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Democrats Issue Veiled Threat, Vote For Joe Biden Or Cities Burn, Say They Will NOT Concede To Trump


The story of the Democrat and Never Trumper war games has finally been published and they say plainly that the only way we get a peaceful transfer of power is if Joe Biden wins in a landslide.The narrative and claims of civil unrest seem to escape logic however. Why would Antifa and the far leftists stop rioting simply because Joe Biden won?In fact Democrats admit that Joe Biden will refuse to concede and Democrats would prefer civil war over Trump winning a second term.

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Democrats have issued what I consider to be a veiled threat. Either Joe Biden winds in a landslide or violence will erupt across the country. Cities will burn and there will be a constitutional crisis not to long ago was report in the Boston Globe in the New York Times about a war game? It was a scenario. Several scenarios put by Democrats and never Trumpery to try and predict what could go wrong. This election, they basically Tat. The only scenario where everything goes: fine, there's no violence of if Joe Biden, wines, which makes absolutely no sense, but now they finally published, their story. What's the worst that could happen, action will likely spark violence and a constitutional crisis. My question is this: what in from all over the far left extremists does Joe Biden have. Why would he thought and the far left extremists simply stop riding in smashing things, because Joe Biden, one I thought Joe,
but it wasn't a radical socialist. I thought these people weren't Joe Biden supporters Why would they stop rioting if Joe Biden one quite honestly, it makes absolutely no sense. Yet this is the narrative being pushed out by Democrat operators and. Allies in media, it's us or violence. While I will not be coerced- and I don't take kindly to narrative. You see in this scenario in this war game they didn't bring on any trumps. Borders, they brought a never trumpeters. They took the IMF was insane approach to planning at what from would actually do and they're trying to frame it male in voting is perfect in every way, and therefore anything that goes wrong is trumps. Fault. We have a lot of reasons to expect stooped to suspect that may in voting, will lead to widespread chaos, uncertainty, inaccuracies and voter fraud.
A recent interview on CNN Bill BAR got pretty angry, sank straight up. You are playing with fire trying to change the rules right now and limit this clear. As we move into the story. Doktor bergson doktor fancy of both sad voting in person is, I just need some simple procedures. Normal normal masks and social distancing. We should be fine, but Democrats insist and that's what we're gonna get more violence I got a story about a twelve year old attacked over a trump sign. We ve got stories of widespread violence. Let's go through what the Democrats are telling us, they expect to happen because again, in my opinion, it's a veiled threat of vote for us or else and that's kind of been what we ve seen all along behind. You say it one more time before we jump into the story, do they control anti FA and does the far left actively support Biden so they'll be appeased by his victory? Apparently so
Before we get started had over the TIM Cast Outcomes- life. Don't it if you'd like to support my work as many ways you can give us a p o box. The best thing you can do is share this video and are the big marketing department. I just have word of mouth. If you think I do a good, job and what I'm saying is important. Sharing this video is the best way to help, but also don't forget it. The like button subscribe button and the notification belt. Let's read the news, the Washington Post. What's the worst that could happen, Rosa Brooks Rights. We wanted to know what's the worst thing that could happen to our countries, residential election. President Trump has broken countless norms and ignored countless laws during this time in office, and while MIKE Colleagues and I at the transition integrity projects didn't want to lie awake at night contemplating the ways the american experiment could fail. We Eliza then identifying the most serious risks to our democracy might be the best way to avoid in November disaster. So we built a series of war games sought out some of the most accomplice
Republicans, Democrats, civil servants, media experts, pollsters and strategists around, and ask them to imagine what they do and a range of election and transition scenarios a landslide. Joe Biden resulted in a relatively orderly transfer of power every this scenario. We looked at involved street level, violence, political crisis and I want to point one thing up before we start reading there scenarios: why would it be Donald Trump, giving a orderly transfer of power, but not the other way around? They are too Let us out right. This is a threat in the scenario where Donald Trump wins they refuse to concede. Yet why would other members of the media climates trump? Who would refuse to concede? Hillary Clinton said Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances. We know exactly what's happening. They are threatening us unless we give them a
lean transfer of power picture. This she writes on the morning of election day. False stories appear online, claiming that Biden has been hospitalized. Life threatening, hardtack election has been delayed, Ray Mainstream NEWS Organization reports. The rumours are unfounded, but many biden- supporters confused by the bogus claim, stay home still by late night, light that night Most major networks have called the election of forbidden Biden. The former vice president has one key states. And as a slender led in the national popular vote and pulling experts predict that this lead that his leader will grow substantially western states count and unusually high number of male and balance the electoral college looks secure forbidden to, but Trump refuses to concede. I'll. Let you know on Twitter that millions of illegal aliens and dead people have voted in large numbers at the uncounted ballots are all fake votes. Social media fills with post from Trump supporter Legend at the election has been stolen in a deep state coup and trot friendly pundits on Fox NEWS and away on echo. This message
doing attorney, general billion people are opened investigation into and stand. Sheeted allegations of massive vote by male fraud and ties between democratic officials and Anti fought in Michigan and was constant, where Biden has won, the official vote and democratic governors have certified slice of providing electors. The Trump campaign persuades Republican controlled legislatures to send rival pro trumps slates to Congress for the Electoral college vote. This is this. This is the narrative unsubstantiated. They say that mail in voting is secure. Its fine interestingly bill bar recently spoke to Wolf, Blitzer and he said There is a by partisan review from two thousand five that found absentee ballots have potential for fraud the highest, yet they keep can slating mail in voting with absentee. Let me just help you out here. You request an absentee ballot.
We know who getting them. Mail in boats will go to anyone and everyone register which includes dead people. It include people who no longer live at these addresses, and it might mean that you were even get your ballot when rob. It is reported on what Bill BAR said. They left out his explanation of absentee bout and simply enjoy, did the line mail in voting as normal unsafe? That's the trick. They don't want you to know while those of you who are watching videos like mine, you do and that's part of the reason why I ask you to share, hopefully one I'm about to show all the evidence is enough. Let's keep reading is it? The next week is chaotic a list of Michigan. It was content electors for I didn't circulates on right wing social media, including photos, homo dresses and false claims that scores of them or in the pay of billionaire George Soros or have been linked to child trafficking rings. Massive, providing street protests begin Pro Biden Street Protests. That's it
first, I thought what we ve seen so far with the violence and the rioting wasn't pro Biden, I thought the black lives matter: extremists Proluton, who came out Chicago warrant, actually supporters of Joe Biden so the Democrats have been saying so. What are they saying now are they saying that when Biden wins Anti vote, we'll find no reason to go right and burn things down. I think they're making it clear for us these people going on protesting, therefore left, but they are Biden supporters because apparently they'll get what they want from Biden he'll, give in and is already starting to cut deals with far left extremists who would burn down Your store for political gain. Do we want a president who would negotiate with terrorists? I wouldn't they say meanwhile, declares that unless this carnage ends, you will invoke the insurrection act and send incredibly powerful military in their ominous weapons into the streets. They teach these Anti American
terrorists, the lesson at the Pentagon, the joint Chiefs of staff convene a hurried meeting to discuss the crisis and its not even thanks giving it that does. Dopey is based on how events played out in one of the transition intact a project exercises we explored the four scenarios. Experts consider most likely a narrow Biden when a big Biden win with decisive lead in both the electoral and popular vote. A trump win with an electoral college led by large popular vote loss as in twenty sixteen and finally, a period of of extended uncertainty, as we saw in the two doesn't election, with the exception of the Big Biden when each of our exercise reach to the brink of catastrophe, with massive disinformation campaigns, violence on the streets and a constitutional impasse in two scenarios: tromp when and extended uncertainty There was still no agreement on the winner by migration, they are no consensus on which candidate should be assessed. To have the ability to issue binding commands to the military or receive the nuclear codes and then
Joe Biden win scenario: Trump refuse to leave office ultimately escorted by the secret service, but only after part himself and his family and burning incriminating documents. For obvious reasons. We couldn't ask Trump or Biden or their campaign aids. This is where they come in and tell us there were no pro trump individuals in this war game. When I find fascinating is that they straight up, told us. If Trump wines, we will not can succeed only if Biden wins well, they expect from to hand over power. This is saying the quiet part loud. How long were they complain that Trump will not concede that even if Trump loses help fight, you won't accept the results of the election, but they're telling us naturally expect Do they expect if they win Trump, will peacefully transfer overpower amazing? Isn't it yet in public? They don't say that and each scenario team trot,
the players assigned to simulate the trunk campaign was ruthless and unconstrained and team by struggled to get out of reaction mode, and every exercise both teams ought to mobilise their supporters. Take the streets. Team Biden repeatedly called for peaceful protests, while team Trump encouraged provocateurs to incite violence, how many trop Trot supporters have been going around smashing up windows in burning down buildings. Sorry, early. That's your supporters, Joe Biden. They gone dimension team tromp, repeatedly attempted to exploit ambiguities and gaps in legal framework. They repeatedly sought, for instance, it besides, persuade State GEO, p allies to send rival slates of electors to Congress when the popular vote
didn't go, was white with competing slates heading to Washington. For the January six joint session of Congress formerly counts. The electoral votes trump supporters argued that vice president pants, in his capacity as president of the of the Senate, had the power to decide which electors to recognise. In contrast, Democrats argued the house had the constitutional authority to choose which electors would be accepted in the event of a deadlock or, alternatively, the ability to prevent the joint session from taking place at all. In the Trump win scenario. Desperate Democrats fund by yet another election, one the candidate with fewer votes after credible claims of foreign interference and voter suppression also sought to send rival slates of electors to Congress. They even floated the idea of encouraging two sessions to movements in California and the Pacific Northwest. Unless GEO P, congressional leaders agreed to a series of reforms and boy howdy is that a stunning admission,
They want to send rival electors and they are floating the idea of secession if Trump one over concerns of foreign interference,. Was there a russian collusion? No new Democrats persist in pushing an unhinged conspiracy theory. Yes, are they telling us that, in the event, Trump wins again like an twenty? Sixteen, they will use. As a pretext to push for a secessionist of movement. Yes, now isn't that insane are their tromp supporters calling for this? maybe it met. You know, maybe jokingly talking about you. That what well with a yes referendum, whatever was in California, California gonna become their own country. Maybe some people are serious to be honest,
but this to me is a stunning admission and it's quite incredible making demands, otherwise they will attempt to secede from the union. Well, let me tell you something: the the war games here had the desired effect, let us show you tweet from Jesse Single Jesse's ape it pretty good journalist. I think it is right work he treated had dinner with my uncle and aunt last night. Said the exact same thing. Land Slide Biden. When is the only scenario that doesn't scare the hell out of me. The election will likely spark violence and a constitutional crisis. That's the goal, I thought to friends and family members, and they ve said similarly that their worried about what the left will do with Trump win that's terrorism, I'm not even I'm, not even exaggerating now Joe Biden not coming out and threatening violence, but this to me is a published public Washington
