are trying to counter the Biden thing. So Donald Trump recently had a gas, or at least it it could be a fake clip Ottawa I saw. But where people were Sharon's right and left and tromp sad today, a child can he born at nine months. The law must be changed, something he meant aborted and I've thought about the cook real, I'm assuming it is maybe not, but the left was saying that they're like trumps brain is jelly. He accidentally called Mars. Narvaez Tromp said we're gonna. We're gonna, be the first to get an astronaut nods bars, I'm like there's a slip of the tongue. Everybody has a slip of the tongue, Joe Biden set he was elected to the set at two hundred and eighty years ago, I'm not making that up. He said when I was elected to set at a hundred years ago was a joke. You try to make a joke about being really really old. I don't know it's not a good job dude cause. You're, really old Joe Biden was
giving us interview, I think, was MSNBC and it was like horrifying Lee bad. You know he said He started stuttering and stammering. He didn't nobody was trying to say and then that that that the news House correct it has no, that's right. That's right! It was like I do now, and there's another one from the same interview where he calls out to John I'm not getting like who he's like girl, you're gonna, look at the sit at an end and John John and anyway, and it's like wait whose job on. But who are you taught troubles and do that trot might say dumb things over? Some of the time will come when you compare that Biden, they wanna bet you put tromp overweight up against Biden and trampled when I'm in a foot race, and I mean it because job, but it ain't all there are. You know what I do feel bad he's an old guy and I get it, but Trump does bring up a good point. Salaam question
how Trump is so spry near well, if trumps wanting a drug test, I dont think he'd be willing to call that out or he's trying to call someone's bluff clinical poker game. Maybe tromp is taken some uppers Joe, I didn't certainly needs them, and I don't know if you can handle it. This debate is going to be ethically bad, while, for the Democrats at least, I think for tromp supporters, it's going to be like laugh Fass, but we'll see men, Donald Trump Make tongue tied he may get caught up. But ultimately I tell you this. I don't think anyone matters trunk could be wrong, everything, but Trump is a show man. He knows how to play to the crowd and that's what he's gonna do it's gonna work, but Joe Biden can do that Joe binds a politician but Joe, but it does not have that that the tv chop that Donald Trump does and that's why tromp rallies are always so fun and exciting, and you know that they talk about trumpet. Tell us
There's not I'm Tellin, you men, he goes off on tangents. He gets up on the podium it. It just goes for it is pockets and talking point on its progress, but he just goes for it and he stands there for as long as it feels like and he's late and he goes over, but he knows how to nail it. The debates are coming up in two days. I'm gonna love this. I don't think has taken a drug test thou, but thank you try for the entertainment. I got a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly will for quite some time, people have been questioning where their donations to black lives matter actual he goes and at least in one instance guy us to buy a house to get some guns and home security. I guess foreigner info a thousand dollars and donations, and apparently this dude Georgia activists is being charged with money laundering. Go fund me to refund donations to his black lives matter.
Group now. This is not like the main black lives matter organization, but is there really one there's like the black lives matter, movement which you, which goes through up a nonprofit called thousand currents and people still question where those donations go? Unfortunately, it would seem that a lot of people are donating have has hardly randomly not knowing where money is actually going anywhere. I do donor to the right one there like YO. What do you do with our money? So why would you donate to random people misuse agenda getting from Newsweek federal authorities arrested in Atlanta based actor activist on why you're fraud and money laundering charges Friday after an investigation suggested he purchased too. Thousand dollars worth of personal items with money donated to a black lives matter, fundraising organization. Federal bureau of Investigation identified. The man is thirty. Two year old, Tiree Conyers page also known as Sir major page in a news release telling his arrest and charges against him page who operates and Instagram
age using his alias sir Major, often posts content related to social justice and the lack lives matter movement according to the US the eye he established a non profit organization called black lives matter of greater Atlanta B, L m J and twenty eighteen and opened a bank account under the same title. Page is reportedly the accounts. Signatory the FBI, news release noted that be Elam G a solicited donations through social security. I'm sorry, through social media and go find me which similarly refer to the organization as a nonprofit entity. Its investigation, prompted by a complaint filed with the FBI's national Threat Operations Centre in April, showed pages organization receive more than foreigner and fifty thousand dollars and donations between June. In August, we all talk about bringing in that sweets. We green Yanza as demonstrations against racism and police violence erupt
across the: U S page. Reportedly sad donations would be used to support efforts seeking justice for George Floyd, a black man who died in Minneapolis Police custody in private social media messages sent in June. However, the FBI is alleging. He repeatedly use a debit card linked to the B l M J Bank account to purchase a home security system, furniture, clothing, accessories, entertainment and food throughout the summer in August. Page allegedly per just two pieces of real estate, a residence and vacant lot in Toledo, Ohio with a hundred and twelve thousand dollars and funds. The be alarmed J account earlier, September he allegedly transferred from the organizations bank account to another a personal one and use it to purchase a pistol and two rifles. Whatever these people thinking I want to express some o empathy for the guy. Look I get it it be. Buying property is clear.
