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Democrats Have Crossed The Line SMEARING The 4th Of July And Mt. Rushmore, Panic Then Delete Tweet


The Democrats smear of the 4th of july and Mt. Rushmore was more inline with far left fanaticism than anything Americans mostly care about.The tweet in question proves that beneath the thin veneer lies a fringe ideology. Presumably Democrats realized that most Americans like the 4th of July and quickly deleted the Tweet.But calls for destroying our history have been emboldened by Democrats and Republicans stand for the most part idly by, save Donald Trump.Trump recently announced they would go after those who destroy statues. Meanwhile nancy pelosi joined in the removal of statues and quite literally got on bent knee for the far left#Democrats#Trump#Republicans

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The Democrats have accidentally. Let the mask slip. A little bit on the surface There is a humble facade showing good a man. Africans who just want social justice for all and truly do believe in this country, but beneath the thin, the air is actually revolutionary communists and a fringe ideology, not everybody. Just some of them and we're getting a glimpse of it because, as I mentioned the mask, let the Democrats recently pointed out that fourth of July glorified white supremacy, and immediately deleted the tweet, the full details, sad that trumps hat trumps event glorifying white supremacy, was being held at Mount Rushmore. Many people are taking that to do to assume their calling mount. Hush more racist. Now the event was there, but the event in question that they say glory eyes. White supremacy is literally just independence day. Is he Donald Trump wanted it? a fireworks ceremony at Mount Rushmore for the fourth of July and
a sad well that glorified white supremacy. You see, project very tossed, an expert and they showed us some of the staffers for Bernie Sanders in the videos. One of these people is TAT talking about how a lot of their beliefs are really fringe and crazy, and they can't scare people with us right that you basically got a guide people with normal sounding things. Just good old oh pie in Amerika, but for a first social justice right and then what You get them marching with you. You can start chanting crazy things, maybe the mind some private property, and then you know maybe the conflict ensues from there, but I think what we see with a lot of his politicians is either they whole heart We believe this fringe zealous fanaticism, intersection with or their women just go along with it in DC, for instance, the mayor, Bouser actually wrote on the street on a public streets, a political message,
cheap, promoted and joined the protesters and is now telling people not to celebrate the fourth of July, come on now that is mask full off american should stay home on the fourth of July, but by all means come on protein, four are non theistic religion. That's that's telling you for you right away at telling you straight try to your face what they truly support. What they believe, in my opinion, is a big mistake. The tweet from the democratic from the Democrats, talking about Mount Rushmore mourn. The fourth of July was deleted. Why? I think They realised that regular Americans find that crazy. So what do you things going to happen? Now that you have say the mayor of DC, saying you can go on protests which council the fourth of July. That is something I actually feared, and I tweeted about this. What happens when regular Americans are told they can't go out for burgers brought beers and some fire works on the fourth of July, where the most important hollow
as for America, the birth of our nation, but there told black lives matter, get special access, special special circumstances were being told that second wave of covert is coming. You can't go out for the fourth of July were told that done But there's glorifying might supremacy by celebrating America, I don't think so. They walked. I tell you what I truly believe regular Americans. Perhaps they call it silent majority, but just regular Americans met many of them. Dont know or care about politics, many people, I beak with on a daily basis outside in the suburbs of of of the Philadelphia area. Then our whole lot about what's Koane today, but they love the fourth of July. They truly understand what it means, whether they truly care about the founding fathers they like going out. Their friends have fired up the grill, haven't a burger and hang out the people they love and care about. Now, we're being told we can't do this in some circumstances were being told that its racist- if we do this or LISA, if true
does it yet the protests they want to have enough way spread covered and you shouldn't be. To engage in running your business. Yet you get my point, this to me says I have. Have to imagine right. This is good for Donald Trump but hey, look. The poles are all saying that trumps doing bad that binds gonna win. I can't imagine this may be. The poles are right, maybe we truly have lost our sense of America. Maybe the dad. Reality is those that act we believe in this country and believe in its institutions in the constitution have lost Nancy policy for instance, literally got on bent me for this non theistic religion inter sectionalism. She called for the removal of many statues, albeit confederate ones, which aren't I can agree with the removal of these statues, if done properly and by vote by the democratic process. But this is still part of a movement that seeks to remove monuments to abolitionists to our founding fathers
quite literally just the other day. Desecrated image of our first president, if Donald Trump loses, why should say if the democratic party that is embracing. This ideology wholeheartedly wins its as to me that there are the people who really believe in this country are gone, maybe this this about the true love for this country doesn't really any more. If the poles are saying what they're saying and Donald Trump really, In fact it allows people are supporting. All of this. Then either they don't care, they don't know, or they really just don't like what America is a three. The story and see is going on with this tweet about not Rushmore. Now explained you exactly my, but my position is, but I do think it's hard to know. What's gonna happen, com Camberwell Trump: when will we lose we'll see? Biologist boys, for on a breakdown of the Democrats, are wholeheartedly embracing this fringe fanaticism and I think the mask has slipped with sweet. Now,
before we get started had over two TIM cast: dotcom slash! Don't if you'd like to support my work as many ways you can give an. I gotta be honest: there. The centre A ship is escalating their eagerness deleting everybody they did the other day with with thousands of right at channel several you tubers band. Now you can argue that these channels are more fringe. Whatever the point is, the cliffs are eroding, and eventually, where we stand. Will become the edge of the cliff and we too will fall off of it. If you want to what my work in the event that I get purged bending good attempt, Esta COM, slash, donate, there's a p o box, where you can send me stuff if you so desire. But let's get back to that. News. It is want to watch it or listen subscribe alike, but ratification bell. What's the story Fox NEWS. As Democrats tweet then delete post linking trumps, Mount Rushmore event to glorifying white supremacy native American, say president disrespects them time and time again they say tromp, is set to attend a fireworks display. The iconic landmark that honours George Washington Thomas Jefferson,
Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, but a tweet from the Democrats. Official twitter page, took issue with the president for holding an event and shared a linked to an article published by the guardian last week about the criticism. Has received from the native american community there's ears, the actual tweet tromp has disk respected native communities. Time and time again time time and again, he's attempted to lie but their voting rights and blocked critical pandemic relief. Now he's hold a rally, glorifying white supremacy at Mount Rushmore a ring once sacred to tribal communities. Now that many people are taking us to say that they are considering Mount Rushmore too. Be a white supremacy symbol, a somewhat that known and unknown unitary read this he's holding a rally glorifying white supremacy, full stop the event that the rally could take place anywhere at Mount Rushmore, not Rushmore Incident of course they are still be smarting, rap, Mount Marsh more but understand. The event is a fourth of the fourth of
Lie celebration: the birth of this country, independence day when the United States declared into play thence from Britain. Now I know I know a lot of people say was actually signed on July. Second, but it now ok, whatever the for the July's our holiday. Ok, it you're ask historians out here a macroeconomic and all the answers, but it's our holiday right. That's it I was doing he's not going there to glorify anything, but you need to, stand. How this this this non, theistic, religion called intersection, was and works. They believe anything that arose out of European club Realism is itself white supremacy. They quite literally believe me entire country of America is white, supremacy itself, at no institutions, no reforms, no constitutional amendments will ever change that, because the constitution and the system of amendments itself is a structure of white supremacy. Therefore, celebrating the birth of America celebrate
colonialism and white supremacy as they describe it, in reality, this country's a melting pot. Many people around the world come here, people who aren't white and we all learn to live together and get along, and it's actually kind of awesome. It's like the history of my friend, some the reasons it. One of the reasons I take great offence to these people because I've been to other. Countries, and it would not be fun for me or my family, because America's actually one of the most tolerant places on the planet and their criticising the birth of this nation, which allows my family to exist, that's shocking and send scare him you think about what this means, though, the people who run the Democrats. Social media really do believe this so can we say the entirety of the Democratic Party has adopted this fringe religion, None of us airily, but we can said that enough of them, particularly the younger people. Probably people run social media absolutely have at the highest levels there at least willing to bend the knee literally
Many. Let's move on from this story, though here can only show you first. Mayor Muriel Bouser joins protesters. We all should be watching what's happening in Washington DC? This, in my opinion, is the perfect example. Example of ideology, their world view in practice. Now it's one thing for them a tweet and then be like hopes and take it down That says to me: they realize most Americans don't agree with them and they might lose vote but we can see what the boat with the mayor of saying right, she sang go while in protest and she action We joined the protesters on the ground. However, she, is also saying that you should not go out for the fourth of July. Do you see Mayor Bouser urges district residents to celebrate fourth of July at home. Now? How can that be? How can you choose one event over another. How could you claim one is safe and one is not because she wholeheartedly supports intersection Elysium its non theistic religion, they
of all the markings of religion, and she does not support these United States. This to me is, it is crazy, I'm in american politicians and don't celebrate the fourth delights to dangerous, but by all means go protest. Foreign ideology. That's me is well, it shows you exactly what these people are all about It shows you that Nancy Policy and Chuck Schuman other Democrats will literally get unbent knee to these people, as a viral video of a police officer is a black man and he says that the protesters ask him too He'll they say Neil without any says I dont know Oh for anybody, the only Only person I will need Neil for is: God did interesting idea, many people of varying religions. Agree. They will only kneel before God well interests, journalism, is a non theistic religion. So these way to explain it is like you know. Buddhism, for instance, has never got as far as I understand it. They have,
all of the markings of religion. They have essentially priests and and preachers, they have original sin. Even they caught privilege. They have. You know they have all the behaviors. How can I get it? I did a video on this already. So forgive me no, not if you're going to be like a hot. You know that they tell us, then I did a whole video breaking this down, but you really should check out Mcgowan? Who is a philosopher who talks about the some breakfast down the point internal bring up as how they kneel to this yet the same time. The debt The credit party would tell us that the celebration of the creation of our nation is glorifying white supremacy, and then he will meal for intersection, wisdom, Nancy Policy, has called for the removal of confederate leaders, statues, paintings and things like this. Now on the surface, I have no problem with this times change. What we support and oppose will change.