most veiled threat. The only scenario where you will be safe is when you give us power. Well, I would rather die on. My feet then live on my knees. I will vote for who I deem the right choice and I will not be threatened now. Of course, it's my opinion. I think their intent is to scare people into supporting them, but I'm sorry I don't know if it's I don't. I don't. I don't assembly think it the work for the most part there, certainly some people that are scared bomb you, the past several months has been the far left burning things down and their threat. We get the implied threat. You ve seen it over three months. People are dead Maybe this is why a far leftist walked up to a Trump supporter call them out and then shot him twice in the chest in Portland
to make sure you know either they get what they want, or else I'm not so convinced. I think it's just a threat and I think, if Trump wants to and if Trump winds he will shut this down and that's why I am voting for tromp because of these threats, because I will not be coerced now there are some, people who believe that tromp is inciting this on purpose, so he can be the solution, but what you ve heard it from you, ve heard from them, The only scenario where the violence stops and Biden wins. What does that mean? You doesn't mean if Trump loses, he won't incite violence Y know I thought he was the one causing it all. Oh, what's that Trump doesn't control anti fa if Trump wanted to, he could shut it down, but he's keeping his hand steady, they ve
the entire state police in Oregon and their arresting people. Fourteen thousand arise at the start of the riots, and I am confident that after this election, perhaps if republican sweep across the board and shut down with the Democrats have been doing, Trump can come in with better strategy, deputize Morse police and finally stop the violence. Trump could do so now, and in fact, so maybe He should, but I'll tell you
he's literally doing it and in an organ right now. I think we are in an extremely dangerous point where perhaps it is not a good idea to invoke the insurrection act. They argue that trot might want to do it. If Trump invoked the insurrection ACT and sent the military and to Portland, it would be no be going in like an occupying force. The local government would resist the police would be constrained and there would be no support. The far left would attack them and it would actually, in my opinion, sparked the hot civil war we want that to happen. Tromp is right to have a DNS deputize organ state police, so it remains low the arrests but the feds can prosecute. I think Trump has done a good job of telling them no to their violence. They want to argue that trumpets, starting the violence. Sorry, I think he's. Actually the one has been trying to stop it and its absurd to suggest otherwise Bill bar called out mail in voting, saying you're playing with fire people trying to change the rules to this methodology is reckless
Her said attorney. Judges from Fox NEWS attorney General, William BAR set on Wednesday of people who are trying to change. The rules of voting methodology ahead of November are playing with fire in an interview with Wolf Blitzer, the house pointed to bar at several states, Colorado Hawaii organ on Washington already vote primarily by mail. This is playing with fire bar said. We re very closely divided country here, and People have to have confidence in the legitimacy of government and people trying to change the rules to this methodology which is a matter of logic, is very open to fraud and coercion is reckless and dangerous, and people are playing with fire bar cited a two thousand five report from the commission on election reform chaired by former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker.
Who wrote that vote by mail is likely to increase the risks of fraud and of contested elections in some states. Blitzer pushed back saying, but since then there have been a lot of investigations have improved it. No, let me talk by replied, Blitzer later positive, that there has not been widespread for fraud but bar com we haven't had the kind of widespread use of male imbalance its being proposed president Trump and bar, so they approve of absentee bouts but oppose melon bouts being sent to every register voter in the rice those in favour of mail in voting say it is the safer option and are calling and conquer
to provide more aid to the near nearly bankrupt. Yes pulses service. Those against mail in voting, including trump, have expressed concern with the potential for fraud and the ability of. U S. P S to safely deliver hundreds of millions of ballots. I've got a bigger fear. What happens when fake balance are sent out? Cnn? I would judge voids fifty thousand absentee ballot applications prompt, prompting county to send new forms. I am continually impressed by the ability of the media to accurately report circumstances like this apparently ballot applications sent out that were pre filled, it's against the rules. They were thrown out. What happens if someone may be foreign interference? Hey. The Democrats have been crying about for some time. How hard would it be for China to print up some vague bouts male amount to as many people as possible? They ve hacked
a debate as before they probably know all our names and addresses. Imagine this one day you walked your mailbox or if your mail box on your house, you gotten take him out of action to take your mail, and actually in Chicago or mailbox, had a shooting went straight to the house, so let's say you get a melon ballot, looks good, do you you open it up? You fill it out. Everything looks fine. The numbers on it are fine, you mail it in then it turns out your vote isn't counted and you dont know why turns out. The mail and bout you received was fake. Some on for some reason tricked you and now your vote will not be counted because you believed that it was yours you have, no certification. The ballot was real, this logic and common sense, and in Iowa vetted nullify ballot applications that were pre filled. I receive
you're, not a melon bout to my house. I did not ask for it. It was not certified, aren't even of its real or not. It was it for me and it wasn't for anybody who lives here. What am I supposed to do about that? There's no chain of custody. The postal Workers Union endorse Joe Biden. Would you give your vote? If you say your Biden voter? Would you give your vote to a Trump supporters of your house? Where am I No, of course not. So why should a truck voter give their vote to? Somebody works the post office, whose union endorsed by it is completely broken, and this is my fear. The of the likelihood of fraud, in my opinion, is extremely high, yet the media just loves to keep saying Over and over again that voting by mail is not new in the. U S says writers, nearly one in four votes are cast. You know, but in that way
sport, say, voter fraud of any kind is exceedingly rare. We ve never done universal mail in voting, it's not the same as absentee. I have a question if we, if it is normal here, so they sat, one in four votes in the presidential bouts has been on this? Why ok, right now, they're saying that this will be a red mirage on election night? It will appear that trump wins. In a landslide, but over the next few weeks, votes will come in for Biden, invited will ultimately win and therefore we can't called the result on election night if Trump, whence now, if Biden, winds, they'll call it I'm not kidding. That's what they're saying the Washington Post stores
said: if Biden wins election night melon votes will likely just confirm his victory and we're done if tramplings will have to wait, Gluck to wait and see because a male and votes will slip it in their favour. If it's true that Democrats tend to vote by male republicans, don't if it's true that this is normal, that we vote by male, then why is it not true? Why isn't it the case that in twenty sixteen we didn't wait to see the results? We called it on election, nine, twenty, sixteen twenty twelve, two thousand, eight thousand for not two thousand mine you. It was a sign usually called on election night and the rival conceded? So why this one time do we have to say whoa, whoa, we'd, better, wait. Now you it besides waltz because of the amount of mail in votes, perhaps but and twenty sixteen Trump one some states by only a few thousand, if made
in voting as normal shouldn't. We have waited just to be sure. Maybe the fault is Hillary Clinton I dont know. I personally think the whole thing is strange and I would not be surprised if what we end up seeing come election night is very similar. Twenty eighteen, the right there right now, conservatives arguing that the Republicans did win in twenty eighteen them at terms and It's true in California, for instance, most Republicans, one their seats and then within a few days to a weak mail in votes were discovered, started, getting counted and they all flip Democrat and then almost immediately, the Democrats moved to impeach Donald Trump. Once they had the house, night I have no evidence suggests is fraudulent or anything like that. Some people are saying
out harvesting that they are going house to house in collecting ballots in and who knows if that secure? Maybe I don't like the idea that voting can be insecure as it is. I don't like the idea of mail and voting, because the New York Times already set in twenty twelve, more absentee bout more fraud? More inaccuracies, the very least they keep saying. There's no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Look at US experts say: voter fraud of any kind is exceedingly rare, but what about voter inaccuracy? What about people not knowing how to fill out a ballot? What about ballots getting lost in the mail? That's not fraud! That's just inaccuracy and mistakes reality. I won't be threatened if there's gonna be more violence, because the far left as psychotic then so be it and then Donald Trump can shut down the violence when he wins, but to come to me,
I'm keep pushing this narrative. The violence is actually trumps fault. Now, I'm not going to have it, they keep saying that they blame the law enforcement in Portland for trying to stop the violence, the violence they said it was. There was the troops and in police. Therefore, he made the violence worse. What happened when the feds pulled back the violence persisted to this, a ninety seven knights of unrest. I thought I was gonna, stop without tromp was doing it he's not. He was actually stopping these people. The feds are actually prosecuting these people, so you know what now No! Thank you to Joe Biden, the man who is essentially promised us, or I should say the Democrats promised us that Joe Biden we'll capitulated the of the extremists who would burn down our cities in an effort to when the election? and then, if he does, when Bell accept this appeasement and stop burning down our cities and knowing it with our lives,
Merwin Joe Biden to those actions. I remember, but Joe Biden treated this recently. Don't you wanna go back to the days when you do not think that the president, every day, I for one know I'd like people to be politically active and potentially what's going on, but you mean to tell me that fixed the extortion now is, if you don't vote for me, we watch shut up. You know what I'm somebody, who particularly hates being threatened in any way, whether its veiled, whether its tacit, whether its implied whatever telling me vote forbidden in a landslide. Otherwise the violence persists. I say you know what not just for that I'll go vote trump. How dare you threaten me in any way? That's ridiculous! Now, of course, let me make it clear: it's not coming from Joe Biden is coming from democratic operatives are never tramper, saying oh gee. Look if have trump wins, we won't concede. We
push for secession. I'm ok with that, but hey man, you guys do what you want to do. I know what I'm going to walk in our voting both and say no to the critical race, the arrests, the far left insurrectionists and the left wing. Veterians and their cronies would give them what they want. That's what I'm going to do I'll leave it there next time it's coming up at Youtube: dot com, Timcast news at six p, dot M thanks for hanging out, and I will see you all then Of course, last night there was more protesting across the country in Portland and we saw Pro testing erupt in upstate New York over a video from March of a guy b a guy dying in police custody as a lot of more from that's come out around there, but for the most part it does seem like that. Protest was peaceful. I think at this point I can only You do opening mornings, arguments rolling my eyes and sang area. We get up there riots before we can talk about the bigger picture, and
Night Donald Trump announced that he wanted to de anarchist jurisdictions I have heard about this. We did talk on the IRA podcast, but there's an update governor Cuomo has issued a veiled mafiosi like threat, saying Trump back they have an army to protect him. If he comes to N Y see a lot People are wondering why it is that Donald Trump doesn't just deploy. The national guard invoke the insurrection ACT and March on in an shut these riots down a lot of people. If trumpet. Do this. Then it really is his America, because, even if the Democrats aren't willing to do their jobs, tromp could invite the insurrection ACT and shut it all down large, live in, it talks about that. This is from town all why Trump doesn't just sending troops. So, let's talk about what trump one to do with these cities caught almost response.
