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Democrats In Absolute CHAOS As Panic Over Party Collapse Goes From Bad To Worse After Nevada Caucus


Democrats In Absolute CHAOS As Panic Over Party's Collapse Goes From Bad To Worse. The freak out over the continuing collapse of the Democrat party has gone from bad to worse to absolute chaos.With Bernie Sanders landslide victory in Nevada Democratic establishment elites are freaking out and screeching over the collapse of the party and the impeding Trump 2020 landslide.As the far left gains ground among the Democratic Party more and more elites and even never Trumpers are sounding the alarm bells.The days of the DC Swamp are coming to an end. Facing a fight on both fronts their days are numbered.Republicans of course are defending Bernie and gloating over the chaos and panic among Democratic establishment players.I'm already buying popcorn for the glorious moment when "never trumpers" come crawling back to Trump.

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The Democratic Party has had a lot to freak out about over the past. Several weeks from the failed impeachment Process- Donald Trump Skyrocket, Prove rang a booming economy policies, major sky by tearing up Trump speech, Democrats quitting the party, and now this Bernie Sanders resounding victory in Nevada, sweeping up everything and once again reclaiming the top spot. As the predicted nominee for Democratic National convention you see for for a second there, they thought it was going into a contested convention. Meaning Bloomberg had a chance to steal the nomination, because Bernie wouldn't cross the delicate threshold will, of course, Bernie Sanders just proved he can actually win. So the democratic establishments panic has reached absolute absurdity from bad to worse would be an understand.
Now, of course, if you re Bernie Sanders supporter you're happy I'm talking about the DC establishment elites, the swamp, they are freaking out and I gotta admit it is kind of funny because with Bernie Sanders victory, Donald Trump actually congratulated him and said I hope he. I hope they play Farragut love wanting to do But what is the rest of the media? The democratic establishment saying this is the end all, but it gets better I am seriously looking forward to later the year after the nomination process and Barneys victory when they never from birth come crawling back to Donald Trump. King up and saying save us and Donald Trump looking down and whispering know these people are the absolute slime of DC. They have no real principles there, the elite. So I think they're smarter than you and everyone else and they spend all this time screeching about from when they should
I've been watching the ranks of their own party and they didn't do it. You know they were so confident in how they start from Bernie and twenty. Sixteen, you think, They would have been more concerned about themselves because every single scandal and attempt to shut down trope has made him stronger. In the meantime, the insurgent party, the progressive and the far left have been making and taking over, and the establishment elites are in free fall, Joe Biden, their savings face coming at a narrow second place in Virginia, but scoring nothing else. Pete booty judge who is action, doing better than Bernie now not doing so well, actually sent a letter saying hey this wasn't bear. There were some weird gonna know that all the poor establishment candidates are losing, and now we can see over five thirty, eight Bernie Sanders has reclaimed stopped at the top spot with a one in two chance of being the democratic nominee Malleson. I got mine my concerns and compliance with Barney over his policies
but I think one thing everyone can agree on so long as you're. Not one of these crony establishment weirdos is that if people choose Bernie Sanders. He is the choice of the people. I said it would Donald trump you're gonna like the guy, but how unlike the present, hey, that's the game. We all play its Bernie Sanders. Also, this thing for all of my disagreement with either of them the DC elite, wants to cheat and that's why they're freaking out but wait just let me show you how glorious it really is. Of course. Here I've you can see on the screen. Flows are losing explain, Bernie said, This is now projected by five thirty eight to win. Take it for what it is. I don't think you know five. Thirty, eight a change is frequently but before I show you just how bad it's true will actually now I'll show you how bet it's really getting, but I want to mention that right wing populists are rooting for Bernie Sanders, even Steve balancing he likes the guy. Thanks, you got the wrong solution to the problems there. There is,
a united front to a certain degree. I mean as much as the Bernie Camp in the trunk kept kind of hate each other. At least they can all agree. They hate the establishment elites, never trappers and the Dnc much more than each other. I actual actually, Oh, but let's read the story from Fox NEWS, as some Democrats are freaking out at prospects that Sanders Quint could win the nomination before we get started had over the TIM Cast outcome slashed on it. If you would like to support my work The best thing you can do is share this video because really does help break echo chambers and a house may grow. My channel lettering Youtube is doing everything it can to hurt political commentary, but I did notice a lot of you. Subscribed. Actually it's a lot like more than my actual viewers, most people having subscribe. So if you do like this, it really does help could subscribe button click the notification Bell and then you will be sure to get my videos when they do come up. As I mentioned, Youtube's actually suppressing political commentary its first read a preliminary bit from Fox NEWS. I know you may say, but TIM Fox NEWS is biased. They are, but this is legit.
Because I'm going to show you the freak out, I'm sorry. I thought it really hilarious bullets, Red Fox NEWS, as Democrats are freaking out at aspects that Senator Bernie Sanders. Independent of Vermont could win the democratic nomination they were about how Sanders matches up against President Trump. In fact, whether your top supporter Bernie Sport at the polls show that Bernie is favoured and in the end a lot of polls show that real. They fret that Sanders socialism could inhibit is ability to woo swing voters. Those in Areas, the upper Midwest and conservative Democrats generally, they don't think sanders- can defeat. The president, if he's a democratic standard bearer now, I'm I must admit I agree with them. I dont think Bernie Sanders, he's gonna win, think trouble on mopping the floor and I do think the Democrats best bet is a moderate. I also think if the democratic voters want Bernie Sanders to be their nominee, so be it that's supposed to be how the democratic institution works. Its Europe are weary Republic. We Electra
and it is through a democratic process, and just because you or I think someone else would do better, doesn't mean we get to change the rules or break the rules. It means the people have spoken, Bernie wins. If the Bernie supporters thing that I would take it, what what takes take on Trump, if a democratic voters thing that too so be it. We will who wins in November. They say many liberals embrace sanders, but the concern about sanders- is palpable among freshmen Democrats who represent battleground districts or our from swing states. Its bad said, one freshmen Democrat from a swing district. We having conversations about how to deal with this. If Sanders as the nominee we lose said, one Democrat, I agree with you one Democrat that law maker indicated that Sanders primary would would cost Democrats their state in the fall. The law make suggested that many voters could leave the top of the ticket blank to other votes, Well Democrats indicated that Sanders nomination would almost certainly seed their states, a present trump to say nothing of the
impact on racist down the ballot for Democratic House and Senate candidates? One Democrat said they would try to, hyper focus on local issues to serve as a counterbalance to the lawmaker conceded, it's hard to PETE with Sanders Narrative- and there are our of impeachment yet the impeachment was your fault. You know what you ve reap, what you have you you, you are reaping what you have sown. I saw funny tweet. They said the Democrats can stop Bernie by travelling back in time in voting against wars and the crony capital, establishment, banker, belts, etc. There you go man, you had every opportunity to reject impeachment and you voted for it. Ah poor babies quote. I think that Sanders can be challenging and parts of the country that we have to win in order when the presidency said Michael Bunnit, of Colorado who only gave up on his own presidential bid. We have to win Pennsylvania if we lose their it's over. I live.
In the end, the fairly suburbs- and I gotta tell you from what I've been here and from my neighbours. I know it's anecdotal. I think it's over. I think they're there are people. I've talked to listen. I live in the Philadelphia suburbs, I'm like fifteen minutes out of the city, and I talk to people frequently who say they didn't vote for Trump and twenty sixteen. They are going to this time around and its partly because of the trumped arrangement syndrome. Maybe that was the point you have already heard from the media that many democratic elites would prefer Trump over Sanders and Bernie supporters agree. The democratic establishment would rather lose this fight than give up their party to burning, so maybe everything they ve done to help tromp was on purpose, I know probably not they're, just in but hey, maybe right, what's unclear as how Democrats are starting to grapple with the Santer scenario. When asked. If Democrats would actively try two blocks Anders or try to spin things in such a way to remain viable lawmakers offered. No specifics, we're just starting said one democrat
our Democrat from a swing state who does not represent a competitive district, argued it didn't matter with a democratic nominee. Was this lawmakers said that concern and about. President Tromp was so overwhelming in their state that voters were willing to support no one else. Besides the president even Sanders, I dont believe it we'll see. You. As the alarm Bell Sound among Democrats other regret sources. Note. The party has only allocated a tiny percentage of delegates so there at the the denial step right of of what we're comes soon will get to the bargaining step and then anger it still so early. We just have to win now. It is true it is. They have, I think, like one point, seven per the Elliot's around like a really really small number, but the projections for four centres are really really good based on poles how the poles are associating with centres victories super Tuesdays in about a week. Things are gonna, get not maybe maybe by then everything I'm saying Here- is wrong. Bloomberg takes the leaders, nonsense, but hey will see. Some republicans are practically euphoric
at the prospects of sanders, navigate our nomination minority leader, Kevin Mccarthy took pains to stop anxiety, which rattles moderate Democrats and independence. The very voters, they try to court thinking, sanders. Cabinets said Mccarthy, a yo see Labour Omar, look look what he you're for members of the squad all support sanders for president and then I expressly endorsed Elizabeth Warren. Multiple Democrats, good face, challenging races. This fall declined to speak out, I could about Sanders and what the impacts of impeachment mean for their candidates. Foxes told no formal warning went out to vulnerable Democrats to watch what they say to the press or to avoid the press altogether, but sometime rats approached by Fox another news organisations were reticent or uncomfortable. The topic to freshmen Democrats, who flip seeds from a public into democratic control and twenty eighteen declined to engage a clutch of reporters just off the house floor and agree,
of aid for Macbeth, ran interference for the congressmen. While she waited for an elevator. How speaker Nancy Policy tried to quash worry over Sanders and the democratic fill in general. I can hear you say: oh we're all in panic. The establishment Democrats, unlike there's some establishment that I dont know around here, said policy. It's a messy business, but this is so we're com, we're cool, we're lected none. I don't know, I'm sorry based on breathing I've seen policies response shows me that she is oblivious to the chaos unfold. Around her and let me Let me show you her exact statement replicated none other than never tramper bill crystal when he responded to any sweeping victory with the dog the burning building saying this is fine. That's! U Nancy Policy Bill Chris I don't know what you're gonna do. I'm I'm really exe
the cell. These never tromp was literally crawl. Backdrop saying we were wrong, we're so sorry we don't want a socialist too bad. You had your chance, but I'm sure Trump will accept any vote from any one he can get. Personally, I think Bernie Sanders can't win, but I dont think that matters where think matters is that the p but who are voting in the primary choose who they want to be and if it Sanderson so be it and Bernie supporters should be completely on board with all of it because they think the victories there's trouble thinks he thinks the victories has and there we go. So it's supposed to be will come to November and then we'll see the votes, comment and will see who is truly correct and I think that's why we can see Donald Trump congratulates Bernie Sanders. Of course he thinks he's gonna win, but I think it's also true to point out
Steve batten who help trump when in the first place and many right wing populists really are rooting for Bernie Sanders. I mean it's. Yes, they think they're gonna win so of course, they're looking at it like hey it'll, be good for us right, but I really do fine sincerity and many of the statements from high profile trump supporters. When they say Bernie has every right a run for all of his good ideas are bad ideas or wherever you want to say, the Dnc Cheats threatened Donald Trump said. So I think it was a great one. Four Bernie Sanders will see how it all turns out. They ve got a lot of winning to do. I hope they treat him fairly now, of course, the media? Recently smeared Bernie Sanders with the same old garbage, gutters smear of Russia Gate they use against tromp and tall and now burning, and of course Bernie Sanders supporters said Buzz off with that. I wish more Bernie voters recognised that the same smears against drop its fake news by the way. Of course, there are some hope, high profile individuals who did mention that
