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Democrats Launch NEW HOAX Against Republicans And Trump, Accusing Him Of Colluding With China


Democrats Launch NEW HOAX Against Republicans And Trump, Accusing Him Of Colluding With China. Following a recent hit ad against Trump where Biden accused Trump of "rolling over" for China Biden's camp has launched a serious of tweets insinuating Trump is working or colluding with China.A recent story claims that Trump owes millions of dollars to a Chinese Bank. Democrats have lined this story up with past statements Trump made praising China for their transparency to claim that at the very least Trump is colluding with China due to his debt.Democrats have not been arguing against Republicans when it comes to policy, they simply accuse Trump of various scandals that always fail to muster anything at all. We've already seenRussiagateThen Russiagate 2: Ukranian BoogalooLadies and gentlemen today we haveRussiagate 3: Trump's Big Trouble With Little ChinaBecause 80's movies, you know

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The next big democratic attack against Donald Trump is here. You saw Russia Gate Russia Gate to you, anyone Bogle and now we have Russia, get three trumps big trouble with little China. That's the new scandal being pushed by Abiden Camp and by many job. Unless we now trying to insinuate that Donald Trump is secretly working at the behest of China. Why was a lot of money to know. What's not just trumpets, also the Republicans a kid you not. I've got this very, very large twitter thread from Andrew Bates, Joe Biden, rapid response director and a viral thread from an author named Seth, Abraham Syn this. This thread summarizes the major media investigation, reporting on the Trump China scandal, a bribery scandal involving trumps hunt for dirt on Joe Biden in China, his debts to the chinese government and its decision to ignore lifesaving covert nine nineteen Intel, please retweet and they did, as around six
yeah, I'm at yesterday eastern time, eighteen thousand, two hundred and ninety two retreats development better by the refresh button. It's gonna go up a little bit. Let's see out plays out what's their big shot, budget, and the reason is fairly obvious. It's gone up about five hundred retreats in that refresh. The reason is obvious: the american public does not trust China sentiment has getting much more negative pew research shows us this, and Donald Trump has spent the better part of a decade. Actually, the majority of it ragging on China and other then they can do is look for some vague political connect. Jens or debts and It seemed like that proves. The real scandal is actually China Gate yeah, because Ukraine Gate worked out so well for you following Russia Gate they just don't know and to stop. I gotta say its fairly obvious. This is the right they're going to take because it's the only right they have taken
instead of arguing against trumps positions. It has been scandal after scandal. My biggest argument with what they ve been doing is that all they do is talk about Trump and scandals. They don't tell me about sound environmental policy. They asked me the green, who deal, which has got a bunch of Weird social justice stuff and that's not even it's kind of becoming less and less popular by the day because of the krona virus pandemic. So now there to argue that trunk was trusting of China. Take a look at this tweet from Andrew Bates Tromp repeatedly praised China's response to current virus in February politico prompt owes tens of millions of dollars a tens of billions to the bank of and the loan is due soon now. Look, I'm not gonna fault Andrew Bates for trying to win an election, but come on. Let's see some journalism, this is patently absurd. Donald Trump, working with China I'm sick and tired of the conspiracy theories? Man, if you ve got an argument we made against Donald Trump policies. I it because hear it for I'm looking for a reason not to vote for the man, but if you
Only thing you can do is try and convince me of your failing conspiracy theories over and over again I'll. Tell you what I'm I'm not listening anymore. This is ridiculous. Donald Trump, the duties dragging on China and twenty ten he was going on you. It was you We wouldn't shut up about it. Now you want to try and try and tell me he secretly working well. This dude has retreated a ton of journalists. Here's one for who's. This guy common con he's former former assistant Obama. Of course, he's gonna set the outcome of something negative, the next time around breeze. One word about bind and China remember. This tromp is up to his eyeballs in debt to the Bank of China. Out here we go but we ve got some journalists jumping on saying interesting. As the GEO P bashers opponents ties to Beijing Mitch
Connell's sister in law, Angela Chow, is a non executive director of the Bank of China, which Trump owes tens of millions to do soon. We got em, we finally got drum. That's right now know we come on. Man is the best can offer up we'll take a look at the news of Let's go through with actually what's going on with trumps campaign, and why this is their strategy? See Joe Biden recently came out and add attack? in Donald Trump on his stance with China saying he was weak. He rolled over, he led in forty thousand people. His travel ban didn't go too far enough. They say well, Joe Biden fact checked. For that saying it was false. Let's go to the news and I'll talk to you. We're gonna drop as yet, because a lot of people right now, especially the New York Times, while not only are they covering for Joe Biden, trying to make a claim make it make the claim that the Republicans are worried. They're gonna lose because you know Donald trumps. Poles are thinking. Rheumatism, Donald Trump, poles have been trending upwards and Donald
up his re substantially more money than the Democrats, it's hard to know how the pandemic is going to play in this, and it is fair to say you got to. You got to be on your toes trump and Trump supporters, because there are some bad pulse, but are we going to take just a couple of poles from today and ignore all of the really good pulse you see? Gallup did they did a poll of approval for the for the Republicans and Democrats in Congress and Republicans for the first time in like twenty years, flipped surpassing the Democrats. So you can take an all all this context, but it is fair to say that for most people there only gonna be thinking about the past week or month. Sophie's poles are coming today. That's good reason for damage to be worried. As I've said over and over again, the hubris will be your downfall. Let's ride through somebody's news before we get started, had over ten cast outcome slashed on it. If you would like to support my work, their several edge in giving a pay pal Bitcoin physical address, but the best thing you can do- dare this video, I knows a lot of people who want to hear what I have to say and that's fine I don't have to, but we can break some echo chambers because some people
It's ok. I'm limit limitless note the war. I want this guy's talking about and I can be wrong, but at least they ll get access to a different point of view. More importantly, it helps bypass the restrictions you two puts on me now be fully honest. Youtube gives me much more benefits than the average Youtube her, but they prop up mainstream media, and I will never get those benefits now. If you wanted to get videos like this every day, mind your own business has subscribed button, but it'll hit the like button and the notification Balin. Hopefully you will get access, not you'll get recommended the videos. Now
where the story from the hill China emerges as new flashpoint in twenty twenty campaign. Obviously this has a lot to do with Joe Biden new ads. They say, as released last week by approach drop, super pack and the binding campaign each cast the opponent as deferential to China, a fight, that's escalating. Amid the backdrop of a rising death toll from the krona virus, the war of words is likely to get louder as November draws closer and as the number of covert nineteen cases and thus increase quote. This might be one of the most front and centre issues of the twenty twenty election said Jason Miller, who served as a Trump camping spokesman in twenty. Sixteen. In many ways, Joe Biden will have the same issues that Hillary Clinton had, which is that President Trump excels when he's running against the foreign policy failures of the professionals in both parties, both trump and bite and have seen, are seen as vulnerable on China. I do not agree, and many other people in media don't agree,
that Trump is vulnerable or at least Trump is not nearly as vulnerable as China early On the kind of ours pandemic, Joe Biden was criticising Donald Trump actions, notably his travel ban, calling trumped xenophobic. Well then, on April third, I believe was April there Joe Biden came out and you know it. No. I actually support Donald trumps Ban on China and this is where he probably started. Realizing the american people are not happy with China. Take a look at this data from pure April, twenty first, the? U S, views of China increasingly negative amid corona virus outbreak, Republicans more negative than Democrats towards China, though unfavourable writings have climbed among both parties. This is obvious to anybody has been paying attention, especially the Democrats
They will have no choice but to adopt this now we started seeing the seeds laid out in the press. It's not just gonna, be Joe Biden Guy coming out in saying, hey, I think trumps colluding. He need something to start the attack with I'm not one for major conspiracy theories right, but I do think many people and media are sympathetic to the Democratic Party. I think that's fairly obvious. Take a look at the New York Times defended Joe Biden when the allegations against in popped up recently. They did take a look at this story from attack on Biden highlights. President's own past dealings with China just two hours ago is one of the stories. I believe this is a story posted by by Jo Guidance, Rep response director now, of course, they're trying to highlight trumps pass dealings. This is not to make the accused
in an braves as not necessarily intentional on the part of the journalist, but it does still work as a seed planted to create the idea. Maybe Donald Trump owes money to China is working with them and that's gonna be the big scandal. They can't claim that trumpet soft on China they tried but come on who's gonna, buy that what if it's all an act? What if Trump, is really working for four issues in paying? So here's this thread right and you ve got this this beautiful image. Of course, you may notice eyes for the thumb nail beautiful of Donald Trump with what looks like some skyscrapers behind him. This thread is top tier honor. To connect the dots crime. Web! Listen man! If you take a bunch of random stories and frame them out, you can make anything seem like anything and I'll call be us on myself. Even a lot of people like to say that you know I do a really good job of being unbiased and showing all resources. Listen, I want it.
Oh you when I see my stories and try and break them down and all the sources. I show you in this. Even in this video I can't see literally every single story, I'm giving you opinion based on the news that I now South is doing the same thing, and I can respect that he's doing the same thing, but I can't respect the far reaching implications of what history. Nepal off. My stance is usually tempered like well, you know, You hard evidence and more than just like trumpeted. This then did that, but this certainly what he's going for the Trump China scandal we call it a scandal is a bunch of storage you can go through, but then he all, What does something? This? I mean much more absurd anything I would ever do make in insinuations using past scandals. The trump Ukraine scandal was another bribery scandal tromp receiving illegal. Foreign donations and false statements. You see this is how they are building up a conspiracy theory against tromp off of past conspiracy theories, which have been four.
Most part debunked. I know the media likes to say Trump pushed debunked theory. One is not really are on sorry. They try say that a big e bunked trumps theory when they actually didn't in this regard. This stuff is debunked. Ok, now you can make your you can you can hold your own opinion about whether or not you think tromp was doing the right thing or not, but the whole Ukraine get things fell apart.
