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Democrats Have SURRENDERED In Portland, Agree To Demands From DHS And Trump, Abandon Antifa Leftists


While Democrats are framing it as a victory this is actually a conditional surrender.Perhaps due to the far leftists making Democrats look bad and helping Trump they have agreed to the demands of the DHS and Trump to bolster local law enforcement and protect federal building.Oregon will deploy State Police to assist Federal law enforcement. If the Feds are convinced that the far left has been quelled and antifa violence will stop then they will remove the extra officers deployed.Essentially all demands of the far left have been crushed.Bill Barr warned just the other day that if the far left wasn't stopped by state officials it would get worse. Then the next day they announce exactly what Barr wanted, state officials will stop the riots in portland.

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Democratic politicians and the far left are declaring victory in Portland after it was announced, Federal law enforcement officers set to the city depict the courthouse would be withdrawn unconditionally and if it sounds good to be true for the left, that's because it is in reality. What actually happening is that the Democrats have agreed to surrender now early on local launch, or from the Portland police are actually working side by side with the feds, as violent riots persisted and damage was being done to the federal Court house, fires were being set, cops and federal cops were being attacked. Eventually, I guess, because the Democrats thought they looked bad. The Portland police stood down even issuing a statement saying we had nothing to do with the violence last night, leaving
federal officers on their own. The federal government surged the amount of federal law enforcement officers to protect the courthouse. After thirty nine days of rioting you see, according to Secretary Chad, Wolf, they just want Portland police to do their jobs. If the Portland police were actually going around and arresting these rioters and stopping the riots defending the building including the federal court house. They wouldn't need to be there, and thus we have an agreement. The Democrats have agreed to react. Reinstate than a matter of speaking the Portland police to do their jobs, protecting these buildings and if they do Those conditions, the feds will agree to pull up their access officers. That's right, federal law enforcement agents will remain in the courthouse. The extra officers will leave only when the debate. The ages feels comfortable that Portland police are doing their job So why is it then that we have
stories like this wheeler, the mayor of Portland, excited for the work ahead as feds withdraw from Portland. I think their desperate to push the narrative that they one to quell the riots, Interestingly, just look at just the other day. The mayor of Portland said that he wanted. Though she to cease fire with federal law enforcement, but under what authority could even do this? You see has no control over the far left extremists that are showing up throwing explosives at the building, but he does have control over the Portland police. In my opinion, they pulled the least back early on, because they want to try to look bad. All of a sudden, the narrative emerged that federal law enforcement off There were secret police, blah, blah blah, Andrea. It made trump look bad a little bit. Only then it backfired you see, people started to realize is that Trump was the only one willing to enforce the law. It started to make people opposed act, lives matter and all of us on the narrative flipped, they started blaming Trop, say
He wants the violence. Sorry, it was Portland that pulled their police back, so there it is, This is a surrender from the Democrats, but still being framed they have one. At the same time, billboard testify just the other day that if the air, if the violence from Anti for is not stopped, it will metastasize it. I'll get worse and it must be crushed sorry to say this is not a defeat for the federal for federal law enforcement. This is them finally admitting. Funding the police withdrawing police, abolishing police does not work and you need your police to do their jobs if the police do their jobs and fine, the feds will withdraw so sure ball sides owing to trying to clear victory on this one, but in the end it really does seem like it's the Democrats who ve given up now. Let's read this Orient go through every that's going on I'll break down for you exactly how this is happening, because, of course, both sides want to say they one before we do. However,
had already TIM cast outcomes lashed on it. If you'd like to support my work, there are many ways can give what the best thing you can do actually subscribe about. Half the people who watch my videos aren't even subscribed. If that's you and you want to make sure you get access to every video. I put out every day at four p m to subscribe button at the like button and if you really want to share the video spread. The word here is the story from K o I and six wheeler excited to work for the work ahead as feds withdraw from Portland. They say the more after Portland Mayor TED Wheeler confirmed his office was in talks with federal officials of the tense situation in downtown Portland Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced. Certain federal officers will be withdrawn. Governor Brown said, federal officers will be will be withdrawn from Portland by Thursday at the latest. She treated than it was early Wednesday morning. Saying quote after my discussions with VP pants and others, the federal government has agreed to withdraw federal fourth federal officers from Portland. They have acted as an occupying force and brought violence
Starting tomorrow, all customs and border protection and ice officers will will leave downtown Portland Leave Downtown Portland. I wonder what that means, because, according to the actual, He meant they are not going to leave until their satisfied. The story from coins It is actually fairly biased. In reality, the New York Times has the story. Federal agents agree to withdraw from Portland with conditions guns Kate, run of organs of the teams will begin a withdrawal on Thursday federal officials cautioned that they will withdraw only when they are confident the federal court House can be secured, So maybe it is true, they will actually leave downtown Portland, but it doesn't mean they're actually going to leave completely. I think the feds are going to pull back a little bit, they're going to we're going to see Portland police come in and if the Portland police do their job then. The extra forces that were brought in by day just no longer need to be their sounds like the factual
Finally, one forcing the Democrats to bring the police back. That's been the whole fight right. One of the one of the demands from the far left us has been defending. Thou police looks like they lost that one I'll tell you. What will your time says? Federal tactical teams clashed with protesters in Portland in recent weeks will soon begin, leaving the city Governor Kate Brown set on Wednesday under an agreement, but when Missis Brown in the Us Department of Homeland Security, the governors off the Oregon state Police will provide security for the exterior of the city's federal court house, while the usual team of they're. All officers that protects the courthouse year round will continue to provide security for the interior and there it is the after all, officers that work in the building will stay hold on a minute wasn
another demand. The far left that the feds would leave. Oh they're, not so, let's are let's talk about their demands. So far, did they defend the police? Know in fact, they're sending the police back out are the feds leaving. You could argue technically, yes, but no. The federal officers that are normally there will remain. Are they going to? Is his mayor, TED, We are going to resign, no and are the protesters being really. East from jail unconditionally. No, the far left has lost completely. The Democrats have realized, they're. Looking worse and worse, every day, partially with bill bars hearing last night, when the Republicans showed all of the violent sweeping this country, including two months of violence in Portland, it was making tromp look good and they realized it, so they did, they decided send in the police. We ve got to stop this. The Democrats were becoming this weird look. A lot of people are starting point
that they were abandoning the Democratic Party, I'm not saying all or most, but many because of this weird experiment in non policing, forcing tromp to be the only one willing to enforce the law and then guess what people started thinking. Maybe in the Sun herbs where there are like, not in my backyard right well of trumps would be the only one who will do it. The Democrats keep standing down than why vote for the Democrats. They realized they had to get the had to get tough. Take a look at the statement from Cape round. She says, after my discussion with people and others, they're gonna be withdrawn and I fine force? We get it right. Our local Oregon state police officers will be downtown to protect or edonians right to free speech and keep the peace let centre the black lives matter movements demands on racial justice and police accountability. It's time for bold action to reform police practices. I got. I gotta tell you it's not even about the port police they're, sending in state police. This is be on,
surrender their adding state forces. The democratic governor said fine we will send in more police police just make it stop Tell you what mandate just has one on this one acting secondary Chad, Wolf says the state of organ is full finally agreeing to cooperate with our federal forces exactly what we asked for since the nightly vines broke violence broke out two months ago, we're Glad Oregon is. How correcting their months long error and he's right, they are play any game you want. They are. He says we maintain our current augmented federal law enforcement personnel in Portland, until we are assured that the Hatfield Federal Court House and other fellow properties, will no longer be attacked. The seat of justice, important warming secure, DE I just Gov will not back down from our legal duty to protect federal law for then officers and federal properties in the face of violent criminal behaviour. Potest made clear that this administration is ready and willing
to partner with state and local law enforcement to protect every American, and you see that commitment in Portland with this plan. In fact, they issued this huge list of facts and myths, saying that you know the myth Trump Administration deployed federal troops, the streets of Portland, fast The ages personnel sent to protect federal facilities in Portland our sworn civilian federal law enforcement officers, not military and their protecting federal building said issue. All of this, because been one big game of proper agenda? But as we move on to the next and the most important subject, let me just make it very very clear, so we can say definitively the Democrats have surrendered. They have. Rendered and dare I say you could argue its unconditional, maybe not fair, to say because they want the feds to leave, but they have
Reed, but they will send in Oregon state police to secure the building and van once they have proven it. The feds relief sounds like the feds are getting everything they ve asked for in exchange for nothing well, bill bars at best the other day, Agee BAR thinks Anti fought will spread if states don't squash. The violence is right is absolutely right and that's why the feds were defending the courthouse. You cannot allow these extremists to do whatever they want and look the press made Trump look good. Well, let's see exactly what billboard say: attorney General, William, Boris concern that anti for lead violence will grow and spread across the country. If state officials allow rise to continue rocking their cities during a hearing in front
I wish you d, Sherry Committee on Tuesday bar pushed back on New York, wrapped Jerry needless claim that violence in Portland by the extreme extremist group is a myth. I dont think its a myth bar sad, adding the violent fond of radical group was heavily represented in recent rights. This is the important part why is it that the day just has demanded demanded that Oregon, send in more police bill bar made it clear yesterday if the states, if estate fishes. Allow the riots anti far will spread. So when the state officials in Oregon agreed to the demands of the age ass to actually enforce the law. Now they said good now we're happy because, like Bill BAR said, if they allow it Andy Foger worse now, here's a it. This is a time how this is. This is a mistake by the post. There's a quote here: it's a national organization that moves nationally, they tend to get organised. For an event and there's a lie.
