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Democrats Have Started ABANDONING Impeachment, Even Adam Schiff Says He Is Not Sure

2019-11-26 | 🔗

Democrats have Started ABANDONING Impeachment, Even Adam Schiff Says He Is Not Sure. A Democrat in a safe blue district has stated that they are not sure about impeachment being of value and that the election is too close.Two democrats had already broken ranks and voted against the impeachment inquiry but these are Trump district Democrats. Now we have a safe blue Democrat joining in.But the most surprising thing is that even Adam Schiff has said the he wants to talk to his constituents before deciding on whether to vote to impeach Trump.This seems like an insane departure from the rhetoric he has been espousing about Trump doing wrong. But after the public impeachment hearings it seems there is no evidence to support an impeachment and it has only backfired on the Democrats.

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Democrats are starting to break ranks on impeachment and some even outright. Abandoning the shocking thing is that even Adams Guess who is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee whose leading the inquiry now says? Well, the evidence isn't contested by some gonna talk to my constituents. First now you should realise the Democrats were not entirely on board with. From the get go? Moderate Democrats were scared, and rightly so, and even to Democrats swore more MA. Conservative Democrats rejected the impeachment inquiry vote well We have seen over the past several weeks. Impeachment has backfired miserably. Paul's are showing opposition. Moderate voters are not happy in pendant voters, opposition is skyrocketing, and now they are feeling the heat and guess what even have
Washington, Post and on CNN, reporter saying Democrats or get worried now. The dam has broken House Democrat now sees no value in impeachment, as polls show falling support among independence. You know what I presented this. I did for a long time. You know act for the basketball weeks have been saying, I think they're gonna impeach, I dont think they're gonna impeach anymore. It's I what can happen at first? We all thought they would impeach simply because they control the house and they wanted to. But upon seeing the pole and with the risk of going the Senate and having jaw one hundred bite on trial in all the democratic twenty contenders forced to sit as jurors. I thought there's no way, though impeach because I'll be given the Republicans. All of the control what they're gonna do is run the impeachment hearings. It is much negative as is possible, and then at the last minute say after thinking about We believe its destructive a bit too divisive and we what we would like the american people to decide? That's where, over the past few data from reminders,
If you watch the videos, you'd have heard me saying, Both are actually gonna impeach anymore and It seems this is what's gonna happen, we're going to see a bunch of Democrats, break ranks. Go to start saying you know and guess what this this this one Democratic Saying, while the election so close, and there it is now really surprised Me- was Adam Shift coming out in saying. Well, let me let me talk to my constituents first. Ah there it is. Do you led the charge? You claim that evidence of collusion in Russia you keep talking about all the wrong doing. I was doing and now you're not sure what was all this. For you know what men this plan was miserable and it's gonna black, it's gonna backfire. Worse than anyone could possibly amend I bet there were thinking we can dance around the edge of impeachment, get all the bad press and then walked back and no one would care now they're gonna care. There are certain listless read the story.
And our actually walk through with you. The unfortunate ramifications for the Democrats, who imposing patriot, see one of the Democrats Jeff than Dwyer think his name is wives are the article about him. He actually represents a new jersey, second district, which is basically across the street from me, and I feel bad another coming form as it did the right thing, but in the end, maybe he will be vindicated When always of the Democrats back out- and he says- I told you and then everyone's gonna be like yeah guess, but what started storing see why this house, Democrat is backing down. The dam has broken. Democrats are reversing course before we get started had over two TIM cast outcome slashed on it. If you would like to support my work, there's numerous ways and give it the best thing you can do is share this video, because I guess, as someone put it, no, I was talking about how I hated the impeachment stuff and someone message me saying yeah, but the problem is viewed them. The magician We of the narrative right now is ignoring the facts. You know. Scene
We talk about Democrats breaking ranks. They don't talk about the fact that trumps approval is up. Independence are opposing this. They just keep pushing fake news narrative. So we need people talking about it and you know what fine it's actually a good reason to make sure I keep up on what's going out impeachment and if you agree sharing this video is the best way to help. Let's read the story: Fox NEWS Reports, Michigan Democratic RAP, Brenda Lawrence, a prominent support of Kemal Harris was previously support the impatient and create a trump abruptly announced Sunday that she no longer saw any value in the process and called for her fellow Democrats to throw their support behind a symbolic son, your resolution. Ah there it is more and is about face Most poles have shown that independent our souring on the idea of impeaching removing from from office, including in critical, battleground states like Wisconsin. Even his house Democrats aggressively, presented their focus group tested bribery case against the present over the past two weeks.
It allocates backfiring. I could seriously make fifty videos in one day about every single thing that is backfire on the Democrats plants where what do they think they're going to do impeachment, but then they'll just walk it back. If it failed, you bet on the wrong horse. We are so close to like an oh there. It is Laura, said Sunday in Michigan Radio Programme, noting that Trump stands little chance of being convicted by the GNP controls on it. I've been saying this, we ve all been saying this I will tell you sitting here, knowing how divided this country is. I dont see the value of taking him out of office, but I do see the value of putting down a mom her saying his behaviour is not acceptable is in violation of the oath of office of a present of United States, and we have to be clear that you cannot use your power of the presidency to withhold funds to get a foreign country to investigate and amend citizen for your own personal gain, there's no way around that another minute. That narrative is hard core, impeach able, but not provable, that's the problem, so they want to make
in the narrative but say in the we're so close to election here. My prediction is that the above two many Democrats, the moderates are going to back down and say we needed to do the inquiry to get the evidence you have to understand. If there's a claim, we need to investigate and now that we ve gone through what we think there's just insufficient evidence to impeach the president at this time. That's my bet complexes. What will see we haven't? I don't think I'm I'm a psychic or anything, but let's see what happens if my, but right now Laurens continued, I want him to be censured. I wanted on the wreck of the House of Representatives, did their job and they told this present and any president coming behind him. This unacceptable behaviour and under our constitution we will not allow it. I am a Democrat, but I'm an independent, United States of America. Citizen Lawrence occupies a safely democratic district that includes Eastern Detroit and are relaxed
to move forward. Impeachment suggested that moderate Democrats and swing districts maybe also getting cold feet now that all scheduled hearings in the proper wrapped up last week, no evidence all circumstantial all opinion and if it turns out I'm busy and CNN they're gonna, be like people or just ignoring reality. Yeah tell all of the independence there are ignored Sorry, you were on the losing side of this argument, and other doesn't mean that Trump is right. It just means that what you have presented was a waste of time and was insufficient They say that recent sir and I don't want to add two she's in a safe, democratic district. She has no reason to come up against peat, which has every reason to stay on board with impeachment. But if even the safe democratic districts are saying enough now the dam is broken and I believe it is going to come to our tumbling down.
Recent surveys indicate that even democratic voters are losing interest in impeachment. Meanwhile, fifty percent of independence question in an NPR Pbs Merest pole. Now what the fifth pull conducted November. Eleven fifteen did not support impeaching removing from from office with just forty two percent backing such a move? That's a noticeable dip in support compared to the previous pull conducted, the first big in October. I believe that's what the fifth Paul now this showing that independent voters are like no dice. We get it Democrats, you dont like Trump, but if the Democrats want to win, you gotta convince moderates, and people like me that what you're doing makes sense- and this is why I will save millions time. You all made a mistake. You made a huge mistake, and now we have this shift says he wants to speak with constituents before deciding on impeachment. Oh really, but weren't, you so sure housing. Since committee Chairman Adam shifts that on Sunday the facts in the impeach an inquiry are not contact contested, but there has not yet personally
I did where he stands in terms of supporting impeachment of president tromp, please please, no, no! No! No! You are the impeachment cheerleader you make this happen. You set the rules you blocked, this says and now you're not sure anymore, ok, what a stupid game! I can't stand these people and the manipulation and the fake trash they put in front of the american people. Could they be voting on bills. That matter, could they be negotiating and even arguing in debating fiercely real issues? Yes, instead, what we get? We must impeach the present and then well, I'm not really sure so here's what about He told sheriff you want to talk to his constituents, but you know I feel bad for the moderate Democrats, because they're they're getting roasted, I mean one of the guys I think what does it mean? Call in the town Petersen of Minnesota and Jeff Van drew out his name wrong, Jeff Andrew and count peers and talent. Peter sends a conservative Democrat he's break conservative.
