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Democrats Formalize Impeachment, But Whistleblower Identity EXPOSES This As A Political Hit Job

2019-10-31 | 🔗

Democrats Formalize Impeachment, But Whistleblower Identity EXPOSES This As A Political Hit Job. The House has formally approved the Impeachment Inquiry with the vote going straight down party lines. Democrats in favor, Republicans opposed, with two Democrats defecting and also opposing the inquiry.But all of this happens in the backdrop of a new story exposing the identity of the "whistleblower" as Eric Ciaramella.It turns out Ciaramella is a hold over from the Obama era and has close to ties to top intelligence officials as well as Democrats. More shockingly however, is that he was working with Alexandra Chalupa in some capacity. This is the woman accused of colluding with Ukraine to dig up dirt on Trump as outlined in the Politico story.Assuming this report is true it stands to reason that with ties to the origins of Russiagate and now sparking Ukrainegate that this is nothing more than a political hit job designed to smear Trump and help democrats in 2020.Democrats are betting on impeachment being a driving factor in their elections. Instead of focusing on what they can do for Americans they seem to be focused on ensuring people hate the President so much that they vote against him instead of for them.Many people say this is Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats trying to reverse the results of 2016 and that is technically true. But the reality is that this is all an attempt to make the president look so bad they win by default.

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The house is finally adopted its impeachment inquiry resolution and the vote. It went basically down party lines. Kind of obvious Democrats supported Republicans, oppose it to Democrats defected, which is really interesting. But, let's be honest, the Democrats control the house there probably going to emerge, tromp after the inquiry they ve been trying to impeach him, since literally the day he got inaugurate, Yes, I have the store. I can show you, but now formation as emerged the other day about the whistle blower. Apparently this a virtual who started this whole. The current fiasco has ties. The origins of Russia Gate where but the woman was accused of colluding with between Dnc in Ukraine to dig up dirt on Trump he's connected to a bunch of Democrats and open things are registered Democrat himself, which says to me the whole thing is a sham. I believe Democrats are doing this just to generate negative press, as I stated few days ago. Twenty twenty will not be about Democrats versus Republicans. It's going to be Donald Trump on trial, the demo,
its cannot win on their merits alone, so there are hoping to just smear the president. I also believe that hoping that by making trumpet look really really bad, they can try and win house see or the Senate by showing people that Republicans would not uphold the rule of law? When you HU. This whistle blower is It sounds like another political operation, but I do have one quick question before we get started. How is it that it took this long to find they figure out who this whistle blower is when most most lorries in our saying you, everybody knew who he was and it was spent name was speculative for quite some time. People thought they knew who this person was. The reason I'm asking is because there are guy who made a mean about CNN and he got docks and they published as workplace, and we was, but we so so find some random warehouse employed, but it took this long to figure out who
Whistleblower was it turns out he's worker, the bunch of Democrats and he's tied to women accused of colluded colluding with Ukrainians. It's a complicated story. I would be very careful for legal reasons, but to me the whole thing is a scam there. Just trying to make tromp look bad. The economy is great. The forecast model say Trump is going to win unless they can draw up negative partisanship. So let's read the story about the. Peter Resolution, and then I want to show you who this whistle blower is and why. I believe this whole thing is just a big political operation with no merit before we get started. Had over its and cast outcomes flashed on it. If you'd like to support my work, there's a pay pal optional crypto option a physical address, but of course the best thing you can do is just share this video on competing with a bunch of big channels. They're gonna give their perspective
but if I'm going to succeed, doing this I need your help. Word of mouth is the most effective way to overcome Youtube censorship and throttling and computers big channels. If you think I do a good job police year, the video, let's rate from Town Hall, the Democratic, led impatient resolution to formalize the investigation against President Tromp has passed the house of Representatives by a vote of two thirty two to one. Ninety, six to Democrats, Common Petersen and Jeff Andrew voted. No before the vote, the house engage in some lively debate over the measure. Democrats insisted, it would provide more due process for President Trump, but Republicans rejected that notion and noted how their colleagues are running. This sham impatient process in the basement of the capital republican lead
are united in the conclusion that Democrats are obsessed with impeaching tromp because they want to overturn the result of a twenty sixteen presidential election. While they do, they do want to overturn the results. They are mad, they lost, but that's not what I think is happening. I think this is forward thinking not backward thinking. I think they're strategy actually make sense and I must admit it seems like Adam Shift strategy. Be it in my opinion, a moral and ethical, quite devious is actually particularly effective. So the thing is the Democrats didn't want to vote on impeachment said they were going to do it. I need to do it. The reality was they didn't, have public support by doing these secretive inquiries and selectively leaking bad selectively, licking information that may trump look bad, that generate more public support and it brings us to the export of information the cement oratory.
About us, I believe, was a weaker. We could go we're so they say this recent pulling in national and battleground surveys has demonstrated voters. Views on impeachment have shifted since the summer, with support for the impeachment inquiry growing as Democrats consolidate support an independent voters reject president trumps actions regarding Ukraine. They say national, pulling conducted by the decency, finds voters back a Democrat who supports and impeachment investigation over Republican who opposes and impeachment investigation by eleven points, even in the fifty seven most competitive, battleground districts moving the inquiry. Ford is slightly favourable at forty nine to forty eight Elite Democrats led in the generic ballot, remains led in the generic about remained steady in national, pulling plus eight average and in battleground districts plus three as their big, but I do not believe there trying to overturn it. Sixteen there trying to win twenty twenty using underhanded methods. They know that getting people angry at Trump is the best way to be Trump
As I stated earlier and of my past videos, there is nothing that threats have that's going to play. Some above trumpet Honnami is doing really, while unemployment is down, forecast model, say trumpets, gonna win, so they need to make sure they get enough angry people or enough enough scared people who don't want to cross the line to say I'm not going to vote for him. That's what they're betting on and there also betting on the same capacity with with congressional seats. Now here's the big story, though ok, so we get it. This is the big breaking news. They voted impeachment check this out. This exposes investing Peace from real, clear investigations dropped yesterday at for twenty one p m: how whistle blower, maybe outed ties to Biden, Brennan shifts staff etc. The stories quite long and vague. They talk about a woman and Alexandria kaluza Ukraine. American, who supported Hillary Clinton, Clinton, led an effort to link the republic.