Out of organization right before an event occurs, but we see a lot of the organism organization during the mob violence. This is actually a false court, but in your post I am going to issuing a fact check here: What he actually said was. I am not suggesting international organisation that moves nationally MA met gates then floated using Rico laws famously use. Prop prosecute mafia figures to prosecute an organization like this and bar agreed that anti for attacking federal property was a problem that couldn't pesticides, if the government doesn't shut it down, so ball was actually saying it's not a national organization, it's a bunch of different organizations, but they will grow. They will be emboldened unless something is done. We are concerned about this problem. Metastasized around the country bar defended his decision to deploy more than a hundred federal troops, downtown Portland, where organs
They should have allowed hundreds of demonstrations to write for two months and repeatedly attempt to burn down a federal court house during the highly charged hearing Democrat lawmakers insisted. The protests were peaceful and a wall of moms ball reminded them that demonstrators came armed with rifles and explosive devices and had injured multiple officers. Yes, and the other day I set it. Billboard obliterated the law, as he said since when is it ok to try and burned on a federal court house yesterday at the hearing the Democrats desperately tried to make it seem like they were peaceful protests and Bill BAR was deploying storm troopers around the country and its all fake news, and now even the Democrats, an organ have agreed the conditions, of the federal government. They say when asked a federal troops should abandon the city and withdraw bar said he had no doubt the violence would spread. We feel that we have to. We have two in a place like Portal
where, when we don't have the support of the state or local government, we have to take a stand and defend this federal property. We can't get to a level where we're going to accept these kinds of violent attacks on a federal court. In Portland, we have a relatively small number of federal officers who have been withstanding this for almost two months. It's a great strain but weak, cannot just stand aside and allow the federal court to be destroyed. President Trump has tried it. Isn't it Anti VA as a terrorist or position. Well, Bill BAR said he doesn't think it's an organisation in that capacity, but they will be investigated under these sort of tat
so I want to show you well here's a tweet from Michael Tracy before we move on to the next point, because it makes a great point has, however, exactly want to define Antiphon, it's not true that they are powerless. Saps ideological insurrectionists helps sparked the most widespread right and at least fifty years. Local governments are passing laws to accommodate their demands. Democratic officials, bizarrely defend them and he's right is one when I get to next Democrats seek to shame bar over politics at the Justice Department. Now I find truly fascinating in this hearing is that they didn't actually hear anything they spoke over. Billboard didn't give a chance to speak and actually engaged in complete and utter nonsense. I want to read this for you from washing opposed by gotta. Show you this this post right here kind of proves everything the washing examiner has snippet here,
was. Disrespectful spoke over top of every one of us. In particular, he spoke over women. He was flanked by at least ten staffers, not a person of color among them Rep dean. So this is congressmen, Madeline Dean and I believe she is part of the wheel. Yes she's in the house. It is like many accuses bar of being disrespectful and living in a bubble. Listen to what she had to say. His willingness to say one thing and in a single statement flip his own answer. He did that with me. When I said, do you believe its ever appropriate to use pepper balls against protesters. He said now and then he wondered to flip back any civil wait a second rioters. Yes, he could not keep a straight answer. He could not keep a straight answer when asked. If it was ok to use pepper, got pepper balls against protesters, he said no and Bill bar is one hundred percent correct
peaceful protestors, who are marching around you, dont fire, pepper balls at rioters. However, you do what you heard it from metal. Indeed, he couldn't keep a straight answer. I asked him and he said not know you can't against protesters Yes against writers. What does she think that there are the same thing because they're not- and that was the problem with everything that happened at this hearing. We need to get to the root of. What's going on. We need law enforcement to do their job instead, what do we get? The Democrats bizarrely defend the far left extremists, mayor, TED, Wheeler, goes out and joined them, and then they declare victory. When they finally say fine will actually enforce the law, they ve been losing the whole time and they ve got they ve had some victories. But I'll tell you what's really really weird about every
thing they have done over the past several years is that they keep losing impeach. What was a failure? The Covington there was a disaster for the left for the media of the Democrats, Ukraine, great gate, fizzled out. Ultimately impeachment Russia Gate was a failure. How many times to be wrong and how many times that the loose for they realize this stuff doesn't work. You can't play these stupid games there pathetic attempt at manipulation, isn't working and by shouting down billboard they just look well other unhinged, but of course I'll tell you what a seek to shame bar over politics yeah. You don't think they were really trying they want to do anything to do with Bill bar and everything to do with them. Trying to get reelected well. Bill bar was supposed to be talking about far left extremism and the Portland Riots, they were screaming about Roger Stone and Donald Trump, and they wouldn't even let him speak. There's now super cut videos popping up of the Democrats.
Saying things like all reclaim my time I'll reclaim my time now, they ve lost this one absolutely lost it. When the Republicans were questioning billboard, they let him say what he needed to say. The democratic didn't you know like the Democrats knew that if Bill BAR spoke up, it would prove them wrong. In one of the questions that's gone viral, He was asked about protesters in front of the White House that were cleared out by federal law enforcement and military police. He was asked, or he was he was told, I believe as a question that some high ranking religious officials had condemned the action in clearing out these. These protests and Bill BAR said, was that before or after we put out the fire- and that was a might drop moment
yeah. For political reasons, people want to scream orange man bad and bill bar bad, but they have picked a fight. They cannot win right now, especially against billboard. Bill bar serves the attorney general and I believe I believe, those ninety one. Ninety three under George H, W Bush and, according to a set several articles, I've looked back. I'm thinking, look they're all framing bill bar is: is the devil. He is a crony mobster Donald Trump. I said. Ok if this guy is served as the agee before and he's telling us right now. These are violent writers trying to burn down a church. We need to stop VON sports reds and their defending the writers and condemning bar something. Does it make sense because they didn't condemn him last time, Sherwin off back in the day, both Democrats and Republicans alike actually liked Bill bar. It was a genius move of Donald Trump, and I mean it to bring bill bar
to deal with both to be the attorney general, because now it may be that he's biased against the left but it seems like Bill bar is biased against the left. Much in the same way, I am, I do not understand how you have someone trying to burn down a federal court house and the media and the Democrats actively lie for and defend these people, one of the Democrats, sad it. How did you know there was a group of armed men carrying confederate flags? Your debate the governor be beheaded protesting, and you didn't know about that. One that show that says to me blah blah blah says nothing peaceful protestors who are armed and probably sayings
poor thing shore standing around and doing. Nothing does not require a fellow response. More importantly, it was on state property, not federal property. Here's the reality and the left is not telling you look man. I feel bad. There are a lot of people that don't want to accept the truth and the truth is Portland police stood down, there were no state police and it was up to the age ass to defend this court house, so they send in more more officer, see BP and ice to assist you S, marshals, who were in beaten back why to prevent catastrophe, because if these swarms attacked a Marshall NEWS and fear for his life and he used live ammo because he would rather not die, that would be worse
bringing in more officers detaining people for questioning, putting up barriers, helped stop the extreme violence, and the reality is now. The Democrats in Oregon have finally dropped to their knees. For the De Jason said we will do what ever you say. Just please stop making Trump look good yak as who was tromp, who was saying we are going to enforce the law, and now Oregon staked will be sending in state police bolster. The police under their authority and their jurisdiction, and that flies in the face. The narrative of Deef on the police. It flies in the net in the face of their narrative of trumps secret police, because now they got their own, they lost. They lost everything. The far left gotten none of their demands. You can argue that
heads are leaving, but I'm pretty sure they wanted all of the feds out, not some of the feds out and for now the feds will only once they feel comfortable, but a man from the far left. Us, of course, are absurd, and I can't tell you: why does the Democrats think it's a winning platform to adopt But unfortunately, perhaps the real issue is people, they don't know anything about what's going on and they just believe whatever their told now. You ve heard all the stories about unmarked, an unadulterated police, snatching people up and, of course, its fake news. We I mean look unmarked vehicles in plain clothes. Cops have existed for a very, very long time than a new thing, but the media hype sit up to make. The Democrats look just like this story here. Jailed Portland protesters must agree to stop going to protests to be freed. This is an extreme exaggeration that we see its propagandistic warfare. Newsweek puts this out either be
As the author is to adapt to actually Google search, how this works are what's really going on, or they want to take something that's actually normal and make it seem shocking and extreme. Now maybe saying timber wait a minute. How could they be told they can't protests of the violation of the first amendment rights? People who get arrested for committing a crime have bail conditions, and yes, sometimes you have certain rights restricted. This is not necessarily a violation of their first him and rights. If they have been arrested for engaging in a violent riot and a condition of their bail. Is we're gonna release you until your court date, but we don't want you to go to any other many more of these events, because you were literally arrested for rioting there, that's actually a normal thing. Ok, you can argue it shouldn't, be allowed,
You can argue it shouldn't, be normal. That's! Ok! That's fine! Maybe all agree right. That's not the point. The point is this has been done over and over and over again and it's part of bail conditions during Occupy Wall Street. They arrested tons of people on the Brooklyn Bridge because, like eight hundred people tried crossing the Brooklyn Bridge they'll get arrested as part of their kind. The of there you know a plea conditions. They said: ok I'll, tell you what we plead guilty and you will get no chart like what basically you'll get court supervision. That's it, however, you can't join the protests again, that's your condition, and most people said yes now. A lot of people back then were also upset by this too, but the point of the region When you up at this happens, you can't expect them to be like look. Imagine if you got caught robbing a bank and it was like you know: super duper national bank and then you get arrested. They
they will release you on you, not wit, with on Unbound, under the condition that you do not return to that bank is a violation of their freedom of me went or their right to bank now you are arrested for drano for presume allegedly turn around the bank, so they tell you not to shop to the scene of the crime again, because your facing trial, probably a good idea, not To do it, but, of course the narrative emerging is that it's a violation of their rights and perhaps may be fine, the point as it happens. It happens all the time and you can expect them to be like we ve arrested. You were gonna, believe you go out and go right back in Portland. They do actually, though, the Portland Grand jury. Is the citizens dont want to indict these people they get released? ongoing problem and approves a billboard right. Anti violence will spread unless the state starts doing something that includes prosecuting and then include sending out the path.