And you wonder why the Democrats walked away from it. Russia gate fell apart. You cannot use Russia Gate for Ukraine, Gait which they did and it fell apart. It doesn't make sense so now they're trying to use the same that the same insinuations, because people believe these things to be true without knowing which really going on, and then here we go a massive thread. Each of these tweets having over one thousand retweet with apparent thread having nearly twenty thousand retweet, where he tries to paint a picture about Trump, actually trying to work for or actually having to work for China. It's not just these two stories. This is the store that laid the first seed or the plight of the first Trump owed. Tens of millions to Bank of China. The president's financial deal into the state owned back complicate, is attacks on Biden. I believe it is fair for politico to bring up that. Donald Trump owes
I need to the banks of China and I believe it is fair to try and speculate and figure out. What's going on. I don't believe it's fair for Democrats, the act, actual Biden campaign to jump on this to make claims or tried to insinuate to people that trumpet soft on China because he secretly working under them because he owes money. In fact, I could make the exact opposite argument, which I think is merit less. You could say, tromp only ran for office so that he could wipe the debt clean, because once you president, they can't come after him. No that's really Phyllis. I'm not gonna make any assumptions about what tromp wants to do or what he's doing. We can take a look at what he's done, but, of course, I'm not gonna get open at a shared us be real man. This is politics. This the game, that's played, you know,
you're gonna see Republicans launch attacks against Democrats Democrats against Trump. My only problem with this is, I prefer, a policy argument. Now you ve got Joe Biden and tromp as Don character. Attacks against them, they ve been pretty spicy means I'll. Tell you what, if you, if you want to launch care, protect against Biden? Far, that's not convincing me if you wanna. If you want to try and run counter attacks against drop as convincing me either. The problem is Trump is the president. He is doing things we have results. I can see those results, some of them, I'm not happy with foreign policy, while some of them, I think, are fantastic unemployment, the economy, etc. I think he's done a fairly. Decent job. I lean positive on his job towards the front of Irish. I think it's sort of thing anyone could have handled it better. We just don't know, and if you hate the present, you probably assume the worse. I then develop a little behind em. Like me, I think he's trying to do
I mean he acted early Nancy Policy, certainly line. She was out telling people you know to go out on the twenty fourth mapping said. I can see the example that has Donald Trump and lean towards. While I certainly don't like his foreign policy, I understand he has some net positives behind that I really do like notably economy. Well, it Joe Biden he's doing literally nothing and there's no argument being made for him. The democratic scandal, scandal scandal and that's their strategy now. Ok, maybe this will work on some people. That's fine far be it from me to climb I'm like a normal person, but I'll tell you what it's not gonna work on me. My assumption is that this would actually fail. Tabular. This Biden launched this add right fact, checked out, Org, says bite, misleading, add about sending exports to China. The ad was entirely misleading there actually showed a clip from Biden and then went back in time,
to make it seem like he was before trot looked at your ears. They say factor that works as an advert Joe Biden campaign Hammers President Donald Trump, for failing to send you s health experts to China to investigate the novel corona virus, but the ad, fails to mention that the administration tried several times soon after the outbreak, although without success the national team, with two? U S, members was admitted in MID February, the narrator of the add, called unprepared, as Biden told trot, He should assist on having american health experts on the ground in China. It then plays an excerpt from the presidential democratic debate on February Twenty fifth in Charleston, in which Biden says I would be on the phone with China and making it clear we are going to need to be in your country, You have to be open. You have to be clear. We have to know what's going on that after debate, CNN. Town all Biden said what I would do where I president now I would not be taking China's word for it,
I would insist that China allow our scientists in to make a hard termination of how it started where it's from how far along it is because that is not happening now. This is not the ad later in the narrator says: Trump, never got a cd see team on the ground in China. That is true, but the ad doesn't mention that in MID February, before the former vice president for marks in the debate to Americans were part of a World Health organization team that visited China, including Wilhelm, where the pandemic broke out late last year, the twenty five member team, which visited China for nine days from February. Sixteen to twenty fourth include one official from the: U S c d c and another from the National Institutes for health. The team issued a forty page report on February twenty Eightth about two weeks before the who declared the outbreak pending, Joe Biden lied, Miss characterized the hold the whole add was trash and, as other commentators have pointed out, it seemed like a came out of the eighties. Meanwhile, Trump, those after binding character, fine job,
but it was targeting Trump falsely on policy, so I'll give them this. They tried targeting Trump, the stance towards China. I can respect that, but it was fake and it falls apart for me and it doesn't hold itself. It can't be held up to scrutiny once you look at it, you realize the ad is completely bunk. Donald Trump has been tough on China. It's an absurd argument to make now the question is moving forward outside of the scandals. What are the chances the Democrats actually have as of right now to win thrice based on my personal opinions. There is no way Joe Biden is going to be able to beat Donald Trump. That to me sounds insane. I mean the dude can't speak You can take a look at things. Donald Trump said the other day with it. You know the disinfectant and you know it all.
All argument about it that gas from the present, whether you consider it when I know it's a contentious debate, is irrelevant. It's an off the cuff combat truck tends to make what Joe Biden struggles to form sentences. I'd, I'd, I'd, love to see Donald Trump Stanhope per cent exit, Joe Biden. Now. Here's here's the important the important issue, though, it might not happen. Vogue rights. Where is Joe Biden according to some strategists letting Trump beat himself as the New York Times rights, Joe Biden is in his basement. Actually barely campaigning their claiming it's for his benefit and their right. The best thing the Democrats can do is keep Joe Biden away from the public eye. This pandemic has been a gift to Joe Biden and even still he goes to speak on camera. This is what you get, but I see the story from from the New York Times and makes me wonder it's from Maggie Haven nerve.
Republicans, see trumps sinking and taking Senate with him. The electorate is six months away, but a rash ominous new poles and the president's erratic briefings. Have the GEO p worried about a democratic take over? I don't buy it. This is a decent argument for Maggie Overman. She talks about current poles and fund raising the Democrats are doing well she's, as Democrats raise substantially more money than Republicans did in the first quarter in the most pivotal congressional races. According to recent campaign finance reports, and what Mr Trump, as well ahead in money compared with the presumptive democratic nominee, Joe Biden, democratic donors, are only beginning to focus on a general election and several super packs plan to spend heavily on behalf of him and the party I believe, Maggie Haber men is hyper focused on the negative of Trump edge is ignoring the big picture. The big picture is that trunk tends to pull upwards okay. So that's the wrong one. Let me see if I the right pulled up anyway, you get the point when Trump is doing is briefings. He's too,
the upwards when they shut his briefings down in the press. He goes back down. She says trumps erratic briefings or whatever our bad from, but they ve been good for him. She also mentions that, damn it, That's our just finally getting into focus, but that's a pointless argument. Trumps donors have been consistently and focus, and if we want to argue that the big donors haven't stepped up yet because the elections just getting started, then Donald Trump stands to makes it actually more money as it stands right now. Donald Trump is rushing Joe Biden. The times also reports
Joe Biden starts general election, nearly one hundred and eighty seven million dollars behind Trump new fund raising figures show the depth of the financial hole in which Mr Barton finds himself against a president and republican Party that have built up a huge war chest. You can't deny it even if you look at the hard numbers, Joe Biden raised a lot less than Donald Trump. Did I say this. The good NEWS for Democrats is that March was Mr Barton's best fundraising month of the campaign. By far raising forty six point, seven million the bad news. His pace load markedly in the second half as the pandemic grip the nation and froze the economy on ACT, Blue Biden raise twenty seven point: three million in the first fifteen days, but only eight point. Five and the final. Sixteen Donald Trump, however, Mr Trump and a shared committees with the orange you re, sixty three million in March and entered April, with a combined to under forty four million dollars in cash in cash on hand. Mr bite in the day and see had fifty seven point. Two
Tromp also raised more money than Joe Biden, so I think it's silly to argue that you know if you can look at the police, the singular poles and climate democratic wrap it up. Here's my things happening people like Maggie, hey, vermin. Well see now be fifteen news stories that come out. Five of them will say Trump bad, ten will say, drop Trump good, you take those five and she writes about them and she expands the articles now. That means that one third of the stories about tromp are bad, but she's focused on it as if it is the only truth. If you look at the whole picture, you can say trumps not that bad, he ten to be doing good, which is why, when I look at aggregate pulling, I will say he trends upwards. Yes, recent polls have tromp dipping down a little bit and then coming up a little bit, but overall, over the past several years it has been going. To argue that, because some poles right now are bad for Republicans in general. That means that they're going to lose, I think, is ridiculous and I think the Democrats and Republicans know this
right now. You got this article where she is arguing that nervous Republicans are concerned, a showcase- maybe it's fair, but maybe it's its temporary, maybe it's per focused, maybe right now, like old man, we better turn things around, but maybe there so confident they got. This don't necessarily know what you know, she's thinking or what she's watching in terms of the news, but I think what she's doing is the same thing you see from people like South Airum, since let's go back to the original point, will what will write this one up I'll? Show you all these tweets if you, only ever saw these specific stories. You can paint a picture in someone's head that tromp actually is working with or for China, but when you take each individual story and put in the grate, contacts, you will see that for any story that shows Trump might have business dealings of China. You will see Trump starting a trade war with China trunk risking hot war with China or in a cold.
With China. The shocking thing to me is that, right now we are seeing military action trumps at warships into the South China Sea, as is this, is happening concerns in the mainstream press that we are entering a new cold war with China, but if you're not paying attention to foreign policy, what do you see if you only look at Anti trumps stories and you believe the politicians? You will think this? I understand why you would you ve got Joe Biden, rapid response, guy, China, I met you got Joe Biden. People trying to run adds claiming their stronger on Donald Trump, but it really just does not seem to be the case now, as for Congress that I'm not so sure about. Let's be fair here when I look at Chuck Shoe was what was the Senate looking at chucks humorous favour ability he's twenty nine percent favourable monetary? These are national Paul's, at least that the ones that are looked at twenty nine percent favourable is very bad, but Mitch Mcconnell has twenty seven point. Three percent favourable- I dont know- if he's poles will translate necessarily into victory or defeat especially
when you consider that California in New York are very, very large, but dont have as much power when it comes to. You know that the greater country and, more importantly, whether or not the people of say Kentucky or New York, are going the impacted by national pulling California and New York are very large. Naturally they don't like Mcconnell. His approval is favourably well below its hard to know exactly what to expect. Mcconnell needs to win and in his state and humor needs to win in his day. So national poles don't really matter it with this being with with this, you know being the case it's hard to predict who's gonna come out ahead now. I know in twenty eight dean I like I was like. I think all these cultural issues are gonna result in republican sweeping it. I was or perhaps a little naive. When you look at the districts where their Democrats actually one in twenty eighteen, they campaigned on kitchen table issue, something that you know Many of us are, you know about what are they doing since then? Here's? Why I'm
it now still bullish on our public and victory, but I'm gonna do not go as far as I think they're gonna win just yet among got six months until we see what happens. But when you take a look at what is what his Democrats they got elected and then immediately went for the scandal they went for Ukraine, Russia get two ukrainian Bootblue. The impeachment failed somewhat our I am sure, many would believe that, because of this Donald Trump was delayed in responding to the crown of hours or, more importantly, you can look at Nancy Policy, Adam shifting the Democrats and say why, were they focused on impeachment, when they should have been focused on our security and this pandemic they weren't and now we are in serious trouble. California is saying they made that they may have to be locked on for two years until a vaccine, so it doesn't reflect well on them either. By can't tell you, you know exactly what will happen, but I can say in my gut feeling the voters in these districts are going to look at what they did the rest ay. I chose you and you will
scandal route. You didn't get me what you promised and perhaps it's time to try something different as gallop shows us in a new pole, Republicans for the first time and nearly twenty years have surpassed Democrats in terms of a proposal, though the slight blip here and a slight lop ear but consistently. The Democrats are above the Republicans Republicans jumped ahead for the first time since around two thousand and three, perhaps because in February after these democratically elected- and we moved into the impeachment cycle in these districts, these people said what have I done. That's the big question. People have asked me to say when you vote for a democratic, some other policies, it's about what they will give their party, and that was a really good point and it made me kindly
of walk away as it were, with how they handled. You know that the democratic primary tells you Gabert, Bernie Sanders. I dont be involving more. It wasn't just the presidential race, but looking at this, if I voted for one of these moderate Democrats, is that what you're gonna do they're gonna accused top of working for China. It's a waste of my and your time. If you're not gonna, argue policy for me that I'm not going to vote, that's. Just me, though, represent everybody, and that is why, in the mill till Spencer, I really need to know the issues, the average person, privileges, votes for and tribal lines, but as an as a moderate, independent type person, you ve gotta, convinced me to support your team. Otherwise you know is telling me that tromp is working for China is not it. I guess we'll see out plays out stick around. The next item will be coming up at six p m at Youtube outcomes. Lashed him cast news. It is a different channel and I will see well then.