but now let me bring I'm gonna, bring you to the absolute state of the Democratic Party, James. Harville rips Dnc as Bernie Sanders wins Nevada, one of the truly stupid parties in the world politically you're a fool, James Carville, a high profile, democratic strategist, and he has been screeching nonstop, it's kind of funny watching the establishment just freak out and like foment them. This dude literally said he thought it was the end of days. He said this is the end of days if burning the nomination. Ah, so so sad CNN asked says the only clear twenty twenty winter so far as Putin. Ah man, you know what look you want smear all of em as russian assets. I'm happy there winning shore potent whatever you say that we have this one Norville says that Nevada carcasses are going very well for Vladimir Putin. I love I absolutely love it now. Here's look it's interesting in the whole Russia,
smear but the democratic. With with Russia gets me have trump, I wonder what the strategy was. An ultimate ultimately ended up. Helping trumpet lot of waste Now Trump is accusing Adam shift of leaking information that Russia was helping. Bernie Sanders Adam shift in it. Of course he does, but I'm curious. The democratic Stablemen is absolute Freaking out. We saw James Carbon that, due to the world as endings at the end of days, is here and apparently Donald Trump has upset that no one briefed him on russian election interference to help Bernie Sanders. The story just got leaked to the press and in it Bernie, look bad and now the cronies, our common on CNN and MSNBC, say in the end is nigh and Bernie is being propped up by Putin. You know what you guys, you need some consultants to actually you understand why the Russia smeared doesn't work you're insane
sound and saying the most Americans and it doesn't make sense, but tromp thinks it was shift shift. It wasn't him. You know five f. I d make a bet if I add to make about I'm not so certain shift leaked information, but I'd probably lean towards budding. He did or something that affect Tropez angry. He should have been pulled about it and then and there brings me to Bernie Sanders team talking about news coverage. I think the establishment elites people like shift absolutely are coming out against Bernie Sanders, or at least secretly this away from vanity. Fair Fox has been more fair. Why burning team has had it with MSNBC the liberal networks. Talk of digital Brown arts and Fidel Castro admiration Sanders World seeing read more like Dnc, says: Glenn Greenwell, Donald Trump, has the same finning. Mass de I see making a joke about the democratic establishment and their common for burn all the same. You out
You guys saw the just lunatic melt down that occurred on on Amazon BC, with with Chris Matthews might mention was like the invasion of France and nineteen forty. They lost it. I'll tell you what the other day when I was watching the Caucasus and Bernie Sanders. One Brett bear there's a good dude on Fox NEWS. He is he's a he's, as he is he's a good anchor he's very straight. You know a straightforward, not very, have opinions, bring up good points and he was fair to Bernie Sanders Fox absolutely has guests who will ragged sanders forming a socialist or whatever, but I'll tell you Fox news isn't super concerned about who the Democrats Peck. Of course, you can argue that conservatives want burning as they think that win and the democratic establishment agrees. I can agree as well
so it's fair to say there are publicans are like prop, but you know our saying hey. You know prop up Bernie, because it's good for them, but Fox they don't have hearts. You know a lot of skin in the game when it comes to primary itself, so there being more fair to Bernie they gave Bernie a town hall, I believe also with Brett Bear Amis a mess b and c, on the other hand, has been a nightmare. Insane conspiracy, trash screeching, Putin and all his other other insane. Lunacy, now. I want you to remember that guy Jonathan Shit, who claimed Donald Trump, was a russian assets into ninety nine. Msnbc Msnbc is it. I must emphasize Dnc they had the sky on and actually said. Well, you know. Maybe it's not true, but and then he tries arguing trumpet acid of Russia, Of course the same guy is going to come out with this story. Running standard against tromp would be an act of insanity. Well, tell you what men you get no sympathy from me. I agree. Bernie can't win, but I also think
in Amerika people choose their nominee and they go because each other, I think, Borneo lives, so be it. But I want to see a fair fight and I think, a lot of Bernie Sanders. Supporters would rather see a fair loss than a crony Dnc cheated victory, I think some people might be extremists in one party to win by any means, as for sure, but there's a lot of regularly. What would say? Well you know what we tried our best. I do think there lot of people on Sandra Side, though probably wouldn't accept it probably go out and do some nasty stuff when they lose. But I'll tell you what it's not just about the Dnc, it's about the ever trappers and the establishment this one. I love so much for the financial Times Lloyd. Blank fine quote, I might find it harder to vote for Bernie then for Trump. The four Goldman Chief executive on the crash, the criticism and the sparring with
Bernie Sanders. Let me be pulling out the first, but a loud voice and sang. I don't care what you think and who you are going to vote for blank fine of Goldman Sachs I really really dont care. My bare concern is whether or not the people running for office have the interest of the american people at heart, whether they can relate to them and solve their problems and will bring about a net benefit to the people you, the members of our community, I dont care what Goldman Sachs Ass to say. I really don't I'm sick and tired of the Hilary, and type Dnc establishment, giving hundred thousand dollars speeches enriching themselves off the office and laughing the whole time. I'll tell you these people are they want that they look up at the ivory tower
they want to sit inside. They want the keys to the castle and they have no interest in doing right by the people down there. Looking up saying, please help us, I think Donald Trump was the bull who came crashing through and it turns out the economy's actually doing rather well, underneath him while Bernie Sanders back at the doors and he's kick the door is walking up, will you make it to the top? I don't think so. I think the ball is still. There is gonna put him back, but maybe someone in centres can't might actually come around and twenty four I still kind. I don't think so, but I'd much prefer the people, the populists, those who actually believe in the american people and want to find solutions, be it right or wrong that it's the it's the honest intentions, I dont think Bernie is perfect. I actually don't trust them a whole lot. I can't say a whole lot for trial
either for the economy is doing well. I'll tell you this: whatever you think is better trumps got four years of a good economy behind him to prove his position, and I think they will end up giving at him. But let me show you some of the absolute the absolute stated, the never trumpeters bill, crystals reaction as I showed you earlier to Bernie Sanders, winning the Nevada caucus was the dog in the on fire. Saying me now yeah. How long do you think until these guys come back and say? Ok, ok, final vote for Trump cards. Look while I dont care about Lloyd Blank like fire, opinion. It shows you that these these establishment types are like burger, kingly, rolling, the rising fine. I guess from this I love your wall sang, I would ve for socialism over authoritarianism. That's likes I would eat vanilla, ice cream,
instead of eating vanilla, ice cream? Sorry, brow, socialism is authoritarian, like almost entirely you have to force people to give up their labor. They say democratic socialism, but now it's just oppression by the majority doesn't work out that way. The left in the left, libertarian quadroon of the compass, is a very difficult position to maintain and that's why, typically, the hour its fall on authoritarian left versus libertarian right. What you're saying makes no sense. It just shows that you ve completely lost the plot bill. Chris reminder all Nevadas can participate today posted this image in the morning saying the Republican Party has been taken over by extremists. Don't let it happen. You too and then well, I guess too bad. It happened. The never trumpeters they're gonna come crawling back as far as I can tell. I find myself. Other shock to be an agreement with media matters of all organisations there, the left wing smear machine, but they say Basically, the never trappers or a fringe faction that
one cares about. Is it says the country The elevation of never trappers hasn't seem to have had much what effect on Republicans, leaving them to arm. Chair quarterback their way through the Democratic Party. What what? What sheer absurdity? It's true, the never trumpeters or the establishment elites the these were the people in the Republican Party gloating and laughing sipping the Ngos their tea in the ivory Tower, the Dnc elites, Trump kick them out. There been homeless for a few years, begging the Dnc establishments will say whatever you want trumps, oh so bad, but other Dnc elites have lost control centres. As March up And their screeching, what are they going to do? Vote for a socialist? I really really doubt it. Sanderson debate stage that Denmark is a good example. I think we should live like Denmark, Denmark, not socialist,
and no one will call him out for it. So you know what you all deserve it. You absolutely deserve these politicians, if you don't have the ability, the talent, the wherewithal to call out Bernie when he says something incorrect, then you'd. Deserve to win what asked about socialism and whether Americans would support socialism. Bernie said I think we should live like Denmark, we of a few million people. That is not. Even socialist, it's a capitalist market economy with a welfare state. Democratic socialism is not that that's. Why socialism comes afterwards democratic being the qualifying their basically saying that you will vote to abolish the means of production, as opposed to all other socialism, which result which went to the result of a massive revolution, and then you know
atrocities with democratic socialism under Bernie Sanders. You vote away your right to labour to the state. The means of production will be seized by the state, but you voted, for it is not a real big difference. All of these people are going to get what they absolutely deserve. But I will leave the Trump supporters with a warning as much as I can say, I think Bernie Sanders will lose Clint Eastwood recently flipped. He sang he's for Bloomberg. Now you know why, because trumps gotta potty mouth listen. I have talked about how Donald Trump demeanor and behaviour is a negative on one. For me, reason why I wouldn't want to vote form and a lot of people said. So what what does well? How you feel about the president has to do with the job. They do it's a good point. I respected absolutely The economy is really really great. Many people wall for say that it's better to have a good economy and an and a nasty dude, then someone who's polite, but really bad at their job
but when I tell you this, it's not because I'm saying that you know it's the biggest issue in the world. I'm telling you this because other think in my other people think it might be an you're losing Clint Eastwood. You got it. We gotta recognise that he's high profile speak his mind. There are a lot of people. Who are going to walk away from tromp, or I should say that I think that you have trump people for the most part will stand by him, but some People will actually say you know what varies a populist. He agrees with me on these core important issue that I care about. I'm gonna go with him now. Bloomberg is not. You know this. This savvy speaker, like Clint Eastwood, saying he's wrong. I certainly think blue
is substantially worse than trump whatever beat, but the warning I'm leaving you with is make no mistake. Trumps, one of his biggest pitfalls is his attitude now I know people love hearing and push back on political correctness, but you can do that without tweeting, incessantly and and and being as nasty as he's been insulting people in and when you know imitating the bodies of the reporter it's gonna hurt. You might not hurt him enough. It might not be a big deal, but I think you absolutely need taking into consideration that, although your content, you can beat Bernie hubris, will be your downfall. I think it's funny
I've had transporters item you're wrong, trumpet gonna, win, he'll crush Bernie. Ok, keep thinking that just like Hillary Clinton did never underestimate your opponent. Go read some son sue. Take it seriously. You win when you are determined, focused and do not underestimate your rivals, where the biggest mistake shall make Bernie Sanders. I believe could be a formidable opponent. I do kind of lean towards we're. Looking at a Mcgovern situation would trumps sweeping the field and also the Democrats, our total panic about. I could be wrong about that and I think it's always butter, regardless of your Bernie Sport or our trump supporter. Do not underestimate your opponent I'll leave it. There stick around next videos coming up at six p m at you about com slashed him cast news. It is a different channel and I will see you all them. Last night, Bernie Sanders swept Nevada Clean. I mean they called it for him, with, like four percent, of the delicate count, the landslide was so massive Bernie mocked the floor. With the other Democrat,
burn is not really democrat. He's an independent he's, a socialist as No one is talking about, but I can criticise Bernie a lot. But you don't! I absolutely, love more than anything the terror, stricken down the phases of all of these Ivory tower elite media pundits who are crying that their cronies Dublin is falling apart. Ah poor babies, Chris Map uses in full on panic. People are what would you do he compared it? to the Nazi invasion of France. Ah did birth is theirs win you poor babies, you does the craziest thing about this MSNBC is supposed to be the like the epitome of orange man, bad tv. Yet u turn. An! U turn on MSNBC to watch this, and there was one When I saw it was so glorious. There were like on MSNBC you'd think there had been a terrorist attack. Turn on Fox NEWS in their com, rational discussion about the state of Amerika, the american voter, how they feel about Bernie Sanders.