Campaign to the russian government. He no sir, he had her in the White House said. One former coworker, who requested anonymity to discuss a sensitive matter now. I think you should check this investigation out from real Clarence gains, but there is a more succinct showing more to sink. Take from town Hall is town. All reports whistle blower, who complained about, prompts call to ukrainian President Zaleski has been revealed that everything trumps defenders feared about the whistle blower is true. According to a report from real, clear investigations, the whistle blower is thirty. Three year old, Eric Tarantella Tarantella as a hold over from the Obama administration and a registered Democrat he's been accused of leaking like crazy. He worked with Joe Biden,
he's a vocal critic of president Trump. He invited a Dnc operative inside the White House to attend meetings. He also helped instigate investigation into russian collusion. So of course, Democrats would believe his second hand complaint about president trumps phone conversation with Ukraine presents a linsky over the actual transcript of college self. That doesn't matter. I dont think they believe him. I think, there's enough the gradual dont care, whether its true or not, because they want to win by any means necessary. This guy invited to loop off into the White House, and we supported these stories. If that's the case, this is the woman who was in an interview in in a report from politico at says ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trop backfire and they specifically reference to Luba ukrainian American and what she was working on, trying to dig up dirt. We now know This guy was working with her as well. This is not rush. This is not Russia Gate to Ukrainian Bobo, who this is still Russia Gate. It is all part of this
aim insane attempt at a hating the president, Orangemen bad, I want to tell you, but I can. I can come to no other conclusion when, learn about who this guy was. We saw all the data in the past or of the information that he was working with democratic content, Adam chef and Adam chef DE claimed. He didn't have caught up with this guy now that well, that's not true. Recently read some of these things for you from real, clear investigations. He was accused of working against drop and leaking against Trump said a former, and I see a thing I will speak on the condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters, also Tarantella huddled for guidance with a staff of House Intelligence Committee. Chairman Adam shift in putting former colleagues also held over from the Obama era whom shifts office had recently recruited from the and I see ship is the lead prosecutor in the impatient cream and China mellow worker they Democratic National Committee operative, who dug up there on the trunk, campaigned on the twenty sixteen election invite
her into the White House for meetings, former wine. Our colleague said the operative Alexander to loop, Ukraine, American, who supported Hillary Clinton. Let an effort to link the republican campaign to the russian government. I read up on already they gonna say The report claims that federal records show Columella attended a state luncheon with Joe Biden Office back in October. Twenty sixteen you'll, never guess who else was their former FBI director James call me former national intelligence director James Clapper. You can't make this stuff up. The reports It was strange for char umbrella, a relatively low level g, Thirteen federal employing two have been there and it ascribes to most invitation. As unusual saying quote, signalled he was politically connected. Sighed the about a lighthouse. Here's, here's actually what the really investigation said with China, Melis name long under wraps interest in the internal since analysed, has become so high that a handful of former colleagues have compile they roughly forty p
research dossier on him, a classified version of the document is circulating, Capitol Hill and briefings have been conducted based on one brief Republican has been planning unmasked the whistle blower in a speech in the house floor on the internet. Meanwhile, Charles Charles name for weeks, has been bandied about on Twitter feeds and intelligence blogs. As the suspected person who blew the whistle on the president. The mainstream media are also aware of the name. Town hall then says no one or two, the grass and the media have kept such a tight lid on the whistleblowers identity. Now William BAR needs to investigate the origins of the whistleblowers, so we can get to the true conspiracy here, what more and more looking like just another attempt to overturn the results of the twenty sixteen election. I disagree with that and I dont necessarily think it's a conspiracy, I think it's much more simple and scarier than that. There are a lot of people who act independently, who don't like the president and who are contributing grains of sand too
hold that heap there. I do not believe there is a top secret cabal of individuals who are like this is the pan working at you know, but I do think there are strategies there, individuals, their chests pieces. Someone like Adam chef wants, impeached. So he looks around at what he can do in whose interest it is necessarily a conspiracy that would imply the atom shift, was to someone like our. What can we do to to throw stage a coup? Factually simple, all of these people independently just want Trump impeached and work together. Here's the problem this is clearly not about the truth is clearly not about what
prompt did it's just about another excuse. So again I want to clarify. I do not believe it too conspiracy. I think Adam Shift will grab what ever he possibly can just to play this game that that the truth is. The Democrats saw this in the polls and their betting on impeachment working for them. It might actually work. It's pretty clever and I'll have to wonder about the media. However, why is it that the media never published this guy's name, just think: doesn't it because they have no problem dotting, meme makers? They have no no problem release in the name of say, carpet, dog, dumb or that guy the warehouse whom it who uploaded a video of Nancy policy. They have no problem threatening to docks and finding the information on a guy who put a CNN logo over a wrestling match face, but when it comes to the whistleblower months, the word
no one in the media dare say a thing. Finally, real clear politics comes out with a story, but let's move on from here, I want to highlight some important details. First, the Ukraine efforts to sabotage trot backfire. This is a thing. It happened. They try to claimants, conspiracy, theory; no, I'm sorry. It happened, the whistleblowers connected to it. In my opinion, the whistle blower based on second information, is full of it. It's just another excuse but check this out audits leaked from this is already a leak that the blaze apparently had audio email evidence shows Dnc colluded with Ukraine to boost Hilary by harming tromp report, says: okay, this is from conservative media, but that the left is it reporting and other than to try and refute it up until who the hell is fairly mainstream, moderate and pretty pretty good, pretty accurate. Ukraine embassy confirms Dnc com. Tractor solicited tromp dirt and twenty sixteen where's the press was the investigation now seriously where's the investigation. This is
what how many years now have gone by where base of a fake news, spiritual dossier and hearsay. We went through the Russia Gate Inquiry Investigation, special counsel, but here we have numerous statements. Reporting from mainstream source of saying they did this nothing. It makes you wonder at the very least it doesn't. It seems like a definite double standard ties back to what's happening now. Impeachment the whistle blower was working with this woman, some capacity inviting or two meetings, and that makes everything is doing questionable, but I want to make one more point about in peace I have a couple more stores owing to highlight so check out the story. Is that a lot of stores? It happened over the past few days that I need. I need to include in this context reason that I did. I just didn't. I can't stand talking about this. To be honest, but look Vindelin testified he try, to fill in omissions in Tromp Ukraine, Ukraine Transcript. They say that Fine one s, orders and army officer serving with President AL trumps. National Security Council testified to impatient.
To get us Tuesday that he twice raised. Concerns of administrations pushed to have Ukraine, investigate Democrats and Joe Biden Alexander Vitamin Lieutenant colonel who served in Iraq and later as a diplomat, is the first official to testify who actually heard trumps July. Twenty fifth call with new ukrainian President, the landscape Basically what they're saying is he want his concern. You wanted to add it to the transcript. He says he wants you and at least one other omitted words of a reference to the company linked to bite, and his son according to people from the south, but amendment was unsuccessful. They going to say, his concerns didn't matter, because that is not the with with or without the audits. It didn't change their understanding of what transpired in the call now here's where we end up them. You can frame this as though this guy's a Europe that can say he was trying to make sure people knew. The truth is also possible to frame it another way you can say that
and an army officer sought to edit the transcript to add defaming defamatory information if you're viewing this from the perspective of this guy is trying to smear unhurt, the president, you you could actually a good argument. Here's the one guy out of everybody involved in his transcript trying to add words, see Doesn't it here's the problem? The media will always frame it in one way. I can't tell you why I think the media's biased to be honest, but they're gonna, pretend Just a regular army officer was doing the right thing because, like question, why is it that you have one person come out and say there was quid pro quo and say: that's enough, we're good! That's that's why? treatment, but even after multiple people deny it never happened, and the transcript shows Trop never said give me this and I'll give you that never happened. How is it that after one person, they finally find the person there is ok? Now we can impeach is that are supposed to work, I'm it honestly. I don't know if you're doing a grand jury and you had seven
people say that person do not commit the crime and then one person's as he did it enough to prosecute, to lodge an actual prosecution or or to indict the individual I mean, maybe, but to me it seems kind and ears if they point out a really big story mentioned earlier as to why I think all of this is a big sham. Take a look at this snippet from a story about Vindelin. It says: well, than men, concerns were shared by a number of other officials, some of whom had already testified. He was in a unique position because he emigrated from Ukraine, along with his family, was a child and his fluent in Ukraine and in russian ukrainian official sought advice from him about how to deal with Mr Giuliani, though they typically community communicated in English. What is the New York Times telling us right now, they're telling us that this of this final vindelin was giving advice to ukrainian officials on how to deal with Giuliani trumps personal lawyer. Is investigating the origins of the twenty. Sixteen Russia collusion narrative.
Giuliani have been doing this as a whole, the debate, but why is an american colonel advising a foreign government about our president's lawyer? I think, is a very important question. The near times reported this. What makes this story particularly interesting is what happened next check the Sobek controversial figure- I'm not here to talk about him or politics. I'm here talk about specifically his tweet and what the news is doing, but Sobek tweeted that the New York Times is putting Vindelin was advising Ukraine on how to counter on paraphrase encounter trumps foreign policy. You know on the foreign policy of our present. Some of that fact. You referred to it s, foreign policy, the New York Times then wrote this in a story, a story titled after vitamins, testimony when public right wing conspiracies fired up, they say Jack, the Sobek a well known, you're on the far right media tweeted, the falsehood and Mr Van Dam and had been advising ukrainian government on how to counter MR trumps foreign policy goals. Mr Buzek,
out of the New York Times, is a source. In fact, the times reported. No such thing incredible, absolutely incredible: they they literally did ok, maybe not literally- and this is the problem with Truth- media and that's the problem, and this is ultimately why I end up on the side of thinking the impeachment is followed it. They clearly stated that they were new negotiating an English. He was advising foreign government, Ukraine and that it was to deal it was to deal with Mr Julie, We know what Giuliani was doing. He was investigating the origins of twenty sixteen and russian collusion, and he was talking to the Ukrainians about that information. So, yes, that is, if foreign policy goal of the President. I can only surmise that the New York Times is playing a game with framing devices.
Well, we didn't say, specifically, foreign policy goals, even though we know that Giuliani was doing advancing trucks items some specific, some specific foreign policy goals of the president. They refrain to call it a conspiracy or right wing conspiracy there's one of the biggest problems. I think we have media bias. Everybody can see it. It's it's happening right front of our eyes, How can this be that they say that report it? But we read this and we're like that's literally what they said. They were communicating in English because they can report it and then, as soon as it backfires they can try and re frame is gas lighting gas, which is trying to tell you what you know. Isn't what you really know. I hate the phrase but hey I got to show you a couple more things, the most important part of how this is a sham. Let's be real. We all know this the story from point seventeen. It says the campaign to impeach President Tromp has begun January twentieth points out.
