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Democrats Launch Formal Impeachment Against Trump, This Is A Huge Mistake

2019-08-09 | 🔗

Democrats Launched Formal Impeachment Against Trump, This Is A Huge Mistake. Jerry Nadler has announced that formal impeachment proceedings against Trump has officially been started. The Washington Post adds that they may have actually begun in July with the Democrats requesting information on the Special Counsel's investigation.The move by the Democrats to impeachment runs afoul of the polls and voter demand. Polls show that even among democrats only 39% favor starting impeachment proceedings and among independents 51% oppose impeachment proceedings.Voters are not currently asking for this and it seems like a last ditch effort to keep Russiagate in the news. After years of an empty investigation into russian collusion against Donald Trump Democrats don't seem to want to let 2016 go. Instead of focusing on policy issues like the 2020 Democrats are, House democrats seemed intent on pushing forward with proceedings that will undoubtedly fail if they even reach the Senate.To make things worse, 30 or so House Democrats are in districts won by Trump and risk losing their seats in 2020 if voters feel betrayed or if they feel the democrats are moving too far left.

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The Democrats have begun formal impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump and the Washington Post reports. This myth actually started in July with some court filings Well! The Democrats were seeking information about tromp and we'll get into all of that, but let me just say, as I've been tracking the data and looking at other stories, I feel like this is a huge mistake of Democrats, just my opinion, and this based off of trumps job approval, his favour ability, as well as the fact in pulls most people do not want impeachment, and not only that most people don't care. I dont quite understand why This is the attacks after Democrats are using to try and win two thousand and twenty when it doesn't show them to be. It doesn't show any substance in the Democrats: they're not doing anything for the american people. Guess: they're satisfying the emotions of those who really don't like the president, but in the end,
they're, not promising the american people, any hope or change or progress there simply saying Orange Man is bad and they don't even have every House Democrat on board. They have. The majority now but they don't even have every democratic rings. The right course of action, so why do it I dont know today. Let's take a look at this as well as others stories, in how action from Democrats is actually benefiting trump and look. It's been said time and time again. Tromp is on track for twenty twenty victory by many economic forecast models, the incumbent advantage, the economy is strong, it doesn't mean he's guaranteed, but I'll say this. If this is what the Democrats are presenting in terms of opposition, I do not see them winning twenty twenty, but maybe maybe Orangemen bad will be enough. I can say for sure, I'm not psychic salts, read this story and then goes on the data before we get started had Overton cast outcome slashed. If you'd like to support my work as a pay, PAL Optional Crypto option a physical address, but of course the best thing I can do just share this view
youtube as DE ranked independent local commentary, as I'm sure you ve heard me say over and over again, which means I'm competing now with Youtube, giving the advantage to CNN Msnbc, foxes, etc. If you think I do a good job despair, the video, because that kind of counteracts the de ranking I experienced both Reed the Washington Post reports House Democrats have begun impeachment proceedings against President Trump. A key Democrat admitted as much Thursday quote. This is a four. This is formal impeachment proceedings, the chairman of the I want you to share a committee Jared, never told Gerald, never told sin and on Thursday, after weeks of dancing around whether his committee would formally consider impeaching Trump quote, we're invite getting all the evidence gathering the Evans never added, and we will at the conclusion of this, hopefully, by the end of the year, vote to vote articles of impeachment to the house floor
or we want that, a decision that will have to make, but that's exactly the process, were in right now. His statement makes clear what a lawsuit filed Wednesday by his committee states, that quote the Judiciary Committee is now determining whether to recommend articles of impeachment against the president on the obstructive conduct described by the special council, in fact Washington, Post as Democrats, we have already begun impeachment inquiry without most people noticing and without the fanfare and potential political backlash of a big announcement. That is happening in a court filing late July to get the full on reductive. Mullah report, the Judiciary Committee,
argued that it needed the information because it is conducting an investigation to determine whether to recommend articles of impeachment. Since then, Democrats, language has only become stronger in court filings, commenting with neighbours statement that impeachment proceedings have begun. But you know what let me just say: it doesn't mean a whole lot right now when they get to the point where they want to vote on articles of impeachment I'll be listening. But admittedly this is you know it's not gonna, be like one day you wake up and it's happening. This is kind of that, but Democrats have been moving towards impeachment for a while. Now the rhetoric has been escalating news reports a week or so ago about how the Democratic House now has a majority that wants to seek impeachment, though not every Democrat is on board. So, yes, this is entirely predictable and, in my opinion, it
really really bad idea. Let's wait a little bit more, but then we'll move on. I say what that means. Democrats are taking the first step in the process. They have launched an impeachment inquiry to investigate what, if any quote high crimes and misdemeanours tromp may have come, If the investigation concludes he has. The committee will draw up articles of impeachment and the Judiciary Committee and then the house will vote on it if they get to the step of voting and articles of impeachment. We don't know how that would fare. There are thirty Democrats who represent districts Trump, one in twenty. Sixteen, only one of those backs and impeachment inquiry more than one hundred Democrats don't, and publicly support and impeachment inquiry. Many of them represent swing or republican leaning districts. Our speaker, Nancy Policy, has resisted informal impeachment proceedings because she fears it could cost Democrats the House next year and she's right. I don't look. You know I do. I look back at the statement bill Mermaid recently where he said
do I want bite into be president, not really, but is the only one who beats Trump in Ohio and that kind of resonate with me. I don't like Nancy pollution. Over a millionaire corporate democrat type personality, but she's right, it's bad for the Democrats. It's bad for those who want to see principled opposite into trouble. To come out and just wiggle your arms near screeching, impeachment you're not doing anything, but I have data to a this up or we little bit more though say still getting to this early stage in the process is the last thing Trump wanted? I gotta say we agree. They say not that he is in any real risk of actually getting kicked out of office that I agree with For that to happen, the Senate would have to hold a trial, and two thirds of the one hundred members would have to vote to convict him. This is control of our public and largely loyal to Trump, but when Democrats took back the house of our planet
in the twenty eighteen mid term elections, his team afeared, getting tied up in time, consuming investigations launched by House Democrats investigations that have the potential to air some of drumstick laundry they say impatient. Proceedings are the most intense and dramatic kind of congressional investigation and a waste of time we ve been through Russia. The gate I'm so over this man. I would nothing more than Democrats to come out and say here are three point plan to target big tech or something like that and Praise Elizabeth want to know and for her calling out big tack, big Tec, is a serious problem and we need to get people focus on actual problems, and I will give the respect of those who actually do it. I will give respect, will cause. The court has four also calling up big tech and and the surveillance epoch I'm gonna criticise them for their insane nonsense. Antimony criticise them for this impeachment stuff. Granted is never but still get back to policies, and I'm right there with you when you do this, it's just.
Now. Let's, let's, let's talk about why it's a bad idea check out this article from the New York Times from two days ago make com can come rights, dont assume prompts approval. Writing can't climb higher. It already has millions of America who did not like the present in twenty. Sixteen now say they do. Isn't it really funny? I'm not one of those people, but it's ok. I've never been a crazy person. I've admitted to an actual I'm proud of the fact that when Trump one I laughed about, that's not the end of the world, the orange man. It's we're not in why more Germany Trump is my view is like you look at the media And it's so insane with saying about this guy and, unlike he's just another president doing the same old president stuff, in criticising the same as we criticised abortion Obama. He is not worse than either of them. Boorish sure you now call not for that, but as he has bad on foreign policy, as Bush was culpable,
and as a rise of right now he's kind of contract. What Obama was dealing with immigration and foreign policy, albeit trumpets kind of little butter in some areas so look- I don't have the like the guy to recognise he's not that bad, it's so crazy to me. Listen there are people before the election did not like him and after it's more did because these are the people realize Orangemen, not that bad. It's just met simple. You can go all day and night and say look he has less than fifty percent favourably. I get it pull up the data, I get it favour ability. Polls show that Trump is not within the majority of the country, but he still gaining before the election. Less people liked him. Look at this like what is this in August of twenty? Sixteen thirty three point: six percent is adequate. I think its percentage based and has gone up,
afterwards, more people like the come today- and it says to me one important thing: although his approval rating has gone down in the past week or so it still higher than it's been for a long time, which means if Trump was able to win with a lower favour ability and a lower approval. Writing then, what does that mean today with his favour, ability and approval higher? It means he's likely going to win. Ok unless you can come up with real strategies and real pop policies to actually confront and beat him. But here's the thing, I'm a centrist right. I lean old to the left of the far left types they bathing. They correctly labelled me a liberal, because my love and don't give credit to these farmers and Argo types and activities that the real ones, not the weirdest on Twitter. Like you, actually talk these people they'll call him pool a centrist liberal because they understand why they don't like me. I'm a reformist, I'm, not good enough. I say Orangemen bad. Let's vote him out of office and that's it.
