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Democrats Make Panicked Desperate Moves As Polls Favor Trump, SCREAM Law And Order In $45M Ad Run


Democrats are feeling the pain from supporting the far leftists and now they can't win this battle.The law and order calls are Trump's turf and Biden is desperately making a play to win back ground. In a massive $45M ad run for just one week Biden will blame Trump while screaming Law and order.But Trump has been consistent on law and order and the Democrats have been supportive of BLM.During the DNC Democrats used protest imagery, for them to start walking this back shows they are in full panic mode.

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The Democrats made a huge mistake. They were hoping to capitalize off of black lives matter, protest to generate support for their party and votes against Donald Trump. The only problem was that these protests quickly became riots and violence began to sweep across this country, and regular Americans took notice and were upset with it. The Democrats tried to ignore it, hoping would all just go away. In fact it seems like that's the mayor of Portland strategy. He thought that he could just ignore the riots and eventually it tired in they would stop, but they have not, and they will not. Another violence is worse than ever. The Democrats are, revealing they know they get a serious mistake. There, probably looking at internal poles as what many journalists are speculating, because Joe Biden has just come out with the largest campaign add run to date. Forty five
five million dollars for one week condemning rioting and looting, and you know what good on him credit where credit is due. Thank you, for finally recognising the extreme violence coming from the far left, but will the Democrats Joe Biden, condemn black lives matter and anti fall for engaging in this violence likely, no because they still need support from these people not only is Joe Biden going to be launching this massive campaign add run is actually going to canosa. Unfortunately, he's going after Trump already went desperately playing catch up many people, pointed out early on job. I wasn't going to go to bed, you wasn't gonna, go anywhere and then Trump called him out and now Biden says: ok, fine, I will go. I gotta tell you, I can respect that they are now trying to do the right thing, but I don't think it's for the right reasons. I think they look at their internal poles looked
adding odds and they look at the fact that Trump is gaining nationally in the polls and winning in several battleground states, and they started to panic. Think they're worried when Don lemon brought it up? CNN, saying focused, groups, are mentioning the rioting and they realized they had no choice, but a lot of Well are pointing out as well isn't Donald Trump, the president. Isn't this his responsibility? Well if you follow my other channel TIM cast news, I mentioned that the organ state police have been have been deputized by the federal about federal government, so now when they make an arrest, it goes to federal prosecutors that something Trump is doing he's not invoking. The insurrection act is not invading localities, but he's empowering federal DA's that federal tourneys. I'm sorry I didn't turn is better attorneys to actually prosecute extremists. Does anyone believe that if Joe Biden became president, he would go after these people instead, then the reason I say he won't is because he's already cutting deals with them. He refused here
This to call them out by name You may remember that a couple of months ago he launched that pact with Bernie Sanders where they compromise on many issues. He is begging these people for their support, if they give it to him and assuming he wins, do you think he would just immediately turned his back and say I don't need your support anymore. No, he would have to re election. We ve already seen Joe Biden campaigns, death, offer up funds to bail these people out and so did Conall Harris. They realize it backfired and their trying play both sides, while I'm not I'm not into it. Surprisingly, today Joe Biden actually took questions from the press and sure enough, it was a gas disaster, at least in one or two instances where to talk about the sum to show you this, I do not believe of a sane, rational American who's. Who is going to look at what I'm up? What what I'm about to show? You would think that Joe Biden has the right choice for president
and that is not me saying that Donald Trump is the best Canada we ve never had it sang. I guess it's Donald Trump because Joe but it is not not a real candidate, he is not able to be president, and he is compromising with the very people that is claiming to condemn us read the news before we do had over two TIM cast outcomes lashed on it. If you like is for my work, there are many ways can give us a p o box. Some stuff, but the best thing you can do is share this video. I dont have a major marketing department. I just have word of mouth. If you think I do. A good job in my videos are pretty good, then consider sharing them on other platforms and forget it the like button. These subscribed button Ratification Bell, let's The news from the New York Times bite into air law and order, add condemning writers and looters the ad part of a forty five million dollar one week, television and digital purchase- that is, by far the largest, the campaigns largest to date,
comes as a democratic nominee pushes back against president trumps attacks. This is absolute desperation. You need to understand what this means that he's running this add they tried to ignore. The problem. Because they don't want you to realise their in line with many of these people. Now, of course, Joe Biden isn't himself a radical socialist, but there are part of his party and he needs their support, He didn't want to highlight any their violence, because now we might have to condemn the mimic it asked about it. He didn't want people to know the violence was getting this bad. Now you need to realize early on the Joe Biden strategy was to hammer Donald Trump on covered, but now we can't he's force to play on Donald Trump terms, he is entering Donald Trump LAW and order battleground and I'm sorry. Joe Biden cannot win in this arena, but he had no choice. This is a desperate
hail Mary Pass which is likely to fail. Then your time says, Mister Biden has reportedly condemned instances in which protest for racial justice have burst into violence. Accusing Mr Tromp of stoking divisions, laying blame for any chaos on the current occupant of the White House, but the ad part of a forty five million dollar one week, television and digital purchase. That is by far the the campaigns lodged. Today, is the first time that Mr Biden has put this pushed back on issues of crime and public safety into a major paid effort. Rising programme quote. I want to make it absolutely clear, binding, says, just flash of burned out cars and buildings and confrontation with the police. Rioting is not protesting, looting is not protesting and those who do it should be prosecuted. I'm sorry, Mr Barton, but in Portland the D A is not prosecuting these people. Your party, not the Republicans, is responsible for this. Your political party
disagrees with you and the progressives are getting interviewed on NPR sang in defence of looting, so whose fault is it I was in, for because then, when they looted and burn down buildings in that small town, and the next thing I see was, as far left article piled in defence of looting. This was back and I believe, twenty fifteen and it still happening to this date. Tromp- has consistently kinda, condemned the violence and called for law and order know Joe you ignored it, trying to capitalize off of it, and now it's backfiring your face, Mr Biden CAS himself as a unifying figure who would seek to lower the temperature of a national debate and bring the country together. The spot ends with Mr Biden was Catholic, quoting the former Pope John Paul. The second be not afraid unlike many of Mr Barton's recent adds, the sixty seconds spot does not mention the krona virus pandemic. The Biden campaign said the ad would air nationally on cable television and in
ok, markets in nine Battleground states, Arizona, Florida, Michigan, the Ceta Nevada, nor Caroline Ohio Pennsylvania was constant states where Joe Biden is starting to do worse and trumpet starting to win the speech in Pittsburgh, and they advertise in campaign are part of Mr Barton's response to a publican convention last week, in which the GEO P tried repeatedly to twist the former vice presidents record on crime and policing, with Mr Trump himself, often amplifying the misleading claims on Twitter. I'm not gonna play these games than your times, but I will tell you Joe Biden, is the author of that famous ninety ninety four crime bill? I believe as ninety four yeah, I think the dunes and authoritarian, but he is a unifying figure. A few wife, if you wanna, talk technically he's unifying the far left extremists, the critical race, the arrests and intersection lists the people whore overtly racist with the regular liberals are the Democratic Party and that's why I've been forced out
and many other liberals have been forced out and are now going to vote for Trump. The critical race theorists intersection of identity. Arians are overt racists. They say it. There's a viral tweet a going around right now where there is a digital town hall where these college students and the professor are straight up saying they are racist. Why would I take advice? and why would I want them in my party? Well, if Joe by and believes they have a place in the Democratic Party than I certainly don't, because my family rejects the overt racism of these critical race theorists, who, let me remind you in some of the best selling books. If they read say they are overtly and avowed. Racists alot of people try to play this game, that their being forced to it to say that
things. No I'm telling you they are saying it. Why is Joe Biden offering them a space in the Democratic party? I got to try to get back to their roots because I democratic Party was historically races to begin with. They can't let it go. Can they well Joe Biden is also going to go into Canosa, and this is also shockingly shockingly desperate a chance to go there early this week on Monday, he didn't do it. Donald Trump went Tuesday. A lot of people said he should have gone, but he was too busy hiding in his basement, and I M not trying to be mean. That's quite literally. What he's doing just staying in the basement not giving not not doing any press press conference is not answering questions not traveling, not rallying. I dont think the man's act We try to win. I think they know he's gonna lose will now is planning to go to Canosa on Thursday playing catch up with Donald Trump does not bode well. You're chasing after the man, you are behind curve? And you have no idea what regular Americans are concerned about Walter?