Literally, there was less than twenty five twenty four hours before he got inaugurated. What what? What time was inaugurated before the point is before the present even did anything they were trying to impeach him. These campaigns were launched, and now I have this office. This very funny threat from it fell carbon on that super familiar with whom he is, but he says impeachment number one. Fifty eight dams voted to advance in payment for the high crime of dissing and I fell anthem protests number to say Six dams voted to advance impeachment for the high crime of saying as whole countries number three. Ninety five dams toward to advance and Peter for the high crime of insulting the squad, and here we are on a number four. House refuses to vote on this one, but instead conducting it in secret in the house permanent Select committee on intelligence, perhaps
also. So this is from October tat. They have now formally. Voters voted as of today, so I've I've, even the other thought it looks like they didn't vote this time because they didn't think they would win frill. Why is it that they voted every other time and failed? But this time decide you know we don't need devout strange right, it's problem, because Adam chef strategy. What is probably because they know it wouldn't work, but let me let me let me be, but let us be honest. I think Adam Shift strategy was was smart. They needed to do these inquiries leak stuff to the press, trigger a wave of bad news to spark people to finally support it, so that moderates could finally get on board because they are at risk. It all comes first of all the puzzle pieces. Are there the memo from Democrats saying that impeachment is popular and your more likely to win. That was only possible because of the information that was coming out because of the costs.
Stream of negative press accusing trump of wrong doing and what s interesting is the whole thing's became a telephone and anonymous or says acts that whistleblower donor. We, as all of us everyone right everything. Then they write articles based offers opinion pieces, then opinion pieces become fact. Finally enough people say impeachment, the lie has become so big. It is now acceptable and moderates are safe to get on board and that's where we are, but perhaps it will all backfire. Perhaps it's all just bad news, because in the latest story on the hill all, show support for impeachment weaker in key battleground states, and that's the final thought for this video. I know many of you Polygnotus. I think the whole thing is a sham and the whole thing is a scam and, and the more more information comes out, the more I feel the democratic are just it's a hell, Mary, it's elastic effort. It's all they have
but why can't we live in a country where, when you lose your lose and you fight to do better to improve the lives of Americans and vote out the guy you dont like while they can't do that, because things are going too well for Americans and they know it and it's the old they think they have the duplex citizeness deceit, deception, political operatives, the whole thing is filthy and disturbing. You know what man I don't know what's going to happen and twenty twenty, I don't know, what's gonna happen with the mid. You know with the congressional congressional seats. All I know is. I am sick to my stomach at the insanity and I wish these people would do their jobs. That's it. I much prefer to talk about policy issues and speech. Not whether or not you think the orange man is bad. When it comes down to it, you can find some people, like Judge Napoletano on Fox.
Sang tromp. Did you not commit unimpeachable offence, but there are also former prosecutors appearing on Fox NEWS. Other channel saying it's not a crime, impeach of all is is debatable. So what are we doing here? to me. This is extremely absurd Ali, but their stick around next islands coming up at Youtube COM slashed him cast news at six p m. Thanks, rang out. I wish you all next time. Last night we learn that Twitter was going to ban political adds, we're getting some clarity from vagina gaudy about what specifically, that means and I'll break that down for you, but I want to highlight something very important: a move that one praise from Democrats and scorn from Donald Trump Presidential campaign I'm not going to pretend that Donald Trump is playing for each ass. He probably thinks it's a bad move, but let me assure all of you: this from Twitter is possibly one of the greatest gifts they could give to. The Donald Trump,
campaign. While I am so on surprised that the Democrats would be seller writing this move, which will cause insurmountable problems moving into twenty twenty, there are twitter is assuredly giving tromp one of the greatest possible gifts you could ever imagine they may be saying, but wait a minute about you. Trump supporters are right now complaining Donald has raised record amounts of money, he's spending way more on digital ads. Then all of a sudden twitter shuts down political adds. Clearly that is an attempt at shutting down Trop. No, no, it's not! No! It's not and I can I am already this and I'll show you. The proof book I just explain something very but which most of you already realised, Donald Trump, tweeted, dot, dot, dot dot and it got press coverage there we are. I could you not Donald Trump tweed for periods
and it went viral and there were stories written about it. Donald Trump twitted, a joke picture of a dog and it went viral. Do you think Trump means to buy press? No, it's why twenty sixteen! He spent very little money, but got five billion dollars worth of free earned press they can't stop. Do you think Democrats can compete with that? No will bring us all down and I will show you some tweets that are so funny it's open now, as it does not on Twitter. Ok, I actually doing it, we're Twitter said the rules were about how they're gonna banner ads. I find it respectable. I think it's a bad business decision. Political ads are going to be a huge sum of money and may not be the bulk of twitters advertisement revenue, but it's gonna be lost. And therefore going that their stock apparently went down, I can respect Twitter saying you know what we're not gonna do political adds, but the dome Threats are all clapping and cheering and Trump is angry, but I'm like dude the Democrats
our children as their ship is sinking like a work with you're, not you're. In love these sweets I've got pulled up, but through the story. First, however, before we get started, I have to do this. Goddamn cast outcomes flashed on it. If you want to what my work and, more importantly, just share this video gallops Tommy. Don't when I do it's it's a fact now we ve seen the leak data a big expos ay. We know about peace, scores and throttling my channels are getting throttled it's, the waiters news is contentious. If you think these videos are important, the only way I can continue doing it is with is the word of mouth. So, but let's reading twitter ink will ban political advertising on its platform next month. The company's chief executives that, on Wednesday, a move that one praise from Democrats. We ve made the decision to stop all political advertising. Unpure globally, said Twitter, CEO Jack, Georgina statement. We believe political message: reach should be earned, not
and who are the most in twenty sixteen Donald Trump, so that the lead. The tag for this on Twitter was something like in a rebuke to Facebook. Whether trying to claim is that in a facebook spin embroiled in this controversy, because they said we will not police truth in political ads and that's the right thing to do. It is complicated, though, I think, facebooks between a rock and a hard place. Somebody rent and add claiming conservatives support the green new deal like Lindsey them specifically and Facebook took it down, but here's the thing that the challenge that Facebook didn't realise is that there is a difference between perspective and and lies and that's the challenge initially. This arose because tromp apparently Rana an ad about Biden, saying he was corrupt and he was doing these things in Ukraine. That's contentious, but not wrong, like not fake. Ok, whether or not Joe Biden did something wrong. A lot of people say: there's no evidence to conspiracy. Theory well
our people claiming the opposite: how do you determine what is sure not Facebook said we don't know, we can't do that, but to come out lately lie and save conservatives support the green new deal. What that's absurd- and we know that's not true and face- will take that down now. Here's the problem. Facebook is going to stop apparently based on this. If you make an ad, that's ridiculous to the point of absurdity, they take it out. Well, in that case, whereas the line and that's the problem, that's why I do think it was smart for twitter say we're not gonna, do it. I do have the dry got a saying that this can be everything like you. Cavan do nonprofit advocacy this huge I've. I respect this. I think it's up its, but let's reed analyse. Analysts do not expect the ban as interesting, which takes effect on November twenty second to significantly reduce twitters business oak outcomes. Aren't they do not expect the ban to significantly reduce twitters business shares fell about two percent and after hours, training social media companies
quoting twitter rival Facebook face growing pressure to stop caring, as that spread false information that could steer elections and who decides what true? And what is it? And this is the big challenge right as a huge story, I want is a huge, but I tweeted about it. The New York Times reported that Vindelin this this guy's intelligence guy, who testified that the Ukrainians sought advice for him from him on how to deal with Rudolf Giuliani. They said, comma, though they typically spoke in English. Ok, what was Giuliani doing in Ukraine, and why would Ukraine's need advice on how to deal with him? Is it perhaps because Giuliani advancing foreign policy actions of Donald Trump. Yes, that is fair to say. Well, that's what Jack Sobek did Jack tweeted breaking
The event men was giving advice to a foreign government about how to see. How do you know a deal with two trumps foreign foreign policy, some of that effect, and then he put dash and whitey. That's technocrats, true rights, we're gonna framing issue here now Giuliani was, it was, was pushing trumps foreign policy actions because you want to its true the near then wrote a story. Sang Jack was sober claim this, but the New York Times never said it all of us are now you have you. No Oliver Darcy unseen Unclaimed inject Masonic, lied and made it up and you're these twitter personnel. We like you, made this up, but then people are posing a screenshot the New York Times. Article signing it literally says this, and here is the big problem framing, what was Giuliani doing trying to push a foreign policy action on behalf of Trot S, trumps personal lawyer, Jackpot Sobek, framed at that, we probably because he was trying to show the agreed just like. In his perspective, it was agreed to us that this guy Vindelin was advising
foreign government to counter our own president, regardless the New York Times then takes it as a region specifically say foreign policy. Was it Giuliani, therefore, its fake news? Now? What do you do whose whose whose correct man it's all about perspective in framing the fairest assessment, is that Jack is correct, but was hybrid balikh, to a degree. I think what he was saying. I understood what I was trying to say by that when there is the problem, if you read that add, should you bet it man? I have no idea now. If Jack tweeted, something like Donald Trump, did a triple back slip off we're for the White House, proving that he's the most physically fit. Most people would think that's insane and if you want you're right events, and it's not true get rid of it. I mean in that regard known would believe it, but you know if you had an outright and obvious lie, that everyone knew was false: ok, we'll them. That makes sense. So that's that's. That's that's the main challenge here. I don't. I don't know if I care to get into all this anyway, but that. That's a good example, but let me do this. Let me just jump ahead and show you are that they talk
white, and let me show you, let me show you what which I got. I said will array mistreated. How does twitter decide what constitutes an issue, an issue at the giant gaudy she's, the woman who was on the jargon progress with me. She said hi here is our current definition adds that refer to an election or a candidate. That's obvious adds that advocate for or against legislator issues of national importance, such as climate change, healthcare, immigration, national security and taxes, whoa whoa full stop. This sparked controversy, climate change. Europe advocacy groups cannot talk about climate change, that's political wow. What about talking about? I don't know a video games and social justice. I guess those Let it go to political correctness, that's political! Today! Everything is political. This is this, is this is big I mean I can respect them going super broad with this, but health care does that include like plan
parenthood can't run, adds anymore. I'd. Imagine the answer is yes, immigration, so so what the end? I thought that the nature of what was the? U N, H our sea via the? U N Human Rights Commission, I think it's called The refugee organisation they can't run adds anymore, ah well, yeah, national security, that's also weird, but but here's, here's, the big kicker and here's why this is the greatest gift? Donald Trump taken over this, this this tree here from the New York Times. President Trump on Wednesday shared a photograph from twenty seventeen altered to show him placing a metal around the neck of the dog you're in the raid that lead to Baghdad here, yadda yadda, yadda, yadda, the photo president truck shared seemed to be an alternate version with of twenty seventeen photo of James Maclaughlan Maclaughlan receiving a medal of Honor Mcloughlin told the New York Times that he felt the president was recognised.