And I want to show you a really good argument as to why Trump should not involve the insurrection ACT and Cuomo is all the proof we need of even the gist of it. Imagine if trump deployed Admiral troops military into New York when Cuomo is sending him threats? What would it be like for the peace? well in that city? What would it be like for that? For the the military or the individual's going in to ensure the right stop if they're being up oh by all of the institutions that jurisdiction, it look more like an invasion and it would to be more chaos. Trumpet, when you, when you invoke the insurrection act, presumably or at least in the past, its with the assistance of local authorities trying to handle on Kay us, but when Democrats are openly revolting against Trump, what can you do about it? That's a danger, divide for this country.
Maybe I won't go, is got won't, go so far, say those too awful. I was it. I mean civil war woody What happens when the governor of New York says truck but of an army to protect him from the president? If you want to go knocking on New York. He visited the governor saying that to him I'll go through this just now that the Trump story on defining the city's quickly discovered the context and then give me the uptake than you are POW, says Trump orders review to fund and Y see other anarchists cities. President Trump is ordering the federal government to begin the process of defending New York City and three other cities where a fish was allowed Wallace protests and cut police budgets amid rising violent crime. The post can exclude explosively, reveal trouble when they signed a five page memo ordering all federal agencies to send reports to the White House Office of Management and budget that detail funds that can be redirect New York City, Washington, Dc Seattle in Portland, our initial targets, as Trump its law and order a centrepiece of his re election campaign after month.
Of unrest and violence following them, killing of George Floyd Minnesota police, my Ministration will not allow federal tax dollars to fund cities that allow themselves to deteriorate into lawless zones. Trumps. As in the memo which twice mentions New York mayor, build applause YO by name to ensure or a federal funds are neither unduly wasted nor spent in a matter that directly violates our governments. Promise to protect life liberty in property. It is imperative that the federal government review the use of federal funds by jurisdictions that permit anarchy, violence and destruction in Amerika cities that a relation sees me the detail. All federal funds provided to Seattle, Portland, New York and DC within and also within fourteen days attorney general bill bar must develop a list of anarchists jurisdictions that permitted violence and the destruction of property to persist and
have refused to undertake reasonable measures to restore order. The memo does not require bar to include the for cities, possibly for legal reasons. The memo instructs. Why does budget director Russ? What does your guidance in thirty as from Wednesday to the heads of agencies on restricting eligibility of, or otherwise this favouring the max extent permitted by law, anarchist jurisdictions in the receipt of federal grants? I did it go over this on the IRA podcast last last night, so I dont want a rehash too much will have a segment on that up up later, we have development here, Governor Cuomo Trump, better of an army to protect him. If he comes to end Y see, the seeds are being planned, dead for civil war, and I know people I just a lot of people, don't like hearing it, I'm gonna tell you men. Can you just did that to those that doubt s just think about the trajectory we are on. Mass
civil unrest in many cities across the country oh, it's not hundreds of thousands of people burning their cities down, because that's not typically what mass civil unrest looks like like a mentioned in Egypt, The revolution was several thousand people in Tahrir Square, yet the military still came in and removed the government and assumed power our military saying, they're, not gonna, get involved in that, but think about the conflict between Trump supporters anti fog, far leftists violence in the streets, and now we have a story of Portland which most of you probably know by now the transporter being executed, the latest element from that is, apparently the man was near his home. The guy important wasn't from out of town, apparently walking near his own home when it was targeted in what appeared to have been far left us on the probable looking for tromp supporters to kill you think about that
relation now. The proud boy say: they're gonna be coming up to Portland on the twenty fourth, twenty six, which is a recipe for disaster chaos, in my opinion, granted I understand, The above right to peacefully assemble, but I think annual advantage and it's gonna be conflict. Now you take that. Take this into consideration. The states have been actively opposing and rejecting and resist. Assistance from the federal government. While their cities burn, they would rather watched their own cities burned to the ground before, given anything to Donald Trump. They hate you. So much. They want you to pay. They want you to suffer. They want to watch your home, attacked. When one is anti for people in these far left black lives matter, people MA Stu Residential neighbourhood screaming wake up mother. After wake up no just This no slate threatening the boy
earned down residential buildings, then actually going to a condo and and setting throwing flaming debris into the first floor, cementing police stations shut. These people are trying to kill their doing in such a way that god it's it's hard to say it's intentional and look. I know because I foresaw intentionally doing attempt what I'm saying is the guy in Portland pulled out a gun, Bang Bang. They were hunting. People. They said we got him right here. We got a couple right here. Most people assume what does that mean? They were looking for people, the guy who got killed was nearer home. That's the extent to which this insanity is occurring the governments of these of these citizens states could stop it. They could come men and shut it down. They won't die in Portland like New. Whatever
Eleven arrested the guy's being investigated. We'll see we don't off, he did it innocent until proven guilty I'll give you that so Donald Trump could come in, but these governors These mayors are sitting back and watching the suffering of their own residence. They don't care, you know why, because they have one of they don't have to admit. Tromp was right now, you're comes the administrative escalation We ve seen physical escalation this. What trump is doing? Administrative escalation, both where we have a clear two sides to this? We have clear disdain for the federal govern because they just hate Trump irrational. They ve lost it, but where does this escalation go? Both sides are put between a rock and a hard place. Donald Trump is being blamed for the violence, yet his offer Well, this distance every step of the way the gun There is the mayor say a few. They rather watch their cities, barn and then Joe Biden comes out and says: that's trumps, vault, isn't it so truncheons I'll tell you what
you will take away your funding because you will not police your streets. You ought to blame me. Why we giving your money. What do we get in Staten Island? One of it one of the moderate Democrats who claim there. But a fight for kitchen table issues then immediately voted to impeach Trump says tromp is justly funding the police. By doing this, what will so what New York wants to define the police? Why should I care, if Trop agrees with them right? You wanted this didn't you wanted to define the police ah, but this guy he's like well, it was wrong to define the policy area. New York city should billion dollars from their police and got rid of their plain clothes unit, and and- and I guess they stop there- they run a higher about a thousand one hundred and sixty three officers and then said: no we're not gonna. Do it. Now there you go now now shootings are on the rise. Murder is on. The rise, is big crimes of lethal crime, spike petty crimes down? That's that's! If it s true. So what happens There is an administrative escalation occurring where Caliph
when you are organ in Washington, have already. According to these stories, from the Boston love and the New York Times and in many other outlets on the verge. What would prefer to say deed from the union then allow time to be president again in these war games. John Podesta was playing Joe Biden and said the party will not allow me to concede, so he demanded this several states send in providing electors, even though the states were for trial And then, apparently, you know in some of these is some as reporting he encouraged West Coast uses to secede. They were, they were ready to devout neck. It just be hyperbole s but these are all grains of sand that will eventually make up a heap, their straws being placed on the camel's back and eventually the camel's back will break its already hard enough for the camel tube ere the amount of straw we ve placed on his back now with Trump saying we're to take away your funding.
