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Democrats In Absolute PANIC As Republicans Vow To Replace Ginsburg IMMEDIATELY, The GOP Has Won


While Democrats cry hypocrisy over the failure to confirm Marrick garland, Republicans point to Kavanaugh.Republicans say they have the authority to and will replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg immediately following calls from Trump to get it done now.Democrats have already lost the battle. Losing this seat will demoralize them and galvanize Trump supporters. In response to this humiliating defeat Democrats and leftists no doubt will begin rioting helping Trump even more.

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Well, I've talked a lot about the riots, the actual physical manifestation of the rage around the, passing of Ruth, Better Ginsburg and the opportunity for trunk to appoint a third Supreme Court Justice We talk about the actual important political matter. Can Republicans and will report Hence put someone on the bench and will they do it before Elect? mandate should they do it? You see a lot of people have said that. Publicans may be motivated to go vote if they realize we have to win to get that not many on the bench. And Democrats are also motivated. You gotta go out and vote. Otherwise you're not yet you know trumps gonna get its third appointee. None of those makes sense. Republican Have one choice: they must get a Supreme Justice nominated and confirmed in mere record time. Forty five days accorded the eight p m. About seventy. You gotta do in forty five
before the election. For one reason, if you don't do your jobs, Republicans will be upset Why would they both for someone who is not doing a job and, more importantly, the Democrats, Our highly motivated right now to win. They want to win in the hopes they unblock the nomination and they can get their Supreme Court justice to replace Ruth Better Ginsburg. If they lose on November. Third, it's true the republic, This can still get an appointed on in their lame duck session. But Democrats will be high motivated. The only choice is Republicans, get it done before election day, but will they Donald Trump said they must vote without delay on his height? I court pick Mitch. Mcconnell said they will Lindsey Grand but they will and of course, all of them Threats are running out full speed, saying hypocrisy, I say Merrick Garland, I say twenty. Sixteen Mitch Mcconnell blocked Barack Obama. As nominee, but actually but good reason for it.
I miss Bacchanals argument is being ignored by the left. His argued was that Republicans got elected into a majority of the Senate during Obama's second term, meaning people wanted to challenge Obama you'll have to agree with them. What is basically saying the american people voted for a Publican Senate majority. We will check and unbalance Barack Obama, and thus, you won't select. His we won't confirm, is not here now We actually have a cordon. What which Mcconnell side you have a republic majority, emboldened in the mid term to enforce Donald Trump agenda, that's the argument. Not it's! It's not necessarily hypocritical. Of course, they may have made some misstatements, but hypocrisy goes both ways because in twenty six in every Democrat was saying. Basically, the same thing you must confirm you must well don't take it from me. Let's walk through. But the finer points and see exactly what's gonna happen. What Donald Trump said Tromp says you must do this mechanism.
Grandma on board and, of course, the left is calling for riots and freaking out. That's read the story from the AP and we get a breakdown of how this is gonna work before we get started had over it. Cast outcomes. Lush done it. If you'd like to support my work, there are many ways can give a got a p o box gonna, send me some physical stuff, but the best thing you can do share this video. If you think I do a rational and reasonable job explaining my thoughts and pigs. The news and you think other people should hear this too Shy- ring is the most important way to help out my channel. The don't forget to like subscribe hit that Notification Bell and stick around as we go through the news. The AP says truck to Senate vote without delay. President Donald Trump on Saturday, urge the Republican run Senate to consider without delay his coming nomination to fill the Supreme Court seat vacated by the death of justice. Justice roof bade her Ginsburg just six weeks before the election, while man at talk about spicy
timing. Did the White House was making preparations to select a nominee for the seat held by Ginsburg, whose better find four years on the bench as the unquestioned leader of the court's liberal wing. Majority leader, much Mcconnell of Kentucky Vow on Friday night hours after Ginsburg Death, Ginsburg stuff to call a vote for whom ever Trump nominated Democrats That Republicans should follow the precedent they set and twenty. Sixteen. By now, considering a Supreme court choice in the run up to an election. Of course, you have already heard mixed. The actual argument the left is ignoring what was the left. Is it during the actual core argument, from which Mcconnell Trot made his view they are a tweet Saturday. We were put in this plan. Of power and importance to me decisions for the people who so probably elected us, the most of which has long been considered to be the selection of United States Supreme Court justices. We of this obligation without delay democratic presidential
Hey Joe Biden said: Annie vote should come after the November third election. Voters should pick the president and the president should pick the justice to consider bite and said, the impending clash of the vacant seat when to fill it and with whom is sure to significantly affect the stretch run of the presidential race for restoring passions, innovation already reeling from the pandemic. That is Nearly two hundred thousand people left two million unemployed and heightened partisan tensions and anger Mcconnell who sets the calendar in the Senate has made judicial appointments. His priority declared unequivocally and I statement that trumps nominee, what receive a confirmation vote in the chamber and twenty sixteen Mcconnell refused to consider our president Obama's choice for the high court months? the election eventually preventing about as a nation learned of Ginsburg death, Tromp was unaware, speed for more than an hour and a half at a Minnesota rally. Without mentioning it, he huddled with AIDS stepping off stage but acted surprise when he's
hope with reporters moments later saying he did not know she had done. It's really are they frame it. That way looks like he didn't know what gives me to lie about it, he could have come. Look. Ok, sorry he saw the video Donald Trump walked. But your and they ask him his thoughts about it. He looked eagerly. Look sharp negroes, I'm just hearing this. I I didn't know I just amazing woman when it met let an amazing life. So what I don't understand trying to insinuate use faking it he go to school shut up and said. I just heard My aid and I'm I'm saddened dear. Oh, I don't get it it makes knows and so the media has too has to frame every in this way, every single time it makes no sense will. First, I want to highlight this tweet here. From Karen Tumulty. She said, and republican pollster just told me that this court fight could motivate young women to turn out there, here they may not vote for Biden, but they will vote for Ruth interesting. I said unless the GNP confirms trumps nominee before election night, in which case they ve already lost the fight
so what they may get motivated by an I guess: revenge or retribution Donald Trump. How dare he fill this? cream court seaward caught on force, but nowhere near powerful. As sphere as the saying goes, I can run faster scared than you can mad. The Republicans get the job they'll be angry and they were be running nearly as fast as they would be. If they were scared right now, they're scared. They know that there could be a sick two three conservative majority on the Supreme Court and they are running terrified. But if trump winds and the GNP confirms the nominees, then they'll Joe to be mad, and then I gonna be running nearly ass fast, however, response to my tweet. Someone said as this I as a twitter users Ellen, he says, don't buy it, they nominate and right start, those women will vote for law and order really, interesting point. Actually you see the left, his call for violent riots. A yo see call for people to get radicalized. So what would happen if trumped nominates
The left are gonna gotten right in force and regular, suburban women are gonna, be terrified of the violence and they're going to ask Trump for help. It's got us let him at least down the middle, and it will probably favour trump because many of the women who are already out looking for law and order, partly leaning towards jump in the first place. These people are violent riot and it was a huge mistake, a mistake. They will come to regret junk offered who could potentially fill the seat well, Joan Crawford CBS, says federal appeals. Court judge, Barbara LE go up of Florida, a Colombia law, grad I'll, lock, Moscow grad like Route, better Ginsburg and first generation cuban American has emerged does one of the top Scotus contenders. Shortlist also includes Judge Amy, Coney, Barrett, Deputy White Ass Council, Kate, Comber, Ford POD. It may be Barbara GOA, because Republicans do want to have legitimate diversity, as much of the left won't tell you this. They do that
why the orange see they did put up with the left. We call marginalized voices. What are the left, do, insulted them and called them tokens. I think Republicans recognise that you ve got a lot of moderate on this country. They want to recognize that we are a melting pot and its politically expedient for to find someone who is ideologically onboard conservatives but fits the roles that Democrats want to see the commission, to be honest with you, I think the democratic parties embracing overt racism with their identity, syrian policy, critical race theory and so veil to a nominee and a woman female cuban good enough for me Whereas the conservatives are saying what does she believe and what do you know what what our positions in terms of a constitution? Of course there are a lot left us too. Don't care and well pretend to care about racism and then they'll call someone like candy sullens, whose black, a white supremacist, or so unlike Ben Shapiro, whose jewish a nazi they don't act that consistency not a strong point
but it does seem politically expedient for them to play up to the to the left's own demands, but putting on a conservative seems quite seems rather clever. Never left is trying to highlight Mitch. Mechanic hypocrisy, but mutual conall set it Look, I'm not a fan of this guy. Ok, but he put out a statement. He don't dresses legitimate argument last night sure said this and the nation mourn the passing of justice, Ruth Better Ginsburg and the conclusion of Jordan area american life, my full statement, his first Paragraph- honours Ruth Better Ginsburg. And with tremendous backed I will thank leader Mcconnell for for absolutely a paying his respects to restate against bird, She was truly incredible woman and I thought You know anybody wants to play games and be disrespectful to those who dedicate their lives and service of this country. I think that's. An appropriate. We disagree politically, but we have to recognise that we are fighting to gather for the soul of our nation and that
Everybody is trying to make the world a better place. Now, of course, you have zealots on both sides. The left is and which dominated by them right now, something the troll base only has substantially less over the tendency rising at eighty twenty. Of course, the left Will Tommy. Crazy and I'm wrong. I'm sorry, that's just the way I see it Mitch. Mcconnell said in the last. Mid term election before Justice Scully as death and twenty sixteen Americans like that, a republican Senate majority, because we pledged to check and bounds the last of a lame duck? President second term, we kept our promise since the eighteen eighties. Oh Senate has confirmed and opposite Party president's Supreme Court nominee and a presidential election year by contrast Americans reelected our majority in twenty sixteen and expanded it in twenty eighteen, because we pledged to work with President Trump and support is agenda, particularly his standing appointments to the federal judiciary. Once again, we will keep our promise
then it trumps, not any will receive a vote on the floor of the United States Senate and I will tell you this. These come. Are meaningless to me, and so are the comments on the left. I dont care the Republicans one get over it. They get their nominee, and they can confirm that's how it works Barack Obama. The appointing he merit. Garland too bad United States elected a republican Senate Those are the rules we all agreed to and just because the population of cattle corny has exploded in the past. Several decades does not mean based get more power over other states, stop moving to California, if of an issue with how the system works. We all knew the rules for they started. Many people on the left are ignoring the fact that Biden, Obama and all of their allies were saying, if is if it isn't, election year. No matter what you gotta push through that candidate, you must appoint Obama's nominees universe.