The dogs heroism there very courageous. What you? It seems to be it literally. Is it's a joke? It is a very obvious and poor Photoshop. Meant to be silly. The New York Times fact checked and covered this and boil boy. So did Jamaica. A White House official said the dog Is it not at the White House? Is this serious? Ok, I'm a break things down for you. Twitter says no political adds Donald Trump tweeted joke about a dog, and you get Jimmy Cost and the New York Times running stories about this Donald Trump tweeted for periods, and you got retreats like ok, listen man, I understand trumps got one
sixty something thousand do we do. I have doubled from parliament where he's got sixty six point, four million followers treaty. Just now. What do you say? He retreated radium. Here's thing on the front on and on the pinch tweet for Donald Trump is a political add talking about what Donald Trump has done and making him look really good and it's got twenty. Eight thousand retreats came. I understand Brok, Obama and other political figures have many many followers similar amounts. Yes, I got it, but they don't have the the tromp bump. Just addiction at the media has so, let's break this down its twenty twenty we're a few months away from the what were in the midst of the primary the Democrats are trying to stand out. You can't run ads on twitter and Twitter is where the political conversation takes place is not a lot of people on twitter out into this country, but it's where political. That's! Where the political commentators and journalists are having this debate in politics, it's where people can,
really rise above and get press attention like toasty gabert. She tweeted in response to Hillary Clinton and the spark like a week of news and still coming out of, this day tells you gave it is up for five point. Four points to five percent in New Hampshire, Twitter that started on twitter. Ok, nothing about this Trump tweet, a picture of a dog and the media goes wild posting photos talking about it. They can't shut up Donald Trump tweets, nothing but for periods, the media, those wild people are retreating, screenshot is, and what is drug? Doing omen trot tweets a typo coffee and it becomes as major trend and jokes still run to this date. They are upset with the man's twitter account. Now. What do you think happens in the primary
When Bernie says I need to compete against others with worn. I need to see. I need my adds to appear on twitter. They're, not gonna, get earned press because nobody cares for the most part like tells you Garriga, earn press but thou, say bombastic, and while that tweet, I was laughing like an hour the one about Hillary Clinton when the queen like what what did she say, wrought personified wow. So you think What now can have to happen? Trump gets the press, no matter what guy truck tweet a picture of a Photoshop dog and everybody goes crazy. Aren't we get it trump trumps, gonna get press robot, Democrats, the only way, Press if they go insane because you can't pay for anymore, tromp doesn't need to pay, for he puts the addy pens it to his page bone. Dago twenty thousand retreats when other Democrats, they are not getting this reach and now they can't pay for it. The only alternative is
shock content and there it is. The Democrats are going to have to go crazier and crazy because, as we know, what the Democrats, or during the debate stage, is pandering to woke twitter. That's why they're talking about giving healthcare to nonsense? What does any American on average really want that? First of all, every The Republican would say no, and I would guarantee that the overwhelming majority- Democrats would also say no, but that time you little sliver of Woke Twitter is gonna, be like yes and that's. The Democrats are pandering to guess what, in order to get that attention now they can't pay for it. They can't
that's how do you? How does Bernie Sanders Joe Biden compete without Tromp Dal truck its press? No matter what well we're gonna have to say really crazy things, they're going to start saying, really offensive and really crazy things to shock people, but guess what every day they'll to shock you more and more, with crazier crazier content or in the end, what really happens they disappear and at the end of it tells you gabert up. Four points follows Hillary Clinton fiasco. That's the power of having that that shocking content that that tweet, that less attention, she earned the press thanks to Hillary Clinton. That's what's that! That's how you generated what I will tell you right now. Trump is controversial in the sense that no matter what he does he's back and the press loves it. But this means all those Democrats are going to become the most divisive and controversial figures to stay in the press must be real. Nobody, twenty sixteen. How did Trump get so much press attention? He said bombastic things he said he was quote Donald Jake
is calling for a complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering the country until we can figure out what's going on. It was something like that: that's what These are some like that. Ok get Google it because our reject quotas. If I miss courted him, you know that's not my intention, but he said things that were bombastic network that, were you know very, very loud, boisterous and shocked me I worked in worked and we're entering that reality. I think it's dangerous, but twitter. Seemingly saying we don't want to be involved. Anymore is shut down political advice? Well, there you go think about what it means for them in terms its not just about twenty. In the mid term, elections Trump will wheat, something about a republic in another road Kentucky and be like this again did excellency in the media, is gonna, be like tromp now standing so and so and then Bernie is gonna, be like we like the Democrat over here and there about. That's, that's nice Bernie, but you know trumpeters better rating, so we're gonna talk about Trump, more and guess what the
those MID term Democrats. They can potheads, so you have the highest profile now trumps. The high profile twitter account as far as I'm concerned period like nobody gets the pressing where'd she does. He can just snap his fingers into the media to cover whatever he wants. Congratulations, Democrats. You played yourself. This is great for trump now I'll leave it there. Stick around next item is coming up p m that limit the Lebanese and by saying it's just so often at the Democrats, cheer for their own demise. They complain that Mark Zuckerberg had a secret meeting with conservatives like Ben Shapiro. They push this conspiracy theory that bench appear. I was allowed to break the rules on Facebook and then bag mark Zuckerberg to police political content, its mind, numbingly backwards. It's like their cheering as they go down the drain, that's why I want to be on that sinking check on what your ship a sinking dude in your cheering for it like I'm over here on the docks in like ice comic over here like we're on solid ground. You know we're we're we're cool and there like. No, they get,
urban economic dude standing on land, while you're innocent. Kingship doesn't make me conservative anyway, you get the point I'll see you all at one p m on this show we are witness. The ongoing demise of woke rage, bait media from investors, Hiding down complete losses Disney claim their five hundred million vice zero, we're seeing lay offs companies are being sold, and now this from the New York Times, stick to sports, no way dead, spin dead, spin journalists quit and mass, and I gotta say actually kind of respect this. Ok, it's a complicated story. Dead spin is part of the Gawker properties. They were sold to innovation. Innovation then saw them to a new company. Now this company is trying to centrally change what they're doing kind of restructuring the employees are getting angry and one guy got fired that their acting editor in chief, I believe interim editor in chief got fired because he doesn't want to just report on sports
Now it is complicated. A lot of conservatives are saying: why is it that a sports website has staff that refused to write sports? Why would you complain? Look what what analogy? was imagine working an ice cream shop and getting mad your boss told you to stop handing out your rap mix tape, and then they fire you because you wouldn't stop that. Doesn't this could different, though this gonna different, so there's a few things. I want to highlight the why I think, to an extent will first, let me say this: there's no good guys, you're. Ok, these these companies are collapsing. People are freaking out their lucky. The company exists in the first place, but I do think the journalist start in the right for the most part for one. If somebody at your work on new boss manager, whenever says I want you to do acts, and you don't want to do x, you quit if that simple. So they did the right thing, If your boss wants you to write about sports, you know want do you live and they all that there was a bunch of people who quit so that this was yesterday. But is more news. Apparently they lost
mother, I'm veteran writer dromedary, I dont know these people are, but I do before we re. Thus, I wanna make one very very important point by at first asking a very, very important question. Why is this news? seriously. Why is this news not understand why its news to me? I worked in the media industry. This strikes close to home- I am, I was I'm a journalist and little commentator, but why Anyone who reads the your times care about a micro blog called dead spin, I know microblog might be a little hyperbolic, but they're, not the biggest site in the world are part of a network of sites. That's been, you will passed around by companies after the main company. Collapsed, lawsuit, This is proof that journalists are narcissists to only care about themselves why debt spin has been funding nationally, on more than one occasion following these stories. Why? Who cares it's not relevant to the greater context of our country and the people who read knows, but it shows you
that journalists are only concerned about what affects them and their going. My friends got fired. I'm gonna write about this. Why don't care? Ok, Ellison the reason I personally care outside of a general, whereas it I don't care, I mean a general American. Is this the most concerned to know what is dead spin? Who cares only that which traffic? For me I work in journalism? Ok, I worked in the news industries makes a lot is. This is a big story, but I want to bring some things down. There are a lot of conservative saying that this is a case of like a United aka guys can shop. I think I mentioned that already someone being told
Ok, you work for sports website. Why aren't you writing sports? They shouldn't get mad about that. I disagree. I actually think this all. The fault goes right under the new owners and I dont think that journalists are in the wrong here for one they quit. That was the right thing to do, but I don't even think they were wrong to say that it wants to sports. In fact, dare I say it, the journalist at debts been should not be sticking to sports. It's complicated, ok, but trust me. I believe you will agree with me when we get to the point you can. You can hit on the woke rage by all day and night. You can think their terrible at their jobs, but when it comes to the core issue of, should they stick to sports? The answer is no because the new owners, we're trying to change the foundation of the company, so the journalists than did the right thing by leaving saying we don't want to be involved, welcome to real life so its limit. Let me read the story and I want to go I want to walk through some work. More of these are issues here before we get started had over its impact,
consultation on it. If you'd like to support my work, their several different ways, you can do. The most important thing you can do is share this video, and this is probably the best reason why you're looking at the collapse of media he's companies are failing and the companies that aren't our big cable networks with tons of money. In order for me to compete with them, I ask you to consider. Consider sharing my content. Tell me grow because you know you Tuesday, ranking throttling the point. Let's read the story and then let's talk about what's happening in me. On Monday, the journalist at the free wheeling website dead spin were instructed by its owners to stick to sports on Tuesday the Its interim editor in chief Bury Barshefsky was fired for refusing to obey that order.