Are we able to show you the story. I got a couple stories about MSNBC is complete and utter melt down over Bernice victory what I want to make sure all those trump supporters get a warning. I think Bernie Bernie, it's hard to say it. Real contenders. You the real challenge for Donald Trump, but I think yes, personal. I don't think you can win what matters. Should the daily wire made it a few tweets this morning warning trumped supporters that, if you think you're in a walk away from this fight unscathed, nothing common and our readers tweet. It makes a really really good point. So much of what Donald Trump is today is very much so what Hillary Clinton was now. I know many Supporters are Hombre, o er on how dare you not an oval Amazon Trump is despised. My lot of people What do you want to hear it or not? It's true- and you can block whatever you want, you can blame trouble, you can blame the media, but it's a fact and if people think Bernie Sanders is is better, then maybe they'll simply vote against Trump, just because the appalling
sea weed out now. I don't feel that way. I gotta be honest. I think the economy is really right and I think what what met wash, MRS, is that While there may be some people who hate tromp, you look at the real Sure from Amazon BC, increase Matthews panicking about IKEA literally, was saying last week that people would be like end up in central park and shot if the socialists had won the people in this country. Older people who, what way more than younger people, you're, probably sweating bullets at the prospect of a Bernie Sanders, victory, see the thing is and we'll both in some second the people who are cheering for Barney who are coming out in a carcass to vote there, a lot of young people, not not not all young people, but a lot of younger people. And it's not so much the young generation on talk about millennials teenagers, I'm talking about even John actors and maybe some boomers, who
There haven't really seeing the full ramifications of socialism, who are being swayed by the Pied Piper that his Bernie Sanders or generally just you know that these younger people didn't live through the horrors of socialist history. So a lot of older people did Chris, these friends, that's why he's freaking out? May I offer you a man, I'm gonna go of local person, Trump one island Bernie whence I laugh. I love it. The cronies, damage establishment, freaking out and crying about what the people are voting gorgeous it sustains me. Might my disdain is almost exclusively for the meat if Heaven figure- figure this out by now. So when I see that ultra when I struggled like Tommy, don't gimme some proof as to why he's like the worst person ever same is true for burning.
Now there are things I disagree with Bernie Sanders on domestic policy, for instance, and I'll tell you what what I'll ask you this? What's Bernie Sanders foreign policy as they have no idea. I have no idea, so why am I gonna get mine that guy, but they, if people vote form, that's that's how this country works and that there were those who is this funny quote, I came over who said it, but Solomon MSNBC, I think MSNBC literally sad. I don't know what the american people think anymore and there you have it. So maybe if you stop screeching about Donald Trump and ask yourself why he won you wouldn't be in this mess. But you never did you said Russia, Russia, Russia, fifty billion times, and we all stop and what was Bernie Sanders. Saying I'm gonna get you healthcare. I'm gonna help your family's, I'm out the working people.
This country and Bernie was shopping. Like dress for less fly, you know well to be fair. He was lying first class, but Bernie was actually trying to rally people it's true for other candidates, but the media wasn't paying attention these MSNBC, especially what they use they have its falling apart there. The ivory tower elites of urban centres that do not represent anybody. Really, who do you? really represent because young people in New York, one Bernie Sanders I'll, say this. Donald Trump is likely going to win, but let's reed and then we'll talk about the fears that some conservatives have over the hubris. Of transporters MSNBC melt down as Bernie Sanders projected to win the Nevada caucuses democratic. I shall Canada Bernie Sanders looks to be the winner of the matter Caucasus and I wasn't BC pundits, don't seem to be thrilled by the new,
Sanderson MSNBC have been at odds before, with a candidate and its supporters, often accusing network of being Anti Sanders own Anti Yang and aunt, I told you, we get it in fact Sanders. Reportedly, personally confronted MSNBC present Phil Griffin over the alleged unfair, average of his campaign MSNBC Where do the Nevada caucuses Saturday may not help mend any fences? Sanders supporters supporters, tweeted RO video clips from MSNBC on air coverage alive ITALY showing Anti Sanders bias. Chris Matthews compared there's electoral success to France's fall to Nazi Germany in World WAR, two I love. It They came after Trump Card and Nazi the came after Trump Connemara russian asset that doing the same thing: the Bernie. Ok, I get it there, not calling of overt Leonardo but they're trying to insinuate. That's how bad it really is. Thus in men for transporting Bernice border I'll tell you this:
fairly ambivalent, on a lot of the out on a lot of policies. Now Bernie, I'm at odds with, because you know you don't think I'm really tired of hearing is that Bernie is consistent. He is not consistent. I'm sick of hearing this Joe Rogan said it and it's like this, this thing that gets repeated over and over again, but it was true in twenty. Sixteen, it is not true. Today, Bernie Sanders has flipped hard on a lot of policies, particularly immigration used to say. That low wage workers crossing the border outcome. The country illegally was depressing wages. Hey that's a very trompe in very trompe in policy idea, and so they went after him. And now he's falling in line with the democratic activists base, because he wants to win. Maybe may look, look I'll say what it was agree or disagree with Bernie his border policy on his seat He ice policy wants to break em up. That's not the point, the point as stop pretending like Bernie Sanders, didn't flip
if you're Bernie support you might be sang. Yet, while his position is better now, I'm not argue with you, I'm just Something is consistent when he changed its policy over the past several years. That's enough, for me, just be honest about who your candidate is and what they're doing look I'll play is if Bernie ends up winning the nomination, I'm not gonna cry about it. If Bloomberg wins the nomination, you might see me certain freak out because I'll tell you what men, the american people of the Democratic Party, who have chosen Bernie Sanders have every right to do so. That is how this country was supposed to work for better or for worse same thing about Donald Trump for better or for worse. He is your present. Accept it. If your problem with it, you play the saint you play with the same rules, you play, fair you go to vote but for some one else stop crying and screaming Russia and this what really bothers me Bernie Bernie, Bernie people, what bothers
is that the media was smearing Trump Non, stop relentlessly and instead of coming out and calling out the media joined in, not everybody. I know there's a lot of really cool people, Matrona literally everyone, I'm just saying too many Bernie people gave up the opera. Turning to slam, people like MSNBC when Rachel Matter, comes on the tv or every night screaming rational man now they're doing its job. He shot him down. Man burning and trot people come together, shut this nonsense down you have an argument over Medicare for all verses trumps. You know whatever it is he's doing you argument over. France building a wall in Bernie sang decriminalize border crossings The conversation we should have both sides seemed to think that that they have the winning fashion on their side. That's great! That's what that's how it's supposed to be? That's! That's, like I heal the idealistic version of our our represent were representative democratic process. You know you
like I'm right now, I'm right! Ok, here we go bringing to the ballot box, but the establishment elites of the Dnc and the media have been like. Instead of actually true, and instead of actually argue policies? What of the crony as Democrats done? if wages scandal war against Donald Trump, and what is the media them with Bernie Sanders that they're they're starting to get more? Have and ass. They realize the panic is setting in what they sheeted him in twenty sixteen. There was no debate between the two sides. Of course I think Trump would win, because I think Bernice you knows. Policies are too far left, but I could be wrong and I am absolutely willing to put willing to put money where our mouth is and if the democratic voters say Bernie. I say memo party guys: Bravo, the media. One allowance read more here's one it's pretty much over and then they say Chris Matthews gods goes on to compare Bernie winning to the fall of France and nineteen. Forty, it's insane Matthews also wandered on air. If it would be better for
Democrats, if Sanders didn't win in the general election mask off, O Higgins says Chris Matthew suggest democratic bushmeat better off with four more years of tromp than Sanders me meant reshaping the party and there who have it for years. These media morons were screechin about Trump and Other saying, wait, wait! Wait! It's gonna be one of the funniest I've ever experienced in my life, when the never Trumpery run back to Trump begging him for forgiveness, I am, is so much fun the Russia Gate smears men, those can be mine, numbing they're, doing into Barney. Now they did it too tall seated they did a trump. But I'll tell you what this feels right to watch MSNBC freak out merely in tears over what's happening with Bernie, because they're just liars. There lies in their getting what's coming to them. They are in no way did they want to play fair with the american people. They want to tell you. You are too stupid to know what was
right for you and now they're getting what they deserve, because the era of the top down broadcast media is coming to an end, and so of those viewers might watch me. Some of those of yours might watch calculus. Ski or the hills, rising with Crystal ball and cigar in Jedi, some of those We are now going to watch it even crowded and its and we're all the better off for it get rid the lying deceitful morons of cable tv knows and find some regular people who want to talk to you about honestly how they feel, and we will all be so much better off for it. I look for hard to the complete and utter demise of MSNBC. As a business quote I'm wondering whether the democratic moderates want Bernie Sanders to be president. That's may be too exciting. Question raised? They don't like Trump at all, kinda raised, they don't like Trump at all. Do they want Bernie Sanders? Take over the Democratic Party in perpetuity said I mean he takes it
maybe they rather wait for years and put in a democrat that they like well whether you take my advice or not. Let me tell you Yang at the at near the end of Yanks run, I initially was very much for tools he gathered and I still think she's epoch in a very often person, and then events Lee. I decided, I think, Yang you no kind of took over in the first place and what I thought was right for this country. I did not have confidence that Yang could win, but I thought his mouth, age about the future of our economy and automation, was something that needed to be on the debate stage, and so I was very much so behind him in that regard, plus he's like the only Democrat, was. Democratic candidates are really democrat, saying we need to stop pretending that Donald Trump is the cause of all our problems, and, unlike thank you, do and I'm sure so many other Yang supporters that thought that as well you would have an argument trump about his policies absolutely, but he did not cause of our problems and the establishment is lying there,
so in saying that the strategy will never work Yang dropped out and we can The democratic process is has been broken, to say the least. Now, I'm somebody who s to figure out. What do I want? Who would I vote for and as of right now? Nobody, I dont, think chop is the worst person in the world. I don't think he's the end of its the apocalypse and I don't think the same, is true for Bernie Sanders. But I will tell you this as someone was more moderate. Who was very much who still very much as a fan of Yang until she gathered, I would not vote for Bernie Sanders. That doesn't mean I vote for Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders. Doesnt freak me out, but I just don't agree with on all these policies, and I think that Bernie Sanders is similar to trumpet a lot of ways. I mean they're, both populist, so they have a very powerful message, but I view Bernie Anders as applied Piper candidate of the left, which, what what now You into why this bad news for Tromp he's essentially promising all of the sweets and goodies
but Bernie Sanders message on economics is, as far as I can see, has been a net negative message on economics. Donald Trump talks about prosperity. He talks about creating jobs and ending these these awful trade agreements. All of those messages that trumpets put out our net positive positions, saying I'm going to make the economy better Bernie Sanders as a net negative message where he says we are going to take. We go, to tax. We are going to take the wealth of the billionaires. That's a negative message: do I'm not I'm not telling you if your punishment burnt Bridgeport, I'm not saying he's wrong. I'm saying there is one message where Bernie talks about taking wealth that already exists versus trumps message of creating wealth that does not yet exist and creating prosperity. I think trumps message is more likely to work. Bernie Sanders positions scare me because the wealth tax is a finite solution to it.