Is it a good idea at a bad idea? I don't know what what should trump do if he can't send in if you can't involved in it. You know that the insurrection ACT Natural actually deal with this. How can he make them actually enforce the law? Here's, what Cuomo said knew your governor Cuomo ones. They all but threatened president trumps safety if he returns to New York in a rant responding to an exclusive story by the post. That Trump is looking to pull federal funds from lawless cities. Cuomo called an emergency press briefing within half within half an hour on Wednesday to tear into Trump for the order which, its New York's, rising murder rate and defending the Nypd quote. He better of an army if he thinks he's gonna walk down. A street in New York, New Yorkers. Don't we
to have anything to do with him. The Democrats said all but threatening the commander in chief but Cuomo, who, like Trump hails from Queens, wasn't done. He can't have enough body guards to walk through New York City people. Don't have anything to do with him as a threat. I get You know that the veiled game mafia, also like threat is a man would be a shame. If somebody came on you know at the President huh We know what he's saying shore there is poor. A lot of new Yorkers, who, like me, no burn, murder who would come out be very, very upset the president, but the present standard security detail is good enough. I'd. Imagine and I dont think you have a problem going through New York City. I don't think you need an army. What is Cuomo trying to say here, rhetoric, as is intensifying across the board, and if you don't think that we are on the verge of something explosive,
then I just feel like you, haven't, been paying attention and I get a lot of people like to say TIM's catastrophe using, I am whatever man I could be wrong. I absolutely admit that you know there's there's a weird, though it's Weird situation that I find myself in as somebody who just turn. The camera on one day and started complaining about his feelings on the internet. To now have so many people watching and much respect. All of you. I am sincerely grateful and now have people acting as though I mean, I guess I guess, with with large worship comes great responsibility, but I tell you this: not going to sit, I'm not gonna change. My opinions, I'm not gonna! Pretend like this! Isn't here. Putting before our eyes simply because more people try to watch and hear what I have to say. I, like many other people, I'm just a do. Reading things on the internet. Talking about how I feel about them, but I do this for a living. I read It was all day every day, I'm telling you what I'm seeing right now at the administrative level, we have states telling tromp a few where the iter many general in Oregon Sue on behalf
The rioters who were beating people and trying to buy and down a federal court house when tromp send in U S, marshals, that Sea Bp Ice etc to guard it? They claimed was a fascist sending in you, no secret police right now. These states would rather watch their their own jurisdictions burn than to allow Trump any victories, and you know that the units to me we're on the verge of some kind of very serious constitutional crisis, with violence being backed by many of these politicians in these cities. Right now many of these cities and and states are providing some kind of tacit support for the violence. By refusing to do anything about it. By refusing to do anything about it, it makes it inherently unsafe for the president so to Cuomo, credit yeah he's right, tromp, better Evan Army in the sense that, because they ve funded the police,
because murders are on the rise because they ve gotten rid of their plainclothes anti crime unit, and they say they froze the hiring about a thousand police officers. The streets have become become particular Leon safe. They made it unsafe. They chose to define the police and then Quabos I have to come out and say: well, you know, trumpeter bring an army. Gaza would be. Shame if one of these violent murderers Robin around to the streets got mad at him. That's your fault Cuomo! So so so so take a look at what we're looking at. What's happening right now on the ground level, we're gonna see clashes in Poland and is an end to this month. It's it's a guaranteed right wing. Cooking class clash left wing groups, propaganda is gonna, be flying and there's no one on the left or the right. That's willing to change their mind for the most part, we do tend to see more walk away from the left to the right than the other way around, that very few people who leave the right for the left, but it still There there was a story invokes the other day. Will anyone
they change their mind on tromp? And I think the answer is no. No, you know early on before other Ah, yes, I was me, a man not get about four tromp and that things are getting worse and I think I probably want to vote for Menachem. I'm definitely voting form there, a lot of It will have on the left that say the exact same things but believe they're, the ones that are correct. The problem limited some, the people on the left, who say the same things like Fox NEWS is lying and Trump supporters are brainwashed, they're, not actually following the news they're following the fake news, and it's it's a it's a it's a funny thing to say, but Donald Trump will say something and they'll take the most extreme interpretation and they'll spit up through the wash cycle and it'll come out a hundred times. Worse trump is not perfect. He says a lot of dumb things: made a comment about people voting and then mail and voting see what sing sing out places really dumb comment to make. But I thought
issue the issue, as we have video of what happens if Carl written ass you are, that video in your like wow. It's it's not so cut dry, Converse asian, where I posted on Facebook and woman started saying. How could you defend right now and I laid out made a big post. And they sat, and then someone sent a video and they watch tv said while I hadn't considered that I think that I'm of getting the left to leave the left is a lot easier because that's where that, but the truth is not on the left. So right now you have a lot of people who are an pcs who will not turn on CNN and Brian Stout. We'll be like Fox NEWS, is fake, don't watch them never watch information outside of my channel. There's no rights. There are no rights in Portland. It's just that happening there, some violence for sure, but it's not really that bad and then people believe it. And then we watch the video
and we can see ninety plus days of fires being sat. The mayor, saying they're trying to kill people that them trying to burn down a residential condo building. I mean, maybe a little hyperbolic to say what they threw. Flaming debris into the first floor, which absolutely was an attempt to set fire to the building they started, showing up. There as an actual houses there attacking them. The HIV and organ defended them their rejecting trump, their resisting law enforcement, their cutting these people loose DE is all is releasing them, and we heard several stories like just the other day I covered this. There is a far leftist who got arrested. They caught him loose within a few days. He murdered two people, because these people are crazy and be cause. They dont want to deal with it, and you had the guy who said that the alleged murderer in Portland he was rested, apparently more than once on illegal gun charges, he had tried to take a gun. I'm somebody and then, and then, by pulling on it. It went off and went through his arm. Of course he tries to frame the story is I was trying to stop a shooter know. You're. Just
it's still a gun from some guy and that guy goes on a kill? Somebody now Cuomo as the nervous say, that's what it is as it is more of the same from its political, its gratuitous, it's illegal, but as another attempt to kill New York City President Ford's had dropped dead. President Trump has been actively trying to kill New York City since he's been elected. That's not true. I think you have Cuomo. I really do and build a blog yo as well. I believe it- and this is the craziest thing- build the plaza and Cuomo put up put up checkpoints around New York too. We quarantine, if you want to when their ten thousand dollar fine for breaking says no tourism. They force EL the businesses shot their straight up saying we. Will not allow endured and we're doing in New Jersey, not New York. So the businesses I went down, will go down forever and then they turn around like Trump. Is it trumps fault? Like I mean when a guy is riding the bike and it jams the stick in the Conflicts flips over this is drugs. America, do you run New York? all of this murder. The collapse of the New York account
has not trumps fault as your fault you're, the one who puts sick people into nursing homes. That's why you're here your death rate from covered with so high, I wonder if that's the name of the game com the blog YO, purposefully sabotage their city and then go. But Trump did this. You know a man in my work on some people. It doesn't work on me. Trump runs the federal government you're responsible for your city and your state, and right now, Cuomo there are people protesting in upstate New York, because a video came out from March man being of other men dying in police custody, I'll, be careful about always how about how I reference that? Well, you know what happened because the stories breaking but apparent
there was a guy was mentally unwell and the police are trying to detain him to put a spit hood on a man that lost his life. Now protests erupt in it really does feel like in combination with the media. Think about this way. People die all the time and there are people who died in police custody and sometimes an accident. This is a very I mean, like cops, have to deal with unruly and unwell people, and sometimes these things happen. They shouldn't be not die ever, and I think it's good at their scrutiny on many of these circumstances and we investigate how did someone lose their life because we can't have police going around and we can't have people dying, but it's true that sometimes these things will happen and it's not because someone Scott intend to kill because bad things happen, but we do want to review them because, while we might not,
You hold the police responsible for the death. We hold the system responsible, meaning if we tell someone you know, we want you to hold a person down in this way and its resulting in that. Maybe we should change that figure. Other ways to do that you see, I'm in so what we were saying that an and oh, ok but think about what's happening is every single instance now going to be major news. It is but not the other way round if a black clad in a black up is killed. So I can be a huge story. David door was only a huge store because conservatives demanded that people recognise this man and in his life being taken from the left and want a proper story. They run big headlines and complain about it, I'll tell you the media's fanning the flames, because they know what in sites and enrages many on the far left it
Oh right them up and get them traffic and they'll make money. They then go out, burn, loot, murder and then the governors who refuse to enforce the law in the mayor's refused to enforce the law. Blame trump tromp, then says: ok! Well, if you want to force a law, why are we giving you money? They then strike back and say you, but I've an army. Next time you come here, you see the rhetoric is getting intense. We ve got physical confrontation and escalation. We ve got targeted murder in Portland, combined with administrative, with with the administrative escalation where the high level politicians are pointing the finger at each other, and it is getting dangerous. I believe, were passed. The counting heads phase, the scientist that the lines have been drawn almost entirely people will not change their mind. You could tell anybody any one of the people. You know on the left about what happened right now. If they don't care, they won't believe you will say no facebook will ban you for defending them,
even the lawyers for it now Saward argot are getting suspended on Twitter and Cuomo you better at an army when you come in. What does that mean that mean that tromp ass to come up with the insurrection act I didn't get to? Maybe I am able to do another segment on this. Why trumped up just sending troops general idea? Imagine if Cuomo having threatened trump. This way tromp comes in with the military to try and stop the violence. No New York hasn't New York City hasn't seen the same level of as many other places the looting Selina child out quite a bit, but imagine if trumpeted to any one of these jurisdictions with the insurrection act, you would have Ladys its thoughts, they would call the invasion and that would be the civil war trump. Invoking the insurrection act, I believe, would ignite aha hot civil war. It would be the shot her round the world. I believe it
becoming we'll see how it plays out. Next time it's coming up at one p, dot M on this channel, and I will see you all then this is radicalization. A man in Seattle has been arrested by the feds for threatening to blow up Portland Police Station and he espouses Antifa Bell when the reasons the media likes to scream, there's no such thing as anti via just means anti fascist. That way, when lunatics, who actually pole the flags the symbols and allow their their alleged as to the ideology, they argue he's just a regular guy antifreeze, not responsible for any real terror violence there have been in this is where individuals have taken other people's lives and they have been anti fa, thereby instant is where individuals have physically harmed. Other people and their avowed antivirus as well, and the media to lie about this. Where things they liked, it
it is claimed that the right is being radicalized when you actually have the feds having to come in and may dozens of arrests. Now I think in Portland, probably over a hundred plus arrests to deal with the extremism coming from the left, so ask your question before we get and all these stories how many right wing extremists have been arrested recently, maybe some there there there are some stories. There's a guy who online and and posted threats absolutely called himself like the anti FA hunt or something shore. There are people on the right who have plan things they ve been arrested as well. I'm glad these people are being caught and brought to justice, because the truth is radically radicalization can go any direction. It can be uptown left right, whatever you can become a religious fanatics on the left wing. But what we see in terms of Anti Father, far laughter what's happening in Seattle in Portland, is actually affecting governance,
in a very serious way to know this guy being arrested. I think it's an important story will read this in post millennial, but take a look at this story. From the Seattle Times. Private security hired by Seattle Parks after police cleared Cal Anderson chased away on first night the police were chased away from the calendar in part for the Chaz was so they hired a private security for now, there's no accountability. What do you do? Ask for records file a lawsuit? This is what they wanted. The police have had to arrest hundreds of people and, in fact, in the George Floyd right over fourteen thousand people. You are talking about the small handful of right wing loony on the internet. Getting arrested. You talk to me about the extremists to take gloated guy it's going to buildings into these things, I'm down talk about all of that: lock those people up all the same so long as they have committed a crime you pay
then their guilt beyond reasonable doubt in a court of law. We go through due process by all means, lock, em up fourteen I wasn't arrests so far and I'm sure it's higher than that, because it looks like people stopped. Come it's been going on for months. You talk to me about far. Laughed radicalization. Fourteen thousand arrest is that enough for you, So when you come to my house- and I mean that figurative lane think they won't talk about the right where we had a guy a day. Anti fonder gets you posted dumplings, unlike its arrested unlike, and is that what, like the twelfth guy how many, how many people are there actually in the far right. You know that the extremists, according to the ADL last count it was like ten thousand and that's if you try and stretch it way out Antifa. However, has regular people joining their ranks, they normalize it through the press and you end up with deeds like this from the post.
