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Democrats In PANIC MODE Over Unhinged Trump Cheating Theory, Michael Moore Warns Trump Will CHEAT


Democrats In PANIC MODE Over Unhinged Trump Cheating Theory, Michael Moore Warns Trump Will CHEAT. Since 2015 they haven't stopped claiming Trump will cheat, is cheating, or will refuse to accept the results of the election.Now the New York times is telling us that Democrats are experience anxiety of Trump doomsday scenarios where he rigs the election or refuses to concede after losing.Democrats can't seem to learn from their past mistakes and have kept pushing the same narratives for the past several years even though data shows their strategy just doesn't work.Republicans on the other hand have their own theories such as Obamagate But for all of us who have seen that the Democrats russiagate theory was wrong we wonder what started it and why. Certainly those questions are merited much more that the unhinged theories pushed by Democrats and media allies.

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Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to bring you into a world of the Democrats, imagination a world, Our view is coming this November and I'm gonna start by reading this snippet from the New York Times in October President Trump, the player as a state of emergency and major cities in Battleground states like Milwaukee in Detroit banning pulling places from opening a week before the election. Ernie General, William, P bar or not as a criminal investigation into democratic presidential nominee. Joseph our Biden after Mister, I didn't wins a narrow electoral college victory. Mr tromp refuses to accept the results, won't leave the White House and declines to allow the Biden, intransigent, team, customary access to agencies before the January twenty. Inauguration. Does that sound like a fictional reality. It certainly does it's the same tired narrative democrats- have been pushing since before twenty sixteen. And somehow and for some reason we have a pile
these stories. Don't ask me why about this? One might Furthermore, the only way trump winds and twenty is: if he cheats the Washington Post, we need to prepare for the possibility of trouble. Rejecting election results? Market watch pole, now show Biden defeating Trump and twenty election, but what, if Trump refused to lose? We can even back to February? What would happen if Trop refused to leave office? The unhinged conspiracy theories that were all over the place in twenty six team are here to day they ve never gone away and they won't stop there. Only getting crazier and yeah far fetched conspiracy theories. The New York Times ask that that's exactly what they are and its coming from mostly Democrats, I am tired of saying the Democrats. Are in panic, but the reality is I just it's true, you know someone asked on twitter or someone set on Twitter. If you keep repose
these stories about Republicans panicking you're the mark, your the room, your boy, in taken for a ride. The same story written every single time with anonymous sources claiming that people within the Trump Camp or the Republican Party are panicking overall stay calm in November For some reason we not, we see people saying these stories are fake. We know it's not your. Who are these sources and what do we see in reality? Well, we see the Republicans. Just winning two special elections and winning very very well, but where the stories to pick this, up, saying you know what maybe we're going to see a red wave. November. Instead, what do we get? We get Joe Biden on track to win. We get Democrats on track to reclaim the house, We get us stories about Democrats on track to reclaim the Senate, but the reality just doesn't seem to fit and then, when it comes down to asking these very same people? What will happen in November? They come up with in ain't conspiracy theories. I assure you,
It will not be Donald Trump refusing to leave or contesting the results of the election. It's been the Democrats doing it nonstop. So here we are Republicans have a very healthy lead over the Democrats. Into our I'm sorry, tromp has a healthy elite over Joe Biden, the democratic candidates, we're doing fairly well, and there is a chance. Joe Biden could win tromp support so refused to recognise this. Well, that will be your downfall. Hubris throughout his burden can win But why do we keep seeing these unhinge stories and media? I dont know honestly by can speculate perhaps their hedging their bet. In the event that tromp really does when or tromp loses, or maybe its trump wins they'll argue he didn't. Actually, when that way, when he says that's, not a legitimate claim against me, they can argue about it. I'm still have no idea, I think those likely reason is that it gets clicks. They want to scare people the people who don't like tromp. They want you to,
be in fear. They want to shock you. They want to give you that sensationalist headline and you know what around and around we go playing the exact same game because much on credit, eyes them for saying panic, panic panic here. I am once again saying Democrats and Democrats panic. I gotta admit I M kind of tired of it, but this is a New York Times story and what am I posed to say, when we have a wave of stories coming out all within twenty four hours, arguing essentially the same thing that Trump is going to cheat their freaking out over this coming up with unhinged theories that weak don't believe, are based in reality. When you look at the pole numbers when you look at Joe Biden risen, gaffes: the nation wide trend and trumps capitalizing off of these things. It looks like Trump is sitting pretty so maybe unbiased, Alex That and I'll tell you right now. You can see and inversion of these stories. You will see people claim its trump. Japan and its Trump, whose whose in serious jeopardy- and perhaps you could base that off of the
all showing Biden will win? But when I go back to twenty sixteen and see pull showing mellaril. When I don't think that's enough evidence when I look the walk away campaign and, more importantly, when five thirty eight, the famous pollster, say that California's twenty fifth direct and Wisconsin seventh could signal blue wave, but then we see a crushing defeat of the Democrats. I have to surmise it's looking well for Trump so everybody's trying to convince you. There side is winning I'm sorry. This unhinged conspiracy says to me their freaking out. So let's read it. See what they have to say and those who go through what's saw potentially really going on at least from the way. I see it and then, of course I could be wrong before we get It had over the TIM Cast outcome, Slash donut! If you'd like to support my work, theres many ways can give, but as you can do, is share this video, I'm competing with major mainstream media that gets propped up on the front page of Youtube and they also massive marketing massive marketing budgets. I don't have that same power, but if you like my content- and you should
read it overcomes the algorithmic hurdles that I faced with Youtube, holding my content back to prop up the mainstream media and its more powerful than a marking budget. But if just wanna watch has subscribe button, the like button, the notification Bell, Hopefully that's enough for you tube to continue recommending. My content will see basri the story than your time says: trumped SO's doubt on voting. It keeps some people up at a group of worst case scenario. Planners mostly Democrats, but also some anti tromp Republicans have been aiming out how to respond to various doomsday options for the twenty? Twenty presidential election now it could just be the New York Times knows. I'll live John to a story like this and their pandering to my biases, keep that in mind. But this
There's something we ve seen from many many other outlets, and we ve seen many Democrats and resistance, type lefties, tweeting this stuff and posted up on social media. That's why I'm inclined to think these people actually lost it. It's not so much we are being manipulated with sensational stories. They know will read a little bit about. Let's be honest, you know the New York. I'm knows that they're gonna see a whole bunch of people. Like me, saying wow, look at this New York Times store, they really lost it. Whatever gets shares it doesn't matter positive view or a negative view, because a view as a view and money is money but, let's rate without being said, so I did read this, but let's go it will quickly. In October, President Trump declares If emergency and major cities, William BAR ass, an investigation against Joe Biden, and then Biden wins the electoral. What trump refuses to leave? Here's what they say far conspiracy theories not to a group of worst case scenario planners mostly Democrats, but some Anti trust Republicans as well, who have been gaming out
various doomsday options for the twenty twenty presidential election outraged by Miss, trump and fearful that you might try to disrupt the campaign Before, during and after election day, they are engaged, They process that began in the realm of science fiction but has not used answer to reality. As Mr Tromp and its administration, abandoned long standing political norms- and here we go the New York Times, jumping in very carefully just dip in a tone, the water of the conspiracy theory to make sure they seem it more rational, but they're gonna play the M same as every other freaky unhinged weirdo. The anxiety has intensified in recent weeks, as the president can't continues to attack the integrity of may oh voting and insinuate that the election system is rigged, wiles republican allies ramp up efforts to control who can vote and how? Just last week, MR tromp threatened to withhold funding from states that defy his wishes, wishes on expanding mail in male voting
while also amplifying unfounded claims of voter fraud in Battleground states quote in the eight to ten Once I've been yapping at people about this stuff, the reactions have gone from, don't be silly that won't happen. Increasing sense of you know that could happen said Rosa a Georgetown University law, professor earlier this year, must Brooks convened an informal group of Democrats and never tromp Republicans to brainstorm but ways the Trump administration could disrupt the election and to think about how to prevent it. But the anxiety is hardly limited to outside group. I kid you not. They re we believe this conspiracy unhinged nonsense. I dont know what else to tell you man. It has been years. Ok since Donald Trump One- and it has then the Republicans. Well, I mean they one, so they wouldn't be complaining. Maybe they would be if they lost, but the Democrats haven't let it go on going to this day, tromp only one, because I'm Russia drawing to impeach him over. This. This nonsense. They ve not stopped. There has been no,
legitimate. Well, ok- I should say no legitimate, but but listen. We have had very little real political discourse over policy issues, as the past several years have been dominated by either the Ukraine Gate scandal or the Russia Gate scandal. Please just stop the conspiracy theories, but what are they say? Oh, they claim its Donald Trump space Ike Baker of your time says outlandish: spirits. He theories are no longer relegated to the french forty four percent of Republicans and Nineteen percent of Democrats believe Bill gates want to use co at blah, blah blah. I don't care about the bill gates, stuff. Ok, the point, as there are fears that the right, the fringe right are spreading conspiracy theories. No a man. You can take your insults towards the right over conspiracy theories and place them neatly in a little box with the three years of Russia Gate and then ask me if I care come out. All these stories complain about right wing conspiracy, there's hey man, I don't like any other conspiracy theories, but you have no legs
to stand on? I'm sorry because it was CNN, MSNBC, propping up this conspiracy, nonsense and you know where the right can spare stuff comes from small channels, not super law. Article commentary the people who are sitting upon Twitter with hundreds of thousands of followers conservatives with mainstream opinions that just so happened to like Trump, but you guys, you pushed the nonsense for years. Marked Ellis Washington lawyer, who leaves the democratic national committees legal efforts to fight voter suppression efforts said no. Day goes by when he doesn't feel the question from senior democratic officials about whether Mr Trump could postpone or cancel the election process. By allies to explain why not Mr Elliot wrote a column on the subject in late March for his website, and drew more traffic than anything he'd ever published. Just what It is why we can have nice things. I guess, but I have a serious question on this, though. If the left really is drift,
this far from reality that so much so that the New York Times even entertains the possibility, even though, even the one screeching this whole time. Does it come to a point where there's no way to bring everyone together if Donald Trump wins in November, and the Democrats argue Trump he didn't win, then they'll. Look to these articles and say see this proves that Trump really didn't win and he won't accept that he didn't. When will there ever be anything that the left right would build reckons like you. What it would mean ask is: are they drifting so far apart? They'll, never trust each other, and that's it it's over. Where do we go from there? Look at this stuff. This is nuts the most the most traffic anything it ever published. But change in the data. The election is not what worries Mr Alias the bigger threat in his mind, he said is the possibility that the Trump Administration could act in October to make it harder for peace. The vote in urban centres in Battleground states possibilities. He said that include declaring State of emergency, deploying the net guard or for it