But now Republicans and try and take him out because of impeachment, it's gonna work against them. Fortunately, they made the right move, both Jeff, Andrew and count Pearson. By rejecting the impeachment looked like they're gonna, be on the right side, history on this one and the democratic plan to do whatever they do. I have no idea it's gonna backfire. Naturally, though, Democrats are not happy so that so those are the two democratic without impeachment or not, Trump could hurt these New Jersey, Democrats and twenty twenty and Democrats. Saying that that is what strikes post the home. I live in Jersey, eleven, South Jersey, ok, now comes from Chicago. I lived in Europe for while who have been here for just over a year, but it listings this kind of fauna. My backyard near the Democrats are being told specifically that New Jersey is, you know, it's like Union, Democrat territory and all the stuff you're doing is bad
add for what's happening here in my back yard- check this out, there's a story from end J dot come present, Donald Trump as a businessman, unlike mostly useless politicians, is working to. Verse, America's decline and working to bring back companies to the. U S he wants to control the borders impeachment. Well, that's dominating the democratic agenda and trumps attempt to get Ukraine to investigate a leading political rival was just politics as usual. These are the views of democratic focus groups in New Jersey boom. While these are, these are democratic focus groups he's a regular people in this state, saying we get it. It's politics get over it. These groups college educated and Non Party educated white voters in New Jersey. The second and third congressional districts found strong support for tromp going into an election year, where Democrats hope to attain the two: how seats they won't. Last November
tromp. Has some standing with many of these voters said the report conducted by house majority forward a dark money nonprofit linked to the House democratic leadership which assembled the focus groups. The core perception voters bring to the discussion of Trump is that he is a business man, not a politician, because he is not a politician. The standards that would apply to a politician are not applied to him. Well, that's kind of what look. I'm not agree with that, but if that's what people think then you're making bad move in acting against the will of the people. They say house majority for regularly hosts focus groups and invites more than just fellow Democrats, spokesman Caitlin, like you said, we think it is valuable to check in with these voters from time to time, and we were
surprised to hear that some of these voters still view Donald Trump. As an atypical politician, the findings indicate that twenty twenty might be different with Trump actually on the ballot as compared to last November, when backlash against republican policies such as a tax law that targeted New Jersey and other high tech states, help Democrats democratic guph. Democrats capture those two districts and two other GEO P held House protein slip organism, but to rookie Democrats, whose constituents form the focus Groups Jeff, Andrew and Andy, can our as the most endangered New Jersey incumbents by both Washington based publications that track congressional races, the cook political report and insight elections, house majority, for it is the nonprofit arm of the house, majority pack super political action committee, which has ties
how Speaker Nancy Policy area the findings by Nancy policies? Dark money group make it clear as day with president trumped driving Republican turn up and he came and Jeff Andrew our toast said, Michael Mc Atoms, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional committee. Stop there that breaks my heart, Jeff Andrew did the right thing. He said my constituents do not want this and now he's getting it from both sides. Democrats are coming for him and Republicans. I am not surprised. Republicans earn a comfort right he's a Democrat he is, but he opposed impatient and that what the Democratic Party needs the biggest mistake the Democrats are making are abandoning them and they are. Let me show you some more stories this
one size, Democrat Jeff Andrew voted against the Trump impeach. An inquiry quote we're coming for him. New Jersey activists vow that bums me out. Men here is a guy who's. Right, I mean look, you ve got you wasn't Brenda Lawrence in a safe Democrat district, saying no dice, but she saved doesn't need to do that he's gonna get you gonna win the matter, what right an atom shifting, I'm not sure and you're blaming this guy man. Look at this one on up it was written by Brigitte Callanan Harrison for NGO dot com congressmen Van drew is wrong and impeachment professor says hears. Why and now we get this from New Jersey, Globe Van drew will face. I marry challenge if he votes against Trump impeachment Brigitte Harrison moles house bed. Mistake, big mistake: look man, the House focus groups were seen as from an engine outcome. Democrats are telling you they do not like the games you're playing, they understand what trumpet
presents and guess what Union Working Class Democrats they, like the guy, It's really strange right, we're seeing something fascinating. There was a story. Cnn did, I think it was in Minnesota like Northern Minnesota. It was a district that was historically blue and then voted for Trump, what they found was at a national level, these voters supported Trump at the local level. Voting Democrat. You know why our national level Democrats are losing their minds. First of all, we got a bunch of do nothing please. Just give me the keys to the castle Democrats, people like policy and Schuman, Adler Shift, etc. You're, getting the new wave of the far left activist base. People like the squad when it comes to the national level and you're looking at these politicians that the democratic field looks nuts their promising to abolish healthcare, private health care outright, forcing them to give help and non citizens only the trunk coming along and yet trumps conservative a lot of issues, but he sounds more
Oh, you know like what what what do you mean normally sounds like what people are used to. You know why you know what would really what we use it really bums me out. Ok Van drew com, Pearson they're, they're gonna there always going to face competition from a publicans. That's that's a given The Democrats, who won't support them against torture Petersen but Van drew is facing flak from Democrats, want a primary him. He was right, though, and you know what, when you can't even see it, that's the problem. Kalkhi Linsky, the ever wise knives. I criticise them before for not knowing the farms are, for the most part Collins using smart, dude and I've tremendous. Back from, I think, he's a good guy who acted in good faith he's. My understanding is responsible a bit for Justice Democrats, which is like alien stuff. So definitely someone, I probably of a lot of political disagreements with better things to do and here's what he said in September possible impeachment sent
Rios inquiry never even leads to impatient vote in the house. Second, it leads to about the house but fails there. Third, it gets to the house and dies in the Senate, not possible. Scenario. It gets through the House and the Senate and the house innocent and trappers remove come on. You know what they're a lot. I think the boy
divide we see as the establishment left and the intersection I did a terrier left and then, like the true progressives now, I can't speak like that. There is an overlap for sure between a lot of these people, and many of them refuse to call each other out by typically find that while Kyle is wrong a lot of things, I I mean I find that he's wrong. I'm not saying I know for a fact he's always rooms. I disagree with them politically right. I think he's a principled guy and, I think, there's a huge overlap between people like him and Trump supporters, and that's why you saw Bernier bust. There are people who don't like Trump who vote for him anyway, because what have you to do vote for some of the more far left Democrats there, people who don't like Trump and are definitely going to overflow of Democrats, and there are people who are anti establishment period and that's crazy to me. I understand why there
more progressive left, us too are basically like let Trump Lee these investigations against bite and men. Think about what's gonna happen. Now they did the impeachment they wasting our time. Everyone's gonna be angry, no one's better off for it, and now what now we don't get to find out what happens in the end its just it's ridiculous. From the beginning, you had people like Kyle, who, I believe is a populist left telling you straight up. Man not gonna lie. That's never gonna work, not only that he said it was possible. They never evenly soon impeachment vote, and here we are Adam, Schiff doesn't even know if he wants to impeach the president. They might not even vote on it. I could you not, you would imagine based on the inquiry, they would actually vote. They say. Ok, let us hold a vote now and see what the victim, the reason I don't think they'll do. That is because it put a marker on every single Democrat as to where they stand. It was bad enough. They voted on the increased self. Now you ve got all of you that only two Democrats who opposed it
if they go for with a straight vote on impeachment, while for one it might actually pass, and if it does Republicans take control, Joe Biden comes in Trump gets to bring into every wants the whistle blower all its staff, and it goes all all wide open hunter bind bereavement. Everything hits the fan if they and if they hold that vote than in those moderate destroy. On thirty one or so districts you can have all those moderates within with a number on their head. Saying you know wonders, yes or no and people are going to say you did acts you didn't vote for impeachment, you did vote. Reboot went up. The best thing could happiness. The the atom chef in the house say we're not going to vote on it. They say we're gonna vote for censure instead and then you're gonna get the moderate sang. Look, you know even talker Karlsson agreed. The call was inappropriate, so we thought we should vote for censure and let the american people decide. That's gonna, be the Big Play Republic,
and have been saying at the american people should decide. The election is coming, I agree and that the Democrats are going to use to fall back on and we can see it bringing right back to the story about Brenda Lawrence where she said quote: we are so close to an election and there it is that's the play. They're gonna make that's my bet, even though they never do any real evidence. This is their safe exit by claiming the election is to close and discussing it. We think the american people should decide they can fall back on. We had enough evidence. The moderate Democrats are forced to oppose or support it, and they don't give the Republicans the power to call Joe or Hunter Biden. I'm clog up twenty TWAIN, that's the place! That's going to do so. You know what I think the whole games dirty, I'm sick and tired of all of it man. You know I'm not represented by Van drew, but I've dramatic respect for him, taking a stand and saying to do the right thing, but of course
Democrats won't accept that there is no place for a moderate individual to try and speak rationally. What party am I and I have no idea, I don't agree with a lot of the policies on the right or the left has lost its mind, and so you can look to the principal Democrats who said no to impatient to see exactly how this plays out Vander is the best example he's in Jersey. Like I get it, I think our common Petersen where's he's in Minnesota or something but but Van drew, isn't a blue state and he's had no to impeach and he got slammed relentlessly for because you're either with us or against us. Even if we are not, you know, even if we're wrong. That's the Democrats are saying they want progressives. They want Orangemen, bad, but moderate voters.
There. The one thing I don't know, sir I'll, tell you what the problem for of Andrew is that is coming to a primary and that's not gonna, be independent voters gonna be Democrats who are going to choose here's your ears, how years our public, instead Jersey Van, drew opposing piquant, rightly so, Democrats primary him democratic activists are the ones who are voting in the primary Vander is out, and this new rigid is in, but she's anti Trump demands impeachment and moderate voters don't like her, so they vote for a moderate Republican. That's how Jersey goes, those red,
see what happens and gained a lot, and I know for sure, but I'm willing to bet impeachment doesn't happen. I don't think it will. I do not think it will, and so I mean if we take calculate ski, as you know, is worth that these are the only possibilities. It looks like it's more likely to do not happen or fail. Then it is to even get to the house in the first place. But could you imagine what happens if they support it and then Trot calls Biden? Norway, don't see it or leave it. There sit around. That's rang out next video become is coming up at six p m youtube com, slashed him cast news, and I will see you all there. A story going viral about alien Omar with people saying report say she is a Qatar asset, fondling information to Qatar, being passed on to IRAN. This proves it what what? What what slowdown everybody There is a story right now that, according to a sworn mission ill hand, Omar was acquired, bought and paid for by Qatar officials.