Colonial Seattle, man who espouse support for antidote causes, has been arrested and federally charge for threatening the blob of Portland Police station with a bomb Kyle Robert Torrent torn out. Thirty six accused of using an online communication system to claim he planted explosives at a Portland police station. According to you, Turning Brian Moran and a department of Justice Press release, Wednesday records filed in a case allege that torn out used the city of Portland Track. I t system which enables members of the public to create a user account and summit messages to the PPP on July. Twenty fourth send the bomb threat using the Alias Chester Wildwood and his father's phone number torn up. Julie wrote I'm not gonna railway route, he basically threatened. He ate explicitly threatened to bomb a police station. The federal bureau investigation was well to trace the communication back to torn out using the ip address of the online threat, but criminal complaint also details tornado. A good social media palestinian now deliver Facebook post torn out alive
gently, a graphic of the anarchists flag, popular with anti for the accompanying text. Read you must be careful out there and and follow black leadership. Anarchy does not mean chaos, it means community care and support, and it's the mom straightening, the mask of the other anarchists guy. In the criminal complaint written by the assigned FBI agent, she wrote black block anarchist extremists believe the use of violence, action threats are the only means for of forcing their political and social change on the government and society, the post, colonial, invest. A number of right it posed by torn out he wrote Anderson, we'll aliases the post over several years about a fuller picture of the suspect, responding to the question. How do you mind if I politically, in twenty fifteen at anarchist under another burner, account twenty sixteen torn out responded to a post about wealth inequality? Can we just figure out who these one percent people
are and then kill them. He wrote more recently torn out express support for Bernie Sanders opposed in March this year. I'd like to ask you what is radicalization because I've talked about a quite of it. And I'm gonna throw to good o Brien stouter see an Anti Brian Ryan, even though it is talking about seeing atop is ivory tower, not actually paying attention what's happening in this country or online, and just making things up and running books about it c span. Collar confronts, brine stout are seen as the enemy of truth, Celtic conceded that many journalists, livin big cities and have liberal leanings but what happens you take an wealthy individual like brine stouter, whose working at sea and an all. He does his complaint about Fox NEWS for living well to a hammer. Everything looks like a nail so of course stouter had this to say about a man who had seen and lies. I know we are not the only person that feels this waste out or said. There has been a process of radicalization. That's happened in this country with,
media bashing. That is absolutely unprecedented g Brian. Have you ever stop? to ask yourself why that is now. I've stopped to ask why it is so many far left us are being radicalized, and I if there are a lot of reasons that have let that are legitimately problematic for this country case in Point school loan debt, a bunch of dumb kids, are Old, Pegana, hard k and that go to school, no guarantee for a job. What a terrible investment they get out, they can't find work. They ve been indoctrinated. This in this Tyrannise learning facility. Their laden with debt on comes Bernie, Sanders, saying your suffering, there's no way out of the hole that you that that's been dug around. Do they take take responsible for their actions? Might you- and he says you know what? Let's have all those people help dig? You know shovel dirt into lift you out of this whole and they say: ok, there are, he'll problems facing this country, and it leads to online radicalization of the far left we needed to
properly educate people to prevent this. The problem is the Media class in this country are plugging there ears and going then, and there and blaming the people who are suffering for the problem are their conservatives who do this. I am sure, of course, absolutely But I will tell you this when I I, I saw a video earlier CNN reported by the way people are being evicted because of Calvin, and I think we had a serious problem. People did not choose to lose their jobs. How do we solve this? It's not so cut and dry I dont believe may sound that the people I follow on the right that many people on the right are actually saying what we gotta stop. This is this is bad, would not solve this problem. I yes exactly. The left, however, ignores why people are fed up with the lies, and it's actually kind of ironic here that that brow I would say this when he dismisses this man who calls him out. He exemplifies perfectly why people are sick and tired
mainstream media and why they're more willing to go to people online because they don't hear what there thinking that no one is saying what needs to be said. Ryan just says: quiet down peasant and let them eat cake. There's up there. There's someone calling in saying you defamed a child your dividing our nation, and I don't believe I dont know I don't believe in divine in relation to hurt our great nation associate and is really the enemy of truth. That's my opinion. Thank you and instead of saying something like we need to do better, Media needs to get a better football. I what's happening. Of saying we missed it and twenty sixteen, because we weren't talking irregular people. He says you have been radicalized its your fault, we can see the news. It's not the regular work. Class individual saying how do I feed my kids, it also sending bomb threats and over the past five years radicalized on social media. Radicalization on the left, ignored by the press ignored by the likes of of brain cells.
Who now has like a number five best selling book on the Euro today list because he's complaining about Fox NEWS ignores the real problem facing our country. The left radicalization now, like I mentioned, There are real reasons to be upset, but there's no check on this. So right now you see us, you see a video and it says unarmed black men, by cops immediately. Everybody recoiled in horror, literally everyone sang wow. We need reform on this one. One of the last say all right: let's go burn down all the cities and yelled at nine hundred and thirty people are dead. Fourteen thousand the rest of those were conservatives. Doing it, man lot of regular, people joined in the fun. That's the problem of rhetoric position on the left, they get a free pass. What did we see from Charlotte yeah, there's radicalization in the other direction, but they are routinely crushed and demonized, and then they disappear. Steve I and several times, loss of primary he's gone. You even dare approach
radicalizing on the right and they will and your career? You won't. You will be left destitute, they will do everything in their power and you know why, because the left and the right agree, every regular person in this country agrees Rat illustration on the right is bad, but it seems like only moderates and right wing individuals think radicalization left as bad. The left, ignores it and normalizes it, and then they got one earn everything down than the police are demoralized. The police are shut down the police quit and they continue to do so, and then you get the disturbing nightmare? This is what you wanted. Isn't it? The police have been d under our and scared. So what's gonna happen, private security comes in and guess what private security doesn't care
your rights or laws. You gotta watch these videos. Men take a high profile, individual I've seen videos of this trust me. It happens, talk to security experts, a cop will try and stop a high profile, wealthy individual and guess what private security will show that cut back and tell M F off. They don't care, they get paid. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. Those cops doubt and those guys know that if they end up getting arrested, they ve got some of the best and wealthiest law There is in the world who will make sure they get out, more importantly, their loyal to those who they serve and protect the private security. Guys will tell the police F off to protect their client. So what do you think comes next week, it where the police, the police, can and will be held accountable. If a cop, something wrong, then people go after the cap. Is internal affairs is perfect? No do we need to do better ab?
the locally. The last thing I want to see, though, our private security companies that laughing your face- Because you don't know that guy is you have no right to their to their records of documents and they know that they got that their their clients got their back. Their company has their back think about it. This way you gotta dude wearing a suit. Your piece sunglasses, any standing with his arms crossed in front of the wealthy doing the cops come up and take out of our way. They saying no do something about it or they should ignore. The carbon block is path. What's gonna do try to arrest them. Not only is the wealthy client paying the bills, but the company itself is paying the bells and they got good lawyers. Here's a story from Seattle Times after city crews cleared a camp of protesters and homeless people from calendars and park, Tuesday, the Seattle Department of Parts and recreation hired the private security firm, Jaguar security to have a presence in the park overnight,
and to continue to remind people of the park remains closed. Department, spokesperson, confirmed and email Wednesday welcome to the privatisation of police everything the left ass fora. No, of course it isn't, but it's really funny the leftists who claim you know who are more socialist or communist for the most part are actually creating a circumstance where the privatisation of police will be normalized. Yeah woke innocent capitalism are not enemies there. Absolutely not. All these companies love the idea of weakness. I've mentioned you, you ve, heard get woke ago broke, there's also broke. Go woke companies seeing their revenue decline, make desperate bids for out for what MR trying to tack trucks to try and attract new clientele there. Many people war woke more willing to spend money on things simply because it supports its support, their ideology, hence the rainbow flag on every product, whether it makes sense or not. You put, our private security, have em wave the special flag
a flag and people can it be like yeah and impair private security, gonna be like shut up unaccountable on identifiable private security and they complain about secret police. This is the world their create and it's because of the media, ignoring the problem of radicalization on the far left and its because Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey Susan would just give out? I'm not pronounce your name, that's that's my bed, but because they they allow far left radicalization. They loud these people to go on lives, dreams and espouse their racist abuse. They write books that are best seller but still to this day for months books by avowed, racists on the top best sellers list is right. Stop going to come out and say we have a very serious problem: vowed racists, write books and it began. Best sellers in this country now and that's why people are getting fed up and that's why they're? Turning against the media, we all see the story, a guide, a guy senator bomb threat to a police department,
where CNN. Oh, we'll talk about it all day and night when the anti fonder gets arrested, I'll talk, but all day and night, when some right wing do get arrested. Yes, and we all agree, but you know what the Democrats the left want to wield the power of their extremists. Only problem is the extremists are stronger than them and they ve been crushing the Democratic Party and encroaching upon the policy ideas of them. So what happens when abolish the police becomes mainstream? I'll, tell you what's happening right now, there's a tug of war and because the right is willing to police its side, they are getting rid of. People holding the rob at the back and they're saying we don't want your support. The left isn't doing the same thing, so guess who's winning the game of tug of war. But the problem is and surely the Democrats become old and feeble, giving in to the extremists and their yo. So what happens if Joe Biden gets elected? In my opinion, the rope gets pulled, gets jerked hard that allows
Joe Biden, they say is a moderate he goes do I look like a radical socialist? No, but you look like a guy who, just that, a pact with Bernie Sanders whose supporters literally just sent in a bomb threat to a police department. I don't like the idea of people. Negotiating with extremists, what a Donald Trump say he said I am not talking about the white Nationalists in the NEO Nazis, because they should be condemned totally. They said that years ago, the Joe Boys, ever say the words anti fa. No, not I mean, as in recent memory as it pertains to denouncing the followed violence, So there we not just the violence, is barely a devout, denounce violence on both sides that I like. I can respect that. Thank you, Joe for saying that much now would you consider denouncing the far left Would you can consider denouncing the extremists who are getting a foothold in your party? Of course? Not he wants their vote. He is willing to do whatever it takes to get them out of those people was Trump no trumps. Others think that should be condemned totally its trump perfect, of course, not bid trumped condemn the queue people know he did.