I recognise that the system has produced a trump and I say: well you know people voted for this. I dont, as it doesn't mean I'm in favour. I like what the government has by no means, but I also think that destroying everything just makes it worse and it makes life worse for everybody pollution. So I sit back and say: hey Hilary in Trump play by the same rules, trump one we got to deal with it and we ve gotta be reasonable about coming coming out with strategies to to get someone else elected. But in the end, what do we really get impeachment per se? things is come on man. I've been through two years of Russia, gated spectacular even longer, and it's just I'm watching them. Then their wheels and the data doesn't show. This will do anything for them check this out from NBC News. Support for impeachment falls as twenty twenty heats up. Look at this pole is from July, seventh, nine. So, admittedly, you know it's a little bit old about a month old attitudes on impeachment begin hearings. Now thirty
Nine percent of Democrats say do it. You don't even have the majority of Democrats setting to do this independence, twenty one percent say go Fort and three percent of the GNP say go forth. Eighteen percent of Democrats I dont impeach. I got it a bigger group of Democrats, I go for it, but it's not even the majority. So why waste your time when fifty one percent of independence are saying doubt only twenty one percent you're, so you're trying to win those twenty one percent while losing the fifty one percent. I just don't see this makes sense. I feel like there's somebody behind the scenes. Tell him to do all these things and it's just a waste of time and it's and it's nonsense, rhetoric. Eighty five percent of the GOP says: don't do it well. Look. I can understand why the Democrats don't think they're going to win GOP voters. That's fine!
Look at the independents. Fifty one percent are saying: don't do it, and here we are I'm one of these independence. No, no problem saying that I have actually no problem saying don't in dont mover impeachment. It is, it is hollow it is it is. It is a promise of nothing and it will never succeed. It's like they know it's a futile effort. They know it can't be passed. They know it can't be done so, instead of trying to win back the house with sound pulse this is what they do, and the Washington Post brings up a very important point. Thirty of these Democrats are in swing districts that trump one. These are moderates you're going to lose. Our majority by targeting districts that, like the president, I know I sound frustrated, but you know it's just I. This is what I see every day, so it so. Let me kind of dislike. Children can come out really that frustrated I'm
I'm kind of jaded, I'm kind of dislike. Here we go again. This is what they're doing they tried Russia and other trying obstruction, and it's like none of that mattered. None of it was true. Why waste our time with this? I want to hear about health care. I really really like the idea of universal health care. I think it's very difficult to get too and I think if we want to ever propose anything we do recognise. There are a lot of people who are happy with private insurance. There half the country, our conservative trump supporters, who don't want the idea. So we have a conversation, let's figure a real, a real way to protect those who are going into debt. I mean Healthcare is a huge issue for everyone. Can you please talk about healthcare seriously? They don't. Let's move on. I gotta get some other stories. The first I want to highlight this. One is from July twenty, eight or not that long ago. Why aren't twenty twenty Democrats talking about impeachment because voters
asking. How is it so hard? I don't I just don't can don't even want say I feel like the New York Times is telling you. The poles are telling you and maybe they're all wrong. I get it maybe they're all wrong, but took two heads your bets again after years on Orangemen bad Russia obstruction. It just makes no sense, but I do want to talk about some of the more or less related but kind of ridiculous things. That Democrats have been doing check this out. Twenty twenty spokeswoman, Joaquin Castro's doc, only empty Then Trump donors, if not familiar with what happened, walking Castro, who is the brother of presidential candidate, William Castro, tweeted out the names and employers of Trump donor apparently some of those people actually donated to Castro and apparently one of those people was falsely accused of donated trump and its costs? Nothing but problems,
so the trunk campaign saying your pouring feel on the fire and your inspiring able to come forward. That's absolutely true, I mean come on don't. You know it reverse. I colleges they're gonna, be a bunch of transporting docks me. Do it do it docks me and now you're gonna go down it. It is the opposite of what you expect to happen and it's only hurting innocent people. Why would you do this? Look I understand. Donor information is publicly publicly available. Can search my name see my donations. Yes, everybody can notice, but he took the step of making sure it was. It was easier to access. So I don't think I'm as bullish on like docks in as many people are, I think, goes wrong of him to do They get does cross in adopting to an extent, but it's mostly about him targeting these specific individuals, one of which was wrongly out it as a Trump donor, is forced to go through such
will awareness training with his wife because there actually being put in danger by this, and this is what we are seeing from Democrats in the twenty twenty race and I gotta tell ya man. Look I talk to people, my friends like the people. I hang out with their not conservatives which is everybody's gonna. You know you at these far left wackos on unsocial social media claiming that's true. It's not the real, far left people that I know correctly insult me as a liberal and a centrist. Thank you. They understand that I may centralists liberal reformist you're right. I am guilty is charged. I understand that the plight and I sympathise with their their mentality, but authoritarianism and smash smash solves nothing. I'm sorry the ends don't justify. The means, therefore, are more about hey. Can we have some civility and win back those we lost? No, the left us move too far left and now I am politically homeless, as are many people, and I think this is partly why
You see the expansion of the intellectual dark web when people say things to me like men. What would happen to you to my people from ocular occupy an unlikely lemme. Ask a question. You know, I think a really good example of what happened to me is to actually look back at like the vice years when I worked for vice remember what vice used to write about edgy, dark and offensive content then one day something switch like us like, like a light bulb and all of us,
Vice is now a woke company and a lot of the original people have left. So you want to see. I changed nope still, a huge fan of George Carlin still love offensive, comedy family guy, the Orville still protrude. Still progress of tax. My politics have moved a little bit more to the centre because on the issue of like Universal Health Gary's to be very very for it like just do it, and then I realized it. It's like you're, not gonna win, and so I'm I'm still very much for universal Healthcare as an end goal. But I believe the right approach is to start with public option and sell it. Yet you have to convince people why this programme can make sense and how we can effectively implement these powers these and in the end, if you can't well, then you lose and that's the way it should be, but I but I would still advocate for this, but for the most part I haven't I'm looking at the Democrats doing nonsense, insanity and I can quite understand it check this out. Chrissy tie again and Jonathan Van Ness have now cancelled their equinox memberships over the onerous Trump fundraiser critical said. She got an auto reply to a cancellation, email saying they were experienced.
Extremely high volumes of emails, their cancelling work? Equally, it works like a workout place right that is libraries are now saying there, cancelling their equinox memberships in droves after it was revealed the company's owner is hosting a lavish fundraiser for President Donald Trump RE election campaign. I just don't care. So Zelie. You know what man I will Each fillet, it's delicious. I knew what it was like a couple: people who donated below ten twenty five thousand dollars, I'm not going to boycott shakily, I'm not gonna boycott Equinox, I'm not gonna boycott Gillette, I'm not gonna boycott Nike. You know for the most part, I just I just don't care. Ok, I don't! Actually I do I did it is back for me. I think it's silly when partisans point the finger at one company, and an abandoned ship and ignore the others. My policy in the past has been very much so if a company decides to enter the culture war, I'm out, I that you do not need to get political. I dont want to have anything to do with us, but I guess I should walk,
that back a little bit because as much as it you no kind of ultimately. Does it really makes sense, because behind the scenes politicking, you can't really get away from and perhaps in the end, I should care a lot less and I think that's what I realised with like gelatinous other companies like dude. I'm not gonna buy Gillette in the first place, but I don't care if they make a stupid commercial. You know it's, not you. You could congratulations. You ve convinced me to do nothing. What, when I see like you, these other companies are putting up, woke, tweets and well content in what might my response is always been hate? You know dear thing, I'm not gonna buy and I think that's the appropriate response. Our make sure I that's that's kind of where I landed so equinox like. Oh, you want to you our support trump. I really don't. Care has no bearing on of our not. I can work out wherever you know and then there's something really fight you, because I got something happened with soul cycle where suicide socks also soul cycle owner, was donated. Tromp and then faced public shaming, which resulted in this room
Leave funny and ridiculous thing from the right got got a point. The finger at the right wingers here on this one for not realising Michael, more was making a joke check out the story left wing gas bag, Michael more claims, he cancel soul cycle membership, but the exercise company doesn't offer them he treated so that really be reported that equinox and sole cycle to House Trump fundraiser and it had that's. It just cancel my soul cycle membership. I think Michael more was actually just making a joke that he's a very overweight individual who clearly doesn't exercise, but I guess that you know whenever the head of a lot of people who thought he was being serious, but that I think is very obviously not the case. Look. I watch Michael Moors. Fahrenheit. Eleven and it was terrible. It was terrible, but let's sluts like we can show a little bit and you know what I can necessarily sack and criticise the left for cancelling all the stuff, because we ve seen Trump supporters burn Nike gear and old stuff. I just think everybody should chill out report.
