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Democrats Have Just Bent The Knee To A Fringe Leftist Ideology As Progressives Vow To Abolish Police


Congressional Democratic leaders bent the knee for just about 9 minutes in a moment of silence at Capitol HillWhile we can all agree on justice for all and equality under the law what we are seeing is anything but that. Democrats at the highest levels are now granting immunity to ideological activists in New York City and in Minneapolis they have vowed to completely disband the police outright.Journalists are bending as well in support of a rapidly expanding fringe ideology called intersectionality or intersection feminism.Seeing Democrats finally bend the knee should symbolize that the fringe world view has pressed into the mainstream and it is only a matter of  time before it completely takes over.#Democrats#Trump#Republicans

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Earlier this morning, congressional democratic leaders got on one knee for about nine minutes for a moment, of silence, honouring George Floyd now most of skin agree that George Floyd should not have lost his life. I think, basically, everybody wants to see justice but what we are seeing from Democrats isn't just some moment of silence. It's actually a bit more worrisome than this over the past decade. Theirs and a rising fringe ideology that becoming more and more mainstream, and it's called intersection reality. Some people have referred to this as a non theistic religion of actually A video I want to show you of people in a park raising their hands in what appears to be a sit, a sermon or worship. Our chanting along to a speaker. Much like you would see in church, now. Some might say it simply about being anti racist or things like that, but know this
actually changing the shape of how our government is functioning and our society is functioning right. Now, some of the most ardent proponents of this ideology have literally called for completely disbanding the police department in Minneapolis a dramatic and rat. Goal transformation which many people in this country most people don't want. Ninety plus person people don't want to see a reduction in the police force so who are these people and how are they gaining so much power and they can dramatically. Its form, our institutions in this way? Well, it's a surprise. Religion and as our main stream and prominent institutions literally bend. The knee to this group of people don't be surprised when companies seemingly are forced to do the same thing now many people may claim they actively support this. I do not believe this is the case we have seen trumps secret voters and we saw the shock of Donald Trump winning one of the reasons is that this freaks people out, but it's not just about
dismantling or de funding or abolishing the police. We are seeing our long standing institutions fall prey to this fight, ideology which, dare I say, unfortunately, is leaving the French and is now pretty mainstream. Consider Congressional democratic leaders are bending the knee in me, The same way, many of the leaders of this ideology have proposed. There's a few specific instances. I would highlight the Sierra Club, once a champion of the environment and to choose. Degree animal rights now saying racism is worse We also an organization called the free press which has since advocated for all Vert censorship. How does it, makes sense with their name. Why? Because racism is worse and we can see it a dangerous come to a date. Respiration with the covered pandemic. The longest time we were told explicitly. We couldn't go out. You can't actually go to church because
their only operating at us at a small percentage capacity in many states. However, the New York D has explicitly said: if you are protesting for black lives matter, they will not charge you think about what that means, this ideology is now in our government and directing how they prosecute. People who are a executive orders, yet other people who might want to go to church. You can't do it. Our seeing people straight up site. On CNN today that the only that that the white people or people who would like to call the police if they're in trouble well that's coming from a place of privilege and therefore you must give up your police department. We are talking about politicians the highest level adhering to a fringe ideology, so to break this down for you and talk about exactly what they're doing? Unfortunately, you know when I talk to a lot of My friends, they don't know anything about. What's going on hopeful,
I can show you some strange contradictions which may make you think twice about. What's really happening and why the Democrats fell to one need today. Quite literally, bending the neat little strange ha before we get started, had over two TIM cast outcome slashed on it. If you'd like to support my work as many ways you can give. There is a p o box, villages and things, but the best thing can do is shared. This video I feel like I'm, going to talk to a lot of my friends and I asked them if they know about any of these dramatic and radical changes and they don't and though, when I part of them about what they think is happening to them. They think it's talk. It's it's simply like we're gonna, pass a law and say: hey. You can't do this or that most people, don't even know that right now in many unless a veto proof much forty has announced they will disband the entire police department. Please I am not exaggerating when I say this Minneapolis the council president defends plan to dismantle pull
on CNN expecting their help comes from privilege. Wait till I break this down for you or how about this Yo Clip of a group of people raising their hands in what looks like a religious ceremony chanting along with their leader, I groped catholic zigzag. Really what I've seen in religious institutions. I am not really this person- and I do not agree with this kind of group- Mind- think I am much more about civil libertarianism, the freedom of the individual. Now you can agree with this or any other religion, that's not the point. The point is most people haven't seen this coming and I don't understand it. So if you'd like us, for my work and help, people better understand this. Please consider sharing this video, because I can't compete with the mainstream institutions well. There are now actively supporting this in a manner of speaking now. If you just want to watch, then you can like button subscribe Notification Bell public that's enough Youtube recommend my videos, but let's read the story from the hill:
policy and humor Neil in silence. For almost nine minutes to honour George Floyd, they say, summit sent a senior democratic lawmakers, including policy, Charles humor knelt during a moment of silence shortly before unveiling a legislative package of police reforms Monday about Two dozen lawmakers knelt for eight minutes and forty six seconds as a tribute to George Floyd, armed african american men who died in Minneapolis. Many of you. I am sure you know the story. Lobby because wearing african candy cloth scarves knelt in the capital visitors Centre, for holding a press conference to unveil there legislation in response to almost two weeks of nation, wide protests over police brutality toward african Americans. We are here to honour George Floyd. After almost nine minutes policy and the other lawmakers stood back up, those the speaker needed the help of an aid due to her tall stiletto. You see how long it was to have that me on his neck. Senor Democrats, Senate Democrats held a similar moment of silence last week to every one of
it was excruciating. It seemed an on. Terribly long amount of time it felt so painful to get even an inkling of how this man and somebody black Americans have suffered for so long democrats. Sweeping sweeping legislative package includes several proposed proposals for members of the congressional. Caucus, including a ban on the use of Chokehold established a national database to track police misconduct now, first and foremost men I have no, ah, but with a moment of silence, I have no problem with. You know people calling for justice and I one hundred percent support the protests, not the riots, not the looting. I think Americans, have a right to protest. I think whether were in lockdown or otherwise, Americans have a right to protest in New York City, the the your buildup lazo announced people weren't allowed to protest. I spoke up strongly against this. We were first amendment right, he announced this in response to El Bt Q activists who have been protesting. So certainly it's not a partisan issue for me when that one
anti lockdown protesters came out. I support them as well, and I support black lives matter protests right now. However, what most people I see don't seem to understand is that there are an underlying non theistic religion or fringe ideology that starting to bubble up to the surface and dramatic we alter our government in a very vague, Ray dangerous and negative way. The simple to explain this is that let's look at the data, but look at the hard facts covered nineteen, for example. Well, we have this away from the Portland Tribune- and there are many other stories just like this- racism- is a pandemic worse than covered nineteen. In fact, we re We saw a statement from a thousand doctors, a letter signed saying that they would not condemn black lives matter, but but shouldn't be construed as giving permission to anti lockdown protesters. We have seen people, nurses, medical professionals, block the vehicles of protesters, expressing the first amendment right, but then come out for this
I'd and clap and, worse still, in New York, the D has said, they will not prosecute plug protestors, who are out for black lives matter. Meanwhile, church, They are operating in a limited capacity and people are facing fines for challenging this. This is an Venus and overt ideology providing inequality under the law. We can't have this. We can't have people say straight up. The pandemic is going to kill people, but you're allowed to to sit in the park with your hands up, not social dumping and not wearing masks. It seems to make no sense. The contradiction is Recent see an unworthy condemn the president over violating CDC guidelines and then praise the protests. This is because they are adhering to a fringe ideology. Now again, most people, You don't know anything about this. That means they don't know what women why happening. All they know. Is they see other people doing it? Is he all these companies doing it? so they stand in the park and mindlessly hold their hands up like everyone else. Without thinking twice,
let me show you where the contradiction started, negatively impact important left, leftist or liberal institutions the sea Eric. This. Is the Sierra Club mind you a very. Very famous and longstanding environmental organisation that published this story. Just today racism is killing the planet. The idea, ology of white supremacy leads the way toward disposable people and the disposable natural world? What's what we're talking about there are industrialists in India and China who are not white war? Pumping up air pollution than we are our planet, that is facing serious, strict danger over climate change, and now you are fighting white supremacy. Instead, this is art of the ideology. That demonize is something that is fringe and doesn't really exist. White supremacist in this country, according many metrics, notably the Anti Defamation league. They make up only around eleven thousand people. So how is it?