I mean a lesson from the initial assessment. This dude was probably is taken the money in writing, but I also thinks The soft you hear about like him buying suffer himself. He doesn't did not happen self a salary? And he didn't understand what he was doing. So you gotta be really careful. I think some of this falls under the fault of our education system. We don't have to start businesses we don't want to start on profits and we don't even know what the lies pertaining to fund raising it. Things like this Dude should have paid himself a salary, because if you should the pay himself? What every wanted now as a non profit when he files a nine ninety people going to see how much is paying himself, I think most will probably would not care if a similar thing don't ever with like Steve Bannon. Does anyone who donated to the build a Wall fund care that they were paying the dude. Probably not, but you go about it wrong. This is what happens so they gonna, say, quote, numerous videos and live stream. Videos are positive pages. Personal social media, page
pages showing himself in what appeared to be newly purchase, clothing, hotel rooms and office space in Atlanta, B. I said in its news release regarding the investigation and arrest. Several audio statements are made by page in the videos boasting about the money he has his tailored suits his nice cuff, and a hundred and fifty dollar ties and boasting about my room weigh up at the top at the top top they put the bottom feeders on these floors. Man, that's that's that Chrome, IE go find me will provide refunds to individuals who donated to be alarmed J through its fundraising platform. According to reports comments from accompany spokesperson, who confirmed, fund razors, associate with pages organisation, were removed from the site as well as partner site Paypal? Page? Is report reportedly prohibited from creating fund raising campaigns using go find me in the future quote. I can confirm that we remove
the fund razors associated with Tiree Conyers page and the black lives matter of greater Atlanta organization, which collectively raised thirteen thousand one hundred. Fifty four dollars he has also been banned from using the go, find me platform for any future campaigns. If any donor like to request a refund. We will profit for them. Madeline Purdue, a spokesperson at go, find me reportedly set in this individuals who donated to be alarmed GM. Using go funding can request refunds through the platforms website. They so they reached out to go, find me for additional comments, but did not receive a reply in time. This is not the first time questions have been raised about this and we, I can show you this several months ago, ABC six reports. As black lives matter? Donation surge, some want to know where the money goes on. I gotta tell you. I have no idea, I really don't so. A lot of people have alleged that it goes to Joe Biden It's not true. It's really annoying that people do this, so my numbing act blue
as a fund raising organ did not, I believe, their non profit and they they it's a fundraising system kind of like pay pal. Progressive and Democrats use it. So, let's be really careful here when you don't need to be lives matter. I believe I could be wrong. Your money is going to an organisation called thousand currents. They use act blue to process these donations very least, it shows you. The blacklist matter is political and is affiliated with the Democrats. Many people trying to deny this so they can climate black lives matters a political and they can put it wherever they want their workplace. When sometimes you can some of that money goes to Actblue to pay their expenses to get a fee If the Democrats are using the same system, then actually provides funding to the Democrats fund raising system, that's about as close as you get now they do on an apparently act. Blue says that any money that's not claimed will be used by act. Blue for Air charitable services are only that they may
actually give that money to political causes, I do not believe it would go to a pack or to a candidate because of strict federal Election commission rules. But where does the money go? Don't actually know? this person tweeted, who is holding be held accountable for this influx of money exit John C unannounced he's match, media armies, one million dollar donation to the black lives Matter foundation. These people have no idea what they're doing in that's what scary goober such individuals throwing money and organization, they know not what it does black lives matter opposes the nuclear family. That's weird! Why would you fund that? Don't ask me? They say with as much money suddenly suddenly flooding into charitable organizations questions about how the funds are being spent, perhaps inevitable, one thing: black lives matter wants to make clear, despite what you may have seen, and viral social media post by right wing activists. None of this money is going to the d and see- and that's that's true. Well, actually, that's for the most part,