Whatever side you're on like it's, it's it's the virtue signal. I think that's really absurd. If you quietly decide to start to cancel your membership into quietly, decide to stop buying products I mean you're you're free to do so, but it just to me it's silly now everything's gone so insane right. I think I have one more story. I dont really care of people are boycotting stuff anymore as I have just seen it so much on like yeah, whatever man. I do, think it's bad. You never get to a point where partisan stop shopping in certain places and we see a rift between society with fracturing economies and parallel economy type things I've I've heard about this before. If you know twittered bands to many right wingers in they go different platforms, it's just going to buy for Kate society. Even worse, so you know this is a kind of a derailment, but the reason I wanted to include these boycotting stories is because, when I look at the impeachment stuff
really seems to me like a disconnect between what makes sense what will actually help you and what you need to do. I really don't see how the boycotting is gonna do anything when that when, when the truck peoples are burning, Nike stuff, nobody cared negative care people left and now in their boycotting equinox and saw cycle, nobody cares everybody laughs, and so I guess that's what I was seeing here is the appearance of a bad idea, trumps got a bigger based today than before he was elected as approval. Writing is higher than it was before he was elected, he's on track to win. We ve got Steve Bullock, Trumpery election, more likely with each other. Sing minute and its from two days ago, and I have to agree and there's a guy running for the democratic nomination. I have to agree man. You can look at the data, it's just not there. So so almost everybody boycott whatever you want I think it's kind of a waste of time, but you know by all means: do it s my opinion, but if you really want to defeat president, if, if you really want to be tromp, if you want to get denomination, this is not how you do it. You hurt,
off so anyway, like I don't know I've I followed, including those last stores, this kind of makes sense, but Molly with their impeachment. It has begun. Welcome to Russia. Get round to their extending the Miller inquiry to say, not tromp obstructed, and now they can stretch out the entire nonsense. Where I'm going to say it they're sore losers, they lost their refuse. Let it go. Please do something else. Stick around next time it will be coming up at Youtube: COM, sliced him gas news, starting at six p m- and I will see while their potential mass shooter was stopped by a good guy with a gun who held this man at gunpoint until the police arrived and arrested. Him story is a guy show to Walmart with body armor rifle and over one hundred rounds of ammunition and I'm seeing the story kind of go all over the place. I see a lot of conservatives pushing about saying, see a good guy with a gun. Stop this guy, however,
I am not entirely convinced this was going to be a master. Actually, I think the end. I think. After looking over the story, I dont believe that to be the case and what I actually see here is an erosion of second amendment rights period. This in after reviewing evidence. Looking over the stories, I think this is actually really bad news for conservatives and forgot advocates right now, the daily wire and many other concern about its pointing out that a good guy with a gun, a handgun, stopped a guy with a rifle who was arrested like it was a good thing. However, it's my understanding that in Missouri, walking around the rifle and ammo is not against the law, and therein lies the problem. What laws to this man break? Why was he arrested? What was intent? We really dont know now. I certainly think we have a problem here in this country. If you literally can't stop amassed shooter, if he's doing everything in a law up until the point where he lifts is gonna start shooting people. So you know, look, I'm I'm more left, but I like it
because it's kind of interesting to me to see so many conservatives praising this while at the same time this is likely to actually harm gun rights. Let's read the story before we get started at overturned, guest accomplished on it. If you'd like to support my work is a paper electronic Crypto option physical address, but of course, the best thing we do share this video look. I guarantee you that but it will be demonetized Andy ranked because I'm talking about guns and gun rights. At effect, you know you do but strive demonetized, gun channels. They the one instance, Google Shopping banned. The word guns you could even search for like Anime called Gun, damn like just the word, the three letters yeah. They don't like it So if you do please share, but through the story right of your rights and after the fire fighter who had a firearm within stopped a potential attack from taking place at a Walmart Missouri after a twenty year, old man showed up to the store, the rifle body armor and over one hundred,
of ammunition. His intent was not to cause peace or comfort to anybody that was in it and in the business. Lieutenant MIKE Lucas, with these Springfield police departments are in fact he's lucky to be alive. Still to be honest, and that's true is, although it's not yet clear, with the man's intent was Lucas and we definitely have some crimes. I'd be interested to know if those crimes are again, my understanding, as he didn't do anything illegal walking around with a rifle in public, is legal Maybe trespassing Walmart says no guns allowed Lucas said there may have been a facebook live posted by the suspect and that law enforcement officials are conducting an investigation and, looking through this aspect sewing media k, our news anchor tweeted twenty year old men with rifle Hand got and body armor arrested at Walmart on Republic as have deep, Elisa, yet a hundred plus rounds of ammunition off duty firefighter with concealed carry held at gunpoint until officers arrived. My three minutes later, the Springfield place Barman released this statement.
Rockabilly for ten p dot M Springfield police officers were dispatched to three thousand one hundred and fifty West Republic Road to a Walmart neighborhood market and armed white male. In his 20s trained by an armed after duty, firemen, until officers arrive unseen and took this aspect into custody, no injuries reported and no shots were fired at this time. The investigation is ongoing and we are working to determine his motor. The incident comes after you know we have. You know, I'm avoid talking about the other incidents, but damn, let's readable, let's get that the tragedy has, night at the latest round of calls for gun control from the media and the Democratic Party demanding an assault, weapons ban and more background checks and independent study commissioned by justice departments. National Institute of Justice found the ninety ninety four Clinton assault, weapons, banded, not reduce violence, and a recent report from CNN noted that changes to background check radio
patients would not have stopped the tragedy. I have more news. According to CNN, the man was pushing a cart and recording himself walking through the store with a cellphone when the manager pulled the fire alarm to notify customers to escape, and that's when they go into the quotas. Intent was not to comfort anybody. We can see this photo kind of hard to make out for those watching, but it's the man outside with body armor and the rifle with his hands up. So I hop over to Wikipedia let Museum and here and there this gun laws in Missouri and weakened we hear permit required for concealed, carry no four long guns. No Frahm guns owners licence required. No, no firearm registration state permit. No, no, no! No permit required for open carry no, no well there. You go assault, weapons law, no, no magazine capacity, research and no no and have a weapons are sorted, no peaceable journey law, I'm not sure what
it is so, I could be missing some context here, not a gun person. The point is, it sounds like he's allowed to have. These magazines is allowed to have this weapon. It sounds like he was allowed to do all of this. What I think this is actually is is a second amendment on it. In March we saw this video March thirty first from nineteen one point million views on Youtube, there's a video where a man- I guess it's news now- ok, see with you know, but one thousand subs this man went two admin Oklahoma and he was carrying what he said was a pistol, and I believe he is absolutely correct. This right here on the left is what he described as a pistol, and this on the right is the officers weapon, which is a right and it's actually the guy is correct. So here happens in the story. This man shows up with a camera filming walking around a park where people are playing with this weapon and people called the police, because
my understanding is the police say in this, and it could be wrong. I don't know a rifle if you know how to open carrier rifle in this in the sky. In this place, however, here states, because there's no, you know he mentions that the stock and the foregrip and how this on the left is designed to be held with one hand legally, classifying it as a pistol with a shortened barrel, he's right use within the confines of the law and doing everything legally. The police come up and questioned him in here, the important thing about the potential crime. In the first story, the police say there may be some crimes here and that is intent was not too. You know, calm people or whatever the issues in this video for the first cops, walked up and says. Why are you doing this and he says it's a second amendment onto which the cop response, I appreciate you causing panic. Now we ve got a problem. We got a couple problems if you were an advocate for the second amendment, then
I imagine you would be like hey this guy. Did everything right peacefully walking around carrying his weapon within the confines of allowed doing everything legally and the police? Cop to him you know the other, what weapons drawn their their train on em they surround damage are asking questions. He put his hands up, they take you up and from an they check it think of it back say. Why would you do this? Should that have happened, could you imagine if the first time in history, the way a guy sing on a street corners talking about one of the two cops come up in, surround them and say: what are you talking about wise Augustine? I'm doing the first amendment. Right? So so we actually do have searched for a moment or two, and I think all of these situations, first of all the first moment audits- are a lot of people like going up two cops and security guards, my getting as close as possible. Kind of like pushing it wont. Let me ask you this like before actually go on talking about this. Do you think the sky is right to do this? Here's here's the difference between how I see the first moment audit, the second audits in a lot of these four
the moment audit videos, they they walk up to cops while the cops are doing something dangerous and capture agitated, like police, back up wait a second I'm an audit. This guy was just walk and throw park and he's legally aloud to the constitution says you can and he was falling all of the all the laws that were written. Why should the cops stop him when he broke no laws? Now you could argue probable cause because from a distance that does not look like a pistol and if you can't carry a rifle expect to be stopped and so that the guy on camera says we're just open, educate people to which the cops respond. Why don't you call us? Let us know you're gonna, be you know carrying around a piss, a pistol that looks like a rifle and what people call you to explain. Germany has maybe we'll do that. The future- but I think part of this is about- granting the image and at its I dont want to say about causing panic causing a scene, but it kind of its in that vein. So here's what I think about this, this the story right here with the sky. We don't know
This guy was a master we dont and I think there absolutely is kind of a problem if that person, with a hundred plus rounds of ammo and a rifle and body armor can legally walk around and do it every wants, and we only can stop him up like he's legally a lot to do that up until he lifts the weapons are shooting people, it's kind of like man, we're we're dance and close the Rangers edge on this one, but where the second amendment with gun rights, what's the solution, do you can't tell people are not allowed to wear but legal bodies or with a legal weapon in illegal open, carry state with legal ammo. So I will stress to all the conservatives, their dancing around saying, ah good guy with a gun, the pendulum ass router, it's like actually a guy who was panicked over the recent news, pointed had gone to the guy who didn't break any laws. We have a problem, we have a serious problem. I don't know the answer is I can't but I'm confused as to why I'm reading articles and as such as this, but I'm confused one reading-