With it, but Nancy Pelosi. Giving into this. The removal of statues, in my opinion, shows that it's mostly about supporting those who had here to this this non theistic religion. She's not standing up for America. She standing up for these people and their fanatics this is this? Is the closest you can get to remain? socially acceptable. Ok, ok world will remove all of these things now. The interesting thing about it is that man you ve that that there is some paintings removed, their actually people, who worked in D C but had connections to the confederacy, That's getting a little weird, I mean that's a part of our history. That's not a statue that was put up, the nineteen hundreds early on by say, the sisters of that was a call, the sisters of the confederacy or something or the daughters of the confederacy. These are people who actually, worked in government. Still, if you want to them, I think, by vote by right of democratic process. That's fine! but what Nancy Policy is doing is what I would call crop dusting. The
Geology and what I mean by that is she's getting as close as possible. She can, while voiding being called out as adhering to this. You know this this this these fanatics, their ideology that, though a good example, being deleting the tweet right. We accidentally went too far. People recoiled that we must protect the fourth of July They don't want you to realise that after you vote for them behind that mask is something else entirely and that you will you risk losing your constitution, your civil rights, your your ear, your bill of rights, you right to life, life, pursuit of happiness, liberty, etc take a look at this from slopes. I love this. I notes on purpose persons protest in the police, custody, death of George Floyd defaced, a statue of an abolitionist in Philadelphia. True, that's right, slope said so, and it's not just One statue in Wisconsin they tore down the statue of abolitionists who actually died from,
idle wounds fighting against the confederacy, and that's what Nancy Policy supports when she takes these actions? That's what I find actually fairly scary, and it goes beyond this We take a look at this vandals caught on camera, throwing red paint at George Washington Standing statues, they threw balloons filled with paint at George Wash. And what do they say over the New York Times? Yes, even Orange Washington. Ten slap in the face. And here's what I really think, then I really do think that you have people who love this country. You have people who, those guns you a little bit too much, and yet people who really do hate this country. Twenty, because the trope growing up was a lot of these conservative pundits were saying, like the liberals, hate America right, that's the family, guy joke mocking rush limbo liberals, hate America and the liberals would would return with no, we love this country and this country's founded upon reform and amendments, and I agree at least I use
be it in an alignment with a lot of what the Democrats were saying, but now there just straight up no fourth of July its racist. Yup George Washington do barely even George Washington. They say slavery was a cruel institution that can't be excused by its era. Shore, I kind of agree what George Washington, no George Washington are first president symbolizes the great reforms we have made and the defeat of slavery, on this great nation, we have gotten rid of these horrible evils that should never be excused and we're not going to we're gonna celebrate the fact. The founding fathers lay down the framework that allowed us to get rid of these things and the arguments made by famous abolitionists, challenged people in this. Andrea inside. I think it was fun. We're done This is not something the effect of will the american people
the will or the guts to stand up and and uphold their own constitution, which laid the framework for equality and then eventually yup. They did by all means we can besides the founding fathers, but I would agree with DES creating their images or destroying statues of abolitionists. That to me is truly Julian saying, well, at least Donald Trump is doing something something trump vows to jail to anarchists. Please stop with the anarchists than these people are communists, they're, not our guests, who vandalized George Washington, monument and my seat. We have them on tape all right. Well, I'm glad I'm glad something is being done. Ok because we ve had too much of this, but I tell you what The Democrats will still do everything in their power to excuse the far left and the unknown in thing to me: anarchists, anarchist, anarchists, shot up, tromp, ok
Republicans conservatives stop saying anarchist when you do this. You war death, then Ding, tacitly anti thought and the far left extremists, because to say anarchist would imply they have no plan. They have no hierarchy, no structures, no authority figures, that's not true! They do they are organised, they plan, they have funding, they have tactics, they are not anarchists, they are revolutionary communists. Stop. Funding them by calling them anarchists, because anarchy implies randomness. It means without authority. Its frustrated me because actual anarchists are sit around twiddling their thumbs. That's the real they have anarchists, they ought to do their bit. Have their committee meetings, unaware of had actually run things these people who are going round sum Actually it things have planned it out. They have financiers, they
of organizational structure, but I digress. The Democrats would tell you that anti but doesn't exist at all. Ex Ante VA members slammed Adler and even members I was never for calling far left group- imaginary, that's just fault, false jerry net. Her sad imaginary things like anti fa, that's right, because the Democrats weather They are a part of this or not are defending it. I think it's because they feel is a weapon they can wield. They can It's like the one ring. You can't wielding power. You might think you can, but you can't and you ought to know how I can prove it. Let show you the perfect example remember when I showed you got all mayor, Bouser of DC, saying get out there and protests that I'll be right there with you. You cannot. We build the one regulate the Lord of the rings reference, and maybe they don't get the point as there's a man growing, and everyone wants to use its power, but you can't you just don't have the ability to do so and the Democrats, think they can use anti found the far left to benefit them
you cannot control this group. Here we go DC proto sisters, dance outside mayors, home demanding she Deef on the police and look at what happened in Seattle. Shazam any protesters from the autonomous own showed up to mayor darkens house, but she supporting them in working with them? Why would they do that? She was furious, saying you're putting my family at risk if he, ah, you cannot control these these people. You can control this group and as a power you cannot wheeled, but you know what Trump made them desperate and in their desperation they turned to people, they didn't quite understand, and maybe this will be bad for them. They just tweeted at the fourth of July, glorifies white soup. Lemme see how many regular Americans in the suburbs are now going. Whites humming regular Americans who are not white.
Weren't war, a war not wealthy or or politically active. Remember growing up at a time when the fourth of July came around and they have a boy our with their friends and their families enjoy nice cheese. Berger with some in ruffled potato chips little by mail mustard on that burger. Maybe somebody who likes pickles and Mayo illegal bird from Egypt is allowing their neighbour a good old days. Sitting there of fireworks has not ever But he celebrating this is white, how many people. Remember that that time I get to see the first fireworks display big explosions in the sky. They got to go out to the lake. Maybe ancient cargo, were the most racially diversities in this country. I think it may be the most and they got to go to the lake And fireworks were being let off boom boom over the wall. And they had a good time with their friends in their families. At crack, jokes had a beer was fun. How many people remember that an there being told it's all about white supremacy undergoing what how many people
man, I'm I met my wife there, or that was the last time I put out. Might you know my grandpa before he passed? How many good memories from that and we all got together on the fourth of July, delight sparklers and celebrate the birth of a nation that, although imperfect, eventually came to give people civil rights and to this day still expands those rights with the Supreme Court recently ruling that algae Bt Q peoples were protected from employment discrimination to this, all of the evils. They cannot this country and we are still granting more and more civil rights and protecting people if they would seem, it seems they want to tear it all down. How many people remember all those good things are remember all these good things and even to this day, see these good things are now being spat on by the Democrats, who imply their racist for doing I can only imagine in the long run if it works out with helping Donald Trump, but I too,
you ought to be turned the media, that's how you otherwise, I'm look. I gotta be honest. I am not convinced trumps gonna win. I've been leaning towards him on unattractive, lose for several reasons. One I don't know if you saw my video from the other day, but I actually got a mail in ballot to my house totally insecure from somebody who didn't mind at any request. It don't even live here. Why is there a male? If it's sitting right in front of me, I can't show up cuz. I want to talk to the individual, their names on it, but I posted the image on twitter. You can see it it's real, Bishop Melon ballot, it says why would this be sent to me? I don't know, but with level of security. I think there's gonna be allowed cheaters and they're gonna try and cheap Uppsala over five third gate, they say: do you buy? That truck should be worried about recent Yes he's down in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Florida by since in Michigan, Wisconsin, double digits, Joe Biden, is gonna. Win. Look at us. Why buttons Paul pulling lead is different from Clinton's and twenty sixteen. Why that's right? They say
At even though the poles greatly favorite Hillary Clinton, it's different this time I got bad news for transporters that may be true. They ve corrected a lot of the mistakes in their pulls up and the polling difference today is very different from where wasn't Hillary Clinton you ve got a pandemic, you ve got riots, and maybe people don't really think trumps the guy to do it now. Why would they think it was Joe Biden? I don't think so. I don't think any of em to think over Joe Biden. But let me warn you all: well Joe Biden hides in his basement. He hasn't yet picked a VP. What if Joe Biden pick some one to be, as vice president, who actual
Lee does instil confidence in people that he can solve these problems. Donald Trump actually lose. I'm worried the Democrats have tried to wield the power of the far left in. What's really gonna happen, as he's gonna blow up in their faces. Think about this way the Democrats have brought on an entertained the french, far left to such a degree that their party is being split in half what happens if come election day, the results come in Donald Trump to wonder in seventy one electoral If it's possible, he doesn't quite get. He just barely gets enough and they say well to seventy two in right: tromp he's gonna win and why? his bite and lose well with around two hundred force. Natural votes, what's this a progressive third party that hated Biden and was propped up by the establishment, swoops it and grabbed his hips, a substantial number of actual out splay, the democratic part?
in half and giving tromp a minority victory. Not only would he have a just barely enough electoral votes but maybe he has thirty five percent of the popular vote. Unfortunately, by splitting the votes among the far left in the end, the Mainstream Democratic Party Biden Tromp. As that is the plurality and he once I'm not saying, I know for sure, what's gonna happen, but I can tell you a lot of things can happen that you would not expect stop saying it can't happen here, because you know for all. We know trump winds. Five hundred and thirty eight bone biggest women. Ever maybe he loses environments. We have no idea I did a lot of reasons to believe that Trump is going to win, but I believe This and other media going after him and the lies and in the end and the smears has a good chance. Trump could lose. We won't necessarily know for sure, but bite Tells donors I'm going to get rid of most have trumps tax cuts
and a lot of you may not like that, our right man- I don't know how this is a winning platform- read my Epps New axis whites is that, while you know they criticise tromp, they say: Tromp is running on the culture war platform and I'll, never win, that's bad! It's a bad strategy. Joe Joe Biden, hiding in a basement is running on the ongoing attacks. You more platform I'll, tell you what I got no idea what to expect, but I'll tell you this. I am deeply offended when they insult the fourth of July, because of what it means to my family. My family, who fled, to this country at a time when there were no guarantees of civil rights for minorities and for mixed race people. That's right, my my My ancestors might like my grandmother and her friend He came to this country.