Ongoing problem that can only result in a collapse if you are assuming the wealth tax worked and you taxed Michael Bloomberg. Raw all of his money. What happens when Bloomberg doesn't exist, and there are no more billionaires. Then you can't fund everything you ve claimed you on the fund and you'll have to find taxes elsewhere, idea of net negative economics to me is unappealing. I would rather Someone say we are going to come Many many more billionaires and in the process make all Americans more prosperous. I have a problem with wealth already. I ride. Do I talk about it, a lot, because what Bloomberg does today is one of the most shocking and and disruptive an evil things I have ever seen an american politics, I'm only thirty three gonna be thirty. Four to couple weeks, but maybe I've seen as much as I as many other people but Bloomberg, is not actually winning hearts and minds, he's buying hearts and minds, he's buying power.
Well to work for him he's buying influencers to promote and nobody actually likes the guy and people are leaking documents from his campaign, because their mercenaries, who don't care about him? That is horrifying that he is going to upset the democratic primary process too hard cash, Bernie Sanders and Bloomberg represent the extremes of the party, in my opinion, Bernie as the populist, but you know what he deserves it he deserves when, if Bernie is gonna promise you all the goods in the World Healthcare College, all these things, which I think are unsustainable at least he's offering something to the people and their choosing, took two to vote for him. I find it unfortunate gooseberry, wrong. But Bloomberg is just saying vote from yours cash vote for me years cash. I know, people not appoint two Andrew Yang Andrew Yang was was I I am critical of you, be I absolutely, but automation need to be on the table, so I will actually take that criticism. Yeah, because he was literally offering people cash and dragged about it. Not a fan of that Bloomberg is buying people to set a support. I'm not kidding. There's a report
but you can offer a couple grand for people to go on their social media accounts and start talking about how they like Bloomberg when they don't as a nightmare scenario that should not exist. I do not. I can agree to a certain extent, with Bernie about the millionaires and and dramatic wealth inequality. I do not think the path to reduce them inequality is with an iron fist. I know I'm being a little hyperbolic, but seriously when you come with the government's force of taxation on wealth and the wealth tax. It really does it make sense, because net worth is based and assets which art hard cash we pay in taxes. I don't understand what you trying to do. You talk about a net negative economic policy which I think is bad, but to the Piper comment when Bernie Sanders says, I'm gonna give you all free healthcare and they understand it sergeant this, maybe maybe not necessarily him what I mean. I think he is saying that it's not free you're, gonna pay for it and you're gonna lose your your choice
is in your healthcare providers and then there's already serious problems with universal health care, national health services that you would not predict thereafter transition period, two million jobs will be lost that work and healthcare industry. I am no fan of the health care industry. I don't know, What the right solution as but I've always been very much in favour of a public option. Problem PETE Buddha judge the guy was supposed to be the moderate is but to milk, toast say the least, and it's funny coming from me right, but he's not, he's? A bees like is like a bomb, a junior is that he doesn't have the power and Chris Mobile Bomber. Nor does he have a strong enough position to actually went as far as I'm concerned and it's hard to go up against someone like Bernie Sanders, who says free College, the college's up problem dude that the student loans are not the problem with what's happening to our economy, its teaching, young people, how to be prosperous, how to build and produce and giving them the opportunity to,
do something they love. They were rate that my generation was raised. Poorly people don't make things that make them happy, then build things like them happy their law. Cost and they're looking for anyone who can offer them a solution is to be a lot of weight who Donald Trump as well so pull up I'll, read this up and then we'll talk about what MAC met Wash had to say he's got a big warning for you. Trump supporters knew better. Listen to this Bernie Sanders can offer you the pie in the sky. I don't buy it Donald Trump sort of does the same thing, but at least his messages about creating more wealth, not foreign policy. I am not a fan of I'd like to see what Bernie Sanders has to say. In the end, I dont think I I really care to choose between the two: I'm not gonna freak out cry over Bernie Sanders or trump you only to calm down. I love the media's Bernie Derangements in Germany, and it brings me great pleasure, met wash, who is a very conservative
de my jewels. Far as I can tell, and with the daily wires tweets. Conservatives are gleefully conference that Bernie can't when they ve already forgotten. How short seem that Trump would lose. Tromp was utterly detested by huge number People still is no governing experience. Reality tv housed. Every reason to thank you, eat lose and he didn't trust one. Another For two reasons. He had an extremely motivated and excited core of support and a lot of people hated his opponent more than they hated him while for those things apply to Bernie right now, so I agreed that basin Everything we think we know about how elections work in America. Bernie should lose in a landslide, but that was the case for tromp too. Maybe the rules have changed. Map is right, but Bernie Sanders the Socialist and I think you will find moderates. Our freaking out look at MSNBC. They serve they don't represented the grassroots base, the Democratic Party, but they certainly do represent
the Rachel Matt Out Urban Snoop elites of the Democratic Party. These never burners are gonna, come crying back to Donald Trump they're gonna walk in like crying little babies in trumps, gonna, say: ok, ok, go sit in a corner and you can take part in my plan because these people will vote against Bernie. Out of fear, you might hate Donald Trump, but I think a bigger motivation is the fear of socialism. Most people in this country, a cordon of poles, are doing better than ever Bernice message about more tax and it really is a negative economic plan. I'm not saying it's gonna cause recession. I'm saying his plan is worth taking wealth that exists, whereas trumps been we're making wealth that doesn't, and I Why can agree with burning the billionaire thing? I do not a big fan of the wealth. Well, disparity in all, you have to understand tat to the American
people, while many younger people, art freaked out by the word socialism. A lot of older people are and those people who hate tromp welcome crawling back giving trump a bigger advantage. As we saw back I think, November October, from the New York Times. The upshot data tracking Donald Trump Base is bigger than ever. His approval writing higher than ever. I think Trop is on track to win. Have you know he's gonna win, but may I wash makes another good point says I dont trust those poles. I suspect the set five people are older and white. There's a lot of dissent, fashion and anger, among other demos, Bernie as well. The primary for a reason. We can't make the mistake people made with Trump assume is primary. Success is meaningless, met Walsh. One hundred per cent correct. If you underestimate the Bernie Sanders Base, you will lose Hillary Clinton laughed and mocked the populist truck he'd, never win any more the floor with her and never laughed and there like a how we did it. We can believe it happened, but it did.
Right now we have a lot of people saying Bernie can ever one even MSNBC saying Bernie can never win and maybe we're better off with Trump, and you will get a rude it can and when the socialist wins in November. Personally, I think Trump will win. I think trumps economic policies have been good for this country and I fear Bernie Sanders economic policies, but my opinion is not so relevant. My my opinion on the choice of the nominees is simple the damage. Have a right to choose the crony elite establishment and go Crimea River. I don't care what you think the people have spoken and its Bernie Sanders. Bravo progressives more power to have my complete and sincere congratulations on love in it. I am laughing watching. Bernie Sanders went against these people.