This is coming from Al Arabia, English, which was then picked up by the Jerusalem post. The original story asserts that they looked at the sworn deposition of a man and Allenby under whose Kuwaiti can make up a weighty, born canadian businessmen, who is saying he knows based on one. He was hold your hand. All bar is a guitar asset. Now I gotta stop your men. There are a lot of people. I see on the right that are twins out. There's one viral tweet saying it's being reported that she is stop full stop do. This is diving so deep into here, say we got nothing. Not. Now I will say there is imams on eighty five announcing they must apologise who has been saying for months now. This is the case for binding documents and things like that. But so far the big bombshells haven't you But he's been saying this is the case and now we're getting information. I gotta backs that up, but
This is not enough and ya. Gotta calm down, make sure you do not fall perfect knows. Let me say a couple things for one. There are a lot of people who do not like America and will look for vulnerabilities An airline Omar certainly is because there are so many people, don't trust her, because our attitude statements, because our contradictory votes in Congress. She is a weak link and by subverting her that gives them away to to heart this country. It is also entirely possible. She absolutely is on payroll of color or some other countries. But you gotta, listen man same thing, I did with Russia Gate the same conversation we had. You gotta, be careful of the stuff hearsay upon hearsay, stacked upon stack. She deserves. Absolute same due process as Donald Trump. What and we gotta be careful about these smears because they want to talk about four Interference and our election, but this kind of stuff is bad for us across the board it's true, she's, doing wrong and very even accusing earths
allegiance to air d want of Turkey of all. That's true fine. We need. We should investigate and I'll tell you what in years here's. How far I'm willing to go with us. I think you need way more evident. Its hearsay stack by hearsay, but if you use your say, backed by hearsay for three or investigation, Donald Trump, with tens of millions of dollars. Well, I think we better into Elaine Omar. Without looking to Joe Biden. That's the game! You all wanted to play. We gotta play. We do can't sit here and be like? Oh someone swore in court? This is case, and ours can ignore na sorry. We can do that, but here's what I wanna go the story- and there are some interesting tidbits here that I think are worth noting bottle read through this and not let me let me just trying to pull things back a little bit, because I know a lot of people are already running around saying she is a Qatar hasn't. She is a spy so like again, someone tweeted that it is reported this No, it wasn't reported at all. Ok, we're talking about Al Arabia, English, claiming that
They saw the testimony of a man and Ellen Bender who was told by Qatar officials this. The case we are so far removed from this. If you think the hearsay against is absurd. This is on the same level. So so, let's, let's, let's look, let's read through it, see what's going on, they say Drouet from Jerusalem, Post democratic compliment is said to have passed information to which was subsequently handed along to IRAN. Grissom aunt Ellen Omar, was recruited by a foreign government received funding from a foreign government and past sensitive information through intermediaries to IRAN, a Florida court has been told. The claims came. During testimony by Kuwaiti, born canadian businessman, Ellen Bender, who is giving sentence in the trial of Sheikh Collate, been Ahmad Al Tawny Like a Tory, America's brothers stands accused of ordering as american bodyguard to murder, to people and of holding an american citizen hostage. His deposit obtained by Al Arabia. English was authenticated by the attorneys for the plaintiffs according to the publication, so we're gonna stop here: Jerusalem Post
is citing Al Arabia: English, Aurelia, English, is claiming they saw the the deposition of Alan or who is saying he was told to check this out. Speaking from from Toronto by video link, Bender told the floor. District court then he met with Qatar as secretary to the Amir forces the affairs Mohammed been embed been Abdulla must not and to other senior oratory officials according to a sworn opposition. The three officials told him if it wasn't for our cash alien Omar would would be just another black somali Refugee and America. Collecting welfare and serving tables on weekends, better testified that the officials asked him to recruit american politicians and journalists as Qatar assets and that, when he objected, was told that several prominent figures were already on, the payroll Omar was described as the jewel in the crown now
this man bender. If this testimony is true, then we absolute absolute need to look into what's going on Qatar and that's gonna rope in Illinois, marble, let's just say you know, because three officials of a foreign, remain an accusation against american politician, whether you like it or not, is not enough as far as I'm concerned and we gotta pull back on. You know. People are jumping on this. Now get it men there. A lot of people say they want to do to trumpets same evidence that we play ball. I don't I don't. I think what they're doing the trumpet impeachment is is is psychotic with like. I believe that this was the case, but no one ever told me now get out here. I want to hear it you have direct evidence are not in this case there seems to be potential circumstantial evidence that there's some wrong doing on on cutters part, but it doesn't necessarily prove anything about ill and all our other. Then perhaps we should look into it and you know what that's what they're doing was dropped, so fine, so be it they did. The thing is Trump release
transcript the call. So that's a lot of credit on his part and according to the testimony in the impeachment trial, they all said basically that transcript was accurate. Okay, so we can move on right. Well, if you want to launch against. Tromp were the same thing with Omar, but I gotta admit men we are so far removed here. You really really really got to disagree. Assault, however, There is some really interesting information that raises some eyebrows also check this out. They say cutter recruited, Ellen Omar from even way before she thought about becoming a government official They groomed her and arrange the foundation the grounds forward again into politics way before she even showed interest they convey. The deposition shows he further told the court during a twenty seventeen meeting with turkish power. Didn't receptive area, one Omar Swell. Allegiance to it same time she was a junior state representative in Minnesota that can be easily fact trapped and offer looking into it later in the day. We'll figure it out, but keep in mind is a really interesting point. Here you see not too long ago Elliot.
Where was the only Democrat to vote against sanctioning Turkey, which was very strange one month ago NBA be canter calls out Illinois. Moreover, turkey sanctions about and here's what he said is an MBA star who sent you. Sorting that almost actions made it seem like she was quote on director. Air D want dick, I'm sorry on dictator air, to one's payroll and working for his interests, but not for the american people and the democracy. Now, here's what things get complicated or are you a conspiracy theorist? That's the question. I must ask: are you lookin spares? No most people would say there, not ok. Some people say they were fine pick one. You have two choices it'll had Omar is a tory asset or Al Rabies, polish in concert with Alan Blunder and being propagated, so the Jerusalem Post are our fabricating a fictitious narrative to smear and defame and take down Eleanor. Why? Just before twenty
the reactions which conspiracy is it, but I'll tell you what took us out that they gonna politics artificial so, but Ellen Omar, on spokespeople said this, the day she was elected, saudi arabian frozen mouthpieces have targeted Omar with misinformation and conspiracy theories. A spokesperson for the compliment wrote in a statement to the Jerusalem Post The latest outlandish absurd story from a saudi funded media outlets is, of course, false, and only the latest in that trend. The only people rap Omar represents in Washington of the people of Minnesota Fats District, you're, going to speak out against human rights violations around the world, whether as war crimes in Yemen or the caging, Children and our border, regardless of who commits them, except when its turkey is here's a thing elite Omar supports CBS, boycott divest, sanction of Israel. But that when it comes to Turkey, she was the sole Democrat sang sanctions can be bad. That's really weird. Now she's claiming Saudi funny found it out our smearing her they try to take her down. That's it can
spirits in theory, so I dont know which conspiracy We should believe what I constructed for the millionth time. The drill post is citing Al Arabia, English, which would shake and they Saudi funded news outlet, whose who says they saw this deposition. Well, I'll. Tell you what men if the deposition is real men at all events, we come out if it's true or not- and you have these out Plainly- it's true, I kind of lean towards. I don't do this Well, I mean the Jerusalem Post is just citing already English, so who knows? But you gotta pick a conspiracy theory now, because no matter what you do you, inspirited their sorry welcome to the new world either. He's news organisations are lying with South Saudi Arabia's funding, fake news, take down. You'll have Omar, which seem strange because she's anti Israel in a lot of countries, the Middle EAST alike as real, but then the Jerusalem, it is backing up, attribute English? I guess, because Eleanor rose ill had Hamas, Anti Israel individualism imposed. That seems not our Solomon. Because either you believe it is an asset or you believe it
as a circuitous plan to defamer through various countries. That typically don't agree with each other unwanted issues. What's on, how did I get it? Saudi Arabia is an ally. The United States Trop has given that weapons somewhat selling weapons, putting soldiers our so naturally, there probably gonna be somewhat favourable to american interests, which includes Israel. I don't know man I am less inclined to believe the grand conspiracy of these. These meet government funded media outlets trying to take down an american politician, but are not a bit. So am I hey man, I really really gonna tell you, you know you're, if you, if you come out and say I free with Ill had Omar, that Saudi funded out, which are trying to smear and take her down. You will be called the conspiracy theorist because that's exactly what she sang there's a grand conspiracy among the saudi government to work no to fund state media to lie in smear about tell you what men can they make up a bit Is she implying that Alan Benders, testimony assuming it is real, was fabricated by sea?
you're Raby away. Would what is this? What am I supposed to believe that might possibly The Qatar official have been fondling money to eleven all Marta proper. The polish apple is all crazy I will say, though I got scepticism is the best you can do and then really again at the store. And really just say you know, I honestly don't know the Jerusalem it is not a saudi arabian outlet is isn't in. It is an israeli outlet, ok, it's Jerusalem and their backing. You know their their reporting on this, but their reporting is based on a report which claims have seen a deposition from a man who claims you talk to officials, so we are so far removed here no conclusions can be made and I think it. For to talk about this for one, because too many people are saying it's a fact too many. It's saying. It's proven now hold on men. Incidents in important start to talk about, and I think we now have. You know we are where we are near the point where we do have some kind of
corrie. I suppose that's how you man, we should also have the binding but tat, surprise, surprise. This won't get reported in mainstream american press. It's not it's not going to this George. This is the Jerusalem Post. They're, not gonna, come after Ellen Omar. They know it. Little bit more intuitive sang vendors testimony has been, has been questioned and reports, including this one by the post headlines, population, especially on Twitter, Omar has already been found by the Minnesota campaign. Finance bore to have broken campaign finance rules, but it was a slap on the rest by improperly using campaign money for artists they travel while she was a state representative. Conservative group judicial wash has also called on the House Ethics Committee to investigate Omar for alleged offences, including immigration fraud,
But these claims go much further. Omar was one of a hundred seven House Democrats who co signed a letter Thursday, calling on Secretary MIKE Pompiers to reverse its announcement on the legality of West Bank sentiments the signatories claimed such a move, severely damaged prospects for peace in the region. There's buys across the board. There are people who want to harm America, that's a fact and you gotta be careful men because you might not like ill hand Omar, you might, you might just think or politics are awful, but as far as we know right now- and I know I know it's a big political, cultural battle- she has a legal. U S, citizens representing her district and she was duly elected. If you have proof otherwise presented and we will go from there. We have conjecture, hearsay, circumstantial evidence so far from news reports that are hard to break down that are hearsay upon hearsay. I'll tell you what, even if I do not like Elaine Omar, I would take more offence to outside.