in gatherings of more than ten people, Trump can't do that. How long How many times have we heard them? Saying trump? Doesn't? Have you authority to reopen the economy, but Trump has the authority to shut down the economy which is it man does tromp have the right to to open supersede the governors or doesn't he he doesn't yet here we got when it's convenient. For their conspiracy theory, it must be true. Tromp didn't do enough, tromp says I have absolute authorities. I know you don't talk, can't mandate the churches reopen. He can't tell us what to do, but he might tell- state what to do when it comes to the election. Men welcome to the free conspiracy, weirdo world, Michael more Sir, certainly seems to think so. But but guess what Michael more here, in my opinion, is lying this? What I love about, today's media landscape. There is enough space there's enough going on to break down the lies from these fringe weirdos, the only way
tromp winds and twenty twenty is, if he cheats, says Michael more appearing on real with bill more and warning that true maybe planning ways to boast his chances against Vice President Biden. The only way they're going to pull it off? It was able to and so the election or postpone it. That is what we are going to have to fight against, because I am certain that what's going on in his head right now, cheating, ok, all right well. Why is it then, that recently Michael, more said, quote Biden does not generate the necessary enthusiasm that it's going to take to get people out. The Democrats it's our cynically counting on everyone's desire to remove from all that get all that gives more flashbacks to twenty. Sixteen as do the anti lockdown protests erupting in those same rust belt states that sealed Clinton's fate for years ago. Trumps borders more set ominously, are more Abbott than ever. This story came out, may twenty first two days later, Michael more says not trying to cheat. Ok, I get it
Michael Moors view on things changed in those two days or made they're just lying, maybe because they want to get internet points, maybe because they don't really understand. What's going maybe because they have no memory, the memory of a goldfish- maybe they just don't Remember anything that happened in the days before, but why would Michael, more switch from saying trumps, gonna Unum trumps, gonna win because Joe Biden can muster the enthusiasm and trump supporters are rather than ever, but then and say: no, no, no he's gonna cheap, he's, gonna cheap, and then we get all of these stories, arguing that Trump wouldn't leave this one's from. You're right one. Second, twenty twenty, this one's from February, twenty thirty twenty nineteen. What if tromp refuses to accept defeat? Twenty twenty They ve never stopped saying the same things over and over again I wonder how many times you could write these articles and get away with them I'll try to differentiate my view from their view, because there,
is kind of a mirror image, you're right, it's what I brought up. Your early on, but I think it's important to self analyzed. How many times have I made Video talking about Democrats in panic. Motor Democrats are panicking. I get annoyed with myself over this kind of stuff and I'm so you're, trying to figure out, as there are better wait, a phrase this, but listen when they have pushed this aim, unhinged conspiracy of which there is no basis in reality for years, and now there actually having meetings, whether like what? If Trump does this and they end, times even entertains it and says there feeling anxiety, I'm sorry that is illegal, that article with quotes and sources from people who say they are panicking over the stuff and it's an informal group of Dammit rats, then you look at what happened and see a twenty five with Katy Hills disk. Going from nine points in favour. The Democrats swinging twenty one point: four, publicans and it all kind of adds up now taken the stories they ve been running and other side. What, if tromp, refuses to accept defeat in twenty twenty hold on
between it happen. You have no reason to believe troubled, refuse to accept defeat. You dont first, while he he wanted twenty. Sixteen most people believe is gonna win. Why keep writing these stories because I think they're lying? I think Democrats, our panicking by believe, many of them are panicking because they keep reading this stuff there, panicking b as they believe the weirdo opinions of people. Claiming Trump is going to cheat, it's just not happening, but we can Take a look at what really may be happening. You see Michael Moors, actually right. In my opinion on May twenty first ask any left wing populist, Bernie Sanders. Border. Will Joe Biden muster the enthusiasm to be trump they're going to tell you now Y know as even they don't want to vote for the guy. You ask it. I'm supporter and they'll laugh happy that Joe Biden was the choice. So Michael What makes this point- and I say this one makes sense: Biden doesn't and a right than Assyrian Thews Yassum, it's a real point. It's been, it's been brought up in pulls called the enthusiasm gap between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, but talking about trumped cheating
is just panic. Conspiracy theory, nonsense and when you pay these stories that we say it. You end up with panic. Democrats freaking out there in a loose tromp supporters are overconfident. That's their weakness is the difference. Democrats are panicking. Tromp supporters are overconfident really, They think they can't lose. You really can lose man bite his. Ahead of Clinton's. Twenty sixteen pace. Look, we can re goddammit, that's all day and night you come to my general. I certainly do it on this channel a lot on other channels, in fact, but other stuff, but let's be real. I talk about a product to much, but Biden is running ahead of Clinton's twenty sixteen pace his fund raising, while not beating Trump, is comparable, its close and Joe Biden is leading in the polls that made me nothing, let's be honest and in battle found states according to one port Biden, has actually down that's hardened, for sure, but it just discount Joe Biden outright. Would be wrong, there is a chance. He winds and the betting odds. Overprotected have
pretty close, and this is where tromp supporters need to get smart and honestly bite its board of me to get smart too. You can't just go I'm claiming trumps. Gonna cheat! Sorry! If you can't must have support will then you don't win and trump supporters? If you think you're going to win, That's when they sneak up behind you and they take that victory away. Unfortunately, for the Democrats, though, one thing that you know Michael more actually bought that was spot on. Is that Democrats can't just a on anti trumped sentiment to win which made be why their pushing conspiracy theories or actually know- I should say this, their pushing conspiracy theories, perhaps to generate anger at Trump and anti tromp sentiment garbage people. Thinking Trump is a cheater who will never give up trying to generate that you don't you. You want trump to look sinister, the various, but even five hundred and thirty, and acknowledges it won't work. You need to actually have a candidate. Here's. What five thirty eight says why?
we're at trot, may not help Democrats when they right, but if twenty twenty election, driven primarily by anger that might backfire on Democrats take the twenty sixteen election Unreason former Senator Hillary Clinton was less successful in mobilizing Obama's base was because her focus on trumps, bigoted, come attracted some who shared her views but did not resonate with non white voters. The Clinton campaign that big on the strategy of highlighting the racist and xenophobic undertones are the truck campaign. But it's basket of deplorable messaging up to engender more of a role text from Trump supporters than falling under this label than people of color feeling targeted it was a severe miscalculation of the way people of color respond to political threats. That's right. Take a look at the story about jobs, saying you ain't black and what Charlemagne the God of the Brussels Breakfast Club was asking for. Those not familiar big big story on them first Club with Charlemagne, the God Charlemagne
was asking Joe Biden about what he's going to do for his community Biden. Sat I've gotta go than he. Then you know Charlemagne sad. I've got more questions, but his response was, if you can't, if having trouble figuring out, you know why not to support hammock, basically saying if you dont vote for him, you ain't black that's what he said and, following the God did not react the way these people think they would react, this sort for market watch. Charlemagne. The God tells Biden that boy. Voters saved your political life in the primaries and have things they want from. You here I say it was cool that bind apologize for it, but you ve got a really answer to them. The trump bad orange man, bad and and the conspiracy stuff and the I hate, Trop doesn't fly with the non white voters and it really does make sense. If we look at the data one of them. One at one story I really love higher highlighting is the hidden tribes more in common study that shows progressive activists make up eighty percent of this country and
tend to be overwhelmingly white and upper class college educated for a hundred thousand dollars a year interesting way. This is the weirdest thing. Reading one poor, showing that tromp is actually doing bad against bite in the polls because he's losing white voters, s right trumpet actually made some gains within the black community and minority voters he's actually is actually doing kind of well. What's somehow its white people who don't like I'm, which flies in the face of everything. The Democrats would tell you about Donald Trump It takes me back to the story from five thirty eight Hillary Clinton tried to accuse. Above all, these worst things. All these names, I'm sorry man, the progressive activists to fall for the stuff are white, so you're you're going to attract them. Fine, but you're not going to get the non white voters. You think you need it. It's not gonna work and that's aims to be what their betting on you and your job? then apparently tried claiming that he was endorsed by the end of a p and they came out
said now they said yesterday, former vice president job but it made a comment about the and doubling teepees endorsement? We want to clarify at the end of a lazy, piercing, nonpartisan organization and does not endorse candidates for political party for political office at any level. Vice President Joe Biden, sad during his breakfast breakfast club interview that apparently that he had been endorsed by this by the end of may see p it doesnt work. I wish, The Democrats would try something beyond just complaining and acting like there's a Conspiracy and tromp is clear. With Russia or whatever the rush, The collusion narrative Trump cheated, the win. It was proven false. There odd questions arising over Brok Obama's potential involvement. The weird circumstances run Susan I see a bunch of really weird things happening and the best they can muster up is a second conspiracy, Ukraine, Gate and when that fails, the best they can muster up
some blank nonsensical unhinged conspiracy with no real basis. Look if you come on, say trump. You know collude with Russia at least their substance. To your argument. Russia did this tromp was involved. Ukraine Trop made a phone call. You can pay their substance there you're wrong now, there's nothing there, their little their literally pulling nothing. I've had saying well trunk cheat. Last time and treated with Ukraine. And now he's he's just shooting it's. How is it you think I'd while he's just cheating Dutch is cheating that's all they have. They run out of ideas. You know they tried claiming that tramples colluding with China It turns out that story was false. Everybody meetly drops so we get Russia get. What what are we on Russia gave for now. This is this is often this. I love it here. We are Russia, Gate Russia Gate to the train, Bobo Russia Gate three trumps big tree. But with little China turn out to be false. We can on Russia, get for. We got nothin. Man, bad Vigo, Russia Gate. For all
find bad. It's the best they could muster up. It's funny right when the story came out from the Washington Post. We need to prepare for the possibility of Trump rejecting election results may fourteenth many b but were quick to point out. Are we really gonna do this again it asked. Are we really doing this again? We did this in anything you can do it again. Yeah so we are because following this- and I didn't do a lead segment, on this I was like yeah yeah yeah I get it. I want to touch the stuff, but look man I'll tell you what, when Michael more comes out. Michael, more was right in twenty. Sixteen, he predicted Trump victory, then on the twenty first, he predicted another trajectory. Now is claiming wild job want trumps good sheets. Are I man? Ok, ok, ok, Can I have some more issues police. Can you tell me about what policies are? I know it's there are very few people. I guess who actually can talk about policies, but I'll tell you one thing right now: I don't
a whole lot about what Trump is aiming for for the most part and make a magnetic guys gonna keep it graduates, balls, the economy, those things sound, nice Joe binds it'll, do the same thing. I give you one right not have my head, I deprived of you a bunch more Joe Biden, dance on immigration is is done tenable with the average American at and that's a fact, moratorium on deportations. You know that benefits the non citizens. It's it's a it's. These are simple issues where Trump and bite and our divided. Now beyond that, let's be honest: it's it's! It's sports politics its people want Trump to win because their team and then people one by new windows, their team, that's the anger that Democrats are hoping for their hoping that they beat tromp, because people will vote based on their team and not on their candidate. That won't work.