they are concerned about this image right here. Donald Trump ticks slightly ed in well as right, how it looks like Trump is just slightly underneath Joe Biden by point too, in the betting odds us be real. It's a coin poss! Nobody knows who's. Gonna win. I see I think trumps gonna win, but you better get on vote. If you wanted to win but there's a coin toss. Joe Biden had a tremendous led this. If there is a period where the betting odds were sixty percent for Biden, thirty, six, four trump, and now it's it's even to point us. But Biden, swap it's absolutely Joe Biden? Salt might my view on it. Extremely desperate, binding dams avoided talking about violence because they didn't want to call attention to it likely hoping many p
were unaware as media called them. Peaceful protests Biden is now playing on trumps turf and he can't win now. That Biden is forced to highlight violence, trouble, hammer him and no one for the most will believe Biden is strong enough to do anything about it. Yeah I dont think violence and of how to stop the violence. I think Trop can yeah sure Ali journalist tweeted whether people think this is the right strategy. Or not, or whether the criticism is fair or not bite and would not be doing this if the Poles and focus groups didn't show that this is a weak spot for him yeah. The Democrats are panicking back peddling and trying now to condemn the very people they financially supported and that's the point I was making in the previous
We, when they go to debate and troops as Joe Biden campaign staff, was paying the bail fun for these people. What's Joe Gonna, say, Comma Harris solicited funds for them. Their best bet was to ignore this. They couldn't the american people are fed up and that's gonna come up in the debates and Joe Biden will have no answer, none whatsoever, while students for Trot says President Donald Trump tour. What Biden will do to America looking at right damage and twitter user Liberal not left, he said quote, don't vote forbidden, because if he has put us this will happen. The protest is of the post. It literally happened under the it's interesting that this kind of a narrative the people are pushed. Why would I respect liberal, not lefty? I follow her on twitter now, thinking only ass good takes, but this one I disagree with Donald Trump deputized or to the federal government deputized the organ state police. He could have invoked the insurrection ACT
he didn't Donald Trump is not in league with Anti FA. He criticizes them every step of the way and is routinely criticise black lives matter. As a marxist organization he's not trying to placate them, he is not trying to offer up that offer up concessions to them. So what you think would happen of Joe Biden was president. The Democrats have already proven incapable of stopping the violence. You think that the right choice now to put a Democrat and the executive office and cross your fingers at that will stop everything I think the best, but is that Trump unleash the feds that I actually prevail way that the local governments accept federal assistance like Wisconsin, did and bringing the National Guard and shut it down immediately
Trump's are taking very clever, actual deputizing new state police. I think that was brilliant. That's one way to do it. You think Joe Biden, what I don't, I think, it'll get worse and Joe Biden will do what he did a couple months ago. Democratic task force delivers by Dan a blueprint for a progressive presidency. The far left is not happy with where Joe Biden is that they do not be. He is far left enough, but I tell you this: if he's cutting deals with the far left, some kind, compromise for their vote, what do you think he's going to do with far less extremists who are infecting varies agencies of critical rice theory and who are born. Running down buildings. Do things turn on them and say now, I not banks were voting for me now. I'm gonna condemn you know who can say. Don't forget, I'm runnin for reelection in four years, when he'll be what eighty two or whatever
And they're gonna say sure, because because Joe Biden giving us what we want, they ve said this Joe Biden is me, a little. They have said it's easier to overthrow bumbling old, Joe Biden than it is over there a fascist. They know that he will compromise any already has. So I ask you this question: what is radicalism is radicalization wanting strong borders for your country? No, we ve We had that. I mean Hillary Clinton was in favour of border barriers. Bernie Sanders is in favour of getting rid of the same deals. Tromp was in securing our borders that that can't be radical, Canada is a radical to say that we should lower unemployment to bring our factories back. No, that's a pretty popular position. Most people like the idea. Is it radical to put a moratorium on deportations and decriminalize border crossings? Yes, is it radical to abolish private healthcare? Yes, that's the far left and Joe Biden is compromising with them with his. You know, blueprint for a progressive presidency,
working with Bernie Sanders to come up with their look, a joint effort by Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders to unify Democrats around bra bite. His candidacy has produced a one hundred and ten page policy wishlist to recommend the parties presumptive presidential nominee. So what do you think happens? I'll leave you to comment, because I I think I know what's gonna happen, the dunes already giving what they want. He's gonna need to get reelected and moderates and transport as war, not fans of the far left aren't gonna vote for him. If he's it. If he's doing this, he's gonna need a double down on support from the far left and try harder. Christopher Calcutta Lego, says, Biden says: officers who shot Jacob Blake should be charged joining Camilla. Who said this in response to
question last week and there is with no proper investigation with with with nothing just got reaction from media videos, Joe Biden, Uncommonly Harris are going to throw the police under the bus. I told you he is going to give the far left what they want, and he is doing it right now, I'm in the first response, as with no complete investigation laughable, it is even the feds going after Antiphon the black lives matter. Extremists in Portland took about two months before they follow any formal charges. Why would Joe Biden think it's a good idea to come on, say we don't have all the evidence, we don't know what happened charge the officers with what
there's been no investigation is, are you ve been a grand jury is earned it there's no indictment is what you use, what a snap your fingers and have a good I'm Tellin, you men. We saw this happen in Atlanta, the morality police don't care about. What's just they don't care about equality under the law they care about power and Joe Biden will give it to them so yeah, if Joe by its president, it will get worse. I want to show this clip it's not just about Joe Biden being weak, it's about him being incapable of being the President Donald Trump tweeted seriously. Is this what our great USA wants as its lead take a lesson Corbett has taken this year. Gesture the outbreak is taken more than one hundred year. Here's a wise! It's just that we think about this happens all the time Joe Biden in,
capable of giving us take a sentence and any kind of cohesive thought. Joe Biden when he does these long speeches. He says many things and we don't highlight the whole speech. We highlight the points where he struggles to speak any any says something just insane: garbled nonsense, covert has taken this year. Just since the outbreak has take more than one hundred year. Look: here's the lives, it's just when you think about it. I dont know what he's trying to say. I really don't. Lot of journalists like to finish his ideas for him, but we cannot have a president who can't speak, and today, here's a tweet from body Johnson Biden to tromp, stop or boast about never being seemed at you. You can do anything I have. I have. I have no idea what this one supposed to say. Stop
your boast about. Never really seemed more to you? You can do anything for you. You always talk much your billion negotiate. I don't know it Joe Biden straw to say, but I can tell you this. I dont think Joe Biden should be president for so many reasons when you look at these cliffs just right off the bat come on man to use to use Joe Biden Catch raised. This point come on man. You can't be serious with this guy that Thou troms as issues, but he's done a great job with the economy before covered and he's been all about law and order. I think Donald Trump response to covered itself was fine. There's nothing really Parrot two. I mean where it where it, where I'm a public, the states are responsible for what they do want to blame him for it. You had a plan had phases. He announced the memories by phase one face to face three: the governor is up to them to do what you have to do, what they need in order to properly deal with Covan. I can't blame Trump for that Trump has called for law and order.
I appreciate that you did a good job in the economy. That's fantastic and it does he's got some foreign policy move that I like, but Joe Biden can even talk that Japan has got some passes are fine, but he can't even talk And too much of what he's doing is pandering to the far left trump attacks. Take it all black lives matter support, but a new Let it go morning. Council poll shows more voters favour Joe Biden to handle public safety, I'm just not buying it. Man I got Instagram, there are a few there. I followed is among the people and people share stuff with me and I'm seeing people I never thought would be a trump supporter being tromp supporters. So you know what if, in twenty sixteen, I knew I know people in twenty sixteen but hated Donald Trump. That today love him. I dont think Trump has lost support. I think he's gained tremendous support. I think Troms attacks on black lives matter how it's not so much about trumps, saying it. It's
people, realising tromp, was right. We ve seen the videos we know what's going on around our own country. You can't keep lying about it and that's taken a toll on black lives matter support. So political will say it's trumps attacks. That's not fair! I think regular people are smart enough to recognise its happening and ask questions regular people saw, burnings, saw us, our buildings being burnt down and people being executed in the street in Portland Trump supported was shot in the chest twice in your pulling out by now, and they ask themselves what is happening to our country and Joe Biden ignored it for months. I wonder how many people, who had a spray paint? Please don't hurt us. We support black lives matter, put up flyer saying, please spare our store. I would remind those- people use to be Democrats and now they feel abandoned by Joe Biden. I wonder how many democratic voters are more concerned about trade
in the iron range in Minnesota. Six of these cities endorsed Donald Trump reelection, a Democrat stronghold flipped for tromp. After decades voting republican on economic issues, not even the riots, Joe Buttons lost, it he's lost the plot he's not working class Joe and it's all falling down around him. Burdens laid in Pennsylvania, shrinks to four points. Nepal is biting state. Is it supposed to be a Joe Biden supposed to be the Pierre guy? This is a pathetic, home state and tromp has taken. The lead on, I should say he's gaining in a you know: shrink is narrowing the gap according to this poor as bad news for by men. When you consider there are a lot of people who are gonna be first time. Voters now voting for trunk, just like last time when you consider the things tromp has done that people, like notably the economy, notably law and order, and also in that sense, the announcements of this image- is these these kids being saved in human trafficking. Yet people are our snap
to attention. Seeing what's going on and for me my principal issue is the critical race theory recent. We we recently heard from, I believe it's Christopher Roof. Oh, he called on Donald Trump to issue an executive order, eliminating crimped critical rice theory from the federal government. I agree absolutely it's an overt Lee racist ideology and you know inadvertently. It would hurt the Democrats because the Democrats are overly racist right now they really are, I mean, maybe they ve always been seriously they were the party of the clan and Jim Crow and now they're openly endorsing an extremist ideology and their adherents are avowed racists. I can't stressed that enough men, when you see these these people, I probably Angelo, say their racist. Why would we list to them. When did we become a country where we are alike as
those of us who don't like racism need to prop up racists. It's the most insane thing. I've ever seen, nothing Trop is perfect, but I think Trump opposes this stuff, and an egg is particularly important that we always support trump in that regard. Otherwise you will end up in a country one day with morality, police and you won't like what that means. So when we see Joe Biden commonly Harris, like I mentioned earlier on, calling for the charges are for the officers in Canosa. You know this means they don't believe in english common law, the right of the innocent, the right of the individual to have a trial. Where do I mean to be fair, they're calling for charges, but with no investigation I mean come on that seems unreasonable. We, we have grand juries for a reason. If you look at what happened with many of these instances, particularly in Atlanta when they charged this officer just immediately when he is someone fire
Heiser, Adam morality. Policing means they come to your home. They try and burnt down, and the cops say what what did you do? It means that when you say a naughty word, they shopped your house and they arrest you. They decided it is easier to arrest you than it is to deal with a mob, and it's happened before and it starts now Joe but in a common area, showed their true colours with this call, and that's the most dangerous thing in my opinion, so look their desperate their absolutely desperate. They decided. Their only option is to plan trumps turf and I think they'll lose because of it, but they would have lost if they did nothing. Wait. Till you see this debate, tromp need only say Joe Biden, your campaign staff according to Reuters, funded the rioters. What's he gonna say, while those were protesters knots, not true, you can actually look at who got bailed out writers, hats on Joe Biden, Kamel Harris outlived their necks segments coming up at Youtube. Dotcom slashed him CAS news. It is another channel
and it'll be at six p m thanks for up, then I will see. Well then a man who was arrested at the ongoing protest in Portland was released. The charges were dropped, He said that he was interfering with a police officers, duties and ultimately just cut him loose because that's the deal has been doing And now we have the tragic results of the failure of the d a to actually uphold the law suspect arrested at protest one week before deadly stabbing is good was arrested and they cut him loose, and then he killed two people now I was talking about the guy who got shot in Portland and the man was, queues of doing that also had been arrested previously at an illegal gun charge and in that regard, I said you know those who I believe those months prior. You know. I don't know if we're gonna win, we what we ve got a secondary, an argument that the real issue for me is the man is a murderer, but it is fair to say if the guy was actual.
