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Democrats May Be Getting MILLIONS From Foreign Donors ILLEGALLY In Huge Scandal, Trump Slams Dems


Democrats May Be Getting MILLIONS From Foreign Donors ILLEGALLY In Huge Scandal, Trump Slams Dems. Democrat fundraising arm ActBlue is getting about half of its donations from unemployed people in 2019, before the pandemic.Speaking personally, as a former Director of Fund raising for non profits, this is a huge red flag.Actblue claims that these unemployed donors for Democrat and leftist causes are retirees and homemakers. But I personally know this is absurd having worked in the non profit world years ago.Republicans fundraising arm Winred sees no comparable donations leading people to believe that the donations to ActBlue are not on the level and thus at the very least ActBlue is receiving support from questionable or illegitimate sources.

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Democrats raised three hundred and forty six million dollars from four point. Seven million people claiming to not have an employer When people make donations, they are legally required to list their employer, and this is raising red flags. Donald Trump himself has pointed out that This may be money laundering and some are suggesting this could be foreign sources, donating to the Democrats, ACT Blue, which a progressive fund, raising organization for liberal causes and the Democrats say These are just retirees and you, stay at home parents and things like that, but it does seem kind of strange that four point: seven, an unemployed. People would be able to muster up about seventy four dollars per person and donations. To the Democrats, I guess unemployed people can. Fine, seventy four dollars and may There are a lot of retirees but nonetheless, this is starting to look like a serious scandal, especially when you compare it to the Republicans
the Republicans use a fund, raising service called win red and they do not have early as much unemployed. People making is donations, the numbers seem to add up another stories. Interesting, it's coming. Off of another story from a few months ago about black lives matter. People were saying that the Our nations going to blacklist matter actually went to the door he and see. Now, that's not true. It goes through a company called act blue. And they try is its really in how they try to debunk the narrative, claiming that it would be illegal for the black lives organization or the organisation represents them called thousand currents. It would be illegal. Four thousand currents to give aid to the Dnc, but that's not it. What is being alleged I want. I want to revisit that story in the context of what's happening here and I think well, I can't make any definitive claims, but it looks like we do have. A very, very
very, very strange money potential scandal- maybe it's nothing, maybe they're right, maybe you just every single retiree, they just jump dumped all that money and but I gotta go into the question: there are older people, don't they tend to be Republicans and if that's the case, the Republican, see more than the Democrats when coming from unemployed individuals to me smells very very strange, and you know what Fox NEWS actually brings up another point something similar back in the two thousand eight cycle. When o am was, according the Washington Post, using untraceable prepaid credit cards for fund raising, which many people thought but allow foreign sources or individuals to donate more than there legally allowed to let's jump right is storing, actually see what is going on before we get started had over two TIM cast outcome. Slash done it if you'd like to support them work. There are many ways you can give. I got a p o box. We want to send me stuff, but the best you can do is
air this story and are the big marketing department, not like see and enter MSNBC. I rely on word of mouth if you think I'm doing a really good job. But, more importantly, if you think people need to know about this, then please air this video, it's the most powerful thing you can do to help support my work and, more importantly, get the message up. Also don't forget to the like button subscribed to Notification Bell, let's read the story and then will dig into the context. Excuse save data shows that half of twenty nineteen donations to act- Blue came from untraceable unemployed donors, a take back action fund analysis, ass, a four hundred million dollars and donations to liberal causes raise it raises red flags of possible foreign involvement. Fox news reports less than two months ahead of the presidential election with concerns of foreign interference again at the forefront it. Conservative political is raising serious concerns about millions of donations. Reported by a maid
your democratic fundraising platform, a preliminary computer analysis by the take back action fund obtained exclusively by Fox NEWS, has found that nearly half of all twice in nineteen donations to act. Blue were made by people claiming to be. Employed, nominate, stop right there. It says no employer, slash unemployed, it could be That just for some reason only Democrats, don't stand the concept of our no soul, proprietorship, you're, not listening themselves as their employer. If they're working jobs or be their working for themselves, perhaps it doesn't add up when you look at the win red numbers, though something isn't right, they say action fund. President John partner questioned the veracity of those donations and called it a loophole that must be closed for the sake of election integrity. Quote: after downloading hundreds of millions of dollars and donations to take back action fund servers, we were shocked
see that almost half of the donations to act, blue internet eighteen claimed to be unemployed, individuals, who said the name Employers must be disclosed when making political donations, but more than four point: seven million dollar absorbing more than four point: seven million donations came from people who claimed they did not have an employer. Those point: seven million donations totalled three hundred and forty six million dollars act, Blue, raised and sent to liberal causes, not another question here if I'm darted into black lives matter. Do I need to disclose my employer the organisation that fund raises on behalf of the black lives matter. Global network is thousand currents. I believe there are five or on see three? I dont know if if there's the same legal requirements. So if someone is giving money through act blue to a politician, that's different than if they're giving money to say black lives matter. What's redone, they say that and is continuing this year, an action.
On examination of twenty. Twenty data from January through August showed an uptake and unemployed donations through act blue to fifty point. One percent, this see if it's ridiculous act blue defends the integrity of its own. And said money come from retirees and people who aren't counted as employed, such as homemakers. According to the findings of the action fund, a nonprofit that aims to to get the public on conservative solutions for political reform. Forty eight point: four percent of act- blue donations last year prior to the massive loss of jobs that came with the onslaught of the corona virus pandemic, came from those who did not list an employer or who claimed to The unemployed partner said. The large number is a red flag that somebody, since may be illicit contributions from foreign interests. Attempting to impact? U S. Elections quote: It is hard to believe that, at a time when the- U S on em,
I'm right was less than four percent that unemployed people had three hunter. Forty six million dollars to send to act blue for liberal causes, partner, set, adding a four point: seven million thousand donations from people without a job raised serious concerns, not listen. If people are donating to charities five once he threes maybe I'm not sure if they do or don't, but I don't. I don't think any the less their employees is essentially. The bigger question, then, is I mean that still seventy four dollars per person and somebody was retired there. On a budget. I used to work in non fund raising. This is why this is a big big red flag. For me, I found raised for Greenpeace for save the children for the EU even the Asia you now art for companies that we're fund raising for them. That's a very important distinction. I think Greenpeace was literally one of Greenpeace organization. Organizations and I've also work for a homeless shelter. I was literally in charge of fund raising and I can tell you this: one of the biggest chow
judges is convincing retirees to make any contribution. The average person would a monthly contribution of around, I believe at seventeen dollars at the time. So this was a while ago at source Fourteen years ago is run semi now's the time, probably up around twenty or bucks or so now, but with the pandemic and the loss of jobs at him. It's a little love convincing someone to give seventy four dollars. That seems bold to me. Maybe these are people who are giving monthly, but they would specifically train people when you are trying to convince someone to donate if there are retiree. You have to say this because retirees don't make these donations, especially homemakers. These are people who wore on a budget. Make they can't control, so people who are homemakers might have extra cash, but for the most part would say I got to talk to my wife. I got to talk to my husband. That was another huge hurdle. I can't do it I'm on a budget. I've got to talk to my significant other or I'm retired. I cannot
or this this to me. I saw this and I said no way no away. I was a director I worked in number it's this to me, sounds totally bunk. What's read more tickets out, they say act blue Card, in two thousand for I gotta stop. I gotta stop, I'm sorry, man, the other huge thing. People always tell us, I'm unemployed. I can't give you, I saw this and I said no way I would go. I used to go me and my friends. We work for these nonprofits and we, which we would do the street canvassing like. Hey you got a minute and I tell you this the three big excuses. I don't have a job. I can't afford it. I gotta talk to my significant other and a homemaker or we're on a budget together in the retirees run, a budget I'm calling bs on their such read: more act blue credit in two thousand for those itself as a powerful online, fundraising platform available to democratic candidates and committees, Para
the voters and nonprofits that share our values for no cost. Besides a three point: nine five percent processing fee on donations and we operate as a conduit, which means patients made through act blue to get to a campaign organisation are considered individual donations. Its website explains, but critics, including action fund contented the website allow credit card or nations that are not verified, so anyone from any country, in the world can donate without a paper trail act. Blues insistence on refusing to allow banks to verify their donations is an invitation to foreign programmers or others to send money through them using fake american names and we encourage them to start letting banks there are five, the identity of donors to stop the potential for millions of dollars to influence our election partner said, I got ice, gotta, say men, it just looks like cheating. It just looks like eating everything from male in voting to turn to this
I mean why, wouldn't they allow the banks to verify the identity of the cardholders? I do think this be investigated. I think it should be investigated and, while you're investigate win read. They seem to have nothing to hide, but anybody playing the games trying to steal an auction call em out act blues it either quote blues insistence on refusing to allow banks to their desire that what were the last year, the Republican Party creditor competing fundraising platform called win, read to Counter ACT, loose prowess in small donor, sourcing, according to the action of one and analysis of wind reds four point: nine million donations totalling for two million found that only four percent came from people who did not listen employer or unemployed. This The rate is five point: six: according to the data check, this out Joe Biden, no employer unemployed, fifty five million trump, two point: three million two point: eight percent of trumps donors were
employed thirty three point: seven percent of violence. Don't I and our unapplied. Now you may be saying: yes, maybe the people who lost their but I won't accept. Fifty five million topic is come on. Man is that I believe that if it yeah fifty five million dollars donation, I believe, buy it. Fifty five million dollars donation, don't forty! It man, I'm sorry, I just don't forty what it. What is this all case of these at these? Are the a broken down by year. It appears, I don't know. I think the whole thing, especially, I think, bringing the chart right. I may be reading it wrong, but suffice it to say they say. The percentage of people that Biden received from that were unemployed is thirty. Three point: seven, I'm sorry. Forty nine point. Six, I can't tell what they're trying to say in this total raised. Whatever was read more, we purposely wanted to examine twenty nineteen first, because before covered the unemployment rate, was it