And to be fair. I think the media definitely over over hypes. All of that as if ever but he knows exactly what that is. Tromp was asked, bout it I do not like me. I guess I don't think Kelly camera, who is as a matter of Ozma Kennedy, but somebody was ass now to beat it was my pants You know anything about it, I'm not with us. You know what that is. The media aligned with entertaining or just outright ignoring. Is Brian Spelter a radical, far left socialist, of course, Is he turning a blind eye to the rising extremism? Yes, is he hyper folks I'm the one gable channel that stands opposed to the rest of them. Yet weird, look I've criticized Fox NEWS several times. I think they're, poles, r, r, r, r, r garbage I think most poles are garbage. That's not really is you know too much to be said, but I can play
You know like last year, I was watching Fox in France and in all segment about how evolution wasn't real and, unlike what is this, this is ridiculous and I remember Tucker, Karlsson did a segment about pot legalization where came out against that now is like wouldn't would suck your site is very weak arguments. I got no problem, calling it out when I see it going bed. The Democrats in the media are entertaining extremists and the switch yet they mention calendars and park being closed. Late, Tuesday night, a group of protesters returned to the park when three security guards arrived, the group shouted at them to leave and follow them through the part. The park. Video shows the guards concerned for their safety eventually left the parking do not plan to return sediment identifying himself as the owner of the security farm. Ok. Well, that's good news. I like the idea of security, but I like the idea of policing better units really funny. It's a left wing position. I am not for privatized police having it's a bad idea. I
my political views, my economic use, leaned slightly to the left and they they're not going to change. I do not believe in laissez faire capitalism. I do not believe in privatizing police privatized police force. In fact, I would be a fan of a public option competing with the private sector with private sector healthcare. Much like we have private security farms, the competing with the police in a sense and much like we have fed acts and New PS competing with the post office. I like the idea, because, ideally- and it doesn't always worked out this way- the government programme, the government service, has a bit of accountability and the private service is competition for both. So if U S Pierre, such failing, people will choose that acts, and that makes sure the government programme at least hold certain standards not perfect. I do think we need to make sure we have better overhaul better procedures to review. What's going out with out of services that the government does provide,
However, I leaned slightly away from the government being in the business of providing services, but I am still slightly on the left, so I like the idea of a police force and a fire department. You know why neutral arbiters they're not perfect. You know there's a big story: it's going around about how journalists were getting these these, these police union cards and how the policing and give them to friends and family members- and it gets its. I could get outta jail free card, it's not really jails. I've got a ticket card. So if you do something, that's a slap on the rest. Finer penalty, like you get pulled over they let you go that's a common, Absolutely is sometimes cops. Give your warning, but a lot of cops well. This is this is debated, but there's quotas, man you're, always worn. Don't don't don't you know be careful driving it then of the monks and quotas are coming, get you so there. There are real issues, but tell you what if two people are fighting in the street, the cops are gonna, break it up and say back off what happens if I go out and gets pride,
security guards there and tell you to back off, and you and say I want your name. Who are you? What's your name turn a laugh in your face, so the last thing I think we need our private security forces phasing out with each other. Could you imagine this like two people going out h out their own private to cure it in and fight breaks out or whatever it's a stupid thing now you have one police unit come out, they stopped the conflict, they separate everybody, but this is what you get this is what you get when you immediate class unwilling to confront the problem of left wing radicalization in this country. You get bomb threat. Forty, thousand arrests and a lazy media class. It doesn't care to say anything about it, so I will end with one last point: point, I made very early on how many arrest that we had a right wing radicals, there's probably decent amount. We that over fourteen thousand arrests from people in the George Floyd Riots think about that I'll see you at four p m the next segment of Red Youtube, dotcom slashed him cast thanks, frank
over the past several years, there have been probably hundreds of instances of tromp supporters being attacked by unhinged individuals There's one story. I remember where a couple was trying to steal a trump flag and they brought their kids with them to steal the person's triumphal. I know that's enough but this story right here is a whole new level of absolute psychotic behaviour. One, an assault. Twelve year old boy in boulder over Trump Yard, sign LISA now you may have seen the story by the two women who attacked. I believe the boy was seven years old now that store was a little different areas. Understanding of it because it they were, they were attacking a group of people and they stole a hat or a sign and little boy chased after a businesslike. Little boy was writing a bike, and some older women attacks him. So when they tell us, Less Joe Biden, landslides. There will be more violence. This is what they are talking about,
course. I'm referencing my main channel segment over at Youtube, Dotcom slashed him cast. Maybe you ve seen it. If not, you can check it out. They said that, in all of their war games, scenarios are never trappers and Democrats that the only one that result in peace will be. If you give them the power now finally, leave you alone because unhinged individuals like this we'll go around attacking twelve year olds, other one us: Joe Biden wins a landslide. Here's historically riposte, police are looking for the woman and her twenties or thirties, who was riding mopeds. Bolder police are investigating report that it of your old boy was assaulted, Overawe Donald Trump Yard sign according to bolder police. The assault occurred around three p m Monday at Folsom, streamline withdrawn. But the boy was riding a bicycle: Trump sign Trump sign. When a woman I saw the sign turned around. Confronted the boy bolder police Ultimate, Shannon all about said, the suspect.
But the boy and said something? The effect of you want something to look at and used a closed fish to strike the boy the back of the head and arms for two five times and scratched him. The boy told release the woman and try to take the sign before limit leaving the scene. This aspect was described as a white fiend, in our twenty or thirty, is wearing a tan jacket, loose short and blue jeans, I hope that she was writing was grey or blue in color the case. Aids under investigation and no representations have been made this time. Now. I may tell you some first and foremost, I dont believe stories like this. I got The honest come on. You mean to tell me some Lady intertwinings authorities, punched a twelve year old boys Times I don't know man. I saw that Josie Small had thing and I'm not I'm not so sure I'm ready to buy the. So let me just say right now. Let me get an arrest, let me see some evidence, otherwise we take it with great assault. But I will tell you I got a bias. You know why, because we ve seen many left wing hoaxes many of these story
like us, as well as its the left claiming orbit attacked and it turns out it was fake news, but I've in videos of Trump supporters getting drink, splash in their face and getting physically attacked in a street, I've been on the ground watching the far left beat elderly trumped supporters who provoked no one who said nothing. I've seen people get in the face I've seen a guy get bashed over the back of the head with a heavy bag. People believe those caring rocks. So when you tell me a woman right about pad and punched a twelve year old boy. Several times, I'm sorry I just I am more inclined to believe it. The violence we see in this country on video tends to flow in on direction. How many months so far left violence? Have we seen you know the proud boys in the right wing groups that got confront them there? They only do it in response to the left.
Then the media comes out and frames it as though it's the right wing causing all the violence. No the right wing is being provoked in a sense coming out and refusing to back down the left are the ones showing up to right wing rallies tell me what was the last time the proud boys rated like our birth rally, a bunch we'll go, my girl, Bernie and the probabilities shut up its art hitting people. There are several instances where anti via has done just that and that's what's gonna happen. Right now. Bill bar says that anti for member are flying around the country instigating riots and calls them, ramrod for violence and he's right. If Joe Biden wins, you know, maybe it's true anti farewell. Stop! Stop! Writing. I guess if I'm gonna concede the point to Joe Biden, I guess that means Antiphon support em and when he wins they're happy and they will stop them.
I once well. Maybe Joe Biden should tell em knock it off now and maybe they'll listen because they seem to support him right. Believe that's the narrative. They say bill. Barn Wednesday said the Justice Department was monitoring far left the far left women, thank you for saying that it is the heart of violence and citys around the country. I've talked to every police chief in every city, where there has been major v I once, and they have all identify antifraud as the ramrod for the violence bar said. In an interview with Siemens, Wolf Blitzer their flying around the country, we know people who are flying around. Country. We see some of these purchases that they are making before the rights of weapons to use in these rights bar added, so we are following them, and Bill BAR is correct. They talk about Donald Trump, creepy can piracy. When tromp said somebody on a plane. They saw these thugs and there lay out droughts out crazy, but it's normal. The far left does fly around the country. That's not unheard of I've seen them many. These people are trust fund, kids or their board,
or they just save up money to go, join the riots or they drive around? Of course they do it. I was that I was that considered absurd by anybody. They say: and if Fox NEWS interview late Monday, Trot made cryptic claims about armed thugs, he said had boarded an airplane seeking trouble asked for details I am sad I'll tell you some time, but it's under investigation. Right now, on Tuesday trumped told reporters that it was something told him by an individual on on the flight trump would not identify. The person will, of course not. I have a ton of people come with me and talk about problems, and they don't want anyone to know their names because Anti Volvo and threatened them too. We just saw a lady go in punch a kid several times when you think they'll do to you. What can we do see the lady do it? I will reserve judgment on that one. I want to see evidence of that happening, but hey kind of believe. It asked to comment wider spokesmen. Sarah Matthews did not address trumps specific assertions but said he was referring to an investigation into possible financial backers of organised riots.
The president seeking reelection on a promise to restore law and order, told Fox news. The plane was completely letter with thugs wearing these dark uniforms. Black uniforms of gear, and this in that s? Most journalist will tell you. Oh yeah, I've seen antivirus helmets and stuff they where you know black, shirts and hoodies and genes, because that's what they wear when they go on riot yeah. And not expensive the flying original flying original flights for, like seventy bucks man, he added he There were like seven people on the plane like this purse. And then a lot of people on the plane to do big damage bar on Wednesday also said in no systemic racism in the? U S justice system, and that there is a false narrative, the countries and is in an epidemic of unarmed black people being killed by white office I think our institutions have been reformed in the past sixty years and if anything has been built into a biased towards nondiscrimination republican. Senator,
and pile of Kentucky has also said he believes people are travelling around the country to instigate violence. It's not about belief, it's a fact. I can confirm. I can confirm. I am a witness like to testify. I have been on numerous planes I used to fly around twice a week. They do this. We call them the tourists they even said in one article: it's like their tourist. Yes, that's what we ve called them for a decade man. I can't believe I've been doing his job for nine years, but, yes, they travel around its, not expensive the hop in a car and spend like a hundred bucks and guess you get five people they all pitching. It's an uncomfortable ride, they shop in your city and then they re yet Paul on Friday. Calling the FBI to investigate a crowd of protein- esters that swarmed him as he departed the White House after listening to tromp, except his party's nomination for reelection Paul, told Fox NEWS channel. He believes the group chanting his name and pushing against his impromptu police escort was paid to incite riot. He did not say who believes financially, but back them or offer any evidence.