From this I see both sides will just say what they need to save. It makes sense, however, She had. The time may said: push through the Domini Mcconnell said you do not have majority today. Mcconnell does I'm sorry if I or to adjudicate, I would say, the argument for the public makes more sense. Think about it. Rock Obama, nominates somebody. Let's say they went to a confirmation hearing they voted down. They'd be like we do not approve. A waste of time for everybody so It's just the way it is. If the Republicans win, what can you do about it? this is how elections work and a response to this. The left is acting like you know, but that the seats, bring stolen know you just lost Trump one nor publicans one, but there are minority yet we're not a democracy where constitutional republic with democratic electoral processes and that's it
so when you went when the Senate goes Republican, the Republicans get to choose when the president's is a Republican, they both get to choose and if the damage when back the Senate. Well, then, maybe you can choose next time. That's how system works me personally, I dont common Tom cotton. You have used the short lived for short list for President trumps Supreme Court nominees and he's it's time for Roby weight to go and the left as a really know it there. Talking about when it comes to Roby Wade. It just means the states will decide, but it does mean there'll be met. States that will decide pro life, so naturally they don't want to lose that position, they need to be more honest and at what it really means. But I'll tell you this. I personally am pro choice, and so recognize. You know what hey I'm a liberal and left leaning, independent, I'm not zealous. I recognise we live in a country, it's a representative
a representative constitutional republic under wraps are elected democratically and sometimes you lose em an adult. I realise this I am not the arbiter of morality. I dont get to choose what other people do in live by how they live and think. The best example of this would be check out the Glen that the podcast I did with one back last. It was last year where we talked about it right discussion about pro lifers approach, choice and it ended without shaking hands and saying you know. We both think we're we're fighting towards the right direction. We I know when I bought my head and say all you know, we have to learn to live together as Americans and that's exactly it now when I bought my head and say: oh you know I lost this one, but hey what's going on now, you want to call for riots, I'm in a vote for the repayment of Upper Donald Trump. I guess it. That means it means. I don't value what you value in the same way. Ok, if you think right, we wait as the most important thing in the world and you call me a massage earnest, Orsay or say whatever, because I don't agree, I'm our stewed, my issue
is the riots. My issue is that the left is zealotry and the intersection anti terrorism. I got set my our priorities, so I of my life and my vote that I have to try to sort through a market of Ben Ben to you, because what you think is the most important thing. So you that means you lose that's going about. If you have a problem with it, and if you don't, you lose we'll see how this plays out November. Third will lead grandma stepped up because the ground has a court where he says you know in twenty. If, in the end of your twenty twenty, there is a nominee to be confirmed, use my words again me they will not be confirmed. Blah blah only problem there they're they're leaving out is that in the greater contact, he was literally talking about split parties since twenty sixteen, as before the Midterms, Lindsey Gram, tweeted as to my view, of filling a Supreme court vacancy in twenty twenty. I encourage you to review do most recent statements where
in May, he said this would be a different circumstance. Then Merrick, Garland Linsey Grand Straight up said we are talking about split party a democrat president or republican President present with a Democrat Senate or Republican Senate, so what you not honest operate there. I don't care Lindsey Ground could literally come out laughing with a clown knows, I'm going just jumping up and down down, and being like, I can do whatever I want, because we want. You can't stop me. That's it. The Democrats do the same thing. If they were in power there publicans and do the same thing. That's the way the game works. When the vote then have they want, and then the lie to the public to make it seem like their justified doing it, of course, like I said in this sense I think the Republicans have a real argument. The damage That's our omitting key context. Ignoring their own hypocrisy. Well, accusing republicans of hypocrisy. I'm not interested, but I'll. Tell you what I do find fund. Chuck Schumer's response. We're gonna have to dissect this quote and you're an eleven trucks
Senate minority leader said the american People should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court justice. Therefore, this vacancy should not filled until we have a new president. I give you I'll give you a second and not did you catch what he said he did not say wait until after the election. Humor said the American people should have. It said this vacancy should not be fair. Until we have a new president, so What does that mean? Does that mean if Donald Trump wins the presidency? and the Democrats when the Senate that they will, and allow on New Supreme Court, not any until twenty twenty five, they didn't say after the election they said new practices new president. I love this year, really funny. You guys are probably seen at this point that the video, though, and screaming twenty twenty to be done
he's videos are all out of wines and say what people are saying. That's how you, what twenty twenty seven crazy years, been really really bad, but at a certain point all you can really do is laugh, I know, even in the worst of things, what kind of life do you live if every day you hear something bad happens and you dig yourselves deeper and deeper into your rage and that's what I see happening when I saw that video of that woman and her car jeez driving and she's like just screamin half of our lungs? I thought that is the mentality of someone who is being wound up, tighter and tighter, and does it know when to just let go just let go seriously meditate chill do what you gotta do have a drink, but under the borrowed friends play some ski ball, haven't have a couple shots just shell, you know the way I respond to stress is I laugh I do. I learned this when I was a lot younger and when you
and as the sight of majority you have to recognise this is like, this is the world, sometimes bad. This happen, and sometimes they happen a lot like this year. The best you can It was count our blessings and smile for the fortunes bestowed upon you for all of the bad things. Sperience is here and all of your defeats. You must remember to keep your wits about you to smile and persevere, but these people snapped, It's twenty, sixteen all over again Trump one another like because I'll tell you the reality I'll trumps go to appoint a nominee is easily denominate nominate somebody it's gonna be You know this this, this cuban american judge or it's going to be in other. So this a catholic judge, and it's gonna, be there they're gonna, be it's gonna, be a conservative and that's not gonna motivate Democrats. I just I just I just don't believe it will. Because they have already lost the fight. So what did they do? I don't know they already lost.
And so ultimately I think they'll riot, I think they'll be angry and that's the point I was making earlier. I can run faster scared than You can mad. So what I see happening is when Donald Trump, banks, as is a nomination, and they moved to a point in record time. They said it they're gonna burn everything down. This is going to terrify and shot the suburbs Well, I've left I'm now in rural, like I can see mountains like, I can see mounted amazing, I'm the middle nowhere relatively in the middle of nowhere, because I wanna be anywhere near the sombre, because I know it's gonna come next. Was I wrong well they're. Not writing yet so that's to be seen, but I I guess we all kind of new this day would common with better Ginsburg would pass tremendous strong woman. She fought off cancer ends and the Mona really wow. That's that lady had a an will of states. Deal very impressive, but we knew the time would come and we knew the result would be riots because we saw
what happened with bright Cavanaugh, so I said I'm getting out, but we're not other people left behind where they can about four. I've I've. I was talking to locals in my neighborhood, my old neighborhood, for saying that they're sick of the Democrats are sick of the ride, so sick of the lies and I'm sick of the media and they're voting for Donald Trump in there in a vote Republican down ticket for better or for worse, they didn't care they're, tired of leftist sanity they're, not gonna, win the suburbs back. In this case, this was the greatest gift to Donald Trump Times. A thousand. I mean look for free, you know for it, it's it's. It's sad k and and Donald Trump reaction to the past. With better Ginsburg with shock and sadness with an elegant. I say this to him: ass. If to Biden I says Mcconnell with respect to their statements. They honoured Ruth, Better Ginsburg politically, the Republicans have just gained a ridiculous ridiculous win.
It is absurd. Not only are they going to get a sixty three conservative majority in the Supreme Court, but now the if he's going to go riot because of their blind rage and they're, going to terrify the suburbs into voting for Trump their lining up to give him everything he wants. Why would they do that Just don't get it well. I think it's really easy. Actually, there's no leadership on the left. There's no one telling the party this note. Let me look look that the best that could muster was Joe Biden. There's no leadership, the Obama, what's Obama, doing nothing, he's out he's Chillun is made some statements the requirement as well, but there is no strong democratic personality, none the less they have Now the leader of the Democratic Party is in fact Joe Biden. You know, to be honest, I think it's actually cause Cortez. As much as the New York Times David brought to try to argue it's not saying
You have a robust and strong centre. The new democratic coalition centre left and moderate Democrats no one's ever heard of that a very few followers, the other but a see got one point: five million views on our lives street menace terrorism and I get a hundred million. Listen this podcast this show every day, no days off doing for hours of content, and I get A hundred million listens downloads views whatever per month, but I have to put out a ton of videos It is rare that I get a gets close to a million in the past this week. I had one video that hit a million and for me, I'm like wow. Did it and I do this for a living a yoke. He turns on our Instagram and Chagos get radicalized. Everybody bow one point: five million views I came and pull it off I mean those are Joe Rogan numbers seriously. Broken does. Is his progress on Youtube, Nothin Spotify, but on Youtube? It's you.