four percent, or below it's hard to believe that millions of Americans who were out of work had three hundred forty six million dollars to spare to give to act. Blue YAP for liberal causes as precise Cecily. Determining the donations. We're authentic and genuinely from those who are unemployed requires further time and resources. Are doing, they suspect, suspected donations to determine if millions lied by indicating they were unemployed, when in fact they were not or if their names were. Just being you by a foreign programmer or someone else to move money. Without their knowledge will take time. Partner said we planned a series of forensic procedures to identify whether or not these donors of record exist or not if they were, the contributions themselves and what? but they were legally able and whether or not they are but there they are potential straw donors make the contribution that are being given the money and direction by someone else in response to questions by Fox NEWS, a representative for act. Blue said it is best security practice to refrain
from publicly sharing any detailed information about how we analyze contributions he was an array of data sources, internal validation and third party services to verify the validity of transactions. We take the security of our platform, agri of donations. Very seriously, we report every contribution to federal to federal candidates that come through our platform, and you can look those up on the FBI. We support the information donors enter about their occupation and employer, and We do see a significant portion of donors who report their status has not employed, such as retired donors or full time parents. The issue of honor than on often dictated political. The nations was also brought to light by the war. Kington Post two thousand eight, which was at the time allowing donors to use largely untraceable prepaid credit cards that would potential We used to evade limits on how much
the visual is legally allowed to give to mass their contribution check this out. This is an old story from the Washington Post Obama, excepting untraceable donations, They say. Senator Brok Obama's presidential campaign is allowing donors to use largely untraceable prepaid credit cards that could attend. It may be used to evade limits on how much the eventual is legally allowed to give or to mask a contributors identity campaign officials can farm. So this is just on untie it. It's crazy on top of crazy right. Suffice it to say that the Democrats are getting a ridiculous. Portion of a real articles, amount of money and donors who are not employed or who have known employer now. They say very easily. It could just be people who don't know it could be people who owned or art listing things-
properly date. They don't realize they have to actually say who their employer is. So maybe they're just not that smart, but I got to say if in any circumstance where that was the case, wouldn't it make more sense that repel kids would see the same thing they don't? They aren't single Donald Trump has called this out. He says fake, liberal, Democrat donors, money laundering, anyone I dont know for sure, but I do want to point out two very important aspects of this yes act, Blue is giving money to Joe Biden anyone else. They gotta report all of this, but I have Some concerns how many people are inactive politically, but anyone is only to look up. Maybe tens of thousands of individuals who have maybe even donations and it was falsely put in their name. I think about this. When what we can't, we talk about mail in voting. If you, if, if their duplicate bouts being sent out in different states like but it could have lived in California, unregistered and then a year,
their moved about shared somewhere else, and now both ballots get sent out. What, if someone forges it sends it in its hard to know for sure, there should be. I believe there are some ways we can track the your actual vote, but I'm curious about the donations. If there's somebody who doesn't care about politics- and they know this doesn't care about politics. What, if someone of russian influence, I am using rush on purpose, decides because they have to hold database of names they know who didn't vote and they say these people are inactive, donate in their names and then what Are those people ever in a check know? Is anyone to know they are the people who don't vote know? How do you do this? It's very very difficult. It would be interesting, but it'll listen. I don't believe it's possible to do. If you were able to run every voter alongside who may donations and if you saw large discrepancy in people who don't vote but make donations you might be alive. Why aren't these people voting if they're paying people paying, is
your deal than voting. You think they go out and then maybe could ask him I'd, be willing to bet. There's people you ask hey, your listed as having given a hundred bucks. Did you and I'll say I know you're talking about? Of course, that's just my speculation and I know for sure now, as it pertains to to act Blue, I want to bring up some other really really important points. I find I find this already. Range in this story from just the news there. What, The only outlets that bring up something inch, impetus, interesting in this story about black lives matter. These donations to black lives matter our funneled through a democratic, fundraising group, first and foremost that this group describes himself kind of like Paypal or Stripe, It's like, if you make a donation to me like when I said. Oh, my donate page you're, just sending me money through Paypal, you're, not giving pay pal money, I mean technically, you are, but the money is just into my account. There is
a small fee that pay pal takes. You know I pay pal takes their feet because that's the fee to transfer the money so, first and foremost they say But an agent page linked from the central black lives matter website, actually rewrites users to secure act, blue Donation Form ACT, Lou charities is a red shirts double organization form to democratize charitable, giving on its website act loose as it takes a three point: nine five percent processing fee from all transactions, after which the donated money goes straight to the candidate or organization the company stipulates any donations that are rejected by an organisation or go unplanned for more than sixty days will be re designated as contribution to act blue those kind. Provisions are generally to support its social welfare activities, the organisers states? There is now whether or not there is
Anything nefarious going on with these unemployed, employee donations, I'm gonna go ahead and say I just gotta say it again. I'm really proud to say this, because this happens to hit right in in an industry that I worked- and I was a director doing, events, marketing and primarily canvassing street canvassing fund, raising we now who exactly who would and wouldn't give, and if you want to tell me that fifty percent of people are the three people, we could barely get to give almost say liar. That's just me personally are not, but I don't I'm not I'm not saying it's true, I'm just I'd be willing to bet you go to any one of my bodies may be like get out of here: dude retirees unemployed and all makers. They're not gonna, give you money, man, you get lucky sometime, but those are that those are the groups you don't get, but take a look at this when people that donations to to to black blacklist matter goes to the Dnc, that's wrong, but what happens first
Annie Donation, you make three point: nine five percent as a fee goes to act, Blue yeah, they're, taking a fee. What are these that money for financial infrastructure for progressive groups that is supporting democratic politics. And you see how this works on a at their secretly funding, but following Monday Democrats no, the donations black lives matter are literally supporting the infrastructure of democratic politicians. Now, of course, I'm sure all, of the black lives matter. Donors are okay with that. So I don't think it's that big of a deal but something you should know about. More importantly, I want to show you this as an aside. As we know, a kind of wine things down a federal, agency didn't in July on July. Seventeenth, supporting black lives matter, isn't partisan or political. I would like to remind each and every person was ever said that from sports agencies to corporation
its black lives matter is not political. That's why they can work. Their pens on their job, but you can't say: Magua, I'm sorry, act Blue is political act. Blue is overtly political, and you're donations to black lives matter go through act blue if they work political? Why would they use the Democrats fund raising apparatus because they are so when you may these donations, what happens the democratic candidates that are running that rely on act. Blue infrastructure are being benefited by donations to black lives matter. The money you give to black lives matter, will very likely be transferred on along two at at what ninety? Ninety six point: five percent- will go two thousand occurrence. A five hundred and one c three who cannot give their money for political causes is a five hundred and one c three, and that's probably the excuse that people are using, but just you see how the dirty game is played. That's right, Actblue is specifically for Democrats and progressive. The whole game is
and that's all that matters man, I don't. I am not surprised by any of this. Are we going to go as far as to say that it could be foreign contributors? It could be, but we're not going to go as far as to say that it is. But I do we think everything we're seeing warranted investigation. We see. Onto doesn't eight. I wonder what came of that and now we're seeing it now that the put the political ties between blacklist mounted, the Democrats should be obvious to anyone, and I'll tell you that I have always been a big fan of this idea of getting money out of politics, but I dont know if you can do that. Just doesn't seem possible. The idea of getting my politics is basically like YO. I dont like that. You ve got billionaires, making massive donations to all these nonprofits that you know like their nonprofits, but they they they campaign super packs, basically right or or advocacy groups
so a lot of people like to yell George Soros, George Soros, and I'm like I don't care he's just one of the guys doing it. What about the mercers? What? If? What about the Koch brothers? What about me Mackenzie basis or whatever change your name back to know what about people like that? All of these rich people are doing things, call them all out. How do we see? Stop the incestuous relationship between these financial. You know, groups and politics. I dont think you can. I dont think you can. You know they put limits on how much you can give to a candidate. What happens? People just make super packs okay. Well, we want to provide cheap and effective financial interests infrastructure at no cost to a political how do we do it act blue? We can take money for five or one c threes and use that to siphon off a peace that will support the infrastructure used by the candidates. You know why your price, only going to be able to raise money for charity before a politician and this coming from experience
if I were to someone inside YO, we, save the trees. Give me some money. People might be like. I like trees hears money. What, I said John Smith needs fifty bucks he's running for office. It be, I don't know, I don't care by so made it harder to support the financial and infrastructure off the fee going only to politicians. In my opinion, I could be wrong that, but I'm pretty sure that political donations, while substantial, are nothing compared to charitable cause donations, because those are tax deductible. Think about that way. You might have a court duration, saying if we donate ten million, we can write that I found our taxes we candidate. If we, if we give money to a political candidate so we can donate money right it off, and a large portion of that or a decent enough about four percent- will go to supporting financial infrastructure for Democrats, thus benefiting them it's not the biggest scandal in the world. In that regard, it's a bigger scandal, anchovies, unemployed,