Deserves it. Hillary Clinton stolen. I was about a big fan of Bernie Back and twenty sixteen Hillary Clinton, the Dnc stole it and now, once again they are getting there come up and see and it feels great when Donald Trump one in twenty. Sixteen. I laughed when the hardest laughs ever it was great. Now I know people say that's. That's because to your privilege, and while I don't care shut up, Donald Trump was was, was karmic justice for the crony establishment elites of democratic party that for too long have Leyden spat in my face, and it felt good and Bernie Sanders is the same thing. So you know what
I think it's hilarious now, whether or not Bernie or will be tromp or trouble be burning. It's gonna be up to all of you for your Bernie supporter and you think you can about the flow of tromp because of what might want to say you got another thing common Frank once famous pulsars at this is gonna, be a gruesome battle, one of the ugliest elections in history. I think, it's fair to say, I'm kind of leaning towards a Trump landslide, though I might have put down my chips. It's for Donald Trump, so Bernie supporters, you better get ready. You might when the democratic primary. But will you gain support from the moderates? In my opinion, I don't think so, but that's yet to be seen. Stick around next islands coming up at one p m channel. Thanks, Frank it up, and I will see you all than another day another, oh dear Lord help us the krona viruses getting substantially worse. We ve got an outbreak. Now hitting Europe saw
Korea is getting worse and we ve got border closing across the board. Can I just point out one thing before we get to the crown of Irish: knows you ve got Israel front, but its borders down. You ve got Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Armenia, closing its boy, to IRAN over the krona virus, the same time that we are facing a global pandemic with AIDS. The actual mortality rate. Youve actual not activists and politicians in this country saying no borders break up, see BP. Ok, ok, hold on. I think it's funny that when you live in asperity for so long, you forget how serious the problems can be an you forget why you created the security in the first place, no one's ever open and my arm. Why do I lock the door? meant. A lot of people become lacks, they become soft and then the bad things happen. So get a bunch of news I'm not gonna get too much into the story from the Jerusalem Post about these border crossings. I think that's I mean it speaks for itself, What's more worrisome to me, the daily beast grown, a virus
explodes in ITALY threatening Europe. Can it be contained the answer is no experts have already said as much tromp is outraged. They they brought back people on a plane. He didn't want to happen, and now our hearing that there are several infection cell clusters that we cannot trace stands to reason. Quarantine is already broken. This is a wasted effort. They should be focusing on other efforts: quarantine, ain't working, I mean perhaps slowing things down, but the longest time they said. Fourteen days, the incubation period, then we found out it could be as long as twenty twenty four days, Now there is one guy in one story: twenty seven day, incubation so short they held up for two weeks. You get out you in fact a bunch of people. Now we can trace any of it. I'm sorry this do it's happening in you It will likely come to United States, probably hardier. Some experts have already done If that in the? U S, there could be thousands of cases, and we just don't know, but I want to show you some World data. I don't know
exactly what this website is, but the data seems to call to correlate pretty well with what I've seen from other news reports, so take it with a great assault as an arm world meters, not info krona virus. Seven eight thousand nine hundred and thirty three cases so far too and four hundred and seventy deaths. Twenty three thousand four hundred and eighteen have recovered. Now when calculate the mortality rate there's some official CDC way of doing it, tracking, like the national expected, like the population versus how many people they think will actually get second die, but that's not what people are actually asking or when they want to know what the mortality rate is. I dont you dont look up with this way of the closed cases. The mortality rate the mortality rate of the krona virus among closed cases? Is ten percent took us out? Twenty five thousand eight hundred and eighty eight cases which had an outcome. Twenty three thousand feet hundred and eighteen have recovered. Ninety percent, two thousand
hundred and seventy have died. Ten percent of the active cases, twenty two percent are in serious or critical condition. Most people run seventy seven. Eighty percent we'll get mild symptoms, probably dont, even though they have it but of people who have gotten a disease. These have resolved in ninety percent becoming being fine, but ten percent dying. That's the number people are asking for when you're calculating the likelihood of dying. If you can track the disease as of right now would scene with the cases resolving ten percent have I I don't know. I want a calculated whatever. Maybe it's not accurate, that's it but it is showing. But let's talk about Europe, I dont think it can be contained. Experts have already said they don't they can be contained and I'm gonna stay right now and I'm gonna say something that I know maybe annoying to many of you watch all of my vote is what updates on this. They kept telling us everything was fine, they
telling us it was not. It was now can be as bad as the flu. Why aren't you getting your flew shot, etc? They kept saying these things, but it did continually get worse. Look at the response from China. With the massive quarantine. Look at the response from the military's around the world border clothings quarantine. Take it very seriously. If you have not gone out and got supplies already, you are making a serious mistake. I'm not saying become a proper and build a bunk, a bomb shelter. There is a food, I'm saying go and get some case about water or something because you will not regret it. If all of this blows over guess what you drink, the water anyway, it's real historically daily based roam the word, weren t come from the seventy. Ok, you really don't do this to me guys, I don't care what the word comes from. They say the word being used again in ITALY. Oh you think applied to the governments to indian reaction as the Krona virus and the disease known as code, nineteen appear to be heading the country with a vengeance. More than fifty thousand Italians. Intend. Ten communities are literally lockdown face,
jail sentences and fines if they leave their homes. Thanks to the largest outbreak outside of Asia, the towns, all of the north of the country are cut off from the rest of ITALY. Now not even the trains stop when they role through the church services. Cancelled and dipping his hand in holy water is strictly prohibited through our three May you're Syria sought series. A soccer games in the area have been postponed and sky we have all been closed for the for the foreseeable future. Anyone defying the restrictions this is three months in jail and a fine around two hundred and fifty dollars, but all across the country paranoia is spreading faster than the thus Giorgio Armani tweeted that he will now whole his fall. Twenty twenty show behind closed doors in MILAN. This week lie stripping the runway from an empty theatre. The mayor of men On a city of more than one point, three million people announced Sunday that also
wars and universities will be closed for at least a week, even though the city is not locked down under the current quarantine in Rome nervous, see drivers outside few Mitch, few Mancino Airport were hesitant to pick up aid passengers and the chinese woman in Turin, report being assaulted for simply being chinese, Prime Minister, Japan, County and first, that all scholastic trips into and out of the country are being suspended putting one involving this reporters son, who was pulled from a flight to Budapest along with thirty other students early Sunday morning is get in bed. I feel bad for Europe. You know why, because they brought their breaking down their borders. There continue the advocating for breaking on these borders and we're seeing a rise of pot right wing, nationalism in populism- and this is in a border that substantially. Could you imagine what would have happened United States if activists like a
see or Bernie Sanders and other politicians broke up seep customs and border protection, decriminalize border crossings, and then this pandemic broke up. Imagine if Bernie Sanders did when in twenty sixteen and he carried out this agenda and since then hundreds of thousands of people, like US a million people cross, the border started pouring through unknown diseases, viruses and the corona virus outbreak? Now I'm not saying illegal immigrants are dirtier thing. I'm saying there is a pandemic under way. It is good, it is becoming a global health crisis. Italy is locking down. This has just been getting worse, China. We don't even know what they're don't go there lion. There was a report. Of South China, China, South China University. I believe Beijing where they believe this have escaped a lab throwback bite or something to that effect. That's that's their latest speculation out of China. They believe that's worth came from now. You still have the New York Times the Washington Post, trying to under underplay, what's really going on claiming it's a conspiracy theory, no one saying its definitive
I mean some people are promising its definitive, but people in media of moderate prominence and politicians have have kept a cool head. When talking about this saying this is a real possibility. Look at the science and the report that was just released, not saying it's one hundred true. I'm saying we need to consider this could be much more serious than we realise that report said it a php. The ball at someone was entangled in the evolution of the virus. Whatever that means it is a novel virus. We have no immunity is spreading rapidly and, more importantly, is the economic damage. That's going to come from this. We got a great economy happening right here. In the U S, economy has been taken at the markets have been taken it because of kroner virus fears. We get a ton of our antibiotics produced in China are rare. Earths produced in China are smartphone so much produced in China and they are in full on panic mode over this. It's only gotten worse: seventy thousand plus
cases of those that closed ten percent have died. The story says Matteo salvaging the leader of the Far Right League Party wants to close the frontier, though countries that border it'll ITALY are like we think the same thing from their side. An outbreak. This extensive and virulent is like to impact all of Western Europe very quickly, if not with the disease itself than with precautions taken to try and stop it since Friday. Italian authorities have confirmed more than a hundred and thirty new cases, including two fatalities and the north of the country. Three people, including two chinese tourists who were confirmed p. Native in Rome last month have since recovered and are no longer believe to be contagious, a Chinese towards died in France earlier this month, but the deaths in ITALY are the first Europeans killed by the virus. Both of the italian victims were in their set These. The first is a man who died in a hospital and who also suffered from other respiratory problems, the second,
They woman found dead in her home on Saturday morning, clearly unaware she even had the virus. It is on How many people may have been in contact with her the quick spread of disease in the outbreak and the uncertainty about how it came to ITALY is especially troubling and the northern town CO dog, no near MILAN, cardenio hurry plants at the thirty nine people were initially tested. Positive are all tied to the local hospital and so called patient zero. Who is thought to have brought it back from Shanghai? The problem is that patient zero never tested positive for the virus. Authorities think he may have been a silent carrier infecting a friend or for I'm sorry, infecting a friend referred to as patient. One whose only tide of China was being a friend of patient zero authorities at first thought: patient zero had the virus and recovered, but they can see that in fact,
there- may be another source. Clearly, this is not a perfect science. We ve lost control of this as if we ever had control the first by sets probably about away to put it, we ve never had control this corner virus, and now it's getting worse- and I ll be the first to admit when this first came out. Of course, I sat remain com. It's probably nothing Sars Mars. We are well beyond Sars. At this point we are well beyond avian flu is other than these. Other things I get it flew is bad. It does kill substantially more, but I want to point out, maybe they're overreacting. We know this is travelling as fast, but the reality is the mortality rate. Is
Stanley higher how they calculate mortality rate, as I explained its like, and that that is I looked it up. It's kind of weird are exactly know how to do it, but they look like the entire population. If twenties, if twenty five thousand people have gotten the disease had gotten this and ten percent have died. Take that extremely seriously, because it looks like the governments are doing it now will tell you they are not going to what wanna get you panicked and riled up, because that would devastate the economy and actually and but the ability to create a vaccine of some sort or some kind of preventative measure, so they're gonna tell you things, fine, they always will, and you shouldn't panic for good reason, but you should prepare now vocs just published this story just a little bit before I was actually recording, Levin EM, why the corona virus outbreak increasingly looks like a pandemic I gotta say I'm I'm really kind of offended by a lot of these people who write for woke media, where they have zero curiosity and they're. So
dumb that literally everything the governments, as must be true. So when reports are coming out of China. That say this may have originated in a bio lab. They go. No, no, no. The chinese government said no, for she believed the Communist Party whose mass produced for hospitals in ten days through a massive construction project. There just doing it, because I couldn't find There's no problem just be unsafe, know their freaking out there absolutely breaking up so so we have exports the court in the story that are basically saying it is too late. Let me read a little bit the likelihood that were hurt a hurtling into a pandemic who disease that spreads around the world or that we ve we're already in one seems higher than just a week ago. It's going to get worse. I hope you are paying attention quote or window of opportunity for containing the virus is narrowing. So we need to act quickly before it closes completely.