Today, many long time staff members quit in protest hurling Dead, Spain into chaos. Not now. Let me just diamond say: that's been along with all the other. Gawker properties have been in chaos for quite some time. I'm not gonna blame it. On this at least eight dead spin journalists announced their resignations on twitter casting doubt on the future of the most popular digital properties owned by GEO media. Six months after a private equity firm bought the company for an unjust. Price I do wonder about a dollar, I'm half getting Laura Wagner are a porter who was among the sick staff writers out of ten who quit in August, who quit what was this assignment sentence, in August, MRS Wagner wrote a deeply reported. A highly critical story for debts been on GEO media and its chief executive, Jim Span, feller joining her in saying that they had resigned. Where I'm going to be all these people
they had resigned, were I'm not gonna meet all these people firing bury yesterday was a disgrace. Mr lay set in a text message and the direction that management wants to take site in is something I cannot go on board with not the first point. It was not a disgrace to fire bury it is called insulin. Then you will be fired. So these people aren't quitting necessarily because the company wants them to stick to sports Roy. I think it's fair to point that out there there more angry and seeing how dare you fire buried now. Listen today, though, if you're leaving, I want to do the right thing to do, but now I will tell you the can problems are getting this one wrong right. There was one guy like imagine the rapporteur, the outcome sharpening limits wines I'm into a man Jane. You worked at a burger joint also sold rap mixed tapes, and you knew that if you get hired, you'd moat Youtube doing a ton of rap sales and that rat mixed apes actually tended to sell a lot better than burgers, though you didn't do it all the time imagined than the key
when you get sold. You work for this company specifically because you know it's a burger shop that mostly cells, rap mixed types, the new owner men and say we are no law. You're going to do rat mixed apes if you're gonna rap make sure it's about burgers and mostly focus on the burghers and that the manager who work in this company before the known as get comes and says, I don't want to do that. Listen the guys who bought dead, Spain should have known. They were not buying a sports website. They were buying woke rage bait. I dont, like woke rage bait. I you know this. This debts been apparently some of the companies that first wrote about gamer gate sparking is like the shot her round the world, basically for the culture war, so you know there's a lot to criticise them over that.
You know, look woke bridge what its grafting, ok but low. But let me just explain if if a new owner comes into a shop and fundamentally misunderstands what these people are doing and try to make them change, I don't blame the workers. I blame the new management for not understanding what you bought dead spin is now collapsing in electoral ranking, took us out since that woman, and we have seen their rankings collapse. There viewer ship is going down. Well, it's not surprising they're down five hundred and fifty five ranks yep. You went to a sharp that was known for one thing and try to make it do something else. Now I get it you're the new owners. You want sports and I can respect that. But how dumb do you have to be to buy woke rage, bait and then get shocked when the Woke rage bait? You know leftists dont want to write about politics. Arms I dont want to run about sports. They do want to write about. Politics
right. So that's that's the main issue, while I dont like what they do, I think it's fair to point out. The owners should have seen this coming here. Let me point out, though, that Spain has a lot to be criticised for debts been, is, as is a home of drifting, you wanna talk about drifting, they say I'm aggressor, which means I'm pretending to duplicate, only pretend to be concerned about these things, because it makes money they say Dave Reuben, this a zoo, BS, IRAN, rightwing Griff, making money. Do I say on Minecraft would make more money, but what about drifting? Is resting as when your website is supposed to be about sports, but you know and freely admit, politics makes more money, one of them. But that's been wrote an article saying we're the adults.
Because we recognise that politics makes the site grow and generates money and the owner saying dude. I don't care about growth and money, I care about generating a sports brand, and then we can go from there. I love it, listen they're drifters. They know their drifters, it's what they do and they can be criticised for it, but it they quit that's the right bank. Now I will also point out there is really annoying to hear these people think they know. What's good for the company, did you write content about sports and woke rage bait? What is good for the company is not in your purview. The owners might understand. They won't make as much money covering sports as they would on politics, but they also understand they already bought political websites. So, let's go back to the rent, the rat mix, tape of the ice cream shop analogy the new owner comes in and says the rat mixed tapes are over there and the other building. We want to keep all the
screen here so they quit. I still think there's no good guys here. Quitting is still the right thing to do. If I worked for a company and the new orders came in and we're gonna do something different I'd be like not interested good, bye and I'd leave and I've seen it happen. So so so I can give them the respect for that. But to do you know what I feel like I'm not being a dead horse here. Is that the New York Times article basically goes on us talking about irreverent journalists and all that so long story short these companies on their way out woke rage made his over. This is huge news will see how this affects politics, but nonetheless circle back on the the only reason, times wrote about. This is because journalists are narcissist, as I said at the beginning, there narcissists and their theirs. Oh concerned about writing about themselves and their lives, and they want you to feel sorry for them.