people who apparently at three and forty six million dollars to give the Democrats knots. Republicans though well, you know what We can wrap it up by saying this May actually be a big misunderstanding. It may just be that Democrats don't have jobs and everybody with a job is supporting. Bob I mean that's actually a good point. People like to make one of these are likewise matter: supporters and activism. Given on the grounds and get a job. Maybe those people, making the donations right so It does seem weird, maybe there's an explanation in my experience, I'm calling shenanigans, but what can I do? I'm just a dude setting up a new studio in this new made knows I'm an indifferent Romeo were set up a new studio. Ups dude complain, none about something I read so I'll. Leave it there, but I, but I In all seriousness, I think dirty games, men, thirty dirty games, sit around
segments coming up at six p m over at Youtube dot com, I'm so Youtube com slashed him cast news is a different channel and I will see well then last night to allay sheriffs deputies were ambushed, sustained, multiple gunshot wounds are increased, poor condition, underwent surgery and their currently fighting for their lives. We don't know by the guy did it, but we do know that black lives matter activists shut up to the hospital screaming your next and I hope they die referring to them as to members of a notorious criminal gang just all round wishing death on two officers who are just sitting in their vehicle when someone runs up and shoot them Donald Trump has slammed the shooting, which is good news, but died I gotta say man. It's worrying. This kind of thing persists because for those of you that that are aren't familiar, the same thing happened in twenty fourteen. On my on my block
not even a block away from where I live. I look out my window. I could see this man walk up to a police car any killed, two cops. He shot on both an ambush. She said something like you take one of ours. We take two of yours or something that and at the time we saw a bunch of activists, organizations and high profile, individual condemn the sang it. Of course it's bad. We dont wishes on police, but you know what, when you pushed the rhetoric when you turn it into spectacle when you put it on tv when you make it the story, when you make this the national rage, when you're sports players Are our bending the knee and saying this country as racist when you put out the sixteen nineteen project, just fake news saying this country is a slave accuracy? What do you think is going to happen? Yeah sure the high profile leaders, come out all day and night and say we can do
this. We condemn this and I can respect that. It you're allowed you're allowed to call out police brutality. I think police brutality is bad. I want police reform, but you ve got this soon army where you have these media companies and you have these personalities who realise we can make money off of this, and so they push and they push and they push and eventually someone some random person. Snaps. And then we see this again, Most six years later I lived on that street. The lights got, shut off I looked at my window and cops everywhere. The whole block was was cut off, cops on MAC and even leave my house. And you know what one of the reactions from wrapper was. I guess Ya'Ll can breathe now either. I could you not There are some people who are just happy to see this happen. They are people who have shot who went to the hospital where these toot it was that it was a mother a six year old at twenty four,
your old man just sitting there. I didn't do anything nanny body there just cops. You ve got a problem with the system. We take it up with the system But now we ve got another one, now we ve got another one and, and- and I can't say I am surprised to see that black lives Matter- marched to the hospital, essentially cheering for this. Man, you may notice, I'm in a weird little room as because I'm getting away from the city's look and twenty four teen. I was sitting in my apartment and I was a boy blasting allow. A movie or something like eat number Rita on my couch, and I get a text message saying: are you near the murders and ice one murders and they said, I wasn't Tomkins Nostrand, I think, and I was I live on. I live on that street. I live just like one street over sort of so I look up my window and I looked at my right at the corner. You can see all the cops you can see the vehicles
and died. I don't even know how I even realize it happened, but when I realized what happened? That's when I was like vow man- I don't wanna, be here. I don't wanna onawandah out. I want to be around this because we had at the time this was. You know I travelled all around the world. I was covering Ferguson and stuff like that and Riots Baltimore, all this stuff out of our members at the when all this was stuff was going down, but I knows is like Post Ferguson. I mean Ferguson happen due note paper every few months, we'd be back and then I was toggle front and, unlike duty, you can't take. You can escape these cities. I can travel all around the world covering the civil unrest and then I come home and it happens outside my apartment. And then I was just like. I need to get away from from from this autumn, Be in the areas I want, I want the stuff to be happening where I live and adds its privilege men it It is the this idea that I can hop on a plane,
parachute in one of these cities, where this stuff's going down and cover it, then go back and hide in my safe little haven and that's exactly what I've been doing and Oh after that, I do. I did I want to do. I wanted to leave so look out. I wouldn't know I want to read Annette you much. Let's actually just read that read the news, so I can tell you what happened and show you. This trumps slams the shooting ambush of to allay sheriff at Compton TRAIN station as the work of animals. That must be hit hard, as both officers fight for their lives and the FBI joins the man Hon. I hope I hope I wish the best for these officers. I hope they make it through this this
This is what nightmares are made of man. It's just it's not just look. I know you cops get shot. I know these things happen, but at a time like this, I beg the shooter is apparently at large. Is it President Donald Trump called the man who opened fire on to allay deputies and animal who needed to be hit hard? F B. I was called in to help investigate the Saturday shooting to LOS Angeles, sheriff deputies were shot in an ambush at a train station by a male suspect who then fled the scene. Local outlets report, the two deputies of male and female officer. The transit service bureau were shot at the Metro blue line station at Willow Brook Avenue, and Oak Street in Compton email suspect, got off a bus at the station and shot the deputies before fleeing the scene, Katy TV reports and you can see trumps sweet. Animals that must be hit hard. Here's a grainy image of the man fleeing they say very
Released by the Sheriff Department shows the suspect, walking up to the car and immediately opening fire before running off. The gunman walked up to the walked upon the deputies, open fire without warning or provocation. The department set in a post, both deputy, sustained multiple gunshot wounds and are in critical condition. According to the parliament's twitter account they have had surgery and Sheriff Alex Villain waiver is at the hospital. Now one has been described as a married thirty one year old, mother of a six year old boy, the other deputies, a twenty four year old male during the press conference cheerful and wave up said that the two deputies initiated radio contact After they were shot man, they were transported with assistance of other deputies. Alright, it's time to get mad I'm already I'm already mad enough about this, because I I've ex I've seen it. I've seen it. Black lives matter, mob, swarms hospital where deputies were being treated after being ambushed threatened
least at seeing saying your next this from the gateway upon it, I would say that when I regret, because I am not a fan of gateway, but this again, it's Cassandra, fair banks, and I trust her- and this is all backed up by evidence of which of which I've seen myself. So this is just a good aggregate of a of just the dd. The callousness depravity of of this is this: is it these people don't care man? I can say it a million times when Jacob Blight got shot several times. I am upset by that I dont want people getting hurt. I can say million times. George Floyd should not have died as a lot. There's no information coming out there, but I don't care. I don't want anyone to die. I don't want anyone getting shot. These people are cheering for this. I am sick to my stomach waking up and seeing these stories,
I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like for their families, but to see a story like this: how dare these people man? This is why I hope Trump winds and I hope that I hope the Democrats realize they will reap what they have sown with this. This is this is unacceptable. A black lives matter, mob swarmed the hospital where two deputies were taken for treatment after being ambushed and shot the blot they blocked, doorways threatened off this at the scene and attempted to force their way inside and I'm going to jobs right to it. The l, a county, sheriffs tweeting to the protesters blocking the entrance and exit of the hostile emergency room yelling. We hope they die referring to to allay shares, ambush today in Compton do not block emergency entries and access to the hospital. People's lives are at stake when ambulances can't get through yeah. That's all on video, I don't believe it.
When they said when I saw this headline: they're yelling your next, I said no way no We are not yet. We absolutely are. They say, as gateway upon it previously reported to allay shares, cunning county deputies and a man and a woman are in surgery fighting for their lives after each was shot in the head during an Bush by alone gunman at a mattress station in Compton they were shot multiple times. My understanding. Happening now. We are at Saint Francis Hospital where to pigs, have been brought to be repaired after being shot in the head. All right he's sick sickening. Absolutely the activists who have widespread support. From Democrat politicians, and nearly every major corporation did chance, wishing death upon the officers after they arrived at the hospital. How about? each and every one of these athletes who stood there chanting cheering for this can now answer for how about we get them on the record. How about we get them to speak up against it? Approximately a does-
None of them were at the scene. Celebrating the shooting and threatening officer sort of its tweeting to police officers were ambushed and shot far left wing protesters went to the hospital where officers were to receive treatment. They wished death on the officers and blocked an entrance. Wait all on video. They also threatened offers at the scene saying your next that I couldn't believe it. They really do. There's some officer standing here and one of them has what looks like a riot weapon of some sort. Looks like that. The forty millimeter, I think it is like the gas or or our foam round and their yelling. You know you don't need a union that weapon and their say in your next at this is why it did happens your next, your next bro, you went to a hospital, it's not just the cops or inside it's the little kids who, in or inside it's the parents who are worried. It's the do who broke his arm. It's the guy just had a heart attack.
And you have the nerve the nerve to show up, because you'd out, like cops and put everyone else at risk and the nerve of these corporations, the nerve of all of these outlets that prop up this message. Bravo, You deserve a standing ovation for this. This is u I'm sick of this man to the protesters, but look I don't care about politics about. I don't care about any of it. I care about the fact that two people are fighting for their lives. They shouldn't have to be. If you got a problem with the system, we fight the system we taken up in the courts. We taken up with legal action do not win this way. It got. This will backfire. That's what I can't stand about, how the far left goes about their activism when used stop shoot, cops, you'd happens, people vote Republican, they vote Trump they demand law and order, and you get more, not less. If you wanna go out active fool and shoot people than you know what you justify the armed guard standing on a street corner.
Look at what happened in Chicago after the looting and writing. They were cops everywhere. Who wants to live like that? I don't. What you want to go and say we like the like the system go shoot. People were no smash, everything justifying everything. They said everything they do and you will get people screaming. Save us and you note the government's gonna say lock it down. I do not want to live. That way, so you'll need to back off, because all this is going to do is escalate and make everything worse. It's like. I called the chinese finger trap problem that the response This is up a harsh response in the wrong direction. It's it's people coming out dreaming justice and then even when they get the government making changes they ve already before. Did police are like a hundred twenty departments? What they do they scream more and then, instead of backing off and saying yes, we do want this, they say we did.