through this, probably some you know circuitous way in which the money can be transferred. So you gotta pay attention that stuff is a blacklist entered outcome, use of the platform act Blue, it's pop pillar among democrat politicians and progressive. I believe they only allotted onthem republicans are allowed to use it. If I would let em they want to say act There was a fund raising platform used by Democrats and progressives. We get that, but let's let's move down, they say this many reddit user seem dissatisfied with the response. The scales did not address subsequent questions about allocation of donations during the chat, the black lives matter. Global network foundation did not respond to requests for it information Monday, some activists on the left have raised doubts as well frustrated by a lack of specifics about how funds are distributed and how local chapters of tat the resources Violette s face similar concerns in the past from the left and the right about its financial structure and spending priorities. Amid the influx of new
once the be alarmed global Network Foundation announced last week, it is creating a six point: five million dollar fond sport, grassroots organizing work by affiliated groups starting July First affiliates- can apply for up to five hundred thousand dollars in Multi Year grants the organization aims at supper. Its education platform in the year ahead in the coming year. We will provide resources to those new to the movement and interested in lack liberation strategies by developing curriculum. In the stunning moment in american history we will honour those lost and those who have come before us in the fight for black liberation. I don't even know what that means, and therein lies the big problem, but I guess not for any of us- and I guess not for anybody- she'll donated, let's be real, like I just previous like like I mentioned the people who does did the build the Wall Foundation. You get all these people saying Oh man, it was a scare the build a wall thing on their hooting, an hollering, because these people are, you know I think, ban has been charged with the utmost plays out. O cares. I get it. The feds do so by all means, but do the people
it actually care the dew was getting paid. Probably not. If I get a salary for his off, you deserve it I guess it's like a veteran and he's got like you know injuries. So what about these people do any of that? Look man, I'm gonna! Tell you I'd! Take ninety nine point. Nine percent of people who donated as wouldn't carefully when I bought a slice of pizza and beer and then went to a party. They would not care, it is tribal. Their throwing their money at people. They think are symbols of the fight and people who represent them and if the FBI or right wing individuals or anybody comes after them, they're going to say you're just you know, right wing and more some are going to say I don't care what they do with my money. Same thing is true for bandit and build a wall people, so I do think it really look. I gotta be honest. I don't see what this George activists. Guy was kind of steel and money for himself? But do you think these people care made when they find out, it's like one guy there donating too and he doesn't actually care, but I gotta be honest man, it's tribalism, and when the
I jumped on this and they probably will the left is going to defending M in order to cover the charges to be dropped. Their I've done it more. And then be like now he was successful. You was making it. I don't know this guy was doing, but I really think I don't. I don't think they're gonna care I may not emit. Maybe maybe I'm wrong, because the left has complained about where the money is going, but is an interesting question. I live there, I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes. Stick around and I will see you all shortly is their real the silent majority, or is there like a silent, five percent or so, and if that's the case is that enough for Donald to win. It actually might be, that might be the man, sing, silent majority, though they are not in the majority, still might be enough for tromp to take the election or to get reelected
and this tweet from shanty at our C p, that is real, clear politics, he's a senior elections and analysed he tweeted New York Times. Sienna has trumpet forty six percent job approval, but getting forty one percent of the vote, probably the most puzzling aspect of this election. Either these voters, a our voting on trumps personal characteristics or be, are lying to pulses or themselves. The thing is, it is mostly unanswerable until election day, Nate Silver Chimes in he's net minus five on approval, but net minus nine on personal favor ability, and Paul? I think I've seen claims that favour ability actually trap tat trends to predict the horse race, Butter and Sean says a is not without support, meaning. There are a lot of people who probably like what from is doing but cannot stand the man, and this is why I repeat-