If it doesn't work for minority voters, as we heard from Charlamagne THA God, he says I want to know what you're going to do for my community guess what Trump hold meetings for the black community for latino community. He does. Any any says. Here's what I do for you, unemployment gonna, go downward jobs backward to bring up your wages. Those are real. And you can offer Joe Biden says, vote for me or else basically. Wrap it up. There is ultimately remain on this forever, but I'm unfold, expecting to see many more conspiracy theories on the time and you know as we can, Thirteen november- and I fully expect the media to blame the conservatives for the conspiracy theories but I'll leave their stick around next segments coming up at six p m youtube com slashed him cast news. It has different gentle and I will see you all them were approaching. A debt stating milestone in the crowd of virus pandemic, nearly one Two hundred thousand people have lost their lives and yes, surely this is a tragedy, but here too times has run a for a shocking front page: U s death near one hundred thousand, an incalculable loss,
Nearly one thousand names of covet victims covered patients. People lost their lives on the front page than your times, while the only problem right now, Is that at least one of these names is actually a cover death calling the whole thing into question and of course we are seeing people desperately try to blame, whoever they can and with this front page the collective outrage of the journalist class and the resistance Democrat types is palpable their sharing it far and wide there blaming trot they're, saying you know what would have happened if it wasn't drop their say he had issued it on things earlier Joe Biden, appeared on Colbert sang. I told him. They showed us a long time about now. Nobody knew hindsight is twenty. Twenty stop playing these stupid games. You knows to blame. That there is one one party that is to blame Chinese Communist Party, not the Democratic Party, not the republican and party tropical on some things better hindsight is twenty twenty Cuomo Code on things better,
Hindsight is twenty twenty, but when we are all operating off of incomplete data, because China withheld that come on man, we don't need to make this partisan if the right, whatever we know why, we, we had a bad reaction why we were slow and many men in many areas. But of course, on a blame, Donald Trump and, of course, they're gonna get called out when they use this, turns out. The times is wrong and I thought of the New York Times like. I know we have to move this name. Hopefully, but in practice already anyway, it's funny to me one see all of these tweets that are saying things like you know. Oh, this is Donald trumps fault someone sums blue Jackie journalist, tweeted everything you hear from Donald Trump Today- will be an attempt to distract from this, and that here's the image that, when you realise that you know so far, they have is wrong. It's like dude come on man. Other people are to blame why that every single aspect of this. Ok, let's remove China from the equation. Right then, who is to blame Trump, is
federal level politician the governors runs running their states and it's funny that Donald Trump says things like he's: gonna reopen churches, what the media, either on all these doors, hang trump can't enforce. That trunk, can't mandate that states allow judges to reopen drop says I have absolute authority, it doesn't, and even conservatives called him for this So how is it his fault? If we literally cant do anything I'm aeroplanes to becomes, you can criticise, come over a lot, you set up pretty bad job. And we can criticise the media, especially in that's the main point, as I've met you time and time again, you know right Citizen Florida, they smeared him, they say he's lying is flooding numbers, it's not as bad as it is in New York, and you can certainly blame the governors. I want to show you the story about the New York Times. Front page gives him context, but I want to show you listen. When will people start to take responsibility for themselves? its transfer this happening. Excuse me right now. You ve got field hospitals that were never used? Ok
so? What is that all about? But more importantly memorial day, weaken crowds, flooding lake of the ozarks, and it's not just that it's it's all over the country is there anyway. Spots. Ability for the individuals who ignored any kind of guidance is how you know it: man, it's not Andrew, almost fault. If people in New York or flocking to beaches, it has not Donald Donald Trump Swap. If people across the country are flocking to beaches, they all know the rules, they all know. You know what was advised. Certainly many of these. These governors we're trying to enforce unconstitutional provision. We can have an alarm whole argument about that, but it's just so annoying when I go on twitter and it's like here's the front page of the New York Times, and what do I see all of these? fifty journalists being like this is trump. This is trumps, America, yes, yes, we get it everything's, trumps! America! except when the economy was doing really well, that was Obama's America.
It's really annoying me to that. I'm constantly having defined Trump, because the media just frames everything's that everything this way. So here's the story, as the Eu S approaches the grim milestone of a hundred thousand Connemara deaths. The New York Times has Phil The entire front page of Sundays Paper with death notices of victims from across the country, and it is, the paper said- was intended to convey the vastness and variety of the tragedy, the front pages simple list of names and personal details taken from a bitter is around the a bitter wearies around the? U S! That line. Is? U s? The? U S: death near one hundred thousand and income he will loss with a sub heading, the reeds they were. Not simply. James unless they were us now, here's something really interesting the longest time. I'd have long as I'm over the past for months there have been concerns, among mostly conservatives, that hospitals were flooding the numbers and putting Kobe down on deficit death certificates that word actually covered because they get money for it,
I don't know exactly how that works, but it is true, Elon Musk treated about this hospitals that list covered patients get more money. Usa today fact check this. It's true We see this story in response to this going viral. Whenever one saying all you know Trump blah blah blah this guy Timothy says here is the front page of the times. The next image shows joy Gordon driver, Haines, twenty seven cedar, Rapids Iowa jet agenda. Young man, with a delightful grin. Where did the New York Times? information. I wonder and obituary. Perhaps I don't know that's they claimed. Could it be? local paper got it wrong or something well. Here's image image of us and a new story, updated March Twentieth, the cedar. Rapids police farmers is a man found in a vehicle long. I three eighty last week was murdered. A call bring to a media release an autopsy the twenty seven year old, Jordan, Haines Road is death, was a homicide, no other infirmity, and has been released here we can see once again they found twenty seven
old, Jordan detains in a vehicle and it's a homicide, but the New York Times put that on the front page one response to this we can see CNN Brine South are treated one of the name. On an why tease long list of covert nineteen victims is actually a murder victim. Some credit our using this to attack the paper as a whole. A Arap tells me the error has been removed. For later addition to the paper, a correction we'll be running in print. Well, how does this happen? Lufthansa's ivy racers met people make mistakes, but do we now if they go through every single name, etc, whose, like it sounds like somebody is, and if it just one name, ok, fine, you know, look lies like as at present Ivorians right. Well, that does call into question a lot of the information: about all of us. Other deaths than your time says it's from obituaries. Why This guy's obituary, claiming it was covered when the new story was claiming it was homicide summit. As an add up now, I'm not trying to logic.
We're sorry about that. But I will point out the absurdity of blaming Tromp for All of the people have lost their lives when again he's a federal level politician. There's a lot of things you can do with the universe. Production act with PV. He doesn't respond civilians, who is the leader of this country, but come on man, they're they're all Our responsibility for this- and we have seen and an extremely adversarial, belligerent media criticize. Literally everything he does it's hilarious. Joe Biden would go and Stephen Colbert and say something I told you, you know that January fifteenth I so we did. We should do something that is An amazing lie from Joe Biden, amazing, as I read an interview with Colbert. Amazing lie low. You didn't we, No, there was humanism and transmission, the fifteen, because China withheld the information on the fourteenth the world of organs She had no evidence. So why would Joe Biden come out before there is any evidence of any human human transmission and be like we better take action now he did he criticised Trump. That's it
They do every single thing. That comes out is trumps fault Trump did wrong, listen man! We built all of these fuel hospital check out the store. Another and see field hospitals dismantled, despite beds being needed to open up the city again as depths of the state. All below one hundred two, eighty for the first time in two months, six hundred and seventy bad makeshift hospital at Brook Brooklyn crews terminal in rhetoric is being done, mobilized before it takes a single patient, it cost twenty point. Eight million to convert and was not ready until may forth, its dismantling comes despite and Y see only meeting an extra forging twenty hospital beds to meet one of state Governor Connally. Climate diversity to begin reopening. Ok, it's not the first field hospital too big to be shuddered. This is a trend across the country. You know, what's what's messed up right now we're looking over at Japan. It seems that the lock down was a mistake. So you know what maybe you can play blamed Trump for that, because,
Tromp was fairly early. I wouldn't be surprised if this is what we see from the left in the media moving forward, Japan had very few cases that a very light you know social distancing. Provision and now they're clearing up in there like. We really noticed anything. Perhaps it's because human, are really bad at calculating every variable to understand what comes next. I talk was very often but think about it. Early on. We are that there was the sickness and people in China we're getting sick, and these are welding doors shut. Their panicking So then you know it comes to Europe and ITALY gets really really bad and we see a lot of la alot of lives lost and then over the. U S we decide fifteen days to slow the spread were and it everything down. If everybody stay home right, well then they're not gonna, be in contact with each other, so they can't get sick wrong. That was the mistake, turns out vitamin d deficiency plays a role in this. It turns out being in close quarters with other people,
exacerbates or increases the likelihood actually get an infection, and right now Doktor Burke's from the task force. Has asked the CDC to investigate why it is these that are still lockdown art, seeing the infection. Go down! It's simple! When you have a person, we have a group of people in the house and they're all going out. There is a likelihood they could get sick, but if their social distancing wearing masks and taking other precautions, why in their hands, then there is a reduced likelihood. They will get sick. If you put everybody crammed into a tight space, and then you have people going to only one or two stores you ve maximized. It would seem the likely to affect you think about it. We closed on most stores right. So now what do we have left Walmart? So everybody's, going to Walmart going home, touching everything and the people in those homes are more likely to be in contact with the same surfaces and with infected no saliva droplets, whatever in the air. If people are going up going out and about but social,
Distancing then they wouldn't all be going to the same places, and now we actually can see like in Japan it it they didn't they, and a J B Morgan Study suggests it may have actually backfired. So you know what Maybe we made a mistake so now now we're shutting down all these hospitals wouldn't need them. Maybe it's time like doktor fouche. He said just couple days ago, it's time to reopen, well, there's a more collective outrage, drumming up from the journalist and resistance class saying like you, know my God, what we doing we're so idiots and were or were such it is and I saw this really hilarious, tweet from a woman literally named Karen saying something about these being trumpeters and unlike dude, the people flooding the beaches from Memorial Day are not tromp stirs their regular people there. You know what men they don't get it they dont untouched. And they are the weirdos. I'm sorry dude, if you're on Twitter and you're going like you know, your shot
in our joint neurons, I say: how are you It will doing this getting in those that water and and and drinking and standing next to each other. Yet regular people are doing this. They dont care, they don't so it's fun I think tromp has his his his thumb on the pulse of what regular people is country. Do. It's why he got so many non voters about people never voted before. I went to a ton of rallies, hundreds but people- and I heard a lot of people say they never vote before and then, if they did, they were kind of he'll lean Democrat but they're here that here they were for Trump. You look look at the story: moral, they weakened crowds at lake of the Ozarks appears do not be observing social distancing. Now, that's crazy to me too, because look you can go to the beach. You know you can go party, you can still social distance right people, don't care and trump knows it, and that's why tromp has been advocating for a law time to reopen things and it Anne and every single time he says this, you get the residents laughed doing. The opposite, which is really funny, could think about this way
Think about the reality in which Donald Trump is frequently correct. Not to ignore tromp, says a lot of things, but our true, you call it a lie and call it in being wrong. Just like not understanding or not knowing, I think certainly lives like every politician, like every person, for a lot of reasons. Everyone does but think about this. Let's say six out of ten times. Trump is correct in this assessment and its assumptions about the american people about what needed one. That would mean the Democrats in the media are wrong six out of those ten times because they only ever come out against Trump. There is like One time I have seen the media price drop one time and you know it was it was when Trump fired. Fifty nine tomahawk missiles into Syria. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating below hybrid bug. I'm sure there when some positive pressed for the present outside of that. But boy, it was funny to see all these new outsail tramping very presidential here firing me,
hold on a foreign country, yeah yeah yeah. You love to see it when, when the establishment go get what they want, they walk unlocks that they love it. When the media in the Democrats only ever point, the finger at trumpet say he's wrong, then they ignore what regular people are actually think it because Trump tends to know that's what I think and when you see these photos of people out enjoying the beach like this one hears from it for the daily mail. Hundreds of thousands of och down- Americans hit the beach to kick off memorial. They weaken and mark the start of summer amid ongoing panic, and we will look at this. Americans flocked beaches across the country on Saturday to mark the unofficial start of summer amid the crowd of ours pandemic. Let's see the back porch ace. Side, restaurant and Henderson Beach and destined flora was full. The restaurant was operating at fifty percent seeding capacity to ensure the chairs and umbrellas could be placed six feet apart. So so many these places there doing social distancing right But I'm seeing, although these angry people on Twitter saying like Americans.