That's the thing: it's I bro you one man, you got every corporation on your side. You got every athlete, not every, but most of em they're bending their me to you. The governments are taking money away from cops. You won. What else do you want? They want a cheer for this. They want to cheer for people who are on the verge of death. A mother she's got kid you gotta go home to look. I know this isn't a dick. This isn't represent literally every single black lives matter activist, then I know many of them Gonna come out and condemn this because we would not want this, but you know why I'm not I'm not doing it. You know why I'm just not happening, because I witnessed the aftermath of a twenty fourteen police. Ambush in New York City and when they came out, we did want any of those we did mean running of this and then some people cheered on We are now six years later, what happened happens again? Yeah, apparently you don't get it. Apparently you don't they keep doing the same. Thing and then an end really funny to me, because the law
If you will say that there is rhetoric and rising up of the far right wing extremists, you're you're, damn right there is. I dont like those people either, and you know what the feds are going after them, and the corporations aren't so ordering them. Could you imagine this all that far right rhetoric? That's popping up on all of these different platforms, and they say that this encourages people. It exacerbates the problem, fine sure, whatever I'm for free speech my issue. Here are the individuals or screaming your next. I get that yeah free speech by all means, go had say it and I respect your right to say it and I'll tell you you're, crazy, saying that that I hope they die in things like that. Are fine. So what you gotta say, but right now, here's the problem. You can talk about the radicalization of the right and they and they they cry and complain. I remember this one too,
they were like we beg do we beg you to make it stop what you let the hate speech help and now look here. We are baby, you you put the hate speech on corporate billboards you put it on the floor of the NBA, you put it enough in the stadiums of the NFL, you put it on every tv channel and you and me and you, and they put Jacob Blake's name on Annette, get that he put his neck goods were the players Pacheco Black on his helmet ugh. I wanted a felony warrant for assaulting a woman, and this guy gets his name plastered up. You know why Cuz there's no such thing as a criminal. Not to these people. The general idea is, you can do no wrong, I suppose so what? What? What? What? What? What do we get from network? What's? The next thing happened just going to keep doing it, and I can't believe this you're next, I don't even want to this. I tell us what happened gateway says to sheriff deputies were shot or take you back in time and I want to show this all about. First, I want to show you this tweet, they say moments,
but two of our sheriffs deputies were shot in. Compton were transported to a local hospital. They are both still fighting for their lives. So please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. We will update this threat with information becomes available out that they put up a gulf on me or something I Hegel Fund. We need something else. Just you something else, some kind of donation thing for these people. I hope they make it through and if they don't, I want to make sure that their families get taken care of you. That's true for a George Floyd made millions of dollars, Jacob Blake out millions of dollars- I'm totally flying with that. These guys were to varying degrees criminals, but I don't care, I don't care. I want people getting our now low Jacob, like fought with the cops. He was one on a phoney one. He followed the cops as a different story. George Floyd may be had drugs still. I dont want people to suffer. You know at an end outside as men. Drug stuff, I'm I'm pretty libertarian on all that stuff. So I don't want the George Floyd thing. The tragedy it is will see all out. All that plays out, but I want I want,
people to be able to take care, their families and eyes maybe maybe I'm too odd, unto easygoing onto unto and or the right it is not harsh enough on people who do bad things. I bring you now back in time to the twenty fourteen killings of New York City police officers. You want to know I this matters officers worn? Why did he's off it was? It was officer, Rafale Ramos and it was when she and Lu Lu. Engine was the only son of chinese emigrants. He and his family came to the. U S from Tie Sean long gone in China when he was twelve years. He was a seven year. Veteran officer of the unwise pity whom who had married, pay ya, Shun and October to our twenty fourteen. He had just murder shoes ever that she was never kid. They were able to salvage some of his
biological matter at a matter speaking, but now I know it's kind of gross whatever, but I'm I'm glad to see that you know he was able to carry out his family at its it's. It's a horrifying sorry man, but let me show you the Games reaction. I guess ya can't breathe either. Do you think that these people mean it when they say their sad about this? I think some people, I think their high profile, the visuals who are just playing a game and that when things get bad there like wall all man, this is too much for me. I don't mean that they, then they can come out and they can say all of these things and placid message everywhere and you won't get a lunatic Toronto cop should twice and we need to know if that that they could theoretically be other shootings. Where we just don't know if it was actually like. Let's others
so you know cops, engage with somebody. It's not an ambush and have a firefight and for all we know the motivation for the crime or the other confrontation really was this rhetoric and regardless of Gaza, that they all this rhetoric we see about black lives matter. It creates a paranoid state for a lot of people, they fear and they hate cops. But when I see a cop I don't freak out because I understand the media's full of it. I see Gaza has gone like any other person now when you're driving in your car and you see a copy, got a slow down the speed limit. You don't you know them in, but I got. I got no worries about cops, none whatsoever. I mean to be fair, You got to you got to understand, you, don't know your rights, you got to know how to how to act, don't don't resist if you're being detained or whatever and don't talk without a lawyer. Keep your mouth shut, keep yourself safe. If the cops are their job to do their job? Well, you got your right. You gotta do yours. I see cops walking down the street, I don't think twice. In fact, I I I'm not scared. When cops.
Even though I know there have been instances, workshops have shot people accidentally, I'm not war, about it. It just is its they. The media wants to take stories and they want to hide them up to an extreme degree, and they want you to do they watched its it. If it bleeds, it leads men, you guys really gotta watch. There will be no crawler with AWE Jake John Hall, and I mean it men, because when you you see how they portray this this. This nightly news director for local station and she's, like all excited for the blood in the Gore, I'm tellin you men and there's a guys. I can. We show this and she's like shop, so the game walked things back to be fair. This is back in time. Fourteen. He says I guess ya can't breathe either. There's still saying, I can't breathe that still there slogan, and that was his reaction. That was just the mask slipping and I think, to be honest, I think you know
out of these people who are saying, oh, we don't want to step, and I were so said. I don't buy it man, I really don't and and- and bombs me out. I think there's a lot of people on the left and the right who secretly want violence, but they'll pretend like they don't now make jokes, but they'll pretend they don't and that these are the people we gotta keep in check. We tell em know who we are to find out who this guy is. We have to stop them. The dude in twenty fourteen took his own life. So I'll tell you this. I wrap up with just one final thought on all this: to take a look at the story. More than one hundred black lives matter, protesters shut down, George Washington Bridge in Manhattan and then violently clash with Nypd outside their precinct on another chaotic night and n Y see I do you do as realise. What's going on right now like come on man, you got two people shot not get too many people probably out their protests before that shooting happened, but this is a contributing factor.
I am all for protest. You know if you wanna gone protests, I'm not gonna blame you, I'm showing it. I'm gonna blame the murder, I'm not gonna blame guns, a mocking to blame. You know speech. This guy was a lunatic and that guy's responsible. When I bring up the stuff about speech, I'm trying to point of the hypocrisy not to say that people should have a right to protest. You do, but you gotta understand what comes next. You go out these protests in your fighting with cops in this way, and these cops just got just heard: do got shot. Would you think they're? These cops are gonna, be thinking yeah. It might not be you doing your peaceful protests having a good time, but it could be that one crazy person, men who comes out and puts puts a couple- puts a put some live rounds and people I leave it there on a side note you may have noticed. Maybe it sounds a little different ability in the past or it looks different cause. I am actually I'm in a closet.
At a window, it's more, it's actually kind of an office but of its because we're doing a temporary set up right now we are expanding and I'm doing some speed, testing and suchlike. That's all. I have to actually do work outside of the house to set up the new studio and everything and It was the best place to actually film felt film sag men. So there you go man, I hope all the summer's down how everybody chills I've ever this election is calm again. But when I look back at twenty fourteen- and I look at all these other circumstances, all these other incidents it just feels like work were taken forward. You not I mean, but I wish the best for these officers. I hope they make it through this I hope they have full recoveries, and I hope we can now we can help out in any way the same way the same as we did for for a you know, all these other, these other victims. They got tons of money. They do to get his business burned down heap. He got a good pay out, I'm obliged to see that we can turn a day of pain into something here.
If these cops and walk away with several million dollars and they go and they get to become wealthy and just let it be independently wealthy from now and they deserve it men, nobody deserves to get shot. I'd be lying there dying, calling in the radio begging for help, and then it stuff I'll see you on the next time at coming up at one p, dot M on this channel. Thanks for hanging out rumours are flying around that anti FA is responsible for the wild fires, or at least some of them on the West Coast, and I can say right now the most important thing I personally not seen evidence that anti far as with with the flags or any kind of specific identification has been involved in any of this, but There is at least one instance where a black lives matter activist, a defined. The police activist was in fact arrested for reckless burning police,
They saw him starting the fire. You may have seen my video on this in the past couple of days, but there is a lot to break down here. First, Facebook will ban you. I say that the right take down posts and issue some kind of penalty against people who make the claim that Anti thought is responsible for this. But we also have a viral video that is flying in the face of many of these. Claims by the mainstream media that anti fraud is not involved. We can be very, very careful in This video you see before you, there is a sheer off there's. Actually too, I believe, is to sheriff talking to a cop watch activist in This split- the man says straight up anti thought is out here. You know cause in hell in all sorts of trouble. Now immediately if, on the left are saying he's lying he's gone crazy, you know the cop is wrong. Is pushing conspiracy theories, but this clip is too many evidence that Anti thought is out.
Doing this, but you gotta realized, first and foremost, men cops. Are people do not I think it's possible. This officer does have some kind of Intel from his department where their suggesting that there have been people, they suspect of being anti starting fires. I would not, but it outside the remote possibility, but it could also be the this office, Sir John, saw the same videos that you did so for me all I can really do. Is I do the research I look things up. We can confirm a black lives matter The first was arrested for setting a fire. That's one guy, but I think I know what's happening. You see anti full likes to pray. On these kind of I don't you described these people, but let alone Let me let me bring it in this way. The due to did get arrested, who was. Black lives matter activist? He was also opposed to looting. I wonder if, because black lives matter is so broad and that anti thought is true.