Like they have now agreed to do so. Dare I say bill bar on the edges. Have totally one this an unconditional surrender by the left. The data will only leave after they send their police, and if it was, if the police agreed to leave, and then the state would send in police I'd call that you know a kind of cease fire, but considering the feds have announced they will remain until they secure it. That's them saying here our conditions to leave, give us what you know what we want it's: okay, not an unconditional surrender. What is surrendered on the less we'll see how this plays out tonight next time, it's coming up at six p, DOT M over at Youtube, dot, com, Timcast news- and I will see you all there- Although this is gonna be embarrassing for the mayor of Seattle, the other night, he gave an interview where she said that Trump, right doing a dry run. Four martial law at
literally the same time. Tromp was withdrawing the federal forces from Seattle to avoid an escalation. Whoops spoke too soon. Where's. The big news will trump is now negotiating with organ, to pull the fair Oh officers out of the courthouse, the heightened officer, present. I believe those marshals would still remain because mayor had wheeler called for a cease fire which is kind of funny, because why would he the authority to actually authorize a ceasefire is negotiating on behalf of Anti FA. Do they work for him or listen to what he has to say. Apparently they do and that Donald Trump is talking about taking out the heightened presence from Portland, maybe that man, since maybe you ve got his message across I'm not entirely sure we have seen protests and right riots across. Country. Since then, people have still been talking in trying to vandalized statues, although things have died down Quite a bit someone I want to read you the latest on. What's going on this big NEWS, Trump Federal agents Pie,
out of Seattle. That's it straight up last night, the feds are out what complain about now, but I've gotta give one very important p. I say to all all of these activists, who don't seem to understand anything about law, Unfortunately, what's going on? First of all, let me just say, unmarked. Vehicles are used by police all the time for decades for problem, longer than decades. Yes, that's right for as long as vehicles have existed, I'm sure police have had unmarked vehicles, guess what else plain clothes, police off, plainclothes cops exist. That's right. Sometimes we walk down the street and there'll be a cop. And you don't even know why weren t shirt and genes while they plain club, looks police officer, they exist not only that are under cover police officers. Why, anyone shocked that this is happening. But, more importantly, I have to say it s, because this is one of the most annoying things I keep here,
bring it never goes away. The police do not I have to read you your rights when you are being arrested, that is a movie trope style. Getting your news from movies. It's not how the real world works. I can't tell you how many times I've seen stories like this with the fair in Portland or the activists and there like rope the cops arresting people in their not reading the rights because they don't have to Miranda icing someone you know out when they say you have the right to remain silent, anything you say, or do that for the legal protection of the police. It is for them not for you for it. They're trying to legally protect themselves. In the event they want to after more than just you if they want to investigate, but if the pole is literally watch you throw a brick. They dont need to read your rights because they know you did it. In fact, they are they don't even me to read your rights if you're out no riot, they can be like probable cause. We had risen suspect they were arrested and if you start talking
and then try to argue later that why wasn't read my rights? It still might not even work the hope weight of Moran. Dicing is why the whole point, but the gist of it generally is they want to make sure that their arrest and conviction of you is clean and that you will have no arguments against them, so please stop pretending like unmarked vehicles is a new thing, stop pretending like cops wing. Regular clothes is a new thing and stuff, demanding they read. You use your rights when that's very equal protection and they have no obligation to protect themselves from you unless they choose to be supported. Big stories happening right now in New York, apparently don't approach the other day a out. An unmarked van pulled up and plain clothes: cops. I don't think there s early plain clothes. I think they were, but there are rang like thus with police on it pulled up, and
arrested at one of these protesters or why don't you call it New York? Because me, I really doesn't have rioting. I guess they have like raucous protest. I guess you can call it it's hard to say because to be honest, like is it all right if a bunch of people are running full speed through the streets, not really so call whatever you want, but they arrested one of these people and others like a big scandal wherever ones like they didn't. We supposin their rights. What why is that? What a pity snatching people up with unmarked vehicles like do do live in New York like every vehicle from the causes unmarked I guess. Maybe you don't notice. They have cabs in New York City. There are taxicabs. There actually call carcass it'll look the cab and then you'll do I've passes you're, not a cop sitting, but wait a minute. What's up with that, because they d eyes cop cars, as calves is even worse than unmarked so anyway, anyway, I digress. There's my PS aid, all of you chill, but here is the real serious one of its happening. The big major uptake federal agents are pulling out of Seattle and are thousands of power,
protesting Portland for the sick, the second night, as the Trump administration holds talks to pull federal troops out every build. The city is finding Digest five hundred dollars every fifteen minutes for the unauthorized courthouse fence. Good luck collecting on that, trumps gonna be like all right. Or pay up through the grant were all through. The federal funds were already giving his we're. Gonna do Million dollars were giving you in a grant for your law enforcement. We're gonna cut that in half and then give you the half back to pay the fine. Congratulations! You can't like get free money. From someone and then say that they owe you money, though, be like ok I'll, stop giving the free money? I've pay you back. Let's see what one in Seattle? U S! Agents deployed to Seattle to protect federal property have led. The city after local officials complained. Their presence was escalating tensions, Seattle, Mayor sat on Tuesday. U S too forces arrived in Washington States largest city last week and we're on stand by to production
facilities after attacks on a federal court house in Portland Oregon? I got I gotta, stop listen. You know why these were deployed. The federal agents officers were deployed because they are expecting violence over the weekend. Guess what the weekend long since passed. So now it makes sense that they're, like ok, weaken, is over. We didn't see the big bad rifle into come up. Everybody come on back that simple. That simple. They keep try to pretend. Like trumpets deploying do you know the secret place across the country is not happening. Marriage any jerkin too. It had Tuesday at the Department of Homeland Security told her that U S border patrol technical unit agent had left Seattle digestion. Not immediately respond to requests for common. Then why was it that the other day she appeared on CNN saying we are seeing a dry run for martial law. Think about how duplicitous and deceitful these People are the mayor knows full well, tromp was like all right, send him all. You know there was no right, we gotta go and she still wants to push the stupid narrative that tromp is trying to achieve.
Martial law, while he simultaneously withdraws federal forces from a court house for which is their own jurisdiction. It's all a big lie. Isn't it a big game you know what man. Let me tell you the more and the thing really gets to me because it is the perfect sample of all of these people being dumb as a box of rocks, and you know I often don't try to be overly disrespectful, which could at least Google search it. If you don't well now you know- and if you didn't, why? Don't you just? Google, the Maison the summation of human knowledge access through a tiny little device. You keeping your pocket in these people, don't have the wherewithal to actually do it, so they go round making claims about things that are not true. Trump is martial law. An unmarked van came. Have you ever look at you know what put it I saw somebody. I made a comment and they said. Ah, why are they rating the memoranda? Miranda rights and I was just like stop getting,
your your news from movies, I'm many these people also think that silencers go pew, peel pew because they ve never actually investigated what these things really: do you see a movie and like the guy put in the silence August, like know that that does not help it's not our suppressor is work. I don't know that because they get other information from movies and move these they want to make the arrest look cool. So the couple grab him go. You have the right to make cited anything. You say you do yeah and that's Their basis for reality is about how messed up. That is that we have a whole generation of people who base reality off of movie tropes that are meant to be shocking, and sensational the mechanism of darkness among democratic mayors who have come for an end to violence at protest against racism in police brutality after a Publican President Donald Trump used images of destruction for his re election campaign and there it is run writers, good, good job. Yes, Democrats immediately were like stop
getting violence, you're, helping Donald Trump, get elected. Think about a funny this as a whole. Bunch of them A great resistance type peoples are tweeting that these farms This may well made, may as well be wearing trump badges because their helping him get reelected and then all of a sudden, the story started popping up. Actually, these people wearing I got our hell's angels and white supremacists, but could you not as a story right now going around that's claiming one of the deeds in Minneapolis was go around smashing windows swing. All black is actually EL, the angel and their evidence, somebody heard from a friend and then sworn and affidavit that their friend said it and that's it, that's that's that's the evidence now. Oh please, now that is not what's happening, what's happening Finally, realize riots are bad and they make Trump look good and people trust police and
People like seeing the rioters gets stopped. They like justice. So when you know everybody's trying to fight over the fight for the DE justice, video rightly limit unexplained, people love it does what cause a lot of our predicament city. They love it. When you see a video of someone getting served, come up and see it as their subjects. There's viral forums dedicated just to this you'll see someone like you know, a bully it will be yelling and then someone will walk up and punishable in the face and go justice served whew people love it that's what they were, get out of all these videos. The rioters are fighting for justice right O. Now, people don't agree now the police are trying to quell the writers and where's the justice, the percent it is on the side of the police and it was bound because people just trust cops more, they can try.
Which the narrative over and over again that these are like Gestapo secret police soaring. So as soon as they realize Trump was using the destruction to help him. There are like no, oh, no another trying to accuse bill bar of helping Trump get reelection. Videos insists a stupid thing ever so we we understand. What's your favorite organ Donald Trump me actually Ruth, withdraw the federal forces from the courthouse I'm colonel, I don't believe me word, but he's talking about it will get us out the trumpet ministry. China's initiated talks with the Oregon Governors Office about withdraw federal agents deployed to quell protest, as Portland officials reveal the city. Finding the government five hundred dollars every fifteen minutes for erecting and authorized fence around its courthouse, the White House said, it would agree to broad down the presence of troops if the state stepped up its own enforcement and anonymous senior white as official told the Ap Tuesday. Now what are the chances
Portland while send out its own police, probably slim the nun, that's why I dont think trouble actually be withdrawing from the courthouse, but look man. I think trunk can play it fair and it won't matter they will try to manipulate the game to the best of their abilities. Tromp is doing the right thing. Ok, look! You know we can take out these these lotteries enough Digest guys, but their only thereby. Because your police are standing down, bring your police back and will take our guys out and they're gonna, be, I know, because the Portland police we are even put upon announcement like last week, saying like we We are not engaging these protesters. That's not us! Don't look at us, we're not escalating. So if they won't come out and protect the courthouse and protect the downtown area Trump will not. Withdraw forces, they say the news came as the city of of Portland announced its own action against the deployment of troops by finding the federal government until it removes and unprotected fence around Marco Hatfield, courthouse
about how in saying that is how insane it is that there are like we understand, you ve, put up a fence basic the on your property is obstructing a bike. Length is just not the sidewalk to protect your building, violent insurrectionists to our loving explosives and starting fires, but we are going too far see you to remove what is protecting your officers. You wanna talk an escalation that is escalation. Threatening the government with fines, although I really don't think they're gonna have strong legal standing will see that plays out, because the federal agents are trying to protect themselves and yes, stream violence is literally upon us. So maybe they do me. Defence and maybe it doesn't matter, it's it's war baby. I'm not gonna, pretend like it's the worst, the work on a scale of one to ten, probably a one or two, but it is too. Actions fighting for control of a certain area, the mayor of Portland US is making it seem like he can negotiate on behalf of these people, tromp is willing to pull the troops out if they step up enforcement, but there
Won't why their suing the federal government there supporting these groups, the mayor literally, joins them check this out. Man, thirty two who set fire to pull once police headquarters during the city's right is arrested after cops spotted his name tattooed on his back and security footage, what a moron butts. Or at least the police are rusting this guy rights. I believe it's probably Portland, later made the arrest authority you're old man has been arrested in charge with arson for allegedly getting setting fire to Portland Public building up a police headquarters in public, During the early days of George Floyd Protests in Portland, Edward Thomas choosing, thirty two as use of using fire to maliciously damage the city's justice Centre, which house the most Noma county jail and the Portland Police Bureau headquarters. I have to imagine there were people in the jail. Was he trying to hurt them? and know we have overrun in out protester open but tester, you say too:
These three is arrested for attempted murder after each and wounded to demonstrators at Colorado Rally, while aiming at a jeep that drove into the crowd arrested for ten did murder, so you you wanted, want to complain about unmarked vehicles, Miranda, rights, another dumb nonsense and claim trumps. A trial run for martial law when Europe, protesters under protest or an air quotes? Our little we being arrested for attempted murder because they are shooting at people. You know a man our other solution. All this, as I think, if trot backs down they're gonna rush forward, I think we're going to see more and more of us. It's gonna, be this way well after election day. Well, after We're not gonna, know who won I mean unless it's like a ridiculous landside were literally every vote is for tromp, which I doubt will happen. I think it's closer than people realize, but
This'Ll there's a lot of things happening. That conspire to I mean this figuratively. You know shift your perspective on whose winning and whose losing and that's what it has to profit. And a war. You know you see stories like this. I see stories about a guiding arrested for attempted murder, shot protesters and have to imagine regular people are saying enough. We don't want this, but then see other stories about people saying Donald Trump. The sick man literally was a quote from some voters and that he's trying to course martial law on stuff and people The latter is a lot of people who are, you know, want to vote against Trump tell you what to me is the most worrying the police in Portland May, while another police, the federal police may use tax that some people don't like there being put. In a decision dilemma of the far left calls it. The idea is to make it matter what they do. They will look bad lobbying explore does an injuring police in that when they try to find themselves now there, the bad guys, that's the point they like sneak up.