Contention. I believe there are going to be people who were involved with the attack on us and actually work He d come here. There are not from Washington DC and our saw are sort of paid to be anarchists. The FBI needs to investigate, but the only way you can do it if you have to arrest people trump signed them. I'm a memo on Wednesday sang threats, saying that threatens to cut RO funding, a lawless cities. My ministration will not allow federal tax dollars to fund cities the lot of the allow themselves to deteriorate into lawless zones he released it was well. By the White House and then the Cuomo said it was illegal and he sat out. I hope, of drop. Overcomes of my city brings an army because otherwise you know wink wink. You won't be safe, it's basically what Cuomo said: Trump fired back whatever: whatever listen men, we are not making up the violence. Ok It's not about Trump supporters. It's about anyone who dare defy the far left and leftist orthodoxy, this woman, who is solved the twelve year old boy
the guy who's splashed, the kids, in the face with a drink. I dont think these people are far left radicals in the sense that there are like you know, waving communist flags, but they are far radical in the sense that the left is becoming radicalized. Okay. So when a woman assault a twelve year old boy, I see the Denver post. Why would I what? Why would I say, that's fake Haven't you seen the video, the kids who are eating and other alpine loco or something and the guy walks up and grabbed the drinkin splashes it in their face? People were protesting, chick filet, their unhinge Fourteen thousand arrests and the George Floyd Riots, we have of a serious, far left radicalization problem in this country is not radical.
To be a moderate sang like AL. You know we got to secure our borders. That's normal is radical. The punch a twelve year old boy, several times the back of the head and arms, because you wanted to steal his trump sign or something. How will we deal with this? I dont know because the media has been overrun by far left radicalization as well because there has not been a point at which regular people have stood up and said no to this now and Donald Trump one. He didn't when the popular vote so to me, you people, they don't see it as a rebuke of their extremism. We'll see others plays out in November I'm not confident. However, I felt this way in twenty sixteen. I have long since felt that the elections are rigged and they cheat that's why I didn't care and twenty sixteen I wish I were, I thought, trumpet of want any normal election, but I thought Hilary was gonna cheat anyway. I think they're gonna cheat whatever will she plays out? I got a couple more segments coming up in just a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly. It is this scandal to end all
political scandals. Nancy Pelosi was caught, getting her hair did at a salon in San Francisco and not wearing a mask mind you at a time when you are. Not allowed to receive indoor salon services and you must wear a mask. The policy should know this, but she's feigning ignorance. She clay, I was set up. I had no My dear, I had to wear a mask and I wasn't allowed to get my hair did well. She is now calling for an apology. From the salon for the hair appointment sat up how I absurd Nancy. I take great offence to your ridiculous claim and I assert this. Ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it. That's what they day right, you are a lawmaker. If some dumb kid made a mistake, I can understand giving them a warning, but your Nancy Pelosi shouldn't you be. To a higher standard, and now you
on an apology that is bold, to say the least, I can stand by people. Keep electing this woman. That shows you. Our political system is broken. Sorry I gotta say it's true, most probably agree: how can we be in a system where corrupt polo She keeps getting like that over and over and over again we're Biden has been in office. He's been in politics for forty seven years at us, point we say like dude: we don't want these people, it's a shaman people, dont care. It's like a agenda do keeps coming your house and stealing from you and your eye out or whatever it is a matter to me. Come on man tell the guy to stop stealing from you Nancy below. Is resources from this community. He doesn't even know anything about, I mean come on. You could even argue this if she actually represented this district. Wouldn't she know about what was going on in this district. Let us allow donors firing back saying the whole set up angle is bs that the dude Nancy Pelosi booked it there were assessed. And the way salons work is that the guy,
Did her hair the person I say I'm assuming the guy. I think it's a guy. He he runs the chair, so heated sides to bring her now, apparently through a lawyer, their claiming no no, the salon owner approved it. That seems weird to me. You know why cuz. I know people working salon, they dont need approval when they rent the chairs. They go the salon they do people's here. They rent the chess outworks lawyers story. Now and see policy speaker, Thou claims she fell for a set up by assent, just go salon where she went in for a hare appointment. It was set up and I take responsibility for falling for a set up I think that this alone owes me an apology for setting up classic Dar Vow what is worse, it deny attack, reverse victim, an offender. No, I I did break the rules. It's actually that up the salon owner set me up for once.
You kidding me some salon or like near her, I'm going to trick Nancy policy into having our assistants schedule a hair cut and then have work men, so I can complain about it. Come on man, so dumb Fox NEWS, published security. Camera footage on Tuesday of policy inside go on along with an interview from Erika Cayos, the owner of the of Islam in San Francisco Samaras goes krona by Restrictions on salons and other similar businesses was amended on Tuesday, allowing for hair appointment to be conducted outdoors only listen if policy was set. Why wouldn't she where to mask? Ok, I get it right. Maybe she did not realise salons we're still closed. That still no excuse, it's your district know your own rules now Cayley Mc Kennedy during a press briefing, just What the video of policy in this long on lope, I love it cayley was bringing the fireworks Presto Pelosi spokes where's Andrew Hamilton, a statement on Tuesday Pelosi made the point,
because she was told by the salon that it could be accommodated within her cities, guidelines but isn't policy. The representative who should know the rules policy can be seen in the short video walking through part of this, along with what appears to be her face mask around her neck, rather than covering her face with wet hair, her spokesman sincere on Tuesday that she had her mask off only for a short time, while her hair was washed and policies on Wednesday, she always has a mask. I just had my hair washed. I D where a mask when I'm washing my hair, do you are ask when you're washing your hair. She asked report on Wednesday. I take response only for trusting the word of the neighborhood salon that I've been to over the of the years, many times and they said they were able to accommodate people one person at a time and we can set up that time. I trusted that, as it turns out, it was a set up. Kayo salon, are told Fox news. There was a stylus who rents at a chair in the salon who took the appointment with policy and that she can't control what stylus do no car
oh said, she had prior knowledge of the appointment. Usa today has reached out to chaos Republican seized on policies. To labour label her a hypocrite, because she had pushed for adherence to guidelines intended to slow the spread of the corona now I will tell you. I do think its a bit strange that this woman didn't come out before policy. Did that did this, but I mean yet is what it is, even even if this it was like, while plus it gonna come to my salon, amateur published that video after she does this. You could argue it's a set up. I suppose there are actually arguing at once that further that saying that, basically this is the stylist contacted the owner of the owner, approved it, and then policy came in. Why is that? How is that an excuse Isn't it policies responsibility as a leader in this community to help people adhered to the guidelines? If policies such as strict adherence to these guidelines, isn't it very important that she told people
what they are supposed to be doing, and therein lies the main point. I dont care that Nancy Policy one to skirt the rules if she got set up whatever a bunch of other politicians have done so what matters now taking her word, for it is that she does even know what the rules are are there, rules at all. Why are they keeping of these businesses lockdown when there are even know what the bizarre supposed to be doing in the first place. Now, listen, it's fair to say a lot of people. Don't get this Nancy policy is a federal representative, they electoral district and send her to d C. Two represent their district to the federal government? So I'm not necessarily surprise. He has no idea what's going on our own district, but it does still look. I don't think it's an excuse, a right. I get it
she sheet. She sets policy at federal level. Why should white white? Why shouldn't she know what her district is doing if she's gonna come DC and talk about how we should be locked down and what we should be doing shouldn't she know what's happening where she lives, know what she's gonna go to DC and try and pass all about what I'm supposed to do? Man talk about ridiculous, well, CBS says: that's. The chaos have responded, Kyle said she has had a surveillance cameras for five years. I mean I didn't go in there and turn cameras on as soon as she walked and set her up. She's been coming for quite a while, just as your comment and especially not wearing the mask ass. It really got to me, but this is it even political I mean she's been coming in their it's. The fact that she actually came in and didn't have a mask on Cairo said, and I just thought of You know my staff and people not being able to work and make money and provide for their families. If she's in their comfortably without a mask and feeling safe, then why are we shut down? Why am I not able to have clients come in
Carlos also said she doesn't think that she will stay in San Francisco and that she has been getting threats since releasing the footage. The hard part of all this is that I have been in a community for twelve years, and since this happened, I have received nothing but hey, text messages death threats. She said they're going to burn my hair salon down my yelp pages, just unbelievable bad reviews, the stylist who did policies, however, backed policies. But it was a set up. Through his lawyer. He asked we got a lawyer. This is stupid, a story ever hairstyle us Jonathan Donato said Kai has approved the appointment, CBS San Francisco reports, Kai us all. So criticized Pelosi during a phone call according to Gennaro, Bananas lawyer said Coyoats had been violating krona virus health concerns. Health orders for months it appears Miss, is furthering the set up of speaker policy for our own vain aspirations. Of the many people who criticized policy on line was Trump crazy. This policy is being decimated for having a b,
the parlor opened when all others are closed and for not wearing a mask, despite TK so we lecturing everyone else. We will almost certainly take back the house and send Nancy packing. Mr trumped tweeted Wednesday. Ok, you know what I got to say: It does seem strange to me that this due to dinner, I guess they must texted Polio sang it was gonna happen. I mean she knew, was gonna happen. She could have said absolutely not. I guess she brings up the point. She has no control, he rents the seat, but then mentions that there, paying right now. There's a mortar inventions to note. That means she had to notice is going to happen. And she sat on it, took the footage and unpublished published it. Ok, all right, let's just say this Nancy, you are set up wow ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it. What Nancy policies basically dawn is the classic confession to the prosecutor. I learned this all too well trying to
A good excuse for violating the law just means you ve confessed ever go through this. I this happened me once you see in Illinois when you drive under the when you, when you're on the age of twenty one, and you get a couple speeding tickets, they suspend your license. I had no idea I got pulled over the cot basically said: did you know your suspended. I was like no cuz. I I've gotten. I've got to moving violation. I had means to contest, but I didn't have the ability to leave my job to go and contest this so was actually cheaper to keep working on just pay the ticket yeah. Unfortunately,. That's how the system is rigged against people who are poor. That's why I'm I'm whether levy on many issues and why I M for reform what ended up happening was when I try to explaining it was an accident had I received any notice, I would have absolutely not driven and they sat up so you confess and I got really really angry. I was like our UK bring me man,
You send me a notice in the mail. Let me know I did something wrong up up. Ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking us a lesson. I learn the hardway they gave me us. Slap on the rest. I ended up not have it as a guide to pay an extra fine. It was really annoying because took more days out of work. For me, it was a well it wasn't overly expensive. They set high. You confess now pay the fine. I didn't that the charges were. Dropped it was ridiculous and low. It's not like a big deal. If anything, the point is all we see here is that may be Nancy Pelosi was set up and I'd like to thank her, then, for can passing, to having actually violated covert ordinance. Bravo I'll leave their necks. I'm coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly.