Held to the standards set by the Democrats in these cities. These deaths would not have happened or this this particular death in Portland, I think it's fair to say this is a recurring problem. When you have a different district attorney was like. You know if you're gonna interfere or saw the car bomb went to catch a loose and let you go in the guy gets out, and these people are unwell. Their uninjured. Their dangerous their murder. Press in Portland. They have laws, they agreed on these laws, they decided based on who they voted for and what they ve passed city council. In that state level, these people should go to jail, but then you go too far left us to brings a gun, and they say you know this. Guy he's good. We won't uphold the law for him, but Heaven forbid, a Trump supporter was walking around armed deadlocked.
Guy up and throw away the key forever. Heaven forbid of opera approached Trump guy was walking around it. A protest engaging in some kind of protest, civil disobedience. They arrested him or interfering with a cup. They would throw the book at these guys. I really do believe it. The far left gets a pass and there's also people dying. We got major breaking news, though the federal government's while they ve the feds, have deputized. Oregon state police. This huge they're going to be by passing the local district attorney and now when people get arrested, it would seem, is whether going the state police make an arrest, a view engaging in this violent behaviour and and dangerous behaviour criminal activity going all tabs whatever the feds are coming for. You now and the feds aren't playing around. This is the point about Donald Trump and the fear of a Joe Biden Press,
Quincy, see what Joe Biden De Age have deputize state at least to stop this madness. You know what men I would never put money on You could tell me that if I put down one dollar and then Joe Biden does pull it off, it's a thousand and one you a thousand bucks I'd say: no, I mean said Polly backfired dollar, but the point of trying to make us, I know I have the dollar. I really there's nothing going to convince me that Joe Bite what actually send in the age ass his I believe, all well. You know we gotta. Let the locals take care things, and you know the Democrats in all these cities and states are the ones who are refusing to hold these people accountable. Why would I imagine that Joe Biden in the presidency would hold them accountable? He would not Donald Trump is actually is actually found a way to go after these people, without invoking the insurrection act and I got a impressed. I really am really I'm happy to hear it. There was a plan
put forth by the Oregon governor she's at all, These things are gonna have remembering the police are entering the FBI, local, outside police, a local sheriff said you never Ask me to do this, and now I'm not sending in my people when you refuse to prosecute case in point. These two young people have lost their lives. So tromp has found that way. The feds I'll do it. The federal take care of it a speedy organs. They police hereby deputize. What's up wait a little bit of this first and I know it's got it. It is sad stores, lieutenant general details is what happens when they refuse to uphold the law. This is what happens when you have morality, policing, ok, when the pot, when the district attorney says Our ideological allies are free to go. They end up killing people, they end up committing more crimes it's from Caroline six. They a man accused of stabbing two people to death in Northeast Portland June, was arrested in protest and
our town Portland just one week prior Cassie, latent twenty, two and new job Hobbs, thirty, nine or stabbed on June sixteenth, near Northeast David, St Paul he's arrested, Philip Lawrence Nelson thirty nine two days later. He faces too murder charges and is being held without bail. Yet now they'll hold him just days before he allegedly killed the Hobbs. Nelson was taken into custody and a protest in downtown Portland court. Show he was arrested on charges of interfering with a peace officer. Those charges were dismissed the next day. For that. Nelson did not appear to have any criminal history in Oregon Nelson told the forties. He had been homeless, living in the Portland area. For the two months before the crime, according to court records for the murder arrest a few days just a few days later,
EL two people- they could have sad. You interfere with an officer, we're gonna hold you in you'll, see a judge, and these people would still be alive and that's the problem D. I just house Portland democratic mayor to prioritize public safety or feds will in turn in acting Deejay Secretary Chad, Wolf says Portland mayor. Had Wheeler, has passively stood by during months of rights that are destroying the city from just the news. The violence, mostly at night, has resulted in deaths recently of three people and has included clashes between Pro Trump groups and far left demonstrators. According to a month a letter Monday from Wolf to Wheeler the department. Well, when security has made two hundred and fifty five arrests and declared twenty three instances of riots and unlawful assemblies during the past month alone, he also wrote Wheeler has amid the chaos stood passively by arguing that nightly violence will ultimately burn itself out the evidence demons, rights? Otherwise, oh you, betcha TED Wheeler
thou, say he's moving from his condo because they tried to when it down the other day. Yet three months of these people being cut loose every single day and you'd think they have learned their lesson. A wheeler wrote a letter to President chump rejecting federal assistance, which Trop has continually offered on behalf of the the of of thanks. Portland doors are onto you. We ve already seen your reckless disregard for human life yeah. It's real interesting, coming from a man. Who, once a city where two people were just killed or their killed a couple months ago by one of these extremists, and it could have been funding at a big words coming from a man who runs a city where I do just executed a trop supporter at this point, Trump has a duty to protect his supporters disapprove I mean to be completely honest, but everybody if the mayor It's not going to do it and to innocent people are now dead in an unreal,
killing, but the guy could have been stopped and a Trump supporters dead, then yeah, the digestive right I've. I don't know if this is true, but my understanding that the feds could intervene in the event that the rights of citizens are not being upheld, not just the insarov insurrection like I don't know for sure, but it certainly seems like at this point drop. Should you know you could theoretically walkin, but it looks at they found that that they found that way in we'll fruitless Hans, ignoring criminal behaviour is no way to protect the citizens of your community, the same sex. Into entrusted you to hold elected Office elected office. I urge you to prioritize public safety and to request federal assistance to restore law and order in Portland. Well, here's the hammer drop. This is from K O. I am six Oregon state police troopers, federally deputized amid renewed portly, protest response rob! Oh dear! Yes, bravo! U S, marshals! Bravo! Donald Trump! I really mean it from supporter was targeted. He was killed
you want to talk about Canosa. We'll talk about convergence should have richer bring us I've been. There is a whole lot of questions about that. We can have an argument you can You can see. The whole thing should have happened. Nobody should not pass curfew this store there's a guy walking down the street. They behalf in him and they yell turns around. They have a gun, he reaches with what what appears to be made of some sort and get shot twice in the chest, not self defense. I then Our love to sky was accused of this. We believe followed sky runs, fleece, targeted them, shot them and flood and where's the Portland mayor done complained about tat, has he kept his city safe? Quite the opposite, the people who- then his building our panicked and now Portland mayors has he'll move. Is that the best you can do you'll move. They tried to burn the building down, send in the past, he's arrest these people and lock them up their violent there. There there attempting to kill people. You even set at TED Wheeler. You said one.
It blocked the entrance and exits the police department of burnt down. It was attempted murder, and this is the She'll do I'll move everyone in the left and the right are both calling for this guy to resign. Let's get to the news Organ state police, troopers, responding to the ongoing protests. Related unrest in Portland, have been federally deputize. State police can farm, stay, policed, Ok, oh, I am six their working with the? U S attorney's office, to read review arrests made by troopers assigned to Portland for potential prosecution. The troopers assigned to Portland have been cross deputized by you, smarts. All your love to see you get arrested Are these guys now or a worry that might Schmidt guy who said he's not gonna is he's going to charge people the matter anymore. It's going to the feds and you want to try or a building down and kill people which they still doing well. Now you get to go to a federal prison, good, somebody's. Finally,
doing something about it, and this is why I'm saying straight up: they try and blame Trump for the violence trumps, the old You want to try to stop it. What is Joe Biden done? His staff helped fun bailouts for these people. What is commonly Harris on donations to bear these people out and now that the funniest thing when Joe Biden society Donald Trump, to condemn the violence, there's been condemning the violence, dire time, calling for law enforcement and now he's taking action to do something, What do you do job? I knew how to your basement or you go out and give a speech the six people in a room. Can you speak straight? They say the Madonna County district attorney might Schmidt previously announced his office. Would presumptive declined to prosecute certain misdemeanor charges stemming from up the protests, a move which resulted in criticism from law enforcement agencies, including state police in MID August, quote: o s p not criticizing any officials, and we respect the authority of them Norma County district attorney, but to meet the governors charge of bring violence. To an end, we will you,
all lawful methods at our disposal, an organ state police, spokesperson, sad, you c, o s p, was brought in to get the feds out. The left was complaining over and over again about Donald Trump. Having the pact officer see Bp Ice, I believe an object of services and yours marshals, guarding them autonomic county Court House, the federal outside the federal Court house in the Mote in Moldova County. They said we gotta get the feds out here. The feds once this you know stoking the violence, and so finally, the governor announced the feds were withdrawing well dear. Yes, it s, not true we're just gonna defer to the state police. Now they brought in and outside police department, the state police to police the riots the state police retreated they gave up. You know I think that everyone we arrest is getting cut loose and we know what happens when they do. This people are dead. Now this this, this may be one of the worst mayors we have foreseen in the history of our country. I say that because I dont have a history
Mary, I'm sure. There's, like you know, Owen, how's your imagine the dog mayor, but actually that the dog, whereby does a good job, because you keep everyone happy and he's like chill about it. Don't you know the stories rock a small town will like a dog either mannerism, I'm pretty sure, has probably been like drunken corrupt mayors, fine, but this guy, I must say I think said: Wheeler is corrupt, absolutely corrupt and spineless. He attacks Donald Trump. While his own citizens are dying, and while he even acknowledges that the far left extremists are trying to kill people- and he still does nothing nothing when they try to burn Amazon Billing, what's he do runs, runs and hides. That's it as the best thing you could do super rich apparently to this aid is.