Over the past several weeks there has been a Joe Biden controversies, trying an allegation made against him by a woman named Torah, read the media, wouldn't touch it and within Europe, finally did not only did they defend Joe Biden insinuation. This woman would be arrested for filing a pot. False police report that, even when onto drag Donald Trump, had nothing to do with the story about Joe Biden one of the women from the story than when on PBS inside well, there's no real pattern of abuse from Joe Biden, even though there is a website dedicated to the abuse from Joe Biden Skull Joe Biden that info and Facebook actually bandit. I tried signing can't do it yet again they want. Anybody know that there is a pattern of abuse from Joe Biden sees creepy old men, but my friends are conspiracy is afoot. Yes, indeed,
see the episode of Larry King live from August eleven nineteen. Ninety three has been removed from the Google placed or not possible. It was never there to begin with. I am not entirely sure, but the story is being picked up. You see the intercept. Ryan Grim says new evidence. Supporting credibility of tar reads: allegation against Joe Biden emerges and shortly after the publication this peace. Somebody located the actual video from Larry King LIVE boom. We got it in it. You can hear woman saying that I you know my daughter, whatever left centres are up permanent senators office, but not one about the press about it. Now, according to one of the original reporters who interviewed tar read about Joe Biden. She says Tare told me this is her mothers voice. Ladies and gentlemen, we gotta Joe Biden. We gum skin. It is evidence against Joe Biden. Innocent prove anything
it could be that you know this woman made up the claim against Biden recently, because you know she juncture the burning supporter, I'm not make any insinuations accusations against our all. I know is here's what she said. Joe Biden, you know, assaulted her and she said afterwards. He try complaining shut up, basically losing her job because of it. She was demoted and then eventually ended up leaving because he was being mistreated. Now we get this woman who calls into CNN lurking live saying you don't, a daughter works for a very prominent senator. Now here's the thing Ryan Grim has corroborated that the phone from the show he says Saint Louis well and they ve corroborated bone tar. Reads: mother lived in San Luis, this boat targets, editor mother, we got em corroborating evident, I'm being some of the speeches, but here's let me let me show you this is where things get crazy. Take a look over the Google place store
You will see in front of you a bunch of episodes of Larry King live August, nine. Ninety ninety three August, tenth August. Twelve now, why would There be no obvious, eleventh episode, honestly, don't know in fact it says right now, the show is on available? I dont know that means some people posted saying that it was removed and many people are asking. Do you have proof? Emphasis was there to begin with now it's possible that once the allegations came out CNN when an end to this episode down but I'll, tell you what as of right now, we know for a fact that New York Times tried defending jobs. I didn't CNN the episode which is now public is gone, and let me show you some. I put up a calendar from August. Ninety, ninety three: what can we see August Eleventh was a Wednesday that makes no sense. Why would perhaps have begun now to be fair? I went back throughout the that year that at its national
three to see if any other episodes had been removed and lo and behold, yes, there have been some other removed and typically the ones I saw remove. There are actually only what they did to remove Wherefrom Monday's, so it seems like Larry King would take extended guns, I didn't see and look you might wanna go through all the other years. Maybe miss something, but the only The court seems like something is just remove from the middle, the weakest the August eleven thousand now here's the thing I dont know, The Monday episodes would be missing, like I said, I'm assuming its along weakened, but the August eleven episode exists. We have video footage so why would it be missing from Larry King live on? Google play, I dont know, and why would the show currently be unavailable? I have no idea, that's what I'm saying a conspiracy is afoot and take take a look at this. This, I believe, is from that the woman from Holly Autobahn she's, the one who I believe broke the story about tolerated the story says new
Services and tolerate allegation against Biden. Ninety ninety three video appeal, to show her mother calling less than the Larry King show to discuss a claim against a prominent centre. This is what surprising many media outlets are working overtime to protect Joe Biden. It's very creepy in fact check this out. From PBS News. Our on April April, seventeenth PBS News Finally, locates tolerate story. This on Friday night, more than three weeks avatar Red showed her Alexander allegation that Joe Biden sexually assaulted on capital, home and three the PBS News. News, our arrived on story by interviewing one of the authors on a belated at New York Times, peace, Unread LISA. Error couldn't spin away fast enough from any comparison with the UN's unsubstantiated charges against Supreme Court nominee Brett governor of brightness down in this. He says there is no real pattern: abuse of that a dot from Joe Biden in terms of sexual assault. That's something you tip.
We look for out that sounds so reasonable media. You see, we don't take claims seriously because look it's one. Lady is no evidence, even though we have apparently now her mother, Communist CNN, Piggledy, brick governor, come on we're. Not the games played wreck Avenue was all ready vetted. He was a factor. He was a federal judge. Ok, they had to do a background I got him already. They found nothing, no patterns of abuse. There was a boy scout, but all the sunset complaints thirty years ago, he threw me abandoned and they rolled around it and she ran away, and no one could corroborate this, but all of a sudden the story was picked up that day. Both merit is where the latter, without the oh. No, he did this to me. The Democrats were like. We must take all accusation seriously standing up on fake principles. Then, all of a sudden we got a wave of fake allegations against Brett Cavanaugh I'm not making that up, I'm not being hyperbolic, they were retracted mankind. Called that I use all its own about and then later apologized for, where that
one woman when MSNBC and then started changing or sites that will actually about that. Several of the claims against cabinet were immediately retracted, but but outside of that If you want to argue that there was no pattern of of behaviour gets Zyobite and you are lying. We have videos, abide in doing these things. So, ok, ok, I really should read you the story of give you all the full details in and greater context. So, let's read from the intercept now: I'm gonna, I'm gonna point this out to the intercept alive. You guys man. I think you do a good job sometimes, and the reason I sometimes is because you had so you have this guy who's got trapped array don't send room who discredits everything you do all right. When I see somebody just forcing Donald thirty order story, Donald Trump suggests tanning, injecting bleached fight front of ours. No, he didn't know, he absolutely did not. You can call the dew daft. You can say asked a dumb quest.
But he asked a question and it really seemed like Trump. If I was gonna be honest, unlike what does he do, the other day when he asked this sounded like he wasn't really paying attention. That's about it, news like area and trying to you just spit bawling. They trying claim you ok up software. This way. If you want to criticise president man again, I dont care, but don't make up things you never let go. Handing in injectable each you, U lunatics. So now we get the story from Rhine grim and, unlike sorry, buddy, you guys hate Donald Trump you'll love Bernie Sanders. Why should I? Why? Should I believe you did this? Your own fault do you do do honestly believe the allegations against Joe Biden, I gotta, be ass at first. I didn't. I absolutely do not care for thirty, although the gas allegations Now with this year and cooperation actually leaning towards you know what sounds all right. I mean Joe Biden touches women and creepy ways and kids
and so when I heard this offers like me, I mean I really do think it's been possible. I mean yet this guy's got a pattern of behaviour by it is politically expedient. Now we have this clip now. We have this clip removed that, let me read the story. Ryan grin rights are also clarify. Random. Does a good job is very different from the guy with tedious, a new piece of evidence is emerged. Buttressing the credibility of tar reads: Clay but she told her mother about allegations of sexual harassment and assault related to her former boss. Then Senator Joe Biden buy them through. A spokesperson has denied the allegations read has claimed to various media outlets, including the intercept that she told her mother, a close friend and her brother, both the harassment and to varying degrees of detail, the assault at the time her brother colony, molten and her friend who asked to remain anonymous. Both confirmed that they heard about the allegations from red at the time reads: mother died in TWAIN sixteen, but both her brother and friend also confirmed red
had told her mother and then her mother, a long time feminist, an activist urged her to go to the police and interviews the intercept read also. Mentioned that her mother has made it had made a phone call to. He's left buttons office. I remember it being anonymous call and her saying my billions on Capitol Hill Red told the you that our mother called in asking for advice after red, then in her twenties, left buttons office. I remember it being anonymous call and her saying a doktor was actually harassed and retaliated against and fired. Where can you go for help? I was mortified re told me, read: couldn't member that date or year of the phone call and king didn't include the names of calls on his show. I was unable to find the call but mentioned it in an interview with Katy Helper, the pod cast host, who first area delegation after the podcast aired a listener managed to find the call and sent it to the intercept boom on August eleventh. Ninety ninety three king ETA programme, titled Washington, the cruellest city on earth toward the end of the programme.