Clean one and two million in the first day. Ac did it overnight, so listen you gotta recognize of cosmic tat is a force to be reckoned with. I disagree with her. Never respect for Some think she's accomplish certainly not apply to the media. She's stronger than Joe Biden is but think about what she said. I went over to my earlier segment. What do they say? Radicalized is going to win the suburbs, no, but that's the passage Amerika, is going to hear when she reaches one point: five million people just like spy staffing, your fingers, Joe Biden right now has- he didn't have a twig around you put a learned, the principal he's gone. He will not be campaigning today and there was shocked. People saying are you kidding me? Joe Biden needs to be out in vocal, telling people assuring them I'm here for you we're gonna, get the job done gone. What it is going on. With the Democrats. Disarray chaos shambles, it truly is remarkable. In my opinion, that
the time when they needed leadership. Most bore Joe Biden after they bragelonne Joe Biden gone he's gone he is gone so now, they're, all freaking out who is going to tell them to remain calm, who's going to rally them no one, the clause we get to it. Boccaccio quartet and what did she say? Radicalized a kid you not, so you know what no I say. No I say to the feds, I say to the police: if they come out and they write you shut them down. What we saw last night in Portland was truly truly remarkable, flying maneuvers smoke out. It was nuts that the ice agents they through thick debts smoke and then once and if we are working towards an they flanked around the back and took him from behind, arrested him from from their backs
whatever the kids won't know what the innuendo there was, that wasn't what I was trying to say they would reminded the flanking maneuver and ended up arresting these these anti for guys rounding up if they come to the suburbs, do the same, do not give them an inch shut them down. But either way as soon as they do and they will trumps gonna jump. Ten points see how things play out. A lot of people are words emigrates owing to cheat the reason I say it's not trumped. Cheating is because Tromp, isn't changing the rules of the election. The Democrats are but doesn't matter the tribes are set. The left is adamant there, the true who silent majority their public and say no, we are, we will find out. I suppose, maybe we won't. Maybe we or will maybe no one will accept. The results may be, will see a red Mirage, Donald Trump, landslides and election. A week later, Joe Biden wins both declare victory. The votes are contested to go Supreme Court and Donald Trump appointee. The deciding vote in favour of Trump
maybe not maybe Democrats find a way to block this confirmation and we go to the election with an oath of with eight Supreme Court justices, a four for split and no decision on who one please That cannot happen. That will be civil war Donald Trump and our publicans must confirm a supreme court. Justice Now, now now now the best time There is now you can't. I know the next best time is a s AP first thing because we cannot allow this election to go to the courts and not have a Supreme Court ready and able, because that could be said that could be civil war. I leave their necks segments coming up at six p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast news. Thanks, sprang up and I'll see you all them. Pay having Donald Trump right. The leftist liberals could not help themselves. It looks like
its back on the menu boys, because people headed down to Portland and they started to act. A fool and the feds rushed the he's riots with some of the most I don't have a brutal but, let's just say, decisive of and immediate action, the videos Paul said by Andy know of my money, the clips down from on the ground in Portland to actually kind of incredible, but we're not talking a portal. As many of you know, Ruth Bader, Ginsburg, passed away was announced last night and our rest in peace with the utmost respect Ruth Paine Ginsburg. Let an amazing life's Donald Trump gave a nice heart la heartfelt statement. About her career and a she really was. She was a very strong individual serve this country. And even though you may disagree with her and of course many people do her serve, You know she was so who dedicated her life to this country, in which he believed was right, and that is one hundred percent respectable and now publicans and a chance to replace her and, of course, you now have resistance type. Liberals, the they're, not necessarily far left
Just tribalism screaming burn it. All down Donald Trump: has been handed a reelection silver platter and I dont know if Donald Trump a landslide. I know a lot of people, like you say, drug landslide, and it may be the case. There's a lot of reasons. To suggest this I mean when it comes to the economy. Donald Trump approval rating is way higher than go buy or I should say, Donald approve. On the economy is really really good and when it comes to the right likely voters, thoughts on who would do a better job. Prompt, wins on the economy and, as you all know, it's the economy, stupid, but tromp does dropped us I have some weak points when it comes to health care. For the most part, however, Donald Trump, has been screaming law in order Non, stop the past several months, because the riots won't stop now I'll. Tell What made me just basically say you know what I am now. To a gun owner. I don't want any, gun control stuff. I'm done with this. It was the riots you may not.
I'm in a different room right now we're setting up a new studio somewhere else, partly because I don't wanna be anywhere near these cities, and I was right and I I told myself this years ago when I left New York City, I said being in these days urban centres is. Is it really really bad idea, because I saw the politics I saw what was going on. I saw the relation of violence and tactics, and I said Joe want to be surrounded by a bunch of people living in cubicles on top of each other in a place that smells like sour milk sounds like a bad idea right plus you can't defend yourself and, as we all saw during the war, It's in New York City. There was that There was one guy who put out a tweet. You was a left us. She was a gun control guy when a fight broke out, I believe we would actually inside his apartment building he called nine one one, and they said sir. The city is under attack. What would you have us? Do that's right. The police can't protect you. Then in a big city I got out- and you know a lot of people said TIM, you're, exaggerating, you're, being hyperbolic. Look at the rights have taken place in Poland are not only important. It's just one city, but we
he writes in Lancaster Canosa, etc. They ve popped up in many, so our towns do the most you don't even know about, and now the far left is active again important, albeit that feds. This is amazing. I gotta get time and the feds smoked the whole area with a dense, thick fog. You can't see anything and then police ran behind Anti far and just grab them and sorry it was. It was us out I don't know what it is doing in the first place, but I think now it's because they shut to an ice building, a direct assault. Federal building. I wouldn't be surprised if Bill Bardos Edition on some of these people for attacking the feds. You gotta see these those men. These people having shields and browse marching like a phalanx towards the police line to your gas, come out and then all of a sudden you see behind the extremists caught that the feds manages snatch him up, putting it down, ending it like that
and there's some video do getting punch several times on the ground and I'm like you, get in territory I do not like, but I don't like the way eight hours intellect extremists and here's the big problem. Joe Biden, pride disavowing the riots and guess what they're yours now baby, because all of these distance, liberals and high profile, blue checks are screaming, burn it down riot. Do not let them replace room better, Ginsburg. Congratulations! Good, sir. All your hard effort in saying that you do not condemn arms her well, you dont can demonstrate that way. Joe butter, tried, sang the right in the violence is bad, peaceful protests in gradual. Since thou the liberals. Your resistance whatever's and the far left, are now in agreement we riot and don't agree about anything. I have one once wheat from a permit profile? Socialist, saying we dont care about Ruth, better Ginsburg, we're not going to vote for Joe Biden, and you got there
distance left, saying burn it all down. This is war, I'm so Democrats own the riots. Now you have just handed Donald Trump, a gift on a silver platter, because they could not help themselves and that's the story, the entire time right. The reason why Donald tromp has consistently done well is that they have never stopped to think about their actions. The far left and the Democrats whatever that. Weird coalition is the entire time they have. It actually thought about what they're doing there's no leadership, theirs. Oh unity and there you go because of this. There there falling apart, take a look at this story. Portland protest, you say it just updated really, I'm an interesting Portland protest resume eleven arrested in unlawful assembly as the smoke finally clear demonstrations resume this time in South Portland. They called for Moreover, they beat be water spread fire after the smoke from the wildfires was raging.
And I guess many people were claiming that the riot stopped because of the wildfires. I don't think so. I thought because a lot of the organizers got arrested, while of course now you still had anti in black lives matter show up and attack an ice building. The only thing is: want that money. There gathered the numbers weren't outward that they then enough people and they were throwing stuff. Cops, but now no big numbers, like we ve seen in the past and ice just crushed it I think it was obvious. What's gonna happen, I gotta tell you man these videos but check this out. I'll. Tell you why this is so bad fora for joy by it and the Democrats they are handing trumpet gift. As many of you have seen, I constantly reference. The civics registered voter net net support for black lives matter, it's at net nine percent down from eighteen before the George Flight Incident. They have destroyed themselves, but let's bring it to my friend MR fill that remains on Youtube.
Who has a nice thread aggregating some of the more insane things the left is saying, and I gotta stop or your positive. You know. Donald Trump is saying you know it Republicans and conservatives are saying I'm sorry, man, the conservator right now are saying about the concerns that's right now are saying: appoint the Supreme Court nominee Donald they sang with respect to Ruth, Better Ginsburg and the after saying burn it all hold down high profile blue check. Mark leftists posting people's, like private information marching to their homes. Is that what the american people want now, maybe they'll cheap loans they're gonna and then tromp can't win, but I tell you this I have to imagine regular Americans I've talked to so many people who have told me that riots really flit them away from the Democrats. They are sick and tired of the violence. They are sick and tired of the media and the smears. They just don't care. The Democrats have pushed them too hard
and their pushing harder and harder every day. I think about like this. You, it means a yo. Orangemen is bad, unlike man you're right, he is kind of bad and you go yeah right, yeah and then you start screaming it again say The orange man, I'm ok, do I get it is bad, then they should beating me over the face. With that non, stop all day every day, nothing else. And finally, unlike enough, let the poor guy hedge and to do its job. I've heard people tell me that two that they don't know much about It takes what the media, just it, won't stop. Picking on him so another I give him and give a chance may It may be the media this time only Maloney do his job. So. What do you see right now? Regular p, ok, I'm a left, leaning, independent voter. I that's that's been the case for a long time. And if they do not on the milk, tell and look I didn't, about four tromp I supported Tolkien Yang in the primary everybody got pine other. If you follow my content and with the riots outside new. I can't I can't do with these people, because calmly
earth was selling donations for them. Joe Biden, stuff was doing the same. Joe Biden wants to denounce it. You won't say black lives matter, he won't say anti far and now his own supporters are screaming Barnet, down its we're trump. That's it you. You know what there's what what are you gonna say at this point? What did they go to that? There's a condom. The debate will happen. Donald Trump Gonna go to bed Joe Biden, he's gonna, say Joe ever One of your supporters on, and social media they're calling for vote sister calling for riot the same burnt down. This is war. What he had to say about that. Well, you're, all I disavow you'd come up. I name what about your staff baling these people out That's a lie. You're a liar, Joe Biden took us out blue checkmark doktor, Dana Hannah block the nomination and burn it all down, feel that remains tweets. Exchange from Alyssa Mastro? I realize and basically Estonia, who makes jam at this point. But humor is going to shut down the Senate or we burn it downright. This can't be a foregone conclusion Laura best.
If Mcconnell JAM, someone through which she will there will be riots by women We are shutting this country down if trumpet Mcconnell Trot ran through an appointment for the election Reza Oslo on if they even fry to replace Ruth Bet against part. We burn the entire effing thing down. Then we have Aaron's book Daddy file, saying F, no burn at all and you have em Macfarlane burn Congress down before letting Trop tried to appoint anyone escort us more more posts, and these are just regular? it is my was as one not oblige checkmark. I dont think you more. Understand. So maybe let me try to be clearer. Do this and its M Effing WAR, Charlotte Climber, Democrat Progressive? We are now walking to Miss Mcconnell House to protest. Are you nuts? You know what and even if I wanted Democrats to win on some kind of policy, we don't you know. Joe Biden talked about like legalizing potter's only now at this point, because it doesn't matter to me, we can have the pot com
station later and I tweet about time that nonviolent artifices should be should be. The jug offenders should be released, pardon etc with review, because there's plea agreements, it is a little bit more complex, but I'm I'm I'm very Libertarian on the issue of non violent drug events. Joe Biden got a strong stance there. Well, not a strong stance, ways: he's got that issue listed on the site. We can't even have a, frustration about it, because these, people are screaming in my ears, like psychotic, like, like lunatics and their running around like chickens with their heads cut off and banging on walls like a like a zombie and pc hoard, just like God, I'm sorry. I can't I can't have a conversation with you guys, the other night. We on the Europa guess I have drew Holden, who is a great commentators on Twitter, you can check him out and we we're talking. I'm like you, Chris, a catholic concern.