Interest trying to subvert my country's politics. Even for those I do not like, I think ill and almost got terrible politics. I think she's in all around bad person, but you know what she was elected and unless someone can prove otherwise, I do not like these games. I do not like other countries coming The Canadian does not always talking about cotton. Is other countries not offend? That's that's foreign influence, but I will tell you what just because it comes from foreign I'll, it doesn't mean I will ignore it. Ok, I want to know what's going on because, as far as I can tell right now, we have to put no problems, foreign interests screwing with our government and our politics, making me very angry or ill hand arm. Actually not. The only conclusion you come too is: at foreign governments are screwing with our government and I'm I'm pissed off about it. Now is an ill had all our show me. The proof is that Alan Bender, could you know, sir, Saudi Arabia. Our already show me the proof, but as far as I can tell right now, people be screwed
with our politics and I'm not happy about it. If its land Omar will, then fine, let's figure out what's going on, but that the things you ve been accused of the past have been minor campaign finance violations. Yes, you should call her out for that. Yes, there bad things and she find force at the end of the world if she's doing things that are illegal, we must investigate. Ok, not tell you what the big problem in all of this- is that everything is falling apart men, whether you, whether you to admit it or not. The investigations, the impeachment whatever the nonstop scandal against Trump is the weapon zation of process against the president for things they don't like that's it didn't like the guy? They want Europe, they will find a reason, and the same is true for alien Omar. Let's operate on the assumption that both trump and ill hon or innocent look how easy- it is to subvert american democracy by just making claims and for years they come Africa without evidence. What's a Eleanor Mars Innocent and you just don't like or politics will so be it. That's America, ok and we ve got problems got to work out
but man- I am really worry about how easy it's becoming to screw with the whole system and how easy everyone will take. The bait. The problem is what, if it's true right now, I think it's absurd. The simple solution tend to be the correct one. In this instance, I can't find it. I'm sorry, you know with Trump. The simple solution tends to be the correct. One did Russians that now get out of here. Man Trump ran on a populist campaign, it in a play well people. Hilary kind was a bad candidate and people voted for Tromp, that's effect with eleven Omar she's trying to claim now that Saudi Arabia, is funding fake news to harm her because she's going after Israel and protecting turkey- and I dont- know dude her stories way more complicated, but I will tell you what. There was a there was a statement made in an interview with one of the. Let him your Putin's like key opponents was, I jailed and he said the greatest victory, I'm paraphrasing IKEA beginning, but all of us it my onwards, the greatest accomplishment of let him your Putin is not meddling in our elections. It's that the
Perception was created, and now all he has to do is snap his fingers. All anyone has to do is set their fingers and everyone will jump. That's how bad things are getting in this country. That you can have already. I say this is true and everyone are tweeting, saying Ellen Omar, it's a fact affect its effect. Listen man I do not like Billon Omar professionally Eleanor personally should better. Now I guess personally with the divorce her husband, I can say I don't like that, but listen. The last thing we need is foreign interference, legitimate foreign interference, to accuse people of things and run knots of investigations. Take it to the voting booth. I don't know man, but I'll. Tell you what there can be a lot of people say she is bad and she needs to be removed and the same enjoy the same centre. On the other side about Donald Trump and in the end, all it's going to happen is that people when they know that I heard us are going to say: oh then Crenshaw, yet these bad guy. Yet for that reason, and than ever
gonna go here's my chance, but left took it against Trump and I hope the right doesn't, but it seems like it's gonna happen to taken against illegal, are in the end entirely possible that eleven Omar has done wrong out point out There are actually swore allegiance to air to one she's, the only Democrat who opposed sanctions that so weird seriously we're, but you really needs a more evidence. You're gonna need some hard evidence and and will see our end with one final thought check out a man of peace on twitter amount. I e by the time you're watching this probably if I want in this way later, he says I will be coming out live in one hour, I'm not a journalist. I am directly involved in the eleven Qatar scandal is a victim of cutters, plots and malicious lawsuits, it was mentioned all over the federal. U S. Legal deposition turn your notification. On and retreat. This guy's got lot offence. I'm not going to speak to.
We are for or against anything you say, I'm sure I'll. Let you know that he sang that. I'm recording this before he's. Come up my time you watch this. He has tweeted posted, see we say and if evidence emergence emerges than we should definitely take. You know to go Africa's, let's be real. The Democrats have, sadly, I'll drop. Is a russian ass at all whatever in and if that's the case, we need to know about a right sure, but that was outlandish and and we did the investigations in good faith and we found no, it's not the case. Tromp was a legitimate present. Ok! Well I'll! Tell you what? If the new standard is such that we need to look into ill homer, that's the standard they ve created, and we then we gotta be very careful that people weapon eyes in this area. Does. But you know what honestly- and I will end with this- I dont other solution. If alien Omar is acting as a foreign agents avert our government that is horrifying and if it's true Foreign agents are trying to support our government by smearing L Il Omar that is equally horrifying, and if we launch an investigation every single time, someone makes the claim that is also horrifying. So I dont
I want to tell you man, but I will say we are vulnerable. We are being manipulated, at least whichever side is true. People are screwing with us and to making me angry. It should make you angry to stick around Mexicans coming up at one p m on this channel, maybe an update. If we get some evidence- and I will see you all them. The new post received eight trove of emails, send to Governor Cuomo about the failure to secure the Amazon H Q, be, as many of you know, Alexandria Cause Report has led the charge against Amazon, coming to New York based off of fake news and then what came out. She was screwing over her state. He claimed I'm not even representing the district level I mean come on. A yo see was head the lining, a protest in the financial district against Amazon. Let me tell you some New York cities crumbling infrastructure,
is becoming a problem. I went back when I lived there. There was news about the EL train, which brings people from Brooklyn to Manhattan from the hipster neighbour is for the most part it was gonna, go under like a long period of reconstruction and maintenance work causing chaos in the real estate market because nobody wants to live in an area when you can't crossed the water and then and the EL train is required. It's like we're vice was wings were ripe. Anyway, we have fixed train Man right, the empty New York is miserable, and all that tax revenue from Amazon was gonna go towards fixing, not all of it, but a lot of it would help alleviate some of the problems in New York City. So now The new post file, the foyer requests, it seems, and boy did Cuomo, get slammed. It's actually kind of funny new Yorkers sake.
Homo got played by a Yossi in failed at Amazon. Deal number Andrew Cuomo was deluged with hate mail following the collapse of his three billion dollar deal table the giant Amazon Headquarters in queens with many of the missives mocking the fact that he'd been bested by freshmen, Congresswoman, Alexandria, cause yogurt as the post has learnt, try and deny it all. You like a yo, see everybody's, giving you credit for this. Let's see if we get reelected, you got outsmarted by a bar tender thanks, but just a coffin scold, the three times noting the twenty nine year old, socialist firebrands former occupation. Her email is just what one of some two thousand too hundred Correspondence- is to the governor about the Amazon deal. The post obtained through a freedom of information request What a dysfunctional scenario to unfold under your watch, Elsie has played you swiftly. Wow David Sorrowing wrote come up. Not only one thing gave the mind if you ever email a politician, this could happen. We're gonna, find out
I mean I'm sure some of these people working there emails released, are going like. Oh, I should certainly think has now you're famous and Catalonia Colonial told the governor, that is democratic Party, has lost its mind. I agree seriously. We lost Amazon's headquarters. Are you also afraid of agency and screaming stupid protestors, who don't understand economics one to one She so intimidating that you applause you couldn't get. This done. Shame wow Stephen Larry, opined how that little not knows trash that little snub. Nosed trashed. Your big deal then took. Shot at commas masculinity. I guess we oh, who wears the pants in New York. Now, especially in the Democratic Party, did amen. A lot of people are ragged audio, see, but come on. You got a minute. She cheap shit doesn't impact Jenna major impact, whereas they like some like twenty thousand twenty five thousand jobs. Yes, she did something she costume forty five thousand jobs.
The furious messages cop comprise a tiny slice of around fifteen hundred emails and letters almost received following Amazon's, abrupt four February fourteenth cancellation of plans to build a corporate campus and long island the other seven hundred or so sent to the governor after the deal was announced in November. Twenty eighteen. Amazon blamed its surprise: delivery of the Valentine's day, disappointment on unexpected opposition to the three billion dollars worth of incentives that Cuomo and Applause YO offered. Secret deal in exchange for the promise of more than twenty five thousand jobs? But let me just stop clarify. The three billion dollar deal was tax incentives. It's basically accepting a coupon discount. They were expecting to bring and something like thirty billion dollars over ten years, and they I M ass. I was going to save three billion of that over the same period of time, so it it it's all over. I owe Causer Cortez was quoted, saying why something the effective like. Why are we giving these people billions of dollars? Are you not literally
you're giving discount to incentivize them to come to create economic expansion, which can then be used to fix the crumbling infrastructure of your failing city? a number of state local politicians, have made it clear that they oppose our presence and will not work with us to build the type of relationships that are required to go forward. The on line. Retail giant, didn't name names, but oh cause. You courtiers, who reps parts of queens in the Bronx, was among the fiercest critics of the deal. Yes, she led a protest in the financial district. In addition to bashing Cuomo, for failing to tap down a Aussies, outspoken resistance, other writers toward told Cuomo they plant Lee New York over the development debacle by by me, entire extended family are now on our way out of your state to live in Tennessee. It has nothing to do with the weather. It's at all. It's all to do with you lose.