Lee told tromp supporters and I will say to you: conservatives, you gotta recognize it now. You can criticise it by all means, you can say it stupid, because yeah sure I understand, but people vote on this stuff. Why did Barack Obama do so well, not because this policy was good. I thought his pipe and I'm I regretted voting for the guy wouldn't want from a second time. Is it on people up overseas, but man that smile? They loved that celebrity smile of Mr Smooth, Barack Obama? He would come on tv. Anyone was persuade nothing's into your ear with a stern father like approach and people loved him for it they voted form not because he was doing anything great, really kind of total along. He blew a bunch of. Both started. I think, like seven new wars are some ridiculous number didn't get us out of the Middle EAST, is gonna, make everything worse, signed the indefinite detention provision of the end A rip, the EU, a math, you get the point killed more american citizens with charge or trial than anyone else. I'm pretty sure may be the only one I dunno prosecutor, more
so blowers under the espionage act than any other present and leakers. So yeah Donald Trump speaks to a certain group of people who worked. Will it work again here that you need to consider? No one thought Trump was gonna win now I do think trumps base has grown for sure, definite M, United vote formulae sustainable from now. A lot of other people are in a similar position, but think about all of the regular people who never thought trumpet. When you didn't care who are now realizing, oh, we should have voted and there are no vote. Are there more people who underestimated trump than people who are joining Trump now, because, if that's the case, if there are trouble loose trump will lose. Now is another thing to read in this something that shanty didn't bring up well or are he's gonna write their lying pollsters or themselves yeah. We see Nepal suggesting that people are like,
and this could explain it better than anything I think about it. I've I've mentioned this before. Of course. Of course, you ve got joy no less to lie in smear people all day and they go after regular people, you get a phone call on their like how I maternal less than I want to know who you are voting for, going to be like Biden, click, so you're talking someone who say how do you feel about the job trump is doing to say I think he's going pretty good. I would approve it uniform. No, I mean I wouldn't I could not that big it. Maybe that's what they're saying I don't really believe. It looks as if that were the case. Why would they say they approved of what Europe is doing? Some of speculated the fact that people would approve of trumps job, but not say they would. What form shows there is a silent majority, or at least a large faction of secret Trump voters. I think it's much more simple and, to be honest, I think they dont know how to pull people anymore. Guy, are the days of a landline phone call ring ring hollow hi, I'm with the New York Times Vienna and we're asking questions.
Oh fighter way. Now it's your phone rings and you're like I'm, not going to answer them. Number I dont know because the last time I did it was some Ladys speak in Chinese. You are Mandarin accompanies, is out there Mandarin. Maybe our parliamentary you get those phone calls a scam calls. So we keep being told especially older people, not to answer your phone for numbers. You know, recognized I've summons pie. Try to pull me out. I will answer the phone. I screen all my phone calls will that affect the pulse? Probably so how do we know any? This is lit legit, we don't John five row, not the of all one. The sky is what what's it would say. He says the other one, crooked media, positive America he's as I keep thinking it has to do with the twelve saint, who say they somewhat support trump. If you think he's here, the economy well, but can't stand him, Every other issue you mean. Say somewhat approve of the job he's doing, but teleport you're either offer bide nor undecided. That's a really good point There is also an inverse point to this going along with you
here. The secret trop voter- you may have people, you don't want to admit, but are like. I can't admit it because it was upper this way. You gotta call this a. How do you think about? trumps overall job when you're like somewhat approve. How do you feel about Trump on the economy on men, fantastic, one hundred percent best economy? Ever? How do you feel about when he sat X Y Asean, you got well you vote for a man who said these things for money. People aren't gonna admit that they're not gonna want to admit that I've met people who have I met a guy. I told the story is at an airport news. Like you look trumps a low life. I would invite in my house for dinner, but the monies good about form and an end there probably resonates more with people we can sit here, inspect Like all day and night as to whether or not which way this goes, but the reality is the pollsters do not know my respect to made silver in shanty, but I don't think anybody really knows just all speculation together, this Sean responded, sang
think. The undecided is the point, you're lying to yourself comes into play, but ultimately think of it. This way, Nate saying if you run selection. One hundred times Trump wins. Twenty two that's around. Where I put the story, line for bought in winning is much more straightforward. The question is: what happens with those twenty two, I sort of think quote: people who approved somewhat of a job trump is doing, and voting for him is a straightforward part of the story. John response for sure, if you're a situation where Trump's vote share matches his New York Times, approval and Biden gets all that is approvers. It's a five thousand two hundred and forty six race, which is close enough for trump to potentially eke out an electric car when again Sean says at the same time, I can totally by quote Trump is a horrible person without redeeming qualities, so this this year, diver purple doesn't quite function the same way it did in other years and John says I can also by a little bit