At a time when they, when I don't even have a civil rights ACT, can you believe it? That's amazing. It wasn't all nineteen sixty four and three years later for the loving V Virginia ruling. How amazing is it? Amerika was so great that even but for civil rights legislation MA am my minority family wanted to be here and they came and then from fighting for their rights it it was granted to them now of this country and I'm really excited the fourth of July phenomenon. Good timing out, my friends, the people I care about, and we can have some sort have beers burgers, brought all that stuff to be Let us not only burgers would shrink beer, so maybe some chicken and fish about have awesome, often pulled barbecue chicken. That sounds pretty good and we're gonna we're gonna sit back and fireworks all of the place where we have a good time and I'm going to let any crazy politician, try an insult. What
with this holiday means to me and the memories that I have that go along with it, so they cross the line and they knew it and that's why they deleted the tweet. But let's see if this means anything to the voters, when November comes around Mexican will become an up at six p m at Youtube outcomes lashed him. News, and I will see you all. Then. The mayor of Seattle is outraged that as it stands protesters showed up to her house. How could they do this after she supported them? and refuse to shut down their occupation, even in the face of five shootings. They clearly have her support. Still shop to our house- and she is deeply offended- you know I gotta say men, Democrats really don't learn right or what However, it is that make someone lean in that direction or becomes politician, they don't learn. Maybe it's because a penchant for destroying histories of their doomed to repeat it, but they keep doing things, that negatively impact them how many times have
seen stories about censorship, and now and all of the liberty minded people. I described the you know intellectual dark web moderates. Conservatives are like whoa, whoa, whoa censorship, bad and the left goes, but my private platform, and then they get banned, this is an outrage, I say: how dare you ban me or others? Lay this lady mayor, Jenny, darken saying that it's gonna be a summer of what we might have a summer of love more akin to a festival. Five shootings happen and still they have not shut down. The is hilarious. They tried after the fourth shooting, but she didn't want to use the police and the protests refusing to leave well, even though she is still refuse to do anything about this businesses are angry. Residents are angry, they're, saying enough enough. There's one video where do poles of gun out of you see this dude and he's gone having the barricades and throwing I'm somebody why someone pulls out a knife and then he paused
a gun and he's. I nod on island they back away, and then he goes about flipping table. And destroying parts of jazz. Basically he is. He says I'm like go home, though the F home, how many times do how many more shootings need to happen before the mayor says tat the police, but your arm, IRAN get Bulldozers get em body out were clear and this out there there. As far as I can tell just let me stuff happens now, we ve got some witness statements from people in the jasper. I'm I'm I'm I'm gonna talk about the jazz and what so that some of you will have their talk about, but I want to show you that's right Seattle mayor who defended shop, is outraged after protesters showed up at her home. Well, let me tell you some you, you might legally have a right to defend yourself at your home, but the morality police will still come for you, that's the world. You helped create. I love Take a look at the story. You know the saint ghosts. Couple that came out with guns on their property when the protests There's rioters broke Brow,
God there we'll get enter trespass onto their property, broke the gate they came out with. Guns, everyone knows story, big story. They're gonna be investigated s ripe, it will threaten you when the mob TK as for you, they say We have no right to defend yourself. These Democrats, man, the in these cities, now I do want to have a brief mention. Other people are saying these guys. This management are Democrats. I did a fag adequate check on the record. I believe there actually Republicans, I believe, they're passive. You Republicans, like minor donation here and there some people think that their democrats, I believe, got the wrong guy there doing the wrong they get, the other all s name anyway. There's the point when they shop to your house, and their screaming things at you and threatening you. Who can do nothing to defend yourself, they will come from a region story, because they're gonna be investigated lot of, people are saying turn again trouble they might go to jail. Maybe it was a felony. That's right! Don't defend your house from the mob, here's the story from the blaze,
Seattle, mayor, Jenny, Jerkin expressed, outrage after black lives matter protesters shut up at her home Sunday afternoon, despite your previous support and defence of the chop encampment protesters targeted or home after dark, last week the city would no longer support the chop. The Capitol Hill occupied protester, whatever it's called jazz, that the designation, and would seek to remove the concrete barriers that help define condoms zone. But the chop remains intact. You cannot appease them. You can't it's amazing how they seem to think if you, if you give in two terror. You will be left alone. I have been saying this for a long time now, more aggressive, we in recent times they will never leave you alone. It will never happen. There's no more apologies, there's no amount of of of you. You cannot bow enough. It will now ever be enough. They want total and complete submission, so use
then I'm gonna lie thing, even though everyone else in the city is mad about this is the most is the most annoying thing, I talk to my friends. I got As you, as you know, many of my father your progressives, their lefties and we talk to a lot of them about statues and tearing things down into and taking land, and they always off the offer this really passive non answer like while, I don't think it's right, but I wouldn't stop someone who did and unlike what makes you think, like what you what because they are saying they actually support all the stuff like that go down and and and and chant in March, but they wouldn't personally throw the rope unit I mean, and unlike why? Don't you vote? Ok, Why don't you go to the city council meetings and put above out term of the statue in this? A voting didn't work. I'm, like G, have your stuff to think about why that might be. Could it be that you the baddies. So I asked people you know you determined whether out you're the body looking look back to history and take a look
all the really awful people an end. Countries and governments they can have are things in common. Like an old banning box banning speech things, you know using force and violence against their opponents. So how about you look back and question whether or not you are the body but the easy. Where to put it is when you vote and most people say no, and you say I don't care what the will of the people is. I am going to go out of my own volition use and an use force to get what I want. You are the bad guy. That's you now that I have often heard people try to convey eight civil disobedience and non violent protest with with use of force. None at all sitting down. Unlocking arms that's acceptable that's annoying its disruptive, but it does generate positive attention. So the occupied protest goes a bit too far biggest infringing on the rights of the businesses and the residents of this area. If they wanted to,
lot link arms and it is in an intersection that I get, but they have gone too far at this point right. This is a fine. One really is a fine line. We have this protest, We have people taking this this space and saying we demand. Ok, civil disobedience, the only problem is. It really is causing destruction and violence to the community. That never agree. It s. So it is, but you know unimpressive force the bigger Problem now is all of the shootings you'd think at a certain point. The mayor would come in and be like note. We're done end of story, violence is the line and you guys are going nuts nope. No she's just lie. Well, you know. Maybe we need to negotiate with the leaders of chop. Ok, so that when she says we're, gonna cleared out they shop at our house and now she's crying about it, Jerkin really, statement expressing her anger at the protest. She was especially said that Seattle City, council, member to No one had joined the pro
pastors at around they're going to show up at your house. You think it ends here, you're insane. What I'm working! says I dont know to what extent we escalate, but you know that they, like showing people, but people's houses with like mock gear, teens, mayor, decadent or family, are in the state programmes keep their address confidential because of death threats mostly related where work as Seattle? U S attorney under President Obama. Instead of working to make true change, council members who want continues to choose political stunts tonight. She did so without regard the safety of the mayor and her family. The mayor was not even homes. Working at City Hall see or can and should peacefully demonstrate, but should not put families and children at risk. King TV both towards the protesters about why they targeted our home. We came down, any darkens mansion debate. The demands of the movement and of the families who have been impacted by police violence to our doorstep, and she seems to not be able to hear our demands. Any other way demands demands,
You dont care for votes, we don't care for community. We have demands. That is not how this country works. Maybe baby internally externally, I'm pretty sure. I think that's exactly how the? U S works, our or at least to a certain degree. The point is you, whether showing up at her house there trying to instil fear in her. That's the point: that's why they're showing up at her house. You know you'd, think that private residences and people's private lives would be off limits. No, they want you to fear. They have, burn down buildings. They have shot and killed people and now they're showing up to your house. We can do about it. That's why that's that's why she's freaking out, but you know what I tell you, what men mayor, Jenny darkens is your fault. There is no point at which they stop. Ok, if you keep give then things will keep saying. I want more reminds me of like this one time out. Sixteen right and ours the train in Chicago
and I advise him crummy fast food jobs right actually just got painted a couple: bucks, I get out as a homeless guy is asking for further, please, madam so hungry. I need some food now Margareta I'll get you some. I woke up this little key ask and unlike what you want to sell it on and in a food item or somethin. So then the guy says he's Let me get that sandwich a Coke and Newport Box, one hundreds- and I was I wait. What you could buy cigarettes and then he begged me come on man. I've had said and so long as it is the guy when selling cause. I was sixteen saws like years money you can buy whatever you want, the guy buys it then I walk in a way to stop, because where we will wait I get some more money and, unlike bro I just bought you cigarettes. Food not come on man. I told him, I'd like Brahms our? I don't have it nigger. I thought you were cool man and I was like what Could I just gave you all of his stuff, and it was. Never enough! That's the point, the pro this is going to be like. We just want the police to begin
funded I've been hearing about, ok well defined. I'm not to fund a more oh, ok, What will set this program? I've got it all down, but what? What? If I that will come to your house. I fulfilled who and that's what they did, complicates matter, was at another shooting Monday. Why sixteen year old in a fourteen year old injured sixteen year old dead. Please are investigating incident I'll. Tell you what here's where we're at morality, policing! You know my father. Every thing about. The revolution is right now that they have corporate sponsorship. For you have you checked out the Mcdonald's twitter page at the big old banner? Don't you love but when the when the violet riots and writers and extremists get corporate sponsorship, you know why, because Mcdonald's is scared for real. What's going happened. If they came out and said that their light, we better just give these people whatever they want, because regular people don't speak up voting for it. It won't do anything in July. It says nothing, it just says you voted for Tromp Anne and these people, when they when they, when they
When they re nothing but the New York Times or CNN, they have no idea what you are talking about or what you care about other people, shop with signs making demands. Mcdonald's gets that then I say men Andrew Cuomo COM. Supporting these things in New York because he sees a mob of people, bashing, windows and waving signs. That's all he sees it. He says clearly, no one else cares, look out some people don't like it for sure what hear them out, but for the most part people play leave me alone. So who'd you gotta pander to the people. The crow bars baseball, bat and the Maldives. That's u pander to, of course, New York's arrested several of these people. I get it. The point is Mcdonald's has no idea what you care about all. They know it. It will sharpen, though bricks through their windows, unless they put up sign, saying please spare us. I talked about this before you go to Berkeley. You go to Oakland,
walk down these streets. You do not want to leave this white. Every business has signed the windows saying you know me some stupid, supporting anti, far signs and black lives matter, and we respect you know minorities and stuff, like that, all these weird pandora signs and out at a bar there and then at some sign in the window, there's an insult the trump and I'll talk The bartender swollen politics and she seemed fairly moderate, and I said you guys really hatred company goes down? I really am. I can watch with signs like those of a bridge to the window. If you put it up, you wanna live that way. Is that? How you want to live, where roving bands of extremists break onto your property, destroy things and threaten your family at your home? Well, that's where we're heading. Why Mcdonald's puts up they're stupid message? It's basically their national umbrella of please don't break windows will do whatever you say safely without it. Other companies penalties messages they're doing it because scared, because terror
have been romping about the streets threatening people shooting people, parkes, not an exaggeration. Just happened in Louisville. Five shootings now in chess yeah, these people are scared, and you know but the problem is: unless trunk comes out surely does something they are gonna feel they have no support and no one will save them. Now. Tromp has come up yes, the OJ their task force. They made several arrests, we now have, certain states are making arrests. The people need to feel like there is something they can turn to that. They have hope if Donald Trump can't create that image. If he can't give that feeling people that I will have your back, then there not that I dont believe they'll vote for him. Just because he's better than Biden Inter of law order Trump needs to prove. In its besides, I've come to me, come and I'll save you come hide in my bunker and if you can't do that, people won't know what to do maybe he'll wrap this up. I've been several arrests. Tromp has
you know put out all these images of the far left me me that's all he needs to do, because maybe now people like this at these at these, so the pulling out weapons are saying, like Joe Biden, not saying anything if anything the green with these people, the Democrats just tweeted out something saying going about Rushmore was glorifying white supremacy, the deleted it really really quick. Now people are gonna, be like police. Save us. That's not gonna, be Joe Biden haggle over this. Here's your ears, the scariest thing about these people, I dont, know they're in the legal right or not. In my opinion, they should be absolutely should be now mind you, they're gun training is lacking, but ok, if you enter, private property and you are shouting things and you're in a group of hundreds of people. I don't care if you at this point as an individual are saying. I didn't say anything: it's not fair. They pointed a weapon at me, you're in a mob like there's, there is appointed
you are an accomplice, your aiding and abetting violent activities does. What is this? This would thus far left does with their black block tactics. They'll tell regular people to shop wearing black hoodies, wear black, that way. They know that the extremists will be to commit crimes with impunity, because the cops can identify them. So if you go and you march- and you have no idea what's going on well now, Euro useful Idiot, whose whose providing cover for the extremists you shop, vegetable, profit, these people's property, their private community, and you start chanting things according to these- this couple they were, they were threatening, burn down the house into kill them and kill their dog and stuff like that, so they went on got guns they whence I got guns cannot guess what Saint Louis authorities are saying: how dare you tryin to find your property from a mob especially considering that buildings have been burned down. Cities across the country faces widespread riding and looting.