But it is again my men among a secular liberal. Here we are having a good conversation about liberties, moral foundations. What we do not as a country who should win and we are like not aligned on poet call policy issues. Tax issues are like issues of life, vs pro life protests, and here we are a good old time laughing with each other being like these people are nuts. So what am I supposed to do? I'd love to get a you know, It's you know. I gotta tell you meant in saying that I would even consider calling these people liberals or moderates. Because I want a liberal, I liberal I want someone who represents me, but we don't have that Joe Biden, sleep Ruby, Jos fallen asleep and everyone around of his screaming at the top of their lungs, like blood, curly, screams and, I m sure. They got a a tweet to show you it's this image another sane reaction to Arby's death. This video is going insanely viral. This is
I'm sorry man with all due respect, repaid against part, because I think she left incredible life- and she was one of the strongest peopled ever serve this country It's true man, I mean that's, that's a fact. She she pushed through, which she had cancer. Several times had operations yet sickness and she refused to back down. She stood her ground. And eventually she just sheep she passed. Everybody has their times live tremendous respect, or her, and I disagree with some of the things she probably stood for yeah. Admittedly, a lot of the work it was well before my time and before web even alive. What we're seeing now is says people are describing it it's like Donald Trump, winning all over again, I'm as a drew's Jerusalem, the podcast last night. This woman posing as video where she's just worry Meng. Why? Would you make this video already Where do right? I guess not. I don't know you, don't I've thought about my political opinions, form in my my stupid. Little closet studio, let's not really, but that if they
for I have before me reading a bunch of different new sources and, incidentally, conversations view close friends and talk to them about what they think I dont have a coworkers where I'm like? What do you think? I read the news. I come up with ideas and I just want a modern individual Donald Trump has been moderate, but is also populist and is also a nationalist. These people are on hinged. I don't look. I would rather walk up to a Trump guy like fifty five year old guy with a big old beer, Balinese gotta tramp tramp tramp shirt on and is waving the flag and he's like sit in a rascal, always gotta, six pack of beers and a big hoagie, uneasy America, and how much I can talk to that men. I can walk up to be like you love Mercosur you're up you betcha miracle, like that. I get that right and he, be lie again. Gods guns in- and you know, and tromp or whatever and I'll be like that. I under the attitude, you know it's not the most particularly conversation but its comrade rational, and you expressed your ear at your sentiment. You woke up these be
Well, they're, going ok! I know dear what you're doing just riding in and and and burning everything down so fills got another post, this there's another guy. I mean look at look at this is just burn Mitch Connell's house down this guy's dusk. I tweeted this Mount up. You dare Primer place her right now and there will be war. That's a promise! Ok, regular America. Regular p undecided voters, please. You know what man I just think Trump has to win do I've had so many conversations with people about you know who Hence the riots and what needs to be done and shore to tell you this. Maybe these people will stop riding if you give them what they want and Anthony. But do you want to live on your knees or do you want live on your feet? Donald Trump didn't see just shuts all this down. He she
shut down the riots, or at least a week. The rights came back and ice crushed them. I mean you gotta, watch these videos, if they did a flanking manoeuvre the smoke screen. I've never seen anything like them. Anything like it at any protest that the amount of anti vote children Ireland, was like nothing. It was like ten or twelve people and there were marching with their little umbrellas morons people on their balcony, apparently through egg down Adam and there like. We got you remain shot up. Nobody it's. You you people are insane regular. I I order stuff from Portland, because they do action, they have some really great small business and food and stop and- and these are regular people I ordered- I, something recently from a company that produces sauce and in it make they said. The receipts as thank you. So much God bless America on, unlike here here, I'm not religious. I do love America But I respect you saying God was America I took out. You know I I'm totally totally. For that I get, it doesn't mean nothing.
And save or shocking about saying that these people want a burning, destroy everything. So regular people read The point now, where you know I've talked to sub some people, and they said you know I don't know: love trumps should when he's kind of crazy and unlike listen, three historic peace agreements withdrawing our troops. I am happy with that Alright, there's a lot of things. He hasn't done right. I get it lot of things you can do, but are you know it, but compare that two Biden? What's binding with these people he's gonna say all what look that you what about it all down I'll. Give you whatever you want. Here's my wallet. Just please don't you come on man. Is that what you want? or you want, the guy was gonna back. No, no excuse me locked them up locked them up, sending the troops. I don't I don't work under duress or threats. Donald Trump has put These videos and add campaigns of Republican, saying environs. America. There will be violence and destruction. I think there will be a little bit I do, but I do think that
will be worse under five if trumpets reelected, but it's because its them. It's not supporters doing this, it's not regular Americans, if not independent voters like us, it is a lunatic. Far left is to run about burning everything down because they demand we give in to their terror. No I say to you: America tell these people know tell them to F off if they think we as Americans are the kind of people who will drop to our knees, and please I'll give you anything. You If you stop writing now worthy, country that stood up. Locked and loaded. Tat. Hey Britain, you that's what America is all about and we ve come. It truly amazing country. We have these. People want a beer it all down. Let him have it, let him say it and let Trump go in with law enforcement like as opposed to arrest the criminals who would.
Destroy our lives, let's get back to business let's live our lives again, let's find out how to be there for our friends and our families. Let's not let these people put put figurative knife to our throats and scream and our ears at close range. You better give me What I want, or else, because you know what my response would be- I wouldn't I would rather die on my feet, then live on my knees. We are Americans, this tree was founded on individual the liberties that the consent of the government- and you will not, extort us. So I hope so I hope it could very well, be that a lot of people are scared you know, I've really had these caught. I've had conversations with with people who are like. I just want the violence to stop. I'm scared, and I said, do not give in if you negotiate,
it with terrorists. They realize it works and they will keep doing it. You tell them screw up you will never coerce me. In fact, you come at me with threats. About four drunk every regulations. You burn down these cities. I said: ok, then I am voting for Trump is you wanted. No, you thought you were in a forced me to vote for your guy by threatening me I'll go over trot and you don't I'm due to tell other people to vote for Trump. For for every one person you trying to coerce into voting for Joe Biden, because you think he's going to be a meet a ball or always gonna be valuable to your causes, and you can push him in a progressive direction. You wanna threatened people, then I will go go out and try and convince to more people to replace the one you coerced. I've never been. A big fan is Donald Trump out. We have this conversation last night. That trumped does not have the professional demeanor he's. He doesn't have the integrity
That way? You know he's. He is a one off the cuff entertainment personality, and that was big for a lot of people because you know this is the highest office in the lamp, maybe even the world, for a lot of people, and we have Donald Trump, but you know what a good point to be made as much as I can disagree with all its staff, and I can roll my eyes at and go here, we go again withdrawal, but you know well, I need something effective right now in Trop is effective. The economy was fantastic up until the cove it hit. I M gonna blame Trump for a natural disaster, but their counting on you for Getting that's the game there, counting on you, forgetting, because election year money month is a lifetime twenty twenty years, a field ten years already and the same time, is flying by terrible weird year how but their hoping that you forget three years of prosperity. There, hoping you forget three
years of the vast numbers of our lives. I won't forget that and Americans are for the most part, art either. That's why Trump is winning on the economy, so you want to come and an end point of figurative gun to my head. I'm not playing these games did, although for Donald Trump you see here is a statement from the press. Then the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth bade her Ginsburg he's as today, our nation mourns, the loss of a title of the law, Justice Ruth Better Ginsburg served, and twenty seven years as an associate justice of the Supreme Court and United States, notably just the second woman, to be appointed to the court She was a loving wife, too late, husband, Martin and a dedicated mother to her two children renowned for her brilliant mind and are powerful. Two sides of the Supreme Court. Justice Ginsburg demonstrated that one can disagree without being disagreeable towards one's colleagues or different points of view her opinions, including well known, decisions regarding the legal equality of women and the disabled, haven't. Fired all Americans and generations of great legal minds, a fight to the end justice, Ginsburg, battled cancer and at
other, very long odds throughout her remarkable life. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Ginsburg family and their loved ones. During this difficult time May her memory be a great and magnificent blessing to the world with tremendous respect trump and with tremendous respect with better Ginsburg I this is the kind of stuff that's like an inspirational, Donald Trump, giving a professional and heartfelt state. And on the passing of Ruth, better Ginsberg. There are a lot of tromp supporters who are making jokes and posting means and mocking or death, and things like that, I I decided I absolutely tested, but the one thing you're. Not doing is calling for violence and saw I'm sorry. If you told me, I got two people in front of me: one guys mocking and laughing this woman who died and the other person's lighting a fire on the back. I'm gonna go at the mean. Do because he's not hitting anybody. You can say mean words. Man doesn't affect me I'll, go about my business, but if I said I said, are: you gonna burn my house down. I
I've. I've dramatic, respectful statement Trot put out Joe Biden also gave a statement that was also heartfelt as well. I just don't think Joe Biden got it and I think people who support a modern same so I just I do think we're headed towards riots men. I thank God, but I think Trump is gonna, crush them. What we saw in Portland, I'm I'm not kidding these videos. Men I hope we make it through november- all I got to say my final thought just to reiterate one more time. All of these lunatics screaming burn it down. This is war they're going to go out and riot because Mitch Mcconnell's going to push, a nominee and Trump will be, are happy. You will, because you will have proved his point just before the election at the left is a bunch of violent. Lunatics who want to burn everything down unless they get their way in the american people do not give in to that coercion. Many do
but America's founded on defiant people who marched around refusing to wear masks. I get it big cities, they wear their mask. The point, is we weaved? We are. We are pioneer, this country was founded on people who left their homes. This is the great melting pot of the world from the original colonists all the way to the immigrants and everybody who came here, who asked where they were to find a new life to challenge themselves but find the american dream, and they did it because they said I No, what I have to do to find a better way. They are not the people who say, I'm gonna take this lying down, but other people who are facing a despotic huh. Country and sad, I guess I'll, just sit here and take it. No, they got up and they changed their circumstances. The country was founded on this and even the immigrants who come here. Every single day are following that same path that I want these freedoms, and I want the american dream. These are people who stood up and said, I will take action, you will not coerce us I'll, see you all it
p m on this channel in the next video thanks for hang it up It was literally only a couple of weeks ago that Joe Biden was panicked. Rushing full speed out of his basement to try and address the riots. You was desperate. To frame the selection around Cove it, but the far left couldn't help themselves. They went not answered, burning things down with near impunity, because these progressive. Attorneys would not do anything about it. You talk about firing on the left, at a time when they need every single vote possible. What are they doing? as your Cortez says, Ruth, Better Ginsburg death should radical as Democrats and make a Acting Joe Biden, the focus saying I don't care if you dont, like him, poor choice of words. And I also got to say a yo see he got millions upon millions of followers, but these people do not learn the far left is