We are diverting our attention from the environment or the freedom. Freedom of speech in the press of marginalized people in exchange for some kind of nebulous and vague white supremacy, because dare I say, intersection, eighty is moving out of the fringe and when our congressional Dammit democratic leaders, then that's me, symbolizing the same ideology as the people in all these other places, and so do our major institutions, including chase Bank. Well, It stands to reason, something that we said for a long time would remain on college campuses is now here in the real world, not to be fair. It was mainstream personalities. I'd say like the New York Times or at Vocs Matthew Iglesias, for example, recently admitted this fringe non theistic. Religion isn't remaining on college campuses, the New York Times a New York Times, opinion editor reach Lee resigned because they published not bad that some people. Found morally detestable or lacking moral clarity, the New York Times free,
Lee publishes opinion from offensive people or from people they shouldn't, notably the Taliban in Afghanistan where were all of these woke people to complain about it now the reason they oppose the publishing of this at the paper of record the Gray lady, that's the New York Times baby. The recently opposed to this. Was because he challenged their ideology. That's the problem of ideology. Now, look when it comes to Christianity, I have my might my concerns and complaints overpasses. I grew up fighting this stuff, but we separation of church and state. We can lean back on that allows us to actually challenge religious practice entering government and its worked. However, Ideology has no such boundary and I don't even know how you would actually challenges, in government, but it's here, notably with the disbanding of police. Many apple. A city council wants to deep to completely disband the police, o causes
Cortez has called for and why pity, to be funded. Now some people are trying to walk this back its idea funding simply means reform. But when you re moccasin a promise, black lives matter activist said here are some reforms we can implement. He was actually attacked for it. So that's it. I can tell you these people are distant. Are our bit dejected and it's hard to know who stand like you know which the will mostly come out on top, but until, new this: when we see them actually announced they will vote to disband the police. While I think we know where this is heading Joe by It has recently issued a statement saying he's not for this. I dont think that matters, because our think Joe Biden can win anything and the Democratic Party has now been the knee. To this ideology. Of course. Of course, what the democratic leadership is proposing is reform, but there the old guard and the young people who cause you Cortez have substantially different opinions. The city,
and so the younger generation are adherence to this new ideology where they sit in the park and they chant together with their hands up. I take you now It may be the most shocking thing: I've seen. How can you all your organization free press when you actively support banning institutions, you don't like media institutions that doesn't make sense, the free press specifically was was too what what was was you I mean the raise literally means regardless your ideology, you have a right to speak, but the free press, a nonprofit organization, people I know who work here have abandoned the policy. Of defending the right of individuals to speak and opposing censorship in favour of overt censorship. This is the danger of the ideology. Now. Let me bring it to you how it manifests woman on CNN said too I camera camera
I've seen and asked, who am I supposed to call Melvin out of my house- is being broken into in getting a real answer. This woman just said you need to realise there are some people who can't do that anyway. So what's what? What does that? The do anything right now People in this country can call the police, if they're in danger. In fact, I once called the police, because someone tried breaking House in the the hours of the morning around three. I'm in this happened only a year ago, so I called the police they came and they Each year everything was taken. Care of nobody got hurt, nobody arrested, everybody was safe, they came back. The guy came back the pull. I call the police, the police came back, everybody was better off for it. What would have happened if this person actually gotten into my house and I was forced to defend myself up. This person is or why there on my property. That would have a lot worse. There absolutely important reasons have the police, but how does it make sense that I would give up my safety and security simply because other people don't have it. No, in fact the appropriate response would be. How can we grant safety and security to those who don't have it
Instead, the ideology doesn't actually seek to benefit people. It seeks simply to poke too, to create radical change and to spread its ideology. I dont think anything they propose actually makes sense. We see these people on the street. Throwing things happened. Why? What is going to get them? Nothing because they see their goal is simply to spread. The ideology and get more adherents, that's why they often have nonsensical policy positions and that's why rock Obama referred to them as people engaging and it's a circular firing squad. They talk their own more often than not. Now it could be that they target their own because they're trying to force the ideology and others, but it spreading its mainstream. I've seen my own family members post, what may as well come from white supremacist themselves. Yelling for white people to get Given do certain things and I'm like I don't see how it's different. I mean be. They have a different view of positive and negative
They propose the same things: racial pretext for law. I don't think we can function that way, because then we don't have equality under the law. Right now. We don't that's where things are getting really really scary. They deliver them for media they say Nelson Camera spoke to me so bundle and after what she is trying to accomplish with the move, to abolish the police this days after Minneapolis MAGIC afraid was booed for his opposition to abolishing the police. Now they say this: already funding, but mediators in favour of these people. Jacob fray said I am not in favour of the total abolition of the police, and they booed him and told him to leave camera to set What if, in the middle of the night, my home, is broken into? Who do I call LISA? Bender, replied: yes, I mean I hear that loud and clear from a lot of my neighbors and myself to- and I know that I'm sure a place of privilege because for those of for whom the system isn't working? I think we need to step back and imagine what it would feel, like
two already live in a reality where calling the police may mean a more harm is done. The interview continued with Bender defend, being the logistics of the move and taking questions about what the City Council gave President Donald Trump and other critics a political weapon with the push and absolutely they did see? then rights is defined, the police, a massive political mistake. Let me just tell you the fact that CNN can't about and straight up say it is. A massive political mistake should show you that these people are wrapped up in whatever this ideology is they ve often said many. These journalists their justification for being ideological and not being objective. Is that sometimes the truth is more important than playing both sides? That's a good point, but the truth is not this. The funding of places, massively unpopular as I covered yesterday. Most people in this country wants to maintain the current level of police, but they want police reforms and I think
That's fine. The muddying is happening now. If Democrats came out and supported proposals to reform the police, I'd say that I understand you, ve got your always can have you read it? sacked, but the fact that they were dropped to one me wearing a candy cloth says a whole lot more, because that is the major push towards leftist identity: terrorism, the idea of racial pretext in government. That's what we are seeing because black lives matter is an identity and movement. I am not a fan of this another. Entering government and influencing politics. You can expect to see really weird things happen and it's happening cross the board, not just here, but in many other issues, I'm going to I'm going to leave those for other segments, because I want to keep this one focused but week this manifesting and dangerous ways and potentially it may turn out to help Donald Trump. The way fox news framed it countering mediate. Is that top many Minneapolis?
politicians ducks question on how dismantle police push would affect crime, victims and sites privilege it's only going to get worse, but the many able Minneapolis Police Department, Stripe, saying there will be no police from local progress. They say Day Minneapolis City Council members formally announced their commitment to end the MP and create a new, hence formative model of public safety. Here is their statement. Decades of police reform efforts have proved the Minneapolis Police Department cannot be reformed and will never be accountable for its action, we are here today to begin the process of ending the Minneapolis Police Department and creating a new transformative model for cultivating safety in our city. We recognise that we don't have all the answers about what a police free future looks like, but our community does work. Getting to engaging with every willing community member in the city of Minneapolis of next year. Put it if I what safety looks like for everyone we'll be taking intermit intermediate steps towards ending the empty through the budget process and other people?
see and budget decisions over the coming weeks and months. I can't tell you what what the future than a look like, but I do think based on history. We can expect absolutely. Certainly I talked about this briefly in my earlier segment for those lessening your bill here about a second call. It's it's. The other who's got the Murray Hill Riot Susan Montreal, when police went on, strike for seventeen hours, the city fell into chaos. Banks were robbed, buildings were burned to the ground and I know a lot of people dont want to believe it, but this which can expect to happen right now. I do still There is a distinction between those who are calling for in a hawk those were protesting, and those, who are more extremist and their ideology. But to me ultimately, all of it is a part of the exact same ideology, one that opposes liberalism, liberty, civil libertarianism and
the ports authoritarianism, the idea that they can go around enforcing their ideology, and that's it. Let me just make it very, very clear for you in New York City, they will not prosecute you. If you had here to this ideology, the black lives matter, identity and movement. I have no problem. If you want to agree with that, you want a protest for that's fine. What I do have a problem with is the in equal application of the law rules for thee, but not for me, but more dangerously leftist ideology straight up being group. Did immunity to violate the lockdown during covert. Now that should be shocking to you on. Four thousand plus people have lost their lives. We are currently in data show that covered is spiking amid these protests. You know we all asked it with a protest. Running rampant in the thousands and thousands of people in the streets. We asked
Will we now see stories talking about the spike and, yes, we are everywhere even in Florida. Flora and lock down. There are doing right now, they're, seeing a spike as well California, seeing a spike far. Going all of these massive protests, and it makes sense will it mean the end of the world. I don't know, but how can we live in a society where the governor of states like New York in Michigan. Well, tell you to a new Jersey, meant New Jersey, they'll. Tell you to your face. You cannot go outside. You can't run your business at an they were. Personally got and march for ideology, you realize where this goes. If this continues, the main stream top level national Democrats are bending their need to this. In in the same protest. Ok, look again, I don't care. If you do you want to believe it. I'm gonna believe is a country that is a freedom of religion. What's concerning is the disproportionate application of the law
That means we will come to a point where the lock is gonna. Look it we're already here in New York. It's happening if you don't agree you you you, you will go to jail if you cannot protest. The scary thing here is that when we called out the bias and social media, the left screamed, but more private company. There no excuse for what's happening now and unconcerned. It's not going to change, because many people in our own government are now bending the need for this in Michigan. The courts have cited against the democratic governors, but as this non theistic religion grows you'll begin to see more and more fanatics in a street and when you do and the vote whence ensues like we saw in the past week. What's the com is even worse You will then see police simply each trump charges against somebody because their work about the mob, it happened in Vancouver an infinite.
Journalists named Dan Dicks was being was being screeched at by these activists. He had broken no laws, but the police arrested him. He was the victim. He was the one being screeched at me and yelled at as people swarmed him. He was when I needed saving, but it's easier to arrest the victim to stop the mob. That's Canada, it'll of it'll happen here. Eventually, they said that he was starving the peace or some nonsense. They will make up charges. It is happening I dont think goes away Stop it. I really don't. Fringe. Ideology has been bubbling over the past decade and now to the point where it's in our government, the highest level. They say the same thing about Trump Trump wants to make America white again or whatever. I think that should be telling Donald Trump is rather moderate and right now. Many trump supporters are
I believe I might have the story here now. Let me limit, but many are trump supporters are donating to a cause. Yo Cortez is primary opponent. Why would that be. It has been argued that tromp wants to use a Aussies absurdity to win to make the Democrats look crazy. So why would top Trump donors donate to AOL opponent, Michel Caruso Correira its? because Caruso Correira isn't calling for dismantling police in some kind of red, radical ideological change its because Donald up represents a moderate, normal America and that's why ten million or so Obama voters voted for him and that's why now Republicans, our donating to Michel, Crusoe COBRA Democrat, who happens to be a moderate because there's more overlap with Regular America and these Democrats than there are with what we are seeing at the national level and fortunately, force unlike Michel, Crusoe COBRA. She has advocated again.
AOL sees refusal to support Nancy policy. Nancy Blowsy just bent the need. That means think there's gonna be a Democrat who's gonna, win who's gonna rejected the rise of this non theistic. Religion are first case scenario, overt civil war of some sort out or now, because we ve already seen all this writing. We saw the other day, a man shooter protester. In Seattle we ve seen now fifteen plus dead many many injuries. I feel one of the neighbors were facing is just arrived. Is of the moralistic, authoritarian left at hearing to an ideology that they may last a few decades or generation, or so I don't know for sure. I guess all we can hope for. Is that the old school liberals who, like John Stewart Types, who are civil law Terence people like bill more actually Nobel Mars got trump arrangements under, but still people like him. I hope that they reach
her and gain their power, but it seems like there are losing it's funny. There's a study called MA, hidden tribes, more in common report. They have a quiz the quiz classifies you on a scale where you're a progressive activist, a traditional liberal, a passive liberal, a dud political, politically, not aligned. You can be moderate, traditionally conservative or super conservative like like african server. I'm a traditional liberal. According to this to this quiz, meaning I'm just to the right of progressive activists. They Call me a conservative. That's just absolutely not true. The problem is civil, libertarian, liberal types, social liberals, the old school liberals are so far to the right of where the current left is and because we reject their ideology, that's what we are to them now:
If you don't agree with their new religion, you must be a conservative. I fear what will happen if that becomes the norm, but I guess we'll see it happening, and the Democrats just bent I'll, see you on an coming up at six p m youtube com slashed him cast news. My second channel thanks, rang out I'll, see you there last night at a protest Seattle, a car, was seen driving towards an intersection where there was a protest, a large gathering of black lives matter protesters. Somebody runs up to the car and punishes the driver, the driver- he's a gun and shoots the man in the army before exiting the vehicle wrote moving. The vehicle medics run in chaotic. Seen that I've actually moves to the crowd and then surrender to the police. It's an unforeseen unfortunate and dramatic s. Nation, and we already seeing people trying to side who was right and who was wrong. I think the fair assessment is, you know. To be honest.