articles where, in this circumstance, gun rights. Proponents are going like why good for them. They stopped him well. This is an erosion of gun rights. Make me maybe Guys agree. I don't ask me again: not a gun person never been, maybe we should be able to carry around. You know air fifteen's in public through Walmart the thing about the crime that he mentions and that where would I was gonna mentioned and in the other video where this guy does it is that causing panic could be that the problem right, the idea, the police, the place, could say, disorderly conduct. You know if you want to carry this around, it is you're right, but you still have to like give people a heads up. I don't know I mean I don't think you legally do but make the cops can charge you for disorderly or some kind of other. You know I I I don't know. The bigger question is: what do we do about this, and do we come to a point then, where we say we need a long gun. You know we're surgeons. On long guns, my understanding actually in places like Chicago is that long guns are less restricted because of hunting laws, and things like this
and I also will stress to the shock of the trunk is one short look. A lot of people dont want eating about guns, and that was the point of the second amendment on it, and this story here is what here's, what we know about the Roma thing a guy was wearing armor. Had a gun you two hundred rounds. He was filming himself, pushing a shopping cart around and then he left the store and then got stopped. So it doesn't seem like he was intending to do anything, but it still. What will you still arrested? And I have to wonder why, so when one of the big problems in the gun debate is that many people on the left don't understand anything about guns, which is why the this economic auditors did this, why he had a pistol which looks like a rifle and then everyone called the police can then about, but I mean I pulled at the strange on purpose because we have a problem if this is legally a pistol, and this is legally a rifle. What's the difference in the long run, and that's That'S- that's a big problem that we're having with all of these laws. Yes,
up its ban will ban handguns like literally what that that the at the federal level I went through the march of our life, it would ban like a semi automatic pistol and when you ask regular people of that should be completely illegal. They say no, of course, not their concerned about our fifteen's, and you know they don't seem to understand that The main issue with an air fifteen is not the fact that its air fifteen, it's just a semi, auto rifle, and there are a bunch of other kinds that wouldn't fall under this all weapons ban. That would still be it's just you know a man European University about this is I'm I'm absolutely open a talking about reasonable gun control? Maybe it's background checks? Maybe it's like you know we ban on certain things, maybe there's something we condemn saying may because I honestly don't know. The conversation needs to be had problem is the left is so damn sure we need to do it and they have even even read the bill. Don't even Odin assault weapon is they think that they interchangeably his rifle in weapons are not the same thing I sought rifle is illegal. They ve never been legal in the first place,
I read about this, so I'm sitting you're trying to be like. Ok, this is a problem. These two weapons right here are not legally the same thing. This is a pistol. This is a rifle. You understand what is going to cause a panic. Show that matter. I honestly don't know, but I think panic is bad and if people are freezing up, what do we do about it? We knock it. We're not gonna curtail someone's rights because you are panicking imaginable happen. If someone went outside and yelled swear word and people's hard panicking call the police, we can't tell someone, you can't speak, because people are panicking. So in this story which which is unlike just baffled by this, why is anybody celebrating a guy who broke no law? being arrested and held at gunpoint? Could you imagine if you were speaking and someone came up you and detained you and the police came in a rescue to figure out what you were saying and why. The problem I see is that people are on edge there. There are masters
I don't know, the solution is its very different from just speech but they're, both in the constitution, there both guaranteed rights. So right now I cannot say based on where we are as a country, This was a good thing. Obviously, if he was a mass, you'd are absolutely was, but what? If it's a guy exercising its constitutional right filming himself and leaving a store in someone illegally detained at gunpoint, our don't man isn't this. She's, just so so nuts, but I will say this: I'm not really super frustrated about anything conversations or or or how we're supposed to move forward and what the solutions gonna be. Because what we do is what society does we developed new cynics, we develop new laws and no new rules and new customs and things change Maybe this will result in people being more armed. I don't think so. I think people are moving away from weapons away from armor.
You know I saw this video and it got me thinking about how what would have happened couple hundred years ago. If somebody was walking around with with pistols or swords, are something nobody would say anything if a guy was walking with a weapon wearing like thick protective clothing. Innocently armor, but maybe like levers, are something a lot of people would be like the middle. The woods wild animals got himself a weapon makes sense out of touch us off right today, people have ever have given up so much authority or expectation of authority to police that their shocked when there's a guy walking round the rifle. So so I ask this. I have a few questions that I can. I can add to this. I dont quite understand why it is the left hate, cops, say things like all capture bastards, but then think cops are, should be the only people with weapons. I don't understand why it's eleven that that claims that you know police brutality is. This is serious greatest problem. I think it's
problem, but they act like all capture bastards and ate, and they too, you know, I'm not saying all liberals, I'm saying it tends to be. The left saying cops are bad and it also tends to be that the lapsing only the cops should have guns. I get it. You're not gonna shoot a cop like if a copy breakin long corrupt, while you're gonna screwed argue but there's one point brought up by other people, How could we be at a point where you have left shrieking Orangemen bad fascists are taking over the police. Government are fascists. I now, let's give them all of our guns. That's really weird, isn't it well? It will add one more thing: we are seeing the rise of left wing gun groups like the Socialist Rifle Association or the John Brown Gun club. Redneck revolts, don't be surprised the left assigned to embrace guns. So that's why they may be. People will actually start arming themselves more. Maybe that's not a good thing. I honestly have no idea but take a letter. This offer those using the Pike S on its the cop holding up to weapons that look very similar to the untrained,
aye, but one is legally a pistol and one is legally a rifle. And how do you deal with it? What's the appropriate solution? Did the police have probable cause? Should the police have probable cause to stop so when exercising their constitutional right and breaking the laws? I earnestly just don't know This is too damn complicated for me to be the moral arbiter of, but I can point out principle and the current system in place. I would state based on the current rules. The police should not have stopped this man In fact, I should say the police should have want to ask a few questions than down their merry way, but you know what. I don't know, I don't know it's tough right, maybe maybe the pleasure, the right thing, ass, amicable questions check the weapon gave it back to him and when their merry way, maybe it's the right thing to do, but I can't imagine people would be accepting of that. If the cops did that every time someone talked in public and they said, were or checking your free speech to make sure it's in line, because
certain things I don't like it up with this way. The first amendment guarantees the right of the press, the first speech, religion. Imagine if there was a muslim praying in and the cops come up, surrounded them, not it not at gunpoint, because I'm trying to make it analogy work and they said what religion is this. You have freedom of religion, but we ve restricted some right. So that's that's the point. The second amendment doesn't specify exactly what weapons you can't can't have, but we have regulated weapons, we have regulated speech to and to a certain point as well. So you know, you know, look if you're outside in your young, a death threats and people in the cops are gonna common. Stop you. You know, I mean so on our roads. A final thought cause I dont want to rent on this front. You know, I saw the story good guy, with concepts potential attack. I think the daily wire should have done a little digging before they wrote this. Doesn't I saw
the story I looked it up and it turns out the guy was pushing a shopping, cart, leaving the store and got stopped. You don't do anything in which case the story should be a guy legally. Carrying was stopped illegally and arrested illegally right of veal, like I'm losing my mind, had stopped from stick around next will become not at one p m on this channel they spraying out. I will see you there. Buzzfeed brings up a good point. There are. Hundreds of employees were arrested at an ice raid. The bosses went home without a charge, unlike the immigrants today a massive sweet this week, their employers weren't credit, charged or arrested, it's unlikely veil face prosecution. Why shouldn't baby shouldn't our laws say if Halleck, ok, we have problem with illegal immigrants in terms displacing low level jobs. But, more importantly, beyond that, I think we have a cultural problem, from where millennials are entitled and lazy. I just don't want to work, not all of them, their millennials who work I'm saying, there's a
Problem with people I know warlike, I refuse to work a low level job, here's the thing and encourage the huge problem we'll get into this. I have another story: VOX, where they say the Mississippi ICE raids expose the biggest problem with: U S, immigration laws. They ignore the high demand for workers to fill low, skilled jobs in America. Yes, there's a demand, because from what I've seen there are many millennials tore like I refuse to do that kind of work, but you have to start somewhere and it's almost like the first question I want to go through. It was obviously why aren't the employers being punished They play a role in this if you, if you can't find someone to work these job, because low skill, you gotta, pay more money and that's gonna be better.
For the economy and not an economist, but the general idea seems to make sense right how to increase wages, demand. So here's the thing you start somewhere right and a lot of people out of young people refused to start somewhere. I think of that kind. Like you know you play a video game, you get really far and then you die and you losers. Like your save, and also in your alike, I just I just don't want to start from the beginning. There are people who look at low level, jobs or low skilled jobs as but this time and they refused to get started. I'll. Tell you what happens you need that experience you need to develop. These are a lot of jobs at young people. Normally talk that way. When you grow up that used, you start somewhere and you build for there, but now we have these people who are twenty two to twenty four who are getting out of college and being like. I refuse to work a low level job. Ok, I understand that you went to college, but you have no experience like enough. Somebody asked me: can I work for you I'd say: what's your experience and a visit college, I would say: that's not experience
at all, you have none, but anyway, I will look into that. The big question is: why aren't people being charged for employing these guys? Are these people its aim, so Buzzfeed of all outlets actually digs into this brings up inkstand question before we had started the let's head over to cast our conflict. If you'd like to support my work, is a pay pal option crypto option a physical address, but of course the best thing you do just share this video and I'll make one little funny I tweeted about this. I love how they are people who accuse me and others are being drifters, and let me just get one thing straight for all of you: My goal in doing this was money I wouldn't dedicate all. My time with no days off for years. Talking about politics which gets demonetized relentlessly and can get you band, know I'd focus on minecraft or fortnight, and I would dedicate seven days a week six videos playing video games in which I'd make a lot more money and be a lot safer.