riving people away. So here's why I bring Joe Biden and his ring in the basement. They knew the riots were bad. They knew our internal pulling was hurting and oh buddy was worried. He had lost his message. He couldn't go after tromp in this one weak spot. Why? Because the far left are like the one Many babies who well shut up and the Democrats keep saying ok, ok, so magical little kid runaround smashing opening up an hour once matter, you like do get a hold your kid. Well, you know, you know, he's he's a unique snowflake and the far left our radicals they want completely overhaul and replace the system. Most Americans don't want this. They just want jobs in health care. At a time when you need every single vote, because here that the Democrats want they want to stop the courts they want to give Deasey statehood in Puerto Rico statehood at more senators. They want to dramatically
Alter the system? Ok, fine! I get it. You want to do that. You like losing, though, asked thing you should do is be calling for people to be radicalized, but I guess that's the plan planet so What do you think's going to happen when people see the radicals taking over the democratic party The moderates are gonna vote for Trump. The left lean independence and more right, leaning, Democrats and I don't mean, like actual right leaning, I mean among the demo rats those are closer to the centre, other more rightly ones, for four tromp, because you ve got. Literally you'd, not only calling for rights, but for political radicalization. Here's a story from daily mail. Now I do want to say I'm shows me. A lot of people are gonna, say something like overtime he's not really saying like radical in the sense of burning
down everything like the far left. Does I don't care what you think she means I dont care, what she was trying to say or what you think she was trying to say what matters is that you literally said it now is not the time I tell you what thou man They say, never interrupt your enemy when they're, making a mistake, not ok, I'll o up, albeit not so happy. Following this item, one of you, anybody as my enemy and if he or she wants to call for this stuff, she's churches within our rights to do so. But I just feel like it's almost its its sheer absurdity that they know better by now, or they should know better than matter. They were to make sure the Democrats lose now and for generations to come repelled sought from the daily mail. Robotics Rio cause. Your Cortez has said that the death of Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Baker Ginsburg, should radicalized Democrats urging her supporters to vote for Joe Biden, whether they like him or not. Let this moment atta collides. You cause you Cortez in Democrats said and a forty minute instead
live video posted lead on Friday, which was view who'd by more than one point five, million people in twelve hours of what don't they understand. Ok, What did she mean by radicalized? I guess You could say that she say she's really saying activate you, but a call means something specific. It means I see how many of these people are regular Democrats saying: oh here's a Yossi, giving a statement heard her say this: Billy associated with people who get violent or take direct action. Maybe it was a gap in a big mistake that does better. Maybe she really intended it doesn't matter. It's that one point: five million people our sight. Let me tell you this, not every single one of those people who watch that live stream is A radical or just some Democrat going. I will be radicalized how many of these points while our regular Democrats saying oh here's a Yossi, giving a statement heard her say this and went yikes man I just I just don't want this- may maybe trumps gonna lose. Maybe the Democrats
but take the side of the house, the presidency and then stopped the courts, and then the Republicans lose everything. I tell you this man. The Democrats got that advantage. They, oh, that if they win the Senate and the presidency they will pack. The court was em, right now there are nine justices. They want to add two more short, so they can counter. The to justice is put on the Republicans, then you'd then you'd have eleven and they would just nominate whoever they want and put liberals on the court. Some are saying: thirteen fifteen is just do as many as possible that we can Dominic the court by packing at once. We control the system. It's called civil, warm in its political civil, WAR, we're not the point where people are shooting each other and, if, like then, hopefully never happens or at a point right now we're there, great up, saying we must take control of this government an overhaul, the entire system? How any regular people want that to be the case and how many Geller people are gonna, say dude, they ll.
Asked their minds she said quote. Let this be, but let this moment really put everything in this dark because this election has always been about the fight of and for our lives and if anything tonight is making that our clear to more people than ever before its earth shattering this kind of vacancy she said of spot now, open on the nations highest court, which opens a path for present Donald Trump to nominate a replacement. Or the liberal justice with the presidency, just weeks away. You know the limit. Let me read more Roquat. She said this kind of vacancy, and this kind of tipping point is that it between people having reproductive rights and the government controlling people's bodies for them. She said referring to the fight over abortion is that it between us having a future and our climate or not, and the timing this vacancies extremely unsettling and scary to a lot of people, because your protest freshmen leader of the so called squad of Progressive House Democrats, said the Ginsburg that Ginsburg death represented quote a tipping point.
And urged her followers to action, saying I need you to be ready ready for what radicalization. What is that lead to we ve already seen all of these people calling for riots. No president is the the answer she said you are the answer. Mass movements are the answer to support of take action by dumb checking their voter registration, urging friends and family to vote and vote continuing their time and talent to organise for the election based on what she sang? I think she's just trying to say activate people and if that's the case that, with respect with respect I you want people to wake up and go take action to do the right thing and make sure you, when you're political fight. I totally respect that the idea that Democrats, however, on twitter and on social media are calling for riots and saying if they wish, going to dramatically alter our system of govern that's because they don't like the fact that people voted for Republicans well, that scary
and that's what radicalization really is. So forgive me if I dont give her the benefit of the doubt when she says go, go vote everything and be radicalized well, I knew what the radicals do. Man, the radicals, go out and cause damage and they hurt people, and this is what you can expect What? What do you think happens when you, Google Search Democrats too far left oh yeah, who we go? Cnn half of Americans think Democrat parties too far left Obama warns democratic against going too far left opinion Democrats have swung too far left some friendly advice Lookin Democrats didn't go too far left Democrat. Can it's reject Obama's warning of going? too far left. While the Democratic Party go too far, left yo see is using Ruth Bayer Ginsburg make sure that happens. Obama come on man, don't don't know, damn, threats, love Obama. They do get ninety seven approval. Writing to this day. Among Democrats and they won't listen. They won't they'd they. They
they want to be radical. I think it's me because a Yossi actually is a far left candidate. Of course, she is a democratic socialist card carrying member and its remark. Modern. I think I saw this others viral video from twenty eighteen of Tucker perils and talking to Doktor, Coronel West, a tremendous, respectable These individuals or brain conversation and Coronel West, basically Dad democratic socialism is making sure that every person, regardless of race color whatever will it, will live with dignity and access to resources, Tucker, Karlsson that, if that's what it is that I am all for it clip that's where it stops those virus. I gotta see democratic Socialism is amazing. Tucker Karlsson agrees with it I'll tell was it democratic socialism is not social democracy its? literally seizing the means of production. That's what socialism, once when the public control all of the means of production, they can't define where the means of production begins and where it ends. For instance, I have a camera in front of my face. Right now am I right in front of my mouth: is
the means of production, yes, another factory, I'm sitting in a room and I'm talking I'm producing things using these tools should someone else own them. I've asked many socialists, I've got many different answers. That's what Abkhazia Cortez is all about, but democratic in front of that word means they're, trying to coax you into voting for these things, I respect that. I do what's the alternative, violent socialism not want that GMO Jack boot authorities, in socialism. Now, if you can convince p, to hand over their rights those people, unfortunately, ornament were were manipulated and I think you will expect some violent resistance because it doesn't work socialism in communism. Don't work, but at least there doing it through a non violent way. I, for one thing it's wrong: to lie to people mislead them into taking things. Gaining power from them. I think that, robotic socialists actually are in favour of this. They
Oh, they lie and manipulate, and I mean that's that that's that that's the point of being a democratic socialist convince people to give up their rights to private property. They do not believe in private property. They ve redefine the term saying personal property. What does that mean? Well, your shoes are your personal property, but a year. Are no camera, guess would be the means of production, so do it with I'm getting too much into this now to move on to the next subjects that are just as forgive me. I dont believe a yo, see when she says that you know what what what when, when you try to make it seem like we just want people about she says radicalized for a reason- and we know what happens with radicals from the daily signal check. This out. Black lives matter linked to ninety one percent of riots over three months study finds they say the blacklist. Better movement is linked to more than nine and ten riots across the country. According to a recent study, you has expired Six hundred and thirty seven riots between May twenty six September, twelve and ninety one
Percent of those rights were linked to the black lives matter. Movement according to U s crisis monitor a joint project of the armed com. Like location, and about data projects and the bridging I initiative at Princeton University. For? United States, not counting Washington DC, experienced riots that during that time period, the study found California, led the nation with eighty six riots during that time, closely followed by all then, with seventy nine rights during that time period that had a show seven per cent of black line matter, linked events, have turned violent according to the data, the project of and riots as demonstrations, in which any demonstrators engaged in violently disruptive or destructive acts, violence, looting, vandalism as well as mob violence, in which violent mobs target other endeavour, It was property, business or other groups. Black lives matter linked, that's where to ass quote demonstrations that have local be Elam Group involved, when the main issue of a demonstration concerns the police killing of a specific black person. George Floyd Brenna Taylor
when an issue of the dam demonstration concerns police, brutality against black people in general or Demonstration is in solidarity with the movement in the USA, against police brutality against black people blacklist. Our global network, the national arm of Blue, Gloves matter has seen in it slogan in financial support from celebrities and large corporations and stored Floyd died after a mania. Less police officer knelt on his neck for more than eight minutes or according to video from the May twenty fifth insight some black eyes met our leaders have declined to condemn riding and looting. In fact, many have actively supported. It many in Chicago for instance, said that it was reparations right now, more than ever, Democrats need to make sure they can muster up every single vote. I'm sorry, I dont think they'll be able to do it from Fox NEWS. Many apple S. Business owners worry about being looted again as riots way on mine,
Of voters, business owners our concern writers might destroy what they ve built for a second time. I'm sorry to hear it man. I feel bad for a lot of these people, but I got out that's why I'm in a new plan, were setting up a new studio. Things are slowly coming together and I realized gotta get away from the city's everybody kind of those at the left is is: is unhinged they're out of control? Let Have their cities? Fine, you wanna ride, you wanna! Do you think? It's all you I'm out I'm out, but there are a lot of people that can't just up and leave and they have businesses in Minneapolis this these rights may lead to Trump winning Minnesota he's already gained gained. Favour in the iron range. This is an area in north, I believe its North EAST Minnesota, Big Union town. On that note, you double huge union area, a whole bunch of towns. All union Democrats, all of a sudden air endorsing Donald Trump, six mayors, the I arrange Endorse Donald Trump when you Add the riots in Minneapolis they moved to do