Chris Veil, who said he lives in the finger Lakes Region Upstate said he was going to relocate to North Carolina South Carolina Florida. Your failure to secure Amazon as a new court, new cooperation to do business in the state is laughable in a testament to Medical incompetence, you and all the other, and why us political self serving hacks are an embarrassment looking forward to putting and and why, in my rearview mirror I did a while ago, I let them broken for quite a bit, and I moved to Jersey, exam like New York, expensive on problem and I don't want to be a part of its taxes- are really high. I think New York has technically some of the highest taxes. Innovation. It does have. Some lies. Taxes what's because New York City is an income tax city, income, tax, state income, tax, federal income tax, you know what I'm not, now. I left right. I moved Jersey a couple years ago and then I moved self Josiana, let the fairly area I want to be there. I am not a fan, I you know I for the first time in one thousand cited- and I was like wow nor can and overtime like New York so
Earl Abortion. Opponents even suggested. The Amazon fiasco is God's way of punishing Cuomo for signing effect. We build codified the Rover Way decision into lot now that stupid. That move came in response to Isn't it true successful nomination of too conservative judges, Neil Gorstkin, Brett, Cavanaugh, Galea, God works in mysterious ways, wrote Lorraine De Donato of even so throughout the year, Amazon is not bringing jobs and in York, since you are a supporter of term, abortion and the monies from plant paranoid and George Soros Control. You you got what you deserve. Lauren Carom also told Como Short, you realize God will not be marked. Cuomo spokesmen, rich, as a party tried to exonerate Como by shifting the blame to be elected officials that were against Amazon's plan who, in addition to a cause, yogurt has included Senator MIKE Giants,
so long island city. There is no doubt losing Amazon was a major political blunder by opposing officials and pure pandering at the expense of responsible governing. As a party said, a spokesman for cars. Upwards has declined to comment. I I'm sorry. It was a yo cease fault. Now that doesn't mean it was solely her fault. It was just mostly her fault. Look man! You one plague and say she's, just a Congress percentage and others who do not want to do. She has what, like five million It was on twitter. Now, at the time I think, she'd, like two million she was coordinating massive press coverage. She was making nonsensical statements. Ok, when she was planets this, the state was giving money to Amazon. You get a bunch of people believe in the fake knows: yeah you're gonna right up until the protesters, especially when you have millions of followers. Now I oak has worked as didn't: ask you know too took for the,
to do all of this in and run wild whenever she says, but hey, that's the reality right. You enter the public space you're responsible for what you say. Donald Trump is wrong. Is wrong and I'll tell you why cause grotesque fires back ever Trump brands are a do nothing Democrat Trump. He called out cause Yo Court has a do nothing Democrat sword Hokkaido because of a lot of things like blunder. Major Amazon deals and caused their state twenty five thousand jobs. That was certainly doing something she does. A lot of things She says things that don't make sense: sheep abolishes resolution that no in their right, mind would vote for and nobody did and promises to pay people who unwilling to work from got from taxpayer funds she's doing things. Those things are just kind of awful, but you know she's doing them right, so no tromp. She is currently doing things bad things, would be better for New York. If ABC was literally doing, nothing Amazon would be there with jobs. Now I compliment sandwich, or is this criticism, sandwich
she's called out excessive social media surveillance and she called out private hence and lobbying. She started thanks. Man come on, let's be real. She teamed up which had crews about being issues are nowhere that went back and respect the sentiment. It's not like he's completely awful, so I will be a bit more honest, right truck called our do nothing Democrat is an insult. I get it. It's hyperbole he's exaggerating its literally him insulting her. I would say, for the most part of top mad, most of what she's done has been kind to bad. You know: she's she's, a gas queen like after gaff like that that the Amazon thing really does take the cake, those men they needed. Those jobs that will
out of revenue plus economic activity, those twenty five thousand jobs work. Any people spending money in IRAN, those areas that was gonna be a massive boost for New York City and they really do have infrastructure problems so free for all the good things you dont. You deserve credit for its true for further anybody. They say a broken clock is right twice a day. Well, it was just a little bit better than a broken clock. Ok, she's got a few things I think really are worth getting behind. Especially talking about big texts are very especially talking about you know, term limits or or restrict actual resources around her mother. I mean lobbying issues that people will be caught, we'll get elected and become a LA lobbyists and use their access in certain ways. So she called out certain things that are better than that are acceptable. Ok, but she doesn't any free passes and I think overall She is a net negative for New York City. Now, she's famous, you know, she's bring them
money from outside areas, she's pushing back on Tromp, saying that he said in my first eleven months: I've cosponsor threatened thirty nine piece of legislation, authored fifteen. It took on big farm with my colleagues in hearings that brought prep generic a year early and exposed abuse of power. For years you ve jailed kids, and may I made corruption the cause celebrate, try to keep up yeah yeah yeah, I don't care like you know, we can criticise transport on the self same, so Cassio quotas. I think it's always important to give credit where credit is due, but in the conversation we're having now based on the the you know ever increase sing public persona that is causing Cortez she's, causing real damage for the Democrats, we can just look to what Cuomo Gettings in hit by saying as parties gone nuts yeah man how they let her destroy. This deal is crazy and look. You know she can talk about important issues that I think we should listen to and give our respect for, but seriously. You know our opinions,
over lobbying and stuff is an argument that local debate, whether or not we should have a major massive corporate headquarters with twenty five thousand new jobs, billions upon billions in revenue to help fix New York City. I think That's mostly a no brainer I've gotta thing what you're like a good sluts plan this and make sure what we're looking at, not positive, but she went out just out right was like: why are we giving them money like you're? Not here, given them a disco? So I'm not a big fan of ABC, but I'm up, but I, but I will end with the last little compliment. You know what man people like Cuomo people like Pelosi shimmer these these are that do nothing! Democrats! Ok, these are that these are the corporate crony. You know, there's wanting to know that I described them as the people which want the keys So now I do think I see is obsessed with fame and publicity and sheep. She clearly clearly does us on Twitter, so she is not particularly
you better than them, but I will say there is a bit of I like seeing her defeat. These establishment crony do nothing. I liked it. Ok. Now I think we got a bigger problem in that she's become too big breaches and she's using her weight and is causing a lot of damage. I mean look she literally just was on freshmen congresswoman with a thousand followers saying Amazon's bad, nothing would have happened, but she's got massive press. You know power so she's bouncing around knocking things over. Not realizing the damage is causing an yes, it's a big problem, she's too big for her level of experience. I have no problems are being a bartender, more power to, or I think America a place where people should be allowed to run for office, no matter where they come from being a billionaire real estate, Nuno tv guy or bartender. That's a big country great that you can run and win the problem. Is she gained too much press power too fast and she's way too,
even ignorant that doesn't mean she shouldn't be in Congress. It means you got a lot of learning to do and look. I'm not gonna pretend I know anything about how you know orientated for Congress at work and like procedure inadequate. But she had. She is now in a position where she knows very little about economics very little, but that the interests of her or district and she's just spouting activists talking points. That's fine if you're just a run of the mill freshmen and you got it- you yeah, you know, buster chops, learn the role but she's walk out millions of followers saying nonsense and people keep calling her out for its causing a lot of problems and now Cuomo taken the he play. You know what your report you, so the media want the proper up and I believe everything comes down to the message. They push. They're the ones propping up making her this big icon, and you know what the Republicans are laughing about. It has every single time stories about about her. They left it just makes it Democrats look nuts and that's it. You see that the emails send a private evil to complement it realises, published, Cuomo you're losing it anyway. I think it was funny
that's alright, but with this trump called her do nothing Democrat sure I get it, but you know what man For everything that you can criticise, eight C4, I really do think she's up. She got a leg up on policy, Schuman, Adler. Those are due nothing's like what a shift doing he's lost it I mean not like EO sees perfect man, but at least you know, she really is celebrity focused and I get it, but I still think she's a little bit better than that than the people more. It is demanding the keys to the castle, you know it maybe a year and a half ago I would have said or maybe not in Europe,
about while longer but maybe other times you unelected. I would have been more likely to say that I think she actually cares. All of these issues are good for her. I don't think so much anymore, I think she's, mostly just plant like she's, the worst of what we could have expected from what she supposed to be she's, an inexperienced, naive freshmen who is basically playing tribalism and not actually, you know not like not actually folks on core issues that makes sense or or principle, but I really don't like the establishment Democrat some kind of like still kind of happy she one. You know- and I gotta since by lot Republicans, who love the fact that she makes Democrats look nuts but will say, will see what happens and twenty twenty she's got a lot of challengers this, these these flags, that she's done and then there's a tonne.