Do I go around being like guys. I need to tell you about what the cat did the other day, man I'm so that the cat peat in my room, I'm furious. All men you'd, be like. I don't care about that, but nobody's going to understand the importance of the story of my life. Milo dead spin collapsed and it is relevant much more so than a cat ping you're. Fine, I get it by the way they can't really did pain. My room, it's really annoying cats anyway, if it's it's imagine if someone came to an end like you're hanging up playing video games and they started talking about their kids days like day care or something like with a teacher, was saying, like that's crazy, that's correct, easy insight that the joke is by the second time. Someone says that crazy wrap your story up. We're done. We dont care, but this is. This is a whole new level of narcissism. So I bet you things, this story, save it it's a good example. You know why, if you want to explain to people how the media loves,
writing about themselves and how their narcissistic shown on this story. You know why they'll say I don't get it what's dead spin, exactly what's dead, spin and wise it, they went to? Anyone outside of New York media then show them the image of Trump with the dog. That's the Photoshop damage liked. I talked about earlier because our people are gonna be like. Why are the journalist talking about this and say? Listen, we can see two things. Journalists are not small to understand simple concepts like a photoshopped image as a joke, and they also love talking about themselves. That's who is reporting new, You can see why this insane, given that Spain has the average person going back on you know, that's been as do I know what bar stool sports is, but what's that's been out of the average personal policy to you there also gonna say I could tell the dog in the photo was not real and it was a joke you over there
journalist can't. So what do you think happens them when they write about Syria or impeachment? There sit there looking at a fake photo going. Is this real blue? I'm done I'll see you guys at four p m: Youtube dot com, slashed him castigated, John Rep Katy Hill gave her final speech in Congress and she decried a double standard and cyber exploitation. And, while I will say I will say, I am outraged that many of these publications put out these aroused I understand they may have already existed, but there are many publication. And conservative media that didn't publish the photos but still talked about what was an m, I understand we're talking about questionable ethics. A lot of people have said the photos. It was right for them to show because it showed wrongdoing
It's tough for me. I found a line of you. Don't need to do that to tell people what's in it and there are many conservative sites that did that. But, let's let us stop for a second I'm not here to defend Katy Hill. I can talk about ethics and media all day and night, an eminent Katy Hill. There is no double standard. Does it not cyber exploitation for one? It was reported you published these photos. Second, how is it a double standard when Anthony Wiener? I know it's not the same thing but kind of he resigned and that an and, more importantly, you didn't have to resign. Ok, you chose to because what was to come next was worse, you can get it wrong doing you're under investigation- and I want to stress this- is not a story about poor Katy Hills affair. This is a story about an abusive relationship between a boss and subordinate There's the me to outrage, where's the me to media, saying it's because the media saying it's because men, cocoa
anyway, I understand you got convicted of all other thing, but back in what twenty eleven accidentally posted a link to his private photo and than a huge scandal had to leave. Ok they're, not the same thing one for one right, but listen. First, if you post photos of yourself How are you gonna get mad that other people are sharing them? Ok, second, if we do had the same photos. They'd go viral too, with its absurd excuse that she did wrong. I'm working to read this ok, about what I'm looking at I'm watching your speech- and I must admit- I am quite a funded- ok, because the accusations against her are not that hold on you. When you talk of the accusations she was like how dare they share those photos? I must leave your your under investing by the whole House Ethics Committee for breaking the rules, but, more importantly, check this out. The accusations are that you
pressure ring a subordinate who was scared and a text message female staff are involved in trouble that was sent to you on June third of this year, the female staff who says that she is terrified of pushing back against till or upsetting her because she sees how health treats cunning. What it what's the vortex complex is important. The text says: baby a really unpleasant realisation. Yesterday and it's this- I am terrified of pushing back against Europe setting you I've seen you treat cunning and I think that if I cause any issues, even if I am very, if I am very worried about how Europe acting that very quickly, you decide you don't want me in your life. I hope I am wrong, but that's really a good way for a partnership to be. I hope you know that if I am telling you something I know you don't want to hear it, because it's really important- and I am- and not just to make your life more difficult and then it stops Ok, this sounds to me like it could be a motioning abuse, withholding affection. This is a very common tactic. Now you want to question rights day.
Fine, but this is the media. That's being criticized, the messages are considered legitimate. Apparently, a corner Katy Helter, her access leaking them. Fine, fine! Fine! I didn't show the texts before, but where the point now, where she's playing this game, where she you know you don't you did wrong. I tell you exactly what happened. I have no problem saying: let's not go there in politics, let's or her private photos, stick to policy and move on. But then she said there are men who are rapidly accused and I went no. No, no, no, no full stop fine. I don't know you said you set a stupid buzz word that is triggering I'm joking aside, triggering but its fake. She said fake she's had nothing. And I said you wanna- play these games. You talk about double standards. Let's talk about, you begin an emotionally abusive relationship with subordinate, in violation of house rules me to moment where's that if this wasn't dude what would have happened, what they want. What would the land
Be writing the story. The humiliation of Katy Hill offers a warning. Yes, please, please, Quinton Jura I'd like to see you go back and write. The humiliation of many wiener offers a warning that if you post photo to the internet and someone finds them, it's not your fault. Ok, let's see what she said from deadline, wrote Katy, he'll blasted what she called it double standard, as she resigned from her how seat following the publication of explicit photos on the right wing site red state, is all on daily mail and according to I believe that state it was a wife sharing thing on red it or some like that. I could be wrong or could be wrong, but the effect of matter is, if wages the photos. According to the Washington examiner, were published by her or those published with their consent the mistakes made in the people. I've heard that led to this moment will haunt me for the rest of my life, and I have to come to terms with that. She said in a speech on the floor of the house. I have to come to terms with that
you said that, ever since the images firsts first surfaced, she had barely left her, but her appearance for the vote on and on an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump was the first time since then that she had left her apartment face and ethics investigation over allegations of inappropriate relations with one of our congressional staffers, something she denied, but she acknowledged having a relationship with a campaign staff member. As she was running for office last year, he was a favorite of Hollywood donors. As Democrats sought to retake the house last year and a number of entertainment figures, to canvass for her during the fall campaign. The cycle she had already raised a hundred thirty thirty one thousand dollars from showbiz sources, the most of any house incumbency your re election according to the centre for responsive politic, hell said that she was resigning even as other figures, namely Trump have been credibly, accused Mamma, Mamma, chiropractor MA. I hate that
it means nothing she she might as well just at floor. Gabatha brow will just just trash. I cannot stand when they say credibly accused because ears I described on Twitter. If you ever hear someone used the word credibly accuse just stop talking to them. You know why, because its proof that they got their opinions from you know of the fall catalogue of the dam, rat buzzword list, it proves if they get their opinions from the other, in line to go down to the media and say please hand me, my opinion is a candle to arguing with apparent yes, the I can talk to you, but there it has no idea what these words mean. Credit, accused means nothing you're, either accused or you're. Not now. I understand and law enforcement. There is a concept of credible accusations. This is not there.
A lack of vision, result an investigation, that's what credible is supposed to mean they ve stuck that word in front of it for no reason: incredible accusations, incredulous, accurate! What's the point you are accused. Ok, nothing was proven end of story as that again she wants to play because Instead of owning up tore mistakes, revealing that she's actually kind of a slimy person she says, is a double standard. You know a man look. I got no problem defending her, you should people should not be Postman's. Voters in the media I get it She is acting in such a slimy manner that I'm just like. No, no, no, no, no you're pressuring subordinates your exerting, you know You take my word for drive the box. Article only pulled up vocs wrote about this and they specifically said that subordinates are our pressured into consenting, so it seems like its consent.
Staffers, are scared and take a look at what the staff were said that you will cut. You don't want me in your life. Listen that doesn't just mean their relationship would end. She saying it. If I could, if I tell you this and you decide you dont want in your life, that means she doesn't Are there any more at it or it could mean that she scared that if she speaks up zones, nation ship that to me sounds like an abusive relationship, abusive. That sounds like a me to accusations, so thank you. The outline the atlantic women have been degraded on the internet for a long time. Women have been degraded for a long time period, but it's like guys have this way of guy talking women, others wave of women talking men and women to different things. I think in professional setting you shouldn't do certain things, and I certainly think that women do face a specific kind of harassment more than man. It's a fact. It's from you, research, sexual harassment, is more prominent and stocking, but overall men harassed a lot more. I think it's unfair
to call it a double standard there. There was one up. I've talked about how someone on Twitter, nearly every woman takes nude photos, and now they all must contend and fear. Retaliation. But you always did that's literally why there are laws against posting revenge photos. I can say that word: there's laws against it, because people dead and its typically dudes posting women. So I most fused by this? Is it like this mentality among these women who take these photos that they have no responsibility over? These photos are like do if you create something that can be infinitely copied and you send it- you realize their holding that over you, like you, never know so they made it a legal and I can
stand that posting. You know private information fun, but it's interesting lots publishing, Photoshop, someone consent, but at what point does the responsibility for the individual not to do that, and why is it mostly women? Like you know, here's the thing they say it's like women have to fear this year, but isn't it guys sending Nude picks two women that are made fun of like do the reality as humans. Do this humans take pictures themselves I'll, tell you what man, if you take naked photos and apparent internet, yet we can for the person who committed the crime, but you do have responsibility and all things, let me just. Let me end by saying something I made my point: Katy Hell was pressuring or staff. We get it to me to think. No one seems to care. Everything is your fault period, end of story. I wanna hear it have a nice day. Ok, I'm being a bit, I'm not being completely serious the point of making as while we do well
to blame the criminals. You know and we hold them accountable for the crimes they commit. If you decide to carry a big sack with a dollar sign on it, down a dark ally in the middle of the night and get robbed, I'm gonna be like dude come on man, do bear some responsibility and, although I do say oh, but that's victim, blaming none unintentional. Now we blame the criminal from for committing the crime because in many circumstances, say like a drop, you want someone picks up and returns it to you that someone doing the right thing. So we can easily say yeah the overwhelming majority of blame to go around. Ninety nine percent is on the person who committed the crime, but at a certain point, if you're responsible for yourself, like augmented use this atm and shot. My pen number then throw my debit card in the air and try and catch it's like. If somebody takes that from you, and now knows your pen, like I'm gonna blame you for ok, there's varying degrees of responsibility. The way I think you can
one of the safest things you can do is always assume everything is. Is your fault, even though its not blame yourself to an extent this. I don't blame yourself for this. A hold on you know when I was little. We had trains that would we'd like to train rather come down, and if I was going to school and I got stuck by a train, might I would say it's your fault and I know it's not the train came and he goes. You know the train can come. You should have left early so that even if a train did come, you'd make it so one time get it that's a good point. So yeah. It wasn't necessarily my fault that a train came and we did have a train schedule has just cargo trains like yeah. Ok, I do. I did everything as normal. I often same time and then I could have taken the precaution. So it's not entirely my fault bustle in front a make. Ok, whatever undone you get the point, Katy heal its double standard. This is just the look for some reason me to doesn't apply to abusive bosses when turns out of democratic congresswoman. Em up
I'll see you in a few minutes, I got a couple more segments coming up. Stick around cuban democratic socialists, RIP Eo sees democratic socialists for supporting cuban regime you're either ignorant, not socialist or not democratic, I was very confused by this. How coke they're, both socialists and their mad at each other, for supporting social, What do you think Cuba is what was going on to understand about socialism. Is that it's a fairytale? It's it's! It's a faith, not a real thing. There are varying degrees of how economics can work Bologna. Let me let me break down before I the story I'll make it very simple for you why socialism doesn't work money is a trade medium, that's it. It represents intrinsic value of nothing. It's confident.