on the police. Remember this. They move to abolish their police department. Crime, skyrocketed and now the city. Council members are council. Members are all forgetting. Why aren't the police doing their job and it's like yo cause? You move to abolish them, so they're they're, they're, they're, they're, staggered there that their hurts they're not capable of dealing the stuff, so he's Doin from Fox NEWS. They say as many up was businesses struggled to clear rubble from their store fronts, business owner our concern the rioters might destroy what they ve built for a second time if they rebuilt down blindly odour of Uncle Hugo's science fiction, bookstore just started: damn when what still standing up a store and clearing the rubble, but he says he may wait until after the trial of the for police officers charged with the death of George Floyd before rebuilding quote. If the mob does Like the decision of the jury, we could have riding again. I want to be burned out a second time, bro, I'm sorry to say it man, but they're, calling
for rights now over Ruth, better Ginsburg, and if Donald Trump appoints A sort of republican. Someone like Amy Coney, bear it a devout Catholic They are going to burn everything down. They ve told us this they're, not lying there being honest their politicians and in Congress ABC say get radicalized their will. We'll be riots. They are saying they're going to write and there is a right plan for tonight in Portland and I have to imagine it's going. To be massive. It's gonna be so much worse than we ve seen an worried about it. Man I am especially when you see like in one week. The proud boys are to be going down to the Portland area. This is a recipe for just absolute disaster, faster is is. It is an understatement to say blindly told Fox NEWS, his call should have over one hundred thousand rare cipher books, comics magazines burned along with his while DEC long investment in the store. You estimates
his damage, is from riders. More than a million dollars a rare collection of of of cipher books in magazines can never be replaced. No insurance, nothing, you can't get it back and if he rebuilt they're gonna write again and they're gonna. Burn it down again. We ve already seen some of these other videos. Man, somebody's people are not writing them. They're they're, breaking into an important. I think there was a toy store, a rare collectible store. They broken stole stuff and fled just to people that it's just some of these people are just criminals, manipulating the circumstance. So a Yossi calls for this stuff. It's irresponsible. We should I was not the time to be saying start a riot, and now the I am to be saying to one point: five million people to get radicalized, I wanna be fair, and say: maybe she just meant activated, but I'm sorry, man, it's a rock and a hard place
and while I can respect anyone saying, activate, get political, you now fill out the paperwork and make sure you vote. That's fine, but radicalization. We ve been arguing again this for so long, the new who's the New York Times the wall, though the New York Times and many other left us outlets have said you tube Facebook. They radicalized. Well, that's bad! We gotta stop it. I agree. Yet we want moderation, not radicalization so on, and you know this whole day is is just more and more about what d YA, but the Democrats are doing in terms of going off the rails and a lot to do with Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I couldn't believe it when I saw an article where she, I don't watch her life streams to call for people to get radicalized man when I'm I was reading the store about Minneapolis and, unlike others, interesting story, because we can talk about how this might impact Mc Grath in Minnesota units. Joe nobody's gonna win a MA buying it I'm really really not bite it and maybe the
cheat and maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the country just likes the riots, maybe regular people, watching everything burned down. Maybe regular people like watching ABC Radical, I say to tell people to get radicalized. Maybe people like all of this, or maybe they ve had enough. I kind of think based on my conversations with people they ve had enough. You know I really surprising to me- is in my normal course of business. I talked to a lot of media companies and I always spect them to be left. I mean because you look at the like, I don't think I saw Spotify employees are trying to get Joe Rogan cancelled, saying like oh, look what he did. Look, what he sang and you know how to transfer models on like that, and I talk to these companies and p I'll, say things like man. Why do why you? Why did you tube? Allow you to do your thing and, unlike our low, but then I talked People at google- and there are like you, a lot of fancier men and I think it's just it look. We want. Most people are think probably learn a little bit laughed and a lot of issues, but we don't want rat
cause we dont want rioting, we just what the healthcare civil rights man, you know because I remember, I think those was you posted this mean, and it was like, I do know Joe Biden saying something, and then there was like the sad you know. What's the with the guy called, I forgot the name of the mean guy, but like the really front, Doug I sang all I want is health care and humble hike. It's that simple. Did it really? Is but we can't even have an argument about health care when our cities are being burned to the ground. I'll, tell you what if I get sick? If I get in our Heaven forbid, some kind of appendicitis eight other simple thing right. Well then, I have to You, like woe, undergo the hospital, but I can't even think about going to the hospital for any kind of ailment if someone's trying to burn my house down if the hospitals being burned down they're burning on hospital at the point saying as your immediate physical safety, trumps. Your you know:
emergency procedure. If I've got you know like like love, somebody s cancer and they need treatment for it, you can't go to the hospital. If people are running around flowing fire bombs at buildings, your for, first and foremost, a practice off from sickle danger in the immediate and then go to the hospital. So I think most regular people just want simple policy changes like maybe public option, maybe expanding Medicare. I think regular people that live left are not hard core. Far left progressive want to new deal that want to ban fracturing most without Knower care about it. We are concerned about the environment they want. It sure that we're doing right for our kids, they want make sure they can get a good job. No it sure they can pay their medical bills when it was and get radical and the far left calls for riots you alienate every one, and then you see the people of Minneapolis. What are they gonna say as a Democrat stronghold of offer tromp
trumps. The one who's calling for all of those things are just described: trumps weak on healthcare. That's for sure, but this is not I Sam surprise. Democrats are spiralling just put it put all just put I'll leave it like that guess what the next segments gonna be about. Yup Ruth, Better Ginsburg Democrats because Donald Trump has made the announcement it's happening and so was much Mcconnell prepare for the fight of your lives, maybe both politically figuratively then however, their necks segments coming up at four p m over at Youtube dot com slashed him cast. It is my main channel and I will see you all, then somebody sent a package to Donald Trump. It was intercepted by law enforcement and contained the poison rice, and I I think the intent here is probably to scare the president's tools Him know that people will you know what would committed a crime and scare all of us, because I we doubt something like rice and would make it past? All of the security I mean we protect the president.
But let me just Solomon Man, go through this, I want it sure we're being rational and reasonable laughed and say this is not the first time this has happened. It's happened several times in fact, someone tried sending rice into President Donald Trump in twenty eighteen, considering just arrived, I don't believe it has anything to do with Ruth, Better Ginsburg. It's just a nun in a long line of threats against the President and now we are seeing escalating tensions even right now across this country, violent pro, ass to have started, I'm not as saying riots yet because they're, not that big, but we're we're getting their money you may have noticed past weekend, and today I have a different background. You know I've put some books up bill, a kind of cool it. Not that I've read them, but I'm far away. I look my window right in front of me mounts I'm gone then.
I I, along with many other people, could see the writing on the wall and I'd. I've talked about it several times by me. Take a look at what people are doing and how many people have you who have already left LOS Angeles that the daily. Your Ben Shapiro, they just left LOS Angeles, Joe Rogan Blair, White, not the we once they're, leaving they're gonna to Texas and ask and I'm out. I wasn't the Philadelphia area right now, Philly, it's just it's just it's! It's just craziness, somebody would send this Donald Trump right. You know right now, which means it could have been overnight it. What is it probably means? It happened before anyone know anything about with better Ginsburg, but I'll tell you man. I know what happened before, but why, seeing the rage, the violence, the justice, that the insanity in the in the unhinged nature of these left us. I worry I worry what happens even if Donald Trump does win, because Papa's going Gonna have to invoke the insurrection ACT one and have to stop these extremists on, and there are many
there's gonna be a lot of people who are radicalized because we have a cause, you're Cortez, calling for their radicalization. So what we do the calls coming from inside the house. I mean that literally the house, the House of representatives of the calls for radicalization are coming from inside the house. What do we do? Do you her and say you're inciting people? What do you do? How do you stop the rights? How do you stop the attempt on the president? The best I could do is set In such a way that I'm far enough away and secure so that I can have my recording studio I can give. I can share with you my thoughts and key doing my work without being impeded by any of the extreme as an that's been spreading through these cities. Let's read the story from CNN a package containing the poison rice in and addressed to Trump intercepted by law enforcement tool
as toward done to confirm the presence of rice and all male for the White House is sorted and screened and off site facility. Before reaching the White House, the FBI secret service are investigating the matter rice in his eye, highly toxic compounds compound extracted from castor beans that has been used in terror plots they can be used in powder pellet. Mr acid form. If ingested, causes nausea vomiting, an internal bleeding of the stomach and intestines followed by failure the liver, spleen and kidneys and death by collapse of the circulatory system. Sweden has reached out of the White House and secret service for comment. It looks like law enforcement. Stop this you also much shoe who risk their lives every day. I don't, I know I'm a marker began to be a biochemists explained to you, the nature of rice and but if it can be turned into a powder, what you think happens if you open a package and it pops display you in the face of the powder, goes up in the air, a scary, stuff men
and that's why we have long Foresman screening all of these packages, but also says to me to be fair, as much as we may be seeing chaos, violence and of much, maybe more anxious than ever. The look that I think what we never did. This wasn't actually trying to too well. I don't think they plan on its on succeeding. I think they wanted to succeed. Whoever did this, but I don't think they plan on a big. It's not the first time, many times, rice and suspected in mail sent to trumpet Pentagon officials, but his back and twenty eighteen October base a federal, authorities that, on Tuesday I been intercepted mobile packages suspected of containing rice and a lethal substance addressed to Trump and at least two topics officials and the statement on Tuesday night. The secret service that is suspicious envelope address it. Tromp was received a facility outside the white us on Monday all threats directed where the president or any secret service protected. Are treated seriously and fully investigated. The secret service did not
specified the envelope contained rice and, what's that agents were working jointly with our law enforcement partners to fully investigate the matter. Now, here's the difference. They know it today, it's not suspected, they did the tests, they confirmed it. They confirm that man, I'm worried But what happens next? You know Donald Trump likes to joke, half joke and monopolies that really joking when he says that nobody was more hated by the by the press than him, except maybe Abraham Lincoln, I'm not sure. I'm a fan of that comparison, because we know what happened to Abraham, Lincoln and Donald prompt is another, I mean, Look, I want to say civil war, but I guess we have to go there were at that point. We are. People are trying to do to hurt the president