I ain't to essentially recruit and energize regular random people, people who may be distraught disenfranchised It's very easy to find someone who might fit the the stereotype of Antiphon say at person at the things they ve done is Anti Faso. I guess what I can say right now. First, inform us and will go through these stories because faced what's gonna ban, you talk about it, but I've got it's a virus, and I want to break down the fake news. I can say just just because you know but enough of absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Basically, we don't know for sure who all these people are. We have have not found the evidence of political motivation. So let's just take it for what it is, but I gotta break this down. I wouldn't worry to go to these stories because if it's true This office are actually knows something there may these something here. So it's in my opinion here
sponsible and scary, actually that Facebook is going to take down what they call false reports of anti fa, arson and Oregon. This is how this is how it man, how do you break trust among regular people in this country? It's simple: you stop them from being able to share information, whether you know it's true or not, and this is where it starts to get scary. It is not false to say that leftist activists or are a leftist activists has been. Should we know? This is true, of course, the media saying it's all fake. It's all fake, ignore this nothing's happening. So what happens? If you actually find evidence? What happens if we have, as we have in the sheriff and people? You know the ship. Is telling the truth. They know that animals out their fate we'll take it down. Why? Because the New York Times there's another Alex have said so now to be fair. Let's be real law enforcement officers please stop calling in Anti Fust harking fires, but this
reaching a really weird tribal list point, and we got to be careful about this stuff. We do So, let's read the story and stock about we got. We have everything now we got it. We got a hat trick here we got anti for tribalism. We got censorship, illegal, breaking news on the wildfires look before. Nonetheless, I hope everybody, safe and ok man is wildfires or serious business, but check this out Facebook to take down false reports of anti for arsenic, organ. The rumours apparently inspired some or are to set up checkpoints. What do you do when you have cops telling people on camera? It is anti fought at what you do when you have an information, and we see new, says you're allowed to share it. Yet people are. Going to believe that they're, not, going to trust, mainstream media anymore. We did its ground man. The cop might be wrong. I dont know what his sources he's just talking to a guy, but if you come out with this be handedness,
I just make it everything worse and busy news reports. Facebook said Saturday: will it would take down erroneous posts claiming aunt he fascist activists have been maliciously sparking wildfires an organ and other western states denounced came after multiple organisations, including the Douglas County Sheriff's office, an organ issued warnings. Social media, about the false rumours and another sheriffs apart. Placed a deputy on leave after he was seen on. Video suggesting fires were being started by anti for adherents. That's My understanding that sheriff we just what we see that clip. Not the guy standards are different. Guy talking he got placed on a minister, leave apparently for saying that and making everything run rampant. Now, here's the problem- and there is no evidence origins. Fires were caused by arson from far left activists wow. What What? What am I supposed to say to this ticket taken so that are not those of the storm looking forward? Do not have it.
But I will there is a story from post millennial. It is of a left, as too did in fact start a fire and got arrested, so there is ever that some of these fought at least one of these fires was started by a far left activist I haven't. I have some other different stories pulled up, but what will go? thus, when NBC News comes out and says, there's no evidence and we ve seen circumstantial evidence and we ve seen definitive evidence. What are we supposed to believe? This is the problem with mainstream media, what they should have set as while there was one incident where a man identified as a black lives matter activist was arrested, starting a fire outside of that we have. We don't have any more information. I do have information on this arsonists, which would pull up, and this brings me to a really important point about anti for what what we'll get to that's read more, they say we are
removing false claims. The wildfires in Oregon were started by certain groups. Facebook spokesmen Andy Stone twitted. This is based on Confirmation from law enforcement that these rumours are. Forcing local fire in police agencies to divert resources from fighting the fires and protecting the pub. I'm going can tell you right now a lot of people really believe us, I'm seeing a lot of posts on social media. I defer to the police and the fire department. If their say please I'll take their word for it, and I think that that that's valuable like I said this, up in this viral video. You gotta understand, maybe he's just wrong. I got I gotta, do it better? As I know, the mainstreaming is gonna come after me for saying this next part, but I must say it: this guy may have gotten put on leave because they We want people to know its political. Could you imagine the turmoil would ensue if they Actually new anti foe was doing this and warlike. Don't let people know it will cause a panic. It's one thing: when you have riots, we can see anti for doing it,
it's another thing. When you have people starting wildfires again, I am not suggesting that it is the case. I'm sorry, I think that if the media doesn't it doesn't do their job, and you have a really easy opportunity for people to believe misinformation. Is it a clock, county sheriffs, deputy placed on administrative leave, Saturday had been tasked with ensuring that residents knew of the wild fire hazards when he was captured, on video speaking about the fires, Sheriff Craig Roberts apologised for the unidentified deputies. Alleged actions The sheriff's office mission is to provide com and safety, especially during unprecedented times such these. He said in a statement. I expect nothing less of our deputies and poligized to do all in our community, provide key home and safety and when he says we got Antifa guys out here put em on leave and then say it's because they want common safety.
Now, I'm just saying its irresponsible. I uncertainty responsible. The best thing I can tell all of you is wait for evidence. Wait for evidence. We got one black lives matter, leftist! That's it so far. I don't owe us Italian, their photos going around of its three people holding an anti a flag but you're wearing fire fighting gear. However, one of them has what looks like a gas. Can solemn. Like you see these, not listen. We don't know where that photos from the origin the photo. It's just people sharing it maybe just maybe guys have have seen it and you don't know what's in that. And it could be water. Some people are they're carrying around gascons, but there is, there is a photo of people holding an annual flag wearing firefighting gear. So you see that therein lies the problem of the current tribalism nature of our political work.
Old, anti fuss, Mozart to burn the environment. Down I mean these guys are probably environmentalists, so their proper, probably like environmental extremist. Don't you guys remember when we had It was that I was that it was a website it's going down and they were talking about how to sabotage train tracks because they were eco fascists like many of them, call themselves that I'm not there doing a joke I don't. I don't know anyone actually work would refer to themselves as fashion and capacity, but they can, are themselves to be like eco extremist. They would, they would destroy train tracks in order to stop. You know this environmentally. The attacks in environed look at the Dakota Access pipeline, these people Oh art, total environmentalist. It would be absolutely one eighty from their position to destroy wildlife. That being said, it would, I would put past crazy people, and this is the most important point about anti fa anti fa. It's it's like the Joker either
the dark night, but I made a budget dogma. References recently happened anyway. Here's the point, the Joker praise upon on people who are on well, to put it mildly there. That scene, where to face captures that guide and he's like tell me about the job or whatever, and that man's like you, think he can tell anything. Do you is a paranoid gets a front. The Joker praise upon people like this here, com, the main issue. We do not want to make sure like this, this duty, whose at the fire the black lives matter guy for for all we know he's just a crazy guy, and that seems to be the most likely scenario. So let we're at what is happening as you It someone who's paranoid whose crazy and you feed them All of these lies in what happens they go nuts. Then they go out. They'll proto! they'll scream because they're not all with it and then when the fire start they'll, be you talk about the deep men's whispering in their ears and they'll. Go start. Fires
so long as anti but tries to weapon eyes those who are not well. I mean think about this, that guy Rhino in Portland who killed the tromp supporter, he was claiming he that when he was when he was stocking these guys he was surrounded by these vehicles. Will you know armed Trump supporters, the dude delusional like you, can watch it. Many of the cars are random, a regular cars and- and- and I know it's possible- he's just lying right, but there's video but he knows there's video of it. I think the way quality is. There is a good chance. This dude is just knots. He law asked his mind, and so standing there and he sees these guys and grips weapon and he's like the trumps borders are everywhere money you know pulled out his gun and shoots the guy. He said there were vehicles armed with weapons. And then you get into a debate with the cops. Why wiser the cops working with the brow boys and then he lost his life. So so listen, I'm not trying to make fun of him. I'm not trying to drag him for being on. Well, that's not the point
I had no idea I was doing like I'm. I mean that literally lackeys figures like they're everywhere, and he sees that the car, please I'm so here's what happens. You have this that gathers soy from have right, Anita S, Cavell accused of starting California. Arson fires along highway want to one in Salinas, I'm showing the story not to drink this woman in any way, but to highlight four one: arson? Yes, it's half we know the arson is happening, we also know the looting is happening. There is looting and there is our sun and it is, and it is, it is serious and we need to put an end to it are right when you just cause we want to work, but that that I look at this woman. She does kind of look like an edifice She does kind of look like. Therefore, in this, what I realized that follow that mug shot looks so similar to those shot. You see Andy no post, it's because they pray upon people who are on Oh now, this woman is not anti formats. Anxious, I'm saying what I saw
Yes, I'm like she's, just some crazy lady and unlike there it is you see the problem. Is you ve got anti for organizers, their ideological. They know what they're doing and they pray upon crazy people to set free there now, I'm not saying anti, encourage them to burn down force. In fact, I think that's, on, because Anti far are they're gonna be environmentalist they're gonna be like were the trees. You know I mean there are to be out with their hippy friends, doing hippy stuff in the forest. I think you see these similar images because anti for wood target those unwell people but direct the fire towards the police, the police, buildings? They don't want to go to jail Why you hear the story right? The dude in important was handed explosive and he threw it and then it went off. He thought firecracker and then he gets arrested, but the anti for guy so wide him and then took off their smart. They want you to take the fall. They also do it to hide their motives.
Perhaps there is something similar in regards to what this cop is saying or what's really going on. I just don't think so. I really really don't, but I'm I'm I'm investigating. Then I'm looking into this stuff. What I do want to tell you is it our show you this Socialist Rifle Association. First, I will say I think it's great that they're all about their second amendment Rights Constitution, rights, constitutional right. You wanna, be a socialist and a gun to matter as metaphors, socialist communist capitalist, whatever. You're absolutely right on a weapon. So if these guys want on weapons that you now so long as are doing it legally. Here's the quote: if you have any intel call us anti for mother efforts, are out cause heck. There's: a lot of lives and property at stake: Clock Amis County, sheriffs, deputy here's, what they say wholly crap, it's the rice dog, there. It is there, it is millennia Are you the first post? That's not the point. I want to pull up anyway. The somewhat someone posted a link.
To a tweet, and it is this Kevin Askew says some of the many warnings residents have posted between Coltan and as Dakota check this out. We won't, call your family, your body will never be found: bang, bang, this. One says looters and arsonist will be shot looters we'll be shot home and armed you loot, we shoot they're, not talking about anti FA as you know, we share is another sign. Isn't it a bunch? Thank you. But we should. There are looters, and there are people we're taking this and their acting. These signs, it's the craziest, psycho psycho world we live in men is the great because of these signs you ve got, does sore arguing that the right has gone, not believing antivirus everywhere we know, but there are arsonists. Here's what and there are looters hears on here's another to theirs on of arson, going on right. Now, I'm not saying every.