And someone was just killed. The other days been five shillings, the Chaz, but you have no reasonable expectation. You have no. You have no right to defend yourself, these people if they go after them in my pinion all they have to do is say these these riot. Had been going on for a month. They destroyed things, they burn things. We saw what happened in Ferguson years ago with people getting shot and the he entered our private property, are private community. They broke the gay and were threatening us, so we gotta weapons and what person insane it's? Gonna be like lock him up, maybe that's the fence, the fear of morality, policing took us out. Saint Louis Attorneys market Patricia Mcclosky went viral. This we understand, they were under the rifle amateurs. What they have done this to outsiders, proposes marked by now this the guy seems my. And our honour standing, I've seen seems to be safer, in terms of legality. He's holding the weapon wrong, doesn't seem like he knows how to use it, but hey he's got one. The woman
however, like walked up to people was pointing it with her finger on the trigger. So you know our no happens there. But now we can see that the odd this Circuit attorney has issued this statement. It reads I am alarmed at the UN it's that occurred over the weekend where peaceful protests were met were met by guns and a violent assault. We must protect the right to peaceful protests in any attempt to chill it through intimidation of or threat of deadly force, not be tolerated. My office is currently working with the public and police. Investigate these events, make no mistake: we ll not taller the use of force against those exercising their first a moment rights and we will use the full pay our of Missouri law to hold people accountable right, Those postponement is reportedly investigating the incident as forth. Degree assault by intimidation and there it is, they can break into your private community. They can threaten you, they can destroy the gates, and you can't defend yourself, because if you do
Oh you we'll get arrested. This is hilarious. Reminds me of like something happened to the UK, where Someone broke into an old man's house, I I have been in the story wrong, but the old defended himself in the robber, got seriously injured and ran away than died later, so they charge the homeowner with murder. It's like well, you didn't have to kill, Are they broke into my house at a naughty? He was doing what you get a weapon. That's that's. That's the real! problem of the extreme nanny state and this fringe ideology, it does not respect your right to to be safe and this, in my opinion, will create the it's. It's it's filling up a powder keg of revolution. If people feel like there's, no, hope, there's no one, they can vote for and they feel like an hour but they do this state is gonna, come after them. What am I gonna do? Learn a snap. Here's the point I warned you of this: I did and I'm warning you now of what comes after we see this will see if these people actually get charged and arrested, but take a look.
What happened in Atlanta that cop the racial books are killing the cops being charged? Phony murder, the gulf? meant, seeing the widespread riots endlessly besides, it is easier, just to strip the civil rights of one person or two people than to deal with stopping. Mob or a riot. How do You and mass rioting. We dont know we can come out with force might actually make things. Worse is very difficult to deal with. Send that tendency general garden in the army. There are ways to deal with it, but what happens these police will be standing there, and see a massive group of people screaming and throwing things and thou see, one person scared sang, stop stop please help and the cops gonna go well. I can't stop all of these writers. But if I arrest the sky they'll be appeased for now and there it is morality, policing we seen it with the arrest of the guy in Atlanta, and now I think
the wind up, seeing it here. You come under private property in a state with castle doctrine. I don't see why people should be investigated running. I think they should back nah, nah, nah, nah, back away back away, they broke on a private property. Doesn't matter does not matter. Reminds me of Tiktok, dear disoriented, doc. The way it works in the? U S is they say, you're a vulnerable group? If someone speaks negatively about you than at hate speech- and you know, you'll get some either you, the speaker, gets a splendid and in China with Tik Tok because they run it works differently. When a man amount of people were bred. Gating like that there was one woman who is like uglier something, and so a hundred. Hundreds of thousands, hundreds or thousands of people start spamming, messing brigades, insulting and so What Tik Tok decided the easiest to stop the bullying was not to ban the bullies because there was too many, but to ban the ugly person who was being bullied that way they would No one to Bali. Isn't it hello?
Yes, how that works, that's authoritarianism and that's what I think we're going to see banned the victims arrest the victims. That's what will happen soon. I think comes next. The protests chopped Amir darkens house right and their screaming and making demands. Maybe- escalation dies down. Maybe the police, actually come and enforce things, but I doubt it you see the police at have already violated constitution, the constitution Durant Girt during Covet. Why should I expect that these these city cops are gonna, do anything now, of course, the small town cops like in Virginia, have stood up for the constitution. Is the big city once take a look at mayor darken? She has supported the chop. She has done nothing to stop this and and she's angered the police. The police are, They are not doing anything and she's not doing anything either. So what happens when the protein? Yours go insane and demand the arrest of maybe not the merits a step too far, but
of some lower ranking government official saying they committed a crime, they said something the police are gonna, be like. We can't stop these thousands of people Europe to come with us, we're an arrest you. And there we go. We ve already seen things like this happen. Take, for instance, in Canada. I know its, not America, there's a journalist by the name of Dan, ex Sousa Small Independent Youtube. He was surrounded by a bunch of activists screaming at him and threatening him. The cops rested again. I could you not rested em, it's easier to arrest the victim. That's morality, policing, so I'll be surprised if flash. When it comes for you, the people now when it comes for random people new neighbourhood. What if they come in protest at these people's house now think about this way. There are big investigative report, the result would have been in the past. It has to start saying. We must protest. People in their mansion and are white supremacy and they start chanting in their thousands of people screaming saying we demand their arrest. The cops are gonna arrest him the cops
back. Ok, ok, ok, whether it legal or not. They will do it. That's what scary I've already released people on writing charges and an outright level producing charges in New York in Fort Worth the guy in Louisville, got arrested for two twice for writing. They release him, many consumers shooting. So what do you think the capture and be scared of thanks, of people who are uncontrollable and possibly armed and screeching in making demands or two people who of war? we have already bent than he. Let me tell you some these two people. Ok, apparently I looked up the records and it looks like the guy. I don't see any donations, the woman may have I believe it is a public good mind you, maybe republican us put it that way. I believe based records I die to the general public record search, looks like their republican at the very least, slightly lean towards that. These two p,
issued a statement through their lawyer sang. We support the protesters and it was in fact the white people who are causing problems as I said- oh, oh, no, we don't come out because of race or anything like that. That has nothing to do with it, but those white people. That's it the electoral said in their statement. I think the same was stupid because we judge people based on the content of the character, not the color of their skin. Read these two people have already bet the knee they're, probably terrified there there already desperate they should have stood firm. But now I tell you this: there They will not fight back. They will not defend themselves, they have already to their knees and begged, please please, please! So what happened to the mob shows up the house again and there being investigative forthwith salt they will go and no one will protest. This is what this is. What these people in government are considering right now, listen ups, the high ranking people going to be like we got a mob on our hands. What we do, while these people will not stop young Then we can do is try to placate them. For now are I will
What happens if we arrest the couple? Nothing literally, nothing not gonna rested at it and then the fight in court and it maybe in six months or a year they ll win, ok, arrest them easier right because, If we arrest him, no one will say anything: no one will do anything. There will be no protest, there'll be no speech. There will be no outrage. People Sk rumble on the internet. If you dont arrest them. Then the rioters will go insane. That's morality, policing, I'm! I'm! I'm fully expecting us on like that to actually take place in the near east. I mean to be fair. We ve already seen with their competent Lana, burn onawandah. Is the city freaked out there? but much ally's about this guy and then they arrested the cop who is defending himself knew go. That's it they're gonna, do Gonna keep happening because these people are zealots their fanatics on the far left. You don't know the talking, but then read the news. They don't know. Anything and then all care about justice or fairness. They care about getting what they want, regardless,
Well what anyone else thinks I don't care about your rights. They care about their dim, their demands. I'll leave their next time is coming up at one p, dot M on this channel. When I will see you all, then, it, was not that long ago that CNN Oliver Darcy wrote a story where he sat right. Wing media was claiming that anti fa militants had taken overs part of Seattle and afford he say otherwise on another That story was because we have videos of them doing it. They call it the chance they set up barriers. Now several people are dead. As wanting they're, not militants. John Brown Gun club, apparently security security on another was if it was the gun club scary last night killed. Somebody should and a vehicle. I don't know exactly what happened most people. Don't they said that the visa always gonna drive buyer, something they fight at a crash in America? No idea, but a sixteen year old, I believe a six year old died. You talk about armed extremists. Taking over the space brow
see. I was wrong, just riding fake garbage for the sake of the right of always wrong will now we have this story. Father of Chaz shooting victim, bring the national guard. Now things are going crazy out their men as a video going viral right now from I believe its proper Oh you talk afford it's. An expedition is driving down the street and the protesters swarm it and the guy driving or the press driving clearly doesn't want to ram and everybody slows down, and then you see it caught the sigh wearing them asked with a gun, Bang fire right in the vehicle and the view. People still doesn't speak out of every someone fired a gun into the vehicle is greatest off man. The question now is being asked by hot air at least is not here. They say it's no longer a question of how to end Seattle, brief experiment in armed anarchy. Question of who will step up to end it? The father of a teenager, murdered last weekend in the chest job why
it's the National Guard to restore order before more people get murdered in the lawless zone. You know why, whose dying who died? Two young blood Men died in the chest job, so there certainly not fighting for racial equality there just making things worse and where's the mayor. I'm gonna negotiate, do nothing. Now kid died, the mayor could have stopped this and now a kid is dead. I look out. Who causes what but lawlessness which get you get, people losing their lives, and the mayor has failed old entirely, because this is now the fifth shooting the mare could have done police could have come in. The mayor could have had this cleaned up. No father wants the national, our thoughts. Let's read the story and sue the experts are saying, and I want to show you this video, but also I've got the media portraying this right because I got I good one in New York city protesters are clashing with police over a new occupational trying to set up demanding the funding again. Why
and yet you look at some media Alison where they show you. They show you happy dance and in every smile and skills in Rainbow Tsar, here's a store. They say or Lorenzo Anderson stood in grace of Andrei Taylor, a leader in the local anti police, violence, movement, Anderson there is shine, a light on the murder of his nineteen year old son and namesake, who was shot killed inside the jobs own last weekend. He as the zone should go. This doesn't look like protest to me. No more said, Anderson that just looks like they just took over and said we can take over whenever we want to address thanks. National guard should should be asked to return. They should deploy If I'm here to say man it's time to go its timetable. To move on and break this up. Yet you know the National Guard, because the mayor in the governor art, while the mayor's been completely ineffective, the governor has been to the governor, will have to call on the National Guard because the mayor's not doing anything They say with a show of force, one export told Como today.