You hit you and then, as we should strike back, they you'll help help I'm being attacked. So you look like the victim, so they looked so veil of other, like the victim. The cops without the aggressors, we're it's it's it's. The nature of the propaganda were right: People are trying to act like who you know. The other side is the real big body, and that's why you know here's one hears it. Here's on trying to get to when I look at all the news all day every day- and I see things like this, unlike the police- clearly aren't the bad guys. You know why, because the police have accountability, maybe not perfect accountability, maybe many many you no cops often go. Don't get held accountable for bad actions, but anti FA has zero accountability. Zero. If a cop does something and it's bad and people catch them, will this cop is gonna get in trouble there's internal affairs? They will be held accountable with anti far. They literally all mask themselves in similar ways and then use these tactics to make sure no one will ever hold them accountable. Only.
Police. Will the protesters the violent once are not the ones holding the cops accountable? It's our own institutions. It's like this, a cop something bad. Then all these activists scream enchant and then finally, the institution itself go then, and arrest the officer, notably what would happen to Minister Minnesota, with with Jovan the activists didn't die have him and detain him and carried him away. The police did that the end adoption of law law it. You know our justice system did that and the guy in my opinions, propagating it kind of conventional see out plays out. They may have gone a little too heavy handed on the charges against that guy, because whether they can prove some of these things, but when you get there activists. There is not a single moment that I can point to where Anti far will stop some other anti fought know their proud of it destruction, but rarely you will see some protesters like we did. I believe it was in DC where they grab the end of a guy from the cops it is rare when the activists hold the extremists,
Annabelle and the extremists they they take charge and the dumb people who get there there. Their views from movies and tv shows are the until now want to our hour an hour enabling these people and they are going to vote basin. All of this, so here's the point, if you think that unmarked vehicles are new and shocking. You need to read. You need to Actually, Google search things if you think that cops not uniform, is shocking. Then I knew to introduce you to every law enforcement agency, literally everywhere, all over the world. So who are these people who are so isolated and so Insulated- they ve never actually experienced regular policing reality, as this is the up a pity me of snowplow parenting. That's why I'm surprised many of these people get arrested? Many of these far left us our suburban night college educated, making than a hundred thousand dollars a year, typically white. There, the people who live in the suburbs.
Never actually saw real police work I've never seen someone get detained and searched they may be pulled over and then start throwing a hippie fit because the cop was like your tail lights out? That's not fair. I should get a ticket fine ma. Am you gonna warning they're not used to actually being held accountable it's like a yo see said she imagines reforming the police, like the suburbs people So what would you think you know abolishing the police or defining them would look like it just kind of like the suburbs, r R. The suburbs Population density, Manhattan are the suburbs as impoverished as parts of Manhattan where the crime tends to emerge from know. These people are enough and clueless- and that's the truly scary thing to me- is that You can see the ones who get an office almost like I mentioned before. The internet has created two principal factions recently, took the eight values tests. I take these tests all the time I tweet. About guess what it says it says, TIM Pool is a liberal, the closest polluted
go. Ideologies. Liberalism, oh heavens, is not surprise to anybody. I guess to the far left of actually pay attention what it says the most part on, like a centrist, actually kind of progressive, actually kind of an internet. You know in favour of international diplomacy and there you go, but the thing But here is what we see. People like He, who would be eight traditional, liberal standing side by side with someone is like a trump supporter, literally my body on the TIM cast iron pot. Gas was wearing a magazine you last night because we agree on certain things about what reality really is like you get arrested when you firebomb at a police station. The other side doesn't because they have no idea what's going on, and perhaps they lack the mental, the cognitive faculties to actually break the stem. Now I'll tell you this it's true, There there absolutely our trump supporters, who also lack cognitive faculties, but the separation of emerging is you, ve got a bunch of peace
who blindly support trump and wave little model flags and probably also don't know? What's going on and dont care? You then have a large of people who read the news every day and say something like attempted murder is bad, the man should be arrested, but the other side, the bolt that does have its inversion right check it out. Here is where I see it. A certain portion of the right is mindless drones for Trump, but the larger poor John is rash, a reasonable individuals who watch the news of a general understanding of, what's going on, probably most people watching and recognise that freedom and liberty is it now not on the side of the Democrats and you may. What do you want to argue on the side of the job trump or not? It's the best shot. Most people have at maintaining some kind, you have constitutional normalcy, the left, as inverted most of the left are mindless drones. Who think you must be read your Miranda rights because they saw a movie that one time, but a small
oh portion are cod are of a very smart and active and weapon eyes. The ignorance for personal gain and their very smart they'll accuse me. Dont. Literally what they're doing now? Look when I do a story on say the Democrats being charged with fraud. I'm proud of this. I said straight up: here's the Republican who was as well and here's my reasoning for why I personally have this kind of bias of they don't do that. You'll see, activists on the far left, while about the name, the guy saying that Garret Foster. I do. I believe that was our forests or, whenever foster. I think the guy in Austin who got shot was unarmed. They owe that they lie it's over and you end up with a large faction of people who don't and we're stand why unmarked cars are used, why their rights aren't being and they literally don't read the news. They just believe whatever trashes spit into their ears by these these drifters so yeah
It is a problem on the right of people who are kind of mindless zombies for Trump, but if the smaller portion for the most part as a large zealous base of Trump supporters, there's a lot of people who believe a lot of crazy things, but I'm not saying hard numbers. What I'm saying is the majority of people who right now are safe Biden is bad, who find themselves more likely to vote for Trump are not all blind zealots, its people saying that the best chance we have even with trumps, false and boy. There are many Biden. If you vote for that man, you ve got a death, wish seriously the dude doesn't know where he is. A talent in some of these people. Are they read the news there told things by activist and they roll with it? Well we'll see how things play out man moving forward. I leave it there. Next segments coming up at one p m on this channel- and I will Do you all then? Did a grandmother publish a view for a fake vast for an anti for extremist, thus kind doc him.
The answer is a maybe probably not, but maybe the story is hilarious. Many people are reporting as though it informed. I can't say it's confirmed, but does it some reason to believe it might actually be true, and maybe this one we'll just make. You laugh, I suppose they'll listen, I'm late towards us, not being true. There is. There is some reason suggest this dude. Ok, you is, is this twenty four guy who was seen throng and explosive of some sort, he's trying alike, white Knight for the naked Athena, lady and now a review has been found from about eight or I'm days of actually nine days ago. This point claiming the best is great and it was bought by grandmother who is in fact, When is this website a verified purchaser, so it could just be a clever hoax, until I have harder confirmation, I'm going to say it probably is, but it's a verified purchaser Lee no review claiming to be the grandmother of this man
who is seen in video, throwing exe losses in white nutting for negative. So let's start from the beginning and gay. You know the story of naked Athena Why she is the in Portland who stripped all of her clothes off for no reason, sat down in the street and spread her legs for the police, and Naw man. It was like ABC News. Will I think those abc com are borne out there, but she emerged from the tiered asked like some kind of naked Athena. Yes, very weird, creepy fine she can do whatever she wants, but but all on comes this fellow right here, seem on the right. What he's doing in this photo is he's holding up a shield to protect naked Athena and it's the more it's one of them, fringes, things I've ever seen, because she keeps push him out of the way. Clearly trying to do. Over photo out, but he keeps standing in front of her and pushing her back its. I do stop touching the lady if you What's the walk around making door photos you let her do it this guy,
just me out for sure look at this photo on the left. There. He is sitting on this sports car. I now read vehicle some sort out and what is with the mask wearing the same vest and the same shirt it. Psyche either where's the same clothes or was taken on the same day. In fact, that's why I think it may be a very, very clever hoax. There's a couple hours at reporting on this. I dont think its confirmed, but anyway you have this guy. He the shield for naked Athena venue, and other video that's been going around actually couple video showing different angles of this anti extremist lobbying, something at the federal Court House, followed by a big explosion, I'm very careful and and the language I use you don't actually see what he throws land and then watch it explode. So I think it's fair too. Say he through an explosive, but I want to make that clear video, we throw something, there's an explosion, probably from him. Maybe not. I don't know for sure what's readable, but of the story and will end I'll, try and break this one?