Has resulted in a lot of people, both Democrat and Republican, rising up to challenges. We will see what happens but I'll leave it there. Whatever silly story I'll see you all at four p m on the main channel youtube dot com slashed him guest thanks, rang the biggest problem. The Republicans had the establishment ones. Is that refuse to rig the game in much the same way. The Democrats did and continue. To do, and thus Donald Trump came sweeping through wiping out the old establishment cronies. Weren't get the job. Done. This was good news for a lot of Americans who actually got a candidate who was kind of the person they wanted for better or for worse that they voted for that they got. Imagine if that, The orange see colluded the way the Dnc did to keep out Donald Trump, and they could have done it. Unfortunately, they failed or on the demo, sighed over they succeeded. Bernie Sanders was the moment the more popular candidate, I'm at the very least for all
sports. He was substantially more popular than Hillary Clinton in mind. You twelve to eighteen percent. That's number because it's a couple! The repulse of Bernie Sanders voters lit for tromp. Imagine what would have happened if the Dnc said fine Bernie will give it to you guess who would have one? I know a lot of people say: Bernie come to be Trump, but you gotta recognise Trump one by thin margins against Clinton in some key states. I don't know that necessarily means he was guaranteed to lose if he did. When you know a couple of these states, but Bernie could have easily one many of them and an trump for a lot of people around twelve. Eighty percent of Bernie supporters, we'll tromp, was the better of the two between Trump and Hilary Benn means. If you got Bernie up against Donald Trump. Between twenty Bernie does stand a chance now, unfortunately, ok I believe, for a lot of reasons Bernice by the best choice for the Democrats. I dont thinking when, at this point, Tromp has kind of proven himself on key issues. Now he's proven himself in more ways than one I mean for one he's proven himself to be the bombastic aggressive
arrogant Bali that everyone assumed he was going to be and you know a lot of people might take issue with the word Bali, but look for better or for worse trump doesn't take bs from anybody, no matter what he pushes back. That's one of the reasons people liked him. You know one when it was debating Hillary Clinton. He will excuse me, gives me when you are trying to interrupt him, but then you would interrupt her and you know what to a lot of people they say. Listen. You might not appreciate that when Europe Rational putting. But when you got someone selling on your behalf, going to a foreign country and pushing other people around, you probably think guys. Gonna win a fight for you want We can see the DMZ establishment has not stopped. Obama privately said he would speak up to stop Sanders. I kid you not look. Man. Bernie has always been an independent, ok he's running as democratic as is best shot and in my opinion
He's actual you're hurting the Democrats a lot. However, if he is, if Bernie Winds, I think manner. I dont know at this point I don't think Bernie could whence I can only say it's bad in twenty. Sixteen you could have had populist left first populist right with Dnc establishment intervened in a lot of ways. A passing off questions. There was you know that this is a lot of the phone and I want to rehash. Suffice it to say we know the cronies colluded, ok, them almost no we'll things was Dinah Brazil, giving questions in advance to Hilary. We know. There's the super delegate system. This system set up in this way. Republicans don't wanna play that game will to bed. Three the story and see what's Goin out Obama, and then I got some fun and excitement for you, you to vans sure had verses, sticks, hexes, hammer in an epoch, debate trump versus burning, and I will read their twitter. That's gonna find President Obama, Privately said, he would speak up to stop Bernie Sanders from becoming the democratic presidential nominee political report, Tuesday, the former present reportedly
of Sanders held a strong lead in the democratic primary, he would speak out to prevent him from become, the nominee that is as crazy what you know, what for olive Obama's false. At this point, the Democrats gotta pushed back on Sanders men. Look I get a lot of people really like the guy, but right now up against Trump and a strong economy. This is not the advantage like that. Those people who voted for who would who voted for burning twenty sixteen and didn't one about for trot but ended up doing it. Why a lot of I'm going to stay with Trump? Not the economy is doing well, and they don't want to back down which you need to know about these voters, I'm not talking about, but blue. Frame glasses college students going like I'm offer Bernie, but without Bernie Almond about our trump. Now I'm talking about a forty five year old plumber, who said. Listen, man burn he's been a lifelong politician. I don't agree with a lot of things, but he's talking about ending its trade agreements, he's talking about strengthening labour euins. I like where, where he's going with this, and I want these job
Back Donald Trump was saying similar things, so they sat in all its plan b. Right now you ve got tromp was proven it and forty five year old. You know blue collar tradesmen are saying like why rock the boat Ok, Bernie had shot even get, it will trumps gotta ship in the ship, assailant three on Quote Ansari, a close adviser Obama, told politico. He could not confirm whether Obama would stand up against Sanders. We already kind. Is Obama came out and said, stop going far left start a revolution. He hasn't said that directly to me the only real hesitating at all, because yet, if Bernie we're running away with it, I think maybe We all have to say something, but I dont think that's likely that's not happening there really really trying to stop Bernie Man, while that's impressive and abominable personally asked about his previous comments on Sanders, referred to the president's past comments that you would back whomever became the democratic nominee quote, look where they feel the very accomplished very serious and passionate and smart people.
We have a history of public service and whoever emerges from the primary process. I will work my tail off to make sure that they are the next President Obama said earlier this month. According to a spokesperson, Obama stay quiet throughout the campaign about which Kennedy he would support, but has offered to meet with any candidate in the primary and has given advice to those who meet him according to news outlets, because it violates all political that I can't even imagine with this field how bad it would have to be for him to say something. But earlier this month the president warned they're going too far left. So we go. We get right, let's jump over to the more fun. And exciting twitter fight between your favorite, you tubers shoe one head. Who is a big fan of Bernie Sanders? I don't really know how you describe our Christmas. This regular away she does kind of Anti Esther W Comedy on Youtube. You are probably familiar with our. If not that's you, she is just a huge and of Bernie Sanders? Stick Saxon hammer. I also I hate describing people selling get it wrong, but
sticks, as is, is more so a libertarian also rather Anti Esther W, so that decent overlap but they're having a debate on twitter and guys it's a one. It is. I really do many things are good conversation between a pro Bernie Sanders, and a more programme. I don't I don't wanna statistics is protract cause. I don't know for sure. So x. You can clarify later on, but I think they're both great Youtube of shoe on had an sticks, hacks and hammer? I know a lot of people. I find it hard to find that Channel Sars thick sets. You know, but anyway, let's rate with twitter battle is all about June. Tweets establishment Democrats trying to stop Sanders from becoming the Romany goodness me why I never. I completely agree with that sentiment. I've made numerous videos about the crony cheating as far as I'm concerned its understood. This one is in so much cheating. This is like Obama, trying to use his weight to stop sanders from gaining popularity. It's not.
Worst cheating we ve seen and there has been shooting, but it's definitely democratic establishment interference. This one is more level, you know what should they they be intervening to stop him? I mean it's it's on the level. If Obama wants to speak up to say no to Bernie, I can't success airily the wrong thing to do everyone's. A lot of their opinion Right but it's just another grain of sand and that heat of Dnc constantly trying to push out populist outsider candidates, mind you. Elizabeth Warren is, in my opinion and, as other people have told me, she's Hillary Clinton wearing Bernie Sanders mask right, she's been caught, numerous lies. She sang which he needs to say and that's why the establishment is ok with her she's, their plan b, she's their defence for Bernie Sanders, let them up between worn Sandyseal Biden can take the cake. Stick sex hammer response for all the blood thereby his fans, Sanderson elderly, socialist, fundamentally incapable of winning a general when most independent vote
despite socialism as a principal, regardless of whether he is a purist or not, he couldn't even beat haggard Hilary June says he lost because of hand. Picked party, Super Delegate's Andean, see every he's objectively, the most popular out of all of them when you don't count by stealth, riding on name recognition and early pulse. I actually agree with junior right gnostics. It's got a point about independence and socialism. I think Bernie could have pulled something, often twenty sixteen but he's really really embrace that socialism and an end with trumps economy. What's happening, sticks gonna, sticks than ads, He was consistently behind in the delicate count through the primaries. He was absolutely she longed, but he would not have one anyways centres is not the most popular candid Joe says he literally has the most grassroots support to sticks his counter technically trumped. Does it should be clear by now that having an army of near broke college kids donating a buck apiece? Doesn't when you elections, G junk adds she thinks that actually Bernie has more individual donors.
But then sticks counters on charging doesn't say donating a buck. Apiece doesn't when you elections no, but it should. The only way to fund a campaign. Tromp said he wouldn't take any corporate money, and now he does yet Bernie makes it. This far with broke. College tat broke college. Kids, you hate to see it. I agree with you on this one. I do not like the big money in politics. I dont, like Bloomberg dumping thirty seven million dollars into the race justice, smear Trump. Ok Trump didn't spend that much, Tromp earned that press for better or for worse and he doesn't even Jack Dorsey of Twitter said you gotta earn that recognition. Will Bloomberg style are doing that to me, that's cheating guy and I don't care if you're left right top. Now, whenever I don't like the idea that special interests are interfering in what individuals have to say that this is how you swing elections and manipulate people. I don't like it. What sticks, counters trumpets, hath self, funded much of the rest of his cash comes from
all donors considerably more than four sanders who received comparable. Big donations by ratio Trump is the get grassroots Canada for twenty twenty, not Pandarus Sanders Schuman heads counter. I did. He still takes corporate money, I thought I'd take pondering over someone corrupted by special interests. I will push back on that. I do not believe Trump is corrupted by special interests. He is his is the populist right candidate. He might take some cash from certain core candidates, but come on man. You look at the way. Tromp acts nobody's tell him that guy what to do That's one of the problems when they come to him and say here is our advice to Regos. Now I haven't, it will growing Morrison testified that they are trying to convince Trump UK I'm a level anyone believe em. So you think that the end ray or some other organizations, gonna go to drop and be like here, someone do as we say he's gonna be like now. I don't like the plan as it makes sense. Not tromp knows what he's doing and nobody's getting. His way sticks is close. This is the last week in the in the throat he says
old mythology. Long since I'm sorry, I'm sorry, sticks responded. I jumped out of myself private business and special interests are not always the same thing. Jim Jones response was that tromp may have been the grassroots anti establishment gained twenty sixteen, but just like Obama. Turned into a hack, a sunny step in office. The first thing he did was give tax cuts to the rich and continues to ignore the rust about that so much faith in a no. No, no, no no June. You are wrong. Sorry now, either give attacks go to the rich, but it did hit the middle class. They did see major tax cuts and those like a spin that people's tax refunds we're going down yet because you're keeping more of your money also has not ignored the rust belt. He may not be succeed much as we like to, but there was recently a story near posted interviews of people in the rush about their very much still happy with him, we'll see what that brings us all I can say for now is
do not believe he is ignoring the rush about at all sticks, his close out with old mythology. Long since debunked, the trunk tax cut mainly benefited the middle class and entrepreneurs, as both sure you. It was significant, not I've got. This really was a conversation. I think they both made great points there, both right and wrong in some areas, but this kind of conversation, We haven't whether or not Bernie is the right choice or a Tromp or otherwise, it's it's, it's good to see people discussing issues in Saint ways by admittedly volstead and you are saying individuals with greatly to channel so I recommend them. So it's no surprise. They had a legitimate conversation about Bernie versus Trump, but I would much prefer to see a Bernie versus trouble. Well because their populists Bernie is the more socialist candidate, trumps, the more capitalist and see who wins but having big players and the Dnc collude to stop Bernie and outside it from coming in its not the way. It's not as much as I dont like the big, far left push in London and tearing stuff there pushing
I dont like cheating more? If I lose, I lose on merit if the peat that that that that's, why I have trouble arrangement syndrome Trump One, because people voted for. Ok, I get it right. I'm not gonna complain about at the gate, the wedding. What, if I see wrongdoing I'll call it out with the Dnc is doing, is not above board. In this instance, Obama's lava speak up. I thought the worst thing they ve done what they ve done bad things. So Oliver there's a guy, got a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. I'm rounding off this day with some cultural content, videos, revenue and too much politics lately, but it's also because I tweeted about star wars. And for some reason people didn't understand my post. Apparently people don't click links for those have been following.