Now the reality? As I talk about these things and passionate about it, I find stories important their interesting questions and then I say pay. The content is free. If you like it, you can support my work. Now, I'm sorry, that's the opposite of drifting. That's me saying I'm doing this, no matter what, with or without money anyway, I want to get off my chest, but you don't you have to donate to me. It's not a huge concern. Just share the video: what's real buzz, rights, while hundreds of suspected undocumented immigrants were arrested, Wednesday in a series of workplace raids, that split families and left communities terrified their employers. What home as if as if it were any other business day federal authorities haven't said whether the employers of the six hundred eighty people detained in Mississippi and we're largest raids. I get it Buzzfeed. Please will face criminal charges or even fines for hiring the workers of the likelihood of their facing prosecution is slim the ice operation at seven work sites, if you're not falling the story, the quick just is one of the basic rights ever
Six hundred eighty people arrested at seven locations around two hundred people per site. My cursed! U S attorney for the southern District of Mississippi Decline, to say if any of the employers would face charges for hiring undocumented workers, citing an open criminal investigation and the employers, are still not in the clear and could be subject to fines or charges in the coming months, but data shows the likelihood of prosecution is extremely low. They sent analysis by the Transactional Records Access clearing house at Syracuse University found during April twenty eighteen March, twenty nineteen only, eleven employers, individuals, not companies or prosecuted for hiring immigrants without proper documentation. During that same period of honour in twenty thousand, three and forty four people were prosecuted for illegal entry. The oral illegal or re entering totally different issues. Buzzfeed we're talking about employment, so I guess you know, I don't know what else you I don't think are being charged for working there being charged for being here illegally.
Since criminal penalties for employers were first and act by Congress and nineteen? Eighty six few employers have ever been prosecuted the track analysis. Son, fewer than twenty prosecutions have taken place against employers in a single year, except for brief period under President George, W Bush and the first year the Obama administration that it shows. That's, because you s immigration laws, restricting the hiring of undocumented workers are heavily skewed in favour of employers and it most because they are never charged said. Rosa far Christie artistic director of the migration policy ensued office at the New York University School. Lot. It's only a handful of employers who have gone to jail. Federal law doesn't penalize employers for hiring and many workers. He said. Instead, it goes after the employer for not checking people's documents or knowingly hiring unauthorized employees. I call it the knowingly loophole. It's the knowingly that provides the employer, a major defence in such action
you can always play dumb. Essentially the argument is these employers just say we didn't check. It's, not our fault. We didn't know they live. They said they were citizens. Well, if, in some circumstances, these people are working under the table perhaps well, then you ve got a big problem and many of these document workers are under the table in this instance reps they warrant, but I gotta say: I'm really really confused by how employers get away with us because don't they have to pay taxes and if you're paying taxes, don't you have to fill out? The forms are evened out possible to have someone without paperwork, looking for you, you're paying taxes claiming to be a citizen. Make sets the need is skewed in a bright and get a fake one. Maybe they go and get fake ones. I have no idea, but I will say this: A lot of people are left, don't seem to understand the problem that we are facing when it comes to illegal ocean and our workforce LOS,
They'll jobs are being displaced. We also don't have young people working jobs anymore, or at least it would seem that way like I'm not pulling up to date and stats on whether or not sixteen year olds are working at Mcdonald's. I got a job as internet turn. Sixteen to the fast food restaurant. It was not fun, it was tedious and I did it because I was Sixteen, a new job, and I made some money and then eventually quit, but now what I seeing is a lot of entitled DS a type you know progressive leftist, with undergraduate degrees who have never work in their life claiming be the working class and you're not you're the Europe of the pseudo bourgeoisie. It's a new class that's in between the landlords and Anne and lend labour. I guess I don't know the merchant class there's that pyramid whenever the point is these people are doing labour but their displacing the demand, which means there will come a time when we don't have the work.
And the companies say, the only way to get a chicken process is the choice is to pay more money and that will cause a dramatic shift in our economy functions. Perhaps it will be a bad thing. I dont know what I can say is two problems: supply and demand as the market and are our supply is seemingly infinite. If we keep having people come here without proper documentation and without limitation, there will never be a demand and there will never be good wages for low jobs because like a business is going to say: hey, here's, ten bucks and then people argue over how low they go. That's the point of the minimum wage. You can't do that, but in the end we need the value of labour to be higher, which only demand can really I was not completely about an economist the main issue. I see, however, entitled millennials. So the first question I ask as a kind of right the segment up and women to my final thoughts. Why aren't the employers being punished? Maybe they will be, but as we
often Buzzfeed, it doesn't really happen that often well. Maybe it should. Maybe that's the that the problem here. You know. I want a documentary once about how some of these companies encourage undocumented workers to come and then tip off ice on purpose, so they dont have to pay. All of these people get arrested, guess what no pay out from the employer they that they're not gonna, have to worry about paying any of these people. They're gone, they ve been deported. Now they are going to lose money in trying to find new people, but at the different issue in the end, they got free work. Our neglect loud works, but maybe we should just say how about you get in trouble when you do this and it is on you to make sure that people war applying have secured a numbers and ideas now here's the thing. Maybe they did and maybe that's the problem, and then I can understand that an and maybe that's the bigger issue. Maybe maybe that's what I'm missing here outside of all that we get the point I want to stress, working at a chicken processing
went. Yeah people should take those jobs. There are so many people who are doing nothing, and I say this to the young men. Who are sitting around playing video games and feel lost. You might not want to do it, it may feel beneath you, but I assure you a good days. Hard work is great. Get a job at the lowest here. Just go to school. Do something you know I was people, like the millennial generation needs. We have a problem on two sides: a lack of responsibility and a lack of purpose, and that's how I see kind of culture or form, and you have young men who have nothing to do because we're wealth. People sit around playing video games, its triggering dopamine its fulfilling. You know What else could I do? I don't want to wanna Gorka Mcdonald's? Maybe you need to. Maybe humans need a function, even if it is tedious
I don't care if you go, and what my dolls or Starbucks or fear in your backyard building a shed. You need to get up and go. Do something. To quote Jordan Petersen find the heaviest thing you can carry and carry it, and perhaps that's working a really crappy job and you don't really need to work, but you should, because being a workplace allows you to socialize you'll meet new people, your experience, new things and you ll build something from there. You're not gonna start a video game with God tier abilities and stats. No, you start many game I feel very weak, but over time your character develops and become stronger and by the end you knock it anymore. Peachy. All of a sudden you're about us, so the real world, what works to life imitates art imitating life. If you start somewhere in a few years, you will be end game, tier top tier one of that when the best on the other side, we have these privileged urban elites with degrees whore, like I refuse to work that job I'm above this, I need no, no you're, not you're, not above it. No human is above anything I'm not
of Working Mcdonald's. Nobody is you do what you can do and you work from there and, if you're sitting around dumping, you know are complaining about your student loans. You're not working, find anything to do. That's like the big thing. People need purpose and without purpose. I feel the Americans are losing their minds, and this is part of that problem. The immigration stuff is all part of that problem. So I bring this up because of the story from vocs where they claim as a high demand for low skilled jobs. There is- and this is a cultural crisis among millennials and just people in general, whore refusing to do loss, jobs when they dont have any other skills. I'm sorry, you're interpretive danced agree. I'm glad learned about this. When it's not a still, you can use a workplace. That's gonna translate devalue unless you go and teach other people interpretive dance novel done, maybe once you ve learned interpretive day,
you can actually put on a show and charge people to come and see it that starting a business admit this up. Anything so go do that too. Who just do something that there's too much ideology and activism, because people are bored, and life is boring, so they're playing video games or they're going out and joining ridiculous political groups for ridiculous reasons. Here's my advice, man, if you're not doing anything, whatever it is you sitting around not doing do something else, even if its working at a processing plant for a low wage, we, I guess the that the real conundrum is is- is multi faceted, because these companies, higher illegal immigrants for low way is that not the wages are being artificially suppressed. If they weren't hiring these people, they were being punished way. This would be higher, and then you know people saying well. You know, I think it's beneath me, but Emma S, twenty bucks an hour I'll, take it. Then I can play more of a NEO games. Instead they pay the bottom of the barrel and you can't compete with it. So maybe something needs to be done. Maybe the implosion
He punished I'll leave it there stick around next time. It will be at four p m youtube com slashed him cast news. Thank sprang up. I will see you all next time. You know they say that a broken clock is right twice a day, but maybe what we're being right now is act. Is people actually realising that what we have saying the longest time is correct. We need to engage with young men. Who are distancing themselves from society who are becoming reclusive reclusive playing video games. We do reach out built com help these young men who are falling through the cracks and Jordan Petersen has talked about that. I certainly think the manager We have criticism in certain areas and he would agree. That's why people like Jordan Petersen, that's why they like the intellectual dark web, smart individuals who recognise their faults, there's an article from the guardian that reads after El Paso in Dayton, the left to reach out to manage, not condemn them. A lot of young men seemed to be lost and disenfranchised, but only the likes of George Petersen are engaging with them,