Said World Health Organisation Director General TED rose at at home on thy on Friday, but other public health experts think the window has. Closed. They say, worries some new developments in this outbreak suggest containing the virus Similarly, in low resource settings may no longer be possible if it ever was. I don't think the answer. Is shutting down the world to stop the via this virus. It's already out Micro Auster Home Director of the universe, You have Minnesota Centre for Infectious Disease research and policy when several countries have widespread transmission than spill over to other com Greece is inevitable, said Anthony vouches had of an instead of allergy infectious diseases, one cannot shut out the rest of the world
following the spread of the virus, is increasingly out of reach. Two out of reach public health officials will have to accept that it's everywhere and move to a new phase of readying for pandemic. They are the story, came out on the seventh, the? U S, military is preparing for a full blown pandemic. We're too, point in the covert nineteen epidemic said Lawrence Ghost and a global health law, professor at Georgetown University. We must prepare for this. Stable possibility, even probability that with nineteen may soon become a pandemic affecting countries on virtually all continents. It's broken quarantine. You are not going to stop it now. You got it. Right is a numerous countries in one cruise ship have seen rapid spread of the corona virus. Italy is making out. I assure you if work, if we know about in ITALY, that means we don't know where it's already spread too, but very well has As I mentioned earlier, this was like last week. Exports testified in the: U S: a: U S, they could already be thousands of cases very likely, and we don't know
Some people might have a mild case and never even report, like I said one woman in ITALY died didn't even though she had the virus thought she was just sick. The mortality rate for this one is higher. Some people have actually died in hospitals, young people, the Doktor one of the first doctors are found out about it, but the question I have because at the same time the story is is breaking and I hope you are all taking it serious. I'm not saying the World's London it? Maybe a may blow over just keep calm but seriously take every soften. Her family said a million times. There's questions over. What's going to happen to the election slights as White House fears, effective corona virus on election as world braces for pandemic. Can you imagine the complete and utter bedlam if this becomes a global global pandemic with a sixty percent should write, like some experts have said, and we have to postpone the election all ready in IRAN there claiming v,
turn out is low, overgrown a virus spheres? Here's what worries me that could be true. People don't want to go out into massive public settings, they will forego voting for their own safety. If there is record low voter turnout, Trump wins a massive landslides Moody's analytics think about what happens when they side, we will hold an election amid this massive outbreak. Assuming it extends into November, will see it's gonna get warmer. Echo make things worse. Let's eight they decide to hold the election. Voter turnout is record lows because nobody to risk getting infection. Tromp winds in a massive landslide. That's gonna! Leave that look the laughter, the Bernie supporters, you no more democratic personalities furious, so it may actually come from Democrats. It manually come from the left that we should postpone. The election
of kroner virus fears. We ve already seen one story: IRAN is claiming the voter turnout is over the krona virus. I find a questionable, but maybe it makes sense. I mean, would you if you knew there was an outbreak in their shut and the borders down around your country? Are you gonna gonna public arena bunker down and try weapons to blow over a lot of people going to say I'm talkin about so then what happens? If trunk gets record low voter turnout? He wins. I think it's possible. If this does extend. I'm saying it's a big. If we don't know what we're gonna go for what from here, if this extends into November and get substantially worse, I think the left is gonna say no election. What does that mean for Donald Trump? I don't know, but it could mean an extended term. I don't how you we hold another election. You know that we all the election a month two months later, what if they say we have to postpone the election, because voter turnout will be abysmal and its unfair. Everyone agrees, but everyone agrees that trumps term. You notion
extend beyond a certain point. So then, what do you do? If you note? Theoretically, the of the election happens in November. The transition is supposed to be around January, with the inauguration of a new president. Should trump lose if we can't have left due to the severity of the crown of virus at it extends even a month passed January. Without an election, then Trot may begin free time, but then what happens? If, if it is the left saying, we must tread on the elections and the krona virus just continues to get worse. Dear say it. This could get bad, but their other possibilities and another speculation. We don't know what's gonna happen, so remain calm, but another possibility is the need for government healthcare. This could be the thing that finally set is over the top and creates a crisis that rate that forces Annetta care. For all scenario, I could be wrong. It is my understanding is that a lot of national health Service in Europe were what were. They were created following world WAR two because of the master
they had no choice but to say we ve gotta help people. Let's say that there is a massive sixty percent infection right. Ten percent of the people get who get this end of dying We are going to see hundreds of millions. You know of people die. If that's the case right now, there have been some extreme projections from exports, testifying in the U S in the UK of a potential sixty percent infection right, the current mortality rate between one and two percent. That means forty two. Ninety million dead by the official government estimates right now in the absolute worst case has been proposed. It may not get anywhere near sixty percent, but a two percent mortality rate is like ten to twenty times worse than the flu. It could be that things get so bad that
the government. You have a massive surge of the burmese Junta supporters sang the government must intervene and healthcare now and the massive devotee of me economy. People are gonna, be warned by anything else in which case may be Bernie Sanders takes it. Maybe they say the election must happen, but Barney voters cannot drugs demanding the government intervene because on a virus? I guess I what's gonna happen. I can only speculate when I can tell you is every step of the way this has gotten worse and worse and worse, we are now seeing mass quarantines in ITALY. How much longer and told him the rest of Europe its already starting to happen in the? U S, I think its common. I think it's gonna get bad. I do not believe we are anywhere near the apocalypse, but do not have an optimism bias. We have had such good times for so long. People have gotten soft well a hard time, as it is a hard time is here and it may get ready.
Bad will see what happens. I hope you are seriously getting at least some extra water and food and dull at anyone. Shame you into not go into the store and pick up some some vitamins, some water or some food, because the absolute best case scenario that I'm completely wrong in this all blows over. Guess what you just eat: the food and drink the water and you move on with your life I'll leave it there stick around next, I'm coming up at four p m Youtube outcomes, lashed him cast, there's a different channel and I will see you all their controversy is erupting in Sweden after a new report came out showing that in the past ten years or innocent man about ten years, trends their diagnoses among young women is up fifth teen hundred per cent. Something. Strange is going on, and one study suggests, that is actually a airports. Social contagion. I think their choice of words were other poor and is getting some reject. Researchers into trouble
General idea is that its social pressure or something called rapid onset generous for you, because of this, and because of extremely high distance rights, the rate at which Trans children no longer identify as trans many people are saying. We should pass laws restricting whether not young people can get therapies and treatments for you not to actually transition. I'm not a doctor nor by the expert, but we're looking at a controversy, and so we're going to read this and talk about it. Please dont you my head off, but I'm gonna talk about it anyway. The guardian reports, new health report and tv debates highlight backlash against gender reassignment. The guardian says For several days this week the veteran swedish journalist, Molly VON savers will cover the same topic in every episode of her nightly tv chat, show dicks Ordinary rise in diagnosis of gender. For your among teenage girls, Lucas Robson, One of the countries leading trans activists is prepared for the worst quote.
There will be no serious trans activists in the show, because none of us smell at all. He says, I'm afraid she's just you Thus, an ominous stop right there and say that is an excuse. I have had many a conversation. With the left in the right and the left typically doesn't do interviews or how I go on debates because they don't know what they are talking about. I'm sorry, that's just the way it tends to be. Maybe there's something with critical thinking and maybe the reason many people are now identifying, as conservative or right wing is because You go on line. You tend to find right wing people who have critically annulled as to the media and stories. They heard a news and science, not all of them, on the left hand, to shut it out if they're not to engage in a conversation than they're not going to know a lot about what they are talking about and thus creating a catch. Twenty two didn't want it to about it, cause I don't think about it and they don't know anything about. Because they won't talk about it, threw down, but the fact that a
mainstream programme is devoting so much time to the issues demonstrates just how much the debate has shifted in Sweden over the past year. It's been very big change and very sudden residents, everyone but actually young people feels worse because of what they pay. Eve as the media's hatred of them, the immediate trigger for on Cyprus themed Week is a report from it Board of Health and welfare, which confirmed One thousand five hundred percent rise between two thousand eight and twenty eighteen gender for your diagnoses. Among thirteen to seventeen year old authorities. Ten year olds born as girls, but it also reflect rapid change in public opinion. Just a Euro there seemed few official obstacles left in the way of young people who wanted gender reassignment treatment. In the autumn of twenty eight team, the Social Democrat let go, under pressure from the gay, lesbian and transgender group are F S. L a new law which would read
who's, the minimum minimum age for sex reassignment, medical care from eighteen to fifteen Remove all need for parents will consent and allowed showed as young as twelve to change their legal gender that in March last year, the backlash started Christopher Gilbert, a psychiatrist at Gothenburg Saul, Grandma Academy written nickel in these Svenska dog, but it newspaper warning that hormone treated and surgery, and children was a big experiment which risk becoming one of the countries worst, medical scandals. We are the same thing here in the United States in April up dog, grunts, Snig scanning and invest. I can't speak swedish. You might have noticed at negative tv programme followed up with a documentary profiling, a former Trans men, so many who regretted her irreversible treatment in October, the programme turned its back you're on the team at Stockholm's, Caroline SK at University Hospital, which specialise entreating minors with generous for you. They unit has been criticized
for carrying out double mastectomies on children as young as fourteen and accused of rushing through treatment and fair willing to consider adequately whether patients, other psychiatric or developmental issues might better explained their unhappiness with their bodies. The Karolinska Carolines in Scud disputed the claim saying it carefully assessed each case. The same time filter MAX profile. The case of Jennifer Ring a thirty two year old, translate who hanged herself for years after her surgery and an expert psychosis, who is shown her medical journal by her father avi ring was quotas. But she had shown clear signs of psychosis at the time she sought treatment and it is for you indeed, the first clinic she approached refused traitor, citing signs of skits a typo symptoms and lack of a history of, It is for you, but the team at Karolinska went ahead. Karolinska, don't stop anyone virtually one hundred percent get sex reassignments
ring. Sweden's authorities are starting to respond shortly before the bill that would have lowered the sex race on a minimum age was due to be debated in parliament in September. It was shelved and the Board of Health fair was ordered to reassess the evidence. Its reports in its report is due on the thirty four, march now. But what I find truly fascinating in this article right now is that it seems kind of inverted you'd, think Sweden would be much more progressive, but it It looks like they actually have a law requiring people to be at least eighteen to get gender reassignment. Yet in the United States, there only just now passing these laws much to the anger of the progressive left, but freedom after being interviewed on up drug barons, skinning Sweden's health minister, Lena Hologram, ask the programme to include a text addendum to remind viewers that had been her predecessor and not her, who had drafted the controversial law. The twenty four December this week can see for health technology assessment, which the government had asked to review. The scientists
research into the Reese recent surgeon, teenagers reporting- and it is for europe- reported that, though very little research, either into the reason for the increase or the risks or benefits of hormone treatment and surgery for Remsen XO worrying turn of events. He Blake gender identity challenge. Scandinavia, again in a parents group set up by ring a retired, faster of neural physiology. The swedish toxicologist Karen spends in the norwegian teacher merit runs debt for the change in the debate, contrasting these so called concerned. Parents with real parents who a firm Children's chosen identities spends was the only swedish parent to speak openly and up up drug grants evening about her trend. About how we're trance on announced. He was a boy when he seventeen started going to Caroline because it all clinic when he turned eighteen now identifies as male when asked about Jennifer Ring. He says that friends of hers have told him. She found it
I hope that her family were unwilling to accept or the Trans woman saying quote when I started cos getting this some years ago, I thought I was alone. They try to scare me by repeatedly imply that there is a high risk of suicide, especially if the parents don't agree Now, more and more parents have found the courage to question what the doctor say almost operate here and bring a couple points. I've got call in right now It is an evolutionary biologist who made a really interesting point when talking about what happened in Sweden. The first thing I want to say it is absolutely fair to suggest that, as society becomes more accepting of the algae Bt Q community, you will see the numbers of people in a fine such increase. A lot of people were scared to come out, past and they are less so today. I think it is fair to say that a decent explanation for the increase in the amount of people identifying as algae Bt Q is because they're not scared society will reject them or
ruin their lives. I also think it is fair to say that rapid onset did it is for Europe is how it is based in some good logic and reason. Young people are not just told it safe. There actually being inundated with tv shows promoting best with people saying nothing but good things and Annie. Who dare challenge this will get banned from social media. Some of the people who have come out questioning this have been completely purged, which means those young people who go online. Looking for answers will only see a positive message. That is scary, because certainly are some bad stories to, we know the negatives exist, and if we can't talk about it, people will not be given a fair opportunity to better understand what is happening in their life. Lives, but common right has this interesting threaten he notes that it and in one paper that. They use the word social contagion, peer contagion and he's. Basically