both Elizabeth but Shouto says I'm not saying it. Is it true that they're lying to pollsters, because I have no clue if they are? But it's odd lie about approval, but not voting, and that's why Sean says maybe they're lying to themselves. We can't tell but not enough it matters, because let me show you this: over: at the Columbus dispatch, Ohio Democrats dominating absentee ballot requests, possibly creating election night axed they're saying we will not get the result of Ohio for ten days now. By now, excellence, I'm sorry man! Let limit! Let me show you. The story from washing post voting by male helps the GEO P. California special election proved that Y all their voters vote by male younger Where's! Didn't I didn't turn out voting by male helped the GEO p
So what is this narrative that Democrats are dominating? Maybe they are requesting it more fine, but I just don't sound they'll make sense. Aren't older people more likely to request, but by male aren't they more likely to vote Republican? There's a lot of written look. Maybe it's not true, but it imagine. Young people and younger people can walk to the pole. We watch the polling station. Whereas you know older people problem harder for me to get around might need a ride? Might just vote absentee because easier, at least that's what we saw here at the Washington post. The stories from May fifteen They say the race in southern California suggests that voting by male can help Republicans win. So why There are so many republicans against it, because the Democrats are cheating. You'll, have a conversation about what it means cheat. They are chain the rules at the last minute and then claiming they dump
male about when the evidence suggests? Otherwise? So if you create a system where, first of all that Postal Service Union members endorsed Biden that the union is endorsed by, why would I give my vote to this person They may be dropped that, but the vote often person. Why would you change the rules and strip away election integrity at the last minute? Cause you cheating? So, even though it might favour Republicans, they don't want it. Let people about the way they ve always voted, of course, the Democrats in the progressive say they are just trying to disenfranchised voters. That makes no sense. You know why, because The systems always been the way it is. If people want about they just about the way you're supposed to vote, how was it disenfranchises when you're like just vote? Normally, I'm sorry, it's The Democrats moves on their suggest there, who's gonna say at their chieftain. You know when you put it this way. I look. I was having an argument and we look at the definition of the word sheet.
And it says to act on fairly or deceptively to give oneself and advantage okay. So it's unfair to alter the rules of the elections. The last minute, when Republican saying say no and Democrats say Yes, you do not have a damn democratically agreed upon rule change or policy change. Nope unilateral, governor of New Jersey has just do it. Male everybody a ballot. Well, that's not fair right. Ah, so the democratic governor of New Jersey is acting unfairly to change. The rules, which is according to many stories, giving Democrats and advantage- I think I have gotten through the semantic portion of argument. Yes, ok, they're, cheating, so weren't what's gonna happen. I dont think what Sean is saying or anybody is saying about trumps of approval or variability matters. I don't think so. I don't think anyone and the results it's gonna be a week or two weeks before we get the result in many states,
legal battles. Will that ensue and what nobody wins policy becomes. President. I saw a really scary posts from some activists. Someone said that it was a on Facebook from someone who follows me. They said that they were there abiden supporter. They that that they were scared, because they're not sing enthusiasm for binding and the response from the far left was fascinating. They said I won't vote for. Biden. Biden has betrayed progressives and it doesn't matter anyway, because you shouldn't be preparing for election day. They said you should be, but you should be preparing for the disillusion or the collapse of this country, that's what they are preparing. Or to hear that come from progressives. I thought was really interesting, progressives thinking, they're gonna lose and saying they have to prepare for something more chaotic. I disagree. I mean I know what you should do. I know what I'm doing right, but I think things earning a crazy who knows
I assure you from now till then there's gotta be way more videos about all of this. So I role, I know more speculation, more Paul's blah blah blah, but thanks rang out anyway, a sea item. At ten a m thanks rang out.
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