It looks like both sides are going to claim justification. Now, whether or not I can say who is our isn't, I'm I don't have the moral authority to do so, but in this video we see The guy was driving, not particularly fast, but he s head towards an intersected lot of protesters. Naturally there all on edge because of what happened in the past. If you dont have in some dude, runs up and punches him now, look at it. Drivers perspective he might not even known where he was going or what was going out with people in the street. So you just slow. Down, so runs up to him, punches them in the face. Next thing you know people charming car, he pulls weapon in self defense. He turned himself into police, I dont what's gonna happen, I'm not gonna pretend to be the arbiter of true the moral Authority on the ridge of the story. But I will tell you: things are getting Insurgents carry scary out their men and I'll tell you. I was thinking about what's been going on and I gotta be honest. I don't really think like there. I don't think there are two factions I mean they're. There are, but you ever
illusionary authoritarian faction, and then you have traditional american civil, libertarian types. The people who are speaking against the riding in the revolution are just most sleep. You know mostly reformer type Americans. They want to see things fixed, they'll want to have a dramatic revolution, that's probably most people I mean you, look all the calls to abolish police most people do not want to do that. Like I'm Talkin, like you know, it's like ninety something percent. So who are these people who are fanatically Reno, jumping up and down the streets? Demanding de funding or abatement of police, radical extremist. I guess now look the whole conflict. I'm not gonna pretend, like I don't know it's time but I will I will show you, there's only reaches story but ownership to wrote to quick things to make my point, this is. Apparently this been going around submitted day ago. I read it: a black power take on the Gadsden flag and it is the Evolution. Fest strangling the snake. This this
This flag is shocking because the Gadsden flag is a symbol of opposing tyranny. It's mostly about being left alone that that the flag represented the rattlesnake or oh, you know, I believe that was basically like stay away from me. Mind your own business. Let me do my thing. Otherwise, I'm the bite you right this is them crushing a snake seeking to mind its own business. In fact, in this right at thread, they said quote when you accidentally take the side of the boat. I don't believe it is an act, didn't take a look at the story. Nine member majority of Minneapolis City Council announced support for dismantling Minneapolis Pigment Minneapolis Place Department. They say this is a veto, proof majority. So when it comes time to vote, it would seem they're going to vote to completely.
Spanned the police department? I wonder why they would want to do that before we get into this stuff. What's let's just read the story and see what's goin on saying it at a common understanding of the actual breaking news, the Washington Post reports and, admittedly I did read rotundity stories and I think the Washington Post does a better job than lot of outlets. Bowl breakdown aquatic seen unfolded Sunday night. In Seattle, when an armed driver barreled toward a crowd of protesters, shooting one personally who were shooting one person who apparently tried to stop him before ultimately surrendering to police. According to authorities and video footage of the incident, the violence interrupted a peaceful protest and name of George Floyd near the saddle police Departments EAST Precinct, just before eight thirty pm Sunday, video shows protesters appearing to chase after a black Honda, civic as it sped down the street towards a larger crowd, slowing just as it crashed into a metal barrier near an intersection, not
really at the low exaggerated one protester caught up to the vehicle. The man appeared to try and reach inside the driver side window when a shot rang out. According to the New York Times, the man admitted to punching him in the face, in fact, there's video of him being interviewed where a straight up says. I punched him in the face. Is now facing a lot of people say the driver was justified. He was driving on a street. You can't just he knew what was going on. Somebody runs up and put them in the face, so he draws weapon and defends himself. Other people have noticed it looks like he's, got an extended mag and another another clip taped to that to the clip? So I don't know I've done guns to comment, but people are saying it looked like he was prepared it still, your drawing out of conclusions on intent. There's a lot of there's a lot of. Stupid and legitimate reason, someone might have some like that. I certainly think it's not a good thing. You know when I would lean towards something fishy about it, but let's not let's go through this. The protester jolted
falling on the pavement bystanders and medics rushed to his aid. The suspect was not been identified by police than exited the vehicle, as the people who had just run, that is car flood in all directions. He's got a gun. People screamed now might tell you what, when one the shot rang out, you had dozens of people's running his view and they all broke and backed off immediately? I'm sorry man, but I mean a jury, might view that is justified, its not just about him being punished. In the face of the fact that a swarm of protesters were rushing towards his car, he got attacked, they were going towards his car, and so he reacted. I think you can easily convince a jury that you know that you didn't kill the guy shot in the arm. He was panicking, he didn't know it was going on even know where I was. I think you can visit easily get off on any kind of charges, maybe get some kind of lighter charge pertaining to. Negligence or something by our don't know. I gotta admit you're innocent
The left, the ideal ideologues claim this guy was, you know, gunning for a five premeditated all of this crazy stuff, that's propaganda. We do not know anything. They say the man ran through the crowd towards the police line once the emergency proud. He walked to the police at his hands in the air. He walked. Nearly all the police line before officers took officers to come away, as I gotta photo Michel your photo. I gotta be careful by showing the video, because this is Youtube. Unfortunately, Seattle police said the identified suspect as in custody and then a gun was recovered from the scene. S F, the S S deed of this, the sale fight apartment, the S s view that the twenty seven years, victim, was transported to the hospital and is unstable condition. Video footage showed the victim walking down the street with medics while at raising his fist in the air in one video Photojournalist outs garland the victim identified as Daniel explained what had happened. I see a car run down the street. I catch him. I punch him in the face here. The gun,
shot go off in my arm and I move right in time. He said my whole thing was to protect those people protesters cheered for the man ass. He pray pass them in the street on his way to meet the paramedics Sunday mark the tenth consecutive day of protest in Seattle, over police brutality and they ve been. Continuing and there has been still some lower level rioting. I'm sorry, man look, there's a big difference between someone running to a building in smashing a window and jumping and grabbing suffer running out just like randomly and what's been going out. The protest where they overlap with throwing rocks and bottles that people on smashing windows, that's just riding and its and its ideological, ideologically motivated. So we did see the tradition in your standard fare of far leftist wearing black prefer I mean you know there live action role play that game for the police, where there's no real outcome where they benefit is like this. Why was rights all these anti viral leftists
or are people want understand them watch any these videos? You will see Anti far associated individuals wearing all black, throwing things at cops. Ask yourself: why are they doing it? Well, the only real thing I could consider if we are trying to determine whether or not they actually had a plan, is that they're trying to help I'll drop. The meanest seriously think about it. If their goal was to defeat the police, will they wouldn't do it that way, Then you ve got a deal with reform. You ve got to deal with voting and certainly if you wanted to feed her by force, you wouldn't do it much by throwing up some water bottles thorium. No, in the end, all I can really happen is well There is one potential by think. For the most part, you will see videos of the protesters, throwing rocks and fighting cops, And already the more a morning, counselled poll shows us that Americans a plurality, forty five percent, believe the protesters are responsible for the violence. Only thirty five percent blame the police.
Whose numbers are still awful, nobody should be blamed the police nobody's reclaiming protesters, but violence is happening, so sounds gonna to blame them, but most or Americans believe that the protesters are at fault. So this is an ideological defeat for these protesters. Perhaps they know that maybe it's some kind of or of other of attrition. Maybe they know that one radical Ideologues activated is better than losing ten liberals who won't do anything anyway, and so the trying to draw radical I guess, or or indoctrinate people, but in the end, ultimately, I think they're, just helping Trump and an whether intentionally or not, throwing stuff at cops is gonna get people to say you know they want trump, which brings me to the photo. I would like to show you this is it. This is a photo from the scene. You can see the man you're getting out his car. I actual, I think, in a close upshot. He looks latino, I'm not entirely sure, but he eighty does look. Latino he's got the ranches on his on his sweater. I dont think anyone's
come up with what the symbols are. So maybe you guys know, but it looks like it might be, a reference to army mechanics or something like that. You can see owning a gun and you can see it was like he's, got an extended clip with another clear take to it. This guy, putting his hands up clearly looks like an anti us out beyond tat guy. Here's the man on the ground being treated by medics adheres, looks like another protests are coming around the the Cartier. Here's. What I ears that I treated with this photo I think the media is running and it's two thousand and sixteen play. But again I could be wrong, but I don't see how someone sees an image like this or the week long riots and thanks Joe Biden, it will keep us safe. I don't think I don't think anyone would believe that some people have said. I dont care for my president to keep me safe. I vote you have all a blot on like dude. I d people vote because they want to feel safe when Donald Trump came out and said that he wants to use the military. Fifty eight percent of registered voters agree
That's what's really strange about what we ve been seeing with the poles nor right now you can actually see her Trump forty one percent Biden, fifty five they're saying wow by them got a fourteen point lead and I'm like that's two thousand and sixteen playbook baby accused Trump of all the way things a book while keep hitting the press with claims that Trump is going to lose. It means nothing to me because of what lab and have in twenty. Sixteen and I'll tell you this. When you look at Trump's overall approval rating, how it doesn't matched Trump's approval rating doesn't match with the national polls Does it make sense, as has been explained by some people, I believe those five thirty, eight that sad or maybe maybe it was ornate silver. Specifically that, Actually, no, I came about his rum This may show that Trump has silent voters who won't admit they will vote for him by secretly. Well, that's the point of the secret ballot. So when asked they all,
over the job is doing, but one is eligible from oh, no, oh, not me, I wouldn't do it and that skews the appalling. More importantly, I don't see how you can have people Registered voters overwhelmingly agree with Trump on a of issues yet all of a sudden national polling says they're not going to vote for him. It's beyond just whether I support the president. Now when it comes to the economy, Trump wins hands down, and I think the economy is the most important factor I mean a comic. A major het people are still betting. That trump will fix the economy. That's according to Wall Street Journal NBC Pole, which was favourable forbidden, but it showed that would come when it came to the economy. The american people said trouble do a better job. What You think people are going to vote for you, think they're gonna stand up on a soap box and yell some kind of protest slogan, or do you think that slink down and go. Let me get some of our green by. I think they're gonna go for cash chow
the guy's gonna make your life better, get you the things you want. Why would they vote for something else? Take a look at this tweet Addy Zipper Treaty. This clean up this clip from CNN Moreover, what if, in the middle of the night, my home, is broken into broken into? Who do I call bender? Yes, I hear that loud and clear, from a lot of my neighbors- and I know and myself to- and I know that comes from a place of privilege, Minneapolis City Council, vows to dismantle the police department. You mean to tell me that the seventy percent, or whatever of this country that is white, is going to be like that's really good point about how we have the privilege to call the police, I'm gonna give that up, because other people are scared. Sorry, man, I think people are Pherson. Foremost selfish, and I'm not saying that two disrespect anybody or act like people are bad. Let's put this way, what went what? What? What does it say on an airplane?