So dumb, or what do we do when it's like? Listen man? Maybe cape when you look at what happened in Japan when you look at How vitamin d effects this when you look at this be showing that people stayed home are more likely to get sick is in a bad idea. Social distancing at the beach sounds good to me. I mean numbers wearing mass, but you're at the beach and unwilling to do right. We saw story came this was like a month ago, more than a month ago, several weeks ago, Gauss paddle boarding by himself in the ocean and the coastguard came. I end up getting around I don't know, I think local police arrested him said. There's this local news outlets got a quote from a woman saying something like the virus could be vapor. You know aerosol lies in the water and be kicking up. She said I wouldn't go to the beach. We paid me a million dollars, and it was this who put us thing I had ever heard this
obsession with caring and then I realized it you. I realized the media and many of these resistance Democrats are a collective of Karen's think about it. They just want power, whether it's right or wrong there. The person who says you're What are we doing that you're not supposed to go to the beach? The virus is probably in the water. I mean urinate, sick, you're, so dumb you'll regret it. That's what they're doing its literally a Karen move going out and trying to force them to do let people do their thing member mind their own best. This guy was pale boarding by himself. Why some one claim that is some some marine about something that that the virus will be kicked up in the air in the air for the water and like all across the beach. Are you nuts there's? No one there that the water in a what's stories like that. That said to me, They are lying, that's what it felt like they're lying and it's hard to know. What's what's legitimate isn't because no matter what happens, it always has to be
you're on the side of tromp or freedom or free speech? You're wrong? And here we are people flock innovators having a grand old time and really just not seeming to care now think about what happens with a devastated economy with thirty six million unemployed people are doing this, but Donald Trump has been in favour of this in favour of ending the lockdown of liberating new states of allowing businesses to reopen and from the Democrats who have been in favour of keeping things shut down and extending the lock downs. Without being the case, I wonder what these regular people, who didn't want to social distance or locked on or whatever. I wonder who they're going to vote for which brings me back to the front page, the New York Times when people see this front page? I dont think the average person to be honest, the care- I really don't if you show them this- a list of a thousand deaths. Omitting, the fact that one of these was was not legitimate, maybe met, maybe some others.
When you show them this. What are they think? I gotta be honest. I don't think they think much. I mean I'm sure the average personal beyond man, it's man, that's a bummer about people lost their lives, but this isn't stopping them from going to the beach they dont care. You can. Slap, a newspaper front page of the most profit paper in the country, nor times a thousand people that look at these names and they're gonna, be like woe. You haven't got a speech, but what you mean we got a pandemic, you gonna get sick. Are you crazy? Apparently they are at least from the perspective of the resistance journalists. Types- and I trust people, travel arrangements, syndrome, people or maybe That'S- never cared to begin with, and maybe We now know. Maybe it's you was a pang attention, may be many of these people go to the beach. Maybe they read the news about this. This study coming out this was in the UK. Believe I tried, or no
Think it was a study actually met a bit like and why you that sixty six percent of people who got infected where the one staying at home- maybe they read the news about Japan and the other countries that weren't shutting down and we're doing just fine, maybe they're other factors we consider and ultimately maybe it's just not affecting them at oh, so it could get worse. It really cut with all these people go to the beach now, don't think so. I think the data has shown it to be the case. That's got getting out in getting his sun is its better their vitamin d, doktor found she has already said he wants to safe reopening. You know it's time because its devastated economy and the only people were ultimately going to be worse off, for it are these blue states. The blue states have enforced these strict lockdown target small businesses and shutting down there
does the tax revenue right now? Another story just came up. Young people are leaving New York City, the wealthy of left. The young people are leaving. What will New York have left? Let me tell you something about the problem of population growth and density. Withstand costs using Detroit as an example, actually outages New York as an example, New York is a very, very complicated city rank advocate right. You got the big buildings. You got five boroughs you gotta get plumbing to all these buildings. That means the cost of maintaining the city's plumbing says. Remains static. It will. It will stay the same, no matter how many people live or don't live in the city. Now, of course, they can shut off some made in some areas, but for the most part, let's just use hypothetical It costs one million dollars per per year. Two main asset per Month- one million dollars per month to maintain all of the plumbing. You know as a whole for the cities industry.
It a million people in a city. It costs them one dollar per month in taxes, let's say: half those people leave now their water costs have doubled once they have of them leave. It goes up again, you get the point. The costs of maintaining a system remains relatively the same so with New York, now not only losing their wealthy, but young people and their all right he facing a deficit Cuomo, scared about this. The de the metro, the subways were already falling apart. Another losing all of these people and all of that tax revenue. The Democrats have hurt themself severely, bye, bye, locking down the way they did- and you know working to blame for it I really am really not. Therefore, there are public and governors of locked on as well, but they don't have. As many of you know, the bigger cities are all blue. I think China's to blame. I think we did a lot of the best we, And I think, right now, when you cease many these democratic governors they visit, they seem to be a.
During the latest data the date is out. Man. Ok, take it from voucher it's time to reopen, and you need to do this quick, otherwise, you're gonna fall apart, but of course Orangemen bad. Always trumps. Vault Andrew Cuomo blames trot for the nursing on fiasco and there it is. I guess we can. Only just wait and see how things play up, but I'll tell you what, with everybody just go into the beach and not caring. Why do you Why? Why would you think you are on the right side of this? Maybe maybe you're the smart one. Maybe this moment everyone else's stupid. Ok, that's fine and then going to vote against you and you're going to lose, because you can't effectively communicate with his people. Shaming them didn't do anything. Maybe you need to reassess I'll, be there next time it's coming up at one p, dot M on this. And I will see you all then, as a member of the media, I am shocked and outraged that our president would read tweet such offensive things in one retreat from the president,
a man referred to Hillary Clinton. As up, I can't believe I'm gonna say these words scan Can you believe Donald Trump would do this? How could the present I'm kidding by the way what yes, the journalists are freaking out, because Donald Trump Once again does what Donald Trump always does he not come ere? I guess look I'll tell you what men it is what you voted for Trump. Is delivering an is the living in spades. He has just lighting a fire to all of this establishment whatever and it doesn't seem to care he rose with it. He likes it. I think its worthy of criticism. I absolutely do I mean look the president's supposed to be. I don't know man, how do I describe it? Some there there's gotta be some professionalism right, but I think many people in this country who voted for the report, The president, to be honest, stopped caring and I don't mean the don't care about America. I mean they stopped caring about trying to vote in people.
You lied every single step of the way the web described before at Donald Trump is a ball and you ve got. You know the Bernie Sanders. The leftist populist knock on the door. Ass can be politely leaden. Please let me in the ivory tower he said, and they laughed at him from above the pop the populace and right brought a bolder, the dough or who kicked it in an rampage full speed. So when I mean as they don't care, I think people deeply care about this country and they want to do better. But when you spend what decades voting back fourth between presidents who are like vote for me and I'll do this, and then they don't and then vote for me and I'll fix it, and then they don't. I remember that that famous rant from Dylan Radegund and I've ever seen it it was, I think, was MSNBC and he snapped He I think I can represent what he said was that one party wants a burned to the ground or the other party was a kick the can down the road for that. From other generation, no one actually having done that kinds of leaving you're not like works on a farm or somethin, could do a lot about him. But I think what, when it came, Donald Trump, he stood up and said: I'm gonna do
these things and he was nasty guy. He was mean right, that's what he said. Upset I'm a mean guy, but I work for you and this is exactly what you can expect. Let's take a look at some of these tweets and we'll talk about the media. Has boy They are really really salty about this. One trunk shares sexist messages about prominent female democrats in twitter, spree. After his answer from slate mind, you I've I've chosen lefty publication on purpose because we really want to get to the core of their outrage. After is round of golf on Saturday, it seems the president went back home and started scrolling. Twitter are then Donald Trump then proceeded to gone a spree. That was bizarre even for his standards, as he retreated posts mocking several big name. Female democrats all Oh, he peddled baseless conspiracy theories regarding a mess embassies, Joe Scarborough, in one particularly shocking message. The present shared a tweet by
John Stall, a conservative who got a whopping four percent and twenty twelve open primary to represent California's fifty second district that call the Hillary Clinton a skunk, listen, listen! My friends! I have always been a bit of a liberal dude grown up in big cities, and briefly, you know those a brief period where I was like. Maybe we actually can do something, maybe maybe there is hope and change, and then I quickly had that washed willing. I grew upon rock you know far laughter. The bunch of my skater friends had a brief period of like maybe Obama's that guy and then he went to a bunch of kids and, unlike that, was not the guy. I'm done I'm down arrow care anymore. So when I see the the establishment elite, the liars, the manipulators, the men You know it's funny that that went describing about this media class and and the establishment Democrats its. It's almost in line with this idea of the one percent. It's the people sitting atop the ivory.