Clear at this time, whether all arrests made my deputy state police troopers will be prosecuted and a federal level or if assaults or troopers at protest will result in charges of assault on a federal officer. Caroline six news has reached out for further clarification in a statement as spokesperson for organ Governor Kate Browns Office, said some troopers were federally deputized earlier this summer in order to enter the mark, O Hatfield Federal Court House, which had been the epicenter of protests for the first two months. They are committed to working with our community with the goal of protecting free speech, keeping the peace and keeping people safe as the exercise their right to peaceful protest. The spokesperson set in a statement adding the. U S attorney and molt Noma county be a work together every day deciding which cases will each will prosecute the news of state police, troopers being deputize by your marshals, which was first report by freelancer Deborah Bloom came a day after sheriffs from surrounding counties, declined to send in deputies to help Moldova County and the Portland Police Bureau Bureau ACT.
The Governor Brown outlined a law enforcement plan to respond to the unrest. One person was shot and killed set at a nightmare. Pro Trump Caravan rally and counter and counter protest in downtown Portland bringing nude spotlight on the city. That is seen more than ninety days of consecutive protests and hundreds of reach and hundreds of resulting arrests. But this video is of is a video. I can't play it, but from Andy no happening now. Anti for black walk militants surround the Seattle Pd East Precinct in the heart of the former Chaz throw incendiary device that the building they recently barricaded the door with quick drawing cement and set the building on fire yeah. They arrested a guy for that. These black clad lunatic extremists are in in a video lobbying molotov cocktails. I believe they're incendiary devices what they look like Malta's at the police building and then once they a good fire going. They all start running away in a crowd. How do you deal with this issue? criminal conspiracy at what what is it
surgeon see these people are all during the same thing and their throwing dight dangerous weapons that using deadly weapons that could result in death. Well, tell you what Donald Trump has called the violence in canosa domestic terrorism is right. It needs to be said. It absolutely does. I know what you ve seen the videos we talked about this when they demand people benevieni and salute they'll argue that those are just the peaceful protests. Let me show you. Let me show you a headline from New York Times, journalist quits Canosa Paper, in protest of its Jacob, like rally coverage, Daniel Tie, an editor at the Canosa NEWS resign over a headline that highlighted here. We go a speaker who made a threat during a peaceful protest threats. Threats are not free speech. I I believe threats of violence are actually
crimes. I dont, you know it's an interesting point. There saying the protesters peaceful because no one's doing anything but the person said he was going to kill people if whoever rally of people and you get up and say that you're gonna go kill people. That's that's a thick. That's your your god! That's that's criminal and on an open call that a peaceful protest. I don't know what you'd call a thousand ensuring conundrum violent limit. Lemme ask you: you got peace Protests are people awaiting little flags and sang in a change. The law- and we know from the police, and, unlike here here and then you ve, got riots where people are alike, smashes machine in IRAN, burning things them, but what you call it when you a big rally people and their saying it's time to kill it's, not a peaceful protest, Who is it? Is it is it? Is it like an insurgent rally? It's not particularly violent, but its criminal all insurgent rather logical it, but this guy was upset because dude stood up at a rally and sad that, because they killed
theirs. They were going to killed some of theirs and then what did we get? Dude important got shot the chest twice: This day was upset by not I lucky quit his job. Whatever good I mean when I see this he's maddening quitting that's a good thing. That means these far left. Extremists are being weed out of these these newspapers. And the media fine? But my question is New York Times it? What is it a peaceful protest if their threatening to kill people- I don't know I don't know is, is it is it can spirit is? Is it? Is it a conspiracy that point because think about it, this guy's gonna? Do it all these people cheer Fort and their actively protest in calling for protest? If these people then go engage in protest? Is that conspiracy to commit murder. Like you know, this guy is gonna, go kill, people said he's gonna, do it and you go.
Provide him crowd support. I know I'll think about that. One common below. Let me know what you think: we're Trump has not trump trumps going straight for the massacre, can't tell you what, when you have people at a rally and they're saying things like they will kill someone there telling all of the people of this city. Many of many of these people- people's extremists- don't actually live there they're letting you know if you do not do what we want. Violence is coming your way and people then get scared it backed into a corner and have they feel they have no choice. They can't do You think that's why that the mayor of Portland may be one of the most dangerous individuals in politics right now, because you ve got to
arrests over running his city, he doesn't think about it. He runs the attack is condo, he runs. He refuses to do anything. He absolutely does he just complaints, and then he complains about tromp. Dude could even ages backdrop sentiment in bringing the feds shudder down. He won't do that. So that's dangerous he's allowing extremists ground to ramp about and terrorize people. Well, you know what men trumps, not a fascist, that's just absurd trump is very much so in line with the present,
we ve had. Some people have actually compared him to Bill Clinton in terms of policy and rhetoric. So like not nuts up, I'm not I'm not saying he's identical. I'm saying there are certain things about people like that reminded them of of Clinton in terms of policy issues. They say: Trump is like where Democrats used to be. There are some problems there. I can understand why the never truckers are freaking out because trumps, a moderate and the conservative like the old school, never trumpeters, don't like that. A moderate and troubles issues has taken over the parties and insurgency. What tromp is doing things at the Democrats supported ten years ago, not even ten years ago, Call the fascist. Well, tell you what men, the debt, the feds have deputize these police, which is a good thing, and now we may actually see Trump take control of this. I mean the smartest
Don't even think of this. I can't believe I don't even think about deputizing locals state police so that the feds can prosecutes. Brilliant, no insurrection act, no federal law enforcement, but the federal prosecutors can scan can arrest. Can't you can charge these people that's brilliant I've people been Saint Insurrection ACT over and over again, as I whoa wait a minute. I think trumped just figured it out and unhappy about it and, I think, People are recognising this and are going to vote for Trump in droves, but you know worries me. The red mirage, they're saying is gonna happen Oh yeah trumps can a landslide an election night, but then, once the mail and bouts come in from various places over week. Biden will win, that's gonna, be freaky. Men get you each other that the Trump a home in the trunk team does put out. This are the trap, the truck team just put out an ad. It's our clip, I should say in its Joe Biden:
I have no idea what is trying to say he's. I can you imagine a hundred hundred year it one year a hundred year. You know, look and I'm just like up. No, it just saying, dared and trot, said: does anybody really think like this? Guy should run the country are or that this great USA should have his manasses later and I'm like? No, absolutely not so here's the result. I think people are gonna run de trump because trumps on all that bad. They lie about him, the media all day every day and people starting to wake up, and when it came to the months of writing, the reality is trump. Is the only one who's act actively solving this They say this is trumps America as a job. I trying to say: ok, yeah trumps, America, the feds deputize state, police and now they're coming for the extremists they didn't have to interfere affairs, it's the local police still making the rest as they see fit. He didn't have to invoke the insurrection
inside of the military National Guard or anything like that. They solve the problem, let's see if they can get the job done, but I'm impressed I live there. Next time is coming up at one p. Dot M on this channel thanks for hanging out now you all? Then a video has started to go viral. It's time, the murder of Erin J Danielson. It has to do with the men Portland Trump the porter who was killed by what who a person we believe to be a far leftist. It is important to stress right now. There is still a lot we doubt understand. While there is a man under investigation, he has not been proven guilty and it's hard to EL for sure, if the guy that people are claiming as the shooter actually as the shooter, I think there is reason to suggest yeah. It looks like this guy's got a blacklist matter tattoo on his neck, but it's a bunch of threat. Throwing viral alongside this video talking about well trained anti fa hit squads, I believe, Many of these theories are way over the top
making wild assertions about what people are doing and why they're doing it- and I think that is just it's- it's not a fan of effort that we listen as a pretty, as as it goes with any theory, pertaining to some kind of high intensity moment when news is just breaking particularly conspiracy theories. People have a tendency to make a conclusion. Other conclusion and then try and work back to prove that you can't do that. What we need to do is take a look at what happened. And then move forward to fit to find out where that leads us now It is fair to say you gotta hypothesis and say here's what I think so far and move in that direction. I think some of these Twitter threads are a bit too. So I want to. I want to try it actually walk of any of these back and major people can keep a level had about these things, but I have to say in this video after having watched it, there are met.
He things around the murder of Erin Danielson that need to be highlighted, and we need police and probably the feds to investigate. I. Do not think anyone is helping by speculating about death squads and anti far and technical teams and whenever the stuff means, but I do believe. There are people who may be involved in this potential accomplices at the very least, strange vehicles waiting as this man gets killed. Before anything happens, vehicles pulling up the people jumping out immediately wearing Bali, love us and running up to the body. It's all very strange and while I am not, I think it's wrong for people to point out that the well trained international had squads is ridiculous. It could be something is wrong. The simple as they went on the problem to Calais Trump supporter. They party them saying we got em right here. We gotta copyright here, pull it out here, yeah Bang Bang seems like they wanted to kill a trump support.
And there were many people who are following and watching- and we need to question who these people are- that's the easiest way. To put it there is evidence in this video that something strange is happening. Let me show you this limit. Let me show you some of this video. Hopefully it plays. They say this was terrorism its thoughts by showing just a man? Why king around live streaming. He stops and takes a look. It's all a look over at some art moving for in this video, which I am not a fan of, they make several assertions about what the camera man is doing and how they believe he's involved well he's spotter out. I don't I don't care for any of this. Ok, sometimes people film, sometimes cars, are driving. I dont think it helps anybody to speculate, but about I got a point out where it gets weird to highlight some art. He mentions in this video there's a kill box, but show you particularly where things get weird.