dare I say it they're, making an excellent point about Jordan Petersen and what he's doing they references book and they reference it quite positively. It seems I want to refer this and make sure that the new once and everything correct, but I have I have raised Jordan Petersen for pointing out some of these things. The video on my main channel, the default for four new subscribers, I think, is talking about how Jordan Peter There is a solution to one of the problems in society when he tells young man to find the heaviest thing you can carry and carry it. When he says clean your room before changing the world. What he's saying is get yourself in order better yourself and then from their move out, and you can do more. It's also a powerful point about how we can change the world if we all as individuals make positive changes again. I think Jordan Petersen has had some cookie things, and I think he be
and to agree what why I respect him in an interview he did, I believe, those on company central he was asked about his position on you know forcing a baker or something to make a cake and he's I'd, find yourself a new baker, and they said what about the civil Rights Movement and George Petersen went. Maybe I was wrong about that and I was like while while to hear someone say- maybe I was wrong just right then, and there you thought about that. Maybe I'm wrong brilliant, respectable and that's all I ask: let's read the story, the guardian rights, as is from Eminem Ronnie tremendous respect. I agree with you that we should reject these people on the left. To do this. To she writes a horrific act of violence takes several innocent lives. A frantic live stream details. The events, terrifying mobile, footage, spreads rapidly online. Then come the tweets of condemnation from world leaders followed by an onslaught of outrage, split down, partisan lines The way that shootings or bombings or knife attacks are politicize, depending on the background of the perpetrators and the victims shows how
successful? These acts are in deepening the divisions of society, and that is one of the intentions The perpetrators share no matter, their race or politics spot on tougher lot. Gun laws would certainly help. I disagree both reed, but actors will still use knives, lorries or homemade explosives to to hurt other people, if that's what they set out to do and while president trumps words have indisputably fan the flames of hate towards marginalized minority groups, the anger and resentment he taps into existed long before he came along. Thank ye. Do what I have said trot out the cause he's a symptom. I dont think crop is as bad as they claim they paint amount to be, but I'm absolutely ok with them saying they don't like what trumps as I've criticizes attitude his character, but I said I don't think he is causing it. He is the result of people saying I've had enough the political correctness demonization I
both to so many young men in the campaign trials that I'm tired of being attacked, I'm tired of the pc, I'm tired of being scapegoated and that's why they vote for the President he's he was a kind of something different. The left needs to get off their high horse and recognise. We all have reach out to other people and not be as mean, and while I certainly respect this immense, I'm a bombing, your name right im on her opinions, I am much more respect the willingness to have a conversation. If you want to sit in front of me and say I think, you're a bad person, I think you're wrong. I dont like the work you do, I'm listening and I respect your opinion. Just don't be mean about it. I'm not perfect. I recognise that, but I try and- and this does nothing but pray- So far with Sweden. Surely the question we need to be asking runs deeper, be anti hispanic, Anti Muslim, anti western anti woman, anti black anti semitic and algae beating you. Why are so many young men prone to being radicalized in this way? I know
Discussions around men and masculinity are just as politically charged as discussions around terrorism, which makes it difficult area to address is partially what led to meet leaden led to me to make a guardian video series on modern masculinity here as a journalist. I have covered stories and male doubted its basis from culture and sport to knife, crime and terror, and I've noticed conversations around the relationship between masculinity and violence were often dragged into a partisan debate where the left seems to demonize man. The right claimed ownership over masculine identity. This discussion has become even more charged with the rise of the need to movement, and here comes Jordan Petersen whose booked of rules for life, is an international best seller and whose videos on you to have amassed millions of use remains a problematic figure due to some of his ideas has been accused of having an all right audience. It's not true though I was surprised when I went to an event of his in Birmingham to see. Quite a few
and in the audience who described themselves as Jeremy. Carbon supporters left these and even Marxists Peterson's, maintain it was that men and women need purpose and responsibility if they are to find meaning and direction in life. In a Fox news interview last year, Petersen was asked why young men were shooting up schools because their nihilistic and desperate he replied. Life can make you this way unless you have a purpose and addressed in a seemingly fractured world where organised religion is in decline. This point strikes me as an important one actually, when looking at the profiles of the men who are committing these horrific acts of violence, men who have grown up in disrupted families and gone through the care of prison system or present systems have been been more prone to radicalization. Often they have little to no engagement with spirituality politics or religion earlier in life, but our drawn to a vision of the caliphate. Posturing on isolated interpretations of the Koran
to legitimize martyrs and the name of some higher cause or isolated white supremacist, imagine a race war that paints them as brave heroes on a great mission. These are, of course, horrific extremes, but its clear that these people feel lost and disillusioned, there's a push that when they feel Lawson disillusion, there's a push towards tribalism, finding belonging and purpose purpose in a greater cause. So I will say this: it is close to praise. I think the guardian can get but pointing out something very true unimportant. Look, Jordan Petersen does not have an outright audience sheet this. This woman, even points out lefties, are listening to what what Jordan Petersen Ass to say, stop demon.
Using people, but you know what it's the extremists who are threatened by Jordan Petersen and other people like him. People in whatever this centrist space is their threatened by the idea that we are willing to to reach across an I ll have a conversation with anyone, not, admittedly I find it harder to deal with the mainstream left. Then it is with even the fringes of the far right. I think you can actually rescue people from the fringes of the FAO. Right by reaching on having conversation, and I have seen many comments from young people who have said they were falling internet space until they found Jordan Petersen and in fact, that the front page than your times when they hit peace, claiming you too, was radicalizing people, but in reality it showed that those who were watching right wing content who got exposed to the intellectual dark whereby Jordan, Peter scented people, like Dave, Reuben De Radicalized. I think that's why you see the extremists, not like Jordan Petersen, because he is actually pulling away their base of support,
his shining light. Look, I'm not here to blows market this guy's s and pretend like he's the best of the best, but I'm sick and tired of the demonization of us of a guy who simply saying take responsibility, live your life, find purpose, and, unlike I agree, and more and more
only someone needs to like figure out. Why look I'll put it this way? I've gone to the stories I feel young men are being demonized, they say, young men are being radicalized there. The problem then another phenomenal sure. I understand what you're trying to say, but how about we write what she's writing we need to reach out to people, invite them and give them space place and video games together. You know crack open a beer and just get people back together again saw a little bit. She says in the Fox Interview Petersen had noted how the shooters influenced each other sang quote. It's like a psychological epidemic. These people keep track of each other and there's a competitive element to it. Part of what drives them is them is motivation for notoriety. Notoriety is better than being ignored. Whatever people feel about Peterson's politics, there is undoubtedly something in what he is saying here. Thank you. People on the left tend to respond to in Tripoli, rather than engaging with his ideas,
thank you, but there are times when the sorely counterproductive Pearson isn't the first to explore these questions of purpose and meaning, but the way you packages them has made him Ex accessible to a huge audience in turn. This is allowed him to open the discussion on masculinity, which is now his intent he's just trying to address the issue. His fan base goes beyond the tribes, like you noticed when you saw marxists In the crowd, listening to what he had to say- and this is the problem with how they and addressed Joe Rogan Joe, is, is, is left in his book. Bring our socialist- he wants you be I, but he will have a conversation and try and bring people back and he will say to people's faces, hey man, you need to calm down respect to this, this crew of whatever it is, They say is biggest critics accused of being a pseudo intellectual and Smith and as an all right icon. Yet few on the left offer up well developed ideas on the crisis of masculinity and the role of men
Certainly there is no one who is speaking to lost it disenfranchised males with anything like his reach. It's not enough simply to call out the patriarchy, toxic, Macedonia or massage any addressing the perceived lack of purpose and meaning in these people's lives would be a first step in engaging the worrying number of disillusioned young men, whose frustration, fear and anger is currently being harnessed by hardliners, be they jihadist, recruiters or trump. It isn't about sympathy or excuses. It has been identifying patterns and breaking them and offering solutions. The only way we can do that is to come off the put a partisan political script and ask questions about the complex issues surrounding men. Until we do that, we will be stuck in the
they never ending cycle in IRAN on Ronnie is a guardian, multi media journalists. This is an incredible article. I have tremendous respect for you amount for writing this and that needs to be said. I you know, I really don't I've seen this on the left, a lot and I think, look of course I'm gonna say it feels more prevalent on the left to be knee, jerk and tribal, but I've seen anti. I should have you types espousing up. In that, I think, are just untrue and poorly researched on, and I have no problem calling it out. I think whatever this middle ground space is, which does include a lot of you know and as we and I should have you types which of course, Jordan Pearson is one of them is about being opposed. The tribalism I think the left doesn't like the centre and they can flight the centre with the alt right when, in reality, Jordan Petersen people like significant people like me, were opposed the identity, politics and the tribalism Fort for the most part, certainly weren't. None of us are perfect and we're right for president.
Respectable. This is an excellent article because, while I disagree with a lot of you know how she frames things and views things, this is the conversation that we try to have an eminent wrote, an article which is I'm gonna, disagree here, but I appreciate you plenty or your opinion and recognising we need to bring people together. That's what needs to be happening. That's why I like Dave Rubens, show right. That's why I like Joe Rogan. So that's why, like with Jordan Listen does not have a conversation that dictate the crazy on both sides. They they they should not be giving the conversation. Admittedly, I would agree with Jordan Petersen this one. The left needs to know what we're to draw that line. The right has done it. Conservatives have done at the left. You need to start because you got resolves on saint craziness. We ve got Sean King, saying craziness, and this is logic insanity from the left and that's what we need to encourage and and and I respect the tremendous I don't care about your tried. Carry comes from just draw the line. Ok, stick around. I got a couple more segments coming up for you in a few moments and I will see you shortly.