Power in their fancy imagines saying let them eat cake. It's not all rich people write and that's that's the weird thing everybody tries to to figure out what this one group is. They really really heightens I've. One's got weird theories about it, but it's it's for me. I guess it still exists. If these elites there their upper class, you know not even really liberal, I mean I don't care about. Freedom is about power, there. They tend to be wealth. You look at these Hollywood celebrities. Many of them born into wealth does have money, think they're smarter than you. They were given the keys to the castle. As many these politicians were even the Republicans, especially the Republicans specially set. That's that's what I saw growing up. You had the you know that cool, hippy lefty types, and then you had the that. You know the weighty toity suit wearing traditional family values, types and then Trot came along and a lot of
these establish Republicans they retired they backed off. That would only be involved in this and tromp just started Terran everybody apart and I did vote for. You know why, because you know I've been burnt the times, and I gotta be honest. It's not what I would want to represent me some kind of athwart, but I laughed, and I understood and I remember sitting there the dates from that elected with me and by my head in a room full of the Democrat Hilary Support earth. While they were all you know, freaking out, I was laughing as large as I but it was hilarious. It was seeing all of these elites getting what what is coming to them. The ball had been unleashed and the look on their faces you know it's like they're, they're Tavis Ivory Tower, looking down laughing at the peasants who brought a ball to the door and they're all a thing and cheers eying and point dang, and then all the ball kicks the door in their like. Oh, they note was coming, may show you that some of these tweets, as well as of course Maggie Haber men. Given your times's is outraged the president just
retweeted someone calling the first woman nominee of either major. Nickel party in the? U S quote a skunk a few hours after another, Scarborough murder allegation on the weekend the country closed in on a hundred cakes of our stats. Yes, perhaps if they stop to think They will understand why it is. They represent something look game. The people like what trumpets doing I mean like trumps. Voters isn't me, people may come out and rose to vote against them. That's possibility. Biden seem to be doing better than you know. Hilary will explore this letter the segment fearlessness about guess about heard it. But when you look at someone like Maggie government of near times, does she think that she speaking to regular working Americans, do any of these people really think that they're not regular p?
oh, like the american gladiators. It's a billboard reference by notes, an old show, what they like comedy. They like entertainment, they like Kenya West and they like Donald Trump. Not everybody loved people really hate him, but before he ran for president Everybody loved the guy. You know like Yahoo, is the symbol of wealth in the american dream wherever forever? You know your opinion is on the guy I and a reference to like that. His dad is loan in everything, but people were, like you know, wrappers, wrapped about being tromp having golden toilets like that was the thing trump Is he he's not a regular guide? By no means I mean the guy's grownup rich, but he's something to these people. That's not what the and the new times's I think, what it really is. Is it's like the it's, the people think you're smarter than you to be honest, like you can be wealthy and successful, and just be bit hum
humble, you're, smarter than everybody else, and I think that's worth things that separates me from oddities. Other journalists to complete poetic I certainly disagree with a lot of you know: conservative political positions and right wing. You know, I guess cultural positions sort of its really, which really changing rights on me frameworks, each being a right wing issues become strange, but I think, as long as you're willing to be no humble recognize you're, not always right out the smartest person. That's all that anybody really wants. So you get a news, media class people like Maggie Haven, freaking out. You know her rough. I say: that's the joke right we ve been selling her rough. I say tee shirts. Ah it's on this chance on that took us our agenda, but that's the joke are making tromp? Is the guy who's coming in the room while they're all you know, pinkies out drinking there, their tea Hiram? How dare Trump say such awful words about the first lady and regular people, probably don't care, they can adjust. Pretend right. Take us up that wasn't the only time trump amplified stolen set,
The president also retreated to other messages by stall in which he insulted house, Speaker Nancy Policy and mocked the way she looks and he also share get another stall post in which he made fun of Stacy. Abrams wait to be fair, Nancy Pelosi did call Trump morbidly obese Trump is not morbidly obese he's obese. So it's like I'll, be honest man. I thought it was hilarious. The way transposing deliver that line. She was like. You know we'd be, would be who's about hijacks o clock when and she's like, we have to show you something about being concerned about. You know his age group band. Let's be honest way, class morbidly obese, it was funny I've a sense of humor, so if trump them
Comes out, makes fond of anti places like you think, I'm gonna be upset. Now I'm gonna think it's funny to it the funny thing about. What's what really separates the two factions of the culture? Ward? Ever you look at a sub, brought it or like a community like the Donald actually funny, so for those that dont know what it is read it big social me now work. The largest Donald Trump Forum create its own site, the Donald that win and I freaked went. A variety of left and right culture, war celebrates the funny thing is you'll see the same post on both you'll go to a left wing anti trumps. I read it and they'll have that picture of Donald Trump playing Tennis where he's like turning and you can see, is but any like out of shape and like a kind of goofy looking and they share that laughing and then the trumps Sheraton laughing. I dont think the left really understands what it is. The right cares about. They think it's funny, it's a joke, it's a game. They love this and they love it. When
journalists get figured saying. Oh I'm so angry that someone would make fun of Stacy Abrams White Will Nancy Policy just made of treatment for trumps weight, so they don't care you don't I mean it's funny. It's ok! Look at that! our group says absolutely despicable it, a tweet from John S stall, who said we just gotta. Look at the official Portrait of the self proclaimed governor of Georgia, she fought a tough race, cost a lot of babies and visited every buffeted restaurant in the state, while Joe will be a racist if it doesn't pick her errand rhubarb. I'd be willing to bet you could go through as timeline and find him talking about Nancy Blowsy, calling Trump morbidly obese, and he wouldn't be angry about it. Yet when it comes to someone cracking the joke about the weight of Stacy, Abrams are despicable and that's what people are sick of just have some consistency right. That's the thing about, I think about a lot of the Trump supporters. They'll they they laugh. They there there's a photo, there's a photo and viral national went viral. Those was up voted on rhetoric of
up with his hair blowing in the wind, and it looks ridiculous and the Trump supporters potluck stick You did on their form laughing loving. They love the guy, like. I don't think they understand that Trump takes these attacks against him and he turns them into jokes to rallies base. I went to the White House I hope that the wider social media summit- I thought I was gonna- be more of a club of quiet like let's have a conversation about social media censorship, but for the most part, a VIP Trump rally to be honest and Donald Trump made a bunch of self deprecating jokes that they like that they like to make fun of him and Trump road with it, and it's free
the deuce entertainer. He gets it. He knows how to make people laugh and those people like it. You you don't understand. If it's you look somewhat Rodney Dangerfield the Dune dude knew it was all self deprecating humor and actually it it's like it defeats the argument defeats the insult because you laughing shrugged off it doesn't bother you, they don't get it a three eleven. Moreover, this airports, as the president called one prominent female democrats that internet well. No, he didn't. He retreated somebody and another a skunk tonight and it won't get merely the coverage of Joe Biden saying something down, because the bar for tromp is subterranean and we ve normalized having an ignorant monster as president. No it's they don't get it. They really really doubt
There is no bar for tromp, that's basically the point and and and most people who voted for trump know it. In fact, many the people I've talked to you guys have travelled, have said they wished. He wouldn't do stuff like this. There still gonna vote form. You don't get it. You have this indefensible standard. The circular firing squad Little bomber called it there's nothing You can do to not be offensive. That's the huge problem, I'm sure someone's gonna claim Aaron Rue Powers, a beggar something. So why bother- and I end up with two extremes you Alas, that's like literally everything of is offensive and Donald Trump being like skunk, overweight eating at the phase ones. Freedom and one's got no solution. That's the big problem. When I look at Donald Trump tweeting call. You know these retreats, unlike freedom, freedom of speech. Personally, I'd like a president who didn't do this. I understand why it's funny. I think it's funny, but look. I can think of guys really really funny.
I have a friend you know whose very crude vote crass very offensive. I wouldn't Hiram for a job where they speak to the public. All the time you gonna me like a laugh at it, but that's me right. I think regular people see trumpets freedom of speech. They love that he's taking down these hortatory elitists? It makes them feel good its emotionally satisfying the problem is I look that no MIKE, I understand that that fits within like a prince, a framework of principle. I look to the left and I see nothing that makes sense it's like yet women with an x y or any, which one is offensive. I don't know. I have no idea, there was one there was a story covered where they said we mix in W. Oh am acts, and I could you not women, nay, said that's. The proper rights wait. A second inclusive and then some group came out. You know feminist saying it was offensive because you didn't need a special word, because Trans women are women and thence.