You had a secure your own before securing the mask of those sitting next to you, that is the mentality of human beings, because it has allowed us to survive this long. There are some people who had sacrificed themselves, first and foremost, to save others. Some people would be the first one out of the burning building. You don't know who you are, I guess, until you're, in a burning building, everyone likes to think they would be virtuous and noble I'd be willing to bet ninety nine percent of people just run the eggs. And then what happens in a lot of buildings is now one of the exits they get jammed. India's this actually happens because people don't check for their exits and buildings when a fire breaks out, they all crammed into one, but you know door and they get stuck smashed unable to move so cited. Vice fever in a building make
You know you had your exits, our funding with a point us this woman is saying she wants to dismantle them at the map. Minneapolis police department they're calling for disbanding it outright. The protesters want it to be abolished, abolished, gone, no more police department. Who do you call him another night? Well, instead of addressing it. Let me just say that's privilege and she goes on to say there are some people who can't do that now. My responses sounds like we need reforms. Think about it. If you have this really great thing where, like you, can call them and they shop to help you, and there are other people who can't. Why would the reaction be? Let's take away the good thing from everybody instead of give the good thing to everybody, this seems to be the The mentality of the far left cut off the tall grass. It's not that you know where, as we want a rising tide to raise all ships, they want all all ships scuttled and sunken. And a shovel the shoreline unable to move out of their proposing.
Police are not all good. They can't be, will be impossible because we're humans but When I had someone try to break into my house, I called the cops and they shut up within minutes and they kept us safe. In fact, one of the causes lie gave me out of my shot gun and, unlike I hear you loud clear body, I get it. The cops know what's up there to come back actually and they did and it had a report and they took care of things. Nobody died, nobody got arrested, they shoot the guy off. I dont care because I thought they need. I defer to their expertise. They were quick. There are reasonable. Good thing I've had good experiences and I've had taught a bad experiences. There's a video those going viral the other day, ere. It shows a woman flag down a cop car. She comes out of a car, her baby as unresponsive on officer jumps out and tribes performing. Some lifesaving techniques are exactly what I'm, assuming maybe like, CPR something the baby nothing's working so that this cop, a white man takes the baby, who was a black woman's baby, a black baby, Annie Russia's it to the hospital to save it.
Life is amazing story. It has nothing to do with race, but it's going viral because it's showing a cop saving someone's life and I think because they want people to show the right, so it racial issues and the he meant as this is why you don't defined the police because they will help you their bad things happen with cops. A lot of it thanks there, mostly in cities like New York, New York, serious problems only tiresome even in New York. Actually no ought in New York, you might find it much a crazy people, but here's what I see happening these protesters represent a fringe absolute fringe it something like sixteen percent. According to Kate, oh institutes appall, so not necessarily, I'm gonna want above one Paul but hates what the best we have. Sixteen percent want d funding of the police, and that's of that, let me as it does, that doesn't mean abolished
It could literally mean demilitarization. It could mean a reduction in staff, but doesn't mean you get rid of department. The amount of people wanted to completely remove the department, I think, is slim the nun microscopic percentages. Ninety percent want the departments to be kept where they are, but most people run semi. Nine per cent coin same survey want reform, I totally want reform one hundred percent. I think we can reassess everything we ve been seeing, find a way to build trust in our police departments. Help keep our police safer with with better guidelines and I mean safer and in many ways not just you know in terms of physical safety, you, but you know, community trust, cancel culture too, stuff and and body cameras. I think will be will be important as well. There was an m wapiti officer was of an advocate for body, can saying they keep the good cops safe and the bad capstone I I've heard arguments against body cameras, don't care where body camera dude seriously, it'll save your life. I put a camera.
My car when I drive? You know why? Because don't it's not about other people? It's about you! You do the right thing. You try your best and other people. They don't I'm not a big fan of a surveillance, state, panopticon kind of thing, but you know what man in certain circumstances you can keep yourself say by Wanger cameras and that I think would be a good idea. But let me just write this damn how many white people do you think? are going to stand up and yell yes, yes, the police are the pit and then go to the ballot secretly and speak out. Your Lord help me keep the police this one Allison Cameras, who am I going to call the middle the night? A lot of people call the police in the middle the night I did do. I want to give that up simply because other people can't No, I want to make sure other people can and that's called reform of the department. It's called police accountability One proposed solution was this: dismantling the police unions, which are
Paul Larry. Coming from the left, mind you and then other people are posting things about teachers, unions, oh yeah. I am. I am a big fan of clay. Of bargaining? I am no fan of union cronyism if a bad, complex, bad action get em out. These We had another problem here is because the way, Indians work, a lot of cops feel pressed, or to shut up and not speak out against the bad cop, six, the bad things that happened. You if you go against him now, let's get that. That's let's, let's, let's, let's generate this sense of community with our police, let's build trust, but instead some reforms, its figure, safer ways to do policing to protect the police and the people and just men. We got us all the problem. You know you're not just blow the whole thing up, because you ve got problems in certain areas: many people are gonna regret it. I really think so in Minneapolis were already seeing armed patrols go around because I've lost confidence in police. Many people
the black community already say not to call the police that's unfortunate in its interests, but a real thing. Chaucer man, it is, I propose a side issue cargo and we were told in some circumstances do not call the cops call the fire department for real. The idea was that in at least in the south side, then matter which a race was and the citizen the bothers me, but all the stuff growing up in the south side like two blocks from housing projects meant we had cops mess with us too. We had, we had people get arrested, I've been falsely arrested, Weiss, twice the note, no doubt an I'm being straight up to two bunk arrests. Ok, one was only half bunk, they overcharged, because our skateboarding in Chicago, but one was a legit false, was a legit, false arrest. I've dealt with it and I still don't think even after that, we want to see where the cops, but let me just tell you some men and Saucer Chicago people would say if you have a problem with a mental health issue, if somebody you know, is you know, sick or her
Obviously, if it's like a gang shoot out, you call the cops men, but for most of the things you usually call them for, like emergencies like someone might be trying to break it ass, you call her poor fire because a fire truck pulls up. It scares people off, firefighters are equipped to this, and I'm not saying you should do this- that absolutely not obtained this. What people are saying to do because they didn't trust the police? That's gotta, stop one hundred percent, a friend of mine, said in response to that Paul about forty five percent, blaming the protesters and thirty five percent by the cops she said well shouldn't be one per cent blaming the cops like. If there is violence, people should be blaming the protesters, and this is someone who supports the protesters and, unlike is actually a good point. It's kind of a weird point for someone to say because, like why, should we blame the protesters? but we shouldn't blame either to be honest, but nobody really should be no one blaming the cops. The cops shouldn't be do
anything we're anyone blames them, for it is fair to say in a lot of circumstances. The cops get blamed, no matter what, but maybe there is a perception and policing issue that can reduce that number, and people would then turned to the protesters and blame the protesters, lifestyle Darwin stuff? I cops in London. I can. I can certainly see where this goes with the cap. Running away. I kid you not mad, it's kind of sad and in PA, I think, was Webster, get a cop, lay down on his belly and put his hands behind his back in front of a crowd and they all started like sharing and one guy said it wasn't enough. That to me is a bit too far you mean there things you can do. I don't know I don't know. The answers are they'll tell you that, but its sea watching London, where the cops just run away. Frantically was horrifying men. These are fringe XL zealous. You know like fringe zealous fringe politics where we want to call it. Having our police run stand down, is not what needs
be happening. What people understand these protests as it? The reason why the cops are out there and riot gear is not because they hate to an end because they're trying to protect the rich. It's because we live in a democratic constitutional. We live in a conference republic with democratic institutions. This means people are equal under the law, its less I do have a government is What this means, as if a hundred people come outside and say whose side are you on and a thousand people are in their home saying protect us, you are not The majority in the cops will protect those thousand people right now. The assumption is, most people are not protesting and that's a fact. So the cops are gonna come out and say you are not the majority. This is not a democratic process. Now there are problems. Police brutality totally think. So that's why I am in favour of
form not this, though, how does it what what when at? Whatever that? Whatever the says about that the initial story with a shooting man, I don't know, I just viewed as an escalation and it's it's gonna- keep escalating, especially as we towards the election, so I guess we'll see how things play up I'll leave it there. Next segments coming up at one p m on the show and I will see you all, then we are currently living in two distinct universes. The time line has split, and somehow these two timelines are running right next to each other overlapping, causing everyone's minds to break the top story for this segment is that shootings and murders rose dramatically and n Y see. Last week I met a backdrop of protests, protests which are being supported, overwhelmingly by the Democrats, who recently took a knee about nine minutes to support the protests. Meanwhile, in the a time line a dangerous path. I'm assuming across the nation- and we are seeing a major spike in for some reason you ve got people say
We can't seem to understand why it is that these covered cases are on the rise. Two distinct realities: it seems They make. No sense, the other down CNN, their screen Humph Donald Trump Heavy will not so Billy distance. The press is a violation of CDC guidelines. They say, meanwhile, there out running coverage on the protesters, Chris Cuomo and their feel importers praising the protesters are doing right now in Anti police, Ria version of reality, which we're gonna focus on their are Your calls to abolish the police. We now we actually have historical reference to what happens when there are no police and you're gonna love it. It's the purge baby, not kidding. It is the purge a pair like rival businesses when burn down rival business. There are their opponents dude phrasing. This happened, Montreal called the Murray Hill Riot, I'm in a hurry.