we must take seriously the idea of rapid onset tenderness for Europe, but makes the best point out of all of this saying. It is quite revealing that tourists who are generally obsessed with asserting ubiquity of social ASEAN as an explanation for practically every human behavior, decide to draw a sharp line here: wonder why this has not been approved explanation. But let me reiterate this: we hear over and over again that everything is a social construct, gender as a social contract, all of its social contract, racism three white supremacy, etc, but not transgender, ISM, that's biological, maybe it's a social contract. Maybe is ingrained in some people from an early age may be it can't be changed. I don't know the interesting thing is I'm absolutely one of these people who addressed. The idea of social construction agrees to a certain degree with it I think nature and nurture plays a serious role, which is why-
absolutely open to the idea that rapid onset and it is for it could be a real thing, but that many people are actually legitimately transgender, but these people are extremists. They want an absolute agenda regard The poet hearts they or their bullies and authoritarian and many them aren't even actually trends. It tends to be young, says gendered college educated, white women. I I mean that literally or leading the charge and all of us intersection Alley nonsense, but where, when the most is on the transit issue based others precision. I would endorse Rugen podcast last year, probably because They are scared of the high suicide rates compared to other things. No really see it that freaks them out, and that is an exploitation of emotion for political gain which actually could end up hurting people and making things worse. We'll talk, the stuff. So so going back to the swedish stuff
and I want again to the nitty gritty of literally everything Sweden is doing, but I think the important point is: why is it up one thousand five hundred percent? Is it true that many young women are trans? I honestly do not think that's the case, but I take it from me: I'm not a doktor. I just question this and I think any smart personally a bit skeptical a literal everything. The last question I leave you with is the one account right brought up? Why do they think everything is a social contract? Accept this one issue I dont know, but that is quite revealing. I leave their stick around next segments coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. You may remember that in the past week, Samantha be the generic low shallow, whatever it is, John Stewart used to have data smear on Prager University. For those it often, though, with progress,
diversity. I dont know what you're doing on you too, but let me explain their a essentially a conservative Youtube channel that explains things from their perspective, its educational and adds conservative. They explain their point of view. What else you want to call? It also has to be said. It was dangerous propaganda and since her off smear. I mean awful in the sense that it was like really poorly crafted in conceived, not that she did a good job of smearing anybody Prager. You has raised fifty, thousand dollars in donations. Bravo good says it seemed that cement the bees pathetic attempt at smearing Prager, you backfired, but I would one thing absolutely before with this: first, the store Here, isn't so much that Prager Use raised fifty thousand donations but that all
immediately. The media is smearing Prager again, it's just also dumb, but I would point out that I don't think Samantha bees intention was to actually cause harm to Prager you, a lot of people have said they're trying use, I think, was crowded. Actually they want to use the language of calling him dangerously get banned. I don't think so. I think they're mindless, drowns. Who have no idea what they're talking about and they're sitting in a room, and someone says that's rag on these guys will make money doing that. Ok, they actually. Watch anything there are no the arguments, so then you end up on Youtube where You actually have Prager you and channels like mine, where you get sane, rational thought not always, but sometimes talk about things more rationally. So if you Samantha Bees Show- and that's all you watch your probably really dumb, you probably don't get out much, and no very little because you are in a narrow passage way. If you go on Youtube, the world is your oil and you're learning about crazy thing, some of which is complete, bs, weird stuff about aliens and flattering for sure, on Youtube, which are also
more honest personalities like Prager, crowded me, even progressives people like perhaps Conklin Ski or of the Hills Crystal ball in cigar in Jedi. Why range of opinions there lot of wrong information between all of us. Yet we get things wrong. We do but you're learning more and your hearing, conflicting ideas, you're gonna, get that from Samantha, be so I think the stories particularly funny, because, first of all it whatever it why a smear or otherwise. Thank you pour forth for the for the advertising for a great Youtube channel. Are I Prager you, I'm sure, they're very happy sang? The attack was unfortunate they so typical of what force on the left due to Prager you all the time, but also ensuring that everyone asked for it that has get novice money. People are stoked, eight regulations, Samantha be just helped out whether was intention what her intention or not. But I will. I really want to talk about the immediate other smear that they
started do against Prager you and how the media machine works, but let's read about them at the bees vapid trashy show helps Prager, you reclaim the net reports. Conservative, talk, show house and writer: does progress responded to comedy central hosting at the bees attack on this digital education platform? Prager you and revealed that it helped to generate over fifty thousand dollars and donations for the platform, I'll tell you what back at higher and ice producer, to make more content that great for one year, during an episode of Fireside, chats Prager thing to be four spurring the nation said she brought us fifty thousand dollars and counting we didn't even ask for it. Just people saying oh giving money just to show this will backfire on her Prager added that bees, tat had also resulted in many new viewers coming to coming to the Prager you platform. While Prager welcomes the veto nations he criticised to be segment for using generalised statements with no examples, saying quote it was
fortunately so typical of what faults in the left do about Prager you all the time they make, is generalised statements. Oh it's a right wing propaganda place. It still lies, but ninety nine per the time they never give. One example he also addressed be attacking Prager. You because it's, not a real university. We are now the opening page were not an accredited university, you're, simply free to learn new. They acknowledge possible, to learn at a place. The government has not accredited as a university. Is that possible? It's the funny thing about that perspective, because it's not government a credit you assume everything about. It is completely fake. Yet we use tons of educational websites every day that are not I did it universities but more importantly, stew Cotter made a funny or joke that you're using the brand tag university as if we expect to transmit the bees, show and see her completely nude, or they can complain that she's. Not, although I doubt they would he added all the universities that existed prior to modern occur
nation, were they not universities. The idea that the government has to a firm you in order for you to be What you are is alien to my former thinking and mine. I completely agree with bigger Prager award yourself a Phd from your university and initiative. Prager discussed how some of the people who make videos or Prager you are professors from MIT, Harvard Yale, Princeton, Stanford University California, and you see Santiago. I believe any real progress comments reflect just how much of a misfire bees attack on Prager. U turn to be. Not only was she ratio on twitter, but the attack also salted in more exposure and more financial support for Prager you, so Bravo good sirs, it's always nice, you hear that silly vapid attacks just end up fizzling out, which brings me to the next one eye you know look. I was looking at the story and I was like its kind interesting that a raise the money and as I was ogling a bit about Prager? I saw the smear and then I thought all is too good. You see
happens when you smell the first, how many rights fifty grand, what you think, happen now you're tryin smear of over this clearly fake bs. Hopefully this brings and more money, but this is from last week is over. We go here Rope isn't this is mind numbingly, stupid, Dennis Prager thinks it's quote. Idiotic you cannot say the onward and blames the disgusting laughed well. As you know, most people going to see the title of that and never read is actually being said. Welcome to the fake news. I hope you have realised by now. They are lying to you, these people, Arch, Rowley, evil and disgusting, vile bottom feeding, gremlins there. Port get report. Ok, they assert, they lie. Concern radio house and founder of Prager. You said that the law, has made it impossible to say the inward, even to decry use its ah and there is the context on his radio show Thursday and responsible
phone call from the debtors. Prager show about Rachel hate and Anti Semitism Prager addressed a question about, I he chose to say quote the inward and quote before using a for jewish people in a previous segment by the part about the private racism and Anti Semitism are former presidents Harry Trimming, Richard Nixon quote but you mentioned that President Truman use used to use the Edward all the time and Two seconds later you followed up with the word. That's us that that is a slow for Jacob. I can't stand this channel, so why did I say? Why didn't I say k word because the left has made it impossible to say the inward any longer. That's disgusting, it's a farce the only word you can't say in the english language, but why is it ok The key word Prager, says it, because the laugh doesn't give a damn about that word. That's why the left runs the country the culture, the Republicans have a Senate and the presidency and its very important but the culture, and
more. The left controls the more to it is that is not an attack. It's a statement of fact like two plus two equals, for it is idiotic, that you cannot say the inward idiotic. Of course you shouldn't recall anybody the unworthy, despicable, but to say the word, you Kennedy: say the word is despicable. You have to say the end were that's the answer he added and there is actual context, leaped out of the headlines and the smears, and this shouldn't even be a story he's pointing out he's condemning certain words. And he's right. I literally can't say them even in the context of condemning them. So, unfortunately kiddies you young eighteen year olds, cadets that that's the youngest age that watches channeling sure you will never know what these words are unless of course, you're on the internet and click any other websites up Youtube, but we're getting that point. How absurd is it that I on Youtube, can't say words to let you know they are bad words a well,
so what he thinks gonna happen. There will be a period where no one will say the words are younger nation will emerge not knowing those words, and then they will start saying them saying. What's the big deal, who cares they'll be told those forbidden words and they're gonna, be I I never heard it before, and I never told me anything about it and they'll start saying it and it will come back because you're all nuts, but it's true, if I say these words, you too will just delete my video, so I literally can't say them. Prager is point is completely on point. If you want to explain why the word is better say it right? Otherwise, normal know what the hell you're really talking about, and there was that guy from Netflix about fired for literally do just that. So, yes, Dennis Prager hit the nail now the hammer you may MRS store. Above all a recap you it was couple hours a year or two ago a network exact was telling people about words that were offensive, that in Vienna flux, and so he literally said several words. Someone complained he was brought to age are
they were like we were told you said the inward and he was like, while I was explaining to them that these or offensive, and he went on to that list the offence of words again and they sat- oh god, Heavens, my stars and daughters. He said the, again, oh yeah he was telling you what you are. You asked him what he said about fire, so I think we all get their point but look at how they title this and more they know. Most people read the headlines had not read the story and they know what they're doing and why they're doing it but we also what happened when Samantha be rent or crappy little smear, and let us Prager. So you know what I don't care for the most part about your political opinion. So long as you're honest in good faith. What the media and the establishment do is not any of that they're just lying now. Of course, there are other people, not establishment types who do this too, but you know what, for the time being, this is on them. These smears backfire and, I hope
same as the Samantha be Smear Prager, you Prager reap some rewards over this insanity. Prager, you made absolute sense in its condemnation of the onward and of those puritans who had the puritanical left. Who would not allow us to actually explain their women at least for now, maybe they're, not winning anymore, but they ve won a lot. I can't tell you the words that says that says something right. Their stick around next augments coming up in just a few minutes on this channel, and I will see Walden. Could this be the end? of the Marvel cinematic universe. Dare I say yes, because they are to get so woke and follow in the footsteps of all of the other movies that I've gotten woke and then gone broke. So I fully expect in the future we may see I am actually do as such, not to mention their is. You know after end game, it's been kind we are in the empty you anyway, I mean no school see spider man will see how things play out, but now
doing these shows that tie ends. We saw that the director was, the new doktor strange tools, gonna, be kind of like a horror movie and he left because they're doing a bunch of bigger expansive titans and it might not play out as well as everyone hoped but before we read, I will give you this caveat. Kevin five III has a what a perfect track record of success. It may be the quality goes down, but if anyone could figure out how to get woke and not, broke. It's probably this guy, I'm not saying you to be happy about it, but I think Kevin five years on the job and actually pol pot pullup put off not that an agenda that people happy about it will see what happens. Captain Marvel made. Even though I thought I was kind of a mere movie, we had a couple stories. Marvel boss Kevin. Finally, almost quit overlap of representation, says Bark Buffalo speaking to the
dependent vendors actor says that Marvel is leading the charge for representation on screen that in and of itself no problem. I am all for it and I said this a lot in the videos that I made about captain Marvel I've. I frequently said: listen at a certain point yet to realise at Marvel. Just can't make movies, where it's always about some white dude, not that they should stop making movies or not make movies with white male actors in the reed, I'm just saying they should absolutely try to find other of other. You know intellectual property within the marble universe and bring these characters forward like I will know what they're doing it right. Black panther was one of them out of the movie, was pretty good, actually see, see here's the thing they try plain that only the in cell massaging estate to Captain Marvel, but black Panther was actually good. It was definitely over hyped for sure. That's good movie is this? Is it Lord of the rings? No, but it was good.