Joe Biden campaign says he misspoke when he said to quote now: poor kids, he sighed poor kids were just as bright as white kids job I understand you weren't trying to say that and make that implication. It was a gap and slip up and I think it's fine, but if, course. We live in a hell, the world of politics, where anyone will take anything they can and weapon eyes it. I absolutely will not play this silly game of. Blaming Joe Biden in saying. Ah, he slipped up in the mask has come off and we know what he really thinks known. Oh no, he meant to say that poor kids are just as broad as wealthy kids and he gasped, and that. Fine, but man, do we see this all the time every gaff is just no. No, you said it, it's done. You get. No credit now come on. Come on, we need to choose. EL, but you know what sure enough, like I'm hearing a story about some guy who made a rat video fifteen
years ago and he lost his job today because of it. It's like. Please can we stop this? Can we just engage in good faith? Unfortunately, we can't have nice things, but but it is addressed it. So, let's see what they have to say, because they actually wrote an article about it, and this is a modest. I fear about what I want to talk about the healthcare that is politics in this country as well, so before we get started Forests are Youtube, dot, com, Slash sub verse news and we ve got a bunch of videos that the video is partly the day addresses. Some of the comments I made a moment ago when talking about Jordan Petersen, it's called young men are becoming isolate from society. Some verse news is going to be tackling Distrait news, no opinion original research. Subscribe. If that's what you want, because you don't mind my channels, talk about politics, I'm gonna talk here about Miss job. Joe Biden give my opinion on it but if you want to see original reporting without the bias or the opinion to the best of our abilities, Youtube com, Slash suffers news. I will be contributing
more on the ground reporting, which is why I've been you know a lot of people don't realize. In the past years I've been behind the scenes preparing all so that I can go on the ground as at the vanished for so very much so I have been doing research. I haven't planning stories. I've got something coming up, I'm gonna be heading to New Mexico and Texas. It's gonna be great wheel, reporting, that's where you can find it, but let's get back to the news about Joe Biden and this just poor awful gaff that you know it's gonna, hurt and hurt him and it shouldn't because we get it, you misspoke can we actually tie about the issues I dont. Think Joe Biden is racist, ok, they're, gonna, try and smear in that way, and it's just like Trump brought this up. I think Europe didn't Trump say something like he's. Gonna put a list together of all the people were called racist. It's like I'm just so sick and tired of that that be go to orange men, bad Orangemen, racist! Ok, I get it. You said it a million times Joe Biden. He said portion, sir, just as bright is wicked. Yes, he gasped. It was a mistake to read.
Former vice President Joe Biden campaign says he missed spoke when he told the group of hispanic and asian voters in Iowa on Thursday. That quote, poor kids are just as bright and justice. Talented has white kids before he attended to correct himself. Biden has been whose banana campaign swing through Iowa was speaking on education the town hall hosted by the asian and latino coalition in De Moyne, Iowa quote. We have the notion that somehow, if your poor, you cannot do it, poor kids are just ass, bright and justice counted as white kids, wealthy, kids, black. Its asian kids know. I really mean it but think how we think about it. He said they. Can do anything that anyone else can do given a shot he added later buttons verbal slip up comes as he is campaigning in Iowa during the state fair weekend, where a recent poll shows He still maintains a lead over the rest of the field, but it has a reputation for making mistakes. And on the trail and has even call himself a gas machine quote. I am a gas machine, but my God, what a wonderful thing compared to a guy who can't tell the truth?
Bite and sat in December and References President Donald Trump Biden has been a gas machine as long as I can remember, I like I could be wrong, but like was there's something back into as an aid or wherever, where they kept pointing this out and then with like Obama's reelection there like man, the dude can't speak, he needs a script in front of him. Here's the thing I feel I feel bad when I see nonsense stories like this when he said it and then quickly said wealthy, kids, blackens, nation, kids, I you would get. I bet he thought nothing would happen. That was the end of it. No, you get a CNN story, you get all the other rage Bay pop up on Twitter, never and pointing finger, now I want to point out one more story to that I've I see pop popping up a young woman in Iowa, approached Biden and ask them how me genders are there and oh Biden looks and says there is at least three and there. It is I'm sorry Oh, that's the wrong answer and you may be one Why am I saying it's a right wing wrong?
so the left wing wrong answer. No, it's wrong to both the left and the right, because the right believe there's two genders and the left believes there is infinity. Janitors. Sorry Joe, you were wrong, he then grabs the unborn by the arm pulsar back and says I was the first on board for marriage or something that effect. And this made us young woman very angry. She didn't like the fact that he said he's. I don't play with me kid and then grabbed her and said I was the first on board for marriage. A bit stern, but also on a point out. There's a lot of outrage by this, and I just I just don't think look doesnt have grabbed this young woman. I don't have the article pulled up. You shouldn't have grabbed her. He shouldn't have said: there's three genders and use just you shouldn't say don't play with me. Don't play games with me kid wrong thing to do, but not really that a good deal. None of this is what you know. What we're entering twenty twenty and we're going to see every hit in the books. Joe Biden could have you not to talk paper stuck to his shoe and you better believe it's gonna be a news campaign and you're gonna, see like Kemal airspeed like Joe you had
the paper I M, showing you don't, recycle it it's there. We go because any opportunity, that's organism, and so the point I've made as we are entering this campaign season, like Amy Club, which are eating cell with a calm. I could you not. That was one of the hippies. Amy Club, which I was eating, salad with a calm, and I said if you think this is nuts Wait till you see what happens. One of the biggest advantages tromp house right now is that trunk doesn't have Republicans tearing him down on stage during debates. Biden does so after that, the primary process, when the damage Let's make it through. We are going to end up seeing tromp point out everything that they fired at bite and all over again so when someone says bite- and you did X, Y and Z. Well then we get over it, but in response to it right, then, by an winds and then Trump says X, Y Lindsey, that's gonna, make em look bad trump. Has the advantage of the Democrats attacking themselves,
What's a little bit more there's a trumps re election campaign seized on violence comments. Here we go Andrew Clark. The rapid response director of a twenty campaign, tweeted and edited video of by its comments. Yikes have fun mitigating that one and an you know what man I can agree with that trumps campaign manager didn't say I think binding as racist. Anything he's at all. Men have fallen because you know it's gonna happen: the vultures, the media, They are swirling over bindings head waiting for that juicy piece of meat, swooping and just rip it to shreds they do with Trump all day, isn't really that they hate trump know is that they want juicy juicy content to get those sweet, delicious clicks. All those clicks you know it's like the click, donut dripping with glazed and they see Joe Biden and it makes a gas and then their eyes glowing red like laser beams and they dark straight to the earth and the latch on its are ripping. Ok I'll kill this region
reacting abundance comments at the White House on Friday, Trump attacked the former vice president's intelligence, and so that Biden is not somebody you can have. As President Biden campaign said, the former vice president misspoke and immediately corrected himself, which he did, but Trump brings out a point about gifts, This is silly right. Imaginative Biden was at eight, I don't know. I'm up entered Inter governmental summit to end nuclear proliferation, and he says thing like you know, we can't have countries are shutting down there. What we need is to arm ourselves with much more and much more nooks. I mean We need to disarm, I mean and then also there like, that, the people here the translation here, I'm just going this saying we need more weapons. While we take there's nothing about Europe's gas like that, can be really dangerous saying Joe, doesn't necessarily qualified. I am saying Joe is quite old. However, Joe Biden has spent his life fighting for civil rights and the dignity of all people. The trumpets campaign posting the video without the vice president's immediate correction, is patently disingenuous that I agree
show the contact us play this game, and it's no coincidence. This comes days after Joe Biden laid out how this president emboldens white nationalism embraces racism. No, no, no Joe Biden. You can't ask them to provide context and then omit the I'm taxed, and therein lies the silly game that is politics, the shark, Seville lie. Joe Biden claiming Tromp said very fine people about people here. And actually say that about it's complicated. I know, but let's be real trumps at these people should be condemned totally. That's basically what he said. If you are mad that someone took out of context well, it's because you took them out of context, but I don't like the idea of a tit for tat You know I have an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. But here we are, we get the leaders we deserve, and this is what we're gonna see. Democratic presidential hopeful, Hopeful Andrew Yang, the only asian american men in the race, defended by saying, he was trying to convey a message and came out the wrong way. I dig this young guy he's not playing the games
The fact is, there are many many pork is in this country who are underrepresented, minorities, kids of Color Yang, told CNN John Berman on new day Friday and its Joe just trying to express an idea that came up the wrong. It wasn't the only messed up of binding time in Iowa. He also accidently referred to german Chancellor Angela Merkel, as former british Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher before correcting himself and during his soapbox speeches the I was take fair, but in flood his We choose truth, overlying line and instead saying we choose truth over facts, jobs is a calf machine. Man look President's lie, president's mystique up, a miss speak may mislead. They do a lot of bad things gave Joe. I dont think he meant anything by this, but welcome to politics. Is the game and Joe you report you so you
tromp out of context. Congratulations now everyone else will, and I don't I'm I'm I'm gonna call it. I'm call call for what it is. Of course it is not being racist and, of course, trumps had condemned them totally. Can we just cut through the noise and be honest about? What's going on? train. Unfortunately, so long as tribalism persists, I just don't think we're. Gonna see it anyway. Stick around. I gotta come on one more silent coming up for you in a few moments. I will see you shortly. Many of you may be aware that I appeal to the jargon Rogan podcast with the sea of twitter, as well as their wanted one of their top lawyers, which I in which I told this woman. If you don't correct these problems, you face regulation to which her response or something ineffective like now I talk to these people. They like what we're doing something that affect is very, in my opinion, came off as I'm not trying to be mean, but she was very full of herself and she knew what I was right. Of course I was right because I'm watching this and I have a broad view and I'm being
somewhat arrogant on purpose. So forgive me one hears the story, so, of course I was right why house proposal- would have FCC and F Tc police alleged settlement. Social media censorship, and here it is breaking from sin and business. A draft executive order from the White House could put the fair communications, commission, in charge of shaping how Facebook, twitter and other large tat companies curate what appears on their websites according to multiple people. Familiar with the matter, I can't say it's a good idea I dont know a lot about it. I can't predict what will happen from it but I'm going to say, listen, you were invited to the party Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. You are invited to the party we sent you an invitation. Remember when we said hey guys. Why don't you do this right and you know what much respect the vagina and Jack Dorsey Dorsey for accepting at least of the first portion of it in the
then sitting down and having conversation, but when we said can we fix these problems? The response we got across the board was what problems we are not biased. Congratulations now you have it draft executive order floating above your head like the sword of Damocles. I could come down at a moment's notice and seriously disrupt these platforms. So I have no sympathy I am concerned. I am. I am worried that there may be unintended consequences, but at the social media companies are playing ball. I am not surprised the draft order, a summary of which was obtained by CNN, calls for the FCC to develop new regulations clarifying how and when the law protects social media websites when they just to remove or suppress content on their platforms.