He says spotter identifies victim by hat. Now, stop in this video, where we're at right now, let me move back a little bit. You see these two cars to the left they're just stopped in the middle of the road is the first question I had why in this video? They try to claim that the ass you ve on the left is some kind of control vehicle shore arms. I bet there people who want to make you draw conclusions. You can't do that. Ok,. Listen. My point is theirs threads with thousands of re tweets and we do not want spirits. He theories to muddy the actual investigation of what happened. Ok, now, there's some valid points here. These two vehicles You can see the man right here, I'm highlighting, and this is the issue did shooter wearing white standing behind him. Are the two trumped supporters the to a right wing individuals? What is this vehicle on the up to the left
just stopped in the mill road not pulled over. Not I'm not not pull up to the curb nothing. It is in the middle of the road, a lower than ass. You be they're both just sitting in the middle of the road is weird is very very weird. I saw that. An I ignore. All of the theory that I say why would there be to vehicles that went through the intersection and then stopped and waited next to the Trump supporters. Man then walks up, and he yells? We got them right here. We got a couple right here now. The friend of the victim has said law enforcement needs to handle this and that's absolutely correct. I believe they were saying it was. It was targeted, now as we move forward. This is after the instant, as we can really see anything check this out. This is one of the weirdest things to me almost immediately, they mention a black charger, runs the red light and pulls up behind the target. Where did this charger come from and why is it? that immediately from out of this vehicle emerge, individual
was wearing balaclavas wearing. Ski masks they get out and they run up to the body or the victim. I'm sorry, man. This is really weird stuff. Now I want to break mother stuff down. Listen. They immediately start saying that there is. Flash light to see to look for a bullet shells in their cleaning the scene and at their goal, is to provide false, testimony now hold on man hold on where we can have this. Okay, we have video we're going through at the police need to investigate, but I will point out another thing one of the suv that was sitting in the middle of the road not moving. They drove their, they stopped. What were they doing? I don't know they now pull up to the scene and just sit there. There's explanations for this: ok, It could be that they were honking because errand, pick. Somebody up, I mean typically of people who are doing that they pull up to the curb. So I think it's very, very weird
sure, and they pull up to the side of the road because they witnessed it and maybe one now please like I was you, know Chilean, and then this happened. And the reason why this black charger may have pulled up with anti fall. Looking people inside of it is because there was a massive protests and people were driving around the city? Those explanations for all of this, but I think it's fair to say that at that at the bare minimum speculation we have is that their there, these people were looking for someone they The guy was armed. He had been arrested and released before he said we got em right here. I wonder if they were specifically looking for this individual honestly, just oh! No forcing a lot of threads about this Jack Murphy said open air assassination, coordinated, hit teams trained and practised killers premeditated Morris coming. I don't agree absolutely not. We are not at the point where we can make any of these assumptions.
It is at that listen. This is how they get you. This is why I can't stand conspiracy theories. A guy was ordered in Portland you know it a Trump supporter had his life ended No. This happened and fortune found with what we believe to be the shoe a man now under investigation who own sister identified and it got a black eyes met. It had two on his neck. We don't need to go beyond this. The point of this video and the point of what I'm saying to you right now: that these threads, in my opinion, are damaging and dangerous, and we do not want conspiracy theories. I highlight these vehicles, so law enforcement can simply question them. It, a black charger and a black suv. These people should be brought in for questioning to ask what happened. What were they doing? Why were there? Why were they there and to get an accurate assessment of how this all went down? Could it be? They were hit teams? Oh, yes, for sure fine, but that's not where anybody should have
their minds right now. The first thing we do is say what happened? Who is there? Who are these people investigate and it takes months to do this? Now? You gotta move quick law enforcement needs to move fast on this. Because these vehicles are probably long gone. They're gonna change their plates. Who knows what? If they really are involved in these things, Considering, in my opinion, that's so They actually less likely than the fact that in reality, some like think life is boring. Ok, my mom the assumption is. Why did the charge her speed through the red light and then pull up behind them because they just a gunshots and someone run from the scene and they saw a collapse in the street? So now you have some anti for types who watched it happened, pull up and there like whoa what just happened. A lot of people are speculating as what what these p, we're doing you don't know man for all. We know they were cosplay
there is like. I know it's absurdest jasper guessing you just don't know so. Here's the thread Carlos as Ouida has a thread, and he says one last point by the Portland Anti Death Squad, murder of Erin, J Dickinson. For all you folks, talking about what you do. These killers picked up a target martyrdom in it. Chapter fourteen seconds. Let me tell you what that means. I almost I want to read this thread because it's just too over the top now I know a lot of people have suggested they ve worked in law enforcement. They ve worked in these kinds of things and therefore what they're saying is true, if, if I don't buy it anybody who is doing a real investigation knows it takes more than several internet videos and speculation determined. What actually happened. Look while I think it strange there two vehicles just shilling in the middle of the road, doing nothing when all this went down. Sometimes these things happen and when you, when you speculate you you use, you
muddy the waters and you make it harder to actually solve the actual crime. I'll tell you this right now, maybe it's true. I I'll give it to. Maybe it's true. What do you think's going to happen when you go to your friend? Someone was not paying attention and you talk telling them. Death squads surrounding a guy and and- and you know, the tactical teams jumping out of cars- that an appeal like do. Your knots waded talk about. That's crazy, that's that's crazy man, but I think you're crazy, So what? If it's true and then you go around, you know frantically telling people that tactical teams are doing this. You discredit the actual investigation and What happens? Is the media comes out and says? Tromp supporters are pushing wild an insane theories about death squads with multiple vehicles and tactical teams and the most insane thing you ve ever heard, and people will say that is insane now. Is it possible, like I said, of course it is, but your sound and you're not crazy. I know I know I can't say
Spirits. If there is a goat like we think the Wikileaks emails. All of these things is like listen. You you do proper investigations, journalists not to do this. The few that actually exist. You don't do this. He goes on to say first, I would point out something I do not believe to be correct What must I will try to buxom of this? He says some one else: move move, move hey enemy clubs over here that the man did not say enemy clubs, as we got em right here. Something to that something like that. We got a couple right here and say: enemy clubs. This is a problem with people. Just making threads of of internet theirs was got two thousand retreats, and I like it when the left us with Russia, gate garbage- and I don't like it when people are watching videos, then putting up saying how does what happened and are you get two thousand retreats and viral videos
I only wish I do not want to want to read this stuff, but I want a kind of debunk this. They were using a patrol formation straight out of intelligence manuals. The death squads where at least five people wait where he a scout, a gunman, listen man, I'm dynamic and say no to this. I point out in areas where I kind of agree, it's weird: the vehicles were there and also they point out the camera. Man did not flinch. He just kept filming. That's really weird to me. Is because I've been on the ground and I have seen shootings. Camera man's behaviour. The entire time to me is strange, but that's all it is. If you, if you start taking all of these assumptions and and and drawing conclusions without proper investing
Haitian, then you just muddy the waters. I've been in situations where people have been shot. I've been in situations where gunshots have run out with hit the deck, and this whole thing to me is weird, and that warrants an investigation. These threads viral thread to make it harder look. I was in Ferguson when gunshots went up. Here's what happens you can watch the video vice news. Has it up on Youtube? It still exists. We all. All immediately dropped. The floor nobody's shot, but you hear bolstering out every person, except for a few moronic journalists. We all hit the deck there's like one guy, just standing there and another must, I know, yells come here. Come here get down in at an all of these circumstances. I've been worse, things have gone off. We hit the deck, in the early days of the Ferguson Riots I was standing on was Floriszoon and we heard Bang Bang Bang. You know pew pew pew. Every parson drops to
our knees or straight to the ground. Save for a few journals have no idea. What's going on at the coming back to Ferguson after they announced that they would be no charges therein Wilson. We also heard gunshots outside of the police department. Every one hit the deck. What happened here when the shooting rang out? They yelled we gotta right here: bang, bang the cameramen, stands there like nothing doing just oh wow. What's that and then he walks over and starts filming these vehicle, one vehicle speeds off, but the suv just pull just just drives right over to the victim, a charger than pulls out and people jump out So perhaps what they're saying is true. I can only tell you that the whole circumstance is weird and these people weren't reacting like anybody. I've ever seen two gunshots- and I think that's where this comes from
But it doesn't really prove anything, then it really really doesn't you know Oh then, that I really wanted to say about these threads that are going viral other than I know I set up. I got to say it again guys you push these conspiracies too much and you make it harder to actually figure out who these people are and what they were doing. This is where we need to wrap. We need, law enforcement to find out who these scheme ask wearing individuals were when he law enforcement defined, who that shooter was. We need law enforcement to track down that ass, you, VE and and and and question the driver and question witnesses. The man who film this should also be question is how castigation works. Some people have said the police arrived much too quickly. That's not true the cop
swore all around this area because of the ongoing unrest. It's just normal. I've seen this man, I don't like conspiracy theories. I think it's weird and I don't think it's a conspiracy to suggest that a guy who matches the description of a far left us yelling. We got em, this targeting a trump supporter? But I think it's weird when you try claiming that tactical groups were doing this to make a video about this, but I've gotta had no choice appointed a couple other things just a just talk about. What's going on important in general? Listen, you guys got understand, Portland is, is chaotic and you know, CNN and many other outlets- are doing their best to just cover up all of this I don't I don't get it. There is real questions to be asked about what happened with the shooting The media can do everything in their power to make sure no one knows about it. Recently, a c span collar confronted Brian stouter, saying that sea and is the enemy of the truth. Why won't take a look at this? I am not going to the nitty gritty. I might cover this a bit more later right.