Single fires, arson, but a lot of it, a decent amount of it. We I think I want over like five or six stories where the people of these fires are being intentionally set. Of course, never good catastrophe go to waste Oregon governor calls? Why, fires a bell whether for climate change is a wake up, call for us and but our ITALY of washington- climate change calling these climate fires. I can't say: and these people man. I can't stand the exploitation. I can't stand the men there ready to stick, jump up snap to attention all we got a crisis, that's weapon eyes it for political gain, out of one of them that world man- I don't, I think, there's it does it doesn't opportunity for all of us to be reasonable, Gimme the hard evidence on Anti by actually setting a fire and I'm down to talk about it. We got a lot Disco got arrested. We know it fine, as another your photos going around where a guy is on the ground,
like a woman posted this, she caught him in the brush, it he's got matches and she's like if my husband would offend he wouldn't even be alive and he got arrested and you can see the photos we don't know. The sky is, we know movies anti fa, but there our deranged and unhinged individuals who are setting fires. Who are looting, so you know what to the people, putting up a warning signs that the right move, the land thing you want think about this. You live in them No you're right, I'm actually out kind of in the middle of nowhere right now, setting up the new, the new student. Everything if you in the middle of. Nowhere is what the left me to understand tat, theres, no cops, there's there's no cops. There's no fire department, those emergency emergency service, you gotta, be. To protect yourself if looters show up? What are you do they break in your house? You're there you gotta to yourself what, if they're armed, of course, the first thing you gotta do is put up with. Warning signs. So it's funny that people are saying like you know that
nothing any Luther would want. I need a laugh. Thank you ha this one says I support this completely it these Alice criminals can bend the long do whatever I do, what they want soakin everyone else is there in one instance of looting happening or, as is completely online right wing hysteria and that's the point I want to bring up it's, not right wing hysteria, but when you get these Ivory tower urban elites who are going off talking about how small how much smarter they are, how you dont need weapons to protect yourself, and there is not even any looting operating, because what is the right wing? Oh, what's this statement journal men Cuba looting homes in Santiago, Canyon, wildfires own, arrested after wild chase. This is from a cup was three days ago, three days what what did they wonder they poses fourteen hours ago. They could have just looked it up. I can't I you know I can believe it. I really really can at these p don't even bother. Do a google search. You know the differences between what we do and what they do.
Yeah I'll? Do Google searches the most? If not all, of you really that simple, isn't it you go on, Google, you search result and then boom. You know, what's going on so less, right now we got launch a means flying around claiming its anti fuck. I think many people are trying to exploit this for political game. I think it's done. You can't nicest you can't you can't find evidence seriously find any one thing we got. We you got, you get a picture of a fire, fighters, holding an anti reflect. That makes them look good. Do it does it does you may not like it, but maybe that's the trick we need to find that actually setting the fires now for NBC for Facebook. Whatever, This is the most annoying thing. They say there's no evidence organs. Fires were caused by arson from far left activists. That is a lie. The guy's name was Jeff Accord he's thirty. Six he was booked. He is you it is. It is known he is a far left activist
and they're saying no evidence. That's why I don't believe him, that's why I believe it, but I tell you this. I dont believe the mainstream media. I think the police his job is to is to keep everyone cos so they're, not gonna, tell us out right anyway, and it may be you that this year, if we called this out, maybe he know somethin Does it matter to me what matters is get me the evidence for now we got one guy, one guy one guy does not. A conspiracy make so once you know I'll keep looking into it, but I'll tell this to all You will live in these areas, get out your phones and film. You see somebody you film, you know ass the best I can say as to what I don't you ever so political right now you know I can criticise the governors for saying climate crisis, but the people who know that they have no evidence its anti file or push that same line. It's the same game. So what They say about a man I would. I would put it this way. There is a decent
probability that their there are our anti for starting fires, decent. That doesn't mean guaranteed. In fact, it means less than chance we ve got one far left a sky. So far, that's confirmed. Take it for what it is, get more evidence and put out there. I live there. Next augments come up at four p m at Youtube: com slashed him cast vex, bring it up, I will see you all them. This may be one of the best stories I've seen in a long time and I hope you're ready for it. Tran satanist, anarchist winds, republican nomination for New Hampshire, but the sheriff after running. Unopposed I gotta. I gotta go to aria dementia. That and satanist anarchist is incredible. Let me just bring it out for its very simple people just vote. They don't care who they are voting for. They get their vote the boat card and they go. I vote for everybody. So now Oh, you have a trans, satanist anarchist, whose
I'm paying slogan was after the police running, for sure of getting nearly four thousand votes. Look Individual likely will not win because there is like a four term incumbent sheriff who's going to win it is fair to say, but what this activist has done already. Demetrio has just given a cold smack into base to everybody who doesn't pay attention to who they are voting for tee arms are changing there, the dynamism the rhinos gotta go. I don't like the Democrats at all Publicans I'll, tell you what I do like. I like the new passionate people who are coming and and running for office, your singing our public inside your singing, the damn right side? I haven't agree a lot with most of them, but it is a river democrat that, while the progressive far left much much more so suffice it to say this. Is I love it? A lot of people are angry, let me just read the story and show you what's going on, because it's a wake up call to a lot of people, a transgender
women who describes herself as a say anarchist has won the report. Working party nomination for sheriff in New Hampshire County after running on a platform of F the police. I can't imagine their happy about this area Demetrio told inside sources when asked about the reaction from Republicans dementia capture the GNP nomination for Cheshire County sheriff on Tuesday night after she and unopposed in the part of party primary she won. Despite the fact She received no support from the county or state GEO P. There's two big messages here. You have to know who you voting for and you need to run for all ass people often say what do I do? I mean it. Is a good one. No hey there was gonna run against our Demetrio. How easy what I've been to say my opponent is theirs. Their slogan is f. The police come on vote for me,
you you could have, you could put a ham sandwich and on a stool and the hands Dammit set sandwich. What a one the point here is: you need to run for office too, and I encourage people to get active and get involved. So here is the aria Demetrio for four sheriff after the police, and you can see it has its the anarchy symbol over the star dementia will have. Even an even more formidable task when, as you will face off with a four term incumbent, the Democrat Eli Rivera the head of the Cheshire County Republican Party Merrill Houston Miss gender Demoiselle by referring to her as a he. When she offered congratulations, he did that Well, the primary and that was wonderful. Houston said dementia, member of the group of libertarian activists, known as the free keen group during the recent GEO people I may for governor the group backed rich Paul. Legally changed his Hinton up, but I love it man. You know what, at a certain point, people
needed to get a cold splash water in the face, and this is probably the best we can do it. Isn't it it doesn't seem to be serious about their platform, cuts, F, the police and I don't believe in the forty, and so they maybe serious for wanting to win, but I don't think there seriously want to actually appalled the Office of sheriff. However, this into it all is likely not going to win their running against a fortress combat. So what do you think's going to happen? In the end? We get press and we get people waking up in realising if you sit back and do nothing and be complacent uranium. Politicians you dont, like you want to know. I am very grateful to our dementia dipped Demetrio Demoiselle What's your name, I am very, very grateful. I am I mean it. You know why imagine, instead of getting a train sickness activist who was telling you outright. You gotta know. A sky wearing a nice suit and he walked up and he said I would like to be sheriff vote for me and you did and that person
Maybe was a satanist act, anarchist whatever and lied to you know area is telling you the truth and many people just didn't bother, look into this individual and thought its Republican. I vote for it. No, no! You can't do That's, because that's how you end up with Lindsey Ground and Mitch Mcconnell and do nothing Republicans and do nothing? Democrats, the dynamism, the rhinos, because they put on this dude and they trick you and they say vote for me, I'm like you and then you go former and they do nothing and they leave. High and dry, at least now this person being honest, so you know ass. I love aria. Politically honest, completely honest. We intend that the view tend to was risk. Clear. Take us out so Aria as this website area for Sheriff F the police, a time for self reflection, In writing. There are rumours that I do not intend to campaign against Eli Rovera. These rumours are not true and I will be campaigning.