and of course I know people probably always would to some degree, but with the violence on the streets with what happened in Portland when they hunted down that Trump supporter and kill them Some people have already said that line has been crossed. I don't think it's it's smart. And I don't think we're to go there, comparing Donald Trump Abraham, Lincoln, but trump himself. Does it, but that's a lot man, I think we're headed towards manner. I think we really are headed towards civil war. I'll tell you you can tell me I'm so you can tell me I'm wrong. Based on evidence, happened in twenty twenty. I really do feel like it's possible that they, wheat, we dont, replace Ruth Paine Regensburg and we go to the Supreme Court with a contested election and for forced split. No one can solve it. The house's Democrat sounds republican tromp we'll be in his frozen election period with Joe Biden and the Supreme Court will have an unequal and even number of members. So they can't break the Thai then what happens defer to the lower court
and I guess then we'll see odd with the lower court decided if, if it comes to that, but we only have months You don't normally something Gordon Supreme Court can take decades years. So what were a rushed through all the court's every like one day next day next day, I can't imagine would get it done right now. We have this too, outside of Senate Majority leader Mitch, Mcconnell House, a crowd is getting bigger, alum peaty, trying to keep people on sidewalks, I'm not afraid. I don't like it when people go to policies house, I don't like it when, when the far left goes to the homes of politicians weak week, we can't be doing this right now, because the The potential for serious escalation is, is really really high. I mean what happens if we the parson, throws Abrek through through Mcdonald's window. What
Mcconnell sitting by the window. You know Serponel lemonade, I steep and someone just grabs broken throws it hit him on the head. We cannot allow like you. One crazy person and it can change this country. It can destroy this country. We, are sitting on a box of tender with a powder keg but we're sitting on a powder keg stacked on top of timber And one spark. And we all go up, we better. They better be careful with this stuff But I think we're need to see more violence. I hate to say it, but there's videos already popping we see in New York. People are fighting with cops. We see in a bunch of other cities. Men, though, as has been calling for riots, and I'm surprised to see that the rights of already start. But let me tell you some, you know the other day. Let's talk with a friend and I said they announced Ruth Baker, Ginsburg passing on Friday,
seven hundred and thirty p dot m. That usually means it usually means they wanted to kill the story in the stories actually from some other time. So when bad news comes, they put late Friday night. So most people are out of the bar partying watching movies and they don't get the news you put it up. On a Tuesday afternoon, you're gonna hit that cycle hard hit the ground running but out, but, but front sudden. I think it was. I I don't think it front downplayed. I think they're trying to up play, repaid against books passing and I was like it's Friday night you put this nose and on a Friday night. What do you do when you get riots your rights? The people are gone on protests it last night in Portland their rioted and porn on the cops arrested him. But this news just broke right before the weekend, when the riots are too quickly, the worst so maybe the goal was to bury the led among regular people and to end flame tensions among extremists. Because that's what seems too
happened now right now, people are gathering up gather outside of Mcconnell South. That's over the line, then don't don't go to people's houses and now we are seeing in New York and a bunch of other places, rioting and and and clashes of cops are already started in the middle of the day. Tonight's gonna get crazy. I hope you already because tonight is gonna get crazy. So that's why, when I look at my window, I see a mountain, that's why I'm sitting in the different room and where we were doing new work and work spending and we're getting away from the cities. You know My other place Maya, my main hub. We are, we escape park, you know we are building a sat. We bought that a set. We have shown everything, but at a certain point I'm eternally grateful that look. I've been trying to expand for some time. We got a big facility. Now the middle of nowhere and were almost near full. You know full like a Mccullough temporary set up, because what we need- to build a real studio, but we're in India. We can't get out of the cities. While we still can and
maybe it's alarmist of me sure fine, but at least until I gotta know next June, I'm staying away from these cities But yeah yeah so well, look I've been trying to expand for a long time. Last year we I was unable. I was unable to buy the building I wanted to, and now a mixed Emily glad I wasn't able to because if I did I'd be side, be stuck at the heart of these riots in some of these rights are happening in Philly right now, and it's getting nuts. With this. With this escalation of violence and tension and extremism, I think tonight's gonna be day. I think I think tonight might be one of the worst lights we see will see out plays out, but I think some people might lose their lives. I'll leave their. I got a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes. I hope you guys are ready and I will see well shortly. Well, you know I've been talking a lot about rights all day because they ve been calling for them, but I tell you what scary and its nobody safe. No
One is safe, took out the story from the daily why're. You killed Ruth Baker. Ginsburg leftists attack couple who had Supreme Court Justice officiate their August wedding I also got a video of an incident occurred. I believe in Philadelphia wherein Anti Trump. Anti for guy wearing a mask. The baseball bat got attacked by Anti fa. May This is our karma comeuppance or a sign that they have no organizational power. They do have organizational power, but you're not not really that good compared to say like on a law enforcement or the military- I think what we are seeing is that there's pros and cons to these stories, one you can Brian pretend to be on the left. You can fly to keep your head down, but they will come for you. They will find a reason to come for you, even if your wielding a bat and helping them, they will still turn on you cause they their meaningless. Their purpose. Unless they are just a mass of chaotic force, going around, destroy-
doing things and threatening our lives, that story really sad man. A couple got married, and I guess or from a family friends of Ruth, Better Ginsburg and Ruth decided to officiate their wedding, and it was considered to be a really great moment, but Ruth wasn't wearing a mask. So the left is coming after the couples you did this, you did this. You brought her out site oh paths, psychotic- and this breaks my heart Ruth later, his bark. She knew she wasn't long for this world and I mean that, with all due respect, she was fighting cancer and these are family friends, my understanding and so what she thought. The last One of the last great thing she can do is shit? The wedding of a young couple probably were really inspired by her, and the left would dare attack a choice Ruth better Ginsburg made.
Something that she chose to give the people. I am sick of the far left this disrespect, dishonor, lack of integrity, lack of morals and just spiteful age that they would burn everything down. Just a saying, and I win their toddlers. There only goals don't want anything other than to make you suffer and they say, but we are the ones helping people end. They aren't. They're burning down businesses there drawing lives and saying we are for the working class, where not one These people are truly working class account being facetious, are Well, now that that was exaggeration opposition, of course, they are literally working class, but how many of them actually work? I don't see anything commerce. I don't tradespeople adults at what. What what do we get? We get idea logs political activists
and wealthy progressives from the suburbs. Just like this couple, the got attacked. The daily wire says, a woman who had Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bait organs, Officiate. Her wedding just weeks ago, has been forced to make her twitter account private after leftist trolls accused or of killing the late judicial power house Bob Zoellick of the National Alliance on mental illness, was accordingly a family friend of Ginsburg who, despite suffering from late stage, pancreatic cancer presided over her wedding to Danny Chasm and associate with a democratic congressional campaign Committee, family, friends and Democrats They probably loved this woman and was truly an honour for them, one of the greatest days of their lives to not only get married but have Ruth Bayer Ginsburg she's a legend dude. She is legendary. This was this. Was you know I? I look at things like this and reminds me,
what we used to have. What we could have that you can look up to the Democrats. You could look up to the liberals. You could look up to breathe, better gets Barbie, good smile on your face and say we are people try to live our lives, but this plague of psychotic, narcissistic personality disorder. Leftists needs to stop other, as the only choice I have is to go Republicans. I guess it's funny. When they're, like Joe Biden, I does yeah Joe Biden, yeah right you want to restore the wars. You wanna restore the extra digital assassination. Someone from the ocean actress the shows YO. Do you sad if you, if you were to vote for these people, a common law abiding nor Hilary, wherever at you You don't realize they are the ones. Who made the systemic racism they ve been in in politics for fifty years on that Canada, but Biden and Hilary it's been decades. They created it and your part of the problem, but these people they won't look through the,
transmit a politician for three years three and a half years? It's ridiculous! Three and a half. And what do we get a booming economy and and now they want to burn it down beside Ginsburg. Pictured without a mask on people. Actually, reports and photos at the bride posted to Twitter in early September but an official account of the wedding notes that both soulless and are then fancy had been tested for covered before the ceremony and both had tested negative, making it safe for the ailing justice to attend their nuptials. Those insurances, ward enough for the twitter crowd who incense by the justices death just weeks before the twenty twenty presidential election lashed at soulless on Twitter, accusing her of killing Ruth, better Ginsburg that face when you killed R g to show off at your wedding, as if Ruth, Better Ginsburg doesn't didn't, have her own agency, as if she
didn't make her own choices as if she didn't choose to honour these younger people that were looking up to her I'm sick of it. I'm just I'm just so I'm just let me show you this clip from the blame anti from mistakenly destroys the car of a man who came to support their protest against the problems boys in Philadelphia. They smashed as windows, dented the body of the vehicle and through projectiles all while he was trying to drive away as his dog barked inside there was a dog in the back seat, and they were shattering. The windows probably sprang that dog with glass and this guy was aunt. I trouble you, don't you laugh, I get it it's funny it do it yourself. This guy share with a baseball bat was up. Threatening people, and then they turned on him because one hears what I think happened. Some like regular lady, not an anti fa yelled at him for having the bat, rightly so, but then and if I saw people yelling at em, so they can front
I am assuming that he was like a proud boy or something started, calling him a Nazi start, chasing him to his car and trying to kick him and hit em. And then they smashed out his car, and you know what I gotta say: it's there's a bit of a shot and fry to hear you know. I know he knows what it's like when he shows up with a weapon and threatens people. Now he knows it's like to face the brunt of the site. Cod mob of ravenous, some be people who have no original thoughts in their heads. Just rage. That's it that's all they have. They ve lost it man I talked about it. You know that these people, you you could you can either go either. You gotta wear these pro that's right, I'm telling you you go to one of his protest. I've seen this happen a million times you point at any person and yell Nazi he's a proud boy and they will start beating that person. No questions asked I'm not. I'm not saturating. They will start beating that person. I've watched this happen and I'd be like who, although Manderson he's a naughty, but maybe you shouldn't be
the guy. You know who he is I was in San Jose, where I found the guy getting smell over the back of it with a bang, Iraq's use transport- and I remember seeing this one dude who was wearing. I got a green sweater that looked kind of like a military style thing. It seemed like a book they support or leftist and whose bleeding from the mouth he said. He got punched in the face because they thought it was a trap supporter and I was like. Why would they think they are no yeah I don't think I think I talk to my figures as someone else get the video, so let me clarify our skies began because they were asked Now why did they had you, and he said I don't know but I remember talking together that back of the head with a bag rocks and heat, he didn't realize what was going on in this country. He was just a regular dude Fromm. You know suburban area tromp came down, to I didn't realize at violent whore.