That you can get something later in the olden days, the guy who made bread said. I need wheat. If I'm going to make my bread. And he would go to the farmer and say I need some wheat and the farmer would say in order to make the wheat I need a tool, a sight to cut the wheat. Well farmers that, unfortunately, I dont have that too bad. So then they have to go around this Macneil, given aeroplanes Zelda, where you to that region, trading thing? It's so annoying will eventually, the concept of intrinsic value emerged and currency came to be placeholder for value. So, instead of me having to worry about finding this ridiculous path towards trading I'd say I don't got a site, but I do have one gold coin, which will get your site from that fellow over there and its a great meant for the gold coin. Here's your we examined. My bread money is just a trade medium socialism. This idea that the people will own everything makes no sense its basically saying we want to create a world where there
is no trade medium. Let's make an analogy for this. Let's say you are going to build a house and the socialists as we don't need central support, columns? That's capitalist thinking and you're like actually the central support column is Joe one small aspect: that's not necessarily easy to find cause. We built around it. That holds the thing up and they refuse well guess what the house doesn't exist. Here's what its butter, a yo see, is essentially somebody who's living. Skyscraper and advocating for the removal of support columns a trade medium. Now we can put laws on how currency works, but the idea of training currency has nothing to do well. You know, I understand. A lot of people are now argue, sang like term you're, confusing currency with socialism. Listen, I understand that in many of these socialist places they have currency, they have trade mediums talk to the socialists online and and listen to what their
aiming about. You can just go get healthcare. You can just go to school or in mind and in mice specific circumstance. When I was with a great Britain Socialists and they said you can't just walk to the car factory and get whatever material. You wanted this by asking for their advocating for no money and a socialist I've talked to its common theme. Now it's possible to have socialism and having trade medium because they do not, they do believe was called personal property, but the whole thing kind of falls apart because where does personal property- and and where is private property began? None of it makes sense and you're basically advocating for pulling out support, comes from a house and it's gonna collapse on you and it does every single. So the only way this works is if, when a bunch of people rise up and say, if you pull out those support columns, we will revolt. Communist or socialist leader says, take em out there from out the back and then, as I know, that the that though the troublemakers are gone, we can writ down these support counts and everything falls down on. You are three. The story
and see exactly why the Cubans are mad. Now that you ve dealt with, might might my anti communism rent, but, but I will say I have a photo apparently of the socialists. The Cubans are wing with Abkhazia, Cortez I'm kidding by the way for those that are lessening it's. The spider man mean they're both pointing at each other How are you going to be upset I see is supporting Cuba when you literally doubt with what socialism dies and you it's gonna be better somewhere else. What an absurd really stupid. Stuff. Nine been democratic socialists. Let me intersect, who learned nothing from Cuba, wrote a blistering open letter condemning a mess can democratic socialists such YO see receded slave blast, Democratic Socialist of America. A group both women belong to for their support of Cuba's communist government.
Thank you. Haven't written a letter stated that the American Democratic Socialist either did not know the cuban reality or they are not socialist or democratic, calling them poorly informed. The lays reporting of the letter in which the nine Cubans wrote the support forecasts was unrevealed and resolution. Sixty two of the recent convention, the democratic Socialist of United States, held in Atlanta George Georgia, can only be explained by two reasons: out of the American Socialist Democrats, do not know the cuban reality or they are not socialist or democratic or, more importantly, they are, and you have learned. Let me flit this on you perhaps, Yo see implied know exactly what Cuba is and what they are doing terrorism and they support it and you who somehow managed
still be a democratic socialist after experiencing Castro ISM for some reason defendant. I think EO sees right on this one I got I gotta be honest. Democratic socialism would absolutely support cuban comment. If they do how you know it's, it's it's it's quite it's quite simply be it resolved. The dsl formerly declares itself in solidarity with the cuban socialist struggle. The deal say unequivocally condemns the economic blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States and its allies, the american military presence in Guantanamo Bay and any sanctions and actions that would undermine the self determination of the cuban people, be a further results.
The USA will move to join the National Network on Cuba and American Progressive Organization dedicated to opposing acts of imperialist aggression against the Republic of Cuba, be it finally resolved within thirty days after passing, the USA will submit its application for full membership to the National Network on Cuba and we'll take active measures to pursue full membership status. Bra I daresay they therefore open borders. They have that, member that weird video, where was like they say their names, their protons pronouns than ever got the angry in the guy was I'd, stop muttering! You are giving me thanks and then someone else yet well. I'd like to use Jaeger language. Well, isn't surprise anybody these people who are trying to dictate what
No one else can do or thought tyrians who support Cuba think about it at a conventional guises. Can everyone stop shattering, then someone, I said, don't say guys, don't use gendered, protons, that's what it's all about. They want you to do what they want. They want you to bend the knee, so they look a Cuban while Cuba sure made people bend over backwards God they love that authoritarian and authoritarianism, The open letter continues its attack. You ve been in solidarity with the regime maintained by force of arms, murder, imprisonment, repression and compulsory exile of opponents, which is not held for in democratic elections for more than sixty years, which systematically violates massive and blatantly this civil, ok, you know what you know. What none in a week we get it. You can't have democratic, social as it literally makes no sense, because what happens when people vote for self interest it all comes crumbling down lies a fair capitalism is
far right. Economic spectrum, communism or socialism is the far left. Neither can function properly and trick here. Come all libertarians being like an ant caps. Tim you're wrong free market will work. Ok, do ok. Let's talk about market incentives, human dopamine, triggering environmental destruction lying there's. A lot of you can't have a complete free market and you can't have socialism, I'm not saying we can't have a very free market. That's why set an cap and other capitalists, because in an article capitalism I mean things, get silly and monopolies form rapidly and you'd evolve into authoritarianism really really quickly, but you can have very light regulation within. Were well mainly free market. I actually lean towards a mixed economy. Workers of the metal what you ve got to have some laws, some restrictions. They got up. You know because a society can fund
if you allow sociopath to exploit extract resources, and for that we have that problem, but we do have regulations, we do adapt and we are solving for you not for what we won't work forever on the far left. All with the idea of socialism doesn't work either you you, you have no choice but to enforce this with guns, and you can't allow elections, because people will vote for dopamine not going to vote for their best interest, and necessarily I shouldn't put that without those that was poorly framed when I mean to say, as they will vote for their best interests, hats, that's what I mean to say: they won't vote for a collective. You no long term view of what they need to do. They're going to think about as individuals. What will make our lives better and it's not being forced
into this at gunpoint. It's not eating crappy food, it's not allowing you to exile people. So so let me rephrase people always vote in their best interests. That doesn't always means the best thing for the community. What this brings me to is why exact, why Eggs, I believe mixed economy and more moderate policy makes the most sense. We need to protect the collective that is the United States as a bit NASH, list, but we also need. We also need to recognise that competition helps so it is it is. It is a complicated problem. You cannot have nothing but competition and you can't have nothing but cooperative systems. It doesn't function if you want to force people to live a certain way without money or whatever
gotta do at gunpoint if you wanted just like people, trade whatever they want. Eventually, people start trading drugs. They do ridiculous things, I mean look, you know I can get into it because you too will get in trouble. The point is: there's a decent mix. You can have social democracy where you like a sixty seventy percent tax rate. I think that's too much, but the butt. But it, but it does. Work does function. Some people eventually get angry, they vote against it. Things can change, you can also hear, a more libertarian tat government with very light taxation or near no taxation and small regulations to make sure you prevent, like a company from putting on alleged shavings in there in their drink that kills you and they did in the known, can do anything about it it's gotta, be some laws and regulations People on the run on the far right, libertarian economic spectrum will say, like I'm an ip and stuff like ay, I get a man, but listen, I think a good mixes healthy. The problem is this is what you get when you have about
young idealistic individuals who have no idea what it truly means to be socialist and for some reason. You have socialist to our shocked that socialists would support socialism. You know what, whenever I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you also Bill had Omar refused to on sanctions against Turkey. She also refuse to recognise the armenian genocide. How many people wondering is she on the payroll of air to one in fact, and a scant there? I believe unprocessed name wrong, NBA Star sat. It seems like she's on the payroll of air to one, but now we have the story one of the air. Taiwan's biggest allies contributed to eleven o Mars campaign and there it is so they say actually completely disagree with this narrow, and I think the story as an aside that important one of the most frustrating things to me when it comes to fund is the inversion of quid pro quo, the idea being that, because
done it to her. She must be serving him, it's actually much more simple than that. He does things turkey likes. Therefore, people who, like Turkey, give her money, so she keeps doing it It's really annoying to me when people say that someone is on the payroll of the and our aim and that are doing that and our raise bidding and I'm like none other than you miss the point when somebody votes on laws that are beneficial to two gun rights, then you're gonna see gun rights, organisations being like. Let's keep supporting this person there, there inverting it inverted quid pro quo, but let's read the story to be fair and I think I'll under Critical, but let's see what's really going on, because maybe there's thing I'm missing here. She is receiving money from this guy. Maybe maybe is a quid pro quo. The daily collar reports, chairman of a turkish american advocacy group with close ties.