It to you about what happened because it does seem like there are some similarities. There was mass protesting and high crime. The cops felt stress and unsupported So all the cops shut everything down and then the city devolved into a purge emit breaks my heart that humans can't funk and properly on all the libertarian friends I have our like. We don't need the police to function. I think we kind of do another story here: the lead is kind of sharp ornery this, because this is where it begins: shooting and murders rose dramatically and and Y see last week amid backdrop of protests, they say from your post really short story. From last Monday, to Sunday night. There were thirteen murders in the city compared to fight during the same week last year. So that's a more more than double almost tripled. The city reported forty shootings the last week, the most in a week since twenty fifth, in the same time period. Twenty nineteen there were twenty four shooting sources said the increasing
I once came as demonstrators March City streets to protest police killing of George Floyd Minneapolis. The majority of the protests were peaceful on some night, the demonstrators, the demonstrations were overshadowed by looting and the destruction of store in several boroughs at least one shooting in sorrow. Last Monday morning was lit, two looters police sources have said, and of course here we can see the police, you know they and anything they got their. Their guns drawn now, do think it's fair point out there peaceful protestors and there are looters and they are distinct, but there is an overlap there. Any ideologically driven looters and writers. While this was going on police reach sources were strained and what happened was unfortunately predictable especially for someone like me, who was very liberal minded right. Am I very much farmer libertarian spectrum, but the reality is simple when the cops were too busy dealing with protests. I mean the math is obvious right now
the ever once you have a concentration of police resulting in ice, the forces being spread then, and then murders and shootings skyrocket, unwilling but that there is also what would also happened was mugging and other non. You know a lethal instances of crime, I'm sure there carjack things, I'm sure crime across the board went up now. Some might argue. This is due to the fact that we were under lock down another out of lockdown people back in the streets and another we're not talking about from a month ago from A year ago, when there was no lockdown crime has just skyrocketed, summonses, doubling and I'll. Tell you why? Because the police couldn't be there to do anything about it, now, listen for the most part when you're being a victim of crime. The police come after the fact, but police are also a deterrent, especially when their patrolling, so you could be safe. If, as a criminal may see you as a cop there, like I'm, not doing well police are all in one area, and everyone knows yeah now their chance. They want, polish the Police- and this is why
We're going to get you think, I'm joking right, you think it's funny like this is what you're gonna get men. You see that photo aerial scar, sell us as we used to call This is the new Minnesota Police Squad Ass, the joke going around in this image. You see, students from Evergreen College wielding baseball bats. They think they're, tough, they're, not they're, just fanatics with weapons. You get rid of a penny, your replace them with fanatics with weapons. If you got a problem with police, the history of the formation of police, the laws around police in the ideology that developed this country- hey man, I'm willing to listen to it. But if you tell me that you're gonna replace one group of people you ideologically oppose without you. I I'd ideologically support who are also these, these people can actually whacked out with a baseball bat. Why am I gonna believe that corruption would go? down when you bring together individualised community police, but you know patrols. That's going to do what they want to do. You know regard have some overlapping federal authority, I mean maybe they'll,
in that way, shore fine whatever, but I do not want social justice police. Sorry, that's what they're gonna make now many people have brought this up to me and I- and I and I had heard about in the past, but a thought to be fun- to pull up and explain what exactly will happen when they get rid of the police. I bring to you now. The story of the Murray Hill Riot this is an amazing Wikipedia entry talking about the Montreal night of terror- now all she wants you to realise. We talk about peaceful, all, Canada baby. The six is nineteen sixty nine fine, it was a police strike vote you can't read it all, is the way I have that the image cropped, but I can read this summer. We do so it was sixteen hours of unrest, because the police, for one day when on strike and immediately the city purged itself,
I could you not. This is a crisis, or the first thing we do is read to you from this promise. Entry Sow Steven Pinker describes You may know. Steven pinker is very influential. Individual, I believe, is like an intellectual dark. What type I talked about, how he was in an arco lefty. Until this night, when he realized that people will take every opportunity and its unfortunate man that we are a bunch of wild animals. I guess how humans humans, Do they gonna do unless there rules in agreement in place and people have deterrents things like that. My favorite part of story is how it wasn't just TK, metals looting to steal. It was like a taxi. There was burning down their arrival company. That's the purge men and this what's gonna happen but went limit when they do this. For you they say Steven Pinker psychologist, who was born and grew up in Montreal, recalled how the wild cat policed, and the lawlessness that followed changed his views. He said as a young teenager in proudly peaceable
Canada during the romantic nineteen sixties. I was a true believer in awe Baconians anarchism, I laughed off. My parents argument But if the government ever laid down its arms, all hell would break loose, are competing. Predictions were put to the test on eight a M October: seventh, nineteen sixty nine. When the Montreal police work. I'm strike by one thousand one hundred and twenty a dot m. The first bank was robbed only a couple hours wow by noon Most of the downtown stores were closed because of looting within a few. More hours. Taxi drivers burn down the garage of a limousine service that competed with them for airport customers. A rooftop sniper killed provincial police officer riots broke in. Several hotels and restaurants and a d doktor, slew, a burglar and a suburban home. By the end of the day, six banks had been robbed: a hug, good shops had been looted. Twelve fires had been set, forty car loads of store of storefront glass had been broken.
Three million dollars in property damage had been inflicted before the authorities had to call in the army and, of course, the mounties to restore order. This decisive empirical test left my politics in tatters. And offered a foretaste of life as a scientist and right now we have of the minute, the Minneapolis City Council, forming a veto. Proof super majority announcing they will abolish the police in Minneapolis, ok, abolish wherever it means dispatch the dismantle destroy whatever they get ready? They cops. What are you thanks gonna happen to this town of Minneapolis. When that happens, let me tell you something: peaceable Montreal couldn't handle it. We like to praise Canada all of these lefties low to talk about our eye. Moving to Canada, moved and the man ever do, but they think that Canada is a better place. Ok, that's fine. What's that Canada is a better place, us in Montreal is peaceful. Look at this. I love that story attack
see driver burned down the garage of a limousine service. They are just going now. Was just market competition, complete lawlessness, who's, gonna, stop you now to be fair. The peace you talk about the libertarian ideology and where the police do mention, there would be private security, keeping things in wine. So ok, I kind of get that, but I think right now we're not talking about that we're talking about the Minneapolis police, saying they will dismantle the police. I hope they dont do it overnight. They pray public wound, but hey man, these people are not secured. Ask me they kind of just rush through everything. Without thinking through, as soon as that happens, Minneapolis will burn to the ground. It's different. A police strike is different. No, I when the police announced are going on strike the people that city say now my chance, but I better hurry, because the strike could end when the police are completely dismantled, they say now.
A chance and I'm gonna enjoy it because ain't. Nobody come back to stop me. What I'm trying to say is, in my opinion, in peaceable Canada a lot of these people who were committing these crimes warlike, we have. We have to rush this and be very careful, because you never know the police are still there just on strike. But I was when everyone knows, there's no police at all, not not not only there Talking about you know getting like wounded getting people out of prison, reforming presence, and things like that. I am all for reforming presence. Coming police but they're talking releasing criminals in inmates and things like that. I'll tell you what's gonna happen. We adopt a bunch convicts into a city like they ve already done in Saint Louis mind you, the attorney General sad all of the people they arrested for writing. Alluding had been released previously from the jails over over covered, and here you go. So the story of this. I don't wanna read too much, but I want to give you a bit of the opening context as to why they say it was happening is Ellen. Let me just read the intro for you
You say the modules night of terror was the culmination of sixteen hours of unrest in Montreal. Come back during a strike by the Montreal police on seven seventeen October pole These were motivated to strike because of difficult working conditions, caused by disarming. I felt you planted bombs and patrolling frequent protests. Montreal police also wanted higher pay commensurate with police earnings in Toronto. In addition, the mayor of Montreal Johnny Depp drop HA, who had been elected as a reformer who had promised to clean the city up by cracking down on corruption, turn out to be no different from its predecessors. Leading many people disillusioned draws focus on grandiose projects. Does an export such as export sixty seven instead of trying to improve the daily lives of Montreal, others had also have added to the frustration journalist Nick off their more wrote by that wrote that by nineteen sixty nine amongst the working class movement of Montreal, there was a feeling that Europe's only cared about building
gleaming modernist skyscrapers that dominate the city skyline while being indifferent to their outcome to their concerns and needs. Ok in Buffalo recently there was an incident where a seventy five year old man walk some cops, the Yelena push him. He stumbled it falls over his head and bleeds out of here too the officer have been charge, a second degree assault and they have been suspended in response? Fifty seven other cops announced they were resigning in support of these cops, what you don't realize and they're trying to deflect This is that, while I dont think the guy, I think the old man should have been handled much better and I think there should be. I don't be grew, second degree assault, but there should be some charges or some kind of penalty. Maybe it's a suspension, maybe maybe that's the, on internal inquiry to reforms and the practice they take to be. With individuals some like that, but it turns out this guy in Buffalo was out of the sky. Arguing with some of the protesters. Who are you like note, there's literally a video of a black eyes matter, do being like this guy's trying to start a fight man at will
I don't know technical, that guy is or why, but they believe us I came down. It was just being contrary and argue with people on things like that, so whatever happened seems like was looking to real people up not Betty deserve to be pushed by the cops, but fifty seven cops. Signing, isn't the entire police force? We are seeing a slow. Trickle out there ve been up. Rumours circulating of Minneapolis police, resigning, mass or retiring I gotta say man. I can't confirm all that, but I believe it there have been some journalists to point out in New York about six police are resigning per day It's really really high button, not necessarily really high. Right now, and it's probably a big waiting lists to becoming a competent and yet in New York. But I'll tell you this I can't imagine a lot of people wanna be cops right now when we saw in Minneapolis that that I think was the third precinct rated and all the cops storm at the back and ran away under the first thing they did when they got home. Was I took off that uniform upon regular clothes and set up a dull gimme? Who would want to be
up right now in your city, won't defend you when you're not even paid that. Well what your risking criminal liability for what's going on in the streets. Look man, I don't like police brutality. I think some of these costs, Dont really really stupid things. There's that video the guy getting shot the face point like with your guess, that's insane, but Some of these cops like the Buffalo once they clearly didn't want to knock the guided the ground. I think they can get some penalty, but I think the penalty is more to do with administration, not criminal, listen. If you woke up to me and I and enhance our bickering yelling and I push you and you fall, I'm gonna get in trouble. Gay, but you will likely get some kind of slap on the rest. You're, not guy secondary assault, not the biggest deal in the world. To be honest, what fact that I don't know man to me. It feels like, There's there's an argument about police that we ask them to go to situations where there were in danger, and this result and violent confrontation. People lose their lives. I think there are. The police are two cavalier with this.