When, in November, Sue me. Aria goes on dimension, hate mail in things like this, but here is a good passage, so you're mad. I get it. I promise you I get it. You betrayed. You may even be wondering how the party that you believed and could do something like this, but odds are your blaming me. Most people are probably angry at me. And blaming me for all this that silly I I was always up front about who I am the good man in range who looked into looked into me found everything you need to do now with a simple Google search there. It was plain as day anarchist try. I can't read these on even though there is in the words because you tube will punish me for what if I were to say disparaging worth is about themselves: it's all there. None of its secret, I couldn't possibly have been more upfront about who I am or my on things, did not have you pay attention to the election two years ago, when I criticized
I Rivera for not going far not with a sanctuary policy. Did none of you remember the six foot tall trans person? I can't see the vacant, who ran for sheriff and then City council you could have easily. Looked at a sample ballot prior to the election, and you could have simply looked at the candidates in a search engine. By doing so, you, like the good citizen in infringe, would probably have been appalled, and probably wouldn't have voted for me. I wouldn't have. I wouldn't have begrudged you for that. I was, after all, rather up front about it. I went into it. Acting that I would lose the primary to a right in candidate because I didn't think so many voters were just completely and totally oblivious of who they are voting for it's time to stand up everybody it's time for you to decide what. You are going to do with your life. Are you going to figure out? I but to run for sheriff. Are you to figure out how to run for City Council together the Boar School School Council boards to run for office to become a Congress person a state senator
state legislator, any capacity it's on you? Now we are are the millennials. We have to stand up for what we believe in now, of you, I know do the best you can everyday with respect. I do what I do. I speak out and Aria shocked the system rather harmless way, but this should be a wake up call because I gotta tell you who are you elect in the Democratic Party who are you electing the Republican Party? I want to hear it. I dont like there's like a tie, we handful of people that I like and most I happen to be right now. Republicans, I gotta be completely honest: Josh Holly, talking about censorship, you got Matt Gates. All So this is a big issue for me and met gates. Voting believe those gates who voted in line with dropped to bring our troops beckoned Middle EAST, along with I'm pretty sure tools he gathered, so that a small handful of politicians I, like I like, ran Paul to most of them. I think, put on the suit and light your face and you vote for them. You knock it now with Aria
Are you told you straight up and see what's happening now? Imagine of Aria put on a suit and pretended to be yours, you're, typical Republican? Would you actually want to vote for someone who doesn't believe in what you believe and its lying to. You know- and this is the perfect example of a broken system. More than four thousand people wonder in the voting booted September Athos. And they all filled in the circle by my name, despite knowing absolutely nothing the person they were nominated, going the most powerful law enforcement position in the county, that's a level of recklessness of which he decent human being should be ashamed and not the only one in front of me. No, I won't name because I haven't asked to her his permission to, even though I doubt you would care had a similar result. Heated absolutely no campaigning. I am his friend and I was only barely aware that he was running yet this person who did no camp caning, has no political connections and, to my knowledge, has
ever been to a single Republican, meaning and didn't and didn't just winners race. He placed first and his race where there were several other options. Maybe twenty republican voters in all of Chechnya, our county knew who this guy was yet he one and he won by taking first place in his rice, really whose fault is this You don't know anything about the people, your voting for you're, just blind the voting for them, because you trust in the party you trust in the system. While the party is bad, again, and the system is broken, its all broken. I am loving and upload. Listen, I'm a bit of Lastly, libertarian you and I want I want to farm and ought to be left alone, lefty libertarian doesn't really work in in grand and agree. Scale. You telegraphy grant scheme of things it worth the smug refunds. Friends and family members want to have their own little space and just do their thing and you
the sunlight. Take a look at the hills. Go fishing! Maybe right! Libertarians makes more sense because you have a competitive cooperative system that can scale up better. So I like the idea I like the idea. At people would challenge the authority, especially when it is people who blindly elect Rhinos Dinas. When I got some special nor public, a nomination, a Trans anarchist, Satanist us, lashing cold water in your face, and I hope that the lesson people take from this- u dont be angry. You should be mad about this. You should be laughing this. This is really really good for everyone, its particularly good for Republicans, because now You can have Republicans being like YO. I either better run, or I bet read about who I am voting for and guess what you ve been have better candidates and you can be the better candidate. So I am grateful to argue for doing this. I really am. This is awesome. Wake up, call everybody
You can't keep electing Republicans in name only or Democrats in name only. I am tired of these people. I want change I'll leave it there. I got a couple more I've coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly see an Francisco all they're, always that they're all about one up in themselves. They may be the first first jurisdiction major you a city to allow sixteen year old to vote. Bravo you deserve it. I hope you all vote for this and then it's gotta be a whole lot of fun. I remember when I was like when I was sixteen. I don't even think I should have been voting when I was twenty four, but I, at a certain point at which you should vote and right now, when you're eighteen, you go vote. I think the voting age used to be like twenty one a long time ago or some like that. But sixteen men- really you haven't even had a job yet Have you guys seen that viral video, where the deeds that the kid gets in the car all excited because first pay Jack and his dad's filming and he's like why you fell?
just open the Czech opened the check than the kid opens, the check and its and he's like wait a minute and he's like tat, is inside. Now I remember the first time I work. Our big company, and I was where I worked, something like forty plus hours in a week. I got my check and identity. Somebody's gotta be wrong. There's gotta be they wrong and the like. Nope welcome attacks his body, and I was, I was a little upset. The reason I bring that up, as you think Sixteen year old is ready to vote when they never had a job before Don't even know how taxes work or what they're gonna be voting for. This is ridiculous, but here we go from the daily mail, a California city. An Francisco may soon allow teens ages, sixteen and seventeen to vote in local elections. San Francisco. This will not only be voting in the presidential election come November, but they will also cast votes, determine if youth will be allowed to vote in municipal elections. Advocates in the city
have been pushing such measures and twenty sixteen, when the first legislation failed with forty eight percent of the vote, according to NBC News, I really think that vote. Sixteen will help youth of color in San Francisco stabbed, the habit of voting at an earlier age and really provide them with this. Work on the resources they need to continue. Building on that habit as they grow older organizer, Crystal Chan, told the network. No, I think Democrats in these cities are trying to build dependent, see you get a young person who doesn't know what, for you, you you get them to vote for things like will give you money will give you stop. Maybe come dependent on that money and stuff, and they keep voting for you worth what the old corporations, Marketing git him, while their young that's right market to kids, make em lifelong customers. You gotta I too am later on in life. That's what's what seems to be the case. Kids are not gonna vote for responsibility or maturity. They're not going to vote for that. That for doing chores I can I can just
here the collective cry of every sixteen year old across the country when mom and dad said, do the dish, they went out to do deserve more the do I after to make me no Bobby or Sally, do it. Instead, I want to do it brother and sister whenever they don't to the chores. So what happens when you have this? These adult figure saying we're gonna, give you stuff vote for US notes. Worse just you know a phone and and and these things will vote for it- I mean ok It may be too little ball of me to say that their absolutely gonna be voting for welfare programmes, but I think it's just they're not gonna be mature, after understand how taxes work, how jobs work, how businesses work you look you want to get sixteen year olds, devote ok, we got a reform. The education system makes our sixty year olds know. What's up, I don't think age is the factor. I think experience is the factor, and typically sixteen year old dont have the experience require-
to make of sound decisions as it pertains to government policy. But of course the Democrats seem to want to do it. They some. U S, cities already allowed teens as young as sixteen to vote in local elections to come. A park Maryland, which passed such legislation in twenty thirteen is one of those cities and local officials have said they have seen positive results. Research is clear on this that voting as a habit, and sixteen is a better time than a team that is ridiculous. Really does eighteen year olds are dominant, ok, but your lot to be done and you're allowed be dumb. You still get erect a vote, but come on man. Next, certainly saying one of forty one on you can always do matter. How old you are you get you get seven year olds being like our our vote, because I want the teacher to give no more homework and then both press the button, they say, researchers, clear eyes, a habit. Other elected officials have also wished for similar laws in New York in Massachusetts and messages.
Said. Surprise, surprise on a Presley introduced, an amendment for the people. What was it up for the people? act until nineteen to lower the federal voting age to sixteen good twenty thousand and eighteen New York congressmen Grace Meng introduced. Constitutional amendment to lower the voting age nation wide to sixteen, I'm always spired by our nations. Youth who have demonstrated wisdom, maturity and pay, on issues like social Justice, gun control, climate change and there it is. You know it's really funny. You're not funny. They say that's your ear when you're young, your liberal, when you're older, you're conservative really interesting, isn't it. Why is it that yeah People are all about gun control in social justice and they age out of it not necessarily age out of it may be just the older generation ages out, but gun control these these issues, I find it fastening young people adoptees, but older people are less likely to well. That could just be the left word
afterward lurch were rolling in that direction. They are leaders of our future and the decision as we make impact their lives every day to capture their views and variances we must lower the voting age to sixteen. In all elections mean no casual agent. A sixteen year old, like I think, is what I want to do: aren't you do everybody in these cities. One decision do I want to have a party that I want you to it in a park open space welcome all ages and then sword everyone sixteen to eighteen and have them vote on on things just pertaining to the party like what kind of food you're going to order- and just let me know, let me know about- I- I'm I'm gonna. Imagine you're gonna get a whole bunch of like super greasy pizza and chicken wings and ice cream and cookie dough.
And all that real good stuff, candy sire patch kids. We want a big. Both Sarpedon gets goes. You are, I would do if I was preparing. I won't I probably bounds. Things are definitely get some treats. I get some pizzas Fisher, the greatest off, but I get some salad, big saleable. I don't. I don't think it's trying to do that. I think if you got a bunch of kids together, gonna vote for a light, the greasy it well, I don't know these kids, maybe maybe they're gonna, be like Everyone must eat begin, I don't know, maybe I'm just being ageist. I just think sixteen year olds don't have the experience required for complex decisions. Eight Hartman, a senior cholera college, told NBC that he doesn't support the initiative to lower the voting age because he questions whether Young will understand exactly what good governance looks like in their communities. Sixteen year olds, their soft more is juniors and high school, like their deeply impressionable and they're, not capable of making completely rational decisions about voting- and that's just true that is just true, but without
tell you that we were to go about an undermine elections in general. What have I told do that there are not Citizen suffrage locations. That's right! As of March twenty. Twenty twelve me the parties in the? U S allow non citizens to vote in some or all local elections. One was in California and eleven were in many weapons. What's wow Douglas here is a Joshua Douglas associate professor of law at the University of Kentucky College LAW, published an article in TWAIN. Seventeen stating municipality can expand voting rights in local elections. If there are no explicit state, constitutional or legislative impediment, impediments and so long as local jurisdictions have the power of home rule some states for it will require that changes to local charters get approval from state legislatures, thereby limiting municipal a thought the over voter eligibility lost, whereas other states do not Douglas identified fourteen states.