Are going around in attacking people even their own, even their own. So do we go from here? Look if their, if they're going to chase random people, then you're than than than you, you ve got a stand. These people, we have to make sure that the Republicans take the Senate and the House and the presidency, but that likely. I just don't know I really really don't. I will say with video. Like this. Coming a surplus are beginning to surface. Well we're seeing in New York. The riots were bad for binding and I'm just I'm I'm. I'm continually shocked to see that the left response to losing that these elections is to result is to write more. Nothing would help trump more than riding and they decided to do it. So you know what trouble deserves it truck deserves to win an end and he deserves the right to enforce the law and shut all of this down because they couldn't stop. These people are insane. They attack their own. Even friends of Ruth, Better Ginsburg are not
Gonna get a pass, look at us, there's someone tweeted and yes, I will treat this photo out. How dare this couple risked her fragile health for a photo? I hope they are happy now. Barb soulless might have locked her account along with her husband de chasm, but the internet is forever front, the route better Ginsburg to neutron voters. Maybe now You know these people I realize tweet is unavailable. Maybe not these this. This dispute wedding couple. They'll realise what it means to face the brunt of the leftists and you'll: stop supporting them for shame to all these people Who ignored this and thought they could just say you know what I'm going to do whatever I want and I don't care if auntie becomes and smashes up your house, I'm going to keep my head down. They'll come to your house,
two been donut, those in Milwaukee. They came to some guys house. He got arrested. He got arrested, that's right because he was drink. And when they started shining lights and harassing them, he brandished a weapon. So the cops came interested him ass. It then things are getting scary, things are getting spicy and the riots are gonna kick up tonight. It's gonna be nuts. I got one more silent, coming affording a few minutes, see you all. Surely you are not going to be able to convince me that the Democrats are on a level. I'm sorry there, cheating, that's it. Recently we heard that in Pennsylvania, They have essentially ended voter signature. Verification are able say at this point them so I'll. Give you that I'll give that does the simple this, the simple opinionated version It means that if they get a melon ballot, they open it and
which are most nothing like the signature on file. They can't do anything they have to accept it now. What what they re we are supposed to do is allow it's getting kicked off to somebody. So we can go back to the original voter, so they can fix the signature which does what draws out the election by three months as they try to sort through millions of ballots and get em reassigned talk about broken but at the store for maybe news mail in ballot law Pennsylvania has driven out nearly a quarter of the state's top election officials of just over it absorber? It they're they're cheating, they broke the election on purpose, the It's in the battleground state is expected to be a tight to be tight and top so many election officials have already said not to expect results on election night. Amazing they broke it.
Purpose. An election officials are quitting over it. Look man, there's gonna, be a civil war, Philadelphia a dozen counties in Pennsylvania have seen election directors or deputy directors. Leave and last year Since a new law was passed to accommodate. No excuse me ill. In voting across the state. Three county officials, familiar with the movement, tell NBC News the General Assembly of the courts and the governor have created a s show of an election no they truly understands. What's what nobody has a grasp said, one official The heightened concern coms over the Keystone state took weeks to report its primary result in June and as Local election officials face ever changing demands on the election process this year, with less than forty five days to go until the general election, the the battleground state, is expected to be tight and top Pennsylvania alike, officials have already said not to expect results on election night.
There won't be an election. You d, get it you'd understand it. And you know what I love it. I posted this photo man, I'm tellin you pose this photo of me with all my emergency food. I think I should a picture of three years worth of, like freeze I'd food or whatever, nine ok, everybody's, probably like g ease them. What do you do it because we have a work facility? We're gonna have a ton of people and its literally like Europe. You will understand about this emergency food. It's like hamburger, helper, it's like you got But of this you know you go to the store and you by the camera helper, and it's just like noodles and pattern you put in a pot with war, literally what I bought, so we just eat like normal. We got a bunch of people, but it by that comes the free bucket nets. Prickly keep the bucket anyway. Listen, I'm happy kidding I really did want to get emergency supplies, emergency water, first, aid kit and move out of these cities. I'm sorry, man, you can make fun. All day and night all sit here and I'll. Just you don't you know the bugs bunny mean where is like
arms are bodies like his eyes or glazed over and that he lifts the gone really like lazily and fires. That's me, you want sit here and be like Otto you're, crazy, you're, a proper all you're you're you're on hinged in little, but I don't care I lit. I dont care. You can think whatever you want about me. Man, I've, never care. I think it's funny. People think I do. I don't look man. I take care of myself. Like you, should I wouldn't I have often said I'd I'd. Have I have a whole lot of fine just leave it to my van out by the lake grown fish fishing in the morning catch my own food. Even a dogma amount business, that's all about, so I got out of the city and its and its and it said because we too really great base of operations by telling you man, I lived in Philadelphia suburbs, the Jersey side in New Jersey, the governor, issued a mandate and executive order to do all male in voting, I'm like what. But even mean. Where do I vote? How do I vote? How do I get a ballot? No idea what it doesn't come. I dont know how
login to a local who said apparent in New Jersey, he's gonna have only one pulling site in Newark, so if you want a phone partially to drive up, I'm like what's that can't be true, at least with the locals are saying so take it with the greatest saw. It sounds like it's not correct. S posed to be some polling stations open, but maybe that's it, but where did they hear this and why are they thinking it and if that's the case, what our people saying to each other Nobody has any idea what to do and election day I dont what about Pennsylvania, it so bad that their election officials are dropping out. That's all you man, you got us green court justice on the hook? This is one of the reasons tromp needs to fill that seat. Now. Tomorrow, not not but you literally now. Ok, I get it's not possible. Worse. They Saturday Monday first thing nominee,
and then I want the Senate to call it in and say we have confirmed done and of store. You know why this cannot be gone on during the election. It cannot, we need to de escalate it's bad enough. This is happening. Look at this. They say an email among a group of Pennsylvania directors of elections provided NBC News, shared that merely one in four counties: Also state has seen leaders in their election offices leave at least one in Michelin, counting left for a promotion to the Pennsylvania Department of State and has since been replaced. Okay, well, that doesn't mean anything others left. After the new state law, around mail in bout was passed, last fall or retired, and some These positions are still left unfilled, quote loss of seventy county election officials in a single year more than Anything else should be a canary
in the coal mine for state level, stakeholders to recognise that the current paradigm is unsustainable. The email reads in part also warning as a potential for more officials to leave before November. Third quote, the Department of State is taking every possible step to assist counties as they deal with the challenges. One the moron, with Pierre Department of State, which overseas states electoral process, wrote in a statement and be seen as election administrate at administrators. Are a special group of people dedicated to doing the hard work of democracy. We are extremely grateful to those who continue that work and will continue to do everything possible to assist them and the new election personnel coming on board, you know what I tell you, what a things can happen. I think they're cheating, I think trumps gonna landslide. I think Trump would have Lance had a landslide, no matter what the poles are fake and I think what's happening Now- is trumps. Gonna, win and they're gonna say already didn't really when he didn't really went because
et account about bouts and then what all of these mail in votes are in the hands of postal workers who endorsed Joe Biden is the perfect opportunity they need. Because then what happens is they turn this election into a legal battle over which boats are good and which belts are bad? That's the gang Trump would have had a landslide. In my opinion, the Poles were wrong last time I think they're wrong. Today, Rasmussen has tromp plus seven. Maybe a wrong to animal but based on anecdotal evidence and based on data from access to the New York Times and pew. It looks like Republicans, made some gains and trumps bases bigger and a photo turn is huge and blue states, as a matter of electoral vote, count stays the same. So what happens? Mail in voting allows them to challenge any county. They want it's going to be legal it's gonna be that this elections gonna be decided by who, as the who has more lawyers, that's it can there a problem.
Can party, muster up more legal power than the than the Democrats. That's the real challenge so here s. What I mean to say what I done chop wins by like, but let us say he wins the election. Knowledge and he narrowly wins the national popular vote, job I did then goes to a swing. State targets, a key area, a cop several where he needs that he needs to to flip in order to flip the state to him. Although the state under an election night with the Red Mirage Tilted, Michigan, votes Trump, but there are male in voting state, so he then sees it as ah that state was gonna, go to trot based on in person voting we to go in now and sue to block votes that might come from trump supporters. You see how it works that way. They can draw it out with a legal battle as long as possible to make sure that only Democrat votes go through our stocks.
Friend, who said if the Republicans were cheating is Trump was cheating and I said by Trump- isn't calling to change the rules. Man Trump isn't driving out election officials Trump is saying, keep the system the same trump would have one. That's what I think there's no other reason why the Democrats would do this. Doctor Falchi in Berks and melatonin is safe. So what happens on election night? I tell you men, nothing. I mean
nothing electoral leave nothing in the electoral college. I guess I do know we're gonna see the run rush, troms gonna say we have a clear and decisive victory. Twitter is gonna, bantam, facebooks, gonna, bantam and the establishment media Democrats are gonna, say no, and then I wonder I tell you, I think, about covered and how you tube said. You cannot say certain things about covet, or else and a ton of you to browse got permanently banned for saying things about covert, that's crazy in it. So what what happens if Donald Trump wins bought Youtube says you cannot say Trump One, because its contested blah blah blah you're only allowed to say he lost. What do you think you tube resorting to do? Well,
If there is going to be like, I guess, Trump Loft lost, I lose my job. If Trump wins ominous, eighty one tribe loses say loses. But what happens when the scale is kept in favour of these companies in favour of Joe Biden? Facebook and twitter have already announced that if Trump declares victory, they will flag or remove his posts. Just him now Biden so of Joe by wins an election night learn a say: it's over Joe Biden, one have a nice day on everybody will go away way. What about the mail and votes? I would only thus have a nice day, I'm not exactly that's literally what they said. And what happens if thou troublesome election night not now not it's a mirage. Wait for that. Ireland, boats, melon votes because going to be a legal battle, and that's why we got to get a Supreme Court, a Supreme Court justice in now now now now hope you already going to be fun in it. Well, I'm going to go stay at the mountains and sit back and enjoy.
Fact that I'm start the middle of nowhere in Dar maybe go for a walk in the woods or sudden. It's worth it. I tell you what I'll see you all tomorrow at ten, a m on the excellent which will be on this channel and thanks rang out by I'll say one more thing you know about. Just stay safe and and be prepared, be prepared for the worst. Everyone should be take everybody.
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