So the wrote an article in July, twenty saying, right, wing media plays up Portland protest violence. He does a whole. Dogma saying that you know Portland, isn't it that bad and, to this day he says the same thing and that's why I think that that that's why I wanted to this video pulling back in all these theories, because I'm telling you man, you're gonna, get Brien's shelter and two seconds highlighting this and you will never get a real investigation. He's gonna claim that right wing lunatics conspiracy theories are pushing insane theories about tactical hit squads patrolling the streets, no one will believe it and they will be primed to ignore anything. You have to say he will poison the well. That's what he's been doing right wing media plays up Portland violence. He says on July Twentieth: where are we today? Brian a man was executed in the street that we know that literally happened. What about that so that the extra highlighted pro trump supporter
fired, paint balls is being sued a month ago. I what they say last Monday twenty something couple weeks ago, over thirty shots fired in North EAST Portland, no injuries reported Portland, Mayor TED pillar has to move now because they ve been attacking his condo and threatening residence and brains out their says. Nothing to see here, folks, is the weakness of people outside of mainstream media. They jump. Done, and they immediately get discredited. While you know what you have mainstream media, doing everything in our power to shut you down. Listen, we know the violence is getting worse in Portland we know, Tromp has talked about it. We know that TED Wheeler has done, thing to stop it earlier this morning I mention that organ state police were deputized by the feds. This is going to ah them to arrest people, but then those people will be prosecuted by federal government, the federal government, because the d a in in Moldova is it doing their job, but do not give fuel to the media to discredit and
smear. That's why I highlight the sky with Paintball gun alma. Tell you straight out this guy. He probably he did everything in his power to help Anti fought in the far left without that, what s does. He came out that paintball gun and I believe he has also seen holding a twenty two of some sort man. I gotta tell you this. These far left us were or were worth saying. Thank you. You know. Joe Biden was like finally to exactly what we needed this guy helped them more than you could possibly imagine incoming narrative, Joe Biden has already blaming tromp supporters, and now they ve got all the photos they need and the lawsuit against this man more evidence of trumps evil rightwing militias. This is why
there's been conservative, sang stay home, make money and go vote. You do not want to give the media fuel and that's all we see when they when is counter groups. You know counter protest groups come out. So what happens when a bunch of Trump supporters went out and drove around in their vehicles? I'll tell you haven't check it out first of all, there were people with paintball guns. There were some minor clashes. Somebody got shot and killed immediately that shooting became fuel for Donald Trump I mean look. This is this. Is the fear that everybody had that Trump supporters were going to be gunned down eventually? Now how could you possibly ruin? What really happened? Let me tell you what really happened? Trump supporters walking on the street, they shot it, they shot it out. They found somebody
someone, we believe to be a far leftist killed him and that immediately makes the whole circumstance nightmarish, distortion and scary, and it proves the far left is dangerous and violent and Donald Trump can come out and say one of my supporters was killed. How do you disrupt that message and make sure or that you take that power away and can carry on with the narrative about the dangerous, far right, why Then unsubstantiated conspiracy theories now give us. I worry about a man who lost his life. What has become it becomes a story about insane you're not right wingers, who believe in Crete, creepy technical cobbles, trying to kill them, and you immediately take the message away. Then a man was murdered by the far left. They ve been doing this for a long I am arguing that Anti wasn't killed. Anybody remember even oh yeah they ve lost their. There have been adds vile line. Individuals who have done really horrifying things. They they repeatedly say the far right is the rule
ill threat and then some guy comes out. The paintball got, improves them right now. I know it was the real threat. I know that their extremists, that that you know what you can call far right or whatever, but regular tromp supporters enough it that bill. You get a far left us who goes out. Kills a guy and immediately the left is in trouble. There narrative is breaking down. Brine stealth are just said to ignore. What's going on, nothing really happening I sell currency and ends. Narrative is crumbling amount which is executed and then on to wild and unsubstantiated conspiracy theories to give the left in the mainstream media all the fuel they need to divert from the Trump supporter killed too the insane wild conspiracy theories. That's why can't stand it I'm sorry? I know I by repeating myself too much in this, because I'm angry and I'm trying to drive the point home that you cannot be going out with paintball guns and guns to confront these people. The media wants you to do that,
it's the weapon, they use against you. They are not on your side and they will not treat you fairly. This man, who was killed, isn't even getting a fair shake in Canosa, their blaming the kid who was running and being attacked. That's what happens, yeah dumb Eliza Schaefer on the IRA podcast last night, and he mentioned that what started the confrontation and Canosa was that Anti fraud ceta these these extremists had set a dumps, are on fire, pushing it holds a gas station, and so they tried to put the fire out and then attacked this kid in any tried to defend himself. The media won't give him a fair shake and they will ban you if you praise him in any way on Facebook and on Twitter, and now you have this, don't let them take the narrative, I ll leave it there and excellence cup segment is coming up at four p m. Over at Youtube. Dot com, Slash TIM cast a different channel and I will see you all them. One of the reasons Joe Biden doesn't give press conferences. Is be
because the man has no idea what's happening in this country, any probably can't grasp at either Donald Trump as occupied in saying it doesn't. Even though is alive- and I say it's a bit of an obvious joke, but Joe Biden appears to be unable to absorb new information or at least he's not trying to end the store from the postman. Neo Biden confuses basic facts about murder of Trump supporter and in coherent press conference. That's true, but it actually sounds like he's blaming the trunk supporter who died or may It seemed like the Trump supporters killed somebody, or something I don't know what he's trying to say. He clearly didn. Read the news: how can we expect this mentally this country? If he doesn't know what's happening? and one of the most extreme examples of violence. Yet the man is a
aren't we gotta be running a forty. Five million dollar add run for one week talking about lawn water and he doesn't even know about the due to was executed in the street. So no save your money, you're just lighting it on fire boats, read the story. Post money says Joe Biden find they took questions today after delivering some remarks before travelling to Canosa was content to Morrow, but an appeared to blame Trump supporters in Portland for someone shot by someone in the crowd with a bullet killed. He was asked if he agreed with, running made common o Hara statements at the officer, who shot Jacob Black in the city should be charged. It appears that he said yes, those office This should be charged as well as the officers involved and in the death of brand Taylor. Here's not your ears, Joe Biden, coming out now. Nothing about what's going on, but thinking people should be charged with crimes. He couldn't and tell you what's happening? He brought his even know he's hiding in a basement and is probably sleeping all day quote. I think we should let the judicial system work its way:
I do think, there's a minimum needed to be checked, charged the officers and as well as broad, a tailor. Wait. Whites come on man, and I might add, by the way, I think what happened in Portland, where a one tromp guys riding along advance, inciting response shooting rubber bullets. I guess or paint balls Apparently there was someone shot by someone in the crowd of the bullet killed. I think that person should meet the legal. Choirs of whatever that causes for it should be investigated and it should follow through on what needs to be done. What sick of it, man, he turned on CNN there like no now Joe Biden, fine, I can't even read these quotes. I have no idea what he's saying I don't even know outlet. Let's make sure justice is done that I understand, I guess, of Abiden campaign had criticised president's our president trumps planned visit, Pinocchio Wisconsin saying the city needed time to heal Biden will be
heading there tomorrow for his own campaign, stop biting stated that he was the first to call for the defense production act to be put in the past early in the pandemic. I don't care about that right now. We're talking about a man was killed and Joe Biden not even taking out ten. The second to read a news article think about that. How hard is it to open up Google and say man shot Portland and read. The article could take a minute or two Joe and you, couldn't even do that. Let alone form a cohesive sentenced to condemn the murderers who carried out the act, but it also noted, as president and despite being a constitution, was here. But pressure on state cities and businesses to require people to wear face mask so there's just the story, but let me tell you some, you think the media is giving us a fair shake. Now when it comes to Joe Biden, Almost news outlets, what they do is they complete his sentences for him or they don't even quote him, because the dude isn't speaking.