And maybe more than than a show. At this point, the amount of course necessary might exceed what the Seattle Police Department can deploy or will have the authority to use for one thing, a police officer said The ban on tear gas makes actual violence a lot more probable this. What these people? and understand. When I talk about Joe Cold and tear gas, you Eliza these arse our gradual steps in an escalation of force right. No, they don't, as a cop, should be allowed to use your guess than where they gonna do. What they come out with rubber bullets and the other side, as actual bullets called an escalation of force. So when they can't use tear gas, they have to use something right, shields and buttons and they march forward pushing through people. But these people have bricks and weapons. So what happens? The police will have either no ability or no choice but to escalate here they have their devastating here, hey Zeus, via her most is a retired sergeant with the Pierce County, Sheriffs Department and has been cans, and
has been considered he's a force export for decades quote. I just things are going to have to be action that has taken at some point. If there isn't a breakthrough and that action, Feller Moussa involves using force. I really believe at this point the pie protesters have really force the hand and we're going to after use force but a corner, the saddle police officers Guild President MIKE Sullen, the inability to these things like tear gas limits. What can be done? The owner, option now is to use our physical bodies and our baton to hold back the problem for Seattle, police. Isn't there tactics or strategy? Is the city leadership provided by mayor, Jenny, Jerkin and for that after the leadership provided by Governor J easily the time for taking back Chaz was the moment. The barricades began going up mayor, TED Wheeler had to show what kind of Mayor TED Wheeler had to show that kind of firmness twice in Portland Oregon and it paid off protesters still through tantrums and Malta cocktails, but civic authority prevailed and soda
governance to all of Portland citizens in D C, videos going viral Deasey police came in and knocked down some tents in Chicago, in a Nashville and actual North Carolina, the police shut it down right away. But what happens when you're mayor is completely ineffective, incapable and spineless? You get five five shootings, five shootings in like a week. That's it you get these other jurisdictions prevented all that. Fortunately, Seattle is just unable they say it has become clear that Turkey lax the intestinal afforded to necessary to bring this violence to an end police chief Carmen best all but called Jerkin a coward in public yesterday and still Jerkin refuse does to act with any firmness at all. She apparently wants to work until the Champions Jesus Danny's get tired and go. But how many Seattle residents have to die for that strategy? How many after remain hostages to an anarchic mob. It will take
the National Guard, under the leadership of ITALY too, in order to order an end to the Chaz because of darken orders the police to do it's pretty clear, she'll quail at the first sign of resistance. Again, former federal prosecutor, wallets wallets, worn cities that this is a preview of what defined the police will produce for them and not just in terms of violence and anarchy, either. Ok, I gotta stop right there. I am sick. I am sick of these. People saying anarchy, anarchy, anarchy, get yourself a dictionary. Ok, these people, no idea what anarchy means and it's so annoying chair. As is not anarchy. They have armed factions. Give orders they have their war. Lord, you have rules, you have to follow. It is not anarchy, there is an authority and they just killed somebody last night or not let not less than the day before.
Ok, you wanna talk about what anarchy. Is it be a bunch of people sitting around confused because an without Archy Authority? It's not anarchy, stop saying it get yourself a book I am so sick and tired of this anarchy and organic anarchy- know it's called authoritarianism. They're called a thought. Erin or revolutionary communists. Stop defending the communists. Listen is authoritarianism Taking over territory with guns in barricades, forcing people to do what you want is not anarchy anarchy we people run around confused. No one would be in control. That is not what's happening here city is not in control. You can call that anarchy, I guess, but the Chaz, it is revolutionary communists walking around with guns and when a car was driving around the clock at the point, shooting they shot back. That is not anarchy. There's a structure to what
are doing and they have the authority within the zone. They will beat you they won't. They will soon Do they will do what they want? We ve seen the videos, stop saying this. True anarchy means no authority and True, anarchists do not believe and using violence against other people, but for some isn't they love just saying anarchy over and over and over again, find it really really annoying the rate. I find it annoying and white, so triggering to me is because you quite literally have marxist and revolutionary communists waving a flag of communism and you're, like I think therein are casts novel. Are you nuts cheese stop? I can't stand here and anarchy interconnect energy over the weekend, three p well done over the over them again, three people, all black men, were shot in the chop. And one died? Okay? Well, now it's it's worse than that. Say it's coming to a sitting near you as well at least
Local civic leaders think appeasement works when dealing with mobs Wheeler at least proved Wallis's point in Portland, which is that you can have reform in the midst of anarchy man. You know what I'm not gonna reads anymore, because you can, if you look at, if you dont want the word means, I'm sorry, you are talking about revolutionary communists? There's litter we a group, they are called revolutionary Communist, that's their name. They give out flyers, they give out books in magazines, they're not trying to create anarchy. They have organizers, the organizers are in charge. They tell people what to do. Talk, some real anarchists about what these these structures are supposed to. Look like, and it's not this. It is not this. Ok, Now you not you on argue that are an analogy. An anarchic system would be a flash in the pan, because some authoritarian group might take over sure fine, but this isn't anarchy. Maybe it was for five minutes before the people
and showed up and said. We are in charge now. Ok, now you ve gotta or a Terran far Leftists socialist communist whatever taking over that's it. Anybody inside you do, as your told they just walk up and They both were doing it or else and its enforced by the people in charge. But here's level of us, let's move on check out this, police investigating after driver pushes through line of protesters in Provo gunshot reported. This is ass? He had lied to me man, because the act A video is a gunshot straight up. There's the guy Wang a mask, pointing a gun Fires that hinder the vehicle and there and there like. Oh, the guy, was driving through the crowd. It's like the car was driving slowly. They surrounded the vehicle and fired a bullet into it and that the car still didn't just plough through people still jerked and, like you know, like one
Little Britain had stopped because I didn't want to run somebody over, but the person in other words, a man or woman who's driving you fire arms, eyes menu fire no vehicle, I'm surprised at you just hit the gas and just ploughed through everybody that pointed into it, but does that They even mention there like it looks like you know your magic checks out on other video shop, shows what appears to be amended a mask pointing a gun, the passenger side of the excursion as it pushes forward along popping sound, is heard in a flash, a scene from the barrel of a gun? Are you kidding me dude? That's that's all someone shot a garden into a vehicle, is what we get there what we get from media. That's not gonna. Tell you it's really going on now. Look! I'm really annoyed about the anarchy thing because it just been nonstop. People can keep like. Why are you defending communists, unanimity anarchy implies. These people are random. Morons running around doing moronic things there are literally organised, anti fraud has
functioning cells with funding? They are not anarchists, they are not. Some I'm happy sitting in a circle discussing how to vote on pot and unwilling to wait another watermelons or determining that the free market should handle things there literally secretly, using tactics they have organizers there. Trainers. They have teachers, they are financed years and they are communists for the most part stop defending them. You aren't you bite by calling them I guess you're implying the art is organised, as they really are, but this we get from the media. Take a look at this arms are at this one protestors police clash in New York, ahead of the vote to slash Nypd Budget, If we jump over to say like the daily collar, we can see that their fights going on during it is early on a woman nicely Tommy not to film people are fighting in the streets there, they're tearing down barricades clashing with cops. And we get the story from now about up. I'm
pretend like every single outlet is always bad, but you gotta be careful men. The propaganda is expanding people who could who are or infiltrated these media outlets they clearly have sympathies for extremists left ideologies that dont function, it don't make sense and their pushing propaganda. You think twitter would be doing it. You think so right, because twitter is clearly far left. They are take a look. He'll will tell you that protesters and police clash in New York lets us. Let's take Twitter says here. It's happening in New York's occupies City Hall protests. It exists in favour, so I'd indians- and you know it's all good and everything's everything's great we're having a good time annual, smiling dance, and that's awesome now to be fair. Obviously the dancing in the smiling is really happening. This is a choice of framing and it's it's it's difficult. In some instances to action
we frame something properly when you try to get a photo to encapsulate what is really going on now. If it were me, I'd probably show the clashes of police, because I think that's more pertinent to what the protest is doing what their tactics are and what they want. They show you dancing. But the dancing is incidental dancing happens, The dancing is in no way a tactic to gain anything. That's why I think it's not relevant, and I think this is improperly framed. The reality is people who want stuff from the from from the government are clashing with police, stealing barricades confronting them in the streets. And fighting each other. These are the tactics being used to go. They want their using force. There is in force against each other and the police and they're making demands the fact some people happened to have been dancing at one point, doesn't tell you anything about what their goals actually are and what they're doing it would be like if it took a picture of someone eating a hamburger. Yes to be fair, people are probably
in hamburgers and to be honest, its New York's. I imagine there eating probably from what kebab carts the really good, by the way the hollow foodstuff chicken overrides man has good stuff yeah. I could show you that I could show you someone even ice cream com. Is that what is happening in the occupied city Hall protest? It is, does it simplify what the protests are doing. It doesn't. So why is this what you get when you go on twitter and you click here. It's happening at New York, sacrificing our protest. Because these people are biased, so they want to show you happy smiles and dancing. I would have been a good all time. That's all it is because it I want you to know it's really going on violence. People getting hurt, cops, get you know a fighting back. I mean they're clashing it's not like it's. It's as essentially a one sided thing. I think it's fair to say it's the protesters and the rioters which they evolve into they're. The ones were caught a starting things took us up is right. Gear are seen, pushing protesters back and video footage report by ABC News. The Clash
being protesters and police followed the arrest of an eighteen year old from Brooklyn, the police said, was caught spray painting a statue outside city hall. At two forty, a m, the man Dominic Tambo, has reportedly been charged with making making graffiti resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration, criminal mischief, freckles endangerment, tamper, criminal tampering, disorderly conduct. So here you have a dude, clearly committing a multitude of crimes. The police gotta stop them out. Here's the protesters, we want they want to stop the police for me to do their jobs. So, of course, what will the leftist show you to make sure you don't ever interfere, and so you blindly support them, happy dance and oh yeah, having a good old time to be fair in over the Chaz. It's mostly what's going on for sure, but when you don't take air of something like jazz with no cops. You get multiple shootings and the occupation in New York. You actually have police fighting with protesters. They say the arrest may have prompted protestors
of our entire centre straight from a park next City Hall, where they stayed for hours until law enforcement, push them back around six m. The clash comes after weeks of protest in the city. We understand this. New York City, Marabella Blog on Mondays Eddie, proposed a budget that includes one billion dollars in cuts to the police department. Has an annual budget about six billion dollars, adds mass Let me tell you: what's going on in New York City, The story I didn't covering the other day, but it was like, I think three people were slashed, Shootings are up, I think, like sixty seventy percent and there was, I am not sure if it was their marching who's the commissioner. I think that Europe does not, as if the commissioner, but somebody said, a storm is coming, a storm is coming and the unwise PD reassign six hundred cops from their anti crime unit to other units. So what do you think? Would you think happens when you get where the cops we can see at New York there? They want to defend the police, shootings