Produces a collar dialing in from San Luis Obispo, California, congressional records list August. Ninety ninety three as reads last month of employment with bite instead of office and according to property records, reads: mother progenitor ultimate was living in San Luis Obispo County here is a transcript of the beginning of the call that is some heavy corroboration. Tar. Red says that is my mom August was the last month of her appointment and Herman lived in sand. It s boat sounds to me. Like Tories saw the truth. Now I will neither side because think about this wait. Let me say that what really happened is Joe Biden You know look she might. Unama was a feminist. I am I'm an abominably. Devils advocates are a chill out and I'm getting Madame effeminate feminist. Let's say that this woman is demanding Joe Biden, give her a salary increase and was screaming Adam and Eve. I gotta get him off, I'm giving you a salary increase, and then she
like an that's, not fair. I deserve more, went to her mom and complained and said it's not fair. Their hold me back there gets blah blah whatever, and so the mom called in to see it in and made no mention of sexual sexual assault. This possible too, I dont know exactly what Joe Biden, but the reason I bring that up budgets play devils advocate, I think it's fair entertain all possibilities in reality. What are we? What are we? Looking at Joe Biden has a you'll pattern of of this behaviour. There are videos, there's a website you can see. I am doing this. He had to apologize, for it brought Cavenaugh nothing, but there was a boy scout. You can visit round his policy and I and I disagree with some of the sum of its rulings on the forthcoming stuff. Haven't you a digital technology? I'm not a marketing dig up or dried up. All that you know brick having to stuff just appointed the double standard, as dude was a boy scout and they tried to destroy his life. Joe Biden is now going to do. Is try to be the president of the United States Anderson, yet they said during cap. Now they said what, if you know,
It has a job interview. Ok, we're not gonna put him in prison for it but shouldn't we know about someone's behaviour. If they wanted job right, that's the game they play. Meanwhile, Joe Biden wants the most powerful job in the world and he's got a history of doing this, and now we ve got corroboration himself king says Sadly, we baseball California, hello. The call says yes, hello, I'm wondering what staffer would do besides go to the press in Washington. My daughter has just left there after working for a prominent senator and could not get through with her problems at all, and the only thing she could have done was go to the press and she chose not to do it out of here but for him king says, in other words he had a story tell but out of respect for the person short for she didn't tell it cause. Has that's true now here here's. Why? I'm I'm inclined to believe tolerate in terms of the US. Delegation and not something like. I want a job or one more money will if someone We can give you money what it can to complain about. How would you go to the press? You go the presidency. I demanded a promotion.
When given me sounds like what this cholera saying very well, maybe tarried mom, I mean we ve gotten very decent amount of corroborating evidence sounds like this was a serious violation of some kind of workplace rules or ethics, and that's why you would go to the press. This senator did this thing to me, So that's why you know: what's let's let us less rather more rises, kings panels guess offered no suggestions and instead the conversation veered into a discussion of other any of the men on set would leak, damaging personal information about a rival to the press. Rich make Hugh covers the story and then links to reign grim, read after raw being read the transfer. The call said that it jelly with her memory of it and after but here was surface confirmed. Is her mothers voice Mccall said? Ah, I have not heard my mom's voice in a while. She said there are several
well, thanks at the emergence of the call on one of the collar does not specifically mentioned sexual harassment or retaliation as Rita recalled. On the other hand, the reference to being unable to get through with her problems aligns with reads, claim that you complain, disappears and buttons office and got nowhere, and the reference to go into the press makes clear. The collar is talking about more than just generic proms the office. The problem she makes clear would damage the senator if exposed, and that's exactly what I was saying, so Oh I'll address reads false. You know her her incorrect memory do what do we want to give her the benefit out? She claimed that her mother called in said she was actually harassed, etc. That that didn't happen. No? I don't. I don't know how you you you get past as one it's been almost what thirty years so it's possible that she just doesn't remember exactly what was said and she had the gist of it right. I'm sorry, I'm ethical target on this one and I'll admit like I,
I wasn't big unbelieving her, but when I started out like oh yeah here we go Bernie Sanders supporter accuses Joe Biden right. Well, color me wrong. You she's got corroborating evidence and it sounds legit. I say he rang, goes on to say, reads: inability to remember the exact date of the alleged assault or its precise location or the precise location in office where she picked up the formula to file a complaint has been used by sceptics to suggest the allegation is fabricated. What the emergence of the call shows is that, even if reads, memory is off on timing or details. The substance of her claims in this case that her mother called very king, disgusted situation can still be true. It is true, it is true. The call also the call also calls into question the credibility of buttons denial. Reed said that she filed a complaint about violence, harassment Marion Baker. Effectively. The office manager in the by novice divine campaign releases statement from Baker which said that neither read nor any other employ had ever complained about improper behaviour quote in all my years,
working for Senator biden- I never once witnessed or heard of or received any reports of inappropriate conduct period, not from Missis Reed, not from any one baker set in the campaign statement these clearly false allegations are in complete contradiction to both the inner workings of our side office, and the man I know and worked so closely with for almost two decades, that how is it if there was no complaint filed that her mom was able to call CNN. She had the foresight to predict the future spare me Four bakers statement be true. Reed would have had to have lied to her friend, brother and mother about having complained of buttons office. There is no obvious reason: red would make up a story to those closest to about the Senate office. Not picking binds recent seriously while at the same time resisting pressure to go to the press, not only that, but in the New York Times story they even corroborated as much of their turn, defend Biden that in turns in the office
abruptly tar reed was no longer supervising them. I think we got em boys. I think Joe Biden is guilty now hold on. I am not a big fan of the court of public opinion I do not think we're going to. U know Joe Biden is going They have a life destroyed overall this, but here's the point I'll make, while typically I am no fan of twenty seven year old allegations are Saint Limited Cavanaugh I back away. Say, come on man? We can't play these games right. It's like your digging as far back as possible to travel. During a guy, not ridiculous. Well, fortunately, for these people, these are the rules they decided upon. You want this to be: U advocated for these rules. You want us to dig into your past. You told us to do it. You did it to a bunch of celebrities. They found some race car drivers. Dad was had the end, we're on a radio show, so they pull the sponsor. From the kid absolutely absurd. You dug up Brett Cavanaugh.
And I said it's a bad idea. Don't do it s not fair. I said the same thing about Joe Biden right now, but unfortunately for you, we are applying your standard to you, it's what you asked for it's, what you will get so I don't think it's a thoroughly further dig up really really all delegations but I'll, tell you what you can't pull this on bright Cavenaugh and expect people not to pull it on. You lets us, I you know- and I say this to. I really do think that should be quashed because I dont want to give in to these people. They said we're gonna dig at these elegance John Bright Cavanaugh, I say no dice, then these things from Uncle Joe Biden. Now, I'm I'm I'm on the last persons gonna come now, we're gonna use these rules against. You know I don't shut it down, shut it down because what they want job, I didn't is the sacrificial land? They will throw him out to the walls and ensure a year later they will dig digging the passive everyone say: hey we play ball Joe Biden the new rules and you a great do it now. I don't like it through, you're. All delegations get rid of it. I'll. Tell you what, though, the big story here
Let me see it in the New York Times the media consistently covering for Joe Biden, I must be. I must clarify, as I feel many commentators dont clarified, tried. It is often I know we always ate the media, but men. The intercept has called out the establishment Democrats, Russia Gate all this nonsense as much as they hate I'll drop IKEA, respect that I wish they didn't have tv S. Struggle arrangements interpret the dew CNN. This episodes gone missing, the show was unavailable. That's weird, I don't know what's going on. I can't make any accusations, but also the New York Times Report is trying to defend via the media. Double standard is the problem I have. That needs to be called out. Enough gains be honest. So it's Rita said the complaints you filed was related harassment. She said she faced and did not address the assault. The complaint was left of violence. Office and if it still exists, is with violence papers at the University of Delaware. The school recently told reporters
Mchugh the papers are sealed until two years after Biden leaves public life, how convenient the harassment red for some public with last year involves stroking her neck and running his fingers Thorpe because of her hair as well as asking her to effectively serve as a cocktail registered and about nothing. It's fair point out. Maybe that was the extent to which a complaint Maybe they didn't take it seriously, because it was one thousand nine hundred and ninety three and she was like he's trying to tell me to be a cocktail waitress in it and keeps touching. My and there I oh get out of here, and they do not tolerate, is exaggerating. It is a matter they really doesn't. I can't tell you whether or not reads lying. I can only show you the crop growing evident evidence which does exist. So they say reads: assault allegation became public last month, involved interaction and only three. We know this imaginary, throw it. Each year she went to his office, he pent up against the wall. He said some nasty think, sir. They mention at the end of April. Twenty four sixty five p m the piece of an updated at video that surface of the collar on.
Larry King, show and reads confirmation. So I guess there did so so look, I'm not gonna. By these thirty old allegation games. I dont care. We don't need this too. You start Joe Biden. If I'm saying, if you want to talk about it, you know me this. The dew can't speak, but maybe at this will help, because a lot of people are concerned that Joe Biden has gained a free pass, neither wonder lockdown, no one others go and on no one's paying attention abiden, neither some negative press, the big story, the Big away. The question did CNN, actually pull this episode to protect Joe Biden and will
CNN report on their own show corroborating claims against him, I'm gone, but no they're not going to cover this and they did remove it. But that's just my opinion. I don't know for sure. I can say that I believe it is a fact that the media has been covering for Joe Biden absolutely and they're gonna keep doing it alive. There sit around excitements coming up at one p m on this channel and I will see you all them. Did Donald Trump suggest ingesting household cleaners to combat the corona virus? No, he didn't it's insane oracular this point now. Donald Trump is less then precise and it seemed like he was spit. Bawling a press conference where he asked a question that seemed kind of stupid. Now I think the question problem could have been phrased a whole lot better because the context makes it seem like tromp was asked,
Could you do some kind of injection or cleaning up disinfectant? What do you understand that for one here. This one's tough, because this sort of thing is a stupid question. If you got a question, should ask it, but should the president understand these things and I guess the issue is not a trap. Is not an expert? ass. It turns out there actually are some treatments that involve using disinfectants inside the body. Does that mean Donald Trump was correct, suggesting recommending no, it means asked the question and on CNN a doctor speak without isn't Cooper said I you know these are the kind of questions that patients often ask us. You gonna see here. I see Trump, not really know what he's talking about. Probably trying to just you know. Rambling us out of his head- it's not the worst thing in the world and I don't really know why two big news story, but we see something the left does this all the time to trump and I think it has more to do with tribalism than them being leftist, but they do this.