on for you as to why the veracity of as I do want to point out as well. However, as we move forward, I'm definitely going to be bunking the story of the Nypd Van. This also that's gonna be about challenging the fake news, narrative I'll start here and but if a rider in Portland who, through an explosive device at the mark, O Hatfield Federal Court House, has been fight in an online review of the of the vast he was wearing presumably left by his grandmother to keep up the pace Millennials email, strong tweeted Tuesday night. Apparently the guy who, through an explosive, the federal court US in Portland, has wanted in a fight in a review of the vast his grandma bought for him to riot in you couldn't make this up. There is a meme of dislike punk rock, looking dude with like mohawks likes and there's like a very nice mom fixing the red mask and his I'd come on. Mom hurry up. I gotta go fight. Fascism, that's the joke that these people are children. They
never experienced the real world and they are their larking. Essentially this fits that trope perfectly, which is why I think people are so so ready to believe it They say the militant through an explosive device at the court house on Monday night which has been the sight of ongoing writing the review of the cap. Just vast was written on Hibbert the site that sir, the vast it's called the Hudson men's Ike icons. Hudson men I can't reflective vest. I got this My grandson was a protest or downtown use it every night and it's done. The job anti for grandma wrote under the product listing the review. Ask. Does this vast come with immunity from a federal indictment and another noted the vast- is good for protesting bad for anonymity, but it just Anonymous that's kind of unrelated the same ten, can also be seen in videos acting as a shield for a naked protester orgies. Yes, that's right. The naked Athena saga continues so this video from in miles. Chong Twitter doesn't want to play with everybody. Actual too much anyway, you do
de the man. It's the same guy, throw something so here's what happens this videos from July, twenty eighth eighteen miles strong tweets. If it is trying to kill the feds people immediately started trying to identify who this guy was because he through an explosive. What are they discover? Well, here is a tweet from captain. With three crying laughing faces breaking anti for terrorist who, through bomb at federal agent, in Portland is identified by his grandmother and there the photo he's wearing the vast gotta mask up, they were trying to identify him because he had thought an explosive. Not because he was the shield for naked Athena and here, What were we hear so we end up with this is an archive of the website, Hibbert that sells this fake bullet professor, no, whatever it's a reflective vast, you can't be worthwhile whatever guest You can see that it was archived on the twenty eight of July twenty one, o six universe,
full time that solely on a twenty Eightth they archive this. It would seem that a twenty eightth as they were tracking down who this guy was. Somebody found. This photo of him- and I Imagine they may have found it by a reverse image search, but here's the important detail, the review It was posted eight days ago, interesting, eight days before where they actually archive the site, and it says good Emma S Oregon with only one review. I got this my grandson, whose a protest or downtown who use. Every night and says it does the job owned the product? less than one month uses the product daily, incense devised review. Yes, I recommend this product. Interesting, Why does very interesting? It's a verified purchase or not. Gonna be honest. The first time I heard the story I called bs. I was like no way dude. Somebody was joking around. They saw make it Athena story they saw,
the sky. They found a photo of em, they posted a fake. View. I'll tell you what, eight days ago, It was the day was archived. This is archived on the twenty. Eighth of July eight days before that was the twentieth. You want to know what happened on the twentieth? The story of naked Athena July twentieth Naked Portal, Protests are, does yoga poses in front of cops, I'm not going to show you the photos. You're calling her naked. Athena, then would have faced Dublin Armed with armed federal agents sporting have do you I'd, give while she Norton wore nothing but a face mask the drama, unfolded the fiftieth consecutive night of Portland protests riots. To be honest, where on federal agents, not true, then, if have filed, fired at protestors. Reports and video of unmarked snatch vans, yeah, yeah, yeah, blah blah blah anyway. Here is the point on that day of the twentieth. This review emerged. It's a verified part Sir, within incentivize review, I have been told,
let it incentivize review, means that if you review the product after you ve purchased it you can get a discount of some sort. So what are we seeing? Well, here's what I lean towards. To be honest, I still think it's probably just a hoax, but that would mean Somebody saw this guy on the night of the news of Naked Athena tracked him and made the post and then walked away and said nothing. Or maybe nobody cares about the tokens. Didn't getting attraction or actually grandma who bought the vast less than a month, and he was out using it. Irene I don't believe it man, the grandma account, has one review zero votes, its is inactive, not really doing anything and the verified perch could be someone actually willing to spend our know how much it Ices has an a but willing to spend peaceably about a hundred dollars or sixty dollars to to pass off this hoax on
confirm to say the least. Now is it possible? Grandma actually did this. It is, I just don't think it's likely to be honest. It was then eight of the guy seen on camera with naked Athena, Somebody wanted to mock and volatile and because they are calling him a stamp and a white knight noise. Other things, and lo and behold someone's pretending that grandma bought the thing I would this prize of some was wont to spend sixty bucks to claim the sky was, you know, gametes boy and he was out protesting, but eight verified purchaser. So I dont know how else you know verify it, but let's let let's lean towards unconfirmed for sure possible, but likely not I know I know many of you are probably having a good time laughing about the stupidity of the sky, but unfortunately, unfortunately well I can say only so much unconfirmed I'll. Tell you what I can confirm. However, I can farm that, on the other side, as their posting they're stupid, fake news, it is entirely fake news,
Chris, Hey says this is kidnapping? Could Shipping, oh no. What happened and why see is taking after Portland, so Michel Al Hook. A transfer protester, was pulled into an unmarked van at the abolition. Part protest is that second and second avenue and twenty fifth street. Why? Yes, we see it here quote it was like a kidnapping of viral video, shows Nypd officers forcing protest or into unmarked van. How could this be happening? I can't believe that police have just started using plain clothes officers, an unmarked vehicles. Do you imagine what life would have been like last year? If police ever it's something like this, you I know you get the joke, they literally do it all the time, probably since the conception of vehicles. I gotta be honest. I'm gonna bet that like when they first invented cars. It actually mark the cars we even have sirens item. They just had people jumping the gun
and don't use it. So, yes, unmarked cars are a thing now. The far left is trying to claim that this is port, and it's there. You know them snatching up people and those that whole stupid narrative propaganda, I'm gonna break. Down for you. But let me tell you what we are seeing in in all of these instances. Look at nobody is fighting a propaganda war. I have found that typically, when comes to moderates and conservatives, which is now the bigger tent. You are more likely to get an honest breakdown. Although many people have their biases there. Certainly conservative outlets that just give you there can I would biased view, but even then, still more likely to be closer to the truth. A really good example of all of this is what happened with Bill bar the other day, as he was giving this testimony bill bar is basically shouted down by the Democrats, who don't let him speak and nor publicly Republicans let him speak What that shows me is the Democrats. Dont, don't want an
no one else to share information and explain their point of view and thereby Looking are more than happy to say, here's what I think and then have bill bar, say his peace. In fact, billboard actually correct the republican several times. So here's what I see we got a couple stories. We got this anti. Forget me boy, and it MA am leaning towards just a hoax man to be honest, but I dont think the people sharing it are doing it. Because they want to mislead you, I think their share. Because it fits thereby us, and it makes them laugh. So they share it. This story, where Missy activists claiming their being kidnapped, acting surprised that unmarked vehicles exist. Chris Haze, like it's a kidnapping Chris, his nose, unmarked police cars, exist now he's lying to you for political gain, but it's all part of information access be real. If you can lock and ridicule Antigua and make them seem like losers. Then people going to I want to be associated with these gamey boy losers and, if you can
the police seem like fascists? Then people are gonna be like you have to. Join us in our fight against fascism? I posted something on Facebook, where I said: oh, no, can't believe how bad it really is. I just found police use unmarked vehicles, and they ve been doing it for decades. In plain clothes, police officers, arrest, people or no and a bunch of Lefties on cue, are like I can't believe, you're defending fascism TIM. What happened to you and I'm not I'll tell you what happened man this this person, right here in this in this article, was mounted on a warrant for smashing like five lights or like a security cameras, are something they made an arrest. Arrests happened in fact this unmarked vehicle pulling up and arresting the person. Reduces the likelihood of violence. Ok, listen the! existence of law enforcement is not oppression. There are our concerns and questions about violations of people's rights. I am one hundred percent in favour of police reform.
I have routinely slammed the police for info, unconstitutional edict like they did a new Jersey when they arrested a small business owners, and I have specific We refer to the mcclosky as boot liquors for apologize. Turning to the port fort for action to approximate defending the police who illegally seized their firearms. I say illegal because the aid she has straight up said they had ever right. This is Saint Louis couple, every right to defend themselves. So, let's be real men when the cops show up and there like wings, oh it's unconstitutional and you're. Within your rights under castle doctrine, defend your property, I'm taking your guns anyway, and they say what police were very poor apologetic. I say not spare me you're spineless drivel, that's bootlegging! When the apps, come and wilfully break the law. This the cops are literally just a resting somebody for a warrant. That's not fascism will launch horsemen existing is not oppression. The law, existing is not oppression. This is the net.