on the rise. The LAPD are far from perfect man. Its massive is very difficult to scale up. Hobbes police operate because you lose a better that community community in the in your placing these cops. Don't know you don't care about you and the deal with too much bs over in Seattle. They cover the cops out right now. People just shoot each other so soap. So you pick your poison. I guess you can have the eight dejected demoralized police force that can help you and then criminals go round, shooting people or in get rid them altogether, and created him his where it's, the wild asked baby. That's basically chances become because if you know these people who have lost their lives? Think about it? Lets you gotta beef, and you know, there's no cops here. There'll be no canvas, there's basically no care, because they're not gonna, build it get evidence. What do you do when the first shooting up the cops, couldn't even get in so how the cops, even
castigate what happened to try to figure out who did what can do it and now you're getting conflicting reports as to who shot by they shot it's happening. So you know what I tell you: what maybe that dead dead is right over Sherman, a macroeconomic? I have all the answers, but I'd say this: the mayor Nature needed needed to shut it down if the mayor won't. Perhaps this debt is right, bring in the National Guard and shuddered what about tromp? What's trump doing? This is a tough position, because I see a lot of people saying tromp needs to do something. I certainly said that
The issue is to what extent should tromp intervene in States affairs and, to what extent is the obligated to interfere, unites us? So the idea, as some people are concerned, that trample take the bait as it were, that hill invoke the insurrection acts underneath the military to shut down these occupations in these. These riots and protests have been going on for a month and that'll. Make em look bad, though, that the democratic say he's a dictator. Look at him he's a dictator. Maybe he, regardless of what are they but whether or not they think he is Trump should intervene. Now that the adjacent their task force, people so trumpets and doing nothing, you, nobody certainly more concerned about federal jurisdiction than state your ass Dixon, and that's because, while the states are in charge of what happens in their borders now this at the federal level there going after these extremists and far left his to cross state borders because not become a federal issue. I gotta be honest though it really does feel to me like Trump is doing,
bare minimum that he can to make it seem like he is doing things but to allow are these to fester, so it makes the Democrats look bad to be fair. It makes them look bad if the Democrats won't get up and do their jobs its is it prompt job to handle local policy. No, not Trop could come in and crush. This he's not gonna. Do it thank his mentality. My opinion is probably like a man. That's their problem, not mine, I'm not going to be the one take responsibility for what happens because of these. These local jurisdictions won't do what they got to do, and you know It's gonna help him when reelection, because people are going to demand that he actually for some federal laws when it gets out of hand. I mean this is already out of hand, so look when the victim of a shooting at the Chaz when their father comes out and says, and this now at what point do you say? Ok,
because you're certainly have to imagine you don't really think that black lives matter if you're, allowing now to young black lives to be to be taken. You gotta do something to stop the violence. Man, because now three three young, but and have been shot. If you really do believe they matter that we need law and order to return, so these people can be safe, so everyone can be safe. I guess maybe that made us a bit too helpful because Seattle, they got the worse leadership. I've seen in this country. In a long time I leave their stick. Around excitements come up at four p m over at TIM cast down, that will see you then to say that she has devolved into chaos, would be a horrifying. Understatement occur turning to a medic, it's like a war zone, a call into one witness, the sea idle chop zone armed Security or, as I like, to call them that gases. Stani national guard, this witnesses, they fired three hundred rounds on the night? They killed a sick. Ten year old, black kid who is driving this vehicle and critically injured his.
Fourteen year old passenger in new Yeah, that's emerging, you can hear what, allegedly as one of that one of the chest, any national guardsmen saying: oh yeah still alive, you wanna get pistol whipped. We dont know exactly what happens happened this night when the shooting occurred. But I gotta tell you man: I've been listened to some of the audio I've been doing some research and why, the live streamers on the ground. At the time of the shooting said, there have been several shootings, that were now learning our unreported. Why? Because when the shootings happen and no gets hit, nobody reports on it for real. That's it so apparently quantities. This life not at all, how we confirm this, you said earlier in the day twice on to differ. Two different incidents there were shootings. Why hearing about this- why has come out in the press because no one got hit so nobody reported it and the chair, This Danny's won't tell you this, but come out. Volunteers, information like everybody! We want you to know. Somebody was five.
They're gone and colonists park early today by the law extreme. They will mention it so paying attention your hearing this, let me just wrap this up for you, This is in total chaos. There completely unable to do anything about it. The mayor is freaking out. They marched to her house now. She's, blaming someone else Seattle is is falling apart. Ok, businesses are furious there soon. The cops cant do anything that shares These will not back down, they are armed entrenched at it is getting worse. So what is the mayor? Do she's demanding that action be taken against another city council member for protesting her. What a pathetic and broken city it's admin, say it nice place, but this is just otter. Chaos and with really amazing, is how it takes so few people for that. For a city like Seattle, like half a million people to descend into complete and total chaos? Now you ve got people being shot and killed. There are some reports that the
so here is what we're here about these kids in his car. We're here They were like driving around in doing down and firing randomly so the chest. Many national guard start shooting Adam unloading on them now this medicos s three hundred rounds? I don't know, I believe that it may. Is that these chest, any actual guards guys got multiple clips on them and their alike alpha during my badge. She reloading. I really don't think three hundred round were fired end of it. It sounds like maybe a more than a dozen, maybe a couple dozen, but what some people- dying. Is that these kids act they weren't doing anything other than joy riding, and then guard fearing the chest annual got sorry. Hearing that it was an attack, disordered, unloading on the car, killing these kids, who then crashed once they were shot in? The Van now, you can hear what sums can kind of bang before you hear what sounded car crashing into a barricade of some sort of one there can sell. You
I can tell you got Baltimore ports, nobody really now the cops aren't allowed in and will probably never know, suffer the people on the ground, but I can tell you the shootings are taking place and when people don't get hit, nobody says a thing that Seattle right now. That's that's! That's man I'll tell you what we'll they're trying to clear it out, but they can't do. It took us out chop avoid job define occupants of Seattle COP free zone. Rebuild barricades fortify their compound minutes after the city attended to reclaim the war zone. You know what man I'm getting sick talkin about it, I'm getting sick Hearing about it. The mayor is such a static, fine less ineffective. Later you either the police. Have you not even thought about this? Yet level these protesters like that. Won't let us come and clean up. Have you considered Autonoe getting a bunch of cops having a poor on, say some armor and take a shield and marching through the neighborhood, you know why these free
Wackos taking over your city do not represent your constituents, they do not represent the people They are a group of opportunistic morons who are playing stupid games and winning many many stupid prizes, including now multiple people dead and, as far as I can tell, more than six or seven various different shootings depending on. If you believe the live streamers, we ve got five confirm. Shooting people actually hit by bullets and what? at the moment where he says people been shooting, but nobody got hit. How many of those have gone, unreported and use still won't clean. The sought you note the mayor in Oliver stupidity is doing right now. Instead of dealing with this problem, she's complaining she's complaining that the Our city council woman is is, is protesting. You want your expelled, how about you stop bickering about politics, you stop demanding as some kind of action against a council woman and you get the police department to go through Chaz
make some arrests tryin DE escalate and ethics. Do it. Then you got a clear these people out and restore order. Could you ma? if someone like her became president help us if, if Joe Biden Beak, arms president seriously, someone like car Joe Biden is gonna, be sleeping in the basement. He's gonna be all they'll Chernobyl, blanket on his lap and there's gonna be fires explosion that people can be screaming Joe help us, but I don't watch her well I'll. Tell you what you know the go, the thing and people can about. What's? This is what you get with spineless leadership under this? Look, as this is what it all that I'm gonna hafta myself take a look at us. They tried to clear out the chopper, the Chaz. They can't do it in New York City. Theirs, up another occupy occupation, and you see how my twitter, there, like people dancing and there like this, is what the gist of the New York subject. Patients really like. Meanwhile, there like fighting, cops and lie grabbing bear cage and running and people getting arrested and their defaced
You know, monuments and stuff, but it's all just happy dancing over the chest. Job completely. Unable to stop this so they say they rebuilt barricades just minutes. Protesters within don't putting up plastic barriers, couches and trash cans in an attempt to replace the concrete barricades protesters move a couch and other items to replace conquered barricades cleared by the Seattle Department of Transportation workers at the intersection of Tenth Avenue and Pine street. To say, tell you what man you know. What comes next and I'm worried about this. What happens when a city worker is told to go in there need shop How much would it wont? Let me do I was getting shot or why we have no idea what's going on What happens with why these workers comes at an early hour, no managed to remove Essen and someone shoot em? Why would I, spect? Otherwise, when these people literally try play me with an autonomous zone, when does the mayor gonna get up out of her? Just one issue can actually do a job. You know those
house I talked about as I was on our right at page for the chairs and some one. That the mayor is going to lose reelection because of this and people I know she isn't that pip people see our support. This not anymore yeah, she's, gonna lose she's. Definitely gonna lose my opinion. Ok what made maybe I'll be wrong will see how things play up, but I have to imagine regular people watching all this go down and an effective, spineless mayor unable to stop the graffiti the vandalism. Why would they vote for her? She cant do anything The opposite is white. Let's say like your dog, barked, sign your floor right and you're like man I gotta go to work out a got time to clean it up. I got it I'll hire someone to clean my house for me. While I work right, so you you make a phone call we'll be right over. We will clean up. While you do your thing right. So people come over a great I gotta go to work now you come back the barf still there and you like yelled barf, is still on my floor. I hired you to clean it up and there like we're. Try this
discussing the barf and figure Why it's still there and then you're like dude, I paid you to just get rid of it and make sure this place days. Clean is issued in front a site. If you elect a mayor to make your city run properly, and they can't do it and people are getting shot. Why would you re like this person? and what are one of the priorities of this mayor this morning. Seattle, Mayor Jenny, Jerkin transmit a letter to the city council, urging members take action against councilman, so want up to include and including expulsion butter listed several accusations against so want that the mayor thinks are grounds to do so, including allowing hundreds of because there's a city hall hours after putting safety, putting safety of city there's a risk leading a protest to the mayor's how home, despite the fact her address is protected. Threat stemming from her work as yours attorney using or position to encourage protesters to occupy city property, the EAST Precinct mayor token rotten letter policy,
These agreements do not justify a council member who potentially uses their petition inviolate position in violation of law or who recklessly undermines the safety of others all of our political fear. What a at what an absolutely pathetic politician, Jenny darken, should be recalled immediately, whatever man on a live there. You guys vote for our view on up at Seattle. That's your business, not mine, I'll, tell ya! how I feel about it as an American, though I think this is absolutely insane that has come to this point where you can have multiple shooting some dead people and and and this just keeps happening, They can't do anything about it because when it, when I mean to say, is they could neither the police this could come in and do something about it. Now we're going to politics. Your city is crumbling before your very eyes: the businesses are suing you'd. Let me don't Let me tell you that these businesses, following a lawsuit.