The failure that is star what I'm gonna do a star wars, I'm sorry, apparently the mandatory is good. I don't know I'll, never see it for a variety of reasons, but as a new clip from the New STAR Wars movie, which I will not be going to see, and we have the story from it. Caught cosmic book news fans, hate, goofy, star wars, Marvel jokes quote: they fly now backfire. Maybe you ve seen the new clip their writing. You know being chased by the first order and then that the bikes, the first, on launch like catapults throwing the first orator was in the air, who then have jet packs and are flying, and then you have a handful of people go they fly now. They fly I now very fly now. I could you not that's the job and an end to the first thing I did was. I got really angry because I don't care, you know what man the cringe of that cringe humor, fine, I get it, but I'll tell you what man
Anybody who has been afraid of star wars knows that imperial job troopers, Worthing Jangle Aunt Bob Affair had jet pacts. They are preparing this too, that the Cologne troopers, while at the same time, jangling other jet pacts and apply currently in when it's where they talk about how the new star wars. Cannon includes jump troopers. Why are talking about they fly. No sin was storm trooper. He knows what they have wisely shock. They have this when in the comics they put out for the First movie star, wars is cringe to a whole new level. Let's read the story from cosmic Book NEWS, because I love ranting on star was right now, because the last July was so bad and it's part of this decay there their long. They said they said they had source material to go off. That's not even true! Apparently George. Lucas said here is the outline like it was, report it. Maybe I'm wrong, but was a poor that George Lucas had outlines the next movies and they scrap it all. Basically, the force awakens is a shot for shot remake. Though of a new hope and last year,
What is that? No Ryan Johnson we had already just with the scope on fire, was like, let's just ad lib everything we made no sense. Ok, let's read the story act. Yes, a lottery. It appears as if all the rumour suggesting star wars, the rise of Skywalker, maybe a complete disaster. Maybe true as a new clip offers, currently no hope for the final film in the Skywalker saga. Ah, you know what, after the last year, I part of me wants the moving to be bad, but really I wanted to be good. I do I'm not going to see it no part of me want to just be. It feel like emotionally vindicated that I was right how they ruined the movies, and already this clip is kind of proving a right. They celebrated similar to those cringe inducing PO jokes at the beginning of rain Johnson's. Awful shut. I we see J J,
Brahms is not going to fix star wars as a nuclear recently released offers, perhaps and even cringe year line with quote they fly now. I'm guessing Disney was hoping that hashtag they fly now would go viral and help promote the movie, but just the opposite has happened. It as it simply awful and everyone's everyone's Kong STAR Wars, cringe. Fans on social media have even pointed out that Paul being clueless as well as fin, but the fact that storm troopers- climate zero sets just like all of the star wars. Disney's move because in the comics poems seeing the storm troopers fly before not dimension thing was storm trooper. I swear there that these people are not fans of its content and I can understand why there's a challenge and bring on fans of the content in some some capacity, you might get too much fan service, but come on man. You know a lot of people complained about. The frequent
Helms actually liked them, ok and another controversial, but seriously, I'm pretty sure. If you look at the rotten tomatoes, it's like a fifty to sixty percent, yet people ragged on for being Campi incipient over the top, but at least I could sitting you know, look I gotta say the phantom menace. I had no opinion on AIDS. That great. In my opinion, the attack of the clowns isn't the clone wars. One would have whatever than I where's the money. I remember anymore. I actually liked it. I thought it was. I thought it was one idea, cool, visuals nice fights a little silly, not the best will in the world, but hey. I dig it interventionist. If I really really do like, I wish would have done the transformation of african debater a lot better. It's like all
a sudden he's just like oh Harry, I'm evil now, and it could have been done much much better. That could have been more conflict in annex in Seoul where he was regretting. Everything was doing it. Then it just flipping and going ok, I'm later now that they should have done it out a lot longer and I guess they tried to, but they could have done a better job if added like five minutes of them. Anyway. What's the point as these these new films they're doing our absolute garbage? First, the fourth awakens. I thought it was ok. It was pointed out by many people. It's basically shot for shot, re makeup of other of a new hope, Rogue one actually liked, but after the last shot, I it was like they brought in writing Johnson. And in the film he sang, you know that the past I kill, if you have to, I think he did it on purpose. As my conspiracy theory, Ryan Johnson was trying to destroy old IP, because he's notice a problem, I've noticed limitation, our culture is stagnant. All we're doing is remakes prick will seek wasn No! No. I don't really know Ryan Johnson believes that, but that's what are you?
Basically, we were saying in the movie let the past die, and so I think I think he was trying to get people like me to built. I will not watches anymore, it's my opinion. Does a conspiracy theory. Maybe it's not true. Aren't always motive was but man that movie that and its thing loop or wasn't add movie. Now you got Ryan Johnson's knives out coming out, I'm not gonna go see it. I am not conventional seed. Emily outlets riddled morbid, you want to do one thing. One thing as I often do this is virtual shield virtual shield has been was my first bond, sir. I am truly grateful to them for helping to make content. So, yes, I am going to promote them. They are helping sponsor this content virtual. So this is a virtual private network service. Basically, it's a simple layer of defence to help keep your data private from prying eyes. If the government hackers or you know somebody wants a spine, your data, it's not the most Dictated systems in the world you're, not you're, not you are building a tank for your computer, but you're doing the basic layer of defence. That would be smart to have the way
describe it as you don't expect someone a break and your house, you still lock your windows right. Well, when your browsing internet without any security you have rather minimal security? So it makes sense. So if you go to hide with TIM dot com, there doing a black forty special, its forty percent of just three bucks a month and there's a lot of things that of European can do, but for the most part that the key benefit is that it helps hide and protect your data so that people don't know who you are. And spy on you and a lot of advantages to have insecurity? There's also some things you can do with products and if it travelling on the contrary, will get too much into because it gets more complicated. But suffice it to say check it out, go to hide with TIM Dot, com click start now for free and just three a month and again I gotta say there there. You know, there's a lot of challenges to doing you tube with democratization and peace what I want to advertise, and you do you know, threatening channels with like you can't even swear. So I'm really grateful that virtual shield is stepping up to help help me make videos like this, but let's get back to the content,
they say so we see did you Abrams and those that worked on star wars, the rise of Skywalker didn't bother doing their homework and similar Ryan Johnson just didn't care, and now we get all of these tweets is great. Take us out this four star. Wars poses the collapse of the cliff from the rises Skywalker, see in theatres, we're twentieth. I won't data. Racer says the dirt bikes have shields, but the giant space bombers, don't good job guys person says, I swear the stars I can clip is like an onion in us. Many layers of stupid and it is only, thirty seconds long. We can travel through space at faster than light speed, but down. I can't believe that the storm troopers could have jet tax. That's just over the line. The point is, They are expressing surprise about them being able to fly in Disney's. Cannon Paul has seen them. That already it is not new to star wars. Spent himself was a storm trooper and he is unaware that exists also dumb, catapult bike. So
when posted. This there's are in response to a twitter thrive where they actually have images, I guess from the comics and they say no to J J. The first order that he created already had rocket troopers. That fin would have no about what kind of Mickey Mouse organization you guys running over there. So he's got it. It shall describe it for those that was in the past. That shows for storm tumors with jet packs, carrying someone who's we're not going astronaut suit. You then have another image of flying strong, troopers fact and a first order rocket. Trooper. Look at this issue from as we with its cannon, so you know what man I got so much prefer there. I have so many problems with star wars as it stands today. Someone's at this just cringe. Continuity, much Disney looks awful straight up, looks awful as a model that different we are using the same line of dialogue. Three times in a row is the exact level of quality. I expect from jar jar Abrams wonderful. I say this
The good news is that Abrams will be gone. Following episode, nine, with reports offering the creative team behind exe General Disney plus Series, Amanda, Lauren, humanitarian and John far up far row. They present and David Bologna will be taking over the creative direction of star wars from Kathleen Kennedy, Kennedys awful approach. I might come back for that. Arose programmes in IRAN, but he's Sunday with Marvel, so I'm absolutely hoping they can fix this because man, the cancer. As far as I'm concerned the cannons carentan, it's your they initiative All of these movies suggest be like the alternate universe and they should try again to start over right. There are other business that all the Universal STAR Trek. Yet this is an alternate universe as far as I'm concerned is not real, bring back the extent the extended star wars universe. And all those other stories I don't read most, I don't. I don't need any of them, but I was a fan of lot of video games, so Bruno back Bruno back, you're too. This is spared. This is a mistake. You get screwed up, but we want to give you money. If you, if you recognize czar,
they said regarding the mandatory in the show, is better than anything. Disney has doubtless star wars and the mandatory and has also succeeded with their own popular catchphrase, which obvious we, this episode. Nine clip was desperately trying to emulate lots. Are you what I did not seize it? I did. I did not see sallow. I will not watch the mandatory I'm not going to go see star wars, because the last year I was was it was offensive. I was sitting in that theater and I wanted to leave so and it was any other movie. I would have left but I know how important star wars as culturally, and so I was I got to sit and watch this. I can tell people what I saw and boy was that movie trash. Nothing made sense, continuity errors, so that the entire universe was just broke a day. We, why were the plasma bless, arguing in space? Try to hide from doesn't look at the window and see the ship's men star wars? Would you
to me. Well, I'm glad they published this clip that I really do me to thank you star wars, I'm really happy you did, because it just reaffirms that I should not go see your movie and I won't stick around. I've got another cultural video coming up in a few minutes and I will see while there the other day, I pointed out in a video about feminist movies. The reason why they fail, in my opinion, reason why politics fails in my opinion. Is that when I go to play games, car games, board names, video games or go see a movie, I'm doing it because I'm trying to get away but the better way to explain it is all day nonstop. I am inundated with politics and news and hears you gotta do hitched can do and it's like, I get it. Man I get it now for the last couple hours. I have forthwith Abed I'd like to play. A cart gave about goblins fighting dragons another putting politics, and the point is: I'm not gonna go pay to get more Vonnegut inundated with every single day. Stop