If they're trying to play up, don't defend them, you boot liquor, oh shut up, you're the about sharing for the state. Ok, these same leftist are hearing for the state and Saint Louis to falsely and maliciously prosecute to people who were at their home. The funding from an angry mob. He had every reason to do it there and good luck about their crazy. That's boot, licking the mcclosky is defined. Being the police who illegally seize their firearms. That's boot licking, and then you have the far left. Complaining one of their comrades in Austin, holding his rifle approach a vehicle and got shot several times, and they think they say, that guy was a nazi fascist for defending himself. Spare me the left are the boot liquors. I have every problem in the world with police officers around the country, enforcing unconstitutional law, locking down church and businesses and arresting people and seizing people's property. That is unconstitutional, and I
not what a divine anyone these officers for doing it, but this romping around the city, ok, you're, late, only committing crimes. They issue a warning for the arrest of this person and you get arrested. That's reality. They go the story. Another was supposed to be fair, does show the Nypd statement. They say when an unmarked key amendment, screeched to a stop near protesters March in Manhattan on Tuesday evening. The demonstrators surprise swiftly gave way to an alarm several New York, police department officers wearing T, shirts and short spilled out of the van and grabbed the protesters drag. The transfer and towards the vehicle, according to videos done by by bystanders I'm using transference Pham specifically because that was the language of the protesters. I am trying to be as as fair and balanced as possible. The protesters said a transferment protester, so if the Washington Post wants to use other terminology
to them. Videos of the chaotic scene, which bore a marked similarity to the controversial tactics used by officers in Portland. No, it doesn't by the way, went quickly, went viral protest those who witnessed the incident described it as a kidnapping? Well enough, of New York's elected officials, including a yo, see decry the officers, actions and demanded further explanations. Our son liberties are on the brink. This is not a drill. She tweeted. These people are liars, their straight up, liars. Ok, let me just tell you. If the police issue survey warrant, you can be arrested Malleson. I have a problem with two things: the police do I mean not just two things but toothless, everything that can cod and this plain clothes officers, particularly plain: officers. Engage in enacting no knock warrants. Are you kidding me that that's insane. Could you in setting your house, someone kicks your Dorin and runs in and there in plain clothes with guns. What do you think is going to happen and there are p
who defend themselves from this, and then I go, but you shot an officer or whatever it's like dude you're wench. Free, you broken my house yeah. I dont like no knock warrants and I don't like playing those officers in many circumstances, but there are reason why they exist. They actually upkeep safe I've. Personally, and save mugging by a close officer. So I can do why this may be alarming to some people, but there serving a warrant and they're doing this to avoid direct confrontation and it worked. Ok, Now there are issues I will add with a group, van of undue no plainclothes was officers just jumping on grabbing someone, because that that's the issue with essentially, I know not warrant. In this instance, the police jumped out and snatched the person how they were surrounded by actual and wiping. He wearing uniforms. Many of these people bull, are very easily identified as police officers. However, I I would argue, if you're going to
up in advance to make an arrest. The cops should be in uniform, so I can criticise this but come on man, a kidnapping spare me dude. Here's a statement from the Nypd They say in regard to a video on social media that took place at Second avenue and twenty fifth street, a woman too can an accosted. An unmarked van was wanted for damaging police cameras during five separate criminal incidents. In and around City Hall Park, arresting officers were assaulted, with rocks and I want to stop there and say the activists have. Evidently this person has a transfer and not a woman. Ok, that's important Nypd. I think it may be incorrect my peace as when officers from the warrant squad took the transformed into custody in a grey my pd minivan this evening. They were assaulted, withdraw in bottles the warrant squad This is unmarked vehicles to effectively located wanted suspects when she was placed in to the warrant squads, unmarked gray. Many then it was behind a cordon of Nypd bicycle cops in
right, yellow and blue uniform shirts there to help a fact: the arrest, that is true, one hundred percent watch the video bicycle officers, invest and uniforms were surrounding that. So please spare me your narrative about kidnappings Let me rap all this up, where you explain to you, why I'm doing these two stories in the union story about the grandma guy, we are, we engaging in information warfare, in my personal opinion, perhaps because unbiased fine, the reason these stories get put out and they made and they're not confirmed they do say to be fair, presumably left by his grandmother. I think, would have been important for the post, colonial and many others to say, that you know who it is Actually I've been a hoax if they didn't get more digging while wearing a vast ground, I bought him for writing. They say definitively. I believe they did this because it fits their bias. They believe any of you people are children whining and crying, I think that's very say too, and but it was hilarious- I
have a higher standard than that. I'm not seem to be disrespectful. I want confirmation, I can't tell you this is true. Actually I lean towards it being not true. Just because it's funny we need. The narrative about kidnappings, however, goes one step beyond this. Is data not kidnappings? Has precise to sixty thousand re tweets. This is manipulating the public into blue being something absolutely insane and the power of Chris Hayes inflows of crises is substantially greater than that of the five thousand retreats that cat turd got, saying this guy we had his vest bought by grandma either way. I don't like fake news, beat your facts straight. Ok, from the left and the right up down whatever get your facts straight, confirm it before posting. It fine But I believe that the left is doing with the kidnapping. Narrative is for one rooted in their bias, similar to what the right is doing but more harmful because it so distrust in our law enforcement.
If some lunatic foreign explosives is made fun of because grammar bottom, a vast, so what's so make fun of the guy fine, it may not be re but it doesn't do anything to anybody. But if you wanna do, boy and damage our our societal institutions like police. Because of your political agenda or because you hate Trump, you are damaging our communities. You are causing crime to skyrocket. When these police get you know restrained due to the negative press, we gotta call it out for it for what it is that include. What's the grandma grandma's boy dude and the far left, but I'll tell you this. I don't care if, in the end, people really do believe grandma's boy, you now got a vest from Gummy and she she embarrassed him because it doesn't really do anything, but if Chris haze it sixty thousand Rita Ten million views, because the police so rounded Van as plainclothes cops in an unmarked van meter what made Meda and arrest on someone would have warned for
they are lying to you and manipulating you to force you to hand over your vote, which is your voice because they walk power. Dont be stooge for these people. Do your research deliver their next month is coming up at him cast dot net at four p m, and I will see you all. Then today is the big day of the big tech hearing on antitrust Stan. I just turned it off stupid it is boring. The Republicans are getting into the conservative bias narrative. The Democrats are going after antitrust, I gotta say the Anti trust conversation is way more important because you're not gonna, get anything out of these guys. However, because I think censorship is a very important issue right now for the election. I do think that some of that needs to be brought up, so you know take it or leave it to you. Would you get? The Republicans are absolutely tearing into these big tech companies, but It would seem that many of them are actually asking good enough questions to do anything. Not tell you what I don't care men.
I'm sick of the Republicans same as I'm sick of the Democrats. They're not going to do anything they're, not gonna. Anything done asking these questions. Questions serves no real purpose other than putting on theatrical and, in the end nothing is going to change. The big tech companies will continue to be biased. They will continue to suppress. The speech of certain individuals and ideologies they don't like and they'll just keep lying about it, and I love or hearings, and nothing will get done, but I can at least highlight before you some of the effort. So you can draw your own opinion. The daily mail says can serve tear into big taxi Yos claiming Facebook, Google and twit our censoring Donald Trump and right leaning groups as billionaire bosses face Congress.
Republican lawmakers tore into big technology farms at the start of one one days, house, judiciary, hearing on Anti trust laws, claiming the platforms all exhibit anti conservative bias. They do that's fact: let's go to the chase big tax out to get conservatives that's out of suspicion. That's not a hunch nets effect. Jim Jordan asserted at the top of his opening remarks. The Ohio Republican then launched into examples where conservative voices accounts posts and articles were their silence or taken down as specifically voicing its concern. These actions would have taken on an election so without his concern that these actions have been taken on action- is not taken on were ninety seven days before an election and the power as the
previous chairman, ranking members have said that the power these companies have to impact what's happening during election. What american citizens get to see before their voting is pretty darn important. He said if it has an end, there have to be consequences. He said of the tech companies trying to influence elections and silence conservative voices. I appreciate the effort, but perhaps it's too little too late, this problem has been going on for a decade. News organisations have sacrificed journalist, journalistic ethics at the altar of click. Bait nonsense. Trash to fit into the algorithm at Facebook proposes. Twitter has game of five being a nasty mean disgusting, vile person and people love playing the game it. I want to get up it's probably too late men if
depending on what happens right now. It is going to be because of these big tech companies that control the way that we communicate with each other. That's a reality and a full left doesn't want to deal with it because they don't know it's a big, but my private company, they would say, as everybody else was basically complaining about the bias. Well, if Trump wins, that's your fault, we could have had free, open conversations, but no but my private platform, right now on Facebook, it's true conservatives do very very well and if trabants up losing it'll be, it will still be there fault, because how many times have all of us on I shall meet even screaming, get off your buts and do something about these problems and those only a small handful of people have actually done anything met gates. Josh Holly tend to turn out to be very active in trying to do things with actual legislation you get Jim Jordan, whose ok, but basically just grand, stands
gives us hearing. I really don't think anyone come out of it. They say if it isn't and though there were, there have to be consequences of tat companies trying to influence elections and science. Conservative voices he's was ITALY pointed to Twitter taking sends taking sense bring censoring Donald Trump tweet last month, when he asserted he would use force. If writers attempted to establish an autonomous own outside the White House, former Facebook employees admit Facebook routinely suppressed conservative whose Jordan said he also insisted that excuses from technical but he's asserting that post removals from conservatives are just a glitch, our bogus, if I'd a nickel for every time. Am I hear it's just a glitch? I wouldn't be as well is our witnesses, but it be doing I'd. Be torn all right now that was pretty gotta gotta beyond that's pretty good from Jordan, Wisconsin Republican Conquer
when Jim Sense and Brunner the ranking member of the Anti Trust, commercial and and administrative law subcommittee said. Conservatives are consumers too, and they need the protection of the Anti trust laws. Now, look, maybe it's the right forum, maybe it's the only forum. These big tech companies are too powerful. You tube dominates. The space but there's what I gotta be careful gazelle ban me if I call them out, they really will, but there's only a handful of comfort is where we can have these real conversations, and I the risk. Every day of you to banning me just the other day, I was talking to the doctors, Donald Trump put up a video nuke to video Jha Donald Trump Junior put up the video they suspend his account and just because I'm talking about it, I run the risk as well. We cannot function this way. The real issue may be Anti trust. It may be breaking his big companies up, but also section two thirty that is being abused by all of these companies and their facing no com.
Whence Amazon's Jeff Bathos, Mark Zuckerberg and TIM Cook and Sun Darbyshire virtually appeared for the hearing and will argue that they face intense competition from each other and from other rival I got to be honest man, I'm not entirely convinced antitrust is going to solve all these problems. I think we need section, two hundred and thirty or form so sure you know we had on ECHO member which apology was arguing that he couldn't find gateway. Pundit, you type, and you know the actual domain.