Where they'll take the most extreme interpretation of what Donald Trump says and they think they're smart. They know better. Why would someone everybody disinfected in their body not realizing that age in Prague side is a disinfectant and yes, it is used inside your body? Actually, your white blood cells use it. So there has been some articles in the past month, bout, nebulous touching price, and I don't like it in the whole stupid debate about Trump. I definitely think Trump open about himself up for this. But I don't really understand who cares well sure enough? Now the fake news is trying to claim that people are ingesting household cleaners because of Donald now. Does the New York Daily knows say it's because of him now, but there's
framing device, because they want you to assume that take a look at the store for Daily NEWS, which I actually fell for I tweeted about this. I tweet quote from George Carlin think about how stupid the average person is and realize half of them are stupider than that settles headline and set up there. You go tromp asked a question you know: could, could we do this and then sure enough? The press runs with it. The truth, is People are not ingesting chemicals because of Donald Trump now to be completely fair. That are actually say that they say it's the headline: a spike in new Yorkers, ingesting household cleaners, following trumps, controversial crowd of comments it makes it seem like this is because of what Trump said: it's not I'm not going very the lead for you. We can read about this, but there is one simple reason why people may be ingesting chemicals more now than they were before. Could it be
because every one went out and bought hands and ties are and disinfectants, because we're in a pandemic is actually the reason. Let me show you the story and we will break down how the other media manipulates and how the story comes out. The stories from the other day at night, Try to make it seem like its trump swap typical of this. They unusually high number of new Yorkers, contacted city help, stories of our fears that ingested bleach or other household cleaner than last eighteen hours that followed president trumps bogus claim that injecting such products could cure kind of Irish. The daily news has learnt: first, stop trumps claim tat. They were claimed that somebody, so so you think about Donald Trump and what happens as somebody will say, something to him. He won't even bother to think about the full context, what it means and then ask some off handed trompe in question. Where you're, like you really didn't understand what I was saying. Did you somebody told tromp about probably uv light, fair peace
and potentially nebulous, hydrant, proxy or ozone, or order these therapies and troubles. I come interesting now the full conduct of the speech, the guy said we're trying alcohol we're trying bleach then Trump asking. I wonder, FEZ away. We could get that into the body. Maybe through an injection but later on. In the conversation a journalist asked you not suggesting I mean that, there's no circumstance where you could do that. Tromp, China's at Doha, we wouldn't injectable each or alcohol, that's for cleaning surfaces, so its clear that trunk just was kind of muttering and in the full context, its bs of Of course you know this. The media's manipulating the poison control centre, a sub agency of the city's health department, managed a total of thirty cases of possible exposure disinfectants between nine p m Thursday and Friday
on Friday, none of the people who reached out died or required hospitalization, which means they probably didn't in just anything nothing happened, but compared to last year the number of cases was worthy of a double take. According to data obtained by the news, the Point Control Centre only handled thirteen similar cases in the same eighty hour period last year. Moreover, out of the cases reported twin Thursday, Friday, nine were specifically about possible exposure to Lysol ten, where to go
the bleak and awe and one about hustled players in general, the spokesman said: yeah yeah yeah. Here we go New York, NBC and Y. See poison control calls for bleach, Lysol double after trunk disinfectant comment. Would you mean double there? Looking at the exposure there looking at the calls in the past year now, Donald Trump came out after the fact he was asked to guys I was being sarcastic and dislike do just ah no you're, not you asked a question, don't be embarrassed. You asked the question: I'm fine with it. Can we move on Tromp then comes out, as I was just asking a question sarcastically about the process, how they would rather know you weren't just to stop, You were not take us out. There's another story, calls to poison control spike in Maryland, about isn't anything about Donald Trump and from the twenty. Fourth, I wonder why the says since the crowd of ours
a break sales of cleaning supplies of spite. In fact, Marilyn calls for you know these. These. These phone calls about exposure, have doubled, wait a minute. Could it be that when everyone rushed out to buy cleaners and sanitizing, in fact, since they were increasing their exposure on the likelihood that would call for help why, yes, that is the actual story on the twenty third? Ok, the story put him on twenty third around the same time or likely before Donald Trump made. Comments about this. This story from signs alert came out at central poisoning is on the rise in the: U S, as people try to sanitize their homes there, you have it fake news, but what what happens when you, Google search poison control, calls are spiking? That's fine. Don't eat our countertops after tromp after tromp after tromp covet briefing. Here you go when they add four truck covered briefing? They are creating false correlation, and here we have a story from reason: Elizabeth Nolan Brown, no point
and control car calls aren't suddenly spiking acrid trumps disinfectant comments. You could add an after to anything to quit a false relation, it's what the media does. Let me give you one. Here's one calls for poison can All suddenly spike after TIM Pool takes his van to LOS Angeles you'd. Look at that you'd be like I don't. I don't understand how to those things relate. Won't. You recognise that their completely unrelated events- you'd, say oh historians, fake, but you take something of peripherally. You know in the news. Donald Trump asks a question about disinfectants and yes, uv light. Arguably that is unfair.
Didn't. I guess you could call that, but there are things that hydrogen peroxide amused technically and the bomb mathematical export I've scenes of the conversations. I'll be honest, it really does feel like a lot of trump people are just fronted defend the guy. I think the question was just trumps laziness and often comments. I really care about it, but anyway digressed pointers. They add after trumps comments, but then they look at data from a year ago never mind the fact that were in a pandemic, Sophia most people are buying cleaner, here's, the story from reason: no poison control, calls art. Suddenly spiking effort. Trumps comments calls to U S. Poison control centres are up. They have been since March when they locked things down and everyone around by disinfected and started using it more this. Why can't stand the pressmen in other some good journalists are now seeing a lot of people actually cover the story about Joe Biden. Entire even CNN, but I'll tell you what you will the New York Daily NEWS you'll get NBC. This is these: are false: framing devices they're, not
hoping you understand the world. They are making it more confusing. They want to lead you to a conclusion so that you believe something that isn't true. I can't stand it, you know I felt for the story earlier this morning, because even I'm not immune to the stuff, when I first saw this story. I looked at it. I read like ice kit, skimmed rate Rio very briefly, and I laughed than I posted the George crawling quote thinking. It was funny how many people do that. I shouldn't have done it. I now added underneath it is the best thing I can do turns out its fake news. They just want to make it seem like trumpeted this. He didn't, he didn't recommend anything. They literally say he did. He didn't reason rights on Thursday, the president suggested that perhaps an injection of disinfectant could help to your people have covered nineteen critics of Donald Trump went to town and rightfully so, while supporters scrambled to settle on defence, both he didn't really
they that and he did it, but it was sarcasm, have implied. Let me stop both of those things in context that the rapporteur of the downside, under Secretary Brian says we ve tried, I support block all and we ve tried bleach trump and asks about. While that is in fact an you know, it's get rid of an under a minute. I wonder is away we could we can inject that you know who did it inside the body possible injection? Yes, the context was about bleach, but if you want to be honest, you would say I dont think Trump knew what he was talking about. If you wanna be negative, you would say Trump clearly was suggesting this and if you wanna be proton, you could simply say: tromp was talking about something like a disinfected. He actually used. The word like I said it is there something like that we could do in the body
they are in fact is. So it's not the biggest deal in the world. Now, there's a lot of defenders and I'm gonna go eminent. I'm gonna jump to this tweet because we got David, Pachmann and Scott Atoms, and I thought was interesting. Conversation Sama come at both EU and tell you what I think so recent clearly says Trump did do this, but look at us. The president suggested this is complete bs this. What I can't stand language is powerful context matters. The president's suggested that perhaps come on man, the President, asked a medical experts. Could we do this? The context was bleach and alcohol. You could assume what the present really meant if you like em or you hate him. The fact that those are the facts trump ask this to say, suggested to say, recommended you are stepping out of bounds. He didn't do it. The thing he said, wow, that's towards crazy. I wonder if there's something like that, we could do, and you said you can attest something like that. Interesting. That's all! That's not a suggestion. Ok, fine! You and argue semantics,
you realise when someone reads the suggests, the word suggest they think trapesing, hey. Maybe you should do this technically dates. True, I just think it's unfair to imply that Trump asking a question, meaning he doesn't know what the answer would be. It's silly to me anyway, but three as taught by Saturday morning. Social media was a buzz of articles about people calling poison control centres each crafted to illustrate how America but apparently taken trumps ramblings to heart. The problem articles share as illustrations of this actually said. No such thing one hour making the rounds in the New York Daily NEWS headlines. A spike is the one I showed you, but you're makes a mention of anyone deliberately consuming cleaners? It simply states. Thirty people call the city's point controls at hotline over fears that ingested bleach, other hustled clay, fearing that you ingested something doesn't job with intention. They consuming a substance, the authors of the Daily NEWS
peace Anas Anderson Chris Summer felt try to circumvent this in giving it fact by noting that over the same period and when I tell the boys and controls under only handled thirteenth, thirteen similar cases- and while this time nine calls were about possible lysol exposure, turnabout bleach. Last year's calls contain no cases reported about lysol exposure and two or specifically in regards to bleach the paper to support, prevent any other data about calls to poison control for comparison but one day do a detailed analysis to surmise why exposure might be up. As we're in a pandemic. It's really that simple people were art are not really doing this because of trouble. Us do this Let's joined the twitter flame more. Here. We have the Scott Atoms verses, David, Pachmann, aright, twitter, flame wars are fun, I think the reason this is interesting. I don't normally use twitter threats. Is that working? discussion mean between Scott Adamses, defending Trump and ever Pachmann. Who is
further. I work out unless it is attacking drop. He saying take the loss and move on. I think, is a good jumping off point to discuss what's happening with this silly cycle. Scott Adams tweeted protest, if you, if you find yourself bleeding, but he ll, really said that you are demonstrating. You don't understand how words work, meaning requires contacts It never matters. What someone literally said: it only matters what they meant, which context can help you discern Scott is one hundred percent correct in so there is something that happened to me a while ago, where someone asked me about which, which news out I trusted and in reference to a specific new story, I said I wouldn't trust in your time You know I know, but a so. I would trust this. I wasn't, I never trust the near times. Someone asked me specific about a single story that appeared in one hour and another, and they said which outlet do you trust in context of a single story? So you see how people can take these words and make some other national. Now I will
say I think Scott has gone pretty hard on trying to dock defined Trump over this, and I feel like the cycles basically over. I dont know why even I'm being rubbed into this anymore, so David Pachmann responds Scot. I would take the loss on this one. A move on it's getting cringing Scots responses is that because you believe tromp was recommending injections of Clorox an ice purple alcohol. Please tell me you believe that I want to see. If I can say in public, David's response was no, he didn't recommended, he idiotically wondered allowed about it in some in the tone of his genius great ideas. He believed himself to have and suggest that medical doctors look into it. You using semantics to pretend there is no story, not about recommendation that the next person then says no point argue with the sky David. He is the very definition of bad faith in the sun and David said, I'm actually shocked. You'll need to show a little bit. First of all David, I gotta say ah
at first, I had a similar reaction thinking. I said it was profoundly stupid of trumpets, say this and then about real semi articles about actual nebulous disinfectants, notably h too. Oh two people office at me. You ve liked therapy which lit really exists, and I wonder to myself, if you be like does does in fact, and you do have the virus in your lungs and in your throat. Could you possibly like put a uv light in your throat? I'm an interesting question when you look at the fact that there are potentially disinfectants in your body, but you could do well, then I say: look I then fall back on. You know what it's wrong of me to imply. It was a stupid question. I think in context it really does come off like Trump saying, like wild blatant stuff. He does say. Like, though look I don't want to defend the president on this one,