I too am Cora, contributed one thousand five hundred dollars last month to the campaign for RAP Ill had Omar, whose under fire this week over votes. She cast supporting turkish government positions campaign finest record show Omar and the activists. Tunnel. Mutt Lou were also photographed together and an event for the turkish American Steering Committee. A U S, base nonprofit, that has for years, waged public relations campaigns in support of turkish government policies and turkish president recipe type. At yet note that mixed makes sense. You dont use. I announced couple years ago I was gonna, go investigate Sweden, positive lots and eventful worse donated to that campaign. They then tried, claiming that I was on the payroll eventful wars. That's not true! If you want to do it, you can it was a public donation form. There was a whole big thing and it stupid it turns out. The answer is much more simple: is she getting paid to do things? No she's friends
the guy. They agree with each other, so he gives our money and she does things he likes, and I gotta admit of unity, but not that much money and in the span of their campaign. But let's redone essay modal whoo hoo, to who turkish media outlets have reported is airlines. Cousin is Co. Chairman of tee, I see a corner. The group's website found and twenty fifteen at tea. A sea has orchestrated public relations, push to cast doubt on whether the Ottoman Empire committed genocide against Armenians more than a century ago, and this is where I completely agree with the controversy over the criticism and we get the controversy, see, I'm sorry, I was ill, can Omar sorry there in the squad, so photographed with a guy.
Who denies the armenian genocide and ill in Alma refused to vote on a resolution recognising it that is disgusting. That is disgusting, bears repeating twenty fifteen. They orchestrated pr push to cast doubt on the armenian genocide. Now that might explain why ill had a margin vote on recognising it, because she doesn't think that happened. I dont care about whose don't it into our campaign, because she clearly is an armenian genocide, denier and that's why they support or not the other way around. That means we will vote on these resolutions. What passed anyway, with broad bipartisan support,
the group has also held rallies outside the White House, condemning syrian Kurds as terrorists. A vision held by the turkish government media reports show much Lou. A physician basin Connecticut has also led to a sea protest outside the Pennsylvania home of a tool, a cooling and exiled muslim cleric. Who era one want wants, extradite bet extra it back to Turkey. Omar came under intense scrutiny, Tuesday over two votes. She cast on resolutions aimed at punishing Turkey over its incursion earlier this month against syrian Kurds. Omar was the only Democrat to vote against. Imposing sanctions against Turkey over air strikes against the Syrian Kurds was against enough. Who have worked with? U S, forces to fight against ISIS. The house voted four hundred and three to sixteen in favour of the measure. I will. I will stop and say: fifteen Republicans did vote against that as well. So if you want to criticise people from supporting their Republicans in there too,
bigger question, though, is that ill had Omar? In my opinion, is an overt anti semite, an armenian genocide denier. I wouldn't be surprised if she denied some other particular genocides, because she seems to be a very fringe. Conspiracy, dearest type, individual laden with scandals forced to pay fines, come campaign, finance lava action for some reason she doesn't resign. Don't ask me, I mean are also this June after you and neither Katy Hill who did and then complained about it. Your choice, dude the Minnesota Progressive, received the blow back for her defence of a neutral vote. She cast on a resolution to recognise the armenian genocide. Yes, you, but at present the house there are some other people did as well the house. Prolonging we passed resolution four hundred and five to eleven with three lawmakers, including Omar Voting present, and I stated after the vote, Omar asserted that the resolution is being used as a cultural and political fight against Turkey, which is a NATO ally ally of the? U S,
She also said that she was with holding judgement until an academic consensus had been formed. Wait. What does that mean that there is an academic consensus? However, though, I think they may be daily collar may be interpreted this wrong. She said something about accidents Roxy. I could be wrong, but I thought you were saying something about an academic consensus on all genocide in putting the native Americans and stuff like that, but I guess short advocates for the resolution so that Omar statement mirrors propaganda pushed by the turkish government. Essentially, this is a turkish talking point he's, throwing out none other than an US up. I dont care for that. This is a. In point of so, and so it is annoying argue what she's saying. Don't I don't care where it comes from no care whose idea the idea is target the deal. Please I don't care whose money she's taking to an extent I dont care about who's. Talking about these things as well, I care what the fuck that she's an armenian genocide denier
I mean she seen and photographed with them. I refuses to recognise it, so I don't care about talking appointed as she has lining up to carries Turkey, water, Turkey's water on this full stop. Now, I'm gonna be very, very critical of this It cannot stand that you want to argue something argue on principle. I don't care who water sheet you think she's carrying. She has bad ideas, she's care in her own water, criticise her. U S. Lobbyists on the turkish government, payroll have fought for decades to prevent votes. Any resolutions that refer to the two Armenian, thus as genocide. While the government has acknowledged that mass deaths occurred era, one and other turkish government officials, whose presence events of nineteen fifty wow, TAC, has helped in that effort. In twenty five team, the group launched a campaign called let history does to counter army and groups. Push for resolution on Monday, I had
the House vote tee. I see urge supporters and social media to contact their lawmakers to oppose the resolution, not gonna happen. You know why, because we in America recognise historical events and it's got broad by partisan support, but nice try you're allowed to speak. I respect your attempt but also thing it's kind of gross. But congratulations, hey you get at least one ally in the Democrats. I was ill and Omar liberal pundits blue. Sid Omar over her defence of the votes. This is awful liberal, New York Times columnist, Michel Goldberg, tweeting, response to Omar statement. The freshmen democratic been one of President Donald Trump harshest critics. Especially on social justice issues and she's lying. It is a game they. Serious. Please stop. She doesn't care about any of the stuff she could
She's oppose opposed to sanctions, but she wants a sanction. Israel she's full of it. It is why? Is it wise anyone defend here? You know what Democrats your report, you so congratulations, you ve, embrace and armenian genocide denier. What would you say about it? They say under airlines watch Turkey has become the world's leading jailer of journalists. That's in large part. Thanks to everyone's crackdown on news outlets, seen as favourable to schooling who operate a worldwide network of supporters as part of the
movement area. One is also acknowledged that that an american pastor, Andrew Brunson, was held in turkish prison for more than two years as a bargaining chip in hopes of gaining goons extradition back to Turkey, turkish authorities arrested bronze in October twenty sixteen on charges that he had links to the Golan Movement and kurdish separatists, both of which are considered terek terror groups by Turkey was Mitchell. A state government official called the charges laughable during April eighteen, twenty eighteen congressional hearing the Trump Administration negotiated Brunson Release in October of twenty eighteen and be a player and ask him who was born in Turkey as an outspoken critic of area, one blasted Omar for being the only Democrat to vote against sanctions without some. So we know this. I want to reassure me, as I did this very afternoon. Let me just end by saying I want to talk about this, because I think it is unfair to make the story and framed this about. She took money from an area one. I don't care literally, don't she has ideas. She has badly
We can talk about her and we don't need to make. It seem much is carrying water for anybody. That's if they try and due to the time due to me, they try and do it to two conservatives are Griff. There's whenever it none on another you wanted accuse me zoo, be Reuben. Whoever of having bad ideas, you talk about our ideas, but but we try to hide motives or quit broke out, and I'm not gonna play that because you do nothing to discredit the ideas. It's an at home at him. Ok area, one gets this, I'm sorry ill. It all more get support from these people, because an awful person who agrees with them. That's it. They don't talk campaign not because she has to do anything, but because they know she will do it anyway, and they wanted to win at how it works. People don't get hired by companies, because the companies bribing them to do something here, look at higher because they do all ready these media pennies art, forcing people to make social justice content there hiring
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