Into the URL bar and the browser Barnum like that's not, but what do we need? What are we doing here? We can talk about the monopoly, monopolistic power and the influence over elections due to their power in these monopolies or we're gonna complain that we can't find a website. Man, I'm not I'm not gonna, be you know a man, I'm I'm not confident in any of this. To be honest, noticeably absent from the hearing will be trumps. I Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, even though he and his platform face some of the most intense criticism. Criticism from Trump, yes, but twitter isn't necessarily a monopoly. There are a bunch of services like twitter twitters and do all that much its market cap is microscopic compared to rest. These companies, Jordan, assured the Republicans wanted Dorsey to testify as one of their witnesses at the hearing, but said the request was denied by Democrats who control the the Judiciary Committee Present Donald Trump, also railed against tech giants before departing the White US earlier Wednesday morning. There's no question that what the big tech companies are doing is very bad. Present
I'm told reporters when it was pacifically asked about the: U S, potentially banning technic. Now our big. I would be careful that statement I just made about twitter, but on a monopoly in the same sense as Facebook, Google, Amazon, an apple. These are big monopoly, that do a multitude of thinks. Twitter has a monopoly on political discourse shore. They ve game a the system in a very disgusting disgusting way, but there Jack doors is not on the same level as the rest of these guys, I mean basis is worth a hundred times. What Jack Dorsey is is it is worth, and the conversation is about cancer Mars, not about necessarily bias against, though you know, conservatives, however, when it comes to Facebook, Google and Amazon. There is a real conversation about anti conservative vice. It needs to be brought
notably how say Amazon bans books, how they banned MIKE's furnishes hoax documentary mark Zuckerberg needs talk about the banning of certain ads and his hate speech, policies which will negatively impact legitimate political position, sound immigration and yeah Google Youtube, we get it. Man now, I know apple is there to their not really the worst when it comes to this kind of censorship and hate speech, rules that they have them as well. All of these companies are adopting the hate speech policies because they're not beholden to the american government or the american people, and that is a very serious problem. Their markets supersede the american people We have laws, they don't care, we have societal norms and standards, notably free speech. They don't care, you know why, because free speech is not a global standard. There are very few countries that actually have free speech and they don't care
I want to make sure the authoritarian regimes which make up a good portion of his globe are happy with their product, so they're going to enforce laws. This way you ever get yet how many? How many of you use twitter, but every so often I'll, get a notification from Twitter saying something like we have received a report about your content and found no violation of german law. Why I dont care about german law? I don't live in Germany, but I get these modifications. I also get notifications from. I got one from like cutter, I think, are Dubai out of nowhere was. Why am I being for informed about this because platforms are trying to follow a global legal standard, which means they don't care. If their system
fairly favours certain elected officials and would say allow Joe Biden to win this is a problem is a serious problem. The left needs to get on board with the problems of these platforms. Otherwise it's gonna come not come back to haunt them. I'll tell you what conservatives are doing really really well on Facebook and they started to really well on Youtube now, keep in mind, I think, there's a reason for this. These social media companies are absolutely biased against conservatives. They will ban people who get to fringy in there opinions, creating a space of moderates and conservatives who are like minded and normal sounding, thereby us allows the far left to paint the voter pool with insanity and then the debt cracked, see psychosis and advocate for it and regular American say I don't want that. That's the problem with the bias there there pressured by the far left it is causing them problems and they need to stop and I'll. Tell you what that's what I've been saying. The whole time
Unfortunately, its only the Republicans are actually talking about it and it's an unfortunately Republicans are only talking about it. While I can give a shouted to people like Holly and met gates. Unfortunately, the rest of them are doing almost nothing, perhaps because they can't really do anything about it, but I think it has more to do with them like the big tech companies taking donations from them and their unwillingness to actually solve these problems. So look the hearing still going on we'll see how this plays out, but Anti trust needs happened and they need to actually do something instead of just talking about it. I don't know the answers. Are man, I'm just a guy complaining on the internet I'll leave it there next time, that's coming up in just a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. You want to talk about. Big tech buys. Let's talk about Mackenzie bays those dumping. One point: seven billion dollars into charities for the most part that are in protectionist and far left us, and you know what more power to or guess what its legal she's right
She can spend our money. I she sees fit, but once again you have very poor, our full billionaires, exerting their influence over the american people in ways. I do not appreciate, listen man I will tell you why I am no fan of wealth and equality, and this is it this way I have always been pretty much centre left on my on the pull on my political positions. It's because I don't want Mackenzie basis to build two snapper fingers and dump almost too. Billion dollars into fringe politics, which will change the shape of this country for the worse. For the forty four for the worst, here's a story- and they will talk about this- Mackenzie basis announced Tuesday at you? Don't need one point: seven billion achievable causes over the past year, a bulk of which went to racial equity and justice causes the Ex wife of Amazon,
found Jeff basis who revealed Tuesday she'll now take on her middle name and go by Mackenzie. Scott is the second richest woman in the world with a net worth of sixty billion dollars. According to the Bloomberg billionaires index the fifty year, old, shared a medium post listing. One hundred and sixteen organizations she supports and revealed she donated. Five hundred and eighty six point: seven million to racial equity causes as part of the giving what which she signed following her twenty nineteen divorce. The first of all I like that she's giving away a ton of her money. I do think we have a really broken system financially, when you can have someone exert this much power over the rest of the of the rest of the country. But you know what man look it's a country where you can make money could be wretched. You can do these things. I would like to have some kind of I don't know man restriction on this kindness level of influence one individual can have, and I defer to.
I'm not gonna name any names, but I can't tell you how many times I've heard conspiracy theories from the left and the right about their select group of billionaires. Would they like this one particular billionaires hiring protesters, oh yeah, well, those other billionaires our hiring these protesters and unlike stop dude billionaires, spend money as they see fit. You got a problem with it. Maybe we need to get cash out of politics. Maybe we don't like the fact that this lady can just snapper Ngos and give ok. I'm sorry. It was about six hundred million dollars to intersection sectionalism the pledge that commitment. Among the wealthy to give away a significant portion of their money over the course of their lifetimes she's promise to distribute at least half of her fortune. Like many, I watched, first half of twenty twenty, with a mixture of heartbreak and horror. My own reflection after recent events revealed a dividend of privilege. I've been overlooking yet
engine. I can call to organizations and leaders driving changed. She said she posted a tremendous big blog post about who she was giving too so racial equity. Got ok here, you go you it's all basic, like it's all far left as I'm sorry, man look. Racial equity got five hundred eighty six million algae Bt Q got forty. Six. Gender equity got a hundred thirty three. Basically, the same thing: economic mobility got four hundred empathy and bridging divides divides fifty five functional democracy. Seventy two public health, one twenty eight, twenty, eight, probably globally, element, one thirty and climate change, one twenty five. She named specific organization she donated to as black girls code future that violence, movement for black lives and national domestic workers alliance. She also gave to several historically black colleges and universities. Cutting Moorhouse and Spellman College, she did not specify the size of the individual gifts, I'm seeing many people point this out
saying that she is now dumping ridiculous sums of money into the far left and unlike yeah? Well you know what look man? I've talked about progressive taxes. I talked about increasing tax brackets. I've talked about why I don't like the idea that we have this dramatic wealth disparity. You create a class of people who have no ties to reality, because they can literally do anything on the planet and go anywhere. You can buy citizenship, but they absolutely will give to their projects and they will rush your voice. It very difficult, in my opinion, to have a fair and honest open democratic system when a small portion of people can sell us out to multi national interests and then we are left holding the bag. I'm talking about all of this Wealthy billionaires had influenced politics over the past several decades that sold all our manufacturing to foreign countries. This is what you get throughout the eighties. It was the Republicans encouraging this. This image
and even Bernie Sanders set it now it's the Democrats? Why? Because they like suppressing wages. They can make tonnes more money. Let's talk about it, This lady gets her money from she married Jeff basis. He made a ton of money off Amazon and now she just gets to have it. Could she was married to him. They divorce, she gets a big chunk, and all of this is fine and legal. My complaint is, I don't like her politics. I dont like the fit places she's giving money to, and I dont know what the solution is. But I'll tell you that this is one of the reasons why I often talk about the problem of wealth inequality. What do you do about it? I honestly don't know I can tell you this wealth tax makes no sense that won't do anything. She's got a guess, a stake issue got stuck Amazon stock. She can sell it she's, giving a ton of it away. I wonder exactly how she's dispersing this, but she is- and this is going to create a massive surge in far left politics. There would have more resources for ad spending,
it's going to all. You know I'll. Tell you what a lot of these organizations- probably don't, Democrats, they'll, they'll, say its part their mission. If we want to get you, don't look Let us if we want Rachel, I quit equity Democrats, gotta, get elected, algae beating you will s, Democrats, Democrats, Democrats them either point there going to be influencing downstream the politicians who will guarantee them access to the things there trying to fight for, and you know what I get it more power to these and pianos. But I don't like the idea of living a country where I feel like a pawn to special interest. Billy airs, who just say like I'm, going to do the right thing and give to the fringes most extreme nonsensical, non profit and the most having a national debate about why our borders should be open. That's where we're at now, because we have always had a powerful multinational interests doing so. I saw again listen I'll, tell you what I'm anything but a socialist, but I'm centre left. That means I believe, in
ex economy is the right approach and I think there could be reasonable ways. We can bolster the economy either through a free market argument or you know a more were regulated argument. I don't know the exact answer, but I will tell you this. I I personally don't think we can function this way, because now, each and every one of us that spend our days trying to resist the far left supremacy. That that white supremacist laughed the racist left well, she's, emboldened in all of them with a snap of fingers, she's, not the only one is. Why can't stand when people ragged, say the murderers or Soros or the Coke brothers? Unlike dude, they all do it. I don't care about what their politics are. I care about. They're, not worming honest conversations in this country or whether or not massive multinational corporations, notably media. You know companies oligopoly is, are gonna, be telling us we can or can't say and are going to be.
Dumping money to organisations that can influence how we live our lives again. I can't so. The solution is, but here too she says, interposed she also reflected upon the societies system that has helped her a master of fortune and said she's, giving back to giving back to give opportunities to other groups of people. There's no question in my mind that any one's personal wealth is the product of a collective effort and of social structures which present opportunities to some people and obstacles to countless others. I began work to complete my pledge with the belief that my life had yielded to assets. That could be a particular value to others. The money these systems help deliver to me and a conviction that people who have experience with inequities are the ones best equipped design solutions? Interesting? The money she earned came from Jeff bases his work with Amazon. She played a role in this absolutely true, but to argue that the meritocracy that create
her wealth would be better served. You know that, though the wealth would be better served going to people who have no experienced in this is just flat out wrong. I dont have all the answers. I dont know all the solutions, but I will tell you this somebody who just has this power doesn't understand it, but his acting like we should live as they see fit. You know what maybe that's the way it is the p bull who earn the wealth can dig it up. However, they want. My question would be ditch. How much did you contribute to the growth of this wealth? It's an honest question. I know it's gonna get a bunch of I'll get a bunch of anger from feminists, but she is not Jeff basis. She is not the founder of Amazon. She played a role in encouraging him sure But should she earn or just take all of this power and then claim she knows how to make more of it when she didn't, I dont know she got the money because she divorced Jeff Basis so to the extent to which she deserves. It is entirely,
the outside of my look- I've gotta know. Maybe she was more involved than multiple realize. I don't know to what level she was involved, but the problem ultimately comes, down to when I see her when I see any one else, it's just another story of people who can dictate the national conversation. Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know, I'm I'm sure the lot of the Belarus people who disagree, because maybe the reality is You should allow people who have, by whatever means access to this money, the ability to just spend it as they see fit, but I will leave you with one final thought. I was talking with some trump supporters about how I didn't like coercive force being placed upon people where their lives will be dictated based on someone tricking them or you know, manipulating. The idea is a snake oil salesman. Somebody who can just tricky and giving up your money- and I had this- these these young from supporters say no. If you choose to give it up, then that's your fault. I my responses, ok, you are going to have CNN. You know Emma
and be sea and to what extent Fox news all of these men- five billion dollar corporations doing the same thing: she's doing tricking people, manipulating them sharing, lies and empowering your political rivals. Maybe that's just a natural consequence. How the system works and will always be to varying degrees living under the boot of the wealthy elites? I don't know, though I thought we were seeing a populist resurgence, penal left and Right Bernie Sanders has given up in his bending over for the elites. Donald Trump seems not to be doing that, but these are the people who influence your lives. Welcome to the to the fray Mackenzie basis in spending tons of money to manipulate the public. I guess the part of the system there's no way to change it, just kind of frustrating. I leave it there. I got
on more segment coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. Donald Trump has vowed to pull our troops out of Germany, twelve thousand troops from Germany in a move that will cost billions and take years and theirs by partisan option vision? Why do we have troops in Germany? I guess the issue is that its NATO, we provide defence to many of these countries. I love it. You the funniest thing this they say we should be able to have all of his health care, and all these really great things and often people will counter way. The only reason we're able to have these things is because I'm sorry, the only reason these countries are able to have these things is because we pay for their defence and they don't pay it back. So Donald Trump has basically said they are derelict of their duties. They are not paying what they owe. So we will no longer defend them.