English. I have no idea what these quotes are supposed to mean and I'm upset by it to be honest, as the glorious story from CNN De H, S withheld intelligence, Balkan WAR, learning about russian misinformation attack on violence mental health. We Did the Russians to convince us that job I got somethin wrong with his brain. I guess Joe organs secretly order for the Russians could see said the same thing as the rest of us. How stupid do you have to believe. I'm sorry house, I pull the Biden, I'm sorry how stupid do you have to be to believe, see, thou? That's it. I'm gettin Biden on this one, I'm so frost, flustered, frustrated, Adam. You gotta be to believe that when I criticise Joe Biden, Mental Health and is in reality to speak that it was actually the Russians funding it or some kind of russian misinformation play. Do these people think that, like someone told me,
that Joe Biden, you like, like that's like some russian agent, said hey what about Joe Biden, mental health? No, I just. I just watched him, give a press conference, and I said I have no idea what this man is saying. Another try to tell everybody. Russia CNN, says the Department of Homeland security in July, with halibut, intelligence, bulletin, warning of a russian plot to spread missing creation regarding Joe Biden, mental health. According to a report from ABC News on Wednesday. I know that Joe Biden had brain aneurysm. I'd have brain surgery because of it I'm not trying to disparage the guy. It's a perfect example of why he struggles to speak. He's even said. The surgery or the aneurysm could effect his speech centres. So I'm not trying to drag the guy. What do you think someone like this is capable of being president? I dont have a draft of the Bolton obtained by the network tiled Russia likely to
denigrate health of. U S. Candidates to influence from twenty election analysed said with high confidence that russian malign influence. Russian malign influence actors are like to continue denigrating presidential candidates through allegations of poor, mental or physical health, to influence the outcome of the twenty one election according to ABC is the bulletin also raised efforts by China and IRAN to criticise President Donald Trump. The network reported. Ok. If the report is saying both candidates, why are they framing like its targeting Joe Biden? Why is the headlines about Biden, Mental, And not trumps, ah, because the narrative must be that Russia is helping Trump, I get it the bolt, and was submitted July. Seven. Thirty, eight, just legislative in public Affairs Office for Review and according to emails obtained by ABC News, was to be distributed to state federal and local law enforcement, but not to the
nine on July, ninth emails also show, according to the network, that D Hs chief of Staff, John Gown Tennis, stopped the Bolton from being sent out. Please hold on sending this one out until we have a chance to speak with acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Chad, Wolf CNN has reached out to digest for comment news of the blocked intelligence. Bulletin comes nearly two months before the President, the twenty twenty presidential election and amid concern over russian interference in the election. In August, U S, intelligence officials presented information, lawmakers and presidential campaign signalling that Russia is behind an ongoing disinformation, push targeting the former vice president, William or Yvonne, Nina director of a national counter intelligence, Counter intelligence and Security Centre and the USA
Agents communities top election security official also set an August that Russia is working to denigrate former bite and former biting Whitehouse bid and former violence. Former buttons white Outbid and China prefers an outcome. We're Trump is not reelected, so it we ve heard this ok we for, I think, that's it blows you set it. That's why I was. It was an intelligence report and inadequacy repeated it. Russia would prefer trial China and IRAN would prefer. Joe Biden has Joe Biden, probably gonna wanna do the nuclear deal and he's gonna start giving into China's demands again. Let me tell you, there's a lot of reasons to oppose Joe Biden. His capitulation to far left demand if not completely, but enough, his generation of law enforcement. Where he said and these guys should be charged for this- even Bennett that there's even been a formal investigation. Even dare and Wilson got a formal investigation. Joe Biden outside of all of these things is just
Look. It's not necessarily about his cognitive abilities. That's what I'm trying to say it's about his unwillingness. It's about his lack of enthusiasm, it I'll put it simply. Joe Biden does not want to be president. I've talked about it before we can make fun of them, but I think a lot. Of this mental decline. Stuff that we see is just him being like. I dont want to be here. What am I doing, he clearly doesn't read the news he's the he doesn't want to go in the camp Drought has anyone considered at the reason Joe Biden doesn't travel, it's not because he's old and feeble it's because he doesn't want to be president. He doesn't want to campaign, he doesn't want to read the news
the deuce retired. He wants sit around watch, an old golf game, reruns and mind his own business. Now it's it's probably a combination of the fact that he's old and feeble sure, but I don't think it has to do with his his ability for the most part, I think is abilities, aren't question yes, but I think he just doesn't want to be here. I think he's gonna lose. I think they know it and I think the strategy the Democrats have is to deal agenda is to deal generalise. The election trump prompt cheated. It should have been vital, know Joe Biden. Barely doing anything he's only now decided to go to Canosa he's give it what what when it was in Pittsburgh. You read that he was like yours in an empty room was like six people socially distance. You talk in the new left, took no questions. He took questions this time in Boise, look dumb and that's probably why? But I think the store to the post money I'll give it breaks it down. Very, very simply, it talks about. You know a guy, I guess you don't pay balls. Apparently yeah somewhat shot the crowd you killed. He doesn't care, he doesn't care. Somebody's
had he can't be present, it doesn't care about Americans. He doesn't care about the law. I was of those who are killed. He doesn't even read the news because he doesn't want to be here and because of it, he's now essentially blamed the guy who died or some other tromp supporter. When we know what we believe strongly Alex are ours, anus until proven guilty is a far less guy. Who did this? Will you vote for this seriously? Will anyone vote for the sky people? Will they hate trump that much they hate trunk so much? They would elect a man who doesn't have the ability to be President who doesn't want to be president, and that doesn't even know it's happening with people dying for, Jane whatever man, I got a couple more science coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see while shortly Donald Trump has roasted the hypocritical Nancy policy for going to get her hair done at a salon. When the city is locked down and you're not allowed to do it and answer
see you also told them to wear their masks, wasn't wearing a mask, because these people are hypocrites. They want power rules for thee, but not for me and Trotzky. When her up what's read about good all policy and what tromp ass a daily mail says, Donald Trump mocks crazy Nancy Pelosi over her visit to closed hair salon in defiance of covered rules saying turning her in on tape is a big deal and claiming Republicans will flit the house and send Nancy packing. Maybe people are fleeing San Francisco inventories up like ninety eight percent. President drop mocked, how Speaker Nancy, plus you forgetting for off for getting caught, mask less at a beauty salon flaunting stand for. Just go covered nineteen rules, the beauty parlor owner, must really dislike crazy Nancy policy. Turning her in on tape is real is a really big deal trumpeted Wednesday morning. She probably treats
like she treat everyone else and she strongly supported ache. A Kennedy who just lost in of all places Massachusetts that is crazy by the way and other tweet in in another tweet on the topic, Tromp boasted. We will almost certainly take back the House on Tuesday Fox NEWS Report, that policy had visited a San Francisco beauty Salon the day before for wash and blow out and was seen on the salon security camera walking around without a mask do, as I say, not, as I do said, Caleb Kennedy, sandwiches, a beauty parlors weren't supposed to open until September. First, the next day and services were to be done outside only the salon owner Erika CHAOS called for this was at a slap in the face that she, and you know that you that that she feel that she can just go and get get her stuffed on, while no one else can go in and I can't work Carlos explained what happened? The owner rents, out chairs to different stylists and one of them
Alice took on policy as a client. When Thou speakers, normal styles was unavailable. The stylist reached out to Cairo Sunday night. I was like? Are you kidding me right now? Doin this happen? What do I do pass out told Fox NEWS, adding that she can't control what her individual Silas so offer us an unfamiliar when you Who have a salon you rent out chairs. So basically, if someone has a chair, they have keys, they can go in and they use the chair. It's like it. It's like a co, op, building, so so. Apparently, the salon owner was like. I dont want plus you to do this. This is a slap in the face, but Pelosi. You know she went through one of you for ending the chair policies. Deputy chief of staff drew handled said. Miss statement at the speaker always wears a mask and complies with local covered requirements. He added the speaker followed the rules as they were. Presented to her by the stylist this business offered for the speaker to common on Monday and holder
they were allowed by the city to have one customer at a time in the business Hamilton Fox NEWS, the speaker complies with the rules. Was as presented to her by this establishment, wonderful Pelosi but prince of the law is no excuse for breaking it. As they say, it's your responsibility to make Are you are following proper covered guidelines this week we have, in this over and over again. It is all is in these democratic jurisdiction. Stop electing these people who just want power they will slap in your face and they will piss on you and tell you it's raining, and this is true for many Publicans as well, but right now it's not the republican states that our law, I down and arresting people for running their businesses. It's the Democrat, controlled areas. It is not. There public and saying we need more locked out. In fact, Republicans have resisted and Donald Trump. I said: no, we need to reopen our businesses, but it's the Democrats and it's the likes of
blowsy that call on us to follow their rules that they themselves will not follow as a house was still angry we have been shut down for so long, not just me but most of the small businesses, and I just can't it's a feeling, a feeling of being deflated, helpless and honestly beaten down. I have been fighting for six months for a business. It took me twelve years to build to reopen I'm a single mom. I have to say all children, and I have no income. The fact that they did this in sheep man, it's like a slap in the face. Please go out air. These videos share this news with your friends and family politely. Dont get heated just say: I'm not gonna about for somebody who had flaunt covered rules. I am not going to offer people who cheer for protests where people go out with no masks. I am not going to support these people. That would spit in our faces: I'm not saying the Republicans or the right answer, but I'll tell you. What did you know
San Francisco, I believe, is one of the only cities in the country, if not the only that has a public poop department yeah, it's funny PA. It's really funny everybody laughs. We got a fire department here, my town, we ve got a lotta, it's it's, I believe the firebomb in here is actually, for my sake, element small town with a local police department. Cities have these public health services Emma San Francisco has a public poop department. I do have a public pcs Department expose their job is to be deplored. People call in human theses on the street and they can electing the same people over and over again, why? Why do we have to live this way? San Francisco is the perfect example of the oligopoly that they want this country to be come the Ivory tower Elites of Silicon Valley living in his end, these massive expensive buildings,
While the cities are festering with homeless people suffering human, waste in the streets and you're they do instead of salt their problems. They say just form a Pope department and have the taxpayer cover the costs? Could you imagine living in a place like this? There's a map, the tracks, the human based in San Francisco, and you put up on Google MAPS and it's a brown splotch over San Francisco. You know why There are so many tagged instances that the markers cover the entire city and make the whole Matt Brown. You got a zoo men too, like that that the block level, all the way down to the streets, to see these things, that's Nancy Policies District where she gleefully walks in with no mask fly the rules, but let your city wrought to the poor. You know that the pole His officers can even afford a live in San Francisco to huge problem.