just don't care? Well. That brings me to one of my favorite games and again. I've played since I was a young child magic. The gathering vice rights queer eraser in magic. The gathering book infuriated fans and drew an apology, a new chapter in magics history of exclusion and Eurasia for those that are fans of magic gathering you'll get along these terms and try to explain if those are not. But if you want me to note this game is suffice it to say there are characters in the world of magic. The gathering who are not clear yet fans wanted them to be, and I asked whether they might be. You know. Buyer queer something apparently fans who wanted a same sex relationship between two female characters and because it didn't happen, they're calling it queer razor and the author actually apologized dude. If the fans want to write fan fiction, you can write fan fiction, but how are we in a world where the fans are calling the comp our scrutiny, the competent on
getting the company. They actually be. Ok, we're right the story that you want, that of writing a story. Now, look! Let me stop or second, I fully recognise The point I made earlier that the point of a business is to sell a product that people like, but if all that's gonna happen is you're gonna make a story by quote. Well then, you're not running a story it all in there's. Nothing even consider people going to be like I know exactly what happens John drawn. This are together. No, I wouldn't what I want. You got twists and turns men, so apparently for those there look at this rate, we have a story, is vice article. Lo and behold and this picture of this woman whose head is on fire, that's actually genre. She has its known as a planes, Walker and she is a pie. Romancer socio controls fire, another woman whose name is this up, and I don't know what you call her cause. I don't pay attention to much of the law, but she's, like you, know, she's green. She likes playing the trees and stuff, and apparently the fans really wanted a relationship, but a new book came out and they are not in a relationship. So now they ve been
and an apology and a kid you not the dude who wrote it. Things do actually apologize, looks up wizards of the coast, publisher of the Popular collectible card game magic for gathering, issued an apology to its fans. On Friday. Some fans were upset after the publication of the Thai and novel. War of the spark forsaken appeared to erase the identity of planes. Walker Chandra ALARM quote: over the past week we have seen and heard strong reactions from fans about how we handle the resolution of the Nyssa challenge, Manta relationship in the recent forsake, a novel, and we apologise W Otis see said in a statement. We didn't live up to the expectations we created for Chandra and what she means to our fans. Dude, hold on a minute. There are millions upon millions of people who play magic, the gathering to Khartoum and because what a handful of people complain that two chicks, weren't hooking up, your apologizing yields really fine I'd. Imagine like if, as is agenda, exe error, that the people would be cleaning complaining about, wanting the chicks to hook up
would be like frat brows being like, let's get districts, but now it's like a queer eraser thing that they're not having that happened. Dude not everybody's in a relationship. You know some people have an identity, but not bang. Somebody else is the craziest thing to me. Change could be gay like I really dont care is right. The story. That's fine by me, Tell me an interesting stories, but you know whatever, but their mad, that they're not hooking up. I gotta they won a relationship, but still I do whatever man. It doesn't mean she's, not a strong. Queer character. It just means is not looking openness a way. I'm really happened between cultural content, to which politics lately they say magic started a portable card game yet regret we get it Magics. This story for such as it is, has always been loose, but since twenty fifteen- which of course has been
to clarify something like a grand narrative centred around planes, walkers powerful spell castors who travel magics, Multiverse Chandra as a planes. Walker who wields flame and in the early novels is portrayed as queer developing feelings for the Elvin planes walk. This up, though, never explicitly stated in the publish, novels and short stories. Misha and Chandra relationship was heavily implied and teased. They're calling eraser, because but their openly, dating she Esquire. Ok, we're good. I get it uncle with that. I think Charles changes a great character The issue is that you set out in the relationship to the current common fans, argued about the exact nature of the relationship with some believing it was obviously romantic connection and others believing they were just friends. Ok, here's what we're to go from here. I don't care about the story. This point. What the reason I want to talk about. This is because, where we go as a culture, listen.
They complain that gaming spaces are toxic, that men do and say, nasty things. Since I was like an eight or nine, I have played magic together, not minutely. When I first our plan, I had no idea how it worked, and I was only a few years- let's have a few years later, when it, when I got into magic that actually startling on a plane, hang out the common shop and I'm sorry some no girls they're just what did it with away was, and it wasn't because men were doing gross things like I was twelve girls. Just didn't: go to the comic shop made this because encourage them. I have no idea, but then people started complaining that the spaces where to gross toxic masculine- and I admit man- a lot of the dude sword- hang out these shops in his games either gross straight up. Man and everybody knows it
there's a lot recurring. Meme about like do go, take a shower and by deodorant man, and there are a lot of people who just didn't care about how they look, how they smell that. I dont know what that's all about. I dont know what attracted those kinds of people to these kinds of spaces. Maybe it was because that's what was available to them because other spaces ass asterism, I don't know- but I was like thirteen and I was skateboarding and was punk rock ash and play Games like this and pokemon and play video games, marble Skype COM, and yet it was a very dude centric space. How do we're trapped girls to these spaces. I don't know, but I tell you what imagine you have your own space for you and yourself and your friends and all of a sudden, some people, you don't know I don't like, are showing up saying we want to change everything about and now you're getting angry that the space that was once yours is no longer yours. Now, there's two things talk on your first. I can fully respect someone who said-
I had my own hang out and I'm sad that's been taken away and you can't really do a publication. Hang out like that. If people want to common Ukraine an unwelcome space, you gotta something about. You can't imagine that your culture would stay small citizen not expand to females and and and trans people in queer people in and other marginalized groups. The reality is magic gatherings, an awesome game because of that it has attracted a wider and more expansive audience of people while the game did start as over womanly, like male players and probably still is to this day. It has done a good job of being a fun games. Guess what everybody wants to play it, or this more people do the challenge, I guess his people seeing their spaces change and no longer being that fun escape. They wanted that. I respect and understand I dont know I saw that problem maybe make us any private club, but the issue is for me: when people come in and start chain
that space, you ll see you will see a backlash and you will see anger but, more importantly, there is a large group of people. So so this really talk about with a lot of people, as I mentioned deal with these kind of politics all day every day. Why now are we seeing an article complaining about the array sure of some of the identity simply because they worked in a relationship that has nothing to do with the game? Why is this a focal point of the story, wise becoming the story, and why can't I just enjoy my chocolate ice cream? I had my vegetables, I just wanna go get dessert. Politics has been infecting everything and that's why people are angry and I totally get it. I dont have the solution. As I really don't don't be surprised, though you know actually let little when you get the point. I made that point on make another point: capitalism, Europe began loved the nature of the business is to expand your audience, and that means even
The game originally was primarily attracting young men to play. You know they're, trying to figure out how to get women to play as well and so they're doing this. Here's the big risk that I see. First, I dont, ere. I really don't I'll keep playing magic. I play less mostly because of the interference at shops have experienced, but I'll play with my friends. You know I've most most morsel play like hearthstone, but unemployment which much anymore, but I play commander it's a format of magic and I find it and I'll keep doing, and I don't care what it is to be stuff. I'm gonna get about going away shops much anymore, but here's the thing. Let's say you have. Eighty percent of your players are deeds and those due to enjoy a certain space, but like like, like it or not, many women,
different. You then try to start attracting women by doing things like this talking about the queer characters in the relationship and the females and- and you do a bunch of the more political feminist, stuff, you're gonna start losing your core audience and sacrificing it trying to attract people who don't play your game already. This is the big challenge and I dont know how to navigate, I will give advice to those that are fans of magic who you know if you watch this video Autonoe, listen when I Younger as the store out and tell us, if you heard it spare offer, give me the the good state borders were baggy in the end, the newer younger skaters, we're type close and eventually, when I got older, the younger kids start wearing dickies that didn't reach their their shoes, that there were floods right and so they so the bag. You kids, made fun of the tight, close kids and high close kids are making fun
that that the Nicky's kids and for me outside dude everyone, it's a chill out right times change. What can you do about it you're mad that what you liked about skateboarding and you thought was causing cool anymore. I don't know man, I want to tell you so I can fully respect why people get angry. They satan you rating fans, but what about the other side of this right? They say: queer. Eraser magic in fear, expands and draws an apology, we're, but the funds that are tired of this dominating a narrow of a strategy game when other people walk, I really don't care about. The story is why of antagonism friends about making a game that has no real backstory is more offensive and comedic and like doesn't planned any this therefore actually satirizes it. But I don't know
All I can really say is for those that, like the game, expect more of this, because the fans are going to demand things, the business wants to cater to them and I'll tell you what it is. Not the deeds. In my opinion, who complain about the storyline, their morsel complaining about how the story line is being smashed to fit on agenda from people who don't even like the game in the first place. A lot of people complain. Stuff are big, fans. There are alot of big funds that are complaining that I'm not saying that you know it's not everybody, but after what we see with political injection into games and comics, our people who never by the product in the first place, just demand that culture changed. So the next big thing I'll leave you with a wrap up here. Otherwise I'll talk from years. Imagine you have your own space, you crack and a beer with your buddies, you're laughing again: crew, jokes and somebody. You don't know you don't hang out with shows up and the cops community, gonna change, algae and take it down and you're like dude,
What's like you're, no union hang out here, man, that's another big problem. If magic and was the cause and other games are not attracting a new player base and it still eighty percent deeds, then why do those due to change the way they behave for people? don't even play the game. I do know the solution. Is I never do? I have no answers. All I do is complain about stuff. Apparently it's all good for, but I will tell you this: was it the coast? I dont go to shops anymore. I don't play anymore. The last I bought a box real, and even opened it, and the reason is this seriously: it's not because I'm pulling really angry about it. It's because I dont have fun being at these basis. I just don't. I dont have fun hearing about this
I don't have one of those one shop. They got like we're stripped of their rank of their access to was its products, because eight o clock flag on like that, and I would like to get get it where we're doing. I don't do that, I'm a goblin to fight a vampire. So now what I do I play with my friends and private: we play commander, we have drinks, we sat round table and maybe that's the way it's gonna go. Yeah, like I said, maybe people are gonna, go find their own way to make their own space. We set up a cable tv as we watch movies. We order pizza and we play games and we're offensive. We make
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