And we see we ve, seen some stories like there's one video where it gets pulled over an order out of him at his van. Heater the band got hands up in the cop says. Show me your idea. What I mean is okay, it's right here and have grabbed it. He goes to grab it in the cop freaks out starts. Shooting him like. You told to get his id like. If you tell someone grab something we gonna shoot him for then there is also, I believe it was Fernando Castillo legal gun owner in his car, permit everything in the car freaked out and shot up. So look. There are instances where cops have been too cavalier because their immune, How do we find the right balance? I'll, tell you what I honestly don't know. It's. It's really really difficult situation, but I'm totally for reform, and I think because we want figure out ways. Where look what we have to compromise. You know: how can we make cops, feel safer and more respected and be propped up as the heroes they once
we're officer friendly knowledge stuff we to reassess this- is our city start growing, getting bigger and we deal with these the these. But these issues I want every little bit follow what Steven Pinker said. So this is a dimension. The taxi incident is it. They say, as the place one strike out of disgruntled taxi drivers belonging to the movement deliberation. Do taxi appeared set of city hall about six p m. Supporting the police strike Harry better, denouncing the mayor, John Drapeau, as being corrupt. After the rally attack, HE drivers formed a convoy that we're escorted by the Popeye's motorcycle club, the most violent of all of materials. Many outlawed biker clubs what are the convoy word, journalists and members of the Ep L Q, carrying back there's demanding independence for Club of Quebec, on the street, the convoy encountered a Murray hell limousine that was forced to stop. That past yours and driver were allowed to leave then the king, our was smashed to pieces by the taxi drivers and the Popeye's the reason why I want to read it to you.
Because right now there is a huge conflict between taxi drivers and goober drivers. If there are The police, I assure you, men there, the stories in New York. Happens, is in France, especially real in France. For sure I remember, being told us a couple years ago when Ober was like really contentious? I don't know, I don't have it still legal therewith. What's going on taxi driver, I would call an over from the airport get in the chamber. And give them an address that was kind of remote. I went over driver pulled up, a bunch of cap drivers would grant would beat the crap the uber driver smashup their car, as the Ober drivers were destroying the taxi drivers business. It's funny to see This happening now, because we got the same powder keg sitting around now. We don't have an F l, Q planting bombs, but the cops were stressed out by corruption, bad politics, that they want more pay and there were a lot of protest, so naturally, this is what you end up. Getting. You are going to see, I don't know
man, utter Bedlam is the only way to put, but you know that, but hey hey, I guess ever so often somebody wants to embark on the experiments. Let me tell you this: if you would like to experiment with the process, of dismantling your police department to see if we will still Get a Montreal night of terror like moment in your town feel free to do it because I don't live there. And if you do live there and you don't speak up in support of the police, don't be surprised when they resign, and then you end with a Minneapolis night of terror to be honest, you're already getting it. It's a rock and a hard place to say the least. You got cops, just killed a guy and that's messed up, but the cops evolve. Rested. Three cops kneeling on George Floyd are being charged aiding and abetting, and the cop put me on the neck is getting charges. Second degree murder will see if the charges make it because their date they uptown, which is proof you can't please the mob men polemic just tell you you want to avoid a mob. You want to avoid riots, so you agree to decide
until the police that this makes no sense. Your agreeing to more riding and more moving to see the dumb crash all kneel and video of humor and policy and everybody kneeling, unlike bow, but for your new religion, their captives, though legend demands blood and they will give it. To see american politicians to their knees should be alarming to Anybody America's the country, that, as we kneel before no one, we refuse to kneel before king and kissed the pig hearing so we said enough and we severed ties. Now we have a political party. The Democrats it has become increasingly on unhinged and is banned inventory specifically to a new ideology. I understand that concern, of Christians Benvenuto their Lord Savior, but guess what we have: a separation of church and state, which is up, which has allowed secularists an atheist agnostics and to fight for the position of equality and justice under the law that
while there is still christian ideology as a big piece of our legal system. It certainly as look at the history of black stones formulation, ultimately what it comes down to it. We can resist the deeper ideological tenets of the religion, but we can't stop social justice dogma because it's not technically, a religion I mean it is it's not theistic religion. People should be, owing in and in the court and in the capital. Building. And our laws shouldn't be defined by cult ideology. But it's not religion and you can't separate ideology from law, because ideology is just how people see the world. So ultimately, what can happen? The Democrats will benefit. Murders and crimes will skyrocket. The police are about to be disbursed that in many apple S and then the grand experiment will commence once again and perhaps it will all led to a trump smashing re election victory animal I do they. Really funny that a came out from Us Musin, showing that trumps support among the black community had forty percent.
I find it hard to believe man. I really do really really do, but it was floating around thirty, according to several poles, including Emerson, its wanting to see that these numbers come out all the sudden. What happens race rights, black lives matter Trot put together a tribute to George Floyd. You took it down. I wonder why they did that, maybe it's because they don't want Trump to win. I guess we'll see I guess we'll see what happens. Minneapolis I'll stick around the neck segments coming up at four p m over at TIM cast dot net is my main channel vehement subscribe check it up and I'll see you all there, following up on my main channel segment from over at TIM, cast, doubt not check it out. If you haven't, I wanted to dig into this. Story about trump supporters. Pumping thousands of dollars into EO sees primary opponents coffers. Some people would argue that has simply trop trying to disrupt the Democrats and cause problems. I think, actually a sign of where the political mindset of Americans really is
as your core is running into primary and several opponents her most notable is a woman. Named Michel, Crusoe Correira, who regular moderate Democrat she's written a book where she arms are fairly moderate, she's actually stated either them brings up she's refusing to raised access during an economic crisis which is did fairly on I mean how many democratic and straight up saying. Oh, we can do this. We shall Corsica, where she lives in the area and regular moderate a see. Massive calling for defining the police. So why would trumped supporters donate to defeat Yossi for one, I think, they have interests in assets in New York City and they don't like what ABC represents are what she's doing and if you get me a police, those assets are worthless, but, let's be honest, see is a celebrity candidate. A lot of people is key We want real, moderate politics, I'd love to have a real debate over
policy with our public and in a democratic, actually talk about issues, but we're not doing that anymore. Right now, the debate are all based around? Are you a civil libertarian who believes in free thought and free expression or some weird contest who wants no police. I guess. What's the story, you we'll talk about. What's going on Fox NEWS, says top donors to present Tromp are also pumping thousands of dollars into the campaign that the campaign kitty of the damage primary rival to repay O C Michel Caruso Correira Records show by Pastor Stanley Hubbard, who contributed one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars to the pro Trump Great America. Pac contributed the maximum five thousand six hundred and two Caruso Cabrera according to Opensecrets DOT, Org and filings the federal elections, commission, cowboy venture, capitalist Darren Blanton was given forty one thousand, and two pro trump campaign entities also done
five thousand six hundred dollars to Caruso COBRA. Now I'll point out, I look these year. Gentlemen up, I believe, we ve Stanley Hubbard lives in Saint Paul and I believe there and Bland is in Dallas, that's just from a cursory Google search. I could be wrong about this, but they clearly don't live in New York. I'm not a big fan of people outside of his rational districts, donating to politicians, insiders, congressional districts because well the supposed to represent the district but face it. There's another politics worked works right now, and I have personally donated to some democratic Ah from districts out of my own. Now that was a while ago, mind you and I'm never going to do that again. Straight up now can happen I think that even goes. I did donate to Michel Caruso Correira, because I had but read cited a segment about her talking about, how she's very very reasonable and rational and something we need the Democratic Party, and so I did donate and I am now looking the Democratic Party as fully tainted
for a while. I was hoping that by supporting people like Michel Chrysochlora, who I will I will still say, I do wonder too, when I do observance, but this is the last formats at the point of making I dont editor, I want to see- or when does it consider this? The last you know farewell to the Democratic Party for me because when the moderate Democrats campaigned on reasonable issues and then one they went straight for impeachment, so I'm not I'm not confident we're gonna get something good at any these emigrants and to be fair. While I do think better to have Michel curse of where the NEO see Michel Chrysochlora has you know us, as far as I can tell just wholly supported Nancy Policy, which I'm not a fan of either but based on who Michel Chrysochlora is in, which is in the past I do think that she is one of the more moderate Democrats we ve seen out of any jurisdiction, and I think she would be a lot better for her district and our country so take it for what it is. The party as a whole should pay attention to but I believe the reason these people are probably donating tour these these these. These trumped up these trump supporters is
because I mean listen man, we all got I got a New York city. We are. We are a nation that relies on a good functioning city as good functioning government period be at local or otherwise I mean it makes sense. If you want LOS Angeles to run smoothly, it makes sense if you want New York too big affects all of us. These guys clearly saw a high profile politician and YO see who is negatively impacting political discourse in this country. They now have to make a choice: are they gonna be involved or not want that they decided to get involved. I believe the congressional race, the primary between Caruso Correira Elsie, is the most important irrational race in this country, maybe even the most important election for the time being, I think now, as we get into November Trump Trumpery, elections can be the most important, but this certainly is one of the most important, maybe second trump come November, because a yo see is the face of the Awoke Restive nonsense celebrity breakdown. These people inside ideology
there are actually want anything. I mean the claim to want things for all they really want is to spread their ideology. That is like things being washed over and erased with chaos. That would be the breakdown of the system. I mean a yo see has recently just back to defending the police she's calls for New called for New York City to slash a billion dollars from and why PD six billion dollar budget in the wake of George Floyd staff Malleson, I wanna go back and read about these trump supporters. I think it's fair to say we can remove some funding for these about police departments. We can get rid of some of you know a lot of unnecessary things, but we cannot understand about these budgets. People have said, oh, but they have tanks and they have all these things like a lot of those come from grants from the governments to re purpose. What was already bought and paid for it? You see what I'm saying I dont think allow these placed apartments should have APC mind you and some actually have tanks and I've I mean really like I've, always been critical of the active.