Who said we don't want. Did bad Malta protesters go spine. These are not protesters. Stop placating these people. There Saint Louis couple came out with guns. You know they issued a statement saying why we support the protests and civil rights. We are dismayed at the white people. Keep bending the knee, keep doing it. And see. If anybody cares to come to your defence, I'm sitting Economic watching, Seattle, you now basically crumble in becoming a war zone, these peoples are expanding the chop because no one can stop them their embolden. Now you try to get the barricades, they don't care. These people are arm The shootings haven't stopped. You need to just clear it out: ok, regular people understand why police down body, armor and march in the streets making arrests not because their evil You know a storm troopers, sometimes there's policeman talented, sometimes they they go too far for sure. But you there is not
no constitutional right to maintain an occupation of a city where people are getting shot and killed. That's not that's not first imam thing, I'm sorry, you want to go on peaceably. Assemble, I believe, would be, bear to say that barricading offs, straight and seizing property isn't included in the first amendment. But by all means have your ear policy disputes this city? council member should be expelled, know you should be expelled? Yes, she should be expelled too, but you have all of em. You know my position is right now and it's been for a while. I said if I said oh what a year ago, just give of all the incumbents, every single one on give Europe a book in Republican Congress, gone you're off aired. Will we hire some other people? I know I'm taking a lead from Seattle to Congress, but that's how I feel under sick of these. These politicians are going to get anything done public. I could do anything butter, you know, but I can't too many. Do nothing. Politicians, horde
Aqua, I'm going to say your eye of the job you know and I'll get fired next year, fine, whatever and I'll, leave their next time. It's coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. We have a major update on the Provo shooting I talked about this earlier, but now we appear to have confirmation from police in Provo, this I was driving on the street. We don't know why believe it may have been a woman, I'm not sure I'll, read already their tweets and unanswered ministers extremists, would you call em, pull out a pistol, fired and shot the driver? The mere be that for you, one of the black lives matter. Extremists would have you wanna column. Pulled out a gun and shot the driver of a car who was just trying to drive down the street This is what happens when you have no police when these that, when these, when these things are unconstrained and I've never been the biggest proponent of police on totally fan of reform are right. I recognise people to people, but this has gone too far
What does it gonna? Stop? One? Will any of these politicians do something about it? You know right now we ve got tromp kind of holding back he's he's taken care of things at federal level, dealing with people crossing state lines. You know she's trying to charge people Buddhist great statues when they cross state lines in his federal jurisdiction. He's e theoretically could invoke the insurrection ACT, he's not gonna. Do it. Some people say it's because you know the Democrats want to They want a calmer dictator. Look you not man. With with the Chaz Shop with the New York occupation, with the chaos, that's been been bubblin up. I we ve got dysfunctional government across the board. This country money right. Let me read you at the police said in Provo is probably they say The city police were made aware of a planned police rally and a counter protest scheduled for last night. Both events calling cited without incident until eight thirty eight p m The call was received regarding possible gunshots and a hit and run Shaw
Thereafter? We received another call regarding a shooting victim at Utah Valley Hospital. Numerous. Isn't, and protestors. Provided video footage, a white ass you. He was driving south on university avenue before pulling to the right turn line in an attempt to turn onto Centre street, suffer protesters began crowding round the vehicle for male protestors, and the suv on the passenger side pointed a handgun at the driver and shot one round through the window, the driver who was struck by the bullet, hit the gas trying to leave situation. The same protest arena for the vehicle, a and shot a second round that went through the rear passenger window. The video that shows the protest or conceals the fireman continues to protest. The same Professor later approached another vehicle of the five hundred North University avenue striking and breaking the window with a handgun. We are grateful for that frozen videos we received, and we following all leads. If anyone has video,
but also the incident at Centre Street and University avenue. Please contact detective, Detective Patterson and they say the email is is available through the twitter thread. What would you call us what come on. You guys tell me what we call this. I don't know what you call it we have now been going on over a month of Ex explosive, violent riots, windows beings shattered bit by bit businesses being loaded and destroyed all while in the backdrop of or I guess, in the foreground of a pandemic which apparently is getting worse? Everything's fine calling upon all around us all, that's what seems to be and now we, where is this- where the words the headlines, CNN Fox Anybody I mustn't be see anybody I want to talk about this. Video of a book, lives matter. Extremist aren't you We call not protesters aiming a hand on through the window, shooting someone driving their car, not the first time,
you're gettin crazy out their men and where we must say should not talk about it. You're not point out Things are breaking down. That's yet! can not get control of the Chaz. That's what do we do? What we gotta know, I really don't. I think, we're on track as much as I have no idea man we're on track for an insurrection act. Ok, we'll Joe Biden when the presidency. I have no idea, but I'm the pause right here, because I gotta give a quick shut up to today's sponsor virtual shield had over to hide with TIM dot com and you can get a v p and serve as a virtual private networks over from virtual showed for just two dollars and fifty cents per month of GPS, for those, I don't know, is a basic layer of security to protect you from people who might want to spy on your data, see what you're doing it's a simple level layer. Protectionist measures would explain it. Can protect you from hackers and some key. Kind of just general spying. I shall explain to people like this. We don't know
expect someone a break in our house, but we still lack our doors and windows anyway, so up is. A layer of security on the internet makes a lot of sense, especially considering a lot of us are doing work remotely right now. If you wanna, prevent someone snooping on you in trying to steal your data. Virtual shield can be that service so again, but to hide with TIM dot com and for two dollars and fifty cents a month they gotTa Vps service. These guys are great. They're my first sponsor the boys been there for me. I really appreciate it. Let's get back to the story, this chaos certainly helps Donald Trump you'll. You look at that that that couple in Seattle ripe where they came out, their guns you, you think regular, suburban Americans are watching that and say That was good, that that not those good hearted mob. You know that that You'D- or violent mob. You know those that, at that poor, violent mob is that would regular Americans. The suburbs are thinking it's almost too perfect for trot. I gotta say it's almost too perfect. It's almost like trump realized. He lost the suburbs and twenty eighteen and the grand
Conspiracy is actually to when the suburbs back by shocking, the hearts and minds of people terrified the mob will come to them, because these protests have erupted in small towns that they're not gonna, tell you that I mean you know you're not gonna you're that on the mainstream knows the big pundits, but yes, Provo dishonest, it's the smallest small cities, in the suburbs of Chicago and stuff yeah. They up it's been happening. While he was happening in Chicago, the police will deploy one thousand two hundred extra officers to control violence overdue July. Fourth weekend: oh boy, men call me imagine, what's gonna happen, these police are being demonized across the board. More morale these down everywhere people are being shot just driving their cars through their town.
Rushing themselves to the hospital and still in this video in Provo, they still tried avoiding running someone over I'll. Tell you what many for me and some one round my car with a gun and shot me with it. I would hit my foot to the gas. No questions asked: that's it. You think The police are gonna. Stop now you think anyone's gonna stop! Now. Did you get your error? If you see the video, but the police just told you straight up their driving a car, they tried turn and there's a mob in the street. There's no barricades known of what's going on and a guy runs up and shoots the driver. Why you think happens next, Even the next I'm a driver's he's a crowd, they're gonna back. Let me just slow down and and waved this fine group of people now get shot or anything. You're gonna be like hit the gas baby. That's what happens. I don't know man, but I think it's kind of Funny that what is it now like?
every single day. For a month, every story has been about escalation of some to some extreme degree Chicago pleasure, to deploy one thousand two hundred extra officers to control violence over the July. Fourth weakened would think about what about other cities? What the cops or demoralized, I'm not entirely convinced c, p d is gonna, show up with all this insanity going on and Their hearts are going to be in it. You'll get Atlanta. You know this cop hasn't his weapon taser inspired out of me to find himself now he faces death row. I don't believe the police are going to have their heart this anymore. I think you know that there was once to arouse reading earlier the L a pity. Morale is at an end like lower than its ever banner. You quantify morale, but everybody's upset peat and Emma These are two saying: it's just not worth it and there was a viral video, small town, smaller town, cops and use quitting for ten years? He put in his notice because it it's just it's not worth it. Man Nobody nobody's got the backs of these cops.