I think it was a silly off the cuff lazy comment and that's a trump often does I dont care. No, he wasn't saying to recommended, and David David agrees with that he's right, but to call it idiotically. You know what I've I did. The same thing I thought was profoundly stupid. Also, let's be fair, you providence that not not you Dave, but that their propping up Joe Biden, you know a man. Trunk may have a lot of problems, but Joe Biden got substantially more. So, in the end, I you know. Look in his conversations. You ve got two people are clearly at odds, but the problem we are seeing here- and I think they would actually brings us up- is same move
I'm sorry same screen to different movies. I dont think David's ever gonna see what scottish seeing and Scott doesn't understand. Why David can't understand what he sang Scots, as sounds like a problem sounds like the problem is that your new sources didn't tell you at the context that far uv, like therapy in event, later type devices, already panted and being tested for disinfecting the Krona virus, Ray the transcript with that knowledge and see how it changes. When you re the transcript, it still doesn't come off that way, but it is obvious. Someone told Donald Trump about something. He fully didn't grasp what it was and then made some silly off. The cuff comment that made him sound stoop come on man, let you know I've. I've seen some people say that he pulled Abiden and unlike no not merely look men if Trump asks a dumb question. I say personally, I think my president should know that answers to these, but trot visited doktor. So I say I don't know I don't know them either Trump recently asked if the flu vaccine could be used
in any way to help against the krona virus, and then they had no anyone, ok, and that was it and then also the media runs Wilding Trump asked a dumb question: why would they virus work against the grown, a virus and it's like well. Why should trump know that, more importantly, flu vaccines do have peripheral a partial immunity to other strange. So if you get a flu shot, my as a matter of fact could be wrong about this. I am not a doktor. Is that different, strange, the flu might be inhibited by a different, flew shot, in which case trot you eat. The full conduct could have in something like this, so I've I've I've been told us of its true that, if you can,
flew shot. It might actually protect you from other strands the flu, because their similarities, I don't know anything about the flu virus- is the Krona virus at all. Simple would like without work in the same way as they know actually, when I do know that what they are so desperate to seem like their smarter than tromp their smarter than everyone else and I'll tell you what man I know a lot of people or their alot of people in public who seem to be very dumb, maybe lack tact or social skills and then end up being extremely successful. The reality is Donald Trump is he's very smart in a lot of different ways, and then I want acknowledges. The men is not stupid. He beat, he clearly became successful, but there's different kind,
of being smart? Tromp doesn't seem? Well, you know. A lot of people who want to set a trap is playing forty chess necessarily subscribe to that belief, but I do think Donald Trump knows a lot about certain things as clever in many ways. He's also smart enough to run himself with good people who are smart and can help him, but Trump also just speaks off the cuff alot of people like it. He ends up saying things like this, so you know what let me let me, let me just show you. The last wrangle wrap this up This is what knots and it ended with Scott really going after David Pegrenne saying you're in a hole you know me well, I know I often criticise the president innocent because David Pachmann said I There's no one. A conversation is no longer worth having with a bad faith actor. That's the only reason I'm not responding. Like I said ten minutes ago I to convert member that moment where the woman tried taken the microphone from Jim Costa and then he pushed her hand down. No one could agree on what happened and there's nothing you can do about. It were being bogged down by semantics. Scott is correct
about context- and I think David and many others are being unfair when they say the question was idiotic. I guess you you, but you're not yet set an opinion. You know what trucks and have come out. Untried lying thing is being sarcastic. That was stew. And I really do think you gotta gloss on this one it to the average person. It sounds dumb if really really does, but the reality is the truth as Trump does this? Often it's not news to me. I don't. I don't know why you become a new cycle and, more importantly, this will keep happening. You will never agree because the definition of words are you know it's semantics. It's what you think the word suggested means I try to be very precise. I think Scott Adams does as well, and the reason is Trump did not suggest it to imply suggestion when someone reads that word: what would they imagine there had trump saying? Why don't you guys do this? You know how about you do this
You could arguably say he suggested, but I don't think it's fair because it implies he wanted it done instead of him saying. Maybe you could and you could test that right and then later on saying no, you wouldn't inject those things it be used for cleaner. That's why? Although I think Trump broached a very stupid idea, there is actually some basis to the question. So it's not fair to call it a stupid question, in my opinion, although I think this was a doozy get another one of these. You know black and blue Whiting gold, stupid situations. That's why I dont care it's on a policy position, its trump ass in question. I dont like the question. I think it was stupid context and we move on from it. But now too This off with the stupidest segment of ever done, people are not ingesting chemicals, because Trump asked the question its fake news carry on. I will see you at four p m. You too accomplished him cast. I hope you enjoy having your time. Well, I want to say I wasted your time, but that's the joke. Fine! I'm done I'll see you later, ladies and gentlemen. Donald Trump has AB
ultimately crossed the line. As a journalist myself, we cannot stand for this. His constant attacks on the free press must be stopped I can't believe I'm shaking reading this Caitlin Collins, the poor thing rights tonight, The White House tried to have me and only me, swap seats with another reporter several rose back. We both refuse to move from our seats that we that were assigned well in advance. The breathing was short, the present took no questions and proceeded as planned. How dare Donald Trump try to move, Caitlin counts and only Kate and Collins to make Caitlin counts and only Caitlin counts swap seats with another reporter that ok
sluts- let's drop it cnn- are you kidding with this? Thirteen thousand nine hundred and forty three tweet so is reach waiting. This are you people not. This is not news. Who cares? First of all, I think you may have gotten the point. I was trying to drill into your skull. He did not make only to Herbert tried to swap seats. What do you mean? There's another order he's trying to swap you with. He tried to make both of you move. Could it be that maybe he wanted the person back to come up to the front because he liked them better? Who was this other reporter CNN? I feel so bad for you, so I tweeted about it. I said what is this: real tromp has really crossed the line this time. Can we have a free press if they have to switch seats, the free press in the? U S is in serious danger. Some people didn't get the joke. Everybody laughed, but I tell you what, let's Papa over, to see an end, not com to see. What's on the front page are so we gotta
how a media distracted from ended up derailing his own briefing. Well, that's the big storm who says no evidence shows and having krona virus prevents a second infection yikes now that scary, worldwide carnivores death toll peasant towards thousand today that Southern a joke about, let's get scared here, we are, White House official tries to move CNN reporter at breathing. Thank you they did. You are doing the same thing o er month. People say to me: they say you're playing the same guy. I know we're all playing the same game Alto. My feelings are, my feelings are genuine, give my opinion and, as always, I M just one do comply. I have you know, maybe sensationalize things, maybe my titles are to the bold letters and all that stuff, you say, did you are doing the same saying o er month. People say to me: they say applying the same day. I know we're all playing the same game. Malta will. My feelings are my feelings are genuine, give my opinion and, as always, I am just wondering complain on the internet. You don't wanna watch, that's what I do.
CNN another had as a major news. Not why shouldn't com anymore? They they try to be CNN. They claim their news now, listen if all they did was give their opinion. I have no problem with that of brine. Spelter wants to go is Joe and say I don't like the orange man. If Thou lemon wasn't, it was well what's wrong. With these orange people, that's fine! I don't care but if you're gonna go to news events and write about yourselves, that is something well beyond what I do you see. I dont do videos, maybe like night. Ninety nine point, nine percent of theirs. I've done there have been like one point out of out of all the others have done this, but my point one that a bit about me like when they're gonna quarantine me very about myself. I typically do not, but these are more like hey you guys follow me. Let me given up on what I'm working on CNN should be doing this
but all start while I don't say where it started. What became much more prominent with GMO Costa Jimmy CASA, what he did worked, he stood up. He made the story about him. Cnn got present attention catered to the whims, opinions, and Information bias of their viewers. You'll know what should be frightened centre c on ends. This story binds accusers mother called into Larry King, live and ninety ninety three for advice. After a legit assault and sure enough, they did actually write about this. Now they got scoop. Let me, let me tell you, the CNN is so awful, so bad at what they do. They got scooped under own breaking story from twenty thirty years ago, working life August, eleven. Ninety ninety three, a woman called in acid questions about how do you know what he's doing? Gotta prominence under blah blah blah and they wanted to talk about powerful, dangerous b Cnn was sitting on this. Now. Here's the crazy thing
when the accusations were made and tar read. The accuser had stated too. I believe the podcast House to interviewer that her mother I'd call, then maybe CNN didn't know we didn't want to know. I don't know they were sitting on this archive of footage, and a strange thing is strange thing. If you, if you see my other side met from our today, you go to Google play in that under his cousin, Wednesday pulled ride out? Cnn is so bad at what they do. They got scoop on their own air view, and it's not not just something they did recently something I've been sitting on for thirty years for thirty years they had this now. I know it wasn't until the accusations that breaker put two and two together, but why did it take the intercept? Why did it political in these other reporters to investigate what CNN should then a long time ago? I'll tell you why CNN is not interested in doing news and you know, as I normally don't you down these videos. Police share this video, because
a lot of people who might think CNN is real. Maybe the first thing, they'll see what this woman complaining that someone's gonna switcher seat will be like wait. What that's not news? Who cares if the President asked you to move and you didn't call anybody anyway, so who? What what This performative fake news in O Brien the recently said we must, as journalists, channel the rage of those of the people. Yet that's him basically saying please give me an excuse to do. Opinionated rage bait began to be adjourned. Congratulations run Oliver. Oliver Darcy, you guys are fish. We now fake reality, tv stars. I hope your proud look. You want to have your opinions. I don't care it's fine, but you gotta have some bouncy when but one bright cavenaugh got accuse. I came out. I talked about it. When Joe Biden got accused came out. I talked about and you don't. I said I said the exact same things. I don't like that Europe elevations, I'm not cannibal, leaving us
The evidence or not gonna believe it I'll see that it was very convenient. This tower red accuser was Bernie supporter why it's called principle. It's called taking factual information and then presenting pinion what with a moderate education on the facts. I dont know everything, but I know that you're while these always allegations against Cavanaugh, I'm gonna hold them to this. Standards I do button, but I will point out these that the bite and standards, no one asked what now here's what CNN and in your times, have done. They went nuts. On reporting all this fake news about Cavanaugh, and they do nothing on tolerate to make things worse, you'll think about biased fine. You can be biased, but let's talk about the problem with CNN fake NEWS to the umpteenth, performative, reality tv. I bring you now cyclist who criticized Chris Cuomo for not self pointing out quarantining out
This happens home on Easter Sunday says seated House looked like a boiling pot and kept advancing at him during a heated Rau David well unclaimed. They decided to go on a bike right near where Cuomo is building a new home because he grew up in the area. Here you have Chris Cuomo. Ok, this guy, who actually witnessed Cuomo Breakin Quarantine on top of crossing, show, not a public speaker kind of guy, but he told his story and you know what corroboration show the audio clip from close quote Chris Cuomo. By saying I don't want this kind factor, but come up to me, you're angry about corroborating. What this man said, where was Chris comments? captain and why hasn't seen and address the fact that their fake news, it's really funny. You know Donald Trump, calls the press, the enemy of the people in the fake news, Socio undecided too, are to roll with it. They they decided to become thickness I'll. Tell you what man I've defended seen in the past. I absolutely have. I said that their cable channels, pretty bad their website, tends to be ok, but from the top down the hall,
is rotten. You actually got them publishing this story, White House, don't try to move CNN reporter at briefing CNN Jamaica. The discusses why President Trop ended the current virus briefing without taking questions and how white US official tried to move a scene in reporting back of the room, not news. I dont care about you or yours, eating arrangements or the president has a say about, was gone out of the virus and I don't care. If you saying good things are I think. Maybe there s a more and I don't care it's not about you, but they make it about themselves. Look man I'll, tell you what you won't. You won't see me doing videos like You know TIM Pool talks about you know his is, is fight with a sea. Rapporteur. I sum I do like political opinion segments right. I rarely do them. I did when the other day. Why talk about my personal opinion at how people responded to me when I was when I went in segment? Those are rare, but