They may have tanks when it shone APC, but no I mean like legit tanks with treads and, like fifty cow mounted machine guns, you know what our so yeah. Maybe police farmers don't need that, but oh see, is recently been trying to move over to mainstream. I think to maintain her job, but you really does represent the face of the woke, far left Democrats who have been taking over that's why people wanted a loose symbolic victory as much as it is alleged Lena. I wish you to victory. They say financier Nelson Pats, who held a lavish fundraiser at his palm beach home earlier this year to help raise ten million dollars for trumpet yarn, see, kicked in five thousand six hundred a crucial cobras campaign, venture capitalist Walter Buckley, who done it a million dollars to the protocol rebuild American us. We're back also gave a maximum contribution to m c c, yo see has been at odds with Wall Street and big business symbolized for her symbolized by our
was it into scuttle toy scuttled plan for Amazon to reopen a campus headquarters along with all along the queen's waterfront, gruesome correira is a former veteran business journalist and see and be sea anchor, they say critical. Bear is running as a moderate pro business democrat alternative to a cause of cartels in the fourteenth congressional district that take plight takes place and a bunch of near neighbours. A mechanism cruiser various aboard a supported, the aborted Amazon headquarters and criticised Elsie throbbing scuttle. It asked about the donations from Trump Backers Cruiser COBRA, spokesman, Hank, Shine cop said a YO sees divisive behaviour has created the national coalition supporting I'm cc. Elsie continues to work against our presumptive president. Presidential nominee, Joe Biden, ABC, prefer, prefers to be withdrawn, prefers to be without trial. Thirteen point? Seven percent of the time her vote on salt was in lockstep with the president, which hurts and why he was referring to agencies
against a house you hospital to repeal the law that limit state and local tax deductions on federal income tax returns, which mainly benefits wealthier home, owning taxpayers of and her voting at record. Now I want to stop here I think Michel Chrysochlora missed an opportunity in messaging. I dont think, though you what you want to highlight that tromp supporters are donating to you and then come I'm just straight up, say an EO c is in alignment with tromp, that's kind of a silly thing to say what needs to be said. Is that oh cause your Cortez represents the vapid celebrity leftist, internet culture, a yo, see, is much less a politician and much more an influenza. We have seen influence circle. We have seen the woman, the black eyes matter, protest step on the road and hold a sign. That's what Abkhazia Cortez is
she has a say anything Democrat. She got elected because she was some progressive that barely one any votes and now she's just desperate to win New York as as well as the rest. This country does not want to see a fake. So by Birdie Kendall who just postures and grand stands, they want to see someone who can bring a real argument to the table and even though Michel Crystal Correira, that's what you could have set, even though she opposes Donald Trump. Even trumped support is recognised. The importance of a healthy debate with a real Democrat, who wants to discuss real policies to find the right solution a Yossi, does not bring that to the table. That's my view. That's I think Michel Critical Barrow is more important and better than Elsie, because a yo see is the kind of politician who stands there and as a self you a duck face. Ok, not always I got it agency has done some things I think are good, but for the most part she just wants to fluff that follower
and maintained this. The salaried position, Michel Corsica, where it is not a grandstanding, famous individual sure she was on tv, but now she is running for office. You could instead on tv, if you want to that end, and she's talking about things like not raising taxes. Look at this when asteroid tax on the wealthy. A yo see said yes, as is as it can a barren con. Kosovo Barrow said she oppose raising taxes at all during the fiscal crisis resulting from the kind of ours pandemic. Think about that what Democrat is willing to say? I won't raise taxes on the rich, that's that's that's progressed. That now, before now collapse of progressive campaign campaign, Michel Critical Bear was honest now and do this word on financial crisis, we thought you, nuts, we gotta get people that the money circulating again. I respect that. I don't completely agree.
With my shall critical Berra, supporting Nancy Palacio or, or or whatever, but I'll, tell you this, whether you're a progressive, wet well, the progressive know whether a democratic Republican, I think regular Americans recognise having a real debate on policy, is important for a healthy nation, so you can disagree with Crusoe Correira and that's exactly what I think the Trump Brett backers are actually donating. Tour a yo see is the perfect pr campaign for tromp. He pangs the left and democratic nuts. Wouldn't they want ale, see to win you after what try to win, but if they actually just what real debate in return, a normalcy, they would support a normal democrat to get rid of the celebrity you know individual desperate for fame. That's why I think it's happening but you can download you think the comments on leave their stick around ex segments coming up at our I'm sorry that action will be just a few minutes and I will see while shortly the officer who was possible for the death of George Floyd was arrested quite some time ago.
The three other officers were kneeling on. His back have also been charged. Newsweek says process Peters of George Floyd Police office officers will struggle to get fortune actions, dare I say it- is set up. We ve seen it before They overcharge these guys and they're not going to win and what happens in these officers get off. They will. Then. Scream no accountability, because I don't understand the law works and the sky Chopin was charged with third degree. Martyr made a whole lot of sense. They opted to second degree murder. I argue you might actually be able to pull it off because we found out that Jovan actually work to the same place as George Floyd, so you can probably per of a little bit more than just third degree. These other after being charged, aiding and abetting. Now this is going to be increasingly difficult. It's already all the long shot. It's close to it right these three others. Definitely so what since when a jury says not guilty, because they ve been overcharged riots across the country. Again,
Now I dont know how long this trial and everything will take it bill. Prob It won't be until next year. Who knows what? But you know I don't necessarily mean its being set up on purpose. Well, tell you this active always demand more, in fact all we heard from active, essentially get first degree murder, they don't understand what first to murder is, and you would and be able to prove it. In fact, you'd be able to easily disprove it, and then and then you get released. You need to know for the charges stick and their applicable and the We can agree with it. That's law is supposed to be fair and it is for agreed doesn't mean Necessarily that he's more or less right or wrong. It just talks about the scale to which he went the degree to She went about ending someone's. Let us read this: Root Route Newsweek, they say I'm a nation wide protests of the killing of George Floyd Minnesota.
Many General Keith Ellison last week, bumped up the top charge against Derek Jovan, the officer who pin Floyd's neck under his knee. Alison also lodge charges against the other three officers at the scene of aiding and abetting secondary martyr. Now the charges have been levelled against all for officers. The question is: will they stick prosecutor process chief of police officers, are notoriously difficult to win second degree murder charges. You are quite aggressive. They wouldn't even be legally possible in most states prosecutor? have a real chance of convicting Jovan legal experts, say winning Jerry verdicts against at least two of his alleged accomplices will be challenging, though the officers were all we're all fired shortly after the incident, after last week's charges are now in custody. Their lawyers either declined to comment or did not risk. The news we continuity accused officers likely defence trade. These are beginning to come into focus clearly cause of death. An important issue, the Hennepin
How do you medical examiner, found that Floyd died from cardiopulmonary arrest caused by the confluence of circumstances? These included? his being restrained by the officers, including net compression, but also included severe underlying heart disease and powerful drugs in a system including fetnah and methamphetamine, the country's autopsy, port also open up some obvious avenues of attack for defence lawyers, finding quote no life threatening injuries and no specific, neck injuries, in contrast to medical experts, experts hide by the Floyd family found. Floyd died from asphyxiation from sustained pressure, so they believe that the knee on his neck caught the blood wrote blood flow to his brain on other, like they focus for the two. Most junior officers reportedly earned their law enforcement licences last August, we'll be chain of command the incident one of the worthy officers. Thomas K Lane repeatedly urged hurrying flawed and assign apparently too breathe more easily, but
overruled each time by showing the nineteen year veteran a jury probably be asked to grapple with whether the more junior officers were justified in deferring to the much more senior officer, or should I defied him under these life threatened life and death circumstances stop right there and say I dont think that they get off on that one? Not just fine orders. No one's gonna buy that sorry it work in some circumstances, but they would argue just get up and leave if some on tells you to kill someone, and you say: ok, yeah, I'm sorry, an excuse, you can argue and events the cops I get it not. Sorry, man don't care. If it were me, I believe you have a duty if you, if I think in fact this might actually prove fault, gonna. Stick it out. They'll argue you knew that this was dangerous. You heatedly said we should move in Europe and on top of him that shows you he was in trouble and you did not move. You see how that work, not on. I don't like the defence one bit, but still the point is TAT
I to get all these guys, gonna be tough, and when some of them invariably get off and maybe even show then like they were saying it's a long jets. What do you think's going to happen? am I am. I am not looking forward to it defending Chopin himself will be more challenging, The chilling videos may prove to damning for any lawyers argument to overcome now you're here Where comes and right that org and about the other officer who knew that's. Gonna, pay too bad picture for sure because they're gonna say you were warned repeatedly by the other officer and he was asking you to move, and you refused what you gonna get him up, get him he was warned right, I gotta say, though, that's more third degree murder than second allow, long time, Minneapolis Criminal Defence lawyer, Joe Freeburg, puts it. When was that ass time, Yoda Guy killed on video while he's backing for his life, yikes men too, Understand the charges in the defences First Review, the Grizzly FACTS Six are all fairly clear. Thanks to police, Ghana, recordings and surveillance, video from nearby buildings, but
Let me spell out past us. They say about eighty one p m on May twenty fifth, an employee of the CUP Foods, convenience store that at the corner of thirty straighten Chicago place than I, when one call them I just bought cigarettes or the counterfeit twenty dollar bill. The man was EL across the street and apart Mercedes Suv to store and Please had asked him to return cigarettes, but we're rebuffed. Then was awfully drunk and he's not control of himself, then I went on collar set. I don't want to rehash or everything I wanna get some more the charges actively are right. So, let's move forward, they say, while on the ground Floyd, can you directly I can breathe. As we know at some point, an unidentified officer responded. Floyd. You are talking fine now this is a serious problem because we know, even if your, if, if you're lucky, you can talk when you can't breathe, because exerting pressure is easier than breathing in some thing, but this way, if you're lying on the ground or someone putting pressure on your back flaming. Your lungs is easy because they're putting pressure on you inflating, we require you to push up
and all of their weight, not something you can easily do that that maybe what happened so, I guess all they then do is get into rehashing the store which I think it is unfortunate, because we need to talk about is what it looks like read this when we talk about is what really mean to have secondary murder charges, and will they stick? Look let's red, though they said, officer lane, one of the least experience was evidently uncomfortable with what he was seeing. Should we roll them on his side, he asked no staying put where we got em shoving respond, I am worried about excited delirium or whenever Lane said that's that's why we have a modest stomach and twenty two the officers called for not emergency medical assistance, boarding bleeding from Floyd's mouth according to the times and post accounts a minute later, the all was operated to an emergency with extra Mary precision. The complaints report that Floyd stopped moving at eight twenty four twenty four and that the vote EL, presumably for one of the officers body Cams appeared to show Mr Floyd ceasing to breathe that eight twenty five thirty one
onto rolling on the sidelines lanes at around then Kong checked, Floyd's Paulson said I couldn't find one none of the other officers moved none of the officers moving their positions according to complaints Chauvelin not remove his knee from Floyd's neck until eight twenty seven twenty four. When the empty ambulance arrived flood, was loaded to end on a journey. He was pronounced added hotspot, nine, twenty five shove it so are, ok here we go the charges. This is what I was looking for. Sorry, sorry, the additional charges were made were filed. May twenty ninth the manslaughter charge punishable by up to ten years can be proven if Jovan took Floyd's life with culpable negligence, the green martyr charge and honest depraved mind requires a worse frame of mind, but still that falls short of an attempt to kill, though depraved I might seem a specific up, a perfect description of children's apparent indifference to Floyd's, desperate, please, it turns out that there may be a major technical legal hurdle to using the charge. Children's case law doesnt support it. It says criminal defensible,