I mean, obviously some do, but the establishment doesn't the media doesn't in the activists are just assailing them. And then what are we get? We get means whether alike. You know every cop is bad. All cops are bad. A cab actually mean something else, but to say better it and read the relatives it s, not true. You know that all cops are clearly not evil. We need the police out, because violence is going to erupt, but tell you what I think. Gonna happened right, there's a reason I how at the story with the with the shooting of the driver in Provo, I just see more of that happening, because the cops are gonna now, all of a sudden change their minds police in these areas are going to be like. Oh, oh things are getting better. Oh, I better throw myself on an ego onto the on line for these other people. I they're gonna be like it's getting worse. I better back away even further, because I'm not can be protected, we ve already seen. What happens not does not become after the morality police will charge you with phony murder, for defining yourself. Take a look at that couple and Saint Louis mentioned now, there being investigated for fourth degree, assault by intimidation or some
I know a lower level crime, but they're going after them for trying to find their property. Why would a police officer respond to a call? What what I'm sorry eyes that we're even hearing some the cops in many these areas are actually still do their jobs and walked out and the inspector point out. You know where I live right: small towns, I live in a smaller suburb, the police don't feel attacked or threaten. They feel like at a national level for sure, but they know that we as a small community have their back and we like our cops, you walk in and there's the same cop. You know his name and you observes gum and hide your day been like a regular person, could talk to sow the same in Chicago and Alain and and bigger cities. Scottish Chicago's deploy these groups ripe, let's restless readable, but here is Asia, A police chief announced last Monday. The city will deploy one thousand two hundred additional police officers to hot zones experiencing an increase in violence. In hopes of containing a wave of shootings that has left dozens dead, including at least ten children and hundreds wounded Chicago
we superintendent, David Brown, Announce had officers, will work additional shifts from thirst until Sunday and focus on controlling violence on the city, south and west side over the holiday week at the department, will also be working proactively to control crowds gathering in violent areas before shooting breaks out man? I love Chicago men. They call it Chirac, there's gun violence, its crime in all these cities, its spiking, the protests have stopped. Police resources are strong and now we got a holiday weaken coming up. We got the mayor of these sky the artist is. In turn and ends in terms of violence. While condemning the fourth of july- and I gotta say men, I wonder what's all on purpose, you know not like indicators are controlling everything, but that there are people who just want to watch the world The chaos vote, though. What what I'm him as to clarify is that many people voted. Donald Trump, how many because they wanted everything to burn down faster, and maybe that's the people who are protesting actively encouraging Cason destruction because they want things to accelerate
There are a lot of people who acceleration as they think the faster it happens, the better. I certainly don't agree with that, but everybody it's like their fur under these camps of either you know, I don't know man venom I just saw just found out there in Provo, and I was like that they shot the sky, the artist disperse, I think- maybe maybe it will matter overshort. Could you imagine driving your car and someone just reaches an insurance? You will work. I don't know people when I do I don't know, cops are gonna do, but I don't know how we are we how we deal with these things, Maggie Haber bent over the New York Times, sad tromp, as acting like he's, the other starve crime shall almost of America doesn't agree and on what are you knots have you looked out your window in New York City, crazy, now? I know you're, not the one. For the most part, things are fine, I'm speaking figuratively. Are you paying attention gun sales are skyrocketing, people are getting shot, cops are being killed, the rights we going on for a month- and you think Americans don't see this wherever men
Maybe they do their heads in the sand. I guess we'll find out. I got one more segment coming for you in a few minutes sit around and I will you know recently, I said I was never gonna. Do a video on the corona virus ever again, because after all of these products esters came out in the tens of thousands they started saying: oh well, we're braving cove and we understand the risks totally undermining their entire argument about the bill and a lockdown protesters. I said you know what there is thing you can say to make me ever care about cove it again, the hypocrisy, the stunning hypocrisy, U S, lockdown protests may have spread virus widely cell phone data suggests a. We all saw the news we also. What they said. If you believe you have a right to go out and the government can lock you in your home figuratively or shut your business down, you were killing grandma, but when black lives matter. Protest erupted. They said that
Actually you are fighting for justice and risking getting sick yourself. Not what, after that, I said, I don't care, that's it. I literally no care anymore, you're, not gonna, I'm not paid attention. You know what restaurants? Starting open up will see what happens, but now there announcing is another wave coming, while even in the of all this news about the second wave, I said: no, I am not, do a video about it. But how would you like to see an article that not only comp makes me very interested in the krona virus. Does it recall that not only undermines your constitutional rights, the entire of the arguments made by the left when it came to basically every single thing that happened in the past several months, but we're about to show you is literally a punch in the face to every American who wants to run a business, go for a walk and believes in their constitutional rights. While the guardian another outlets, were claiming about a month ago that your protests
spreading the virus. Potentially here's the latest story. This story from the Colorado son as and see it as a certified news guard source. The black lives, better but just may have slowed the overall. But of the quota virus in Denver and other cities. A new study finds, while the protests brought thousands of people together they likely cause many more to stay home, a researcher, including a university of Cholera Denver professor concluded. I could you not If you protest- and you say no lockdown well than yours- I think the kind of ours now, if you do literally the same thing, but the words that come out of your mouth are different. Your slowing the virus, now whites you know I saw another store. They were like. We believe that growth, a virus Gaza's diabetes. What's does anybody know what this thing is or is doing? At this point, I am fed up. I said, I wonder what to do about it. I said I was done, but this is not just a that of the line. This is them. Jumping self our past the line that way
their winning Breakin Olympic Records black lives matter. Protests slowed the overall spread of economy only break this down for you one more time. If you go out, died with a large group of people and huddled together. And then say the word note the words no lockdown everybody. All of a sudden get infected with carbon grandma's running for cover, she's diamond behind rocks the virus is floating through there. You can see it as a green cloud on I driven by the way blaming am joking nothin outside stand with much people and say black lives matter. Well, then, the crowd virus shrieks and dissipates into the air and everybody is all better. How could These stories simultaneously exist. I have now why DIA I don't know man, I Have I really really just have no idea, but well, I'm too wide welcome to the media. Reality. Black lives matter, protests, man,
slowed overall spread of corona virus. Yet the argument, as they say, what little Emory before you, as protest against racism in police, violence swept across the country drawing massive thousand of the streets amid a pandemic public health officials worried about what the overall impact would be, what these protests which many health leader said they support also turn out to be a virus, super spreading events, Remember when we saw the photos of the nurses standing in the street defiantly gaunt like you're, not you're, not drive and passed me because I'm a nurse year and they were like look. These dumb rednecks, you know, did the north you're saying: don't do it, then what are we you, like a month later, the same nurses out holding the signs in the protests and clapping ensuring as the protest March past them, and they were way. Face masks and full ppp class. Thing for the massive ward of people standing shoulder to shoulder. Yeah rules for thee, but not for me,
A new study by a nation wide research team includes a University of Colorado. Denver professor has found surprising who protest. May eventually slowed the overall spread of the corona virus in cities with large demonstrations, including Denver. We think that, what's going on is it's. The people who are not going to protest are staying away. Said Andrew Friedman. The sea you done professor, who is one of the papers? Co, authors, the overall. Act for this, for the entire city is more social distancing, because people are avoiding the protests that makes tons of sense the people or normally under a lock down order, who can't run their business and are told, do stay home are now staying home more because ten thousands of people are defying the lockdown order. What's my man, if you want to talk about something, not making any sense there, it is right there. Let me see,
it one more time. I really want to drive this point home these people out protests. Normally would be at home because there stay at home orders in most of these places, and because businesses were closed, they are quite literally saying more people are staying home because more people are going outside. What's tens of thousands of people marching through the streets not at home shoulder shoulder breathing on each other. Many without masks many who are sick. Yet there sang it, slowed the spread of kroner virus. I don't know man now we ve got. We ve got more breaking news vouchers apparently saying that we're gonna see a hundred thousand what what what limit limit levies put up: Doktor Fouche Pcbs, news, a hundred thousand new krona virus cases per day. I kidding me do I do I can,
believe anything is people are saying. I'm sorry, I'm sorry just wait as you know why they first came out and said: don't wear a mask. Video files you being like, don't don't get amassed autonomous, Then the council, where mask now the thing everyone should wear, masks, ok up Early, I believe, is a business insider article. They said that I thought you said. The reason they initially set out to get a mask was that there were worried. Healthcare professionals wouldn't get them. They want to make sure healthcare professionals got people before everyone else. I can understand that, but was at an admission Lying was the media lying to us. I don't know so you're here's. What I do. Let me die some. I use? News guard certified source? You see there at their good. All news guard news. Go tell me. The guardian, is green Jack marks all across the board. There safe use him good for you and over here. The Colorado somebody saint they would we get here. We get a look at that Green Jack marks all across the board, except there's no advertising on the Colorado, sons or not applicable. They say, while they're, both trustworthy, so try to explain to me how it is that, if you
standing outside shoulder to shoulder protesting against your lockdown. You are spreading covered, but if much larger protests happen the words, are different. Your slowing covered all right, let's be fair. Look, let's play the game. Second, maybe they'll trying argue. While many of these lockdown protests were inside, not true, I believe those like one or so those inside, but mostly they were outside. In fact, some of them were in their cars. What about going to church so you say how about everybody goes to church, because people want to avoid the big church ceremony right what their say. And is very obviously insane nonsense. Literally, makes no sense at all. We stand how they think you know what men now I get it argonauts can happen. Starting on. The study is gonna. Sark circulate among the lemming morons, we're gonna be like wow were actually flowing the threat by broadcasting, and then people can approach.
Es, lockdown learning to be like stupid, bigots. I guess when you have no critical thought capability, but you have the right to vote, You will be taken advantage of by people like this man. Now I think, for the most part you know we can make jokes about the average person being done. I think most people, indeed it was actually smart. The bigger issue is, we trust, and I think, right now the average person is being misled by nasty politicians who lie verbal again now, of course, stupid people exist and smart people exist but a lot of the smartest people. I know I really really smart people on the left are just not exposed to the facts. They won't see these articles, they won't some but we know just spread NEWS Viii, a meme and they're, not stupid people. They are just not act people they don't pay attention to the news, so they see a moment ago wow and it just believe it. Unfortunately, many these people still go on vote based on their lack of knowledge. So what do we do about? It? Inform people, educate people talk to people do our best.
Read the word and explain how this is completely absurd. Black lives matter pro ass slows down corona virus. Well, you heard it here from us from news Guard certified soil source. So I'll tell you what I think, I can now say definitively that according to This study quarter this source. Look at these look at these medical workers out their protests in her. The fact remains going out in large groups has slowed the spread of the krona virus. That's what they're saying. What are we to say about that you You gonna get mad at me that their reporting, this we're not you to rule so that you can encourage your to do things that that may be dangerous. Ok, While there are saying large protests are not dangerous, so should people go and engage in large protests, that actually might help they say are so what's the difference, in black lives matter or anything else. Certainly the words you use, won't impact the spread of the virus right. Your arguments.
People will end up staying home because they're going out in large numbers, you see how this this this weird man on television- I really don't, but this this this year is getting weirder and weirder and wider. That's all I can they say? I don't I don't. I don't exactly know at what point I'll get banned, because I can't tell you two different things at once. Can I certainly one of them is wrong. I guess I ll leave it there I'll see you tomorrow at ten a m thanks, rang out.
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