honestly, you know I do I do an opinion commentary thing commenting on this news and if some time to talk about myself, that's fine thing is true for version, if periodically there's some news about, and they once I got themselves island, they it's kind of fun but to the limit see it and, as we know, is now desperate they're getting propped up by Youtube, so they're getting hundreds, millions of views. They should not be getting because nobody watches this trash. Sienna apparently pays so they can be in airports, and so we called the Airport news network hotel lobbies. While they either way you see early early in the past decade, Ceuta experimenting with travel verity, that's like if it for my with vice documentaries. It's where people like you to walk around, the camera and labelling. So, right now on the ground in this place, they I'd like Russia, Oslo, on a human brain. He really did they had, like you know, with Anti Bourdain and other shows and it seems like they knew live news, wasn't working because we're in the age
the internet, they tried to pivot. Well that didn't work either. Nobody wants to watch their garbage shows where some dude resolves long literally its human meet. I'm not, then watch a cannibal on tv, dude, China, Biagi not gonna work not only that a lot of these companies were duped. They thought vice was more popular than it really was so now there taken the next approach. Therefore, to comply, about their seeding arrangement. Wow talk about the bottom of the barrel, United loves in Caitlin Collins's scrape, the bottom of the bales beryl so hard she's pulling up woodchips. There's nothing left, dude you're, complaining about from asking you to change seats, I'm impressed now. I will point out the absurdity of me having to comment on this. It's not news and I should have talked about it, but listen! It's about the one story. It's about the three it's about CNN, being late to their own coverage. Their news division has collapsed, come on man if the internet is hoping you on your own story. You ve youth, you ve, really lost it and if the best,
then you can must drop, is staging some fake of that with Chris Cuomo that everybody knows staged and having when you're poorest complain about her seat. You, Norman Trump and the wide us need to throw her out and take her badger way. Am I I'm kidding, we need to have something where the journalists who actually want to ask questions, and there there tell these people to shut up shut up, get out The last thing we need is for you to be like why I betrayed by states. Let me tweet about a deer diary. Trump made me chain seats at Sienna, dear diary, network Orangemen is bad. It's only getting worse. It's not just CNN. Are we got some problems with the New York Times and other outlets, but but see- and I tell you what CNN Cnn is just: why have they really gone down the drain for shame, Anderson Cooper used to do a good job,
they become so desperate that this is what will Anderson? Why are you talking to you about a sea change? Are you nuts, I'm? I bet you know a man, you guys deserve it. You deserve what comes the you're networks? Gonna collapse jargon: Does your jobs or or you know what maybe this is what their resisting these don't lose their jobs invitation. I got a couple more segments coming up for you in a few minutes. Stick around. I will see you shortly, Poor starting to see more food riots erupt in other parts of the world, notably in particularly particularly vulnerable countries like South Africa in Venezuela, when it happened in Sicily. This was because about couldn't bring the food in, but because of the extended locked down and the while the shuddering of the global economy, but tat for I mean, does the work. How asked you tried it? Countries don't have food anymore, and what do you think people do when they don't have Do they may lie down and say well no food for me now they're going to take what they can So now we're seeing this story. Riots erupt in Venezuelans cut
as well as countryside over food and fuel scarcity, there's more trucks, delivering food parcels, ambushed and looted and bought a way. Will, I think, I'm not in their Right South Africa. I believe South Africa with a couple of a more stories. Lockdown triggers unrest in South Africa, and there is a very a video that is rather shocking. I can confirm this video for those that are watching it's just a bunch of trucks with food. Dumped out and hordes of people running and to try and take what they can they saved in South Africa. Again, I'm not only sure, but this video has emerged or other similar time The story came out that trucks were being alluded and vandalized you wanna know what true, despite desperation and poverty, looks like take a look at this video now, regardless of whether or not I can confirm location of this, this kind of stuff happens in real life. Let some let's say you,
point where there's no food, the trucks get looted and people run full speed to fight for what they can look at US people running their desperate people. I don't blame them. I certainly want to let I wouldn't want to live that way in Venezuela Bloomberg reports Dozens of Venezuelans clashed with police forces in the countryside of southern bowl of our state. On Thursday, the incident was the latest of at least five hundred protest registered in April as food and fuel become scarce in Venezuela. Despite the six week, lockdown ordered by the government of Nicholas Madura, Nicholas Maduro in response to the chronic virus. Protests in demand of food have taken place in fifteen states in April. With looting and violence in three of them. According to the Venezuelan Observatory of social conflict, the protest has not yet yet reached Caracas. It's a lot of people,
who don't seem to understand what happens when the economy is shut down, so I'm gonna give you one more freebie blue hats. You see on twitter, there are people who put blue hat icons in a twitter account, and that shows that they are fans of Andrew Yang and potentially universal basic income. When I tweeted that there would not be food when it with economy shut down, many of them made nonsensical points about like oh by the food is still there. We just need the money to transfer and the government stimulus can do it. The point I made was: we have forced the economy shutdown. Eventually, businesses go under. Eventually the dairy farms will as well so many of the restaurants that have been closed due to the force of the economy, we'll never reopen. Many of them are made announcement saying we are now permanently closed. The same will be true for this dairy farms. If they don't get some kind of relief. Unfortunately, you can't just print money to solve the problem. Money isn't food, even these
Reforms will need to build a by processed food or hey, if alfalfa, whatever it is, they feed their cows. Will the supply chain exist if we force it to shut down the ants is potentially no farmer but the expert sure, but I do know that many of the processing plant that normally take the food in to prepare it no longer exist. Or their or I'm sorry that their shut down and they can't taken or give out. We could end up like this this this photo of people fighting and demanding food, it's how you get revolutions, they say in in the protests in both of our one men died? Several were injured and thirty three were arrested following the looting of a municipal market and neighbouring shops near the town of Jupiter and a separate incident. Dozens of residence in the eastern town of Cumana COLA forced their way into
five food retailers and a chicken farm on Wednesday to people were shot and thirty two were arrested. According to local lawmaker, Robert of I'll color, similar situations were reported in Laura Uruguay and both of our states the week prior, resulting in armed forces, quashing discontent and attaining protest. There is the local media reported. Other Venezuelans across the country are leaving their homes for food runs. Dodging protests stocking up and hungering down, isn't an option for many people who are too poor to buy INA food in advance. Vast gasoline shortages are taken at all on the already fragile supply chains, disrupting food deliveries and public transportation. Everywhere the situation is likely to continue. There are few signs of long term relief for local refineries. In the meantime, crops in rural states have gone to waste, as farmers are unable to collect fruit and grains on empty tanks. The collapse is real. It could very well hit us the same. Has everyone else.
Venezuela's big problem is governmental mismanagement, so I dont know if it's fair to say we will never end up in the exact same position is that it is fair to say that they thought they could solve their problems by printing money. When I didn't work, they do, in the name of their money and issued a new currency and that didn't work either simply telling people this has value, doesn't give it value. If there is nothing to do with it, there's no values. Here's the thing that Here'S- the thing you see money is the is the confidence in the system to acquire goods. If I told you, maybe babies are the better than I did. I did on this the other day and will jump over to the other that the food
tax. I believe this is an assault on South Africa. If I told you that I was gonna, give your million tin box you'd be like I don't care. I can buy anything with that, but what, if you could? What? If you could go to a local store and use ten bucks and you could buy bread with it? Well then, would be worth the value of the bread and arguably not particularly valuable, but still volume enough to buy Brad right. If the? U S, dollar, can't be used for anything, then there's no economy, and Printing money does nothing to trucks. Loaded with food parcels for vulnerable committees were stoned and robbed and Kate Towns bond of will and what appears to be orchestrated heist desperation. The hunger at a time of covert nineteen, has seen looting from shops and liquor stores and now trucks transporting food have been targeted by criminals are checkers delivery. Truck as walls and other vehicles, so that was the video we saw? The checkers vehicle were ambushed in Robert, so so buck. We drive Capetown on Tuesday,
as April a driver and an assistant in where the trucks were injured. The vehicles been brought to a stop by barricades planted across Robert, so buck we drive and once halted were pelted with stones. Witness has set a crowd, gathered and stormed the truck tearing opened the doors and flinging out the food parcels the second highest complaint to place an hour after the first somebody way? Will residents blamed criminal elements for the highest, claiming that some of the food had been sold for drug my concern residence expressed fears? The incidents could have a ripple effect and hamper the delivery of food parcels. Two communities residents report that a truck transporting fish oil have been ambushed the previous week and there you have it when people start ambush, instructs stealing the food from them. The delivery stop coming and then there's no food. Even if the food is grown and supplied what people don't understand of economic shut down. It is not just about. If there is food,
mostly it is the foe, don't exist, you can't buy it now. Does South Africa in Venezuela and many people are probably shake their heads and yeah, but where America can never happen us, but it absolutely could happen to us and it could happen to you, that's why we need to figure this thing out. Perhaps we need to open economy. That's been my stand. I don't know. What will you know? Maybe this virus is way worse than we realized. We got numerous studies coming and I believe for seeing the mortality rate is very, very in which case, maybe we have no choice. Otherwise, we will eventually come to this point where people are throwing stones,
looting these truck, so they they mentioned the checkers truck. I want you to look at this vote this this this video. It says on the side of the truck. Let me see Viking into play. Its has truckers what where it will also soon if I cannot started back up again, green, greener and better what did say. Eco ego health trucks are too weak. Eco friendly truck people dont care. They don't care about your your causes, your environmentalism. They care about, not dying. That means, if ever take it, they will now think about. The people who bought this food and where was supposed to go, is disrupting the economy and Then one ways what whether one way, perhaps that food was supposed to be delivered to a town, a lot of people don't get this. There will be no animal, you ever seen them over the big short, but afterwards, the big shortly, but the people who made a bunch of money off the economic collapse into, doesn't it and they said that one of them. Rise involved started placing hard bets on water saying water will become extremely valuable, but
What you need to invest in is the transportation of water, which is typically done through produce and food, because food typically has some water content. When you grow a crop in California and then shipped off to a desert in what we know, wherever one people that that water comes out of their bodies in various ways and enters that part of the world. We are actually reclaiming deserts by moving food, their think about what will happen now when supply chains disrupted redesign of occasion, some areas that were once lush or for long for a long time because of human actions were having you know, we're sustainable, become unsustainable and we start seeing dry pockets, communities that have money that could afford the food dont get it now. So now it's not just the poor communities with a rich clean. These don't have food either when the food trucks get attack. Mr Common, now nobody has food
you're gonna find drivers working to say the money isn't good enough. I can't do anything with it where they can do then start guaranteeing food to people. I guess what they do in Venezuela. I tell the venezuelan people you served in the army will make sure your fed, not even everyone, I'm not that strong. That's what I've heard. Maybe that's what will happen and then you will see PETE, you will see, you will see people doing what ever they have to do to eat, so the government will say, take this uniform. Take this weapon violate their rights. What do you think a starving person Do they say, I'm sorry, bang and there I do they have to do because they need food. When it comes out of survival, people can become a cut throat as they can. You see more videos like this mark. My words Now, unless we start reopening things- and we are seeing a lot of states interface one- then maybe it won't happen, but I'm worried that I'm worried it. It will. I dont know how likely Is I one to make sure I stress its Venezuelan South Africa?