Those still in its early stages and subjects to change the trump administrations. Draft order also calls for the F tc to take those new policies into account when it investigates or files lawsuits against misbehaving companies. If put into effect, the order would reflect a significant escalation by President Trump in his frequent attacks against social media companies over an alleged. But unproven. Systemic bias against conservatives by technology platforms. Seen invite you add that unproven, actually, there's a lot of data sets clear. Let published one, for instance, showing that of twenty two high profile suspensions twenty one we're on one side of the political debate. So yes, there is data. I dont know how you claim its proven or disproven, but they add these things like without evidence. Without proof. No, please we have tons. And it doesn t. We have former staff members on the record. We have numerous high profile stories saying it happens, gives MOTO broke the story we know what's happening. Why do they say? Unproved We can say you know there is evidence to set
ass though it hasn't been completely proven. I'd accept that, what's going on it could lead to a significant reinterpretation of a law that its authors have insisted was meant to give tech companies broad freedom to handle content as they see fit, A wider spokesperson declined to comment on the draft order, but referred CNN to trumps remarks at a recent meeting with right wing social media activists during, that meeting and that's actually unfair to I get it. He did me with writing social media activists, but there were a decent handful of people who are not right wing. I mean if you want to lay accusations against me. I think the far left is correct when the communist Centrist liberal, thank you for being correct, but the ceo of minds was there he's certain not a conservative. They say during the meeting Trump vowed to explore all regulatory and legislative solutions to protect free speech. Much respect according to the summary seen by sea and in the draft executive order, currently carries the title. Protecting Americans from online censorship. It claims the White House has received more than fifteen thousand anecdotal complaints of social media platforms, censoring Americans, american political discourse. The summary indicates the trap.
Administration in the draft order will offer to share the complaints received at the empty seats, and I will stress you can't tweet demand voter idea. We ve seen people ban for that, not everybody its sporadic. You can't tweet learn to code. You might be up to now, but for longest time even Jack Dorsey admits We are too aggressive, but you can, as John King and resolves law have shown us encourage terrorism. Don't ask me why I have no idea, but those are the that's. The game being played now. Look twitter is biased against conservatives. When I say this, you get a bunch of us left going, they ve been left, they ve been of. I know I've talked about that too a guy wrote a book calling something called him like all America where, because the book cover had clan hoods on it, they banned him from Twitter. That was wrong. I've talked about that too, but more often than not targets conservatives over
liberals. They act like simply because I'm highlighted conservatives are being banned. It means, I don't think, there's no. Of course they are on the left. I get it Megan Murphy's a feminist granted. She opposes the notion that she's gender critical, but there are left wing, Anti war, people and left wing people across critical of trump we're getting band. It's just not the norm, it more likely that conservatives, but Sweden, they say we have to see will also be asked to open a public complaint docket according to the summary, and to work with the f cecy to develop our report investigating how tech companies curate their platforms and whether they do so in neutral ways. Companies, whose monthly user base accounts for one eighth of the- U S, population or more, could find themselves facing scrutiny. The summary said, including, but not limited to Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and snatch it the trouble.
Ministrations proposal seeks to significantly narrow the protection afforded to companies under section two. Thirty good of the communications Decency ACT, a part of the telecommunications active ninety. Ninety six, under the current law, internet companies are not liable for most of the content that their users or other third parties post on their platforms. Tech platforms also qualify for broad legal immunity when they take down technical content, at least when they are acting in good faith. From the start, the legislation has been interpreted to give tat companies the benefit of the doubt in assent floor speech. Last year round, widened Democrat one of the authors of section two so is aim of the legislation was to make sure the that internet companies could moderate their web site without getting clobbered by lawsuits.
Imagine how hard it would be to launch a platform. It's open to discussion of any topic when even the simplest most narrowly focused website on the internet can become a magnet for losses and their right. You tube twitter Facebook could exist if everybody was soon Facebook over my videos, but that doesn't mean they have a right to be biased. I believe there should be the distinction between platform and publisher and that as a platform, you let people say what they want and you let people decide what they want. You dont intervene because you don't like the fact that a conservative referred to a trans person as He or she that's, not your choice. That is not breaking the law and that's the big issue. While I sought certainly agree with using the preferred pronouns of individuals which many people will think I'm wrong for, we should not be banning people because they disagree with that opinion, you know I looked to someone like like Blair White as a good example, and an bench appears opinion on the matter, then says for the sake of ease and and
norms. I will refer to it transpires by their preferred pronoun when it makes sense in public, for instance, I think he's right about and when I look at someone like Blair, wiping a great example, a rational trans person, I absolutely respect Blair and will use Blair's preferred product of she and her. I have no problem with it, but if someone doesn't want you dont banned them, that's ridiculous and that's crossing align its way different from someone fighting violence of. They say that every that already area by compare according to the summary, the White House draft order asks the FCC to restrict the government's view of the good faith provision under the draft proposal. The FCC will be
to find that social media sites do not qualify for the good faith immunity if they remove or suppress content without notifying the user who posted the material or if the decision is proven to be evidence of anti competitive, unfair or deceptive practices. That's difficult down other under this. In its current form, the draft order could lead to significant questions at the role. The FCC enough DC can play when it comes to interpretative enforcing section two thirty, an area they have previously left largely unaddressed. The effort to draft order has been ongoing for some time. The people said proposal remains subject to change. It makes no sense to involve the FCC here, said: Barons Oak, our president of the libertarian, leaning think tank tech, freedom. They have rule making authority, but no jurisdiction. They can't possibly want to be involved. It would be an impossible position, I think its top to say I don't know exactly how they saw this problem, but I don't love is the right way to do it, but hey I'm. Not surprised trumps basis
Being ripped out from the internet- and he knows it, the attempts to write the order comes the. Why does on Friday, prepared to meet with a number of tech companies to discuss their approaches to detecting and responding to violent extremism? the midday meetings expected to involve five minute presentations from the companies on their respective policies and projects. According to copies of an invitation obtained by CNN, the presentations will be followed by a group discussion on technology and the companies roles in fighting signals of violence. While respecting free speech. Some will close to the tech industry expressed. Frustration at the White House seems to be trying to have it both ways: excruciating tech companies for allegedly censoring conserving speech, a claim that platforms vigorously dispute while castigating them for failing to block in a violent or hateful content. The internal inconsistency of this is outrageous. One of them said, however, I will stress, banning Paul, just have lots and who has repeatedly condemned. Violence makes no sense and then leaving up on Twitter, for instance,
One like Reza online makes no sense. You want to ban given Mcguinness. I get it. Why don't you been anti for accounts that, like on Twitter on account that brand themselves, ransoms of an anti virus is no different? In my opinion, the problems there there street factions fighting each other. I get it there different. You know you're gonna people saying one's eyes, but on the other, that's the point on making up I'm saying if two factions fight the street- and you say because their fighting we're banning them antifreeze doing it too, it doesn't make any sense. So you know Something needs to happen. I dont know is the right way to do it, but you know what, like I said, they were invited to show. They said we're fine, you know we're doing our thing and they didn't get it well. This is the logical outcome, and I said it was gonna happen anyway. Stick around next time. It will be tomorrow at ten. A M thing sprang out.
Our podcast every day at six, thirty on all podcast platforms, and I will see you all them.
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