It was one out give it the output and the higher scale of marvel movies, not the best of the Marvel movies, certainly not the worst. So you want to do some. I mean there's a lot of politics and that too, so I thought that's. Why thank Heaven fight? You could actually maybe pull this off the bigger concern, however, Is that we're starting? What we're starting to hear from Marvel is less just make. The movie and say we're into black panther and more so we're gonna get woke This way, and do this woke thing and working to make sure that we do that in these things, and I almost quit because it wasn't ok, now you're starting to pander that's when things get bad mark ruffle has referred killed at the Marvel boss. Kevin Foggy nearly left. The franchise over its lack of representation, speaking to the independent, roughly recalled, an encounter with five Vienna set of twelve the adventures, and what you said he was about to about to urge, has Disney superior to launch a female driven Super her superhero superhero movie, Peggy was unsure whether the pearl mutter at at that point.
Disney's largest shareholder, could be convinced. Ruffolo said we did the first adventures Kevin Foggy, told me: listen, I might beer to Morrow and he's like Ike does not, but that anyone will go to a female starring Super movie Super movie, so I still here so so If I am so you're tomorrow. You will know that I won that battle. Bear me. I do not believe that for a moment how long that take another captain Marvel and they that around and they were desperate and they tried marketing as big feminist film and it did o k a lot of people then, like it. Probably one of the worst films they ve done because its that of making a film like wonder, woman, where it's about someone who happens to be a female. The movie is about her being a female. We don't need that, make a movie make a character. I don't care who they are. Black panther was good spider, into the spider. Verse, was awesome that movie men really really great movie and you had diverse characters and you had diverse perspectives. That's how you're supposed to do it
so when marbles, I weren't you black, Panther boy, was annoying seeing the marketing and end the pandering. The movie itself was actually a really good taken. A lot of these politics that are all around us immigration, isolationism I thought it was fantastic. I thought it was hilarious. We can see the woke left eroding Ferrara because there was no real. Guy there, but it was good. But it was fun movie and you will see what happens next ones, but now our own. Let me read a little bit of a little bit more. He says that was the turning point for Marvel Ruffolo continued because Kevin one black superheroes women, superheroes algae BT superheroes. He changed the home, whole universe. We now have, superheroes, we have black superheroes, we have. I superheroes sky Johannsen has removed coming out. We have captain marvel. Are doing she Hulk next, no other studio is being that, fourthly, inclusive on level full stop! You are wrong. Of course, there is deep sea men, they ve been way diverse way before
are you and guess what they have failed at every step at they felt every step of the way Need I remind you that birds of prey flopped suicide school, could be page thirteen now because birds of prey flopped, when will any of you ll, and the reason it flopped is because it was a big fat. Feminist film make the movie make female characters. Do your thing, but don't make your motivations completely esoteric. To a fringe perspective, no one can relate to when they did black Panther to Charles was hey. We shouldn't open our borders, whoa wait a minute, that's a political issue affecting everybody and kill more was very much like our people around the world. We should fight, and so these are things people kind of understood and it I also very much so a high stakes battle, the fit fate of their nation and the fate of the world. What was what was
pray about some chick could get a promotion because a guy got promoted instead and Harlequin broke up with her boyfriend seriously. That's what it was about. Other no idea! What's going on a wanted to make money, no, no stakes, boring and weird motivation. Now look? I once saw Sonic a hedgehog. The motivations there were very personal to Sonic. That was okay. It wasn't trying to be something it wasn't. It was actually a simple kids movie raided p g, o lot of fun factor. A botanist was kind of evil, unwanted us snatch up side can take his powers and all its staff, very simple storyline we get it low, had chalk. Do it's got superpowers? Other guy wants a superpower, single fight, those birds of prey. I got no idea but if this is the path you want to go on what you're saying that that the motivations of the character need to be based on the found, this fringe perspective or ideology
then your movies gonna flop. If you just make movies where the characters happened to be, you will succeed pleased he, my warning otherwise you'll end up with things like this is from bright Bart, naughty marvels, the eternal as well. Feature. First, man on man gay kiss. Are they see firstly, that of whole on Mars, as promoting its first man and man, gay kiss, which will be featured in the eternal which hits the ears and twentieth on Thursday actor hot has slime and It is upcoming onscreen case with cost our Brian Tiree Henry. It's a beautiful, very moving kiss everyone cried onset for me It's very important show how loving and beautiful a queer family can be. We forget that, because we are all, is depicted as sexual or rebellious. We forget to connect on that human part. The eternal will also feature a deaf superhero. Ok, I dont care what's concerning here. Is that what's disconcerting is that
are promoting the movie. Based on this, let me ask you some. I understand I understand movies. Have you no hetero kisses all time, but it would be weird to me was like. So we do this movie right and then, like I, kiss Mary Jane I'd, be like an eye. What I set up as a plot point, Is that why I'm going to see the movie is supposed to be someone's going? Gonna get me, like this. Now, I'm going to see the movie dude, I'm gonna see the move. Because you're Spiderman Fight stock and save this saves a city or to see them because wonder woman defeats the God of war areas and helps reduce tensions, not stop the war entirely. But that's why go to see the movie? It's an epoch saga depicting a heroes journey, I'm not goin, because you're telling me you're in a kiss somebody, man or woman. I don't care about that. It's it's it's! What too,
seconds in the movie. There lies the big problem. The motivations they set forth are not grand an epic sagas or a heroes journey there. Weird, I so terek personal moments in people's lives. I'm a throwback to birds of prey. I tell you this right now marvel. I hope you are listening. Do not do what they did by all means. You can create good movies with representation, but birds of prey, other economic Filmore. It's like I broke up with my boyfriend. My motivation also, I want an egg sandwich and the other motivation was like here's. The funny thing you hardly Quinn's. Like I broke off my boyfriend, I need my own life. That was her motivation. I have no I guess so people can relate to that your then you had the rosy press character, the cop whose, like he got a promotion when it should have been for me, and now he won't give me assignments at so unfair. Unlike dude, I have no dear. Why that matters the best bar was the best possible motivation was Huntress and her family was purged in a mafia.
Though hit, and she had like a minute of screen time like if you made the movie just about her. The stakes would have been cool, it would have been like a samurai revenge felt kind of like John with which got barley quitted it. Instead they tried making feminist dead, pool the motivations were so insane. It was trash, do not make woke films just make regular films like you, VE, always done and put characters in it. Who happened to be diverse, and that's how you will succeed? I'm not supercontinent, though Mark Ruffolo scene We have lost the plot on twitter recently. He says you're three little bit Is there going shield next, no others he's doing that. I just told you know they have do thou he added. This is the third world culture is way ahead of the politics. You wrong. Mr Ruffolo, you live in a twitter bubble. First, I will point out the unfortunate truth a majority of this country is white and the more majority of people
who would go see a superhero movie are gonna, be white deeds. I will look at analytics for news. I found typically comes to stories like this guess: who's watching it deeds that ninety percent of the people, watch my content dunes. It's not just true for me: lifestyle, entertainment, health, cooking. Also, that's the kind of content women consume. When you look at grub greater aggregates, it's just the way it is. You want to fix it by all means. Try I dont know why. I just talk about what I feel and it turns out guys would rather watch this and women would rather not. Although there are eight percent of you ever be female regulations. You find my channel. Where were you may be? The point is: if you're gonna make a moving, try maximize your profits. What could you imagine if I was making content and I thought to myself? Well, I'm getting the male demographic if I can get the female demographic I'll double my views, so I started chain.
Jeanne my thoughts and opinions to try and pander to women in an effort to convince them to watch this. What if I started doing like home, cooking and lifestyle videos? Well, that's going to attract more women and making more money. You could and that's a band of doing, but once it happening, then you lose your core fan base challenge. Here is how do you make a movie that caters to a large demo and makes money or the reality is back in the day when movies were being made for the overwhelming majority of this country, who are white people, those movies made money, they start making bigger and bigger blockbusters and more people now go to movies, but the country is becoming less white. So in my opinion, it does make sense that you're going to now seem more diversity. In fact, I want and encourage diversity in these films But when they come to you and say we are marketing movie off of its a feminist film? With a gay kiss, I say: that's not a movie for everybody, that's a movie for a tiny percentage of this country, the same
As your you know, your white male hero story would be argued. It's just for white people make a movie maker here who saved the world, who saves the girl, a woman saves the guy who saved the world, make it about african nation called, will conduct and and and include stores of immigration. You can do all of that stuff. So long as you just make a good movie telling us an epic story, and you don't beat us over that of with your ideology, that's been the biggest
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