One came out and said something about like that was exclusive because of women of color something and it was like they were just attacking each other over which it what an x or why in the world, women and unlike thing here makes sense Trump being offensive. I get you can like it, you could hate it, but you know why he does it this. I don't know what that is. You got more. The president shared the mocking tweets on the same day as he continued to push it conspiracy theory that suggests Scarborough may have had something to do with the two thousand. One death of an internal worked form, keep digging Trump wrote, use forensic geniuses zen the first time the president has peddled that particular theory and its unclear. What exactly set him off time, but earlier in the day the morning Joe Twitter account noted, there would be special Sunday morning Edition of the show, as the New York Times dedicates page one to all. Those who lost their lives in the suit me in the pandemic and Trump said
and tromp tweeted about the Joe Scarborough story from two doesn't want and his internet former vice president about an also made a mention of the shocking front page that was devoted entirely the listing some of the almost one hundred thousand Americans who have died of covered, calling it jarring and heartbreaking, trumps Twitter We also came on the same day that Biden release an attack against the president blasting his decision to play golf over the weekend as the crowd of our stuff Coca tat death toll kept rising, the death toll is still rising, notes. The add the president is playing golf. Ok, first of all trump himself criticized Obama for taking vacations and golfing, and, yes, I think it's fair to call that out, but You can't simultaneously be mad about that and then argue that Trump can't do it do anything anyway. It's one of the biggest problems that they argue Trump can't have Peck dictate. What any of these businesses do. He can't force them open, has no power
What if we shut down thing sooner, we could have saved lives, and that is trumps fault. What trumped enough the authority to shut down the businesses, the governors and to do it and when you can, saying he did have the authority, you told them. He didn't you see, that's the problem, I yet you know what criticise trot for playing golf yeah yeah for sure, but you know what I really really dont care. I really don't I care for job gets done. I don't care what do another kind of person where it's like you know. If, if if, if I was a manager shop- and I came in don't play on their phone. I'm not going to be like Are you plug on your phone? I'd, be like you get those papers done? No like yup, you got it a black awesome. Next broke, I walk out. I don't care for playing a phone, I care for getting the job done The same is true for Obama. The same is true for trump. So look. If Europe wants to go, take a brightened, go gulf. I really really really dont care. Now thing is a point to be made about Trump and the amount of money at costs for him to go play golf all the time,
yeah! It's a lot of money and then meanwhile trumps donating salary. Fine, that's fine! but how much more is costing in secret service? You know that being so, I I think it's symbolic gesture, Donna, salary, fine, but he still getting great benefit. So I'm not here to play me silly aims. That's the gist of the story, yes, is at it there. There angry well users, access from tweets, baseless conspiracy, theory accusing Joe Scarborough of murder. Baseless. I can't stand the media, I can't. Why would you add the word baseless, That's a serious question. Do I think that the conspiracy charge against Scarborough are legit? No, I don't. I also don't. I don't know enough, so I would make an assertion, but a journalist, a news organization would just say something trumped up
it's about Joe Scarborough and in turn, who lost their life. That's it. You had can spirit, baseless conspiracy theories, a loaded term. This is, is white people like it when tromp rags on everybody, because you do things like this. You ve never answered the questions about what you know that what will they? They ventured. Some questions about the Joe Scarborough thing, but a lot of people don't buy it and they will talk about it and so listen. It's very simple. When I approached somebody that believe something I know to be false, do I laugh at them and insult them and say there? Peddling baseless nonsense how stupid the trump stirs. The maggots no, of course not the store, I've and tell people. I was it. I think of San friend and I got invited to this big. You know. There's a bunch of transport can gather for like a dinners so I got at people ass if to come, for Europe
I'm sitting down, are all talking. I mentioned something about systemic racism or like institutional racism and they all laughed about it and I was like, as I know, I'm I mean this seriously and there like oh, like this, I think I'm like none of them, though it is. There is such a thing as institutional system, a crisis on the problem is the left doesn't actually try to communicate with conservatives to explain it to them. Instead, you get these preachers of social justice dogma screeching that all white people are racist, which is not what it is and so just to give you a quick contacts to general to understand at Saint Louis County is why,
I did this documentary and there are problems stemming back from the history of the city and the civil rights movement and racism which result in negative consequences for them up mostly the black communities. Today to their serious issues, you have you had segregation, and because of this you end up. What's with you know a bunch of different cities, and then you end up with poverty in certain areas, and so the issue will try to explain to. People is not that the individual officer whose enforcing this ticket is racist, but that there are remnants of systems that came from racist institutions that still exist, and I think the solution to them is to actually talk about it from a regional perspective from classed perspective, when you approach someone humbly and honestly- and you say I don't think this modest person the world- but I can tell you what I did hear and what I did learn about when I went someplace guess what they listen instead, what we get- and this criticism goes for trump as well, when you point the finger at someone else and insult demonstrates them and laugh. I M just a
you just it doesn't work, I don't like engaging in this kind of stuff on twitter right. I really avoid this, but I see it all time. Some one on the left between than some on the right will pose something you know insulting them necessary them. Insulting, but it could be like derision or mockery. I always try to make sure for more the most part. My responses to many these journalists is normal. You know honest and com. There was one instance where I a journalist, tweeted something I then treating a response and a people people are attacking the journalist with journals was quoting a paper, and so I apologise for us. I wasn't now is not my intention. I was actually highlighting the store you are highlighting as well just quoted you shouldn't have cheated on it.
Should you choose a story, but that's that's what I try to do and I think everyone we'd better off for it. But the point of this video in what I'm saying is it's? Why it's it's? How you can understand why the left is always freaking out. Why Trump says the things that he does, whether or not we get through this and everything improves? Maybe or maybe we just devolve until everyone tears, which others throats up all their stick around next Eichmann, coming up over at TIM cast dot net. Go to that you are out to different Youtube channel it'll, be at four p m. I will see you there and thanks rang it up. The latest press secretary cayley, make has been going after the press and she's taken the gloves off she's brought slides in he repeatedly pulls out a book and ask questions and challenges the fake news, media, and, of course the journalists are furious about it in a kind of surprising story. Chris Wallace, a fox news invited a panel where they ended up, bashing, cayley monotony, and it's funny news. Buster says it see
like CNN, but I won't talk about this because I gotta tell you: man watch and some of these viral clips, and it is emotionally satisfying when cayley maternity throws the questions back in the face of the press, who you'd think would be well to report on this stuff answer some questions and understand. What's going on, they love to say, like what is even Obama gate. It's like did. If some you know, middle aged guy at home can pull up Google and get a quick understanding of abominate. At the very least, you could do the same before asking questions actually look into the stuff, so you know what you're talkin too many journalists are in the world where I guess I call a toilet swirl to spin around five. Did it's it's a game of telephone, between all these other journalists. There, there ice their insulated. They don't do research outside of their bubble, so they have no idea what's going on and it's funny now because we have to have the present. Terry Caerleon Kennedy asked them.
Questions because that's how clueless these people are, Let's take a look at what is going on in this specific instance from news Busters, Wallace, Goldberg, bash, twitter, Troll, press secretary Mackay, Fox NEWS Sunday Anchor Chris Wallis invited a panel to bash white Us Press Secretary Caerleon Kennedy because she dared to stand up to opposition press between Wallace taking it personally and they never trump editor in chief of the dispatch Jonah Goldberg attacking her. It was like watching CNN Wallace's chief comply. Was them again had taken the White House pool to task for ignoring and downplaying the rebel. Patients and the crop investigation of Lieutenant General Michael Flynn and other sure collusion narrative was unravelling quote. I have to say that if Cayley MC had to old, SAM Donaldson, and me what questions we should ask that wooden
I've gone well for her Wallace bristled as he addressed Goldberg. What is that supposed to mean? Why wouldn't go well? She asked the questions she wanted answered. So what's the problem, you wanna fire back and ask questions. I'm sure she engage in that conversation because she wants you to axe. Ask those questions, Goldberg took exception with former Dnc chaired on Brazil, who he said was deferential to Cayley Mc Kennedy. I think her behaviour is indefensible Oh and grotesque. I love, I love the collective outrage. I don't care. What comes from Goldberg proclaimed against the press secretary after struggling to get his analogy out, he declared maternity, ass quote. A twitter trawl who goes on attack doesn't actually care about doing the job they have men? I could absolutely say the exact same thing about these journalists and there it is cayley maternity.
Has presented the funhouse, mirror and place it on the podium and further microphone, and the journalists are now seeing exactly what they do and they don't like it. That's all it is a reflection of what they are doing. To be fair. Kalen identity is doing a better job, but if you want to view, whereas a twitter troll, how do you think Everyone else feels when these journey our literally just twitter trolls. I saw one journalist I supposedly from a prestigious publication. Posting screen shots from one, nickel and something from Tramp tramp said across the country code. The numbers are going down. Then they took this opposition research. Thanks uncovered I start going up and there like. Well, it's like ok did, use a string, shouted the stories I get it. We all do that but you realise those are two different things if you want to argue that across the country numbers are going down, that's a fair point
does it mean all numbers for the entire nation going not know. It means that cities across the country where the numbers are going down there could be other places where they're going up the point, but the journalist want to get out takes ass. They wonder they want to go online and you know the one. I'm do that's thing where you like your finger and make the hissing sound, because our burning somebody as they want to do that's what they actually do: and then you get Chris Walls and Jonah Goldberg trying to do it on tv is what I dont like about the current it of what are you know, what else gets a journalism? Anyone called that because it's basically just your body getting emotional digs at each other, like I understand why Billina Kennedy pulls out the book and says what about these stories. I mean I We agree with with doing this. Some one asked her: how does the store from while like a couple weeks ago or so they said you know. In the past, you criticise Donald Trump. You said these things Then she said you know basically look I stand by Trump, but then she pulls out stores
says. If you want to ask me about taking back things. I said I would ask vocs. Would you wanna take back this story where you mentioned carnivores? Wasn't that better the Washington post? She then goes on to list all of these out where they said things they later. When on to you, no claim the the opposite and after the media does they don't take her this is a very well so when she says. Oh, you want to ask me that question. I ll give you an answer. Uk times change, and now here's one right back at you. They get all angry, and here you go. He added Jonah Gilbert and instead wants to impress really an audience of one and make another part of official Washington. Another one of these essential cable news and toward her glad of toil arenas, and it's a sign of the defining of deviancy down in our politics, and it's only going to make things worse. Have you ever met Jim com the good sir. I dont believe it was. You know sorry, sir gotta be Sanders or shot.
Spice are who started the cable tv nonsense of the press, briefings that my friend, was none other than CNN, very own, Jim Acosta, which is funny watching a reading about this fox. Now it really does sound like CNN Duma CASA turned it into a spectacle. Now I get it, you can point the finger at Trump a bit, but the thing they about Trump is that he's the president and presidents can be eccentric or not. The press is supposed to be professional. Asked questions get to the bottom, the things asked for clarification. They don't gimmick, cost, stood up, grandstanding and ranting and arguing with the president. However, realize that brought and writings. They all did the same thing. So when you get Cayley, Mc Kennedy coming out challenging year and saying what about this, you wanna play these games, you don't get to now be mad and say: wool, drugged, she's turning into cable tv or maybe, if you came out and criticise Jim Acosta when the rest of us did, we would not be here and I'll. Tell you what if you
rid of those people like Jim Costa and the other CNN Caitlin. What's your face and that women are polar mask down into like. Why are you asking me about China, India, where those people then maybe I'll, ask that we tone things down, even in so far as Canada, Kennedy would engage the press, but you don't so to act like what cayley is doing is somehow the worst thing you ve ever seen is just a lie. A straight up lie she's com, she's professional. She brings up good points, it's it's! That's it! If the journalists want to play these games, then this is what they'll get at the very least they don't even have to of press briefings, she doesn't even have to come out and the journalists don't have to go their water. You complaining about its optional It's like someone saying how about I you know, look they they could just shut. The press briefing Sally that the last time and an l complied truck should have pressed briefings Then Trop started having press briefing and there were like Nano shut. Trumps press briefings down its boosting is ratings, so then tromp brings
Kalen Kennedy, another outraged! Ok I'll, tell you what maybe just don't do it at all, because you'll, never please these people, I dont, think they're really angry at or I don't. I think what they're doing is a part of the performative political garbage. So look I'd. Love of everything went back to normal I'd love. People are honest: they're, not and what we ve gotten from just whatever this culture war is is reality. Tv trash trumpeted created, tromp is a symptom of it and that's one of the reasons not elected people, liked what he brought to the table because of what was budding up in our culture and Bernie Sanders represented a left wing populists movement, but he never strength when Thou trumpets elected he does his trompe in thing, and that's no excuse for an entire industry to throw all ethics out the window and are playing this game. A few examples. I was at Whitcomb the largest video conference in the world a few years ago, the president of now this news said that they,
working with aunt, I tromp activists at the highest level and content production. Why? How about Brian Spelter when he said, is the job of the press to challenge the anger of the public? What no it isn't? It's your job to inform the public if trumped says something by all means fact check him CNN. Doesn't they just play the game, because CNN is being run by a guy who used to do reality. Television is painfully obvious. So what do I see from Fox NEWS? Oh, they want to get it on the game to her. You know what man I'm just I'm just I'm gettin. So over all of this I know I know I'm part of the same thing, the difference I gases that You know I'm right now, a dude in his house talking about his feelings that when you have Fox news, which is a massively funded organization, when you have CNN massively funded, they could be doing real news. So I'll tell you this. You want to criticise me for being a member of the media and applying the same game. Oh now, I'm complaining about Fox. They are complaining about whatever ok, ok.