Including California and Maryland as imposing no clear impediments to municipal passing their own vote municipalities, passing their own voters or qualification laws, states with no clear in impediments to many municipalities passing their own voter qualification laws. So it looks like there are several states where this is entirely Paul, double Maryland has O Levin municipality he's where non citizens are allowed to vote in local elections? I don't like the idea, but I will prevent a caveat if we're talking about a school board meeting and you have permanent residents with web green cards and they live in this country that I understand, if you'd like vote become a citizen. Now you have non citizens who could potentially be voting and more than just schools that could be at an end. I understand the concept of of you, no green, cardholders permanent residence. I dont understand this idea that we are
going to allow non citizens the right to vote in any capacity or people who sixteen but I think I understand the real reason now they might come at you with a bunch of reasons, no one would understand but the EL. It is, they want to win, they are going to do whatever the candle, and you know the Democrats like to save. Publicans are disenfranchises voters by cleaning voter roles. Perhaps perhaps some innocent people get persian the voter register again and the Democrats are trying to get kids too, and non citizens. So don't don't play this guy with me, do I don't like either of these parties? Like I gotta, be I advanced, but at least cleaning voter roles makes sense man you, don't we major mail in voting right now you get someone in California moves dark and saw an email and I'll get sent to both places. Yet that's not gonna work. So we how to clean the voter roles we dont want dead people voting. We dont want fraud, but tell you what the best case proclaimed the voter roles is male in voting because we don't want bouts being so
the people who don't actually live in these places. Anymore, now. You gonna give me an argument for why kids should vote Sorry man, you don't gotta good reason, but children are part of the committee's shut up. I know squirrels are part of the community, had get kids or have have more rights than square But the point of making is the lesson we gotta have standards. You know what were we if a sixteen year old, one a seven year old, one of the twelve year old, your arm fairly determining the level of majority required. Ok, we're we're at eighteen, and I think eighteen might be, to low, but I'm ok with that will leave it where it is you're an adult you can sign contracts. Congratulations go off onto your thing. There's gonna keep pushing you give sixteen of other fourteen, Unfortunately, twelve also everyone bringing a two year old, your two year old, a person they can vote to s, bury you know what the problem of winning its it at some point, but I'll leave their necks segments coming up in a few minutes, and I will see Walter,
And the logical conclusion is upon us: we can have will conduct, we just have to build it, eighteen families by ninety seven acres of land in Georgia to create black, only safe space, town called freedom, but whites who are pro african American can apply to live there. No, no! No! Thank you. I don't like the idea of segregation and its already a problem that we have been trying to overcome for a long time that people self segregate. Now I can respect their rights by their own land and do their own thing, but you create these covenants. What we have seen in the past to keep people out now I will not stand for this. You can make a joke but you can laugh about it, but this exact what we saw that a documentary on this about Ferguson about Saint Louis
and you know we saw- was a white people leave the city and say we're gonna make our own land, where only we can live here, and we got rid of that because we. Don't want to separate ourselves based on race, where the great melting pot. This is what you get and I can hear it now. The code active applause of all the White National saying please, please do more. No, I dont want that. I want to go to live in harmony with people of all different colors creeds, Haitian, the Kennedys etc. I want to hang out and see my neighbor and my neighbors from India. My neighbor over there is is from Haiti or whatever and just be like. What's up guys, I love the idea. We can live in peace harmony as human beings? This is going backwards. This is regression. This is sacred. Asian and they are the ones it is the left. It is the left and the progressive that are creating this here's, the story, a group of nineteen Avc
american families have bought nineties at a ninety seven acre tract of land and Rural Georgia, which I plan to use to create a city. That will serve as a safe space for black families, the planned black cooperative town, which will be known as freedom slave to be built on land purchase land purchases in August that sits just east of Moroccan Georgia in Wilkins County? Is the brainchild of real estate, agent, Ashley, Scott and her friend Renee Walter's, an investor and Japan or the two women are holding fundraiser too pay for the initiative and described themselves as a black the woman owned family, owned, veteran, managed, limited liability company, we figured, we could try to fix a broken system or we could start fresh This is how we build our new black wall streets. We can do this, we can have will conduct. We just have to build it for ourselves got said: will conduct the fictional Afric
city in the black Panther comic books, and I respect that entrepreneurial pioneer attitude, one hundred percent- why you gotta do it based on race that breaks my heart man? It really does that you think things are so bad that you would run away from other people because they look different from you, I wouldn't run for. I lived, I lived in many different neighborhoods. I live I lived in many areas that were multi cultural, to put it mildly. People of all different races I don't got any problem. Aren't you to run away? I can face my problems had on, but this to me it is, it is, What's the difference between this and peoples at an end? and white, the white nationalist ideas about balkanization, unwanted cretin, white only spaces. Now I get it, there's a reason why people are mad at white. You know despise white nationalism, but let me more so than they would say black separatism, but I'm not a fan of any of it. I don't want this to be the case. Look we already have a problem with self irrigation. I covered this.
I went to Sweden when they had all these refugees come in from Somalia. I think you might think of Sudan, maybe in Sudan or Somalia. The people naturally wanted to be near people. They they recognised and speak. The language they speak more comfortable. So what happened? It was sort of creating their own enclaves which started to sleep, we exist outside at which to a certain degree of how Sweden was operating. This created certain neighborhoods, where you had young people who grew up in this, life, who work? Who are legally swedish, but their families back and in their parents, home country called them. Immigrants and in Sweden the swedish people call them emigrants to, even though they were born. Their separation is not going to help integration is going to help. Mean cultural integration, although I think we need a parent culture, I can hear it that's what I mean is people living side, fighting lines I noakes. I grew
eyes certain differences. Now I believe in United States. We have to make that to be very careful of people coming in that the american sure freedoms, liberalism, you no constitutional, constitutional republicanism at these things are the parent tree, but but but is that you have you Chinatown. You ukrainian village gets up like that sum of some sometimes, and we see this in Chicago self. Segregation creates racial animosity and will exacerbate the problems of racism. You create dividing lines. I noakes, I grew up in a group this. Forty seventh street, on the south side southwest of Chicago once you cross Forty seventh, all the houses were owned by black people. You crossed below that and it's mostly like poor whites and like hispanic Hispanics banned, and many of you know mexican immigrants and things like that. For no other reason than we knew that street people older. Yet older people on both racist towards each other, and me
My friends, we were young. We grew up around a people of all different races, so we care you'll all generation because they grew up with their community work. Work, work, racist. So what do you think's going to happen with this economic? It's gonna, it's gonna, make it's gonna exacerbate racism, but this I say white people who are quote pro black people. Also apply to live there. Scott told CNN, I'm hoping that obey arriving safe haven for people of color, for black families in particular, is illegal? Is that legal it? impossible to have anything exclusively black, because our families are integrated. We are an integrated tunnel. Friend and diverse community, even as black people, so we don't intend for to be exclusively black, but we do in time for it to be pro black in every way. So its land, was stolen from black people. So much land was Poland, from indigenous people, so to be able to come back and reclaim this land from who, from whoever may have had it because we don't know the story and that's the reality. Ok I mean. Is it maybe an indigenous haven to be completely.
AIR. There saying there are other people in but think about the way, their framing. What is pro black people mean since, just in my opinion, a legal distinction they're making, so they can't be soon good for violating civil rights or something like that. They say: We don't know so many of our stories, but we can make it U story, and that we hope to do here. I got some folk here you can check out, it's gonna be unwilling, in county, they say The two women were moved by the unrest that triggered the police, killings of George Floyd and Brenda Taylor after the February twenty. Third, don't shooting of Ahmed Arbour came to Light Scott and Walter's felt the need to search for a new community that they could start on their own Scott Walter's, not plan to develop the land in stages.
You know I will. I will complement them in this regard, where the pioneers at men good for them. One hundred percent- really- really- I do mean it- where are the people who will go off in the wilderness and say this is the place where we will build a new? It's not happening any more and it needs to happen, and I think maybe a driving factor in this is the collapse of cities. Obviously, cities aren't gonna You don't become use like nightmare dumpster fires that kind of are, but cities will still function. Ok, but I am impressed that people are willing to go out there big empty rural area like we're. Gonna build down like does actually kind of cool. I don't like that. You're gonna be raised about it. You know I mean so. Ultimately I think racism outweighs the pioneers men, ship or whatever you call it. I wish Actually just sad look, we're gonna do our thing. People are welcome to come and join us. That's it instead, its being aimed as this. You know both pro black black only kind of space. I certainly hope that is, the case because I don't want you see more racism.
They say initially, they were there there. Initially, there are plans to clear the land format and creative men. Made lake for sustainable fishing, the work is necessary, but for submitting a request for a city charter watching our people protesting in the streets. While it is important and I want able to stay on the streets bring attention to the injustices of black people? Scott said we needed to create a safe space and a place where it could be a village again, a tribe. Again we wanted to create the safe base where we can address our own issues and concerns are well bigger thing fun out of its legal. But I'll tell you this. I look for two things on what can happen when you make a police force who's going to enforce the laws of your community, What will you do if someone comes from outside your community to loot burden commit crimes will you than arrest that person and what? If that person is armed? Will you then fire in self defence? Will people than common protest, your city? And if you realize all of these things, then what do you by God
Maybe I'm not saying that their aunt, I too, am in fact they may be very, very pro second amendment, in which case I look forward to that we're gonna arm up and defend ourselves and have our own place, but ultimately I think that leads us to a dark rout, of course. Have your guns dear thing? Right? Ok, I mean you have second and a right to do so, but think about think about the future. I think where this leads us? What happens next are thy Asians gonna say we're gonna build our own asian city. Are white, people are gonna, say. Ok, then, will build a white city. I don't want any of that. I mean mostly because what am I gonna do you know me mixed raised him pool. That's right, I don't like it. I don't. I want everybody to come together. Hang out have have a size have wings have some pizza have a beer or vague and wings? If you ve got in a salad, I wheat, when it when I have parties we accommodate all, but this breaks my heart men.
Breaks my heart. I am sad to see that people feel like this is what they need to do, but I get it it's. Racist people are racist and what do you do in other people are racist when you know what, when these people are saying why people are racist, what happens it's racist of them yet in the actions they take parting, an entire race of people based on the actions of racists, not all white people, racist some why people are racist. Some Martinez raises some Asians are actually a lot evasions raises. I know because I've that's just coming from my experience with you know me My my family's heritage and stuff, like that, you gotta, be Asians man, a pretty racist there and, admittedly, look at the countries that have become melting pot. With done a great job of this. This this country, I'd states. Is this really the direction we want to go? I certainly hope it's not. I hope this is an outlier. While live there next segments covered up tomorrow at ten a m thanks for hanging out in this one. Careful new closet actually seriously this room? Is clauses gets caught window that what kind of crazy
because we're building a studio- and this is the only place where I could stop the sound from echoing like crazy- it's not funny good fun. I'll, see you guys tomorrow. Thanks for Hannah.
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