I remember hearing a story about cops in San Francisco that were being pretty rough with some tech brow who got pulled over and they were mad because these tech brows, our pricing out the actual public service, public services of individuals, the employees, fire fighters and police officers- don't get paid enough by the city to be able to live in the city itself, so they along commutes many are leaving and giving up. They have to hire group of people to go around of houses to clean up human feces. Does your city have a book department who were kind of what kind of a politician runs your city? Is it a Democrat? Well, most of the that that that the crimes per capita, the highest crimes per capita Democrat run cities. I can't believe you know we ve. Let it get this bad. Yet people would keep elect
The Democrats, as their city rots, and you know what to an extent, I blame the electorate. You know why what happens now, but the city's fallen apart. They all run they run and flee their saying. Oh no. I voted for all this. I better get out of here. I'm a non harder for the most part I dont vote for local Democrats and maybe I should now make a change and start voting for something else. Perhaps republican is the right choice just because of the most likely to win in their something different, but I say this in San Francisco: your sing, a mass exodus. These people have voted all them. They voted for these Democrats. When the Democrats then come in and destroyed this city, what do they do? They run they go to Arizona and they bring with them these ideas they will come in. They will vote first, the same policies that will destroy everything around them, extracting what they can from the taxpayer and I'm leaving
is a really interesting idea. I was a shared on Twitter about why it was necessary, that's only land owners could vote. I don't agree with that premise, but the idea was: if anyone could vote some one could walk in and say I live here now. Let me vote then they'd vote and then they leave. We can't have that because you end up with a class of people that common vote for policies at Strip the taxpayer of their money in all their up. You know that the text that the funds from the public then, as a vote for these things, to empower me and give me for-
stuff they get it. Then they leave after the city is left in shambles. Now I certainly think were well beyond a time where only land owners can vote. I don't think it works and we do have restrictions that makes sense if the live in a certain area for short amount of time that I get, but you can leave at any time and that still presents a problem. You can live somewhere far couple years and enjoy the fruits of the labours of the taxpayer and keep voting for things that benefit you and then, once you ve, extracted everything you just and leave. Maybe we need something that says. Not only do you have to live somewhere for sorting out of time not be a landowner, but you also can't vote somewhere else. If you move for certain amount of time you see I'm saying so. Let's say it's like you leave your your jurisdiction remains that place. You lived in an army that doesn't work
Does it make sense? But are you this? You look at someone like Nancy pollution? They kept putting her in power, they kept giving her the keys to the castle, and what does she done for this jurisdiction other than just to make everything worse? And these people are federal level policy, just how many people from California are in our Congress, like fifty seven are something fifty five on how much power does California have over the rest of the country, and I believe that is unjust, but we live it's a system we have and the electoral college work similarly, but think about this when they complain that states at Montana get too much power with a Senate. While I would throw right got you and say California, as a state has too much power with Congress. They get too many representatives from their state alone, and that means that the you know where I live. You know I'm at the sub. Herbs and in the fairly area I gotta adhere to what what Nancy Policy wants, but she's a lunatic
her cities and ruin the letter policies ruin my my neighborhood. My community has the way the system works, though so we got a vote amounts of us. We can do. I hope people wake up my live there. I got one more segment coming up in just a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly in this country We have the right to peaceably assemble. There are some limitations sometimes and I'm willing to entertained certain arguments, but for the most part you know, I'm not an absolutist. I think we can have resumed risible conversations, but for the most part we must absolutely defend and support the right for us and anyone to peaceably assemble the proud boys,
now that they will be returning to Portland to defend free speech there first, a moment, rights and call out the violent. You know far laughed extremism as much as I personally respect the first amendment and believe they absolutely have the right to do it and if they want to that's their deal, this will be, in my opinion, one of the greatest gifts to the left and the anti tromp resistance that then than anything ever done by anyone. We are coming off of right now, a trump supporter being executed in Portland. What, in what looks like a targeted attack that Pierce, based on that the person under investigation, assuming this is the right guy and it does look like it. The far left was hunting down a trump supporter and they killed him. I do not believe I should say I do believe that they will continue and try and hunt down more trump.
The porters and right wing individuals. But if the Prob boys show up as stated in this article defend themselves than the only thing you will see from that point on until election night, our videos of right wing, individuals attacking people, they don't care if its defence and they won't tell the truth- the proud boys will be in it. Virtually handing over massive propaganda. Wept were too old and and and weapons to the left. I gotta be fair. They're allowed to do it. In my personal opinion, I think it's a bad idea, but they are allowed to do it. So long as their peaceably assembling like they say they intend do well, then they can, but I think it's gonna hurt Donald Trump. I think it's gonna hurt the right and it's gonna greatly benefit the far left extreme.
Who are thirsty for media, play the busy easy the left has routinely demonized the proud boys, given any opportunity. They will claim the proud bizarre are the instigators and violent ones. And the one you know and the bad guys. This will be exactly what they need just before an election. Let me ray what they're right from the website and anti fraud outcome. The boys are back in town, wheelers, inaction leads to loss of life, property destruction complete, parties in Portland and this image you can see. I believe I believe it's Joe bigger than Enrique Terrio shaking hands. It says the proud boys, an international men's, fraternal organisation dedicated to protecting western values and a return to the nuclear family will return to Portland Oregon to address ninety plus days of lawlessness and depravity allowed by Mayor TED Wheeler as anti foreign black lives matter, thugs, assault, brave law enforcement officers with impunity and gun down peaceful Trump supporters in the streets, the impotent.
In fact, this TED Wheeler has not only tie the hands of the brave men and women of the port and police bureau here gone as far to participate in violent anarchist activity and refuse to ask for the National Guard or other federal officers to help while the unrest Cross Border and, while I gotta stop you they're fellers you're, actually correct it That is why he has asked for he's outright rejected. It gets worse than you actually are making to be troubled routinely said. He's got he's ready, willing, unable and the mayor side no, no, no, no! No! So it's actually worse. These are the acts instead of protecting Portland Merit, Mayor Wheeler has promoted the lies of peaceful protests. As d terrorists, an anarchist groups, deface, destroy dehumanize Portland Minority own business have been torched federal court. But houses in police stations at ablaze, gone running, Drug dealing and assaults. Violent, may lace, murder as mayor wheels
Mayor Wheeler has set paralyzed by his tireless virtue, signalling to the violent mob groups like Anti VA, have been allowed to franchise their violent, take overs. And bring them to cities all over America Canosa, washing do you see New York, Minnesota Chicago anarchists, have all been assisted by Portland Area, anti, fine, Veolan leaders, who been allowed to thrive and raise big bucks to bring their domestic terrorist activities across the state law is true. They have said in Canosa many other places. The same people seen in Portland are travelling on the country. Now that's a federal matter. They got a common and lock him up. Due to these factors. The proud boys will gather peacefully in Portland Oregon to end domestic terrorism. On Saturday September, twenty six at twelve p m at Terry shrunk. Plaza quote: This will be a peaceful gathering where we intend on exercising our first amendment rights and take a stand against domestic terrorists and their enablers, like Portland, Mayor TED, Wheeler and Oregon Governor Kate Brown. If black lives matter or annual
show up with the intent on harming our attendees. We will not hesitate to defend ourselves legally and lawfully The time for silence and complacency is over, while TED Wheeler can fully downtown Portland one of his many million dollar mansions fora. From the city he represents? So many partners don't have that luxury and deserve an immediate. So many poor lenders don't have it. Jerry deserve an immediate restoration of law and order. They gonna say for more informed but the proud boys and domestic terrorism rally, they say please visit and anti dot com they mentioned. Their website is fun the west, and I think this is in no way going to help the right or conservatives or disaffected liberals or people like me. Listen my biggest fear right now is absolutely not the proud boys, terrio or or Joe begs. I don't care
if a bunch of duties with black Palos are marching around waving american flags and then going to bars and getting drunk that's what they did in Philadelphia. Couple up a proud boys, I guess are actually I think, is incorrect to think I was turning point. Usa were accused of being proud boys I'll tell you what happens if they go out to Portland and March around and anti, but doesn't show up. I set up a or its true they'll march, around singing songs and waving american flags. That's the end of it now go to a bar I'll, get drunk, they'll go home and that's it and he found other hand shows up, smashes things, attacks, people and most recently killed a guy. But I'll tell you this: what happens if the proud boys go to Portland? What really happens while I dont believe for the most part, the the proud boys will be the ones to start the violence anti far will seek to start the violence or try and provoke them into striking first typically that doesn't. Happened, but it might they'll start surrounding them, heckling them and throwing things Adam
I would say in like me, no nine nine out of ten instances anti for starts to fight the proud boys tend to finish it. They fought in Portland before I believe, if they go, there will be violence The media, will only take clips of the proud boys being violent than the proud boys because they tend to work offline. Forces will be the one to get arrested and charged, and right now, as the May, as the district attorney is cutting loose, these anti fuck they are going to take
Every single, proud boy whose steps even an inch of the line, lock them up and throw away the keys and parade that around to prove its. Not true, but they'll claim that it is the violent right invading their towns. The media doesn't care to play fair. I don't, I think, look I have to stress. I get it. They have a right to protest peacefully and march as they as they would like, but this is tactful tactfully, MRS tactless terrible strategy, bad optics and fuel for the far left this one of the greatest gifts they ve ever been offered, and they are thanking all of the proud boys for offering up this opportunity and now that the March has been announced by at and anti but not come, there's nothing. Anyone can do to stop at sorry. That's just the way it is you see. Even if the proud boys came out and said, it's not us and we're not gonna be engaging that
in this matter. Also, when has to do his shop one where those polos and they could false flag at some, far less this can put on APOLLO and then punch and other anti thought bone. There's your front page story, trunk supporting far right, extremists attack peaceful approach, esters, I'm sorry man, I hate I hated say it because I know that people can be madness. I too have a right to protest. I know they do, and I know tat There is an awful dude and I know they're allowing this to happen. What you need to let law enforcement go in there, just deputized the Oregon the police? The last thing anyone needs is for people to show up and and and create an opera. Kennedy for the media to destroy all of the good things that have happened so far? I am not talking about all the violence, as are awful things. The good things are that Kate Brown has said. She will allow the federal that the FBI to come and, finally, that the digestive deputizing state police, so
They arrest these people now guess what tromp can take care of it there. Winning is a recipe for disaster. I do not want far left extremists to gain ground in this country more than they already are. There are there in their infecting the federal government. It is good bad there insane critical rice theory is at every level of our government, and it needs to be stopped. The only way to stop it is to make sure that Trump and yeah Republicans when we need section two thirty reform, we need to make sure but the critical race theorists intersection of far left overt and avowed. Racists lose the last thing. Any of us need is bad optics, but you know what lesson that's just my opinion. You are free to do what you
this country, and I'm not here to tell anybody what they would they should or shouldn't do were advocate on behalf of any one or any one else, I'll tell you what that's just my prediction for what's gonna happen, it's what's happened every step of the way I was on the ground in Berkeley. I watched them attack old people. What did the media showcase? The old woman not to the ground that the media talk about how in San Jose an elderly couple was shoved the ground in their hat, was ripped off and set on fire no peaceful protesters. They said because their allies, Workin media dont, give them the propaganda. Bollywood. As I understand the need to defend the first amendment, ok, then you don't you gotta do so long as its peaceful. So long as you remained defensive, I get it. I do optically. Strategically its autonomy. I would do, but I'm a far be it from me to be forty over anybody else hands down if they want to do their thing, keep it peaceful and
my only filling out say as you guys, you need to absolutely. You need to absolutely make sure every single person. There is following the rules following the law on their best behaviour de escalating and defensive. Only DE escalate, one hundred percent defend yourself de escalate. You can peacefully assemble but do not give anti for what they want. I'll leave their necks segments coming up tomorrow at ten a m thanks, rang it out, and I will see you all I will see you owe them.
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