Totally fine. I get it, I'm actually trying to set up various news entities and fashioning organisations so that from this we create good news. Vader, the opposite from their news channels. They create cable reality, tv garbage check out s c and our dot com. You can see that the link to the Youtube channels, formerly subversive that's called scanner check we ve got awesome journalism real on the ground reporting, so the people who are doing that they do their own thing there at a totally independent good. I'm glad what I hope is that, while I say it's the inverse, ok I'll, tell you what I like Kalen economy. I like what she's been doing. I like that these journalists are now getting challenged because they're not doing their jobs. If you have a problem with someone challenging you, then maybe you shouldn't be in this industry can stand a heat out of the kitchen. Journalists have to ask.
Questions, and sometimes you will be challenged. That's the point. Did you think you were going to sit down, I going to do whatever you wanted and no one would question anything. You said that's absurd, but I'll wrap it up with this. I don't think Fox news even really cares. I really don't. I think Fox NEWS is just in the same old game casino all talk about an you'll talk about in that's all you want to do anymore, we'll see where we end up after this year. I'm hoping that the election everything how to chills that will see the ground. I got a couple more segments coming up for you in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. I wonder if people who work in the media have ever heard the phrase give me liberty or give me death. Let me day that one more time for all of you in the back Give me liberty or give me: are you ready death? Ok, Ok, now that you are a really sat there and listened to what that sentence means our approach do, the story from Box is America.
Two libertarian to deal with the corona virus, ok alright, men, our cultural history, is liberty and individualism and freedom for there. We slowly developed a collective, the american collective in this article Sean, ailing interviews. What's this guy's, I'm Keith Humphreys, who pendant a bad arguing that America is too obsessed with freedom. They're, not even trying to hide it anymore, their overtly. Calling for authoritarianism. Ok, I gotta give us ever spectrum. They do bring up a good point right up that many conservatives, it actually agree with. In this interview- Sean says that what with it with protectionism we get a language of rights, but not of language of obligations and that responsibilities. It's a good point. A lot of people have brought this up to me that with You know with your civil rights. Comes your civil responsibilities. The only problem.
As many women left, don't agree with either you ve got a bunch of young spoiled brat. I'm not saying everybody, but the micro generation man, we sure have known- and maybe it's part of every generation, but they come out saying giving him a guinea and they don't talk about what they're going to do in exchange. What are you, you know what that what's a famous saying ass, not what your government can do for you, but what you can do for your government. You have these people saying we you have our needs that are our needs. Met are meet our needs met. Should have housing, schooling, transportation welfare. What are you Gonna, do in order to ensure that nothing these complaints on the internet, half the time limits read some of his interview and see some since they make because I've got some what man I all his lean on the side of freedom- and you know what I fully recognise- that that comes with risks- that's right. It's hard for us to respond properly to major pandemics, because we have civil liberties. I mean any
you can look over a communist China and we get why they were able to keep their numbers down two ways. First, They were welding people into their homes, literally welding, their doors shut and second they're lying about the numbers, because there are thoughts, area and the journalist got kicked out of the country. How hard is that to figure out if they write America's look. Health experts are working to map out a plan to combat the corona virus in America, and there are in he had many proposals from academic, hunters from think tanks and from government, while the plans differ near they all of them rely on some combination of surveillance, mass testing, isolation, isolation and contact tracing. Many of them pointed countries like Singapore, South Korea and Germany Examples of how to intelligently respond to the pandemic. Ok, ok, ok to varying, degrees. I say whoa there, MR I've bene. Singapore, it's beautiful! That is really awesome casino at the top of his hotel, beautiful young Let us! When you go there, there's no good,
I'm on the sidewalk anywhere because its illegal they give people the death by. If they bring drugs through their country? You get out If you can get arrested for not flushing a toilet, you'd get arrested for leaving food and table at a fast food restaurant, Singapore is very low, much more authoritarian? Although luck, when I went there are no problems, you walk around you, don't you want to escape. Boardinghouse bond is fine, so it is very very very beautiful place there go on to say, but what? What, if the six swell strategies in those countries just won't work in Amerika. The question was posed by Keith Humphreys Stanford University, Professor, who works on addiction and public health policy in a viral twitter threatened We are in a viral twitter that last week, Humphreys argued that a lot of his public healthcare colleagues warrant. Thinking seriously enough about the cultural obstacles that might undercut the country's efforts to test trace and isolate Americans he later, and a Washington Post column drawing out his argument and a little more detail. Humphreys basic claim is that any plan
we adopt, no matter how wise is useless without widespread political consent from american citizens. And the obsession with individual. Liberties in America, coupled with a general distrust of government, poses an enormous challenge to even the best conceivable plan We want to say that he spoke to Humphreys by phone about what he thinks. Public health experts are failing to recognise and if he believes America is too libertarian to handle a collective action problem like the krona virus pandemic. A lightly edited try. Conscript. Other conversation follows and will read some of this, but ought to libertarian man. This country started out extremely libertarian drifted away from that. The message is clear: there upset that we have civil rights and freedoms I mean I was just watch the movie contagion like a second I've watched in a month maybe see that way. It's been gone viral, it's like on the front page of every movie network service or whatever and there's one part, and where
character of Lawrence Fishermen, who, I believe is working for the CDC or something he says they ve talking about putting the vaccine in the water, so can mass medicate everybody like fluoride and I started laughing. You don't have the right to do that. I mean I guess technically they do or when around Alan Dershowitz, certainly that they're dead, but I'm not a fan of that. The idea of forced mass medication of a population- s kind of freaky, and you can liming. Look look at fluoride in the water already, that is to an extent mass medication and most of us don't say anything about it, but to get real teeth. They say I think, look when it comes something like public health policy when it comes to how we respond to crises. We are an individualist nation. We really are. We have some collective principles and I do think it's very
we recognise our responsibilities to our community America when it comes to these problems, so I'll be fair. Keith Humphreys does bring up a really good point. Think about war and conflict. Ok I've? I've talked to my you know: super left, the anarchists friends about this. Why anarchism never works and there there are many many many reasons why they fail. Sometimes it's their fault. Sometimes it's not. I want you to realise with a a stick authority. Brian, despotic despotism. What I want to call it You can move like that bomb snap of the fingers with it arctic society where everyone's bickering amongst themselves and trying to have some kind of democratic decision making you move very slow. So take a look at our put this way. I'd say you have two countries, and one is very far laughed and arctic Libertarian
and the other one is old, trot, authoritarian, unaware of its left or right, communist or or you know, fascistic. What I want to call it the dictator of the authoritarian country I should say to for the for the odd that the other city to I shouldn't They laughed, I should say, libertarian right. Everything is It's on some kind of slow process decision making or private purchaser something the authorities system as a bunch of people were basically slaves, conscripted soldiers there not very good but their forced to do it and then the dictator says I want to invade that city boom and they do it. The other city then says, okay, this dude charge and false beat at us with a bunch of soldiers. What do we do and then they EDGAR, and they argue and they debate about time there debating they ve been overrun invaded when it's when it takes you, two long this, why America's varies it? It was built in a very, very clever way: the executive branch allows for action to be taken very very swiftly quickly. If there's a problem,
It can be challenged in the courts, the legislative branch which deal, those with you know: our laws is relatively slow and oftentimes ineffective, but they debate they should debate their spouse to debate. They do then ultimately make decisions, but when it comes to matters of war and law enforcement, the executive branches goes for it. Therefore, we A little bit of all this is pretty smart. So let me read a lot about what he says. John John Ailing says. Lay out America's political cultural problem for me. Why are you worried that we can deal with this pandemic? The way other countries have an Keith Humphreys, the guy who says we like freedom too much does, I think, we're different from the other democracies that have handled this well in our long term, resistance to the growth of the state in general, but also in the domain of health. Why is it that every other developed country has government get indeed healthcare, and we do not. The obvious reason is that there is an end Think of aversion to government power in the DNA of America. This is the only
major democracy, in which a huge number of people have fought to prevent a government guarantee of Healthcare for all citizens. I gotta stop you're right there buddy first problem. I don't know what you're talkin about. Why is it that every of a developed country, has government guaranteed health care, and we do not. Do you know anything about why there's government mandated Healthcare in Europe, its called world war, two bro, we weren't devas aided by world war, two we sent the weapons out dated come here. The bombs were dropped on European nations and afterwards, my general as I could be wrong about this too. My general understanding is that they quickly mobilized because they needed a way to take care of people who were injured, sick or dying, because a war broke out and evolve from there. But it's far from perfect, another big factor. Is that the? U S pays a lot of the bills for a lot of other countries, because we have our world police everywhere and I'm no fan of that either. There's a lot of things we could fond of. We weren't doing that, notably universal health care,
and one of them. The main issue is not to a great degree that people don't want people to have healthcare there. Is to be fair and issue a people say I want the glamour running this. Here's what I tell people Imagine go the DMZ right imagine waiting allotted to be envied to get your license now that are getting your license you to get the importance lifesaving surgery. Congratulations, let me know if you want that are not you can compare that two other countries you can't compete. That to France or Germany or Switzerland, whatever within different culture. So when we the bee envy. People are lazy, it take forever, it's a nightmare. We all hate it just because other kind, trees can do, it doesn't mean we can also keep in mind. Other countries are alot small. Particularly in Europe, so this guy already already does an assignment. I gotta make argued this robots real more here, as this aversion is especially potent now, but it goes back to the very beginning of the country, a country found by people who lived in fear of a king. Not really no stuff,
You know what man it is. Our constitution was set up with checks and bow, says out of out of fear of the power. Of the state and that law rotarian streak is with us through everything, and it also plies the domain of health, ok, fine call, it fear. I don't think that's fair. I think our founding fathers didn't have a fear of it that a disdain for it. They didn't like what it was in, but what was imposed upon him? It is certainly worth foreign ski the king, even though we had a bunch of militia and farmers, we went up against the british Empire and the regular Americans worked scared. Some people were now the founding fathers had a disdain for the system and they set up our country to prevent this system for which they hated because it up it was oppressive and abuse them it mess it it. Just all round was oppressive. It's these would explain it so far You could call it a fear. Fine, that's fair, and because of this we reject overwhelming government controls. It served us
very very well? I can go on too much That's while just jump to the d, the conclusion here: Sean ailing says you conclude: you're threat by sea. Will probably end up with something like a swedish krona virus policy by default. What does that mean exactly and Humphrey says one of the push backs I got Is that our approach won't be as good as Sweden's, because we don't have universal health care. So I think what this means is the virus will continue to spread fairly consistently across the country. I wouldn't be prize to the death toll has doubled by Labour day. I would, of course, be incredibly, happy to be wrong about that and there's really early. Two things that could interpret this one. That could interrupt the sorry a vaccine, which is very unlikely for at least a year or more, to increase development of therapeutics? so maybe we'll have a breakthrough and our ability to treat the symptoms. What I think is more likely is that a huge number of people will contract this virus. And we develop immunity overtime. If that happens, the vile-
Irish will diminish over time, but it won't be because of our task to trace and isolation efforts, and let me now introduce you to the number one counterpoint to this entire problem and I bring you. Japan doesn't Japan have you no resolve charitable. Have tracing or testing or locked down and they beat it so you're wrong. And our italian man you're wrong. Freedom is a good good thing, only with their I got one more segment coming up for you in a few minutes pocket about defending that freedom and I'll see you shortly turkish troops, invade Greece and occupies small patch of land near river Ross, turkish troops have invaded green an occupied, a small patch. I don't know I the sub had her had to be different, had be the same. As the matter, but fine. I saw the story from news that that a you and I couldn't believe it was real turkish soldiers actually invaded Greece. That's that's alarming. What's Greece gonna, do I mean
as is part of the European Union, wants the European Union going to do things good lightly. Do something pretty scary: At the same time. We got a couple of stories: iranian fuel starts arriving in Venezuela. Despite: U s warnings all of this stuff. It's hang on. I'm Emma among us earlier talk about Turkey, but will read that story. We ve had come vacations in the South, China Sea. I analysis Walkin Guam with basically they have all the big planes and bombers U are s sending destroyers than South Tennessee China claiming they chased him off. It sounds like it sounds like war. When you add all this together, and then you look at the story about the infiltration of chinese interest in America. It really does feel like Things are getting kind of scary. There are reports that China has been conducting nuclear drills. We now have What's at the? U S is considering conducting nuclear drills as well as the last We need as a planet, and then I saw the story. The actual store, I think, is particularly important.