maybe we're a long ways offer this. Maybe will be the last one to experience it. I mean Americans are overweight as it is, but we have to understand that true poverty is beyond what anyone in America really recognizes, they say. Oh, but there are poor people in this in this in this country, you ought to know something. A homeless person in United States can get access to clean water. They can, they can walk into a Mcdonald's gone the bathroom and they can drink clean water now saying it's good at their homeless and desperate onto say in these people that will get clean water, that I've been a places. I've seen some things and I'll tell you what, if you think it can't get bad? You are wrong and if you think you know what that is, you are wrong until you gonna wanna these pleasant, actually witness it or I guess you can watch the videos. Hopefully doesn't don't happen away in the? U S but I'll leave their security got one more segment. Coming for you in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. Kim Jong own is dead, says TM, Z, after a botched heart surgery,
I do not believe teams, he is the bastion of truth. Organ reporting, no disrespect hymns, you you're a celebrity gossip site and I think it's very important. We we trust our source on this but nonetheless tm is a well known outlet and they are reporting this and they are staking their name on this and regardless whether or not you trust them more doubt. Many people are going to believe that the story is real, because not just about him. He's reporting Reuters report reported that China send a team of doctors into North Korea. There's a couple arguments. Some people are saying Kim Jong noticing the vegetative state some are saying. Is that no one really knows one good argument. I heard it was from Michael malice. You may know I'm on Twitter. He said. Maybe I think that I think is was Michael's, others that maybe he's just hiding because of covert nineteen also pass that being a morbidly obese drinker and smoker, wherever he does. His extremely vote herbal, to cover it, and maybe he died.
Three what teams he has to say. They report North Korea Supreme Leader dictator Kim Jong. Il has reportedly died or is on his death bed with no hope of recuperation. According to media outlets in China and Japan. Amid report, China has sent a medical team to their communist neighbours this week to check and advise on came a Hong Kong Back news channels, vice director, whose apparently sue me the needs of a chinese foreign minister blasted out. News herself he's dead. The woman put the report on social media app called way both for her. Nearly fifteen million followers citing a very solid source about the claim Kim had in fact perished. Japanese, magazine report sees any vegetative state after a heart surgery gone wrong. The other reports citing a chinese medical expert, privileged situation that Kim and clutched his chest in early April and fell down while this,
the countryside there. He needed a stand procedure done, but apparently it either wasn't don rapidly enough, or it was botched completely by the surgeon. With some reports saying he had shaken hands. Let me ask you something Your heart surgeon, the Supreme Leader, says, fix my heart and one of his goons points a gun at you, I'd be willing to bet you have, take her hands and congratulations. This is true. You done killed. Herself came when you rule people than iron fist don't be surprised. When no one respects you no one wants to, or even can save you that's the problem with an authoritarian garbage, true, and if it is a shame to- and you know what I think- I'm a lot of saint, because I have family literally from an area that is now North Korea and I dont like what has become of of the peninsula. I would like to see personally for my family history sake. I would like to
the town where my family came from. I can't I'm gonna get it all that, let's just talk about how tragedies country has and will talk about the problems of Kim genuine. Actually, I'm sorry, but I take that back. North Korea is a very beautiful country, ruled by despatch and contexts and that's horrifying, and I would love to see South Korea. Finally, that that the Korean, the unification of some sort, South Korea's amazing I've been a South Korea. Very, very amazing country, prosperous, intelligent, some smartest people in the world making some of the cool is gadgets. North Korea is an impoverished, starving desk. It ism, there's lots of rumour swirling, but the guy's condition the fact, as he hasn't made a major public appearance looking to be okay and several weeks now,
about a week or so ago, Siena reported came, was in grave danger. After a medical procedure, present drop has downplay. The reports has refused to elaborate, but it looks like King Jones, sister Kim Cameo John might be getting ready now getting set up to possibly replace him. A supreme leader report say she was recently re promoted to a prominent position of power, for their here's? Another point: thirty marks a major military anniversary and North Korea, where they celebrate the founding of the Korea's people's army in nineteen. Thirty, two something they hype annually with a parade and one in which came might normally make an appearance. Normally, I think you do have to international reports on the ground. Save came was doing all right and not on deaths doorstep. He and his team would figure out a way for him to show up and squash the rumours if it doesn't. It's probably not a good sign. Almost all, but confirming something is wrong. China, a delegation of doctors, have been.
And have been dispatched to North Korea is consummate rumours of the North Koreans. His poor health, japanese media Alec claims young owners and a vegetarian state on Thursday Trump downplay the This is from daily mail, basically elaborating on what Tansy a sad news guard considers daily mail to be credible. I'm not saying the males the best out whatever, but this speculation has been running rampant. You know what let's talk about Korea, my first and my biggest concern is that the death of Kim Jong IL could result in a massive international conflict. This could create panic. South Korea yeah. I doubt, would take advantage of this in any militaristic way, but North Korea will spiral out of control, could potentially spiral out of control a visitor takes over. I dont think we will see a complete total collapse, but there is a possibility of of instability in the region, and that would be bad for everybody. It could.
Quickly start groping ends are ok, you know immediately Robin South Korea neighbouring South EAST asian states, the United States, China, Russia and there we go now is not the time for a South EAST asian destabilization, especially with? U S, warships entering the South China Sea? This does not look particularly good. But I gotta say that when it comes to Korea for too long I've been living in this this, this horrifying despotism seas, way to put Kim Jong one of the Supreme Leader, the weird cult behind him, and we ve been frying as I we, but you know, of freedom lovers. Freedom fighters have been trying to break the cult that he has all these people. Now I will say one thing: climate activists,
Certainly they should certainly love this place. The country is beautifully untouched back in. I think it was twenty thirteen. I went to New Zealand to meet with him jungle. I'm sorry Kim dot com, not Kim's, came dot com. Different guy came knocking, madam, you ought to know it cannot come. Who is this crazy and entrepreneurs are, you know, big, powerful media mobile and there the governing after him, but I also met with this guy named Gareth Morgan and his wife. They had taken a motorcycle trip through North Korea and the DMZ, and we gotta see the fudge and they showed us how pretty country was, or I should say the country, because three as the country there just split consists, you know in war as it stands and it's it's. It said the potential of of the people there.
Potential of of that. Are there the country what they could be if they weren't living under this ridiculous system? So what I was told was that you can't take your cow for meat, because everything belongs to everybody, so I was told that, but it is people what they went to look at the country them at these people. They said that save a cow dies Then you can't eat it. So what happens? Is the guards the military the part of government will lie and pretend. Oh, no, we went bad or get sick because the animal should beasts die, stopped, sent to the to the government. Who then breaks it up and distributed evenly for all The peoples, this kind of insane government doesn't work. So I guess part of me I would never SAM hoping for someone to die, but you know where I'm going Kim Jong own does need to be removed from Power North Korea does need to be. I guess
opened up to normalized relations. I dont know Kim Jong innocent. Is s airily problem the guys from Vice Shane Psmith that you know that they are vice went to North Korea? There was this whole thing. I think they went more than once and it became a huge scandal they brought in his Rodman, but my understanding from the ceo vice, was it. He said Kim Jong, who is more western and people realize I think he was educated in Europe, in which case is a real opportunity to talk to the sky and trying open things up. I dont know if it's possible to fix You know what's going on and I'm I'm sort of an expert on north korean relations, but you see what happens to people who go there. You had. Warm beer. You have people who get locked up and accused of being spies. I don't know why anybody would want to go there. I've been a South Korea that when I can tell you it's it's amazing because of the problems of North Korea, though it negatively impact the entire the region. When I look at south korea- and I see you know that the prosperity of Samsung its major company
there and that their gamers and the technology to date they have developed. I wonder what could have been for the rest of the of the korean people and its unfortunately sham. I suppose I guess the bigger concern then comes to international. Inflict. I guess it far. His sister takes over we're not really gonna, see anything, and maybe it's just a thirty six your old, overweight, smoker had a heart attack and died, and that's the end of it or perhaps the military council takes over the people around genuine. I don't. I don't know all about the guy and I want to turn like I do, but some of the things I ve make it seem, like maybe he's just a glutton that he keeps everything locked down, because it's his wealth he's the leader. It's his country he's he's living like a king. While his people suffer, if he opened things up, he'd be than printer pressure by foreign influence, they probably take him out of power and nobody wants to give it up.
I'd be willing to bet people. You know as I've seen from so many people, someone like him young, who would say it's better with me in charge for everyone thinks they think that if their the king, if their affair, the leader, if they're on the board, whatever they can do better and that giving up power mean some evil person would take over when the? U S, government certain certainly think so when it comes to foreign policy, but maybe decentralization and allowing other influences both good and bad, is the right way to go because then the boy I want to go away and the good influences can take over hopefully, but also you can bring prosperity or people they can eat food. Finally, I don't know don't ask me. I personally would like to see North Korea like self critical involving but made its now examine enough about it. But I know that there are few places I got to go to, which are you know, we're
to my historical ancestry, because my my family going back couple generations came from other countries. I've gotten to visit certain countries in Europe and I ve got to visit certain other countries like South Korea bite my great grandparents, my family came from the north, which I would never get to see and I'm interested in that stuff. I'm not gonna pretend like I have some deep emotional connection and I'm angry they'll. Never gonna see it but I'd like to, and that means we need normalized diplomatic relations. North Korea can do its thing I suppose will see out plays out. I guess I can say on a human level, I hope the guy's ok on a political level. I would like to see someone else take over, and hopefully things can improve in the region are not smart person. The world's like us all, figured out I'll, see you tomorrow at ten, a m, ah monsieur them.
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