Why is America footing the bill for these countries that won't defend them, so what one it won't pay for it? They can defend themselves rights. Are you what maybe maybe we'll be able to actually afford prototype healthcare programmes. About universal health care if we no longer paying for the defence of these foreign countries. Doesn't that makes sense, while of course, there's opposition from both parties. Cnn says, President trumps decision to pull thousands of troops will take years to execute and potentially cost billions of dollars to bring about. According to U S, defence officials, the plan to pull you trips in a long time. At NATO ally has been met with broad bipartisan opposition on it concerns it will weaken the. U S: militaries position: Visa v- Russia However, the Trump Administration has decided to proceed with the move, approximately eleven thousand nine hundred? U S, troops a mix of army and force units will be removed
from Germany to meet trumps mandated cap of twenty five thousand new US forces in Germany. We, if you mean to tell me, we have way more than that. We have thirty. Thousand nine hundred. U S forces in Germany, It's amazing. We got like eight thousand in Afghanistan late last time I checked. Maybe I'm wrong about that. That's that's truly amazing, according to senior yours defence official on number higher than the figure of nine thousand five hundred. That was used when the reduction was first announced. The formal announcement was made. Wednesday during a briefing of the Pentagon by Defence Secretary Mark Esper. The current you come plan with reach will reach position: approximately eleven thousand nine hundred military personnel from Germany from roughly thirty's six thousand down to twenty four thousand in a matter that will strengthen NATO and hands the deterrence of Russia and meet our meet. The other principles I set forth. He told reporters refer
Do? U S european command, which overseas? U S military forces on the continent. Official said the discrepancy was due to the fact that, following a review it is found that there were slightly more. U S, troops permanently assigned to Germany about thirty six thousand than originally planned for of the troops leaving Germany, some five thousand four hundred will be staying in Europe. The official said the remaining sixty four hundred forces and their families will be returned to the U S and will, in time redeployed to Europe Defence official said this will cost billions of dollars as new military construct. And will likely be required both in Europe and the? U S, to housing, additional troops key you command centres will also be repositioned as part of a move. Esper and top military leaders confirmed Wednesday General Todd Walter's. The commander of
U S European Command and NATO supreme. Allied commander, Europe said the: U S would be moving. You come headquarters from Germany to Belgium as part of an effort to co, locate the command with NATO military command headquarters at its base there. Africa Command headquarters may be moving to a location to be determined as well We also intend to reposition three brigade size, headquarters and air Defence Artillery Battalion an engineering battalion to Belgium from Germany and to smaller support and contracting organizations to ITALY Walter's further specified that it that eight have sixteen fighter squadron would be moved from John to ITALY and that they had to spit in moving two battalions from Germany to ITALY as well. I gotta say I do find it really silly that their arguing we were, we will began NATO's defensive position. They say, as they publicly announced everything there doing, and everybody knows how many troops we have and what basis. They have, it seems absolutely sure who put in silly in my opinion that we
maintain this world police position. I dont understand, maybe I'm crazy, why NATO doesn't take care of their own defence or at least, why don't pay for it? That's Donald Trump main complaint they're not paying for it. So you know what take em out trot said. He directed the move because he built if Germany doesn't spend enough on defence, however tromp, who directed the move said he did so because of Berlin's failure, to meet the NATO target of spending two percent of GDP on defence spending. Only about one point: three: eight percent, one of the only countries it hasn't agreed to pay. What they're supposed to pay is Germany, so I say until they pay we're removing our soldiers. An number of our soldiers by about half, then, when we get down to about twenty five we'll see where we're going trumps at last month. Defence officials, however, said Wednesday. The decision was the decision. To where to house the? U S: troops leaving Germany was not influenced by whether the new House country was meeting the two percent target. In fact Belgium and ITALY.
Do countries that will be receiving? U S, troops from Germany's spend even smaller percentage on defence than Berlin. Does ITALY spends about one point to two of its two of its GDP on Defence and Belgium spends about point. Nine three of its Judy p on defence ranking near the bottom among NATO members, while Germany's national leadership has been largely silent on the troop cuts. Local leaders are presenting this It's where? U S, troops are housed recently wrote to members of the EU, Congress asking them to help reverse the decision. All I love it. I love it man they have our troops over on foreign soil. That makes sense yes, because many of these People that are arguing in favour of having troops and all the other countries are internet. I look, I get it man. I recently took the eight values test. Lo and behold, in Paul is a liberal and I do very much favour international diplomacy, but you're gonna have to greatly struggle to justify, first and foremost our presence in Afghanistan.
In Iraq, and then you have talked me about why we have our troops in Europe, I get it, NATO we got. We got soldier we got military personnel all over the world. We basically function as a kind of world police. I've never cared for this and most liberals ever did either get that's where we are libertarians for that matter. Are we going to remain the world police. You know what I tell you, this fine in a sense if we are actually dealing if we are dealing with countries that want to rely on our military superiority or at the very least, they could pay for it right. Why do we, as the american taxpayers, have to foot the bill for what's going on in foreign countries, and this is why I bring this up. There may be very good reasons for a military presence in Germany. They say Russia? I'm not super concerned about Russia, that sounds like cold war. Nineteen eighties talk or before are more concerned with China
so maybe there's a good reason have defended in Europe. China, ok I'll, tell you what we get a lot of people in this country complain about our infrastructure complain about how many taxes we pay etc. What sounds like we can solve that problem for both sides. What's that Republicans, you don't like I'm attack on what should happen in taxes. We could pull back some of those taxes if we weren't spending so much money on the unknown world, policing other countries that won't pay the bill
What's that left you say you want to fix the pipes in Flint. Well, I got a solution for your bring our troops back from all these foreign countries where there are not paying the bill or we needlessly occupy. These other countries are bases are at the very least, and we can use the extra money to send our troops I dunno, maybe to fix the pipe and flint. This is the point I often make when it comes to military presence oversees. I think our troops are great. I think it is absolutely awesome that we have people willing to join the armed forces. Go to these countries to serve our interests in certain respects, and you know to give a simplistic view, defend our freedom to make sure that the things we believe in free speech are protected, but I'm not entirely convinced having our military operate as private security for Germany, who won't pay actually does anything to protect our interests. I am absolutely of the opposite opinion. When it comes to have data Stan, I dont think our interests are being served their anymore and its amazed
to me. That is a bipartisan effort to stop our troops from coming home and the worst part is all them. Liberals that scream screamed the longest time saying bring our troops back our nowhere to be found. Other trump is trying to do it. I got a message from a friend They said look at all these horrible things that you guys head studs their imperialist and I'm like. Oh, no you're right. I guess we have to vote for Trump to make sure he brings the troops back that's what I'm going to say too, that well about Trump. Why he's trying to bring the troops back? You think Joe Biden going The only thing I know Joe Biden going to double down. That's his that's his plan. Man Biden was part of the Obama administration. This is what they did. They bolstered our troops, drone strikes, they call them
oh bomber Obama, was called Obama. He killed american citizens. I do not want that back, and you know what Nano tromp is imperfect, in fact, is worse than imperfect. Jib trumps kind of bad and lot away, but you know what relative of the choices we have now. What am I supposed to say when it comes to war when it comes to our troops? Are the comes to withdraw I will take it unless you justify to me a legitimate reason why we do this. The public public deserves answers on this one and we don't get it coming to me and screaming that, but but Russia, Russia, couldn't even take eastern Ukraine. Spare me. Ok, now that's complete and total bs. You just want to have our interest and the military industrial Complex one wants to siphon tax dollars and keep pumping out these machines. Then we put out
or you know, honourable brothers and sisters in the armed forces. We put him in harm's way or we set about a foreign countries for on for some. For some reason. Back at the very least, we can say they're not telling us now look Afghanistan understand Germany. There may be a legitimate reasons for us to have bases there. Perhaps I mean the Cold WAR World war to shore find whatever. But at this point, if that we forgot to have allies, they can at least they can at least pay what they're supposed to be paying. Why does do them African people have to foot the bill for this. I want I want. I want an answer. Then, when someone comes means as why don't we have universal health care, I'll, say hey well, at least some of the money is being spent in Germany. I know a lot of money from the military is spent here, but paying people who are over These were they spend this money overseas is just taking? U S tax dollars and sending it oversees. You may have a good reason. Ok, I'm listening I'd like to hear it. I ll leave it there
we'll see the others plays out, but I'll tell you that as long as Donald Trump is talking about bring our troops on more, so from the Middle EAST. The Germany thing, I'm kind of like you, I'm gonna be dumb baffling that can support your zobeide on that one and, if Joe Biden won't, I don't trust you by to do the right thing anyway, so I defer to Trump on that regard. I'll, leave it there. Next time it's coming up tomorrow at ten, a dot m, and I will see you all then.
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