The army is planning a mass recruiting drive this summer, wow. How Incredibly, convenient for everything and everyone, those who, like war, I mean. Let me break this down, While we have something going on around the world and their fears that a war is gonna break out and I've said we're on the brink of war with China, the army is looking to bolster its ranks. Why this is convenient first of all for the Does that are very, you know, bullish on war hawkish on war? Well, you're gonna get more ground troops hate. You need a right. The next thing is, the economy now that the economy has basically collapsed and many these jobs won't becoming back what happens, and the army says we got jobs. Waiting people will take them. That's amazing. It's just perfect timing,
I'm not alleging any conspiracies, actually alleging a perfect storm. China is responsible for this virus, not because they create those stupid like that. No because they didn't tell us so all the devastation that had often also the countries they could it told us they lied. This has led to U S! Interest in western interests being furious with China. Australia wants an investigation, so China imposed massive tariffs on Australia, will that we party got budding conflict, then the lock down sit and in big cities. In many states people are left unemployed. Now we ve got a real,
fear of war. The chinese Ministry of State Security issued a report. I believe this was an early April straight to the President of China Vision, paying saying you need to prepare for the worst case scenario. A physical confrontation with the United States, and that brings me to through cities, trap a familiar this. It states that what I believe that the analysis is out of sixteen moments in the past five hundred years, sixteen instances of a dominant power about to be replaced by an emerge, in power. In twelve of those there have been war, and that's lucidity. Cities trap it's basically. This idea that whenever a dominant power, our is challenged by an emerging power. They go to war. So am I the story about the army planning a mass recruiting drive. I have to wonder what let's stop per second actually looking at something that may be a real spark of a confrontation Turkey invading Greece will see if this becomes anything, as I said before,
lockdown, we're looking at stories were more focused on stores or is not a whole lot happening. Man I mean before locked down. I was talking about movies, Sonic, ahead and birds of prey. Now that nothing. Happening where more focused on whatever it is. We can focus on and then the news we hear stories like this. They stories might be pretty normal, but because we're focused, we think they're more significant and they are let us wait and see what's going on and then let's talk the army recruiting in this way. The army is taking advantage of the economy there and to bring in a whole bunch of new enlisted. You know members because people need jobs news that combat a u says about thirty: five soldiers have reportedly marched onto a flood plains site on the EAST Bank, of the ever evrose near the town affair? press on the disputed border between Turkey and Greece, special forces than infantry set up a camp with a small turkish flag flying from a tree and rejected greek demand
to withdraw longstanding disputes over the position of the border arise when the fact the Evrose River, which marks it out, often shifts its course the movement leaves land that has been that that is technically part of Greece to the Rivers EAST, and the land that is technically part of Turkey to its West S. Weird the incursion took place on Friday and was a poor report earlier. Spots to a greek army survey of the one point: six hectic hectare site as part of plans to build additional border fences. Turkey currently house, more than four million refugees from Syria. God we get the point now. Look I don't know This will actually result than anything significant, because it seems that this problem is ongoing. I hide only because it may be a lot of people. Are worried about it. So put it this way, it may be significant. It sounds like it as if it is supported by a dispute.
Border- and it sounds like this- is carbon ongoing thing, so I wouldn't be too worried about it now the iranian ships, bringing feeling of Venezuela kind of worrying, because the Eu S has made you know, put a bounty on Maduro, for instance, these these, the President of Venezuela, currently tech finally, I think the other guy is out of going on, but there really electronic to would get rid of Madeira, and now we have this This is the more well described this. The army is planning a mass recruiting drive this summer. It could just be that with a damaged economy, it's a great up. Opportunity for the all volunteer forced a scoop about a ton of desperate people who otherwise wouldn't want to join the army. Now that kind of have no choice, I would say that's taking advantage of the circumstances, but that's actually a common tactic when the economy, dips, army or It meant ramps up, guarantee job governs, got money for your rights. What you wanted you, it's really funny
These people saying the government should provide these checks to them. Will here you go here's your opportunity join the arm for joined the join the armed forces and you will get your guaranteed check and a job army time says The general, the general homing army, recruiting command is preparing a massive virtual, hearing about the summer after the army two hundred and forty Fiveth birthday on June, fourteenth, like the other two branches, the ground, Sir is fighting the anticipated dent to manpower after the crowd of our stuttered recruiting stations across the country the spring. The push will involve every person in every aspect to the service that army recruiting Commander Major General Frank and move can muster. He said during a telephone call on Wednesday and intensive event between you. Thirty, eight July second, we'll tap senior leaders to visit with city councils on profits, educators and other pillars of local communities, a supercharged version of the programme at the army chief of public affairs already runs, which brings,
Army generals back to their home towns to engage with civilians able to influence young people. Now, stop you see right there. They may have just explained it, because the lockdown recruiting stations have been closed for their probably face. It looks like that their facing a debt, to the manpower, a shortfall. Maybe this is just to make up for their losses. They normally expect it to recruit x, amount of people they shot down. They gotta make up for this losses quote. We would do the same thing We will do the same thing, but it would end up being on Zoom or Microsoft. Team said move the secretariat from Chicago maybe engage, the Chicago leadership and, though about one or first command goes down Nashville because he's right there and eighty second command goes to this goes goes and he zooms with Raleigh. There's all these different. As we can use these folks move pitched the idea to to go to the army servers secretary and chief of staff, calling it Army national hiring days, it will be limited in
certain areas based on where shelter in place orders are still an effect, but move intends for it to be a never before seen recruiting DR regardless every person in the armies involved every ass. It is, of. Everyone is on message. We are engaging in the focus twenty two and we're driving our message for people too. There go into the recruiting stations or to go or to go to go army now come focused wanting to it. Reference to the twenty two american Citys, like Chicago Seattle, LOS Angeles with large populations of generation, Z, youth, army leaders say have had minimum excise, oh sure, to the service as a potential path and life army recruiters we're doing fairly well late last year and early the spring sourcing candidates for service by March they had signed up to Thousand two hundred more and they had by the same time last year, but the pandemic dampened their efforts, bricks and mortar stations. Shuddered and the recruiting enterprise was forced to move completely online right now the services about four thousand contracts, short of where it wants to be its
or than where it's more than we were last year at, but at the same time historically We ve had a year where we were behind that much too adding that his recruits recruiters not been in a position to virtually recruit. They would have done. About zero new contracts over the past few months. So, ok, ok, let me let me turn things down here. Everybody It really just seems like they should have add more than they already did so all. It sounds like their bolstering their forces while sounds like there are things happening around the world? Let me just stress: we're just hyper focused on this: that's what it really feels like I've been. By a lot of people that what we see in the South, China Sea is just a tit for tat, its par for the course they ve been given play. His games and maybe at one point it will boil over, but we ve been hearing these. The over and over again, this is not an outlier. When you see story, like this. My first and think for sure, like all man o their workers, and we got all this action happening and that its like up it's just because everything shot down. They gotta make up those numbers,
But you know I won't. I won't pretend like there isn't some concern. This will lead to something right. We are seeing an escalation. Donald Trump has taken a fierce. Ass against China, Australia has as well. And now many other countries are joining Australia's call for a deep investigation into what happened in war weapon in China in China is not happy about it El China allow the international community to challenge them. I think the answer is no, and that brings me back to through assiduities trap these these men, He blips the story Army recruiting Turkey, IRAN, but his will it be blips, but it is true that we face a very, very real circumstance: a real potential for war, don't ignore it! Who knows when
if their next signal become an up tomorrow at ten a m on this channel thanks thank sprang up and I'll. See you all, then,.
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