says criminal offence, veteran freeburg, who has practised in Minneapolis for more than fifty years he points to an o six ruling of the States Supreme Court which how that depraved mind murder, cannot occur. The finance actions were focused on a specific person, the laws and crystal clear on that point. However, in fact another Minneapolis Police Officer Mohammed nor Onawandah rehash all this. I really just want to get to the point where they talk about second degree. They say felony murder can be charged when some An unintentionally dies during during the course of an underlying felony many states require that the underlying felony can be inherently violent. Crime like robbery, robbery or rape minutes this felony murder law is among the nations broadest. However, according to professor phrase, The state is one of a minority that permit I'll to serve as the underlying felony, which is what made it possible for Ellison. Charge all of these officers with felony murder. So long as Jovan intended to inflict bodily harm on Floyd, and he got in fact inflicted substance so bodily harm he can also,
We charge a felony murder. If Lloyd's death resulted even unintentionally. The other officers intended to help shovin commit the phoney assault. They can be checked his accomplices to felony martyr, ok! Well, look, I think you get the point they go into. A lot more and its and its a bit over leave or about the point on trying to bring up here that I want to ask unfortunately, to keep these short. My question All of you is. Do you think second degree would stick, and do you think The overcharging will result in these officers being released from this under things it sounds like under Minnesota law. They can absolutely get all of them for this, that the arguments put forward I gotta, say men, I don't buy it defined. That you're just fallen orders from your superior officer. If you're leaning on someone who's screaming, I can't breathe, help me and begging for their life, and you stay ass on you, man that is on you, whether or not second degree. Murder sticks. However, I don't How about that men and that's the fear- will. These guys get off that. Will there be more riding potentially Oliver their necks seconds,
up in a few minutes, stick around, and I will see you all shortly. It was I was to be satire its support. To be real, but the Babel. And be has come to life. You see at a race track. North Carolina they dubbed the race a protest to define the governor, I could you not Babylon, Be- has come, come to life now. In order for the truly understand this, I want to show you this satirical article from the Babylon be so you cannot get the joke, I'm sure most of you for our familiar. The Babylon B is just a humorous satirical news website and they wrote this story clever church. Where's avoid arrest by disguising themselves as rioters, right. Now, in New York City you're allowed to protest the gaze office said you will not be charged if your black lives matter activist, however charts
Churches are operating at twenty five percent capacity. Yes, are you wanna go worship your for your religion, not acceptable. You wanna protest, the acceptable ideology, I'll get so joke is kind of obvious. You can see it there and a charge, but there holding, hammers and masks, broken bottles and molotov cocktails and on the church was: has no trump, no KKK, no fashion, U S. Eight welcome please enjoy it coffee and join us here, so they wrote religious p in southern California have found a bold, creative solution for in person meetings. In spite of the continuing lockdown this past week, several area churches, attended church services disguised as righteously indignant rioters. Bravo, Bravo We already have the righteous indignation thing down said one church elder now we simply added black balaclavas, Hoodies Guy Fox masks and baseball bat. We found that We do this. We can meet in law,
large groups without much interference from a local authorities? It's been a delightful experience. Leaders from the sky Leaders from Spirit River in the city church, in up in L County, are reporting successful Sunday service. After using this method, churchgoers we're when bricks and fake molotov cocktails before they surrounded the church with menacing, looks on their faces several d, since then smashed some church windows to make the right look more realistic. Unfortunately, Onlooker screw suspicious when the massive group of writers broke out into a round of this man. Worship, song, reckless life and gulf, some of the attack these were forced to stage brawls in order to keep up appearances. According to source, as some church goers in the area are planning to contain new wearing masked to church. Even after the locked on his ended in order to hide their identities from Hollywood directors and producers. Ok, that's the article its only right. It was well written, but it was just supposed to be a joke. Well This is the reality we deserve in this story from
W S, o c tv. Nine, North Carolina, auto race draws thousands after dumping itself of protest and there's the photo everywhere he gathered around enjoyed a nice. What I was at a rally car race of some sort of something over two thousand people, the two thousand five hundred people showed up to protest, listen man! If the government is going to allow protesters, then why wouldn't anyone's everyone. Just say they are and that's what they're doing the story says. North Carolina Speedway drew a crowd of more than two thousand spectators in defiance of the state's krona virus restrictions. After declaring the race of protest, no, no news outlets. You don't get to say that you dont know they say straight up their protesting, Well then, what are you gonna say? Why are you can decide whether their protesters are not the governors office? warned a speedway in IRAN that a crowd of more than twenty five would violate the dates: phase two corona virus restrictions, but NEWS Elles report that more than two thirds
was in people attended a race Saturday night, a speedway workers perform temperature checks before people went inside the track. A sign for management outside the speedway said this event. Is held in peaceful protest of injustice and equality everywhere, the Alley that's county sheriff's office said it is. Evaluating the events, what you gonna do about it, that's it now listen, I think the reason they did this is because they had already been actively defying the government in the government threaten them. Take a look at the story: the Rural World Newt North Carolina racing Fans Pact Speedway to defy governor in pursuit of freedom from May twenty. Fourth, this is all part of the game. The cat and mouse escalating tensions between the ideology. Lee Driven O K, laws and regular people in what they want. I think it's funny that you have this situation unfolding right now, because it proves violence works. What you think, would happen if all of these right wingers when around with masks, riding and looting, I think you'd see that
would eventually bend over backwards to support them and for Only four, now that's not That's why I should say fortunately, for now, conservatives are doing this and its unfortunate just is doing this and is even worse that what we get in sponsor all this bending over straight for these protesters take a look at what what would happen I'm. So here's the ears a story from twenty. Fourth, they say cars kept pulling Cars are pouring into the grassy lot surrounding them, extract. There are right, creating a mist of dirt. I can't stand when journalists do this man, I'm sorry. I'm skip in this, don't. Write me a narrative. Just tell me what happened they said they had come from all over the state. I said, earnestly smokey bear who is smokey, bear who was working the front gate and checking people's coolers in bags that came through they come from Charlotte and Goldsborough from near by Winston Salem or Burlington to watch the a scar speed around an oval fort. And so my along they'd come for the spectacle of it for the familiar things they met
the roar of the engines in the vibration on the ground as cars went by the faint of gasoline. This is an off article mind you. They ve been locked up, Yarborough Sixty four set the hundreds of people surrounding him. While he slowly walked a head toward the ticket booth, they want to go somewhere and as the old, we place really legal to come around all week that had been that had been a point of contention. The legality of this gathering when nor on North Carolina, Governor Roy Cooper announced at the state would enter faced, its gradual reopening amid the pandemic, the news came with limits coopers, executive order for one prohibited mass gatherings and though had been defined as any gathering of more than ten people indoors or more than twenty five outdoors, about ten feet on either side of Yarborough. There were more than twenty five people, you don't mind, nobody here minded and when concerns. Anyone had we're out. The desire to be part of the mutual experience, only a few people were Annie and of covering over their face and bear the man checking the bags at the gate was among them.
It's been years since we had this many people, so amazing, it's it's it's helping their business, dare I say but there are you got you can see it right there. They knew it was illegal Mcgovern. I said then do it no one to do it anyway, then? What happened I was originally to, talking to some locals in my area. Yeah there angry about it. They have nothing but d; Mission for the governor of New Jersey he's out what like protesting with people or whenever Well? He's telling other people are locked down. This was a very clever way to get around this. It was only a matter of time. Before we sought has everybody was saying the same thing and Anna was bubbling up so much that the Babylon be made a joke article about it. We cannot have a government that site one ideology is ok and everything else isn't we can't have a pull. Is to parliament or a d a like in New York, saying they won't prosecute people who break the law. Men think about where we go from this war. Did they would happen if someone like I'm gonna, rob a bank in the name of restorative justice for black lives matter, one of the copse gonna do
Oh, oh, in that regard, we're not going to charge em all that much now. You can't function that way. You broke the law. You broke the law, it's already been bubbling up, though We have terror laws, we have hate, hate, crime laws and the as things are ideological and other dangerous, I'm surprised Lahti. These things pass the Supreme Court, but they do A lot of people have problems, they hate crime laws because look, if I put you in the faces it really matter, why did it that's the crime, but have you some of the face and say something that's bigoted or racist, or whenever you get worse charges, I dont think A surly makes sense people hate for a lot of reasons. People for a lot of reasons. You hold people responsible based on a uniform law. We should all be equal under the law we shouldn't have I gotta. How does it make sense right with the first amendment? It says that you know they can't fix. Risk can't make a law affecting an establishment of speech or their the abridgment thereof or whatever, but isn't that So, if you add onto a law,
If someone says something, you change, what thought with a violation is so look look out, I'm not here to say we should, or shouldn't have to suffer most pointing out the concerns there now what we have already been seeing ideological application of law. Now we ve gotten it pull handedly. What do you think people are going to do come November, you know the poles, are saying Joe Biden Skyrocket with a massive lead. I just can't believe it if people are willing to go to these links. Tanks, so to stage these big advancement and thousands of people and claim to support the protest. What do you think that means summit limit Limit Limburg enough? We now these people are doing it obviously tongue in cheek a man was speaking a black man, mind you who was talking about freedom and define WAR Cooper. Now I hear to say it, because I dont think race matters. It was just an american citizen standing up for his rights, much respect that good, sir, but that's what things are being reduced to be
because of the intersection of identity areas left. But anyway, the point as these are people who are telling you we're doing this, how many people do and claimed they are protesting just to get outside for real I do want about a lot of people. What we need But we know some people pretended to protest. Just a loop idle people are just like I want to be inside anymore. I wanna go outside go for a walk, so they went out just walked with the crowd that probably made made the group's look. Big think about what happens, then, when New York says they're going to charge anybody. You know every single new Yorkers gonna be like. Finally, I can go outside after months and what are they? I do they're gonna walk right behind the protesters because it protects them. That's why you can't have ideological application of the law Now here you go man they're all convinced their protests. And they're gonna win in a landslide in the polls show in all the stuff. Fine believe what you want. I don't believe it. I don't care, I don't believe it. I have talked to my neighbours,
talk to regular Americans. I've talked to family and I'm seeing on the shocking. It's the exact same thing we saw in twenty. Sixteen, I was told by somebody who is who is in Europe at the time during my the campaigning. They said all the news they saw said everyone hated Trump. Then they flew down a north A line on saw nothing but Trop signs everywhere and were shocked. People really supported the guy. So that's what I think I'll come happen. November, They can tell us all all they want, but people are finding your lockdown orders, they're not going to vote for you come November, but I guess we could only waited seeps olive there. Big around next will be tomorrow at ten a m, and I wish you all them.
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