It's an ongoing trend in the polls. Black voters are flipping for Donald Trump they're, saying no to the Democrats. We have had enough and they are choosing the Donald Shooting Donald Trump to be their president and because of this, tromp has erased bite and eight point lead in Pennsylvania as black voters abandoned Democrats. I am particularly inspired by this. To be completely honest, I am really inspired. By people like Billy Propane can recycle it thou Kimberly Classic. These are black conservatives running for office Kimberly in Baltimore and Billy in New Jersey, because for the longest time you are told you must be a part of this party and I don't. I don't just mean the black blackboard. I mean many different communities. That's why I'm also inspire the likes of Britain. Rock individual saying enough if I believe in something I'm gonna vote for you can't tell me because of my identity, I have to vote for you Now what I agree with everyone, their policy positions, but I am
inspired by individuals who will stand up for what they believe in the face of threats and insults. We're really bothers me about the attacks on marginalized community Republicans is that the left keep saying that you know why people- lift up marginalized voices, while certainly they have Candice Owens Kimberly Classic Brandon struck Blair White, for instance. So what is left? Do insults, be rates and attacks them that to me is extremely offence. If you ask them to stand up, he told them to stand up and speak out and then, when they did, you spat on these people? That is disgusting? So if anybody's gonna stand up in the face of this adversity there. My respect Washington, examiner, says former vice President Joe Biden, who calls himself a kid from scratch and has lost his wide lead over President Trump in his native Pennsylvania or the twenty twenty presidential raises a dead heat. The latest recipes and pulled reports poll showed that both are tied at forty six percent and sick
evidently said the Poles analysis among eighty two percent of voters who said that there are certain how they will vote. Tromp holds a fifty one to forty nine percent advantage. Rest music is the second Poland two days to show the Rice and Pennsylvania a key battleground state has become a tie. The Monmouth University Paul said Wednesday that binding elite of one to three points. Just two weeks ago, binding at an eight point led in the state trot surprise. Twenty sixteen victory came after. He upset Hilary Roddam Clinton in traditionally democratic states, including Pennsylvania, which both Trump and vice president might pants have campaigned in. It also confirmed another trend turning Biden. Black voters who Biden is depending on are not enthusiastic about his candidacy. Despite having Senator Comma Harris on the ticket. Rest Musin found that just sixty seven percent of black these people in Pennsylvania Support Biden, while twenty seven percent back Trump Joe Biden, put at an
add in it. He said something like you know: black people wake up every day, knowing that they face in adversity from the police or that this could you know that they could lose their lives. And I say I treated this out. One of the reasons is quite literally commonly Harris. It's funny that they would choose to bring her on Joe Biden has sad horror, finally, races things over his years and even recently, and commonly Harris laughed at locking up marginalized and low income people. So it's no surprise, then that many people are running to Trump see. Not all of these voters are probably die, hard trump supporters. Many of them are probably just like woe, Kabul. In no way do she was locked up people for pot she's nuts. Now Biden apparently wants to like decriminalize potter whenever you like it. You're Biden Trump should do without I don't take binds word for it. The analysis said worrisome for the former vice president is in is his sixty seven percent black support low. For a democrat with the incumbent earning twenty seven percent of the black vote in Pennsylvania,
tromp leads among whites and other minority voters. Second survey released by rest. Musin Trump has a fifty percent approval. Writing the rest. Musin pole is key because it includes only likely voters and uses A ratio of democratic to Republicans that is more in line with national voting patterns. I respect that. Here's, the warning to all of you. This is not your typical election. There will be chaos in the mail in vote and there are gonna be a lot of people who don't normally but war voting. I meant early, convinced young people will get us about. The Democrats keep trying to get youth voters, they do it all the time rock the boat whew I once volunteered for an organisation. I worked for a non profit that fund raised for environmental causes and other issues, progressive issues, and they asked me if I would like to register. Voters- and I said, sounds good to me and because of this I gotta backstage pass
to hang out with death cab for cutie, one of my favorite bands. It was awesome and all I did was walk around asking people who are there if they register devoted and help them register to vote, it was actually really cool. I still support the effort I don't care what your political leanings are. I think everybody should should have a right. Everyone has a right to vote. Everybody should vote whether your progressive Democrat Father thought caviar, communists. Ok, you have a right to vote. I don't care about which a politics are so long as you stand up and support them and as much as I might disagree with the more extremist elements of the of the left and the right in this country, we have civil rights, and that includes voting. So I went out. I made sure people had the right to vote, and now we can see that's likely. Voters will there supporting trump, but
will we see a surge in youth voters? I don't think so, even if you get them to register, even if they're saying there committed, I do not believe they will be. I'm sorry, I just don't see it. When it came to Bernie Sanders. Did the youthful come out now they didn't, but there is other other strategies afoot notably travel, notably mail. In voting and now one of the. Most things. I've ever seen, Donald Trump Post, I'm sorry, I utterly italian man, don't say I can say is welcome to chaos. Take a look at this Donald tromp, based on the massive number of unsolicited and solicited balance that will be sent to potential voters for the upcoming twenty twenty election, order for you to make sure your vote counts and is counted, sign and mail in your ballot as early as possible on election day or early voting, go to your pulling place to see whether or not your mail in vote has been tabulated counted. If it has, you will not be able to vote.
And then Ireland system worked properly if it has not been counted vote which they citizens right to do. If you male in belet, arrives after you vote, which it should not. That boat will not be used or counted in that your vote has already been, asked and tabulated. You are now a short that your precious vote has been counted, it hasn't been lost, thrown out or anyway destroyed God bless America. Ok, there's wait. What we're doing tromp just go vote in person now of people. The latter screaming Trop is illegally telling people to vote twice: I don't know I'm not a lawyer bill bar was about it, and this does look like a really tactless way to tell people to ensure their vote is being counted. This will be absolute fuel for, the far left when they say Donald Trump, is trying to cheat the election. I'm sorry! It's just true. I plan on voting for the guide, because I think the far left in the land and the Democrats have lost their minds, but this was just in ITALY. Trouble is not a perfect man and I've
over and over again, I have my issues with things he says and does perhaps the best thing to say to people is just vote in person. If you want to be sure now, I dont know if what he said is actually illegal, and then let me bring us down for you if he's saying, vote and just make sure your vote was counted. That's it. I don't think that's illegal if he saying they didn't count. Your vote so make sure you do out. Don't think that's illegal either. I would never encourage people to do this because what happens if you vote by male, they didn't get it yet. Then your vote in person and now you have to about being counted. I don't know the left his book, whenever Trump says something left comes out and screams. It always ends up like a day later. That turns out. Tromp was right about something, so it may be the case that you can't vote twice, meaning that if your melon bout comes in what's up with his wife, I think what he said
it has. If you're melon bout arrives after you vote, which it should not, the bout will not be used are counted. So it sounds like what he sang as if you mail in your ballot there. You go vote, then your ballot arrives, go back out. This person voted out right in front the trash right. If that's the case, then it seems like there should really be an issue. The bigger issue with voting twice, I think the lap is missing, is when people vote in different areas twice I mean still don't vote twice, I'm pretty sure, that's a crime, so I don't know I don't know enough about the law, but let me just tell you something: I don't trust mail in voting. I don't I'm not going to do it. Although New Jersey is mandating mail in ballots you, that means I am going to get a bunch of ballots to my house or people. Don't live here and those people will like get mail in ballots where they live as well. What are we supposed to do with it? I don't want it. I do not want it. What should I do? I didn't ask for it. I don't want it. Do I throw it away? I don't know if I can
so I got this melon bout sitting over it. I have no idea what to do with it. I don't. I don't think I can taken get rid of it. I have no idea, I guess contact the that the previous tenant who belongs to look and these swing states the poles are doing wonderfully for Trump. He has improved his standing tremendously, but this this stuff from US luck trumped, should impose this on Facebook, and another fate has come from Alan Voting. I just think the whole thing's broken this post from trumps had to me. One thing: the only thing guaranteed is that there are no guarantees there will be chaos and badly. On election night, I think it's very likely that you are going to hear Trump One and buy new one. The courts are likely not going to want to get involved. The military is not going to want to get involved and you will have two presidents, no joke, that's what I see happening right now. Do I know for sure I don't, but I don't know man, I don't want Biden to win. I want the Democrats to win and I'll tell you what's. The most
because of the collective interest cult, cultivator sexuality. I would rather have Donald Trump and all is silly posts and stupid tweets than people who are supporting far left extremists oral vertically racist and are avowed racists, one of the best selling books right now and Amazon. It was number one for a while is written by a woman who says she isn't about racist and that's what the left has embraced. I have to resist that. I have no choice, considering my family, my backing down on that. I will compromise with them now. Leave their next segment will be tomorrow at ten. A m thanks, rang out now, will see you all next time.
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